Week-End Special – Part VIII

Hello there!

Its was a real short week for us here at Notion Ink!

Some short up-dates first:

  • Little about the EAP results. We had far too many entries from such brilliant companies and individuals that it wasn’t making sense that we limit the EAP to only 200 people. Hence we have extended it to more. So now there is EAP 1 and EAP 2 where we have 200 in the first one and around 200 more in the next one. Look at the chart below for the EAP 1 selection and country average:

















  • In the EAP 2 we have around 46 countries! EAP was multi pronged test for us. Production Validation, Logistics (handling shipments, etc. for so many countries), test of the support system, work on the feedback before it reaches masses (ones which we can quickly fix) and sending out messages to all that we have arrived! (Interestingly India is missing from the EAP 1, but has its presence all over the EAP 2 selections)
  • News on SW: Adam will have FULL Office Suite!

Now few images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Those were all the images which we have for this blog, and actually gave you an idea of what we are also going to talk about.

Here we have your Mother Board and on top you can see the NVidia’s Tegra 250 power house. You can also see here the RAM, ROMs and other circuitry. We have spoken about sharing those Power Charts, but we havent yet! Nearly all here are clocking something around 28 hours a week for their sleep. For us in the core team is around half of that! Whole team is extremely busy, so please give us more time in creating those interactive charts.

Right, you can see your Magnalium Tool Chassis (upside down) which holds a lot for you! This whole structure is around 36gms and is responsible for providing shear resistance. LDC fits inside, so it’s designed to be compatible for both the LCDs (Transflective and Normal, they have some constructional difference). PQ is around 5.2mm in thickness and we had to use the same for the normal ones, else they are available in 3.6mm height as well. The left side of this image is where it holds the CAP-SENSE buttons (your 4 touch keys). The top portion is where you will find your Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS antennas. On top of the LCD you have the Capacitive screen and then the Glass. In the manufacturing process you join the touch-screen on LCD (with either high strength glues or optical bonding) and then attach this section to the Top Glass. So the black border you see is actually the Glass area used to stick this 3 part set on the Magnalium Chassis.

On your left here is a weather app, which acts like your screen saver as well (in full screen). There are some cool animations which are really stunning specially for thunder-storm! This is the panel implementation of the same.

Total more than 20 customized applications are coming your way. Not the stretched mobile apps, but custom-made for your Adam! One for each occasion, crafted with a lot of effort and patience. Email, Calendar, Office, Paint, Gallery, Settings, File Browser are some of the very special ones to mention here, along with the whole Panel System. For the Panel system there is an OPEN GL Engine which extracts the juice out of Tegra and delivers in beautiful and smooth animations.

(I prepared a different post for this week, where I was to take Adam apart and introduce all but one components, but then I read the comments and there was a larger emphasis on the images, so here we are)

I guess times ahead are far more interesting than I thought they would be! The response to Adam is ecstatic. It’s really wonderful what all you have done for Adam and how everyone is picking up on your words. There is a lot more left before we can even start thinking that we have reached our vision, but the starting is not bad at all.

I have spent nights preparing for the day when finally we can stand in front of all of you and explain what Adam is, why is it not a tablet, how it works, what is still left to be done and how future generations are going to evolve. It still moist my eyes in joy when I think of that day, and we are really close. There are only few moments in your life when you speak a word called satisfaction and you know what it means! And I know this is it!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

2,199 thoughts on “Week-End Special – Part VIII

  1. Rohan, why cant everyone get to order adam at once? i might just happen to lose my sanity if EAP people get it 2 weeks earlier

  2. “Email, Calendar, Office, Paint, Gallery, Settings, File Browser ”

    Very good key starting apps to come out with. I’m sure plenty of people will be happy to hear a paint app will be provided.

  3. btw, that little black glass square on the image with lots of I/O…. is that our secret feature?

  4. Thanks for the update 🙂

    I’m very excited!! == this distracted from my studies yet again. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

    I LOVE everything thats been discussed in this post 🙂 My favourite colour form teh pics is the 3rd from the bottom. Goes well with most of my other gadgets 😀

  5. Hey Rohan is it possible to get Ferrari one , lets put it to vote .. or why not some external accessories options that would transform looks .. I like more of colour than black and white

  6. Rohan, a brilliant conception, Its a long wait but it’s worth it.

    For the future generations you mention I assume you will be taking a ‘rib’ from Adam to create an ‘Eve’

    many thanks

  7. hi Rohan

    good news.. really excited.

    “Total more than 20 customized applications are coming your way.” thank you.

    u haven’t mentioned e-reader in the special mentioned softwares. i hope it comes with a e-reader with multiformat support.

    my personal feeling is that it will give tough competition not only to tablets like ipad but also to dedicated e-readers like sony ereader n amazon kindle. Good luck!

    what about the release date?


  8. its almost time people!! the revolution is almost here!! can hardly wait!!

    btw, love the fact that it will have out of the box office compatibility 🙂

  9. Looks excellent! No pics of the back- so i still think the track pad is gone- also adam is still in caps? Apart from that really good nice looking!!

  10. Rohan,

    Your posts have made us appreciate the thought, effort and love you and your team have put into the Adam, as well as the difficulty a start-up must face to deliver against big promises. I have no doubt many will soon (highly) regard you as an upstart, if they are not doing it already.

    Further, I find it interesting to hear that you will be including a full office suite, which means that you would have worked a lot on the UI and input mechanisms. Is this what you meant by the hidden feature? Probably not, because you are still talking about explaining all the hardware components but one. Please satisfy our curiosity by telling us which office suite you are going to use, and what are the tweaks you have done to it.

    Finally, we again espy the IR port! My initial hunch was correct, wasn’t it? Also, does this mean that the card reader slot can be only accessed by opening the bottom cover?

  11. Can we also have an image editing software similar to GIMP? PLEASE??? 🙂

    P.S: We “fanboys” have started getting demanding ..LOL

    On a serious note – All you dudes and gals at NI are doing a great job..may the force be with you!

  12. can we have a video of the UI 🙂 everyones waiting for tht plusgive us details abt countires where this will be sold (shipped) to

  13. Here are the links to large versions of the above photos. The large versions provide a good close up about the texture and the various ports.

  14. This is amazing. It’s so clear that the efffort that went into making the Adam is simply enormus.
    best of luck and you count on me to buy three when it comes out.

  15. p.s.: Please also tell us about how the Adam works with Ubuntu or other Linux flavours, and what needs to be done to dual-boot it.

  16. Hey Rohan,
    I hope we in India get to order alongwith our US peers…hope product designed in India gets first delivery in India aswell!
    I hope Adam attracts more & more developers to offer large pool of apps to choose from, as that is what drives people to iPad and rightly so.
    Just wanted to check one noobish thing….can Adam be connected to LAN?

    All the best and awaiting eagerly to hold your baby in our hands!!!


  17. Great update Rohan. now I’ll head out to enjoy my Saturday.

    “I prepared a different post for this week, where I was to take Adam apart and introduce all but one components, but then I read the comments and there was a larger emphasis on the images, so here we are”

    why not post another update tomorrow what you have prepared already ? 🙂 everyone would love that.

  18. “why is it not a tablet” – So finally we know digitizer will not be supported in first generation of Adam slates.

  19. Thanks for the update Rohan! I’m glad that an Office Suite will be included with Adam, as that leaves one less thing us developers have to worry about producing 🙂 Its very exciting that the EAP is made up of so many people from all around the world! I expect Genesis to be filled with many many different types and styles of apps that reflect this diversity.

    http://exodusapps.com has been updated with the new website! Please leave us comments and suggestions using our contact form! The site has been tested with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE7+. Let us know if there are any compatibility problems. Hope to have some more content for you guys soon.

    Aaron Blankenship
    CEO and Lead Developer
    Exodus Apps

  20. Observation : Signs for the headphone jack,LCD on/off switch, DC in are of Tear-drop shape…Will it go well with the sharp and edgy logo design?

  21. oh and if u have ur other post prepared would u please, please post it now……

    your fanboys/fangirls are demanding now, arent they. perhaps thats the concequence of making something as advanced as adam

  22. @Rohan, Thanks so much for once again making time in our busy schedule to keep us informed.

    Great news about the full office suite. I can’t wait to learn more about it and see what the apps in the suite look like. The other custom apps sound great too.

    Please feel free to share the other post you prepared too.. We’d still love to read about the components! Hint Hint…

    Also, you are sure to get a lot of questions about that “thing” next to the headphone jack in this photo: https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/for-blog-9.jpg Looks a lot like IR to me… But that is just a guess. And whatever is shown on the far right of the bottom side, opposite the end with the microphone in this photo: https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/for-blog-13.jpg. Let the speculation begin!

    Thanks again Rohan! Congratulations on the progress you all at NI are making!

  23. So, now I have read the full post and I love it. I can’t wait to place my pre-order 🙂

    I also hope, that I can use my wireless printer with ADAM and that there will be a great e-book reader.
    Full Office, that’s also great. And Yes, a photo eding app will also great and hand writen notes recognizer and, and and 🙂

    And I also hope, that my bluetotth head set will work with ADAM, because I’m haerd hearing and I use hearing aids with bluetooth. So I want to connect my hearing aids direct to ADAM on phone calls and you tube and music player 🙂

    kind regards

  24. 10x rohan!
    cool starting app kit, productivity in mind. it means, as a student, that I’d be able to impress my colleagues on the very first day of owning the adam. sweet! the pics look great and it’s also great to see Israel on the EAP chart! go Israel!
    regards, from you probably know where…

  25. Amazing job Rohan! It looks great… and you sure know how to feed a frenzy for Adam:-) Thanks for the update… I see many people were waiting up to see your update. A pleasant surprise for a lot of people when they wake up 😉

    The weather app is ‘cool’ (pun intended). It seems you or someone in your team is a big comic fan. The graphics look totally inspired by comic art… and I for one love it.

    But am sad to see India not represented in the EAPs! Hope Adam releases in India simultaneously and doesnt have to wait out as is the norm with most of everything else!

    Waiting with bated breath… as are others:


  26. No picture of the front either so maybe the display is gone too. j/k. Had to give you a hard time… 😉

  27. keep chugging team NI; do think of volunteers option for any of the work you can outsource… if it helps to give a bit more rest for the team… its already tears in eyes this end…. dont know the reaction when the formal announcement comes

  28. +1 to all that you said I’d love to be able to write notes on my Adam!!! And to connect my bluetooth headset to recieve calls, that would be amazing!!!

  29. I almost can’t contain my excitement! Rohan, thank you for all that you and your team do! Once the tablet is released, GET SOME SLEEP! 😀

  30. Ecstatic..

    Just one question Rohan.. are the images in the slideshow the original ones or renders? If they are original ones, they are simply great…

    I really appreciate you and your team working hard to bring the perfect device to life. Great work by u and all of your team.. From your posts, I can literally imagine the dedicated work done in the background. Please convey my regards to everyone.. 🙂


  31. look beyond the obvious. He means it is more than a tablet. its a portal to their ecosystem.

  32. Congrats for those new steps.
    I hope that CE and FCC will be passed easily and can’t wait for pre orders !
    Keep on the god job

  33. Rohan Said: “sending out messages to all that we have arrived!”

    Does it mean we will be informed first as soon as on-line ordering is open

  34. yes u r rit…….why dnt all people in the blog demand a post 2mrw which rohan had already created…….please say ……common all
    Also in the pictures, pics of HDMI port is not shown(i think i am not wrong).

    But otherwise pics looking awesome…….dnt think any 1 will have doubt regarding the build quality……nice glossy cool looks…..beautiful…..

    please i really recommend you all to demand the post ….please

  35. Apologies…reposting the comment…looks like the earlier one was either lost or is taking too long for moderation.

    Here are the high resolution images of the above…gives a good feel of the texture etc.

  36. I’ve taken apart a good number of laptops, and one all of the ones that have a metal frame like that feel *solid*. For what the Adam weighs, if the rest of the construction is done right, this thing ought to feel indestructible.

    Glad to hear that OpenGL will be put to good use in the UI, and the photos are looking most excellent. The red one’s actually growing on me a fair bit, too.

    Now, just to wait for part IX… 🙂

  37. Glad to see so many Australians in the EAP- I new there’d be plenty of interest from us! And I agree with thonapa, an e-reader is a must!

    The time you devote to keeping us up to date on all of this is really appreciated, Rohan. Thank you (and the NI team) so much.

  38. atleast we got some geographical foot print of EAP… 🙂

    During adam pre-order we are all back in Ocean.. not sure we get a chance to buy one..!!

    Hope to see more updates…

  39. “Email, Calendar, Office, Paint, Gallery, Settings, File Browser ”

    Does the Office Suite support ODF (write/read)? And can the File Browser access Samba-shares?

    I can’t wait for the Adam to be available in the European Union.

  40. The chart is a little bit difficult to read, could you give the figures / country for EAP 1 & 2 ?
    Is EAP 2 still open ?

  41. Photos 9 and 14 leave me with the most questions…

    Hopefully you will tell us what the unidentified ports/buttons are for real soon.

    I really want to go back to bed but I have to keep looking at the photos trying to figure out what is in each one. I am going to be so tired tomorrow! 😉

  42. What you have shown so far is great. Can’t believe there is still more we haven’t seen yet I can’t wait

  43. I bliv some of these snaps have put to rest quite a few apprehensions people had expressed in the previous posts’ comments.

    Rohan, way to go…


  44. I think there are several reasons for that, for one the EAP will be from the first (limited) production run so they only will have very limited units available, secondly giving developers a head start means special apps will be available sooner for all normal customers.

  45. ok, the photo with lots of I/O, from left to right

    charging cord input—LED’s—-headphone jack——-unknown glass thingy—–usb port

  46. They are absolutely real 🙂 I saw someone complining that I have camera in my photo for this blog but I havent taken any good one! So thought of brushing up some skills!

  47. “I prepared a different post for this week, where I was to take Adam apart and introduce all but one components, but then I read the comments and there was a larger emphasis on the images, so here we are”

    — if you have another post please post it now.
    — also it means that the hidden feature is indeed hardware related

  48. ok, get onto the image of the red adam, then go 3 to the right…. its between the usb port and the headphone jack

  49. Greg,
    thanks first
    u too tell others to put the post rohan already made…….
    i think every1 in the blog knows u and read ur post……..so…

  50. OK lets have a look at some of the pictures and see what we can find out…

    The red version
    On the right side of adam we can see the volume rocket buttons, usb and a micro usb. Nothing strange. On the long bottom side we can see, from left to right, the microphone hole, another strange hole (probably not another microphone for stereo, it is not the same printed label next to the hole) and two things that looks like buttons. But i think they are the sim and sd slots covered with lids.

    The stack of adams
    I personally like the top design, black and white. We have no word on if these are production color versions or not.

    The close up on the right side of adam
    We can see the following, from left to right, dc connection, two led indicators (first one is power connection, second one is probably if the unit is on or off). After that we have, what i think is a headset connection, meaning both stereo and mic connection. The next black square I think is an ir sender/reciever, it sure looks like that at least. And finally we can see a second usb. WE also see the text for the HDMI port.

    The close up on the right speaker
    We can see a switch with a label that looks like power switch. Will it also work as a backlight switch? It looks like it can switch to the right but also be pushed to the left (without getting stuck there, when releasing it it will go back to the position that is shown on the picture). Switching to the right maybe turns off backlight lightning and pushing it to the left for a second or two will turn the adam on or off. What do you think? In this picture we can also see that it is not the final design. The adam logo will be in lower case but on the picture it looks like the logo is in upper case letters.

    So what do you all think? Are we missing something?

    I for one is missing a picture of the back of the adam. Does this have to do with the secret sensor?

    Stefan Bäckman

  51. yes you are rite.. but i believe that is the final design. if you look at longbox commercial you can find that HDMI port is actually aligned to top and all other ports are to the center. not sure why they did it but sure looks odd.

  52. That was me.. 😉
    sorry if it hurt but it made u a better photographer too.. anyway.. have some sleep (I can imagine how u feel about resting now. but it helps you refresh). and have a great weekend..

    Thanks for everything..


  53. but dont quit NI yet you multi tasking maniac and start competing with the glamour industry…. you may do that if you are happy to forego the few minutes of shut eye… you know what Rohan, at this rate people may start calling you vapourware too!!!! as they cant comprehend humans can work this way; you are unreal, some super-human but with 2 feet on the ground always and the greatest human heart… like I said before may your tribe grow and make this planet earth proud

  54. I hope the office suit will support ODF… 🙂
    What is it based on?


  55. SWEEET!!! Office would have been my top requirement since I also wanna use Adam for my work..

    Is it me or the RED Adam is loooking more and more attractive..??

  56. nice Rohan! “adam is not a tablet”. I think I know where you are going!!! really impressed !!

    my best wishes. (I am now excited in real sense. :-))

  57. good to hear that you actually took those pics. nice ones really very very professional. one thing every one want to know about is the memory size (16gb vs 32gb)

  58. too good; thanks for the effort VB; am sure Rohan will appreciate these little helping hands and this is what I meant by volunteering… if there is anything we could pick up without interfering with the zillion contracts NI may be locked into we would be happy to pick’em… honestly I would be the happiest to be able to serve a cup of coffee or tea or whatever help physical or virtual while the team strains their minds, eyes to sharpen the adam

  59. Thank you for the update again Rohan; The little teasers of the UI are making me impatient!

    Good luck over the next few months!

  60. Can u clarify where u can see that symbol? if it is the two parallel lines on the side (one solid line and one dotted line), then it is the DC Input socket similar to the Nokia chargers with a round pin. If you are referring to the one on the front (on the lcd) with 4 parallel lines, it is the menu button.

    if these are not what u were referring, pls clarify in which image do u see them u can refer the images posted by VB.

  61. oh and Rohan, congratulations on having over 1000 comments on the last post! perhaps 1000 commenter’s thought Adam was their baby too!

  62. hi mate, Rohan is walking a very tight rope when he shares any bit(byte) of info with us; if he is showing the insides but not the back, there would be a definite reason for that… agreed missing back trackpad may be one of theoritical possibilities and IMO the probability of that one is less than 0.0001 why? ‘cos the back track pad along with the swivel cam are the 2 differentiators apart from the screen and the tegra power – and these are almost in the DNA of adam…. the reasons could be due to something unique thats being patented etc. or just want to keep the surprise factor for the formal announcements….

  63. Let me wonder aloud.. if there is a Ir Receptor, I guess we could use adam to hmmmm probably stream HD content from net and view it on our LCD and use a Remote to control the app on Adam… Voila we have a remote controlled Entertainment unit 🙂

  64. Thanks

    Yeah I know i missed a comment about the HDMI position even if it was not shown in the pictures. I really hope it is aligned better then on the previous posts. It will make a big difference on the design.

  65. Thanks Sebastian… and yep! thats exactly how I feel. And also wonder Rohan checking all the comments in detail. And that makes me raise my confidence in him and Notion Ink. The pics were great with all the different macros with focussing stuff.

  66. oh my absolutely awesome !!!! wondering about futur generations and even the code name “eve” hehe 🙂

    @rohan you’ve done a wonderfull job so far, i’m pretty sure the adam will be a huge success, i hope we all are can order one when it will be available as we are some kind part of the history even if we are not in the NI teams 😉

    Thanks you so much for disclosing so useful information about the adam itself and the whole process 😉

    I’m pleased to see my country (france) is represented
    (on est pas assez nombreux les gars faut recruter 😉 )

    @rohan how can i tell NI that nickname used for EAP registration (in case i’m selected which i doubt 😦 ) and the nickname here are the same person ?

  67. Great to see new multi angle images of the Adam.

    Keep up the good work Rohan & Team.

    Rohan can you please accept my EAP entry for the App Store? I have not heard back from Notion Ink about my email on 4th November yet. Please do reply. Most appreciated.
    Actually, I missed entering my entry by the 3rd. Please please please accept.
    My emails are – ronak dot rathod at fmr dot com
    Rathodronak at yahoo dot com

    Ronak Rathod

  68. It is the menu button found on other android devices. As Rohan mentioned, they are the 4 touch sensitive buttons on the left side of the screen. they are:

    1. Key lock (I think this is also the screen lock)
    2. Search
    3. Home
    4. Menu

  69. Yes, most probably photo blog-9 is the IR/bluetooth

    regarding blog 13- perhaps if you see the ferrari photo- it seems like two slots with cover
    one may be micro-SD and the other may be SIM card slot. since from the magnalium photo description those places are close to where Rohan mentioned are the 3G system.
    and there is also a small feature beside that, may be just LED for something or ambient light sensor?.

  70. pls clarify which ‘fan’ r u referring? the rotating one or the drooling one?

    -just kidding 😉

  71. also i was wondering where is the docking port if any and what is there on the back side of the adam?

  72. this is how i draw adam with a keyboard.
    / / //>
    / / //
    / / //
    / / //
    / / //
    and below is how much i want an adam

  73. market will be available withing gensis (or so thats my interpretation) and built quality look rather good, with the whole lot secured to a piece of metal

  74. No it didnt! 🙂
    Next post is half ready, will take more time to finish it. This one took 6 hours including collecting EAP data, taking photographs, etc. Will release a special Teaser Video for you in the next post! 🙂

  75. if i could, i would lend u my camera. however im in Australia, and shipping an EOS 1D is, well, likely to break it. so Rohan, how did u come up with Adam, and has the idea of Adam eating apple got anything to do with the naming?

  76. Will wait for the video Rohan. And meanwhile if you get time to complete your unfinished post, willl be more than happy to read it 🙂 .

  77. Looking at the time-line and this additional EAP 2, I now strongly believe that the device will be launched in Jan-Feb and not before Christmas. Though the pre-order may start before Christmas but the device will be release after Christmas. Let’s hope I am wrong in my assessment.

  78. I am also surprised to see no Japanese involvement (though smaller is usually better here). Is adam going to be released in Japan? Or will we have to look overseas to pick one up? Very much looking forward to it either way.

  79. In picture 13 if you look at the large version of the red Adam you can make out the text a little. The left hand text looks pretty clearly to be SD CARD and the right one begins with an M and might be MUSIC. That one doesn’t make much sense as I would of expected it to be the sim slot.

  80. i feel… included 🙂 oh, and for anyone who scrutinizes this product, open your eyes. its pretty freaking awesome

  81. Thanks for the pictures that I was waiting to get, and the new information about the weather app/program. It looks very nice. It’s also nice to know that you are reading the blog and feel that you have stake in what we think about the product. You want to please yourself and us. That’s great. Really, looking forward to the next steps. Especially, the pre-order date is of interest. Also, further information about the UI which everyone really wants to hear more (and see more) about, but thanks so much for what you did give us. Be incouraged. -Simba

  82. So glad Italy has so many companies interested in! Let’s go this way! I can’t wait to handle Adam :D!

  83. Commenting the first time here. Just one suggestion, dunno if anyone has given it yet. This tablet will be a great designing tool, Especially for those who cannot afford the more expensive drawing tablets. But thats not possible using fingers – they are too thick. Adding an option to ship the adam with a capacitive stylus would be a great idea. Could be a deal-breaker for many. (Also a glove type thingy, something insulating, which makes sure that when you rest your hand on the screen it doesn’t do something unexpected)

  84. @sebastian… Mate I m the one of the few (m sure lot’s of guys must have done the same….) btw I just started following this blog 3 days before and to b frank I m kind of addicted to it… Not only i love Rohan’s update but also I m in luv with the comments all the other users are writing… I m emotionally attached:)

  85. Don’t you think the trackpad is a little surplus? I mean there is a touch screen! Also i think it could interfere when holding it – your fingers could press it by accident all the time. Also if it was on bare knees could be a problem. Also the more “recent” mock ups in a slashgear article don’t show it. In fact it was only in the really early videos i recollect seeing it. Personally i don’t think its a major loss- i would much prefer an active digitiser if it was a choice between the two!

  86. Yeah, as I figured.. Why is there no clear front-side picture? Because of the huge top bezel. We had this discussion before, but I believe Rohan wasn’t exactly truthful when he said the black border was painted on or something. You can see from pics 1,6 and 14 that the top bezel/border is huuge and nothing like some previous renders.
    Too bad, -100 points for styling here..

  87. has anyone notived that from the time Rohan posted todays update, there have been no more comments of his last post?

  88. Rohan! i have a big question! a while ago (to you it probably seems either like a very long time or the opposite, very short)

    Student discounts, who will be eligible? will it be restricted to university students, or high school students too?

    anyways, my choice for adam is as follows

    Pixel Qi
    Wifi + 3G
    titanium black (if it remains available)
    and if we could (however unlikely it is) a signature on the back of it

  89. Gr8 to see finally some proper pics of Adam. One question to Rohan, how many iterations before you finally decide on texture and layout things?
    And eagerly waiting to enjoy new 3G service in India along with adam !!!

  90. He mentions why in the blog. it is to test shipping and support. I am sure developers will be more thorough testing ADAM due to the fact that they will be accessing the ADAM in ways a user cannot.

    Example I have an HTC EVO that is supposed to show more than 3 multi touch points in the tester. Developers have ways to access the multi touch and get 5.

    That said, I want one right now :p

  91. No. I think the track pad would be great. Imagine playing a First Person Shooter on the adam on the move. Nothing beats a keyboard-mouse setup for FPS. The track pad would be just in place to control the cursor on the screen without even moving the hand. Though I would enjoy more with the kind of joystick provided in the PSP. but might be copyright/patent issues. But the trackpad would be a great help if we dont want to cover the screen with our hands while operating. Also when operating with one hand (left), it would be put to better use. That was one brilliant idea.

  92. if its an IR sensor, i think the secret feature could be a multi-function remote control-app, like a logitech harmony touch control. so this could be the center of our home cinema, that controls everything over IR/WLAN/Bluetooth. i like that thought 😉
    but i dont think its really an IR-Port….dont know why. i think IR is outdated. but thinking of the remote control-thing it could be a really nice feature!

  93. If you mean compatibility with MS Office, then I doubt it. I think what Rohan meant to say is that adam would ship complete with a productivity suite of applications.

  94. Rohan, when u do the video, can we have a look at the pixel Qi screen on some wider angles? skepticism has arisen about this.

    and we need to see this thing run some apps in eden, just to see how it works.

    i agree IR remote app would trash anything else available. and btw, how many of the apps you’ve mentioned that will come ready out of the box are installable to SD card, rohan?

    i know 32gb is lots of storage, but with adams resolution, apps will be larger, and that worries me with me already owning a HTC desire, and having less that 20MB of storage left

  95. while im addressing you Rohan, do you realise the release of the video of u hands on with the newest build of adam will get us (being the adam community) the publicity adam deserves!

  96. @sebastian: wow, i didnt even thought about the old testament picture “adam eating apple”. that makes so much sense 🙂

  97. @klaus… I’m an atheist and i figured that much out… but its true, the adam is going to eat abble and spit it out. horrible crapple products

  98. GIMP? On a tablet? Why would you need a full featured image editor when the hardware will have obvious limitations?

    If Google does the nice thing and gives us Picasa on Android, it would be good enough.

  99. in pic #9 ,the 2 symbols between headphone and dc input, the lightning symbol could be the wifi on indiactor but what intrigues me is the ecg-like symbol is that something for the medical fraternity (the hidden feature?)

  100. ps: I found out that Photoshop is available for Android, if you don’t have qualms against non-Free software.


  101. Now this is almost common. Other apps do such as Documents to Go, Think Free Office, and Open office. last one not on android yet but the other 2 are.

  102. no, i think that will be a switch not a button, perhaps the thing on thw far left of this image

  103. It’s beneath the touch buttons like home, back, search etc. so I’d wager that it’s for accessing settings.

  104. Thanks Rohan,
    it is wonderful update. It sounds it will do everything (or even more) that a PC/notebook computer can do. I hope it will be my permanent mate for conducting my lesson.

  105. No, he explained that people were SAYING that the secret feature was a switch that flips the adams orientation when the camera goes past a certain angle. He also said that that was NOT the secret.

  106. yeah,,, but it was fun 😛 and yes this is set as my home page sebastian 🙂 lucky you to be talked to by Rohan, the mans a legend.

  107. indeed,, another bonus feature never seen before! perhaps even integrated google TV could be in adam?

  108. What do you guys think the double buttoms or tabs are on the bottom right side of the Adam? I can’t figure it out. Maybe the SD slot? Take a look at the Red Adam pic.

  109. I’m with you on that one too. I would love to buy a signed limited edition version. A memento from this time of waiting, commenting and waking up early on a Saturday morning to check the blog.

  110. Doubt whether its an IR. Looks more like SD Card Slots. The other two look like Two Buttons for something.

    Has anyone managed to find if there is an physical switch to turn the wifi and the screen on and off in the photos anywhere ?

  111. I was thinking the same… IR is out dated… BUT..if you consider these Devices usually end up around the COUCH at home in front of the TV….what a great IDEA..an UBER SMART Remote control…

  112. Hello Rohan
    Thx for the photos, awesome ones!
    Just a question, what about Google Android Apps (like Gmail, Google Map…) ? Will we be able to install them on our own, will it be preinstalled by the team ?

  113. it could be for SD and sim card, with rubber tops. would make sense to cover those, they’re the only parts capable of falling out. theres a 80%+ chance they store SD/sim, the other 20% would mean nothing is holding in my SD or sim. which sounds dangerous

  114. Very nice pictures.

    I really want the Ferrari one- i always liked the Acer ferrari laptop- and hope the adam will come up with one. if its is not difficult now for production please go for it-

    The finishing looks good and the slots for different components are also quite nicely done. the four sense button looks good- hope they are nice to use.

    The symbols are also beautiful – the ink drop especially. Are there any further iterations or this was the 3rd and the last one?. Are u happy with the feel of the device, the glass matte finish- please post some tests which u guys are performing now on adam- on the hardware part especially.

    its end of 2nd week of Nov. since we are on time for FCC, So when we are hitting the FCC or is it already………?

    Waiting eagerly for next post.


  115. well goodnight Notion Ink Community, its been nice talking to you all. im off to bed. Thankyou Rohan, for a great post and for your awesome interactivity with the commenters.

  116. I’m pretty sure there will be no printing function as you need a dedicated driver for each printer (thanks to Microsoft) if you don’t use for example a full Postscript enabled device.

  117. “Nearly all here are clocking something around 28 hours a week for their sleep. For us in the core team is around half of that”

    That means there are even more hours to spend working on Adam….Who needs sleep 😉

  118. Once again I must say Rohan that this has never failed to disappoint.

    I mean by this that I’ve never, ever read something or seen something about adam that has made me say: “Oh well, its still going to be cool anyways”

    I have always, at every stage, gone a little more like:


    This is the device I have waited 30 years to see created, and everything, every detail, every aspect is just better and better as things go on.

    I remember a post, long ago, where you said something like: “I pray that my faith will not fail”. That must have kept you going through all the tough times (I think that happened even before you had to change the investors) and the other delays, and the time that Nvidia had flash problems, and then developing the Eden, and when people were saying “Vaporware”, and when editorials criticised, and when we all get demanding.

    I remember an email I sent to you about 5 months ago, I don’t know if you remember – hope you’ve deleted it- but it began with the words “OH COME ON!” and was quite demanding. You so graciously replied to that email, I had no response but admiration which has just grown and grown. I want to apologise for that email publicly today and say my faith in you has not failed since that day.

    Thanks Rohan

    You da man!


  119. Rohan & team, here is my humble request: please please spend 10 or 15 minutes doing yoga or simple meditation every 20 hours; ever since I saw this post I was only thinking of you folks (seriously adam itself went a touch into the background) and make sure you spend at least another 10 or 15 minutes with someone who knows absolutely nothing about adam or who cares more about you than adam – that way they can remind you to breathe and make sure you guys are ok…. am begining to get very worried that you guys are so locked up in your rooms there and dont want to see draining yourselves out physically eventhough you have unlimited mental and emotional strengths

  120. You can see the images on better if you look at

    from the blog post “With (More) Love from China!”

    Notion Ink team – splendid work, i’m realy looking forward to adam.


  121. I hope that there is a way to “lock” the volume keys on the side, because I have had the problem on my phone and my Galaxy tab, that everytime I put it in or out of my bag I touch on the keys and than sound (phone ring) could be off so I can’t hear the rings for messages or calls 😦

    Kind regards

  122. the PQ button is perhaps this switch.

    it shows power up button, but probably there is more to it. it looks slider type, and perhaps two stage is there. one for power up and another for screen back light. or perhaps 3 stage- Rohan has mentioned in his earlier post there is also a toggle button for deep sleep/turn off- so may be some small innovation to include all three functionalities in one solution.

  123. Have a read on Bäckmans comment November 13, 2010 at 15:21

    He guessed that the power button has a dual function.

    On/Off for the adam and On/Off for the backlight.


  124. I need an application from which you have commented Rohan, and interesting multimedia player .. (maybe a xbmc or similar)

  125. Rohan,

    The pics of the Adam look beautiful; really a unique style and a sleek design!

    Very glad to hear you will have a full office suite for Adam- will its file formats be compatible with Microsoft Office and/or Open Office? Being able to transfer files between my desktop and my Adam would be important.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the pre-installed apps, love the idea/look on the weather app- very cool, and the list looks like you’re covering all the essentials. Will all 400 EAP participants be producing apps available at launch? More info on your Genesis stores would also be great. Hope we’ll get to see the UI in action in next weekend’s special!

    Best wishes,

  126. ARGGGGG i’ve hit the end of the comment section!! 😦 Nothing to read until tomorrow morning for me.

    🙂 Australia 2nd in the EAP? I might be able to see some people walking around in Sydney with Adams then! I’ve seen the galaxy tab before it was out… SO there’s some hope in seeing an Adam early!! 😀

    I look forward to that video 🙂

  127. Without fear of, this tablet is the most expected all over the world. And in my island Puerto Rico is no exception. I want to be the first one to have it here.

  128. Please don’t ignore the Indian market. Looks like you are going to ignore (No EAP from India). I though you are going to bring some good India Centric Eco system (Music, Newspaper, etc). But my hope is diminishing. We are price sensitive. We may not pay 1 dollar for a newspaper. This is reason why you are shying away from Indian Market. Still we spend lot of money in digital media (talk to the caller tune sellers). The volume matters. Don’t loss the operation to capture the un captured market. India!

  129. Dear rohan ,
    I am disappointed to see 8 th weekend special that means eight weeks have goneby and please please reply to this post. I was reading today’s time of India Bangalore edition you can check online. It was the happiest day first it was posted in Hindu now. The editorial page had a write up ( as small one don’t mind). This was the happiest moment which made my day. Please please reply to this post I have been posting I have not received a reply even once.

    Thank you
    Rahul D Prabhu

  130. BTW, Ferrari adam “for-blog-14.jpg” has become my laptop background, it is officially my most favourite image because:

    1) Ferrari adam – this is reason enough
    2) Its a photo, not a render, so its real
    3) That bezel looks just beautiful – like you promised


  131. I’ve commented 44 times on this post alone….. A fifth of this post is me….. Lol

  132. Hi Andrew

    I think the track pad is still there. Rohan confirmed this in his Sep 25 weekend special -2.

    it says “……….At the bottom you will find the device casing which holds the track-pad as well. …………..”.

    It was Sep 25 and Oct 6th was the first adam prototype from the factory- never such fundamental change in such a short time- so hope it is there as that feature was regular in their earlier prototypes.

    Perhaps he is not showing the back for some other reason- like some card slot, some switch, some sensor. and we till now do not how to change the batteries.


  133. you are supposed to sleep too! good night again 🙂 unless Sebastian is different from sebastian

  134. thought you were off to bed?

    mind you, I’m in aus as well (I think you said that’s where you’re from) so I can’t really talk

  135. From the comments, here I am getting the feeling as if I am reading some thriller, it is just too exciting.

    Now I am waiting for only one more feature to show up. No, not in Adam, but on the website. The Pre-order button. 😀

  136. Wow Rohan, great update! Great to know there’ll be an office suite, docs to go just isn’t optimized for tablets. Also, adam looks quite sleek- much better than an iPad, in my opinion.

  137. I don’t recall anything being said about student discounts? I wouldn’t mind of course.

  138. Same person…. And I was going ti sleep. But adam is more interesting than sleep. And its only 11: 45 where I am

  139. good night; get some rest so that you can be in tip-top shape for the 1000, 2000 comments races in future!

  140. You have to hack ADAM to load Linux (somewhere Rohan mentioned it). NI is not giving it pre-loaded or support it.

  141. “There is a lot more left”


    Ya but, if I’m not going wrong, the Pre-booking should start in early December..and we are in the mid-November.. (..one month left)
    I don’t know.. but the hope is really going down..

    I’m from Italy and I follow this blog from the first time I’ve read about Adam..
    I’m starting to thinking that, if this product is going to be commercialized, it will be in 2013..
    I started to collect money for buy this tablet but I’m starting to think that is just a waste of time, wait something that maybe will be commercialized in one year..

  142. haha wow more australians than i first realised 🙂 good to see im not even close to alone here . yeah i agree it is getting late but adam is horribly addictive so i may just stay awhile more, besides rohan just replied to another comment, the guys a gun and i enjoy watching him work

  143. now this is what I want commented here. Not those comments of @Adam @Jason in the last post.

    I mean we are so demanding of NI we have forgotten to say a genuine word of appreciation.

    Nice Philip.

  144. Slash gear said it, and I swear it was on the blog somewhere. I think it’s a 25 dollar discount.for universities and students

  145. Regarding the second on the far right of the bottom side in, opposite the end with the microphone(pic 13). if you look into pic 14.. the text beside the port looks like “RESET”… not sure thought what might be its functionality..

  146. @Rohan

    Your words here “what is still left to be done and how future generations are going to evolve” are really powerful.

    Great! Good luck!


  147. What’s secret about that? Even if WinPhone and iOS are (or were) lacking this function, it is included in Android for a longer time.

  148. I must admit I am also amongst those of you who find it hard to wait any longer! It must be related to the fact that I started waiting for the Adam since CES and, as many, have been thinking about a similar product since the first UMPCs appeared!
    Let’s really hope the wait is about to end.

    Great post and keep them coming, Rohan!

  149. Hi,
    I’m also waiting for the adam to arrive in germany.
    I have a few questions:
    – How will the adam be sold, directly from india, or will it be sold over some dealer in germany (for warranty)?
    – Are the sources for the system open, so you can get the drivers for the components, maybe for installing ubuntu or any other OS on it? Not because im not happy with what i saw from the original OS on the adam, just because some programs may only be avialiable for Linux/Windows etc?

    – the last is more a question to this page: I love this blog, and i am looking here every day for news about the adam, but it is very difficult reading the whole comments, the topics mixed up – isn’t there a forum, where we could talk about the adam? I dont think this would be a great deal to install a forum software on your server…

    Best wishes from germany, Matthias

  150. I second that eh..ship to Canada first and we’ll send you back a Tim’s.

    First thing I do now when I wake up is check this blog. So many of us are just hanging on to be the first to pre order…..

  151. I had posted about other tablets like the toshiba folio 100 which has the same config as yours I am waiting for your tablet I want you to make it big . If somebody wants to go out and buy a tablet then why should you choose Adam over the folio they won with experience but you can do something like give it with gingerbread(2.3 ) or atleast promise it as soon as you can. Make it special you can still release it in the us as it still not released and you can beat them and make some publicity.

    One more thing even in the pics posted above it still has those big black Borders

    Thank you for replying
    Rootin for you
    Rahul prabhu


  152. @Rohan

    If your Red “Ferrari” is one of the color, then I will buy it for my daughter. I wanted her to learn Telugu, but I am not successful till now. She get’s Red “Ferrari”, if she tries to learn Telugu. How about this?


  153. power to democracy! appreciate your wait but lets not intrude into others rights please… if its rhetoric, you have the option of ignoring…. there is a whole world of us who wants more of the info

  154. OK, Mouthwatering! I am sooooo glad I held off buying the ipad. Shame it looks as though it won’t be available until after the Christmas holidays as I would have ordered one each for my son and daughter as well as myself!! Hope online pre ordering goes smoothly. Rohan, I am sure you have all the logistics in place as you must realise Adam is going to be one popular device.

    While I am here, just like to say hi to all fellow Adam fans around the world. It won’t be long until, like Rohan, we will have our own babies arriving!

  155. I am a ‘tech-centric’ physician. I love following the blog. First thing I do, on waking up in the morning, is check for updates. I can’t wait to have my hands on ADAM! IT deserves to be a top selling device just based on all the hard work you guys at NI have put in.
    I saw the videos of ADAM at CES. I was disappointed by the ‘laggy’ animations. I am hoping that the UI has been tweaked to make the graphics better.
    Great work Rohan and NI team!

  156. still it have big bezzels:(
    it seems it wouldn´t have size on oficial page(239x158x14mm):-(

  157. I noticed that too @mino but that might be just what it seems like from the almost perfect elevated (side) views which makes me ponder and inquisitive –

    If i was to show an ipad (assuming i had one) to my friends – the first (and most) shots would capture the screen at a wholesome angle. Why is it that we don’t see the screen from a good angle, in any of the over 10 photos? Are the narrower bezels taking a while?


  158. Dear Rohan,

    One of the great aps that make the Ipad a great business tool is the fact that it has Logmein. The app works seamlessly and allows us business travelers to connect to our office computers to get work done, and at the same time, it allows us to travel light as we no longer have to log around a heavy laptop, and instead can take a small and light Ipad.

    Knowing that there is an initiative between the folks at LogMeIn and Android to make a similar software for the Android based systems, do you have any news in that regard? Is there a Logmein Ignition software similar to the one used by the Iphone and Ipad that will be available to download as an app for the Adam?

    I have many IT colleagues who swear by this app on their Ipads and Iphones and have asked me if this will also be available for the new Adam. They are interested in seeing me be the “guinea pig” prior to them buying anything and have made the availability of Ignition a priority in any device they purchase…

    Thanks in advanced….

  159. simple its more than a tablet. what was the idea that gave birth to tablet? now expand that idea to go beyond……….

    Reread his comments on vision. Go back to first post of this blog.

    I am vague….:-) but I think its better to be surprised by NI.

    Hint : their vision is something which will result into a paradigm shift in what we meant by computing!!!!….an evolution. 🙂

  160. the adam will have official market access apparently so log me in ignition well work on it, in panel mode

  161. Great that Adam will have a full office suite! I have a feature suggestion (in case you haven’t thought of this yet). It would be nice to draw images on the fly and insert them instantly in the word processor, either in the same app or with a drag and drop framework from a compatible drawing app. As an electrical engineering student I would often use this for drawing circuits etc. Also optical or vector-based equation recognition would be awesome.

  162. Are we sure these are not renders again?

    This looks absolutely beautiful! I love the attention to detail with the small icons by the headphone jacks etc. Nice touch.

    I was initially worried from the last post that the ports looked a bit “sharp” around the edges, but in these images the ports look very professional.

    Amazing to hear about the office/paint applications too.

    Rohan, are you happy with the responsiveness of the screen? Does it feel like it lags at all, or is it very slick and responsive?

    This thing is blowing my mind!

  163. I hope at least postscript enabled devices are supported! All one has to do is to copy a ps file to the printer device to use it!

  164. Hey Rohan!

    This seems to be a nice idea. How about having a Limited Edition for the 1000 commenters and also put us on top of the pre-order queue! I would like to have the red version.


  165. Gosh Rohan and team, I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting!! Ditto the comments regarding Christmas, I would have happily emptied my bank account to get one each for the whole family (especially my nan who has asked for a Kindle)!

    Thank you so much for sharing as much as you are able to and giving us a glimpse into the process (setting up the boring stuff like supply chain, support, shipping logistics). While we’re all here waiting for the piece of awesomeness that is Adam, that stuff needs to be nearly perfect. I am finding it absolutely fascinating! Take your time, get it right straight out of the gate, I’m looking forward to a long term relationship with NI so, Valentine’s Day would suit me just fine. ;o)

  166. I’m under the impression that the trackpad is turned on with a switch. Also, the hidden feature would be on the interior because Rohan said he was going to take apart the adam and show us everything inside but one.

  167. Hey man I don’t think I should be answering your question but I couldn’t resist so here it goes..
    1. Toshiba folio 100 is no match for Adam
    2. It still runs native Android and that is just a big ass phone

    I personally think there might not be a need to upgrade to gingerbread either as this is not a major release and notion ink has already implemented all that Google is wishing to implement and if I can’t have notion inks UI over it, I probably won’t even upgrade to gingerbread(that is If notion ink’s UI is as great as promised).

    And (no offence) your question is kinna stupid if you have been actually following this blog for that long.

  168. same here. The red and black one ROCKS!!! I dearly hope this color option will be available.

  169. Hi Rohan!,

    Just some thoughts ü . Since you’re using Biblical names for your masterpiece product (e.g. Adam, Genesis, Eden, etc.), its just reasonable to develop a well dedicated custom-made Bible software for your Adam tablet.


  170. @Kalyan
    It would indeed be awesome for fps games, however only if the trackpad controls can be separately interpreted from touchscreen controls by the app. Then walking, shooting etc. buttons can be drawn on the edges of the touchscreen. Also a role for the accellerometer is thinkable, maybe for jumping or crouching, but I guess game designers could put it to more creative use.

  171. You were going to introduce “all but one component”… this omission sure is raising the suspense… come ooooon WACOM!

  172. Also Openoffice is open source meaning that it can help others achieve/understand what’s necessary for Microsoft compatibility. Granted, 100% compatibility is difficult to achieve but a high percentage is reasonable. So either way it’s still a reason to celebrate.

  173. I’m new to posting but I must say I am very excited for this product. For everyone who keeps asking about the little symbols next to the headphone jack, I have a feeling those are power and charging lights respectively since they are next to what looks like the charging port. As for the two black bars on the front of the device if you blow up the ferrari adam picture it clearly says SD Card on one of the bars so I would deduce the other would be the Sim cards slot…? or some other kind of card.

    I must say the thing I admire most about you is that you aren’t saying “hey guys look at this product we made WE DEMAND YOU LIKE IT! (oh but you can only use it like this or we’ll sue you)” like some other blue jean wearing company man. It is very apparent how much you love this thing you have put your heart and soul into and I for one cannot wait to hold it in my hands because if I have learned anything at all over the past few years it’s that the things that usually are the best are the things that you can tell the design team really cared about. It is also very apparent how much you care about your consumer which is very important to me. So thank you so much for everything you have done you are doing an amazing job.

  174. Anybody else notice the mistake in the weather mock-up? That’s right, the temperature is in Celsius, which we don’t use here in the US. We use good old Fahrenheit, I’m not sure why, actually, but maybe because (1) We have respect for tradition and history; Europeans don’t have respect for … oh, never mind, that doesn’t work. How about (2) “Celsius” is obviously a foreign name, unlike “Fahren….” oh, never mind.

    P.S. It’s the wrong time of year to be 18 C at night in New York. It doesn’t get that high even during the day.

    P.P.S. How to convert C to F in your head: divide by two, subtract 10%, and add 32. This goes very fast after a little practice.

    P.P.P.S: Fun fact: The original temperature scale developed by Anders Celsius was upside down, with 0 being the boiling point of water and 100 being freezing. Since he was Swedish, probably he was trying to put as brave a face as possible on the climate. Either that or he was drunk.

    P.P.P.P.S: I really don’t like the term “Ferrari Red.” It screams “mid-life crisis,” sounds like it’s appropriate for a balding guy with a shirt open halfway down his chest, gold chains around his neck, and a for-rent girlfriend on his arm. I don’t have a better term to suggest, though; neither “Nazi Red” or “Hemorrhoid Red” seems quite right. (And a “thank you” to the spelling checker for help with that last term.)

  175. Thanks Rohan for the update. You are good to your word. Been waiting a year and I have to say the product development has been awesome to watch unfold. Hats off to all at NI! Have you recieved FCC certification yet? Have you decided to release before CES? All the best and get some sleep : )

  176. Sorry folks if I go back to the logo stuff, but @Manoj here just mentioned the “ink drop”. I am sure everyone must have noticed that but very few seem to have noticed that logo no.3 (I voted for it) had this ink drop in the background with a small case n in the foreground that looked like the outline of a tablet and the right side having the i integrated.

    That logo would also suit an animated intro for the “notion ink” concept – an abstract (notion) outline – the ink drop – takes shape (ink) as a tablet.

    Rohan, I am sure you like that logo, but unfortunately no one discussed this in the logo related post and it also got only 797 votes.

  177. Hi Rohan — greatly appreciated the update. Hopefully will see the finished post soon, but first, please get some sleep. I hope you will be able to address availability of android market and being able to reach Barnes&Nobel and Border’s Kobo.
    My best to you and the great team!!!

  178. Hi NI! And all the loyal readers of this blog 🙂

    Thanks for the post and for the Images!, It’s always nice to wake up on Saturday and find a Week-end Special from Rohan… Now my weekends wouldn’t be the same without them…. hahaha

    Some stuff that I want to comment about: 1. Indeed none of the photos shows the HDMI port, just a small glimpse to the Label. 2. Great to know about the FULL Office suite! 3. I didn’t see anything that could be a Docking Port.

    I hope everyone enjoy this weekend 😉

  179. interesting comments from nvidea ceo..
    “And so whether it’s the quality of the work of the craftsmanship that our teams are working on, or the capabilities of these devices, they have to be absolutely ground-breaking or why would anybody come to buy them? So I think that the extra time that was necessary to build these devices, and build the operating system and all the applications and the system software necessary to do it — and obviously, we’re not going to talk about what they are right now, but they’re going to be absolutely magical. And so I think that that’s the important thing to realize. And I think that although we’re a little bit late, the market potential is so huge, and this is the future of computing. This is the second device into the future of computing.” Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO, NVIDIA


  180. I can understand you want Adam to be big, but this sounds a bit desperate to me. Why Adam need to chase on Toshiba, ViewSonic, HP, etc whoever, so called big names rushing to throw out something in order to, hopefully, get a slice of the iPad pie? Look at how Gizmodo and Engadget trashing Samsung Galaxy Tab, you will get a sense how those guys so not ready to make the real android tablet rather than pushing out a stretched big android phone.

    While, Adam is a invention! With completely new and unique UI, hardware configuration and design, full customized application set… too many to list, but the point is why Adam need to beat anybody? I think it will be the opposite, who can beat Adam? Like on NI frontpage, the Revolution claim “Every once in a while, there will be sth coming out to redefine everything…”

    Whether Adam going to big or not, there might be some force up there out of Rohan’s control, but within his and his team’s control, they are taking “Every once in a while” message, pouring their hearts and talents into creating sth new. Why all of us following Adam, it is fresh, it is pure heart driven, it is hard hard work to answer the call from the dream. There is no burden like all those big names…

    There is no guarantee a revolution will succeed, but the journey of a revolution will always succeed, and we are witnessing and humbly part of it…

  181. Very excited to hear there is a full office suite!! And a postscript program would be fantastic!

    Sign me up for a ferrari and hurry up and lets us order already!! I can’t hardly stand the wait anymore!

  182. First time commenter – but I’ve been following adam’s progress for a long time. It looks fabulous and I can’t wait to get one of my own! Congrats Rohan and team on your accomplishments and I, for one, am amazed at your restraint and how you’ve managed to NOT share everything with us. Especially in the face of the requests (demands!) and disbelief of so many. You have a fine line to walk – I don’t envy you that – I know how hard it is to not share good news.

    I’m not the techie that many of you are so I won’t push adam to the limit of his (?) abilities, but one thing I’d like to see is a good cookbook/recipe app. Something with a search by name, ingredient, tag, date used, and where I can note changes and adjustments. Pictures, too, maybe. It would also need an easy way to input a recipe. A straight Word document is too cumbersome. And while I’m at it, the same kind of thing for knitting and crocheting. I have a Nook now that reads .pdf’s and it’s great to use for patterns, but I can’t note changes or keep track of where I am in the pattern or attached photos of the finished project.

    I hope that this community will remain as active after the adam comes out. I know that I’m going to need a lot of help utilizing it to it’s fullest. I’ve not used a touch screen device before and I’m afraid I’ll be a little overwhelmed. It’ll be interesting…

  183. I’m tired of posts that didn’t say anything. I will come here again when NI have something, like Kno, and maybe I will be using one.

  184. Hi Rohan!
    Even if the answer is no, please do atleast reply this is my 6th post with as many emails too

    Great to see new multi angle images of the Adam.

    Keep up the good work Rohan & Team.

    Rohan can you please accept my EAP entry for the App Store? I have not heard back from Notion Ink about my email on 4th November yet. Please do reply. Most appreciated.
    Actually, I missed entering my entry by the 3rd. Please please please accept.
    My emails are – ronak dot rathod at fmr dot com
    Rathodronak at yahoo dot com

    Ronak Rathod


  185. @Tejas rohan already mention that adam will work with any capacitive stylus you can find in the market! but shipping an adam with a stylus could be a good idea and with something to clean the screen and a shelf :D! that’s all i want!



  186. CES was almost a year ago, pre-froyo era…..
    You think they didn’t tweak anything in the past 10 months?

  187. Hp has introduced a concept called ePrint and apple iDevices are getting air print feature in iOS 4.2 based on this. It does away with old fashioned pc way of needing drivers for all printers.

  188. Having a decent type of image editor(not necessarily a full-fledged) would push tablets that much more towards being self-sufficient. I can transfer my images to the tablet, process them, and then print..will make life SO MUCH simpler, you know.

  189. Excitment is not only anticipating the week-end post but reading all comments one by one.

  190. HP’s new ePrint printers gives your printer a unique “email address.” whatever you sent to that address your printer will print. (from anywhere, and it has to be connected to wifi)

  191. Good point about the Celsius :)…but I am pretty sure NI has included options to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius in the settings…

  192. and geeta software and quran software and gur granth sahib too and other possible religious tools and software…I guess all this will come from the eco system of apps…but good point, it will be nice to have

  193. Recent reviews of android tablets make it obvious that the success of the Adam will depend more on software/applications than on hardware. One also needs beta testing to flush out unforeseen problems with the design (e.g., antenna issue with iPhone). Makes sense to have limited release to developers (I am not one). There is a danger of waiting too long … iPad could add webcam and enable multitasking, Toshiba could fix software issues with Folio, Apple and/or Google could come out with a tablet with full access to large application marketplace, etc. I’m willing to wait awhile, since nothing else I’ve seen is comparable.

  194. I love the idea of a signed limiting edition for all drooling fans here! And I want the Ferrari one!

  195. Only if building a tablet was akin to cricket, then Rohan would be our “Tendulkar”!

  196. Ereader and a comic book reader were mentioned by Rohan. So they’re already there. Rohan was mentioning based on our comments all the other important apps that will come standard.

    NI team, please take enough rest and the gang here has enough confidence that you will bring out a very well designed product with best features and apps. You need to be rested well to be ready to take a bow soon. You’ve earned it!!!

  197. IT Colleagues with iPhones and iPads…. LOL at the IT department there are 23 Android phones and only one iPhone. The only department were the iPhone outnumber Androids is the Design and marketing department. Needles to say I don’t have experience with logmein but I think you can do the same on android with VNC

  198. I don’t remember seeing it officially anywhere, but the rumor has been floating around for some time. I’ve got my fingers cross for it though.

  199. Hi Rohan,

    Thanks (again) for this great post and for your time to make us happy! Having full Office and Paint is great! What about the reading app, and what formats Adam will support?
    I hope you’ll be able to tell us more about pre-orders soon, since I’m traveling all December and I don’t want to miss it!

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  200. With all due respekt for religious freedom and diversity – it’s not the Job of a Hardware (and OS) developer to provide you with religious liturature. I for example, would be very irritated ( at least) by a preinstalled bible App., so let that be a task for one of the many independent developers…

  201. but it isn´t like prototype and don´t have size from orifical site
    i know it’s not a huge amount bigger than the ipad, but what? iPad is very big like others 10″ tablets, I am very dissapoiting Adam will be also:(

  202. Adam and eve were the first of the creation by God in Genesis where the evolution of living being started. NI wants to start a new evolution in tablet and take it beyond with their Adam, Eve and Genesis. Am I any where close to the mark, Rohan?

  203. Sure there is a lot of things left, this is always the case prior to releasing a first product. (getting the SDK ready, set up a sales channel, distribution and the other 1001 small things) A good sign that they are getting ready is the short amount of sleep the team is getting…. this never happens early in the process (you can’t keep it up to sleep 28 hours or less a week… it only means one thing; they are getting ready for release.

  204. Yo Rohan,

    My mind = BLOWN AWAY

    Much love & respect for this latest post. Wonderful photos, great update. As for the rest of us constantly hovering around this blog, keep the faith, people. 😉

    Somebody check on Greg, I found it a little unusual to see his name only pop up around 2-3 times while scrolling down these 300+ comments. I’m pretty sure he’s down on a floor somewhere in spasms after this update. Head must’ve overloaded when he saw the latest photos, lol.

    Peace out, peeps!

  205. quite true. though very similar I think NI vision is different. whereas apple make premium products, NI is aiming for premium content and affordable HW products. This way, a step forward to something like PAN connected to GAN (personal area network to global area network!!!)

  206. It is not rumor. Our good buddy Rohan here spelled it out very clearly at the very beginning when it all started happening, seems long time ago 🙂

    Why did I feel old when making that statement? Hope we don’t get old before actually having Adam in our hands. 😉 can’t help pulling our dear buddy’s leg here.

  207. I agree, it says “RESET” next to the other hole (opposite end of where Microphone is).

    And it also looks like it might say “SD CARD” on what appears to be a cover over the slot on the right, along with a second cover next to it. I can’t read what it says on the second cover though. Maybe it says “MICRO SD”. If they decided to include both types of SD. Just a guess though…

    And since those appear to be covered ports/slots, there is a chance that may be a covered port/slot on the side next to the headphone jack instead of IR. Though it does look like IR, but now I’m second guessing that.

    Did you also notice the white circle on top of the Adam, (on top, but to the left of where the switch is in photo 3 or 9). I wonder what that is for. It is printed on there like the CAP-SENSE buttons (4 touch keys) on the opposite side. So possibly another button.

  208. +1 for the signed limited edition. Black/black, black/red and black/dark blue for me please. What do you expect me to do with so many colors?:-)

    Alternate option is to have accessories that allows one to change the side colors. Would be pretty cool. May be only for the Adamanters here.

  209. @Beowulf

    if Greg did get knocked out at least he is seeing Adams flying around his head …..

  210. @rakesh

    That symbol is often used to represent a device’s connectivity heartbeat… ie: a connection to the internet via wifi or 3g, or network activity.

  211. It has been stated it has full market access (+ Genesis) so it takes about 2 minutes to download and install these in case they do note come preinstalled

  212. @Jacob and Bruce,

    I agree that Rohan means Adam is much more than just a tablet when he said that. It does not preclude Adam from having a digitizer. Though my hope for digitizer is just that… hope. There has not been anything yet that convinces me there is a digitizer, though it could be the hidden feature we are waiting to hear about.


    On a side note. The case and capacitive stylus I ordered came and my 15 year old son has been using the capacitive stylus on his iPod Touch 4G and it works really well. Hand writing is great and he has done some pretty cool drawings with it. And that is on a tiny screen. So even if Adam does not have a digitizer, I feel confident we will still be able to create really good hand written notes and drawings with a capacitive stylus. Though a digitizer will obviously be much better for fine art and detailed drawings so if its not included in Adam, I sure hope they will include it in Adam2.

    FYI: The capacitive stylus I bought that works really well is the one made by Targus. In fact I just ordered 2 more of them from Amazon since my 8 year old son also wants one for his iPod Touch 4g, and I’m sure I’ll never get the one back my 15 year old son has taken over…

  213. Rohan,

    Many thanks for the new post; it gives us all hope to see Adam complete and to be a part of it. Very much looking forward to you finishing the other post you mentioned 🙂 Please do get some sleep though, and something to eat!

  214. Here’s to the NI family:

    Keep the Faith by Michael Jackson

    If you call out loud
    Will it get inside?
    Through the heart of your surrender
    To your alibis

    And you can
    Say the words
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    I said you gotta keep the faith

  215. I have been following this blog for few months and think that Adam could replace my laptop for surfing/studying, I hope so that Adam will reach my expectations.

    I am happy to see that Croatia is in EAP program, what should mean that I can pre-oreder to Croatia 😀

  216. Rohan
    I believe that you have developed a cult of Adam lovers and now I am thinking about possible posts of these lovers after they will have their own Adam in their hands. I anticipate that all those posts (from Adam) shall be an array of words of endearment, admiration and appreciation….all mixed, because you allowed these people to be part of your journey…..a dream project getting realized. Being part of success is always satisfying. I am not much into what makes a computer rather I just use them but I know how it feels to handle and develop something from the core of idea/ideas because I manipulate DNA and antigens….to develop vaccines.
    I am sure there are more than X100 people, or even more, reading your posts and comments of Adam lovers than the number of people commenting. I wish you all the best from all those who only read and hardly comment because they are just users and not into technical details of computers. 

  217. Thanks Rohan!

    I see that some were taken with your Canon Powershot SX10 IS and some were taken with a Nikon D5000. And Adobe Photoshop CS5 was used for modification. Much better than using a camera phone…

    And like I said before, Please feel free to add your other post detailing the components inside. We won’t get mad if you do two in one day. 😉 Hint Hint

  218. Rohan,

    I had signed up via email but didn’t register for the EAP as I didn’t have any apps to show. But I’m still interested in getting the SDK to develop apps. When will people like me get access to the SDK. Hopefully right after the EAP folks.

    Also if more knowledgeable guys need some help in developing, testing etc, there might be people here that would be interested in doing the work. Is anything in place to achieve that community driven development effort?

  219. I like all I’m hearing (reading). I get more excited with every posts. Look like it’s coming up really nicely. Thanks for the hard work and the updates.

    With so much work still left to do It feel more like a January release to me but I hope to be wrong. But as January happens to be my birtdhay month I don’t mind celebrating with an Adam.

    Looking at the pictures I too am intrigued with what’s between the headphone and the USB port. It doesn’t look like a cover as some suggested, a bit too glossy, more like an IR port (also suggested by some) and it doesn’t have any marking any input port would have.

    On an unrelated matter I was wondering about the 32GB limit for the drive is that an Android limitation (I don’t remember seeing other Android devices with 64GB) or is it just to keep the prices low. Also how easy is it for a user to upgrade it (I’m aware it would void any warranty)?

    I happy to see Canada involved with EAP1 (Go Canada!).

    Looking forward to that teaser video and faithfully waiting for the big anouncement (that’s when all will be disclosed and we’ll able to pre-order).

  220. I’m curious how soon you’ll be able to integrate the dual-core chips into future iterations of the Adam?

    Definitely an amazing job on the pictures. I’ve noticed the overall tone from other sites on the Adam is starting to warm up as we draw closer to production.

  221. @Ajesh

    “i think every1 in the blog knows u and read ur post”

    That’s a scary thought. I better be on my best behavior!

    Yep, HDMI is definitely there. It was just interesting that it was not shown in the photos… Maybe there is someting near the HDMI port that Roahn did not want us to see yet, like the white circle on top of the Adam, (on top, but to the left of where the switch is in photo 3 or 9). Possibly that is another CAP-SENSE button (touch key) above where the HDMI port is.

  222. WOW!! 14hrs of sleep per week. 2hrs/day!! That is nuts. I bet it’s fun too!

    I have an interesting observation. Do you guys see how complicated (in a positive sense) Adam’s design is. The edges, corners, curves, swivel camera, magnalium chassis, multiple layers of hardware…. In contrast, iPad, Galaxy tab and most other tablet are simply comprised of front screen, middle electronics and a plastic back shell.

    I wonder how NI is able to set the price for such sophisticated hardware so low. I bet their isn’t much margin if at all. For example, take a company as big as Samsung, which basically makes everything in house including flash memory, ram, lcd, microprocessor, and even battery. Even they are having a hard time competing with iPad on price, because of high volumes. Considering the low volumes that NI would be selling in the beginning, I can’t help but conclude that they might very well be losing money on this, at least in the beginning.

    I know Rohan would never discuss this aspect, but what do you guys think?

  223. I think that is the symbol for the standard Android “menu” button. (If I am correct about standard Android buttons being Home, Back, Menu, and Search.)

  224. Well I’m sitting in the Heart of Germany and it should be Winter by now and it had 19°C this afternoon.

    Well Why Nazi Red? For us unknowing germans:D

  225. a lot of blog and sites are covering this.. god for adam..
    but i have noticed particularly “engadget” is quite on this.. wanna know why.. any engadgeter here..

  226. FYI, Just above the slideshow: “(Interestingly India is missing from the EAP 1, but has its presence all over the EAP 2 selections)”

  227. Best guess so far is either IR sensor or a port/slot cover. If cover, probably rubber but looks like glass/glossy plastic in the photo. If port/slot, could be SIM, SD, USB 3.0, etc. Just guessing…

  228. Hi Rohan,

    A great update!

    Just wanted to know if the hidden sensor is related to the camera and also if you are incorporating “sixth sense technology”.

    The idea came to me seeing your profile photo with one eye replaced by the camera lens!

    “The adam will see and visualize what a normal eye can see”

    Keep up the good work!

    Some of us are quite Zen like patient!

  229. Can you integrate a pico projector also into your camera mount and allow us to use the Adam to project slides or movies for presentations? An integrated pico projector would make the Adam blow the competition out of the water across the board!

    I wonder.. is this the secret component you haven’t told us about? 🙂 Well, I can at least hope right?

  230. @baeckman
    Great job on the summary. Included my comments below…

    “On the long bottom side we can see, from left to right, the microphone hole, another strange hole (probably not another microphone for stereo, it is not the same printed label next to the hole) and two things that looks like buttons. But i think they are the sim and sd slots covered with lids.”

    –Other hole is RESET
    –Not sure on covers either…

    “The close up on the right side of adam
    We can see the following, from left to right, dc connection, two led indicators (first one is power connection, second one is probably if the unit is on or off). After that we have, what i think is a headset connection, meaning both stereo and mic connection. The next black square I think is an ir sender/reciever, it sure looks like that at least. And finally we can see a second usb. WE also see the text for the HDMI port.”

    –Second LED is likely for network connectivity / transmit/receive indicator (heartbeat)

    The close up on the right speaker
    We can see a switch with a label that looks like power switch. Will it also work as a backlight switch? It looks like it can switch to the right but also be pushed to the left (without getting stuck there, when releasing it it will go back to the position that is shown on the picture). Switching to the right maybe turns off backlight lightning and pushing it to the left for a second or two will turn the adam on or off. What do you think? In this picture we can also see that it is not the final design. The adam logo will be in lower case but on the picture it looks like the logo is in upper case letters.

    –I think the switch is for the back light.
    –Yep, Logo still needs to change to lowercase.

  231. Maybe so. If that is the case. Rohan, please show us the back and use photoshop to blur the logo and stickers.

  232. Rohan,

    Looking forward to a Memorable launch. All the Best.

    Hope soon there will be a day, great products get launched first in India.


  233. I think NI got to give Greg a free Adam for his ever-increasing obsession..Go Greg Go! 🙂

    P.S: Wonder what would happen to Greg if Adam turns out to be a vaporware?

  234. “Coming back on pricing, we want is cheap as well. I don’t think profit is in hardware. It lies in the ecosystem. And when the best hardware can be clubbed with a massive eco-system, you are talking about a revolution. There are unusual barriers in hardware which will not allow anyone to reduce prices below a certain level. Reason I think is, as soon as a component hits large-scale manufacturing to become cheaper, next generation, better and faster component is available at the same. You probably have noticed this with Apple a lot.

    How do we break this? Well we have ideas.”


  235. “–Yep, Logo still needs to change to lowercase.”

    This would lead me to believe,
    1) This isn’t the final build
    2) The final build will have
    a) lowercase “adam” logo and new NI logo on the back
    b) corrected hdmi port alignment if it is even physically possible to do it

  236. @Bhavya Yeah I see that. But the ecosystem has to me massive to start generating profit.
    I am concerned if they are taking a hit on just hardware.

  237. agreed, I was surely going to go for an all black or silver look, but now I may go for a Ferrari if it ends up being available 🙂

  238. Hello @all,

    After reading the blog a while now, i can´t wait to buy Adam! Unlike other tablets it has features I´m really looking forward to. And the pictures look absolutly great! I think Rohan and the whole team of NI is doing a great job here!

    A short question: As I´m from Germany, how will I be able to buy it in Germany? I would much prefer to buy it via a german onlineshop, like amazon.de. You know, because of warranty and so on… I´m a little sceptical about shipping and buying it in Germany would be reassuring. But in any case, I´m rather determined to buy it and can´t await it.

    As for the hidden feature I´m rather amused. There are a lots of speculations here what it is. I think Rohan is sitting there and enjoys himself with these speculations and is laughing about them because it´s something completly different. 🙂


  239. @ Christian Kramer

    I don’t see “due respect” in your comment. It’s not your right to tell others what is proper and
    what isn’t. Being irritated makes as much sense as someone else being offended by a music app
    because they didn’t like music or any other app\subject for that matter. Remember, part of diversity is allowing others their opinion, not being offended because they aren’t like you.
    Many Adam fans of all persuasions are interested in a huge diversity of applications including
    religeous. Please allow others their opinions, even if you don’t agree.

  240. Well, the uppercase logo has not been changed to lowercase yet. So the bezel may still be over-painted too.

    But you can trust what Rohan told us! The bezel will be much smaller (6mm on all sides) than it was in the photos of the first manufacturing test run. Right Rohan?

  241. @kay
    I suppose Gecko was drunk when he composed his weird post.
    And yes, why Nazi Red? Only because the flag with the swastika used to have a red background? Probably typical American sight of those things. I worked in the sightseeing business in Berlin and very often one of the first questions of Amercian tourists on a sightseeing tour was “And where is the Führerbunker?”

    Nevertheless: I want a I-don’t-mind-how-it’s-called-red Adam!

  242. I follow engadget a lot and they mainly like to cover stuff by the big corp’s (Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc). The few times they post something on Adam the comments following it are extremely stupid and negative and say something along the lines of “vaproware.”

  243. @ bruce, you aren’t reading too deep into his words now are you? To be honest though, I hope the company does bring something that will change the industry and consumers alike.

  244. for some reason I thought the adam was really thinner than the ipad, but it does not appear that way.

    It seems thicker in the pictures than a thin netbook. At 0.8 inches thick it would seem.

    Please provide the dimensions of the device, if you havent already.

  245. please, dont expect too much from the adam! it isnt a 3000dollar machine! i dont think, that such a pico projector can be integrated on top of all thats already given for a price of just around 500dollar…just my realistic point of view…

  246. @mino: 10″ remain 10″ and because of it’s 16:9 form factor Adam will be a bit longer but narrower than the iPad (which is 4:3).
    Today I saw a Viewpad 10 (@Maplin in London) and was a bit shocked due to its sheer size… Adam will become the same. But it needs to be that big for that you will be able to work with it properly.

    What do you mean when you say “it isn’t like prototype and don’t have size from official side”? The measures on the .in site are surely the ones from an early prototype so the final Adam could be a bit bigger than that (screensize remains the same, thicker bezel = slightly bigger device). When you look at the magnalium frame, you can see the width of the bezel. The screen itself is as big as the aperture in the middle, and in the surrounding there are several recesses for the connectors, which are next to the screen and not below it, which would have made Adam fatter 😉

  247. Anyone here who likes the “Ferrari red”, please vote here. I call it Cardinal Red (the last one). I didn’t like the red on the original render but this new red of the actual Adam is much better.


    I am hoping I can use this data in the future. Too bad there is no metallic blue in these prototypes 😦

  248. If it is IR, it could also be a IR receiver. In which case the Adam would come with a remote control. There are lots of uses for that too…

    Control music being played from across the room

    Same control for movies, especially nice if Adam is connected to TV via HDMI and is not in your hands to control the movie.

    Some photo frames come with remote control so you can control the photo viewing from across the room.

    How about when connecting to a projector and doing a presentation… Would be nice to use a remote to advance to the next slide in the presentation.

    Just a thought…

  249. 1st is right, 2nd not. Of course Ubuntu needs device drivers but they are all included (obviously because still nearly no manufacturer sees the potential of Ubuntu). There are still many laptops with somewhat special hardware which are not fully supported by Ubuntu/Debian.

    And there is an unofficial forum: http://www.adamtab.com
    But the “real” fans are here, there are only 70 members over there.

  250. I may be in the minority here, but I would rather Adam was delayed for a couple of weeks if only to ensure that Rohan and his colleagues get proper sleep. Stay healthy, my friends (in my best ‘Most Interesting Man In the World’ imitation).

    If the IR sensor on board makes the Adam a universal remote, that will be quite cool for us couch potatoes. Now, if only I could also use it to turn off the cell-phones of loud callers on my commute train! Also, a toughened version of Adam that can be used as a frisbee or a ping-pong bat. But, seriously, a pico projector would be awesome. I will finally be popular!

  251. I can kinda see Rohan maybe being ok with the idea of taking a slight loss on hardware, but I could never see his investors being ok with that.

  252. is the screen going to be glossy?

    i know in previous posts you had mentioned it was going to be matte to make the pixel Qi easier to read in the sunlight.

    but all the pics show a glossy screen. so i’m a little confused.

    can’t wait for the Adam to come out so i can hold it in my own two hands!

  253. LOL – I guess I’d have to get some sleep to dream about the Adam. Seems my schedule is a lot like those at NI lately.

  254. And: even if it’s possible to run Ubuntu on Adam, it’s not that simple to install like on a PC… If you really want to, you can run Ubuntu even on a Nexus One, but without the Gnome or KDE Desktop Environment (or any other) due to the lack of device drivers for the graphics chip. But I’m sure it won’t take long until some clever lads will find a solution to run Ubuntu on Adam (if it’s really needed).

  255. This quote taken from Longbox press release. Notice the references to other media services.
    Anyone for Netflix!

    “Having a partnership with Notion Ink… ensuring that LongBox Digital will be part of the core entertainment system on all ADAM tablets side by side with their eBook, TV, music and film services… well, that really is a dream come true for us.”

    “It’s easy to talk big lofty ideas. To see a company deliver the goods, even when it isn’t easy to do so? Those are the kind of people you want to partner with, and Rohan and his team have been phenomenal in that regard.”

  256. Have to say the images are too good to be true! :)…

    Can we have a forum fast plssssssssss????

    Rohan, have to really appreciate your efforts to keep all of us in the loop answering our concerns & queries in spite of your sleepless nights!!!

    Absolutely no doubt on the build quality after seeing the picss!!! woooohooo!… I would rather wait a little longer to get the one fully loaded than rush out to get one partially built.

    I have a small query:
    Since I did not have any products to showcase, I did not sign up for EAP. Would it be still possible to get the SDK at least to develop some simple free stuff?

    Foot note:
    I have stopped preventing my friends from buying IPad. Just want to make them feel miserable once I have my adam! 😉

    Thanks again Rohan for your pictures… Made my day!

  257. @gecko

    With all those fun facts, you sound a lot like Cliff from the old US TV show “Cheers”. I’m just saying…

  258. I have seen some people requesting a pico projector in adam. But I don’t understand what would be the use of it in adam? what is the use of such a small projector in a device which shows a 10.1″ screen? What edge does it give you? I have seen the pico projector resolution going up to just 800*600. It certainly would be a good addition to a mobile phone but i dont think it would be useful in adam. Afterall adam is for functionality. Rohan’s aim was that.

    This was just my view. But please, if anyone requesting a pico projector, please elaborate what would be the use of it in adam (apart from increasing its price)?

  259. It is Nov 13th…..Holiday shopping is in full swing in the US now. Needless to comment that most of you in the US already know how Apple has accelerated the marketing with Verizon and Walmart carrying iPads ….now Samsung also out with its own tablet. With so many big boys flooding the market, ……………………..where is Adam!!

    Tooooooooooooooo lateeeeeeeeeeeeee to be too good !!

    Get into the game…..if you was a piece of the pie this christmas…..you need to be in the market now.

  260. Rohan Shravan, Yes satisfaction does taste sweet. The best of good fortune to you and your team. I am looking forward to be standing in line to purchase an Adam.

  261. The “lightning symbol” is to the right of the round port with the obvious single pin inside it, is to plug the power cord in. It’s a universal symbol for electricity.

  262. Didn’t see that until now… I just laughed so hard!

    I actually was away for a few hours sleep. Good to know I’ve been missed!

    But I’ve been making up for my absence and have added lots of comments as I have read through other people’s comments. 😉

  263. Thanks again Rohan and I can’t wait for Adam to finally arrive. I agree with the others and I am patiently waiting for you to explain all of the inputs and buttons as well as the office suite. Finish strong Rohan, you guys are about to turn the tablet market upside down.

  264. Good Idea!

    @Rohan, I’d hate for everyone to be disappointed if I didn’t get a free Adam… But maybe even a discount would keep them happy. 🙂

  265. The link you gave in this post requires you to be logged in. Access is denied.

    In the link you gave in a previous post above, I’m pretty sure you have a few color/labels mixed up (look at the bright red one in particular). I’m pretty sure it should be labeled as “Cardinal Red” and not maroon.

  266. yes you are right about the hardware being very low margin. also the currency rates USD-Taiwan $ and Yuan will have an impact. so i really hope notion ink financial design is as clever as their hardware/UI design : )

  267. @jaytea

    You’re looking at this the wrong way. Imagine your gadget came with a religious application that’s NOT from YOUR religion and you couldn’t remove it. Would you like that?

    (This is all hypothetical, I’m sure such a thing won’t be there anyway)

  268. Hi Rohan,
    I appreciate the work you and your team at Notion Ink are doing. Iam Leela Krishna from Hyderbad, i am looking for a gadget like ipad (a lot powerful with sim card capability, 3G, etc) and i happened to review few devices also some on youtube videos, some through my friends.

    I should say Adam is very good interms of features, my friends have used the tablets from India Vendor also, they are good (I feel you can guess the device i am referring to), but Adam features are way ahead of any of the tablets i have read/seen till date. But i see there are other companies coming up with similar features like Adam. So i feel it would be good if Adam comes to market early (ofcourse with a VERY HIGH quality). Being a MBA graduate & also a post graduate in Computer Science (M.Tech.) i can understand the technology part and (little bit of) economics in the tablet PC business.

    I feel the coming thanksgiving time would be the period which would decide which gadgets might be surviving in 2011 and which gadgets might be out of Production.

    I wish all the best for Notion Ink team. I can understand the challenges you would have faced till now in this project, 3 of my classmates have their own companies, and 4 other friends run their own Online business, they explain their experience in running OWN business and i should say hats off to the guys who DARE to start their own business and come up with INNOVATIVE products.

    I read about your gadget in Times Of India, Hyderabad, India Main Edition Page 14 and thought i should know more about you and the “Made in India” Gadget.

    I see that you are from IIT Kharaghpur, (iam also alumni of a premier institute) being an Alumnus of a premier institute i am glad that you are adding value to the Institute from you graduated.

    After seeing your site, blog, gadget I can’t wait to inform about the wonderful gadget in the MAKING to my friend and bloggers and made a short post on my blog @


    All the best Rohan & Team..

    Keep up the good work.


  269. This is looking better & better, I can hardly wait anymore. Thanks Rohan, I’m so looking forward to this. We’re right there with you, the anticipation is killing us!

  270. @paulikxp Well, that’s what I meant, of course, seperate drivers. So yeah, there’s the odd broadcom wl or the fglrx, but these are not the majority.

  271. I am just done reading all the msgs !! 🙂 🙂 400+ msgs in such a short period of time.. this time the race is gonna be for 2000 🙂

  272. Hi Jai,
    Even i know my friends who are dying to BUY ipad when it will be available in India.

    They do visit my blog so i guess i can make them keep an eye on Adam..

    I donno how come such a cool gadget by an Indian don’t get much publicity in India..
    I have see the other Indian Tablet PC, it is cool.. but i can say Adam’s features are VERY VERY Good..


  273. Well what to say i am thrilled by this update!!

    I just noticed in one of the pirctures (#3) that “ADAM” is in caps!! that definately means this is not the production piece but prototype!! and i must say quality of adam is superb..even for a prototype for lab use..

    I am really looking for the final version it would be awesome!! (:-) ofcourse red one)
    It would really be nice to flaunt in NY Subways (kinda a head turner to ipad owners!!LOL)

  274. Is it too futuristic to expect weight shifting feature in Adam? Could this be the secret feature which is definitely hardware related?

    This helps in non visual display of info. The users can feel heaviness at one end and lightness as needed for some apps, like in games. But can be applied in so many other real world scenarios. Makes interaction more lively.

  275. travelling business ppl, sales ppl to showcase their work/company’s work to potential clients; academic area- prof, doctorates, post doctorates etc who have frequent presentations.. if u r bored in an airport, u can project the movies on any surface and watch… so entertain urself.. these are just the basic one.s. if u rack ur brain can come up with much better ones..

  276. Oh, I’m not asking for a Pico projector on launch. I’m quite thrilled with everything that Rohan has told us so far and think that the Adam is awesome as is. Especially at the current price point.

    This morning, it just struck me that the extra something could be something like a projector. It would serve the same purpose as a projector on a phone – allow you to share images up to a larger audience.

    No, you (probably) would not want to watch a movie with it – but it would be very useful to share your screen with a group of people. Lets say you were at a small meeting where you want to show your impromptu design or sketch a figure or such- the Adam would enable a good sketch and the projector would allow you to share it with the group without having to physically pass the device around.

  277. Yes there was already a vote, but I want to vote again. Love that Red!!! Maybe they could do a special order. The red will get a lot of attention in public. Those that don’t want attention drawn to them will not want one. However people are going to ask about that Red one and that might help push sales in general Please make mine Red!!

    This pictures of Adam are the best so far, keep them coming.

  278. There are about 1000 posters here and several times more lurkers than that. Surely I should be getting a lot more than 17 respondents.

  279. great minds think alike, and fools seldom differ : )

    i’ve been tracking nvidia, stock is up 47% since mid august. was up 5% on friday in a very weak market. i think the adam revolution is already underway..

  280. @ Rahul, I think lxt11 has fully answered your question…I can’t agree with him more on his response. That folio tablet does not seem to be working out so well…

  281. Wow over 450 comments already. Just an observation – I think we are getting mixed up with 2nd guessing what the secret is, that is already there, and what one might want to be there. Perhaps another thread to this discussion dealing with what we might like to see in Adam2 and beyond would be helpful.

  282. As a 3D Artist in college; I can attest to getting less than 28 hours a week of sleep continually.

    I’ve been getting around 2-4.5 hours a night for the past 4 years+. (rarely 8 hours of sleep.. maybe once every couple weeks) It’s maintainable, but terrible for your health 😉 (massive amounts of monster energy help too)

    That being said; I can’t wait till adam’s launched so I can start working on Unreal Development Kit games for adam ^_^.

    If I can’t get my portfolio level on adam by may next year, I’ll go nuts! I know it has unreal engine support; and compared to what I’m working on… epic’s castle demo for ipad is nothing. 😉

    You’re right though, they’re in crunch mode- lots of things to do and a short amount of time.. it’s highly likely they’re spending some nights at the firm getting stuff done or taking shifts to be more efficient.

    Viva la adam!


  283. We need a new contest. A storyboard for a commercial. Get all our creative juices flowing!

    We all have a notion. We all share the same passion. It comes into fruition. Behold….the ADAM! Notion Ink’s revelation to the world.

    Let the revolution begin!

  284. Here we go again. Ok for the first 14 seconds you can see a white X on the screen. At 10 seconds you can see someone reach behind adam and then the white X moves to the corner(keep an eye on the corner with the camera, right before/during the movement of the white X the light is blocked out by someone. Then after the white X is gone the light returns as the person moves out of the way.) Unless the mystery feature is telepathic control over adam there is no other explanation of how the x moved.

    Trackpad on that version. Believe it is more recent than those other slashgear pics.
    Rohan seems to really believe in the backside trackpad here and I believe this interview is more recent.

    Look chances are for that slashgear article they left the trackpad out because slashgear just wanted to see the inside of the adam. Why put the extra money into a protoype that is just going to be cracked open?

  285. Hey…a new update is always welcome…and yes..falling in love with the red and black ADAM….

  286. Tony, I actually beta tested Ignition on my Nexus One.. It works quite well, so provided Adam has market support as stated; it should work perfectly fine.

    However, even if it doesn’t- Adam does support flash to the best of my knowledge and I use logmein on the browser on my N1 as I haven’t tossed down the $30 for the ignition app yet; so even if the app didn’t work, you could easily do the work you need to through the browser.

    I’d say go ahead and double-check on your phone to see if the browser-based solution fits your needs, but thus-far it’s allowed me to login remotely from portland oregon to check on my house back in texas via webcam (login, start webcam, view on the phone screen all in flash) and do some moderate system work.

    Hope I provided some insight :),


  287. You should consider selling custom, vanity versions of the Adam (and Eve, whatever she is), with Swarovski crystals, 22-carat gold (especially in India), embosssed jewels, etc. I am sure these will be ugly as hell, but who cares: sell them at a high premium and so subsidize us fans at the geeky, lower end.

    And let’s not forget the Adam accessories. A nice leather case would be nice, one which fits snugly around the bezel, etc. with a holder for the stencil — or will a stencil fit into the body itself in swivel mode so you can prop up Adam on a table? I can see it propped up on my night-stand, with the Alarm clock screen-saver on at night, glowing a gentle green in the dark as I drift away to dreamland…

  288. @tigs
    I understand your reply. Being able to delete an app is a given. (it was for me anyway)
    for example I use Fire Fox instead of IE, its my choice, and delete IE, (at least the shortcut)

    Thanks for your comment.

  289. I’ve been registered there for a while. They’ve been down for me for about 3 days.

  290. As a US inhabitant I must say that I’m getting moderately used to Celsius; My recently purchased VW beetle is in C and I’ve no idea as to how to change it.

    If adam came with C, I couldn’t be too concerned.

    I’ve learned that 11-14 are comfortable, 17-24 are annoying.

    99% of weather applications have the option to switch, so that’s not a huge issue. 😉

    I’m in Texas for those wondering.



  291. I’ve been following your progress for about 6-8 months now and just wanted to let you know how thoroughly impressed I am with the your accomplishments.

    Your work completely resets the bar on tablet design and I can’t wait to be line to buy one.

    Congratulations on all your work and love.

  292. Oh, I forgot…Which languages will be supported? English is fine with me, but I think there are many potential buyers having problems with an english UI. They would probably happy, if their language is supported.

  293. There was a concept idea like the ELSE for browser tabs but I don’t believe the entire UI will be like that.


    Not much has been given out about the UI itself. We got a sneak peak at Genesis with the longbox vid but other than that nothing.

  294. Dear Santa, (and Rohan)

    On the off-chance that you actually exist, here’s what I’m wishing for for the 2010 season: (You can use the Orthodox January 7th date if absolutely necessary 🙂 )

    Ever since you gave me my Nexus One (“N1”) HTC-Google toy earlier this year, I have been pining for it to be a little (a LOT) BIGGER! It’s currently my favorite toy, but it really needs an “NI” companion on the night table and one that I can play with outside in the Florida sunshine. I would like to be able to draw on it, and record music videos, and stream media to and from it. Most of all, I would like for it to big enough to see multiple screens simultaneously, since I my ADD and advancing age don’t seem to be getting any better.

    So here is my wishlist:

    – A multi-media touch-screen device that would suit Goldilocks… not too small, not too big… let’s say light enough to hold in one hand, but big enough to view complete web pages and letterbox movies with subtitles. I would also like to draw pictures with it, create and edit photographs, text, music and video, and stream the media I have on other gadgets to and from it.
    -It should have Fonts that Big Kids with short arms can read in the dark including these: http://www.droidfonts.com/ (Excellent legibility on the Nexus One)
    – .ogg file support with streaming and full ID3 tag support.
    – A long awaited TRACK PAD (with Synaptic or Cirque-style drivers?) and/or a “digital pen”? or better yet, Synaptic Clearpad ??00 (Is that the hidden surprise feature? 😛 )
    – A cross-source eReader app that allows for White-on-Black reading, with a hefty Sans-serif font like the one used in the KOBO Android app would be nice too. (It’s currently the most legible ebook app available on the Nexus One)

    -Also, if it’s not too late, it would be great if the microphone were on the western edge of the device, so it doesn’t get muffled when you are sitting in bed with a pillow in your lap… 😛 [Drivers for the Blue Snowball USB Microphone and the Logitech HD webcams would be nice too, for us musicians 🙂 ] I can’t wait to have a way to display my sheet music collection either. (I promise to practice more often).

    And last but not least… while we’re all waiting so patiently for you to drop down the chimney….

    -A well moderated phpBB or vBulletin forum (perhaps with input or partnership from the xda-developers forum?) would be splendid, and I’ll nominate Greg as our 1st moderator while I’m at it 🙂

    Thank you Santa!!! What is your favorite flavor of cookies? Can’t wait to see you!!
    ps Red is my favorite color too. 🙂

  295. Response to :varun said, on November 13, 2010 at 18:51

    If there is a keyboard at the back, then every time you hold ADAM or keep it down, the keys will be depressed having unwanted key strokes !

  296. The trackpad is still there. They wouldn’t make such a fundamental change so late on. The last time it was seen was when it was playing the inception trailer – there was a pointer (little white ‘x’) on the screen.

  297. Tablets are not meant to be self-sufficient. Touch screens are not good for everything, and this is meant to be portable. Think of it as an overpowered/supercharged touchscreen netbook

  298. Not expecting a pico projector at launch but say in the 2011 version. Recently, heard news that pico projectors with RGB lasers are out, in very small form factor, and with very high resolution. You can easily (well!) fold the circuitry into Adam’s existing body, and need worry only about the optimal placement of the optical path. Yes, this will be more expensive, but only by about $150 or so when all is said and done. You can make it an ‘enterprise’ version of the Adam.

    Imagine being the only person in a group with a device like this, and you want to share pictures or video with others, or as a teaching device in non-urban areas of a country like India or, more prosaically, for office presentations, for architects, for photographers, designers, for engineers on the field who suddenly spy a white painted wall, for collaborative work of all kinds.

    The Adam is a personal device, as designed. I think its in keeping with NI’s notion of an Eden-esque eco-system that it become a shareable device as well, and not merely digitally, but optically, socially.

  299. If I had to guess as to why there wasn’t a picture including the HDMI port it would be because the port doesn’t look very nice(way off centered to the top) and these pictures are more glamor shots than anything. Example of off centered HDMI(from baby post): notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/img_5539.jpg

    I also doubt there is something secret around the HDMI port as we can see pretty close to the port from both sides:

  300. It’s the morning and I just got up. I have wood more so because of this new update! Made me have a wet dream not while I was asleep but first thing in the morning soon as I a saw this! Amazing!

    I think I have a case of Adamitis also known as A.D.D. (ADAM DESIRE/DEFICIENCY DISORDER). I’m sure y’all familiar with the symptoms and we know there is only one cure.

  301. Will the Adam have their own online bookstore? If it also serves as an eReader it should have one just like Sony has one although they are not a bookstore like Amazon or B&N

  302. It would have been nice if the trackpad were accessible from the front somehow so you can use it for drawing etc.
    From a design point of view I have no idea how you would go about something like that. A dvd drive tray style thingy that pops out the bottom perhaps? Or just offer usb accessory for those that want more accurate touch capability.

  303. Oh…and the white on black mode is sometimes hard on the eyes after a while of reading because of too much contrast. I would prefer light gray over dark gray (and vice versa)

  304. I see a photo with six Adams stacked on top of each other. The 7th is the Ferrari red which Rohan has, I believe. It’s interesting that these photos are all side views. No front view, probably because the Adam logo is still in all caps and the bevel is still too wide), and no back side view probably because we still do not have a Notion Ink logo ready.

    It would definitely look complete once we etch that new logo! If I can find a perspective view of the back side on the net, maybe I can create a composite (wihch I have never done before but since i’m playing around with Photoshop, i’d like to try). Hopefully Rohan will consider using my version of Bjorn’s revision of Pratik’s winning logo design.

    Revised Pratik-Bjorn version of Winning Notion Ink Logo

    Pleaes let us know if you like this better and make it know to Rohan by giving it a plus!! Thanks!

  305. .

    Yeap, seems the final version will have more bezel than the prototype we all first saw. I liked it more with less bezel…

    Also, why it aint a tablet?

  306. There are also android ereader apps such as Aldiko, FBReader, Kobo, Laputa, Nook, and Kindle. I’ve only seen kobo(i think it was) on a tablet so far and it seemed ok.Can hope LongBox digital might be able to chip in a reader option for normal books on top of their comic books.

  307. Rohan, Does it have a hole for a standard laptop lock? I’ve not been able to answer this one from pictures yet. btw your baby looks really _beautiful_ .

  308. Help me (and some others understand) – why wouldn’t all android apps work on the NI? If so, don’t we generally know which apps will work? Why the emphasis to build apps specifically for the NI as opposed to all android products?

    Sorry 😦 & thanks 🙂

  309. I’d love to vote, but I’m getting an “Access Denied – You must be logged in to see this page” message when I click your link.

  310. I hope Rohan gets his post online detailing the components and including the teaser video before we hit 2000 comments…

  311. Good idea (Adam2 wish list) but it will be better served when we have a forum rather than trying to do it with blog comments.

  312. @Rahul, is it so hard not being an idiot. If you need answers to your questions, do some research. There is plenty of information out there. Actually, you sound so dumb I am not surprised Rohan didn’t respond.

  313. That switch on the top right does not look good. It’s a weak point, looks like it will break. Compared to the iPad the Adam looks more than twice as thick. It is heavier too. The grill will get dirty fast and will be a pain to clean. The display/glass is elevated from the body; another weak point. Too much plastic. I worry about the durability of the Adam. The iPad by contrast is all metal and glass and built like a tank. I can see it lasting for years and years.

    On the plus side: the Pixel Qi screen, the Nvidia chipset, the rotating camera, the speaker design, the user interface, the custom programs, the price….

    I have a good guess about the secret feature but I won’t reveal it, except to say that I think it will be located where the trackpad is. Rohan deserves the right to do it when he sees fit. If it
    is what I think it is it will be unique and provide a functionality that even Apple will want to copy. I hope I am right, for it is something I would to have on my tablet.

  314. I wasn’t going to say anything and was actually going to ignore this post, but after seeing it multiple times, can you stop posting this?

    It was already stated that the 200 limit was hit for EAP 1. You are not going to get an invite into that. However, the EAP 2 may still be a possibility for you, but I doubt spamming (I’m sure six emails and six more comments that all state the same thing count as spam) him via email and comment posting is going to get your name to the top of the list. Also, assuming you are Indian, he stated that noone from India was accepted in EAP 1, but there will be plenty in EAP 2.

  315. thanks a lot once again for sharing Rohan, that little black rectangle inbetween the headphone jack and 2nd usb is not infra red (IR), its something else, i’ve seen the HQ images posted above & when u zoom in on that little black rectangle although it has a smooth glossy finish there is a small circle on the bottom right on that rectangle with something written on it! or it could simply be a covering lid on something that is a secret as of yet! 🙂

    btw Rohan you have given the approx. costing in dollors in your previous posts but have cleverly avoided the need to explain approx. pricing in Indian Rupees! and above that you have given a near perfect excuse that since you are not manufacturing in India and since our govt. departments are yet to decide as to what category your device falls in & that the custom duties, import duties etc. etc. has not been clear yet you are not able to do so. lemme tell you that a few other Indian companies have also launched their e-book readers in the country e.g. infibeam (pi & phi), Olive telecom (olivepad), Dell has already announced their ‘streak’ to be coming soon and Spice- the makers of spice mobiles are bringing their tab mi700 by december, so the question that arises here is that since so many companies have already launced their tabs in India and some of them are going to launch theirs within a fortnight, why are you keeping away from telling us the approx. pricing in Indian Rupees!, plz don’t give us the excuse that Indian govt. is yet to decide this or that!! when already some ebook readers have been already available in the market!
    I bet that your adam is for sure going to cost us Indians more as compared to americans/austrailians/rest of the world!.

    I have seen that you have been answering very few selected posts here, lets see whether you are able to answer this one??

    🙂 🙂

  316. hahaha, thanks red. sorry about that, i am completely lonely in the geekworld when it comes to my native language, didn’t even know that someone out there in the balkans knows about adam, hence the pleasent surprise ;).

  317. ok, so i last posted at 1am my time, now its 7:50…. back to ideas. i meantioned earlier thje idea of google tv intergration, which would work well on 3g model, less so on wifi, but would requre (or to the extent of my knowledge) no more hardware.

    can u give all the commenters a shout out when u post the video? maybe a “thankyou too all the enthusiatic followers of our blog”

    im pretty sure rohan got some sleep also, he hasnt commented in around 5 hours. nice to see he’s human.

  318. it’ll probably be like last time. we will be soooo anxious for the post, and juuust after 2000 he will post it

  319. @Tigs he does now, lol

    @Edward Yeah, I’ve also started to notice that as well, well excluding engadget..

  320. Hi Rohan,
    Waiting for Adam, What happened to FCC, any result? You mentioned Adam may hit at Christmas time (in USA), please let us know the pre-ordering dates..
    Whether Adam will be available as unlocked(micro-SIM or normal SIM)?

    One request to you is, please provide the additional accessories(Optional) like screen protector, dock, case etc.., I am requesting u these because when nexus one launched I did not find accessories.

    My 2nd post @ this blog.
    All the best, convey my regards to all NI team.

  321. @jaytea:
    First of all i just stated my private opiniion on this subject, and as i did this without the use of insulting or offending words, i think i had the right to do so. And for me, there is a significant difference between a piece of music or any other kind of entertainment media and religion. I don’t know, if you’re from the US? this may be a cultural thing, but for me, being central european, the mixture of commercial entertainment products, commercial industry and religion is a kind of sacrilege, religion is a deeply private thing, and if you want all the different religions and philosophies to live peacefully side by side, everyone has to respect each others boundaries.

    For me, as an atheist, the Bible with it’s countless parts about what happens to the nonbelieveres and of how worthless and lost they are, as long as they don’t find their way to God, is a very offending book – and maybe to a moslem who may not be ready to forgive what happend during the crusades it could be offending, too.

    So preinstalling a religious app (which features only one Religiion) on a consumer electronic device is a kind of statement, which may influence my decision to buy it, because it’s not _my_ statement. Would you continue to love the adam, if NI decides to preinstall a book that is known for its blasphemous, atheist polemic against christianity? I don’t think so…

    So, let’s all be nice and decide for ourselves, what enlightening literature should acompany us on our adam, and buy it from an independen App developer.


  322. My God. I’m getting addicted to this site big time. Everyday its like my nerves are cracking up if i don’t visit this site. Adam is keeping us on our toes.

  323. Rohan Shravan, the look of that weather app is just amazing!

    My graphic design powers are tingeling. Im hoping this is the look and feel you are dressing the (mysterious) Adam UI in. If it is I have to agree with you – it certainly has a new and fresh feel to it. I like the use of contrasts.

    Please send my regards to your graphic design team! Besides more UI/app screenshots of course 🙂

    On a sad note I have say I was hoping a stylus-holder-hole somewhere along the sleak borders of Adam. Oh well, perhaps an active digitizer was too much to hope for.

    But you have a native Paint app, Thats something.

    Keep up the good work

  324. > I am pretty sure NI has included options to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius in the settings…

    That might be the secret function that Rohan keep mentioning.

    > I suppose Gecko was drunk when he composed his weird post.

    Don’t overestimate me.

    > And yes, why Nazi Red?

    It’s true that most of the historical newsfootage I’ve seen shows only shades of gray, but that’s because the footage is black & white. This includes Hogan’s Heroes. But what else would you call a red and black color scheme? Albanian? Texas Tech-ian? The advantage of Nazis is that they have worldwide recognition. But they would severely test the proposition that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    Anyway, if you’re German, that would be a problem, since the term would probably be illegal there, and in a lot of the rest of Europe as well. This is why I withdrew the suggestion in favor of hemorrhoid red.

    There’s an obvious answer to “Where is the Führerbunker” which is, “Under the ground (followed, sotto voce, by “You stupid lard-ass American”).

    > I suppose “bimbo nail polish red” would also be a poor choice.

    An excellent point, although “hooker nail-polish red” might work if NI is marketing to businessmen and stock brokers.

  325. I missed it!!! Wen to sleep, got uo early to take care of house, family…and by the time I came back…almost 600 posts!!!
    Well, it is never too late if what awaits is Rohan with great news!!
    I love it!!

    Maybe we can get more pictures next week??

    thanks Rohan

    Viva Adam!!

  326. if you look at the galaxy tab, it has the same resolution as the adam, and uses swype. perhaps someone will root it and steal that .APK and we can install it to the adam

  327. @Rohan
    “There is a lot more left before we can even start thinking that we have reached our vision, but the starting is not bad at all. ”

    Not bad at all? Rohan, I think it is unbelievable what you guys have accomplished!!

    I have now complete faith in your Adam.

    Viva Adam!

  328. Welcome to the addicts here!! LOL
    I think Greg mentioned something to that regard. I hope Adam comes with an app. to help recover!! (Do I really want to recover?)

  329. If you don’t receive an e-mail regarding EAP then eiter it was not accepted because it was submitted late or it was not upto expectation of NI. But that should not be a problem as the SDK, as I understand, will be available to everyone. It’s just that you will receive the SDK after the Adam has launched i.e. 3-4 weeks after EAP release.

  330. @buddhafrog … I am no expert on android, but from what I’ve read android is not guaranteed to be backward compatible. Thus apps for android 1.5 might not work on android 2.2 or 2.3. I also saw a video of someone playing games on the Toshiba Folio tablet. Some worked, but only covered a portion of the screen. Others did not register the accelerometer (i.e., could not turn by tilting the tablet).

  331. “Or just offer usb accessory for those that want more accurate touch capability”

    Standard USB trackpads will work fine

  332. awesome. look like the apk will be easily available from here on in. adam with swype. sounds good

  333. Congrats to you & the entire Notion Ink Team

    From the first time I read about the Adam to now I’ll soon get to try one for myself. I’m so glad I waited and researched tablet pc’s, not just buying the first one out. As you can see the world is waiting. GOD bless!

  334. Yes it is, the old site was unbearable to look at when trying to modify something. And yes the site was hand coded by myself and Cody P. Christian who is a developer on our team and owner of a web design and media company CPC Studios, http://cpcstudios.com

    Thanks for checking it out, dont forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter which I shall try to update more often.

    Aaron Blankenship
    Exodus Apps

  335. I have a really important (to me anyway) question: Where is the docking port?

    In the specs it says there is supposed to be one. Yet, there is nothing I have seen in any of the pics to make me think there is going to be one.

    For how I imagine I will be using the adam, it would be something really great to have. And if it’s not there, I’m going to be pretty disappointed. Since reading the specs ages ago, I just assumed it was going to be a part of adam. Yes, I know that some small things have changed like camera placement and angle of rotation and GPS instead of A-GPS, but to completely remove a advertised, rather important, useful feature. It’s kind of fail if so.

    I’m a student. I’d love to have a docking station with a keyboard and mouse sitting on my desk from which I can just grab the adam from and go off to class with (to take notes and read my e-textbooks) and come home and simply put it back to better organize/navigate through my notes and documents and such. Also, I like to chat with friends and doing that on a touch screen keyboard for any length of time is definitely not ideal. I could be doing that while I clean up notes and do other things while sitting at my desk.

    I don’t want to hear I should get a netbook, or laptop (which I already have but is a pain to tote around, thanks). I don’t want a netbook. One of the biggest selling points for me is the Pixel Qi screen to read for pleasure and for my e-textbooks. I want to be able to easily hold a device in my hands to do that…but then I want to be able to come home and set it up on my desk with a keyboard and mouse for a bit. It would just be awesome.

    So, where’s the docking port like it said should be there?

    (Oh before someone suggests it, no I don’t want to use USB devices. Where would be the room for my flash drive or if i wanted to charge my phone at the same time, etc? Also, don’t really want to use Bluetooth devices either. Just want to know what’s up with the docking port, thanks)

  336. Oh, I thought of something else too that maybe other blog followers might have to answer to. Perhaps I missed it. I do try to read every comment for all Rohan’s posts. I’ve been following adam since CES last year and I can’t ever remember seeing the answer in a post or vid.

    I’m not overly tech savy, so maybe these are stupid questions. Sorry if so.

    So, yeah to go along with how I envision using the adam, I’m wondering if it will *definitely* be able to make use of external devices, such as a HDD and DVD? l’d love to think I’ll be able to use my external that has TONS of my music, pics, books, vids on it with the adam. And what about all the DVD’s I have? Why should I pay to dl/stream something I already have and want to watch on the adam? I wouldn’t mind getting an external DVD, they are pretty cheap enough.

    I’ve been thinking that they wouldn’t work bc who has thought to make drivers for a device running what has previously been a mobile phone platform? But what the heck do I know about it, honestly not much, so that’s why I’m asking you all.

    Thanks ❤

  337. So you think that none of the above tablet makers had to jump through hoops to find out how to do pricing in India? Do you think that they simply opened shop and started selling? Lest you forget, this is the first venture for NI, and hence they too are learning on how to price and sell in India, and on any of the required regulations.

    Rohan never said that the Indian Govt. is deciding on how to regulate the import duties for ADAM. He specifically mentioned that it is NI who is trying to understand how does the India Govt. categorize and regulate a tablet device especially for imports, and hence after understanding all the duties / imports that NI would have to pay, NI can come up with the pricing for it for India.

    Sorry, I don’t mean to be offensive or confrontational. But I do had to point out the obvious.

  338. Maybe the covered slot next to the SD card slot is the docking port? Although I’d wonder why a docking port would be covered….
    Anyway, it’s not like Rohan has explicitly stated that the docking port’s been nixed.

  339. Why should I vote for funny colours that were never discussed? Brushed this and brushed that…. As seen on pictures, the colour variations were uni colours, so the vote has to be about white, red, dark blue and so on.

    I still like a black&red one!

  340. Aaron site is looking good. Thanks for expanding your browser support. I am accessing it from my iPhone today. Rather then my work computer. With. Ie8

  341. I am so excited I’m 13 and am getting this and am physched but I have a question…… Will I have to have a SIM card in to have 3G? I have an iPhone 4 and cant pu my SIM card in and don’t want to have to buy a separate one. So will I have to have a SIM card In to have 3G

  342. Product developers are a rare commodity in India. In 2007, I was one of the 6 iGoogle gadget developer in India (Other Indians were probably abroad). Shocking !! Of 110 Crore people!

  343. Thanks for the explanation. The Führerbunker doesn’t exist anymore, it was demolished several years ago before the American Embassy, the Holocaust Memorial and some government buildings were built on that site.

    The Nazi flag was mostly red with a white circle in the middle with the black swastika. So “Nazi Red” would be wrong as most of the Adam is black with only a bit of red and no white at all.
    Hemorrhoid red…. where’s the black?
    What about fire engine red? London bus red? Oh, well, I have a good idea: why not Ferrari red? 😉 or Porsche red, Golf GTI red, Honda CRX red or or or ….

  344. @Greg – How long have you been using the capacitive stylus? Is your iPod Touch screen being protected by a cover? Do these styluses leave behind a scratched glass?

    I had a Palm Zire ~10 years ago, I loved it and used it a lot. In less than a year, the digitizer wore out and tore at a spot. And I could not write things well anymore. Is one expected to change styluses every few months?

  345. I am looking forward to the accessories too. I do not want to have a scratched screen in a few months. A stylus and a screen protector is what I want above everything else. While a capacitive stylus is a generic product, a screen protector that fits adam is probably hard to come by. iPad sold a million in 3 weeks. Notionink probably will not make that kind of volumes for their first product release. So 3rd party made screen protectors might be hard to find.

  346. Well… I there might be, but if it is only 1 or 2 people, I don’t think it was represented on the chart, as Rohan said, there are 46 countries represented. On the pie chart however, we have only 25 countries.

  347. Dear Rohan,
    can you tell us more about the support, please
    im really worried about that

    thank you.

  348. It may be that the docking port is on the back as we haven’t seen that part for a while. If the tablet sat in a cradle with a supporting back on it, that might make sense. It could work as an alarm clock base, keyboard base, and video watching stand.
    Possibly even a wireless docking connector, although I’m not sure how that would work.

  349. hi guys,

    Thank you very much for sharing these great pics and info. I’m really impressed that you find the time to do so : )

    I was wondering:
    1) does anyone else find the adam a bit too plasticy? I wish it had an alluminium look a bit like the ipad…

    2) the black border around the screen is still pretty wide, will this be the final?

    What do you guys think?

  350. The version you saw at ces is way different then what is going to be released. He stated that after they lost funding back in June the engineers kept working and that much of what was done was meant to be in Adam 2. The Adam we are going to see is much closer to Adam 1.5 or 1.75, much of Adam 2. That is not ready yet he mentioned was hardware related. It had more to do with the mass manufacturing facilities abilities.

  351. @ VB -> No offense taken!

    I am not accusing/pointing a finger at anyone, all i want to know is the approx. pricing in Indian Rupees, and regarding what Rohan said or what he didn’t, I have been digging at the site of Central Board of Excise and Customs at their site

    But there is one thing that I am sure of is that adam is for sure going to cost us Indians more as compared to americans/austrailians/rest of the world!.

    come on man! its not being manufactured in our country(India), its being imported, what difference does it make even if it has been designed & developed by an Indian company it is still being imported, isn’t, although many here will disagree with me on this point.

    Sorry, I don’t mean to be offensive or confrontational either. But I do have to point here

    And above all of that I am still eagerly waiting for the adam to be launched as soon as possible.

  352. They aren’t taking a loss on hardware. Check out the zt180 tablet. It is similar with a 10 inch screen etc. Not as nice as Adam. But you can buy it direct from china for. $189 us dollars. I am waiting for Adam. But just saying. Tablets can be produced economically.

  353. Actually, I would hope something like crazyremote makes it to the Adam/Google Market Place. It is currently only for the iPhone/iPad, but it is by far the FASTEST VNC client on the market. It allows you to watch movies as well [no lag or choppy video], even play games.

  354. Great news about EAP2.

    Werent there any Indian entries? Or are these stats excluding India.

  355. Is Adam written in CAPS? I read it would be in small case. Is it not the final version of Adam? Please make them in small case.

  356. First post, but I’ve been following this blog for a while.

    This just keeps looking better and better to me. I want one for Christmas!

  357. Notion ink is not competing against the iPad. Even Rohan said that in an interview a week ago. Apple sold over 4 million ipads this last quarter. They will likely sell almost 2 million in the next 6 weeks. Notion ink said their starting production level. Is going to be 100,000 per month. Apple is selling that many in less than one day. Notion ink is going to sell ever one they produce. Without spending a penny on advertising Just by having a product that gets good reviews in the press

  358. They will be in lower case. These are believed to still be part of the samples they didn’t have time to change.

  359. haha im back with you sebastian, would love to see everyones comments on my idea, it’s great to actually have contributed something 😀 and dude get some more sleep 😛

  360. This is a potentially great device that I have been waiting for. However, I am a bit worried about the build quality, if these pics are any indication, it doesnt look to be a very “finished and polished” product. The look is very plasticy, and I spy certain gaps between the body and the ports, as evident from what you see around the mini-USB port. The thin plastic strip that contains these ports doesnt give a feel of a very finished product.
    Again I am not being a hater here, just giving my 2 cents.

  361. @Rohan
    (and to apps developers as well)

    I’ve mentioned this statement in earlier blogs. Imagine I have a 3D object or file in me taken from my PC. And I want to review this object in Adam tablet. Is there any available apps/software that can handle/read this file? That is, it can PAN, ZOOM, and ROTATE this 3D object in Adam. Thanks! Response from anyone else is also appreciated.



  362. I think it’s just for aesthetic reasons. They look nice that way.
    Or maybe the front will give something away…like the secret were all talking about?

  363. Awesome – can’t wait to buy one, both for work related reasons and fun ones. On the fun front, does the comic book reader you talked about allow you to upload and show existing .cbr files, or only work with the online store you selected?

  364. I’ve been waiting for adam to be born forever. I’m tired of long wait. Lets induce labor and give me my Adam wrap in a snugglely blanket.

  365. Response to: mhasija said, on November 14, 2010 at 05:08

    You are correct in your assessment. In fact when responding to your earlier post I did type a small write up on how there would probably be more folks in US who will be willing to shell out $500 when compared to India ( I assume that $500 has more value in India than in US, but I don’t mean that $500 is small change in US either).

    Plus, I think folks in US are more willing, historically, to accept technology than many countries (not as much as the Japanese, or Koreans though !). Similar to how for centuries India has been more accepting of other cultures in their midst.

  366. Thank you for the updates Rohan. Just a question, I noticed the mic input is like far from the headphone input. Is this the final design? I think the mic and headphone input should be closer together so it would be easy for headsets with mic to be plugged in. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work Rohan and NI. Aloha

  367. Ok Mr. big shot, Rohan is too busy, sleeping a couple of hours a day to get the Adam out, so answer for him…first: you are not from India; second, it is very impolite to criticize before you ask a question, specially if you are serious about want an answer. So, rephrase your question, make it more polite, more logically organized, then you may get an answer.

  368. Jaytea mentioned above a quote from Longbox Comics…

    “Having a partnership with Notion Ink… ensuring that LongBox Digital will be part of the core entertainment system on all ADAM tablets side by side with their eBook, TV, music and film services… well, that really is a dream come true for us.”

    take note of the film services… netflix is a real possibility

  369. Congratulations! one thing that came to my attention….camera and microphone are on the opposite side , so if someone is recording a live lecture/seminar with the camera, sound recording quality might not be good unless we have an arrey somewhere near camera too.

  370. i don’t know about you guys but i’m thinking that a 3 axis gyroscope might be the secret that Rohan might be holding off on. And if you think about it; it makes sense in order to be able to compete with other tablets out in the market such as the ipad.

    just saying

  371. nice one :).. the kinda engraved effect,,, if u can make a composite version with ADAM.. may be would give us a better view.. but i like this revised Pratik logo….

  372. Rohan,

    Are these models still prototypes? They look to still have the old uppercase on them. Has the black outline been fixed? Do you have any final products done yet?

    I do have a question though, the one person that leaked EAP information that they probably shouldn’t have, did anyone realize they said they will have limited stock after the EAP people are taken care of? Is this true? Does this mean that we will see a big lag from an order date until people are able to get them? Are we looking at February or later time frame to get these?

    Is the manufacturing setup at all? I am just asking what inquiring minds want to know 🙂

    Its great if we see updates but if they are not final products or it will be at least until February or so until someone is able to get them I think people should be able to know.


  373. well read the Previous post of Rohan, someone has commented at the end. you can take a look at the mail that EAP team had written

  374. i dont think so Rohan would answer that, it was a confidential information and he wouldn’t have liked it all over the blog. But now that it is out, it does raise questions..

  375. @kenneth.. somewhere i read that Rohan mentioned 3D along other thing.. i m sure there can be some app which can import mesh from Maya/max/cad and show u a preview with zoom/rotate controls.. at-least.. if not edit..abilities..

  376. @Neo

    “I have spent nights preparing for the day when finally we can stand in front of all of you and explain what Adam is, why is it not a tablet, how it works, what is still left to be done and how future generations are going to evolve.”

    you need to have a deeper understanding of that. Rohan’s very early posts may help you.

    I dont know about you but I am excited that winows/ windows like OS is going to be phased out slowly. the dependency on HW specifications for OS is breaking down, a reverse trend is coming. UI is evolving (Eden is an example.. think of webOS, Else, etc etc)

    The success of Ipad,iphone with the ecosystem ………was not a concept thought to be successful …….see the difference from conventional computing? see the ideology behind “there’s an app for everythiinh”.

    maybe you dont get their vision. someone posted a link about apple (secular one I think). Go through it. So NI is TRYING for a product that will bring new definition to computing.

    when I say paradigm shift means death of the current PC (desktop, laptop etc) and towards device like ipad, adam, smartphones etc but these will compete not at the HW level, rather at the experience/services. Be wary of GOOGLE and cloud computing. (I am weak in explaining all so search the internet)

  377. No, he hasn’t, but frustratingly Rohan has said little that is definite regarding specs of a device that should be shipping by the end of the year and pre-ordering in a few weeks. So who knows what the adam REALLY has on board. Don’t you want to know more definite things about a device you are spending several hundred dollars on? I sure do. I personally find it more than a little tiresome lately.

    I’ve been following adam since CES last year. It’s been a very loooong year. I’ve held out buying another device bc I’ve wanted an adam so badly. However, I (yes, I know everyone else does too) want to see the specs, and I’d to see them rather soon. Surely, with the ppl involved in the EAP getting their adams, whatever has been keeping Rohan from giving out info has to be just about wrapping up I’d think.

    How many times have I seen Greg (mostly) and others ask the simple question about the storage variants. I highly doubt that’s info that can’t be released. There have been so many simple questions. Even the stylus question took AGES to be answered and it was lost in a sea of comments.

    I may not post often, but it doesn’t mean I’m any less interested, or feel any less connected or invested. I’ve probably been following longer than most. And honestly, I really do think that we deserve more than teasers at this point. Even the pics posted today weren’t of the newest versions (ADAM in capitals says they weren’t).

    I think it’s more than time to update the specs http://www.notionink.in/ and give some definite answers. I mean, is it not the page that potential adam customers are looking at? It’s pretty outdated. They (and we) shouldn’t have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of comments here to find (or not in most cases) answers and more information.

    It would also be nice to let ppl know if (and what) accessories will be available to go along with their adam, so they can make plan ahead and get them elsewhere if not. I hope that’s addressed at the time of pre-ordering at least.

  378. @Bharath B Lohray

    How long have you been using the capacitive stylus?
    — A couple days.

    Is your iPod Touch screen being protected by a cover?
    — No

    Do these styluses leave behind a scratched glass?

    Your Palm Zire had a resistive screen and that is why it tore after a lot of use (though it should have lasted a lot longer than one year). The iPod Touch and the Adam have capacitive screens so you won’t have problems like that.

    The stylus has a soft tip so it does not scratch. It glides effortlessly across the display. And no fingerprints left behind. Overall it works really well.

  379. That is a very good question, and one that has been asked in comments before. I even asked it on the “unofficial” official forum (which is now inaccessible) a few weeks ago in the “specifications” section. As far as I know, not a single direct question anywhere on that forum was ever answered by anyone at NI, so don’t hold your breath about having it answered here (sorry I’m cranky atm, but it’s true)…although I hope it will be.

  380. Ditto on the e-reader apps. I have a Sony e-reader and will gladly bequeath it to children/grandchildren when adam arrives. I hope it will be easy to use while laying in bed on my side. Else I won’t be getting to bed very early…thereby adding to domestic tension. I would also like a good calendar function with appointments and alarms, etc.

    This computer has the potential to change the way a lot of people do their daily chores, to say nothing about the fun things we’ll get to do.

    Thanks much, Rohan. I don’t care when it comes, I’m going to get at least one.

  381. I have a rooted EVO that gives me access to 5 touch points, I think it can do even more with another kernel but that’s kind of useless as there’s not enough room for more fingers.

  382. I’m pretty sure the Adam has a built-in microphone and speakers; and it has a single jack for both headphones and microphone, just like many other devices.

    So that hole with the little microphone next to it is actually the built-in microphone and not a microphone jack.

  383. It’s pretty decent, thought I’d like to see something made out of real leather. I’m sure in time we’ll be seeing more, and better quality, accessories. I’m still hoping that NI will have some directly through them…

    Just a note about this case though. There is a “clip” on the top under the strap. I’m questioning if that would hold the adam bc of the thicker, rounded part at the top. The whole case may not even close all the way bc of that. I looked around on ebay and saw a *very* similar case that doesn’t seem to have that clip, but I’d probably send them an email just to make sure before anyone buys it: http://cgi.ebay.com/Keyboard-Stylus-Case-ePad-10-Android-Tablet-PC-/270626452075?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f0297f26b#ht_2306wt_905

  384. Windows isn’t going to happen if you mean the desktop windows as it isn’t made to run on ARM. Windows CE or windows phone 7 might be shoehorned onto it by the hacker community though.

  385. Sowmya,

    I think it really does raise questions. I mean I appreciate everything these guys are doing, yes they have a next generation device that if it gets released I think will be a big hit. I mean I do not think people are asking a lot here. I can understand these questions not being answered or not having answers if it was a year from being launched but it is SAID to be able to be launched within a month.

    No do I think it is fair that the email of the EAP program got leaked on the WordPress no, but it just seems that things are finalizing slowly…I find that to be find but if your biggest followers were to know that it would be more excepted.

    I appreciate your latest blog I do, but I personally do not think it had a lot of guts to it. The pictures were better then they have been but no one really expects professional photography just NEW pics, final specs, accessories if there are going to be any.

    My goodness some people on here honestly do not seem to have a life, which I think it is neat to have followers 🙂 I am a huge tech person but after a while following 600 posts of no additional information just gets bland, it looks good for web crawlers 🙂

    Can we just get more definite answers or just a big fly a kite is fine also.

    Just something. I think there are some that would praise the ground you walk on and then some that really would like to find answers and see a really great product hit the market and make a great impact. I personally would love an addition to my tech collection to be an Adam.

    I think something to the point of production is ramped up to 45 percent working…accessories are in the works…EAP production will finish and final products will not ship until February or something along these lines.

    People want to give you their money trust me.

    An EAP update is nice but is the UI working? I am sure you can say simple things of the UI is 80 percent done or what not…..

    Am I just in a league of my own with my thoughts?


  386. Hi thatguy,
    These days media is making a big hype of the tablets.. Whenever i see any article related to tablet PC column writers and reviewers end up comparing it with Ipad.. I also compared the features of Adam with what all i tablet’s i know and i should say Adam is Ipad Killer.. When Adam would be available it would be certainly challange Ipad in terms of features, but performance & positive review and user experience is what makes a NEW ENTRANT successful, but I wish Adam would come early to the market so that these hard working team from Notion Ink gets rewarded for the hardwork.

    If any of you remember or not tablet pcs are not new.. they rather exists since a long time and I feel Apple made them popular again.


  387. Great to see Ireland in the EAP even if I am dissapointed that I’m not the first Paddy to get one 🙂 It’s even better to see the amount of replys here over 600 in less than a day considering the firsts few posts earlier this year had little or none. The loyal few have gone forth, multiplied and become the loyal masses, may the snowball of support continue. Best of luck NI I have my fingers and toes crossed that you are a huge success.

  388. This makes more sense Greg. All the comments of using the Adam to control the TV while playing a movie on it over HDMI seemed illogical since if you are using HDMI and have the Adam in your hands you can control the image, playback, and volume anyway so no need for the remote function. But using a remote on the Adam while having it hooked up to something via HDMI makes much more sense as then you can sit back on the couch and enjoy all with perfect control without running a 15 foot/5 metre HDMI cable to your couch.

  389. 610!
    How can I read all the posts?? I’m going to bring an ibed!
    People just like to this type of public forum. MOST people only read the posts, but as the day of release approaches, more, and more people are becoming more active. Soon some people will try to sell icoffe here. I mean, there is even a race to be the first one to read a new post by Rohan!! Great or Crazy…I think great.

  390. Also don’t forget that the Toshiba Tegra 2 based smartbook/netbook is already undergoing the process for having ubuntu ported onto it. So when that finishes it’d be half the battle as it’d provide the necessary drivers for Tegra 2 and the only things left would be drivers to take advantage of the Pixel Qi screen maybe, the capacitive layer for the touch screen, maybe different drivers for the track pad if it’s very different from the netbook’s and of course NI’s swive camera (also I think nvidia provides a basic linux source code for the Tegra 2, no desktop client included).

  391. That is what Rohan said. In any case, it is up to Google, not NI. I hope Google start opening the market to all tablets, now that many of them are running Froyo. Even Archos is!

  392. And he would blast like Sachin Tendulkar. He would play for a long time in the tablet market like Sachin in cricket. Both started very young under major maestros.
    Rohan, break all the records as Sachin did.

  393. Remember that version was running more or less stock Android which doesn’t have GPU acceleration for the graphical user interface. Eden DOES have GPU acceleration (as mentioned in this post when he says that the panel system is an Open GL engine).

    As for Robin, it was pre-Froyo, but did you notice that even then they were planing on having a JIT runtime for the apps to make it as fast as Froyo? I remember Rohan mentioning it which I think is great and ultra cool as it shows how far ahead of the curve they are thinking, not limiting themselves to the current tech and software but always thinking of how far ahead they can push things.

  394. well, appreciate your loud thinking…
    actually not many people did read that post on EAP.

    there is a euphoria around, understandable and on expected lines..

    Since their first showcase at CES, it looks like a long time, but nevertheless the progress has been phenomenal. Its a humongous project, as a start up they would have had to do everything from scratch.

    Expecting Rohan to answer each and every question from the demanding bloggers is kinda overboard.

    At the same time i believe, when EAP people get to pre order 2 weeks before it opens to general public; we would be getting great reviews, and people who want to buy a quality product, would as well wait and make their move… (except if you are in urgent need of a tablet :))

  395. also i have thought about and mentioned previously the concept of Google TV integration and this would cover the TV aspect, im now curious as to their music and ebook services

  396. I have an HP 6310 all in one printer. It’s hooked up to the router and I can print from my android phone with two different programs. One is from HP and it only does photos. The other is called printershare and does text as well. They seem to have a large list of printers that work with it. It says it will also work if you have the printer hooked up to a computer. You have to have the printershare client installed on the pc. The pc also needs to be on when you want to print from the phone (obviously!). It uses the driver on the pc to print instead of using its own drivers.

  397. Actually if I remember correctly even with the overpainting the bezel is somewhat smaller than the iPad’s bezel. Also the iPad as paulikxp points out is 4:3 which means it is overall bigger as it has more surface area given the same diagonal length (well, almost the same, 9.8 vs. 10.1) and as he said, longer, but less wide. I compared the measurements to books I have and it doesn’t seem that large to me. I guess it depends on what you’re used to holding as well as the size of your hands.

  398. @billreyn

    So this morning I was wondering if it would be possible to create a client/agent that runs on a PC that could play an intermediary role in the printing process between Adam and the printer as a printing solution… And now you’re telling me HP stole my idea?!!!

  399. I put in the previous post about doing this using your phone as the remote. I can already control my Roku player using my phone. Would prefer being able to control the adam using it. Always have my phone on me anyway.

  400. I’m soooo tired right now! Only about 10 hours total of sleep in the last 3 days…

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually hope Rohan does not get the new post online until I’ve had a chance to get a good night’s sleep. Otherwise I’ll get an alert on my phone as soon as it gets posted and then I’ll have to get out of bed right away to check it out. As an addict, it’s not like I have a choice… 😉

    Good Night Everyone… (Or I guess it could be good morning, depending on where you live.)

  401. having a Qwerty keyboard at the rear of a tablet sounds a little crazy… it might take time to get used to it…
    if you wanna type, u can as well attach an external keyboard and go ahead.

    A track pad controlled by a switch is fine …. and i am sure ADAM has it

  402. @rede

    Adam ate the apple. This is why the bump on a man’s throat is called an Adam’s apple. Eve did eat the fruit first. But it was when she talked Adam into eating it that they were cast out of Heaven.

  403. Did you guys/gals noted the fact NI designed their own power adapter for Adam. I tried to look at FCC. site for info but could not find any.

    Why is Pratik so silent?

  404. @jaytea

    I agree with Christian Krämer and Tigs. If the adam came with a religious app included it would be like pushing that religion onto the users/buyers of the adam, especially if it reflected only one religion. You’re right, diversity means respecting others opinions (which would include Krämer’s) but it does NOT mean that you need to let them preach to you what they believe because then they aren’t respecting your rights not to believe what they do (which would explain Krämer’s irritation at a pre-installed app). If NI wanted/wants to include religious apps/tools (be it because of religious beliefs or a desire for diversification, enlightment, cultural comparisons) it would be best to be done by including a religious section in the genesis marketplace which would provide tools for a variety of religions ranging anywhere from Wicca to Buddhism and Shintoism and Hinduism to all the varieties of Christianity.

  405. In respect to using a stylus Rohan mentioned that the adam would be compatible with any capacitive stylus. I think this implicitly denies the possibility of Wacom. Maybe in a future generation device 🙂

  406. Blood Red for all the blood, sweat and tears I’m sure Rohan and team have put into this project?

  407. Thanks for a HUGELY illuminating pointer. And yes, I agree: NI understands the big pciture; more importantly, NI embraces that future — which means NI respects needs even Apple has always understood. I think Apple’s error is an illusion of invulnerability. NI vs Apple = Humility vs Arrogance. I have museumed my Apple Message Pads and eMate 300 which presaged NI’s Adam but which Jobs discarded — to spite Scully.

  408. Since people have asked what apps we’d like, I’ll second Lindr’s request for a good cooking/recipe app that has ability to be annoted. Also in addition to the knitting and crocheting apps, a really good app for keeping track of fine embroidery patterns, threads and supplies; there are a couple for the i devices that are really helpful. Tech geek computer work and play has much in common with fine craftsmanship of many kinds, in the attention to detail and logic skills used.

    And could we have it on a signed, limited bloggers edition red and black Adam, maybe … please?

  409. @paulikxp How about Goth red? Goth’s do tend to use mostly black and then sometimes accentuate with a bright red like that on the Adam. And come on, don’t take offense with Gecko’s comments, he made more fun of the US than anyone else in his comment 😉

    @Jared, you’ve been misinformed. 17-24 are comfortable (20-22 is considered room temp). 11-14 are chilly. To give you an idea (aside from the room temp) is that 98.6º F is 37º C, 32ºF is 0º C.

    And just out of curiosity, is the US the only country still using Fahrenheit? Canadians don’t, despite the fact that when I still lived there we used feet for people’s height and pounds for weight (yes, officially we went metric but it’s not always so easy to change people’s ways) and I can’t think of any other country which still does…

    @gecko and Greg, you guys should check out a Brit tv show called QI, it’s jolly good fun since it’s like jeapordy but doesn’t take itself seriously in any way (also no real prizes) but filled with strange facts. I can’t remember any of the Nazi related ones but one which I never forget is that the pig-faced lady in the old freak shows in the US used to actually be a bear whom they got drunk and then shaved and put in a dress 😛

  410. Haven’t heard from Pratik since shortly after he won logo contest; maybe confidentiality agreements?

  411. Though I don’t knit or crochet I do cook and would like an app like that. I am also guessing the framework of the app could be adapted to many different things as Cathy states.

  412. Ironic. A man named Christian being against a bible app. And then you put “the Job of a”. All I could think of was Job from the bible.

    Anyway, I agree with you atheist Christian (isn’t that an oxymoron?). There shouldn’t be any religious apps built in. Adam is made for everyone from all walks of life. I don’t think Rohan and his team would want to offend anyone by including one.

  413. @Gecko

    It might be better to go with “high end call girl nail polish red”. After all we don’t want the adam to come off as cheap!

  414. Not just the comments but the posts on Engadget (the later ones at least as the first ones were positive) have negative tone and treat it as vaporware all the time. And as you say, they tend to like big companies, more and more I get the impression of engadget being pr (just my personal impression, I’m not making accusations).

  415. Yes, Vector66, I caught that “limited stock” note too, but as it was apparently information that wasn’t supposed to go out, it may not even be accurate.

  416. He already mentioned that the “hidden sensor” most likely was referring to the “switch” the camera has to flip the image when it passes a certain point. He also mentioned an as yet hidden function, but not sensor.

  417. I know that I will still be posting after the adam comes out! Here, or at the official forums when they start! I’m sure most of us will. I’d wager myself, Tarrwinia, Gecko and Greg at least!

    My wife has used the Ipad to look up recipes online. I thought then how well it would work to have your recipes on it. How about being able to click on the title of a recipe and have it search the web to see if there’s a video of it being made? Help walk you through it if it’s your first time with the recipe?

  418. @Tarwinia

    I was thinking it would be good for a mechanic to have all the manuals for various cars on it. As you said, it could use the same framework

  419. Hey all,

    After looking at the ‘Ferrari’ version of ADAM, I decided to go back to the old blog post where in Rohan requested us to make color selections. I wanted to see the other colors and imagine them in the above photos. Wanted to check if I made a mistake with any color selection 🙂 !.

    Many of the photos that are present in the old blog post ( https://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/the-color-i-want/ ) already reflect some of the design decisions that we see in the above photos. In particular, note the style of the power switch in those photos (links provided below) and the in the ones Rohan provided above.

    Some of the other color combinations have started to look good too !

    Here are the links to the photos from the old blog post which have the same power switch style:

    Metallic Blue: https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/metallic-blue1.jpg

    Titanium Black: https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/titanium-calera-module1.jpg

    Titanium Grey: https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/titanium-grey1.jpg

    Grey Variant: https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/grey-matt1.jpg

    Grey White: https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/grey-white-matt1.jpg

  420. best way to start : the return of newton, pervasive processing , user eXperience are gems. these early post throws so much insight that I can understand what he means by adam “is not a tablet”. His own words “total convergence”.

    Now DO YOU also understand? ….. tried my best 😉

  421. Also it’d be best to start that AFTER adam 1 is released. There is nothing like hands on experience to help you realize what might improve/enhance the tech and experience. Right now we could spout a lot of comments like “wait, I need THIS function /peripheral/etc.” but after we use it we could realize “hey, wait, that would have been superfluous on this device, as they set it up it’s not needed… but hmmm, z option WOULD be nice…”

  422. or maybe he settled for an early version of the adam and is locked away in his room playing with it 😛

  423. That’s lovely. A teaser video ? Waiting for this for a while now. Please post atleast 3 posts a week with teasers in every post. I am marketing adam for a while. With these new pics I got 2 in my family and around half a dozen in my friends. Hope to get more soon with more teasers.

    Rohan, can you put a poll something like :
    I will buy Adam right away,
    in a month (after reviews),
    will wait for Adam 2,
    never ( don’t think applies),
    I am jeleous of Adam (for competitors).
    This would give you atleast some statistics on how many Adams to start with (poll X 10 times). You may already have some info but hope it’s worth the effort.

  424. Hi Rohan / all,

    It is mentioned that the structural frame of the ADAM is constructed with Magnalium, which I guess is internal to the body.

    Is there any end user visible part of ADAM’s body which is also metallic, or is it all (hard) plastic? For example, is the backside of ADAM metallic, or the sides?

  425. also rohan mentioned why NI chosed Android, how it was the closest OS to implement their concepts.

    I’d rather forgo windows/ubuntu etc if Eden is very good.

    (BTW ubuntu is also changing … the next distro will have unity for desktop version. Speaks volume…)

  426. hmmmm.. swarovski crystals and gold !!!! that will make it a artistic piece, wont be suitable for everyday rugged use.
    I would like to have both a nice business like leather case and another funky designed cool case, so that i can flaunt it happily and it becomes the cynosure of all eyes

  427. @ VB . $500 is a large amount for average Indian compared to someone who works and earns in US. Exchange rate mechanism do not reflect actual purchase power. So buying Adam will take a bigger chunk of our earning than, say , some one from US. Maybe NI can request for tax reduction from Govt. of India based on Adam being designed in India, bit high hopes…

  428. Well, it’s Longbox and the PC/Windows version allows you to import your own CBR files so I assume the Adam version will too.

  429. Does that mean these are not final products? Still doing changes in the last phase? Hope they don’t mistakenly print in CAPS.

    Also read in few above posts that people asking about Android market support. It’s obvious that it would be available for adam in addition to Genesis. Adam being so open we would have android market availability. I don’t expect them closed.

    Rohan a small suggestion for market access on Adam, can you build something like ubuntu software package manager where we can search for Genesis/Android market apps through a single interface and one click install. I love ubuntu interface as it differentiates between ubuntu certified/ non certified packages that are available in search.

    Hope we can have something similar. Also how are you planning on purchasing apps for Adam, as there have been issues with Google unable to manage payments recently due to distributed payment systems.

    Please add a non web based centralized app purchase interface with access to Genesis apps/Android apps.

  430. I think it would be fun to toss ideas around. But don’t think there should be a contest. Not after what happened with the last one. Anyway, here’s an idea I already posted. It’s the far future and archeologists are on a dig. They are using tablets called Isiash or Moses. Something along those lines. One of them will yell that they found it! The head archeologist comes over and picks up the adam. He says we have found adam!! This means Eve can’t be far behind!

    It all depends on where NI wants to go with the advertising though. Do they want something that shows the features? Or do they want it like Apple’s 1984 commercial? That got people excited without knowing what they were excited about?

  431. Well, another nice update. It’s great to see things progressing and I hope everything goes swimmingly. Also great news about the EAP. It is great to see so many countries involved, it makes it a very definite world effort, it also makes me eager to see what all these people will offer us.

    Overal I look forward to the day we get an Adam.

    p.s. Glad to see Mexico on the EAP list as it will test the distribution in Mexico before I purchase it 😀

  432. Or he didn’t appreciate the comments about him some people made. Wouldn’t blame him if he decided not to post for awhile. It’s fine not to like someone’s idea. But to say that the poll had to be rigged in order for him to win was a bit much.

  433. I don’t think it has a docking port. If it has would Rohan connect his keyboard/mouse through USB? Also I am thinking we are expecting a business class laptop Adam. It’s too much to expect for $498. it also shows how high Rohan had set the expectations.

  434. Not just look for videos, but also variants in case she wants to try something a little different. Yes, manuals for technicians/mechanics would be great, sheet music for musicians as some have already mentioned, case files for lawyers, etc. A good resource book/document organization app would be so useful for many people. Cross-referencing would have to be one of the functionalities of course.

  435. i’ve got to agree about waiting a little long for the product. but i think NI should give us more info each week. even if the post is just “whats changed since last post”

  436. They are just real, not too real, not renders.

    By the way, nice blog, and nice poem, Sowmya.

  437. @iamapirate

    Yes the 2nd video was a mouse via usb. I was pointing towards the pictures at the bottom where we see the backside of adam with the trackpad intact. 3rd row 1st column.

  438. since this has a WSVGA screen resolution, and the galaxy tab also has the same resolution… does this mean that if we chose to, run applications that are capatible with that resolution in full screen? for an example that everyone knows, angry birds? instead of in the panels, i mean.

  439. Rohan already explained it. It is because of the existing USB and other ports which require a certain depth. They had patented different designs which would reduce the depth, but that would require adoption from manufacturers for large scale production.

  440. lol, in the post where we voted on colors i voted for red…i knew it would look good with this hardware…Rohan, since I had faith in that color-that warrants a free ferrari red Adam right 😉

  441. The Indian pricing should be 8-12 percent over the stating $ prices.

    This is because Indian customs duty for computer parts/products range from 8-10% depending on their classification and 2-3 percent would be their shipping costs.

    The customs duty classifications are critical to their pricing, if they knew about it they would have mentioned the landed prices in India also.

    As India does has customs duty restrictions there is no escaping to it.

    The ideal way to find the difference would be to see the US pricing for the tablets and their pricing in India and their difference would be similar for adam too.

  442. Hold on…how can NI be a competitor to Apple based on that article.
    Please make your point.

  443. ok, dont mean to digress, but it just says fruit – Bible doesnt say “apple” was the forbidden fruit. anyway, can’t wait for the video! Rohan, can we actually see the Adam in all its glory this time, and perhaps a bit of the UI?

  444. @rowan fire: The power symbol is obviously the symbol on the left of the power jack. This has already been pointed out by someone in previous posts.

  445. @Greg: I am sure you are not talking about something between “headphone jack and the DC power jack

  446. Here’s the missing piece on the Adam…a company logo!:

    [gigya src="http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649" width="500" flashvars="offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/7642865@N02/sets/72157625364980598/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/7642865@N02/sets/72157625364980598/&set_id=72157625364980598&jump_to=" allowFullScreen="true" ]

    Now let’s start producing them and pre-order by Thanksgiving!

  447. plus, “shelf availability will be post-Christmas or CES, based on the FCC Certification.” as Rohan has already said.

  448. I didn’t disclose it. Someone in the last post by Rohan disclosed it. Its out there now so i think it could do with some clarification.

  449. yeah was digging around the FCC site looking myself, but realized i had no clue what I was looking for or how to find it and gave up.

  450. It just stinks that the EAP email goes out and someone doesn’t keep it under wraps. You get a lot of respect being accepted into the group and just copying and pasting the email when it says please do not share with anyone else stinks. The copy I read was either way back or in the last update.

    But then again if there is going to be a delay in manufacturing I hope people get told before they explode with excitement 🙂

    All in all it will be out when it will be out.

  451. Yeah don’t get me wrong it should not have been leaked!
    Buuuut……….. that is not the issue…. the genie is out now!
    Anyway it is – The “OUT OF STOCK” till Mid January bit that needs clarification!

  452. Well my point was that in my opinion the bezel was never over-painted, as is clear from for this picture https://notionink.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/6.jpg
    If you own an Android device, you can compare the home screen and see that it’s exactly like this, the taskbar or the side edges on this pic are 100% visible and not painted over.
    Also someone mentioned in the comments that Rohan once stated the bezel could not be made thinner because of the standard ports on top.
    Anyway, I don’t think we will see an improvement over the last prototypes presented.
    I don’t think this is a deal-breaker for anyone (well, maybe some..), it’s just a little disappointing to go to that from some really beautiful renders we had seen.

  453. You know, that picture of the circuit board, it just occurred to me that not only is it “kind of artistically cool” that the nvidia is in focus and everything else isn’t, but because of this we can’t read the IC chip numbers and maybe if we could we’d see one dedicated to Infrared, or my previous suggestion of a tablet repelling forcefield chip. I was looking at it up close and trying to make out anything. Aside from the the multi-resister packs on the left, and the Texas Instruments chip below the Nvidia, I can’t make anything else out.

    Very clever Rohan!


  454. Ah.. I see. Kinda weird place to put a mic. If you are holding the Adam horizontally, ain’t that mic gets covered? like if you put it on your lap? But. Okay… I’ll take your word for it. Thanks for the info though.

  455. shelf availability means as in distribution /.. like literally available in retail stores shelf..

    But lets wait for the update reg this news from Rohan himself., its better..

    It’s here! Major Geek Drool!!
    The euphoria you guys are creating for us can be compared to how fans of rock stars feel as the highly anticipated album’s release date approaches.
    Is this not the first time we know EVERYTHING about a hi-tech product before we can even touch it?
    Paradigm Shift!!

  457. I would just like to insist on a very important thing :

    It’s essential that the office suite might be compatible with open office formats.

    A lot of administrations in France are only using the open office formats.

    Thanks !!!!!

  458. +1

    I think the best will be, that we will wait until Rohan gives us all information. He is the best source for “updates” 😉

  459. I would like the Adam to have a Cisco Client so I can connect to the internet using my university’s Wifi network. I do realise this will be hard to achieve since no other Android device has this feature (non-custom rom at least).

  460. @mhasija

    TBH, I am personally very disappointed that Notion Ink Adam will be imported and not be manufactured/assembled in India. And, also that as is usual with all new technology, we Indians have been underestimated as consumers of new technology and pushed again to the second level. I don’t blame Rohan and team for this! I am sure the investors behind them are the one’s who don’t have the courage to import/manufacture components and assemble in India and for a change release first in India, a product designed in India by Indians.

    So, this is as good a product as those designed by the numerous Indians in the Silicon Valley of USA.

    India has several Rohans and Pranavs – it is the Indian investors who let them down again and again.

  461. M goin all HYPER…. Lord pls bless me with some patience & few mins of my Mind without thinking about ADAM & refreshing it’s blog again & again…. Amen….

  462. @andrew and @ erik congratulation for EAP …what are..u guys talking about..?..and also send my congratulations to starlee… 🙂 for EAP selection…

  463. I have not been selected for EAP but someone else who was, leaked an email about release date availability etc!

  464. Well separately buying a capacitive stylus will be…..well not as attractive as having an option to have it shipped with the adam itself. Out of the box. Something that sells a lot of Macs. Also I dont know if capacitive stylii ship with insulating gloves or not, something that can make a lot of difference in ease of use.

  465. Could you please elaborate I guess I missed the action.Specifically what not not to disclose

  466. Strange my posting isn’t here so i make a new one.

    so Rohan an ir sensor it is? (i hope) for controlling ur av devices?
    Reminds me off the ICD gemini vaporware device wich had also this capability.
    If they could made it true then NIA had a competitive device.
    Very nice to see that the netherlands will be on the first launch of the ADAM.
    Next year there will be ADAM2 with tegra3 on it and a few enhancements?
    ok enough for speculating on this i hope i can preorder in the early of December so most of us can have it for xmas,
    Btw will there prior for lauch reviews from tomshardware, technoholic etc?
    Mr T

  467. Hi all,
    The other day someone suggested a by line. Here’s another one:
    ‘Ink your Notion, … with an attitude!
    Best regards, Aad

  468. @VB
    @Raj Kumar

    To put USD and INR in perspective,
    $500 is about INR 22500
    A US employee who earns about $5000 a month would earn about INR 100000 in India
    So, for an USA consumer the Adam would cost about 1/10th while for an Indian it would cost 1/4th of their monthly income.

  469. @Candyman808

    Adam is not a LAPtop 🙂
    It is a Handheld Tablet.

    For that matter Rohan says it’s not a tablet either. Perhaps it’s a handheld multifunction device.

  470. * Hmm Somehow my post wasn’t published *

    I have not been that excited about a product for such a long time. For my work I really would like to have a tablet and the Adam makes me wait for another few months instead of buying the iPad.

    Regarding the “secret” function, I think and hope the Adam will have Near Field Communication (Like RFID read/write). This will immediately create so many business-2-business options for applications. Think about using the adam in workflow mgt, of logistics.

    Looking forward to buy the Adam in a few month in the Netherlands and I hope on NFC/RFID read/write as a secret function.

    best regards


  471. Yes, it felt kind of weird writing this – “Hello, i’m Christian, i’m an Atheist” sounds like someone suffering from Dissociative identity disorder… 😉 that’s why i usually introduce myself as “Chris” to english speakers.

    So, enjoy your Sunday (ok, for those of you on the other side of the globe it’s “Hope you enjoyed your Sunday, i think 😉 and warm greetings to this very congenial Community of a very congenial company 🙂

  472. Poll time! I’ll build these into the site eventually but for now, these work. Do you like your games fact or fiction? http://goo.gl/k10Jv

    Please vote in the poll(link above) but feel free to discuss here as well!

    Aaron Blankenship
    Exodus Apps

  473. This is a guess because of the special UI, but since it’s Android, I suppose the language support is already there.

  474. Hi Rohan

    Sorry if I missed this information. As most probably “normal” user can order the device after Christmas or CES, will we have Gingerbread installed?

  475. Tarwinia:
    >And just out of curiosity, is the US the only country still using Fahrenheit?

    Teh Wiki says we share the hono[u]r with Jamaica, Palau, Belize, and Liberia, but a citation is needed for Palau, so I’m trying not to be hopeful about that. It also says that it’s still used in Canada for kitchen ovens (I didn’t know you guys cooked with ovens, they wouldn’t work well igloos). Anyway, since Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same at -40 degrees, there wouldn’t be that much difference at normal Canadian temperatures.

    > the pig-faced lady in the old freak shows in the US used to actually be a bear whom they got drunk and then shaved and put in a dress

    Oh yes, and now we elect them to Congress.

  476. @All those who want a forum, well I have started an unofficial PhpBB. But, of course don’t stop the comments here. Let Rohan and team have first hand feedback from us on this blog.

    Head over to our board to rave and rant in general about all handheld tablet products. For starters I will gladly take moderators from among Adamoholics 🙂 Greg are you looking? Anyone else?

    Here are short URLs for the Unofficial forums at HandheldTablet.net:
    1800.im/NI for Notion Ink forum
    1800.im/Adam for Adam forum

  477. Several weeks ago, when I was collecting info about the Pixel Qi screen (because of power consumption), I read that the new wide angle screen isn’t going to be produced before 2011.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t find the source right now, I think I saw it in an youtube video demonstrating the screen in several tablets …

  478. it git leaked I missed that. That’s not good people. We already get more info from any other project I have followed. This makes Companies question putting info out. I understand that people want the info, but it can have different effects if given at the wrong time

  479. @opty

    It’s rather harsh to say that Rohan wasn’t being truthful about the bezel. Maybe you mean Rohan was seriously mistaken? Maybe he’s new to this Adam thing and just *thinks* that the bezel was overpainted.

    Also, in the picture you link to, the buttons on the left (or, at least, the silk screening on them) are in a very strange position *unless* the bezel is overpainted. Maybe they migrated?

  480. @buddhafrog
    nor am I an expert, but from what I understand, all Android apps will work on adam. They will NOT, however, be optimised to use with the Eden, adam’s new, innovative UI. That is why NI is pushing new apps. Those apps will probably not be usable on other Android devices that don’t utilize Eden.

  481. Point Noted.
    Thanks @Plug, I didn’t know that information.
    Good Luck To Rohan & Team for the Launch 🙂 .

  482. Depends on the quality of magnalium used. Alloys exist with up to 50% magnesium, but those alloys corrode easily and are cheap.

  483. And my trackpad doesn’t have a scroll wheel like a mouse. The Adam is like a big trackpad.

    There’s a long list of things that no tablet has because they’re not necessary: brakes like a bicycle, a built-in turntable, hot and cold running water …

  484. Rohan,

    This looks very nice! Hope you get some sleep.

    Just one little request… please do your best to avoid any international “shipping restrictions” :-). I didn’t ask for EAP because of my day job, but I’ve been holding my wife off buying an ipad/netbook for the past few months ;-).

    Good luck,

    James (in Chile).

  485. @Lindr: Great first post; welcome. I’ll still post; I think we can all learn and contribute going forward.

    I would use a recipe/cookbook app to not only try new recipes (the once a month or so I have time to cook) but to file and organize the family recipe collections that were handwritten by grandmothers in my family, so they’re preserved for the future. Have some on my laptop, but it gets too heavy to carry when traveling/visiting family far away, where I might cook for them, and they ask about an old family tradition; Adam would be SO much easier.

    Maybe a fun thread when the official forum comes out … recipes for Adam cookbook, contributed by our fellow posters from all over the world, to break bread and share culture together, even if it’s symbolic over the internet. One section specializing in recipes that can be made in five minutes or less, between posts or by kids, friends, spouses … while we’re all obsessing on the internet over the newest Adam details? Another section with more complex recipes to help pass time between NI posts 🙂 !

    @Tarwinia: Great idea of a general book/document organization app too; a book/library app could include a column to record the physical copy of the book is stored; ie. the public library, open source internet, e-reader publishers’ store … my bookshelves; which of the dozens of boxes of books in my attic … 🙂

    @Rohan, if you’re reading: Wish we could bring you and the team a good meal made with love; don’t forget to eat 🙂

  486. @Gecko, yeah, damned igloos kept on melting so we switched over to environmentally friendly bio-degradable styrofoam. You see, this way they don’t melt and moving is soooo much easier since styrofoam is just SO much lighter than ice. Plus we don’t get frostbite carrying it. Yeah, I forgot about our ovens, and I actually bake so that was a grave oversight…

  487. What, I can’t have hot and cold running water on my Adam … I was sure that was the secret feature no other tablet will have! Very funny, gecko; thanks for the laugh 🙂

  488. But of course this is how all religions start. Don’t forget what Moses brought back down from the mountain. Tablets!

  489. @billy

    Most of the search results are written by two penny hacks desperate for a headline. Timesofindia.com, mizozo.com, techtree.com, defense.pk and ‘ET now’ are the first five results. No one reads these sites for serious discussion about technology.

    iPad is selling more than a million units a month. Anyone who knows the history or Apple or Steve Jobs should should be more careful about declaring victory. And Adam hasn’t even entered the ring.

    Adam may succeed. I hope it does. But Apple will remain the benchmark for home computing equipment for some time.

    What the heck. Where is the iPod killer? I have been waiting for one for 10 years now.

  490. Rohan, if you are aware of any change in the dates you mentioned in one of the previous post then folks here deserve to know about it.

  491. I figured Rohan out.

    He’s been dropping us hints about this “secrect button/sensor” this whole time.

    Talking about Ferrari’s and fast startup times and everything else.

    The secret sensor is going to be….

    A remote car starter!

    BOOM! There it is! Discuss!

  492. So is the info that was leaked in the comments of the prev. blog have any truth to it ? Sounds very convincing though.

    If that info has any truth to it, I speculate, only the EAP selects will probably get the (nearly completed) ADAM in December so that the Genesis marketplace will have some apps available during product launch. For marketing purposes, Rohan might choose to officially announce the ADAM and the Genesis platform at CES in January 2011. It will be a great venue to announce it, to showcase the completed product and platform to all the media, along with all the partners. He did mention above that he wanted to explain the ADAM, how it is more than just a tablet and what his future plans are. What better venue than CES !?! Then, the product will most probably be available in Jan end or sometime Feb for the mortals to buy. Rohan has already mentally prepared us when he said the product availability will be sometime in Jan, if they miss the Dec. deadline.

  493. “I am personally very disappointed that Notion Ink Adam will be imported and not be manufactured/assembled in India.”

    Notion Ink is a business organization, not a charity or a political party. Manufacturing in China is cheaper than doing it in India. And you are assured of certain quality if you pay for it. Most big businesses do their manufacturing in China.

    Besides, how many Indians like buying Indian made products anyway?