The Black Border!

Dear All,

Before signing off today, I thought I should explain the Black Border which you observed.

You are not wrong in guessing that it looks thicker, and let me assure you that it is not there to stay! It is going to be reduced by 6.5mm from left and 5mm from right. The issue is with the Cover Lens (the Glass which covers the device), been painted more into inside! Look at the image here:

(As a reference, on iPad (since you have seen it the most) its 22mm on both the sides and its 16mm on Adam, right now it was 22mm which was painted. Final version will look exactly as it is on LongBox Video.)

If you are following this blog, you would realise how much I hate this border! Though it is counter argued that it helps holding it, but then we hold touch phones as well and it doesn’t have any (or very less)! Also explained earlier the reason of still having it is the USBs and other I/O peripherals. We have spent a lot of resources and have more than 9 patents on the same (to reduce it)! But the fabs and vendors need to upgrade to accomplish what we want (essentially Adam 2 🙂 )

Signing Off! (Teaser, I loved the Camera! Its soft and not speckled as I was concerned earlier, and Auto Focus Works wonderfully well! Those who love Macro Photography like me, would love to know that the closest you can go to objects is 3cm!)

Warm Regards

437 thoughts on “The Black Border!

  1. Thanks for the update Rohan as it was definitely causing some uprising amongst the future Notion Ink Owners Group. 🙂

  2. exactly!

    seriously Rohan, check out guy kawasaki! i want notion ink to be the next apple! but i don’t mean a copy of apple, i mean revolutionise tablets the way that macintosh revolutionised the PC.

  3. hmm on photos sdoesn´t seems is glas painted more, android os seems complete(clock on right side)

  4. Even better than I expected! One argument against your phone-comparison, though: size and weight are (obviously) not the same! While you can easily hold a phone from the sides with one hand and touch screen with the other, this would be impossible for a tablet. I am all for getting the bezel as thin as possible, but please don’t f* up functionality only for looks. Do some testing before and find out the best configuration that would allow long-term usage of the device (one hand, both hands, etc.).
    … the prettiest girl is not necessarily the best one in bed…

  5. Hi,

    I have a question and I would be so happy if you could answer this one.

    Bootloader and dualboot? Would it be possible in the future to access the bootloader on adam and would it be possible to install, for instance Ubuntu to it.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Looks like it frames the unit nicely! Love it!

    Okay people, let’s allow Rohan to go and complete his tasks so we can get this unique creation ready for mass production! He has given us so much in the past few days! 😀

  7. very nice update… i too loved the thin borders…. never expected a reply from you this quick.. also one more specification that we are missing is memory.. 16gig, 32 gig ???

    also when are you going back to india want to see some pics from you SLR… 🙂

  8. Hmm.. If thats the case then am ok with it.. Especially the top bezel.. Its just too much.. If it looks like the one in longbox video am buying 3 ADAMs for sure 🙂

  9. What’s in store for next update to all NI blog followers ?

    When next dose of info about ADAM is expexcted?

  10. Hey Rohan
    I admit it, I am also a great believer in adam 😉 It will certainly make a great device for personal use. However I can’t stop and wonder whether adam will also be great as a device for the living room. Think about it as a device that everyone in the family can grab, surf the internet and read mails. The problem is, that this would require support for multiple user accounts so that the inbox in the mail application only has the emails of the person that is logged in. The iPad does not support this, which is the main reason why we haven’t bought one yet. As far as I know Android does not support multiple user accounts either, so could you maybe consider the option to switch between accounts in the mail application that you will ship? That is, if it’s not too late.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. I agree with Mino – on the pictures, of you look carefully, you see that the “task bar” of Adnroid is complete (check the clock in the top right position).
    However, I do believe Rohan that it will end up with 16mm, I like to believe 🙂
    One explanation to the “full android” look could be that he just shrank the resolution of screen to feet into “overpainted area”. Otherwise pictures with cut edges would have raised much more questions =)))

  12. thanks for the update, i cant wait till i get my hands on one. keep up the updates and the clarifications.

  13. Rohan Just one question ? U said “It is going to be reduced by 6.5mm from left and 5mm from right”. What about the the top border ? Because, Of all the borders, the top border is the one which somehow looks too thick.

  14. Thanks for the claification. Now I have to save for both the adam and adam2. I can’t wait for this to be on sale. I will definitely pre-order if that’s an option. Looking forward to the next update.

  15. Please, please, please, get it asap certified for Europe. You have big opportunities here as the eBook/eComic market is about to boom and we have money!!! 😉

  16. Hi Rohan..

    Thanks a lot for clearing it up. 16mm would be decent enough for the thumb to fit in while holding adam with one hand. Thanks for the teaser too though for this time it didnt seem like a teaser to me. BTW.. given you situation with all the tasks, how on earth are you getting time to read the comments and update the blog?
    hmmm.. my dad once said.. “A lazy man finds no time. A busy man finds a little time”. It’s true..

    Wish u all the success..

  17. Looks great. Thanks for clarifing the ram as 1 gb. Can you please let us know how much flash memory the adam will come with.

  18. Look at his drawing, it shows an overpainted area on the top and bottom.

    see blue lines pointing to overpainted area

  19. I know the drawing shows the overpainted areas. But the post said only the left and the right borders. So just wanted to confirm.

  20. Hi Rohan & (often forgotten ) team members.

    I´ve been silent for a very long time on your blog pages here.
    But I wanted you to know, my heart had a hickup when i saw the big fat borders on the images :s Don´t do that again, cause just like you I realy hate borders espacially if they are fat! (okay-okay, i hate nearly all borders on any electric device..)

    Could you clarify to me if the alignment of the screen will change also?
    I mean in a vertical way when the device is been held like your above drawing?
    Cause the way it looks now isn´t perfect (not centered), and honestly I want your device to be perfect since i got in love with it for a very long time now.

    I also got some other questions about the OS, can you provide us more information about your old promise that one could run an other ARM optimized OS like ubuntu?
    How will this been done? Will the bootloader in the device have a menu usable trough the TouchScreen or will it need some pressure on one of the hardkeys to show a second boot option? Will it be possible to install a second OS on the memory (movinand I mean) or just on a flash card you can insert? And what about RAM memory upgrade´s, will it be possible to add more? Like say 2GB?

    Anyway thanks for updating the blog, it means a lot to fan´s like me.
    Keep doing such a nice job, you aswell as your team members!!!

    ps, could help me out of my suffering?
    I´d like to get my hands on an adam asap, be it an alpha /beta test model I don´t care! Hope to hear more very soon on the EAP or Genesis program cause no day passes I didn´t check my mails in the hope to see I would be selected for it!


  21. You r right. But its quite obvious Adam may already be up-to it. The fact that it has been considered(16 mm border). Its only that he is trying to make it look ‘prettier’ if possible to appeal to other set people who may be worried about the aesthetics.

  22. Well, I do not think so.

    As Rohan described (and painted) in an earlier blog post, you should be able to hold adam with one hand on the battery side while working on it with the remaining hand. If the bezel was a lot thinner, the thumb would interfere with the screen.

    In addition, this side of the device holds batteries, camera and additional sensors, making it harder to reduce the top border. There may be a way to reduce that border any further, but you have to think of the looks vs. space vs. usability tradeoff.

    Personally, since I read about adam, all I wanted was a usable and fairly well-priced slate device that’s really worth the money, so I never expected adam to be the best-looking device on the market.

    Turns out it’s on the best way to be all of it:
    – affordable
    – powerful
    – sophisticated
    – sexy (at least as far as a device can be)

    Rohan (and teammates): keep on the good work
    – EL

  23. I completely agree with you. But the comment that they want to make the bezel of Adam 2 much thinner worries me a little bit: what about people with bigger size hands? I’m a medium size, and my thumb is already ~ 20mm when holding onto something…

  24. U make a good point. Although i think the frame borders are not propotionate and hence may be they tend to look bad.

    The LongBox video one looks fine though. It also seems to reiterate what u think. All Other Borders have been Reduced by a Significant Amount, But the top one too has been reduced by a few mm.

  25. Thanks Rohan!!! I can’t wait until the next post. Please don’t make us wait too long for it. And since you hinted about camera quality, I hope you are going to post a few photos taken with adam’s camera. A video clip shot with adam’s camera would be great too.

  26. Adam is a brimful of Asha…
    [if i’m not mistaken, Asha can be translated as hope or truth?]

    Maybe that song can be used to market the adam : )

    Can we get some Cornershop love here? 😀

    I can see a hip Adam video being put together with this as the backing music… would need Cornershop and Norman Cook’s approval though : )

  27. I am impressed by the fact that we have such an ongoing communication with you! It almost feels unreal: I appreaciate the fact that Notion Ink is a start-up company, but I don’t think that such a quick, two-way communication style can be taken for granted.
    It’s even more notable if you think that they are under such a big pressure to deliver!
    Thank you very much!

  28. I’m sure the problem with the USB and other I/O ports can easily be addressed. Sony’s Vaio X, ultra-slim 11″ carbon fiber netbook…

    was able to cram an ethernet port and a VGA port in a .55″ thick chassis.

    Of course there was the Sony X505 and also the Macbook Air but I believe those use dongles for bigger ports. However, they are netbooks so it may not be a good comparison.

  29. Yup i agree with you… The Interaction seems unreal.. If this had been Apple or Microsoft or any other, they would have just asked us to sod off. And then intentionally leak out the images on the internet. 🙂
    I guess being a young entrepreneur has its advantages, u can co relate with people much better and faster..

    Imagine if i had told Steve Jobs that i don like the Border on the IPAD, he would have either giiven me a case or replied back asking not to be disturbed again..


  30. “Final version will look exactly as it is on LongBox Video.”

    I paused that video at 42 seconds, right as the adam is showing itself fully, and it looks really good! Borders and all!

  31. I’m almost buying a chinese tablet or an Ipad to wait for Adam, or a pixel qi tablet. I really want one tablet to use in internet and read some book’s that don’t looks good in my ebook reader, jetbook. Why the rest of the world need FCC? It’s not only for the american market?

  32. ok, if bezzel wiil be have 16mm it wil be great

    Rohan can you conform, Adam will be have size(239x158x14mm) in specifications of oficial page?

  33. Thanks Rohan for all the highly anticipated and detailed information. One question that hasn’t been addressed is the issue of “carrier” for the 3G version.
    Do you have any details on that for the US purchaser of the Adam?

  34. Nice.. Thank you for clarifying that Rohan. Love the Perfectionist attitude 🙂 . Is there some kind of internal hd space in this for storage? or will that just for just how much space you have on your sim card?

  35. The rest of the world doesn’t require the FCC, their business plan does. they have investors, they have a business plan, and it envolved releasing the tablet first in the US. with other countries to follow very closely.

  36. I know for a fact that Australia, and more than likely UK, Germany, France etc. all need some sort of approval before a “communications” device can be sold in that country.

    So FCC approval is a must for me (since I live in Oz!).

    Great work Rohan, keep it up and you might just rival Mr Jobs one day 🙂

    Let’s all hope that your Adam kicks ALL the well known manufacturers butts !!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hey Rohan.

    Thanks for everything you make and especially answering the questions !

    Even if we are all pleased to see adam coming, maybe you should focus on the “grand public” because THEY will buy adam and the few geeks here will only buy a few adams…

    And maybe you should start by making you website smoother and up to date or else it might look really cheap…

    Greets from France.

    I’m hoping the best for adam. And, seriously, you may gonna be a model for future enterprises.

    Transparency would make me buy your product, any product actually !

  38. Apple revolutionizing anything is just wrong. They’ve copied from Xerox first and lots of other devices as we know. I’m sure Notion ink is steering clear of Apple clones unlike Samsung *Cough* Galaxy Tab *Cough*, they want to show consumers that there are other choices out there with better hardware and usability than anything Apple will ever unveil. I will leave you with this simple equation.
    Linux = Root level OS Customization
    Apple = Locked down HARDCORE! 😛

  39. I’m really glad that the border will be reduced. Wide black border is what makes iPad look terrible. And I really want Adam to look great 🙂
    Looking forward for some more pictures and maybe some UI screenshots or visualisations.

  40. correct me if I am wrong, but just did a quick calculation: pq screen is 221mm x 130 mm
    given bezel of 16 mm on both side, the length of adam is 253 mm.
    assume that top side bezel is 30 mm, and bottom 16 mm, the height would be 176 mm
    the overall size would be 253x176x14 mm, if depth is the same as listed ‘official’

  41. This post clears lot of issues people have raised. Rohan you beign such a busy mean still find time to blog and interact. We really appreciate your efforts. Good job.

  42. Hello everyone,

    Just wanna spark a small discussion here:
    Is anyone of you guys/geeks even considering the cheaper – non PixelQi version?
    I was thinking (or dreaming) of the “adam” the other day and it struck me that the standard LCD version is superfluous.
    I don’t have specific experience in marketing apart from my MBA, but its common wisdom that a product should have at least one outstanding feature to be widely successful. With the ipad its the fact that it came first and from Apple.
    I am sure that the “adam” will be great overall package but, at least for me the outstanding feature is the PixelQi display.
    I know its a question of entry price and all, but by offering a non PixelQi version Notion Ink forgoes the much of the glory and fame of praising itself as the first tablet to offer real convergence and almost universal applications.
    Its like saying:
    “Buy the “adam”- it can do it all – and that’s so much more than the ipad.” vs saying
    “Buy the “adam”- it’s a good tablet, but take care to choose one of PixelQi versions”

    Exactly that appeal and marketing tactics have gotten Apple where it is now and why shouldn’t our favorite company profit from it too, after all we want “adam” to be widely successful and not just keep it for ourselves.

  43. Appreciate the time you are taking Rohan, especially as you must be under immense pressure on many fronts bring this to market.

    Your openness is like a breath of fresh air, and an example for others to follow.

    Of course with this you are starting to build an army of ambassadors for the adam (deliberately all small letters)… I for one am telling my friends about it.

  44. I’m glad to read this… I already was worrying about the black border. I really thought it was too big.

  45. Thats good. But can we get more info on the UI and more videos rather than pictures so that we can actually tell how it works.

  46. Apple didn’t really revolutionize anything, if someone did revolutionize pc’s it was bill gates, all that apple does is try and put some eye candy in everything.

    And i really hope Adam as a device would be as open as possible, you never know what hackers might be able to run on this Amazing piece of Hardware.
    Also i am glad to see this post, wouldn’t really have affected me, but a lot of people were frustrated about it.

  47. Hi,

    Thanks for the update. Is it too late to include Corning Gorilla glass as your screen cover?
    It’s light and very durable.


  48. Hello Rohan,
    Can you tell us what to expect for support and service after the Adam is launched? What happens if I buy an Adam and it needs repair for whatever reason?
    Will there be (free) online support for questions and to solve issues?
    What about upgrades to future Android versions (3.0 Gingerbread and beyond)?
    Greetz and keep up the good work!

  49. I am not sure if Google is a investor in NI, but Google should look into this. As big players with whom google is working with have all come up with a stale/pale designs/specs working models. None have the teasing looks of adam.

    I wonder how come google is sleeping. Come on google partner (or acquire) NI and show the world what adam is all about.

  50. I know this sounds like I’m jumping the gun over here considering we don’t even have the actual device out yet, but have any of you thought about a tablet case/protector for the Adam when it comes out…?

    Just throwing it out there for any of you people with entrepreneurial streaks in them. I mean hey, the accessories market is just booming right now with the deluge of choices for Apple products, why not start thinking about Notion Ink’s, eh…?

  51. Damn seeing the comments it looks like there are 100s of people awaiting its release. Why not start a poll ‘Would you buy one?’ to get a feel of the audience waiting for the device?

  52. No need for a poll. NI Knows that lots of people are interested in them. There are Million+ hits everyday.

  53. Ok Ok enough with the chit chat (appreciate though).

    I want one with the Qi-screen and wifi only and the 32 gb.

    That’s all to it right?
    The color? Doesn’t matter, I will accept pink.
    Pink ain’t gay, it’s metrosexual.



  54. Thanks Rohan, great communication!!!! Best company ever! We just need a full tech spec about adam and the last version!

    special regards


  55. .
    You can grab adam by the batteries, a lot of bezel that part. So please, make it as thin as possible!

    Besides, an app can always be done to lock getting touch input from the borders? so you can hold it without pressing something? maybe even code it to a hardware 3-states lock key. Unlocked – locked border – locked.

  56. It will have 16 or 32GB of eMMC for internal storage with the ability to expand that using a microSD card (up to another 32GB).

  57. Nooooooooooooooooooo. I would hate for Google to acquire Adam. Partner with them fine, but if it acquired them part of their dynamic would be gone and who knows how that might affect them. I hope NI is a success, but I hope that after that success they are still themselves no matter what. It’s what makes them so great.

  58. I don’t understand nothing about market, but why America? Why not starts in India? I’m from Brazil but I think if starts in India it will be very good, and a present for the people of India, and the product could be imported during the FCC process, not direct for the Notion Ink, but another, like an Indian bookstore, like an Indian amazon . But I really don’t know if an imported device need this approval, but if it really need, it still could pass in the customs. If not, I think Adam will never come to Brazil! Because of the high tax and the bureaucracy to release imported goods. Like apple still don’t release ipad here, if I want one, I need to buy from ebay, and hope to avoid paying taxes, the tax is 60%!!!

  59. Glad to hear that. It didn’t matter much to me but if it can look better then great, and 16mm seems fine for holding on to it. It also assuages the worries that it had gotten bigger in overall dimensions as a result of the bezel.

  60. Looking at the video of Adam posted by Rohan, I think the carrier of choice is AT&T in USA!!! 😦
    I hope it’ll work with TMobile too!


    plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it work for T-mobile’s data network

  62. Hello Rohan, Notion Ink team and the fans,

    This is my first post here, but I have been following NI since Dec last year. I am excited about this and already have budgeted for its purchase, whenever it is released. Its going to be a Christmas/NewYear present to my 8yr old. But I guess I will be using it lot more. 🙂

    I just have one minor query/concern. I know that my laptop (HP running Vista) batteries get really hot in a short time after turning it on, infact so that that it is not possible to keep it on the lap. So if Adam is being held vertically (potrait mode) from where the batteries are, how warm/hot does it get. Can it be held for a long period of time without causing skin burns? I hope there are vents that dissipate heat but not to close to where one is supposed to hold it.

    Just a pratical question from a pratical kind of a person.

    Best regards in your endevours.



  63. Oh, that explains the pink banisters in some of the Tokyo subways. But what color should you get if you’re gay but not metrosexual?

  64. Starting sales in the US is presumably a business decision. Rohan already said that that’s where most of the software developers are from, and that’s where he expects the biggest market to be, and anyway India will be only 1 week behind that. And NI certainly doesn’t want to be manufacturing two sets of Adams, one for the US market (with FCC approval) and one without the FCC approval; that would drive their costs up enormously and it would be pointless because most countries require some sort of approval of their own.

    It’s really horrible about the Brazilian import taxes and bureaucracy. I think these are supposed to encourage local Brazilian development, but often wind up stifling it.
    (Also Brazil is in American, but never mind that.)

  65. I think pink should be part of the color scheme too. Wish there is one, I would love to get a second one for my girlfriend. She would totally LOVE it. She already says.. this Table blows away the ipad. Please have pink in consideration. Thank you again for making this Awesome Tablet Rohan. GOOOOO NOTION INK!!! GO! FIGHT! WIN!!! 🙂

  66. Importing without the proper approval for your country can incur fines (it depends on your luck, just like paying the import taxes). Also, one reason to launch in the US is because it is THE richest country in the world. You could fit the economies of the other top 4 industrialized nations (Japan, Germany, China, UK) inside theirs. Meaning if you’re launching in only ONE country, financially it makes sense (demographics and all that are other factors to consider obviously).

  67. Thank’s for all replys, know I could understand all the decisions involved. Really thank’s. Know I understand the importance of FCC, and I really don’t think about two lot’s, I thought that it wasn’t necessary to make two lot’s, I thought that after receive the FCC all products, even the ones made before FCC will have it. But it don’t make sense my thought. Sorry for my english.

    And gecko, really are two america countries but with lots of diferences, for good and for ill. Unfortunately Brazil doesn’t invest so much in public education, like Korea did and in tecnology we are far behind, like in my city Petrópolis in Rio de Janeiro, the internet speed is only 1mb the maximum! In Rio is much more, because is one capital, but the reality in Brazil is that, 1mb, and the price is very high! Is about 64 dollars! But the speed is not really 1mb is at maximum 120kb to download. And in others cities the price is higher!

  68. What about:
    Our low scale one is better than the best IPAD. Our best…alone by its self.

    Take a bite out of the apple…I love Adam!
    And make sure you post it all over the subways in New York City!

  69. I am looking into buying the cheaper version and so are most of the other students I know who are looking into it. Even without the pixel QI the adam has many more pros than anything on the market for the price. As a student I am looking to save money and I do not need pixel QI . . . being from a land of dark classrooms and cloudy rainy weather. I could barely afford the Notion Ink Adam at the previous price point, and now its a stretch for me at 399 for the non pixel QI.

    The pixel QI screen does two things – Allow use in sunlight and increase battery life.

    The product I want to buy is the Notion Ink Adam, not a screen

  70. If you market yourself as an also-ran, that’s all you ever will be.

    NI’s most distinguishing feature is it’s dual nature. It’s a nook and an iPad all in one. But the marketing should mention neither.

    I would personally do some kind of take on the old Miller Lite campaign (you remember -where beer drinkers would argue over the distinguishing feature of Miller Lite: “Less Filling! Tastes Great!”)

    “It’s for e-reading!”

    “No, it’s for Apps!”

    “Actually, it’s both . . .”

  71. Thanks for so quick update. Thickness and bezel comments are over now.

    the change in the overall size and hence the weight, is not that much big, that will be very helpful in long duration usage. i think the size will be around 250-255 mm (in long direction).

    9 patents on ports, Wow probably in the coming weekend special we see some announcements, as u have already got the patents.

    i just wanted to know if the patents on the UI is also ready?

  72. Yeah, the likes of Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison and Steve Ballmer should totally respond to your emails and calls 24/7. After all what else they have to do after brushing their teeth and taking a crap every morning.

    You do realize that that those folks run multi billion dollar companies right?

    Having said all that Steve does respond to some direct emails.

  73. “if someone did revolutionize pc’s it was bill gates”

    You never disappoint me with your ignorance. Bill Gates revolutionized PCs? Wow.

  74. @ Adam (Seriously)

    If you want to make comparisons, do it right by comparing Linux and OSX. Apple is a company and Linux is a OS.

    Thanks for pointing out out the obvious. Linux is _open_ where as OSX, Windows are not. What is so surprising and exotic here?

  75. I’m pretty sure (and no doubt I will get corrected if wrong) that they said they were staying away from that kind of dealing. I thought it was going to be all direct online ordering and then you take it to whatever carrier you want.

    There are people here who will know better than me – is this correct?

  76. Hey Rohan,

    Thanks for the updates…when will we get to see the latest specs and the hands on??? any pointers???

  77. Wow!! Rohan, you need to get some sleep Man!!
    Then again, you are giving us sleepless nights, by making us check for updates 😉 :p .

    Keep up the good work.

    Ronak Rathod

  78. Yes Rohan !!! This will help us to see camera quality of ADAM specially MACRO one as you said:)

  79. Thanks Rohan, for making our day.Yesterday throughout the day I was refreshing this site.

    I felt that we all (adam lover on this blog) were there in China along with you uncovering ADAM for the first time :).Thanks for all the information you shared with us.We might cry when we will get Adam finally in our hand ,as after traveling with you so far ; its difficult to say , whether it is mere a gadget that we all are waiting or is it seriously like our SON 🙂

    Keep it up and best of luck for future!!!God bless you.

  80. Hi Rohan,

    In the images shown in the previous blog post, I saw for the first time that the bezel has some buttons on them (e.g. home etc). The renders, and the Longbox video, thus far did not have any.

    Can you please comment on how many buttons, their function and if these will be programmable / user defined ?


  81. >> maybe even code it to a hardware 3-states lock key. Unlocked – locked border – locked.

    that’s a brilliant idea!!

  82. Hi Rohan, Thanks for the awesome Updates in the middle of your tight schedules. Waiting to see the final product soon.


  83. Thank you Rohan for the answer. Everybody was guessing yesterday without clear answer.It is clear the air now.

  84. I also couldn’t fail to notice that these buttons are not only in an awkward position but they also do’t seem to be aligned with the screen.

    Now, the fact that part of the screen is painted over would explain the misalignment, but the width that would have to be subtracted from the black border to align the top/left button with the display seems to be way more than 5-6 mm.

    In any case, concerning the Android “Hardware buttons” on the Adam, my taste is as follows:

    – I’d prefer a navigation approach that does away with the need for having these buttons. It’s ok to keep the buttons, but I don’t like to HAVE to incorporate them.
    I see the idea behind those four buttons that Google came up with. They are basic navigation aspects that otherwise have to be part of every GUI screen thus using up part of the very scarce screen area that is available on a smartphone. In the case of a tablet, having these buttons therefore makes the lesser sense, the more screen-estate there is. The only reason for having such buttons in a ten inch tablet would be because the Android GUI wasn’t designed to incorporate a mode in which these buttons appear as part of the on-screen GUI as is the case with the iOS GUI.
    But even on a smartphone I would prefer having these navigation buttons incorporated into the GUI. Perhaps not as buttons that use up valuable screen-estate, but rather as touch gestures.
    Therefore, I would like to see these buttons to eventually disappear on the ADAM and be replaced by a better GUI navigation approach as the one Google originally came up with. (Let’s see if Google decides to carry over the navigation-button-approach into the Gingerbread GUI as this is rumored to be rather tailored to tablet or large-screen devices and might therefore have a different navigation metaphor.

    – IF there is the need for Google-Android style navigation buttons in ADAM, then I’d like to propose to move them to the center of the side on which they currently appear. I know it’s to late to change the anatomy of the device, but that’s why I’m proposing to just move them over a couple of centimeters. That might be doable after all. This way the buttons could be reached easily with one hand when holding the tablet in portrait mode with the other and they could also easily be reached in landscape mode. In their current position, it will be hard to reach these buttons with the right hand while holding the device in portrait mode with the left hand.
    BTW: since the tablet can be held in portrait and landscape orientation, if it is impossible to find a spot for the buttons on the border that works well in both scenarios, it would make perfect sense to have two sets of buttons.

  85. Dear Rohan and team.
    Congratulations . Could you please open ( or give information about) advance booking. I think there are many like me- who wants to buy the first lot of productions.
    – I can wait without issues even if your availabilty dates are not fixed yet. But I would like to eligible for the first lot.
    – if you create a system, I (and many) can pay in advance and wait.(any long- if price increases ready to pay more)
    -if you tentatively advance book now and when appropriate if you could mail me (us) and give three day notice to pay – that is fine.
    – you can make category country by country

    please respond .

  86. Rohan and the NI Team,
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop – I really keep praying that you are indeed starting a revolution here, and that the rest of the industry can take notice and inspiration to make a product successful.
    I think in today’s highly connected world, using the internet to interact and react to people’s requirements and comments is important (recent example: How GAP had to revert to its original logo because the online community lambasted it!)…
    This process will evolve and only get better and hopefully NI will be the catalyst..
    Cheers and all the best…..

  87. Exactly! I want to know about this too. Dual-booting would be THE way to try out different dirstros and see what we can really do with it (without breaking whatever configuration we get by default).

    Also concerning this:
    – Can we boot from the extra card-slots and the USB?
    – Will you provide the image for the original OS for backup purposes so that we can fix what we break?
    – Is the Android/Ubuntu choice something to decide before-hand or do you ship with both? Or is ubuntu-installation something we just do on our own?

  88. Sorry . Continuation of previuos mail.
    Very novel approach. A lot of effort in updating us is appreciated. Adam has come very well . Welldone Rohan and team.

    Please let us no of there is advance booking plans.

  89. Have a look at
    Look for the search% tab. The number of new users redirected to your blog as a result of searches is almost zero. Translation, most of the people here have your blog bookmarked and there is NO BUZZ.
    Rohan, I am very interested in ADAM. Not only from a tech-enthusiast/developer perspective but as a deeply nationalistic Indian too. ADAM could be the ‘genesis’ of a new product design revolution from India.
    Now since the end-game is in sight, I implore you to start the marketing. Create the BUZZ. Make millions of people wait for it. Its a great device, no doubt. But sadly in this world, innovative marketing is more important than innovative design.
    Salman Khan said a very interesting thing during a recent interview. He said its all about targeting the teenagers. They are the most loyal fans that any product can have. But direct marketing won’t work on them. Be as innovative in your marketing as you have been in your product design.
    In a very melodramatic way, the hopes of a billion people lie on your shoulders. 😉
    Jai Hind.

  90. Shortest focus distance of 3cm…That is SOO cool! Even my Nikon P&S has minimum focus distance of 1 feet in its macro mode!

    Warm Regards,

  91. Dear Rohan,

    I would be very happy if any of the pictures were useful to you! Please, use them however you like.
    These photographs were all taken in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens. I have the originals, so I can you send different/bigger versions if you need them.

    Kind Regards

  92. Keeping the buttons to the left or right has usability issues in that these are the most frequently hand-held areas and thus more prone to accidental clicks while holding the tablet. Keeping it right or left also makes it difficult for folks who are ‘other handed’ (i.e. left or right handed). In the case of ADAM, even the top is not a recommended area as it too is a possible ‘hand-holding’ area (due to the curvature).

    Thus the only sane location remaining is the bottom bezel center.I would rather recommend to keep the buttons in the bottom.

    @Rohan, if you do read this blog entry, can you please clarify if there will be buttons, and where they will be placed. Thanks in advance.


  93. hey, what if someone dismantle adam & make a cheap copy, then what? China is big illicit trade market.

  94. Why do you bicker so much about apple on this blog?
    You fail to understand that your country is not the only one in the world.
    Apple might have brought pc’s into mainstream in America but they were limited to certain people.
    The revolution was in fact part of Microsoft’s success, and Bill gates dream of putting a pc in every home.
    Ask yourself, how many people would own a pc they were as costly as mac?
    *hint, hint- i am not talking about America*

  95. I’m not so sure Google acquiring the Notion Ink would be a great idea. The resources that Google can offer would undoubtedly be enormous. And if Notion Ink were bought out by Google, there would be strings attached. And the level of innovation and direction the team takes would be dictated to some extent by Google. Though I have nothing against Google or its products, I would like to see this company as it is – not under the control of some superpower corporations. Besides, a little competition never hurts anybody…

  96. Thank goodness, a lot of my excitment dropped when ii saw the giant borders on the photos.
    Key to device success is aesthetics as well as functionality and thin borders really add to the looks. As other people mentioned, you only mentioned reducing left and right borders. I hope this includes the top border as well as this is disproportionately large relative to the screen.

    Good luck and hope to see the adam soon!

  97. Nice wallpaper. Do you have another font style for “a”? “d’ and “m” look cute. “a” looks a little bit more like drop of fluid (in inverted position).

  98. Cornershop rocks my world absolutely! Asha == hope in Hindi and Telugu. Should be an interesting fan-vid to make; the images could fly off the screen like they do in the original music vid. 🙂

  99. I believe it’s quite simple these days; you need a 3D printer, that’s all. I’m also sure there’ll be some enterprising manufacturer in China doing this up right now. 🙂

  100. Actually, considering that NI can manufacture only up to 100,000 units / month, it’s actually counter-productive for them to aim for millions. To use a cricketing metaphor, you can, theoretically hit 500 runs in a single innings in an ODI, but would you? 🙂

    That said, your bigger point is well-taken; a bit frustrating to see limited web-exposure on NI on the web. The main buzz here seems to be from gadget-heads who frequent slashgear / engadget etc. That said, this is nothing that a well-placed unit or two can’t solve; basically get the units into the hands of ‘influential’ columnists/ reviewers/ bloggers such as NYT’s David Pogue, and NI will be well on its way to their bank.

  101. Have a drink, be cool !!!
    NI is not making this product on behalf of the nation. They are very ambitious, brave and futuristic! You can proud of them, proud of India….but posting that remarks here would be a bit boring to others. Drop an email to Rohan or NI…that would be nice 🙂
    (People mostly dont remember the inventions, by the country names, yea?)
    Lets discuss about Adam here….to keep the harmony!

  102. I absolutely agree that the bottom region is the best area to place the buttons.
    But wouldn’t it be better to center the buttons on the bottom side? Currently, they are at the bottom’s left side. For better looks, usability and in order to get the buttons out of the “danger zone”, the buttons should be at the bottom, but in center-position, don’t you think?

    Concerning the number of buttons: I’m an android user from the first minute and my girlfriend has an Android phone as well. My phone has all four Google buttons (home, menu, back, search) and I noticed that I never use the search button. My girlfriend has an Samsung Galaxy S and I just LOVE that Samsung has decided to drop the fourth button.
    Three buttons are so much more manageable.
    Even better than these dedicated touch buttons would be a gesture enabled touch region à la Palm pre below the actual screen, where a swype to the left might trigger the “back” event, swype upwards would slide a menu into the screen and swype downwards be the “home” event.

  103. Nice pics Dom, I envy your perspective!!
    Yea, Some UI is always remembered by their wallpapers or screensavers..(like Win XP, Clown fish of iPhone…)
    Adam/Eden need few too. If Rohan invite, there will be a flood of Pictures 🙂

  104. He mentioned this in an earlier post somewhere. The limitation came down to cost and having to use off the shelf components.
    I have to admit, don’t know what Sony or Macbook Air use but if when I look at the price I think non standard……

  105. Response to: wtff said, on October 13, 2010 at 14:08

    1. I guess you read my post a little too fast :-). I did mention ‘bottom bezel center’.

    2. I recall reading somewhere that all the members of OHA (Open Handset Alliance) must follow a basic hardware requirement as far as the buttons on the phone. This is the reason why you see almost all of the Android phones having the common buttons. This is one of the conditions imposed by Google for the handset providers, if they choose to use Android. Also, given that Google is the proponent of OHA, I am not surprised that they want to have a dedicated Search button. After all, their business runs on ‘Search’ and having a dedicated button for it makes sense for them.

    3. I am not sure how does the OHA rules apply to tablets though. Samsung must be either breaking the rules, or there are no rules for tablets and Samsung is only providing the buttons as users will be familiar with them (the Galaxy S tablet is being marketed as a big brother of the Galaxy S phones…hence having similar buttons helps users and manufacturing).

  106. Hi All

    This is my first post and I just want to say after coming across Notion Ink and the Adam a few months ago I became very interested and started to follow this page. I am not a fan of products that are all about looks (I’m sure you know what I mean) my interset lies with functionality. The more information that you post Rohan just makes me more interested and I love the thought processes that have gone into this tablet and can’t wait to get my hands on one. Also I hope the promotion of this product has had as much thought put into it, because if it performs the way that is expected it deserves to be known about and I beleive it could become a great success. Keep up the good work and keep letting us know how things are going. Thanks

  107. Until now I’ve only worried about things like screen responsiveness, clarity and resolution etc. Basically stuff to do with actually using adam….But now I know how many people whine about minor things like mm’s involved in bezel size I shall pay more attention to the see of black that surrounds such things.
    If stuff like this isn’t rectified I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that my adam has a wide beam while it’s turned off in it’s case. 😮
    What do you mean it wasn’t designed to 1.6180339887?!?!!

  108. as Rohan said before it will but it cannot be delivered with gingerbread because gingerbread will be out in 2011!! so adam will have froyo as android version!

  109. @Paritosh they already say that adam will me contract free! and the AT&T logo that you see in the beginning of the video, is there because TED talk show sponsors is AT&T. so don’t worry relax and lay down! 😉

  110. Hi Rohan,

    They requested the originals, so I have uploaded it to my webspace and sent them the link (as it is really too big to send as an email attachment).
    The original photos are not cropped, so they are not yet the right resolution/aspect ratio for wallpapers. I have also included the wallpaper versions so that they can see what cropping I thought looked best, but you are welcome to do anything you like with them.
    Thank you and best of luck with everything!

    Kind regards,

  111. @akshay: The way CE devices work nowadays is that you make people wait for the product. 🙂
    @DH: Dude, I thought that it was obvious that my comment was tongue in cheek.

  112. 1.) oh, my bad. I did indeed over-read this, *despite* being a slow reader. That sucks twice 😉

  113. I guess it all depends! its a 2-way world this and everything boils down to WIFM; if not then one is a genuine charitable person.

    I cant comment on Steve as a person but comparing NI & Apple, its a no brainer who is winning in the openness stakes.

  114. 2. & 3.) The requirements to be met by Android 2.2 devices are detailed in the Android Compatibility Document (CDD)

    “8.7. Navigation keys
    The Home, Menu and Back functions are essential to the Android navigation paradigm. Device implementations MUST make these functions available
    to the user at all times, regardless of application state. These functions SHOULD be implemented via dedicated buttons. They MAY be implemented
    using software, gestures, touch panel, etc., but if so they MUST be always accessible and not obscure or interfere with the available application display
    Device implementers SHOULD also provide a dedicated search key. Device implementers MAY also provide send and end keys for phone calls.

    So, in essence, new devices operating on Android 2.2 are not required to have a search button but the other three functions are mandatory but do not necessarily be implemented as hardware buttons or touch buttons but can be just touch gestures.

    Perhaps older versions of this document were more strict. I too remember that Google mandated the hardware search button on the HTC Magic device.

  115. Is there any button to lock screen rotation on adam ?

    It is very usefull when you want to show the tablet to someone next to you …

    and thanks Rohan for all these informations.

  116. Rohan, lets shift back to UI/software please; h/w freeze please; all new requests /ideas could be parked for Adam2.

    there is a whole world of things to do on the s/w front to make Adam sing/dance etc. I bet there are more s/w geeks around who are just waiting to exploit all the wonderful ‘organs’ Adam has….

    For cam: can have a utility which pops up like a help window etc. when using related apps and can have widget to rotate the cam ever so slightly say by 5 deg. increments – and capture pictures to create a wide perspective image or auto-create a collage etc.

    For back touchpad: as suggested by Mike here, a collaboration with Witpad folks would be nice; their business is to to ‘talk’ with fingers on touchpads!

    For games: I can see great potential for using the multiple panels to actually ‘split’ a game across multiple programs and allow user/gamer pick and choose the features to be ‘loaded’ as one navigates thru various levels etc.

    For all: create a virtual assistant-robot to do all and sundry bookkeeping, for reminders, calendar management, to-do lists, play ‘suprabatham’ in the morning and light music in the night (and similar for various geographies), scan the face using cam and give a freshness index, or even throw a mirror app to allow folks to shave, apply make up etc.

    the idea is to extend the boundaries of imagination which is why Adam was conceived in the first place…. otherwise we will be too buried in the physical world and the limitations of the hardware and keep debating the mm, cm, inches…

  117. 3cm closer for macro photos!
    That sounds amazing! I jst luv macro photography. And taking adam 3cm close to the object
    and looking at it through the big screen
    and auto focus
    and clik!

  118. @Dom
    now this is what is called proactive love!!! Nice work. Pics look so cool.

    People, those of you good with photos, time to show your love. Post pics for all occasions. Also which reflects every countires, as a global village where Adam roams!!!

  119. Hi all!
    I thought it would be interesting to know how many of you are going to buy the Adam tablet. So I have proposition to create a poll: “Will you buy Notion Ink’s Adam tablet?” with 5 answers to choose:
    1 – definetly yes
    2 – maybe
    3 – rather not
    4 – definetly not
    5 – nope, I’m waiting for Adam2
    Who’s for?

  120. Hello,

    I come from germany and my English isn’t very good so I can’t understand and write any things perfectly. I’m really fascinating of adam and I hope to get then one. Can anyone tell me where I can order one for germany when it’s available? Apart from that I wonder me why there are no tablets with a integrated and tiltable stand on the backside. With gummed feets at the stand and the edges of the adam it could be perfect to use it on a desk or a table without extra accessories. What’s your opinion?

  121. Response to: wtff said, on October 13, 2010 at 15:44

    Yes, that is the link at which I read this too a while back. But based on what you pasted, I read it as

    1. All android devices must provide Home, Menu & Back functions. These functions must be implemented as explicit buttons. In addition to the dedicated buttons, these functions may be provided in some other manner (e.g. gesture).

    2. If any access to search function is being provided, then the device must provide a dedicated button for this.

    Note, I am assuming SHOULD and MUST to have the same importance, and both to have overarching importance over MAY.

    In any case, we can expect to see a combination of buttons in ADAM to satisfy the 2.2 requirements.

    I wonder whether the Logitech / Sony branded Google TV remotes satisfy this requirement as Google TV is also Android based. I would guess, yes.

  122. Or a bit of Michael Franti.

    Either song, showing an adam being passed from person to person, culture to culture, all around the world.

  123. if it was 1024*768 then definetely yes.
    but with the 1024*600 i don’t see any point. scrolling in all directions doesn’t make sense to me if i want to surf the web and read.
    if people are getting it for playing games and watching movies – fine.
    i prefer doing those things with my ps3, pc and on my big tv.

    hopefully adam2 (or whatever the 2nd model be called) will have a more reader-friendly resolution/display.

    still a great product though, no doubt. just too bad the screen dimension/resolution was not made for userfriendly reading but for people who don’t mind scrolling all over the place.


  124. Just set the flower.png as my active desktop here at work. Dominic, can you describe what’s going on in that first photo? Has any photoshopping taken place there? Or is that a natural phenomenon with the white curly stuff?

  125. hehe, you’re already asking bout the 2nd model when the first one hasn’t hit the shelves yet?! 🙂

  126. ^^^This is why they are doing the lcd version. Some people are just stupid, and they won’t understand the point of the pixel qi – I actually had a friend say she didn’t want to get an ereader until they came out with one that has a lit up screen. *facepalm* She didn’t get the reason behind the technology, or why it was expensive.

  127. Hi Dom, just wanted to say I simply adored the pics and also congrats for the cute contribution to NI… also loved the little interaction you had with Rohan.

  128. well there is no limit to what negative use of knowledge can do…. guess that’s why we have all the countries spending so much on defence/police etc.

    luckily this is technology and not politics; hopefully the competitors wont hire spies, goons etc. to create rogue teams etc. but I do hope NI will put some sort of hardware locks so that they can protect themselves from liabilities

  129. Pls. change the website design. It really sucks and looks too cheap for a product like this. Why can’t make it more simpler and less flashy……..

  130. Hi!
    The plant is not photoshopped (actually none of them are), but I have no idea what species it is – I’ll check next time I’m there. It naturally grows little curly white ‘hairs’ half way down the stalks.

    Also, thanks to everyone for the kind comments!

  131. I wouldn’t underestimate the buzz a few posts with slashgear, engadget or gizmodo can create. Anything on those sites android related is then picked up by various android blogs (Android and Me, Android Guys, Phandroid).

    Just wait for the reviews. Then there’ll be a big buzz.

  132. I completely disagree with everyone complaining about the location of the buttons. I think they are in the perfect spot right now. if you think about it, in landscape mode you will probably hold the tablet with your left hand near the center of the left bezel, the buttons will a few centimeters up from your thumb. since landscape is the primary mode anyone is probably going to be using the adam, it makes sense to keep it the way it is.

  133. “Is anyone of you guys/geeks even considering the cheaper – non PixelQi version?”

    Nope. Its one of the most attractive features. For me – I am planning on a fully decked out version. Max of any choice.

    This thing is a dream. I can’t wait to wake up and find one in my hands.

  134. @Crystal

    I am not bickering over Apple here. I am responding to some rather ridiculous and misdirected hatred towards Apple and it’s products.

    Bill Gates certainly was one of the first few to identify the importance of Software. But in no way he revolutionized the PC industry. If you really want to use the term – ‘revolution’ then it was Apple who revolutionized personal computing with Apple-I and Apple-II. What you are saying is akin to Indians an Chinese have ‘revolutionized’ the human gene pool because they have a combined total of 2 billion people and almost 1 in every single country. That is not a revolution.

    Why are you starting this whole jingoistic ‘Your country’ and ‘My Country’ nonsense? This kind of spew just ruins the spirit of this blog.

  135. I agree. I really appreciate what Rohan is doing here but he shouldn’t be talking about Adam-II and how it’s going to be so much better than Adam-I. I don’t think the investors would Appreciate it.

  136. Rohan, can you confirm size of Adam od oficiial page(239x158x14mm) ? I don´t believe this size, it is impossible with 10,1 inches screen

  137. That video was hilarious but i don’t think Tobias Scott-Killian in one of those people.

    I am also a student and this time my parents are not going to buy me an Adam, so i have started collecting (so much) money for the first time. I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy the highest end model but I’ll try to buy the pixel qi version at the very least as i would also need it while travelling to my college, visibility is a factor there.
    But in the end, money is a big player for students and a lot also depends on how and when people will use it, maybe he doesn’t need to use it outside.

  138. more than 9 patents?
    why not just say 10 patents? unless patents come in fractions, like 9.45 patents, but i don’t think so!
    just kidding…
    good work guys, can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys.

  139. @crystal

    hey guys cool down. You both are mature, intelligent and analytical commentors here. I have liked reading all the comments of you both, some are really contributory to the general enlightenment about adam and also IT.

    So lets not spoil “ours” mood with comments going towards infanthood.

    See Rohan started something which may have wide ranging impact in our computing and interconnectivity needs. This , if successful may also bring about social changes. we may forget about the narrowness of division of countries, race, religion etc uniting us with our passion of staying in connection and technology. (I am very optimistic and tends towards idealism :-))

    i mean I can read all these comments from various countries. Isnt this great?

    Many here may be adolescents, but I have read comments of far older guys(ladies also). we are all reaching out to something which appeal to us – a concept symbolised by NI Adam.

    So lets enjoy this birth process/ or labour 🙂 without sentiments going north pole!!!

  140. You can only hold the battery-bezel comfortably in portrait-mode, not landscape. I like the idea of locking part of the screen, it’s quite ingenious. Though from a practical perspective I doubt it would catch on. It introduces another layer of complexity, which would make the user market even more limited. How many people and how often will remember to actually use this switch? How many times would someone try to push a menu button until they realize it doesn’t work because the tablet is in the “lock-border” mode? I think users would go for simpler things… that’s why I believe that a decent bezel is a necessary evil. Also I’m waiting to see the SDK and how exactly NI will handle the MULTI-touch issue, if you can independently identify sources of touch, and pass on the bezel problem to the software level where it would be easier to eliminate (from an application) touches outside the area of interest…. Now that would be a combination that I’d like: thin bezel and smart apps … Hmmmm …. I’m salivating…. 🙂

  141. do you really think that chinese copycat makers do follow these patents rules? My friend recently bought the chinese copycat ipad and i have original one, man, casual user cant make difference between them. God bless adam and salute to chinese backstabbers. #Note: my friend bought that junk piece only for research.he is doing research on illicit trade market and its a eye opener, they make copies of everything, even viagras are fake, poor boys,sigh.

  142. Rohan & NI folks ….

    altough i am very exicted about Adam i still think that you guys are doing lousy job of marketing and creating buzz about it . by now your website should contains good quality pictures and videos . I am following adam from long time and Rohan is doing awesome job of explaining to us on the process etc but thats not enough . by judging the count of people who comments on this blog it will be still in some 1000 to 2000 range . you will have to now start creating buzz use facebook , twitter and other social media .
    Today on Engadget i saw advent vega tablet releasing in late oct in UK . This has same OS specs and perhaps hardware specs .
    Your rivals are not sitting idle . btw i like the way advent vega hide the usb port bezel .

    anyway eagerly waiting for adam to come out to US market . I hope at-least for x’mas holiday it should be available here . good luck and i want to see you guys getting succeed .

    good luck !

  143. Hello Rohan
    Just a question (not related to the subject here) : will the Adam be locked? I mean Motorola and HTC phones are heavily locked via hardware stuff so users can’t root/install custom ROM, and that’s suck. What about our beloved tablet?

  144. I do understand the point of the pixel QI screen, I just cannot afford it, and to tell the honest truth I do not need it.

    I will not be using the Adam as an E-reader for the most part . . . lcd screens do not hurt my eyes even after long periods of time.

    So for me the only reason why I would need it is to use it in sunlight . . . I go to school in a cold and wet place.

    I need the Adam to:

    Browse the Internet
    View course work
    Write Notes
    Have Fun

  145. frankly speaking, oh sorry, writing, it will take a certain amount of time for new player to become successful in market. I still strongly belive in mouth to mouth publicity. Dont get disappointed if sells are not as per your expectations.Your product is really good but be patient, set small targets. Apple hadnt succeeded overnight. I wish you best luck. #Note: pardon my bad english and grammer.

  146. Response to: Jon G said, on October 13, 2010 at 21:56

    Let’s say that the buttons are indeed where you think it should be. This implies you assume that the person using the tablet is right handed (since you suggest holding the tablet with the left hand, the right hand becomes the primary hand to operate the screen e.g. swiping etc).

    First off, while holding the tablet with your left hand (and presumably using the right hand to operate the screen), it would be very inconvenient to hold and balance the tablet in your left hand while also trying to press the buttons with your left thumb, assuming that your left thumb is long enough to reach all the buttons.

    Second, this is an issue for folks who are left handed (I am right handed though).

    Having the buttons at the bottom
    – allows the user to continue having a good grip and balance of the device in the hand the user is most comfortable to use.
    – is agnostic whether the user is right or left handed.

    Alternately if the top curved area is going to be the primary manner of holding the tablet (similar to how you would hold a writing clipboard), then perhaps the buttons can be on the sides. However in this case the thumbs are not going to be the primary fingers pressing the buttons. I would imagine that the index finger or its neighbor would be it.

  147. Yeah right. If you are people are into macro photography then they would buy a decent SLR and a macro lens. I don’t see people carrying 10″ touch screens to get close to random objects outdoors.

  148. I noticed that as well. I’m skeptical. In addition, I don’t know if the stated 6mm is enough reduction of that HUGE bezel to reach my expectations. It looks like it’s 50mm+ on each side in those pictures.

  149. i agree with TurboD, and i would encourage everyone to save up a bit of extra money and buy the PixelQi version!

    The most revolutionary product ever will be the one that replaces the pencil and pad of paper!

  150. Yes, this is very common, look back a few blog post by Rohan, he specifically warns users that there are already web sites proporting to sell the adam, and that they are not legit.

    There is nothing that can stop it. since in many cases, the fake, could be coming out of the same factory the legitamite product is being produced at.

  151. atm not sure what I like better , Adam or this blog lol

    cant wait for the launch though .

    All the best Rohan

  152. lol – yes. My wife and I both plan on pre-ordering, but I’ve also pretty much talked my work into getting them as well 🙂

  153. When you say they are making copies of everything you arn’t not kidding, I read a report that even toilet paper is being counterfeited

    I am serious, toilet paper is being counterfeited, the Chinese factories are making through the slowdown in the economy any way they can.

  154. @VB SHOULD and MUST are never the same. Must is mandatory. Should is a VERY strong suggestion. Should is stronger than MAY so in the document it essentially means they would prefer for you to use the hardware buttons but will tolerate some form of software implementation.

  155. Rohan- with the Gingerbread SDK being released next week and the fact that the adam has not started production yet. Can we assume that you would be looking into for the release or for a upgrade shortly after release. this would be a great way to show off Genesis in the fact that you could push your updates through it.

    I know I’m fishing but it is good bait and all out months would drop open and we would all start drolling again.

    Sorry posted in the older blog and wanted it over here

  156. Ummmm, the camera panning app thing wouldn’t really work unless it had a motor which I don’t think it has… Other than that good ideas 🙂

  157. Well, it is also good. It shows that they plan to be in this industry for the long game. Which means that we can count on them being there when we have problems rather than some random company which comes together to put out a generic cheap crappy tablet and then disbands.
    Also there’s the question of when the 2 would come out. I doubt it’d be two months after the first Adam. And as is often said in tech reviews: buy a device (well, they normally say phone but it applies to many) not for what it can do for you tomorrow but for what it can do for you today. Personally I hope to buy the Adam and enjoy it and be happy with the purchase. If there’s a third gen device then I’d consider buying it if it has advanced enough and I have a need for it (or have someone to give the first one to, I refuse to go around creating e-waste).

  158. @tintincub Well i can reply to your comment and then you would reply to mine and this will continue on forever like those people who fight over Mac OSx vs Windows vs Linux and in the end like always, there would be no solution.
    So why don’t we take Bruce’s Advice and establish a basic fact that I don’t like Apple at all But do Admire their work and none of us would comment on anything related to apple coz as bruce said
    “So lets not spoil “ours” mood with comments going towards infanthood”

  159. Look at this photo. The bezel of the tablet is very narrow yet you can still hold it with one handl. It seems that the bezel is about 16mm or less?

    It doesn’t matter if the top bezel (in landscape mode) is wide as long as the other sides are equal in width to give the Adam an even proportionate look. Good design is key.

  160. I suspect most people don’t carry an SLR everywhere. If they want to take a cool photograph of an object close-up, having an adam which is capable of focusing from 3cm is really neat.
    Besides which, I’ve learned one thing while taking photographs: It is not the camera, it is the photographer. That is, the really creative person might still get better photographs with their point-and-shoot.

    …But I’m sorry for dragging us away from discussion of the wonderful tablet! Lets talk about the adam instead!

  161. @crystal

    Ha! for a second I thought you silently admire Apple 😉

    I don’t have a problem with critiquing any product or a company with factual evidence.

    But the minute you spew hatred just for the heck of it or to appear cool you are going to turn a lot of heads.

    “establish a basic fact that I don’t like Apple at all”

    It’s already evident and established from your posts that you don’t like Apple and I don’t have a problem with that. I already mentioned multiple times that I am only a fan of technology and not any single product. In fact I own a variety of products from several companies. When I bought the first generation iPhone, I tried several available smart phones but the iPhone completely blew me away.

    All in all we can agree to disagree.

  162. Uhm never been to Japan before so I guess they just like pink, I dunno.

    Rainbowie? Don’t wanna offend gay people.

  163. Holy moly, the first picture is awesome man.
    It looks so cool it looks fake.
    10 thumbs up for you.

  164. Not sure if this has been covered. Ive been keeping tabs as long as the rest of you… yeah, its been a long 9-10 months. But what work have you guys at the Notion Ink team done on the keyboard front? It seems with every new Android Tablet released, the keyboard just seems to really put me off more and more. That is all. Well, loads more questions and desires but I’ll bite my tongue and let you do your thing. Heres to hoping for a speedy FCC cert and imminent US launch…. oh and the release of either a quick, snappy video of the UI or at the very least a teaser picture 😉 Ok ok that is all. *cheers*

  165. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m waiting because:
    – I don’t want Windows 7 on a tablet
    – Adam has a PixelQI screen
    – Adam is a slimmer, lighter tablet
    – Adam has better battery life
    – Adam runs an OS which was designed for touch

  166. I want to pre-order three of them, but lately my son and wife have been saying I am obsessed by the Notion Ink adam, so I may only order one.

    Obsessed, who is obsessed, just because I click on the blog for new entries constantly, and every night at dinner, give the family an update, that is not obsessed, it is excited.

  167. The blog is very nice and keeps us interested and somewhat informed. However, it needs an editor, or a translator. It doesn’t help the vaporware rumors.

  168. yes, that’s heresy
    One of the things that makes adam so special (just one of the things – there’s quite a few) is its use of multi-tasking and simultaneous access to apps, as they said, a whole new approach to computer use.
    Plus I think that an OS like Android is much more suited to mobile computing than Windows, which it seems they have to dumb down and stuff into a box in order to make it work. Windows 7 (which I think is a good OS) just isn’t designed to be optimal enough for mobile devices.

    Just my opinion anyway…

  169. The past few days have definitely spoiled me, I now expect an update daily.

    Here’s hoping for another post before the weekend update!

  170. I am not sure if it can beat iPad in terms of sales. iPad is selling like 1 million units every month. Other than Longbox, we don’t hear any other announcement. No release of Genesis SDK yet. What’s going on?

  171. You got to remember that this NI’s first product iteration and a lot of people will be taking a wait and watch approach. I don’t think NI’s goal is to compete with anyone and nor it should be. They will do well as long as they bring a solid product out, take care of their customers and keep the product updated.

    Apple didn’t become the Apple of today overnight.

  172. I think we will get more details on the product road map, distribution channels among others after the manufacturing “GO” decision is taken.

    Since NI is a startup, I think they are at the mercy of their investors for a number of things.

    But I am still intrigued by the LongBox announcement. Why are they the only partners who went public about their partnership with NI? Did someone miss their memo? But Rohan mentioned that information would start trickling after 10/09 and the only announcement was from LongBox. Some things are not adding up.

  173. Happy Durga Puja Rohan and your entire team

    May Maa Durga Bless u with lot of health and happiness

  174. Agree with Dom.

    Windows is a bit too bloated for my liking. I don’t mind it in desktop format, but with portability I want something that is not going to get bogged down and slower over time, which is my experience with windows systems in general. Should I need to defragment my tablet? Or run chkdsk on it? Also I’m hoping it’s less likely I’ll need to install a virus scanner on a non-kernel OS.

    It will be tough moving away from staples such as the office suite, photoshop, power gaming etc, but those are things I feel more comfortable using the home desktop for.

    There is a reason why the Windows tablets have been around for so long and not gained much of a foothold. I believe Android is the answer to push the portable market forward progressively. You can see how well it works in the mobile arena with all the google clone phones out there now. I want to see how well this OS transfers over to the tablet form factor.

  175. i guess the heavy flash website is designd to be viewed on adam during first hands on!
    Remembr – flaaash website!

  176. Windows 7 won’t work on any ARM cpu based device unless Microsoft comes out with an ARM based distribution (Which is extremely unlikely at this point). Windows Phone 7 could run on it as could Windows CE but getting a distro would be next to impossible at this point as they are sold to OEM’s only.

  177. i am in two minds, i really dont buy any product which is china made, which is impossible nowdays. Buying chinese prouduct really feels chepo. Everybody is outsourcing to china for cheap donkey work. I will bang my head on wall when harley davidson will being made in china. #Thanks notion ink for contributing in chinese economic growth.

  178. @Tarwinia

    No one would expect 2.0 to come out a couple of months after 1.0 but that is just bad marketing. You are acknowledging the product’s deficiencies before it’s even out and that’s not real reassuring to the average consumer. It is especially bad because it is coming directly from the CEO.

    If that’s all you need to reassure yourself that they are planning to be in the industry for long then I have a bridge to sell you. Any legal business big or small would at least hope to long for a few years. We are not talking about drug peddlers here who hope to make a quick buck and disappear.

  179. @Nik

    Right.Quit talking about yourself.


    Agreed. It all starts with the photographer. However these days the thing that everyone carries everywhere is a smartphone and they are coming out with incredibly powerful sensors. I can see someone whipping out a cellphone to take a quick snap than using a 10 inch touch screen.

  180. @tintin Crystal merely stated her opinion that she does not think Apple revolutionized as much as Microsoft. Many credit MS with bringing the masses closer to PC. The numbers of people affected do matter, of course. Most of parts of the world recognize MS as the PC. This is quite appreciated in most parts of the world …. very much INCLUSIVE of the USA. Revolution I think does have to do something with people affected. This is quite obvious. On the other hand your ” Indians an Chinese” comment was a little distasteful, is my personal opinion. It is a wrong comparison.

    There is nothing wrong in acknowledging MS over Mac which is what Adam(Seriously) and Crystal seem to be saying with their own points of argument.

    @tintin Talking of ‘spewing hatred’, I guess it is you who first called someone ‘ignorant’, for placing MS over Mac.

    But bringing Mac/Apple into the discussion does add value to the discussion, so that everyone is accounted for. I am sure you like some of my friends are sincerely convinced that of the technology marvel of Mac/Apple. Sure, we should all have space for everyone

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious “Apple is a company and Linux is a OS. ” 🙂 lol

    @bruce well spoken : love your “idealism’

  181. Economic realities are usually at dissonance with political wishes, my friend. Notion Ink is not a US company.

  182. Does having most of harley davidson parts come from china at least get a few headslaps? Was there a point to your post besides to turn your nose up at china and be sarcastic to notion ink?

    Bleh never mind I had typed out several reasons as to why China is a major manufacturing country but changed my mind after rereading your post. The fact you chose to make such an ignorant post on a blog post about bezel sizing is enough to tell me you’re more interested in moaning about China than the product itself.

  183. @Cottonfarmer. Sure, your call. Personally though I am sure you will regret it.
    For a good copy they would first have to clone Rohan and some of his team-mates :), else it will be a cheap copy anyway.

  184. The one thing i do know is that android do support more then one google account on the OS. But do it just save all emails in one “scoop” on the phone\tablate? Dont know. maby you can change when you log in. Dont know. Havent realey tested it. Just seen that you can do it 🙂

  185. @”nishit” i know its indian company, so, why are you people outsourcing to china? Are those millions of jobless indian youth got the jobs? I know its not fair to blame notion ink, its not their job. But they missed the opportunity. Nowdays businessman dont care about their nation, everybody wants to make fast money, either you are from india or us.

  186. It has more to do with where the factories are. Since they don’t have their own factory they have to use one of the pre-existing ones. Which are in China…

  187. For me, it’ll have to be the Pixel-QI version with the 3G, and one thing I can guarenttee is that it will get a lot of use!

    It would replace my Sony eReader which I use both for reading books on the beach.

    I would use it for carrying documents. I usually have to carry those on the laptop

    I spend a lot of time in meetings, so something with a good battery life to take notes is good.

    On the road I have to check emails regularly, the smartphone isn’t up to the job. Plus I often need to search information on the internet while on the road…again, the smartphone isn’t good enough, qand the laptop just too cumbersome.

    and the last bit is a teaser of my own…I facilitate a lot of analysis workshops, and I have an ap suite rattling round in my head that I am just wating for the EAP and SDK to be able to turn into reality.

    So, for me, the Adam is going to get a lot of use for both

  188. Maybe because I didn’t read all comments. 😉 But thank you, I hope in Adam 2 can this idea be used.

  189. The bezel hasn’t taken top priority for anyone I’m sure. The reason the bezel is such a hot topic at the moment is because our first few pictures of a manufactured product came out so differently from the prototype/renders. It isn’t just a slight change where one would have to measure out the screen and apply ratios to find the difference either, it was a large difference than what we’ve become accustomed to.

    I would compare it to having(or watching) a car for about a year and then suddenly it had monster truck wheels. It still has 4 wheels, an engine etc and still works but if you were to talk to someone about it(who also has seen it and knows about it) you’d likely talk about how its changed.

    Again I’m sure everyone is still interested in software, had the change been(accidental or on purpose) been 1mm or something else so minuscule no one (or at least very few) would’ve mentioned it.



  190. Rohan, the border IS a requirement for (most) tablets. While your phone can go without one, you can hold a phone entirely from its sides with one hand. You can’t say the same about a tablet (unless you have yeti hands) device. It would be very awkward to hold without dropping. That said, the Adam needs a full-on border less than most tablets due to its cylindrical holding edge.

    Plus, it makes use of the space underneath that border in a FAR more efficient fashion (usb ports, hdmi, headphone port, etc.)

  191. The “missing” (secret) sensor – should it be a port?

    Infrared port.

    If this cannot be done, then a cheap, USB dongle is required for this.


    This has HDMI out – so how does one control a movie without getting up?

    Second, when surfing the web, this should become a home controller, maybe even a smart remote control.

    The dongle OR an interface to an Android/iOS phone should allow those devices to be the remote control, for the days when the adam is plugged into the TV via the HDMI out.

    Simple, hard-ware wise….


    p.s. adam 2 should then have options for zigbee/z-wave to be controllers for home automation. [disclaimer – that is an area of my research…]

  192. Dear Rohan,

    Pl consider Meego OS Support in the future.

    We have developed Point of Sales application in QT with Tablet PCs in mind. We love to have Adam as our preferred device.

    We wish great success for your adam.

  193. Hi,

    We have thrice the engineers here in India than in China 🙂 And in current Global Economy we have to rely on Japan (camera sensor), US (processor designs), Korea(memory) and India(SW) for lot of different components! Cant escape this phenomenon!

    A good manufacturing plant in coming up in Madras soon, though!

    But your last statement doest hurt a little bit! We all care, and we all do something back for the nation, though in bits and pieces! 🙂


  194. @Tarwinia. so you think that its impossible to set factories in india, for notion ink ,considering longterm investment, it will good for them to set factory in india and it will give jobs for some empty hands.

  195. @Tarwinia. so you think that its impossible to set factories in india, for notion ink ,considering longterm investment, it will good for them to set factory in india and it will give jobs to some empty hands.

  196. @dan
    Wow, you sound like you really know your stuff. I think you should create your own company, and start turning all those brilliant ideas into reality. Just imagine, you could choose yourself where the production would be, and show everyone how it’s done.

  197. @ Rohan shravan. i apologies, if you got heart a little bit, that was not my intention at all. I will more than happy, if you set plant in madras? And if it does belong to india? I am not against borrowing parts from others but do assemble it in your own country. Yes i am strongly against chinas illicit trade market. Why i am wasting so much here? Because i love india. I am german-indian. By the way i am just 18, so pardon my ignorance about anything. I apologies in advance, if someone get heart.#pardon me for bad english and grammer

  198. My guess is that’s because LongBox itself is a small company desperately looking for partners. The others are supposed to be big names, and those will likely not announce anything until the official launch day.

    As for Gingerbread, it seems to me that the chances are really slim it would be on Adam at the release… Imagine having to modify (and test) for the new OS all the software produced so far by NI (& partners). Sounds like something that would delay the release date, and we don’t want that, do we? 😉 But I do hope for a quick upgrade (say a couple of months?).

  199. Guys,
    Sorry my topic isn’t related with this forum but I am curious to know as adam is closer day by day to the launching date. I am a teacher and over a period of ten years time I have been keeping all my teaching stuffs-CD,DVD, word file, Ms excel, PDF file, flash video, game, powerpoint….etc (some thousands of files for educational purposes). I am regular user of Ubuntu and windows.Once if I move to Android OS, is it still possible to use all these stuffs or just it becomes garbage files? That is a lot. Any idea? I will definitely buy adam even if my collections become garbage. Curious!

  200. You can wait for Openoffice / Libreoffice to be ported to Android with optimisation, or use Google Docs ‘on the cloud’, or try out Quickoffice for Android.

    VLC is a great media player / server / transcoder, but given its multitasking nature, it may take some time to be ported to Android (isn’t some effort on already?)

    Meanwhile, you can use the native media players on Android / Adam. The whole world is enjoying multimedia on their mobile phones, so why can’t you!

  201. The borders will melt away, one day. I hope ‘multicultural’ devices like Adam help the unifying act.

  202. @D Documents (word,excel,ppt,pdf) can easily be made Google Docs. Flash video can be uploaded and played on adam.

  203. I was wondering about reading PDFs in Adam. Does the tablet have an application for this?
    can one annotate, zoom….etc…

    One other question; what about using other languages like Arabic?
    I have an enTourage eDGe and the tablet just can’t see arabic. I am frustrated with this as most of the websites i visit need arabic support.

    Best luck from Jordan,

  204. I agree, an infrared emitter and/or sensor would be awesome. I don’t understand why this is not a standard equipment of smartphones yet. I searched for Infrared emitters for Android, but these dongles always cost 50$ and more. People go crazy about how cheap that is compared to a Harmony remote control but I for one cannot grasp why a small IRda LED should be priced at 50$. It would be awesome to have this built in into Adam.
    In the meantime I’m patiently waiting for someone smarter than I am to come along and explain to me why Irda Diode haven’t been included in the standard set of sensors/actors as part of the Android Design Definition Document yet and why it is allegedly so impossible to offer IrDa equipment for much less than 50$. I would maybe be willing to pay 15$ for the dongle and another 3$ for the Android app to go along with it.

  205. @adam lovers, sorry for of topic, this is my last post
    @ nishit, boy you are in sweet dreams. It will surely going to turn into nightmare in next decade, dont forget they are backstabbers. You want to melt down borders? Yes they also want your arunachal? And willing to see your country in bits and pieces. Just discussed this topic with My dad. He work for bbc. Really sorry for off topic but i want to clarify. By the way i love rohan and his teams intelligens. I love adam.

  206. Rohan,

    What’s your best guess at this point in time with regards to the final product release date to consumers? is it likely to be this quarter or as usual, is this slipping to Q1 next year?

  207. You have been posting the same comment everywhere. PDF annotation is less of an Adam question. It relates more to Android, and whether there are applications that let you do it. I don’t think Notion Ink is setting about to develop all apps on its own. It is something for the Android / Genesis developers to do.

  208. Prior to Android version 2.2, the Android distribution came with a system font that did not contain the full set of Unicode characters. Since Android 2.2 this has changed. IF the NotionInk Adam is based on Android version 2.2 or later it will very likely support Arabic characters. (I only checked Thai support myself…)
    If you like to upgrade your existing Android device to support Arabic characters you would first need to ROOT it, e.g. attain unlimited access-rights to the device that you bought and are exclusive and only owner to (You notice my implicit criticism of the status quo situation? 🙂 ). You would have to search the internet for how to do this as the guides are device-specific. Once your device is rooted, you can replace the Android system font file with a font file that has been amended to contain Arabic characters. You can search the internet for such a font file or copy the system font file from your phone to your PC and use a tool to copy extra character sets from a different font file into the Android system font file and then transfer the latter back to your Android device.

    Here is an example guide that depicts the procedure on a DROID phone, adding Thai characters.

    Concerning PDF support, there are several PDF reader apps in the Android market and other markets like androidpit that you can download and install onto your Android device. These apps will be installable on NI Adam as well as it will be capable of executing standard Android apps. There is also a PDF app for Android coming from Adobe itself. It hasn’t been around for too long, so most forum blogs might reference other apps instead.
    Hope this helps

  209. @nishit, thts why i earlier said in my comment ,you dont love india, only want to make fast money
    @nishit my nationality is US. please read my all commets 85 onwards, I do care about adam thts why i commented and it turn out in debate, do read my all comments. Here in US We are supporting outsourcing to india.india is developing only because of i.t boom. I am wasting my time on this forum only because my roots are indian nothing else god bless you.

  210. Rohan, even if you reduce the (bottom) border by 6mm, the device you have shown in your last post would never look like the Adam in the LongBox video:

    The borders in that video are much thinner.

    But maybe you are right and the only reason for beeing shocked by that borders is the pic quality and the overpainted regions.
    Rohan, I hope so…

  211. Google will partner with HTC, just like they did with the Google Nexus. The Google tablet will have Chrome OS instead of Android. Google is convinced that Android is not the ideal OS for tablets as it is ment for smartphones. That is also why most Android tablets won´t get access to Marketplace.

    I do wonder why Rohan has been hinting towards some sort of cooperation with Google…perhaps he can shine a light on that matter?

  212. @dan
    well buddy you need to do more research. Your are more run with emotions/sentiments.

    As a beginning Ask yourself
    1. why there are different economies in the world?
    2. what it takes to establish big business centres/ financial institutes/ banks/ factories?
    3. How does a country develops its human resources the capital investion to run all these higher centres?
    4. How international politics play a role in global economy?

    America if the leading economy why?
    we have worst economies in thirld world countries why?

    There are lots of permutaions and combinations required at the level of an individual/ organisation/ state/ country which plays a role in “economy”.

    So things may not look so black/white there may be many grey areas.

    Just a teaser: India was one of the leading economy in ancient times. was big and developed. But was siphoned off by colonisation/imperialism.
    You remember America was discovered in the quest for India?

    Buddy you are very young. Read up, gather more knowledge. Then take part in those kind of forums. Then YOU MAY SOUND MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE. Otherwise its a wise proverb “Silence is golden”. “Many a fool are discovered when they open their mouths”.

    Another teaser:
    China is going to become superpower in next 10-20 years (look at the growth they are trying to sustain)

    India is then going to become next (look at the young skilled highly educated population pool when down the line the workforce for all the developed countries will be old and have very young and less generations to sustain growth). You do realise all these countries will be outsourcing because of compulsion?

  213. JammyJoe69:

    On the 1st image, the guy’s thumb is on the screen itself. If he was using the tablet, he’d be accidentally inputting touch to the left edge.

    On the 2nd and 3rd images, we’re dealing with FAR smaller, lighter tablets (nearly cell phone size). On top of that, we’re not exactly dealing with what I’d call a solid grip.

    The 1″ bevel serves two purposes. First, you have enough space to hold it without touching the screen (at all, ZERO touch, not much room for compromise here, Adam probably has the thinnest before we cross that threshold). Second, you have to have enough space to hold it (important one here) COMFORTABLY without risk of having so little grip you can drop the device (a major no-no). On the 2nd and 3rd images, if you were holding a 10″ tablet on the Adam/iPad’s level, over the course of a year, the chances of you dropping it are far higher than they would be as the devices are now.

    Keep in mind, one of the little-noticed bits is that Apple does a lot of use-testing (a LOT). Given how much their designers HATE something like the border on that device, it’s non-trivial that they added it (with the proper 90-degree cable turn past each input port, the iPad could have done with half the border it has, and none on the sides, as they don’t have input ports).

    Like I said, I don’t think the Adam needs it as much, or needs it past the edge the battery’s on (from a usage standpoint, the Adam is going to have a very different, and arguably much better, standard grip for users), but it’s not as bad a thing that the border’s there.

    On the flip-side, given Rohan’s “border” comparison, wouldn’t it be better served to have a white border instead of a black one? Or, for Adam 2, a SUPER-simple (think old Tiger Electronics games) LCD setup to make the color of that bezel selectable.

  214. @ rohan shravan and team, @ nishit.
    If you people really honest about your contry love, then please contribute your knowledge , intelligence for
    D.R.D.O. Make atleast one innovation for them.

  215. well with Rohan’s response below, I think this thread can effectively be closed; but I saw a few more below so just wanted to add a few points…
    1) when there is no guarantee that the air we breathe when we are in a specific country is from the same country, why nit pick on a device with lot of complex components – h/w, s/w. (if its only sovereign freedom that matters then there wouldn’t have been so much debate around global warming etc)

    2) trashing the above theory and assuming its practical to in-source everything for a given product, how many examples we have now of a comparable product that is 100% from 1 country?

    3) from a strict business rules perspective there is absolutely nothing wrong here and even if we were to include the morals/ethics category, I bet NI is a great example for how open a business could be about its operations.
    a) in fact for a private company its almost unprecedented the amount of details shared and the open-book approach followed by NI
    b) even though Rohan was kind enough to say they are giving only in bits, I dare say, just the fact that he and his colleagues dreamed as big a dream as this and making it a reality not just for Indians but every youngster out there on planet earth is a great contribution…. sometimes its the 1% inspiration that drives mankind its not always materialistic/tangibles that matter…. so even if 1 person pursues a dream looking at NI Rohan/NI has done the job.

  216. oh… this poor boy’s ignorant mind is overwhelmed by chauvinism.
    The existence of him is only ruining the forum without contributing or expressing love to the product.
    I am so glad to see the little kid begone and harmony reestablished in the community.
    Farewell and take care!

  217. cool 🙂 one more checked! at this rate am guessing NI would have won a few medals at the CWG!
    someone said Rohan for President; I wont say that as I want you to incubate a million NIs and inspire a billion minds and more

    PS: (sorry for the off topic)
    am associated with a charity with roots in India but spread across the world; you remind me of the founder of this charity who has enormous mental strength/ energy and the same calmness as you while answering the toughest questions; for ex: we are planning a London to Delhi cycling event all land except for the English channel; so many folks thought its a non-starter as it means travelling so many war-ravaged/turbulent places including Afg/Pak; but we already have +ve responses from all the geographies including volunteers from US and pushing ahead for the event in 2011.

  218. @bruce, thanks buddy, you are right silence is golden. I just realies, i am a bigfool.
    Teaser : my mom is indian, my grandfather was politician back there in india and 99.9% politicians,government officers are corrupt there. I just saw some potential, willpower in notion inks team thts why i got emotional. My dad handles foreign affairs related topic here in bbc.
    My first priority is america then germany and then india, i love all three countries. By the way bruce from where are you?

  219. dont take it to heart rohan, not everyone understands the difficultie associated with what you are doing.

    i apreciate the massive amount of effort you and the guys are putting into the design of the prodcut and look forward to seeing it florish when it is realised.

  220. i thought with 1024×600(vs 1024×728) we wud hav to scroll only up and downwards agaist in all directions as u said. I mean both are 1024 ^^
    aftr all, i’m not a geek.

  221. Please remember not everyone in a America thinks the same way. Today we all have a global market. Each country with a competitive / comparative advantage. If you are to be competitive you have to look at where the best comes from. Take advantage of it and try to build your local base at the same time. For instance, India has the best color printing presses in the world. So if I want to print a calendar I should buy my own press? This would be a waste of my comapany’s money and talent. Our young friend needs to READ a lot more and stop listening to the cable news programs. This is a great product (adam) built on a global stage for a global market. It’s assured success can be seen here in the wonderful diverse community of people with a common interest.

  222. Rohan,

    Ok, so on to the next topic, when’s the SDK being released?

    Please don’t wait for the EAP which is obviously going to have to be after FCC approval.

    Some of us are busting to get our hands on the SDK. Maybe what you could do is release the SDK, then see who has begun to develop apps with great potential which they could submit as part of their application for the EAP.


  223. First of all, I think that for a person who doesn’t know the answer to the question, you shouldn’t be speaking and nagging.

    Secondly, it has been said earlier that NI are building an eBook reading app. This app would most probably support PDF. I was asking about its capabilities.

    Moreover, Blio has been released and it should support PDFs.

    Thridly, language support is a problem in Android (I don’t know if this holds for Android 2.2).

    I think I have the right to ask about the device just as much as you have the right to answer questions you don’t really understand.

  224. @ jadfalcon, so why dont you encourage someone here to buy printers, just outsource within country.proving fact buissnesman dont love their countries. sir you havent read my comments thoroughly, i have already accepted that its nearly impossible to get product without chinese touch these day. Read my comments 106,109,121.i want somebody to take initiative thts why i am teasing rohan. Why rohan? Because i belive he have lots of potential.@i dont want to showoff here i think thts enough of off topic, and i belive rohan have already get what i mean.
    @jadfalcon i dont watch any news channel. I always ask my dad,he is respected journalist here. And my mom is i.i.t from india. @ i strongly belive in change and obama.

  225. @ hasibanin, i have already accepted my ignorance, foolishness, my lack of knowledge, happy?
    Initially i just wanted rohan to employ some guys back there in india, not ony IT guys but security guys,hardware, canteen guys, swippers etc. It will happen by setting factory in india. I know notion ink is not a big firm but if 200 to 300 guys get jobs there ,then i will be more than happy. Peoples commenting here will never understand indias actual situation.

  226. Me, too! My friends accuse me of having bought NI stock & Android stock because I keep my family/friends updated on adam’s progress almost daily. Can’t wait to show them the finished product. I’ve actually talked a co-worker out of purchasing an i*ad & waiting for adam! Sorry, Steve!

    Keep it up, Rohan!

  227. @ Dan that’s a good answer my young friend. I too still believe in our President too. And I believe India is about to take it’s rightful place as an economic super power!! And companies like Adam and it’s super innovative team are going to help spearhead that effort. Now if we can only get a release date : ) See I like to tease Rohan too!

  228. Happy to hear the borders will be gone.

    Removing 5-6 cm of paint will reveal a lot of new screen space!

  229. Ok this is really cheesy. Dan if you mom was from IIT you would have learned to write by by now!!

  230. @ jadefalcon, india sperpower? Lol,sir the 10% of overall population of india dont even get two times proper meal? Indian youth do have potential but not a political wiipower. I bet you one day politians will sell india. Exactly opposite situation here, our boys are busy in partying, nightclubs,pubs,drugs but we do have strong base,systems and everybody knows who is taking advantage those chepos.

  231. India is in good hands… the Rohans and Sainas will keep the flag flying high… despite the inherited challenges …. being an expat myself which gives one other perspective to look at the challenges and the options for solutions, I ask more questions than I could answer but its a process… the key is for each of us to do that little bit to leave this place at least as we found it if not better.

    am impressed how much you are pushing Rohan despite India being 3rd on your list; I can only imagine how much you would be pushing Obama if you were at his Town Hall meeting.

  232. I think it is lovely, but I expected the bezel to be like the rendering on the homepage. It is very disappointing to see this thick bezel when I was so looking forward to something much more like a cell phone bezel. I’m still dying to get my hands on and adam though!

  233. ohh dear; I would say wait till the official discussion board is up and you could have a dedicated thread for this.

    as you may have noticed there are folks from all over the world here and they are mostly interested in Adam and the other products from NI

  234. @mrzeal. Yes i would like to meet the president and share/push my perspectives, but after graduation, 3rd place didnt matter, INDIA lies in my heart. You will never going to know, how are we helping india, its confidential.

  235. With all due respect to the pseudo socio-economic decision that’s budding in this comment section, I’d love for all of us to just get back to talking about the Notion Ink ADAM tablet itself.

    That IS what this blog is for in the first place and I’m pretty sure there are a handful of existing forums out there where that discussion is better served with an audience that’s more inclined to talk about those particular topics.

    Thanks fellas. I’m sure y’all are a pretty considerate and understanding bunch. 😉


  236. Response to: Rahul Tongia said, on October 14, 2010 at 13:09

    If I have to take a guess, then the new sensor will be an internal sensor without any external port. My first guess was a gyro-sensor, based on a Slashgear video where Rohan talks about an older design NotionInk had to turn pages etc by flicking the tablet forward or backward.

  237. Response to: wtff said, on October 14, 2010 at 14:54

    I agree. I have not seen an IrDa in many of the new mobile phones either. That is why I still keep ( and use ) my 7 year old Nokia phone :-).

  238. I do agree. If you guys concentrate on your country, nationality, proud of being of this country and that country- we are left without being part of the adam forum. Please come back to the forum and let us be this forum as global community, not as India product, Chinese made, poor-rich etc. We want hear more about adam related talks.
    Thanks guys.

  239. Good to know, you care for India but u need to stop talking like u know everything about it. You do not live in India, you only hear about it, be it from you father if not news. But u still need to learn a lot before you can do an active discussion and this blog in not the place for that.
    Everybody knows that India has a lot of poor people and that problem will be addressed in time. I do see light at the end of this tunnel.
    If you want to change things then be the change yourself and tell your mother to work for her home country rather than for US(if she already does, my apologies) and stop commenting about India here, this is a blog for notion ink not a discussion place for India.

  240. @levpius

    “Many credit MS with bringing the masses closer to PC”

    This is just plain wrong. A vast majority of the Windows copies in the third world countries and even else where are _pirated_ copies. Windows has been too expensive to buy for an average john doe on the street in India. Even today a majority of the computers bought in India and places around are _assembled_ PCs sold by mom and pop shops and guess what those mom and pop shops install – Pirated Software. If Microsoft really wanted to be dear to the masses they would have priced the OS accordingly. They didn’t mint billions selling windows on charity.

    Apple dug their own grave in 1985 by ousting Steve Jobs and John Sculley had no vision of his own. What followed after was a disaster after disaster until Jobs came back to right the ship in 1997. Today Apple has more market capital than Microsoft thanks to it’s successful consumer electronics products.

  241. Can’t agree more.

    @ dan The patriotic comments can be sent to Rohan personally, and I’m sure you can find a whole lot of forums if you want to publicize your views. But not this one. I come here for a great product, no matter where it’s from, or how it’s manufactured. Just keep this forum clean.
    Appreciate your effort.

  242. This is really bad.Mr DAN has spoiled all the fun I used to have here by muttering continuously about his love for India.This is not something related to a nation.It’s something related to a product.And products don’t belong to a nation.They belong to categories – GOOD or BAD.If someone purchases a product like a tablet it’s based on his assessment of product’s capabilities and qualities and not b’coz it’s manufactured in Australia,US,China,Japan or India.

    You are not helping India or Rohan by taking up this issue but in fact destroying all the good work.NI guys have to be broadminded and liberal if they want to make Adam a success and for this they have to take best services available irrespective of country or geographic region

  243. why one shoud buy adam?
    1. a very good inovative, first of its kind gadget. are not restricted to only operating system.
    3.first of its kind multitasking feature, real memory and battery saver.
    4.just backpack adam, push-in bluetooth headset and you ready to go anywhere.
    5. 100 times better than apple ipad. You cant ask apple for more but notion ink is always happy to feed. will get fast updates than anyother.
    7.good gps device for your car.
    8.developers paradise.
    9.fairly good gaming consol.
    10.very nice ebook reader with battery saver.
    11.hdmi,usb,all in one cardreader,3.5mm,stylus,nice speaker.
    12.very nice browsing experience with realtime flash.
    13.3g want 4g in next gen
    14.adam will never hang because of uniq memory saving.
    15 uniq user friendly UI.
    16.YOu will surely get nice after sale service.
    17.unlike apple you can always complain about adam directly to rohan, he is always there for you 24¥7.
    18 i love adam®

  244. @tintincub

    I’m sure you’ve an ipod, iphone, and ipad in each hand hah.. sadly fact is they all do the same thing. Basically. Apple has stolen ideas over the years like everyone else. They outsource quite a bit now, half of their product chipsets are now made by Samsung subs and LG for displays. Their beloved ‘retina display’ looks like jack compared to a Galaxy S SAMOLED. My comparison was to show you there is NIL customization on APPLE products at root level. Linux = open source = Sky is the limit on kernel tweaking! Just please don’t polish Steve Job’s Turtleneck jumpsuit daily because it’s ‘cool’ to own. I could have stuck M$ in there as well, as they are closed. I used Apple because their products are mainly used for photo/video/music editing. M$ on the other hand runs the corporate world so they get a bit more respect in my opinion 😉 My Galaxy S does everything and more than an ipad, heck it even has better hardware stats hah! The Adam tears them both up and is $100 cheaper for the most expensive model. Point made. Lastly, Xerox was the company to kiss, they had the GUI and the mouse that Jobs stole 😀 As for ‘eye candy’, Linux is as eye candy as it gets for an OS.

  245. @ cheesystuff?, yes my english is not good, i am more familiar with german® dont ask me how and why, i am not going to tell you entire story behind it. My english is good enough to shut your mouth. Dont want to showoff here otherwise i have lots of skills. Now bye bye.

  246. @dan
    lets forget these talks about all not related with NIA


    Below is VERY OFF TOPIC (sorry adamites!!!)

    Hey man dont you understand the world is so much interesting because of all that we are experiencing even prioritising america then germany then India

    However I believe humankind will tire all these extra-baggages (these conditional/ social reflex) after some decades. Look man what religion/ nationality/ ethinism has done to this unique world/ planet called earth.!!!

    citizen of a global village!!!!

  247. Okay. Back to the Adam.

    Little collage desktop image made from some images found here. Photo credit goes to Dom for the beautiful botanic flower image. 🙂

  248. right O

    @dan sorry now you need to shut up. I may be as old as your father. So take it as a good advice.

  249. no updates….so far..cmon rohan atleast one snap from ADAM camera 🙂 dying to see.
    was hoping that u might share your thoughts on some of the points which i said earlier on COMICS APP and interface (in your last post) hope you gone through.

    and BTW people please stop commenting on nationality etc this is not the place for this.Don’t spoil this blog. :_

  250. And here’s the news on a close competitor, Innoversal. They were suppose to come out with the Lattice on September but it looks like there was also a delay. Theirs will sell in the low to mid $500.

    Rohan, have you been checking out this competition? They look very sleek too and the bevel in the Lattice looks smaller than the Adam’s. It seems that the bevel itself is less than 16mm. If you include the overpaint inside the display then the total might be 16mm. I hope the final Adam product will have as thin or thinner bezel than the Lattice.

    BTW, I’m not big on the shiny chrome on the edge to hold the Lattice which as you guys can see, it’s leaving lots of fingerprints. I think Innoversal thought if they put chrome, it would attract more people to it. They should have used a rubbery finish so it will not be slippery.

  251. umm the tilted flower is not working … can we be tilt it back to position and work the others around please…. the first pic from Dom may be a good candidate if you want to tilt as its symmertic?

  252. sleekness is the only plus… Pixel Qi is the only common thing along with may be connectivity but still not a competitor…. even the price is not a match!

  253. I’m not sure how the innoversal border can be described as “better” here.

    That chrome portion is MUCH wider than the proposed border for the Adam.

  254. Were these Innoversal people in the CES last year where Adam was revealed first?
    Because I don’t remember that. Plus from the video not too impressed with the performance.

    You see in one section of the video the touch screen wasn’t responding too well. Wondering if their touch screen is different than what Adam is using?
    Not sure how good windows is for tablets?

    Just my observations. But, hey if someone wants the bling look i think that is the tablet to go for.

    The serious ones need “adam” 😉

  255. I wish i can see it side-by-side. You are right, the border on the Lattice is thicker if you compare it to the first prototype that Rohan used for his demo (like the one at the Technoholik interview). Look at these videos and compare:



    Notice that the Adam do not even have a bezel. The border you are seeing is in fact is the overpaint which acts as the bezel. This is the area where the touch sensitive menu buttons will be placed. And that chrome portion on the Lattice is wider than the cylinder portion of the Adam. My only nitpick on the Adam is that the bottom border is wider than the borders on the left and right (unlike the Lattice which are all even). Design aesthetic calls for equal width borders to make it look cleaner and proportionate.

  256. @tintin With the Indian reference again you seem to be doing it again .. going off on a tangent. 🙂
    Lets put it this way:
    “Percentage of masses who use the computer in the USA is increasing. At-least 8 out of every 10 people you meet(approx.) is a Windows user”. Actually the PC market share of Apple has recently crossed 10 % in the US of A

    Again, thanks for the inside info on the ups and downs of one of Apple. Useful information for Rohan to chew on .

  257. As a Chinese in US. I had to realize that all different countries and cultures do have strengths and weaknesses. I hope nationalism would not stand in the way of our innovation. I wish Rohan can set a great example of innovation not only for his own country, but also for the world, for every human being regardless of his/her nationality. This is an old saying, but I still want to share it. People start to draw his influence with only himself in it, then his family, then maybe his company, then one day his country, eventually it will be even as big as the whole earth. I see great potentials in this company, and I believe it is a good thing to draw a bigger circle.

  258. If you google around for Cooper Chen’s blog, you’ll see that the Innoversal was never intended to be available in September; that was an internal-only release.

    Main problem with the Innoversal for me is a lousy chip, plus lousy connectivity (seems to have a single mini-usb connector, and that’s it, so if you want to plug in a usb keyboard plus a flash drive at the same time, you have to lug around a (powered) hub. But the machine does look nice, and it’s a good bet that it’ll support a stylus since it’s Taiwanese. If Adam weren’t in the works, I’d consider it very seriously.

  259. I have to disagree. i have followed this for a while also and the Atom eats batteries. yes it is i better than a desktop CPU but still not great. This will cancel all the saving of the Pixel Qi screen. This is also it has a 6 cell battery and the weight is left blank on the specs screen. The N410 is also a single core I believe will be under powered very shortly. the size of the bezel seems to be on a lot of peoples mind and to me i like a little larger on the left side. it is all about weight, balance, and size in a case. Weight and balance when holding for long periods and size in a case fro transporting. lets face it we will get a case fro our adams and the total size should not be bigger than a normal notebook.
    this is a nice try but doesn’t come close to the adam. iPad yes but not the adam.

  260. Stop feeding the troll, please.

    Let me appeal to him too:
    All right Dan we get it. Your dad is a German who works for the foreign affairs in BBC in the US. Your mom is Indian. The wonderful lineage totally explains your poor English. Although since your mom is Indian, she must be fluent in at least one Indic language but that didn’t pass on to you. Surprising.
    But, whatever works.

    You, sir, must also realise that this blog is about the device ONLY. Discuss political/economical issues here ( Also Google *economies of scale*. And no, a small consumer-tech start-up can not make products for the DRDO. Okay? Now, STFU.

  261. Bruce, please. When you say things like that, you provoke a response, and all we get is a flame war.

    If you don’t like someone, ignore them. They will leave you alone if they can’t get any response at all anymore, whether they meant harm or not.

  262. What all patents do you hold Rohan?
    Do they belong to NI?

    Are you going to exercise all rights on them?
    When you launch Adam, you can let other devices use them after six months for a royalty. Good way to raise money and expand production, ain’t it?

    PS: Just asking. Please don’t shoot me down.

  263. Anyway people, I don’t think NI will have issues ramping-up production when ADAM turns out to be a run-away hit.

    Psst: From what I heard, their investor is the richest man in Asia.

  264. The closer we get to release date the more franticly I check this blog… my hand is itching, my eyes are redder (lack of sleep while checking news on NI). I feel like I need to do something, but I don’t know what.
    Rohan, can you please release the SDK!!!? At least like that I don’t completely waste my nights…. even if I’m not part of EAP (but that would definitely be nice!!!) would really love to play with it!

  265. I feel better now!
    I’m looking forward to my adam and now I’m also looking forward to my adam II!

  266. yes, this would be very nice indeed. Currently a user of Meamo 5 on my N900 which I like quite a lot.

    From what I heard the notion ink has an unlocked bootloader and thus should be able to boot other roms, even from USB if possible. That would be very very nice! 😀

  267. Please can we have some more info on 3G – will the Adam have a standard or micro SIM card slot? Will I need the 3G version, or could I get away with tethering the Adam to my Android phone (HTC Hero on Vodafone UK)?

  268. @Tintin
    Criticism of people is fine, but I do have to say that attacking people just because you disagree with them is another matter. Your comment about the bridge is an insult, but nowhere near as bad as what you said to Crystal. I didn’t say anything then because I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

    First as to Crystal’s comment. As others said, numbers count. If Apple was the only company to make home computers or was the one that set the norms then very few people would have a computer due to the price. Personal computers from other makers (whether assembled with off the shelf parts or brand name ) are available to many because they are more affordable (no matter if they have a bootleg OS, an open source one, or a purchased one). The fact that so many people can actually have a computer in their home, even in third world countries has changed the world.

    As for my comment, it was not gullible or naïve. My comment was directed at several things. There has been discussion of cheap tablets from China and knock offs and no name productions. There have been comments on “Made in India” comments. There have also been vapourware comments. I currently live in Mexico (I have also lived in Canada and am proud to call both my home). I have seen many cases where companies rise up and then disband on a regular basis to avoid taxes. I have seen cases where you can purchase a product or a service and it works but a year later the company is not to be heard of (which means that you better hope you either used the service or the product doesn’t break down). My comment was along the lines that no matter what comments might have been made by posters on this blog or on the web Notion Ink seems to be in it for the long haul. Or as you so quaintly put it,”would at least hope to long for a few years.”

    Now as for your criticism of the comments that Rohan has made. They are minor comments on improvements on ports and slimness. He was commenting on changes that will make the tablet slimmer or make for a skinnier bezel. Those are not things that should really affect the purchasing decision. I know I would never buy a new model just because it is slightly nicer looking. New functions and actual advantages are reasons to upgrade. I am not going to create e-waste (and spend another 500 dollars) just because The bezel shrunk down to 8mm from 16). Rohan was stating things that will be a nice addition to whatever else a next gen product will bring to the table, NOT making comments about how the current Tegra won’t cut the mustard or anything of the sort. Companies constantly talk about what they hope to bring in the future. One example is when it was learnt that Panasonic would bring Skype integration to their Viera line the following year. Rohan has said that this project was in the works for years and that they are bringing it out now because the technology was finally available (simplifying here a bit but eh). He has also said that he has high hopes for what the future Tegras will bring but it doesn’t make the current gen any less of a product. Processors will always improve and EVERYBODY knows this. No one is going to hold of on a computer/tablet/etc. purchase just because the next year there will be better versions or they’ll be waiting forever (wait a few weeks sure, a year, no). Are you really saying that you would put off a purchase of the Adam when it launches in the hopes that a year later you could get Adam 2 with slimmer USB ports?

  269. They’re the same thing. The 8core description is correct as is the dual-core. You see, the Tegra is a SoC, a System on a Chip. When you see the dual-core comment is that it will be using a dual-core Cortex A9 CPU @1Ghz on the SoC. When you see the 8 core comment it refers to the following
    Core 1&2: The dual cores from the Cortex A9 cpu.
    Core 3: ULP GPU (Ultra Low Power Graphics Processing Unit)
    Core 4: Sound processor
    Core 5: Video decoder (up to 1080p with H.264/VC-1/MPEG-4)
    Core 6: Video encoder up to 1080p in H.264 (but I THINK it’s limited to baseline profile or main profile but not High)
    Core 7: Image processor up to 12MP images
    Core 8: ARM 7 processor which coordinates power usage and every other processor as well as taking care of basic tasks in order to better manage battery life.

    The numbering of the cores isn’t anything official but as you can see there are eight cores in the Tegra 250/T20. As for clarification on the different naming system… you’ll have to ask Nvidia or at least someone other than me to clear that one up 😉

  270. At this moment yes. They NEED investors to be able to bring the Adam to market (which makes sense). How much do you think they would need to make those investors to pony up just to build the factory? How long would it take to build it? Then there would be the added cost of actually producing the Adam. To give you an idea of possible figures: back in August it was reported that Qualcomm would be building a Mirasol plant and that it would cost them 2 billion dollars. Most companies outsource production, a fact Rohan has pointed out in various posts (well, at least two). This includes HP, Apple, Acer, and others. If I remember correctly the only processor maker which has their own plant is Intel, the rest like AMD, Nvidia, TI, etc. use factories like Global Foundries. They do what they need to in the corresponding countries. It’s that simple. And Rohan mentioned a good manufacturing plan will be available in Madras soon so maybe they will use that one at some point after it becomes available (I’m sure it’s not an easy or quick process to switch manufacturing plants).

  271. @Adam (Seriously)

    “’m sure you’ve an ipod, iphone, and ipad in each hand hah.. sadly fact is they all do the same thing”

    Yeah I am sure you don’t buy a Microwave because you have an oven and most probably you don’t have any shoes because you have sandals. How in the world you drew the conclusion that they all do the same thing? iPod cannot make calls and doesn’t have the same camera that an iPhone has and an iPad is a tablet and not a phone. Have you ever seen our touched any of these three products?

    “They outsource quite a bit now, half of their product chipsets are now made by Samsung subs and LG for displays.”

    Surprising huh? Who doesn’t? Welcome to the 21st century and a global economy. All Apple products are designed in California manufactured else where and they have their suppliers at multiple locations. Are you trying to make a point with this or are you just trying to sound cute?

    “Their beloved ‘retina display’ looks like jack compared to a Galaxy S SAMOLED.”

    Really? News to me.

    Here is a comparison done by people way more knowledgeable than you –

    “The one standout differentiator between the two will have been apparent by gazing upon our gallery: the Retina Display really whoops on the Super AMOLED on the pixel level. Definition still looks ridiculous on the iPhone 4, and Samsung simply can’t match it there.”

    They are both highly advanced displays and are very close in quality. You need to understand some facts before calling anything ‘Jack’.

    ” My comparison was to show you there is NIL customization on APPLE products at root level. Linux = open source = Sky is the limit on kernel tweaking! Just please don’t polish Steve Job’s Turtleneck jumpsuit daily because it’s ‘cool’ to own.”

    Have you ever heard about ‘Jailbreak’? People have been Jailbreaking iPhones for a long time now and once you Jailbreak one you can go crazy with it. It will be a support nightmare for Apple if they do officially ‘sponsor’ jailbreaks. Again, take my advice above and learn about stuff before you diss ’em.

    “M$ on the other hand runs the corporate world so they get a bit more respect in my opinion ”

    You know who really runs the Corporate world? It’s Linux in the server space and RIM in the smart phone area.

    “My Galaxy S does everything and more than an ipad, heck it even has better hardware stats hah! ”

    Good for you. I bet you salivate every day over those hardware specs.

    “Lastly, Xerox was the company to kiss, they had the GUI and the mouse that Jobs stole”

    Ok, here is some food for thought for you. Hopefully this would forever free you from all you dumb notions –

    “The first home computer with a GUI or graphical user interface was the Apple Lisa. The very first graphical user interface was developed by the Xerox Corporation at their Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in the 1970s. Steve Jobs, visited PARC in 1979 (after buying Xerox stock) and was impressed and influenced by the Xerox Alto, the first computer ever with a graphical user interface. Jobs designed the new Apple Lisa based on the technology he saw at Xerox.”

    Sleep well now.

  272. Thanks Tarwinia, as usual you are a fount of knowledge, you and Crystal always add something helpful to the discussion. I love reading both your comments.

    Now, Rohan, dear sir, please, please oh please can we have the SDK?

  273. @Levpius

    No, I am not going off of a tangent. I am trying to imply that Windows became popular because of Piracy and not because of Bill Gate’s super powers. It wasn’t and still isn’t feasible to pirate OSX because OSX runs only on Apple Hardware. You can still build a Hackintosh but if you go through those pains you will be better off with a *nix fork like Ubuntu.

    When did anyone ever make any assertions about Apple’s market share in _computers_? They never competed for market share and still aren’t. The math is really simple. OSX runs only on Apple Hardware but Windows can run on multiple configurations. Microsoft makes money on Software. Apple makes money on the complete system and are answerable to their customers for the complete setup. Microsoft is only liable for the OS. I guess you get the point.

  274. You’re welcome and thanks. I really appreciate your comment 🙂 . And I agree about Crystal.

  275. Man we need a forum hint hint hint. Blogs are good but many things get lost
    I thought a saw someone post one in here before

    Rohan – if you would like I can throw one up and transfer it over when your ready let me know

  276. Maybe it’s me….but if you notice in the video the only feature that Innoversal seems to shown in their product is the switching on and off of the backlight to show us that they have a Pixel Qi screen too. Nothing on the UI or apps. the company is build for this tablet. Comparing this to what we saw last year when NI showed off their product…c’mon they no competation…atleast in the near future. Long term….there will be many companies including Innovesal that might catchup….but…….

  277. I’d like to see how good the eReader part of the Adam compared to the Kindle and the Nook. 2010 is the year of the ePaper technology and I am anticipating color EPDs coming out this year from various companies. How does the 3Qi from Pixel Qi fare against other technologies from Qualcomm (Mirasol) and Liquavista? I hear Samsung quite the business so they are no longer in contention.

    Here’s a comparison:

    And here are more news on e-Paper technology:

  278. dan, yu are not a fool. Just fooling around…braking people’s concentration…
    jumping from issues to issues…and yet keeping a cool head…
    I was studying your English, and it looks that you are trying very hard to brake up your syntax…
    bbc? nah…

  279. It is maybe my computer, but some are kind of dark.
    There is one that is really cool. The one of the girl…Grin? That’s Eve! crop the top section out, and that is some expressive look.

  280. guess it is difficult to acknowledge that more and more people in the US of A are buying windows … tangent is the way phew !!

  281. Response to: Tarwinia said, on October 15, 2010 at 03:50

    Your are probably correct. Hard to keep track of the details with so many tablets coming out these days :-).

  282. @elmelao
    @rahul sarma
    schließen Sie Ihren Mund,lesen Sie meine alle Anmerkungen.
    Sie sind Bündel von Dummköpfen,ich werde nie Come-Back hier.

  283. for the people who doesn’t understand German…here’s the english translation(google transation is really awesome)

    “Close your mouth, read all my comments.
    They are bunch of idiots, I will never comeback here.”

  284. Dan said: “my english is not good, i am more familiar with german”

    Dude, you are a total scam!!
    You don’t speak German at all. The above text passage is a direct translation result from yahoo’s babelfish service of the english input string “shut your mouth, read my comments. You are a bunch of fools. I will never come-back here.”
    As a German native speaker I can say that no person no matter how small his/her german language skills are, would come up with a german phrase like that. The fact that babelfish translates a valid english phrase like the above to the exact phrase that you posted PROOFS that you just used a translation tool in order to pretend you speak German. Why is that, if your german skills are alledgedly better than your english?
    By the way, your english isn’t goof enough to qualify you as an english native speaker either.

  285. Ok everybody, please settle. Right now this is an unmoderated blog, Rohan opened it up so we could post comments without having to wait for him to approve them like it used to be, but if this sort of stuff keeps going on we’ll have to end up with restrictions again.

    Nobody should want that.

    I’d like to gently suggest that we all agree to ignore offensive comments, certainly not respond to them, and focus on he most excellent adam that we all eagerly await. Lets try not to digress into political issues, however valid or encouraging their original posting may have been.

    Please can we just stick to the main topic, I mean, we’re all here for our interest in adam, our involvement with Notion Ink, and our appreciation of Rohan.

  286. Can someone who has the know-how, and the resources, please setup an ‘unofficial’ NotionInk ADAM forum ?

    With the way things are now, the information is breaking up across multiple blog comments, and really the discussion seems to going off-topic frequently inter-mixed with personal attacks.

    Such things, on the official company blog, will reflect poorly on the company (due to no fault of NotionInk), and on the visitors who frequent this blog.

    Thanks in advance to the individual who takes up this task.

  287. Just wanted to add that many media folks also frequent this blog to get updates. Hence it is even more important to maintain some decorum on this blog.

  288. plz let us know more abt the UI ….this weekend
    maybe a video of the UI and apps of adam…..plz

  289. have to say longbox digital software is improving with every update… good selection Rohan(& adam).

    but what made me excited was………..

    news from longbox digital….

    Longbox Version 1.2 will be released to coincide with the release of the ADAM tablet around the holidays.

    and also COMING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Longbox Digital on the ADAM tablet.

    they r planning their next update to coincide with adam release.. that means the release of adam is gonna be very soon. atleast i hope so…

  290. “Come-Back”. Hahaha. As much as I like discussions like these, Dan let’s quit doing that here on this blog. Peace pipe mate.

  291. Hey one thing that really worries me is what the quality of the screen is like when it is not in reflective mode. Is it as good as a normal lcd . I.e viewing angle and contrast. Do the colours really ‘pop’ . I love the idea of having both the e reader mode and lcd mode but i don’t want it to be at the expense of the quality of the normal mode.
    From videos it is very difficult to tell – i wonder if Rohan would give his opinion. I also wonder if that’s why they introduced the lcd option only.
    Really hope the pixel QI quality is excellent as would love to be able to turn it into an e reader but not if the lcd is quality is not amazing too.

  292. The reviews of the Pixel Qi screen in LCD mode describe it is good, but not brilliant, but then that is how you would also describe many “normal” LCDs. What you have to remember about that sort of technology is that it is always a compromise over a technology designed to work in a single mode only.
    For me, the facility to have the sunlight readable, ultra low power Transreflective mode is more important than having a top-of-the-range LCD display; I am prepared to compromise a long way for that.
    For you, well, the display looked pretty damned good on the video Rohan showed, but the only way you can decide if it is good enough for you is to wait and see it for yourself.

  293. Yeah guess will just have to wait for some hands on reviews. I am willing to compromise too. As you said sunlight readable and especially the ultra low power is one of the main selling points that sets the Adam apart from the competition.
    Hopefully tomorrow rohan will give us some more info in tomorrows update:) Looking forward to seeing it with the matt screen too:)

  294. I’m not sure what Rohan meant by “reduced by 6.5mm from left and 5mm from right”. That would make the black borders assymetrical and the screen off center (depending if it’s in portrait or landscape mode). It should be the same width all around except the edge with the cylinder.

    Hopefully, that bezel of 16mm includes the overpainted region. Judging from the Longbox video, it seems that there is no bezel from the chassis, just a thin edge to hold the glass around. The border is mainly composed of the overpainted region. If this is the case then maybe we can make the border even smaller, perhaps a reduction of 1mm on all sides. The depth thickness is 14mm which is roughly .55″ but I wish we can make it 12.5mm (a smidgen under .5″) which is just a hair thinner than the iPad so NI can claim that it’s the slimmest 9-10″ tablet in the world!

  295. It is running android 2.2. I know that I can lock the screen rotation on my android phone. So I would assume, since it’s the same os, that you would be able to do so.

  296. For the most part Tintincub is right. So what if Apple got the gui from Xerox? Microsoft got it from Apple. NI is using android. They’re not making the operating system. It’s what they do with it that matters. Bill Gates bought dos and turned around and licensed it! He wasn’t out to improve the world. He was out to make money. And Microsoft didn’t mind holding back innovation if it benefited them.
    If you look at Apple’s early days, they did want to change the world. They had big dreams of computers freeing workers from drudgery. I don’t agree that it was a bad thing that Apple fired Jobs. He was out of control and wasn’t helping Apple at all. Treating other people in the company like garbage if they weren’t working with him. I don’t see why Apple would have done better if Jobs had stayed with the company. The book West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple is a great book to read. Jobs may be a jerk but it’s a great story!

  297. @tintincub:

    What you stated is obvious. Apple’s display has higher resolution so it obviously “whoops on the Super AMOLED on the pixel level.”

    What Apple can’t match is Super AMOLED’s brilliant colors and the infinite contrast ratio. I can do with 800×480 instead of 960×640, but I love the contrast of a Super AMOLED. Do a side-by-side comparison in person and you’ll see just how much of a difference it makes.

  298. Not to get off topic.. But what I have been trying to concieve of is a Case/cover for the ADAM and how it would work? I mean with the Backside touch areas and such it makes it a bit more difficult..
    I was think of having a cutout on the back side for the Touch Area.. but then where does the front FLAP or Cover go without folding it behind and covering up the Cutout.. Hmm..

    I do think accessories such as a cover will be needed … preferably at launch so we can Preserver our beautiful ADAM’s!

  299. Maybe they the only one you (we) know about. So, in my case, I just wait until the Adam is out, buy it, and see for my self. What is intriguing to me is the fact that conflicting ideas can be posted here.

  300. Agree.
    That is why I don’t bring Apple as an issue here. As a consumer, I don’t give a hoop about how many computers Apple have sold. I only care about the loptop I got, and that’s it. That is bc I don’t get payed by apple, or anyone else.
    In the meantime, I can’t waite to buy an Adam, regardles of how other competitors are doing.

  301. Vithren , sorry for the late response. I don’t live by my loptop!
    I’m referring to the girl with the bib ecpressive eyes.
    definitelly expressive!

  302. Rohan, I was talking about Vithren’s posters. There is one with a girls there that is very creatively expressive. I was thinking about eve. Maybe on a side bar…

  303. In my case, I’m tired of reading a couple of people talking about Apple. I will ignore them also, unless it is something that really helps a conversation.

  304. Great idea for a contest. Can’t wait for more info Rohan! Please put some info (preferably video) of the UI as soon as possible. Thanks

  305. Thanks again for the over the shoulder look. The Adam looks great and for a first gen product I think you have a winner.

  306. @tintinclub:
    He’s actually right, you know. all of big a’s product, save their desktop, are based off of the same hardware, tacking on a mic or a 3g antenna. Hell, a jailbreak (which they consider illegal by the way, and destroys a good portion of the os security) will work on all devices.

    A microwave is a poor example because it can’t be adapted. A more apt example would be modifying cars. You can add a tail fin for cheap, and you can, with just a bit of work. This is why most apps on one device will work for another with little modification (i.e., video chat on the touch). There really isn’t a reason other than big a not letting you access the app on say the recent aTV to offer the same functionality on your touch/phone/pad (all 3 have tter necessary

  307. @tintinclub:
    He’s actually right, you know. all of big a’s product, save their desktop, are based off of the same hardware, tacking on a mic or a 3g antenna. Hell, a jailbreak (which they consider illegal by the way, and destroys a good portion of the os security) will work on all devices.

    A microwave is a poor example because it can’t be adapted. A more apt example would be modifying cars. You can add a tail fin for cheap, and you can, with just a bit of work. This is why most apps on one device will work for another with little modification (i.e., video chat on the touch).

    For example, there really isn’t a reason other than big a not letting you access the app on the recent aTV to offer the same functionality on your touch/phone/pad – all 3 have the necessary hardware to do it: video out, 720p decoding – even on last years model (maybe even two years ago model). But instead of selling you an app that you can add to an old touch you have lying around, you now have to go burn more money buying new hardware.

    Once you get the phone, there really is no reason why you should even have a touch or tv. Just get a simple dock or cable, and a cheap bt remote, and you’re off with precisely the same setup, and a side benefit of charging your phone while you watch your program.

  308. I am with you but why not use an electronic border that gets activated when you put half your thumb on one end for example (nobody ever uses their full finger to point something). I think technology should have advanced enough to accomplish that. Why continue with a physical border that wastes space. I hate borders too! P.s. engadget claiming you fake your product images

  309. You need some border to help you hold it without accidental activation of screen elements, but I also hate borders, but it seems that with the unit being thicker than the iPad, I believe that this will not be a big issue with a small border.

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