And to Able his destiny!


In our journey we have entered a new chapter named Able. Like always we have taken in valuable feedback from our customers world over and incorporated the best suggestions. Able is an I Gen product with roots in the Millennials. We can admire the beauty of this diversity, as this is the result we share with you from our endeavor to redefine our way of living, through productive computing. We aim to make productive and utility focused products.

With your first look you will perceive a handy looking compact laptop with a smooth metallic body. But there is way more than that meets the eye. Able has a metallic grey coloured complete aluminium uni body design, probably among the lightest in the Windows category. It’s chamfered edges along the screen and the top of the keyboard gives it a premium look. The magnetic Pogo pin connector between allows you to effortlessly detach and attach allowing you to have the best of both worlds. We were requested more display angles and a stronger keyboard. So we designed a sturdier keyboard with wider range of usable angles, LEDs for trackpad enable and caps-lock status. The trackpad supports multi-touch features for all the Windows gestures.


The power and volume buttons are located right on top for easy access. Talking about durable things, we used scratch resistant Asahi glass for its G+G touch panel. There was also a request to add two FULL USB ports as generally one was used by a mouse most of the time. Able has generously provided port offerings starting with one  FULL USB 2.0 port, and a 3.0 port for high-speed data access or accessories. It also has a micro-USB, OTG charging port, micro HDMI as well as a SIM card and a SD card slot. The SD card slot now supports up to 128GB and the HDD supports upto 1 TB. Connectivity features stand out with its inbuilt “high-throughput” 3G module which supports bgn WiFi networks.

Higher RAM was one of the most requested or rather desired feature. Able sports 4GB of high-speed DDR3L RAM. People suggested for more compute power along with better graphics. We’ve upgraded Able’s processor which now runs on Intel’s latest X5 Z8300 Cherrytrail processor, the same one you find in Microsoft’ Surface. X5 also has an 800 MHz GPU which we are sure will be able to handle apps like Photoshop or intense 3D graphic games. Able is also one of the only few 2-in-1 running 64BIT Windows OS for all your modern apps and programming needs. We also squeezed in a little more battery, up from 78,00 mAh to now 81,00 mAh. It is also convenient with the auto-sleep mode, like a laptop, now you can just fold the screen and it goes to sleep.

We have pushed our competition to introduce the same warranty policy as ours, but they haven’t got it completely correct. Able like our other devices, comes with full SWAP warranty.  This is possible because our devices go through 4 Quality Control stages. The primary check is done by our manufacturing plant, which confirms the mean time between failure numbers for us. Then our team, right on the assembly line rejects devices which does not conform to the functional or design requirements. For reassurance, we  get the QC done again through a 3rd party agency, which adds a very strong impartial look at everything. Finally the devices are air-shipped to India to reduce in-transit time and damage. Once they reach our labs, every single devices again goes through full and final functional as well as design coherence test. That’s when we add mint chewing gum and the greetings to you. And that is why we can confidently tell you, if at all anything happens, we will swap your old device for a new one.


We believe, we have poured out our heart and bartered a little bit of our soul in designing, producing and testing Able to make it close to a perfect device. Hope people from all walks, find Able aiding their computing life.

Able was  launched recently in Snapdeal for a smart investment of 24,999.

Best Regards.


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