Finally the Good News!

OK! To all those fueling that we are hitting in November, hold on! That’s not true.

Think it like this, iPad is still not launched in India, so would we say it has not launched yet! I know we live in a world which is not any more called Post-Cold war era, but a Globalized world, but still you can’t find one company which can launch its product in all the countries at the same time! Or at least we can’t. And if something breaks down, who are you going to call? (And there are more reasons why it is not possible).

So simply put, just hold on! We are on track.

We have done some good work to get the devices out at yet more aggressive price which we were aiming for. There is a final word on 2 variants of the device, one cheaper normal LCD version and other with dual display PQ version. Another update is that we have evaluated another platform, which is proving to be extremely efficient on battery and much cheaper as well. So now you might be able to choose among the HW platforms as well (but here is a might in this line).

The UI team has dome some extremely beautiful job and we were waiting for them to finish up so SDK can be released. So, developers gear up!

We have also done wonderful innovations on e-mail front. Something which might become the biggest differentiation for Adam.

Suddenly (and expectedly) everyone is on to tablet space now(Computex), even Blackberry is there (I heard so). But what remains to be seen is the content and developer community which comes with them and the differentiation!

And the good news finally!

We have closed the final round of funding and are now in perfect sync with our investors. This is extremely good news for everyone. I say that, because if we have Global ambitions, there must be someone who can help us achieve that. And now we have got the muscle power.

Think about it, if we are doing well, we are talking about at least a business of 100k devices a month. That will amount to at least $350 million dollar of revenues in the first year itself! Where is that investment going to come from? I know most of you know about how these transactions happen on the global scale, that there are bank guarantees, payment cycles etc. but that’s not applicable in the case of a start-up, or is it?

I cannot reveal the amount of investment, but its a big day for Notion Ink! And this would not have been possible had you all not supported us. Even the angry comments played a big role (so keep sending them 🙂 ) in telling them, lets speed up things else they will kill me!

Thanks everyone for supporting us! It’s really a beautiful (and little emotional) day for us! (There is a small poll for you guys.)

With Warm Regards

281 thoughts on “Finally the Good News!

  1. Alright, that actually seems like good news, and you’re telling us the Adam will be out before November, but can you be a little bit more precise ?

  2. On track!!! Does that mean we can order in July? In which country?

  3. Very gratifying. Glad the investors were willing to listen to the inventive visionaries and fans who are clamoring for an early release. Given the comparatively small size of the company, (a blip compared with Apple), I believe that a November release wouldn’t give the Adam sufficient momentum to compete for holiday attention in November. It needs time to seep into the consciousness of the average consumer, most of whom have absolutely no idea who Notion Ink or the Adam are. A longer run-up is essential. Very nice news. Now – who will be the partners – Verizon? Barnes & Noble? NY Times availability? That’s the next exciting group of announcements, I hope. Only Apple seems to get this sort of fanatical support (myself included). iPad is a wonderful tool, but not for everyone – and VERY expensive. The Adam fills another important niche, while improving on some of what the iPad offers.

  4. Thats great!

    Good going!


    we expect this to launched in INDIA first.

    Let me know, if i can be of any support for ADAM… it’s launch… anything…

  5. CONGRATZ!! Very happy to see that you got the funding and are on track. but still you have not mentioned the release date and price for the versions :-(. Also, you have mentioned about post sales support. even for that you have not mentioned how you will be handling the tablet sales and post sales service :-). Now that the Good News arrived, we are waiting for the best news from you – that is: more clarifications on the price of the models, release date, where to purchase, and about post sales support :-). Please dont keep us waiting for too long 🙂

  6. So now we know its not gonna be November. Cool. Oh yeah, and its gonna be “on track”. But the UI is still not there and you’re even thinking about a new platform hardware?

    Any why would anyone target a global startup? Whats the purpose, except for a little more PR? Its too risky.

    Much more importantly, checkout if you can include the latest stuff from PixelQi. I hear they’ve done a wide-angle version and also experiment with stylus input.

    I also don’t care about content offers. I have tons of content and work to “consume”. Its been so many years since the OLPC, so many years of waiting until somebody finally implements their idea for the first world mass market.

    Yes, I’m frustrated. Youtube videos don’t help me get my work done. I hope its gonna be *earlier* than November. I remember 3rd quartal 2010 to be the original target.

  7. All the news around so intriguing!
    so what awaits us?

    July i hope ?)

    Я надеюсь Адма скоро выйдет и его можно будет заказать в Украину !

  8. Dear Mr. Rohan,

    I really hope from the bottom of my heart that you read this comment. I’ve been a fan of the Adam ever since word of it trickled into the web space. I think it’s the device that myself and many are looking for. Finally, something that has all the features that we want. Not Something that has the features that the CEO thinks we should want.

    I’ve been patiently waiting. I don’t want to rush the development. We need things to be done right on all fronts. Software and Hardware. In the sea of tablets, for the Adam to succeed. We need it to be a solid Product.

    That said, the rumors about a November release are devastating. I can tell you now. From a pure marketing professional prospective. That will simply kill the product. The flood of iPads has already saturated the market.

    In my opinion, July is the Golden release time. If it is true what you say. That all developments (Software/Hardware) issues are sorted out, and all that is holding a launch is choice. (I’m being a bit skeptical due to lack of new demo units footage ANYWHERE?!)……..YOU NEED TO START SELLING very soon, even if you cannot go global or even export it to shops. You don’t even have to have ALL the variations. You can start with Mains one. Manufacture the cheaper ones later. You can also even initially sell through online channels, ship to order. whatever means necessary. A working adam HAS TO GET to consumer hands THIS JULY. Word of mouth will spread like wildfire sparing you thousands of dollars in marketing. Students, Faculty,Travelers,Vacationers, all are in purchasing mood in July. Come Thanksgiving and Chrismas. The people who tasted the wonder of the Adam will gift it and recommend it to EVERYONE. and the investors will have their Prize. But if you launch later, you’ll be launching a dead stick into a sea of iPads, Streaks, Slates and God knows what!!

    I hope you read my thoughts. Contact me at if you’d like to share some comforting information with a loyal fan. I promise I will not leak anything. I’m a man of my word.


  9. If it’s named ADAM, it has to have a destiny like Adam 🙂

    All The Very Best, always there for you.

  10. Hi shravan,
    Are you thinking of having an OLED display?

    I ask due to “There is a final word on 2 variants of the device, one cheaper normal LCD version and other with dual display PQ version. Another update is that we have evaluated another platform, which is proving to be extremely efficient on battery and much cheaper as well.”

    I don’t really know why you have/are going for LCD screens when OLED has much better resolution at lower battery consumption.

  11. Rohan,

    Are we to take this as absolute fact that the Adam will be coming out in the U.S. before November? It sounds like, from the first part of the post, that you’re tiptoeing around the subject. Like it could have an India release as the official launch followed later by a North American launch.

    What exactly does “on track” mean? July? August? September? November?

    At this point it’s getting very hard to tell.

  12. Thanks for the goog news. We all loves the ADAM, please let us know soon where we can place our preorder. I’m living in Germany and I hope that I can order it same time as your customer in India.
    End of July I will have my holidays and it would be great to travel with ADAM in my hands 🙂
    So, please let us wait.

  13. That is good news. The sooner the better. I have 15 people who could beta test your product in Atlanta, USA. I can get you more. Love to help out, your product looks great.

  14. Super!! Just eagerly awaiting for it to launch!!! And Before Nov..Wow..

  15. Frist congratulations on the obtaining the investment capital! This is truly great new for your company and your potential customers.
    I agree with Shomran he makes good business sense and has several very good ideas from a marketing perspective. Publish your specs and take the pre-orders. Cause some fuss and get the free advertising. Just look at the amount of coverage on google from your most recent announcement. I don’t have to tell you that to overcome the momentum of the Ipad you will have to make a lot of noise. The internet will help you with that as soon as you can get it into customer’s hands. I would be willing to buy the pixel Qi version immediately!!

  16. hiiii

    Dont miss out on the states oppurtunity by waiting till thanksgiving. Just go for the kill. Also make sure it is launched with froyo or better

  17. I agree that July would be the perfect month, and an option for us to buy it online even if you only release it in India would be amazing.

    I just really, really want this thing before my next semester of university starts up again! I’ve got the money to spend, and I’m ready for all my textbooks to be on that beautiful Pixel Qi screen! 🙂

  18. Thank you. I was really worried about the prospect of a November launch date. Now tell me I can buy the Adam somewhere in Europe (preferably in Germany, but anywhere in Europe will do) in July or August and you will get my money.

    What exactly do you mean by “another platform”? Are we talking about a different chipset, a different CPU (Qualcomm, anyone?) or even something that is not ARM?

  19. That’s nice to hear.
    Looking forward to have further info, the ones we’re all dying for!

    Like I said many times on the Facebook board (sometimes take a look over there by the way) I hope you will take into account that you asked our mail addresses…rewarn your loyal,apparently supportive and patiencefull fans by shipping some devices across the world as soon as possible — i mean for beta-testing or by the time you release it in India.

    I’m not the angry comments kind of guy, but still if you can use a modest advice from an earlier-time fan, show something substantial THIS WEEK!!
    If a release date is not ready yet it doesn’t matter, then give us some pieces of UI navigation, some screenshot of Adam with the magic 2.2 number under ‘Android Version’, another hands-on…anything!
    We don’t see a working Adam for a lot of time now!

    A company like yours probably don’t need it, but if you can use some help in translating the interface in Italian, i’m used to accomplish this task in other OpenSource programs and projects so doing that for Adam would be my honor and pleasure 🙂
    My mail for this is andrea[DOT]nigido[AT]gmail[DOT]com, but you already had it.

    All the very best!


  20. Glad it’s coming out earlier than November, but what is the scheduled release for the USA? If only 100K units can be produced in a month, I think it is imperative to have a pre-order list so early adopters can be guaranteed their unit. I guess I’m just comparing to Apple, they sold 1M units a month so far and you still cannot find one in a store to purchase.

  21. Wish you good luck!

    Let me know if we could be of any support….

    Waiting to buy one…. actually have postponed my purchase of netbook…

    I feel ADAM is better then netbook.

  22. I hope that the touchscreen will be as innovative and sensitive as the iPad touchscreen.
    Or at least as sensitive as the HTC Legend.

  23. Glad to hear things are coming along, though this post seems like a bit of a cop-out to me. Maybe i missed some little gem in there, but it doesn’t really seem like any info is given besides that the November release isn’t global.

    Its great news that its going to be released earlier (for some places) I was just hoping for a little more of a substantial post.


  24. Sorry just reread it again. I skimmed over some parts a bit too briefly. The model differences is a pretty good piece of info.

  25. YAY!! This is a great birthday gift 🙂
    Ummm, I posted productivity/reading/entertainment here but honestly this might change my habits. I hate being on the comp indoors (my lap isn’t great for outdoors like most of them) which is why I don’t e-mail too much and don’t do too much social netwroking but with this I might actually change my habits.

    I DO have one request to make. When a release date is announced I hope you mention what other countries are in the plans. That way people like me can know whether to wait or import. I personally live in Mexico which doesn’t get a lot of tech despite it being one of the largest markest in Latin America. I also work with people whose job it is to facilitate companies from abroad to do business here so though I personally don’t work in that area I DO have an idea how difficult it can be to set up shop in this country. So though I’d love to wait and get one with a warranty I might have to settle for an import. So even if you can’t announce the actual dates, just mentioning which countries are in the pipeline can be very helpful for some when they decide what to do.

    and btw, I agree that waiting can be bad. Right now you can cash in on the whole back to school bit, but if you wait then there will be huge competition and from better known brands (I don’t believe in brands per se but rather quality, but the masses tend to be swayed by names). If nothing else I’m guessing you’ll want to get production versions into reviewers hands with enough time before the release so people can be informed and decided when they start shopping around.

    Oh, when will we find out about the alternate hardware and its performance (not just energy-wise but also how it holds up under pressure). Well, can’t wait to hear more details/news from you guys and CONGRATS!

    Oh, if there’s ANY way you can offer international warranties (at least in countries where the product is sold) it’d be great. Personally I’d be willing to pay a little extra for that as it’d be much easier to get it to a service center in the US than a service center in India.

    So congratulations guys, you have worked hard at this and deserve your celebration of another step completed. Now just remember to leave some champagne for the actual product launch 😉

  26. Clarify that you meant “HYBRID display PQ version”. If you put a PAIR of PQ displays on a tablet I’d fucking wait ’till next year for its release.

    As it stands, I still want this thing on day one.

  27. Me too, I’m waiting for an Android tablet with Pixel Qi screen.

    In general I like the look of the Adam. I hope it will be available in Switzerland soon.

    What I don’t like is the camera, it’s too exposed and it’s too off-centered.

    I’m interested in the Adam SDK as well.

  28. And the investment stuff. Ok so theres a lot of good info in here and I admit to total foot-in-mouth syndrome.

    I appologize for jumping to conclusions, and can’t wait for further updates!

    Yay for Notion Ink!!!11oneone!

  29. Also, a movie player that supports MKV and multiple audio/subtitle tracks (ASS, SSA, SRT, VOBSUB, etc.) with a button for each one on the same “slide-up” display as the video controls would be nice.

    Ever so nice.

    You know, much appreciated and all that.

  30. Looks like you are honing your art of keeping us glued without going into the specifics. Understandable from a business stand point, but frustrating wait for a true enthusiast. Please at-least post a few new videos of the various versions of ADAM.

    I do hope the back track pad and the swivel Camera do not get into any patent related trouble. Both of these are simple yet extremely innovative ideas.

  31. Rohan,

    I anxiously await for the Adam over hear in the USA.

    I bought my wife an IPAD. Its nice, but I am looking forward to the Adam for myself!

    I also am interested in something like the Adam for my special needs daughter. Any chance the OS can include password protection capabilities, such as turning on PW protection on/off PER application? She causes such havoc getting into things she shouldn’t and it would be great to have a device where I can lock here out of applications, per application. This would be a great device for her just to view the 5,000+ family photos that she loves so much.

    Also, would love to see a feature for the Ebook which allows one to save and add words to a word list while reading an Ebook. For dummies like me who encounter words that I need to look up in the dictionary when reading a book, I often forget the word soon after reading the definition. It would be great to have a word list linked to the Ebook for easy perusing to refresh one’s memory of those words.

    I wish you and your team great success!

  32. Great news…but since you haven’t really pointed towards a launch date..I’m hoping it’s going to be way before November. I’m sure I’ll be one of the first people to buy…as soon as I can get my hands on one..cheers!!!

  33. I think that if you can release the ADAM sooner than the rumoured “thanks giving” date then that would create the buzz to get the foothold in the tablet market you guys need against the others. Like alot of the comments in the previous thread suggested, a pre-order system for the ADAM would give you some numbers and the geographic of your target customers. If you need to target certain countries first then why not the UK and Europe first? The mobile operators over here already sell net books with mobile contracts that tie us in for at least a year. That would mean more orders for the ADAM and you could get them to provide the stability and support! Also, your competitor, ICD has already teamed up with T-Mobile to sell their Gemini here so the others e.g. Vodafone, O2, Orange would want something like the ADAM to compete with T-Mobille…. I know, shamelessly hinting at the UK here by the way! 😀

  34. Hi!!

    This is great news!! Good luck, guys!! Lot of peaple are waiting for this, really!!

    Best Regards from Spain!!

  35. Seeing as your company does not have a well-known brand, your only hope of appealing to the risk-averse mass market is if you use a well-known OS like Windows 7.

    Let’s face it, outside the hardcore geek community, nobody knows what Android is. So if you want to differentiate your device, I strongly advice you to put Windows 7 on it, with a Wacom active digitizer stylus. This will make it the only tablet with Windows and a quality stylus. I’m sure you saw the dozens of new tablets coming out at Computex. Differentiate or die.

    Also, the size is critical. For some strange reason, everybody is jumping on the 10″ bandwagon. This is set to fail. !0″ is too small to be a netbook replacement, yet too big to be a portable tablet. The most popular Kindle is 6″, which is perfect for carrying and holding for a long time.

    The iPad at 9.7″ is too heavy and awkward to hold for a long time. Most people who have one soon get tired of it and go back to using their smartphone for mobile stuff, or laptop/netbook for serious work. So i would recommend a screen size of no more than 7″. This would make the device light and portable as an e-reader, but large enough for digital drawing, note-taking etc.

  36. Rohan,

    Take your time, get it right.

    The tablet market is very young.

    Remember that Apple has a devoted following, the people who bought ipads would only buy ipads and would never even consider the adam.

    They are the apple fanbois.

    Dont waste your time with them, let apple do the hard work of convincing the world that we need a tablet.

    And they have done that pretty well, and continue to do it.

    In the mean time, you have prepare your super weapon, perfect it in every possible way.

    Don’t get swayed by media stories, focus on the war ahead of you.

    When you release the adam, it has to create a tidal wave of media awareness because of its superior User Experience.

    Grind your devs to work as hard as they can on the experience.

    You are not too late to the market, Your market is the 100 million non-apple fanbois.

    Once they are convinced they need a tablet, by apple, they will buy the ipad slayer – the notion ink adam.

  37. Here are ten options, chose three? I’m going to use all ten! And while you are at adding new hardware, please integrate an INFRARED PORT! just think of the ability to control that overhead projector from your tablet, or your TV, DVD player, or any other AV device, and swap files from tablet to tablet! Please, please please! I beg of you! My Nokia cell phone had this option in 2007 and I have not found it on any device since 😦 This port may also be used as night vision for the camera if set up for Near Infrared Illumination. All I am asking for is a little IR Transceiver and maybe a few IR LED’s…the app developers can do the rest.


    Ive been keeping an eye on your development for some time now. Contact me. Perhaps I can be of assistance for anything inside the United States.

    Thank you for your time,
    G Hernandez

  39. I am with pk and hshomran – I am so psyched about the Adam being The One tablet but a) I want one ASAP and b) I want you to succeed but think you have got to get something in customers’ hands by July or latest August or you will lose potential momentum badly. As you said the tablet pre announcements have now exploded from all sides and the only way to prove that you and Adam are a) much further advanced and b) superior is to actually launch.

    Here’s hoping it happens soon !

  40. Great news, I hope that ADAM will be available really soon. Booking a shipment to Poland for the first available Pixel Qi + 3G model 🙂 Expectations are huge and it would be great to publish a post on my blog saying that the wait was totally worth it.

  41. More info please; release dates, configurations, prices…

    I know it’s not launching in Denmark anytime soon, but I hope that it will launch somewhere within Europe, so that I can avoid taxes when ordering 🙂

  42. I agree with shomran completely. Adam has to come out, and it has to come out now. The more delay you make the more people will lose the interest. One market is enough, even if it is small. Let atleast one of the viral websites have a look at it.

  43. Dear Rohan,
    just like hshomran, I have been eagerly waiting for the adams launch! For a tech-related student like me, important attractive parts of the Adam include
    – ability to comfortably double as an e-reader (backlight off, transreflective mode) for pdf, word, djvu etc documents
    – annotations/note taking
    – a solid platform for app development and testing on android.
    – web, email, and media come last (this is already provided my old notebook pc).
    Getting the adam is not just about scratching my gadget itch but a well founded realization of perceived utility! As you already know and will see in the coming months, a strong selling point for the Adam, especially to the student demographic is owning a device that is both trendy and solves a couple of problem.

    In the light of this, I can only sincerely hope that the PQ version wont have a price thats too far from the average students grasp! Even if the price is high, I am still prepared to wait and save up till I can get it!

    Best of luck!

  44. Hi,
    This is good news. I am a professor, and was planning on purchasing one before the beginning of the next school year. I hope that you all read these comments.
    I plan on teaching some online courses, and was going to recommend Adam to all my students. I am teaching 4 courses, and at 45 students each, that is a lot in sales (per capita). I feel that if this product is everything that you have mentioned, and everything is working, that you should make some available. I don’t know much about marketing, but I do know, that if you wait until thanksgiving, then it will be the competition that will be thanking you for waiting so long.
    Eddy G.

  45. Anyone know when Google will open up thier market place…

    I know you have developers and stuff, but without the backing of the Android Marketplace, the Ipad will be WAY ahead of any Android tablet…

    WTH google….

    please someone answer this,

  46. It’s good to hear about some movement. I’m hopeful that you will be able to get a product launched within a reasonable window, that is by the end of July. Getting an SDK and a rom for emulation to the development community at large ASAP will go a long way towards building a base for a robust application ecosystem. Also, is now really the time to be attempting to integrate new hardware? From a design, firmware, and driver standpoint this would seem to only push that release date back further. It would seem that the focus should be on releasing a product, and improving on that product once there’s revenue. Stating a release date for the initial product with a caveat that there’s a secondary version which will be available within X of months would seem to be a better approach.

    From a PR front, please hire a copy editor. Your grammar is atrocious. While I’m certain that this is merely the natural consequence of writing in what I assume is your second language, it nonetheless presents an unprofessional face to the business world. I’m not saying we need lawyer speak, but when you’re using run-on and fragmentary sentences it stands out.

    Also, some concrete information (price range, release month, probable carriers, etc.) would go a long way to convincing us that your product is not vapor-ware. “It’s coming soon, it’ll be awesome, just trust us” is the telltale sign of a nonexistent product.

  47. Great news Rohan. So you have an average price of US$ 291. Which means your LCD will be cheaper than that. Wow! I am certain I want the dual display PQ! Can I please pre-order? I am in India!!! Come on – the suspense is killing us. What’s the launch date?

  48. Couple of questions..

    When you say it will be released, do you mean within India or globally? Including US before november? You mention other hardware changes, does that mean your moving away from Tegra to Marvel? Will there be an early developer version?

    As a developer I want to play with the notion ink adam asap. As a consumer I want the best product. Keep up the hard work.

    Cheers for success.

  49. This is WONDERFUL News!!!! I’m so glad all the comments good and bad 😉 have helped, I’ll admit I was beginning to doubt and I certainly made it clear!!! I’m really looking forward to getting ahold of the SDK now as I have been working with the Standard Android SDK getting some things mocked up and started!!! Great to hear again!!! AWESOME!!!!

  50. I am very excited for the Adam, but I think in order for it to be a great product it will need access to the Android Market. I know you are busy, but this is a must!

  51. Mr. Rohan

    Great job on this tablet! I’ve been following its development patiently since November of last year. Truely, this tablet has the making of setting the standard for which all other tablets will be measured up to.

    In your last blog post…. were you foreshadowing the “aggressive price”…. “Think about it, if we are doing well, we are talking about at least a business of 100k devices a month. That will amount to at least $350 million dollar of revenues in the first year itself ”

    Doing the math…
    that 100k x 12 months = 1.2M units per year
    $350M in revenue in 1 yr
    350M / 1.2M = $291.66 ~ $300 per device 🙂

    At 300 dollars per device I’ll take 3! One for my girlfriend, one for my dad and of course one for me. 🙂 We can always dream of 300 dollar price point….

    Keep up the good work!

    If i could be as bold as to offer some advice to a CEO…. the release date (whenever it is) really doesn’t matter if its July or November of this year come a year from now and when you’re looking at your balance sheets… what will matter if its November vs July is timing, marketing and the ability of your product to stay in the news! For a startup company, obviously you wont have the marketing dollars as Apple (although a better product) but in today’s day and age, social networking and youtube needs to be your best friend! You’ve talked about the great work that your team has done with the UI and with the email app etc… maybe you should consider showing some of that work through teaser videos from now building up to launch. Possibly consider highlighting what is lacking in the iPad and what creative ways you’ve solved it in the Adam. The Motorola DRIOD commericals were great because they did just that well, showed what the iphone lacked and how the DROID did it better. Everyone (media) that has written a honest review of the iPad knows its lacking some key features. (Which personally i think is on-purpose, its just how Apple keeps people buying every new version of their same product). The Adam does everything the iPad does and significantly more. Highlighting those differences via youtube or facebook will go a long way with future customers. That way, customers who maybe in the market for a tablet right now, may find one of those teaser videos compelling enough to hold off a bit instead of buying an ipad or another of the other tablets shown at Computex.

    Personally, i think the holiday season is over rated for releasing products. I understand that most retailers make the most money during that period; however, its also the most crowded time of the year. Great products sell whenever they are ready. Personally I’d perfer to release during a time period where there isn’t a rash of products, so the attention is all on my product. The joojoo in concept was great, but price point and timing was horrible. Consider timing, marketing, and keeping your product in the press as you decide when to bring your product to market.

    Either or best of luck, I can’t wait to see what your next product will be!

  52. I heard that you prepare to ship an alternative model equipped with an LCD screen targeting an aggressive price.

    Low cost is OK but NEVER try to sacrifice the wide-view angle experiences on all the four sides of the screen or you’re making garbage!!! Either IPS LCD technology or AM-OLED as an alternative absolutely brings no less competitiveness than Pixel Qi’s.

    One more thing to remind: mediocre products search for low price while great products pursue high quality.

  53. Hey, I can only choose three things I want to do with the Adam? 🙂

  54. Wish you good and don’t worry everything will be in your favor. wish you succes.

    Just a small request please bring it firstly in INDIA I’ve not bought dell just to buy ADAM. waiting since last year.

    all the best for the D Day 🙂

  55. +1 on hshomran’s comment

    Personally I can’t wait to get the product in my hand. I live in Sweden so I really hope you will ship worldwide at launch time. I’m willing to pay extra shipping costs as long as I get one as early as possible.

    As a software developer I could live with having a bit of an unpolished GUI (that could be updated at a later time) if it would mean I could get one earlier.
    Please consider selling early developer units.

  56. Rohan,

    Looks like you gave a nice hint about price. 100K unit per month = 350 million $/year 🙂

    My calculations tells me the MRP will be around $300. If I go by the word “atleast” I think this is the cheaper LCD version you are talking about.

    Any ways…big fan of Adam, been waiting for it’s release in India.

    All the best.

  57. congratulations on your advances and my heart-felt sympathy for each and everyone of you!

    I just meant to suggest one late feature which I haven’t read about yet and which might not be too difficult to incorporate at this late time in the process:

    The PixelQi display’s advantage clearly lies in the fact that it is readable in daylight. Therefore, outdoor usage is one of the mayor use-cases for this tablet, right?
    Well, the thing about outdoor is that there is lots of sunlight and the thing about sunlight is that it tends to heat up black colored surfaces. Therefore, I would like to suggest that you consider offering the tablet in WHITE COLOR as well.

    I know that white is not as pupular a color as black is these days, but for outdoor use, it’s rather crucial. There are reports about the iPad overheating after 30 minutes of use in direct sunlight.

  58. Long time lurker, first time poster. Please, please, please make India your first launch market. We are really starved for good products in this space here.

    At the price you are implying I would readily pre-order a couple or three of your dual display Adam’s for myself, family. Wishing the team the very best and keeping my fingers crossed for a pre-November 2010 launch in India.

  59. Hello Rohan,
    Yesterday I left a comment saying that I don’t believe that Adam is on track without getting hard facts or at least a release date.

    Now it seems that this comment was deleted.

    Is this your way to handle criticism?

  60. Yesterday one of my major questions was, how you want to deliver in time if you’re now evaluating new hardware? It takes a lot of time to adapt the rest of the hardware, the OS and all the applications. And you also have to retest everything. How can you handle this huge amount of work with just a few developers in just a few month?

    It would be really nice if you could deliver in time in quality with all defined features (and with an acceptable price). I would be the first to buy one, but sorry, I can’t believe.


  61. Please tell me if a magnetic compass is included. In februari versions of the Adam specifications it was. It needs it to let programs like Google Sky and Layar from the Android market run, they need a magnetic field sensor. Also please consider adding a gyroscope to the Adam, because the new iphone 4 has that. You can never have too many sensors.

    But the main differentiator would be the ability to use a stylus on the touchscreen. I know there are multitouch screens that can measure pressure and direction. Being able to write on the screen and have handwriting recognition and even mathematical formula recognition would be a great asset for students.

    These guys did both pressed and handwritten math recognition:
    It works really good. It can convert pages of dense mathematics full of multiple levels of super and subscript, indexes, integral symbols etc. etc. into almost flawless latex. Maybe you can do a deal with them.

    If you can not add pressure sensitive stylus ability now, please consider adding it in a next version. The tablet format just begs to be written on.

  62. Guys,
    Ink Adam has been consistently the most sought after tablet for a long time now.
    Rival products are slowly improving on their specs and matching up. Besides they have the advantage of huge established sales and after sales service network in place, where they can literally push their product through the customer’s throat.

    Speed is of the essence. I understand that while this is your first product in the market, and perfection is mandatory and has to be of the highest order, any delays will allow rival tablet makers a foot in the door, and that is not what we want.

    Is it possible for you guys to offer prelaunch bookings for the various versions in India? I would be very happy to pre-order a few.


  63. Good news. Wish you the best with luck!

    +1, releasing early developer kits might make apps market solid.

    What is your take on pre orders? I was thinking it might put more responsibility to release a SOON & SOLID product.

  64. @wezzdev,
    Totally agree! I’am a developer living in USA and would b ehappy to participate in polishing developer’s units of Adam as a tester.

    Vladimir Kelman
    Non-phone Android devices wave

  65. Sorry, i dont agree with your argument :). even thought notion ink has too many nice features, the best differentiator for notion ink is Pixel Qi + android + usb ports. already there are talks of other tablets coming up with this combination. if those tablets hit the market before ADAM, ADAM will definitely lose the current advantage. You cant perfect anything before releasing it. then there is no need for patches. See Microsoft Windows 🙂 even after so many years of experience, they have lots of bugs and they release patches time and again. So better consume the market when the fruit is ripe. if you wait a bit longer, it will be spoiled 😀

  66. Mine got deleted as well. Apparently only the hyperenthusiastic ones survive.

  67. Great news rohan, The good thing about your company is the fact that you actually communicate with your fan following and update us pretty frequently. It helps because i’m an apple fan and they say nothing to the people who buy their products on any upcoming projects etc. Its always good to have an interactive CEO because it gives you a medium to compliment and criticize the maker about the product directly instead of customer care, though it could be a pain for you. What would be the language in which we would be coding to make our applications? and will you also release a gist about the API’s included in the SDK Manual?

    Good luck and am hoping that ADAM will Eat the APPLE


  68. i dont think joojoo’s flop is because of the timing. the flaw is with their concept, as even in USA, the internet connection is not as widely available to use it outside. still, a majority of ppl in USA dont prefer to spend on mobile internet connection. joojoo is just a brick if you dont have internet connection. no one would put $500 just to browse internet at home (remember its bulky to carry it with you). and cloud os wont get popular atleast for a decade. what is the use of a system if it cant hold our personal files. For the same reason, i feel Google’s Chrome OS will be a flop, unless they give us the ability to store personal files and applications on the local device. Majority of us would not prefer our very personal files to be stored on a company’s server, even though a company seem to be so genuine to not access those files. Even google for instance, would definitely access/scan our personal emails for their analytics, even though they won’t admit it.

  69. I agree with you PK.

    For me, the main strengths of the Adam are:

    Tegra 2 HD capabilities + HDMI
    Pixel Qi is a pleasant bonus

    I’m getting an ominous feeling though. :(. There is a saying. Wherever you see smoke. Then there must be a fire.

    First there were the rumors of Tegra 2 Problems, then the Flash problems and then a November release.

    In all of Youtube, there are only like 4 videos of the Adam?? How come? Most are not even very clear. I’d make a channel and release a video of ONE feature like every other week. That’s free marketing right there.

    I’m begining to loose faith. I think there are no final working units to send out. Things are that bad.


  70. @pk

    The hardware is never the differentiator.

    1) There is a very high turnover in hardware. What is fast today is slow and obsolete in 6 months.
    You can never ever maintain a competitive advantage in hardware.

    2) Software is cumulative and labour intensive. It is very very difficult to catch up in the software field because machines cannot write software yet.

    That is why Software and User experience it gives you should always always be your competitive advantage.

    If you have an advantage there, other companies will find it very difficult to catch up with you, or even jump ahead of you.

    Its possible to do it, but it is easier to maintain an advantage in User experience and software, than in hardware.

    Notion Ink must focus on this to win the war.

  71. Rohan please don’t open up the tablet to let everyone have a look at the innards.
    It is bad because the competition gets a dekko, I’ll bet that the chinese designers are using your screen shots for getting their own designs in now.

    Also its not very good from the aesthetics point of view. The need of the hour is a more glitzy and suave presentation.

  72. Still, at least partially hardware was a differentiator for a bad fate of Palm phones. Everybody agree that WebOS is outstanding. (Sure, bad marketing, bad business was a bigger differentiator.)

    What troubles me, is that there are so many bad Android tablets and mediocre phones out there. It really hurts the brand. And while there are excellent Android phones too (Nexus One, Droid [Incredible], HTC Evo), there is no good tablets so far. There are awful ones, like Camangi WebStation (and others from China) and Zii EGG, there are pretty bad ones, like Archos tablets (I own or did own all the listed and know it firsthand.)
    Camangi has awful resistive screen, week CPU and limited software. Archos also has resistive screens, many bugs in software and limited set of apps. Zii EGG has pretty snappy CPU, good little capacitive screen… and nothing actually works on it, neither system nor third-party applications.

    So, my only hope is that Notion Ink will be first to really set a high standard for Android tablets – like iPad did for iOS.

  73. A better question would have been (for me at least) list up to three things you would use the Adam for least. Photography is really the only thing on that list that I am not very interested in using the device for (already have a Motorola Droid.) Also, I hope you are releasing in the US soon.

  74. I totally agree with you. The reason I want a tablet is because I prefer to use handwriting to express myself (I am a writer) and I do not like typing very much for being creative. But before Adam and the other cheaper tablets, the cheapest options were way out of budget! And the iPad is not good for productivity for me, it is a toy and still has a keyboard. It makes me angry, because it is a mockery of what I have been looking for. I have been looking for a good option for almost ten years! I am getting very tired of waiting; but the Adam seems to be a good option; I want to see if they can release earlier for the people who don’t necessarily need the parts that aren’t working yet (if it is software, all they have to do is send an update, right?)

  75. That is what i am also telling. what seems to be very attractive with a product at present wont be as attractive once someone else release a product with similar or better configurations. So it is better to release the product with decent UI/software (after reasonable testing and finetuning) when the market is perfect. no one can release a perfect product with best UI at the first instance itself. Software issues can be fixed with patches, and we wont find the real issues with the UI/software unless it gets released to the consumers.

  76. It’s like you took the words out of my mouth. I agree 100 %.

    I live in Denmark, so I really hope that you will release the ADAM before August here, or I will be forced to buy a Macbook for the new schoolyear.

    A danish on-screen keyboard with (æ,ø,å) is very important to us Danes.

    The November roumers are soooo destroying, and people also quetion the responsiveness of the screen, because off a little lag on a hands on video. Also roumers of ADAM being vaporware. I know nothing of this is true, but many dont. Therefore release just a new hands-on video maybe showing the new UI to kill ALL the roumers.

    The best of luck from Denmark.


  77. Get ADAM out in July, it’s now or never.

    I live in Denmark, so I really hope that you will release the ADAM before August here, or I will be forced to buy a Macbook for the new schoolyear.

    A danish on-screen keyboard with (æ,ø,å) is very important to us Danes.

    The November roumers are soooo destroying, and people also quetion the responsiveness of the screen, because off a little lag on a hands on video. Also roumers of ADAM being vaporware. I know nothing of this is true, but many dont. Therefore release just a new hands-on video maybe showing the new UI to kill ALL the roumers.

    The best of luck from Denmark. ADAM ROCKS !!!

  78. Both Hardware and Software are differentiators. Nither is less important than the other.

    Without a solid, up-to-date hardware. Your software will only take you so far.

    Tegra 2, 6 months from now will be old, but will still play HD videos.
    ARM cortex will not play HD video now or six month from now.

    The Adam caught everyone’s eye based on HW combination alone. Any other unique UI experiences (yet to be seen) will be cream on the cake.

    That’s not to say Software should be an afterthought.

    Both Hardware and Software are what makes your product. so a lot of effort should go into BOTH

  79. I am studing on engineer and I want to draw in AutoCAD on Adam, is it possible? You will be selling Adam in Russia?

  80. I am curios about your post at facebook page
    Eager questions, warm encouragement, overwhelming response. All for ‘ADAM’, Gadget of the year! So who wants to be the first to own an Adam??!!

    Post your e-mail ids here if you do. 🙂

    Notion Ink Design labs.,

    I hope you don t forget about us, who are waiting so long for so good product. I am looking forward to see your e-mail in my box 😉 Really If you want a good PR start preseling now, global market through internet is not so big.

  81. I fail to see what news came out of this blog post. Its been to long with no real input from NI. So, I have bought an Ipad and frankly haven’t been disappointed yet with the purchase. Don’t care about flash or a camera really. The interface is almost flawless and most importantly it feels great in my Hands. Happy waiting all.

    — P.S. NI if you do ever hit state side with your product, make it cheap. I doubt a lot of people will buy the Adam once they already have an Ipad unless its dirt cheap.

  82. While taking the time to make sure you deliver a good quality product (stability, partners, etc) is a good business practice, timing the market plays also a crucial role in the success or failure of a new business like Notion Ink’s Adam tablet.

    Guys, I’m really hyped about owning an Adam but hurry it up. You’re still months away, and in the meantime, Apple’s iPad, Archos and others are busy dividing the tablets world between them.

    With Google’s Android tablet in the making and HP planning their slate on the newly bought WebOs, Adam might be stepping into a snake pit if it arrives too late. I will buy the Adam but if Google arrives first with similar features and prices … I’m sorry guys.

  83. I had a question re: ADAM.

    Leave alone HD videos and the like. Can you write properly on the Adam? For instance, would a student want to take handwritten notes? Or would a math professor use the tablet as a scratch paper? For all the buzz around the iPad, you cannot write properly on it, any “hand writing” that it claims is at best for someone with a lot of time and/or no real necessity for handwriting.

  84. I am so glad to see the good new. You really need to put something out as soon as possible while minimizing the bugs. I hope that you can keep a version of the Adam as close to $300 US as possible. Keep us up-to-date. Waiting until the end of the year I think would be detrimental.

  85. You HAVE TO update your homepage or at least the frontpage.
    “Notion Ink will be demonstrating the Adam running Flash at Mobile World Congress(15-18 February 2010).
    Notion Ink Debut Adam Internet Tablet at CES 10 in Las Vegas on 8th January”

    That`s not good markteting.
    I will fly and buy, when ever and where ever you release it first.

  86. Look’s like not me only interesting handwriting posibility

    About 2 monthes i work on program, that can understand handwriting

    i hope it will work good on Adam

    Can’t wait moment when I test it 🙂

  87. I hope you can get this thing out ASAP!

    Innoversal had a working Pixel Qi, HD display and all the trimming at Computex and they are looking to manufacture ASAP and put anyones name on it that whats to rebrand!

    At Computex it was almost all tablets. Flash was running, Android was everywhere, Pixel Qi had a bunch of amazing stuff, what was missing was Notion Ink.

    There are a ton of people waiting for your tablet, but in reality its sort of a ton of people waiting for PQ, HD, Android… If someone beats you to the punch or its close enough to others release you are gonna lose out. Lots of Android followers, but we all aren’t looking to buy several tablets, we are gonna buy 1.

    Access to the Android market is a must, every Android user now will have access to all their same apps, this is the only way to compete with Apple is enable the Android followers to be someone consistent.

    I would also like to note that pre-orders will help your financial situation on gauging interest up front. Every single person looking for a tablet but not wanting the iPad is awaiting the first solid alternative to come out. I hope you make it…

    Also, as a Nexus One owner I have already been through the order online and have to mail it somewhere to get fixed deal, so im okay with getting in early and shipping to me 🙂

  88. Hi prasadsn,

    Last we heard. Adam had a capacitive screen. Those are made for use with fingers. So not very accurate for Hand writing. That said, some good quality capacitive screens come with a special stylus that might provide some accuracy for writing.

  89. “OK! To all those fueling that we are hitting in November, hold on! That’s not true.”

    ——— Then what is the truth July 2010 or August 2010 ?

    “And the good news finally!”

    ——— What was the good news.. for us ? You got your investments now give us our ADAM..

    and please don’t tell you sold off you company.. 😉

  90. I want to own one as sson as posible. Please let me know how. My email is

    Thanks, Harvey

  91. Good to hear some new but wait part is killing me.. .

    Ipad alredy sold 2 millions devices and…

    We all know that Adam is better device but it should get marketed as quickly as possible otherwise it will become history only. Sony and Creative had better devices but IPOD rules the world.

    I don’t want to hear another story similar to courier and slate that device is killed now.

  92. hey ho,

    PQ display will make ADAM kick iPads ass 😀 I´m really looking forward to ADAM, please sell / ship them to germany as well!


  93. Congratulations on the progress. It is good to hear that progress is being made.

    Experimenting with software and plausible hardware substitutes is a wonderful thing, but it is dangerous to promise a release date in the foreseeable future when there is still no assurance of the device’s UI and hardware. The biggest advantage the Adam currently has, is its projected price. If you can keep with your low price promises for the average customer while keeping the promise of an innovative product, the Adam will present itself as a serious competitor for the iPad; except for one major difference.

    One of the biggest reasons the iPad was as successful as it is, is due to the applications and publicity. Conceptually the iPad had beta test sold globally in the for of the iTouch. The iTouch has been around for over 3 years now and has a build of thousands of applications due to this. The iPad is similar enough to the iTouch that there was a lot of cross over with applications.

    This makes it imperative that an SDK be released to the public at minimum. If the company/investors do not think that a beta product could be released in the near future for testing, at least get the SDK to the public to begin the flux of application building. With a build up of great applications by the time the product is released, you are assuring yourself a much quicker popularity boost. No one wants to receive the flashy device and only have Internet available.

    Tied in with the production of applications is becoming associated with big companies. The Barnes & Noble bookstore is a huge sell for Apple, as well as Netflix streaming and plenty of others. This is yet again an additional situation that a beta is needed so that companies can work to build applications. Having big market companies behind the Adam will help stir production and market success.

    Put a release date for the physical product second on the list, and establish the OS you will be utilizing, and focus production on finishing an SDK. The sooner it is out to developers, the stronger the foundation the Adam will have.

    Also noting some of the other comments I have read. The public honestly has not seen enough of this product. Notion Ink needs to spend the money very soon with a beta to make a great commercial/demonstration that can tease the public even more than it has. A showing at CES dazzled the tech market, but its general progress has been too silent. Produce an online commercial and get it on your website. Demonstrate the Qi screen, a few of the apps that have been developed, and even media playback. But the general UI is key. This will change the whole build up for the Adam.

    We are all behind you, and we all hope you can truly deliver on what a beautiful product you have helped create.

  94. Sorry, could not resist 🙂

    “And if something breaks down, who are you going to call?”

    Ghost Busters

  95. Dont get me wrong.

    I do believe that HW is important.

    After all it was the PQ screen, the Tegra processor that attracted us to the Adam in the first place.

    But there will be other tablets with the same config sooner or later.

    NI does not own the IP on the silicon, so they cannot use the silicon as a competitive advantage.

    NI does own the IP on the SW, so they can differentiate themselves there.

    Quite frankly i think the res on the adam screen is much too low.

    This is going to be a big turn off for most people.

    In this sort of device the bare minimum should be 1152×768, if not 1440×960

  96. I’m so looking forward for this. Cortex 9 is good enough for development (I hope that RAM will not be a limitation). Add a Happy Hacking keyboard to it and this will be the best personal pc ever. And without the keyboard … reading, games, music, gps maps, movies, taking photos, videos, drawing (that depends on the screen precision).
    All the nerds will now be able to go out and type in the sun and fresh air.

  97. I’ll be one of the first to buy this in America (or online, which would be even better!)

  98. In a time of nothing but bad news, this is a glimmer of hope. One thing I would like to have clarified is what you mean by on track. Should we expect the Adam in the next couple of weeks. If it will be a phased roll out, then what will the phases be? I have emailed you a few times, but never recieved any response.

  99. My 2 cents
    1) You must get a product on the market before August. Otherwise, you won’t have the consumer appetite when ppl buy 1 Sept through 1 Jan.
    2) Forget Windows – they have been in the mobile space for a decade and have no penetration, therefore, no credibility. They are so myspace in a facebook world. Yawn!
    3) You must have an OS with a product market that is already there. No one wants to hear “Oh, there’s another place besides apple, itunes, amazon, B&N, google, etc., where you can buy stuff.” They want what they like right now on your platform. They don’t want another store, and neither do the developers and authors.
    4) You must differentiate yourself with your first product – it’s the Pixelqi. Forget launching with an LCD. People will forgive a lot of shortcomings if you have a core feature no one else has and also decent performance.
    5) I mentioned performance. No one likes a dog. They can live w/o Flash, but not if the alternative takes forever (tap.. tap.. tap..) to get started.
    6) Another differentiating feature is to be able to tether to a cell phone. No one much likes paying for 2 data plans either, esp. on 2 different carriers.
    7) If you are going small screen, make sure it can connect to a bigger screen and have good resolution. I don’t agree that 10″ is too big. Sry, transformers on a 4″ screen just didn’t cut it. Email, maps and snapshots work on 4″, not much else is satisfying.
    8) Consider having awesome audio controls and output. That could differentiate you also. Make your thing worth a set of sennheiser or bose ‘phones.

    I have been a fan all this year, too. But I am starting to lose interest coz I haven’t seen anything for real since Feb. Not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that you will shortly be OBE’d.

  100. I think that we are going to face a big problem. Yesterday i returned my iPad to apple store in favor of Adam. However, today I became aware that Adam will not have access to android marketplace. No one but Google knows when this will be possible. All of this creates a big problem.

    Who cares how great the hardware is if there is no software to run it?

    Evernote – my huge collection of information is on evernote. Evernote looks and works beautifully on iPad. I can have all my notes offline and sync them any time. Now I know that I won’t have that on Adam.

    Mind Maps for creative thinking and note taking. ThinkSpace looks like a good app on Android which I can use for mind maps. Now it looks like I will not be able to use it. On iPad there are two beautiful mind map programs – iThoughts and MindNote.

    Music, I do not plan to listen to too much music on Adam as I can do this on Nexus One, but still iPhone and iPad have a beautiful music and audiobook programs. Android’s music player kind of exists and I have to use 3rd party apps to listen to audio book. Most of these apps are usable but look like they were created in the 90s – ugly.

    iPad has a beautiful RSS reader called Pulse RSS which was showed during the apple keynote. It is just gorgeous to read news on this app. Android has some rss readers which again looks like we are not getting on Adam.

    On iPad I had a gorgeous weather app which was interesting to look. There is also a world atlas map which is so good that I got interested in enhancing my geography skills. I have not seen anything similar on android and even if I did, it would not be available on Adam.

    Stanza, Amazon, iBooks and Goodreader are all good. I am not sure what we will have on Adam.

    There are many more things that I can mention, but lets look at the whole situation again. What is it really that we are getting? The hardware is great and superior to iPad. However, I care more about the actual EXPERIENCE. So far it looks like our experience will be very limited.

    I fully support the open source philosophy and like the potential of the Adam. However, by the time Adam will be released, iPad users will be years ahead of Adam users in terms of usability and user experience.

    Apple market has thousands of developers. Android market is gaining popularity. Why would any developer focus on a 3rd market (Adam strore) which is tiny comparing to the first two?

    At this moment I am confused and I am having second thoughts about returning the iPad.

    What do you think?

  101. noelzialee said, on June 10, 2010 at 03:52

    Dear Rohan,

    My birthday is August 19th. I’m just saying …

    Oh ?

    My birthday is June 24, scheesh,,, but the wife said I could get the Adam when it does arrive anyway !

    I’m just saying … 🙂

    I am going to get the Adam come heck or high water,,,
    so shiny, shiny, pretty, pretty.

    I know that it will not be able to do EVERYTHING and may not be totally mature on it’s debut but as long as there is an upgrade path that won’t be a problem.

    Just have the PQ screen so I’ll be able to stick it in the face of my Ipod, Mac loving
    next door neighbor ! (OK, so mature, I’m not.. 🙂 )

    Here’s to patience…

  102. Am I the only one that finds this post confusing?

    It seems to imply the release won’t be November. But if not November, when? If things are on track it was supposed to be released in June. Well we are in June now. If it was going to be released in July, they would have had to announce it already.

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting what the ADAM is supposed to be. Unfortunately if it’s not out soon (by end of July at the latest), it won’t be an option for me. In fact if I don’t start hearing some concrete release dates soon I will be moving on to unfortunately lesser alternatives.

  103. OK,

    So I spent a lot of time reading the posts and just had to comment. First off ipad = garbage. Second, people are complaining about the constraints a small start up is having at releasing a nvidia chipset product…(google nvidia phone been waiting on that since 2007). Also flash support is huge, apple is tarded for going html5 (wonder if that is because mr. gates owns 40% of company). Now, while I live in the US you have a larger market base in the UK so from a business aspect it makes sense to release it there first…. but perhaps you should have some US power adapters made in case we crafty folk get a hold of a UK version. Also, I will go to bat for the flash support issues. I use a few open source boxes and every so often flash will get all wonky (basically no click support in video) which sucks cause you cant exit those youtube pop up ads or click your next selection in the the video frame. Some people have also asked for tablet stylus support, and video players. Remember this device will support Ubuntu most of that is already supported in pc tablet releases… As for the Windows comment, I work in a university setting and i see window pc users jump ship for the “it product” which is sadly mac. (yes i dislike mac on a personal level). So i do not think windows is needed. More so, someone posted a link to Innoversal’s Pixel Qi-based tablet, I thought i would higlight that is using an atom processor, the processor that when it was release would choke and die on flash video… how is this even a reasonable substitution. (thats not even addressing the battery life comparisons).

    I would like to see a solid piece of hardware released as OS is replaceable. Also, for the Mac people who read this… it was not an intended flame war I really really just don’t like the entire Mac Corp.

  104. Thank goodness! I made a wordpress account just to post this!

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting for (slash incessantly talking about) this to anyone who will listen since I first heard about it in January.

    I’m *so* glad to hear the November rumors aren’t true. I genuinely think that might have killed this product, which would be a terrible shame. It was even worse because it was my dad (who plans on buying an ipad, and has been crying “vaporware” on this product for months) who informed me of the delay… crushing. I even had to admit to his smugness that I probably couldn’t wait that long, so I would likely be buying the clearly inferior ipad sometime during the summer. So yay that you’re still on track!

    But I, like everyone salivating over this device, would love to hear more about the release date/release countries for this. A hint, an anagram, a word puzzle – anything! I would also recommend a pre-order option, so that those of us who check this website almost every day can feel like all this obsessing was actually worth it.

    That being said – just a word of advice – absence does *not* make the heart grow fonder when it comes to technology! Updating us on progress once every few months is definitely not cool. The more updates the better – I can promise no one is going to get sick of too much Adam awesomeness. Also, current videos/teaser pics would go a long way in retaining impatient customers.

    And while I think flash is a must for the first roll out – froyo, a stylus, ultra-low price point, and this mysterious third battery rich option can wait for Adam2.0 – let’s get this thing going!

    (A super bonus would be a release before my dad gets his ipad, so he’ll have to begrudgingly admit that he wants one – but that’s really neither here nor there.)

    Just to reiterate – when in doubt – update! And a July release date for the U.S. would be quite lovely.

    Best of luck to you, and if you ever need a beta tester in Boston, I’ll be first in line.


  105. Don’t listen to him. I have seen many Joe’s asking for an ‘android’ phone in stores. Android has reached that kinda of size…. yup.

    Android is shipping at >100 000k / day! That’s >3 Million a month! Or >36 Million a year!

  106. Oops, 100 000 and not 100 000 k. Also sorry for the obvious math but that s something to think about.

  107. Please i am not an engineer or a very qualified person to speak about hardware and software, but i would like to know how is the feeling of the touch experience with the screen and the relationship with the software. On apple devices, all that people likes is the “touch experience”, i mean easy and smooth touches and everything moves smoothly. That is the feeling for non expert people who make us feel comfortable with the device, also all the caracteristichs of the ADAM, i think makes the ADAM a better device than Ipad, but i would like to watch any videos, where i can see if the interface with the screen is similar.

  108. I have spent the morning drilling on the web and I only see Innoversal having a screen that will switch back and forth from LCD to eink. Come on guys get this to the market before other’s catch on. Ereaders are incredibly popular! But converging the functionality of the net book and the Ereader is fantastic and that is what will set you apart from the pack. But you have to get it to market. You will be first to market if you can just get it out the door!!

  109. 1. I think you would get a huge tablet market on your side if Adam will be a “productivity tablet” as opposed to iPad which is mostly used for consumption. There are a lot of people who would like to use a tablet for productivity but they can’t, so they stick with their laptops too (even if they buy a tablet for media consumption, etc). I think you could unlock a big market here if you do this.

    2. I know you will have your own user interface for Android. But rumors are that Google will be launching their own tablet too, most likely in November. And they hired that design/UI guru who designed webOS (which has awesome UI) to improve Android’s design.

    So what are you going to do if Google releases a great tablet with great design? When you update your tablet to future Android versions ( I assume you will, right?), will you keep your own design or try to integrate it with Google’s new design?

    Obviously you can’t answer this now because it could be great or it could suck, but I just wanted you to think about it so you write the code in such a way that it can be easily integrated later with the new versions – so you don’t waste half a year to do that.

    3. I suggested this before but I can’t stress it enough, especially now after iphone 4 announcement! Having small resolution and bad LCD/pixelqi screen will affect the perception about your tablet a LOT. I’m sure a lot of people will think Adam got obsoleted the soon someone else releases a tablet with better screen/resolution (I think I saw some announced already).

    Please try to give it 1366×768 resolution and a pretty good LCD display. Even if it costs $50 more than planned I’m sure it will be worth it and you might still be able to undercut others anyway.

    I say from personal experience, owning a netbook with 1024×600 resolution that it’s quite frustrating sometimes, and after using it for a year, I can’t wait to move on to a better resolution. I want my next “PC” to be a tablet…but if I have to use same resolution again…I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it more.

  110. Oh and when I said make it good for productivity I didn’t mean make it good for handwriting. Maybe you already did a little something about that, but you shouldn’t develop anymore for it. That’s so backward thinking.Seriously.

    Handwriting is a very slow input method, and only “traditionalists” crave for it – or some kind of design specialists. But for the mass market it’s not the best solution by far!

    I suggest you focus on things like:

    1. Voice. Use Google’s stuff if they let you.

    2. Faster virtual keyboards:

    a) By this I mean a great auto-complete feature based on semantics and relevance. For example make it KNOW when I try to say “losing” as opposed to “lose” based on previous words. Make it really smart, to predict very early what I want to say – so it makes me more productive.

    b) Make the keyboard something like Swype. Actually they have very good predictive technology too, and on my phone I can type faster with one hand in portrait mode, than writing in landscape mode with both of my hands on a regular keyboard. Maybe twice as fast. That’s a big deal. Also it could be useful on a tablet because I think a lot of the time you will actually hold it with one hand. So it’s good to type like that.

    You don’t have to make these yourselves. See if you can partner with other companies who can offer this for you (like Swype).

  111. I WISH I COULD BUY IT! But I can’t, because it’s specifically designed with righties in mind! It doesn’t accommodate left-handed people! I really don’t think that’s fair, and I know they won’t do jack about it unless enough people complain, so PLEASE for the sake of all of the lefties that are going to miss out on this amazzzinngg piece of technology (including me), leave a comment on their website!!

  112. looking forward for Adam launch in July. Hope u will launch it first in India , there is 3G connection from bsnl from a year and rest r following soon. My best wishes.

  113. I have been following Notion Ink for more than 9 months now. I am glad it is hitting the final stage. Would be glad to help in any way possible. Keep us informed about that app competition that you were planning to have for Adam.


  114. Again do you know when google will open the android app store to tablets…that is very important to me

    and #2, will this tablet be able to tether via usb?

    Can ANYONE answer this

  115. Hi Rohan,

    Very warm greetings. Hope everything is ‘on track’ at your end. I am very happy and proud that a product of this importance is coming out of India. I would like to congratulate you on that front, Just for the audacity and the thought of competing with some biggies in the market including Apple and others. Having said that, I have to totally agree with Mr Shorman with regards to the product release. I had written something on my blog sometime back about delaying hyped ( products. It is not the best piece of writing but I know you will get my point. It is cardinal that you get the timing right, else the whole hype and the wait will simply get fizzed out even before you launch ADAM. I am hoping that won’t be true, but if you look at the statistics that has been true in more than one ways, how a delayed product fairs. Nevertheless, I am happy for your attempt and I seriously hope this is not just a vapourware as many are suggesting. A lot of Indians are awaiting this. I would also like to add, regardless of ADAM’s success I am confident that a lot of products will come out of India looking at the sheer confidence of your attempt. I am very hopeful that ADAM is released as early as July and not wait till November for it may be tad just late.
    All the very best and wishes.
    Jayalal V Thonour

  116. Keep up the good work fellas! I’d be interested to see what comes off it…

  117. Preorder, Preorder, Preorder!

    Or better yet:

    Purchase, Purchase, Purchase!

    Can’t wait for the Adam to hit the USA

  118. I disagree. Android is becoming surprisingly well known throughout the US at least due to the rising popularity of Android based smartphones (think of the signature DROID ads by Verizon).

    While I do agree that size is critical, I believe that 10″ is better than 7″. 10″ is just barely smaller than the standard notebook (I mean paper pages and binding – old school), which is a “productivity tool” that can be held comfortably. I would rather have the larger screen real-estate, because 7″ inches really isn’t enough space for me to be comfortable drawing in.

    Not that either of our opinions on this matter at this point. At this stage of the game, it’s too late for there to be any of the major changes you’re suggesting.

  119. Replying in regards to your bad grammar comment, there is nothing wrong with how the post was written. Rohan simply chose to write in the way that one speaks. While not necessarily the choice style of writing for everyone, as far as making an informal announcement on an internet blog, it is fine; especially considering the fact that if quoted later on, it will sound as if one is quoting a speech, or verbal announcement, not a blog post.

    Nevertheless, Rohan, I applaud your message (and the way in which you wrote it) and can’t wait to get my hands on the ADAM.

  120. hi, great news since I saw the first reviews of this tablet, I just fell in love, I hope to get one, I’m from mexico, I’d like to include in the first that will be sent, I think the ideal for me in my palm thetering pre and my cable modem, also great for work, entertainment and multimedia and even if there is a good game, then count me out.

    hopefully you can buy from here, through it notionink.

    from Mexico

  121. Hi Rohan,

    I am awaiting your device badly, too.

    If needed I can offer you some support for the translation into german.

    To my humble opinion you should release the device a.s.a.p. without having the software ready 100 % (there is nothing like a 100 % ready software) and update it frequently and without having all modells ready.

    In germany we have the WeTab beeing announced and can order it already though delivery starts arround August or September, with Amazon.

    Release what ever is ready, not to loose the momentum.



  122. That s why Google is spending so much time/money on Android, that s because they know any hardware company would love to use that OS for free and customize the interface for their needs.

    The problem with the tablet form factor is that Google did not seem to put much effort into it (yet).

  123. My previous post was deleted (not gushing enough). Let’s try again:

    Software is the key, yes. Hardware that you have is great, no doubt about it. But if things are as they seem your software is going to suck big time. Not because your own software engineers are particularily bad, but because they will in all probability be the only ones. You have apparently put a lot of effort into customizing Android for Adam. What it really means is that Adam will not be an Android tablet, but an Adam tablet – completely new OS, incompatibile with anything. No app store. No access to the huge and rapidly expanding pool of Android apps. Only the apps written for Adam.

    Is this correct? Is Adam a separate ecosystem that requires apps written specifically for it? If you are to answer any question at all (which has not happened thus far) answer this one.

  124. It “only” has capacitive multitouch, so I guess handwriting is only as good as on the iPad.

    I hope its sufficient to add some comments to pdf files. There is a huge demand for this in academia/research, where millions of documents are printed each day just to review and send the notes back to the author.

  125. Also note that accessories are also lined up for purchase..

    like Cover – Variety of of cover like leather, funky plastic cover, Hard cover protection.
    Screen guard – Safety first
    Wall Hanging – When not in use I would like to use it as photo display.
    Scanner Stand – A simple acrylic ‘c’ channel will do.
    In Car holder – To use it for GPS function.
    Car Charger – very obvious.
    Extension Microphone – use for conversation while driving.
    Tripod – 😉 Wouldn’t that be too much.

  126. Will it be the wide viewing angle screen demonstrated by Pixel Qi at computex????

    -It would be worth a slight delay to have this in the first model i believe…

  127. I work on power stations. This device is perfect to photograph/video details and send emails.

    It would be very good to have apps that allow “hand” calculations done on a text pad. i.e. calculator answers drag’n drop (via a finger) to a text pad plus some predictive text say via your split keyboard. It would make an amazingly useful tool for “in field” work. The Internet link would help greatly with collaborative working/field support.

    Something like this pitched at a price you indicate must be a winner.

    I just hope you insist on a high build quality and bomb proof set of base apps…even if you have to increase the price a few dollars.

    BTW have you considered a ruggedized case – say a rubber surround for outdoor operations? Apple iphone has something like that.

    Very good work.

  128. Hi Rohan

    Thanks for the update, and congrats on securing the funding and investor commitment necessary to go to the next stage.

    Some people are asking for more detail on the UI and features. I would continue to maintain a tight veil here, because competitors would love to ‘borrow’ your ideas. A good UI will make a huge difference in terms of differentiation.

    The reason I’m waiting for Adam is the combination of PQ, USB, SD expansion, a neat UI that is geared to different content, including surfing, productivity and video.

    It is ridiculous in this day and age that all our decent sized hardware only works in the dark indoors. I’m dying to be liberated, both in terms of work and leisure, to go outside with my work, and appreciate the warm days of summer sat in the garden and working (I’m a writer/editor).

    Likewise, I’d like something that the kids could use to watch videos in the car, on their lap. And likewise, I’d like something easy to surf the net while sitting on the sofa.

    I also want something that is capable of multitasking, so that I can switch easily between, reading, writing and surfing, maybe even with a little music going on in the background. Not much to ask – well, it has been up to now for most manufacturers.

    At the moment, there are not many products that achieve even one of these functions effectively, so so have all three in one device would be a massive, massive breakthrough. iPad did not deliver, in any respects, in terms of taking us outdoors (SCREEN IS USELESS), or in making the indoor experience flexible (NO FLASH! NO SD cards NO, NO MULTITASKING).

    I hope that the UI allows users to create functions themselves. Usually, when it comes to making applications, the companies create the apps and do all the upgrades, tweaking the interface of databases (storage) and data input (forms). A very basic app that creates databases automatically to fit users very customizable form creation and choose nice looking ‘front end UI’s’ for those input forms will create a killer app (sorting collections, contacts, bibliographies, data records, task management, writings, studies, etc.) Usually you have to buy separate apps that do roughly the same thing, but with different names attached. Nice to have an app that you could modify yourself. This is giving users freedom, soft engineering as opposed to hard engineering.

    Mark[at] if you want to discuss.

  129. I have been looking for a tablet for 4 months. This is the first tablet that has every feature that i need and want! I cannot wait and I am not sure that there is a price you could put on it that I would not gladly pay!

  130. I would like to point out the 16-32GB internal mem isn’t sufficient for device such as the Adam. Is it possible increase it to maybe 32, 64 or even 128GB?

    Will there be any accessories that come with Adam? Like a carry case, backpack, charging deck etc…

    From what you said, I assume you have secure a 2-3 years of funding. Congratulations!

  131. I agree we need to have the ADAM in July or else everybody will just buy one of all the other tablets that are comming.

    I hope we can get it here to denmark, I have already prompted a danish store about getting it, and they seemed really positiv about it.

  132. I really hope this comment gets through and is read by the right people!

    Several things:
    Apple launched its iPad in January, and gave it a good 3-ish months for the internet to create all the hype for it and build a global market for it. As you said in your post, no company can achieve a unified global release date, and I totally agree. Such is the case with the iPada also. If you need to get anywhere near the success story of the iPad, you need to have a very very aggressive marketing and advertising campaign. Apple has THE best marketing team. For the sake of Adam, I really hope you take cue.

    2. Show that the product is not dead:
    Honestly, after all the hype thats created about Adam being the ultimate iPad killer, all we have to drool upon are a handful of videos on youtube, and a few photos. THAT will do you no good. Seriously, I mean, you’ve GOT to spill the beans on this “revolutionary” and “magical” device. Otherwise, these are just what the Adam will not be. Keep the internet devoid of news and the product will lose any kind of interest it ahd generated. As someone previously commented, set up a youtube channel and post a bunch of videos every other day. Let the internet get saturated with the Adam.
    Thats free publicity 🙂 Show the people that this device can be an iPad killer

    3. Pre-order:
    It is most important to make the pre-order option available asap. This will help you guage the demand for your product and you can manufacture units in excess of the pre-orders. This will help you prevent further delays and you can look at a more efficient and reliable global launch (in steps, nonetheless).

    4. Launch date, please:
    You say your hardware is ready, and also that the UI is ready, and only that the developers are tidying up. then whats keeping you from releasing the launch date? Hardware becomes obsolete with time, software is here to stay. The hardware that you have now seems good enough to beat the crap out of iPad. Maybe its just me, but I feel that you can have the hardware updates that you are so excited about in the second generation of the device… You wait and delay this product, you are looking at global competition from many many well established brands. THAT should worry you…

    5. Reviews
    I dont know if this has been done before for other products, but I feel that you need to have tech blogs review the adam before the launch. Something like a special screening of a movie for the movie critics…Good or bad, its publicity. Think about it…

    Oh and Rohan, you should personally learn from Steve jobs and his *mis*adventures 😉 with answering emails. Show some more activity and life on the blog and on the internet, please!

    Hope to see the Adam reach India in good time, i am a definite buyer 🙂

    Lets see if this gets through….

  133. Can we get an update please ??
    Tommorow it’s my birthday and my dream is to place a preorder for the ADAM as an birthday gift.

  134. Please start taking orders or put up a date for accepting orders so we can get to it in time…

  135. if your looking for a stylus input machine, the modbook is a great choice. they modify a macbook into a stylus-interface tablet. So if the main reason for buying a tablet is to have stylus input, that is your choice. Its kind of pricey though.

  136. I work as a freelancer and I have already started saving for an Adam. Hope it comes out soon enough.

    I recently did an article on the Adam being delayed and I was amazed how infuriated people were on hearing this. This goes to show how impatient people are for the Adam.

    This makes me think its high time Adam is launched though at the same time its equally important for the Adam to be absolutely bug free right from day one.


  137. Not only am I excited for this device, but I am also proud to see this kind of innovation com from India.

    I am a strong believer in the Android platform and can’t wait to get a hold of the Adam. I think that the future for Android on a tablet is limitless.

    All the best!

  138. Define ‘dirt cheap’? I think that a solid Android-base device can compete head to head with the iPad at the same or slightly lower price point.

  139. I have just read that that preorders can be place in US soon :-). But why in US and not in Europe ? Europe has much more consumer as US and US is a “iPad Country”. In Europe the consumer a looking for the “best” and that’s the ADAM !!!
    I also a read that there will be a release before holidays 🙂 and that is not far way 🙂

  140. I was in love with the possibilities of Adam but having waited this long and having to wait even longer, I have decided to wait for a tablet pc running a windows 7 OS. Sorry guys but the trill is gone and practicality has taken it’s place. Your investors having sunk your ship will bail out and leave you with just a dream.

  141. plz announce the date of release. At least open Pre Bookings. Fantastic tablet.

  142. Congrats on securing the investment.
    I hope the hardware evaluation doesn’t change your plans too drastically. But having an option to get, let’s say a ‘Moorestown’ ADAM, would be quite nice. However that might cause some confusion on the developer side of things (ARM vs. X86)
    I’m looking forward to a launch very soon.


  143. In track for what timeline? July or Dec? Even though iPad is not available in India it is available in US and Europe…but where is Adam available? Not even in India. Having global ambitions is good but it makes sense to do a phased launch instead of going for a big bang.

    And having all these features on paper is as good as having none at all!

    I have been patiently waiting for a date but none so far…and iPad juggernaut is on its way becoming the number one product even if it lacks some features.

    Notion Ink’s inexperience clearly shows.

  144. I’m disappointed to see how few comments receive responses.

    Notion Ink is producing a wonderful tablet, but are terrible at keeping people interested in it. The “news” on the front page of is dated in February, and even the most eager customers are being ignored on this blog.

    Without a good connection to users, a small company cannot survive and a large company will begin to fail. Notion Ink is in direct competition with a giant corporation that has (effectively) a devoted cult of followers who are guaranteed to buy their products. At the very least, NI should focus on building a little base of customer loyalty by engaging in meaningful dialogue with their prospective customers.

  145. I too have been anxiously awaiting the release of ADAM. I am slightly perplexed by your June 9 statement regarding the “cheaper normal LCD version”, and the “dual display PQ version”. I’ve anticipated the PQ screen as being a standard offering since I’d first heard of ADAM, and your current statement has led me to believe that it may now be considered something of an ‘upgrade’. Am I misunderstanding your latest statement? Having looked forward to ADAM as it has been described for all this time and now learning that there might be different versions to choose from is a great disappointment for me. Please consider expanding your statement by describing what the “final word” actually is between the “2 variants of the device”. Thank you

  146. Hey all,

    So I was wondering, if the Tegra 2 is strong enough to do HD video. How come still no windows on any Tegra 2 device? So did some research and I feel enlightened now and will share.

    Tegra 2 is actually (among other things) running a dual A9 Cortex processor. That’s ARM architecture. The ARM architecture is the one usually used in mobiles. Very power friendly. Windows on the other hand runs on i386 (x86) architecture processors. A whole different architecture. i386 chipsets are faster but very power hungry. That’s why regular laptops last a short time on battery.

    So unless Microsoft makes an ARM friendly tablet windows (Like windows mobile or windows embedded). Tegra 2s will only run Android.

    So now. Need to research if Android does all what we need. Office programs, drawing programs, play all video like mkvs……..

    As for Adam, I will wait for July 1st. If there is no announcement regarding a specific release date (Be it in August, Nov or next year). I’ll conclude the Adam as vaporware, take my business elsewhere and not recommend it to anyone.

  147. Hey Rohan, Waiting for Adams impatiently. Come on, give us good news. By the way, you must have taken care of intellectual property rights (IP), patent, trademarks, copyrights etc. issues. Being a patent professional in electrical, electronics, communication, semiconductor, software, and IT technologies, I would be happy to provide IP (patent) support, in any ways. Let me have if you have any questions emailing to Thanks.

  148. I wish everyone would stop being so polite. After my last post I received a very nice email from Notion. I responded that I would wait a little longer. But once again Notion is demonstrating that they aren’t willing to keep us informed. Once again I ask what does this portend for customer service once you buy Adam when and if it ever becomes available. Sorry but I’m very skeptical at this point.

  149. Honestly, I have never seen so much goodwill for a startup like yours and you are totally disregarding your prospective customers…. not good! Believe me, a little marketing will go a long way to help you….
    People will believe that Adam is just vapourware unless you do something about it!
    I wholeheartedly wish that somebody knocks some sense into your marketing team, and you do something big, pretty soon…
    All the best with the Adam.

  150. Flash 10.1 final is officially available for Android 2.2 ….

    I remember another small self-started company who was bringing out the Pandora handheld video console posted updates on virtually every aspect of it’s development life-cycle… it garnered a tremendous community spirit. The users were kept interested, become more knowledgeable and by the time they actually got hold of the product, they were keen to offer help and promote it.

  151. adamjuly2010, that’s probably due to a simple misunderstanding.

    He’s evaluating new hardware as part of a 3rd SKU. In other words, if it turns out to be a good choice, we’ll see:

    1. Notion Ink Adam – 3Qi/Tegra 2 (Optimal SKU)
    2. Notion Ink Adam – LCD/Tegra 2 (Lower-Price SKU)
    3. Notion Ink Adam – LCD/Other Chip (Budget SKU)

    That way they can cover the entire gamut of tablet markets. I’m just hoping that #1 has a variant (as I’m assuming they’ll be further split by internal memory sizes) that costs $499 or under. An eBook Reader/Media Player with web surfing (as displayed by the top 3 selections in the poll) would be outright magical at that price (with a 3Qi screen at least).

    As a side note, keep in mind, Rohan, just what world you’re stepping into by not just including vanilla Android. The hardest part about your enhancements aren’t going to be building them, but maintaining and updating them over time.

  152. Sorry, but The dream is over.
    I’ve ordered an iPad which should arrive by July 6th. Although I loathe Apple as a company, there’s no denying they make excellent products. and once you “Jailbreak” the iPad it actually becomes extremely useful!
    (without the Jailbreak, you’re locked into Apple’s annoying controls, and it’s mostly just a Toy)

    Maybe I’ll consider Adam again, if it ever appears. But I’ve been soured by this point, and there are so many outstanding Android (and Win7) tablets coming from companies like Dell, Asus, Hanvon, etc.. It might be too late once they (hopefully) their act together.

  153. Hi Rohan, thanks to your silence and PR fiasco(s) of posting once in 20-30 days with very fuzzy updates and no concrete release times for US and other regions. You just lost one customer who has got tired of waiting to hear a clear release date for ADAM tablet. I went ahead and bought myself a new corei5 based laptop yesterday. I also know a few more of my friends in US who have given up waiting for the ADAM and bought an iPad instead.

    Like another user mentioned, please ask your web designer to update your website. It is really boring to see the same damn set of pages after 3 months.

  154. There absolutely needs to be more communication. Another couple of weeks of no updates, or even these vague updates, and I feel that ADAM will be losing a good chunk of its fan base. ADAM shows some real potential as a competitor to the IPad, but 3 million IPads sold in 80 days…c’mon… how much of a head start are you willing to give apple?

  155. I’m not going to give you guys much of a hard time because I’m sure you know from reading these posts that we all can’t wait for the Adam to be available.

    I just have a few thoughts about features and timing that I wanted to share from my perspective.

    1. As much as I love all the work it sounds like you’ve been doing getting magazines on your device I think you need to have some sort of plan (beyond google books) to have some sort of ebook vendor so that you make it a viable competitor in the ereader arena. This could be as simple making sure the kindle or nook for android app is available in your market but you don’t want to be in a niche like the entourage edge are finding themselves.

    2. I think one of the key aspects of launching as soon as possible (other than not frustrating a loyal base of supporters) is that part of the revolutionary nature of your device is the COLLECTION of innovative features. PixelQi, Tegra processor, swivel camera are all cutting edge and unique and you have first mover advantage in all of them which is unheard of. That being said, if someone comes out with another tablet with a PIxelQi display or the processor you lose a huge piece of differentiation of your product. We’ve already seen Apple upgrade their software to support multitasking (diminishing one of your advantages over them)

    You have a lot of great features but don’t lose your window of opportunity or let the hype die down. You have to have some sort of deliverable.

    Keep the updates coming. Can’t wait for the finished product.

  156. Totally agree with the July deadline. I’ve started a summer class at a junior college today and I’m going to a university in August, and I really need to figure out what I’m going to get, and honestly I could make use of something now. If I don’t at least know whether I can get an Adam before August then I’ll probably just buy an iPad and enjoy that over the summer and stop just waiting without any definite end in sight.

  157. I DON’T CARE IF I GET BUGGY SOFTWARE!!!! I WANT THAT AWESOME HARDWARE!!!! I know you will fix any issues with future updates and I am willing to have buggy software in the meantime.

    Please release ASAP!!

    Thank you,
    TJ Mustard

  158. Hi again,
    I have just reade about the ICD Gemini and that it should arrive on the UK market in August. If the Gemini will launch before the ADAM, I fear, you will lost a lot of customer.
    Rohan, I beg you, please let us know soon the launch date of the ADAM and/or open a preorder shop.
    I’m one of the guys which want/need a device asap and I will buy that device which is available first.

  159. The slow trickle of information has done little to keep people interested in this product.
    I would hate to hang on forever to find out that the user interface is klunky or it never sees a release date at all.

  160. Since Notion Ink has not released SDK yet, there cannot be any 3rd party App specific for the Adam. If they have developed some cool apps in-house, its a different Story. Else, it could pretty much mean a further delayed launch.

    If they release SDK tomorrow, and give developers/partners 1 month to come up with their own Apps, it would mean that they could launch on July 22.
    More realistically, July 1st SDK is released, September 1st (giving developers 2 months to develop, test, opening app store) Adam Launch.

    Just my 2 cents.

  161. Ok, in one of your earlier posts you said that once a stable version of flash is released, it will be 2 months of extensive testing and then release…
    So can we expect at least August end release? I sure hope so 🙂

  162. I think we should give Notion Ink some Room and Time. Lets not rush them so much. I know for a fact that I was more impatient about Adam not releasing soon enough, because I wanted to buy a Tablet and Ipad was an option. Now that I have bought an Ipad, I am willing to wait up on the Adam.

    I think its the desire to buy a tablet with touch interface, that makes One impatient.

    Adam will debut for sure, I have no doubt about it.

  163. Agree! In terms of communication skill, this Notion ink needs to learn a lot. Most of the messages, video clips they put on website is nothing new. They must understand the feeling of customer.

  164. EXPECT 1000k orders in first month
    then 400k in next month and then 200k order in third month
    fourth month onwards, you will have 100k order per month

    my guess based on the features of the adam and not there in other tablets.

  165. Dear Notion Ink team.I regularly follow the press releases and i am a fan of ADAM
    Perhaps i am not pretty convinced with ADAM time lines due to following reasons

    1.)IDE design is just a prototype.To make it production ready and achieve UL FCC and CE certified it needs 9 months of effort.

    2.)Hardware is not NI Proprietery and nvidia just gave out hardware to many small players in the industry to just increase the publicity and market share as it is less than 5% As of now.THis is just a marketing trick and none of the tegra devices are in market in the consumers hand.

    3.)The reason you are choosing the other hardware is that you have lost your confidence on Nvidia as they were only 5000 ppl company and they have other products to concentrate and tablets are not their main business.

    4.)Most probably NI might choose TI OMAP 4 as they are already in market with omap 3 and successful .And low BOM is also achievable.

    5.)You might be getting calls from many big companies saying that “we want to buy out notion ink”At some point of time your investors also force you to do the same.

    6.)With just college graduates as trainees no product can be successful.See the products like joojoo ,weebee , etc .They also got lot of attention before release but after release they were flop in the market with lot of issues.

    7.)India version of ADAM doesn’t contain 3G .The main reason Indian customers would not buy Notion ink as known fact is qualcomm has filed a patent in integrating 3G in the chipset and any one who needs to integrate 3G has to pay upfront amount to obtain the license from Qualcomm.

    8.)For ROI to the investors the device should be priced high probably more than 350$ and has tom sell at least half million units to get the 3X investment which is pretty low.Presenting fancy ppt’s to the investors may fetch you all investment but the real problems start after you release your product into the market.

    9.)And Notion ink team will take this failure inputs in their next company .

    I appreciate Rohan for the kind of experience he would be getting and college grads should take him as a role model.

  166. Amazing ideas…. thanks.. I am not from Rohan’s team.. I am just a fan of Adam and was feeling the same way that you did.. !!

  167. Rohan!!!

    You did an amazing Job – my good wishes to you and your team.
    I came to know from my friend about ADAM and I got hooked to it on the internet & youtube. Everybody is attracted to it in the news, in the blogs etc.,

    how ever here are my views – I live in US and know how people think here.

    1. First and fore most – your marketing strategy is very very poor. I am seeing very few updates just on your blog from NotionInk about your product. People don’t come to your blog to see the updates, as a business you should reach out to them. Create a youtube channel, throw out some videos out there now and then and keep updating People. Show the latest snapshots of the product in flashy lights :-), show the latest developments of your UI and how they are working now. Because I see couple of videos where you were still struggling to get the touch screen buttons working right. People should not get this feeling that ADAM has sluggish touch screen. Show us the latest touch screen performance of adam in full working condition. Market only working features of adam rather than prototypes. Show the users only a demo of fully working product and not the features that are in development.
    2. Instead of you doing the presentations & product demos, have some extremely talented marketing guys do this. (Americans are better 🙂 if you are planning to release this in US). Reviewers exactly know what the customers in your product area are looking for and market that exact feature. This attracts a lot of attention. Have lots of companies do your product reviews.
    3. Have an extensive end users group test your product – even if you pay a little to them its worth it. I mean real end users not somebody from your team.
    4. Its high time to enhance your site. Its so very poor. You are uselessly paying your marketng folks. I would lay them off. 🙂 Ask them to look at sites like Infosys, cognizant etc.,(just for style and quality)
    5. This is just my opinion, its upto to you to take it or not – release a perfect product with minimal facilities and keep realeasing upgraded versions of it. That way you keep people upgrading to newer versions. Dont give us all at once.. you will loose chances of people upgrading to new versions and hence loosing revenue.

    To be continued 🙂

    cheers – and have fun.

    Madhan Anumala (anumalamadhan at gmail dot com)

  168. Sorry, are you stuck waiting on a pre-order? Did you already pay in full? No, of course not. Chill out. This clearly isn’t Notion Ink’s fault.

    There isn’t a SINGLE other Tegra 2 tablet available right now. The Boxee Box, which isn’t even a tablet, has been delayed ’til November for “software” reasons.

    Flash 10.1 mobile isn’t out yet, either. Not on a single device. Notion Ink wanted to make sure it was stable before they released their device (I assure you, nobody can afford the support calls if it doesn’t have at least 2-3 nines uptime running Flash/Flash Video sites)

    Not a single other device, tablet OR netbook, has a Pixel Qi screen yet. The economy isn’t making it easy for PQ to get ahold of a fabrication plant.

    I’d understand your (and everyone in your camp’s) sentiments if there were half a dozen devices with at least ONE of those hardware pieces, and I would DEFINITELY understand if there was a device out with a PQ screen and a Tegra 2 chipset (or ANY other mobile 1080p H.264-capable chipset), but there aren’t. Not a single one.

    We’re halfway into 2010, and THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY hasn’t yet released what Notion Ink, a VERY tiny startup, is planning on releasing WORLDWIDE by November (worst case scenario at that!).

    Obviously, if we cross through July, August, September, or October with a dozen identically capable devices in a similar price range, we’ll see a very different story, but right now I don’t see ANYTHING on this 4-month-long horizon that’s going to compete with the Adam.

    That’s, of course, assuming it hits in November. Good luck, fellas

  169. I love the Adam and have been watching it and waiting patiently since January. What I am wondering today is what is up with your website? ( Have you given up and sold the company? I hope that it is simply under construction and are about to give out the SDK, start preorders, or something good. To achieve market success you need to build up some momentum about the Adam. DO NOT let the Adam fall into the sea of vapourware or sub-par tablets. You need to release it soon or at least put some teasers up on youtube. I hope that your techies just screwed up and put the wrong website up today! Please release it beginning to mid July. TONS of people are holding out on the iPad just waiting for Notion Ink to pull through. We need to be informed.

  170. Yeah I have to agree with the frustration that everyone is showing regarding the updates. I was holding out on notionink since the beginning but the lack of information has pushed me over the edge. I went ahead and ordered an ipad today =(

  171. Even your websites are down to little more than static homepages. Please tell us something!

  172. When’s it coming out? And when’s it coming out in the US? I want to buy a tablet by August, and as a proud Indian, the Adam is my first choice

  173. I have to say that I was glad to see on technoholik that it is confirmed that you will be using Android 2.2 (Froyo) as your base (great considering the improved native flash support and faster java script engine).
    For those curious about that you can see the article here:

    I hope that now that the latest apple product has been released and the commotion will start to die down we’ll hear more details on the Adam (if you delayed any announcement because of the iphone4 that is, which would be very understandable should it be the case).

    Since you are using your own specific UI I do second the need to have a proper translation (I’d offer my professional services for translation into Spanish but I have no experience translating software, only texts). But remember the importance of Spanish in the US, Latin America, and obviously Spain depending on where you plan on releasing the Adam.

  174. Don’t forget that they stated that the Adam will also have the options of Ubuntu and Chrome. I don’t know what Chrome will provide, but Ubuntu does provide office programs (Abiword, Open Office), I don’t use drawing programs much so I can’t speak there but they do have Gimp for photos/drawings, and for videos there are many options like mplayer and for audio Amarok is great software.
    As for Android there is office software available in the app store (though access to that is another issue) and Notion Ink said they would be including some productivity software so I assume that refers to Office type software and in the video demos they showed drawing software. And as for media on Android I don’t know.

    As for the Windows thing, I suggest you think of which Windows-only programs you could not live without on a tablet (for example, you might need X program but not on the go so it could be okay to only have it on your home computer, but you might not be able to live without Y program under any circumstances). And which it would be okay to use alternatives.

    I too hope we hear some news this coming week but I am not ready to call vaporware should we not hear anything. From what I have seen there have been more updates from Notion Ink on the Adam than from other companies on stuff like the ICD Vega/Ultra, the pegatron tegra 2 htpc, and various other tablets. Plus they did say they are still on track (which would mean Q3 considering that was their previous release window announcement. And Nvidia has said that we should be seeing Tegra 2 tablets released in Q3. Plus I want a Pixel Qi screen but don’t want the Innoversal tablet from computex since it uses the power hungry (when compared to an ARM based CPU/SoC) Atom processor.

  175. It’s June 28th; a couple more days until July and still the Notion Ink website has not been updated since 2009. Whether a production Adam is still a possibility or not, Notion Ink’s response to queries on this blog and its non-existent marketing and lack of simple website updating, make me very suspicious of their ability to provide reliable customer service.

  176. Rohan, dude, a November release would be a major buzzkill for everyone who is eagerly anticipating the ADAM. The only good tablet computer out there is the iPad; there has to be a good Android alternative, and ADAM seems like the best one. You have to put something out soon. I want to buy a tablet computer in August; please have something by then. I don’t want to buy an iPad or any other Apple product.

    Also, please use a recent version of Android. Don’t be like Dell (who should be hanging their heads in shame for releasing Streak with 1.6). You have to have 2.1 at least. 2.2 if you can, but not if it will make your release later.


  177. This product is my leap of faith from nursing an outdated soft/hardware package to do-it-all, minimal hardware, state-of-the-art unit…. The Poll was unfair in only allowing three choices, as it seems Adam can “do it all”…. So, like others, I impatiently await….

    I’m looking to use Ink as a replacement for my old system and cell phone…. As a pc user I browse, research, store data, take photos and occasionally play games….

    And the price looks really good!

  178. Hey guys,
    As much as it pains me to say this, you are very close to loosing all momentum with the Adam. I have been following the news for months now but as there are no pre-production models outside of your own hands and the news is so scant I am starting to believe that there may be issues with the Adam preventing anyone really getting a hands on past a few shaky handycams from back rooms in tech conferences.
    I have high hopes for the adam, I am starting a PhD soon and was hoping to have something to read papers and use for more general computing tasks that dont require a full computer.
    I tihnk I am not alone in thinking that if nnothing further comes out inthe next month I will be giving up hope for the Adam.

    The product looked really good guys!

    Prove me wrong!

  179. Even though it was a long time ago the Adam was introduced to the public and I’v kept my eyes on this baby and all other tablets for a year or so now. In my opinion the Adam is still the tablet I’d choose if it was released now.

    I just want to buy one, please let me? 🙂

  180. You guys are the only reason I have not purchased an iPad… I reeeeaaaaalllllllyyy want a tablet, so please release the ADAM so I can give you my money. Thanks.

    PS Don’t know how much longer I can hold out…

  181. I cannot wait! This thing looks like the only tablet device worth spending money on.

    I am a little confused as to the pricing, however, as the Pixel Qi screen is supposed to be cheaper to develop. Why would the model with the cheaper screen be more expensive? While I completely understand the need to make money, I can’t help but balk at increasing the profit margin for the sake of novelty — especially when the PQ screen is not as crisp and vibrant (though close) as a normal LCD.

    Could you please explain why the PQ model will cost more when the PQ screen itself is cheaper to manufacture?

  182. I really hope this comes out soon. I need something that has 3G capabilities for school, and everything that drives me insane about the IPad is fixed in this device. I really hope a release date is launched soon so that I know if it will come out before the beginning of the school year. This is looking like an amazing device, but unless something solid is announced soon, it might as well be considered vaporware.

  183. Today is the 1st of July, so it is Q3 now.

    Any news or do we have to wait until the END of Q3!?!?!?

  184. Really? Look at the first sentence of the second paragraph:

    “Think it like this, iPad is still not launched in India, so would we say it has not launched yet!”

    I count 3, maybe four grammar errors in that one sentence. This is not natural speaking, this is internet gibberish.

    The corrected sentence should read something similar to:
    “Think of it like this: the iPad still has not launched in India, so we would say it has not launched yet!”

    As it is, it’s a run-on sentence with ambiguous punctuation (“would we say it has not launched yet” is phrased as a question, not an exclamation).

    Normally I wouldn’t nit pick like this, but this is the main PR face of a company. Having your posts riddled with grammatical errors doesn’t make you look genuine, it makes you look lazy or incompetent. I assume that everyone at Notion Ink has the technical and business know how to put out their product; otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten this far. It only makes sense to have someone read over their public statements before posting them for the world to read.

  185. TICK! TOCK! Time is starting to run out here guys. Lots of folks (me included), are trying to make up their minds on what tablet/slate device to purchase. If you just go quite and not continuely update the masses your going to lose customers to devices that are already on the street. I really don’t want to give Apple any of my money.

  186. @hshomran

    WOW Man, That was strong. Thanks for the info on the difference between Tegra 2 and i386.

    It is July 1st, and hopefully they have done something. Hopefully we will get an update tomorrow at least.

  187. It’s July. No news. I stand by my word. I’ve now withdrawn interest. The purchasing process in our University for students has already begun. You lost at least, 500 potential customers.

    Even Pixel Qi displays are being sold individually now.

    Thank you for nothing. We will take our business to ASUS, HP and Lenovo for quotations.

  188. could you please release some actual demos of this device of the final product? I would love to see the full capabilities of this device to give me a reason to wait for this device. it’s pretty hard to wait till Q3 for device when tablets like Dell Streak are hitting the market the following month with excellent reviews and support for OS updates.

  189. Remember, developing a great device is only half the battle. Advertising this device world wide is be the biggest challenges no matter if it has glowing reviews. Guarantee almost 99% of my friends will have never heard of Notion Ink or Adam Tablet.

  190. Rohan,

    Adam product is too good with killer specs. But the silence from Notion Ink is really disappointing. With so many people eagerly awaiting the product, you can be pretty sure of a good customer base just by doing the simple task of updating some details about the product. You can even orchestrate a photo leak like “Adam tablet prototype caught on camera in Vietnam” 🙂

    I the investors are stopping you, please let them know that they are actually killing a good product because of their restrictions.

  191. i have been looking for a tablet for a while now was going to buy one from china but when i seen the Adam i now want it just hope its out before November don’t know if i can wait that long hurry up want one now

  192. Just a friendly reminder… umm.. still waiting on those prices and launch dates. You know.. no hurry or pressure (i.e. both are in effect!), but would like to know when to spend my money on other products.

  193. 4 weeks without any update, that’s hard 😦
    Rohan, please give us some news !

  194. Will Adam be a reality. Plz let me know. Its almost a month since ur last post.
    Or else I’ve to divert my resources to get a laptop (my frn interested to bring 4m his country).

  195. Great news. Looking forward to pre-ordering. Please do let us know when that is possible.

  196. Hi, any new devellopments? How is the app store evolving? Have all the problems been solved or are there still some glitches? Pixelqi has just started distribution on DYI screen kids, has this impacted on your plans? And, how have the developments in hardware/software worked into the release date? It would be interesting to know how these considerations have impacted on your plans.

  197. Totally pumped for it to come out. I’ve been a tech junkie since I was five and this thing REALLY WOWS me. It’s the first time in three years I’ve been impressed by a new piece of technology. Soon as the PQ version is released, I’ll be buying one for my mom to use at PSU (and advertise for you) and one for me to use at my colleges and everywhere else I go. Naturally I will be telling everyone about the wonderful device and how it works. Love your company. I agree with the others that a SUMMER release would be the best possible idea for you to make the most sales, heck, here in Portland, Or by the time the holidays hit (if it’s been released in the summer) I will have shown at least 2,000 people what it is and how it works. Rooting for you all the way! – Jaek.

  198. Like I said somewhere above…WHEN exactly is the Adam going to be lanched?? Any tentative dates atleast? I am waiting to buy this..but theres no update from your side..not even regular communication on this bolg..lots of people above have said the same thing..Please update regularly..atleast keep the interested people..well..interested till the launch atleast..looking forward to more news…

  199. Good to hear that…… even LG has announced to launch a Tablet by end of this year.. Rohan nice to read about the variants that you guys plan to introduce in the market, but with the investors ready to go why not at least launch one base model so that the people can have a feel of ADAM… today we only have the video’s and on paper analysis and advantages etc etc of ADAM, but really longing to actually see and feel one in the market. I had sent a few query e-mails regarding the availability and pricing at least in India if not in the international market but till date no reply from you guys, and also from the blog above it is not at all clear when you guys are going to launch, when , where and what price..
    Hope you launch soon and not give away the market to other guys like Appel, LG, Asus and many more in the pipeline, in the end it should not happen that a there are only a few guy’s left like me who are keeping away from all the temptations to buy another tablet other than ADAM….
    You guys should launch fast and make your presence felt… as the ADAM talk has been going on for quiet a few months now……. I know you guys are doing your best but keeping the people waiting for so long hope it’s worth it…

  200. I agree when oh when are we going to get a realistic release date ? Is this some elaborate con ?

  201. Rohan,

    Do you guys have any news regarding launch date ? I have been waiting for like 4 months now but till now there is no news at all which doesn’t sound very promising at all, may be I am wasting my time.


  202. No news at all when this is arriving, we are in Q3 and not even a notion of whats happening. Sod it buy an iPad, we have no idea when this is arriving in the UK or anywhere for that matter, by the time this thing arrives the next version of the iPad will be around the corner. might as well cut my losses ive held out for long enough and for what? so far as we can all see, not a blind thing. Notion Bugger All.

  203. Any new news ????
    its been long since we hear anything from ADAM FAMILY :P.

  204. once again, a worthless blog post. (by the way, the ipad i bought instead of continuing my daily gut wrenching following of the Adam is spectacular. you can wish for a dream machine all you want, but at the end of the day a STABLE, application filled device, that you can actually OWN, is worth its weight in gold.)

  205. The Adam sure looks good, but so many people I’ve asked keep saying it is vaporware. On top of that, no one seems to know much about a release date. Everything seems to be so secretive on an actual planned date. I’m battling on continuing to wait and see what happens or just going out and getting an iPad. I’m certainly not an Apple fan, but I’ve really enjoyed exploring with my friends iPad that it is making me wonder exactly what to do.

  206. We are all dying for concrete release details, ability to pre-order, etc. Please, throw us a bone here!

  207. Are you *ever* going to start respecting your customers?

    174 questions, and not even a single answer. The only thing you have said is “sorry” for deleting a question, the followup to which you promptly ignored.

    You are driving away your customers. Virtually nothing has been said about the Adam in weeks by anyone. History has shown repeatedly that *the best hardware is irrelevant*. You cannot rely on the Adam alone to sell itself.

    Start respecting your customers and they will start to respect you in turn.

  208. Hello and congards on your VC!! I belive your company needs addional current news on your product. The news on the internet is not current, and this is important since curerntly this is your only marketing outlet. Ther are many new products coming to market, and if you do not gain traction now, you may not have the ability to do so in the future. Yes, all of the techno geeks are here – including myself, but the real money will be if you can get this product main streamed into universities, business and college life. You need to get it moving in order to build a demand for you rproduct.

    This is just 2cents from my experience with workiing as a product manager.


  209. oooh please tell me you will deliver in holland.
    i just want this fricking thing in my hands and cuddle it to death!

    and for a 17 year old like me, this will be affordable and usefull @ school!
    cant wait till i can order it 😀

    good job guys, good job!

  210. PS. please reply if it will be released in the netherlands(holland)!
    i would really like to know

  211. The Adam looks like it could the best of the iPad competitors, offering a better eReader experience, longer battery life, flash support, etc., but I need to hear some news pretty soon if I’m going to keep waiting for the Adam to come out.

    Without any updates about the promised Adam-specific Android software, pricing, hardware options, possible 3G plans, or even the release date, it’s getting difficult to believe that Adam’s coming out anytime this year, let alone in Q3. I think getting some news out soon is important if Notion Ink is going to hold consumer interest in the US as eReader prices drop and other tablet projects continue to be announced by major companies.

    Thanks for listening, ptf237

  212. Hey guys – the Poll is completely utterly unacceptable! Pick 3? That’s not game changer talk.

    anyways … waiting for Adam and, more importantly, your SDK. Hope you bundle a nice simulator.

  213. hey guys, i m new here in the blog but i m following adam since a long time. i was thinking if there is any possibility of having GPS in ADAM. as there r companies who provide internet on the move. so, having android we can use googlemaps.

  214. This is honestly despicable. I have waited for a while to get this, and honestly, if the company came out and siad ‘we have a problem, we will not release until ___’ i would appreciate that. at this point, all you are doing is making angry customers, which is bad for everyone.

    we have seen working hardware, why can’t you sell it?

    At this point is has been a month since your last update, “ON TRACK” better damn well mean a JULY release, as in, now.

  215. I concur with those stipulating a lack of news and update portends a bleak future. Even if Notion were to simply advise that they were still THINKING it would be nice. At this rate, all we have is a stale Blog with a horrifically teasing price-extrapolation and a completely and utterly confidence-reducing comment about how the iPad still hasn’t launched even though all the mac-tards I know have one.

    Honestly, if Notion wants to launch this and have educated and passionate consumers, developers, and enthusiasts actually bother to mark the date and purchase this thin-air promise they’d better get a LOT more transparent or productive.

    Kudos to jadefalcon1 who points out the concern regarding support/customer service.

    I was so excited when I first saw this product. I wanted a solid and powerful base for Android Development and to test some mobile web-apps. Now I’m just watching my dreams fade.

    Notion had better decide soon if they’re a race-horse or a rock ‘cuz I need to know if I should be riding white-knuckled or gleefully watching them sink like all my mac-tard acquaintances.

  216. I showed the youtube video of Adam to my friends and guess what… each one of them are impressed and 50% of them were eager to buy right then and there. Guys… release it fast !!!

  217. I now dont believe that Notion Ink are going to release the ADAM, however I am starting to think that this silence may well be down to them selling the IP to a major player to allow a world wide release and with major backing the ADAM could still be a big success.

    Here to hoping they dont put webOS on it though!


  218. Hey Notion Ink guys, I’m very sad about you are communcate with your friends. No new are always bad news. Your web page, this blog, all is for weeks on hold.
    You will lost a lot of customer if you won’t give more informations and if you ignore them as you do in the moment.
    We are looking all forward to buy a tablet and a lot of us are now at the stage where we thibk the ADAM seems to be VaporWare. And that’s worst.

    So, look at this blog, read the post and you know what to do.

  219. Up to 255 replies now and over a month without any fresh updates. I really hate to say it, but I am starting to look more seriously into competitors. I love the innovations behind the Adam, but without any new info out, how can you expect anyone to keep interest?

    Hopefully something comes out soon! Even just a little tidbit of information “Hey guys, we’re working out some last few bugs. Stay tuned.”

    That’s all I’m asking.


  220. So who do you think they’re negotiating to sell the company to? What other reason could there be for no response for this long a time period? If they are in M&A discussions they can’t talk to us. What other explanation is there? Only one, they just don’t care about us.

  221. Is it just me or did every post between June 23 and July 9 become visible overnight?

    Does it have something to do with a comment approval process? If so, at least it means an admin has been on the site. That would be good news right?

  222. i think the only positive thing Notion Ink can take away from this is that people are still posting about it, maybe in disillusion that this is a good thing. Im done, im moving on i suggest you guys do the same….

  223. Dear Rohan,

    We have been waiting for this device since a long time. Many of us postponed our plans of buying an iPad, just in the hope of buying a better device. So, would you please consider giving us a small update on the release dates or a small video demonstrating your final product and its capabilities?

  224. An update is all thats asked here. I’ve been singing this guys praises to everyone I know so know that you have a good grassroots marketing movement.

    Think about the market for college & other students. New semester is coming up & I (for one & prob of many) need an option for the coming school year. It is extremely frustrating not to have a release date.

    Every day w/o an update makes the iPad & other options look much more practical. Posting an update is in your best interest. Every day you wait the more of us will move on to other options & lose enthusiasm. And I’m just talking business here. Your own interests.

    Plenty would preorder ASAP. How can you not see this? On a personal note, on a stance of principle, in 10 days I’m abandoning this pipe dream in practicality & suspicion of the integrity of your business practices.


  225. From the fresh posting today:

    ‘Just got out of bed after prolonged viral fever (it still says 101 deg 😐 ). Have lots for you all (specially the concerned ones)’

    Looks like Rohan was ill? Hope u feel better. Give us the goodies!!

  226. Hey, did you guys get funding from google? I am speculating this is what has happened and they are collaborating with you to get a one up on Apple. I am confident you are working on releasing a quality product, but please do give us updates and at least a date for pre-order. Make sure your servers can handle the traffic!

    Wish you the best.

  227. I’m guessing they just don’t know when it will be ready. I’m in manufacturing, and there are just so many variables to keep track of- vendors, factories, shipping companies, PR, marketing, support- it’s a lot to pull together. A product isn’t done until it’s done, and sometimes you have no real idea of what to tell customers. I don’t think Rohan and the team are intentionally keeping us in the dark. They’re a tiny tiny tiny company, and they’re probably working around the clock to get this out. They don’t want to wait any longer than the rest of us do.

    With that said, it’s never going to be perfect. Just pick a date and go with it. It will serve to focus your energies, and set your priorities.

    As a consumer it’s my choice whether or not to buy a product. From what I’ve seen I’m buying 2- one for me and one for my husband. What sold me is being able to use it outside. I really only need it for a small amount of web surfing, reading my Kindle books, some emails and maybe listening to MP3’s. If it does that I’ll be happy. Right now there really isn’t anything else that compares, and I refuse to buy an iPad.

    Software updates can come and go, hardware will be obsolete in a year- just make something that doesn’t catch fire in my hands and I’ll be happy. Right now I’m chained to my laptop, and the world passes me by. I long to be outside in the sun…really I don’t care about much else. If it gets me an extra hour or 2 of productivity in a year’s time it will have been a worthwhile investment.

    Solder faster factory!!!!!!

  228. I fully agree with the appeal for a magnetic compass, primarily for astronomical applications, but also for other terrestrial ‘augmented reality’ functionality. One of the reasons that I did not purchase the Nokia N900 as the successor to my N800 was the lack of a compass module, so I am very much hoping that the Adam will provide this!

  229. “To all those fueling that we are hitting in November, hold on! That’s not true.”

    When I first heard about the Adam, it was due in the US in June. It’s now nearing the end of July and no Adam. Fine. Lots of tech products slip release dates. The Adam looks like it’s worth waiting for.

    But if it’s not out yet, and it’s not coming out in November, when is it coming out?

    There aren’t a lot of other options here: August, September, or October. Which is it?

  230. interested but alot of stuff is hitting usa from china. im like most americans i want it now or im going to buy something else. seems if china could do it you should be able too. trying to wait but hard. update would be nice.

  231. Hi Rohan,

    I have been an ardent follower of Adam from day-one, when I read it’s specifications and approximate price-range. I recall boring every single friend of mine who is computer literate about the “Adam-debut”, a dream-tablet.

    All this while, I have been drooling at the videos and digging at the snapshots of Adam on youtube, slashgear, engadget, gizmodo.

    When people were setting up tents for buying iPad, I felt like the hippie in cold that prophesied about the coming of a new-age product which will render iPad, kindle and netbooks obsolete.

    I even convinced my friend who is the dean at my university to buy this product for his entire staff. I had absolutely nothing for him when he asked me where he could place bulk orders.

    What started as passion and this great urge to be part of this revolutionary product has started to wane, I subscribed to your blog, I google/news about Adam almost everyday and I look for any kinda updates which can give me any inkling what the hell is going on.

    Some of your earlier posts did help, and the recent one about “not-releasing-in-november” was like a fresh breeze to me. For once I thought you guys are on the right track. But your silence has put me in the limbo again.

    I have waited and waited… but not anymore. I cannot just wait for this apparition to materialize. I hope whatever the fuck you are doing at the moment is worth it. Just keep in mind you have lost a loyal customer for-ever.

    Good luck.


  232. Ok so when can we get in on the pre sale?

    We are committed group – I bet you could have gotten your funding on just accepting pre-sale orders.

  233. Well, after waiting and waiting and still not really knowing any type of release date for the Adam, I couldn’t wait any longer. I bought my new iPad and I’m loving it.

    Sorry guys, you just took to long and have been to vague on a release date.

  234. Good for you man! I would’ve done the same, but I don’t want to give Apple any of my money. Really want a tablet of some sort.

  235. Is it coming out in near future? NI has made so many changes to release dates and I am not sure what to expect. And it at it comes out, what will the approximate price point. With all the planned hardware features, it will be really tough for the ODMs to mass manufacture Adam at a price that can compete with iPad especially given that NI are new comers in the market. If the manufacturing price itself goes higher than iPad retail price than Adam can’t kill iPad.

    Hope to see Adam before …. err … I don’t know 😦

  236. Я часто бываю в командировках. Для меня важно в этом устройстве поддержка и нормальная работа таких приложений как MS Word, Excel, Autocad Civil 3D, Photoshop. Конечно, для меня как windiws-пользователя было бы идеальным видеть в нем операционную систему OS Windows.

  237. Hey guys, I’m from the future. Turns out Adam won’t be out until late December/early January. Sorry to disappoint.

  238. Someone is loosing christmas sales big time … I bet before you can announce the first shipment you have to announce bancruptcy.

  239. Does anyone know what the pdf support will be like? Will it have full pdf annotation and be able to increase the size of text?

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