7 Years!

Hello All,

Yesterday we crossed seven years of Notion Ink’s existence.

It has been a very unusual journey personally for me as well as for Notion Ink. The experience is priceless for us, but I humbly accept we have not done well on a lot of grounds where we could have, and as a founder, it all boils down to my capabilities or lack of them.

This is a small note to all of those who have supported or hated us since our start. If we have been able to do anything, it was all because of the faith you had or still have in us.

And to those who felt we have under-delivered, correcting things is what I am living for now. I am not seeking time from you. But I can tell you that we will not stop unless we convert your decision to support us from regret to a sense of pride.

A real warm thanks to all!

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan


11 thoughts on “7 Years!

  1. still have faith in you.

    “And now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art.” ― Neil Gaiman

  2. Although I had bitter sweet memories and frustration of spending $50 just for repair work each time the Adam wouldn’t work, so much so that I just threw one in the recycle bin, I congratulate you and your team on completing this journey so far. You guys deserve to have a party. You took up the challenge and lived through it.

  3. The xI was one of the initial adam customer, still remember how proud I was for being associated with an Indian company that too a pioneer. I think we all learnt one or two in this journey. It amazes me about your perseverance.. Keep up the high spirit and looking forward to see more amazing products from you.
    My two cents, why don’t u tie up with Chroma or other retail chains so that people can see your products first hand.

  4. All the very best… As a young entrepreneur with good technical and academic background, you can really excel in the coming years. There are lots of things that you could learn in terms of mastering various operational and financial aspects. Hope you get adequate funding for your projects. Do not undervalue the brand that you are fighting to build. Your history must be rock solid though you may not be there yet at the top in terms of money making. I wish you all the very best!

  5. Rohan: I appreciate your response but it makes no sense whatsoever; you intially shipped Adams all over the world, I am a testament to that fact and now, now that you have a viable/good product all of a sudden you cannot ship it outside of India??? Your blog post makes a point that you will be righting wrongs: I paid over $425 dollars US for an Adam, an investment in YOUR company. Then came Adam II and no plan to give Adam customers any discount or trade-in, then came Cain and again Adam customers got screwed, no discounts or trade-ins offered and now Able and your answer to the SAMEquestion is “sorry but we can’t ship outside of India, let us know if you’re visiting us..” SERIOUSLY, so for me to get any discount or break on an Able after spending over $425 on the original Adam I’ve got to travel to India???? this is one serious WRONG that you need to right, and right now.

  6. Hello Rohan,

    It seems like yesterday I bought my Notion ink Adam. And I’m happy to tell you it is still going strong. The battery has given up long ago, but it is on a stand in the kitchen to look up recipes, listen to music, radio and the weather forecast.

    I especially loved the form factor of the Adam. The battery compartment that functioned as a handle was/is brilliant!

    Good luck in the next 7 years (and beyond!)

  7. Hi,
    I’ve been using the NotionInk Cain 10 and would like to sell this, as I’m going in for the latest model.
    This is the amount that I have spent.

    NotionInk Cain tablet with keyboard Rs. 19,990/-
    NotionInk Cain dock Rs. 3990/-
    NotionInk 3G Ultrastick Rs. 2990/-
    HDMI to VGA convertor Rs.3607/-

    Total Rs. 30,577/-

    If somebody is interested in taking the whole lot, would appreciate if you could email me on vikram.m.gokhale@gmail.com with your best offer.

  8. I feel silly purchasing an hp 2 in 1 last month because I never knew you existed. Well my next purchase is going to be a notion ink…100%

  9. Rohan

    Appreciate your perseverance and would urge that you stay on the path that you have cherished. You started on this road when startups as a word was probably new to a lot of folks in India and went on to build world class products.

    I have been following your company news even before you released the product and am the proud owner of CAIN 10. It has been quite a head turner and I feel proud when I tell that this is an Indian product. 100% of that pride goes to you and your team for your commitment to build such products. The retail presence should be improved and ability to exchange older products should be incorporated in your buying model so that there are dedicated customers.

    There are failures/criticism but that is what makes a leader or a company great. Best wishes for years to come and would love to see Notion Ink to become a household name.

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