What is special with Cain?


How are you doing?

I thought we should share a brief background on why we came out with Cain.


If you remember when we started in April 2009, the focus was to design computing devices which make things easier, make us productive. One of the possible definition of these computing devices was “a tablet”.

But since then tablets have nearly failed on productivity front. They are now rarely used for anything serious and current usage is heavily tilted towards entertainment and games. This is not why we started making computing devices. Something was amiss. We still do not have holographic 3D User Interfaces with speech to text sorted out to such a perfection that we can let go of the keyboards. Moreover Android’s focus is not productivity or development, even Google’s doesn’t use Android to run their offices. For communication and consumption, yes, Android does it’s job very well, but not for productivity. This means if one was to use their device for getting work done, keyboard is must as well as an OS which is known for productivity.

Cain with Keyboard
Cain for us is a course correction. Cain suddenly makes 700,000 PC class applications including DTP, accounting, Engineering, scientific, etc. available on the go. With it you can confidently replace your laptops or ultrabooks as it comes with apps like Office and Outlook and never miss your tablet because of its form and touch screen. With the finer details we have added like Full USB 3.0, integrated magnetic and ergonomic keyboard-cover, sensuous surface finish, bundled wireless mouse, and now a 500GB HDD at ₹19,990, Cain is the perfect value proposition for a productivity device and we are back in making devices which actually help us get work done.

Let’s us look at few core differences which makes it way more valuable than a simple tablet.


Unlike a tablet, Cain comes with a beautifully hand crafted, soft, matte and suede leather finish for an overall sensuous feel. This cover has in it Cain and it’s keyboard. Material is washable and one can just wipe off the dust with a wet cloth. It looks premium because it is premium (keyboard with this special material is the costliest part of all).



Cain and the keyboard dock together with this 5 Pin connector and the hidden magnets. There are 2 guides on the either side which allows a perfect and fast lock. There are 6 pairs of magnets arranged in a special sequence which ensures even a slightest misalignment is automatically corrected.


We wanted to select a color which was unique. Cain’s body color changes with the light, but you will always find it in between the shades of Reddish Brown to Grayish Green. Cain uses Intel BayTrail and even though today’s Intel processors run way more cooler, good heat dissipation is always required for best performance (for all processors actually). The center of the back of Cain is made of toughened and brushed Aluminium (above is a photo of my test unit, 6 month old, with a small dent created with 14H material) to dissipate heat and cut weight. Plastics around hold 3D antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth.

WP_20150331_11_26_56_ProAdam 1 had two FULL USB ports, and we could not have missed it this time. Cain has a specially designed USB 3.0 port which beautifully aligns itself with the Industrial design. So even though Full USB ports are thicker, the design here makes them look much thinner and appealing.


Cain has appealed to anyone who has touched it. It is our sincere effort to design something which is honest and with details which our competitors would not be able to match for some time.


Created with Love!

Warm Regards



7 thoughts on “What is special with Cain?

  1. Congrats Rohan for this remarkable journey since the Adam I. Have gone through a lot of your posts & they have been worth a read for sharing with everyone your journey & the birth of notion ink.

    Finally, after a lot of wait as my laptop died last week, ordered cain 10. Eagerly waiting to have it. Will share my experience with cain soon.

  2. Still using the Adam and loving it. Waiting for the 5th so I can get my hands on Cain. Then father and son can be together 😉

    Have been following you guys since your first post and I still remember all the excitement during the Adam unveiling. You guys have been through some real shit but you are still here and creating products that actually matter. Respect! What is next for Notion Ink – Eve? Personal Robot? A device that can fly?

    The future looks promising

  3. Yes, Finally. As I am planning to change to something.
    Yes and tablets have come a long way from back when you started with Adam I. Best luck for cian.

  4. Must admit it looks great! Would not mind giving it a whirl. OK, I still use my Adam BUT, do we get an incentive if we go for a Cain?

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