121 thoughts on “Apologies!

  1. Thanks a million Rohan for the little update. Just am so impress by your team’s total commitment to making the ADAM a well thought device. The whole world is waiting anxiously for that “release date” !!

  2. I hope your next message will inlcude the launch date and some Froyo-goodness

  3. hiiiiii

    You surely know how to keep people waiting.

    Pls dont delay adam any further also can you pls tell something more abt your user interface and flash compatibility

  4. That is great news! A good product is worth the patience. If you need any testers in Atlanta let me know!

  5. Looking forward to a Release Date, Price, and Pre-Order Information.
    A LOT of tablet PC’s Have been announced since I first came across the Adam—none of them have swayed my decision.

    At this point, the only thing that could sway me away from Adam, is something with all of Adam’s greatness (Screen Qi, Multitouch, Swivel Camera, USB, SD) with Wacom style Stylus Input.

  6. Made an account just to say this.

    I hope the news has something to do with a release date and a price. I have my Credit Card out for the pre-order.

  7. Thanks a ton for posting an update! We’re all so excited for the adam, it’s hard to be patient, but I’m hoping it’ll be done soon! Good luck with everything.

  8. Ah! News!!!

    Glad to hear that everything is still progressing along.

    Can’t wait for this good news you speak of!


  9. Its really nice to know that you are leaving for Taiwan: We have good friends in Taiwan who are from Hyderabad and will be useful and helpful at all times. Mail me your itinerary and anything is required

  10. I know we have yet to see any full specs on the ADAM, bvut from the specs that have been online since january i hope a few things get fixed!
    the Resolution! WSVGA is just to small! Please up it to WXGA!
    Storage! only 16GB and 32GB? hopefully more !
    Wireless! does the ADAM support IEEE 802.11n?
    SDcard! Does the ADAM support SDXC?

    What kind of Multitouch sensor doe it have?
    And I hope it ships with Froyo or gets froyo quickly!

  11. Great to hear you after so long…
    Can’t wait anymore plzzz tell us your launching date..
    Already Apple’s ipad claim to have soldl over 2 million units in just 2 months in US only..
    kindly release it soon ..any more delay will hamper your market.. as many other similar product too hv arrived in market…

  12. So Taiwan = Hardware, what about the flash problem? Who is working on that? India I suppose, but what about an update on that Rohan?

    Great product and ideas by the way. I hope your product takes off. Looking forward to purchasing your very first unit, as I am anxious to get my fingers on it.

    I am open for testing in Texas!

  13. I know now that there is no chance of having Windows or even Ubuntu on this device 😥 but please at least use the Froyo 2.2 release of Android on it if you must use Android with out the option of anything else. It would be extremely sad to see this device not take full advantage of the capabilities of the hardware you have been working so hard to give it.

  14. I really hope your sexy Adam will reach Europe (France)
    Please, give us a date and we will wait 😉

  15. Would love a release date, but more importantly, ensure the UI is not as lousy and buggy as the Nokia’s. I am hoping the Adam’s finish is as good as the renderings. Finally, please release the fully loaded version of Adam in India and not a scaled down version. 3G auction is done and round the corner, so this is no more an acceptable excuse.

    Don’t treat us like Apple by having a delayed release in India and deciding on our behalf what we can afford!

    Update the blog more often, too may blogs commenting about Adam being Vapor ware. We believe in you, you need to give us a reason to keep up the faith. Extended silence keeps our spirits down.

  16. I am looking forward to seeing the hardware. The software can always change but if there is a good foundation then please move forward. I am getting tired of the vaporware rumors.

  17. “Trip to Taiwan” sounds like mass production level.

    I hope I can get on my hands soon!!

  18. Even Better than a Date would be ability to PreOrder one….. lol
    Seriously you’ve already sold one here!!

  19. One of the post awaited tablets for this year (and the one i’m gonna but as soon as it is released.
    You sure have an awesome following if you can go on a whole month without any news and people have still not moved on.
    Release it yesterday !! 🙂

  20. Please release it ASAP!!! At least a release date, price and availability! We are DYING!!! Tired of waiting! Please no more than 1 more month! The world is dying for this tablet!

  21. Waiting patiently as I delay my tablet purchase. Any possibility that you could avoid disappearing so completely from the net in the future.

  22. waiting for a pre-order page. just throw me a bone so i don’t buy an ipad

  23. Hello,
    I’m a newbie here and I hope this is proper to ask, but…:

    The iPad seems cool, I have a Kindle1 I am interested in something iPad like or BETTER and I am assuming this is it…

    So never mind the release date, do you guys know what this is likely to cost so I can start saving up.

    And while I am waiting, can you tell me why this would be a better investment that the iPad?

    I did read about the rubber gasket and the first rate design team.



  24. hope to hear on a release date soon! the waits getting unbearable, i’ve shackled myself so that i don’t buy the ipad and waiting for the ADAM

  25. Glad to see an update, Hope to hear good news from Taiwan….

    Please get the products International release to markets soon… 🙂 I’m Sick of the iPad hype and need a real solution.

  26. woohoo! I’m the seventh commenter!
    If you need a tester in Pittsburgh, let me know! I’m anxiously waiting for the Adam!

  27. I was considering buying the iPad, but I saw the Adam and fell in love with it.

    Please, make it available in Italy as well, and if you need an Italian tester/localizer, let me know! 🙂


  28. Thank you for saying something after so long, its appreciated.

    I hope that you bring out some good news like Froyo and international launch. Don’t forget CANADA as most companies don’t release something here till a year later.

  29. hiii…. Rohan, please keep us updated…. at times we r lost cause of last of information..!

    i m very desperate to buy it the day it gets launched… so plzzz…. do inform all about any kind of updates…!

    I hope we can use ADAM in JUNE 2010.. 🙂

    Please … let me know about the after sales service…. i stay in calcutta… so from where we can be able to get the product and who will provide the service..?

  30. Thanks Rohan for the update, however small. Glad to hear that good news also appears on the near horizon. It’s no suprise to you I’m sure that the Notion Adam Ink has generated huge buzz and anticipation, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one.

  31. I’m very excited to here more! Here is my wish list:
    1. Android 2.2 (FroYo) – I have it on my Nexus One and it truly makes a world of difference in the speed arena!
    2. June/July release?
    3. More details on the App Dev Challenge

  32. Finally, some update. When will this thing be available? You just missed the potential sale of some 2 million units.

  33. I (among many others) would love to see a release date, but don’t rush it. Keep up the great work! From the latest videos, it looks like you’re almost there.

    Your team has shown the immense potential of your product. Finish strong!

  34. Thanks for the update. Although could you please hire a PR firm. Word of mouth isn’t enough, plus the absence at Computex (coupled with the sheer volume of tablets on display) seems to have made many people think that the Adam is vaporware.

    How about some tentative pics of the UI as an update? Any NDAs involved there?

  35. I hope this thing be able to manage solid modelling software (solidwork)~ btw, multitouch is bad for making hand notes~ I hope there will be a switch or software that can trigger a one touch interface~

  36. Pixel Qi looks fantastic and i am drooling on this tablet. can’t wait for to be released. Last time india produced a gadget was “Simputer” and that was a debacle ( price wise). Hopefully you guys get this out with a good price point and market is really ripe ( thanks to apple iPad).

    Dont mess it up. Good luck to you

  37. I love you guys! Every single video out of both the Pixel Qi and the Adam have made me drool like crazy!

    This thing will sell, there’s no doubt about that!

  38. Thanks for this little update!

    Hope Adam will come before September because I wish I could have it for the beginning of school’s year.

    Will you be at Computex ?
    I hope that the reason for you to go to Taiwan is Computex ^^
    We could have some fresh news.

    And please don’t forget Europe (France) when the launch will happen 😀
    Can’t wait!

  39. Well,First of all thanks for the updates, I hope there won’t be so much “radio silence” from now on, even if it’s just like this one where you just pop in to mention that the project is still on course. Though I hope that the good news will include a release date (and Froyo), I also hope that the video means your good news includes the new improved PixelQi screens will be on the Adam.

    I know a proper stylus option is impossible with a capacitive screen, but it’d be nice if upon ordering (when it gets to that stage) you offer the choice of including one. And just in case your good news is a mega soon release date, don’t forget my birthday is in early June 😉

    But I do agree options for b/g/n and greater built in storage/resoltuion/SDXC would be good I am honestly happy with the current specs (we can after all up the memory with the microSD).

    Personally I just wish to say that I hope your bundled/built-in apps are good. Like your office apps I hope provide all the basics and compatibility with MS Word or Open Office formats (I don’t use Word but half the world does). Also one good fun game would be great. Also one more thing I’d like to mention. I hope that there will be user accounts if possible, and if/when you offer the other OS’s (Ubuntu/Chrome) that there will be ability to dual-boot.

    Finally in respect to something actually not detailed in the technical specs as far as I’ve seen: I hope you at least give the option to include more RAM (1GB would be great, 2 fantastic) because 512 is not that much in many situations and it’d be nice to have something to differentiate the its processors and internals from the supposedly upcoming tegra2 phones Nvidia mentioned.

  40. SDXC is unlikely as it would require new drivers for the android build and licensing fees to Microsoft for the exFAT file system. BUT some SDHC drives can read the lower end specs of SDXC IF they are reformatted to a different format.

  41. The vaporware comments are somewhat understandable considering the silence and recent things like the enso zenpad. BUT I have defended Notion Ink when people yell vaporware on other sites. They have mentioned only ONE delay so far, not five or six, and they gave it well in advance of the original release timeframe and gave reasons for said delay. All that points to a responsible and legitimate company (it also helps that there were rumors which could be used to place the blame on some of its partner companies). So far Notion Ink hasn’t given just cause to doubt it. The only reason people doubt it more is because it’s a startup and that is not fair as it is not indicative of whether or not they can and every successful company started somewhere.

  42. Oh, just one more comment and I promise to shut up. I hope that your media player has proper subtitle support (.smi, ssa/ass with formating, etc.) and that you include at least one good game (not something like Final Fantasy, but a nice polished time killer). Also like I said, I hope the news includes the new improved 3qi screen as I read it is 30% more efficient with energy, meaning a longer battery life for the Adam.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the UI. You guys seem determined to put out a quality product, and I respect that.

  43. We got the Dell “Streak” launching here in the UK on Friday and I’m seriously resisting the temptation right now.

    A release date and pre-order system for the ADAM would be very good about now!

  44. That is true, now we know that something is happen. Please keep us updated! And don t forget about support european languages as all. If you want a tester for Czech, I am ready 😉 anytime 😀

  45. An update!!! That screen looks absolutely incredible.

    Hopefully Taiwan will bring good news. Can’t wait for more information, and if you need a tester in Colorado just say the word.

  46. That’s good news!

    I hope to see applications for real estate (MLS), e-commerce, office applications and GPS. My wife and I live on our laptops and would like the portability, battery life, Pixel Qi, this GEM has to offer. The other perks are nice too, Flash, USB, HDMI, etc. Can’t wait to buy two and prove to all that the iPad is mostly hype and less function. If you need a beta tester in California, let me know! We have a large sphere of influence in real estate and business owners. The Adam would be a savior for many agents and business owners! Tempted to give into the iPad bandwagon, but, the Adam is the real cure! If the hardware is solid, release it with basic applications and new ones releasing frequently : ) can’t take the suspense anymore!!


  47. Any idea when Google will open android market to tablets?

    I want to buy this tablet, but if Google takes a while to open apps to this platform, it will suffer greatly behind Ipad…I know you have your own apps but it would be nice to have Android Market place available for thie tablets…

    I would also echo the other people who have said you are losing market share quickly….2million Ipads and counting. I want a tablet soon since my laptop is broken (I have a desktop) and if this is delayed or no news then I might be forced to an Ipad =(

  48. Hey……..Rohan. There would show in Singapore called PC Show Singapore 2010 from 10th June to 13th June where in you can get in touch with alsmot 1.5 million of consumer. A great place to showcase your lovely product.

  49. Hello, greetings from Germany. I hope, like the other, to get more information about release-date and the price. If u need a Beta-Tester in Germany, i’ll be your man 😉

  50. Can`t wait for Adam. Also hope that you start selling as soon as possible in Europe (Czech Republic). If you want some betatesting in Central Europe just write or if is some possibility to lokalize it.

  51. Can’t wait. Unfortunately every day of delay is another small loss in the battle. An Android/Flash pad right now would make a significant impact on the growing iPad momentum. Wait too long and the momentum will be insurmountable in this generation.

  52. Cannot wait for the good news! Please let it be the release date. I am anxious to get my hands on the tablet. I have my credit card ready for pre-order.

  53. Good to hear from you. So I would be willing to test this for you. I am a landscape designer and plan on using the Adam when showing my portfolio to prospective clients. Many of my clients are in finance industry, Goldman, Barclays, ect., in the greater New York area and my presentation could be great publicity for the Adam.

  54. The wait is becoming long. How about taking pre-order with small payments? NOT for money though.

  55. hi…very eagerly awaiting the launch….like sme1 in one of the posts above said..plz release it in India complete with all the features loaded…and not a watered down version…I’m a big supporter of Indian product companies..so will defintiely go fr the Adam without doubt…its an awsome package…way to go..cheers!!!

  56. hi…very eagerly awaiting the launch….like sme1 in one of the posts above said..plz release it in India complete with all the features loaded…and not a watered down version…I’m a big supporter of Indian product companies..so will defintiely go fr the Adam without a doubt…its an awsome package…way to go..cheers!!!

  57. Hi,

    I can only advise what indianfarmer wrote:

    “Update the blog more often, too may blogs commenting about Adam being Vapor ware. We believe in you, you need to give us a reason to keep up the faith. Extended silence keeps our spirits down.”

    I will follow you guys until September, if the ADAM is still not available, I will buy another product (like EEE Tablet).

    I wish you all the best!

    Best regards from tiny Luxembourg!

  58. I really hope that you will get this little Adam to Germany.
    Otherwise I would have to buy something else for my Birthday.


  59. My hope in owning this tablet is fading. Other companies like Innoversal are now offering Pixel Qi-based tablets. The suggested link above is very disappointing as I thought I was being directed to, at least, a snippet of Adam in action. Matter of fact, there has been no sighting since February. I’m still waiting, but…

  60. I read somewhere that the launch is pushed to November. Not sure if it is only in US or elsewhere too. It is really hard to wait that long for it. Interest will fade.

  61. I just read yesterday that your investors will not allow you to release teh product until end of year although it will be ready next month. Being in business myself they need to understand that late to market equals late to need. People with the income in this type of market will end up buying an alternative because they do not have patience. Additionally, do not expect most of these people to pony up the money to buy a second tablet (at least not within a year of the first purchase) once they buy something else and invest in alternate infrastructure (ala Apple). Additionally, considering Notion Ink is a start up, a lot of buyers may be hesitant to bite the bullet and buy one when bigger names are out there, even if your product is better and may even have better relieability.

    The best thing your investors can do is allow you to release the device this Summer. If it is all that is intended to be, the buzz around the device will allow sales to catpult even higher over the Holidays. Using the current logic, you will be fighting as an unknown amongst a bunch of big name competitors. Just food for thought.

    One final thought to leave you with is that would you rather deal with early unforseen technical issues prior to the Holiday onslaught so they are resolved and create a higher buyer satisfaction rating or go down in flames with a massive number of recalls on your devices? With the company’s survival hanging on the success of its first issue, I would chose the first.

  62. computex is about to end and i’ve not seen one single news talking about Adam.
    are we really gonna see it this month?? i’m seriously considering switching to another device now coz i really dont wanna wait that long without hearing any updates anymore.

    now the iPad fans are making fun of us who have been waiting for something that sounds better and yet never appears.

  63. Rohan,
    I am Waiting, I skipped buying iPad, Dell Streak, JooJoo for my birthday today to buy Adam.


  64. Your latest message was past due as I was allmost at the point of believeing that this was just vaporware after all. But still, eventhough most of us waiting are doing so because of the pixelqi screen so we are familiar with it. still scraps are better than nothing. It’s just that all you hear is Ipad this and Ipad that. Now Mayor Bloomberg and pres Obama are outfitting their staffs with Ipads and we all now how defficient and ripoff the Ipad is and that just makes the wait such an anxious state of mind.

  65. Nooooooooooooooo not november!!! that’s tooooo late……..can’t we have some ADAM love a li’l early

  66. Hi Rohan,

    really look forward to the tablet. Little sad that it will be coming out later than sooner. Would really hate to see you guys lose mindshare by waiting so long. However, please let me know if you need testers in NY.Best of Luck and will be holding out (painfully) until Nov. Please no more delays!!!

  67. seriously u guys… we are dying for this.. :O

    glad u cud reply with something after so long…

    hope u bring it out asap… you guys all have our wishes and belief.. all the best.. and bring out that rocking piece of tech..

    do let us know of stuff in the future, al’right? please… cuz lack of information really kills..

  68. waited for the whole week, but found no information about ADAM 😦

    Now Computex (TABLEX ) is over , can you please elaborate about the good news .


  69. I just read that supposedly the release date was set for Thanksgiving, despite the fact that the device is essentially ready to got to market. If that is true (and I still hope it is not), this would be the stupidest marketing move since Commodore sabotaged their own product, the Amiga.

    We are talking about another 6 months here. The world will have moved on, Apple will have sold about a gazillion iPads (not to mention a dozen of competing tablets that will be on the market by that point) and you might as well not bother anymore.

    Please either bring it out in time for the “back to school” sales (students will love the Adam) or just admit that you can’t and stop stringing us along.

  70. It’s too bad you couldn’t convince the investors to launch Adam in July. However, all may not be lost if you bring other major improvements by then to it, like

    1. Froyo (or even Gingerbread if you can convince Google to give you early access to it). You will make a HUGE mistake if you leave Android 2.1 on it and launch it in November. That will mean your tablet is 2 Android versions behind and it will feel obsolete. Also your Flash problems should be better solved by Froyo.

    2. Increase resolution to 1366×768. 1024×600 is too low and many will see this as a drawback. Try to eliminate all perceived drawback from your tablet and even top your competitors for every feature if you can, or at least be on par with them. People will see this as “better” than iPad’s resolution. It’s also 720p capable.

    3. Use latest wide-angle PixelQi screens and try to have a very good LCD screen too. It doesn’t have to be IPS like iPad’s but it should be competitive with the rest. If it has one of the worst LCD’s on the market, that will be very dissapointing and will get negative review on it.

    4. It would be great if you can price it under $400, to be a whole pricing level under iPad. But this might not be all too important. Just make sure it has the best hardware and software and price it no higher than ipad’s prices. Make sure your entry tablet is no more than $500 too.

    5. You said you will put Chrome OS too on it? Or just make it compatible with it? Putting Chrome OS on it might be a great advantage too, but Chrome OS is not optimized for touch based devices. You would probably have to create a new interface for it yourself. Take inspiration from the concept videos that appeared in January. People seemed to like that.

    The more of these you can add the better because you will have all this extra time on your hands, and now many are dissapointed because of the huge delay, mostly because they think Adam’s features will be obsolete or not so interesting anymore by the time it launches.

    I know Adam will still be better overall than pretty much all of them, but that’s how people perceive it now, and adding some or all of the suggestions I mentioned and maybe other ideas you have thought about, will help to gain people’s trust in the Adam again.

    Good luck!

  71. Eagerly waiting for any updates…your product seems very promising and enticing…great job guys…good luck!!!

  72. Hi Rohan,

    When is Adam and the SDK to be released? How the Android OS that you use is going to be different from the Android used in Mobile Devices?

  73. Heard that Notion Ink is delayed until November. I dont think that is good news. By november, there will be so much competition, Dell, ICD Vega ( looks really good) , ASUS all will be releasing. I wish Notion ink is released by july , so that the market is ripe and notion ink could take off (due the vaccum in the market, beside iPAD). November i dont how things will turn out.

    Guys, Release your product by July to get early start and good feedback. I can’t wait for it.

    Good Luck

  74. Rohan,
    The market is abuzz with rumors of a delay – a November Launch.
    For the love of all things sweet , please tell us it’s not true.

  75. I’m tired of being so polite they either are a company willing to communicate with potential customers or they are not. If we have to wait 2 months just for an update can you imagine what customer service will be like?

  76. что ж за не везуха то такая .. (((

    так хотел его купить и тут такой облом (

  77. Can’t wait for Adam. Been looking at the iPad….. Pretty sweet and it’s here NOW…..

  78. What about a 7 inch version ?
    Because I would personally prefer holding the tablet with one hand and using the other one to interact with the screen (multi-touch layer).

  79. Hello Rohan,
    I absolutely agree with everyone I can’t wait to get the ADAM pre-ordered. I know I keep seeing things about having issues with flash compatibility among some other software issues. I can say with the information I have seen the answer is android 2.2 Froyo, Froyo, Froyo. They have solved the flash problem and increased OS speed from 3-5X. Just imagine the extra power you could have the Adam use with the streamlined 2.2. The possibility for mobile hotspot, and tethering. That makes me smile just thinking about it.
    I am a technician for an innovative manufacturing company that is the head in its industry in the world market. I am already hoping to use the Adam to improve my trouble shooting work and my life. I have already found android apps to use my android 2.1 phone to log into and control my work computers. I hope to use this to control software to help me trouble shoot and fix my PLC systems from your awesome tablet wirelessly. I have even started developing messaging systems for my workers to get in touch with me via the Adam. All I can say is the possibilities for me are endless and I can’t wait. Just keep up the good work and I will be waiting to hear good news about when I can order mine.

  80. If you are having problems with unsure investors, there is a possibility to ease this up the following way:

    You can start a pre-prder initiative. Even if you don’t take money up front, but just create an order which can be paid for later when it is confirmed, it will give you a very solid statistic about the upcoming sales. It must be safe to expect that pre-order would count a quarter of the first week sales. This should give solid ground for bargaining with people who have money. On the other hand, sufficient pre-orders would allow to start production already, and even though this would be a slow start, it would ensure a place in the market, while successful sales are certain to invite more investments.

    Something to think about. Try making a little fuss around your product, raise some popularity, public awareness (meself and fellow expectators of the Adam would be happy to assist by whatever means, maybe making flyers rain from the sky). And who knows…

    I personally think that this is THE new notebook for university students around the globe. Something small and light which fits all of your textbooks, slides, notes, and assignments (save for those few who literally need powerhouses to do anything, which is the domain of Eurocom). I, for once, would love to show up at school with the tablet in my hand, and not 10 kg of books and notes behind my back.

  81. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that it will DEFINITELY be able to run Ubuntu and Chrome. idk about Windows though, I’d guess not.

  82. My parents just offered me the option of buying me a laptop/tablet as a high school graduation present to use as I head off to college. It’s so hard to stay patient and I hope this comes out before September!!!

  83. Both Android and Ubuntu are Linux flavors, so that is definitely possible.

    Windows is out of the question, though, since it runs on x86 only, and Adam has an ARM processor.

  84. What Tarwinia said!
    I would LOVE a wacom style stylus input option on the Adam =)

    I think you would find a big market for the Adam with the Design community if you can include pressure sensitivity in a good drawing app. I can’t wait!

    better credit card processing!

  85. i just think that you Bangalore(i think you all are from) guys are more practical than Mubaikars……
    i bet you went to Taiwan to order knock Down kits from some Fab…

  86. This is about when Adam hit my Radar screen, although lately it has been an awfully bright spot. Stoked to finally get a piece of a paradigm shift in mobile devices. iPad really began this but I think the revolution starts here. The real deal!

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