The Baby is here!

Hello there!

How would you describe the feeling of holding your new-born for the first time in your arms?! It was the same feeling of fatherhood when we got the first manufactured samples in our hands! (This doesn’t mean we have started manufacturing, there are some tests to be done on the manufacturing set-up, )This is where everything gets exciting, the machines would soon be making that sweet mechanical sound, sound after which you feel satisfied, a little more content, something for which we have waited this long!

There is a BIG difference in this version and the older one where the outer body was still in works (texture and tolerances were to be fixed), final changes in the PCB layouts were left (like how to use the 2 system LEDs in a better way), some silkscreen information and those wonderful words printed on the back of Adam.

We promised ourselves that we will get them printed on the back, no matter what, and that’s what we saw! The back of Adam will read “Created with Love by Notion Ink” (instead of the standard ‘Designed’ or ‘Assembled in’) cos we really have done everything that’s in our control, something which you only do, when you are in love ( 🙂 ). It feels lighter than the last version, but our minds now filled with heavier responsibilities.

If you ask an artist or a sculptor, “when do you feel that you are about to finish your artwork?” He’d probably reply, “when I start feeling the body and its texture!” And, we felt the texture. It was little tough for us to select the texture, after all there are thousands of them. We didn’t want it to be smooth; else it would feel artificial, plastic and un-natural. We wanted it rough, just enough to make us feel its full of life!

Will get someone better than I, to take good images and post it for you guys.

We call the Red one as the “Ferrari” Version (we don’t have one, but just for fun in the lab and is only available for internal testing! There is NO correlation between the colors shown here and the ones finalized for the manufacturing as these are lab testing samples). I have taken one apart for you and will take you deeper into the mechanical construction in the next week-end special. (Please see that the exact colors here are not final and subject to change and apologies if the post was little on the emotional end!)

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Great news! Now waiting for a mail from NotionInk saying I’m selected into the EAP 😉

  2. Hey Rohan – Quick Question

    What happened to the Dark Color combinations ? Most of these new pics are either with White / Red ? I remember from the poll earlier the Titanium combination ( basically dark ) was what was popular. Aren’t you guys getting those ?

  3. I hope “Ferrari” does not come to cash in on Notion Ink. :-/

    Waiting to see the taken apart version.

  4. I donno if this is because of the images, but the HDMI port seems a bit off, misaligned… in the first image…

  5. I hope the body feels as special as it seems. I’ve been burned by many plastic-ky feeling products. The texture must do the hardware the justice.

    Looking forward to good things from you 🙂

  6. I was also wondering how early is the Early access programme? If I am interpreting things right, the devices should be on sale by New Year? If people get into the EAP now, that is ~7 week early? Does not sound a big deal early.

  7. very excited to see this coming along. eagerly waiting for more pictures and video of UI.

  8. They will be getting those, these are just samples to illustrate the colors and the external casing/enclosure.

    Also, Notion Ink will only use the most popular one (Black/Graphite, I presume) in most of its Ads and official purposes.

  9. Gr8 to see NEW images!! Just one question Rohan need updates on Indian pricing(in rupees) and release. Never seen you put up details on India pricing.

    all the best!!


  10. They are beautiful Rohan, congratulations.

    Hoping to hear more about the EAP today, and can’t wait to see more amazing pictures of your baby!

    For the rest of you:
    We are rethinking our entire plan for bringing apps to your Adam, and we even have a game idea in the works that we hope you all will enjoy. However, being limited on developers, we would like to ask of you this: What do you want from us at launch time? Do you want a couple fun and/or useful apps or do you want a fun, addicting, multiplayer game? Let us know in a reply or use the contact form on our site! New site launching this weekend!

    Aaron Blankenship
    CEO and Lead Developer
    Exodus Apps

  11. Ok, this is really hotting up. I am SO EXCITED!

    I reckon that dedication love note on the back is so cool. Just another touch that makes adam special.

    Can’t wait for the next instalment.


  12. Congratulations on your (our) new baby! We all share in your excitement and are really anxious now for the next weekend post. Can’t wait to see additional photos and to read more about the mechanical construction and other details. Thanks Rohan!!!

    PS: If possible, please show us the Titanium Black version since that was the color we voted for the most…

  13. Rohan, I have been following you for over a year now, since I was a senior in high school. Now I’m a freshman electrical engineer at California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo. I am very interested in the engineering process you went through to design the circuitry of the device. I can’t wait to use a Notion Ink for my winter quarter!

  14. The baby is great Rohan.. congrats for the new born 🙂

    Am looking forward for more detailing pics. Please post the different perspectives. I am eager to know the final width of the edges. (these pics still look like a teaser to me). BTW, what is the black strip between the headphone jack and the usb on the red (ferrari) adam side? was that the microSD? If so, please provide a cover to that. If possible provide little doors (like in mobiles) to all the connectors (USB, HDMI, Headphones, Charger, micro USB connector). That would look more professional and also would prevent dust from accumulating on them. Also prevents water to enter accidentally.


  15. I liked the Titanium black and the black grey combination too (hides dirt for long).

    Any update on FCC? Please more pics (software 🙂 ).

  16. “Created with Love by Notion Ink” …great.Congratulations…Things are moving fast

  17. i DO like what i se 🙂
    I wil definitely buy one when it comes out 😀
    Wil it get norwegian language support?
    If so i can almost garentee that it can and wil sel good here in norway 🙂

    Best regardes

  18. hi rohan,
    u doubled up my excitement and happiness……today morning even i held a new born…..I became uncle :)…….i could have been even more happy to hold Adam 😉
    Rajesh Sethi

  19. 🙂
    great surprise ROHAN!!!!
    Just loving MY BABY….
    So what next Man… in this weekend special..
    presently in the meeting(SSShh…don’t tell any body 🙂 )

  20. +1, especially in light of the kno gaining momentum. Im not switching over but i would love that level of function from adam 😀

  21. Congrats !!!
    exciting to read, can understand how exciting it should be for u …

    “Created with Love by Notion Ink” – that’s so cutee !

  22. Hi,

    “Created with Love by Notion Ink & Friends”

    or something like that 🙂

    All best


  23. I have waited for the ADAM, so I didnt buy the iPAD / tab /olive, hope you also will release the ADAM in time for Christmas with 3g in India (maybe in collaboration with TATA DOCOMO), thanks Samuel

  24. Yeah, this thing really looks great. definitely the most attractive androidtablet on the radar so far. If this will be available in germany, consider it ordered.

  25. There’s nothing wrong with being emotional. In this instance it reveals passion which is something I like to see in the men in my life ^_^

  26. wow, it`s almost there, nice. Whould love to here something about installing dual/triple-boot on it in some of the next features. some month ago a read about android/chrome/ubuntu coming to the adam. whould like to see the ubuntu with android together!
    anyway, pleeease post some pictures before weekend for us! its wednesday now and we all cant wait to see some bigger pictures of it!

    greetings from germany, klaus

  27. Was checking my phone before going to bed. Did not expect to find a new post! Thank you for taking the time to post Rohan! It means a lot that you share this with us!

  28. Congratulations!

    Now does this mean that if the Adam says “Pa-pa”, Rohan will feel like God? 😉

    Good to see you are progressing well, Team NI. Please hurry up to clarify what the manufacturing setup tests mean, before comment trolling and blog rolling starts in earnest.

  29. Hi Rohan,

    Congrats… The emotions you undergo when you hold a newborn is never describable and always leaves you with a sense of awe. It is a mixture of joy and great responsibilities.

    So any news from the FCC front.

    Eagerly waiting to hold this beauty in our hands

  30. Wow it looks pretty, Kudos!!!

    A side note: HDMI port looks off centered , In my opinion its breaking the symmetry.

  31. For heavens sake, Rohan!

    The images are not inspiring at all. Get a pro do the photos. Titanium/black/grey definitely.

    No mittai pink or fancy lady-colors please!

    Sliding covers for the ports a must.


  32. The black rectangle in the middle of the red one’s side, between the USB port and the audio jack. What is it? An IR port? It seems the SD card reader port is on the other side, right?

  33. Congradulations Rohan! Looks fantastic! Cant wait to see some more pics!! Well done!

  34. Great news….. hope it comes by the end of this year….. u’ve enjoyed lot while conceiving and preparing this baby…..this is going to be SOMETHING !!!

  35. By the way, much too soon for another blog update – we’re still trying to figure out the secret feature that was mentioned in the last one 😉

  36. Hi Aaron,

    Great to know that you are going to be part of the revolution. Can you share with us what you already have in mind? (if it is not confidential). One app which I would like to have is something similar to calibre (E-book management) – one place where you store the different formats ebooks.

  37. @Rom
    just calm down for a bit and be thankful that Rohan went out of his way to give us first look at the ‘new born’ device. he could have waited until someone with a good camera showed up but instead he was awesome and let us see them asap.
    @ Rohan
    your a legend

  38. Team Notion Ink,

    Here’s a by-line for you:

    “Got a Notion… Ink now! For Adam is here with Genesis.
    Ink your Notion on the go…”


  39. “Created with Love by Notion Ink” is nice, but I want your signature under it Rohan. Not a custom one, but as a standard. You have created adam (hah small caps) hence you should be signed!

  40. wow…….new website……..week end special…….games…..u ppl r going to kill us……

    Thanks Aaron……..hope to get more news

  41. Oh but hang on, I just remember that this is all vaporware, isn’t it?

    I mean, folks like PCmag and Engaget (and a few individuals on this blog in the past) have assured us this is all just imaginary.

    Wow, I almost got tricked by all these updates, emails, correspondence, personal responses from Rohan, pictures, dates, prices, answers to questions. Almost.

    Good thing I remembered all that cynical sanity before I got carried away thinking this was real. Good thing all those nay-sayers have reminded me over the months that good things never like adam just can’t happen and I should just buy an ipad.

    Phew, that was close.

    Oh, hang on…

    It was THE VAPORWARE CROWD who were talking crap. Wow, that means



    Phillip (slightly manic, but me none the less)

  42. Although you cant really see, pretty sure back track pad is gone. Although i dont think this matters. Also really am hoping that the other sensor is something like an active digitiser. Maybe this is why the cost seems to of gone up too- (i.e $500 dollars for the eap developers) Not getting my hopes up too high but an active digitiser would be the icing on the cake.
    Looks way more solid now and the edges look better from what we can see.(more angular)
    Cant wait to see more pics 🙂 Well done again!

  43. Hey Rohan…great pics..and congratulations…looking forward to more..cheers!!!

    PS: “Created with Love by Notion Ink” …that’s a really cool idea…

  44. I would actually prefer nothing on the back. That way I can have someone laser etch “Don’t Panic” in big letters on it. 🙂

  45. This is fantastic, can’t wait for the more detailed pictures and information about pre-orders. Really like the text for the back. 🙂

  46. That would be something! I have my doubt I’ll get selected, even though it feels like I’ve been following this blog since the dawn of time, craving for an adam. Convincing friends and colleagues they should wait for this beautiful baby to get born and not waste money on the competitors lesser alternative. Telling them about the amazing batterylife, pixel qi screen, useful connectors and so forth…

    …quietly starts humming on “I would do anything for love” by Meat Loaf (but hey! don’t kid yourself, as the lyrics says, “I won’t do that!”) .. 😉

    As everyone else I’m really looking forward to the next week-end special.

  47. Because if u look very carefully at the red one in the top photo you cant see it. Could still be there but i think you would be able to see it slightly. Also in earlyier prototype pics on slashgear it is not there either. I am not saying for sure but my hunch is it has gone. Also possibly it seemed a surplus to requirements:)

  48. Dear All at Notion Ink, Best Wishes for a Great Start. We hope it will ‘Transform’ the market dynamics.

  49. This is just awesome news. I can’t wait until the adam is available in Europe.

    To Rohan: can you unveil a bit about the distribution of the adam once it’s available? Will you be working with local distributors? And how can you guarantee the supply and maybe more important, the distributution, will meet the demand of the adam?

  50. The excitement has grown even more than ever before. I completely understand how you guys must be feeling now. Can’t wait to have a deeper look of the beauty. Congrats 🙂

  51. Made my afternoon..fantastic!!
    It will definitely be an emotional moment for all you guys at notion Ink..hearty congratulations!

    On an objective note: Would like to know how happy are you with the build quality and fit n finish of this pre-production baby? Will the same exact thing go under mass production, or are you planning to modify/fix something?

  52. Another Q: What is the port on the right side between the USB port and the headphone port for? Is that a cardreader or something different?

  53. Hallo all. Great News. Hope to hold it in my hands very soon. Also hope that it communicates well with other android sets like my galaxy S. Congratulations

  54. Congrats Rohan. One of my Friend asked, if this product is coming out for Real. It took me for a blow because I sent the article on Notion Ink and still they have doubts. One of the Main Reason for this, there is not a single Advertisement till date. Its only the Fans who are applauding till now. Please put Media at work for marketing this product. You Tube HomePage Advertisement is the best. Yahoo HomePage Add also works like a Magic. Will this be out in any Retail Store like Walmart etc or would it be avialble only on Notion Ink Website or would it be available on Amazon. Please Please answer these questions.

  55. LOL, I came by this parent of adam == god joke in this forum before and it really cracked me up. One could spin this on: if the ADAM feels more like a child to Rohan rather than a technical product, isn’t it going to feel strange for him to be selling his children for money to people he doesn’t know?
    * just joking of cause – no offense intended *

    I know this feeling of fatherhood to a product well. I used to work on a single software project for nine years and for quite some time was one of a team of two merely two java developers. So I saw the product mature and grow up, overtake it’s competitors, earn praise from users a.s.o. and I remember that each little step on that long way made me swell with pride. If some customer would write an email saying “I really like the way you did this or that …” I sometimes was drunk with joy. I asked myself whether that didn’t perhaps make me an egomaniac, but I think feelings like this become a completely natural reaction IF you have spent a LOT of effort and energy on something while at the same time not getting anything back in return for a long time. When – eventually – the rewarding stuff starts to unload itself in one big splash it’s as if all the joy that in other jobs would be spread itself out equally along the passing time rather tends to spare itself up in technical projects until certain milestones are reached and the piggy-bank of joy is brimful with the deposits of the past weeks/months and then someone wields a hammer and releases all the joy at once.

    Strangely yet, I havn’t ever before hear anyone else but Rohan speak of the matter in that terms and that made me feel like a freak. As if only I would feel this way whereas for all other people in the buisness, work is just work. So I guess, not only am I grateful for the openness mutual joy with which baby Adam’s journal is shared but especially for the cordiality and guts of openly and in writing conceding parental feelings towards a professional project, thereby speaking out what many others have felt too but never dared to say of fear that it might unsettle those who cannot understand.

  56. well i am pretty sure its still there, even if you can’t see it.
    coz i can’t think of a single reason for consider removing the track pad.

  57. great work, rohan! save some devices for autria too.

    a very useful app for me would be a viewer for 3d content like 3dpdfs or even sketchup and 3ds models.

    It would be great to show clients design ideas an a sleek, fine multitouch device….


  58. The ports on the side doesn’t seem to be well aligned. The HDMI port seems to be mis-aligned (or is it just me?)

  59. Hi Rohan,
    Congratulations!!! It’s really exciting!
    Can you tell us something more about that sweet mechanical sound? It is not noisy is it (the sound of my Flybook is sometimes a little distracting)?

    Keep up the good work!
    Best regards, Aad

  60. Useful apps like e-reader, pdf-reader, note-recorder etc. would bei more important than games…

  61. Can you imagine that other CEO’s put their signature on one of their products?!?

    This is seldomly done I know – for creating a mark for example. But it wouldn’t fit to Notion Ink at all: To create such an excellent product in such a short time by a startup company can only be done by a team (!!).

    We all think that Rohan is doing an excellent job. He is one of the founders, a “pusher” by bringing this project forward and responsible for communication. For this reason we meet him on Blogs, at CES and so on. But he is one of many.

    Please don’t make a mistake and “personalize” adam with Rohan.

  62. Holding the Adam for the first time will be more excitng than holding my son for the first time….our family’s complicated….

  63. exactly what I was thinking too. In the upside image, this thing clearly seems to have no openings. It could be a cover over some port or maybe a switch, but I dearly hope that it is an IR EMITTER so that Adam can be used as a remote control.

    The specifications section on the website lists the following ports:
    headphone jack – check
    microphone jack – check
    2 x USB – check
    1x Mini USB – check
    HDMI – check

    Then there is a rocker swith for loudness I suppose and a switch for the display backlight.

    The remaining ominous last port corresponds to the following list of unmatched items from the specification page:

    Micro SD slot
    SIM card slot
    DC connector
    docking port

    I suppose that the SIM card slot and MicroSD slot might be reachable by removing the battery cover or be otherwise arranged as in smartphones. But an externally accessable 4-in-1 card reader has been on the wishlish of many, so perhaps this is the remaining port, but then it would be the only port to sport a cover.

    The DC connector could be the mini/micro USB port mentioned. This is already a standard way for charging smartphones and in some countries even a standard/mandatory port for a charger.

    I have never seen a docking port on any ADAM picture or rendered image before but surely, the port we are speculating about clearly isn’t it.

    This leaves me with three open questions:
    – what’s this port Nishit asks about
    – will there be a connector port and a connector accessory?
    – will there be a card reader slot in the outer casing of ADAM

  64. Congrats, I know the feeling…anyways thanks for the naming the red one as Ferrari, I like it.

  65. One of the previous posts discussed some of the limitations the team had experienced with getting all the components in the device in the first place. Looking at the alignment of the HDMI port vs the others, I would assume the HDMI port is bottom heavy and needs the extra clearance.

  66. Congratulations.

    Looks like the device is pretty much ready to put in to people’s hands. I admit to being excited by this, I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on one of these for most of the year.

    Would be great if I could get one of these wrapped up as a Christmas present, but I’m not holding my breath 😉

  67. From the bottom of my heart I wish you guys have an amazing launch. if the hardware is stable your next hurdle would be to get people cranking out great apps. I think with the kind of interest you have generated here and ecosystem you seem to be putting together that piece of the puzzle should also fall in to the right place soon. I am really hopping I can get my hand on a Adam before the end of the year, hopefully before Christmas.

    And thanks once again for taking the time out to make us a part of your journey, even if it has only been as spectators. 🙂


  68. Congrats, eagerly wating for the weekend, this two last posts constains a lot of info.

    reagrds, raúl

  69. personally, I’m not looking forward to having a backside trackpad, but that’s just me. Rohan et al. seem to have tested it for a long time and Rohan reported in an interview that once one has gotten used to it, it is really a nice thing to have.
    I believe that there will be a trackpad in the ADAM though and it seems like the first production iteration of ADAM did indeed have a trackpad. Take a look at the 1080p video posted by Rohan with the Inception clip playing.
    There is a mouse cursor which is moved to the top left of the screen. You can see the shadow of somehone moving forward in the screen reflection whilst the curser moves. After the clip stops, the lights are turned on on Rohan takes the Adam into his hands. If an external mouse was attached to one of the USB ports you would be able to see the USB connectors sticking out at the sides. I guess this means that the cursor had to be moved away by operating the backside trackpad.

  70. From the pics I can make out the following

    On the white ( Vertical picture )
    – Volume rocker button
    – 1 USB & 1 mini-USB port

    On the red ( Vertical picture )
    – 1 switch / power pin entry ( small white design almost feels like power cord connector)
    – 1 HDMI port
    – 1 USB
    – 1 IR / USB ? Confusing as the white Adam one cant be made out properly
    – 1 Headphone jack
    – Looks like 2 LEDs
    – Cant make out what jack this is (bottom )

  71. Im pretty sure that those in the EAP probably already know, since Rohan mentioned that they were talking to people individually.

    I am still hoping that my team makes it!

  72. hail to the newborn king!

    (could the hidden feature be hand/gesture recognition by the swivel cam; ie control without touch..)

  73. For those just coming in and reading the comments now, I’d like to ask the same question I did above: What do you want to see from Exodus Apps at launch? A couple fun and useful apps or an addictive online massivly multiplayer game?

    And here’s another fun question: what do you believe the Genesis economy will be like? Will it be mostly free apps, or are you expecting there to be a bit of a premium like iPad? Somewhere in between?

    Again, our new site is launching this weekend, we encourage you all to check back after the weekend update!

    Aaron Blankenship
    CEO and Lead Developer
    Exodus Apps

  74. That red one is really sexy … wouldn’t it be a great idea to make the EAP units in a different color than the consumer models? ???

  75. oh no, i’m too late, 100th commnt!

    And wow, “Created with Love by Notion Ink” on back!

    i’ll hav
    “adoring owner,
    aku” on front. (On Walpapr?)


  76. agree this looks like the IR sensor but I am convinced that this is a SIM slot.

    – Cant make out what jack this is (bottom ) – DC power- 😉 !!!1

  77. both-some useful applications and of-course games…….please try make the apps in genisis free as far as possible…….if we have to pay then let us pay through paypal……

  78. The switch might be the screen backlight On/Off switch, as we can see in a lot of renders.

    Looking closely, the rectangular slot looks more like a micro sd card slot with a card already inside. The last jack is the DC charger (look our for the symbol beside – two parallel lines – one solid one and the other dotted – DC input).

    I would like them all covered with little doors like in mobiles as that would prevent dust entering and adam would look much cool. since the device is expected to be used outdoors too, that would be helpful.

  79. I think free apps(or the ones with adds?) will dominate coz adam is based on Android and Android stands for free.
    Also want to know if you decide to go for games which game engine would you be using, unity? or your custom built.

  80. I am interested in knowing how notion ink will be handling apps which are integrated with google adds and marked free to use.

  81. That’s the “joke” port. If you squint and use your imagination, you can see the silk screen that says “Do not insert finger.” Those who disregard this will not find the joke funny, but those who watch them will.

  82. Nice colours, and nice idea with the words for the back. really looking forward to this device, already convinced my parents to buy me one (as i am a student of only 15, working is rather hard)

  83. Why bother with Norwegian language support? Nesten ingen kan norsk, almost no one knows Norwegian, except maybe a few Eskimos. And if you say that there aren’t any Eskimos in Norway, that will prove my point.

    Really, jeg har vært der, I’ve been there, and it was totally empty.

  84. and here comes adam – Aham Brahmasmi! – the supreme being!

    Congrats Rohan & team NI… ouch I didnt like the sound of taking it apart though… gentle touch please

  85. Hi,
    Could you give me a clue about which distributor will dispatch in France?
    I’d really like to have one of those jewels i watch being crafted for all those months under my Xmas tree =)
    Would it be possible to preorder ?

  86. Hello – what is the weight of the new sample/model?

    any updates regarding the pricing?

    Great work, can’t wait for pre-order

  87. Anybody receive an email about EAP? i am checking my email every 2 second to see if i received a mail from notion ink but still nothing, can someone (Rohan) tell us when the emails will be sent?! every one here is really excited about the picture you send Rohan! thanks again!



  88. lol.
    Your just kiding 😛 Im from norway (and maby you to? 😛 ). I want to buy and sell this in norway.
    but. The best is with Norwegian language on it. for writing on blogs and facebook.
    For understanding the menues.
    Im alreddy selling tablets here in norway. And i do se that if there is not Norwegian language support its not easey to sell. And best off all. My girl friend is a writer. I think that this can help her to write more often when the ides come to her. And not houers later etz etz 😛

  89. Multiplayer games please. Oooooooor augmented reality games.
    Or both.
    Useful are welcome as well ofcourse.

    Good luck.

  90. the hdmi port seems to be a little higher than the other ports. is there a reason for that or is it an error by design? hope they can make it horizontally aligned and present a nice looking on the side. The misaligned ports look quite cheap and low quality for now. no offense.

    The other thing that I wish we could have is rubber covers for all the ports. so if we are not using the port, which I believe will be most of the time we use adam outdoors, they can be covered and look solid and carefully-designed.

  91. I’ve been following this blog for a couple months. I was going to buy my son an iPad but have decided to wait for this. It really looks/sounds awesome. Very newbie/oldie question: what types of apps would be available on this – any apps built for android? If so, then this means there are tons and tons already made, correct?

    Thanks for the answer in advance – I know others equally ignorant are wondering the same.

  92. The white one is sexy! First that came to my mind when I saw it was a Storm Trooper. Aesome stuff

  93. I always miss the old day good times on win98 (homm2,3, civ 2, red alert, etcl). hope some of them can be ported to adam!

  94. i dont think that for DC connector they will use the micro USB even if in Europe they request that all the smart phone should be chargeable by micro usb port before 2012 but i think the first port from the down is the DC connector you can even see the symbol!

    i think that the mysterious port is sim card place or the Micro SD slot! i don’t think its a docking i am thinking like you Wtff. let see what rohan will announce us!

    best regards


  95. @wtff i am totally agree with the first part and about docking port but the mysterious port cannot be the DC connector because the first port from bottom is a DC connector you can even see the sign of it! so what i think is that is the port for Sim card or MicroSD slot!

    let see what Rohan will announce to us about it! 😉

    best regards


  96. As father of two young daughters I’d like some interesting fun games in offline mode – during travels they should be able to keep themselves busy. A game in which I can heavily use the accelerometer like in car racing for myself.

    Useful apps: Personal notes and PIM with Outlook connectivity. I expect to pay for apps; hopefully this will be possible via Paypal. Pricing level lower than iPad but also some for free.

  97. Congratulations!!! I wish your team success and cannot wait until I can order one and get one in my hands…


  98. correct; the hdmi port should come closer to the center if at all possible; its flush with the bottom now which is not ideal as the cable end will tend to bend or worse case damage the pins too

  99. And there it is, right there. Secular One, thanks for providing a case study for others to observe.

    Tell me, what happened to

    “It was a nice dream.

    goodbye and take care”

    which you wrote on October 31, 2010 at 21:46?

    Either go away and buy something else or stay and enjoy adam. Don’t try dampen the party just because you are in doubt.

    I’m serious, this blog just isn’t the place you should be hanging around. I mean, why are you still here if you think this isn’t going to happen? Unless you aren’t sure enough to leave, in which case stop being so negative. Honestly I don’t understand people like you. You just live to spread doubt. If something does come off and you like it you’ll buy it for sure and tell everyone how wonderful it is. If something doesn’t come off then you can loudly tell everyone around you how right you were. I mean are you so insecure that your only means of bolstering your self-esteem is to be negatively opinionated just in case?

    Ok, so here’s the deal. If you’re still around and you read this it means you think adam has a hope, so please reflect that in your behaviour. If you don’t read this because you’re so sure that adam is a hopeless case (as you claimed in your good bye speech) then hopefully we won’t hear from you again. The vast majority of people blogging here are fans. Either you are, or you aren’t. Please show respect to the fantastic work done by Rohan and Notion Ink by either writing positive stuff or follow that classic advice…

    “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”


    goodbye and take care


    BTW, Phillip is my name, which I use, not my philosophical outlook, which I don’t use in place of my name.
    I think people should use their names more often, instead of hiding behind terminology

    Believing One

  100. The noise he was referring to I believe were the manufacturing machines, not the adam itself. I don’t think it has any moving parts aside from the camera, which you manually slide, so aside from its beautiful audio, it should be silent.

  101. The big draw of the EAP(other than 7 weeks early access) is you are assigned a programmer and UI design to work with to help get your app going on the adam. You can relate this to what Apple did when announcing the iphone. They invited developers to their campus for a couple of weeks and they worked with Apple directly to get the apps up to standards. Notion Ink is doing the same thing only without having 200 devs in their offices.
    Also, they mentioned inclusion in marketing efforts. Maybe this is like apple does with their commercials and features apps doing amazing things.

    I hope that clears it up that it is more than just early access to the device.

  102. Wow, what a post.

    This post really reminds me of the amount of hope I have riding on this device too.

    I take back everything I said in the last blogpost … it doesn’t matter if the process was not transparent enough in the bigger picture – the device.

    Lastly, Rohan, while the ADAM may be your child, don’t forget, a small part of it was also fathered by all of us here, who have been following this device and your blog since it’s conception.

    Best of luck, can’t wait to hold the ADAM

  103. Is there any confirmation on EU / UK pricing, i really hope the pricing is simply a forex conversion of the announced US pricing, I would love to know what to budget for.

    For whatever it is worth, me along with many other people are hanging out for this device and I am very glad / appreciate the level of consumer input you guys have taken on board (all my wishes have been covered twice over and then improved:). I hope your business model benefits from the level of attention that you have devoted to listening.

  104. Congrats, Rohan and Notion Ink Team. Cue the music:

    “… A little baby.
    There he is. Fast asleep.
    He’s just. A little plaything.
    Why not. Wake him up?”

    “Baby, baby, please let me hold him
    I wanna make him stay up all night”

    Aaron — my students, and others I’ve pointed to Notion Ink, are excited about apps that help them get their day-to-day work done. While the Kno looks like they have the market covered with publishers on-board, and a student-centric interface, the lack of a daylight-readable screen like the Pixel Qi is a non-starter. So some of the ideas already mentioned are good— annotators, PDF readers etc. But students struggle with organization and time management. So anything that could help them organize their day, with all the information they need nicely structured would be great…

  105. Apps + small addictive games( not an online massively multiplayer one).

    From my point of view, online massively multiplayer games require dedicated sit-down time while Adam is an on-the-go workhorse tablet on which we can play small games when we have the time.

    I wouldn’t mind paying for useful apps as long as the price is somewhat like at the rotten apple store.

  106. Maybe on request as i don”t want it to be signed- it looks tacky if it is signed!

  107. I just want black version of adam 🙂
    does anyone know if I can get adam in Malaysia?
    anyone bringing them in?
    or any online shop that can offer delivery to Malaysia, I have fund ready at Paypal 🙂

  108. I agree with Kam, a nice etched signature on the back at least for early adopters would be a nice touch. That way when everyone says how the Adam stomped on the iPad we can all say we were the first to see it coming!

  109. Please Rohan, answer this question: Does the Adam have a magnetic compass?
    Almost all Android phones have this, it is a must have for navigation purposes.

  110. Educational games for kids would certainly get the attention of my plastic!
    An eReader with annotation abilities like on the KNO is most welcome too.

  111. I would hope for mostly useful apps and mostly free or very inexpensive. Since my primary interest is for reading ebooks outdoors, an app that ties in with either Barnes and Noble and/or Borders please. Good to see this “baby” growing!!!

  112. I’ve been visiting this blog several times a day for almost one year now.
    I can’t believe the release date is finally getting close, and I can’t wait 🙂

  113. Release Date Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  114. Just a little step in a long journey. It’s not in production nor in the shops yet. Will they be around to support this in the future? 7 out of 10 products do not make it to the market, 60% of those that do make it to market fail. I really hope this little piggy is different.

  115. Company bought me an Ipad….Looking forward to giving it to the wife come Christmas…Now, GIVE ME MY ADAM!!!!

    Great job, looking forward to Christmas this year…

  116. Congratulation for the milestone! Terribly excited here as everyone on this blog. Looking forward for the picture and anything you can disclose at this point.

    You’re not alone. I also feel like a father at a difficult pregnancy delivery, seeing his baby behind the glass and not being able to hold it in his arms until the doctor say it’s ok.

    I have a question about the SDK. Will there be a plugin for IDE environments like Eclipse (or/and an IDE in EDEN) and when do you think it will be available to non EAP developers?

  117. First off thanks to Rohan for the post!

    I did notice the alignment of the HDMI port was off a bit, too. Also wonder if the ports are slightly recessed into the sides of the unit?

    Not sure if your hands can feel them when holding the unit…In general I’m wondering how hand placement is going to work while using any of these ports?

  118. To be completely selfish, a lot of deep turn-based strategy games.

    The apps I do have for my ipod touch that seem to have the longest shelf life are board game implementations made by Reiner Knizia. [Samurai, Kingdoms, Poison, Medici]

    If you guys somehow got him onboard to port his games to the Adam, that would positively blow my mind.

    Other games I’ve enjoyed on the ipod touch are Carcassone and Neuroshima Hex.

  119. +100. really need to make note on a pdf. kinda like creating a transparent layer on top of it where we can write.

  120. Perhaps I feel like an Uncle. I have watched this from the beginning and do feel a kinship to what is happening. I cannot wait to see the little fellow up close and personal. I hope you can offer us Uncles an early purchase option.

    Thank you for your passion. It is refreshing to see.

  121. I would like to see premium apps that are worth the money to have. Not to completely get rid of the free fun apps but don’t undersell what the machine could accomplish with just for fun things.

  122. “Will get someone better than I, to take good images and post it for you guys”
    —that will be my notebook/office pc wallpaper… 😀

  123. I could smell it now !!! Happy to hear that. Hope to get it one soon (hope to be the first from France :)) ).


    What a mess…

    by Anonymouse225
    The idea of this app is good. However, it’s TOTAL LACK OF FUNCTIONALITY makes it a complete waste. Notes I take are stuck in the app despite it’s touted ability to upload annotated PDFs. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APPLICATION.

    Useless APP

    by tv1234
    You buy this app to annotate PDF’s or put you signature on it and then forward the PDF to whom ever. I tried to do this and the annotations do not show up in the emailed version. Their support site gives a long explanation why it is not their fault. what ever they say it defeats the purpose of this app if you are not able to update the pdf in such a way that the annotations are viewable in other than their own app.

  125. Guys, I am with you: I am very happy and eagerly waiting for it to be available.

    Still, something is bugging me a little. Sorry to share with you my psychological ruminations, but I was wondering how come that I am – we are – SO happy for a tablet to be released? Is it really going to change or affect our lives in such a relevant way? Why are we checking this blog multiple times a day, hoping to see something new, one more view of the UI, another detail on the funcionalities, and so on?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am also very happy to be able to surf the web on the sofa with it soon (without my laptop on my legs), read books in bed or on the beach with no eye strain, play games on the road, etc.
    I am just surprised by the intensity of the emotions generated by the mere thought of the release of the Adam! It feels to me somewhat disproportioned while there are a number of other things in life which (should) make us that happy! Are we missing something else?

    As someone said on this blog a while ago, maybe it’s just that we remain children all life long. The adam is our toy and we are waiting for it with the same trepidation we had while waiting for Santa when we were 7!

  126. ohh forgot the T&C … all dates are indicative and subject to weather, road, traffic conditions in your locality…

    that gives me a silly idea: if Rohan were to open a ‘pick up at factory’ option how many would pick that? may be everyone will suddenly flood the chineses/taiwanese sites to make new friendships!

  127. It is vaporware until it comes out.

    I don’t know why people are so excited about this post. It’s another fluff post that tells us nothing and only seems to attempting to occupy people with a pretense of content. Seriously, the winner of the logo contest didn’t know he won until it was posted on the website and Rohan claimed to have been in contact with him?

    Oh boy, the skin texture is rough. Wow. That tells me useful things it can do.

    “Created with love” – just makes me cringe. I know some people will like this. And I get that NI cares deeply about their product. I personally don’t like it.

  128. I second that.

    in a wild extension of the ‘like reading paper’ theme, and the likely scenario of folks in a family clamouring around an adam to have a glimpse or get their hands/fingers on it(him? lol) — one good option for future generations of adam would be to some how split the interface into 2 or 3 zones for more than 1 person to work on their zone independently! that will have the added social benefit of more joint families rather than the disjointed families we are having now

  129. I use Moon+ Reader on my Android phone to do this (though it doesn’t have the conversion ability to change formats like Calibre). It reads multiple e-books formats (local files and from internet libraries). Also it’s very configurable (greatest asset :).
    I hope that I’d be able to use this app on Adam or that there’ll be something as good.

  130. +42 on the pdf annotation app. Unless, of course, NotionInk is already working on that..

    Compatibility with iPad annotations would be good or if there is some reasonably-supported standard, use that.

    My Prof recently sent me a pdf annotated with iPad. The KDE pdf viewer can display the annotations but it doesn’t look very nice. I think all other Linux pdf viewers cannot even display such notes. However, when I got that email with the pdf, all the annotations where also in plaintext inside the mail, together with page number and top/middle/bottom direction. This is very cool, very compatible for everyone(even blind people..) and totally transparent for those who have the required apps.

  131. When I saw the new pics my heart went “THUMP”. i want a red one. I’m very excited to see progress on the adam and I like the notation for the back. Congrats!! (and hurry up!)

  132. 1. POP UP DICTIONARIES – by double tapping on a word in a browser, document, or OCRed PDFs (like the iFinger)

    2. PDF READER/ANNOTATION TOOL (like the PDF Xchage viewer / i Annotate)


  133. Mendeley support (for PDF annotation) will be great … since the program already exists, it’s pretty good and most important free! My main reason for buying Adam is being able to read PDfs and make annotation.

  134. may b u r right,
    defntly, this isnt something that’s gonna change evrything in the rest of any1’s lives.

    But this the gadget every geek and tech addict out there must has ever fantasied to own.

    Who knows, nothing to wondr, in just a few more yrs all adams are seen at the city dump! For yet anothr product by the same co.

  135. + 1 for the black version

    “Created with Love by Notion Ink” could be “Created with Love by Notion Ink Family” which would include all of us here who have been here from day 1 of this forum and been tracking Adam even before that.

  136. MOBIPOCKET application; I have many books that I would like to transfer and be able to read on adam.

  137. I don’t mind if it’s signed, but with all due respect to Rohan and his crew, who have made all the right steps so far, I think that “Created with love” is so tacky that I hope he’s kidding. It makes Adam sound like some sickly-sweet stuffed animal with a mass-produced “personal message.” It’s like making Adam smell like scented candles from some gift shop. It’s going to be impossible to excuse in a professional context, and embarrassing if the case if any color but pink. I guess we can always tape it over. Maybe Rohan could at least put it in Sanskrit, so only over-educated Indians will understand it?

    Anyway, in the US, at least, there are legal requirements about the “Made in” labeling, and they don’t provide for inappropriate displays of affection.

  138. NI team, Congratulations…’Created with Love…’ Awesome tag. I am not sure even Steve Jobs ever said that he created anything in apple with love!

    It is addictive to read the blog and check for updates. It is even more addictive to read the comments constantly refresh to read new ones. It is a great feeling to see that the commentators are so well informed and passionate about the product that they really want. Take a bow you’ll.

  139. Great News!

    Moreover this post is a welcome diversion from all the logo bantering that went on in the other thread.

  140. Hello Rohan,

    I know that the Adam has a depth of 14 mm , but I would love to see a picture of it with something like a pencil standing next to it so i know exactly how thin it is.

  141. Sure, the trackpad is there for sure. No doubt. I think you may be wrong there andrew. They may already have the patient for it and Rohan has was pretty upbeat about its usability in his earlier interview.

  142. Rohan,

    Congratulations … you should feel emotional about such big steps!

    If at all possible, please consider allowing contributors to this blog to be the first to order; we’d be happy to be part of the marketing team, as we’ve been for the last year.

    I want a red and black one!!

  143. PDF annotation, ability to search for words/sentences in all the books in my library on Adam.

    A good audio recording app + an app to edit and mix audio. Would make it a cool recorder/mixer. Initially a good audio recorder to take lecture notes would be enough.

    A good office suite for creating/viewing docs, spreadsheets, power points.

  144. @wtff. As for one of the uses: if used as an e-book reader the user will probably get very much used to flipping pages from trackpad rather than use the screen ….

  145. Yeah, I want the red one !!!

    ummmm … I’m spreading these news on Adam on a well-known italian technology forum and I got 1500 hits with only 50 posts

    keep up the good work!


  146. I want to have Robin’s avatar etched into the back… The one with Android eating the apple!

    We have vendors in our local shopping malls that make custom decals (I’m sure there are some online too). So I just may have to have some stickers made. 😉

    Or I guess I could make that the background image on my Adam.

  147. Mr. Shravan,

    Blood, sweat and now tears (of joy, I’m sure). I can honestly say that in following your adventure since day 1, I’ve never looked so forward to a material product simply to see the denouement of such ongoing passion. You and your team are to be commended for having the courage to take the leap…to dare to upset the (Apple) cart ; )

    Soldier on, but keep your heads lads…

    Best, JP

  148. I’m so glad to see all the interest in a really superior PDF annotation app. This is really what I’ve been waiting for and why I never got a Kindle. I’m a first year doctoral student and highlighting and commenting is what I do all day. I’ve been dreaming of an app that will save all my annotations onto the PDF. To go even further I would love features that would allow you to export highlighted sections into another document with source info and any attached comments.

    I’ve thought a lot about this! If you made this catered to academic needs, you’d have the college market in the bag. Plus, if it suits academic needs, it will probably even exceed the needs of business people, researchers, government workers, anyone who works with PDFs! No one has done this really well yet, and it’s what we’re all waiting for!

    I was also thinking it would be amazing to have a feature that allows you to use the adam’s camera as a scanner. Picture to PDF! That would be a dream come true!

  149. Regarding PDF annotation, Adobe Reader X will allow for annotations. Also, Adobe is releasing it for Android 2.2 (though I am not certain just how stripped it will be from the full reader). Adobe Reader X comes out later this month.

  150. As cool as this thing is, I think the most exciting part about it is being able to own something I can be proud of. A real work of art. You can really feel the passion from the team at Notion Ink.

  151. Can’t wait to hold this baby 🙂

    It won’t be a problem finding one to babysit for me while I’m at work 🙂

  152. Since you haven’t already decided on the place of led lights, please keep one very close to earphone jack. that way i can easily recognize where the ear phone jack is in dark. and other one close to another port (may be a usb or power cord).

  153. This is great news, and I am glad that this project is starting to bear fruit. Now to get these out before January! 😉

  154. Rohan mentioned about using the current android apps in the panel mode. not sure if that means it has direct access to market place or not. but there should be a way to do it.

  155. I third this, I want all black! 😉 Soon, I will be able to toot the “Adam” horn in both the US and Australia..

  156. Pj is right and as for the docking port… If you look at other pics in previous posts there is something along the bottom edge which if I HAD to guess I’d say it was the docking port. I’d guess the sim or microSD but who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see =)

  157. Gr8 news. This really gives that extra special something for the festive season. Hope pre-order is available on schedule and that p&p charges to the uk are reasonable. You could be on to a real winner here Rohan. Will order as soon as it is possible. TBH I’m not too worried about colour, it’s the technology that get my juices running! – that and a poke in the eye for the “other” pad. BTW like vamsi’s idea for one led near the earphone jack and is it not possible to have the usb port illuminated anyway (i’m assuming it’s a powered USB port?) Bring it on!

  158. Personally I’d opt for the last edition of the guide and go with “PANIC!” in big red letters to keep people away and their hands off my adam 😉

  159. @wtff

    There is always bluetooth. No cable required.

    Not saying I believe the trackpad is gone, I don’t, just saying there are other possibilities.

  160. Aaron, looked up your site and ended up getting the message

    We’re very sorry but Internet Explorer is not supported by this site or it’s Developers. If you’d like to use our site, and services please choose another Web Browser. We highly recommend Google Chrome, there are others such as Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. These browsers are much more secure and standardized. Thank you for your cooperation and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

    Really, you are blocking your site to internet explorer, sorry to say you will be blocking it to 100’s of million people, like me who are at work and have internet explorer. Doesn’t seem like that smart of an idea to me.

    Anyways I guess I will never know what apps you come up with, because a developer that is that short sited, probably isn’t really worth my time anyways.

  161. Flush with the bottom? Are we looking at the same port? Either way, it really would matter if it were flush with the bottom as the device does not lay flat on any surface. It would be slightly elevated due to the ‘handle grip’ on the side.

  162. For all those who want a red one (and I don’t…much prefer the boring black), please read carefully the post where Rohan says that they don’t have one…The Red one you see in the image is for lab testing purposes only…So may be you guys can show strength in numbers and convince NI to manufacture red ones 🙂

  163. Oh wait, you meant flush with the bottom of the screen. I guess then it depends on how recessed the port is.

  164. The more closely you look at it, especially the vertical image, it really looks like you may be right. I just wonder why.

  165. Yes, the bottom one is the power. The top one would be the switch that Rohan used to turn the switch between LCD and transflective display modes.

  166. Honestly it depends. Supposedly there are functional apps as well as games included. What I really want is either good functionality or variety. I don’t want to see another app which does the same thing unless it does the thing decidedly better so in those cases I’d opt for variety. It is hard to cast my vote as to the focus without knowing what NI are including or what the other devs are doing.

    Is for specific apps:
    -pdf annotation as many have said,
    -e-book management app (but I’m guessing some version of this will be included),
    -a DICTIONARY (pop up word definition with integration with the system/other apps would be great) but a versatile one. Maybe like Goldendict where you can use open source dictionaries for integration. I wouldn’t mind paying for the app, but getting a GOOD dictionary (I’m a translator among other things) can be difficult and frustrating when there are open source options out there, the important thing is the app to run them
    -I’m hoping the adam will include a good media player with full format and subtitle support, if it doesn’t then one would be greatly appreciated
    -a few good time killers like puzzle games and such
    -a good game, but mmo is complicated. Personally I’d prefer some RPG like Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe where you can play offline by yourself or online as well (the two can be integrated like in PSO or separate like in PSU)

  167. @GIJoe,

    I just like the red and black one; personal preference only. Color really doesn’t matter at all; as magic51 says, the technology is what’s important. I did read Rohan’s comment about all the colors shown (including the white one) not being accurate; that’s okay with me … I just want an ADAM! I did read the comment about “not having one” as meaning Rohan did not have a red Ferrari though :); may have misunderstood that; looking forward to more info on all specs.

  168. As an FYI, you can get rubber covers for most peripheral inputs here:


    It would be nice if they include something like this, but if not, you can order them to protect your baby.

  169. They look nice. I hope the final colour options look as good 🙂 (can’t wait to learn what they are either). Haven’t been able to chime in recently because of work and school (end of semester, finals, etc.) but still keeping an eye and it’s great to see the progress being made. And Rohan you have every right to feel proud and gush all over this blog, it’s a big step.

  170. We call the Red one as the “Ferrari” Version (we don’t have one, but just for fun in the lab and is only available for internal testing! There is NO correlation between the colors shown here and the ones finalized for the manufacturing as these are lab testing samples).

    Sadly I doubt that the “Ferrari” version will ever be a production model. The Red & Black model finished 5th in the color “polling” a while back so it probably won’t make it as well. With out a doubt the titanium and black model should be produced having garnered the most votes in the poll. It looks great!!! It will be interesting to see how many color combination’s will actually be released. I voted for the Red & Black and would love to have one in that combination. I do understand that it wouldn’t be requested as much. That would likely make it not cost effective enough to bother producing it. In the end color is the least of my personal concerns and I will be overjoyed to have the the black and titanium model!!!!

    This is very exciting news today. Thank you to Rohan and Notion Ink for your efforts to include “Adam’s” growing list of followers in the process of bringing this unique tablet to fruition!!!

  171. @DJVitLejon:

    Of course I’m not Norwegian. It’s too cold for geckos and I can’t live on fish pudding. I don’t even know the language. I just make it up based on Swedish, and that seems to work pretty well. (No, I’m not Swedish either, although there is a gecko in the zoo in Skansen, Stockholm, or at least there was when I was studying there). Sorry, but Norwegian sounds like hick Swedish to me. I think that Norwegians say that Swedish sounds like arrogant Norwegian to them, though.

  172. Customers always say that to flatter you and make you work more without paying you more.. Don’t get flattered.

  173. Hmmm….. I seriously think however hard these guys may try the end product would not even close to matching Apple’s Adam let alone surpassing it..
    Apple makes truly world class products , take for example IPhone or Apple’s Macbook…even companies like Sony, HP , Dell etc could never even come close to making a class product like Mac.

    Anyways, still I would say well tried guys but beating apple in its own game seems impossible

  174. Aaron, not that I will be looking for your apps, since your site is so closed minded as to not support internet explorer, I can’t imagine you as a programmer really looking out for your potential users best interest, I will give a little feedback to your question.

    For many the Adam will be their first tablet, and first android device. so, having some quality free apps will be a must. Our household as three apple devices two iphones and an ipod touch, we buy very few apps. I think a great app for you to come up with would be an app, that featured a free app of day. (before you dismiss me as an apple fanboy, these are the first apple products we have ever owned, I have always been a dos, then windows user, and never was willing to pay the apple premium, My wife bought her iphone against my wishes, but once she had it, it is a great device and the app store is what makes it truely great)

    types of apps, to get everybody started, I would begin with some games. that is the primary use most poeple start with. Plus we don’t know what Adam is going to come with out of the box, such as calendar/to do, email etc, so not sure which of the productivity apps are going to be needed, but you can’t go wrong with games, as for online mulitplayer, I wouldn’t do that my first apps, as the installed base won’t be their, and we have no idea of data plans and cost. so I would concentrate my developement dollars on things I know could be used right away, and plan the others for followup apps.

    Premium pricing like the ipad, only if you provide a premium product, a major reason I didn’t get the ipad is the cost, and the fact that a game I could buy for the phone was $0.99 and the same app for the ipad, (with no extra features) was $4.99

    Another app that was $2 on the iphone is $10 for the ipad version and the ipad version adds very little new functionality.

    I am thinking with the adam interface, and the multitabs, and the status bar, you could easily incorporate advertising to support the free apps. For a lot of poeple to get us to pay for something, you need to be a lot better then the free ad supported app. Not just a little better.

    Specific games I would like to see are tower defence games, although there are quite a few on the iphone, they are vastly underrepresented in the app store, and to have one on a tablet with all it screen real estate would be great.

  175. Very cool, I want one of these as bad as the next person..but 500 dollars is alot with alot of questions still out there.

    I have a question, does something still feel like it is missing?

    I mean yes people are excited to see the device and all…BUT things are so close, its NOVEMBER 10th.

    If there is a team working on this which I know there is, I also am involved in another business where we deal with creating DIY Projectors, I know its on a smaller note but myself being the web designer and promoter, it is so easy these days ESPECIALLY if your device claims to do all these things.

    WE NEED more hype…you can create this without showing off specifics if people talk of lawyers and all…and before you start flaming my post really think of this. Create a YouTube channel, Create a Facebook, CREATE A WEBSITE! it is all FREE advertising.

    You need to shut the nay sayers and vaporware people up. I need to save up for this device and I still have MANY questions even down to support. I have been with computers for about 20 years now and in todays times support is HUGE, even if we know we can buy a warranty through SquareTrade or something like we can do for Apple products that the company doesn’t warranty very well.

    YES I am happy Rohan put up this blog, I am happy he showed two pictures, but if this was myself and really ask yourself this…I would be doing WHATEVER was possible in legalities and keeping my technology secret well heck technology isn’t secret anywhere, if you can think it these days you can almost create it.

    BOTTOM line, there are many simple gaps people want to know and see, a blog entry is nice but we wait almost a week for one which is fine but if you want to personalize these and all with tag lines like “with love” then get personal and get a Facebook or YouTube page and get in the spotlight. Take videos of the team, show us really what you are all about.

    I am just scared as a person that wants to buy this someone larger comes along and swoops it all out from under you….LOOK AT the KNO, its not for me but their site is nice, they have marketing for free with videos from possible customers, they create excitement that way. Ok so the Adam might not be available at best buy and Walmart but what happens when all of the blog readers buy theirs now you have to sell it to the rest of the world in a small window and people only have to see a blog with thousands of questions.

    Ok I am sorry but open your eyes to things like this, my comments are not meant to be negative at all but 500 dollars is alot to me and I like that I will feel special having this product I am sold but people are VISUAL give more visuals.

    I mean the EAP people don’t even know where they stand.

    Am I WRONG for thinking this?

  176. Indian companies are not known to pull the plug as fast as in the west, and Notion Ink’s backers have very deep pockets. So, rejoice and pl. vaporize!

  177. “The good thing about being pessimistic is that, every time – either you are pleasantly surprised or you are proven right”

    goodbye and take care.. 😉

  178. Secondly, I love my DroidX but the apps in the market really stink compared to when I had my iPhone, can someone tell me about the differences in the languages to create these apps and why is this?

    I don’t think of going back to the iPhone its just why is it hard to make good apps for the Android? I am a designer and not a programmer. I ask this because our app developers for the Adam aren’t in the know.

  179. Wow again this is not for me but WOW first time I saw this video and it is up on YouTube 🙂

    I want an Adam now, please show me these things 🙂

  180. @Zach yup meant bottom of screen

    @send2dev coincidentally I was trying to visualise what Rohan & team would be doing in the lab to test the ports… as an analogy to drain the batteries… how to maximise the ports and connectivity whats the ultimate ‘overall functionality’ we can achieve by actively using all available ports at the same time…. adam will suddenly look like an octopus of sorts I guess! 🙂

  181. @Vector66,

    I think you do raise questions many of us have thought and/or asked on previous posts. We’d all love answers to things like storage capacity, etc.; it is real money we’re talking about spending on this device. But, when it actually comes time to order, we will have all the answers we need to make that final decision.

    However, for me, this is still the best set of specs and the most exciting tablet being offered, no comparable one available TO BUY NOW, so I’m in for the long haul here to see what Rohan and Notion Ink come up with and hope it lives up to the excitement. When it does, we’ll all be more than happy to help advertise via blogs, Facebook, etc. as I’m sure will be Notion Ink. Right now they’re concentrating on making this dream a physical reality.

  182. @Cathy,

    I agree I am also in for the long haul, shhhh I have to sell it to my wife. Ever since I gave her the key to my money see 🙂

    I agree with you also they are trying to make it a reality which is awesome, just feels like it will be a bam here it is have a nice day thing. Kind of scary, that’s all.

    It is really neat to think of being able to use it when I am on business trips . (Software Consultant) especially on the plane, yes I have my 14″ work Dell laptop but just not worth taking it out of the carry-on to use it for 45 min to 1 hour flights.

  183. I can’t get to your site with Internet Explorer? So, you want me to download another browser just to shop at your store?

  184. I am so freaking excited to get my hands on one of these puppies. No more heavy laptop and binders combo for the bus ride to school or trips around campus. No more wasting paper to print out lecture slides. Theres so many reasons

  185. Just curious, why mini usb instead of micro, which is the standard now with most mobile electronics? Doesn’t really matter to me too much, i don’t see why i would really use it except if it was an alternate charger, but it seems a little odd, considering how the rest of the specs of Adam are designed with the future in mind

  186. Congrats Rohan on the new born! This is super news.

    I am now eagerly awaiting the opening of your web store so I can my hands on one too – hopefully to play with over the holiday break at the end of the year.

    Keep up the great work! cheers

  187. Folks,
    Do you see the hinges near the speakers on the backs of the two Adams?

    I am assuming they are for opening the back to insert the SIM card. Or does the back open to act as a stand?

    Hidden Feature: As I was blabbering in the comments on the previous post, it must be printing.

  188. random ranting from a reluctanthopefuladamfanboy

    planning to get one of course and really grateful for the updates rohan, i genuinely am !!! but every blog as of late has been a disappointment : \ been impressed with the product from the beginning but as of late expectations have decreased from lack of info from a promised ui to an plain average logo.

    with today’s posting even one of the slots is not aligned properly … yeah yeah it’s pre production, but shows a lack of details and execution from this late stage (this may be the factory) and honestly for a photographer with a dslr … the images plain suck ass. the whole presentation is just not professional and now add into it “created with love by notion ink”? love?

    i completely understand the idea of this being your baby and it’s been a long and thoughtful journey, but understand you’re selling this to the masses who don’t really care and will frankly think that’s pretty damn corny … some might like it, but overall not a good thing … again just not professional.

    other ideas:

    1. notion:create
    2. notion:evolve:create

    anything else please? bet you this forum is ready to blow up with ideas if you simply ask them

    you may know how to design a product rohan & co, but your marketing and presentation is just horrible. you may have something up your sleeve to change all of this, but right now it isn’t very professional. please tell me you got something up your sleeve? just a simple smile icon or a yes would suffice.

    didn’t want to sound condescending, just my two cents in a blunt way.

    good luck man

  189. Thanksgiving Day availability? The idea gives me a hard on, but I don’t see it. I will be happy with touching this thing before Christmas which seems more likely.

  190. Come thanksgiving, Notion Ink should release some extremely juicy tidbits three days before to keep potential customers interested rather than defecting to other readily available and heavily discounted camps.

  191. Thanks for all the replies everyone! I will definitely look into a pdf annotator among other apps requested above, however Adam may already come with these apps, so we will wait and see in a few more days!

    I’d also like to mention that the game we wish to develop will be an MMO, but will also have an offline mode incase of travel.

    Davd, I am sorry that you encountered this error message. Internet Explorer, while popular, is only popular because its included with windows. Its a hassel to develop websites for and because we are not a web development company, at this time our current site, as well as the site we plan to launch this weekend, will have IE disabled. That may change in time, but frankly I believe IE should be phased completely out of existence, it is the only browser left which has its own completely different set of standards, I shouldn’t have to be bothered or pay someone to fix my site that works perfectly fine everywhere else. You should talk with your company’s IT team and ask about switching over to Chrome or Firefox, as they are also much faster and secure.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Again thanks for the replies everyone.

    Aaron Blankenship
    CEO and Lead Developer
    Exodus Apps

  192. why don’t you use micro-usb for charge the adam?? most of the mobiles using micro-usb for charging and connecting with PC. I don’t understand, why there is a mini-usb-port. It would be more useable to change it for micro-usb with charging-option.

  193. This times 50 is what I’ve been saying.

    If launch is as close as claimed by Rohan, they need to be creating buzz and attracting attention. The average consumer is not reading this blog and will have no idea what the Adam is. And NI needs to reach some average consumers for this to be a success. The Playbook has multiple videos out and it’s not scheduled for release nearly as soon as Adam.

    I love all the things that have been promised and hinted at for Adam. They sound great in the words of this blog. But I want to know whether they’re following up on those promises and whether it’ll live up to the hype for the price.

  194. Well said. I put some of the Kno videos, why can’t notion ink give a few adams to some students to use for a few days and then post their reviews. or just add some nice videos of adam in their lab. if they are planning to bring it out in jan2011, then it is the right time to start advertising on the you tube make some effort for a news channel like cnn to pick it up. i am sure a lot of people in CNN like Ali Velshi will be very interested. he has a blog on face book why dont u guys contact him on that. Do u know if your tablet comes up on a prime time news network u will be on ur way to join the Billionaires club.

  195. Aaron,

    Wow, myself being a web designer that is pretty bold for a company to take a stand on. I am a huge Chrome user because I like it’s clean interface and speed. BUT to just to disable IE because you don’t like it, that is like saying I won’t build a car that runs on gasoline because it pollutes the environment. Yes times are changing and like Microsoft Word, does everyone like it no but the majority of people out there use it. You are in my opinion trying to force people to do things they will not do.

    Think of this, I just left working for the military and gov’t in June and still work gov’t contracts, tons of robust networks and all will not support anything but IE because of security. My point is that you are really limiting yourself, it’s almost like saying lets build our site totally out of flash just because I do not like the Apple mobile OS haha they can’t use our website. 🙂 just my .02

    Good luck with that

  196. I think the adam is the best tablet on the market, but a micro-usb-port is essentail, so I can use a universal charging unit in my car. Anyway I’ll buy it, but it would be a nice detail to make working easier.

  197. @coolheart,

    I agree, I have been involved in the DIY market for years now and I do not understand why people just think that one day the heavens will open and Adam will drop out and everyone will fall in love?

    I want this as much as the next guy, I would rather see Rohan making money then trying to dig his way out of debt…think about it. You see the cheap Chinese knockoffs out there yes…for under 200 dollars you can get an Android device…what is stopping these knockoff companies that have the technology, I deal with Chinese companies all the time and there is technology out there Americans never see. Nothing stops them from coming up with a little stronger things, will it have all the Adam has, no.

    Molding and making this device I am sure was not a cheap venture…I am just at a loss here and would love someone to tell me different how one day it will all just make sense.

    I try to sell the idea of the Adam to people in the mass but I just get silly comments like who makes it or does it do all what the iPad does? We need things to show people that can make them say darn that is really nice!

  198. I put some information about Adam on a CNN blog, hope they pick it up in their TECH section.

  199. Kno is a complete student product… while i don’t think NI would want to limit themselves to a specific target group.. Rather they can have a promo show casing people from different walks of life – students, prof, business man, designers, gamers etc…. which i am sure they are already thinking abt

  200. Alex – you’re not the only person in SLO waiting for an Adam. We’ll have to start a club

  201. Rohan ! “Created with Love by Notion Ink” – A class apart ! I really feel those who follow Adem in the blog will love it ( others after using it )

  202. Another developer on our team has read your replies and is willing to make the changes to the new site to allow for use with Internet Explorer(8&9). This way we can provide access to those who use IE, and I am still free to prepare for development for Adam(Which I am doing from a Mac, no IE here to test on to my knowledge). My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused anyone who tried to view our site.

    Aaron Blankenship
    Exodus Apps

  203. What other readily available tablets are there ?

    Ipad is readily available, but if you wanted that you would have it already

    Galaxy tab, not so readily available yet.

    Folio limited availability in Europe.

    Dell Streak, available but not comparable

    Cheap Chinese tablets, available now, if you are willing to order from china and wait3 -4 weeks for delivery, and they have android 2.1 and no built in marketplace support.

  204. @Adam

    See the problem is though, when anyone questions this stuff we are nay sayers ourself 🙂

    I do not see it that way, I want new ideas in the market, I just watched some videos out there with Rohan in it and this was before it was announced and the device looks awesome. Back then this is when the battery was stated at 20 hours and all, which I even think is alot and now we know it is 6 which is cool because Rohan told us. Heck if you guys need help there are tons of us that are smart and would be willing to spend time 🙂 we have developers chomping at the bit to start developing.

    Then you have silly people buying domain names like .net and all and trying to sell on here, this all goes on the point, lets help the real NotionInk stand up and prove to the world when someone sees a cool slate tablet in someone’s hand they can say hey is that the cool Adam I saw on Amazon or on TV

    You can SAY “heck yeah it is” and this is why you should go buy one.

  205. Lol if i could have the baby working just like my iPhone 3gs then it will a beautifull baby.
    I hope it will have the same smooth operation as
    the iPhone and my iPhone will have a baby brother.
    Lol maybe twins 😉
    rohan i hope manufacturing goes well and we all
    waiting for the newborns.
    Btw how are FCC for NIA?
    Best regards Mr T

  206. Aaron,

    Thank you for doing that, it really changed my attitude. I just figured for being a development company and wanting to know what people wanted that was hard to swallow. Thanks again and good luck with the new site!

    Now get on it developer on the team! 🙂


  207. @Pj. You are right, thats the power symbol!! So now we know the power jack.
    Since it looks like there is only one card slot … I think if there is only one, it has to be MicroSD.

  208. This is very exciting!! congrats to the parents and now I want to adopt one of their children : ) Can’t wait to see the pics.

  209. Hi!
    I am really waiting for this device. I really like the whole idea behind it, not only device. I hope Adam will be soon in my hands 😉

    I went through some of the comments and proposals about software. I really need Adam for pdf – have a lot of manuals which are in this format. To make notes and annotations – great idea. I found very good example how it should look like. Not going to advertise Apple but Good Reader for iPad is really good at it.

    Keep going with the project!!!

  210. Just to tell you that all your points were raised many times. Guess ithey know it all now…. Just that NI&Co may only respond at their pace..

  211. Although to be fair tech sites have been more optimistic lately. That and NI have missed deadlines many times and almost went under. Which meant at the time they were closer to right than wrong.
    To put things in perspective. They say its vaporware until they have it in their hands. And you are claiming they are wrong because Rohan said so. They wouldnt be the first company that has not released a product even though you have seen pictures of it before.

    All appears to be well now though so who cares I guess.

    Im still kinda stumped that we really know nothing about Adam from a software front. Potentially they could show it off and everyone simply not want what they have created. At this stage Adam looks like a nice piece of hardware worth getting excited about. But I wouldnt put money down right now having not seen more.

    It would also be nice if they have an option to go vanilla android with just a few of their tweaks integrated like gestures and the camera software etc. We still have no idea what the official android visual overhaul will be like (isnt that for 3.0)

  212. Time to uncork the champagne and celebrate with congratulations to all. Thank you Rohan and all of you at Notion Ink’s backroom or scattered around the world who have made it possible for this baby Adam to begin taking on the digital world.

    Cheers and best wishes, always!

  213. Notion Ink will not market this heavily in the beginning,look for them to bombard worldwide marketing in the next 4-6 months;when they have the ability to supply
    the demand.Just be patient…

  214. Hi Rohan,

    if I look at the attached pictures, the HDMI port seems to be a little bit “out of balance”: it is not centered in the middle like all the other ports, which makes it look kind of “messy”. Will this change in the final production unit?

  215. Does PixelQi screen has same color depth and clarity of a LCD/LED screen in full color mode?

  216. +100 🙂 Multiplayer games….. so i can play with all my colleagues after office hours…and smash each of them with all the frustration throughout the day!.. LOL 😉

    Any possibility at all of having special type of “application connectors”/”plugin’s” where we can use certain Windows-PC games & app’s on Android OS.

  217. * VOIP apps like fring which will atleast allow free calls within US
    * A nice user-friendly Terminal Service client(like Windows RDP) which supports windows and other Terminal Servers

  218. Rohan, don’t apologize for this being an emotional experience. It is for most of us here as well! Keep up the good work!

  219. Interesting video, one of the rumor she was mentioning was that NI’s production delay was caused by PixelQi’s OEM vs ODM issue. Not sure how far this is true !!

  220. @johnny,

    Good point. Rohan surely knows the fastest way to fail is to try to grow too fast, without enough money and structure in place to support that growth. Better to have a great product, awesome reviews and marketing from us and others, and build on that … let the rest of the world generate demand based on that 🙂

  221. True..! Rohan.. dude! can we meetup some time by next year as soon as u hit u’r Ferrari on the bangalore roads. I surely will like a ride in it. Plz! Atlease u can do this for your 1st baby (Adam’s) fan can’t u? I’m a localite…sure i’l be an easy deal for u. And i promise i’l buy lots of adam’s from NI…ok! ok! 😉

  222. Rohan not sure id you read all the comments. I work in a hospital in Tampa and over the course of the first half of next year the entire hospital is converting to a new electronic medical system for physician/nurses/tech… as such there is a need for a new device with ease of input/portablility… not sure of your production plans but if the medical field was a potential target contact me for a possible commercial product launch

  223. @Vector66
    most of your fears have been expressed here in this blog for very long now. I am sure when Adam is a reality it will satisfy all your fears!! At-least that’s what most of people in this blog are made to believe, despite the fact that we are very close to the promised timeframe. Hopefully time and Rohan will respond to your apprehensions soon.

  224. Hmm… Still gotta say I’m reserved about annotation without a proper stylus. But then again, that’s water under the bridge at this point.

  225. I am slightly appeased. But I’m not gonna be truly happy until I read the units are being manufactured. Then I’ll believe.

  226. Exactly, I agree with you completely, they are going to be able to sell all they produce for a quite a while, just off of reviews and word of month. They should conserve their dollars for ramping up production, and then advertise later to make sure they can continue to sell all they can manufacature.

    If as Rohan said in earlier blogs they are targeting 100K units a month, then they will sell out of those easliy for a long time to come.

  227. I really can not wait until this is released ! Please, please, please put me on your list to notify when you start selling. This is going to be to coolest pad on the market !

  228. Hi Aaron,

    If you want to build stabalize in the market, I’d focus specifically on functionality implementation – be it video codecs, word processing, annotation, drawing, audio stuff, voip, etc. Given limitted man power, these will be easier to implement and in regular high demand, at least initially.

    Unless you have proper follow through, a good game requires not only a lot of initial input (a lot more than your typical productivity based application – music, art, the mechanics, buffering, etc etc etc), but a lot of upkeep and much more exhaustive testing. This becomes even more true if you’re intending on providing an infrastructure for with which players can network in-game.

    Of course, the market size scales if you’re first to market with a decent game, but input vs. output, you’re more likely to see better returns (and probably a more satisfied customer-base) if you focus on the productivity side of things – figuring out what Adam can do but doesn’t and hasn’t been resolved by others.

    I’ll also mention here that if it is in your interest, you can basically start replicating software provided for Android, as, although already functional, may not meet the desired constraints of someone using Adam as opposed to an Android phone.

    But that’s my two cents. 😉

    That said, I would like to see software hit the market specifically with Cloud Computing or Cloud Storage (and subsequent syncronization) be up and coming – on my iPhone, I have DropBox, yet prefer to use apps like iFiles to help keep myself organized.

    And if someone is really up for more involved projects, I’d really like to see something similar to MatLab and AutoCAD ports to Android or Eden, or at the very least, someone to have mercy on my ignorance in these markets and enlighten me to the solution. 😉

  229. Hi Rohan,
    congrats for the baby..:)
    We also want one very powerful (less resource hogger) “media player” (with integrated codec package) which can play anything you through at it a avi,mov,mp4,mkv,xvid,dvix,3gp,swf,flv,ogg,mp3,mpg,mpeg,wmv,asf,raw,jpeg,tiff,tga,
    and protocols like rtsp,, and other sever/web real-time server streaming protocols.. as i feel being a portable device its extremely important that adam can be able to handle most of the media efficiently.

  230. Many Congratulations Rohan!!
    Never before have I followed the creation of any thing as I has done with the Adam Tablet!!! I’ve been looking forwards to this, since I first saw it and I felt it was different,original….
    Even if I didn’t even Know if I was gonna be able to buy one here in Spain,I’ve remained loyal to it!!I’m very happy!
    When will we know where we can buy them???
    Thank U 4 this beautiful creative process full of love!

  231. Nice interview, good information, He is completely right when he says tablet needs to be different, when I look at all the other manufacuters, they are all producing a tablet that looks and acts as close to the ipad as possible. there is little to no inovation in them, that is what is so attractive about the adam, the custom ui, the mulitasking, mulitple panes, track pad on the back, etc. All of these separate the adam from the rest.

    and I bet we all are going to just have our jaw drop on the secrete feature that hasn’t been revealed yet.

  232. @Davd
    No offence, but I have seen enough people doing Christmas shopping to know that sometimes the pressure to buy a gift is high enough to settle for lower quality or shell out more moolah for another product.

  233. The Kno seems to have some very desirable features. For education/science/drafting the ability to take notes directly on the text highlight… hoping NI keeps all of this in mind for our nerdy misfit bunch!

  234. Any plans for early release in India? espically Bangalore? Since the NI HQ’s is here. Please let us know the precise date of launch in India & how do we aquire it? Online or only through any of the Distributors, retaillers?
    Ezone(future group), Croma(tata), Staples, Reliance chain of stores?

    Plz! Rohan atleast for the sake of those 1 Billion Indian’s. Tell us more on the game plan for India. Launch Dates, Cost Price, Distributors/Resellers/Online buying, Service Provider?

  235. Either they received FCC already (as the final build is ready) or it hasn’t been sent to FCC yet (hope not so as it will be too late by now)

  236. If at all the reseller would be Reliance chain stores (as Reliance is a investor in NI – read in some articles). You should be able to pick up adam and a Reliance wifi card to as a combo pack.

  237. hello Rohan,
    congratulations. i can’t wait to see the final version.
    will you also provide Adam as a customized product?

  238. This is one of the main features of a tablet (take notes on move, presentations, annotate word/pdf drafts). I assume it is part of adam’s soft pack.

  239. Seriously, I’ve been comparing this to HP’s slate, Dell’s streak, and other quasi-tablets *not* Apple-based, and I can’t find anything that comes close to this ‘Adam’.

    A few friends have now gotten their Ipad’s… I’m so jealous, but just can’t justify the money for such a restricted device – no usb, sd, camera, 3G(well, the first ones)…..

    What *doesn’t* Adam have??? Really???

    Here’s hoping for Christmas….


  240. hey i’m just wondering if you can address the thickness of the adam and the location of all the ports in the article next week.

    i’m a little worried that the dimensions that you have specified before like the one inch thickness, is not reflected in the pictures we have seen. it seems somewhat boxy, instead of a sleek modern device, which i hope it will be.

  241. “@Davd
    No offence, but I have seen enough people doing Christmas shopping to know that sometimes the pressure to buy a gift is high enough to settle for lower quality or shell out more moolah for another product.”

    No offence taken, what I am saying is there arn’t a lot of alternatives out, The archos is one I missed and that I think will do really well.

    But there aren’t going to be a lot of people buying the galaxy tab as a gift on the spur of the moment, base price here in the US is $500 with a two year contract, which will add a minimum of $600 more (24 months at $25), Or more likely if you were buying it as a gift then you would pay the $700 price without a contract. that is not exactly a spur of the moment purchase for most people, sure it is for some, but not many.

  242. PixelQi screens have lower contrast when compared to standard LCD.
    In backlight on mode, the resolution is the same as an LCD. But in reflective mode (backlight off), the perceived resolution is 3 times.

  243. If they miss the Thanksgiving (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) they will loose atleast 10% of the possible sales. If they miss Christmas shopping (should be on sale before Dec’10th) they will loose 25% of the market. This is the period where people does bulk/major purchases of the year. Hope it would be available at least for Christmas shopping.

    I want Rohan and team to have a real Ferrari by Jan’11 and me an adam.

  244. Thanks me too. 🙂

    I think a huge seller would be if we can warranty this under per say SqaureTrade or something. Would be a huge piece of mind. Not Rohan’s fault but it’s a new company and to me a lot of money. But not a lot of money for the device per say 🙂 price point is great.

  245. Aww, this is a very cute post. Yes, as some posters have stated – there’s still a lot of technical and UI information left to be released, but I think it’s sweet to see how emotionally invested and idealistic these guys are. You really can tell that this project is their “baby”, and they want everything to be perfect on it. It definitely makes you want to root for them to succeed.

    I am, however, still *very* anxious for high quality extensive pics of all sides of the adam, as well as maybe some shots of the home screen or UI examples. I’m also still curious about this mystery “much needed but missing from other tablets” feature, but I have a feeling we’re not going to find out about that for a while. Good pictures are a must though! I’d also be REALLY happy if in the weekend special Rohan would address the hard drive concerns that we haven’t heard much about here. Can we hope for 64gb, or at the very least 32??

    As for the mystery port/dark spot next to the USB – maybe it’s the dedicated switch for flipping between PQ and LCD? I seem to recall one of the earliest videos of the adam from last Jan. had a hard external switch for this, and I don’t see it in these pics.

    Good luck on the home stretch! Can’t wait for the weekend special!

  246. Mike and Davd,

    Thanks for your comments, obviously you wouldn’t be the only ones that would have this problem. As a new business owner, I have to learn to throw away my own opinions for the betterment of our products for the customer. Your input will help us reach many more costumers now, I actually had forgotten about the IE block all together, its just built-in to the framework we are using. Thanks again.

    Exodus Apps

  247. By measuring a known value (the width of the usb connector) in the picture I could work out the scale, my guestimate is that the Adam is 12 millimeter thick on the thinner side and 19mm at the thickest part.

  248. Yeah , Rohan did muse over warranty and support on earlier posts; did not get into specifics though. So I too hope they have something good there. Unlike may rich people here :), I will be parting with $498 + tax with a heavy heart.
    Wonder why no one is talking about installment payments like the ‘0% APR for one year’ they have for iSomething products.

  249. Davd,

    I have replied to your first comment, I hope this will change your mind about us and that you enjoy our apps when they are released. Thank you for your input.

    Exodus Apps

  250. May its the secret sensor, and you can use adam as a multifunction remote for your home theater.

  251. He said in the interview linked above, which was just from 11/6/10, that the mystery feature will not be revealed until launch.

    Guess we are all going to have to wait till then, unless you are in the EAP, in which case, I sure you won’t be able to disclose it either. But at least you’ll know, Lucky you.

  252. Parting with the money is easy for a new toy haha even though I do NOT have it, its the wife letting me part with my own money 🙂

  253. The Adam hardware supports Ubuntu. NI still has not answered anything about multiple OS booting.

  254. We don’t know if it has gone in yet. i don’t think so, but they hope to have clearance around 20th of December. At least I think that was in a earlier post

  255. By looking at the beta website:

    Height = 158mm
    Width = 239 mm
    Depth = 14mm
    weight 600-650 gm

    I would say you are probably pretty darn close. That is pretty good to get out of web picture. Not too shabby

  256. +1. No apologies. Keep pushing more and more pics (front, back view, comparison in width, height with some pad or a laptop etc..)

  257. @mrzeal
    It’s always funny to see people thinking. Do you really suppose NI put the HDMI port “misaligned” into the body because they are lazy or don’t have an idea of design? You can be pretty sure that there’s a very good reason for this position. And if it would have been possible to place the port elsewhere they would have done it. Simply rely on them.

    And why should the cable not being bent? Have a look at the back of any TV set and you will see that every cable pulls with its own weight on the plugs and sockets in a right angle and everything works fine: HDMI, Scart, composite, VGA, S-VHS, optical.

  258. Oh yes, it will be. Hopefully I’m far less disappointed than I was when I played around with the Galaxy Tab for the first time (luckily in a shop): it was exactly like my Nexus One, just larger, but in no way better or nicer. So I’m going to like my tiny little “Nexus Tab” at least until Adam will appear on the market (and shortly after on my door when the DHL man will bring him!)

  259. Wow, that’s innovative! And now I finally understand people wanting precise stylus input. That’s perfect for students. And anyone else 😉

  260. I couldn’t agree more that the technology is what matters most! I guess that’swhat makes most of us Fans of adam.

  261. Boy, first review by Gizmodo on the Galaxy tab, not too good:

    Gadget blog Gizmodo just posted a review that absolutely trashes the much-heralded forthcoming Android tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab.

    The Galaxy Tab is the first notable tablet for Android trying to compete with the iPad. There has been a huge amount of buzz surrounding it, and early reactions to it were positive. But it looks like the Galaxy Tab’s appeal doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny.

    Gizmodo’s three major complaints:

    The seven inch device is hopelessly caught in between being a tablet and being a phone. Things don’t look much nicer than they do on a phone, but it’s awkward to carry and use. “The Tab is like a compromise’s evil twin, merging the worst of a tablet and the worst of a phone.”
    The execution is a disaster. Browsing (with Flash enabled) is laggy. You can’t charge the device by connecting it to a computer. And the cameras are unimpressive. “It’s like a tablet drunkenly hooked up with a phone, and then took the fetus swimming in a Superfund cleanup site.”
    It’s way too expensive for what it is.

    This just makes the Adam look even more impressive, can’t wait to see it’s glowing reviews, although I hope to have one in hand by the time the reviews actually hit.

  262. I agree, I havent drawn in a long time besides on the computer and this would be great to get me drawing again if it is near precise as my Wacom Cintiq 🙂

  263. What a beautiful baby and how excited we all are about having this beauty join all of our families.

    I can’t wait to have the darling in my Sweet Home Chicago .

  264. Actually, this is quite close to the now buried microsoft courier project. Not quite as good but getting there.

    Anybody know what input tech the Kno is using? Is it active digitizer + capacitive touch. From the video it seems like that.

    However – Adam with a active digitizer stylus (or similar tech) will be better than this. The UI concept of Adam will be the the ace in the sleeve I think. And the Adam formfactor is much more appealing to me. But we need a real stylus.

  265. On Saturday, I went into a “Phones4u” shop in London and played with the Galaxy Tab and as I wrote anywhere above I wasn’t impressed. I have a Nexus One since January and so I know Android on its best. The Galaxy Tab is only larger without showing any progress made and so I can only agree with Gizmodo. The Dell Streak with Froyo would probably be the better Galaxy Tab 😉

  266. Vector66 – you will start drawing like a mad artist I promise 🙂

    Awhile back I bought a used Motion Computing LS800 – its old as my grandmother and takes like 3 min to boot up – but Alias Sketchpro is working fine on it. I have been doodling almost every day on it. Its fun and kicks of my creativity.

  267. @dhm lucky you! so i have not been chosen bad for me! i hope you will share with us some video and picture! and if you can tell us if we can port linux on it or not i ll be really glad! cogra again man! i hope you will enjoy your adam 😉

    best regards


  268. Hi Rohan,

    Maybe it’s just me but I find all the inputs/outputs seem a bit of an eye sore especially with the HDMI being right up to the edge and not centered like the others. That is not to say I don’t want them all but I think the layout could have been improved. 🙂 I think I’m going to go with black on the sides so the inputs blend a little better with the unit.

    We really need to see some hi-quality videos of the device in action. For example the video demo in a previous post gave me the impression that while the sound was amazing that the screen quality seemed a little bit washed out. (please consider amoled, ips, or current Galaxy Tab screen for gen 2).

    Still going to pre-order regardless 🙂

  269. Aaron, I just saw your reply above, thanks for listening, I will differently give your site a look.

    On the MMO you are developing, it will be crucial to have an offline ability to play, so much of a tablet use is potentially offline. For instance I will use it often on plane flights. But even at home, I like to play offline just to relax sometimes. Now I know the whole point of an MMO is online, but to have offline will help to separate your game from the rest.

  270. Personally, I think you might be overthinking it. How many times are you going to even see the sides of the tablet, probably just when you plug something in, and maybe not even then, I plug usb cables into my laptop just by feel.

    Anyways you are correct, it is a personal thing.

  271. You could still be picked, earlier he said the first 70 had been choosen, so it is not going to be everyone at one time.

    good luck. But even if your not in the EAP, you still will get the SDK and be able to bring your app to market.

  272. It is 3:49 am in India and Can you believe they will send mail that time. I was just kidding. 🙂

  273. It looks great! Well done!

    I have two concerns:
    1) how thick will be the screen’s black border?
    2) the back curve might create problems when placing adam in a back with books, etc

    What do you guys think?

  274. going by the golden ratio rule that has gone into the design, if it is 12 mm on the thinner side, it should be 19.4 mm on the thicker side.
    Pretty good estimation Robin!!

  275. The Adam sounds impressive. But there is one critical aspect on which I have seen nothing about yet. Adam is going to have 3G, but for the USA release Adam will need to have a contract with at least one wireless carrier, or 3G will be useless. US wireless carriers almost always demand restrictions in hardware and software (the only real exception is with Apple), such as hot spots or Skype over 3G, yet restrictions and corporate customizations seem antithetical to the philosophy of Adam.

    Even mobile giant Samsung had to disable voice wireless 3G on their Galaxy Tab to please the US carriers (as well as Skype 3G). In order to be ready by the end of the year, Adam would have to already be deep in negotiations with a carrier. I don’t expect you to reveal which carrier(s), but please give some indication about what will be available in the US, so I know a wait for the Adam would be more worthwhile than, say, just getting a Galaxy Tab now.


  276. Can you please watch you write? You are not in your backyard!
    If you can’t control what you write, please get out of here!!!

  277. @coolheart
    Can you please watch you write? You are not in your backyard!
    Please control your self!

  278. Thanks for the Update and congrats for the new samples! We are all waiting to hear more about them, hopefully during the Next Weekend Update.

    This blog is growing exponentially, 400 comments on the first day of the update 🙂

  279. I want to know when Adam will be available in Poland.
    Rohan if you know something about that, please tell me. 🙂

  280. Does this have memory, or is it strictly flash based storage/active memory??
    The specs say nothing about that aspect…

  281. @Adam @Jason

    Scram and dont come back here. Simply F*** OFF.

    @Rohan moderate these guys. We dont want to hear from them again.

    There’s something called trust and belief. Many here trust NI and Rohan. I dont care whether ultimately many tech sites label adam as vapourware. I dont give a **it about what you guys think about it. You comment in those sites. DONT SPREAD NEGATIVISM HERE.

    You guys learn to appreciate the efforts (which you both will never be able to do) NI & Rohan is undertaking to bring forth adam. After all these blogs and insights atleast have the courtesy to respect their sincere efforts. It easy to say what you say here. BUT its very difficult and requires lots of logistics, networks, management and catering to egos like you to complete a project like adam (that too by a startup).

    So what if adam remain vapourware? so what you remain pessimist? Please dont bother to comment here.

    Let us (remaining here) enjoy some optimism and the process of birth of innovation!

  282. Thanks Jason. You basically summed up everything I was about to say but didn’t have time to at work. 😛

    Not to say I’m not an enthusiast, but it’s pretty hard to argue with what have been large, repeated delays and a lack of substantial information on the product we’re expected to endorse, which on any other product most people would be skeptical about to say the least.

    A schedule is a pretty important thing – and so far as I can see, it’s been more of an, at best, ephemeral guideline than anything remotely concrete. Sure, I want things done right, but sticking to the schedule is important for exactly what has happened here.

    And I digress. Once again. 😉

  283. @Bruce

    On a side note, there is a time and a place for the cheerleaders, but the end user has a responsibility to help make a product better by pointing out what could have been done better, which is really what the 2.0 is all about. And if Notion Ink is smart, they’ll want to hear this too (in addition to being able to take it with a grain of salt) as how else do they make the world better?

    So as far as the cheerleading goes, we don’t need an F, or whatever other letters you’ve vulgerly stashed behind the pom-poms. If you can’t handle a little criticism (on something you actually played no role in, no less), perhaps sharing your opinions on the internet isn’t for you.

    Then again, maybe it is. :/

  284. Personally I think games should be secondary at this point. Utility and diversity should be a priority to build a broad base of apps that the adam can springboard from.

    1) Book readers – multiformat readers and other variants

    2) Navigation applications

    3) Wordprocessing/spreadsheet/slides apps

    4) News publications

    5) Financial apps for expenditure, budgeting etc

    6) Video conferencing

  285. One more suggestion for an app:

    There are two nice apps for the apple tablet and one of them allows you to stream PDF documents from Mac/pc alo g with audio and video.

    Would like to see such an app for Adam. I use this a lot on my apple device.

  286. Short answer: No.

    Slightly less short answer: Without the stylus, the functionality of this feature declines significantly. So you could gain some of that functionality, but without an active digitizer, it would be a lot more difficult to manage. So sorta.

  287. Technically, we’re WAY past time-frame A, just now on time-frame B, and quickly arriving at time-frame C.

    Someone correct me if I’ve missed one here.

  288. then i hope it has a great resolution like a retina display because what i was frustrated about reading on lcd were the pixels and how it looked digitalized.

  289. Hi Rohan
    Congrats all the work is turning into something amazing. But please as soon as you can more info on the UI everything else looks fantastic but we still don’t know what it will be like with the new bundle of joy in our hands. Thanks for the consistent updates though not complaining about that.


  290. Good to see an update of sorts.

    Look forward to getting some more information on Adam soon. 🙂

    Good luck!

  291. @Carlo

    If I may answer: when you subconsciously been in need of something for a long time and suddenly you fine yourself so near to a reality of having it/ experience it, your mind gets flooded with euphoria. Its a basic psychic manifestation. Its also a complicated form of “reward and punishment reflex” of our conditioned psychological reflexes. What do you feel when you have the knowledge that you are going to meet someone you love after a very long time (say after years)? The range of emotions can vary BUT EXCITEMENT will be predominant.

    Here we are happy or excited about this tablet that adam is so much like the DREAM TABLET which we always wanted to have. Subconsciously we have been praying for a company to bring it out. So it is NI now (it could be any other company)

    If apple had done that we wont be here talking of adam.

    So Carlo its not regression but a justified manifestation of any human being with that hunger. ( I gather many here are in a varied range of ages. I myself am 38 years old, and a plastic surgeon with a passion for technology)

  292. Calling all Singaporean adam enthusiasts,

    From the comments it appears that we have users from india, australia, US, UK, france, germany, norway, etc…

    I am from Singapore, is there anyone else from Singapore that is looking at the adam? Perhaps we can group together from Singapore and make a bulk order?

  293. I imagine of an application in tablots which will one day make the reading stressfree while travelling. when we travel in train or bus, the little shocks of the vechicle causes movement of the screen and eyes have to constantly adjust to the new screen position. if the screen position can constantly adjust to the eye, it will mean that we are reading an tablot at our home link of experience while on plane, or train, or bus.

  294. For me, I started looking into the adam (as opposed to the ‘others’) as a tool for use in school. I use an HP tm2 tablet/laptop and love it, however, I plan on purchasing an adam as well if it ends up meeting some important requirements I have as a student.

    Student pricing would be a huge (!) deal for me, and others I’m sure. I have also looked heavily into the Kno, however it ended up being too pricey. Even though their claim that it will pay for itself relatively quickly could be true, I can imagine it will not be picked up by students very readily due to it’s initial price in combination with the fact that most students have never used that kind of technology and probably wouldn’t trust it for something as important as notetaking and textbooks. When using my tm2 to take notes in class several people have commented about what a good idea it is, however I haven’t yet seen another person using a tablet probably because they’re expensive and people really aren’t aware that the technology is readily available (on second thought, maybe it’s not).

    The second thing that would really pull me in is the compatibility with a stylus. I don’t think finger-written notes wold be very readable let alone manageable to create. Also, I cannot imagine using a loose pen with my tablet. Having a cavity inside the machine to keep it in would be HUGE. I realize ther are limitations to what can fit in there, and incase I missed something a pen-space isn’t in the current design, but it would be hugely important to me to have a good way to keep them together.

    Hopefully someone takes these things into consideration! I know students aren’t the only targets for the adam, but being a student myself I can see where it could be a very good educational tool.

    Thanks Rohan!

  295. Just checked out your site. Says you where accepted in the Genesis Project. Does that mean you are in the EAP? Any tasty nuggets of news for us?

  296. i dont think it’s the “secret” sensor…as IrDA is not a sensor rather a communication port. it would be a great addition as many manufacturers have moved away from including irda in their products, including cell phones.

  297. To Apps DEVELOPER,

    Could somebody develop productivity apps like Google SketchUp, or anything capable of viewing objects in 3D model, where you can pan, zoom, and rotate a 3D object/model.

    More power to Notion Ink! I really love Adam, can’t for it!


  298. The Build Looks Plasticky… Cant be sure though, can be bad quality photos too… Need more Pics..

  299. Pixel Qi doesn’t have amoled (unless I am wrong). Going with Pixel Qi we have the advantage of E-reader and LCD tablet. I think NI would stick with Pixel Qi (attacking 2 markets)

  300. @Aaron (Exodus Apps),

    Is it possible develop productivity apps like Google SketchUp, or anything capable of viewing objects in 3D model, where you can pan, zoom, and rotate a 3D object/model.


    More power to Notion Ink! I really love Adam, can’t for it!

    Kenneth A

  301. @DarkWinterNights

    I believe patience is a virtue and sometimes its better to NOT to OVEREXPECT.

    As someone said here LET NI do it in their own pace. (why you worry whether they will get profits more/less when relasing earlier/later?

    as for the cheerleader part : I know its your opinon, but I syggest you reflect more maturely.

    I apologise for the harsh words but one do get really annoyed reading immature, insensitive comments. Why dont you leave these when you actually have adam and can really damned it/ praise it?

    Dont spiral into all…………. Dont stress yourself(ves).

  302. Rohan had replied earlier that Indian pricing would depend on product classification…but distributor details shouldnt hurt though….

  303. Klaus…may be we can set up VMware or Xen in Adam, provided NI doesnt have any terms like Apple…wait till we have our hands on ADAM , lots of R&D in the pipeline.

  304. ahhh, was wondering if someone else noticed…I have begun to suspect that there was a reason behind not showing the back. I have a few thoughts on the matter:

    1: simply got rid of it. Since most people were fond of it, this might be because of technical difficulties. However, given Rohan’s record of being open and surprising us with more positives than negatives – i dont think this is it.

    2:Its there and we are all just over reacting

    3: They came up with a better idea and they are hiding it from us. I think this is the likely answer because I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what hidden goodies they have left for us and the NI team has conspicuously stopped talking about the trackpad alltogether for quite some time. Since we all knew about it – and liked it, there is no real reason for them to have stopped mentioning it other than the fact that it has changed in some fashion and they are holding their cards close to the chest on this one.

  305. HDMI port is bigger than USB ports. Looked into my Sony laptop and it is little misaligned too.

  306. Can’t wait for the release like everybody else. After trolling various sites looking for as much info as possible some specs refer to proximity sensor and RF sensor ??. Neither of these mentioned on the main website. If anyone can do it the Notion Ink team can find a way to give us multi-touch and stylus support in a tablet.

    I’m loving the hardware of Adam and can’t wait to see new pics of the inside. Let’s see those new pics !!! Keep up the great work.

  307. How about buying the ADAM ‘unlocked’ and putting in your SIM (which has the data and optionally voice)? This would be an alternative, no?

  308. As it is, PixelQi will not work with AMOLED. In AMOLED (and OLED in general), there is no explicit back light source. The light is emitted by the panel itself. This is the reason that (AM)OLED has very high contrast, and due to no explicit light source they can be made very thin.

    The current PixelQi tech relies on an explicit back light source (either CFL or backlit LED) to be present behind the reflective one way mirror (that is placed above the back light panel).

  309. 1) Not very
    2) I wouldn’t think so considering the width of the thing. Look at any notebook, fits fine.

    I am still curious as to which version of the pixel qi screen they are using! Hopefully we’ll get some more answers when he takes apart the thing for us.

  310. @DarkWinterNights : Just for argument’s sake Timeframe B was always meant to be a little vague, the only thing sure was Adam’s Date with FCC 🙂

  311. Just a few concerns:

    – it looks plasticky and cheap
    – it looks thicker than i anticipated
    – please chose a good texture
    – release is taking longer than i thought

    Like the aluminium macbook texture has a very premium feel to it.

    OK after you guys are done patenting stuff and ready to show off the tablet, can u send prototypes to sites like Giz, Engadget etc so they can review it thoroughly. Adam can get a lotta attention like that.

  312. What happened to EAP process? you selected and informed them about that? Expecting some update from you on that. along with the deep dive into ADAM for this weekend can you also post some more information about the UI. probably a video of how UI works.

    cant wait to get my hands on …

  313. as a med student I need a flashcard program that makes it easy to make anf flip flash cards back and fourth and sorts them in best memory form like leitner… is what I currently use for my Iphone. Students need this, we all spend about $5 each on this. otherwise, everyone needs a good addicting game like angry birds for apple products

  314. I voted for the red and black and I really like how it looks, the Adam really is the Ferrari of the tablets

  315. How about a 3 panel fart app? All of us can chip in and submit the soundtracks. Then, conduct a poll to decide the top 10. Customized for Adam *and* community driven. Take that, iPad.

    If the logo blog comments are indicative, just imagine the loud and sound debate (no pun intended) on the winner selection !.

  316. A few blog post back. Where he showed the first pictures of Adam off of the first test run. He showed it with his cell phone so you could get a feel for the size

  317. There is a link to an interview he just gave a few days ago. He acknowledged apple for their outstanding engineering. He said they couldn’t hope to match it right now. It is more the visitors here that think it will blow apple away. Notion ink on the hand has nothing but respect for apple

  318. It should be available on pre-order by Thanksgiving Day!!!!! I have waited so long, I thought about buying a netbook and an eReader. When I was doing research on an eReader and reading reviews about Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader, one poster mentioned the Notion Ink Adam. I got curious and Googled it. I was impressed by the specs and then ended up here in Rohan’s blog. Now I’m hooked! I have cancelled purchasing a netbook and eReader because the Adam serves both my purpose.

    I told my dad to forgo buying an eReader from Amazon, B&N or Sony. But he said he has finished 3/4 of his last book. Once he finishes that book, he will not be able to wait for the Adam and just buy the Nook Color. Such a shame!

  319. She’s hinted that the Mirasol display is better than Pixel Qi’s. She also said that Qualcomm has a backlight for the Mirasol display. I didn’t thing it was necessary but since Mirasol uses ambient light, it will not be in the dark without a backlight…say when reading in bed at night with night lamp off.

    Hmmmm….I have a feeling Notion Ink will use Mirasol display in the future with the Adam 2. It will depend on how it can handle video and fast motion graphics.

  320. Ok…the Adam is made of magnalium. It’s a metal alloy so I expect it to feel like aluminum and not some cheap plastic. Brushed or anodized aluminum finish will be awesome! I am all for metallic finishes and metal materials 😉

    I also hope that it’s just as thin and lighter than the iPad.

  321. Hearty congratulations.
    Pleased to hear about the texture, not only will it feel more like a quality device (which is of course what we are all expecting), but hopefully also will sit securely in our hands, and not show too many fingerprints.

  322. Levpius, Good that many people raised it before. But I want to stress again, Marketing is the MOST Important now that the Product has shaped to the final stages more or less. I’m one of the hundreds out there who wants ADAM to succed BIG time.

  323. Would like some fun games as well as useful. Would love an app that would allow me to control the adam from my android phone. That way I could have adam plugged into my hdtv and control the movie I’m watching on it from my phone. I believe you can control the Ipad from the Iphone. Or you will be able to do it. Only problem is you need both the Ipad and an Iphone. Here you’d just need adam and any android phone.

  324. Pratik said he had received the form to sign. Just wasn’t told he won. Guess they wanted to keep it under wraps until it was announced in the blog. This post is in the middle of the week. I think it was posted more because of Rohan’s excitement than to keep us occupied.

  325. I am afraid the ports are aligned in a much better way in this. Hope the screen response is also much better in the production units. In the demo, he seems to click hard in each icon to get the response!!! 🙂

    1 1/2 months more for Christmas!!!!

  326. regarding the unknown feature

    Looking at the picture which shows a little bit of the back of the “ferrari adam” you can see two black “slots”
    the big one is obviously the camera, but what is the other little one (and if my eyes don’t trick me there is the same little slot on the same hight on the left as well)?
    I think that is also the reason why the hdmi is set so close to the screen instead of beeing in line, because something needs space underneath??
    It is not the trackpad because that is meant to be on the left part of the back, that was at least how it was in that video back in the day 😉

    All right so who has a good explanation/idea?

  327. Reading the comments about the thickness of Adam above, I realized thin should NOT be a mantra of Adam. The presence of all those ports means it cannot have negligible thickness. Adam packs the punch of a laptop at < $500. Give it a nice UI and take home a winner. If UI sucks, we can always develop better apps :). But if you put Adam beside an iPad you will be sure to be disappointed. So don't.

  328. I would like to see a range from free to premium. We have to remember that NI is planning on making money from Genesis. Kind of hard to do if the apps are all free.
    I posted above one app I’d like. I’d also love a great alarm clock. Have a really cool one on my wife’s Ipad. Haven’t found anything in the android marketplace that’s close. It’s polished and has some great alarms. Particularly like the air raid alarm! Could have used that back when I was in school! As for a fun game I like the ones where you have to navigate the ball across a maze. And you need to avoid the holes. Have one of those games on my phone. Maybe make one that allows you to make the ball jump when you move the adam up? So you’d have different levels the ball would have to traverse. All I can think of for now.

  329. Really? If nothing else, I’d be all for putting it next to an iPad – what’s less useful than 4 iPod Touches taped together?

  330. I had thought you were just avoiding the quagmire the last post turned into! More posts about opinions than anything else!

  331. Think it this way. They can manufacture 200,000 adams (100,000/pm) by the end of Feb, 2011.
    If they advertise and attract 1,000,000 million potential buyers by the end of Jan, 2011. What will happen, can you imagine? Those who could not purchase, will they wait until April/May?

  332. When will the forum be official so that it is easier to follow the different topics instead of going through the full page again and again to avoid missing out comments 😉

  333. I think that was the hole for the screws. you can see one at the other end too. Dont be disappointed though. But from previous posts of Rohan and the ‘Prezi’ presentations, I think the secret one was to detect other adams (like bluetooth) to integrate better for multiplayer gaming / file sharing / messaging etc. Just a guess.

  334. – looks plasticky ‘coz its made of plastic unlike apple products which are metal alloys
    – thick ‘coz of all the standard ports (usb, hdmi)
    – what is a good texture ?
    – the release date is december/january. what did you think it was ?

    The aluminium macbook has a premium feel to it, and hence you pay a premium price for it. This is much cheaper of course.

  335. I guess many of us here have become adam fan boys and it is sad to see that it is becoming like an apple fanboy club. I think it is going to level of not able to take any criticism towards adam. While I agree that unwanted criticism/bashing towards adam should be defended, of late, I have a feeling, even genuine concerns are being shot down mercilessly. Shouldn’t we be more considerate towards fellow bloggers?

  336. This tablet is wonderful, and I can’t say how eager I am to hold this baby in my arms very soon!!!! (just as many people here, though! :-))

    Many thanks for all this information, which I check every week! Still, I had one question: will it be possible to use a stylus (I mean, a stylus that is supposed to be used for capacitive screens) on the Adam???? Indeed, given the use I will have of my tablet, I will need it both to be hand and stylus-usable. That would be so great!
    Many thanks in advance for your answer!!!

  337. Hah, i went to a store yesterday to play with the Tab, and I was slightly underwhelmed too.

    Funny anecdote though: I asked the salesman if he knew when the Notion Ink Adam would be available, and he, naturally, was a bit flummoxed. But another customer nearby beamed and asked me if I was following the Adam’s progress too ! The salesman was curious enough about this device that I gave him the address to this blog 😛

  338. Rohan,

    I didn’t realise it earlier but just noticed that the mini-USB is quite close to the power connector. Did you consider using a micro-USB instead and routing the charging through it (fast enough I assume)? If it’s not a stupid question, then did you explore this possibility at all? If you did, then can you please share the reason for not going ahead with that plan? Cost I presume?

  339. I think the docking port makes more sense on the bottom edge of adam so you can use him as a display when in the docking station. As you can see on this older picture here it seems like that there is a docking port, so it must be something else.

  340. I don’t know – I’m not all for thin option. I’ve held an iPad and I didn’t like it because of its thinness. I like something with a little bit of heft. Of course, the adam is already and improvement because of the rounded side-grip due to the battery.

  341. holes for the screws…
    first i thought, yeah right thats it why didn’t I think of it, but then i watched the video and there are no srews at all on the bottom of adam so it must be something else.
    Also it doesn’t explain why suddenly the hdmi port is not aligned anymore as it was in the ces version.
    Your guess is interesting, something like the bump function on the iphone. But I think it isn’t really something which everyone is waiting for to have in a tablet and I don’t think it would “change the dynamic” as Rohan was saying.

  342. I think some good concerns have been raised. And some people have taken offense to them. I agree that is wrong. Good criticism is good for NI. I think the last thing they need is a bunch of yes men. From what I’ve seen Rohan values our opinions on these things. And people who have legitimate concerns shouldn’t be shouted down. I certainly don’t want adam followers to become like apple fanboys! Would much rather they become like Trekkers! 🙂
    On the other hand, I think some of the criticisms are unrealistic. For example, Abhi talking about the Macbook having a premium feel to it. It also costs much more than adam. We are getting many great features with device. And it seems people keep expecting more from it. I find it a bit unrealistic. I’d rather have the adam the way it looks and pay 500 dollars for the top end model than have them add more aesthetics to it and charge another 300 dollars for it. You can only have so much and keep it at the same price.

  343. Will the adam support Vulcan? I was hoping to use it on my away missions. Kirk insisted on “upgrading” the tricorders to Ipads. Quite illogical. I find them lacking in several important areas.

  344. You can click on the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” and “Notify me of new posts via email.” with every new blog my Rohan. That way, you don’t have to come here to check new posts. You can just read them all in your email.

  345. The Adam may be just 1/2″ thick but the rounded part where the battery is located will be thicker so you can hold it better. It serves like a grip bar.

    I will hold it with my left hand while I do the swiping with my right hand or you can hold it upside down for left handers.

  346. How about, on the back, for the first 1000 produced, “Created with Love by the Notion Ink Family” any after that is just “Created with Love by Notion Ink.”

    Just so everyone who saw someone else with the “Family” tag on the end would know we were here from the start…. ish

  347. Like already mentioned by other fellow bloggers, PixelQI won’t work with AMOLED. But besides that, the limited lifetime and aging – issues of current AMOLEDs would make them a bad choice for a device, that shoul last longer than the one or two years an average cellphone has to last.

  348. I realized that what I mistook for an SD card reader slot is the volume rocker. So, what I mistook for the IR port isn’t.


    Now we will have to go and hunt for an external IR port connecting through USB.

  349. Yes, I had also sent them an email, but haven’t received a reply yet. I would love to try out Ubuntu Unity on it. Probably also try Sugar On A Stick (which isn’t touch optimized) for the kids.

    Multiboot should be restricted to the SD card or USB, so that the factory OS does not get tampered with unnecessarily.

  350. If the NI gods also make an Eve to accompany Adam, keep them away from Apples 😉

    Hmm, perhaps the name iPad was prophetic.

    (brought to you by jokes-in-bad-taste dept.)

  351. yes u r rit…..they have included a lot of things after showing up at CES….still for the same price…….apple ipad is too expensive for what u actually get…….but our adam have the best feature of all the tablets……..performance matters rather than looks….if u r buying it for showoff….u can go with apple…….just think abt the fingerprint itself,that comes on the screen……it is really annoyin as some one said earlier…we cant go on cleaning the screen every now and then…..unlike ipod which is small… guys…….no need to complain…..time to think positive…..and also this is not the final one that is going for production.If there r any glitches…rohan and co will address it……as we all know they conider it as their child… dnt worry…..u can be sure…this will be a great product…..evident from rohan´s confidence….I am sure he and his team will be using adam since they produced the prototype so..they know what all should be done….also guys it doenot look cheap for me…….
    For all adam fans

  352. easy paulikxp … no complaints really; I will trust NI forever to do the best possible to adam or any of its future products; its just that we were given those 2 pics were noting what we found.
    for that matter if anything we will only ever going to look at adam from the sides as shown in the pics for a few seconds at a time – the focus and action is on the screen.

    if we think about it NI could have simply gone with all existing notions for all aspects of a tablet – but they did not; they just bursted all theories and innovated/improvised everything; so we are pampered; and a pampered kid will usually want more not less…. thats the only answer I have for the why; I’ve no logical reason to even think of blaming NI for anything

  353. +1000 : )

    And please develop such apps that will allow easy underlining, circling, notetaking of pdf and word documents!!!

  354. Great idea!

    Perhaps with the sections:
    1) blog comments
    2) Apps suggestions
    3) Developers section

  355. @vector

    one word PATIENCE.

    if you are not satisfied, you will have choices.

    this is your insecurities speaking out. bring a cap on it.

    BTW Rohan is CEO of NI. and adam was conceptualised from 2005. There are many things we wont know. What we consider important (market bliz et al) may not be in the priority list. He sure knows what he is doing. They have been patient for 5 years. Few weeks/months wont make any difference. “its the ecosystem” he is banking on for success adam being the portal. He understand our hunger of adam device (because its the same hunger which made him comceptualise it). SO BE PATIENT. (its so funny going these blog comments over these last few weeks. some people are not satisfied. at all)

    You will like adam. Dont worry whether it will be ipad klller (or similar like) or not.

    A good product will stand the test of time. (Apple II was such a success inspite of Jobs wanting to kill it in early 80s)

  356. All of us would really love to see the Adam’s name on such a story:

  357. Hope the texture is like my Garmin Asus phone, back of it feels a bit like suede – very nice and a bit strange for plastic

  358. I agree. I think Rohan and the guys should start thinking about it considering how close the release date(s) is(are)… They will need all the help and support they can get.

  359. What happened to EAP process? => Maybe the “winners” have been informed but are advised to not to disclose any information….

  360. I was wondering the same thing. But it may be a voltage thing. I hear the iPad cannot be charged on a standard USB port. Only certain macs an some newer motherboards supply the 6v to charge while others are only 5v. So this keeps you from charging and syncing the device. It would have been nice to use USB for charging since I wouldn’t need to purchase extra chargers. I have them laying around everywhere.

  361. Hi Rohan would love to see those photos before the weekend special! (greedy i know but it looks soooo cool) Also tell us it has an active digitizer:)

  362. Rahan, I still worry about the quality of the LCD displays in Adam. They don’t look that good to me in the videos (I could be wrong because of the conditions it was filmed in).

    The display is very important for a tablet. It needs great viewing angles and a good overall quality, too. The most important 3 Android devices manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, Motorola) are choosing higher and higher quality displays for their devices – AMOLED, Super AMOLED, IPS, Super LCD. And of course the iPad is IPS, too. If you want to compete with these guys in the “quality tablet” category, you’ll need a competitive display, too. If you can’t put a very good display because of PixelQi, at least use a great one for the LCD only version of your tablet.

    By the way. Sure, you have to wait to see which model sells better, and I assume the PixelQi one might since it’s not that much more expensive and it’s been getting a lot of hype. But you need to seriously consider if you’re going to make another PixelQi screen tablet in the future. I think, and I’ve always thought this, that black and white displays can’t possibly be the future – for anything. Even e-ink is getting color nowadays. And some e-reader makers have started making pure LCD readers to get color.

    Not only black and white displays aren’t the future, but having to switch between “modes” is pretty darn un-intuitive, too. And not something people will prefer doing if they had another choice.

    Also, I’m starting to think that the LCD itself might not be such a big problem for reading. I think the form factor (PC, laptop) was the big issue until iPad appeared. A tablet is much easier to read from when holding it in your hands, plus the actual experience of reading a book is much better too. Theres a HUGE difference between tapping or siding the screen to “turn a page” and scrolling down with a mouse on a pdf file. Huge difference in experience.

    Another issue with the LCD might be the resolution. The higher the resolution of the screen, the easier it is to read text on an LCD, and more enjoyable. Test an iPhone 4 and you’ll see what I mean, how the text pops in your eyes. It’s a lot less obvious on e-ink because e-ink itself has a pretty organic/paper like feel to it, so the resolution is not affecting reading that much.

    Also the iPhone 4 display is STUCK together with the glass screen, with no space between them, so the text looks closer to the surface – please look into this, because I think it’s VERY important, and I wish others used displays like that. Talk to your partners and propose them to do that.

  363. Rohan: WoW, looks great.
    We all know what happen after after Adam and Eve ate the apple. There are 6,880,000,000 more customers……….

  364. Lucian i couldn’t agree more! I have expressed this concern before as well. Being able to read in direct sunlight is a nice trick but not at the expense of colours and contrast in normal viewing mode.
    Its not often people will sit in direct sunlight? For me i am nervously waiting too see the screen in action as 90% of the time i will be in a shady place, using it to watch movies or surf the web. For this i want really impressive colours and clarity. AMOLED would be amazing!

  365. Congratulations Rohan and the entire Notion Ink Team! Glad for additional information. Hoping more information on the FCC, final colors, pre-ordering, UI etc. in the next Weekend Special! Can’t wait to order it and still praying I can get before Christmas!

  366. Well 10″ amoled screens are not available at decent costs, QI screens should be the same picture quality as normal LCD´s when used with backlight on.

    Personally THE selling point for the Adam is the sunlight readability but if you don´t care about that you can opt for the normal LCD version which will be about $50 cheaper if I recall correctly

  367. I would love to have it- especially to save on battery life as well
    – but not at the expense of quality. That picture you link to appears (to me) to be muted washed out colours and with poor blacks (or contrast).
    What i am saying is i like the idea but not at a too high cost as %90 of the time most people will be in a shaded environment. Its only in direct sunlight most screens don’t work unless they are ultra glossy. Even my old iphone is viewable outside in the shade- easily!

  368. For book reading I prefer reflective screens (QI, e-inkt) 90% of the time, it causes much less eye strain than transmissive screens (lcd,amoled).
    The Adam uses the same resolution screen as my netbook when used in color (BL on) the resolution triples (3072 X 600) when using in BW mode (BL off) so using it as reader should be fine (for me). My only hope that the Adam has a non-glossy screen as I find reflections like on the iPad really annoying.

  369. I forget… unless something changed the Adam will be available with Qi dispay and regular LCD (a bit cheaper)

  370. ADAM should have “Function over Form” embossed on it to remind people what it stands for. Maybe it should be ADAM’s or Notion Ink’s motto.

    “Function over Form” is the best answer to “Colors are not vibrant enough”/”Ports are not aligned like my hair partition”/”Doesn’t feel as good to the touch as my tutu”/”Not as glossy as my suntanned bum” comments.

  371. ADAM should have “Function over Form” embossed on it to remind people what it stands for. Maybe it should be ADAM’s or Notion Ink’s motto.

    “Function over Form” is the best answer to “Colors are not vibrant enough”/”Ports are not aligned like my hair partition”/”Doesn’t feel as good to the touch as my tutu”/”Not as glossy as my suntanned bum” comments.

  372. Rohan – Wow I remember when you started this Blog and you got 20 comments per post. Now your getting 100 in the first hour. You need to be careful now. If you put out that red one you may just have a Cult on your hands.

  373. Hah i’ve no clue if anyone’s answered this yet, I only skimmed through the 600+ comments, but I guarantee you that mystery perk he’s been talking about (that little black rectangle mid tablet there peeps keep asking about) looks exactly like a USB 3.0 Slot folks.. take a look it’s easy to see especially right beside the 2.0! That’d be sweeeeet! Definitely would be useful 2011+ Looks like it to me anyways. Makes sense as well as usb 3.0 is next years new big dog!

  374. “Created with Love by Notion Ink”…dude…thats so cheesy!

    As my wife says “made with love and glue, LOTS and LOTS of glue”…

  375. Do’h that is one of the most obvious things and I can’t believe know one has put it out there till now. At least I haven’t seen it. Adam I think we have a winner.

    Rohan – I know you can’t answer either way yet but this may make a great contest

  376. Paritosh – You maybe right all though I have a USB 3 port that is Yellow but the whole board doesn’t follow standard coloring.

  377. @rohan simply awesome can’t wait for the next special !!!!

    i will definitely get my full loaded tablet on pre-order right after it can be done ;=)

    @all there is an unofficial forum can’t remember the llink , @greg do you ?
    besides rohan says it will be made available soon, @greg, I and some other have already offered to @rohan (read @NI) our help to moderate sections of this upcoming forum 😉

    @FE101 nice though, i definitely think sections you proposed will be available at start.

    By the way , i love the idea to have a special notice on the back on the adam for the 1000th buyers.

    I’m too wondering what will be this unknown feature judging by the what NI have done so far, i’m 100% sure this feature will be a killer one !

    Keep up @rohan @NI

  378. With shipping through the holidays, I’m having trouble understanding how this *can* be in our hands on christmas morning.

    I guess my dad is getting a card with a lo-resolution picture of Adam in it as a placeholder. That’s no fun to unwrap!

  379. If you’re referring to my mail, I wasn’t doubting the quality or the finish. I was merely replying to Abhi’s queries.

  380. Nowadays for a product to be successful it must have both.
    People demand function and form! (not saying adam doesn’t have both).

  381. Top 10 reasons the Android 2.2 upgrade is amazing

    Android 2.2 lets you synch your phone’s settings and application data with an Android cloud backup service tied to your Google account. It means they can be restored in case of a complete phone reset or migrated to a new phone. Naturally, individual Android apps need to support this feature, so it won’t be available consistently. Developers need to implement backup and restore functions in their Android 2.2 apps via new data backup APIs.

    Are you implementing this feature on ADAM?

  382. As you had mentioned, LCD or eink is a personal preference. I hate reading on my laptop. But iPad screen didn’t cause any eye strain. The only issue was with glossy glass overlaid on top of the screen which causes annoying reflections as you rightly mentioned.

  383. My preferred alternative personally. It’s what I did with my Nexus one. What I’d really like to see is a 5 band WDCMA (HSDPA) radio, so that all of the GSM 3G providers (AT&T and T-mobile) are covered. The latest Nokia has it, it’s possible.

  384. It is only Nov 11. Why is time moving so slow. Come December come. That’s the time to pre-order Adam.

    Rohan, is there any plan to have a UI overlay that allows multiple users to login at different times like on a normal computer and have their profiles set ( wall papers, email accounts, snook library with bookmarks, notes etc for the same book )?

  385. @RK, Multiple logins is a good idea on laptops , but aren’t Tablets supposedly more like personal devices?
    I can’t imagine my phone being in the hands of another person for too long, lest they should find what I’ve been up to !!

  386. oops!! Sorry about that !! 😦

    Nevertheless, I guess the link above should satisfy all doubting thomases 🙂

  387. @Paritosh:
    Brilliant idea!!!
    Function over Form defines Adam and sets it apart…
    I hope NI team will consider this.

  388. End of the day all comments/suggestions will find its way to the NI think tank, including the unsavory ones.
    I believe all the negativism is kinda covered previously. So I’d say the productiveness of negativity has reached saturation many times in this blog. I think the vaporware theory and the theory of NI never being on schedule is been tossed around lets say ‘by very few far too many times’.
    People who vouch for vaporware(other than raising some valid points) really don’t have any business here.
    As for the schedule bungles: I believe there only two serious announcements of deadlines. The mid 2010 schedule is the deadline NI missed. And I think they have offered plausible reasons for it. Please… the only other deadline that has been promised is the date with FCC in the first week of Nov. So “missed deadlines many times” may be very unfair to NI and all the bloggers who think NI delivers.

  389. @Nihar. You are right. My hidden point was that your point is too generic and it will be like teaching basics of physics to Sir Isaac Newton( Has he something to do with Apple ??).
    I am sure you checked into the background of the people working behind the scenes in NI and also the videos of NI folks talking about their company et al..
    🙂 Cheers

  390. There’s a lot of screens that look nice on paper (so to speak) but which aren’t available yet (PixelQi v 2, Mirasol, etc., etc.); tablet-sized AMOLED fall into this category (I think a very few have been produced, at very high cost). Plus AMOLED screens tend to deteriorate after a year or two. I’d rather have an Adam within the next few months, rather than wait a few years for a better screen. (Plus I do read in the sunlight – what do you do? Hibernate?)

  391. Tarwinia, it’s good to see you back. I was worried you might have gotten caught up in one of those Mexican-Canadian drug gangs that are so fashionable these days. Not to mention that you’re one of the most informative contributors here.

  392. Sure Rohan also acknowledges that splendidly; better than many of us Adam-doters. He even kinda praises the IProducts. What it means is that it is too early to predict that Adam will do a better business than IPad IN THE MARKET.
    But technologically speaking Adam will be legions ahead of IPad. And is really silly to start over this AGAIN. Either you are new to this blog or you are incorrigible.

  393. @send2dev:

    >With shipping through the holidays, I’m having trouble understanding how this *can* be in our hands on christmas morning.

    There’s a special express delivery service around then. I forget the exact name, but it might be Indian, something like “Sindhi Klaus.”

    > I guess my dad is getting a card with a lo-resolution picture of Adam in it as a placeholder. That’s no fun to unwrap!

    Well, try to wrap it a little more imaginatively, then.

  394. Your privacy concern is understandable. But there are various ways to protect private data from the eyes of other users. Browse history, calling history and such private info along with private data can be in a separate section and encrypted. This could be made available only to that user who has logged in with the right password.

    Also, the feature can be provided to share with other users and also the ability as to what could be shared. Instead of just behaving like iPad the option could be made available so that those who want it could turn it on.

  395. I am just impatient with so much in the offering

    – iPad
    – Galaxy
    – Slate
    – Viewsonic

    Someone – Please give some good news. I don’t think NI can disclose a thing.

  396. Well I know is not great, but look at the bright side, at least you are already on a list 🙂 Some people are still waiting for any confirmation at all…

  397. is there any way, we can “EARLY” notification that allow us to “Pre-Order” ?

    I want to clarify my comment above – Just tired of all this min-post abt the baby.

    I want to hold the baby

  398. @esco

    Re: “the NI team has conspicuously stopped talking about the trackpad alltogether for quite some time”
    Please look back at the blog dated September 25th

    Rohan notes: “At the bottom you will find the device casing which holds the track-pad as well.”
    Sooo, I guess it depends on your definition of ‘quite some time’. Personally, I don’t feel 6 weeks would count.

  399. I would doubt that, he started talking about it almost at the inception of adam, well before usb 3.0 would ever have been considered a must have item, missing from all other tablets.

    Also, usb 3.0 is a nice thing, but diffenately not a must have feature.

  400. @andrew
    Function over Form does not imply that all semblance of form is lost. It just indicates the the preference of one over the other. e.g. iPad with it’s off-palm center of graviity is a case of Form over function. The Adam has usability more in mind, so it fits the Function over form paradigm.

  401. I don’t know why no one is mentioning ” Notion Ink” in any of their tablet articles. Just today another story was out there and most everything was mentioned from RIM to others, you need to get this out there in the media, so it can beat the Ipad. You’ve definitely have the better product. I commented about that in a article today that they failed to mention Notion Ink. Please start getting the info out there to the media. I wish I could get your tablet, but we have a daughter in University and she needs a piccolo, she’s a flute major, music education. Can’t wait to see reviews of the Notion Ink Adam, which I hope are soon, and I’ll keep looking at your site for up and coming future products, will hope your future items will have wifi, 3/4g connectible and Android Honeycomb.

  402. @Ran. The specs are not completely reliable. I would not recommend it Better option would be read all Rohan’s post 🙂
    We are all waiting for NI to come out with updates on its websites so that it covers all the specifications.

    In case you did not know, the official website will be :

    Currently, functionally we only have a beta site as you pointed out:

  403. For the near future: I think I can put Adam beside any computing device and feel it is easily better !!

  404. I don’t have a SIM, and I’m not going to buy a phone and a contract just to use an Adam. No one (in the US) sells SIMs alone without a phone and a contract. I could buy a MIFI hotspot and just get the WIFI only Adam, but then I have two devices to carry around, keep recharged, and separately configure, which belies the notion of having a tablet; simplicity and convenience.

    I still would like some word from a Notion Ink employee saying if there will be a 3G solution with month-to-month purchase options for United States customers owning an ADAM.


  405. Waiting list? did they say anything about when the wait will be over?
    Can we get a copy paste please. I need nuggets of info. This will lift the spirits of us.

    Also since you are a developer what kinds of apps are you making.

  406. You’re right Gecko, as usual.

    Maybe a lifesize cardboard cutout of Rohan holding the unit would suffice?

    Or perhaps I can bottle up the remains of this experiment?

    Better yet, let’s start a ‘Greg-style post’ and ask people “How do you plan to wrap your Adam during the holidays?” O_o

  407. There is another thing that is note worthy, possibly it was overlooked, these images were suppose to be shown on 22nd Oct but it was posted 10th Nov. So does it mean the schedule has slipped by more than two weeks? Also the first time Rohan posted Adam images from China, he said that he will get someone better to take the snaps and then post better images. The same is said with these images as well!

    Another curiousity I have is related to the trackpad at the back. Recently a phone was demoed (I think it was by Fujitsu or Sharp) at Japan tech show that had a trackpad at the back. NI has to be careful about patent battles?

  408. zomg! That’s certainly a nice looking android tablet!
    Rohan’s legal team needs to contact BestBuy’s legal team ASAP! 😛
    (Unless they already have)

  409. i have see picture of adam in that link, but it is talking about other tablets. it looks like they removed that picture now..

  410. @ levpius
    Im assuming language barrier is one of the biggest factors. My post doesnt actually say anything negative about the Adam. I keep going back and re reading but still cant figure out why someone would swear at me and ask that I not be allowed to post/to delete post.

    Ill try a rewrite in a slightly different tone.

    Sites like Engadget called vaporware at time that NI were struggling but have been pretty positive since getting new funding. (this is a positive comment)

    I wouldnt put money down untill I see what the software is like as that is more/just as important than the hardware(eg apple products) but the hardware looks great by NI (also positive comment)

    Will any graphical changes NI make to UI be a layer over top and can we choose the default android style ui if we wanted. (definitely not a hate statement)

    As a cook I take criticism as a very important factor in what I do. Not just by others but am always judging myself and making sure to keep a high standard. Its a requirement not only for the business to survive but so I can go home happy in the knowledge I did my best.

    The staff at Notion Ink are going to be thick skinned enough to take whatever comments come their way. There is no need to defend them.
    How to put this in the right words…….

    If you try your best you can sleep easy at night no matter what people say. If peoples comments on a blog are hurting their feelings then I fear for how good the Adam really is because it sounds like they have no faith in their own product or themselves. Hence why their passion for what they are doing is so important and blog posts like the current one are nice to see.

    But then with food I am used to how different peoples tastes are. There is a big difference between your own errors and someone just not liking something. I get pissed at myself when I make a mistake, not at others. Deflecting solves nothing. Comments from people that simply dont like the meal I remember so I can improve/expand the menu to suit a better diversity of tastes. A very simple principle but an important one.

  411. @billreyn
    Rohan is requesting you to make a pitch for Adam over others.

    Hope you can drive some sense into Kirk

  412. Levpius, You said it right. I touched upon the basics of marketing, but to your point that if i checked out the NI Videos, I wouldn’t agree. If you keep aside that I’m one of those Die Hard fans of ADAM’s success. I’m also a potential customer and the poeple around me as well. So as a potential customer group, it would be nice if NI reaches to all its potential customers through its marketing. Am sure NI will do a great Job in marketing its product and I want to, which it hasn’t done yet for valid reasons.

  413. They removed the picture , in 10 minutes, :(….and unfortunately I don’t have a print-screen with the page…

  414. It is back again 🙂 ..this time they removed only Google Nexus S 🙂 …..and they left Notion Ink – Adam
    You can see a print-screen :

  415. Maybe best buy knows something we don’t know?

    If not, they’re getting the ol’ cease and desist from Rohan’s team.

  416. Me too. On 2nd list (waiting). Based on the mail, adam is going to be out only in early Jan/CES 😦

  417. I have gotten a mail, that I’m on Waiting list for Phase 2:
    …. Phase 2, where we all leverage the optimization and create wonderful products. We would like to inform you that you have been shortlisted to our ‘Waiting list’ which means that if any participant from EAP 2 withdraws you will get a chance to get access to our Early Access Program Phase 2 ….

    Am I the only one who get this mail from NI ???

  418. Oops.. It was a old mail about EAP registration confirmation, I am wrong. Sorry. Hopping it would be out by christmas. Any one received EAP selection mail or release date info, waiting eagerly for adam order.

  419. @Bruce
    I’m not going to get any further into this, but lets break it down:
    – Jason expressed a point
    – Bruce turns on caps lock and flips him off
    – Dark stands up for Jason
    – Bruce lectures Dark on maturity

    And please don’t misunderstand my remark on cheerleading – there really is a time and place for it, and when the time comes for me to buy my own model, I’ll be totting it around and extolling its virtues to the fullest to my friends and peers. Cheerleading is exactly what this company will need to take off – however, vulgar comments aren’t typically what are needed on the cheerleading side, and reflect poorly on everyone.

    My last part was a little much I will admit, and apologize for. I didn’t really need to imply you were from the Internet (aka just basically flipping off everyone left and right).

    In fairness, I doubt there is any content expressed by the population of this forum at large that hasn’t been covered. Be it good or bad, I doubt a scroll back would reveal anything that changes anything.

    That said, I can’t see Jason’s comment as anything but an attempt to express information a reader may have been previously unaware of (no doubt a result of endless backlog of reader comments), and whether it’s on the plus or minus side of things isn’t really all that relevant, provided it bears some truth. That’s really what a discussion is, isn’t it?

  420. Existing android plugin should ideally work as adam is only an additional set of libraries. Lets see what they have in shelf.

  421. Would you mind withdrawing please so if I am on the list I will advanced by 1 position :). LOL

  422. Happy birthday 🙂

    It’s great to see this project entering it’s final phases, the results seem even better than imagnied!

    I hope you will find a way, for us who have followed you and cheered you on, to get in at the preorder phase!

  423. Looks like by mistake they have put it online. Based on this my guess is adam is going to be available at BestBuy (WOW, I can feel it before ordering)..
    No, can’t wait I will pre-order anyways. Else I may end up waiting till mid next year for adam as it would go out of stock very soon.

  424. Now the bestbuymobile site is up again, with the (old) photo of the adam, but when you click to know more about it, only the Galaxy Tab and the Huawei Ideos are mentioned…
    Still, there’s surely something going on here!

  425. Its going on/off with the picture. They are struggling to find whether to leave it online/remove it..
    Rohan, please help them decide soon……..

  426. In the link, the device looks similar to the ADAM but it is manufactured by Huawei and is called Ideos 7″ Tablet S7. However, if you read the device description, there is a link to this particular tablet and in no way does it look like the ADAM (

    So, I think BestBuy mistakenly put the ADAM’s photo with Huawei’s product.

    Rohan, can one deduce that perhaps ADAM is coming to BestBuy 🙂 ?

  427. Is it confirmed that it won’t charge through the USB. I miss to much as it is hard to read it all with it growing so fast

  428. Gotta love how Best Buy Mobile is the same place where the Nexus S supposedly was leaked and all the tech blogs are covering the Nexus S and none are covering or even reporting the Adam…

  429. The only thing that concerns me honestly is, these devices are now showing up locally in stores and not just Chinese wholesale devices. How long until they start getting launched with better hardware?

    I know yes yes be patient…

    but these are more and more a reality…

    Rohan, can we please start PRE ordering? TAKE our money 🙂

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  430. How do you know that it’s a fake?
    Could you please post the mail here in case someone else received such a mail?

  431. @bruce : Sites like Engadget can call anyone vaporware in their own sites or in their own media. But many people who follow every progress of Adam may still have a case for “It is unfair for NI”. And I do believe those websites have also contributed to the development of Adam. Also honestly if you read my remark:
    “People who vouch for vaporware(other than raising some valid points) really don’t have any business here.” does not refer to you.

    Your comments are forthcoming and I am sorry “someone would swear at you”(Did you think I swore at you?). Such remarks do find their place in discussions. I apologize if you were upset. And hey, IMHO the barrier in most of the discussions is not “language”, it is “understanding”.

  432. I agree, why does it have to be fanboy sites making forums and popping up? Does this make sense?? Make a better area to let us kick back and sell your product for you….I do not think that is to much to ask.

    Reading this wordpress is getting annoying with posts all over the place even if I read it in my email, takes forever to find the post I want to reply on.

    Is that just me?

  433. Strikes me as free publicity for Notion Ink. 😉 I am inclined to agree it is probably straight-up product ignorance that has that picture there, though.

    The site is available to all still – it seems to be struggling to maintain site stability and periodically goes offline, though.

  434. Haha that was entertaining.

    Please~! Just TAKE our money!

    Gave me a chuckle. 😉 Hopefully when they’re done with the FCC pre-orders can begin, although I think the EAP members are still supposed to get an early crack at it.

  435. Rohan, needs to talk to BMC to lay some good roads first. I can travel to India for the ferari ride.

  436. Indeed, seems like a pretty good idea to me. It doesn’t seem like it’s spec’d to handle simultaneous instances, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to implement this functionaly. You might want to consider dropping them a comment regarding this suggestion, as the time overhead and the fact that software development is ongoing suggests NI has plenty of time to implement this (if they haven’t already).

  437. Oh, they’ve stopped it (or something like that)
    The links to the articles on the developers site don’t work anymore too

  438. I checked the t-mobile site, and yes, there appears to be a SIM only option available in the US. They are selling it for $7 after a $3 discount, not including the prepaid passes, which start at $10 for 100mb.

    I assume this should work on the ADAM. Thanks for the info.

    Now I hope Notion Ink can actually get it out as soon as they expect to (by Christmas).

  439. @macman. because a fried has called me and told me that he has made a joke. I hate that.
    Sorry for confusion.

  440. @Jason: My earlier remark was for not bruce:
    Sites like Engadget can call anyone vaporware in their own sites or in their own media. But many people who follow every progress of Adam may still have a case for “It is unfair for NI”. And I do believe those websites have also contributed to the development of Adam. Also honestly if you read my remark:
    “People who vouch for vaporware(other than raising some valid points) really don’t have any business here.” does not refer to you.

    Your comments are forthcoming and I am sorry “someone would swear at you”(Did you think I swore at you?). Such remarks do find their place in discussions. I apologize if you were upset. And hey, IMHO the barrier in most of the discussions is not “language”, it is “understanding”.

  441. I haven’t read all the blogs here but I think a really dark dark blue would be an awesome color for the Adam…but honestly, at this point, I would take whatever color you could ship to me first. I have been looking around for where to purchase this or pre-order and I can’t find anything. Can you post the link that will be selling these so I can keep checking every day and complete my order as soon as it’s available? I want one of these the first day it comes out (or 2nd day if I have to wait for overnight delivery). You might even want to include a form someplace online, with a link/App on the device that a stranger walks up, and wants all the info on it, they can put their email in and you guys will email them the links to everything…would be a neat little gimmick.

    Anyhow, thanks again for all your hard work. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on your hardware. 😛

  442. Yes! Aaron..i’m up for an addictive mm game.
    Espically something in which i can smash(Boxing, Stratrgy, FPS, Rolegames, ect.) all my colleagues (of the caused work frustation) at the end of the office hours or even college friends in the weekends.
    App’s are ofcourse a necessity & must not be missed/ignored. Shall not be asked for, they must be there by default.

  443. @Vector66
    No that makes sense – a forum is generally a lot easier to follow, and there’d be a lot fewer double posts as the information is more readily available. That, and you don’t have to follow all the stuff you don’t really care about.

    However, it’s not really like Adam has so much overhead they can waste – so close to their deadline (which I won’t get into), there’s probably a lot of software based work to be done, not to mention a proper push into their accessory base that their time should be sunk into a forum for us to discuss, since we’re already basically sales.

    Of course, my opinion on this is pretty much irrelevant. 😛

  444. for having a nice camera in your avatar rohan, your images of the adam aren’t very good quality. is there something to hide? yup … good or bad that is the question. show us something this weekend well ya

  445. Can’t wait for a new video or multi angle images!
    Also can’t wait for what the iPad OS update will look like tomorrow.
    Keep up the good work Rohan & Team.

    Rohan can you please accept my entry for the App Store? I have not heard back from Notion Ink about my email on 4th November.

    Ronak Rathod

  446. Emulation might be a good angle for people to start working on for Adam, as it basically exploits an existing base of millions of games. 😛

    And yes, I know, it’s kinda counter-intuitive to what NI is pushing for (being different), but who hasn’t seen the SNES/NES/Genesis emulators for the Apple competitioin in full effect?

    Not that I myself really play games anymore – more of an ephemeral thought really.

  447. Come to think of it, does anyone know if this is even permitted for unsupported consoles? I can’t claim to follow this enough to offer any real precedent.

  448. Or even something like iFiles, which offers a slew of functions straight off any Cloud Storage service would be nice also.

    Alchemy looks kind of cool – seems to me an active digitizer is kind of a must for something like that though, wouldn’t it?

    I’d love to see an Adobe Illustrator equivalency, as well as a MatLab and AutoCAD equivalency as well. 😛

  449. Ok, I said it was before but I DO NOT think WordPress is the best option here if people are going to be expressing their feelings.

    I havent seen people mention much at all BUT ID LOVE to use this for turn by turn directions in my car, please come up with some type of accessory that can hold it. I am sure it can be done. I was going to spend 500 dollars on an aftermarket head unit from China that only had a 7″ screen and not as good as the new Google turn by turn directions I have on my DroidX.

    I am a software engineer and will be traveling a lot more so this would be perfect esp since you said it had great speakers.

  450. Honestly, i have no idea if you could do this, but something that convert mostly text 800 x 480 apps into 1024 by 600. If not, some great games

  451. Alchemy is the only software that does what it does. You sketch with it, but you can have it force a high level of randomization. The human mind is the best shape recognition software out there, so you see ideas in the randomness that you create with it. Great way to get the creative flow working and I’m sad that its not available for my iPad.

  452. NI sleeps only after the ‘adam’ is out. Hope they can soon sleep peacefully in a Ferari (not while driving though). 🙂

  453. Bestbuy decided to put adam as the ‘face of Tablets’ (beautiful, elegant, power) and then seduce customers to buy the existing until its available.

    Its still there. But the link goes to GalaxyTab

    Even Bestbuy loves it 🙂

  454. I can imagine the buzz in their office must be amazing esp since they are getting so close to the launch with 18 hour days Im guessing. So I’m not surprised Rohan is awake this late.

    For my own project that would be an amazing feeling. Late night pizza’s and team talks! to keep everyone going. Good times.

  455. Privacy, are you kidding, we have none,

    Google takes pictures of your house and scans your wi-fi netowrk, plus google tracks everything you do on the web.

    Now Microsoft kenict has facial recognizition, one of their execs in a interview today was talking about how they will be able to target advertising to the specific person.

    Poeple post their lives on facebook, myspace and a dozen other places,

    we enter email addresses to post on forums, which match facebook etc.

    we have no privacy, we just have to hope there is so much data out there, no one cares enough to look up info on you specifically.

  456. I’ve also heard that Microsoft is just now starting to come up to standard. How much of that is true I must admit I am unaware – I believe I heard this in regards to the upcoming release? Perhaps on How to Geek? 😉

  457. Kind of a cool idea, but I’d almost feel a little gimmicky as that’s kind of hit or miss – it’d basically be something specifically for video feeds or something non-interactive (unless your using it like a power point presentaiton), as it has to be stationary, which means you really can’t be holding it.

    And with the HDMI slot, I’d rather hook it up on my LCD or Plasma at home, which would (for the general user) probably make it useful only in a travelling setting would be my guess.

    Still, I can’t help but think it’d eventually appeal to a lot of people, especially if it became the primary viewing interface, as we’ve seen in a couple of other devices.

  458. Also they used all information thats applicable to Adam. Including the price ($498).
    They meant adam but haven’t mentioned due to the lack of release information.

  459. I hope you’ve got a notepad handy, Shraven. There’s a lot of good buzz going around that could make Eve more of a spectacle then Adam is going to make. 😉

  460. I hope so. It can help shape the criticism of Adam to what we all would like to hear about it from tech review sites.

  461. I am getting afraid of the build quality of ADAM, as the sample in the “First Look”
    youtube video seems much better than the arrived samples.
    The ports were strictly aligned and I felt yep Adam probably could reach the HW quality of iPad (which table do you think we should compare it?).
    But the latest samples seems to me have much lower quality.
    The switches seems priceless, the ports seem misaligned not preciselly sized,
    the LEDs seem big and ugly to me. I bought Macbook Pros to my children
    (no, no.. I am still using T60 /w Linux:)) and the battery LEDs and switch
    have a very good of quality (of course the whole macbook prot has a very good of quality).
    The LEDs are just small holes in the surfaces and the LEDs are probably inside. Also you almost cannot see the battery check button but feel by your fingers.
    Ooops, I am not a fan of any gadgets, probably just fan of quality of products:).

    So, The above was REALLY not any offence to NI, but my thoughts.
    I have been following ADAM since last year and am definitely going to buy one
    (despite I need to buy an iPad for my youngest son for Christmas:)),
    but I would pay a bit more (+ 50-100$) for the better quality, For quality which is probably closer to iPad’s one.

    Why I am writing this because if the people waiting for ADAM with very high expectations and ADAM wont reach their expectations
    then they will loudly make negative comments and waves (Check Cognitive dissonance and Percetion in wiki).
    So, Rohan please do the following:
    Write a week special sometime in the following weeks and share your thoughts about what was your
    expectations and what of them could be reached or could not (because of technology, money etc.).
    So, again no offence as I am just a simple guy who want a long life to NI and ADAM cos I like your/NI way against to the world’s wolves one.

  462. Re: picture in BestBuy–
    A while back I emailed BestBuy suggesting they look into making an arrangement with NI to do pre-ordering. I gave them the link to NI. A very short time later I had a return from my message, apparently this individual connected with NI .in and was quite impressed. They said they would forward the info to whomever. I wonder in doing this some of Adam’s picture got on their site and someone got them mixed up with the other tablet.

  463. Now that the baby has arrived who shall be named Adam, a birthmark is to be placed which shall be the Pratik’s winning logo.

    I have made my own revision of Bjorn’s revised logo #9 that many liked. Because I think Bjorn’s revision took away much from Pratik’s original design, I made a cleaner, more Pratik-like version. See slide below and tell me what you think:

    And while you check them out, compare them to Pratik’s original design. I made some renderings of it too:

    I got Photoshop happy and made my own version of Notion Ink logo (this was one of my entries). So I hope to interest you with these slideshows as we all wait for the weekend update….ENJOY!

    I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  464. I’m not sure how quality can be determined from pictures. When you hold the tablet in your hands and see it action you can make your Judgment on build quality. I’m sure folks like “slash gear” will be holding and reviewing the Adam. It is too early to speak of build quality, especially based on pictures from the internet. I am reasonably confident that Notion Ink has a winner here. We should all breathe deep and try to relax!!

  465. Now that the baby has arrived who shall be named Adam, a birthmark is to be placed which shall be the Pratik’s winning logo.

    I have made my own revision of Bjorn’s revised logo #9 that many liked. Because I think Bjorn’s revision took away much from Pratik’s original design, I made a cleaner, more Pratik-like version. See slide below and tell me what you think:

  466. And while you check them out, compare them to Pratik’s original design. I made some renderings of it too:

  467. I got Photoshop happy and made my own version of Notion Ink logo (this was one of my entries). So I hope to interest you with these slideshows as we all wait for the weekend update….ENJOY!

    I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  468. I was playing with the iOS 4.2 gold master version for devs. It has made using the apple tablet less of a pain with it’s multi tasking, folders to organize all the apps in a neat way and the integrated mail box and email threads.

    The multi tasking dock keeps track of all the apps that has been accessed with no hit in the performance nor in the memory nor with the power consumption. Also it gives the user the ability to remove apps so that it longer is kept track in the multi tasking dock.

    It was impressive and makes me wonder how they managed to do it. And how would the same be in Adam?

    Rohan, a demo video is sorely needed. Hope the patents have been applied by now and more details can be revealed.

    Will Adam support wireless file sharing between computers and other devices? And support wireless printing?

    Will it allow to edit play lists on the device itself without requiring docking? Will it wirelessly sync up without the need for cables?

  469. to revive something said earlier, a signature on request would be nice. something i have been wondering is about cases for this device (like leather silicon) because i dont want your (and in a way my) baby broken. this shoes so much promise, for all who love technology. so many things are perfect in this device, the only flaw being is that i dont have one. yet.

    if i where rich, i would donate like a 4th of all my money to NI. thats how much i love adam

  470. I think a really good alarm clock app would be great. I’d pay good money for it if it did everything I want…

    In addition to displaying the time, date, and alarm time, I’d also like the option to configure it to show things like local weather, local news headlines, rss feeds, (email headers, twitter feeds, etc), basically anything I might want to see when I first wake. I want to choose a analog or digital clock display, and possibly choose from several styles of each. I’d also like it to be able to set multiple alarms (one for me, one for my wife, maybe different alarm times for the weekend as opposed to weekdays). I’d like to set different alerts for each alarm and be able to choose all kinds of alerts, like something obnoxious to make me jump out of bed, and things like wake-to-music (and have the music start out softly and get louder over time) – choosing an internet radio station or mp3 on Adam, etc. I’d like there to be a snooze feature where I can set how long the snooze interval is (snooze operated by touching the screen anywhere while the alarm is sounding). I want to have the option to keep the display on at all times, or set it to dim all the way to off after a few seconds, then be able to touch the screen and have the display turn on for about 10 seconds and then dim back off again (like when I want to check the time in the middle of the night). Maybe an option to set a user specified app to kick off when the alarm is triggered. You know… basically build the ultimate, fully customizable alarm clock! If anyone really wants to work on this, let me know and I’ll get you some more ideas…

  471. Sound like you are covering your tracks sir. Did they must have issued a gag order on you or you get kicked out of the EAP. 😛

  472. @jason @darkwinterknights

    Why I flipped out? Go through post from september till now. I am not defending NI. What I want to convey is that similar comments had been posted so its annoying to see similar post again. I mean if you have read all the post why repeat insensitive remarks.

    Put yourselves in Rohan or NI boots. From 2005 you have gone through all ups and downs, have gathered a following, are excited now to release the product, have invested so much to make it a success, have also wanted to shout against VAPOURWARE idea floating around(Rohan had only once mention about this blog, so you can imagine their hurt) and at the verge of release when you are busy in many priority (logistics, carriers, outlest, content providers, developers, etc etc) come along such insulting comments. I hope you understand this. If you had not read the past blogs, go through it.

    C’mon guys, give Rohan some leeway and some respect. I am not a fanboy. In fact I will be a very harsh critic when NI fails to deliver the experience they promised. But at the same time, I empathise the pressure these guys are going now.

    I feel you might have similar experience of something you really wanted to do, when you are about to accomplish it, a single word of praise had lifted you to higher boundaries, an an insulting, insensitive comments had made your spirit deflated. So think is it the time now to deflat their spirit (or annoy the blog viewers)?

    Do you still think adam can be a vapourware knowing NI? or Do you think you will definitely get adam this year/next years, within weeks or after months?

    Why do you think NI is still silent on the UI and ecosystem? Dont they want to succeed?

    Hey they are not hoping to topple Apple. their expectation is practical.

    Adam will succeed in time and may become the top 1 if IT IS GOOD for ALL THE USERS.(geeks, mom dad, grandmas, kids) Why worry that it will fail?

    Take into consideration of certain ideas and innovation Rohan and team is bringing about. Being geeks we are happy for it. Still adam has to go through test of time. (and market off course)

    I rest my case.

  473. There are lots of inexpensive adapters (micro to mini, etc) available online if you need one…

  474. there is a lot of good about being emotional about what you done

    please can we have the “with love” on the back of the adam or at least give some of use the option to have it

    there is much about your behaviour as company that reminds me of the RED camera company

    and if you don’t know them they are funded by someone who knows all about creating a world spanning consumer company: Oakley

    looking forward to being able to rave about the adam with one in my hand

    are you going to print individual numbered ownership cards to go with them? It might seem odd in a mass market device but in this case being able to say I have number 1150 is good thing. It personalises the experience.

  475. I know RAM-Mounts have been pretty good for what you’re looking for. They have some for laptops as well as ipads so I’m sure something from there could be used/they’ll come out with something to support adam.

  476. Or Notion Ink will use future versions of Pixel Qi screens in Adam2, Adam 3, etc… I’m sure Pixel Qi will not rest on its laurels. They will continue to improve thier screens too.

  477. looking at the colored one, i don’t know how to feel about the red. it’s too… strikingly bright(?) for comfort.

  478. +1. need to do something about the single camera for augmented reality to work, though, if you want to integrate multiplayer.

  479. @send2dev

    What is a ‘Greg-style post’? Sounds pretty cool, whaterver it is! 😉

    BTW: I would never wrap an Adam… Having to unwrap it would take way too long and delay its actual use!

  480. On the site it mentions the touchpad on the back. I was just wondering if that touch area covered the entire back of the device, the same size as the screen… and if it would work like the Lucid Touch project from microsoft research labs a few years ago. Holding it with both hands and using your fingers on the back of the device as a split keyboard would be so easy to type with and probably almost as fast as a normal keyboard once you get used to it. Here’s a link to Lucid Touch so you know what i’m talking about:

  481. How about printing “with love” only on the back of pink Adams?

    Numbered ownership cards would be nice, but might give out information on sales figures that NI would prefer to keep quiet. The Nazis made this mistake with serial numbers on tanks; the Allies found it easy to estimate the number of tanks the Germans could field. The US, of course, started numbering their tanks more arbitrarily, although it took the USSR rather longer to get the idea.

  482. This is a little out of context , but those of you who are interested in technology, this will be a treat for you

    An updated new video of MIT sixth sense , talks about paper computers ( paper tablets whatever you call it !)

  483. I seriously laughed out loud at your analogy! That was a hilarious comparison! Intentional or not. I like the idea of printed ownership cards, but can see the sales stats issue maybe being a problem. Maybe for the first 50,000.

  484. Liked the ones towards the end of the slide. I don’t have much(ok zero) experience editing stuff and only had ms paint to work with so I apologize for the quality.

    logo2 in ms paint

    Like I said no experience so there would definitely need to be tweaks(such as placements and redoing the text in a bigger font instead of just stretching the image(sorry again, only ms paint don’t even have word at the moment lol).

  485. Lately my life has been consumed by the Adam… Now I am having dreams about it.

    First I dreamed I had my Adam and it was awesome. The dream was very real and when I woke up and realized it was only a dream I was very disappointed I had to wait a little longer to get it.

    Then I had another dream that someone developed an app that made the Adam appear to be an iPad to iTunes and they had another app that was an iOS emulator so you could download apps from iTunes and run all iPhone/iPad apps on the Adam. And it allowed you to use the Facetime network so you could video chat with Apple devices. Apple was going nuts trying to figure out how to block it from working but they failed at every attempt and they were losing market share like crazy cause Facetime worked better on the Adam hardware and the apps ran faster on the Adam and could be multitasked. Plus the Adam still had all the Android apps, and all the other features of the Adam. There was no reason for anyone to buy an iPad and even the Apple fanboys were changing sides. No one would even buy their used iPads cause everyone wanted Adams.

    Weird dream to say the least. I’m almost afraid to go to sleep tonight! 😉

  486. What a great idea; might be too much for NI team to manage. Maybe we can order that as custom stickers from the site Greg posted link to above 🙂

  487. @Greg

    Don’t be afraid to dream…You keep dreaming like that……and come back and tell us. We can make it true….

  488. Excellent point of reference, Sowmya. Maybe Pranav and Rohan’s team should come together and Eve should be the sixth-sense device!

  489. +1 Black.
    Where to order in Pune?

    Jai Bharat!

  490. its all going to be open sourced.. so anyone can create anything..

    nevertheless , just the importance of pico projector emphasized…

  491. Wow! I have dreams about the adam too. I thought that I was the only one. I had one once where Rohan was signing Adams at a bestbuy release!

  492. @Sowmya

    You are right. Pico projectors are retailing for around $150. So an inbuilt OEM version could be costing less than $50 and it’s not entirely unthinkable.

    I hope that’s the surprise that Notion Ink has under wraps 😕

  493. @zach yeah I remember that post – but that doesn’t mean that something may or may not have changed since then. At that time, there were only renders to go off of. But you may be right. However, I just cant shake the feeling there is something there – my spidey sense is tingling!

  494. I love all that Notion Ink is doing with Adam, and of course, I can’t wait to hold one sooner rather than later. However, until that time comes, would it be possible to upload more pictures and information (that you can freely give out of course) to keep us (fans) from going nuts in anticipation. I don’t know about anyone else, but I post whatever pics I can find on my laptop background. It doesn’t like it, at all, but I have to be true to what I want right? 🙂 That would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the next posting – Simba

  495. this was from last year. i am very excited about this at that time when he said it is going to be open source in another month. but it never happened. i like the concept very much. and be very happy if implemented in ADAM. dont need to have a projector but it can just display information on screen it self.

  496. Android has emulators already. Just checked and there’s one called droidemulite. That’s the free version of it. You can play NES, SNES, GBA, GBC, Gamegear and Genesis roms on it. I know there are other ones as well. Just need them to be tweaked to take advantage of the screen real estate and other features of adam.

  497. I agree. They shouldn’t be using a picture of adam to sell other tablets. If those tablets are inferior products people will associate them with the picture of adam. When adam comes out people will incorrectly assume it’s inferior. Also, they shouldn’t be using it without NI’s permission. I would imagine there’s some legal issues there.

  498. @DarkWinterNights

    Rohan posted in a previous blog that they were working on a forum. However, he was not satisfied with the look of it. And that was why they didn’t have one yet. And this is another perfect example of why they need the forums. This question was already asked and Rohan answered it. It is just too hard to go through all his posts and find it.

  499. @Erik

    Yes Alice you have stepped through the looking glass. This is, indeed, the dark mirror universe. In the other timeline Steve Jobs is a rather mellow gentleman.

  500. @Neo

    Klingons have all bought Ipads. I think this further demonstrates why they have not been able to defeat the Federation. With the exception of Kirk, the rest of us are awaiting the arrival of adam.

  501. @levpius

    I shall endeavor to do so. I believe I have my work cut out for me. While showing me the Ipad he exclaimed “Spock! …..It’s……MAGICAL!” I reminded him of what your Arthur C. Clarke said. That is, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. However, the Ipad is hardly sufficiently advanced. Unless you are a Klingon.
    I should also state that I did a Vulcan mind meld to try and persuade him. The experience was quite unpleasant. I had not realized how many different alien women he had “encountered” during our five year mission. It seems he truly has gone where no man has gone before. I believe the Captain shall be requiring the Gecko’s std device.

  502. but I thought that adam was “everyone in the community”‘s idea? shouldn’t we ALL get to sign the device?

  503. please do not defile these sacred walls with utter blasphemy from the demons of the other tree. infidel, begone!


  504. Hei mates

    i’m for switzerland and im still waiting to order the adam tablet. When and where I can order the tablet? Or is it possible to do a preorder?
    Thank you also…

    Greats from switzerland

  505. I had a dream where I had an Adam too, the night before last. The red one, and that’s not even my preferred colour. I ran around wanting to show it to everyone 😀

  506. @Alex
    Maybe Rohan have seen some practical reason for putting the HDMI like that. Honestly are you going to look at the ports or the screen 🙂

    there must be valid practical points. You will change your perspective when you hold adam physically. Sometimes images have something called as “optical illusion”. Hey there’s a possibility you will forget about “misalignament of port” once you enter Eden!!!!

  507. the arm version of Ubuntu is still buggy. So dont expect a good experience. Maybe future versions with unity can be better (unity being touch based)

  508. The secret sensor cannot be the touchpad which was said to be on backside. Trackpad wouldn’t be called as sensor, in general. SIM card or IR also dont have much uses. SIM slot too cant be called a sensor.

    Remember Proximity sensor and also in the storyboard sketches Rohan has done there was a picture when adam was lifted, suddenly the screen became live with showing updates, tweets etc, This feature is possible only with a Proximity Sensor.

    I guess that is the secret sensor

  509. They should at least try to work together once, although open sourced is good or its the best i might say but not everyone has time to make one for themselves and not everyone is geeky enough to understand how everything works and get it all done.

  510. @billreyn
    totally agree. But good criticism should not border insensitivity/imaturity.

    some funny comments are expected but really shouldnt we invest our energy to constructive criticism?!!

    I want my adam with an awesome augmented reality with hand gestures making my life easier (my take on the secret sensor). For NI stylus could be so yesterday. (i am confident adam is coming with handwriting, note-taking support going by past Rohans blogs!)

  511. That was what I was saying earlier. I think Notion ink mentioned 24/7 support somewhere so the might not sleep until the adam is released.

  512. Yes its a old news, and everyone got excited about it when it was first launched in TED, but then nothing came out as a product to the end user … It should reach people to really change the world … Adam will do 🙂
    Its not just launching a tablet PC with Android/Windows/Mac etc .. how solid you build it and how much its future proof is important .. lot of Tablets are already out like Samung Galaxy Tab and few others from India like

    But still people wait for Adam 🙂 Adam is future proof

  513. OR someone could write greasmonkey script, that let’s us tag/categorize posts here, and then turn them on/off according to what we want to read.
    For example one could want to turn of app-sugestions and all “pluss” comments and view only comments about concratulating someone.

  514. Did it have multitasking in iOS? Or did you have to run two separate iOS emulators to emulate iPad multitasking.

  515. Heartiest Congratulations Rohan on your First Baby!

    Can you pls tell me if it supports Android Market (besides Genesis) and what languages does it support – I am particularly interested to know about Russian languaage


  516. and my dream was ‘i’m showing my dad the adam and its capabilities, he was just amazed’

  517. Rohan,
    Probably a censored question at this point of time, but anyways, here it is:- Is Reliance Ind. working along with you to bring Adam to us? 😀

  518. The first question I can answer; it will have both Genesis as the Android market… I can´t find the post were Rohan stated this but he has recently.

  519. @Bruce

    You got pwn’d. deal with it. 😉


    But really, there was no need to shout abuse down the internet – I doubt you would’ve done the same thing in real life. I also doubt NI would endorse you doing so.

    This is the perfect place to post criticism on the adam – things get changed before release that way.

    For example, remember a while back rohan listened to us and changed the wifi to b/g/n? And how he’s always referring to the comments and answering what he can. The criticism is what is helping NI improve before they release the product! Without it, the adam would probably not be as awesome as it will be.

    Use some common sense, criticism and ‘negativity’ as you call it (without the lowercase and lack of swearing) is key to discussion.

  520. At last nVidia conference they claimed that they and tabet-makers are stilll polishing Tegra 2 chipset and motherboards for tablets, and they estimate mass-production of Tegra2-based tablets in Q1 2011.

    So, that might be also time estimate for mass-market Adam availability.

  521. Hi Arioch, I read something similar on Engadget but they did not refer to polishing the Tegra 2 chipset, but the Android OS (which with 2.2 wasn’t ready yet to run tablets). I think you misunderstood the content. If not, what is your source?

  522. I watched a livestream of the unboxing and first hands-on with the Toshiba Folio 100 yesterday; it’s the first available tablet with Tegra2. So the hardware ROCKS, but the software seems to be a disaster. Of course, this can be fixed with updates, but the way it is now… can’t install programs, doesn’t play standard video formats, programs crash… I have high, high hopes that Adam’s OS will be wayyyy better! (A few small bugs in the beginning are acceptable, as long as they are fixed asap – after all, which gadget ever came without them?)

  523. Yeah but the 10V charger is my biggest problem with the iPad. So it’s not compatible with my ipod/iphone or any other charger. Also, I can’t charge it through my laptop (PC) as that has a 5V USB output.

    So Rohan, will your charger be something that can be easily sourced (for keeping at multiple locations or upon loss) or will that have to be taken from NI/ NI dealers?


  524. @imapirate

    not against constructive criticism. only against incessant, insensitive,immature comments.

    BTW wifi b/g/n was a business decision which was required for the level of competition NI going to face. I wont be naive to think otherwise.

  525. My goodness this is insane. Can we get a forum of some sort. That way I can see new posts since my last visit. Just sayin… 🙂

  526. Rohan,

    I am sure you do not want to mix fan talk with developer. I thought someone set up a fan forum. If they did can you endorse it as an official fan forum. You have out grown comments which is a good thing.

  527. Thanks for the info! I also prefer the cover comes with the tablet, just in case that I can’t find the missing tiny pieces…

  528. Rohan… It’s already Weekend in some part of this World…. Let’s start ur WEEKEND Special…..

  529. Here is the CNET article.

    “Though Huang said he is sworn to secrecy until Android tablets come out and couldn’t give details, he did say that upcoming tablets using its dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor “give you the benefit of higher performance and much, much better multitasking and better graphics.” All of these combined can lead to a different experience than the iPad, Huang said”

    Read more:

  530. Scummvm just recently put out an official Android port, which I thought worked perfectly with the Adam coming soon. That allows you to play old Lucas Arts games (Monkey Island, Indiana Jones), King’s Quest games, Space Quest, and quite a few others. Hopefully someone with higher skills than mine will look into making sure it takes advantage of the Adam’s unique UI, but I may look into it just for fun if I ever get the chance.

  531. Stupid question I know, but will the adam be able to run regular android market apps, eg basic stuff like ‘freecell’, ‘whatsapp’ etc, that you can run on a phone?

  532. Exactly, I have been visiting this blog everyday from july and till now i have never seen so many comments on just a simple update with almost no big Announcement either.
    As a matter of fact Youtube is the only other place where i have seen so many comments on a single topic.

  533. There is an unofficial fan forum at but I’m not sure very fans many know of it yet. So far there are a lot more views than comments but it is an option.
    I too have been waiting for an official forum as promised long ago but not sure how that is coming along. Quite a while back someone offered to start a forum but Rohan said
    “HOLD ON”, ” THE FORUM IS ALMOST READY”! Since then I haven’t noticed any reference to it.
    It would be nice to be able to see just new comments, and offer comments on specific
    subjects. Not everyone is taken up with the style of logo or other peripheral subjects.
    Anyway for those that want, adamtab is an option.(at least until an “official” forum” starts)

  534. The only place I’ve seen it say Adam will have access to the Android market is in that letter from NI on someone’s blog. Did you read something official from Rohan or was it the same letter you saw?

  535. I am sure you can expect an official NI forum for developers and a general forum for everyone else some time real soon…

    Maybe Rohan will mention when it will be available in his next post.

  536. Similar with Viewsonic G Tablet (hardware great, UI/software not so great). Added “bonus” was that Flash 10.1 did not work. Viewsonic also has Tegra 2 and Android 2.2.

  537. Well 3.0 will be mainstream next year for sure, and this is a Q4 release device.. it’d be dumb NOT to put one on there. Also, the plastic tabs on those ports follow the colors of the actual tablet, check the white one in the picture, the tab for the slot is white, the red one is black. I think it’s USB 3.0 it’s definitely a slot! Also, if you recall they were making hardware and PCB changes very recent! If you saw inside the Adam before on youtube vids, you’d see there’s a LOT of open space. I’m sure they’re trying to utilize every port and it looks amazing! I bet it’s a USB 3.0 slot!

  538. Will it be possible to have something custom like “Created with love for Someone by Notion Ink”

  539. *cont

    there was NOTHING ‘incessant, insensitive,immature’ about what Jason or Adam said before you told them to ‘F*** OFF’

    Deal with it.