Week-End Special – Part II

Hello Everyone!

This is in the continuation of the last week’s post. I thought I will be able to finish it in this one, but I think I will continue this week-end special for a while. In this post we go further in the product.

This is the 3D drawing of the camera module. There were few very important issues which were to be resolved. We designed it for 185 degrees rather than for 180 (in most of the cases you will be holding it in such a way that it is not exactly facing you, so providing a little bit of offset). You might feel that 5 degrees isn’t much, but then for Adam its 5+3 degrees of natural inclination, so around 8 degrees (some relief when it’s on table) There are 2 rings on each side of the camera shaft which stops the module at all the angles. For connectivity, we designed a very special FPC which could sustain the usage cycles we were looking at. Believe me, this was THE most difficult job in the whole project (moving components always cause problems like Blackberry’s trackball). There are tremendous possibilities in the combination of Swivel design and Auto Focus Feature (from surveillance, notes while taking images, notes while taking video lectures to augmented reality!).

Next comes the batteries. It’s a 3 cell battery which you find in the laptops. There are very serious laws and regulations which one needs to follow while designing product with batteries as they are dangerous! We have 3 level of protection to stop any leakage or damage. First is on the batteries itself. Second comes from the body of the device and third from that green section (mesh plate). Ever wonder why is it there? It has beautiful automobile mesh texture which helps you grip, adds class to the over all design and acts like the 3rd protection for batteries. You will find that there are 2 parts in this product (one is this mesh plate) that you can customize with your choice of color!

This is the exploded view of the whole device (not updated). At the bottom you will find the device casing which holds the track-pad as well. Above this you will find the mother board (not visible in this drawing) and the screen (dark brown part which is visible). The green part is a Magnalium Alloy Chassis which provides the strength to the whole device. Its light, strong and designed to resist shock propagation to other components (due to which they are used heavily in Aircrafts). And the top most section is your capacitive screen (4 Layers in all) with the protective Glass (THE costliest component). Your Tegra chip nicely sits below the screen (Tegra module is extremely small!).

I have tried my best to pay heavy attention to the detailing in the product and the UI (and hoping you might like it!). It took us some 11 iterations before we finalized this +/- key design. Even for the toggle button (deep sleep/turn off), there were loads of iterations.

It has been an extremely fulfilling experience to see the product taking shape from sketches to rough mechanical prototypes, to CAD files which can be used to mill product out and finally to the complete render of the product.

Below is one more render of the product (mesh plate)(I know you have seen a lot of renders and now waiting for the final pictures and in the post to come on 9th Oct, I will show you the final device right from our factories).

I was thinking of posting a poll to understand your color choices for the devices. Let me know if you all are up for the same (in the comments). I feel that is one more way to get you all closer in designing Adam!

Here is the final image of this post.

(Apologies for the mistakes you might find in the renders like aliasing etc. I have personally done all these renders for you and time is in a bit of shortage here).

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

351 thoughts on “Week-End Special – Part II

  1. The Adam seems to be shaping up well. Can’t wait for it’s launch date!
    About the colors, I prefer black, but a poll would be nice.
    Two questions: will it support other operating systems directly (I’d like to install Debian/Ubuntu), and keyboards/mouses too?

  2. YES! finally we are getting somewhere, cant wait for it to come to norway, or ship to norway, either way im excited! cant wait until 9th october to see the final version:D GREAT JOB ROHAN!

  3. Thanks for the update!

    I like the colour option! Did you mean that there will be only ONE final colour or a variety of a few? Either way a poll would be great!

    I personally would like black and bronze (goes with my phone and laptop well) or black with titanium grey (looks sleek and clean in general)

    I look forward to more news! This is making me excited!

  4. Hi Rohan,

    I love your updates 🙂 I also prefer black but I think a lot of people will enjoi other colours.
    And October, 9th will be a cool day because we will s the final ADAM 🙂

    Please go ahead with all. Your are making a good job.

    Thanks for all,

  5. Like the technical details of the product. I have seen a blog website or an Internet news channel breakdown the products and analyze the construction of a product. This is the first time I am seeing a parent company do that. Another first step in so many different firsts from Notion Ink. Congratulation! I hope this will be adopted by other companies as well.

    A poll on colours should be great. The colours are a strange thing when it comes different people and different parts of the world. Taking the examples of automobiles. You will see the colour pallet used in India vs the US differs greatly. The choice of colours in the US is predominantly White, Black, Silver, Blue and Red. Yes there are offshoot colours but they are from the above colours. The special colours Yellow, Special Reds are reserved for Sports cars. The Luxury Cars only sport Silver or Black. At the same time you look at colours in India you such vibrant colours even dual tone colours.

    I think I can write a book about colors or colours. I don’t want to start the business attire colours. But the basic is it has to be some tinge of blue for the shirts and the khaki (brown) for the pants. They will not deviate from these colours.

    Each culture has its own understanding and usage of colours. Providing options of colours can help it to be customized to youth, business and casual users. I second this thought.

  6. mhm, as more as I think about a “coloured” ADAM, I like the idea. I rember that you have posted a ADAM in colour in one of the old post (the independance day ADAM, I think) and yepp, that was looking very good.
    So now I think a poll would be a very goof idea.

  7. 2 weeks to the final pictures 😀

    Good idea making a poll, I would opt for titanium grey like Brian suggested some post before mine, It would be very pleasant and stylish too.

    Can’t wait for next weekend specials!

  8. Can’t wait until October 9th to see final pics. Are you going to launch pre-orders then too? That would be fantastic.

    Personally, black and silver. Classy!


  9. I think it’s great that we can choose our color, another one-up to the iPad. But now I have to choose what color I want. Decisions, decisions…That poll would be nice to see all the options. I wouldn’t want to get stuck with something like one of only two colors available.

    Thanks for the weekend write-ups, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Eagerly awaiting release!

  10. Hi Rohan,

    good work with the sharing of the most valuable information. it feels like the doctor is explaining about the boy in the womb through pictures. feels good to read the posts. as for my suggestion for the colors goes, provide an option for panels or compatible stickers or decals on the back side. Personally, I have thought of customizing with my own colors through different stickers. I feel that geeks would like to customize the look of the device every month or so. no single color can be finalized. you can have an array of colors of the one mentioned in the site are cool. black and dark grey. A poll would be a fine idea to get to know the tastes of the people. and when you post the poll, please try to include the previews for different combinations too. that would be helpful.

    All the best.. looking forward eagerly to Oct 9th..

  11. Adam is still the only tablet that has everything I’d want, so I’m happy to see progress. Too many full featured devices have been vaporware in the past.

    The yellow / black one does look very nice.

  12. All the very best to you and your Team. It’s wonderful . can’t wait to see the final version from the factory 🙂 . Thanks a for an Amazing Product .

  13. This is what going the extra mile means…. keep going Rohan and keep writing the pages of history…

    regarding colours… umm it really depends on the mood! you probably guessed where I am going with this now…. well am not really asking for a push button to toggle colours yet! but if its not so much of a hassle may be you could make it ‘configurable’ as-in either due to wear-n-tear or just change of mood/mind if we want to change the colour, we could pop into a dealer/service partner who could quickly swap the outer cover with the desired colour. (for ex: Kinetic Nova scooter has this feature)

    probably black comes closest to being universally acceptable but it could be too formal for some….metallic versions of blue, gold (if Indian girls/women are reading this they may be thinking 1gm gold to match with their fancy ornaments! LOL)

    a light shade of silver could also give a rugged and cool look

    if you do decide on a poll, make sure you host the poll in a wider variety of forums… here, facebook, NI offical website and some popular portals in different countries… say samachar dot com for india and the likes.

  14. We definitely need more colors to Adam..And since I assume you will be launching Adam only in January in India, don’t forget a Republic Day edition! :))

  15. in my view anything that looks classy, rich and elegant will do either it can be silver, black ,or white if it comes with aluminium finish ( something like mac unibody finish)then it would look great yelloow,green and all such colours will make it look like a toy . just see to it that it looks super classy and elegant and rich must be a head turner.

  16. Very impressive Rohan!! I have convinced my colleagues to wait for Adam and everyone in my team is very impressed with ADAM!! 😀 Till now we wanted weekends to come soon to take rest or enjoy the personal time. Now there is one more reason!!

  17. Nice update, I was kind of expecting the final pic, but seems that we have to wait until October 9th. Pls share the UI as well!

    Tks for the second part, and regarding the colors I would like Black and (Blue or Red) for mine.

    Keep us updated Rohan (^_^)

  18. Black if it one color choice. This is great that I do not have to go to some third party web site to tell me what going on with product that I care about. Thanks again for letting us look over your shoulder.

  19. — another thought in general around marketing —

    given that the colours are more to appeal to different tastes / cultures etc. it just hit me someone like Russell Peters may be a good one to tap into to appeal to various cultures… in a way Adam is one of the rare products in history which will appeal to all cutting across continents and at the same time is down to earth rather than being elitist

  20. Wuhuuu…whatta product!!Can’t wait to actually get it in my hands!!!
    also,Thanks for explaining a bit of techie(hardware stuff) 🙂
    As far as the colors go, i think everyone will like different colors and combinations!!
    U can a default color base model and let the customer decide what they like for a reasonable cost( the way they do at Dell))!!
    Again, cant wait for this Fatte device ;)!

  21. I’m so glad I waited to buy a tablet. I have been waiting for Adam since your first steps. Many times I wanted to buy the Ipad or another tab but I kept waiting because your products it’s like a living thing, you made us part of the whole project, something that we never experienced before.

    The color pool is a neat idea. Actually I already love the color of your last render, that yellow looks like the Lamborghini yellow, wich is hot!!! :))

    Keep up the good work, now I feel the day it will be out is getting close!!

  22. Well, as others said the colours vary. Though Black, Gray, Silver, and White might be the best ones for “professionalism” I think I personally would prefer colour customizations for mine. And what mrzeal said is a good idea, provide metallic tones as well (but not just metal oriented like bronze but also metallic blue, metallic forest green, etc.) Of course the best way to decide would be like with Timbuk2 a page where you can change the colours and see what the final product would look like. I assume from your photos that the other colour customization is the thin side strip between the top and bottom.
    I’ll play with different colour combos in my mind and post again with what I think would be my choice of colours. Enjoy your weekend Rohan 🙂

  23. I’ve been following this product since showcased at CES.

    Can’t wait for this product to launch.
    Had to borrow a laptop from work in order to convince my wife to wait for ADAM instead of buying another brand right now.

    I would definitely go for a color poll.

    Think it’s great you involve the community so much in the development.

    One thing I’m a bit unsure of, in regards to running Android, Will it be possible to connect a DVD or Bluray USB Drive to the device, any one knows?

  24. Rohan,

    one other thing. Do you have a timeline when the EAP will start ? And of course, when can we place our preorder ??


  25. Thanks for another very informative update – it demonstrates the kind of detail going into the Adam… for which we will eventually be very pleased. As has already been said – this very openness sets you apart from others in the market – and is very welcome.

    I would tend to choose something quite neutral …black, anthracite, silver – but the poll would be an excellent idea.

    Of course if the coloured panels are user-changeable then I would expect a number of third-party (creative) companies to offer interesting designs … this is the whole concept of open source surely.

    I am already looking forward to next weekend’s update (hopefully) and of course the full unveiling on the 9th.

    Keep up the fantastic work …. oh and please release it in France this year!!

  26. As with the ever increasing numbers following the construction of Adam, we applaud you Rohan, for being so open and forthright in the trials and tribulations of this seemingly marvelous rendering of technology. The promise of a device that will not only match and fill the gaps that other pads/slates have omitted but also alter basic detailing and design features to conform with comfort is simply…wonderful. All what you have accomplished Rohan and what you are doing is what keeps me and others so excited. Thank you for your insight.

  27. This is looking cooler every time you post some new info.

    I have NEVER found a device that continuously exeeded my expectations like Adam.

    Colour options are a great “icing on the cake” thing for me. It would be great to have a few selections that can be fairly easily changed.

    Thanks also for the tech details on the camera and interior design layout. Its so amazing to be “on the inside” of the design (I mean your company, not just the device).

    So, once again, well done. Be greatly encouraged. Hundreds if not thousands of people are holding their collective breath for Oct 9th. (But dont’ wait until then to update us again!!!)

    Blessings Rohan.

  28. These posts are a lot like foreplay… I love the info but can’t wait for the real thing!

    As for color, I would most likely choose solid black (and hopefully it is not a glossy black that shows fingerprints). If I could not get solid black and had to choose a non-black accent color, I would probably go for a dark gray for accent. I’m not into bright color accents as they might be little less professional looking in a business setting, or make the Adam look more like a toy. But that is just personal opinion/preference.

    Though I also wonder what accessories and after market products will be available which would also contribute to customization (protective covers/skins, carry case, etc).

    I like many others, would still like to know if Adam is going to support pen/stylus input for hand written notes and drawings. It would be great if you could give us a hint in your next post.

    I am looking forward to the unveiling on October 9th. In the mean time, it would be great if you could get the forum up and going for us.

    Thanks Rohan!

  29. Very interesting and informative update. Thank you Rohan for finding the time to share all this information with us.

    I think a pool it’s a good idea. Also, I was thinking if the mesh plate can be user-changeable … in this way one can buy them in different colors and have a new Adam every day (based on your mood) (MarkR just beat me with this one). I like the business colors – black, gray, silver – but most of the days I’ll go with funny colors – yellow, metallic green, metallic blue, magenta, pink, gold, orange.

  30. I have been following the project from the first images and videos, and I find really nice to see the final version finally coming out. I really appreciate the sharing of your experience, it is something unique, that I haven’t found in any other company, like so far Adam is a unique product, much better than all the other tablets out or coming out soon.
    If it will keep all the promises and it will be fast and efficient, I will but it for sure. As I said, the other tablets are simply not complete enough.
    For the color, I also prefer the black or gray/black version, even if I wait to see the final colored samples.

    Really great job!!!

  31. I prefer black and gray color option but for some it could be interesting to see orange and green version (which render You posted some time ago). In actual times Adam looks like a perfect tablet (design, PixelQi capacitive screen, Tegra2, swivel camera etc.) but in my opinion it has only one drawback – screen resolution. I would prefer HD ready 1280×720 with the same 10.1″ screen size. But still it is the only one drawback which I could find so far (I hope Your UI is so good it doesn’t need Android 3.0), and by the way I prefer to heave PixelQi than HD ready screen (which I conclude can’t be reached both nowadays).

    And thanks for Your Week-End Special, it kicks ass 😉

  32. Looks awesome..Feels Super Awesome
    I jz hope it comes to me in Super-Duper Awesome Minimum Time 🙂
    Av for the polls..All game fr it
    N anywayz..Even witout it..I guess i’d prefer a Silver finish 🙂 🙂
    Waitin EAGERLY fr the 9th October nw.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. I’m all up for a bright lime green colour. =)

    A pink colour will always be very popular in general.

  34. When the iPad hit the market I thought I would never have any use for such a device. But after I fell in love with my Nexus One and Android and the first pictures, videos and details about the Adam I knew: I need one and it can only be THIS one (even if the Galaxy Tab is impressive as well but far too expensive.
    Yes, the choice of colour… I actually like the combination of very dark grey or black and a strong bright green like it is rather famous over here in the UK (Asda, Food Coop, Lloyds Bank). Red would be nice as well or brushed aluminium. The grey frame shown on most of the older versions of Adam looks plastic-y, all black would probably look cheap, too.

  35. It would be great when the final pics come out to have some sort of 360 degree flash model of the device where you can try out different colors and see what the device would look like in real time. It could even link directly to the pre-order page when it’s ready with the final set of available colors.

    I personally would love it to be black and mate silver.

    These week-end specials are a very good idea. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope to be reading about the UI soon. I also hope there will be a video on the 9th.

  36. Well I appreciate all the time it took to do the rendering but a pic is worth a thousand words. I think at this point we don’t have pics yet because they don’t have any production. Which I guess is about right for the time line if you consider that they aren’t sending one to FCC till Nov. If they are asking for a pole on colors again they don’t have a finished model to take pics of yet. Rohan has promised pics on OCT 9 if we see them I’ll continue to believe in this product if I don’t I won’t. He has stuck with us and been honest, if sometimes vague, so I’ll stick with him a little longer. I don’t see why instead of pics we couldn’t get a video of the product though.

  37. Thanks Rohan for the post. I like the openness of notionink.
    I think silver or white color would be better because it gives a shining and clean look.

  38. This is just wonderfull, the openness and all the information you give out just makes me want to get more of them.

    Regarding the color, I think I’d choose some sort of titanium-grey or black. It would be nice with some colors with some pizazz to them though. Like orange or purple…

  39. If everyone else wants black and silver then there’ll be many like me who want a real colour instead. The blue and yellow above look great.

  40. Myself I would prefer black, but I think the color options are a good idea (as is the poll) because some other people (generally regular consumers and not tech nerds) will go for that option (especially if it doesn’t add to the price), plus it’s just one more thing that you have and the other tablets don’t.

  41. I honest to God cannot believe how everyone here just takes this!

    We haven’t seen a working model of the Adam since last March/April and you all are eating these posts up like he was going out of his way for us. These are computer generated screenshots and this post probably took longer to make than the recording and upload of a two to three minute video of the product working would have.

  42. While I think that a pole is a great idea, I would prefer that you go with a color scheme that has the greatest commercial appeal. I want you to be able to sell a million of these in short order for a couple of reasons. I want you to be rewarded for all the hard work you’ve put into to bringing an innovative design oriented product to market and most importantly I want Adam to be extremely well supported by developers. 🙂 They tend to follow the money.

  43. Wonderful! I like the way you are unveiling the product little by little, increasing our curosity few notches up. Not sure if any start up or established company has done this for their new products in the past. I hope you have filed the patents and will not allow someone taking advantage of the beatiful and innovative ADAM features.

    Regarding colours: Ivory White, Solid Black and Titanium Gray for business look; Ferrari Red, Silver, Maroon, Bright Blue and few dual tone colours for fun would be great. You may post a poll with CAD model renders.

    Can’t wait for the Oct 9 post!

  44. The weekly posts are a great idea! More cool insights into how the Adam was designed!

    Can’t wait for the official reveal on Oct 9, more information about the UI, and details about the original app+ store offerings!

    Multiple color options would be a cool idea- an online “build your Adam” feature on the site that would let people customize the colors + screen type + memory + connectivity of their Adam would be a nice feature (very common with laptop sellers, but not with any tablets yet). Not sure what you guys are thinking as far as cases though.. Will Adam need a case?

    Best of luck!

  45. Thanks for update. Can’t wait until 9th Oct. I like independence day special color.

    Having a poll for color should be easier to choose from.

  46. If it is a metal component, I want it silver. If it is a plastic component, I want it a semi-gloss black.

  47. I’d definitely LOVE to see it coming with a brushed matte black surface,
    and I’d prefer to have no other color in it, so it might look professional

    to give you a better picture of it, HP 5310m, 5103, ASUS 1018p, B53F, UL80…
    these laptops are all business oriented and have the brushed aluminum chassis with matte black finish covering the entire device

  48. Rohan explained earlier his hands are tied till Oct 5 due to the partners terms / agreements and also due to the patents situation….

    if you actually still believe Rohan NI could dupe us it just shows the trust level and the morals in the modern society in general…. and for that reason the fact that Rohan and team are being so open about everything is in itself a great thing

  49. I would like to see a Flat Black Adam, with red accents. The grill and side panels as red, i mean. Thanks for helping to create this wonderful product Rohan! Can’t wait to get it!!!

  50. To MrZeal,
    I believe that you misunderstood what I was saying. I don’t expect them to have any production yet. I think that is normal at this juncture. Why would you go into production if you don’t have FCC certification. I would wait for that before I turned out 100k copies of something. I’ve been following this project for a year. I’ve trusted that they will do what they say. It’s been a long time comeing. I’ll stick with my statement. Rohan has been honest with us, albeit sometimes vague. No one wants to see this product out more then Rohan. It’s his child and who doesn’t look foreward to a birth. But we are it’s aunts and uncles and we are waiting too. Hope this helps.

  51. I think black is an obvious must. Silver or white seems like a good second option and then a third fun one would be great, like red blue or green.

  52. Oh, what a tease!

    I prefer the basic black trim seen in some of the earlier renders. Just looks sharp and matches most of my other gadgets. 🙂

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the research and development team from Apple is reading these forums as well … Those bastards better not steal any of your ideas!

    If the Ipad 2 comes out with a rear trackpad or swivel cam, it’s time to go to WAR!

    Great work NotionInk Team!

    Your hard work will be rewarded when the product launches!

  53. I love the info. We all hate not getting at least a little info. My vote on the color is gun metal, brushed nickel, or brushed Chrome.

  54. The color choice can be such a divider. Either you go for a generic choice like beige/black/grey or let buyers have the capability to swap out colors at will (like a swatch watch or some new laptops).

    A note to some Indian fans/readers – Adam is a global product from an Indian company. Let us provide our inputs from that perspective 🙂

  55. So it took longer to make this post. So he did go out of his way. Besides, it was already posted that there are reasons he can’t show the actual product yet. And you don’t have take it if you don’t like it. Nobody’s forced to come here. Showing a video of it wouldn’t have given the detail he gave us with this post. How many times has Steve Jobs or Steve Ballmer gone out of their way to post to potential customers?

  56. But people prefer different colors. Which is why this is a good idea. I think it would be a good idea at least for different countries. What works in one country won’t necessarily work in another. Think NI realizes that. Being able to choose your colors is even better though! Though it might make it hard to choose.

  57. I am really waiting for Adam to appear on pre-order!!! And I like this design insights so much!! I think you are the first one to explain to users why their gadget is made like this! =)

    Speaking about color – I agree that there should be some default color and possibility to change it ( maybe even for some fee ).
    look at Sony Viao – they conquered the female market by issuing different colored netbooks. So you should do the same – sell them colored or sell the color panels separately.

    About color schemes: I suggest black\silver, black\dark silver, white\pink, white\marine, white\green, white\purple etc

  58. I agree there’s been times when he’s been vague. But we’ve also learned later why he was vague. Like the problem with the investor. Don’t think it would have made sense to tell us that. Would have hurt getting new investors. It’s one of the things I like about reading these posts. We’re getting a behind the scenes look at what it takes.
    I doubt they have any in production either. I got that when Rohan said we’d see one on the 9th from the factory. I do wonder if that means it will be going to the FCC sooner?

  59. Great news. Loving the updates – really keeping me interested. Can’t wait for the 9th October.

    Colours – I’d love to be able to have purple grills with a black main body.

  60. Two design concerns come to mind and one question about battery placement.

    Regarding the camera, with the current image, it appears it’d be pretty easy to put fingerprints on the lens of the camera when trying to swivel it. Will there be another little ledge to grip the camera, mainly so the user won’t put any fingers very close to the lens?

    When a user grasps the Adam, invariably there will be one or two fingers hitting the back trackpad, something you’ve probably thought of. How will the Adam know which input to give priority? Putting the Adam on a leg will activate the tackpad input – will that compete with trying to use the touchscreen? Will there be a way to disable the trackpad if a user starts losing his mind with multiple mistaken inputs?

    The circular part is holding the battery, suggesting that’s the intended hand-hold from the last entry. Also, that same circular part will provide the three degrees when placed on a table. That’s 180 degrees horizontally opposite – how will the GUI be rotated automatically and consistently without rotating it in normal handling?

    Other than those, it really sounds good so far! Thanks for giving us such insight.

  61. I prefer Black or Dark Gray metallic for the majority of the front, but silver/aluminmum for the accents like the mesh.

    I tend to shy away from products that have a glossy black back, since finger prints
    can be a pain. One reason why I purchased a white iPhone 3Gs.

  62. Very exciting news! Cant wait for the final images in 2 weeks! Hopefully we get a bit of an update about the EAP soon as well. As for colors, I would suggest Black, Silver, White, Red, Blue, and Green. You could also always outsource that part to third-party accessory companies(license fee for use of the design?:P) That gives them a chance to design just about every color in both metal or plastic types, and doesn’t cost you a thing! In fact, you could gain money that way.

    Can’t wait to start developing! Good luck on the release.

  63. Today I was out looking for shoulder bags .. And was wondering whether ‘Adam’ would fit in it. Waiting anxiously!!

    Color : Grey / Black

  64. Damn… with colours!!! NOW my wife wants one too…

    Definitely a good thing, now we wait for Oct 9 to see more pix, wait for FCC approval, wait for pre orders to start. I hope there is enough to go round even for pre orders. Going to order from Singapore. Prays it reaches here fast and in 1 piece. : )

  65. thanks again for your informations. You are asking for colour choices ?
    Darth Vader black (matt) and a Silver Surfer are maybe boring but a “must” for a unpersonal, cold and neutral world.
    I d like to have mine with mehendi-tribals on it (hope they are not just for women), with all the colours your India can provide.
    I can imagine it must be very difficult to deal with all these expectations and emotions we all are carrying to you. But compared to other start-ups i love way you handle it: No Twitterfacebookingviralhype-marketing-Blabla. You are looking for a constructive dialogue with your customer. i appreciate that.
    Keep up the good work!

  66. Hi Rohan!

    Thanks for the update. We are always waiting for the next one.
    The customizable colors is a good idea. Your last picture with the yellowish tone also looks great. A poll would definitely be a good way to go. We are all eagerly waiting for
    the 9th, but in the meanwhile any chance of seeing the UI or the forum come to life?

    A video would be desperately good, but i guess that will only happen after the 9th.

    Just Hoping.


  67. Great update. Its kinda cool to read your blogs. It is good way to know the detailing that went in making this product. Hats Off.
    My personal liking is Black with titanium grey

  68. as many said black and dark grey would be my choice too.. but if you want to put a poll for colors i would like to see how they look on adam before i can decide what i like.. so if you plan on putting a poll for colors i would suggest you to put pictures of adam with those colors so we can decide what we like. i know you said you cannot post pictures of final product but i am asking about the pictures like in this post ..

  69. Great news.

    this is the first time I post here, but long time reader.

    I really like the way this product is developing, and I desagree with all the “I need it now or I’ll die (or buy an iPad)”. Before the great marketing work made by Apple, nobody cares about a product like that, but now suddendly everybody NEEDS a tablet and have to got one ASAP.

    I was looking for some time a portable device to read my e-comics an e-book collection and this was a love at first sight. The uses of a pixel Qi screen was a great idea, the Tegra too, and the inclussion of very innovative features like the swivel camera or the back trackpad really makes the difference.

    I can still wait what it takes to be ready and working perfect before launch. Releasing a non working product will be a suicide.

    (sorry for my english 😛 )

  70. Dark color would be my choice… I know how I am resisting myself not to go for already launched tablets e.g olive, binatone or may be galaxy tab etc.

    Hope things are getting on track as lot of ppl are talking about it.

  71. Jobs and Ballmer don’t need to post to potential customers because they have a base of millions and millions of consumers already; Notion Ink does not have one, and if their focus is reaching out to the techies of the world, then their product will fail miserably.

    Sure, I understand everything posted on the blog and I am no doubt getting the Adam, but it amazes me that they have made no strives to appeal to their real potential consumer base, which is everyone from students to businessman to scientists; as of now, their only press is on sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, and Slashgear, which while fantastic aren’t the most widely read of online sites.

    In saying that I wish Rohan and his team all the luck in the world, but at the same time think things could have been run much better.

  72. Black with silver.
    Always chic and timeless like the iphone 3gs on wich i’m typing this.
    Would be glad to have a big iphone (NIA) 🙂
    If Apple had made the ipad like the iphone they had a winner so i will wait for NIA 🙂
    grtz from holland

  73. I have to second that on Gorilla Glass but I hope these Week End Special updates keep coming. I have a lot of questions and they are getting answered a little at a time through these.

  74. Hi Rohan

    Cool update and nice explanations. A pool of colors would be nice but even nicer would be the possibility to buy a different mesh so we can change not only the colors but the mesh pattern too, but I guess it’s too late for that since the milling prototypes are finished. I’d personally go for a black hezagonal mesh and a black anodized brushed steel kind of casing. Dark Red would look pretty nice and a dark yellow, don’t forget pastel colors for geeky girls out there.

    I will be waiting for that october 9th, just so close to my birthday that I hope NI will deliver a good self birthday gift even if I have to wait months to get it.

    How is it going the developer thing?

  75. Please, Please ,Please! Matte black, not glossy black as this is a fingerprint magnet and too

    slippery.Also it would be nice to have one with pink trim for the ladies that like that.

    I would also love to see Midi (musical instrument digital interface) capability for us musicians

    that need something portable for our keyboards.

    Thanks JT

  76. Wow.. this seems to be the exact product I have been dreaming about since android was beta! Awesome job, can’t wait to buy one!

  77. Almost all the posters here are guys who like “manly” colors like black or silver. I am sure the women would like other colors or an option to change the color to suit their outfit.

  78. @ Peter

    In what way could they have ran it better? It has been explained that they can’t make any more pictures/videos of the Adam because of agreements until October. Saying “Eff you” and showing pictures anyway wouldn’t exactly be a good plan, especially when dealing with investors.

    As for the need for more “press”, what tablet that hasn’t been released yet really gets a lot of press? Ipad2 is the only one that comes to mind but Apple has that type of money to throw away if a drawback should happen to the ipad2 (though they’d more than likely release it and next year release the fixed version calling it ipad3 =p). I would much rather notion ink put the investment dollars into the adam for now. After October 5th we’ll be able to get pictures and video, and after the fcc passes the adam I’m sure we’ll see commercials come up.

    For now I will be happy with Rohan taking the time to explain different design aspects that might go unnoticed.

  79. Seems like the black + silver/grey option is the most popular

    Not surprised it seems to be the most globally accepted combination =) Its been used in so much though. e.g the psp thats sitting next to me is black and silver… not to mention the numerous i-products.

    Definitely (with the front colour being the main frame, and last being the side accents) :
    * Black + silver/grey (globally accepted)
    * Black + light bronze (or light bronze with black accents similar to the Nexus one!)
    * WHITE + BLACK (Classy and elegant!)
    * Black + metallic red (Alienware)

  80. Hi Rohan,
    Admire your updates…! making me can’t wait any more 🙂
    Its so open, where for other firms, every single aspect of their design is a controlled copy!
    You are great!

  81. No yuppie colors – puce or teal or anything like that. I don’t even know what color “puce” is, but Adam should avoid it.

  82. I’ll be happy with whatever color, just as long as it gets here!!! Hoping I’ll be able to preorder through a store here in USA — perhaps Bestbuy.
    Keep up great work.

  83. I would love to be able to customise the colour of certain features (the mesh plate for example) – a dark forest green would please me. ^_^ I assume the body of the device will be black but please don’t make it high gloss!!!! My laptop has fingerprints all over it and it drives me bonkers.

  84. Amazing! Can’t wait for next week (and the week after that etc… ), this is quite a strange and wonderful experience that your opening up to the public. As I read I feel as though I’m reading the history book as its being written.

    Thank you so much,

  85. Yes. Rohan and co are STARTUP and small-to-big problems will always be there. And please understand he is a young guy (25 years) and the CEO. Instead of asking a lot from this very busy guy, lets empathize with his situation. A little bit of an understanding will bring all the awe for him and his group.
    NI is breaking many concepts in tablet design which even big players are missing with all the money/ HR power. So please think before any comment is posted.
    In future NI may have problems coping demands/customer service. But heck, it will all be worth it because NI will be the only one to cater to our tablet dream (evolved through honesty and sincererity)

  86. First of all, thanks for allowing actual consumers to have a direct input in the design of this device!

    In terms of colour, there should always be the standard black+silver/white.
    If there were to be multiple colour options, a bright lime green edge would probably be good.

    Just as a note – people who pick other colour options (apart form the standard silver/black would probably want it to stand out from the crwod, so make the colours bright rather than pale)

    What would really be nice is to see the back of adam having a printed design similar to what HP have on their laptops – http://computer97.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/hp-pavilion-dv4-1433us.jpg?w=544&h=462

    This gives it a premium look and also reduces the effect of fingerprints on the back. This significantly adds to the ‘wow’ factor and aesthetic appeal of the device, that would really make someone less technologically savy purchase it over a competitiors product.
    This is especially useful later in the production cycle as the hardware specifications will not be the main selling point say.. 10+ months from now.
    However if this was going to change the price point of the adam i guess it wouldnt be a good idea.

    Looking forward to see adam htting the stores within the next couple of months!

  87. brushed aluminium, and metalic colours like silver, bronze just gives the product a up class feel .ever wonder why limited edition cars or phones or any device comes in a metalic colour choice . i would love to see my adam in metalic colour choices . again many people like many colours but there are very few which really go and match with ur real day activity , in my view you must keep colours which are universally accpeted for example a titatium grey or a silver will or a black will look good in hands of a university student a DJ and a businnes man also , but blue, green and red wont look good when u are in some corporate meeting . in my view u must give choices in colours if u can afford in more of the metalic choice just my view just because they look more classy .and more then anything any colour which can be durable and long lasting and scracth resistant would be great .
    iam indian i love india and i have a small indian flag in my car and in my house but iam 100000000% sure i will never sport a adam with tri colour its simpy not practical .
    like some 1 said if there is a option that u can offer a service like dell computers that we can select and make it the way we want it will be fine .
    still what i feel is that the product is outstanding by itself just keep the basic colour options maybe 4 options which people can select from and go ahead with it . my choice BLACK, GREY, WHITE(the sony vaio style which is white with silver added matte finish look ) AND SILVER in metallic versions or the ones which we find on acer timeline series or dell vostro v 13 model . this are universally accpeted colours and u wont go wrong with it .
    and like others said a final pic and more then that a video of adam in motion is something which is really important and would be appreicated .

  88. sorry all once again not forcing my colour choices , i would love adam the way motorola v3i , smasung armani , acer timeline series, dell vostro v13 and adamo , sony vaio m series white and all colours and feel of sony vaio x and z series. in my view such colours as listed above look good and are easy to carry off for most of the people in all situations and they are universally accpected .

  89. I remember when Apple started. Jobs didn’t have millions of dollars back then. And he still didn’t reach out to potential customers. Of course, he couldn’t have the way you can now. The internet as we know it didn’t even exist! But I don’t think he would have. Doesn’t seem in his nature.

    Now, I have heard people criticize NI for showing off the Adam so far in advance of when it’s being released. Do you think having commercials would have helped? I think having them too soon would hurt. People who aren’t hardcore geeks would lose the initial excitement by the time it came out.

    I’ve also seen articles about them on Crunchgear. And there was a link to a German site that has an article. Though, I agree, they need to get some good advertising. I even suggested a commercial in the last post. As well as them trying to get on Oprah. Apple had the Ipad on before it came out. As did the Motorola Defy. I think, at least here in the States, it would be great for them. Lots of people get what Oprah recommends! Perhaps go on similar shows in other countries. They’ll get free advertising that way.

  90. I’d actually take an apple green. Barring that, probably the grey.

    I don’t know what method you will be using to color, but I hope it will not lead to the same problems as the Pandora handheld (openpandora.org). They, too, are a small co that designed and produced their own, and spraying on the color added mm to the parts and delayed it a bit.

    Good luck!

  91. A poll for colors would be great, though I’d vote for red. Eagerly looking forward to November.

  92. So exciting, 6 months and still the most exciting tablet on the market! Black for me, but white would also be cool. Will this be able to access an external hard drive?

  93. Please no glossy finish. Too many fingerprints and too slippery. I think Matte black with silver
    or blue trim and maybe pink trim for the ladies who like that.

  94. As, I tell all the time, yet another too good update. This blog is like an oasis. Very inspirational post.

  95. I am waiting for the final working specifications of ADAM…..
    I will definitely buy it if it can/has

    1. e ink like e book reading feature
    2. open my pdf, .chm, isilo files
    3. open microsoft office products( word, ppt)
    4. make the endnotes x3 work with word

  96. very nice work dear Rohan, well i am seeing first time online delivery of baby ,lol. i have never seen manufacturer sharing such small detail of products. we all r very eager to adopt this baby. my choice of colors r black, black/silver, pearly white. might look good in fast florescent colors combination with silver or black.all the best .

  97. It may also come like iPod: different features – diferent colours.

    AFAIR Adam may come in 4 variants (screen and wifi difference)

    That may be mapped to four colours.

  98. Hi,
    I have been waiting for it since the beginning. I would like to buy it the first day it becomes available.

    The only thing which I would like to see in ADAM is the choice of OS. Other than that nothing more can be expected.
    As for the colours :

    1. Matte Black and Grey.

    2. Matte Black and White.

    3. Black and Blue.

    4. White and Black.

    5. Matte Black.

  99. Hi Rohan!

    I was reading the exhibitor list at the next CES exhibition. Notion Ink is not on it. Are you part of this in Vegas?

    Keep up the good work. Any update on the EAP program and SDK release? I am waiting to hear back on both?


  100. Can you show the tablet’s art potential in your next update? Its all I need a tablet for, so if there good, I’ll purchase the highest end model the second I can.

  101. Peter seems to be worried for NI that they may need to do more “to reach out to the techies”. That is not at all a point coz techies are all ears and eyes for Adam … “techies of the world” like very few people have done before.

    Peter would do a great service to Rohan and his team, if he could have shared some of his ideas of how to “appeal to their real potential consumers ..”. Just saying “could have been run much better”, is so irritatingly vague.

  102. Thank you so much for these posts – I have been enjoying them thoroughly.

    I notice that 95% of your commenters are men – nothing bad about that! But they’re almost all voting for “neutral” colors. I wonder if you might find that more women prefer other colors. (At least here in the US – I realize the cultural norms for colors are much different in some other countries.) I’ll take it in black if that’s what’s offered (I’d take it in any color, as long as it wasn’t white!) But I’d prefer something more colorful, perhaps a medium metallic blue.

    Also – I’d love to see an Adam in a 7″ version. Would be fantastic to be able to pop it in a purse and have it with me all the time. With the 10″ display, whether or not to bring it with me will be a decision every time I leave the house.

    Also, please make sure to include (or have available to purchase) some sort of case to protect Adam. I imagine lots of folks tossing it into a backpack or messenger bag – and REALLY don’t want to scratch up that beautiful screen!

    Best in these next exciting weeks!

  103. Okay. Now that I am not rushing off to work I can clearly think about the colour options.
    Though I understand the desires to keep it “classy with black and silver and such” but as for me it is a device that I would be using at work, at school, and for personal entertainment I’d like the colour scheme to reflect that. Now I personally would avoid really bright colours, especially anything like neon, but the soft pastels shown in this post are nice. Now assuming that the colour options would be for the mesh and the sides/trim between the screen and back (and that the front and back are black/blackish) the following are the colour combinations that I’d like:

    Metallic forest green (like pine) for the mesh with a dark red for the trim (not quite burgundy but close, metallic or normal).

    Dark green mesh with a lighter green trim.

    Metallic blue mesh with silver trim.

    Copper mesh (pops out more than bronze and still looks good) with silver trim.

    Copper mesh with a medium green trim.

    I also like the soft tones from the renders, they provide good contrast without jumping out like a 90’s teen outfit.

    Also an idea as someone mentioned use by DJ’s. You could provide some colour options which are subtle but pop out under black lights. It would be of much use to most people but it’d be funky and I’d like to point out that it’d still look professional as you normally don’t have to worry about black lights in a business setting turning your Adam into a clubber’s accessory 😛

    If it’s economically feasible I think the added colours should not cost more. If they ended up being exchangeable as suggested just charge more for the added colour options. But I have to say that though I like the idea of changing the colours as the mood strikes me exchangeable faceplates are often of lesser quality and feel kind of cheap, it’s better if it’s the built in model (plus I actually wouldn’t change it that often).

    And on a side note that has nothing to do with colours. I think your choice for the volume buttons is great. It’s discrete but with the “valley” between both ends you provide a very nice rest for one’s fingertip which makes it easier to use and to differentiate between both ends (with some volume rockers you sometimes press too close to the center when not looking directly at it because it resembles more of a straight bar than individual buttons.

  104. I agree. And one reason why giving colour options is because it also makes it a more personal product as you tailor it to your likes (within boundaries) and also makes it more unique so you don’t feel that everyone has the same thing you do.

  105. I would personally love a sky blue ADAM. But as others have said, titanium silver or grey does have a very clean, smooth look to it. Please please PLEASE do not make it a polished finish where fingerprints will be a way of life. Matte finish has a better look anyway in my opinion. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

  106. Thanks for all the information you are giving us!

    About the colors I would say:
    – Black / white
    – Black / silver
    – Dark Blue / silver
    – White / silver

  107. I would like a brushed black/aluminium finish though the idea of a mehndi type design sounds good and may appeal to some class of people wanting an ‘Indian’ colour/design. You could also consider the Kutchi / Rajasthani prints for the back surface.

    Discuss the UI in the next update please! Also interested to know if regular Linux would work on it. I will try it anyway…

    All the best !

  108. no worries mate… yup we are actually saying the same thing; earlier I was actually nit-picking on this… ‘Rohan has promised pics on OCT 9 if we see them I’ll continue to believe in this product if I don’t I won’t’…. I meant the fact that there are still ifs donts wonts shows how unsure of the modern world we are ‘cos of the tough experiences we have from corporates… honestly if every business believes in the Gandhian principle of Customer is God (there is a full para on what Gandhi said of the customer which was already quoted by another friend on this blog) we could all happily live but society has not matured to that level yet and NI comes as a fresh breath of air…

  109. black or another dark colour with a soft rose(or another colour for give a sense of fragility) line and hight visibility colour like a green/yellow the part that isn’t visible in the normal use so is not stressing for is attraction of attention but that is visible when it is somewhere and that can save it from a careless break

  110. I like the idea of the colors but I would definetly buy a black, silver or white …
    what about a pink or purple for a more feminine touch

  111. hi,
    i am an architect and now studying industrial design in iit delhi. i find ADOM as a very usefull device for designer as while learning architecture in SPA delhi we allways had an issue while shifting from hand drawing to cad. issues like sketching and other interface problems. so my interest here is if ADOM can realy helpfull in sketching, if there are application like cad or like photoshop and if the if the hardware is capable of presure sensing. for me and those like me it will be great.
    anyway i am going to have one and waiting for it desparatly.

    best of luck team ADOM

  112. I don’t think I can wait another 2 weeks! I am glad progress is being made. I will preorder the day it is availible.

  113. Hi,
    about colors – black, black & dark red (think HTC Evo 4G-like), maybe some crazy pink(#960D43) accents would be great.
    Reading the comments it looks like you’ll have to do color-poll ; ) So many people, so many preferences(although black and silver are among the most popular ones).

    About the openness of Adam,
    IIRC on default ADAM will come with Android 2.2 + special UI with acceleration? What boggles me: when Android 3.0 comes(being made with tablet form factor in mind), will Adam be compatible and if – will it take long to add your special UI to it? If you’ll add it.
    What I would love – is the possibility to install Android 3.0 by myself, just like ChromeOS, like Ubuntu.
    In other words: really open Adam would be great. Adam with default option to install other compatibile

  114. …system(why my comment was sent? @_@) without jailbraking it.

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to use iPad – hell, if Adam is better than I think I found my new love ; )

    About the availability,
    I really hope that I would be able to buy Adam where I live, in Poland, without waiting for just the opportunity few months. Some form of “we can get it anywhere, but you have to deal with somewhat higher price” would be quite logical move.

    With love : D

  115. Great update, i like this series, also i like the 9 annoucement, waiting eagerly for it 🙂

    I think the Color poll is a great idea, in this blog we´re mainly geeks, but there´re a lot of non geek people who buys technollogy for it´s design, i know many girls that want a Vaio netbook only because it´s pink design. They don´t know nothing about Nvidia tegra or android, they simply want a “fashion” device. So, please consider the color poll (And give more than one choice)

    Regards, Raúl

  116. Colour is a very good marketing tool I think , will make people notice it when out and about, in flyers etc. Different colours would be great if more than one Adam in the household. As a rule I’m I steadfast purple girl, but do like green. Metallic look is classy. That said this would be just an extra bonus, can’t say colour be deciding factor in this purchase for me but agree need to appeal to all , including the fashion conscience.

  117. mrzeal,
    “no worries mate” that sounds very ozzie to me. If I’m wrong I apologize but it’s one of my fav places. And your right I’m a drongo…we are both saying the same thing. Good to hear from you.

  118. Hi All,

    My understanding from the specifications section in notionink.in you can see that ADAM is not huge, definitely will fit in a lot of women’s purses..height and width are 239mm by 158mm (to know the real size add 2cm to both height and width to the active flash screen which is the rectangular box when seen in any normal size monitor/laptop; the diagonal of this screen is about 10 inches which might be the display area of ADAM).

    I hope this realization also helps all of us when we see the real ADAM first time, in case we were expecting a huge one; IPAD is 242.8 × 189.7mm. Amazon kindle is 203 x 135mm.


  119. Since many of you seem to have taken an interest in my post, here are some thoughts:

    1) Have a .COM website that isn’t a static image and actually says something about the product or at least forwards it to your other site.
    1a) Have an .IN website that works, and isn’t the buggiest site you’ve ever been on.

    2) Post Meaningful Blog Updates More than Periodically (ie our Wifi version is this)

    3) Better interact with customer base (check out upcoming tablet ‘Kno’, not only do they have a good website, but have had trials and panels and the such)

    In saying all of this, I am in no way intending to criticize or hurt Notion Ink in anyway. I want the product to succeed, because when I get one it does nobody any good if the company goes under. I am eager to see Notion Ink’s first news story on the TechMinute or Technology section of CNN, or one’s local news.

  120. Good to see the renderings. It would be better to avoid three types of colours
    1) Red and other similar colours which are not cool to eyes
    2) Flourescent and gaudy colours (these are not pleasant to eyes)
    3) Black, because it is a perfect absorber of heat- absorbs all radiations and might add to heat

  121. Maybe a black and white edition of it ;). More important is that you do not see any fingertips on it, like on a PS3.

  122. I wish there was scrolling wheel/roller on a side
    Just in a place similar to place of volume rocker button

    hardware scroll button is sometimes better than using touch-screen

  123. Hi Rohan,
    Waiting for Final Adam, black absorbs heat? 😦 please correct me, I prefer red, silver, polls is good, is there option for rainbow color(it looks nice, all colors, adds color to life) :-), as usual pink, due to pink color Sony laptop sells more. :-).

  124. Good to see the our beloverd Adem Emerging ! Reg colour you have endless cominations… my choice would be Deep purple with a bit of shine and batterns with Aqua marime blue,green and red.
    I am from Chennai, and when do i can have My Adem ?

  125. .
    Agree! Black + Silver!!!! And maybe a Black+Industrial Yellow, like the last render, like the HTC Aria ;]

  126. Loving the renders, I can’t wait for the final pictures. As for colors I’d love to see a black/chrome option.

  127. Hi Rohan,
    thanks a lot for all the information.
    I`m FAN till the first day. I`m really hoping, the ADAM will reach Germany as well as the USA or the shipping will be easy and not tooooo expensive.

    My favorite choice of color is – as already mentioned above:
    1. black + silvercolored metal (+ red)
    2. white + silvercolored metal
    3. silvercolored metal + colour (green, orange, etc.)

    I think gray will look a little bit cheap for such an amazing device.

    But actually the color is – as we say in Germany – cream-topping. I`m really looking forward to the ADAMs arriving – no matter what color.

    Many greetings from Berlin

  128. Hey,

    How does manufacturing hardware work? How long does it take to manufacture hardware?

    I hope you have already started to manufacture the Adam.

    If you are trying to find out the preferred color scheme now then the Adam wont be still delayed.

    Am really waiting for the product to hit the market. Will be definitely buying it. Hope its available in India too.

    Also will the Adam be able to access the Android app market? Will the Android applications work on the Adam?

    Google had mentioned that Android was not developed for the tablet like devices and the current Android applications may not work affectedly on tablets with Android?

    How can I develop applications for the Adam. Have some ideas and would like to get started.

  129. Hi Rohan,
    I have been quietly watching the development of this device for the last year or so and have to admit to being disappointed with the delayed release date BUT I think the details you have shared with us over the last few weeks has demonstrated the commitment to deliver a device that is truly focused on the end users requirements. Asking the people who have been following the development of the device is a great example of how this device will be so different when compared to other devices.
    And in answer to your question, I think it would be great to see an optional 2 tone effect would add a touch of class, but that is just my opinion.


  130. Thank you for this informing serie of posts, I wish more companies informed their target audience of their design choices. Looking forward to more news.

  131. I actually like the black/yellow in the last rendering.

    To all the naysayers, don’t bother coming to his posts if you don’t believe him. He’s fully justified his actions. Keep up the good work Rohan.

  132. Thank you for these posts. Yes, I would like to see a poll for color options. I guess I would like to see the poll with at least 5 or 6 color combos and maybe another option for “other” with a text box for input.

    I personally would prefer a few colors other than just black and silver/gray. As mentioned and seen in your picture, one option would be black + yellow. Another option would be black or silver or gray + dark red (maroon). Another option would be silver or gray + a medium blue (a blue that is a little darker, but not navy blue, possibly steel blue or a hair lighter).

    Just a few of my thoughts.

  133. I do like the contrasting color around on the inside edge like it’s a book but let’s do away with kindergarten opaque colors. A brushed metallic or anodized yellow would look better and sophisticated and not look plasticky and cheap.

  134. I can’t wait to pre-order it and as far as color goes I prefer a Black/any gray shade combination.

    I like to point out that this company is doing a great job when it comes to keeping us informed about their product:from conception to the final product and that kind of customer-company integration make us feel confident of their product.

    Since we already know a lot about the ADAM, we can’t hardly wait for it to get our hands on it.

  135. Black, silver, gun metal grey, and white are the more neutral, slick business colors. But Notion Ink shouldn’t use Fisher-Price like colors or it will look cheap. For $498 this is marketed more towards adults and professionals and not mall rats and high-schoolers. Satin or Metallic (instead of glossy or matte) finishes like champagne gold, copper & bronze using actual metal and not plastic are nice too as long as they are used as accents. For bolder color choices I lean towards the brushed metallic yellow and the transluscence of anodized aluminum colors against black. See links below:

    and for the ladies…

  136. Please, not Black. It is very common, now getting old, and quite frankly, passé. Besides, it shows dirt, smudges and fingerprints more than some other choices. A steel gray or titanium would be nice. Somebody mentioned bronze, but I’d want to see it first. The yellow accent ring on the last pic looked good too. …my two cents.

  137. Black, silver, gun metal grey, and white are the more neutral and slick colors. Those should be the standard colors. Notion Ink shouldn’t use Fisher-Price like colors or it will look cheap. For $498 this is marketed more towards adults and professionals and not mall rats and high-schoolers. Satin or Metallic (instead of glossy or matte) finishes like champagne gold, copper & bronze using actual metal and not plastic are nice too as long as they are used as accents. For bolder color choices I lean towards the brushed metallic yellow and the transluscence of anodized aluminum colors against black.

  138. Black and Silver colors for me!!

    btw will the Pixel Qi screen be the newer wide angle viewable one? And what are the chances of us being able to later on upgrade the OS to Android 3?

  139. Please, not Black. It is very common, now getting old, and quite frankly, passé. Besides, it shows dirt, smudges and fingerprints more than other choices. A darker steel gray or titanium would be nice. Somebody mentioned bronze, but I’d want to see it first. The yellow accent ring on the last pic looked good too. …my two cents.

  140. Hi

    NI is starting to lose steam in my mindset. It’s taken way too long. The only reason I don’t have a tablet is because nothing is out yet.

    As for my tablet, it has to be very smooth (the OS and all). After looking at their website (buggy as hell), for a product that is due in a month; it seems they are going to have a similar buggy and horrible UI.

    If you can’t make a good website, how can they make a good OS. The iOS is not the best OS, the only appealing thing about iThing devices is they are very smooth.

    This I believe is going to be another let down when it comes out (specs are not everything).

    I’ll check the reviews before I buy this. Who agreed with me?

  141. I don’t agree about the website as this is a very small group. Once the final product is done the cosmetic things will start coming together. You need to look at what all goes into this. The product is only one part of it. Distribution, marketing, and support are also things they have to consider. I have concerns about the UI but with what these guys have put together so far I have no doubt it will be worked out. Remember the website before the 9th was just for us geeks.

  142. Thanks for the updates Rohan! I have been following this for so long and can’t wait until the release! I prefer black and gray, black and red, black and yellow and the brushed metalic bronze orr yellow would be nice as well.

  143. Purple one for me, please!!!

    I mean, c’mon: black, silver, gray, bronze, white, beige, brown?! Those are not colors, those are mainly defined by the absence of color. The idea that most people think the absence of color translates into serious and professional look is somewhat confusing, though obviously black/gray is the most universal, i.e. least likely to be disliked or annoying.

    Having said that, I will order whatever appears on the first day.

    The color survey would be a good idea.

  144. I am just dying for the launch date.
    It would be so nice to have the option to customize the colours of my ADAM, but then again, I’d probably have colourful casing on it at all times anyways….
    can’t wait till october..

  145. Though NI is not starting to lose steam in my mindset, I do agree that the web site is terrible and that is a serious minus. Slow, buggy, bad English… The “average Joe” that stumbles upon that web site is going to frown and start looking elsewhere, which is a pity, for obvious reasons.

    I suspect we will see a makeover soon though, since it was said that the forum is almost there… And I sincerely hope they get rid of flash web site in the process.

  146. I beg to differ. The iPad was directed towards adults and kids… in fact, some high schools are using the iPads as a teaching aid. I wouldn’t rule out the Adam for use by kids because of it price point or styling. Kids are perfect for this because a lot of apps are developed by kids (including college kids) and thats what the Adam needs. Also, kids do like colors like gun metal and silver and white. limiting a product to one group of people will get it no where. I think the Adam is a clear winner over the iPad for kids in high school and college, as well as adults

  147. Yea, there was an article in a newspaper i read that was about color choices on cars. the choices differed greatly between age and by location. like the lighter colors are more predominant in warmer climates and younger people tend to choose darker colors.

  148. Nice CAD pics – I’ll go for Black and Silver!

    On a side note, I’d like to inquire about the project ‘Genesis’.
    Are there some requirements I (might have) missed?
    I have already sent 2 mails (at relations[at]notionink.com) and I still haven’t received a reply.

    Best Regards

  149. Well I don’t mind the website, as long as we can get the info. In fact I’d rather have this instead of a ‘beautiful tease’ telling us to wait Oct 9th.

  150. Please, not Black. It is very common, now getting old, and quite frankly, passé. Besides, it shows dirt, smudges and fingerprints more than other choices. A darker steel gray or titanium would be nice. Somebody mentioned bronze, but I’d want to see it first. The yellow accent ring on the last pic looked good too.

  151. You know it is with men, size queens, LOL! But kidding aside, I think they sized the Adam just like a manila folder to fit in anyone’s briefcase, messenger bag, portfolio bag, or a handbag. But a 10″ isn’t quite portable enough like an eReader. I mentioned earlier that a 7″ would be the perfect size for that. It will fit in a mini-messenger bag, clutch bag, satchel bag, passport bag, a purse, and of course a J. Peterman carry-all…you know, it’s European.

    I suggested they call the 7″ an Abel.

  152. Actually it hasn’t been stated as a definite either way. Google hasn’t been all too forthcoming with the public as to what’s needed for access to the market from what I understand. So although Genesis does have the benefit of providing access to apps should there not be any access to Google Market at the outset it has other functions.

    Providing access to apps specifically designed for the Adam to take advantage of its functions/hardware and providing a one stop shopping experience for apps and media from what I understand. It’s supposed to have access to books, comics, other media, as well as apps.

  153. Bright opaque yellow will make it look cheap and plasticky. A metallic or anodized brushed aluminum yellow would make it look slick.

  154. I would like to change the color every day!!! Am I asking for too much?? I liked the tri-color one you posted for Independence day.

  155. I like what Dell did with their Inspiron color choices… I don’t think it necessarily means something is cheap…

    I vote for bright neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, and mid range purple. =D
    I’m totally going to buy a purple version if there is one.

  156. It’s actually smaller than a manila folder. It is just slightly larger than many trade paperbacks. Definitely than a letter sized sheet of paper (obviously I am talking two dimensionally no tablet is thinner than paper). It should fit in many purses and bags but not all. The real small clutches and such won’t accommodate it for example. One thing you can do Linda if you have any doubts about the size is cut a piece of paper to the dimensions and compare it to your bags. Oh, and KP, the 239mm x 158mm is the size of the full device, not the screen. There’s no reason to add 2cm in any direction.

  157. I can’t express how excited I am for the Adam release. As for mesh plate colors my vote is for a burnt orange color.

  158. @blueblast: wonder, what’s ur intention to bring this to here.
    Please dont spoil the blog..

  159. Hi…great weekly updates Rohan…really looking forward to the real pics on 9th Oct. As far as the colour options go…I feel a standard Black would do well alongside few others like silver, metallic grey, white and more radical choices like purple(quite popular when available), dark red with highlights as someone suggested in one fo the posts above…This way I feel you would be able to cater to a majority of people..cheers!!!

  160. I’d like to point out two things about your last post Peter (not flaming or criticizing, just pointing out).

    1. The .COM site redirects you to the blog and it used to redirect one to the .IN site, when they put up the new flash .IN site they removed the link (this has to do with number 2).

    2. They mentioned that this site was beta. Meaning not optimized or anything. We should be able to assume that the final version will be better, more fluid, and maybe less resource hungry. It will also populate the .COM site. Maybe this will happen on the 9th of October (though I thought they said 6th some posts ago… maybe they’ll be busy cheering Miss India at the Miss World competition in China :P). But as has been stated many times. They can’t start building up hype too soon or it’ll fizzle out before the launch. These posts and site help people keep interested without the the intensity of launch adds which would get very tiring should they go on for too long.

  161. Actually only Black (when talking about light) and White (when talking about pigments) are defined as the absence of colour. Beige, bronze, and brown are legitimate colours, though not very lively. One of the reasons why a lack of colour is considered serious and businessy is because it tends to be timeless. Black and white dresses have basically always been in style (though possibly in different contexts) while Tuxedos haven’t changed too much in ages. Colours on the other hand can change from one season to the next, not just decade to decade (remember all the neons from the 90s? or the coloured suits from the 80s? to use those today in North America would be ultra tacky). Having said that I will remind people that I opted for real colours like greens, blues, yellows, reds, and copper (which though similar to bronze, is much more vibrant).

  162. Check these colors out to be used for accents:

    Metallic yellow:

    Metallic red:

    Metallic blue:

    and a host of other colors:

    Let’s not forget the ladies with Metallic coral pink:

  163. This color discussion has been interesting to read…

    When I said I’d personally like something colorful, I definitely did NOT mean pink. Yeech! [Purple would be fine, though! :)]

    And just for the record, I’d say stick with black (or whatever neutral base color you’re using now) and don’t worry about other colors if adding colors would add cost or slow down the release of Adam.

    I’m so looking forward to seeing the real thing!

  164. @abhi : since when website became the indicator of quality of product that the same company launches?check websites of some well known and least known companies before commenting and comparing. did you ever come across where CEO of a company himself tells you all the details of a product to be launched?
    Did so great APPLE ever told any body why the hell they had FM receiver in their Ipod touch 3rd generation in locked mode (which they never unlocked ) and now magically removed from 4th generation?
    I understand its difficult in today’s world to belief when somebody is promising so much to deliver but one has to see things in better perspective before passing any comments.

    We all Adam lover are not WAITING for notion ink’s Adam to be launched but we are actually seeing along with Rohan how it is growing day by day,so this is like enjoying the whole journey rather than reaching in Hurry to get something.

    and if you still want to buy any tablet you will have at least 3-4 option by the end of Oct in India including galaxy tab, olive etc so buy ONE 🙂

  165. Hi rohan,

    Do you know the color root-beer-brown

    black and root-beer-brown in high gloss will be my favorite.

    warm regards,

  166. What about rainbow coating? Lets see what is the stuff inside, rather than mere exterior toy-like decorations.

  167. Hello Rohan,

    Thanks for update.

    At first i would like to say that it`s a just cause that you`re doing for a tech world. I appreciate and respect your efforts.

    IMHO black and silver is “must have” colours, additionally other colors might be brown, yellow, orange, khaki, but please not glossy. I prefer to final product has as less glossy parts as possible – we all know why i guess (in terms of usability).

    Doing this kind of posting is a good way to keep people warmed up in a situation when real product is only coming and there are other intersting products on the market are available, coming or even fully finalized (for instance hardware and open source projects based on beaglebord). Actually it is my case.
    Waiting for final product. Thanks for keeping us up-dated.

    Best Regards from Russia.

  168. what valuable info??? are these info any worth? stop getting over anxious and get realistic. there are tons of these tablets on the market, and iPad is the dominating one. in what ways adam is going to prove its uniqueness in market will be seen nly after its released. till then lets watch quiet.

  169. Black + Pink
    Black + Silver
    Black + Yellow
    Black + White
    Black + Everything else – sell the spare parts :o)

  170. i hate myself for knowing about adam. i thought to buy a kindle and laptop before. now i’m in a big dilemma. time is a big factor. plz answer approx when adam can be out.
    Reduce delays plz.

  171. Yeap, I am well aware that brown (et al) is technically a color. I was trying to say that it is too close to neutral for my personal taste. “Not lively” is a good description.

    I am not sure that timelessness is the reason neutral colors are considered serious. I would say it has more to do with the “not lively” factor. Something bright and cheerful is considered frivolous. Self-expression and sticking out of the crowd are frowned upon. Somehow serious has become a synonym for boring, which is silly, in my opinion.

  172. Apple would never allow that.

    It sells their hardware for ay price they want, and onn of the reasons is they would never allow anyone to be compatible with their software.

    There never be any non-Apple computer/tablet/player/phone that Apple would allow their OS work on.

  173. Normally you have to wait till after release to find out details like this, but I’m hoping to hear it in one of these for the weekend updates.

  174. @Arioch,

    that’s not true. In Germany, you can use every OS on hardware what ever want. The restriction of Apple are only for US, not for Germany.
    For my self, I have 2 Dell laptops running Tiger.

    buy a ipad if you whant a MAC tablet 😉

  175. I would love a black/dark red similar to how the alienware keyboards show up in the pics on dell’s website.
    If that wouldn’t be available i’d love a black/metallic blue or a black/white.

    Thanks so much for the great informative updates, I am really excited by this project.

    Hopefully will be able to order one through you guys to Australia!

  176. Legally puchased not-upgrade version of Tiger ? not cracked ? with official support ?

    Ooh!, if the person is hacker, he would not ask “will it work” to netizens, he would say “i’d make it work’ to himsef.
    If he is not, i guess “no!” is better answer to him 😉

    At least makers of Apple computer hardware clones been suppressed quite fast.

  177. oh please don’t make it into 1:1 variant:color… that’d be defeating the purpose of granting variety, and would really be outright stupid.

    i’m all for classy and sleek motifs, but make some bright ones too; it’ll encourage grown-ups to give Adam as gifts for the young-‘uns. 😀

  178. Hi Rohan,

    Silver with Grey might be good , would also recommed a poll. all the best for Oct 9

  179. As for the colors, I agree with SO19 (Black + anything, I guess black + white would be mostly my style).

    Also a question about the adam: how does it handle high temperatures? A test by a consumer organization in my country has shown iPad shuts down often in a warm environment (outside during hot summers) because it would otherwise overheat. Does the Adam have this problem too?

  180. Wine red with matte finish wouldn’t really be that bad have a look

    I would like this colour for mine

    And everyone wants black, there is no chance that is getting left out.

  181. In the absence of a forum (which would be a better place for this), I am posting this here…

    I have been really anxious to find out if the Adam will support both touch (finger) and stylus (pen, for more precise handwritten notes and drawings).

    I realize a lot of information can’t be released to the public until the October 9th unveiling and commenting on stylus support may be one of the things Rohan can’t talk about right now.

    So I started looking elsewhere to see if the Pixel Qi screen can even support stylus input and I found a photo here http://www.pixelqi.com/products that shows a stylus being used with a pixel Qi screen in a tablet.

    That does not necessarily mean the Adam will support stylus input, but it might mean that it is possible.

    Most devices I have seen work well with either touch by finger or stylus, but not both (iPhone/iPad = touch by finger only, older iPAQ PDA = stylus only). So I wonder if the technology even exist for a screen to work well with both. If not, maybe the Pixel Qi screen in that photo was optimized to work with a stylus but will not work with touch (finger input)…

    Any thoughts?

  182. I know that I’m a touch late to the party as far as posting goes, but I tend to agree with most preferences listed here. I think basic black or some unobtrusive color is the best way to proceed. Ideally the device should look clean, and not distract the user from what is occurring on-screen. To that end, I look forward to blog posts with bated breath hoping to catch a glimpse of the UI sometime soon. I respect the great deal of effort you have put into Adam’s design, and would very much like to see how that has been carried over into the interface. Keep up the great work… I for one will not make my tablet buying decision until I can see how all others stack up against the Adam.

  183. Personally i really like glossy white with silver/metallic/aluminium.. I think it’s important it looks classy and elegant. For example: http://www.minpryl.se/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/htc-wildfire-white-andriod-2-1-530×371.jpg

    Other colours I like on a techical device is be black brushed metallic.
    For example: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/hp-mini-5100.jpg

    Please don’t make it look like a plastic toy for children with bright colours like yellow, pink, blue, etc..

    Please release the Adam in Sweden from start so people from the neighbouring countries (Norway, Denmark and Finland) also will be able to get their hands on one..

  184. It has already p[roved its uniqueness, its technical superiority, its fantastic screen, its higher processing power and its openess.

    I guess you don’t understand, but the suggestion of quiet, should have been followed.

  185. Replying to my own post…

    Info here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touchscreen indicates to me that only some types of touchscreens support both finger and stylus input. And only certain implementations of capacitive screens will work with both.

    Notion Ink’s site indicates the non-Pixel Qi version has a capacitive screen but does not specify what the Pixel Qi screen is (capacitive, resistive, or ???). So it very well may be that one version of the Adam will work with a stylus and one will not.

    (On a side note, another interesting poll would be on who plans to by the non-Pixel Qi model of the Adam. I can’t image many people would opt for standard LCD over Pixel Qi, especially at the nominal cost difference.)

    Further more, I also found this interesting article http://www.slashgear.com/htc-capacitive-stylus-patent-app-filed-plus-dynamic-display-adjustment-1452318 that indicated HTC is working on a new type of stylus to bring resistive-style accuracy to the increasingly popular capacitive panels.

    I guess I’ll wait until October 9 to find out if I will be able to take hand written notes on the Adam rather spend so much time trying to put the pieces together on my own. I’m not a touchscreen expert so all the info out there just leads me to more questions.

    Though it there are any touch screen experts out there that care to comment, myself and others would love to here your opinions…

  186. Bronze, copper and rust
    with black ( or with deep burgundy brown)

    It would be excitingly stylish and distinctive.

    Bronze with black
    copper with black
    rust with black

  187. Loving the updates, wanted to cast my vote for having multiple color choices and giving a “poll” survey for what colors to go with. I would take this poll and I’m sure many others would too. I would like to see the major ones such as blue (favorishadete), green, red, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, and gray. But to have all the colors be of a darker more stylistic shade with a metalic semi gloss finish similar to whats on the back of the iPad (not in a copying kind of way but just as comparison for what I prefer)

    You will find that the more customization you give your customers the more personal it will feel to them and they become very proud of it. Internally and in how they tell people about it.

  188. I’d really like to see some green in the ADAM. I know my girlfriend would appreciate some pink aswell.

  189. okay.. one more thing I stumbled upon. Apparently there are capacitive stylus available by several companies that. Though they are not perfect, they might work well enough for occasional use with capacitive screen devices.

    Here is some info on one brand but others can be found via Google…



    So this may be a solution if native stylus support for hand written notes and drawings is not built into the Adam…

  190. Per one of the above suggestions, I’d love to see that brushed black metallic for the inner recessed areas of coloration.

    All in all, shaping up to be an exciting October!

  191. Looking good there Rohan. Why not offer the ability for people to skin the Adam with a range of different colours? Maybe partner with one of the many adhesive skinz sellers like gelaskins to offer a range of finishes? Personally I would like to see a titanium colour shell with yellow trim 🙂

  192. Lots of great ideas for color. For myself, I’d like satin black and white. Think black and white wingtip shoes.

  193. Good job Rohan, this post was most awaited. I guess most of had our food for the brain over the week end. The design already looks cool I hope the build quality would be equally good.

    – On the personal opinion side, I would have liked the meshing to be smaller and dense (small hexagons and less space between neighboring ones).

    – Talking about the colors, I think different people (countries, age groups, cultures) will have different choices. So having more options is always helpful.

    ** My Suggestions (Wish List) **
    1. Transparent Adam (Completely See through) — Will look awesome.
    2. Uni-body Adam — To make it tough and thinner in overall dimensions
    3. Personalization — Some cool way to etch my name or some tag line or similar thing.

    People … your comments are most welcome …

    – MindIt

  194. I agree with someone above….Black, Grey, Gun Metal would be my favorite colors…then again, I am a very boring individual…

  195. Hi Rohan,

    Excited about Adam prospects. I’ve been located in NY for 2+ years. Wanted to share my experience here with regard to branding and marketing of products.

    I read somewhere on this blog earlier that Adam would be shipped from China/Taiwan and would be available for purchase only through Internet. In my opinion that would be an easy albeit a ‘much less impactful’ way of going about it. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of marketing and branding in consumer markets such as US and Europe and hence physical presence in some form where users can ‘Feel’ the product. It is easy to be misled by 3 MM Ipad sales until you learn that it’s probably been demoed by 30MM people all through BestBuys and the Apple Glass Showrooms – and this when I think we all agree that Apples are not usually the best products in their class when it comes to functionality (iphones dont have best call quality, ipods dont have great sound)

    At this point with so many blog replys and articles in tech-crunch/engadget et al – one might get the impression that people this side of the hemisphere are waiting with baited breath for Adam but i think these people are but few relatively and dedicated buys might number a few meagre thousands.

    I think instead of going about driving this post to pages long I will just leave you with this thought – effort must be done to push through the the scores of crapware and mediocrity in name of tablets in the minds and ‘hearts’ of people – so that an undergrad fuchha going to Columbia, or a sales person on a trading floor, or a granddad hoping to get tech-savvy to impress his granddaughter – all these varieties of people think and believe that ‘This is the Real Deal!’

    Fellow Kgpian

  196. I prefer dark & business like colours; black, silver, anthracite, maybe red.

    For the use in business enviroment/hospitals you need the stiff(er) colouring. Bright colours are for kids and maybe schools. I don’t think kids would prefer the Adam over the Ipad (due to the available games) Adults would love it for the PixelQI screen, so you need colouring aimed at adults.

  197. 18650 cells?

    this is a complex device. without experienced manufacturing and lucky developers, this could be low quality. but it could also be high quality.

  198. The etching would be cool, but would definitely raise the price. But it’d be nice to have it personalized =)

    See through I think would be only for die-hard geeks. I personally wouldn’t like it too much. Plus, there wouldn’t be too much to see. The Tegra2 chip isn’t all that big from what I understand. So what else would you see? The back of the screen? the connectors? They’d have to make a fake motherboard to make it more interesting 😛

  199. There was never any real official information on the HP slate, only rumours and here you’re getting it direct from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

  200. Okay. There are two main technologies for touch screens: resistive and capacitive.

    Resistive screens are what you find on older and cheaper touch screen phones and can use a stylus. Basically a resistive touch screen is like two transparent metal plates and when you press against them contact is made between the plates, allowing the phone to detect where said contact was made. Many people don’t like resistive screens for touch input because of the required pressure (you even have to press really hard on some).

    Capacitive screens detect your finger through the change in current on the screen due to the conductivity of your skin. This is why normal styli don’t work. They don’t have the correct conductivity. But some do exist though they lack the precision for artwork.

    The best stylus inputs are the wacom type (the PixelQi demo with a stylus that you saw was that kind). The reason they are best is because the screen detects the position of the stylus at all times even if it’s just near the screen and not actually touching it. They also provide pressure sensitivity (though this can be emulated on resistive and capacitive screens). They have the highest precision for the pen placement and pressure sensitivity on the whole. If I remember correctly the HP tm2 series convertible notebooks use a mixture of capacitive with a wacom layer.

    There are other touch/input screen technologies and they can be mixed (someone once filed a patent for mixing resistive with capacitive) but this obviously drives up the price.

    I think the most likely thing will be that the Adam will come with a normal capacitive screen. This means that only capacitive styli would work with it if I’m right (fine for note taking and possibly for sketches but not for detailed artistry). But it’s good in many ways, it allows for easy effortless finger/hand control of the device and with capacitive screens you can have a glass layer which helps protect the screen (if you have a glass layer with a resistive screen it requires a level of pressure to work that is uncomfortable and tiring in the long run, just ask anyone with an HP tx1000z notebook).

    I hope this helps you understand the differences…

  201. Any color that would work well on a car would have a nice place on the Adam I think. I personally like Neutrals (especially warm ones like brown) but for flair, eye popping metalic oranges and candy apple reds would look nice.

  202. You have a point. And the whole serious/boring factor is too true at times. One reason I prefer copper to bronze as bronze is too blasé. If I could have two I’d have one with silver or more somber colours and the other with bright lively ones. And as a non-conformist I prefer to have colour if possible (and shades that I like). I’ll still avoid any neons though 😛

    Though truth be told I’ve been thinking about painting the back with some design from day one my only concern with that is any possible effect it might have on the heat.

  203. Also that’s really annoying. What happens when you want one feature set that only comes in a colour scheme you simply abhorr?

  204. Hi,

    I can’t wait to play with this thing! Luckily, I’m in Bangalore.

    So, any launch party or something planned?

    and did I mention? you are AWESOME!


  205. 108 different color panels.. Out of the box na… no one in the same class will have the same color.. new dress new color.. new hair colour new panel..why not add khadi bags to give support to our rural populace(an interesting market).. base color to black and white hi theek hai.. Whatever you do, just be different..

    I just hate you for the delays but like you for your persistence.. so many things come to my mind about how I would use it.

    I would have had two of them one for family and one for me if you had brought it out by June I had planned to skip my Laptop purchase, (I just hate you for this)

    Now I am stalling my purchase of “Samsung Galaxy S” cause I cant spend +50K for my luxury.. I will keep my Laptop for my family (selfish me, the ? is will they be able to use it or I may sell it) Hoping you don’t kill my dreams this time. November ka diwali sudhar dena darling.. Ab to blog visit bhi mera kam ho gaya hai.. please send me a private email before launch if possible. Thank you


  206. How can you say if these info is not worth? It is worth for all people who are bracing for a historic change. It is of great worth because Rohan is telling you what to expect.

    “IPad is definitely the dominant one”. Sure, everyone knows that. Good for Apple Inc. Thanks for the info.

    “adam is going to prove its uniqueness in market will be seen only after its released” of course… man… next thing you will say to the world you just found out “1 + 2 = 3, not 12”

    We will wait for Adam, but why do you want people to be “quiet” about their expectations? Almost like saying ‘shut up’. 🙂

  207. i’ve been watch Notion Ink since may and the number of readers and comments on each of your post keep increasing. everyone is just eager to see your product launch. I only wished we could get a look at the OS and some of its software.

    anyway, my choices for colors are only 2:
    Black on black
    black on hotrod red (like what we saw in iron man) 🙂

  208. Hi all,

    Adam presentation, technical explainations and capabilities are published and re-published but no release date. More time mean more money and maybe more expensive for Adam.
    First tablets are already available here in Turkey (Samsung Galaxy for exemple)
    How long do we have to wait Rohan ?

  209. Thanks for your reply Tarwinia.

    I too see the advantages of capacitive touch screens (support for multitouch, etc) and think it it the best touchscreen technology for everyday use of the Adam, even if it limits how precise stylus input can be.

    On that note I researched capacitive stylus and watched several videos online of people using a them with the iPad and other capacitive touchscreen devices. They seem to work great for simple handwritten notes and drawings.

    The best results were from capacitive stylus made by Boxwave, Griffin, and Targus (they are all the same with different branding). Another made by Dagi (which is also OEM’d by HTC) is a completely different design but looks good also, though some people say it has to be held at a more precise angle to work well. And just everyone like these capacitive stylus over those made by Pogo, TouchTec, etc.

    So I feel a little more reassured that there will be a solution for using a stylus with the Adam to input handwritten notes and simple drawings. Heck, it they can do it with iPad… (need I say more?!)

  210. I think, Notion Ink is to go OEM way like Malata.

    Then cutural customisation, including choosing locally popular colours, would be made by re-sellers (shops with their local brands)
    Also that maybe wuld increase availability of Adam to other countries, though for extra price of course.
    Also that may increase number of buyers, hence decreasing cost of Adams via Economy of scales.

  211. i think the black on yellow and black and blue both look pretty sharp.

    Can’t wait to pre-order

  212. My cheap phone comes with stylus.
    Yet it works with fingers as well.

    But using fingers always feels unreliable, probably because it cannot correctly estimate center of press and many small UI elements hardly work.

    I guess, UI using fingers should more be controlled with “mouse gestures” like Palm Graffiti, like sweeping movements, than on “cicks” by finger in certain place.

  213. @Tarwinia: exactly the same, as if the device has the only single colouring (no schemes at all), that you abhorr 😉

    Personally i hope the device would be easy for carefull disassemble, and that good-quality coloured panels be available in ~6 months after Adam launch.

    I like dimmed blue image in article above. I’d prefer device be mainly in black with some details in dimmed violet (not dimmed like mixed with gray, but dimmed like not very bright but still clear like water colours)

    Like Samsung Q1 player – i don’t like it technically, and it is clearly women-only device (though i use it just because i got it for free). But colours look nice to me – http://www.f1cd.ru/news/media/57/
    Player itself is black with dark violet drawing, it comes with leather which is very-dark-violet (almost black, but you feell the difference even if not realize it clearly) with suede fiber inside (which has 3rd shade of violet, still unobtrusively dark but lighter than two former shades)
    Together those sightly different colours make great garmony.

  214. Dear Rohan, enough said. When can all of us preorder this awesome Adam. Make mine black. Great going.

  215. Hey boss. One direct question;when can I have it in India? Or should I go with the other options.

  216. CNNMoney.com has an article today touting “4 iPad rivals coming soon”. The fact that Notion Ink’s ADAM is not among those four is a little disconcerting to me. I don’t know how to interpret that. I am not intrigued enough by any of those four to be tempted to buy them. Yet.

    But why is Adam not included? Not enough marketing? Or do the “experts” still think that Adam is never gonna make it to launch?

    When, oh when, oh when will we possibly start getting some answers to our oft-asked questions?? Where is the forum that is in the last stages that Rohan mentioned days ago?

    I REALLY want the Adam to be the answer to my desire for a tablet…..

  217. Notion Ink is not a big established company, I didn’t read the article, but let me guess on siome they may had picked

    Samsung Galaxy,
    toshiba tablet
    Motorola Tablet.
    HTC tablet

    Might have been someone else, but I bet all were big name electronic companies. Not a single startup among them would be my other bet.

    That is a problem a start up faces, they arn’t going to have access to the retail channels that the big companies are, what did Notion Ink say in one of the these post, they are hoping to be able to produce 100,000 units a month. Samsung is projecting 11 million there first year, that is almost a million units a month
    by time the adam tablet has shipped it’s first million units, the ipad will have shipped it’s 27th million unit. Adam isn’t going to put a dent in the ipad sales for a long time to come. that said, I still can’t wait to get my hands on it. I have went and looked at the ipad several times, it is pretty sweet, and the ipad 2 will be even better. But I will be happy with the Adam, as long as it comes out by the year end, if the ipad 2 comes out first, I am not sure I would hold out any longer.

  218. I *love* the idea of colors. We are considering picking up a fleet of these bad boys to use for streaming live conferences and events via the Ustream Android app. We could color code each unit to help track which one is where, what belongs with whom, etc. Personally I like the idea of bold colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and possibly violet (wonder where I got that list of colors). I would add white, black, silver and if possible a gun metal grey to that list. No idea how many options are allowed, but why not allow the user to decide a bit like those companies that paint iPhones and whatnot. If it doesn’t add a lot of cost, it sure does add a lot of fun!

  219. Pretty sexy product. It would be awesome if it takes on the unibody of the Ipad, if not multicolor panel like the one shown would make it stands out. When is the release? I want to buy one.

  220. It will definately NOT support ios or mac, since these two are products of Apple and are used on Apple exclusive products.

  221. One more option which I would love to be configurable would be the RAM 😉
    Blackberry just announced their tablet would have 1GB of RAM which I think is great. I’m not saying that I am tempted by the blackberry device (I am really not), it’s just a point of reference. It’s also like one of two technical specifications we don’t yet know. But I am willing to wait for that info. I just hope it’s great.

    Eagerly looking forward to the next weekend update (and poll if you decide to do one).


  222. I would definitely post a poll on colors.
    However, I agree with some previous comments that you can’t use the wrong colors or it will look “cheap”. Industrial colors such as black, white, gun metal gray and silver are perfect, but you should also consider colors used for cars. I myself am personally very attracted to candy apple red, and I believe that the right yellow would also do the product justice.
    Counting down the days until I can have this in my hands! Keep up the good work!

  223. @ “let’s see what’s the stuff inside” : Planning to take Adam to the nude beach? Or to do justice to Mr.Adam ? :-p

  224. Hello Rohan,

    Blackberry anounces a tablet.

    Looks like it will be more and more big boys who will be your competators. They have the money and marketing muscle. The only way you can beat them is by being different and by getting the device to the customers fast.

    Come on don’t play the catchup game, be ahead.


  225. I get how people would want Black and silver but really… I think there are way too many other devices out there that look similar.

    I love the added color in the last picture and I would surely love Black + burst of color around the edges with the grill black.

  226. I noticed in one of the renderings, it appears the mesh holes dont go all the way through. If thats how its supposed to be I suggest you highly reconsider having the mesh there at all, my dell xps has the same type of mesh fascia where the speakers are and it is a pain in the butt to clean out. It seems that dirt likes to settle in the pockets and it is impossible to get out of the holes. This would be fine and dandy except for the fact that because mine is black, even the smallest speck of dirt stands out. So now instead of a black mesh, i have a black and white speckled mesh…looks pretty tacky.

    Anyway, just a suggestion from an excited future customer! Take Care and keep up the great work, im rooting for you!

  227. I’m reposting because I’ve found a picture of my color pick.

    I still would like deep brown, with rose gold trim and a matte finish. Something similar (in color) to this watch:

    However, I can see how it might be more appealing for men (with similar tastes) to have brown with pure gold trim instead.

  228. i think they mentioned somewhere that they’ll give it a matte finish, though. i wonder how semi-gloss’d work. 😕

  229. Interesting read about stylus support!

    I would also like to se stylus support on Adam, but I am pessimistic. I dont think there will be any (besides the capacitve stylus of course which basically isnt that good)

    Capacitive styluses like Targus, etc, doesnt really cut it if you want to do serious creative stuff like drawing. I would even go so far to say that even notetaking is a bit awkward on a capacitve screen. You can do it, but you are far from the feeling of real paper and pen. The biggest problem is you cant touch the screen with anything else but the pentip. Besides that you have the

    Look at this comparison (wacom-style vs capacitive stylus) to see what I mean:

    Touch is superior as a mean to navigate the os, and simpler app use cases (in fact I think most apps would fall under this category), start apps, close apps, etc.

    However. App use cases such as sketching, drawing and notetaking need a stylus.

    I.E we need a device that can handle both or at least switch between the different modes if necessary. Default mode would be capacitve touch – but when switching to an app that needs it, say a drawing app, capacitive touch would be switched off and wacom style stylus action enabled.

    That would be sweet.:)

    But like I said, I dont think Adam will support anything else but capacite stylus

    Eve perhaps…:)


  230. Another thought, for the US release (and not related to colors). Any chance of offering some type of low-cost 3G plan like the ipad has with at&t? It’s the one factor that could have me buying an ipad 2 over adam. With the ipad, I could get 3G coverage for internet for $15 or $25 per month, no contract. Would still use wifi whenever I could, but would be fantastic to be able to access the internet where no wifi is available. All of the other cell phone companies charge $45-60 PER MONTH just for data access (like for a laptop, etc – I’m not talking about cell phones). It’s really way too expensive (and much cheaper in Europe, from what I can tell). Anyway, having access to some type of cheaper internet plan like the iPad has would be a strong selling point, I think.

    (I know, for people who already have a Smartphone, they can tether a wifi device like Adam. But I don’t have and won’t need a Smartphone if I have an iPad or Adam. A low-cost prepaid phone plan is all I need for voice calls.)

  231. Very nice. Close to copper but subtler (and rosier). I think it’s a great colour combo for men. But that’s my own personal opinion. I actually normally find gold to look gaudy (and silver classic).

  232. Like you said henkeman, maybe for a later iteration of the Adam. If the Adam is successful they might be able to include the tech or offer the option for an added cost, thereby making it available to those that really need it (artists, architects, etc.)

  233. oh please make color options free. it’d be pointless to offer up customizability (i.e. colors) for a price.

    i like the idea of color panels that can be sold separately… additional marketing+sales option!

  234. you made some nice points. here’s to hoping there’s some sort of fingerprint-resistant coating on that swivel camera.

    also, seeing as people will be holding Adam on its spine (battery), won’t it get hot? hopefully it’s only comfortably warm to the touch…

  235. i knew this Alienware combination was going to popup sooner or later… like that combination, though.

    now if only we could fit a glowing keyboard… XD

  236. forget about every thing and just tell us will it be capable of updating to the upcomming 3.0 gingerbread or will u launch a new adam or eve for it……

  237. carriers are evil and large and will not deal with this small organization. and because they are evil you don’t want them dealing with it anyway.

  238. Ask Google Inc.

    Notion Ink don’t know and cannot give warranties of what Google would make with Android 3.
    Notion Ink claimed few times, that they would do what they can to make Android 3 update for Adam.
    However, if Google would decide that Android would not work on Adam hardware, Notion Ink has no power for war against Google.

  239. That’s what probably some US-local company should do.

    I think Notion Ink would not be able to make themselves brand and to launch vast sales of Adam at same time.
    I guess they’d better go non-exclusive OEM like Toshiba/Interpad/Malata and allow local companies make customisations, colouring, contracts with carriers and all that might boost local sales.

  240. I definitely think this is coming a long brilliantly! As for colors I think that there should be a set of colors you will produce in. Then when ordering, a customer can choose. As for what those colors should be, you know the Adam better than anyone. If you have the time, come up with a collection you think would look best and then hold a vote for the top four or so. Those four can be your production colors.

  241. Hi,
    i cant w8 for this tablet and thank u for sharing all these informations.
    I just saw a article about Marvell processors for tablets what do u think ?


  242. Well, it’s not quite like Arioch makes it seem. The way he said it sounds as if Google would specifically target Notion Ink.

    The problem is Google has not announced the hardware requirements for Android 3.0 a.k.a. Gingerbread. Without knowing the hardware requirements it is impossible to say which tablets will be able to have it/upgrade to it.

  243. I would like to know if the Adam will have a tri band 3G radio. I live in the USA and travel to Asia and would like to be able to get 3G service on both continents. I own a Nexus One that works on AT&T’s 1900MHz 3G band and Globe Telecom’s 2100MHz 3G band.

    It would be nice if the 3G radio in the Adam has multiband 3G capabilities, making it a TRULY mobile device world-wide.

  244. Bright lime green and electric orange? Those colors are perfect for tackiness factor!

    Might as well go with these anodized colors:

  245. And check these metallic colors:

    from the top goiing clockwise:


  246. I have one question?

    The honeycomb design on the mesh plate does it have holes? (if yes it can hold dust in the corners of it or sweat of the hands too.)

  247. Hi Rohan,

    For the color choices you should add purple and pink for the female population.
    That would guarantee you alot of extra sales.

  248. Hi I agree, and I really really hope NI gets a very mature and stable UI. But it has to be clear to them, that end-user experience is very smooth. We dont get technical or software difficulties.

    Also they need setup tech support, and a reliable warranty service as well.

    BTW any word on release date in Canada?

  249. Hello, this post is interesting but i want to know if it is possible to use the Adam as a notebook. Could you write as well as a paper notebook? In all videos of this expectacular device we alwas see movies, browsers, the webcam… but when arrive at the touchscreen… You click on some icon or draw one or two big lines and it’s all. I’ve never seen somebody writting a paragraph with a pen in the Adam. Can you put a video about it? please. I think this kind of devices won’t be usefull while we can’t hand-write on them in a confortable way.

  250. great idea! though this may be a better job for third-party customization accessory companies…

  251. Is it possible to pre-order Adam (3G-Wifi) PixelQ1 from India? I don’t mind paying for this beauty now itself and be the first customer from India 😉

    Can’t wait to see the Red & Black!!

    My father wants a laptop and I am thinking of giving mine (HP) and replace it with Adam!
    For sustaining long in the market, it is important to create eco system which helps you to integrate product and services. It is impressive to see Notionink treating users as partners who in turn become investors and become sales representatives.

    Quality of the product is very important and I hope these delays had given enough opportunities to build a valuable product (with good resale proposition)that last long.

    My best wishes for all Engineers who are part of this great project!!!

  252. That is your opinion. Some people adore the color violet. And it would be upto either the school or the retailer whether or not to offer it in any other color than the stock manufacture’s colors.

    Please try to be a bit more open minded?

    God bless,

  253. Wonderful blog! I really love how it’s easy on my eyes and the information are well written. I am wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which must do the trick! Have a nice day!


    I check it about 4 times a day and read all the comments.

    My 21 year old son calls me a fanboy.

    He’s probably right but I don’t care.

    Rock on Rohan.

  255. It’s great to see the hardware stuff, but what will make or break the Adam is software. I want to know if the UI is as good, smooth, and intuitive as the iPad. This is why the iPad is so popular… not because it looks good or because it’s Apple, but because Apple puts so much energy into designing a perfect interface.

    What is Adam’s like? How does it compare? Amazing hardware amounts to nothing if the experience isn’t wonderful.

  256. Last I heard, it’ll come with Android 2.2 Froyo. I believe it’ll also have the Android app market, and have Unreal 3 engine support for gaming.

  257. Cool Article! My spouse and i had been simply just debating that there’s a whole lot absolutely wrong details at this matter and also you precisely replaced the belief. Many thanks for a marvelous contribute.

  258. Another great piece of information (I’m starting to see Golden Ratios everywhere). I especially love the part about the UI being heavily accelerated. I also remember another post saying that developpers will also have access to HW acceleration API.
    I’m really impatient to learn more about that UI, I was wondering how easy will it be to port to Gingerbread as I read articles saying that it won’t support custom interfaces anymore. I’d hate to see all that creativity and efforts wasted.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, we do appreciate. I wish I could time warp to the 9th.

  259. I am not sure of what other versions/flavors/iterations are planned but here’s a suggestion:

    A “rugged” version that has the equiv. of Gorilla Glass and is weatherized. XO/OLPC has that. You could charge $100 more and people would still buy it.


  260. A Quite easy to follow post . Any time i check your blog i find a original perspective . Furthermore , as a new developer, i have to say that the structure of your site is amazing . Could you post some information regarding the theme ? . I find it hard to choose among all these themes and widgets.
    Cheers .

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