Week-End Special!

Hello All,

This is the week-end special and I personally was waiting for long to write this up. (Its in 2 part and a long one!)

Before starting to work on Adam, I used to wonder, how actually it is done?  How so many engineer from different fields, continents and culture, come together and create things in coordination? One of the most interesting truth in this journey is, that what is initially planned, is not always what everyone end up designing, at least not on the first instance.

Today I will take you inside the Adam. Explain the design, why exactly Adam was designed in a way it is and more. Lets talk about the overall dimension of the device first.

I will start with the Concept of 3 Degrees elevation. There are 3 issues which were to be solved at the same time:

  1. Provide a Natural Angle of Viewing (else the device is horizontal and will face severe reflections, your hands obstructs more of the screen view and every thing specially test looks like a perspective view instead of straight )
  2. Provide an easy way to hold the device (some devices are there are not there to hold, either too slippery or you don’t have confidence that you can hold it for hours), and
  3. Swivel Camera (which will require a rotating arm and from here the cylindrical area emerged)

This cylindrical section solved more purposes like placing traditional 3 cell batteries (and make it easily  replaceable), good stereo speaker location (instead of at the bottom of the device), GPS antenna location (which should always face top in portrait and landscape views if you want good reception).

There is a very beautiful principle of physics which is involved here. If you hold a plank of wood with uniformly distributed weight in left hand and in another plank in right in which most of the weight is concentrated near your hands (but total weight same as of the other), you will feel that the plank on the right hand is lighter (see image below):

Try it out, and you will definitely smile! 🙂 We have used this cylindrical section to place the batteries (which are one of the very heavy components), so now most of the weight will be in your hands and you will feel device is much lighter and easy to hold.

But there was an issue here, the camera placement (initial design suggested exact middle location [June 2009]). Initially the idea which was chosen was to split the batteries into 2:1 (cells) [Dec 2009]). In this location the camera was again closer to the mid-section and the remaining section for GPS. But as it proved, there was too much of interference with the batteries and the performance wasn’t expected to be good. This called for the final and current design change. Please see the 2 images below explaining the June and Dec designs.

I think I will share the final design in the next series.

You might have noticed the automobile style grills on this cylindrical part as well! That was actually the work of an automobile designed who was involved in the designing of automobile (in one of the earlier post I mentioned about how engineers from different specially from automobile, fields are coming together to work in electronics domain). The main purpose is to provide better grip and futuristic design.

The next section is about the ports and why I feel they are really very primitive for Tablet technologies.

Lets talk about USB ports.

This is a normal Standard Female side USB port. And take a look at the new USB drives which are flooding the market:

There is a mismatch, isn’t it! Even though we have more advanced designs for USB, HDMI, mini-USB and even Power Connecting port, but we were unable to implement those, being a start-up! But this is something which we are adamant to do in the next release. I call this primitive design since because of them I’d to trade-off the z height of the device. To give you an idea they are 5.2-5.5mm thick. Add to that the margin you need to give for the assembly, it will become 6mm.

The last topic of this post is on the topic: 16:9 vs 4:3

This is my personal observation and I believe many might agree as well. Look at the 2 images below

On the left is a device with 4:3 screen ratio. The extra thick edges (generally black as in iPad) are also there. You can observe the huge margin which is there? If you see on the right image with 16:9 ratio, the margins are already provided by the design itself (again black thick edge). I personally don’t see a need of using a screen which is 4:3 unless you can design a product without a thick edge. I wont talk about movies on 4:3 screen cos you all know about that.

In the next section I will take you further deep inside Adam discussing more about other parts, designs and lot more.

With Regards

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  1. Thanks for the update!

    I find having a tablet flat on a table is actually hard to use. It is definitely a good move to have the table on a slight angle!

  2. Thanks for the update!

    I find having a tablet flat on a table is actually hard to use. It is definitely a good move to have the tablet on a slight angle!

  3. Thanks for sharing the nice pieice of information. Looks like now it wont be much pain on hands if we hold the device to watch a movie or may be play games… 🙂

  4. Sounds interesting – like to hea more thougts about the rear-touchpad and the decsion to stick to the Pixel Qi Display. Can’t wait to preorder and hope you could show us some current pictres of the Adam soon 🙂

  5. Hi Rohan,

    Good to hear about the idea behind the design. Waiting for next part.
    Keep up the good work.


  6. Awesome the good part is the 3 degree and speaker position, i think placing speakers in right will give good sound which i don’t expect from my laptop

    waiting for more details

  7. definitely the geekiest post of em all.. 🙂 i think many things are resolved by the mere angle of the device. good work.. btw, best buy ceo just released a statement that laptop sales are reduced by 50% due to the ipad.. time is slipping by.. hurry! 🙂

  8. Hello Rohan,

    Thanks for these informations !
    Design is really cool and I hope you will share some pitcures next days !
    I’m truly attending to test it.

    Nice work again and thanks for updates.


  9. Interesting to read. Though I had surmised the weight and angle bits with the design, though I figured the car style grills were also to aid in the passive cooling of the battery. And is it just me or are the June and Dec. pics switched…?

    Can’t wait to read part 2.
    Quick query… is part 2 coming this weekend or next?

  10. Thank you for updating us. Looking forward to further info and Release date. Hoping for possibility buying it in Switzerland. Keep on going. Reto

  11. I’d also like to point out another advantage of the speaker placement aside from avoiding the muffled sound of having them on the underside. That advantage is getting discernable stereo sound when using it to watch a movie on the Adam (or at least I assume, I won’t be able to verify till I have one in front of me :P)

  12. Rohan

    Every small detailing and thought which has gone into every aspect of Adam, is very evident in the overall package but getting to know the science and human interface with how we look at is very intriguing .

    Its like knowing a great man and knowing how he has become one, just open completely new perspective for the person. I feel adding this post ( and future series of same) will create a deeper link( functionally and emotionally) with Adam…..and which I feel is very essential in toady’s world, where products are launched to fight the competitor rather than launched for the consumer for convenience.

    All the very best……..and eagerly waiting for launch.


  13. Hi Rohan,

    I love to read this new post and I can’t wait for the next update and …. of preordering 🙂
    I think, the cylindrical section was a very goof idea, because I think this will get us a very good grip on the device. I own a tablett Pc since years (HP T1100) and if you has it for a long time in one hand, your fingers getting cold and the device getting more and more heavy. I think, that’s will be better with the ADAM 🙂
    16:9, sure, that’s the better way.

    See forward to order the ADAM soon.

    Kind regards

  14. Hi Rohan,
    thanks for the update, cant wait till we get solid proof of when we can our hands on an ADAm

  15. Very impressed with this post, as there are many small things that the designers used all their skills to develop them and users do not just notice their efforts also this is the first time I am reading the insights of any model explained with full proof theories. This is very promising.
    I have already asked many of my collegues & friends (at least 25) who were about to buy either mobile or laptop to wait fo this revolutionary device, and believe me many of them postponed their plans, so we all are very eagerly waiting for the launch.
    If possible please throw some llight on the multiple OS platforms (like Ubuntu) supported by the ADAM, as Google themselves say that Froyo is not completely suitable for the tablets.
    btw I have made this blog as my default homepage, so everytime I open a browser I hope for a update 🙂
    Again thanks for this informative post & waiting for next….
    ALL THE BEST !!!

  16. Hello Rohan!
    I would like to really thank you for you hard work and especially for this post!
    It is so interesting and fascinating to know why and how all Adam things are done.
    Imho, it’s the best advertisement possible for such a device, so that people really understand why is it done in this particular way and that they really need it to be done so!
    I’m looking forward to preorder and I am about to buy 3 of those :))))

  17. Is there a picture mixed up regarding the camera placement?

    In anycase, still a cool design and can’t wait to get it. Been putting off other brands for now. Hope there are somemore info on UI on this.

  18. About screen size.
    If the Adam is still 1024 × 600 then its not True 16:9, its a halfway point between 16:9 and 16:10
    and the ideal ratio for books (and specially comics) is half way between 3:2 and 16:10 (like 1280×825)

  19. Thanks for sharing this information. It does help understand the product better and do a comparison with other tablets. Now all we need to see is the thing in action!!!

    Keep up the good work


  20. This is very interesting to all of us following ADAM in eager expectation. I can’t wait to get more involved in the project.

    Just and idea for stereo speakers, is there any way to have a swivel type deflector built in, which can “pop” out and be adjusted to deflect the sound towards the person using the device? I have had bad experience trying to watch movies on laptop/notebooks,where you have to have the volume up to max, and the sound is flying off away from you. other people in the room get annoyed.

    sorry about the lame USB design, you are right this could definitely have been better conceived, i don’t think the original designers thought USB would be so widely used in so many applications. I’m especially sorry if this addded extra thickness to ADAM, everyone loves a thin device. Check out the OLPC 3 design for future thin design inspiration.

    Send love from South Africa to your team!

  21. So far so good. You and your team are doing a great job. Hardware looks nice so far. Only thing that im very curious about is user interface design. Most tablets being released tend to have a very poor and not thought about user interface. If it looks nice it doesnt mean it will function well. Its important to find a balance between using it and how it looks in the end. In short very curious

  22. Rohan, I would like to offer to create/host/admin a forum for all the eager followers of this project to discuss their thoughts on the project.

    I was thinking of just starting one and inviting everyone one there, but i’m not sure of what your plans are, and i don’t want to “hijack” the community. let me know how i can help.


    p.s. everyone: would you be interested in a forum?

  23. Rohan: This is great marketing. I feel like I am part of the team as this hardware take shape. I too will be in the front of the line to buy one of the first ones. We in America have a saying “put your money where your mouth is.” I think future improvements in this product as it come of age has great promise. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder has ADAM comes to market.


  24. hey, rohan.

    I must admit, I have never seen a company so intent of it’s followers to comprehend the blue-prints and design of the product like yours. quite admirable!
    an attractive design is not all there is to it, and you’ve shown a lot of work has been done to ensure proper functionality. the device looks great. anticipating next section!

    best of luck from israel.

  25. Hi all and rohan,
    Nice update……Samsung galaxy is going to be around Rs 35000-40000,with much less features than our ADAM……..Why people going for these expensive gadgets .Difficult to understand…….many say Galaxy is a good competitor for IPAD……i dnt understand why?Today i saw NDTV gadget guru where they showed galaxy from IFA berlin.He said Galaxy is very good and will give stiff competition to IPAD why he didnt mention ADAM?Are these people not aware of ADAM?or is it bcoz it is not yet released?I am a huge fan of ADAM i want it to do well…….kill IPAD and other tablets

  26. Thts the coolest product i have ever seen.i will be in the front line developing apps for this.especially since i come from n army background u can expect solid gps apps from me.moreover i have been following it from its inception.so looking up to it. srinath,india

  27. I have a son who is dying for an Adam but cannot get enough info on the item. He is a wanna-be geek and can’t understand what the ipad attraction is. He says ‘you can’t do anything with it’.
    Please put more info out there and let the market know that there is a product out there that can satisfy the geekiest of geeks. FOR THE HOLIDAYS, 2010???????

  28. Thanks for this Rohan! I’m currently teaching a college course on Operations Mgm’t and product design is a part of the course. I’ll use your post to show how your design has evolved and how it has grown better and smarter. So now the Adam team is helping to educate some future designers!! So my American students can try and keep up with some very smart folks from India!! All the best and keep these updates coming…PICs please : )

  29. Hi Rohan
    Thanks for sharing the information.
    It is really great to see how the product evolved from your initial plans.
    Looking forward to the next update.

  30. Hi!

    It was a really nice surprise to wake up early saturday only to donde an update on the Blog!

    It’s great to hear all the efforts and thinking you have put into this.

    I’m looking forward for part 2 with the final design pics and as posted before I got a little confused with the camera topic.

    Thanks again NI!

  31. Thanks for the update, as many things i know of the adam, more want to have one.

    To be honest, the first reason i wanted an adam was the pixel qi display, now there´re many other reasons, replazable bateries, magnalium chasis, the sdk and app stores… and of course all this little design bits to make it easier to use.


  32. Like most everyone else, I can’t wait to pre-order.

    I think a forum would be a great!

    Steve, I say if Notion Ink does not respond to you in the next day or so and tell you that they will be creating a forum real soon, then go ahead and create one. Though I can’t image why Notion Ink would not want want to do it. It would be a great benefit for Notion Ink and for all of us Adam addicts (I mean fans) that check the internet for new information first thing each day.

  33. Thanks Rohan!

    Great update- getting to hear about the design choices you guys have made in constructing the adam is really interesting. It also highlights the little things that should give your hardware an edge over the competition so that’s always good to see. Look forward to your next post on this topic.

    I also think this would be a perfect way to introduce the UI and your thoughts behind it before we get a chance to try it out!

    Best of luck as you move towards the release,

  34. Hi Rohan,
    engineering with thought and end user in mind = The Adam Tablet.
    I’m a huge fan…will wait on Adam and no others b/c “good things comes to those…..”
    Adam’s release will create a titalwave that will drown all other tablet imho.
    eagerly waiting till we meet the Man…The Original….The Adam!!!!!
    Best regards.

  35. Best way to start the day is reading the Notion Ink Blog! Great post, I cant wait to read more about this amazing hardware. And also cant wait to begin coding for it! Check out our website, we will be coming out with some great products just for this tablet!


  36. Thanks for sharing the idea behind the design. The more I hear the more I like. Adam is one the the most (if not the most) well thought tablet around. Good job guys! I look froward for more.
    I hope there will be some videos and pictures of the beast soon. I’m really exited to see that UI we’ve been hearing about for so long.

  37. very nice article great to know why thing are done in certain manner and how much effort you guys put in to design each and every part. eagerly waiting to see the new UI design concepts. i have gone through all your blogs and very much liked the articles around UI design.

    this will be the first device i pre-order 🙂 hope it lives to expectations.

  38. Great post! couldn’t have said it better. Amazing read… The 3 degree separation is killer design….. I cannot wait to buy one, I wish we had preorder available. I am drooling thinking of taking notes in my class with it and playing games when i want and browsing in a cafe. Sky is the limit…..

  39. So a true 16:9 would be 1024×576 (good for video), and what you describe as ideal ratio for books corresponds to 1024×660. It seems to me that the Adam is a very good compromise with a second dimension between 576 and 660.

  40. I would prefer 4:3 aspect ratio. I don’t understand the need for 16:9 ratio. Don’t people have TVs to watch their movies on?

    Since most websites (32.3%) are designed for 1024×768 (4:3), 1024×600 (800×600=8% of websites) mean we may need to tilt the device horizontally to view the web page and that means we’ll only see 600 length wise at a time, like viewing the webpage in a slit. I don’t think people realize how long web pages are (e.g.. the page you’re viewing now is probably 1024×19200… tedious to page through it 600 pixels at a time.. more pixels = better).

    Since this device has the pixel qi screen, it will substitute as an PDF/ebook reader and perhaps for college students as a text book reader. So higher resolution is definitely necessary especially to render PDFs with charts/graphics. The Kindle DX reader, in my opinion the best screen for viewing PDFs, has a screen resolution of 1200 x 824 on a 9.7” screen. Surely, the 10.1” screen of the Notion Ink should have high resolution thank the Kindle DX.

    Naturally, higher resolution also means more screen space for all apps so the more the better.

    Yes, I also understand that the screen isn’t of your making(Pixel Qi.) But that doesn’t stop me from wishing for a higher resolution screen and that everyone would stop with the 16:9 displays which are really only good for movies (just so you don’t get the black bars at the top and bottom.) Even “business laptops” are using the 16:9 aspect ratio.. I supposed the meaning here is that we should watch movies when working.

  41. After long time some geeky update that we all have been waiting…
    Keep the updates flowing 🙂

  42. Hi Rohan,

    Very nice update! I have a question and a suggestion:
    Question first:
    Could you please update us on the performance of Pixel Qi screen IN DOOR with backlight turned off? There have been rumors that the Pixel Qi screen in indoor environment does not work well: contrast is much worse than the E-ink and the background is not white at all. Also the youtube video seems to confirm this: the text is not really recognizable when the back lit is turned off. (Although I suspect that it is due to issue with the video camera that produced the video).

    Maybe it is a good idea to use color schemes depending on whether the backlight is on or not. When there is a backlight, actually a darker background is nicer (think about how an white background desktop feels.) When there is no backlight, actually a white background with dark objects makes sense! Perhaps the notion ink interface could provide a systematic way to easily switch between the color scheme?

  43. Thanks Rohan, great article — you keep on keeping us on our toes!

    I have a question about the OS of the Adam — is it going to be Android (and which version), or do you have your own OS? I know that you have distributed an SDK, but don’t know what environment it targets. If you still have flexibility, I think MeeGo could be a great option for the Adam as well.

  44. Just to add one related comment”

    Since Adam is a new product with many new elements, such as Pixel-Qi. For a student in a tight budget like me, I want to make sure it is what I want before I buy it. For me, whether the pixel-qi screen is suited to read without backlight at home is the major concern! There are two sources from which I can get some confidence: Either the comments and pictures form the creator of the Adam, or the real product in physical store! Is there a way to play with the Adam before I buy it? Could you please help us to get a “closer” feeling (virtually play with the Adam) via your blog, website, well-thought pictures and videos!

    It is not about features or specs. I am afraid it is hard to explain but hopefully you get the idea. Take an example: Windows seems better on specs than MacOS and Linux. But only Windows will suddenly pop up a message saying that “please take care of a virus scan!” or “we find that your current setting is not optimal”, when you are using it to give a presentation! That’s why Windows is a nightmare for presentation! But these things are not in specs or features!

    Your recent post sends a positive message that you are thinking about these kind of issues. Please keep going and help us understand and predict how Adam will perform (such as the contrast of the screen)!

  45. It looks like everything is really coming along nicely! Congratulations on a great product!

    We look forward to the next section with even more info!


  46. I would be! Would help to get the word out on the Adam as well! Also, would be a good place for people to post questions they have about the Adam. Have them all in one place. Maybe someone from NI could answer them. Could start with a faq page of the stuff we do know about. I’ve seen some questions asked that we already know the answers. Have been following the ADAM since I head about it last year and would be willing to help with a forum if I can!
    I’ve seen many products come and go in my lifetime. With the Adam I feel like I’m seeing something that could be big. And it’s exciting being a part of it in anyway.

  47. you can take gadget guru show in OTHER angle.
    They rated top 3 consumer electronics as tablets while there is no space for them last year. If Adam would’ve came earlier, then galaxies, folios etc.. would not have made this much news.
    We cant say Adam is delayed, but this is how its going. Until the device comes to market ALL people (except ADAMites) will not care about it.
    Most of the End consumers don’t look at forums or blogs. so extract your brain juice to deliver Adam as early as possible & of course then continue your BUZZ.

  48. I think with the weight distribution you’ve catapulted the design into a new level of thought. As undoubtably several articles have already discussed, watching someone try to operate an IPad with one hand is comical at best. With this focus on weight distribution, I can see myself gravitating towards the Adam versus something smaller like the Galaxy. Nicely done sir!

  49. It’s already been stated that it will ship with Android 2.2. If I remember correctly it they will be upgrading it to 3.0 (Gingerbread) once Google releases it.

  50. Good to know! Looking forward to the forums! Also, would like to see a post about the UI. Why you’re doing it the way you are. I’ve heard that one reason Android phone lag compared with the Iphone is Android doesn’t use the GPU for the GUI. Is that why you are using GL for it? Can’t wait to see how it feels compared to a regular android device!

    Oh, and I had an idea for a commercial. You may get tired of people giving you ideas. If so, sorry for this! Anyway, have archeologists digging. Have one of them shout “I found it! I’ve found Adam!” Then he lifts up the Adam to the blazing sun and the other archeologists gasp. Then (since you are also planning an Eve device) have one of them say “If Adam’s here Eve can’t be far behind!” Of course, most people wouldn’t understand the Eve reference yet. Would like to see a commercial, or commercials, to rival Apple’s 1984 commercial. That was a brilliant commercial. And it got many people interested in the Apple computers. You’ve got a solid product, you just need the advertising to go along with it. Try and get on Oprah as well! My wife wanted the Ipad after seeing it on Oprah! And the Ipad is no Adam!

  51. I like the idea, but it’s too early. This wordpress site works well for now. A forum should be implemented later as part of the ‘support’ package, only, don’t do a Creative, and not bother actually replying to posts or properly supporting the hardware and software.

  52. Is it me or do the usb ports in the drawings look like they do have covers like people have been asking? Let’s hope it does! It will be another nice touch!

  53. Rohan, you absolutely have to keep up this approach of talking directly to your potential customers even when Adam takes off and you are absolutely knocked off your feet with work. Whoever has the job of controlling your diary should give you an hour every week or more to just reflect your thoughts and let your admirers/customers know what you are up to. And even when you have your critics, and you can guarantee there will be some manufactured critics because this device is going to make you top dog in the tablet computing world, you should just talk openly and honestly to your public like you are doing now. You will gain a huge, loyal following this way and make products that people can really connect with and appreciate.

    All the best and keep up the great work!


  54. How much information, how little relevance.

    There is no doubt that I am getting the tablet at its moment of release, however posts such as this only highlight the disconnect between your corporation and the consumer. Your potential consumers are not looking for why a 3 degree incline is better (we trust you to make sure it is for us), rather we want videos and photos of the actual product in use, not computer-generated models.

    With that being said, I hope your product gets much success, and hopefully the next post will have more relevancy to the consumer.

  55. Operating with one hand ?
    Then it probably should be either left hand or right hand, true ?
    That means i would hold device by it’s left sifde or right side, not top side.

    For portrait mode – reading – it will be okay.
    But for andscape orientation that weight disbaance would make it even harder, that the centered mass design

  56. I agree these kind of details are geeky in nature, with only the very technically inclined, and fired up by this, will find it interesting. I would like to see the pictures/videos of this product – yes, the aesthetic aspects are very very important for such products. Since we do not have the real device to play with, the pictures are the only thing that will help us create the first (and very important) impression about this product.

  57. I’m very disgusted by Apple politics but in the last 7 years I bought 3 of their Laptops. That’s not because of OSX, I install Linux anyhow.

    I did it because of their superior hardware design.

    The hardware design is also the reason why I still don’t have a netbook: There’s only cheap crap out there and I don’t want to spend my money on this.

    Rohan, I’m very happy to see that you and your team are working this hard to actually make a difference.

    This is not only the first tablet with PixelQi screen and reasonable hardware specs anymore, it seems like the Adam will be a truly remarkable device.

    The battery choice is interesting. The iPad has it integrated over the whole area while the remaining electronics make maybe 20% of the space. Yet it is reasonably slim. I wonder how much you could have gained(at the cost of weight, usabilty, “replaceability”) if you had added such an internal battery as well?

  58. I agree with you except for this being a place where only the geeky in nature venture anyway. You should cater for your audience. This would be a bad article if it were in a teen girl magazine. Here it is perfect. After all it is a blog for them to share their thoughts, as they have shown with more personal posts in the past.

  59. This reminds me of an old school yard trick I saw once where someone was dared to pick up a chair to prove how strong they were. They would have them to pick up the chair by the bottom of one of the front legs. Even if it’s a lite chair, it’s still nearly imposable due to the torque on the wrist.

    On another note. I sure hope this is compatible with Toktumi’s upcoming Line2 for Android!

  60. The majority of us seem to have enjoyed it. He’s not just doing this for marketing. He’s doing it to show us the concepts behind it. I find it enjoyable and informative. And also friendly. Like one of my friends showing off his new cool gadget. Though I agree it would have been better with real pics of the final product!

  61. Rohan,

    Will normal android apps work “out of the box” on this tablet? While I’m very excited to see your custom APIs and UI, it seems to me that part of what makes Android such a powerful OS is the multitude of devices it is on and the applications that run flawlessly on all devices running it. I will obviously be porting all of the apps that I write over to Adam, implementing some of the custom APIs if necessary, but it would be comforting to know that Dropbox, for example, will work on my Adam.

    On a related note, is there going to be Android Market access? I understand that Genesis will act as a marketplace for Adam specific things (apps, comics, etc.), but, again, part of what makes Android amazing is access to all the other utilities and applications that have been written and published in Google’s Market. I strongly feel that this will be one of the key features of Adam, and if it’s not implemented, could severely hurt it. Hopefully if it’s not implemented at launch, it can get tied in with a Gingerbread release.

    Lastly, as a Nexus One owner and CyanogenMod user, an unlocked bootloader would be awesome, but I understand if your investors would be against that.

    As always, keep up the amazing work on this tablet, I absolutely look forward to working with the SDK when its released, and I’ll be one of the first to register for the EAP so I can get developing!

    Paul Blakely
    Android Developer

  62. wow, i was not expecting another update so soon. thanks for the inside info, this is really cool stuff.

    i’d love to read more posts like this!

  63. It has been suggested before, that someone from NI could compile FAQ from questions in blog comments. This is something that could be done by someone not from NI as well. Maybe you want to look through all comments and compile FAQ and look for answers that are given as well. This way you have some agregated content to give back to this blog.
    (Just a thought, what could be done with spare time — i wish i had any)

  64. I’m impressed to see how much attention your paying to the detail of the Adam. I can’t wait to see the new designs. What games and apps will come with the Adam?

  65. Rohan Shravan! take a bow!!!
    am speechless; this is 2010 and yet there is scope for generosity and this is the proof.

    In a world where there are businesses just living on managing other’s intellectual property and where one’s butts are insured for millions …. there is a Gandhian businessmen too who is as pure as nature and as down to earth as soil…. may his tribe grow and make us humans proud….

    May you be bestowed all the energy and health to continue on this path forever

    You are a great inspiration and let no force in this universe take away this great attitude and values of yours ….

    Long live the dreams and the visions and may many many many more life changing products come alive from the NI stable


  66. As you mentioned. The Pixel Qi display is not made by them and there is only one resolution available. But then again there are advantages. Many business people like widescreen because it affords a greater view for spreadsheets. And I will point out one thing as far as the reading resolution goes. The Pixel Qi screen, when turned into Black and White mode uses each of the colour pixels for black and white, effectively tripling the resolution to 3072×600 (yes, the 600 doesn’t change, the Pixel Qi people said they were hoping to do something about that in future versions).

  67. Hi Rohan,

    absolutely delighted by the new info and salivating for the next part. However, I have one question regarding your physics presentation. I loved the rounded edge because it always reminded me of reading a magazine or a flexible book while folding the pages backwards so the design and the physics makes perfect sense to me. Now while playing games on the Adam which will require a Horizontal view may have negative effects if the rounded top of the adam is away from the user right? most of the weight will be at the top while the user’s hands will be near the bottom which will make it easier for the user to lose control and drop the device if I’m imagining it correctly. Perhaps this might be fixed if we can be allowed to hold the device “upside down” so that the weight is closer to the user’s hands in horizontal mode. What do you think?

    At any rate – you have gotten this far on your own so I’m sure you have many answers!

    Patiently awaiting the pre-order screen!

  68. IF they can. As they mentioned, Google hasn’t stated the hardware requirements for Gingerbread. Though all signs (rumours) point to there not being a problem.

  69. As mentioned, people seem to enjoy it here. If they aired this as a TV ad then it would be targeting the wrong demographic. Plus you have to remember that the screen explanation actually addresses some criticism/comments found on this blog.
    For me there is one major thing that I enjoyed about this detailed explanation. It went into more details than sites and companies go into. This results in a friendly atmosphere that avoids the feeling of propaganda often found in many of the explanations fo why X product is better and will cure cancer to boot.

  70. I just wanted to chime in again =)

    About the widescreen format rather than the 4:3 format, I prefer the widescreen format too.

    I don’t see the point of having a screen that looks almost the same on either orientation. Plus if there is going to be black out spaces, its a real waste.

    All the new laptops and montiors I’ve used purchased so far are all widescreen!

  71. let me make this perfectly clear. i will not buy this if it comes with meego.

    the whole reason i was initially interested in this is because it runs android. i think meego is a bad idea.

  72. That’s good share! Appreciate you finding time to update the Adam-fanworld, on your hard working days.! Thanks a lot!
    The Cylindrical portion helps in many ways, its a beautiful idea ; will give a good hold on portrait mode, give a good viewing angle and easy access when flat on a table. Probably the the air-port design will help cooling the battery & prevent sweating on palm & fingers as well.
    Hmmm can’t wait for part-2..
    Cheers, happy weekend..!!

  73. Hi,
    i disagree on “Even though we have more advanced designs for USB, HDMI, mini-USB and even Power Connecting port, but we were unable to implement those, being a start-up!”

    if you have better USB or HDMI connector, especially Power Connecting Port, then you may add that as well, alongwith the ones already there. thats how a new (read better) thing gets in mainstream : camel’s head first. as for power, it may even be okay to just short connections internally to finally have just one electrical connection going to chips. and maybe same for HDMI.

    the other thing that makes me unhappy is the widescreen thing : you are right on what you said but really speaking same 10″ diagonal on widescreen leads to smaller total area. and then claiming 10″ is not as good. just take a look at those looong cell phones which claim 4″ screen with weired aspect ratios : there is hardly any “total area” (LG BL40). maybe the ideal screen size is a A4-size sheet, but i am not sure on this.


  74. I am pleased to see you taking time off to explain the details of the Adam design. I can’t agree more on the 3 degree taper or the concentrated weight at the cylindrical edge. But landscape reading could be a challenge!

    I hope you are thinking to add a pico projector to the unit in the next release, it would be a complete prouct then.

  75. Akash, my dear friend. The Company is trying to minimise any further delays, so adding the new USB Designs is not possible. We as consumers are eager to see the device in the market very soon.. !!

  76. As Billreyn said try to get the device on opera, if you somehow got it on a show like Big bang theory(This show relates most to your device, they always keep the best gadgets), you can expect a lot of sales, and very good publicity.

  77. More than a handful variety, of external memory devices are available in the market, every quarter one new kind shows up. I think All of them can’t port into just a tablet, unless we willing to lose something.
    Is it really necessary? I think a big “NO”
    This is a brilliant design, compare to those “already available” and “coming soon”.
    Adam already have , what we really want to use( and surprisingly more luxury than that!!!).

  78. Definitely, forum is the most informative way of discussion. I absolutely do agree with Steve’s idea.

  79. 16:9 vs 4:3.

    4:3 was one of the blunders of iPad. especially if it poses itself to be the top media hub for movies and netflix.

  80. “an unlocked bootloader would be awesome”

    They said it’s going to support Ubuntu and other OSes. I doubt you can really do that unless you have an unlocked bootloader.

  81. Great post Rohan. We must appreciate your efforts to make design specs transparent. This is good education for us the end-users. And may be for the 2nd generation ADAM we might actually be able to suggest few design changes as well. Looking forward to second part of the post.

    … Refreshing your blog page at least 10 times in a day. 🙂

  82. There were blunders with the ipad, but 4:3 was probably not one of them when you look at its overall uses rather than just video, things like browsing websites, reading (especially comics and magazines that cannot reflow like ebooks can) are just some of the uses that are better with 4:3 rather than 16:9.

    What would be nice is if some company went for a 3:2 ratio on their multifunction tablets so that it was a better compromise between 16:9 for video and the 1.4:1 of a4 ( and other iso) paper sizes.

  83. Wow can’t wait for part 2. Also the release of coarse. I did a review of the iPad and every and I mean every issue I found you have addressed. I can’t wait to get my hangs on this one.

  84. Any chance of turning off “Snap Shots”? It makes the Notion Ink blog a very annoying reading experience.

  85. No. By that time better technologies will be available in market. Pico-projectors are for a very niche market and ADAM would rather be thinner/slicker/less-power-hungry than add a piece of hardware for the sake of sounding “cool”. Utility trumps coolness. It always has, and it always will.

  86. Application to create open , edit and save MS office Doc’s and If there is there any way to have an equivalent of “Google online or Garmin offline” world maps integrated with street turn- by -turn voice commands – That’s it; Competition finished. No discussions about market, sales ADAMS, ADAMS AND ADAMS.

  87. I had this lovely eloquent paragraph all typed out, but upon reflection deleted it and resorted to this:

    Excellent post, thanks for the insights, SO looking forward to the next update. Tech geeky is fine, bring on more details. However, there’s two things people keep on asking for specifically.

    a) Forum including FAQ (I know this is coming)
    b) Pictures, pictures, video, pictures, and then a few more pictures.

    Pictures (not renders) of Adam, pictures of Adam being held and used, pictures of Adam on a desk next to a ruler perhaps, pictures of Adam showing the very cool UI, pictures of some apps, pictures of the pixelQi in both modes, pictures of the camera, pictures taken BY the camera, pictures of the email app, pictures of the book reader, pictures of Adam accessing the Android App Store.

    To use a lame pun, I think you get the picture.

    But I must add, thanks for including us in your history making product.

    Great work Rohan.

  88. Hi Rohan
    1. I was wondering , more so from a feature perspective. Would having an FM receiver
    be tough to implement (space/power/cooling) ? I was just thinking about the future of Interactive radio where people would be able to buy songs, which sound great on FM radio directly from their adams Or stream the radio from their adams to their BOSE sound-dock through blue-tooth.
    Radio is grossly missed in i-pad or i-pods.

    2. Currently in the genesis marketplace , is there anything cooking on the video conferencing side which will allow folks to add each other’s adams as friends and video conference one to many or many to one or many to many . I-pod touch doesnt have this feature in facetime.


  89. //Try it out, and you will definitely smile!//
    To explain this to my daughter I asked her to carry a hammer by the handle and then by the head and she was very amused.

    Lots of great work went into Adam design. Can’t wait to try our hands on it.
    – Padhu

  90. Hello Rohan,
    I have been following the Adam’s progress feverishly ever since I found out about it back in April of this year. I truly believe that your company is moving in the right direction. Our world is too advanced to allow software to be controlled by giant companies; open source is what will move us forward as a race. By developing this next-generation device and running it from Linux you are granting every single user the power to shape their Adam the way that they want it. Collaboration provides advances that smaller groups often cannot. I commend you and your company. You are doing the right thing.

  91. Thanks for the correction Tarwinia! Just another example of why we need an official faq!

    Ken, I agree. The fact that it runs Android is one of the things that appealed to me. Though I hope I can try other operating systems like Ubuntu on it!

  92. Can’t you just release to the rest of the word instead of waiting for the FCC in America before you proceed? Why make the rest of the world pay?

  93. Seems like Adam has gained momentum and is running ahead of schedule on that FCC thing (is that correct?). Can’t wait for it to hit the market.

  94. At first I thought so as well, but perhaps it will be possible to operate ADAM upside down (with the cynlindrical section at the bottom). I could imagine that the hardware design (placement of backside-touchpad, buttons etc.) provides for this usecase.

    This would allow for the following modes of operation:

    with the cylindrical section at the top side:
    – let ADAM sit on a flat surface and operate it in landscape mode.
    – hold ADAM in one hand/arm like a painter would hold his colour palette, resting the flat backside on your inner elbow, arresting the cylindrical section with the heel of your hand while clasping around it with your fingers.

    with the cylindrical section at left or right side:
    – hold ADAM in portrait mode in one hand and have a perfect weight distribution.

    with the cylindrical section at the BOTTOM side:
    – for holding ADAM in portrait mode and having a perfect weight distribution. The heavy cylindrical section would be close to your body and close to your grasp, or could even rest in your lap while using the hand merely to adjust ADAM to the desired angle of inclination.

  95. I can barely wait until i can buy it here in Romania (at a reasonable price, not like the iPad), especially the 3Qi +3G model. Please do not disappoint us.

  96. I absolutely agree with you!
    Some people responded to the 4:3 vs. 16:9 argument that Rohan started by saying that they like 16:9 better, and I would perhaps be one of them, but the fallacy here is to begin with such a predefinition in the first place. The original consideration should have been “what is the best aspect ratio for a tablet device” instead of “is 4:3 or 16:9 the better aspect ratio for a tablet device”.
    If I find the time, I would like to produce a table having different aspect ratios on one axes and different use-cases on the other and then calculate the amount of screen waste for each. The weighted sum over these feature vectors would then represent the overall usability of a format for a given mixture of usecases. The best aspect ration would be dependend on the weighting of each use-case. But I’m already quite certain that there will be a ratio that wins out almost regardless of what the usage weighting across usecases might be and only yields to other aspect ratios when the usecase weighting degenerates towards a one-usecase-only scenario. I’m pretty sure that a ratio that lies between DIN-A as 16:9 will be best for almost any usecase profile.

  97. Huang, maybe you can get in touch with people having the OLPC XO? The UI and specs are of course very different but then you’d get hands-on experience at how marvellous Pixel Qi screen is, both indoor and outdoor!

  98. I havenot done any studies on this but I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the best way to view screens like TV, desktop-monitors, laptops etc. is @ ‘eye-level’ looking at a slight angle ‘down’….. interestingly even Windows help docs also mentions something similar related to this topic. you can experiment a bit right now while reading this blog… it does strain if we have to look ‘up’ even at the smallest angle.

    now when Adam is placed on a table and we look ‘down’ we probably /similarly need a slight angle to the perpendicular so as not to sore our eyes..

    we know from past comments there are doctors (Ophthalmologists?) here; could someone throw some light on the human eye a bit please 🙂

    ps: the Adam is really making us think!

  99. Rohan and the notion ink guys are making ADAM worth the wait. I must say that the ipad is a lovely device by itself but the ADAM is in a different class of its own.

    Can’t wait to lay my hands on an ADAM and thank for you for the insights!

  100. have you sent out the sdk , cos if you have i haven’t yet received it and i registered for it as you said in one of your earlier post

  101. Hi everybody
    Im waiting now bout 1 year for the Adam and the Release is getting closer and closer 🙂
    Hope that you will Release it in December.
    Will there be an international shipping to Germany? That would be cool^^
    I heard that it Supports GSM. So you can make Calls with the ADAM?^^

  102. Strange coincidence but aircraft coming in to land on a naval carrier must optimally have an angle of descent of 3 degrees.

  103. People buy Apple’s mac only because it is cool, Why not put some cool things into Adam 2 as well, a lot of people would buy it just because its cool.

  104. Rohan, I just want to emphasize that lefthanded people (like me) will want to use this device as well.

    Make sure that the Gsensor will make it possible to use this device Up-side-down completely, that way, left handed people can also get the advantage of your weight-solution…



  105. Hi Rohan,

    overall, very interesting and inside looking post, well done.

    I have few observations regarding the cylindrical design –

    There are really three choices of using a tablet device,
    1) by holding it in left hand (for a right hander) and interacting with it by using right hand (e.g. for internet browsing or tasks that require less of typing and more of screen navigations by using couple of fingers (swaping or pinching for zoom in or zoom out)

    2) by placing it on lap or on desk (horizontally or 3 dgreees for better viewing), for more typing related tasks such as typing an email or working on a document or filling a registration form on a website..

    3) by placing it on the desk vertically, for watching movies or presentation or just in standby mode using it as an electronic photo frame (or may be a slide-show of all your photographs from your photo-gallery.

    The cylindrical design seem to be innovatively solving the second point above. And I think you will have some sort of docking station that will allow you to hold ADAm vertically on your desk. However, I am not sure if the point 2 is covered by this design. few observations –

    I do not think balancing the load on left side will help. From a tablet, all of us are likely to expect experience similar to holding an actual paper notebook that has its centre of mass in centre and not on the left side. Although it really needs to be tested out but shifting the centre of mass to one edge and making one edge bulky (by cylendrical design), users might feel it unbalanced and might drop it.. just my view.

    again it does’nt help in the overall asthetic look & feel. my prefernce would have been for more uniformed thickness device, much of an actual paper notebook and if I have to tilt it towards me (3 degrees requirement) ADAM could come with a keyboard type of legs that I can use to ensure that it is slightly tilted towards me.

    last point, about the margin.. again if you expect your users to hold it in hands, or in left hand, and if there are not big enough margins provided, my fingers might cover some of the screen area which will be annoying. This would mean I have to hold it almost by edge by using finger-tips and can not hold it by using fingers of my left hand.

    I did’nt mean to undermine the piece of innovation and invention you guys working on but thought to provide my own view of the device.

    Also, adding a small projector to the device also is a cool idea. nobody will be using it all the time, so battery consumption is not an issue. But it will be very handy (and a possible differentiator) to project your screen onto any surface without running around for projectors or connectivity hasseles. It will be very useful feature in office use for example.

    Thanks & best of luck


    I believe, one of the important uses of swivel camera is for recoding class room lectures. Now imagine a student taking notes while recording the lecture. Most of us are used to keeping our notebook slight tilt as opposed to perfectly facing the board or the Professor. If you are righty then notebook tilts to left otherwise if you are lefty it tilts right. Since ADAM’s swivel camera moves only along X-axis it will be hard, if not impossible, to take notes while recording. Hence I suggest it would be nice if this swivel camera can provide movement along Y-axis. We might not need full 180 or 90 degrees, but just few degrees (need to experiment and find out) enough to point in the right direction. Currently the camera is cylindrical if you make it spherical it might be possible to achieve 15-30 degrees rotation along Y-axis.

    Well, this is just a thought which came to my mind, I am sure there will be lot of hardware design issue that I am not aware and can hamper this implementation. But if you can implement a swivel camera which moves along both X & Y axis, you might get another patent in your kitty.

    I would like Rohan to please comment on this. I can send you some design scratches that I drew. Also other people, who are constantly flooding this blog with their comments, please let me know what you think!!


  107. WOW. That’s all I can think of to say in response to learning about Adam. WOW.

    I am not a business-techie type. I am a blogger, a homeschooling mom, an internet researcher in the typical ways a busy housewife is who uses the power of information obtained on the internet for virtually everything. And I am tired of laptops whose hardware breaks continually due to use…screens that fail, keyboards that break merely because they are being used.

    I don’t carry around a Blackberry, I don’t own an iPod as I am NOT going to jump on the bandwagon of bowing down to the Apple Gods or getting roped into terribly expensive monthly fees. I don’t hang on my cell phone for hours and hours, but I need one when I need it.

    In otherwords, consider me the average tech user today…not the Power User, but a version of the average middle aged user. And tell me folks, who is ignored the most in marketing technology? Who is the largest untapped market when it comes to blending tech tools? Women all over America just like me.

    I held an iPad in my hands for the first time this weekend while visiting Chicago and thought to myself “This thing is cool…I mostly browse and email, would like to watch a movie when stuck somewhere or read a good book, would love to have GPS at my fingertips when on field trips with my kids, and am sick of dragging along a heavy laptop just to read. I also don’t want to have 5 or 6 different devices when I could have just one. Hmmm…but dang, this thing is expensive and there is a lot it DOESN’t do.”

    So, being the typical housewife researcher, I did as I always do and came home to surf, looking for anything I could find on the tablet fad. Then I find Adam, and I am drooling…literally drooling at all you have thought of AND the way you are engaging your potential devotees. You are creating not just a new way of integrating technology, you are creating an anti-Apple domain, one that is more cost effective, more design driven, and down right more accessible on so many levels.

    Adding the full GPS without 3G is sheer genius, and alone would have won me over. Having the cylinder which creates a propped screen saves me the hassle of finding something to perch the Adam on every single time I use it…brilliant. EReader AND regular screen? Thanks for making my lust for a Kindle obsolete.

    Now, give me an Apple-style coiled, small charging cable and a full sized nicely responsive keyboard dock and I will literally croon. Might it be too much to ask for to have a car dock too, so that the GPS mode can be taken advantage of to it’s fullest?? How about a “pay as you need it” 3G plan so I can justify buying your 3G version which I would use sometimes, but not enough to pay for a high montlhy fee. Do these things, oh Great God of the Pads and I will literally feel I was dropped right into Eden!!

    Thanks for being the first company to truly be innovative in more ways than having smooth lines and hot colors. Can’t wait to get my hands on Adam!!

  108. Fantastic! The design has always been gorgeous and seemingly efficient, but it’s great to get some insight to the design. I am curious — most pictures show a horizontal Adam, yet this post seems to suggest a vertical. While I know it is intended to be rotated, which orientation is the default?

  109. Rohan.. Will Adam’s touch screen would be able to match ipad’s/iphone’s? I’ve seen several devices but none of them were even closer to iphone’s screen except Samsung’s touch screens, though far behind iphone’s… What about Adam? Will we experience that feather touch on Adam?

  110. You better make Adam as thin as you can. The protoype didn’t look thin at all. When it will be put close to an iPad and a Galaxy Tab it will instantly lose appeal if it’s twice as thick.

  111. You don’t have to use the left hand, you could also use the right (I assume the Adam supports screen rotation at least to both portraits if not all orientations). Also think of it this way, the rounded part fits in the palm of your hand, actually making it somewhat ergonomic, and by having the weight rest in the palm of your hand it is easier to hold, no issues with balance at least in portrait view.

  112. Most (if not all) countries have their own certification process so anyway there would be a wait. If they go directly with the FCC then it will take how long it takes. If they go with an FCC authorized lab then it might also provide other certifications at the same time like CE (European standard).

  113. You guys have to remember. If we want Pixel Qi, for now there is only one choice in screen size and ratio.

  114. I actually think that keeping the standard USB plugs is good. If they had put in ports that only work with the new ultra slim USB memories then we would be limited with “legacy” devices. Keyboards, dongles, mice, game pads, etc. would never fit. If they fit then there’s hope that they’ll work (it now depends on drivers).

  115. You’re going to draw this out to next weekend to wait till October for the more juicy details aren’t you? Bleh

    Well I do love how you are doing this, seeing why you made the decisions you did is pretty neat. I have been confused about the design of many devices and it’s nice to see the reasons behind them. I plan to buy this day one 😀

    Can’t wait for the Adam!

  116. Hey I thought you were getting rid of the moderation of the comments! This is sorta lame.

  117. well i cant wait ne longer Rohan so hurry up !!

    i have a couple of thoughts though…ever thought abt Wi Di as part of the specs

    i mean wirelessly connecting the Adam to a compatible big screen display..that would be cool !!!

    some one mentioned Explay pico projector thing..was that ever under consideration?

    Explay is a really state of the art company..and it would be ubercool to have the Adam equipped with that

  118. I just hope this thing actually gets produced. A lot of people are anxiously waiting for it. I’d hate to see it become vaporware.

  119. anybody know what countries it is coming to first??

    like, is the US going to be first?? cuz, that would be awesome 😀

  120. very good point; I guess lets wait till Rohan completes the 2nd part of the weekend special; we may still not know all that Adam has to offer and the details of each feature as Rohan himself said once…

    quick comment for now: from the initial demos we saw and the explanations given so far most likely its x-axis swivel only; but I’ve a feeling there may be a quirky software trick which may do the ‘correction’ necessary on the y-axis and hopefully it would be configurable.

  121. Guys don’t screw around with the USB design. Just use the standard form that’s guaranteed to be compatible with all USB devices, after all, USB is about intercompatibility; thousands of users will thank you.

  122. Hi Rohan, I cant wait to experience ADAM. Many of us dream about lot of things, you are one person to make your dream a reality. I wish I could meet you and work with you and be part of an innovative product. You truly inspire me.


  123. I think cylindrical “edge” is brilliant! Have you ever tried to hold an iPad with one hand? It’s impossible. Even with both hands it feels slippery, since it’s thin at the edges and then it gets thicker in a beautiful curve towards the middle. Very pretty, and mind-bogglingly dysfunctional. It is a mystery to me why they designed the tablet like a big iPhone or iPod when the way of holding it and using it is completely different. With the device of this size, you need to have something to grab. Our fingers are designed for precision, and the center of our palm for (relative) strength. When you hold an iPad, the weight is on your fingers, and you are desperately trying to do the precision task of holding a thin edge with your palm. Extremely unpleasant.

    Esthetically, even though the symmetry is broken, if executed wisely this actually serves to differentiate the product, to make it stick out. The curvature, and then the slight tilt – that can be made quite pretty, I think.

  124. They buy Mac products because they are cool but also “good” quality. Pico projectors are kind of substandard. The res isn’t too high and they’re not too bright. They’re much more gimmicky than useful in general. If they included one in the next Adam using the current tech it would be a lot more kirfy in my opinion. After all, I personally wouldn’t be willing to pay extra for the function unless it was either brighter or better res.

  125. @MindIt
    Good concept friend, but its a bit late for now! May be NI can consider this for the next gen..!

  126. I hope you would love the design, once you have Adam on your hands!
    (its not a big cylinder any way).

  127. Dear Rohan,
    May be later you can open a thread, for people to input their wish list of features, that they would love to have on Future Adam..!
    Else, here will be lot of suggestions to add micro usb, usb 3.0, microwave, coffeemaker and so on..!
    (just kidding) waiting for your part-2 of the “Adam for fans”

  128. Can you add an option “facebook share” for your blog, please? we would love to share that to friends..!

  129. Great article, it’s always interesting to see the thought and decision-making process involved in product design.

    Looking forward to part #2.

  130. Hi,

    We are not screwing the original design! We are aware of issues of introducing yet one more design! We are doing something with the original design to make it Tablet worthy and still be compatible with all the USB devices in the world (including 3)! But we will have to wait till Adam 2!


  131. “How about a “pay as you need it” 3G plan so I can justify buying your 3G version which I would use sometimes, but not enough to pay for a high montlhy fee.”

    I whole-heartedly support this! The situation is such that almost everyone has wi-fi at home, work, school, cafe, friend’s place (if you are lucky you have it in trains and buses as well, and soon it will be on most flights)… Most of the time we are covered, and just occasionally we need 3G. This usage would be rare and unpredictable, but quite important. Not enough reason to buy a plan, but very frustrating on those rare occasions when you need it. So a reasonable “pay what you consume” arrangement would be great (pre-paid or post-paid, doesn’t matter).

    I just need to note another thing regarding your post: iPad is not expensive (though I agree there is a lot it doesn’t do ;)). We have become very spoiled consumers, I think. I hate the iOS and would never buy anything running it simply because I want me and not Steve J. to make decisions about what I put on my tablet computer, but objectively, iPad is an amazing piece of technology. The fact that you can buy something like that for $500 is a miracle (ok, I am being a bit of a drama queen here). A couple of years ago tablet computers were priced at $3000 and were quite slow and heavy. The advancement has been remarkable, even if we would all like it to be faster (e.g. to have an Adam in my hands right now). Just trying to put things in perspective.

  132. Totally stoked for the Adam. I love all the thought and creativity that’s been poured into the project, can’t wait to get my hands all over this. This is pretty much a definite buy for me, but fingers still crossed that an update to Gingerbread when it comes out will be a viable option for the first-gen Notion Ink.

    Much love from the US.

  133. wait for Adam2 ? now I started to worry about this.
    Please don’t striped down Adam for Adam2(elder brother) if existing technology as well as time ( and other things) permits you to give it all. first bunch of Customers ( better lover) would feel cheated if Adam2 comes loaded with all those things which Adam could possibly be given at first place.
    I don,t want you to follow foot path of APPLE( case of camera in ipad and other numerous cases).every body understand next generation of any devices need to show some improvement as well as addition of new features.
    so please continue this approach of making device for masses by involving them ,asking them, what they wants? what was the design flaws they felt after using Adam?
    It that case you will not loose your first bunch of customer but they will continue to be your customer along with some new .I think You might be aware of study conducted showing major contribution in APPLE sale comes from new (first time buyer) customers instead of 2nd or 3rd time.This is something I feel notion Ink should also change in this technology world.
    Please EARN your LOYAL CUSTOMERS and not only sell your product.
    I can promise you I will BUY ALL future Notion ink products if you continue to earn your customers by showing how much hard work is going on into every new generation of your product.
    I know you are too busy but I hope you will read this ( since you said that you do read all these posts).:)

  134. hiiiii,

    following this blog since dec last year. Rohan since you are doing a lot of firsts in the world of technology why not extend this approach to other areas. I am sure you know about ESOPs, why not take it further to FSOPs(Fans stock option plan).I am not suggesting that you give it for free but maybe 2 or 3 years down the line when you guys go for an ipo and there is unprecetended demand for your shares reserve a certain portion for us fans.Just a thought but in anycase if you dont we will continue to support you, admire you and wish you luck.


  135. hey Rohan!! Thanks for replying my earlier post. That proves to everybody Rohan read each and every post 🙂

    I understand that for a new company it is difficult to implement every bits of desires ask for due to time,cost and other things involve but what I meant is That, When I buy ADAM 2 after buying ADAM 1 then it should be because of newer technological innovation as well as improvement upon ADAM and not just because camera becomes 5MP from 3MP or ADAM 2 can read all video format(from USB) and since no updates can make this things to work on ADAM 1 so buy new one.
    I’m against of this kind of practices.I want to see ADAM2 as all together different device than mere cosmetics change of ADAM1.
    hope to see you opening retail shop in Bangalore ;I will be first in queue to buy ADAM 🙂 if you do so.

  136. I’d dare to say, hardware is overpowered a bit.

    1 Cortex-grade core would be enought to FullHD video playback and probably would save at both price and battery life. Other main usecases would require even less power. However it looks better, than Malata/Toshiba/interpad.de analog for same price.

    Just let’s them not be too late on market. Malata is already pushing for OEM sales.

  137. Hi together,

    I like all, or most, “new features” you are posting, but …..
    that’s all for ADAM2 I hope, because the ADAM(1) must/should be in production now or soon. Otherwise we all have to wait more longer for the release.

    when will the EAP start ?

    Kind regards,

  138. I’d wish compromise for everyne.
    Let there be some intenal unique password for each device, that user can look at after breaking the seal (or maybe resistor on PCB, that user can cut out)

    By default – full warranty is on device, but only crypto-signed updates from Notion Ink would be insatllable.
    After crack – warranty is restricted or even removed, but now user can install anything and no more restriction on bootloader or on whatever.

    That could suit both ‘let me just use it as designed with reliability and warranty’ and ‘let me disassemble it and look inside and never hold my hands’ classes of users.

  139. maybe they could use 1 or 2 USB ports in think cylindrical section and for the rest use proprietary thin connector with external hydra-like usb hub ?

  140. would it be WWW-ony forum or will it support not-WWW ways of participation ?

    I guess, not very glamour way would be to make Google Group, then route it via gmane.org
    Thus would have both WWW, e-mail and NNTP access.

  141. 16:9 is nice if taskbar can be placed vertically on the left or on the right, like in Windows 7

    I doubt if it will be possible and convenient in Android.

    Then 16:9 would turn into 16:8 or even 16:7
    Nice for movies but bad for anything else.

  142. Heeya!

    I really doubt, still with 30-45 deg Yaxis rotation can help you to record the lecturers’ work on the board. Reason being, the students sitting in front of you can block the view unless you are the only student facing directly to the lecturer….

    Why not think of a webcam fixed on the edge of the desk( direct, un-blocked view of the board) connected to ADAM via USB port ?

  143. Swivel camera is an single camera solution for front and rear cameras… therby reducing cost on the additional part…

  144. I think, novadays, when market is full of very similar cones, each device should be saled with demo app or book.
    But that should not be demo “look what you bought”. it should be demo “how to boast of Adam in front of mates with iPad/Malata/etc”

    The customers would discuss their devices (ok, many of them would), would compare them face to face, and Adam user should be helped with this difficult task 🙂
    It could be both god emotions for Adam owner and virus advert for non-Adam owners.

  145. video is not necessary full-screen.

    OSD is poor workaround of TV-era.

    There should be place left aside video for Android UI (taskbar or how is it callled on Android), for videoplayer UI (okay, they may be transparent until you touch screen. But someone would like them be always visible), for subtitles.
    Same for comics.

    I’m afraid the screeen would be too narrow fr anything but fullscreen video.

  146. Wallmark-like, MediaMarkt-like stores would probably put giants like Apple and Samsung and Toshiba/Malata on the shelves anyway.
    They would probably also place local, less known brands, if they pay for it, like interpad.de/Malata

    But internet-only company like Notion Ink would probably have no chance there.

    So TV commercials (and last years those TV news/reviews are quite like in-movie hidden commercials) would have sense for Apple and Samsung, less sense for interpad.de, no sense for Notion Ink.

    Internet sales and viral p2p marketing is what would be channel for Adam.
    1st it should become popular and only after that would TV and offline large shops pay attention to it.

  147. there is no standard, so compatibility would be large issue – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_HDMI

    Also i think there would be large patent taxes on such a technology.
    I’d not like to see pumped prices due to feature i’d almost never use.

    Let it be external optional device better, for those who need this.

  148. Hi Rohan,

    Would the froyo desktop support rotation by 180 degrees while in portrait mode ? If not, some provision for rotating the screen by 180 degrees should be incorporated. Without this, the current design (cylindrical) would be hard on left handers, while a great boon for right handers…

  149. Do you ask about touch-gestures or about picture quality.

    I can say nothing about touch, about picture – just go YouTube.com and search for Pixel Qi. I wish there were 7″ Pixel Qi tablets, but they are year more to come

  150. keep the references
    if Notion Ink would ever make a commercial – that might make good fabula for it 😀

  151. I wonder, how much would it work on batteries before needing re-charge ?
    Can batteries be easily swapped with sare pack of charged batteries ?

    In other words, can it be used in travels or only inside your own home as remote computer/player concole.

  152. Ooh, there was billreyn’s post on commercial.

    Then part two might be ancient ship-builder in ancient Greece making ancient wooden naval carrier and using Adam as reference angle to check dock nose against 🙂

  153. Funny, i personally think that Android is good idea on phones and nonsense on anything but phones 🙂

  154. about “external memory” i’d personally more liked array of 2,3 maybe even 4 SD/MMC+ slots, so that i can insert inside as much meduia library as i’d like and copy from my mate’s memory cards without searchign for computer (okay, usb cardreader might hep for copying, but it is less convenient).

    USB media dongles can easily crack themselves or even Adam mainboard, exactly because they are external. Memory devices should better hide inside.

    I still cannot find replacement for my dead Cowon X5 60GB music player 🙂


    BTW i wish i could use 3,5mm jack headphones on flexible wire.
    I have bad experience with straight headphone jack, cracking Mexx payer mainboard, when i fallen in the street. I even purchased 10cm long wire with Г-like jack especially to avoid unflexible joint 🙂

  155. Kristian, if you used it upside down the center of gravity would be farther away from your hand than a normal tablet, making it more uncomfortable to hold.

  156. I think that is the point of replaceable batteries, that you can change them yourself.
    The last time i heard the battery time was rumored to be around 16 hours of HD playback and now Rohan is saying that the backup reports are even more impressive so you know what i am getting at…………

  157. Rohan, the specs on the Adam are amazing as is! Don’t see any sign that you keeping features out of the Adam to use in the next model. It’s just a matter of what you can put in this model, for this cost, and with the timeframe you have. More features mean higher costs. Being a startup people will pause before buying if the price is too high. Heck, even if you weren’t a startup people would hesitate! I think most of us realize that you’re putting out the best product you can at this point. But with the money you make from the Adam you can put even better features in Adam 2. I would consider waiting for the Adam 2. But I also know how important it is for the Adam to be a success! Can’t be an Adam 2 if not enough people buy the Adam!

  158. They can be of rare form-factor ( hard to purchase), or have soldered wire – so that possible be replacing like ‘repairing’ dead batteries, at home, not in train, bus etc.

    okay, 16 hours of playback is really impressive, thanx Pixel Qi

  159. eagerly waiting for Adam 😀 .. I would like to extend my support to manage a blog or forum, dedicated to adam genre tablets development ..[as discussed above]..

  160. Well, do as you please; I just hope the 200 developers/testers that will be sent Adams to will thoroughly test for any design issues, including potential USB port problems.

    Speaking of compatibility, will all the drivers required to run it (including the accelerated video rendering drivers) be open-source? As it uses an nVidia Tegra 2 and nVidia hasn’t always been exactly open-source-friendly, it makes me wonder whether they will publish the full specifications for running the device. Of course, some people explain nVidia’s *not* releasing of drivers as a consequence from having signed many NDA’s and trade secret licenses with other companies, making the “opening” of the gfx card driver “blob” close-to-impossible. So, will the Adam be *the* ultimate open-source tablet?

  161. I think they would be just like a laptops, pins make more sense than wires.
    As for the low power consumption of Adam i think there are several factors involved rather than just pixel-Qi, which actually shows its magic when back light is turned off. In that case the battery time is expected to be more than a week.
    What actually makes it better is nvedia tegra 2 and probably a bit depends on design and all too.

  162. Just wanted to wish you the best success for your innovative product series.
    How about adding a counter on your blog with the number of buy intentions?
    You sure can count me!

  163. Backlight is one of main power eaters in notebooks, i think thouse 16 hours had been measured with backlight off.
    Pixel Qi also offered consulting services about mainboard design, claiming that further would lower power consumption. So that is another reason to thank them (i guess is N.I. partenred with them for screens, they also took theirother advices).

    All the rest sounds like fairy tale, sorry.
    ARM and Tegra2 are cool, but once again – there are tablets on Tegra2, Toshiba Folio aka Malata Z20 for example.

    Battery life: 7 hours (65% web browsing, 10% video playback, 25% standby)

    One may assume, that in applications like e-Book, between page flips, the CPU woud be powered off, and the whole device go into suspend-to-RAM state (except for simple chips like regenerator of LCD contents). But it is very improbable. Android is general-purpose OS afterall and have dozens of background programs running, like clock, like touch screen events monitor, like tasks scheduler, whatever. So CPU would not have chance to be powered off and will continue its work.

    I think those weeks can happen, if we totaly power off the whole tablet and see upon batteries self-discharging. But not about device beeing really used a bit. I do not believe it would endure even 48 hours 🙂

    Okay, rumours are good, on one hand.
    And no info but rumours is on anothe hand.

  164. eagerly waiting for part 2 of this.. i wish i can see some real pictures of adam in that post possibly some videos too.. 🙂

  165. Love, love, love this two way road of communication on this blog! In what other consumer electronic company does the CEO himself talk with his followers personally!

    Bravo on that alone, Rohan. Let alone the Adam.

  166. I really like that you update us all on how things are comming along with ADAM.

    I have one question though. I have an android phone and are loving android as an OS, but after following countless forums and having my phone, one critical thing are missing from my HTC Hero. Proxy support via WiFi.
    Some wrote that it was HTC who didnt build it in their phone, could you perhaps give a hint regarding ADAM and support via proxy. I know that many use proxy on their company internet and i have to use i also, so that would be a another really big plus.

    Anyway i think i will sign up for an ADAM.

  167. The early reports said that the 16 hours were measured in full color mode with HD content playing
    And about 160 hours when Pixel Qi was in trans reflective mode i.e. back light turned off
    Why i mentioned Tegra 2 was because it has the power to shut down its cores when not in use like when e-book reading it uses very power compared to any other competition out in the market.

  168. plz understand that:

    1) companies like samsung, apple, hp, etc are paying for licensing a lot of patents used in their devices
    2) the govt is levying high percent (more than 30%) as taxes
    3) also those big companies are heaily buearucratic: they end up paying huge monoey as pay/bonus to their managers

  169. “Most of the End consumers don’t look at forums or blogs. so extract your brain juice to deliver Adam as early as possible & of course then continue your BUZZ.”
    This guy is 100% right.
    stop buzzing and hyping around. actions speak louder than blogs.

  170. Hello!

    I enjoy reading your blog, like many eagerly waiting for the announcement that the Adam will be available for preorder!

    One thing worries me though, is it true that the Adam will not have access to the Android Market?


  171. Looks great Rohan, but when will I be able to hold one in my hands? What are the major barriers to getting the Adam out the door and into the marketplace?

  172. First of all. I’m really looking forward to the Adam.

    But one question, what is the mini-USB port for?
    I hope it is not ment for charging, becuse all recent gadgets now use micro-USB…

  173. Rohan,

    Absolutely fabulous product from all accounts…so far. I’m with the multitude masses here that look forward to seeing something a bit more tangible in the way of pictures. Hmmm…Now I begin to wonder about the aftermarket products that could be made available. Interesting thought.

    Can you, at the very least, mention whether this is going to make availability by the Holidays?? Keep up the great work!

  174. A product to0 late to market will be killed by others who rushed to market with a reasonable product of similar. People just don’t dish out money on product X while a later product Y comes with little more features. Time to market is KEY as we know about iPad. They sold 4mill plus and going to be 10mill by end of holidays this season.

    Guys, you need to do a better job than just posting “blogs” here and there. All that geeky things are fine in design center or IT war rooms. You better need to collaborate with channels, partners and ecosystem itself.

    Question? What it “Google” itself comes with a better product than “Adam” with newest ARM (ARM15) processor? (Don’t think about G1 phone).

    I am concerned about Adam…. Until I see it in stores!


  175. Dear Notion Ink owners,
    Can Adam, the one I have been waiting to come to Canada, be suitable for installing business applications like MS Exel, Word, and other software, like Act database, Dictionaries(Spanish in my case) to look up unknown words while using the e-book reader?.
    I mean, is it really a PC or what? I need somebody to enlighten me on this.


    Jim The Greek

  176. Hello, I coincidently found this very beautiful product. could possibly be the! allternative to all existing tablets..but how about businees apps like sync via BBenterprise with outlook..telephone function…open office….adobe functions…??? I hope it will not be only a nice toy… regards from Germany

  177. Can someone please tell me If unreal engine work on Adam or not
    I don’t want to work so hard and get disappointed in the end

  178. It’d also be great if you go for a “modular” system, like I can add a FM module in my Adam (maybe one or two modules could fit inside).
    It can be great to release more features in a cheaper “add-on” system. Thus increasing the life span of your incredible product.
    Would like to make your Adam WiDi compatible? No problem, just add an aftermarket module to if.
    You like watching Digital TV on your Adam? Buy an module and here you go.

    Of course it will be hard to implement on Adam, with that slim body and all the internals already made, but you could add it on the next gen.


  179. I have just came accross this device and I am very excited. I saw a video showing how it works and I think I did well not running out to buy an iPad and wait for something better. When is this tablet going to be sold?

  180. ok, ok, ok…
    The cylindrical part issue!
    Now its clear that potrait mode on either sides can solve this,

    i wonder if it can be done with out a hardware upgrade ?!?@!?(:?!:;

  181. @ Cliff. I don’t think you quite understood the question. I believe Kristian was talking about in portrait mode, which we have all been shown to have the cylinder to be in the palm of the left hand (perfect for those who are right handed). Kristian’s question was would it be possible to turn it 180 degrees (upside down) to then put the cylinder in the right hand(perfect for those who are left handed).

    As for the answer, I’m not sure. I want to say I had seen this done on a prototype video but I can’t seem to find it. It is very possible though.

  182. @Arioch
    Let that be a worst-case scenario. In real life, hardware warranty doesn’t actually have anything to do with the software that is going to be used on the device. The only ones making a relation between the two are usually big greedy companies that want to force you into using their application and content providers (hi there, Apple!).

    Then again, the fact that Mr. Rohan specified that the Adam Tablet is going to be *all about the apps* is actually mildly worrying to a somewhat hard-core open-sourcer like me, as I fear that he will be tempted to sacrifice freedom for “security” (, which according to a very great man, makes one deserve none). My other concern, of course, is the availability of the specifications required to run the Tablet at its full capacity; I’d rather opt for some other crappier and more expensive tablet whose peripherals have full specifications and/or open-source drivers available rather than having to deal with the infamous nVidia binary blobs once again. Or not being able to have full 3d or video acceleration without some binary blob loaded. Ugh.

    Please, address my concerns so I can sleep peacefully at night once more.

  183. Notion Ink,

    As Always, Your open door policy about the Adam makes me excited in so many ways.

    Thanks you so much for your important work in technological history,

  184. In real life this is not so for about 10 years.

    You can use pure software to stop all the coolers in computer and overclock CPU and GPU and RAM until they burn out.
    No warranties in your ‘success’, but fair chances there are.

    DVD-RW firmware probably can adjust laser power so, that it would only last for few months.

    And so on.

  185. Does ARM11 Samsung S3C6410 has full specs for CPU and GPU and video DSP ?
    At least it does not have drivers, even OpenGL ES for WinCE was community-built.

    You can easily get crappy-and-ugly tablet on it for quarter of price of Adam.
    And try to make drivers 🙂

  186. I’m hearing you – I also worry that iPad2 won’t sell any, as we all know time to market is KEY. I mean, if that baby comes out sans QI screen, Swivel camera, rear trackpad, 1080p, HDMI, USB, opt. keyboard/mouse and support for the Unreal engine whilst following nvidia’s vision of a new Tegra/year……it could be dead in the water 😮

  187. That depends on your vocabulary.
    If PC means Personal Computer – it is, Computer. Personal. Withour keuyboard though.
    If PC means Wintel for you – no. Windows only knows how to work on intel/amd processors. Microsoft Office works ony on Microsoft Windows.

    But You probably can install Linux + OpenOffice.org here later.

    1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture – this is about Adam
    2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wintel – this is about IBM PC compatible (computers compatible with those, made by IBM in 1980)
    3) http://www.innoversal.com.tw/en-us/products/lattice.aspx – this is maybe your choice if it ever happens
    4) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixel_Qi – this is a list of Wintel netbooks, you can purchase and then insert this dispay into.

  188. I am seriously hoping that Adam’s multi-touch interface is as good as that of Apple’s iPhone. No other company seems to have made it properly, wonder why!

  189. To enlighten – go Wikipedia and search for Wintel, then for ARM Architecture

    Any more details, and my comments do not pass through filtering here :-/

  190. Also you may try to search for Pixel Qi on Wikipedia to get same dispay and Microsoft Windows compatible netbook or tablet Lattice.

    Depending on Your vocabulary,
    1) This is personal computer (PC).
    2) This PC is not compatible to IBM PC made in 1980 and hence is not Wintel
    Microsoft Windows is not smart enough to run on ARM Architecture, not cloned 1980 design of IBM PC
    Microsoft Office is not smart enough to run without Microsoft Windows

    Linux + OpenOffice.org would probably arrive later for Adam though

    For rest of your applications, consult their manufacturers, if they would run on Google Android on ARM hardware

  191. Rohan,
    Just curious about the wear-n-tear tests you are putting Adam thru…. if you ever poped into an IKEA store in Europe or USA… you probably saw a chair being put to a stress test by 2 pistons trying to crush it etc…. for the Adam you need to do the reverse as in a mom, dad, 2 wild kids pulling it in all possible directions simultaneously.

    now that will be a nice thing to have in Adam stores a ‘boxing ring’ in a corner somewhere where you let a family ‘try it out’ 🙂

  192. Sorry to burst your bubble but Apple is going to continue to dominate the market with the iPad 2. Ofcourse Notion Ink is making a very innovative tablet compared to others and I am very curious to see the final product and might even buy one instead of the iPad 2. But be realistic: this is a new company with no track record vs Apple. Apple has brought the tablet market back to life, is a well known brand with close to unlimited resources (marketing!) and most importantly: Apple has an impressive app store on which they keep a tight quality control. Android is trying to fight its way into this market but Android 2.2 is not particularly suitable for tablets (3.0 might be). The Android Market is rapidly growing and has some nice apps but also a lot of crap. (excuse my French) And I strongly suspect that Notion Ink´s Adam is not even going to have access to Marketplace. No apps no glory as far as tablets are concerned.

  193. @Arioch
    “In real life this is not so for about 10 years.

    You can use pure software to stop all the coolers in computer and overclock CPU and GPU and RAM until they burn out.”

    If burning the internal components while keeping the warranty is really what you want (which would make you a very disturbed individual) I doubt you’d do it using software; you’d probably just wrap it around a blanket and make it render a movie or do number-crunching. You don’t *need* software access to break it.

    This discussion has already been had over and over regarding PCs and laptops — does using a non-Redmond OS void the computer’s warranty? It’s almost as if you couldn’t *intentionally* break it without voiding the warranty!

  194. Let’s stop here.

    There *IS* place for discussion.
    Software *CAN* lead to hardware failure intentionally or because of stupidity/bugs.

    I do not say it is done often, i just say it *IS* possible.

    And that’s why i disagree with “hardware warranty doesn’t actually have anything to do with the software”
    It does have.

    Is that reason enough or not – i’d not to discuss.
    But i can imagine someone, who does make decisions, thinking so.
    If such, then i’d prefer clear way to drop warranty and come out of jail, than ricky and unreiable hackerish methods.

  195. @Arioch
    “Software *CAN* lead to hardware failure intentionally or because of stupidity/bugs.”
    We already ruled out intentional hardware failure as it is possible *without* actually voiding the warranty. As for stupidity/bugs, well, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to make it hard or impossible for any buggy software to cause physical damage to the hardware. PCs usually do it using NMIs, for example. The contents of the internal flash drive is absolutely irrelevant as to the warranty as the device itself is supposed to be idiot-developer-proof. Also, let’s not forget; it’s not because software has been digitally signed that it’s bug-free.

    “But i can imagine someone, who does make decisions, thinking so.”
    And what I’m saying is that that person is usually biased towards doing that for reasons other than the risk of hardware failures due to software.

  196. in europe it’s a law that small devices has to be charged via one universal port (the mini-USB port).
    that’s great so you don’t have to take 5 cables with you for 5 devices. you just need one.

  197. Hi,

    My own preference would be to not make the mistake that the Ipad made, that being there are a number of electronic artists out there who are famous, or have now made a name for themselves for using the ubiquitous ipad. The problem with the ipad most learnt was that whatever was put on the screen, was considered to be an input.

    That is to say, if you put your fingers on the screen that was considered to be an input and you wanted the input to be there, but also there had been people ‘resting’ their palms on the screen in order to get better purchase, or for comfort and as a consequence as their hand or whatever rested, it was considered an intentional input. Ipad AFAIK haven’t addressed this issue and it still remains, so perhaps ADAM or ANDROID could get in there first, and sort the problem out.

    My own preference is to use the ADAM as a notepad for that I will require a Pen but would like to not have to use the WACOM style pen, or the ones with an ‘Alt’ mode. Instead just the ubiquitous stylus you can get most places, should you lose one and have to make one in a hurry. I would like to be able to ‘write’ on screen for those ‘notes’ that it just takes too long to input using a keyboard ie: ‘dinner @ 10, pick up milk and cocoa on way home’ that kind of thing, hardly worth sitting down to input, but worth writing none the less so as to not forget. It also means the ADAM remains at hand all the time. Unlike the Ipad which doesn’t really enter into the ‘notepad’ arena of usefulness for the want of a better word, as I’m aware that typically a notepad is an electronic computer, but I’m talking more in regards to the paper variety.

  198. bias to doing what ?
    unconditionally blocking user’s firmware replacement a la iPhone | iPad | X-Box | Playstation ?
    No, thanks! i’d prefer clear replacement on reasonable condition. That is not worst-case, that is option you’re for or against. Having no such option would be worst-case.

    > device itself is supposed to be idiot-developer-proof

    > manufacturer’s responsibility to make it hard or impossible for any buggy software to cause physical damage to the hardware.
    That would be heavens. But in real life – i’d not believe that is possible without prices going 2 orders higher.

    > The contents of the internal flash drive is absolutely irrelevant
    It is not. If i screwed my Windows/Linux/whatever -my-destop-OS is, i just put in DVD/USB-flash and install another OS, using intact BIOS/firmware. If i screwed BIOS/firmware – i have to take iron and solder flash-memory chip out (or solder JTAG in) which both void the warranty for some reasons.

    Yes, good design would make bulet-proof unkillable bootloader, that can flash and run any possible OS and never can be upgraded itself.
    In reality, you can kill bootloader by wrongle flashing firmware

    > not because software has been digitally signed that it’s bug-free.
    It is not mark of quality, but mark of responsabiolity

    I come to service with Android phone failing at making calls.
    If signed software inisde – vendor is to blame
    If my software inside – there is hard arguing if my software or his hardware to blame.
    If there was unsigned software, that i managed to reflash with signed – gray area

  199. umm… Didn’t read this before registering the domain… 😦

    Anyways, I did create a forum… adamtab.com

    Can this stay?

    Awesome work BTW. This is the first time I have been so close to a CEO 😀 .

  200. I would have, if it gave results as good as unreal engine 3.
    But after looking up unreal engine in wikipedia it says

    On December 2009, Epic demoed UE3 running on Apple’s 3rd generation iPod touch. They said that this will also support iPhone 3GS, and also an unknown mobile platform which has been revealed to be the webOS at CES 2010.[10] It has been revealed so far to be something on Nvidia’s Tegra platform, and also Palm’s webOS running PowerVR’s SGX chip.

    Well i have seen unreal engine working on tegra 2 but on windows platform not on Android. Can anyone from notion put some light on it or will we have to wait till you release all the info about Adam.

  201. So, does Tegra have 3D acceleration drivers for Linux/Android ?

    i think you’d better ask that question in nVidia forums and Android forums.
    If they have it – then Adam would probably include them.
    If they don’t – Notion Ink would not have the esources to develop drivers by themselves.

  202. Thanks for the part 1 of the Update Rohan, just wondering when are you planning to blog the 2nd part of your update.

    I really think, ADAM should support stylus. I attend a lot of meeting and take notes, also a lot of the time i need to approve by signing a letter, having stylus support really helps. I do this in my convertible tablet. iPAD does not support it and i am not buying it.

    Wait for ADAM is really getting longer & painful.

  203. I guess that Part II will be another weekend update… I’m still looking forward to hear the rest of the story and to see some pics of the final design.

  204. Rohan, Let me me this straight

    1000*1000 words = 1000 pics
    1000 pics = 1 video
    Time taken for creating equivalent paragraph of 1000*1000 words = 1000 mins
    Time taken for creating equivalent 1000 pics = 100 mins
    Time taken to take 1 video = 10 min

    Impact of 1000*1000 words = 10000 hits
    Impact of 1000 pics = 100000 hits
    Impct of 1 video = viral

    So you got the pic.

  205. Rohan,
    All of this information is good but frankly I would rather hold one in my hand before deciding whether or not to buy it rather than read about it in a blog.
    The sooner your product is available for ordering – the better for you and the consumers.


  206. Adams got competition: Android touch tablet arrives in India @ Rs 9,000

    “The all new Home Surf Touch tablet runs on Google Android 1.6 operating system and has an 8 inch resistive screen. It is powered by an ARM 11 667 MHz processor and has 128 MB RAM. It comes with a 2 GB inbuilt memory and connectivity option of Wi-Fi.” -http://news.oneindia.in/2010/09/24/tech-android-touch-tablet-arrives-in-india.html

  207. I am loving what this tablet is shaping up to be, and I will definitely buy one on day one. But there’s one thing that bugs me. Why does everybody keep insisting that the screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio? 1024×600 is NOT 16:9, it’s 128:75 or 16:9.375. If it were 16:9 then it would be 1024×576 or 1067×600. Personally, I would love it if it were 1280×720.

  208. Very different niche

    I told about similar thing on DealExtreme.com as SKU 41984
    Perhaps i’d purchased it, if it had HDMI, even though i want 3Qi

    However, Adam is much more expensive and of much better qualities than those ekl-chipo tablets.
    Screen-wise, CPU-wise, memory-wise, design-wise, Android-wise, perhaps also Battery-wise… in just every aspect but price Adam is better.

    Is Tata Nano competitor for Daewoo Nexia or maybe even for BMW ? Hardly so. It is just different niche.

  209. It is not competitor. No more than Tata Nano would be competitor to Daewoo Nexia or even to BMW.

    Those products just have different niche.
    What you pointed out looks very much like Deal Extreme com no. 41984
    Not that device is the same, but that there are a whole lotta of similar cloned el-chipo devices.

    Truly speaking, if that device had HDMI or (let’s dream for a while) 3Qi (or both), i’d purchased it.
    However to compare…
    Adam is better Display-wise, CPU-wise, Memory-wise, Android-wise, design-wise and probably Battery-wise as well.
    It is only worse in price.

    So those are very different products for very different niches.

  210. alex – Rohan long back wrote to me saying that a bunch of “local” (meaning Indian) languages will be supported. So I believe the answer is yes!

  211. If you want to have an overview of all iPad wannabe’s, including the very promising Notion Ink Adam, visit: www. ipadwannabes.com.

  212. @Richard
    I guess even Apple had to start from zero at some point…
    Genesis will exploit the special capabilities of Adam to the hilt and predictably should create its own aura… so if anything apps will be a plus for Adam…. the quantity will come with time

    also for argument sake: no camera means no camera; a million apps cant compensate for it…

    I believe at the end of the day people will not even compare iPad and Adam for reasons we all know… they will simply go for the features they want and going by what I hear from iPad owners they would dump it any day the moment something better comes along…. its just that they think only Apple can better it… we will know soon!

  213. Why are there suddenly so many manufacturers releasing tablets? Because of the success of the iPad, nothing else. They all are dreaming of selling so many tablets as Apple does. All wannabe’s!
    I seriously hope that Notion Ink can make an impact with the Adam, that’s for sure!

  214. Agree!! Why would he Adam want to be an IPAD wannabe? Specially after all the trouble people are having with this ‘revolutionary’ tablet!

  215. Ah yes because ipad was the first tablet pc… NOT!(There have been plenty of tablet pc’s out before, is the ipad a lenova tablet wannabe?) Besides that, do we call the ipod an mp3 wannabe because it wasn’t the first out to market? Do we call mac laptops wannabe ibm laptop? Do we call a mac desktop a wannabe HP desktop? No because of differences between products. I could agree with you if Notion Ink was releasing a tablet underachieving in features, lack of connections, same flat design, lacked a camera, a severely closed off source code, and had a similar screen (hardly call pixel qi similar). But those are all differences between the two. The similarities being touch screen, easy portability, and runs on electricity… Soooo wannabe shame on you notion ink you’re suppose to make your’s run on water tanks, hovers in front of you, and you don’t touch the screen you just blink at it >.<

    Oh and on a final note, Notion Ink Adam was being developed around the same time the ipad was and initially was to be released before the ipad. Investor issues(people thinking they're right despite only being the money behind the project) pushed back the date so the ipad was released first. On top of that Notion Ink has been pushing to put up to date features in their tablet pc, a complete 180 from from Apple's Ipad ROFL(oh who uses copy and paste anymore, right steve jobs?).

  216. Android is designed towards phones.
    Putting it on computers (like tablets and netbooks) is like putting linux on phones.

    Possible. But nothing sexy about.

    Of course you can argue and can just say “stupid thing” and pass by

  217. @civil

    None of investor would put big money in Adam or any other laptop, until they saw Apple iPad rocketing.
    Apple had to take the risks and they would follow to a warrantied demand of buyers.

    Like iPhone – Philips 755 was a ong ago, but it only come to vast touch-phone manufacturing, after Apple took big risks and prooved by rocketing iPohone there are buyers for this.

    If Adam would rocket,… same would happen, anyone, including HP, Lenovo, Dell and all – would star making Adam clones, including design, 3Qi and so on 🙂

  218. It’s not an option on my phone running Froyo. Well, there is an option, but it’s not an official rom and the option isn’t part of Froyo. Agree that it should be in there. Not because of being left handed. It’s because the power plug is on the bottom of my phone and on my wife’s Ipad. Sometimes I’ll use them when they’re charging. Easier to hold with the power cord at the top then the bottom.

  219. To be fair, there is a Mac version of Windows. Android apps can’t run on Windows or Macs. That doesn’t mean their bad.

  220. looks like it will cost more (without a contract) and has less features than the Adam. So, for me, no contest.

  221. I take solace in a powerful response Rohan has given a while back…. water water everywhere not a drop to drink!

  222. @Richard, as was stated, the Adam was conceived BEFORE the Ipad came out. It was delayed. Otherwise, it would have been out before the Ipad. Do they want to have the success of the Ipad? I’m sure they do! Doesn’t mean they’re an Ipad wannabe.

  223. when’s part 2 coming?

    I’m so eager about the notion ink =)… the sooner the better. My current laptop is going to break my back ><

  224. That’s not competition. Those two tablets are not really comparable. There’s a 2 generation gap between the processors, different size, very different screen and touch technology, and RAM is almost certain to be different (can’t tell for sure till Notion Ink gives us those specs). A dual Core Cortex A9 like that found in the Adam is more than four times more powerful than the arm processor you mention (without even taking into account the speeds). Don’t forget the Nvidia graphics core of the Adam, the HD video capabilities, and advanced power management capabilities of the Tegra 2.

  225. Two corrections. The Tab is rumoured at over 900 dollars off contract (200-300 with carrier subsidies) how is that better than the Adam?
    And also we don’t know the RAM of the Adam so we don’t know if it’s worse or better memory-wise and if you meant storage they both offer 16GB and 32GB options, making them the same.

  226. Will this get updated to Android 3.0 (which will be optimized for tablets) when it comes out?

  227. I have heard from a source in Bangalore that ADAM will not have access to the android market. Is it true?

  228. With every passing blog post i wonder how so many of the other “me too” tablets have spent so less time on the design board . To be honest the first time i saw a picture of the adam i felt it was a bit weird but now all those little quirks do make a lot of sense. i only hope that you choose to launch this devise in India along with rest of the world and also do some “throw the kitchen sink” marketing done for your devise . There are so many people out there who are yet to here about the Adam . with best wishes and regards
    Dr.Satish Alavandar

  229. Rohan,
    one weeks wait and still no part 2. This is bad
    weekly updates should now be minimum (all of us wants daily updates) since its so near to release dates.
    Instill the faith again that I am not wrong in waiting for your product/ product information (like real images/videos/apps. No mockups now, we want the real deal)

  230. Apparently not. Google doesn’t seem to want the market on tablets. Don’t know if NI had wanted to use it or not. It would be interesting to know if that’s why they made Genesis.

  231. One of the answers we’re all waiting for! Won’t keep me from buying the Adam though. As long as it’s as good as it looks, I’m in! Getting 3.0 would just be an added bonus!

  232. Reallyl ? Special version of Windows for Mac ? 😀

    No way. Modern Macs are almost regular computers made with the same processor and the same videocards and the same motherboard.

    The only difference is software – EFI BIOS – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Firmware_Interface
    Which is supported in very usual Windows Vista SP1 64-bit

  233. That is very strange idea to compare features to cost.
    It’s like comparing degrees of angle to degrees of temperature.

    You can compare *same* features of both products.
    Size – to size.
    Weight – to weight.
    Speed – to speed.
    And price – to price.

    Obviously Adam costs much much more, it’s price is worse.
    Obviously almost all other features are better.

  234. Ask Google.

    Only them knows what they would make Android 3 of.
    If Google decide it not to work – then it would not, Notion Ink can not struggle Google giant.
    If Google would not break compatibility, then Notion Ink would take care to make it working.

  235. @Arioch, LOL! Meant there’s a version of Microsoft Office that runs on Os X. And even before they switched to use the same hardware as other pcs. So, Office was running on the old Mac operating systems as well as the new one. On another note, Google is reportedly making their online office available for IOS and Android. So, hopefully that will be available to Adam users as well.

  236. Perhaps I could have worded that better. The Adam has a better features to price ratio. That is, when you look at the features it has, and then the cost, it’s a great deal. Look at the Ipad, it has less features than the Adam. And yet it’s lowest model is more than the highest priced Adam! Hope I made myself more clear!

  237. They should make a 7″ (perfect size for an eReader) along with this 10″ and call it the Notion Ink Abel (or Cain).

  238. Do you want to sell me a Notion Ink Adam or not?

    If you do then show me something other than drawings and giving me choices of color. I want a tablet to do things. If you’re not serious I’ll go buy an ipad.

    Posts that merely market to our hopes and dreams is getting old. We want a tablet with specs that allow us to do a multiple of things well.

    We want to know what an ADAM can help us do not what color tablet we can have. I don’t want an ipad in any color, I want a tablet that allows me to be creative.

    The ipad is my default choice.

    Where’s the ADAM?

  239. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I like the color of the design most recent showcased on video (6months ago if that can be considered recent). I’m not personally a fan of color as it comes across as a toy, rather than a serious tool; which is what it would be for me. I think it’s great to have that option, as an upgrade…nut I’m personally for just plain ol’ black and silver/metal finish. How long before this will be available in the USA?

  240. P.S. The camera device looks cheaper than the original design. I hope it’s just the rendering on not plastic.

  241. Thats basically all I want. I have 2 3g plans. a Droid with one, and a mifi, which I use at home. I don’ feel like, nor can afford another plan just for a tablet. When I need internet “out”, I can just the MIFI, and go. I woulld still like to have GPS in the tablet, so I can use the google maps, weathe, and other apps with the MIFI. Some kind of auto bracket, and charging for 12v would be a nice touch.

  242. At this point, I feel that a delivery date is more important that color choices. I’m more interested in whether this will come to market, than what color it is offered in.

    Is this actually going to come to realization? are we going to get more than drawings and pictures?

    I’m glad that everybody is happy with all the pictures, and tech data… but it means nothing if it is still undergoing changes. With all the conversation regarding color changes, and potentially moving this here or there, it sounds like the manufacturing hasn’t been finalized yet. I would hope that this would have been done already.

    It’s sounding more and more to me like vaporware… I hope not, but I’ve had my hopes up for hardware before only to be dashed…

    Devices are on the market NOW. Samsung may be more pricey, and less features, but it’s real, and I can get my hands on one thru my provider (pre-order is on their website already)…. Nothing like that exists on Notion Ink’s product.

    I’ll take real over fictional anyday…. so, either produce, or stop playing with our heads…

  243. While I understand your preference for a 16:9 screen versus a 4:3 screen, iI think it is not as conducive to viewing/marking up PDF documents which are based upon 8.5X11 inch page size. A 4:3 screen more closely matches an 8.5×11 inch page and thus allows the page to be viewed in larger size on the screen versus on a 16:9 screen where it must me shrunk down due to the narrower screen width. This seems to be a problem for many people who regularly use newer tablet pcs in school and business that have 16:9 screens, which is why the Lenovo X60t and X61t tablets were so popular(they had 4:3 screens).

    !6:9 is fine for movie viewing, but not so nice for working with documents.

  244. First I am very excited with this project. I’m worried that you haven’t picked a color yet! Please get this out, and soon!

    I want that pixel qi display, having used both an iPad and a kindle 3. I want a display that doesn’t burn a hole in my eyes but doesn’t make me feel like I am using a 1970 computer.

    I think however that you made a mistake on the 16×9 AR. Your argument against 4×3 makes no sense.

    Sure, given the choice between the displays pictured, no one would want the clunky one on the left. However, there is no 4×3 tablet that has such a huge bevel relative to display area like the one in your picture. Have you seen an iPad?

    You also seem to assert that the 4×3 display requires an inside margin, whereas the 16×9 display would be used without inside margin. Again, have you seen an iPad? You can eliminate the margin if you want (provided the reader software allows you). The reason for the inside margin is we are conditioned since Gutenberg to read text with margins. Hence, for example, all decently designed web pages have margins. It has nothing to do with the AR. Since most people will prefer to have some margins, and since the Adam like all other displays has a bevel that is not identical to the display area and therefore cannot serve as a substitute for the margins, what you will end up with is a display with an even NARROWER area for text when held in portrait mode and does not approximate the familiar AR of books, magazines, etc.

    16×9 isn’t a good AR for web pages. In landscape, it will often waste space horizontally and is too short vertically. In portrait, it will likely not fit the width of most web pages without zooming out and making the text too small. Ditto for productivity apps. Either you have less vertical space than on a 4×3 display to work with, or you have to type on a narrower keyboard.

    16×9 is good for video and possibly games, and not so good for everything else. I think Steve Jobs got this one right.

    In any event, I’m curious about how the pixel qi display looks w/o the backlight. Is it closer to the new kindle 3 display, or closer to the previous generation e-ink display, in terms of contrast and clarity? Is the background whitish, or is it very grayish. I hope best of both worlds does not also mean worst of both worlds 😉

  245. You may be conditioned to read text with a margin but most people are probably not, they’re just used to it until shown better options. One of the greatest human quality is adaptability, you start doing what you learn then you improve on it when the context changes or just because it can be done more efficiently. It’s called progress.

    There was a reason as to why print had margin, you needed the space to hold the paper without hiding the text. It also had to do with the automatic printing process, paper rolls needs to be held and pushed through the chain. An then there is the aesthetic aspect of it, margin around the text gives it aeration.

    Now if you consider that the device itself replace the traditional paper then you must realize that the bevel (no matter what’s the size) is a margin and that you don’t really need an additional one to give the text breathing space. I may not necessarily agree with that (“conditioned” as I am) but the argument makes perfect sense.

    Congratulation to the NI team, thanks for for your attempt to improve on the way we use this type of device and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  246. i totally agree with Luu and nilesh.

    when i first read of the adam i was absoluteley convinced – i knew i would be getting one. but then i realized it only has a 1024×600 screen as opposed to 1024×768. to me that’s probably the most important point with a tablet: screen size / resolution / aspect ratio. having great battery, tons of features, inputs/outputs, PixelQi screen, etc is all superp and great. but if these great features end up with a 1024×600 screen then -to me personally- all the great work is wasted.

    and like Luu said,
    the margins are not bigger on other devices.
    you can use it all the way, getting way more on your screen. so the margin argument does not really come into play here.

    for video 1024:600 might be ok. but i think most people get a tablet for completely other reasons: Reading (web, ebooks,…). and
    reading on a 1024×600? c’mon?! have u tried
    it on a netbook? they all have 1024×600 and
    just rotate the display with Ctrl Alt arrows
    and you’ll see how webpages and pdfs appear.

    i was sooo loving the adam until i discovered the 600 pixel-width (or height, depending how you hold the adam). i really don’t get it. are we supposed to watch videos and excel spreadsheats on the adam? because surfing the web and reading ebooks won’t be so much fun.

    it’s just my opinion though, i don’t want to offend anyone. i’m just so upset because i really wanted to get the adam. but like i said: even if you put 100gb, a quadcore cpu, 10usb ports, 3hdmi outputs and the newest screen technology in the device and sell it for 150$ i still wouldn’t get it because it will aways come down to “looking at the screen” (except for listening to mp3 with your eyes closed). and if the screen needs scrolling and zooming in/out in all directions then the whole concept is useless.

    and even if i’ll never buy an apple product, the ipad with 4:3 and 1024×768 got it right: it was made for comfortable reading, which is likely the number 1 on a “what do i do most with a tablet” list.

    best regards,

  247. i totally agree with Luu + Nilesh.

    when i first read of the adam i was absoluteley convinced – i knew i would be getting one. but then i realized it only has a 1024×600 screen as opposed to 1024×768. to me that’s probably the most important point with a tablet: screen size / resolution / aspect ratio. having great battery, tons of features, inputs/outputs, PixelQi screen, etc is all superp and great. but if these great features end up with a 1024×600 screen then -to me personally- all the great work is wasted.

    and like Luu said, the margins are not bigger on other devices. you can use screens all the way.

    ok, so lets adapt to having no margin and having text on the whole screen. now tell me what difference does it make if you do the same thing on a 4:3 (1024×768) screen! right, you’ll gain more text there too! the 4:3 (1024×768) will always have a better reading & web surfing feel. no matter how you turn and twist it. i doubt anyone would say “i enjoy reading/surfing more on a 1024×600 device”. c’mon…

    for video 1024:600 might be ok. but i think most people get a tablet for completely other reasons: Reading (internet surfing, or ebooks,…). and reading on a 1024×600? c’mon?! have u tried it on a netbook? they all have 1024×600 and just rotate the display with Ctrl+Alt+arrows and you’ll see how webpages and pdfs appear.

    i was sooo loving the adam until i discovered the 600 pixel-width (or height, depending how you hold the adam). i really don’t get it. are we supposed to watch videos and wide excel spreadsheats on the adam? because surfing the web and reading ebooks won’t be so much fun.

    it’s just my opinion though, i don’t want to offend anyone. i’m just so upset because i really wanted to get the adam. but like i said: even if you put 100gb, a quadcore cpu, 10usb ports, 3hdmi outputs and the newest screen technology in the device and sell it for 150$ i still wouldn’t get it because it will aways come down to the same thing:
    “looking at the screen” (except for listening to mp3 with your eyes closed). and if the screen needs scrolling and zooming in/out in all directions then the whole concept is useless / user-unfriendly. that’s what i do on my smartphone, i don’t want to do this on a tablet. even if text is reflowed to fit the screen, you’ll still be scrolling way more as with 4:3 (1024×768).

    and even if i’ll never buy an apple product, the ipad with 4:3 and 1024×768 got it right: it was made for comfortable reading, which is likely the number 1 on a “what do i do most with a tablet” list.

    lets see if the adam2 will be more for reading and less for watching movies (i thought people use their livingroom tvs to watch movies, which probably is also the place where one will be using a tablet anyway, but maybe i’m just too old. maybe people are selling their tvs and want to watch movies on their mini cell phones and mini tablets and love scrolling/zooming/panning all over the place saying “wow, look how smooth my device is scrolling” and forgeting all about the actual matter at hand. sorry for my drift-off, hehe)

    best regards,

  248. Text breathing need white (or at least very light) margins.
    What the colour would have bezel ? 🙂

    Guess, colors of text viewer should be adjusted to coloure bezel for “airing” 🙂

  249. hehe, too bad! it would have to be the pixelqi display, that’s the one I’d be interested in.
    but after searching the net a bit there seem to be lots of other android devices coming in 2011. lets hope for a good variety – to everyone his/her perfect tablet! 🙂

  250. Every other Pixel Qi I’ve seens are 1024×600 like the Innoversal Lattice. They’re probably working on improving the resolution and the size of the screen so with luck Eve will have it.

  251. The iPhone is a great device with many uses and practical applications. Musicians in particular features of the iPhone is quite practical applications that can be used to make the music go. What follows is an ideal application for the iPhone for any musician, whether novice or just a curious career.

  252. Paul, I’d second that: Android Market availability is on of the keys for Android tablet’s success. Samsung Galaxy Tab managed to include a legal Android Market on it. I greatly hope Adam creators would manage to get Google agreement on that too.

  253. @Richard, Apple Store also contains a lot of crap, despite tight control. There is simply no room for 200,000 meaningful apps. I also heard, that lot’s of Apple Store apps don’t look well on iPAd’s screen for the same reason: they were not designed with iPad’s screen size/resolution combination in mind.
    There is nothing on iOS which makes it specifically more suitable for tabs than Froyo – that’s all is BS and Apple marketing. It’s all depends on quality of existing apps and on new apps being written considering both phones and tablets.

  254. @Arioch, Galaxy Tab and Adam are really very different products. Still, I’m not sure about different niches. Adam and iPad are different too, but people won’t buy both iPad and Adan, or Adam and Galaxy Tab. Most of them will choose just one tablet device.
    Being Android fan, I wish a big success to Galaxy Tab – a first Android tablet released which even worth mentioning it. Samsung is a huge and powerful company, it releases their Android phones and tablets simultaneously for all major American carriers. So, Galaxy Tab as well as iPad are real competitors.

    I’m personally waiting for Adam, because it doesn’t make much sense to read books on LCD screens. Plus – it’s very interesting. Plus – I want to write apps for it.

    P.S. Are you on Google Buzz? It’s a great place to discuss Android-related topics. You can click on my icon to find me there.

  255. “Google Android 1.6 operating system and has an 8 inch resistive screen. It is powered by an ARM 11 667 MHz processor and has 128 MB RAM. ”

    That’s nothing but a cr-p. Paul, I must assure you, for a prolonged time I had underpowered Android tablets with resistive screen, starting from Archos 5 Android tablet and ending with Camangi WebStation. They are useless. Restive screens are awful.


  256. YAHOO!! MILESTONE DATE REACHED!! i think from now on, we will all say ADAM!! instead of Yahoo 🙂 Waiting for latest hands on and also the price for various memory variants!!

  257. I was talking not about Galaxy 😉
    Just comments delay made it look such.

    Yet for what i know, galaxy is much different thing as well, lesser screen (7″ AFAIR), SuperAMOLED (bright colours, blind on sunlight) instead of PixelQi (bleach colours, good grayscale in sunlight) and many much the price.
    I can easily imagine person, that would not even consider such large device, as 10″ Adam.

    No, i’m not there. Personally i’m interested in Android on phones, but see little importance of Android on computers, including Adam. Until i saw that Adam UI, it makes little difference to me if it runs Android or conventional Linux or even WinCE. I’m attracted by Adam’s hardware.

  258. Both Scala and Android, and Scala on Android too are waiting for lazy me to actually start programming on them 😦 (I’m an active .Net developer)
    Bytecode produced by Scala is 100% compatible to one from Java. Still, Davlik is not the same as JVM, libraries are different, etc. People do something (http://goo.gl/AP3o, http://goo.gl/M2dH) but it’s not well established yet.

  259. All text around “16:9 vs 4:3” is bad! iPAD have not extra margins around text as shown! This is only thing used application (here propably iBooks). For example: free application Stanza have text ebook to edge device.

  260. I took back another brand tablet, I am going to wait for the ADAM. it is worth the wait.

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