Week-End Mini-Special – VII CE and the Logo!

Hello All,

I know most of you were expecting a week-end special! Apologies for posting late, its little festive out here!

Little update to our European friends! CE is on the cards, and dates are same as for along the lines of FCC clearance!

I read in the comments regarding anย unknown sensor working somewhere in the Adam. Well I believe it came out from somewhere wanting to explain the “Auto-Rotation” function for the camera; where, when you swivel it beyond a particular angle, view on the screen rotates 180 degrees. It’s more of a Mechanical Switch than a sensor.

But indeed there is something hidden as of now from all of us which will change the dynamics little bit. It’s a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there, and we have one, cos we know you want it! But let’s wait for a while before we make it public.

Now comes the logo part. The winner is the logo Number 9 and had a severe competition from Number 1. Here are the voting results:
Number 9: 1989
Number 1: 1902
Number 2: 1130
Number 4: 886
Number 6: 858
Number 3: 797
Number 5: 611
Number 8: 322
Number 7: 288
Number 10: 227

The winner will be informed officially on Monday.

All 43 entries will enjoy a steep discount, so keep an eye on your mail box.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

868 thoughts on “Week-End Mini-Special – VII CE and the Logo!

  1. Hooray for the CE news! I am really interested about the hidden feature.

    Another question: will the Adam feature a “lock rotation button” so the rotation doesn’t get annoying when you try to do something lying in bed for example?

  2. NICE! : ) … well that settles the CE issue, and as for the Logo goes, well Congrats to the winner.. and hell to all the 43 Logo Shortlisters…. Damn if only i would have polished my Digital Art skills… anyway… EXCITED about the secret sensor… looking forward!!


  3. Finally, something I can dislike about the adam. #9 look entirely reminiscent of the old Adobe logo. I am suprsed it made the final cut in the firstplace

  4. when will be next update ? tentatively I think on coming wednesday.

    I thought Rohan is in Mumbai to meet US business delegation came along with US President Obama !!

  5. Congratulations Pratik. I thought you’re design was the best and I also voted for it. I hope you will be happy with the prize (although I would really wanted it myself :P).

    Just like the rest I also liked nr.1 but not as a logo on a tablet or any other product. I thought it would be only nice if you see it on a website or something else.

  6. Congrates to the winner.
    Nice to hear about the CE for Europe.

    In the moment I write this post on my brand new Galaxy Tab. Nice toy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kirnd regrads

  7. Yeah, Rohan,get in touch with Gizmodo and Engadget, your future clients are there and would love to see something better than iPad.

  8. Not for nothing, but the overwhelming majority of the logos submitted flat out sucked. I am no graphic designer, but many of the ones that you presented (from your companies initial options) were much much much better than any of the final ten. Not to be rude to anyone, but the final ‘logo’ definitely should come from a professional; none of the top ten even came close to capturing the essence of Notion Ink as a firm. I guess that’s just my opinion though.

  9. hello everyone,
    Congrats for the maker of number nine, though my was number 1.
    Nice that it has Conformitรฉ Europรฉenne clearence so NIA will come soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just a few weeks more waiting than we should have the magic in our hands.

  10. Hm.. seriously? No.9? Just those 2 white triangles? And that white nothing-special-as-simple-as-possible font? Are you kidding?
    Honestly, Rohan, I really hope that it’s not your final decision!
    Remember, that poll was a geeks’ poll!!! Just bunch of geeks of around 10000 (sic! really?) is just a tiny part of your target directory!
    All others will buy Adam _not only_ for its functionality, but for its beauty! And the beauty of the marketing is VERY important!
    Maybe it’s just my opinion, but No.9 IS_NOT beautiful and exciting! The idea behind it IS_NOT obvious! It IS_NOT memorable and catchy!

    If I see this logo somewhere in the Internet, like on banner or so, it WILL_NOT attract my attention! All those “_NOT” are just covering my real words, which due to etics can’t be expressed here (no offence, No.9 authors).

    And, Rohan, I wouldn’t really make serious marketing decisions based on flashmob-vulnerable polls! Maybe you remember some BBC polls about Russia when all Russians intentionally selected “I drink everyday 2 litres of pure alcohol”, or the one when all Russians answered “I am a spy”.

    Just think about it – it’s a great opportunity for Apple to f**k up your marketing campaign! With their money and abilities it’s so easy to _socially force_ you to select the worst (again, no offence) variant of logo! I really doubt that they didn’t use this chance. If they didn’t – then they are incredibly stupid.

    So, just keep in mind the poll results, but make YOUR OWN, WELL-GROUNDED from the marketing point of view, decision!!!

    Thanks for reading,

  11. Would’ve entered if I had known something as uncreative as “NOTION INK” in white on a black background with white triangles(I get that it could possibly form the background of an N) above it could win ๐Ÿ˜• I’m not trying to be mean about it but we get this explanation behind the name:

    “We all have a dream (idea or Notion), and the first thing we all will do to realize it, is to write it somewhere. To write your idea on a paper is the most difficult task, cos then you know it’s there! That piece of paper will now challenge you everyday that you are still missing something. It will live with you throughout your life telling you have always missed accomplishing me! Notion Ink is exactly that Ink which forces you to write your ideas on a piece of paper! The first enabler you will ever need to dare to dream!”

    And the logo to embody such a name is “NOTION INK” and 2 triangles…

    Oh well, congrats to the winner and congrats again to the top 43. Still curious as to what this mysterious sensor could be. Hope you are enjoying your festivities NI =)

  12. Congrats Pratik! see my prediction was not that bad! and I also noticed your conspicuous absence here for the last few days… that confirmed it for me!

    Well done again and enjoy your adam.

  13. Thanks MrZeal.
    I didn’t get any confirmation email. Just opened this blog and read the post and got to know the result just like everyone else.

  14. Gizmodo and slashgear maybe, but leave Endgadget out of it. Even in their most recent publishing about notion ink adam(15 hours of battery life) they called it vaporware and have yet to accept the news of a pre order even while it exploded on many other sites(including NYT).

  15. 100% agree! I think it’s just an Apple’s (or other competitor) flashmob to ruin the marketing campaign

  16. Just curious. Remember reading on slashgear that students (and universities too if im not mistaken) will get a discount on adam. Is this true, at least for those in India?

  17. The 1st thing I did when I saw this new post was pull up the blog post showing the final 10. When I saw which logo was #9, I was like “no way.”

    I truly do give my congrats to Pratik as the winner of the competition and soon to be owner of an adam and some extra spending money, but I’m not really seeing how the winning logo embodies Notion Ink or the direction/inspiration Rohan gave at the start.

    It says nothing to me about Notion Ink. It definitely doesn’t (in my opinion) have a hint of the inspiration Rohan gave to those who would be making submissions, which is a shame because it was really nice to read and know Rohan/Notion Ink better. It might sound mean, but I hope if it’s used physically on the adam, it’s small and discrete.

  18. Congrats to Patrik and to all for such great efforts. And Congrats to Rohan and the NI team for all the work they are doing. This has been fun, frustrating at times, but really fun to watch this product unfold.

  19. Well well who would have thought…

    I guess people have vastly differing tastes. I liked #6, and I thought Harun with #5 had a great chance. Anyways, #9’s creator (Pratik?) is in for big congratulations, and hearty as well. After all, he will get the first Adam!

  20. I second both Dimitry and civil’s opinions.

    I have been waiting for the adam and telling everyone and their dog about it. BUT I have a question for everyone. Perhaps it is nothing (I hope!) perhaps it is just a weird cynicism kicking in from my parents ingraining in my head ‘if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is’.

    Doesn’t it seem a bit . . . odd, that this is the first time we have heard anything on CE approval. One would think this would have been announced concurrently with the FCC information in the prior or another post. It really didn’t come up though until it was pushed so hard in the blog responses. Perhaps an oversight . . .

    Isn’t also a little bit odd that there is now ‘news’ on a secret sensor? Something that is a ‘much-needed missing feature that all tablets should have’. Has no one else considered this same sensor? Does the timing feel a little like a ‘dangling carrot’ to anyone else?

    Seriously, I want the adam so so bad. I have not had this level of excitement for a new device in a looooong time. I don’t know, it just feels a bit ‘hinky’.

  21. Wow, never though of the webcam having to switch views when fully rotated but this really is needed feature. Man ipad no camera, newer phones 2 camera that can only view at two specific angles, Adam, 185 degrees!

    Only thing is moving parts are always more difficult then stationary one, learned this from ME classes and experience…

  22. Really? #9 won? I mean congrats and all that – but I’m surprised. I thought #1 was awesome and I also thought #5 was great and inspiring. #9 all I could think of was “what is it?” and “Why does that represent Notion Ink?”.

    Whatever. Congrats. I’ll not be buying or not buying the Adam for the logo.

  23. Congrats to the winner. But, frankly speaking, for me the winner is not the best, it is not an exciting logo. It is a boring logo and doesn’t tell me anything.

    Another thing, it is great to know the Adam will have the CE certification

  24. Hope so. Better stylus input would be great

    Also congratulations to Pratik, I think the logo is very nice (although i didn’t vote for it)
    It’s (even or just because it’s so simple) unique. Well done

  25. Hey All,
    Well i dont want to comment on your personal opinion. I mean each one to his own about the logo. Like it or not, your choice. But then i think that the decision was not made by one or two people right. I know u might have not liked it, even i voted for some other logo, but then i think its wrong to criticize the logo now. I think the decision has been made by 1989 (conspicuously my birth year .. ๐Ÿ˜› ) people… so i think if u do not like the logo, atleast we should not criticize it. Let us just respect the decision of 1989 voters, and of course Team NI themselves. They also must have thought about this. Let us respect the choice being made. that was MHO …. no issues! Congrats to Pratik once more. (am just jealous of u mate… thats y camouflaging it with the wishes. LOL)


  26. Can someone explain how the winning logo captures the motive of Notion Ink.

    And also, show its rendering and usage for notion ink on different media. Or can the selectors at Notion Ink say something about. I am sure they too are reading the blog comments.

    I can visualize several logos but not No. 9, being used for different applications. In animations for boot-up sequence, notifications, signal strength, battery strength, etc. How can the No. 9 be used ?

    Btw, i never submitted a logo. But voted for one. I am not venting on decision or the winner’s art skills, Pratik did have several creations and worked hard. Appreciate that fact. I want some explanation.

  27. Even though I voted for n. 1, I believe n. 9 it’s one of the most “corporate” logo’s of the top 10. It reminds me (a lot) the adobe one. Simple and easy to remember. It might be actually a good one.
    Anyway, as I said in another post, I don’t really believe a logo is so important. Even the most crappy ones become famous and easily recognised if the company they represent is a succesful one. Examples abound.

  28. Here’s a little arithmetic:

    Number 9: 1989 22.1%
    Number 1: 1902 21.1%
    Number 2: 1130 12.5%
    Number 4: 886 9.8%
    Number 6: 858 9.5%
    Number 3: 797 8.8%
    Number 5: 611 6.8%
    Number 8: 322 3.6%
    Number 7: 288 3.2%
    Number 10: 227 2.5%
    Total votes: 9010

    I believe everybody who visits this blog would have voted at least once. Rohan should tally up the analytical information about page hits and see if the numbers match. It’s a pity to see the very imaginative attempts such as #1 losing by a whisker and #5 not getting its due attention.

  29. 2 itamax:
    You are as young as my sister ๐Ÿ˜€ however she’s not as naive as you ๐Ÿ™‚
    I could have written an automated script that, using different proxies and, though, IPs would increase the number of votes of ANY poll.
    Or, if I had money, I could have paid some guys, who own botnets to force infected computers to sent a simple HTTP-GET request, voting for No.9!

    All I’m trying to say is – IT IS VERY EASY TO CORRUPT the poll and I really doubt that exactly 1989 geeks chose that No.9 design.
    Serious decisions, which can affect sales, SHOULD NOT BE BASED ON UNRELIABLE data!

  30. congrats Pratik on garnering support for your logo in terms of votes.
    Appreciate your efforts ..

    But i second Dmitry and others,
    I don’t seem to connect with the logo, though it is a piece of art with an invisible N, it doesn’t excite me as i am not able to relate to anything.
    Basically there is no “Aaw’ factor .

    If a logo has to be decided purely based on blogger votes, it is a little sad…

    I don’t know how this logo will look on a visiting card, a poster.. hardly people can find the invisible N and even if they do, ‘N” does not signify anything !

    Adam and NI being different in every possible way from the other tablets out there… should also make its logo unique …

  31. “Hoping for the best in people” – DON’T!! When in business treat EVERYONE as potential enemies and competitors, otherwise you lose!
    It’s not ILLEGAL to corrupt someone’s poll, so one could do it with clear conscience.

    I could have written an automated script that, using different proxies and, though, IPs would increase the number of votes of ANY poll.
    Or, if I had money, I could have paid some guys, who own botnets to force infected computers to sent a simple HTTP-GET request, voting for No.9!

    All I’m trying to say is – IT IS VERY EASY TO CORRUPT the poll and I really doubt that exactly 1989 geeks chose that No.9 design.
    Serious decisions, which can affect sales, SHOULD NOT BE BASED ON UNRELIABLE data!

  32. ‘minimalistic’ is the order of the order.. but should be meaningful and should capture the essence of the company.

  33. Easy now…

    It’s been done. At least Rohan gave us a chance to participate. This logo designing saga is a fitting test case for all observers who would want to see the impact of target market engagement when designing a product. I hope it would give people a clue about where to draw a line and how to strike a balance.

    If Rohan had taken this route to designing the Adam itself, he would have never finalized the specs, and people would still be complaining about not getting their pink pony.

  34. Is o_0 copyrighted? It would look great on products marketed at skeptics.

    btw, it is my favourite ’emoticon’, if you can call it one.

  35. I agree. I love Engadget, but any time they post anything about Adam its negative and the comments afterward are despicable.

  36. Unfortunately Adam wont support stylus (which makes it more slate than tablet) Rohan wrote in one of his comments that capacitive stylus will work (such thing shouldn’t be called stylus anyway, it’s only marketing trick since fingers are more precise than it). But I am sure Adam 2 will do so!

  37. This is something I already wrote in the comments of the poll, because it wasn’t protected in anyway (I expected at least a captcha). But now it’s over and I like the final logo for its unique simplicity. Also the result does not look manipulated for me(If I had cheated, there would be about 3000 votes just from my computer[and my proxy list].

  38. Oh now come on we get a great update and you throw in there is something hidden that we will all want but.. but.. I’m not going to tell you. Back to the Roof

    Rohan you are a master at keeping us on the edge of are seats. Thank for the update and get back to the celebration. Hope you and NI team have a awesome time you guys deserve it.

  39. 2Pratik:
    I didn’t accuse you of cheating!
    But you could have become the tool in dirty hands of competitors.
    However, I still admit the possibility of cheating – noone is perfect. I can’t prove it and you can’t prove the opposite. Just your words won’t convince me – I would say anything for free Adam and 1000$ (as long as it’s legal) and make my conscience shut up.

  40. @Dmitry Solomakhin
    why you complain about the poll only now. There would have been so much time for criticizing it. This sounds so stupid for me, just because you don’t like the winner

  41. folks, ever heard of door/lock less houses in an Indian village… yes in this day and age there is still something called honesty and trust… else there is no limit to the paranoid reactions and the extremes we are getting pulled into everywhere from airports to banks to internet… some necessary some not so….

    sure NI which conceived an adam could have easily put up the most secure (if ever there is anything like that) webpage for voting but where do we want NI focusing their energies on? as Rohan already said the logo itself can change multiple times; so lets move on please

  42. 2Phil:
    You will be surprised but I had some other things to do than to complain “before”.
    But now, when I see the dramatic consequences I couldn’t refrain from it.
    Btw, I’m not at all affiliated with anyone from the top10. I just keep admiring how naive people can be to trust the success of their business to unreliable sources.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Apple could have manipulated the results????
    Wake up people! Business is like jungle – it’s NEVER fair! Playing fair you’ll die!

  43. So I was out in the desert with my boys shooting guns and I got a page on my phone about the new post (I’ve got it setup so I don’t have to stay awake all night watching the blog anymore. As soon as a new post is up, I get alerted). Anyway, we loaded up and drove back pretty quickly just so I can see what was in the new post. Obviously I’ve got my priorities in order! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (Actually family comes first and we were just about done anyway.)

    But if I had my Adam already with 3G, there would have been no reason to rush home. It sure is going to make life easier/better once I have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again Rohan for taking time from your busy schedule to keep us informed. We really appreciate it!!!

    And congratulations to the logo contest winner and thanks to everyone who submitted entries. I wish I had half your artistic talent…

    Wow, I can’t believe I guessed right on the camera rotation sensor/switch back when we were all trying to figure out what Rohan was referring to. It makes sense though that it is needed.

    So now I’m trying to figure out what else has been added that “will change the dynamics little bit. Itโ€™s a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there, and we have one, cos we know you want it!”.

    Hopefully it is a pressure sensitive stylus that communicates with the tablet and a really good drawing app so we can draw on the tablet more like we do with actual pencil and paper… That is missing from tablets and a lot of people really want that feature. (Rumor is Apple is working on something like that too.)

    Another feature that is missing from most tablets is a way to make it work well for left handed people with the tablet rotated 180 degrees… I’ve seen a lot of requests for that too.

    And I think a camera flash is needed too, and most tablets don’t have that either.

    I guess it could be a number of different things. I can’t wait to find out.

    What else is missing from other tablets that we want? Hmmmm

  44. mrzeal, come to NY, LA, Paris, Milan, Rome and keep on trusting honest people – they’ll take the last you have.
    It’s true for villages – everyone knows each other, but NEVER true for big cities.
    And Internet is an enormous city, full of scammers, hackers and so on. And business, big business, is even worse.

  45. I find it amusing you say you don’t want to comment on personal opinion and then do just that…and then at the end of your entry, you add your own “MHO”.

    Btw, NI didn’t choose the logo. Rohan said they would go with the winning logo, which is not the same as saying they approved of or liked it.

    Also, I hardly think that saying I didn’t believe the logo embodied the inspiration Rohan gave is disrespectful. I made a point to give my since congratulations to Pratik as the winner of the competition. I think it’s great he’s going to get one of the 1st adams along with some money to weigh down his pocket.

    I didn’t submit anything, so I’m far from jealous in that regard. And unlike you, I don’t envy him getting an adam. I have my money saved and know I’ll be getting mine soon.

    As to that logo winning the poll. Well, all I have to say to that is it’s all too easy to skew an online poll. Not saying that happened in this case, but don’t be naive.

  46. @Dmitry

    Lol… mate if only age has anything to do with being naive. I know about all you said, bot nets, the different proxies, the whole number increasing facade. But tell me something mate, if the logo u had voted for would have been up there, would u hav said all that? I think not. u wud have been happy seeing ur views being affirmed by others too. U did not complain of the cheating and the malpractices and everything else when they began with this contest, did u?. And if u think its so EASY EASY to corrupt, am really happy u are not on the comments side of the section here and not the one posting. Now tomorrow u might say, that NI themselves have some vested interests. After all its their company, their logo. See mate i agree that there are people who cheat, and do all the stuff u just said. But if anyone had to cheat u think it wud have been this close? Why are u trying to impose ur opinion on others. If u were so hell bent on making ur chosen logo to win u should have advertised about it, done somthing. Just because the one u chose did nt win, does not win others cheated. Come on mate, sersiously. And pardon me for saying this, as i do not like to disrespect older people. But i think i am being the reasonable one here. And u are being naive. No personal feud mate. Just a discussion.


  47. A Feature Request (May be for future development):

    My teacher uses a tablet to teach in the class. He draws figures and projects them on a screen. Then he explains them, sometimes using words like “this one”, “that one” and “here”. The proximity of the stylus to the screen creates a small dot hardly visible. It could be nice if one could use their finger to point objects and have a visible arrow come up at the spot and not create undesired operations like plotting a point (unless desired) or forwarding a slide. This might make improve the versatility of tablets for presentations.

  48. Funny that they’ll put a black and white SCUBA diving flag on all adams. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know, it’s inverted, but when the tablet will be held sideways, it will really look like a black and white diving flag.

    Given the choices in the top ten, number 9 is really not a bad winner.
    Congrats Pratik.

  49. @ rowan fire

    Abt “MHO” thing, well i think either i was not able to put my views across properly, or u did not understand what i was trying to say. In the start, i just mentioned that liking or disliking the logo is completely ur choice. I myself did not vote for this one. But in the end “MHO” meant that even though the one u wanted, or i wanted did not win, does not mean we criticize the logo, the winner, speculating that he might have won by means which are unreasonable or wrong, and saying that the contest itself is stupid. Seriously, me? naive?

    Abt NI opinion abt the logo, well they did shortlist the top 10 right. So they were ready to take any one of them as their logo, So accordingly it was their choice. Though it might not be the number one on their preference, it made to the top 10, means they do like it.

    Abt me being jealous. Lol… mate i am young, i am studying, not working as of now. And i did participate in the contest. So even if i start to save, it will take me a really long time to buy an adam on my own. A free Adam, and 1000$ …. That does get me to drool. So yes i am jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah mate, i did notice u congratulated him! ๐Ÿ™‚


  50. Congradulations Pratik. Of the ten finalists, yours was the best. I doubt any cheating was involved… the results were to close. There is “sore loser” written all over most of the non-congradulatory comments. Enjoy your celebrity!!!

  51. Just because he said the stylus would work. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a digitizer after all he just said he didn’t want reveal it yet. So he easily could have just been trying to calm people down. In that blog post everyone was starting to get upset

  52. 2itamax:
    I voted for No.4 and I’m totally fine with it not winning. I believe it does answer all your remarks.

  53. Fantastic CE news … for France

    Well done Pratik – enjoy your adam when you get it …. and of course let us know what you think

  54. @ dmitry … i was confused between #4 and #1… i went with the #1. So if u had any doubts. I hope that ends ur doubts too.

    Totally off the topic talk, your “EVERYBODY LIES!!” attitude reminds me of HOUSE M.D sitcom. Dont take it the wrong way, i love that character.


  55. I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you mean this one: http://sf.govfresh.com/files/2010/08/adobe_logo.png

    then I think you’re wrong.

    For starters, the shapes in it are totally different – there’s 3 not two, and the shapes are the same. The adobe logo has 3 totally different shapes.

    and the layout is totally different. The text in the adobe logo aligns left and right with the edges of the logo. The notion ink one doesn’t, and that makes the logo feel different in it’s overall shape.

    Finally, the font is totally different – it’s much thinner and sleek. The edges of the text are rounded in the NI one, and the adobe one just feels slightly sharp.

  56. I a moderate fan of House as well =) I do believe in honest people, at least I like to believe ๐Ÿ™‚ But if I start my own business – I won’t :))))

  57. @Pratik

    I hope you are able to let the negative comments go in one ear and out the other. Just ignore them if you can, and don’t take offense.

    I’m sure that no matter which logo had won, there would be lots of other people that preferred a different one. It’s impossible to please everyone.

    Once again, congratulations Pratik!

    @Logo Contest Participants

    There were lots of great logos submitted, some that did not even make the final cut (again, evidence that opinions vary). Like I said earlier, I wish I had half your artistic ability. Hopefully all of you also realize that because yours did not win, that does not mean it was not good. It may have even been the best (to some people).

    Remember what Rohan told us about how his uncle explained to him that if you lose, it is good to feel disappointed for at least a little while. That is a sign that you put forth your best effort. If you don’t feel at least a little disappointed, then you probably did not try hard. Hopefully you don’t feel disappointed for too long though.

    I guess it is the same for the voters who spent time closely reviewing the logos and considering which one they liked best before voting. Their disappointment is evidence that they did not vote haphazardly…

  58. Oh, no it was me. I flashed mobbed the poll, I admit it. Well, me and 1900 of my closest friends.

    See, I figured that Rohan and his crew wouldn’t be able to exercise any judgment of their own, so I could just corrupt the whole process. I know that Rohan said that the winner of the polll would not necessarily become the logo, that he and NI would still make the final choice, but that they’d take the poll into consideration. But that was just misdirection. Plus, of course, the mind-control bot that I’d implanted in them.

    Anyway, that’s the first part of my plot. The second part involves the secret sensor. See, I know what it is. Rohan has given us enough hints: it’s something no tablet has and that everyone wants. That’s right. It’s LUNCH! And I’m going to have ALL OF YOUR LUNCHES!!!

    BWA HA HA HA (evil gecko laugh).

    Oh, there is another interpretation to all this, namely that a lot of people disagree with Dmitry and voted for the logo they thought best. But Dmitry couldn’t be that wrong, could he? It must be a dastardly plot.

  59. I voted for #4 and 2nd choice would be #1.

    I agree with the majority here that #9 does not embody NI or is very marketable/recognizable which is what NI needs.

    That “lamp/inkpen tip/O” is a very recognizable and over time people would recognize it without the letters around it (like the Apple logo).

    Give #9 it’s discount and reconsider your choice NI.

    So far great stuff and this is your first booboo in my opinion.

  60. Congrats to Pratik even if I didnยดt vote for his. But it is a clean and easy to recognize. Best news ever regarding the CE. Will fly and buy when and where ever itยดs released first.

  61. + 10 on this one Greg. Totally agreed. If the one u voted has won, feel happy. If the one u voted did not, respect the decision. And if u dont give a damn abt the logo contest, just congratulate the winner and wait for the next update. lol…


  62. Hey Pratik…congratulations….when you get your hands on it…if they let you..Please make sure you post something on the Adam..cheers!!!

  63. Notion Ink deciding its own branding and logo based on a few popular votes? Is 2000 the number of customers Notion Ink is targeting to sell its Adam tablet?

    I mean seriously, figures is a great way to measure the amount of tablet sales, but to use that to determine the a company’s image and branding for the next few years, it really tells me how professional Notion Ink is. It’s gonna take time for people to accept the logo. Perhaps, the success of Notion Ink, its brand and logo, really lies on how much and how fast the Adam turns into a reality.

    Whether or not the Adam is gonna be a reality its made up of good specifications, but please don’t print or etch the logo anywhere on the Adam. I’m not going to buy it. Because your million customers is going to go o_0 when they knew the company logo was decided by that mere 2000 fan boys.

  64. Pratik congrats awesome now if we don’t see some videos we all will start ripping you. Have a great time with. Again congrats

  65. #9 is a rip off of some other company’s logo I am sure (if not adobe, somebody else). Get ready for trademark lawsuits. I mean 2 triangles like that… you think no other company thought of it???

    I am pretty mad at the results, I thought #1 would win easily. This should be investigated.

  66. hey,rohan and all.
    no disrespect to no. 9, but i think no. 1 is simple yet conveys the massage clearly and elegantly, and I voted for it. nevertheless, congrats pratik! you have made your mark on this great start-up. literally.
    to all,
    regards from israel.

  67. Voting, counts, decision of winner……………whatever was the process. Final selection is not worh at all. If number of votes were the sole criterion for selection……Rohan and Pratik both know that Indians are masters in art of manipuating such polls.
    Really bad and childish decision.

  68. @Pratik,

    I have to admit that even though I really like yours, I voted for a different one.

    However, my 15 year old son who is really into art, drawing etc. (In hind sight, I should have had him create a logo for me to enter in the contest) just came into the room and looked at all the logos for the first time and immediately picked yours as the best (without knowing yours had won, and without any coaching.)

    I thought he would have picked the same logo I did. I think I’ll have to get rid of him now since “only my choice is correct”, “only my opinion matters”! Right? (Sorry, I’m being sarcastic.)

    Seriously though, I was flipping through them on the screen and as soon as yours popped up, he said “I like that one”. So on very first impression it caught his eye and it was appealing to him.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share that with you.

    Now I am off to the adoption agency. Anyone interested adopting in a 15 year old kid? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. Congrats to Prateek. And damn am I pissed at myself. When I sent in my submission, I forgot to attach the logo itself, and the “Forgotten Attachment” GMail Lab feature doesn’t seem to be working any more. God I hate myself, ‘cos though I wouldn’t have won (really difficult to reproduce this as an engraving) I could have gotten one of the discounts.

    #epic_fail, I guess

    Anyway, here’s the link if anyone wants to see it

    notion ink

  70. IF only there was a digitizer in this tablet then no one would have been able to beat this tablet ever, coz there is nothing more you can add that would make me consider buying another tablet.
    Well that is unless someone came out with 0.5 mm tablet. That would be slick.

    Also why does Adam still have 3g when their investors have in fact bagged a 4g licence for all 22 circles, it doesn’t make sense to me.
    There is a chance that 4g would be launched in india in next year as reliance has already bagged the licence.

  71. ” Rohan said that the winner of the polll would not necessarily become the logo” I’d be grateful if you point to this exact words.

    ps. sarcasm appreciated, I liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. I keep thinking about the mystery feature…

    Other tablets do not have a built in stand (like some smart phones that have a small leg that folds out from the rear) to hold it upright when watching a movie, etc.

    It would be nice if that were the secret feature too. But I think Adam is too far into the manufacturing process to have added it, so that will not be it. Maybe a built in stand will be part of Adam2.

    What other ideas does everyone have? What are tablets missing that could have been added to Adam? I’m not going to sleep at night thinking about it…

  73. @rv

    Maybe 4g is the mystery feature that has been added to Adam, that other tablets are missing…

  74. Is this the precedent we’re setting, Rohan ? – an opinion from one of the biggest Adam enthusiasts.

    On one hand, it’s great that NI is taking public opinion and incorporating it, but the Logo is something that is central to the company’s and the head’s philosophy and should be designed/conceived by the maker/company. The second issue is that the public in question used for the voting is not, in any means, an average consumer or even NI’s average consumer.

    On the other hand, if the company’s philosophy itself is involve the public itself then it sort of makes sense, in the breaking the norms and convention kind of way. But if NI’s philosophy was that, then why is the first real involvement with the logo ?

    Rohan, I still think you’re setting a horrible precedent, by choosing a logo that won by 80 odd votes. Horribly unfair… and REALLY? REALLY? No founder/leader whatever in their right mind would do that, I think there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Corruption is too ingrained in the Indian mentality, whether it comes in the form of getting family/friends into stuff etc or manipulating polls. I’m disappointed with the lack of transparency.

    It’s a sad, sad day for Notion Ink, especially considering I’m one of NI’s biggest enthusiasts and promoters.

  75. This one is also two letters. The N in black and the I is made from the two triangles. I didn’t vote for this one; but looking at it now I think it’s clever.

  76. Congratulations to Patick!!

    Very simple logo, I think it is way way better than those that were created by “professionals”. Less is more, I would like to had competed better.

    My personal opinion is that you need a logo that “doesn’t suck”, and once you got there you move on onto focusing on more important things: That what the logo represent, your product is associated with good stuff.

    When you see a pretty girl say stupid things, it doesn’t matter, everybody forgets about it, who cares about the “wii” name(the same as pee in children English, for those not native speakers) when it is a fun console? who cares about the “Ipad” name(pad is the name of things women use when they have their period) when it is an outstanding product.

    When your product sucks, of course people will say your logo sucks, but that is also a Paulov reflex that associates symbols with good or bad experiences. You could expend 100.000USD at making a logo by a pro or improving your product. I think at this stage, it is a no brainer the right decision. If notion ink becomes a multibillion dollar company this could change ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. I couldn’t agree more. Of the final 43, just about everyone (in my opinion) sucked. Find a professional company, and get it right. Even the ones that rohan presented in the beginning blew the contest entries out of the water.

    His loss I guess.

  78. I barely ever agree with anyone on the Internet fully, but i’m here to promote your comment. It exactly resonates mine, which basically says that this process seems really fishy.

    Read my post, just search for gw8.

    I’m sad because I really had my hopes high on NI.

  79. Bingo! ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree on everything ๐Ÿ™‚

    But beware, not a crowd of Indians will smash you in attempts to prove that it’s not the case, that “corruption is too ingrained in the Indian mentality”!

  80. Except when you have delayed your product month after month, one might hope that you can get both the product right AND the logo.

    The fact that the winner is bland, and boring has nothing to do with Pavlov, but the fact that people dislike it. If a logo is the first thing shown by a company, get it right.

  81. Congrats Pratik. Although I didn’t like much (nothing personal please). I hope they take this as basic design and polish more on it. I appreciate atleast they spent time designing the logo compared to me. Surely it looks like Adobe logo concept. Wish we had 2 options to vote. Rohan, please stay with the finalists and decide best with more polishing by your designers.

    Congrats again Prathik.

  82. That doesn’t seem like the case coz 4g will most definitely have a different model and a higher price due to integration of another module.

  83. So, competitors will do anything. So how do we know you dontrwork for Apple? And Apple actually likes the design? You cannot disprove this. So I must be right.
    You had posters saying it should be simple. And it is. And what do you have against geeks? As if they are a minority? Or as if being one is a negative? All I know is we wouldn’t have cell phones, computers as we know them, or tablets without geeks.

  84. @Greg – hope it’s not 4G because the ITU just came out with a 4g standard. All of the currently sold machines labeled “4g” are frauds because none of them meet it. In other words, so far it’s just a marketing gimmick. They could get away with it because 4g didn’t mean anything. Now that that there’s an official standard, there are all the legal complication relating to fraudulent advertising, etc. I would think it’s way too late in the production process to design and incorporate a true 4g module right now

  85. Antoine, I saw that “Diver Down” flag too (and the old Zodiac logo?) In that vein, maybe the new unique feature is waterproofing? I would certainly adore that!!

    Congratulations Pratik… I do like the minimalist approach.

    [Just as an aside, I did submit a holographic logo, and several previous (positive) comments that never made it through the “moderation” process. I’m curious to see if this comment shows up ;P ]

  86. What a shame, Pratik, what a shame!!!
    Zelrik was totally right and I now have a right to call it plagiarism!! I admit, though, that Pratik is just an innocent guy, who suddenly came up with the !exactly same! idea with !!almost same!! sizing. The only question is – why didn’t you add that circle on the right? It PERFECTLY represents (N)otion (I)nk!!

    Want to know what I’m talking about? Be patient!
    I took me some time, however not more than 10 minutes to find a registered (in May 2010) trademark, which looks surprisingly the same.
    Wanna see it? Here it is: http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4005:9v0nuf.5.91

    Now _I_ want a free Adam and 1000$ for saving NotionInk from lawsuits. And I’m serious.

  87. The part :
    [ Q ] : The release dates are dependent on FCC , So when is it hitting for FCC ?
    Rohan : We are expecting to get FCC in the early 20s of December. Accordingly we will start shipping.

    It sounds not so good for Xmas…

  88. While I appreciate Pratik’s efforts (no. 9 was my second choice), what concerns me is the disparity in the styling between the adam logo and Notion Ink’s logo. The fonts used are incredibly different and for a start-up, perhaps some unity in styling would help with brand recognition. Ironically, Pratik’s logo would have gone wonderfully well with the original all caps ADAM logo.

    Anyway congrats to Pratik and to the rest of the top ten as well!

  89. Forgive me for asking a potentially stupid question, but Rohan said he expects FCC certification in the early 20s of December. He has also said that we should “hold devices in your hands on or before Christmas.” I am not familiar with the FCC process and production process. From my understanding he will have a stockpile of Adams and as soon as the FCC says “yes” they will be shipped. This seems like a gamble, if the FCC says ‘no” then that would be a lot of wasted tablets. Can someone please clarify this process for what “usually” happens?

  90. I think your link is dead. When I click on it I get a “This search session has expired. Please start a search session again by clicking on the TRADEMARK icon, if you wish to continue” message.

  91. You’re better off linking the image mate – search session’s don’t transfer to other PCs. Also, if as you’ve stated, you are so seriously concerned about Notion Ink to delve through pages upon pages of search results to prove ‘plagiarism’, wouldn’t it have been better to do this in a private email conversation? Looks as if you’ve taken the voting results incredibly personally.

  92. “wouldnโ€™t it have been better to do this in a private email conversation”
    Don’t worry, already done.

    “Looks as if youโ€™ve taken the voting results incredibly personally”
    I think it’s not fair to give 1000$ and Adam for plagiarism. However, as I said, I admit the possibility that Pratik is honest and innocent. Anyway, it was worth to notice it before lawsuits.

  93. If they use an outside testing service (most firms do), they already know the results of the tests before they send them to the FCC; the certification is just the official paperwork giving them the ok. If they let the FCC test (which takes longer, so probably not the case), then they will have done informal tests themselves first to be sure they’d pass.

  94. that’s on a “Medical apparatus namely an electronic stimulator used to measure sensory nerve conduction.” Not likely to cause confusion (check your trademark law on this; for example Apple Records vs Apple Computers).

    More to the point – the top part of NI’s winner resembles the left half of the medical apparatus’s trademark, except that the proportions and colors are different. Also the shapes. There are, you know, only so many ways to represent the letter N.

    Just because you don’t like the trademark doesn’t mean that it’s bad and that there was cheating. Seriously.

  95. Similar logo, but not exact. The little circle to the right signifies the “i”, whereas Pratik’s logo has the I behind the N (I think). The colours are different too. It is sufficiently similar to cause Notion Ink some concern though (I hope). Glad you brought it to their attention, but I personally would have allowed Rohan to disclose it on the blog in his own way.

  96. OK for Eastern Orthodox Christmas (Jan 7). After that, there’s Armenian Christmas which I think is Jan 19, but that’s just some Armenians.

  97. Congrats Patrik, i like your logo.

    i think that hidden feature is an inbuilt projector like a pico projector or cinemin which will be very interesting for showing a presentation in small group and no tablet has it

  98. Why is it hard to believe “exactly” 1989 people ores for it? Is 1989 a magical number? Would you have believed it if it was 1988? Or 1989.5?
    And I don’t finds messing with the logo the best way to hurt NI. Apple could have just bought the pixel qi company. Thus denying NI of one of adam’s key features. Or have the Ipad2 come out at the same time.
    And as was stated, NI. Held the right not to use it. They chose to use it. They also, as previously stated, picked it as one of the final ten.

  99. “There are, you know, only so many ways to represent the letter N”

    Oh, really!?
    Damn, why didn’t I participate, I could have selected ANY suitable logo of ANY company from another field, change the color, make slight change, not to make it so obvious and, voilร , I could win the contest.
    But, stupid me, I thought that I should be able to design smth, who knew that copying and changing color would work.

    “Not likely to cause confusion”
    Oh, really?? Then they are so stupid in TESS to call it a confusion!!! Tell them to change the definition on this page:

  100. I don’t understand how the TESS Likelihood of Confusion makes your point that the two logos would be confusing to consumers…

  101. Oh mannn~ no 9 logo is not fun~ wth people vote for thaat~ no 1 is more exciting than the rest of them~ haihh~ what with these people voting on that plain no 9 logoo~ it is just not right~

  102. Wow, what a sore looser! It seem you will stoop to any level to get a free Adam. Shame on you. Sheesh!

    @Pratik, congrats.

  103. @ Dmitry

    Take a chill pill man!

    You’ve said almost a hundred times what YOU think, and as with most things in life some people agree with you and some don’t, so maybe it’s time to calm it all down and let sleeping dogs lie ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sure that the guys at NI will have there lawyers all over this with respect to copyright infringements etc. (you do know that there are lawyers that specialise in this sort of thing?)

    That’s enough from me, so congrats Partik and please can we all just move on to the next exciting stage of this incredible product.

  104. So when/if NI used an outside firm to test, they then just submit the test results to the FCC and the FCC does no further tests, they just sign off on it? I can see how that would be faster then.

  105. 4G would be a feature only on some adams. Not on the wifi ones. Since Rohan did not say some adams will have a secret function, I doubt that’s it. And doesn’t 4G consume more power? That would be a minus for me.

  106. @Greg

    Hey that’s quite a compliment coming from a guy who shot his family and had them for dessert, although maybe I read your previous messages wrong.

  107. In the interview posted on Extreme Tech Arena, Rohan says “There is one feature which no one knows about yet and will only know on launch!”

    Seriously? I have to wait until launch to find out…? You are killing me!

    But on a positive note, if he isn’t going to let anyone know what it is until then, it must be something really big (I hope).

  108. Congrats to Pratik on winning! I personally voted for #6 but congratulate all the finalists for making it so far. Pratik, if you are able, please post a video on the UI when you get your adam. ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. ok while my other comment is awaiting still moderation (i guess, I can’t see it)

    congratulations to pratik again! Enjoy your price you deserved it (as anyone of the participants in this competition would have, because everyone here put all his effort in, no reason to doubt that).
    I have the feeling people get too fast nervous on this blog here. If there is a little delay, people already have the feeling the whole company is falling apart. Now there is the result of the contest presented and people are worried because they get confused with the words final and result, that doesn’t mean that this is the final result.
    After reading all the blog entries (from the start) in the last few “calm days” I am sure that the Notion Ink team will do a good job on the logo, there is too much thought behind all this.
    I compare this to the worries that the tabs in the UI will look like windows 3.1, for sure they don’t as Rohan posted, so wait and see. We put all our effort into this topic, now it is up to Notion ink for the finetuning.

  110. Gecko is right. Ever heard of a fail. The good thing is that most of the cards are stansard. Ie wireleas and 3g. The pixel Qi had already been through.

  111. @Praveesh
    So are you calling Rohan and Pratik liars? To what end? And Rohan said earlier the final choice would be theirs. They decided to go with what was voted.
    How should they have decided? Based on what YOU thought was best?

  112. @Ben Smith

    No, gecko is referring to the fact that the private firms ran the device through all of the tests that the FCC would run them through, and for Notion Ink’s sake they passed them all. The device still has to go through all of the tests again with the FCC, but at least Notion Ink has an idea on what to expect.

  113. @Dmitry:

    I quote from the page you referenced:


    Oops, copy error. I try again:

    “Even if two marks are found to be confusingly similar, a likelihood of confusion will exist only if the goods and/or services upon which or in conjunction with the marks are used are, in fact, related”

    If you think that Rohan’s secret sensor is some kind of nerve-conduction sensor, then there is clearly the opportunity for confusion. Well, as long as you don’t read the actual trademark application, The “description” says, in its entirety:

    >The color(s) Blue and White (Grayish White). is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of s design of two triangles and a circle within a square to create the letters NI in Grayish White Color.

    (I assume that "s" is the indefinite article in Upper Lower Slobonian. Since you're Russian, you don't get to comment on grammatical articles.)

    Similarities to NI's logo: two triangles
    Differences: the color, the circle, the surrounding square. Also the words "Notion Ink" underneath. Also the use of Upper Lower Slobonian in the application.

  114. @gecko, Peter D, & Clay

    Thank you for clarification. Now the process makes more sense to me.

  115. @ PeterD:

    It can work that way, but there are also independent testing labs that have been authorized by the FCC to conduct the tests, and the FCC will accept their results. I think (not sure) that most firms go this route because it’s faster, although obviously more expensive. So when the results are submitted to the FCC, the FCC doesn’t have to run the tests again. They just process the paperwork and issue the certification.

    If NI submits directly to the FCC, it takes longer. Then can submit to an outside lab first, of course, to be sure, but maybe they can test in house as well. The testing doesn’t look very complicated to me.

  116. okay, scrap the 4g.

    But what is it that other tablets do not have and is something we want???

    I’m trying to remember what feature requests have been popular and mentioned frequently here. The ones that come to mind have to do with stylus support and support for left handed people.

    Of course lots of people have been concerned about Gingerbread compatibility and Android Market Place access too. Hmmmm

    Anyway, can any one else think of any popular feature requests that are “a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there”?

    My thoughts keep going back to stylus support as the most common request. We already know Adam will support a capacitive stylus, so if I had to guess I’d go with “digitizer” which would meet the stylus support request and make it even better than every other tablet in respect to stylus support.

    And I know I saw something in a Pixel Qi video where Mary Lou Jepsen said something about how the Pixel Qi display could be made to be used like a wacom.

    Let the rumors begin…

  117. Google for “pixel qi wacom” (without the quotes) and you will see several articles and a video that indicate a digitizer is entirely possible! I sure do have my hopes up now…

  118. Yeah, I got the same feeling, Engadget has been a bit grumpy havent they. Whats up with that?

    Well, hopefully theyll come around when there is more to show.

  119. I still have the nagging, gnawing feeling that the Adam will disappear into the ether. Really want this device to happen, have staved off the ipad, rejected the samsung tablet as too small and way overpriced for what you get. The Adam just seems too good to be true and lets be honest how often have we been let down by hype! All things equal I will be among the first to order if our dreams come true.

  120. Easy! An active digitizer.

    The first product that combines touch and active digitizer input in an intuitive way suppported by OS and apps (a good handwriting rec softw would be a must here) This is the future of tablet computing.

    I cant believe its not been done already. Its so obvious. The Courier project was on to it but got cancelled.

    I had given up on stylus support but dammit Rohan, you just got me hoping again. Please.

  121. @gecko

    Thanks for the tidbit, I wasn’t aware of that. I have been trying to track down the ODM (manufacturer) of the Adam because the FCC makes public most nearly all of its records online; problem is that you need to know who filed the particular technology.

  122. Oops sorry, never finished off my own sentence there, should be:

    The first product that combines touch and active digitizer input in an intuitive way suppported by OS and apps (a good handwriting rec softw would be a must here) is going to revolutionize the tablet world like the iPhone revolutionized the cellphone world.

  123. That’s not really good. Dec 20 for shipping or FCC approval? Then it’s too late. It’s hard to wait beyond Christmas. That’s the reason Rohan never mentioned the FCC date. Are they a month behind their schedule?

  124. I did not vote for # 9. I do think it is well done and perfectly acceptable. It passed my biggest concern of not having a light bulb in it. Which in itself would have been ok. Congratulations to Pratik!! As for the claim of plagiarism, unintentional or otherwise I just don’t see it. I sniped both the winning and “discovered” N and placed them side by side. Yes there is a similarity. However you would need an almost exact copy for that argument to hold any water. I don’t see an almost exact copy. I would be greatly surprised if the creator of the “discovered” N would even mount a protest.

    Let us all be happy that the Adam is almost here!!!

  125. 2gecko and Ben:
    Both are electronics manufacturers, right?
    It’s stated that: “It is sufficient that they are related in such a manner that consumers are likely to assume (mistakenly) that they come from a common source. ”
    Medical apparatus coming from where? Electronics manufacturer!
    Adam coming from where? Electronics manufacturer!

    Therefore, it’s reasonable enough to assume (mistakenly) that they come from a common source. Especially given that “dot”, which could be mistakenly taken as (i) from “ink”. Example of electronics manufacturer producing both medical and consumer goods? Easy – Siemens.


    Whatever you say, trying to defend Pratik, you can’t deny that they ARE similar ENOUGH to be rejected by TESS. If you didn’t know the particular “description”, you would definitely confuse those logos.

    PS. Surprise-surprise! Adding some letters to an existing logo and changing the color doesn’t make it a different logo! Try register Apple’s logo, coloring it to blue (instead of white-silver) and writing GECKO with a fancy font underneath.

    PPS. You remark on “Upper Lower Slobonian” is a nonsense. That “s” is just a typo, should be “a”, like this: “The mark consists of a design…”. “A” and “S” keys on the keyboard are close and all people are sinful.

    PPPS. Just because you like the trademark and defend it doesn’t mean that court will take your side. Seriously.

  126. Hope at notion ink is printed in small case from the selected logo (something like the other logos with only the name #6 I think). Atleast it would go along with ‘adam’ in small case, a better font should be used. Surely the logo requires some additional touches.. Just my thoughts, I
    may be wrong though.

  127. I haven’t insulted anyone personally, so why don’t you follow the same trend and behave yourself? Accusing me of “stooping” to “whatever” is takes is groundless and dishonourable. You should be ashamed.

  128. Congratulations Pratik.

    Missed voting as getting put off reading this blog by not so nice comments, but competition will do that I suppose. I thought your logo stood out in the end and it would have had my vote.

    Thanks to everyone who is still discussing Adam the device, learning a lot from you guys

  129. Yes, the logo looks almost the same.

    Yes, the Adam is made by electronics manufacturers.

    but the one thing you need to remember is that there is a totally different concept when you look at the two logos. NI’s one (that just got selected) just uses the left hand side (with different shapes, i might add) in a totally different way. the dot on the ‘other’ one implies that the ‘I’ in ‘NI’ is actually invisible and hiding underneath the dot. However, NotI’s logo implies that the ‘I’ is part of the two triangles.

    They are different logos. For starters, NO ONE recognised the selected logo as ‘oh it’s that one they make those neuro-machines with’ – it is a completely new concept to the average joe – and to nearly every future adam user. I doubt any neuro-scientist will be stupid enough to think that Notion Ink make neuro-machines (sorry, i don’t know the proper terminology for them! haha).

    Let Pratik have his logo for what it is – a creative work of art with an awesome conception and execution.

    I’d love to know if there’s any further explanation behind the shapes? so like, there was that N-factorial one, just wondering what you were thinking of when you came up with the concept?

  130. Hello Guys (& Girls),
    Congratulations for people putting in effort whether you have won or not. Your adam will carry special memories for the involvement.
    Although I have never commented before, I frequent this blog for the comments section rather than updates. But of course it is the updates (or no updates) which drive the comments section revealing the personalities of people who have invested their emotions in this blog.
    In metaphorical way all the “fan boys” are going through the labour pains of giving birth to “adam” some can’t clearly bear the process and want it out by ceaserian/ induced delivery as quickly as possible.” adam” seems to (and it should) be resolutely following a process of natural birth which I will await (of course I want adam thats why I am here!).

    On the other note it is strange to see allegations of rigging the pole because notion ink is indian, for goodness sake notion ink is not some political party!!. So far it has been a breath of fresh air.


  131. What about pre-orders?! We’re expected to buy this without knowing it has a rocket-launcher attachment?

    I reckon the screen FOLDS OUT and you have TWO screens.

    that’d be cool…

  132. I think rohan may have meant he was waiting for an agreement from other people in NI/investors that have big stakes in the company. I don’t know. seems peculiar, though!

  133. 2Shando:
    I may have overreacted a bit, however I think this is still an opened question: I found one very similar in 10 minutes – how many would those lawyers find?
    And yes, I do know that there are lawyers specializing on that thing, but I also do know that there are designers that specialize on designing logos! See where I’m getting at?

    I love the product, I appreciate the great work done by NI and Rohan personally, but this doesn’t mean that I should turn a blind eye to this “logo issue”.

    And I would really like to hear the opinion of a) Rohan; b) Pratik
    The latter could defend himself and the former is the BOSS and as long as he says his word I would take his side.

  134. J, I think you’ve hit it on the spot! What’s the point in having the camera and ‘recording lectures’ (as Rohan posted a while back in his fan emails) if there’s no audio?

    I think you’re onto a winner there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  135. ok, lets go with your idea. Rohan hires a design team. They produce 20 initial ideas. Rohan likes one kinda, and spends endless hours tweaking it, and not really getting anywhere with it, or maybe coming out with one he likes, but the original starting point wasn’t amazing. crap in, crap out.

    I think what Rohan did was quite clever. He had no idea where to start from in a design perspective – only a vision. So he got thousands of people to come up with ideas for a logo for that vision. He picked the ones he liked, and I bet you he would have been just as happy to have the least popular logo to win – Rohan was calling the shots on this competition. he then went to the public to see what we liked out of his favourites. Lets say his favourite was the least popular and he selected it. What would we then think? we’d hate it. The people that voted for no. 9 vited for it over any other logo, therefore (even though it wasn’t actually a majority, it just had the most) it wins.

    I’ve got a lot of respect for Rohan, he’s a very clever guy, and I think this competition was a stroke of genius. If apple had spammed the final competition, it wouldn’t matter, because Rohan would be happy with any of the logos

  136. ‘people dislike it.’

    People like it more than ANY of the others. Just because that’s your opinion, doesn’t make it the right one! We have to go with the crowd on this one – it’s fair.

  137. This is why pick 1 voting is a disappointment, there are many other voting systems where you can rank the results. There’s a chance that a majority of the voters who voted for other ones, would vote 1 rather than 9. More run offs take care of this issue. There should really be one more run off considering how close those final results were. Seriously.

    Personally, if it were a vote on which one was the worst that I’d have removed, of all 10, I would have picked #9. I loath it the most. The font, and the triangle square thingy. My top 5 in best to worst order are – 1 4 3 5 6.

  138. Exaxctly, I think Rohan mentioned about some Space Agencies interested in Adam. Maybe they suggested Rohan to attach a Rocket launcher to Adam. That would be cool…

  139. firstly congrats Pratik, love your logo. it’s simple and memorable

    secondly thanks Rohan for sticking with us even though your becoming increasingly busy, we appreciate it.

    thirdly Dmitry Solomakhin, just calm the flip down. And stop imposing your ridiculous views all over this thread, you had your say and at first i respected your opinion, but now your just plain annoying.

    Lastly, can’t wait to find out what this mystery sensor is, suspense is killing me, loving everyones thoughts on it though. ๐Ÿ˜€

  140. I just checked out the link for the Extreme Tech Arena article, and yeah the secret feature known only at launch is such a tease. lol I don’t have the patience for such things. Rohan, you can’t toy with a girl in such a manner =p

    However, you know what stood out to me even more than that? The picture, specifically the adam that Rohan is holding. I’ve been a little stressy over those yucky wide borders we saw a few posts back. I know he said it was an overpaint and would be corrected, but we haven’t seen any pics from the 2nd batch so I’ve still been a bit anxious about it.

    But!! The adam in his hands is looking SWEET! Totally loving the way it looks โค (Rohan isn't looking too bad himself…hmm is he single? just teasing).

    It's definitely the newer version because the camera is off to the side, although the one Rohit Rathi is holding seems to be the older version. (I can't see if "adam" is in lower or upper case though =/). I'm telling myself that this is one of the units from the 2nd batch; it makes me happy to think so. OMG I can't wait ^^

  141. So now that the logo that was selected is not what you want, you’re giving up on the whole company? “I had high hopes for N I”, sounds to me like you’ve been looking for a reason to whine and complain. Notion ink is still producing the best tablet ever made, no matter what logo they have. Besides, I like the new design. Guess I’m evil, then.

  142. @rowan fire

    That may be an old photo. And IMO the two versions of the Adam in that photo are older models. Neither have the camera moved all the way toward the side. The one Rohan is holding has the camera closer to the side than the one Rohit is holding, but the the most recent model has the camera only about an inch from the end. Compare it to some of the most recent photos and you will see what I mean.

    I agree that it would be nice to see some photos (and video) from the second batch. I’d like to see the final/actual color choices, what the the display looks like without the over painted bezel, and the chosen amount of glare resistant coating (Rohan was going to decide between several types of coating), etc.

    Hopefully we will get to see Adam in its final revision some time real soon. And I’m sure Rohan wants to show it to us just as much as we want to see it, so he will as soon as he can…

  143. Great to see ADAM heading for CE there are a few Irish people who will be very happy. A heretofore unseen feature, intriguing….. oh Rohan you are such a tease ๐Ÿ˜‰

  144. I think that if Notion Ink came up with a logo without any outside input from potential customers,
    and the tablet just came to market with whatever NI decided, there would be no discussion at all. It would just be what it is. Not anything people would spend hours arguing over or worrying about. Same goes for the ADAM\adam name. I’m just interested in getting the tablet in my hands. ha!

    On a different note, has anyone mentioned the possibility of the unknown sensor being face recognition\tracking for the camera? It is located to one side so I thought it might need it.

    PS congrats Pratik, I’m jealous!

  145. @Greg,

    Bummer, you’re right. The camera is quite near the edge in the newest pics. I actually hadn’t realized how close to the edge it is now.

    So much for getting my own hopes up. lol Thanks for taking the time to post and give the link.

  146. I voted for No 1. But No 9 was simple and good enough to win. So congrats to Pratik. I do not believe that there was any cheating. Congrats again. Cant wait to get hands on the Adam.

  147. I think Rohan or someone there reads most of them, because Rohan replies in them from time to time.

  148. Dmitry might seem like very overzealous while stating his point, but if people who are countering him sit back, relax and think calmly (without getting emotional about defending NotionInk) then they will realize that he does have a point. Using the winning logo does expose NotionInk to litigations. It may not happen immediately, but possibly it could have impact once NotionInk starts selling millions of devices. And also all this NotionInk logo affair has been so public that it will be difficult for NotionInk to defend itself in future saying that it did not aleady know. It will be a bad business decision for NotionInk to go with this logo. Pratik surely would have not know about the already existing logo.

  149. They have touted bluetooth before and it is in the specs on their website so I don`t think that that is it.

  150. Crunch time is just about here. The first really capable android tablet is about to be released this week in the US and has already been released in the UK. The Galaxy tablet. I’d really like to hear some details that will make me wait for the Adam. Pixel Qi would be nice but it’s not enough to wait for. I don’t read that much in the sun. I don’t really need the longer battery life since I’ll be recharging it every night anyway. Rohan, what’s going to make me wait an extra month or 2 to get the Adam? I hope you have something great up your sleeve because I’ve followed the Adam for a long time but I need something as soon as possible.

  151. Engadget it seems is smitten by Apple …..Hence they lean towards more-or-less subtly bashing any other products android or other-wise.

    Personnally I think Apple products are ok ….but their ASSumptions are ASSanine about what consumers prefer ….you DONT need USB !….Adobe flash is not necessary ! …and off-course the Apple-ites (engadget in particular) lap it up promptly, support and repeat the BS.

    To the NI team …definately dont get acquired by apple …Hmmm …your products would be called NI-pple products …

  152. @Dmitry

    You’re not a lawyer, and I’m not a lawyer, and neither one of us has the SLIGHTEST IDEA what we’re talking about (caps-lock key got stuck for a minute), but I do know enough about the law to know that you can’t go making things up the way you are, just because you think it sounds reasonable. A lot of people think they can do tha, but it really doesn’t work that way. I also know that Rohan has to have lawyers on tap, otherwise he never could have gotten this far with his company. Therefore, the ONLY thing (oh, it got stuck again) that we know for sure is that lawyers, that is people who actually known what they’re talking about, have vetted this thing. (Remember, Rohan even mentioned that some logs were rejected because of possible legal complications). Nothing that either you or I or anyone says here will change the fact that the logo is legal.

    >, you canโ€™t deny that they ARE similar ENOUGH to be rejected by TESS.

    If it’s rejected by TESS, NI isn’t going to use it. I don’t see your point. I happen to disagree with you; I think it’s perfectly acceptable. Again, neither one of us knows what he’s talking about.

    >PPS. You remark on โ€œUpper Lower Slobonianโ€ is a nonsense. That โ€œsโ€ is just a typo, should be โ€œaโ€, like this: โ€œThe mark consists of a designโ€ฆโ€.
    PPPS. Just because you like the trademark and defend it doesnโ€™t mean that court will take your side. Seriously.

    Look, I'm not interested in your totally uninformed opinion here. I'm not interested in my own totally unformed opinion, either. I'd be interested in the opinion of a trademark lawyer, if one happens to be around. Actually, I do know one. (He's a pleasant but rather dull fellow.) I'm not going to bother him with this, though. I assume that Rohan knows enough to use a real lawyer, and that's the only opinion that matters.

  153. My sincere congratulations to Pratik on his win, to all the top 10 and the 43 as well, for their efforts, work and contribution to this blog and the ideas behind Adam and Notion Ink!

    I sit as I type on my laptop, camping by the fire in the cold woods in the U.S., wishing I were using my new Adam … thinking that the light of the fire might look a little like some have described the lights of Diwali festival ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. Dmitry:
    >PPS. You remark on โ€œUpper Lower Slobonianโ€ is a nonsense. That โ€œsโ€ is just a typo, should be โ€œaโ€, like this: โ€œThe mark consists of a designโ€ฆโ€.

    No, it’s not nonsense. It’s something called a “joke.” If you like, I can explain the concept in private e-mail. Also, you should have taken my advice not to comment on grammatical articles. “Nonsense” is an uncountable noun, so it doesn’t take an article.

    I have a theory that you’re a plant from a competitor, put here to stir up trouble. I don’t know whether this is a joke or not. Probably is. Did I read a prior message of yours correctly, that you didn’t think it believable that a Russian would drink only 2 liters of alcohol a day?

  155. That’s correct, it was about the name, not the logo. It was the first example that popped into my reptile brain. The original settlement was that since they were in vastly different fields, there couldn’t be any consumer confusion. This had to be revisited more recently, since Apple Computers is now in the music biz. There was a court case which Apple Corps lost, but Apple Computers (I think they’re “Apple, Inc” now) wound up paying Apple Corps a gazillion dollars or so.

    It wasn’t a good example.

  156. @Cathy

    I like your priorities… Take a laptop with you camping so you can follow the Notion Ink blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  157. @sud
    Just curious, was the I invisible to you? Or just the N? The first time I saw it I saw the N. But didn’t realize the I was the two triangles. The reason it’s two triangles is because the N is cutting through it. Totally missed when we were voting.

  158. mmmmm…. Mommeeeeeeeee…… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    #5, mine =((((

    I knew i’m not gonna win, but i thought i’ll be least in the top 5 after top 10.

    I hav always wishd there’s no nook. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Evn i didnt know that barns &nobl uses just ‘n’ on its readr but the whole word.
    But, too late. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    i prayed, i promisd my mom, i told my frns…
    now Its hurtin… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    okay .. Congratulations to pratik ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Tell me a product you bought because you like the logo.. You get familiar with a logo only if you like the product.. not the other way around..

    Ok.. Apple has got a great logo.. not too may other companies have good logos.. think Microsoft, Google, Motorola, AT&T, Nokia, etc.. nothing great about their logos..

  160. HDMI out? Good speakers? A new way to multitask? Hmmm, pixel qi screen? Oh, wait! We already know about those features!
    Seriously, I don’t understand why they would hold a feature out until launch. Especially if it’s going to help sell the device!

  161. Hi Rohan Shravan!!
    Man I had put a comment eArlier. I need to submit my app idea. I am registered, but whenever I tried to use the link to access the EAP form, it didn’t work. Then I missed the deadline for EAP. Please extend it Man.
    Ronak Rathod

  162. #1 looked more like a symbol from a video game. I liked it, just not as a logo. And besides, who should investigate it? It’s their company. They say that one won. I have no reason to doubt them.

  163. Pratik has been posting here for awhile. I never saw any indication that he knew anyone at notion ink. I think he may have mentioned it if he did. And how is it unfair that it won? Because it was only 80 votes? How is winning by getting the most votes unfair? Should they have picked the one with the least votes?
    I don’t see this as a sad day at all. Also find it quite racist that you say that about people from India.

  164. You could have mailed relations [at] notionink [dot] com explaining them the problems you were facing with the EAP registration! Your comment here would have been missed by the NI team.

  165. Well, both I and N was invisible to me the first time.. I was excited to spot the N, grt design no doubt.. but the question is, does it reflect Notion INK in any way , displaying the abbreviated form is not a logo, Does it bring out any essence of the company… as Rohan himself specifically stated ” Simple design yet with a reason.”
    I dont seem to find the reason, and their are logos out there with a similar concept of hidden letters..
    anyways… congrats to the winner !

  166. Congradulations Patrik. I voted for no.6 though, we will love your logo and remember you along with dam.

  167. @gecko
    “It wasnโ€™t a good example”

    The example might not be a good one, but the argument is not bad either! NotionInk exposes itself to litigations afterwards with the use of full or part of logo(s) that are already in use.

  168. @Dmitry
    “I havenโ€™t insulted anyone personally, so why donโ€™t you follow the same trend and behave yourself? Accusing me of โ€œstoopingโ€ to โ€œwhateverโ€ is takes is groundless and dishonourable. You should be ashamed.”

    “that Pratik is just an innocent guy, who suddenly came up with the !exactly same! idea with !!almost same!! sizing. The only question is โ€“ why didnโ€™t you add that circle on the right? It PERFECTLY represents (N)otion (I)nk!!”
    “Damn, why didnโ€™t I participate, I could have selected ANY suitable logo of ANY company from another field, change the color, make slight change, not to make it so obvious and, voilร , I could win the contest.
    But, stupid me, I thought that I should be able to design smth, who knew that copying and changing color would work”

    Sure sounds like you are calling Pratik a cheat. It is groundless and dishonourable. You should be ashamed.

  169. The lights of Diwali are as such:

    The fire by the camping will most closely relate to another Indian festival Holi ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: Sorry for double post. My earlier same comment is “awaiting moderation”. Donno what algorithm is used to display “awaiting moderation” message!

  170. @Gecko

    I agree. He seems like a plant. First he says that a competitor sabotaged the voting. Now he’s changed it to NI lying and saying Pratik won. Now that NI knows about the other logo I’m sure their lawyers will look into it. Though I would think the lawyers had already checked out the winning logo.

  171. Congrats Pratik! and to all the selected guys.


    I am staying in Japan. Do u have any plans for Japanese certification of adam like FCC.
    i dont know exactly what is the certification process in Japan, but hope sooner or latter Ni has some plans for Japan.

    Please make sure that apart from English u have Japanese version of adam as well, otherwise Japanese people will not be interested in it.


  172. CoppaTop, you may not have come back at a good time! If the not so nice comments put you off before I find it unsettling that people accuse NI of cheating because they don’t agree with the winner.

  173. i agree with u completely..
    missing a circle or truncating it wouldn’t give the uniqueness to NI.. It still looks similar

    its a stark reality.

  174. The fact is, NI has taken huge care in making sure that their tablet is so unique in a lot of ways and Rohan has given huge importance to differentiation even at minute levels,
    from design to UI to what not..
    When adam is so unique, i dont think Rohan would want to use a logo so similar to one that already exists and a small change to the existing logo could lead to the NI logo.

    definitely it is not a complete copy, but it is very evident to the naked eye that a small change was all that necessary.

    Simplicity is appreciated but not something that would make NI a talk of the town in these aspects

  175. @Vik

    What is so great about the Apple logo? And what does it say about the company? Also, people that like it, did you like it before it was updated? Back when it looked like this? http://www.cedmagic.com/featured/he-man/apple-logo.jpg I always thought it was ugly. This is what their original logo looked like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Apple_first_logo.png. I personally liked that one. It was also not developed by a professional. It was done by the third co-founder of Apple.
    I have two points with the logos. First, a professional doesn’t need to do the logo for the company to do well. Second, they can always change it later.

  176. I voted for you, I liked 5&6 the best. I will put a sticker of your logo (along with Pratik’s logo) once I get my adam ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. dear rohan, cud u please give some clues about price tags of all adam modles for indian market(including all taxes) n when it will launch in our home country(india)? n how it will be available(in contract wid some mobile company or at retail stores?)?

  178. The specs are a yr old, many would have got added/removed. The Technology section (Home –> Design –> Technology section) says adam would come in 4,16, 32 GB variants.
    Until we have final specs not sure what all goodies we have in it.

  179. It must be a digitiser. If I remember correctly, Rohan recently said you can view text in one panel take notes in another. Don’t you all think we need digitiser for such a task?

  180. Oh, no offense to Pratik, but I would have also liked something more. None of the logos really did that for me. But, what logos do? What does Apple’s logo say about it? If you didn’t know Apple, would you know by looking at the logo what they sold? How about Microsoft? Here’s the logo for Texas Instruments http://www.wirespot.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/texas-instruments-logo.jpg. Doesn’t say much about the company. And yet, TI has been around since the 50’s. So I’m not too worried about the logo.

  181. Even Monalisa is disliked by some people in the world. Even the best professional designer may not design a logo to the satisfaction of all the people in the world.

    The logo though I didn’t vote for it, is simple and elegant. Lets give credit to the designer.

  182. I don’t think no one would take such a high risk as there can be any reason for the FCC to point out. Would you like to build 1000s of tablets with an assumption?

    I think they would start manufacturing only after getting a final approval from FCC.
    So now my fingers are really crossed and have serious doubt of adam in hand until Jan/Feb.

    Hoping for the best (before christmas) and waiting for the worst(till CES)

  183. @greg and Rowan fire

    Guys isn’t it possible that the prototype held by Rohan and others might be the second batch itself. I mean come to think of it, i cant remember ever seeing this version of the Adam ever being talked about it. The one where the camera is midway between the centre and the right corner. We have seen it in the centre in the early prototypes, and in the right corner in the first batch. But maybe this is the second batch. Aah, speculations, he makes us look into small changes and think and overthink. Lol. Anyway did anyone also notice how sleek Adam looks? Though no one can predict think it is exactly, but that baby looks slick. Sigh. Want it in my hands soon.

  184. As far as I know, Face recognition is software – not hardware. Since ADAM already has a camera, you only need appropriate software to do the face recognition. For example, Google Picasa can already do face recognition on the photos you import into it.

  185. Hey Greg,

    You had to goto the desert to shoot guns !?! Bummer. If you were in Oakland or L.A. you could practice it on the streets, or in the school compound. Just kidding.

  186. Hi Rohan,

    I have a question w.r.t to touch & trackpad which i have seen has not been up in discussions.

    – The screen is best used with Touch on Adam
    – Also there is a “Trackpad” at the back

    So my question is, “are there specific use cases, where touch is better & trackpad in others” ?
    Is there some usecase or implementation where trackpad & touch are used together ?
    Or is there a case where u have a “pointer” , like in a mouse pointer in certain apps, which makes trackpad use better & touch in other cases ? Or does a mouse-pointer come up if the trackpad is touched ?

    I ask this because this would be different use cases & interaction mechanisms. If you can throw some light on this, it’ll be fun to see how interaction on the Adam is shaping up.

    Amith !

  187. None of the things discussed so far qualify as a ‘sensor’. Technically a sensor reacts on an external input and converts this reaction into electrical output. So far we know that ADAM has (or most likely has) the ambient light sensor, orientation sensor, maybe a gyro-sensor, touch sensor (below the screen). 4G etc does not qualify as a sensor.

    Note, just having a sensor is of no use if there is no application / OS feature making use of it. So, if there is a sensor that is lacking in all of the other tablets, then it also means that there is a category of apps / OS feature that is lacking in the other tablets.

    One possible sensor is a special type of touch sensor around the 4 corners of the frame (just above and outside the screen).

  188. Hi Rohan Hope you can clarify at least this ONE point (I have already asked 2-3 times and many other INDIANS too)
    from your interview:
    this is similar question which I posted in my earlier post ,still unanswered, but got answer from your interview which making me feel bit WORRY

    Q: We know the Price of ADAM will be around $399 ~ $498 , any Hint regarding Indian Pricing ?

    Ans: Rohan : Not yet. We need more information from Indian government on in which classification Adam falls into to understand the import and custom duties, and then we would have answer for the same.

    My worry is , imagine a scenario where Adam is place at HIGHER PRICE in INDIA as compare To OTHER countries (though I ‘m not aware exactly how does tax will be calculated knowing that Notion ink is India based company, Friends from this blog can help me to understand this ) Indian masses In that case/scenario will have difficulty In ACCEPTING THIS. So try to keep price as close to US prices as possible (If it requires subsidize a bit or provide some accessories :D) Indian people should not feel that even Though it is Indian company it is charging us more .I know you must be aware about this point ; as on so many occasion you have said ” India is a price sensitive market”.

    It is my request to you to keep prices as close as you can in MOST countries.

  189. Congrats to the Winner!! Thought this weekend post would have more info then the winner but still following just the same..

  190. No……I do not have any say till proxies of Pratik like YOU are active. Their choice reflects the truth. No need of arguments. I hardly care the logo thing.

  191. That may be, but having bluetooth would hardly be a secret since it has already been mentioned…

    Rohan made it seem as if it’s something rather secret that hasn’t been talked about yet and won’t be made known until adam is ready for launch.

  192. I voted for #5 and disappointed to know that it was not even on the top 5. I thought Notion Ink can really use it and revise it to not look too much like B&N’s Nook logo. So I did my own revisions and sent it to Rohan to give him ideas on how it can be improved (assuming that it was the winner) just by keeping the lines simple and using a better typeface without looking too Nook-like:

    #1 was my 2nd choice but the shape looked a little weird. The light bulb is a bit too obvious (needed to be more stylized) and the ink droplet/fountain pen nib looks like a bird’s beak. I also think it has too many curves. The simpler the lines, the better. So I thought I can improve it too.

    52 Rene

    51 Brandon Grotesque

    and made a couple of variations too.

    50 Mingo Gothic


    I’m surprised logo #3 beat it because Bas made a a much better logo that is very similar to it but didn’t make the top 10. Logo #6 is an exact copy of the Nook font, why would even people vote on that? I think it’s because of the graphic effects where the NOTION is an outline/empty while the INK is solid/filled with ink. I would like it if it’s a different font. Logo #4…OMG! How did it make top 4? That bulb looks like a bomb. An inverted bulb does not connote idea, and it’s even black so it even emphasizes the fact that it’s a dead bulb. The font also reminds me of Astro Boy, a bit cartoonish.

    #2 I understand why it made 3rd place. It’s very dynamic but as someone said, this can be found on the internet as a stock photo. The idea may have been plagiarized but that’s all speculation. Some people think it’s a very common approach to a concept and I agree. It will also mean that Notion Ink imitates rather than innovates. I also made my own revisions:

    64 Chogolisa 2

    63 Armchair Modern 2

    I prefer the 1st one because the 2nd one looks like a flower.

    #9 was actually my favorite because I kinda like the implied N but not for Notion Ink. As Dominic Faith said, that’s a logo for a big conservative company, a cliched effect seen too many times, that “Notion Ink is not big enough to associate this complete and overused abstract with its brand”. That it’s not a catchy, trendy logo that defines Notion Ink’s image. If I were Rohan, I would revise it a bit to give more dynamism to the shape of the logo. I think it’s too rigid. But maybe that’s what Notion Ink wants as an image. This was also one of my concepts that I used and submitted to NI but were not chosen. The 1st 8 are my variations of this concept:

    My favorite is the 5th variation which I wish Rohan selected for top 43. Also check my other logo designs in the slideshow. I would appreciate the feedback and hear your favorites. Thanks!

  193. A little off topic question here… But will it be possible to install Windows, you know, to play games? Via external DVD-thingy?

  194. It won’t be a stylus.
    Sometime back Rohan wrote that any third party capacitive stylus can be used with adam. Why would he say that AND include one with the tablet?

    Also it might not be a kickstand because the design dynamics of adam allow itself to be propped up at some angle already.

  195. I think Rohan will make a few revisions (I hope so). Changing the font would be a big step. This logo is too subtle. It shouts conformity. It does not convey revolutionary or innovativeness so they have to make it up by using a more modern dynamic font.

  196. Would you have like my variation of it? Check out slide #5

    Week-End Mini-Special โ€“ VII CE and the Logo!

  197. Nopes, windows doesn’t work on ARM processors only intel
    But ubuntu will work all the way till the end.

  198. You know what would be awesome? Some sort of hand recognition.
    Like those in movies which are based in the the future – Put your hand on the 10 inch screen, it will recognise it’s owner and unlock.

    Hu hu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  199. Please let it be a good pressure sensing stylus, just look what people can do with a good tablet and a fine stylus.
    Although its just acting as a input device for pc.

  200. BTW, Congrats Pratik! I wonder why you have been so quiet lately when you are one of the outspoken ones here.

    You got all 3 designs in the top 43 so that’s a 100% batting average. Sure enough you got 1 in the top 10 and won! It was destiny. I am so jealous that you have $1000k while having a free Adam. Can you just imagine seeing all the Adams that people own and seeing your logo in all of them?! That is freaking awesome! Your design will be everywhere. I just wish I got into the top 43 who will have STEEP discounts for the ADAM ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I bet it will be 50% discount.

  201. Thanks, inmypjs.
    No I was just really busy with work. I didn’t know about the results till yesterday – read this post just like everyone else.

  202. You’re getting a pretty good *computer* at a price that would be nearly half of what established brands would charge for a similar device. It would be available at a price similar to that of good, but not top-range smart phones.

    The question is whether the duty charged would be as in case of mobile phones (5% plus 4% Special Additional Duty) or as computers, which might be at a higher rate.

  203. Definitely! Whenever they do reviews and give points out of 10, it seems biased.

    Some devices are well worth higher marks, but instead score low. Other products score high despite the fact that there is nothing really impressive about it.

    I would much prefer gizmodo or slashgear…

  204. Undiclosed feature …..

    How about a TV tuner ……. ? could watch TV on the go – or record programmes for later viewing

  205. Agreed, in fact some of the top 43 were better than top 10. And like you mentioned, the initial ideas werent to bad themselves.

    I’m glad the winning logo wasn’t one of the ones I much disliked. Congrats again to the winner ๐Ÿ™‚

  206. There is no doubt that no.9 is the popular choice because, well, it does look good.

    But, one thing you folks at Notion Ink should consider, which voters and populist opinions usually overlook, is whether it is unique and would not be confused with similar looking logos of other companies and/or brands, past or present. For instance, this most popular choice no.9, is deceptively similar to a famous company’s past logo and as mentioned in some other comment, to a recent (May 2010) TM registration.

    BTW, do you need a logo at all? As an eagerly waiting buyer (I actually put off buying an iPad), I would be quite happy with “Notion Ink” and “Adam” written in full anywhere on the machine. Please get on with the release and try not to get bogged down with legal problems in the initial stage.

    I would even strongly suggest that you release the product first in India and make us proud. As it is, all outside products have a delayed launch in India. Why should a product designed by Indians follow the same pattern? Let the others drool over an Indian product for once!

  207. +1 The way he worded it just seemed hit the active digitizer point.

    Most android tablets (In fact I think all current android tablets…) don’t have an active digitizer. Te HP slate does, but its not an android tablet, nor does it run on an ARM based processor.

    The Ipad doesn’t have a digitizer also… but I think i read on an app with pal rejection (penultimate app:).

    I’ve read someone mention a mic for recording lectures… yea thats nice… but I don’t see the reason to why Rohan will be keeping such a common thing so secret.

    If its an active digitizer it would be the BEST tablet on the market!

  208. New hidden feature> if you see carefully all the videos of rohan,s interviews with adam (specially the technoholik video..), what i guess.. it should be a very active and accurate handwriting recognition (which will be instantly converting your written words to digital text beneath or above on a separate text-editor) whether you use ur fingers, or any tip for that matter..

  209. THe archos 101 has a kickstand…

    ANd i think the secret sensor/feautre is stylus support…

    Way back in the first genesis post, there was a symbol in chinese that meant “word/symbol/character” written in ink. I think it could mean handwriting recognition.

    Since adam did target this at students with a camera for recording lectures, i would think that note taking is a more important aspect.

    PLEASE BE AN ACTIVE DIGITIZER!!! or a really good palm rejection system for capacitive styli (though an active digitizer would be better IMO)

  210. NI-pple, stop it Raul, your killing me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Agree, Engadget is sitting a bit higher up in Apples lap compared to Giz and Slash (I choose the lap-metaphor instead of the ass one here ๐Ÿ™‚ . But they also cover Android quite extensively so its a subtle thing.

  211. Congrats Pratik. It would made a good logo for Adam.

    As reagrds to the hidden feature that Rohan mentioned, a Pico projector would be a great thing to have. Of course I know it’s not there.

  212. Actually, the hidden feature is that when you rub adam’s back, a djinn comes out from one of the USB ports and grants you 3 wishes.

  213. @Pratik
    in the last post Rohan said

    “Logo: We were waiting for the Winners to send back the signed agreements back and we are processing them on our front now. Result on next week-end special.”

    I’m confused. So,you’re saying you didn’t sign the agreement? if you did, how come you didn’t know you’re the winner until yesterday? if you did not, what was Rohan talking about?

  214. Rohan was right. I did sign something. It was related to IPR – that if selected, the logo would become their property. Also they asked for contact details and confirmation that the entry was original work.

    But I am pretty sure they sent it to all the 10 finalists. Nowhere did it mention where my entry stood in the final results.

  215. you’re right. the first thing that went through my mind as soon as i saw this logo was “adobe”. i can’t quite remember the exact time/product when adobe used this but it is similar.
    having said that, definitely a nice logo but because of the similarity in the way most people perceive it, I’d make sure its legally ok to use.

  216. by the way what does rohan means by CE (sorry for this dumb question)

    Pratik, you’re the best definitely !!!

    @Rohan what do you guys are still hiding from us , you tricky boys ; -)

    i’m really exicted about what’s comming up and more exciting to have soon i hope my full loaded adam tablet in my hands (oh yeah !!!!)

  217. *TOP SECRET*
    Article 142A – Djinn Loop

    When the Djinn appears, your first wish should be another adam. Now you have two adams and five wishes. Repeat.

  218. I currently live in Japan, is the 3G antenna inside the Adam work for me in Japan (specifically NTT Docomo) or will I have to get a 3G wireless router? Thanks.

  219. “I thought Rohan is in Mumbai to meet US business delegation came along with US President Obama !!”

    If the Adam was released in Q3 2010, I guess it would have been possible. ๐Ÿ˜€ The American Business delegation was pretty impressed with the Reva (Electric car) as well. Great to see India catching up in the product development space so well.

  220. No, I don’t. Having in mind posts where someone was telling about not locked doors in Indian village, implying that everybody is honest, this would be a very likely situation. Regardless of the country.

  221. 2gecko:
    Sorry, but your humor is not the funniest for me. But you could try yourseld in stand-up comedy show, who knows, maybe it would work.

  222. 2billreyn:
    “Sure sounds like you are calling Pratik a cheat”

    Exactly! It just sounds, it’s all about how you interpret it. But if you read my comments carefully, I do admit the possibility that I’m wrong and that he is innocent and that he just didn’t know and blah-blah-blah.
    Here it’s not the case – it a direct insult.

    and Pratik, what do you thank him for? For an insult? Bravo!
    You let other people defend you, but never said a word yourself. It sounds a bit suspicious.

  223. 2billrein:
    Hey, wait a second! Where did I “change it to NI lying and saying Pratik won”???
    Please, don’t ascribe to me things I haven’t written.
    A never accused NI in lying or whatever, I respect and appreciate the work they’re doing.

  224. @sid

    U R right. Logo no.9 does look like a logo from Adobe’s past – not the current Adobe logo though (referred above by ‘iamapirate’) which seems to have been modified slightly.

  225. I would really like a build in pico projector but there is simply no way they could have included that for the price they are going to ask

  226. Made my Day:D

    Pico Projektor would be cool, but thats not something every tablet needs.
    Writing Recognition is very needed, maybe that.
    A TV Tuner would be nice but I dont think thats in it.

  227. No no no it prints money. They would need way to many djinns, but I do like that better.lets see 1. A adam2 2. Ability to read Rohans mind 3. Maybe world peace or a billion dollars something like that.

  228. @Dmitry
    If you still think all Indians (majority) are corrupt, then I say You know nothing about India. I won’t say the same about all Russians, but I say this to you: you are a f*****g russian A******e. Keep in mind you may say good words about others (Indians, Russians, Americans, and others) but not utter bad words.

  229. The problem with the voting process is that you had 10 entries and one round of voting.

    You should have taken the top 2 or 3 in the first round and then had a run off vote. Although my second favorite did not even make it into the top 5 – this would probably have resulted in a more widely accepted logo.

    Congrats to Pratik on his win.

  230. why should duty be charged if it is manufactured or assembled in India?
    Lets hope the Indian prices are below international prices.

  231. Hi all,

    Note-taking is an important aspect of a tablet for students, professionals, developers and designers (whom all, im sure will form a major part of the consumers).

    So Adam should have some handwriting recognition software (that rejects palm pressure on the screen) with a good stylus/pen. Writing with the finger on capacitive screen is no good and incomparable to a stylus method of input.

    I’ll be glad if Rohan can throw some light on how Adam deals these things.

  232. @iamapirate

    A microphone has pretty much been a given since day 1…check out the ‘SPECS’ page on their site and you can see that it is listed.

  233. I’d like to say laughing at my story hurts me, but truth be told I pretty much laugh at it myself.

    I guess I’ll never, ever forget an important attachment again in my life. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

  234. @vinay. Its not assembled in India.I think its assembled in Taiwan…thats why import duties

  235. Haha! That’s what I was talking about ๐Ÿ™‚ Man, you are pathetic! I just will pretend that I didn’t see you groundless insults.
    The difference between me and you is that I know that Russians are corrupt and I don’t deny it. And I didn’t call you an idiot and and a$$hole or whatever. Be ashamed.
    What I said is irrelevant to the particular country – if he said “corrupt” about China – then Chinese people like you would stand up and scream – “we are not corrupt”. If it was about “Germany” – German people would protest.
    So calm down, I didn’t call all of Indians corrupt, I don’t have that info, I just warned that guy of a possible reaction, like yours =)

  236. Okay, i’m going to assume people are telling me that i’m being unfair and racist, so let me clarify.

    I am an Indian. I live in Mumbai. I love my country more than anything, I love my city. I love the people in my country too – but that doesn’t make me blind towards their, no, OUR faults.

    Neither does it make me a racist – people please don’t use words without knowing what they mean, if I said Indians are stupid brown IT technicians, that would be racist. I’m simply highlighting a trait, a characteristic, not being racist.

    Oh and @dip: Did you even think through what you typed ?? You told him not to utter bad words, and you yourself used two of the worst expletives. Really ? So is that what our country is ?

    And let me clarify further

    I have nothing against Pratik. He seems to be a great individual, by clicking on his user name I was lead to this brilliant website/company created by him, and even watched a few of his web series (they were funny). I’m simply suggesting that there may be more than meets the eye.

  237. I have nothing against Pratik. He seems to be a great individual, by clicking on his user name I was lead to this brilliant website/company created by him, and even watched a few of his web series (they were funny).

    Iโ€™m simply suggesting that there may be more than meets the eye.

    Don’t you think its unfair that a difference of 80 people decide the final logo ? I understand that the first and second place are FAR ahead of the others, fine, but you can’t say that X is better than Y because of such a small margin of error.

    What if I posted on a blog/sent out messages to people to 80 people to vote for one of them ?

  238. I’m assuming that was a reply to me comment, so just read the above post which I replied to the people calling me a racist

  239. Yes, I was looking for a reason to whine and complain. Its also called Exaggeration and venting frustration.

    I obviously still fully support NI and can’t wish for anything more than ADAM’s success – I feel like its a debut of Indian minds and brains in the international world.

    It’s just that i’ve lost some respect, because of the way this whole thing was done. I think it could have been done in a much better way.

    yes. you’re evil.

    Also, let me reiterate – I have nothing against the logo. I have something against the process of choosing it.

  240. The big question on most of the blogs and forums is stylus use. That is what users think is missing from most tablets. The issue with this is Rohan has already said it can use a stylus just not the standard one everyone is think of. Capacitive STYLUS is what you want to look for . Rohan I think put a link for a Pogo. With him posting this i think it means there is not going to be a switch to turn on Stylus use as it will work out of the box with one of these.

    Now handwriting recognition is a different story although there is already an App in the Market that does this. DioPen is a handwriting and keyboard replacement. SO that’s not new either and works OK, not great but OK.

    Capacitive STYLUS: I have tried the HTC model and it works fine. It looks unconventional but does work fine. What I worry with it is getting bent over time. I have order another but waiting for it to arrive and will let you know. If you are looking Rohan had a link or search Ebay for Capacitive STYLUS or better Stylus iPad.

  241. I thought about some kind of security feature too. Fingerprint/hand print/facial recognition for authentication. I read somewhere a long time ago that all Adam tablets will be able to be tracked anywhere in the world so I thought maybe that was it, being able to locate and recover it if lost or stolen.

    But Rohan also said Adam has this mystery feature “cos we know you want it”. I don’t recall too many people making requests for features like that. So if it is something like that then he would be inferring our want/need for the feature rather than having determined our want/need from our comments in this blog, which is entirely possible too.

    But I still prefer a digitizer as the mystery feature over any of the other possibilities we have discussed so far. I sure hope that is it, and if not, I bet it would be the number one most requested feature for Adam2.

  242. I like that idea too. But hopefully a combination of a digitizer and an app that does handwriting recognition…

  243. Rohan – I was thinking last night and again I have to take my hate off to you. The timing, what I didn’t see earlier. Your going to get the Christmas release and CES. they’re 2 and a half weeks apart. You can get a prerelease for Christmas (Us I hope) and a Release at CES. I hope again to be there is year and will look you up to shake your hand and have my adam there showing off. Rohan here is to Best in Show.

  244. @gw8
    I am not an Indian and I do understand what I have written.

    I did give him a chance to retract his statement: โ€œcorruption is too ingrained in the Indian mentalityโ€.

    I am not GANDHI to take his crap.

    You don’t have to take a moral high ground. You are still the same kind of a person as I said earlier. My opinion about you further solidified after reading your comments on this blog.

  245. 2dip:

    Wait a second, do you ascribe words “corruption is too ingrained in the Indian mentality” to me???
    Seriously? Just fyi: I just cited(!!! that’s why I used quotes) and INDIAN guy gw8!!!
    So you have no moral right to accuse me of anything as you have no moral right to swear at me.
    I consider that you expressed your inadequacy clear enough for me not to bother answering you anymore.

  246. Aswooop5511

    Some people say that the HTC and Dagi model stylus is good but you have to hold it with the tip flat on the screen, which can make it difficult to use. People used to like the Pogo and a few others too, but now the top choice seems to be the Griffin/Targus/Boxwave (they are basically all the same). They look like they are as accurate and write as smoothly as the HTC or Dagi and can be held at any angle.

    I ordered a Targus Capacitive Stylus so that I will have it here when I get my Adam. But I am still hoping that Adam’s mystery feature will be a digitizer. In which case I will gladly return the Targus Stylus…

    *As per Rohan’s comment about the Adam being able to work with any Capacitive Stylus… If Adam does have a digitizer, and they were trying to keep that a secret, but they also wanted to respond to the requests from so many people that wanted to know if Adam would work with a stylus…

    Well the answer would be yes, because if it is a capacitive screen that recognizes finger input, it will also recognize input from a capacitive stylus. Yet that does not preclude it from also having a digitizer.

    Check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z03hlZThveI with various implementations of the Pixel Qi display.

    They show a Wacom pen based digitizer using Pixel Qi and at about two and half minutes into the video they show a tablet that is both touch and pen based input using the Pixel Qi…

    So I think it is possible that Adam could recognize finger and capacitive stylus input, and still have a digitizer.

  247. facial recognition Sounds interesting, Finger Print and hand print would require a scanner. even the multi touch doesn’t have that many inputs to handle a finger print. I think Dell and Lenovo both have something in the works on this for Laptops but not tablets.
    Lenovo Ideapad y510.

  248. This is something that’s already there in the iPad, so it doesn’t seem to me to be what Rohan was referring to, although would almost definitely be there.

  249. Rajesh, I really wish you hadn’t said “whether you use ur fingers, or any tip for that matter.” That made an awful picture that I can’t get out of my mind.

  250. “But indeed there is something hidden as of now from all of us which will change the dynamics little bit.”

    Digitizer will change the dynamics in a bigger way.. it will make ADAM ‘THE’ Tablet.

    What about some gesture based features ?
    There is a possibility

  251. I had seen that video before but had not really watched and listened to it. On the stylus i hope your right but she never says what kind of stylus it is just a pen. Again I hope your right as I will return mine also (not really as I got the HTC for $4 and the other for like $2., but would gladly give them up).

    One thing I did hear and I hope has changed is the power consumption. She states that with Black light on it is the same as normal LCDs. The iPad LCD consumption is at 3.5 I believe. I remember that the Pixel Qi was going to be 2.5 with back light and .5 with out. not that this matters to much with what Rohan said he was getting from the batteries.

  252. Pratik, I may have made some disparaging remarks regarding your logo earlier, however I must say after viewing the version you have on your site, the logo looks pretty good. I guess it looks much much better on the background that you originally provided it with.

  253. @All. I have another conspiracy theory for you guys. Rohan knew all along what logo he wanted. He created the contest to keep us interested an quiet then entered the contest and declared himself the winner. Yes Pratik IS in fact Rohan and he is out to take over the world (the hidden sensor is a mind controlling device and the logo is the key to trigger it when the device is powered on)!

    @Gecko. Who is laughing now?!

    Hum… Sorry for the bad joke. I got caried on reading the thread.

    Congratulation Pratik. You design was one of my favorite, it’s simple, profesional and easy to implement on all sort of support, but not the one I ultimately voted for.

  254. Sorry I quoted the wrong person about logo #9. I meant to say max3d and not Dominic Faith.


    max3d said, on October 28, 2010 at 14:31
    “9) disagree. Seen too many times in my long life in this industry. No image. Notion Ink is not big enough to associate this complete and overused abstract with itยดs brand. Nobody will ever remember this unless notion ink is prepared for a billion dollar campaign. Even if that money was available why not use it to associate with a strong brand image instead of an off the shelf abstract.”

  255. Nice. The more I see your logo the more I find it convincing. Corporate-like as I said previously.

  256. Well if you rub it enough eventually something’s going to cum out ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s like Adam…Eve rubbed him enough that they went forth and multiplied!

  257. Number nine is so industrial, does not seem to match the organic fun image of the Adam device. More like a printer company logo or something. I would want number one if it were my company. It is a fine looking logo no offense to the creator.

  258. I thought they should have polled the Top 43 for voting before they selected the Top 10. For example…their selection of logos 7, 9 and 10. Those 3 logos fared miserably in the voting. Maybe Notion Ink should have only selected the top 5 while the remaining 5 be selected by the community to round up the top 10. That would make more sense because in the top 43, there were some favorites that didn’t make the top 10.

    Also they should have advertised this in message boards for graphic artists and other enthusiast boards related to tablets and e-readers to garner more participation from the internet community.

  259. If the Adam can work as a digitizing table…that would be really cool. Many graphics professionals will ditch their Wacom tablet for the Adam!

  260. I would really love it if this were true. I am still trying to figure out how to pay for my adam. I am a college student…..

  261. @gecko and billreyn

    No, he is not a plant. I strongly believe he used all the methods he mentioned before to push his (or his friend’s) logo to the top, but guess what? Rohan somehow found out the votes are manipulated. He is now so #@$!*^% angry that his efforts (and probably money too) are wasted.

    Just my theory, no personal attack on anyone or people of any one country ๐Ÿ™‚

  262. I have read almost all the comments from top to bottom (Specially those regarding the NEW feature!!)

    I liked many ideas ranging from digitizer to hand writing recognition.. and even kick stand i feel any of those features will definately add value to the adam.

    We can all agree the MOST sought after feature for adam ( or any other present tablet) is the data input. I see most of the comments regarding some sort of handwriting recognition and let me tell you i am in complete favour it because even though i use touch keyboard for my current tablet and it does fairly well but sometimes it gets irritating to type!

    Should’nt be there some sort of slick keyboard coming out from the bottom!! i mean some sort of mechanical and engineering combination through which its thin,light (for eg. Mac book Air keyboard) and we have’nt been able to see or recognize it @ the bottom..!! it would be a kick ass feature…

    And if not well !!! i can still dream it for ADAM 2!! howz that for rumour mills…

  263. New hidden feature> imagine you are reading a comic strip on adam and holding it with your left hand and a coffee mug with your right hand, now how do you going to flip the page to get the next ..??..
    > flip adam a bit to left and page changes to next…. flip adam to right for previous page…

  264. @AV

    That’s a nice theory, except that Rohan had us vote on 10 logos all of which were acceptable to him. The evidence for vote manipulation is that some people didn’t like the winner. Given the level of inanity here, I’m beginning to think that Rohan made a psychological mistake in allowing a vote in the first place.

    Another psychological mistake, I think: holding out on the secret sensor, a mistake compounded by telling us that we all want it. This is setting people up for a disappointment, and now that he sees the kind of nasty noise that some disappointed people make, I’m hoping he will reconsider and just tell us what the secret sensor is.

  265. Congrats Pratik. Despite the intelligent representation of NI, your logo still retains simplicity.

  266. First of all, I want to congratulate Pratik. Like many I am jealous. I knew it will be between #9, #1, #2, and #5…okay I was wrong with #5. I just thought that Harun has many facebook and tweeter friends that he’ll be up there. Rohan said that the top 43 will get a steep discount. Well Pratik (his is free) and a few others had two or three logos selected in the top 43 (while the last 2 are their own) so that means only like maybe 30 will get the steep discounts. Maybe they should give out the other 13 to guys like me who submitted over 30 logos! Just a suggestion Rohan ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Secondly, Pratik you only won by 87 votes! I guess your campaigning with your friends at facebook and twitter paid off? Just kidding ๐Ÿ™‚ Damn…if I knew that the race between me and the winner was that close, I would have campaigned for my logo like Meg Whitman in California. Logo #1 was Bjorn’s who gave you the tough competition…I wonder if he had a notion (pun intended) of his position in the votes.

    Thirdly, your logo is actually my favorite of the 10 finalists (as many do) but I wasn’t sure if it’s right for Notion Ink regarding the image they wanted to define. The implied N is too subtle and people will look at it and bypass it. At a glance most people will see two triangles and will say…huh?! Will ask..what are the 2 triangles for? Before even realizing that…oh that’s suppose to be an I? I thought that was stretching it a bit. However, I do see the N and that’s why I like it and because this was also one of my concepts. Not knowing what direction NI wants to go, I made several variants of my own. And these are my favorites:

    01 Avante Garde Gothic

    05 Eaglefeather

    #1 is actually trendier and catches the eye right away. Plus the concept of the ink droplet, the light bulb and the fountain pen nib is represented in one symbol. That’s why it almost won…but the shape is a bit off-putting, it needed more revision. I made some of my own:

    52 Rene

    51 Brandon Grotesque

    OTOH, logo #9 needed very minimal revision. I thought that in order to emphasize the I, it needs to be a little more obvious because the INK part of Notion Ink is more concrete, not an abstract like NOTION, and therefore tangible. I can see the variants for the design and as you can see from my revisions the I becomes more obvious just by changing the size. I think the 3rd one represents a more balance expression of the N and the I.


    I also think that the typeface is a little thin. Font needs to be more bold and interesting in contrast to the symbol. But in the end, it’s Notion Ink’s decision. They say they will go with the winner and they may revise it a little bit since now they own the rights to it.

  267. @Dimitri

    No I don’t reply to you any more because I made up my mind about you after reading all your posts in this blog (accusing everyone about the falsification of the results).

    I took on you because I am not an Indian.

  268. I like that one-handed control idea Rajesh! There are several good spirit level apps in the Android market… so if something like that could be adapted to engage with the arrow keys’ functions it would be fantastic. A little blob of mercury to roll around on the screen? ๐Ÿ™‚

  269. “Donโ€™t you think its unfair that a difference of 80 people decide the final logo ?”

    No more unfair than NI deciding of their own logo in close comitee whithout consulting anyone else. I don’t know why every one is so agitated over this logo stuff. I’ve never bought anything electrinic based on the pretty (or not so pretty) icon in the corner.

    Let’s just suppose for the sake of argument that the poll was manipulated: who cares!
    This is far from the worst I’ve seen and I’m pretty sure most of us on this blog have at some point got a device whose logo design wasn’t to his taste and still enjoyed it.

    I’m very doubtfull that a logo will make anything sell more or less. If your product sucks a logo won’t save you. So let’s not make this matter bigger than it relly is.

  270. I could of missed some posting/disscutions, if so sorry, my quesion is should we expect some accessories be available at the time of preorder? I mean case/folder, screen protector, maybe some kind of docking station. I mostly interested in folder type case. I hate to have something that is very valuable to me (not even pricevise) being unprotected. I think it would be good for both sides – customers buying what they need and Notion inc making extra money. What do you think?

  271. Hmmm.. I guess hand recognition can be done… Since it already has a camera.. Hope there is some sort of facial recognition too ๐Ÿ™‚

  272. looks like my comment is awaiting moderation because of the links..
    trying once again with one link.

    this is one of the most earlier concepts that Rohan said they are working on.you can look at this article on slashgear for more information.


  273. @gecko

    “The evidence for vote manipulation is that some people didnโ€™t like the winner.”


    Regarding Rohan’s secret:
    “Itโ€™s a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there, and we have one, cos we know you want it! ”

    Its not really a sensor, but a feature. I hope its some of the James Bond type features! ๐Ÿ™‚

  274. How about an
    ambient temperature sensor! (not the ones that protect electronics within from overheating, but an external one)

  275. Like I said in one of my comments above, a sensor is only as good as the apps (or OS feature) that make use of it. I feel that an ambient temperature sensor has very limited use unfortunately.

  276. Commercial companies would want a ‘.com’ domain as the ‘com’ in ‘.com’ denotes top level domain for commerce. So your domain trolling is welcome elsewhere.

  277. Voice-to-text as the unknown feature? I’d like to see it happen someday, even if differing accents make it improbable.

  278. I too would take a gander that it is probably some sort of fine input control like a digitizer. I base this on some rumor on the Internets that ADAM has a beautiful painting program. Besides, a drawing program would be of immense help to folks in the academia.

  279. i don’t thing so in the post it sounded more like a special kind of feature, and for me faster internet is not a big deal. Especially with such a new (and consumer-foreign) technology like 4 G.
    It seem more like a practical feature. Nothing technological. But lets see what the future brings.

  280. My first version didnโ€™t show up so here I go again.
    (made links without http://www so it doesn’t get stuck in moderation just copy adress and put in new tab, bowser will do the rest)

    There is no point to say anything about the poll now, because it is over (some people seem to not realize that). Iโ€™m not happy with the result, but there is no reason to accuse somebody of cheating or saying the designer didnโ€™t put as much effort in his logo as anyone else did. At the end he deserved to win as much as anyone else.

    What I do hope and Iโ€™m pretty sure of (looking at the rest of the work of this company so far) is that this is not the final logo which is going to represent the company. Just out of interest and because I did have the feeling I know that logo from somewhere I did some research regarding the negative space concept (thatโ€™s the whole concept of this logo if someone is wondering what the concept is) and found a few interesting collections of logos like this one here:


    Looking at them I would say we are at least in good company with this concept :-),

    Looking at some more


    it is sadly not one of the outstanding ones (easy recognizable, meaningful, wow effect) and yes if you look closer you could say we are a small part of โ€œBrand Unionโ€ logo ๐Ÿ˜‰


    and this version of a negative N is the better recognizable one


    looking at all that I see that logo as a base and I guess Notion Ink will do its best to make a good logo out of that.

    And just for all of you who think it will get into legal issues if it looks kind of similar. Here are some logos which do look similar and they existโ€ฆ


  281. Congrats! Pratik
    frankly din’t expect you to win! & espically not No.9. I haden’t voted for you.
    But, you have pulled it through & have done a great job. Keep it up.
    I would request you to kindly explain us the logo in brief. Will helps us all to understand it better. Now that it is the final 1.

  282. @itamax I agree with what you say. I think No 9 does make a worthy winner though it was second on my mind. Though none of my efforts found themselves in the 43, I must say I think I understand the poll result.
    @Dmitry Your point of unreliability is kinda understood here, except that people think this is a valid poll. I believe itamax is not being ‘naive’, just expressing an opinion. itamax’s point is that this is not he time to raise this issue; you should have raised it before the poll. Let us all be behind NI and believe that they will finally take the right decision even considering your opinion. Let us try to understand others before calling others ‘naive’ or ‘something- short-of-cheat’

  283. A tablet with a slider. Interesting idea. Kind of hard to type on a 10″ with out setting it down though. Maybe if it incorporated a stand. would add weight also but interseting

  284. An ambient temperature sensor might be useful to reptiles. There haven’t been too many in the blog comments here, but we don’t know what Rohan’s marketing plans are.

  285. hi Rohan, thanks for the frequent updates and inside looks at the making of this wicked tablet. any chance you can give us some info about how the adam will handle ebooks? will i be able to use the Kindle app on the adam, or any other ebook i have, or is there a special format..? any info would be great, as i havent seen anything in this regard. thanks!

  286. One last feature to make the specs perfect would be a Swype keyboard. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and LOVE this keyboard. If I had a choice for an Android tablet with it and a similar one without, well…no choice really.

  287. I have an idea about this hidden feature, don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet: Wifi Ad Hoc Networking. Now that would be a cool feature! and to my knowledge no other tablet have it.

  288. There are several Android apps already do this. Some Android devices have this feature built in too.

  289. @Greg,

    This laptop goes everywhere with me … the main reason I’m so looking forward to Adam!

    @Plug Gulp,

    You are so right: the photo of the fire at the Holi festival looks just like the one burning at our campsite right now … it’s REALLY COLD here tonight! LOVE those beautiful lights of Diwali; thanks so much for the links ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope those Diwali lights inspire Rohan and Notion Ink as well. Thanks again for the post!

  290. Maybe the sensor button can be pressed to change the logo to whichever logo you selected in the poll?

    I wonder how many people argued over the initial Apple logo saying “MY GOD, THAT’S SO SIMPLE – IT’S STUPID!”

    I’m almost GLAD I *didn’t* win…

  291. Hi Rohan,
    Are there any plans for MIDI support? I noticed that “other” tablet has implemented it now.
    Any comments from developers about this would be great.

  292. Very helpful and interesting link.

    I especially liked the “Applied Materials” and “Planned Parenthood”
    Maybe they are both about the same thing.
    One is cloning and the other is natural


  293. Hi Glenn,

    I did think of that.

    I created via SurveyMonkey something exactly like that.

    I won’t share the results since there were only dozens of responses, but in the limited sample, #9 was not at the top.

    Aaah, democracy…this is why there is the worry in framing the US political system to prevent the tyranny of the majority.

    I personally wouldn’t have voted for the logo – not because it’s bad but because a logo is for specific requirements.

    Then again, Apple changed its logo some time back to move away from their rainbow apple – I loved that from the 1980s – pre-Mac.

    I do like the adam logo, and that is what, I hope, is highly visible on the device.

    Looking forward to the device…

    p.s. Anti-jailbait test: how many of you would recall PR#6 (command on the Apple II)?

  294. Patrik,
    sorry for not congratulating you earlier. Just came back from a weekend trip. I have been very busy the last three days. My wife and daughter had to go NYC, and I had to drive!. Also, I had to entertain my son while they did what they had to do. So, very little time. In any case, I think everyone here is very proud of your work. And think that you didn’t you were going to win!! As I said in my review of your logos, they were very creative.
    The truth, I didn’t vote for yours. I went mini mini mo (bet. 9 and 1), and ended with 1.
    So, big applause …and bow down to the creator of NI logo!!
    any new logos to share in the horizons?

  295. That’s a very good post Dominic, especially that last one where it looked like those companies copied from each other’s logos. I don’t think Pratik even knew of the Brand Union logo.

    I even made my own variations of his logo because he said there’s an I in there. The positive space is suppose to be an fat uppercase I that’s being obstructed by the slant of the N. But to most people it look more like two triangles. I made the I a little more obvious by making the slant higher and resulting to a smaller upper triangle, thereby seeing a more obvious small case I.


  296. It’s just that using a letter in a negative space as an effect is a very common approach to logo design. I like Pratik’s logo and have a similar concept in my own submissions to the contest.

    01 Avante Garde Gothic

    05 Eaglefeather

    06 Houschka

    04 Res

  297. I question though if this is the image that Notion Ink wants to portray to the public. In my opinion, it doesn’t fit. I think the typeface needs to be more modern and dynamic to at least balance the conservativeness of the symbol. It tells me that Notion Ink would prefer to conform rather than revolutionize or innovate.

  298. I have to say out of respect, congrats Pratik. (please take non of this as disrespectful)

    There was really over 4k logo submissions and #9 won? I couldnt see the n cutting through because it was black on black for voting. Is this how you submitted it Pratik? I just feel dumb because I saw so many more thought out logos. I just was able to login today and see the winner but being a designer myself I thought I would have no chance of winning and was very swamped with a current project. I think #1 and #4 have way more thought into them. Oh well Pratik I am not trying to put out your spotlight but alot of time and effort was put into the submissions and all and it looks like it was created in word. I just hope that some editing is done on it at least bring more depth or contrast to it so people see where you were going with it.

    I am a HUGE minimalist when it comes to my designs and I totally love type logos, just seems that for a new company you would want something a little more professional to go with your professional website and store…oh wait. Sorry I must be cranky because as a small business owner myself id want more then anything for NI to be successfull, I just thought something more creative would have come out of all this.

    Again congrats Pratik, I hope you at least get a free adam ๐Ÿ™‚

    I threw a quick rendition in illustrator together and was wondering if this is where you were going? I just threw the blue in there for contrast between the N.

    Have a great night!

  299. I respectfully disagree. The typeface should not be more modern and dynamic; nothing ages faster than something that’s modern and dynamic. It would be a shame for the typeface 5 years hence to look as shopworn as Britney Spears.

  300. Nice find. Though you won’t find any companies with logos similar to Apple, because they sue them all (do a quick google search to confirm).

  301. Gigantor, I agree with your comments, I am a designer and didnt see the “N” at all until I redesigned it myself. I went into illustrator and redesigned his. I REALLY like your 3d rendition. I agree with others and yes the vote is done but just thought with NI going with the lowercase adam and all they wanted something more unique. I have designed logos for years and thought i would have no chance, I am just glad I didnt dive hours and hours into a logo to see the final 10 at the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

    here is my mockup of Pratik’s.

  302. well I can see that .net is also taken. That is really cheap tactics though advertising on here to sell it. Now lets just see Rohan and his team make the .com look good ๐Ÿ™‚

  303. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/85/Apple_logo_Motter_Tektura.svg

    Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.
    They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.
    You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward.
    And while some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
    Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

    Apple has been using quite interesting typography with their logo. It changes over time depending on what image they want to portray at the time. Therefore they never get outdated and old because they always update according to the times. As a startup, NI needs to stand out…the new logo needs a spark to distinguish itself as being something that defines a REVOLUTIONARY company…dynamic and innovative.

  304. Response to: swooop5511 said, on November 8, 2010 at 03:15

    If you read what Rohan has written, he said that there is no sensor for the camera swivel feature, but rather this is controlled via a mechanical switch. i.e. there is a mechanical switch which controls if the camera inverts the image 180 degrees or not especially when the camera is turned from facing the tablet user to being parallel to the tablet curve.

  305. Damn! if only Eric…the creator of the N! logo was a graphic artist, he could have won because everybody loves his concept.

  306. Rohan said: “You can just put a scale(ruler) on it and draw!” ๐Ÿ™‚
    That means a very sensitive thin stylus can be used!

  307. yea…I really thought #5 would be up there with #1, #9 and #2.

    These top 10 is Notion Ink staff’s favorites. So I guess they would want to use the winning logo.

  308. It does look better on your website. I just dont know why on NI they didnt portray them better.

  309. I agree, I am a designer myself and using my 21″ Wacom LCD right now for my monitor and design. I WOULD LOVE to use a slate for drawing. Would make me want to buy it that much more.

  310. agreed. #9 is boring. #5 was cute and the best of the lot ๐Ÿ™‚ #1 was imaginative, but not quite simple enough for a logo.
    That said, congrats to the winner. Tastes differ obviously. While not a very scientific way of choosing a logo, it doesn’t matter a whole lot, in my opinion. They can always change the logo in a couple of years. The first couple of years isn’t going to be driven by the logo ๐Ÿ™‚

  311. I showed the top 10 to a friend of mine and immediately he said that #1 was the one that stood out for him. So this could have gone either way. 87 votes is a very narrow difference.

  312. LOL! I did too after reading it and then looked at the logo. That was too funny. I hope it was intentional or sarcastic. If not…sorry.

  313. They should have come out with an announcement that two logos were too close to call and that they would need a decisive win. So they will put out the two top logos for vote again for 5 days. This time the two finalists will create several renditions of their logo, applied to different media, graphic treatments and backgrounds plus a composite of the logo on the front and the back of the Adam.

  314. Hmmmm….this is almost identical to the winning logo. If not for the dot on the right there would be lawsuit written all over it. Even so, would Notion Ink risk a the chance of a lawsuit? I’m sure their lawyers are doing their best job to avoid this but why spend more money fending lawsuits when you have 10 other logos that you can choose from?

    Has anyone seen a logo vrey similar to the runner-up Logo #1?

  315. Has the logo troll gone now? I haven’t seen him in a while and didn’t want to upset him with my logo design.

    Seeing as how everyone cheated, the whole poll was rigged, every logo has been stolen from everywhere else in the world, and everybody is going to get sued for millions of dollars, I thought the only sane thing to do was to show you my logo which I am sure Notion Ink will adopt immediately.

    Here it is…

    As you can see, its a white N, overlaying a white I, on a white background, surrounded by whiteness, during a snowstorm. Oh damn, it looks like the back of every Mac monitor that has ever been made. I must have stolen that idea from them. Better lock me up now before I get any more crazy ideas. Oh, and please sue Notion Ink because my idea might possibly look like anything else in the whole universe, especially seeing as how the logo troll says it might.

    Speaking of crazy ideas, I would love the camera to interpret hand movements, so that “swipe” without even touching the screen could turn a page and make me look like I am magic. So maybe the secret sensor can detect “interpretive dance” and I can freely express myself in my content consumption.

    But seriously, Greg and Gecko, great responses earlier, and Pratik Congratulations dude!

    Really would like the hand swipe movement detector thingy though…


  316. Well just my thoughts about the “hidden Feature” (~ I think you talk about the TrackPad at the Rear, but lets see ^_^ ):

    – an integrated Digitval TV Receiver
    – implented Solar Cells in the Pixel Qi Display (see: http://www.slashgear.com/auo-demo-touchscreen-solar-laptop-keyboard-tabletnotebook-glasses-free-3d-panels-03112001/ )
    – a sensor which allows smooth handwriting recognisition with a finger/hand
    – a gyroscope instead of the more common accelerometers
    – the “dual-Boot” option or at least a free bootloader, so that we can install other OS by ourselfs

    Thats all I could think for now, but lets see how you will suprise us again ๐Ÿ™‚

  317. logo logo logo logo………first see the customer’s response to tab after its launch.logo will WORK IF THE PRODUCT WORKS FOR THE CUSTOMER, THEN IT WILL WONT MATTER EVEN IF A TEASPOON IS P-UBLICIZE AS A LOGO….PEOPLE WILL ACCEPT IT.

  318. Why do people like 4?????! It’s a bomb! It’s a black light bulb that’s not even upright to represent idea.

  319. If the TV tuner is also built-in, my portable dapic dvd player with tv tuner, USB reader can be passed on to non-geeks like my wife

  320. My responses to you was awaiting moderation and then it never saw the light of day. That sucks! I put it in 3 sections only to see it disappear!

    Anyway, this is a great find. The last link especially about logos looking like they copied each other.

    Check this Notion Ink logo design:

  321. > As you can see, its a white N, overlaying a white I, on a white background, surrounded by whiteness, during a snowstorm.

    Very dangerous. If this is coupled with send2dev’s excellent idea of a button to change the logo to your preferred one, you will be vaporized.

  322. with just one “air swipe” to change the logo, I could accidentally obliterate myself just by scratching my nose

  323. It’s Android, so there’s the Kindle app and then there’s other great apps like Aldiko and iReader and FBreader. They cover pretty much all formats.

  324. no 9 !!!!! (was this poll for d worst logo)
    i feel the bulb logo was d best

    its really nice and innovative and represents the company quite well.
    plz dont choose no 9 …… its damm dulll ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  325. I have an idea with Rotating Camera.
    I plan to use it to record my teacher without placing camera in front of his face ๐Ÿ˜€
    Just put ADAM on the table, an rotate the camera upside like a projector.

  326. I’m no graphic artist but my background is architecture so I understand some design rules. I wish you sent your own design even if it’s just one entry. You’ll never know if your would have been selected. I enjoyed participating even though i didn’t get selected. It was a good experience and it kinda got my design thinking a running like 24 hours a day. Good for exercising one’s creativity.

    I still think that it needs revision in terms of the typography but right now…i’m designed out! It is a stark contrast to the font of the Adam. It’s not going to complement it.

    I prefer the one on the bottom because the one on top defeats the negative space formed by the N. The I becomes the negative space which loses the effect that the logo is trying to convey. NOTION is an abstract so the N should be implicit. If you make it too obvious then it loses the effect. This is why many like the logo. It’s simple, minimalistic and it’s very corporate. It’s like the Adobe logo, the only difference is the letter used.

  327. I frankly didn’t expect to see so much talked about a “logo”. My idea till date was that, the owners choose one, and the logo just get popular, after the company is successful.. Only then is it dissected etc etc.. But looks like in this case the dissection is one even before the product is out ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    Does the LOGO matter so much ?

  328. So I am a plant by an evil competitor who copied an idea (the evil competitor is stupid then), but sent two original ideas (all three featured in top 43).
    I then rigged the poll with those proxies list that you people mention (yes I am adept at hacking with my economics background) although I somehow knew when to stop (because there’s a difference of only 80 votes, although the voting results were hidden).

    Hi, I am Lex Luthor.

  329. Wow… what a discussion over here! However, I think it is better to give some usefull comment how to revise the logo or come with your own proposition! So I (winner #2 or the first loser ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) made a combination of logo #9 and my logo #1. This is the result:

    Then maybe we can split the price; $500 each and both a half Adam ๐Ÿ˜€

  330. my congratulation Pratik! I believe that you are THE winner! great work man! i hope we can get an unboxing video as soon as you get your adam ๐Ÿ™‚ (of course if i didn’t get it before you as a developper :-P)

    congra again


  331. YES!
    You must have a simple way for people to disable the intelligent autorotate camera function.

  332. Hello,

    The only thing I would like to know is the release date in Europe…Does it worth to wait? If the release is only in 2011…then it will be too late.


  333. To all of the people who are discussing logo aesthetics: Apple has a very strong brand association, granted, but how many of you know how the company happened to choose the name?

  334. @inmypjs: nope not intentional. I’ve still got the mail in which I attached the logo in the drafts, did some work, then when I sent the “logo” chose to “Compose New”, forgetting that I hadn’t in fact attached it again in the new mail. I even explained the entire design. I bet they must have been scratching their heads as what on Earth was I talking about when I explained the reason behind each and every little bit of the logo.

  335. They already made a first round of cuts on Oct 28, 2010 and asked for people to send in feature sets and other information about their applications. They were apparently getting too many submission and had to start vetting applications.

  336. The OLPC project had implemented mesh networking with ability to rack each tablet within a building.

  337. Is there a magnetic compass in Adam? If yes, please update the specifications. In earliers specification it was mentioned, but not anymore. Almost all android phones have a separate compass (as in magnetic sensor device), which assists the onboard GPS, and other purposes.

  338. Yeah, you’re right I forgot about that one.

    I believe Ad-Hoc Networking have been a requested feature on Android for more than a year. There must be some sort of technical constraint delaying its implementation or maybe be it’s just the phone maker lobby.

    It’s a very nice to have feature but a dangerous one too if it’s not done carefully.

  339. well, that sounds gr8 only when u r sleeping in the classroom cuz the last night u were playing with adam and u can listen to it later. lol

  340. Right the top off my head, when Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak were thinking of a name for their company, Steve said that if they couldn’t come up with a better name than Apple by the end of the day, then it shall be the name of their company.

    Why Steve came up with Apple? I think he was eating an apple a that time and he probably thought about the popular story of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree— an apple fell on his head, and he suddenly thought of the Universal Law of Gravitation— so by Steve’s concept, the Apple is a symbol of an idea or discovery.

    Their first logo was based on this story of Newton. It was designed by an engineer, the 3rd member of the team (who sold his shares to them a couple of weeks later and was paid off to renounce all his rights from the company) but Steve changed it when they incorporated because he thought it was too complex and impractical.

  341. A little research reveals at best reviewers say it is “comparable to”, not better than Pixel qi, it isn’t as frugal with power plus it isn’t in manufacture yet. Not quite a competitor yet.

  342. Amith asks a good question: Does the LOGO matter so much ?

    My guess is that it doesn’t matter nearly as much as the marketing gurus (guravas?) like to pretend, especially for new products that are different from anything else on the market. As far as looks go, the design of the product matters more than the design of the logo. If we’re dealing with a product that’s identical to other products, like gasoline or colored sugar-water (Coca cola) than the logo may matter more. But the initial sales of the Adam are going to be driven by the product, not by the logo. That’s my feeling, anyway. The logo can always be revamped, anyway (Pepsi cola).

  343. I think NI should award the price to Logo #9 but use your logo instead! Now that’s a win-win for all parties concerned.

    I don’t know if you saw it but I made my version of your logo.

    52 Rene
    51 Brandon Grotesque

    I was quite inspired making logos for Notion Ink that I also made a logo based on yours:
    50 Mingo Gothic

    I prefer the typography you made here where INK is bolder. I like that the company name is not all caps or all lowercase and doesn’t clash with the Adam font. I also like that the symbol has rounded corners denoting informality/familiarity, open-mindedness and non-conformity.

    I thought I revise it myself too but not as drastic as yours. I just wanted to make the I a little more obvious


  344. This continuous tease is getting a little much. Are Notion Ink actually going to release anything concrete? How long until they upload some preview videos that are more than a guy with a phone.
    If this is supposed to be out by christmas they need to be getting tech websites on side and the only way to do that at this stage is to send them review units. Due to the protracted nature of the adams launch I doubt that most sites (bar slashgear which is in love with the idea of the adam, quite rightly) will give credence to these unprofessional videos and low res phone pictures.

    The way things are going now you might have a few thousand avid followers (and that might be a rather large over estimate) but outside of that core no-one has a clue (even techies). I have followed this blog since the first post but the way that we have not seen anything concrete means that I wont be buying anything until i can see someone else using it, either online or (however unlikely) in person.

  345. Did you have an idea that there was a tight contest between you and Pratik?

    Oh man…if only you campaigned for your logo all over the internet….you only lost by 87 votes! Did you make more variations of your logo? I think 2 of yours were chosen for top 43.

  346. In that case, Coca Cola or Pepsi don’t have particularly evocative logos, while Thums Up has something direct and well-associated.

  347. Congratulation Pratik!

    To all others Finalist – great work

    To fellow blogger, time to move on and talk more abt ADAM (shipping dates, new features).

    NI has smart team, and gr8 team working for them, they will sort out any potential issues related to LOGO.

  348. thanks a lot Gigantor!!
    may b u r the only here who liked mine.
    wish evry1 lookd upon mine as did u =)

    and @ “I just thought that Harun has many facebook and tweeter friends that heโ€™ll be up there.”
    ofcourse I hav, but not too many frns, just relatives, though I didn’t want them to participate.

    and my name —‘aku’ is wat I used to commnt with and for the contest I came up with my name, now I wud like to be called aku forevr.
    though it was a wicked’s name in ‘Samurai Jack’ I kinda luv it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. if Rohan & Steve were to roleplay MMS & Obama and as a sort of MMS paying back Obama….

    Very pleased to be in the iWorld where you control everything from when users can touch you to how they touch and for how long and have that absolute control over what user can do while there. We are 2 great companies – oldest & youngest – at the 2 ends of the extremes of user experience – we will/should learn from each other and bring the fruits to the people (murmurs something to his aide who pokes MMS from the back)

    And I am conscious of the fact that I would not be standing here to educate you on the UX and the business ethics if not for your father of controls regime….

    blah blah … over to you media folks and the analysts and the critics et al

  350. I really like that rendition. See I do not think people are upset with the results, I think it didn’t leave any room to make creativity like this. We could have had more then one round of voting. I think people are right, with the rigidness of the logo and wanting to go all lowercase with the new adam insignia they contradict.

    Oh well, cant wait to see if any more progress has been made. Rohan, when are YOU going to get the new edition with new insignia and all?

  351. Those are my thoughts as well. I have been around way longer than most people on this site so my eyes see things a little different but I think the logo looks like something that would have come out of an industrial company during the late 70’s early 80’s. I would have hoped for a more progressive innovative company image projection. It will not stop me from buying it but the cool factor goes down a little.

  352. Lets see the logos of a few great companies.

    HP – mere letters
    Windows – i’ve never really understood what it means to date
    Ubuntu – Looks cute if u like it.. else its ur opinion
    Apple – The logo probably meant nothing when Apple was launched as a company
    Google – Does the logo have a deeper meaning ? You can answer.

    And so on.. In short, the logo would only gain prominence if the product they build is worth the attention. The discussion of looks & deeper meanings is worthless without a solid product.
    The only question would be, “Why the name Notion Ink?” nothing more.

    Lets rest this topic for more interestion discussions.

  353. Rohan, why didn’t you post the image of the winning logo on the top of this blog for everyone to see right away? Instead everyone had to look back to the previous blogs and check which one is #9.


    Then show the image below it. I think everyone will appreciate that…unless of course they hate that logo.

  354. My concern is release date. Will it see the light of day or is it too good to be true. Rotating webcam, Pixel Qi, Tegra 2, Flash support … It is already the best tablet I’ve seen (on paper at least). More interested in hearing about tangible progress to release rather than hearing of new features, hidden sensors, or discussion of logo. Note recent reviews of Viewsonic G Tablet have been very favorable regarding hardware. Reviewers were disappointed that it could not handle Flash 10.1. Adam has hardware as good if not better and can handle Flash. Adam is also supposed to work with capacitive stylus, so you don’t really need anything else … other than the ability to pre-order. Chances of it becoming vaporware increase the more they try to fulfill everyone’s “wants” rather than core “needs”. Seems to me, Adam already does the latter. Additional videos of latest version of Adam in use (i.e., operational webcam, stylus inputs, Flash content, etc…) would be nice. The last piece of hardware that I was really excited about was the Lenovo U1 Hybrid, which is nowhere to be seen.

    If released, my only other concern would be customer service, return policy, etc., which is one reason why I would be more likely to buy from NewEgg or J&R than Notion Ink itself.

  355. Windows โ€“ ._ _
    Windows โ€“ |_|_|
    Windows โ€“ |_|_|

    It is a window! emphasizing the GUI concept

  356. Yes i know that. I worked for HP ๐Ÿ™‚ .. wht i meant was, that logo has a very simple meaning to it – Founders. nothing more.

  357. You are right with the attention, but at the end the logo should fit in the whole concept of a company and if you think about it, it has quite some importance, as you will see it more often than anything else of the company.

  358. I agree with the “logos must fit the concept”, but then we have to also remember that logos can be changed, first product impressions are hard to break. Companies like NetApp changed theirs, apple too did it. With mergers, now in case of Palm, HP is doing it. But a reputation to be built from a product takes precedence, is my thought.

  359. oh and your examples lack the ability to underline your point, because they all have a deeper meaning and therfore offer to learn more about their philosophy of their company

    Ubuntu -https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand
    Apple -http://www.logoblog.org/apple_logo.php
    Google -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_logo

    and your last question hits the nail on the head (as we say in germany ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) The logo should be the translation of the answer to that.

  360. Have anyone noticed that Rohan stop posting comments with the rest of us?

    We used to see some really short messages or sometimes just a smile face ” ๐Ÿ™‚ ” from him, but now he is in total silence until the next Blog update.

    I think there might be several reasons for this, he might be really busy getting the Adam out on time (and hopefully for Christmas season to cheer us up after a long year waiting), or he might do it because of the harassment/threatening messages towards him or NI hahaha.

    I think is option 1… Rohan, are you still reading all of these?

  361. Well the articles themselves give more details. These logos have gone through multiple revisions over the years. They were not the same to begin with, which is my point. So things can change to reflect the success of NI better once they reach there.

  362. That has style!
    Votet for yours Bjorm, it had some “life” into it, donยดt like dry stuff.
    Rohan should go for that, give the two of you one Adam each and split the cash.

  363. Posted this earlier, but reposting it here to that you can have a look. Answer it if it can be shared.
    Also wht’s ur take on the logo discussion ?

    Hi Rohan,

    I have a question w.r.t to touch & trackpad which i have seen has not been up in discussions.

    – The screen is best used with Touch on Adam
    – Also there is a โ€œTrackpadโ€ at the back

    So my question is, โ€œare there specific use cases, where touch is better & trackpad in othersโ€ ?
    Is there some usecase or implementation where trackpad & touch are used together ?
    Or is there a case where u have a โ€œpointerโ€ , like in a mouse pointer in certain apps, which makes trackpad use better & touch in other cases ? Or does a mouse-pointer come up if the trackpad is touched ?

    I ask this because this would be different use cases & interaction mechanisms. If you can throw some light on this, itโ€™ll be fun to see how interaction on the Adam is shaping up.

    Amith !

  364. Maybe this is the reason Rohan is confident that ADAM can support Gingerbread, as no major changes are expected in Gingerbread.

  365. @Amith Narendra
    agreed logos can get revised (i wouldn’t say changed) over time to fit the trend of the company. But to change a logo once the company has a name is hard and sometimes impossible (-http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2010/10/new-gap-logo-despised-symbol-of-corporate-banality-dead-at-one-week.html). That’s why in my opinion, espacially with the nowadays small, fast spreading internet world you should get the logo as close to its final look as possible with the companies values incorporated. I think that’s also the main reason there is so much fuss about this logo decision, because a lot of people just don’t see notion ink values in pratik’s logo.

  366. VERY nice. Hope Rohan sees it. I really think it tweaked #9 in just the right way to make it feel not so uptight.

    I think that was my major issue with it #9 when I thought more about it. I liked the abstract and minimalistic feel, but I also felt it was too rigid and “old”. It seemed more appropriate for a corporation run by older guys who practically sleep in their suits. Whereas NI, run by young guys with their sleeves rolled up (literally), is a fresh, new company with innovative ideas. Number 9 just never felt it matched up with that…sorry, but for me it just didn’t.

    However, if Rohan could work something out with both Pratik and bjorm, I really think the updated logo is a much better option for NI.

    (And so no one thinks I’m being biased, I didn’t submit anything nor did I vote for bjorm’s logo in the poll, so I’m not trying to give him a 2nd chance. I just really like this new idea.)

  367. Any updates on FCC schedule please, I am worried after reading it as Dec 20s. Rohan can you please update (at least a broad range like November or December).

  368. @Rohan

    I’m amazed you can make the time to continue following the blog comments as it gets closer to Adam’s launch. I’ve got to imagine you are very busy right now.

    That really demonstrates to us how important it is to you to know what we are saying and that you feel our comments are valuable.

    It sure is good to know you are at the helm of this ship! ๐Ÿ™‚

  369. Hi guys,

    I’m from UK and have been silently observing Notion inks progress but have not contributed to the blogs as most of my questions always end up being asked by someone else. i feel that this question may be no different but i have yet to see it suggested in my searches. this question relates to “gestures”. I feel that the touch pad on the back provides a unique opertunity for gestures to be drawn using the fingers i.e volume control and back and forward on web pages. Is this something that will be supported?

    Just an idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  370. hahaha… Nice one Pratik. Its a tendency that people can’t accept anything beyond their choice (applies to me too). Nice work.

  371. Hi Rohan / all,

    Reading the past blogs comments, it appears that there has been some confusion regarding the battery in ADAM.

    1. There are some of us here who think that the battery in ADAM can be changed very easily by the end user. For example, in the middle of a desert or a swamp, if ADAM is running out of juice then one can simply remove the power drained battery from ADAM and put in another recharged battery. Similar to changing battery in a flash light (but perhaps swapping proprietary batteries).

    2. Contrary to the above thinking, there are some of us who think that ADAM does support replacing the battery, but only when the battery is defunct or past its functional life and hence needs replacement (not the same as swapping). Further, assumption is also that the battery is not easily accessible and requires skilled hands of a service center or a tinkerer.

    Can anyone clarify

    1. If ADAM does support changing the battery, and if so then what is the use case from above.

    2. If the rechargeable batteries in ADAM are proprietary, or can we use standard batteries too (e.g. AAA, AA etc). I would guess proprietary.

  372. I get you think the moral is that it was chosen pretty randomly without much meaning or thought, but so?

    Just like their products, their logo is smooth, sleek, elegant in it’s simple lines. That apple logo has become a cold little sun in the electronic universe and sadly, most of the world seems to revolve around it. Even those who’s wish to avoid it’s pull are taken in now and then. Apple is a Master at pushing the right buttons in a consumer’s head.

    I very much dislike Apple, but I confess to being a moron and being pulled in. A while back I was looking for a new MP3 player. I ended up buying the smooth, simple, sexy, RED little one in the nice packaging instead of the player which was overall a better device. I tell you, that little apple spoke to me. I said I needed to have it. Sigh… anyone want a slightly used nano for cheap? lol

    However, don’t forget that Master, who hands out the kool-aid and has legions of fanboys, is the company and device that NI and the adam is going to be most compared to. I’m so sick of reading how each new device is going to be an apple killer, but in this case adam wins hands down, so no worries, but they are still going to compare and say it. You know they will. You’ll be seeing logos in articles and vids when they do their reviews and comparisons…and really? do you think #9 (as it is now–love the revision<3) comes close to that iconic apple? Does is say the company behind it is fresh and bold with new, innovative ideas? I just don't see it… I see older business men in their serious power suits, sitting behind immense desks doing the same old thing that's always been done. I see old and boring. =(

    Please, Rohan, take a look at the updated version of number 9 by bjorm: http://www.bjornmaatman.nl/Notion_ink_9_and_1.jpg I think it has a much better feel to it. That is a better visual competitor with other well-known logos.

  373. well a few years ago my dad & I were standing in a queue/line at a park and my dad was like I thought US is a ‘rich’ country, how come that lady couldn’t afford a pair of clothes… I didn’t know how to start explaining that torn jeans/shirts are supposed to be cool… and not representative of the ‘poor’

    these things related to logo are best left to NI now…else we will be debating this forever

  374. @Dmitry – I see no point in getting into an argument with someone whose chief interest is character assassination (by calling me a plagiarist).

  375. @Dominic Fath

    “I think thatโ€™s also the main reason there is so much fuss about this logo decision, because a lot of people just donโ€™t see notion ink values in pratikโ€™s logo.”

    Indeed. I think if you go back and read through the posts of those ppl who weren’t loving #9 (including myself), you’d see that’s the main issue. Where in the logo do you see the NI and it’s leader(s) we’ve come to know? Where is the inspiration Rohan gave when he set the contest?

    I agree with you totally on NI choosing the final version of their logo now and owning it, making it a part of who/what they are. I had written about the Gap drama in a previous post, but removed it for length. I had a laugh over that when it was happening. I thought the new logo was nice and “new”. I’m not much of a fan of Gap, so it mattered little to me. However, it brought out the torches and pitchforks from the loyal Gap fans (customers).

    I don’t think that saying “oh well, they can just change the logo later” is a good option, especially for a start up. They are going to be trying hard to establish themselves, and then what…when they finally do, they’ll change the logo? Seems silly and stupid from a business stance.

    Updating and slight changes are one thing, like you said, but even that might go over badly.

  376. @mrzeal

    Still bored I see. Guess you have run out of things to talk about.

    Here, let me help you… How did you first find out about Notion Ink and the Adam?

    For me, it was via a Google search a long time ago. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  377. I have to agree with everybody here. Congratulations to the winner however I feel no.1 was a better choice and yes I voted no.1.

    I don’t see any reason why no.9 can’t be “tweaked”.

  378. WOW!… You really amazed me!

    I wasn’t expecting a reply so soon! Honestly I don’t know what to say other than keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  379. So Pratik,

    its Monday, have you been officially notified yet?

    “The winner will be informed officially on Monday.”

  380. Moving on or moving back the discussion !. I think the release date of Notion ink tablet is 25th December or I might be reading too much in the ‘adam’, ‘eve’, ‘genesis’ etc.
    any takers?

  381. For me it was a Youtube Video of the Hands On that Slashgear posted after the CES 2010, since then I was curious…

    A few months later I found this blog and started refreshing it at least 20 times during the day.

  382. I think for other people, giving a good logo for notion ink has become an obsession. You can not blame them since they have followed the birth of adam and they are zealous to give NI the logo it deserve for their great efforts. Of course everyone has to respect the result of the poll. However, hopefully NI revises the logo as what was done by Bjornmaatman. This logo is better and has the cool factor.Nice one Bjorn. And the right part seems to give me a notion of an exclamation mark, which accidentally incorporate the concept of the N factorial that Rohan and the NI team like. Of course Pratik still gets alll the prize with due respect to all the process we’ve gone to.

  383. I think I saw it on Engadget last January, but I forgot about it until July. I found this blog mid-September and I refresh the blog in between doing math questions for homework.

  384. Go back from whence you came foul con man!

    The domain salesman hath no power in this forum!

    [seriously man, that’s sooooooo 2001]

  385. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the helping hand; am boring for most; I like philosophy and also believe there may be a few ‘Earths’ out there with inhabitants far brainier than humans… or atleast farther in the evolution cycle…. one wk end in 2009 may be, when I was randomly searching for innovations … I found NI and Rohan’s initial blog entries… NI was also started in my hometown and was impressed with the team’s vision/journey despite the odds so its a match at different levels…… I said this before elsewhere in this blog…we wouldnt find too many companies like NI in any domain/industry… so would like to keep the bigger picture in mind…

  386. No offense Pratik, but I am very disappointed with the winning logo. I don’t think people could have voted for a more mind numbingly simple, generic, and ultimately forgettable logo. I was very underwhelmed with the top 10 to begin with, but I could have lived with 8 out of 10 of them. Yours, I’m sorry to say, I actually laughed at when you first posted it. While I appreciate having a say in the Notion Ink logo, I wish they would have picked the best logo themselves. That way nobody feels “cheated”, and Notion Ink gets to pick a logo that they feel represents their ideals. I hope you don’t take it personally, Pratik, because I don’t dislike you (in fact, I think you’ve been an excellent contributor), I just dislike your logo. Having said that, congratulations! You did what I could not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  387. who are you to define the restrictions in the forum…..is it yours. he is welcome to post that again. this is the notionink community. means it is to post anything related to notionink.

    my bid is 449$

  388. You know, when all the dust settles the logo will not matter one hoot. There are some howlers out there that belong to multi-national companies that are instantly recognisable.
    Bottom line – if the Adam is as good as we all expect it to be, it will sell ship loads, make Notion Ink a household name, just like a certain company bearing a fruit name! BTW : Adam – Apple, Adams Apple WTF

  389. Dear Rohan,

    Please read this! You have said that the new fature will change the dynamics. Well I hope it is a speech to text engine (not only in english). Recently i’ve had to transcribe a 10 min speech and it took me a very long time. Plus it would work well with the text adnotation feature already existing on the adam.
    If this is not the case it would make a great ideea for later development.


  390. Perfect! It’s a win-win situation, a fairer victory, a better logo. And, also, the runner up should get equal gifts etc to make it fair from their perspective.

  391. Okay, I’m back on my secret/hidden feature rant… Still hoping that feature is is a digitizer!

    Previously I linked to a Pixel Qi video showing that it might be possible. Now I came across an older post on Engadget entitled “N-Trig: ‘the most useful Android slates will be pen-enabled'”. It is an interesting read for those interested. Somehow I missed it when it was published a few days ago. In case some of you missed it too, here it is:


  392. @amith In one of earliest videos of Adam, Rohan mentioned using trackpad to click weblinks. I also recall videos in which they mentioned the need to click things within either Android or within an Android app. My daughter has a Windows 7 system with a touchscreen. Touchscreen works great for everything but bringing up hidden docks such as RocketDock. I could see where touchpad input could be useful at times, mainly to click things on the edges of the screen.

  393. My thoughts, too.
    Something suggesting innovation and something reflecting the imaginative company name would have made the Adam more attractive. But it won’t stop me buying it either.

  394. WHat really would be awesome and still be possible , is the including of Swype as your stock keyboard. You didn’t said if you customized your own version – if not I would really appreciate if you could get in contact with the Swype guys and see if you could included at the Adam ๐Ÿ™‚

  395. What I would love to see is that Blindtype gets included into Android 3.0, after Google bought that startup firm, because that beats all keyboards I’ve seen so far.

    just look at that clip.

  396. I stumbled apon the adam in a random magazine i purchased in the chicago airport for my plane flight ( i was visiting USA, im from Aus). at the time i thought it was cool, but the specs back then were unconfirmed and the adam just looked like another tablet (well thats how the magazine put it). It wasnt until months later ,when i had dismissed the adam, that a friend of mine came to school really excited about a device he had found and how revolutionary it was and it was from here that we both became massive followers of the tablet.

  397. I like the font and case used. The final logo should adopt this style (camel case or small case even to be in lieu with the ‘adam’ on the front.). We would have some uniformity. It really doesn’t matter how/what logo is used as long as the adam beats my expectations.

  398. GM

    One of the most admirable logos is from Sun Microsystems:

    May be we can also allow for evolution of NI logo!

  399. I saw that gregidea one too and had to smile, the wise words of that Mike Davidson on my last link (logodesignlove.com/similar-original-logos) seem to become more than true, also regarding your find.

    Regarding the “awaiting moderation”, if there are more than two links the posts take ages, that’s why i postet mine with incomplete links, that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  400. i came to know about this tablet early this year from the CES demo. From then i started searching for more videos of this device and found this blog. i used to look at this blog for once a week to see if there is any update. (Frankly speaking there is nothing that excited me about this device except for it is from India, that is where i am from) but there used to be none in those days. one fine day i saw the Rohan’s post saying that he will frequently update the blog. i started reading all his initial posts and one of the posts was about the interface that they are trying to design for Adam. that impressed me a lot. from then i following this one very closely. now i open this page about 50 to 75 times a day. and this will be the first thing i do when i wake up. i open this blog from my phone to see any update.

  401. This is the first site I open in the morning when I wake up and the last site I visit on bed. In between its 100+ times a day.

  402. @Amith,

    from what Rohan have said previously main use of back side track pad is to be able to click on links and stuff which are hard to click with finger. not sure how easy it would be to navigate with both touch and track pad as input at the same time.

  403. FYI, One way to hack polls (not in the context of logo poll) that applies to India is through the dynamic IP that we get in India every time you reconnect to Internet. Start private browsing in firefox, connect to Internet click on poll. Reconnect to Internet again (new IP assigned) and poll again in private browsing mode (or clear all cookies).

    The only way you can distinguish each system is through its MAC address that only a signed ActiveX control with your permission can grab it. Else everytime you are a new user.

    Again, this is not in context of logo poll but a FYI.

    I congratulate the winner and the rest of the 9 participants for their participation.

  404. The CES video I have seen the touch interface is very sluggish. Hope its not the issue with the latest build (which I obviously assume). Apple products interface are snappy and I love this with iPhone and iPad(I don’t own and will wait for adam as long as it takes).

    The other is the PDF browsing that Rohan has displayed in the CES demo. I hope if they include a page flip motion instead of scroll like animation when moving to the next page (Just like flipping a page in a real book. I have seen this page turn where the bottom right corner folds slightly to turn the page some where (not sure if its iBooks or kindle). This would be a very pleasing feature.

  405. Hi guys,

    I was wondering whether the end curve of the adam will be an issue when carrying it in a bag with books. Will it fit well or will the camera+cilindrical end lead to possible damage to the tablet?

    What do you think?

  406. Voice to text I don’t think is a feature. it is a app. that is not to say it can’t be but I don’t think so. i think it will have something to do with the UI.

  407. This is an essential feature!

    I want to write notes, underline, circle and highlight text in office/PDF on my tablet. In other words, like pen and paper!

    Do you guys think that it will be possible?

  408. While Blindtype is good, Swype is the best. i already have my APK ready just hope it works on the adam UI

  409. To use Adam as an external monitor for a computer. Most laptops have an HDMI out. I would use it for that.

    Yet I don’t see that being a “feature everyone wants.”

  410. I did a search for alternatives to the kindle back in late 2009 and found a page that listed 10 tablets and this one stood out dramatically. Been completely nuts for adam ever since.

    I check the blog, look at my wife and say “Oh you should read what gecko just wrote to so and so” or “mrzeal just burned the troll” or “hey Rohan has just put a new post up, check out these battery stats” or (to my niece’s Sri Lankan fiancรฉe) “man you remind me of my hero” and they look at me, and just sigh. But I don’t care. Now when I suggest she gets a new laptop for Christmas she says “But I want an adam too!”. HA! I WIN!

  411. I’ve been asking for stylus input from the very beginning.. It’s a killer feature for casual use as notepad/calendar but also in the professional area for reviewing documents.

    But Rohan seems confident, so I’m looking forward to see what else they have in stock. Even if I don’t get my digitizer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rohan and everyone at NI, you did great work so far. I really hope I get my Adam for Christmas..

  412. For me, it was after I bought Nook, and decided why cant someone combine them with standard LCD, then came Pixel Qi and finally the ADAM.

  413. Read about Adam shortly after CES 2010 in watching the specs and excitement over the coming iPad; with a sinking feeling of dismay as I realized what was NOT going to be in that device. Lost track of that “really great sounding tablet with everything I want” and couldn’t remember that “really simple, easy to remember name” … ๐Ÿ™‚ After lugging home 50 pounds of books from the bookstore and deciding I at least needed an e-reader, I went surfing and re-found Adam and this blog.

  414. Rohan,

    I can’t imagine how you find the time, but am very glad to hear you’re still with us … Thanks!

  415. I think the feature he is mentioning could be a software app (unique) or a hardware that is something completely new (being patented). We are discussing existing. Think.. Think.. beyond your imagination.

  416. I agree!! I could immediately recollect it being Adobe Logo. But when I checked Adobe.com, its logo was different. I didn’t know they had changed their logo. That explains it.
    I would only say that NI should make sure its legally alright to use this. I didn’t vote for #9, but by consensus if it wins, that’s fair!!

  417. On the same lines. iPad Vs Adam.

    We have been talking based on inputs/assumptions for quite a while. Its now time to see it in action (unless its touch interface is atleast as good as IOS device and offers better stuff than iPad its hard to compare).

    I read somewhere that being feature rich doesn’t always win the game. Its the trust that matters.
    I don’t think galaxy Tab would sell 3 million in 80 days like Apple’s iPad (crazy Apple fans) even if it is far better than iPad. Apple products are more of a status symbol/style icons/rich people’s gadgets (Apple has set its status so high) than a feature rich products.

    Hope adam will create a new wave and set its own status symbol.

  418. I think Pixel Qi should be worried more about Liquavista.


    LiquavistaVivid is a transflective mode display which represents the ultimate eReader application.

    The display combines a high brightness monochrome reflective mode with a brilliant wide color gamut transmissive mode, based on vivid Field-Sequential Color illumination mode.

    When it is operated in reflective mode, the same high front of screen performance of the LiquavistaBright is found in this display. When the backlight is operated, the display is capable of showing vivid colors without compromising the batteryโ€™s life thanks to the high efficiency of the electrowetting optical switch and to the power management algorithms.

    LiquavistaVivid is a unique combination that enables the highest performance monochrome reading experience with the vibrant color of magazine quality images.
    The ultimate experience of a durable full multimedia experience: natural vivid colors in video and photo applications; all these in the same device capable of durable eBook experience in any ambient illumination.

    The transflective mode operation is also a strong enabler for electrowetting technology to be incorporated into other mobile devices, such as mobile phones.

  419. i came to know about it from Telugu news paper SAKSHI….later i have been following on this blog

  420. Hi Aku, actually B&N uses the N on their Nook. Their home button on the device is similar to your N. And if you look at the back of the Nook, the N is there too.

    Did you check my reworking of your logo? Because it looked like B&N Nook, I revised it a bit to make it less of a Nook. Tell me what you think and which one is your favorite:

  421. You are welcome. At least you made the top 10, i did not have that privilege. I enjoyed participating though. Notion ink has inspired me to create and be creative…that is something I value in this experience.

    Oh yea, and congratulations for getting a steep discount for the Adam. That alone makes me jealous!

  422. If you love logo #5, please check my versions of it. I made revisions to make it look like less of a Nook. Let me know which one is your favorite. Thanks!

  423. @inmypjs

    The Liquavista “Vivid” – that’s the one comparable to the PixelQi – isn’t scheduled to be out until late in 2011, so no comparison yet. It has some advantages on paper (so to speak), such as lower power consumption, but we already know that the next round of PixelQi screens will have lower power consumption.

    I liked the limited vocabulary in their press release – they keep saying everything is “vivid.” Once in a while they’ll throw in “vibrant.” Food critics use the same terms in the same unimaginative way.

  424. You are too funny Andrew. I think Pratik might take offense of what you said. You practically said that you HATED his logo. But then you are hating the creation and not the creator so I hope Pratik will understand. However I agree with you that this is one of the more generic and simple logos of the 10. I wonder which other one you hate (logo #10?, that one was even more boring since it doesn’t even have a symbol to go with the typography). I voted for #5 because it looks more interesting, my second would have been #1 if we were to choose a “2nd option”

  425. Okay, I took a look at Pratik Arora’s pretty humorous blog, and I realized that his logo actually looks much better in the black-on-gray version. However, the gray/white-on-black that we might see on the Adam could be a horse of another colour.

    Now, here’s another app idea:

    The Adam is supposed to have GPS, AGPS, 3-axis accelerometers and a magnetometer, as well as a very good graphics capability.

    On the other hand, there are lots of FOSS packages for desktop astronomy (planetaria), such as Stellarium (currently Linux/Win/Mac), out there, and probably few more on Android.

    My idea is an planetarium package that uses Adam’s sensors to determine its location and orientation in NESW directions, and initially displays a star map, say a horizon view according to this orientation. Then, the user can lift up the Adam and pan it around horizontally and vertically, and the display changes to what part of sky you would see at that angle.

    You can calibrate for point of view, zoom in or out, get more information on objects, etc. through the touchscreen.

    What do you think? Has this been done before?

  426. Looks like we are not having new posts from Rohan. So digging into old posts. I have been doing this lately. Rohan new major updates please. Including pics and a video.

  427. E Ink’s color technology will go the way of the HD-DVD. It’s interesting that they use a filter to create the color. Not sure how that technology works. They say that the result will be as bright as pre-Pearl display. Apparently, Sony, B&N and Amazon were not impressed. They think that consumers would rather have brighter eReaders than less-bright color eReaders.

    I think E-Ink’s color technology is primitive compared to Liquavista and Qualcomm’s Mirasol. I think these two will be the most promising players next year. E Ink/PVI, SiPix/AUO, and other electrophoretic display developers are grappling with their technologyโ€™s inherent difficulties with color and switching speed. A new player, Gamma Dynamics is also hot on their heals with their EFD. Bridgestone is coming out with their QRL-PD that will be out in December thru Delta’s 13″ e-Magazine color eReader.

    Pixtronix, CPT and Unipixel are actually closer competitors to Pixel Qi because they are doing the same things, improving current LCD technology.

  428. Well, Reva is actually a joint venture – Mahindras and some US company and has huge funding from US investors, so obviously they are impressed !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  429. Did they really contact you and said you have won ?
    Did they promise to offer gift or price ?
    What exactly what conversation you had with Notion Ink ?

    You are replying to all the comments..hope you have a reply for my comment as well.

  430. “Anti-jailbait test: how many of you would recall PR#6 (command on the Apple II)?”

    You are talking about the pretzel ? โŒ˜

  431. Hi Nishit. This is a very nice idea!
    There is a downside: not only has it been done before but it has been done by no lesser company than Google itself. It is named Google Sky Map: http://www.google.com/mobile/skymap/
    I count this as a downside because it might make it harder for a competing app to gain traction.
    But there is also an upside: despite numerous updates, Google Sky Map is (IMHO) still far from being perfect. On my phone, it doesn’t work well at all. This is probably party due to hardware sensors that lack the necessary precision and do not provide full 6 axis sensitivity in the first place. I haven’t been able to test SkyMap on most recent hardware. In addition, there isn’t much information that one can get about a certain stellar object. You can point your phone towards an object in the sky and IF the app were capable of providing an accurate overlay, you would be able to get the objects NAME. Thats all. Last time I checked, there was no further data to be had.

    There is also Google Sky which works by integrating astronomical imagery into a sky map. The information you can get on objects is to my experience equally sparse as with SkyMap.

    I believe that it would be a vain task to try to create a similar or even better product all by oneself as one would have to get access to astronomical imagery. The only way I see for participating in the creation of what you proposed would be to join Google in their effort or try to find an open-source initiative. The OpenStreetMap project tries to be an open-source competition for Googe Maps, so perhaps something similar exists for a sky view. If not, I would try to join forces with the OpenStreetMap community.

  432. Thanks. As an alternative to open-sourcing Google’s wares, one could consider porting stellarium or kstars or celestia to Android. Well, probably not Kstars. It could get ported to Meego.

    I don’t have an Android phone, so I don’t know much about the apps available, but I did vaguely recall the Google bit you posted.

  433. Yeah I did notice! But it is easy to give all kind of comment on Pratik’s design, without giving a suggestion how it could be done better! So I thought let’s make the logo a little rounder, so it fits more to NotionInk’s Adam!

    2 of my designs were chosen for the top 43! Only one design made into the top ten! Then it was said that there was a possibillity to revise the logo (I made 5 revisions -check the ‘top 10’ comments), but none of them were displayed during the poll! So I’m actually a little surprised and of course happy to become #2!

    I did not campaign over the internet, because of my lack of time. But I’m also glad I didn’t, because this gives the best result of the poll!

  434. I followed the Crunchpad religiously when I realised it filled the need of continuing to read the news/forums on the bog…when they got screwed over I looked for an alternative.

  435. You’re waiting for Mirasol, aren’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Same here, but I believe NI is much more consumer-friendly as compared to the other established players who will adopt Mirasol.

  436. @Ben you are totally right but right now i am trying to modify the thing so you can use Adam as a second screen just by connecting it via USB port!

    @AV Rohan already say that HDMI port is just an out put port so i dont think that will be the feature! :/



  437. does anyone know if Adam is DLNA certified?
    Multimedia Server Function defend but great thing?

  438. I’ve stopped reading the comparisions as there is no one in the same league as Adam… just a reminder… when Rohan says – water water everywhere not a drop to drink — he sure knows what he is talking

    I also like the way Rohan respects Apple as a company and the contributions it made thus far and in the same breath shows his disappointment of why it wasnt able to raise the bar…. may be its that frustration which made his team decide one day … screw it lets build our own….. and we got Adam

  439. Ok guys I don’t want to get flamed here but want to give my honest opinion. While Pratik’s logo 9 is a very good logo it feels rather corporate which doesn’t seem reflective of a fresh up and coming startup. I thought the colour and dynamism of Logo 1 was much more reflective of the spirit of notion ink – the identity of Notion Ink is in the force of fresh ideas (notion – light bulb) and sharing of information/knowledge/content (ink – pen nib) along with a vibrant blue colour that would have built a strong Notion Ink identity and make it very *distinctive* from its competitors, rather than the letter N in negative space with a combination of grey and white colours neither of which stand strong as a foreground colour. The Android Robot is distinctive, the Apple apple is iconic, which one of our two top logos would you think would stay in people’s minds for longer?

    But Pratik did a great job and I think either he should think about improving his logo (esp in colour palette department) or everyone should go for Logo 1. Democracy is good and all, but sometimes you have to do more thoughtful analysis in terms of brand identity, marketing and customer psychology to come to a decision. A public poll is an excellent way to gauge what the market will be more attracted to, however our poll base here is probably severely skewed towards a technology crowd which will not be the case when Adam goes live. As a last point, I concur with other guys here that it feels like the Adobe logo in monochrome.

  440. Hi Greg, That’s a nice video. Currently i am using a HP tx2 tablet with N-trig multi-touch. It quite good both for handling images and Handwrithing recogonition. Hope to have similer multitouch in Adem !!!

  441. Way before that – Pocket Universe on the iPhone 3G. On the iPhone 4 with the Gyro sensor, there is a live-view – which means it can track motion and also orientation. Great program – use it every time I have a clear view of the sky.

    Give credit to a small time developer that did it before and does it better than Google.

    PS. Dont worship any company – having worked for Google, its not the heaven its made out to be.

  442. There is a video where it shows gesture support. For example, they write W on the screen and it opens a web browser. I suppose gesture support might work on the back side track pad as well…

  443. @Clay

    Yep – special stylus… That is what I am hoping for. We already know that you can use your finger and a capacitive stylus on the Adam.

    The point I was trying to make is that it may be possible to use a digitizer pen too, for more precise drawing and writing (if Adam has a digitizer).

    In a previous discussion about what the hidden/secret feature may be, someone pointed out that it is likely not a digitizer since Rohan already confirmed that Adam will support a capacitive stylus.

    So I have been trying to show that even though Adam supports a capacitive stylus, there is the possibility that it can also support a digitizer pen (if it has a digitizer too). Hence some of my related posts to Pixel Qi and other capacitive displays that support finger/capacitive stylus, and have a digitizer.

    Of course the secret feature can be many things, but I (and a lot of others) are hoping it is a digitizer.

    And if its not a digitizer, then I would bet Adam2 will incorporate a digitizer because so many people want it.

  444. Hey you decision-makers,
    I just freaked out on the logo # 1. Pity it was not the winner! Can I have my Adam shipped with stickers of logo #1, so I can use it to hide the other one?

  445. this logo by bjorn actually made me “WOW” out loud!

    this would look so good on the back of the device ๐Ÿ™‚

    hope next update will be a big one, with a decent fcc / ce estimated date, and their estimated completion date! (a man can only dream….)

    please dont let the adam turn into duke nukem forever, or gran turismo forever… (5) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  446. Hmmm, here is another idea on the hidden feature that “will change the dynamics little bit. Itโ€™s a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there, and we have one, cos we know you want it!”

    This one is not necessarily missing from ALL tablets, but like an active digitizer, they are both missing from most tablets… How about the possibility of it simply being access to the Android Marketplace. That is something that all want.

    There is a letter from NI on someone’s blog that stated Adam will have access to Android Marketplace, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Rohan. So I guess that could be the secret yet-to-be-announced feature too…

    So now I hoping for both; access to Android Marketplace AND a digitizer!

  447. Hi, Naran tks for the info. Olive seems to be ok. Do you have any idea that Adam will have voice support ? Thanks.

  448. Saw it in Croma. Felt bulky in the hands and the screen wasn’t crisp. I would have bought it if I knew a little more about the folks who were behind it. I have a fear I would end up with a cheap rebranded hardware with little service or support.

  449. Swype seems to be for onehanded input, or as someone mentioned earlier “for typing with your nose” (when it’s cold outside and you cannot take your clowes off)
    Swype might be OK for smallish devices, but since adam has 10.1″ screen, i would like to be typing on it with both my hands. With swype i see my touch-typist skills going to waste. BlindType on the other hand let’s me type even on screen, that doesn’t have keyboard image on it and even when i don’t “see” with my index fingers, where those F and J buttons are.

  450. Speaking of comparisons, I need to put together a conclusive and detailed comparison that covers all the specifications and features of the popular tablets that I can just hand to people when they ask why I bought an Adam over the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.

    Just last night I was at a birthday party and someone there had an iPad. My son saw it and said “Look Dad, an iPad. The Adam is way better…” In response I said “Shhhsh, don’t let him hear you.” I explained to him that a lot pf iPad owners are very defensive and might get offended if you tell them the Adam is better than their iPad.”

    FYI: My two older boys both have fourth generation iPod Touch’s (and my wife has and older iPhone 3G) and really enjoy them, but are almost as excited as I am for me to get an Adam. I can see where we will quickly need a few more Adams in our family. The biggest complaint my boys have about their iPod Touch’s are that Facetime is a closed system. They can’t video chat with their friends that have PC’s and webcams, etc. Hopefully someday soon we can jailbreak their iPods and install some other app that will allow them to video chat with others that don’t have Facetime (Anyone know if that is possible yet?).

    Anyway, I’ve digressed. Back to the topic at hand…

    Now if I would have had my Adam, it would have been at that birthday party with me. So I could see how we would quickly have a room full of people involved in our discussion on which tablet is better. To make it easy and to avoid confrontation, I would like to be able to simply point out a few obvious reasons why I chose Adam and then refer them to my all inclusive list so I don’t have to go over it time and time again. It would take way too much time to explain it to everyone in detail each time someone new to the Adam asks about it.

    And I don’t want to offend others or make them feel bad for spending their money on a different tablet when they realize what they could have bought. So I think handing them my comparison to read, or better yet, referring them to it on my blog would help them to make up their own minds…

  451. After all, like or dislike is personal preference. What can we do, because most of the voters like the one Patrik created? Majority wins. No offence to the offenders of winning logo.

  452. Well one can only hope i guess :). i don’t think it is an opportunity that would be hard to impliment due to the fact that the touch pad drivers will interact with the screen API directly. hopefully it is just a case of making the basic functions such as “Back” and “Forward” into simple “Swipe Left” and “Swipe Right” gestures. This means that the gestures would be easily used on the touch pad and the screen. Thinking about how i hold an iPad (i don’t own one as i am waiting for NI Adam) i can see that it is possible to hold the device in one hand and free up on finger to perform simple movements whilst using the other hand to interact with the screen. I think this is a good idea that should at least be investigated for its practicality at least.

    Anyone in agreement?

  453. I would think that starting the Genesis platform while giving access to the Android market place would be self-defeating.

  454. Some more comment trolling from yours truly:

    # Bjorn’s fusion logo is nice, but if you look at it again, it looks like an inverted A.

    # Pratik has a good blog, so he must have a number of followers. Even if he didn’t intend it, the mere fact that he mentioned being shortlisted would have prompted his fans to vote for him.

    However, this does not detract from the fact that Pratik’s logo does look quite serious and corporate-like, especially in black-on-gray. If NI and Adam prove to be successful and popular, it could become instantly recognisable.

  455. Any chance that those who submitted a logo and weren’t chosen might receive a smaller discount?

  456. Logo #9 reminds me a lot Adobe logo. I think you should choose something unique to avoid confusions or misunderstanding.

  457. “Pratik has a good blog, so he must have a number of followers.”

    The average daily number of visitors on my blog is ~4.
    I am not the social shark that people speculate here I am.

  458. @Pratik,

    I still say Congratulations! It’s time to move conversation back to features and release of the Adam itself; if it’s all we hope for, it AND the logo will be a huge success.

  459. I wouldn’t think so. Genesis would be a place to go to for adam specific apps(tablet specific) while android market would still mainly be phone apps. Android would be more wide in variety while Genesis would be more specific and likely to have requested apps.

  460. @Cathy
    I second that. Lets just move on. This topic of logo has become staid and boring.

    @pratik – you don’t really have to defend all the time. Just let it go. BTW Congratulations!!

  461. I agree. I think it is important to show the exact product that is going to be sold. Some images show there is less black strip on either side and so show a lot. Also it would be nice to have a non-flash web site version. I think we all get that Adam does flash.

  462. I agree. Genesis will have apps optimized for Adam, and will be the primary place to buy apps for Adam, but there will still be apps in the Marketplace that will run on Adam even though they may not make use of Eden’s advanced features.

  463. @Nishit

    I’m not waiting for Mirasol (although geckos are, in fact, very good at waiting). This might not be a fair comparison, but at least from the posted videos, the colors don’t look right to me. They look very strange and metallic.

  464. Indeed it was!
    I also like Pratik’s a whole lot, but unfortunately most people don’t seem to notice the “N” in his logo, which probably is the reason it gets criticized so much.
    I feel Bjorn’s would have more mass appeal than Pratik’s for this very reason

  465. but you didnot show us your server logs, IP traces etc… and didnot send the geo-tags and diaries for all your friends/families during the poll window; no we wont agree ๐Ÿ™‚

    at this rate you need a spokesperson Pratik… I suggest you start a poll to ask how many would be willing to apply for the post!

  466. @inspiron41 the notioinink.in site is not up to date at all about images, and some of the specs so let hope that rohan and his team will have enough time to up to date the site!



  467. @tbc
    Well, I hear your frustration regarding releasedate. It would certainly be nice to know, but I can see a number of valid reasons why they are still holding back on that.

    But I have to correct you on your stylus reasoning: A capacitve stylus = no stylus.

    In fact, capacitive styluses should not even be allowed to use the word stylus since its completly misleading. Suggestion: Capacitive stick. That says it all ๐Ÿ™‚

  468. Not too bad, but no HDMI, only 800×400 resolution, only 600MHz, no word on HD capacity, very rectangular shape. So this is just another mean and cheap tablet which will sell, of course.
    Somebody who wants a 10″ slate with 1024×600, full HD and maybe a PixelQi display will surely not buy the Olive Pad, so no worries for our mate.

  469. They get credit for putting raw Twitter comments on their boad. The one at the top right now says:

    Test drove the olivepad just now – it’s not bad, although more horsepower was expected; touch could also be handled better I suppose

  470. @JR
    I like your idea, but what about flipping the adam to its right and then it acts as forward, and if you flip it to left it acts as back. look at this picture of UI concepts from Rohan.


    but this looks like it is opening a menu to switch between apps.

  471. Dear Rohan,

    I am an active follower of your team’s initiative to launch India in the Consumer Electronics and an avid reader of your blogs. My family (Wife – Currently a Homemaker but a Web Designer earlier and my kids aged 10 and 7) were happy to participate in your Logo Competition. as well and

    This is my first time post and I hope to post some more comments in the next few days and share my thoughts about what your team’s efforts means to Indians like us who live outside (We live in Kuwait). In my last company business meeting in April 2010 I had presented your Tecnoholik interview along with Fareed Zakaria’s GPS clip on Indian Innovations and Pattie Maes introduction of Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense Concept in TED 2009. There are a lot of Adam fans in our organization eagerly awaiting its release.

    My First take on the mystery sensor is Motion Sensor. I would not be surprised if Adam will have a Motion Processor with Integrated 3-Axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Accelerometer and 9-Axis Sensor Fusion. Am I dreaming for too much or is it just about right?

    If my guess is right we will have image stabilization, motion gaming, gesture interface and shortcuts in Adam. Well worth the Wait.

  472. Yes, he probably will. However, I didn’t want to pretend that doesn’t exist and have an angry rant. I wouldn’t say that I hate it, just really dislike it!

    I looked through them again, and I should have said that I could have lived with 7 of the 10. The other two I couldn’t stand were #7 and #5 (sorry, you liked that one!). I voted for #3, and if I had a second vote, it would have been for #1. See, this illustrates how having a second vote would have allowed us both to be happy.

    I liked #3, but could live with #1
    You liked #5, but could live with #1

    We may not have gotten what we liked, but we could have at least gotten what we could live with.

  473. An idea, f you like it: To help pass time while we await more details on Adam and launch:

    What would you use Adam for TODAY? Just a quick thought of a use for today; not last week, not tomorrow, not how it will change your life overall โ€ฆ just today. Hence, you could post an idea every day if you like; maybe giving the rest of us (and Rohan and Notion Ink) ideas we hadnโ€™t thought of.

    There are a lot of smart people on this blog; your quick idea for today might just change someone elseโ€™s life.

    There could be a certain amount of wishlist dreaming on this of course, as we donโ€™t know all details on Adam yet โ€ฆ

    My use for today: Still camping in the woods, accompanied by our cousinโ€™s daughter. Sheโ€™s 30 years old, and mentally and physically challenged. Last year I set her up with an MP3 player so she could have ALL her music with her on long trips with her parents, eliminating arguments over all those bulky, slippery CD cases. Watched her walk down the hill to dinner, to share her big, heavy scrapbook filled with photos from her recent 6 week camping trip through New York state, praying she didnโ€™t trip on the way, and wished I could get her an Adam, load that scrapbook on, and make life easier and more fun for her. Maybe soon!

    Anyone else?

  474. I think NI is charting a very different course… Rohan explained the reason they went with Android was the fliexibility it provides for the unique UI features of Eden… whether Google further allows NI to use their market or not NI is not going to ‘bank’ on it … it will pursue Genesis hard and the sample developer base Rohan revealed is impressive.

    the digitizer to me is a little too much to ask at least for adam1 (we really are pampered by adam!) it could be that email client Rohan mentioned in the very begining and never elaborated…

  475. +1 , yes i remember him talking abt the feature where you can retrieve a sent email…
    and ya it is a feature that can change the dynamics. Though he has hinted abt it, never given a detailed info !

  476. The Market is not somehting that matters to me. It does to a lot but there are going to be many App stores or markets out there. I have 3 on my EVO and i get apps from all of them. Also I have the APK for the market so if it is not there i’ll just install it. There is also many markets coming out (Amazon, bestbuy) not to mention adan’s own market. I think this will have less impact once those large names one come out and we see how they work.

  477. “active digitizer (wacom or similar)!!! Itโ€™s a vital feature for a real tablet!”
    -Agreed!!!! Please give us the active digitizer!!

  478. Hope it’s the active digitizer with some real good apps + UI for taking notes, scribble drawings etc.

    The competition is coming out with a 14″ tablet with pen that does all the above and more. Single screen and dual screen models aimed at the academia.

    16GB is $599 and dual screen starts at $899. Shipping begins on Dec 20, 2010.


    Single screen weighs in at 2.6 pounds.

    Rohan, will Adam provide this cool functionality or more?

  479. @Sowmya

    “Though he has hinted abt it, never given a detailed info!”

    Hmmmmm. That’s so not like Rohan. He never teases us with little hints… (sarcasm)

  480. Disadvantages:
    – minimal connectivity (only one usb port, and that’s a mini, and it only acts as a client) (no G3) (no sim slot) (no wifi n)
    – no sd card slot
    – 1/2 the ram of Adam
    – 1/3 the battery life in comparable usage
    – heavy
    – expensive (expensiver than Adam, at least)
    – no PixelQi, so reading will be as uncomfortable as with any other lcd
    – no secret sensor
    – a couple of other no’s
    – they spelled “Tegra” wrong on their webpage

  481. Ah !! Well keeping things in suspended animation, allowing the reader to rack his brain… (good marketing move)
    …. at least adds more spice to life

  482. It might not have all the features of the Adam, but wow look where tech is going. I think it is amazing the new slate devices. For something like what the kno is doing for students and all is neat. The dual screens is awesome! But yes it does not scale up to all what the Adam has but I think in general think where these slates and all will be in the next few years. Awesome.

  483. @Cathy, Nice and humane way to put a technology to use.

    My need today is that I’ve many books in PDF (technical and scriptures like Bhagavad Gita). I want to jot down my notes, look up meanings in dictionary, highlight words/sentences etc. And the digital book library should allow me to index on book marks, notes, highlights and also allow me to search through the books in the library and seamlessly click and transfer to the book and come back to my search results and go to another book or another page in the book that has the next the search match.

  484. LOL
    Yes please lick the screen

    Yep since you are the 200th person to lick the screen we know you have something.

    I think I can write an app for that

  485. ya have seen this one before… but they seem to have a good software base and app.. their publishing house collaboration to get ebooks ( i mean digital text books with videos etc) is their highlight

  486. I am on tech committee of non-profit high school that my daughters attend. The school currently has a one-to-one laptop program using Apple MacBooks. I also have a 4 year old son. I could envision numerous educational applications for the Adam. For example, recording skits that my daughters have to do for class, enabling my son to play educational games all by himself via touch (eliminate mouse), etc. I could also imagine attending conferences/meetings and writing comments right on top of the presenters abstract/material. Once my daughters steal the device (they will try), they would probably also use it for media (hulu, youtube, mp3, etc.). It would probably also replace my netbook when I travel (at least non-business travel).

  487. I like logo number 1 more than 9…. it is more artistic, symbolic and original… i just wish it was selected instead of 9.

  488. This one looked good until you look at the specs or at least the weight 2.6 pounds. it would be better to get the dual and use it as a netbook, pu the keyboard on the lower screen.

  489. I think that the notionink.in wont be updated anymore, and at the beginning of December notionink.com will be made available with all the final details and hopefully the Pre-order option or the information on where to pre-order and also will be a portal for everything Adam / Genesis / Eva Related information, support and maybe finally a forum…. But as always this is just a wild guess from my side… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  490. Agreed. Adam has many cool features like Pixel Qi etc, very good price and that’s why we love it. But wouldn’t it be fun if we had a pen and the the ability to take notes, draw etc plus a cool UI with nice functionality? Is NI providing such a functionality or even more?

    Let’s look at some positives too from that company/product:

    (1) They’ve a web site with the latest specs of the product and other info.

    (2) The have video demos with actual end user (students) test driving and giving their comments.

    (3) They have a concrete ship date of Dec 20, 2010

    (4) They have college text books.

    (5) They have all the necesary accessories to go with their launch.

    (6) It mighn’t be a pixel qi, but they have a 14″ screen which might be useful to many, particularly the segment that they’re targeting.

    (7) It’s almost the same thickness as the current iPad.

    (8) It has 16 GB of storage to start with.

    (9) Yes it’s 2.6 pounds heavy and is not a lightie nor a hand held device. I don’t think they intended it to be a hand held device.

    The new 11″ macbook Air wieghs 2.3 pounds and the 13″ one weighs 2.9 pounds. This one has a 14″ screen and would definitely have a full sized on screen key board to go with it. So it’s going to be almost as light as a macbook air but with touch screen, pen stylus etc. Plus 6 hours of normal campus use and less expensive than those laptops which start at $999.

    This one is aiming at a different target/segment and I would love to see Adam having some of these features in additioan to what it has got.

  491. regarding the search for the hidden feature.

    what about eve? is it certain that it is going to be another product? Thinking about the story she’s made out of a rip of adam right, so she might be part of adam. In that perspectiv the pen/digitizer would make sense to me, if it is somehow integrated in the body of adam.

  492. It’s not like the emblem would make or break the Adam for me anyways lol. 9 wasn’t my choice, but I like it and can understand why it won. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    When I read “Itโ€™s a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there” immediately I thought stylus – as that’s basically what defines a tablet. Upon re-reading, it sounds more like he’s saying its a feature missing from ALL tablets that shouldn’t have been an oversight. My current laptop tablet has an active digitizer, which leads me to believe this isn’t what Rohan is hinting at (although don’t get me wrong – an Active Digitizer would be awesome and, I would venture, basically essential for any serious tablet user.

    If you ask me, the one thing I can think of that’s missing from the crop is any notable form of haptic feedback from the tablet itself, which is present (at least minimally) in every phone for the last decade. This could potentially make an onscreen keyboard more functional, as who really looks at their keyboards when they type anymore?

    But we digress – hype from no information what-so-ever is what NI’s starting to be known for, much like our fruity, half-eaten friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  493. Yes I agree, not everything has to compare to something else, its hitting another market and in my opinion has a good market for what it is supposed to do. I as a techie hate how everything has to kill another product why cant it just come into the world like the Adam doing what iit is good for? For years you hear its an “Apple killer” “Iphone Killer” looking at what the kno offers is what someone said, a nice looking website, in the hands of possible customers with reactions to it. The product seems really cool for what it is being marketed as. The apps are for college/high schoolers not business men or family apps. I can only wish my daughter can grow up with stuff like this instead of heavy bookbags and having to cover her book in brown paper bags ๐Ÿ™‚ or wallpaper ๐Ÿ™‚ technology is here lets grasp all ideas. Dual screens that is killer oh wait it looks like a book ๐Ÿ™‚

  494. The new function wil be a good infrared and hf remote so that you can use it as a giant remote

  495. Lol. I think it’s dead-to-rights that this is going to be to the market first. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I do like the dual displays I must say – that kind of thing I take for granted on every desktopo I’ve used for the last 8 years would be pretty handy in a tablet form factor.

    There’s innovation everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜€

  496. We all know about the horse power of Adam (physical specs). I am still awaiting its soft power, that’s what makes adam a success. Hope to hear soon.
    Hope they should release something concrete if its to be released in Dec/Jan.

    Rohan, please don’t keep us keep guessing until the day before it would get released.
    In such case, many people wouldn’t buy. You should have action being floated for a while before the actual release date else many wouldn’t buy (no commercial reviews until it is out is bad).

  497. I don’t see why not – my guess is the developers are going to use every element they can think of to capitalize on the marketplace, kinda like how accelerometer based games have really taken over the App store for (at least) Apple products, and I suspect similar suit from Android.

    I suspect if it is haptic feedback, though, it’ll be relatively minor, like an unbalanced motor giving us an Adam Rumble Pack. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d be really interested to eventually see one of those haptic films that change shape when you put a current through them on a LCD at some point here though, as that would really make Slate’s a true replacement for laptops of old and create some serious innovation for how we interface with a touch screen (although I suspect we still have quite a ways to go before we see that have this kind of application).

  498. @Greg but the pipe is too cool for me…. I want to see Robin with the Cuban cigar and a bit of smoke pls ๐Ÿ™‚