How to discharge your Adam with-in 6 hours?

Dear All,

I wrote in the last post that you can easily get 15 hours from the device. My personal use case is different and so will be yours. Blogs world over picked up this line as posted as Adam gives 15 hours. I don’t think that’s the right way to look at it.

You might have noticed that your phone might work for 2 full days and might require 2 charges a day. Based on the use cases devices claiming 10 hours have ended in 4 hours (3D gaming). Clearing this confusion is extremely important, so here we are with the post “How to discharge your Adam in 6 hours only?” Here is the list which we have compiled:

  • Play 1080P continuously with full brightness and at full volume (displayed as 1024 on Adam and not via HDMI to TV) (no idle time) (Adam has BIG speakers)
  • Play YouTube Flash videos on Wi-Fi or 3G network (no idle time)
  • Use Streaming 3D maps on 3G network with GPS
  • Record HD Video and stream it over the Wi-fi networks
  • Play an augmented reality 3D game with camera input over the network (wi-fi of 3G)

There can be so many use cases where you can discharge it much faster than your normal use case, so be cautious when you read “Adam claims minimum 15 hours of battery”! There tests are on full display, full volume which is never going to be true. Pixel Qi display is 10 times efficient so a huge drop here, if you use earphones, you get more juice and so on..

Will be posting that interactive chart so we all would know our own usage times.

Warm Regards

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  1. hopefully alot outside wih backlight off, I plan to use this outside mostly and use my netbook inside.

  2. thats sick
    I wanna see a laptop/tablet run a heavy 3D game on battery mode for 5 hours

  3. Rohan, do you’ve any idea how long can the adam last just using the pixel Q screen for reading a pdf with everything else off? perhaps other than wifi?


  4. Thank you for making this point clear, I already thought this was quite a bit too optimistic concerning full HD playback and gaming. How long can we expect the battery to last using wifi surfing using LCD mode and ebook reading using Pixel Qi screen?

  5. Hey…this is great…the honesty…firstly, there is nothing to get concerned about..secondly, this openness will go a long way in building trust..cheers!!!

  6. 6 hours is still better than my laptop 🙂 and i’m not really pushing it. I’m only reading PDfs and browsing my files. Nothing intensive.

    I’m so keen on seeing this weeks update!!!

  7. It’s good that you responded. There was a lot of skepticism about the 15-hour figure, though some did point out that it was under the same conditions as iPad testing resulting in 10 hours, and that those conditions were not clear. I’d be very happy to get over six hours on video playback, by the way.

  8. Ha ha. Brilliant. In one blog post, you’ve thrashed all battery related claims! But it’s true, how much you get out of you battery is heavily dependant on what you do on your device.

    Looking forward to you weekend special!

  9. In this day and age, it’s easy for stuff like this to be miss-quoted so good on ya for reminding people! Anyways, any chance of some more photos… e.g. even random parts of the Adam from manufacturing would be appreciated to us geeky types!

  10. I think you 15 hour claim was intended for the average user, an think that was quite clear. Obviously if you use high power processes then its going to be a lot lower, however, i think yuo have still clearly highligted the improved battery life over other i-rivals

  11. can we please get swype on the adam??
    itd be awesome if you could set it to be on a bottom corner of the screen.. about the size of a droid x keyboard..
    just an idea…

  12. Nice Shravan, actually I saw many websites started claiming that ADAM works for 15 hrs.
    But your post will now clarify all the clouds of doughts.
    Also non technical people will get an insight of what are the conditions for the performance.

    P.S. – We are waiting for ADAM 🙂

  13. Rohan,
    You being honest is extremely appreciated, and being able to play 1080p continuously with full volume for 6 hours on a single full charge is pretty darn impressive. And i have to say “Play an augmented reality 3D game with camera input over the network (wi-fi of 3G)” excites me. It means the game ready? I am speculating it is, otherwise it would difficult to predict the amount of charge loss, right?


  14. The post does say “with-in” 6 hours. I’m guessing that they’ve not tested out all of these scenarios, but have made up some hypothetical use-cases that *could* result in the battery lasting for *under* 6 hours.

  15. Hey Rohan please clarify as I have not understood clearly what you are saying?
    About All the points which you have mentioned(5 bullets points), take for example one point
    1. say ” Playing 1080P continuously with full brightness and at full volume (displayed as 1024 on Adam and not via HDMI to TV) (no idle time) ”
    Does it mean Adam will get discharge completely if we do so WITHIN 6 hours
    OR AT LEAST we can play for 6hours.
    what I mean if you perform any one operation continuously, in this case video playing then ADAM must be having some life time so please clarify that .Though Once you post the chart it will be easier for us to calculate battery life based on our uses.

    By the way you you disclose TODAY adam Can record HD video 🙂

  16. The fact that you are being honest about battery time / usage fills me with joy.
    Very few companies are honest about how long their products can perform on battery power. The bigger they are the less information about such things you get, and to me it’s one of the most important factors when it come to personal electronics.

    Thank you for your openness and I look forward to a release date!

  17. Only one response


    Rohan’s post is a great and understated way of putting the critics – and competition down.

  18. He is saying that [Even If] you play it at full volume and brightness and 1080p, the battery will last for 6 hours. You might want to compare it with the performance of other successful tablets.

  19. BTW the battery is removable right?

    This way at home we can run it plugged in without battery to keep at alive longer…

  20. I like the transparency in your post. I don’t remember if a company ever made this kind of statement through everyone knows that battery life always depends on usage as not all the tasks would cost the same power drain. But all companies would give a battery life (per charge) and would just give a * to mention under standard conditions.

    Dying to see the photos of the second level of mfg photos and the weekend special. It has been two painful weeks without it. And please Rohan.. it would be great if we have a release date or approx period. I don’t want to guess any more about Adam.


  21. So if you turn off the light, does the display become black and white? Do we have a switch for color and greyscale when the light is off?

  22. Good that you have now retracted this but much better not to say it. Obviously what you say willl be picked up by blogs all over the internet- 6 hrs is a massive difference to 15- 20 as you were claiming. Better not to make these statements unless sure of the performance. Basically it will be interesting what it can get on “normal Usage” I.e watching a standard def movie or internet browsing etc. If it cant get 15 -20 hours doing that then why claim it.

  23. what does this line exactly mean
    “Pixel Qi display is 10 times efficient so a huge drop here, if you use earphones, you get more juice and so on..”

  24. I would also like details on battery life for basic internet surfing, for work files such as pdfs etc.; hopefully the chart will clarify somewhat. Even this “disclaimer” battery life way beats my 17″ laptop. Anxiously looking forward to more details this weekend; that laptop is getting heavier and heavier every day!

  25. Also the title of this blog is very negative!! “How to discharge your adam in less than 6 hours”!!! Like it is a good thing!!!
    I fear this will get slated by the bloggers and tech sites!

  26. lol @ “retracted”. 15hrs is his “normal Usage” and tbf if his “normal Usage” was watching high def films on full volume and full brightness, I’d be more concerned about him wasting his time and not developing 😉

  27. Using the Pixel Qi’s reflective display with no back light etc is 10x more efficient than using a backlight at full brightness and if you use earphones instead of the speakers at full volume, you’ll save more power also, and so on..

  28. watching HiDef movies for 6hours straight without having to recharge? that’s awesome. i can get around town bragging that i can play 3d games for hours on end and not worry when or where to plug next. talk about street cred.


  29. I cannot understand why there is no clear answer whether your device gonna support a stylus. Is that such a big secret? Are you afraid that the next generation iShit will do the same and kill your deal?

  30. Good response, Rohan – Factual is best when you want to settle debates. I hope common sense prevails.
    This brings me to some questions related to power :
    1. What’s the charger pin setup?
    A thin and deep pin might become a cause of complaint, like in my HP lappy. Can it be like Apple’s MagSafe connector? Or will we be charging it from one of the USB ports like many devices do?
    2. How easy / difficult would it be to take out the battery – for separate charging or replacement? Will there be a lid mechanism for that, or would we have to open up the casing?
    3. What would be the estimated cost and ease of availability of a spare battery set?
    4. Is it possible to run the Adam from an external power source without using a battery?
    The first components to degrade in most devices are the batteries. I want to know if there’s an alternate arrangement possible, supposing I took it to remote areas where new batteries can’t be shipped. We want to hit the bottom-of-the-pyramid and outdoor enthusiasts with this product, and not just well-connected city dwellers, right?
    5. What’s the voltage and ampere rating of the charger? Is it possible to have a lower-amp charging? I’m thinking of solar power/dynamo charging here – that would do to computing what solar-powered mobile chargers have done to mobile communications in the interiors of our country. Can we take the Adam where the electric grid cannot reach? If so, that would be THE gamechanger.

  31. Thank you for verifying compatibility with a capacitive stylus. I know a lot of people have assumed it would work, but it’s nice to have official word that it will work…

    Plenty of battery life for me. I look forward to the interactive chart.

    Thanks Rohan!

  32. Hi Rohan,

    If you have a list of accessories and peripherals that are known to work with the Adam, now will be a good time to publish it.

  33. Rohan, I am not sure how good is the note taking capability of such a stylus. Seemed more suitable for sketching with such a broad tip, like its simulating the finger tip.

    I am not an expert on stylus, but I will prefer something that can enable me to use ADAM as a great note taking device, for I want to get rid of most of the paper work that I normally do. This will also make ADAM more intricate part of day to day life, than just being a web browsing or entertainment tool.

  34. MagSafe adapter is patented (if I remember correctly), so that’s out of the question.

  35. Hi Rohan,

    thanks for update, but what’s about the biggist question: Where stand you in the timeline ??
    I fear, you are behind the timeline and the ADAM is still not at FCC. Am I right ??????

    Kind ragrds

  36. Err ok rohan wrote “I am getting from more than 2 full days to minimum of 15 hours”
    MINIMUM of 15 hours! Now he is saying minimum of 6 hours! Quite a difference!
    i would say retracted is fair-Lol @s019

  37. At the risk of dragging this thread on and on:

    Good note taking capabilities are not a result of just the stylus. You also need a good OCR package. You may need to see if such a package is available for Android, and if it supports free-flowing text, and not just a character-by-character recognition that usually works with smaller screens on phones.

    Instead, I have been considering buying one of those electronic notepads that record your scribbles electromagnetically, and then transfer it to the PC for OCR and correction. Not an elegant solution, but it is relatively inexpensive apart from being a transferable asset.

  38. @ Nishit

    As you can see from my post, I am not very knowledge in this area 🙂

    But this is one functionality that I would surely like to have in ADAM. Not a very hi-fi text recognition capability, just a good way of writing free flow text and perhaps saving it as a pdf for sharing purposes.

  39. Now looking forward to the big, mysterious, very special weekend-special post. Am I the only one so demanding?

  40. Rohan,
    While interactive chart is a good idea for potential customers, some kind of benchmarking for the battery life would be the best solution for any confusion and future blame games. Then others can run same benchmark test for other competing devices and we can compare.

    (If you are confident about Adam, that is.)

  41. Rohan, many thanks for this data.

    I want to ask you one more question:

    Assuming i have spare batteries with me, no AC near me and Adam with almost empty batteries, how can i change them ?

    Some devices had internal condensator, that would feed device for 0,5-3 minutes, enough to pull out old battries and insert new. Usual Windows/Linux notebook can be put into hibernate, though it is less comfort way.

    What about Adam in such a use case, changing batteries on the run ?

    Can i charge those batteries without Adam itself, in some universal or specific charger ?

  42. that’s relatively simple.
    You just need to carry batteries of some laaaarge truck in your backpack. And some wiring.
    More civilised but less efficient way would be to have some industrial-grade UPS in you backpack, but this would have losses into conversion to AC 220V/110V by US and back back Adam.

    However you can not overrun simple rule that modern chemistry only allows limited xxx W-hr per cm-cube of battery volume. Maybe alcohol fuel cells, whenever they be made mainstream, would change it.

  43. FullHD downscaled to Adam’s 1024×600 would per se consume a lot.

    My last desktop upgrqade was due to attempt at FullHD play at 1600×1200 screen.
    That was exected.

    Though it is pity Pixel Qi did not made screen 1024×768
    That would allow for natural playback of 720p HD video

  44. Rohan for Army chief! when you are that clear in your mind no fear dares to dream to come near you…. all commanders take note!

    I always thought this is your differential the honesty, the ‘daring’ as the street talk in India goes… if this post didn’t let everyone else who haven’t noticed NI till now wake up from their slumber nothing else will and they are doomed as an enterprise….

    having said all that with 6 hours battery on board and if we pop in an extra battery in the backpack… thats half a day of non-stop adam at work and that is already pushing the limits of any human who has to still sleep, eat, laugh, cry, take care of family (or disagree with other half?), play football etc… unless we want adam to do it all then its a different debate 🙂

  45. I was wondering at what rohan has posted “Record HD Video and stream it over the Wi-fi networks”…
    Does this mean adam’s camera is capable of recording HD video..if so that would be great 🙂 Correct me if i am missing something here…

  46. i sense fanboyism around here! Believe me i am one of the earliest followers of the adam and hope it is great, but Nik what are you talking about?

  47. Hi,
    This is nikhil from the Hindu newspaper. I wanted to explore the possiblity of an interview regarding the adam tablet. If you are keen on taking this forward, could you please drop a mail to or call me at 9986918558..thanks
    Nikhil Varma

  48. Does this tablet have the same ebook reading functionality of the OLPC with a Pixel Qi screen? Apparently if it’s displaying a static image the computer can go to sleep while the monitor is still displaying the still image.

    Search for “swizzling”. It seems technically unrelated to the Pixel Qi screen, it’s more about the display controller chip, but it seems like a great idea anyway since without the backlight the power draw would be much lower and perhaps make this power saving worthwile where it wouldn’t be with a normal screen.

  49. Yes, if you turn off the backlight the display becomes grayscale monochrome. There is a switch for the back light but not for colour/monochrome. You HAVE to have the backlight on to have colour, but it can be at a low setting.

  50. @andrew
    human mind is amazing the same post is evoking different thoughts in different people…

    IMO still its not fair as just picking up on the ‘minimum’ comment without considering the context of ‘normal usage’ Rohan was commenting on earlier Vs pushing the physical limits of every functioanlity as in the latest post

    but just for the argument even if we were to consider this as retracting — which is subjective end of the day – we will struggle to find too many CEOs who thinks about the perceptions of customers and try to clarify them…

    if I may, let me say how cruel this world has become …. if say we have the clout to control 50.1% of the ‘population’ (as-in the affected population for any given situation) for ex: we can even start claiming 1+1=10 and build a case to re-write axioms etc. whether or not that is correct / ethical etc.

    so in a way NI is not only up against all the normal challenges of a startup but so many of these intangibles and clout wielding … still I am confident NI will be the winner

  51. Rohan migh have just given himself away with that augmented reality game with camera input.

    Wouldn’t that imply that the Adam has a digital compass? That is usually needed for augmented reality stuff.

    A lot of people are keenly intreseted in whether there is a compass in the Adam because without it, navigation would be much worse and no chance for augmented reality.

  52. Screen resolution doesn’t matter for performance and energy usage, it’s the resolution of the video that matters.

    By your theory a full HD video should play better on 1600 x 1200:
    1600×1200 = 1 920 000 pixels.
    FullHD = 1920 x 1080 = 2 073 600 pixels.

    Still believe your own theorie? Take this simple test: Take you old system and play a DVD (480p) on 1600×1200 resolution. Then set your screen resolution to 800×600 or even 640×480 and try to play the FullHD (1080p) content. Wich one plays best?

    And 720p = 1280 x 720. How can you play that natively on a 1024 x 768?
    Vertical resolution is good, but the horizontal resolution is not. So you either have to scale it down so the vertical resolution also isn’t native anymore OR you have to scale only the horizontal resolution and stretch the image OR you have to crop the video left and right to fit it on the screen.

  53. He was saying he was getting, on average 15+ during his regular usage. This update is just explaining that people shouldn’t expect that outcome always, since extreme usage (continual 1080p playback) will obviously suck up more battery power than an average days use.

    In no way is he saying that you won’t get 15+, he’s just saying that’s not how it’s always going to be.

  54. Andrew, it is not retracting. as you said, Rohan said in his original post “I am getting” not “YOU should be getting” or “WE ALL are getting”. He also mentioned IDLE TIME for those figures of 15 hours to two days. Many people did misinterpret him but he never mentioned that it was a minimum of 15 hours for device heavy usage scenarios. This is why SO19 and Nik say it is not a retraction and they are right, it’s not fanboyism. Let’s face it, even the stress tests on sites like Engadget aren’t as demanding as what Rohan posted as scenarios for a 6 hour battery life. Engadget tends to loop an SD video at 65% brightness (and not at max volume if I remember correctly) for their stress test. Rohan in this post mentions 1080p video at 100% brightness and at max volume using the speakers.

  55. This is an important question. Though you’ve tried to clear up a misquote, you’ve posted something that’s still open to interpretation, as these comments show! Did the Adam last 6 hours under the conditions listed, or did it run dry in under 6 hours?

  56. Thanks for the clarification Rohan. The battery life you describe definitely works for me! Can’t wait to see some additional pics/videos and hear an update on submission to FCC. I really love the openness and honesty shown in this forum although it does make for my constant checking for new updates on the site. 🙂

  57. @sud SO19 is totally right a Pixel Qi display consume 2 w and the LCD display consume at least 20 W so here you can see that pixel qi is 10 times efficient 😉



  58. We are just going to have to wait for official tests then as we are arguing about definitions of words.
    The point is, can it do 15-20 hours of battery life on normal average use?(not just playing music with the screen off) If yes great! If not then big mistake saying it can- and i don thing this honesty(nice though it is) is cause for such celebration like a lot of people here are doing.
    I have really hoped the adam would be great but unless this weekends update clear up a lot of issues along with some clear photos a release date and some solid info etc then i am going to have to give up on the adam and with archos 101.Shame though as potentially sounds great but it is all just words at present Cant wait for ever.

  59. Then it would be very little colour in there.

    PixelQi pixel (sorry for tautology) looks like square within square – [■].

    Internal square is coloured and transparent, allowing light from backlight come through.
    Around it is colouress mirror, providing for grayscale reflective mode.

    The vivdness of colours comes from the ration of those two light sources: coloured backlight and grayscale daylight. Dimming backlight you move the ratio towards grater share of daylight, i.e. greater share of grayscale component and colour becomes more and more pale.

    Cornercases are
    1) full colour – backlight in the night – all light comes from backlight and no reflection of daylight, hence all light is coloured.
    2) full grayscale – backlight is off – all light comes from the mirrors and, hence all light is colourless.

    Everything else must fall somethere in between.

  60. BTW, most notebooks come with utilities preventing batteries to be charged to 100%.

    They claim, when you’re no AC, it would be good to charge battery to 80-85% then to let it rest, that to force full-charge.

    Does this have technological foundation or just a PR BS ?

  61. @James

    Yes, that is more effective.
    But with all that self-made wiring, they may think of you that you have TNT in your backpack. At least some hysteriac would.

    Though in rural areas that would be more practical. And you’d easier find some lorry or tractor to charge them 🙂

  62. Just one more thing:) I also believe this post was unnecessary as now it will be all over the net that the adam only has 6 hours of battery life(which is not true). Shame if its average is 15- 20 on medium usgae.
    We are basically none the wiser- Battery usage from 6- 20 hours? Bit vague don’t u think?

  63. Hi Rohan,

    I understand your aspiration of making adam the best of all in the tablet world.Please consider the time factor also as it is getting too late
    people choose other alternatives.Please hit the market before it is not tooo late waiting for the release Date???????????????

  64. thanx rohan, love the honesty and the way you present the facts.. also want to let u know that after adam.. the worlds view towards India on design and manufacturing/concept development is going to change and i am sure we are going to see a new breed of young entrepreneur’s who are going to challenge the worlds top biggies with their innovative product and honest approach..

    gud luck

  65. Thank you, I really like your company because of the honesty. Hopefuffly it will not change when you be a big company like Microsoft and Apple, this is another differential of Notion Ink. Please take care of authorized service too, I will never buy anything from HP again because that! And take care with Nvidia! They sold a lot of devices with heating problem! Because that too my Hp crashes! Really take care!

    Looks at Nvida take heating tests and all! They could break your company!

  66. Don’t forget adam is way bigger than a phone..swype need not be convenient, which was designed for a smart phone.

  67. Hi Rohan.

    Will Adam be sold in Europe? And, do you know when?

    Can´t wait for this tablet. :o)

  68. What is? That you can discharge your adam in 6 hours? Would you really want to watch HD 1080p from 10am to 4pm straight? I wouldn’t. I’d maybe watch a film, but then that’d be it – and it’d get charged nightly anyway (well, if it needed it)

  69. Just a question? Do people mean “note taking” only if they use hand writing? Adam has a keyboard so touching each character is most likely faster (and more accurate than any OCR today) so why not “note take” by touching the soft keys. Sure I wouldn’t like that on a hard keyboard in a class room or small meeting room because of the irritating noise the key punching makes.

  70. Hi Rohan,


    What Rohan said was right, in regarding the previous post of battery life ….he said that the way they tested got htem to squeez 15 hrs of battery life me put it like wise mini go…l. Now its down to 6 hrs in maxi go which isnt that bad. I have samsung ne 100 laptop get only seven hrs both browsing internet and reading in minigo. This one seem to pack more punch and power. May be it would exceed 6 hrs to 10 hrs life according to my usage (not that bad!). An interactive plot as already told by rohan would be a better option to cheak individual needs. Nowonder why blogs give a lot of missinformation based on there own assumptuions rather than facts.



  71. It is unacceptable that I can’t watch the full star wars saga in HD, full brightness and *full volume* during a London-LA flight… what a disappointment…

  72. All this talk of video resolutions and streaming has me thinking PLEASE POST SOME VIDEO AND PICS OF adam AT THIS POINT OF DEVELOPMENT….[hands folded, head bowed please]

  73. Wish you had written down the avg time for each. Playing youtube flash video over wi-fi for more than even 3 hours would blow my mind.

  74. Thanks for the update on the battery life. That’s more less what I was expecting.

    I’m still waiting for those pictures and videos of the prototypes Adam and also for that week-end special that was promised some time ago. Can we expect to see something this week-end?

  75. i love charts. i’m analyst. so you better have some informative charts there Rohan!!

    btw, thanks for being honest about battery life! in the end, all these post will just make it easier for you when it comes time to advertise your product, cuz you have all this information already for consumers!

  76. There’s nothing surprising in this article.But Rohan deserves all the credit for clarifying things.
    Although i would still like to ask how long does it take for adam’s battery to charge completely.

  77. Lol, maybe Rohan should think about designing a built in Dynamo! That would solve people coming after you for using there plant to charge your adam!

  78. Hi Rohan..

    Please clarify on these things as well.

    1. How long would it take adam to charge from 0-100%?
    2. Is the adam safe to use while it is charged? Please test this scenario.
    3. If 2 is yes, and if we use adam while it is charging, then, what is the scenario on power usage basis?
    4. Since you mentioned about the most power hungriest scenarios, what is the max temperature Adam could reach when operated in normal room temperature at the highest loads for 6 hours straight?
    5. Is it possible to use a portable HDD (USB powered) with Adam? I have a Western Digital passport 500 GB. Can I use it with Adam?
    6. May be this qn is noobish but how is the display quality of Pixel Qi compared to LCD in normal mode (i.e., indoors)? I tried googling but i couldn’t get an answer.

    Please post the weekend special (not mini. we want the max.. 🙂 ) and also the probable release period. Each day, i’m seeing a new tablet release date by Nov – Dec 2010. Give us one more reason to celebrate Diwali more happily.


  79. That is impressive battery life. I have been waiting for Adam for the past few months. Please provide some details about the release date.

  80. Hi Rohan,

    Can’t wait for the Notion Ink to hit the market.

    Can you give an indication of the heat the device will give off while in use for an extended period of time?

    Will it be similar to a laptop/ netbook or more similar to Ipad?

    Thanks in advance?

  81. “Play 1080P continuously with full brightness and at full volume”

    But what settings for display has been used? Normal or “black-white” mode? 🙂

  82. I seem to recall you saying in your original post on the subject that actual times would vary. Modern media is a joke. Thanks for the clarification though.

  83. you said Shoot HD videos……does that mean the Adam’s 3MP still camera can record videos up to HD resolution…… if yes..take a bow!!!!

  84. @Andrew

    >The point is, can it do 15-20 hours of battery life on normal average use?

    Yes, it can. That’s what Rohan said. You can make the battery life shorter, if you want, by running it in extreme conditions, but that’s not normal usage. I thought Rohan was extremely clear about this, and I have a lizard brain (i.e., very literal). If you don’t understand this, you must be some kind of fish or something.

    No point in making a list of demands and threatening to “give up on the adam” if you don’t get what you want. Yes, it would be nice to have photos, but we need production-quality machines for that. (People were complaining that the last set looked “plasticky” even though they were painted and wrapped in plastic. I’m not making this up.) Yes, it would be nice to have a release date. Rohan’s done the best he can (production in Nov., Shipping to US in Dec, to indian in Jan), but that’s dependent on the FCC, which is unknown.

    So buy another tablet if you want (please note, though, that a large majority of putative tablets aren’t out yet, either). But don’t blame Rohan..

  85. Hi Rohan, can we use ADAM during peak summer on beaches? IPad failed this test. How will Adam fare? Testing this in India is very simple 🙂 Also, one thing that is not clear so far is the battery performance for regular LCD version as compared to the PQi version. Also, is there any way to just shutdown 3G radio while WiFi is on?
    Eagerly waiting for the Weekend Special. Hope this weekend brings happiness for all the hungry souls waiting for your gingerbread 🙂

  86. Rohan
    These stylus’s aren’t great and they’ll work fine when taking notes only if Adam supports Palm rejection, so my question is, does it ?
    IF you haven’t already, you can use a special mode for palm rejection, you know like we can activate that mode before we start taking notes so that the software rejects all touches larger that normal tip of stylus and when our work is done we can switch of that mode to use it as a normal regular capacitive screen.
    Please consider this, this can’t be very difficult programming, it will take Adam to a new level and that mode would help in using it with every application not just a few specially designed for note taking

  87. Full volume with the speakers on would bother other people on the plane. With headphones it won’t draw so much power. Also, many planes have plug-in power. Also, you can definitely connect an external battery. XPAL makes some nice ones. I have one, don’t remember the model number, that gives 2-3 hours on a netbook, should give more on an Adam. I think it cost $30-something.

    Star Wars is unspeakable, however.

  88. @Pj In an earlier video he said that the LCD consume 2W but when you turn on the PixelQi it only consumes .2W. Under the heaviest usage of the Tegra 2 processor it consumes 200mW so that = .4W If you were to 24Whr/.4W = 60hrs but with the LCD on you would only get 11hrs. These are just estimates that DO NOT take into account other things on that tablet that consume power. Such as the speakers.

  89. The screen uses around 0.5 watts (that is about 5x more efficient than normal lcd, not sure where Rohan is getting his info, I’m getting it from pixel qi website) when backlight is completely off. I’d guess the rest of the system can run for less than 0.2 watt if you’re really not doing much else. That’d give around 24 whr/0.7watt = 35 hours. Maybe even more.

    I really think Rohan should make that calculator, people are going to get confused by all this. Although I really like the honesty. Gives me hope.

  90. its using tegra 2 and tegra 2 is ARM A9 based chipe which don’t consume that much so it will never be hot!


  91. You want to disturb fellow passengers travelling with you with full volume…..or are you having a jet of your own? 😛

  92. 3.2 megapixels is 2384×1344 @ 16:9, so a video of 1920×1080 should be possible at a low fps. If the ADAM could record HD videos at 25-30 fps, it would be awesome. Please say it is so Rohan!

  93. If the object is to run-down the battery – and Rohan’s object was to run-down the battery – than you’d want to use the maximum power possible. So that would be color. There is no “normal” mode because the definition of “normal” varies from person to person.

  94. Just a bit of info for people.

    The screen uses power to hold the image and power to light it with LED backlight. In pixel qi you can turn off the led backlight completely, but you still need to refresh the picture, which does cost some power.

    Screen power usage according to pixel qi:
    BL OFF: 0.41 watt (30 fps) or 0.54 watt(60 fps). BL ON: 2.5 watt (total).

    1080p playback takes around 0.5 watt according to nvidia, so full screen brightness plus 1080p playback would be around 3 watts. Now, add speakers at full power to that… I dunno… Rohan says they’re pretty loud… 1 watt? That’s 4 watts total.
    24 whr /4 watt = 6 hours.

    Turn off backlight, then it’s only 2 watts. Use headset and it’s (im guessing here, it’s probably less) 1.5 watt, so: 24/1.5 = 16 hours of playback.

    The thing about pixel qi is that the screen is always using ambiant light, so even if you have the backlight on, you don’t need it as high as you’d normally need with ie. an ipad. So the screen will be using between 0.5 watt and 2.5 watt depending on your setting. Simply talking about ‘battery life using the tablet’ is absurd… It depends, it really, really depends when you have pixel qi.

  95. Might be wrong but thought that I read that it was a 2 hour charge time for the Adam.. Have been lurking for a long time and can not wait for the release date!!

  96. Sorry to be bit overcautious here. but ‘some’ devices tend to heat up when used while charging. Do you remember that dell laptop bursting amid due to the artifacts in batteries? Just wanted to be safe. thats all. Even some phones have incidents to be blown due to talking on them while charging. I thought it would be better to check now than calling back all the devices in case of a defect.

  97. Or may be the question should be

    Is the adam safe to use while it is ‘being’ charged?

  98. I think what he meant to say was
    – Is Adam safe to use while it is being charged?

  99. 15 – 48hrs is his normal usage – 6hrs is for solid HD playback. From that you can guess Rohan’s normal usage isn’t solid HD playback, no?
    No retractions, no fan boys just facts. It seems pretty simple….

  100. I think the Adam should do better than the iPad for a few reasons.

    – The Adam seem to be more energy efficient, this means, by definition, it will generate less eat.
    – In the sun you will be using the PQ display without backlight, even less energy/heat
    – The PQ display reflects light (en more than likely heat) this means that the sun will heatup the device much less. (about the difference between a black car (iPad) and a silver car (Adam) in the sun)

    Personally I’m not very concerned about this as I probably can stand the heat even less then the iPad

  101. So many people seem to be taking this 6 hour figure as a negative when actually that’s excellent for full HD playback on a 10″ screen!

    Of course I’m bummed that I won’t be watching all 3 Lord of the Rings extended editions back-to-back away from a plug.

  102. and you could do it with full volumn and brightness, so anyone near you could enjoy it also.

    These are some pretty impressive numbers.

    My normal usage with be, checking email, browseing the web. watching a few youtube videos, reading an ebook (with Pixel Qi)

    Mine will likely be better then Rohan’s average of 15 hours.

    I have the iphone 4, and my usage on that is a day and half, I do the same things listed above, My wife however has to charge hers twice during the day, as she plays 3d games constantly.

    as Rohan said, usage will vary, he was only giving some general times in his first post.

    I can’t wait for the adam to be released. Neither can my wife and son, because then I will be able to show them the greatness of the adam, rather than just talk to them about it.

  103. If you stream it to your big screen tv, you could turn of the adam screen, and watch all three unplugged.

    You could use earphones, and watch it on the adam and still make it.

    You could turn the brightness down slightly and have the volume moderate level and do it.

    his 6 hour figure is full bore everything. real world will likely be a little less taxing on the power, which is the point of his post.

    Now he has given us a wide range,

    Extreem high usagage, ie no down time for the tablet, = 6 hours
    good average usage for a CEO of a company about to explode on the market = 15 hours
    Light usage = better then 20 hours

  104. Excellent question! I hope to hear an answer from Rohan. Indeed, reading books in ePub / PDF on Adam’s Pixel Qi screen is one of the main attractions.

  105. @andrew. There is no doubt you have Rohan cornered there. 🙂
    Lets put it like this to give him some space: In the normal use case scenarios he has got a range from 15hrs to 2 days.
    The best case scenario may be relatively easy (2 days). But the worst case scenario is quite a variable if see.
    If Adam were to be quantified for battery-life the way cell-phones are advertised, I am guessing the battery life would be stated as something more than 15 hrs.

  106. He was stating of a system similar, not identical 😉 Often one design can inspire others which manage similar functionality without patent infringement.

  107. From what we have seen I get the impression that they are replaceable but not easily accessible (so that they can be changed when they die die rather than having to send it in a la iPad). Then again that’s my impression and I could be wrong 🙂

  108. Dude ur confused, he’s saying 6hrs in freakin intensive usage. So he was taunting the blogs for writing its only 15hours, manipulating what he said that it goes 15hrs-2days with “normal usage”.

    U know when apple say MBP have 10 hrs battery, applying this kind of test (1080p continuos playback) and it won’t even last 4hrs. i.e. he’s tryna say 6 hours is the absolute minimum u can get from adam, no matter what you do. But normally its lasts 15hr-2days.

    Get the point?

  109. I am not surprised as the Tegra 2 has a 1080p video encoder chip (base profile if I remember correctly). I am more curious about the streaming part. Does it mean hi-def video chat?

  110. Not necessarily. Augmented reality games can use visual cues without need for magnetic orientation. One example is a game sample from the original tegra which had zombies and used a printed map and skittles for the game. The user walked around the printed map to change the perspective (they were supposedly in a copter) while the skittles acted like bombs/grenades they could set. There’s also the rock em and sock em (not sure if that’s the right name) game from Qualcomm.

  111. The design is set, they are now producing the final runs and soon will come the final production version. Depending on the time needed for FCC approval on the final version it will come to market sooner or later but from what we know they are on schedule and doing everything to get it to market as soon as possible.

  112. I don’t get it! Why is Adam such a huge secret, that we get to have such fragmented info.

    Just give the pictures and videos. Blackberry can do it, why can’t you. It isn’t even coming out till 2011, still they showed off the UI.

    This is driving me nuts, everyday I look up the blog and i find such updates. WE all knew Adam has good battery, that’s the ONLY reason im buying it.

    So just give us some information, I don’t know why u gotta be all CIA-secretive to us!

  113. Though Nvidia has had problems with heating on certain products (I also had an HP notebook which would sometimes crash because of the Nvidia graphics chip) this should not be an issue here. The adam uses an ARM chipset and all the cores on the SoC are ultra low power (the Graphics Processing Unit is an ultra low power GPU) and if the chips don’t draw that much power then it becomes hard or impossible to overheat. If the chips were drawing substantially more than they are supposed to then I don’t think Rohan would be getting the times stated (neither in his original personal use statement nor the heavy load scenarios mentioned in this post).

  114. More similar to an iPad. With laptops/netbooks you have Intel and AMD chipsets and motherboard with possible discrete graphics chips from Nvidia or AMD (aka ATI). The adam uses an ARM chipset like the iPad while the graphics from Nvidia on the Tegra are COMPLETELY different from their laptop/netbook offerings so their heat output should be much lower and more or less on par with the iPad (one reason the design is fanless and seems to not have ventilation openings, there’s no need for them).

  115. Monochromatic (black and white) mode only works with the backlight off. If the backlight is on then it is colour mode. Therefore if the test mentions “full brightness” then you get colour 🙂

  116. Don’t forget you might have the backlight on while in the sun in order to get some colour but it’d most likely be at a very low setting like 10% and a lot of the ambient light would also be reflected as you said.

  117. The Tegra 2 chip the Adam uses is capable of encoding 1080p baseline profile video. But if I am not mistaken video capabilities also depend on the camera and aren’t directly related to the full resolution of it (something to do with the refresh rate of the camera’s pixels or something like that). Anyone more knowledgeable please elaborate or correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

  118. May I make a personal request? In the usage chart can you include bluetooth? I tend to use stereo bluetooth a lot and I’d like to know how it would impact performance while movie watching or maybe if using it as a music player (or listening to music while reading). I say this because when you listed the power hungry components (screen, speakers, wifi/3G, Tegra) you didn’t mention it and I know on some devices it can seriously affect performance (on my previous phone it went from 6 hours music playback to 5 hours when using A2DP for it).

    Hope it makes it into the chart 🙂

  119. Rohan,

    1. When you posted photos from China you had mentioned that another set of Adams would be produced on 22-Oct with some corrections. Do you have any photos of these that you can sare?

    2. Any updates on the FCC approva?

  120. “Record HD video”

    1) 3 MP is enough, other thinks being capable.

    2) Legally, 720P is HD. Thus, recording HD video isn’t as tough as some would think (unless someone corrects me and shows 720p is harder than 1080i, both of which are HD. 1080p is now marketed as “full HD”


  121. Hm, dunno if you are being serious (my irony detector sounded, but not too loudly, so it could be a false positive, haha :)), but just to clarify… Yes, some netbooks will give you 6+ hours at half-brightness editing text documents… If you tried to do what Rohan described above on a netbook, you would simply fail because netbooks can not render HD video or play GPU/CPU intense games. If you play a standard definition video, I seriously doubt you can ever get more than 3-4hr from a netbook. And that’s with a 6-cell battery that makes your it weight at least twice more than Adam…

    In short, the only mobile devices that are able to perform a set of actions Rohan described here are full-blown laptops (and only some of them, btw, and that’s if we forget about the GPS). And performing them will squeeze the juice out of your laptop battery in an hour or so (at most two). So 6 hours of this kind of activity is a spectacular news, I don’t understand why everyone is whispering “disappointment”.

  122. “Record HD video”

    1) 3 MP is enough, other things being capable.

    2) Legally, 720P is HD. Thus, recording HD video isn’t as tough as some would think (unless someone corrects me and shows 720p is harder than 1080i, both of which are HD. 1080p is now marketed as “full HD”


  123. Bleah – had a typo and when I hit esc to end the transmission, guess it was too late. apologies for the double posting (2nd one corrected). – RT

  124. Actually Andrew, at least two sites are being responsible and reporting accurately this post, stating that that they are extreme use case scenarios and that it is quite good for what it is (also they mention in detail some or all of the example Rohan has given in order to make sure there are no misunderstandings). We can only hope all sites will be this responsible but at least these two are.

  125. read the first post on battery usage, he was clear it was under his normal usaged, and that there would be a wide variance in what people got, that is why he talked about the usage spreadsheet so people could enter what their usage was likely to be, and they could get a better estimate of what their actual battery life would be.

  126. Rohan,
    Can you compare this (maybe in your graph) with iPad battery consumption ?

    Slider EM

  127. Not the answer you want, but he has already said the reason, he stated his investors were controlling the info release. That when they gave the go ahead, then everything could come out.

    RIM is a big company, I saw the video, it looked great, but there was nothing that says it was of the actual product. many a demo videos are made, which arn’t the actual product.

    In the video clip, it looked to be a finished product didn’t it. but you know it is not, since it is still many months away from release.

    Until you get some hands on demo, you really have no idea what it will actully be like.

    We have at least seen actual video of Adam in use, back in June before they lost their first set of investors.

  128. 6 Hours of hard use and 15 hours of light use I’ll take it. I don’t understand why people are complaining about it. This is better than I have heard from any other device (not what they report but what is on the reviews). Companies can always over state and I think it is awesome that NI not only explained this but then came out and stated what is meant by heavy use.
    This is awesome guys and I will take 6 heavy use hours from a 3 cell any day. not to mention they are removable

  129. Actually ipad would only give 1.5 hours while playing flash video.
    That is one of the reasons why steve jobs removed flash from ipad.

  130. @Andrew

    He is saying a minimum of 6 hours on extreme cases vs the minimum of 15 hours of his personal use. Did he say his use last time was an extreme case? No. Did he say today he’s only getting 6 hours for his personal use? No.

    If he is retracting anything please do quote it from the previous blog of what exactly he said last time and quote what changed this post. Please do quote where he said he was playing 3d graphics games over wifi for 15 hours straight on the last post? How about watching hd playback for 15 hours straight?

    Lets see what exactly did rohan say about 15 hours: “I am getting from more than 2 full days to minimum of 15 hours (on average which will some idle time as well) !”
    Oh did you watch that? “on average which will [include] some idle time as well”

    This is not a retraction, if anything this is a clarification and examples of how the battery handles on extremes because people blew his comment out of proportion. Kind of like how you’re blowing this blog post out of proportion calling it a retraction.

  131. Rohan,

    Just wondering, will you be able to release it by Thanks giving ? there is enough dope in the device for me to wait for another month.

    I know the release dates are “BIG” thing for new product, and I certainly don’t expect you to respond me here but how abt hint.

    warm regards,

  132. Lets see what exactly did rohan say about 15 hours: “I am getting from more than 2 full days to minimum of 15 hours (on average which will some idle time as well) !”
    Oh did you watch that? “on average which will [include] some idle time as well”

    Then later on he even talks about posting an interactive chart so people can get an idea of what time they’ll actually recieve: “I am thinking of posting an interactive chart where you all can fill in details of how you will use it and then get the usage value out!” But hey you seem to have some quote somewhere where he says “You will get min of 15 hours period end of story no questions asked” so please do share=)

    This is not a retraction, if anything this is a clarification and examples of how the battery handles on extremes because people blew his comment out of proportion. Kind of like how you’re blowing this blog post out of proportion calling it a retraction.

  133. Less talk, more action or a release date. Or how about even a release Window?

    Let me put it to you another way. If everyone’s wife gets an iPad for Christmas before you release this magical device there will be millions of people pining away for a tablet that are spending their dollars in the friggin’ app store instead of the Notion Ink Market. Don’t be stupid about it.

  134. By any means its far better than any device available (including tablets/laptop). I am not sure why everyone is taking the exact value, my iPhone never last for more than 2hrs if I continuously browse & watch videos for 30 min.

    If Rohan claims 6hrs minimum, you can expect anything from 3-5hrs baes on your usage (multi-tasking, watching video simultaneously). Based on what I analyze you would still gets a decent 10hrs on normal usage.

    I appreciate Rohan’s post explaining the details. Has Apple ever disclosed these details (various usage modes)?.
    This is how NI/Rohan have gained trust being transparent. I feel its still the best among anything thats available in the market now. NI isn’t manufacturing the battery pack/screen/processor so what they worked out is still the best on various combinations.

  135. I agree! If there is no solid info this weekend then i am going for archos 101. Its not a threat( as someone said earlier) Just the truth. But would much prefer to get the adam- just cant wait for ever.

  136. When the ipad say 10 hours they are saying under “normal use”, Archos 101 say 10 hours- again it is considered normal use. Exopc gets 3.5 hours – normal use! So when he say 15-20 hours it is automatically assumed normal use and that it can do 5- 10 more hours than the ipad!This is a brave and outstanding claim that was aimed at saying it is better than the competition, which is why it has gained a lot of attention! it has now been retracted, or at best heavily toned down-like it or not. I am surprised you guys don’t see it like this. But we will just have to wiat to see the official tests.
    The fact that i see it like this means others will do to- this is not debatable. Lets just wait and see.

  137. I suppose that’s the problem with posting a statistic that reflects Max/Mean – most would probably read it Max/Min (which wouldn’t really reflect an accurate mean conclusion either, given the variety of different loading states that Adam will run at).

    It’s actually pretty easy to get a fairly concrete answer (relatively anyways) as to what your consumption will be – the draw of a particular unit is pretty constant if you load it to a certain regulated state (and averaged over a duration) – there will be a little variance from component to component which will add up, but overall I expect the initial lives of each Adam to be within +/-20 minutes of each other if identically loaded.

    That said, that’s exactly why Rohan is making the interactive loading spread that will indicate usage which is almost certainly to be this week’s “End of the Week Special.” 😉

  138. You do realize the 6 hours is for 1080p HD video playback continuously, according to Rohan, right? In real world usage, such as a wifi browsing, it would last a LOT longer. I personally have a Tegra 250 development kit at my disposal, and the thing barely uses any power, it is amazing…

  139. “There is enough dope in the device”

    So that’s why the FCC are taking so long with the Adam… 😀

  140. Keep in mind, while you are correct, and Tegra 2 is capable of encoding 1080p, the camera sensors are almost always 3:2 or 4:3 aspect ratio…

  141. Also, please add a column for flash on the internet.

    Supposedly one of the major reasons “the bad guys” decided not to use it on their tablet was because it sucked battery juice.

    I’d love to see how the Adam performs in contrast.

  142. You look like a rookie newspaper reporter otherwise you would not have posted your request here!

    If you really want to be taken seriously, then send the official mail to relations [at] notionink [dot] com and provide your office email address rather than gmail one.

  143. Usually the flash videos I watch blow my mind in much, much less time then 3hrs. 3 minutes, maybe.

  144. Dude, get the product out soon! You have a decent 1.0 already….you can refine it in 1.5. Compared to Galaxy Tab, BB’s tablet and other contenders yours has a better chance to succeed IF only you get it out sooner.

  145. The Battery specs are so hard for company to put out as it all depends. All I want is 8 hours of use the way I use it. can any of you tell me if that is possible? of coarse not as it will depend on what my setup is. the company can’t do this either. all they can do is what Rohan did. you’ll get 6 hours if you do this. I’m a medium user but heavy on some days, man this sounds like another type of commercial, but we just won’t go there. These are the specs that can not be confirm and haunt companies as you will never make everyone happy until they load their setup and try it for themselves. This sounds like I am going to have no problem with getting 8 hours of use even with the SETCPU and other tweaks we can do.

  146. All look at a app or a keyboard call DioPen. on a EVO works well and since it is a keyboard works in most applications. now we don’t if it will work on the adam yet, but it is one to check. I have also use the HTC stylus and it’s not bad. I like the look of the one Rohan posted better but I got the HTC one for $3.00 shipped so can’t beat the price.

  147. It likely hasn’t hit the FCC yet, by their past schedule they were still working out final production runs, FCC should be shortly, I am pretty sure when it hits, someone will see it.

    it is very common to hear when something hits the FCC as it is a public database. and many organizations monitor it.

    I would guess another week before it goes to the FCC, 2 – 6 weeks for release after that.

    the EAP tablets will be from the final version, they arn’t going to have a final version until they are confident it will pass FCC, and they said the EAP will be closed and the initial 200 notified, by November 3rd, so they will likely have final version of the tablet about that same time.

    Just my guess based on prior blog post.

  148. It sure has been asked more than once but we need to hear a release date – even if only approximate.
    Being fed bits of product and design info is nice and caring, but we all want to actually buy this product and knowing when will help soothe our nerves a lot…)
    I am actually now catching myself ogling other tablets and without concrete info about adam I just might not stand it anymore and jump on anything available now (that is a tablet and a Kindle)

  149. I think for adam to retain some market, they should atleast have a video (in action like others) and an approximate release date (range of 2-3 months is still fine) atleast couple of weeks before galaxyTab is available in market. Some users if they like may try to wait for that period based on the above information. Else a major chunk would go for galaxyTab. I think initially adam would be competing with galaxyTab compared to iPad(Apple users are die hard fans of Apple, they will buy anything with an Apple logo).

    Hope this information would be available officially before galaxy takes a major chunk.

  150. I meant the blogs taking what Rohan said out of context. Sorry i didn’t clarify. Now they’ll probably say he’s backtracking on his promises, which I don’t think he is so far i’m really impressed by the effort Rohan seems to be putting in. In fact 6 hours is actually pretty epic compared to most other devices, and thats without PQ.

  151. I think it’s funny that we are all raging and/or raving about the 6hr battery, while this post might actually be about something else.

    Namely, there is a tablet coming soon that can:

    — Play 1080P video with excellent sound
    — Play Flash videos on Wi-Fi or 3G network
    — Use Streaming 3D maps on 3G network with GPS
    — Record HD Video and stream it over the Wi-fi networks
    — Play an augmented reality 3D game with camera input over the network (wi-fi of 3G)

    I mean, this is unheard of, for a tablet… [iPad blushes and quietly sneaks out of the room…]. Did someone say something about the battery life? Oh, right…

    And an even funnier thing is, all this is not even 5% of reasons why I want an Adam…

  152. It’s not negative. The title basically says getting less than 6 hours on the adam is difficult.

  153. @Andrew

    And while adam can handle 6 hours of hd playback full brightness full volume the ipad managees about 3.5 hours so adam is still heads above the competition.

    I’ve been trying to figure out how we are seeing this differently and the only thing I can think of is that you don’t understand how the tasks he did in this post were high power tasks vs something that requires very little power such as browsing the internet on wifi. An analogy I have come up with would deal with cars. Lets say when you drive you usually get 25mpg. One week you have to tow around a trailer, which requires more power from your engine=lower mpg. These extreme cases are like the trailer, requiring more power from the engine(adam) and using more fule(battery).

    I stand by saying this wasn’t anywhere near close to a retraction as rohan had not said “15 hours of extreme battery draining use” but 15 hours of his personal use.

  154. A 4:3 3.15MP image is 2048×1536, making it THEORETICALLY capable of 1080p video if the refresh rate is good enough.

  155. Agree, but what is obvious to you, may not be obvius to even some tech people. For example, some bloggers stretched it to: “”Adam to run 16-20 hours on a single charge”, without much explanation. Kudos for Rohan for trying to clear the fog here.

    Honesty, honesty…

  156. But Rohan does not deny that Adam can go 16-20 hours under certain conditions (regular uses like reading).

  157. I hope that was not the weekend update! How long till this hits stores in the US and what are the major things you need to complete before getting there?

  158. Rohan.. big mistake by making this post.
    Now the blog worlds are going to have blogs titled
    “Adam founder now says the battery is 6 hours not 15 hours”
    “Adam founder lied about the battery”
    “Adam actually has lesser battery than iPAD”

    You could have put it across in a better way

  159. Rohan says there are 3 settings. So when light is on, the color setting is on but when light is off the grayscale setting is on. Are you saying that there is an middle setting? I was just wondering how one can read graphic novels and comic books with the e-paper setting because those kind of contents require color. Is the middle setting a half-light setting that shows non-saturated colors?

  160. Does anyone know why the photos from crunchgear don’t show the trackpad on the back of the unit? Are these photos from an earlier build or something?

  161. not even close, they are saying, Notion ink clarified the battery life, it was refreshing, battery life still puts it at the top of the class of upcoming tablets.

    everyone I read so far, which is quite a few. said positive things, said it was good notion ink clarified it, etc.

  162. Yes, they are old photos, you can tell because the camera is in the center, which it is not anymore. I believe the camara was off center even back in June. I think these must be from CES last year. Just my guess, but they aren’t new.

  163. @andrew britton : boy now you are all over on this 6hr thing. Thanks for providing a some dough before the more updates 🙂

  164. Thank you Tarwinia, now I’m more calm with this nvidia in Adam. I’m really upset with HP and Nvidia. My notebook crashed forever, because I pay $350 dollars +- for the repair and then it crashed again, and I will not reapair any more.

    So for a notebook do you think nvidia is a good one now? I’m thinking to buy an ATI one, but I still don’t know.

    And about Nvidia in Adam, even playing a heavy 3D game for hours, you don’t think that it will be a problem?

    Thank you!

  165. Most of these Windows-centric (and increasingly Apple-centric) eye-candy mags get motivated by money. Ad revenues, either promoting one’s product, or trashing that of the competition.

  166. For your demo/launch video:


    Would you be able to demonstrate this as part of the video/launch webcast you would be doing during its release? I have the confidence that this demonstration would pull people from all sorts of tablets to adam for sure(if they haven’t already purchased one).

    Proving multi-tasking capabilities of adam (and its power):

    1) Video conferencing with an other adam user in one window,
    2) Playing a Youtube HD video in once window (you should probably use wi-fi if its a demo/launch video)
    3) Checking/Writing mail using NI’s mail client (and if possible capturing a picture from the video chat/ camera and pasting it in the email) in one window.
    4) browsing web in multiple tabbed windows in one window.
    5) If you have any facebook/twitter client for adam with push notifications, have it running in one window.

    So you have 4-5 different windows working simultaneously occupying small part of the screen visible at the same time and not in stacking/sleeping mode, a true multi tasking which a Dell/HP (my experience.) laptop would die to do.

    If you are able to provide atleast 4 tasks out this in a demo, I bet the whole tablet market is in your hands (releasing at the right timing though).

    I think the above demonstration would be a good webcast/release demonstration assuming that you have a release demo webcast like major players.

    Don’t release adam silently like the unbranded Android tablets surfacing everyday (they come and die the very day) and please have a release webcast at minimum

    my 0.02 cents.

  167. Why don’t you tell us more about it? I am totally curious.

    There are ways to establish the credibility of a person / company even if you never met them. One can carefully analyze all the facts surrounding it, their consistency, etc.

    So given that we don’t personally know neither you nor “some” who have “alleged” nor NI, we’ll just have to trust our common sense. Right now NI credibility is somewhat higher than yours (lol), but do tell us the facts that you have in mind, maybe you convince us, who knows.

  168. “Some” eh Nishit you moron. What do you think they are selling here – cold fusion?

  169. hi
    I wanna request something from u guys who r following Adam from so long ..( jus like me 🙂 ). It would really help all those skeptical guys who think that this is retraction or ant thing else … by comparing it with the best out there Ipad i suppose . U see people tend to understand better when tought in comparision … i propose an analogy. Suppose u say a guy is Richest no body exites much. but rather if u say he is richer than bill gates then u can see the exclamation in his face … So if u people can find out how Ipad fares in these extreme conditions( Assuming it actually performs those extreme tasks 🙂 ) Rohan mentioned and post then people will eventually know .

    I tried to find but could nt. so only asking u guys .. 🙂

  170. ठीक है, परंतु ये तो ब्रांड न्यू नोशन इंक के आंकड़े हैं. क्या इसकी बैटरी तीन साल के लगाता प्रयोग के बाद भी इतनी ही दमदार रहेगी? इस बारे में नोशन इंक में नया कुछ है?

  171. मैं इसका हिंदी व भारतीय भाषाई प्रयोग की सक्षमता के बारे में रीव्यू देखना/करना भी चाहूंगा.

  172. I absolutely agree. You get the iPad to play anything past 720p, then we can put the brightness on maximum and the video on loop. (spoiler: It won’t last more than 3-4 hours, even if it could play 1080p, which it cannot)…

  173. Sources or GTFO! They are far from scam…just a startup that has to spin to the words of their investors until their business takes off…

  174. Sources or GTFO! They are far from scam…just a startup that has to spin to the words of their investors until their business takes off…

  175. Due to some twist of fate, my original comment is awaiting moderation, as it contains links to posts on a company called Cherrypal, about its 7″ tablet called Cherrypad. You might have misconstrued my comment to be about Notion Ink, which is not correct, but still my bad.

  176. Here are the links, without the http. Rohan, please clear the original post.


  177. I really hoped Adam will fulfil every student dreams about mobile e-book reader/note taking tablet. Capacitive styluses won’t provide accuracy required in technical drawings (unless it’s some new tech) so now most promising option for me is Asus Eee Tablet. Please consider using technology similar to Atmel maxTouch in Adam 2.
    (I am not related to Asus nor Atmel in any way)

  178. Note taking don’t refer only to writing. When taking notes you draw charts, plots, symbols, arrows etc. If Adam doesn’t support digitizer it’s not a tablet but a touchscreen slate.

  179. According to Gizmodo, alternating 720p, 3d gaming, etc…( since IPAD cannot multitask until OS is updated) at full brightness( still dark in sunlight) and volume ran down the battery in just under 6hrs. With Pixel Qi screen at 1024×600, Adam only needs 480p-720p, at minimal backlight brightness to be a great indoor/outdoor media player. Also, are plug and play peripherals like external hard drives, flash drives, optical drives, printers, etc… supported? OneTablet, Elocity A7 I think, only supports Flash memory USB2.0 devices up to 64gb. Will Adam have any such restrictions on external storage hard drives or Flash drives?

  180. very hard to test how well batteries will perform after 3 years of use, but since they are replaceble it won’t realy be an issue 🙂

  181. I am a student studying in coimbatore India….What will be the price of adam in India????

  182. Everybody, lets remember that Rohan is not a lawyer. He’s a CEO of a start-up! Of course he didn’t write things they way you are used to reading them, you’re used to lawyerspeak. 15 hours of even light usage is awesome, its better than my phone. 6 hours of 1080p means you watched 3 movies in a row! The real question, the one we really care about, is will it work long enough for me to do all my work/play, and then get to a charger at my own convenience? Obviously, the answer is yes!

    So chill.

  183. I really hope not, that would be beyond retarded. But you’re right, that may happen. *grimace*

  184. Maybe they have decided that the Adam will never be released, and so does not need to be included in “tablet battles”. Come-on Rohan! Prove them wrong! (*please*)

  185. hey Rohan… can we expect some Diwali gift from you? 😉

    (Maybe a blogpost which makes us go WOW!)

    In any case, wish you and the entire team a very Happy Dhanteras and a Rocking Diwali !!!

    Have a blast… Cheers..!

  186. Funny how the die hard fans of that damn fruit don’t complain about anything like, the Ipad having 256 mb ram (I rofl’d when I found that out). Something that is actually good is bound to have all it “possible” weak points poked at with fiery hot pokers of jealousy O_o. But yea, awesome all the way dude. +1 (if it was possible to thumbs up your post)

  187. hey rohan,
    congragulations. we are very proud of you . you have shown the world where India stands . of course its alone at the top!! i am waiting eagerly to get my hands on the adam tablet. waiting is painful! please let us know when we would be getting the product in India and how to place the order!
    you rock….

  188. is there text report of that test ?

    Rohan played video in very cruel for battery settings, making it as worse for battery as possible.

    What are known about ipad video ?

  189. Mossberg claimed iPad = 11.5 hours and Galaxy Tab = ~6 hours for his approx. test.
    A fair test would be running the test on various tablets side by side.

  190. thank you Notion Ink , Im still holding out for the Adam ,I have come close to buying others but in the back of my mind something tells me I would be disappointed if I don’t buy the ADAM …. iI know it will be worth it to wait …

  191. Wow… Just stumbled on this blog and the product researching android apps for the classroom. Would be interested in seeing how this can be used creatively for use in advanced design and photography classes at the high school level!


  192. 6 hours will all those things you mentioned is fine with me. Can’t wait for the release!

  193. we are a leading provider are very interested in their product.
    Please send us your product in the non-binding resolution:


        * WLAN – 802.11 b / g + Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP
        * Mobile Broadband – 3G HSDPA
        * GSM (TBD)

    Display Pixel Qi Display

        * 10.1 “TFT Liquid Crystal Display module with LED backlight unit
        * WSVGA (1024 x 600 pixels) resolution
        * Transmissive, transflective, and reflective display modes

    Please send this to the attention delivery

    Dieselstr. 24
    D-70839 Gerlingen
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    Endress+Hauser Conducta
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    Dieselstr. 24
    D-70839 Gerlingen
    – Germany –

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