With (More) Love from China!

Dear All,

Starting from one right now (11th), I will keep posting more today (next update by eod).

Will add more.

(Reading comments it seems we missed on the RAM specification. Its the latest DDRII 667MHz 1GB. As reported in the last post as well, the ADAM icon here is in the CAPS. Will get them in the small ones from the next series onwards)

Here We go!

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(Do remember that bulge seems thicker because its an extreme close up, try bringing pen closer to your eyes and you’ll note. Its exactly the same as you have seen in the earlier renders and LongBox Video. Also on the plastics, you dont actually see plastic right now! All what you see is the paint, so wont be a good idea to comment on the plastics! As soon as the color selection is done, we will start playing with the texture!)

And here comes the Video:

I am really happy with the sound (the extremely high treble (I will suggest you mute) is because of format transfer to YouTube and  the phone’s recorder, but the volume and quality was good enough for the whole Conference Room here!), (but not that much with the glass on surface, we had 7 different types of surface finishes to be tested, I have checked 2 yet, waiting for the complete matt one). Have added one image with Adam and Nokia’s E63 in comparison for the height since they are similar. Right now I don’t have SLR (as few people noticed by humble N900), and will get the best images when I am back in India. If possible will post all the color schemes.

If you are not familiar with tooling and manufacturing, here is some more info to drool upon. Tooling is required to make the casing for the plastic moulds. It will go through at least 3 iterations before the final tool is accepted when the final texture, tolerances and finish is agreed upon by all the parties. (Check this link: http://www.gtarepco.com/11115-3.JPG for visuals). We are expecting IInd changes on 22 Oct and last, Final ones in November and then hit that mean RED manufacturing Button!

Warm Regards

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  1. nice.. if possible post a video and as many suggested keep something to compare with in next post.. like a scale or something ..

  2. Awesome… can’t wait to read more. I refresh this blog like nuts. Even just to read all comments.

  3. ^^ thanks for the update!

    I look forward to seeing more pictures.

    Are there going to be a few more colours or are these the only colours that will be available?

  4. Thanks Rohan and I know you must have put in one hell of a day. But yes PLEASE more pics!! Thanks so much.

  5. Thanks Rohan! Appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to put them up! From those pics it doesn’t look that thick. And that’s from the end with the batteries. Looking forward to seeing it from different angles!

  6. WOW , I am really excited for this , despite the fact that , it’s not going to launch in Canada along with the US . but I’m gonna get it first :@ hahhahah

    thanks Rohan

  7. Are this the prototypes for developers? A video (HD) would be very nice if they have an OS already or lots of photos. I’m just counting the days to get one of this in my hands. Keep up the good work and nice updates.

  8. Thanks for the update. The picture metadata says taken with N900… 11-10-2010 3:28pm he did as soon as possible after getting there.

  9. Hi Rohan,

    Can you do a hands on demo video with the new Notion Ink adam Pilot Tablet ?


  10. Hey Rohan,

    Opened my mail mail just now..and pleasantly surprised to see an update today..and that too with a promise of more coming by the eod….really looking forward to the next post…cheers!!!!

  11. Appreciate you taking time of your busy schedule to post pic. Waiting for further information. 🙂

  12. and yeah…like Harsha said above..could you post a hands on video with the latest prototype?? That would be a real kicker..cheers!!!

  13. A true reply for all who said NI as vapourware..as all know action speaks louder than words…u r proving it again

  14. Just found an unofficial adam forum @ adamtab.com
    It’s NOT mine, I am just posting it here for forumgoers to enjoy.

  15. @ Erik : Its nice idea.
    Hey Rohan along with other pictures of Adam shoot by any other camera

  16. Rohan are you happy with how it has turned out?
    Does it feel nice to hold?
    What are your impressions?
    Would be great to know – Cheers

  17. Hey Rohan along with other pictures of Adam shoot by any other camera

  18. Rohan – I haven’t commented yet, but I’ve been following this blog since it began. Excellent idea to share your vision, design process, and thoughts on the development of the adam. I hope you inspire other product developers and innovators to follow your lead. Obviously I’m looking forward to buying the adam, but even from a consumer’s perspective I appreciate the insight into the the design and development process.

  19. Looks nice. Not too thick at the battery end. Plastickier than expected but good plastic. It doesn’t look like it’s going to break or creak like some cheap cell phones. From what one can see of the bezel on the one in the middle it seems smaller than the pic in the previous post. Though to be honest I can live with it in either way 🙂

    Can’t wait for the rest of the pics.

    And secondly…

    YES!!!! Very glad to hear about the RAM. 1GB and @667mhz is a very nice figure. That mixed with the Eden optimizations means we shouldn’t have too many problem. I can rest easy without worrying about overloading the memory with regular usage.

  20. Thanks for the update Rohan! Every small detail that you post helps us get a better idea of the version to get when adam comes out. Right now, I would have to say that I don’t like how the white one looks…. The combination of texture and color reminds me of cheap plastic and old PCs that used to all be off-white… The other two (black and gray maybe?) are better, but I’d like to see all color options before settling on one/two. Could you please detail the final choices that will make it on the market? … and post a clear picture of each? Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!

  21. And regarding the thickness, I think these photos are much better than the ones in the previous post. They should appease some people…

  22. Can’t wait. I’d been following adam for 5 months now. I only posted a comment just now. Hope it will be in our hands soon! Hope it pleases most of us. cheers!

  23. Hi Rohan,

    The ADAM logo on the bottom most tablet is still in all caps, rather than the all small letters version mentioned in the previous blog post. Are these set of photos from the old sample, or from the new samples for which you went to China?


  24. Thank you Rohan. Hope this will launch soon US too Please. Man.. This would be my first portable computer. Man… Would love to walk to the Apple store with this BadBoy. HEHEHE

  25. Your team is doing a good job Rohan !! Best wishes to all of you for the FCC cert.
    RAM sounds sumptuous !!

  26. i agree with this one. seeing the colored real thing(s) in pictures will make or break a color choice for all of us, i believe.

    not that the color can overshadow the awesome technical features of the Adam, anyhow. 🙂

  27. Hi Rohan!!

    Too good. You are totally living upto Everyone’s expectations.
    Questions –
    SDK release date?
    EAP Short listing date?

    Can’t wait to get my ideas rolling. Am sure many Others feel the same way.


  28. Very nice and beautiful.
    finishing looks good, particularly the junctions between the mesh structure, camera and the main body. no rough edges.

    Please post some more clear pics, diff angles with some reference.

    Wow, 1 GB ram is awesome.

  29. Wow, nice teaser for today, I have been refreshing the page all day long and now, 11 pm local time I finally saw what I was expecting, more pics.

    Tks for sharing the memory info, nice figure indeed.

    Also, It’s really nice that you are making us part of the whole process, and for updating the Blog from China. Me and lots of other users (I guess) will be waiting right next to the F5 key for more updates.

  30. 1 gb is great, you read the spec on so many of these cheap tablets, and they are 256 or sometimes 512 meg memory.

  31. Love it. I will fly and buy as soon as you have them out!!!
    Give my best to the NI team. They have done a tremendous god work.

  32. imagine the glorious high you get when you check your mail in the morning and see this glorious eye candy in it!!

    couldnt ask for a better start to the day

    and the “cherry on top” is the RAM specs @ 1GB 😀

    can i have this, like right now!! even with the ALL CAPS LOGO!!!!

  33. What’s that, apple?

    I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

    Regards, adam

  34. Please release the adam before December! I would love to use it for my winter quarter of college as a freshman electrical engineer.

  35. Thanks rohan…its really feeling me proud seeing this product from Indian company

    Are you going to have any press conference about this product?

    I am ready to buy as soon as it launches in India.

  36. Please make sure the power charger is 110V/220V compatible, since I will be traveling between China and US.

  37. Rohan did say in a reply in the last blog that it was too late to change the logo for the Pilot Production samples (these ones), but that it would be a lower case logo on the main production models

  38. Happy Morning for me.

    1 GB RAM is really good.

    looking forward to more pics(from all the angles).

    I guess you took this picture from a mobile phone(with no flash),however, i’m sure you’re gonna use better camera for upcoming pics.

  39. I a previous post you mention ‘Pilot Production Stage(we are about to end this phase, waiting for FCC to hit the next stage)’

    Can you clarify please – which exact date did it/will it go to the FCC?

  40. The black ones look great. And with a gig of RAM i’d love to see the UI zipping :-)..
    Waiting waiting.. the wait is getting to me… 🙂

  41. I am not sure if this is updated design or not. In the previous post Rohan said “adam” is lower case. Now I see as cap “ADAM” on the 3rd(bottom picture) one. Are my eyes something wrong?

  42. Nice pics ..eagerly waiting for more .. let it come to the market .. coz adam really sparked an idea which is worth millions .. and that makes it clear why so many teasers ..Keep it up ..!! N when ‘ll NI launch it in INDIA …

  43. Rohan mentioned that they _will_ be making changes to print ‘adam’ in lowercase. It will take a little more time for the next batch to come out. These are not doughnuts right?

  44. RAM is good to have but UI will zip with a proper hardware-software fusion. There won’t be any zipping if there are resource hogs.

  45. 4x the iPad, 2x the Tab (same as the Playbook but that’s not out till next year and not mass market oriented).

  46. There’re a lot of swedish people waiting to see the Adam launched in Sweden. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will be available for purshase before christmas ;).
    Regardless I’ll definitely order one from wherever part of the world it’ll come out first.

    Rohan, where can I sign up for a pre-order ?

  47. Exactly, but something for us to see the scale. I like how you but several adams on top of eachother, but we allready knew that adama was long one adam length. Matchbox in the picture would have been better, because machboxes are usually standard size (2″ or 5cm). Regards.

  48. Hoping for a release before the end of the year!

    i hope you intend to send a few devices out to reviewers before the launch?

  49. yo dawg, i heard u liek adams, so i put an adam into your adam. so you can take pictures while you take piktures!!!

  50. Hi Rohan,

    What about the possibility to update to Android 3.0 ? Will it be supported ? It would be awesome ^^


  51. ‘Notionink’s adam is ready to eat apple ;)’

    There’s your advertising campaign right there. Adam and Eve (possible have her in background or as silhouette) with Adam taking taking a bite out of something that looks like the Apple logo!

    You’ll have to be careful it’s not too similar, due to copyright though.

    This could be a high profile idea. I’m sure it would really get people talking and lots of media attention if you make fun of Apple….

  52. There is another specification you missed. In early stories about the Adam, there was supposed to be a MAGNETIC COMPASS. I cannot find it anywhere in the specs now.

    Can you please clarify if there is a magnetic compass in the Adam? It is very important for various navigation purposes, for star-chart programs and other things.

  53. Like the details that you are providing on the the evolution of the adam. I am fascinated to be witnessing his “birth”.

    Keep the news coming and congratulations to you and your team”

    Can’t wait to get my adam!

  54. Hello Rohan,

    Thanks for updating the blog with regards to my query above (about the capitalization of the logo text). A couple more questions that I hope you will be able to find time from your busy schedule to answer.

    1. Clearly, the hardware of ADAM is a small part of the whole experience that you would like to create when using ADAM. Rather, it is the desired product experience that must drive the hardware requirements of ADAM. Can you write a few words on what kind of out-of-the box experience do you envision a user to have with the hardware that has been set for ADAM ?

    2. Though it might be hard to accept for many, I think for a product to be successful you do have to act like a benevolent dictator. What I mean is that there must be *some* control over what gets delivered as the default product experience. Users, reviewers and the market have set the bar high on expectations from devices such as tablets. For example, finger swipe is more or less a must feature rather than a novelty feature. Similarly, the default applications that ship with ADAM must showcase something that makes it stand out from the run of the mill applications that folks expect to have on a tablet (e.g. Google Maps, Web Browser, games etc). And these default applications must showcase the uniqueness of ADAM. For example, an e-Reader that can make good use of the 3Qi screen on ADAM. Can you write a few words on what type of applications are being planned to be delivered by default in ADAM ?

    3. From your blog, it is my understanding that many developers have been signed up for developing applications for ADAM to utilize the unique multi-tasking architecture. Can you also write a few words whether these applications will be available out-of-the box with ADAM (and thereby add to the overall product experience), or is the user expected to download them individually from the app store?


  55. i do believe they have support for upgrade to Gingerbread in the near future as mentioned in forums and some news articles. now isn’t that something more to grin about? 😀

  56. “Final ones in November and then hit that mean RED manufacturing Button!”
    Does that mean hitting the RED Button AFTER FCC approval ?
    which may tell us that mass manufacturing will start in november, so shipping won’t start before end november/first weeks in December.

    Quite a nice christmas gift 😉
    Can’t wait to read reviews that tell us THIS is THE Ipad KILLER 😉

  57. Hey Rohan,
    thats awsome………………I work in Bangalore…If I am not wrong your office is in Bangalore as well….Can I drop for special Hands On???

    Keep up the good work……….

  58. Hi,

    nice to see video and images. just wondering if the rough and cheap plasticky look is due to engineering samples. I hope final product will have better finish and good looking solid design. All the best and great efforts.

  59. let’s keep our fingers crossed that Rohan will be able to photograph *cough*ALL*cough* color models (assuming they’re available now as well).

    red&black adam would still remind me of Alienware, though.

  60. the video looked and sounded awesome in the dark (with the adam in there, somewhere) 🙂 am liking where this is going!

    more images! more videos! we need more to feed the humble, raving masses!

  61. Wow! I suggest you’ll choose dark color variations, they look very well; from these new pictures, both the bezel and the thickness seem really ok, as I was expecting

    Rohan, here in Europe we need the CE certification, as you’ll certainly know; I have already experience in doing CE certification on telecommunication components/products; if you can send 2 samples we can do the process for you, I know several CE notified labs in Europe that can do the tests and provide the test reports and certificates in few weeks, but we must apply asap and do a reservation; it would be important not to miss the Xmas weeks here, too

  62. Am I the only one who noticed that the edges on the adam look alot fatter and doesn’t like it? It is because of the photography angle, is does it really have that fat black frame surrounding the screen? I hope not. All the renders so far had it alot thinner

  63. Please take a cm off the bezel so that it doesn’t look like a big picture frame. I do agree that some space is needed for the fingers but this seems like overkill. Liking everything else so far.

  64. He Rohan,

    Adam is looking really awesome. Every thing from design to usability. I think a successful product is a right balance between how good it is to use and how good it is to sell/buy, and adam is doing fabulous.

    BTW what about rear trackpad? Whats happening on it? I am using an application and loving it, I guess it is also from India : http://www.handstalk.in/witpad.
    It can be great addition to Adam, and I am sure you can connect with them..

  65. Your observation is correct. The border of the screen is wider that the earlier mockups. That will either make the tablet bit bigger or the screen bit smaller. The advantage of having wider border is that it is easy to hold and does not block the screen.


  66. They come in November when he hits the red manufacturing button. He must be hitting the grey, white, black buttons before then 😀

  67. Am I the only one who wonders about the sudden growth of the bezel?

    Is there any perticular design-thought behind the seemingly bloated bezel of this otherwise yummy device?

    Personally I would place the “buttons” (icons on the left side of the screen) on the same side as the camera (top side), and cut the deadspace in half on the remaining 3 sides. A big border around the screen makes it look cheaper. I do realize that we need space for our fingers to hold the device, but this looks like 3-4cm, and 2cm would be plenty.

    There might be some grand plan behind the big border, and if so please explain it to confused individuals such as myself

  68. Not in the final version! We are playing with Surface Finish here (S values), what is pictures here is the one with 10. We will push it to around 32 to see the effect on clarity.


  69. thats great to see the updates and 1gb ram is simply awesome . pls dont feel ofended i just dint like the finishing of the product and iam sure this not the final version which will hit the market. i still feel a silver and whitecombination will really look superb and classy co along with grey and black and other colours which others have suggested the white one here seriously looks like cheap plastic . i was hoping a brushed alluminium feel for whatever colour u use .
    when we all can expect a hands on video showing the amazing features of ADAM .? hope see some crystal clear images of ADAM

  70. Yup, the top portion looks thicker than what we’re used to seeing. Else, add a mirror on it so we can see who’s peering over our shoulders 😀

  71. agree with u , had the exact questions comming in my mind and the white adam looks seriously cheap here

  72. @valnir
    If you have read every comment above you will know that you are by far not the only one who noticed the thicker bezel. But as we know Rohan and NI we can be absolutely sure that there is a good reason.
    And to some other people here: when they are that shortly before the main production there will be no possibility for adding a magnetic compass (if it really was missing) or changing the design (buttons) for example. As we can see, Eden and Genesis are not running on the pre-production examples, so this will be the thing they’re working on until the production starts.

  73. Can somebody (Rohan?) please answer whether the device will support use of a stylus? Thanks!

  74. The borders so wide? what I can remember is narrow than this! A wide one, for whatever reason, is not so impressive (atleast makes me sad.)..Everything else is beautiful !

  75. The next thing is that we all together would like to have a device that’s far cheaper than the Galaxy Tab and the iPad (both manufactured in China as well) but it should please have far better technical specs, an ingenious screen plus top-design with luxury finish?
    We should be lucky if we will be able to buy Adam in his top spec for the announced $499 (or a bit less) and live with the “cheap” plastic look (I like the total black one the most with the matte finish like with my Thinkpad). The inside and software are much more important. Those who only want top-design should opt for the iPad (which looks boring to me and has a wide bezel as well as every actual tablet has. A small bezel is useless as you cant hold the device with the touchscreen working properly. My Nexus One for example doesn’t accept any input from my right hand when I touch only the very border when holding it with the left.

  76. Dhanyavaad; Saadar Pranaam Rohan.
    For a second the video made me think you are in partnership with the … a t’s…

    Folks when NI used magnalium to give us a solid casing why would it give us plastic for anything else… from the close-ups the mesh is actually looking like a very good rubbery feel to be able to absorb pressure when its bumped against surfaces…am sure every little detail and the bigger picture is taken care of… see they are so precious the folks at the factory don’t want a speck of dust on them and are keeping them wrapped in layers of covers!

    btw, I am looking forward to the ‘next update by eod’ ….

  77. Thanks Rohan. Very pleased to see those new pictures and video clip. Now it is reducing the communication gap between you and us, and we all hope adam be the No.1 among the contenders. I guess it is time to check my bank account for apple eater “adam”.
    Best regards.

  78. Now imagine the glorious high you get when you have developed a product that so many people are excited about and you open the very first batch!

    This type of innovation would be my dream!

    Well done Rohan 🙂 it is probably an exhausting amount of owrk but you are living my dream! keep the updates coming.


  79. Thanks so much for the amazing update, it looks like the product I’ve been waiting for this past year.

    I’m sorry so many people have such negative comments on the bezel. Yes, it’s different, but I think it’s just as fantastic looking as it was. I think it looks comfortable to hold, with no worries that you’re going to slip a bit and change something.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us, I now have to start dropping subtle hints to my mother that this is what I want for Christmas.

    Hope you’re enjoying having your product in your hands 😀

  80. Rohan,

    I know it is probably a lot of work bu you are living my dream! Well done for achieving your goals and i bet it is EXTREMELY exciting to be holding your baby.

    Good luck

  81. Ok, here’s an analogy –

    This is like the first draft of a book.
    The second draft will be written on October 22nd.
    The third and final one, in November.

    The book will then be under the scrutiny of the Censor (read FCC) who’ll (a) suggest changes in the prose or (b) approve it unconditionally.

    Then it will hit mass printing and you’ll buy your hardback.

  82. Hey Rohan,

    thanks for the pictures, they are looking great!
    I got a question you might be able to answer yet:

    What plans do you have regarding the international shipment of adam? What countries are planned on your list? Maybe you could give us a list with like 5-10 countries which are 100% planned to be shipped with adam’s.

    Greetings Alnerion

  83. Hi Rohan.. the borders are a lot wider than the early renders. but if possible you can reduce the left and right borders (in land scape reference) by 0.5 – 1 cm. that would look nicer. or if you still want to accommodate the 4 buttons (or touch sensitive icons) on the left bezel, you can still reduce the right bezel. nevertheless, I zoomed the picture to its lifesize and it seems ok to me. but would be better with slightly thinner bezels. the screen would be good if it is matte like in most lcd panels which would not reflect any light.

    One more qn: there are 4 buttons on the left. I could identify Key lock, Search, Home. Could you or anyone clear up what is the fourth one? it some how looks like a scribble. does that hint a handwriting input?? if not, pls clear up what it is..

  84. I am so amazed at your accomplishments. I was one of those who criticized for not releasing information. I am currently in far east (Japan) heading to China. If you are still in China this weekend, I would like to share a cup of coffee (or – ok – a glass wine or a beer) and trade some entrepreneurial stories in the US and EU over the last 20 years. Hats off.

  85. I think I can’t wait for launching date for whole world. We have heard US and the India for sure. So better for me, fly to India and have one (that is nearer to me). Thailand might not be in the first list of launching date. Guys, spin the globe faster and come November soon. Counting a day is too long now!

  86. Thank you very much

    Nice pics, the grill structure is beautiful and looks very elegant.

    The finishing looks to me good. But perhaps the size of the device is little bigger now.
    not the known 239 mm but around 270 mm in the longer direction. still the bezel people are talking about is around 24-25 mm (ipad is 21 mm) and is ok to me, because slowly we will realize its advantages. i hope the light weight magnalium alloy and the plastic chassis will not increase the weight of the device much (650 gm present), due to the increase in size.

    Thanks for some insight into tooling. Yeah please carefully test the glass finish, as it will decide not only the look but also the touch response and other responses.

    make sure that battery heating is ok. The video is quite nice.


  87. Although i find the screen very glossy too matt is also not nice. somewhere inbetween is perfect. Too matt and it dulls the colours and contrast!

  88. Francesco raises an important point. I’m in the UK and the Adam would need CE certification for sale here – in fact, it would be needed for importation too, I think. I’m hoping that you have this under control, as I’m hoping to have it ready soon after Christmas to take to a major industry exhibition for my business (horticulture).

    Good luck!

  89. Btw i think it looks great. I was worried it was looking thicker but now i can see it is very thin. Once you have finalised all the textures its going to look very classy!

  90. reg. battery, Rohan mentioned earlier than he was very impressed with its performance and am sure the heating was also factored in the metrics

  91. I imagine (and hope) that they will go for a finish that is more matt than glossy as the transflective screen is designed to be seen easily in bright sunlight, slick a nice glossy piece of glass over the top of it though and all you’ll see is some nice reflections.

  92. Hey Rohan,

    I am very excited with all of these updates and images of adam.

    I (and lots if others here) was just wondering whether the bezel actually seems as big as it looks. I know that a bezel is really important especially on a touch screen tablet but it seems alot bigger than before and maybe a bit too big.

    On the other hand, it could be a perfect size and the images just aren’t doing it justice.

    I think we are all just anxious so find out any little detail about adam that we start getting picky with anything we have.


  93. For a transparent process, you can’t possibly get better! Awesome project!

    The next few weeks/months suddenly seem long…can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  94. the bezel now looks okay. And yes the thinness is there.

    yeah will live with the bezel. no complains now!!!

    But I was right about the side menu buttons.

  95. Rohan in one of his comments: “(Glossy) Not in the final version! We are playing with Surface Finish here (S values), what is pictured here is the one with 10. We will push it to around 32 to see the effect on clarity.”

  96. That border is to big, it looks like those iPad Kirf`s from China. NO no no! i Want the Adam I`ve seen here:

  97. it has several version u can buy one with 3g/wifi or just with wifi but it ll cost a bit more 😉

  98. you took the words out of my mouth Id love to see adam taking a bite on the apple.. n throwing the remnant in the thrash can..

  99. Will those capacitive buttons make it to the final product? Also when you get back to your headquarters will you be loading your custom OS for testing?

  100. Have been refreshing the site every 30 mins or so for days now 🙂 literally hanging on to every word or picture. Thank you so much for making us a part of your journey – I am honestly rooting for you guys 🙂

  101. finally a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the sound sounds good from that i can see. cant say anything about the video because it’s a low res youtube. but the video flow looks very smooth.

  102. Rohan, Thanks so much for the photos, video, and info. You guys are doing an awesome job. I guess it is true when they say good things are worth waiting for…

    Thanks for letting us know that adam will have 1 GB of ram. That is great! Would you please let us know how much storage there will be?

    You have said there will be four versions of adam. Pixel Qi with and without 3G, and LCD with and without 3G.

    But the specifications on Notion Ink’s website also indicate there will be versions with 16 and 32 GB of storage.

    Please, please, please clarify that for us. Thanks!

  103. may i know when this was taken? the camera is still near the center here, so i gather it’s at least two, three months back

  104. mmmmm…..good job….well done……

    will there be any bag or cover along with adam which suits well and looks stylish to carry or to place on table or to keep straight while watching videos just like tv..eg. ipod cover

  105. ya regarding the border i too feel the same it should look as if full screen is being used and try to reduce the thick border

  106. That’s what I’m talking about!

    Love what I’m seeing and hearing. 1gb ram is a very nice surprise (I believe I read somewhere that it was 512mb). That should help with Gingerbread compatibility. Also loved how smooth the video playing was and also the reported quality of the sound.

    The design looks solid and as a whole very elegant (still love the dark one but the white one doesn’t look half bad). I hope to see more of the UI in future videos especially this novel multitasking in action.

    Thanks Rohan for taking the time to share this with us and congratulation to you and your team.

  107. Guys, maybe to make Rohan’s job easier we could list all the questions without an answer and he can decide on what he feels deserves an explanation.
    I will start and you can copy and paste to create a list:

    -Bezel, is it final? what measurements? why did it ‘grow’ so much from earlier renderings?
    -Did the measurements of the overall device (size, weight) change from the specs on the website?
    -Will there be any other changes in design in the final version?
    -How many versions of Adam will they be? with/without LCD, with/without 3g plus 8,16,32 gb of storage ? (that would be 12 versions and it seems like a lot…)
    -What 3g frequency will the Adam get?
    -Could you give us more info on the back trackpad?
    -When will Adam be submitted to the FCC for approval?
    -Could you give us more info on the UI?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    …feel free to add….

  108. Just a guess on that other button on the left…

    I saw an earlier hands-on video where Rohan demonstrated “gestures” (I think that is what it is called), a mode where you write a “w” on the screen and it opened a web browser, or “p” and it did something else. Kind of a shortcut system for quick access to various apps or functions.

    I wonder if you press that button to access the shortcut mode prior to writing the “w” (or other characters) with your finger and bingo…

    Like I said, just a guess. But check out the slashgear video, at about the 9 minute mark to see what I am referring to.

    Any other guesses?

  109. But…can’t the adam stand up on its own ??
    something like this for example…

    some kind of hidden leg….
    that would be a real missing for usability….

  110. The screen border seems very big in this prototype. Much muck bigger than in previous designs where there was only a thin and elegant border. This worries me a bit.

  111. Wohoo!! It’s wonderful watching it born into the world!! Thanks Rohan for allowing us at this family event : ) Keep at it the progress is coming fast now and you’ll get to hit that mean RED button soon. Looking forward to more pics.

  112. Bezel looks quite bigger than I expected, is it bigger than ipad? the top part is certainly going to be bigger and can be lived with.

  113. “If you have read every comment above you..” this is a pointless argument as comments are not visible instantly for new posters. At the time I wrote the comment there was very little comments about this issue. The last 3 posts before mine was probably still undergoing “moderation” or was submitted while I was typing my comment.

    I still would like to know the reason for this border. It could be that the “pixel Qi” needs a certain extra width for eletronics outside the viewable area, or some other reason. I would love to know what made this change in looks happen if anyone has a proper answer please 😉

  114. fine it have 1gb ram, but it seems ugly against first prototype(on video in some comment up)

    why it have this new big borders like iPad???

    will be have size like on official page(239x158x14mm) or bigger???

  115. Okay, so here is my take on the wider border…

    We’ve all seen earlier prototypes of the adam with a much narrower border (the black frame around the screen that some people refer to as the bezel, etc).

    Many of us like the look of the narrower border. But if all we were after is looks, we might opt for the simplistic or minimalistic look of the iPAD.

    Looks are very important, however, features and function (among other things like performance, etc) are the reasons I want the adam over the iPad.

    If Rohan and his team have decided to go with a wider border around the screen, I will bet there is a very good reason for it. It may offer better protection for the screen, it might provide a more functional area to hold on to, there could be something (hardware components) underneath that extra border area that improve functionality or performance, or who knows…

    I’ve closely watched adam’s evolution over the past year and they have made so many changes to improve the adam. I’d like to know why there is a wider border in this latter design too. But I’m sure the decision to go with it wasn’t one like deciding on the upper or lower case adam logo, or which color the frame should be. Though those can influence a consumer’s decision to make a purchase, both are based on preference or opinion (and Notion Ink has listened to our opinion on those). There has to be more to it to make a change as significant as widening the frame around the screen, especially if it changed the overall length and width of adam. If I am wrong and the decision to go with a wider border was made based solely on opinion and there is no benefit to functionality, etc, then I too vote for the thinner border…

    Rohan, please comment on why the decision was made to go with a wider border around the screen and let us know what the overall length and width are with this wider border.

  116. Hi ,,,
    I thinks it`s the stock player of android so it means we couldn`t play so much formats on it & we should convert videos on PC first ….
    I wish it has a video player like Samsung Galaxy S ….

  117. I totally agree.. It looks alot more elegant, sleek and exclusive then. The less frame/bezel the better! I will buy it anyway because of all the other unmatched features but with a thinner bezel it’s close to perfection!

  118. finally, adam in action!! even if it was only a small video playback

    you are just teasing us with this hsort video. c’mon, give us a more hands on demonstration

    you know that i would probably be one of the first to put my money down right!! just say the word and ill give you the cash right away!! 😀

  119. but Adam seems(if have 10,1 inches display) biigger than Toshiba Folio 100, which have size 281 x 181 x 14 mm

  120. These updates are great! It really feels like we’re getting close!

    But, with each update, I have the same nagging anxiety.

    Will there be enough Adam’s for everyone who is going to want one?

    Or, I suppose the real question is, will those of us here, who have been following this great device, get some sort of first chance at pre-ordering?

    Like many of you, I want an Adam as soon as it is possible. I don’t want to miss out on that first window of opportunity.

    Regardless of my anxiety, keep those updates coming! The pictures and video and design and technical information are fantastic!

  121. Not a great question but does adam have basic phone & messaging capabilities or is it just a computer tablet with 3g connectivity?

  122. I agree with Greg. Looks are important but given how carefully Rohan and team have moved I believe there is a good reason for this border. My personal opinion is that it will make it much easier to hold and really avoid inadvertent touch screen commands.

  123. in one Pic, screen displays…”NO SIM”, please insert sim card. 4:40 AM,… Can be insert SIM card and use ADAM as a mobile phone?….or GPRS/3G connection will be available in this? pls through some light on this….if any fan knws abt this….thanks

  124. The wider bezel is a little less elegant, but hardly a deal-breaker.

    My potential future purchase of an Adam is much more dependent on getting a final word on the possibility of upgrading to Gingerbread once it comes out. I anticipate Gingerbread will be a real game-changer in the tablet space, and I’d want my Adam to be able to upgrade.

    In any case, my internal “gonna get it” meter on the Adam has just gone from “probably vapor” to “keep your eyes on this one.”

  125. I don´t think it will make it much easier to hold, on up video in comments he hold Adam very comfortable and maybe can write on it without put Adam on legs…with borders you ar far from screen, what can heavier for some action(lfor etxample playing games with touch buttons), with big borders tablet is less comfortable to carry:\
    i don´t think it will be size like is on oficial page(239x158x14mm)

  126. Rohan you should take care, you have many complains regarding the black frame (the bezel). It is very true that this is not making adam more appealing, by contrary it will be more difficult to compete with Samsung Tab and iPad.

  127. you say that and the next moment we will see folks asking for why cant we have CCTV live feed of the Adam being minted or better still provide a remote button on this blog to control the robotic arm in the factory so that we could control the border/bezel/color whatever! its not fair for keeping us in the dark etc….

    Adamites are pampered like hell… may be time for a quiet period while NI does the final touches before pressing the Red button

    ok folks go ahead and kill me now!

  128. in one Pic, screen displays…”NO SIM”, please insert sim card. 4:40 AM,… Can we insert SIM card and use ADAM as a mobile phone?….or GPRS/3G connection will be available in this? pls shed some light on this….if any fan knws abt this….thanks

  129. I’m with ash. I want to buy the 3G version since the difference in cost is minor. But I don’t plan to use 3G, not at first anyway. I just want that option available to me if I decide to use it. I’m hoping there won’t be any issues going that route, especially if I don’t insert a SIM card. I see that message on the screen shots above about the missing SIM card. I hope that appears, quickly goes away, and causes no further impact…

  130. I have been following this since march of this year, it would be the perfect thing for me to continue on in studying my CCIE (endless supplies of .pdfs)

    but recently having looked at the last few pictures on this blog i am a little worried, the original seemed to have a much smaller edge and the screen it self seemed to encompass more of the product.

    but now it looks like the screen (from the pictures above) is reflecting alot of light (hopefully thats just one of the LCD ones) and seems to be getting smaller.

  131. Thanks for increasing the bezel cause after calibrating the image I find its twice the thickness of my thumb and that should give me better handling capacity… You are a genius.. Late but sure.. Thanks

    I was just thinking in dusty climate like ours wont the pores create problem.. I guess you must have thought through it…

    I dont care if your finsh is poor or less fancy.. if its rugged that would be all.. I feel apple is for girlish

    This reminds me when I spoke top that Sony guy about the easy scratches on my Laptop.. he said its a delicate product I have to handle it with care, I cursed my purchase.. Guys I mean its a Laptop.. its meant to be carried around its not a show piece for my home.. if you travel by Mumbai railway you will know…

    I miss those hard rubbery calculator from HP.. they could be used in a brawl and after then to calculate the damages.. Elegance is for showcase.. I may be wrong after all I am alone here talking of this..

    If you could make it rugged then the ad could go like this..
    A desert.. a cowboy.. in jeans with those leather stuffed around … horse tied in the back ground.. checking out an graph, while speaking on his blue tooth headset .. and best off all taking the bite off an apple..

    So many statement in one pic.. I should be paid for this..

  132. Rohan, what happend to the screen? If you have a look at this early Adam video, the ratio of screen size to total device size is totally different to the pic of the final product you have shown here:

    The border on the sides and especially on the bottom of the screen seems to be twice as thick as in the video. Or in other words: the screens seems to be “shrinked” inside the devices body. And this looks awful!

    What happend to that well proportionated sexy device Adam was in the early ages?

  133. Great going Rohan and Team ….

    Congrats and all the best for your release …

    Thought of sharing something which came in my mind…
    While having an excellent hardware .. we should also have some excellent Apps in place (Already few people have mentioned about this) to reach the end user..
    Also please focus on the accessories for Adam .. Docking station with a wireless keyboard and mouse is everyone would expect .. Please give us some insight on what accessories you have in place for Adam ..

    I would like to use Adam with a Car Dock 🙂 ,might sound funny for people to hear this , but I would love if you we have one ..
    With three way panel I would like to have a Navigator , Media Player , and phone running on the same time during my travel …

    Also I am not sure if we can resize the application in the panel … if you have that I would say one more awesome ….
    Similarly if we can have a control on having multiple panel which can be configured it would be great .. a choice for the user to select a 2 panel or 4 panel …

    Thanks and Regards

  134. Well Greg, your argumentation is right for the border on the left and right side of the screen. But what about the bottom “bezel”?

    I think there will be only two wayy to hold the Adam:
    – in portrait mode holding the Adam with the left hand (next to the camera)
    – in landscape mode with hands left and right next to the screen.

    You will never (or maybe never) hold the Adam with the right hand only in portrait mode, so that you will need the lower border. Even if you are left handed, you can hold the Adam at the camera-side, thanks to the acceleration sensor, the screen should rotate the right way.


  135. The screens will be a standard 10.1 inches because that’s the size of the Pixel Qi displays. I suppose the standard LCD ones could be smaller. So, assuming it isn’t an artifact of the camera/angles, the issue would have to be a larger bevel.

  136. yes you’re right… the border has become fat… it looks much cheaper now (in a bad way)….

    Notionink Team: We want high res Images, Demo Videos and Specs!

  137. on photos Adam have stock android os for mobile phone…Where is own Adam accelerated UI?

  138. why the screen in this way reduced? is smaller then10 inches or is bigger then in the description? On the first image was wrong?
    Screen near thumbs were usefull why change it?
    It’s getting worse every day but still the best tablet for what I know.
    Is someone know something better please send me an email.

  139. Regarding the bezel thickness:

    Rohan might reply with an actual number later, but in the meantime I decided to do some calculations based on these images.

    I took the two angled shots showing the entire unit and did a perspective correction to approximate a direct overhead view. Measuring the dimensions of the screen in the image and comparing to the actual size, I calculated the bezel to be around 21 mm thick on the sides and bottom (the top is thicker because of the camera). Both images produced the same number.

    For reference, this is about the thickness of my thumb, and I have fairly small hands. So, I’d say this about right for holding the device without accidentally touching the capacitive layer.

  140. Am looking at the picture where Adam is in a lock screen (Android lock screen) and trying to imagine the use of such a thick border. As Greg rightly pointed out earlier that Rohan and the entire Notion Ink team has been so careful in the entire design process that it kind of makes it hard to think they could’ve done it wrong with the border.

    My first reaction was the same as everyone else, but when I carefully thought about its practical implications, I could see the possibility of a split keyboard and android game controllers on the side using thumbs. This would explain bezel/borders on the side. And when I tried to imagine typing on the Adam when its resting on my lap or the table (and am really looking forward towards that day), those extra few centimeters to rest the edge of my palm (just like a normal notebook/netbook has) would really be ideal considering the fact that Adam does have a tilt.

    This is my take on the borders, and now it makes me feel better to see that Adam does have those bezels/borders than really thin or no bezel/border at all.

    Incredible work Notion Ink and Rohan. You’d finally make India’s presence felt on the world stage.

  141. I absolutely loved this original mockup of the Adam. I’m hoping the final product is as close to this type of look and feel as possible. [other then the camera shift, etc.]

    Thanks for updating us with the recent video and photos!

  142. Yes, I prefer thinner bezels. I totally understand there is a reason for them becoming bigger than mockups. But if it is for better grasping/holding other than technical issues, I would rather be carefully using it with thinner bezel. I don’t see a problem holding it with thin bezel in the technoholik clip.
    Anyway, thanks for the pic update. Looking forward to the EOD one

  143. Thank you for the images Rohan. Like others have said, the large bezel takes away from the looks just a bit. I think the sides are ok, but the top and maybe bottom could be smaller. Would it be possible to fix that and also expand the screen to a slightly higher vertical resolution as well, it almost looks like the screen will be too tall and thin when in portrait mode.

    Also, Have you tried putting the soft buttons centered above the screen? I think that might also cover up the huge bezel as well.

    Would you also enlighten us about what you can/are willing to change at this point? I assume you cant scrap the entire case and start over on it with mass production hopefully beginning next month. That would just be an interesting tidbit to know.

    Thanks for all the great information. EAP and SDK stuff next please!

  144. Haha I love your commercial idea, if there is a TV ad there HAS to be a guy taking a bite out of an apple, even if for no reason, we all will know what it means.

  145. Yes, 1 GB is great compared to other tablets, but keep in mind that this 1 GB is in conjunction with the multitasking optimization which will make it feel like even more than 1 GB.

  146. Screen size looks much smaller when comparing it to the one on main site .. i just hope that this is a prototype and actual product will have bigger screen and would have more SLEEK look…

    screen size could be a big issue here Rohan ..

  147. I sure the heck hope so. I can’t imagine Netflix not working on the adam as either an app or in a browser with a plugin.

    Netflix works on just about everything else so even if it is not there when adam is released, there are enough android tablets being developed (though none as good as adam) that I think it won’t take long for netflix to make a android tabled app available. In addition to Netflix,

    I want be able to use my Slingbox on my adam to view live TV from home.

  148. I hope you are correct. I have not heard any official word on when ordering will begin.

  149. The screen is still the Pixel Qi which is only available in one size (for now). So it is 10.1″ and 1024 x 600. There is an LCD version too but it has the same screen size.

  150. 1. I am based our of Middle East though I am an Indian. Would the product be available in this market any time soon? An online order/delivery is more than enough!!!!

    2. I have been keeping out my plan to buy a Kindle (or any e-reader for that matter), only because of ADAM!!! Since ADAM duals has an e-reader also and it is based on Android, the Kindle reader for Android will work in ADAM, rt?

    3. How do I get the SDK at least to have a start on it?

  151. Netflix is working on an andorid app, They placed a help wanted ad a few months back for a lead developer for the android platform, but they have not released on yet.

    Adam supports flash and the full web, so you should be able to view it from the web site.

  152. NO WAY! THESE ADAM LOOK UGLY. As Rohan explained why is for small borders, we want the SMALL borders. And looks dimensions are not same. +/- 2mm thickness is fine compared to iPad. If it’s too bulk, no one is buying.

    1) Why so many changes to hardware? When are you freezing specs for production.

    2) If it’s released in 2011 (even if it’s January), it’s gone. There are many in pipeline.

    3) Still your web site is not up and running? What we can expect from Genesis.


  153. I foresee a big need in the future for a 12 step recovery program for adam addicts. 😉

    You might be addicted to adam if you spend Friday night at you computer pressing F5 (refresh) on the blog every 5 minutes while waiting for Rohan’s update.

    You might be addicted to adam if you already have money set aside to pre-order, AND more money set aside to pre-order adam 2 when it is available.

    You might be addicted to adam if you are trying to convince your expectant wife to name the baby Adam (or Eve).

    You might be addicted to adam if you have had recurring dreams about Pixel Qi displays, Tegra 2 processors, rotating cameras, innovative UI’s, etc.

    You might be addicted to adam if you are friends with Rohan on facebook, have joined the adam groups on facebook, have Google configured to notify you of any new news on the internet, re-read the old news over and over when there is no new news is available, etc.

    Well, that’s the extent of my comedic abilities. Anyone else want to take a stab at adding some more “You might be addicted to adam if…” ?

  154. Everything ok, Except the Top and the Bottom Bezel. I am hoping that u are showing us one of the many designed Prototypes 🙂 I am at present in China. Wouldnt mind snatching one if i knew where these were getting manufactured 🙂

  155. WOW, Can’t wait.
    But still, take time to make it a wonderful product is better than shipping it before everything is ready, at least hardware wise.
    I will remain patient here, even if I can not get it with me to travel to China.

  156. Greg, I think you missed two important points 🙂

    You might be addicted to adam if you’ve retweeted, status updated or facebooked and emailed links of every other notion ink adam blog post or news on the web to everyone you know.

    You might be addicted to adam if you frequently start frenzied discussions about the advantages of tablet computers with everyone other person you meet and try to convince’em to buy adam.

  157. PreOrders would help you guys get a view of how many really want the adam, plus itll get you some revenue now (not sure if you still need it though).

  158. hey, notion ink!
    loved the pics even more than the video. about the size of the screen and it’s borders, I actually prefer it this way. just think of all those customers with big hands that have to hold on to it while on the move.
    the product looks great, rohan. waiting patiently for that big red button to be pressed.
    regards from israel.

  159. honestly the ipad is too thin for me lol, there comese a point where I can no longer comfortably grab it… But I do have large hands. Thinness does help lower space useage in a backpack though or for a phone in a pocket

  160. 🙂
    ” you might be addicted to Adam if you wish you could share every single post of Rohan’s blog to your Facebook wall”

  161. Dave,

    1) Why so many changes to hardware? When are you freezing specs for production.

    Because NI is a small company and they don’t want to take any chances with their first iteration. Remember that we are talking about hardware here and it is hardware in thousands of units. You can release software with non-critical bugs and patch them later but you can do that with hardware. Did you see what happened to Apple with the iPhone 4 Antenna. Apple is an established brand and has a huge following so they survived the ordeal with very minimal damage if any. NI is a no name brand and cannot afford to go wrong the first time.

    2) If it’s released in 2011 (even if it’s January), it’s gone. There are many in pipeline.

    So what? Adam will be compete on it’s own merits. The minute they ditch their core philosophy and change their vision to blindly compete with others they will be a failure. As long as NI takes care of it’s own business they will be ok.

    This is exactly what I try to emphasize. It is not about the number of features. It’s about the whole experience and how good the feature set is integrated with a customer’s life style. It’s not in the quantity but in the quality.

    3) Still your web site is not up and running? What we can expect from Genesis.

    I agree. NI should at least start sending feelers on Genesis because the strength of Adam will be the content and app base. However they can slowly build the overall ecosystem if they come out with a solid product. It is not that big a deal. iPhone had absolute zero third party native apps in 2007 and look where they are now.


    Now the Caps are completely un-called for. NI will release details when they are ready. They are only answerable to their investors and partners and not to you and me. If you cannot wait then there are certainly other options in the market. I personally own an iPad and I am happy with it. However I am looking forward to Adam and you can do the same.

  162. Oops typo –

    “You can release software with non-critical bugs and patch them later but you CANNOT do that with hardware.”

  163. Is it me or does someone else too think that with the enlarged lower bezel, typing on this thing will be difficult now ??? On the other hand, u can rest ur edge of the palm on the lower bezel which makes it easier to type in a way.

    Too Confused 😦

  164. Looks raeally amazing. Altough the screen looked small. But that is just because of the black corners.

  165. Angry? have a KitKat!
    He is running between countries to make sure every single thing is in place and in time and meet our expectations…
    Take a little time to appreciate him…!please..

  166. Rohan and Notion Ink,

    As a businesswoman working in the graphics and publishing fields, I’ve been looking for a “tablet” to fill the gaps between my 17″ laptop and handheld devices (cellphone and yes, an iPod touch), especially when traveling extensively. Following the development of the ADAM and eagerly anticipating buying one asap, as this looks like a fantastic product, and appreciate the updates. Color and style are important to impulse buying for sure, but memory, operating systems, apps and capability are the foundations of solid success. Will keep watching; really favor a preordering option on this blog 🙂

  167. with that border… it looks just horrible… Then I wait for the “Kno”… whenever that comes out…

    but a tablet, has at least look good… the rendering in the flash presentation on the homepage is great! But the photo, you presented looks just horrible…

  168. I have always wondered, why Tegra 2 instead of intel’s atom? Just because Tegra integrated everything(cpu, gpu, north/south bridge etc)?
    I still wish that there will be a detailed explanation on the reasons for different hardware choices.
    Although I doubt if that will play a crucial part in the user experience, I think at least the video processing has to be, which determines how quickly the system respond to human interactions.

  169. If you look at the renders (especially on the http://www.notionink.in site) the bezel looks VERY different from the original incarnation. Hopefully its just an early design thing and will be gone by full scale production. The bezel size on the images above would make me think twice about it. Obviously I would want a hands on before i bought it and i might find that it does make it easier to use (the lower bezel), however the upper bezel looks crazy big!


  170. “adam” doesnt look the same like he used to when he was young.has he matured? i liked the younger “adam”.

  171. Yup – Europe is not nearly as apple-saturated as the US (android took off from here) so there’s no shortage of opportunity here.

  172. Greg , I am talking about the black border around the actual screen, this basically kills the sleek look of adam. IPAD looks more sleek because of this by saying this i do not mean that i favour IPAD as i am following adam story for last many months.

  173. I think if you put adam down on the battery side, with the screen facing you(vertical), it would stand on the curved end. The weight of the batteries and camera would anchor it up.

  174. An Android device needs at least buttons for Home, Back and Menu, most (all?) of them have a Search button as well. So here we can see from top to bottom buttons for Lock, Search, Home and Menu, as far as I can see.

  175. i think rohan xplained y adam ws lukin plasticky … itz cz itz d first iteration of d colours so d mould is of plastic …
    dunno fr sure bt i gez adams gnna get a more metallic sort of body ..

  176. @David – Streaming netflix is not in flash, it’s in Silverlight. That’s why the windows phone 7 series will have it instantly because the phones were developed on the Silverlight platform.

  177. Wider border is because of full HDMI port embedded in it (not mini-HDMI). Take an HDMI pin and measure the length of the male port and same applies to full USB port.

  178. everyone complaining about the bezel, take a look at the ipad


    it is pretty close to the same size.

    I can’t believe the amount of attention this is getting.

    It looks amazing to me, can’t wait to pre-order one

  179. I’m pretty sure that NI has a DAMN GOOD REASON for those larger bezels. I quite agree with previous commenters that these are probably due to handling purposes of the device (I mean really, with all the touch gestures I foresee that NI has incorporated into the Adam, having your thumb or any one of your fingers call up a gesture function by accident because your fingers overlap into the touchscreen due to the bezels being too narrow could prove to be a constant inconvenience moving forward, don’t you think…?)

    I have complete FAITH in the NI team due to the openness they have exhibited towards us potential consumers and despite those wider bezel (which do not bother me one bit), hands down, the Adam’s SUPERIOR specs still beats almost all the other tablet competitors right now.

    This is the first time I am commenting on this blog despite having closely followed the Adam’s development since it’s prototype debut at CES, and I would just like to thank Rohan and the rest of the NI team for going the EXTRA MILE for being accomodating to all of us here.

    I understand that there’s still some hurdles up ahead and I wish nothing but good luck for the Notion Ink team.

    Let me also be the first to address that big elephant in the room that with the FCC submission being in November, and the typical mass production hinjinx (which could lead to misc. delays that are beyond NI’s control) that can ensue after approval, some of you guys who might be pining for the Adam to ship by Christmas time might be disappointed.

    I am at peace with the fact that Notion Ink has dispelled all those “vapourware” taunts with this post, and even if the Adam can’t make it for the holiday season (it’s a welcome treat if it does, but I tend to be a realist), I will still be eagerly awaiting for it when it does ship early into 2011.

    Hell, I’ve waited all this time for the Adam, I can’t see any reason why I can’t hold out 1 or 2 months more.

    All the best to Rohan and Notion Ink.

  180. The final stages they are in now, are for fine tuning, fit and finish. (color, texture, gloss level, etc)

    they are not going to change the entire case stucture.

    this is pretty close to the final adam tablet.

  181. Seriously people stop asking all this very in depth questions, its not like its going to come out tomorrow and they haven’t told us anything. I am sure they plan on explaining everything by the time its ready to be shipped.

    its really getting annoying, plus read other comments before you post a question or just read the article first (<— this is in regards to the adam logo question you had, it is clearly explain not only in this article but in the previous one too)

  182. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this day almost for a year! It would be nice to see de UI and some other stuff, but I understand the tight schedule. Just hoping at last to hold one! ADAM is the future

  183. Congrats Rohan and team!

    Everyone one else: prototype models do not represent the final product! it costs millions of dollars to “tool up” a new product, so you have to use different manufacturing processes to make the prototypes. Rohan has made it clear that these initial samples don’t represent the final product exactly. “you dont actually see plastic right now! All what you see is the paint” “It will go through at least 3 iterations before the final tool is accepted when the final texture, tolerances and finish is agreed upon by all the parties.”

    Rohan, have you read any of Guy kawasaki’s books? he may be a company saving resource to you right now! http://www.guykawasaki.com/books/index.shtml

    keep up the good work,

  184. Thanks for the pics and the video Rohan. Looks great. I would agree about the bezel. Would love to see slimmer bezel on left and right side and bottom. Can you please show a video of the UI soon! I’m praying that it is available in the U.S. before Christmas and I would also like to see a pre-order for those of us who have been following the process for so long. Thanks again Rohan.

  185. My guess, they arn’t going to be able to produce huge quantities at the start. They have a world wide audiance who can’t wait to get their hands on the adam (i.e. all of us here, posters to the blog are from all corners of the globe)

    Everytime they have demo’ed it starting with the CES show a year ago, it has got rave reviews, it is going to sell itself for a while, Once they see they can get production up to higher levels. they will probably then start to spend money on advertising. but right now, they are a start up, trying to conserve cash to get their product to market,

    If they are only able to produce a 100,000 units or so a month, why spend money on advertising. it would only create demand they can meet and frustrate people.

    a good strategy is poor all your money into getting it to market this year, before the onslaght of android tablets to come early next year. get all the buzz, and that will drive sales, which will give money to increase production and advertising.

  186. nice work Rohan , good professional photo with scale is desirable as it is causing some confusion about size. at the front skirting around screen looks thicker or just imagination. may be i am comparing it with graphics rendered in home page. eager to see it finally delivered . All the best.

  187. “with that border…… Then I wait for the “Kno”

    With the “Kno” weighing 2500 grams (5.5 pounds), I’ll wait for the 650 gram fat border “adam”.

  188. Have you seen many around with that amount of memory?
    Anyway minimum expected or not I believe the device was announced with 512mb so in my book that count as nice surprise.

  189. As i read it…. NOVEMBER for pressing RED MANUFACTURING BUTTON :)… means we can have “adam” as New Year gift….

    When are we heading for FCC?

  190. Awesome 😀
    I can see in the picture there is Android 1.5 or 1.6, why the tablet is not currently operate under Froyo Android 2.2?

  191. I guess I’m addicted.

    I have one for you:
    If you ask your wife to nickname you Adam!

    And another one:
    if you ask your daughter to place a picture of Adam over Justin Beaver!

    you are addicted to Adam if you start adding to Greg’s list!

  192. @rubi76:
    ”with/without LCD, with/without 3g plus 8,16,32 gb of storage ? (that would be 12 versions and it seems like a lot…)”

    I don’t understand how there could be 12 versions. Did Rohan say that?

  193. I think that French tablet did it before HTC.
    Anyway, that will not be a reason to dismiss Adam. Adam still looks better thatn HTC.

  194. Great work Rohan, I’m also from Canada and it would make all of us very happy if we could get adam at the same time as the US!

  195. Oh no! What happened to my Metallic Blue?! I see Rohan that you are going to release actual samples with different color schemes and that you are still deciding on the finish/texture. Please let it be brushed metallic fiinish. It doesn’t leave fingerprints and it will look sleek and elegant like a Sony!

    How many colors are we coming out with? Are we coming out with 5? I see one of the prototypes is Silver (the one under the Nokia E63 and the two photos showing before it) but that is not one of the options in the poll.

  196. Ugly? I don’t see why it is ugly. I guess whatever you don’t like is ugly.
    I was reading Rohan explanation about the border before. It makes a lot of sense.

    The pictures are not great (they were taken with his cell phone), and they might no render a fair copy of the tablet.
    Usability? I have to have the product in my hands to determine that!!

  197. for a while there I thought you’re a fan of Adam Lambert….i almost commented, wrong forum.

  198. I’m with you on this one. I ask the same question. Also, why all of a sudden so much focusing on the bezel? I don’t see the big deal here.

  199. Maybe the next pictures will show better images.
    But until I have the Adam in my hands i won’t be able to judge.

  200. This is a very good question, so I just did a little experiment with my ancient Android phone (G1, ready for retirement ;)). Took the SIM card out, powered the phone… It gently reminded me there is no SIM card inside. I said that’s OK, connect to wi-fi. Connected, browsed some web, red a few emails. The only sign of distress is a little icon on the status bar that notifies you the SIM card is absent. So in short: yes, it works. If an Android phone works without a SIM card (well, it’s not going to make calls, but who does that these days anyway ;)), no reason a tablet shouldn’t.

    Gonna try if Skype works this way…

  201. I agree with you.
    My son asked me the other day if hair and nails keep growing after we die. Of course the answer was NO. So then, why they look longer? Because our eyes get tricked!! Illusion, I told him.
    The same with this border thing.

    And illusion is what Ipad does too, and HTC too. Specs is what I’m looking for. And Adam is up for now.

  202. I’m starting to wonder why all of sudden some people have started this campaign.
    There is even a list of bad things on the Adam.

    Waiting for the day too.

  203. He will post more pictures soon, he says.
    I also liked that metallic blue (second choice for me).

  204. I agree with janus-x lets see more UI, especially with the stylo interaction that was mentioned by Rohan in a response a few weeks back. Love what I see though right now. The thickness next to the E65 looked great it was the pictures on the 9th that made it look larger for sure.

    I think everyone needs to relax on the bezel issue I have a lot of faith in the NI team to provide the best that can be accomplished with the programs and specs being offered.


  205. Hi and gj Notion ink team!

    1) Have you considererd for the main Buttons to make them orientation free? use Sympol-like buttons so however you hold the image whouldn’t seem weird (maybe taking ideas from playstation?). For example square is square in portait mode and in landscape mode

    2) I am realy curious as to how you’ll use the keyboard if you are having 3 tabs opened! (is there a way to split the screen in 2 instead of 3 windows btw?)

  206. Rohan & team,

    Your life is going to be change for ever. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see Adam hitting markets.

  207. 1GB RAM memory. Thats awesome!

    I know that Adam is the one I want, but I still don´t know if I will be able to buy it here in Spain.

  208. Regarding Tegra2 vs Atom in a Tablet, at least three simple criteria come to mind:
    – performance
    – power consumption
    – size

    Tegra 2 runs circles around Atom in all of these. Though there were rumors that it doesn’t quite perform as well as advertised (say Boxee changed their choice…), Atom is terribly slow. My netbook chokes when I stream Netflix, what more do I need to say? The only advantage it has is you can install Windows. But if Windows is really what you need, than you need an ultra light laptop, not a tablet.

  209. .
    Oh, just wishing you choose mate textures! We dont want glossy stuff, fingerprints bait. We want clean gadgets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Very excited to see the pict and am loving the new updates. I was wondering if anyone on the blog (or Rohan himself) could tell me if it would be possible to tether the adam to a phone/bluetooth or in my case the iphone 4. With a laptop there are many jail-broken ways to do this and given all the capacity of the adam I am wondering if this would be feasible. I love the idea of having a sim card but adding on an extra $30- $40/monthly would be nice to avoid given that I’ll mostly be in wifi area and will likely have my phone when I don’t have wifi.

    Thanks so much for the help, congrats, tell me when you go public cause I’d like to get in on this too.


  211. I’m pretty tired of this Apple bashing (and I never owned anything they’ve done): it’s a great company. I think more more of Rohan as the Bill Gates AND Steve Jobs of this generation!

    Adam has nothing to do with the iPad: no only was it conceived entirely independantly, and presented publicly BEFORE the iPad, but it’s a completely different device, with far greater ambition. Lots of people will still buy the iPad for ease of use as consumers, because this is all they need, and that’s fine by me.

    Meanwhile Adam might change for ever the Netbooks and Laptops market!

  212. The delay is not as bad as HP Slate.. The Slate home page hasn’t changed of years.. Would they ever come or would they be too late to the party……..

  213. So was I 😉 I pointed out where they would be in when we got the colour poll (look at the black and red pic and you’ll see a red rectangle right where the buttons are).

  214. Well, they obviously have a specific OOB experience as they have the default GUI set to Eden. This will be one of the unique qualities of Adam. We also know there will be the Longbox Digital software shipped with it (and only with the Adam, the generic Android and iOS apps will come a month or two later). In a Slashgear article on the Adam it was stated that there were 31 apps ready to go made NI. This would mean they are completely optimized for the Adam. Rohan himself has mentioned a unique e-mail app and there has also been mention of an Office Suite. There are also supposed to be games from Nvidia shipped with it. From what we have been told you won’t have to worry about the only application built in being a calculator 😉

  215. Your guess makes a lot of sense. Especially because if I remember correctly he would press a button on the side before the gesture recognition was activated (in that mock-up all the buttons were on the side 🙂 )

  216. The iPad has 256 and the Tab has 512 and those are the only ones mainstream high-end tablets available (or soon to be) right now. The playbook is announced for next year and there are others but many have 512. 1GB will be the future minimum expected (due to Adam and the Playbook as well as others) but it isn’t yet.

  217. Or maybe for security reasons (read: leaks and porting to other devices before launch) they are keeping it in their headquarters until the final batches. This way they could produce the prototypes and when they take them back to India install their GUI/OS. Then when the production begins they’d have it pre-installed. The reason this occurs to me is because of all the leaked ROMs from other companies.

  218. Actually, that’s wrong. They don’t grow, but what does happen is the skin shrinks and pulls back, revealing more of the nails and hair, thereby giving the illusion they’ve grown. It’s not a trick of the eye.

  219. Well, the argument with Boxee was that Tegra2 could play 1080p H.264 High Profile videos but not at high bitrates while the Intel solution could play 1080p H.264 high profile videos at up to 90MB bitrates. This may be true (I remember reading unofficial reports of 10 or 12MB bitrate limits for 1080p H.264 HP on the Tegra2) but honestly I don’t see myself needing THAT high a bitrate (I don’t think I have any video which has anything approaching that).

    Aside from that on a performance to power consumption ARM beats Atom easily. The whole Tegra2 SoC uses less than the Atom CPU (and you have to add to that the rest of the processors and components). This is why the iPad, Tab, and future Tablets like the Adam have such long battery lives compared to netbooks/notebooks while using smaller batteries.

  220. Another reason would be the lack of an actual release date. Since that depends on the FCC advertising right now could be annoying. People wouldn’t know when it was coming out and if potential buyers went to distributors and asked but only got an “I don’t know” for an answer they might get frustrated and buy an alternative tablet. Last we heard it would launch around the Holidays. Before or after we don’t know, and that’s not something you can put in an ad.




  222. i don’t know where the 8gb part came from, but the notion ink product spec page mentions 16 & 32gb storage varieties… so that should be just 8.

  223. this. weird as it might sound, i wonder if Adam could serve as an awesome smartphone, despite the size. might think of even taking an Adam instead of, say, iPhone 4. :p

  224. addicted to Adam if:
    You go around mocking iPad with a passion.

    You look around at apples everywhere with disdain.

    You simulate how you will hold or type/read/play with Adam in your hands.

    You open fan/advocacy/info/sales/marketing pages/sites for Adam.

  225. Among so many repeated questions, funny no one pointed out the voltage compatibility of the charger .. guess this question was long due .. of course I have no doubt it will be dual voltage 🙂

  226. Swype on the screen and now Witpad on the rear. Guess Adam will be capable of both. Witpad may be a cool addition . 🙂

  227. That one in the video is SILVER! That’s not one of the choices in the poll for color schemes. Is Rohan reserving the silver color just for himself? Top 5 colors are:

    Titanium Black
    Titanium Grey
    Metallic Blue

    No Silver there.

  228. Rohan, many are disappointed by the much wider bezel in these new prototypes which is different from the demo you carry around that we see in your Youtube videos. I understand that the bezel need to be a certain width so one’s thumb has a place to rest when holding it with one hand in the landscape position. I think 1/2″ is the absolute minimum width that you can put around the edges to make it still look elegant and not look like it was manufactured in the 1990s! I hope you narrow down the bezel in the final product to keep the tablet more compact.

  229. Those wide bezel looks like wasted real estate, I agree. They seem to be as wide as my 50″ Samsung PNC8000 LCD TV. It also makes the Adam look cheap and low-tech like it was manufactured in the 1990s. Might as well utilize it by putting a lot of touch sensitive buttons around the screen.

    I personally think that eliminating the right, left and bottom bezel (viewing it in landscape) makes the Adam look unique, sleek and elegant. The top part which has the barrel is where all the functions and hardware should be located including the touch sensitive button menus.

    By design, the Adam is normally used in portrait mode, favoring right handers as the camera is located much higher and not in the center when holding the barrel side with your left hand (while using your right hand to navigate the touch screen). I thought the concept behind the rear touch pad was such that when you use it in landscape mode you can hold it with both hands (thumbs resting on the edge) while navigating the rear touch pad with your fingers on either hand like the way Rohan is doing in his demo video.

    The problem lies when you are holding the Adam with one hand in landscape mode. But I think it’s still comfortable doing so if you hold it close to the top where the barrel is. The thumb should be resting on the top bezel which is wider.

  230. Why does the screen show what looks like a mouse cursor in the very centre, both in the TED video and the slideshow? It looks very much like the cursor in some Linux distros when X comes up.

    If that is the mouse cursor, why doesn’t it auto/intelli-hide?

  231. People have been asking about the rationality behind offering a pixel qi and non-pixel qi choice. I believe there are two reasons: the cost factor, esp. for developing markets like India, and the better colour reproduction on a normal LCD as compared to Pixel Qi (if the initial demos still hold true).

  232. I was wondering about reading PDFs in Adam. Does the tablet have an application for this?
    can one annotate, zoom….etc…

    One other question; what about using other languages like Arabic?
    I have an enTourage eDGe and the tablet just can’t see arabic. I am frustrated with this as most of the websites i visit need arabic support.

    Best luck from Jordan,

  233. Rohan explained that the variou colors don’t exist yet. They’re just paint. People keep asking for high-definition pictures and suchlike for a product which hasn’t been finalized yet. Rohan has explained all of this.

    People are very impatient. Reptiles are much better.

  234. I think Rohan himself answered this indirectly once and many geeks here did say it is possible… for the how to part we just have to wait for the official manual to be out and the geek’s blogs with their attempts

  235. It looks fantastic! But I have to ask, will it support USB host mode? I want to get a mobile broadband card, especially if I don’t like the 3g carrier.

  236. Rohan,

    Thanks for the update. As like many others i have been waiting for ADAM to come out in US. Also, i have stopped couple of people from buying an IPAD 🙂

  237. Adam will definitely play USB host, but I suspect that someone would need to port the usb_modeswitch libraries and associated dial-up packages, wvdial etc. to Adam froom Linux.

    I am also looking at personal wifi hotspots becoming cheaper and widely available – you can connect most of the mainstream cards / providers to these and have an up-and-running connection quickly and easily.

  238. My sister gets on a plane from the US a few weeks before christmas, I only ask for it to be released in the US so I can bribe her to buy a few for me and my friends… Is that too much to ask? 🙂

  239. I have looked around, though, and none of the mifi carriers have plans for unlimited data. None allow more than 5gb dl per month. At&t, Sprint, and Verizon all have the 5gb max limit per month, with overage fees.

    Virgin mobile is the only one to have a real unlimited mobile broadband, the first since At&t changed their plans, as far as I am aware. They just announced it in August, I believe, and theirs is contract free, $40 a month ($20 less a month than the 5gb mifi plans from most major carriers.) They use the Sprint network. I want to use it.

  240. I second the bezel comment. The only thing I can complain about. It looks like an unwelcome blast from the past. Go minimum on the bezel. It makes the device look huge, and the screen small.

  241. The home screen seen on the slideshow looks still quite primitive from what I can tell. I could be wrong as it s just one screenshot.

  242. Rohan- with the Gingerbread SDK being released next week and the fact that the adam has not started production yet. Can we assume that you would be looking into for the release or for a upgrade shortly after release. this would be a great way to show off Genesis in the fact that you could push your updates through it.

    I know I’m fishing but it is good bait and all out months would drop open and we would all start drolling again.

  243. I think it looks rather cool. It’s just a lock screen by the looks of it though. I expect you’ll be able to put gadgets on it 🙂

  244. people think it looks thick because the extruded edges produce that illusion.

    for this reason it is a bad design to have both sides of the edges sticking out.

    chunky = big (looking)

  245. Kami, buy a Cradlepoint device (http://www.cradlepoint.com/products/phs300-personal-wifi-hotspot-3g4g) or a Chinese alternative, and connect a USB datamodem to it. I find it surprising that you don’t have unlimited plans in the US.

    We have better competition in India, but nobody is marketing a personal wifi device right now. I guess we will have some packaged devices on the same lines as current EVDO datamodems once 3G services are launched (soon).

  246. Can someone please answer my questions below:
    I was wondering about reading PDFs in Adam. Does the tablet have an application for this?
    can one annotate, zoom….etc…

    One other question; what about using other languages like Arabic?
    I have an enTourage eDGe and the tablet just can’t see arabic. I am frustrated with this as most of the websites i visit need arabic support.

    Best luck from Jordan,

  247. China huh?? I’m across the border in Hong Kong. If you need a tester/developer to come by, I volunteer. 🙂

    Been waiting to get my hands on the SDK since the first time hearing about this @ CES

  248. ***************** $321 *******************

    Why has no-one mentioned that ?

    I’ll have 2 or 3

    Is that real ?

  249. hi Rohan,

    good to hear that adam will be having DDRII 667MHz 1GB Ram… Am very glad to hear that.

    but i have a small question.. why not DDRIII? i think DDRIII will have faster transfer rate and less power consumption. I think u got what i am trying to say. And DDRIII is out in the market..

    Are we going for DDRII in adam because of price factor? is it that DDRIII is not so price effective?

    Just wanted to know the reason. And thanx very much for clarifying about the RAM aspect. looking forward for more details.

    thonapa, HYD.

  250. The ad, in the yuoutube video is wholly inappropriate. Its ugly, it looks like spam, sounds like spam and casts an ugly look on notionink, the adam, and this post.

    I am sorry its there, I hope you replace it as soon as you can.

    Ugly, bad wrong.

  251. Rohan,

    PLLLEEEAAAASSEEEE please please launch in India also at the same time as the US. Pleaseee…we want to make you RICH 😀

  252. Mostly, we’re slowly moving into 4g now, though Verizon is moving into LTE.

    Our data plans used to be unlimited, but every major carrier wants to boast that they’re the fastest. Once people started using Ipads and smartphones heavily, the bandwidth usage increased so much that everyone clamped down almost overnight.

    I’d rather be on a slightly slower network, and not have to worry about a ridiculously small cap.

    My smartphone has an unlimited data plan that I can use for tethering, most do, but if you buy a phone that comes with a mobile hotspot built in, you are capped at either 2gb or 5gb on every major network I’ve seen, and you still have to pay anywhere from $20-$60 a month to use it, except for a very rare few devices.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I might try that 🙂

  253. Beautiful! Can’t wait to get mine!
    But please, mat screen. Those modern glossy screens suck!
    Also I’m concerned about the size of the bezel as are a lot of other people on this thread, but it won’t be a deal breaker for me. It would be disappointing though.

  254. Honestly everytime there is an update, I get jittery bcoz i still don’t have one with me and don’t know when its likely to be Launched not to forget that it took IPAD a month before it was available in Australia.

    @Rohan, Please don’t be an Apple….Launch adam in Australia along with other countries, I personally know quite a few people who are quite eager to get there hands on adam.


  255. The frame around the screen is way to thick. Isn’t there a way to make it thinner? Or the screen larger?
    I suppose it’s because of the hardware, but this way it really looks bad and like a waste of space.


  256. Hi Rohan,

    I love the progress of the Adam, and its incredible how you guys are doing to provide us with the information beforehand, unlike Apple and its secret releases…

    Will there be more pictures up using a better camera or with a clearer view of the tablet and the interface? That would be awesome!


  257. I havn’t seen anything that refers to the Adam having a standing arm. I for one will not be happy if there isn’t one incorporated somehow. It needs to be something that has a rachet system so that it can then be viewed at a range of angles without having to occupy ones hands while viewing it.

  258. Hi Rohan,

    Nice pics!!
    One suggestion from right-handed guys’ point of view: The soft buttons could be placed in bottom right corner of the screen (on lower edge) in landscape orientation This will correspond to top right corner of the screen (on side edge) when changed to portrait orientation. That would definitely be more comfortable to use 🙂

    Thanks and All the best,

  259. > latest DDRII 667MHz 1GB

    i wish it was DDR-3
    it would be cheaper, less power consuming and maybe even faster

  260. I just came to think….

    Would no-3G models still have slot for SIM/R-UIM cards ?
    If they woud, then customer could get no-3G model and then purchase and add cellular modem that suits his country best, be it GSM GPRS with proper bands, or CDMA or whatever.

    Interesting question if there’d be Wi-MAX/LTE cards for Adam 🙂

  261. I am sure this is not the right place to ask : but i cant find any better place.

    i am curious on how much i shall be dependent on my phone after i get Adam.
    given that Adam has the SIM card and more resources than phone, can i :
    – write SMSs/MMSs on Adam ?
    – do 3G video calls and/or conference calls from Adam (speakerphone capability)

    basically i need to know if i can afford to forget my phone after getting an Adam 🙂
    NOTE : i am not asking for keeping Adam next to my ear for a phone call, but can i use a wired / bluetooth headset to make a call ?

    does anybody know ?

  262. I really would hope so! Despite all the nice features a glossy screen would make all the innovation of the QI pixel screen useless and place this product as “yet another iPad clone”
    Maybe I am too old for this gadget anyway as I am not so easily impressed anymore 😉 I could not care less about case colors, tilt angles of cameras etc.. all I want is a modern mobile computer solution which supports my work as well as private fun…

  263. I was hoping we would see a response to this by now. I’m still wondering about it too.

  264. Rohan,

    Congratulations on your and Teams’ efforts on this “most excellent” and promising product. You have a silent Tsunami of followers keeping a close eye on any release news of the “adam” in the U.S.

  265. The 1Gb is very much necessary for a lot of people waiting for the Adam.

    These are enthusiasts with “taste” :)) so they wouldn’t like to get a low-spec machine that you can get easily from others (don’t forget by the time the Adam reaches the market, there will be Tegra2 floods of machines on the market).

    Moreover, an enthusiast like me certainly want to put a decent Linux onto this (in dual boot with the stock Android). And Ubuntu needs 1Gb of RAM to perform decently.

    All in all, I am happy that they upped the spec, the 512Mb would have been a mistake. The RAM will immediately give an edge against the Advent Vega, the Toshiba Folio 100 and the AC 100 (I am still considering those two for Christmas, so the Adam needs the bump)

  266. Dear Rohan,

    Congratulations, The final product does look very impressive. we are interested in exploring the possibility of Marketing and Distributing Adam in the Middle East region. Would appreciate if you could send us contact details of concerned people in regard to Distribution of Adam.

    regards, Rizwan Noor

  267. I have to say, that the more I look at the Adam, the more I notice that the screen is getting smaller. This is going from a 10″ tablet to a 8″ tablet.
    Rohan, alleviate my fears please.

  268. Response to: waitingforadam said, on October 15, 2010 at 00:57

    The ad wasn’t there when Rohan originally posted the video. It is automatically added by a robot (from Google).

  269. The adam is looking pretty good. I have a couple of questions for you. With the PQ screen, does that provide the holy grail combination of an eink type of screen for daylight reading and a backlit LCD type screen for movies, games, low light reading, etc. My understanding is that was one of its major benefits. I also thought it wasn’t capapble of being a touchscreen, but it seems that was wrong.

    On the design of the adam, the back of the (meaning the spine and not the bottom) looks pretty industrial to me rather than sleek and elegant. If I really try, I can imagine it looking like an old leather spine on a book but it still looks more military-grade than coffee table elegant.

    Is there any way to round the design more. It still has a very square-edged boxy feel to it, much like past HP laptops.

    Now, just an off the wall comment/thought. If you had small little flaps or curves coming out on each side slightly, would that look really bad. I’m just wondering if they would work as nice grip points? It’s probably unnessary, but just thought I’d toss it out there as food for thought.

    Will this device work with some sort of stylus (in particular the PQ model)? The iPad has a cool app that allows you to take notes with a stylus. Which is a cool application that moves one even more into the world of all electronic. However, the stylus that I saw being used with the iPad application had a big fat tip and looked hideous to use.

    Is there a headphone jack? Will it work with bluetooth headphones?

    What I would like is a really simple repository service where I could easily mark documents for “tablet” syncing. They would then all get dumped into a repository on the tablet (or adam) for me to read when I’m mobile. I get lots of PDFs that I download or receive via email that I would like to just store in a folder to ‘read later’ without having to access the email or go through a complicated syncing ritual (wirelessly would be ideal). Even better would be a way to do the same with web pages and sites. I know there are some tools that do some things. My usual problem is that the pages I want to read are sometimes multiple links deep or have links to images, etc. So, something like Microsoft’s ‘work offline’ never works well because its too difficult to get the embedded link pages without getting all the pages that are linked to. Ideally if you could somehow just get the links contained within the article or whatnot, that would be best.

    Ever think of putting a little kickstand on the back so I could plop in on my desk or table to watch a movie, read, stream videos, use as an additional monitor for stock quotes or whatever?

    Keep up the good work.

  270. One other question, given the 16:9 ratio, the adam is going to be taller than the ipad and significantly narrower. Do you think it’s awkwardly tall when held in portrait (say for reading) and too narrow?

  271. Hi All,

    I am researching Tegra2 tablets for Christmas. It seems that the Toshiba AC 100 and Folio will have 800Mhz RAM (only 512Mb though, while the Adam will have 1GB).

    The Adam has 667Mhz RAM which is slightly slower. Hopefully doesn’t make performance much worse, the Toshiba AC100 runs Ubuntu quite nicely.

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