The Week-End Special Part – III

Hello there!

Here is your week-end special, taking you further into the development decision we’ve made.

Lets talk about the camera again, but this time about the position. Few people noticed the change in its location. I mentioned it in the last post as well. When we made the camera at the center top edge of the Adam, we realised that it is only usable in landscape mode, cos in portrait mode your thumb is too close to it and obstructs a view. Interestingly for the same reason you can find that the front facing cameras are always on the left top edge and it made a lot of usability sense as well. It solved 3 issues for us, perfect placement of GPS antenna, lower interference b/w GPS signal and batteries, and use of standard 3-cell (and it felt better for taking background images as well).

Here is how it looks:

This decision was made in September last year and since then you have noticed the change. (I saw some people talking about the same in the comments to thought of clarifying).

My love for Golden Ratio

I must tell you that I have a very deep obsession for the love of Golden Ratio. Most of the design choices have been influenced by it, like the dimensions as explained in the image on the left:

where R1/R2 ~ Golden Ratio (1.61803..)

and it doesn’t stop here, cos it’s embedded into nearly all curves of Adam!

The screen format in 16:9 is more closer to Golden Ratio than 4:3.

Our UI also has a lot to do with the same which I will start explaining from the next briefing (and believe me I have tons to share!).

I am not sure how deep up you want to go into the electronics and design of the device, so I will stop here (if indeed you want more details and in specific something special, you can post it in the comments and I will explain that part).

This is the major junction where we will shift from the design and electronics to the UI and Software.

I believe all of you had questions on the UI and here is a small snippet:

  • UI is heavily accelerated and is based on Open GL Engine;
  • It features a very new concept of Multi-tasking which is going to be little different and controversial (soon we will know why)! Adam does multi-tasking in a way none ever has done. Gone are the days when we hold menu button for long to switch apps or windows! (I have a post dedicated on this in coming weeks);
  • It supports full 3D effects;
  • Icons are not glossy and web 2.0-ish as you find on all the current generation of devices;
  • Special Contrasting features have been used to support PQ display;
  • and yes it supports multi-touch.

More to come in the coming weeks!

With Regards

Rohan Shravan

597 thoughts on “The Week-End Special Part – III

  1. Rohan,
    Why dont you post your Mobile developer magazine article here also.

    I am interested in that article. (I couldn’t read the whole article at their website due to some problem of registration).

    Many would be interested to read that perspective also.
    (waiting for 9th)

  2. Thanks for the update and really wonderful knowledge…

    But I must say your habit of leaving teasers for next post is just too much….

    Hope all is well at your end… and we get to ADAM soon….

  3. yipppeeee i m d first person to cmnt …………ooooooo .coool mahn awwwsum stuff 😀 plizz cn u upload a vid of dis UI plizz

  4. Hi, there is one specific part that I would like more information about: the “trackpad” that is supposedly built into the back of the device. It seems like a great idea, but I was wondering how something like that would work in practice. Keep up the great work and the great articles!

  5. i am following notion ink since u first unveiled ADAM.
    the area india lags behind is hardware.
    i feel proud that a product developed in india is getting so much attention worldwide.
    though we might not be able to purchase the product,butthanks for making us feel proud.

  6. Oh man, A new post! This is fantastic, thanks for keeping the communications open.

    On the lead up to the release (which forever shall be declared to be “Adam Day”) its great to read these at the start of each weekend.

    Yes, bring on the details. You said “I am not sure how deep up you want to go into the electronics and design of the device, so I will stop here”. Don’t stop.

    However, if it means NOT telling us about the UI then ok, that’s a slightly higher priority.

    Make sense? I love every detail of every post, so it isn’t possible to give too much information.

    Thanks again Rohan, YOU DA MAN!

  7. we are interested in both electronics & UI
    how about your next post having 50-50 of both :-)………

  8. Multi-touch?! *squeals*

    I hope its got a proper sensor (not like my Nexus one… which i still love either way)

    Yes, glossy icons are sooooo boring and are starting to look a little “tacky” to me. Kind like when you see those neon/plastic jackets. Yuk.

    Thanks for the weekly updates! I gives me something to look forward to! =D

    I can’t wait till next week!!

  9. Hi Rohan,

    Thanks heaps for these weekend special insights into Adam. I look forward to learning a little more about Adam at the end of each week.

    I would be really interested if you would like to share more on the electromics and design involved with Adam. I find every piece of information fascinating.

    Thanks for all of your hard work and your eagerness to keep us up to date and in the loop with Adam.


  10. Oh yeah! I can feel Adam becoming better, i can feel it becoming the best, I can feel it becoming the GOD.
    This is it, this is the chosen one!

    As for the details, sure why not, it would give me more knowledge of how real world electronics and designs differ from the ones I see in books(I am an electronics student).


    Notion Ink is a very young firm that works out of the box. All those who are working at Notion Ink are really very excited about the future, and more than that, we appreciate the experience we’ve had! Unlike some firms who just want to get a product out, we are working to create a completely new category of products from scratch, changing the expectations we have from devices and bringing innovations on many new grounds. It was my dream to do something like this since childhood, and here we are!
    Starting from the design of the device to the User Interface, I was thinking there are many interesting and better things that can be done. And to get an idea that is out of the box you need people who are relatively out of that exact domain (Well, that’s how we think here at Notion Ink anyway). So, for the industrial design we hired an automobile engineer. For designing the user interface we hired a magazine designer, and it doesn’t stop there, people who work on patents, who program and who run the company all come from very diverse fields.
    And the sole reason was to infuse fresh beliefs we believe are missing from many other products out there (especially the UI). You look at Apple’s UI and think why hasn’t anyone gone beyond it yet, and why is this the standard?

    People who will be designing Apps for Adam will find a very fresh way of looking at multitasking, working with applications and over all, a marvel in itself. The core eagerness was to switch away from the current 4 decade old UI (window concept) and fortunately, our designers pulled it off!
    Application designers will not only be surprised by the UI, but also by the hardware. There is no compromise on the HW front, right from giving you a Graphics Engine to GPS, we have tried to get the best out there. We are trying for a different kind of support for Application Designers. But the best thing is, we have considered a Tablet to be a little more than Mobile most of the time, and a heavy processing machine for the rest of the time. This is required, because the kind of work we will be doing (in the early years) will be data centric, and the expectation will always be of a device that can run for days.
    Most of the developers who will shift (co-work) on tablet platforms will be those who are already on Mobile Developing platforms, and they have proven to be the best designers (in looks and functionality) of applications. Tablets will be a much more interesting platform to develop for since the playground is much bigger (screen).
    Coming on to the business side, Notion Ink is an interesting case. Getting so much visibility has definitely made getting in touch with the right people really easy, and hence, a little easier to break the code (but not having grey hairs in Consumer Electronics does off set that a little bit). Firms working with us believe in us, and that is important. Soon we will release official notes on with whom we are working with and the collaboration which we have already in place.
    We are very conscious about the applications to go on our device. The UI is totally unique and calls for a very small but crucial change in the Application Architecture to use the UI to the fullest of the extent. UI is largely inspired from real world metaphors like magazines, wire-frames, newsletters. Even the color you will find will remind you of paper. Our UI works directly on the Open GL layer and is heavily accelerated. You will find beautiful Pie Menus and newer concepts on email as well.

    Initial developers will get a lot of in-house support for designing applications. Right now we are working with major houses to get their applications on board. This help ranges from feedback to compete UI design. We are very aggressive on revenue sharing as well, with most (more than industry standard) going back to the designer irrespective of the support they have asked from us.
    We are expecting amazing applications which will use the swivel camera design too. You can start thinking right from taking live video notes (writing on videos) to advanced touch focus technologies. There’s even an added sensor which is not known to people yet (not officially announced by Notion Ink). And over all, its going to be a dream device for the programmers with most of the components coming from Open Source Environments!

  12. Love the info and yes I want much more on the details. Can’t get enough.
    What type of glass? I think somewhere i read it was finger print resistant, what is thee finish? Will it work with a stylist? The batteries and the standard cells you talked on. Are they standard double A’s? Rechargable of course. Are they split or all in a row? The dock port, what connector or port was used? Can it be changed through the usb ports? 3g, what is supported mare there plans to support usn 3g cards? Will there be any internal memory? If so how much?
    Remember you asked. Lol love the info. Your the only group that has done it like this.normally we have to wait till release. Thanks for all the time can’t wait till the 9th.

  13. Hey there, I’m observing development of adam for some time and having two questions:
    Will adam ever use pen? I’d like to sometimes fool with painting and drawing, but fingers are crap tool when it goes about this. It would be good if it has at least 512 pressure levels, and be light and thin, since there is ubuntu installation possible then having some nice advanced painting program wouldn’t be big problem.
    Doesn’t moving camera on one side affect video chat? at so close range user will be visible on side of conference window. Good solution would be adding V shaped glass in to camera to move back image to center, it also could be turned around to be useful in portrait mode, anyway it’s complicated hardware solution, I guess it will be solved by software or left the way it is.

  14. “…will shift from the design and electronics to the UI and Software…I have a post dedicated on this in coming weeks…”

    Well, it means Adam won’t be available this year! Very sad 😦

  15. @Crystal
    thanks. I knew there was something more in that. “an added sensor which is not known to people yet” this bring smiles. I get a feeling we all are in for the “revolution” promised.

    AND PEOPLE please dont bring crapshit like comparison to IPAD, TAMPAD (or whatever)

    Really going to raise the expectation for the NEW SPECIES -ADAM-. 😉

  16. thanks for the update.. want to see the developments on UI side… cant wait for next weekend to see more updates…. this time with real ADAM…..

    Videos will be great along with photos on 9th…

  17. UI UI waiting for details of UI and want to see more about your comments about icons waiting for ur next post.

    by the way what happened to early access program??? no news about it

  18. Thanks dr nabakishor H, thanks Crystal.

    Very fascinating read, especially about the added sensor not announced yet.

  19. I am so happy you are not having the “Web 2.0” styles!
    Just saying “Web 2.0” makes me cringe.

  20. Thx for updates, love’em.

    Really interesting thing about UI. Will you make a demo of what’s going to be in in (maybe, flash?)
    Ps. Will you make a special case for Adam? And will it support some of bluetooth keyboards, and, perhaps, a stilys? And what about usb-modems?

  21. So, will this new GUI also work with Android 3? Or won’t we be able to use the new version of the OS on the Tablet?

  22. Hi I only came to knw abt this device a few minutes ago & damn!! i’m already loving it. I’m gonna buy ipad in a month or two… i need it for 2d sketching. I knw there are better options available like wacom n all but i want ipad!! n now i really wan’t to buy this. But are there any developers working on autodesk sketchbook pro kinda thing?? and i’m really eager to see the UI. are u guys going to customize it?? because i’ve been following the tegra chip for a long time and i knw what its capable of!! so u knw a 3d ui which has al ot animations for eye-candy kinda thing wud be good!! but its just my opinion though.. Good luck you guys i’ve added u guys to the list of blogs i follow!!

  23. Really looking forward to this! Just please please don’t release a UI without testing it over and over and over – or it’ll just end up like the joojoo, pretty hardware but doomed by bugs
    How about some early units for eager beta testers 😛
    Or without having everything proofread for that matter (no offense, but i noticed some of the English on your homepage is a bit… unusual). And the image of the Adam still has the old camera placement, you should probably change that in the not too distant future 🙂

  24. Great post as usual. Look forward to real photos next Sat.

    BlackBerry Playbook made a formal announcement last week, but wants us to wait for at least 4 months before any one of us can put our hand on it. Not sure how much time Adam would take to hit the stores. We do not see any answer from Rohan on pre-ordering.

  25. Now things are getting interesting….
    Enjoying all of your post and kind of fun learning all these design principles.

    Great that you are going to share the UI concepts.

    Also would be great if you could share the challenges that you have faced to come out with this product and how you dealt with them.

  26. Yeah, and RIM also said that they’re tightly controlling their aps because “nobody needs 200 fart app s..” They don’t say how many fart apps people do need. I don’t think more than about 5 or 6, provided that they’re really good fart apps.

  27. ohh dear! speechless… I don’t read novels and always liked the short anecdotes which sends the message that imprints in your mind forever… and boy I felt like riding a bullet train no on a rocket to space or more…. awesome read…

    thanks a bunch to Dr Nabakishor for the reference and Crystal for digging it for all of us.. great beginning to my weekend 🙂

    and my hearty congratulations and thanks to Rohan and NI for all the golden no diamond snippets in the blog and the above article.

    (I think as Nabakishor said pretty soon people will (hopefully) just shut up and get overwhelmed by the enormity of these new concepts and features which are easily a generation or 2 ahead. and don’t talk likes frogs in the well….)

    Bill Gates talks of them all the time and honestly with all respect to him … I cant understand why all he does is copy xerox to give windows, copy powerbuilder to give VB, copy playstation to give xbox, copy a to give b and then use the market/money/leverage on existing customers to push MS products… we have never heard (either in public domain or privately) if MS has a ‘lab’ where they incubate any futuristic ideas… heck he dares to ridicule car manufactures (with all his if cars were part of IT we would have cars that give Xmiles/gal etc.) but does little on his own in his own IT world…. for that reason I like Richard Branson more…. he at least gives his ideas a try in the real world (the space travel ship etc)

    also what Rohan and NI are doing is highly commendable for literally sharing the gains of their efforts with one and all – both as in sharing the wisdom but also the money etc.
    like I said before may this tribe grow by leaps and bounds and may this culture rub on all concerned and may we as humans on earth show coming with a better account of ourselves even as we discover new ‘earth’s and possibly soon other humans or human-like advanced creatures in our milkyway and beyond….

  28. I’m fairly sure he meant that the blog will be shifting to the UI, otherwise how would he be able to post on it in a few weeks. I think one of the big reasons we havent seen the UI is because its going to be very different (for good or bad) than other tablets and they dont want it to be cloned.

  29. GPS. few weeks back u said u were switching from A-GPS to true GPS.
    1) i thought A-GPS was an advancement to GPS.
    2) does this mean the current smartphones touting A-GPS has something missing in them? can u explain.

  30. great news!

    my guess is that the clandestine sensor will be for determining the angle of the swivel camera.

    I noticed that the article contains the term “out of the box” twice and just wanted to let you know that you probably mixed this phrase up with “outside the box”:
    I don’t want to be nitpicking, just thought that you would appreciate the pointer.

  31. My question is if the Adam will comply with the rules that Google has put up for divices to that they can access the Android Market and get Google Apps.

    Will the Adam be able to access the Android Market?

  32. concerning the trackpad at the back of ADAM:

    It was mentioned before that Notion Ink is also working on another project named Eve.
    I believe that Eve will be a mobile phone that will integrate nicely with the second iteration of ADAM:

    The current issue with mobile devices is this: some people like tiny handsets that fit nicely in their pockets, others prefer big screens at the compromise of having to carry around a bulky device. The second tradeof is in wireless connectivity. Do I have a mobile phone with a data plan that I need to tether with my tablet in order to be able to access the internet from my tablet or do I pay for two different data plans? Do I just have a tablet and no mobile phone? But then I’d need to be using a 7 inch device….

    I imagine/hope that Notion Ink is working on a mobile phone that can be hooked into a backside compartment of the ADAM 2 tablet device at the place where the current ADAM tablet sports the backside trackpad. This way, the mobile phone can act as the backside trackpad and also as the module providing wireless connectivity, GPS a.s.o.
    People who don’t like to purchase this high-end solution could instead pluck in a module with trackpad and wireless module instead.

    Having the mobile phone connected to the tablet would solve a countless number of current issues concerning modularity, keeping several devices charged, several data plans, extra ports, hardware consolidation etc.

    I believe that Notion Ink might have something like this in mind, but if not, this might serve as an idea for the future design of ADAM2 & Eve.

    I’m aware that this design would also be problematic in many regards, but if designed properly it might be possible to achieve such a solution at a reasonable price.

  33. pllleeaasseee lets not view every comment from a negative perspective… the way Rohan has been explaining his reasoning beyond the blogs he is not using it to market the product and even if it is used to give us some insights on the dates etc.. its not the only reason why he is blogging… he expects this to be an on-going thing long after Adam is out in the market…. well for that matter I want Rohan to talk about Adam, Adam2, Eve and others forever

  34. Wow, I was excited from the very 1st moment I read about the Adam and was bitterly dissapointed at the delays; allthough as has benn mentioned inumerable times ther really is nothing worthwhile in the market at present and most of what is coming out seem to be more of “just the same” in another form factor. Alll this to say that I am eve more enthused and will await relase on your timing.

  35. Will the UI feature the possibility of split screen (for apps which don’t take up too much space)? This would be especially useful if one app is a source of information and another app is the destination of the same or derived information, as is often the case for students…

  36. Hi Rohan, Its great to find another weekend update before Oct 9, thanks for clarifying the camera subject, I was a little confused since update I regarding this. About Hw I was wondering several things:
    the 3G will come carrier unlocked at the release of the Adam? and will it support the 850 Mhz band? (the only available at my location)

    Are you planning to have some accessories ready for the product release? like an stylus or even better a docking

    Thanks for the update and next week teasers! I’m really looking forward too see the UI and the new concepts that will get this revolution in motion.

    Keep up the goodwork Rohan and all the team at NI!

  37. Yes – that’s a good question as I heard that Google is limiting the market to phones.
    Do you work closely with Google or just using andriod as the platform OS?

  38. I’m curious as to where the home/back/menu/search buttons are, I don’t see them in your previous renders.

  39. It’s is not going to be strange to people like me that are left-handed? I don’t know, but I think the left-handed people will need to use it with the righ-hand, no?

  40. I do not know what type of A-GPS configuration was planned in NotionInk. But, this article throws some light on A-GPS vs GPS.

    aGPS can mean everything from “it does nothing except for 911” to “it is superior to traditional GPS.”
    In other words, the vendors / service providers may choose to lock down A-GPS functionality to be accessible only when there is cellphone network coverage. If this lockdown is not implemented, then A-GPS will benefit from all good things of GPS + assistance from cellphone towers whenever available.

  41. Hi all, just want to say, that Germany (or at least a bunch of teccies around me) also eager to learn more about the upcoming revolution called “ADAM”.
    Be sure that we keep tracking development and spreading the word!

    Wish you all the best and me the greatest tablet of ’em all!

  42. Finally!! We will soon get to know more about the UI. That i believe is the make or break for any tablet device today!! I know that you guys have worked really hard on it and i hope it is as paradigm shifting as your hardware spec were

    Can hardly wait anymore…..

    Oh and i hope to be receiving some sort of pre-order information pretty soon. Wanna place my money down asap!!

  43. Hoping to someday read a book about the rise of NI! Will be reading it on a future ADAM!

  44. If you buy the wifi version you will still have GPS. The A-GPS has to have a satellite connection to work. So, with going with GPS, Notion Ink has not left any of their customers out.

  45. They will have their own market. It’s called Genesis. Pretty sure Rohan said it won’t have the android market. I don’t know if they wanted their own market from the outset. Or if they decided on it because they couldn’t have access to the market.

  46. Yes! The ui will be accelerated! Should be nice and smooth! Was hoping for that! Would love to hear more about the electronics and such. Though after hearing about the ui and other features. Has been interesting getting this inside look. Thank you for sharing Rohan!
    Interested in why you made your own market. Was it because you didn’t have access to the android market? Or was it your intention from the outset to start your own? And will you regulate it like Apple does or be more open like Google?
    As was mentioned above, will you be putting 3.0 on it? I would assume you’d put your modifications on it if you did. Though it seems like you’ve taken android in a different direction. What affect will that have on android apps that are available on the web? Will they be incompatible with ADAM? Won’t keep me from buying, but am curious!

  47. Hi Rohan,

    thanks for the new technical update. But I think now it the time to get closer to the GUI and apps working on ADAM.
    And I think we are all wating for new information / timing of the EAP.

    And could you please give us more detailed information about the timeline of ordering ? I mean, we now have october, end of month the ADAM should be at FCC and when everything works like it should end of november could start the shippig of the ADAM.
    So, please be so kind and give us a statment about this.
    If there is adelay, I think we will sad, but we will not lost the interrest on the ADAM. But we want know the day or week or month when we could hold the ADAM in our hands 🙂


  48. Interesting post, this series has been great.

    Crystal’s post of the Mobile developer magazine article is great- I’m very excited to see what you guys have come up with in the UI department- the apps and the UI are where the real differentiation between mobile devices will come. I think you’ve got a hardware edge over the competition, but it will only be a small one by the time all the major companies have their devices out. If your UI and apps can offer something really different and better, that’s what will propel a new group like you into the mainstream. Just hope you can get the infrastructure in place to be a serious international player- if not with Adam 1 than with Adam 2…

    Best of luck,

  49. A-GPS(Assisted GPS) is a bit more accurate but it requires you to spend lot of money on your 2g or 3g carrier services. True GPS is better in sense that you can use it even if you don’t have any 3g or 2g connection.
    Now a days data transfer rates are very high.
    And i am very happy that they made the decision. Now i would be actually able to use the GPS without worrying about high bills.

  50. Thanks for the updates! They really help everyone stay excited and engaged for this wonderful product.

  51. Rohan , More updates on multi tasking and UI please.Are you guys hitting FCC by end of october.

  52. Hi, Rohan.

    I would like to see more details on the electronics as well as the design. But, I also look forward to more details on the UI as well as on time-line for release in the uSA, ordering, etc.

    Looking forward to Adam being released (hopefully in 5 or 6 color combinations)!


  53. Thx Rohan for the update.
    What about an IR for the video home system etc?
    I saw on the internet the ICD Gemini who has also promising specs but not such nice screen as the NIA.
    Nor the ICD Gemini has an releasedate to this date.
    So i will bet my cards on your device and will follow it closely.
    Still nothing out there comes close to the NIA 🙂

  54. Just amazing. This teasers are leaving me high enough. I don’t know how many times I went close to buying a Kindle but I will wait for ADAM. Oh God! When am I reading my first e-book!

    Btw, Rohan, can we make the ADAM release (rather purchase ready) by Navaratri or Diwali? Please don’t say Pongal!!

  55. hey rohan

    You are making my saturdays…..Thanks for the updates and keep them rolling.

    what about the early developer program? Did you short list the people who re going to receive Adam in advance??


  56. The camera placement might be troublesome for left-handed people using the Adam in portrait orientation, no?

  57. Just two things this time… Thank you, and please hurry!

    Okay, maybe one more thing. Where can I buy a Notion Ink Adam t-shirt to proudly wear while I’m waiting anxiously for my tablet?

    Anyone else interested in a t-shirt? Maybe they’ll make some available for purchase if there is enough interest.

  58. .
    So far, so good Rohan ;]

    And I’m guessing the multitasking thing it’s gonna be like Apple’s? like not fully multitask but a quick-switch between apps? Well, shouldn’t be much problem, since there are good

    So, bring us those reports on the UI! ;D Maybe we can improve it too?

  59. I think a lot of your fans are waiting for you to clarify a very important and deciding factor as to whether they remain loyal to the Adam and wait for its release:
    Does the Pixel Qi have a touch capable capacitive screen?

    This has been raised before by others but never answered!

  60. “Just shut up and take my money, already!”

    Quote from the TV series Futurama, episode “eyepad”.

  61. Apple doesn’t have multitasking just an impression of multitasking, that doesn’t count.
    I trust Notion ink to be way better than that.

  62. Hi Notion Ink ,

    I can’t wait to buy two Adams – one for moi, and one for my baby sister (who has never owned a computer) for her 60th birthday !

    Thanks for all your terrific work.


  63. i wanna know three important things .

    1> what default browser will be there ?
    2> what kind of flash support will be there ?
    3> how much ram will it have ?

    thanks in advance . best of luck.

  64. I am greatly fascinated by ADAM, though I have a query. As I think ADAM has a potential to replace the notebooks those we ce SDKarry to colleges for taking notes. Does Adam also include a pen like stylus for taking notes directly on the device. Also there should also be an application for managing the notes as taken in the class, somewhat “Xournal (Ubuntu)” like application. It will decrease burden of students a lot, plus students can have easy and safe access to their notes.

    Also how can I develop software for it, kindly let me know the access of the SDK.

  65. Well,

    you have one competitor less. Here in Germany the “WeTab” was released this week and it has huge bugs in software (reminds me of joojoo) with already 3 bugfixes, an display with bad viewing angles and 2,5-4h battery runtime.
    My advice is: Don’t try to keep deadlines if you are only able to deliver alpha tablet. Because the bad press in the beginning is killing interest! The company around WeTab is also a startup and I guess, they will have huge problems selling their tablet even if they fix their issues with software updates!
    I’m so hoping for a nice tablet, but until now, all promised revolutions did vanish. I’m really crossing my fingers for ADAM!

  66. Hi Rohan,

    Just wanted to know if multiple OS’ can be run onthe adam.Windows7 supports touch and I was wondering if we would have the capability to load windows 7 on the adam.


  67. Being a fan of Palm’s WebOs, I’m curious to see how you have revolutionized the UI on the Adam

  68. Rohan, please tell me that you didn’t change the font of the word ‘ADAM’ in the top right corner, the lower case looked so cool in comparison to the all-upper case one you included in your picture.

  69. wtff. i don’t appreciate your nitpicking it in light of the great work being done here, and i wouldn’t say that if your comment highlighted an (apparent) error regarding the technical aspects of the project.

  70. As Del Boy used to say “This time next years we’ll be millionaires” 🙂 You people are going to be stinking rich …

  71. @steve: sorry, I really didn’t mean to offend anyone. My only intention was to be helpful. To most non-native speakers it might not be apparent that “out of the box” has THE OPPOSITE meaning as “outside the box”. What Rohan clearly meant to say in the interview was that NotionInk’s approach is “outside the box thinking”. Saying that somthing is “out of the box” means that it isn’t special or innovative at all. I’m a big fan of the great work being done here, I swear.

  72. Loving the updates and cant wait for October 9th update.
    Look forward to hearing about the ui and multitasking. One of the things I was hoping to use the Adam for is productivity with our webstore. Being able to take photos, modify them and upload them would be amazing. Same goes for mobile video demos at trade shows etc and general business communications with suppliers overseas ie skype, email on the go.
    Showing customers who visit us to see our products in person, videos pictures of how product can be used and what they can do with it, without having to drag them off to a computer elsewhere would also help in improving sales.
    Truth be told I just want an excuse to buy a new toy.

  73. Rohan,

    thank you for the regular updates! i personally love hearing about the development process, be it hardware or software.

    What is the status of the forum? from your answer 2 weeks ago it seemed like it was a few days away? my offer still stands (to setup a forum)

    also i think everyone would love a timeline of the work left to do, milestones on what big things still need to happen and where the future of Adam might be. everyone following the project knows we can’t have firm dates, but at least to know what is going to happen next. Things like,
    start the forum,
    start the EAP,
    invite 3rd party developers to genesis,
    production rollout and distribution strategy…

    i kind of feel like i’m getting left out of the party, like maybe everyone else has been invited to EAP or been given the SDK, let me know if its just me or if the development are still going on strictly behind closed doors.

    excited about the future!


  74. Rohan,

    Did you mean to say “Yes it does, I have no idea why people think a tablet might come withOUT touch capability!?”



  75. count my vote for this; guess the only problem is we don’t know what is the ‘official’ font/color etc. to even use the 3 words Notion Ink Adam… may be we will have the answers on/after Oct 9…

  76. cool Rohan; am amazed; you are not only working over the weekend… but literally burning the mid night oil…. kudos again… also I think you meant …’why people think a tablet might come with out touch capability’ … well the answer is folks were’ pampered’ by the so called leader Apple; jokes apart, honestly Rohan I feel you probably are giving 75% too many features when compared to others… that’s why I think we see/hear these comments… ranging from ‘enough talk; show me at least a working thing’ to ‘… ‘but my half a feature on iShame works; I will check Adam when it actually dances’ to ‘… did we not hear it from xyz too’ ‘are you sure its not a typo with that many ports’ etc etc

  77. This is interesting since I’ll its simple to understand that a popular product will have a lot of developers working for it but at least at the beginning its going to be a very empty market.
    Will developers of apps for the original Andriod will port the apps for genesis?
    not sure at first but they will if they see good product acceptance – and here there the egg and the hen problem.
    So I’ll have to wait and see…

  78. I second that; I felt exactly same and had the same question; and I am hoping the answer is… its lower case.

  79. I was and still am intrigued by this table, but I think that if you had gotten it out already it would have made more of an impact, there is going to be a huge saturation of tablets in the next 3-6 months also i hope that this comes w/ gingerbread or gaurenteed quick update to it,because that will give consumers more confidence in buying a froyo tablet now rather than wait until Q1 2011.

  80. cool wtff; what are the chances iBore… err phone guys come calling to Rohan to have a pillion ride on Adam even if it is a small patch somewhere on the back of Adam? being a Gandhian generous businessmen he is Rohan might even give them the ‘lift’… 🙂

  81. Again, thank you so much for these insights and for updates, which become quite regular now!
    I am so eager to see and buy Adam! Even 2-3 of those 😉

    By the way – I hope that you saw a comment from wtff about Adam and Eve being together as a whole. I loves this idea so much! And taking into account the evolution that you and your Team have already done, I strongly believe that it’s going to be legen-wait for it-DARY!

    Just a thought: I think wtff is right, remember – originally Eve was created from the rib of Adam? Any similarities with the idea that wtff proposed???? 😉

  82. Hi, Rohan(yeah, everybody is using that “Hi, Rohan” but hey, maybe there will be day when there will be “Hi, Vithren” ; ))

    While speaking for myself I’m sure that most people here will agree: yes, indeed we want to know more about design and electronic choices made with Adam.
    Also: who is that designer from automobile industry? It’s a great thing, being conscious like you about “who’s the right man for the job”. It reminds me a bit of Crytec and theirs strategy for engine developing: many folks from very different places and with different experiences doing something quite groundbreaking.

    That little info about UI also sound very interesting: glossy Apple-like icon are just lame, Android native ones – well, boring! Windows Phone 7 OS style is very interesting and I was wandering what NotionInk will bring. News about magazine designer sounds great.
    Still, it wonders(and worries) me how much time it will take to update to never Android version with all added candy on top. Well. We’ll see, I think. ; )

    Your posts and comments are always appreciated : )
    *in Optimus Prime voice*:
    We’re here. Were Waiting.


  83. Hey Guys.

    on you can see a picture of the UI.
    Just press “Design” and then you will see an ADAM with Panels.
    Is it the final UI?


  84. how are you!This was a really marvelous theme!
    I come from usa, I was luck to find your Topics in digg
    Also I learn a lot in your website really thanks very much i will come later

  85. Hi Rohan,

    Is it possible for you to post like a sample of the upcoming ui? I mean, I’m worried that it won’t be “pretty.” If you have seen the Enigma UI on the Notion Ink Adam artist’s conception, I think that will look great.

    I mean, will it look nice without the glossy icons? or will it be kind of old fashioned? I hope it looks nice, like the Enigma UI conception, but I’ll buy one anyway ;)!

  86. What about wimax, in addition to 3g? With almost 200 countries and millions of people available that would surely put the pressure on Apple to go beyond GSM. The next Ipad/Iphone is going to be either multi-mode GSM/LTE or GSM/CDMA/Wimax. You can make calls either way. If the costs of chips are right, why not increase your possible marketshare?

  87. wtff, I don’t think you were nitpicking at all. Simply helping Rohan with his message.

  88. So, Eve will come out of Adam. As the rib that made the biblical Eve came out of the biblical Adam? Cool concept!

  89. The current Android it is based off of won’t allow android market, but should still be able to side load them ( Sideloading along with Notion Ink’s Genesis are easy alternatives.

    Android 3.0 gingerbread is suppose to open up a bit more for tablet pc’s and allow android market so that is something to look forward to when Adam upgrades to gingerbread(Adam appears all set hardware wise, the only delay I can see is the time to apply notion ink’s ui over gingerbread but that is seen with htc sense/android too).

    Over all a bright outlook when it comes to apps imo.

  90. Hi Rohan,

    Going thru ur posts makes me feel like I am also part of team developing a brilliant product. I have pinned up some of the snapshot of Adam in my office cubicle (& removed Mobike Snaps), people keep my asking abt this device, & i tell them abt u & Adam.

    Abt camera front, there should be flash for night clicking (what do u say).

    Waiting for the UI post from u next week.



  91. If I’m not wrong it is supposed to get to the US first and a couple of weeks later to India, the decision was based depending on the amount of developers interested on the product, but keep in mind that next week is going to be BIG for new details, so maybe the story changes a little.

  92. As mentioned in my previous post, I am wondering about this as well.

    I’m guessing that we will have to wait just a few more days for more specific details on the HW, UI and the rest of the specs of the ADAM.

  93. According to the last specs that I remember, it should have for WLAN 8.2.11 b,g,n and for WWAN 3G HSDPA

  94. Nice teasing update… Got some questions
    1. In India, how is the distribution channel is going to be?
    2. We still do not have 3G, except BSNL, so are you planning to have any data plans tied with specific carrier (AIRTEL/VODAFONE) ?

    And it will nice if you can focus in your blog, how ADAM is going to be productive and not just beautiful one..

  95. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get one!

    This is the first tablet that has everything I want!

  96. Hey,

    I’ve waited and decided to wait, as I am not distracted by competitors. I am Adam’s boy.

    Did any one notice the escalating cost!

    I would very much like to see built-in speech to text and text to speech as also the multilingual input/output. I am a linguist, a voracious reader and a film addict.

    All the best


  97. iam sure many are curious so can u pls answer in 1 line atleast will adam have voice calling capabilities like the samsung tab ????

  98. Love the Golden Ratio connection. Another great design idea. Got big hopes for the UI when you put so much thought in the design of Adam.

  99. Rohan

    Thanks for quick reply in reassuring us all that the PQ Adam does come with the capacitive touch screen. I now can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    Keep up the good work! You’re showing us an open and innovative approach to the release of the Adam, one which values the end-user’s expectations and desires. You are looking to be great tech company.

    I’ll buy shares into your company too if you get it listed one day ^.^

  100. @Ramana
    You really are off the tangent with ADAM.

    Cant you understand the ADAM is something new, away from 4 decade old windows system?

    You want windows when you will be on the verge of a paradigm shift in how we compute?

    Its quite irritating to notice many people here are excited for the wrong reason about ADAM. Why do you want something revolutionary to work with *bloatware, malware, static* os when you are promised to something whole new, something innovative?

    NI is trying to offer us something special. Please lets try to appreciate that. Lets hold Adam in our hands and assimilate that new experience first. I for one am betting it will be a whole new way of my computing and connectivity needs. (I mean by now you all must be aware that Rohan et all are not into this for something not profoundly stupid thing )

  101. You post and post and post update after update. I have been following your blog off and on for a long time now… Is this thing ever going to release…
    I am getting tiered of waiting… the wepad looks promising I think I am going to buy the one that releases first…

  102. Hi Rohan..

    awesome news.. even the so called large brands are’nt giving the user about inner details about their products. so, we already have a winner here. and the logo of ‘ADAM’ looked nice in lower case ‘adam’. please make it lower case.

    and also, we would be glad if you could give the inner sights of electronics and the design of the device. Being an Electrical and Electronics graduate myself, I would enjoy them. keep them coming..

    eagerly waiting for this week to finish fast..


  103. I think they are already multi-trillionaires and more by heart (in Indian parlance dil ka karodpati) and by their deeds…. nothing else matters now… they are in their own league

  104. Yes, that might just do it anyways. If the adam will hava Market access, fine because then apps will probably work on the device. If not, the Genesis project will probably get even better becaus of more apps on there that will work Better than the ‘standard’ apps on android Market.

    It’s all about having devlopers like the device and develop for the format, two things that Rohan is working Very hard on.

    In either case, I’m getting at least one Adam

  105. Very glad to read your transparency of information over the few weeks. Can’t wait for next weekend.

  106. What I don’t understand is why people would think the PixelQi version wouldn’t have touch when the all the prototype videos of the Adam (like the ones on Technoholik and Slashgear) clearly show the touchscreen working.

  107. Actually if you look at the colour poll the red/black image shows a red rectangle along on edge of the screen and a red dot on the other side of the screen. These could possibly be a sign of capacitive buttons (though in the prototype they were on the side that was just a prototype and things have obviously changed in many respects).

  108. I’m guessing they would have had one anyway. As Rohan said, to take full advantage of the Adam UI you need to make tiny changes to the apps. So having a market means they can easily tell you which apps are specialized for the Adam. Plus as they said, they plan on offering media through it and they’ve been talking about content since CES at least, so it’s been in the works in some way or another.

  109. I just saw a galaxy tab a few days ago…

    I hope that I can trump that little table with my very own ADAM soon >=) muhahahah!!

  110. one of my instructors also told us about the golden ratio……
    every thing in nature is close to the golden ratio…..even the cross a Christan symbol follows the golden ratio……
    i am keen to know when this product will be there in market…how much more longer we will have to wait to see the final product??

  111. Hi Rohan,

    Have been following your blog regularly, would be great if you could let us know, when the device would be available in India.

  112. Thanks Rohan !!!
    More Info on electronics part:
    1. position of track pad as well as whether it will also support “multitouch”(
    🙂 I know asking more than we can have) just thought of pinching and zooming effects while browsing web and picture, fast forward etc while in music mode ETC using trackpad. extremely useful while sharing contents with others and you dont want to block screen at time.
    2.some more info on camera: LENS TYPE etc.
    3. HOW GOOD IS Speaker.any new features in sound department.


  113. It can run different OSs but not Windows 7. Windows 7 runs on x86 chips (Intel, AMD, Via) and cannot run on ARM chips (Tegra, Qualcomm, TI, Marvell, etc). There’s Windows Embedded but that can’t run normal Windows programs. Like Max OS X can’t be put on any of the mobile devices using ARM (including iPhone/iPad). That’s one reason they use iOS. Now Windows 7 and OS X could be ported to ARM but it would depend on Microsoft and Apple and it wouldn’t mean that the programs would work as they’d have to be recompiled.

  114. I think you meant multi-touch, not multi-tasking. And farther up this page you can see where he posts that it WILL.

  115. It might have to do by the way it was written on site . where Multitouch WAS written at the end of specification of LCD screen though it meant for both variant 🙂 I thinks so, as after the introduction of web site , large number of people have raised this question

  116. There must be camera angle sensor,whether you are video calling or taking video .i want to see a 3d sweep panorama software as in sony tx9 ,output to 3d tv via 1080p hdmi and touch focus in camera interface.Hope they will launch the 3g version in India also,it would be great.
    The image and specs in notion ink website are final or not?or wait till 9oct

    I am obviously getting this

  117. I’m hoping that the 3G module supports all the frequencies and it is not region specific. I travel a lot and I need it to work in the U.S, Europe and Asia.

  118. As far as I know NO device supports all frequencies. Enough to roam between North America/Europe/Asia yes, but not with just any carrier. Remember than in the US there are several 3G bands. Also some other places have weird configurations. Hopefully, if they have to choose as I suspect they might, they will go with the ATT bands (I say this because they are the ones used in Canada and Mexico which is where I would need to use it, not because I have ANY sort of preference for AT&T). Or maybe offer different variants like the Tab does. But obviously some sort of universal coverage between continents would be great.

  119. Two things, will it have multi-user support? As many people know, this is a big fail on the ipad.
    And would I be able to install ubuntu netbook remix on it? Not saying that I will, but I would like the option if for some reason I’m unsatisfied with or if the Adam ui doesn’t work for me.
    Would I be able to dual boot? Also, when I connect it to a computer via usb, will it show up as a hard drive?

  120. You don’t want an iPad for sketching. I think everyone will agree that our new fascination with capacitive touch screens has made devices very unfriendly for stylus and fine tuned sketching. If you can’t sketch it with the tip of your finger the stylus isn’t going to help. You need a resistive touch screen in order to make a tablet good for sketching.

    Anyone have any additional thoughts on this?

  121. If you read the posts as you say you do, you would know that they have already released a lot of information about when it will be released. Enough for you to know its not in the next 6 weeks anyway.

  122. If people at NI actually read all of these comments (and I can’t imagine that you don’t as I read them all), please in your next post try to answer some of the questions that are posted. Not all of them as many have already been answered and some didn’t seem worth answering (sorry not meaning to troll here).

    The question I’d like answered most of all is a little bit of talk about the option for stylus input and if it will be any better than what we see currently with capacitive touch screens. If it is not better I think it is better just to talk about what it will be and why (vision). I would even suggest future plans, but I’d understand if that got skipped.

    Thanks for all your great updates.

  123. Actually, the new Nokias (N8,…) do have worldwide 3G support. I hope the Adam will as well…

  124. yes multitouch, but truly multitasking like Galaxy S or poor doubletouch like Nexus(Clearpad 2000)?

  125. yes multitouch, but truly multittouch like Galaxy S or poor doubletouch like Nexus(Clearpad 2000)?

  126. The Nokia N8 has 5 band support. Which is the best available but still not the best that COULD exist. There are 14 WCDMA bands. Providing coverage for all of them would be overkill and somewhat expensive. The new Nokias do cover both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G though.

    We’ll just have to wait and see how Notion Ink plays things out. Hopefully we’ll have options. Whether the options to choose or to opt in for a broader coverage radio.

  127. I have to say that I am really the updates. The new one hasn’t really gone as in-depth as other ones but one piece that I was really glad to hear was that they optimized the UI for the PixelQi. Just changing a screen from colour to monochrome works but isn’t always the best viewing experience (just watch a black and white tv and you’ll see some of the deficiencies that pop up).

    Personally I like eye candy, but Web 2.0-ish icons can get sickeningly sweet when too much (and as someone earlier said: tacky). But remember guys, just because it’s not glossy does not mean it will look like Windows 3.0 (a good example is Windows Phone 7 which looks good without going the same route as many companies).

    I also love the golden ratio tidbit too.

    And.. WOOHOO!!! I was right about the camera bit when I speculated on it in the last update.

    Can’t wait till the next update, be it on the 6th and the 9th.

  128. @placid I think the article reads well – Rohan speaks Tech and thats all we need to understand! lol I also love the fact that it is him communicating with us directly. If its too poslished we start to lose some of that, so its all good Rohan!

    Also,thanks for the this new update. I’ve managed to hold on since the very beginning and am patiently awaiting the arrival!

  129. Actually I got the impression that it was written that way in order to make the lcd version not seem less appealing. You know, sometimes you can’t tout a more basic product as well so you promote the features that are a given on the higher end one. It happens all the time in product descriptions.

  130. Could anyone please confirm if the Adam is FANLESS??

    (I´m really tired of heat and noise in my previous tablets… 😦

  131. Ooops, meant to say that “I am really enjoying” the updates^

    and on a side note… I hope that there are multiple user accounts. Though I don’t know how possible that is on Android…

  132. If you don’t release adam in the next couple of months, it could cause serious dent to your business plans. There are now too many players with similar products and you are delaying a lot.

  133. If they can rework the multitasking for apps and everything I’d bet multiple user accounts are possible. I’d like to see this too.

  134. when i am not in range of any open wifi network, I connect my phone to my computer with a usb cable and use the phone’s 3g. I this going to be possible on the adam, or will i have to get the 3g version?

  135. Hi, Shravan.

    I’m talking from Brazil and I’m one of those is really anxious to the launching of adam!

    One thing that I was thinking about was the possibilities to do integrated apps like ” remote controls” for the plex and xbmc, and for “automated home” systems like indigo for mac, or even linuxMCE. Then launch some wall and table suports for adam!
    It would be very nice!!
    Igor Simoes.

  136. Hey people,
    A Tablet means a touchenabled PC. So asking this question is like asking whether windows 7 will have windows. Got it !!

  137. Really enjoying each drop of new information especially the explanations of how you came about your decisions. Please happy to hear as much as you have to say. And don’t hold back get right into the technical stuff as well this is fascinating reading.

    One questions when you do launch will you also be launching an online store at the same time?

  138. Adam looks like it’s shaping up to be a dream machine. I’m ready to order one.

    I just hope it doesn’t lose too much market share, by waiting too long to come out. But it looks like one that people will want, regardless of if they have another tablet already.

  139. @Rohan
    This is a very much desired option for me (medical apps with stylus support)

  140. Oh My GOD!!!
    You have no idea how much I want this tablet!!! I have been following every bit of news around the web, and of course, this blog, and I get more excited about this tablet every day. My only question is…..WHEN????????????
    I really don’t want an IPad, but if I don’t get my Adam soon, my husband is going to give me one!!! hehe
    Keep up the good work!

  141. Hi,
    with all my respects, all my friends that were waiting for your fabulous device have an ipad now!
    And they like it .
    Others wait for the toshiba folio 100, or the galay tab that will be out soon, and seems amazing too..

    How could you win after the war? the market will be taken yet.. I realy like you project but..
    Time is a weapon!

  142. Keep on seeing these posts from students, etc asking for note taking possibility.

    I’m not sure what they have out there right now, and this may defeat the purpose of having a portable tablet, but hasn’t anyone out there created a portable usb/software solution for this?

  143. I am hoping. as you do Jason, that Adam brings about a whole new transition of *productivity* to portable tablets. We all enjoy our entertainment apps, but being able to use them for work as well is an amazing attraction to portable products.

  144. No, he is more likely to have LTE. The rumour is that Reliance (the elder brother) has invested in NI and they’re the only ones to have won a pan-India license for wireless broadband. The wireless broadband license is technology neutral in as much as the licensees can decide whether they want to go in for WIMAX or LTE (the 2 being the only genuine options). It is further rumoured that Reliance is going to go LTE inspite of the fact that WIMAX equipment is more easily available (and disputedly) cheaper. So if both the rumours are true, then having LTE on the Adam would seem logical. Also Reliance is known for being aggresive on new technology and their betting on Adam wouldn’t be a surprise for me.

    For those who are interested in reading on, the WIMAX forum is hopping mad over most licensee’s choice of going in for LTE (so far all rumoured). Interestingly Qualcomm is also one of the successful licensees having bagged the precious Mumbai circle with 20MHz of spectrum. Qualcomm has apparently promised the licensees cheap equipment and also assure adequate customer equipment (handsets/ tablets) to push broadband penetration in India.

  145. There is talk of writing on the Adam. Does this mean there is going to be some type of wacom/pen technology. I have used a tablet before which had touch and pen but you had to hold the pen so that you did not touch it with your hand which made quite in practical. Or is the writing referencing using a finger?

    With the comment about other tablets I have have yet to find any competition in the market place anywhere near the Adam. From what I have read of the Adam its not competing its just making the competition irrelevant. There product is so far in front of what anyone else is doing I think it will be awhile before anyone will equal let alone offer something better.

  146. Hi Rohan,

    There are few innovations in ADAM. But i like to see some interesting features in the ADAM at least in the next version of the ADAM.

    Recently i saw the design of Mozilla Seabird, where these features are present in mobile design. These features suite well for a Tablet.

    IR Key board , Projector – should be there.

    It should come with APP – Which makes it – Internet Dash – (Sony).
    (Clock,Weather, Facebook, twitter updates , digital photo,Notes frame in onescreen (or select few).
    It is should VERY EASY to turn this app in ADAM.

  147. I am wondering how many RAM Adam’s got, I don’t really can find that spec.
    (on the sidenote: me little compare with BlackBerry playbook)

  148. hey Rohan,
    Great to get more insights into the product..really makes us feel a part of the process…thnaks for the updates and hopefully they’ll be continuing in the same way….. There is one area I hope you will throw some light upon i.e. whether we can “write” using a stylus/pen…something for taking and managing notes I mean. Lots of people want to know the same(many have asked the same in their comments)..It’ll be great if you could confirm this one way or the other…cheers!!!!

  149. It should be fanless. It uses the same tech as future phones. It’s one of the advantages of ARM chip mobile devices (along with long battery life). Though I can’t testify as to how hot it will actually get it won’t compare to a notebook.

  150. I would like my Adam to replace my laptop and my phone (just a ear-piece/headset with BT-connectivity). If possible, it would be awesome if the Adam could be used as a TV-remote aswell with streaming capabilities to your TV.

    Specs that would be desirable atm:
    WiFi 802.11n (it is a multimedia device, then one of it’s most important feature is speed)
    4G (this is the network that is used in Sweden nowdays, 3G feels kind of old and slow)
    Bluetooth 3.0
    Froyo 2.2.1
    Camera: <5mp with Xenon flash and Image Stabilization
    Pixel Qi
    Port Replikator in a sleek and sophisticated design (for work).

    I know this is a little much to ask for in a tablet right now. But I would love to see it happend in maybe the next version of Adam 🙂 It has soo much potential!

  151. OH “ADAM” we all are waiting for you.

    I just wants to know about few things if any one can please tell :

    1) Firstly, wether ADAM release is on its track as per scheduled timelines and till what date it will be available for order.

    2) will we be able to install any other operating system in this tablet (Like ubuntu, windows 98 / XP, if really required at later date).

    3) Will it support HTML 5 content (i hope so as minimum 1 GHZ processor is required for the same to process).

    Eagerly waiting for reply of these points.

  152. Rohan,
    Not a lot of mention of the backside trackpad in the last few blog posts. As these posts have been hardware design in nature, this leaves me a little bit worried that the idea might not be being pursued anymore. Just to reassure us, is the trackpad still a go?

  153. No doubt it will be able to handle WoW, but WoW for android doesn’t really exist.
    If blizzard released something like that, a lot of guys will lose their girlfriend’s again(First time being when they started playing WoW on PC).

  154. Why would they leave something like that?
    Just because they are not mentioning it, doesn’t mean they have dropped it.

  155. Dear Rohan,

    I believe this is a repeat but still can you shed some light on the quality of the speakers that would be part of the ADAM?


  156. Will we be able to install Ubuntu Netbook Edition on the Adam tablet?

    Could I install Ubuntu on a MicroSD card and boot from that or would I need to remove the original Adam OS entirely?

  157. I am not a technical guy but still it really makes me read, learn and know many good things…….

    Kindly do not delay in releasing your tablet………

    Even if you want to work on it release first on ADAM-1 before it is too late and later release more developed one………….you all have been working hard on it and at the same time you should not miss market……..

    All the best

    Mohan Prakash Reddy G.

  158. What about the left-handed people??? if they hold the device on right hand, they can’t use the camera….

  159. Thank you for yet another great piece of info on the Adam’s design and the UI. We DO appreciate and I personally don’t mind the wait that much as long as the updates keep coming.
    I like the fact that the UI is accelerated and I believe I read somewhere that developers will also have access to it though an API.
    One thing worries me though about Gingerbread compatibility. It’s be hinted all over the internet that Gingerbread and the following Honeycomb won’t support third party user interface. It’s not that much of an issue for me but it means (IF it’s true) that updating Adam to Gingerbread you’ll lose the benefit of that new UI and API.

  160. @wtff…There’s one flaw with such a design concept you’ve imagined. What if one needed to talk on his/her phone at the same time? Your first response may be Adam could absorb both the functionality and mobile network connectivity. The problem with that for many users of these new tablet devices would be doing so in situations where using the primary device, Adam, does not involve a desk or other convenience, namely space. Take for example working on reports, etc. and having a conversation on a way to a meeting in bus or train/subway. I think having a permanent trackpad and wireless tethering to a cell phone for data connection would provide the optimal freedom of using each while addressing the single data plan issue.

  161. Rohan,

    Do you have plans to introduce accessories like attachable keyboard that makes the tablet a convertible? A notebook look and feel. A wireless mouse and VPN support would truly make it a business class device.

    It would be great to have the following in Adam.

    1. Attachable keyboard panel to get a Notebook look and ease of use with wireless mouse. Invert the display for proper viewing when the keyboard is connected (speakers should be at the top edge of the keyboard).
    2. An attached stand to keep the tablet like a photo frame.
    3. A remote control to view videos
    4. VPN software support.
    5. Built in FM Radio. Buttons to toggle between FM Radio and App sounds.
    6. Additional Small webcam as seen in notebooks. (should be activated when the keyboard is connected).
    7. Microsoft outlook client.
    8. A battery pad to get extra 50 hours of life without a recharge. (Frequent travelers would love to have it.)

    If you can get these in the tablet then there will be no looking back for Notion Ink.


  162. That idea was recently presented by the people of Allways Innovating (those who presented the idea of a netbook with detachable screen that becomes a tablet).

    The new product add an voiceIP phone to the back, but I don’t know if it works as a back trackpad too.

  163. Thanks Tarwinia. Yes, I know it “should be” fanless, but I´m getting a little worried about not being able to find it written anywhere. (If it is a good feature compared to other tablets, why not advertise it??)

    I want to use the Adam as an e-reader, and I find fan noise extremely distracting for that purpose, so I would like to confirm it before I keep waiting for a longER time…

    Any input appreciated, thank you.

  164. Not even close. No pixel qi screen, no camera, no dice.
    It doesn’t have a release date either nor does it specify what OS it will be using.
    There aren’t even any specs?

  165. With all due respect this is the kind of stuff that I want to hear from Rohan and not the trivial things like titanium grey vs metallic blue junk.

    I think Notion Ink is working on a thick software layer to cover Froyo but I am not sure how this is going to work long term from an end-user perspective. If Android 3.0 is tablet friendly (Froyo is not) then they would have to rework that thick layer and it would take forever for them to release a 3.0 update for all the version 1 adopters. Haven’t we seen enough of this already with Android Mobile devices?

  166. The question must be more specific: the Pixel Qi screen version is MULTItouch or just touchscreen? Capacitive or resistive?

  167. “It doesn’t have a release date”
    Yes. But If it had that, it would really be considering buying it, and not Adam. (I am a college student)

  168. Technical specs are not what really make a product, it’s the experience. It’s about how a product integrates with a customer’s life style and other electronic gadgets. It’s about the content that drives that product.

    We know that Adam will not have access to Android Market. So it will not have access to the thousands of apps in the Market. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. It may not be that big a deal because most of the Android apps in the Market are not designed to run on tablet form factors anyways. It’s not all about scaling but about effectively utilizing the bigger real estate to give a better experience than phones. However if a customer has an Android phone and an Adam then he will not be able to share the apps between the devices.

    I hope Rohan can figure these issues out and he can shed some light on this.

  169. Hi, Rohan.

    One of commentators, asked “Are you planning to have some accessories ready for the product release? like an stylus or even better a docking”

    Please address some of this as well sooner than later.

    I for one would like to see some type of stand offered like is offered for the iPad so that one can just put the Adam on a stand when watching movies, listening to music, or maybe using it as a fancy picture frame/slide-show.

  170. Dear Rohan,

    I followed the last months updates about this project you’re developing with vivid interest. As many people in this world I consider the I-pad just a child game, not either an instrument but your product has solved in one shot all the problems of the others pads.
    Adam is a tablet, but it’s also a computer, an e-book, is everithing together and that’s awesome! If also the price would be as cheap as I heard it will be, for sure, my next purchase. But here is the problem!
    I saw many restyling of a product that do not already exist! Golden ratio, colours, chipsets… The notion ink Adam can not be buyed and the interest of the most is reducing every month that pass.
    I really belive in this project, I admire your perseverance and I think that what are you creating is a cutting edge tecnology that noone has ever seen before. But if you don’t finalize it it’s just a dream.

    Good luck (and sorry for my english)

    Saverio Girardi

  171. @ tintincub: Technical specs are important and so is what kind of OS the product is running. I could care less about the Android market as I will be installing ubuntu netbook release on it right away. This gives me the full range of tens of thousands of linux programs as well as few windows programs under wine. I already know that the Adam will run ubuntu because they one running ubuntu on one of their prototypes at one of the computer conventions.

    So you see for me tech specs are important because I need to know if it will be compatible with my mobile os of choice.

    @iwantitfast: I understand. I would consider buying it to if it were available right now because it looks like a cool (though crippled), device. But at least it looks like it plays flash and that is important to me. Of course, I would sell it or give it away when the Adam comes out because the adam is the only tablet I have seen so far that has everything I want with no sacrifices at all!:)

  172. I can’t take the suspense any longer! AAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!! When can I @!&$ing buy one?!!?!?!?

  173. ADAM OS … what say?

    If Froyo is not Tablet OS and god knows what issues Gingerbread and other versions will have, why not have an ADAM OS …. 🙂

  174. Of course technical specs are important but my point is they are not _all_.

    You seem to have a very narrow tunneled vision of Adam’s potential end-users. They will not be able to sell many if their target customers are people like you. Actually if you want to go through all those pains I don’t understand why you just don’t buy a Netbook? You want to install a *nix OS on a tablet and run Win programs on a multi touch device? Really? Don’t they sell laptops or netbooks where you live? This is a classic example of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Heck, you can even go with MacBook Air if you want something bigger than a Netbook. Then you can _properly_ run multiple OSs.

  175. I like it from a teacher side but not from a student. It looks big and heavy but that is just the mock ups. the Dual screen is interesting but with out knowing the screen types it could be a battery hog or very heavy due to having to put a very large Battery in it. Worth watching but from what I see so far nothing special and not up to par with the Adam.

  176. I am so excited about this product and I really appreicate the info you provide. I say the more details the better. I am looking forward to next weeks update.

  177. yep, me too would like to develop some cool gaming apps, kind of like beach games, etc and would also wish to test it and give some tough feedbacks.

  178. In general it is not advertised as a good feature against other tablets as generally only tablets running Windows use fans. The ARM ones don’t (Galaxy Tab, iPad, Folio, etc.)

    I think I even remember some mention of a Window tablet or two which were fanless.

    Also there were no fans in the prototypes that I could see from the pictures and videos on the web 🙂

  179. The Market doesn’t matter to me as long as I can side load the apps or get them in Genesis. I am already working with 4 groups to get their apps ready and one of my own. People are putting way to much into having to have the Android Market.

    Rohan already let the Genie peek out of the bottle. With a new UI comes changes. I can’t wait till this weekend. It also means could be built on 2.1, 2.2, or 3.0. We don’t know yet which but from what little we have learned I am excited. I have tons of question like most of you but we will have to wait and see.

    I am glad to start seeing the NotionInk name getting out there now and I will make a bold prodiction. Once it is released with in 6 months any tablet that comes out in early 2011 will be compaired to the Adam. I also think that other manucactures will be changing there lines to more o the inovations that NotionInk is putting into this computer.

  180. Capacitive. That much is a given, and they’ve also said in videos and such. And given that their UI is multi-touch the screen has to be too or it’ll be hobbled. And absolutely no one would want the highest end one to be hobbled, neither consumers nor the enterprise.

  181. Actually going though Gingerbread articles the word is that Gingerbread will remove the need for custom UI but not the support so you’re you’re probably right.

  182. Never really understood why people make such a fuss about this market stuff. Never needed one before, will live happily ever after after without it.
    I realize though that it makes it easy for non technical people to install application and it provide a certain level of trust as to the app compatibility, but, come on, if you’re able to download apps from the web and install it on a Linux or Windows box you don’t need a market.

  183. I can’t find the comment I read recently that implied that the way either the UI or multitasking was implemented, would require application development to be done a little differently. Please correct me if I misunderstood what was being said. I was hoping to find and read the comment again for clarification before bringing this up.

    However, my thought is that a requirement for application development to be done a little differently for the app to either work with the UI or with multitasking could be a clue about access to the Android Market apps.

    If there are special requirements for apps to run on the adam and/or to take advantage of its multitasking capabilities, that might preclude all existing android apps from running on Adam and therefore access to those apps would be irrelevant.

    Though I’m not worried about it either way. Based on everything we’ve learned about Notion Ink and the Adam, I have learned that NI is on top of the game. They would obviously realize the impact something like this would have and therefore they would have a good plan for addressing it. Whether it be Genesis and/or some other way. I am confident we will have lots of great apps available for the Adam one way or another. And like someone else implied, Who needs 1,000 different “fart” apps anyway!?

  184. I think a 7″ version is much needed. They should release it before Apple comes out with one of their own. 7″ is the perfect size for an eReader and tablet because of its portability. It will directly compete with Amazon, B&N, Borders, Sony, Samsung and RIM among others.

  185. Another thing We need to stop all this iPad killer junk. the iPad is way to big in the market now to be killed. I think we can all agree it is a nice peice of equipment. I think it is a great first Tablet to get this part of the market going. (Yes there was tablets before the iPad but come on they were beta). Thie first Android tablet is the Samsung TAB. (all before it again beta) The issue with the TAB is that all the rumors say it is going to be $1000. Can you say no thank you. All I want from NI and I think they are doing is is when it comes out all the other manufactures stand up and say crap we need to get a new model out. I think every one is following the iPad and targeting it’s functionality. I think that NI is building the next generation Tablet and we will see a lot of change next year with companies trying to catch up.

  186. The post is the second one on this page where it says from an article:

    “We are very conscious about the applications to go on our device. The UI is totally unique and calls for a very small but crucial change in the Application Architecture to use the UI to the fullest of the extent. UI is largely inspired from real world metaphors like magazines, wire-frames, newsletters.”

    This means other Android apps should work on the Adam, just not as well as the ones designed specifically for it.

  187. Hey Rohan

    First of all, hats off to you and your team, for such a marvelous product, really looking forward to its launch. You make us all proud. Way to go!

    Now, this message is a short wishlist of two added features that I, as a user, desire the Adam to have.

    On the software front, Is there any way to run Windows 7 on Adam, just in case we need to.

    Some of my most used Windows programs, doesn’t run on any other OS, thus the question.

    Nevertheless, I love open-source and the Android platform. It would be a real delight if I could have a dual-boot option, so I can work on Windows when I really need to. 🙂

    More importantly, on the hardware side, can we also use a pen/stylus with the device, to write or draw clearly, while our palm still rests on the face of the tablet.

    It would be an incredibly useful option for students, making it easier to take down running class notes, and even designers and artists, who intend to use the device, to draw precisely whats on their mind.

    I think these two features will make Adam extremely useful and attract a much wider consumer base. Specially the pen option should make it a real hit among a variety of users.

    Please consider these features for the second version of Adam, if they aren’t already there on the first one. I just want Adam to be the best and the most sought-after tablet device, that the world has ever seen.

    Best Regards


  188. As somebody says, for me the Notion Ink Adam has the potential to change the vision of computer peripherals that is actually in all minds. I explain. With the Adam, I think that I have four systems in one : a tablet (it’s the first thought that come in my mind), a replacement of my netbook (with just a keyboard and mouse that Android had support), a replacement of my old mobile phone (with just a bluetooth ear) and (what is the most valuable for me) the possibility to change the vision of the IT world who think that there is the necessity that every person own one tablet, one computer, one mobile phone. No there is the potential to investigate new horizons about the media covergence and IT convergence.

    Notion Ink keep on the track and don’t forget to deliver the Adam in Europe (specially in France 🙂 ) soon after the official launch.

    Thanks for all your job

  189. Although the UI is important, if not the most important thing, to the possible end user reading this (and I guess there are a lot of us here), reading a word or two (or for that matter a lengthy post) about the electronics, design and science behind the device from the mouth of the maker(s) is priceless,
    So words on both, if I (We?) may ask. Lots of them 🙂

  190. Well said, I was thinking the exact same thing, if he wants a netbook, he should just buy a netbook.

    If he is just going to get rid of everything related to ADAM, then he should buy a cheap knock off tablet. like the Apad.

    Adam is going to be priced higher then the cheap knock off android tablets, but it is going to have the extras that make Adam special, like the UI, the Sivel camera,t he special (as yet explained) sensor, the track pad on the back. the ubuntu netbook release is not going to support that.

  191. the Apple Market is great, I love it on the iphone, it is what really separates it from the rest of the smartphone market. The vast majority of users, are not going to slide load, apps. People want a easy to use market place with lots of free apps, and quality paid apps, Intel even just opened their own netbook app market to try to keep people interested in netbooks.

    a good market place matters, to most people, not so much to techinical people, but the average consumer it is a make or break item.

    Read some of the reviews of the tosiba folio. they got slammed becuase they aren’t going to have the android market, but instead their own market. Adam will to suffer in the review department for the lack of the android market place, that is why their own interface and market has to be great, just to overcome the general press coverage that will dismiss Adam, based just on the lack of the android market place.

  192. I agree, the Notion Ink Adam is years away from even being on Apples radar. Notion Ink has stated in earlier blog post, that they are going to be able to produce around 100,000 units a month initially, Apple is selling over a million a month now and will hit 2 million/month soon. The adam will sell in it’s entire first year, what Apple sells in a month.

    That in not a negative on Notiion Ink, I personally can’t wait to buy one, it is just the reality. Adam will not be an Ipad killer.

    What Adam will do I believe is set a new standard for tablets, and improve the entire market, as other adroid tablet producers will scramble to copy its features. And eventually Apple too will notice them.

    But everyone here on this blog, will be way ahead of the rest of the world, we will have a tablets, that is years ahead of the rest of the world.

  193. I just want to say how much i am waiting for the Adam. I can’t wait to get one for work and home. Hopefully Notion Ink stays ahead of schedule and keeps on churning out the good stuff.

    Thanks again.


  194. Hello, my first comment here.

    I am really interested in this tablet and I think I’m gonna get the Pixel Qi no-3G model. The question is, is it going to be launch in Spain? Because most of the best products can only be purchased in USA or Japan, and I really want to buy it. The Pixel Qi screen gives me what I look for a tablet.

  195. Hopefully not. Wimax 2 was being tested today. 330Mbps! I think it was streaming 3d over 16 TVs… Not bad. Isn’t there already existing Wimax infrastructure almost everywhere. Wimax 2 is backwards compatible, so…

  196. Although I do see the difference between a netbook and a tablet with your desires… remember that it’s not so simple. The open source stuff will still need to be compiled for ARM processors (and frankly I have no idea how difficult that would be). And I don’t know how hard it will be to run Windows programs through wine on an ARM cpu. On a normal lap or desktop there’s no problem as they run chips with the same architecture. That’s not the case here. Take a look at the Ubuntu installation on the Toshiba AC 100 notebook (or is it smartbook). The battery life is very short as the installed Ubuntu isn’t configured to be that frugal with the battery life and 3D is missing along with many other things. Yes, Ubuntu would be awesome on the iPad, once it gets configured properly. But there will still be limitations.

  197. Re: Clay
    “We need to stop all this iPad killer junk”

    Well, Clay, I’m as much against empty hyperbolic arguments as the next guy (e.g. “Kill all iPads with lasers!”) But there really is plenty of evidence to it’s mediocrity when you go through the pros and cons:

    As first impressions go, it’s pretty safe to argue it looks like a nice piece of equipment. Of course appearances can be deceiving. In this case, it seems that what is severely lacking are the basic form factor issues that the Adam addresses. Apple, being overconfident in their tried and true “elegant simplicity” mantra, actually managed to make something so simple it’s stupid. (Heresy to us followers of the K.I.S.S. theory – “keep it simple, stupid.”) They had a clear goal: leverage their brand popularity to invent a new market for a large-format handheld device. While they applied the best of their engineering skill to Apple’s trademark fortes (namely, efficient machining and aesthetics with forward-thinking software), the device is a retrogression for technology.

    I don’t mean to say that lightly. But once the “magic” fades, every iPad owner I’ve meet seems whopped with a serious dose of buyer’s remorse. One friend of mine admitted to me he only uses it on the toilet anymore. That’s right, 500 bucks for something to read while you crap that’s probably much less sanitary than a magazine.

    Why does the novelty fade so quickly? Well, for starters it immediately appears as just that, a novelty: something extremely intriguing, but by no means (necessarily) a universal utility. A flashlight might be both, but the iPad fails the utility measure on these counts:

    -Accessory case and keyboard provide relative laptop functionality, but drive cost to the $600-700 range. Still roughly the price for a laptop of equivalent processing power, but still infuriatingly overpriced. It’s as if they magically knew that enough of their customers would be willing to spend $30$ for a $5 case to lower the base price of the tablet itself a few bucks. Which would be fine, except –

    -The case itself is a shortcut to a proper viewing angle, meaning the hundreds of thousands of iPads that get used flat on a surface will require everyone to crane their necks. This is a serious retrogression from even a standard laptop. It’s actually pretty funny seeing people who are used to crowding around a little Canon to look at a 3″ image try – and fail – to show a picture slideshow to a group of 3+ friends on an iPad. Since everybody can’t crane their necks directly over it, the user usually ends up having to swivel the tablet around one photo at a time, like a kindergarten teacher in storybook hour.

    -No matter how fluid the keyboard, it doesn’t provide any haptic feedback for pseudo-touch typing out of the box. Not saying that anyone else has addressed this yet, but if you want a great reason that tablets aren’t quite yet the digital swiss-army knife they’re billed as, look no further. A lot of friends of mine who don’t touch type really seem to consider this moot. They also don’t do to much typing beyond text messages. Anyway, I submit Samuel L. Jackson’s keen observations from Boondocks as a counter argument: Yes, change form factors. Yes, introduce revolutionary input methods. BUT…. Emulate user conventions at all costs. For example, why do styli still suck? Sure, there’s latency issues and whatnot, but their mostly lacking because nobody has designed them to do everything a mouse can and then some (click, pressure-click, scroll wheel, etc.). Though stylus engineers may feel they’ve made a stand-alone product because it is a strong digital proxy for an ink pen, they fail to measure how far they’ve impinged on the mouse’s territory without addressing every mouse-input convention possible.

    -An uncomfortable one-handed grip is unforgivable. If you’ve ever been to the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas on a busy night, you’ll know that a mug of beer (3 lbs.) is practically impossible to hold up at shoulder height for more than a five minutes or so. The iPad weighs half of this, and obviously would be held with a bent elbow. But making a device with magazines as a key media that you can’t use comfortably one-handed for a half-hour on your Laz-Y-Boy? Certainly a downgrade from paper, and certainly not fitting to Apple’s reputation for superior product architecture.

    Of course, when you boil down Apple’s success from the hardware side, it stems from smart thermodynamics applications and aesthetics. While they’ve pioneered the portable touchscreen market to adolescence – it’s been within the bounds of a single, palm-but-not-so-pocket friendly form factor. (Don’t forget, five years ago most cell phones were meant to be forgotten in the pocket until needed. Though everything has gotten much slimmer, we’re becoming accustomed to having our pants bulge out with screens with more surface area than a pack of cigarettes.)

    The iPod won out on flash memory, the iPhone won out on providing a solid foundation for cloud computing. But as Apple has banked on building computers for a primarily upscale or niche professional users, it now becomes more clear that they haven’t ever been geared for making devices that are MEANT TO BE handled as carelessly as a book or magazine, and expected to take a few bad falls without cracking the screen.
    So, while my iPad-toting friends pass it around as if knighting a squire (both hands slowly extend, with the tacit grin that says, “this thing is way more ostentatious than it should be”), I’ll be happily awaiting the day when a more practicable tablet goes on sale. Here’s looking at you, Notion.

  198. If I remember correctly it wasn’t designed as a portable device but rather more for working with digital textbooks at a desk. That’s one reason for the big screen. At a desk the big screens can be a boon as they provide greater res, detail, and area to work with. But as a mobile device… you can carry it around but you can’t use it in your hands for a long time due to the weight, especially the dual screen one.

  199. @tintincub: Your arrogance is amazing. Just because you’re too ignorant to grasp why anyone would want to install ‘nix on a touch device doesn’t mean it’s a dumb idea. Obviously, you are the one with a narrow tunneled vision. If you want to use the device within the confines of it’s original intent, that’s OK. But don’t judge me for wanting to push the envelope. If every customer who bought a computing device thought like you, we’d still be using desktop computers that max out at 64 meg of ram. In fact your post makes you sound like the Xerox exec who ridiculed PARC scientist for making something called “a mouse?”.

    The Adam will sell just fine no matter how many people like me there are. People like me drive innovation and help to unlock possibilities. The Adam itself is an example of a device made by people who want to do more with a device than what is expected of it. When I show my ipad friends, the videos that compare the Adam to an ipad, many of them sound like you. The stupidity that flows from their lips is ridiculous. “Why do you need flash, multitasking, a back facing cameras, or to go outside the app store for programs?” or “you should just get a laptop if you want a full fledged computer, and if you want to be able to read outdoors, why don’t you just get a kindle!” There is a reason people Jailbreak, mod, and root their devices.

    Example: I was one of the first people to get a netbook, pre-ordered it months in advance, back when Asus thought that it was a gadget for kids. I was one of the first to erase the crappy xandros distribution and install xubuntu. I was one of the first to get wifi working and to get it working in hotels, in fact I wrote a script that helped people get their wifi working with ndiswrapper, and I posted my solutions on forums. I hacked my eeepc by adding my own bluetooth, adding more ram than was available at the time for netbooks, and installed an internal 32 gig thumbdrive and I posted my mods for other people to see. I can secure shell into my home workstation and pull up a scrolling remote desktop on my netbook from anywhere in the world. (Why wouldn’t I want to be able to do this on my Adam when I get it? All along the way there are alway people like you who don’t understand why anyone would want more functionality until they have it and can’t live with out it.

    Geeks who want more out of their devices showed asus that maybe the average person would want their netbooks to do more and as a result they started to make them more powerful with bigger drives and enough ram and procs to run windows. If it wasn’t for people like me who get pleasure out of trying to squeeze as much out of their computing devices as they can, netbooks would still have 512 meg ram and 4gig drive. To Asus credit, they kept a close eye on forums like, even going as far as to take some of the mods into consideration, notify the members of bios updates, and allowed people to keep their warranty on hacked devices. Rohan and crew seem to be following in that vein as they are making all of Adam’s elements completely open and are building on open standards.

    By the way, I had a little 8″, $800, advueu pen tablet in 2003 that had a camera, ethernet ports, wifi, usb ports, a 20 gig drive and could run xp, photoshop, flash, and filemaker pro. It did things that the ipad can’t even come close to doing. The extra functionality never hindered me in any way.

    @David: Where do you see that I say that I want to get rid of everything related to Adam? All I said is that I will be installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix because I have no interest in the Android OS. Rohan and his crew are smart enough to use open components, so my finding drivers for what I need shouldn’t be a problem. Especially since they themselves, I believe, already had a prototype running ubuntu.

    I already have a netbook, I need something in between my iphone and my netbook. The ipad doesn’t cut it for me and I’m not looking for a cheap knock-off. The Adam has everything I need and want, starting with first and foremost the pixel qi screen and the swivel camera, multitouch support, flash to log into my banking accounts and the possibility of having a truly portable device that I can actually use to get real work done when having my laptop isn’t convenient. Before the iphone, people like you would say, “why would anyone need a computer in their pocket, all you need is a phone?” Then look what happened, now everyone has a computer in their pocket and in Asia many people use their smart phones as their main computer! People like you are content with the status quo, people like me want more. And if there weren’t any people like me, we’d still be using pay phones on the street.

    @ Tarwinia: The open source stuff is already compiled for the arm processor. I have several netbooks and an eeebox as my home theater in my living room running Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an arm processor. My netbook gets over 10 hours battery life, and wine runs flawlessly (I only need Wine for a few small windows programs that I can’t live without). The new version of UNR coming out this month has a ui that has been completely rewritten for tablets, devices with smaller screens. It has very low ram requirements and has very fast boot times with very little power drain in sleep mode. But it can run a whole world of linux programs.

    Side note, I’m not crazy about the Android OS and it’s UI, but if Notion manages to pull off a miracle with their GUI, and if more of the kinds of apps I need (like Remmina) are available in their app store, then I would reconsider erasing their ui when I get my tablet.

  200. Here is the comment on the same topic that explains it all.

    They are waiting so they can use Gingerbread on the thing, which will keep more people happy for a longer period, compared to slapping Froyo on it right now and calling it a day. Clearly they don’t want to update to a later Android version when the thing is on the shelves, because it costs money, and it will make their old products useful for a longer period, so they don’t get replaced. LG doesn’t exactly have a history of providing updates to their mobile products.

  201. I have been following the development of the the Adam tablet for some time. For too long. The product may well be ahead of other products in development but if it isn’t released as a working and functional tablet very soon, it will be behind other products and will have lost any technical or new user functionality advantage. It has been way too long a time in getting this product to market and buyers are going elsewhere. It’s dead in the water.

  202. Hey Rohan..So far everything looks fantastic! Really looking forward to some more info or perhaps screen shots of the UI in action.
    I was wondering- What is the quality of the screen like when in normal mode (non reflective). Are you happy with the quality? Obviously with it being non reflective is the contrast and crispness as good as say the ipads screen when used in normal lighting conditions?
    I have been following the adam since you first unveiled it and since then we haven’t seen the progress which hopefully you guys have made behind closed doors.
    Look forward to seeing more-
    keep up the good work Rohan

  203. @ben

    a very refreshing post. NIA has a big potential to bring the DREAM tablet that everybody wants. By their concepts one can certainly conclude they are into this for the long run. NI best of luck for executing all that were promised.

  204. what’s the expression? never mind… Ben saab kamaal ka post… yeh huyi na baat. (Ben Sir, wonderful post… this is it )
    that’s a nice way to let the steam out… I normally struggle to complete 1 clear sentence and here you gave a gold mine of analysis

    indeed Apple just got damn lucky by being first in the door; if only Adam managed to hit the market mid this year we would have Steve and others taking the next flight to India to try and broker a deal…. something like they do with Japan/China around the currency values…

    there are still folks out there (in other forums etc) who ridicule NI and/or the delays… if only they put themselves in NI’s shoes and understand the odds and if only they understand how un-like Apple/ iPad, NI and Adam are…

    well the silver lining is its only a few more hours now…. the reality will dawn on one and all and then there will be poetic justice…

  205. I picked up a Galaxy S for 28000 INR in July. So that makes my chances of getting money from parents for Adam slimmer. I had expected Adam to be out by July and was planning to purchase it, but then bought the phone instead. But now Adam is looking so irresistibly good, I’d better start saving up for the November/December launch.

    I’ll go to McDonald’s from uni in the city bus instead of a cab, I’ll eat a burger less. I’ll try to eat the inedible university mess food more often and I’ll cancel the trip I was planning with friends. Adam just looks so good.

    I seriously hope the high end version will be priced around 20000 in India.

  206. Very thoughtful Ben. It is refreshing to know someone else in this world has a same opinion as me.

  207. I can’t wait for the UI. I really hope it works as smooth as the iOS on the iPad. I hope it will be a revolution. I like the design off the Adam very much and I hope that the tablet will work great because I would want to buy an Adam myself.

    When will the Adam be released in Europe (the Netherlands)? Will this be in the same period as the US release. Or will you be able to buy it in an online store?

    I was also wondering. Does the Adam still work on Android ?

  208. I am very intrigued by the UI concept, and can’t wait to try it out when eventually….you know.

    I must also commend you for taking this bold initiative, as I have been thirsting to see a truly fresh and useful desktop (or magazine?) metaphor being tried out. I am tired of the Windows and Apple concepts of windows, and Linux blindly following suit with a few embellishments.

    From what I understand, Android 3.0 Gingerbread will also have an updated UI, so how much related or divergent would your concept be to it?

  209. Rohan hinted earlier that they will try to ship to where ever practical; most likely the full bells n whistles may be US centric but we all could get our hands on Adam around the world… am betting on late Nov or Dec release

  210. How switch between PixelQi modes is made by user ?

    In reflective mode, would all 3072 x 600 pixels be addressed by video driver / GUI ?
    Or clear-type like sub-pixel rendering is hoped to be adequate on colourless screen mode ?

    PQ has ineresting mode for reader, and it would be interested if this mode
    1) be easy to turn enter and leave for traditional LCD mode
    2) be used fully, with all the advantage possible of 3k pixels width.

    Sub-pixel font rendering is inferior, it is optimised for RGB-screens and can hardly smooth icons and other pictures, only fonts.
    There is also arguing about font anti-aliasing (Windows/Linux way) against font hinting (Macintosh way). Guess hinting would be better for 3k resolution in reflective mode.

  211. > and yes it supports multi-touch.

    but does it support stylus or other sharp pointers or only fingertip’s blobs ?

  212. You realize that you just elaborated on what I just said, don’t you?

    I wasn’t making an argument on whether a market is needed or not. Of course a market is easy an sexy I just said that I don’t care much for it. It’s essentially the best way for a company to channel customer and make good money out of them and as you don’t attract flies with vinegar it has to be the best damn sexy tool a customer has ever seen.

    I’ll probably use it sometime if it’s there but I won’t cry over it if it’s not but I’m not the usual customer either. I hope to never get addicted to that market and apps stuff as you guys are I value my freedom of choice too much for that.

    I think some people’s obsession with IPad is a little too much. In any race you’re really only in competition with yourself. You just keep improving and before you know it competitors are so far behind you’ll ask yourself when is it that you pass them. So far the Notion Ink team have been creating their own path and that’s what I like most about it and the very reason I appreciate those updates.

    I’ve been looking for such a tool in this price range for over 4 years now and the Adam the best (on paper for now) that I’ve seen so far.

    Congratulation to you Rohan and to the NI team. I’m eagerly waiting for the 9th.

  213. Get the product out…

    If it is really as revolutionary is all and every aspects, as they say – it would have a hard Learning Curve.

    And it must be polished without single wrinkle, without instability or “what should i do now” user doubts, and so on.

    It would be hit-or-miss, probably without 2nd chance. If NI misses, then other Large vendors would just take all their innovations, re-implement them from scratch and leave NI without steam, without handicape they have now.

    Read about how Windows 95 UI was planned – and how many times it was re-done.
    Read about how Half Life game was dumped totally and re-done from scratch.
    Those were hits, and how many misses we just never would know ?

    NI would hardly have 2nd chance.
    They need to roll out product as fast as they can.
    Also they need to roll out product without troublels, that would fury and alienate customers.

  214. Hi Rohan..

    I don’t know if this is a coincidence but adam looks like a magazine folded while reading, as the other page is bent to the backside and forms a round shape on one side.. and thats a good feeling to feel we are reading an actual magazine.

    I am right handed but how do you solve the camera problem for left handed people? and how would the track pad be useful in portrait mode? How does the battery weight feel when in the landscape mode?

    Good luck for the release..

  215. Is this product ever going to see the light of the day? Sorry to sound harsh, but with just new features being discussed without anything actually being out in the market, it’s hardly a matter of time before people start loosing their interest in this..

  216. Ben,

    iPad has some shortcomings like every other product from Rolls Royce to Rolex but the reasons you raised are nothing more than mere whining.

    “They had a clear goal: leverage their brand popularity to invent a new market for a large-format handheld device. While they applied the best of their engineering skill to Apple’s trademark fortes (namely, efficient machining and aesthetics with forward-thinking software), the device is a retrogression for technology. ”

    I agree that Apple used their brand presence to the maximum in selling the iPad. But how exactly is it a retrogression for technology? In what way? What more they should have done? iPad is definetely not ‘magic’ as it is advertised but it is no retrogression for technology. Many companies tried and failed to make tablet form factors main stream but it took Apple to finally get it right.

    “I don’t mean to say that lightly. But once the “magic” fades, every iPad owner I’ve meet seems whopped with a serious dose of buyer’s remorse. One friend of mine admitted to me he only uses it on the toilet anymore. That’s right, 500 bucks for something to read while you crap that’s probably much less sanitary than a magazine.”

    The iPad owners that you seem to _meet_ are a serious minority and probably were expecting the iPad to do their dishes and change their toilet paper. Until recently iPads had reasonably long shipping times and Apple sold a zillion of them so far and they are still selling like crazy. Do you even follow the markets? iOS 4.2 will give the iPad sales another surge with multi-tasking, printing etc etc. You can use AirPlay to stream media directly from the iPad to Apple TV and that means endless possibilities for the device. iPad games are really really hot, just look at how many people downloaded Angry Birds. MLB At Bat is awesome on the iPad and I guess I don’t want to go into thousands of apps that have been designed just for the iPad. Yet you think it is supposed to be used in a toilet? Isn’t that a hyperbole?

    “Accessory case and keyboard provide relative laptop functionality, but drive cost to the $600-700 range. Still roughly the price for a laptop of equivalent processing power, but still infuriatingly overpriced. It’s as if they magically knew that enough of their customers would be willing to spend $30$ for a $5 case to lower the base price of the tablet itself a few bucks. ”

    “Infuriatingly overpriced”? By what standards? You can get an Apple case to prop your iPad for typing etc and you don’t need anything else unless you want to do lots of typing on the iPad. You can get a key board dock for $79 if you really want a key board but like I said above, if your use case is serious typing then you can use your laptop. Different tools for different tasks, novel idea isn’t it? Did you really expect to live the rest of your life with just an iPad and no other computing device? I guess you just use a Microwave for all your cooking purposes and just because a Microwave doesn’t make your Turkey for thanksgiving it must be a piece of crap.

    “No matter how fluid the keyboard, it doesn’t provide any haptic feedback for pseudo-touch typing out of the box. Not saying that anyone else has addressed this yet, but if you want a great reason that tablets aren’t quite yet the digital swiss-army knife they’re billed as, look no further”

    Again the above is some serious whining and nothing else. Millions of people are already touch-typing on iPhones and other smart phones without any issues.

    “An uncomfortable one-handed grip is unforgivable.”

    Unforgivable? Another hyperbole. Who is forcing you to hold it with one hand? In fact in all the marketing videos the subjects prop the iPad on their laps and very rarely they show anyone holding it with one hand. Now holding it with one hand is not a big deal but I am just saying that you will not be fined if you don’t hold it with one hand. Try holding a laptop with one hand. How does it feel? Is it unforgivable also that you can’t hold a laptop with one hand? There is a difference between hand-held devices and ultra portable devices. iPad is not a phone and yes you can’t hold it with one hand while playing tennis.

    “The iPod won out on flash memory, the iPhone won out on providing a solid foundation for cloud computing. But as Apple has banked on building computers for a primarily upscale or niche professional users, it now becomes more clear that they haven’t ever been geared for making devices that are MEANT TO BE handled as carelessly as a book or magazine, and expected to take a few bad falls without cracking the screen.”

    Now this is absolute non-sense and I don’t even know where to start. So I guess all the college students and grand parents using imacs and mac minis are “niche professionals”? So you want to spend 500 bucks on a product and would also want to hold your 500 bucks investment _carelessly_ like a magazine that would cost 3 bucks? The screen is glass and any touch screen of that size will not survive a _bad fall_. It doesn’t matter if it is manufactured by Apple, God or Satan but 10 inch glass screens break if you drop them. Why is this so hard to grasp.

    I really hope NI one ups Apple and brings out a superior device. After all competition is good for us customers. We get the best device while the companies fight to better each other. But irrational rants like yours serve no purpose.

  217. @me,

    Rohan, Tell me how to place an order with a guaranteed delivery of maximum one month. I need ONE MILLION of Adam’s.

    Seriously, Is it u’r website, u’r Store, Amazon, eBay or we have to come to B’lore to buy it.?


  218. I have a question regarding the hardware update possibility.
    Can we increase the RAM/SSD storage space with replacing some of the inner parts of the device? I think the ultimate DIYers will ask for replacing even the CPU/Tegra chip when the new ones come out.
    I do appreciate our current design and nice, reasonable packaging of the device. I believe that all the hardware are matched in certain ways so that they perform at optimum efficiency. I am just hoping that the investment of the customer can last longer with hardware upgrades so that they do not need to buy a new tablet all together.
    — From a guy who actually recently sold his all customized desktop without changing a bit of the hardware for 5 years, lol. I guess sometimes the capability of hardware upgrade is indeed unnecessary at all, but just a psychological comforter.

  219. For me the Notion Ink Adam has the potential to change the vision of computer peripherals that is actually in all minds. I explain. With the Adam, I think that I have four systems in one : a tablet (it’s the first thought that come in my mind), a replacement of my netbook (with just a bluetooth keyboard and mouse that Android had support), a replacement of my old mobile phone (with just a bluetooth ear) and (what is the most valuable for me) the possibility to change the vision of the IT world who think that there is the necessity that every person own one tablet, one computer, one mobile phone and so on. No there is the potential to investigate new horizons about the media covergence and IT convergence. And also the momentum to test another paradigm about the microprocessor. I think that Adam bring to our eyes the no-necessity to have an “Intel” processor to make business and work on computers.

    Notion Ink keep on the track and don’t forget to deliver the Adam in Europe (specially in France ) soon after the official launch.

    Thanks for all your job

  220. Rohan,
    Congratulations on the progress so far. Great to see the steady stream of updates which keeps the potential early adopters intrigued and interested.

    I want to warn you however on the competitive landscape comprising the 800 pound gorillas (Apple, RIMM, Dell, HP etc… etc..) that have very deep pockets. So, please do not give away too much information in the euphoria. Please think about Netscape here (and recently Facebook). Even though it had a market defining product, it could not survive as a company after a few years.

    Please patent as many of your design and hardware concepts upfront so they are defensible. Since you have Reliance as a major investor now, they should be able to put you in touch with some great Patent law firms in the US/around the world who know how the game is played.

    Best Wishes for the real iPad killer 🙂

  221. Although the Archos 101 tablet comes in at a similar price point; it lacks many of the features that the Adam promises…I patiently wait for Adams arrival…

  222. @tintincub How can you write such a big post just to justify, how useful an ipad is ?
    I also have a itouch but i don’t go telling people around that it is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    I hardly play any games on it now, its just the beginning phase when you download every app you can find, NOW i only have 3 apps in my device.

    And can someone give me a grease monkey script to replace the word ‘ipad’ with ‘shit’ while i browse, Everytime i see it on this blog i start to hate it little more.

  223. Tomorrow is the 6th, Saturday is the 9th. It would seem the official news will come from Rohan on the 9th…

    From this post by Rohan is where he said news would come on the 9th:

    “Below is one more render of the product (mesh plate)(I know you have seen a lot of renders and now waiting for the final pictures and in the post to come on 9th Oct, I will show you the final device right from our factories).”

    This post by him mentions the “milestone” to happen on the 6th, but no mention of any news coming on that day. Though, some outside sources may get wind of something on the 6th…

    “Crossing the biggest milestone on 6th October (actually it was 1st October, but for first 5 days there is Chinese National Day)” … “(I am really waiting for October when we will have the go ahead from our partners to update you all a lot on the SW and deals side)”

    …and from this one:

    “The product will shoot for FCC certifications in the second week of November. And then it depends on them. Add few more logistics issues to that and it can swing either way. (Don’t get surprised it we hit for certification in October, cos there is some tight buffer, though that will be extremely good news).”

  224. Please, Rohan; please tell us that it is coming in November!!!

    (I SOOOOOO cannot wait for it.)

  225. YAHOO!! MILESTONE DATE REACHED!! Waiting for latest hands on and also the price for various memory variants!!

  226. @Crystal Since Ben posted a million line rant on how crappy and unforgivable iPad is, I replied with a billion line rant on how irrational Ben’s rant is all about.

    My mission is not to glorify the iPad. I am not a fanboy but you have to give credit where credit is due. Constructive criticism of anything would be helpful for everyone but irrational hatred of any anything is childish.

    “And can someone give me a grease monkey script to replace the word ‘ipad’ with ‘shit’ while i browse, Everytime i see it on this blog i start to hate it little more.”

    With all due respect to 12 year olds, are you 12? Grow up a little.

  227. Wow slow it down bro, I am not saying that apple is a total shitbag company.
    They do have a bit of inovation going on in there, but the only thing i dislike about apple is, that they have a tendency to frustrate hight end users. Who always find themselves grinding their teeth at the lack of choices we have or the typical apple attitude of locking down everything that they can get away with, or they can’t handle.
    For example Flash they could have got it running in ipad(i am pretty sure they did) but that would have shown ipad in a bad image of not being able to handle flash(coz of low performance, high heat generation and all).
    Rather than solving the problem they chose to block out flash completely, blamed it on Adobe and called it a day.
    And that is how they sell their ipad, do you see the magic that apple sells, i do.
    As or the grease monkey script, that was kind of a joke.

  228. Netscape, rushed to anti-Microsoft race, turned to lower quality a lot.
    I remember instabilities of Netscape 3 and 4.
    I remember IE3 recommended as stable alternative browser…
    Not only IE was free, comed bundled with Win98 and was heavily advertised… afterall AOL was wide-spread too and advertised even more. But during the race the quality of Netscape degraded.

    Gorillas would come. Maybe best option would be OEMing for one of gorilla’s, bargaining the best possible conditions for exclusive OEM deal, in a scandinavian auction style.

    Or maybe NI would dare to fight alone – but then they would need both agility and high quaity. And still have low prices like noname startup is expected to be (NI does not have network of support/repairing cetnres throughout the globe, like HP/Dell/etc have). It would hardly be possible all at once.

    Or maybe NI should cooperate with local sub-level gorillas. would like to fight russian branch of ? Cooperate. Yahoo Flickr would like to counter Google Picasa ? cooperate. and so on.

    Okay, 1st of all NI should proove they are not just vaporware, then would be time for flaming about future heading 🙂

  229. It has a micro SD slot. A regular SD card slot instead would have been great practically. Almost all digital still and video cameras now come with a regular SD card and it would be most convenient. A microSD card can be still used in a regular SD slot with a simple cheap adapter but a regular SD card cannot be inserted into a micro SD slot.

  230. If their UI is really revolutionary, then traditional apps would just break it.

    Try to imagine some bunch of ifferently styled Win95 apps in polished MacOS 10 Aqua UI ? It would look weird and interoperate badly if at all.

    Try imagining those [_][o][x] icons of Windows applications in iPhone small screen with one button – ugly, isn’t it ?

    Of course, if the ywant change UI, they also need freshly looking/behaving apps.

    Perhaps tech geeks would want tons of usual Android apps – then they, geeks, would probably find ways for Google’s genuine Android Market and for half-dozen independant Markets our there. But for not-geek user, only those apps that seemlessly plug into new UI must be easily available. So by default Google’s market should be out of careless reach.

    If only famed UI would really be next-great-thing and not just PR.

  231. What you describe sounds like Tiling windows manager.


    But that is hardly “very new concept of Multi-tasking”, like Rohan told.
    Nor it is about 3D effects and utillising OpenGL ES acceleration (which is controversial by itself for beeing eating battery on just nothing but candy eye pleasure)

    Maybe it would be like Raskin’s zooming interface ?
    Maybe just rotating cube of different applications ?

    Hope we would learn it in a week 😉

  232. As for accesorries, maybe possible “ears”. that would connect to speakers’ grills and reflect sound toward user, rather than current “aside of user” direction ?

  233. what was so special in it ? screenshots look no much different from any other modern mobile OS

  234. Is PixelQi technology like the e-ink but in color and with a (optional) backlight like an LCD? Is this a totally new breed or a hybrid? Does the display look more like ePaper than LCD? If so, I would like to have one in 7″, maybe the 2nd generation.

  235. Where are they going, there are no other tablets out, except the Ipad. So far for android, there are only announcements, and a few very cheap knock-offs from china, that have sold almost nothing.

    Dead in the water, has to be the dumbest comment I have heard, let me guess, your name is Steve Jobs, and you are worried someone is going to come out with a tablet better then the Ipad. Sorry no matter what comments you post hear, the only thing that can stop the Adam, is Notion Ink, itself. if it lives up to what they have said, it is going to be a big hit, if it doesn’t then it won’t.

  236. I am loving the banter that is going on here. The thing is that NI has moved from competing with iPad and move to making it irrelevant. The same way as apple made eReader’s irrelevant. To get a better idea you may want to read a summary of Blue Ocean Strategy. One of the key parts is Value Innovation with requires a company to orient the whole system towards achieving a leap in value for both the buyers and themselves where innovation is aligned with utility, price and cost position. NI is doing this and that is what Apple did when it launched the iPad but holding that position requires constant work in the area of value innovation and that is why a small company like NI will start to make a difference.

  237. Well, a couple of things. I didn’t know of your level of expertise in the field. From what I read in your last reply I can see that you are up to the task (with the users here in general I take people to be tech savvy but not at your level in general as though I know there are developers on here there are also those who ask time and time again if it will run Windows 7). So I sincerely do apologize for underestimating you.
    Also I said that I had no idea how to compile them (I always ran into dependency problems with Sabayon, but also my comp wasn’t exactly a hundred percent compatible). Also from what I understood only a fraction of all the programs have been compiled to ARM (granted, a fraction can provide you with all you need). As for the battery life… the Adam is not a netbook, meaning it will require a different setup. I only said it wasn’t so simple (easy) and the current builds aren’t there yet. But I have no doubt they will be at least eventually. And from what you said you might be one of the ones who helps it get to that point. Hopefully the PixelQi screen and ambient light sensor will be fully functional with one of the builds to come.

    I hope to be able to install an alternative OS (thinking of whichever version of Linux will work well) and dual-boot (I always like to have the default OS for the promised stability). But I will depend on the community and people like you for it to be possible.

    One more thing. My comment also served another purpose: to let those less tech-savvy know what the sitch was. Some people let themselves be carried away by posts and rumours to the point that when a device comes out they complain if it can’t do everything that was speculated beforehand even if the company never promised or even mentioned it.

  238. Tintincub:

    Thanks for the criticism, I was being a bit hoity toity. Let me see what I can clear up for you:

    I solely meant retrogression from a physical book. Yes, I certainly agree the iPad represents the pinnacle of portable digital technology.

    Your suggestions that $79 is a normal price to pay just to be able to plug a keyboard in isn’t a strong counterargument. “You can just use your laptop” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “it can easily replace/double as a laptop”, which is what I would ideally want to hear from a salesman when spending $300+ on a multi-touch device.

    My point about the one-handed grip: it is a key feature for physical books and magazines that the iPad fails to emulate.

    I didn’t mean that Apple today is only targeted at niche users, I was recalling their roots. In general I really wasn’t trying to knock Apple, especially not their software. They do great work, but my point was they are not quite a Motorola-type company with 30+ years of experience with people giving their products a beating.

    The iPad users I know just use their iPhones all the time. That actually seems to be the main reason they rarely use the iPad.

    Yes, I agree that a product that sells millions of copies must be doing something right. But it doesn’t make it any less pricey, or delicate.

    Also, I think you mean that millions of people are typing-by-touch. “Touch-typing” refers to typing without looking at the keyboard. This was the key “retrogression” I was referring to, and why I referenced that Boondocks clip.

  239. I don’t want to bash the iPad… I own one; I use it to go into restricted sites where cameras are not allowed (unless you do tons of paperwork!). So I bought one and loaded it with PDF prints for the systems I work with. BUT I would be sadly mistaken to say it is not limited and really not easy to hold without a case. For me the iPad is a useable tool but the NIA will be, hands down, the best tablet.

  240. Quick Update – “Crossing the biggest milestone on 6th October (actually it was 1st October, but for first 5 days there is Chinese National Day)”

    Please keep up posted on the progress.

  241. Hi Rohan,
    In one of your posts you explain why the camera is not centered anymore.
    Of course there are good reasons to do this, but because I’m left handed it will be awkward to hold it in portrait mode. Then the camera will be in my right hand (I will operate it with my left hand).

    Is it an idea to be able to rotate the camera so that it is pointing inwards?
    Then the lens will be protected and left handers won’t smudge the lens 🙂
    Of course this is a compromise because then you can’t use it but then when I want to use it I can rotate the Adam and hold it in my left hand (which is more difficult for lefties to operate)

  242. Very much understand your thoughts. Also left-handed.

    New to this blog, so I don’t know what has been discussed before regarding usability issues for left-handed users. How is this handled with regards to the touch pad on the back? Will it be positioned on the left or the right? I can’t see myself operating the touch pad with my right hand.

    From a usability standpoint, there should ideally be the option to choose between a left-handed version of the Adam, with touch pad and camera positioned on the left side, and the standard version with both positioned on the right side.

    Is there anything like that in planning?



  243. Indeed, for such a large 10″ device it would have llittle sense to target micro-SD only.

    It depends however on point of view.

    If internal storage is meant to be as main and t-flash aka micro-SD only meant for copying files from pone into tablet, then it is somehow reasonable.
    But if we want to view movies, then internal storage is hopelessly too little. And we need external memory card as main storage.

    So what are the prices for 32GB SD-card and micro-SD card ?

    Personally i think two SD card slots would be better.
    1) it would allow to have one card always in place as main storage, and another card to be temporary inserted, so i can copy any information to my mates or from them.
    2) i still cannot find replacement for dead Cowon x5 music player, that had 60GB HDD.
    In theory there are 64GB SDHC cards, but their price is showstopper. 2x32Gb without swapping wouild be better 🙂 And having few SD cards in turn is not convenient – small SD cards are easily dropped and lost with all info on them 🙂

  244. 1st mode – e-Ink like without colour
    2nd mode – LCD with colour but bleacher colours

    Just Google for it, search testrun video on YouTube and make your own decision, if PixelQi matters for you

    In Russian there are large article comparing MiraSol, PixelQi and traditional e-Ink and LCD
    I guess in English there are some articles as well

  245. SDXC is approaching. For future-aimed multimedia device SDHC might be too small. Especially in T-Flash form-factor.

    However device seems aready finished and going FCC approbation.

    Any thing we can wish no longer would make any impact on Adam 1st generation

  246. Ok I think i can sum it up
    Apple = Good
    Microsoft = Better
    Android= Best

    iPad = Good
    Samsung Tab = Better
    Adam = Class by its self

  247. …Talk about useless muttering…

    Arioch, you do realize the OS for Adam is Android, right? And that Android is a product of Google, right? So why would NI want to distance their product from Google for anything other than the UI concerning the SW side of things??? Especially to go with anything unproven, no market base and little to no compatibility with the #1 mobile device, the cell phone???

  248. cm on man no more delays
    I m dying to get my hands on it !
    Atleast give us the date to stabilize our excitement which is at alarming level -hahahah 🙂

  249. Flash: you still need to work on this one. Your own website, still totally bogs my Windows 7 / Firefox /3GB ram machine down. No other Flash sites have issues, but yours does! If that is getting past you then it seems you have a long way to go with regards to Flash support. What gives?

  250. Doing headstands while looking at your calendar has seemed to lead you to a disappointing day. Today is the 6th not the 9th. Take a look at my post above.

  251. I Agree completely. NI website needs fine tuning. On my 4gb RAM compi it consumes 50% Memory & CPU plus it is slow.

    Please make two versions of site HTML & Flash.

  252. may be NI tested the site on Adam only? also it was only a beta version… guess the site and the formal discussion board and other information bytes are all being readied as we speak and hopefully announced on the 8th and/or the weekend special on the 9th.

  253. It is working fine in IE, Chrome and Firefox. I access the website atleast once a day n neva a prob! My PC 3 years old (2gbram/vista) has no issues. You may want to check your pc flash settings.

  254. Hi
    I would like to mention one thing. You can Miss the TRAIN if you keep on making the product perfect!!! You have to launch quickly now..before its too late!
    Products are dynamic and needs improvement as they go forward. Hit the most important things in a Ink pad and Launch!!!
    Also I don’t see any Marketing effort.
    Great products Fail without Marketing and Useless products create niche with excellent marketing!!
    With Galaxy Tab, Playbook and Ipad and Google Future pad, Notion ink needs to come out FAST..otherwise dear friends all will go down drain.

    Pleople dont have patience to wait for Notion Ink to get perfect, they need product now

  255. “Crossing the biggest milestone on 6th October (actually it was 1st October, but for first 5 days there is Chinese National Day)”

    Here I am!! what milestone??

  256. @Ben, great post and rebut as well to nitwitcub in his iBendOver for iCrap banter…

    @nitwitcub, you’ve re-earned the top spot for what to reference reference in defining obtuse. You remind me of the lead character in that book Gullible’s Travels. Your posts are useless muttering, claiming to wish the best to NI/Adam while putting Apple on a pedestal. Notion Ink’s Adam has been a tablet coming to market for as long as the one from Apple. Beating Adam to market does not mean NI should be required to pay homage to Apple. Well before Apple’s product’s specs were released Rohan made it quite clear Adam’s design would show true innovation in all areas of the design engineering process, not just edge lines. I’d suggest you take a step back and read all of Rohan’s posts until you arrive here…

    About your considering everyone “12 year olds”, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.”

    @Crystal…of course I alluded to it but I believe I succeeded in not actually using THAT word

  257. Congrats on the wonderful buzz this blog is generating. You’ve successfully gotten me to hold off on my iPad purchase and now eagerly await the Adam. On October 9th, will we get to see a demonstration of the UI as well? I see the single “Design?” picture on your flash site – that looks interesting. But what I think most here want is a 2 minute YouTube vid that has someone browsing the UI. After this blog post, I kind of what to see that more than I do the final hardware.

  258. What is funny is I tried to access it from my iphone, and it gave the message

    Flash is not supported on your divice and probably never will be. The Notion Ink Adam however, supports Flash 10 and everything else.

    I laughed, and said to myself, I know, that is why I want the Adam tablet and not the Ipad I love the iphone, but I miss not getting the full web.

  259. Really this is what what we want to post.
    Rohan I am sorry you are going to get many complaint from people that just don’t understand.

    All- this is a small start up company. The unit has only been teased nothing official announced. Everything up till today or the 9th as been prototype or CAD Mock ups. Normally when a small company does somehting like this you get a one page Website and no information except a few times in the blogs. then a month or so from launch is when all the info comes out. NI has been putting info out for a year. I’ve had my eye on them since Sept of 09. I maybe wrong but I think production started today in China. I think we will see the first live or none Mockup pictures on the 9th. I think we will see a lot of changes and noice coming from NI in the next 30 days. I think NI has been great at putting this together. Rohan if you need a Engineer/Manager in the midwest I am ready to go.

  260. Rohan, how about telling us something about the app store where we’ll be able to get apps for the Adam.

  261. Please take a look at the wiki:
    With passive stylus(it can well be your pen). I think everything depends on the software or the algorithm running on the touch screen controller(e.g. to be accurate with your touching position. The touch capacity array should be dense enough. (Think about your screen divided in to 12by16 little areas of single capacity touch screens). Stylus is more of a software problem instead of hardware. In other word, it depends on the API Notion ink provides and whether or not the person who wrote the note taking program.
    Let’s pray that they do this right.

  262. Please take a look at the wiki:
    With passive stylus(it can well be your pen). I think everything depends on the software or the algorithm running on the touch screen controller(e.g. to be accurate with your touching position. The touch capacity array should be dense enough. (Think about your screen divided in to 12by16 little areas of single capacity touch screens). Stylus is more of a software problem instead of hardware. In other word, it depends on the API Notion ink provides and whether or not the person who wrote the note taking program uses that API.
    Let’s pray that they do this right.

  263. “Rohan I am sorry you are going to get many complaint from people that just don’t understand.”
    @Clay… Your line is not nice …
    Sorry fella u didn’t understand. Reporting something for improvement is always beneficial. I know everyone is waiting patiently for more than 1 year and we do appreciate all the hard work of NI. But you need to stop talking as if you are already NI’s Manager !!

  264. Those are two completely different screen technologies Steven. Also while they might be better in some ways there are disadvantages. I personally want PixelQi so that I can use it in light and in darkness. From what I understand of those two you always need ambient light (and I always hated those book lights that you had to clip on to read in the dark). But they do have better chances at bright colours in bright ambient lighting. Then again PixelQi can always improve (as seen with their progress in viewing angels and such).

  265. Why do people keep on insisting it come out now? They’ve mentioned they’re aiming for FCC certification in November. This is a timeline thing. They can’t just make it magically appear in stores. Rohan said that they are one week ahead of schedule which shows they are doing everything possible, but production, certification, and all those things need to be done first. And of course they are not marketing right now. You can’t market without knowing when the product will be available (and they can’t be certain on how long FCC certification will take).
    Also, Tab isn’t out yet, Playbook won’t be until next year, and the Google pad (whoever it comes from) most likely won’t be out till next year either.

  266. Actually, in the mockups/prototypes the touch pad was on the left while in landscape mode.

    And though choosing between two versions would be great, I don’t think it likely in the beginning due to added cost (not saying it is not worth it, rather pointing out one of the hurdles for a start-up).

  267. @disRetard

    “..iBendOver for iCrap banter…”

    So says someone who’s biggest accomplishment seems to be making Ramon noodles in his mom’s basement. If you can borrow the ability to _comprehend_ from someone a tad brighter than you then you would realize that I am not trying to glorifying anything. I am all for constructive criticism but calling a successful product “iCrap” is just plain idiotic. I don’t get a check from anyone’s PR so me glorifying anything just doesn’t make any sense. Successful technologies more often than not stand on other success stories. If you can come out of your inferiority complex infected shell for a second you realize that what Apple has done is doing is far from “crap”.

    You build better products by concentrating on what other successful companies have done “right” and not by constantly blabbering about what they have supposedly done wrong. I guess people like you fall into the latter camp and hence do nothing more than creating static.

    “I’d suggest you take a step back and read all of Rohan’s posts until you arrive here…”

    If you take your head out of the stink for a minute I can let you know that I have read all of Rohan’s posts and I am following NI’s story for quite some time now. I didn’t think it was hard even for you to realize that if anyone iis coming to this blog and participating in discussions then they must be interested in NI and it’s products. Idiots like you spoil the spirit by raising walls and calling the other side crap. It’s just narrow minded stupidity. You need to get over it.

    Looking forward to 10/09.

  268. Actually the washed out/pale colours (bleached as you put it) is only in sunlight. They are bright when indoors. Maybe not IPS levels, but still good quality.

  269. Haha Dats funny indeed .Btw did u happened to notice the NI logo on the top ? I guess that was the new NI logo Rohan talked about a few posts ago .

  270. It works okay n Win7 x64, Phenom x3 2,4GHz
    Opera 32bit and latest Adobe Flash

    However there is very little info on that site.
    I’d also better saw HTML+JS based site

    Like those done bny processing.js and Chrome Experiments

    However i would have many doubts against any official site.
    I would look for independant reviews and tests.

    Top priority IMHO to make real device and give it for tests.
    Until that, official site might be a useless stub it is now, little importance.

  271. Okay, that is what i got from different reviews.
    And it aso logicay consistent with internal construction of Pixel Qi cell – only its center is coloured, opposing to whole-cell-coloured of traditional LCD. The rest of PQ-cell is colourless ‘mirror’ for reflective mode.

    IPS is great for viewing angles, bright colours (much too bright, realy) were hallmark of TN+ film screens afair.

  272. First I wanted an Ipad, then an Archos101, then the Galaxy and now I want to have the Adam. I hope you will launch it quickly. I can’t wait to have it in my hands.

  273. Have you guys thought about patent deal with microsoft for using Android. Recently, microsoft has filed lawsuits against Motorola over patent infringement, as motorola was using android in building handsets. Better have a look at it.

  274. I follow both MiraSol and PixelQi for year+

    I think MiraSol is better, though it would not work with backlight, true.

    However MiraSol screen were promised to roll out in early autumn. Pixel Qi is shiping their dispays. Quallcom does not. And who knows when they will and what the price would be. And maybe they would only ship with Qualcomm processors ?

    Pixel Qi is here, MiraSol is still “promised to be” after two years of news.

    Also Hitachi Displays decided to back up Pixtronix startup. They promise shipping MEMS-based displays in 2011/2012 Ney Year. They are constructed like MiraSol, but features two modes just like Pixel Qi – backlight+colours and daylight grayscale – look at

    If they deliver on promises and Quallcom would delay again, then probably MiraSol is dead.

  275. @Disregard

    Are you sure you replied in correct place ?
    Here i talked about “innovations / clones” race between small companies and gorilla’s.
    And how that race quickly takes small company out of resources to deliver both innocations and quality.

    I did not talked about Google/Android and such here.

  276. Is adam ever going to release?
    I’m sick of reading this blog everyday for release details. I’ve started to think that adam is vaporware now. If adam ever releases, it will most probably release with ipad 3 or ipad 4.

  277. They need not to distance form anything
    They may cooperate with something.

    hypothetical Yahoo Flickr Tablet would not be “distanced from Google”, it just would be “moved closer to Flickr”
    And make a difference between Google-www-company and Google-Android-maker.

    Things like “little to no compatibility with the #1 mobile device” are interesting by themselves, but have no relation to marketing and shop positioning.
    Either it is compatible with Google Market or it is not, either it is compatible to iPhone “#1 mobile phone” or it is not.
    It has little relation to question “wether would Yahoo promote this” or not.

    Can you imagine Google would promote Adam like it promoted Google Nexus ?
    How will Adam get publicity other than from this blogs and few geek-oriented news collectors ?
    100k devices woulrd-wide is not much. Any innovation of Adam would be quickly copied by other giant manufacturers.
    Maybe Google would buy out NI and make their UI part of Android 3 for everyone ?

    Let’s imagine, NI made their 100k devices. Let’s imagine they are shockingly good. And geeks all over the world got them via e-bay + post. What is next ?
    Apple, Samsung, HP, all the rest Big Guys would clone all novice features they’d like. And would make millions of the devices. How will NI survive ? via blogs ? or becoming ‘consulting’ company like Transmeta after Intel raced them with Atom?

  278. really, it does.

    You mean i’d plug in USB card reader ? ;-P

    USB is not meant for (24×7) storage, it is meant for transferring.
    And that transferring is mostly from/to computer.

    When it comes to gadgets, like music players, like cell phones, like even some photo printers – they usually cannot take in USB disk, they have not USB Host funcitonality.
    So if i want to tranfer data between this Tab and (for exampel) cell phone, i either have low-speed BlueTooth, or direct copy to/from phone’s SD.

    USB can be used, but comfortable way would not require externa connections, easy to stress and crack.

    Anyway, that is all ysterday snow. Device design is finished and we can only tel wishes for Adam2, whenever it would be 🙂

  279. Looks interesting and as they’ll be displaying at CEATEC maybe we’ll see some pics and videos of it in action. But while it has a high efficiency rate for power (a nice 50% less according to the article you cited), it is visually more limited than PixelQi. It can only show monochrome in the reflective and semi-transmissive modes. PixelQi (from the vids I’ve seen at least) appears to be able to show in daylight (though the colours are pale and decidedly washed out). Though to be fair from the pic they show the contrast for reflective mode is very nice.

    I think Mirasol would be better for outdoor colour use. My current problems with Mirsasol is that in the vids online the colours looked weird, metallic and washed out like an old film. But it could have been the videos or because it was still at the prototype stage. One other thing was that they showed massive tearing in the videos but I am guessing that’s more on the CPU or software side of things and not screen technology. Latest reports had Mirasol coming out early next year in the actual market.

    Though I don’t think Qualcomm would limit Mirasol use to Qualcomm processors I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave incentives to use both (discounts or added benefits) considering the unfair practices they were accused of in Korea and the limitations they had with their 72xx MSM chipsets (where a company could only get/use the drivers for the gpu and such if they paid extra despite having bout the SoC).

  280. Since MiraSol is combination of MEMS metallic mirrors and interference, i guess its colours should look like rainbow colours in oil/gasoline film over water, like those colour rays from faceted sides of mirrors.

  281. I think thats a very abstracted idea. I don’t see the need to mount the phone to the back – it just makes the device 5 times as big, and doesn’t add a trackpad as there is already one installed on the back of the Adam.

    I think that Eve will either be a phone that can wirelessly tether with the Adam (though what use this will be is yet to be seen – 3G is still pretty slow in terms of download speeds), or it will be a totally different solution to a new technology – maybe if the Adam sells well enough notion ink can sell an all-in-one computer. I’d love that. notionink needs to be the new, better, version of apple to succeed. They’ve started well with the Adam (as long as they release it – COME ON!!) but they need to stay tight to their objectives.

    To answer the OP’s question, pick up your keyboard and imagine that it is the Adam and on the back where your left hand rests there is a trackpad. Imagine trying to use it. It’s actually super comfortable.

  282. @Arioch I think the new concept of multitasking is a lot like the cooliris ‘wall’ of photos/apps, etc. This is the concept image of the way the multi-tasking might work:
    It’s interesting to think how this ‘mode’ might be activated. If it’s by an accelerometer gesture, then that would surely mean that apps would not be able to use this gesture for anything else. Eg. if the gesture was to shake it from high to low, and an app wanted to use that for, say, changing play mode from regular to shuffle, then it would not be able to as it would instead activate this window mode.

    It’s interesting to speculate…

  283. Mirasol wouldn’t work when I’m sitting late at night in my bed facebooking people, or writing up notes, or watching a movie.

    PixelQI would.

    PixelQI wins.

  284. There is a switch on the side to switch the pixelQi modes, and there’s a light sensor so that it can change automatically if you want it to.

    in the reflective mode, all of the pixels will be visible in greyscaleish. it’s a bit weird. it’s black and white, but with a tinge of colour I think, though the screen size is not 3072 x 600 LOL. It’s 1024 x 600 I think.

    1) yep, it does that with the switch on the side.
    2) nope, it’s 1k pixel width.

    Not sure about the last bit.

  285. It’s a capacitive screen, so it supports fingers and anything that conducts electricity. there are capacitive styluses out there – do a google search for them. But it does mean you have nowhere to rest your hands. and if you’re looking for accuracy, there’s a trackpad on the back of the thing!

  286. I can’t wait to invest some money into Notion Ink, living in the states it’s hard to do as it doesn’t show up in investment options. Hopefully we get that global stock on the rise! I believe Notion has the idea for the future, open source for the people!

  287. Bottom Line WHERE AND WHEN CAN I HAVE ONE? Even bought a APAD just to get use to the android system.

  288. Well pixel qi was intended to work in direct sunlight /bad joke

    Yes it’ll see the light of day on October 9th as said in a past blog. Also I wouldn’t call them new features as these features have been shown to us before and these past few blogs have been a “behind the scenes” type of deal.

  289. @Arioch, good idea, but i disagree. I think Rohan/NI Team made the correct choice with the USB and Micro SD. This is a mobile device so it will not replace most user’s main device. If you have a library of movies – you are probably already storing them on some HD somewhere at home so why would you need to carry the entire library around? 64 Gig Micro SD is good enough to carry a decent amount of movies/music/books. Thats not including onboard storage of 16/32Gigs. Plus the real kicker is compatibility with cell phone storage. I think this is where they were aiming. To be honest, once I get the Adam I may not need my cell phone anymore. Ill just take my SD Card and SIM card out and plug into the ADAM. Done deal!Ill then transfer data from my desktop and other devices as I wish via USB/microUSB. There really arent many reasons to take out the Micro SD Card once you have inserted it in the Adam unless you are upgrading to one with more storage space

  290. I wonder too. Some people just need reminders, I guess. Because if one reads back other posts, all the info on this is there.
    But that is what I love this blog, it’s so open that even forgetting is possible!

  291. Remco, try turning your calendar, it might be upside down.
    I think Rohan mentioned the 9th., not the 6th.

  292. @Esco
    While I disagree with Arioch there is one flaw to your argument. First my disagreement: though in theory havng various SD reader ports would be useful each one would drive up the price and as is the Adam provides more ports than many other tablets. You could argue that you could trade one of the USB ports for an SD one but the USB ports are more versatile.

    Next your flaw: 64GB micro SD cards are not possible for this device really. Right now there are a few 32GB microSD cards but they are very expensive. Also the SDHC format has an artificial cap of 32GB. The new SDXC format does allow for larger sizes (up to 2TB) but they wouldn’t work with the Adam I am guessing (some SDXC cards of a very certain variety can work with some SDHC readers but there’s no way to tell). The main problem with getting SDXC on the Adam would be the drivers. SDXC uses exFAT which is a patented file format belonging to microsoft. This means licensing fees, something hard to do on an open source system as either Google or Notion Ink would have to pay for it. Google wouldn’t pay as they’d wouldn’t be able to give out the drivers or they would have to pay for the license of everyone who could end up using the Android OS (which would be everyone as it is open source) and for Notion Ink it would mean developing the drivers, incorporating them into the OS and paying for the license fees, a cost that would be passed on to us.

    By the time 64GB microSD cards are available and affordable I am guessing the Adam3 will be out 😛

  293. “‘Pleople dont have patience to wait for Notion Ink to get perfect, they need product now”
    Well, I say: tough.
    I am one of those ”people”, and I am willing to waite for good product. I am not a technician, just a teacher looking for something really useful that I can suggest to others.
    I’m old enough to know that what kills most new products is IMPATIENCE. Also, in Bussiness no one knows with certainty when is the ”right” moment to launch. So, it’s difficult to know when is too early or to late. But i get the feeling that sometimes the consumers also get bugged down with negative feddback, and IMPATIENCE settles in (Example: ”I’m bying the WE-PAD” if ADAM is not out NOW!!). I believe Rohan has proven to be smart in not giving in to this kind of ilogical market strategies.
    And…FCCC…how the heck can you think of getting ADAM out if you haven’t even gotten FCC approval?
    Rohan said November or maybe late OCTOBER (LONG SHOT) to get it to FCC. then is a matter of waiting.
    Tarwinia clarifies all this very well.
    In the meantime, I’m enjoying this blog.
    My loptop will do until December or January…or whenever it might be.

  294. Glad to see other people seeing the app markets as not all that important. As long as there is the ability to install from the web I’ll be fine. A marketplace is a nice tool but is only a necessity when dealing with a locked down walled garden such as apple’s iproducts.

    A quick google search brought up these sites for android apps:
    As well as finding programs such as Pandora that have a link to download their android app straight from the site.

    I’ll welcome android market when we get android 3.0 but only for the sake of options. The web will likely provide any app I decide to look for while NI’s Genesis should provide optimized apps for Adam specifically.

    Err sorry for all that. I could’ve just said “agreed” but wanted to expand on it and basically just said the same thing while giving a few examples lol.

  295. without Google apps (the Market being the most important one) Adam won’t be a very successful product IMHO. Big companies won’t bother to submit/port their apps for every new device, for example I don’t see Skype porting their app and most of us NEED a skype client, I can live without it on my phone but if I get a tablet I expect it to be able to replace my notebook and for that I need a solid email client, decent browser, skype, document viewer/editor, maps.
    The Galaxy Tab has Android Market so i don’t think the problem is with Google not allowing it to be installed on tablets.

  296. i’ve though the same, can’t wait to see it for real and have it in my hands !

    please notionink stop making us wait for sooooo long!!!!!!

  297. No direct access to the Market is a non-issue for power users, who will be (at least in the beginning) the core market for the Adam. If you can’t be bothered to side load, you’ll probably be buying an iPad anyways…
    Besides if Rohan & Co have even a ounce of common sense – and they seem to have truckloads of it, actually – Adam will be shipped with all those basic apps pre-installed anyway (e-mail, browser, maps, skype, Office-like suite…).
    At any rate, we’ll now more about that in 2 days. I really really can’t wait for that UI reveal !!

  298. We shall wait and see what kind of displays can be used for Adam 2. Anyway the x 600 pixels on vertical for the current generation is not that much. But that was Pixel Qi limitation and Notion Ink’s for accepting that offer.

    If i had a company that made tablets and my display provider (e.g Pixel QI ) can’t build for me 1024 x 768 and instead they only give me 1024 x 600, then i would chose another provider ! Notion Ink accepted Pixel Qi screen and instead of saying NO thank you, they said: “OK lets use the 1024 x 600 screen and tell our customers that 1024 x 600 is actually way better then 1024 x 768. Come on who are we kidding here. Be honest at least.

    I hope for the sake of Notion Ink’s future success you will learn from the mistakes of the past. I will wait until Adam 2, hoping for a better resolution and probably nvidia Tegra 3.

  299. When are you going to update the splash screen and Specifications page on the front-end of the website?
    Still has the camera in the middle on the splash screen and the specifications page (according to your blogs) is mostly incorrect.

  300. Assuming that most Android/iOS/WinMo applications are full-screen for little phones’ screens, i can hardly see how this “wall” differs from multiple desktops that most Android and Bada phones are offering already. But it is intriguing, yes.

  301. back trackad is really cool, and Motorola phone already used that. However how strong would it be. Here were a lot of requests for Gorilla Glass, but no one asked how fragile can touchpad be, if Adam is kept in average backpack with other random stuff inside 🙂

  302. colour comes from backlight, passed through colour filters.
    in full-reflective mode then there is no source of colours. Pure grayscale must be.

    But, if Software (OS and drivers) do not know about it, they would not render better fonts and (even more important) they would still render colourful pictures (icons, button, wallaper, photo, etc) as if they had RGB triad, but would have grayscale noise instead.
    That’s why i hope Software is ready for 3072×600 grayscale mode natively.

  303. I look for accuracy such as tiny on-screen keyboard or drawing sketches in some paint program
    that is where i have to rely on stylus, not something on backside.

    that trackpad is great for non-targeted gestures such as zoom, scroll, rotate
    but targeted “pixel-hunting” requires stylus still

  304. Hey,

    I want to know whether it would be possible to ssh to a server and run programs virtually. To illustrate,
    $ ssh -X
    $ mathematica
    would be open a mathematica window on the device while the program is running on the server

    All the best

  305. And once more… In the absence of a forum (hint, hint) and no where else to go to ask questions, I am posting this here.

    I wonder if anyone knows if the 3G on the adam will be unlocked (I assume it will be) and work with any carrier like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, etc.

    If so, will I be able to simply pull the SIM card out of my Verizon BlackBerry and put it in the adam when I want 3G connectivity?

    I don’t anticipate wanting/needing 3G all that often so I don’t want to pay for a data plan for the adam. And I don’t want to add the cost of tethering to my Verizon Blackberry account either.

    I just don’t know enough about phone technology and SIM cards to know if they can simply be transferred back and forth from one device to another. Hopefully someone her can shed some light on this for me. Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.

  306. how much more would cost extra SD slot, especiay internal one without plastic case hole ?
    i don’t think too much. Not SD-instead-of-USB but just SD.

    I just used to take few days trips with aforementioned mp3 player and
    1) i used to carry allmost all my music collection with me, neither needing to cary notebook for copying, nor predicting my tomorrow mood and selecting correct subset of music library.
    2) for times i wanted to copy soome photo’s from mates’ phone/camera/player (or to them) and could not do it without standalone computer.
    Do you always carry USB wire with you phone/camera with you ? Is cardreader inside your mates’ camera/phone as fast as one in the notebok (and i hope in Adam as well)

  307. Upon researching a little more I learned that Verizon Wireless in the US operates on a CDMA network and they generally do not have SIM cards in their phones, except for a few world phones like my Blackberry Tour 9630.

    So that adds another layer of complexity to my questions… Does the adam work on CDMA, GSM, or???

    Anyone have any thoughts on this and my previous question regarding adam’s 3G?

  308. You read the blog every day but haven’t noticed the informatin that said:

    “The product will shoot for FCC certifications in the second week of November. And then it depends on them. Add few more logistics issues to that and it can swing either way.” (there was aan update that said it looks like being a week earlier)

    or maybe:

    “elow is one more render of the product (mesh plate)(I know you have seen a lot of renders and now waiting for the final pictures and in the post to come on 9th Oct, I will show you the final device right from our factories).”

    it is all there in the blog you read every day!

  309. He actually said the 6th. I was pretty curious about that, as well. Now I’m just holding on until Saturday…

  310. Can you make a 9 or 10 inch device to read text, html & pdf books and jpg, gif, or other image formats only? I mean it should be a no frills device – that means no gps or wifi. it should enable one store lots of books and comics via usb port and sd card slot for storage. All this around the 100 dollar mark if possible. good battery for around 10 hrs reading. eink would be great, but dunno abt the cost eink would add to.

  311. Clay, are you refering to the article in Slashgear?
    It seems that Slashgear posted some old news about Adam passing FCC. When I first saw is I said ”wow, great’, but then I looked at the the date and it says APRIL 2010. ????

  312. I guess it’s good to have fun while everyone awaits for FCC approval. So keep up the jokes, but only if you can elaborate on the new antenna they adding to the IPAD, and if it’s going to pass GEICO benevolent Insurance calls.

  313. Hello Rohan

    Thank you very much for all of the information. I can not wait for the UI info and the release of the Genesis project. You all are doing a great job and I can not wait to have my hands on the ADAM.

    Joshua New

  314. You are very right Adam (Seriously). I will definitely be investing some money into this company. They do seem to have the future in sight.

  315. Oh come on to much serious stuff going on. need to lighten it up. If it offends i’m sorry.
    Also Crystal i am sorry if you a State Farms customer but Geico is cheaper

  316. Can anyone please provide a reference for “will not support Market” claims? I see the same exchange in comments on every new story on this blog, but I’ve carefully read through the backlog to the very beginning, and I haven’t seen a single statement from Rohan or anyone else on the project regarding Market support. None whatsoever.

    It would be really helpful if this question was definitely answered once and for all, because it is a crucial point for many people around here. Will Adam have access to Android Market? Yes/no/we don’t know yet.

  317. I got it from some post on the internet. I wonder if 100,000 unit would be enough at the start?

    “If the Notion Ink wants to launch correctly, how many units do they have to show up with? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?
    10,000 will be sold in seconds and would leave many potential customers very frustrated and they might drop the Adam for the iPad or any other less attractive competitor. Launching with a million units would be smarter as they would sell within a day or two but at $300 manufacturing cost, it would be a $300,000,000 bill to manufacture them. Can Notion Ink and its financial partner afford that? Maybe.”

  318. They never mentioned CDMA connectivity, so my guess is no Verizon or Sprint, except through a USB dongle. Which makes sense, CDMA is a (slowly) dying standard anyway, even Verizon is moving toward LTE (but the current generation of tablets doesn’t support LTE).

    I am also extremely curious to find out what 3G bands they would support, but no word on that yet. According to Wikipedia (, UMTS is tri-band: 850-1900-2100, which includes AT&T in the US, but not T-mobile. That particular piece of info is flagged with “verification needed” though, so it’s anyone’s guess for the time being. I *really* hope they go for as wide a chunk of spectrum as possible (as opposed to making narrow coverage regional variants), as I would like to use this thing all over the world. After all, it’s supposed the be the ultimate mobile device, isn’t it? Not to mention that if they lock it up with the carriers, I’m gonna be seriously mad. Even Apple got that part right with the iPad (no carrier lock, just about the only thing I appreciate about it ;)).

  319. You’re a spoilt child.. LOL
    Walk to the McD.. and back.. will help you to burn the calories from the Burger.
    And… don’t eat burgers.. its for the Americans.
    Imagine that the Papad on university mess food is an Adam… you will get more apetite
    And how good is a trip gonna be if you dont have an Adam to read book lazing in the grass, listening to music and browsing at 3G speeds?

    Hehe… appreciate your loyalty… i hope Rohan is taking notice

  320. Na i don’t really appreciate this insurance business, so i don’t have any favourites there.

  321. i was wondering the sensitivity of the touch function, because i am an art major, and if it can do at least 512 it would be ideal for my work enviorment. i dont want to buy a cintiq 12wx and duck tape it to ur tablet. so can you maybe make a special addition one with similar features i would pay more. im using an alenware with intuous and it sux.

  322. regarding touch-typing … Blindtype/swype seem to be heading there … a combination of both ?

    for a while, speech recognition seemed to be ideal, but it does seem idiotic to keep speaking commands in public 🙂

  323. huh? while you are there what about a “no frills” car that is drawn by horses without an engine yada yada. Why do you want to go back to the stone age?

  324. Gecko> Ah. Finally my user name seems relevant.

    Mmm… You mean, those news gad made you jump and run over the ceiling? 🙂

  325. Fantastic – I look forward to your release in the coming weeks and am optimistic I’ll be able to get one before year end. However, if the rest of the world gets as excited about these as I am then I’ll be waiting…


  326. @Nit[of-a]CuntIB… You need to invest in some skin thickener and lots of tissues buddy. Nice start to your response btw, but projecting your own misfortune onto others is pitiful.

    It’s sort of entertaining watching your dancing responses, ironically much like apple, not even realizing how much you contradict yourself. Because without the pole-smoking praise you give Apple, you’d admit its success is derived from a combination of proprietary mediocrity + sheep. Sheep may not know any better but it does nothing for the enthusiasts and entrepreneurs out there. If they can’t capture every dollar from a particular technology, they won’t market it. For example…Not that a competitor of theirs, MS, isn’t guilty of this themselves but at least with MS there are outlets for technologies such as their Windows Media Center. I’m sure you’ve heard of TV tuners, especially digital cable ones using Cablecard technology, right? WMC technology being the vehicle third parties have to complement it. Not so with Apple, who has done nothing in that market segment and wouldn’t unless based on their standards or one they don’t have to pay for (Cablelabs). That may not be far off with the FCC’s regulatory changes coming but if the market were to depend on Apple for this technology, there wouldn’t be any current demand for it nor the pressure for changes to make it more accessible. Every product and technology they market is implemented half-assed and closed to outside improvement. iCrap is fitting…it’s their shit that no one else can crap out. Speaking of taking a head out of the stink, how far and how long has your head been up Apple’s ass now? Albeit past the shoulders. Talk about insider knowledge…see any new products coming down the colon?

    Take a moment to appreciate that this time I’ve rearranged just the letters of your “name” to give you a more fitting one, save for the clarifying insertion.

    On a kinder note, I agree…looking forward to 10/9.


  327. As always, a pleasure reading the updated blog post.
    Anticipating more good news this month.


  328. they stated in an earlier post they hoped to start production at 100,000 units a month.

    There is no way they could be at a million a month level. If their backers has those resources you would be hearing a lot more about Adam, certainly more then just blog post from the CEO.

    I imagine they will probably have shortages for a long time after launch. It will be hard to ramp up production, since Apple is producing around 5 million Ipads a quarter right now and they are tying up a lot of the componets. One analysis just today predicted apple would sell 45 million ipads in 2011, if true they will be tying up a lot of production resources in china.

    I would suggest pre-ordering your Adam, if you wait till launch it may be a while before your order can be filled.

    It will be a good problem for Notion Ink. but frustrating for people who hear all the great reviews from those of us who can get our hands on the Adam.

  329. ahhh you are more generous than Rohan to actually respond so kindly to someone who was so harsh…. Adam has created a wonderful aura already and may it convert all negative energy in the world to positivity….
    thanks again for adding to the legacy

  330. appreciate it; and I bet you would get more votes if you come up with something creative… or may be even links to someone else’s work…

    either way its less than 30hrs wait now… so lets soak in the calm before the storm

  331. I can see the Tata Nano phenomenon repeating… so whether they have 300mil or not I guess they will try to honour as many backorders as practicable…. actually going by the Forbes billionaires updates in Asia and US recently I wouldn’t be surprised if they have even deeper pockets now… may be they will save some for gaining traction on Eve etc… and wait for Receivables to back fund production of more Adams…

  332. @NitCuntIB…You did state the following, right?…”If you can come out of your inferiority complex infected shell for a second you realize that what Apple has done is doing is far from ‘crap’.”

    Lucky me, I get to show case-(no pun intented, well maybe)-in-point, have a good read making sure to get through both…

    Like I said iCrap. Further, I think Rohan’s vision does include doing things right that others, Apple included (if not primarily) have done/would do wrong – visionary or not. Think perceived balance of weight ratio. Think screen ratio (16:9 vs 4:3). Think angle of viewing on a flat surface. Think battery life AND replacability. Think durability. Think inclusion of a camera and further its placement. Think connectivity (USB, HDMI, SD). Think trackpad. Think Flash. Hell, even think the choice of color. I’m sure there’s more that I left out or that haven’t even been brought to light yet by Rohan. And that’s just on the H/W aspect. On the S/W side, other than the open source of Android, the only thing really mentionable so far is a game changing email interface. I’d really like to know your thoughts on in what manner these engineering concepts can be attributed/related to the Holy Grail of success you proclaim can be found in Apple’s engineering. Assimilated or diverged?

    Am I mistaken or did you not say this: “Successful technologies more often than not stand on other success stories…You build better products by concentrating on what other successful companies have done ‘right’ and not by constantly blabbering about what they have supposedly done wrong.” Are you just directing that toward me, anyone from my “camp” (LMFAO) or do you mean to address Rohan himself as well with these statements? If the latter, grow a set then and flat out tell him to quit his indirect blabbering about distancing his pride and joy from the likes of other companies incomplete and inferior designs. Apparently you missed the entire concept of what Rohan et al are proposing to accomplish in the revolutionary roots of Adam.

    The only real similarities I see are: neither have an attached keyboard and both have capacative touch screens. Of the two, which do you think will have the better implementation of each of these concepts? Surely by comparision one’s design should be considered [i]Crap.

    I doubt you ever had the balls to play football (American) but I’d bet you’d have been great at one thing in practice, the backpedal drill – the initial mechanics of it at least. Let’s see if you have any lateral movement skills though and admit how far off you are about how success based on success of others is attained. Else on the field you’d have found yourself on your ass.

    Adam, even in its incomplete release to date, is far from a copy of any iCrap…

  333. @Tarwinia ah! thanks for the correction. 64 Gigs out – but 32 internal and 32 additional aint bad!

    @Arioch i dont carry my USB cable all the time – but I do carry it more often than I should! But this leads me to a question to Rohan and Team. Will they allow for file transference via Bluetooth connection? I recently realized I couldnt file swap on my ipod with its Bluetooth connection! could only connect to Audio Headsets.

    If so – that should help with your SD Card Issue right?

    Also, Notion Ink Team – can the Adam be used as a wifi Hotspot for other devices?

  334. Notion Ink, you are a breath of fresh air! So much to like here, it’s just fan-tas-tic!!

    To Rohan and all you folks that are making this possible, I wish you success and much happiness.

    little al

  335. @Esco said, on October 8, 2010 at 08:45 @Arioch i dont carry my USB cable all the time – but I do carry it more often than I should! But this leads me to a question to Rohan and Team. Will they allow for file transference via Bluetooth connection? I recently realized I couldnt file swap on my ipod with its Bluetooth connection! could only connect to Audio Headsets.

    If you look at the Specs for the Adam you’ll see that the Bluetooth they specify is Bluetooth A2DP which according to Wikipedia is;

    “Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
    This profile defines how high quality audio (stereo or mono) can be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection.[1] For example, music can be streamed from a mobile phone to a wireless headset or car audio or from a laptop/desktop to a wireless headset.
    A2DP was initially used in conjunction with an intermediate Bluetooth transceiver that connects to a standard audio output jack, encodes the incoming audio to a Bluetooth-friendly format, and sends the signal wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones that decode and play the audio. Bluetooth headphones, especially the more advanced models, often come with a microphone and support for the Headset (HSP), Hands-Free (HFP) and Audio/Video Remote Control (AVRCP) profiles.
    A2DP is designed to transfer a uni-directional 2-channel stereo audio stream, like music from an MP3 player, to a headset or car radio.[2] This profile relies on AVDTP and GAVDP. It includes mandatory support for the low-complexity SBC codec (not to be confused with Bluetooth’s voice-signal codecs such as CVSDM), and supports optionally: MPEG-1 , MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AAC, and ATRAC, and is extensible to support manufacturer-defined codecs, such as apt-X. Some Bluetooth stacks enforce the SCMS-T digital rights management (DRM) scheme. In these cases, it is impossible to connect certain A2DP headphones for high quality audio.”

    It looks to me like it will just be audio as well. This is very disappointing to me.

  336. @John Adam

    What other screens provide transmissive, transflective, and reflective display modes? That is the niche pixel qi fills for me so if you have screens that supply that with better resolutions please tell us all. I enjoy options so if you have another viable option please do share with us.

    I know of Mirasol’s screens but it seems they’re only coming out with ~5in screens and are mainly shooting for e-readers such as a color kindle.

    CPT’s transflective screens seem to have fallen off of the map since june.

    I can’t really think of any other low power screens to compare pixel qi to. If you have any I’d love to know them as like I said before, I enjoy options. (please do not take this comment as snotty as I really am just interested in if there are other options alive and kicking atm. These types of screens had been a big interest for me but it seemed as though most screen manufacturers are after the next super duper x10k amoledtftretina displays now.)

  337. @Don thanks for the info. Yea, did see that but wasn’t 100% sure – thats what I was affraid of. I wonder what the benefit of one is over the other. Why Rohan…Whyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    Not a deal breaker though, but would love to have a wireless way of transmitting files (besides email)

  338. No, no. I think if I only rotate the camera it will be down, not in the upper part of Adam. And I will don’t have the, I don’t know the name in english, I think it’s hold, holder, in the bigger side. Understand? Sorry for my english.

    I’m left-hand, but all left-hand people are little ambidextrous, all product’s are made for right-hand people. I only want to show this.

  339. That’s actually still not very clear.
    “Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP” might either mean
    -“Bluetooth A2DP profile ONLY”, meaning just audio (lame), or
    -“Bluetooth profile INCLUDING A2DP”, which would be much much more interesting.
    I suspect they wouldn’t go with full details on the bluetooth profile in a short spec sheet like this. I mean, looking at other devices that simply list Bluetooth A2DP, you’ll find out that many of them actually have plenty of BT capabilities besides audio.
    Overall there’s a good chance we’ll have full-fledged BT in our Adams !
    (..yes, that’s positive thinking mostly)

  340. Also, that spec sheet still lists A-GPS while the jump was made quite some time ago to true GPS, so I wouldn’t give it too much credit.

  341. My birthdays on the 18th of November…And the second I heard about Notion Ink Adam I knew I wanted it for my birthday…And chance it’ll release within the year??

  342. Tom is right in his way of interpreting things. Many devices list A2DP beside the bluetooth because normally if it supports A2DP it will support everything else. There were many dongles and phones which would have bluetooth 2.0 but not support A2DP.

    And for the record, transceivers weren’t necessary. My motorola phone five years ago handled A2DP on bluetooth 1.2 before the motorola transceiver was even available.

  343. Not to mention the other sunlight readable alternatives aren’t in market right now. Plus many like Mirasol are great for outdoor reading but don’t provide a backlight for reading in the dark. And personally, I do prefer 16:9 which is impossible to have with 1024×768. Maybe/Hopefully PixelQi will be able to up the res to 1280×800 or 1366×768 in later generations. But for now PixelQi is the best screen to cater to my different needs.

  344. @Atul: that’s an interesting aspect.
    I hope that with the October update(s), Rohan will not only provide more details on hardware + software but also shed some more light on the many hints that were interlaced within the recent couple of technical posts.

    Concerning the point that you raised, it might be interesting to bring the following quote from the “Inception” post back to attention:

    “There are unusual barriers in hardware which will not allow anyone to reduce prices below a certain level. Reason I think is, as soon as a component hits large-scale manufacturing to become cheaper, next generation, better and faster component is available at the same. You probably have noticed this with Apple a lot. How do we break this? Well we have ideas. But probably I will explain that with Adam 2.”

    As Mrzeal already mentioned, NotionInk might have a mechanism/deal in place to address this problem. It could be anything, ranging from special deals with a manufacturer to reverse-finance production costs/deficits of one product generation by the consecutive generation, commissions granted by a manufacturer or more likely by the financier, etc. etc.

    As I said, I would enjoy to read more about the special deals / business models NotionInk contrived if that should at some point be possible.

    There is one further quote from one of Rohan’s posts titled “The change” that never left my mind and that will either turn out to be a bluff or a cannon beat:

    “I think you might have heard about Google Tablet. In time to come we all would know what Notion Ink might have to do with it!”

    I haven’t seen anyone else in this post referring back to this statement, so let it be me then. What do you guys think about this statement? Can it be that Google is the partner NotionInk has teamed up with? Regarding the above quote, it certainly seems possible, but at a later time, Rohan said some things concerning the Gingerbread release that yield the impression that NI is not closer to google than other android device manufacturers.

    If it is still the case that Adam is not going to have access to the Android market, there are not so many other sources. androidpit has a marketplace that the Wetab tablet is using as an alternative to google’s market. Also, amazon is planning to have an alternative marketplace for android apps. I don’t believe that NI’s market can prevail if it is a market of it’s own. I rather believe that it HAS to be a portal into other markets run by big players like amazon. I could even imagine that Amazon is NI’s financier as they are known to open an Android market but do currently not sell an android device of their own. Granted – there is no need to, but as they used to sell a reader for their ebook marketplace and since their android marketplace can be viewed as an extension to that former marketplace, it would make perfect sense for Amazon to offer their customers their “recommended” device for consuming all the Amazon goodies to be found in their new marketplace.

    What are your thoughts on this? What did Rohan mean by his allusion to the ties between NI and google? Who might be NI’s partners?

    I guess, in a very short time from now, we will get to know all these things firsthand from NI along with the much desired pictures/videos, so this is the last opportunity to speculate 😉

  345. Around $100-$150 on chinease el cheapo mail-stores like Deal Extreme and Focal Price you really can get tablet

    Usual LCD, 400-600 MHz ARM CPU, 2-5 hours on battery, no HDMI/DispayPort/other digital video out, some chances to disassemble and try to find compatible more-capacity battery.

    Go on, if you need it.

  346. I would have appreciated to have an SD card reader on this tablet, because I intensively use a camera and a sound recorder, both using SD cards. MicroSD prices are too high, so I don’t want to switch from SD to MicroSD with an adapter.

    Having an external USB SD card reader will be a very bad solution, because I don’t want to carry a lot of peripherals.

    Adam will certainly be my only computer, I will use it intensively in all situations. (I’m currently doing all my work on a 10″ Asus EeePC.)

    I need an SD card reader more in mobile situations than in static situations (recordings and photos while I’m travelling).

  347. It is less than 12 hour counting from Indian Standard time where Adam office is located to hit 9th October. Let us see what miracle happens!

  348. Maybe Rohan is feeling kind and will update early! Or maybe a double update if he has a lot to share with us:). I am really looking forward to see a proper hands on video.

  349. Afair Android does not have X-Server inside and ssh tunneing is doen for X-server apps, isn’t it ?

    I’d better put hopes on VNC-like remote admin tools.

  350. my take is NI has enough confidence and ‘bargain’ power already to say “here’s our deal; you take it or we have a plan B which we are implementing now” — and I can sense that quiet assuredness and bit of a brazen risk acceptance approach NI is pursuing to break a lot of stereotypes across the board from sheer technology management to the business model to customer relationship etc. in a way they are already battle hardened with the travails of dealing with a tough sponsor earlier in the cycle.

    Rohan is too nice to say all this in the open and I am sure everyone from Steve to Bill to Eric have already taken note of this … if not well they will sure do this weekend sometime!

  351. @Esco – no, BlueTooth is very slow and only okay for little files like JPEGs and VCARDs.

    For music – if it is 1-3 tracks and i have time for doing nothing – et it be.

    But for videos and musics as much as albums – WiFi, SD-card and USB, not BT.

  352. You mean like Dasher software ?

    That would be cool for menus, phone books and other search of small domain.

    For just usual text it is not that cool

  353. Hi, all amazing guys from Notion Ink,
    I just thought about this robotic test of touchscreen accuracy ( ). How accurate is the Adam touchscreen? You don’t have to respond, just please keep the device accuracy in mind.

  354. actually NI was incorporated in US too I guess? someone could research this and find the coordinates…. personally I want Rohan to get on top of a hill – literally – in India somewhere and unveil Adam to the world… 🙂

  355. Personally, PixelQi is 2/3 of my interest to Adam.

    Yes, i agree that 1024:768 would be better.
    Even for video – we have to have place for buttons and subtitles.

    But even if Adam would be shipped with 1024×768 standard LCD vs 1024×600 3Qi screen – i’d choose narrow Pixel Qi

  356. Don’t forget to put Gorilla Glass on it buddy to make it more scratch resistant, at the price points that you will be selling, be sure to put Gorilla Glass, because you have now shifted price points from 350 dollars to the 550 dollars. So it will be nice, you know what am tallking about!

  357. The thing which attract me the most is “watching movies and transferring file form PENDRIVE”

  358. I was thinking the same, but did post it under the wrong entry.

    But to me the Adam might be a joke or will be released somewhere next year.

  359. @mookiemu

    “why would anyone need a computer in their pocket, all you need is a phone?”

    I don’t think anyone follows the tech space ever said that. In fact companies coined the term ‘smart phone’ and tried to make it mainstream. But no one succeeded to the extent Apple did. Now I see grandmas and grandpas using iPhones. The funny thing is they don’t even know that it is a ‘computer’. They just think it is a wonder phone that they can rely on from checking emails to surfing the web. I met many such folks in Apple Stores who are now doing stuff on iPhones that they never did on their actual desktops. The secret behind Apple’s success is the abstraction layer they create with the beautiful and thoughtful UI. When an average John Doe buys a smart phone he would want it to just work. He wouldn’t know zilch about jailbreaks. The jailbreak and mod community you are talking about are people like you and me. We will never be responsible for technology to be widely adopted and to become mainstream. It is the average john does who are responsible for that. History will show that there have been many brilliant ideas that couldn’t see the light of day because companies approached consumer markets like the way you are ranting about.

    If you are in the habit of hacking your devices to make them dance, good for you. I do that too. But you completely missed my point. I am more talking about the average consumer. Notion Ink should gear itself towards relaxing people’s life styles.

    “There is a reason people Jailbreak, mod, and root their devices.”

    There is a reason the huge majority doesn’t do all the above. Again you are concentrating on the minority. One of the main reasons why people mod devices is because they can and they are confident of dealing with the consequences period. If I have to mod a device so much that I have to change it’s gender then that device probably is not for me. If I cannot get any fun from an iPhone without jailbreak then I should go get an Android device and not diss Apple. Buying a product is a choice and preference. No one is forcing you to buy anything.

    “If you want to use the device within the confines of it’s original intent, that’s OK”

    Not just me but every single sane individual would only _buy_ a device if it’s original _intent_ matches what they are looking for. If not move on and buy another. Is this so hard to understand? Consumers can punish a company by not buying a product and the company can gather feedback and improve upon. See Android 1.0 vs Android 2.2. Android 1.0 looks like a high school project.

    Even after reading your entire rant I still don’t understand why you can’t just go buy one of the ultra portable laptops if you want to do all that junk. iPad 1.0 is heavily geared towards content consumption. Apple with it’s brand presence created a market for tablet devices. Multitasking and a number of other features will be available on the iPad with iOS 4.2 for free to the early adopters with a software update. Other companies are now falling over each other to get their tablets out. It’s been a while and I still haven’t seen a single worthy competing product. Bringing a radical new technology to the _average_ consumer is no easy task.

    “the videos that compare the Adam to an ipad, many of them sound like you”

    Now this absolutely ridiculous. You are comparing a very successful product that is out in the market and already sold in the millions to a product that’s living in flash videos and pictures? Really? Why can’t you understand that if your friends are not complaining that their iPad cannot drive their car then it is OK for them. Do not get ahead of yourself and give the trophy to something that is still in the factories over something that millions of people have been using for quite some time now.

    Having said all that I really hope Adam comes out very soon and kicks iPad’s ass. My iPad will be on sale the next day and I would buy an Adam in a heart beat.

  360. The post normally come at least here around 12:30 am cst that is 11 am in India But I hope that it is released at midnight there time

  361. There is also mention of memory levels and we have not heard anything about that yet
    8, 16, and 32 gig

  362. Just confirm but the 8 gig is not list thought it was. Either way just 16 and 32 listed on the spec sheet

  363. My earlier post didn’t seem to show up, sorry if it ends up being a double post. I wonder if the outside links caused it to be delayed for moderation, so I will do this without the links.

    Long Box Digital (comic book distribution) just announced a partnership with Notion Ink. You can read the announcement on their website, just google it.

    You can also see their video on youtube, just search for Long Box Digital (might be one word).

  364. Here is the text from their announcement:

    LongBox, Inc. announced today their partnership with Notion Ink, the company behind the much-anticipated ADAM tablet. The partnership places the LongBox Digital Platform as the exclusive pre-installed service for purchasing, cataloguing and reading digital comics on all four of Notion Ink’s announced tablets, as well as any other tablets or portable devices utilizing Notion Ink’s Genesis system over the next two years.

    “We’re incredibly excited about this”, said LongBox, Inc. CEO Rantz Hoseley. “Our goal from the very beginning has been to expand the market for comics and graphic novels beyond the current audience served by the print market, so OEM partnerships have been a key focus for the platform. Having a partnership with Notion Ink… ensuring that LongBox Digital will be part of the core entertainment system on all ADAM tablets side by side with their eBook, TV, music and film services… well, that really is a dream come true for us.”

    Notion Ink’s ADAM tablet garnered the attention of the tech industry, and Hoseley himself, at CES with its Pixel Qi screen. The dual-mode technology makes it possible to read the screen like color ePaper in bright sunlight, or as a normal LCD screen in dim surroundings. The power of what was shown led Gizmodo to write, “The bullet is in the chamber, ePaper is dead.”

    But it wasn’t just an impressive piece of hardware that interested Hoseley. “Reading up on Notion Ink, and its founder Rohan Shravan, it was very obvious that here was a like-minded group, who started Notion Ink and the ADAM tablet for the same reasons we were driven to create LongBox Digital. That they believed in the power of ideas, and the importance of narrative in people’s lives, Most importantly, that the emerging portable space is a juncture for us as humans to change how we interact with our stories, the storytellers, and the tales we tell as creators.” Hoseley does note, “It’s easy to talk big lofty ideas. To see a company deliver the goods, even when it isn’t easy to do so? Those are the kind of people you want to partner with, and Rohan and his team have been phenomenal in that regard.”

    The announcement of the partnership comes as part of today’s ICV2 conference on Digital Comics in New York City, where Hoseley is a panelist, and as part of the events at the New York Comic Con held October 8th-10th. “We’re releasing v1.1 of the Mac and PC client app this weekend, with a number of enhancements and new features. v1.2 will be released around the coming holiday season to coincide with the release of the ADAM tablet.” Hoseley is careful to clarify that, “Yes, a generic Android version of LongBox Digital, as well as a iOS version for iPhone and iPad will be released shortly after the launch of the ADAM tablet. We’re confident that the experience of LongBox on the ADAM is a superior one, but we also strongly believe that you cannot dictate to people how, or on what device, they consume their entertainment media.”

  365. Or if you want to jump straight to the video of the comic app (complete with rendered adam) go to:

    Honestly, it’s just as much if not more an ad for the adam as for the LongBox Digital. And they have image comics along with other publishers.

    This is good 😀

  366. @disRetard

    Did you notice how I rearranged the letters in your name? fitting to your IQ isn’t it? I guess I made you blush and go pink a little.

    I can’t fathom how your best rebuttal is showcasing what M$ has been doing. M$ has been a huge failure in consumer electronics. No one give 2 cents about WMC. It is crap. They came much earlier than Apple into the phone business (Software) and look where they are now.

    “I doubt you ever had the balls to play football (American)..”

    You completely lost with the whole Football junk? How is this even relevant to the discussion? I think I really like the choice I made with your name now. To answer your question though, no I never played American football and I guess the closest you came to any sport in life is to your XBox (I am not overestimating your abilities now, am I?). But event that shouldn’t have anything to do with trying to get some sense into morons like you.

    So you have been wasting your parents money on digging stuff like antennagate and iPhone glass breaks? Get over it and get a life.

  367. The when won’t be known until the FCC approve the Adam. The where we can say the US but for more info we’ll have to wait till Notion Ink can release the info. Maybe this Saturday, maybe not (I think it’s safe to assume they won’t be releasing ALL info about the Adam in one post).

  368. cool deal Tarwinia, legaleagll …. LBD was very conscious of not revealing too much of the UI for Adam… but the end revealed one thing…. the Adam font which is ‘the lowercase’ version which is what I wanted it to be…. so fingers crossed everything else will be as per expectations…

  369. There is actually no confirmation, only supposition. Especially since there are comments that Market access currently requires phone capabilities and we there has been no mention of phone capabilities yet (speculation but nothing more).

  370. 🙂 I haven’t waited for my exam results/ local Govt elections etc. this much… don’t want to upset you… but unless Rohan skips his sleep tonite and uploads stuff now we may not see the post may be for another 8 to 10 hours or so

  371. Its going to be a fabulous weekend….
    1) Tomorrow we will be seeing the photos of actual Adam and much more from NI
    2) My Texas Rangers are going to sweep Tampa Bay Rays to clinch first playoff series ever
    3) Cowboys are back and healthy after bye week and will register thumping win against Tennessee Titans.
    I am going to remember this weekend for long-long time.

  372. I think the update’s gonna take time. Rohan would probably do it sometime tomorrow morning India time. I dont think he has ever updated the blog at midnight. Mostly the time of the day is either late afternoons or pre-noon (India time, obviously:)

  373. I read the same and liked it a lot, because my first reason to buy a tablet is have a device usable as a e-reader with the possibility of read color comics too.

  374. I did a quick check of Rohan’s recent posts and except for Sep 25, seems like the posting time was around 13:00 India time… we don’t have Rohan’s posts’ timestamp but just going by the timestamp of the first comments +/- 30 mins!

    so worst case make it another 13 hours!

  375. on a related theme…. can Adam wake people up from bed? something like … hello Rohan wake up! its the 9th! LOL 🙂

  376. > Well its 9th, where is the good news?

    “The Ides of March are come.”

    “Aye, Caesar, but not gone.”

    Ok, everybody, watch your back …

  377. although am sure NI itself may already have these metrics… just for fun and our own info can we just call out our locations to give a feel for the demographics of us would be Adamites

    UK here

  378. Will people be disappointed if tomorrow’s update is just a link to the youtube video linked above?

    I am hoping for so much more!

  379. Mumbai, India here…

    And yes, the lowercase font looks amazing.

    I am wishing that the multi-task support that comes along with the adam is closer in functionality to Windows than iOS (latest version whatever). Personally, thats the killer deal-maker for me, apart from the PixelQi screen ofcourse!

  380. Samsung got away with the market place by putting full phone functionality and putting the tab under wireless providers phone plans. As much as people like to joke about the ipad being a larger iphone/ipod touch the galaxy tab takes the cake on being a larger phone lol(ignoring specs etc. they purposefully made it meet phone requirement for android market).

    As for the “needed apps”
    Too many decent browser options to post links, simply say yes they are there.
    Document viewers/editors can be found here and there, haven’t really had to try them out lately.
    Maps, with a built in gps I’ll go out on a limb and guess that yes there are maps.

    Again though, android 3.0 gingerbread is supposed to open up the market to tablets, which will be a nice tool but not necessary.

    Care to name a few that are exclusive to android market and cannot be sideloaded? I haven’t found any I wasn’t able to sideload on to my friend’s android tablet (believe it is one of the many archos), although I’m sure even if there are some market exclusive there will be a non market competitor.

  381. More like Thanksgiving!
    Get that turkey ready, when is it going to arrive! We are hungry!!

  382. >Attachable keyboard panel to get a Notebook look and ease of use with wireless mouse

    Buy. one separately. I use at home, for my regular keyboards, the Periboard-708 which you can find for about US$50 if you look around. It packs the the USB dongle in a recess in the back of the keyboard, so it’s convenient to carry around. Trackpad built in, of course, and it’s multi-touch (1 finger = l mouse button, 2 fingers = middle mouse button, 3 fingers = r mouse button; tap and drag *or* use two fingers to scroll, all of which feels very intuitive). Excellent build quality, and roughly the same size as an Adam, so should be convenient to carry around.

  383. Being an Adamite from Germany now for 9 months, I’m so excited, too. I can hardly concentrate on watching football (Germany vs. Turkey).

    ebooks are the reason why I want the adam (in small types! in the Longbox commercial). Comics are the cherry on the cake! I downloaded the PC version of Longbox and the text on some sample pages is hard to read. But on an adam this will be different (wishful thinking) because I can get the screen closer to my eyes 🙂

  384. Hm, it must be late afternoon in the Americas (time for blogging ;)). Europeans are having a Friday night out, while Asia is already sleeping. In Australia it’s already tomorrow morning, so I expect to hear from them soon ;).

    NYC here.

  385. signing off this end; who would be the lucky one to congratulate NI/Rohan first? guess it would be a stream of comments from India or would it be someone from downunder as they have the early bird advantage? keep up the vigil America!

  386. So when is this update coming out! And…Let me put some money towards an ADAM of my own!

  387. Signing off 06:47 at Bagalur village between Bengaluru International Airport and Bengaluru city.
    Did you know it is actually Bendakaluru ( the town of boiled beans )?

  388. Well it’s noon here in Oz 🙂

    Patiently waiting for the guys from NI to wake up, have their breakfast and decide how much they’re going to tell us!!!!

    Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

  389. Im actually kind of concerned about the placement of the camera. When you are looking at the person, to them it will seem as if you are not looking directly at them. Although I love the adam and will buy one if the ui isn’t horrible, I hope the camera placement doesn’t prove to be too annoying. I wonder how the ipad2 will resolve this issue because considering how long it’s taking for the adam, that will be the adams real competition.

  390. Guess I’ll join in as my last response to this post 🙂
    Mexico City, 10:16 Central Time

  391. hey did any one noticed the video when the user had to enter the login credentials??
    the popup was labeled with the tag genesis, think that this is what is the name of the OS from NI that will be running on adam and other devices from NI. One more thing that can be noticed is the user did not use any on screen key board…was this a special case only for the video or did the user used a USB keyborad?? ;)…..
    any ways……the news is amazing but not satisfying the hunger…….please Rohan throw some more……..
    waiting eagerly…..from Pune, India….. 🙂

  392. it’s not the name of the OS, just their market place. And as they said, they have a tailored version of the app for the Adam while other devices will get a generic version.

  393. hey Rohan 🙂
    Good morning!!! hoping this time you wont wait for slash gear to publish all the details and then blogging that link on this site:)
    Not going any where( though its Sunday ) just refreshing this site every five MINS.
    Bangalore 9:23 AM

  394. Sorry ITS SATURDAY but feels like SUNDAY As I’m not moving at all.BUT NOT FOR U ROHAN.
    :).C’mon Rohan Get a cup of coffee 🙂 and gets started 🙂

  395. Hey Rohan, its 5:30 in NZ the evening on saturday 9th Oct, waiting for some more info on ADAM mate….

  396. Woke up.No breakfast, no toilet, shower, checking update from bed. 11.15 am now in Thailand. No new news so far.Thinking, should I take a shower and eat something or wait and see the update first? Every second is too long to wait today!

  397. I’m hitting “F5” every 15 secs on the blog, and, just in case! 😉

  398. @NitCuntIB…You really are dumb as shit. And sound like a damn baby. Let’s get your whole cute little basement bullshit out of the way. I’m in my mid-30’s and have owned a house of my own since I was 26. My current house that I had built 3yrs ago in a very affluent part of Bergen county, NJ, even in the current market, can list for over 7 figures (and no mortgage). I probably pay more in property taxes than your car was worth new. And I’m looking into either investing in a house down the shore in NJ or in/around Boca (FL). I own 3 cars between my wife and I…an S550, TL (my current commuter car that I’ll kill by the time it’s 3yrs old since I drive 35k+ miles/yr for work) and her Land Rover. Soon to be a 4th though since she wants a convertible Jag. And I technically own my wife’s salon, even though it’s in her name for tax purposes. Basically, you made about the dumbest comment you could have, although your love for iCrap is arguably close.

    So back to you’re inability to comprehend…I thought it was pretty obvious the only reason I brought up MS was by comparison they rate as a better company in my book than Apple, given their slighly more open business nature. And since I’m required to be a MS business partner for work (as well as IBM, Oracle, Dell, etc.) I know first hand what is and what’s far from great about MS. Aside from the consumer level iCrap put out, Apple is stuck in the niche category.

    How does my back-pedaling in football relate? Just like your lack of any new greatness about Apple, stepping back from your own argumentss and inability to come up with anything on the subject at this point to defend your positions. Bullshit nonsese is all you seem to be able to express now. Take a good look in the mirror and realize how pathetic your little life is. I’m through humoring your immaturity and the blind fodder that you so openly accuse of others. One thing is certain, in your whole life you’ll never reach 1/10th of the success I already enjoy.

    One last note though, either your density or own stupidity has left you not realizing your statement about “rearranging” the letters in my “name” wasn’t rearranging since you didn’t include a “g” but inserted a “t”. Modified would be more like it, just saying. I’m retarded? WTF? LMFAO

  399. “One more thing that can be noticed is the user did not use any on screen key board…was this a special case only for the video or did the user used a USB keyborad??”

    do you see blue dots appear on the screen? well, that’s users’ finger….it just rendered a video

  400. Whole world east n west is waiting for the latest update abt adam.there are total abt 550 post (IN FAVOR AND AGAINST)on the blog in last 7 days.abt 80 posts daily ! INCREDIBLE….

  401. I think he meant the user name and password (presumably) were typed into a Genesis query without a visible on-screen keyboard.

  402. umm its 11.43 am in India, patiently awaiting. These r very auspucious nine days to start new ventures in Hindus. All the best.

  403. And a follow up question .. what are we expecting to get today? A video.. or announcement or just a blog explaining the finer details

  404. morning Adam! just checking if its the Adam we are waiting for or the Adam waiting for Adam 🙂
    London back on here…

    just amazing how just a small sample of 20 odd of us actual represent the whole globe… may be we missed Africa & S America/Canada… but am sure folks were busy pressing F5 and just didn’t comment here.

    from day 1 NI/Adam stood for quality above quantity; substance above shouts and we already heard from 1 non-NI exec how big a deal NI is…. the world’s user community already woke-up its just a matter of time (hours?) now before the world’s businesses follow suit..

  405. The comments are being are being moderated and posted which means there is administration activity.
    But there are no new posts by the administrator(Rohan). I think he’s just building the suspense by delaying the post.

  406. I know the new post is going to spring up as soon as my head hits the pillow lol. Oh well might as well get the few hours of sleep and catch up when I wake up. To those who are up and waiting, enjoy when it updates.

  407. 3:00 AM in dallas, tx here…eagerly waiting for the update, will sleep now, keeping my netbook just beside my bed to be able check it first thing in the morning

  408. Hello Rohan,

    What happened to the update promised today?.

    (under full of suspense!!!)

  409. I hope .. that adam support DLNA … i have DLNA NAS drive with all my movies music document stored there..

  410. hmmm… then maybe some virtual environment will help where we can use windows occasionally..

  411. @disReTUrd

    Ok, I ‘modified’ it some more.

    “Aside from the consumer level iCrap put out, Apple is stuck in the niche category.”

    ROFL. Do you even have an ounce of human brain? Go back to playing with your toys.

  412. @disReTurd

    Ok, enough of this rambling. Let me put some sense into your thick dumb hick skull.

    “Think screen ratio (16:9 vs 4:3)”

    How is this a big deal? At 9.7″, it has 132 ppi and has an aspect ratio of 4:3, perfect for reading magazines. To maintain those specs, the iPad practically has to almost double it’s size to get a 16:9 and that’s not pragmatic. If you weren’t such a huge moron you would understand that almost 3 million people are using their iPads to read magazines, watch videos, remote into servers, play games yada yada. Some enterprises have already adopted iPads and some are piloting it. So apparently the screen ratio is not a big deal for the sane world.

    “Think angle of viewing on a flat surface.”

    That’s why you would get one of the many cases available in the market to prop it up. If you spend $500.00 on the device, can’t you really spend $30 bucks to protect it with a decent case? You can prop it on your lap while sitting in a couch and can use a dock or one of the many number of stands while you work on your desk. What is the big deal here?

    “Think battery life”

    Are you serious? iPad’s battery life is just amazing. I easily get 12 hours of battery and I am a power user. iPad’s battery is one of it’s major selling points but idiots like you wouldn’t know any better.


    Huh? What that does even mean? Every iPad comes with one year Apple warranty and the warranty is extended if you buy Apple Care. iPhones and iPods have been selling like crazy for years without user replaceable batteries. I guess you wouldn’t know because I bet you carry a cheap knockoff and lug 100 batteries around.

    “Think durability”
    Ask around your ghetto, if there is one thing about Apple products that you can go buy with blind faith, that would be durability. Your stupidity has reached new levels with this.

    “Think inclusion of a camera and further its placement”

    Camera will be coming with iPad 2.0. Apple should have probably included a camera with version 1 but it is not really a big deal. Many won’t loose sleep over it. So move on.

    “Think connectivity (USB, HDMI, SD)”

    HDMI? Really? This really tells me that you didn’t really grasp the _purpose_ of a device like the iPad. Did you ever hear about “AirPlay”? It’s coming to the iOS devices including the iPad with iOS 4.2. With AirPlay, you will be able to stream content from an iPad to your HDTV via the $99 Apple TV. You can buy a camera connector and get SD card connectivity with it. People use DropBox to sync their files and a USB port would only increase the thickness. It is not a MUST have connectivity option in today’s world. I bet you are still crying for floppy drives.

    “Think trackpad”

    Now this is ridiculous even for someone of your IQ. Hello? iPad has a 9.7″ touch screen. Why in the world you would need a trackpad? Are you serious?

    “Think Flash.”

    Yes, I thought about it and Flash doesn’t make sense on mobile devices in it’s current state. It ruins battery life and most the flash stuff on the web is not optimized for a finger touch. Adobe ruined Flash after acquiring the technology. It is buggy and a resource hog. I have used several Android devices and Flash is B-A-D on all of them.

    “Hell, even think the choice of color”

    What color? It doesn’t match with your other disney toys? Grow up a little. This doesn’t even merit a response from me.

    “I’m sure there’s more that I left out or that haven’t even been brought to light”

    Yes and I am now positive and completely agree that there is absolutely no limit to human stupidity.

  413. Notion Ink will get a ‘big’ push because of it’s innovations and not because of Android. Android will provide a nice intro for Adam but not a _big_ push. Just look at how big of a push Dell Streak got from Android.

  414. I don’t know about you lot but the talk about Apple and iPad are getting boring. I learn’t a long time ago never to get into a discussion about Apple and any of their products with an Apple User. It never is a discussion about technology but more a religious technology debate.

    If you are happy with your apple products then that is great go and play with your apple products, but stop trying to convert others. If the product is that good then it will take over the world because everyone will want to get one, but until then keep it to yourself.

    The Adam is something different a lot of us are excited for that difference and the opportunity to see the advances it has proposed. We will continually be here and when its released will buy one or more. And it may not meet all our expectations, but we have been involved with its evolution and it can only get better.

    But if the Adam does no be the success that many of us believe it will then it too can become a boutique computer company like other boutique companies, with their religious followers, like some other company I know.But I find that most people in this space do their research, find what they need and use it. If it does not do the job move on and not follow blindly.

    The issue is some of the boutique computer companies just don’t realise it and keep trying to convince everyone else that they are not a boutique company and that they too can work in the enterprise.

    Bottom line is if we are talking about technology and having a constructive debate fantastic, but PLEASE re-frame from this religious technology debate, its boring. Just look around see what happens when fanatics get involved, it just become repetitive and boring.

    Praise to Notion Ink our new technology alter, live long and prosper. 🙂 lol

  415. @tintincub
    You call Crysal a twelve year old for calling apple products shit? If she’s a twelve year old for using shit, what does that make you using turd? Seriously? Or did you think using retard was better?

    You list all the things that adam has and say how their not important on the ipad. So why are you looking forward to the adam?
    You say how you can do airplay from the ipad to the apple tv. Great. So you only have to pay another 100 dollars for that? When you can hook the adam up via hdmi? Apple tv can also only do 720p. The adam will do 1080p. Can you do it wirelessly? No, but I’ll take 1080p for a lower cost than 720p for a higher cost.

  416. @billreyn

    If I look forward to a product does that mean that I should absolutely hate whatever is in the market right now? Does that mean that I should call every other successful product in the market as crap? If I do that wouldn’t that be childishness? We can constructively discuss the shortcomings of a product but dissing a successful product with rubbish vocabulary serves no purpose. We all know that Apple is far from a company that produces ‘crap’.

    I am looking forward to Adam because I am impressed with NI’s vision. I think a part of it is also because we all want to root for the underdogs to succeed. The market will only be a better place if the best of the best butt heads.

    I don’t think it’s even up for debate that the iPad is the best tablet device in the market today. Does it have any short comings? Sure it does like any other product. Will there be better alternatives to the iPad in the near future? There very well might be. But the point is that if I have a need for a tablet form factor that has excellent battery life, great responsive touch screen, great ecosystem of apps then iPad is the best in the market today and that’s why people are buying it like crazy. People bought tube tvs like there was no tomorrow because there were no LCDs and Plasmas at that time. But it would be insane not to buy a TV for 10-15 years and diss at the available technology because something better and great might be coming up in future. This is ridiculous.

    Before iPhone 4 and iOS 4 was released I got bored with iPhone and really wanted to _like_ an Android device. I tried many but didn’t really like any. The touch screen and scrolling on the iPhone is far superior on the iPhone. Apple’s customer care is just outstanding. But at the same time I admire what Google is doing. Both Apple and Google are really pushing the industry. Look at what Microsoft is finally compelled to do? They were torturing the customers with some ugly UI experience and were finally forced by the big guns to do something different (read WP7).

    Rohan himself was humble with a high opinion of Apple in his posts. I really want his team to go the distance. They will be a huge inspiration to many including myself.

    Given the purpose of a tablet form factor don’t you think having an HDMI output is kind of pointless? These days people are looking to connect HTPCs, Google TVs (very soon) and Apple Tvs to their HDTVs. What is the point of creating a wired connection between a tablet and your TV. 1080p is not a big deal for streaming video and the media market is converging towards streaming (read BlockBuster’s bankruptcy). We don’t have the connectivity yet to stream everything in 1080p. I just mentioned about AirPlay as a better alternative to stream media to your TV. Google is coming out with Fling. Soon physical connectivity will be a thing of yesterday.

    I am looking forward to Adam because it might be tomorrow’s Apple or even way better.

    P.S: I am a fan of technology and not Apple or Microsoft or Google. I don’t work for any of these companies nor own their stock.

  417. @tintincub

    Apparently not everyone agrees that Apple doesn’t produce garbage. I personally find the Ipad limited. For instance, I wanted to download a file to it. And the Ipad comes up with a message that it can’t download that file type. So, in order to get the file on the Ipad, I had to download it my computer and then transfer it to the Ipad. I should be able to download any file I want to it. Ridiculous that I have to do more steps to get it on the Ipad.

    I will admit I like some features of it. While watching an ABC show on it I marveled at watching a program on such a thin device. I do enjoy typing on it as well.

    As far as HDMI, it’s the best available right now. I work 50 miles from home. To save money in gas I stay at my brother’s house which is close to my job. With Apple’s solution I would need an apple tv at both locations. With the adam I need an hdtv with HDMI. I can hook it up to any tv with HDMI. Not so with the Ipad. Wireless may soon replace wired. But I don’t think it’s there yet. And I’d rather have something that’s standard across various devices and manufacturers. Not locked into one company. Whether that company be Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

  418. Hi Rohan,

    I too am fascinated by the Golden Ratio!
    Can’t you use this to determine the placement of the camera too on the top edge (in landscape orientation)? It could be placed at 61.8% of the total length from the left edge. Right now from the picture, it “feels” placed too much to the right…

    Best wishes,

  419. Dear Mr. Rohan Shravan,

    I will quote you… “For the PQ models we had ab “LED On/Off” switch which will also be in the normal LCD models. Benefit? Now its in your manual control to switch off the screen when you are just listening to music or downloading something. LCDs consume somewhere around 1.8-2.4W an hour! So you will be able to save a LOT!”

    I have a suggestion that might make ADAM more interesting.

    You should offer the possibility of choosing the size of the ACTIVE SCREEN, for example 7″, 4″ etc. as well as positioning the ACTIVE SCREEN on any part of the ADAM SCREEN. That way you could regulate power saving more efficiently and the screen would STILL BE ON… JUST NOT ALL OF IT!!! That would be a very good move because lots of users are avoiding OFF MODE regardless of the power saving benefit. All of us like to know what is going on, on the computer, and in what phase the action we started is in.
    Please consider this option. I believe that you’ll be the 1st on the world to use this function… at least I never seen anyone use it before.

    My name is Dobrivoj Kanurski and I am a composer. I live in Serbia . I was really happy when I saw with what enthusiasm you are creating it. I wish you all the best in creating ADAM and hope it will come very soon to the world market.

    Dobrivoj Kanurski

  420. this would require LED vack light, and not just regular one, but one with fine-grain conrol. No one yet done this.
    Maybe in Adam 2 ?

    Though i thought too about backlight+colour over main windows and grayscale w/o backlight on passive sidebar applets 🙂

  421. Right! It costs a lot. So I prefer GPS as well.
    What irritates me is that on in specs A-GPS is stated.

    What does it mean: “If you buy the wifi version you will still have GPS”?

  422. Seems the only thing I wud miss in my ‘adam’ is the excellent international Radio Indigo in FM radio of Bengaluru. After all, the Worldspace satellite radio that abruptly pulled out from India was not portable unlike ‘adam’.

    Gud morning from Bagalur.

  423. As an “end user” I have been interested in Adam since I started following alll the iPad wannabes. I have been most excited about Adam feeling it deserved the most attention (of all the various contenders).

    Reading the blog & especially your reply has really peaked my interest as it appears you’re bent on “doing the iPad one better.”

    My wife’s first computer is the iPad. I hope my next computer is the Adam Ink.


    Denny Bolen (in the computing field since 1961)

  424. I must say, I’m not an early adopter, but I will most likely make an exception for this. Looking forward to developing Longbox content for it.

  425. …To anyone who accepts mediocrity and accepts constantly consuming it. You are the reason why real innovation is so rare. Trickling technology available today over several generations of the same “product” should not be acceptable in a competitive market but it is as a result. The market and society as a whole really resemble the behavior of sheep. Most follow the trends marketing wants them to. I’ll go way out here to prove my point, had socioeconomic behaviors of today existed 250yrs ago, the sovereignty of the US would have never happened. Thank you sheep for the regression social values.

  426. Cette Tablette est l’avenir. Il faut préserver l’Equipe Fondatrice de perdre le sens de cette Expérience.

    Si tout est Ok, l’Humanité dira merci.

    ***L’angle, bien Vu ***

    Je me vois déjà avec une Tablette Pixel Qi.

    Rohan shravan est j’espère le nouvel Homme qui montrera la voie. Que Dieu et sa famille le préserve.

  427. Rohan.

    I am happy to see that the Adam will be officially launching in no time soon.

    I am really fascinated by the Adam. But, it is not only the Adam device that I see true potential but it is also the company (i.e. the Notion Ink team). I like what I see in how you are managing the company.

    I plan not only to buy the Adam device but also shares in your company. Will look forward to the day you go publicly listed, I’ll put “pre-order” for those shares too!!

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