I don’t think it makes any sense now to keep all the information intact specially since it is out from un-official sources.

Hello everyone!

2 Basic questions which everyone has been asking for, is the price and the launch dates.

Now there are variables which I cannot predict, cos they are variables. Once we reveal this information officially there will be a lot more pressure on us, but you all have been immensely patient and I believe being little more transparent will only help us. After all we believe in an open system.

I have always loved interacting with you, because I believe it is the first time in history when a product is made by not a firm but by masses. We want to convert this into a revolution, where we will interact in a much better way to get the product out which we really want. I have read each and every comment of yours and a lot has gone in improving the product and our mind-set (for example upgrading from A GPS to GPS, etc). I treat Adam like my son, and the effort will go on unless we have him out in this beautiful world. All the fathers will understand how they will feel if someone hurt their kids! Probably that’s what we felt some time ago.

The product will shoot for FCC certifications in the second week of November. And then it depends on them. Add few more logistics issues to that and it can swing either way. (Don’t get surprised it we hit for certification in October, cos there is some tight buffer, though that will be extremely good news).

About the launch dates in countries: The interest in a certain country is directly proportional to the number of “Application Developer Collaboration Requests” we get from that country. And we can only respect them by launching in their countries earlier. So if you want it to his sooner, come join us! World is not small when it comes to shipping, but we will try to reach wherever you are, and online shopping is the best option.

Coming back on pricing, we want is cheap as well. I don’t think profit is in hardware. It lies in the ecosystem. And when the best hardware can be clubbed with a massive eco-system, you are talking about a revolution. There are unusual barriers in hardware which will not allow anyone to reduce prices below a certain level. Reason I think is, as soon as a component hits large-scale manufacturing to become cheaper, next generation, better and faster component is available at the same. You probably have noticed this with Apple a lot.

How do we break this? Well we have ideas. But probably I will explain that with Adam 2.

Currently we will ship LCD and PQ Variants. Both available in Wi-fi only and 3G modes. I believe you will get a range of around $399 to $498 for these four. (Please remember I haven’t taken the fluctuations, so be little sceptical). We are also working on reducing it further down (let’s leave the good news for the future).

I am really happy with our UI designers. Specially Andre. He is really brilliant and it took a while before I could find him. Probably Jeff Raskin for us (if we leave a mark in history). Finding a right design lead is as good as finding your soul mate. When it comes to design, I am very adamant (but with work load I have learnt to compromise a little), and even after his decade of experience he is fresh and thinks out of the box.

Andre and I will soon start the UI Blog for you all. You can see and play with the UI there and start understanding how Adam will work. We will convert it into an initiative to design better and better interfaces with you all as the feedback professors.

Application designers can get hold of devices and SDK much early and if you are one of them, join us at We have some goodies for you!

I know I have already disappointed a lot of you guys by saying it’s going to be there not before November, and probably this was also the reason I was not speaking up. But then, neither can I hold on to you forever, neither can I give you a buggy device! Let’s just hang on for little more, and you all will proudly be able to say, you help design it! I need your support.

With Warm and True feelings!


Independence Day Special!

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    I cannot wait for the Adam. This is such a wonderful product I will be purchasing the day they are available!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. That is amazing….hopefully it’s sooner than later, but at least we have somewhat of a goal to shoot for. I guess that iPad purchase can be pushed back juuuuust a bit more. 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you – happy for all of us!

    I am looking forward to acquainting myself with the UI, and I will be glad to give you any feedback. I am so grateful that you have let us be a part of this process!

  4. This is wonderful news. Thank you for letting all of us know about when we can expect the device. Now I am not too worried about the droid X I just bought putting a dent in my Adam money. Looking forward to using the two in tandem later this year!

  5. You’ve got our support. Looks great. The Slashgear articles were really good even if some of the info came from unofficial sources.

    Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to November/December.

  6. Fantastic news. I have been following this thing since February and am really excited to see it coming together now.

    Sincere congratulations to everyone involved.

    All the best from the UK.

  7. This is going to be an awesome device, I am very much looking forward to be having one. It looks like the Adam will take care of a lot of my needs – an all-in-one gadget if ever I’ve seen one. And the prices seems very reasonable. Will definetliy buy as soon as it gets available!!


  8. Thank you for finally confirming this information! It is relieving to say the least.

    I look forward to seeing your UI in action and giving feedback on it. Hopefully I won’t have to be too harsh on it! I have high standards for UX design.

  9. Excellent news, thanks a lot! Will try to become (not so experienced so far) Application designer.

  10. It truly is a special moment in the history…Great job Rohan! I have been following you since your first debut and even my wife knows I put aside a few hundred dollars to be one of the first owners of Adam. As you (and your team) are constantly improving your product by reading our feedback, it makes us feel like we are all parents of Adam and he is a one special kid that we all look after!

    Thank you for the unique and innovative efforts!

  11. OMG!! Rohan this is fantastic news. Thats the way to go.

    Eagerly waiting for the revolution to be global.

  12. I will be the first to buy. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you so much for this update!

  13. It’s understandable that great things take time. At least now we have a rough timeline to plan around, although it is rather unfortunate that the launch will miss the “back to school” crowd (my friends will be disappointed). Personally I would happily take a “little buggy” device a few months early as long as the updates come out in a timely manner. If there is a need for international beta testers let me know!

  14. Is that the final design of the tablet? The prototypes look very different. I’ll be glad if this is it. I am extremely excited about it and have informed a lot of people regarding it too. Waiting for it 🙂

  15. It is always going to be a difficult line to tread. The Adam can’t come out buggy, as you say. But wait to long and the excitement will turn to disbelief and frustration. I can’t wait to see more pics of how it’s shaping up!

  16. Excellent news I will defiantly be holding out for an ADAM no matter how long it takes.
    Prices seem great although as a student I should probably start saving up 😛
    Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see the UI that has been designed.


  17. “…I know I have already disappointed a lot of you guys by saying it’s going to be there not before November, and probably this was also the reason I was not speaking up..”

    lets look at it differently Rohan!! we are BIT disappoint but it would have been VERY very less if you could have spoken over this WHILE ago.Any way better than NEVER!!!
    We are with you, ALWAYS.we also love ADAM as OUR SON only.So lets make sure TOGETHER ,we will make him proud us.Please !!!dont let third person(Un-official ) comes between us After this !!
    We will be happy to share some of your difficulty!!!

  18. Looks Sweeeet!
    Adam’s design rocks! I just stared at the picture for a while before even reading the blog.
    The more I look at Adam, the more ugly the iPad seems to me.
    Can’t wait to check out the user interface too!
    Anyways, I’m pulling for you Rohan (and your whole team too). Stay strong my friend. You definitely bring something special to this field. We all want you to succeed just as much as we want to get this little pop-tart into our eager hands.
    I don’t mind the wait as long as I know Adam is still in the game – it’s nice to have something to look forward to. So thanks for the REAL update!

  19. Rohan !

    This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for this piece of news for months! The device looks amazing!

    I’m very thankful for you not rushing the product and integrating the voices of the crowd into the device.

    Hopely it’ll be available online for people not from the US or India. There’s always DHL and Fedex!

    I’m glad i’ve not purchased a fruit product and waited though i really wanted a tablet. I must say it’s was worth the wait! I’m already saving up for second adam. The adam 2!

    good job Rohan and all the guys from notion ink!

    Remember to ship to Malaysia!

    All the best!

  20. Much appreciated rohan… You have a lot of support… carry on the good work…cant wait to get my own adam..
    The price points look very promising….

    PS: I am intrigued by the mention of Adam 2 already…

  21. Yes it sucks that the release was officially pushed back, but I’m sure more of us are pleased with some real information!

    I’ve been hanging on for several months, and a few more won’t hurt. Especially if it means a more complete and polished product.

    Thank you for finally giving us some of the info that we have so desperately wanted!

    We look forward to great things in the upcoming months.


  22. hi all!
    congratulation on clearing the air! i have been visiting your site and blog @ three times a day for the past six odd months! patience is a virtue!!
    the price point is great even for a tight market like india. the video had me smiling away what with a ipad in the background and a reseller id tag all over the place. keep the enemies close and top it up with a demo of The Art Of War!!
    anyway i will only say Quality Is The Tao. you got the best product out and all will be well. so that is that and waiting for good news and to be plesently surprised!!

  23. I am with you my friend and will wait patiently. I love technlology that is thought through. I am tired of all these quick-fix launches to get a bite out of apple’s cake. This appears to be truly a new way of developing a new product. I’ll be patient and wait for your son to get to this world on his satisfactory due date. Best wishes.

  24. Hi Rohan,

    Well, thank you for your honesty. I already have an iPad, but be sure I’ll be checking very closely the next steps of the Adam, as I’ve done for many long months already. I bought the iPad because I was after a tablet with an OS thought for touch gestures, and if on the whole I am rather satisfied, the many limitations Apple put intentionally on their product leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth, quite far from the “magical” web experience Steve was advertising upon the launch of the iPad.

    Hence my interest in the Adam, augmented by PixelQI screen. I’ll be glad to wait a few more months to get a well-polished product, but I really would have 2 questions, quite important in my view :

    1/ You are elaborating a software ecosystem around the Adam and hope to derive most of your revenues from it. That is very well, but to me raises a question : will Android Market be accessible from the device ? I, too, believe in “open” (the iPad is my first Apple product, and may well be my last…)

    2/ I live in the Netherlands, and as I don’t for an instant doubt we’ll be the last served, will it be possible to order the Adam directly from you, ahead of the official launch in Europe/The NL ? I don’t mind paying extra custom charges if the product is worth it and if your warranty applies all the same to the product thus sold.

    Thank you for all the hard work. I am sure the next few months will be challenging, but I can’t imagine any further investor not realising the amazing potential you have on hand !

    All the best,


  25. I’m realllllllllly hoping for a November/ early December release because my birthday is right around there, but I will wait as long as I have to. I believe this tablet will revolutionize the industry and set the bar extremely high, making Notion Ink the company to beat.

  26. Thanks for confirming the unofficial article. Again, mostly you mentioned what was already disclosed by slashgear. you did not say about the memory variants. How much a 16 GB and 32 GB costs. Also, details about RAM and and battery life for all the models would be great. Please update your Spec will all these. Also, can you pls confirm if Adam1 will be compatible with Gingerbread OS? 🙂 also can you pls confirm if it will use wide angle pixel 3qi or the original one?

  27. Well I’m perfectly willing to wait! Sign me up for the top-of-the-line version, I know it’ll be worth it. Thanks for the open, honest, and informative update!

  28. Thanks Rohan for this information! The price sounds great! I hope you will release the Adam before Christmas – good luck!

    And please, please release the Adam in Germany too! 🙂

  29. Prelaunch tunes for the Adam.

    For those who grew up in the 1970s, ketchup anyone?

    For those who like a drink with their mates

    For those who loved the funky 1980s

    For those entranced by millennium electro pop

    And for those who have or are about to lose it waiting for the Adam

    Best of luck on the launch,

  30. Glad to hear the pricing and targeted release date! I can’t wait to see more on the UI. Keep up the good work!

  31. Finally, an official update on these topics. This is what I was looking for and will hold out hope for a late November/early December launch. I bought my wife an Ipad, but held off on my own hoping to see something like this. Please continue with the more frequent updates and provide details regarding the App store and UI.


  32. Well Rohan, Adam is a product which many indians are eagerly waiting for, Please give details for Indian launch and price.

  33. Bravo!! Now that I have a perspective on when it will launch, I will wait. It has many more features than I will probably ever use but I’m sure others will appreciate. Congratulations Rohan and all of the team at Adam ink.

  34. I hope it will get released soon in Europe too!!! Still one question: will you use the wide view Pixel Qi screen or the older version that’s out now?

  35. Hello Rohan,

    I love the part where you said “I believe it is the first time in history when a product is made by not a firm but by masses..”

    Way to go !!

  36. Rohan,

    Thank you for your transparency. A long time coming, but I can’t think of another company that would offer this much information. I think it’s the right thing to do and it’s kept me interested in your product where a less forthcoming company would have lost me with all these delays so keep it up.

    I am disappointed with the delay because it means I will have to wait even longer to finally get the Adam, but I think you can overcome it. You are going to eventually face competition from major companies no matter when you launch. Sure your hardware might be less impressive (but still very good) in November or January than it is today, but as we are seeing with smartphones, the apps and UI are where the battle between the next generation of tablets will be won or lost. I’m glad to see you are focusing on delivering a superb content experience and I look forward to getting to try out the custom UI!

    Also on the plus side, your price points are superb and I think you will sell a lot of units in the US at those prices. I am also glad to see you will continue to incorporate public input- this is a very refreshing approach compared to most companies and a smart move for a new player in the market. The student/university discount sounds like a good idea, the close collaboration with nvida should make the Adam a strong gaming platform, the true office app is a huge plus for those of us looking to use the Adam instead of a netbook (will this format be fully portable to other devices? + please give us a comfortable keyboard/stand attachment), the Android app market compatibility is important to further expand on the Adam’s ecosystem, and the chance of upgrading to gingerbread will help the 1st gen Adam stay relevant.

    All in all, despite the delay and impending competition I think the Adam has an excellent chance to dominate the tablet market if you can deliver on your ecosystem and UI. Although I know the Adam’s fans, myself included, will be spreading the word, I will be interested to see what sort of advertising campaign you have planned.

    I will be looking forward to future updates on the apps, UI, pricing, availability, release date, and your new website!

    Best wishes, ptf237

  37. Wow, finally some carved in sandstone dates and prices!!!
    I’ve been following Adam for a very long time (seems like years) and have made the decision quite some time ago that this is the device I want…
    I am pleased to see that the A GPS has been replaced with a pure GPS.
    I have one additional question about updates that I hope can also be answered:
    I am a proud ownder of a Google Nexus One android phone so I would like to know how much effort will be put into keeping up with the latest version of android?
    How soon after a major release (like the recent 2.2) could we expect an update to Adam and how will the update be distributed?

  38. Woo hoo! Major kudos. Congrats on pulling it together, guys, and with such nice price points, too (though I am hoping for the student discount SlashGear mentioned =)! And you’re doing a PQ WiFi only. Woot.

    Here’s hoping for release before the holidays. I’d love to digest papers on this beauty while drinking some cocoa next to the fire.

    Do you have any media kits to pass out? If this thing can get major media, especially at universities, it could blow up bigger than the iRag, sorry, iPad.

    Now the next question: when will we get to see some hands-on reviews?

  39. oh my god it really wont hit till november now im definitely not buying it, i really wanted it but i need a tablet for school. im ganna have to buy a exopc now, i mean come on you say still Q3 and you push it back half a year im really disapionted. was it the tegra 250 chipset i geuss well never know

  40. hey again, rohan.
    a bit hard to digest all the posts lately, as they are filled with good news. GPS instead of AGPS? an interactive UI blog to play with?! and the price is unbeatable! exciting times! keep up the good work, we will all be here, awaiting patiently, to support and cheer for notion ink and it’s device of miracles.
    by the way, transparency is the best way to go at it. we’d be happy to drool upon some more sexy photos of the ADAM, if you can disclose them…
    good luck with FCC,
    first ADAM buyer in israel.

  41. One more thing…
    When will the updated specifications be released?
    I’m hope that the camera will be updated as well.

  42. AWESOME !!!
    Looks like, finally, we’re terrine gloser here !
    Keep it up, YOU guys are worth it !

  43. Thanks for the update. Although I’ve been following the Adam for what seems like forever, this is the first time I’ve commented on any of your postings. I can understand you being worried about releasing it later than November, but honestly, we waited this long, a bit longer won’t kill anyone. It’s really great to just hear anything even semi-solid from you on pricing and release, we all know (even though we don’t want to admit it) that you probably can’t give us a definite release date, but telling us that FCC will be in Nov(possibly Oct) is a huge plus, at least it gives us an idea. Thanks again and keep the good posts coming

  44. YES! Thank you so much Rohan. I feel very much at ease. Although I may not be in the United States come the release in North America, this just puts me to ease.

    This much awesomeness at that cheap of a price, really punches Apple in the throat. You guys are awesome and I cannot WAIT for the release of Adam. It’s gonna be the greatest thing I have ever waited for.

    I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you really kill the iPad once and for all.


  45. Let me say that the snapshot (or more probably render) up at the top looks amazing and that you guys are rivaling Apple for sexiest looking technology. And secondly I ca’n’t wait for the UI blog, hoping to see some really innovative and intuitive concepts.

    I just have two questions: What about the 16gb\32gb variants, will it be 16 for wifi and 32 for 3G?, or something else, because I’m hoping to get a 32gb pixel qi wifi.
    And will Adam’s 3G only work with a specific provider (like most phones\tablets) or are you guys giving us the ability to pick whatever carrier we want?

  46. Thanks you for finally sharing this much awaited information. It is much appreciated. Keep the good news coming! 🙂 Best regards from the Netherlands.

  47. Thank you for the update! Good to learn about the current status from you as unofficial sources often deliver incorrect information – as recently seen with engadgets article.
    Right now I can’t think of anything that Adam lacks in specifications and if your software keeps up with the promises we are in for a treat. However one bit of information would be very interesting: when do you plan on taking preorders?
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the device and test the hopefully extensive battery life 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  48. you know what? u are doing better now. people now get to know of the actual problems and if they are truly interested , they will be ready to wait.

  49. Hey Rohan,

    Any reason why the Adam is going to be launched in India only after it does in the US? Too bad we can’t get it here earlier!

  50. All for < $500, that is < 23K INR. Will be in Q.

    Best of luck.
    Karthikeyan R

  51. I have waited for this product for almost a year now… and i dont mind waiting a little longer 🙂 As soon as it is released i will be the first one buying it 🙂 Keep up the good work 🙂

  52. Crystal clear!!
    Still want the Adam, however I wanted a E-reader & tablet -combo this year. Too bad NI had all these set-backs. For now I’ll buy a cheap E-reader and sell it when Adam is available. Got a netbook for surfing the Net on the couch.
    I’m glad the word is out, hope you’ll be thorough and make the best tablet available on the market when the Adam hits the shelves.
    Prices are great, I’ll absolutely go for the PQ-variant with 3G. Will keep tabs on this blog (and the UI one).
    Good luck!!!

  53. well it’s nice to know that you guys @notionink are really working hard to bring out the adam asap but would just like to say that anything beyond holiday season 2010 in usa will be too late to give a damn about !! As far as it’s launch back here in india is concerned i would wait till 1 month after the launch of 3g services by the private telecom operators !! So be nice & be quick !!

  54. Great post Rohan. Thanks for all the new information. Adam seems to get better and better. I hope those of us not on the initial list of release countries will be able to order online. Keep up the good work. You have a lot of support behind you.

  55. Wow – Adam’s your son, so that makes you God, and you want *our* help? That’s very flattering, to say the least. I doubt that we’re worthy.

    But, since you asked – a couple of people have mentioned this, but I’m adding my 2-cents’ worth – I want to scribble (handwriting type of scribble) on pdfs in order to make notes on books, etc. There’s a linux program to do this by means of an overlay. But the hardware has to support it – we have to be able to write on the screen at a fine enough resolution to make it worthwhile. Of course, we can magnify the image for writing and then shrink it again for reading.

    Stylus, anyone?

    It would also be useful if the Adam could fry eggs (how tough is the scratch-resistant surface?).

  56. Hi Rohan, I’m very happy about this news and I love to hear, that you will ship to everywhere. I hope the FCC will work fast and that you are able to ship the ADAM in November 🙂

    Thanks again for your feedback and your good work.


  57. Hi Rohan,

    As you hear from others, this is the way to go. If you tell us that you cannot do something, people get angry, frustrated. If you talk about the problems, people sympathize and might even manage to help.

    I don’t really care if you lost an investor. I care *a lot* about you chosing to break up with them because they want to make yet another windows netbook out of this brilliant product!

    We know there are variables. But not a lot of people have produced their own gadget for the masses, so it helps to point them out. Its bad if I don’t know how long to wait and when to expect the hardware, its easier if I know that FCC certification will be soon.

    Example? I’m gonna be in the US in a few months. Sadly just a little too early for the Adam, unless I steal it from FCC. Don’t fear, I want all of us to have one 😉

  58. Rohan, you are on the verge of completing a vision of a tablet I had my sophomore year in highschool and then added so much more.

    I have been waiting a solid 5 years for this, and this post has made me one of the happiest people alive.

    You are my hero.

    Jared Arnold
    Texas, USA

  59. Very excited about the Adam and fantastic news about the price/release estimates. I’ll at least be able to use it for the spring semester and after, hope it works well taking notes.

    Also, have you looked into retail stores selling the Adam as well as the online store? Would really help get the product out and known. Best Buy might not be so keen but other places like Sears, Target, and Staples would be able to sell it effectively. Eagerly awaiting the QI version, and good luck getting the UI testing complete!


  60. Thanks for the update. Nice to have from the source.
    Just tell me when and where your release Adam first and I will fly there.

    Good luck to you and your team.

  61. I’m a big fan of Adam project from the beginning.
    Glad to hear that my dream to get my hands on this superb tablet will soon become true.
    I’m hoping it will be released soon in Poland or Europe (pqi+wifi+3g version) so that I’ll be able to buy it in this year.
    If not then a global shop would be nice. I don’t mind paying additional 5-10% more for shipping etc. as long as warranty will be the same as if you’d buy it from local store.

  62. Yes, I WAS feeling highly disappointed due to lack of updates and forthrightness, but now that you have come clean, – – Sign me up! I will hold off on buying anything else so I can get a dozen of these as New Year gifts! 😉
    Keep up and thanks for honest of goodness release date and pricing. Good luck to you and your team.

  63. Hey Rohan,
    Even though I check updates on your site every 4 hours or so, this is the first time I am writing to you. I work for a global corporate telecommunications giant and is so excited to see Adam taking shape the way it has.
    As a fellow Indian, I feel so proud that you and your team has made this a reality and not got flustered by the many spanners thrown into the works over the last few months.
    I would be happy to try and move our corporate channels for beta testing within a corporate environment.
    I have already been evangelizing Adam to any one and every one I know, and I can’t wait to grab hold of one as soon as it is launched in the US.



  64. I’ll be totally honest with you. I had written my previous comment without reading your post but only the slashgear article.
    Reading it left a double taste in my mouth. On the one hand, I was happy to see you are starting rolling out regular updates and are leaking information to the public, and boy do we need it.
    On the other hand, I was kind of sad to read the Adam would start shipping so late (maybe launch it at CES ?? Come on, we’ve been waiting so much !) especially with me starting my univ’ years in september. I thought I would have one by november/december and so be able to use it for my exams in january (we have exams twice a year in university here in Belgium), so, yeah, that was kind of a let down.

    But since it is now 99.95% certain we’ll get and all suspicions of vaporware have, well, evaporated, it is EXCELLENT news nonetheless.

    And thanks. Thanks for developing the tablet that EVERYONE wants. The tablet that, if succesful, will be a standard by which all other will be compared to. Come on, kick that phoney iPad from this undeserved place. Thanks also to write with such an open-heart actually. We wan really feel how you guys want it to be a success, and not only for you, to “make money”, or “be part of computing history” (which is also a rather good goal) but also to bring a lot of simplicity to our society. I have great expectations for the Adam, the number of innovations you managed to fit on such a small device is astonishing. And since you started from scratch, it’s even more impressive.

    Your, Notion Ink, are an awesome company, if only the market gives you the chance you gyus deserve, you’re gonna take the world by storm.


  65. Well, first things first, many thanks for finally getting some hard facts out to us masses, as you see we were really craving for them. 🙂

    Saying you believe in openness… Somehow, I can’t really believe that anymore, seeing how you only decide to share those infos after they were leaked on slashgear.

    I do understand a mysterious product has high market value and doesn’t risk being copied as much as an openly advertised one does and I don’t expect you to be telling us any facts/specs before they are finalized, but I’m interested almost as much in the process of production as in the final product, and being left hungry for updates on either of those just doesn’t sit right with me. Especially not if you state you believe in openness.

    If you run into problems please even update us on those, at least we’ll be in the picture about why the most drool-inducing thingy of the year is not on the shelves yet and we’d cut you a slack, since most people should be able to understand the problems you go through. In order for them to be able to though, they need to know of them, so please, PLEASE update us more often. Even bad news is better than no news at all.

    Eagerly awaiting the final Adam and kudos to you all.

  66. Wow, this is just awesome. I can’t wait for the launch in the US. I know I will use it so much for school and everything else! Thanks so much for the update.

  67. I had considered breaking down and buying an iPad just this week. I’m so glad I held off. Your interview with SlashGear convinced me that the Adam will be worth the wait.

  68. Hi !
    This blog was all that was needed !
    It is great news ! I am going to buy the one with all features.
    I am doing my bit in spreading the word for Adam ! Its easy because the product is TOO GOOD !
    (Of course being kgpians, it is almost unnecessary 😛 .But not everybody knows ! )

    Best Regards,

  69. I second that.

    * 16/32 variants
    * Gingerbread compatibility (granted, the details are still sparce)
    * wide-angle pixel qi


    * wireless partners (for 3g)?
    * retail partners?
    * pre-orders?
    * online orders (from your online store)?

  70. Rohan could you elaborate on the unreal integration. can we use the free udk to make programs for the adam? I almost passed out when i saw that. From a sales perspective you need to get this in to stores for christmas. 80% of retailers yearly profits are made in the holiday season (usa). this will be the time when mindshare can shift from apple to you. If you miss this opportunity it could have a large impact on your future sales. Marketing has a huge effect in the us its not so much what the product is but what the perception of it is. Apple marketing proves this. My 2cents. Btw im a software eng not a marketing expert 🙂
    When can we get our hands on the SDK?
    All the best.

  71. As everyone else, i am looking forward to get this product too. I am guessing the launch in US will be much later, but I am planning to get this as soon as its launched in India. Would this product be available for online purchase with international shipping? Other than being unable to use a US carrier for the 3G function, are there any other cons to using Adam in the US (before teh US launch) – mainly concerned about access to customer service if required.


  72. Those are good news Rohan and thanks for the information. Keep up the good work.

  73. Thanks for the update even a rough idea of progress and potential pricing is a big help. This should make potential customers a lot more positive about the device.

    The two potential hurdles I could see tripping up the Adam would be how open the device is, i.e. can I load any software I want onto it and can I just buy it without having to be chained to a phone company. Both massive drawbacks of the competition. Either of these things will probably have me fall back to just buying a laptop. Otherwise it really does sound like a very amazing product and I’m really looking forward to it.

  74. Woo-hoo!

    Anxiously awaiting the pre-order opportunity! Everything is finally coming together. I have followed you since CES last year. You have come a long way since then and through quite a bit of hardships and delays. It is good to see that you guys have stuck it out and persevered through it all. All of those setbacks are about to be justified by the release of the most impressive device to launch in quite some time! I am truly looking forward to the UI and the custom apps, like the email app. Very anxious to see what it brings to the table. Very happy to see the switch to GPS. And, of course, undercutting iPad on the price is marketing genius. Mark me down for 32GB 3G Pixel Qi! At least we now have a legitimate release window. Hoping that all goes well enough for a Christmas release.

    Congratulations to you, Rohan, and all of your staff for all the hard work and sheer dedication. It’s about to pay off!

    Wow!!! Can’t wait!

    Thank you for changing the game!!!

  75. Very good news! I hope it’ll be available in France.
    I’ll take a PixelQi WiFi only 😀 (32GB would be great).

  76. One last message about two things I forgot mentionning earlier.

    First, why always start with the US, why can’t Europe get the chance of touching new technology before the US for once ? Maybe getting the certifications in Europe will take less time than with the FCC … Just asking.

    And, second, this new design is just brilliant !

    (btw, pls don’t waste any time and put a sneak view of the UI asap, so we have a bone to chew on 😉 )

  77. Thx for to be so honest.
    Some companies thinks the obscurancy its the way to keep people interested in wathever
    but they are wrong transparency its always the best.
    Now we know that we have to wait a little bit longer, but for those that can not wait for it(cos they need a tablet for school), your update its the way to show the rest that you care about us,and that way nobody can be angry cos there’s a delay :((.
    We been waiting for almost a year, where’s the problem if we have to wait for 3 more months?
    If you want the best then you should be able to wait for it (otherwise you don’t deserve it ^^)
    I supose you been feeling alone a lot of times during this times, but (as you can see) you’re not alone. We are a lot of people waiting for the Adam (i would preferred a Eve ^^)
    Take care, we are all in your side.
    All the best from Spain

  78. Great news! I was holding off my birthday present from June.
    Now I can just get it for. Christmas instead!
    As long as I know Adam is coming I will wait and not waste my time with someone elses child!

  79. I’m browsing and writing this comment in a iPod touch.
    I bought it to compose and record electric guitar.
    I’m getting your (our?) device. So i’ll need a micro/line in input. So will all the mobile (every one really in moving alot these days) pro and amateur musicians.
    Luis Ferreira, Portugal

  80. I cant wait longer! It’s like waiting for the Santa Claus 🙂 My body will explode when i hold it in my hands!

    Thanks for the Information, it’s great to hear from you!

  81. Slashgear and Engadget are ruining my day by telling everyone of this magnificent device I wanted for myself, I guess now the world will know and you will be a huge success.

    Good luck and please ship me one to Ireland.

  82. I have been in love with the Adam since I first saw it, and as I don’t have any use of a tablet (Ipad, just to name something random), there’s no fear of me accidentally buying one of those (Also, Apple is evil, but need I really say that?). I fear that Denmark will be very late on the list of release countries… Not being able to see your Android applications is sure to scare a lot of software houses away from the platform, and Google doesn’t seem to be opening up.

    And what can I do? I have developed Floating Image, and there’s probably no problem installing it on the Adam, but I fear that promise is hardly enough pull to get Denmark pushed up on the list.

    At any rate… It’s great to hear from you guys again, I’m really looking forward to my new toy! 😀

  83. Thank you for such an important update. Adam seems to be everything I could possibly want in a tablet. I’m an English tutor living and working in Spain and for a while I’ve been looking into buying a tablet device, as I think it would be ideal for my classes.

    I often give classes at home, but sometimes I go to the students’ houses. At the moment I take a backpack with me. I fill the backpack with all sorts of goodies: a folder for notes and handouts, short stories to read with the students, a dictionary, and flashcards. Some days I take a laptop too. As you can imagine all of these things can get quite heavy if I’m lugging them around all afternoon. I am really looking forward to the day I can substitute all of these things for a single device.

    Like some others I’ve been checking back here fairly regularly for updates and while ideally I would have preferred Adam to be released a little earlier, I think it will definitely be worth the wait. It ticks all the boxes for me, one of those being that it uses an open source operating system. Of course the device itself and its specifications look fantastic too. I am excited about your device.

    I see you’ve had plenty of offers from people willing to test the product but if you’re looking for another, I would be more than willing to help out.

    Best of luck to you!


  84. Was hoping to have an Adam for my birthday (September). Now it looks like maybe Christmas. Sure wish we could preorder.

    I do want one before I get too old and I’m old already.

    —- Keep telling myself, “Be patient!” —

  85. I want to have your babies, Rohan! lol

    You are amazing! Keep up with the hard work – I can’t wait!

  86. pixeqi have multitouch and capacitive touch, ‘cuz in the website these features were mentioned under the LCD display and not under the PixelQi….

  87. and even after his decade of experience he is fresh and thinks out of the box.” come on!!! I’m 41 i’ve been working for more then 10 y does this mean i’m not able to think out of the box ever again ?

  88. Hey thanks for the update and way to not let “the man” get you down! Good luck in these next few months!

  89. This is simply awesome news – plenty of info just in the manner in which the community following the development wanted.

    I’m really liking your style Rohan – it’s not full of corporate buzzwords and you’re not hiding the mishaps behind words – it’s really raised my confidence in your delivery of the product to market.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has now moved from “RELEASE DATE NOW!” to “UI PICS NOW!”. Can’t wait for the preview interface pages!

  90. Rohan thanks a lot for clearing this up!
    I think everyone would love to see some new media of the NIA. Perhaps just some photos or maybe even the user interface. The fact is the actual finalised version has never even been seen. The picture you supplied looks great but it is a computer mock up right? An actual hands on video would be amazing. This would probably ease a lot of the frustration.
    Anyway great job and keep up the good work!!

  91. Thanks for the info!!

    There’s been some negative reaction from some of the other well know websites which gives me the feeling they still feel it’s “vapourware” I think the world needs a little nudge that the Adam truly exists at the moment…

    Is there any chance you could post some random video demos of some stuff running? nothing too specific or revealing…. e.g. maybe a very Quake3 demo on a test unit and stress that it is a test unit perhaps?

  92. For the U.S. release there is another big variable. How much time does it take to get FCC certifications? If you apply after second week of Nov and if they sit on it till Dec end, the release will be delayed. It may take 8-12 for them to test and go through their hoops. Remember, there may be political lobbying involved as this is an Indian product not backed by any American multinational. Add to that the holidays when people in the U.S. are virtually slowing down for the year. If they ask for some modifications, it will take time to incorporate the changes. My haunch is, the release will be during the 2011 CES from Jan 6-9 for the U.S. And that is the best case scenario.

    NI should apply for the FCC approval in Aug-Sep itself if they want to meet their 2010 delivery timeline in the U.S.

  93. I can’t wait for this product, and being in New Zealand i know that i will have to wait longer than most, so I’m just hoping that you will make an international online store available for those outside your first launch areas.

    But also on this online store, make available the parts to fix the Adam ourselves, like replacement LCD’s, touch screens, motherboards etc. A lot of us already prefer to fix a product ourselves rather than send it away once it out of warranty.

  94. Damn, sorry to hear it’s gonne be so long – three to four months, we’re basically talking about waiting through another season! – but I am very glad to that we’ve got a more definite time-line going now, something that gives us confidence this isn’t going to turn out to be yet another vaporware project. So many thanks for the update!

    Also, as someone else here mentioned, I’d like to know if there’s any plans for preorders. I’d hate to be beat out for one of the first ten-thousand off the assembly line. 😉

  95. The launch window is a little disappointing, I’m afraid things will be a lot tougher then (just about everyone will be releasing a tablet around that time or before – HP, Verizon, Blackberry, Samsung, Neofonie, I would imagine the new Archos and Dell products as well…). But maybe having tons of different tablets floating around is not such a bad thing – this way there will be a buzz, there will be content creators, and people can actually compare your product with others and see how much better it is, hopefully ;).

    An unsolicited read recommendation related to Adam 2 (even though I would bet you know this already): . I don’t think there is really any chance of releasing a Tegra3 product in Q2/Q3 2011, as the Slashgear article announces, but I would be careful with those statements. If there is a better product supposedly coming in six months, people will refrain from buying the current one.

    The Adam ‘photo’ in your blog post: isn’t there something missing, like a screen? 😉

    I have a few more things to say, I think I will put them in separate comments…

  96. About iTunes: please don’t transfer much of their philosophy to Genesis. One of the main reasons I will never buy an iOS product is the iTunes (and I am not the only one): it’s a prison. You buy content on iTunes, you can only consume it on iTunes. The only way to access an iGadget is through iTunes. This is not the face of a digital revolution that we were dreaming about, the one that was about tearing down the walls, not building them. Maybe from a business point of view the model of a walled garden is attractive, since anyone who enters is basically forced to stay in forever, but in the long term offering people more options might just work in you favor. I will be much more keen to buy content for Adam if I know I can transfer it to other unrelated devices (say a PC or a phone with any OS). It might be much more comfortable to use it on Adam (e.g. tags, links, different layers of information and integration), but being locked is a big minus.

  97. YES!!!!!
    Indeed, this is an Inception…Big fan of ADAM and your team and can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty…Waiting patiently…. Cheers

  98. A product built by the masses you say? OK, so here is one take on what I (from the masses ;)) would like to see next (Eve or whatever ;)). Adam integrates almost every common digital aspect of our daily lives (and some that until now weren’t normally digital, and some that simply didn’t exist at all), except two: a phone and a solid small point-and-shoot camera (with decent video recording capability). For me, the combination of these two would be a perfect little companion to Adam.

    The functionality of the phone and of camera on Adam itself can not be sufficient for everyday use simply because of size, even if in a few years all mobile telephony will be IP-based and the camera on Adam7 tablet will be 20MP – the size of the screen on which you read is different from the one you use for instant communication on the go and there is no way to integrate those, as long as we use screens (or at least fixed-size screens). The thing, I guess, is that even if I intend to carry Adam with me at all times, typically one would use it while being seated (or at least not moving), while a camera and a cell phone are often used while on your feet (possibly moving). But if you look at cameras and smartphones they actually share almost everything: the approximate screen size, processor, flash memory, battery. Obviously this is why every smartphone has a camera, and even if those are getting better they are still inferior, to be honest. I don’t need a DSLR, but a telescopic lens with at least 4-5x optical zoom and a decent sensor are obligatory. The number of megapixels is not that important – 5-8MP is sufficient if the optics behind it is good.

    I could fantasize about more features (a mini-projector, yeeey ;)), but let’s leave it at that. I hope someone makes this, to me personally it seems like something that would sell like hotcakes. Call it… a figleaf? The only thing Adam and Eve need on them, hahaha….

  99. No digitizer ( Stylus ) ? No way of taking notes in class ? Allright this is another Ipad, it sucks, it’s just a toy … I’ll wait for the HP slate 500 😦

  100. No way… They seems not to understand that many people need to write on their tablet. To do this you need palm rejection or a digitizer like in the hp touchsmart. Otherwise you have to not put the palm of your hand on the screen (so almost impossible to write).

    Their’s thousand of tablets under android, ubuntu, linux, windows 7, … but they are all the same : a classic touchscreen ! so surf on the web watch video, listen to music and … that’s it. No way to take notes or write.

    I advise you to buy a hp hybrid or wait that microsoft do its tablet (HP slate, HP slate 500, Microsoft Courrier, … with all these protoypes they’ll finish to make a really powerfull tablet with handwritting recognition 😉 ).

    +1 for the fry eggs :p

  101. Would I be able to use the HDMI port to plug this into my laptop and use it as a second monitor?

  102. Rohan,
    Thank you. This is what we want to hear from you. We don’t mind waiting for the product but we want what and when. It clears the air now. Hope your great success. I left 3-4 comment with pessimistic feeling in spite of your great design and superior hardware because of frustration you handled your would be customers.
    Thanks again.
    best regards

  103. I also can’t wait for ADam to make its appearance. Will it be available in stores like Best Buy or only online?

  104. Good Deal! This made my day. Congratulations! Can’t wait, I will be placing an order for the Adam as soon as it is available. Who knows I might even get one as a christmas gift for someone else if it has been cleared by the FCC in time.

  105. It will be great to give my iPad to my wife or daughter and get what I really want.

  106. That’s ok rohan. We can wait for couple of months more. Treat us with the best product. I really like your insight, waiting for sdk release so I can join the development.

  107. me 2 dave, happy birthday for both of us. I’m very excited for this to come out. I’ve been boasting about this tablet to everyone who will listen. I’ve been pushing this before the ipad came out.

  108. I own an IT company in the Philippines and I have been following the Adam evolution since CES. A lot of people here are gaga over apple but there is a good number of pinoys, mostly professionals, very much aware of its existence.

    We are very much interested in helping you develop the marketplace for Adam. We have a contacts with many techbloggers and members of the Philippine media that would flip over backwards to cover the Adam’s story and speak with you.

    People go apple here since they know of no other alternative. Given one, especially as sweet as the Adam, you might corner the market here.

  109. One word…… Quality

    Don’t sacrifice it.

    Pressure to release is high, don’t make sure you put forth a quality product, or it will fail.

  110. Hi there,
    Greetings from Ireland. I have been following the progress of NotionInk and Adam since Jan and I for one am still excited about the project. Every time you release details I find some new feature that I think “Wow, that’ll be handy”. I’ve even begun to imagine scenarios where the Adam will be invaluable to me, in the car when i get lost (I’ve a terrible sense of direction) since you now have full GPS, when a moment of inspiration hits (for the novel I’ve started but never quite advanced past the first chapter) or even for the mundane tasks of just scribbling down notes or diagrams on something besides a scrap of paper (currently my left hand is covered in ink). I’m sure you’ll have many more surprises for me in the months to come and I’m really looking forward to the UI demo and a few imaginative accessories down the line (I’d suggest a car dock with an OBD2 port interface and audio I/O, you could get the in car entertainment market sewn up too).
    Best of luck to you and your team as you head into fcc testing

  111. Now I will wait! The truth is always the better way! Now I only want to know, if it will be possible to install ubuntu or windows 7 if I want, or it will be a closed system. But thank you for the news! It put reality on Adam. And I really want that Adam exist and make the future!

  112. Thanks Rohan, for the update. You have our support. But please, we need posts like this. True, honest and right into the meat.

  113. Dave said, “Also, have you looked into retail stores selling the Adam as well as the online store? Would really help get the product out”.
    By the way, Rohan, I can confirm that’s really important for good US sales. You should know about miserable sales of excellent Nexus One phone here in the US. It happened just because this phone was not offered through retail stores, but only online.

  114. Rohan,

    Good update! If I were you, I’d get Amazon to sell for you. Since it is November launch, I hope that Adam 2 comes out at least a year later (i.e. update your specs).

    If you come under $400 on your current product, please do not discontinue as soon as you launch Adam 2, but rather lower the price of an older version so younger people can buy an older version. I am sure the economics will work out (the discount could be $50 to $99, too much discount will cut in to the sales of the newer model).

    Just today I had decided to buy an iPad (work is just getting hectic to wait very long for a product), I was checking out their specs and thought I’d check you again, glad I did. I need another productivity device for the next 4 months, maybe a smartphone, I have a brick and a 6 year old laptop :D.

    Good luck w/ FCC

  115. I have been eyeing this product for a while and now that there is actually some concrete information I am PSYCHED!! I can’t wait for this release and to see and give feedback on the UI!

  116. Great News!
    I’ll think of it as 12 weeks – sounds like less of a wait. Looking forward to word on how to purchase (or pre-order!)

  117. Wow, this is great news. I have been following this from day one and now, I really get the feeling.

    This product is from the masses. Totally. We are all working together on it, it seems. So true to be a revolution. An Open, ‘Everyones Invited’ (sorry Samsung..You don’t have the right to use it anymore) Revolution.

    Thank You for the information Rohan. Waiting. And I will definitely go for the HIGHEST END model. Just keep one aside for me.

    App. Dev. I am on it!!! 🙂

    Go Guys, GO!!!

  118. Poor Indian, They still need to pay $399 for wi-fi version? I think better buy pirated $35 tablet from Indian Gov. And Indian’s first product is Adam? Something missing.

  119. Rohan,

    This is fantastic news – finally you have timing and price. I think you’ve pretty much cracked it on the price, but I must admit that I am disappointed that you are releasing it in the US prior to the India release. India doesn’t even need an FCC certification, so it would be so much easier to launch in India and then launch in the US after you’re certified.

  120. Very good announcement, and excitement. I leave in a few months or when the announcement of the release date, day, day, time and again I saw the notion ink website. After that, the country will be released is very worried that includes Japan.
    All means, please release in Japan. Strong hope. To make matters worse, when Lee is not in the Japanese release, at least, please be available on the Internet. Thank you.
    Does take care of yourself.

  121. That is a bad news. We have to wait till November and that too we are not sure if it will be available in India market. Let us hope that no other product comes in between Adam and me…..

  122. Great work …. you’ll need to do some more marketing and PR … I believe the product is excellent … but in the time its coming out there are going to be tons of products with Android (not to mention Windows 7, Blackberry OS 6.0 etc) ….

    All the best !!!

  123. Hey Rohan

    I have been following “ADAM” right from CES 2010…Three cheers for coming out with a gr8 product. Notion Ink has be very good in communication, marketing and PR if you need to beat the heck out of biggies like apple, samsung…The moment ADAM release I am going to sell my MAC and buy ADAM… 🙂

    Lets make the cheaper version of ADAM hit villages and panchayats, zillas…which will lead to ADAM revolution in India…this is good for our country also…

    All the best…Whole India will pray for success of ADAM

  124. This is excellent news for all those enthusiast who have been waiting to know when ADAM is going to be out. I would like to share here that I was fan of Apple products but lately I am afraid their actions ( apple) have been worrying enough to hate them a bit, this is also one of the reason why I want ADAM to succeed and show the way for Apple which is open path rather than close eco-system which they are creating with IOS.

    I am in Chennai not far from Bangalore and so if you need any help on beta testing then I am here to help your guys. Waiting for the UI blog.

  125. great..
    I have kept all my tech purchases on hold for adam.
    Suna hai Intezar ka fal mitha hota hai.

  126. This is fantastic! Even if the dates are long from now and very non-specific I’m happy! I’m hoping for a flat and shiny Christmas present from myself to myself! 🙂

    I also hope that you have not neglected europe in your shipping plans, I personaly live in Sweden and I’m going to do anything in my power to get a hold of an Adam, even if it involves me flying to the US. It would be nice if you could have more details regarding availability and countries later on.

    Thank you!

  127. FINALLY!! The Oracle has spoken – Thank You so much.
    Keep up the good work.
    All best from Poland.


    ps that’s so great – You made my day 🙂

  128. Great news and I wish you all possible success. I’ve kept my “Adam money” aside since reading the first specs and now I’m factoring in the shipping from India to Australia. Don’t want to get into a flame war with Apple-lovers but this seems superior in every respect that interests me.

  129. Hello Rohan,

    I love what you are doing so keep up the good work! Can you tell when the SDK will come out? I’m a software developer at a company that creates simulation courses. So I would like to see what we can do with this device for our customers.

  130. Hi Rohan,
    Great news! I can’t wait to subject ADAM to a personal test: I have a math text (pdf) which displays properly on my pc, but not on any e-reader I have seen. I am also very curious about the opportunities for taking notes. Again, can’t wait.

  131. I’m fine with your launch date, and I am sure you will deliver a bug-free, delightful product.

    The question is, what will I do till then???

  132. OK, so for me it’s still in time – i decided to wait with the iPad purchaise till the end of the year, if no better alternative will show up until then – and from what i read about the adam, it will be definitely the better choice! Besides that in my opinion notionInk and Rohan are the much more sympathetic bunch of people compared to Steve and Apple 😉

    So, shiping to germany implied, i’m hoping for a wonderful christmas present this year!

  133. Hi Rohan !

    I was always fascinated by your product and am very eager to buy it !
    Good Work posting this blog ! I was really needed and breathes life into the Adam in the peoples minds.
    I have been doing my bit in letting people know about this amazing product of yours !

    Best Regards,

  134. Thanks for the update, i´m much more happy today than i was yesterady 🙂 No problem for me to wait, as i ve said i prefer to have the ADAM i want and could use than yet another ipad or netbook killer.

    What i would like is more details about SDK and the ADAM marketplace procedures, as a developer one of the ADAM most interesting features (hardware apart) is Froyo :).

    Regards, Raúl

  135. Team Notion Ink and Rohan in particular,

    You’ve just made Friday the 13th, sweet, with the long overdue, frank and transparent post abt the things to happen in the weeks/months to come!

    I would believe that the Adam fan following has now grown stronger than ever before! Just reading the comments to your latest post only goes on to confirm that genuine fans always appreciate honest frank timely updates – never-mind delays caused by factors beyond your immediate control.

    I personally am now, not so sad abt the “launch delay” simply because of the pic of ADAM posted above!!! One look and every bit of sadness in me just melted away! I now see some light at the end of the tunnel!

    I know you guys have been through baptism by fire with the ADAM journey so far and there’s more to come. But, I salute your courage, confidence and commitment to keep going, keeping the larger picture in mind! Go ahead full steam. You will sure be tired, but your joy indescribable!

    Wish you good luck and God speed…

    Best wishes,

    PS: A huge number of folks here in India would really appreciate if you would launch the ADAM locally, at the same time as in the US – making it a truly GLOBAL LAUNCH!

  136. W O W !!!

    Well done Rohan, been watching the Adam since I first heard about, absolutely brilliant and if you can get it out there with all the different options i.e. GPS, Multitasking, etc, whilst undercutting the opposition all the better !

    Hopefully using on-line buying you will get to the masses and I must say, as soon as it’s available to ship to the U.K. I will be the first one in-line to buy it !

    Once again, brilliant product, can’t wait for the release !!!

  137. Hi Rohan..

    Thank you very much for the transparency. I’m sure this will get to be the most commented post till date. See that all these comments are happy ones despite the announcement that it will be after Nov.. (though one half of me says that this happiness has been due to long suspense and people were desperate to hear some news about release date and pricing 🙂 ).
    One work for the image: SEXY. Went through the slashgear article also. I was all big smiles reading every sentence. Happy about the following:

    1. The camera extra swivel
    2. Unreal engine (That one got me like WWWOOOOOWWWW)
    3. GPS replacing A-GPS

    Now, I’m inclined about being an android dev. too..
    I am looking forward for Nov..


  138. Hi Rohan,

    Thank you for the wonderful news ! You made my day !

    My best wishes for launching the product successfully and making history.
    I will buy one for sure.


  139. Rohan,

    Are all models of Adam unlocked versions? Or, are the price points mentioned due to some deal with carriers. By the way the prices are being compared with ipad, I believe Adam would be a free from all such nuisance.


  140. For distribution in different countries:
    Please take a look at the Openmoko Freerunner project. That was the most open project (involving an electronic device) that I have EVER seen or heard about. Their market was a lot smaller than yours, but still they succeeded in shipping/distributing to every country.
    There are (at least in Europe) a lot of shops that are interested in this device, who ship all over Europe/the world and where people can order online.
    Just contact a few of them (see e.g. here:!

    Kind regards

  141. Hi Rohan,

    Thanks for the update. Although the post 1 november launch is sad news, the fact that you comment in person to your loyal fanclub is making up for it.

    I’d love to brainstorm whether the Adam would be a device suitable for the use in hospitals and do maybe some programming for this purpose.

    kind regards,


  142. I believe I read the Adam will be multitouch, what about a digitizer or stylus? I would love to be able to do quick notes and edit photos (tracing outlines for selections) and maybe some sketching. Are there any plans to allow anything finer than fingers for input?


  143. This looks awesome..and with the froyo update i think its going to rock….but i still think that 10 inch display is not a wise idea for a should have gone with a 7-to 7.5″ i mean come on when we are talking about tablet we mean portability. I think in the size of display you should have gone with the i pad…It is not foolish to adopt the good ideas from a market giant..i think rather it is wise to do that..

  144. Great news! I’m very excited about this device.

    I’m a little confused about the GPS thing though. I was under the impression that A-GPS was better than standard GPS… I thought an A-GPS (Assisted GPS) device combined data from a GPS receiver with information downloaded over the network to enable even better positioning than you’d get with standard GPS.

    Anyone care to clarify this to mitigate my confusion? Thanks!

  145. ya and one more thing now if you are delaying your product till November. You can come up with a gyroscope in your tablet or u can put it on some selective can overcome your delay with some better technologies i guess..

  146. Howdy,

    I just want to say that I am currently deployed to Iraq, and fixing to go home in just a few days to the US. Every week for many months now I have been searching for any information about the Adam, as well as other future tablets so I can compare. I have been blown away with the Adam’s features, and would honestly be willing to pre-order if you had that option.

    I have been looking for a replacement to bulky laptops while traveling, as well as a GPS unit for driving around the world. I was actually planning on buying your product right before my trip to England (mid November), but am fairly bummed to find that it most likely will not be ready by then.

    i can’t wait to see your interactive design up and running on the website so we can all get a feel for how your GUI will work. Keep up the great work and you have a huge following!!

  147. 1.Still disappointed about release date. But its good knowing almost everything about ADAM officially. I hope i’ll buy Adam with gingerbread or upgradable to it. 2.many of us talking adam damaging iPad. Come on, Apple already sold enough iPads, so there is nothing apple could loose. Adam starts the race, not competing with other. 3. Price is very good. Will the Adam be still NEW like now on hardware & software when it launches. 4. You can say its completely different from rest, but money is not. When someone buys streak, iPad or something else they’ll rethink more before going for Adam. Now you’ve to deliver much more than you want to offer. 5. Plz add more apps related to education like office , readers , notes tools. 6. When i record a lecture as you said, can i take notes parallely,does it have split screen? 7. Hope you opens pre-orders soon. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.

  148. tears in eyes stuff!
    You only confirmed my belief in you and the team, Rohan. Saadar Pranaam!
    The greatest asset to have is self-belief and NI and team has that and nothing else matters my friend.

    Its been long time coming for a new chapter to be written in the great Indian history/civilization… a great chronology is available here and I dare say NI deserves a place in there (

    All our ancestors will be blessing you and the team and Adam and Eve and others that are being conceived… and may all their wisdom and more be bestowed upon you and NI and by extension India and the World.

    The ‘labour room’ tribulations are not necessarily for moms delivering babies and poets delivering verse, its for the mankind who care enough to dream and ‘create’ new strata of matter that enlivens the Universe.

    So cheers to all mothers, fathers, poets, ahem human race

  149. Hi Rohan,

    is there a electronic compass in the Adam? Most android phones have one built in. I believe it is required if you want to use the Adam for navigational purposes or for astronomical map programs like Google sky map. I cannot find a compass in the specifications, is that an oversight or does it really not have one?

    If it does not have one, please consider adding it now or maybe in the next version if too late now. Also, the iphone 4 has this MEMS based gyroscope, that would also be a great addition to the Adam, making more precise 6 axis movement detection possible for game controls and such. Many other sensors would also make sense in a tablet, like temperature, humidity, air-pressure, proximity, electric/magnetic fields, UV, light and infrared detection (apart from the camera).

  150. Hi,
    I guess there is something called time to market in embedded world.If we neglect this factor our product may go crap.
    Already we had seen one tablet launch from Olive telecommunications.
    So as a tech lover i can suggest that please make it asap other wise people will look out for someother option and you may not get expected response.
    I am also eagerly waiting for this device for two reason
    1. Indian Product
    2. Amazinf technology.

    I hope you can understand what i am trying to tell you.

    Abhay Kumar

  151. About the ‘available in my country’ posts. Maybe Notion Ink could contact one of the large Hong Kong based international shipping electronics gadget sites, like Deal Extreme or MeritLine.

    btw, please watch out for the Osbourne effect. Focus on your current product. Basically the main reason I’m following this product is the Pixel Qi screens, and that it’s Android could potentially mean lots of apps will be available. Wether you succeed has to do with the quality of your current hardware and current SDK.

  152. Excellent news!!! I suspect the initial demand for this may well exceed what NI have available. Any chance that you will allow pre orders for the first batch?

  153. btw, did anyone else felt the same about the cam in the center…. ie., its like the tilak (sindoor for Eve!) in the forehead? come one poets… let that creative energy rip 🙂

  154. I truly understand the trouble you have been going trough and I’m impressed that you didn’t give in to the demands of the investor. I’ve been following your development from the point when you first showcased Adam and I’ve been waiting for it since.

    I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical for a while because of the sudden lack of updates, but these resent posts have reinstated my faith in you. I only hope the UI comes out well, because I don’t see any other obstacle between you and total world domination 😉

  155. Rohan

    This is definitely the most sleekest tablet I have seen and this one looks even better than the prototype you displayed a year back. Ipad and all the other tablets look dull and ugly in front of it and going by the specs this is the BEST (as we all know by now).

    I am sure you are going to give us a similar sleek and sharp UI experience also. My besh wishes to you , Andre and your team.

    Your perseverance will surely pay.

    Best Regards

  156. If Adam will not have stylus it won’t be better than ipad or any other tablet available on the market.

  157. Hey Rohan,
    Do you have any idea when the SDK will come out?
    I’m a software developer working with a company that makes simulation courses and I’d like to see what possibilities the Adam can have for our customers.

    I hope you will be shipping to the Netherlands 🙂

  158. I’m from the Netherlands to and I hope the answer to the second question will be yes 🙂

  159. Do you have any clue when the SDK will become available?
    I’m a software developer at a company that produces simulation courses and I’d like to see what the Adam can do for us 🙂

    Thanks for the info update by the way! I really want to buy the Adam. Hopefully you will ship it to the Netherlands!

  160. @joppe
    yeah why not! scenarios in hospital
    1. case notes of ward rounds
    2. instant update of lab reports
    3. PACS access through Adam
    4. Instant internet resource/journal lookup
    5. continous feed of monitors in ICU
    6. telemedicine.

    as a device to enhance information flow!!

  161. Have loved the concept of this tablet since inception,I have been sorely tested by other devices,but am more adamant to hold firm now.Bring on the Adam,and Indian technology.

    Maybe a top of the range model called the “sachin tendulkar”Physically small but big on features;)

  162. 2010 is going to be the best Christmas ever!! Can’t wait to place my on line order! I have been following Adam for some time now and look forward to cradling him in my own arms!!

  163. Good news & not so good …. I think most of the previous posts have nicely summed them all up.

    Living in Europe (France) I am resigning myself to have to wait until 2011 to get hold of an ADAM … but it would make a nice birthday present for the end of January.

    I will be very interested to see the UI blog, and be able to (constructively) comment on that too.
    Good luck with the FCC.

  164. Ok i will buy day one, imported from US to France 😉 i will make some game for this freaking Adam 😉

  165. What prices ! I like it. For me, it’ll be the 3Qi version (without 3G, i’m french ^^) at $399 (350€ ? 😀 No ? Go import)

  166. Well – as Arnaud said it – honesty.
    thats what holds me back – your dedication and honesty.
    i appreciate that, Rohan !

    however, i am not clear how you are going to do things differently so as to develop great ecosystem around Adam. of course, as they say, “hardware is free, its the user experience that pays” 🙂 i guess million dollar app competition was a good step towards that.

  167. I can’t wait. In every way the iPad is flawed the Adam excels. I’m dying to see how you’ve improved the Android UI and can wait to get my own Adam.

  168. Great news. I look forward to hearing more about Adam. I have been waiting for a great android tablet since June. Good luck!

  169. Rohan thanks a lot for coming up and posting something about the future but unfortunately I think you should have come a little while ago and have posted this rather than wasting so much of time. I fear with so much time in hand NOTION INK would loose on compettion against the big giants as they had the time to make their next move against you guys. While you are trying to better in few aspects, biggies have already setup their next move to maul the small ventures. Guys i was really looking forward to this product but the wait has made me a lot more worried about its success. Note I would love to be proved wrong in whatever i said and still continue to back you guys. Keep rocking hard, all i want to say is that if you have so much delays then think more out of the box things for ADAM that you can incorporate in a very little to make this happen.

  170. You can blame the investors for the launch maybe being postponed till January. As Rohan said, they still have to run everything by the FCC first, who are yet another bloated, incompetent government organization that might drag its heels on giving them the go-ahead – but he wouldn’t have to be waiting till November to seek approval if it weren’t for the investors. Investors always think they know best, even when there’s countless examples of how they DON’T. Just think about all the movie flops that Hollywood churns out each year. All those bad movies were backed by producers who thought they knew a good thing when they saw it – and maybe it was a good thing at first, till they, the producers (investors) got involved and decided that their money entitled them to make decisions about the script, the actors, the directing, etc., as well as the budget.

    Anyway, here’s to hoping the Adam Ink will be a smash despite the investors! Yes, there’s a lot of competing products that will be released in that same time-frame, but I haven’t seen any yet that have anywhere near the features, and if any of them DO have even “most” of the features of the Adam you can be sure that they will cost a lot more. I can tell you that the Pixel Qi screen is a BIG selling point for me, as I’ll likely use the Adam for reading books and magazines more than anything else, and a device for that purpose that has to recharged every ten hours or less (iPad!) is NOT gonna do it for me. 😉

  171. All the best wating for a junk product 🙂 please check the spec before comparing ADAM with IPad :-D.

  172. Has anyone else had dreams of sliding their fingers over that rear trackpad? 😀

    November it is. HUGE thank you to *Rohan & the Notion Ink TEAM.*

    Please keep the UI elegant and, most importantly, simple/ intuitive.

    I’ll pre-order one for myself and my dad as soon as possible!

  173. Rohan,

    I may be confused but this ( ) website pretty much says that you can get approval in 1-2 weeks if you use and independent FCC certified lab (unless it is one of the few devices that FCC have to do all the testing on themselves), but there is a 8-12 week backlog if you submit directly to the FCC.

    Are you sending in to an independent lab, or directly to the FCC? Is the certification process for tablets allowed to go through an independent lab (I would assume so as it would appear that i-phone, and i-pad did it that way through a company called Cetecom…but I have just started researching all of this, and am not an industry insider)?

  174. Great product idea. I’m reading this blog for the first time. I have only three comments.

    1. Wasnt JooPad or something also supposed to have been “made by the masses”? Be wary of design by committee.

    2. Why bash Apple? There’s more than enough room for a dozen tablet makers AND Apple to survive in the huge market place. I want to go Android with a phone but the constant geek bitching about Apple and Steve makes me a bit hesitant.

    3. Why is the Adam your Son and not a Daughter? I mean why are we all so male-centric with our technology? So what if a product appeals to women – and is girly – anything wrong with that? Half the world is populated by women and products appeal to Women too! And it would have been better if you had said that Adam is your Son but there are going to be daughters soon! Religion and society has done enough to put women back in every sphere – lets not do it in the tech world too.


  175. I am very glad to read that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been holding on to my older laptop and not buying an Ipad because I believe that this product is that, and more.

    I want to get in on the ground floor and buy one of the first Adams that hit the American market, not only because of the features of this device, but for the fact that this is going to be, as Rohan says, a movement. When Notion Ink grows into the company that I expect it to be, I want to say that I was there and that I helped build the company, even if my purchase of an Adam doesn’t even make a dent in NI’s bottom line.

    I will not budge, I will wait until the release. I have always held out hope and have not been one of the “gloom and doom” people, which is why I have not written anything in here or in Facebook until today. I had a feeling that this device was not going to fizzle as others have.

    Thanks for the updates and for giving us a better idea of what’s going on, and I look forward to seeing what else you folks can come up with…

  176. I think that your price point is (albeit preliminary) great, I just hope that for once we see a true price translation into pound sterling. So often things released in USD are sold for the exact same cost in pounds and winds me up no end!

    Thanks for the update and roll on November/October!


  177. @Skjebne

    2 words: developers & money

    US has the most developers on board to produce for Adam, and US is the biggest tablet market right now.

    Maybe you should talk to some of your friends in Europe and have them start contributing a little more to the market. Then, maybe you guys could get something first.

  178. Hey rohan

    I am really glad to see this post.
    But i still have one question in mind
    COz as a student i would love that feature.
    And thanks for releasing the estimated price now i can start collecting money for Adam(only gadget i have ever waited for).

    Thanks from India

  179. @Adam, I totally agree with you there! Now if only we can order direct from NotionInk online system then I’ll be very happy!

    @Daryl, I think the main focus had been on the US market from the beginning and hence the majority of developer interest was sourced there… once NotionInk releases more details about the SDK I think you’ll find that they’ll be alot of interest from European developers too.

  180. Hey there!
    Just want to say I think this is an Amazing product! There is a large following of this product in Australia so I hope we get it over here aswell! Keep up the good work and make sure we get it before the end of the year!:D

    Warm regards

  181. This is really great news! I really can’t wait to get my hands on one of these amazing devices. A couple of app ideas that I have which would fit perfectly with the Adam are:

    1. Astronomy Program – Map of the sky based on time and location.

    2. Note Taking App – Top corner is reserved for taking video of a lecture, keyboard is across the bottom, and top left is the notebook. Simple edit tools below the video for taking snapshots and adding them to the notes (or video clips)

    These are most likely already thought of but they are the two things that I would use the Adam for the most, so I figured I would throw them out there.

    Also, to previous post AM:

    It seems Notion Ink’s whole naming structure follows the biblical genesis myth(story). Their app store being named Genesis, the first product being named Adam (which is a male name) which is parallel to the name of the first human. Also they have a product coming down the line named Eve. No sexism here :).

  182. Hello Rohan,
    I am an Indian student frm Germany…………

    good news…….I think one cant ask for more in such a small beautiful product with reasonable pricin…everytin u need is at ur fingertips………awesome!!!!!!!

    I have already started a local endorsement agency for adam among my friends circle….Now this is the only topic that comes to my mind when I talk to my friends……some get irritated…..some brand freaks might still go for apple although it has lot of shortcomings. really it is a shit…(they too admit it).

    Unlike apple and many other brands NI didnt purposly introduce shortcomings so that their next product has a good market.I should say this is the best electronic product I have ever come across .
    One request please try to launch the product in India first………we deserve it……

    One mre thing….. today i saw this article in slashgear about VOICE ACTIONS FOR ANDROID

    Please go through this……can u have this application in ADAM?would be great

    Thanks for the product………….our prayers are with u…………all the best NI team

  183. @AM the daughter is being readied too… unfortunately there are just too many wishlists in this blog poor NI/Rohan/Adam was quickly losing the identity as everyone wants it to be everything else the other devices weren’t.

    we are lucky Rohan managed to fliter thru all that and set one baby out the door and the rest will follow too…

    but hey its a free world and everyone has the right to call their babies whatever they wish to… since Rohan himself approved this baby as all ours too… we should feel free to give our names… son/daughter is just a substitution / pet name I guess

  184. Hi,

    The Adam is the best Tablet.
    Is it planed to show on IFA in Berlin?
    I hope i can it preorder asap.


  185. Rohan,

    Conceptually your product looks promising and according to _today’s_ competition it stands to have a good chance to make some dent. However all the glory is still on paper and in flash. You would have to get your prize fighter in the ring before any apt comparisons can be drawn with other tablets.

    One thing I really like about Apple is that they never compete on features. They are a true Agile shop. They introduce a product with a feature set that is very good at what it does. They would then build on that and slowly take the product to the next level. It’s really not about the quantity but the quality.

    For a casual observer the iPad is nothing more than a big iPod Touch with the same everything other than the bigger screen. But a visionary would understand that all the real essence is in that bigger capacitive touch screen. Bigger size means bigger playground for the apps meaning more fun to the end-user. I am sure that iPad 2.0 is going to be much better and will be building on the tremendous success of 1.0.

    I am really exicited for you guys and I so badly want you to be successful. A success story like yours will inspire the younger generation, rekindle ambitions and the world will be a better place with that much talent. In the end the Consumer will win which is good for all.

    I am sure that there must be some strong reasons for Adam to be delayed and you are keeping everyone occupied with your occassional blog posts. But please make sure that you have a killer idea for the product. Make sure that you have a vision for taking Adam to the next level and then to the next so on and so forth.

    Adam should be full of life from the get go. Make sure to pick the proper seed that can give you a healthy plant. This plant should grow (product updates) over time into a wonderful tree (Adam’s eco-system) giving plenty of shade and fruits to people (happy customers). You already mentioned that Adam is like your ‘son’ so I am sure you are on this.



    @tintincub on twitter

  186. Actually, there are plenty of capacitive styluses out, so it’s still pretty easy to take notes.

    If you go to the HTC accessories website for the UK, they have even a Nexus One capacitive stylus that works perfectly fine for that sort of thing. 🙂

    Voice dictation and recording with a camera work great too.

    Slate’s going to be running WebOS or Win7, not sure how that’s going to bode for notes.

  187. If they weren’t concerned about quality; they would have kept an investor and it’d already be out as another run-of-the-mill android tablet-

    ADAM’s going to be great, because they are focuses on delivering a quality product. 🙂

  188. Ubuntu most likely; Windows 7 maybe but depends on driver support- most of the tablets are shipping with some CE version or on an intel atom so that may be an issue.

    As for Ubuntu; I’m sure the open source community could easily get some drivers out if they don’t already exist ^_^

  189. @tintincub – I think your assessment is one of the most well headed reasoning I read in this blog post. We need to keep it real and not get carried away. Lets say Apple comes out with IPAD 2.0 and almost have all the features that ADAM is promising, will it kill ADAM in its inception? See all these glowing reactions from fans (and I am huge one myself) are from the technically savvy users which are not a critical mass for any product to succeed. Its the common daily average user whose stamp of approval is the difference maker. Apple knows this and therefore they did not come out with loads of features but with user experience that just zapped the average user. IMHO only if NI has a quick release plan of ADAM 2 and a great ecosystem to support it, they can match the might of Apple else it may go down in History as also-ran or a beautiful dream that never materialized. Good luck NI and I wish that you have a roaring success.

  190. you have made an amazing product. someday i will have the money, and then i will own one. my thanks.

  191. Change your currency to Euro and be a real EUropean. May be then you will see more benefits.

  192. Can you please add an option so that when I say “Listen to the Beatles” the app actually plays Beatles songs that I have on my phone and NOT ON LAST.FM.

    I have 10 gig of music on my motoDroid, and your voice regoc is amazing, but when I need the app, i.e. while driving, I need it to play one of the 10gig of songs I have downloaded, not hop on the 3g superhighway.

    I’m sure you guys understand.

  193. the above post is something i saw on the googlemobile blog. Now that android has voice commands. an app on this would be awesome!

  194. Wondering if I will still need a laptop (or desktop). Will I be able to plugin an external CD/DVD drive?

  195. This is the update for which I was visiting Notion Ink Blog everyday- Thanks. Will be among the fist to buy.
    All the best.

  196. One way to increase your potential pool of customers is to acutally build a non-wifi / 3G model or one with fool proof way of disabling wireless connectivity.

    Why would you do that? I work in government facility where all wireless devices are banned for security reasons. Sony eReaders are allowed in some facilities since they have no wireless capabiilty.

    Perhaps have a small dongle that provides the wireless or a good quality mechanical switch to disable/enable the wireless. Software disable would also be good for admins (or add PIN to enable wireless function… makes you think about what you’re doing).

    We’ve just been given the green light to research using kindle like device for use by our boss (CEO equivalent) on his trips.

  197. My best suggestion would to get a capacitive stylus; there are several out there, though not specifically for adam- But it’s definitely do-able. 🙂

  198. I can say that if it was 7″, I wouldn’t be buying it.

    In terms of portability; a standard sheet of paper is around 8.5×11 in the US, and if that’s the case than a 10″ tablet easily fits in a cloth binder or is at least equivalent in size.

    Portability isn’t really an issue, even at that size IMO.

    If you’re really concerned, get a messenger bag since you’ll have to sit even a 7″ down at some point, and chances are that 7″ doesn’t include a case- if you have to get a case anyway then why stop at 7″ when you have more interaction space? 🙂

    10″ is a nice size- as a Vaio P owner the size of the keyboard makes a pretty huge difference, 7″ just wouldn’t cut it for the majority of people. (it’s in that awkward zone between thumb typing and dual hand typing, 3.5-5″ is good for thumb typing, 9.3-15″ is good for hand typing.)

  199. It’s true that if you have signal then A-GPS would probably be slightly better; but assuming that a lot of people are going to be using their cellphones so they’re not always going to have a sim card in it, and if they have a true GPS receiver then they can get GPS without requiring a data connection.

    Basically; if you have true GPS, you don’t need wifi or a cell network to be able to use it- with A-GPS, if I turn off my cell connection & wifi then I can’t use the gps features of my phone because it says no network connection.

    Kind of can think of it as ‘needing assistance’. Both work well; and it’s true like the article says that the signal can be weak in some places, but it’ll save money in the end because you won’t have to keep swapping sim cards out or need a data connection all the time or things like that. 🙂

    IMO, it was a good decision- ex. True GPS is like a garmin, A-GPS you get on a phone. 🙂

  200. I am looking forward to the day, where i can call an Adam my own 🙂 Go on guys – Your doing a good job 🙂

  201. Hi Rohan,

    do you know if you need the FCC release for the German market ?? If not, I would order the ADAM asap.

    Please let me know,

    harvey186 {at}

  202. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
    But please can you upload a better video. The one on slashgear is not too good.

  203. Thank you for the news Rohan.

    Would an early november release be realistic at all? Should we be thinking more christmas or january?

    What about distribution in Canada? Are we an initial target along with the US? Will pricing be extravagantly higher as it typically is?

    Is it going to be running Android with an option of Ubuntu? Do you think it would be possible if Ubuntu support exists, for fellow hackers to add in MeeGo and Debian support?

    I’m really disappointed by the delays. But I’m not so much disappointed in Notion Ink; you’re still new to the game. You don’t know how a product’s delay can affect its popularity. But your investors should have known better. It’s a good thing the Adam is unique.

    PixelQi screen at an affordable price (not $300 + a $275 kit), Tegra 2 (I’m just liking the idea of a high-performance low-power chip. I would be satisfied with N270 performance. The extras make it all the better.), and the tablet form factor (not so essential, again, but it’s the idea of having the three together that cinches it).

    I would have loved to get one of these for school, so I could digitize my books and not have to carry them everywhere… Now I think I might need to get a netbook, or at least borrow one for the first semester… Still, be thankful you have damned good taste Rohan! 😉

  204. **woops, that should be “damn good”, as in, you’re the boss, not “damned good”, as in some kind of demonic good. :S

  205. I would like to remind you again that you promised on facebook that people who signed up there would be the first in line to receive the ADAM.

    I hope you fulfill your promise.

  206. Hey Rohan,

    Is there anyway we can preorder this latest toy ? I am sure its gonna be a hit.
    Also would love to see UI Blog. Some practise will be good before I get ADAM in hand.

    Just a couple of concerns.
    1. How fast responsive touch screen is ? I use iphone and its preety nice. Wanted to buy iPad and then someone told me about ADAM and I am waiting 🙂 .
    2. How will be after sales support ? Any technical support available once you start distributing ? One most important reason I always buy dell laptop/desktop is support.
    Paying 200$ more is always worth for extended support but it surely pays off.

    I am sure you must have something in mind, but curious to know if you can share.

  207. Keep up the good work, Rohan! Take good care of this product wich is growing so nicely. I know it must be awfully hard to find the right selling spot for it, with so many companies jumping on the pad bandwagon and with the Apple juggernaut in the market. But your product has something really magic (not the cheap tricks that another “company” sold as “magical”).
    Please don’t rush it, please don’t delay it, shoot the arrow at the right moment, 2011 is going to be a warfield, try to hit the holyday, for everyone’s sake 😉

  208. That price is not just for Indians 🙂 The whole world will be paying that price 🙂 , coz this product is going to the masses. Maybe someone might think of gifting it to you later if you behave like a good boy 🙂 Cheers !!

  209. JJ, further to your idea about note taking: I like the OneNote feature, in which notes are associated with a context (here, the context would be activity on the ADAM). Then you easily could go back from your notes to particular pages in an article or to moments in a lecture you recorded.

  210. I’m not entirely sure when I decided I was getting an Adam but hey, this device is EPIC. Android. HD Out. HD display. GPS. Thin and light. Super-responsive. Can’t wait until you guys release it! I will mention you guys should probably change a specification or two over at your beta site. It still mentions A-GPS, 180º Camera, and no Android. Well, keep up the good work 🙂

  211. I’d like to see it compared to its closest competitor. Since there is an effort to keep things under wraps until “official” we’re sort of operating in the dark. In other words more specs. please!

  212. Thanks Anshuman.

    Until NI actually ships Adam all of this is vapor. A laboratory and a consumer store are light years apart.

    But N1 is building some hype around Adam and I really like the way they are approaching this. By using words like ‘revolution’ NI’s approach to product launch is looking like the Obama campaign. This is a great strategy but it is extremely risky also. Getting everyone’s hopes up may not be as hard as not living upto lofty expectations.

    What about support? Who do people call when something happens to their Adam? Customer Support is where Apple really excels and makes people buy their products with great confidence. Also I read people mentioning that they are holding off on their purchases until Adam is released. Really folks? If you are willing to wait for a product that long then you really don’t have a ‘need’ for that product. What if you start hearing some rumors just before Adam’s lunch that iPad 2.0 or some other tablet is going to be super duper? Will you prolong your wait and merely switch to a different blog and switch your loyalties?

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am completely rooting for Adam and I am very much excited for it’s release. But completely thrashing Apple, Microsoft or any others for meaningless reasons just doesn’t make sense. Apple was as small as Notion Ink before and I am really hoping to see Notion Ink get as big as today’s Apple. Competition is good good for all especially for us techno nerds and the average consumer.

    I am really hoping that Rohan are really getting their ducks in a row for this.


    @tintincub on twitter

  213. Je ne crois pas qu’il faut voir dans ce nom une allusion à la pomme: le projet a été lancé en Inde il y a 3 ans, il aurait aussi bien pu sortir avant l’iPad[1]. Adam renvoie plutôt au Premier Homme, ici…

  214. Hi Rohan,

    Just when I thought its enough and get on with it more teasing news.
    Now I have waited like a year for ADAM, kept my status message as “ADAM ate the Apple” advertised, did some PR. With news like Eve as well coming now the question pops in my mind. Should i wait more, as ADAM will be a success but the ADAM 2 or next version would be great and you’ll definitely bring it to market fast.
    Or you don’t want to get that to market for one more year as you have to sell lot of ADAM’s.

    So what I would like to know is if there is successor for ADAM what would be its time frame? all hypothetically.

    Also will be selling in UK? thing is all electronics items are like replace $ with £.

    Hi Rohan,

    Just when I thought its enough and get on with it more teasing news.
    Now I have waited like a year for ADAM, kept my status message as “ADAM ate the Apple” advertised, did some PR. With news like Eve as well coming now the question pops in my mind. Should i wait more, as ADAM will be a success but the ADAM 2 or next version would be great and you’ll definitely bring it to market fast.
    Or you don’t want to get that to market for one more year as you have to sell lot of ADAM’s.

    So what I would like to know is if there is successor for ADAM what would be its time frame? all hypothetically.

    Also will be selling in UK? thing is all electronics items are like replace $ with £.

    Looking forward to your some news especially on this.

  215. best wishes! but I will purchase this product only if it supports hand writing recognition( for taking notes either by digitizer or by stylus). This is a must have feature for this product to become popular among students and profs., also please do not compromise on zippiness and quality.
    one more thing…why the heck are you using flash for your website?

  216. guys He is just playing you this thing will never see the sunshine,Rohan is just a dream merchant fooling us all…………….

  217. Chirag : Android is as responsive as iOS. The touch screen is, apparently, capacitive, as the iStuff. Apple masters the technology perfectly, i hope that NotionInk is gonna try to get the same result (in their possibilities).

    I have the same question about ASS : if I buy it by importation (i’m french) what about it ?

  218. Yeah, I agree that 7 inch is not attractive at all, as long as it is within the size of a A4 paper, portability won’t be a problem, the concern is mainly about weight (and maybe battery life)

  219. Hi Rohan,

    First of all, thxs for the date and pricing information. Secondly, with regards to recent developments in Android (Oracle suing Google), kindly consider supporting the device with MeeGo platform also. Just a HINT.

  220. Thanks for updating us. Sharing your experience with us is a good lesson for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Keep sharing your experiences more so that your blog can become a virtual classroom for many.

    I would rather prefer the product being launched a day late than have a snag in the product after launch. But, in this day and world timing has been the key to success.

    Good Luck to you and all your team members for a successful launch of this magical product.

  221. I guess november is too late for the product launch. Apple might come up with iPad 2 and would have already gained the market share that would be hard to beat.. Nevertheless, Adam would be a BIG Seller too if the specs match the performance and in India as the market is different.

    My question would be, I know the specs shows a lot that iPAD does not do, but does it do things iPAD does and does it better? The answer lies with the developer of this product and the UI Design. Can anyone respond?

  222. Like the new picture. I using it as my new desktop wallpaper in Ubuntu. Any word on Ubuntu being an option when it comes to the OS?

    Thank you and Regards,

  223. Good news mate! I’m wondering about distribution to Australia and a possible ball park figure date of release globally as well as to Australia?

    It is one thing to read about all those wonderful features and actually getting a hands on feel for one. I have pretty much made up my mind and I’m gonna get one but you could wipe the competition with the ipad’s arse if there was a try before buy option. May not be possible but I’m just puttin in out there.

    Good luck boys and let us know if we can preorder Cheers!

  224. Like the vast majority of the others posting here I am extremely excited about the launch of the Adam & am thrilled to be a part of the revolution! To that end, I’d like to contribute my .02 about how I’d like to use the device (and a few elements that would make it a game changer for a huge audience!). I am a student working toward a ph.d in the US and would love to be able to head from my job to campus/the library etc with only the Adam (and one key peripheral) in my bag. As the pixel qi screen will allow the device to function as an ereader, compatibility with one or all major etextbook marketplaces would allow us to leave paper textbooks behind altogether. A good app for highlighting/note taking “in” an etextbook or other downloaded document would be crucial as well. Speaking of note taking – the afore mentioned key peripheral would be a compact Bluetooth keyboard. This would allow us to take notes in class on our Adams rather than in paper notebooks. These things could allow students/profs who are interested in being green, or just having a lighter load on campus to streamline/eliminate their historically huge paper consumption!

    Thanks for all of your hard work and for allowing the masses to have a hand in this project. Academia <3's Notion Ink!

  225. Hello Rohan,
    I don’t understand completely this FCC approval thing, but my understanding is that it is an American thing and as such why do you need to wait for FCC approval before you sell to the rest of the world. I for one and I’m sure there are a lot of others would be happy to purchase a tested working device that isn’t FCC approved, after all I do not come from America am hardly ever there and will be using the Adam in New Zealand where American approvals are not mandatory at all.
    I would be interested in your feedback on this and the views of other people as there is a very large market outside of America that you could service whilst waiting for American FCC approval.

  226. This is the most amazing tablet I have seen recently! The iPad is cow dung compared to this.

    As a Product Desogner, I neeeed one of these!! really wish you guys we’re shipping now.

    Fingers crossed for FCC approval!!

  227. We’re getting the Windows Phone 7 Earlier than USA. Let’s not complain. Sometimes Europe gets the better the technology.

    It’s just the demand is more in the States, which is COMPLETELY understandable. If it launches, and makes a splash in the States, the whole world will see it.

  228. Thanks for that clarification.

    From the Wikipedia article: “Some A-GPS devices cannot fall back to standard GPS, needing cell tower or internet signal as these A-GPS devices won’t function with only GPS satellite signal”

    It seems to me then that the very best choice would be an A-GPS receiver that *can* fall back to standard GPS when no network connection is available. That way you’d get the best of both worlds. The Wikipedia article implies that such receivers exist, but maybe they are rare and hard to find?

    Anyway, this is very minor nitpicking, the GPS features don’t actually affect my desire to buy the Adam in any way. I just wanted to point out that standard GPS isn’t automatically better than A-GPS, if the Wikipedia article is correct it’s just some A-GPS receivers that are poorly designed because they cannot function without a data connection.

  229. That is the best news i have heard in a LONG time! It will be the first thing i buy the moment i get back from travelling overseas or even better that i buy while overseas.

    Also Rohan, is that true about discounts for students and universities? that would be so helpful if it is! I have been telling all my friends about the Adam every time iPad conversation comes up and they all think it is actually going to be Proper tool, not just a gimick

    Keep up the good work, and would australia be one of the early release countries?

  230. Hi Rohan,
    I’m hoping with all my might that Adam will be available in Australia fairly close to the US release date but I also have a question.

    Will it be to much to ask for an Adam with a retina display just to really give Apple the finger?…

  231. Hi Rohan,

    I have just a little googled and I have learned that in Germany we don’t need the FCC approval. In Germany and Europe we have other certificates, CE for example. But no one will have a look on these certificates when I will purchase a electronic device outside Europe.
    As I have read in some other posts, there are a lot of guys outside US which are also don’t need the FCC approval. So you will make a lot of people very happy when you will sell them and me 🙂 the ADAM without FCC approval.
    What do you mean about open a online store for ordering a ADAM without FCC approval ??

    Please let us know.


  232. hi
    Great things takes time. world market is big and Adam ate one apple not complet apple in the garden.Even chinese copies have its own market.
    small journey, healthy walking ok no struggles

    wish you all the best


  233. Bravo…! Bravo!… Thanx! a lot rohan, lots & lots of anticipation. The game of cat & mouse finally ends. I hope to have our buddy “Adam” soon in my hands. All the people around me are exited too..certainly we all wish to have it soon. All the best to NI Team!.. 🙂

  234. Dear Rohan,

    Thanks for letting us impatients know that you prevail quality (no bugs!) over strict deadlines.

    I am truly looking forward to the moment the Adam will be available in Europe. Being a physics teacher myself I fully back the opinion of Joshua you quoted earlier.

    The Adam will create new ways for me to help my students in the classroom while being able to control the beamer output in my hands. I feel It is always better to be next to my students instead of in front of them.


  235. Yeah, like recognize the mp3s that are local first. Maybe we have to say “play Beatles tunes LOCAL”. I’d be Ok with that.

  236. Need to start buying up e-bay stock. There is going to be a lot of i-pads for sell in a few months. Thanks guys looking forward to buying soon.

  237. YES. Somone at NI HQ needs to shoot an HD video of Adam and post it on the Web.


  238. Hi Rohan and everyone who posts on here regularly.

    I’ve followed the Adam for quite some time now, fending off the Ipad fanboys with their shiny new toy.

    Just a comment on the picture at the top of the article…

    Is that not one of the most beautiful bits of tech you have seen in a long time?

    If that is the final design, then I for one will be a VERY happy fella.

    Keep up the good work and here’s looking forward to a game-changer in the market place very soon.


  239. Hey Rohan

    Thanks for the info. I am writing this on my iPad. It is “work issued” (would not spend my own money for this) and is about 3 days old. Overall I would describe the experience as both elegant and disappointing. A couple of thoughts on it.

    iTunes is REALLY bad. Please don’t saddle Adam with anything like it. It is counterintuitive, restrictive and far from open.

    I find myself struggling to comfortably hold the device. The keYboard makes my typing so SLOW in landscape mode.

    how about an option to display a keyboard that can reduced and made accessible on Adam to please us Blackberry and testing freaks? It would need to be positioned in such a way so that I could thumb type and still support the device with my hands.

    Finally, get the pre order webstore rolling. Many of us are willing to pay a little money now to be first in line later.

    God luck!

  240. From what I have seen so far this looks this the most promising Android tablet and coming from a virtually unknown company its doubly encouraging. There are a large number of innovative touches from the hardware swiveling camera, the PQ screen and the amount of thought thats gone into the software and even naming the product which makes this a very compelling product.

    These are the thing one would expect from the behemoths in the field and to see this unknown company do it is fantastic.

    So far things are looking good but things like supply chain and QA can throw a spanner in the works pretty quickly given how influential some of the competitors are and the dirty games that will inevitably happen.

    One suspects without support from Nvidia and Google Notionink will not reach its true potential as the first well thought out challenger to the iPad and given he quality we are seeing here they should. Best of luck the team and look forward to getting my hands on the Adam in November.

  241. i’m absolutely agree with u, i’m in indonesia and my sister is in australia…
    it’s about six months already we are waiting for a release, checking on updates every single day so we can buy it online/retail…and after it ready to be release, the only obstacle is the american FCC, it’s just fell so……..Ooohhhh…….

    i’ve been holding on the ipad about 2 months, because of the adam will be launch on Q3….but now it’s delayed even more. I have about 400+ PDF to read and learn from it
    and the deadline is november….maybe i just get an ipad, and after the adam release i will think about it….(really needs a reader that is not hurt the eye, but most important is allowing native pdf and fast in turning pages, which is all the e-reader with e-ink is not)

  242. First, I’d just like to say I will be among the first to prepre-order ADAM, and will never consider buying another system!

    Secondly, I volenteer to front the money to ensure it get ADAM home in my hands as fast as possible!

    Thanks Rohan and team for bringing ADAM to life nurturing him this far.

    I will continue to wait patiently for the little guy’s revolution for all those faithful people proudly standing in line eager to say “I’m getting an Adam”

    Best wishes and hands folded in prayer for a speedy FCC approval

  243. Rohan, I concur with the views on getting FCC approval and selling the ADAM outside of the US. If you simply allowed everyone to register their interest in a pre-order system you’ll see that alot of us that are not in the US are prepared to buy the ADAM…

  244. Great news! I have been waiting patiently (well, perhaps not) for the Adam to become available, and this makes me think it just might happen. I came very close to buying an iPad a number of times, but it’s just not the right tablet for me. I am not bashing Apple, it just doesn’t do what I want it to do, it doesn’t work the way I want it to work.

    The Adam seems perfect for my needs. It will most likely replace my laptop and really lighten my load.

    I can’t wait!

    Let me pre-order, or see some video, or something!

    Obviously, I am very excited. Congratulations on getting this far and good luck with the FCC and the launch. I’ll be right there in the front of the line to get my hands on one of these!

  245. The Adam is supposed to have access to Google’s Android Marketplace. Which means you’ll be able to install apps for most ebook stores and adobe reader for elibraries.
    Check these out:
    Adobe reader:
    Amazon’s Kindle:
    B&N’s nook:

    As far as a compact Bluetooth keyboard is concerned, nothing can beat the “Logitech diNovo Mini” :

  246. Are you going to distribute Adam with android ? Oracle suit is freaking me out …

  247. Hi,

    Maybe a very stupid idea: is there an option to tie some sort of wrist cord to the ADAM?
    I mean, if a walk in a city, using the ADAM als city map or use wiki for extra information about buildings or places, I think its a good idea, to tie the device to your wrist/bag, so nobody can rip the device out of your hands…

    Owh and keep up the good work! Can’t wait to pre-order my ADAM…

    Greetzz from the Netherlands!!

  248. For Adam 2.0:
    1) Small pull out supports for propping it up at an angle on a desk – or an array of attachments at the back(one at a time in the same slot) which can act as a prop.
    a) extended battery – some customers need to stay in the field for long.
    b) radio frequency scanner with built in antennas – emergency services apps
    c) extra ports – Gigabit network, compactflash – for professional photographers
    d) HDTV tuner
    e) medical equipment
    2) SDXC slot instead of micro SD – the card speed difference is massive and is used in most cameras
    3) Built in FM radio chip – lots of people listen to the radio while reading
    4) TOUGH version

  249. I’m in the US. According the graph posted on Slashgear it appears we get first launch.

  250. Hi Jared, Ubuntu is very cool, but I think windows 7 will work well too, and lots of programs for both, like comic readers, calibre for ebook, pdf readers, video game emulators, lots of games, will work better, I don’t know, in this systems than in android, he will be good for internet, etc. I want that it comes with Android, free, and if we want, install another system, like a normal pc, it will be very cool. For the freedom, but Android is very cool too. Sorry for any mistake, I’m from Brazil, and sometimes my english sticks.

  251. This is great news. The team seem to be really listening to what people want, and responding. Obviously they can’t put everything in, but they’re doing a good job.

    I’m happy to wait until the product is ready – I’m not in a huge rush for a tablet computer, so I can wait a bit longer – I like to get a good product which will last for a good while, so I’ll happily hold out until release.

    Looking into how to become a developer though…

  252. ok, so… about countries availability…
    how many EU and specifically ITALIANS wannabe-adam-users are there here around? I’d like Adam to hit our lands soon after he’s beeing driven out from eden!

  253. I’ve got to admit, no matter how much I can’t wait for this to come out, i don’t want a buggy system. I suppose all this waiting is for the best in the end.

    Delayed gratification 🙂

    Keep up the good work my friend, I’ll look forward to my notion ink adam in the mail.

  254. Hello, long time ago that this tablet and I’m very interested primarily by the novelty of PixelQui, because I also want to read books and color LCD screens much damage normal sight.
    I see much talk of the output in the U.S. and India, but what about Europe ?, specifically I’m from Spain, Europeans can buy the versions that appear in USA or India without any problem ?


  255. Hi Rohan,
    While waiting your FCC for US market, if you start in any other countries, people will never criticize you and ADAM. There will be rather big appreciation from all over the world. Not only US market, people all over the world wait for ADAM. Please make people happy everywhere.

  256. Hi Rohan

    I would like to see a pen tablet feature in adam 2 as it is a very necessary feature for students. It helps a lot in a lecture to make notes as touchpad keyboards are not come in very useful in those conditions..Genius had already anounced MousePen M508 & M508W Tablets Shipping in September for $149 and $199 i would like to see these features in adam 2.0 as it is now not possible i guess in adam 1.0…but if some one can come with these features in a tablet i think it will be great plus point…

  257. FYI this is definitly not the first device to be influenced by a community….

    The Pandora ( for instance grew directly out of the homebrew gaming community and the hardware and software were designed directly based on the requests of forums members.

    I’ll be watching and saving of course for an Adam… the Pixel Qi screen is the dealbreaker for me though the Nvidia Tegra 2 and possible open source driver prospects for it don’t hurt.

  258. Anything about handwriting recognition please?? I think most of countries outside US don’t require fcc certification(i’ve no idea about fcc). If the hardware is PERFECT, why not release Adam. We’ll update software later. You would partially fulfill your promise of Q3 if you atleast open pre-order before september.

  259. Whats the big deal you can buy a stylus from other companies, i am sure they’ll do just fine too.

  260. Great Job Rohan, It definitely would be getting taxing and would seem like a lot of hard work. But seems like u r doing great. Just my two cents…. Do not keep pushing back the launch for more and better features/quality/etc. Getting out there is the most important….

  261. Wow, everyone seems so excited. I seriously doubt this will be available before January. I don’t think this is good news at all.

  262. Just because you can plug it in doesn’t mean the os will recognize it. Would be nice though!

  263. That is a nice looking keyboard! Little pricey though! And the cool thing about the ADAM is that you could use a usb keyboard as well. Really like the features ADAM has1

  264. I doubt Microsoft would put a version of Office out for Android. With the way NI is going perhaps they’ll put out an office suite for it? They seem to be thinking really big here. What with Genesis and such. I was just expecting a great tablet from them running a variant of Android. Pleasantly surprised with where they are going.

  265. 500$ is reasonably priced.. eagerly waiting for it..
    being in software myself, its pain to read from normal screens for long hours.. and also we can code using e-ink mode.. giving eyes its rest.

    adam by having pixel qi has made itself appealing to serious no frill utility users who would never have purchased ipad even though they can afford it easily.

    so its ebook mode with a 10.1 inch screen will be a huge plus bringing/creating new customers which didnt exist for ipad or kindle..


  266. Hi Rohan

    Ever since I heard of Adam, I was very excited about the product and its features. I really think its huge leap and at the same time big bite into the “fruit cake” (got me?). Now working as an expatriate in india (Chennai-based), I hoped somehow to have the chance to get one a bit earlier than in Europe or in the US. But anyway, I will wait (more or less) patiently for the market release.

    Funny to me is, that asking for information at dealerships in Chennai is not that big. Or at least they didn’t want to make me feel uncomfortable by saying that Adam is not available before the end of the year. So if there might be some possibility to order one via the net or via some appointed dealer, I would really appreciate that.

    Thank you and all at NotionInk for your courage, faith, creativity and for sure hard work!

  267. first sentence in the second paragraph should readlike that:

    Funny to me is that asking for information at dealerships in Chennai is not that successful.

    Maybe moderation can take care for editing? Thnx a lot!

  268. Yes! I’ll be the 2nd customer waiting with bated breath for it to arrive in Malaysia.
    (Failing which, of course, I can alway call on my friends in the US to ship it to me 🙂 )

    Good work Rohan!

  269. For all those asking preorders and the like, there are many government regulations in different countries. For example, in the US, a device cannot be offered for sale until it has passed FCC certification. This certification verifies that no radio interference above a specified level is created by the device. In Europe, the CE Mark must be attached, which implies a number of other qualifications, such as recycling and restricted hazardous substances. Importing devices into a country before it is certified for that country can subject the importer to substantial fines. Look at the iPad and Israel – they were confiscating iPads on entry to the country from travelers. Australia requires “C-Tick” labeling (a black circle with a white check mark, leaving the black looking like a C). While it is self-certifying, the manufacturer has to keep proof of relevant testing. India also has some unique certification requirements.

    On top of the above testing, there are some safety requirements which must be met, either to allow the importer to get insurance, or to allow products to meet local zoning. For example, if a wall-wart transformer is included, there is electrical safety issues. One also doesn’t want the lithium battery to overheat and start a fire, nor to have the surface of the device to get so hot as to cause a burn. Insurers typically want proof that relevant testing or design validation has been done to prevent safety problems. In the US, that would be testing by an certified authority, such as UL, TUV, or CSA.

    In general, using a good compliance lab will meet the requirements for most of the world. While requirements may vary from country to country, a good compliance lab will test a superset of the requirements, allowing the same test results to be used for multiple countries, possibly with only some additional paperwork required.

    I’m not associated with the Adam, I just have had to deal with compliance issues for equipment my employer manufactures. UL is the toughest approval to get, as it extends deep into our supply chain, and for certain safety-critical parts, the supplier must the UL certification for those parts.

  270. well there are already many android tablets which cost a little more than $200 , waiting till nov and getting a table for $399 ? no i can go for one among the cheap or i pad

  271. why do you need microsoft office when open office suite is available and that too for free ?
    if NI-ADAM is going to run some linux distro, OO could come/run on it, i think.

  272. Would it be too late to include a SDXC slot in Adam 1.0?

    With the amount of cameras and other devices that use SD cards and the higher card speed, it would put the cherry on top of this revolutionary device!

  273. Thanks John that is clearly laid out and helpful. I’m just hoping that the Adam team already has this testing done or it is being carried out concurrently.

  274. Insurance!!! Of course – lawyers need the slimmest of excuse in the United States to go after a successful product.

  275. The independence day special is awesome!!! Is that an indication of skins for Adam?

  276. You’ve come a long way and I truly admire your approach! All the best, really looking foward to your great product!

  277. Like Billreyn says (below), any USB keyboard will work. I use the Periboard-708 at home:
    It works out of the box w/linux; can’t imagine that Android would be a problem. (Although the hot keys across the top might not work – I’ve never tried them.) Superb buidt quality. It’s got a multi-touch touchpad (tap with one finger for left-button mouse click, with two fingers for middle-button, with three fingers for right-button; tap and drag anywhere on the pad to scroll OR scroll with two fingers anywhere on the pad) which is intuitively simple and makes it painless to switch between left-handed and right-handed use. It’s just a tad larger than an Adam, so should be comfortable to carry around with it for heavy-duty typing.

  278. You should try to open a poll and let people select one of your four models.

    You will know how many units of each you could plan to produce.

  279. This is great news… I was a little hungry for Adam news.

    Yeah, there may be a flood of Android tablets on the way. That’s ultimately good for Android, if perhaps bad for some of the manufacturers. But I have yet to see anything announced, much less shipping, that will lure me away from buying an Adam, with PQ screen of course, once available.

    The iPad has demonstrated to the world the usefulness of the touch-tablet concept. But even forgetting the problems inherent in Apple’s closed system, it’s just too little for too much cash.

    The Adam seems just right. I look at the Droid in my pocket, and think of all the separate devices it has replaced. I don’t have separate phone and PDA, it’s a handy still or video camera, a full function GPS, an MP3/PMP player, a pocket notebook, guitar tuner and chord dictionary, as well as being a communications device (voice, SMS, email, IM, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

    The tablet needs to be such a general purpose device, in a larger format. I need a device that can hook to my still and video cameras and offer large screen preview. I like the eBook concept, but won’t buy a dedicated reader, yet it’s got to work on the beach, or in a bright lab environment.

  280. “Andre and I will soon start the UI Blog for you all.” 🙂
    I am eagerly waiting for this moment ….. and have thought of few game concepts which make use of back touchpad …eager to share them with u
    keep on the hard work Mr Rohan
    wish u luck

  281. I’ve been watching the Adam since its CES debut. I am SO excited that this thing is “almost” ready for consumers.

    Despite the expected delays that the Adam has encountered, this here is one major fanboy!

  282. Check this out:

    As I’ve mentioned before, you guys will have the exact same problem as they do, by launching Adam with Froyo AFTER Gingerbread announcement. Yes, people are excited now that they are getting Froyo on Adam, but once they see what Gingerbread is all about, it will be the same situation as when they saw Froyo for first time. They scoffed at every phone that came with Android 2.1 Eclair after that, even though Froyo wasn’t even officially sent to Nexus One phones.

    I know you won’t be able to put Gingerbread on it when you launch, but you better announce THAT DAY when you’re launching that Adam will get Gingerbread in a month or 2. You should be as specific as you can without overpromising and then failing to deliver it on time. Two months later would be ok, one month late would be better.

    Remember that iPad 2 will also probably be announced late January or in February, and will also steal some thunder off your feet. In this industry, delaying by a whole month is a huge amount of time wasted.

    Also, I’m glad you’ve found a great UI designer. I’m also all for great UI, but you better future proof yourselves, by making that extra skin as modularized as possible, so you can easily attach or detach later from Android 3.0’s UI, which I’m sure it will also be made with tablets in mind. And some people might prefer the stock Gingerbread UI over yours, so consider that when you’re building the UI now.

  283. Dear Rohan,

    Thanks for providing us a tentative date of the product release. I was about to buy an iPad or a Kindle this month, but thought of holding up for little more time to see if Adam would be available. Now I felt so happy that I did not invest in a product that I know is only half as features packed and useful as Adam. I would not mind waiting for another few months to put my hands on Adam.

    (A proud KGPian, 1999)

  284. Windows 7 will not be possible on this because the Tegra uses the ARM architecture and MS only supports the Intel architecture for the full Windows OS. Ubuntu will most likely be supported out of the box because the only drivers that would probably need to be implemented, other than simple sound, USB, etc. which are almost a non-issue, would be the Tegra graphics chip. I can’t see nVidia releasing a mobile platform without releasing Linux drivers for it.

  285. I like the Independence day special. Would have been even better if you had a white strip running between the saffron and the green!!

    Can’t wait for Adam to be launched. Even if it is delayed a bit more, it is okay. The main thing is to get everything right before launch. A delayed launch of a fantastic product is definitely much better than a hasty launch of an imperfect product.

    All the best and look forward to more details on Adam.


  286. I just want to post my limited understanding of A-GPS, so that Slartibartfast can understand why including just GPS in all machines is better for all of us. When using A-GPS, only the device talking directly to the network can use it. In other words, only the phone or tablet with the SIM in it could use the A-GPS functionality and not the tablet connected to the phone via WiFi. There is no way to get A-GPS functionality without paying for a data plan. I believe that a lot of A-GPS systems work using cell-site triangulation these days which basically means that the phone sends information about the timinig and identification of the towers it is communicating with and the assistance serve calculates the phone’s position. These reasons are why only the 3G iPad comes with GPS. Because, as I feel, most people will be buying a non-3G Adam, it makes most sense to just use a GPS receiver so that everyone can at least get some GPS. Using a chip that supports A-GPS in a product in which most will not use it is just not economical and would just drive up the price and makes it harder to implement. Also, remember, that there are other location services out there like Skyhook and they do not rely on any hardware, other than the WiFi card of course, to get positioning. Many Apps now use the Skyhook API and if you are using one and it still can’t find your position, try adding your Access Point to the Skyhook database here:

  287. looking forward to the product ever since it was announced. will definitely buy it, I stopped my friends from buying iPads for Adam!

    Come on guys, I’m with you.


  288. Thanks JohnH, that was a really informative response for people like myself who are super keen. I didn’t know about the different standards, and funny enough just on impulse I turned over my Linksys router and noticed the tick (I’m in Australia).

    NI are doing the right thing having it pass these certifications, not just for the legality of it, but because it demonstrates commitment and seriousness to long term viability.

  289. Hey,
    I’ve been keeping up with news on this tablet since early this year. It’s really intrigued me since I’m a big fan of android and the pixel qi screen looks awesome. When I buy a tablet, I’d definitely buy the Adam – when it comes out.

    My question: do you think that the Adam will be coming to Australia?

    By the way, thanks for keeping us updated 🙂

  290. And that’s that. Straight from the horse’s mouth. I’m bubbling with excitement as I read this post.

    Few questions and suggestions though:

    i) Functional as a phone?
    Am looking forward to replace my good old HTC Magic with the Adam, wondering if that’s possible? Size issue aside, the Adam would fill up the niche of having a good battery life as a phone paired with a BT earpiece.

    ii) Annotate, scribble, doodle.
    Likewise for many academical/research/medical professionals here, I would really like to see a good app that does a mean job of annotating with a hand-held apparatus (be it a sausage or stylus) those e-books and articles for further references.

    iii) How ‘open’?
    Would there be an option to boot up other distros onto it via SD card? I would see that this may be an user-generated option rather than a NI-initiative. But if NI would render support for this via releasing drivers, all would be gold.

    Looking forward for the order page to come up, Rohan!

  291. I can’t wait any longer ;(
    I make it a point to visit your page more quite often for updates and postponing my decision to buy an Ipad. This has been a long wait, but will wait for 3 more months. Request you to post more cool pictures of Adam!

  292. I’m from The Netherlands too and I hope we can organize some kind of early adopters buy-group to arrange a early shipment to The Netherlands.

    Due to very nice mobile-phone-subscriptions, Android in The Netherlands is quite wide-spread, as well is mobile internet usage. I would be a bad idea to start the Europe-launch here. 🙂


  293. telesurgery on a tablet? That would be a really futuristic approach! 🙂

    But indeed, for taking notes during ward rounds, showing X-rays to patients while in bed, or as simple as a laptop replacement in bed, when you are lying down the keyboard is in the way, videoconferencing can be a momumental step ahead in patientsatisfaction during hospitalstay.

    I’d love to see that here!


  294. Posted on TECH2.COM for calling somebody else than ADAM As Ipad killer as well as on their neglecting behavior on ADAM development.
    Frankly speaking I personally don’t like to call ADAM as a Ipad Killer but instead would like to see APPLE to produce something to called them self as ” ADAM-Killer” ( of course before EVE joined ADAM to eat APPLE completely)

    Hey Shayne
    hope u r aware of development at NOTION INK’S ADAM.I was kind of shock to see, to the extent you people have Neglected NOTION Adam.Whole world is Waiting for this” IPAD killer”.Just see the kind of coverage Slashgear has given to this INDIAN BASED company.
    i was expecting such coverage from TECH2.Also you need to See
    the various comment posted on ENGADGET ( your source for various news) on covering similar story but showing more negative aspect .Rohan 25 year (founder of notion) he is trying to create product for masses.As a responsible INDIAN TECH site please present the full story on journey of notion ADAM making indian masses aware about this , instead of covering story on “i product” or comparing every thing to ‘I product”.
    From ” ADAM will eat APPLE”

  295. hey Rohan,

    can we expect prices in India to be lower to that of other countries?


  296. Response from Shayne@ Tech2.Com…. to my earlier comment..

    @ADAM WILL eat APPLE – you’re feedback is appreciated. The iPad is a hot product the world over, the Adam tablet is a work in progress, hence the iPad has been referred to in this article. We have plenty of coverage of Notion Ink’s device.
    This is just a stand alone review of a product we received for testing.
    It is also a bog deal for India as it will be before the Adam.

  297. Hey,
    since the product is still under development I thought I share my idea of a great feature. So because the Adam has a Hdmi out it is probably designed to be connected to a TV what would be nice in this regard is if the Adam could be connected via Bluetooth or some other way and if the Tv and the Adam could be used to work in a dual Screen kind of way. Like the Desktop is shown on the Tv screen and the touchscreen of the Adam is used as an full scale keyboard and at the back there is the mouse to navigate.
    I would realy like such a feature because this would make it possible to use the Tv as a greate web browser.
    Are there any information on such a feature?

  298. Bang on target! A stylus-friendly Adam would be great. In fact, a stylus would make this already excellent product, really standout. A stylus lets you scribble, sketch, CREATE. It sets you free from the shackles of intermediate HI-layers (ie keyboard,mouse) and lets you interact directly with the screen (as god intended :).

    Where the Ipad is just for consuming, the Adam has the potential to be a creators tool. To make wonderful things. In order to fully realise this potential a stylus is needed.

    I’m sure there might be technical difficulties – but hey, problems are there to be solved.

  299. Dear Rohan,

    This is great to see. I will hold off purchasing a tablet until November, and would be more than willing to pre-order an Adam even now. A pre-order online option may help you secure some customers as well as generate some cash flow. Pre-orders can also help generate hype and momentum, even if only advertised on your blog as a kind of beta test for devout followers. Just an opinion.


  300. Please add “Extended Warranty” from 1 to 3 years for $80-100

    It will give your company an additional revenue stream, if you bet on the product quality and it will give your customers a peace of mind.

  301. The capacitive stylus will work… but the palm of your hand too ! So you won’t be able to write seriously and put the palm of your hand ON the screen. You need an HP tm2 like technology (digitizer).

    You’re right, voice dictation in android is a really great feature 😉

    If it’s webOS I don’t know… but if it’s win7 you’ll have the world’s best handwriting recognition, and OneNote 2010 is really nice to take notes :).

  302. I agree ADAM is much better than Ipad but I didn’t say that Ipad was good… so I keep saying it’s a “toy” because all you’ll do with it is watch video, listen music and surf on the web.
    For Student we need digitizer and NoteTaking software.
    The HP tablet we’ll have a digitizer (if there’re not lying).

    The day you see BuisnessMan, Military, Artist and Student using the Ipad or Adam to take handwriting notes call me !

  303. +1
    PixelQi technology is perfect to read book but we still need either palm rejection with stylus or simply a digitizer !

  304. Yep but you cant put the palm of your hand on the screen, don’t forget it ! So almost impossible to write or sckech.

  305. Yeah. I am pretty sure it is taken care of there, in the sense that the hardware of Adam itself will be ready for the use of stylus and its software 🙂

  306. Hi,

    Thanks for the timely update on Adam, I have been keeping up with news on this tablet since early this year.

    I greatly appreciate the sense of the creativity dealt in the Independence Day Spl pic of Adam ! That s a wow !! Keep up the good work

  307. Hey Rohan,

    as you know, the cheapest iPad costs 499$. This means ~390€ but they sell it in Germany for 499€. That’s crazy!

    I hope you won’t convert 1$ to 1€ .. ?


  308. Nikesh, thank you for the answer. Do you think nvidia will work well? I don’t like nvidia so much, because a problem with lot’s of notebooks from HP, the nvidia crashed a lot, because of the heat, they are made with some problems, and the HP notebooks series dv9000 heats a lot, two problems together, and then the video card crashed and the repair is very high priced. I don’t know, I think I preffer ATI, but I don’t know if they make mobile chips, or Intel, that works well, out of the box, in windows and linux.

  309. Not at all dissapointed by the November release date, just happy to see it’s out!

    Also: Price Range is EXCELLENT! I’ll be able (and willing) to buy the most expensive model 🙂

  310. Hi Rohan, Rohit & Team:

    Tremendous job guys. Few more months will be worth the wait!!

    Go Adam!


  311. BTW, are you later making a product called “Eve”? I just got the reference between Adam, Eve and Apple 😛

  312. Not really, a capacitive stylus is more like a finger-extension. At least the ones I have seen so far. And thats not really what you need if you want to sketch or take notes. Then you need something with precision, more in the style of Wacom digitizers. And, like Pox’s saying, on a capacitive screen you have the problem with your hand resting against the tablet…

  313. I have been tracking and monitoring the developments for quite a while now and was getting slightly anxious that the Adam might vanish into vapor, but I am very pleased to see that we’re moving in the right direction now. Compliments and congratulations to Rohan and his fellowes.

    I also want to state that I fully agree with my colleague prof about the desired functionalities and would like to add (for the future) advanced handwriting recognition. I would welcome the day my students can’t hide behind their laptop screens.

    Be sure to release it in Europe too!

  314. Actually it is possible. I was doing some projects with multiTouchVista, all the software has to do, is reject any blobs that are greater than .5inch diameter (when in annotation mode); given that my HTC EVO and Android 2.1 can detect up to 5 blobs simultaneously, i see no problem implementing this into the ADAM.

  315. what you should do very soon, is send you physical specs over to otterbox; they make the toughest, most rugged cases for devices.

    They take forever to get their products finalized, so please start ASAP.

  316. OUTSTANDING! – Thanks for the switch to native GPS over A-GPS. This will give us aviation guys something truly worthwhile to use in the cockpit. I can’t thank you enough, and look forward to the release.

  317. Hey Rohan.

    Cannot wait to get my hands on the Adam. Every time I read a little bit of new information on the Adam I become ecstatic. Technology has always intrigued me and I believe the Adam will surpass any current or future Tablet PC. I’m impressed with the features especially. Whereas some companies give little features to their products and then introduce new models and year later, you guys have everything possible into one sleek device. Also you take actualy consumers comments/interests and listen to them to improve your device. I’ve told almost every person who wanted an iPad to wait for the Adam because it is far superior. All I can say is I’m glad you took on this challenge to make this device. Once again, excellent work and I cannot wait to actually hold on in my hands.

  318. Hey Rohan,

    Loved the “Independence Day Adam”. Would love to buy that !!!
    I was hoping against hope that you would launch it on Aug 15 but I guess that we have to wait some more.
    As others have suggested, please consider releasing Adam in India and the world before you get the FCC approval. I’m not sure if that’s required for India and I don’t see the reason that everyone in the world has to wait for the USA to clear the life-changing device. After all God didn’t wait for FCC before creating and letting loose Adam. 🙂

  319. Rohan,

    Can you pls give the details of pricing in INR? since the tax differences might be there or should I have to convert the $ to INR? I guess since this is an Indian product, it would be justified to give the price in INR too.


  320. @Luiz I think that the nVidia solution will work wonderfully. Remember, any heating problem you had has to be blamed on HP because they design the cooling on the motherboard and the airflow within the chassis. nVidia’s previous Tegra offerings have been quite good and have powered some very impressive products. The new Tegra 2 platform will be the most powerful hardware available so it’s not like there are other options unless they were to delay the Adam’s launch even further.

  321. Hello Rohan,
    Finally some relief. I understand the pressures of saying something about the price and then having to change it. But it really is frustrating for those of us holding out for your product when all around us are people using ipads. I’m glad you finally gave in and told us the estimate. I understand it is perhaps hard for you to promise something when you are not absolutely sure. It is perhaps a “personal culture” thing. But in the market where every company that is making a tablet is promising so much more than you do, it is important to your fans (us) that you make some sort of unofficial promise (like you did in this post). I think the people on this post have already decided that the adam is going to be worth the wait and is better than the other options. And please please please don’t change anything on the website without giving us more information. It gets us excited that your product may have come out. I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say: “give us more information but don’t pretend to give us information”. And forget what some idiot said about your english. Everyone here is focused on the quality of adam, not on your language skills.

    Please keep updating us. If you do, I can assure you, one guaranteed sell!

  322. Thanks for the update !! I am following Adam from the moment I heard some indian company developing competing product for iPad based on Android, ofcourse, that’s not true anymore as Adam’s features/specs are way better than iPad. Good luck with the progress and hoping to buy one when released.

    Hoping Adam to Rock !! the world
    Rajendra Alapaty

  323. @silver thats just great. If this was in place on ADAM I would be totally blown away. Totally.
    That cool drawing app Rohan has mentioned – would it be hoping too much that it support stylus input this way? Oh lala. That. Would. Make. My. Day.

  324. Wooooooo! I’m getting an Independence day edition! … and why wait for FCC to release in India? Any similar clearance required?

  325. You’re right that’s call “palm rejection”. However those who have tried ( like asus ) hadn’t exellent result… but I’m sure with more sophisticated rejection we could have nice result.

    But still Professional, Architect, Artist … do not have palm rejection but a true digitizer because they want a “efficient” system and I think student would be the same : in class you don’t have time to think how to put the palm of your hand, think why palm rejection isn’t working here, etc…

  326. I found a photo which says it is an adam prototype and it also mentions a stylus

    Is it really adam or some other tablet

  327. When the site is loading is that an exclamation point “!”…Or, is that an upside down “i” symbolic of what the Adam is going to do to Apple ;>

  328. Hi Rohan,

    It would have been really nice if you had done all the right things, been prepared for everything, made sure that you are ready for launch and then went on to announce anything to do with the product.

    Then things would have been really cool dude!

  329. ATI is TERRIBLE. I’m so glad the Tegra 2 is in this bad boy. You’d know what I’m talking about if you ever had the Zune HD, which has the first generation Tegra chip in it.. The graphics are clearly outstanding. Now, with the Tegra 2 you’re also looking at a low energy consumption and hardly any heat deposit.

    ATI has none of these, they are not an innovative company, to them power is everything, when you have power you waste a lot of energy and create a lot of heat.

  330. You guys have to understand something. Being an ex Apple fanboy, I have to tell you that Apple has lost its innovation. The iPad could have been 20 times better than it is now. Steve fully knew about the technology at hand and decided to veer away from it for one reason or another. Money has nothing to do with it at all so you might as well throw that out the window. What possessed him to create such a dull bland product for so much money is beyond me (although it’s safe to say with the brand Apple, you’re expected to pay 1.5 x if not 2 x more).

    My major problem with Apple is they gave up their innovative ways and began the money hungry monster that was Microsoft.

    For instance, they include a freaking camera in an iPod nano but not the iPad? Come on now, there’s no excuse for that stupidity.

    Let’s face it, if Apple doesn’t snap out of it, they’ll lose like Microsoft did when releasing Vista.

  331. I just wanted to add my sincere Kudos once more for taking the approach you have chosen in developing and releasing this product. Your open communication and effective use of feedback during this time should stand as the prime example for modern manufacturing and product development. Not that all companies need apply feedback the way you have admirably chosen, but rather your consistent efforts to be as up-front, honest and open as possible is nothing short of revolutionary. I, too am looking forward to picking up and Adam and cannot wait to see the UI. All the Best Notion Ink!

  332. @Rahul,
    I second that! That Independence Day themed Adam is great – would love to buy that, even at a slight premium.

  333. is there a goal for Adam than being a me-too in the tablet market? Buying power is what makes hardware cheaper. And without millions of Adam owners, you cannot build a good or notable ecosystem. As you point out, the ecosystem is what makes the venture profitable. And without such profitability, there is no future for the company.

    Given all this, despite your very laudable innovation, can Notion Ink be more than a mere punctuation in the paragraph of tablet computing?

  334. Great news, thanks Rohan!
    I like the idea to test/publish the UI before launch. I also had an eye on the joojoo aka crunchpad. They have some nice hardware, too – but since the software got very bad reviews, I wait now for some Adam impressions of the user interface in the hope to finally get a good couch surfing device. And I cross my fingers that the PixelQi’s viewing angles don’t kill the tablet fun.

    All the best from Germany,

  335. Hi Rohan, Rohit & Team

    I am getting very excited about the release of the Adam in India! I hope its out before my assignment in Mumbai ends so I can take it back with me to the UK (and also wave it in the face of my friends and colleagues who have already purchased Ipads!)

    Great looking website btw

    Keep up the good work!

  336. Thats why he ate the apple and we are all bearing the consequences. i wish FCC was there to regulate him. :).

  337. Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and back ??? – iPhone 4
    Something worth incorporating in Adam???

  338. Hi, Good news. Keep it up. Bring the product in the market on promised date. We love ADAM.

  339. Please make this really work (like all others my best wishes for you and your team to acomplish that) and atleast launch now as per the mentiond date. Otherwise it will be shame kind of a situation.

  340. Hi Rohan,

    If you see, a lot of people outside USA want to buy the ADAM without FCC approval.

    Could you please open your online store for “the rest of the World” that we can order the ADAM ????
    Or could you please leave a comment what do you think about seeling outside USA ?


  341. Any new news? I was spoiled last week and now I need my Adam news fix. I’m tweakin’, I’m tweakin’!

  342. Hey Rohan,

    I know you’re busy, but its time for another update. Every one you do spikes huge interest (notice the 375+ comments on this one!).

    People like jacknone (on August 16, 2010 at 10:43) needs answers to his good questions like phone ability and notetaking. I mean, with the phone question certain specs (I think the ones listed on wikipedia) state quad band GSM so some people will assume that they can hook up a bluetooth earpiece and make calls (I am certainly one of those people).

    Also eve (August 16, 2010 at 17:00) asked about what could be called “dual screen” usage out the HDMI. Surely this is just a software effort unless the Tegra prevents this sort of usage. However, Adam may already have this functionality, people want details.

    Praja (August 16, 2010 at 19:41) had an excellent suggestion about extended warranty.

    But mostly what people need are updates, even tiny ones, that say
    “5 devices ready for shipping to FCC” or
    “SDK will be released on 24th August” or
    “USB keyboards will work directly when connected”

    Like when you showed you’d changed from b/g to b/g/n, or when you went from A-GPS to true GPS, or when the swivel cam went from 180 to 185 degrees.

    The device is brilliant and people the world over are salivating. They are telling their friends and colleges to hold off on buying other products. They are showing off pictures and scouring the net for reviews and tidbits of any kind. They are even so desperate they are reading negative articles on engaget in addition to the positive ones from slashgear.

    So, time for another update. You might think people are never satisfied, and I guess they won’t be until they hold Adam in their hands, but don’t make them wait for info as well. At this stage, one week is too long to wait for a pulse check.

    Your biggest fan in Australia

  343. I have been reading the specs of Adam but am yet to know if it will have note-taking capabilities. As a student, I notice, this will be an important functionality. Asus have just announced that they intend to launch EEE tablet (ereader) with note-taking functionality, I hope this does not suck oxygen out of Adam and dash our hopes for this product.

  344. I look forward to Adam. I hope it ready to be ordered from Russia. Immediately he purchased as soon as it appears.

  345. Hi Rohan,
    As Phillip said, it is really good to hear something upgraded news. Please introduce new topic, anything-may be about application, functionality or whatever. I do read your website 20-30 times a day to see what’s up. Please keep all your readers’ expectation as high as a few months ago. Looking forward the way how I would use Adam in my classroom as a teacher.
    Best regards.

  346. Rohan,

    You are ready to show us UI before the launch. That shows your confidence about the product. Go Rohan!

  347. any businessman worth his salt would want to launch in the US first. If Notion Ink don’t wait for FCC approval to launch elsewhere, they would run into a list of possible problems.

    First of all, what if the product needs a specification change to meet FCC standards? They can’t fragment the production line or create a myriad of versions, which would be a support nightmare.

    Secondly, consider the negative marketing they would have to face in the US market.

    Thirdly, somebody could undertake action to prevent the Adam being carried to the US by business travelers, without an FCC approval.

    Last, but not the least, alternative and copycat devices could rush in to fill the gap in the US.

    Bonus reason: The extra time they spend on the FCC approval can be used to debug the device and software further, which means everyone stands the chance of getting a product that works as advertised.

    I would rather want to see the Adam launched simultaneously in the US and India. why should there be a time lag?

  348. We’re in the same case, both looking for a suitable tablet for school ;). EEE tablet could be nice but their’s no true OS on it (Windows, Android , Linux ,…) ? And their’s no color (Black & White screen).

    I really don’t understand why nobody think about putting a digitizer. It’s not a question of price because the EEE tablet has one and will be cheap… maybe they think Ipad doesn’t have one, so Steve Jobs doesn’t believe in stylus, so we don’t have to put one.

    I’m sure if Microsoft had published Courrier every other Companies would have put digitizer because they’d seen that it’s usefull…

    Common ADAM take you’re own decision to put a nice digitizer to this Tablet !!!
    You would take the market of school before Microsoft does !!!

  349. Dear Team,

    Like all others we are also waiting for the real release and stopping so many…. who want to buy other tablet and net-books.


  350. I have always been looking out for good and powerful mobile platform to develop applications for.

    Adam looks like a good bet.

  351. I am really excited about this product!

    The reasons why I like Adam is:
    1. Builtin 3G
    2. Capacitive multitouch
    3. Pixel QI screen for use outside in sunlight
    4. Camera can be rotated

    1 and 2 are pretty much a requirement nowadays, I would not even consider a tablet without those.

    3 and 4 are the features that really set Adam apart from the onslaught of new tablets coming this autumn, so don’t consider removing those from the main version. Create a dumbed down version too if you must, but make sure you release the best version first. (Apple could do it the other way around because they were first, but now the market is ready to be flooded with devices so you can not gamble with releasing a non-PQ version to reviewers.)

    When can we expect Adam to be available in Europe?

  352. I believe there is such a thing called palm rejection gloves you can wear to prevent your hand to be detected by the screen.

  353. If you think that those “styluses” for capacitive screens are solution, you clearly don’t know what are you writing. As a matter of fact finger is better than those sausages.

  354. Hi Rohan.
    Following you and your team for awhile now and i wish you all the best. Seriously would love to support you as much as i can with ideas. Youre building up something very special by inviting us to help you and being so near :-). Im not a Developer but i would love to give some serious design feedback on hardware and software.

    Best wishes from Germany

  355. That last picture is even sexier than the others of this beautiful device.
    And are you looking for independent companies to sell them? I’d love to be the one to offer them in Mississippi!!!

  356. Bravo, to everyone at Notion Ink.

    I, like so many others, have been waiting for Adam.

    My pennies are in the bank and I’m ready to buy.

    If you need any resellers in Chicago, I am your woman !


  357. Excellent post by Phillip. It might sound like we want you to give us a daily progress report, but thats how excited we all are about Adam. 😀

    Anyways, looking forward to more updates.
    Best of Luck.

  358. Reasonably piece of content. I just stumbled upon your blog as well as wanted to express that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post back again rapidly.

  359. Hi there!

    First of all: This is one of the most awesome tablets one has to wait for right now. As soon as it is released, count me in! 🙂

    Just on that topic: If I order an Adam from US and let it ship to Germany there will be some US-version software be flashed on the device obviously. Will it be possible to re-flash a german version of the SW as soon as there is an release in Germany? Are you planning to offer tools for that purpose?

    Thnx for the answer and especially thnx for that amazing piece of (art)work!

  360. You’ve got to upgrade the screen resolution to at least 1024*768. You may think it as a small difference but I didn’t like my netbook because of the size being so inconvenient.

  361. I wish the best to anyone with this new future offering, BUT…..

    I would not purchase any new system until it has been reviewed, not only by some good websites, but also by other customers to see which one of the many tablets will meet my needs. Heat, battery life, what applications offered, issues with the tablet and so on are the over riding reasons to wait it out a bit longer.

    Many get too excited about a new tablet, and you can just look at some of the comments from those on this site to understand this, and they over look the potential expense in getting the wrong system that do not meet their requirements.

    Its just a Tablet, and many to research before putting down the funds for it.

  362. hi! Atul…Wanted to know how did you add the video or perhaps how do u add images too in the comments secton? Any reply/help is apperiated in advance.

  363. Wrong. You want A-GPS which can be used without wifi or cell network, such as the one available on the iPhone (at least from the 3G version, not sure about the first one). With that you get almost instant location when you do have internet access through either wifi or cell network, but without internet you’ll still be able to use the GPS as any standalone GPS unit. I use this a lot when traveling since getting data on my phone when abroad is not normally possible (or excruciatingly expensive). It works perfectly. A-GPS without fallback to regular GPS would be bad, but that is not an option for an upper-scale gadget like this (or the iPhone, or the better Android phones, for that matter).

    Claiming that GPS is better than A-GPS as is being done in this blog statement makes me worry about the technical competence behind Adam; they should know better than that.

  364. You’re right, but not really practical and efficient isn’t it ? (there’s often something that will be detected like your fourth finger or your wrist).

  365. The Independence day special picture of adam with tricolour is fantastic.. why not think of keeping changeable sleeves/ cover … just a suggestion.. eagerly waiting for Adam!!!

  366. I hope you’ll bring your Adam to Norway (Europe) sooner, rather than later. I’m bound to buy the first Pixel Qi, Android based tablet that shows up in our market. So far, it appears to be your Adam.

    Good work, guys and gals!


  367. Looks a great device, but the fact that there has been so much vapourware over the year and still no sign makes me wonder whether will actually materialize.

    It if does, you have missed a trick because from November 2010 to Feb 2011 there will be a host of devices being launched.

    I just wish companies like yourself would hold off from broadcasting upcoming devices until you have a release date and definate specs.

    I will buy if it releases in the UK before December, otherwise, ill go to the Samsung Galaxy Pad or something similar.

    People can only wait for a certain amount of time for a device to appear!

  368. A few months ago I was searching the Internet to see the alternatives to the omnipresent iPad and then I discovered your tablet. Since then, I keep waiting for its launch day and I’ve stopped looking for any other tablet. I just hope that it come soon to Spain (and that the Dollar-Euro rate doesn’t affect the price a lot, as it happens with many other products).

    I wish you the best of luck, you’re going to make history…

  369. To hold those of us over who can’t wait for this amazing product, how about an updated video?…. When will Slashgear, Endgadget, Gizmodo,, Crunchgear, get an actual hands on with the Adam and post it? December is soooo far away!!!!!

  370. I am soo excited for this! as soon as I can I will buy one fo’ sho’! Would be great to actually get a list of the country releases for europe! this will be my new companion, besides my Galaxy S ofcourse 😉

    best regards!

  371. So if you want it to “hit” sooner

    we want “it” cheap as well.

    Testing ingrained 🙂

    Good luck guys!

  372. Dude,

    Waiting patiently for adam. Just wondering if adam have swype installed. Used Samsung Galaxy (based on Android) which has swype inbuilt. Works awesome. Swype would be make wonders to touch screens the same way T9 made to mobile keys. Be assured it would be found on each and every touch screen. If you got time till Nov, this should be in.

    Freaking technology


  373. Thanks for posting the update!

    If you have updated the hardware (like A-GPS to GPS), hope you will update the specs on the website too. is still showing A-GPS. It will help potential customers take the right decision.. 🙂

  374. Oh My God! I’m going to forst buy this for my dad and will buy one for myself. Yahooo…3 more months of eager wait.

  375. can some 1 from notion ink or some experts who visit the blog regular help me with my questions ?

    1) can i use adam as a phone also because i read that it will be having a sim card slot i wont mind connecting it with a blue tooth headset , will be much better to carry adam along with me doing manythings and also reciving /making calls and sending sms and mms .
    2) i recently saw samsung galaxy s phone with the amoled display and its breathtaking its simply superb will adam alos have something similar when ot comes to the display.
    as a indian i would suggest that since the product is made here and india being a huge market the price must be a little less , when i go to usa i see macbook for 999 us$ and the same in india cost some 60000rs … if thats the case then why cant we also have advantage of having less price .
    some has already posted and i agree that apple are ahead of every 1 because there products are solid , elegant sturdy and have a amazing customer support , i think notion can wait maybe 2 or 4 months more but make a complete plan about the coustomer support and after sales service . we have seen many many great products simply vanishing and going for resale in free because they company simply dosent have any back up for after sales . thats the reason people buy more maruti cars in india then any other simply because they have amazing after sales service .

    just 1 suggestion its good and infact u must come up with many many products but i think taking abt adam 2 and eve or whatever at this stage when u are not sure abt when ur first product wil be relased and how it will be reciived by the masses is far fetched and not professional .

    iam not a tech guy or something , i will buy this product because i want some decive now as i travel a lot and thought adam will be a good company , went in the istore in usa at my recent trip there and thought iam not getting value for the money they are asking though felt great to see the ipad in motion .
    and when i speak to my freinds abt adam all they say is ……the product will come and go and then no 1 will buy ur adam for even 1 rs . and most of them just ask 1 question what abt the after sales service ? and maybe this is the reason why indian mobile companys are also facing problems . atleast u must plan 1 service center in the major cities when u offically start the sales .
    and i think many will agree u need to show some kind of pic or video of adam so people can see how it will finally look , and function that will make them want the adam more .
    all the best and god bless

  376. I’m sorry if this was already asked earlier but 450 posts is a lot to read through… Since this device is going to be released with Android, are we going to have root (su) access or is it going to be locked out (like in most android phones)

  377. Hi,

    ADAM is great, with many innovations. Congratulation to Notionink team for reaching this far.

    Though bit late, I have a question. Will there be all metal body version of ADAM instead of plastic or plastic composite body? Screen will be scratch resistant like ipod/ipad?

    Small form factor devices are prone to accidental drop. All metal case gives extra protection.

    Product might not be received very well if casing is not strong enough.


  378. I am so eager to get this device, I can’t even describe it! I have researched dozens of tablets on the market, and those in development, and the Adam is the one that stands out the most for me! Fantastic featured, great OS, and reasonable price, what more can I ask for?

    I saw the iPad, and played with it a little, but the lack of ports, camera, lack of Flash support, and Apple’s ‘Walled Garden’ paradigm kind of killed it for me.

    I buy a product, with the intention of doing WHATEVER I want to on it, and I believe Adam is the one I’ve been waiting for. I just wish November, or whatever the release date turns out to be, comes soon, since I’ve been reading about this tablet for months, and can’t wait!

    Best wishes on a quick FCC cert, and spectacularly successful product launch! I’ll be hunting for it in the U.S.!

  379. Dear Notionink, unfortunately money IS an object for me and I cannot just throw it about knowing this i want you to know I would gladly Pre-pay for an Adam now with the knowledge that my pre-paying may help me secure an Adam for myself and help expedite its availability to market. The Adam itself is the selling point, watching the video and reading its specs I am very confident I will purchase one but that is not the only reason. Your candor and honesty about the Adam good and bad (bad not so much) is inspiring. I am just a consumer in this relationship but reading and watching your updates and personal replies to commentors (future Adam customers) again is inspiring and i feel that when I do purchase my Adam I will feel like I was there as a witness to the making of it, really neat feeling I will even go so far as calling this a “Cabbage Patch Gadget” hahaha, it feels personal.
    The Adam looks fantastic and I am very excited to own one. Keep up the good work and WORK FASTER PLEASE!!!! 🙂

  380. Hi,
    What about the after sales service? Have you already decided on who will be doing that? I guess that will be one of the big factor behind the success/failure of ADAM.

  381. I cannot wait to see an Adam up close and personal. My wife is sick of hearing about it. I am stoked to see the PIXEL QI video screen. I have a kindle for my books, and I would love to have all my books n the same device that I utilize day to day for work.

    I know you guys have caught a lot of flack for pushing the release date back, but I think as long as you get it out there before Christmas, all will be forgotten.

  382. Hey,

    I asked my bro, who is in USA not to buy iPad – asI told him there is better product awaiting and it’s gonna be cheap.

    I am from Mysore and i am immensely proud of you guys – you did a right thing by not naming this tablet with a Sanskrit name. What’s in a name? – dil hai Hindustaani 🙂

    The day it comes to Bangalore, I am gonna grab 3 pieces – and I have money ready for it.

    Don’t make us wait guys.

    Good Luck

  383. I agree with – Vinay said, on September 13, 2010 at 16:12

    You did a right thing by not naming this tablet with a Sanskrit name. What’s in a name?

    Because, sanskrit is for sure 1 of the Oldest Ancient Sacret Language. But, it isn’t good enough while in use these times. Not good for Branding either. Look at alll the ‘Govt of I***A’ projects or assets named in Sanskrit. They are all so far away from Visibility or the Branding. They just aren’t appealing. Govt clearly lacks in Presentation as we alreaady know. And, the entire stragety is flop & a falure.

    Besides we need to addresss the entire world with something more known & Appealing. We need to be known within them…not go against them.

  384. I want 10,000 pieces on day one for US market. Where do you want me to send the advance amount? Waiting for it guys………..

  385. Good Going Rohan & Team.

    I’m waiting for your product to be ready and I’m skipping on Ipad. Take your time, make everyone proud. Good luck!!

  386. Leaving the “Assisted” out of the GPS is a bad idea. There are chipsets that use A-GPS and also have “true” GPS that can be used without a network.
    GpsOne ( is one of those chipsets.
    On Android phones like the Xperia X10 the “Assisted” option can be turned on and off manually. Why not on the “Notion Ink”.
    Location service that does not work indoors (bad GPS reception) could be a reason not to buy the Notion Ink.

  387. Rohan,

    I hope you aren’t just throwing us a bone!

    My wife, family and friends are tired of me talk about the Adam and what it can do. I am selling your product before I have been able to get one.
    Thank you for this incredible piece of technology. ( as if I need another piece of hardware)
    From the US we are un-patiently waiting for your son to get here.

  388. This does look brill. Hurry up! I want one (or two) for Christmas. Red and black is my favourite for sure.

  389. I have been following the innovation, R&D to Adam.I am sure this is going to be one of the best product available in the market as off today.

    I hope your team has given sufficient thought to the Packaging of the end product.

    My suggestion is to incorporate a sling bag concept coupled with blister packaging inside a port land cement quality type of paper bag.Of course not forgetting the aesthetics and design component to the packaging material.

    Not only environment friendliness is maintained along with cost effectiveness
    Plus will allow the end user to carry it with them regularly without harming Adam on a day to day basis.

  390. Well, the devic looks pretty nice and I think it may be a good competition to the market leader. Will the device be available in Germany and Russia?

    Kind regards


  391. This looks amazing!! just a few questions, will it be possible to install custom Os’s? (like ubuntu netbook edition maaaybe 🙂 ) and will it be sold in central europe? belgium in particular?

  392. Looking forward to this product which looks very promising and outstanding among other tablets. I hope it’ll be available in Russia soon after its first launch (in whichever country). Good luck with the FCC certification!

  393. Android. Capacitive touch. Fully readable in strong sunlight. Colour. Decent sized screen. Video capable. Connectable wherever I am. 5-8 hours battery life (isn’t that so?). Around $500. Funny — that’s exactly what I promised myself for my first jump into the tablet world (definitely the bit about strong sunlight)(good move to drop A-GPS – I have it on my Nokia and discovered that it demolishes battery life)! So, looks like a Life Change is coming up, one where I’ll be passing on my Sony Reader (Touch), Palm TX, Nokia N95 and one or two other “must have” devices! Reckon I will also forget about an iPod touch and go for something simpler to carry around my music – perhaps a 8gig Nano Touch will do the job, with decent ear-buds & the X-Mini stereo speakers? Can see myself with a three member family of Adam plus Samsung Netbook (dislike Windows 7 but love my Samsung N210) plus Android-based HTC phone. Will still keep my Pentax Optio camera (it’s beer- and mud-proof). And my incredible Samsung Pico Projector. There, think I have just defined most of the contents of my latest “Bag o’ Gadgets! Thanks “Adam”.

  394. Hi
    Realy willing to buy it! where can I follow its news? How can I be Informed as soon as it become available to buy?
    from Iran
    best regards

  395. Hi, ati. They haven’t announced a date yet, although some of us think that pre-orders will start on Dec. 9. But Rohan said they will start in the US and then Indian and then the rest of the world. I feel vaguely guilty about this, since I’m in the US; sorry.

    Best thing for you would be to watch the website and keep up with Rohan’s blog posts. If you’re really, really bored, you can read all of the blog comments and also the unofficial forum

  396. Rohan,

    I cannot describe how PROUD I am and what you mean to India and the world! You are an inspiration every young Indian is looking for and I believe this is a start of a revolution in India.

    I went to the Apple store yesterday and was very tempted to buy an Ipad. But did not because I was not able to figure out I will use that in my daily life with so many restrictions on how and what I can do with it! I don’t see any of those restrictions in your son! I cannot wait to get my hands on THE tablet, A-D-A-M.

    Way to go! Good luck with the launch and the future!

  397. Congrats with this unbelievable jewel. I can’t wait to order one or even become your re-seller here in Ireland.

  398. This is what I was waiting for. Will pre-order the high end Adam tomorrow. Can’t wait…

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