More on the images you saw!

Dear All

Little updates:

  • Logo: We were waiting for the Winners to send back the signed agreements back and we are processing them on our front now. Result on next week-end special.
  • EAP registrations have been closed. In total 6800+ entries and around 70 have already been selected. We need to talk to each one of them so its little tiring process. But on 10th, all the selected ones will be informed (this is a festive week in India, so did some prior arrangements that this goes on time). We received entries from a lot of different kinds of groups, like Police Departments, Nuclear Reactor firms, Kindergartens, Space Organizations, Universities, Doctors and a lot more people working in extremely exciting fields (nuclear science!).
  • FCC: We are on time for this and you could hold devices in your hands on or before Christmas (and as hinted earlier, if we miss Christmas, then CES or New Year). Pre-booking will start in early December (if the case id prior). Already received FCC for the chargers!
  • Countries: Through online booking you can order in most of the countries, thanks to our logistics partners!
  • Strength: Notion Ink’s head counts increased by 15% in last month.
  • Android Version: Its 2.2. But expect upgrades as soon as its out there! 🙂
  • Blog Hits: Total number of hits till October = 0.56 X Total number of hits in October! Thanks everyone! 🙂


Now the post!

Last week I posted few images which you all have seen, and few people in the comments have rightly pointed out that there was more in those images. For examples look at the image on right:

On the right side of this image you see a small vertical section. This is where  the your songs are minimized, when you are not viewing the music panel. This is the thick state mode (which collapses to a smaller edge) where you are interacting with this edge (like forwarding, changing song, pausing, reading lyrics, etc)

One can customize this notification area to any application, and you can have them on left as well, as you can see in the left image with the twitter bird coming out!

Remember this is just the wire-frame and not the final implementation. (And same goes for the browser tabs implementation!)

And on the leaving note: Happy Diwali to everyone!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

618 thoughts on “More on the images you saw!

  1. It would be my dream to be involved in project like this. If you require any volunteers then please let me know.

  2. Hello!

    THanks for the update!

    I’m glad you ironed out the many questions people were asking (mostly regarding dates). It was a little tense in the comment section for the last post.

    I hope to see more of the adam soon!

  3. i am excitd and looking forward to get my hands on this product. The range of intresset in your EAP they see a great potential in this product.
    Myself is looking into using the device in an outside environmemt.

  4. keep going rohan………..

    May the light of this diwali fill your life and fans of adam with success, joy, peace and prosperity.

    Happy Diwali

  5. Hello Rohan,

    Not the best place to post this question maybe, BUT I need to know/ask that it be possible to “flip” the ADAM and hold it in your RIGHT hand with the speaker/battery pack to the RIGHT and use the LEFT hand for typing and interaction. This so that all lefties in the world can use the device with the wheight calculations working (as explained by you in earlier post)


  6. Ha…Rohan and team still around. Good. Happy Diwali to Notion Ink and every on in this blog.

  7. wow!! thats a very eclectic group for the EAP. It will make for some exciting apps for the Adam!! I am truly looking forward to holding this beautiful tablet in my hand

    BTW, my bday is on the 5th of December and hopefully the pre-orders will open by then so that i can order myself a little birthday treat 😀

  8. great info rohan..^^^^*** happy deepawali^***^..

    pls try to make it before Christmas..will also be good for business

  9. at Last!!! Great to hear about probable release date. Rohan please tells us (officially)about ADAM’s prices, which was quoted earlier in US $, whether it will remain true (direct conversion ) for other country (say INDIA) also.
    On UI part: Can we have some more information on music player,equalizers ( any thing similar like BBE+ of COWON 🙂 ) its interface , supporting formats, etc.Just thought is it POSSIBLE TO HAVE ” AUDIO ONLY” option (on the Go support) while playing ” MUSIC VIDEO” ? hope developer can help in this regard.:)
    wishing you and Notion ink team HAPPY DIWALI 🙂

  10. Very good news! Glad to hear the FCC processing is on track.

    Personally I hope The Netherlands will be one of the countries the first batch of tablets can be shipped to!

    Keep up the great work Rohan, the updates are very much appreciated.

    And if you make shipping and delivery before christmass, I believe a lot of tech savvy people will be very happy! Visiting the parents and toying with your laptop is not done, but having a sleek tablet and toying with that a bit is perfectly fine. 😉

  11. Those significantly higher blog hits are because all of us are checking it about 100 times a day since October. Rohan, even if it does not translate into more interest, you can be assured that this ragtag band of followers is pretty loyal by now.

    Now just be a good Santa and show up on Christmas eve, although I would have been happier to be able to order before Diwali or even on this Sunday (as it is my b’day).

  12. Happy Diwali to Roahan and NI and the new world!

    Special greetings to adam….

    Now all the doubting thomases would you please put yours hands up and join NI and team to welcome adam the disruptor

  13. …and wishing you, your loved ones, your team and your followers a Very Happy Diwali and a Happy and Prosperous New Year (where applicable)!

  14. Well, awesome. Thank you for the midweek updates and additional info. Also, congrats on having the charger through the FCC.

    Happy Diwali

  15. Even if it comes out in January its perfect for me. I would have been giving my exams during Christmas Anyway.
    And this is shaping up to be a more productive device than any thing else out there, So whenever this may come out, it will be a hit.

  16. Just a question that has been puzzling me for a while now:

    You expect to release it next month, but it seems like there is so much customisation that still needs to be done (those panels, tabbed browsing). Are you sure you will have the time to develop and test all this properly in such a short timespan?
    The notion ink development process has been going for a very long time, yet it seems like these new features have only being thought of and worked out very recently.

  17. Really nice post, thank you Rohan! It seems that everything is getting very smooth, I will be in India for New year eve and I would really like to come back to Europe with a brand new Adam!!!!

    I really like how you keep us update, I have never seen anything from any other company. You started your company in the right way!!!

  18. Thanks Rohan!!!!!! It is so good to hear the great news…

    And Happy Diwali to you to!

  19. Hear! Hear!

    I’m also hoping for The Netherlands being one the contries for the first batch. I’m impressed with the specs. Just hope the weigth of the device is lower then that of the ipad. That feels a bit like weigthlifting


  20. Hi Rohan,

    Happy Diwali to you and all at NI. Greatly relieved to hear the ‘little’ updates. In fact, these little updates are the biggest updated we all have been waiting for all these months (a year actually). I think it would be best not to bother you anymore with questions. You have been great at what you were doing. So better let you go on with your brilliant work.

    Hoping some good quality pics for this weekend special and then for December to arrive soon.


  21. Great news Rohan!
    Pre-booking and ability to get the device promptly in many countries are definitely what I was waiting to hear about!
    Thanks, Happy Diwali.

  22. If only the Adam could make me breakfast, lunch and dinner then I’d really be able to stay and work on it for long periods of time! Maybe with the update in the near future?

    Way to go Rohan & Co!

    Happy Diwali everyone!!

  23. Hi Rohan!

    Will the User Interface also available in other languages than english? Like German 😉 ?
    Would be great!

    Hope you answer!

  24. In that case, NI should provide you flexibility during pre-booking about where you can take delivery of your Adam. It won’t be available off-the-shelf so soon in India or the US.

  25. avowed is not the right word
    tr.v. a·vowed, a·vow·ing, a·vows. 1. To acknowledge openly, boldly, and unashamedly; confess: avow guilt”

    i have high opinion of your views 🙂

  26. Great post indeed! There have been many weekend specials or other posts with images, charts and much text which probably required ten times the effort to compose than this one and yet, this one is to me the most refreshing, the most informative, the least disappointing of all and the one I liked best.

    I believe that with the description of the notification edge I now better understand what Rohan meant in some earlier post when he mentioned that the whole GUI will be much inspired by a book metaphor, behaving like book pages, right down to the choice of UI colors etc..

    And on a final note: I am SOO relieved about the comment that the browser tabs are only wireframes. With the mention of the non-glossy non web2.0 design approach, I feared that the tab design shown might actually be the final design but I wasn’t too fond of it to be honest. Prior to this I imagined tabs and context menus would fan out like pie charts just like in the bumptop Gui. And with Google buying this GUI, there is a good chance that patents on this GUI design – if existent – might be revoked by Google. Now my hopes are up again that Notion Ink’s GUI might be going to sport nice fan-out pie menus and tabs.

    Thanks Rohan for this most informative of all posts so far.

  27. Great news! Good luck and happy holidays to you Rohan and all of your team. You guys are awesome. In fact, when I looked up AWESOME in the dictionary there was a pic of Rohan&team! For real 🙂

  28. Never heared about Diwali before.

    ..thats great about globalisation: getting to know about other peoples customs. (And to follow the progress and have a chance to get involved in such a great project.)

    Good luck,
    happy Diwali
    and regards from Germany,

  29. Well guys, happy diwali. Now just wait for some days and you will have Adam in your hands. You want adam because it is adam so lets be patient till its fine tuned.

  30. Rohan and NI,

    Thank you guys for this very welcome update, particularly regarding preorder in Dec and Gingerbread plans, all great news.

    Just busting to get adam in my hands.


  31. Awesome – *this* is the information most of us have been waiting for (in addition to new high res pics – hint hint). But I have a feeling you will have a LOT more positive posts here than on your last post.
    Plus if you thought your October was inundated, just imagine what your November is going to look like.
    Anyway – thanks for the details – definitely goes a long way in instilling confidence in your followers! Looking forward to seeing the logo (and hopefully some new pics please) in the weekend special.

  32. Hi Rohan,

    How about all participants of “logo design contest” getting priority in pre-order?

  33. I like to follow almost all new and exciting gadget news , but never seen any other company put so much efforts to clarify readers’ (potential customers) concerns so quickly.

  34. Thanks rohan for the update.

    Can’t wait to pre-order this beautiful device.

    Keep up the good work !

  35. Never heared about Diwali before.

    …thats great about globalisation: getting to know about other peoples customs. (And to follow the progress and have a chance to get involved in such a great project.)

    Good luck,
    happy Diwali
    and regards from Germany,

  36. I have a question about the chargers. What type is it ? US ? Europe ?

    Will we able to choose our model of charger when the pre-order will start ?

  37. ROHAN!!

    U guys have just lit up my week. My exams begin next week, and i have been super stressed about them. But now i know once i am done with my exams, and the hangover of the afterparty (;)) …. i can get my hands on this piece of art. ADAM! I was so looking forward to ur next post, i knew something must have been up as u wud have noticed the eagerness and a lil frustration of the people waiting for ur next update. And u are not the type who wud just make people wait and wait, without saying something. Boy was i right!!!!!! 🙂 …..


    Anyway, Happy Diwali to Notion Ink Family. (includes everyone right from the clerk to ROhan, and of course Us FANS. Whats a company without its fans 😛 ) U just lit up the whole Diwali Season. CHEERS ALL!!!!


  38. Thanks for the update, especially for clarifying the release date.

    Just let us know when the pre-bookings are open…


  39. omg omg omg omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!

    *not* going to get too excited about a pre-christmas release! (really)

  40. Now time has come.

    To think about not the technology but other details…
    Is technical support group ready for consumers?
    How the replacements will be handled?

  41. HI guys,
    Good to hear things are going forward at a steady pace. Regarding the pre-order will there still be a discount for students (as mentioned on slashgear)? If so will you be able to pre-order as a student?
    May sound cheap but my PhD grant although generous (lets me play science without worrying about where my next meal is coming from!) is not huge.

    Hoping the UK is on the pre-order list.

    Thanks for your time,

  42. Thanks for the proposed dates Rohan! This goes a long way to relieve some of the stress many have been feeling about whether or not it would be out for the Holidays! I can’t wait to preorder and just hope I get it for Christmas so I can show it off to all my family who comes in from across the country so I can spread the word about adam. 🙂 Happy Diwali to all!

  43. I would also like to know about that… I’m a college student as well and a discount would be really really nice. That’s one of the reasons I started looking in to the Adam.

    Can’t wait anyways!

  44. Rohan,

    Glad to hear everything is on track!

    Good to hear that you’re committed to getting the Android updates out quickly, a custom UI is essential to make a great android tablet but it’s also important to be able to receive the latest underlying OS improvements from Google. I like what we’ve gotten to see of the custom UI so far and I hope we’ll get to see some video of it soon! Looking forward to the logo’s unveiling this weekend- some renderings of it on an Adam or on your Genesis marketplace would be cool.

    Best wishes,

  45. Hey,

    Due to Android, I’m hoping so.

    However, being a lefty, an official confirmation would make my day. Well, you know, in addition to the blog post above.


  46. Woah… Mine is 18 Jan, too.

    However, I’m not waiting for that reason to buy an adam…

  47. Thanks for the update Rohan, so much information in these little tidbits! Definitely most excited to hear back about the EAP soon, hoping we can get access asap to all the tools and maybe a device so we can start pumping out the apps!

    On another note, we are in the process of redesigning our website, currently its a little dull and doesn’t really provide the image that we want for us, we want to be professional but not boring! We also plan to launch a blog soon after the new site is up, as well as finalize our goals of what we want to accomplish with Adam and other future Notion Ink projects. Oh and to those that used our contact form, we will get back to you soon, I had forgotten to check the account connected to that, my bad!

    Congratulations to the whole team for seeing Adam all the way through(minus that one investor…)

    Happy Diwali to all in India.

    Aaron Blankenship
    Exodus Apps

  48. now this is something that wud zip the mouth of a many! 😛

    new year with a new adam! O my! ! (goose bumps)

  49. I can guarantee that this won’t be released before THIS Christmas. Rohan’s track record of lying is horrendous.

    Waay back in early this year he said this was “on track” which it wasn’t. In fact it has been way OFF track.

    Then he categorically quashed the rumours by saying that it won’t be as late as November for the release… and now it’s going to be much later.

    He says that the FCC was 7 days ahead of schedule (whatever the schedule was, of course he didn’t mention it) and now it’s just to the old “on track” phrase again.

    And to top it off his “release dates” are:

    a) ‘possibly’ before Christmas
    b) CES
    c) sometime in the new year LOL

    that gives him some leeway I guess and if it gets released before 31st Dec 2011 then at least he hasn’t lied !!

    What everyone here sorely wants and needs is another blog post about the composition of the metals used in the casing of the Adam followed by a detailed examination of the plastics.

  50. I also hope Holland is one of the first countries. Most of alllllll the gadgets in the world I hesistate to be an early adaptor, buuuuuuut in this case I don’t care. I am verrry eager in buying a tablet. Almost wanted to go to the UK to buy an Advent.
    So fingers crossed, break a leg, hope for all the best and cut me some slag. I wa…need a tablet.

    Will there be a reminder when the pre-ordering starts?

    Greetz and ofcourse a Happy Diwali.


    PS a crazy little rhyme I thought of at the end of my post.

  51. The news is awesome. Can’t wait to wrap my hands around my very own Adam and proudly show him off.

    Happy Diwali

  52. @adnaan

    Wow. Thanks so much. That is very nice of you to say. Happy Diwali to you too…

  53. Great news!!!!
    Any chance pre-orders might be done through a company such as Best Buy in USA?
    Looking forward to December.
    Happy Diwali

  54. …and danish too… and soon…and maybe in red or grey…and before my birthday (it is in august, but anyway…)
    I was about to give it all up and to look for another tablet – but now i’m ready for another month of waiting. -I like this concept!!!! And a happy Diwali

  55. Happy diwali to all of the NI team. Thanks for all these clarifications.

    2011 CES
    The 2011 exhibition is currently scheduled for Thursday, January 6 to Sunday, January 9

  56. thats pretty much his signature wear… I saw him in rolled-up sleeves everywhere from CES to a seminar to 1-1 interviews and local media pics in India…. there was a lady in the team too I believe and I vaguely remember reading Rohan’s blog earlier where he said his core team is 6 or 8 (definetly less than 10)… so may be the missing person is the lady — is she the inventor of Eve? and may remain in the background till Eve’s blog is unvieled?

  57. hey guys gotta one more piece of interesting bit

    reliance industries has taken a stake in NI

    people who don’t know what reliance industries is then take a look here..

    come-on bring some apple on my plate, i wanna have fruit salad… 🙂

  58. I hope my frustration is lower now. Still I hope something another new for weekend, tomorrow!

  59. I was tense! We want Adam! We are almost going to the fabric in China to free Adam of the unscrupulous investors!

    P.S. When NI will put some shares in the stock exchange? I’m from Brazil, and I will see how I put some money in (only the little I have) ! I want too, be an investors! Not an unscrupolous one! But maybe it’s better wait much more to issuing shares, the market is crazy, and with lots of unscrupulous unvestors!

    Look what they did to Steve Jobs!

  60. In case you haven’t heard, the samsung galaxy tab is getting out, the dell streak is here and the olive pad has been out for quite some time. They are eating your lunch.
    The world is moving on.

  61. I’m lefty too, and asked this in another post, and didn’t receive any answer.

  62. Thanks Rohan,

    Very informative (as always), and has acted as a ‘safety valve’for this blog !

    Happy Diwali to all.

  63. I’m not sure who else caught this…

    When you comment in this forum and choose to subscribe to this site by email, you will get an email including the original blog post by Rohan whenever he posts something new.

    The email I received for this post is a little different than the post as it appears now. It was obviously revised since it was originally posted.

    In the original post that I received via email, there was a bullet point under “Little updates” that read:

    “3G Modules: We have both 850 series and 900, so where-ever you are, it will work for you!”

    (I also noticed the bullet point on blog hits has been added. It was not in the original. There may be other changes too.)

    I don’t know why point regarding 3G was removed. Maybe it was one of the details that was not supposed to be disclosed yet. Maybe it is not accurate. Maybe Rohan realized it not only supports the 850 and 900 bands, but other bands too and he wanted to post 3G info later when he had all the details available. Who knows…

    Regardless, I like that he said “so where-ever you are, it will work for you!”

    I’m sure that does not mean that it will work with every carrier, but it does show that NI has tried to make it work with as many networks/carriers as possible… Good news for those planning to use 3G!

  64. “FCC: We are on time for this and you could hold devices in your hands on or before Christmas (and as hinted earlier, if we miss Christmas, then CES or New Year). Pre-booking will start in early December (if the case id prior). Already received FCC for the chargers!”

    Sweetest words I have heard in a loooong time! 🙂

  65. I don’t want to celebrate yet but… IS SO F****G awesome that maybe adam will be released for christmas! Every day counting months, with the respective delay for the importation to my country (about three months ;_;). Is just a incredible new that finally adam is coming close to release date! thanks to notion ink and all his staff for all their wor till now and the future!


  66. I heard Reliance Industries is taking a stake in NI. If this is true.. NI has sealed its fate. These Indian companies will never understand the idea behind NI and if it does it would be a miracle.

  67. Is Australia one of these “most” countries that will be shipped too? It would seem likely as it is the largest Island in the world, and has a huge adam following! Please reply!

  68. Hey..gr8 newz..this is the BEST update in a long time….anyway..happy Diwali to NI and everyone out here as well..cheers!!!

  69. Hi,

    I think my question will be a bit weird, but after a year of using Adam prototype, what do you think what the main lacks/disadvantages of the Adam’s HW design are/were.


  70. this is great news ,I ve been budgeting since august anfd by december will have enough saved gor th pix q1 model, cant wait

  71. I can’t wait for this, been watching for a long time…
    Who are you working with for carriers? Or will this be sold unlocked? I have Sprint in the US and would love to tie the data package with my current contract.


  73. hey guys gotta one more piece of interesting bit
    reliance industries has taken a stake in NI

    people who don’t know what reliance industries is then take a look here..
    come-on bring some apple on my plate, i wanna have fruit salad… 🙂

  74. Is there a magnetic compass in Adam? If yes, please update the specifications. In earliers specification it was mentioned, but not anymore. Almost all android phones have a separate compass (as in magnetic sensor device), which assists the onboard GPS, and other purposes.

  75. my friend there is nothing called these Indian companies…. if one is in a global industry the company is global… local perspectives add to the diversity… just a trivia, do you remember the sponsor for the cricket world cup which was hosted the first time in India… captained by Kapil

    anyway lets not be so pessimistic about the world – good things do happen and we can make them happen often by trying to be change we want in this world; NI is a humble attempt and we should respect whatever decision they make… and yes I do believe they can work miracles in every aspect

  76. I hope the new website (at some point in time down the road) will highlight some of the other team members at NI. We give so much praise to Rohan (rightfully so), but am interested in learning more about the rest of the team that is behind this project.

    They all deserve a pat on the back if they can get adams in our hands by x-mas!

  77. I saw that but was not sure if I should mention it here, in case Rohan didn’t mean to reveal it just yet.
    rough timestamp comparision tells me there was a max 1hr lag… I feel may be Rohan had the main post (under Now the post! heading) written earlier and was waiting for the ‘updates’ from his colleagues to trickle in to write up the bullet items; either its a copy paste issue from various emails/notes etc. or the latest blog hit update came in just as he was saving the blog and dropped it in here.

  78. ok so 6800 developer applicants + however many more normal users, lol sounds like the preordering system is gonna take an absolute beating! especially for those in time for christmas. better get my fingers and credit card flexed and warmed up in time!

  79. I wouldn’t want to go to best buy to buy the adam. Since it would be the newest thing around they would probably put a nasty premium on it. I hope I can order it straight from NI.

  80. That’s only figuring on people buying *one* unit?

    If it’s ready to go for x-mas, will order two of them.

  81. “Countries: Through online booking you can order in most of the countries, thanks to our logistics partners!”

    Wow, that s awesome! Hopefully, Canada is part of those.

  82. As you can see, Rohan has answered many questions. And I’m sure 100% that Rohan will answer yours (I find your question a ginuine one from a costumer stand point.) Maybe now that most of the questions raised in this blog has been answered, and I guess most of us (some will never be satisfied: we them too!) are happy, he can answer yours and other questions. There is no reason, as a potential costumer, to distrust Rohan’s and his team, and NI’s investors also, after this post.
    Viva Adam!

  83. Well, Android should be available in many languages – in german and in russian. But I think there are changes in the OS and basic apps from notion ink and I dont know if these things are translated.

  84. Great stuff, hope that us in Canada will be able to preorder. I’ve been watching the adam for a long time and can’t wait to get one.

  85. its just gonna be absolute mayhem! Need to build some sort of monitoring system so i can be front of the que!

  86. Thanks Rohan. This should put to rest many negative comments.
    When Adam comes out, are you going to publish your experience with this blog?
    I encourage you to do so! Real stories, real people (tech people, real consumers, common people!), and how we interact with each other.
    By the way, I just remember I have to wish my Indian friends Happy Diwali! And to you and your team!

    Viva Adam!

  87. Rohan,

    Thank you for the update; good news all! I would love to get an Adam asap, December/New Years/CES all can work. Christmas is important, but best if the device is RIGHT when released. Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to being able to carry an Adam everywhere instead of a 17″ laptop in a briefcase!!!

    Happy Diwali to Rohan, NI and all our friends on this blog.

  88. thanks from all 🙂
    btw, could you see the possibility of hoisting the little adam somewhere in the big apple?

  89. I agree, let it come to the Netherlands as fast as possible!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  90. thanks for sharing the picture rajesh. Do you know the names of the guys on picture and who they are?

  91. Now someone needs to search the FCC database to find those chargers and see if adam’s styling is incorporated into them as well.

  92. Happy Diwali to all of u at NI and to guys here in this blog.

    Looking forward for dec bookings

  93. I commute to manhattan via train, and see people engrossed with their gadgets, everyday. The most used devices/applications are:
    * Email and messaging
    * Kindle for reading books.
    * News on iPhones
    * iPad for reading color mags
    * iPad/PSP for Strategy games
    * Sudoku
    * Crossword(Using .puz files)
    * Macs for designing/animation/video & audio editing
    * Windows Notebooks for office apps
    * Smartphones for quick web searches

    I hope the above info will be helpful in choosing apps/devs for Eden.

  94. @Daryl

    Rohan says in this post:

    “FCC: We are on time for this and you could hold devices in your hands on or before Christmas (and as hinted earlier, if we miss Christmas, then CES or New Year). Pre-booking will start in early December (if the case id prior). Already received FCC for the chargers”

  95. @Nishit
    Great, Then, we should keep it up.
    I do agree with you, partially. But I also think it is widespread by now, and it will increase as the month winds down.

  96. thts true, i myself must have checked the site at least 47+ times yday n day before for updates … 🙂

    happy diwali..

  97. HAPPY DIWALI everyone! Looking forward to getting the NI Adam this December or January!

    Absolutely dying for the next weekend special! =)

  98. Tomorrow will be nice!
    If not, I am happy with what I got today. And I will wait for next week, or whenever. My anxiety went that low with this post!
    Viva Adam!

  99. @ Rohan and Team!!
    Thank you zillionths for the dates —>The D-Day!!
    Also, Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year to you and your team!!

  100. no more doubts please! before christmas for all; the ones selected for EAP will get sooner than the general public

  101. Could be Reliance doesn’t want that info out, for their own business reasons. It sounds like the kind of thing that partners and investors often want to keep under wraps.

  102. Yeah. I don’t believe NI will let anyone piggback on them (unless lets say it is VERY much useful for the user).

  103. @Rohan and Team:

    What about taxes? European have to pay taxes when they buy Adam on the internet? I am from Germany and the import of products from india comes with a lot of charges if the product is more expensive than 20 Euro.

    Please help

    Thanks a lot

    Keep it up,

    Warm regards

  104. Happy Diwali to Rohan and NI entire team….to everyone on planet earth.

    Rohan celebrates Diwali in true sense with all of us by posting crisp and precise details today. “True sense” because Diwali is the celebration of “the awareness of the inner light”, in particular the knowing of which outshines all darkness (removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance. From darkness unto light — the light that empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds, that which brings us closer to divinity.


  105. Of course this list can vary widely depending on the location (eg. I never so anybody “using a Mac for designing/animation/video & audio editing” on my commuter train)

  106. Either is correct. Southern India says it as Deepavali and North India as Diwali.
    Deep and Diya part of it represent the light in a mud bowl.

  107. BBE would be great, i love my S9. Dont know why people cannot distinct crappy sound like ipods from high quality sound. but i dont think adam would kick that amount of media high end ass.

    audio only especially for youtube videos would be awesome, and of course for vids.

  108. I don’t this there is any “e-mail update list”. The way you can receive notification is vis RSS. Please click on the link above – just after the post where it is written as:

    “XYZ Responses
    Subscribe to comments with RSS.”



  109. I love the people around wishing Diwali (to all non indians). Thats the spirit of a “United world”/”Global Village” beyond religion/race/region. Thanks Rohan to bring the world united.
    Wish the whole world stays united as here beyond adam too.

    Diwali is like an Indian Christmas. It is also start of winter in India (atleast good bye to humid weather and welcome some chilly breezes). I miss it a lot (being in US for few years now).

    Wish adam the and the people the very best and happy holiday season.

  110. ahh that reminds me… why isn’t anyone asking yet if adam supports paw-touch! lol 🙂

  111. The guy standing next to Rohan has a Best Buy tag around his next. So, adam will be available in Best Buy first??

  112. Hi Cathy,

    I am really happy for you and I was hoping to see your comment today. I pray there are no missteps with the customer service, returns, repairs etc.
    Anyways, keeping my fingers crossed for Adam to arrive on-time.

    Happy Diwali (Its a celebration of triumph of good over evil) to all NI fans.

  113. Not a lot of substance here, but just the kind of update many readers wanted to see. happy Diwali to all.

  114. I am glad this update came on right time. I had sense people were getting agitating up to the threshold point , esp I don’t like what i see on comment’s section.

    for me ., it is kind of feel gud gift on Diwali . and also taking this opp. to wish everyone Happy Diwali( try to make it crackers less diwali)

  115. @jaytea,

    Look below the Leave A Reply box; there are two boxes you can check off: One for Notify me of follow-up comments via email and one for Send me site updates

    Hope this helps 🙂


    Can some one confirm this news credibility , It more looks a fantasy then reality

    if it ever happens and also Adam is a sound product. it would be a world beater. because reliance has biggest pocket in India(may be enough to handle marketing /logistics of adam in the whole world )

    it is too good to be true….

  117. Hmm, whatever the case; I’m excited!

    I’m on T-Mobile (as I work for them in the US) and was moderately concerned with the 3G bands; (not a completely huge issue; as I could always tether my Nexus One) but if it supports both bands then that’s a relief. Not taking it as set in stone as it’s not in the post; but I can at least tell customers to check back in a couple weeks for more info! ^_^

    I want my customers to have adam, screw the galaxy tab! Thus-far I have over 10 people lined up head over heels ready to purchase and when clarification on this goes through I’m marketing this like crazy to my 950 twitter peeps and 350 facebookers 😀

    Adam FTW!

  118. I thought you already have access to adam (for developing your apps). I think when adam comes out it will be all NI’s/Android apps. The EAP submissions would be on market for purchase (may be a month or 2 later).

  119. I’m wondering, can you give any more information about country specifics since it’s almost time to release? What 3G frequencies will you support? I’m in the US and wanted to use T-Mobile with this device. Will it be released with 1700/2100 3G frequencies? Is it HSDPA or will you release with HSPA+?
    Will updates need a computer or will they be downloadable automatically with an active internet connection?

    Are you able to show anything about the email application and the normal use apps? You said the email application had been redesigned specially from you.

    Will the Adam include a video chat program or anything?

    I have seen your multi-card setup and think it’s wonderful. But, how are you handling the background? If you have apps running, where is the home screen in relation to them? Is it a solid background or do you show the home screen in the background. If you show the home screen, do the live wallpapers in 2.2 suck much battery life away with all that going on?

  120. I can’t remember his name, but he is actually from Slashgear, not Best Buy (even though his tag has a Best Buy logo on it).

  121. @wtff
    For me personally, all the post have been great. Not being a tech genius, I need all kind of info and explanation. But, I do agree that this post was particularly great. I think it rubs the right spot for some people, and I’m glad Rohan decided to check back with us.

  122. I think he means from the old update me list for notifications that was on the website. no idea if its still works tho!

  123. Boy that was fast! Good news usually spreads fast. Let’s blow some wind so it picks up speed.
    Viva Adam!

  124. Don’t get your hopes up too much, I doubt he’s allowed to say whether this is possible or not – but I expect there will be an app for it 🙂

  125. @Raj

    I noticed the breakdown here of religion/race/region barriers too. I think it is great when a common interest in something can help do that. And it is even better when it is something like the Adam!

    I personally am learning more about India and its culture every day since I started following Notion Ink and the Adam. Until just a couple days ago, I had no idea what Diwali was…

    And the more I learn about India and Indian people, the more I like! 🙂

  126. CANADA! Since you will be shipping to the United States, you might aswell ship to Canada aswell.

  127. So, to those who didn’t read the earlier posts, here it is again, not as a hint, but now crystal clear!

  128. @Cathy
    Thanks, I realized after posting that all I needed to do was check the boxes.(embarrassed)

  129. @Sixthlaw, @slider
    It was mentioned before that you can purchase it on line. I imagine that it will ship everywhere. I think you can e-mail these kind of l to NI relations. Let me know if it works for you, so I can tell other people I know who will probably request this same type of information.

  130. Great exposure! The “New York Times” newspaper… Hopefully we see a lot more like that.

  131. Did someone mention in the blog that adam can be used for calling like normal phone call?

  132. @jaytea,

    No need to be embarrassed 🙂 I’ve been following this blog for a long while; posting for a shorter time, and I just noticed it myself; glad I could help 🙂

  133. Well, you are correct that a question like that is weird, just because many flaws will be discovered only by the users. also, a comment like that from any company will destroy it on the spot.
    On the other hand, a blog like this one will help learn about the product. I my self have learned a ton here about tablets, etc.

  134. @James
    I placed $500.00 under my couch, and started training my dog, and cat, to guard it!

  135. hey rohan,
    hate to rush u but toshiba just released its tegra 2 tablet and as you kno that galaxy tab is also released. please hurry up i want to see atleast one indian tablet to see compete against them. there are also rumours that LG will also release their tegra 2 tablet december or even january is going to be late. but whatever i am rootin for you. Can you atleast start pre booking. galaxy tab also started prebooking in india check out their website.

    thank you


  136. @Rohan

    There is one specification for Adam I am unclear on. I think it is something you could reveal without breaching any confidentiality agreements. I could be wrong, but if not, next time you post would you please tell us how much internal storage Adam will have?

    My confusion is because the notion ink website indicates there will be 16 GB and 32 GB models. But we have only seen pricing for Pixel Qi and LCD models with and without 3G. There has been no mention of pricing within those models for variations in storage capacity.


  137. Hi Rohan,
    Some time back you asked followers to provide their email addresses on facebook. I, like many others, did so immediately but never heard anything more. I was wondering if preference will be given to these people during the pre-order period?

  138. MrZeal,
    that instance was discussed here in another post when the logo idea first came out. Some didn’t like the image of Adam taking a bite out of an apple. I do agree with their reasoning that an image like that would reduce the Adam to an answer to ipad, though decreasing its appeal to other costumers. But I was imagining Adam holding an apple with one hand, while touching a screen of the Adam. The apple (the fruit, not the company) is a symbol of the city of NY. An image of Adam all over the subway system would give an unbelievable boost. Believe me, I lived there many years.

  139. A big fat Happy Diwali Rohan.

    Have been waiting for long for ordering Adam.

    You should have a giving section in notion ink, gift a notion ink to a poor school in an indian village or something like that.

    Adam rocks!

  140. Also, read Paritosh comments below. Advertizing the Adam in NYC is a possibility, and a must, I would say. A lot of people/companis will be willing to do it.

    As an addon:
    From Wikipedia:
    “Manhattan is the main employment center with 56% of all jobs.” And I would add that all subways lead to Manhattan.

  141. @d i think it can be.. as it got all the hardware component.. just need to know that wwan module is voice capable or not although as we got some hint from greg’s post that adam will be carrying “world traveler wwan module”.. so technically yes.. (provided we have some software to set radios on..)

  142. Great news. How early adopters are protected from near future updates to NI Adam? As you know, Adam 2 may be six months away from Adam 1 release date with double the features.
    My Questions!
    1) Logistics for Sales
    2) After Sales Support
    3) Software Patch or upgrades timeline
    4) Google & NI relationship

    Happy Deepavali to NI team.


  143. There will be shipping charges, taxes etc, plus the cost will be +/- what is mentioned on various blog due to last minute adjustments. So keep $600 under the couch to avoid any last minute disappointment 🙂

  144. I wonder if your dog and cat are going to pre-order it before you do for their usage. You have to gaurd your laptop now 🙂

  145. Very true. Also, sometimes the location might not indicate usage. For example, I have never seen any Wall street denizen using a financial app!!!

  146. Happy Diwali to Rohan and NI entire team….to everyone on planet earth.

    Rohan celebrates Diwali in true sense with all of us by posting crisp and precise details today. “True sense” because Diwali is the celebration of “the awareness of the inner light”, in particular the knowing of which outshines all darkness (removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance. From darkness unto light — the light that empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds, that which brings us closer to divinity.


  147. Looking forward to a pre-order here in Alabama, USA (yes, even us hillbilly red necks want an Adam!)…

  148. Happy Deepavali to all of you guys at NI and all NI bloggers here !!! May all of you enjoy prosperity and all good things in life.

  149. When I was a small girl, I had a penpal in India; lost touch many years ago, but always interested. The Diwali festival with lights; triumph of good over evil sounds beautiful!

  150. why i couldnt see any one of the nine contestants (exclude me)commnting here, after the voting?
    Or did u?

    And evn the aggrmnt didn’t say something like –
    ‘u shudn’t communicate with the bloggers till the winnr’s announcd!’ lol

  151. I’m following the evolution of this table since some time ago. I hope Spain is in the range of countries to (pre-)order the Adam.

  152. @Cathy “Look below the Leave A Reply box; there are two boxes you can check off: One for Notify me of follow-up comments via email and one for Send me site updates”

    Thanks. I did not see that. I tend to jump into the market once something looks usable (e.g., did not get netbook until ASUS 1000H and MSI Wind came out). Finally seeing tablets that look usable. Adam definitely appears to be the best of the bunch.

  153. How many are in the initial batch? I need to be ready so I dont miss out on getting one!

  154. Need to make an excuse to get to Vegas in Jan. Would love to see you guys in person 🙂

  155. I forgot to ask about the languages. Is the Spanish language included? I suppose that the Android OS will work like the current version and we could choose Spanish language and keyboard with special characters such as “ç” and “ñ”

  156. रोहन, दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं, हम एडम सफलता के लिए प्रार्थना करेंगे

  157. Woot… Woot… Glad to know that pre-ordering will begin in Dec. Can’t wait.
    Based on this you must have firmed up. Will price be on the next post?
    Happy Dewali to the entire NInk team and investors. Have a blast and eat a lot of sweets and burst a lot of crackers for me.:)…..Cheers

  158. I remember seeing in some post Rohan saying they can manufacture 100,000 a month (after pressing the Red button). Based on the current timelines FCC sometime this week/next and hitting to market in December, they may produce about 50,000 approximately. So have your hands ready to grab as soon as pre-order opens up.

    As per logistics, I think they will have some concentrated points like US, UK (for Europe region), Singapore for Asia pacific. So they would be able to deliver to most reachable countries. Which region gets what chunk of adams depends on pre-order quantity.

  159. Pricing is already mentioned. Send a mail to info #at# notionink #dot# com.

    The price of notion ink adam :
    – Adam Tablet with LCD display and WiFi at $ 399,
    – Adam Tablet with LCD display and WiFi + 3G $ 449
    – Adam Tablet Display Pixel Qi and WiFi to $ 449
    – Adam Tablet Display Pixel Qi and WiFi + 3G $ 498

  160. I wonder if this development with Reliance had anything to do with Rohan’s silence for the past few days?

    Maybe they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse 🙂

  161. I hope its not Reliance who is the investor, they would suck all profits NI would make. Mukesh Ambani has sucked a major part from his brother’s share, so he wouldn’t spare even NI.
    Hoping that they are not the investors.

  162. Happy Diwali to y’all too, NI!

    BTW, Rohan, is it श्रवण or श्रावण?

    I would like to know more about Indian language input methods. Are you using ITRANS, phonetic, inscript, …? And IBUS, SCIM, …? Or just a plain e.g. devanaagarii on-screen keyboard? I prefer ITRANS!


  163. Thats what I was wondering – what are you alone doing here tweeting? 😀

    Looks like you are the winner – all the other nine seem to be devastated because they did not win 😀

  164. Pricing is already mentioned. Send a mail to info #at# notionink #dot# com.

    The price of notion ink adam :
    – Adam Tablet with LCD display and WiFi at $ 399,
    – Adam Tablet with LCD display and WiFi + 3G $ 449
    – Adam Tablet Display Pixel Qi and WiFi to $ 449
    – Adam Tablet Display Pixel Qi and WiFi + 3G $ 498

    Any idea what that is going to be in £’s

  165. Rohan,
    I think for logistics and wider reach ability NI should think of parting with “eBay”, this will share some load from NI on logistics + ensure a wider reach + consumer can have a better deal as everyone get coupons from eBay in festive seasons..and can save few bucks..
    …wat do u say fellow posters…

  166. I believe you are mistaken. It does seem like many of the UI concepts are recent additions but I believe this is only because we have only heard about them recently. Considering all the delays I am sure the NI team has had plenty of time to get clear on the fundamentals on the core functionality. Will there be some last few things that need tweaking? Absolutely! And I’m sure they will be hurriedly tweaking up to and after the launch, but that doesn’t mean they only came up with these ideas (panels etc.) a couple weeks ago just because that’s when we heard about them.

  167. No to partnering with ebay, They need to concentrate on building their brand and supply chain, if you become an ebay store before you even have a brand identity established, you will be a low price provider, They want to become a premium tablet to rival the ipad and all the other android tablets, they don’t want to be the low price leader who hocks their tablets on ebay.

    sure many will sell on ebay, and that should be left to others, But Adam’s primary distribution should be the big brand stores like Best Buy in the US, and the major retailers in other countries.

    You should probably buy a few early adams, becuase once they hit the market there is going to be shortages for a long time to come. as the initial 100,000 per month capacity will not meet demand I believe. And by the time adam2 or eve is released they will be well established and probably more expensive. You see what Samsung is trying to sell the Galaxy tab for, they are pricing that high just because they think their name will command the extra money, (I don’t beleive it will) Notion Ink is going to come in less then the ipad, which is criticle to get the early success.

  168. 1.Is Russia one of these “most of the countries”? 🙂

    2.And what about service centers in other countries? If something happens with my Adam (hypothetically) , what should i do and who can help me to repair it? 😉


  169. Dear Aam team,

    I”m allready looking forward for your device since last year october. It’s very rare for me to wait for a device. But even after 1 year, I’m still excited and I believe your device will make a change. Keep up the positive thinking, I will support you in your efforts and convince some friends to buy this device.

    Please ADAM come to me (I’m not gay), I’m waiting for you

  170. So glad I caught this post…I was close to settling for another tablet this Christmas!

  171. I would like to ask on behalf of “Europeans” 🙂 , which languages will be supported ?

  172. Parting with eBay is a great idea. eBay is an extremely popular international service, a great and invaluable service. Other valuable partners might be big book stores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, … Each of them already have e-Reader devices and either have or going to have Android tablets. (I’ve just read a very good ZDNet article about Amazon possible developing their own Android tablet at
    Still, it should be profitable for them to part with Notion Ink:
    1) Adam is supposed to be a perfect reading device; no book stores currently have Pixel -Qi based tablet.
    2) Stores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble are interested in selling as many books as possible, it’s way more important for them than selling own devices, they sell devices in order to increase book sales.
    3) Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble already have free Android apps. It should be very easy to customize / improve them for using on Adam.

    Adam is a killer device in many (most) aspects. Still, there is a significant area of concern out there. As ZDNet says, “One of the biggest problems that most, if not virtually all of recently announced Android Tablets and Android Media Players have is lack of Android Market integration. No matter how good the hardware itself is, without an App ecosystem to accompany it, the value of any Android device is largely diminished… The Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is to launch shortly in the US in retail as well as by various wireless carriers will have Android Market support”
    Yes, I know that Notion Ink will offer own “Genesis” store, and I hope to participate there as Android developer. Still, no proprietary store can fully replace a need in Android Market. Proprietary stores are better positioned to complement it.

    So, here’s my question and my concern: is there any hope for Notion Ink to settle agreement with Google on distributing official Android Market on Adam?

    With Android Market Adam will probably become a best Android device available. Without Android Market it may have problems competing against Samsung Galaxy (7″ and *has Android Market*), Toshiba Folio 100 (10″ and doesn’t have Android Market), etc.

  173. Well if I plug in an exchange rate calculator
    where 1 us dollar = .6141 British Pound Sterling I get

    The price of notion ink adam :
    – Adam Tablet with LCD display and WiFi at $ 399, = 245.04 £’s
    – Adam Tablet with LCD display and WiFi + 3G $ 449 = 275.74 £’s
    – Adam Tablet Display Pixel Qi and WiFi to $ 449
    – Adam Tablet Display Pixel Qi and WiFi + 3G $ 498 = 306.45 £’s

  174. Rohan, NI team and fellow fans,

    Happy Deepavali/Diwali.

    Great news and hope you get it into our hands around the Christmas time-frame. Any points to me for guessing and posting earlier that it would most likely come out in december? 🙂

    Can multiple units be ordered in a single order but at the same shipped to different places? Are you planning to allow such a feature in pre-orders? That would immensely help many who are planning to buy for themselves and also gift it to their loved ones.

    Samsung Galaxy tab is rumored to have a landing price of $699. For a 7 inch device without any great functionality, that’s a rip-off. Hope Adam shows what it truly is amde of.

    Rohan and team, hope you remember all your initial and original fans even after you make it big.

  175. NI have already separated with investors in the past because of different plans for adam, wouldn’t really worry about them being bullied. Besides Reliance Industries is just doing what AT&T did but do it in India.

  176. Thank you all for the support, we hope you enjoy what we create as much as we enjoy making it for you.

    Raj, we have submitted our EAP applications, which closed down on November 3rd, and have replied back to NotionInk to get past the first round of cuts. By November 10th we should know whether we get access to a device, and the SDK over course, and if all goes well we should have something released within a month, which should be about the time that Adam is launched around the world.

    Aaron Blankenship

  177. Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstores sounds good. Borders took pre-orders for the Cruz reader (now sells them) and still takes pre-orders for the Cruz Tablet. Since it would be to their financial benefit, one of these might give a better deal than say Best Buy.

  178. Not sure why there are so many praises. First there is no website for the company, no information on logistics or support, no information about the company except a few pictures of Rohan holding the product !!

    I must say that if this is product is targeting for any serious business they need to get a proper company / procedure/PR etc. If not they will end in a CVS Pharmacy after holiday left over presents section for $9.99 deal.

    I sent email to INFO@ NI…..the response was a automated one with poor English!!

    Need more professionalism in the product release/launch!!

  179. This is great news, with Market place support, there will be no stopping Notion Ink and the adam. that was the one potential knock that reviewers could have used. Now that is gone, the reviews should be fantastic.

    Makes me even more existed, now I can download all the miscellaneouse apps that I will never really use, just like I do with my iphone.

    We must have the ability to download, even if it is not that big a deal for the most part.

  180. I am not participating in any of NI initiatives like EAP or Developer Program but just a simple follower of Rohans blog. However it was love at first sight between Adam and me.
    And now, since that first glimp, I can’t seem to wait until I can hold him.
    We all share the same pain of having to wait just a little more.

    Happy diwali!

    I (and definately like most of the folks around here) am an Adam fan since i first !)

  181. To any developers out there: I would also like an app that would let me flip text so that I can read and type* in reverse, i.e., from right to left (with a lot of reading my eyes (and brain) get tired of moving the same way).
    May sound strange, but I like to hand-write in this fashion; I think Davinci did this. Has anyone else tried it? It’s nice for us lefties because then we can drag a pen/pencil instead of pushing it like a spear into the paper.

  182. I highly doubt his statement based on my sources. Things could change however when Gingerbread is released.

  183. it’s more then 08 hours ..and all over web-space twitter ,face-book.. blogs this info is being circulated/updated that adam is going to be available by Christmas..(indeed it’s a big news for geeks and tech sites).. but no words on “engadget”…i smell bias.. or they are feeling like they have to eat their words after calling adam vaporware on a lot of instances..
    “engadget” i cant expect this from you guys….or are you feeling jealous/pis#ed as look’s like “slashgear” is behaving like an official partner..

  184. Thx Mate!!! Dont start spending ur credits too much… We still have a lot of other Posts to spend our credits on!!! 😛 ….. this is as the say.. just the beginning!!!


    P.S : I should study now!! rather than keep checking this blog… 😀

  185. He’s actually made a few comments like that indirectly when talking about adam2. The few I can remember off of the top of my head is: Newer usb ports(3.0 I believe), thinner bezel, and the always evolving arm processors(tegra 1, 2, 3, 4 etc). The last one though you’ll always run into no matter the product, at least with notion ink they’re going for the top that they can.

    Sorry if any of these are incorrect, they’re spread throughout the blog posts so didn’t really feel like going back through each one to confirm.

  186. As you develop your distribution system, one simple thing you can do to increase the ease of sales is for U.S. Military members serving overseas make sure you have the ability to ship via United States Postal Service to APO and FPO boxes. Many sites don’t have the drop down boxes in the state field for “AP”, “AE” and “AA” which stand stand for Armed Forces Pacific , Armed Forces Europe, and Armed Forces America. Without those state codes added to shipping and billing address a complicated mail forwarding service will have to be used which adds cost and time and will make it more of a hassle than and reduce sales.

    Can’t wait until the Adam comes out. I have the money saved up in the bank to buy one.

  187. “Android Version: Its 2.2. But expect upgrades as soon as its out there!”

    Woohoo! That hopefully means that we’ll get Gingerbread and maybe even Honeycomb! Although the latter is probably going to be saved for the Adam 2.

  188. Apple’s education discount helps students. One from NI would do same and, I suspect, shift major campus votes to Adam. I know most of my own students will snatch Adam at that 25% discount I recall from a previous post.

  189. engadget anf gizmodo promote only billion $ organizations. They are paid for it. Who knows Steve paid them not to post about adam. Steve would be already scratching his head this Christmas. Steve, pre-order one for you and enjoy some flash.

  190. Is this first company to have built such a huge fan repo even before launching their first product? Thanks to Rohan and team et al.

  191. Oh no, Adam wont have market access???????? That’s me out. I’ve been waiting for this product and following the updates for a year but always thought market access was a given 😦 There’s really no point in and android device without access. Im soooooo disappointed. Looks like it’ll be galaxy tab 10″ version when it appears. Please Rohan tell me I’m wrong and there will be market access?????????

  192. He actually stated that the MAX production capacity would be around 100000/month. I highly doubt they will do anything remotely near this number initially.

  193. So where does everyone prefer to buy their Adam from?

    I’ve seen several people express an interest in buying from Best Buy. I tend to buy most things online from reputable retailers like Amazon to avoid sales tax and take advantage of free shipping.

    I would like to buy my Adam direct from Notion Ink if that is an option. That would cut out the middle man and provide the most profit to Notion Ink.

    However, if buying direct from Notion Ink is not possible, and if a local store like Best Buy and an online retailer like Amazon both have Adam in stock and available at the same time, then I will have to weigh the cost of overnight or next day shipping against in-store sales tax.

  194. Rohan,
    I live in bangalore, will you let me know where you are located in Bangalore.

  195. Time to start learning Android for adam’s sake. Going away from this blog to read Android stuff.
    Will be back in a minute though.. 🙂

  196. The best feature could be the possibility to use the tablet as a phone. I could use my phone SIM with the tablet and don’t loose any phone call.
    Will be possible to do that with the Adam?

  197. How did I miss this story. I have been through everything to find who is backing them. My only concern with NI was the backing. they have a great design and even better specs. the o big question I had was did they have enough capital to make a go of it. Well that question is yes.
    I do have one question though in that the article makes it sound like they are going to be a Indian tablet which they are but the major release is to the US. I’m in the US so that is awesome but they are correct Ni could be bigger than the iPad in India. In the US it is going to 1 of many out there. granted i think it is the best put together with the best design and best specs but still one of Many.

  198. I sure hope that is true! But either way, Droid Marketplace support or not, I will still buy an Adam… I’m confident that genesis will meet most of, if not all my application needs. It might take a few months, but eventually there will be tons of apps optimized for the Eden UI available at Genesis.

  199. Amazon provides free shipping for 25$ or more. Typically they reach in 3-days after order. Overnight shipping gives you 2 day delivery (depending on the time you order), so 1 day difference should be fine.

    I prefer to see the device in store, and order it online so that I don’t pay additional taxes and sellers margin. (adam excluded, will buy it even before feeling it in hands).

  200. There are quite a few non official such as getjars for apps, as well as Amazon working on developing their own android app store. If you have an android phone sideloading from it should be easy enough to do, not to mention googling apps isn’t all that hard either. Oh and don’t forget NI’s own app market.

    On top of that though gingerbread was supposed to be more optimized and allow android market on tablets(unsure now as I hear it could be honeycomb now). Although NI may be able to work out something for the app market thanks to meeting most hardware requirements and the tab system would help with sizing for apps.

    Long story short, don’t worry about apps they’ll be coming from all over the place.

  201. Who said it doesn’t have market access? Vladimir above was merely asking whether it has market access out of the box. (out of the box as, on most devices that don’t come with it, you can install it relatively easy)

  202. Amazon has a nasty habit of not willing to ship electronics overseas and the European Amazon sites tend to have those things much later.

    I would prefer ordering directly from NI, other online options I would consider; ebay, ,

    for brick and mortar, mediamarkt, fnac

  203. i noticed that the adam’s wikipage is a little old. can you please update it with all the new information?

  204. Guys there are many ways to get apps. the Android market is only one of them. yes it is the largest but there are many others and more coming (bestbuy, Amazon) not to mention Genesis

  205. I’m guessing there is only one choice in storage capacity too. Hoping it is 32 GB over 16 GB. And really hoping it is 64 GB!!! 😉

  206. Dear sk,

    Thank you for your informative input to this discussion.

    “.” back at ya!


  207. Thanks for the update. I will make sure to have my money ready for the pre-order. Glad to know I could possible get it by the end of the year. can’t wait!

  208. I would prefer to buy from them if I can but I will use places like amazon or tigerdirect online and bestbuy as my electronics store.

  209. @ Michael

    From what I understand, one of the benefits of the panels on adam is to run market apps in
    their native resolutions instead of being pixelated. I,m sorry that I can’t give you a link but I saw
    earlier today a website that was confirming Android Market access.

  210. This is my first comment even though I have been following this blog for a long time. Very few people in the US know about Notion Ink or their offerings (Adam) except for technoholiks/Geeks like us. I wonder when Rohan and his associates will start advertising their product. If you want to reach the common man, then you have to make them aware. Even the mighty Apple have video ads about iPad. I think this product has the potential to cause a revolution, but you have to “sow the next seed” now. If you know what I mean.


  211. A little bit ago, PCMAG.COM wrote a review on the galaxy tab, calling it the “first viable competitor to the ipad”.

    I politely emailed the writer of that article and asked why he hadn’t considered the adam and list just a few (about 12) reasons why it was better than ANYTHING.

    He replied with

    “Hi Philip.

    The Notion Ink Adam is, at the moment, vaporware. No one has reviewed it because Notion Ink hasn’t been able to produce a finalized unit for anyone, and they haven’t shown us any unit in any form – final or not. So we’re treating it as a myth until they can actually show us the goods. They talk a good game, but we’ve seen that before (remember the Crunchpad/JooJoo, zzzPhone, or Saygus?) When and if they release a retail product in the US, we’ll be sure to review it.”

    Well I want it recorded here on this blog, for all eternity…

    a) tisk tisk PCMAG
    b)The New York Times thought it was worth a mention vis

    And as itamax said, on November 4, 2010 at 16:19


    Oh, and now my wife and son also want an adam so I guess I’d better put a little more money under the mattress ^_^


  212. Woah, nice Himym refernce their. Im starting to get worried about LG PAd and Galaxy Tab thoguh. In septemeber you ould have been away ahead of the competition, now your are merely at the competition

  213. Having store it on already established sites like amazon/best buy would help them pull more consumers during search. 90% of the customer base they are going to get are not aware of adam. Putting a store on amazon would help bring in huge volume of sales for them.

    I want to see it at best buy store next to iPad, and people overcrowding for adam leaving iPad behind.

  214. Not just taxes, but shipping charges plus there could be some ancillary expenses.

  215. no, the pre-orders will be going out at the same time. I don’t think they’ll sell out of pre-orders! They’ve got their head in the game.

  216. Education discounts would be amazing. I’m in college and the single most annoying thing is taking notes on paper. They’re useless. the tablet (with the 3 degreees angle and the swivel cam) would be unbelivably helpful for my studies. Not to mention the ebooks, etc instead of textbooks. oh and facebook would be rad.

    UK release would be amazing.

    cheeeeers! 😛 haha

  217. Hey Rohan, u shud really include the “Blog Stats” widget on ur blog…..
    We wud really be interested in looking at the millions of hits this blog gets….:)…..
    Also, I visit your blog more than I do mine….:P

  218. Why would you think like that?
    Reliance is one of the biggest companies in India and they never stop expanding, with reliance behind NI they are bound to be successful, if they live up to what has been promised.

  219. 🙂 Actually I was quite impatient myself… Its just that I knew in the back of my mind it wouldn’t be buy-able until december and I probably won’t get one until January (you know, there might be shortages, delays etc.)

    I wonder how many people plan to buy the adam?

  220. +1

    When I read about android tablets they ALWAYS seem to skip the adam.

    I don’t know if its for this reason, but the adam is a compelling device, they could just MENTION it at lease 😦

  221. The Winners? So we have more than 1 winning logo? Hopefully it’s #1, #2, #5 and/or #9 because I made mods of them and emailed to Rohan for him to use freely if he wants to and I think he should since all the 10 finalists need some revisions.

    Please check them out and comment.

  222. sure deal! may be Times Square… is the spot where adam will shine the most… and will be fun to see all the heads turning!

    yeah I remember the discussion around adam eating apple and I agree thats not in good taste either and not in sync with NI…. adam is in its own league … the numero uno… so need an Ad which just highlights adam nothing else

  223. So it looks blog is back to moderated. I posted a few responses many hors ago. And they don’t appear. Guess that is one way off keeping the number of post down

  224. And what sources would they be?

    I highly doubt NI would knowingly give false information in their reply. Surely, they’d have to know it’s very likely anything they sent would be passed around.

    Either way, I think of it this way…

    It will be a bonus if the adam has access to the Android Marketplace. If it doesn’t, it won’t keep me from buying it, but if it does I’ll be a happier girl.

  225. thats exactly what I did I prurchased a pandigital novel and have been learning android since so that when I get the adam my chancesof bricking it will be minimized

  226. i really hope it comes out before christmas so my parents will get it for me 🙂

  227. actually google is doing its typical slow, limited release of a block-based drag and drop kind of programming program for android. I applied for it and got the confirmation in like three weeks. try to apply now so you can get approval sooner.

  228. How much of % of charges?

    Here in Brazil is 60%!

    If Notion Ink put the charges directely like amazon, I will try to buy from ebay.

  229. hey rohan,
    hate to rush u but toshiba just released its tegra 2 tablet and as you kno that galaxy tab is also released. please hurry up i want to see atleast one indian tablet to see compete against them. there are also rumours that LG will also release their tegra 2 tablet december or even january is going to be late. but whatever i am rootin for you. Can you atleast start pre booking. galaxy tab also started prebooking in india check out their website.

    thank you


  230. Dear all,

    Its amazes me that adam can influence so much of our emotions, (being close to a dream tablet that tickles everyone) I did a graphical analysis of our ups and downs of emotions from Jan 2009 onwards. The accuracy of this graph is not 100% but I am sure that the confidence limit is 99%. So have a look

    A word of caution: please dont go to depression IF adam got delayed (if you read Rohan’s post in a detached way, you will notice that possibility is still there FCC and all)

    Lets also not kill our joy of adam by zealous OVEREXPECTATIONS !!!!

    Hoping to hold adam soon and enriched my connectivity and personal information management and mobile presence!!!!

  231. I sure hope Rohan has something for us this weekend. =)

    Hoping for some photos and other what-nots. 😉

  232. U drink the apple kool aid or what?… Calm down bro… What if it was late a cpl of times, its not like they are holding your money and not delivering..

  233. +1
    Just imagine, The day PCMAG holding Adam to write a review…(to write the things already known to us..haha!) !!!

  234. Rohan,

    Thanks for all of the updates and keeping us in the loop. I hope it makes it out before Christmas. I plan on buying it for my wife as her Christmas gift.

  235. Hi Rohan,

    A question regarding the orientation of the panels.

    As per the wireframes and mockups shown, when in landscape mode the panels are next to each other, left to right.

    If we change the orientation of the device to portrait, how do the panels arrange themselves ? Are they next to each other, top to bottom or are they left to right even now? And, how do the ‘apps’ within the panels orient themselves to this?

    Best Regards.

  236. Hi Rohan,

    I’d like to ask if its possible for Adam to host/be connected by accesories via USB. For example, a gaming pad (with physical buttons), to integrate directly to Adam. I think its a very great idea to have this kind of feature for serious gaming and for hardcore gamers. This would be very cool when tons of gaming apps are developed for Adam.


  237. I don’t recall Rohan saying that the panels aren’t already done? As I understood it he was showing it off to us. I didn’t think they were still working on that. As far as how long it’s been in development; remember that Eden was supposed to be on adam 2. But adam was held up due to problems with investors. So they decided to put Eden in adam. It is not like they were working on it the whole time.

  238. I’m waiting Adam…


    “Countries: Through online booking you can order in most of the countries, thanks to our logistics partners!”

    This is so nice to online orders.

    Please hurry up~~

  239. I think that starting around the 26th of November the hits for the blog and the website will Sky Rocket. We will be waiting for that pre-Order option.

    Considering how fast you see new comments on blog posts and depending on the amount of first units for pre-order it might be a big challenge to get one under your name.

  240. @Greg

    If it is just one amount I doubt it will be 32. It will be amazing if it is. But at the price point we are getting adam it seems too much. Hard to believe they have so much and charging so little for it.

  241. NI should learn from Apple how to charge too much for too little (with a white glossy paint)

  242. Wonderful job, Probably they should consider putting one of these somewhere, may be next version. Probably you should add little color to make them more attractive (these are also too good).

  243. Perfect Diwali happiness for a Christmas Euphoria and a New year gift. The bloggers keep telling others about this site and hence and increase. Those who have blogged here must get priority for online booking, because for long we also feel INVOLVED in this project – with patience, of course.

  244. Rohan,

    If I’m not wrong, the FCC is the American agency that gives the conformity to sell products in USA but for Europe the Adam needs the CE certification made by an European Agency. Are you also getting the CE certification? If not, does it means that the delivery for Europe will be delayed?


  245. I would speculate that when the adam is in landscape mode, the mini panels will be in portrait mode, and when the adam is in portrait mode, the mini panels will be in landscape mode… the same three panels in the same position on the screen, but with the mini panels reversed in orientation to what the adam is (if that makes sense).

  246. Please have your investors now spend money and hire O&M to create a neat sweet Video ad for you which can be viralled all over the internet in an elegant way – remember PC vs MAC ads on or the ads on HULU. Also if you could have them in prominent languages say 8-10, and serve them geographically. Just leaving it to word of mouth may not be the best idea i think, even though you are not expecting to ship HUGE numbers.

  247. Great works.
    I think you are highly talented in Design Art. So, they should definitely consider to contact you.

  248. @Andreu:
    Yes and No. In germany, you can use a device with FCC approval. The CE is “nice to have”. I have ordered a some weeks ago a wiipad from China. And there was no problemes (no fees) on arraival and duty 🙂

    Kind regards

  249. @Andreu:
    Yes and No. In germany, you can use a device with FCC approval. The CE is “nice to have”. I have ordered a some weeks ago a wiipad from China. And there was no problemes (no fees) on arraival and duty 🙂

    Kind regards

  250. Happy Diwali!!! We’re even celebrating here in Canberra, Australia (although festivities have been delayed a week due to wet weather- quite amazing to see rain during Spring. The gods must be smiling on us). Looking forward to pre-ordering my adam. Counting down the days until December. ^_^

  251. I’m following this for quite a while and I can’t wait to hold the tablet in my hands.
    Ans showing it off to my frends with an Ipad 🙂

  252. Great progress again Gigantor!

    What about taking the thought bubbles of combined with the nr5 of the first N with I-dot series.

    If the main O on the I would be a black circle instead of a solid dot you create escaping f.i. two smaller thought bubbles like in the url you also provided. However in my view these two extra bubbles would come from the inside of the N.

    if you could broaden that N slightly to accomodate for the thought bulbs, but keep its general look and made sure that the N´s in the logo would have the same relative dimensions it seems to be the best idea.

    The only proof of the pudding would be to print the result on the typical business card format to see if the small circles would survive.

  253. Well, this is partially true.
    I have a Master in Consumer Affairs and the law says that it is a compulsory to have the CE approval to sell in Europe. In fact Notion could have a problem if I’m damaged by the tablet due to internal failure (battery explosion, etc.) that could be detected during the certification tests. Obviously I don’t want this!!!! I want an Adam right now, I can’t wait!! :-). But the agencies of each country can forbid its distribution if they discover that it is not CE marked. Another thing is what the users do and buy from third countries.

    My unique intention is to know that all things are well done. I want this table had a great success in the market and be a real iPad killer.

  254. I wouldn´t call them ´sources´ if I could disclose them, but I trust them fully as I´m making my business decisions regarding adam based on it.

    No access to the official android marketplace for a while is not such a drama. There are fine alternatives to download the most interesting android apps. You just lose access to the whole bunch of creative ways to hear a fart which make up 100.000 apps on I-store and Android Market

    PS: and of course there will be Genesis for the highly adam tuned custom apps.

  255. I did in an earlier post, where I also explained that this is a) temporarily and b) not such a drawback as it looks like.

  256. Really, why should he disclose this information? Hopefully you don’t want to camp outside his house or worse yet start pestering him at his residence too !

  257. but there is no PR department in NI yet; to be blunt whatever we are seeing is just a favour NI is doing for us curious folks; having said that all ‘marketing’ need not be in public domain / in your face…. NI’s adam is a collaborative effort and from what we know they are working on immediate priorities and the PR and all the hullabaloo will/can follow later

  258. hey guys any loading problem in this blog.. seems like i cant b able to load all the comments…:(

  259. Lol… Yeah Mate… 🙂 …. +1 … All of us just want to laugh at the detractors when adam comes out. And i so want to comment on each review by leading technology sites,
    “Vaporware u say? Whats that in ur hand getting rave reviews everywhere then?”

    Aaah Just cannot wait!! We are like the unofficial army… the Notion Ink Army!! 😛


  260. The problem occurs if you’re accessing it via a proxy server like from an office. Happens in my office. The proxy stores an incomplete page and keeps serving the same. Access from home is OK.

  261. Hi,

    Could someone please let me know if the product will be launched in the UK as well anytime soon. I plan to buy a tablet before christmas. Is NI adam likely to be out before mid december in the UK.

  262. @Greg, Cathy et al,
    very nice to know one product inspiring people to learn more about a culture and its people… feel free to ask any questions – I think as long as we are not writing 100 lines of replies folks wont mind a few snippets of relevant info while they await further updates from Rohan…. Google and the internet could help do the deep dive but one may need some guidance on what to look for with the ocean of info out there….

  263. +1

    We need it to ship here! Otherwise we’ll need to rely on importing them ourselves… like what we’ve done for most cool gadgets

  264. I have just found this in Wikipedia (I hope it’s true!):

    Self Declaration

    The “New Approach” to conformity enables manufacturers to use what is called a “SELF DECLARATION” where the manufacturer himself declares conformity by signing the “Declaration of Conformity (DOC)” and then affixes the CE Mark on his product.

    This section may need to be wikified to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Please help by adding relevant internal links, or by improving the section’s layout. (July 2010)
    The following simple steps are involved:
    1. Identify Applicable “DIRECTIVES”.
    2. Identify Applicable “Conformity Assessment Module”. Although CE Marking follows the Self Declaration principle, depending upon product complexity and risk to human life, various conformity assessment modules are prescribed:
    Module ‘A’ (Internal Production control)
    Applicable for products falling under EMC and Low Voltage Directives. Manufacturer’s product is tested by a third party. After compliance with the tests, his production process ensures continued conformance. He maintains “Technical Documentation” as a proof of compliance. There is no mandatory involvement of European Lab (i.e. Notified Body).
    Modules ‘B’ to ‘H’
    Mandatory involvement of European Lab is required which issues “Type Examination Certificate”, certifies documentation (called “Technical Construction File”(TCF) and carries out inspections.
    3. Identify Applicable “Standard”.
    4. Test one sample of the product. Either yourself or from test lab.
    5. Compile “Technical Documentation”.
    6. Sign the EC “Declaration of Conformity”.
    7. Affix “CE Mark” on the product. Everybody needs to check this mark on electrical appliances.

  265. @Phillip
    LOL. I’m hiding some money under my couch too!!!

    It’s a case of poor attitute. They should be on the look out, as a magazine, for new products, specially new magazine. That must be one of their goals. They fail at that miserably. It doesn’t matter weather the new product is vaporware or not. They should not make value judgments like the one on JooJoo, and now the Adam.
    If it were up to them, no start up company would ever get any public exposition. Bad, very bad attitude.
    Their investors should look into that, and get them straighten up.
    My humble opinion. I’m just a consumer.

    Viva Adam!

  266. Sorry, mistake.

    “It’s a case of poor attitute. They should be on the look out, as a magazine, for new products, specially new companies (not ‘magazine’.)

  267. maybe a silly question, but can ordinary people like me (instead of company representatives, reporters, or bloggers) attend the CES show? do I need to buy tickets? have travel plans to LA during that period, may go to Vegas if the show is open to public.


  268. never mind… i found the answer: no general public…
    guess if you guys had the chance to visit, please bring us great news

  269. Maybe it’s possible to start a list based on email addresses to allow users on the blog to get first crack at the preorder? I’d hate to miss out on the first batch of Adam’s…Almost like a waiting list for the pre-orders?

    Or perhaps Rohan and team can send a link via email to blog subscribers a day prior to opening it up on the official website?

  270. Only a reward for the top 10? What about the rest of the top 43, surely they deserve a reward as well? (even if it is smaller / less valuable)


  271. Gigantor,

    Nice work overall.

    I tend to prefer the logos that have the symbol to the left of the lettering. Square logos (two-line) don’t usually reduce as well as horizontally formatted (one-line) logos.

    Sometimes it’s tricky to get logos that have the lettering below the icon to display well in small areas.

    As a test, try to reduce some of these logos and place them on the top face of the Adam. I think you’ll find it easier to place the horizontally formatted (one-line) logos.

  272. @Brian, rough calculation. Ideas welcome!

    Number of people who want to buy an adam right now =
    10000 (blog followers, not sure of the exact number, probably many more) +
    5000 (Number of business owners, research establishments, etc who want to buy in many numbers, most likely even more) +
    2000 (number of people who will buy more than 1 adam, probably more) +
    6600 (EAP entries who dont get an adam all will want to buy one)

    = 22600 (round off to 25000?)
    + x number who want to buy as the publicity increases as the release date gets closer
    where x = 50000? 100000?

    Any ideas anyone?

  273. Rohan and Team!
    I have been following the blog for a while, and like many others here, I visit umpteen times a day for an update. I am doing all what I can to evangelize NI and Adam to folks who I know, and every single one of them immediately turn out to be a FAN!! So great job, and well done!

    This is my first ever suggestion to NI, and it springs from my day dreaming about how I would be using ADAM in my every day life :).
    I am thinking accessories here. Are you making connections for “accessorizing” ADAM?
    As you know, accessories like Leather / synthetic covers, Screen protectors (reflective/matt / glossy, although I understand that you have designed a matt finish for the ADAM screen) has a huge market in the PAD/Smart phone world.
    It is a million dollar industry, and I am sure TPVs will emerge with their own versions of the above as ADAM hits the street.

    BUT – I am thinking about a DOCK for ADAM.
    From what I understand from the images so far, the USB ports to which I/O can be connected is fitted on the wide side rather than the long side.
    If some one came up with a DOCK with keyboard/track pad this would accommodate portrait alignment of the ADAM when used with the DOCK.
    As a differentiator to other pads out there, perhaps you can fit a USB port on the long side at the bottom. This is too late for ADAM, but I hope you will consider for ADAM2.
    This way DOCK users can enjoy landscape alignment as well.

    I am also looking for the community opinion on this ? What do you think guys?


  274. @Gigantor

    jst chckd ur new and modified logos ^^

    ( sory 4 being too late to comnt on this as i surf a lot from my mobile-no flash.)

    the 1st modd one lookd really gud.

    And the last in the slide, chinese like font, wow! that one caught my eyes. I likd that the most. 🙂

    lets c what rohan says. 😉

  275. Yes. Rohan has addressed that in his blog. It will available to order online from all countries and the shipping will be through their logistic partners in those countries. So he’s trying to cover every country.

  276. Even though I live in MN, I’m not a big fan of Best Buy. Most of my tech purchases go through NewEgg or J&R,. You can order from J&R through Amazon. I am leery of overseas purchases. I once ordered a keyboard replacement from Taiwan (through Ebay) and the package was marked as a gift by the vendor. I believe this was/is illegal. Not implying NI would do such a thing. Merely pointing out that you could be held responsible for ensuring US Custom laws were followed if you ordered from overseas.

  277. maybe someone should have posted:
    “I am so disappointed with NI, for not having thought of the big mass of people out there who have pets. They have not even mentioned if the ‘paw-touch’ is supported .. if there can be programs made in which pets can handle some routine tasks like power up shutdown, play et al… This would be a great thoughtful idea to encourage pet-owners and also the pet community… pleees Rohan pleeess”

  278. You are correct, they arn’t a big company, in fact if you read there history and timeline that was on Slashgear, they were down to a couple dozen employees after they lost there financial backers in June. I can’t quite remember, but I think he said it was down to 15 people at one point.

    they are a young start up, with all the typical problems of a young startup, But they have funding now, and have been hiring, I think the last quote from a blog was they were at 80 people, and then he said employee counts up 15% last month.

    So, they kept an engineering team together, and the core group, hung in there be the slimmest of margins and got the funding, since then it has been a steady ramp up.

    I would bet that during the dark time, between losing the first set of financial backers and before getting the second set, they were working for nothing. they just kept focused on the dream, improving adam, and it worked. Now they will get the tablet released, it will be a huge success, they will grow by leaps and bounds, and you will get your marketing department, and slick full color brochures, etc. Until then they have to stay focused on shipping the product. because until that happens nothing else matters, not a fancy website, not a marketing department, nothing, they have to get the product shipped. and the rest will follow.

  279. While I like your


    i also see where they are coming from, last CES adam got all the press, even from PCMAG, Then it was going to be released in June, June came and went, and the company went silent. Only info was some news on losing investors. At that point it looked like a strong possibility adam would never see the light of day, it seemed like many a startup, Notion Ink had failed to launch and was going to go away. There was nothing put out by Notion Ink that would make anyone but the most diehard followers believe the adam would ever see the light of day.

    In fact the blog didn’t come to life until September, and the frenzy amongst the faithful, (like you and I, and the rest of the people here) began, but there still hasn’t really been much beyond a few snap shots with a cell phone by Rohan of an actual adam, not new videos, no reviews by any outside agency, nothing, as far as most of the mainstream media is concerned, they arn’t going to cover adam until they have a real product to touch.

    Which is fine, because you and I want to be able to get our hands on an adam, and if everyone knows how great it is, they it will be really hard to get a hold of, after all they are going to have a tight supply at launch.

  280. > Only a reward for the top 10? What about the rest of the top 43, surely they deserve a reward as well? (even if it is smaller / less valuable)

    Like an iPad?

  281. personally, I don’t think a dock is neccasary, if I wanted a keyboard and trackpad, I would just get a netbook. I am really hoping the adam tablet is all I need. (other then a screen protector) For those very limited times when I might need a regular keyboard, I think the usb port will work fine.

    When I think of a dock, I think you are setting it up on your desk, in which case you might as well just use your computer, Now that is just me.

  282. Indeed, I’ve been excited about this tablet for months and months, with delay after delay. At this point in time it may be prudent to start researching other tablets as I’m sure many come similarly feature loaded, and some to include stylus’.

    Not that I’m not still interested, but it’s hard to keep hype going for half a year following what should have been the release date – it’s also a lot of time for competitors to take note of what’s being done right here, and correct potential design flaws.

    To be honest, at this point I’m on the fence – what would have certainly been a sale for me is slowly becoming foggier and foggier, especially since there has yet to be a real concrete demo of anything.

    All the advantages of being first to market are quickly diminishing – one more pushback and I’ll probably have to come off on the other side of the fence, which would be kinda a shame especially since many of us have been waiting so long.

    At the very least, now none of us will have to suffer the iPad. 😛

  283. yea, good point you make…I guess in the business world, it does make for better portability. In any metro city you will find people with heavy laptop bags going to and from work. Imagine a world where ADAM takes over (and I hope it will) the business community with the strong app selection, and web adaptive technologies – It wouldn’t be long for execs to carry ADAM around. So you have the dock at your office desk. When you travel to client locations for presentations and such, you just take the adam with you.
    This also applies to the student community, where they have the dock at home, and can carry adam to class and back.

    Agree, this is only a ‘nice to have’, but a big one at that!!

  284. @gecko…thats the kind of stuff I’m talkin about…

    Now, if some one in cleverland could come up with a foldable dock for adam, I would buy it along with the adam…

  285. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Pads are indeed poised for taking over business communications.
    For example Avaya has come out with the new unified communications experience called FLARE, which is based on an Android PAD. The device cost around USD 2000 list. But they will allow porting of the FLARE experience to other android devices. Work on Dell streak and IPAD for portability is already on.
    Chek out how powerful the FLARE experience is at the link below.

  286. Per my earlier comment, all these delays have to be causing nothing but damage to Notion Ink’s entry into the market – after googling around for a bit (10 minutes or so) I’ve already started to see almost 40 alternatives announced, many for 2010 (which I however expect were from dated information from a variety of sources). I haven’t looked in depth into very many of them, which I intend to do over the next week or so.

    Never the less, can all this additional competition be considered good for a small start-up like Notion Ink?

  287. Oh no! I will give all my money to microsoft and their kinect!

    How I will buy Adam?

  288. @ AV

    tough to estimate before NI implements their advertising policy. + many of the categories you list could be overlapping…

  289. My only concern with the Adam is that it sounds too good to be true. For example, DIY Pixel Qi screen replacements are available for netbooks. They cost $275 (not sure if they are touchscreen). The most expensive Adam is supposed to be under $500. Viewsonic is shipping its G tablet which is similarly priced, has a Tegra 2 and Android 2.2, but no Pixel Qi, no GPS, and only has a forward facing camera. Do not know if the numbers add up.

  290. The veiwsonic is the sears ad was $379, that is $120 cheaper then the high end adam

    the non-pixel q, with wifi is $399, that is a pretty comparable price.

    They are also larger companies, so they can demand a higher price in general.

    Notion Ink is going to need to price very competitively to get an entry in the market.

  291. They should IPO in the Indian stock market. Then apply for listing in US Nasdaq stock exchange.

  292. The 40 or so, arn’t going to be out this year, that is why notion ink is trying everything it can to get to market, before an avalance of tablets hit.

    Actual tablets on the market, are a varity of the ZT-180 tablet re-labled for a bunch of companies, they are all 2.1 android cheap tablets.

    The galaxy tab will be out. and now the viewsonic. another I have followed is the flatpad, but they sold out there first pre-order batch of 250(but missed the shipping deadline), and expect to have a batch of 1000 tablets in December. this is a miniscule amount, the adam could likely sell 100K their first month, if they can get that many off the production line. So many of the tablets you are seeing are not really ment for a global market, they are small companies rebranding a tablet and selling a small quantity.

    there are no other name branch tablets out, just a bunch of no-name tablets all produced in china with a different lable stuck on them.

  293. @ Davd

    I know what you mean, and i do agree that at some point of time it did seem that Notion Ink might turn the other way. While we were hoping and praying, the technology “professionals” being realist/cynical (whatever u may call them) that they are, started putting Notion Ink down as vaporware.

    But that is what will make this victory sweeter if i may say so. I am not a fan of “revenge, getting back”, but hey proving your castigator wrong is always, and i mean ALWAYS nice. I know their logic behind calling notion ink a vaporware. They have seen many products come and go. But i was not a fan of any of the other vaporwares, so i dont care what happened to them. They have logic and reason behind calling NI vaporware. But me (including u and others) being fans, followers see beyond reason. Sometimes being a fan means u give ur team unadulterated support, it might seem stupid to support them because it questions all the norms of reason and logic. Sometimes being a fan means more than reason and logic. So we stuck by our team, product. And its paying us back. So hell, even though they had logic and reason, and experience behind them (the “professionals”) looks whose smiling now. 🙂 …… I still know there is a long way to go. And this is just the beginning of the final stretch where they have to pull up their socks. But wat the hell , the declaration of release time frame is still a small victory after a long time. And we can celebrate!!!!!!


  294. NICE!!!

    I was hoping it to be rteady for thanks giving, but christmass should work… i just hope i get it sometime before february, I will leave for a very nice trip to New Zaeland (riding my bike for 1 month all around NZ ) andi definitelly will need a light, handy, smart device with acces to the Interent by Wifi, or 3G and a good office suit to be able to keep up with all my homeworks. Also a good longlasting batteri would be nice for long riding days with good music 😉

    Well i guess you got my point ADAM is what i need and definitely i need if before February! please make it happen !!!!!!

    By the way, a List of countries wher you will be able to deliver would be SWEET!, I live i Mexico but if mexico is not on the list then i will find some way to have it shiped in the US. Eny ways i will have one in my hands for SURE!!

    GREAT JOB!!!

  295. Good to hear that adam is going to be shipped. I was following it first when the reviews were posted on slashgear last year. Hope I could order one / buy it in India early Jan 2011

  296. Retro-reflections !
    It is interesting to note that first four posts by Rohan in his blog received NO COMMENTS, though all of them are very thoughtful and worth reading. They are kind of “MUST READ” for every Notion Ink fan/ enthusiast.
    Try to read them if you want to have deeper understanding and insight about the revolutionary journey called “Notion Ink”. They are as follows-
    1. April 26, 2009; Return of Newton
    2. April29, 2009; Innovation is Revolution
    3. May1, 2009; Days are not far
    4. May2, 2009; Future is not impossible
    Posts received negligible attention-
    5. User eXperience Design on May 19, 2009 was his first post which received comments for first time (total-2)
    6. Decades of Delays on May11, 2009 again- no comments
    7. Ideas and Communication on May19, 2009 -1 comment
    8. Ideas and Communication II part on same date-2 comments
    9. Bit of Engineering and its Big Difference on May20, 2009- 4 comments
    10. The Unbalanced World on May24, 2009- 3 comments
    11. And This is how the world is changed! on June 5, 2009- 3 comments
    12. Pervasive Processing on June 11, 2009- 5 comments
    13. Notion Ink: And we love it! on December 19th, 2009 first time attracted respectable number of comments -38 
    HAPPY READING (If you can squeeze some extra time and interest)

  297. Well they are projecting selling 4 million Ipads per month by mid next year, the Galaxy tab just predicted with the demand they are currently seeing they will sell 1 million units before year end.

    so there is a huge demand for tablets, if the galaxy tab, expects to sell 1 million in the next 7 weeks, the adam will sell everyone they can produce, and there will be a huge backlog.

    after all they said earlier they hope to have capacity of 100,000 units a month, which they will have a hard time producing for the release in December. If they can get FCC approval, in the thrid week of November that would give them 4 weeks till Christmas launch.

    My prediction, they sell 100,000 units on launch, and have a backorder of 300,000 – 400,000 by time CES rolls around in January.

  298. I just got great news, my Dec 7th business trip was moved to second week of January, that means I can have the adam for my trip

    yea !!!

  299. @Secular One .. read the entire article and at the end the writer says
    “Pocket Lint advises readers to take the report with “a mountain of salt,” at least for the next couple of weeks. If the rumors prove accurate, TechCrunch writes, releasing a self-branded device is a “smart move” for Google” 🙂

    it will be a great success (read failure) as Google’s nexus one 😉

  300. Google CEO Eric Schmidt sat on Apple’s Board of directors for eight years and stole all the secrets. Now he’s making phones and computers. Guess what kind of computers he will make…

  301. Happy Diwali Rohan and the whole team! I’m hoping I’ll be able to buy the tablet and ship it to Mauritius. Great work. I like the side panels that can be customised.

  302. @Davd re: November 5, 2010 at 22:43

    Indeed, about half of the ones I looked at are basically no name, and many are pretty feature restricted (i.e. somehow that Augen Gentouch made it onto my list. :P). I basically weeded out most of the ones that fall more towards a tablet form factor than a slate one (which appears to be defined all over the map from 4″ to 20″ or so).

    My major concern is basically that a lot of people (and by people, I’m basically referring to the market itself, as opposed to people who follow the blog) probably wouldn’t mind waiting an additional month or two for a name brand slate from a major player like BlackBerry, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, etc, or the much rumored Google/HTC product which has yet to be confirmed, much less announced, as opposed to buying from an untested startup like Notion Ink.

    If Apple has proven anything, it’s that the quality of the product isn’t necessarily a required component. People pay big dollars for the shiny logo on the reverse – iPods have basically been on par with just about every other MP3 player for the last decade, but people are willing to shell out the extra $400 (on a $100 product) for the priviledge of toting a half eaten apple.

    As impressive as I hear the Adam is, I’ll have a hard time convincing my mother it’s better than an iPad, even if I clearly demonstrate them side by side – and at the end of the day, that’s exactly what a big part of the market is – change-adverse mothers bewitched by big game.

    As far as I can tell, the only real advantage Notion Ink has relative to the overall market is exactly what you outlined earlier – their preemptive descent on the market flooding their product affordably into the hands of eager pre-owners like ourselves and letting the product speak volumes through us. When the scope of that advantage is measured in weeks, though, I think most people will just wait for Samsung’s version.

  303. I should have said I weeded out the ones that are more like phones or ebook readers rather than the convoluted statement earlier. I’m mostly interested in Tablet wannabes – roughly in the 8-10″ category.

    If you knew anything about the delay you would realize it was for pretty good reasons. NI investors wanted stupid changes such as going from android to windows 7 and changing the tablet to a netbook! Of course NI decided against it so the company and the investors separated ways leading to the first delay. Had they managed to get investors quickly we would be holding an inferior adam, but thanks to the delay we got upgrades in hardware and software upgrades.
    “The product will shoot for FCC certifications in the second week of November.”
    But hey they never said when FCC was right?

    If you knew anything about FCC testing you would know why the release date is so varied. NI has everything set up and ready and the ball is in FCC’s court. FCC could speed through testing or take their time with it on the back burner.

    If you sir so dislike the way NI handles things then you can go back to working on your own companies tablet instead of posting FUD.

  305. Thanks. Viewsonic is now $399.99 at Sears. LCD + WiFi price makes sense. DIY Pixel Qi kit for netbook is $190 more than DIY touchscreen kit. iPad 3G+WiFi is $130 more than iPad WiFi. Combined, thats’ $320. NI Pixel Qi + 3G + WiFi is only $100 more than NI with LCD + WiFi. That’s where the too good to be true concerns come into play.

  306. This will be another failed experiment of Google, the world is not ready for full cloud computing yet. A browser running inside a Tablet Ummm… doesn’t seem like much to me, I would rather pay a few extra bucks and get a real tablet.
    But Again i could be wrong
    And you have got to stop posting about other products on this blog, every post you have made here talks about some other company like windows 7 phone or macbooks and ipads.

  307. Reading these I couldn’t help but thinking it sounded a lot like Bioshock. 😉

  308. My most important question is:
    How does the PixelQI Screen perform? Is it allright for Media in LCD Mode and most important: How is the readbility in B/W Mode? I want the Adam if i can used it as a reader. Aricles, Blogs, Books, PDF’s.

    If the Screen is not better to read than a normal LCD then I get a headache after 20 Minutes.

    If not, then this would be one of the most perfect devices for my stuudying. Please tell me the Screen rocks the shit.

  309. All those prices are for add-ons, there manufacturing cost in bulk is much different,

    here is a tablet being marketed here in the US by Flatpad

    FlatPad A10T Launched!
    10.1″ Capacitive Screen
    Nvidia Tegra 250
    WiFi b/g/n

    they are offering it for $395. they don’t manufacture it, they are just re-banded a generic one from China, Notiion Ink is actually manufacturing theirs, (subing it out anyways), so there cost are going to be even less.

    The flatpad, first order was for 250, and there second order they state is 1000 units.

    Notion Ink is looking at producing 100K units, I imagine their cost are substantialy less.
    If you read a lot of Rohan’s blog post, and also see who their financial backers are, I would imagine they are very comfortable with the price points they have set.

  310. I highly doubt max3d’s statement based on my sources. Things could change however when his sources are released.

    Jokes aside I know I really shouldn’t get my hopes up before notion ink confirms it on this blog, but I can’t really see what her gain would be for lying about it having the android market. Adam seems to have all the hardware required and with its 3 panel design the screen can be optimized for phone apps(instead of waiting for those apps to be optimized for tablet screens), which we’ve seen smaller tablets such as dell streak get the market so I am inclined to think google may loosen up and give the go ahead before gingerbread.

  311. That is also my concern too! So far I could not get any good answer from anyone in Notion Ink!

  312. That is my concern too! So far I could not get any good answer from anyone in Notion Ink!

  313. Very true, most people will still buy the ipad, a stock market analyst predicted they would sell 44 million ipads next year. If they don’t buy the ipad many will still only buy a big name. That is certainly how many consumers behave. But if they can get the buzz, the heard will follow, that also is how the consumer acts. There is definitely a herd mentality.
    The one other thing adam has besides first to market, is the pixel Q screen and their UI.
    The pixel Q is going to get the masses to look at it, and the UI is going to be the really make or break. so, many of the tablets coming out, will all basically be the same, they will be stock android with a few tweaks here and there, in fact the reason most of the major players have slowed their roll outs is to wait for Android 3.0, so they don’t have to do anything special at all. they will just be stock android tablets.
    Notion Ink, had the tech world looking at them in awe a year ago, if they can get it released to market that same tech world will all return to sign it’s praises. The tech world for the most part also has a herd mentality. You can’t under estimate that.
    If they can get it release and have the positive reviews, then when someone picks up PCworld or any other magazine is reads a top ten tablet list and see the Notion Ink adam at or near the top, it will sell itself. I would put really money down, that when the first reviews come in, one of the headlines will be,
    “FINALLY a true Ipad Killer”
    Now it won’t kill the ipad as it is unstoppable, but it can take it’s place up near the top of the pile.
    The Blackberry tablet will do really well, a lot of businesses will buy into it, as well as the cisco tablet. Many other tablets will also do well, the ipad will probably only hit 35-40 million units next year, and Apple will cry all the way to the bank over their lost market share.

  314. Found this one:

    “Does the PixelQi work well in places without sunlight?”

    In reflective mode (i.e., with the backlight off, which is what you are after), the answer is “not really”. I bought the Pixel Qi for exactly the same reason, and while it worked fine in full sunlight (though still not as easy on the eyes as an e-ink disiplay), inside it was virtually unusable, even with an intensely bright SoLux Clip-On Digital Photo Lamp shining on it.

  315. Apart from continuously discharging, I understand it’s supposed to be extremely similar to eInk displays, which suggests it would perform extremely well for a typical reading device. That said, it won’t hold as much of a charge as a typical eInk device (i.e. Kobo, Sony, or the famous Kindle) which can generally hold a charge for reading for weeks (I’ve heard 2-3 weeks is typical, whereas mine lasts within about 1.5 weeks), whereas this would require (in typical conditions) daily charges.

    The advantage, of course, is the versitility of a device that “does it all.” And given that you’re still shelling out over $100 for a decent ebook reader, a 3-5 hundred dollar computer seems like a pretty reasonable step to make.

    Ultimately, it would depend on your usage needs.

  316. I agree with you, if Google doesn’t change some core functions for Chrome, this would be dead on arrival! The idea of a tablet is mobility, and it’s impossible to assume that no matter where you go you will have internet… As it stands now, I think Chrome is more a system for old desktops to be brought back to life.

    But don’t be upset with Secular One, he’s in denial. He got upset with NI, wants to quit, but can’t quite find another tablet to fall in love with… so he comes back, but he’s upset with himself for coming back, and then he takes it on the blog…. I say let’s give him a big hug and tell him:

    It’s OK, you’re forgiven. You know you want the adam, just embrace your desire and be happy! 🙂

  317. Perhaps you should look at some of the specs and video of this device in action. I pre-ordered the iPad, and do enjoy it – but this device will be better. And, why not root for the underdog?

    This is not a prediction for the demise of the iPad, but the success of this device.

  318. I’ve also been concerned about the lack of 16/32gb prices. I wouldn’t buy a tablet that only had 16gb (that’s how much storage my smartphone has for goodness sakes), so hopefully they’ll go with the 32gb if they have to choose. Even 32gb is kind of low if you compare it to the other tablet options out there, but the reason I would settle for it on the Adam is that it has decent expansion options. Still, I think 16gb would be a deal breaker for some people.

  319. Hi happy Diwali to Everyone and to NI my greetings will always be with NI

    lets hope for it to be huge success.

    Another thing is that we would love to volunteer and work with NI if we get the chance
    I m a senior web developer at ZAQ ENTERPRISES & SPIN GROUPS
    We are working for many organization

  320. I have no first hand experience with Pixel Qi. I do have a Kindle though. More precisely, I had a Kindle until my teenage daughters swiped it. The Kindle does not have a backlight and one can read it for hours and hours without straining ones eyes. Note that this means you need a night light to read the Kindle in the dark. From what I’ve seen, the Pixel Qi with LCD off (i.e., backlight off) looks very comparable to the Kindle.

  321. If I can’t purchase it directly from Notion Ink, then I’d like to get it from Newegg. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it yet.

  322. I think you’re not reading it well in context. I read the link and it had to do with people looking for a screen that is easier on the eyes than an LCD. Well, I got news: when you turn the backlight on, PixelQI is (or IS) an LCD. At this category it is not better, nor worse than a regular LCD screen. Now, switch off the screen light and take it in the sun: you’ll be able to see it almost as well as your Kindle while the LCD screens will be completely full of glare. Most people will be switching off the backlight when in bright conditions, not dim light, where it will drastically improve the readability.

    Also keep in mind that you need a certain amount of ambient light to be able the screen in reflective mode, so a small clip-on light that illuminates only a small area will not work…

  323. @tbc and @DH Qi mode adam can give upto 160 hours.. of reading or music..
    2. it can be used in Qi mode outdoors in strong sun.. or indoors/ absolute dark or low light conditions as adam can be adjusted for back-lit in Qi mode or can be left on auto mode where adam will adjust itself to the surrounding lighting… so u get best of both worlds… 🙂

  324. Even though I make most of my tech purchases online either from manufacturers site or amazon, I think it’s crucial that Adam be in stores like Best Buy. The *best* way to convince non-techies who don’t read this blog and who’ve never heard of Notion Ink is to let them play with an adam in person and see how cool it is. I think the average person would want to handle a new product from a new company and test it out before they bought it, rather than doing it sight-unseen.

  325. I am Aware of E-Paper Displays of the reader. If the readability is like that i would be more than happy. But If it is like that, why is it not advertised? That would be the kickass feature. That is for me the difference of buying a tablet or not buying a tablet. If I can do nothing more than with my Laptop, i dont need one. Swype is great and love that Adam runs andoid so i can use it but a Hardware Keyboard is unbeatable.

    But with a screen that both can be used to consume media and read text like an ebook reader, the thing just makes sense.
    I hope the readbility will be like that.

  326. congrats for new website

    website is quite lively i must say specially design section

    A suggestion if u guys accept it is you can make it more lively by creating a web based virtual interface one like you have in adam so that visitor can interact with its UI of adam and other features such as after getting in design section visitor should feel like one holding in hand and visitor can play music,type, swive the camera and increase volume, so as to get familiar all this by there mouse taps and keystrokes from there remote machines

    and lastly if you guys are looking for any kind of Distributorship/service centers in NCR and U.P. region
    our team will be more than happy to assist NI

    Regards Nawaz Sarwar

  327. I dont care about reading under my blanket in bed.
    I am aware that i need abient light, but thats not my concern, when I’m in a train or the university or just in the park, there is light. But I cannot believe that the QI screen is for reading like e-paper and for media like normal LCD.
    This Feature is just abso-fucking-lutly awesome that I would tell it everyone time and again. NI does not do that. So why not?

    For me, this is the key element why a tablet (doesnt matter if its from Apple, Samsung, Neofonie or some other guys) makes sense to have and buy. If I would sell the only one i would make it the key element of my marketing. Its so fucking awesome.

    And the reason why NI does not do that is the reason why i am sceptical about the readability.

    Dont get me wrong, i check this block every 20 Minutes for 4 Months now, I spread the adams word everywhere and want to preorder it to germany as soon as i can. But i stay sceptical on that matter. The Rest does not concern me, i bet rohan and NI will do a great job, but a tablet is just useful for me with a gread screen like ne PixelQI supposes to work. I pray it does.

  328. It’s nice to know that people can take the initiative and spend 5 minutes looking up some basic info for themselves…

    But since you didn’t: Below is an article explaining how Pixel Qi works.

    The Pixel Qi site Product page, showing side-by-side pics in each mode:

    Vids of adam playing video media and showing it as an ereader:

    Vids of adam in ereader mode (but keep in mind the final version will have a matte screen, and he is repeatedly turning the backlight on and off while demonstrating):

    There are quite a few vids showing Pixel Qi technology if you need to see more. I’m sure it would be worth a few mins to check them out.

  329. @Kay

    The netbook screen pixel qi(the company) sells sold out for quiet a while and they only started selling the tablet screens to companies this year. So that is probably why it hasn’t been touted around or advertised, it simply has been selling on its own without need for advertising. Its been touted around on most tech sites and got enough attention there to keep stock flying off the shelf. Better to spend the money on improving the product rather than spending even more on advertising when you’re doing that well. Notion Ink has touted their pixel qi version of a screen if you weren’t so lazy and would take 5 minutes to look up their earlier work you would see they put heavy emphasis on what the pixel qi screen can do.

    I’m having a hard time taking you serious. First you ask how pixel qi is for reading but then when you get an answer you go off saying it must be junk because it isn’t advertised. Do you want an answer or are you just going to go on and on about how it isn’t advertised so it must be junk? The other part I can’t take you serious is the consistent swearing. So in your own wording “Have a ****ing good day”.

  330. No I believe breh means right to left not backwards. like how you flip the pages from the “back” to the front of some japanese mangas

  331. Can you still have color even if there the backlighting is off like a color epaper/e-ink screen display? Or does it need some light to at least have some color?

  332. I can imagine NI being very busy atm but I also really hope they got a good viral marketing
    super-idea…without one -or some equivalent campaign- I can hardly imagine the company
    selling 110k+ of their devices…there are some real rivals out there who know how to market….
    Good luck, Adam. (Really worried about this)
    On the other hand:
    If the ADAM should really be this “breakthrough”-product, then the starting point of selling shouldn´t really matter…
    …and a revolution can also start quietly….

  333. @Kay – if you remember the demos that Rohan did (I’m too lazy to google for them; they were posted on endgadget and slashgear, but are now on youtube, too), he demonstrated the e-paper-mode indoors, and it certainly looked readable. Also, the backlight isn’t binary on-or-off, but you can control the amount.

    As for not pushing it, that makes perfect sense if you follow what Rohan’s been doing. He hasn’t been mounting a full-bore advertising campaign. This blog is simply to keep followers apprised of what’s going on. We all know about the pixel-qi screen – it’s why many of us came here in the first place. If we don’t know, we’ll find out by reading through the blog and looking at the demos. There’s nothing new to say about it, and there’s no point in repeating the same thing over and over again, at least to this particular audience.

  334. color e-ink technology is still under development….like working on some prototype.. but then it needs to handle the screen refresh rate and should able to handle at-least 30fps video..whereas in adam it can handle 1080p video with more than 45fps….or whatever you throw at it…

  335. 16 gig is what I have on my mp3 player, and I have to purge it from time to time. 32 gig is small for me. The storage capacity is the one thing that Innoversal’s Lattice has a better spec for than the Adam. (Partially compensated for by the USB slots – Lattice has only one mini slot, which is also used for charging.)

  336. There are three modes with Pixel Qi:
    *Transmissive (backlight on) Looks like a regular LCD

    *Reflective (backlight off) The screen is BW using ambient light to read the high-res gray scale screen. Great for outdoor use.

    *Transreflective: (backlight turned down) You get color, but they are muted. Makes the LCD visible in sunlight.

  337. @Klang: You talked about outdoor / indoor with backlight but it does not answer my concern. I am concerned with “indoor without backlight”, not dimmed backlight.

    I am also a guy looking for something that is easier on my eyes, and what i need is to read/write technical papers in an indoor environment (a room without windows). What Kindle DX can not do is writing.

    Let me put it this way: How bright it needs to be for Adam’s screen for function well without back light. Remember we do not have a source indoor as bright as sunshine. So just saying Pixel Qi is great outdoor and infering its indoor performance by assuming we can get bright indoor environment is not very informative.

    Rohan does a very good job explaining the innovative features of Adam. But I really hope he could help us clarify this basic feature that keeps me awaiting for Adam and not buying an Entourage Edge in this coming Holiday season. Perhaps something like: whether I can read pdf on Adam under the same lighting condition under which I read printed papers. Rohan, could you please do me a favor and help me out on this question?

    I have been following Notion Ink and Pixel Qi closely for half a year. Although I do not totally agree with Kay but I think he has a point: it does not help when Pixel Qi only talks about their “outdoor” performance.

  338. That’s awesome! But we still have yet to see how good their transmissive mode is compared to In-Plane Switching LCD display and how good their reflective mode is compared to e-ink’s Pearl display.

  339. @gecko: Could you please be a little bit more specific about which demo? The demos I know of are either shot in outdoors or look very poor (like an old calculator’s screen) indoor because of the glassy finish which is of course not Adam’s final version. Would really appreciate it.

    The demo of Pixel Qi I’ve seen so far does not even convince me that Pixel Qi could show a “white” background similar to that of Kindle without backlight under indoor environment.

  340. @rajesh: Thanks! dimmed backlight might be helpful… I really like the idea of Adam and have been promoting it to my friends. But whenever they asked about its reflecive mode, I really can not say anything with confidence right now.

  341. This is a Pixel Qi screen fitted into a Lenovo laptop. It’s being used indoors. The room itself doesn’t appear to be brightly lit with natural light.

  342. Some comparisons here: – also if you look at the pixelqi home page, on the right side there’s a quotation from a happy user who reports it best to turn on the backlight very slightly when using the screen indoors.

    There’s a simple reason that most of the Pixel Qi reflective mode demos are out of doors: this is an environment where LCD screens can’t be read at all, so it provides the strongest possible contrast with the Pixel Qi.

  343. It’s a coincidence but no accident. Or maybe the other way around. This is a difficult question to answer.

    A lot of people are too quick with accusations of “vaporware.” They think it makes them looks sophisticated, I guess, even though most of the time, they’re just lazy.

  344. Oh, here are the demos:

    Hard to tell a lot of things about the lighting, but the first one is under spotlights – and it looks like Rohan may be using just a tad of backlight for the transmission-mode for most of the demo. I think that the point is that it be as comfortable to read as a Kindle, and if a little cheating with a tiny amount of backlight makes it comfortable to read, that’s fine with me.

  345. The timing is what worries me with NI. their smart guys and their backers are smart too. I hope they gauge it correct.
    They will be Vaporware for some no matter what any of us say until one Unit is shipped.
    Rohan I would be glad to except that and make sure everyone sees it.

    I honestly think it is going to be awesome as I have 2 friends jumping on the TAB and 1 that has an iPad. When I walk up with the adam and can say wow those are some nice first gen tablets you guys have want to see the second gen.

  346. Not sure why the 30fps video is even a factor in developing an ePaper Color Display for an eReader. IT”S FOR AN EBOOK READER! Not a webpad. One should not expect it to function as a tablet like the iPad where you can view fast motion graphics and video. Its main purpose is to be able to view magazines, maps, comic books, children’s books, cookbooks, graphic novels, photos etc. all still images and text, maybe with very limited presentation graphics animation such as for charts and graphs. E-ink and similar technologies are not optimized for video and fast motion graphics. The technology has limitations and the capability will take time to develop.

    If B&N came out with color e-ink for their new Nook Color (they almost had me then I found out it’s LCD), the 30fps video issue would not even be much of a factor as they make it appear to be. I believe it’s more of an issue of cost effectiveness. Right now the color ePaper display technology combined with a touch screen is too expensive compared to LCD. The $100 premium of LCD touch screen over the e-ink Nook with just wi-fi is already a little high. I think they should have included 3G access.

    Qualcomm’s Mirasol, Liquavista’s Cholesteric LCD, Bridgestone’s QR-LPD, Pixtronix’ MEMS, SiPix, and E-Ink Color they say are not ready for prime time. But Amazon, Sony, and B&N are just saying this because the cost is prohibitive right now. It doesn’t make sense for them to say that because video playback and web browsing is not what their eReaders are for. Of these ePaper players, I think Qualcomm and Liquavista are ahead of everyone and will have their technology available on eReaders early next year.

    I bet if Pixel Qi made a 7″ display, B&N would have used their 3Qi technology over the LCD. Fujitsu already released their own color eReader since last year with the FLEPia using their own epaper technology and the cost is a whopping $1000! 3Qi I believe is the cheapest alternative right now plus you get a hybrid LCD and ePaper technology.

  347. Since I’m dying to get my Adam ordered and I can’t yet, I had to do something… No I did not buy some other inferior tablet! But I did order a case and a capacitive stylus.

    I’m not sure if Notion Ink will make a case to fit the Adam or not, but if they do I’ll probably order that too. The case I bought is a little bigger than the Adam, kind of a messenger bag style. It is one I can use when I want to pack up my Adam and some other stuff all in one bag.

    And the Capacitive Stylus I bought is the one made by Targus (which is the same as those made by Griffin and Boxwave).

    So by ordering a couple accessories, at least I feel like I’ve made some progress toward acquiring my Adam. I’m not sure that it will make the time I have to wait for my Adam go any faster though…

  348. If I’m confident the device is right for me, I would prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer; in this case NI. Otherwise, a good online store; Newegg, etc. works for me. I don’t have time to fight holiday crowds at Best Buy; also I work long, late hours and the stores are closed when I want to shop at 2 or 3 in the morning:) HOWEVER, I do think mass market is at places like Best Buy; hence the crowds. Thoughtful questions, Greg.

  349. As far as I can tell ….

    If you get FCC certification then there would be no problems with getting European or Australian ( 🙂 ) certification.

    I’ve looked into this on the Australian side and it seems to be the case.



  350. I read on the Internets that Qualcomm will be providing device manufacturers with the Mirasol displays in December. I guess this should mean that production is already underway, and device manufacturers should be able to have decent prototypes ready for CES in January.

  351. @swooop5511

    I don’t know what the exact final dimensions will be, but I assume it will be in the same ballpark as the dimensions originally posted on the website.

    Based on that I figure any case that fits a 10″ netbook will work pretty well. Some better than others of course. (The average netbook is only slightly larger and only a little bit thicker than Adam’s thickest end.)

    For this case (I’m sure I’ll end up with more than one), I wanted something that is kind of like a brief case/messenger bag with a conservative business like appearance (as opposed to something bright colored and flashy). I want to put the Adam in it and have room for other things too. So I am taking a chance on the “Portable Slim Briefcase/Messenger Bag made by CaseCrown”. It’s dimensions are a few inches bigger than the Adam, but still a small sized bag.

    Found Here:

    And Amazon has a few more / better photos:

    People on Amazon report using it with iPAD and having room to fit Apple’s keyboard too…

    I also looked at a couple similar messenger bags in the same price range made by Targus and CaseLogic. I figure I have enough time before I get my Adam to see if I like this bag and if not I can send it back and get one of the others.

    I am also waiting to see what cases get made by Notion Ink or other third parties that are specifically for the Adam. I would like something similar to the cases made for the iPAD that open like a book and remain on it while in use, and double as a stand. A built-in pen loop to hold a capacitive stylus would be great too. But I don’t know how it will work out with Adam’s backside track pad that would need to be exposed as well as the thicker end of the Adam where it is held on to. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. There are a lot of great engineers and designers out there. I’m sure they will think of something.

    Once a few of us start buying bags and cases, we should post reviews (with photos of how everything fits in the bag). 😉

  352. Today, I find myself again waiting for a Weekend update from NI. Guys please post it (if any) earlier this weekend… 😉

  353. Regarding the memory whether it will be 16/32/64 GB….
    I do remember rohan mentioning memory option is left to user in an interview(not on this blog)…. So I would guess default memory – 16GB (considering the low price compared to other tabs) and user can choose either 32GB and 64GB while placing the order online… This makes sense considering the fact that there were only 4 variants in discussion ever since the pricing details are out….

  354. Is anybody still wondering what Rohan meant when he alluded to something to do with google?

  355. The Change! Posted in Uncategorized by Rohan Shravan on July 12, 2010

    “I think you might have heard about Google Tablet. In time to come we all would know what Notion Ink might have to do with it!”

    Rohan – you never explained what was that about? What google tablet has to do with our Adam?

  356. I guess Adam as a Product is outstanding and no wonder its generating the buzz as you can clearly see on the blog. Now I guess Adam’s Success would majorly depend on the strategies and tactics it would be released into the market and made available to the customer. Which means Notion Inks Marketing Department, Sales Department have to do 500% Good Job to reach the right audience and play it the right way and the story doesn’t end there until it is delivered the right way that’s where the Fulfillment Department comes into picture. I wish its made available on that just makes it available for almost everyone in US. I’m not sure of other countries. Can’t wait to see this product in my hands….

  357. Thanks for the feedback max3d!

    So you mean combine this one (61 Sol Pro 2)
    61 Sol Pro 2

    With this one (56 Chogolisa)?:
    56 Chogolisa

    I think I know what you are trying to convey. I see that you like the 5th version of the N w/ I-dot. I think if you keep the thought bubbles inside the N, that will not be obvious anymore at a reduced scale. The smallest bubble will become a speck. The be st I can do is to keep one bubble inside the N, the 2nd intersecting the N, while the 3rd coming out of the N. This would add interest and at the same time avoid expanding or distorting the N to accommodate 2 bubbles.

    I understand you prefer the bubbles to be hollow circles rather than a solid dot and that is workable. This font is also one of my favorites for this logo. Your suggestion would also work for the 1st image.

    58 Armchair Modern

    I’ll see what I can do.

  358. Cool! Say, could I order it to Russia? I`m really looking forward to adam for more than half a year now, but have some doubts you will send it here.

  359. Appreciate the feedback! Having two lines works just as well in a business card and a letterhead. My placement of the symbol however were intended to be placed on the back of the Adam. But I also imagine Notion Ink placing the symbol on the back while the company name on the front.

    The two line will still work on the left corner of the Adam but it has to be left justified and as you know the top of the Adam has a wide bezel that would make the symbol and the company name fit. ( in fact someone did a two-line composite of their logo and it was fine)

    That being said, the symbols can be placed to the left of the company name but your concern is if it will look out of place or not. Sorry I’m no graphic artist so doing a composite is out of the question. I have Photoshop at work but I used Autocad, Acrobat and Powerpoint (and cut and paste fonts from the web) to create the logos.

    Have you any favorites, two-line or one-line?

  360. mhm, 2PM Banglador time and 9 Am German time and no weekend special 😦

    I hope, when weekend special arrives, we will find more about the status of ADAM !!

  361. hey people..r u facing any problem viewing post.. i can’t see my post and its not loading all the post’s.. and no i am not on proxy…:(

  362. hi all, me too waiting for pre-order…request to all pls dont break the line …u r in Q..:)

  363. mhm, now it’s 6 PM Banglador time and 1 PM German time and no weekend special

    What’s happend to Rohan ????????????????

  364. @Raj

    All set for the short term… I’m sure I will start the “anxiously waiting” process all over again with the Eve and the Adam2!

  365. I’m up early checking the blog for the weekend update before heading out to the desert with my boys for a couple hours of recreational shooting this morning. I should have thought ahead and gotten a hold of some of the other manufacturer’s tablets to take with us for target practice… 😉

    Though I thought I read in the original email something about Rohan waiting until Monday 11/8 to announce the logo contest winner. If so, I assume he may be waiting until then for the weekend special post too.

  366. Weird… My last post says it is 18:08 but it is only 06:38. Usually it is correct when I post but it is using India’s time. Let’s see what time it says when I post this one…

  367. Hi Guys,

    I am wondering if anything has changed in relations to upgrading adam to Gingerbread 3.0? Can you gaurentee that adam can be upgraded to Gingerbread 3.0? I cant wait to get my hands on this device.


  368. @greg i don’t know but some is wrong with wordpress since morning.. also i have posted one link for very interesting adam video ,..even i can c that post here..:(

  369. I was reading old blogs last night and I also saw that. I remember someone asked the same question, I think it was in the previous post, and the reply was that the Adam can’t be Google’s tablet because of the speciality UI that Notion Ink has created. Google’s tablet would be running a reasonably pure version of Android or Chrome OS (yet to be released).

  370. Gaaaaaaaaahhhhh….

    No weekend special???

    You’re killing us over here Rohan. :X

    (I know, I knooowww…. launch day coming up… you’re busy… yadda, yadda yadda… but c’mon man! We’re like crack addicts itching for our weekend fix over here, lol)

  371. You know, I was lying my bed trying to sleep but I was wondering about the third party stuff. So have you already contacted producers in the Chinaland to make something like cases, screenprotectors and all sort of things?\



  372. Maybe thats just me, but isnt it Saturday? I thought weekend would be till Sunday Evening?
    So let the guy kick ass for a while:)

    BTW is the Chart of usage/batterylife coming up?

  373. OK, now it’s 8 PM in Baglador and no new week end special 😦

    So, I will order now a Galaxy Tab, because I want to hold a good Anddoid device in my hands. I know, the Galaxy Tab is not so goog as ADAM, but it’s on the market. And I want see my own developed apps on a tablet, so I need a device.

    I’m vey sorry, but I was waiting the hole year for ADAM and I was looking everyday several times in this blog. Rohan, you have promissed some month ago to release the ADAM before November. Now it’s November and we don’t know a real date for the release of ADAM.

    I think, that a lot of people a doing the same as I and that’s not good NI.

    I will look on this blog in the futurem, but I very sad, that the release of the ADAM is so far away.

    Best wishes

  374. Notion Ink was one of the first to announce their product for use of Pixel Qi. so they would naturally coincide with each other anyway…

  375. I very much doubt Rohan has got much to say at this point. He like the rest of us are waiting for other things to happen before launch can be announced…. i wouldnt expect much from now on

  376. Lol I agree, it would be a shame if us diehard fans missed out because an Ad brought all the “other” people running! I want everyone in the world to get this!… just not before us lol

  377. Well, I hate to break this to you guys but I dont think the first 3 weeks shipping adams will be sold out on the first two minutes pre ordering in december:D

  378. No weekend update, yet ?

    It makes me immensely proud to see that people in US are excited over a product made by an Indian company. India’s image in the US has always been about call centers and provider of cheap workforce even though that might not always be the case, Hopefully the launch of Adam and its success can change some of the cliches. Wishing you success in all sort of ways and hoping you provide us a pre-order link soon to help us help you 😀

  379. the city’s name is Bengaluru (in native language) or formerly Bangalore (English name)

  380. Please extend EAP project submissions date. I am registered in EAP, but whenever I tried to access EAP program to submit my project/app idea, it was down. I have missed out on submitting the idea, since te EAP program is now closed.

    Happy Diwali @Notion Ink Team!!
    Ronak Rathod

  381. Hi Notion Ink Team!

    Please extend EAP project submissions date. I am registered in EAP, but whenever I tried to access EAP program to submit my project/app idea, it was down. I have missed out on submitting the idea, since te EAP program is now closed.

    Happy Diwali @Notion Ink Team!!
    Ronak Rathod

  382. Hi Notion Ink Team!

    Happy Diwali @Notion Ink Team!!

    Please extend EAP project submissions date.
    Also, I am registered in EAP, but whenever I tried to access EAP program to submit my project/app idea, it was down.

    I have missed out on submitting the idea, since te EAP program is now closed.

    Ronak Rathod

  383. Sorry for the repost!! Browser was just hanging and I had to add/move a line here and there to avoid “same repost” message.

  384. Thanks guys for the nice comments 🙂 I do hope that they revise the winning logo.

  385. NI should merge with OmniGroup. They already share something in common with the logo 🙂

  386. The letter N (in negative, which is less common than positive, but still…)

    Incidentally, “OmniGroup” is the most generic company name conceivable.

  387. Great news…hopefully singapore is one of the countries you mentioned that we can order adam online…..

  388. Same question…here! I asked the exact same question of what were the plans for the lefties in the previoues blog topic.

  389. Great!….great! news Rohan. Very glad to hear all of these. Can’t wait till December.
    Made my day. 🙂 Thankyou all at NI espically Mr.Rohan “Santa” Sharavan for this wonderfull updates, all of us fanboys were expecting all these news from a long time now. 🙂
    All the best & a very “Happy-Diwali”… & a prosperous new year to all!…
    —————————————— @@ “Diwali ki subhkamnayee aur Naya Saal Mubarak” @@ ———————

  390. Will there be way to install generic Android applications ?

    Genesis license prohibits any WWW browser, be it Mozilla or Chrome or Opera, just like Aple did for iPhone year ago. I’d not like you take this route and not giving users safety hatch for non-Genesis apps.

  391. @rajesh
    Thanks for the explanation. The reason I say that is that Deepa is a personal name. Isn’t it?
    In any case, would it be correct if I said Deepa/Diwali

  392. Unfortunately I think you are right. I am curious about this product but so far we only get a tiny Website and a blog. Maybe its my age (above 40) that I am no longer so excitied with “annoucements”, I’v seen to many of them and rather often the final product could not hold up to the expectations. To create a “hype” like this does only work with one company in the world – Apple 😉 All others have to work harder and be careful about their PR. For example:

    – If the product is about to launch in 2010 why do we still see only fuzzy images and screenshots?
    – Why is every screenshot of the OS commented as “preliminary layout”? Will we get the usual alpha-releases with the users as beta-testers?
    – why are specs not final now? For example the blog tells about full GPS implementation while the Website still reports A-GPS only..?

    I really hope this is not yet another vapour-ware…. it still looks promising but *impresive* is only a final available(!) product.

  393. From what we have heard via emails and postings it will have access to the Android Market. Google is supposed to allow Gingerbread based tablets access. Since, Gingerbread is rumored to be pushed out to the Nexus one on Nov 11, 2010 then surely the code based will be finalized and Rohan can announce a slew of info like ADAM will be released running GingerBread, the crowed goes wild and the UI will be revealed.

    The Rohan announcements are just a theory, the Nexus One OTA Ginerbread push is on the front page of TechCrunch [dot] com

  394. Are we expecting FCC around Dec 20s? I read earlier it would be 2nd week of November. Is it pushed back any idea?

    Rohan, can you please update instead of we guessing in distress?

  395. Hi,
    I don`t know where to ask, so I`ll try this blog. Are you planning to include some PDF Reader (some port of Foxit Reader will be nice – you can insert notes/coments into your PDF)? It is very important for me, because I would like to use Adam for reviewing of papers.

  396. First,
    Happy Diwali, Rohan ! 😀

    As I’m from Hungary I had had to check on wiki what is this ‘festive’ celebrity you wrote about. Last time when I was teenager was read about Indian gods ( ).
    After I chased the details of pre-booking – as I was redirected here from another site, where it was written -, but I was so exciting : my eyes skated over that sentence in your post. Probably as I expected more , he-he.
    Like the future gold-diggers at shores of Alaska in 19th century – to be landed for seekin’ their luck – I feel so eagerly awaits the date when I can be sure my ordeing is beeing processed.

    a custumer of Hungary
    or a hungry customer (please feed us 🙂 )

  397. Hi Rohan,

    If the speaker are loud-enough, how about a simple remote with basic functionality. play/pause/vloume-up-down/next/previous?

  398. I don’t know, I think waiting so long may be the fatal nail in the Notion Ink’s coffin. Especially if they miss Christmas. At the beginning of the year there was just an iPad. Now a lot of the competitors are coming out of the woodwork and being ready to converge on Christmas. Even in my case, previously I was interested in the Notion Ink and wanted to buy that. But I will probably get an HP 2133 Mini for Christmas.

    Ultimately a lot of people who are interested would wait after the product comes out to try to see if it is as good as the hype or not, waiting for reviews and stuff. Even if it comes out a day before Christmas, those people won’t buy. If it came out in November, then there would be a month to see if it is any good, and if it was they would buy it for Christmas or tell others they want it. But ultimately if it comes out for Christmas, I probably won’t buy it until well into next year. And at that point I will probably wait to see if Apple refreshes the iPad and what that looks like.

    Ultimately I think the investors made some really stupid decisions and that probably they are going to pay for it dearly. If the tablet came out in June or something, then probably by July/August I would have bought, as would many others because there just weren’t that many competitors. Now there are all sorts of Android Tablets to look at. Also as the iPad becomes more mature and gets more Apps, it becomes more desirable as well. Also with Christmas, the most important retail shopping time of the year, coming any tablets that were out for a little while, particularly when people do their christmas shopping (late November/Early December) have a huge advantage….

    In any case hope the company doesn’t go bankrupt, because next Christmas 2011 I may look into the Notion Ink. But if the iPad refresh is that much better, maybe not….

  399. I think Notion Ink has the absolutely right idea with the hardware of the unit. However, hardware and production are actually less than half of what is required to have a successful product. Especially is you want to sell millions of these units each month rather than 10,000. I think you need to form some type of joint venture with Amazon to sell these units. Amazon can provide the disribution, marketing, app store, audiobooks (, digital books, movies, and any other content. is a powerhouse in marketing, distribution, and content delivery. Their R&D is honestly lacking. If you joined forces on the project you could seriously kill Apple. Otherwise you will be a second rate competitor until someone copies your product, adds a few upgrades, and sell it with the other needed benefits I mentioned. One thing Apple does well is to sell a simple product that my grandmother could use (if she were still alive). It is genius and a requirement if you want to sell to the masses. If you try to produce your own app store, marketing, and content delivery you will fail. Focus on your strengths and create a brand in combination with a large company like Amazon. Amazon, Borders, or Walmart would be a clear channel to success. They aren’t really intestested in making large profits off electronics because the margins are too low. They would rather make high margins on content delivery. And thus you have a synergistic relationship that could succeed. It would be sad to see a product with such potential fall by the side two years from now.

  400. Chris has it right on. You would do better to even release a limited supply to a wide variety of retail outlets. Learn from the Wii. A great product with limited supply will create buzz and free marketing. Buzz and marketing will create more interest from investor, media outlets, retail outlets, and content providers. It will also give many of us a reason to hold out for a product in the future. That being said you must and I repeat must meet you production promises. If you say it will be available on Nov. xth then make sure that you at least sell 10 that day even if you have to sell them to Slashgear, TomsHardware, PCMag, Cnet, and engadget. The only way you are going to overcome Apple is with a lot of buzz and delivery that consumers can count on. Then maybe you can just join forces with Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Walmart and really kick Apples rear. Good luck.

  401. e-bay is not seler per se

    Notion Ink may register as one of selers on e-bay, like u can and i can
    But that does noot mean e-bay would promote or deliver their tablet

  402. Arioch,

    The reason Amazon should ditch the Kindle is because it is trash. The new Android, Windows Phone 7, iOS, and WebOS tablets will make it obsolete if it isn’t already. Amazon knows this and is rumored to be developing a new tablet. They should stop trying to develop something (most likely a mirasol – Qualcomm) based unit that will be inferior to the Adam.

  403. that would happen sooner or later

    but probaby “later” than “sooner”

    Amazon and OEMs put some money into developing of Kindle (i mean last model) and they 1st need to sell enpough of them to justify development, and only then start selling another tablets.

    Perhaps Amazon would go for it in a year, to the *next* xmas.
    But not for now. And in a year would be too late for Adam.

  404. I think either Borders or Barnes and noble would be good choices. Both have primary interest in selling ebooks and each use tablets other than their own. Borders uses the Cruz reader/tablet and B&N uses the Pandigital

  405. Almost every modern celluar phone has this functionality, via bluetooth

    For example rather old Sony K550i has.

    If Adam would have good enough blue-tooth stack, supporting other side of that bt profile, , that might be enough

  406. @Chris
    I’m sure you love the Adam’s proyect as much as anyone here, bu I disagree with your view of the whole history of Adam.
    Honestly, I tried to follow your reasoning, but there was a point where I just couldn’t stay with it.
    Your view is just too negative. Sure we all would like to see Adam ASAP, but do you really believe NI can just listen to your barrage of nihilistic attitude, and say: “Hey, he is correct, let’s just trow it out there”
    They will not do that because they can’t. As simple as that.

    By the way, whn you say: “fatal nail in the Notion Ink’s coffin”, I immediately thought: “The Adam is already in a coffin”, which of course is not true.

  407. @BDA123
    And who would receive the first 10? I tell you, I’m beginning to worry about Saint Steve. I’m sure he will try to buy the first 50 units.
    But I have faith in Rohan. He will make sure his faithful fans here will have the opportunity to hold it first!

  408. @Davd
    “stock market analyst predicted they would sell 44 million ipads next year”
    Really. That goes against every economic forecast in the US.
    Sorry, can’t believe that.

  409. @Max3d I haven’t forgotten your request. I’ve actually made the logo #5 revision on your request several days back but I haven’t had the chance to inform you. Here is the result, I hope you like it. It’s the 6th and 7th slide:

    [gigya src="" width="500" flashvars="offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/7642865@N02/sets/72157625131482631/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/7642865@N02/sets/72157625131482631/&set_id=72157625131482631&jump_to=" allowFullScreen="true" ]

  410. Read about this a while back in some magazine and glad I caught this before possible preorder.

    With the investor problem, it seems reasonable that this will actually be released soon as a sort of 1.5 version. I think I will get in on the preorder if I can. It looks so much better than the other tablets out there and I wouldn’t even consider buying those.

    What is the 16/32/64 gig storage even, some sort of SSD?

  411. Dear Rohan,

    Big fan / anticpator of the Adam. Very excited to hear about the progress, and my question is about the “December pre-order” that everyone is talking about.

    So…*where* will you be able to do this? On this site? Amazon? Somewhere else?



  412. I am looking forward to the release of this. I will not buy anything apple, and have been holding off waiting on this one. Could you please give me an update as soon as I may be able to pre-order one, or as soon as it is released? Thank you so much for any help.—-Jason

  413. Hi Notion Ink.

    Will “Adam” be available in Europa? I live in denmark, will “Adam” be available here?

    – Lasse

  414. Can Pandora run in that right sidebar? It’d be sweet to have it over there with the little thumbs up/down icons for quick adjustments.

  415. I cannot wait either! This has been long anticipated. Rohan has been great thru this blog. Looking forward to getting mine when it comes out. BTW — Happy Diwali from here

  416. This looks really awesome! Everything I want in a tablet… does it come in Hot Pink?
    Will I be able to use all my documents and things from my mac on here?

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