Week-End Special – Part VI

Dear All,

Last week passed like a day!

First an announcement:

  • Voting has been closed and you have selected your winner! Notion Ink will go with you choice.  Notion Ink will get in touch with all the top 10, because we have something special for all of  them! Will post the results on Monday (need to take permissions from the Winner that we can use it commercially)

Here is a short video on the 1080P performance and Full Volume (it’s really loud, so keep your volumes low)

You will  find audio and video out of sync cos of software conversion from MOV format to MP4.

Lets talk about the UI little bit.

The Aqua (Aero, Glass and Gloss)

We feel they all are one. At Notion Ink, we are definitely not in love with Gloss. Here are the current generation icons and styling:

(iTunes, WMP, Playbook, Samsung Galaxy and then Android in order).

You can see that Android was already little low on gloss for their icon sets and we are further away from it.

The Browser

We faced a very serious issue of how to handle the tabs. (Those who have or see other Android Tablets around, do check how the tabs work on their browsers and they would know!) Tabs are essential, without them we will die! That’s multi-tasking as well! There was also an issue of how to NOT BLOCK the screen and not force the user to “go hit menu and then “tabs opened” then select the one you want. That’s not Notion Ink style.

We wanted speed. Speed of switching, closing, opening the closed tab, and closing all in multiple and that through our thick fingers. This is what we have come up with:

Tab System

Internally we keep on fighting to push one system or the other. One team would think theirs is the best idea and other the same. But the best results and options comes from our very special Usability Team which will test all the feature, measure the reactions and easy and then report which path to go!

The Panels

These images will first be previewed by those who get the EAP and the SDK access. To make the UI development seamless and easy, we have converted our ideation into guidelines. Here is an example:

The more on how to design seamless interaction will get covered in the “UI Blog” which we mentioned.

There is still a lot of restriction (from patent lawyers and investors) on what I can reveal and what I can’t and I have to agree to their stand. I am waiting eagerly with you to get the Power Table Up so we all can check our usages.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

737 thoughts on “Week-End Special – Part VI

  1. I am curious about how you’re handling the patents issue, as the US is probably your largest target market.

  2. Great,weekend special…Keep up the good work.Dont get discouraged by few nasty comments.

  3. great to see 1080 movie played on adam, I love the concept of Tab but need more detailing on how it is working, on the icon part can you give some more samples on how actually your icon is different? also want to know that from usability point of view how rigorous your testing was??


  4. Hey, nice bass output from the speakers! Well done!

    I again noticed the X mouse cursor. Why is it there? Did you connect one?

  5. Hi really interesting again rohan- thank you! The browser looks really interesting- very creative again! Bass on the speaker sounds great too.
    The pictures of the adam look great! (althougt tiny!)
    Any idea when u will be able to release a release date:)
    Thank you Rohan for your efforts:)

  6. Great to see progress is being made, and I am very interested in the UI …. but I think that many/most want to see a roadmap or timeline to launch …

    FCC (and other regulatory bodies ie Europe and Australia)
    Release of SDK
    Release to EAP
    Genesis market
    First commercial release … market 1
    Commercial release market 2
    Full release

    Many of us will be making a decision on a tablet purchase around Christmas – if not just for ourselves but also family members (who may not worry too much about the technology)….. without this timeline it is difficult to understand where we are in the process – whether to wait or regretfully have to take another decision.

    I am in France – so I guess I will need to wait until Jan/Feb (which could actually be a birthday present to myself instead).

    Good luck and thanks again for the openness you are allowed to show.

  7. Liking the browser concept, cant wait to see even more of the UI! I am also interested in what was used to prop up the Adam in the video, I didn’t see any extra equipment when it was taken down. Excited to read over the UI Guidelines as well very soon.

    Best of Luck,

    Aaron Blankenship

  8. I like the the way tabs are being handled in the browser!
    Someone please give the video link, i cannot see it in my mobile browser!

  9. What was the ADAM leaning against? I didn’t see anything… Could it prop itself up on it’s own?

  10. Am I the only one that seems to think that he was balancing the Adam purely on the flat bottom edge of the tablet?

  11. It wasn’t leaning, just standing on edge (the adam does have a nice square edge). Works to show the demo, but not for practical applications.

  12. Did Rohan mention how far behind the release in India itself is going to be?
    I got a an email from Notion Ink telling me that iAdam will go on sale in US in December and other countries in January 2011. Does that include India?
    I can´t believe that I am living near Bangalore (where Notion Ink is located) and won´t be able to purchase their product on time.
    Since it´s going to be a birthday gift for the end of the first week of December, I won´t be able to wait it out any longer than that.
    Would be so upset if I have to import an Advent Vega instead, as it does not come close to the Adam.

  13. I couldn’t agree more! I actually wanted to get a tablet a long time ago but have held off waiting for the adam. I am really confused now as to whether to wait longer or not. If it were to release november or early dec i could wait but january is too far for me.
    I wish we had this time line so we could make our decisions.

  14. Is this all by the way? Nice for the info and all but you if you had to start early to write this your must be working flat out like crazy, and those patents are so annoying but hopefully all the stuff you have is just awesome.

  15. Can you tell us more about purchasing? Are we going to be able to buy directly from the website? Or do we have to wait on a distributor in our country (Australia) to bring them in?

  16. Thanks for the update 🙂

    Yes, glossy stuff are beginning to look “tacky” in my opinion. It just seems alittle childish!

    I’m glad you’re moving away from this!

  17. Hi Rohan,

    That’s all very nice and I love it, but …………….

    why are you ignoring the most written question -> are you inline with the timeline ? What about preorder / release date ????????

    Please give is an overwiew, please !!!


  18. I finally read the first statement of your post: “last week passed like a day”. Seems you are really busy. I know how huge deadlines become as they loom nearer. I hope the pace continues to be exciting.

    All the best!

    Also, the layout of this post effectively hides that first statement.

  19. Awesome. Thanks for the video – that sounds great. Unless I’m mistaken, we’re still on the most recent time line given, right? This will be heading to the FCC in week or so (off the top of my head – it might be wrong)? I hope they do their part in a timely manner. Things seem to be moving along well enough so far with the revised time line. Obviously people are getting anxious (and a little rude) but you know you’re putting everything you’ve got into this – keep it up! Hopefully the adam will get released in the (adjusted) time frame that works best for all – you, us, and the investors. Good luck in keeping on schedule.

  20. Thanks for the update!

    The browser’s tab management looks pretty interesting, maybe we can do with some better graphics…

    Also, can we please have a better quality video of the device, if possible in HD please…

  21. damn that look awesome, i really like the way tabs are handled, can’t wait to see it working 🙂

    once again you are genius at NI.
    Can’t wait to hear/learn more about this awesome tablet.
    Keep up NI, keep up @rohan and please make this awesome tablet available before christmas.

  22. Is it just me or the audio is out of sync in the demo video? Anybody else notice it?

    Rohan, is it because of slow processing or is the video itself out of sync? Please clarify.

  23. I have to say the tab management looks really good/optimized for thumb management. Glad to see it.

    Is it just me or does the logo on the bottom left corner of the browser image remind anyone else of Firefox? Could it be a derivative? It is open source after all…

  24. Its very much a matter of taste? To me glossy is not an issue. I think the real reason they are changing it is so it will look better with pixel qi screen.

  25. Nice to know the thought processes behind! 🙂

    One doubt about using Android Apps. I understand that the panel will be used to run the android apps currently available. I was wondering about the Kindle app released for Android. If I had to install it in Adam, would it be restricted to the small panel? One of my primary uses for Adam would be to use it as an e-reader. Would I lose the screen space if I have to use the Kindle app? Or would there be choice whether to run it in a panel or full screen? Comments from the geniuses here are very much appreciated.


  26. I could imagine that it is there because of the trackpad on the backside of Adam. I hope that the curser vanished after a couple of seconds after the last touch event on the trackpad. Would be ugly to always have to get it out of the way.

  27. @NI
    “There is still a lot of restriction (from patent lawyers and investors) on what I can reveal and what I can’t and I have to agree to their stand.”

    Restrictions from Patent Lawyers!?! It is almost November now. The plan is to launch the device in December with FCC in November and the patent lawyers are holding you back on revealing the information? Sounds worrisome to me. I can understand investors holding you back because of business reasons, but if patent lawyers are holding you back then that means you have long way to go!

  28. Release of EAP and SDK is on cards as far as I understand…I gather from my sources that Notion Ink has sent a second email to prospective developers asking more details on their submission and the developers will be supported by NI engineers and UI designers…so EAP and SDK release I think should happen in few weeks time. The thing I am pondering about is how are developers going to get time to release their product to coincide with Adam’s release or atleast by January.

  29. why the pool closed early??? about 5 hours early….even more…i don’t remember….why???

  30. It is getting harder and harder to remain patient. Each time I see and learn more about Adam, the more I want it right away.

    @Rohan, I understand not being able to reveal certain things because of the patents. But can you show us the revised color choices and give us a hint as to when Adam will be available? Of course we don’t want you to do or tell us anything that will jeopardize Adam’s success, though it should would be nice to know…

    Thanks so much again for taking time from your busy schedule to put this post together for us. We really appreciate it!

  31. I did not realize it earlier, but on a second look at the leftmost panel shown above – is it a page from UI guidelines for developers? Having followed the terse information regarding UI on the blogs here, I hope there is are UI guidelines for developers. As the UI is bit unique, developers will require guidelines on developing Adam specific apps.

    Just my 2 paisé 😀

  32. What makes Rohan so secretive about mentioning time-line? I have been following adam for nearly one. I check this website a few 100 times everyday but now my eagerness is decreasing day by day. Let me rest in peace. I will buy if it comes to store. Or another alternative. Just playing with piece by piece information pulls my frustration up that many are asking for possible releasing date but Rohan is consistently neglecting this question such a long time.
    All the best.

  33. Sorry, I missed the statement on the blog “To make the UI development seamless and easy, we have converted our ideation into guidelines”. So indeed this is part of UI guideline. Thats excellent!

  34. I am also starting to think that they are not giving us a release date because they have fallen behind schedule once again. I really hope I am wrong, especially after seeing the wave of tablets that is going to hit us before Christmas.

  35. First of all I’m really excited about the Adam getting finished soon, hope I can buy it for myself as a christmas present …

    But I too would like to know about the release date!

    And one other thing, I’m from Austria, so when you say the Adam will be available online, do you ship it worldwide or just the US???

    Thanks for your work, you’re awesome!!!

  36. “if patent lawyers are holding you back then that means you have long way to go!”

    Not necessary, since the patent lawyers have until the point where the device is unveiled to the public to submit the patent applications. So my guess is that they want to use as much time as possible up until launch to finish off, fine tune and improve the patent applications. You will always want to squeeze as as many as those last hours as possible before deadline, to make those finishing touches. It’s the same for engineers and writers too.

  37. Sorry Rohan, but the tab system looks pretty darn ugly, also pushing content so far from the left edge… I prefer good readability over having tabs “always” ready

  38. Rohan,

    please read all the posts. We all want to know something about the dates. Why are you so quiet about FCC date ?????

    Please give us more information about that.

    Kind regards

  39. By the time adam is released android 2.2 will be outdated then again there might be delay in release of adam..due to avaliability of newer version

  40. I hope the browser tab bars are not usually visible and only popup when I touch that round shape there. Or at least provide an optional “autohide”.

    The new design is fancy but I’m not sure its better than a simple bar at the top(which can also be autohiding..).

    Especially in case of a tablet it is likely that people rotate the screen for larger vertical websites. In this case horizontal space is essential.

  41. there are many ways to write up patents. one could be a one major patent application followed by up small additions to the patent. patent process isn’t easy process and I’m guessing Rohan and his team want to make sure they cover every patentable idea that they came up with adam.

  42. I don’t think it pushes things so far from the left edge. I get the impression they pop up when you place your finger on the semi-circle. This would make it easy to use while holiding it in one or two hands (well, one handed if it’s the left hand or if they give you the choice to switch the half-moon to the other side). It’s right there always at your fingertip (thumb-tip technically 🙂 ) but without it taking up too much screen real estate when you don’t need them. I agree it’s not the prettiest solution (looks kind of haphazard) but as a pop-up it works and functionality-wise it seems a great solution.

  43. Also patents can take years to be approved so they might want to limit exposure of the software/hardware they are trying to patent until it is absolutely necessary. This way they can limit the possibilities of copy-cats and others trying to claim they came up with it first.

  44. yah the audio seem out of sync for some reason. i thought it was my Nexus One and adobe’s flash, but i guess it was playing perfectly fine on my phone when i re-ran the video on my desktop. my guess is either….they had a beta version of adobe flash (they were out of sync), buffering (but its from youtube, it shouldn’t really happen), or it’s adam ( :X )!!

  45. I noticed some people saying that the tab browsing concept of Adam seems difficult with the tabs visible on the screen. Though i have not touched an adam myself, it would be pretty darn dumb if the tabs would be visible like that all the time, dont u think? So obviously they would come up when required, which i guess is by touching the round thing besides it. But i am just speculating. Secondly many people keep asking about the FCC dates and the release date. Dont u think Rohan himself would be very eager to tell us about it, if he was allowed / knew ? Though i myself am very very eager to know the release dates and the FCC dates, but asking again and again wont change a thing. The moment ROhan can declare the dates. He will! Adam has been called vaporware so many times, that he would be the first one to abolish that claim. Hopefully the declaration would be soon!

    @ Rohan : The sound quality seems really really good for an on-the-go device. As u had mentioned, Bass is really thumping. (btw WHAT A MOVIE!!! i know not related to the topic. but hey great things are appreciated everywhere. right? lol ) Looking forward to the unveiling of the company logo. Keep up the great work!


  46. Is the UI compartmentalized into APK packets? Or is it possible to put the Adam Android experience into APK packages and put them in the Android Market (free/fee) before/after its release?

    no offense to your browser, but my TOP TOP android browser of choice is HD Dolphin Browser.

  47. Do you mean the X on the red tab (Engadget)? I think it is only there when you activate that tab (as he is doing now) to may be kill that tab?

    I don’t think it is the mouse..unless it is something else and I have not noticed.

  48. Sorry ignore my comment..you are talking about the mouse X in the video..i am talking about the screen shot..

  49. Yeah they will only show when the sreen is pressed. But they shouldn’t be in rectangles like that- Looks messy and not cery cool- idea is good but looks like poor execution IMO

  50. I don’t see Nasty comments?? Just genuine concern, praise and criticism – all important.

  51. and thank you for camRip version of Inception trailor….. was expecting something else…. very unhappy

  52. hopefully,it comes out before spring. so i can use it for my last class in graduate school. Awesome device, and me too I HATE gloss.

  53. My statement is not about comments given above or anywhere in this blog.Its to do with comments about “Adam” across various web sites . Comments in this blog are mostly constructive.

  54. nasty??? wth.???? everyone has a breaking point when you see something below-par of your expectation which you anticipated and followed very closely for 10 months or so……

    and I dont see this thing coming out before thanksgiving black friday….

    and the ingenious invention has also given us a camRip version of “very rare earth” Inception trailor

  55. yikes, I really do hope that disappears. i’d hate to have that all the time! I’d hate to have it unless I’ve moved it within the last few seconds. or at least so I can customise when I see it.

  56. nah, I think it’s pretty cool! The Adam looks as though it’s going for the ‘sophisticated messiness’ half-grunge look to me. I love it.

  57. Thank you for the update. I have only one question.
    What is your current estimate of when the adam will go to FCC for certification? There are only three possible replies
    A date certain
    I don’t know
    My partners won’t let me say

    Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to answer this question.

  58. So I’m pretty sure that your tab system is copied *straight* from the entire ELSE First UI.
    Which though I really do not mind (I really really liked that whole OS/UI) but thats not gonna cause any legal trouble is it? Good luck and smooth operations to you until the launch,

  59. Has to be because of the software used to create the youtube video. Happens all the time.

  60. Thank for the update !

    I just love what you did with the browser and the new idea of tabs.
    It is just awesome !

    Keep up the good work.

  61. @andrew britton

    No it does not. I think the tabs look like this when we stretch the UI with finger. This is rubberband effect.

  62. Good work Rohan !! Panels and tabs looks cool, but I bet glossy thing will never get out of fashion for non-tech savvy ppl, so keep glossy as optonal, however I’m pretty excited, Teaser by teaser, we all are getting impatient. I guess adam will take time to come in the market (commercially). Deadlines are deadlines, but guys let NI make sure their brilliant idea will not be copied. After all the whole process, right from the concept to production in one year, guys its incredible and those who have been following adam since 2009 would understand it better. Kudos to NI

  63. Two issues:

    1) Audio: Speakers seem to be crackling – listen carefully. The audio must have been turned on full blast for the video. Should be OK at lower volume.

    2) Video: Playback is jittery, 1:50 onwards, while panning the mountains by the sea.

    Thumbs up for the tab UI design. Seems easy to use while saving space.

  64. It does look similar to ELSE. I assume it will not cause any copyright issue. Notion Ink team should check out legal issues on this

  65. Yeah I agree it looks really ugly, and seems pretty un-notion ink like to me. Not very streamlined. But if it’s the only thing I don’t like about this tablet I’ll be a very happy man.

  66. I agree, I’d like to be able to get one by christmas, and I have been considering other tablets, the biggest thing I’m holding out for is the Pixel Qi screen. But with no release dates mentioned and a ton of other options hitting the market. I’m starting to wonder if it makes sense to keep waiting until an unmentioned release date, or just stop by the store now

  67. Interesting! expecting more HQ pictures!
    Tab management is nice, but the rectangular shapes or dimensional variation makes the appearance a bit sour!

  68. My concerns are similar to those voiced above; the audio on the video is really out of sync (hopefully just a video uploading issue and not an adam issue) also the fact that you have to manually hide the mouse icon in the corner, seems like an oversight. Even when moved to the corner you could still see it during the entire clip, shouldn’t this fade away after a few seconds of not being touched?

  69. Kind of hard to judge when it’s being recorded with a camera; if the speaker on the camera’s not up to snuff it’ll crack extremely easily.

    I tried recording part of a concert with my Sony T500/b, there was no issue at the concert; but the camera was cracking like crazy when it was playing back.

    Good news on that would mean that adam’s hitting a large range of frequencies and has really nice speakers; and it’s really, really loud in person. Very nice! 😀

    Not sure about the jitteryness; I didn’t notice any the first run through but still; it’s being recorded so depending on the playback and encoding it could cause issues. Would probably have to play with the adam to get a true idea of how it works ;D

    Thumb UI ROCKS. Reminds me of first else and I’ve been waiting for something like it for agessss ^_^

  70. They said you will be able buy on the net

    It will be released in the US retail first. But it will online. And ship worldwide. So anyone should be able to get it. Subject to supply constraints.

  71. Playing back through it makes me realize what the studderyness is; and I can assure you it’s not adam.

    LCD screens have a refresh rate of 60hz, which basically means the screen refreshes 60 times a second.

    With movie trailers; specifically panning shots and those on youtube; they’re encoded at 24FPS and when youtube encodes them for web they get switched to 30fps.

    It’s really noticeable in panning shots but it’s simply an issue with different refresh rates, and in pan shots it causes jitter. If you have a 120hz monitor or television, you would never see this issue; as 120 is a multiple of 24 and that’s how film works. (which is why companies tout 120hz, 240hz, etc.)

    Basically any tablet would do this unless it’s refresh rate is in multiples of 24, and as of right now; only TVs do that 😦

    So, in long pan shots you’ll run into it; probably even on adam, but it’s not video lag thus it’s handling the content fine- it’s just a refresh issue between 24p and 60hz.

    Hope I cleared that up!

  72. Agreed! The microphone and encoding software on the camera-phone used to make the video may well be the culprits.

    ELSE UI’s patent issues do make me a tad jittery. And they might well be the reason for the buttons on the semi-circular UI.

  73. Point well explained & taken!

    I have even seen that with 24p playing on my 120 Hz Sony. The first time I noticed it was on a Planet Earth Blu-Ray playing on my PS3 during aerial panning shots of animal herds running en masse across grasslands.

  74. Like how the tab system is handled though I believe patent issues prevent you from showing the final look of it. Also love the sound, great speakers for a tablet.

    Man I’m gonna love that thing! December is very cold where I live but Adam is making me look forward for it.

    I remember somebody mentioning something about a proximity sensor in the Adam. If that where the case it would solve the x cursor issue quite nicely as your finger would act as a cursor just by hoovering over the screen. You wouldn’t need a track pad either.

    Thanks for sharing this and congratulation for what promise to be an amazing device.

  75. Janus,
    The proximity sensor was just one conjecture amoung many. So, lets not spread that rumor! 🙂

  76. There’s a fourth possible reply:

    My partners (or lawyers) won’t let me say, PLUS they won’t let me say that they won’t let me say. I’ve seen this happen with other companies – either the investors just want a complete SHUT UP for business reasons (or to avoid making themselves look bad), and/or the lawyers decide that it’s just way more prudent to insist on a complete SHUT UP.

    Of course, if this is the case, then Rohan won’t say anything at all.

    I don’t think I’m going out a limb here if I speculate that Rohan somehow knows that there are lot of people who are really anxious to get some release dates released from him. I also don’t think that I’m going out on a limb if I speculate that repeated requests, demands, pleas, and exhortations from this blog aren’t going to be very helpful in prying loose release dates before Rohan is able to let us know.

    Seriously, what are people thinking? That if they add JUST ONE MORE request/demand/plea/exhortation that Rohan will crumple under the weight of their desperation?

  77. really, why? because a week passed and he promised a big weekend especial and gave us crap?

  78. lol…saw that after i hit the submit button.
    I wanted to type “NI ADAM” so “iAdam” was a “HUGE MISTAKE”.
    For me Apple is just an other word for “over-overpriced”, so i am very sorry for that!

  79. Can you show more videos? The pdf viewer/book reader application would be nice.

  80. On the other hand, I just saw the specs of FIRST ELSE smartphone whose UI is similar to ADAM’s and it has a proximity sensor, most probably to predict when the user wants to access the rotating menu. And licensing of Israeli tech by Indian companies is quite common. The proximity sensor is on the top of my list of guesses for the secret sensor.

  81. Hello there too ^^

    I’m wondering how many people from austria are also following this blog as enthusiastically as me …

  82. The HD video looks fantastic! It’s clear with the delays in last weekend’s “big” post and Rohan’s comments, that NI cannot release additional details. The next generation of physical samples of ADAM were due Oct. 22; either they were not ready, rejected and sent back for revision, or as Rohan stated, lawyers and investors are understandably cautious. Anything released on this blog will go round the world in seconds; great for advertising and promotion; not so good for corporate security and intellectual property rights. The ADAM in the video does look to be the previous version based on the capitalization of ADAM and the size of the black borders.

    Everyone here wants a device like this; for those who NEED one for personal and/or professional reasons the wait gets harder and harder; I do hope NI doesn’t come to late to the market, but it’s clear they’re doing the very best they can and we support them as best we can.

    THANK YOU Rohan for giving us as much info as you possibly can at this time; look forward to more; is there any further ways those of us who are not developers or designers could help … proofing that user manual, etc.?

  83. Thanks for the updates.. Can not wait to get to shore so I can view the videos of Adam in action. Hopefully will be able to adopt one soon.. 🙂

  84. Cool – May 3 would be my mother’s birthday if she were born in May, but she wasn’t, she was born in June. Hope that doesn’t mean another NI delay. (Hi, mom!)

  85. Adam’s UI being a derivative of the First Else UI has settled the question of the mystery sensor. It must be a proximity sensor akin to the one in the First Else phone. That way the rotating UI can pop-up when the thumb moves over the sensor.


  86. I do hope that the tegra hardware encoder or software bundled with ADAM was not responsible for the malaise!

  87. Is Great to see another Weekend Update. I stayed up until 12 AM My time, but I think it was posted around 1 AM… 🙂

    As some already mention the Tabs on the web browser look really nice, but I’m also worried about the space between the Half Circle and the Web page content, is it there because the tabs were open or is always like that?

    The Video for 1080p playback was nice, but since we are focusing on the video itself we can’t see much details for the Adam Itself, is it from the last batch from late October?

    You did showed us the first ones, but can we see the later (and closer to the actual production design) please!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work NI

  88. @toby: only because the tabs are showed in this fan shape it’s copied from ELSE? The special thing about the ELSE menus is the sliding into submenus and I don’t believe that’s possible (or needed) here with the browser tabs. So no copyright issue.
    It seems to be more regarding inventions made by NI like the three-panel-view and the multitasking as such. To prevent any company from copying this it’s basic to patent these inventions.

  89. From the bottom of this blog post:
    “There is still a lot of restriction (from patent lawyers and investors) on what I can reveal and what I can’t and I have to agree to their stand. I am waiting eagerly with you to get the Power Table Up so we all can check our usages.”

    It was nice of him to put it in this post again as people seem to be forgetting the last time he said it. With FCC testing in the first week of november and factories ready to go I would guess December/January at the latest with the slightest possibility of end of november.

  90. Hmm..does it mean that no updated samples ( of Oct 22nd ) have been received ? Rohan had mentioned that they will get updated samples on Oct 22nd with updated bezels and updated screen samples.

  91. Revealing anything before the patent is applied for is like having a bleeding wound in shark infested waters! And the number of iterations one has to go through before settling on the legal narrative consumes time.

  92. .
    Gotta agree that it’s a good idea but not nicely executed. I’d prefer something less “pseudo-ergonomic” or “thumb-based”. Something like the WP7 start menu would be nice, panels flipping out in order. Ya know, golden ratio panels ;] Those strips looks ugly. Better to keep a one unique _concept_ along the whole UI, and since it’s already about panels…

    The other thing is I clap about new icons. If you ask me, I think the ideal would be the elegance + coolness. Minimalistic dual color icons would be ideal, something like WP7 icons or the ones in Blackberry. Unified icons. Ideally, also a icon library to choose to customize installed 3rd party apps, so the UI all looks cohesive trough the icons.

    Finally, just LOL about the engadget.com/notion_ink_rocks tab ;D To be honest, I dont think they’ll love it, so, just keep on doing the great work and everybody will know it’s done with care. Stuff like demystifing the “minimum 15-hours long” post was a very welcomed one.

  93. @Rohan,

    If I’m not mistaken, the above video showing ADAM playing 1080P is also taken with an ADAM 😀 ?

  94. They’ve already said they will not be waiting on gingerbread but do plan to update to gingerbread as soon as they can. Wouldn’t really worry about being “outdated” as there’s been so much tweaking of the OS that it is a monster of its own.

  95. @Janus,

    I have myself ignored my own “not spread that rumor” advice! 🙂


  96. This sucks!!!, I thought you said this was going to be a big weekend update! not good info!. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Another nitpick:
    Since the UI specs are given in pixels rather than in percentages, how does that scale on resolutions higher than 1024×600?

  98. Its something new…Will take ppl like to to get used to it!!
    But awesome screen experience and Super sound :)!

  99. This is the first time that I have ever watched a product from design phase through to production (soon) prior to purchase. Its great to see a company show the avid fans just what’s going on behind the scenes and how they address the development issues that crop up.
    Its kinda refreshing to see this out in the open and only makes we want the Adam that much more.

    Great work guys!

  100. Fine ! Those tabs can be bit more curvy and it would nice if they are visible atbthe touch of a some icon or butten

  101. As I notice over the blog, have you noticed that the UI of Adam is not revealed beyond the conceptual images. That is probably being patented so it’s not being revealed.

    Also if the bezel is wide, it would be same in production. Do you think they can change it now with all their applications built assuming the screen size they have? Unless they want to leave the extra space useless which I don’t think they would do.

  102. The cursor did not vanish! It was moved to the top left and was visible as a dot till the very end of the more than 2 minutes ideo.

  103. I have a question that has been plaguing me for a bit. Am I correct in the assumption that non native apps will only be usable the 3 pane type ui interface and native apps (built for the adam or even a tablet in general) will be available full screen?

    The reason I ask is this: My primary usage for an adam would be as an e reader with the ability to do much more. However, if I am going to be limited to 1/3 of my screen for say the kindle or nook for android apps I might seriously consider another option.

  104. @Paritosh

    No, my mom doesn’t read this blog that I know of. I hope that satisfies all your curiosity about her….

  105. You’right but I don’t think it’s the final design. He is most likely showing us prototype screenshots probably because of patent issues. Even for the video we were never shown the UI action that opened the movie. Just a full screen video playing.

  106. I have to subscribe and agree with everyone here, the way you presented the tabs … pretty unprofessional look! It might look better in hand, when you use it, but the image posted here is pretty ugly. It really looks unorganized, messy, like you just dropped your books on the floor and now you’re looking for the good one. I don’t understand, why not just have this in the form of a pop-up menu? same button, same location on the screen, but instead it opens a side panel that contains the open tabs and the +tab (as shown in the image you already take up that screen-“real estate” with these ugly panels)…

    I think the fact that the panels are square, but you place the radially leads to a pretty unpleasant visual effect…

  107. Looks like u have a great product in hand.. 🙂 Hope u get a good PR to market it.. 🙂 Apple products (though not as good as Notion Ink.. ;-)) thrive on Steve’s PR skills.. Whatever he says, people listen.. 😉

    The tabs with sharp edges looks new and is also are very good.. 🙂

  108. The tabs are so bloody impressive. Perfect Thumb and finger interaction i believe.
    Well done. Keep it flowing, your almost there.

  109. Did anyone notice in the video at the end the ADAM logo on the up-right side of the tablet? That’s one more thing that I don’t like, I hope it will be changed (and not just replaced) for mass production. It’s nice to have the logo on the front, but I think it should be less intrusive: place it on a black background (or whatever color the adam will be), make it small and don’t use many colors. Thanks in advance 😉

  110. @simon

    nope! (unfortunately…) but there are many other ways to install android apps.

  111. I agree, these tabs are not a pretty sight – yes, they do look ugly. They look like the swiss knife utilities. Sorry Rohan, you make not like my comments, but I am sure you are seeking an honest opinion, and that is what I am trying to do.

  112. That’s actually just some ambient light hitting that corner of the adam. The logo will be changed to lower case letters, but it is already on a black background.

  113. who said the adam was going to be out in november? November=FCC, then waite, then maybe december, or maybe later. that has been the timeline. maybe i’m wrong, but that is how i understood it.

  114. andrew,
    release date? have you read any of tghe old posts?
    the question should be when Adam will be submitted to FCC for approval. Do you really think he knows the release date even before FCC approval?

    Come on, man. Don’t you get tired of asking the same question over and over?

  115. watch your language! my 12 years old son was reading this and was surprise the see this kind of anger, and poor choice of words in a public forum.

  116. why wait? my wife got an ipad, didn’t wait. But I will wait for the adam after seeing what is being offered outthere.

  117. Disappointed at the lack of quality pics and video of the UI but I can hang in a little while longer. As long as I know if it will be available for Christmas in the U.S. before I finish my shopping for the season I’ll be ok. If not, I fear I will need to go with another brand at least for some gifts.

  118. Mr. Rohan Shravan,

    I have been following this product for some time. I hope you all the best sir, now that’s been said I must also say there is something not right here. You should be more forth right and tell us the whole truth. Mr. Rohan Shravan you know by now what your potential customers want to hear and see from you but you continue to evade their requests, why? Sir we have a saying here in the U.S …”Put-Up Or Shut-Up” , what’s it going to be Sir? I wish you the best Mr. Rohan Shravan.


  119. No need for the screen size to change , production unit could just have a smaller bezel, leaving screen size intact?

  120. how you now it’s going to look like that on final product?

    that looks more like an earlier diagram. notice the name on capital letters?
    Rohan seems to be restricted on showing the most recent looks.

  121. by the way, not ”éverybody has breaking point” (=nasty). you are wrong there. or are you multiplying your self here?

    I also thought: ‘mmmm’, but just look at the positive side of this. for example the sound sample. I liked it.

    it is clear TO ME thaRohan is under some restrictions.

  122. maybe they don’t have to coincide with adam’s release date. i assume they will offer those application through Genesis.

  123. Thanks for the reminder. I will tell my wife to go read the earlier posts. she is driving me crazy with this release date stuff.

  124. Rohan man i got the shivers when i heard the sound of it ! AMAZING!!!! Man i want this badly 😐 please dont make a limited number of Adams release or make us wait for more shipments ive seen some companies doing it lately and i honestly hate a bad launch of a product!

    Great work!

  125. No i dont get tired- u are splitting hairs- Ok then fcc date? Are you just trying to be clever? Are you happy to wait for ever not knowing?

  126. I feel like the reason that many people feel so frustrated with this blog isn’t because of the lack of good information per se, but the lack of good EXPLANATION for their silence and/or delays.

    I for one was expecting high quality photos of either 1st or 2nd gen adam for weeks now, and I was pretty disappointed today, but if Rohan had just *said* “We’re still waiting for the 2nd gen designed adams to arrive, so that’s why the delay with the high quality photos I promised” (or whatever) – I’d be fine with that. Right now it just feels like he blew that promise off.

    He needs to go beyond saying “there’s a bunch of stuff I can’t tell you because of patents”. He should be specific and say “I’m not legally allowed to discolose information about: X, Y, and Z.” – Be it photos or release dates, or UI features. Or just come out and say: “We’re behind in certain things” or “It’s going to take longer than we had planned for this or that”.

    Concrete information – even if it seems like bad news – is ALWAYS better than leaving your fans hanging, wondering when or if this thing is ever going to release.

    Even (or especially) if you’re not allowed to disclose certain things – *tell us* you’re not allowed to disclose those specific things! At least then we wouldn’t be on the edge of our seats and checking this site everyday expecting updates you can’t give us yet.

    It’s certainly better than having 100’s of people ask the same questions over and over and feeling ignored.

  127. rohan iam suprised how many people actually follow the blog but its only because they like the specification on the paper but you post these shit videos with crappy out of sync videos if you do not know just hand it over to a professional they will handle all the PR.
    And whats up with all the delays its just a matter of fact apple finds a replacement for their flash related problems and you wont even have a chance to grow. If your company need more structuring hire a company to do it or something just stop giving bull shit

  128. Unfortunately, the typical lawyer orders are: you can’t talk about it and you can’t even specify the things you’re not allowed to talk about. I’ve seen this first hand. For investors, sometimes ditto, although not always with the meta-restrictions. I kind of doubt that Rohan is just stringing us along for the sadistic pleasure of it.

    Similarly, I doubt that Rohan has a warehouse full of Adams which he will release after enough people on this blog beg him to release them.

    Since you people, being mammals, don’t know how to be patient, I will entertain you by telling you about geckos.

    Geckos have worldwide distribution (although a dull nightlife keeps them out of Antarctica). They have been called the “intellectuals of the reptile world.” They are the only lizards with vocal cords, but usually what they have to say isn’t very nice, because they have a fierce temper, and sharp, needle-like teeth set in a massive jaw to back up their threat. You don’t want to mess with a gecko in the wild.

    Here is a picture of a gecko on the attack, from National Geographic. The picture was taken in Hawaii, but the species is invasive, from Madagascar (warning: disturbing image):


  129. I am one of the biggest fan boys, and can’t wait for the adam, but every post brings up more questions about when it will actual be released, for instance, take this quote from his current post.

    “Internally we keep on fighting to push one system or the other. One team would think theirs is the best idea and other the same. But the best results and options comes from our very special Usability Team which will test all the feature, measure the reactions and easy and then report which path to go!”

    this clearly makes it sound like they haven’t even decided the final look of the browser.
    it says the Usability Team will have to test all the features, measure the reaction and report which path to go,

    It sure seems they should know the path to go, if they are this close to releasing the tablet.

    Then is was two weeks ago, the first pictures of the test production run of 10 samples, were posted, it was promissed to get some high quality photos shortly. They have never showed. They stated the next run would be on OCT 22, and it would have the lower case “adam” (personally I don’t care upper or lower case”

    Then today, a small video clip of the 1080P, but it is a blurry, the sound is distorted video, that was shot on the first run ADAM, it appears they second run with the lower case adam maybe doesn’t exist yet, in any case we haven’t seen any high quality pitures.

    It is frustrating because it seems so close, yet still so far away.

  130. Which countries will these be released? Will new zealand be one of them, i am from there thnx

  131. The tab function is beautiful!! Newer seen anything like this, wow!
    BUT, I probably wont buy the Notion Ink because sooner or later, I will get tired of waiting. As it seems now it will get to Europe/Sweden probably around next summer.

    Rohan, you’re really good at involving people in this project, but you’re awful on giving us details about the arrival and some dates to look forward to. Believe me you will loose many customers because of this. No one will wait forever, we aren’t that loyal.

  132. I heard somewhere in youtube where rohan was saying that they lost 6 patents because HTC filed them 5-6 days early……so the shroudyness is kinda plausible.

  133. @Klang I don’t know what the final version will be like but I can say that a pop-up menu like you say would not be as convenient as this. This you just swipe your thumb in a circular motion, no need to move the entire hand. With this design you could switch/open/close tabs basically in a second. Press switch, press close, press open. The menu would pop up and disappear almost immediately. I agree it doesn’t look very pretty but as iamapirate said it can be funky in a grunge mess kind of way. And personally I could like it (I love a bit of orderly chaos, too much order actually puts me off and confuses me).

  134. Yeah, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the adam hardware. I say this because normally when the hardware has a hard time with video the audio is ahead and the video lags behind. At the very end the video is ahead of the audio and I really doubt the adam is having a hard time decoding the audio stream. Most likely bad source, a glitch, or as Paritosh says, bad conversion software.

  135. Prema. If I remember correctly India was supposed to be the first country after the US for release. You can check the timeline in Slashgear to make sure.

  136. If you’ll notice at the end the video is ahead of the video so it seems to be something else than hardware insufficiencies.

  137. Janus, proximity sensors normally don’t work like that. A good example is the ones found on many touch screen phones. When your face/hand/whatever is near it turns the screen off so that you don’t accidentally hang up with your cheek while in a call. They sense if anything is near the sensor but the sensors tend to be small and wouldn’t mix with the entire screen.

  138. I thought at first maybe the mysterious sensor would be an obesity sensor, but since the first release will be in the US, all you need for that is the camera.

  139. Wow. The audio sounds FANTASTIC for such a device. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. I’m a composer and I teach music classes. I’d love to have something so portable that sounds good enough to share with other people!

  140. Awwwwwwwww, I WANT one! I am talking about the gecko though I also want an adam. For the record about once a year for some unknown reason a lizard or two decide to live in my house for a week or two. I let them be and don’t disturb them as they are nice and not filthy or disease ridden (and don’t bother me). Same thing happens with a cricket. Sometimes at the same time sometimes different 😀

  141. Two things to remember David. One is that as English is a second language for him there will be mistakes here and there.
    Secondly it can be correct and not talking about the actual future. It could be a statement of routine: After team A and team B have made their proposals the Usability Team will then evaluate which is best end user experience and best ease of use and then they’ll pass on the report. Lather rinse repeat. He might be talking in general and using future in relation to the reference point of proposals being made (no matter the proposal) rather than talking about the specific browser issue mentioned here.

  142. Since we saw a video here may I make another request Rohan?

    When the Adam is released can you include in the instruction manual (or on the page) details on the highest settings it can handle for videos (bitrate, b-frames, fps, etc.)? If we want to convert videos for the adam it can be really annoying finding out through trial and error what works best (went through it with my current phone and I’ve seen this topic in a forum for a device last for over half a year.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    btw to everyone, the other Tarwinia with a different avatar here was me, I was just using my friends netbook in the dark and accidentally entered my e-mail wrong as I was not used to the keyboard.

  143. I hope Rohan explains this a little better. But you make sense here. It doesn’t look like NI is copying Else here.

  144. Second time should a charm.

    “You will find audio and video out of sync cos of software conversion from MOV format to MP4.”

  145. With all due respect to Rohan and anticipation of ADAM, even allowing for language issues, it is clear the promised photos of 2nd set of samples, high quality photos, etc. did not show up, and the UI is clearly not even close to being finalized. I am going to wait for the ADAM, but it appears we have a long wait ahead of us.

  146. some people like me are in the market for a tablet NOW. Been waiting for the adam for a while patiently. convincing myself that when adam does come out, I’d be happy that I waited. I sincerely hope we don’t hit any more snags and we get to have our hands on one by end of the year. That’s as long as I can realistically wait.

    PS : patent lawyers are annoying!

  147. Okay, this was news to me but may be everyone else is aware of this. Anyway I thought of sharing this: One of my friends who received a mail regarding EAP said that the Adam will be released to people choosen under EAP program by “approximately” 15th Nov 2010.

    That means it looks like Rohan will be posting 1 or 2 more “weekend specials” in the coming two weeks before he reveals any substantial information.

  148. A logical anwer to why still no photos of IInd samples will be:

    They are not READY. The “adam” is already decided. The LOGO is not. So after Monday, with all the legalities completed, they will go for production of ADAM with small “adam” and the logo of mandate.

    Lets not forget IInd samples means some few hundreds now(for developers and beta tester and off course the winner). This cost money. They cannot do this again, revise and then produce again.

    So LETS WAIT for some time (few days/ week) . I believe Rohan is doing all that he can.

    Kudos to him and his Team for a GREAT product.

  149. I think you’ve almost got the right idea, Tarwinia, but typically a pie menu like this would only involve *one* press.

    I think the Tegra here may even have enough power to provide full page switching as you run over the tabs. The tab interface would essentially work as a press and hold on that floating side button, the tabs would quickly fly out in a slick animation, and then you would drag your thumb over to the right and scrub through the tab list with the whole screen switching between tabs as it happens (think like mousing between the Internet Explorer thumbnails in the Windows 7 taskbar). Despite being technically in the foreground, the tab interface would become much more of a background element that you wouldn’t really look at even while you use it.

    I think a system like this would be limited to around fifteen or fewer tabs, but that’s really more than ample enough for a mobile device. Above all, it would be fast and intuitive. It’s definitely original. And with just the right touches and cues, it could even be beautiful.

    Man, I want of one these things.

  150. I don’t know…

    it’s going to be tough to launch a new website with pre-order ability, get all the beta testing done [developers/ qa tests], get genesis up and running, load all new apps into genesis, complete the UI project, get FCC approved, mass produce a ton of adams and ship them to U.S. residents before December 25th.

    It’ll be a miracle if that happens, but trying to keep the faith…

    2 months to get all that done?

    I’d love to see a checklist of all the items above that are complete in real time. I honestly don’t think that would infringe on investor / patent requirement liabilities.

  151. Well I completely agree with you Prema….. And considering that We have Olivepad in very own indian market as it is up for shipping. I hope we get a Time like OR atleast a count down clock on the webpage notionink.in and notionink.com for the release. As for me i am also looking to buy Adam on my birth in first week of Dec. But if it is not released then I will have to think on other optionss… Which is kinda depressing…

  152. I cant just wait to see the Ball Rolling. Dying to see this on Market. I wish all the success. Guys, please deliver the Best Product, Just waiting to see it in my hands..

  153. @David just ‘cos Rohan provided the details of their internal process now does not mean that they are still debating on a feature which he has not provided the details of or we cannot speculate its not ready for production etc… Rohan said many times he has tons of information to share but just cant dump it on us ala-carte one weekend or weekday… mainly ‘cos of legal restrictions or simply put he cannot even he wants to. its almost like if one is being treated for a critical condition and in hospital one has to probably stop breathing if the doctor orders one to…

    btw, Rohan is now even more busy so even if he gets the ok to release some info he may not have all the time to release all info in one go… so we need to be as patient with Rohan as Rohan is as obedient with his investors/lawyers

  154. I hope NI is following their timeline

    This is an email from Notion ink, in end of Sep. Hope they will not delay agian.

    Greeting from Notion Ink!

    Thank you for your email.

    We would like to inform you that, Adam will be launched in November 2010. It will be available for purchase in the U.S by December 2010 and in other countries by January 2011. You can also purchase it online.

    Hope this information has helped you. If you have any further queries, we will be gald to help you.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Design Labs

  155. Since ADAM is a tablet(portable, less complex computing device) so
    1)themes should be changeable
    2)device design and colors itself should be homely. The present look is good but not best for home.
    Design – Make the edges smooth.
    Color – Black indicates business and actually is not feel good for eyes.please choose some other frame in the front which is not blackish.

  156. i will try to comment based on my understanding.

    some part of your question has been answered. and will try to extend more on your question?

    The kindle app is for mobile right, i dont know they have some tablet version or not. so some screen size adjustments needs to be done. i dont know NI has collaborated with them or not. so if mobile kindle appears on tablet screen in a nice way, it is fine otherwise it is panel mode.

    The only thing is that the panel mode is a light mode operation, and will access some basic features of the app, so the question is who will select this features or in other words does every app needs little tweaking for fitting into eden? and if i am correct what i understand from Rohan previous posts the answer is yes. we need some small but crucial changes in the app. the question is who will do the tweaks. That may sound like a drawback but at least the panel mode supports it with some tweaking and w/o any screen calibration.

    another question i asked Rohan (in due time he will answer it definitely), if mobile app can run w/o any screen resizing on panels, do panels have the capability (since it is a light mode operation) to access all the features of that app. here also the answer may be yes, considering that its a mobile app and is in some sense have limited features compared to netbook/desktop apps, and panel can handle that.

    To me solving everything now is quite difficult, but I hope, regular software updates will be there for adam (for me thats the single most important thing now) to not only fix the bugs in S/W, fine tuning of UI features etc., but also to tweak the major mobile android apps (either through tie-ups or NI team by themselves with the permission of developers, tweak the apps) slowly in a phased manner. of course by then, the genesis app store (with book store and hopefully a proper reading software) itself will become quite healthy.


  157. what is the grouse against:
    “camRip version of “very rare earth” Inception trailor”

    Really did not undersatand the point here. Can you explain? How could Rohan have done better?

  158. @bertosentoro :”when u will be able to release a release date” is little more appropriate question than you think and is currently NOT a repeated question.

    But I would not bother Rohan with that also, rather “whats up with the FCC?”

  159. @KShu ; What crap did Rohan give you? Don’t think many here think he ever gave crap. Cheers!! 🙂

  160. I’ve been following for quite a while and I do have to agree a little. We were put off for 2 weeks for an update that while awesome, wasn’t really anything super amazing. Even though I’m grateful we got anything, I was still dissapointed. But Rohan may have something up his sleeve

  161. I must profess a certain curiousity concerning the prototype you were supposed to receive on Oct 22nd.

    The insights provided on how a company takes an intellectual property to market are quite fascinating.

  162. Well it might be sensor to recognize objects……see here from 3:25 in this video…also get a idea how future tablets might look like….

    2 nd part

  163. Rohan when asked of if Adam can detect objects ducked that question in one of the videos….

  164. Dear Rohan,
    You communicate a lot with your potential adam buyers here. No other company releases information so frequently like yours but they do once however with detail information that the customers might want to know. I have been following adam nearly one year but you never let know info what your adam buyers might need.
    -Did you missed big update that you mentioned ,22nd October?
    -You mentioned, whole project is one week ahead of the original schedule. When is your new date/time that becomes one week ahead?
    -It seems you are buying time (also one blogger mentioned already) with this little update without concrete releasing time.
    -Why can’t you clear releasing date? Other companies announce quite in advance before releasing.

    Our frustration is growing day by day without any exact possible date. You missed your words many times. Please do something. You know about physics and engineer because you studied that filed. I know psychology because I studied that field. Please understand your costumers feeling as well.
    Thank you.

  165. Will the Adam support any anti-theft measures? It might be a good idea to support Kensington Locks or some kind of alarm. Maybe you can use the motion sensors to detect theft and raise an alarm, but only when the user puts it in “unattended mode” or something.

    I think the alarm might be a better idea then the Kensington lock (assuming the Adam already has a motion sensor) as more hardware modifications might further delay the release, which none of us want. The alarm could be implemented as an app made by any dev, but it would probably be nicer if it were more integrated with the OS. (Again, please don’t delay the release for this since it can be perfectly done in an update)

    Also I still haven’t had answers to earlier questions:

    * Do you know if anyone is working on an IDE which runs on the Adam itself, or are you going to make this possible by porting the sdk?

    * Is it possible for amateur / hobbyist app developpers to get hold of the sdk?

    * Does the Adam have issues with high ambient temperatures? (this has been identified as a major drawback of your primary competitor)

    * How close are you to publishing an (estimated) release date?

    I hope to get answers to one or more of my questions this time ^^

  166. +1
    to provide best recommented settings/format of videos for a lossless performance..!

  167. I will wait, but it is increasingly difficult! This is the machine I want! How much longer? Just wish I had a date I could mark on the calendar, lol!

  168. The update was that they had units and he went to China to get them.
    I think many think that the UI is still being worked on. I don’t think this is true It’s done. this doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked but with a release for units around Nov 15 to Dev’s means the UI is done. the next update I think we hear is that it has been sent to the FCC. if we read into the time line (which we all are) it was to be sent 2nd week of Nov. then we got an update that they are a week ahead of schedule. so that means 1st week of Nov or better this sounding this week. now you in Psychology then you know anticipation. the adam has gotten press but they have gotten tons of press about delays or being mythical or vapor-ware. When it is released that the adam has hit the FCC or has gotten cleared a lot of buzz will start. The anticipation will go through the roof. the people here it will go up but we are all on the edge of our seats anyway. the people that are looking at the other tablets coming out are going to start hearing about NI and the adam again but this time that it is real and the release is very close. Timing is everything, and NI has done very well and with a bunch of free advertising they are going to do great. The people here number in 20,000-40,000 it maybe more but that is only 12-15 days of productions. NI needs much more to be successful.

  169. I don’t like the strips on the left at all. It looks very poor to me, very haphazard and “messy” It doesn’t seem to flow with the other parts of the UI you have shown. There has got to be a more visually appealing way to present this.

    Back to the drawing board.

  170. Actually you misunderstood a little Manoj. Apps don’t need tweaking to work in Eden, they need tweaking to take full advantage of Eden (i.e. switch between a light and full mode). If there are no tweaks they will just run.

    @Jai As for the kindle app it depends on what screen sizes it supports. But if I were you I wouldn’t worry. There will most likely be a kindle app compatible with the Galaxy Tab which is the same resolution as the Adam, meaning it should work full screen without any problems.

  171. Its always nice to see some sort of update from Rohan. Then again, its more frustrating when its an update of this sort. Again, it is nice to have this openness with the NI team, but when they say they have a big update coming I believe all of us were expecting more. Maybe this isn’t all of it. Maybe there was a little over-hype going on. I dunno. All I can say is that they better get in gear if they hope to capture the holiday consumers.

    I’m still hoping for an in-depth video or still photos showing of the UI. But heck, I’d just settle for a tentative release date.

  172. I’m done. adam won’t be available locally for another year. You’ll have to order online and if you need repair what then? The macbook Air is available from our area Best Buy and Computers Plus stores. Tech help, repair shop, and more.

    It was a nice dream.

    goodbye and take care

  173. I don’t understand why investors wouldn’t want information about the product being public. We’re not asking for trade secrets. We’re just asking for basic functionality, potential release dates and other stuff that can create media attention, buzz and other things positive for the product (and thus the investor).

  174. Has there been any recent mention of the track pad on the back of the NI?
    I do hope that it is still part of the finished product!

    @Kam… I agree with you that the HD Dolphin Browser is by far the best app for the Nexus One (the N1 :p ) Having tried the various beta versions of Fennec and FireFox for Android, neither works well yet, and were far bulkier than the Dolphin Browser.

    One other observation/request I have, based on my Nexus One experience concerns the ebook possibilities. I have been using the Kobo Android app. because it is far more legible than others (including the Kindle for Android app). It allows for the use of a fairly hefty Sans-serif font and is beautiful in NightVision mode (White on Black) I do hope that something similar will work with the PixelQi screen.

    One last comment – from a musician: I can’t WAIT to use the N! to display my Early Music tablature sheet music .pdfs in landscape mode!! And listen to my collection of .OGG files on those nice speakers!

    Thank you Rohan for your vision and perseverance. I’ve been waiting for at least ten years for many of the features that are coming together in the NI… A few more weeks aren’t going to be a deal breaker for me. I’d rather have a more polished product than something you’ve rushed out the door to satisfy the impatient fanboys or an arbitrary calendar date.

    As we all observed with the launch of the Nexus One, everyone was quick to leap on the minor bugs, and forgot what a brilliant phone it is. [The xda-developer’s forum was an excellent support resource, BTW.]

    “Good things come to those who wait”

  175. Rohan ,
    What about the left handed ppl! have u ever given a thought about those sheer mass of ppl?
    Any plans to have the track pad to control it with the left & the right hand? Seprate devices for both kind of users?

  176. I think the tabs are ugly and un professional.

    I would prefer for them to be displayed on a half pie that can be spun, with each web representing one tab.

    The current UI is the ugliest thing ever.

  177. the borded looks quiet thick and very different to all previous renders. Best Wishes to NI Team and opfully ADAM is a success.

  178. Yeah its a real shame when things get promised but yet again now not delivered. I appreciate the update but i thought rohan was preparing something really special? Also no pics as promised- Shame.

  179. @Tarwinia, I was thinking mostly of the way drawing tablets works being able to control the mouse cursor when the stylus is hovering 2 or 3 milimeters over the board.
    I was dreaming that this kind of sensor (call it proximity or whatever you like) on a tablet PC would eliminate the need for a track pad and a mouse cursor.
    For exemple in the case of that browser tabs controller, it would deploy when your finger reach a certain distance over the trigger button, just like a mouse cursor would.
    Now I’m aware that the technology that sense user interaction on the tablet is probably different from that of my drawing board stylus, but we’re talking “secret” sensor here so until its true nature is revealed I’ll put my money on that one (but only the part not dedicated to the acquisition of my Adam).

  180. They were trying to push hardware, not just the UI…. the UI itself is a pretty good example of out-of-box thinking.

  181. And, in addition to all the Android tablet competition coming out, surely sooner rather than later, the big brother A will release a second gen, which will correct some of the shortcomings that kept us from buying the first one, and will definitely steal thunder from this with mass markets. I’m no fan of that app ecosystem, BUT it does exist, as secular one points out, along with the support to go with it, even if high handed and faulty …

    The waiting is one thing; I’m sure Rohan’s team is doing their best, but the deliberate build-up and promises of BIG WEEKEND news several weeks in a row without delivering on that makes it harder to have faith this will become a reality. I continue to hope the best for NI and ADAM …

  182. Absolutely true Andrew. There have been grand promises made. None yet delivered. But that’s not the concern. Its the littleones that really annoy me. Because if they can’t manage that how can I expect the big ones to be fulfilled! ? Right now, I can’t. Rohan, if you’re reading; please step up and deliver soon. If you release Adam around the time when the big boys (Motorola etc) make announcements regarding their tabs release dates. You’ll lose my (and other potential customers) purchase.

  183. I don’t know why people are criticizing the browser. When you hold adam with your hand it is easy to move to different tabs this way just with the thumb of your holding left hand. If it is the normal way then you have to move the hand to close or open the tab.

    I think this is a good idea, but the close tab button on each tab should be on the left as opposed to right end of each tab, so that you can close tabs without stretching your thumb much.

  184. Dont get me wrong Cathy; I believe they’ll release Adam. I just don’t have faith they can deliver on the lofty promises when they fail consistently with the minor ones. I want to buy this tablet. But I wont be purchasing right away if there are other viable options on the market or nearing the market when Adam finally is a reality.

    Notion ink, Put up or keep quiet. You’re not just playing with our emotions and intense enthusiasm; you’re treating us like we’re ignorant.

  185. You know i was looking at some older images of the adam and came accross these:

    and noticed that the trackpad is not there! Since we haven’t seen or heard anything of it since the very first prototype i have feeling it is not there any more!

  186. I was hoping for some sweet special Halloween update treat. Guess its back to haunting us with no specific info.

  187. I’m pretty sure I saw the backside trackpad being used in the vid demonstrating full hd video playback. There was a white x in the middle of the screen and you can see someone reach behind and move the x to the corner.

  188. Out of curiosity where did you get that adam won’t be available locally for another year? Unless you meant it won’t be locally available until early 2011 I find it rather unlikely they wouldn’t push for shelf space at best buy and other stores.

    Not saying you’re wrong but seems like a rather random comment especially with such little news on a release date as it is.

  189. Is it me or the alphabets in each word on the tabs are shifted either a little up or down from their base line? Is this is the version that has passed UI testing?
    It seriously looks yucky.

  190. I meant the 1080p video clip on this blog post within the first 30 seconds. Also if you look at the pics you showed the camera is still in the middle while the camera is now off to the side.

  191. I don’t know if they celebrate Hallowe’en in India, but here in the US, we have scared little kids ringing doorbells and then running back to their parents, while we try to entice them with candy. It makes me feels very creepy.

  192. Don’t make the edges smooth. Make them serrated, so we can cut bread.

    Then, at risk to the battery life, we can heat up the screen, we can cook eggs on it. The Adam becomes a breakfast tablet.

    A better idea: Several people have suggested some kind of anti-theft device. Make the edges razor sharp. Even better if they’re tipped with poison. The owners will know to handle them with gloves, of course.

  193. “As for me i am also looking to buy Adam on my birth in first week of Dec”

    So your are not born yet? Wow, you definitely have some magical powers!!

  194. nah, not poison, a sedative would be better. That way if you have children there’s no permanent harm and you could even give it to them to play with when you want some peace and quiet (granted they’d eventually learn it’s just to knock them out or how to hold it without it happening).

  195. Regarding the anti-theft capability, please check gecko’s post above where in he provides some mind blowing insight into some great capabilities of ADAM, including anti-theft capabilities.

    Just search for the post “gecko said, on November 1, 2010 at 03:42”

  196. to all the people complaining, keep in mind that no other company, being apple or archos or samsung or blackberry or motorolla never have this such communication with users and future buyers, they keep us in the dark about their products and even release dates , nor takes our advice and imput about how the final product will be and act.
    Notion ink does all that and then some, Rohan keeps us in the loop weekly ,even though he doesnt have to.
    so please stop complaining and wait for a good product to come out, at lease you will know that you had an input on how it will feel and work.
    Thanks Rohan.

  197. There is no chance of the tablet getting a little d-pad or navigation pad at the bottom and 3 or 4 buttos at the top for gaming and emulators, am i right?
    What makes n95 very good it is that it has some media keys in one side and a navigation pad at the other. That makes it great for gaming. The buttons could be play, pause, rewind and fast forward but they could have multiples uses. But anyway, i think i came late to the party, the tablet is almost finished
    If someone knows something, please, answer me.

  198. Well, Well, Well! It’s been a long journey and a long wait but the real beginning is just about to start. It will be interesting to see how new hard and soft ware will be incorporated in future evolutions; I am allready looking forward to Adam 2. It’s all very exciting, congratulations to everyone involved.

  199. I call BS.

    The other companies announce their products and the product’s capabilities. RIM just did with the playbook. Showing it off in person and in videos. Answering questions. With professional looking websites. They go to the media with it to create buzz and pique interest so word gets out about it.

  200. Adam , like the first earthly one has been remarkably successful in luring dreamy fans to come back again & again in droves for more virtual tease, without a real tangible product!

    A lot like the movie Avatar …a beautiful dream
    Congratulations !

  201. 1. Will Adam support latex? Is there any latex editor (and latex system) under development for Adam? There is at least one for Ipad though.
    2. How does Adam’s Pixel Qi compare to Kindle in “indoor” environment without backlit?

    Will Notion Ink have customer representative ready to answer these questions?

  202. @gecko
    I vehemently disagree:
    First, we should vote on:
    -edges shape (I prefer spiky edge to keep certain individuals at bay at the office, and I love the out of space look)
    -screen temperature. I want it very cold: nice to rub your face with it when temp. rises to 99C, also perfect to place a beer on it. And if anybody decides to steal it, and later kiss it, his/her tongue will be stuck to it until I find it. Perfect anti theft device.
    -no logo, nor any buttons (they take too much space, which we need in order to coil the antenna around the tablet)

    Please sign in the button if you agree. Winner will get…(to be decided later)

  203. Come on, give Rohan a big hand of applause for what he does. Don’t you think is at least a bit than what we are used to?

  204. Rohan –
    Does Adam have the day and night vision (brightness adjustment) feature?
    Will this be dynamic or is left to the user to set or change?

  205. Um – a slightly delicate topic, but in some respects, it might be culturally inappropriate to accommodate left-handed people. Let me put it this way: Assuming that you’re Indian, which hand do you eat with?

  206. Agree 100%. But you know what? I realized that most complains are actually helpful.
    1 – All the whining just remind me as a consumer that I need those kind a pessimistic gestures, because they help me pick the right product by avoiding them. So, nice of them!
    2- They are genuinely nervous about the Adam not making it. That is how much they love it!
    3- It is a strategy. Like: hey, let’s go over there and smear their company with baseless assertions about anything. Let’s whine like brats, but don’t forget to mention this and that brand while we are at it. Ironically, being here also ads to the health of this blog. Why? Because all their comments depend on what NI actually makes public. It is like complaining about an ice cream maker while eating its ice cream.

  207. I tend to embrace the # 2 characterization. I believe in the kindness of the human heart. But in an open blog like this one all this kind of things are very natural.

  208. Aaargh…I meant gecko’s comment in this blog post. (and not gecko’s post).

    Search for the text “gecko said, on November 1, 2010 at 03:42″, without the quotes (“).

  209. I am commenting for the first time b/c I wanted to say that I really like the idea of the “strips of paper” tab solution for the browser. It looks great and seems to be a fast and simple way to tab through multiple pages using just your thumb! Very clever! I also like the movement away from the “gloss and glow” present in many other operating systems. The design challenge is to keep consistency within the design. I hope the solutions you have for the web browser inform the UI across the system. Best wishes and good luck!

    p.s. I have been watching/waiting for the Notion Ink Adam since its first announcement… i hope the device goes on sale soon!

  210. The technical trade-off of PixelQi screens is that they have lower contrast and lesser viewing angle than regular LCD screens. Hence, to mitigate the contrast issue, you must choose the colors for the various UI elements accordingly. As for the viewing angle, PixelQi is trying to improve the viewing angle with some of their newer generation screens.

  211. It was said at some points that it has a light sensor to automatically adjust the backlighting. The user will also be able to control it and there’s a switch to turn off the backlight in order to save power (this switch is in both Pixel Qi and normal LCD versions).

  212. I’m sorry I keep bringing this up, Rohan, but keep in mind, part of what makes MKV so nice is that you can convert just about any format (MOV, MP4, AVI) with, as far as I’ve dealt with, zero sync issues.

    Android already has a flexible (but new, and possibly buggy) media framework: Stagefright. All it’s going to take is adding MKV demuxing (so that the Tegra 2 can deal with the Video/Audio streams directly, regardless) to the parser.

  213. Wow, so you rather pay 700 dollars more for a piece of crap MB Air, than wait for Adam? Well, good day to you too sir…hope to never see you again around here…

    PS: Only “Normal” people shop at Best Buy…

  214. Can I point out that “grand promises” are often made but then for some reason can’t be kept? By all companies. A good example right now is Apple and the white iPhone…

    Now here we have a case of information and as others have said there are a variety of reasons why they might not have been released. Maybe he wrote more or something else and then it was pointed out that he couldn’t say that because of the NDAs or whatnot. And personally I like any post on functionality, and the thumb tab control, whether messy looking or not is functional. I just switched the firmware on my phone because the newer one was buggier but oh so much more practical. I miss the reduced number of presses the newer one had but unfortunately I need one of the functions which became buggy with the new OS for work and that’s why I switched back. I use tons of tabs so if I can have easy switching and control, it’s good in my book and not something to be scoffed at.

  215. No no elmelao, we should keep the buttons, but they should be fake. Each one would release a different toxin. This way the thief would not only slowly poison him or herself with a variety of substances but would get increasingly frustrated because the buttons don’t seem to work. This in turn will raise their pulse and blood pressure, distributing the poisons around the body even faster. And the screen should be able to switch between hot and cold (hot for your feet in the winter and keeping your hot cocoa nice and toasty. And if you want spikes they can easily be incorporated into the rounded back, coming out of each hexagon in the grill, it’s why it’s there after all, isn’t it?

  216. I am one of those persons who wait till 2 or 3am in the morning just to see an update from you. frankly speaking i am disappointed by this update.. i really expected a lot from this weekend when you said you will start writing this last week itself. i can understand that your hands are tied on revealing some information. but what ever information you release make sure it is complete(like the battery stuff, and you told you dont like glossy icons, but never said what your icons look like.) and no errors (like audio sync issue in this post, fee issue in EAP post).

    I can wait for ADAM for more time. but making small mistakes like this is making me doubt. i am complaining because i want ADAM to be a huge hit.

    Also a question, the main reason i am attracted towards this tablet is not because of hardware it has. i have read your blog about user interface discussion you have.(https://notionink.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/ideas-and-communication/) the way you think about UI is what made me interested in this tablet. you talked about ubiquity kind of thing. is that still in cards???

  217. every thing is fine when is the Release……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 🙂 no answer for this alone……………………………. 🙂

  218. @bert: a timeline inferred last time suggested that it WILL be available by november with lot of emphasis on being a week or two early with the schedule…. and I’m not multiplying myself but just frustrated………everytime we get a weekend special there is always referal to the “more special” weekend special next week but just a fuss i guess….and dint you get the sound sample from the ted video couple of weeks ago???…yes i know he is under restrictions but why doesn’t he admit it…..why always “inception” to the followers???

    @levpious: this blog post would have been LOT better of he had shown the working UI itself just like of them he showed to people in one of the conference last year or so…. i dont think that has any patent restrictions……

  219. Those are white Adam tablets. Does that mean we are coming out with white? Black + White only came in fifth in the poll.

  220. how would that matter gecko? wats u’r point? i don’t get it!
    Indian or non-Indian, there are left handed ppl all around the world. It doesn’t matter where u r from. It’s just about addressing certain community of ppl who r left handed.
    So which side will the track pad be is important.
    Personally i am so used to using the mouse in the right hand. And so, i shall expect to have the track-pad placed on the right side in rear of Adam. Ammm…! or may be left? i don’t know. Have to try it, to find out the comfort level. 🙂

  221. So Do I. I stay upto 2-3 am without sleeping expecting something, and thinking it will come something new because of the time zone differences it might be delayed. But most the updates are not up to what we want.

  222. That too, when dozen other android tablets get announced, it will be tough for keeping the flock of well wishers together. Unless they bring in some concrete release dates and plan to meet them, good luck!
    Just see the news about Huawei Ideos Tablet S7 at $ 299

  223. Please do not fuss and watch carefully, the camera is where it should be!
    see it in the last 2 sec Movie!

  224. Hi Rohan,

    could you please send my one of the ADAM shown in one of the pictures ?? I will pay a lot for him 🙂


  225. I’m slightly disappointed that there is no active digitizer on this tablet. If there was this would be the BEST tablet.

    but i think a capacitive stylus would be fine…. not that ive tried one!

  226. Well, he didn’t mention date. So, may be another Monday. He also mentioned October 22 but but he didn’t mention 2010 so it didn’t happen. May be October 2011. Adam suffers from eating apple!

  227. imo, nothing comes close unless it has a pixel qi screen.
    I put one of these pixel qi DIY screens my my little samsung and now I can’t live with out it. Makes all the difference in the world when you you can go up to the roof deck and check your email outdoors while having your morning coffee!

  228. Yep.

    The 10 is a dual boot windows / android 1.6 tablet with up to 10 hours of battery life.

    *IN STORES* [That means it’s actually for sale] across America starting November 2nd.

    Take note notion ink. This is crunch time.

  229. I’m watching the blog closely this morning.

    Regarding the logo, Rohan said “Will post the results on Monday (need to take permissions from the Winner that we can use it commercially)”

    Hoping that along with announcing which logo won, Rohan will also give us a little more info on the Adam… 😉

  230. the winner was probably steve job. he was probably too bashful to admit he loved adam

  231. in the comments of the link someone said – ‘nvidia tegra procesr cant afford windows 7’.

    Duz it mean, adam cant too?

  232. Dear Rohan,

    I liked the tab system in the browser, for me functionality is more important than looks, but reading so many comments above i feel u can improve the looks for them.
    I am a person from Medical background the idea may be dumb but idea is an idea, here it goes- The small semi circle which is at the edge is good, it helps us using the thumb but the problem for all is the Tabs that are projecting like swiss knife, instead of this pattern make a bigger semicircle with tabs fitting into them, when we tap on a tab like u have on engadget let it highlight with options to do, ie whether to use, close or anything.

    You should program it such a way that tabs arrange into semicircle automatically resizing themselves to fit into the semicircle ie if only 3 tabs are there each occupies 60 degree, if 4 are there then each occupy 45 degree. One catch here, when number of tabs are more the degree will reduce drastically making it difficult to pin point at specific tab, but here you can use multi touch option to enlarge or squeeze specific portion of the semicircle.

    Well i am a lay man when it comes to computers, i have tried to put my idea into words hope u read this and hope it helps you guys.


  233. I like the browser concept, but don’t like the implementation. Something more frames-based, as suggested by Darius_bd, would probably be nicer. For example, the picture apps which show all of the pictures within a folder when you touch the folder.

  234. Hi Rohan!

    Here’s a little suggestion on the UI. Please have the opacity/transparentness of the UI or Menu interface be user-adjustable. That is, Please let the user be able to see thru the overlaying UI or Menu interface. This way, if they need to be able to see the underlaying screen while accessing the UI or Menu interface, it will be possible.

    Ronak Rathod

  235. Watching … waiting … still hoping for the best here, but the silence is ominous. One would have thought NI would have asked for usage rights to the winning logo out of the final 10 back when the final 10 were chosen days ago along with the announcement and the “revision” opportunity. Deliberate delaying because the project is not on timeline? I do hope not.

  236. Ronak Rathod seems to think a tablet that is supposed ready for release in the USA come December is still capable of changing the UI. Hell, why not rebuild the whole thing too. LOL

  237. @secular one: Well, I’ll continue to dream for a little longer; till someone actually does release a great tablet with a great pixel q screen and specs similar to what ADAM and Rohan have promised. Once that’s available somewhere to buy, I’m buying that one, and am done following science fiction blogs; I NEED such a device asap. I hoped that would be an ADAM; that may or may not turn out to be NI’s ADAM; I’m increasingly skeptical. But, to date, I’m not seeing another tablet that offers so much.

  238. I have 2 suggestions for the browser tabs.
    1) Put x on all tabs so you can close un-open tabs as well
    2) Have a gesture to close a set of tabs

  239. the trouble is we think we know everything else other than what Rohan said he cannot reveal…. lets hope for the best; ‘holiday season’ is the hint we have and FCC clearance is the only uncontrollable we were told that prevents NI from confirming the date; unless we hear otherwise from NI itself, we should not have no other reason to worry….

    the bit(s) Rohan is sharing is not necessarily an up-to-date status report and trying to relate everything to the delivery date is not ideal

  240. Who knows when the winner was notified or would be able to respond. Or what timezone he/she is in.

  241. @ Vishesh”

    I’ve never been to India (yet?) but I understand that the situation is similar to that in Indonesia where the left hand is, at least traditionally, used for, um, sanitary purposes, preferably involving splashing water rather than, as in the west, rubbing with dry paper. Obviously this takes place in private. But if you eat with your left hand or hand someone something with your left hand, it’s regarded as distasteful if not outright disgusting.

    Perhaps the Adams should have a message permanently embossed on them: “Don’t touch with unwashed hands!” Japanese models, of course, would say something like: “We kindly request you to please wash your hands before using this Adam.”

  242. @gecko…disgusting but a valid point … cultural ergonomics differentiation if you may…

  243. Any news on being able to preorder yet? I am in the uk and really want to get my hands of one of these.

  244. @Cathy
    Patience is rewarding. It really takes time and effort to build something revolutionary. You would be more disappointed if you get a half baked product. Almost everyone is clamoring for a release date/pre-order date but I am sure there is a gag order on Rohan to not say anything about it as the dates may very according to the results of FCC certification. I am not a fanboy but I am excited about it. Also remember that its a start-up so not everything is as organized and streamlined as a multi-billion dollar company like Google,MS or Apple. So, I would urge everyone to take a step back and relax. I feel this thing will come out before Christmas and it will be a beauty.

  245. Hi Rohan,

    I was wondering why you choose to convert the video when adam is capable of playing flash videos.. You could have directly played the 1080p trailer from youtube in adam browser :).. am i missing something here …

  246. Slashgear today:

    “Last week we caught up with the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10 tablets as the pair of slates made their UK debut. Now, ViewSonic has confirmed availability and pricing for the two tablets in the US, with the 7-inch model arriving in late Q4 2010 for $479, while the 10-inch dual-booting model will arrive in Q1 2011 at $629.

    The 7-inch ViewPad runs Android 2.2 Froyo and has WiFi b/g, a capacitive touchscreen and 3G/UMTS connectivity which allows it to work as a cellphone (unlike the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy Tab). Meanwhile the 10-inch ViewPad runs Android 1.6 on an Atom processor, but can also load into Windows 7 for a more netbook-style experience. It too has a capacitive touchscreen, but lacks 3G connectivity.”

  247. I can’t understand why Rohan hasn’t replied to anything that people have written on this blog. This gives me a bad feeling. Nothing seems to be done with Notion Ink and Rohan can’t confirm ANYTHING even though the relase is supposed to be within 2 months (yeah right!).
    I don’t believe all the hush hush from lawyers and investors and so on. Rohan is just trying to buy some time with small, almost meaningless, updates. Like this update, Notion Ink playing full HD video, so what? We can’t even see if it is the actual device or not!

    Every tablet or upcoming tablet have lots of previews and clips on youtube. Sure Notion Ink also have been on youtube, but it seems that everything has been “updated” since then, because Rohan wasn’t completely satisfied with the device back then. I have lost all hope of seeing Notion Ink before this summer, step up Rohan and give us well deserved explanations!

  248. As Tarwinia said, “I get the impression they pop up when you place your finger on the semi-circle. This would make it easy to use while holding it in one or two hands.. It’s right there always at your fingertip (thumb-tip technically ) but without it taking up too much screen real estate when you don’t need them.”

    I think it’s a nice idea.

  249. @anshuman
    I agree with you 100%, but I also agree with Cathy 100%. I think the situation in which NI is now points to their lack of experience in dealing with such a big endeavor. This is how I see the problem: Rohan already has a large base of followers (us), and we’ve been salivating over this tablet for (personally) almost a year now. We all wanted this tablet BEFORE we knew about revolutionary UI, panel systems, secret sensor, and the list goes on and on… We want it because of the screen, the battery life, android system, etc.

    So what does this tell you? That they could’ve come out with adam 5 months ago, and I bet that >95% of the people would’ve bought it even if it were in only one color, had an imperfect web browser, ADAM spelled with capital letters on the front, etc. etc… I would’ve put up the money to purchase the exact same tablet that he showed in his first demonstration of the device! That taken out of the way, they could’ve focused on releasing updates and bring the novelty that they’re working on right now. PLUS, and this is a big plus, they would already have a lot of feedback from users (which I think is one of the most valuable things) instead of doing all the testing with closed doors as it is done now.

    So yes, I DO like NI and I really really hope Rohan can make it in this tough market, BUT as Cathy said, most of the people look at hard facts, and not the story behind a product so when it comes the time to take the plastic out of the wallet, they will chose the best option at the time: will adam be the first android tablet with a PixelQI screen and great battery life? GREAT!, if not… someone else will take the glory. Someone without a secret sensor, without amazing speakers or a revolutionary browser.

    Please Rohan, please, please try to avoid this gloomy scenario! If it’s the investors’ fault, then I guess there’s nothing you can do but suffer in silence. But if there is any little way that you can hurry the process please do so! I’d much rather hold adam in my hands now and wait 3 months for an updated tab-management than risk being the second company with such a device on the market.

    Captain hindsight out…

  250. OK, I’ve been googling “notion ink adam” news for the better part of a year now. It’s freakin’ November. I love the idea of this thing and it sounds wonderful, but it’s time to announce a release date already. I’ve had the patience of Job but enough is enough. Christmas? Spring? What is it? I’m a big boy – I can take it. I just don’t want to hear any more about the color scheme or the speakers or the battery or anything else until I know the damn thing is actually gonna be released. Thanks!

  251. @gecko : for your ‘clever’ point, I must say you are distasteful …. in you manner of response you are disrespectful of other cultures also.

  252. You’re right- they dont (and with good reason). The hype is all self generated by the consumer and bloggers with wishlists. Thus serving a purpose: Creating buzz with whispers in rumors of said device, and never coming off as under-performing on their promises. And they DO take advice: Its called market research! You’re never going to satisfy everyone so a broad general consensus is all you’ll ever need. I dont fault NI for their take on this. Cutting the cost of market research by taking our opinions directly is a stroke of genius for a start up company. Well done on that one! Kudos to them.

    Shame for not delivering on many of their promises though. Siimple, simple promises. ie: Quality pics? Nowhere. As tedious as these updates must be for Rohan (and as busy as we all assume he must be) he does what he can. THAT is an assumption, but one Im willing to give him. But seriously, how time consuming and stressing is it to bang out a couple paragraphs once a week? How taxing is it to upload those photos, considering he has been given the green light to share them (and if not, thats all he ever had to say)? But considering he already promised them hes stuck in a pickle either way. Did he really need to take the time to make a diagram to explain that the oversized bezel we were all worried about was going to be smaller on the finished product? No. I’m afraid the short time he spent on that could have been better spent further informing us, if that is the intent of this blog.

    To reiterate what Ive said already- over and over and over; I believe the Adam will come to market. I do think its going to be packed with a feature set that will entice many tablet hunters. At THIS time its THE tablet I want to buy. However, the longer they wait to share release information, final specs or even a polished website, the more likely I am to wait for the bombardment of Android 3.0 (out of the box) tablets to make my decision.

    I bring up the website for a reason. Up to this point; (and no disrespect to you or your team Rohan) regardless of how talented and bright the NI team is, you can tell that its a young company with young leaders. Im sorry, but the polish of professionalism just isnt there. From the presentation of ideas and communication here on this blog and behind the scenes to the handling of (albeit a beta) website that serves absolutely no purpose. This used to be a positive for me; the young, enthusiastic and bright underdog producing a superior product. But the more this drags on, the more it becomes a negative in my eyes. The young, inexperienced and naive startup limps out of the gate with what WAS a superior product. Prove me wrong Notion Ink. Thats a plea, not a challenge.

    The Adam will sell. Probably well for NI. But I dont think it will be a market success. Thats not a problem though. As many of us DO want NI to succeed, me buying one does not hinge on that fact.

  253. To reiterate what Ive said already- over and over and over; I DO believe the Adam will come to market. I DO think its going to be packed with a feature set that will entice many tablet hunters. At THIS time its THE tablet I want to buy. However, the longer they wait to share release information, final specs or even a polished website, the more likely I am to wait for the bombardment of Android 3.0 (out of the box) tablets to make my decision.

    I bring up the website for a reason. Up to this point; (and no disrespect to you or your team Rohan) regardless of how talented and bright the NI team is, you can tell that its a young company with young leaders. Im sorry, but the polish of professionalism just isnt there. From the presentation of ideas, communication here on this blog and elsewhere, to the handling of (albeit a beta) website that serves absolutely no purpose there is a lack of professionalism. This used to be a positive for me; Heres your future TechBlog headlines: “The young, enthusiastic and bright underdog produces a superior product with hick-ups and setbacks along the way”. But the more this drags on, the more it becomes a negative in my eyes. “The young, inexperienced and naive startup limps out of the gate with what WAS a superior product”. Prove me wrong Notion Ink. Thats a plea, not a challenge.

    The Adam will sell. Probably well for NI. But I dont think it will be a market success. Thats not a problem though. As many of us DO want NI to succeed, me buying one does not hinge on that fact.

  254. “Will post the results on Monday (need to take permissions from the Winner that we can use it commercially)”

    10 mins left and then it starts Tuesday.

    Rohan – did you mean Monday 1st Nov or Monday 8th Nov?

  255. Now its – I hate UI, you must change it, the sound is terrible, I don’t believe it is going to ever come out. Heck, many are giving up and saying they are going to buy another tablet (never mind that there aren’t any other tablets to buy yet, although the viewsonic in the sears ad is tempting)
    I myself have been frustrated by the lack of new info. But I sat back and took a deep breath and said, the adam is still potentially the best tablet that is coming out. I am sure Rohan has been so busy in the last few weeks, most of us probably can’t even imagine.
    “Dear All,
    Last week passed like a day!”
    I bet he probably hasn’t slept more than a few hours a night for the last several weeks. So, I just wanted to say, Rohan we do appreciate all the hard work, we do know you are doing the best you can, given the legal and investor restrictions, keep up the great work.

    To the rest of you, lighten up a little. Nothing so far that has been releases has said it wasn’t on schedule. in Fact, we heard it was one week ahead of schedule.

  256. Rohan, please do not take time away from your truly important work in getting the adam out the door, to meet any artificial deadline and make a blog post. When you have a chance, update us if you can.

  257. @neiraj : nice suggestion to make things ‘a lot better’.
    Afterthought: For us it one thanksgiving shopping; for NI&Co I guess it is a lot more than that…

  258. Try to Ask:
    1. Does Adam have a plan to support latex, as it is having its own marketplace?
    2. How does Pixel Qi screen in reflecive mode compare to Kindle’s screen indoor? The videos from Pixel Qi is about outdoor performance.

  259. First off, you’re spot on with your first paragraph David. But um, your last sentence is the puzzler: ” in Fact, we heard it was one week ahead of schedule.” So, we should see it at the FCC this week right?

    From “Inception”- August 12, 2010
    “The product will shoot for FCC certifications in the second week of November.”

    From “Quick Update”- September 14 2010
    “The best news: according to new schedule we will hit for FCC certifications a week earlier than scheduled and over all the project is running 7 days ahead of its schedule.”

    I dont buy it. But again NI, prove me wrong… please!

  260. “usb = infinite buttons” only if the driver for the attached device already exists on the system.

  261. @Anshuman & Klang,

    I do think the WORST possible scenario is the release of a product not up to expectations, with bugs, etc. And, I am waiting and hoping for the best. I do think much of what we’re seeing here on the blog is the enthused passion of a very young, brilliant inventor up against the real world of investors and lawyers balanced on the fulcrum of long hours and no sleep.

    I have not ever, and will not ask for a release date on the assumption that the minute they can give us this info they will. I have expressed some concern over the specific promises without followup notes; even if it’s a note to say “team is still working on that; update to follow when available”. That does raise concerns about service and support afterword.

    I will say again, though: No other tablet specs I’ve seen yet come close to this, and … I’m waiting … and yes, secular one … I’m still dreaming … I think that’s what THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT 🙂

    THANK YOU ROHAN, for the dream; I await the reality

  262. I agree.

    At first, I didn’t mind the website and the blog. But the closer it gets the alleged release date, they more those need to be polished or you scare people away. When I try to share my enthusiasm for the Adam with friends, and link the sites they decline because it crashes their browsers (the blog uses shockwave and flash which people don’t always want to turn on).

    Each time an engaget or slashgear runs and article, people google for Notion Ink and find those sites and then probably never return. It also scares me (as somebody who’s been interested in this) as to what’s going to happen after launch.

    I disagree with your final point: I want it to be a market success. I want to know that I’ll have support, updates and accessories for my Adam. I want my product to last.

    I can’t imagine revamping the main site or having somebody clear up the blog posts would take much time or money for NI. Heck, I’d edit the blog for Rohan extremely cheaply (and I’m sure there are volunteers who’d do it for free, but I need the income 😉 ). And the longer these look unprofessional, the more people lose interest and the less likely it’s a market success.

  263. At least Rohan, show us the online store with the add to cart buttons inactivated and the prices hidden… at least we would like to see that something is ready. Agree with you Atul…looks like it’s going to be Nov 8…or Rohan…is it going to be Nov 1 Monday in the US? It’s already 1:25pm Pacific time 😉 still waiting for some good news!

  264. As I said up the page, I wouldn’t hold him to that deadline. He may not have been able to get in touch with the winner (due to weekends, vacations or who knows what else).

  265. The Logo will probably come out Nov. 8. That’s monday for Rohan. He’s so busy that his concept of time is entirely different from us. ” the week seems to pass like a day” to quote him.

  266. no big weekend update and now logo? … this is just dragging more and more. within a week or two. if adam doesn’t go to fcc … man oh man this blog is going to blow up in a riot

  267. I’m also starting to agree sadly 😦

    Here in the UK a 10″ tegra capacitive screen tablet running Android 2.2 is being released this week and by all accounts it has everything that the Adam will have except PixelQi and the Adams software sauce but will be £250.

    I’m not going to rush out and get it but the competition is now here and the Adam hasn’t even got to the stage of demo units out there or release dates and definite pricing. It looks to me like NI are going to miss the biggest shopping period of the year and despite having a superior product may fail because of that.

  268. I am okay with the amount of information we are getting, but my main point is not having complete and error free info.

  269. I agree with your statement about the support afterwards. Thats always been a concern of mine since I began having these uneasy feelings. I think a better way to phrase what I meant was I dont think they’re going to take a ‘chunk’ of the tablet market. Theres too many other devices coming out at the end of this year or beginning of 2011 that many many people are very aware of and tracking on their radar (even without the appearance of consumer openness to the creation process that Notion Ink has so proudly displayed): Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, Dell, LG, perhaps Sony even! etc. Not to mention the Big ‘A’ is already running the tablet show. Not to say its the most superior or one any of us wants, but lets face it; theres no slowing them down.

    NI will do well and sell quite a number of Adams I think. But they’re not going to sell the number needed to instantly join the ranks of the tablet giants. Which is kinda sad, because at the moment, theres only one. They’ll have to earn that over time.

  270. Rohan,
    Can you disclose the composition of NI’s time thats behind this great product? Hope this would get them some appreciation along with you.

    Few pics/videos this week please… Don’t let us wait till weekend. Even if you are expecting FCC certification this weekend or next week, please don’t wait to post something credible before the FCC certification.

    Damn, its almost 50-60 times I refreshed the blog 😦

  271. Really….No PixelQi…As far I know, there is no 3G support..
    You call it close to Adam?

    But they kept their word on the release date!

  272. Ofcourse David, we need to have a deadline! If Notion Ink don’t respect a deadline for a post, about the Logo! What deadline NI will respect? I’m waiting Adam for a lot of time, ok, they have problems, passed the deadline. But truly, even the deadline that they put! It’s simple, why say a date! But they say a date, so, respect! It’s only what the consumers are waiting! Respect!

    NI is missing the respect with the consumers!

  273. I am done waiting. I am outta here and buying an iPad or Galaxy Tab. My friend wanted to buy 50 of these for his company and after waiting too long he end up buying iPads.

  274. Not to mention no back trackpad no swirl cam and under powered atom processor trying to run windows(that is hardly a competition).

  275. Exactly. For example in Mexico it’s a long weekend due to the Day of the Dead. It could also be the designer was busy with Hallowe’en plans. If they can’t get in touch with the winner it is not their fault and they can’t exactly announce it as their winning logo without getting the proper permission first.

  276. A standard, boiler plate permission should have been signed but every person making a submission as a requirement to submit. It’s just that simple.

  277. why were you waiting when you knew a long long back that Adam wont be out until December. (when rohan said they’re shooting for FCC in second week of November)? doesn’t really make sense….does it?

  278. i wish the prizes are as below 😛
    (if Based on no. of votes)

    winner – as anouncd
    2nd- all enabld adam
    3rd- PQ wifi adam
    4th- lcd 3g wifi adam
    5th- lcd wifi

    6th to 10th – 50% discnt and promisd shiping in 1st mnth of launch for any adam!


  279. Easy now guys! You have waited for so long, just wait a little bit more. NI has been nice enough to keep us updated about their progress. Don’t be impatient or overly critical.

    The Dell Streak and Samsung Tab have been launched in India, and are way too expensive as compared to Adam’s indicative price. I have decided to wait, and even if I only get it in Jan 2011, it is fine with me.

  280. if that’s the case then why promise a date? when you say you’d have results on monday then you should have it but even if you don’t just let us know that the results are delayed for whatever reasons so that we can stop waiting(refreshing blog again and again) and do something else.

  281. @Jadefalcon,

    I agree; if not all submissions, at least the “final” 43 or the “final” 10 when they were given the chance to make revisions. No lawyers could have been that stupid; it does feel like deliberate “babysitting” time on the blog to me … I hope I’m wrong.

  282. If I were the winner I will not accept the money…instead I would prefer to get a penny for every Notion Ink Adam sold in the world paid to me every month. So for eveyy 100k Adams sold I get $1k.

  283. I thought the winner will be announced today. No winner yet :/

    Hey Harun, I made logos based on yours. It’s the first 4. I thought I play around with them while waiting for the Adam. Nothing is going on here for now so perhaps I could interest the community with it. I hope you like them. I appreciate comments from everyone.

  284. I bet the built quality of dell and samsung is much better than adam. they are bigger company and lasted longer then notion ink.

  285. Yes Atul! Unfortunately they are not respecting what they promise!

    And if the tablet crashed in the warranty, and they say for 30 days it will be ok, but only repair it 4 months later!

    If they are not respecting the time that themselfs put!

  286. I didn’t notice before, but do you two different id’s? Or, is the other one a different David?

  287. @David
    I agree with you. I don’t have a deadline! And I’m not going to ask them for a specific deadline either! I hope to have the Adam by December. In the meantime, I’m using my laptop, and when Adam comes out (whenever that happens) I buy it (hoping to buy it immediately), and I expect to enjoy it.

  288. saw what you did there, gecko-san. now I think I’ll spend my half-a-thousand bucks on buying gecko(es) instead…

  289. An important question.

    I have an andriod phone, so will i be able to integrate it with Adam?
    What is the kind of interaction or integration is possible between the two devices?

    This is important for me because it easy to maintain mail, contacts, apps and other stuff if the two devices can interact well with each other.


  290. so now adam’s an awesome torture device too. what nice, unexpected features indeed. noted.

  291. Hi Rohan,

    I look on this blog 100time the day and I’m always lloking for new dates.
    I can’t understand why you take no notes of our big and important questions. What about FCC and what about release date/order date.

    We all will support you und we are waiting a year for the ADAM. How long have we wait for some information abou the dates ???

    You will loose more and more supporter (us) and customers.

    Please Rohan, don’t leave us alone !!!!!


  292. I agree! Or at least Rohan tell us roughly when we may get some news? Ignoring us is testing our patience! I will try and hold out a few more days for some solid release info(mainly because archos 101 is still not properly available)- but Rohan please give us a reason to keep waiting! Even just showing us a high res pic that was promised way back would help.
    I am sure it is annoying for you too have us whining all the time but also remember how patient we have been and that we have delayed buying a tablet so as to wait for the adam. Myself i know i have been waiting since first shown back in january!That is why we get so annoyed by constant little let downs like the lack of pictures that were promised or big updates that were promised but then not delivered. We can’t take too many more disappointments!

  293. Just think it yourself ,FCC will take a month easily to clear it and thisis holiday season so would take longer. My source in a big gadget retail store told me that if this ever comes out then do not expect it before end of january

  294. If you all recall Rohan mentioned that they have a finger or maybe a hand in the Google’s tablet. The rumors of that device are starting. They have reached the main page of engadget.com today. No to start any rumors but I suspect that once a Google Event is announced probably this week, Information will start flowing. They talk about around 60,000 units to start with, but it is chrome os. Unless Google is doing some sort of chrome os android hybrid it may be nothing. If indeed they are working with Google and launching with the launch of their own device(ADAM) I can understand the lack of information and NDAs and patents.

    I do agree with everyone who say keep your promises. I would rather not be giving a date as to when the blog will be updated and visit expecting information and none there. It is kind of like a TV Show that ends in “To be continued…next week” but gets preempted by foot ball for 3 weeks in a row.

    Any way I have just switched to an RSS reader that updates me instead of being upset. They are busy people and with all the EAP submissions they have to sort though and whatever else is going on at NI Headquarters. Although the frustrated fans are of their own doing probably due to the lack of a PR department the size of Apple, Microsoft, RIM and Google mistakes happen. Rohan is just nice enough to admit the mistakes and change/correct.

    I look forward to the update as they arrive. The promised pictures would be nice, but I am sure they will be here in time. As a developer I hope it is a success to expanding the potential customer base for any apps I develop.

  295. I have worked on products which my employer filed for patent. Most of the companies file patents on the prototypes and not on the finished product. Looks like NI is trying to patent the finished product.

  296. If so many people are tired of waiting – What are you all eyeing up as an alternative? 101? Folio? Vega?
    Nothing out spec’s/prices adam. Your choices are sit and wait or buy something you didn’t really want. I’m sure Rohan will wipe his tears away with $100 bills…..

    Alternatively you might be right and laughing all the way to the app store while we’re still waiting in February…. 🙂

  297. @Ash agreed; it may add further time to workout the deals with vendors/retailers but Rohan did not say one way or the other about retail stores… he only confirmed that shipping directly to anywhere in the world is the option they will pursue hard…

  298. Hi Rohan

    Isn’t it possible to give all the designers that sent in their works the opportunity to preorder the adam?
    I think we have at least earned that 🙂

    best regards,

  299. Do you know who wants adam to come to market more than all of us? Rohan does.

    Do you know who wants the availability date revealed more than all of us? Rohan does.

    Do you know who wants all the product details and final specs to be publicly announced? Rohan does.

    Hopefully you understand the point I am trying to make…

    It’s sad that we live in a world where so many companies have been dishonest with us that we have learned not to trust them.

    But I do not believe there is any reason not to trust Rohan to do everything possible to make adam a success, to make it available to us as soon as possible, and to share with us all the information he is able and allowed to share. This is exactly what he has done all along.

    I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. Remember what it was like as a child around Christmas time? We would start thinking about what new toys we might ask for a few months before Christmas. By November we knew what we wanted and were hoping our parents would agree to buy them for us. Every time we saw an advertisement or television commercial with the toy we wanted we would be sure to point it out to our parents. As it got closer to Christmas our anticipation grew and we became really anxious. When Christmas eve finally came we could not sleep, we did not think about anything but the new toys we would get to play with the next day. We were children who lacked patience and it was so hard to wait all that time, and much harder to wait as it got closer to Christmas. We wanted our toys and we wanted them right away. Well, I guess things have not changed much as we have grown older…

    Back to what I was saying before. I have not seen Rohan do anything to give us reason to believe he is being dishonest. He really cares about the success of Notion Ink and the adam, and he cares about what we think.

    We have waited so long already and it is getting a lot closer to when the adam will be available. We need to be patient now more than ever. The Christmas holiday shopping season is just about here and many of us are hoping to buy an adam before Christmas. If that is at all possible, you can bet Rohan will do everything within his power to make it happen. And you can be sure he will announce an availability date and start pre-sales as soon as possible too.

    Adding more pressure and stress to what Rohan already has to deal with will only distract him and make it even harder for him to focus on getting the adam to market…

  300. Hello Rohan where are you and how are you? Hope you are healthy and working hard to meet the deadlines.

  301. @SO19: Yes, that’s right. Every day now there are new tablets announced and the “normal” buyer will not read this blog and professional computer magazines and wait for Adam (because he/she doesn’t know about Adam’s existance).
    Us geeks here, we will wait (or most of us), the normal buyer will buy what’s in the shops or in online shops. And if Adam doesn’t make it there at least 2 weeks before Christmas, NI will lose a very huge amount of money. In January with the CES taking place, a new Android 2.2 device will be anachronistic, even if you probably won’t be able to recognize Android with the Genesis UI at all.
    I can imagine what it’s like at NI at the moment, but as many people already wrote before: they HAVE to make their announcement NOW with all technical specs and a proposed launch date. If Adam then would be 2 weeks late, it doesn’t really matter. But potential buyers will have heard of him, will have the strong wish to buy exactly this tablet and will hang on until it’s finally on the market. What about a pre-order? That would be the best to catch customers NOW.

  302. Really looking forward to this device at least going up for preorder this month. If it’s delayed past Christmas then might as well wait for all the rest of the tables to come out.

  303. +1
    (Greg, nice writings, I appreciate your respect to the fellow human beings! you are a nice person! Sure this will make Rohan comfort!)

  304. Hi,

    I did not find this information anywhere (or missed it) – Can Adam be upgraded to newer versions of Android later on? Or are we stuck with 2.2 (an with other tablets)?

    Also, Can I boot android with other OS (something I try writing myself)?

  305. I supose he means about the conversion that Youtube make to the original video when you upload it to the web.

  306. common guys ,we will support him…….rather than complaining……there might be an issue…..but he will be back soon….sure…..

  307. Sorry for the typos. I meant to type:


    I did not find this information anywhere (or missed it) – Can Adam be upgraded to newer versions of Android later on? Or are we stuck with 2.2 (as with other tablets)?

    Also, Can I boot Adam with other OS (something I try writing myself)?

  308. I have to agree. I am more of a minimalist when it comes to screen design. Too much is too overhwhelming and IMHO isn’t a relaxing experience.

  309. Sounds like NI are doing everything they can, its the investors that are letting NI and its customers down…. Not good news! What are they trying to do, build suspense? I think they need exposure more than that and that’s not going to come from leaving things too little and too late! There is no way things are going to be in the right places in time for Christmas, there’s not going to be enough manufactured, not to mention the website, forum or the SDK that should already be available well in advance to the people who are going to contribute to it! Do i as a developer want to contribute to something where i have no idea what the hell is going on? do i jab! It takes time for us as a community to build an ecosystem for the adam (the keyword, time, which seems to have been overlooked). Let the remaining customers that you have network for you and gain some momentum, but who is willing to actually show off something they don’t have?! I’m really disappointed to see lack of action and as i say i very much doubt this is NI’s fault! There is now roughly 7 weeks to Xmas and with what i can see, nothing in place and no official word it will be in time for Xmas. Most people will already have ideas for Christmas presents and adam being nowhere in sight how are they to plan to buy one. If they are serious for a launch “in time” (IMO, too late), its gonna be mayhem!

  310. @paulikxp

    I see your point and agree that it might be very beneficial for Notion Ink to announce Adam to the public ahead of its release like other companies have done. The other companies products will not be to market for a while, but at least the general public can plan ahead for their purchases. Major public announcements for the Adam will let the world know there is a better choice than the others, a choice worth waiting for…

    However, if patents are not yet in place, it may be a double edged sword for Notion Ink if they provide specific details on some of Adam’s features that make if so much better. (We know how the big brother companies love to “borrow” other companies ideas and make them their own.)

    The other companies don’t have anything to lose. They aren’t really doing anything innovative. Most of the competition between the other companies is focused on processor speeds, screen sizes, amounts of memory or storage, and other features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS. Some tablets may even be able to tout HDMI, USB, and SD card readers, etc. But they are still pretty much the same.

    Adam ties or beats all the other tablets on those kinds of comparisons. It is Adam’s unique and innovative features that really set it apart. Things like the rotating camera, backside trackpad, Pixel Qi screen, its unique shape, etc; not to mention the most important feature, the Eden user interface which is revolutionary and completely different from all the other tablets.

    The world does need to know about the Adam soon though, or the public will end up buying inferior tablets from other companies. I sure hope all the patent issues, confidentiality agreements, or whatever is causing things to remain undisclosed are taken care of quickly.

    The pressure is really on with the timing of the upcoming Christmas shopping season, Gingerbread, CES 2011, and other tablets hitting the market. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I really want to see Notion Ink become a big success.

  311. I keep seeing that they should announce stuff now with no more argument than they’ll be left behind/lose pots of cash/ a couple of geeks will get bored of refreshing this blog 100+ times a day (why they do that I don’t know….)
    Nobody seems to be worried about the financial situation of the players projected tablets for Q1 next year……
    And I’m not sure I’ve seen a spec for next year that worries the adam yet either…..

    Rushing them to release specs and dates that may not even come to fruition is a smart idea tho, as is catching potential customers early.
    500 replies from geeks giving it OMGDATESWTFSPECZNOW will look alot better with another 500 mums asking if it’ll be available in pastel blue for Wayne and Pink for Waynetta.

  312. Well, I think NI must be very busy at several front, if you think abt it.

    1. FCC (this week)
    2. Logo (negotiating with winner for contract)
    3. If they are ahead in their game, Planning Supply management for Nov or Dec 2010 launch.
    4. Lawyers ( who can make or break things at any point)
    5. Pricing ( based upon competition, costing)

    I suggest to the community….Patience. In any case, I have made up my mind, 2010 or 2011 – I will just pay top dollar for something I know worth every penny of it.

  313. @paulikxp I suspect there may be a supply chain issue. Pixel has already said they are having difficulty getting panels manufactured because of the demands of other display companies on production. If there are insufficient displays available adam cannot be manufactured in proper quantities, at the same time if there is an issue like this the investors would definitely not want it to be common knowledge. In all else I agree with you heartedly. Timing is a very large portion of launch success. Ideally adam would have made it to market before the school year began, but the Christmas season is a close 2nd for a device such as this.

  314. I was in the store to buy the ipad in May, but held off because the adam was close.

    Currently the only tablet alternative to waiting is the ipad.

    I held off in June, becuase I tried to go to several sites I like, and they weren’t accessible on the ipad because of a lack of flash. Nearly all those sites now are accessible, they have redid their video content to play on the iphone, ipad.

    I am still holding out for the adam, but my wife keeps saying look you could have had the ipad for 5 months now. I have been on 4 business trips which would have been really nice to have a tablet. I have more trips in November and December. It is really tough holding out.

    No matter how much people hate Apple the Ipad is a very nice tablet. and is certainly a viable alternative to waiting for a successful android tablet.

  315. exactly. Its not for the general consumer ie. us, that more firm details are needed. At least not directly for us. Its for these developers who are chomping at the bits to build an ecosystem that WILL benefit us… directly. If Adam launches without that firmly in place; look out. Success would be hard.

  316. Anther alternative is the ZT-180 tablet, currently with android 2.1, but will have 2.2 shortly and I have sure 3.0 shortly after that. It is not as nice as the adam should end up being, but it also cost $180

    Sears has an ad in this weeks paper for a viewsonic android 2.2 tablet for $349

    The Galaxy tab is now available in many locations.

    I am still holding out for the adam, but don’t kid yourself into thinking there are no alternatives, If they miss december and CES comes around, there will be a flood of Android 3.0 tablets announced, and Notion Ink will have lost all there buzz.

    They do need to release this month at least a limited supply, with a big ramp up in december.

  317. Also they would be shipping by air so we can expect the product within one week(maximum) after we place the order.

  318. I sure hope there isn’t an issue with the availability of Pixel Qi screens (or any other components)!

  319. I don’t know why, but one thought has been tickling me since yesterday…probably Rohan is not in India, he might be in US preparing for participating in some event…just speculation…possibly he will be back this week-end with a “week-end special” with a bang 🙂 Let’s hope atleast on this week-end we hear something new and important.

  320. moo ki baat choo li aapne! never mind my Hindi… thats a saying in India when someone echos the thoughts in your mind…

    As so many others also said we just need to let Rohan concentrate on the top most priority… even counting blogging here as a priority it will get pushed to the bottom of the priorities if say, there is a query to be answered to FCC or a conf-call with the factory reps or taking care of his health…. we almost seem to be taking everything for granted and so started the barrage of complaints already; come on how many of us dealt with dead lines or busy lines or long waits on the line to try and reach of customer support rep for say utilities like gas, electric, phone/mobile…. here we haven’t even paid a penny yet to NI even though we may be ‘spending time’ but thats entirely our discretion

  321. FCC takes 1-2 weeks to get through. Normally Companys release for sales about a month after that.

  322. I agree 10000 percent on the website and blog!

    I am a designer myself and today you can make such professional looking websites with VERY little time and effort. The fact that I didn’t even think, well they do not have a website. I have seen others on here make a point, this product may be a few months from deliverance but at least have a website and professional blog up or even forums. I DO think you should have a shopping area up with teasers without pricing or able to buy. That would bring so much more closure to the idea these tablets will actually launch.

    TOTALLY understand there are beta testing and all but if you had a website with a place holder for this contest winners logo MAN that would make them so excited!

    Things do feel VERY unpolished and if you are new to the tablet world as NI is then I would be scared to death that a bigger company will just swoop in for the holiday season with all the hard effort put in and boom android 3.0 out of the box and great support to back them.

    NI bring yourself to a professional looking environment. I totally am not a person that likes corporate and believe in a laid back environment but image these days is EVERYTHING.

    I understand you are busy Rohan but little things like this make a big impression.

    Good luck,

  323. They are made in China but it will depend on the distribution points on how long it takes when ordered. I would guess that NI will have one in the US either on East or West Coast or both. Shipping will be 4 days if coming out of one of those. The time from China to the distribution center will be longer than a week because we are talking 10s of thousands. I can see things looking like they did with the Wii. 10,000 hit first and then 10-30 thousand every 15 days or so (this is freight we are talking about in this numbers).

  324. I felt that babysitting feeling too. Poor Rohan hes damned if he does and damned if he doesnt. Either you make the most of what he has to put on the blog to try and keep people happy that hes communicating or he doesnt say anything and people accuse him of not communicating. point being he doesnt have anything worth while to communicate yet so what can you do?

  325. I agree with this but then again, it’s not my Money

    how about everyone on this blog get 20% off

  326. Thank You I agree not to mention that their is just nothing out there that will compair. How for those that are going to move on and not wait you may want to at least wait till the Black Friday rumors start.

  327. What do you mean to intergrate them together? Gmail and that will work on both. I am looking at tethering the adam to my phone.

  328. I’m very excited about this tablet and can’t wait for it.I do hope it will ship worldwide. If the FCC approval is difficult to get, isn’t it worth launching in India?

  329. adam is the new Google tablet and Ni is building it for them There i said it. that is a great rumor but I don’t think Google woould put their name on it with someone else app store. still would be a great rumor

  330. Without any new information from Rohan, I decided to search through some of the older info on the web.

    I came across specifications for an earlier Adam prototype that are pretty interesting. Maybe some of you have already seen this, but either way, it may help answer some of our questions, including what the mystery sensor is. But then again, several design changes have been made since this information was published back on December 18, 2009 by Slashgear.

    Here is the article:


    And a direct link to the specifications:

    Sensors listed include: Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, and Water Sensor.

    I also noticed there is a digital compass in addition to the GPS. For some reason I never noticed that before.

    And I read that you can charge via a USB connection with power supplied by a PC or power adapter. (I think someone asked about in a previous blog post.)

    DISCLAIMER: Like I said, this is old info and things may have changed. It simply holds some clues for us to consider…

  331. Hi Rohan
    I was hoping you might be able to give us an estimate on when we will get a demonstration of the UI. I am aware from your posts that there is some grief going on and I hope that it works out to your benefit. I am very appreciative of any and all information you are able to provide us. Thank you for designing a tablet that is new and not the same ten year old design with new parts. I have heard it said it is better to live twenty years than one year twenty times and that is what I feel most computer and software companies have been doing thanks for the new perspective.

    Good Luck

  332. Just to keep in-line with the Rumor string
    Rohan is in the US and announcing the adam with Android 2.3 at the Google event in which they are announce 2.3

    Of course we all know that the adam also prints money and grants 3 wishes

  333. +adam. I totally agree with you. I received a mail saying it would be available for purchase in December. So have patience. We are having the best christmas gift this time (hopefully they manufacture plenty).

    Has Apple given the timeline of iPad release/dates until their event. It costs sometime to be transparent like Rohan did.

    All through this blog I have been requesting info all over and now I want to show patience as it gives them the time to plan accordingly

  334. i don’t know.. but why i am feeling bad about my nokia’s.. blackberry’s …hp’s and…so on…. no one has ever asked me..about what i want in my product.. no one ..no one ever…just want to sold me one..without even knowing what i am looking for.. and here notion ink is asking me …telling me…sharing with me.. may be the adam get delayed more for whatever reasons.. still i will wait and will buy one for sure.. and will give back the respect which they gave me .. for being an end user..

  335. However they’re not a startup. Clearly thats no excuse but it does make a difference

  336. NO a adam 2 and World Pease or a billion dollors which ever is easier for Ni to do for me

  337. @gecko! you have a valid point dude. But believe me, left handed people use the right hand to take care of the business.

  338. all that makes me wonder is.. leave Rohan.. understandably he is very busy.. but why cant even a single responsible spokesperson from NI make a comment here… atleast a one line comment to indicate that the next post will be due in few days or whatever it may be… it will allay peoples fears and anxiety

  339. I have nothing much to add. I havent seen the device yet, but I am assuming that fanned out tabs wont be at the screen all the time (and take valuable real estate of the screen).

    Another reason I am commenting today is to make my presence known to this wonderful device. I have taken a responsibility of sending out the latest post to all my ‘not so interested in new tab’ friends.

  340. ok, let’s do it the hard way

    all the 10 finalists knows by this time that they’re winner or not. so all finalists who didn’t make it should state their number here. once we have 9 who didn’t make then bingo…we know who the winner is? 🙂

  341. Does it mean that the adam is the Google Tablet? Rohan said once something about what it (the adam) may have to do with the GT. Furthermore there are also some more similarities which would fit one the adam: the unknown release date in the next weeks (rumors about 26.11 for GT and December for adam), the missing pics of the GT and adam UI(Eden)[in the video in this article he even starts the video with out showing anything of the UI] …
    @Clay: where do you have your information from?

  342. I guess this is not possible because these 9 will not be allowed to give this information:
    Rohan said that NI will touch all the 10 finalists and they will get something special, so these might risk this reward when they post here.

  343. i am not questioning Rohan’s integrity.. he is the CEO and he gives more info and he is very open and transparent. A CEO reflects company’s culture. I am sure NI employees would read this blog. A little curious to know why they don’t represent their company and make a one line comment.. need not give any information, atleast a comment to say when the next post would be.

  344. I honestly think he wants to and has been called off most likely for an annoucement or something but I do see were you are coming from

  345. @R.K. Brumbelow

    Exactly when and where did Pixel Qi ever say that? I follow their blog and I have only ever read one mention of supply chain/factory capacity issues (which occurred over the summer) and that was back in mid-September. In that post they said: “The situation has eased: the supply chain is more robust and factory capacity is widely available.” http://pixelqi.com/blog1/2010/09/17/pixel-qi-tablet-availability-diy-screen-success-and-other-updates/ So, unless I’ve missed something, then I doubt display supply is an issue.

    Umm, so yeah… where did you get your info from?

  346. hello guys,good news there…. adam is at fcc for almost a week…. info from my uncle who got this news from a reliable src…. kudos….stop blaming…

  347. If its adam (26/11) would be a bad day. Mumbai was attacked on the same day.
    Rohan please restrain from that day for adam release pls.

  348. … along the same lines: how is NI communicating outside this blog? Are they active?

    Q1: Does anyone know for sure that the 10 finalists were contacted?

    Q2: Did ANY of the >3000 EAP applicants received questions from NI regarding their proposal?

    please, let us know if you have an idea. I think this is also important in the long run, to see the level of “customer care” that we should expect.

  349. Anyone else still not liking the final design look (if that’s it). It really looks like a laptop to me not a tablet. Where’s the thin, sleek, elegant, lightweight look of a tablet at?

  350. If you want looks, go back to apple. The adam is functional (I actually like the design) and has the best mobile processor out.

  351. [img]http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/05012010006-r3media.jpg[/img]

  352. I like it because it is different, but as Rohan has discussed in the past, the reason it is that shape is for some very specific reasons. One it allows the swivel camera. and they have shifted the weight to the top side, that is where the battery is also, so when you are holding it landscape with one hand, the balance is much better, since the bulk of the weight is in your palm, instead of acting like a lever. when you are holding the adam with two hands both on the sides, the weight doesn’t matter much.

    But back to the look, I like it, when I am holding it in an airport some day soon, it won’t look like the ipad, or any of the other multitude of android tablets about to hit the market. All of which have the identicle form factor as the ipad.

  353. Yes, most of US here have patience. But we are 500, maybe 1,000 or 2,000 people here around. By far not enough to see an Adam II or Eve in the near future.
    And we are probably important for the development of Adam because we have the feeling of being needed and are maybe really welcome to write our thoughts about Adam. But we in our low number are not really important for the immediate commercial success. Significantly more important are Mom and Dad, buying their children this new tablet thing for Christmas. Most of them will chose the iPad, of course, a few of them the Galaxy Pad, some fewer a Viewpad or Archos or one of these cheap rubbish slates from China (okay, all of them are produced over there but I think you know what I mean). No normal person (no geeks!) knows about Adam’s proposed existence and so nobody knows there’s something MUCH better than this bloody iPad. No computer or lifestyle magazine will have printed a review of Adam until Christmas.
    Even if there are patent issues and even if there are only few displays available: NI MUST announce Adam now or never. On the CES there will so many slates being announced that Adam would only one of them. NOW is the time when there’s only the Galaxy, some cheap China stuff and the Viewsonic tabs (soon) available, but next year there will be 20-30 or so more.

    So, why do I complain… It’s not my money. But it would be very very bad (for them AND us!) if NI would get broke before they had the chance to rise.

  354. Surely Adam is NOT the Google Tab. The latter would come with Chromium or at least stock Android. Adam is very special with his technical specs and his UI, I suppose it will look completely different from Android and so it’s not interesting at all for Google.
    As NI will supposedly be the brand and Adam the name of the slate, the investor could be a company which is going to step into the computer business or simply a bank or investment group which sees Adams and NIs potential for earning a lot of money.

  355. Yes, exactly! Nobody will ask: “Is that the iPad?” because it looks completely different. Adam might not be a very beautiful tablet (but he’s not ugly!), I have to admit that the iPad’s design is somewhat eyecatching and looks valuable. But it/he will be easy to handle and that’s much more important than being unpractical though well styled.

  356. I’m mad. I hate when a company is not keeping promises. A little more and I will buy different tablet – even though Adam has the best performance – but for how long you can wait.

  357. I am getting mad at all the whining if if if i think i’ll stop there or Crystal will yell at me again

  358. Straight from the heart, So many times i have gotten impatient and attempeted to buy a different tablet but i truly believe adam will be outstanding and allthough it mite not take over completley from the pad it will hopefully do so with its younger brother in another few years.
    Rohan Keep dishing out the info to us every week and bringin back the memories of childhood as Greg stated, I have not been this excited about a pice of tech since i got my first cell phone..

  359. Maybe Rohan is waiting for an Encore?

    Perhaps if the amount of posts hits a certain amount, he’ll come back out for a visit?

  360. yeah and I bet that secret ‘certain amount’ is equal to 0. If no one bothers to post any comments or the hit counter reaches drastic low levels then I bet Rohan or someone from NI would come out of the hole to post something. But we can’t keep ourselves away from the blog for long, can we? 🙂

  361. I can assure that there are more people working at Notion Ink and that the support for developers just goes on. That doesn´t depend on Rohan.

    The response is quick, thorough and professional.

  362. Did you ever handle an Ipad? It´s amazingly hard to handle outside of your living room´s sofa. Try to use it standing and holding it in one hand.

  363. I think there will be no more posts from Notion Ink or Rohan until after they close the EAP program on Nov. 3.

  364. To Rohan:

    I can’t help myself, and i will give this incredible information to Notion Ink :

    I wish that Adam II / Adam 2, WILL COME WITH A 15.6″ (inch) DISPLAY, or anyway something larger then 10.1 !!!

    I have good arguments for that.

    15.6 inch tablets WILL REPLACE LAPTOPS IN THE NOT SO DISTANT FUTURE. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Notion Ink knows and understands this in order to take advantage, before THE BIG BOYS ( like ASUS, HP, SONY, GOOGLE, ETC) start to make the game with these kind of tablets. ( and Notion Ink will remain behind them, in this case )

    Good luck with Adam 1.

  365. @ max
    That’s exactly what I was hoping. The company is not one person even if it takes the traits of it’s creator. So the fact that they are indeed responsive shows that it’s not a lack of interest and care towards us that is keeping us in the dark. It should be a combination of patent/investors restrictions and a busy busy schedule that is keeping Rohan from updating more often and releasing certain details. It really makes me be hopeful that our wait is not in vain…

  366. Rohan is the CEO of NI. So you can understand how busy he would get with such a schedule. How often do we blog (under busy schedule), so compare it with Rohan handling many tasks.
    I haven’t blogged for months now 😦

    I appreciate him taking his time for the posts (largely having a lot of content, images/videos). I think his each posts at min takes at least 1-2hrs of composition.

  367. @raj That’s right, I agree, and I appreciate every second Rohan takes to read a post or update the status. I have to point out however, just like others have been saying here, that you have to be VERY careful with your public image: once you make a promise, you’d better keep it. Especially when no one forces you to make a promise! This blog is very different from having a conversation in a bar over a beer where I would say: eh, he had one too many and forgot… Whatever you write here stays here. This is the window through which the whole world watches this company, and especially since the main website doesn’t provide any kind of useful updates so far (I know I didn’t check it in more than 3 months) this blog is the ONE most important thing!

    So I really think Rohan should take a step back and decide what he wants to do: place the updates in the hands of a department that hires PR professionals, or himself learn a bit about how to maintain a corporate image. It’s not always good to learn from mistakes…

  368. voila!
    I receivd mail reg. the T&C of the logo contst, though it kinda read like ‘the 10’ should have reveivd it before the voting.

    Howevr, i’m gonna win something! 😀

  369. This is how the timeline will look like. This is to ease your impatience:

    – We won’t see anything significant from Rohan until 10th Nov when they complete shortlisting of 300 out of 6000 candidates for EAP. This selection process should keep their small team MORE than busy.

    – The weekend of 13th Nov should bring a more significant update, but nothing too big.

    – By Nov 15, NI should have the 3rd and final samples from China. If satisfied, they will order 300 pieces for EAP. The devs would receive their Adam by Nov 22-25. Simultaneously, Adam will be submitted to FCC and other agencies for approval.

    – I am pretty sure we will see the biggest update of all on the weekend of 20th Nov. It will include the full fledged website with hi-res pics, videos and detailed specs, a new forum, and the UI blog. He will do this because he would want to show the Adam before the devs start putting it on Youtube.

    – Hopefully, FCC certification would be achieved by the weekend of Dec 4th and thats when NI would lay out actual price, shipping date and pre-orders. They will also declare carrier partnerships and othe collaborations. If not Dec 4th, then definitely Dec 11th.

    – Adam should start shipping by December 19th, ready to take on the holiday season.

    As few of the smart folks here pointed out, we should have no problem waiting until December (1 month only) because of the lack of any decent choice in the market right now. Go ahead and buy another tablet that has Pixel Qi, Tegra 2, distinctive look, a UI specifically adapted for UI, a tablet specific app store with a formal sdk for future development. Let me know if you find anything like this. I will buy it before you!

  370. Haha

    I’ve almost given up. I’m proud to say I didn’t check this blog for a week now..

    When i come back its the same old, “cmon Rohan release it” comments.

    Its all too funny how we are so gullible.

    I aint comin’ back, hey rohan mail me if this thing comes out this year.


  371. @Prakhyat

    Your crystal ball is working a lot better than mine… But it sounds good to me. Let’s hope you are right and we end up with Adam tablets by Christmas! 😉

  372. Thank you for this very good update!

    I’m sure it will keep a large amount of people quiet now 🙂

    Nov 20th, I’ve just finished exams so i can stalk this blog with full force!

    Thanks again!

  373. If you store your contact information, mail etc in the cloud (aka “the Internets”), then any compatible app available on both the devices should be able to access it. For example if you use GMail to manage your email and contacts then there is a very high possibility that the Google provided apps for the Android platform should work, both on ADAM as well as on your Android mobile device.

    Alternately, if your email provider provides POP and/or IMAP service then any email client that supports either one of them can also be used.

  374. How come you are distracted now checking this blog and laughing at other. Can’t be too proud of that, huh?

  375. Response to: Prakhyat said, on November 3, 2010 at 07:25

    If I am not mistaken, for legal requirements FCC certification has to occur before NI can provide it for EAP. If the product does not meet certain FCC standards, then there are chances of lawsuits. I don’t think NI would want that, and am sure that the NI lawyers would be ensuring that such things do not happen.

    Also, considering that even manufacturing samples is going to cost NI money, it would be prudent to bunch all the changes and then send it to manufacturing together. Hence I suspect that NI has postponed getting the second round of samples to make sure that the screen finish (e.g. level of matte), the chosen logo, different colors, reducing the bezel etc will happen in the next round of manufacturing.

    I expect Rohan to post pictures only after this is done. Hence there are no new pictures as this second round has not come to pass yet. This is one of the possible reasons as to why he has been trying to keep us happy with other pieces of information, e.g. sound, 1080p playback, power consumption etc.

    If this second round of manufacturing meets or exceeds NI’s expectations, only then I expect them to file for FCC and proceed there on.

    I don’t expect the pricing to change as it has already been officially communicated (pricing is the first thing that you have to do as a product oriented company and then you need to work backwards to see what is achievable in that price range with what product features). If the price does exceed, I expect NI to make some changes to the product to bring it within the communicated price range.

  376. This isnt an update. Its one persons opinion. If they’re shipping to the FCC just before 15NOV then they’re one to two weeks behind what was said to be Their timeline. Good luck getting it to the public by Christmas. And if this is true; the only people buying it will be us. The common consumer wont risk their holiday spending on a device that they’ve barely heard of and a company they definitely havent heard of. So there goes that pipe dream about Notion Ink and Adam being a market success. Launching a product on the eve (and very late at that) of the biggest shopping period is a reasonably smart move. Launching a product, a brand, an identity, an entire company at that time? Well thats just downright bold. Or foolish. Could go either way.

    If what you say is the case, and I wont hold my own Adam until less than a week before Christmas then Im waiting to see what other companies announce after the new year. Adam is the best right now, but with the way tech always advances by leaps and bounds in addition to the time its taking this to come to market; I’d be foolish NOT to wait until after the new year to buy THIS or any other subsiquent tablet. I guess if I had to pick a hypothetical D-Day before I chose to wait it out till after New Year, that would be somewhere in the middle of December. Keeping in mind that Ive already decided that I. Am. Not. Pre-ordering this device. They’ve lost any trust they had with me. I hope for the best but I dont want that guinea pig feeling when Im ordering my tablet.

    Its one thing to have your superior device become average several months after you purchase it. But to see it relegated to average a mere month after you bought it is a down right shame.

    You are correct in saying that theres nothing on the market like the Adam right now. But thats the point many of us have been making for a while now. By the time it IS released it will be very shortly surpassed (and much quicker than I think Notion Ink had foreseen) with a device produced by a larger more experienced company.

    In summation; I’ll wait for words from Rohans mouth. Er, fingers. Still hoping. Hoping that theres things in the works that have just not yet been reported. Like the manufacturing samples being completed, the finished website prepping for launch, EAP devices on the verge of shipping, submissions to the FCC have been sent, yada yada yada. I agree with what you said VB, lets just hope all that has happened or happens very soon.

  377. Great point @VB!

    I was actually wondering if certification would be mandatory before EAP parts are shipped. You are right in saying that law suits could arise if the “safety” of Adam is not officially certified. In that case, they will be applying to all agencies in US, EU and Asia together because of the spread of developers.

    Also note that Rohan specifically mentioned 15th Nov around which developers will be able to buy Adam. So there is a possibility that they already submitted it to FCC (using the first samples) because the subsequent samples will only include cosmetic fine tuning.

    I think they will stick with 3-part sampling process because it’s a customary manufacturing protocol.

  378. I guess you are being practical and I am being pragmatic 😉

    From a normal consumer’s point of view, you are right in saying that the best decision would be to wait until after new year or buy into a popular brand. But from this “fanboy’s” point of view, I will buy it the day it’s available and I will hope that the product is so good that it becomes a cult in a few weeks just by word of mouth and minimal advertising. That’s the best be can hope for from any start up.

  379. @KShu
    You have got to be kidding!!! Archos is JUNK. Go buy it and you will be begging customer service for accepting a return!

  380. One thing is clear, NI lost the time advantage and they announced the product plan too early. Now that the market is being flooded with tablets, branded ones will be the obvious choice. Following the product update on this blog is good, but when it comes to buying decision, even the die hard ADAM fans will think thrice.

  381. One things I can say though is that in regard to what T says, it is very true, the Adam is top dog right now if it releases with the specs it has. It would be different if NI was larger and it came out and everyone can go into best buy and buy it. But by the time your average person will hear about it, the holiday season will be over and some people will say “darn, wish I got that” but be happy with the iPad the got. I was at a large city (a client of ours) they use the iPad just because its mainstream, I showed them the Adam and they didn’t even bat an eye because they have no idea what benefits it can bring.

    But WHAT will happen is a company with larger pockets (which is unfortunate) will come out in a matter of a very small time and like laptops these days just change out parts to newer and more powerful and oh yeah the QI screen looks cool lets throw that in. Will the price be as good? Probably not but a big name will support it and presto.

    Another thing I agree with to T is that not only are you launching some awesome new technology in the tablet world but you still have to sell the company. I mentioned in another post of mine but there isn’t even a professional website (mostly this doesn’t matter but NI lives on the web) to support the product. I think a store should already be up and running without purchase availability of course.

    Most of all have a placeholder for the contest winners logo.

    But from another small business owner I wish NI the best, its just a hard sell with no REAL time frames.

  382. “but when it comes to buying decision, even the die hard ADAM fans will think thrice.”

    whoever thinks thrice(or even twice) before buying Adam, would not be a die hard fan.

  383. all that we want to hear is a just one line comment from any NI person need not even be any substantial msg…

    ” We will get back with more updates soon, thank you for your support and encouragement”.

    Is it asking for too much?

  384. All of T’s and your points are valid. Apple has a huge lead and almost all big brands from US, Taiwan and Korea are coming out with tablets. NI will be after these in normal consumer’s priorities. It’s just that we have to understand that no startup can become a sensation overnight.

    All NI has to do for long term success is: Produce a great product, give out software updates before anyone else, have an ambitious road-map, and continue with innovation, great service and transparency with consistency.

    Good things will happen if NI can do this. Rest will take care of itself.

  385. @paulikxp we are just creating ridiculous rumors to distract people from the fact there is no new news. This plot to spread misinformation was put in motion way up in the comments.

  386. @ Prakhyat

    > there is a possibility that they already submitted it to FCC

    There’s nothing that shows on the FCC website yet, although I don’t know how long it takes them to post applications.

  387. @Gecko
    FCC info gets public 3-4 weeks the application is processed.
    For Example, the Dell Venue Pro application from Sept 25 just hit the blogs.
    This has been my observation for many cases.

  388. Lest we forget

    1. NI is a very young venture. I remember seeing a video on Youtube where in Rohan mentions that the average age of NI employees is just 22 – 23 years.

    2. Since this is their first startup, and possible first serious career move, they are still learning to deal with a large scale project (time and resource management). Not to forget, many a times it is the investors who run the show within. Keeping all of this in mind, I do expect the timelines to be shifting until all the ‘variables’ are set. Nevertheless, kudos to Rohan to have undertaken this venture and gaining a great experience out of all this. I guess he is also experiencing first hand through this blog what it means to deal with potential users. Hopefully future faux pas will be avoided.

    3. NI is definitely a for profit company. Hence it is in their best interest to make a product that appeals to the most consumers, and release it at a time when it makes the most sales. It would not be surprising if the total cost of producing the ADAM is already in many millions (setting up the company, the office space, employees, deals with manufacturers etc etc). The sale of ADAM to folks at this blog probably constitute a mere fraction of the sales needed to break even. Hence it would be very foolish to assume that ADAM is a product geared for gear heads. The target consumer of ADAM should be / is anyone interested in buying a tablet, whether they are techies or otherwise.

    4. It is quite possible that NI are in talks with mobile carriers in India so that it can be launched along with a data plan. In one of the older posts, someone commented that the new investor for NI is probably the richest man in Asia, and if this is true then this would be the same person who has a billion dollar house, and also has a huge telecom division in his arsenal of companies.

  389. Actually any reply is good because who are the biggest critics right now and free advertising. You guys know as much as I do it takes no time out your day to update a blog with a great android powered phone like I am doing right now from my droidx. If this keeps advertising positive I think its worth it.

  390. Great post VB! It very difficult for even established tech company to break even with new products let alone a startup. I wonder how a small group of 20-25 are able to handling such a massive endeavor with limited resources.

    I am pretty sure “Reliance” is one of the investors. Anil Ambani (Worlds 36th richest) is the head of Reliance Telecommunications. But I don’t think Reliance telecom will be able to use Adam because of their network being CDMA. No worries, GSM carriers still hold the majority though.

  391. The reason iPad has the lead is due to the fact that by the time the iPad came out, Apple already has great usability experience, great product development experience, great manufacturing experience (and clout over the manufacturers) from all the previous products they produced. In short, they already had a rich product development experience under their belt and know how to use it very well. Hence they are able to reach design to manufacturing very fast, and thus released the iPad sooner to the market. The fact that they already had a great brand reputation in the consumer industry and great marketing only helped fuel the sales of the iPad (one just need recall the marketing and the reporting around it like a horde of the masturbating monkeys on the verge of an orgasmic climax)

  392. In olden days, these kooks would have picked up only local followers a la ‘The Life of Brian’. Now, they have the power of the internets, and they can even publish books like Rhonda Byrnes.

  393. Apple is and has been the revolutionary company that NI aspires to be. They have produced one great product after another with utmost discipline since Steve Jobs took command. I myself use most of iDevices. But I sometimes feel frustrated by Apples slow inclusion of new features in their product line.

    I am hoping NI will be the company which will come up products as innovative as Apples, with discipline close to Apple’s, but will adopt newer, more innovative features BEFORE Apple and any other company. I am sick of seeing Apple as the trend setter and then artificially controlling the pace of the trend evolution.

  394. Really, are we in such a childish desperate situation that you would be happy even with a one-liner ? Here you go.

    “Rohan/NI will get back with more updates soon, thank you for your support and encouragement.”

    And even after such a blog is posted, all of us will still be complaining that no new information, or no new pictures were provided in the one-liner blog post.

    Don’t forget, in the tech consumer industry nothing is new after 6 months as there will always be something better. So, even after you buy your ADAM, there will be something better (from NI or someone else) 6 months down the line. So, if you NEED (not desire or want) a tablet NOW, you should look elsewhere.

    If you can afford to wait, well, continue pestering Rohan and get desperate about the release dates. Just like all of us.

  395. wont it be a surprise if we wake up and see an update on the blog saying the adam already has an web order of 5000 pieces….I’dl feel so pathetic that I only kept track of the blog, but didnt check the website early in the morning 😉 ….NI team surprise us in a positive way! 🙂 🙂

  396. “Cheap Android tablets to hit the market” from Hexus site.


    The interesting news is about the Toshiba Folio 100. It seems to have the same basic components as the Adam (except for the Pixel Qi display and no camera on back). Two things of note. One, it should available by the end of November. Second, it also uses Android 2.2 but has had problems with it.

    Implications are: pressure is mounting on NI to deliver soon and could it be having the same problems with Android 2.2.

    I’m still pulling for NI but I have to be realistic.

  397. I think the EAP and the logo contest winner(s) will be more surprised than us if we find web-orders for ADAM tomorrow morning. After all, they are all hoping that they would get to handle the ADAM before any of us.

    So, to all the EAP and logo contest winner(s), do post in BIG BOLD letters when you get your ADAM :-). And please, don’t spare any of the gory details.

  398. dear rohan,

    hope you and ur team is busy with unfinished works to release adam this year itself……….

    hope u r making arrangements regarding accessories and customer service

    Try to hit the market before it is too late.

    All the best………

  399. dont u all think,
    later the release, more are the bugs fixed?
    i believe in this theory.

    Howevr, most of the comments in this post being very much irrelevant to the topic,
    cant v all think Rohan might come up with strong reply in the nxt weeknd spcl?

  400. Adams design is based on / inspired by a Spiral bound notebook. I remember reading an interview with its designer almost one year ago!

  401. I was very much thinking about this Abhinav Mistry (MIT Media labs) and thinking of suggesting Rohan to have as part of his team. Both of IIT origin and are innovators. This is highly coincidental. These guys together can create marvels. Hope they meet someday before adam 2.

  402. One thing that puzzles me (and is slightly concerning too) is why aren’t there more PixelQi enabled tablets out there? I mean if this technology is supposed to be better than the sliced bread of current LCD variants, I expected many other manufacturers (no-name or otherwise) to also have jumped on the PixelQi bandwagon and already announced products. Clearly, it is also in PixelQi’s business interests to have more device manufacturers to use their screen technology. But things seem to be slow in PixelQi land. Does anyone know if PixelQi have production issues or anything such?

    I also read on the Internets that Tegra2 has had some production issues, and Nvidia would sooner than later jump to the Tegra3.

    Makes me wonder if any of this is true, and how it affects NI.

  403. The reason that probably rohan speaks more on some topics & maybe less on the others is due to its suggestive coherence with copyright Issues.
    While some of the ideas are proprietary & copyrights of NI, other may be borrowed. So, quite evidently rohan may speak more strikingly & conclusively on their own invented/implemented Ideas, while less on the borrowed Ideas.

  404. The reason that probably rohan speaks more on some topics & maybe less on the others is due to its suggestive coherence with copyright Issues.
    While some of the ideas are proprietary & copyrights of NI, other may be borrowed. So, quite evidently rohan may speak more strikingly & conclusively on their own invented/implemented Ideas, while less on the borrowed Ideas. 🙂

  405. Response to: Prakhyat said, on November 3, 2010 at 09:13

    No, if KShu goes ahead and does buy the Archos, he will be actually using a tablet right now instead of waiting for a product that has to see yet the light of day. In a couple of months he can get rid of the Archos (on eBay / Craigslist etc) and buy the ADAM provided ADAM is really out by that time and that the Archos does not serve all his needs. Buying the Archos will give him a great way to understand how he really uses a tablet device in practice, and help him decide if he really NEEDS, not wants, the capabilities of the ADAM or if he is happy enough with the features of the Archos.

  406. Me too!

    I mean if one of the major manufactures with tablets (like the HP slate, Galaxy tab, toshiba folio, archos or eeepads) had a pixel qi, it should be a hit considering it could eat into e-reader sales too.

    But so far the only tablet which seems to have the package I like is the adam (pq screen, tegra 2, android).

    The second tablet I’ve been watching is the innoversal lattice (pq screen, atom or freescale, windows or android) but theres been no news or updates from them for 2 months i think. And as an overall package, it is still below the adam.

    As for pixel qi itself, I dunno, i haven’t heard much from them (no bad news that is), but I have watched youtube videos of new versions like the 3qi and ones that support styli

  407. Response to: Prakhyat said, on November 3, 2010 at 09:13

    Just to add to my comment above…

    With the rate of change in technology, and the prevalent business ethics and economic models, it would almost be delusional for a consumer to think that they can buy a consumer product and use it for many years to come. This is not in the best interest of the manufacturer / service provider. They would rather see to it that you buy their products repeatedly, and at regular intervals. All of this is due to the current practice of ‘release early, release often’ or ‘release something now, fix it later’. One could also call it a form of capitalism.

    Qualcomm has already committed to delivering their Mirasol screens to device manufacturers at the end of this year. So next year (perhaps at CES), expect to see a lot of e-ink like color and video capable devices.

    It won’t be long before tablet manufacturers jump on that new screen bandwagon.

    Ditto for a new Tegra3 or another OMAP SOC.

  408. I have two theories about that
    1.The thing is most of the big guys don’t want to take risk of using pixel qi because it is a relatively new technology and is bound to have its flaws, they’ll probably jump after Adam becomes a hit or they don’t realize how powerful pixel qi is actually is.
    2. Well the thing right now is that pixel qi is fully supporting notion ink where ever they can, and since both of them are new to the market maybe they have game plan so that both of them can climb up in the market. For ex Look what happened to Tegra 2, there are so many tegra 2 tablets that the Tegra has lost its shine even after being a such an Amazing product, maybe pixel qi doesn’t want that happening with them and they want this screen to be exclusive like apple has its own retina eye display. So that when they allow others to use this technology everyone would immediately adopt it.
    So there is a chance that pixel qi is refusing offers made by a few big boys.

  409. AFAIK, FCC certification is not needed for marketing in Europe. In Europe they will need a CE certification, which can be self declared and there are provisions for prototypes that not bear the certification.

  410. only if NI patents all the innovations in h/w and s/w we need another NI-like company down the line to re-invent/revolutionalise the electronics industry further…. after so many years I can still only relate MS with DOS nothing more… everything else is a ‘copy’ in a way; so whatever else hits the market prior to or after adam will be at best an imitation even if they manage to cut down the price due to the heavy volumes the big companies can produce

  411. Ok shall we wait till 2015? im sure most of the bugs will be ironed out by the NI staff by then!

  412. I noticed they quoted the prices a little differently than what I have seen elsewhere.

    LCD Adam with Wi-Fi: $375-$399
    LCD Adam with Wi-Fi & 3G: $425-$449
    PixelQi Adam with Wi-Fi: $425-$449
    PixelQi Adam with Wi-Fi & 3G: $450-$498

    I know it was said that the prices may be about $25 less, pending getting some part for less or something like that. Maybe these prices reflect that, except the last one is closer to $50 less.

    They also say “Adam units will be shipping with Android 2.2 Froyo at first, and will roll a firmware upgrade to Gingerbread as soon as they get their hands on it.”

    I wonder if that is speculation or if they have verification from Notion Ink or Google on that.

  413. I’m going to guess that Pixel Qi is ramping up production rather normally, what you’d expect from any startup. The screens *are* available now; you can buy them as kits to attach to an existing netbook (see the link from their blog). They also say that they’re partnering with other manufacturers, but they can’t say which yet due to various non-disclosure agreements. They didn’t announce Innoversal or NI, in fact; they waited until the companies themselves had done it.

    For people (and other creatures; I’m no speciesist!) impatient with, or dismayed by, Rohan’s seeming lack of communication, and lack of polish on the website, please compare with Innoversal – their website hasn’t been updated since March (so who knows what the current specs of the machines are). Their CEO has a blog but there’s no reference to it on the website; you have to find it by googling for his name (which I won’t put here, since this is a NI blog and they’re competitors). Once you do find his blog, you’ll see that (1) They announced a release for this past September, only (2) to walk it back subsequently, explaining that that was a internal-only release. (3) There are some pictures but no other information about their products. There’s nothing resembling the kind of detailed information we’ve gotten from Rohan.

  414. Everyone started small. The Samsung Tab is going to provide a big challenge to the iPad till the time Adam starts to be seen in the wild. The Dell is also a good device, but I doubt if there will ever be an iTampon.

  415. They imply they’ve talked to sources but I may be reading too much into this In fact, there’s very little there that Rohan hasn’t announced here – which doesn’t mean they haven’t talked to other sources if those other sources are as tight-lipped as Rohan has been. The ranges of prices could be for different amounts of internal storage, although they seem a little small for that, and could be just extrapolation from what Rohan’s publicly announced, with possibly an error in arithmetic.

    Incidentally – no, not incidentally; this is actually important. I’ve followed blogs of various products coming out (such as the Pixel Qi blog). All of them are always very tight with information due to various non-disclosure agreements, orders from lawyers, etc., etc., and it’s routine for them to miss self-imposed deadlines. Rohan’s blog here is actually one of the best.

  416. If you can’t say anything, can you sing something? Maybe just hum a few bars?

    How about tapping something out in Morse code — -.- ?

  417. Uh oh. Its not even December and the Q1 2011 announcements are already beginning. CES will be huge for tablets as I thought. Just makes pre-ordering adam all the more foolish if it cannot be done by mid Nov. You’ll preorder in mid Dec, wait excitedly to hold the fatastical adam. Then when you get it just before the holidays. You’ll have about two good weeks of gloating and euphoria before the onslaught of announcements relegate your purchase to the status of “just average” instead of groundbreaking.


    Not to mention 3g is on the outs with the major carriers. 4g for many folks in the coming year. So for those of us contemplating an always-connected-tablet may be interested in hearing the 3g to 4g plans of some of these upcoming tablet manufacturers.

  418. I also read that “After receiving over 4,500 logo submissions, Notion Ink will reveal its logo this Sunday.”

    I assume that means November 7 since the article is dated November 1.

    If that is true then they might know things we have not heard. We were told the winner would be announced on Monday, which would have been November 1.

  419. Guys LOOK at Coolminilife’s posted link (Nov 3 @ 17:44. I think it answers a LOT of questions.
    No I haven’t seen that pic before.

  420. It shall not be a tablet anymore. Laptops are laptops and tablets are tablets. There are 10″ laptops too and more people are buying those these days.

  421. Sina, have you had a good look at the MB Air? It is a fantastic looking notebook, ultraportable and has a full OS so you can actually get some work done with it. Yes, it is (too) expensive but it is actually AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.
    You have to understand that people, including myself, get tired and frustrating of waiting for the Adam and start considering alternatives.

    Everybody can have their opinion and deserves respect. If you cannot give people respect than I hope to never see YOU again around here.

  422. The bottom pic has the camera off to the right, but ADAM in all caps. There’s also a somewhere mysterious circuit board next to it. It may be purely decorative. I don’t think it’s edible.

  423. lets do a realistic line-up of coming-up good tablets who are worth its price which will be “on sale” by say April/May – 2011…

  424. I see that now. I was looking at the top photo. But that photo has to be older too. The most recent prototype photos have the camera even closer to the end (and I don’t think they would have moved the camera again this far into the manufacturing process).

    And there are a few other differences that lead me to believe it is older rather than newer. Compare to the most recent photos in Rohan’s “With (More) Love from China!” post to see what I mean.

  425. My biggest gripe is that NI is doing nothing to make a stir in the market so that the average consumer will have heard of the Adam.

    Christmas is fast approaching and nobody is going to have head of this. I have no doubt that it will come out and that I will want it. But if the watchers of this blog are the only buyers, there won’t be any long term hope for support, updates, etc. There will not be enough money made from the few hundred of us here for this to be a viable business long term.

    All I’m looking for are updates that provide interest to the market. Something that will garner attention of the media. Sure the specs do that, but the specs mean nothing if nobody has a clue when it comes out. Right now every article I read is “vaporware” from all the delays and the pushbacks.

    Missing the Christmas season, not even on sale, but by not even being visible for a possible “IOU” type gift, is going to be a big mistake. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need to budget and plan to make this sort of purchase.

  426. No one said there were any as of yet. Just the inevitability that there WILL be by CES time.

  427. Engadget has updated the above post to show LG has pulled their PR Tweet about the “honeycomb” tablet, and is now saying they have nothing “official” to say about it … either they don’t want the announcement public yet, or there’s something not accurate about it …

  428. ow vow! U luk a lot tensed!
    And I did expct kinda reply 😉

    but ppl here, look frustrtd as if -NI Promisd a release date and couldnt keep the word?

  429. Right, it’s an old photo, as indicted by the ADAM in all caps, but not ridiculously old, as indicated by the camera placement. You’re right about the camera slowly migrating towards the edge. Some kind of biological or tectonic phenomenon?

    The fact that none of us has seen this photo before may indicate that they did, indeed, have an inside source. If so, it seems that NI is pretty disciplined about msg control, otherwise we’d have a more recent photo and better info. This is good; points to a well-structured organization.

  430. I started writing a reply to say that with the number of tablets being announced that creating a list like this would be a full time job.

    Then I realized you said a list of “good tablets who are worth its price” so the list would be a lot smaller.

    From there I started to comment on how there still isn’t anything to compare to the Adam (at least for my wants and needs) so I would only consider something else if the Adam were not going to be available.

    The iPad is the only other tablet that appeals to me. I started to say I would buy an iPad or iPad 2 if it had features and if it was a lot less expensive for the fully loaded model. After listing all the features the iPad would have to have for me to consider it, I realized I was saying I would buy an iPad if it were basically an Adam. I guess I have my mind made up…

    So I decide not to submit that post and did this summary instead.

  431. The fourth paragraph in my post above was supposed to read “if it had (fill in the blank) features”, not “if it had features”.

  432. well, let’s work this out. he posted it on saturday. that makes it 2 days to monday (in our timing). however, his concept if time is different. I’m thinking not 2 days, but 2 weeks.

    Also, on this time scale, the Adam won’t be coming out (if it’s scheduled for new year release, which is about the right time) for another 58 weeks – about next christmas.

    these are my predictions!

    *runs off to buy an ipad*

    sarcasm aside, I agree with you.

  433. That’s fine, but one thing: was it about anything people have been getting heated about? ‘Cause if it was that’d be great news, if not, then not to worry, it was nothing important. 🙂

  434. @Greg surprisingly i was about to write the same..but then i thought let people start it first.. here i also asked “good tablets who are worth its price” and… “which will be “on sale” by say April/May – 2011”..

    I don’t think so apple can start shipping Ipad 2 by that time if they does then be prepared for a upgraded ios x.x version and x mega pixel camera at back…

  435. I think the adam has enough to stand out from the crowd just on features. Rohan wants this thing on the shelves now, but he literally can’t do that yet, or give us any more info that we’re getting. he may be on of the high-up people in NI, but he’s far from answering to no one.

  436. Im not tense was just being sarcastic. but your comment was a bit ‘how longs a piece of string’ and i couldnt resist.

    Well Im sure Rohan has learnt his lesson of announcing shipping dates so early on, but we dont learn everything from not making mistakes!

  437. Team NI,

    We all love ADAM and know that you guys are really working harder to get the product into the market. given that the an entrepreneurial company bringing out a great product it needs a big marketing campaign as fan boys we feel we are the ambassadors of ADAM to introduce to more and more people…

    So Can you please give us some substantial information???

  438. “Not to mention 3g is on the outs with the major carriers. 4g for many folks in the coming year. So for those of us contemplating an always-connected-tablet may be interested in hearing the 3g to 4g plans of some of these upcoming tablet manufacturers.” 4G is so far away, your dreaming if you think it is in the next year. 3g coverage is nation wide if you look at the vendors coverage maps, but if you are a user, you know even 3g is spotty.

    4g will be lucky to be in half the major metro areas next year.

  439. @Chillg

    I think that is what most people are missing, we are free advertising. The more “leaks” of information that gets out, no matter how substantial it is, can be ten fold if said to the right person.

    So personally the “nagging” people are doing is rightfully allowed.

  440. I also think Apple will release or announce a 2nd gen iPad later this winter or early spring; they’re not going to rest on the success of the first one. Even though it’s been a big hit, and has clearly identified a consumer desire for a tablet; they know serious fans have held off because too many features were lacking on the first model; they’ll address that sooner rather than later. Love them or hate them for the authoritarian/secretive and controlling nature of iTunes, etc., they’ve got service, support and solid, durable products (with a few glaring exceptions). My daughter owns a laptop that was drenched in coffee … dried out a week or two and runs just fine, except for the coffee stains on the screen; her iPod touch went for a swim in a glass of milk … same story … (she has a 3 year old boy :); her husband’s brand new HP laptop already has problems.

    Point here is, I’m NOT a fan of Apple’s tactics; that’s why I’m here. But, I would, like Greg, at least consider a new version of iPad IF it offered the features Adam promised to bring to the party, because of the above reasons. I also highly doubt many of those features will be offered, such as USB ports. No other tablets offer such a combination of features YET. It is quite possible though that by CES2011 there will be; time will tell. There’s NOTHING on the market now or in the immediate future that I would put money down on, so I’m still waiting and hoping for Adam.

    So, we’ll see what this week brings. It’s quite possible there will be no more news on this blog; only public announcements … the lawyers may be doing damage control so nothing gets released until they’re ready, rather than make more promises they can’t meet.

  441. Only a reward for the top 10? What about the rest of the top 43, surely they deserve a reward as well? (even if it is smaller / less valuable)


  442. Only a reward for the top 10? What about the rest of the top 43, surely they deserve a reward as well? (even if it is smaller / less valuable)


  443. The only way this makes sense is if Google is going to have a Tablet OS seperate from the Phone. This was rumored a while back that the version may split and one version will be for phone and a different version for tablets.
    Android 2.3 =Phone
    Androidd 3.0 =Tablet

    Also 4 g is not what it is cracked up to be. Yes it is fast (I have a HTC EVO) and awesome when you need it, but I think I’ve only used it 3 times in 4 months. I’,m wireless everywhere. Work, Home, Coffee shop, and Church all have wireless so 4g and 3g never connect. I consider myself a heavy user and I think my date amount is 500 meg. first got my Hero last year averaged 5 gig average for 3 months= heavy user.

  444. This keeps looking better and better. Am still waiting for that touch and feel.

    What about support, servicing and returns in the US? Do you have a partner lined up?

  445. I am a big fan of Notion Ink, and adam, but the blame it on the lawyers is not a valid excuse.

    Here is a general take on what has happened that I get from the blog and other Notion Ink interviews. Adam was ready to come to market back in June, but they lost investors, company struggled to find new, but continued working on adam, thus adding many features that were going to be in adam2. so the adam we are about to get, is better than the adam we would have gotten back in June.

    But, the new improved adam we are getting, has things they planned on adding to adam2 all along, so the lawyer/patents issues really should have been worked out long ago. After all you don’t patent the final product, you patent the idea and general process/machanics of it. Patents should have been filled long ago. if they weren’t that is a problem of management, so don’t claim it is not Notion Inks fault, it is not some lawyer that caused it. it is Notion Ink, they need to take responsibility for it. so I am just nick picking, what they should have said was we still have issues related to patents we are working on.

    But bottom line is, the adam we are so close to getting is an even a better adam then we would have got back in June.

    We know they said they weren’t going to wait for gingerbread, because they realize the pressure to release the product. But they also had a timeline for gingerbread of early next year, now with Google moving it up to December, they vary may have decided to include it. It may vary well be an easy switch, and they are stalling with the pick your color, and the logo contest, etc.

    The operating system isn’t going to effect the FCC certification, that is just to make sure the radio waves etc, don’t cause problems with other networks. waiting for gingerbread does not effect production either, since the final flash of the roms can be done later. they can work out the production issues like they are doing right now, with the test runs.

    Even if this is not the case, there is nothing that says the froyo adam won’t be out this year, and I beleive there is a reasonable case that the gingerbread adam will be out this year.

    If they don’t release this year, and instead have to wait till January, then they surely will release a gingerbread adam, since at CES all the tablets being demo’ed will be gingerbread. and Notion Ink would be foolish to be releasing a froyo tablet in that environment. Which gets me back to adam being release this year, we should be getting an announcement very shortly. One way or another.

  446. Really, it has no real appeal to me, if I were going to spend that money, I would get the ipad with the bigger screen, and better market place.

    I think the galaxy tab is going to be huge failure unless they lower the price, at a price equal to or more than the entry level ipad. it is going to only appeal to the user who won’t buy an apple product.

    Flash on a tablet or phone is not nearly a big a deal as it was 6 months ago. so many sites that you could visit on the iphone/ipad are now available, as they have updated their sites.

    But anyways, since you pre-ordered it now, you might want to leave this blog and go on over to the CEO of samsungs blog to get info, wait they don’t really have that do they, only marketing material. I guess you could go to a general android forumn, as there is nothing unique about the galaxy tab, no special ui, not marketplace for tablet apps developed just for it. generic android should be fine for you.

  447. Rohan,
    A Happy Diwali, hope this diwali brings adam to light.

    For non Indians, Diwali is a festival of lights (celebrated with lot of fire crackers and decorating homes with lights) and win over evil.

    Hope adam will win over the evil (A****) this season.

  448. I agree with David it might be a good first gen 7in tablet but it is going to be outdated by the end of this month. Oh wait Viewsonics is out. It already is outdated Just while i was typing. So have fun with that first gen tablet

  449. More Rumors the City of ST Louis has a group in finallizing a deal with Chinese and Indian companies to make the Local airport here they main US hub for pruducts coming into the US.

    Rohan are you in ST Louis? If you are ping me I would love to take you to dinner. No agenda other than I will ask a million questions

  450. i think its fine if people here don’t wait for adam and buy one tablet off the shelf ..when i say off the shelf then i mean you will start using it as you pay.. but i don’t think its a good idea to pre-order on some compromise tablet…until you have very solid reason for it..

    pre-order should be always for a product, for whom you feel very exited..

  451. Toooo damn late! Possibility of success diminishing every day! And still the tone of Rohan seems to be that they are doing everything right!!!

    If they had released it in summer, the possibility of success could have been huge. November second week would be latest to make use of the holiday season for a successful launch. I am not sure they understand US and European market.

    My guess: they would probably sell 10K units in India and a few thousand units outside India. They would be forced to adapt to the Indian market by making low-cost tablets, or perish under the huge debt they must have built up! I don’t wish it for them – but that’s what will happen.. more likely.

  452. I can not believe that a superior tablet like this is missing a vital component like the Digital compass!

    How can 3d space be explored without it?

    I hope the next version will have it included else I guess I will haveto look else where. I was so hoping that this would be ‘the’ tablet

  453. And now you have won T3 magazine’s Vanishing Act Award. Just when the fricking hell are you going to launch?

  454. http://www.slashgear.com/verizons-4g-roadmap-leaks-seems-to-be-right-on-schedule-0296201/


    I work for a regional airline here in midwest; a relatively rural area. And I have had the opportunity to speak with a couple engineers and technicians who flew in late this last spring to work on Big Reds tower network, testing and outfitting it for their LTE network. Things are well in motion and Verizon is on schedule if not well ahead of it.

    Will 4g cover the map by the end of 2011? No. But making a serious impact by that time makes me rethink purchasing a 3g device in the near future. Just my own opinion. One which you are not inclined to share.

  455. Reading some of the earlier comments I realised that NotionInk employees might be on holiday for Diwali festivities.

  456. My theory on the matter is there are basically two camps at the moment. One is the generic low cost screen camp(such as archos) and the other is the “omg the screen is so good my eyes just fell out and are sticking to the screen” camp(such as galaxy tab).

    Pixel qi isn’t low priced but it doesn’t have that extreme res/contrast/what ever so neither side had really picked it up. Another reason I would guess is the slowish manufacturing rate for pixel qi displays(which I would guess is the part that causes adam to have a slow production rate).

    It wouldn’t suprise me though to see more pixel qi like screen tablets to hit the market(or at least announcements) soon after adam is released. As is seen time and time again as soon as something catches on in the public everyone must cash in on it(such as e-readers).

  457. And you know, you are going to pre-order adam (after following so long and enjoying its features). Have fun until then.

  458. you don’t know it doesn’t have it, there is still an as yet undiscolosed sensor.

    Rohan, teased it earlier, but it has never been confirmed what it is.

  459. ” they’ve got service, support and solid, durable products (with a few glaring exceptions). My daughter owns a laptop that was drenched in coffee … dried out a week or two and runs just fine, except for the coffee stains on the screen; her iPod touch went for a swim in a glass of milk … same story … (she has a 3 year old boy ; her husband’s brand new HP laptop already has problems. ” Apple makes a really nice product, the they aren’t without problems, my iphone 4.0 gets much poorer reception then my wifes iphone 3gs. I have the case on that corrects the problem with the antena, This related to just the basic design of the iphone 4.0. we can be standing next to each other and she will have service and I won’t. our town has several bad reception areas.

    I have also read several studies that say, in testing the all versions of the iphone, that the poor reception problems, may be more related to the chips in the iphone, rather then the quality of the ATT signal. There were several articles about it, but the Apple spin machine went in full force and the articles disappeared. There has been a lot of speculation that ATT took the blame, because they were making so much money on it, and everyone was wondering why it hasn’t come on the Verizon network. The financial analysis on one site, was speculating it wouldn’t go to Verizion until Apple could fix the problem, becuase it an iphone got bad receiption on verizion, then Apple would be in the spotlight. and the cult of the apple fanboys would be tarnished.

    Here is just one analysis speculating on it

  460. The undiscolosed sensor is a whining sensor. If it is detected the unit runs a half speed and automatical loads Windows 7.

  461. I doubt if St. Louis is concerned if certain tablets make it through their airport or not. More likely, it will be international trade goods (e.g. raw materials like steel, automobile parts etc). You know “manufactured in China, assembled in U.S.A” kind of a thingy.

  462. @ VB

    > You know “manufactured in China, assembled in U.S.A” kind of a thingy.

    You mean like McDonald’s hamburgers?

  463. Gotta say I’m a little disappointed with the special – if I wanted to see Inception, I could have sourced somewhere besides here.

    Some sort of an update would have been nice, rather than a tidbit on a browser I’ll almost certainly be replacing with Opera or something similar.

  464. anyone following this blog should know beyond doubt that ‘trackpad’ is here to stay.

    @civil. The x could be trackpad or an external mouse.

  465. A digital compass was in the specs for the first go around, so it is likely still there…

  466. @David,

    Oh, agree on both posts. Do have several A products; happy with those; do NOT have an iPhone, but that’s the one in particular I was referring to in the “with a few glaring exceptions” note 🙂

  467. I don’t think anyone here would begrudge the NI team for taking a Diwali holiday; getting some sleep etc., but surely they would have known the dates of the holiday before making promises of posts re. logos, big weekend updates two weeks in a row, new samples, etc.

  468. 😀

    I think Diwali is related to goddess Lakshmi rather than goddess Kali 🙂
    Donno I may be wrong.

  469. Sorry guys but I am starting to suspect this super tablet is nothing more than vaporware! I dare you to prove me wrong…

  470. You are correct. Goddess Lakshmi is related to wealth & prosperity.
    it always falls on New Moon day (generally considered un auspicious except on this day as per Indian mythology).

    Surely adam is going to bring them fame,name, prosperity & wealth.

  471. Also it falls on this Friday followed by weekend, so not much difference. And I am sure Rohan is going to perform pooja for adam (as they did when moved to their Bangalore office). Generally offices (unless major companies) are illuminated and decorated (with flowers). Hope Rohan can provide some glimpses of their office decoration.
    Pls. don’t forget adam’s pictures too along with them.

  472. @Greg – Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

    Proximity Sensor and water sensor??
    What can a water sensor be for? Or is a humidity sensor being referred to here?

    Looking at the cellular specs, it’s clear that it won’t be completely compatible with T-Mobiles HSDPA(1700 MHz)

  473. The Archos already sold out, the 101 is expected the be available in Dec again…. So the choice is waiting for the Archos or for the Adam….. I keep my mind on the Adam for the time being.

  474. NI Team and Readers,

    Pl. take a moment to read a VERY useful (short) article (which has been widely circulated) on why someone “sold their iPad for a MacBook Air”


    I think it bodes well for the adam. [naturally, one item cannot be addressed here = MobileMe]

    Given Rohan is a music aficionado, he may be interested in testing the H/W against interference with Bose headphones.


    Rahul Tongia

    p.s. I hope this gets seen being so deep down in the comments – if folks thing the article worthwhile, pl. do bump it up

  475. Hey all, I’m a noob but I just want to know if this thing has a release date yet. I figured where better to ask than the people that follow the company’s blog. I’m a pc guy but I mean it is Christmas shopping time…

  476. @Rahul,

    Good idea; thanks for posting the link; if I ever get home from work tonight, and survive lugging that heavy briefcase and laptop around, I’m going to go read it when I have time to pay attention; it sounds very interesting. I NEED Adam.

    Thanks again for the link.

  477. Keep in mind that those specs are a year old and some things have changed. So it’s not a guarantee there will be a digital compass, but it is likely in my opinion.

    I’m not sure what a water sensor would be for, other than to detect when it has gotten wet. A lot of cell phones and other devices have water sensors so the manufacturers will know when they got wet and voided warranty. People drop their phones in water, dry them out, and then try to get them fixed under warranty. But if the little water sensing sticker has turned pink indicating it got wet, then the manufacturer won’t fix it under warranty.

    The newer specs at http://www.notionink.in on say it is “3G HSDPA” but it does not indicate which frequency.

  478. Another quick question for anyone on the board who may be able to answer:

    The tab structure that’s shown above for the UI … Will that “condense” if the user has three panes open in the Eden 3-panel view?

    Wondering how that UI scales based on how many panes a user has open at once.

  479. Well, looks like the next post from Rohan will only be coming weekend, and most probably it will be the power consumption chart that he mentions in his post above. Since he has made it clear he is unable to reveal anymore information (that we are clamoring for), I have to assume that we will not be receiving any significant piece of information coming weekend such as high resolution close ups of ADAM, or the UI of ADAM etc.

    But, we can continue to hold out hope and raise our expectations. Oh well.

  480. Yes, I, my wife and 4 year old son use the iPad every day. We use it standing up, sitting down and lying down. Dont have a problem with it. It is about as heavy as a hard cover book. However, you have to use it and the apps along with it to comprehend the revolution Apple has wrought.

    Its amazing, I see four kinds of people here on these comments and falling for whatever these guys are trying to pull:
    1. “I hate Apple”
    2. “Indians are great” – Rohan is “Indian” – so anything he does or says must be “great”
    3. Never used an iPad – want to – but cant afford or not available where I live. So, “anything but iPad”.
    4. I’ll just hang around this blog and maybe someone will feel pity on me and give me something for free.

    Get real, people, great products are not built by consensus.
    And do get a life.

  481. So you are saying this product was completely created from nothing – with no “inspiration” from Apple or the iPad. Remember, the iPad that actually created the consumer tablet market when it never existed? How many multitouch tablets or phones did you hear of before the iPhone or iPad. Give credit where it is due.

  482. Why not an iPad? So anything but Apple? Even if it is crap? My sons school has decided to move entirely to iPads for certain Math and Language classes. They are going to be saving about $10,000 a year just on books. The iPad is here guys, get off your high horses, use one, use the Apps (yes, maybe pay for them) and then compare with products like the Archos or Adam which are still vaporware.

  483. I love it – “masturbating monkeys on the verge of an orgasmic climax”.
    Kind of reminds me of some of the commenters on this blog!

  484. there is no end for development…….

    let one come out first..
    then later next one with developments

  485. We have six iPhone 4’s in our family – all ATT in the USA/Chicago. I am on the phone about 6 hours a day. In the last week, I had ONE dropped call. I have coverage where my colleagues Galaxy S does not.

    Dont invent stuff about “chips” in the phone or guacamole on the screen. The Antenna issue was overblown. For a failed product, they just sold 14 million last quarter.

    So there are about 240 Million iOS devices right now and they are all Fanboys – according to you.

    Apple may have problems but wild speculation like yours is not going to hurt them one bit.


  486. Perhaps you should also hear that our all of our company sales people (8 of them) have got rid of their Macbook Pro’s and exclusively using iPads on the go.
    Now THAT bodes well for Adam.

  487. @Vino,

    So true; my sales people would never carry MacBook Pro’s around, nor any other laptop; too big and too heavy. They’d all adopt Adam in a heartbeat!

  488. ViNO why don’t you just take a trip to Cupertino and kiss Steve J’s b**t!

    If you’ve got nothing useful to say then don’t say anything at all!

    I really don’t care if you have an iToilet (i’m sure that’s somewhere on their radar lol) as I quite frankly think that someone who has nothing better to do than write puerile comments on a blog for a product that they have no interest in, does not have a life.

    I also don’t care what you or any of your fellow Apple fanboys say, I will buy an adam just because I can! I don’t care if it comes out this year or next, I just know that it will be better for my personal circumstances than anything that emanates from Cupertino.

    @ Rohan and everyone at NI – keep up the good work and have a happy Diwali, and don’t take any notice of people like ViNO, the majority of us are looking forward to your new baby 🙂

    Sorry for the post but people like ViNO really pee me off.

  489. Rohan, will the Adam have an ability to dual boot, possibly through the USB port or the SD card? This could enable people to run a desktop OS such as Ubuntu or Mandriva, and get some serious work done when there is no time to play, without being forced to flash the Adam.

  490. @Vino
    Yeah, you forgot all the people who love technology. And know that the Ipad is lacking in many features. Well, you can get some of those features. You just have to pay more for them.
    My wife says she loves her Ipad. Though she hasn’t used it since before the summer. I’d personally like it more if it would allow me to download whatever I wanted. I don’t believe a device shouldn’t be able to download a simple file. And yet, that’s exactly what happened when I tried to download one on the Ipad. So I had to download it to my laptop and copy it over to the Ipad. If I have to use my laptop, what’s the point of the Ipad again?
    Then there was the connection issues. The Ipad has trouble in one section of my house where it won’t connect. Though my laptop and cell phone have no problems. Ended up enabling wifi tether on my phone and connected the Ipad to that.
    Oh, and get a life? You’re coming into a blog for NI. And every post of yours is about Apple this, Apple that. Seriously? Are you that threatened by a device that isn’t even out yet? Get a life.

  491. I recently met a Libyan businessman / engineer who had a nice-looking Macbook Air, and was surprisingly using Windows 7 on it under dual boot. He said that he liked its light weight and portability, but disliked having to adapt to the OS X. He was a middle-aged guy, you see.

  492. @Vino

    Did they get inspiration for the adam from the Ipad? Well, let’s look at that pesky thing called tangible facts. The Ipad was announced on January 27th, 2010. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPad
    Notion Ink was showing off the adam before that. Here’s one video of it from January 11th, 2010. http://tv.slashgear.com/notion-ink-adam-tablet-full-demo-hands-on-835/
    Kind of hard to get inspiration for your device when the other one hasn’t even been announced yet. So, if the next Ipad comes out with any of the adam’s features, what will be your reaction? Will you say that they got inspiration from NI? Or will you go “OMG! It’s magical! Apple is so revolutionary!”

  493. I actually agree with miksnake – I like the thin sleek look of the ipad and others more than the clunky functional look of the adam. Also, I might be wrong, but I don’t know that the design will make it that much easier to use/hold – perhaps a bit, but contrary to what others have said I don’t really find it hard to hold an ipad for long periods in different positions. In the end though, while the artist/designer side of me likes the look of the ipad, the techie side has to have adam’s specs, regardless of its aesthetics. Maybe one day we’ll have sleek and smart in one machine.

  494. Yeah I was expecting something ELSE! (In fact the Adam UI is very similar to the Else).

    The First Else phone was shelved. It couldn’t reach a deal. It similarly faced “critical delays” in getting the project done. Instead, the company plans to focus on licensing its Else Intuition UI platform. The decision was spun as an upside as the company could reduce its costs and get to profitability sooner.

    Read more: http://www.electronista.com/articles/10/06/30/emblaze.says.first.else.facing.lack.of.interest/#ixzz14I73kfts

    Check out their web site. I hope Rohan goes in this direction for the Eve smartphone.

  495. A couple of things that i noticed in this post. I am sure many of you might have already noticed them. Since we have no other update i am posting them

    1) First picture in the post says that panel is the right most panel and there looks like there is a audio player to its extreme right. which i think is kind of 4th panel. so now we will have 3 panels and also a audio player panel to its right. another interesting thing in that audio panel is that it says “Scrub to skip the song” which is quite an easy way to do it.

    2) in the previous post there are quite a few people asking about if an application can span 2 panels. i think there is an answer for that in this post. if you look at the second picture it says “Child Frame dual frame applications Pane only spawns when the event is clicked” which means that there can be dual frame applications.

    Also i am pretty sure that the tab choosing will only open when we click on that half circle. if you look at that browser there is another icon down-left corner. i believe it is an icon to reload (refresh) the page. i think these the are the kind of icons Rohan is talking about (non glossy and pixelQi friendly).

    Looking at the attention level they are paying to all the details i am very much excited to get my hands on this one. if JOBS has to talk about the items in this blog i am pretty sure he can talk about 3 to 4 hrs.

    I also noticed one thing which i don’t like (at all). look at the position of ear phone jack. imagine holding adam in your left hand (which i think most of the right handed people will do) in potrait mode. ear phone jack will be on the opposite side to you. which means your ear phones will have to come across the adam into your ears. i am sure left handed people will love this. may be it is a compromise for them because right handed people will be befitted from the position of camera 🙂

  496. Hi toegther,

    It was announced, thet the the EAP should start on Nov. 3rd. Today it’s Nov. 4th and I can see anywhere an update or information about EAP.

    Does anyone from you have news about the EAP ??

  497. Can notion ink even do ANYthing by the deadline!
    1. no logo
    2. no final specifications
    3. we still dont know whether FCC as approved the product.
    4. no release date

    is this thing even going to come? have u ever seen something take so long to develop.
    it is exactly a vaporware!

  498. Another thing is for me services like Netflix and Hulu+ definitely play a role in my tablet decision. Do you guys think there’s any chance of these being available on adam?

  499. whether rohan gives any info or not.. this blog gets around 200 to 300 comments everyday..
    power of NI

  500. have u ever seen something take so long to develop
    You mean somethink like DukeNukem Forever?
    NO. I haven’t seen it. But nobody has. (but i hope to see ADAM!)

  501. This comment may be displaced or outdated but I think notion ink should consider.

    Tabled usage in company : displace, replace et new place.

    The though is to help company IT integration
    You should consider providing multiple VPN clients and remote desktop system.

    You can see some explanations here : http://www.itrnews.com/images/2010/2010-11-03-3-Tablette1.jpg

    My thought is based on
    Ted Schadler’s article I think this one http://www.forrester.com/rb/Research/how_ipads_enter_workforce/q/id/57970/t/2
    It was described here in french http://www.itrmanager.com/articles/111505/bataille-tablettes.html

    Hope this will help you goiing through

  502. Sure!.. it will. NI intends to provide maximum entertainment through this ADAM platform. It is designed for such, “Home Thetre Experience”. The speakers are specifically given special attention to, for this cause. And so, sure NI would like to give this boy(adam) maximum excecise & play his limits.
    Thus, NI would definately like to have these services available on their devices.

  503. have u ever seen something take so long to develop?

    Chinese Democracy – Guns N’ Roses

  504. It not power if people are complaining. it could be maybe 100 people posting 2-3 times a day.

  505. thanks for such wonderful analysis and deep-dive into the blog; this is called productive use of time! glad I peeked in here despite Rohan’s latest post… I did learn a bit here

  506. i think they are going for the whole, no news then suddenly bam its avaliable! I very much doubt we will hear much news before the product is actually availiable. In the interest of money no communication for as far whats going on it well lets be honest typical. Im 90% sure the product will become avaliable at some point. Before christmas, judging on how little anyone knows its a 50/50 shot. Cant wait to here that “Bam its available”, Rohan those are your exact words to use… Over and out

  507. @Shando,

    I think the good point of VINO’s comment, and certainly my reply, was that a lot of businessmen WERE carrying around heavy, bulky laptops, and groups of them have moved to the only thing that WAS available … iPADS. What bodes well for Adam is many of those people would immediately move to Adam because of it’s amazing design and capabilities, as soon as possible.

  508. Sorry if I irritated a lot of commenters. However, fans do not a successful product make.
    I bought the iPad not because it was the best product but it was The best integrated one. It integrates with a lot of things I do at work and home. Shared calendars, contacts, trip booking, games, stories for my son, cooking recipes, presentations…….
    For a product to command the respect the iPad has gained, it HAS to be more than just feature set and not just because it’s not Apple.
    I want to repeat, try the iPad and the Apps for a week month – then you would be qualified to bash Apple (something you can get) and praise Adam (something you can’t).
    I am on these forums because it’s my job as a CTO to examine new technologies – besides you guys are sooo cool… 😉

  509. @shando
    My, my, the hate. … 🙂
    This reminds me of when Apple was the underdog and if anyone on a Mac forum said anything disparaging about Macs. …. Oooh.
    Good – maybe NI will be an Apple to some day with fans like this.

    Yes, it’s tablets all the way for sales people. I just finished a 5 min movie in iPad format for my marketing person and today she tells me that after her meeting with a client where she used it, we have finally bagged the $2.1 million contract we were waiting for. Coincidence? 🙂

    Ps. All my posts are written on the iPad.

  510. It would be really nice to see a gesture for selecting a tab as well as being able to touch it directly. Perhaps to press on the semicircle and drag another finger up and down to scroll through selections of a tab. Release would open that tab.

  511. Wouldn’t this kind of defeat the purpose?
    When using a drawing tablet your screen will show the exact position of the pen hovering over the tablet.
    On a touch screen this would not be necessary because:
    1) You can see direct where your finger is hovering over the screen.
    2) When you need to exactly pinpoint where you are going to press, your finger will obscure the exact position. That is why the trackpad indicator is handy to have.

  512. Hi,
    I was great supporter of Notion ink but unfortunately we are lagging behind continuously(in terms of launching the product).
    We are already miles behind.we have to be more aggresive(it is truth).
    May be by the time we will launch this product ,a new era of interfaces will come up which makes current product outdated.

    Abhay Kumar

  513. Gecko’s point is valid. In other cultures (at least in some asian cultures) the left hand is used mostly for the handling of unsanitary activities, i.e. cleaning one’s self after doing one’s business. So you use your right to eat with or to handle food when preparing it.

  514. I’ve been drooling and salivating over an year to buy ‘adam’. Studiously avoided ipad & others and been saving up my money to buy adam. Guys, the launch is long over due. Dont kill us with all this suspense and tension.

  515. i’m currently using the HTC Hero with the latest update on it. I like how the home screen uses the multi touch function to get from the home screen to all 5 screens by doing the minimising thingy with two fingers. That way we can pick which screen we want to look at. This could be another option for going to a new tab quickly.

  516. If the quality of this youtube video, and the quality of the audio sync is any indicative of the quality of your product, then I’d rather wait for a Honeycomb Terga 2 tablet from a big company.

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