Week-End Special Part – X

Hello Everyone,

Here we are with our 10th week-end special (little late though)!

It’s really interesting to go back and see,  how we have come together on every Saturday with some expectation from this blog. It’s been a live documentation of the Adam Coming to life!

Let’s start with a few updates:

  • An additional section on the website is up (I was waiting for this section to go live before clicking on the publish button for this blog)! We have been listening to you and making the required changes. Hope you like the new one too! Here is the link : www.notionink.com/features.php
  • Calendar has Entered Beta phase, now it supports contacts management, quick “add-event” (only 6 taps for extremely detailed entries)
  • Fonts have improved, and there is no  color banding (we solved this issue some 4 weeks ago, but were waiting for some time to give an update on this, some more details given below).
  • On FCC, you guys are following much better than us! One heads-up. Earlier we wrote down all the tests which FCC and CE will do and performed them in-house in our labs. Adam passed all the tests, so expecting glitch-free certification.
  • There is a LONG LIST of items and tasks one needs to do to get the online payment gateways. We just cleared all, so before time it will be tried & tested and will be available as the default payment option for everyone.
  • Panel Engine is in beta since long, multiple instances of application was the last we were testing.
  • Now Programmers can do more with CPU Hot Plug feature enabled by default!
  • LiveShare by cooliris on Adam! (some more details given below)
  • More Document Format Supports (See Below)

I hope many of you have seen “The Prestige”. There is a scene in it there where Christian Bale shows his wife a “bullet catch” magic. It looks incredibly intriguing till the point he explains how it can be done, and from there even the magic looks trivial. We don’t do these many things in a week, it takes months and sometimes quarters to finish applications and develop mature relationships. I can’t explain all everything in one week as well, so will keep this tradition of sharing something every week.

The Calendar

Calendar Application in Quick Add mode

While designing for touch screen devices we need to understand that irrespective of how well we design the keyboard (more on this next week, we have 4 variants!) people won’t like typing a lot. And if in this case you need to enter a Calendar Entry, the fields you’d need to fill up, will be just too many!

We integrated your contact list with the Calendar and entered a list of all possible events (with grammar! 🙂 ), all scrollable, and now in 6 taps you can save an entry like “Meeting with Nikolas Tesla in Missouri on 10th July 1856 : High Priority”. Things are changing because of “touch environments” as we can see in applications, but to see how you can interact with wireless technology is yet to come,  and you will have to stretch your imagination a lot!

The Fonts

I haven’t done any formal courses in typography, but I really love fonts and designs which can be created using fonts (like the word cloud). My first presentation to our investor was made on “Prezi” (we are trying hard to get them on Adam, but I think it will take a little more time). Android was designed for phones which in general have higher DPIs and expectation of spending long hours of reading is less. If you take any Android tablet (who has not done R&D on font rendering and most out there fall in the same) you will see that on bigger screen the rendering is really embarrassing. The font hinting is not perfect, and sub-pixel rendering kills whatever sharpness is there in the portrait mode (where the pixel orientation changes physically). Anti-Aliasing do work, but text will not be as crisp. We have spent night-outs fixing and now we finally have. Its beautiful now and better than the rest out there (Android Tablets) but there is still some improvements which have to be done. (I am little out of time today, but will post the images next time).


You all have been following up with FCC a lot better than us here! 🙂 I would let you guys tell us that we have got the same! To ensure that we do get it in time and without any glitch we designed an internal test plan replicating all the tests which FCC labs can perform and ensured that Adam will pass all (same for CE).

The Payment Gateway

Ideally this should have been made available to all the EAPs as well. But the devices are not yet certified and can’t be “sold” as such. That is why the agreement sent to them said ‘its been licensed till we get certification or launch’ and after that they own it. Some laws prevent direct payment gateway solutions for licensed products and that’s the reason of direct wire transfer. Having said that, it’s really sad that the selected ones are not following the Confidentiality Agreement they have signed. Four EAP applicants have already been dis-qualified on the grounds of information disclosures. My investors are really angry at me, and now suspect that before the release in the market, all the images and reviews will be out. I am hoping against it, lets see.

The Panel Engine

Few applications will require multiple instances (have you heard of this on other non-PC devices?) for better functionality, like File Browser for faster file transfer, web browsers in incognito modes, etc. Hence, Panel Engine will support multiple instances.

CPU Hot Plug

This topic will interest geeks more, so I won’t write much about it, but would like to share the fact that its supported and you can do some cool power optimizations. On low battery (and one more area where we are awaiting patent) we are already using it.

Liveshare by cooliris

Liveshare from cooliris

Real-time collaboration is missing in events, there are multiple applications for various tasks and sponsorship exposure is limited. That’s what Liveshare might change for you. And with the special camera design on Adam, you can definitely do a lot more! You can find more here!

The Format Support

I read a lot of comments on “what all file formats and languages will be supported?”. The Office suite supports 35 Languages, all major formats (including docx, pptx, pdf, etc) and zip files as well. Its pretty handy when it comes to business. We might do some custom templates for you, so it becomes much easier for you to create production quality documents, faster.

When Programmers are not programming they design! 🙂

The Canvas

You see here the screen shot of the opening page of our photo editing + paint application. The launch screen shows the last art you created. There is a reason why we merged photo-editing and paint. We saw a lot of repeating components and felt the need. Did we tell you it supports layers as well? (We are also working on different brushes for you, specially the ones you see in HTML 5 Canvas examples)

Layers was little difficult for us to implement because of native Android’s memory management (it’s not build for Photoshop kind of applications). We have done little optimization on the way we are handling layers here and you can really do wonders!

Something about Notion Ink and our vision: We believe we are at the transition point where machines will do a lot more for us than we expect them to. Media, office suits, video telephony looks completely trivial as soon as our mind starts imagining the future. We can see developments all around and many firms are striving to integrate the latest, but that’s not what Notion Ink is all about. We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology (both are wonderful yet works quite differently), but everything takes time to reach maturity and production quality. I spend hours looking at the recent patents and if you also do so, you will be as excited as I am, by just adding little extrapolations and imagination.

Notion Ink is about bringing that ‘future’ faster towards us (but not rushing by releasing sub-standard products, we are here to stay for centuries). Its time we start making intelligent machines and companions which can help us do more, learn more, than just creating copies of hot selling products (I wish I could exactly share here what I meant, but..). That is why Adam is not a tablet, it’s a seed for us, the first one which will help us lay the grounds for what is yet to come. I have designed the complete blueprint of an application called “Bliss”. You will find its components and traces on Adam and I think it will help us change our expectations & experiences from the machines we interact with.

(I apologize for being little mystic in this post, but I want to point in the future, back to this post and tell you that I shared a secret and  hint with all of you, and it all happened in front of your eyes! 🙂 )

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

2,884 thoughts on “Week-End Special Part – X

  1. Kewl, came in just before I head off to work. Will read on my cell on the bus 🙂

    Glad to hear of the work being done on the fonts. That will really help the e-reader and PixelQi functions.

    Can’t wait to see what the rest says =)

  2. Here we go again – some hints, some facts, many items unmetionned. But Rohan keeps his promise to send weekend specials. The more I know about adam, the more I love it – the same with my children.

    Best regards, Thomas

  3. Thanks Rohan
    I have stopped going anywhere on Saturday 🙂
    because I cant browse WHILE ON move , you see I don’t Have my ADAM 😀

  4. Finally….Just one comment… The Blue background on the features page is not in consistent with the other pages on the site. I would expect all the pages on the website to be consistent.

  5. A lot of interesting information there, makes me kind of sad I dropped out of the EAP1 ordering program due to lack of e-mail response.

  6. Am I the only one who wonders why you guys are spending time developing apps? There are a ton of apps out there… google has calendars, etc. I’d rather see a device sooner with a nice interface, good performance, etc. than a fancy weather widget or calendar or a new way of file browsing. Those things are cool. But that’s not what you’re selling to me (and I doubt most others). We want the hardware you promised with android. The apps we can add and get excited about later. Get the product out the door and then incrementally improve it.

    Really, I can’t imagine anyone would rather have a delay (and the lost in sales associated with it) and trade all of that for an animated weather block, file browser, and yet another calendar application.

    I’m not a hater. I’m a fanboy. Sometimes your best friend needs to be your critic.

  7. Hi, we are not spending time in creating apps. We are using the “time to launch” for developing them. They will go to the developers and they can build up-on them! Where else can you find examples of 1024×600 resolution apps for Android?

  8. Oh man i can`t wait any longer to get into my hands. And a good calendar ist maybe just a small app, but soo important. This is one of the apps I ym using the most, but only if its not frustrating me… And I like what I`m seeing here…
    The only problem with the Saturday updates is that my life stops every saturday for a few hours until the post is here and i read it.

  9. i agree with chris , sometimes i feel adam will take maybe 1 more year just to make some cool applications. and yet again we are playing some hide and seek here and now the entire game of guessing will start again , carry on hope like me many others wont lose intrest in the product.

  10. bootloader will be uboot, or a proprietary one?

    Can I use adam like a … uhm tablet (wacom bamboo) for draw on external monitor’


  11. Is the Back track pad still present?? Oh god, let it be yes! Pls reply Rohan!!!
    im getting desperate here!

  12. @Rohan,

    The feature page cites “SD card” in words while the picture of a micro SD is shown. It can create confusion. Needs correction.

  13. the part where he mentions that 4 EAP participants have been disqualified for breaking the confidentiality agreement, anyone knows who these people are?? and what information have they leaked?? cause i cant find anything else out there other than what Rohan keeps updating here……… any ideas, anyone?

  14. Doesn’t the image for ‘Tranflective Display’ looks like a render?
    The bezzle width is not uniform.
    You should post an actual picture at this stage.

  15. thank you rohan! but i think you leave us alone on some points:

    – is the backside-trackpad in? why isnt it on the specs-page?
    – we need to see a video of the device! calender is cool, mail`d and all those things, but we need to get a feeling of the adam. and the last real video of an adam is month ago. why do you hold it back for so long?

    thank you anyway, nice to here from you! 😉

  16. Dear Rohan,

    Thank you once again for your updates. Most of us here REALLY REALLY appreciate them, and many of us are long term supporters and will be into the future.

    Thanks for not setting the bar low and just pushing out some half-baked Android-based ipad wannabe. Once again I want to reaffirm that you are pushing the boundaries and it is so exciting to see the innovation.

    I am so sorry to hear that some of the people you trusted in the EAP have let you, your investors and in a small way all of us down. Keep up your faith, we are keeping our faith in you!

    The new page on the website is excellent, in excitement, info, and appearance. I just had to read it before posting here (which is why I am about 50th or something by now!). Speaking of which, the mere fact that it is nearly impossible to be the first response out (huge congrats to Greg) should be a great encouragement to you – we are just hanging on every word, and of course hanging on getting adam for ourselves.

    You da man!,


  17. First impression
    >features site looks cool – a lot information that we had hoped for, looks good to the eyes as well/
    as someone pointed out, just that the background is not consistent with the rest of the pages
    >If Nikolas Tesla jul 10 1856 was supposed to be ur hint (unix time stamp), well we had deciphered it already.. if that is not the clue, well, we need to scrutinize ur post further..
    great work…best wishes..

  18. Seems the mystery feature has something to do with 3D gestures…
    … which also works at night … So we will probably have an IR “lamp” which illuminates an area where we can perform a gesture which can be caught by the IR capable camera. Yes, sounds good.

  19. Great post.

    still not sharing the hidden sensor 😦

    about the secret you shared with us…..
    “We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology”
    I suspect you’ve implemented something like apple’s 3D touch..isn’t it?

  20. @Chris

    Post after post, Rohan has been emphasising the fact that they are out to give us a totally new experience, not just hardware!

    See, this is not the last black-Friday on the earth neither is the Christmas going to be the last one. What’s the hurry man?

  21. @Rohan,

    The features page needs more work… The TV image is Overlapping the links to the Design/Features…..

    Also the details of the selected option in the features page should be centered on the page. Rightnow, there is a confusion on what feature we are seeing

  22. A few developers have been complaining, that they can only pay by wire. They wrongly assumed that this would cost them 100 dollars to do so…
    On a different note: I wouldnt mind paying 100 dollars more to get the adam early. Rohan, I happily accept the adam one of those 4 eap developers wont be getting… 🙂

  23. please tell me you are not going to spell the program as cum paint Rohan. This word cum is the word in America that we use for semen…

  24. Smart to leave a 🙂 instead of a claim to be first, which kind of looks, well, you know, if you, like, aren’t. I left some extra props to you below.

    By the way you do realise its 6:40 or something in the morning where you are, get some sleep man!

    Its quarter to 1 in the AM here, so I should shut my mouth.

  25. @Rohan

    This is awesome. Your implementation/ visualization of potential of this device is likely to fulfill what I have craved for. Looking forward to more exciting times.

    I am looking beyond the obvious……..(with mystigue!!!!)

  26. Hmm…I find it curious that the features page doesn’t say Pixel Qi. Other than that, kudos for improving the website so much from its initial version, particularly on language. Some more nits to pick, but I won’t.

    I wish to echo what someone above said: please release Adam when the hardware is ready and tested and certified without any delay. You can incrementally upgrade the software features. But, you know this already.

    Well, can’t resist picking one nit: ‘favourite cafe’s wifi router’ sounds better.

  27. Hello Rohan,
    in every blog hundreds of people ask for real photos and/or videos. Why do you ignore their request?
    If you cannot publish them for any reason, please tell us, but don’t ignore your fans.

  28. It’s the same thing ever week : Should I wait for Adam ?
    And every week, when i see your update, i’m conviced that i should wait, because adam is gonna be perfect.

    Thank for the update, can’t wait the preorder.

  29. Thanks Rohan for the information.

    For me there are some apps that are the base of a tablet such as office suite, ereader and similars. For this reason I prefer applications adapted to screen resolution and working properly. If I need to await a little bit more to have the best in my hands then I will do it.

    I suppose you know the “big success” that Toshiba has had with its Folio 100, isn’t it?

    There is no second opportunities for a first impression.

  30. I think you (and I) have been imagining a very colourless website, based on how the general links (index, about, contact…) look.

    But now, look closer!

    The design page we all have seen offers a very different background colour, that ,in my opinion, very well fits its content. The blue BG on the feature page is debatable, but as the pictures are much more clourful, somehow fits.

    I expect new additions to the page to have different backgrounddesign.

    What do you (all) think?

  31. Back to Nikolas Tesla.

    According to http://www.crystalinks.com/tesla.html, in 1893 Tesla presented one of his inventions in St. Louis/MISSOURI (see Rohan’s explanations about the calender):

    “Tesla made a demonstration related to radio communication in 1893”
    “Tesla also investigated harvesting energy that is present throughout space.”

  32. God bless India. The adam is the best device that will appears on the market. Many italians wait for this device. I hope that I got one as soon as possible, by Christmas?

    good job

  33. Rohan, sorry but a slight correction.

    The Wifi is 802.11n, website incorrectly says 801.11n on features page.


  34. Hot plugging seems to allow for processor cored to be taken offline when not in use, hence saving power.

  35. “Meeting with Nikolas Tesla in Missouri on 10th July 1856 : High Priority”. Things are changing because of “touch environments” as we can see in applications, but to see how you can interact with wireless technology is yet to come, and you will have to stretch your imagination a lot!

    but i guess this is the clue …wireless technology, stretch your imagination…

  36. @Suresh

    Common guys, atleast assimilate some of what Rohan is trying to convey. Lets not waste our energy and time to trivials.

  37. I repeat my question from latest blog update
    what’s up with this 8GB memory?
    also have you been thinking of additional stylus for this tablet? stuff like painting getting done a lot better with stylus than fingers, also it have to recognize that you are using now stylus so will ignore accidental hand touch when painting/working with it

  38. Well, the secret sensor/feature is likely not to be shared with us until launch.
    Rohan himself pointed that out in an interview, and will have his reasons!

  39. most slang is not in there. i figured when he addresses the error he can delete my comment and correct his post, unless wordpress doesn’t let him use the edit feature either…

  40. The website is stylish and detailed now! apreciate the designer for chosing elegant colors!

  41. very nice indeed ! I think you don’t need to spend anymore efforts on website. It’s pretty good enough for newcomers. Also thanks for clarifying the doubts regarding the payment fiasco raised by Pierre. I hope your investors can understand that when you collaborate with so many people, it is very difficult to keep anything under the wraps completely.

  42. Hi Rohan ,Rohith , sachin and other team members
    I understand that all your team is doing so well. But you are missing Christmas sale (I hope I will be proven wrong.)

    But I wish you could have released Adam by now. In that case you would have been unbeatable company for next ten years. (I am sure you still will reach commendable position.)

    There is no need to convince us , followers. (I would buy even if you release it for 2011 Christmas!! and possibly all your updating devices, eve and their children – you name it!)
    But you are loosing a big opportunity. Please dispatch within 17th of dec. I don’t know how!!


  43. Rohan please change this quickly in your post or you are going to have bloggers making fun of your product around the world. It might even get you on a few TV shows…Late night comedy that is.

  44. @Chris

    Lets not miss what Adam has to offer. (you may never know you will be repentant of missing the experince)


    A little emphasis here : Adam has a huge market globally (even discounting Indian and Chinese Markets). So DONT BE WORRIED ABOUT LOSE OF SALES. Lets have a little less myopic view of whats going on.

  45. i think Rohan is smart enuf to leave us a hint along with few other stuff which will ofcourse confuse us…we just need to take a right pick

  46. I will be incredibly amazed if the Tesla theory proves true. These hints are so well thought out!

    It’s sad that information was leaked out, maybe the original email should have contained the NDA.

    I am so proud that there is a company out there that is willing to raise the bar and not just create a copy of something thats working in the market *cough* galaxy tab, playbook, insane amounts of chinese knock-offs. Your hard work will surely pay off once Adam goes to market, and will pave the way for the success of future products.

    Exodus Apps update:
    We have chosen an application concept that we will develop and hopefully have ready the day your Adam arrives at your doorstep, which shouldn’t be long now! 🙂 We are also preparing to incorporate, and also hire our first employee! We are looking for someone local (Ohio, USA) but if you’ve got the skills, shoot us an email and maybe we can work something out for those outside of our area. Details will be available on the http://notionaddicts.com forums soon.


    Aaron Blankenship
    Exodus Apps

  47. cum is latin for “with” – I’ve often seen it used by Rohan and others from India .. seems that in Indian school it is taught on a regular basis.

    But the meaning you mentionned – very interesting! A problem for worldwide websites.

    Regards, Thomas

  48. I don’t agree. Imho a selection of pre-installed apps with a coherent UI is essential for a new kind of device like the Adam. It’s one of Apples keys to success, to deliver not only a piece of hardware but a whole concept, including a set of apps for the basic use cases and an appstore to provide a Simple-to-use platform for Brunhild the developer and the user together. I prefer my Adam to be able to perform the basic tasks from the first day on instead of having to wait until the first developers are able to deliver their apps. Besides i prefer those apps having an unique UI and Worklflow.

  49. I tend to agree with Rohan here as much as my anticipation is an all time high (I kept having DREAMS of going to Adam’s launch, holding the Adam…. not in a creepy way) to a point that I am as frustrated as the next person who wants a order page.

    As an engineer in a research institute, time and ‘the moment’ is crucial to launching the latest findings/discoveries. But we can’t get a half-arsed paper out just there. Crucial counter-checking and peer-review is needed. And Rohan is not doing a bad job at keeping us informed (and guessing) while protecting the interests of his team, who are pursuing the same dream as he is; If not, betting their careers on the same.

    I guess is that for anyone who has been with us for the past year here, should feel that NI is doing things that not many corporations and big tech names are doing much these days – feeding in crowd-sourced ideas into a name that stays with you and not be the next year’s e-waste. So as much as I would throw in a fist into those critics’ face, I do understand I shouldn’t because they are used to been exposed to the mainstream marketing methods. They simply cannot grasp what NI is doing here simply by reading a post or page from here and there and then regurgitating those words and do a mind dump.

    Patience, my fellow people. The wait is almost over.


  50. I think NI intend to share hidden sensor before launch(very soon)..alteast that’s what I expect after seeing this comment on the techspec page source
    “For any sneaky fellows looking through the code, heres a tidbit for you, theres a very awesome hidden sensor we’re gonna be revealing soon”

  51. Wow!

    I woke up to no update.

    Finished breakfast – still no update.

    Walk the dogs – updated and already 82 comments!

    Thanks Rohan.

  52. yes, please mention it and how you can use it on any carrier that uses a SIM card. Although I will not be using this feature. I will be using my phone as a WIFI access point so I dont have to pay for another data plan

  53. I think he told us investors are already on their edge, i am pretty much sure that UI images won’t be made public until the product is released.
    A lot of real photos have already been posted in previous posts.

  54. I hope some venture publisher take up publishing this blog for posterity.
    Great detective job the fellow fans did. I’ve never had such a lesson as this in human potential, imagination, creativity, insults/responses, moderation/arbitration and so on…

    Shall we say NOTION as in inNOvaTION and INK as in thINK !?


  55. Again thank you for restoring my faith in adam. My birthday is in Feb, maybe a present?? But I would like an early present ;>).
    Re: 128 GB. Is that internal storage? If so does that mean adam comes with a 8 GB card installed which the user can upgrade to a bigger capacity card?

  56. I am very intrigued by Rohan’s comment on Bliss: “I think it will help us change our expectations & experiences from the machines we interact with”. What might these machines be? Machines other than computing/communications devices? Obviously, the machines need also be capable of communicating externally, so I still can’t drive my tractor using Adam, presumably.

  57. features page is looking good But why You have missed OUT BACK TRACK PAD 😦 .
    Now I have started doubting you ROHAN have you removed this feature from ADAM.
    Or better have you made it some kind of removal REMOTE TOUCH PAD 😀 to control adam while sitting on chair MAN !!!
    Please tell us about it WE already have One “mystery sensor problem” to solve . Don’t be so Mean 🙂

    Also, why SPEAKER WITH STRONG BASS and LONG life BATTERY is not listed in features?

  58. Yes, it is taught in schools. So are other words which carry different meaning in the US.
    A) Rubber – it is a common word used to refer to an eraser in India. It was not uncommon for an Indian employee to arrive on US shores and ask a lady employee for a rubber without knowing the implication.
    B) Fag – a cigarette in India and the U.K. Try asking “do you have a fag?” in the US.
    C) Mongoloid – taught as part of Geography syllabus in India. I have personally used it once. Luckily the other person(an asian) did not loose his cool and corrected me.

  59. Yes but it is still not clear.
    I have a few doubts here
    Is it the max size of usb drives supported?
    Does that mean we cannot add external usb hard disks ??
    Cards of that memory size are very expensive specially micro SD.

  60. what hapened exactly on that day ? was he born/ presented something/discovered? if one of the last two- it gives more clue


  61. Thanks for the ‘Mystic’ part of your post Rohan! I like your vision and your passion. I like that the Adam is like a seed. May the tree grow.

  62. Great update! I was worried a few hours ago thinking that we wouldn’t see a weekend update.

    Tks for sharing all this, I hope that FCC goes smoothly and fast!

  63. @Rohan, with every post I learn more and more that you really pay attention to all the details. I can’t wait to get my hand on an adam!!!

    One thing for sure, adam is already a second generation device and it hasn’t even made it to market yet. I prefer having to wait a little while rather than to be disappointed with a device when I get it because it was rushed to market. But with that said. Please hurry! (Actually I know there is not much you can do yourself but wait for FCC, etc so you can start shipping.)

    @Phillip… It was 6:15 and I’ve been up for a while. I have some work to do today. And getting to browse through Rohan’s post before I leave will make that work go by real slow since I want to get back here and take part in the discussions.

    @Sowyma, I’m still missing the Tesla connection, but maybe I’ll get it someday…

    For those who tease about creating a comment place holder (because they actually wish they were first 😉 ) I think it was my turn to be first today! 😀 I was second last time and third the time before that… The only way to do any better is to have Rohan let me write the next post. LOL

    Well, off to get my work done. I’m looking forward to reading all your comments when I get back…

  64. hi everybody. i think the secret Rohan is talking about is the 3D touch technology on adam. i got the clue from what Rohan said, “We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology”. what do you guys think..

  65. The mystery feature/sensor is 3D touch. Which was mentioned before. And because of the infra red it can even work at night with the use of the camera that has an infra red sensor. A lot of people would want to have 3D touch, being able to make gestures and movements in multiple planes. This is also consistent with the panel application and NI concept of multi-tasking. If NI had such a feature, they would want to keep it top secret until the product was released. Think of what happened with the iPhone 4 when it was being released and gizmodo. With the iPhone 4, Apple when through such great lengths to keep it on the hush, and that was just a product upgrade. In NI they a bringing an entirely new product to market. I know some people are frustrated with the release dates. However, if one thing is not perfect or near perfect at launch then how is the Adam going to eat the apple [sorry for the bad joke]. Other products that were launched recently, by bigger names, have since died. They were plagued with bugs, or lacked R&D to really create a new user experience. I think NI is doing things they way they should be done. I am just happy to be a part of it.

  66. Tesla used to give a demo in a room and literally have lightning bolts all around him. He used to interact with this high voltage electric field. Could the adam have some sort of an electric field “RF” around it to help in locating objects and gestures.

    …………………….Tom C

  67. Looks like NI’s investors are either lame or new to investment business (sorry for any disrespect). NDAs are nothing but a piece of paper which stands nowhere in most US states. These are the risks you have to live with in real world but make arrangements to cover it. This is Risk Management 101.

  68. The trick, these days, in using English for marketing purposes is to use a kind of a neutral English, closer perhaps to the American version. So although the British-Indian spelling ‘favourite’ is fine, words like ‘cum’, which is quite common usage in India and commonwealth countries, might throw others off. Same with ‘matt’ vs. ‘matte’. The former is perfectly fine, but when you say ‘I love Matt!’, it raises hopes in some Matthews out there, which you may not have intended. So, better to use Matte, etc. Anyway, good to see that all constructive criticisms in this forum are being heard.

  69. i guess you will know it if have read the previous blog entry of Rohan and the discussions going there..
    the code on the website is a hexadecimal, u convert it to decimal- it is a unix timestamp and indicates 10 jul 1856 when Nikolas Tesla was born.. Many people in this blog had deciphered it .. and have come up with many conclusions..just need to fit in the pieces together..if what i am thinking is rite..

  70. thank you for making the correction in your post. Now if only I could delete my own posts…

  71. So is anyone a Patent Attorney that can give us some more info on the pending patents? (Maybe the secret sensor)

  72. I am sure Rohan is not referring to prestige just to explain how the magic is trivial if the secret of it is revealed…it seems out of place
    In the movie prestige Tesla has a big role… he is the inventor … Nolan shows how Tesla conducted electricity thru ground… and he is makes one device for Jackman ..
    now we have to connect the dots

  73. PS: Somebody please do some research on Apple’s 3D touch technology while I’m gone. We may learn something about the adam by figuring out what Apple has in mind…

  74. @greg
    Well the the code is a unix time stamp which points to Tesla’s bday .. and it may be related to some wireless technology that he is talking abt.. not very sure..

    btw.. as u said, with every information regarding adam, you fall for this product all over again…..I wouldn’t mind waiting.. i would be happy to have a nice b’day present when it releases in India by Feb atleast !

  75. Sri:

    > See, this is not the last black-Friday on the earth neither is the Christmas going to be the last one.

    Strictly speaking, you don’t know this.

  76. I agree.
    While talking about vision, Rohan wrote -” We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology”
    Talking about “vision” in the end of post is not normal. I think mystery is definitely related with 3D/ gestures. In entire post Rohan used italics at only two instances which are “forced” and “future”. “Forced” dierctly leads to “3D”. Rohan tricked us with use of italics (I shared a secret and hint with all of you, and it all happened in front of your eyes!—–indicating visual hint)

  77. This reminds me of how the light is slowed down _considerably_ by the thick magic in the disc world.

    This effect nicely shows how huge this feature really is.

  78. the 128GB is under the SD card section, so you can stick a 128GB micro SD card in it for additional memory. Former sites have said the tablet would offer an 8GB or 16GB internal HD option. that is fixed and not easily modified. However, I would love it if the adam tablet disassembled and reassembled easily enough to allow us to modify it’s internal components and upgrade them. For example: I would love to be able to increase the RAM and the HD size with proper every day components that I can purchase from newegg.com

  79. Oh yeah.. we have to connect all the dots..”Tesla, Prestige..wireless technology… touch interactions, extend your imagination”.. we have already connected Tesla to the code.. a little more research is needed for the other aspects.. but i guess we have already discussed in the previous post.. we need to dig up..

  80. Easy disassembly seems far fetched since holes for screws are not visible in the shots.

  81. this is very true. You are always going to get applicants that are actually employees from other companies like Apple, Acer, etc applying to get their hands on your products so they can reverse engineer them and modify them enough to pass patents and republish the product as their own. Patent laws only require products to be modified slightly to be classified as different and get relaunched. Even though it is illegal to reverse engineer a product in the US, it still happens in the global marker and a modified product is released under a different name.

  82. I like Rohan’s analogy of the magician (I haven’t seen the movie). It tells me that the mystery feature, while possibly very innovative, is something relatively easy to implement, if you know how it works. All the more reason to keep it tightly under wraps so that the competition doesn’t front-run you, and until such time you get your patents all water-tight.

  83. Is there such a thing as a 128gb micro SD card? I don’t think they exist. And I don’t think that’s what is meant by “virtual memory” ….

  84. But that would still leave a gap.

    At _best_, you will have 64GB of microSD. 64GB to go.
    8GB of internal storage. 56GB to go.

    I do not think that this would incorporate USB storage…
    Therefore, the remaining 56GB would have to be internal storage.

    _Conclusion: There will be a 64GB storage (option).

  85. @Christian Kramer

    I am betting we will forget apple and so called ipads once we get Adam.

    Try to stop thinking conventionally. And I am repeating again “look beyond the obvious”. Try to recollect the ogriginal concept of a tablet. Rohan is trying for Adam to be a device beyond the concept of tablet. (I know it sounds dreamy, but logic tells me their execution points towards that)

    *my addiction: what the future holds with an adam/adam like in my hand)

  86. My first post here. I’ve been following the site for months and eagerly await Adam’s release. Dumb question: Will we be able to sync the Adam calendar with Google Calendar?

  87. Rohan,

    Thx for the update. As the countdown has started, the patience seems to be running out, as you’ve mentioned, don’t hurry just to show the world a half baked product. Take your time, and let this not be the only christmas where adam will be talked about.

  88. On July 10 1856 Tesla would have been one day old. So that would have been some meeting……………….Tom C

  89. Hmmm. Just a random and silly thought. Will there by any accessories for adam?? And anyone knows if it will ship to Singapore? Please do! Really looking forward to owning this device

  90. NOW, thats what I call a weekend SPECIAL. Lots of read-worthy information about the progress and vision of NotionInk. Really excited about the unrevealed/partially revealed features. Thinking of how to manage my budget to accommodate Adam whn it comes out.

    Thumbs up for the updated site. But I still feel you can put more info in features page. Like backside trackpad, loud bass, mystery feature, genesis etc. Features page might be the most hit page on the site. So make it as appealing as possible.

  91. You mentioned the office suite supports all major file formats. Does that also include odf formats?
    What would also be nice is supporting LaTeX and being able to show a source (plain text) and wysiwyg editor side by side updating each other on changes. (I believe this doesn’t exist yet, not even on pc, but it would be freakin’ awesome). Also, you could do the exact same for html, although I believe that does already exist.

  92. @Greg,


    This patent gives the technology for the user to get the actual feel of a real keyboard while using a touch screen keyboard. 3D touch/haptic feedback via touch screen etc looks like similar buzz words.

    And definitely NI has something up it’s sleeve in that regard. That’s one thing that no mobile device has for now. “DarkWinterNights” was the first to talk about haptic feedback in these blogs. But many didn’t pay attention and a few make a mention of haptic feedback now and then. He’s missing in action these days.

  93. Hi Rohan, thanks for the news.

    The first look was good and now I will make a closer look 🙂

    And my next post will follow 🙂


  94. Nikolas Tesla + missouri + prestige + wireless technology + touch screen

    In St. Louis, Missouri, Tesla made a demonstration related to radio communication in 1893.

    well dots seem to connect

  95. About the formats: It’s great that the Adam can handle docx, pdf and even zip! But what I really need is the support of rar (archive file format). I have often splitted files in many rar-archives and I need to extract them.
    I would love to do that with the Adam. Hope you can manage this!

    Or is there any Android app (which the Adam can use) that supports rar-extracting?

  96. @punit

    My suggestion is that : please lets not hunt confidential information. To me it feels like stooping low and hitting Rohan and NI below the belt.

    Whats the point when you are going to know everything in time?

    *just my opinion. No intention of flaming anyone*

  97. Hi Rohan!

    First of all, hope to clear the FCC soon. good that in the house tests, Adam has passed, and i hope that the test reports are well within the FCC red boundary. So battery heating and exhaust stuffs are working.

    Did you also check the 3G things etc.?

    Very nice updates about the apps. really looking forward to it.

    payment methods for us are entering beta- that is very nice.

    yeah! please post some photos about the font contrast enhancements.

    The WEBSITE FEATURES are GREAT. again hats off to design team. The pics are very nice and big in size. The details are nice written and very thoughtful-Only thing is


    All the best for this week work.


  98. Rohan,

    The website needs some work. Here are few suggestions from me –
    – The reading area should be clear and not have any patterns behind it. This will allow easy readibility.
    – The font is too small for reading. Need to increase one or two levels.
    – There is a lot of overlap on the menu fonts and title fonts.
    – The graphics and text placement are too close in a lot of places.

  99. +1
    While talking about vision, Rohan wrote -” We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology”
    Talking about “vision” in the end of post is not normal. I think mystery is definitely related with 3D/ gestures. In entire post Rohan used italics at only two instances which are “forced” and “future”. “Forced” dierctly leads to “3D”. Rohan tricked us with use of italics (I shared a secret and hint with all of you, and it all happened in front of your eyes!—–indicating visual hint)

  100. Can Pranav (Sixth Sense) & Rohan merge. So we can get NOAH. The ADAM is the seed of generations to come and NOAH is the embodiment of the next generation of computing devices.

  101. I just noticed that the “sun” in the features pages “adaptive display” part is the adam slogan itself!
    Very cleverly implemented!

  102. Re: 128 GB and disassemble adam — I think I read somewhere that the batteries were user replaceable (not positive about this), if so a replaceable micro sd card may be in that area????

  103. I’m waiting for Adam every day! But please, have someone polish your English in the final product. Your posts are not the best example of English usage, and so are some parts of the main website.

  104. I’ve been racking my brain thinking on what sort of sensor you could have added. Before this post I thought it might be some sort of 3D position gadget. This post encourages this guess. Think this could be neat. For instance, zooming by moving a hand towards or away from a area of the screen…

  105. Insanely Awesomely Mentalabulously Fantasialy IMBAly Mind blowing TABLET

    i will one day come down to Bangalore & take a big board which has to be hold by atleast 2 guys & Draw/Paint “ADAM” using some vivid colors & do something different to show the Difference between this ‘Seed’ & the other Tablets


  106. Inevitably a few nits on the otherwise excellent new webpage:

    The font for those center explanatory windows is way too small under my Firefox 3.6.12 under openSuse. It looks good under Opera, and somewhere in the middle under Konqueror.

    Couple of English glitches:

    (nVidia) – “in the middle of a boss fight.” I’m not sure what a boss fight is. I’m not a gamer, so it might be a gaming term; otherwise I don’t know.

    (transflective screen) – survey info. is that e-reading is the most popular use of a tablet after internetting, but you don’t make it clear how good Adam will be for this purpose. It’s not even clear that you can use the tablet in sunlight. This is a very important feature (the most important for me) and should be front-and-center, not vaguely hinted at. (The words “Pixel Qi” will help, some, for those who want to do further research, although they might not grab many people in

    (HDVideo) “minus the battery drain” – it’s powered through the hdtv connector? I don’t know anything about this stuff, but probably most of your customers don’t, either.

    (wi-fi) “It sports the new Wi-Fi frequency specification, 801.11n” – should be 802.11n, and there definitely shouldn’t be a comma there (sometimes commas are optional, but this one is wrong)

    “the in-built Bluetooth and Wireless helps you” – should be “the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi help you” (3 corrections there)

    (sd) – “Who wouldn’t want their entire movie library on their tablet” – made me laugh out loud; first thought was, “What happens if my mother finds it?”

    “the Internal File Browser Sniffer” – Without your previous post, I wouldn’t have understood that “Sniffer” is the name of the internal file browser. Maybe something like “the internal file browser, Sniffer,” (surrounded by commas)

    “fully-portable” – delete the hyphen (sometimes hyphens are optional, but this one is wrong)

    This whole section is a little unclear in one respect – where does the 128 gb memory come from? Is that just someone’s flash drive?

    Adobe Air and Flash – see, everybody, Rohan does know some things we don’t. This should be a big selling point against iPad, and none of us thought to mention it in our list of suggested corrections.

  107. @bruce – all of our hair. Picture Tesla with lightening bolts all around him. You think our hair is going to stay intact through all that.

    Oh – I know what the mystery feature is. We’re all going to get special Notion Ink tinfoil hats! Nice!

  108. Also,
    “menagerie of compatible devices” would be better as “myriad compatible devices”. A menagerie is a zoo!

  109. According to Wikipedia largest micro sdhc card is 64 GB.

    The meeting with Telsa gives away the secret feature — time warp!! ;>)

  110. I think the features page looks better than the rest of the site. The blue background gives some life to the content. Everything in dark greys makes a very depressing appearance. I’d advise to change the rest of the site co match the features page.

    On a side note. I noticed that on pictures/renderings of Adam where there is GUI visible it also is in a grey colour scheme. I suppose it’s because of PixelQi display – so the GUI would look consistent in colour and colourless modes. I hope it’s not the final version and there will be some more colours, some more life. The colours don’t have to be vivid, pastel colours (like those on new features page) will look good in colour mode and in colourless mode they’ll transit to light greys. I think most people won’t even notice the transition 🙂

  111. @Bruce:
    I do share the opponion, that just copying what Apple did is absolutely the wrong way – most of the companies now releasing an Android Tablet are making that mistake and i’m glad notionInk does not so and comes up with something refreshing different. BUT, not to copy something does not mean not to see it’s benefits and learn from them. What’s the use of just doing something wrong just for beeing different from a competidor who’s doing it right. So trying to copy Apples concept and philosophy may be wrong, but that shouldn’t keep notionInk from coming up with an own concept an philosophy – that is expressed by a basic set of preinstalled apps.

  112. Very good presentation of the features. Nicely designed page. Good work NI!!!

    8 different processors (For specific functions) in addition to the dual cortex A9 cores. Amazing!!!

    And still being a battery sipper. NVidia have definitely done their homework well. And NI with it’s well customized apps/SDK/OS will use and extend it to their limits for delivering exceptional performance/user experience.

    1GB memory + 1GB SLC should be listed separately too. Those are killer features.

    Transflective display for brilliant clarity and readability in the widest possible range of ambient light conditions. WOW!!! eReader in night mode too, I guess 🙂

    1080p HD video through the HDMI port. But the image is teasing doing a wi-fi thing. Any surprise feature there, Rohan?

    WI-FI feature has a typo: It says 801.11n. It should be 802.11n, right?

    MicroSD or SD or both? Please clarify.

    Storage capacity expandable to 128GB is very good. Is that in addition to the on board storage? What are the default on board storage capacities available out of the box?

    USB/Mini-USB — Very very nice. And the ability to power other devices that charge via USB. WOW!!!! That’s a first for any mobile device as far as I know.

    Why no mention about MiFi capabilities? That’s a good feature and widely used by many.

    Samsung Galaxy tab looks like a kid’s toy in comparison. I think it really is and that thing sells 600,000 in a month with that ridiculous over pricing.

    NI and the investors, get ready for an overwhelming demand much more than what iPad received (which was way more than what apple expected)

  113. “Notion Ink is about bringing that ‘future’ faster towards us (but not rushing by releasing sub-standard products, we are here to stay for centuries).” That is a very bold, patience, “march to a different drummer” outlook! Mr. Rohan I am truly impress with your vision on how things should be done and not just get it done. Sir you will find success in whatever endeavours you set upon in your life, if you keep that outlook.

    If I had a choice of owning an Adam or meeting you I would choose meeting you.

    “”we are here to stay for centuries


  114. On second thought, I wonder if an IR sensor would work in sunlight. The IR sensor of the Wii at home goes bonkers if I open the curtains. Maybe some other electromagnetic sensor for the same purpose. Someone suggested an RF field below.

  115. Thanks for the update, the features page is very informative. Only thing which I felt is missing is a hands-on video which would make my day today 🙂

  116. hi
    (i follwed whole discussion in last post. i knew it relates to him. i missed it was his birthday. i thought he may may have presented some scintific paper on that day. )
    so radiocommunication is the clue.

    from a website–

    radio signal is transmitted by a radio broadcast tower.
    radio contains an antenna to detect the transmitted signal, a tuner to pick out the desired frequency, a demodulator to extract the original sound wave from the transmitted signal, and an amplifier which sends the signal to the speakers. The speakers convert the electrical signal into physical vibrations (sound).

    can adam have DEMODULATOR?
    i dont know what is exactly is that!! but now thatcan communicate between radio like devices…
    just a guess

  117. I don’t understand if this stuff is as innovative as advertised why they wouldn’t want to preview it or advertise it. I don’t understand why an investor wouldn’t want to advertise.

  118. Um, there was that flood thing that killed everybody on the planet.

    Just what are you trying to say here? What would that do to NI’s customer base?

  119. Rohan, I really look up to you. Your vision is inspiring. A company with a leader like you is definitely “here to stay”, as you said in the post.

    As far as Adam is concerned, I will wait for as long as it takes. As Greg said several times, we have complete faith that you are trying your best and most importantly, trying to do the right things. I don’t care if it’s January or even late Q1, I will wait because I not only love Adam for it’s amazing design and philosophy but also for it’s journey from a vision/idea (that we all can relate to) to a real product.

  120. The Tesla reference could be wireless charging built in. Max size micro SDHC card you can get right now is 32GB, so that would suggest a 96 GB built in memory option. For those of you who are curious, here is a link to the lecture that Tesla gave in St. Louis, Missouri, titled, “On Light and other high frequency phenomena”:


  121. if ir lamp is there – it is next to camera – so that it can move 185degree as well…………..

  122. @kamal
    If that was all that was needed i would have gone to their office and would be typing this from a adam instead of a stupid nokia :p

  123. Thanks for the update Rohan! Love how the site is looking.

    In regards to Tesla & the movie The Prestige as mentioned by Rohan, I do recall a scene where they are standing in a field and Tesla lights up a field of light bulbs wirelessly. Perhaps Wireless charging capability built in is actually the hidden sensor we have all been trying to decipher and the other things such as the 3D touch are merely features yet to be revealed as they could relate to other known about hardware components. I’m probably way off base but thought it worth mentioning, especially because of the clue dealing with it working in the dark.

    Thanks Rohan & Notion Ink for supplying us with this task to help us stave off our desires until the Adam arrives!!!


    Dude that was awesome!

    I’m reading this and that and scanning and BAM there’s you with your “first”.

    Thanks man, made me laugh hard.

  125. I second that, having spent way too much time in grad school messing with TeX. Being able to read postscript files and being able to write in TeX, and see its output in .ps or .pdf would be awesome for academics in Science and Engg. I can see Adam sitting under the tree of knowledge when suddenly an apple falls on his head, and having bitten it, has an Aha moment about gravitation, and proceeds to write a paper about it, all in TeX, and then sends it off for publication by email and then collaborates with colleagues live on video. Sorry, getting a bit carried away…

  126. is not a ZOO!
    “windows”, “desktop”, “folders” – “web page”, “wall”…… Without metaphors that reference physical things, technology would be even more confusing than it is.

  127. Investors don’t think the way people do; they have too much money for that. They’re thinking about things like keeping secrets until the last possible moment from NI’s competition. I’ve seen similar behavior from other investors. Sometimes the investors are right, incidentally, and we shouldn’t discount the possibility that they’re right in this case. Unfortunately, one characteristic of the hyper-moneyed is that they don’t learn from their mistakes. But I don’t think it makes much of a difference in the present case.

  128. @Everyone
    By this statement from Rohan “We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology (both are wonderful yet works quite differently)”

    I think the mystery feature is something similar to Apple’s 3D touch technology(i don’t know what exactly it is), implemented in a different way by notion ink….

    any ideas??

  129. taken from link provided by paulikxp at 19:22

    “The single strangest invention Tesla ever proposed was probably the “thought photography” machine. He reasoned that a thought formed in the mind created a corresponding image in the retina, and the electrical data of this neural transmission could be read and recorded in a machine. The stored information could then be processed through an artificial optic nerve and played back as visual patterns on a viewscreen. “

  130. btw all this talk about copy editing is making me nervous about my posts. theoretically i am a native english speaker as most middle class south indians are, but you guys are giving me the shivers. Looking at a particular lizard here.

  131. What I am wondering is which wireless bands are included. Most devices out there still only deliver 2.4Ghz while that band is completely swamped. The newer 5Ghz band provides a much better connection and speed!

    Hopefully the wireless chip in the adam can be used on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, that would definitely be a big plus! Also, it would make the product a lot more future proof!

  132. hey sorry Narada, after posting I scrolled back down and saw your post, didn’t mean to copy you! Great minds think alike!

  133. @christian Kramer

    Therein lies the difference. How can we be sure Apple’s execution is the only best? I am saying execution because the philosophy is similar in both, the conceptualisation, execution and policy (closed versus open) is different.

    IMHO Apple’s approach is ONE of the successful. We are still waiting for another one. And I am betting on NI’s. (there are still rumblings of disgrunt with Apple’s approach to Ipad/ tablet computing as such)

  134. “Happened in front of your eyes” I am also in agreement about this particular line… with emphasis on “in front of” as opposed to “below of”. A wave of the hand to turn the page in a book as opposed to dragging your finger across the screen.

  135. Is pixel qi still there or has it been replaced by notion ink patented transflective screen? Site does not mention pixelqi and mentions patented technology

  136. There’s no real wysiwyg editor for TeX because you’d have to do some sort of continuous compilation, which is a pain; also the whole concept of TeX/LaTeX is the opposite of wysiwyg. But I’ve used both LyX and Kile and find them both rather pleasant, even though they’re not exactly side-by-side source/wysiwyg. I usually use emacs for my TeX work (source only) because I like scraping my knuckles on the bare metal.

  137. there is this particular ted talk that i can’t place now which used a hacked wii controller to enable a 3D desktop /working environment which was really cool. Except u needed to tape a wii mote to your head. So using ir image recognition would enable the same input to the device :D. Maybe thats why rohan cant share any pictures/videos at all of the ui :p.

  138. Gecko wasn’t talking about blog posts. He was talking about NotionInk website and the grammar there. So relax. Nobody’s yet been eaten by this lizard 🙂

  139. I cannot imagine “future” and “tablet” without palm rejection and proper stylus/digitizer support. Many people here think that the secret sensor is an infra red transmitter but is it really a feature? Does other devices lacks this feature? No! IR has limited applications and even TV remotes are going be to replaced by ZigBee/Bluetooth equipped devices. Secret code points to Nicola Tesla, which suggest something related to radio waves. It certainly is not a electromagnetic energy harvester nor fotovoltaic cell, those technologies provide way not enough energy. Induction might suggest active digitizer which is highly desired by customers but Adam doesn’t seem to have a proper locker for a pen! Today there are at least few technologies allowing implementation of stylus support using capacitive technology. I am really confused.

  140. Reposting a portion for your benefit (From my reply to Greg’s post at the top):

    This patent gives the technology for the user to get the actual feel of a real keyboard while using a touch screen keyboard. 3D touch/haptic feedback via touch screen etc looks like similar buzz words.

    And definitely NI has something up it’s sleeve in that regard. That’s one thing that no mobile device has for now.

  141. jayanth, at least you haven’t been through the American educational system, which is more of a baby-sitting service than anything else.

    > Nobody’s yet been eaten by this lizard

    Nobody here is a cricket.

  142. Glad to see the features section! Stands out with color and does a great job of highlighting what makes adam’s hardware exceptional. Nice job

    +1 to gecko’s edits (except for boss fight- i’m a gamer so i get the boss fight thing)

    Additional concerns: the green light in the “Seamless Connectivity” section is not necessary; the wireless and Bluetooth symbols communicate the idea visually without the green. 3G? The yellow on the Adobe Air+Flash also seems a bit odd.

    The language in the design section is now very clear and effectively argues the case for adam. Very nice!

    Calendar: looks like you’ve made some nice innovations there- the less typing on a tablet the better!

    Fonts: glad to see you guys are working on this, it’s the little things like this that make a product a joy to use

    Panels+Formats: excited to see full file compatibility; yet another sign that you guys at Notion Ink are serious about making the adam a true standalone computing device.

    Still waiting for more info on the UI and apps+content. A “design” or “features” like section would work well for each of those, but you may have something more interesting in mind…

    Still hoping for 360 view + color choices!

    This may have been answered already, but will adam be compatible with all android apps and have easy access to the android marketplace? (for example, could i use the android Kindle eReader app on the adam?)

    Best of luck!


  143. –>there definitely shouldn’t be a comma there (sometimes commas are optional, but this one is wrong)

    There should either be commas both before and after the 802.11n because it is already identified/named as the “new Wi-Fi frequency specification,” or no commas at all because the phrase “new…specification” is too vague. I suppose it depends on the person writing the description. 🙂

  144. Thanks, bruce. Gaming is something I don’t understand very well. Somebody here mentioned that sunlight messes up the IR remote in their wii, which just confirms that gamers are supposed to stay in their basements.

  145. Rohan,

    the pictures drawn on the canvas has very sharp lines? is it a stylus?

    is it drawn on the adam itself- i hope?.

  146. I think (my opinion), that this is due to Notion Inks own geniue efforts to make that screen excell.
    Namly new developed matte screen that is scratch proof, prevention of light from the screen being diffused to much (green specks), placement,…
    Just PixelQi (underlying tech) would not do justice to NIs own (patented) efforts.

    A screen is Display, TouchTech, GlassScreen, placement, …

    Have Fun!

  147. Hello Notion Ink and Adam team,

    Among all the features of the adam, there is one “feature” I prize very highly. That feature is these Week-End specials from no less than the CEO Rohan himself.

    Through his posts, he has educated many of us as to what is the “cutting edge” of these devices and what can enhance the user experience.

    As many have said already, I too look forward to the “Saturday Post.” What other product is out there whose CEO himself/herself whets my appetite regularly to learn more and eke out more from the product I will be buying!

    Cheers Rohan and Notion Ink team, you have redefined what companies should be all about.

  148. Not just *any* book by Terry Pratchett, but ‘The Light Fantastic’.

    For the non-initiated: The Light Fantastic from the title is an 8th colour of light that exists on the Discworld as part of their rainbow (see also the background on the paint app) of colours, which is visible as a by-product of magic happening…

    So if you were looking for further proof for the ‘Infra Red’ theory of mystery sensors, I guess there you have it!

  149. Rohan,

    the new webpage looks good..

    Wish you the best to stay true to this vision
    “Notion Ink is about bringing that ‘future’ faster towards us (but not rushing by releasing sub-standard products, we are here to stay for centuries).”


  150. You will just have to wait I while longer

    It will released in the USA first followed by India in a few weeks and more countries to follow

    It will be online from the start. So if you don’t buy online or you want to hold it in your hands first in a store then you have to wait a while longer. I will be pre ordering the moment it goes on sale online

  151. Nice hyping methods Rohan!!! 10 DECEMBER I expect some extra news… 😛 (seeing the binary code on the website, looks like a count-down… ) Will it be the revelation of the ‘secret sensor’??

    Anyway, can’t wait untill the adam is available. I’ll be ordering ASAP!

  152. I have a question to the community. What is going to prevent Apple or anyone else with deep pockets to step in the day before release and file a patent infringement lawsuit (without grounds, you can take some one to court just for the sake of postponing the release of a product in the US)? This would prevent any sort of release this year or early next quarter and hurt a newly emerging company like this to the point of depleating their assets and bankrupting a company…

  153. delicate matter here – commas often are and I will avoid them in this post except for illustrative purposes in deference to their delicacy

    “the new Wi-FI specification 802.11n”

    “a new Wi-Fi specification, 802.11n,”

    barely ok:
    “the new Wi-Fi specification, 802.11n,” (commas are unnecessary because you really need the “802.11n” in there and the commas break up the flow of the sentence)

    “a new Wi-Fi specification 802.11n” (commas are necessary because “802.11n” is not grammatically needed, unlike in the previous sentence, so you have to set it off with commas)

    The “barely ok” alternative follows the textbook rules – I guess – but it reads so awkwardly that I wouldn’t use it. Also it’s good to conserve commas because we don’t want to run out.

  154. Input/Output Ports

    * USB 2.0 Host x 2
    * Mini USB
    * HDMI
    * Micro SD slot
    * SIM Card slot
    * DC connector

    Says enough I guess. Sim slot is most likely for 3G connectivity.

  155. He could just be referring to the extra storage space you get when you attach an usb drive?

  156. searched for nikolas tesla, missouri on wikipedia
    this is what i found “In St. Louis, Missouri, Tesla made a demonstration related to radio communication in 1893”

    it was,i guess,the first radio transmitter.so maybe the sensor is after all a proximity sensor 😦

    IR and Induction charger sounded much better

  157. Hello Kamal,
    I am sure that had Notion Ink got into the distribution business (like Fedex, UPS or even Mumbai’s famous tiffin carriers) or into the chain department store business – risk free delivery in Mumbai and elsewhere would have been a top priority.
    However the launch timing, the huge holiday season looming in the west and CES are opportunities not to miss.
    You can rest assured that Notion Ink will be very considerate.

  158. > What is going to prevent Apple or anyone else with deep pockets to step in the day before release and file a patent infringement lawsuit

    Nothing. As a lawyer friend (this sounds like a contradiction, actually) says, anybody can sue anybody for anything. But they’d have to get an injunction to prevent NI from selling, and that’s rather more difficult, and they’d risk a countersuit of major size (for tortuous interference with business, and I don’t know what else), plus it would be a public-relations nightmare. Apple has shown itself to be very sensitive to this last.

  159. “It was all in front of you”… that drew my attention to the small ad of adam where you see the girl (i am guessing by the hand) unfolding paper “panels” that gives an impression of gestures. i agree that its not a new tech but I have never seen this in any handheld or computer (net/notebook, etc) only wii and xbox kinect have this kind of stuff.

    185 degree swivel infrared camera can do that in day and night.
    It makes perfect sense to me.

    Any thoughts?

  160. > also it have to recognize that you are using now
    > stylus so will ignore accidental hand touch

    Might be a prejudice, but active digitizers (which is the only way I know to get what you ask for) are expensive, aren’t they?

  161. Hey liking the new website, looks great and appealing, looking forward for this tablet, will buy one when it’s released, if I like it enough I’ll purchase around 600 for the company when supply meets demand. Keep up the great work, you’ve came far from just an idea to a device with an interface and won’t even think it’s android from touch and feel.

  162. [quote](transflective screen) – survey info. is that e-reading is the most popular use of a tablet after internetting, but you don’t make it clear how good Adam will be for this purpose. It’s not even clear that you can use the tablet in sunlight. This is a very important feature (the most important for me) and should be front-and-center, not vaguely hinted at. (The words “Pixel Qi” will help, some, for those who want to do further research, although they might not grab many people in[/quote]
    I have some OLPC XO1.5 laptops which also have a PQ transflective screen. I can use the XO laptop VERY well for reading. In fact, the more light (sun) is getting on the screen, the better you can read it.

  163. @gecko tinfoil hats is not a feature but the accessory which NI will force us to buy. This is their evil plot to make money.

  164. Hmmm….many moons ago, I recall using a TeX compiler which was available only on Macs which did near-wysiwsg ‘Flash Mode’ compilation. I think it was Textures. It was a really pleasant piece of software to use when endlessly tinkering with a paper.

  165. I don’t think this 3D desktop environment is the 3D Touch indicated with Apple here.

    Bumptop has been acquired by Google. We expect that Android may adopt this type of UI in the future.

  166. I just went by subramanya arcade, where their office is situated..
    its very calm and quiet from the outside… prbly very busy software engineers working on tight release dates burning midnight oil even on weekends…
    strangely i dint see the notion ink logo or the company name outside… it would look cool when they install the logo on their building, which is right next to IBM..
    wait IBM cant be the investors…or can they?

  167. To extend @sashi @ 19:52 and @sowmya @ 19:59 about nikola tesla & the movie The Prestige… this is my guess…

    I think the unique sensor is connected with both Nikola Tesla and the movie prestige… in the sense… just like nikola’s machine could create a clone of an object…. in notion ink’s case it is the opposite… an 3d object (like the user’s hands) in a 3D environment (like space) can control button, events on the notion ink… (similar to microsoft kinect)

    It could be possible… using the camera and this sensor (compared to multiple cameras as in kinect)

  168. There are many marketing issues that have prevented the success of a product when it is sold in a country that is not where the product was made.

    some clips:
    ” Failure to behave within the prescribed norms may lead to sanctions, ranging from being hauled off by the police for indecent exposure to being laughed at by others for wearing a suit at the beach. (4) Conscious awareness of cultural standards is limited. One American spy was intercepted by the Germans during World War II simply because of the way he held his knife and fork while eating. (5) Cultures fall somewhere on a continuum between static and dynamic depending on how quickly they accept change. For example, American culture has changed a great deal since the 1950s, while the culture of Saudi Arabia has changed much less.”

    “Cultural lessons. We considered several cultural lessons in class; the important thing here is the big picture. For example, within the Muslim tradition, the dog is considered a “dirty” animal, so portraying it as “man’s best friend” in an advertisement is counter-productive. Packaging, seen as a reflection of the quality of the “real” product, is considerably more important in Asia than in the U.S., where there is a tendency to focus on the contents which “really count.” Many cultures observe significantly greater levels of formality than that typical in the U.S., and Japanese negotiator tend to observe long silent pauses as a speaker’s point is considered.” Coca cola for example had many issues in countries that didnt purchase product because they were red. Some cultures consider red the color of death, so why would the purchase a death drink?

    “High vs. low context cultures: In some cultures, “what you see is what you get”—the speaker is expected to make his or her points clear and limit ambiguity. This is the case in the U.S.—if you have something on your mind, you are expected to say it directly, subject to some reasonable standards of diplomacy. In Japan, in contrast, facial expressions and what is not said may be an important clue to understanding a speaker’s meaning. Thus, it may be very difficult for Japanese speakers to understand another’s written communication. The nature of languages may exacerbate this phenomenon—while the German language is very precise, Chinese lacks many grammatical features, and the meaning of words may be somewhat less precise. English ranks somewhere in the middle of this continuum.” – this quote might help define some of the frustration people have been having with updates that dont spell out every little detail.

    “Language issues. Language is an important element of culture. It should be realized that regional differences may be subtle. For example, one word may mean one thing in one Latin American country, but something off-color in another. It should also be kept in mind that much information is carried in non-verbal communication. In some cultures, we nod to signify “yes” and shake our heads to signify “no;” in other cultures, the practice is reversed”…”Because of the potential for misunderstandings in translations, it is dangerous to rely on a translation from one language to another made by one person. In the “decentering” method, multiple translators are used. The text is first translated by one translator—say, from German to Mandarin Chinese. A second translator, who does not know what the original German text said, will then translate back to German from Mandarin Chinese translation. The text is then compared. If the meaning is not similar, a third translator, keeping in mind this feedback, will then translate from German to Mandarin. The process is continued until the translated meaning appears to be satisfactory.” Just a few of the many differences we all have from each other but the proper research can make or break a company.

    This is Notion Ink’s first product and they are based in India producing a global product. Do you have a marketing department addressing these concerns? As of right now, Rohan has been it as far as we have heard. Have you considered getting in contact with a marketing consulting firm before your release in the US? Many of us geeks that follow this blog can be very forgiving when considering cultural issues like this in a product, but the main stream and the media may not be forgiving. Especially if you are trying to produce a product that is trying to catch the mainstream like Apple has. It has to be culturaly acceptable for all possible decision makers, kids, parents, students, professionals, etc.

    Information taken from this site: http://www.consumerpsychologist.com/international_marketing.html

  169. Several of us have made comments about the need for proper, neutral English. This is critical for ‘public’ information like their website. This blog, on the other hand, is far more informal, so I have no problems with Rohan just writing whatever he pleases as long as he manages to communicate, which he does, except when he intends to be cryptic. I am sure his standards will be a bit higher even for blogging, considering he is the CEO of a company that is (will soon be) generating lots of buzz and anything said here will be picked up/apart by mainstream media.

  170. Uhh, this will be my first post, and i havent been keeping up with all the hidden back stories, but this is what ive got.

    On the Nikola Tesla hints: I third the idea of wireless charging (you guys can skim for the other to comments about this) One of Teslas dreams was to make everyday objects run wirelessly, (hey, im just trying to stretch my imagination)

    As for finding every little hint in the post: In some of the other comments, i read that the only italic words were “forced” and “future”. well…. you missed one. The word “cloud” is in italics. just throwing that out there. hopefully someone reads this and notices it too

  171. I would not be surprised if this was it, after all that is what Microsoft and Sony have done with their consoles, the camera can pick up on your motions and react to them as a user interface.

  172. I don’t know about you, but for me my adam will have 320+GB on day one ;D

    Velcro+Seagate FreeAgent Go. Woot!

    (Might have to buy the 1TB version to make it even better)

    LOVE USB ❤

  173. FCC Compliance and Certification Made Easy

    The FCC under rule part 15 tells us that most electronic devices need to either be verified to not cause harmful emissions or need to be certified to not cause harmful emissions.

    The difference between Verification and Certification:

    The verification process is typically the creation of a Declaration of conformity stating that the emissions limits are within the FCC Part 15 rules. Devices that are not intentional transmitters would typically get a FCC Part 15 Declaration of Conformity by submitting their device to an accredited Test Laboratory, having the device tested, and then receiving a test report and Declaration of Conformity.

    The FCC has decided that all devices that are intentional radiators, in the governed frequency spectrum, must receive a certification. This is a slightly more complex process where an accredited Test Lab typically will test the unit; the completed test report must be submitted to the FCC for approval.

    The complete FCC Certification process will typically follow these steps:
    1) The manufacturer will authorize the Test Lab to apply for a FCC Grantee Code.
    2) The manufacturer will receive the Grantee code from the FCC.
    3) The Manufacturer will submit their device to an accredited Test Lab for evaluation.
    4) The appropriate testing will be performed, per appropriate standards.
    5) The Test Lab will create a test report which details the tests performed, results and equipment used.
    6) The test report, along other documentation, will be submitted to the FCC for approval.
    7) The FCC typically takes 8-12 weeks to respond to certification requests.

    Optional steps in the process:

    The manufacturer may request Confidentiality of the information from the FCC. This usually involves an additional $155 filing fee. If Confidentiality is not requested, all documentation will appear on the FCC website at the time the certification is granted. With the optional fee, the manufacturer can typically eliminate all design documents from this posting process.

    TCB – Expediting the process:
    Due to the 8-12 week delay in the certification process, the FCC realized that a more expedited process was needed. They have authorized several private organizations to issue certifications. There are some types of devices that still must be submitted to the FCC, however in most cases, devices can be approved via a TCB.

    Submitting a grant request through a TCB can significantly improve the time frame for obtaining a certification. In most cases, it only takes 1-2 weeks to obtain an approval from a TCB.



    Based on the above 7 steps for getting FCC certification, I guess Adam should be at least in Step 4. Can you please confirm?

  174. all this conversations about a tesla coil, someone or Notion ink itself needs to include an App that replicates one on the screen of the adam. It can interact to your touch and follow your hands. It would be a great gift if this could come with the adam. I think we could all appreciate this small addition.

  175. Just a general comment, since Rohan & Co. are fans of the golden ratio which, for those who don’t know, is more than just a Greek aesthetic principle. The golden ratio turns up in Fibonacci series, which are observed all over nature, from leaf patterns to the curvature of sea shells.

    Take a look at the recent issue of National Geographic which has a fine article about Antonio Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona. Gaudi was inspired by geometric patterns in nature which he managed to integrate with perfect engineering. Together with Tesla (possibly), perhaps Gaudi can also inspire you folks at NI.

  176. Tesla also investigated harvesting energy that is present throughout space. He believed that it was just merely a question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.

    I keep getting stuck on believing it has to do with power, like wireless battery recharge or something, but what has it to do with still being functional in the dark? :s

    Tesla defenatly points us to alternating current. Cause that is the main subject he was doing inventions on.

    this also leads us to some new inovations on alternating current, like http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/10/philips-claims-first-ac-powered-oled-module-points-the-way-to-c/.
    Something that has to do with light and alternating current, but how could something like this be implimented on our baby ? :s

    again stuck …

  177. So we get a ir and fm radio? 😉
    Saw an rumor off the next ipad2 but here again Apple doesn’t do it right.
    When i type this on my iPhone 3gs then i think why does Apple do not make a device like a big iPhone?
    Then they would have a winner.
    But on the other hand who wants to be a slave off Apple?
    Thus my interest goes to NIA witch have all the hardware to be a succes.
    Rohan when u really pull this off nothing else out yet come close.
    So the big companies like LG, Samsung, Sony etc can watch how it’s done right.
    Like everyone here we hope that all going well and hold our baby very soon 🙂
    best regards,
    Mr T

  178. I think we can guess that the sensor/feature could be related to electromagnetism.. it could charge the device or it could be like kinect .. but will never be able to tell that for sure until the device is launched

  179. if this is the case, we could only expect it will be working even better with fine tip stylus, considering as an artist, they usually do not use fingers that often to create…

  180. > He reasoned that a thought formed in the mind created a corresponding image in the retina

    Wow. That’s like my thinking about lunch creates food in my stomach.

  181. Would love to see this be DLNA compatible. It already has WiFi, so why not include the drivers (not sure if there are licensing fees) so that we could wirelessly connect to newer tv’s and media players instead of having to use an HDMI cable.

  182. Indeed, you are right. However, it looks like they have obtained the services of someone with a definite flair for language. I liked the bit about ‘window to everything under the sun’, although they could have made the implicit ‘can read in broad daylight’ message more explicit. And I also agree with you that ‘menagerie’ is a charming usage, again showing some flair. So, I leave it to that professional to keep refining the language. If I find something others haven’t already mentioned, I will be sure to do so.

    In the ‘storage’ section. I felt a colon would add more punch to “and there you have it: a fully portable, pint-sized…’

  183. there were styluses created for ipads and ipads, ignoring hand touch while using them
    still these were unofficial and beta test products
    but would be looking forward for 50$ (or possibly less) for additional stylus

  184. another explanation of the sharp line is that when the drawing was created in the full screen, those lines were not that thin. Once it got zoom out as showing here, it seemed amazingly fine. it is hard to imagine with just finger, one can draw such fine line.

  185. I think there are softwares that can do this in android at the moment.. I don’trecall the name at present. but I am sure there are some in market

  186. Am viewing this blog on an actual iPad. I am really excited about the Adam, but find I am increasingly worried about the display size of the Adam in comparison to the iPad. Could someone please address the issue of size in detail, beyond the issue of aspect ratio? In a previous comments section I raised this issue, and pointed to a visual workup I did of the Adam display superimposed over that of the iPad (http://www.thebadduke.com). Contrary to some previous posts, it seems the iPad does use the entire display area for such things as reading and annotating PDFs,etc. I’m concerned about the narrower space on the Adam. I’d really like to hear about display size on it. Thanks,

  187. @Paritosh

    The framework for the disassembly of the device to my understanding involves screws that are non-visible inside the battery compartment on the edge of the device as well as some smaller ones on the back. 😉

    Time will tell!

  188. @ Raul
    I think that back trackpad is there! Rohan said a few words about apple’s 3d touch in his post, I bet its got to do something with the back trackpad!

  189. I think its the difference between knowing the colloquial vs rules of grammar (pronoun, preposition, past participle etc). Also, since his posts are the main form of communication – people get really nit picky (sloppy writing is directly reflected on to the person in the native english speaking countries).

  190. I certainly hope so…

    I use Google calendar religiously; if the adam one doesn’t sync across all my devices then I unfortunately would not have much need for it. :\

    Hopefully Rohan will update us on that inkling of information in next week’s post. 🙂

  191. Mmmm… I just stumbled upon rohan mentioning the movie “The Prestige” ( “I hope many of you have seen “The Prestige”). It has been some time since i saw it, but i remember that one of the magicians in the film actually met Nicolas tesla in missouri and wrote a note like that into his diary which was later stolen by his rival… Maybe i should watch that movie again this weekend…

  192. @manoj, good observation.


    On ipad there are few apps to take notes, doodle that allow the user to zoom into section and write,draw etc and then zoom out. As in map notes where the app allows the user to map their thoughts, ideas etc.

    Once zoomed out, the user can see a bird’s eye view of things. Laid out in a neat way. May be Adam is doing something similar.

  193. Your ‘Philosophy’ section still needs a lot of reworking. I know what you are trying to say, but you are not communicating. First, I don’t quite see that all of modern design is spanned by the three axes you mention, but be that as it may; ‘school of inspired geometric that we draw from’ sounds awkward. I like the pun (intended) on ‘draw’, but s. of i. g. leaves me puzzled. Also, intuitive symmetry that follows arithmetic harmony is a bit of gibberish. Also, although ‘retro’ is not the same as ‘retrograde’; the latter is pejorative, while the former is usually associated with style. Altogether, too many words. Reduce. Simplify. Clarify.

  194. I disagree about the blog posts. Rohan’s English is fine – it’s clear and fluent. Blog posts are supposed to be personal, and personal languages inflections are part of the charm.

    The website is another matter; it’s not supposed to be personal. It has to represent the company, and the image the company wants to project is not just one of enthusiasm and futuristic thinking (they’re very good at that), but also competence and attention to detail, including linguistic detail (they’ve had some issues with this).

    So, the reason I disagree with you is that you’re wrong, at least about the blog. If you weren’t wrong, I wouldn’t disagree with you. QED.

  195. Awesome Post!!!!!

    Okay, i’m going to play the suspicion card here.

    Why isn’t the back track pad included in the features page ? I mean if the camera is there surely the track pad should be there.

    Btw, in the features page under the HDMI explanation… I don’t think you should say “our tablet” instead, “your adam” would sound better.

  196. little edit:

    this in good example of stylus, it just need button on it
    and probably some good soft, like he shown but would make possible to create fast acces buttons on side that can be used with fingers
    my pal, when drawing with his normal REAL tablet having one hand drawing stuff, while operating keyboard with other to change between options

  197. so does the Tesla reference confirmation mean that there is a sensor that can track your finger as it moves above the screen? Does that make my ‘hair-raising’ comment close enough? 😉

    (posting from mobile, haven’t read any of the comments here)

  198. Rohan & NI…. Thanks!
    When I read ur post earlier today, I couldnt stop giggling like a child! i was awed!
    Thanks for making it clear what Notion Ink is all about! Although most of us here are with you and NI… when we (I) see too many of these negative comments and the release date related comments, we (I) also start thinking that way…. It takes a note from Greg, Sowmya and some humor from Gecko (Your “hold on to your breath” comment was just superfunny!), Phillip et al, to remind everybody that we are looking at something big, just not a mere competitor trying to make a quick sale. Your post today just put those words in concrete…. you are here to stay and what you guys are trying to bring out is going to be BIG and different! a “seed” like you say! You nailed it with your post today! I am in for the long journey! A comment in your previous post did it for me… when someone said something about missing the boat…. the reply came something like… what boat, Notion INk is launching their own f***ing Ship! (yea there was no abuse, but thats how i read it 🙂 )
    Anyway, your website is much improved and I say thanks to all the addicts here for all the notes and recommendations. Its finally something I can start sending links to all my friends!
    And yeah this is just my second post (1st post… I couldnt resist your reference to Pink Floyd SOYCD) although I have been following this for months now, and have read every bit from start to end!
    I say good luck to NI team and may your dream see the light of the day… and back to you… “Shine on….. you crazy diamond”!

  199. May be because if we have a normal SD slot, we can use the mini and micro with an adapter.

  200. @emelao

    I know I’ve been counseling patience, but June is a bit much. Could you maybe move your birthday up a bit?

  201. I think Narada and others above are on the right track with the Tesla reference. He was all about free power to the world by wireless means. There have indeed been substantial advances in recent months for induction resonance charging at a distance of 1-2 meters with efficiencies approaching 90%. It would not be a stretch to imagine the Adam having such a charger that could keep the device wirelessly ‘topped up’ at a distance while resting it in your lap or whatever. One must admit that that would be a fairly interesting innovation, as long as the safety issues have been addressed…

  202. So nice to see companies and designers with vision out there, really worth supporting and getting behind!

    A couple of suggestions for your new features page, just basic English stuff:
    Processer: The last sentence “…we’re talking about a truly immersive gaming that won’t drain your battery in the middle of a boss fight.” has a small mistake since gaming isn’t a noun. Would be better as, “…we’re talking about a truly immersive gaming experience…”

    On the screen page not sure why you’ve included the refresh rate of e-ink screens. The Adam doesn’t use e-ink so including technical details of it could be a bit misleading, especially for people reading quickly. I’d suggest either putting in the refresh rate of the Adam’s screen for a direct comparison or removing the e-ink reference altogether.

    On the storage page the last sentence states “…pint-sized PC powered by the latest low powered technology.” I know your meaning is that it’s energy efficient technology but how this sentence sounds (and what it technically means) is that the Adam is powered by technology that, while new, isn’t very powerful (ie cheap or poor quality). Better would be to state, “…pint-sized PC powered by the latest energy efficient technology.”

    Hope that helps a bit. I do English proof reading for a publication here in China and these little details really make a big difference in leaving a positive impression on readers, especially native speakers, for whom the first connection will probably be the quality of the presentation as a reflection of the quality of the product.

  203. Thank you very much for the info, RK. You know, when I first saw this image of the post, I was so convinced that there got to be a digitizer, there is no way to draw sth like that w/o it. Rohan just not saying it instead he showing a pic…

    until manoj’s post came up and Rohan’s replied, now your respond… my hope got killed, man! 😦 x 🙂

  204. Rohan’s quote: “I spend hours looking at the recent patents and if you also do so, you will be as excited as I am, by just adding little extrapolations and imagination.”

    This certainly refers to a patent application/s from NI that will give us clues about the secret sensor!

  205. Rohan’s reference about 1000 threads at this blog threatening to kill and demanding for Adam:

    Was it a tip of the hat to the bloggers here? 😉

    He was talking about timeline/deadline and there are situations when the product has to be kept under wraps and released at the appropriate time. Interesting point.

    But we would like to know more details. and by the way, why is patenting taking too much time? It should’ve been done by now for we’re hearing about this for a long time.

  206. + 11 for “your adam” !

    Even if its just because Rohan did announce: “It’s not goint to be a tablet!” (not literally)

  207. @lxt11, Don’t worry. Even if there’s no active digitizer we still can use capacitive stylus. Many artists are doing that with iPad. Check out reviews for Box capacitive stylus at amazon. And Adam’s capacitive touch screen will allow such styluses to be used for not taking, drawing.

    And who knows, NI might relent and give adamholics or adamenters a digitizer stylus. 🙂

  208. It’s funy that I actually talked about ‘The Prestige’ (one of my favourites) in the last post and suddenly, this post has a mention of it!

    *from Wikipedia*
    ..Borden gives Angier one word, “TESLA”, and suggests that it is not merely the key to the transposition cipher of Borden’s notebook, but also the key to the illusion…

  209. Again, I think your ‘Curve’ section could use some reworking as well, so the following suggestion is offered in a constructive spirit. I personally would have used a phrase like ‘pale parabola of joy’ in describing it, but you have a product to sell, and I don’t.

    “There’s often one stand-out physical factor that sets a product apart, like Adam’s signature cylindrical curvature. It adds a practical dimension as well; you can hold it as comfortably as you’d hold a folder: the curve helps you get a grip that’s ergonomic and evenly distributes weight, without straining your wrist. The curve offers an advantage over the standard tablet, as its 3-degree elevation lends it a natural viewing angle. What’s more, the cylinder stows away easily-replaceable batteries, provides rotational housing for the swivel camera, and serves as an excellent location for the stereo speakers. The result? Design that’s comfortably, intuitively elliptical.

  210. Another interesting update. The wait continues. Speculation continues. My gut feeling has not changed, Adam is the device I want to acquire. I think it is important to remember that no one device can be the answer to all ones geeky dreams. Years from now we will look back and smile at how we were so excited. Hopefully Notion Ink will still be keeping us tuned in with new devices and technology. In the present it does appear that their desire is to give us more then Apple and the many other competitors that are vying for our attention. We wait to see, touch, and feel Adam. To explore it surfaces, know it’s quality. To analyze it’s performance. We await with the excitement of a child at Christmas. Will everyone get everything they want? Probably not, but just as the Mick Jagger sang so many years ago “You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes, well you might find
    You get what you need

  211. Size thing — is the notion ink adam’s screen really “tiny”? I would really like to see an “unboxing”-style video that shows the adam in action. Is there one? What’s the situation for reading/annotating pdfs? Thanks !

  212. Hey Giovanni,

    God bless Italy too. India has a little Italian lady doing her bit in India – and might I say, with a good degree of success — Sonia.

  213. Also, wouldn’t ‘aircraft-grade’ sound better than ‘aircraft-worthy’? The Adam curvature looks like an aerofoil, so I can imagine myself putting several Adams end on end and trying to fly off my roof. I hope it would then be aircraft-worthy!

  214. Will there be any portable bluetooth keyboard accessories available for the adam? I’d love to have something like this : http://www.amazon.com/Stowaway-Ultra-Slim-Bluetooth-Keyboard-Handhelds/dp/B0002OKCXE so that I could occasionally type longer documents. It could also be useful for controlling the device while it’s attached to a TV.

    I’m sure you’re busy with actually producing the adam, but it might make sense to give the size specifications to another company as see if they have interest.



  215. i think we have already seen the 3D gesture in the teaser video released for adam. “Turning the pages like we saw in the video” is’nt that a 3D gesture !!!

  216. Hey Rohan…Thanks for the update…Its the minute details that keep us hooked..and one fine day..I’m going to be the first person to post…cheers!!!!

  217. About the file formats: Will The Office support the common djvu format? I believe this is a must.

  218. Did you try to get into the building bypassing the security?
    I did think about trying to go to Notionink office as a visitor (obviously uninvited visitor). We may get a glimpse of Adam in some of their engineers hands.

  219. The key to this post “(but not rushing by releasing sub-standard products, we are here to stay for centuries)”

    I agree with you Rohan, This is about building a long term business and not rushing out a product in order to capitalise on one holiday season when you have many many more. I’m very proud of the fact that you are sticking to your guns and not giving in to the pressure.

    People need to understand that with Investors involved this is just as much about ensuring they are happy and continue to back you and at the same time providing your users with what they want. It is a tough balancing act and I would like to thank you for the hints you have been dropping to us.
    I’m extremely sorry that your investors are angry at you, people should respect the fact that they have signed an NDA but with the hype around this product, I expect nothing else from them.

    I would like to give you positive feedback on the Calendar and ensure that it is optimised for the touch experience, but doesn’t it seem too crowded? with that much information on screen? It maybe an idea to seperate in to two dialogues one detailing the event and the seccond detailing the time/reminders you would like to set?
    The second hint is a good one. Apple’s 3d Touch can be seen here!


    It combines well with the IR Theory and using the Camera for depth perception. Love the thought if it and can’t wait to see the implementation.

    Finally, I’m with Prakhyat Singh on this, I’m in awe of NI, You, how far out of the box your thinking is and how much imagination this device is using. i want to encourage you to keep going! The Adam was originally my addiction and now its the story. The story of Notion Ink.

    p.s. Sorry for the wall of text.

  220. I guess the backside trackpad is gone. Its missing in the recent specs too.

    Apple has already patented it.

  221. > keep the device wirelessly ‘topped up’ at a distance while resting it in your lap or whatever. One must admit that that would be a fairly interesting innovation, as long as the safety issues have been addressed…

    It’s also possible, if we’re dealing with ac current through the air, that the Adam will have an electrical-execution app, in which case there are no safety issues (except maybe not being deadly enough). This may be the reason that they’re launching in the US first.

  222. @gaia1960,

    I think one of the more important doubts (the one started by the log post on Pierre’s lab) was explained extremely well. and every week the specials contain more info then the one before. I don’t expect Rohan to disclose all info yet; why ? because every week a few days after the last post there are people that start to impatient …. no matter HOW much info you will feed them, they will be hungry for more. Better save some to feed them later.

    @Rohan,wouldn’t be a good idea to feed less info more often?, I mean every day (or every other day) a small(er) blogpost. the total amount of info per week could be more or less the same as for example todays, but at least the would be something new to talk/think about.

  223. Adam has 4 variants of specially designed keyboard… Thats awesome news. Thanks rohan for everything. 😀

  224. So I had a dream last night I felt I should share with the rest of this blog.

    The Adam was released and all, but I think I had a little too much last night for it to be a coherent dream if you catch my drift. 😉 Anyway, the device was plugged into my TV and I was sitting on my bed. Instead of getting up to change it, I gestured at the camera from where I was sitting, and the Adam turned on. From my bed I could manipulate the controls and it picked them up.

    Just wondering if that helps with figuring out the mystery sensor. 😛

  225. Well, I certainly think it has much a do with Tesla and 3D gestures (touchless, of course!). HOwever, you don’t need the cam for that, nor IR tech… ultrasonic sensors will be able to grab gesture info throughout adam if placed under the screen. (EllipticLabs is the company developing this tech!)


  226. Been a silent spectator of the blog/forum since months, and really meta excited about the Adam. The last time I was this excited about the launch of something, was Harry Potter’s last book 😛

    The Tesla reference was fab!

    You are totally making us earn the adam! 😀

  227. Lawyers generally will not file a suit without some kind of evidence to back up the claim. In this case, it is clear that the Notion Ink team has been working on their own hardware and software R&D (this blog is counter-evidence to the claim that they infringed.)

    Apple would not want to be accused of “abuse of process” or malicious prosecution, as the penalty Apple Would pay for that would be very high. The elements of a valid cause of action for “abuse of process” in most jurisdictions are: (1) the existence of an ulterior purpose or motive underlying the use of process, and (2) some act in the use of the legal process not proper in the regular prosecution of the proceedings. (More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abuse_of_process )

    This is not to say that someone might not do that, but it would not be wise. Besides, why wouldn’t they have sued other tablet makers who already have their tablets on the market??

  228. @Paritosh
    I am not sure about apple but motorola intorduced the backside trackpad in its Backflip – Mobile phone…

    motorola would have already had patent for this… that is for a mobile though.. not sure how patents are issued (whether patent is specific to hardware – Backflip mobile phone in this case)…

  229. All real life events are shown on the calendar image posted by Rohan, For example

    1) Anniversary of Priyanka Rodrigues. This refers to Andre’s actual anniversary (February 1, 2009).
    2) It also shows a conf call with Aravind, who is also part of Notion ink and already referred by Rohan in previous post for the work on new website.

    Interestingly the calendar also shows a invitation to Misty on July 2006. I am suspecting its a small typo and there might have been a meeting with none other than “Pranav Mistry”

    Any comments on this Rohan?

  230. Pixel Qi is a ‘thinking’ LCD technology that can switch to three different modes by controlling the backlight. In regular (transmissive) mode, it functions like a conventional LCD. The transflective mode is enabled by turning down the backlight and allows high visibility even in direct sunlight unlike conventional LCD screens which go black or dark. Turn off the backlight completely and it becomes a reflective greyscale epaper display similar to the EInk displays on ebook readers like the Kindle. The combination of modes allows the screen to save substantial power and battery life (the company claims that in reflective mode, the display saves upto 80% compared to conventional LCD). What this means, is that the Adam can double up as an ebook reader and a tablet. Also, it should offer a way better outdoor usage experience than current products including the iPad.


  231. That would be a hassle for Rohan. He has work to do between his blog posts. Best to give us his weekly updates.

    The good thing (IMHO) is that he will only have two more weeks (I hope) to post updates before the Adam is released.

  232. @Groundsit,

    I mentioned about trackpad/touchpad at backside of tablet, not frontside of Laptop

    I am not sure but the laptop trackpad is from Synaptics.

  233. it’s the end of november!!! it was not supposed to be released in November????????????? cant wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do need a reply on this pliz or i will go buy an ipad, you are losing customers, you have to keep a prosmise!!!

  234. @Rohan, just observed that the adam specific links are now displayed on the “About” & “Contact” pages also. I had suggested this in my comments. Hope our comments are helping you a little.

    Feels so good to be part of ADAM 😀

  235. The sensor is an antigravity stuff. Probably NI got some antimatter generated from CERN this month. 😉

  236. i like the new features part of the site, but iv noticed a problem.
    on my 24′ inch screen on my desktop the features and design look great, but on my laptop, only a 15 inch screen, the design and features words and pictures overlap other parts of the website, its still readable but you cant see a few words and you cant see 100% of the pictures

  237. The livescribe pens are IR. It’s a big – if not entirely direct – competitor Adam’s demographic as well (students, people who want a productivity device and not a media consumption slab). Lucky for Notion, the tech has some major issues. I’ve been using one for almost two years now, and it’s come in handy often. For all its benefits, it tends to generate clutter if you’re actually managing 3-4 subjects. Plus, the pen lacks pressure sensitivity, a pencil option, touch compatibility on it’s desktop application, and has been sluggish with updates in general.

    Still, it’s come down to a reasonable price and probably works great for most people. But the more I’ve ended up using mine, the more I find myself wishing it could all be done on a tablet in the first place.

    If the easter egg here is an IR sensor, it may allow the Adam to augment its touch recognition to a degree of handwriting accuracy comparable to a Livescribe pen – possibly even deducing the angle of a stylus. While tablets “seem” to have this functionality, it’s pretty rough trying to fit more than 6-8 lines of handwriting onto one capacative screen. With this feature we could be looking at fitting 20-25 like a standard wide-ruled notebook. Cross-referencing motion capture is what all the console makers have done recently (one way or another) to improve on the 1st gen Wiimote. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see tablets take their lead in this respect.

    The offscreen gesture capability paulikxp mentioned is a pretty wild thought too. Though not seemingly a key feature, having a commands such as “picking up” an icon with a pinch, “pulling it” up offscreen (i.e. icon goes transparent, the hand’s general position is now tracked by IR exclusively) and then dropping it to a destination could be a bit more fluid and consistent than a standard drag and drop. Plus you could pop open a destination window, or close a window that’s in the way with your other hand while the first is still acting as the clipboard. Not that there’s anything too frustrating with good old drag-and-drop, but I can think of plenty of cases where some IR help could make the process less acrobatic.

    I think for all its potential and the relative difficulty Rohan would have had explaining the feature at early stages, compared to the relative payoff it would provide as a more passive feature, this sensor is a safe bet.

  238. Ok I haven’t read all the comments yet, roughly half way now but I do want to share some thoughts. (I am not logged in on wordpress now, creativeme2k10 is my posting name normally)

    Rohan said:
    “That is why Adam is not a tablet, it’s a seed for us, the first one which will help us lay the grounds for what is yet to come. I have designed the complete blueprint of an application called “Bliss”. You will find its components and traces on Adam and I think it will help us change our expectations & experiences from the machines we interact with. ”

    Why the code that points out to Tesla his birth date? Why not to one of his inventions or achievements, if that was what Rohan wanted us to think about and consider?

    It seems that Notion Ink is all about laying the ground rules. It has the potential of becoming the next Apple (before that it was Microsoft), with one huge difference.. they are all about technology and not marketing. All about technological (application) revolution.

    I think you’ve already figured out the hidden sensor bit, for as much as Rohan is letting on and can indeed do so. His entire post is dedicated however to a long term approach. Stating the obvious, in the face, that we need to look beyond the Adam and realise that the parts of blueprint (Bliss) that comes with Adam will show Notion Ink how to move on from there in improving their product. Hence the unusual approach that they have in working so close with the public (us).

    Rohan is eager to find out if the Adam can do for the world what it is meant to do. Change it.

  239. plz take a look here:

    h**p://www.notionink.in/features.php under it says:
    Got an HDTV? Plug the Adam in through the HDMI port provided, and voila, you’ve got your own media centre that plays just about everything, “minus the battery drain”.

    Now howcome there’ll be no battery drain whilst watching movies on our LCD/HD TV through HDMI.
    Something here is definately linked to the Tesla concepts!.


  240. I’ve been following your blog and website from the beginning. I’ve never put a comment but today thought just mention one small thing. I guess it must have been talked by other visitors as well.

    I’ve looked at the specs on new website and most of the hardware is latest and greatest. But I was disappointed by camera. It’s a great design to have a swivel operation to cover different scenarios but when in the market mobile phones have 5.0 MP (some 8 MP) cameras, in these times you are launching a device with 3.2 MP.

    I appreciate you for creating a blog and connecting with all range of people from developers to customers and applaud you for bringing such a device to reality.


  241. Well, safety is still a legal issue, as electrical execution apps will need to avoid ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment. I believe when the Governor of Texas was asked about this forthcoming app, he did use the word ‘humane’. He went on to say that he also expected the app to be Green. Thus, it would draw this ac current only from non-fossil fuel sources and, once the user is dead, detect falling body temperature using the IR sensor and shut itself down, thus conserving power.

    Another app avoids bad hair days by imaging the user using the swivel camera, detecting bad hair, and then manipulating the electro-static field around Adam to shape the hair back properly. Bald people merely get a discount.

  242. plz take a look here:


    (1080p HD Video Output through HDMI) under it says:

    Got an HDTV? Plug the Adam in through the HDMI port provided, and voila, you’ve got your own media centre that plays just about everything, “minus the battery drain”.

    Now howcome there’ll be no battery drain whilst watching movies on our LCD/HD TV through HDMI.

    Something here is definately linked to the Tesla concepts!.

    replace ** with tt


  243. Its called Palm Rejection

    Take a look at the asus T101, I was going to get that until I found the adam.
    Also there is an app for ipad called penultimate with palm rejection, I hope something like this is included so that you can take notes.


  244. Hey guys, I might not be able to meet you in Missouri… Gotta fly back to Serbia, my dog is sick. I’ll let you know, k?

    May the power of magnets be with you!

  245. Just release Adam now. Be fruitful and multiply. Populate the Earth in no time!….oh and we’re going to need Eve to do that, 😀

  246. @ Rohan
    Hi, You have answered my question I was about to ask ! I am not a tech. person… If such precise strokes can be made…I reckon that there has to be an active digitizer which supports capacitive touch like N-Trig or Wacom. anybody ??

  247. IR, RF, visible light, X-rays and the like are all forms of electromagnetic radiation. An “electromagnetic energy harvester” could mean any piece of matter that’s being heated up by incoming waves of energy. IR has certainly proved limiting for outdoor laser tag and TV remotes, but for reading gestures between a hand/stylus and a screen a few inches away, both are viable candidates. Both would also work well in low light.

  248. I would stress that the diplay itself is dumb.
    Notion Ink (itself?) developed the intelligent software to read an sensors output and interpret the lighting conditions, consequently controlling the screens modes.

  249. The code on the site looks a lot like Hex code, and a quick spin of a hexadecimal converter brought about the following number: 3,581,020,800. A quick trip to Wolfram|Alpha lets us know that 3,581,020,800 miliseconds is equivalent to 41.44700, or 41 when rounded down. If thought back to the daily countdown timer and figured out that January 4th is 41 days from now. What else is on January 4th, you say? Of course, it’s CES.

  250. The above calculations are not mine as me not a geek :), found it on net although not able to put the link in here coz when i put that link in here then my post doesn’t get published here, meebe that site is blocked here 😦

  251. @ Sowmya
    Rohan says that the picture was drawn by hands… so such precise strokes are possible…I reckon that there has to be an active digitizer which supports capacitive touch like N-Trig or Wacom.

  252. Hi,

    just a few things,

    @Rohan I love the website updates, cant wait for software and genesis to come along.


    Relating to the code, and the “hint” in this blog post, im sure we all picked up the mention of Tesla’s birthday in the calendar section, which is what the timestamp / code resolves to, but (someone else may have already said this, but as far as I can see they havent ) what about this as the hint?

    “The Panel Engine

    Few applications will require multiple instances (have you heard of this on other non-PC devices?) for better functionality, like File Browser for faster file transfer, web browsers in incognito modes, etc. Hence, Panel Engine will support multiple instances.”

    Is it me, or has Rohan been going on about how this mystery feature is not included in any other tablets, or maybe any “other non-PC devices?” My thought is that the mystery feature is related to that, also, not a lot has been said on it, which makes me think Rohan is witholding information…

    It might be that this is somehow linked to Tesla, but I may be barking up the wrong tree…

    Still, I cant wait for the Adam 😀

  253. Apart from that.
    Rohan mentioned Tesla in his post, thus the HexCode being a Unix timestamp _exactly_ pointing to Teslas birth can not be a coincidence.

  254. thanks again for a very informative post, Rohan
    when you folks get a chance could you fix the redness on the hands (guess its something to do with light effect?) in the 2 videos on the site…

  255. If you choose a tool with a small tip you will only draw a thin line, probably with the middle of your finger tip. It’s the same when you’re writing with the on-screen keyboard: not the whole finger print is used but only the center or which part touches the screen first.

  256. I would like to know about the Adam’s 3G connection. Have they announced what carrier will provide the network, or if and/or what the monthly fee would be? Thank you for any information regarding the issue.

  257. @ Rohan, sorry but one issue and one nitpicky statement from me.

    1) Issue: The new features page is excellent, but the navigation is counter-intuitive. Instead of clicking on the items on the side of the one you are looking at, you HAVE to click on the small navigation bar on the bottom. This had me stumped for a second before I tried it. (I had not even recognised the buttons on the bottom as (yet another) navigation bar.
    Proposed solution: make the large pictures themselves navigational items.

    2) Nitpicky statement: Although I adore the new proper English sentences. I had to chuckle about “The Adam is you window to everything under the sun, and we have taken a lot of care to ensure that the display reflects that.”
    The meaning intended is that “we reflect” that “the adam is your window to [everything-under-the-sun]”.
    The meaning I perceived is “we have taken a lot of care to ensure that the display reflects” “the sun”.
    The sentence which is posted is semantically 100% perfect, but reading it a bit too fast might lead people to believe that the adam has a very shiny glossy screen which reflects all light there is, and this is by design.

  258. At this point, I either expect the ADAM to be an amazing tablet, or crash and burn under the heavy expectations/ hardware insufficiencies.

    For my sake, Notion Ink’s sake, and the sake of my wallet, I hope to God it is the latter.

    Also, Rohan, if limited amounts of ADAMs are available in the first release, do you know how long it would take to ship out the next batch?

  259. So, how about USB networking? Since my phone can do USB tethering and Adam will provide my phone with power, USB networking will be my preferred method of getting on the network.


  260. I think you do not understand the picture.
    The different lines can be scrolled up and down with one finger.

    It shows only one reall life event being set up by scrolling all the ‘bars’ to the correct values. The other ‘events’ are just the next thing on the circular bar.

  261. I recall hearing awhile back that NI would be offering discounts to students… was it ever mentioned how much of a discount?

  262. It might be stupid, but after seeing the clues, tesla, 3d touch, wireless and Rohan’s immediate response to the question abt the paint app makes me feel the sensor is indeed a 3d gesture detector which makes adam fingerprint proof too!! I have a feeling the image for paint app was not drawn on.the surface, but in front of adam in air!!! With the use of IR now it might be working at night also!! Imagine the use of this in presentations and the way we interact with the device!!!
    Came out from.bed to write this. let me sleep.peace!!

  263. smells like trouble:-)

    Rohan, we hope that your lawyers/patent specialists at NI are aware of this apple patent. Nice find Vijay.

  264. “The Adam is your window to everything under the sun, and we have taken a lot of care to ensure that the display reflects that.”

    Admire the pun and move on.

  265. We never heard from our buddy on price, discounts, expected release dates yet. Those investors and lawyers GRINDING TEETH 😉

  266. The website improvement is really quite remarkable! This shows great attention to detail, to feedback, and your desire to make a product that impresses – it gives me even more confidence in adam….

    Really, this site now is clean, brief and to the point, highlights the amazing specs/features, looks classy and original.


  267. Ya that makes sense Ejal. And the list of names must be from contacts or something.
    I think I imagined a little too much… 🙂

  268. It would be nice to have a bit more clarity about the on-board available storage capacity. It seems to me that it might just be 8GB, leaving us the option to add as much GB we can afford (micro SD & flash usb, the first being very expensive and the latter being very unpractical). I hope I am wrong.

  269. Once again, just fantastic. And now with the Features on the website, it becomes possible to reach beyond the geeks and the true believers, so I added a new post on my blog (in French)… Let’s roll!

  270. Wow – wonder what the price tag will be. Hope Adam can use the micro sdhc card. I think that will be only way to get 128 gb.

  271. @Rohan, I am looking for a tablet that I don’t require to upgrade for the next 2 years (including adam 2). Apple does wants to you upgrade after their every new release keeping existing customers left behind and increasing their sales. How dependable will it be even after releasing adam 2?

  272. I could only wish for a 5 MP camera ar better. 3,2 is a bit outdated. I have it on samsung tab that is great, but not as a photo. Also I wonder – will there be a strobe with the camera?

  273. @Pratik, and only one christmas left :(. Lets meet on Mt. Everest or at Mt. Elbert (Colorado 14’er).

  274. FM Transmitter ? I think its easier to fit than wireless charging or “Kinect” and will not cost anything extra. And Yes waiting for Preorders to start. Why dont NI launch Adam First in India than Other countries, At least We will feel proud.

  275. My adam will have 1TB HDD + 320 GB HDD + 8 GB Pen drive + 1 GB pen drive + 3 *4 GB SDHC card + 8GB SDHC card on day one.
    woops, sorry apple I can’t use so much on iPad 🙂

  276. Rohan & Co.,

    I will belabor the Antoni Gaudi connection a bit with some quotes from the NG issue of Dec. 2010, so bear with me. It has connections to your stated ‘Philosophy’ although in a way that perhaps undermines the design antipodes you have set up: i.e., organic, retro and geometric. I submit that geometric is organic and organic is retro, as Gaudi realized, and as the golden ratio->Fibonacci->patterns-in-nature connections reveal.

    The article opens with a quote from Gaudi. speaking about his design for the Sagrada Familia cathedral (which, incidentally, I have visited and admired). ‘My client is not in a hurry’. He was talking about God. Construction started in 1883 and will finish, perhaps, in 2026. So Adam is well ahead, although, to echo Rohan’s comment, will hopefully still be work in progress in another 143 years. Of course, I do hope you release Mark 1 sooner.

    Another line from Gaudi: ‘originality is returning to the origin’; in his case, biomimetic design. He was a pious man, so he also meant, reflecting God’s work; i.e. nature.

    “For Gaudi, form and function were inseparable; one found aesthetic beauty only after seeking structural efficiency, which rules the natural world. ‘Nothing is art if it does not come from nature’, he concluded.”

    “…the facades of the Sagrada Familia are based on the golden ratio, the geometric proportion behind all aesthetically pleasing art”.

    So, Gaudi was organic, but also deeply retro and, of course, intuitively geometric, basing his intuition on how gravity determined optimal structure and then inverting these geometries for his designs.

    Anyway, hopefully this helps you articulate your Philosophy part a bit better — of course, assuming that you hadn’t already digested all that Gaudi and his ilk had to offer when it came to engineering design of the aesthetic and optimal kind.

  277. @ Krämer

    Yea prestige did have tesla in it. I think Adam’s gonna have teleportation feature built-in. That would be handy, and none of the tablets have it yet.

  278. maybe Rohan already knew about this and that is why he has labeled that under the micro SD section?

  279. I have no problem if the answer is “I cannot show you because…”. But if an information is requested so many times, the people should get an answer, even if it’s not what they expect.

  280. I am well aware of the former.
    Just interested in how it would work..
    But, I realize that reading a few hours would probably the better idea 😉
    Patent laws..

  281. I’m convinced the secret feature is wireless charging. Just look up the presentation by Tesla in Missouri, as Rohan mentioned.

    That would be nice; as soon as you enter your office/home ur Adam will start charging automatically.


  282. According to my calculations of comment-growth over the past 10 weeks, when exclusively analyzing the week-end specials, there should be 2,121 comments on this post, 2,802 on the next, and 3,577 on Week-end Special XII. This does not account for any other factors such as population density or provocativeness of information contained within the post. Let us see how well objective mathematics truly works 🙂

  283. Its 2.30 AM here and I’m still dwelling on the blog posts … It’s like being glued 2 a fast paced Science Fiction… I m thoroughly njoying it … THANKS EVERYONE ..

    I hope, by december 9 all the twists and knots ll be unwind-ed …

  284. @abhi: Yes, that’s what i thought – but the side-effect from the teleportation Feature in “Prestige” (don’t want to spoil here) could become problematic 😉

  285. yeah the keyboard’s the first thought that came to mind, but then on the chassis I couldn’t figure out how the adam might have it?
    as for the waiting, i’m so ready for the tablet to be in my hands. i’ve written so many apps with the Adam in mind (I just hope they’ll run on the adam). so far i’ve only got my iPad to test them on. @Rohan can’t wait, i’m so close to knocking on your office door 😉

  286. Deep pockets!….hmmmm!!

    Who could have a deeper pockets than that of the “Reliance” Ambani.. backed ‘Notion Ink’ they them selves? the richest Billionaire’s backed firm.

    It’s no surprise to hear Rohan say all this with so much confidence, though it may sound mistic.
    He dares to speak stuff!… Apple happens to be just another big fish in the ocean…they will face every once a while. But petty little things like these, come & go.. & wouldn’t even effect, a tiny speck to the NI’s strong foundations. While they(NI) r here to stay much longer 🙂

  287. “I can’t explain all everything in one week as well, so will keep this tradition of sharing something every week.”

    Why not share a release date? 🙂

  288. I agree with Otaq, I love the features page the way it is 🙂
    Nice job on the page, its starting to look really polished.

  289. Basicly your point is valid.
    Regarding marketability, your point is (sadly) valid.

    But, we have to remind ourselves:
    1. This is primarily a webcam. Did you ever have a webcam chat with 3.2MP or even 8MP? very, very unlikely
    2. If this piece of electronics and glass (and plastics) will prove to have superior image quality, I gladly sacrifice a few pixels.
    3. You know, 3MP is normally _2000x1500_. I do not know any sensible screen that sports that resolution…
    4. 3MP is perfectly fine for you standard 4×6 print. Causual shots for the web need even lower pixel density… At that point general image Quality (lens! image processing!) is much more important than sheer pixel madness.

    In the past, many manufacturers have proven that 12MP may be _less_ good than 6MP in their models.

    Its not just about “who got the biggest MPs”. In fact, the greater the MPs, the smaller the individual pixels are, resulting in a lot of problems like much less light sensivity, noise, bleeding and much more.

    Do not get me wrong: I love technological advance. Give me more megapixels _without_ compromising quality, and I will gladly take it!

    We will have to see what kind of quality adams Webcam will provide.

    Have fun!

  290. everyone has a track pad, just because you put it on the back does not make it an infringement on someone else’s patent. The apple Ipad patent isn’t just an ordinary track pad on the back, it is an entire panel track pad on both sides. Nothing should be able to prevent notion ink from putting a track pad on the back of their tablet as long as it is one that is the style of one’s already on laptops, if it becomes something like an entire panel then it might be an issue.

  291. haha, I think when my child acts like this I place them in time out and ask them to come talk to me when they are ready to have a civilized conversation 😉

  292. ha! ha! ha! LOL 🙂 chris i like your humerish blunt approach! i’m with you in this..
    was expecting to extract an answer from Rohan. Its getting frustrating day-by-day as the launch date gets closer & the comments keep increasing here forever.
    And to watch all these sidelined stuff…rather than our core focus “adam”.

  293. didn’t citizen released a watch a few years back that charged itself based on the movement? each time the device moves the kinetic energy gets converted to electric energy…
    but what does that have to do with working at night?

  294. especially if you plan on using this device for video skype calling, etc, a larger megapixel is not used, your high end cameras on phones are actually minimized because you can’t stream 8 mega pixels over a cell network. 3.2 is perfect for video calling and video taping, most of us will have a camera that you can connect to the adam. I have a Nikon D300, I would love it if I could connect the Adam to my camera and use my adam to change the settings of the camera and control it’s shots from the tablet and NOT the camera. This is in our future!

    Will you be carrying the adam tablet with you everywhere you go to take pictures? no, it is too big to be considered your full time camera, you will have a pocket camera or phone camera with you at all times. But you will have the adam tablet in your car or hotel room to brows, edit and post pictures to facebook 😉

  295. My thought exactly, If we could just get a narrowed down range I would be very happy. I do not expect to get it this year of course but if we could get something like feb-march or w/e it would go a long way towards keeping me sane.

    If we could get confirmation of price that would be great too. I have heard a bunch of things from different places but will only trust it when i see it here.

  296. We do not have confirmation as far as i know about the market but many people seem to believe that it will have market access.

  297. wow – now thats gonna make Rohan release it in November, just to stop you from buying ipad!!
    Dude, if you need an ipad now, you should go and buy and ipad now!

  298. Ok, only one thing. I know who ever created it has a reason, and a reason they believe it SHOULD be there. But why really? Get rid of the yellow-green glow on the new feature page under the connectivity tab. Its just a distraction. Otherwise; great job. Love the direction of the website over the last few days. Every correction made was the right one. Some little things remain but I wont nitpick. Great job to NI and the designer for a website I actually feel a little more comfortable forwarding friends to.

  299. I’ve found the news about getting the font rendering correct one of the best parts of today’s post. It’s a total shame to see these other devices with either horrible typography (pretty much anything Linux based) or Apple’s rendering which I find too soft without a massive dpi (like the iPhone 4). Microsoft’s is nice when displayed in ideal conditions, but it’s not aware of rotation which makes the subpixel rendering poor for a tablet.

    If the text rendering is truly optimized for the effective 3072×600 resolution in reflective mode and the Adam gets Pixel Qi’s latest display tech, it should look stellar.

    P.S., it seems that the site map link at the bottom is unclickable on the Features and Design page.

  300. Would be cool if the secret sensor was linked to the camera, where hand movements would control the device…

  301. Rohan has told us repeatedly, week after week, that he can not publish much of this till release; emphasized by investors’ concerns and anger. He can’t take risks with those investors at this point and in this economy, esepecially after investor difficulties and delays earlier this year. As Gecko eloquently points out, those investors are making business decisions, not technology or public relations decisions; hopefully good ones. And, the more unique and visionary Adam turns out to be, the more likely they are to guard final info as closely as possible. I’m sure their announcements when made will be heard round the world. Rohan has not ignored these requests; people may just not like the answers for now.

  302. nice update… but still leave us in expectation for another week. Winter is coming, it snows now in Europe and we don’t have our Adam to browse in our beds. Tough times are coming. Just to release my shopping anxiety and keep some money for the ADAM I ignored black friday. Just one gadget here and there, but nothing extraordinary. Bring the warm ADAM soon, it is freezing here.

  303. Please tell me the Canvas app has a built-in screen-recorder to support speed painting. Maybe you could have Nico di Mattia doing a few guest sketches….for your live demo 🙂
    link – http: // nicodimattia.wordpress.com/

  304. love the fact that rohan used the pink rabbit as a reference for ideas that are difficult to understand…

  305. the screen aspect ratio for the adam tablet is very different from everything else on the market, the OS is a custom version of android and everything else is custom. Stuff has to be made so that it will utilize the entire screen or else it will look stretched, or it wont display at all.

    That being said… I dont think it will take but a couple of weeks before someone comes out with a conversion app or something that blacks out the parts of the screen not being used and runs a cell android app on the adam just like it would on the phone. People have criticized Ipad for not forcing developers to make custom apps for the Ipad and allowing the device to run apps in just a blown up scale. But this is essential and something that must be accepted. It is an easy fix to an issue of a new product coming to market with little apps available. This must be done until programmers have enough time to develop apps with these new aspect ratios.

    My personal belief is that the unstandardized aspect ratio may cause the adam more harm than good. It is very hard for developers to make a custom product for each different device. Look at all the problems the developers of “Angry Birds” are having over the different versions of Android OS.


    The program only runs on higher end versions of the android operating system and wont on lower versions. They have to customize the product for the other people and this has resulted in those customers not having access to the app until years after everyone else. When you create a product it should utilize a standard aspect ratio so products that are already developed have one less thing to worry about when publishing for your device. Lets see if the adam 2 maintains this different aspect ratio…

  306. Congratulations to Rohan and all team at inNOvaTION thINK!! Great update, thanks for it!

    I hope the “SD” would really a SDHC compatible full size (not MicroSD), this is a great new for me (I normally use the SD cards from digital cameras)…

    And about the extra mistery feature, I would like very much if it would be the “Haptic Keyboard” that gives you the real feel or near that of a phisical keyboard, it would be great!!

    About this, Microsoft are working (and make patents) about this technology too:

    Thanks all for your comments, I like very much reading here, sorry for my poor english, I cannot explain well my thoughts a lot of times…

    PD: Are here some more spanish people like me? Please tell me other sites where you post in spanish to comment about the great ADAM in spanish (forums, spanish blogs,…)

  307. If you don’t get an ADAM in time for your trip, well, you can always please yourself with the ADAM facade made from the DVD covers as shown in the previous blog comments.

    No one needs to be disappointed anymore 🙂

  308. Look at the screen of about any netbook currently on sale and you will see just what is the exact size is of 10″ 16:9 screen.
    As written before,
    – 10″, 16:9 is the only size available for Pixel Qi displays
    – 16:9 is the normal aspect ratio in Android
    – 16:9 is the only aspect ratio where you can divide a landscape display in three vertical panels with the same aspect ratio (used in eden)
    – 16:9 is much better for movie/video, paperback size books and correspondence much better to the shape of human vision.

  309. Ok, but you won’t walk through the city and take high quality pictures with your Adam, will you? It’s enough to see people talking to themselves walking around (yes, they have a wireless headset) but to see others taking pictures with a tablet PCs.. Pfffffffft….
    For that you will have a good camera in your phone or seperately in your pocket.
    Or are you probably using your Galaxy Pad as a phone while holding it on your ear? Must look very funny 😀

  310. It is binary countdown which has been confirmed by daily changes. The countdown points towards December 9th.

  311. Oh, thanks Wouter and Greg; I noticed the book reference, sure it was no accidental post, but been so long since I read that book; now I need to re-read 🙂

  312. I’m pretty sure that 95% of the existing apps will run on Adam. For “old” apps which are not designed to run on higher resolution screens there will be the three-panel-view, through wich you get a resolution of roughly 300×530 pixel for each panel. This works in landscape mode and it’s not known so far what will happen in portrait mode.

  313. I am pretty sure that it is still micro sd even though I agree if it was SD it would be better. SD cards are much cheaper

  314. tinyurl.com/2bmtjpn

    It is only an application for it as I haven’t been able to figure out if it was accepted or not.
    As for “how can every notebook have a front side trackpad”, because it is on the front (which had its own lawsuit fiasco) where as apple’s patent(application) is about giving input info on the back of a media device(backside trackpad) which then displays an output on the frontside of the device.

    Like I said though, I’ve only been able to find the application.

  315. @gecko

    The largest capacity microSD (actually microSDHC) card I’ve see ins 32 GB. But it is slower (class 2 / class 4) and relatively expensive. Unless they make them fast and prices drop, I’ll stick with 16 GB cards.

    And if my info is correct, microSDHC is limited to 32GB. So a 64 GB card would have to be a SDXC card, which is a upcoming format with a capacity of 2,000 GB (2 TB). I’m not sure that format will be supported on the adam though.

  316. @sim… Thanks of the link. I stand corrected. That will be cool, but I bet it will also be way too expensive…

  317. I already asked for odf in another post but got no answer yet… :-/ I really hope that they will support odf as it is the most used format here at my university in Germany!

  318. I was going to ask the same thing. I am hoping for Google calendar and contacts integration. Or a way to import at the very least…

  319. Same goes for the yellow glow on the “Air/Flash” portion. Its a distraction, not an improvement.

  320. New Oxford American Dictionary and Websters both agree:

    Menagerie: Collecion of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibiton

    Alternate Figurative meaning: A diverse collection of people or things …

    Just my thoughts:

    Seems to accurately describe both this blog and the application on the website. While I agree with most “nit picks” that website needs to be accurate, factual and professional, I’d hate to lose all the quirks and charm inherent, to become completely sanitized and boring. Glad to know what a boss fight is; don’t spend much time in basement playing games …

  321. I still have wireless G in my home but want to replace with wireless N (adam being the driving force). I think you have to have a dual band wireless n router for both 2.4 and 5 GHz support, right?

    I’m just starting to research which wireless N router to buy (so far considering the D-Link DIR-655, but it is not dual band) so if anyone has a N router they love, please let me know…

  322. > the screen aspect ratio for the adam tablet is very different from everything else on the market

    Galaxy Tab same aspect ratio and same resolution (and has market access)
    Archos 101, Viewsonic G-tablet and every othe 10″ Android tablet have the same size, aspect ratio and resolution.
    And the aspect ratio (both in full screen as in 3 panel view is very close to about every android phone ever made)

    >the OS is a custom version of android

    So is motoblur, sense ect…

    > and everything else is custom.

    Tegra2 is getting pretty industry standard for Android tablet

    > Stuff has to be made so that it will utilize the entire screen or else it will look stretched, or it wont display at all.

    As said aspect ratio is the about the same as on Android phones and tablets…And in 3 panel view the aspect ratio is the same (but in portrait instead of landscape).

  323. > I thought dec 9th is when 0 will be hit

    If Rohan has a sense of humor, he will say nothing on Dec 9, when the counter reaches 0. The next day, the counter will start incrementing again at 1. I hope Rohan doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  324. Filed by Samsung July 9, 2009.

    Add to it the only mention of “India” is this:
    “[0001]This application claims the priority under 35 U.S.C. .sctn.119(a) to an application filed in the Intellectual Property Office of India on Jul. 9, 2008, and assigned application Serial No. 1668/CHE/2008, and to an application filed in the Korean Industrial Property Office on May 19, 2009, and assigned Serial No. 10-2009-0043472, the contents both of which are incorporated herein by reference. ”

    I’m going to say coincidence,

  325. @mhasija

    As per your battery drain question…

    The reason is because you can turn adam’s back light off when watching a movie on a big screen display connected to the adam via HDMI. There will still be some battery drain, but not much when compared to watching a movie on the adam and having the back light turned on the whole time.

    At least that is how I interpret what is being said.

  326. With all due respect, Alex, if you truly NEED a tablet NOW, you can and should go buy an ipad; plenty of people around the world have.

    Purely personal, I desperately need a tablet, but an committed to seeing Rohan, NI and Adam through. Rohan did not promise November release; he has promised an awesome device beyond a mere tablet, built with quality and integrity, and I’m looking forward to its launch, WHEN READY.

  327. Greg:
    > The reason is because you can turn adam’s back light off when watching a movie on a big screen display

    Oh, duh. I didn’t get that, either. But it’s stupidly obvious, and Greg has a genius for that kind of thing.

  328. I loved the whole post Rohan…

    And I’m especially curious about your closing paragraphs. Not just about Bliss, but also about where you said “its time we start making intelligent machines and companions which can help us do more, learn more, than just creating copies of hot selling products”.

    I picked up on the word companions and immediately thought about Eve.

    Now I am wondering if Eve will be a companion product (accessory) for the Adam, and if so, what will it be? Well, who knows, but I’m sure I’ll have to have it!

    Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule once again to keep us informed. It must seem like no matter how much you share with us, we always want more. Well, that is true; but it does not mean we are not appreciative of what you do share with us… Thank you!

  329. Well kind sir, if I would place a bet on which guess makes most sense, yours would be it.

  330. Rohan and team, great job!!!

    Love the features page. I had to take a little break. Is there a way that I can get a doctor’s note for this week? I didn’t get any work done last week while working at home following the blog religiously. 🙂

    Can’t wait to order it.

    Keep up the good work!


  331. Tesla reference points to Near Field Communication, and it might mean NI Adam is a Gingerbread rather than a Froyo.
    Links: goo.gl/LEWZV

  332. If I can’t get hold of an Adam in Canada or US by Christmas, I will have to add Bangalore to my itinerary during my India vacation.

  333. well an insignificant observation 😛 Is it possible to control camera’s angle through software or a dedicated switch, as messing around with the camera physically might leave finger imprints.

    Good Post Rohan 🙂

  334. Hi Rohan,

    Great post! Really well done for the website and the updates.

    Could we see Adam in action – I am particularly interested in seeing how responsive is note-taking!!!

    Please could you show us : )

  335. It would be great if you could hold the adam in front of you and it would take panoramic pictures by automaticaly rotating the camera.

  336. @elmelao Q.E.D. = Quod Erat Demonstrandum
    A general latin term in mathematical theories… states literally “what had to been proven” and means “the statement was proven in logical terms”

  337. Thanks for the reply!

    Even with fingers and some brush selection, if i can do something like that.
    perhaps it is good to take notes using the paint app itself.

  338. excuse me, but have you had any experience of investing 20-30 million dollars?
    oh you run a billion dollar industry…….

    ….no?…..then ……

  339. This is a lovely update.

    Enough with the screenshots..I want to see the UI in action on video.

    Thanks 🙂

  340. @Rohan

    Under the “Design” section on the website, the “Camera Placement” wording is not centered on the white ribbon. Also, the picture showing the camera placement is hard to see.

    Here’s a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/qm6HK.png

    By the way, this occurs on 2 of my computers (1 with xp, 1 with win 7) and on IE and FireFox.

  341. Even if they directly don’t ship to SIngapore, it may be possible to get this through Borderlinx.com.sg or vPost Or I’m sure some intrepid re-seller in Sim Lim or Racecourse Road will carry it from India (if they do retail in India, that is)

    Singapore is the center of logistics operations; wouldn’t be too worried about getting it here. 🙂 A bigger worry, frankly, is IDA’s certification; I don’t know if they will need process stuff in addition to FDA/CE’s certifications. If they do, then technically it would be illegal to sell Notion Ink Adam in Singapore. Now those Racecourse Road sellers might get around it by calling them ‘export models’ or something, but that’ll be unnecessary markup on the price, not dissimilar to what they did before the iPad came out.

    Oops, did I talk too much about Singapore’s gray market on an official forum? 🙂

  342. @Rao

    sorry to burst your bubble.

    Rohan meant: he goes through the recent patents filed (by everyone) and from those, using some imagination, can grasp what all the people are conceptualizing.

    its like a crystal ball to the future of technology. AND if we have THAT imagination we will understand also.

  343. @Cathy
    Was away with the family for a few hours and, already GB of reading here!

    You are right Regarding STARSHIPS. A little more digging, and I found Mr. Spock saying: “Beam me up, Scotty!” in Star Trek.

  344. nice to read some better insights from someonelse (other than me!!!! been shouting hoarse from past few blog post :-))

  345. You have to be an EAP to state that you will have an app ready at launch. You also mentions emails sent by NI. If this would be true, wouldn´t you be violating your agreement as EAP while complaining others did so?

    Besides you make quite some advertisements for you app. I don´t think this community blog is the place to do so. If you had done it once in your enthusiasm I would understand, but you seem to be in every new thread with roughly the same ad and your contact details.

    Maybe it´s just me but I feel a community blog is not the right place for it and you seem to take large risks with your proudly earned EAP. Your choice and I am no moderator here nor working for NI but I would be more careful.

  346. Don’t like NI website :(. I don’t think NI website has a formal business look. Don’t like how some letters stick to the left/right of the page in the features page. Every page has grey-white theme except features page. Missing several keywords like PixelQi, Multiprocessing, Full office software, productivity/enterprise apps, tab browsing just to name a few. Not sure if website highlights the USP of adam.

    Very nice to hear about liveshare and support for formats. Can we install drivers for unsupported formats?

    @Gecko you are awesome

  347. Many corrections to the website, but still obviously not gone over by a native English speaker.

    > school of inspired that we draw from

    This is impossible – you either have to follow “geometric” with a noun (school of inspired geometric lizards), or change “geometric” to “geometry.”

    > A camera you can swivel to take pictures in any direction is one of those things you see, and go “I’m surprised no one thought of that before!”

    I complained about this before, will try again. This use of “go” sounds like a teenage girl. Very few adults use it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in print except for dialog. The most charitable interpretation by a customer will be that the website designers didn’t know English quite well enough, which reflects badly on their judgment because they shouldn’t try for slang. A less charitable interpretation will be that the website design was farmed out to a bunch of gum-chewing morons.

    You still have “Notion Ink is young at heart.” “Young at heart” means “old” in American English. It’s a euphemism. Several other people have complained about this as well. I just googled the phrase, and the first thing it returned is:

    >Prepare to be entertained by the inspiring individuals of YOUNG@HEART, a New England senior citizens chorus

    That dedicated PR person that you should have (per Sri) should have some native speakers on tap to check for poor grammar and also for mistakes in usage.

    yours for excellent usage,
    A. Gecko

  348. Sorry to ruin the suspense, but the mystery sensor is not 3D touch or wireless charging. It is, in fact, a new security feature aimed at deterring jealous iPad owners from stealing Adams. The user’s image is taken by the camera and if the user cannot be authenticated they will be shot by a death ray modeled on Tesla’s patents. Clearly, this is the most reasonable explanation for the references to Tesla.

    It is unfortunate that Rohan described the death ray as a sensor, and in doing so throwing you all off the scent of the real hidden feature. This was probably just an issue with Rohan not being a native english speaker and was unaware that the word sensor generally describes an input device, not an output device.

    Hopefully the death ray does not cause a delay in FCC approval.

  349. I am a regular reader/follower of this NI blog, and this is my 1st post on this blog. I’m a vivid tech gadget lover. Having got an opportunity to read this NI blog, its been enriching experience so far. Two words to describe the experience *ADAM Rocks!*

    Having owned Apples’ iPhone 3gs & 4 versions – I was in deep contemplation to buy the tablet. Then accidentally, bumped into ADAMs post on some blog and have been a longing for ADAM since over an year. This Black-Friday I was at the Apple Inc store (NewYorkCity) as u may already have an impression there are tens of iPAD at display, so that shoppers can smell/touch/feel/kiss the product.

    An idea (prank) struck in my mind (believe me.. I didn’t plan for it ..in my wildest dreams before entering the Apple Inc store.. I started launching the Safari browser and opening the latest NI site with the ADAMs graphic impression (rendered) on the new NI website, I opened every sample iPAD that was on display and kept the NI site ADAM renders on display – to my surprise people started flocking at the NI website and there was only one buzz word- WHAT IS THIS ADAM ?? it looks LOVELY 😛 the whole store (all sample iPADS were now displaying ADAM renders – and people could not stop BUT take a DEEP look (notice) of this Next Generation – SuperTablet… the whole Apple store was (in my imaginary world) set on FIRE…and I could not forget the impression on the peoples face who were shocked/jolted by just a 1st renders of ADAM. IMF-HO – the people faces were awe stricken 🙂

  350. While I’m hoping a few of those 35 languages would be Indian, I’m betting they won’t be. It’s a shame how little attention us Indians have for Indic-language word-processing and such.

  351. espariz:
    > Are here some more spanish people like me?

    Andreu keeps asking about Spanish-language things, but his name looks suspiciously Portuguese, so he may be a spy.

  352. I think its safe to say that it was assumed by most here that we had gotten access to the EAP even before we had as well as the fact that email existed between candidates and Notion Ink. I dont feel that I have revealed anything that has not been posted here by Rohan himself, if so then I apologize, I have been really careful not to violate any agreements.

    This is one of the only places to advertise, I dont feel a little shameless plug to get the name out there hurts anything, its once a week, and I’m not forcing you to view our site. I am just an excited Adam Addict like everyone else here, so excited that I formed a business specifically to cater to building quality applications for Adam and future Notion Ink products.

    My apologies if you have different views, but showing up to read new exciting information each week is all we can do until Adam is released.


  353. I guess I will nitpick just a bit. I don’t mean for this to be spiteful in any way, just a small healthy critique which I hope you take to heart.

    Gecko is spot on with his grammatical observations. I made some comments just as he and many others did when you first unveiled the site. We don’t mean any thing malicious by them, we are just trying to help you put your best face on when you display yourself to the world. As I have said before; presentation is VERY important.

    Initially I kept from referring friends and colleagues to the site because of this. Of course I eventually did. Its too good a product not to support and promote, but when I did so, I had to preface my pitch with a disclaimer: “This is a new company. Young leadership. English as a second language… Yada yada yada.” You get my point I here. I have seen the changes made to the originally released pages and I think they are a good start. They’ll do for now anyway.

    Of course, the most disturbing thing is that I felt compelled to really highlight the Pixel Qi because I dont think the features page did it justice. I know its mentioned in the tech specs page but its only alluded to in the features screen. Why? Only a select demographic will understand what a transflective/ transmissive/ reflective screen means. There are so many things about adam you can highlight I know. But I and many others really think the PQ screen should be one of them.

    Again, it is highlighted on the features page but I think it needs to be more obvious what you’re talking about. Many companies hype their screens and talk about how “readable” they are with ambient light sensors and yada yada yada. Generally this means the screen brightness is automatically adjusted to a lower state. To the average consumer who visits this page and reads that, nothing new jumps out to them. The genius of the PQ screen really needs to be more clearly stated for the laymen to understand… not interpret. If that means a three second animation to show the different screen states under different lighting conditions so be it. Though just a couple pics or renders would do the trick with good copy-writing. Again, just my two cents. Love where you guys are headed and really cant contain my excitement for this device.

  354. Hello all, I’ve been following this blog as closely as everyone else that religiously posts here. I recently purchased the Viewsonic G tablet just as a reference for how our “Adam” is going to feel in my hands, and I must say in portrait orientation it absolutely kills my wrist. My main reason for this post is in regards to the inability for android to utilize both of the Tegra’s cores. I have read mixed reports. Some say that Android just doesn’t have the resources needed to support it and others say that it just involves proper coding to utilize both cores correctly. Does anyone here have any information on this, or has Rohan discussed this issue already?

  355. I have a question regarding 3G module
    support R-UIM ?

    This interface brings one of the main advantages of GSM to CDMA network phones. By having a removable identity card, CDMA users can change phones while keeping their phone numbers by simply swapping the cards. This simplifies many situations such as phone upgrades, phone replacements due to damage, or using the same phone on a different provider’s CDMA network.
    The R-UIM card has been superseded by CSIM on UICC. This technique allows all three applications (SIM, CSIM, and USIM) to coexist on a single smartcard, allowing the card to be used in virtually any phone worldwide that supports smart cards.

  356. @Rohan ShravanNotion Ink ‘adam’ has been paralleled with world class product right from its infancy. Being the case, there has been a lot of expectation in terms of the standards that ‘adam’ shall meet – whether it is an article, a blog or the product itself. These small glitches in an article should not translate to an understanding that there is lax in every department of ‘adam’. Notion Ink is going through a very methodical process of bringing about a world class product, so be it with the blogs that are being put forth to its’ readers. It takes a lot to bring the glitter to a tarnished image.

    I know it is not it is not a serious thing, but the way these things are highlighted shows how much everybody is engrossed with ‘adam’ and would not like to see or hear a wrong note (apaswara) played. This is good thing happening for ‘adam’ as everybody is sculpting the product in their own way.

    It has been a long wait for ‘adam’ for us and the frustration is showing up in different ways.

    Thanks for the weekly update.

  357. Oh, just say something. It doesn’t have to be very interesting (you can trust me on this). Or you can subscribe via RSS feed – the link is after Rohan’s post, right under the line that gives the number of comments.

  358. I would add that there are some technical terms on the Processor page that people will not understand. In particular SoC and GPU. I wonder if linking to a page somewhere that explains those terms would be helpful. The processor is a really huge feature of this device, but people will not appreciate it if they do not understand those terms.

  359. > we need to look beyond the Adam

    In other words, Rohan is setting the stage for the sequel, like a bad movie. This is not a helpful metaphor.

  360. @Abhi
    I feel like dream walking somewhere in wonderland when I read your wireless charger. Man, it will be fantastic if that becomes true.

  361. yes everything is a clue i guess
    Tesla+missouri+wireless+3d+touch screen/gesture
    everything is a clue here, nicely trapped in a good story…

  362. I´m waiting for buy an ADAM and put my fingers on it, and begin to develop programms for it.

    Congratulations for now,

  363. Reposting as my comment is stuck in moderation for more than two hours

    Don’t like NI website . I don’t think NI website has a formal business look. Don’t like how some letters stick to the left/right of the page in the features page. Every page has grey-white theme except features page. Missing several keywords like PixelQi, Multiprocessing, Full office software, productivity/enterprise apps, tab browsing just to name a few. Not sure if website highlights the USP of adam.

    Very nice to hear about liveshare and support for formats. Can we install drivers for unsupported formats?

    @Gecko you are awesome

    ps who moderates this blog?

  364. @bruce

    EXACTLY! I myself do this kind of searching and reading once in a while in the biomedical field, it is simply eye and mind opening! But often times, they tend to be a bit far from execution. However, what you got will be some far more advanced views than what we usually pick up from web search, blog, publications, etc.

    When I read this part of the post, it just made me more believe in that when we request this and that, asking why not this, not that for Adam based on our knowledge base, while what Adam could actually eventually give us will be more, because Rohan and NI are so so much more advanced in their vision and conception into this thing, into its future. Sometimes those may not be complicated concepts, they are just out of my reach since it is not my field. But if someone claim that he is going to stay for centuries, and lays his eyes on those patents (crystal ball or not depends on who is looking at it), I got to give him some trust…

  365. agreed with Gecko.

    Geometric sounds out of place
    and young at heart- still stays ?

    one more thing that caught my eyes
    Challenge the norm(norms plural); as you say in the next line ‘ideologies’.

    well, there are other lines that we can appreciate as well
    >so say cheese, and hold it as you please
    >We guarantee you wont be able to keep your hands of this beauty
    >The 3 continuous ‘we believe’ sentences give a speech effect- i guess the msg gets conveyed easily

  366. @gecko: Just reading the describtion in your avatar… Hoping i am at least a nice gecko 😛

  367. @gecko: Just reading the description in your avatar… Hoping i am at least a nice gecko 😛

  368. I’ve seen many posts talking about of Tesla as if it is some kind of code…

    I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but this is probably just a reference to the movie “The Prestige”, which was Rohan mentioned earlier in the post.

    The film involved Nikola Tesla, who is played by a (surprisingly respectable) David Bowie.

  369. @Aaron

    Going by Rohan’s style of execution of apps, you really need to develop out-of-the-box apps. I dont envy you!!! 🙂
    *an uphill task for me*

  370. any more patent discovery guys ?
    I just realised that if 3d gestures are there, that flipping panels like rohan was talking about in a previous blog post or somewhere, cant remember . Think about it he said that u can run more than 3 apps in the panels that means there needs to be a way to easily switch between them ,just swipe across it,and the panel which is actually a prism rotates and voila new app . That would be really usefull in terms of switching between multiple rss feeds for instance :p

  371. +1
    It is everywhere. The golden ratio has been applied to golden rectangles…

    The Fibonacci series:
    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144

    I thought the Adam had a golden rectangle. So I found the ratio: 269 (length) to 191 (width)

    and came up with: 1.40837…which is not close to the golden ratio (1.61…).

    I thought I was onto something. 😦


    Infrared camera that works along with the RGB camera to understand gestures!

    It works with the camera and works even in the night!

    Thank you!

  373. @lxt11

    hear! hear!

    *stylus support : so yesterday from adam’s perspective
    ? voice recogntion and handwriting recognition (or is that they plan to execute audiovisual datacentric inputs?)
    ? natural user interface (I would like to be surprised by NI’s execution
    ? so when is NI’s execution of sixth sense technology (I have a great hunch, it will be there, if not now in future)
    ? cloud storage/ cloud computing supplementation (?supercomputing)
    *trackpad is THERE people for finer controls not possible with fingertouch
    ?wireless …….I am racking what possibilities he meant!!!
    *shall we forget induction charging for the moment? I feel it should come as an acessory not incorporated in adam (hey how are the third parties going to earn profit from adam?
    ?second life from NI’s execution style!!!!

    Okay Okay …….controlling my excitement! Opinions 🙂

  374. I’ve just ordered the linksys WAG320N, I believe its able to continue B&G while providing N

  375. well,
    December would be way too coooool 🙂
    but i am making a realistic guess of
    Jan in US and
    FEB in India ( that would be a nice b’day present)

  376. Well, unless the rectangle is less than 269 in lengh…(that is if we subtract the batteries portion) then we probably have a ratio closer to the golden rectangle!

  377. It’s very heartening to see the website is improving on content. Still it’s static and a long way to go before we can call it a very functional site for such a revolutionary product. Integration of Blog, social networking sites (facebook, twitter) and a FAQ section is long overdue.

    Nice to know that the storage can be scaled to 128GB though SD cards/USB flash/hard drives. That certainly provides tremendous flexibility to a user. Think of how I can share Adam with my sons, each having their own data in 32/64 GB SD cards.

    By the way does it also mean that USB harddrives with 500GB/1TB can’t be accessed?

    The secret sensor continue to keep us on edge. Hope it’s truly radical and will beat competion to dust.

  378. Google is the biggest player opposing Apple.

    NI may not be big as Google, but I predict their relation will be mutual and synergistic.

    So the implication is……………..

  379. Reposting as my comment is stuck in moderation for more than two hours

    Don’t like NI website . I don’t think NI website has a formal business look. Don’t like how some letters stick to the left/right of the page in the features page. Every page has grey-white theme except features page. Missing several keywords like PixelQi, Multiprocessing, Full office software, productivity/enterprise apps, tab browsing just to name a few. Not sure if website highlights the USP of adam.

    Very nice to hear about liveshare and support for formats. Can we install drivers for unsupported formats?

    @Gecko you are awesome

    ps who moderates this blog?

  380. Hi all,
    As many of u guessed, I strongly feel the mystery sensor has something to do with charging of adam. U can relate it with what rohan said “minus battery drain while connected to HD tv”. I think adam can charge when it is placed near to any electronic equipment. it also has connection with Nikola Tesla.

  381. Ready to wait for a product with such a great vision! Similar to what Sowmya had mentioned elsewhere, I too don’t have a pressing need to go for *any* tablet immediately. As Rohan has mentioned his inability to reveal further details though he wants to, I think it is only fair that we don’t press him for dates!

    Thank you Rohan for making us feel part of your journey!


  382. @Greg,

    I have the Netgear WNDR3700 router hooked to a Motorola extreme modem and get blazing fast speeds. It works on 5GHz and 2,4GHz simultaneously with separate SSID’s. The 5GHz network can only be seen by the Lenovo T-400’s at home. The office dell laptops as well as the PS3 can only see the 2.4GHz network.

    The 2.4 GHz one seems to be fully compatible with b and g only when it’s speed is reduced to 130 MBPS. I found that out recently when I tried to connect my newly acquired brother wireless printers.

    It’s review can be found here:

  383. Wireless transmission of power, not information.
    Charge your adam without plugging it in, just put it close enough to its power source.

  384. I tell you, Tesla was all about wireless transmission of POWER, not information, that was Marconi’s thing.
    The bonus mystery feature (note that it isn’t called a sensor anymore) could very well be a coil that allows plug-free charging of the adam.

  385. Dear Alex,

    This video was uploaded by abh3092. I don’t think that is Rohan or someone from Notion Ink, so I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on their October/November claim.

    Rohan did say he was expecting to get adam into the FCC in November, so lets just wait it out.


  386. They can start marketing during the submission process. I read some where in the FCC website. If manufacturing is already in process FCC would even provide assistance to meet the certification requirements (in case they find issues)

  387. Did you notice the yellow dott in front of the tv with a light yellow line going directly to adams cam? (also features-page->hdmi)
    could the ir-cam also sending ir-signals to a tv? or does the tv send energy to the adam 😉

    anyway, the front-dott on the tv cant be the hdmi, because that is on the back of the tv and unvisible. so we have two connections: hdmi out adam -> hdmi in tv (unvisible) and tv ir cam?

    sorry if that was mentioned before.

  388. Rohan said

    “(I apologize for being little mystic in this post, but I want to point in the future, back to this post and tell you that I shared a secret and hint with all of you, and it all happened in front of your eyes! 🙂 )”

    Though there have been instances of grammatical errors in some posts/web pages, I do feel that, in this case, there might be two things here.(a SECRET and a HINT). They both do not necessarily allure to the same. What do you think??

    I am digging for some ideas here and came up with this :)…I could be nuts….

    2008 – a complete notion of adam
    jan 2009 – CES 2009; started working on adam(or initial investor funding)
    feb 1 2010 – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona(fully functional prototype)
    mar 2 2011 – ?? (Official public release;Gingerbread/Honey comb integration)
    april 3 2012 – ??(eve?windows 8????)

    The above are the events show in the ‘Calendar’ app.

    We all know/believe the secret sensor/feature has something to do with Tesla. It’s proposed that it could be something from a simple am/fm radio to secrure wireless comm to wireless charging to electrocution apps :(.

    How about one of the less talked about discovery of Tesla?? The…wait for it…drumroll…….’Teleforce’. With a modification of course. All you need to say is ‘Beam me up, scotty’. Wouldn’t that be awesome???

    Tesla was one of my childhood favorite scientists and part of the reason why I went to Niagara falls (Dont’ tell my wife, though). Would be awesome if both Tesla and adam(which I dearly love) come together for me…..lol

  389. I think the writer uses G as in Google-Android. In other words, Android OS.
    I agree that view is positive towards NI, Adam, and Rohan.

  390. Yes, really good to know about the ability to accommodate 128 gb of storage. I’m guessing that means at one time. I’m not sure it will be able to see the large 500gb/1 TB drives though. I’m still not clear if it only uses micro sd or can take the full sized card. One thing is clear though, It’s non propriety connections are head and heals above the I pad. The more I learn the more excited I get!!

  391. To whom it may concern,

    Mike was incapacitated last week due to a serious bout of adamaholically induced blog addiction and was thus unable to function as a normal human being.

    We expect this condition to continue until at least December 9th, with a gradual improvement from that date which will only be completely observed with the liberal application and constant use of one adam tablet.

    Doctor Phill

  392. It is good to know Notion Ink has run it’s own tests and feel very confident on FCC Approval! It is safe to say that “Adam” no longer, in any way, should be associated with the term vaporware. It is now down to “when” get it in our hands rather then if, or maybe.

  393. +1 @ptf

    Am a gamer also, and loved the boss fight bit

    really like the way the UI is looking and appreciate the innovation when it comes to making it easier to add appointments. However, I am hoping there is still a way to add appointments manually, as I might use different language than there is available, or i might want to add more detail.

    I liked the inclusion of the features section, but found it too playful. i didn’t really like the soft colors. Felt too random. I also didnt feel like it flowed with the rest of the site. lastly, its been nagging me and I’ve tried to ignore it but cant…under the transflective display section, the e-book page doesnt seem to skew across the mock Adam correctly. It looks a little off. top right section of the page needs to be moved a few pixels to the left in my opinion.

    As always – I am always impressed every weekend with your updates, and am awaiting the day I can finally own this device!

  394. I did not across this yet. Informative article. Seems that the tech to successfully implement it in a commercial product is atleast a good 3 to 4 years away. I do not know anything about this. But, if I were to guess, I do not think this is the mystery feature.

  395. Hey hey… this is starting to have all the earmarks of a religion or a cult or an obsession. Reading the blog makes me feel like Alice. Anybody else?3.

  396. Hi Rohan,

    A small feedback on the new Features page.

    I like the background colors on the features page because they mute the the flowing toilet paper. This is in contrast to the other pages where the toilet paper is white and the background is mostly grey. Due to this the toilet paper appearance stands out.

    If your design team agrees, do consider making the other pages to have the same background and color palette as the Features page.

  397. Hey everybody,
    Just got a blog post about this tablet on blogspot let me know watcha think:


    btw, I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing! It’s my christmas present, but probably won’t actually get it then…oh well. I will open my present in January 😛

  398. @Rohan, speaking of applications, I was wondering if you guys are working on or planning on getting Google-based Android Market on the Adam at the time of it’s release… I see that you’ll have Adobe AIR which is awesome, but I’m really waiting to see news on the Android market since many of the functions I’m wanting to use the tablet for are based on applications such as the barcode scanner/generator, paypal app, gallery, BlueTerm, ConnectBot, Torque, Windows RDP app, etc. I’m both a sysadmin and photographer. I would really like to use an Adam to show and sell photos at galleries, and to connect to servers and routers at the data center rather than carrying my laptop. Oh, and let’s not forget the silly American need to check work e-mail constantly! 🙂

    Thanks, and I wish you all the best!

  399. @Rohan

    I spotted that if i use the zoom function in chrome, the text gets misaligned with the graphics.
    This is one of my pet peeves with most websites and it would be great if it can be sorted the notion ink way 🙂


  400. Hi all, Hi Rohan,

    It appears that Rohan is caught between a rock and a hard place with respect to providing the tablets to the EAP registrants and making sure that no reviews or UI is leaked of the (unreleased) device before it is ready for prime time and incurring the displeasure of his investor(s). Not an enviable position to be in.

    I have some thoughts on this, and hope you will add your view point to this thread. Hopefully, there is something helpful for Rohan ultimately.

    Disclaimer: I have not yet read all the comments on this blog post. So apologies if some of the points I make have already been discussed.

    My opinion:

    The tablets are required for the EAP participants only because NI does not have have a proper software emulator for ADAM (emulating the UI and features of ADAM). At least we have not heard of such an emulator or else we will all be clamoring for it. So, it seems to be a necessity to provide the actual physical device to the EAP participants.

    But, I don’t think it is necessary for these tablets to have the full software suite (e.g. paint program, office suite etc). To develop apps for ADAM, these tablets only require the base ‘framework’ developed by NI on top of Android along with the required sample apps that showcase using the various SDK features and the ADAM UI. Rohan has also mentioned that the UI design team at NI will be supporting the EAP developers to ensure that these new applications will be developed to use the capabilities of ADAM in the correct fashion.

    Further, the base ‘framework’ and SDK can be ‘crippled’ so that references to the secret/mystery sensor are removed. This is of course assuming that Rohan does not want the developers to utilize this feature until after it has been made public. In the event this sensor / feature is made public by NI before the ADAM is provided to the EAP participants, then access to it can remain in the SDK and sample apps.

    Additionally, perhaps the background can also display some sort of a ‘Developer Preview’ watermark with a unique signature. This way any leaked UI images can be traced back to this particular ADAM tablet.

    With such a tablet setup, I am sure the EAP participants can develop their apps for the ADAM without a hitch and Rohan can forego any apprehension about leaked reviews of the software suite.

    When NI is finally ready to make all the information and UI public, then all of the EAP tablets can be updated via the software update feature to bring them up to the same software release / software stack as the one that NI plans to ship with ADAM for everyone.

    What do you folks feel about this?


  401. dear rohan,

    Eagerly waiting for your masterpiece…ALL THE BEST… By the way….
    i came across an ad in london ..showing genesis flowing pattern in their website…www.aegeas.com..
    are they your partners ?

  402. dear rohan,

    i came across an ad in london ..showing genesis flowing pattern in their website…www.aegeas.com..
    are they your partners ?

  403. The movie reference, the mystery code from the last blog post which converted with a unix timestamp(i think) turned into Tesla’s birthdate, the mention of one of Tesla’s lectures held in Missouri. Tesla was being talked about before the movie reference, the movie references were more of a hint that people were going in the right direction, in my opinion.

  404. As everyone noted, this last iteration of the Adam has a disappointingly wider bezel than expected. I read Rohan’s previous “The Black Border!” blog and he said,

    “You are not wrong in guessing that it looks thicker, and let me assure you that it is not there to stay! It is going to be reduced by 6.5mm from left and 5mm from right.(As a reference, on iPad—since you have seen it the most—its 22mm on both the sides and its 16mm on Adam, right now it was 22mm which was painted. Final version will look exactly as it is on LongBox Video.)”

    Rohan continued in saying that the issue is with the USB and I/O ports which makes the bezel thicker but they were able to shorten the lengths of these hardware in such a way that they can fit them in just 16mm of space along the bezel, hence, the patents.

    We’ve come a long way. The bezel design started from this…

    To this:

    To this:

    It looked very nice. My only nitpick was that the bottom border was not consistent with the left and right borders. It is thicker so there is a break in “arithmetic harmony” (uniformity) in terms of design.

    And then this is what we have now:

    It seems that the bottom border is now the same width as the left and right but instead of reducing it, the left and right borders were increased to match the bottom. Also the top border looks like it was increased as well. Granted that i’m disappointed by the bezel, the reduced aesthetics is not going to deter me and, i’m sure, anyone here from buying the Adam. It’s still a beautiful and capable product. Make mine Titanium Black all around!

  405. Wow. Google search is insane.

    Talk about internet stalking? I just found a GOLD mine on Mr. Shravan’s recent patent searches and potential ties to our boy Tesla…


    Any of this sound vaguely familiar?

    App. No.20100103612 Assignee APPLE INC.
    Title Thermal spray coating for seamless and radio-transparent electronic device housing Abstract Electronic devices and other apparatuses adapted to receive electromagnetic wave communications are disclosed.

    An outer housing encloses various device components, including at least an internal antenna located fully therewithin and adapted to receive/send communications from/to an outside source via RF or other electromagnetic waves. A ceramic coating can be a thermal spray coating that covers at least a portion of the outer surface proximate to the internal antenna, and can be x201c;RF transparentx201d;x2014;adapted to allow communications to/from the internal antenna via electromagnetic waves. The outer housing can be plastic, metal or a combination thereof. For metal or other non-RF transparent housings, an RF-transparent insert can be fitted into a window in the housing to permit communications to the internal antenna. The ceramic coating covers some or all of the metal, plastic and/or insert that comprise the outer housing and surface for a final aesthetic finish to the device.

    Pri. Date 20081024 App. Date 20081223 Pub. Date 20100429

    Along with this, recent patents for google, boeing, microsoft, foxconn and others have been reviewed…Mr. Shravan HAS been a busy man.

  406. Yes its started to feel that way for me too. The recent treasure hunt for the mystery feature helped slow it down but the cult feel is still lurking. Good luck though as you’re certain, as am I now, to get some overly eager, sarcastic remarks to defend the community. I just hope it doesn’t get as bad as apple’s cult, although I wonder how far some people are from being like them.

  407. Hi Rohan, I think it is really a sad reflection on the nature of humanity that people respect neither the letter or the spirit of the confidentiality agreement. I am sure they will get lots of inducements from your powerful competitors to divulge all they know about the Adam.

    If this happens, you will see some tech blogs start to take pot shots at the Adam’s weaker points or start a FUD campaign. None of these people are above these manipulative practices.

    I just hope that your agreements were watertight enough to enable you to sue the worst offenders and their promoters, if it comes to that, but I hope even more that it doesn’t come to that.

  408. We all should do this once a while….haha…unless they put the site in banned list. 🙂

  409. People need somebody to root for, and the underdog is usually the people’s choice. Unless the people elect to root for elitist chauvinism, that is.

    On the other hand, NI has picked up the bid to provide a fresh look at CE devices and break free from the diktats of big companies who want to decide what you will consume and how you will consume it.

    What people like is NI’s vision and their commitment to achieve it. It has turned out to be a company that focuses on quality and not time-to-market.

    I think all of us appreciate this.

  410. @Prantha,

    Why do you write that the ADAM will be released in two weeks? Rohan has never communicated any information to this effect.

    Is it based on the binary countdown? If so it is just speculation and wishful thinking.

    At the most it will be made available to the EAP developers.

  411. Since Adobe AIR is also based on similar technology as Flash, any idea how much life / air will it suck out of ADAM? Does anyone know if AIR will be accelerated (GPU /+ OPEN GL) on ADAM?

  412. @Everyone
    Did anybody notice “GPRS” in the features -> connectivity… i think this confirms that we can use adam as a phone(using bluetooth headset)…

    @RohanI The text “3G AND GPRS” mentioned under the connectivity options is cropped… I tried in chrome, IE and mozilla and its same all three browsers @ 1280×1024 resolution..

  413. > Strictly speaking, you don’t know this

    Ha. Herr Frankel, this is probably your best comment thus far IMHO.

  414. Also, in regards to some sort of solar-powered apparatus:

    App. No.20100116332 Assignee SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS FRANCE
    Title Transparent substrate provided with an improved electrode layer
    Abstract This substrate, having a glass function, is combined with a textured electrode comprising at least one transparent conductive layer based on one or more metal oxides, said layer being covered with at least one functional layer of an element capable of collecting light, and is covered with an interface layer having a textured part comprising a repetition of periodic or aperiodic features in relief.

    Pri.Date 20070504 App.Date 20080428 Pub.Date 20100513

    Above suggests a glass overlay with oxides within the glass could potentially store solar energy somehow?

  415. Totally agree with all of Gecko’s comments.

    I thought the wording for the Camera section sounded different from the other sections. It sounded facebook-ish. Maybe instead of “one of the things you see, and go…” it should have been “one of the things that make you stop and think…”

    “Young at heart” is an English idiom or phrase that means old but still think and feel young.

    “Inspired Geometric” should be “Inspired Geometry”

    Also the term “retrograde” is not used in the school of design. It’s always called “Retro”


  416. @Bruce

    > How can we be sure Apple’s execution is the only best?

    Christian never said about it being the best. Besides, Apple’s profits, the huge pile of cash, and the rampant sales of iPad would beg to differ from you.

    Since NI is trying to bring about a different UI paradigm (at least one that is uncommon amongst other Android tablets), it makes perfect sense that they introduce a range of apps that showcase all of this.

    When Apple introduced the iPad, Steve Jobs showcased how iWork, iLife and a host of other apps had been rewritten to work for the iPad. And all of this contributed to the ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh’ of the iPad.

    Christian’s point is that ADAM will also need its share of ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’.

  417. @Rohan
    Hey Rohan, although I intend on giving Genesis a fair run for its money, I still intend to load Ubuntu (or some other similar Linux variant) on as well for some additional functionality, so it’d be nice if Genesis could play nice as a dual-boot (unlike Windows, which is notorious for just overwriting and removing a grub). Speaking of which, I’m not sure how well a typical grub will function with only a touch-screen to interact with, so that’ll be an interesting development.

    Also, hoping at launch you have something comparable to OneNote suite for Windows Tablet PCs in the past – it’s made school note taking a dream (although that isn’t really applicable to me anymore, I still feel it’s a tremendous feature), and even under most Linux software platforms there isn’t really a feature rich version of the same software (although there are a collection of softwares that provide similar functionality).

    Very excited about your product and looking forward to hearing more!

    All the best to you and the rest of the NI team!

  418. Rohan, I would like smudging or blurring effects in the paint application. are they already there or can be implemented? smudging or blurring using a finger feels more natural than with a stylus. feels like the real canvas. (also the surface of adam is a bit textured which might give the paper feel.) Though drawing lines and colors with a stylus is good.


  419. Rohan,

    Not a big issue but the scrolling of the images in design and features page is not looking good on widescreen monitors. I resized my browser to the size of the menu and the images feel centered. but when maximized, the feature in focus is not being centered and the text scrolling too is a bit odd.

  420. Actually they have not disclosed the second customer, so we may get to know if the Adam is going to get closer competition.

  421. Can you please confirm

    “You can choose your Adam with a back-lit LCD for vivid colors and a top-notch multimedia experience, or a transflective display for brilliant clarity and readability in the widest possible range of ambient light conditions.”

    Does this mean that the pixelQi version is not so vivid in colors than the LCD version? How does the pixelQi version fare against the LCD version in showing the colors indoors?

    I wanted a pixelQi version but not at the cost of quality of displaying colors.

  422. GRUB on the Adam may not be the way to go, but rather in the style of the Openmoko phones, we could boot from another medium (through pressing a hard key combination) at power on time.

    GRUB, or an alternative loader on the secondary medium may be forced to operate non-interactively unless USB keyboards are handled at boot up.

    As an aside, the Openmoko distros were developed considering a touchscreen only device, but they do not have a port to the Tegra chip. As yet.

  423. A note to people complaining about the borders:

    I think the Adam looks more sturdy and rather professional with the wider borders. You know, how the Thinkpads look compared to say the U or S series.

  424. Wow, 1 day out and now over 600 post to read !!!!!!!!

    1: I like the tech. page very much. And I think all “mistakes” on it are found and comment here in the meantime.

    2: If I understand right, the EAP is running and the participants does have gotten their ADAM. The guys could be very happy 🙂 and the 4 which are kicked out are very sad.

    3: I have read some posts about stylus. I think using a stylus is good in some cases. I like writing on the screen more than using the on screen keyboard. On my HTC Blackstone I only use the stylus and the recognition works very fast and good.
    I have tried finger writing on my Galaxy Tab but the recognition app is very very slow. So it makes no fun to use it.
    And one big thing you should not forget. If you will use a stylus, you have to take it with you. That means, you need a “garage” for it in the device, like on a lot of phones or my HP TC1100 Tablet, otherwiese you have often to “serach” for the stylus 🙂

  425. Trovatrice – Yes you are right. I wrote the article and call all Android Tablets – GTabs. G stands for Google. I tried to make the article as comprehensive as possible. And yes Rohan, I do have a question. Will it make calls in the US? You can reply to me on my email. Either found here or on the article. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any points.

  426. OK, one think for the tech page:
    It would be nice, if you could use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll thru the differnten features.

  427. I think the Adam is GSM only, the specs page seems to point in that direction as well (“3G HSPA”)

  428. Hi rohan! Could you please just clarify one very important thing- You say on the website that the screen-

    you can choose your adam with a backlit lcd for vivid colours or transflective for brilliant clarity and readability.
    What do you mean “you can choose your adam”? Are you a) talking about when you purchase the adam you can choose between the two models or
    b) that you can choose/switch between the two modes?

    Please could you clarify as its a very important difference- I hope it is clear what i am trying to say-

  429. Innoversal is hardly a competitor, they use the Intel Atom platform (which makes me facepalm)

    hi rohan
    calender app is brilliant. can we have 1.easy update- (what you already showed) 2. more choices-
    here can you use right sided left spaces to create more columns A-F
    options A. remind once /2/3/4/5 times. B. before 1-30 C. min/hour/day/week
    D. repeat hourly/weekly/monthly/yearly. F.end repeat

    Reminder will give alarm on the time.
    you can also add DEFAULT setting: one rminder beore one hour. with perticular sound.

    also a calender can pop up to help to fix appointment.

    what others can add?


  431. @Rohan
    Seeing all these features, especially with the design of the native apps, I really regret not getting to intern with NI in the summer. I was annoyed that your HR people didn’t get back to me after asking for my CV, but after hearing of the problems you guys faced round about then, I let it pass. Just wish I had some contribution to this baby’s creation. It just feels like that one perfect device that is everything you need

  432. I was wondering this too! when it says “You can choose your Adam with …..etc” does it mean you can choose which model you buy or is it saying you can choose which mode you select???

  433. There was a fair bit of information about the first Pixel Qi displays (which are available for sale as a DIY replacement display for some netbooks as model 3qi-01), and they were based on TN LCD technology. These displays have limitations in viewing angles and operate at 6 bits per pixel. The brightness and color saturation (“vividness”) of the 3Qi display is competitive with ordinary laptop display panels because apart from the reflective surface, it *is* an ordinary laptop display. There is much less information about the more recent Pixel Qi “wide angle” displays, and no word whatsoever if Notion Ink will be using them.

    I may suspect that the non-Pixel Qi model will be using an IPS based LCD. Those displays operate with 8 bits per pixel and have excellent viewing angles, but are completely dependent on the backlight to function. The iPad uses IPS, and is largely the reason its display looks excellent from any perspective. It’s also part of the reason it’s expensive.

    We could probably speculate better with regards to the non Pixel Qi Adam if we knew how much Pixel Qi charges an OEM for a display, but until then (or maybe until December the 9th) guessing is the best we can do.

  434. Wireless charging doesn’t change how the Adam is going to interact with you (the customer) let alone with any other device out there. Plus it wouldn’t explain why Rohan hinted that he was hoping for apple to bring out their 3d touch (which he said, would have made the people at Notion Ink push the envelope even more!)

    So the 3d gesture + IR sensor would made quite a lot more sense.

  435. totally, totally second OneNote. Ever since I started using it I’ve been addicted to it while studying anything

  436. Just a little suggestion to Rohan and the team:

    A lot of questions are repeated constantly in this blog and answered time and time again. Most people don’t take the time to read through all the posts and simply just put their question out there (no matter how many times it has been stated before). I wouldn’t want to go through 600+ comments either to have an answer to one question.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to start making a FAQ right about now. To address questions that are asked the most like why you are not releasing the tablet in India first. Why you choose for a 3.2 MP camera etc. etc.

    Just a suggestion. Loving all the work you guys put forth, very interesting to follow the interaction that you company is bringing to the world!

  437. > The tablets are required for the EAP participants only because NI does not have have a proper software emulator for ADAM

    The Eden SDK + Android SDK emulator = proper emultor for ADAM. But if you want good apps that blends in with the rest of the experience that get the most of a device you will have to test it on the device itself.

    >But, I don’t think it is necessary for these tablets to have the full software suite (e.g. paint program, office suite etc).

    While these are not necessary for programming it would be a good thing if they were included because of a) this way the EAP can function as beta test group, b) if gives the EAP more feeling on how their apps can integrate best the UI. (Imaging it doesn’t come with the calendar app that Rohan showed, then it would be impossible to implement the seem UI feel in 3rd party apps…. ) Consistency is very important and is one of the strong points of the Apple ecosystem. and c) I doubt that Rohan/NI/Investors are afraid somebody leaks screenshots about the paint app (no matter how awesome if may be) I think it has more to do with Eden, the way multitasking is implemented.

    Crippling sdk….. an idea…. but it’s a) extra work and b) a possible source for unnecessary bugs…….I’m pretty sure that the mystery sensor will be revealed by Rohan soon

    Water mark, no bad….but… a) again it’s extra work for an already busy programing team b) Complicates manufacturing having to flash different system images on each device c) If it can be added it can be removed as well….. they are sending the device to programmers, they may know a thing or two about these things. d) there may or not (what I hope) some leaks that don’t give a damn about being traced back as being the leak.

    I think the best way to prevent premature leaks is simply not sending the devices to the EAP members until NI is ready.

  438. That would be one sick application (in a good way of course!). Plus Rohan is very much into changing the way that devices work for us and communicate with other devices. So where what you say could be featured in the Adam, NI seem to suggest that they are on the path to create even a wider base for inter device interaction. Like someone else suggested somewhere in a post, having the Adam interact with your phone/camera to change the settings or even wirelessly take pictures. Just thinking out loud!

  439. I remember going to the opening of “Lord of the Rings – Return of the King” at the movies. I had to prebook tickets and all that, and you know, get there early and join one of four lines according to a special number. There I was, waiting with about 10 (decimal) friends and then my eye was drawn to a group nearby. There was a Gandalf, a frodo, several dwarfs, one lovely looking man elf, etc.

    When the PS2 came out I preordered and prepaid about 2 months in advance, had to go in at midnight to pick it up, and actually was worried I might get mugged on the way to the car.

    While the anticipation for these two events is somewhat parallel with my high hopes for adam, I have not seen anyone dress up in just a fig leaf over their personals, so I’m feeling ok so far, but I’ll let you know if I see any freaks. (My opinion might be somewhat subjective though)

    Notice nobody jumped on you guys for your comments and neither should they. Mind you, people who come trolling here touting their ipads or spamming misinformation tend to get PWNED pretty hard.

    You two are here to keep the rest of us sane, so carry on, and might I say by way of conclusion:

  440. Yeah, its going to replace my current Belkin modem/router, so I wanted a combo that added N

  441. @VB

    Point taken.

    But my point across was at a different level.
    We will have “ooh” and “aah” from eden and the bundled apps (office app, mail’d, and this calendar app)

    >What’s the use of just doing something wrong just for beeing different from a competidor who’s doing it right

    this point was my what I was elaborating.

    Anyway I was more into abstracts………:-)

  442. Rohan, its nice to know that you are giving such an importance to font. It really adds to the overall experience. These attention to details has what has differentiated apple from the rest and hopefully differentiate Notion Ink with the rest(including the Czar at Cupertino) 🙂
    However, I hope the font in the Calendar app screenshot is not the onc that would be used. Somehow I did not this very appealing. Infact its the only screenshot of Adam that I did not like…. but it might be just me

    Would like to see more on the office suite it interests me a lot. One more question.. will adam be suitable for somebody like 75 as his/first device? Are you targeting that segment as well?…I was planning to buy once for my dad as well 🙂

  443. @Rohan Shravan: What is the recording resolution of the camera? I hope it is 720p with image stabilisation. I think the Tegra 2 is fast enough and nowaday you realy need it to take your place in the market.

  444. @Aaron

    You are making yourself a target because Rohan has worked hard to keep sensitive information from getting out and angering investors and lawyers.

    The company I work for does confidential work for state and local agencies and it is always best to not even acknowledge that you are involved with a project.

    If I were an EAP company I surely wouldn’t take the risks you have taken. As you heard Rohan revoked some of the selected EAP companies and if you read properly he stated that the Adam units are licensed and then owned after release. Meaning he a request the unit back at anytime if you are found in violation.

    Good luck with your app but dude you are a risky EAP if you are actually a selected EAP candidate I instead of treading lightly to not thread at all and keep your things to yourself. I wish we had gotten in and if you keep it maybe a spot will open, so forget everything I wrote and keep chatting it up to increase the likely hoop of a spot opening up. Ya Dig!

  445. History is in the making…And all this will be an amazing case study in the nex-gen MBA class! 🙂

  446. GPRS means data connection, it allows MMS service for example and rather slow browsing (WAP) but by no means the capability of phone calls, even if it uses the GSM network.
    GPRS is a standard below 3G (as a fall-back in areas with bad signal coverage).

    The text below the connection icons is cropped with me either, even at 1400×1050.

  447. FAQ is indeed a very good suggestion. Apart from being informative, it would also reduce the number of unnecessary questions being posted here.

  448. What would you need image stabilisation for? If you are recording a reading/lecture/conference/etc. you wouldn’t need it. Since I don’t walk around when such an event is going on, thus no image stabilisation necessary. Plus it would make the video look jerky if you were sitting down and have the tablet placed on your lap/a table desk. Image stabilisation on any video recorder is off when the video recorder isn’t moving.

  449. The headline of that section reads “Never-ending storage”, in the article itself you can read “…with a memory expandable up to 128GB.” As an external storage medium like a harddisk or pendrive normally isn’t called memory (but storage), the only explanation is that you can expand the internal memory up to 128GB using a SD card (most certainly MicroSD). If this is via a second card reader on a hidden place inside the cover or if it implies the one on the front isn’t clear so far.
    This doesn’t address the maximum capacity of external storage, which wouldn’t make any sense, anyway (it’s rather impossible to buy an external harddrive with a capacity as low as 128GB and even if NI wouldn’t advertise this lack of usability).

  450. But this would also mean that you wouldn’t be able to use the camera for a video chat and performing gestures at the same time. That wouldn’t make any sense as Rohan mentioned the three-panel-view more than once and that you are for example able to chat in one panel and read the newest tweets and RSS feeds in the other two (for which you probably are going to use the 3d gestures).

  451. The time will become scarce… Why not choosing another logo (for example the one which got on the 2nd place in the vote, which I like much more than the rather boring winning one)?

  452. “Rohan, I really look up to you. Your vision is inspiring. A company with a leader like you is definitely “here to stay”, as you said in the post. ”

    You forgot to mention that Rohan is omnipotent, handsome and fair, and the only hope for human salvation. And that we would like to build a temple where we can all praise and worship him.

  453. Rohan, I think you are wearing out your fans. This endless posts without any real meat are very tiring. We as consumers want to see a real video of your prototypes, internal projected release dates, what is going to happen on 9th Dec, why are you spending time on building apps when that can easily be update 1.1 and so on.

    I do remember price point of 350 which I am not sure where it comes from but since others remember, it did not come out of thin air. You refute that. So what price points are we talking about? I remember it being released by thanksgiving which has slipped. Now we are not even talking about release dates. Why are dates slipping? Can you tell us anything? No we are not interested in paint applications anymore.

    I think you are losing audience now. Please fix it before it is too late.

  454. Great post Rohan! I am very excited to see your innovations in the application UI space. Android didn’t throw enough of the desktop metaphors away and I give props to Apple for doing a better job understanding that touch changes everything.

    I hope that Notion Ink does better at understanding the implications of touch UI. I have written a longer reaction to your post on my blog for those that are interested.

  455. Question regarding cursor movement:

    One thing I find particularly burdensome with touchscreen keyboards is the absence of a forward and back arrow (and up/down too). Because it is quite difficult to tap a place in the text and get the cursor into the correct position for correcting a typo, I often wind up back-deleting several words, which is tedious. The T-mobile mytouch phones (by HTC) have a great keyboard, called swipe, which allows the user to bring up a navigation screen that included forward, reverse, up, down, and home, end arrows. How about the adam?


  456. @Prakhyat: Is it so hard to express your love for Adam and NI without fawning at the feet of the CEO. NI is a business, not a religious organization. If they are going to compete with the Apples and Samsungs, they will be subject to close scrutiny.

  457. ***SOLAR CELL INSIDE ADAM*** (secret feature?)

    Well, maybe not the secret feature but something Rohan should check for the future. A team of swiss scientists found a way to “paint” electronic devices with a chemical compound that is able to absorb light and transmitt it to a solar cell INSIDE the device!

    The costs for this are around 1 Euro for a mobile phone.
    It looks like even apple is interested and already communicating with these swiss scientists.


  458. hi,
    Secret sensor could be RFID sensor. by sticking RFID chip on our daily stuffs. Adam would be able to interact with / track things.

  459. I think it will be easier to place the cursor at the correct position using touch on the adam if only due to the bigger screen, however cursor controls would be very nice

  460. I couldn’t agree more and give Notion Ink kudos for making it happen on their tablet. Too often hardware manufacturers think about product instead of platform. It seems to me that the Adam is being driven as a platform instead of a product and I for one think this is part of what will make it a success. Of course execution matters, but a platform with touch oriented UI on a tablet form factor is a great start. From what is in this, and other posts, it seems Notion Ink is trying to innovate and adapt to touch. Touch changes everything as I discuss here.

    Android Market may be an issue for the Adam, but less so if the base software stack is as complete as I think it might be. If you look at the Folio 100 the base software stack is very limited and no Android Market is crippling, not to mention poor hardware execution. Still, I hope Notion Ink is at least in discussion with Google about how to get Android Market on the Adam. This matters for the long term success of the platform.

  461. @ Vinay Aggarwa:

    Rohan is not actually losing any potential consumers or developers. Last post of his really made me rethink – what he is trying to do may not seem satisfying to some of the long awaited consumers or developers, but check this line of his

    ‘Notion Ink is about bringing that ‘future’ faster towards us (but not rushing by releasing sub-standard products, we are here to stay for centuries)’

    He is really trying to make a unique device before releasing it and for that i really can wait even if the device gets released next year mid or so. i am ok with it as long as the device really keeps all its promises.

    now, some of my analysis regarding Rohan’s words:

    ‘Its time we start making ‘intelligent’ machines and companions which can help us do more, learn more, than just creating copies of hot selling products (I wish I could exactly share here what I meant, but..)”

    analysis: anyone noticed that rohan mentioned ‘intelligent’ here?? which does mean the device has got something to do with AI.

    His next line:

    ‘That is why Adam is not a tablet, it’s a seed for us, the first one which will help us lay the grounds for what is yet to come’

    analysis: it never occurred to me why the device is named ‘Adam’.. then suddenly from someone here writing about a line ‘adam being eating all the apples’ and then the above line of Rohan’s made me think, this device will be the first of it’s kind which will be standing apart from other devices and thus start a new era of ‘something’

    His next line:

    ‘I have designed the complete blueprint of an application called “Bliss”. You will find its components and traces on Adam and I think it will help us change our expectations & experiences from the machines we interact with’

    analysis: after my previous explanations i really dont think ill need to explain anymore where ‘Bliss’ is heading though it seemed to me, Rohan has big plans apart from what he is doing right now. should stop analyzing right now i think.. but, all these suddenly raised the respect i have for Rohan. i wont be surprised if he turns out to be someone from a more advanced planet :p

    well still in the end, i may be all wrong you know, but i doubt that :p

  462. My feeling is that there were two hints here. The first is the Adam as a wireless device and the second is the mention of iPad 3D interface. The date is the date of Nikolas Tesla’s birth.

    My feeling on the 3D interface is that there is the ability on the Adam to interact with the front and back touch screens in a 3D kind of way to be able to do things like rotations in 3 dimensions where you are grabbing one surface on the back of the 3D object and one surface on the front and interacting with the two of them together. That seems like a logical use of two touch surfaces. I don’t see how that relates to wireless exactly but I am sure that Rohan didn’t intend for us to completely understand what he means at this point. He is just teasing us to keep us interested.

  463. Like most other people I already use a web based solution for email, calendar and documents: google apps. Tell us about how the Adam apps can sync with the google office suite. Adam will not replace stationary computers, laptops or smartphones for most of us. We will continue to use them AND add Adam to the mix. So syncing is the most important feature of all. Please write more about that.

  464. One of the things Nicola Tesla experimented with was wireless energy transfer
    It would be cool if it was anything like that implemented in the awesome adam.
    But i doubt that.

  465. SD said, on November 28, 2010 at 17:29

    “One more question.. will adam be suitable for somebody like 75 as his/first device? Are you targeting that segment as well?…I was planning to buy once for my dad as well”

    I’m in my early eighties and can’t wait for the release of adam. However, this is not my first device. My first device was the Univac File computer in 1960.

  466. I agree with bruce. Ni and Rohan have been very open with us, much more than other companies in their situation. They have also clarified why they can’t give out the info they keep hidden. With this forthcoming attitude it seems kind of a betrayal to seek out information they obviously don’t want getting out.

  467. Someone posted a question regarding weather or not dual core processors are supported by Android.

    Now… this is only a rumor but… Along with the Adam, I am also awaiting the next Nexus phone from Google… it is rumored that it will be the Nexus S. It is also rumored that it is being delayed because they decided to put a dual core processor in it and that they needed time to “re-tool” the Gingerbread release to use it efficiently.

    If this is the case… and Adam ships with a variant of Gingerbread… then we’re all good!

  468. Nishit:

    > GRUB, or an alternative loader on the secondary medium may be forced to operate non-interactively unless USB keyboards are handled at boot up.

    Or unless we can use the b*ck tr*ckp*d which apparently used to be a major feature to brag about but more recently has become a big secret, a strange sequence of events that Rohan obviously can’t explain, because then it wouldn’t be a big secret anymore.

    And this is exactly what I mean when I say there’s no need for sarcasm or satire because reality satirizes itself. Does anybody have a better explanation for the errant b*ck tr*ckp*d?.

  469. I’m really surprised at the amount of negative posts from a few people asking for release immediately, all info, etc. This is a business and like all businesses must control the flow of information per the letter of the law.

    Rohan’s only “flaw” is in trying to be more open with his customers than most companies. While this certainly creates interest and excitement, it apparently also creates frustration on some who do not understand how business works and only grew up in the “please me now generation”.

    While I appreciate the passion for having an Adam right away, I appreciate more the quality the Adam will bring to the tablet market. There is pretty much nothing I don’t think I will be able to do with the Adam that I want to do.

    While it would be great to have a release now, what we really need is for the Adam to be successful when it is. A successful Adam will be fully supported, have apps created for it, be updated in its OS, and best of all, be followed by more products with great innovation.

    Question to folks who are giving up and threatening to buy and iPad. Why would you buy an inferior product when you know its master is coming in the next 1-2 months? Is 1-2 months of usage going to make you feel better over the years that the Adam is being used by all your friends?

  470. I get the same feeling, although this will be my first post. I feel like I know, and in some ways, love, many of you. I’ve also become VERY protective over the adam and notion ink as a whole. For example, at school the other day, I was telling some girl about the adam and all the features it had, and why it was so much better than anything else available. After a while, she says “hey, I might get that”. I WAS FUMING! “what do you mean, you might get that? aren’t you going to spend every spare moment searching for more information, spending hours reading blog post after blog post, comment after comment, just to make sure you don’t miss anything?” I thought. Although I did tone it down a little when I replied, it was more of a “don’t you want to do any research first?”

  471. You know what, you are write, the waiting is killing all of us… but don’t you agree that to release a unique equipment in the market, which is not a copy past from what is already in the market, don’t you think that this things takes time…? honestly I’m very impressed with ADAM’s development, I’m not form IT area, I’m more from Chemical/Pharmaceutical industry area and for us the development of anew product and its release in the market takes about 10 years… and most of the time we are talking about companies already established in the market..now imagine creating a new company along with new products… well I think if ADAM comes out this year and if it accomplishes everything that was promised, than I think we are talking about a extraordinary work here, and thus NI deserves our respect and thus our time 😉

    From where i come from we say that “The rush is enemy of perfection” or something like that…

  472. @Glenn,
    I understand some negative posts, because we are waiting sind beginne of the year for this pretty product and Rohan has announced, that ADAM will be available BEFORE november. Now we have december on no ADAM is availble. OK, I know, which problems a startup will have with such a device, but I also understand why some people want to know a release date.

    I have learned, that we will have to wait for some month more for the release of ADAM and I have bought me a Galaxy Tab as the first step to a good andoid device. As soon as ADAM will be available I will order one, because ADAM will be the best you can get in the moment 🙂

  473. @gecko
    Well, i dont find any reason for Rohan not to announce the backtrack pad in the Tech specs unless other wise he considers it as a mystery feature ( which we know he doesnt)
    there might be only 3 possible answers

    >Backtrack pad has been removed from ADAM 1.0
    >They are awaiting the patent of the backtrack pad
    >Backtrack pad has not been finalized yet – this can lead to 2 sub options
    >>further internal testing need to be done to finalize
    >>they have some patent problems with other potential tablet makers(someone
    pointed out Apple)
    >>They are still debating whether to give away all features in ADAM 1.0 or reserve
    the back track pad for ADAM 2.0 – marketing decision to be taken with
    investors’ inputs as well

    so i guess either option 2 or option 3.3

  474. @Rohan Shravan – I just want to say thank you for bringing us this wonderful “Adam” I wouldn’t classify it as a tablet as there is nothing else like it. I can’t wait to purchase it. I do want to bring to your attention that in the features section your discription text is being blocked by icon especially when you click on HDMI and SD, USB + MINI USB CONNECTION. You could probably have someone just move it one or two lines up. Again I don’t mean to be critical, just thought I’d bring it to your attention. Can’t wait to purchase your product.



  475. Phillip, that’s very nice of you, Phillip, but, Phillip, I can’t help but notice that you didn’t sign that message.

  476. Hey Tarwinia!, was missing you from few weekend post!!! went off somewhere or busy with school?

    *remember about bezel size – now so unimportant!*

  477. Again: what for do I need an RFID reader in a tablet? It could be a nice idea in a mobile phone but a tablet is simply too big to carry it around for using it for payments or for example as your electronic ticket in one of the underground rail systems around the world.
    According to the Nabaztag page in Wikipedia there’s a MicroSD card which can be used for electronic banking. But: a Micro SD card is IMHO too small to be carried around anywhere. As you will use the normally inserted SD card as your main storage volume even for installed apps it’s not a good idea to remove it regularly to insert such a special RFID SD card.

    No, I doubt that.

  478. It might depend on your screen. On my tv there’s no overlap.
    3G is kind of included in the features. The connectivity thumbnail shows/mentions bluetooth, wifi, 3G, GPRS.

    GPS could definitely be included as a separate feature, especiallly considering the nav app Rohan mentioned previously.

  479. @Sowmya –

    other possibilities

    – The trackpad is shy

    – NI is careless. I don’t mean that they might have misplaced the trackpad, but the website doesn’t list all of the features that we know Adam has (3G); even the Pixel Qi , one of the biggest selling points, is barely mentioned. Rohan hasn’t answered all the questions here because he mostly talks about the things that come foremost in his mind – he’s got limited time and a limited attention span. He’s human. I’m guessing at this last point, of course.

  480. LeoP:

    > My first device was the Univac File computer in 1960.

    Is that one of the ones that had positive and negative zeros? That was so cool.

  481. @gecko

    well i must say this (though you are accustomed to receiving compliments from everyone)
    Sometimes, In those quick moments i get to view this blog
    i do a ctrl+F Gecko..
    and ur posts always make ppl light and laugh aloud…. 🙂

    keep it coming…

  482. @Klaus
    Interesting article. I wonder if the secret sensor has anything to do with this.
    The article is from 2009. I don’t think Nokia has implemented this wireless ambient power to keep their cell phones tapped up. We would’ve known by now! But I wouldn’t discounted.
    In any case, it fuels another idea: using electromagnetic field as a source of energy to keep the Adam tapped up day and night. I thought we had gone over every possibility, and then this one came along!
    Anyway, thanks for the link. 🙂

  483. Albert, while what you say is true, it also depends. Cum is an educated word. As mentioned it has the latin roots and is oft found in the US in Magna cum laude, summa cum laude, and the simple cum laude. Also slang is OFTEN found in dictionaries and mentioned as such. You will find cum in american academic literary text amongst others. I don’t think any blogsite worth their salt would have mocked Rohan for the use here in this post. Some individuals might have, and it could potentially be a problem on the official site had it been included as that caters to people from all walks of life.

    And for the records, the following is from the Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (remember that all webster dictionaries are US oriented and will normally say Chiefly British if it a word/use uncommon in the US).

    cum1 (kum, kÂm), prep.
    with; combined with; along with (usually used in combination): My garage-cum-workshop is well equipped.
    [1580–90; < L: with, together with (prep.)]

    cum2 (kum), n. Slang (vulgar).
    come (def. 62).


    The Merriam Webster's Collegiate has the following definition "along with being: AND – used to form usu. hyphenated phrases

    Rohan’s use of cum shows that despite his “errors” (linguistically it is incorrect to consider them errors if they are the norm in Indian English dialects, but from an international perspective they could) it is an educated English.

    And sorry for the rant, don’t want to flame and please remember that I recognize the POSSIBLE detrimental effect had it been included in the actual product page (be it .in or .com). But in my defense I get pissed by people incorrectly “correcting” others’ grammar or word usage.

  484. well..if the mystery sensor is a RFID chip… even if u have a RFID chip in the computer.. it is mostly used for logistics purpose and in supply chain to track objects from manufacturing to the end shelf..
    for a end user- unless u have a separate reader for it there’s no grt purpose… i dont think NI is gonna supply a reader.. (atleast for now).

  485. touch, energy, wireless…

    oh no!

    The adam is a VAMPIRE and will feed of our life force, sucking us DRY!!!

    …Or maybe that’s just how I’ll feel after using it 36 hours straight to read a book that has me caught in its literary grip…

  486. Now on a more serious note: wireless docking station? wireless charging? wifi certified (allowing for the new protocols and direct file sharing that comes with it)?

  487. @Joshua
    Adam, Adam, Adam…
    The difference is we discuss here all kinds of stuff, we even search all over the web, we bring fresh ideas, and get to taLk to the SUPREME (nice Phillip) once in a while! We even have a few jesters. Those are not signs of cult. On the contrary, the environment here encourages to open up to knew ideas (the secret sensor…), and most of all, respect everyone (ok, there is a misstep once in a while, but that is fine in my book).
    But yeah, thanks Josh for bringing sanity to the community! Maybe you are the gate keeper!

  488. SInce adam has USB host port we could practically have any number of reader sensor via USB for specific use cases. After all all the readers/transmitters are nothing more then a circuit + software (driver and optional GUI).

    Of course its a real mess to carry around those things but i have seen folks carrying around a few items for checking Cellular reception equipment (TOSHIBA tablet + 2 meters and an app showing gauge on windows)

    Also, we could cosider RFID reader over bluetooth.

  489. @Greg,

    In one of his earlier posts Rohan mentioned about turning the display itself off (and not just the backlight). I haven’t seen any external switch for this feature though unless the power switch or the backlight switch is playing multiple roles.

  490. Rohan can easily lose customers by the approach that his company is taking. But then again, he is in for the long run, bringing a revolution. Any and all people who’ve been ahead of our time were either under appreciated, ridiculed or have gone unnoticed during their life only to finally change the course of human history (evolution) many years later.

    While the NI approach might not be the best one to drive (instant) succes, they sure are going to influence and CHANGE the market which is exactly what we need. I am sure Rohan is aware of this 🙂

  491. it could also be a deception… as all of us have been following that theory rohan chose to play along… if I was him I would do that..

  492. @Robin
    > a) this way the EAP can function as beta test group, b) if gives the EAP more feeling on how their apps can integrate best the UI. (Imaging it doesn’t come with the calendar app that Rohan showed, then it would be impossible to implement the seem UI feel in 3rd party apps…. ) Consistency is very important…

    a) I am not sure if EAP folks are being targeted as beta-testers. My understanding is that EAP is solely for the developer community. The beta-tester community should be much larger than EAP, IMHO, and include dem ‘muggles’ too. EAP members are welcome to provide feedback though but perhaps that is not the main purpose.

    b) In one of his earlier blog posts Rohan has offerred his design team to support the developers. They can ensure the consistency of the UI without having to provide the full software suite.

    Agree with you regarding the logistics involved in crippling the SDK and the watermark imprint.

  493. Sim, that link is from 2008. I think their plans might have changed as they barely have a class 32GB microSD on the market.

    Greg is right. SDHC (including the micro variants) is artificially limited to 32GB. SDXC will be capable of up to 2TB but it will start out at 64GB and only SOME variants will be compatible with SOME SDHC readers (it has to do with speeds and whatnot, explained nicely and in detail on Google). There is no way to be usre which SDHC readers can handle some of the slower SDXC cards as it is unofficial and you have to rely on anecdotal evidence. Internal memory if we’re lucky will go up to 64GB. But honestly I was disappointed to see the 8GB on the site because if I’m not mistaken that would mean the $500 version is not the 16GB one but the 8GB one (will have to save some more greenbacks now).

    @sovereign john, any device can use storage memory in lieu of RAM (it’s called SWAP, or virtual RAM on Windows, at least on XP). It is slower than real RAM generally but SSDs are much faster than HDDs anyway. But remember that this can have an impact on the life of your drives depending on their characteristics and how you use them.

  494. Sorry to say that but I totally agree with Vinay.

    For me it seems that main purpose of this blog is a big delaying tactic. We get a lot of interesting informations about any kind of technical details. And I appreciate that very much.

    But if you ask the people which kind of information they mainly want to have is:
    – release date
    – preorder start
    – pricing
    – videos from the real devices (not mockups)

    And I fear that it will take a really long time until we have Adam in our hands. There must be an important fact we all don’t know which prevents NI to announce the release date. And if NI told the truth in their emails to me, preorder cannot start at December 9th.

    I hate to be negative but I cannot believe any more.

  495. I would prefer a SDHC over a miccroSDHC in adam.
    2 simple reason
    1) Its way to fast. a class 10 SDHC can run upto 30 MB/s while a class 10 MicroSDHC runs at a stupid 10MB/s
    2) Form factor of the device is big enough to host it

  496. @ Wouter Kapteijn said, on November 28, 2010 at 16:03

    I think your idea of a FAQ section would be great. unfortunately it seems that the
    answers to the FAQ’s keep changing or are unclear.
    For example, SD card or Micro SD or both.(no 64g MicroSD),Backside trackpad(not mentioned or shown in specs or images). Although the new information is great, there are still many basic questions asked repeatedly, yet still unanswered. If a certain feature can not be described or shown, it would be better to just say so rather than fuel much speculation. If something is not going to be in the final model, ie.. trackpad, just say so. We can take it.
    By the way, I’m very encouraged by the applications I’ve seen so far.
    The Calendar App looks awesome!

    JT long time fan

  497. Sorry if this post looked like it was copied from Wouter Kapteijn. I was only referring to his
    comment about FAQs

  498. +1 from me

    But I am as enthusiastic as a 3 year old who is waiting for his first bicycle..

    on a side note
    somebody once told me that

    “There can be nothing close to an iPad” and I simple wrote that on paper at that moment and told him softly “Either you will eat this or I will. Let there be ADAM!”

  499. yogi:
    > “There can be nothing close to an iPad” and I simple wrote that on paper at that moment and told him softly “Either you will eat this or I will. Let there be ADAM!”

    That was a mistake. You should have written that on a sandwich.

  500. > Wireless charging doesn’t change how the Adam is going to interact with you

    It could if it malfunctions and you get a shock from touching it, but I agree with you, it seems like a snoozer of a feature – too much technology for too little a result. What’s the point? So that I don’t have to plug it in when I sleep and maybe trip over the cord if I get up to go to the bathroom?

  501. Can you please tell me why you think Adam will be available for you in 1-2 month? Is there any official statement of NI ?

  502. Assuming the Binary code on the top right of the website is FCC certification… Any chance the Adam will be out by Xmas?

  503. Personally, I would completely wipe the toilet paper. It’s just clutter.

    The problem with the webpage, for me, is that it screams DESIGN but it should be screaming ADAM. Good design doesn’t call attention to itself, and it’s very hard to do which is why few do it well. Apple does it brilliantly.

  504. Hi, I believe that the choice is between two models, with the Pixel QI version just being a better screen, but more expensive.