Week-End Special – XI

[Update: Pre-Order will continue for long, its just that the members will be given highest priority. So don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚ We can probably expand the system for those who post on this one, but I need to check technically how to still distinguish them from the new members!]

Greetings everyone!

How are you doing? Today I have a good news for you!

Your comments and feedbacks have kept the blog alive, it really feels like a family, where you know people by their name (those who post anonymously will be at loss after this post) and their familiarย characteristics.ย And it is this family who should have the first right on things closer to the heart.

I don’t want anyone who follows this blog to wait any more :). We all are special and should get some extra benefit. The pre-booking will be available only for the ones who have posted a comment on this blog (for aย limitedย period of time), and only afterย this interval the world will have the access. In short, family first! ๐Ÿ™‚ (It also means that those who start commenting NOW, are not counted in this list)

Few more updates:

  • We have done something with our FCC application and it will be little difficult for you to find us!
  • All 6 variants have passed EMI tests
  • Payment Integration Gateways are up
  • All softwares are in beta now
  • There was a wrong Wi-Fi infringement case on Notion Ink which we rectified. (we were using right components as otherwise opposed to what this company suspected)
  • Adam is in Europe as of now. I have never mentioned this in particular, but Europe is an extremelyย crucialย market for us, our sales and marketing team is in Europe this week.
  • There were 4 areas where we felt Android was infringing few patentsย and stayed away from using those, and implemented our own methods. Seems like we were correct and our portfolio just expanded a little because of this.
  • 6th December is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work. (Eden is extremely compatible with 2.3)

The Browser

Applications on Adam enjoy just more than a boost in processing power. The allocated application memory is also high, and you will not find Force Closure Exception because of “out-of-memory” issues. This was a big step in converting your Android to a tablet version OS (and one of the updates coming in 3.0). “Our browser has beaten every browser in the world in switching tabs” as one of our programmers loves to say (qualitatively), but you need memory to retain these tabs.

Let’s look at this image:

The browser is multi-touch enabled and you get this menu when you do a “2-finger drag-up”. This is also the icon set which will come on Adam (these are my personalย favoritesย after 4-5 revisions, don’t look at the text below icons). Bookmark is something you know already.For a normal eye next is copy and crop, but the question is how many times at one go, and what to do after you have copied or cropped? Have you felt a need of selecting the first line and third line simultaneously? Browser works beautifully with one application thatย I havent spoken about (and I LOVE this application). Anything you copy or crop will be arranged (not populated) in this application (hint: notes). People who do online research and like making notes, will love the browser and this feature. (Note on the last icon: kill browser: Android has a nagging feature (sorry if anyone loves one), of not killing the application. On Mobile environment that’s probably a good idea because now you can call back that application ASAP, but not for big applications like browser. If you are an Android user, you might have noticed that normal users press back a lot to go out of application, tracking back all the views! Also this gives you an option of taking out revenge on the browser instead of your boyfriend or wife!) (Question for you: How do we zoom? ๐Ÿ™‚ )


Check-out the loading page:

Mail’d works in sync with your calendar (which allows you to sync with Google, etc) Facebook application and Contacts Manager. This syncing was required so you have access to more connections (and less typing) and there is no need of managing 3 different lists. It also allows you to addย multipleย account (we have tested more than 20 without any issues), with full HTML rendering, attachments and one feature which is little controversial. I discussed about the feature where you can call back email (no it’s not your Outlook type feature where you send request neither where you need to be on same network), send password protected emails, etc. For those who are against this, argue that once anyone has received any email, its their property. I disagree. Every email sent is sender’s property (all corporate email comes with “do not forward” footers) and if he is concerned about receiver forwarding email to someone else, he can use this feature. It is not enabled by default and it’s not the property of all the emails you will send, but only available if you intend to use it! (With great power, come great responsibilities). (It was really hard for me to convince my Board about this feature, but when few people misused our EAP emails, they instantly agreed!)

Weather App

How do we get weather information for all the cities on earth where Adam might go? The animation has to be perfect and must come with sound. I really want Adam to wake you up even if you are sleeping in your cozy rooms when there is thunder-storm outside.

If you are not familiar with WOEIDs, please do read about them.ย Our designers have done a real good work in showing you the transitions from day to-night, from one city to another, and from one season to another.

I read in comments, why are we wasting time in designing applications? My answer is, Eiffel Tower was called a waste andย suffered indifference and rejection of most local people at the beginning. In addition, it suffered from harsh criticism of some experts on architecture and urban planning. It takes time for everyone to realize what designers are up-to, and we are really onto something big here. We know Tegra (a) little better than the rest (just because we have spent time), this helps us in understanding what application wants from OS (else why would we know we need to increase frame-buffers for applications) and a design guide for other developers so as to make things which look uniform.

Something to keep you busy:

First Description:

Few came dangerously close,
to change the fundamentals of light,
but few realized the power of the same,
and now it even works at night!

Second Description:

I am not a sensor though I can feel
Though light is my father, I can work in a shield
I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need
My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field!

Third Description:

I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me
your test my limits, every time you set a formย free
Now I am not alone, but I’m still the alpha to all
and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be.


Nikola Tesla


We all have learnt a lot about Tesla in last 2 weeks. I will suggest you do read about “the war of currents”. ย I read somewhere that you can know a lot about someone if you know their super heroes. I suspect that is true for theย favoriteย scientists. Nikola was probably ahead of his time. Commercial success is extremely important. He did win the battle of setting AC voltage as the standard, but lost the war on commercial grounds which Edison won.

Sometimes I really feel it is harder for our generation to innovate or discover the fundamentals. All we can do is to improve what has been done, discovered or invented, max we can present in a new form. To do something special you need a Hadron Collider, and there is a steep reduction in real stories like “October Sky”. I really wish to change this! ๐Ÿ™‚

On the leaving note, I will try to have 2 posts every week! ๐Ÿ™‚

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan


9,505 thoughts on “Week-End Special – XI

  1. Thank you so much for address our questions and some of the ones that we Android users aalready know about (LL @ forceclose, browsers, etc.) Lots of good news to digest, but it now time for some sleep! (3:15 EST)


  2. So because I haven’t had any brilliant technical insights to post I won’t get to pre-order? I’ve been an avid champion for Adam to everyone I meet in-person, and yet I”m punished because I didn’t post? I’m not pleased. Gr. ๐Ÿ˜ก

  3. having been a silent reader for months and months, i wonder if the pre-booking also counts for those who only took part in votings?

    and assuming it won’t be: how long is said “interval”?

  4. Can’t believe how many times I’ve checked for updates today. Slightly addicted now methinks!

  5. I check the front page of the website every day to watch that mystery counter slowly but surely count down. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a consumer electronic product release.

  6. Will people who have applied for developer positions also be included in this pre-booking? Just curious. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Great news for the European markets, can’t wait for the final release.

    And the “Find on page” icon in the main menu will surely come in handy.

  8. Wow, I’m glad I stayed up! It’s always a treat to get to read the next update!
    Thank you Rohan and the rest of the notion ink team for all your hard work to satisfy our craving to learn more and more!

  9. Europe is still an uncaptured market as far as iPad and other tablets are concerned, becos of pricing! It’s a tricky brilliance to start there as europeans are tablet-thirsty!!!

  10. May we post guesses to the bonus mystery feature, or should we keep them to ourselves?

  11. Omg this is just wonderful, following this blog ever since day one, always hearing great news every step of the way, it’s going great and I know this tablet device isn’t like what exists in the world today, it’s unique and different.

  12. This is a really great post.. I really dig the in depth feel these customized adam apps have. This is great, I am extremely happy team Notion Ink is taking on custom full-sized + fully hardware accelerated apps! The more the better, really stands out on the market, the interface and UI alone that has been shown is just gorgeous! Not only are we updated with such a great product every week (perhaps 2 weekly now more excellent news :D) we get a nice history lesson! Thanks man!

  13. Hail from Bulgaria. You win my heart like no tablet could ever before. I’d love to own your product.

  14. I can hardly wait. I m looking forward for this. I beleive in Notion Ink.. This is grat

  15. Congratulations for everyone that posted a comment in the past. Hopefully, you will give the rest of us good feedback about the product and then we will be able to enjoy it a few weeks (months?) later.
    Thanks to the Notion Ink team for their efforts to disrupt the market with Adam and setup a new reference for the tablets of the future.

  16. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeee I’ll be able to pre-order ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Rohan Thank you very much..!

  17. arabic language support is there or not i meen it can read and write arabic pleas make clear Because many people in the Middle East Waiting impatiently

  18. As always, awesome. Not quite sure how this email thing is going to work yet but it is a cool idea lol.

  19. but when few people misused our EAP emails, they instantly agreed!) ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good one ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Thanks Rohan.. Its a great news and I would also like to get my hands dirty with ADAM asap.

    You know I am resisting so much to buy (PS3/XBOX/TAB) just to get hands on ADAM.

    So plz dont let this slip.

  21. Sounds nice! I hav a comment or two in the early stages of this blog, so I should be ready for preordering. Wondering if there will be shipping to Norway soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I have also been a silent reader for months and months, i voted every chance i got and read through all the commends but never felt a need to post. I seriously visit this blog like 10+ times a day, i just never post….

  23. Great update. As much as waiting is tough, it builds my faith that the appropriate time is being taken to build a proper device inside and out. Being In IT, I look forward to really testing the Adam in an enterprise environment.

  24. This is geat news! I’m guessing the European HQ is in Germany. Now to read the blog over and over….

  25. I hope with all the information our generation has at our disposal that we can give you, our tesla, a fighting chance against the all mighty apple. I have a lot riding on android sms notionink, and given the odds and my love for nikola and the adam, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Good luck to us both,
    All of us at 2bitDEV

  26. By the way I really hope that I don’t count as anonymous for being Mastiff instead of my real name! On the Internet I’ve been mastiff for 15 years, and I’m considering changing my name to Tor Mastiff instead of just Tor (yes I do have a last name…) but my wife doesn’t think that’s a good idea. I can’t understand why…

  27. This is great news Rohan! Thanks for the huuugeee update. Very much looking forward to starting the pre-order, we are getting closer and closer. Now for bed.. only to wake up and read more speculations about the secret feature, and contribute of course.

  28. I have now read the rest of the post. I never thought when developing a product (i know it seems obvious) you would have to go to those lengths to avoid patent infringement. Especially those that are inherently present in Android.

  29. Agreed. I have been following the development of Adam from the very beginning, and I have been building hype for it around those that I know. Although I haven’t posted before, I have been doing my part in keeping others interested and spreading the word (word of mouth, FB, etc..). I hope I too can pre-order soon, but I understand the reasoning… Still disappointing though

  30. Awesome that you’re giving the readers advanced access! does this mean it’ll even be before dec 16th?

  31. Well, It’s a good thing I commented then. Some people are going to be mad, but I think it’s a great move. This will motivate people who are “watcher only” to actually take part and contribute next time there is a discussion going on.

  32. Dirt. I have been following the blog and have voted but this is my first comment so no pre ordering for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but the time for the release is getting closer which is great!

  33. For those NI members who are in Europe – I hope they brought warm clothes, as we are drowning in snow Oo

  34. How lucky!
    I read this blog from the very beginning but I didn’t have nothing to say… unless you propose those code in your website… I love puzzle, so I made my guess and I made my own post…
    I know, I know… it’s just one, but I’m very happy to be a part of this great family!
    Waiting for preorder ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. I hope that includes me. I’ve commented in the past but that was some time ago…

  36. Good post. Thanks Rohan.

    Time to go to bed (2:30 CST)….Hoping to be on the pre-order eligible list…. wohoooo

  37. I’ve been reading this blog a long time and waiting for the Adam and not buying any other tablet. Now I’m not able to pre-order this thing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ because I haven’t commented on any of the blog posts. Maybe I should have just posted comments like “first” or “second”. Those comments don’t add anything to the discussion but do get you in the “familiy”…

  38. Oh man! I guess I won’t be on the preorder list. Can someone tell me if Adam is different from Eden. I am confused by this…as this post says Eden is going to be compatible with 2.3 Android.

  39. I also wanted to say thank you for putting family first. Secondly, I agree with adeezl the more customized apps the better. The eco systems and differentiation on the software front is extremely important, I’m glad that Notion Ink have sight of this.

    Also 2 posts a week sounds great! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would very much appreciate that and thank you for taking our feedback on-board.

  40. @ Rohan,
    (I apologize for being little mystic in this post, but I want to point in the future, back to this post and tell you that I shared a secret and hint with all of you, and it all happened in front of your eyes!)

    ..? ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Phew, made some comments and even sent in a logo design for the contest ๐Ÿ˜€

    Didn’t win, but getting to pre order is rewarding enough. Can’t wait Rohan !!!

  42. don’t worry i won’t be pre ordering, so if you want you can use my id.
    I don’t yet have all the money that i’ll need for pre ordering.
    Arrrg I am a bit frustrated though.

  43. :((( I was so eager for the pre-order, i have been your big fan since January this year and have been on your web page every day for the last 5 months reading the blog and waiting for exciting news about your progress. And just because i have not posted any comment i am not a part of “this family” and can not get a pre-order?! Not fair!!!!

  44. It feels like Christmas is going to come a couple of weeks early ๐Ÿ™‚

    At least I’ll be able to order my pressie ๐Ÿ™‚ even if I can’t have it on the day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Keep up the great work guys …….. just keep it down a bit with the whooping and hollering as I think our resident Gecko is still asleep!


  45. love the weather app pic! Hopefully other developers will be motivated by your apps to put out other high quality ones! And YIPPEE! I’ll get to preorder!

    As far as Tesla, he was definitely ahead of his time! It is a shame people know Edison and Marconi while not knowing about Tesla. I myself learned about him from a metal band called Tesla. Their second album was titled The Great Radio Controversy. I think it is sad that I learned about Tesla from this album and not from school. Their third album had a song called Edison’s Medicine. Great song about what happened to Tesla.

  46. *squeeeee* awesome to get more solid info. I’ve been lusting after Adam since I first heard about it – tablets aren’t good for reading, and readers can’t tablet, having just one thing that does it all will be fantastic. I can’t wait!

  47. @Rohan and Notion Ink team: My “first” Smiley and Thanks went on the end of the last post, as I had it open at the time … ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wonderful post, read through a couple of times already. SO excited to be given the chance to pre-order from this blog; it does feel like a worldwide family here!

    Thanks to all!

  48. Hello!
    I can’t wait anymore to hold the Adam in my hands!I am from Germany and hope i can buy it from here

  49. OK, I usually don;t do this, but :D. I haven’t read all of the post, but scanned that you need to comment here to be able to pre-order.

    OK now to read the post!!


  50. clap clap clap!

    One question though – you’re accepting pre-orders, which is nice. But you also say that “all software is in beta”. Seems a bit contradictory. I would’ve expected GM before pre-ordering.

  51. not here ๐Ÿ™‚ but if one has commented in the previous blog entries ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hi Rohan, any clues as to what the educational discount might look like? I’d really love to be able to put an adam to use at school!

  53. Wow great. Its so amazing to hear that there wont be to much days i have to wait for it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all this nice features.

  54. Another great post of status updates and philosophy. While I am not an avid poster I am a silent member of this blog. I think I have only posted once or twice. I do love how massive your mind stretches in relation to Notion Ink and Life in General. Its a nice start to my weekend. Twice a week, thats awesome. I look forward to more philosophy and your other view points I would love to get early bookings but have so much to save more – intercontiental flight, xmas presents, travel money, trance concert. I want to get the Adam for Feb 2011 Bday when Im back in Oz but I know I have a gadget obsession. I have waited more than a year.
    Should I save for my trip home from Uk to Oz in Feb or buy as soon the adam is

  55. I really appreciate the fact that the Notion Ink team is developing with an eye towards possibility, rather than limits. Way to go! Can’t wait to order my Adam(s).

  56. I’ve posted a couple of times a few months ago, please say I qualify for the preorder!

  57. Awesome, family first…..we have all been following adam and no one can deny that it truly has become part of a lot of our lives,at least for all the hard core fans here, be it the complaining, prayers or the support… adam sure will be a exciting addition to my family.

  58. Yipeeeee !!! Rohan does Care about us !!! You took in consideration what we said about giving us Priority first !! I think im going to cry of Joy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. hi rohan! nice post, as ever! thank you for the preorder-option! will we all get an email, when pre-order is possible? if so, i must watch my second email-account from now on, as i worried to get spam when posting here with my normal email-address ๐Ÿ˜‰ but i think, i can manage that.
    where in europe are you? i think germany is a big market, look at www dot netbooknews dot de (.com is for the english version), they are really excited about adam and notion ink! hope to see adam in german webstores and on more popular blogs. at work (it-branche) i spoke with many people who are thinking of buying a tablet, but no one heard of adam. so i send them links and they all where amazed.
    great to hear you are posting 2 times a week, that will help not scrolling through the comments endlessly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. Xes we have alot of snow here and it’s cold. So I hope, ADAM will be resistend agains sbow and cold temperatures ๐Ÿ™‚
    On the other hand we we can use the ADAM for reading a good book on the couch in front of a firehorse ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Well I’ve been reading this blog forever…never left a comment I guess that bit me in the A…can’t wait to have a chance…everything just sounds so perfect…and I love the updates…just keeps me on the edge…

  62. Now that I’ve read the post I also can’t believe that my silence may have put me at a disadvantage! Been an avid reader for months, but never made a comment…arse!

  63. Nice ….
    I hope you have atleast 100K + Adams available for the pre-ordering / release round.
    Its great that you will allow folks that have been following NI blog to order first. Will they take delivery priority also????. I think this will ensure some very positive (not necessarily fudged) reviews of the product.

    I remember you mentioning to slashgear folks that NI can ramp to 100K units per month. Question is how soon can thi sramping happen.

    Most of us a CURIOUS about the software …but we are IMPATIENT to confirm some of the hardware aspects –

    1> Trackpad??? (there is speculation it is still included…but the web-page doesnt mention it..please clarify)

    2> 3G. I know it is GSM …But what frequency…In the US …is it ATT / T-mobile compatible?

    3> Battery (User replacable??? or easily replaceble?? (By NI)

    4> Some details of Pixel Qi (contrast, its comparison with other LCDs)

    And yes .. ..what will be the delay between pre-order and shipping (delivery)

    Nice job….yes The eiffel tower was awesome ….But minus the Tourists its still a heap of metal..
    ………….NI Tourists are getting a bit impatient ….. Dont miss the holiday season for delivery of Adam

    Best wishes…..

  64. Have you thought about developing some applications for augmented reality? In the future you plan to equip the Adam 2 with a stereoscopic cam? When Adam is in reflective modes, for reading at night, is expected some kind of secondary lighting?
    When you are in Italy?
    I hope yours, and ours, Adam is put on the market faster. He is a year that I follow and I have resisted any temptation to buy another tablet. Go Adam!!!

  65. Outch A weekend of reflection as begun. I thought of the wireless charger or a 3D display technology. I doubt October Sky gives me the answer to the riddle of Adam but i m gong to watch it. So i maintain the idรฉal of a wireless charger…for now

  66. Looks like I was the last one in last weeks post!!

    Hopefully I am in the pre-booking list.


  67. Same thing here. I applied as a dev. and submitted a logo design, but never commented. I’m not really the outspoken type in forums and such, but I didn’t think it’d cost the the pre-order I’ve been waiting nearly a year for…

  68. Can’t wait to here about this app that you havent explicitly introduced (the word/note writer app) Hopefully there will be some pdf editor app, either included in the pre-uploaded software or freeware that I will be able to download. Probably the one that ill use the most after the internet.

    Back in the inception post, you spoke about a discount for students if that is still on that would be legit

  69. Rohan,

    Good to know that all the fanboys will get first chance to buy.. are we having pre-ordering on 9th?

  70. Well, I guess I should have shared my thoughts more… granted I was usually too busy trying to figure out the random puzzles that liked to pop up on the site, rather than post a ‘lol first’ post.

    I’m not worried about being in the pre-booking, just as long as I get into the booking at all. However, to assume that only people that post are the ONLY family that matters is a little presumptuous overall.

    New puzzles = fun times for the bloggers tomorrow. And, more trolling the ‘crunchgear’ site to see how many hornets nests I feel like shaking up.

    Take care Rohan, keep up the good work.

  71. Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt the color scheme of the Mail’d app more or less highly representative of the OR of the USPS?

    I respect you(Rohan) immensely for wanting to change the world. I believe that you actually do mean it and you want to revolutionize the industry. But how can we truly change the world if you yourself still submit to the existing hegemonies and perpetuate them? Part of that revolution is indubitably the demise of the US as a “tech leader”.

    When even an Indian company uses US colors, its just wow.

  72. till now we just knew about 4 variants? now he is talking about 6 might be from different storage capacity?

  73. Brilliant! Finally the pre-order! Hope you count far enough back though! Very high hopes on the Adam…


  74. Greetz from Germany… hope to have Adam soon ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Itยดs a soooo lovely piece of marvelous tech

  75. Getting closer! But the text in that browser snapshot is very dark and kinda hard to read…

  76. @Rohan

    Really love the part about family first.

    And, we have been thinking of only 4 variants – the 6 variants phrase is a surprise. Are those going to be the camera-less ones so the Adam could be carried in places where cameras are prohibited?

    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. That should be fine also! cause i have been following the weekend updates for a while now ๐Ÿ™‚ all commented!

  78. Firstly, I wish I am in the “interval”…

    Overall as usual good info. Good to know that NI has given great deal of attention to new comers problem. I have definitely received great deal of information for starting something for myself some day.

    I liked the idea of the browser and agree it can be a daunting task to shut it(at least 5 clicks/steps .. menu->windows->close tab->back->home).

    Mystery Feature: Overall I have given up my idea of guessing

    I was actually looking for answers like
    1) How many ADAM’s I can order maximum?
    2) How will I get support for ADAM in Singapore? Does NI have any local collaboration? (Personally I don’t care cause I have spoiled enough of devices. But this is an important question for the local people here … “Where will I take the device for repairing?”.. can’t really mock the accent in word!)
    3) Will it be possible to run apps from NI on non-ADAM devices?
    4) Can I be beta tester? (I would need an ADAM for testing all your beta apps :P)

  79. loved the mail’d interface. keep imagining, though, how it is going to work from a ‘couchwise’ perspective (the perspective of someone lying in the sofa and using the litle marvel. is it comfy?
    dying to test it!
    rohan, all the best,

  80. So even though this is technically my first comment please don’t discriminate ๐Ÿ˜€ I have been reading since May and it’s hard to believe it’s finally december.

    Either way I can’t wait to finally get my hands on this tablet I have literally been obsessing over it.


  81. Oh for crying out loud! I tried to unsubscribe from the follow-up comments because it was going to keep me up all night and now I unsubscribed from site updates…arrg Now I can’t find the subscription button on this site to re-subscribe. I’m going back to bed now…

  82. So, there’s a lot of snow in Hamburg, too, yes? Here in Vienna, we could go skiing in the city ๐Ÿ˜‰

  83. Came here to post about how upset I am that I’ve followed the blog since the start and never commented, but my browser auto-filled some of the info, so I guess I could have and forgot about it? Whatever, I’m thrilled the world is that much closer to experiencing Adam!
    Another question, if someone registered for the EAP and did not get selected, but did not comment on the blog, does that count for the pre-booking? =) yes, I’d really love to get one asap!!

  84. Rohan just has confirmed Gingerbread to be released the 6th ! and between the lines that NI already has access to it or at least some detailed documentation…. GREAT !

    Drop me a mail if the NI team happens to be in Barcelona, need a guide are translator, this week is I have plenty of time to help out.

    6 variants of the Adam….

    – wifi only, normal lcd
    – 3G , normal lcd
    – wifi, Qi
    – 3G ,Qi
    – ……
    – ……

  85. Posted a few comments in the past with my correct email address. That makes me eligible for pre-booking right? Just checking as I am not sure what Rohan means when he says the “anonymous” ones won’t get to pre-book! On the blog, anyone who doesn’t post their correct email address is anonymous right?

  86. Rohan said,
    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me (telephone)
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free (sms?)
    Now I am not alone, but Iโ€™m still the alpha to all (Application is in alpha stage?)
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be. (First time Bell made a call in 1915?)

    I think Rohan is referring to telephone. Does this mean we can make telephone calls using ADAM


  87. So nice of you ROHAN and NI …….nice to hear from you about considering us first for getting adam

  88. Great job Rohan and team ! Been following this blog and your progress for almost a year. My first post. Have been showing my 9 year old what she would be getting for several months now. Hopefully Ican pre-order.


  89. Can’t wait to see this unit up close.
    I am glad I held off at getting the viewsonic gtablet.

  90. Damn i only normally post once a week or so.But today i feel as excited as a kid in a sweetshop.

  91. Rohan may need to clarify if the community member needed to have contributed in the comments or just have just followed religiously. Or even just post once like you just did.

    But yes, Im also a little anxious about getting an adam

  92. I was just about to ask the same question but read your comment (good thing that there are ‘only’ 106 comments so far). I think the 4 variants are probably still present (with Wifi, 3G, LCD and Pixel Qi combinations). Storage might be the other aspect as the tech specs page no longer shows the actual capacity. So, it would be safe to assume that the prices have also changed.

  93. I have one question that will hopefully make me extremely happy. Was there a limit to how many posts and over what time period to be apart of the Notion Ink family? I admit I haven’t commented a ton over the past couple of months but I know any little bit matters. Because I would love to be apart of that starting family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. So we are having six variants of adams? wow thats really a big choice (now I have to struggle which one to choose from :(, wish I could all 6 variants ).

    Rohan, are you coming up with a large quantity of adams at its introduction? I don’t want to be disappointed due to “out of stock on day 1 hour 1”. Please have atleast 100K adams (for sure they would go off in less than a day).

  95. What’s the motivation now besides to complain? This only rewards “me too!” posts. I try to avoid posting stuff like that because it adds nothing substantive to the discussion.

  96. Hello!

    I’m in France too! And i really want to know if prebook will be available when you’re in France!

    Hope i’m in the interval too ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. I can’t wait for this to be released. Many times a day I find my self thinking If only I had my adam…. my adam would be perfect right about now…. especially since it’s gorgeous and sunny down here in New Zealand.

  98. Finally. Finally. Finally. Usually a silent reader on most fora and blogs. This is probably one of the two or three that I have posted on. And hey …thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. 2 posts a week would be great ( I am already eager for your next post ๐Ÿ™‚ ).
    Task done. time to go for sleep

  100. More and more exciting! Day by day!

    Rohan, if your team will be in USA, particularly SF on 12/6, please let USA family members know…

  101. Oh oh… I think I mis read the thing.. the interval would be the interval of pre-booking not commenting.. alright Bro.. we will have an ADAM before many many many many many people…
    I like the ADAM’s family. I like “THING” he was cool

  102. Good news that this is not my first post ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Money is ready for transfer….

    Keep in touch with the Dutch


  103. Can’t wait to put my hands on Adam. Hope, in Russia he will show bears and matryoshka =).
    Really, looking forward to start using it.
    PS. As i get it, it will support corporate e-mails? Simular to Lotus?

  104. You just made my day Rohan!!

    Hell you MADE MY MONTH!!! Nay YEAR!!!

    The announcement of the pre-orders is just about the PERFECT bday present i could have asked for!! And since i have commented on the blogs previously, i think i should be in line to get one in the initial round!! (haven’t commented too much, but have commented nonetheless!! Hope that volume of comments dont count against me!!)

    Will just read the rest of the post now :D:d

  105. Very exciting!

    I am glad I made a few comments in the past. Can’t wait to pre-order!

    Will there be an e-mail or something notifying us of the pre-order?

  106. Mohammad,
    I too am gutted. I have been following closely for months along the way taking a bite out of the Apple by converting people to the Adam.
    I am shattered that I have to wait longer.

  107. Rohan, thanks for taking care of family! We really appreciate you watching out for us!

    You and all of Notion Ink are doing a wonderful job!!! Thank you!!!

    Finding FCC Info… difficult or impossible? Sounds like a challenge!

    6 variants? Please, please, please tell me that means With and without a digitizer! Options for additional storage would be great too.

    Great news on the payment gateways. Can’t wait to use them!!! Let the pre-orders begin!

    It is a good thing I don’t know which company had issue with Wifi infringement. That way I don’t have to be angry with them. I’m glad you got it worked out. I’m also glad you also were prudent with decisions about other areas (in Android) where you felt patent infringements might exist. It sounds like it is paying off.

    When you say Adam is in Europe now, what do you mean? Obviously no one there has been able to purchase one yet. Since the sales and marketing team is there this week, will that be where Adam will be announced first to the world?

    YES on Android 2.3! I will be glued to the blog on the 6th too! Can’t wait to hear more…

    The browser sounds great, with lots of cool features built in. I’m so glad the calendar will sync with Google calendar, etc. I really hope the browser bookmarks work with google bookmarks so they are synced with my PC. That would be awesome!

    I’m dying to know how we can recall sent email. It sounds awesome. I don’t know of any other companies that can do that on an open email system (we can do it on our closed GroupWise email system at work – but once the recipient opens the message there is no way to get it back). I Can’t wait to hear more on this.

    I for one am very thankful that NI is spending time on apps!!! I hope you continue updating apps and creating new apps once Adam is released.

    And thanks (I think) for the new clues. I guess it means more sleepless nights banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what they mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is sooooo much in this post to keep us guessing. I’m glad the 9th is coming fast (though it does not feel like it). I hope all is revealed then.

  108. Hey ….what 6 variants are you talking about ….Lst I heard there were 4
    LCD (no 3G),
    LCD (and 3G)
    Pizel Qi (n 3G) and
    Pixel Qi (and 3G)

    2 new variants ???????????

  109. Sorry about the spaz attacks and multiple responses… this is too exciting for my little brain XD.

    I’ve just gone through the previous posts checked that I’ve posted in all the weekend updates, but have missed a few earlier ones (ones without “weekend update”)… I hope this doesn’t mean im excluded from the preorders! D:

  110. Yes, i have the same question! Because i read the blog every day! I only post for the frist time yesterday!
    They canยดt forget the time diference! Now itยดs 8.55 am!!

  111. Robin, I guess NI must have access to Gingerbread source repository. So they may have been trying to keep track of what source changes Google was introducing in Gingerbread. I assume that since there may not be too many changes, NI is confident of incorporating them into Eden. Nevertheless, it is good to see an Android device already sporting the latest version of the OS.

  112. @everyone

    Hahahahaha!!! Calm down.

    Please understand Notion Ink has to undergo some stratification for the preorder. IMHO past commentors being given priority is just one of those methods. Please remember the intitial production will not be huge, NI has to have an assurance that the market impact is the one expected, after which we can see a surge in production (knowing the investors will be very happy!!!).

    I feel, even if one is not able to preorder, there wont be a BIG difference in the duration (?1-2 month). I think NI is well aware that a long delay in preorder/availibility will convert those frustrated consumers to IPAD 2 owners. SO BE CALM!!!!

    Another way to look at this is: EAP1 –> then EAP2 —> then past commentors —>then general on shelf availibility.

    So those who feel they are left out just because they are silent PLEASE TAKE HEART, things are not so gloomy as it looks!!!

  113. Is it just me or is Rohan becoming more cryptic with each post. Still the Adam is looking beter & better with each post.

    I have to say I was a bit sceptical about notion ink developing a large part of the tablets OS. It’s a huge undertaking, which hardware vendors usually try and cut corners on. Think of all the software that comes with a typical windows pc. The first thing people do is try to remove most of it.

    Where as Adams software is looking very well thought out and a huge asset to the well designed hardware.

  114. Talk about luck! Been following ADAM since almost the start of the year and only made one post a couple weeks ago. Good thing I didn’t do it anonymously.

    I have one request which is a little out of scope (since it only pertains to a small group of people). Is it possible to alter the source of the weather data? In Australia there is really only one accurate source of weather data which is the Australian Bureau of Meterology (http://www.bom.gov.au). Every other source of weather forecasts are pretty much useless due to inaccuracy.

  115. Haha I am thinking about tracing there logistics/factory locations and attack it and take my 2 pieces and leave 1000$ behind in the wagon.. I am not a “DAAKU” but I can be insane at times.

    Why 2? No one can have just one ๐Ÿ˜›

  116. So because I havenโ€™t had any brilliant technical insights to post I wonโ€™t get to pre-order? Iโ€™ve been an avid champion for Adam to everyone I meet in-person, and yet Iโ€m punished because I didnโ€™t post? Iโ€™m not pleased. Gr. ๐Ÿ˜ก



  117. I have been following since January and so I am looking forward to a visit from Santa, I’ce been good so looking forward to seeing an Adam in his sack ๐Ÿ™‚ This fantastic new and I too feel like I have a new family. I have loved all the bedtime stories and constantly watch for more. Well done to the Notion link team letting us join the dream.

  118. I am in the pre order list ? This my 2nd comment after logo one . I am following this blog from last 4 months . I suggest Rohan to post[ or by email] names of eligible persons for pre ordering .

  119. Well, i am not sad i didnt comment here before, so i could pre order it….
    Would never buy a product without reviews first anyway. New company, new product.. No doubt it will be a success, but who knows… $500 doest grown on trees…

  120. I am relatively new to the Adam-fan bandwagon. But I am definitely interested in prebooking, since I think this is the tablet I’ve been looking for. I’ve searched the blog and didn’t really understand if the adam will have the following functionality, which is my primary interest (as a university professor):

    – I would like to give presentations using the tablet rather than a PC. Will there be some sort of alternative to ppt for this purpose?

    – I read a lot of pdfs and would love it if I never had to print out another pdf again. Does anyone know if there is a good android pdf reader that supports annotation or (better) editing?

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to the release.

  121. Can’t wait to see the official final pics and the store up! It’s SO EXCITING!

  122. @Rohan

    So, how are you going to be able to tell who is whom for the pre-ordering? By email?

  123. I am leaning more and more towards the idea that the feature has something to do with wireless charging.

    “Tesla demonstrated wireless energy transfer to power electronic devices as early as 1893”

    This would fit the century old statement, as well as the birth of the feature leading to a new era (wireless era), the Big Bang reference could be referring to the energy released during the big bang.
    The biggest thing that I can’t connect is the importance of light, unless it is solar energy, which is still wireless I guess…but that is a stretch even farther than what I have already said.

    I don’t know, I’m just trying to put my thoughts into coherent sentences at this point, feel free to ignore me.

  124. I think the two new variants may be Wifi only …. or my favourite hobby horse – LTE or Wimax!!! I’m telling you guys, expect something that works with Indian Broadband Spectrum ….

  125. Hi NI can we have a weather app that actually changes the weather, …winter has arrived hard and early in the UK and it would be nice to feel the heat of the sun soon

  126. Epictastic good news! There is no emoticon available that’ll express my joy! Woohoo!

  127. I agree with you, its just a little frustrating considering many people here including myself are religious about the adam but just never felt a need to post any comments. I guess it will just make it that much sweeter when we actually do get it in our hands.

  128. You can stop people from forwarding an email (although this would be a non-standard and freedom-crushing implementation), but try stopping them from copying and pasting it. Will you intrude to the level of controlling even the basic editing functionality in your email client?

    What would be the strategy when someone uses another email client? Just the penalty of losing all Mail’d goodness?

  129. Amit, I think your interpretation is correct. NI can simply send an email (with the pre-order link) to the email address that is specified when posting comments. And they may do this for email addresses in the comments starting with the comments previous blog post and further back.

    So, if someone used a junk email address, they don’t get an email.

    It is a simple and effective approach, IMHO.

  130. I am so glad I made a comment, did alot of reading… Cannot wait to pre-order. 1:00 am in California, going to bed.

  131. Had wondered about the other 2 versions as well. Off the top of my head the only things I could come up with were higher res screen version(unlikely), and 4g. I’m leaning more towards 4g as companies are starting to/have roll(ed) out their 4g network. More likely it would be LTE for 4g reception.

  132. argh
    I followed this blog since several monthes and postponed my order of a tablet despite my wife presure
    but I never took time to comment…
    I’ll have to wait a little bit more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  133. Hi Rohan, I life in Hamburg, Germany. In my comany (Johnson&Johnson) I’m working as IT coordinator on european ad woldwite IM projects and I’m also working as “help desk” for the useres here in Hamburg. But I want quit my job. So if your HQ will be in Hamburg and you will need a “good guy” please contact my ๐Ÿ™‚


  134. omg omg omg… Rohan shows the family some love. Now the only thing missing in my life is a smiley by Rohan himself (cough*cough* ROHAN).

  135. ‘light’ = EM.
    Anything that can be derived from it the possible feature I guess.


  136. I posted my comments in the pre-hundreds comments era. Hope NI looks also in their history.
    Last week 4 Indian Oracle designers started to work on our new ERP system, planned to beg them to bring me adam. … No need for that now.
    Excellent news. However we all would like to get some basic info straightend out like a lott comments ask for. Hope Rohan can clarify them during the increased frequence of blogs. Carry on NI !!!

  137. I agree with some posters regarding silent followers. I follow the blog for months now, voted for various times. I am no tech person and have limited to nil to contribute on the blog, but that doesnt mean I am not part of the family. Just like any family, not every member contributes by the same way (as of posting at this blog). In fact, I talk to people about Adam, make them aware of this coming great product. I can tell you Notion-ink Adam is not a well-known name out here in Australia. I even talked with IT people at work and they dont know or heard of Notion Ink Adam. I showed them this web-link to be more educated about Adam. I dont think my contribution is less than those posting here regularly. Just because i never posted here before (and this is my first time cos’ I think there is a need for me to make a stand for this issue), I am not counted as part of the family is wrong. I think Rohan you need to re-think about this.

  138. exiting !!!
    Canโ€™t wait to pre-order!
    I know it’s my first reply but I’m coming every day to read new post
    Fan from France

  139. I miss a feature to edit my own post here in this blog, because my keyboard doesn’t write that what I want ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  140. oh oh oh…am i on the list rohan, coz this is just my 3rd/4th post, my first post was about six month ago….(im just a silent follower)…sad, soo sad…

  141. Did anyone read slashgear’s interview with Rohan? In it he mentioned being disappointed that Apple did not bring out their 3D UI with the iPad. The addition of an IR camera sounds a lot like having a 3D interface, particularly with Kinect out now.

  142. Dissapointed that people liek myself who have followed this blog and did not post are excluded from the first set of preorders. It’s certainly nice for those that did post but I suspect more peope will be disappointed than pleased as the majority of readers probably don’t post. Hopefully there won’t be too long of an interval though.

  143. Thank Rohan, after finally caving and buying an iPad for the wife last week, I’m quite excited about the prospect of actually getting an adam for comparison in the near future myself!


  144. … why on earth would you do this?

    And yes, it’s easily circumvented by using an alternate email program (K9, gmail app), or the rooted copy-paste app as it OCRs the screen.

    That said, the originating emailer must be using an Adam too, or download / install plugins.

    I understand the need for encryption, but this is a weird “feature”.

  145. How will we know about ordering? Ordering directly from notion ink or a certain company? Like amazon or verizon?

  146. I am following this blog,right from begining.But i must post now in order to get preorder.I got selected for tcs,now waiting to buy an adam.

  147. One thing I have learned… Rohan cares!

    He will do his best to look out for those who have been religiously following the blog but have not commented. But he has to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise everyone would just comment for the first time right now to get on the initial pre-order list.

    I bet if a good solution is offered that will make everyone happy, Rohan would be glad to go to bat with the investors to get it approved. Right Rohan?

    So what does everyone think the solution is? If you were Rohan, how would you handle this? I think I would have done what he did, even though I sincerely regret some people will miss out.

    If only it were a perfect world….

  148. i did post in some of the facebook discussions for the page notion ink set up but i guess that won’t be recognised ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  149. I dozed off for a few minutes….missed my place in line. Now I am number 100! That’s a long miss. Hopefully, that won’t happen to any pre-booking.
    Great post again Rohan.

  150. Excellent news on (at least 4 counts)
    – Pre-order eligibility
    – Release (and therefore support) in Europe
    – Twice weekly updates
    – News coming on the 6th and 9th December (Android)
    – Mail’d compatibility/synch with Gmail
    ….. and the sun has started shining

  151. >Third Description:

    >I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me

    Pertains to the speed of light in vacuum (or electricity on wires or radio waves)?

    >your test my limits, every time you set a form free

    Sounds like sending emails or relating to communication?

    >Now I am not alone, but Iโ€™m still the alpha to all

    So it is a technology that was the first to be used, but now has competition?

    >and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be.

    What is he talking about – walkie talkies? Radio communication? Peer-to-peer wi-fi collaboration like the one on XO / Sugar?

  152. My advice to everyone who has not posted yet is to start posting now. You never know….

  153. Family 1st!! Awesome Rohan, thanks for the update. Hope you have seen/count my few posts I have made. I stay up every Friday nite til the Saturday update gets posted ๐Ÿ™‚ I have done my part and have been spreading the word to anyone who will listen, even got some ‘appleheads’ to convert. Rohan, thank you for your time, effort, and love for adam. And I have a feeling that the world will be saying the same thing very soon… ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. A great read as always, so thank you for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    One tip for your sales team in Europe, brave the cold weather of Scandinavia and make sure you get a distribution deal for the region. Perhaps with ElGiganten/Elkjรธp which is in Demark, Sweden, Norway plus the other Nordic countries. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elkjรธp)

    We buy a lot of tech gadgets and have a strong economy. For many 300$ is an impulse buy and we are known as early adopters.

    But we do prefer to have a local representative with which to interact in case of returns/repairs. Also be warned that we have very strong laws made to protect customers, so we have longer warranty periods than other areas.

    On the matter of the pre-order, really smart move to limit it to those who have participated on the blog already, as that should ensure a lot of favourable coverage on blogs and forums.

    Really looking forwards to the reviews and getting my hands on the Adam when the order system opens for the rest of us.

  155. The wait is ultimately over… prebooking thts cool … :)) Really curious to own one… ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. I have been following the adam for more than a year. To see it this far is amazing. I can’t wait.

  157. I get to pre-order in the first group!!!! Yes!!!! So amazingly glad to have been following especially now!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. Haha.. the Adam will always stay afloat! If you drop it, before it hits the ground.. it’ll levitate back to you hands!

  159. Thanks for the awesome update Rohan. You guys must be facing a tight schedule with production deadlines and last minute testing!

    Can you announce the launch event so that we can join?

  160. The total no of followers/commentors wont be 5000. Even that may be a big no. In that, not all may order, maybe btw 2K and 3K. And i guess one can order only one. The track-id would only be email. Maybe they would run this special offer for less than a week.

  161. Yeah !!
    Please, please, update more often.

    (and add the bรฉpo, a french dvorak keybord, in your productโ€ฆ)

    Still no sun in Paris, France, waiting for more snow.

  162. Microshaft has ruined the world. Its leaked emails were clinching evidence in their antitrust trials, so it ‘innovated’ by bringing in the idea of expiring and recallable emails.

    Now, real world mail does not work in this way, does it? You could intercept it while at the PO, but once it is delivered, getting it back would be trespassing.

  163. So this means that long time non posting blog stalkers like me don’t make the pre-booking cut? I am thoroughly distraught!

  164. Thank you Rohan!

    Been following this blog for long time. I truly believe that this product is going to revolutionize the tablet world, a success that had once dominated by iPhone in the smartphone world.


  165. I too am disappointed to be left out of the earliest pre-orders because I did not add to the discussions which I followed closely on this site. Oh well, I can still applaud Notion Ink for showing loyalty to their loyal contributors.

    Still can’t wait to buy my Adam ๐Ÿ˜€

  166. First time commenter, partially because I want in on that pre order but partially because im very excited about the future of Adam! i am posting this on a sample galaxy tab in Indonesia and it is nothing compared to what i believe the Adam will be in my imagination! heres hoping i have one inmy hands soon!

  167. Okay. I got it. It’s definitely something to do with infrared. I think it may be an external temperature sensor!

    Let’s see:

    I am not a sensor though I can feel – IR can “feel” what’s coming at it
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield – IR is in fact light and can work in a shield
    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need – duh
    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field! – IR ports exist since recently

    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me – IR is, well, speed of light
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free – this I don’t know
    Now I am not alone, but Iโ€™m still the alpha to all – bluetooth?
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be. – this I am not sure either

  168. I concur, many of us readers have taken the approach of silence in our fandom. For alot of fans, joining facebook groups, refreshing the page every 15 minutes on the saturday (now regarded, probably by many, but definitely by myself as the most important day of the week), pitching the Adam to absolutely anyone who’ll listen (including the unfortunate ones who won’t), voted for the colors (as innocuous as this is, its definitely registerable, since everything else is pretty hard to detect).

    Also, as unlikely as it is, one could run through the blog visitor IP logs (since I’m pretty sure that’s possible, and the origin of the idea of ‘unique visitors’ (a quick Google search informs me that wordpress uses plugins)) looking for unique visitors. An idea, but unfortunately a time consuming one- so nix that.

    So, to cap that off, I’d like to say (finally, rather belatedly :/)…this is, in every fan’s eyes, the finest concept (and later full product) that has yet graced the android landscape.

  169. Rohan Said,
    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me (Telephone?)
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free (SMS?)
    Now I am not alone, but Iโ€™m still the alpha to all (the application is alpha stage?)
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be. (telephone was invented around 1880?)

    If I am correct Rohan is referring to mobile calls. That is in addition to data transfer, we may have telephone call facility using 3G?

    Any thoughts?

  170. I want the adam before christmas eve…! Iยดm following this blog since CES 2010.

  171. True, I have been following this blog religiously but I haven’t really posted. So I guess I will now!

  172. Rohan Said,
    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me (Telephone?)
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free (SMS?)
    Now I am not alone, but Iโ€™m still the alpha to all (the application is alpha stage?)
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be. (telephone was invented around 1880?)

    If I am correct Rohan is referring to mobile calls. That is in addition to data transfer, we may have telephone call facility using 3G?

    Any thoughts?


  173. Hmmmm Some companies have started policies in regard to this. They buy a lot of phones and notebooks for employees specifically without cameras for this reason. There is fear of confidential info being photographed and taken outside the company. This could be something for consideration in the future, though I hope there is something added rather than taken away for the two new variants…

  174. Also, Eden comes out on Monday and Rohan and the crew are gonna get on the update pronto!!! That’s awesome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Adam, Eden, and Honeycomb? I think I just had a baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. I dont think thats true only of usps.
    I think that in general those are the colors of registered envelops.

  176. Rohan,

    Nice update again.. but as I was requesting sometime back, could you give us 2 updates a week. Its a painful wait of one week for all of us, fanboys. We make do with the comments section.. but you could give us more..


  177. The journey has just begun! There could still be other ways of pre-ordering or even other rewards that Rohan has up his sleeve. Pre-ordering may also happen a week before normal ordering! It’s hardly the end of the world. Saying “what’s the motivation now besides to complain” is kind of a ridiculous comment.

  178. When the sender and receiver are using Exchange Server (for example within an organization), Outlook also provides a similar feature; when composing the email, the sender can control if the receiver can forward an email.

    There are valid business scenarios for utilizing this feature, including like the one Rohan mentioned.

    But I agree that the email client should not prevent copying the text of such an email. This would be moot to a certain extent as the receiver can still manually type down the text of the received email into another email composition. Not sure though about the email header chain.

  179. Great news! Seems like our patience and interest is being rewarded in a great way. Can’t wait to hit that pre-order button.

  180. I guess it is Solar-cells lined over the frame of ADAM to extract energy from daylight or fluorocense of room-light at night.

  181. >>> On the leaving note, I will try to have 2 posts every week!

    for sure you missed his leaving note ๐Ÿ™‚

  182. Eagerly awaiting us release and more information.. most don’t even know here about adam, only the ?pad…

  183. Back in 2003 I already used a system that could, prevent forwarding, copy-paste, time limited, ect …. it worked on all receiving mail clients.

  184. @Rohan Thanks a bunch again for the post; finally I can see the confidence in the words; you were holding back a touch last few weeks may be waiting for all the OKs from all concerned…

    am not sure how the anonymous names are determined – but if you could consider the email addresses that would be justice to folks like me who have a very common first name and hence feel comfortable in the made up ones…

    Sales & Mktg team in Europe already! could you hint where abouts they are… UK in a bit of snow right now but I should be able to track them alright

    kudos to all of team NI and your board members too… indeed without their blessings and calculated risks this grand dream wouldnt have been a reality

    keep up the great work again and have a happy weekend

  185. Although it won’t get me in line for the first pre-order, this is something I have to get off of my chest. It’s is good to know that after following development and everything around Adam for about a year now, eagerly awaiting every snippet of news, being hardly able to wait until pre-order is available, not having posted on this blog means I’m not considered as one of the family. It’s good to know where I stand.

    Still eagerly awaiting my Adam,

  186. Those colors are very typical of many other countries’ mail as well. I like the graphics very much and the nod to the old generic concept of paper-based “mail”. The US certainly doesn’t hold patents on those colors :p I miss getting pretty stamps and tissue airmail letters from distant friends!.

  187. Damn, why have I not posted one reply in this blog.
    I am a reader from the start of this blog ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I hope there will be a second group.

  188. As im posting this, the blog reached 2,474,621 hits!

    Rohan, please please please make it available for pre-order in the Philippines!

    Thank you!

  189. I agree. I’ve been following the blog now for weeks but am no technological mind to make a worthy contribution. Not to mention most of my time is spent following the Gecko wit.

  190. I’m just wake-up and WOW, here you are an amazing news. HURRAH!!! I can’t believe it!!! If I close my eyes I can feel the Adam into my hands right now and “my mouth waters” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you Rohan for everything also to include Europe into the market (I live in Italy as I mention some week-end special ago) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    P.s.: I just have a questions for you. How many points are well-supported by the multitouch?

  191. I have never read anything so fast in my life. Now, I gotta go back and read it again. Lol. So excited!!! I am so glad I can order in the first group! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to get an Adam because they would sale out. I am a little slow with the posts but not now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Rohan and NI for this. All I need now is to know when the pre-order time will be!

  192. Awesome !!!

    Really happy for the folks who posted here.

    I will really appreciate the first reviews from the chatty lot here when they get their hands on the Adam.

    Will help passive blog readers like me make the decision on which variant to go for once Adam’s available for rest of us.

    Cheers !!!

  193. Was wondering the same thing, though what i think has happened is that the storage has been stadardized across all models with the differentiation coming in on the Pixel Qi screen/LCD and the LCD, and maybe the Wifi/3G options

  194. What a pitty, why have I not posted one reply in this blog.
    I am a reader from the start of this blog
    I hope there will be a second group.

  195. I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on an Adam from the moment I first heard about it.

    One point that non of the blog posts has touched on as far as I can remember, will we be able to run applications that require superuser access without having to hack our way in first?

  196. till a moment back when i opened this blog it had 58 comments, by the time i finished reading all the comments it became 212! wow! that’s real fast!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  197. Hey Nikola,

    I had a different interpretation and (speculated) conclusion to some of the riddle points. I had commented in the earlier blog [ https://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/11/27/week-end-special-x/#comment-22054 ]

    Pasting the same below:


    Based on all the info released by Rohan thus far, I speculate that the special feature in ADAM is similar (if not the same) to the Eco-Drive feature present in Citizen watches [http://www.citizenwatch.com/COA/English/faqs.asp?topic=Eco-Drive].

    โ€œCitizen Eco-Drive watches use the simplest, yet most technically advanced power generating and storage system in the Watch Manufacturing Industry. A Solar conversion panel and energy cell are the power provider for these Quartz Watches. Eco-Driveโ€™s ability to use light from any source to generate electrical power means that the supply is limitless and free. The absence of any added complex power generating machinery that would require additional upkeep is another big advantage.โ€

    Here is the logic behind my speculation:

    1. In one of the earlier riddles Rohan mentioned that it also works at night โ€“> This can imply that it works even when there is no sunlight but he did not allude to the fact that it did not need any kind of light. At night we do have ambient light (e.g. florescent light) around us at home.

    2. Rohan mentioned that it originated at the moment of the Big Bang โ€“> Light

    3. Rohan mentioned we still need it โ€“> We still need light at night as there is no sunlight.

    4. Rohan mentioned โ€˜re-birthโ€™ and โ€˜new playing fieldโ€™ โ€“> re-birth could imply that solar energy is now all the rage again (after a dismal start), and solar energy is bringing a new energy generating era.

    5. Rohan mentioned โ€˜work in a shieldโ€™ โ€“> simply means that is has a casing. Shield does not mean that it is blocked, but could very well imply a transparent shield.

  198. Howdy and what can I say but Awesome! Just how will you setup the pre-booking system, as you must have at least dozens of thousands of posts by now? I have no doubt that you will have several thousand Adams on pre-order, and I definately want in.

  199. Just hope my suggestion for including United States postal mailing to FPO/APO boxes for overseas military is included in the payment gateways, really don’t want to be forced into paying the extra cost for a forwarding service just to get an Adam. By the way, our military exchange only carriers Apple Ipads.


  200. I really hope that I make the pre-order list,
    I’ve been reading this blog over and over for weeks but I didn’t make my first comment until about two hours before this update was released :/

  201. Good to know, we will have preference in preordering the Adam. But, good business strategy would be to make it available for everyone without much time difference. You know how the apple users living outside USA/UK feel whenever apple introduces a new product.. should I wait for it or just buy something already available here?

  202. hmm, i posted just 1 comment so far (New site is up).
    Can i also be in the pre-order family? ^^

  203. Wow, I said “Honeycomb”. Lol. I meant Gingerbread. I guess I am just looking to the future even more than Monday. Lol. Well just the same it’s awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. Thanks Rohan ๐Ÿ™‚

    for the pre-order. Are we going to receive it by email ?
    waiting ๐Ÿ™‚
    where is the gecko ?
    Cat got his tongue ?
    Oo ๐Ÿ˜›

  205. Hey Robin

    Wouldnt it be great to stream the Classico on the Adam and watch Barca kick the shit out of the los blancos!! ๐Ÿ˜€ can hardly wait!!

  206. i think i can answer 2 of your questions…..
    1. The trackpad is there in adam yes this feature is missing from the web page…..donno why….he wont have missed it…there must be a reason of its absence….
    2. The battery is external and is user replaceable…..


  207. I think Rohan might have opened a can of worms with that pre-requisite, but hopefully I’m in before the lock. Been a silent observer until now, but I have been following this tablet since the enthusiastic (and buggy) CES demonstation video.

    Something I am interested in is what kind of reading formats the ‘baby’ will support. I plan to primarily use this as a better version of an e-reader (have several thousand online books), and epub/html/pdf (and even .lit) formats would be a necessity. I believe the only confirmed one so far is PDF, though local html file support is probably a no-brainer.

    Either way, I’ll be ordering one, the earlier the better! I think this tablet is a combination of ingenuity and practicality (using off-the-OEM-shelf components), so please please PLEASE let me pre-order one. I might actually contribute something worthwhile to the board in the process.

  208. I’m sorry, I have to work now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but I will be back later to read the posts, but I think in the next few hours there will be hundreds aof new posts which I have to read ๐Ÿ™‚

  209. It’s my frustration coming out. I felt like I needed to be able to say something about tech specs, or be a software developer, or something along those lines in order to justify posting previous to this.

    If the pre-order is only a few days/weeks difference, then I concur, I’ll feel a bit sheepish. But if it’s a month or more, then I think I’m justified.

    Attn. Rohan: Desperate attempt to get on pre-order list–I joined http://www.notionaddicts.com, posted there prior to this, and have cash burning a hole in my checking account. Hook me up! ๐Ÿ˜€

  210. great news! but only for family!

    I have been following up since April. this is not fair!

    I sent a email earlier, hope that counts!

    Aneway, i shall still be waiting to get it in india. Hope to see it ASAP ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. @Rohan, also could you add a table somewhere in the website with all 6 variants and their features, so that its easy to decide

  212. Ok as I said In my previous post in this article, so I’m not in the preorder lucky one.

    however, I’ve a question :
    what is the current time table ?
    As said, I had to negociate hard with my wife to postpone our buy (tablet are really present in the French market, every popular technological store presents them very visible in their “vitrine” and even on TV advertisments, especially before Xmas )

    Any chance that normal order and delivery will be available before end of february ? (in France)

  213. โ€œAdam is in Europe as of now. I have never mentioned this in particular, but Europe is an extremely crucial market for us, our sales and marketing team is in Europe this week.โ€

    Splendid! Iโ€™ve been devoting most of my ADAM-promotion efforts into building the nascent ADAM User Community at http://NotionAddicts.com , and especially in developing our โ€œNotionAddicts Global Distribution Mapโ€, a custom โ€˜Open Collaborationโ€™ GoogleMap โ€“ http://tinyurl.com/NAGD-map . You can add yourself to both the NotionAddicts community and to the Map โ€“ see the fully illustrated โ€˜How Toโ€™ at http://tinyurl.com/NAGD-edit-thread .

    As anyone can see from the Map, thereโ€™s a high density of potential ADAM buyers in Europe, and particularly in Benelux and the UK; plus thereโ€™s an โ€œAdam in Europeโ€ Group at NotionAddicts.com. So as an internationalist, but also a European and a Londoner, Iโ€™m very pleased youโ€™re paying attention to what you acknowledge โ€œis an extremely crucial market for [Notion Ink]โ€.

    BTW, having read โ€œThe pre-booking will be available only for the ones who have posted a comment on this blogโ€ I immediately googled [ Dalinian site:notionink.wordpress.com ] just to make sure Iโ€™m in the running for pre-booking โ€“ and found Iโ€™d only commented on the NI Logo Contest, which I entered: I hope and trust this is enough to count me in, Rohan!

    AFAIK, itโ€™s completely unprecedented for a 1000-odd strong {Product} User Community to cohere BEFORE any of us have said {Product} in our hands! But itโ€™s a glowing testament to the openness with which Rohan has built such a loyal following for NI and the ADAM through the designer/potential-user interactions on this blog, that even in advance of pre-ordering opening, we are popping up all over the globe, and putting ourselves on the Map as NotionAddicts. Keep up the most excellent good work and spirit of openness, Rohan โ€“ youโ€™re creating ever wider layers of ADAM advocates with every responsive blog post, so two per week will no doubt redouble your effectiveness.

  214. Guys who had commented before please try to leave me a preorder. I’ve been following the Adam for a long time but unfortunately hadn’t ever posted ๐Ÿ˜

  215. Yes, indeed.

    Just 14 days ago I stumbled across the Adam. I have waiting since 1988 for a better portable solution…. Readability in daylight, looong batterylife, built-n apps. data-sharing….

    When I read about the specs, I finally had the feeling: YES! FINALLY!

    For me, the portable revolution started with the Cambridge Z88, which was launched in 1987. I visited the PCW show and actually got to enjoy Sir Clive Sinclair live back then. I was just a kid, 19, but for me it was a revelation. A was using a revolution:

    The Z88 was driven by 4 simple AA batteries and could run on those for more than 20 hours. A4 size and less than a kilo in weight. The operating system and all apps were in a 128K ROM. All software developed in native Zilog Z80 assembler – NO high level C or C++ programming here!!! The computer had 32K of SRAM, with the possibility to upgrade to 128K RAM in one of the external slots. It had a 640×64 pixel LCD, so not much screen space either. The only communication with the outside world was a RS-232. 9600 BPS max speed… (16K upload in 12 secs).

    But it was sufficient.. Back then, it became a revolution for many people. Apple-fans were in love with the Z88. It was a good match for them. And Apple did not have a portables at that time.. Remember there was not Internet either..

    Journalists loved this machine. Because you could work for hours and hours.. back then the only alternative was a clunky Olivetti IBM portable, Toshiba et all, minimum 15kg. NOT very portable…

    I became a dedicated user for this machine for 20 years, 15 years after the company behind had disappeared. To this day there are still people using this machine. And a single supplier of spare parts and new Flash cards to be used. Talk about dedication for a portable computer!

    Back then, I wrote the danish user guide, I developed applications for it… Finally, in 1993 (2 years after the company imploded in the UK) we were a small team of people who reverse-engineered the ROM, made a huge effort in re-organising the source code we had created from disassembly tools. I used thousands of hours working on that source code; new features in the OS, new apps. tons of bug fixes from the old code, etc. etc..

    To this day I’m still being able to use the Z88. In daylight. Still working hours and hours typing notes on the rubber keyboard. No other portable could do that. Except for the Pixel Qui portables just released this year.

    Just pressing both Shift keys. and the machine will sleep (using almost no power – running on those batteries for 5 months if need be).

    Now, finally, the wait is over and I can rest my trusty old Z88. Pull out the batteries for the final time and start using my new toy, the Adam. With 10 x features and capabilities that were imposssible to imagine just 10 years ago.

    Thank you, Notion Ink, to dare think beyond Microsoft and conformity. To trust that things can always be improved.

    I am looking very much forward to being a proud owner of an Adam. I live in Spain, so hopefully Notion Ink will support this country through their dealer network.

    All the best luck with the launch!

    Kind regards

  216. Rohan and NI team,
    How sensible your choices are, and what an amount of thought you have put into them! The increase of your portfolio by steering clear of possible patent infringements is well deserved!
    You raised my hopes in the note taking department. And I am sure I still will be pleasantly surprised by the real thing.
    Count on my pre-order!
    Best regards, Aad

  217. @Punit,

    What you wrote is quite possible.

    Thinking about it a little more, I feel that the presence or absence of the mystery bonus feature provides the other two variants.

  218. “On November 15, Eric Schmidt announced at the Web 2.0 Summit that the newest Version of Android, Codename Gingerbread will support NFC. The first handset which will support this technology will most probably be the so far unreleased Nexus S”

    Adam is shipping with Froyo which does not support NFC (unless NI developed something by themself to support NFC on Adam). Nevertheless, you get to know exactly what it is on Dec the 9th (**hopefully**)

  219. Same here. I’m a regular visitor to the blog, but have never made any comments (I rarely have anything to contribute and posting just “yay, can hardly wait for one” or something like that feels childish and redundant). I’ve even subscribed to the NotionAddicts forum, I am a frequent visitor and reader, but again, have no opinions on the matter so I only posted once and two times in a group discussion… Hopefully the interval between “family” pre-orders and the rest of the world (pre-)orders won’t be long.

  220. Hey guys,

    Well, Rohan, you made your huge family extraordinarily happy.

    However, some are still concerned:
    Months ago, you mentioned EAP1 to be the first to get their hands on adam. After EAP1, you started EAP2, and now you’re telling us, every recent blog poster will be third in the line.

    What about the developers who didn’t get selected for the EAPs?
    I assume you took them into consideration as they’re crucial for adam’s success as well.

    Is there an interval in which you must have posted a comment? You just mentioned an upper bound, but is there a lower bound as well?

    Furthermore, about 739 million inhabitants are thankful for you bringing adam to Europe.

    Looking forward to the product of your efforts,

  221. But is this Citizen Eco-Drive in adam price range ?
    I am not so sure. If you look at http://citizenecodrive.net/, prices for those watches are quite expensive.
    But if solar charger is indeed this secret feature it would be really great. It makes adam almost energy independed.

  222. Wow! There’s so much in this post to talk about. Rohan has lived upto his reputation of being a great treasure hunt organiser . The clues on the mystery feature are amazing.
    ย I simply can’t imagine as to how someone is against the email callback feature. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Hats off to Rohan for this! The icons look classy.ย 
    I wonder what’s with the 6 variations of Adam. As far as the previous posts reveal he said 4 variations.ย 
    The cut paste feature with selective text selection is again brilliant concept. We need it every now and then. Don’t we?
    The Mail’d loading screen looks sexy! Btw I hope the loading time isn’t much.ย 
    I’ll definitely look into the WOEID once I’m done with my semester exams on 6th.
    By the way there is something to do with the Hardeon Collider and October sky.ย 
    The mystery is all infront of our eyes it’s just we’re not looking at it.ย 
    P.S: it’s great of Rohan to let the people who commented get some privilege. We never commented so that well get some benefits, we did it because we love it. We wanted it to be the best. So people stop asking whether you are a part of it or not. ๐Ÿ™‚ย We’ll get it when it’s time.ย 
    All the best Rohan. You’re gonna rock the show!ย 
    9th December is the Day!ย 
    Cometh the hourย 
    Cometh the man!

    With unadulterated love

  223. On android, most of the time you zoom by pinch and zoom function. Is that not the case on Adam? You asked, “How do we zoom.” Is that what you are looking for in my answer? Tell us how Adam zooms. Please, oh, please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  224. You know, Nikola Tesla is an anagram for “likes to anal”…

    I hope I am still a part of the family after this.

  225. It could have something to do with the new feature. Or it could be related to GPS, or storage capacity.

  226. This sure has been an extremely hard excreise in patience and excitement and wondering what is next.. now only a few days more to be patient, hopefully.

  227. Haha, I only posted on the very first weekend special; not sure if I qualify. XD

    2.3 compatibility confirmation is excellent. I know it hasn’t been talked about at all, but if Adam can dual-boot Ubuntu as well, this will definitely be the most groundbreaking tech I’ve ever had the notion to purchase. But even if it can’t/doesn’t, I’ll still pitch the device to everyone I know, because I’ve been following it for months now.

    Love from the US.

  228. @VB

    I think NI’s collaboration with google is more. Even more then “we have something to do with the google tablet”, if you know what I mean.

    *still interested in talking of abstracts!!!:-)*

  229. Congrats to the team !

    Looks like my earlier post did not get through the moderation filter. Been following this blog for almost a year now. Very glad that it is finally getting launched. Haven’t posted before other than the one stuck in moderation. Hope the pre-order list will get expanded to include people like me who have been Notionink’s well wishers and avid followers of its progress.


  230. i commented in the Part-X 2 times, so i am in for the Pre-orders ??
    i am following the blog from many months n visiting the blog 30-40 times a day(m a Notion addict :P)…:D

  231. I just had an idea.

    If u have an existing EM field. You can track changes to it using the camera for XY (IR) positioning. and for Z you can track it using a tiny inductance coil like a RFID tag (Wifi) (based on signal strength, even orientation based on phase shift) ?
    maybe a finger based stylus with small coil built in ?
    If thats the case , IR can do image recognition , ie : open palm,closed plam,twisting etc.
    EM sensor (wifi receive channel ?) can take the Z data for orientation and distance from screen.

    I am assuming a co-ordinate system with XY along the plane of the screen and Z normal to it.

    P.S Rohan if you patent this / I guessed it right I want a free adam please ๐Ÿ™‚

  232. This is fantastic news!! Waaaay better than i expected!! Thanks Rohan for all your effort in this blog and really appreciate how you are rewarding the loyal followers! Cant wait, i’ve only been following a year!:):)

  233. few questions:
    Is there some kind of BIOS in Adam?
    If it is there can it recognize a USB keyboard, an ubuntu/chrome OS loaded USB drive?
    If all the above things are there and I manage to screw up preloaded OS on Adam, how do I revert it back?

  234. Nice to hear about sync capabilities with for calendar and contacts. As I want to use adam also for my daily work, this function is really key. How about sync of tasks with MS-Exchange? It’s a missing function in Android today and really a shame… Would be great to hear that Notion Ink did include this too in their own way.

  235. It’s so nice to be part of the Adam Family. Even though there is nothing yet (that we can hold in our hands) we will be at least 1 step ahead of the rest.
    I think this is a very good marketing point that Rohan and his team are scoring with “the family”.
    I will make sure that “the family” here in Europe will shout it out when we have pre-ordered the Adam. Now I also just hope that we will get it a bit sooner then the others so we can show and tell we have it a bit earlier because we’re part of “the family”.
    Hmmmm, it could be that after reading all the text in detail, I could love the Adam and his family even more then my own family. Please don’t tell this to my own family.
    Rohan, thenks again for a bit more insight and I am looking forward to 2 blogs a week.


  236. What a shame… I’ve been following this blog with baited breath for months but never had cause to post (other than to submit a request for the early access program).

  237. Hi

    I have a make or break question!

    I go to uni and use the on-campus wifi alot.
    A while back when bothering the university IT support guys with questions; I noticed one of them explaining a bewildered HTC owner that her Android system doesnt support Wifi proxy. And she cant use univerity-wifi on her phone.

    Now most universities run their interent trough a proxy, right?
    I love Adam but if I cant use wireless to work on campus because of android its kinda useless for me.

    Tell me Im just being silly and the proxy problem has been fixed ages ago! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good stuff guys keep up the good work!

  238. Wohooooo! really!!!!??? Great news!!!! Yeah!
    Now I’ll read in details ๐Ÿ˜‰

  239. I’m a fan of the previously mentioned idea that Adam may be able to recognize devices placed on its screen. Look in the comments for the last post, people were talking about a video where a commentator placed a phone on the Adam, and asked about it recognizing the phone. Then Rohan says something like “can I answer that off…”

    That makes sense, especially since that would probably be a Bluetooth or WiFi function, and Microsoft Surface is the only device I’ve seen that can do that.

  240. @Rohan Very sweet post for bloggers ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If pre-booking will be open for bloggers, they should at least see working prototype of adam. I wouldn’t pre-order one neither will i recommend this to any one before seeing anything concrete. I understand that you don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, I hope you release a video of working prototype of adam soon.
    Good luck with the pre-orders.

  241. @Rohan

    I have commented before, but I had never checked [ ] subscribe to this site by email, because I have enough mail as it is.

    I did add my email in the required field,

    I am subscribing now, but hope you will be able to contact people for preorder based on if they posted an email and not if they just registered.

    Thank you so much for all the work you are doing!

  242. Pre-order;

    Not worried about extra feature hints!

    Glad I’ve posted occasionally!!!

  243. I haven’t commented but I have been lurking for a while now. Can I haz pre-booking? Even for a struggling grad student who is only asking for the Notion Ink Adam for X-Mas so I can use the PixelQi screen to read and edit PDFs without going blind staring at a conventional LCD?

    Honestly, I haven’t gotten this excited over a product in a very long time (last one was a tamagotchi and I was 9 then).

  244. Also, two posts a week now? Great. Rohan even got in a plug for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). I love particle physics and that is the base experiment for it. Just wait until that thing gets to full power. Black holes, particle time travel, Higgs Bosom, and Dark Matter here we come.

  245. my mental state.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ’ก ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜Ž โžก ๐Ÿ˜• โ“ โ— ๐Ÿ˜€

  246. There will always be fixed bootloaders in smartphones and tablets. NI would supply a software and images to write to your tablet incase if the ROM is corrupted or needs to be upgraded. For patches, there are alternative methods.

  247. I too want to be in the pre order list. But this post is not that much interesting compared to the previous one!!!!

  248. “October Sky” is funny as it is one of my favorite movies. I get funny looks but oh well. All I can say about the update as a whole is WOW.
    You really are good at this Rohan. Everyone has Apps they use today and I have my list but I can’t wait to see what you guys have come-up with. The Mail program is one of the biggest for me and my mouth dropped open when i read some of the features. I won’t go into but one is something i use daily and is the reason i can’t use my phone to respond to some email. The Notes is great I think i can speak for a lot of us here “Thank You”

    On the FCC I have to admit I have been looking every day (have no idea what i am looking for or at) but something just drags me there.

    On a lighter note Grand pa ask my kids if they wanted iPads (don’t ask) for X-mas, every year it is something like that. Well my oldest Jacque said no but that she did want the adam tablet. I was taken back and My wife thinks I brain washed her. I was so proud, my other daughter Emily also said no but wants a gift card to the mall (typical teenager). On a self note this Blog is awesome and you continuing it is great. it is one the things i look forward to reading on Saturday when i get home. You have me reading a bunch of blogs again. I tried writing a blog but just got fired up and was way to negative. I don’t like that so for now we will just leave that alone for awhile. Thanks again for the update and i think you are right this thing is going to be life changing

  249. Thanks Rohan .
    As far as I know, I started posting on this blog from AUG 2010 ๐Ÿ™‚ ,though I was following it arn Dec2009 -Jan 2010. I hope that qualify me as FAMILY OF ADAM ๐Ÿ˜€ .

  250. Bummer dude – I knew I should have posted! Actually I did post anonymously but hey ho. I guess I will have to steel myself and wait in the (large) queue. With respect to this:

    “Sometimes I really feel it is harder for our generation to innovate or discover the fundamentals.”

    My personal opinion is that both science and religion are almost a tipping point and that hitherto regarded fringe science such as zero-point energy etc, will become mainstream. On the religion front, the “engineering of the self” will become possible:


    OK, that’s about as mystic as I get on a Saturday morning. Just get Adam out soon, and I can make my wife jealous when she lies reading The Times on her iPad. Off to make her breakfast in bed now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  251. Damnโ€ฆ I think I have only vote, not commentingโ€ฆ donโ€™t realy like to make unnessesary comments. (like this one, for exempleย !)

  252. Please, do not keep it to yourself. It would be great to read your thoughts on it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. Wow, thanks Rohan, that being part of the Adam(s)-family gives the advantage of pre-ordering. What a bummer for me that my upcoming trip to Australia, coincides with Adam’s release (or should I say birth). I can only get my hands on my own Adam the moment I get back home (end of march, what a long wait that will be!).

    Good luck on the release.


  254. I know I just posted, but I’m so upset with myself for not posting before! I would come to the sight 4 times a day towards the end of the week looking for an update. Please try to find a way for the silent supporters to pre-order also.

  255. I hear you Barb! I’ve been following this blog ever since I heard about the Adam on Engadget almost a year ago, but I haven’t had anything to say so I never commented. I told all my tech friends about Adam, worked on the logo design contest, and voted in all the polls. I don’t think it’s fair that Rohan’s offering pre-orders to only people who commented on his blog. Isn’t enough to just be a silent and patient follower? =(

  256. I am one of the many silent followers of the adam, watching videos, reading the blogs, looking on twitter several times a day for any more info. I hope that because I have not left a comment before that I wont be too far behind in the queue for the Adam. I am in the UK and was hoping that Santa was going to bring me one!

  257. Three things, first, kudos to Rohan for having a clear understanding of how important the fans are and trying to get models into their hands first. This will help to make the initial reviews positive ones and get the ball rolling in the right direction for Adam. Very smart business.

    Second, I am worried about your call back email feature, particularly with an eye towards it hurting the image of Notion Ink as nieve when it comes to security. While I could see being able to call back an email that is encrypted with a symetric key, for instance, by only giving the key out when the user actually reads the email and requests it, once it is decrypted on my computer how does your system propose to protect the unencrypted content on my machine? What we have seen time and time again with DRM is that you simply can’t. Furthermore, how do you install the decryption code on my machine?

    There is simply not enough info to tell what this feature is but the fact that you mention it scares me. Your board was right to be concerned as security is very hard to get right.

    Third, thanks for more clues about the mystery feature. I will now have to study it a bit to try to decipher your meaning. I love puzzles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  258. Pretty annoying that I havn’t posted before (if I did I don’t remember) and yet I’ve been following this blog since there was only 100 comments per post. I hope that the wait time won’t be a big difference between non-posters and posters. You might even lose a few buyers. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I’d love to pre-order an Adam! :O

  259. I totally do agree with you. It’s actually quite sad knowing that the ones posting “first” will be better served than us silent followers. Well, at least we still have good news here !

  260. I am just so glad that The Adam is finally going to be out in the market. I feel a bit jealous of everyone who would get a chance to get their hands on this early. I have been following the post so diligently for the past several months and soon after the device made its appearance in 2009, i have been wanting to hear more and more about it. I would like to congratulate the whole team and Rohan for keeping everyone posted here. Its quite hard for a start-up to maintain the level of anticipation and excitement for such a long period of time. Being from India and that too in a hardware manufacturing business was never going to be easy, but You could do that. I too hail from India and the excitement which i see amongst my friends for this device is extraordinary. I have turned a few of them into hardcore Adam fans. So you sure have a couple of sales coming from this end. I hope the device gets launched in India asap and i don’t have to wait too long to get my hands on the mean machine. Best Wishes….

  261. Oh btw
    “Anything you copy or crop will be arranged (not populated) in this application (hint: notes). People who do online research and like making notes, will love the browser and this feature.”
    To me still sounds like there will definitely be an active digitizer!!

  262. wow, Rohan i cannot thank you enough, it makes it so worth it how i would slave over the blog day and night, whether it be reading posts, comments, or making writing comments. Everyone here IS so much like a family, and it is nice that you recognize it.

    I really like the weather app, and how it displays a different image for each city. It really shows how you are willing to put in that little bit more to make this tablet (if we can call it that) something great!

    Thanks again
    from the family

  263. I completely agree.

    Not seeing actual video of the final product’s hardware or UI this late in development has me a bit hesitant to pre-order.

  264. Rohan – Question for you:

    Rumour is that the Gingerbread will be officially release on Monday December 6th. If that happens, would you be shipping first lot of Adam with Gingerbread or you going to stick with Froyo for now?

  265. Great work! looking forward to the release! any one know what Rohan’s hinting at about the FCC??? ๐Ÿ˜€

  266. looking at that logos page felt nostalgic! brought back memories of those days when the logo contest was on… yes I remember your logo and the other alternatives you posted

  267. and include the color choices too, please ๐Ÿ™‚ (and the optional digitizer pen? ๐Ÿ˜› )

  268. Awesome – hope pre-orders go well! I will be getting adam as soon as it comes to the UK regardless if I get the ‘family first pre-order’ (which I hope I get lol) or not.

    Thanks for bringing adam to Europe!!!

  269. The following was posted on notioninkaddicts forum. Any takers?


    Rohan said,

    I am not a sensor though I can feel (radio waves conveys feelings of people?)
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield (??)
    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need (radio waves?)
    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field! (mobile phones?)

    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me (telephone?)
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free (sms?)
    Now I am not alone, but Iโ€™m still the alpha to all (Application is in alpha stage?)
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be. (First time Bell made a call around 1880?)
    ************************************************** *

    I think Rohan is referring to telephone. Does this mean that in addition to data transfer using 3G we can make telephone calls?

  270. I posted a comment on this feed at 14:38.
    But it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.
    Why? … mmm
    15:13 comment is alread visible.

  271. Assuming you are an ‘American Mastiff’, Wikipedia has the following great things to say about American Mastiffs:

    “Characteristics of the American Mastiff
    American Mastiffs are generally calm and quiet dogs and are wonderful with children. They are loyal and loving dogs who are not usually aggressive unless they need to protect their people.”

    I, for one, have no issues with you being Mastiff.

  272. Did anyone else notice that Rohan’s piece on the weather app was eerily similar to Dev’s post on last week’s Weekend Special message. Just take a look:


    “I really want Adam to wake you up even if you are sleeping in your cozy rooms when there is thunder-storm outside.”

    Dev said, on December 4, 2010 at 05:10

    “Speaking of slumber, I am asleep while Adam, now fully and very quickly recharged, keeps vigil, the hours ticking by. During the night, a thunderstorm rolls in, and the weather app, listening passively to alerts, wakes up and intermittently shows the weather information. Of course, I am fast asleep.”

    Great call on that one Dev. Sounds like Rohan’s intending to wake you up from that deep sleep though.

    Rohan – Oh please include me on the pre-order list. You kept me from buying an iPad and I’m oh so grateful. I’ve been eagerly reading and anticipating the release of Adam and can’t wait to have one. I’ll be preaching your product from the rooftops…but I just need one first ๐Ÿ™‚

  273. Rohan,

    Thank you for all the time you put into keeping us updated. I check the blog every week and feel the growing excitement to use an Adam, great name! I can’t wait!

    from a cold London, UK


  274. come on NT, you should know better than all of us ‘cos you gave it to the world… just go back in time ….

  275. @Joshuakprice1: that’s just harsh, I was silent for a long time, took part in all the polls and the logo competition and only posted in the last couple of blogs because I was frustrated at the lack of information on progress.

    Not that I’m saying I’m I don’t want to be on the pre-order just have a little empathy for those didn’t post but did follow.

  276. my oh my we all (kind of ) be on the pre-order list , one word T E R R I F I C ! ! ! !
    @rohan you are THE man !!!
    “our sales and marketing team is in Europe this week” <– tell me where please !!!!!! i'd love to see the adam only for a minute ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i will wait for more information, but that sound incredible and absolutely AWESOME !!!!!!
    my wife will surely kill me lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  277. I’d soooo like you to be right on this, VB. Microgeneration using solar power is really catching on, and in the last month I’ve bought a solar hybrid cycle light for my bike โ€“ http://www.cateye.com/en/product_detail/575 โ€“ and a solar powered battery booster for my tablets (Nokia N900 and ADAM) โ€“ http://www.solartechnology.co.uk/shop/freeloader-pro.htm โ€“ so I’d be chuffed to bits if the back of the ADAM sported PV cells too!

  278. I haven’t posted yet, but I’ve been following the blog for quite some time as well. I’ve just had nothing to contribute. I only visit when there are new posts, because Google Reader keeps track of it for me. Saddened that I’ll have to wait to pre-order because I didn’t say Me too.

    Or 15th…

  279. Same here, following since may/june refreshing this blog also to read every comment. Now I just try to read what I can cause these last weeks are so many posts O.o

    I did participate on the logo contest, the vote for the color combination and the poll that asked ‘You will use Adam mostly for?’, other than that I didn’t comment, was waiting patiently for the release of adam.

    I’m still going to try to preorder though, doesn’t look like christmas if I miss out on the adam.

  280. WHAT TO SAY????….EXCELENT ROHAN,not only for the technicalities wich are AWESOME!!!!but… for BEING so close,so HUMAN!THANKU!!!!

  281. Yay – Family first.
    Wait no discount for family members.
    But I’m your long lost cousin.

    Well a 2.3 version compensation is just enough for me ๐Ÿ™‚
    BTW – that is my real name ๐Ÿ™‚

  282. First Description:

    Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,
    but few realized the power of the same,
    and now it even works at night!-“Not in the visible spectrum of EM waves”

    Second Description:

    I am not a sensor though I can feel – “EM force /reactions ?”
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield- “Definitely reference to Faraday’s cage”
    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need- “entire spectrum of EM waves existed/ We need only heat/thermal energy though.”
    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field!-“reference to kinect ? Playing field -games ?”

    Third Description:

    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me -“reference to speed of light :)”
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free- ” Dimensions. Forms are in 2-D until you make them – 3D :); extrusion ๐Ÿ™‚ :)”
    Now I am not alone, but Iโ€™m still the alpha to all -” reference to kinect again ?”
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be. ???

  283. I have a cunning plan, which relates to my earlier post (which I really hope is up by now- no rush though)! Rohan, and I presume other members of the team, are members of the facebook page ‘Notion Ink Adam Rocks :)’, which means that each person who had liked (awful term for it, I wish Zuckerberg hadn’t chosen that) that page would have shown up in the wall updates of anyone who had already joined the group- ergo, it would indicate how long the person had been aware of/following the product. That, particularly for the earlier silent followers (i.e. the CES 2010 followers), would be a good indication. The above could be combined with the WordPress stats plugin (if that hasn’t been in use previously, it might be able to retroactively provide stats (exceptionally slim chance though)…

  284. So…..what if I’m in the completely unusual circumstance that “winna” is not actually my real name? Do I not get to pre-pre-order? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  285. Damn. I’ve been reading this blog for weeks (months?) and never commented because others had usually voiced the points I wanted to make.

    Now I wish I’d stuck my neck out with a few “me too” comments.

  286. even i didn’t felt anything to post(though m following the blog from months), but i recently posted 2-3 comments in the last part ๐Ÿ™‚

  287. Hi,
    What’s the point in having a so precise meteo app when you can just look trough the window ?

  288. This news saddens me to no end Rohan.

    I do understand the need to declare a distinction in to whom the pre-booking will be available. But as I have not, until this moment, actually posted a comment, the news that I am to be excluded hurts like a knife to the chest.

    I, like everyone here, have been following (with baited breath) news of the adam for a VERY long time.

    I first read about the adam back in the spring when the iPad was released in the US. I had already been displeased Apple’s totalitarian approach to programming for the iPhone and began searching for a better solution. I found a list of 10 tablets that were slated to be released in 2010. It didn’t take long to realize which one was superior.

    I was as confused as I’m sure most people here were when the original June release date came and went without hardly a murmur about why.

    I have been telling everyone who will listen everything that I know about notion ink and the adam since before I knew very much at all.

    I found this blog at the third post and have been following it with increasing fervor over the past few months.

    I now regret that I never saw a value in being the 1000th some odd commentor, reiterating a statement for the umteenth time.

    But enough of my lamentations! Rohan, if you do indeed read each and every comment, I would like to applaud you for accomplishing something that is worthy of true respect. The persistence of vision that is required to maintain the attention to details that has gone into producing this, not product, this labour of love (as it evidently is). That kind of persistence, that kind of leadership, is a rare thing. And a thing that I hope you are proud of.

    To all of the commentors, please don’t gloat too harshly when you get your adam before I do.

  289. @jayanth no he got so excited for the preorders that he passed out i think they are calling an ambulance for him :-p!



  290. It really seems like we are getting close to holding an adam in our hands! I am in Europe as well (The Netherlands), so I wonder how far from me is adam now!

  291. Congratulation Rohan on a job well done!

    I have been admiring how Adam has evolved and look forward to using one!!

  292. AWESOME news, Rohan ๐Ÿ™‚ ! I love the Adam!

    I just checked how often and when I posted in the blog.
    I have one post on the 11th November, one on the 13th, 20th, 22th und 28th November and two posts on the 27th November. I wrote also more comments in earlier news but I hadn’t a account then =(
    I hope I’m in the right period to be part of the family!! =)

  293. Damn. I’ve been reading this blog for months and never commented because others had usually voiced the points I wanted to make and there’s an awful lot of repetition going on.

    Now I wish I’d stuck my neck out with a few “me too” comments. I’d been hoping to get hold of an Adam for my birthday in January.

  294. Hi Shravan,
    Although I have been glued to the blog nd wait for it every week end, I am not bothered abt d pre orders. I will have an Adam as soon as it comes out…..good to find out everything on this blog but guess things r goin a bit slow…..sure u guys r working hard but some real ‘thing’ wud surely make a big difference nd will surely create a lot of buzz…..Plz launch it soon.

  295. I have been following this blog for a very long time and now wish that I had commented before!
    Adam is the most exiting product in a category overpopulated with a bunch of look alike wannabes and Notiion Ink and Rohan are a breath of fresh air that will take on the world of corporate staleness. I believe that we are witnessing the birth of a giant of the future and I hope that Rohan always remembers how it all started.
    Based on the openness and honesty he has shown to this point, I believe he will!
    I have missed out on the initial pre order, but I am not upset. I am even more exited that it is getting closer all the time and I will have one as soon as I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

  296. most likely we would get an email… I cant imagine someone manually checking all the comments from all previous posts… it could be a simple script to grab the email addresses and send the email with the pre-order link asking us to use the same email address while ordering etc.

  297. Hi Rohan,
    Hope Aussies will get the Adam’s before Christmas.I have been supporting NI in every forum here but few people know about NI. They are only supporting lesser mortals like Samsung Galaxy &ipad. Now joining bandwagan are Optus and Telstra , two biggies selling Android based tablets for only AU$300, obivously catering mass market.
    Hope you are not concentrating only in US/Europe!!!

  298. I think its the wrong moment to start commenting … but im a bit sad about what you’ve written:
    I’m reading your blog for about 4 month and i’m more then exited about the launch. There was no need to comment your threads, everything useful was said by others … I’m feeling like i am a part of the “adams family” because of the love for your “baby”. It would be the kindest thing if you let me prebook with you all and do not exclude me because i had nothing to tell …

  299. Okay, I have taken a bit to ponder the riddles and I think the sensor is a new form of proximity sensor that uses electro-magnetic fields to detect the proximity of your hands to the screen. Just a really wild guess but it fits.

    I think your question about how do we zoom is a hint about this sensor as well. Apple has patents on various multi-touch gestures and my guess is Adam is steering around using things like pinch to zoom using this new sensor. Such a sensor would be a huge leap forward but is not beyond the realm of possibility. This would certainly give Adam 3D input abilities hinted at last week. Stuff like wave your hand to turn a page and move your hand towards and away to zoom would be awesome for Adam and game changers in the tablet market.

    Have to wait to see I guess but I am loving the anticipation.

  300. Get it? It works at night? Night vision goggles work on the infrared spectrum!

  301. “It also means that those who start commenting NOW, are not counted in this list”. Oops. I wanted to buy this product. After seeing this comment, just thinking. Do I have to? Loosing a single customer is not much for NI though. Buying an ADAM is not a boon for me, just an expense. Thanks Rohan…..

  302. When approximately it will go on sale?
    Looking forward to get one in Russia ASAP!:)

    P.S. Ipad = dull shit!

  303. Dear Rohan,
    its been long time that i following this blog! but how could i know if i belong to the family or not?! i mean i never have a chance to have reply from you thats why i am not sure that i ll be able to preorder Adam :-(! can you please make some clarifications .

    best regards,


  304. I read this blog all year.
    Well that few times entered discussions.
    Now I in a family, also wait for preorder possibility of ADAM.
    In Europe!!!!! u-hu!!!!!

  305. I’ve been following the Adam since April. Of course I’ve been reading all the post, I literally refresh my page every five min. I’m sort of the stalker of this little family. To bad I never left my input. I don’t get the Adam first, but i’m happy you all will.

    ps: researching the hint about being the father of light. I stated researching photon’s, I added other key words into my such as shield, and got some interesting results. I did not dig deep enough. but maybe some one here can figure it out. I’ll keep looking as well.

    pps: But seriously I want first dibs too!!!!!

  306. I am glad to hear the Adam is almost here – Christmas? So a simple smiley face comment will secure you a pre-order email? I would be curious how many folks haven’t responded to the blog due to the fact that it seemed to be a difficult way to track a thread. I have responded before this post but have never seen it posted…

    Here is hoping that after following the progress of the Adam for almost a year that it will be available before the New Year.

    All the best.

  307. Wow great post,

    And (because i couldn’t stay in the silence the last post i’m also included.)

    BTW Rohan, the people who received a mail about the EAP, selected or not or maybe for the second EAP. Do they also count in for the pre release ?

    Kind regards,


  308. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. SO GREAT ! I’m waiting adam for a very long time, and now il will be available!! Thanks to this post i will live a very good WE!!!
    And the best thing you say : Available in EUROPE !!! VERYVERY NICE, I’M JOYFUL

  309. Way cool…and also very strategic, we are your best multiplicators ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been advertising for the first best gratest PixelQi tablet for about a year or so, commenting at slashgear and a major German IT magazine. Just yesterday in the train, a lawyer asked me if I can read pdfs on my KindleDX. I said its no problem and works well for longer documents, but he should wait for the upcoming tablets since they are much more versatile..

    But most posted under pseudonym and there is no authentication here. Unless you saved the email addresses of those who posted here…*can’t wait*..

  310. Agree.Ideally Pre-ordering of Adam should not differentiate any body ,whichever part of the world they may be .But practically it can’t be done, we all understand that. So lets hope every body get ADAM Without Much of time difference.So, Rohan one more request ; hope you will achieve this , AS ADAM is for whole WORLD and every body should celebrate together the day which whole world will remember as “BIRTHDAY of ADAM” ๐Ÿ™‚

  311. Rohan (and compagny) You’ve made my day. I am realy looking forward to try the adam. Realy excited of you being in Europe, gonna scan the net now to find out where you posible could be.
    Living in the Netherlands.
    With regards,

  312. Have NI ever mentioned of which Adam SKU there will be more manufactured (Pixel Q screen or LCD)?

  313. Erm… how is that awesome? I mean, why would I need my tablet to recognize the device I place on its screen? It is a cool feature, but it’s useless IMO

  314. Oh, thank you Rohan for fast post. I will enjoy 2 post per week, great.

    Is preordering avaialable now ? I am from Czech Republic, so im hoping there will be some of Adams also. (I posted some messages before todays post too)

    BTW, i think it is “Kinect” or “Wirelless Power” ๐Ÿ˜›

  315. What is with those 6 variants that are passed testings?

    Isn’t only 4 of them?
    LCD – wifi
    LCD – wifi and 3g
    pixelq – wifi
    pixelq – wifi and 3g

  316. Good day!

    I discovered this site and Adam only yesterday… And i am in love with it!!!
    From Russia wih love!

  317. What about those that emailed direct through the website but didn’t get a reply.. followed the blogs but didn’t post… i.e. the patient few that waited for the info to come available rather than pester you on a release date or followed the few that asked the questions we were thinking of???

  318. good news that Adam family will have opportunity for pre-order. Thank you Rohan for the update. Did you mention the date of pre-order?

  319. While I used to think the sensor was a 3D thingy now I’m confused.
    Since it says:
    “Few came dangerously close,” – I guess that it is a 3D sensor but the rest doesn’t make much sense to me.
    On the other hand I was never any good with word puzzles….

  320. So my posting 70 or so comments on the other posts makes me eligible for pre-pre orders? happy days:)

  321. Looking good! Posting so that my gmail inbox starts filling up every 5 minutes!!! Looking forward to more posts — hopefully will include more hands on videos. Please include expected delivery dates with pre-order as this will determine where I want it sent. Many thanks to Rohan and team. You are great.

  322. I can’t wait to get the adam! Great News! Following the blog for quite some time, this is what i wanted to read. Living in really cold Switzerland….

  323. Why am I being punished for not making a comment on this blog???? I’ve found this blog quite entertaining and informative in regards to the ADAM and other technical stuff. I don’t post because the technical answers that I have had were more than likely already answered within the blog since many others were asking the same questions that I had. I’ve been following this blog for awhile and felt I was being respectable to the flow of the blog by not asking redundant questions cause I actually took the time to read through the blog to see if my questions might be answered before posting my question. Rohan I feel the pre-orders should be first come first serve with you notifying the community of this blog first so that way the posters and lurkers like me can both be appeased in a fair way.

  324. I am guessing from the riddle that it deals with Infrared. Works at night (night vision goggles work on the IR and UV spectrum), several potential references to Kinect (uses IR field).

    I’m willing to bet that the camera can potentially transmit an IR field like the Kinect so that you can use gestures or maybe a cursor without having to touch the screen.

    Either way, it has something to do with Infrared.

  325. Gaaaah… great news but I was kinda hoping for a more meat & potatoes blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the great work, Notion Ink.

  326. Aaaw.

    My shyness backfired bigtime.

    I’ve been following this blog for months now, but never before send any comments.

    Well juts have to wait a bit longer to get “adobted” in the family ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Best wishes:


    ps. Keep up the great work you’ve done so far Rohan.

  327. Pre ordering shouldnt be just limited to the ppl whom have commented on NI blog, there are loads of ppl whom have followed NI blog for a long time however inhibited from commenting. I am an android fan and love what NI has done with it, so please do count as well for this pre booking!

    Some idea for pre booking and early bird offers!
    How abt a trivia quiz on ADAM and NI for early booking??

  328. We are indeed tablet-thirsty!!

    The iPads are too expensive and crippled and they’re not Android!!

    Samsung Galaxy Tab is way too expensive and Samsung’s track record on software is not the greatest. And even that has made a killing on sales apparently!

    I own the Galaxy S and unless you’re prepared to get customise it – which I am and that’s why I bought it – and install ROMs to remove the bloat and apply custom kernels to get rid of their proprietary file system and increase the available memory then the phone gets as slow as mud after a while.

    Most of the other tabs that are available are the very (very very) budget type. I’ve checked a couple out and they’re just a drag to use and the reality is that they don’t bring any innovation; just a product released to capture a certain market (that could be said about the iPad I suppose), rushed out for the holiday season.

    I was about to pull the trigger and get the Advent Vega – a budget tablet with Tegra 2 that seems to not have cut corners on the more important things – just so that I could quench my thirst… but it was sold out twice in just a few hours. (of course the plan was always to have it until the Adam became available and then ebay it)

    Since I’ve made a couple of posts prior to the latest blog post, I guess I’m eligible to pre-pre-order(!!) so I’m hopeful that it won’t be long now!!!

  329. @Vipul,

    You probably meant Hadron Collider. Or did you really mean Hardeon Collider (or perhaps without the ‘e’ ๐Ÿ™‚ ? ). Just kidding.

  330. Dear Rohan,
    I have been tracking every Notion Ink and it’s Adam step since slashgear.com presented its slashgear.com/notion-ink-tegra-android-smartpad-uses-pixel-qi-display-1866308/ article. In that time, you even hadn’t got the name for you tablet. Past this 2 years, I have read and watched all articles and videos which were available. I have told about NI and his Adam to every geeky man around me – even my old grandfather (85) know who NI a what Adam is and he is looking to try work with Adam himself as soon as possible.
    I have waited patiently, do not post unnecessary blog comments mostly as other people asking for the same thing (a new blog entry, availability, already answered question etc.) a million times. Of course, there were a lot of very good commenters and comment.
    I was sure, that you are doing the best you can. So why you stress you and annoy you more?

    that’s why I think it’s not fair at all to open very first preorders only to blog commenters. Your close and loayal fan family is minimally one man wider than you think, please don’t let us stay in front of closed door of your house. Outside is loneliness and dark.

  331. Oh Noooooooooooo !!!! I realized i was posted before as anonymous :((( But with same name like my account.. Pleeeease. check my IP. its same.

  332. Nice work, keep it up Notion Ink. I am looking forward for some independent reviews when Adam is available. I also hope I will be able to buy it in Czech Republic (middle Europe) or get it from somewhere close in the EU.

  333. Sir Nikola Tesla,
    we have been waiting for you for a long time. Please clarify more about the puzzle Rohan threw to all of us.

  334. How can I know that I am able to preorder? And for how much days, Preorder facility will be available?

  335. For us in India, we know that the cover with these colourful stripes is a par-avion (air mail) international mail. I am not aware that it is he colour used by USPS until you said it now.

    For me, in my childhood, it brought a sense of excitement when I see this mail cover as it brings a lot of distant memories and I am a kind of person who dreamed to roam around the world.

    By gods grace, my dream is half true ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. It looks like my prediction from the prior post is close to accurate.

    The best case is that Google Android VP Andy Rubin will mention or show off Notion Ink when he launches Android 2.3 at the AllThingsDigital conference in San Francisco on Monday, Dec 6. Even if Andy does not mention anything about Notion Ink, it definitely looks like Notion Ink will release their demo videos as soon as Android 2.3 is officially launched. I wouldn’t be surprised if the demos are based on Android 2.3 and Android 2.2

  337. If you live in a tornado/hurricane/frost/flood zone, and need your sleep, you would love this WITH SOUND. (In fact, I have hurricane windows, and I can’t hear a thing when they are closed) Many of us depend on radios that broadcast a loud alarm, triggered by the weather service.

  338. @Vijay

    > NI would supply a software and images to write to your tablet incase if the ROM is corrupted or needs to be upgraded.

    Is this a speculation, or do you know for sure?

  339. Rohan, pleaseee give me the option to pre-order! I have never left any comments because i havent had anything to say, but i have voted on all your polls… ive been following the development of adam for two years and cant believe its almost here. I actually was gonna contact you about US marketing, cause no1 here seems to know about this beautiful device! I have been doing crazy marketing for you on XDA-Developers.com, and facebook… I have already got MANY devs interested in your product, so please contact my e-mail so maybe we can work something out where i can broaden Adams American Market. thanks!

  340. Very happy to read you this Week-end again Rohan !

    It’s been a long time I didn’t post (with other pseudo btw lol) But I want to try something !

    At your question: How do we zoom?

    You didn’t mentioned le backpad yet, I supposed we will use it to zoom with two fingers. Easy way to move the page and see what we want without touch the screen !!



  341. It’s great to see that we’ll get a pre-booking, I can’t wait for the Adam to be released !

  342. Sweet….Well brothers and sisters, we stand here today as a result of an addiction. We now have the opportunity, through email I suppose, to pre-order first. ( whats a preorder if not an order?) Anyhoo, what a heck of a way to start my Saturday. I would still like to see better Youtube video posts on what the Adam can do.

    Outstanding work NI….I would have helped you but you didnt ask. No sense in slowing things down..lol Good for you Good for us No good for Ipad

  343. back to sync of tasks: it should generally sync tasks of every collaboration/mail tool that has tasks functionality. It even exists within gmail.

    However, there is a very high percentage of business users who have their corporate mails, calendar, contacts and tasks synchronized with their mobile device. MS-Exchange will be actual the dominant software providing this in the background (this might change in the future?) The preferred mobile device used to be BlackBerry (forced by corporate policies) and this has been recently opened up to other devices such as iPhone and also Android based solutions.

    So sync of tasks with MS-Exchange would be a great thing, because the embedded Android solution does not support this today (I don’t know about 2.3 yet). However, there are 3rd party applications available, which do support tasksl, so it could be done by Notion Ink as well.

  344. Lol ๐Ÿ˜€ I have been following this blog for a couple of months now, but never felt the urge to post. More of a lurker kind of guy i guess. Still feel part of the ‘family’ though ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will pre-order as soon as i get the chance!

  345. But why use a special sensory-thing for that? You can do it with bluetooth, which probably tells you proximity via signal strength.

    I’m not sure I want to place phones or other devices on the adam to signal that I want to communicate. Just give me a menu that lists reachable devices and which of them are “known to me”(secure bt connection).

    I find the solar energy idea good, but I’m not sure those things are advanced enough to provide a reasonable amount of energy. The link provided above looks like greenwashing to me. The same way that some current hybrid car designs don’t save any notable amount of energy but get into a different tax class. And can “EcoDrive” be put onto a more complex LCD display without loss of quality? If not, there is very little room to place it..

  346. @MobileGeek,You are on target!!!..Last week Rohan mentioned two points about not releasing the dates
    1. Either release is not there!!
    2. Waiting for special event!!!..
    I am sure release of Android 2.3 is the special event…Google know that ADAM(adam) is THE TABLET(Samsung wouldn’t do much)!!!..

  347. Rohan,
    Start bigger publicity. It is time everyone knows what adam is. And if you are available, please inject your short reply so that all of us will be still fresh up always.

  348. i follow the adam from the beginning,and now is the time to preorder one,rohan thanks for everyhing,and why i not commented because my englisch is very bad


  349. Yeah, I’ve been following this for the past year, but hadn’t felt a real need to comment before, can’t say I’m too happy.

  350. now just to be shure i subscribe to this site to get the pre-order. dont know if its needed…

  351. Great to hear we can pre order ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think it will go by email.

    Now I will take the rest of de day to decifer the riddle…..

  352. Sounds really good. Would be really great if we could order it from a distributors in Europe (or even better Germany ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

  353. Hopefully the pre-order will be up soon. I waited and passed on the G-Tablet for this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  354. Very curious on how the inuitive user experience is. If I gave Adam to my mother, would she be able to send an email without any instructions on how to use Adam? Silent reader here, but did vote.

  355. I don’t know if I’ve replied here before, and to be honest, I think it’s a bad criterium for selecting people to be added to the pre-order list.
    I’m very much interested in the Adam (for over a year now!), but I also am not the kind of person who responds to blogs. I wouldn’t know what to say, or why.
    Yes, it is looking to be a great device, but just because I didn’t chime in and sing praise to it, I won’t be able to pre-order it?

    If that’s the case, it will be a very big dent in the image NotionInk had built in my mind.
    I would even go so far as to be glad I haven’t commented and not considered to be a part of the happy few. Elitism sucks.

  356. I am going freaking mad with excitement.. and I can’t wait for the pre-order to get started already.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  357. Alright I have been silent on here as well, but have been with notionink for nearly a year.

    Alas I should have spoken up. I am buying two of these things when I can either way!

    Also I am pretty sure I know what the “sensor” is…..
    Free energy, via the sun! with wireless energy transfer of course!

  358. its my birthday 2day, not intrstd in celebrating,
    but rohan, u made me celebrate my day! ThanX a lot ๐Ÿ˜€

    omg! back 2 my real name, been using ‘aku’ 4 a few weeks now. (my nickname)

    and thank Him, that i used my real name during the logo contst.

    after all, being part of the 10 logos (no. 5) and a discount bearer, no worries i wish, ^^

    so many peepers showin up!

  359. @pepe,

    I had gifted such a watch to a relative in 2002. As per the said relative the watch is still working, including the Eco-Drive feature.

    Present advances in technology could have made the conversion more efficient. I am not suggesting that the device is only charged via this mechanism. I am stating that this is one probable mechanism to extend the charge in the battery.

  360. Good thing that Europe has the device firts! In most cases (with an exception to some HTC devices) we have to wait reading US reviews…
    Can’t wait for the pre-orders, hopefully we will get some more info about adam, I don’t want to order a ‘black box’ (although I think I will not be dissapointed ;-))

    Wat about december 6th? Will NI join Google at the presentation of 2.3? I remember Rohan stating that they have a special bond with Google.. what does this mean? I think we can expect Adam to release with Android 2.3, as Rohan states that eden works perfectly with this version.

    About the guessing, I am a bad guesser but I still think (hope) it wil be a digitizer, I want to use the Adam for making quick notes and my writing on a touchscreen is still faster than typing.

    Another thing! I remember Rohan promising in his last post of showing the onscreen keyboard. I am a bit dissapointed that he didn’t show it.

    Good think that Family goes first in pre-order, I hope I am also on the list!

  361. Woot I am happy that I will be able to pre order as I have commented in earlier blog entries.

    Just wondering what kind of IT support system is there in place.If I buy it directly from the site how do I get Hardware support(damaged/broken/non working unit) if needed .

  362. ho ! this has been my longest hours away from the blog…

    I have similar questions like Greg, but let me word it my way

    first calling us a family is grt…

    Family first in preorders ( that’s even more cool …)

    done something with our FCC application – hmmmm that sounds mysterious , but u promised us that we will let u know it first !!!!

    6 variants (hmmmm now u keep us guessing again….as Greg said w and w/o digitizer- grt option)

    all softwares in beta now —thats really cool hope to see videos and images soon…

    Adam is in Europe as of now -what does that mean???? and
    our sales and marketing team is in Europe this week. ( does this mean u wont be there??? if so we can expect it is not a launch but a major sales drive..????)

    Guess a lot of work has gone in converting the Android suitable for a tablet.– Kudos!!

    Reg the email – does that mean u can recall an email even after the person(receiver) has read it or recall it only when the person has not read it???

    overall sounds like great effort.. best wishes… ๐Ÿ™‚

    and ya, again another poem with clues hidden !!
    as greg said oh wow !!! so much to guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  363. Aww! That’s a sad news for me. Hahaha. I have followed the site since week one, but unfortunately this is my first comment on this blog. Anyway, I’ll just wait for the General Availabilty of the device and I hope I would be able to order one to be sent here in Manila (praying that the customs won’t cheat on me) hahaha. Good Luck! NI! :)) You have a bright future in the industry.

  364. This is great news! I would love to get a preorder in but I’m still wondering about the Android Market… does anyone know if it’s included on the Adam?

  365. Verim, ze je nas tu hodne. Mozna jsem to spatne pochopil, ale Adam by se mel prodavat do mnoha zemi naraz, s platbou pres nejaky online platebni system pres platebni/kreditni kartu. Neco jako mel Google se svym Nexus One.


    I believe there are lot of Czechs. Maybe I got it wrong, but Adam should sell to many countries at the same time, payment will go through some online payment system linked with debit/credit card. The similar system like Google used for selling his Nexus One.

  366. Great Rohan!!! Many thanks!!!!!!! I will looking here ever 5 minutes to find the preorder page early, many many thanks, if you need a free of charge translator for spanish, remember me, thanks!!!!!

  367. Good deal! I. Cannot. Wait!!

    This is the first time I’m buying any device before reviews come out. I am so psyched about Adam I can barely stand it!!

  368. Heyy!

    How and when can we pre-order?!?

    I am so excited that finally we can pre-order and that too before
    the rest of the world.


  369. Yay, i hope pre-booking will be available asap. Want to get my ADAM this year!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Greetings Alnerion

  370. ๐Ÿ™‚

    They’re creepy and they’re KOOKY,

    MYSTERIOUS and spooky,

    They’re ALLTOGETHER ooky,

    The Addams Family.

    In Short we are
    “Addams Family.” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  371. Mmm I’m a bit concerned about the pre-booking…I’ve entered my name and my e-mail (into the fields @ the end of the page) to leave some comments/reply on this blog but I’m not register @WordPress.com. I hope that is not binding ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    What do you think about?

  372. Be interesting if those of us who support NI,but have been critical of it, also get the pre order benefit

  373. Finally it looks like we can get this tablet in are hands soon… hopefully before winter vaction starts, so I can have all on the vaction to us the Adam tablet ๐Ÿ™‚

  374. You’re doing a really good job!
    I love to hear, that you spend time in details, ’cause that is that makes a product special und gives you the “WOW-effect”!
    keep on doing like in the past!

  375. Gr8 post Rohan.
    about pre-order, hope I will be on your list. Though “raul” is my pseudonym on internet from last 10 yrs.

  376. let me play the lawyer of the devil role. i read this since long but never commented: to me the family first is a wise idea. in every video i sought the device is different and site lack of some tech specs. i cant wait to see a real unboxing video. good luck rohan

  377. When I read the first Tesla poem, the word choice for the rhyme make me think of this:

    โ€œNature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night:
    God said, Let Newton be! and all was light.โ€

    That, of course, doesn’t add anything to the meaning, but I thought I’d share anyway.

    As for the rest of the post, good news for early posters. A couple of months back, there were just a couple of hundred posts each time, and now we’re regularly hitting the thousands.

    The recent posts are really giving us food for thought about the special feature. At first, I’ll admit I wasn’t too interested in the special feature, it would just be another bonus on top of a great product, but the Tesla clues and poetry has driven my curiosity up exponentially.

    Personally, I’m wondering about the e-reader functionality. It hasn’t been discussed much. It might not be as ‘sexy’ of a topic as the other software or maybe it’s bound by some confidentiality agreements. I remember seeing a video demo of it in the early stages. Is there any more recent information about it?

  378. This news saddens me to no end Rohan.

    I do understand the need to declare a distinction in to whom the pre-booking will be available. But as I have not, until this moment, actually posted a comment, the news that I am to be excluded hurts like a knife to the chest.

    I, like everyone here, have been following (with baited breath) news of the adam for a VERY long time.

    I first read about the adam back in the spring when the iPad was released in the US. I had already been displeased Apple’s totalitarian approach to programming for the iPhone and began searching for a better solution. I found a list of 10 tablets that were slated to be released in 2010. It didn’t take long to realize which one was superior.

    I was as confused as I’m sure most people here were when the original June release date came and went without hardly a murmur about why.

    I have been telling everyone who will listen everything that I know about notion ink and the adam since before I knew very much at all.

    I found this blog at the third post and have been following it with increasing fervor over the past few months.

    I now regret that I never saw a value in being the 1000th some odd commentor, reiterating a statement for the umteenth time.

    But enough of my lamentations! Rohan, if you do indeed read each and every comment, I would like to applaud you for accomplishing something that is worthy of true respect. The persistence of vision that is required to maintain the attention to details that has gone into producing this, not product, this labour of love (as it evidently is). That kind of persistence, that kind of leadership, is a rare thing. And a thing that I hope you are proud of.

    To all of the commentors, please don’t gloat too harshly when you get your adam before I do.

  379. I am following your project since the beginning of this year and really excited and impatient to get the ADAM now.

  380. awsomeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    love u notion ink
    love u adam
    love u rohan bhai
    people say u r indias stev jobs,i say they are beep holes,who is stv jobs huh
    we have our own Rohan Shravan!!!!

  381. I have been following the Adam for a looong time but never commented on the blog as I’m more of a silent fan as I’m sure many people are.

    Even though I know this won’t get me into the pre-pre-order phase I though it was worth posting to say that I really respect Notion Ink for caring so much about its user base.

    Rohan you have kept us up to date and have shown all of the hard work you and your team have put into the Adam. Your have shown you have excellent attention to the smallest of details and that you are striving for perfection. More importantly, you have shown that you really know how to look after your fans/customers.

    I look forward to pre-ordering my Adam in the ‘rest of the world’ phase ๐Ÿ™‚

  382. Yeah, I don’t think that will be a problem. I haven’t see a lot of pettiness coming from the direction of NI.

  383. I already have some test with Tegra 2 with Ubuntu 10.10 with Ubuntu unit and it works well! and even give a chance with a Archlinux but have a little problem with it because it don’t have a good touch screen ability so a bit hard to use! but it works perfectly! so don’t worry ๐Ÿ˜‰



  384. @ Rohan – I’m a little excited and upset at the same time – I’ve followed this project from it’s inception and read this blog daily. My wife is sick of me talking daily of this incredible device and has now started asking me “What’s the latest with Adam?” and she even asks about the pre-order now that the excitement is building …

    I’ve posted comments on Facebook: Notion Ink’s Adam Rock’s … does this mean I won’t be able to pre-order b/c this is my first post here?

    @ Rohan #2 = I’m an extremely loyal fan and If I miss out on this early opportunity, I will go crazy! Please let me participate early ….

  385. Glad to see we get a particle accelerator/annihilator in our tablet! It will be so much more effective then an old-fashioned ‘Move to Trash’ trashcan…

    Still completely confused by the riddles, though. I’m sure it will be fun to look back on them and see how they were very clear after all.

  386. I have always provided my email id when i posted. Does that count that I am not anonymous? ๐Ÿ™‚ PK is my first and last initials and hope you can validate me with that ๐Ÿ™‚

  387. All,

    Since the pre-order offer is available first to long time commentators, now is the time to own up and declare all the other pseudo names you have been using to post comments.

    I, for one, have been posting comments under the pseudo names – Greg, Tarwinia, Gecko, and..wait for it…wait for it…Rohan !.


  388. this is totally unfair, i have waiting to get adam for christmas for ever, and now i cant get it cuz i didnt post, i am so angry right now, this is unbelievable

  389. My question is do we get another code on the website to hack apart or is it still a valid clue?

    Anyway glad to hear two posts a week are coming. I find the comments just unbearable once it reaches 1000 so I miss a lot of the conversations.

    thanks for the update

  390. Hi Rohan,
    Really glad that you guys are opening up the pre-order soon. Despite all the events that hurting the image of NotionInk, i believe that the world will be at awe with incoming of Adam. Keep up the good work, i will be here to show my support.


  391. How is this ‘the family’ pre-order limitation fair??
    I have never commented or posted here but as a person who checks this blog 3 times a day hoping Rohit might have added a new post to surprise us and reading through all your comments, I now suddenly feel…umm..how do I say it….outcast and passed-up.

    Rohit, if you are reading, I feel this is detestable.

  392. Rohan, please make it available for pre-order in Philippines, thanks!

    Hidden feature: I guess it’s a heat sensor/receiver. Once you hold adam, warmth from the hand gives unique response or interaction to the tablet. It makes the adam a more intimate product. Just like an extension of a user. Just my opinion, hehe.

  393. This is awesome news ๐Ÿ˜€ hopefully santa will bring me an Adam ๐Ÿ™‚

  394. Sucks that I’m not considered part of the family even though I’ve been following this for what seems like forever now. Ironically, the only reason I never posted anything was because I actually read enough to know whatever I wanted to say was already said. If posting something now doesn’t prove we’ve been following this on a daily basis, then what does?

  395. I signed the petition in february where the Notion Ink Design team asked “So who wants to be the first to own an Adam??!! Post your e-mail ids here if you do. ๐Ÿ™‚ Regards, Notion Ink Design labs.,” – http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=310562558516&id=302736112175

    And I’ve checked in on this blog on average once a day the last couple of months.

    But I don’t think I’ve added any comments on this blog (just the Facebook page). Does that exclude me from pre-ordering? Am I not a big enough fan?

  396. @ebriigisto i think developers belong to the family also so don’t worry :-p (i least a hope so :-/)



  397. shame that all the fans that are ony reading are left out of the pre-orders.

    will have to wait a bit longer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  398. THIS IS AWESOME! It’s gonna be soo nice to come to school with this divine piece of equipment and just totally dominate the Ipad fanatics! =D

  399. I also would like to know the answer, he has said that it will be 2.2 and updated as soon as updates are out there. BUT why else hasn’t he shown us to much of the UI. So if you kind of think about it the adam might be running 2.3 and thats why its been kept under wraps.

  400. @vijay i think about the blog followers you are right if its not even more but about the order i am not sure because i am sure that between these 2k/3k people lot’s of them are going to order at least 2(its the case for me :D, i am going to order 3). so i think you can say 2K commends but they will need something like 5k adam! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  401. I am really excited! If the Adam manages to deliver on even most of it’s promise I will be very, very excited!!!

  402. I want two.. One now one later.. but can I pay in cheque/cash.. I don’t have any online payment facility no Credit Card no Online Banking..

    Please reply.

  403. I’m very happy reading this news!!! and more knowing which advantage “the family” will have. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Is good to know I’m not going to be a mutant due to a Wi-Fi radiation. Ha, ha, ha.
    I hope you are in Europe to pass the CE certification in an European Lab.

    You are doing a very good job so I’m sure that once the costumer have the Adam on hands the perception will be bigger than expectation.

    I’m following this blog since time (not more than others that live here) and now I realize the Adam release day is coming.


  404. Thanks a ton!!!! Rohan….Guess…this is most anticipated and best news…I am hearing after my son’s birth……..Family gets preference for pre ordering ‘adam’ and twice a weekly update is like extra cream on cake……

    Wish you all the very best….and also eagerly waiting for pre-order dates…..


  405. Just waiting for preorders. I’m really happy to know that Iยดll be able to get one soon.

  406. Adam is soo much better than other tablets on market, right? Just wants to be sure! =D

  407. Btw. Where’s gecko? He might be first ones for pre-order list. He’s such an active lizard in Adam’s family..

    Been following this blog for long time, and read tons of comment. Though I’m not an active commentor, I believe in Notion Ink’s future success and achievements. Rohan, is there an opening for shares of stocks? n_n

  408. Guess that will teach me to lurk ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a bit disappointed about the pre-ordering preference (been following this blog practically since it’s inception, but never commented), but I can’t whine about it. It’s a good idea to reward your loyal followers, and you have to know who they are.


  409. Truly getting very excited now, can’t stop talking about Adam to my colleagues and friends. Particularly looking forward to the software, the thought gone into it is truly impressive and I am sure that plus also useful feedback from the ‘family’ will make for a strong release. One question though how will future updates be managed and how frequent do you expect them to be? Please point me to an appropriate link if this has been answered before…

  410. @Robin

    Aren’t the 5th and 6th variants 16GB, 32GB as originally stated?

    Glad to part of the pre-order.


  411. OH NO! I’ve only ever commented once on the blog and it was a reply. I’ll honestly cry for quite some time if i’m not eligible for early pre-order ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  412. I’ve posted on your Facebook page: Notion Ink’s Adam Rocks – but not here.

    I’m a loyal fan and feel like part of the family. I really would like to pre-order.

  413. Heh, I have followed adam (and notionInk) from when It first came to public (about a year ago) But I’m not sure if I ever have written to the blog (have posted a few comments on gOogle Buzz tough) ;D

    But it really doesn’t matter if I go to the preOrder list or not. Even tough I strongly think that this is probably the best tablet to hit the market by far (at the moment), I’m not a fan of order-and-judge. I want to see the product on reviews first.

    But I have the feeling that this will be Huge! (Just as I had a feeling when the first Nokia’s phones with camera came out, that cameraphones would be huge and when Android was first published I had the feeling it would take over the world, as it now has. So I have a good gut, trust me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  414. I want to pre-order the Adam too ๐Ÿ™‚ Only i read the post and look every day for a new post, so i think, i should be able to pre-order. ๐Ÿ™‚

  415. How does this work, Tim?
    I’ve been posting beofre several times, and i live in the Netherlands, in the middle of Amsterdam-Rotterdam. No pin at my location?
    How do I know if i can make a pre-order, where, when and how?

    Pretty shaky by mow…

  416. Im so excited….but i would like to know if Adam is coming to Russia too or not………

  417. For the browser would their be desktop tool to move bookmarks from computer browser eg. Firefox to Adam browser (any nice name for it eg. papyrus), also what the ebook app?

  418. Thank you Rohan! Another great post! Adam keeps looking better and better.

    Also, thanks to the Adams Family. For the past month, or so, I return to the blog more often than I’d admit to anyone except to all of you (easily dozens and dozens – ssshhh, wife and coworkers don’t need to know this).

    There are two reasons I keep coming back. One, of course, is Rohan. I’ll admit that I quickly “ctrl f” search his last name to find out if there are any more clues almost every time I return here.

    But, secondly, and just as important, is I love to read all your comments. One of the reasons I don’t comment more is because I can’t keep up with you guys. Before I get a chance to gather my thoughts, someone else has either said what I would have said or said something else that makes even more sense.

    Anyway, I do feel like I’m part of the family, even if I’m one of the more quiet ones (George Harrison or John Entwistle, Billy Wyman, etc). While I don’t comment daily, I’ve made my share and I’m now glad that I used my real first name and real email address (which includes my full name). I hope that’s enough to let me on the pre-order list.

    Thanks again Rohan and thanks again everyone who has kept me coming back here every day for all these months.


  419. Little dissapointed to hear only commentors will be able to pre-order (or at least have an advantage) when there are so many people that religiously follow your blog and only read the comments with passion. You are now rewarding the people who come in here to only say first, second or third. I’m so excited for the Adam and wanted to pre-order so bad! I hope there will be a big enough launch so everybody who wants one can get one in the first month of sale ๐Ÿ™‚

  420. I for one am bitterly disappointed by your decision to differantiate between your talkative and your silent family members. I’ve been following the development of adam for a year now, spreading the word to family, friends and co-workers. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know in previous comments how religiously attached I feel to this gadget, but why is the silent approval of your design and hardware choices by refreshing this blog many times a day to catch up on the latest comments and developments and scouring the internet for news generating a buzz for the adam on other web pages and search engines of lesser value to you? I decided long ago to get adams for my entire family. And I must commend you on not making a single mistake in the past. I’m sure this will all be forgotten as soon as the adam is in the mail, but I had to get this off my chest, because the disappointment hit me hard.

  421. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I don’t remember if I ever posted there, with which e-mail address. Most of the time, I admit, the mass of comments prevented me from adding my questions… And most of the time other ones asked them before me (ie I remember some questions about multitouch on PQI which weren’t directly answeared. Is there a way to check if I’m eligible or not ?

    Well, having come here every week, and having reported news from there in other websites comments (ie http://www.blogeee.net/2010/11/ladam-de-notion-ink-en-precommande-en-decembre/), I’m a bit disappointed…

  422. Really, really great news!
    Wow! Super! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
    I’m in the Netherlands!
    Did post before, am i in?

    Haven’t read the rest of Rohans posting yet, too excited by the first news.
    Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…

  423. Well since you don’t go through any registration to post comments, will it still work? :3

  424. Hey Rohan,
    Not fair.
    At least give one device to me, i have been living my life with Notion Ink from its inception ๐Ÿ˜›

  425. Hi,
    that’s my first post, guess why ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m a bit dissapointed that only the lucky people who posted something here are able to preorder as the first ones. I read all the blog posts an a lot of the comments (It’s too much to read all). Maybe it would be a good idea to add also the Twitter followers or the ones who joined as developers. I did both, even if I not subscribed as eap member.

    Otherwise, maybe someone who posted and doesn’t want to preorder can forward me his or her right to do so? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kind Regards,

  426. Rohan, Have you done something with stock Android media player?
    In plain words it just sucks. You havent mentioned anything about it in your blog.

  427. I am not positive how they get to 6 variants. But one axis is certainly the display, LCD vs Pixel Qi. The other Axis may be WiFi only or WiFi + 3G HSPA but that only gives 4 variants.

    Looking forward to choosing from the 6 options though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  428. I really like how this company is thinking and treating it’s customers. If this kinda business practices continue, I sense some apple sauce in the future.

  429. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rohan is doing some market research I guess.

    You know, shake the tree and see what falls down.

  430. Great news but also a way to piss off a whole bunch of followers right at the start. I’m sure that there thousands of people following the progress of Adam and this blog who have never seen fit to post. I haven’t until now (although I’m signed up to the NotionAddicts forum). I’ve never been one for the purile post and I’ve not had anything overly insightful to post either not being a developer or IT guru. It doesn’t mean I’m not hyper-excited about the Adam, because I am; 6 months ago I was going to buy an iPad then found Adam the morning I was going shopping, and have held out for NI ever since and followed the news and blog like a dog on heat.

    But by prereleasing to the family first, the converted, addicted souls who populate the board, it means that if Adam’s buggy or glitchy or doesn’t do what it says on the tin they’ll be forgiving and will give NI the opportunity to iron those bugs out prior to general release!

    But, preorder or not, I’m still buying one. Bring it on!

    [& solar charging would be the thing for me :o)]

  431. It’s so good to hear Adam is already in Europe! I’ve checked every day for this post ๐Ÿ˜€

  432. hopefully the wait ends soon, i have been holding out for this tab for a long time now.

  433. I doubt they will email you since people who post here are not specifically opting in to getting emails from them. Most likely they will post pre-order details here and then ask you for your email and compare it to the ones they compile into their list form the comments.

    It is interesting, but not surprising, that this has been the most commented on issue. Probably he should have been more explicit about who was or was not on the list by giving some place to go and check if you are on the pre-order list, but maybe they didn’t want to field the complaints just yet from people who aren’t on their list but think they should be.

    Maybe he is also going to include everybody who posts on this message as well but wanted to discourage people from posting now just to get on the list in order to not flood this forum with people who are only posting to get access to the pre-orders.

  434. finally………….adm is coming…………..but it should be available for all…everyone buying this should be part of the adm’s family. i also want to be a member of this family as soon as possible…..i have been keeping watch over every development related with adm…now Rohan says i m not a member of adm’s family only because i never written anything on this site………..this is not fare Rohan…..i want to have my adm as soon as possible……………

  435. This is getting more interesting as time gets close to release. Seems to add a lot to what first release pads such as the ipad do. And the Android system seems to be better at this time. Holding off on getting a pad for this baby! Hopefully soon!

  436. @sim

    3D gesture.

    *that’s why this question. thats why this will change dynamics. but dont assimilate this with conventional wisdom. NI is unconventional!!!*

  437. I’m guessing there are thousands of us faithful blog readers that have never commented!!! Sad for us – but a nice touch for those that have!

  438. If you add one more axis like +- a certain storage limit then you end up with 8 variants. Furthermore, screen is the only thing that is listed as optional in the tech specs though earlier releases indicated 3G may be optional. Could it be that 3G is no longer optional but that it is coming in 3 colors? So pick one of 3 colors plus screen type?

  439. Wow. 6th Dec One day after my Birthday. I can’t wait to see the adam. I hoped to have it on my Birthday. Since i saw Adam i’m saving money for this thing.
    Rohan and the Notion Ink Team BIG BIG BIG BIG THANKS for your work. I know its difficult for you as a new firm. I really wish from u beat Ipad and the other shit tablet… And i hope u bring the revolution :).

  440. Barb,

    It seems that you and I are in the same boat. I have also fallowed the adam saga for quite a while and I have found myself reading this blog like my grandmother was with her soaps (watching like religion) yet I have not posted. My guess is that, no we will not get to pre order with the family, but since we follow so closely hopefully we are first on the public pre order.
    Kudos to all the smart folks here that have worked on deciphering the clues that Rohan has laid out. I thought I was smart since I work in the IT field but you guys humble me.
    @Rohan you have not mentioned synching with exchange. Will the mail app be able to do this?


  441. Just to (hopefully) increase my chances of getting onto the pre-pre-order list i’ve created an account. My usual posting name is Sean M. before this blog post I’ve only commented once, but i’ve been following this blog since around april this year. I feel very stupid for not seeing this coming, if I had known I would’ve made more of an effort to most more often. well, I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed (YN) ๐Ÿ™‚

  442. I am phenbach! :p on the notionaddicts forum there are plenty of people there who said they never commented here because it was too chaotic. They have been waiting for a forum style with structure. Since I have been following the blog the size has grown on me and it is not as overwhelming when you are here as it grew. I will say since the unofficial forum community exists now, I post a comment until it reaches around 750 because it is hard to keep up with as you well know. I am note sure if Rohan knows who I am but hey looking forward to next week and 2 posts a week.


  443. @VB,

    The reason i think that storage has been standardized is because different storage values are not mentioned on the specs page, just the “8+GB Flash” bit and the Micro SD card support

    This would seem like a big oversight to me if they actually had different storage capacities

    OTH i don’t think the secret sensor/feature will be optional, because the way Rohan has been talking about it, it would be revolutionary and i dont think Rohan or NI would restrict it to a few people because of the price. They are all about sharing their ideas with the world, this blog being a prime example ๐Ÿ™‚

  444. Batteries are internal (inside “the curve”), and are “easily” replaceable according to a comment Rohan made recently.

  445. For sure is exciting stuff. Love the hint of android 2.3 which hopefully means that NI has ร  really tight and good relationship to Google.

  446. Just to (hopefully) increase my chances of getting onto the pre-pre-order list iโ€™ve created an account. My usual posting name is Sean M. before this blog post Iโ€™ve only commented once, but iโ€™ve been following this blog since around april this year. I feel very silly for not seeing this coming, if I had known I wouldโ€™ve made more of an effort to post more often. well, Iโ€™ll just have to keep my fingers crossed (YN) ๐Ÿ™‚

  447. Great news Rohan,

    Congratulations for everybody who can pre-order!! I can’t, i just voted 2 times, but never left a commend before. My english is not zo good but now i wanted to congratulate everbody. I’ll wait, my time will come……

  448. Just 2 question for anybody who can answer.
    1. We don’t exactly know the date for pre-ordering, do we?
    2. Does ADAM ship to APO addresses as well for those who work for the U.S military?
    Thank you

  449. Does anyone know how pdf-reading and editing will be handled by adam? Are there any news on whether adam is going to support mendeley?

  450. It is interesting that they believe that the EU is a key market, most of the companies try to conquer the US market first.

    Being European myself, I am happy about this though.

    I just hope EU prices will not be very inflated (like 1US = 1EUR in the price) because in order to be successful, the Adam should not be much more expensive than the Vega (for the similar edition).

    The EU price for the wifi-only, LCD-only Adam should be the same as the Vega (GBP 250). Maybe 20 GBP more for the bigger storage and bigger RAM (Vega has 512MB RAM and 4GB storage, Adam should have 1GB RAM and 8GB storage).

    This way it would be an easy decision to choose the Adam because it also has standalone GPS which the Vega doesn’t, has some nifty extras (like the trackpad) and the form factor is better (e.g.: better shape for left handed reading).

  451. Oh boy, you guys are crazy!

    It is good to hear that a company cares so much about their products like you did.
    Everyone can see how much sole and heart you put on this beautiful peace of technologie.

    Please don’t stop to be awesome!

  452. Hi guys this what I am planning to tell my friends through my gmail account contacts, when adam get released…..what you think about this…..should i add anythin more?…..these r the specs i think , will be there in adam that others should look in awe…..supposing this is the case…..if u ppl also could do something lik this…would be a great advertisement for our adam……

  453. yes rohan, you do have a fan base here in the philippines

    more power to you and your ilk.

  454. The rumor mill says December 9, 2010 it is not been confirmed yet that is what the binary code on the website points to, but it may be something else going on that day.

    From past posts NI has shipping partners and from what I recall non have been announced so I do not think anyone knows the shipping methods.

  455. finally , it took all my will power to stop myself from buying a galaxy tab. i hope preorders will be up soon. now for the secret sensor , i’m betting on either a IR port or a stylus , either would be great!

  456. Rohan,

    I am not writing this comment because I might be successful in making ‘a backdoor entry’into the preorder list. I am writing this on the behalf of those people who have been following from long time but have supportd you quietly… yes you did not get any comments from them but they have been NI faithfuls from the days when the google pages showed just 2 or 3 pages when you searched notion ink and get excited looking the videos from CES or on that indian news channel…you should also consider something for them as well (yes finding them will be a problem) but if you consider the likes of greg, sowmya , hermann , vector, pratik etc as your brothers and sisters in your family then those unsung heroes are your cousins… don’t forget them….


  457. Hi team, At last our wishes have come true! Can’t wait to hold the ‘Adam’! Great job!

  458. > It will be so much more effective then an old-fashioned โ€˜Move to Trashโ€™ trashcanโ€ฆ

    ๐Ÿ™‚ lol.

  459. A great post indeed. It puts into perspective what our expectations are and what you and your team are likely to come up with. At the end of the day, adam will probably exceed everyone’s expectations.

    It is a bit unfair to say that those who posted are only family. I have been following NI and adam’s development along with my two boys since CES 2010. Just because I didn’t post a comment so far doesn’t make me an outsider. I feel everyone who has the opportunity to own adam will feel a sense of pride that they belong to adam’s family.

  460. Almost a year of waiting for any news of a preorder, or any other news and it’s a special only for people who previously commented.

    Great way to alienate a customer…

  461. Just created a wordpress account to (hopefully) increase my chances of being on the pre-pre-order list. my usual posting name is Sean M. although I’ve only commented once before this post, hopefully that will be enough to get early pre-order, until I find out, I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed (YN)

  462. I hope so! If the color is also considered as one of the options to choose from, then it might be true that there’s just one choice of memory storage: 8gb (as mentioned by others on this blog, other storage capacities are not clearly mentioned on their site…)

  463. Hear hear!

    I’ve almost commented a bunch of times, but someone else had already asked the things I wanted to know (no info on ODF support in this post, Rohan? I think it’s pretty importantโ€ฆ).

    Oh well. Patience is a virtue, &c. โ˜บ

  464. Hi ,
    Finally adam is available โ€ฆโ€ฆ..the most awaited tabletโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ..
    The best mobile device available in the worldโ€ฆnever seen so much stuff in a single product,it can be used as Digitizer,E-book reader,Net book,Phone etcโ€ฆ..Also has multitouch,3-D gesture recognition(for the first time in any gadget), Readable in sunlight due to pixel qi-screenโ€ฆso dual mode screenโ€ฆ..Battery upto 24 hrsโ€ฆ.best ever considering the size of device….Swivel camera(3.2Mp) rotatable 185 deg…….Most interestingly fist time we have a wireless rechargable battery which can be recharged from wifi or 3g n/ws โ€ฆโ€ฆso it always stays charged if you r connected to a networkโ€ฆsounds coolโ€ฆ.now this truly is the futureโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆeven steve jobs will be in awe seeing the specsโ€ฆโ€ฆ..:)
    We can be proud of the device It is from Indiaโ€ฆ.The CEOยดs r of our ageโ€ฆโ€ฆ.I have been following this gadget through their blog for almost 1 year. The way it evolved was very intersting.First time a CEO interacting so intensely with his customers and even made few changes as we suggested.This is what the CEO said “Notion Ink is about bringing that โ€˜futureโ€™ faster towards us (but not rushing by releasing sub-standard products, we are here to stay for centuries). “ how can a new company be so sureโ€ฆhe is so confidentโ€ฆi like thisโ€ฆโ€ฆ..and like many others I believe itโ€ฆ.the product is truly amazingโ€ฆ…

  465. and also he promised to allow the members of the adam family(thos who commented on the product thru his(our) blog)to preorder adam befor it is open to the rest of the world……..

    This is what I intent to post…..
    may be we need a few changes that we will make later……..with all ur help… what u say?

  466. Hello family!
    I have been following the blog for months now, posted once, I hope it will qualify me for pre-pre-order!

    I am living in canada but I am from France and I think you should check the following event:

    http:/ /www .leweb.net/

    Google will also conduct a workshop about Android on December 8th :

    Learn about the latest developments in Android, complete with live demos.
    Dave Burke

    Rohan, if you need a french translator/guide, I will be happy to help you!


  467. I’ve got to say I’m a little disappointed with the fact that only those that have posted will be able to pre-order. I have followed the blog religiously and read every single comment.
    I myself have simply never commented and instead preferred to read what others had stated/posted/speculated.

    I have been following Adam since it was first mentioned in an Engadget post so long ago.

    I have participated in the online polling for both the colors and the logo, sent an email to notionink to let me know when the adam would be available when the old website was still up (never received even an automated reply though) and have driven my wife crazy over the adam.
    This is not to mention saving for the adam for months now which is not easy when you have three little girls that have needs to but I’ve done my best and was really looking forward to pre-ordering only to find out that I will more than likely be shut out because I preferred to read the blog and follow along with all the wild speculation instead of actually jumping in and posting something/anything at all.

    While everyone else is so happy today I can’t help but feel that this is one “family member” that wasn’t invited to the party because he kept his mouth shut and listened to what everyone else had to say.

  468. 3D gesture recognition?? There is no confirmation on this yet. So i would hold off on this. Dont jump the gun, be a little more patient like NI is being. No point making tall claims now and then not getting thos features in the final product. Will proabably turn off many poeple from buying this remarkable product. Just my 2 cents…

  469. I am pretty crazy coz its 4 am here and got up at middle of the night to see a disappointing weekend special and could not stop myslef typing in this chity palm treo fon due to lack of internet in the house….anyway as I am broke I won’t be able to buy adam untill I get my tax returns but im excited………
    wish all the good luck to NI on upcoming hectic days


  470. Generally this is how smartphones work. They HAVE to supply some way to restore the OS. This is almost similar to the recovery dist they provide for PCs but this will work much faster.

  471. I learned about Tesla from the tesla-weapons in “command and conquer” – how sad is that, a war game!

  472. I’m in the same boat as you Daniele. It seems to me, and others here have agreed, that NI will have to notify commentors through their email accounts. So, I hope that by using a legitimate email account in your comment (but not necessarily have a WordPress account) is enough.

    Just out of curiosity, how many commentators do your commenting as a WordPress account holder?


  473. Thanks Rohan! Really appreciated. Glad I have posted before. I have read about Tesla more inthe last week then in my school days hope its worth.

  474. ya i know……the mail will be sent only after adam is relesed officially this mail is written on the belief that the these features r available as per the speculation in the blog

  475. Ugh – I’ve only posted a few times – I may not make the cut, but I am excited about the news!!!


  476. Rohan!

    Can you include the NotionAdditcs.com Forum users!
    I haven’t (I don’t think I have) posted a comment before since I had nothing to come up with. I have been here for 1 year tracking the Blog. And wants as everybody else get a pre order.

    It would have been appreciated if you Included the Addticives of this Blog And Notion ink, by adding the Forum members of NotionAddicts.com.


  477. Greeeaat news Rohan.. Dusting my visacard off and are ready, the mail section looks really cool.
    Keep up the relentless hours you and your team puts into adam, we will be ready to give you the sales figures needed to feel like it was all worth it..

    Go Go NI..

  478. Just to (hopefully) ensure I get onto the list, I’ve created an account. My usual posting name is Sean M

  479. Europe as of now is iPad-Thirsty, i wud say! Mainly becos there are many potential buyers waiting to buy a tablet/iPad if its affordable. But iPad is bit costly there!

    Compared to that, the Mass market in India still needs to be geared up towards tablets.

    Do you think, we bloggers are enuf to saturate the tablet market??

  480. What about those of is who have been reading this blog religiously since it started but have never posted, just because we feel we have nothing useful to add to the mix, are we still eligible for pre-order?

  481. Everything is looking extra butter, but am I the only one who does not understand the following:

    “I really want Adam to wake you up even if you are sleeping in your cozy rooms when there is thunder-storm outside”.

    Why would anybody want to create such an evil machine. Many of us turn into uncontrollable monsters when we are unnecessarily woken up. I hope I can share my sleeping space with Adam for many years to come instead of having to keep it far away after a regretful and hazy beat down for constantly waking me up.

    Cant wait to see it in action and for pre-orders. The next couple of weeks are going to be tropical.

  482. I am very happy for the ones who commented on this blog and will be able to preorder, however I am following this from the beginning, but am a lurcher… (I only post comment when I feel it contributes) So I’m getting left out??

    Too bad, I guess?

  483. Is it really a Kinect like “sensor”? Even way less powerfull it could blow my mind!

  484. I await the Rollout of many “DROID” like Commercials on TV to get the ball rolling. Say what you will about Motorola and Verizon but the DROID phone (in the U.S.) saved the Android OS..or at least kicked it into the headlines. So HEAVY marketing,maybe with an edge, is needed to kick this off correctly. And if done sooner thant later, you may be able to get folks who were planning on grabbing another PAD to hold off for the BETTER PAD.

    Also.. I have one Apple product, a Mac Air (v1), that work bought for me. The only redeeming thing about it was the Packaging. The thing was almost gift boxed from apple. Making it look special (You know..the lipstick on a pig thing..). And with the advent of all those UNBOXING video’s that are on the net you know the ADAM unboxing will be everywhere. So spend some time Packing this up with style and class. And the first impression will be a good one.

    Go ADAM!

  485. The Wacom digitizer used EMR (electromagnetic resonance) technology.
    If that’s not the Tesla link, what is?! And the big question is, why did Rohan grin?!
    If there is a digitizer, I hope that we won’t be made to choose between that and a PixelQi display, that would be a tragedy!! I want everything. I want the Adam which has all the goodies!
    Thank you so much for making us feel like part of the family. I can only hope that the Adam achieves the sort of success that will make us all proud! I can’t wait to pre-order. Just a few days to go, I presume?

  486. Rohan,

    I enjoy the fact that you thread Math a lot in all things Adam – the design (phi), the countdown (binary), Tesla’s birthday (hexadecimal), etc.

    I’m a Mathematics teacher in a primary school here in the Philippines.

    I just hope your word processing app includes a built-in add-on (like Math Type) that allows math symbols input so I can type out my lesson plans with ease.

    I also hope your wish to get Prezi built in comes to fruition.


  487. So becouse of my “anonymous” name i can not preorder?
    even if i’m posting for a while?

    My real name is Benjamin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  488. I think this post has a lot less “good” content than previous one but people seem to be too excited to notice ๐Ÿ™‚

  489. Interesting, but there still doesn’t seem to be any news about adam’s price in India. Also, curious about student discounts, since from what I’ve been seeing, its also being targeted for students.

  490. Family! We did something by not only reading and posting the blogs but also telling friends and relatives about an ‘Adam’ which would eat ‘Apple’. If you said ‘two posts per week’, I fear how long again the wait will be extended.

  491. So – what does this part mean:
    “(those who post anonymously will be at loss after this post)”

    What qualifies as anonymously? Do we need a full name? Does it mean we have to be a registered user with WordPress? I am curious – how do you post anonymously if you have to put your email address?

    Bottom line – I am curious if I qualify or not. I have not posted a lot but have posted here and there.

  492. Same here, an always-positive yet infrequent commenter. Hoping I count as the cool uncle who only comes to 1 out of 10 functions.

  493. The ‘restore’ image is normally on the FLASH/ROM of the smart phone device. However AFAIK there is no information provided by NI on their strategy and approach for this.

  494. Hi people !!

    Its great to know that i had shared my comments and suggestion with NI ..and now am into their family !!! Thats some really happy news…

    The Mail concept looks great..and it seems in the future we will be using the olden days concepts but in a refreshed manner…

  495. You the 6 models that was mentionned before i will pre-book a version with Pixel Qi Display 3G and Wifi.

    I’m french and very happy that you considered Europe has an important market.

  496. I think it does make sense if it is a 3D gesture recognition sensor, based on a particular spectrum of light. Would be great to do gestures in 3D Space, without attachments to your hands, as long as it is accurate. Hoping it is true….

  497. Yep I meant it Hadron Collider. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Typed the whole thing from my iPod. So ignore the typos ๐Ÿ™‚
    Without the ‘e’ sounds good btw!

  498. Hi Rohan an d NI Team,
    great posting, terrific news by all parts!
    You guys answered a lot of questions, and raised more at the same time :0)

    – How about the 6 variants?
    – Will you be in Amsterdam as well this week?
    – Are you going to use the email adresses as filter for EU-family in pre-pre-ordering?
    – Is there a limit in how many i can order?
    – Am i considered to be a familymember at all?
    – How does this work: http://tinyurl.com/NAGD-Europe ?

    Was thinking of ordering the wifi variant, but now it comes to it, i think i might be regretting not ordering G3 to get everything out of Adam, so…

    Thanks for the latest insight, keep up the good work!

  499. Really excited about the release of the Adam. It’s exactly the sort of device that a small business like mine needs for the anchor of a multimedia display at trade shows and conventions that won’t require an external power source (and therefore saves me power fees). It’s going to be useful in a hundred ways, and I can’t wait.

    In addition I have to say that it makes me happy to be throwing support behind a start-up company that steps into the field against giants like Apple and Samsung, not looking to cash in on a bit of a current trend, but deciding instead to throw down a gauntlet of innovation and out perform them in every way.
    Hope I can be added to the list of those who can pre-book. Slainte.

  500. Hey guys it would be great.. if everyone here can sent their ideas of

    ||||||| HOW ARE U GOING TO USE UR ADAM ????? |||||||

    It will be useful for new people who visit these pages and also for people who can learn new uses of using the Adam !!

    Thank you Friends ! ! ! !

  501. Let’s do an DNA-test to prove that i’m a part of the familiy too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  502. Rohan this is my first post here, but I have been following this blog all the time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I was also in touch with Sachin in September for a while to try a way to promote Adam to one of my clients. Please please include me in the list of ppl allowed to pre- book. I mean I have been promoting/telling about Adam to everybody I knew who wanted a device on the go or an iPad. Please dont let me down!!!!! Have to rush – Will come back and read the full blog.

  503. Hi Rohan

    Good to hear your team is in Europe. I suspect Adam is going to be launched there first. I Look forward to buying it.

    p.s If your team is in London, and got time-out from business, then get them to drop me a note. More than happy to help the “NI Family”.



  504. this is premarketing analysis, sampled on “?silent fanbois” (I guess fanalysis) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rohan I hope you are not chuckling to all these confessions ๐Ÿ˜‰ BIBLICAL!!!!

  505. Damn, I should have posted yesterday when I had the chance, now I won’t be able to pre-order for my birthday on Dec 9th.

  506. Photos we saw doesn’t have digitizer slot because they shows only one variant out of 6! Tesla and big bang > Electromagnetic waves > active digitizer!!

  507. +1

    Am I anonymous? I have filled out the reply section with both my blog and email… But I’m also not register to wordpress.

    I want to be part of the family ๐Ÿ˜

  508. Hello “family”,

    i hope that all the things gonna be fine and that the ADAM comes to Germany.
    I am waiting for a lot of time to use this nice tablet in my study. Reading a lot of book and so on.

    The idea with the digitizer is brilliant, because I study mathematics.

    I love ADAM … I love the community, the family and I love you Rohan ๐Ÿ™‚

    The best tablet ever… will be created by the “Tablet-Einsteins” from India ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you so much

  509. This is great news, I only made one comment, but followed religiously, do I qualify for pre-order? When is pre-order? Will we the choosen be notified via email? Thanks Rohan you are the best, early X-mas for me.

  510. OMG…WHAT DID I DO!!!

    I’ve been coming here and reading the blog forever now….but never posted ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I read it on my laptop, on my phone, at work, at home..in the loo every morning.
    I visit the site when I start my day to get some more news and launch date or a new post by Rohit.

    Alas..I did not post. BUT maybe once i did..or i just typed a few lines then I canceled thinking that the point is already made in another post..I do not remember..so i feel I’ve never posted.

    And there is no chance of redeeming myself…that great feel of holding the baby(Adam) in my hands..the first person in my office, in my circle, in the neighborhood to do so..that opportunity is lost.

    My wife will understand my feelings…my kid too..anyways she is too young to understand. but the kid would have loved to use the doodle app on adam.

    BUT this won’t deter me from getting my hands on the device. I’ll still be doing the rounds for the pre-order option.

  511. Guess iยดm in for pre-order then. Have only postet once, but iยดve been following Adam for a looong time now. Canยดt wait! :o)

  512. I totally agree with you.
    I am an enthusiast when it comes to the new Adam. And I have visited this page almost every day to have a look at what is new on the blog.
    I just hope the delay for these who do not belong to the family is not too long.

  513. well so much for Adam being vapourware! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have been tempted by the HP Slate500 but i will see how well the image editor mentioned a while back works on here first. Will it be able to open RAW files from DSLR cameras etc?

  514. This is probably one of the most eagerly anticipated tablet products of 2010. I don’t think that the VAT rise will be a big issue in the UK since – if the reported price points are correct – it would only add approx ยฃ7 to ยฃ10 to the price. Will it be sold directly only ? If so postage costs are a factor – some vendors seem to use these as a means of increasing the profit on the sale of items – without it showing on the ‘headline’ price.
    Good luck and I hope the product is as good as it looks !

  515. Great Rohan..

    Feels good to hear the new innovations from you.. especially on the copy – crop part. I would like to know the 6 variants details.

    I am ready to preorder once i know the display quality in normal mode for pixel Qi and LCD versions.

    Actually I was hoping for the battery life calculator in this update. Pls confirm if we can still expect the battery life calc.?

    One more thing.. can we get to see a demo and differentiations of the different versions w.r.t. battery life, usage, display quality, touch screen response etc.?

    And finally as for the clue, also considering the prezi presentations, I presume that it is related to NFC or something as you mentioned that the adam would have a unique way of communicating with other adams. Through some microwaves or radio technology. That would fit the clues but still these clues would make more sense once the sensor is revealed (but would spoil the fun of guessing though).

    P.S: How are you gonna check the people who posted in the blog and is there any constraint about the min. number of posts or the quality of the posts. I’m glad I used my name but still it would be also good if those who used aliases would also have a way.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  516. Hopefully the variants now consists of:
    +LCD + WIFI
    +LCD + WIFI + 3G
    +PIXEL QI + WIFI + 3G


  517. I am very eagerly awaiting the release of Adam in India. I hope i will also be eligible for the initial order

  518. Posting here just in case it gets me through preorder ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was a longtime follower though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Really wish I could get it…

  519. Hello. Good news to hear. I think great things with great potential needs time to envolve. So take you the time you need. I wish you all the best.

    It gets harder and harder to follow the posts with my android phone. So I am loking forward to read and post with Adam!! (hope that my few posts where enough to get on the list )

    Congratulations to your work and happy Weekend.

  520. I am reading this weekend post again and again, there is so much in there!
    I am pretty sure the mystery application is a clipboard feature. If it is, then I would be so happy. I hate that windows doesn’t have an always-on clipboard feature for instance, and it only remembers the las copied item. The Adam is going to be more powerful than a full fledged computer ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was also really happy to read what Rohan said about understanding the Tegra better than anyone else. This is critical, and not to be undervalued. Apple do so well with their products because they really understand their processor. Even when their device is underpowered compared to the competition they still manage to outperform them, simply because they utilize the power in an intelligent manner.
    At least on paper, the Adam is everything it set out to be, a revolutionary product. The success now depends on it’s build-quality, interface, usability, etc. I am sure it’s going to deliver, and can’t wait to find out.

  521. I think if you have posted comments using a valid email address then NI will simply send you an email, with the pre-order link, to that address. I don’t think you need to be registered with WordPress or such.

    Of course, I am assuming that NI can access the emails that were used to post the comments.

    Alternately, if one has a Gravatar account with the contact details I suppose NI could use this too.

    Nevertheless, many folks would be unhappy if they did not get the pre-order option even though they may not have posted comments but have been devoted followers.