New Site is Up!


Just posting so it becomes easier for everyone to follow comments!

(Will be collecting the changes recommended in the comments and change it in the morning!)

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Hi Rohan!

    Did you get my messages on Facebook? Just sharing some ideas with You !!


  2. I agree with others who said …that eventually the site should be for lay people whose first interest is in Use cases. so a short video of various use cases (like the samsung).. Thanks.

    Great job! Get some sleep ..which will help a long way!

  3. For any sneaky fellows looking through the code, heres a tidbit for you, theres a very awesome hidden sensor we’re gonna be revealing soon πŸ˜€

  4. Let me say once again…

    Congratulations and thank you to everyone who was involved with getting the new NI website site this far. You have all done a fantastic job and we look forward to the changes and additions you will be making. Your long days and tireless efforts do not go unnoticed, nor are they unappreciated. THANK YOU!

  5. Nice first impressions!! I like the new site.
    Especially the adam picture in Black. It really looks coooooooollllll !! What are the four buttons/imprints on the left side, I wonder? Anyone any idea?

    Genesis promises apps not seen before. Should be interesting ;-).
    Keep it coming Rohan.

  6. The new site is great! I keep looking. I can’t wait to have it!

    The new site is terrible! I can’t stop looking. I want it now!

  7. Nice first impressions!! I like the new site.
    Especially the adam picture in Black. It really looks coooooooollllll !! What are the four buttons/imprints on the left side, I wonder? Anyone any idea?

    Genesis promises apps not seen before. Should be interesting .
    Keep it coming Rohan.

  8. looks good. Thank you Rohan for finally changing the .com site. Runs a ton faster without all the graphics even though they were cool.

    I have a request. Can you please post a video recorded from the adam tablet directly, just to get an idea of what the video quality is like from the adam tablet itself and how the sound quality is. Please do some sound checks as well, maybe of people placed at different distances to see how it picks up the audio at different distances for those of us who plan on recording lectures, or patient interviews and such. Make it fun. Maybe have someone interview you with the adam tablet. This could be an oral update for our next special instead of a written one.

  9. What is the 10001 on the top right corner?
    may be adding photos in the ‘about’ section so that we can add a face to the names we have been reading in the blogs. many of us are true fanbois πŸ™‚ it might help establishing a personal link to the company.
    I feel like there is a lot of information from the blog that is missing here. The new comers to the blogs usually don’t read all the previous posts or comments. It might be useful to publicize the + points of the adam here like the PQ screen, body being used as a resonator, the free office suit etc..

    but on the whole i like it.

  10. I’m taking the liberty of copying this from the comments section on the previous post. Don’t make the mistake of reading it twice.

    Some of the English is downright weird. I don’t know what to make of this:

    > It is only the second time since beginning, that math and instinct have come together to create, Adam.

    If it were β€œsince the beginning,” that at least would be grammatical, but it doesn’t make any sense to me, and at the last comma, it dissolves completely into gibberish. I’d like to suggest better wording, but I really don’t know what they’re trying to get across. Here’s a guess, though: β€œIt is only the second time since creation that math and instinct have come together to create: Adam.” But I don’t know what math or instinct have to do with the creation of the first Adam, so this may not be a good guess.

    Also, most of their instances of β€œit’s” should be β€œits” (it’s = it is; its = possessive). Yeah, there are a lot of native English speakers who get them mixed up, but I hope NI is aiming for something better than the mean of the American educational system.

    Also – this is important – the memory under the tech specs lists β€œ8+ gb flash.” If Adam’s going to have optional 16 or 32, they really need to say that. A lot of people were asking for 64 gigs here. The plus sign may be mathematically accurate, but it gives a very unfavorable impression.

    Also, that toilet-paper thing that splays out in the background really shouldn’t interfere with the foreground. It covers part of the Adam on the opening page, making it look like the machine has an indentation of some kind or maybe is in two parts. If you stare at it for few seconds, you can figure out what’s going on, that Adam is just hidden by a piece of toilet paper. But the very first impression people get of the machine should not be misleading – and you don’t want to give the impression that NI is a company that gets some carried away with their design cleverness that they will sacrifice some basic function such as getting the message across.

    These are all nits, and rather ill tempered ones. The site is nice aside from that. The hand model in the animations has very neatly trimmed nails.

  11. for consistency purposes, would it be possible to have email address that match the website…

    You are a member of the press: press at notionink dot in
    You want to suggest an idea or leave a comment: comments at notionink dot in
    You want to distribute Notion Ink products in your region: relations at notionink dot in
    You need more information about Notion Ink or its products: info at notionink dot in

  12. Hm, I don’t know about you, guys, but I found something new in specs:
    **1GB DDR2 RAM
    **1GB SLC

    Is is correct that those 1Gb of SLC would be like second-level operating memory? SLC is quite fast…. Any information of how that would be used?

  13. Cool new web!! I like it. Congratulations.

    Looking the specifications appears some doubts: the internal memory and the screen resolution (1024 x 600). With this resolution will be not possible to watch HD video.

  14. A few people have noticed the “10001” at the top right of website…

    10001 is the binary representation of 17. Maybe it is a countdown timer. If it changes to 10000 tomorrow, which is 16, then maybe we are on to something. That would put us around December 8th or 9th.

    Let the rumors begin! πŸ˜‰

  15. The “+” after 8 means somthing, right? So I guess it would be 8, 16, 32.

    I’m more concerned about 1Gb of RAM and 1 Gb of SLC!

  16. says 8+ GB, I think it is just short hand for starting at 8Gb and more for higher models?

  17. great job guys ….u kept us waiting…but still love it……hope we have the track pad….i think this is just us……i dnt know whether i am right..but still i think in the tech specs page….font size is quite small and not well aligned…..please do make the necesssary change if needed..Also in the home page i expect a better image of adam more colorful….here we have too much information on its screen…..and the graphic design at the left corner is covering up a part of the adam…..sorry if I am wrong……i want adam to look great………..

  18. haha…bang right on the toilet paper comment – I guess it could be translucent if not invisible

  19. The new website looks really great. It takes really long before the video’s are done loading. And the textures on te video from the genesis (the round lines) look really bad, but it’s not a big problem. That’s the only thing I wanted to notice.

  20. I think you should continue to collect developers via the Early Access Program, if though the program has served its purpose…

    Many of the new developers, who have not been pursuing notion ink eagerly… would see the new enthusiasm, and would like to sign up…

  21. did I read properly?
    adam having 1GB SLC storage (probably for system fast operating), 8+GB flash for stuff and possible micro SD, I like to watch plenty of images in many diferent formats gif, jpg, bmp, png, just wondering how fast can view these images, is there long time to wait for loading another image, also can it take gif bigger than 10mb

  22. can we get maybe a spread out of possible color options for the adam tablet? I think new customers would love to see the Red and White options. This is another beneficial feature of the adam.

  23. Maybe that is 1 Gb SLC NAND flash memory where the OS (operating system) is wrote. So we can understand that the 8gb+ is for our datas.

    My 2 cents

  24. does the OS also include the wear levelling algorithm to handle the SLCs well…

    I have heard that the re-write life of SLCs is in the 100,000s

  25. is also up and is the same site, so they do match. I assume, since the company is based in India, that their .in site is probably a bit more second nature!

  26. Yah, what is SLC? If we don’t know, the average consumer won’t either.

    I live near Salt Lake City, Utah and the abbreviation is SLC. That is the only SLC I am familiar with…

  27. SLC is a single-level cell memory. It has the advantage of faster transfer speeds, lower power consumption and higher cell endurance.

  28. 1Gb of ram is 4 times the amount of the Archos 101 and the iPad and double of that of the Galaxy Tab…. no worries there

    the 1Gb SLC is supposedly the fast flash for the OS and maybe Apps

  29. Earlier today I suggested over at NA that you should keep the old Flash site somewhere as a memory of how it all started. Unfortunately you took it down a couple hours ago before I could archive it, please let us know if you’ll keep that site “alive” somewhere…

  30. Having a look the code, it seems it is a text field. It is not a counter. Maybe tomorrow someone will change this text. Surely this number has an explanation. πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Rohan,
    Congrats for u r new website.
    But am not excited with the website, it’s very simple.
    If u following adam from stating it’s ok, but it’s does not convince a new guy to buy an adam. If u look at Apple website or samsung galaxy tab they are more colorful with full of info with loads of photos and videos.
    hope u will consider my suggestion.

  32. One thought… Some people have said they expected a site more like the site for the Samsung Galaxy tab.

    Well, Notion Ink’s Adam has not been following in the footsteps of the iPad or the Tab, so I didn’t expect them to mimic their websites either.

    With that said the Notion Ink site will be further improved and lots of stuff will be added soon, so I’m sure the information available will surpass our expectations once the site is complete. πŸ™‚

  33. Hey Guys,

    it’s amazing. The first real competition to iPad. Nice OS and useful Hardware. I love it πŸ™‚
    I can’t await the release. Will I be able to buy it here in Europe?

    Greetz from Germany

  34. Like the site.. i’ve only seen the site via mobile browser(droid), but I like it a lot. Watching video and looking at screenies is always fun for us die hards. I check the site daily reading coments and hopping for that fcc post we all wish to see in the very near future. Please post as much stuff as you can to the site.

    Thanks Rohan

  35. Rohan,

    My only suggestion is to change the flash video player type to stream from server instead of downloading before playing to get rid of the loader.

    As it was downloading I though I was in for a long video then was a little upset that it was a very short video of genesis coming soon.

    I am willing to help with this is you like, but it is a very simple fix that you can do on your end in about 5 seconds in flash

  36. You are right. When I have opened the new web something strange has come to my eyes. It was the toilet paper eating a part of the Adam. I have needed a couple of seconds to see the effect.

  37. 1024X600 is correct, and really industry standard on this screen size .

    Amount of Ram is the highest ever seen on an Android device (Galaxy tab = 512Mb, iPad= 256 Mb)) and should be more than enough. (we are not talking about a Windows machine here)

  38. I think they supposedly have hidden that part of adam (secret sensor : fingerprint reader ?)

  39. now i understand what you mean. i laughed at my slef when i read that message. anyway again it says hidden sensor is it sensor or a mystery feature Rohan?

  40. @Greg: Whew, glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know the term SLC

    Extra thanks to all for the explanations; especially the links; thanks Anand Shah!

  41. Sorry sir/madam, if you want an HD display, expect to spend more a lot more than $498 for the most expensive model hah.. πŸ˜›

  42. i agree with you, Samsung is ready to make their UI public so it posted some videos, but notion ink on the other hand is not ready to disclose the information yet, so no videos.

  43. thanks Rohan, Andre and all of team NI who sacrificed their sleep to release the updates… do sweep some of the comments from the bottom of last post too so you dont mis out on the suggestions there.

    again its easy to pick ‘mistakes’ from this end; so dont take it personal if you do see lot of suggestions here when the team wakes up… rest assured they would just be passionate cries rather than furious rants

    more importantly eagerly waiting for all the updates… personally I felt this was more like a first draft with lot of placeholders… the details will come in due course

  44. SLC has a much higher life cycle than MLC (which is used in most Android devices)
    Android is designed NOT to hammer the “drive” with lots of writes, most of the OS is standard in read only mode

  45. Looks great! Can’t wait to see more!

    Tech Specs are amazing!

    No need to explain that screen won’t be perfect – your competitors screens aren’t either.

    Thanks Rohan!

  46. Does that mean the 1GB SLC is specifically for adam OS and 8GB is for our personal use/apps installation? That would be awesome so people will not consume 8GB and then unable to update adam OS becoz of lack of space.

  47. Looks like the backside trackpad is nowhere to be found. I guess that it’s in line for the adam 2, along with smaller bezel and 8 or more new patents. It was to be expected from a totally new product. As it is posted on the site: ” You will not see perfection, because it is the first in it’s species, but you will see the potential, to become the ruling one.”

  48. Rohan, I worked in the same office space as you are positioned currently. I was in Tower B of Subramanya Arcade (till Dec’07). Wish would you have moved 3 yrs back I would have tried to take your autograph πŸ™‚

  49. I’m a little confused as to why the specs switch from metric to imperial. Why go from millimetres to pounds? Perhaps for the unfortunate among us who still use that antiquated system, you could add it in parenthesis afterwards?

    My other concern was Notion Ink stating their pricing before the product was finished. I realize that by being more open and honest you inspire trust in us, but if you set the price to $500 US while still purchasing materials, doesn’t that risk a lesser quality product simply to ensure the final product price fits with shareholders?

  50. How can you not love a team that leaves secret messages in source code and assumes the audience and and will find them (with a few hints from fellow bloggers) ? ! ? No wonder I want an Adam (or 3) so bad; nice to be in smart company! Now where should we look for the hidden, secret, pre-ordering for the blog info πŸ˜‰

  51. Yeah, i think originally it was done for those iPad readers (reading: no flash) of theirs.
    But I like that Chris picked up the “secret code message thing”!


  53. An indeed very clean, fresh and sleek looking website, very tasteful!

    If I go a little picky, the red color flavor on front page is a bit too over the top to my taste. Such vivid red is not quite match the entire color tone and style, especially the on the left edge of the screen. On other pages, you seem do not tend to use the red flavor as the consistency of the design concerned. I understand that the red left edge bar might be your pick for the final UI, if you may consider, I like to suggest to use a vivid sky blue instead…

    Just my 2 cents. Great work!

  54. Some of the grammar, as pointed out before seems out of place. Consider the first line in description of ‘The Curve’: “There is always one standout factor that defines the personality of that product and for the Adam it is the cylindrical curvature that sets it apart.”

    I think it would sound better if it instead were: “There is always one standout factor that defines the personality of a product and for Adam, it rests proudly on its cylindrical curvature.”
    Well I have added a twist of my own in there, but I guess you get the point.

    Also, in the description for ‘Materials’ I don’t think it is wise to sa that: “You will not see perfection”. I know you are trying to be honest but knowing how superficial human beings are, this will be easily misconstrued.
    The flash videos are taking a bit too long to load for such a short animation but since this is temporary, I guess it can be overlooked.

    Otherwise the sight looks great. Good job guys!

  55. Not sure if this is a little bug in the code.
    When i click on the “software” link it does not always load the video. I am using chrome to view the website. Is it chrome specific or has anyone else had the same issue with other browsers?

  56. Amazing website!!! Thank you so much Rohan.

    I was hoping you would tell us whether Adam would have an active digitiser. Please, please, please : )

  57. I have no idea about the boot time but with SLC , 1Gb ram and a fast dual core processor it should be faster than most Android phones. However you probably won’t boot a lot of times, normal use case is likely more like a (Android) phone that you put into sleep with a short press on the power button and a (near) instant wake-up. The last time I booted my Nexus is more than 1600 hours ago (according to the settings menu)

  58. What’s most exciting about this site for me is its advertising potential. I mean even with gecko’s toilet paper challenge, and Lyr*’s circles issue, this is really a site I can point people towards. Also every PC, every tablet-like-adam-wannabee, every web capable object in existence in every store …

    In fact, I think I’ll link my facebook there now…

    Great work guys, what a great team.


  59. You are right about that.

    Everyone, get the twittering, facebooking, stumbling,… going!

  60. The tech specs are giving us a difference in size from the older specs.

    Used to be:

    Width: 158 mm (6.2 in)
    Length: 239 mm (9.4 in)

    New specs:

    Width: 191 mm (7.5 in)
    Length: 269 mm (10.6 in)

    Thickness stayed the same.


  61. That is most probably due to the slightly bigger bezel around the screen to accomodate your fingers ans secure your hold.

  62. not going to lie, site is awesome, but was hoping for something new, not just a redesign.

  63. Oh yeah, theres loads of hidden stuff in the site…
    about 2 hours ago via web IS ALIVE! IT IS ALIVE! Looks great. Have to add a few more sections once I get the green from legal.
    about 2 hours ago via web

    These are two tweets from ousiadroid (not re-tweets this time lol) It looks like there will be even more! Also, everybody stay on the look out for easter eggs. Just started going through the code, will post if i find anything and if it’s ok with Rohan!

  64. !– For any sneaky fellows looking through the code, heres a tidbit for you, theres a very awesome hidden sensor we’re gonna be revealing soon πŸ˜€ —

    (Had to take out the as it didn’t appear in the previous comment lol)

  65. Heh, I saw the specs from NotionAddicts link to new website before seeing the blog post.

    I looked up SLC.. sounds good

    8+? Ugh… I just hope there is a 32+ option at least

    Also this really needs clarified

    Micro SD slot = Micro SDHC slot?

    AFAIK, non-HC caps at 2 gig… SDHC is 64

    Last, just say “Since time began” or something. That part sounds silly as it is.

  66. When could we expect more info on the “bonus mystery feature” indicated on the tech specs page of the new website ?
    I’m so impatient and excited about the Adam XD

  67. The thing about that shade of red is that it shows up with amazing vibrancy on an LCD, and it’s incredibly distinctive. Blue has been done to death. It’s the new grey.

    Of course, I’m sure there’ll be a settings applet to pick different colours for the UI, but having red as the default will help the Adam stand out from the deluge of other Android tablets both in the marketing graphics and on the store shelves.

  68. so it looks like that bezel is going to stay at that larger size then…?

    the device got much larger over the last few prototypes due to the larger bezel. once being ~9.5″ x 6.5″, its now ~10.5″ x 7.5″. Certainly not a deal breaker for me, but the tiny border on the early prototypes is certainly one of the biggest aspects which drew me to the adam.

    btw awesome site.

  69. totally agree with lizardboy .
    Some other things I would change:
    a) “You will not see perfection, because it is the first in its species, but you will see potential , to become the ruling one”.—Very honest but not very positive. Sounds like you are expecting problems and advising to wait for a second generation device.
    b) show weight in grams (especially if the dimensions are are also in metric)
    c) again, everything gecko said.

  70. Yeah, a very nice use of HTML5…that when no one is looking, all the Apple fanboys can sneak away into a dark private place with their Flash-handicapped iPads and check out what they’ll be missing out on with ADAM πŸ˜‰ Very nice touch, Rohan, I think we can all read between the lines with that move!

  71. Rohan,

    Love the new site! There’s some awkward language you guys should work on, but I like the design- very cool and minimalist. The style is much better than your original flashy alpha site.

    I hope you guys highlight your UI soon! Seems like you should talk about the UI in the design section (or give it its own section)- hardware innovation is a good thing, UI innovation is even better! It would be cool to hear from you about the decisions behind the final tech specs in the design area as well (memory type + quantity).

    Can’t wait to see the Genesis store up and running as well.

    Like the preview videos, but they are loading pretty slowly..can’t wait to see those replaced with real content!

    It would also be cool to include 360 degree viewing of the Adam + show the different color options you’ve decided on.

    Best Wishes,


  72. Rohan, can you edit this post and add link to the website.
    I know its so obvious for us (following for a while). If some one directly hits this blog post, they will have no clue to the website unless google or try variations.

  73. Yeah I’m thinking that 10001 thing is significant. If it IS based on a clock, what time zone do you all think it might be based on? In other words, if it was going to change by the day, at what hour might we expect this to occur?? Thoughts?

  74. This is my biggest concern. I wish Rohan would comment on it, as I was really looking forward to the trackpad.

  75. Hi Rohan,
    I noticed that each render has a different color especially of grey/silver part and that make page or product inconsistent.

    Also lack of link to home page and design etc. on about and contact page make page a bit hard to use.

    And I want to say that i love concept of UI of Adam.

    Best Regards

  76. I think they would release 360′ view only once they disclose the secret sensor (on release date — too late for 360′ view).

    Should provide color variations available and some release info (Q4/Q1 release etc.) as people who wants to buy this tablet doesn’t have a clue whether its coming now or next yr. That would help them decide if they want to wait?

  77. And does anybody else think that their use of HTML5 might have been someone of a stab at Apple? I mean at least now the Flash-handicapped iPad crowd can log onto the new site during/after the holiday shopping season and check out the device they SHOULD have held out for! Whether intentional or not, still turns out to be pretty damn funny! Only thing that would have been funnier is if they had the current site (for most of the world) and then a nice big brightly-colored link that simply says “iPad-Friendly Version…Just to See What You’re Missing”. LOL

  78. Tech Specs

    Just seen that Adam will have an inferior screen resolution to the ipad despite having a (slightly) larger screen size. Is that a compromise for the pixel Qi or why would notionink come short on this very important detail. I am afraid that once ipad2 will come out with the apple’s retina display, that will be a very strong selling point.

  79. Good point, and yeah I’d be surprised if Apple didn’t come out with the retina display on iPad2. That being said, I think one of the biggest questions being asked around here is in regards to the compromise (if there is one) between a good quality standard LCD and Pixel Qi. Hope we get some details or clarification on this in an upcoming update (weekend??).

  80. Well, i think for the same reason, SlashGear did a representation of the whole old flash site before in their post.

    It’s not really a stab.
    It just means: “Adam is for everyone. (Even if you don’t like flash πŸ™‚ )”

  81. So impressed with everything I have seen. Was thinking about getting the Gtablet until i stumbled upon this site. Adam looks amazing. I am really hoping it gets released soon, amazing work Rohan.

  82. Hey all, looking at the new website looking good, looking good.

    Just wanted to mention a little thing here.

    This product, is created for the masses and almost created by the masses (because of the polls etc etc etc.).

    Here is my thought (perhaps thoughts).
    As this product is being overhyped like I don’t know, I am afraid it is going to be something like suckware. I know the standard answers : don’t buy it, go off this forum and uhm I suppose a lot more.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want this product to be a big-ass success…..
    I want this product too (‘cos I almost hate the fruit). It’s just, it’s just……you know.
    I love this openness as I hope Rohan (and the team behind NI) will keep this sturcture.

    In conclusion : I am praying to every god in the world for good NI stuff and happiness for the users. And of course world peace.

    My bestest regards and the biggest success to the NI peepz, get some rest.


    PS perhaps my thoughts weren’t clear to everybody, I am not flaming, I am not hating just being realistic. Peace.

  83. I think everyone who follows adam here was kind of glowing and grew a broad smile at the last ten seconds of the “introducing adam” video. Thise page turns were inviting, enticing and left everyone begging for more and wanting to see more of this device.

    With that said, i think it would be very advantageous to new and curious visitors to if that was a lead in animation when opening the page (of course with the “coming soon to a store near you ending” instead of the webpage… that would be redundant). It could then easily dissolve to the current look of adam displaying itself loudly and proudly.

  84. Wow.

    Sry if this is a bit harsh, but i cant stand “retina display”.
    It just got a nice pixel density. There is no “retina technology” or something involved…

    That aside.
    The slightly smaller screen resolution is due to different screen aspect ratios.

    iPad is 4:3, dont forget πŸ™‚
    So, of course adams display will have slightly less pixels in the vertical dimension.

    Its the same with every other widescreen.

  85. To peace your mind: I can understand your concerns.

    I don’t expect adam to be completely flawless and perfect.
    There most certainly will be somthing someone does not like.
    And “please be safe of anything major”… we all hope that, i think.
    This we can not know. We just see what NotionInk has achieved so far, basing our expectations thereon. Facts will follow suit πŸ™‚

    But in the end it will be down to public awareness, so a big hype is all we want.

    So happy twittering, posting, sharing on facebook!

    Have fun!

  86. my comment is awaiting moderation so trying again.

    there is a track pad, i guess they just missed it in specs page.

    www dot notionaddicts dot com/forums/showthread.php/1-Update-on-Adam-s-status

    look at this page you can find another image with track pad.

    notionink dot files dot wordpress dot com/2010/11/img_5550.jpg

  87. The website looks good… but it has too much flash and therefore a too long waiting time! Compared to that the old (first version) of the website was way better to browse than the new one! The amount of information is now reduced as well…


  88. I do believe you’re spot on with the grammar comments gecko. Its been a concern of mine for a while now; regarding their communication with lay folk not following them devotedly.

    I think what they’re trying to say is “This is the first time since the dawn of creation that math and instinct (bad choice of words here imo. Maybe better to use something like “logic [intellect, intelligence, function, reason etc.] and grace [beauty, form, or if they’re set on “instinct”- sensible is a better word) of come together to create.” (period) Introducing Adam (or something like for the last line).

  89. Well that’s just too damn “flowers n’ butterflies” friendly for me. Hopefully the folks at NI will be truly savvy in their marketing approach when taking on the beast known as El Jobso. Because making Adam out to be a flowerchild peace love and happiness revolution device ain’t gonna cut it. Just sayin.

  90. mystery feature ???

    missing feature ???

    Well for sure I see the back side track-pad missing…

  91. Hey

    Everyone should head over to Engadget and Gizmodo to flood their tip box with the news. I already sent them message about the new site.

    Go and tip them y’all.

  92. Posting this again at the bottom and edited to make more sense hopefully, because I reeeeeeally think its iimportant to convey your intentions and beliefs accurately Notion Team.

    gecko commented on your grammar in the Philosophy blurb,
    My response-

    I do believe you’re spot on with the grammar comments gecko. Its been a concern of mine for a while now; regarding their communication with new visitors and those not following them devotedly.

    Maybe they’re trying to say β€œThis is the first time since the dawn of creation that math and instinct have come together to create.” (period) Introducing Adam (or something like for the last line).

    ‘Math and instinct’ are a bad choice of words here imo. Maybe better to use something like β€œlogic [intellect, intelligence, function, reason etc.] and grace [beauty, form, or if they’re set on β€œinstinct”- try its synonym, sensibility)

  93. Hey man,

    I dunno if my concerns are ground(ed?) and do we really want a big hype?
    Didn’t the hype kill for instance Transformers 2 and GI Joe?

    You know what, it ain’t up to me, I am just a pawn in this big marketing game.
    If I ain’t doing it, somebody else will. Dammit, I sound like a buzzkill now.

    Sorry……Still hoping for the best.

    Good night everybody.


  94. “begin” is a verb. I agree with the other comments, though, and even when you treat “beginning” as a verb instead of a noun, the second clause still scans funny.

  95. Sorry, typo hahahaha meant “instinct”- try its synonym, SENSIBLY. As in choose a synonym with a better ring and overall connotation.

  96. Great Update! The picture of the screen on the adam on the home screen looks really promising with (what I think) is 2 out of 3 Panels with running apps and the weather wallpaper/screensaver at the back!…

    This is indeed really exiting!… Still hoping for a close release date! Hopefully around Christmas time πŸ™‚

    Anyone knows what happened to the Docking Port?

  97. hey Rohan, congrats on the new site! I love the design, and I love the fact that the Adam is coming to life. I had a few suggestions for you to take or leave as you see fit:

    Philosophy section: I feel it should read “This is only the second time…” rather than “It is only the second time…” and to be honest I’d rather it said simply ” This is the second time that math and instinct etc…”

    The Material section: I like the continuity of design, but would love to see the Adam clearly in all shots so I didn’t like how the header obstructed the view of the Tablet. the Tablet is the star so let it shine! Also, I think you should completely erase the last sentence as it is too negative. We only want the best as consumers and it paints the wrong picture if it seems you are admitting fault.

    Camera Placement section:
    I feel it should read ” We knew it had to swivel, the only question was location”.
    Also, again, I would like to see the image of the swiveling camera more clearly and prominently if possible

    Lastly, in the Tech Specs section:
    Instead of saying “Bonus Mystery Feature πŸ˜‰ off to the side, I think it would look better if you added one more bullet point that read “Not yet disclosed” or “Undisclosed Feature”.

    Thanks so much for your hard work! Looking forward to purchasing!

  98. Looks like Andrew Britton might be right about the trackpad. It isn’t mentioned anywhere. Must be an adam2 thing. That’s ok by me, just observing. Overall still pumped to see adam coming.

  99. Greg,

    I remember Rohan mentioning earlier that each Adam would have a unique identifier number. I bet this number is the very first Adam…just a thought

  100. Don’t think so GroundSit.

    Reckon that’s just Direct Current input, even though the charger and batteries are listed separately, they’ve gone to the trouble of listing EVERY input/output “port”, which would include where the universal charger goes, hence the DC port.


    P.S. Why “GroundSit”?

  101. @Joe, “just too damn “flowers n’ butterflies” friendly for me”

    Well I reckon it beats the heck out of “magical” – that’s just sissy. πŸ˜€


  102. *8* GB of storage? That’s what I’ve been waiting a year for?? 32gb was a stretch for me (given that ipad 1 has 64gb and ipad 2 will likely have 128 at least), but 8 is probably a deal breaker, even with Adam’s usb/SD expansion options. They really should have announced it when they decided to make this change from the old specs (which I believe topped out at 32), so people could have made an informed decision. I’m not sure I would have held out this long for something that has half the storage of my smartphone.

  103. to elaborate:

    It was wild speculation suggesting that in previous spec pages “DC connector” was omitted and at its place stood the “Docking port”.
    Suggesting that someone might had it mixed up.

    But that was, as the smile suggested, meant less serious.

    Well, the nickname “GroundSit” seems to startle a few minds here!
    Behind there is just the thought of “writing and thinking based on facts and knowledge, hence “sitting on the ground/floor of actualities”. As one german proverb goes…
    I endorse critical thinking, being (a) sceptic.

  104. I’m going over the specifications again and have a few thoughts…

    I assume microSD is actually microSDHC for supporting larger capacity cards.

    I also assume 8+ GB of Flash storage implies the possibility of 16, 32, or maybe even 64 GB of storage.

    I wonder if the “Universal Charger” as it is described, means I will be able to buy most any generic brand wall or travel charger (assuming it has the correct voltage output and connector) as a second charger to leave at the office. Though I do know Rohan mentioned their charger for the adam was already through FCC testing so they have one of their own.

    I hope they add an additional specifications page where more detailed info is made available. Things like Bluetooth HID support if it exists for bluetooth keyboards and mice, types of 3G SIM cards supported (carrier bands and frequencies), etc. In other words, as much detail as possible. And I really want that bonus mystery feature to read as: “Digitizer”!!! πŸ˜‰

  105. I hope you don’t think this was too assumptive, but I took the time to go through the important text of the updated site. I think I was an editor in a past life lol. This is what I came up with:

    the Philosophy
    It is only the second time since the beginning that math and instinct have come together to create…Adam.

    There are three schools of design: The Organic – which mimics shapes from nature; The Retro – which tries to modernize familiar ideas of the past; The Geometric – which uses the golden ratio of geometry to create aesthetically pleasing forms. It is to the last school that we belong. We firmly believe everything should flow in perfect arithmetic harmony, where all the lines and curves follow the laws of the Golden Rule.

    the Curve
    Form meets function with the unique curve that defines the Adam.

    There is always one standout factor that defines the personality of a product. For the Adam, it is the cylindrical curvature that sets it apart. It provides an ergonomic way to hold the Adam, distributing the weight evenly both in landscape and portrait modes for comfort during lengthy periods of hands-on use. The curve provides a natural viewing angle due to its 3o of elevation to better view the screen when placed on a flat surface. The cylinder provides great storage for the batteries, making them easy to replace; perfect stereo speaker location; and houses the shaft for the swivel camera.

    the Material
    The Adam is as strong as it gets, and its textured surface almost makes it feel alive in your hands.

    The skeleton of the Adam is made of aircraft-worthy alloy of magnesium and aluminum, making it light yet strong. The matte glass screen reduces glare and fingerprints. The texture of the high-quality plastics makes the Adam a pleasure to hold. The Adam is the first of its kind-a new species, striving for perfection. More than just a tablet, the Adam will rule over lesser devices.

    the Camera
    We knew it had to swivel, but the only question was where should be?

    We finally found the ideal location, but only after careful research, a lot of experimentation, and deconstruction. Now, you can hold the Adam comfortably at any angle for video chats, photos, capturing live notes in lectures, or for your favorite augmented reality applications.

    About Notion Ink
    Notion Ink is a firm dedicated to pushing computing devices toward singularity. Adam is just the beginning. There are areas where Notion Ink will enter to challenge the norm, redefine the species, or if need be, to completely define a new one!

    Notion Ink is young at heart, which shows in its energy; its brilliant and dedicated team; its operations; and, most importantly, the way it brings challenging, creative, and new concepts to reality. Notion Ink may be a young company, but it is a responsible and hard-working one. Working with precision and confidence, it is not afraid to try something new-to push the envelope.

    Notion Ink is about realizing dreams.

  106. “The skeleton of the Adam is made of aircraft-worthy alloy” should be “The skeleton of the Adam is make of an aircraft-worth alloy”

    Also, “due to its 3o of elevation” (the degree symbol didn’t format properly here)

  107. Since now i assumed (<- dangerous) that "universal Charger" would mean a charger fit for various nations sockets.
    US, GB, EU, Indian,… sockets at least.

    This way, there would be just one charger for every country, reducing the need to package special chargers. As this would help them considerably in the beginning, when we (pre-)order at a central point.

    Otherwise, they had to package _every_ order seperatly (no-go!) or at least estimate how many orders from where would arrive (difficult and risky).

    Hence, my assumption.

  108. Sigh… how I wish for an edit feature:

    “The skeleton of the Adam is made of an aircraft-worthy alloy”

  109. Cool dude.

    yeah, wasn’t sure how much humour was in the previous post, sall cool.

    My name, “Phillip”, means “lover of horses” in the original Greek, but
    a) I don’t like horses much at all
    b) It really translates poorly into some languages, and made one Korean friend think of a B-grade and tasteless movie that was released once a number of years ago

    Keep on sitting and contemplating, Bro

  110. More weird English and typos:

    Some descriptions use “the Adam” and others just use “Adam.” For consistency purposes, “the Adam” should be used each time.

    Under “the Material” section:
    “You will not see perfection, because it is the first in it’s species, but you will see the potential, to become the ruling one.” I think this sentence should be removed. This description discourages and confuses potential customers. Why would someone buy the Adam if it is not perfect?

    Under “the curve” section:

    The last sentence is a little confusing. I suggest it should be changed to: “The cylinder design provides storage for the easily replaceable battery and the ideal placement for the stereo speakers as well as the swivel camera.”

    Also, provide a description of what the Pixel Qi screen is, what the different screen modes do, and how it compares to a regular LCD screen. Be sure to highlight the advantage of using the Pixel Qi in sunlight and the power savings. A comparison photo of Pixel Qi vs. a regular LCD in direct sunlight would be great.

    Other things to breifly explain (how it works, what it does, and perhaps a picture):
    -the ability to connect a keyboard and mouse
    -using HDMI out
    -the digital compass
    -the ambient light sensor

    Under the “Tech Specs” section:

    In the United States, we use the imperial system for measurements. The majority of us do not even know how long a mm is. πŸ™‚ For the U.S. website, inches should be used instead.

    Good luck and great job so far!

  111. You are welcome!

    But again, I think your assumption might be true as well.
    In previous CES videos (at least) we have seen adam connected to DC. And, the charger looked like a regular round one.

    Well, it needs to be specified.

  112. Wow Gecko, either you didn’t see my post yet (just above yours) or you left it alone.


  113. “We knew it had to swivel, but the only question was where should be?” should be “We knew it had to swivel, but the only question was where should it be?

    (sorry for so many posts =/ My eyes are killing me so I didn’t proof my own stuff like I should have. I’m done now)

  114. Re: the mystery number in top right of each page. It is the same on all the page except for the Developers page. I don’t recall the exact number but it was something like —–x—. Still a mystery

  115. 10001 it is.

    If we assume that is a binary: 17 would be its decimal representation.

    Now go and speculate what 17 means! πŸ˜‰ (hopefully release date)

  116. I wish to see more color images on the screen rather than switched off adams (like on the specs page) Also there seems to be no attempt to hype the Pixel-Qi feature which one might say is the single most killer feature?

  117. Maybe there should be an interactive comparison!

    Page visitors can switch on “The Sun” and see how adams screen preserves its visibility, while regular LDC become unreadable.

  118. Rohan–
    Awesome new site. Much improved, even if I will miss that ever-so-slightly “cheesy,” retro bouncing ball ink animation.

    One big word of advice I have to offer you as a former professional editor and a current English teacher: Please solicit professional copywriting and writing consultants to assist you with all of your online and non-online promotion and marketing. There are some semantic problems with the “Philosophy” blurb. I do think you mean to say, “… since the Beginning.” I do not think you mean “beginning.” Also, there are some possible confusions you create in the way you use the word “arithmetic” after you describe the geometric and Golden Mean approach.

    And even if you don’t agree with my interpretation of what I find to be linguistic errors, I do think you need to have native-language speakers helping you with marketing copywriting. Your phenomenal product deserves only the most articulate and refined delivery of information.

    I look forward to helping you with US market development.

    J. Baskin
    Educational Consultants

  119. I’m sorry, but there is nothing about this site that is HTML5. It is HTML4 transitional and doesn’t use any HTML5 specific code that I can find…

  120. Big +1 Inquisitive. Why barely mention one of your most unique and “game changing” technologies??? Not a bad idea groundsit. Sounds interesting. Of course, with respect to wasting time, they could just post quality comparison photos.

  121. Rohan,
    I have been silently following your blog for the past few months. Being an engineer in the states who is from India, I have to say you really need a copy editor. This person NEEDS to be from the states and must have have previous experience writing for the industry. Everyone here would agree with me the style and grammar needs work. Even if you did hire someone from India they would have the distinct disadvantage of being on the other side of the world and not understanding how people would ridicule the ‘indianness’ of their English.
    Best of luck..

  122. Oh, yet another English usage comment – “Notion Ink is young at heart” means the opposite of what you probably intend because “young at heart” means “elderly,” and it’s usually intended as a euphemism which is slightly offensive (what’s wrong with having a wise old heart?).

    +1 googleplex to what Joshua said

  123. they need an english man to edit the english text. the language is not appropriate for mass market.

  124. I realize adam isn’t available yet. but when it is … you should add a “Where to buy” link or something similar.

  125. Aren’t they just waiting for android 2.3? Because android 2.2 isn’t suiteble for dualcore processor….
    For the rest I really like the website, and I can’t wait reading the first reviews of the adam!

  126. This reminds me of this funny TED talk!

    It is about how 4am it the worst possible time and how it gets a lot bad press πŸ˜‰

    Its really funny!

    Have fun!

  127. I’m loving the new site. My biggest concern is the wording used throughout the site. It really should be cleaned up to sound more professional. Keep up the good work!

  128. if this comes out on my birthday December 8th i will be so stoked first thing ima do in the morning is buy this lol

  129. Mike, I’m drawing a blank… Please explain the significance of 4:20. Hopefully I’m not the only one that does not get it.

  130. also the videos on software and genesis links ARE STILL FLASH!! ….please make it pure HTML when you guys get a chance…….HTML5 is a cool thing around these days….and having Flash slapped on top of it is like tugging a tank to a Ferrari… πŸ˜›

  131. Congrats on the new website Rohan! Great effort and cool looks. I’m waiting eagerly for the adam to release in India. Looking at the fact that adam is going to release in a few weeks, wanted to know what will be the warranty period and what are your plans for after-sales services.

    I believe no one would need to use the warranty or after-sales services, but one can’t live without them too. Looking fwd to your response.

    Once again, congrats on the great job you are doing.

  132. I’m feeling schizophrenic here. I’m excited the “adam” is getting close. The bezel is still huge.
    Pumped about the software. Worried about lack of built-in memory. Looking forward to “bonus”
    feature. Worried about lack of mention of back side track pad . Design looks awesome. Still
    no “real” professional photos. New web site. No release date yet. Great new ideas. Are we withholding features to justify an adam2?
    Rohan, HELP! Please, put my personality back together.

    :still your fan

  133. You post too much, this is not a forum and not situated to handle an excessive amount of comments. Whenever I click on a post now, it takes an exorbitant amount of time to to load with the plethora of posts and is wreaking havok with my browser. Please use the unofficial forum that Rohan has suggested. I apologize if this comment comes across as mean spirited, as it is not directed to you in a hateful way nor is it directed at this specific comment.

  134. I’m not sure if mike thought of the TED talk / 4am.

    Another guess:
    Adam is “the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything” πŸ˜‰

  135. New website looks great, i love it and can’t wait to find out what the bonus mystery feature is.

    Also I have noticed you have not talked about the resolution of the videos taken by adam.

  136. This is a little larger than the iPad. Also I think the thickness is at the one end. The rounded end I would think is a little thicker. May 20mm and the weight is tagged at 1.6 which is great for the size and battery length. The is a Tilda on both the weight and thickness this may be that is is a little different depending on the model.

  137. Have to say great job on the site, looks great. =1 on Joshua’s comments regarding ppro copywriting/writing consultation. Most of it is great but Joshua points out a few great examples where some clean up could definitely help.

    Hoping for pre-order from Canada!

  138. I think math and instinct is good. Not logic. they created it with mathematics, the language of physics the driving force of their design. Logic is to philosophy. all creations come with intelligence so no need to say that. it is already implied. they just missed an article ‘the’.

  139. Well done!. Love the new site.

    I’m kind of confused by the storage specs. 8+ gb flash is a bit vague. What’s the maximum available? On the flash site it was 16 & 32. Will it be available in 64gb?

    Seems there’s a hidden sensor afterall.

  140. Website is nice to begin with, but still there is lot of scope to improve, also the background image interfere with adam when I restore down & maximise webpage. The background ribbon is too square, no smooth transition.
    adam still rocks πŸ™‚

  141. Thanks Erik. No offense taken. Your opinion has been noted.

    However you might consider that part of the problem is the speed of your internet connection or or some other technical issue with your browser, operating system, computer, etc.

    The forum loads very quickly for me, even the other posts with thousands of comments.

    But even if I cut back on posting, it would not make much difference as my posts are only small percentage of the total amount…

  142. Really like the site. Please clarify about the track pad and the 8+GB memory as that is really disappointing without further clarification. Just saw that Sears will have the 10″ Viewsonic on Thanksgiving. Am thinking about getting one for my brother so when I get the adam, I can brag that I have the better tablet. πŸ™‚

  143. @Daryl

    this is a very genuine concern.

    Time will only tell. (adam has to stand the test of time/market)

    BTW your concern is more constructive. And world peace πŸ™‚

  144. This is called Crowd source development..

    Put up some thing good and with the help of crowd make it best.. πŸ™‚

    Given that NI is an entrepreneurial product development company, the small mistakes like grammar and few ribbons over the adam are really not show stoppers..

    One step at a time, NI will become great company

    Remember NI is still working on negative revenues (they are only spending), they are still hiring (15% up on resources last month and need more)…and with this crowd sourcing they are able to update faster than they think…

    Once the product is out, with crowd source and conventional marketing they will gain revenues and employ more resources..

    I know some people may say in this modern era, you can’t have this slackness but NI will overcome all.. we will see more products not just “adam” πŸ™‚

  145. Please clarify on the site which OSes will finally be supported, as lots of people stated earlier, a full fledged linux install might be useful to many (myself included).

  146. Wow gecko! Couldn’t agree more that these are rather ill tempered nits. All this information revealed by the folks at Notion Ink, with its grammar and punctuation, clearly implies that they are focussed on the priorities rather than the glitz.

    I’d rather have the team concentrate on quality checks of their hardware, the assembly, the development of applications, the development of an excellent community that will be a showcase to industry, a genuine partnership of customer, designer and supplier.

    Ofcourse marketing and great show-and-tell are important. From what I have seen of Notion Ink, all these other elements will come in due time.

    What Notion Ink has absolutely succeeded in doing already is conveying the message that they have THE product I should want, and that it will always be worth my while to read what they have to say. Can’t really say the same about the competition – even though I wouldn’t mind a pair of $600/- faded jeans.

    BTW, I do sincerely enjoy your posts.

  147. I am rolling on the floor dying!!!

    I love let me Google that for you!

    Yes I was referring to the 420 “Weed Day” πŸ™‚

    I don’t but it was really funny!


  148. waiting…waiting…
    feels like Christmas the excitement, the jitters, the anticipation, etc..
    I keep putting off buying the imitators and seduced by the fruit on the hopes that this will quench my need for gadgets.
    At least for a little while:) until the adam2 is unveiled.

  149. waiting…waiting…
    feels like Christmas the excitement, the jitters, the anticipation, etc..
    I keep putting off buying the imitators and seduced by the fruit on the hopes that this will quench my need for gadgets.
    At least for a little while:) until the adam2 is unveiled.

  150. 10001 is New Yorks Zip code and the “Introducing Adam” Video had the location set in NY. It could mean something.

  151. @Phillip

    Hey, that wasn’t me. It was Evil Greg… I’ve only posted a couple times here. Right gecko?

  152. Some kind of key event in “17” days in NewYork(10001) would certainly be great πŸ˜‰

  153. Beth, I’m quite sure it will have more than 8GB of storage, I firmly believe this is the lowest end of the spectrum. I can’t imagine many people will go for it, but it may be a good option for some students etc who are on baked-beans diets. I think, however, that this technology is moving towards the “cloud” concept, which I believe reduces the need for offline storage.

    However, I have always felt safer knowing my junk was on my own drive anyway, so I’ll be ordering as high as possible, which (aside from 3G/Wifi and Pixel Qi) will be hopefully 64Gb. People have been hammering Rohan to provide more than 32Gb for quite a while now and he often takes on board what “the people” want, so here’s hoping.

    Eh Rohan?


  154. Oh, now i get something.

    04:20 will look _strangely early_ to i.e. Germans because we use 24hrs time…
    Didn’t think of 4:20PM πŸ˜‰ (- >16:20)

  155. @Phillip

    Me too. I’d buy 128GB if it was available… Especially when you consider the largest capacity, reasonably priced micro SDHC card is only 16 GB. The only 32GB microSDHC card I’ve seen is about $100 and only a class 2 card.

  156. +1 Agree with the suggestions. As pixel Qi is one heck of a game changing feature, please please highlight it more. Add some videos/data sheets of comparing it with normal LCD screen.I hope it will attract normal users who have not followed the journey of Adam on blog.

  157. Hi Rohan & the Team

    Congratulations for a decent looking website.

    I completely second Gecko’s comments (please refer to his comments). I had so much to say as in constructive feedback and I was thinking like when I am going to type that all. And I saw Gecko’s feedback. He has nailed it right. Rohan please take this feedback and make changes as per NI’s own judgment. Here my 2 cents:
    1. The information in each section in general looks inadequate. An unknown player like NI has to really provide customers all the information they could about NI & Adam. Honestly I feel that the NI team is so much in love with their product that they are not realizing the need to make their website really user friendly in terms of how much info can be given, how well it can be presented and how sticky the website should be made. The current website is not sticky at all. It is woefully inadequate.
    2. Possible ideas for information to make website sticky
    a. Tech Spec comparison with iPAD (this may sound uncool but believe me it is not. A small payer like you needs to be humble and come forward with honest comparison of your product and keep it handy at your website. This won’t “DILUTE” your tiny brand-equity which you may have in the market. You may make a strategic decision not to have a direct comparison with the biggest competitor – in which case, you can still make a generic comparison (adam vs. β€œcompetition”)
    b. Please for God’s sake provide many more sections (media section, careers, reviews, videos, news and what not). The current website looks like a glorified brochure.
    c. Giving as much info as you can on website is 1000 times better than printing glossy templates for a company of your size
    d. If software section is not ready, say that it will be updated soon with a lot more information. A lot depends upon this section. It’s all about software. This section better be good. Showing some basic animation in that section when people are clearly waiting to find out so much about your product creates a big disappointment.
    e. The developer section can later have testimonials of developers to communicate to the community about their great experiences.
    3. Is this website standard compliant? Does it use too much flash? You would also need to take care of the search engine optimization ASAP. Use keywords which people are using on search engines for searching for tablets. Have enough back links to our website (hence you would also need to have links section/ media section/ forums/ reviews and litter the backlinks through all these means. This would make sure that when people are searching for tablets your names comes up in the first page.
    4. Being a company based out of India, a solid website is your best bet to reach as many people globally as possible. Interesting thing about NI is that you have a lot of fans from Europe. Considering that your target segment is scattered throughout the world you need to make the website much more attractive.
    5. You can take a consultants help to make sure that website is up to the mark vis-Γ -vis competitors.
    6. Please imitate Apple blatantly for product promotion and education. Video, guides, tips, etc.

  158. Keep telling ’em Conrad!

    I’ve noticed your comments at least.

    Right at the top of the source it says

    Anyway at least the whole site isn’t flash now, for me it always loaded quickly, now its just like, BAM HERE I AM!

  159. Not very professional way the content has been put up on the website. Website looks great but finally what matters is content and it still needs loads of refinement. I hope Rohan is listening. We are giving feedback because we so care about ADAM to be best in every category…….

  160. I actually don’t mind the bezels size. It leaves lots of room to hold the device without getting your supporting fingers on the screen. I do remember Rohan, a while back, mentioning that later versions of Adam would have a smaller bezel.

    No justification needed. We all must know Adam 2 will have to be in the works. For Notion Ink to be successful it must be constantly working to improve Adam and any other devices they may come up with. Notion Ink comes right out and says “You will not see perfection,because it is the first in it’s species,but you will see the potential, to become the ruling one.” I already see that!

    I do find myself speculating on the built in memory. Is the 8gb model the base price model? If so larger flash would drive the price higher. I guess it would be a stretch to think you would get 64gb of a flash on a 500 dollar device? We all should know gbs of flash does not come cheap. At Walmart the 64 gig wifi 3g I pad goes for 829 dollars. I think Rohan and Notion Ink would beat I Pad’s price for 64gb device, but by how much? Now it appears safe to say Adam will have user replaceable batteries unlike I Pad. A huge plus to me. Whether or not your flash would be user upgradeable is probably a different story.Although I’ll bet somebody will figure out how to do it. Android and custom roms go hand in hand so that will probably happen by hackers deluxe. I have a feeling they will love this device. We now know that micro sd card is supported. USB Jump drives I’m thinking yes? There is so much we don’t know yet. I’m finding myself even more excited about Adam not worried. Read the interview with Rohan on the new forum. It is clear they are not worrying themselves to death about overtaking apple and I pad in one giant leap. They appear to have a long term plan to a grab piece of expanding market and one day become one of the ruling class!!!

  161. Ya know, I get the concept of the ribbons, I really do. And I dont mean to nitpick, but the more I look at that site, the more they just look like random geometric shapes. No purpose, and not even pleasant to look at I guess. Just a thought. I dont expect it changed and I would dare ask at this point because its not like it affects the product in any way and I dont want them wasting their time with non-essential tasks such as that.

    But just yet another reminder to the NI Team; you better be careful. I know you know that the competition knows youre out there and they know that you dont know everything about the biz and theyll exploit it. You better be on your game when you leave the starting gate because if you stumble, as a the new kid on the block, its going to appear like a major fall not some misstep. These little grammatical errors and puzzling web design choices coupled with the afore mentioned gripes from blog followers about trust, professionalism and doubts, could just fuel the fire of skeptics that have the power to make or break your enterprise…. namely, tech review and news sources. Regardless of how great your product is, you still have to represent it and sell it to the public and media to be a success. In this day and age when appearance sells, your marketing strategy better be up to par or better. Best of luck. And I still cannot wait to see the finished adam in full action.

  162. Why did they chose the time 4:20? This can’t be coincidence, can it? How interesting…

  163. Just a heads up!! Site’s menu bar appears corrupted on an ipad in portrait mode. Incase we expect serious Apple Fanboys to Convert to adam Fanboys too.

  164. “You will not see perfection, because it is the first in its species….”

    It seems the NI team goes by Platonic philosophies πŸ˜‰

    There is no ‘perfect’ being, Rohan. You should say “The Adam is the first of its kind, and you will see it continually evolve and adapt over the generations to become the dominant species”.

    Your current tone seems downright apologetic. You should shed it and stand out proudly.

  165. @Nishit –
    β€œThe Adam is the first of its kind, and you will see it continually evolve and adapt over the generations to become the dominant species”.

    Nice thought!!

  166. Some further grammar and punctuation 101s:

    “It is only the second time since beginning, that math and instinct have come together to create, Adam”

    Firstly, you should not punctuate to mimic speech. Leave it to the voice over artist. Secondly, consider this:

    “For only the second time in history, math and instinct have come together to create Adam”

  167. Noticed a thing…the font on the tech specs page is too light…..plz increase the contrast between the background and the font…..

  168. Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code has become a slang reference for a confidence trickster. Such criminals are called 420 in popular culture. The section deals with the cases of cheating and awards punishment of fine and/or jail up to 7 years.

    A 420 is a person acting fraudulently to cheat somebody out of their belongings; a confidence trickster.


  169. Does Rohan ever read my comments/questions/suggestions/facebook messages, I wonder, he has never replied back or given any feedback ever :-(. I am feeling quite disheartened at the moment, seriously!!

  170. Ok, so firstly I did what is known as a “Greg Taylor”, being logged into the gravitar site an all.

    Secondly the line should have read “Right at the top of the source is says” and then I copied the source line that specified HTML 4.01, but of course wordpress thought it was HTML code because I just copied the whole line like an idiot.

    Anyway, you get the point, hopefully. At least Conrad does.

  171. Genesis: Your search for content ends here?

    Isn’t this about apps and not content? Please don’t confuse your potential customers so!

  172. Hi NI team

    Love the new site, but I think that many of Rowan Fire’s suggestions would just improve it a tad.
    Also (meant in a positive way) I would use the term mathematics rather than just math … and I noticed in the specs you use metric for size, but imperial for weight … which is not consistent.

    Keep up the great work.

  173. From

    Section 420. Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property

    Whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived any property to any person, or to make, alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security, or anything which is signed or sealed, and which is capable of being converted into a valuable security, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.”

    It has become a four letter word for Indians to use 420 as slang for cheaters and offenders. Whenever a person is found to be dishonest, ( whether or not he is in reality), he is called as being a 420 or β€œfour-twenty”. There is a popular Bollywood movie β€œShri 420”, pronounced as β€œShri charso bees” by Raj Kapoor where he plays a con artist.

    It is Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20 which is nowadays called as 420. But IPC Section 420 has nothing to do with Hitler’s birthday.

    In USA 420 is associated with Marijuana and April 20 is National Weed Day. Activist gather in a celebratory mood and smoke weed. Here too Marijuana is called β€œfour-twenty”. Again this has nothing to do with IPC Section 420.

  174. hey guys i wanted to double check before i wrote. the site is very static. i mean on my droidx it isnt useable from the front page because i cant move it around and the links are on the bottom. i hate to be negative because i from an artist standpoint its nice. but i was really thinking and someone pleass let me know how you feel but big companies really need to adopt the cms (content management system) not be stale looking or what not but fluent. i only bring it up because i see where people are coming from. the site just seems like a big brochure. i know there are updates coming up and all but there is no interaction with your future customers. i dont mean just forums but simple things of letting people see the differences that Pixel QI can bring.

    the site needs to have growth to it. if your site is just hard code then how much work is needed to improve or incorporate new things. i know you are peobably saying “what do these people want from us”

    simple things, mailing lists, live feeds of your twitter, facebook integration. a gallery section A Forum of course. direct comparisons to other devices

    am i wrong community?

    i know my site is from free.content management software but runs on sql and is fluent for new looks and many customizations.

  175. > You want to suggest an idea or leave a comment: comments at notionink dot com πŸ™‚
    says the site

  176. Nothing mentioned about the trackpad of specs….is it the bonus one…or its not there….

    i am going to buy it even its not there though…

  177. I feel the same way Nishit!
    It is like while writing Business Specs – “A module will be written to accomplish this functionality” – not correct. “A module shall be written to accomplish this functionality” – correct.

    Although, not all readers will notice these things, or get affected by it. But the text on the entire website should be consistent, precise and grammatically correct. It makes a good first impression.

    But hey, this is where we blog followers and adamholics are pitching in and making NI aware of what we notice. I am sure in the end it will all be alright.

    From what I read in the interview above, NI Team seems to be following up well on blogosphere feedback.

  178. One question rohan….is adam already submitted to FCC for approval….

    eagerly waiting for its release..

  179. the site looks neat
    the so called ‘toilet-paper’ effect ( well Gecko couldn’t you come up with a better term) is pronounced in the About page and Contact page, where the wordings look rather muffled and the shadow falling on the letters. may be some play of colors or font can help.
    and i do agree with Gecko on the wordings related to the Philosophy, kinda confusing.

  180. @rowan fire
    Are you sure that “aircraft-worthy” is incorrect?

    worthy [ˈwɜːðΙͺ]
    adj -thier, -thiest
    1. (postpositive; often foll by of or an infinitive) having sufficient merit or value (for something or someone specified); deserving

    Disclaimer: “I am not a linguist”

  181. > the so called β€˜toilet-paper’ effect ( well Gecko couldn’t you come up with a better term)

    OK. Tapeworm.

  182. Hi Rohan,

    The site looks fine. But may be it requires a little color, say a blue tint. that would make it look great. Also a little bigger font size makes it very readable..

    Just wanted to say – I had my offices earlier in Subramanya Arcade πŸ™‚ can i come by please πŸ™‚ please πŸ™‚

  183. And all that is coming! πŸ™‚ I wish I could say “More” as Agent Smith did in Matrix to get more Agents to come onto the stage and speed up the whole work!


  184. We must all remember this is a young company with young innovative leaders. They must learn to walk before they run. I’m sure all the criticism here will be looked at, but expecting everything to come out of the box perfect on the first go is like expecting to be disappointed. They have made a huge effort to include prospective buyers in the process. They have been listening. There are investors that have put up resources to help make this Adam a reality. They will be listened to more then anyone here. We have been attracted to Notion Ink and their “Adam” because they were making a sincere effort to give us consumers something the “Big Guys” have not. We as tech junkies know that Apple and others are trying to spoon feed us products that leave is a little short of happy. If Adam changes that and gives us a product that makes us smile with satisfaction it will catch fire and grow and succeed. The imperfect website and little grammatical errors will fall by the wayside because if the product is a winner believe me the world will know about it. In fact a lot of the world already knows about Adam and they are waiting. Just google Notion Ink’s Adam.U tube will be filled wilth Adam vs Ipad shootouts. Seems I’ve seen a couple already. There will be tech reviews all over the world. If The Adam becomes hard to get ebay will have them at outrageous prices. Having back orders is not always a bad thing. I pads are everywhere now. Humans hunger for something new and interesting. Can Notion Ink and Adam fill the bill? We are about to find out!

  185. Oh, it’s just an app. I have installed HandVu on my laptop, but as it requires the palm to be viewed from the above (head position), I am yet to configure it correctly with my separate webcam. The one on top of the screen did not give desired results, obviously.

    I also suggest people watch the TED video featuring the MIT media lab team including Pranav Mistry. It’s called Sixth Sense.

  186. Ok, I feel like a total dork for being excited that Rohan replied to my post. lol

    Thanks Rohan =) I don’t expect you to use all of the possible changes, but even if you used one, I’m happy to have helped a little.

    You’re right; it is correct. I re-wrote the original sentence a little and I left out “an” in the new sentence, so that was the mistake. I had to correct myself. I actually made a few of my own typos, that’s why I have a few follow up posts =/

  187. Thank you Rohan!

    I understand and appreciate that you will be perfecting and polishing the specs and SW up to the very last minute before they throw the switch to start production, but the user manuals and online support information really need to be finished and available before the pre-ordering goes live.

    Before purchasing any new gadget, I always look for (and READ) the ON LINE USER GUIDES and MANUALS, so I do hope that Notion Ink will post these BEFORE expecting us to fork over our credit card numbers… πŸ˜›

    We are all aware that we will be beta testers and that tweaks and refinements can come as they evolve, once we have the Adam in hand, but the basic documentation about the specifications, support options, return/repair/replacement policies, known compatibility issues and actual instructions for use need to be available, so that we can make informed purchase decisions.

    Best wishes for a very successful launch and a long and fruitful future !


  188. Yes, Rohan, this is surely not “secret” info.

    Please clarify the SD / SDHC issue if you can.

    While we’re at it, the 8+GB has a few people concerned.


  189. @AMH
    β€œYou will not see perfection”.
    yes i was not personally comfortable reading that…and as said it can be misconstrued by the public.

    “the personality of a product and for the Adam,”
    “it’s = it is and its possessive pronoun that will suit here”

    sorry if it sounds nitpicky, but it does catch the eye


    Based off of that I would say they hit their fcc deadline of the first week of november. Originally it had been the second week but they got ahead and were able to submit during the first week.

  191. Rohan I really appreciate being a good sport. None if us want to critisize we just want to see you all succeed.

    Personally even all this tech we have it still amazes me that we are talking across the world to a company bringing us new tech. Maybe it will be easier trying to type in bed. Can you please email my wife and ask her to start saving my money to buy me an Adam????

  192. Speaking of colour. The tech specs adam doesnt view well on my tv. Detail gets lost because its so dark. Thats more because I have it set up primarily for viewing media/games. But I suppose it must affect some others. Especially the less tech inclined that probably never alter their contrast/brightness settings on a monitor.

  193. I think the point is that the time has come for you to formally assign writing duties to professional writers. As you begin to market to more than just us aficionados, you don’t want language to be a barrier to getting your message to as many people as possible.

  194. i think d mystery feature is going to be d back trackpad
    nothing new 😦
    bcuz no mention of trackpad in tech speci 😦

  195. “We knew it had to swivel but the only question was location?”

    well once you introduce that sentence,
    the next sentence says ‘ we got it placed right’
    i guess since the introduction is a question , ‘we got it placed right’ can come in the end of that sentence. may be start it with “After careful research…”.

  196. I am tired of waiting for Adam. Can you guys post a definitive launch date? Precisely what is the hang-up

  197. Accepting a fault after the fact is OK. But, telling the potential customer “there might be glitches” when he/she is considering purchasing it, is not!

    On a side note: Steve jobs remains ADAMant that there are no faults with iPhone 4.

  198. If you really want to see Adam in full action, then talk about it in a more positive way. It may be that you don ‘t mean to discredit NI, and that there is a genuine feeling to help this start up company, but as casual consumer, if I were to read your comments (may I remind you that this a public space, and those errors you refer to, are somehow being mentioned over, and over, even if “its not like it affects the product in any way”), and this public discourse only reveal (to the eyes of a simple reader/consumer) a sinister, dark desire to trow dirt (again, I don’t think you mean this). You know what I mean? I will request that you too should be careful when uttering comments that may be taken as destructive, subversive (by most bloggers here) arrogant, nitpicking person, disorganized (your paragraph is very well organized, but fails at the most basic sandwich technique), and most of all it doesn’t quite reveal you true intention, that of helping NI.
    Please forgive my intolerance. But I couldn’t help my self. I’m just trying to help by helping those who really want to help (like you).

    By the way, what did you like about the site?

  199. @joshua
    i guess here Geometric and Arithmetic can be used to together as what he implies is simply ‘math or numbers’. and golden rule ,everything comes under the broad concept of math.

  200. Rohan,

    Did you guys check the website look (unpublished version) with the logo ??

    Otherwise you might have spend more time to update once logo finalized..

  201. @Raj
    Rohan said ‘more responsive’, not all of them. In any case, nice sense of humor Raj.

  202. Nice website, good work.
    Btw, sneaky people should have deserved a bigger reward πŸ˜›

  203. @gecko
    u seem to really have a grt eye for details..
    and yes “young at heart” euphemism..

    “The cylinder provides great storage for easily replaceable batteries, perfect stereo speaker location as well as the shaft for the swivel camera”

    When you break this sentence it essentially means :
    The cylinder provides great storage for
    >easily replaceable batteries
    >shaft for the swivel camera
    >perfect stereo speaker location (it implies storage for ‘speaker location’ – may be you want to change this…)

  204. Good points Piringo and my thoughts exactly. I’m a big fan of Notion Ink and their fresh approach, but that comment about not seeing perfection was a bit of a downer. People will expect a better 2nd gen spec and even improved textures etc., (e.g. PS3 slim), so no need to advertise the fact. It will give the totally wrong impression.

    Gecko, this might help:

    In the beginning, math and instinct came together in an act of love, giving rise to a unique species. It’s happened again! We give you – Adam!

  205. Haha yeah I get yuh Phillip, I just don’t want HTML5 to become another bloated word like Web 2.0 that essentially means nothing.

    From a web developer’s viewpoint, I like the site, especially the design page. I understand that there will be more content coming on the other pages. My only wish is a little more contrast between elements, but my young eyes pick up everything pretty well!

  206. Thanks Rohan πŸ™‚
    Website is excellent one with few issues, which rightly pointed out by some of ADAM lover.
    1. BACK SIDE TRACK PAD: We all know about it , since beginning ,so WHY it is not mention in TECH specs.I have noticed that even in all of your weekend special design related blogs of late you have stopped mentioning about it.I doubt you will scrap such differentiable element from ADAM.So please clarify this point.
    2.CAMERA: Some more details please.ATLEAST you can mention HD RECORDING as it is already been disclose by you in earlier post πŸ™‚

    Keep it UP !!!!

  207. The new site looks cool…though lot of work still needs to be done…:) Thanks Rohan & Team for the hard work!

    I may be wrong, but I sincerely hope the PixelQi display comes out good. It was one of the major things which brought me to Adam. Now in the specs, display is mentioned as WSGA with PixelQi as “optional”. I thought PixelQi was a highlight and sincerely hope that there is no technical drawback for it.

    I am now confused as to whether I should go for PixelQi???? and I am really worried about the yellow tinge of PixelQi. Can anybody please shed some light on this?


  208. I am not trying to be over critical
    i love this site, the way mercedes has portrayed their features innovatively

    i really would like to see NI discussing their scratch resistant screens, and every other feature in detail apart from the regular display of tech specs…

  209. From WEBOPEDIA:

    “Short for single-level cell SLC is a type of NAND flash memory that is commonly found in high performance USB memory cards. SLC works by storing one bit in each cell that offers lower-power consumption and faster transfer speeds when compared to multi-level cell (MLC) cards.”

  210. Tech Specs as Tab it looks good but in the page can you please update it to “Technical Specification”

    In the same page

    Why not dimensions in Metric and Imperial units

    Size+weight to “Size and Weight”
    Memory+Storage to “Memory and Storage”
    Power&Battery to “Power and Battery”

    Input/Output Ports ?? “Input and Output”

    multi touch option is a software feature!

  211. Totally aggree with every point you make gecko! And they are important points which i hope they listen too! Also I really don’t think that they should say
    “You will not see perfection, because it is the first in its species, but you will see potential , to become the ruling one”.
    Believe I am a massive fan of the adam but this worries me!! Again what are they trying to achieve?! If they dont have belief in there product how are we supposed too?- way to honest. Gotta say this website worries me a little bit:(

  212. I actually work in the same office……. :). But its a bit far from my home and i go to that office only once in a week…….

    But now am on leave and would not be to office till jan beginning. Maybe will catch you guys later…… Ha Ha

  213. Did anyone notice the adam styling for default android keys on the bezel? I am just loving it.

  214. @Greg i was thinkin that i was a stats counter but then i thought it couldn’t so little . Your explanation kinda make sense , Lets wait and see tomorrow .
    And Yeah stop posting too much πŸ˜‰

  215. pretty much on the money, but multi touch is a software and hardware thing, what if it were made with a resistive *cringe* screen? Then no software would make it multi touch!

    just sayin’

  216. Greg, you must be correct on this. It has already changed to 10000 πŸ™‚

    Rohan, please provide some information on this…

  217. Team NI,

    Without the boring yada yada, one word on your work so far: MASTERPIECE!! πŸ™‚

    Quick comments (and i am sure a lot of fans would have covered some/most of these)
    1. Why do I see a number on the top RHS of the screen. It says 10000. Cryptic counter or a code spillover? Looks more cryptic to me…. πŸ˜‰

    2. While going through ‘The Material’ tile, info from the ‘Camera’ tile spills over…is it on purpose?

    3. In ‘The Material’ tile, it reads “…you will not see perfection…..” My Q to you is ‘but why’. It is great to be humble but let us also be zingy about the fact that we are creating one helluva product that will rock the shit outta the “fruit” out there in the market

    4. In ‘The Philosophy’ tile, it says “…it is only the second time….to create, Adam)…I feel we should not have a comma before Adam. Let us consult a master copywriter. (I used to be one and this suggestion comes from my past experience)

    5. Let us have the weight in grams (Metric system) as well. We have also used ~ in places. Can we be more accurate? Do you want to provide the standby time…maybe get it rated from a 3rd party and then use it as a standard claim. I don’t know how complicated this is but just a suggestion. For stereo loudspeakers, what is the wattage or PMPO? If you are using the word ‘loudspeakers’, the nasty blokes may want this info. Something is weird with the memory department – it says SLC (single layered cell)…then we have RAM. So am not sure? Also it says 8+ GB storage..? (btw, anything 64gb onwards sounds juicy…what’s your take). Also what is the maximum support for Micro SD Let us have all the possible available options. Also where on earth is anything about the UI (read Android / Engima)….We need it badly folks!! The bonus mystery feature is not aligned to the bullet…it’s kinda dangling and confusing. Where are the colour options? Availability timeframe and regions?

    6. Is the website w3c compliant? For external markets as far as I know, it also has to be ‘accessibility compliant’ (so that the specially-abled can access the site. Let us ensure we take care of that

    7. I am sure you must have got a lot of examples by now from other users…but the quality of English needs to be professional. Just a thought…btw, in its current form it is NOT bad at all

    8. Pre order link/date?

    9. Search bar?

    10. Sitemap absent?!! That’s cardinal sin!

    11. Notion Team office / team snaps?!

    12. Comparo between LCD and PQ missing…let’s have that

    13. Let’s throw some light on the rear-trackpad

    14. Can we have 360 degree view?

    15. Accessory store? docks?!!

    I will let you know as and when I come across any other examples. Until then, keep ‘adam-ing’

    Cheers and love you all

  218. I have ha pretty basic suggestion. Add a big red “buy now, we deliver worldwide within the hour”

    I’d like that very much…. πŸ™‚

  219. 10001 is 10000 now πŸ™‚

    I guess what I am thinking (and some others as well) is perhaps correct πŸ˜‰

  220. Whoa, It did change to 10000. The count down has begun
    Now if I could only speed up time …

  221. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet but we are now at 10000.

    I think we are being sent secret messages from Rohan, any ideas?

  222. if it’s 01111 tomorrow then some great update coming on Dec 10th for sure!

    but NI can’t press the RED button for mass production unless FCC approved. i hope they get FCC approved by Dec 10th.

  223. Hi Rohan,

    I been following this baby of yours very closely and today while I was checking out your new website I happened to glance at your address on Contact page…Guess what … I work in the same building and never knew you guys where here!!!

    Hope I bump into you one of these days and get a chance to personally wish you the best!

  224. I hope i am not!:)- funny not to mention it though- but there is that image floating around from notionaddicts that does appear to show the trackpad.

  225. hey everyone,
    Long time silent reader, just wanted to let rohan know that the success of most consumer electronic devices depends on marketing. And i think they arent doing a good enough job on that. Plus when are the review samples going out? I think that should give you more than enough coverage.
    From bangalore,


  226. And thank goodness for fellow bloggers; I would never had the time to find it without hints from our friends πŸ™‚

  227. I’m reading this blog from the very begunning and i aver posted. I was fascinated by Adam and the small bezier it had. But now things Are differents. I’m very disappointed because of the huge border that makes Adam oversized. This would probably drive me into other chioces when available.

  228. To Greg,

    If you check the area around the DC connector in the photo at the following link [ ], it indeed does appear that the two small black ‘things’ near the DC connector are some sort of LED indicators. Just as you speculated in one of the earlier blog comments.

    But what do you suppose is adjecent to the two LED indicators (one of things being the DC connector, but what is other black circular ‘thingy’)

    Also, looks like the off-centered HDMI port is here to stay. An unfortunate blemish.

  229. Yep, it is now 10000. I speculated in Rohan’s last post that the 10001 meant 17 days till launch, and that 10001 is the ZIP code for New York possibly meaning a launch in New York on Dec. 9th.

  230. tech details

    1GB SLC
    8+ GB Flash


    Isn’t SLC – just one of kinds of flash (high-end one) ? so flash is 1gb or 8+ gb ?

  231. @ Grere, I guess you were right, the number is now 10000…Countdown has began 16 days to launch.

  232. @ Grere, I guess you were right, the number is now 10000…Countdown has began 16 days to launch. πŸ™‚

  233. Hey guys i was thinkin..

    ADAM will be pretty safe because it has the sim card slot which will be having the IMEI no .. and other stuff…

    I would recommend rohan to change the font of the explanation block… it looks very normal.. a little more impressive will be great !!

  234. Eh, I disagree with that sentiment – it feels like a false dichotomy. There is no good reason why *both* can’t be checked and improved at the same time. You think the engineers are also working on the marketing??? Two different worlds, good or bad.

  235. yes manish i support u… specs should be better….i am not at all impressed with the way tech specs e put…….nohting is clear…..guys respond to this….

  236. Hey the number on the top “10001” has changed to “10000” ……

    So is it a countdown????

  237. Ya I agree completely rather remove the bit about you will not see perfection, it’s honest but like Piringo says it seems like you are expecting problems and advising people not to buy yet.

  238. Man, I really love the look of the website, but someone REALLY needs to go through it and fix all of the English grammar mistakes. Some parts of the websites just don’t make any sense.

    I say this as a person who has lived in England all of his life. The website isn’t one which inspires confidence in English-speakers…

  239. @little al
    When a site is launched, its the window through which you communicate with the entire world. And communication is very important in marketing in these kind of personal consumer products.
    So i guess how much ever good your are, innovative you are , unless you end up expressing it right and at the right time, people might not understand you.

  240. Hi rohan,
    The site looks good, but there are many inconsistencies in the navigation and layout.

    1) About.php and Contact.php don’t have the sub menu (design,soft..links). We have to go back to index page to access them.
    2) Try to integrate the blog and developers section to the main site instead of opening on separate window.
    3) Design.php page is empty, hope ur guys will upload the content soon.
    4) Software.php and genesis.php has same background, but the tech spec and design have different background (left and right margins of the background). This gives weird feeling when switching between pages.
    5) Blend the background of NotionInk and Adam caption on menu and submenu with the underlying background. you can make the background transparent, the visible bacground box make it ugly.
    6) Keep the copyright text at the bottom and at fixed location, it’s jumping up and down now.

    Make sure the site don’t distract the user. Perfection and discipline will give smooth experience to the users.

  241. That is what I tried to say some hours ago … but my comment is still stuck in moderation

  242. its faster and more reliable and more expensive, i know.
    high-end one, as i said

    but if Adam comes with 1+8 GB flash, it’s better be put that simple.
    Like “Flash: 1Gb area for programs and 8Gb volume for user data and content”

    Like other phone/tablet makers do.
    Like it logically goes on.

    Instead of abbrevia that regular custmoer never heard of and techy geek would find annoyingly contradictive.

  243. I was trying to view site at work , looked like it was in construction phase, design page wouldn’t load at all, the notion ink log looked like it had just been stuck on. Fine at home and on my phone, so don’t know what the go was/is. I noticed 10000 first and then 10001 and now back to 10000. Tried both .jn and .com sites

  244. Andre says on his facebook – “New Notion Ink website is finally live! Its got tonnes of hidden stuff.”

    Lets dig into the site and find of some of these hidden things.

    Things already found:
    1) Tidbits regarding mystery sensor
    2) Binary countdown timer

    Lets fill in more friends.

  245. @ Sowmya
    Hi, my question may sound silly… can you enlighten me whether adam will support voice calls over 3 & 2 G ?

  246. I think their hands are tied on patents almost up until launch, so I don’t except too much information on UI etc. But I take your point. This site has ‘draft’ written on it, and many of us would like to see something more like a final product.

  247. Has the back touch pad been dropped? I see no mention of it in the specs?…
    Looks like the border around the screen has been thickened as well.


    Nobody knows yet, I haven’t seen any details confirming or denying this as a possibility.

    It is significant that it supports 3G HSDPA, which is for data.

    Somewhere else Rohan did say something about dual or quad bands, but he’s not directly answered this question when its been asked previously, not to my knowledge anyway.

    Anyone else?

  249. Yeah saw that too, looks so cool!

    Also the lowercase “adam” that we requested a month ago now, so great to have such a responsive company.


  250. Can we have an option with the different color variants on offer? Changing the image based on the selected color, perhaps :D.

  251. what about adam’s support for south Indian language (fonts) . Iam sure you know there are plenty of magazines/newspaper which are available online in Tamil,Teleugu, malayalam & so on . This is one area many devices dont support including ipad/iphone. As a matter of fact Apple is abysmal as far as regional language support is concerned. Hope you will make a notion of this font support. Thanks.

    congrats & wishes

  252. yup true. its an all flash.. but it can be an addition to explain the features..
    the one shown here is only an addition to Mercedes’ regular website.. but its absolutely flattering

  253. Rohan, got some qns:

    1. pls confirm what 8+ GB means.
    2. will I be able to connect an external hard disk to adam?
    3. I want to watch 1080p movies in adam and the size of them is too large (greater than 8 GB each). So, pls confirm the variants of the HDD size in adam since the micro sd cards are not too affordable for the larger sizes with good transfer speeds.
    4. Also what size of sd cards does adam support?

  254. I agree with what’s been said here – it’s a little weird that a company like this wouldn’t have someone thoroughly familiar with English grammar working on the production team. I’ve noticed many of their key phrases and blog posts are stilted and odd sounding to a native English speaker, and their use of commas is often a bit strange and misplaced.

    For instance: “It is only the second time since beginning that math and instinct have come together to create, Adam.” is both a grammar issue and a contextual issue. First of all there shouldn’t be a comma anywhere in that sentence, and there should be a “the” before “beginning”, but also – the second time since the beginning that math and instinct came together to create Adam? When was the first time? Because the only other Adam that springs to mind is Biblical, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t created using math. This whole phrase just doesn’t make sense.

    Another weird comma placement: “It is as strong as it gets and the texture rough enough, that it feels alive” should either be “It is as strong as it gets, and the texture rough enough that it feels alive”, or “It is as strong as it gets and the texture is rough enough that it feels alive”.

    I also have to really second the others who have said “You will not see perfection, because it is the first in it’s species, but you will see the potential, to become the ruling one” is both grammatically strange (it should be its, and no comma after “potential”), and a huge downer. Pretty much the opposite of the message you want to be sending for an exciting new product. If you still wanted to capture a sentiment like this, but not be a huge bummer, you could say something like “Adam’s features and cutting edge design give it the potential to rule the tablet landscape” (although I think you could cut the whole sentence all together and be fine).

    In the end, it’s a decent website, but the overall linguistic strangeness might make it a little off-putting to people in the US.

  255. Hi Rohan and CO.!

    Very nice and clean website!
    Really well done. The colors are soothing and lots of effort has gone into designing of the site. especially the design concept. I always like the sketches of the adam- some kind of creative stuff feeling.

    Already you have lots of pics, which you have disclosed to us. So we can expect some great stuff. Please put some photo of the mesh/grill structure. it looks really elegant.

    congrats to your design team, the UI team and the weather app team and else who ever is involved. By the way the cloudy weather app is quite beautiful.

    hope slowly and steadily the contents come up on the site.

    Is the main photograph on the site a real adam or a render? if its real it is very nice. also the adam is in small letters. The color combination is good. i hope that the final iteration of the texture etc. is over now and so are the glass finish.

    the length of the device of 269 mm is little more than i expected. but its ok as the weight is still quite less around 700 gms.

    Digital compass is wow! hope some apps will use this feature like anything.

    looks like there is no docking port in the device.

    eagerly waiting for the next update either on the site or on the blog!


  256. this makes more sense.. it is 10000 now and i wish it is really in binary format, couldn’t wait for another 10000 days.. πŸ™‚

  257. I also haven’t seen any news about that backside trackpad lately. Has it been scrapped?

  258. Wow. I was away from here for some time (had to stave off the addiction of F5-ing) and we’re here by leaps and bounds!

    Congratulations to NI for another milestone reached!

    Would I dare say that the secret feature would be a digitizer/stylus? As it would seem that releasing the Adam within the next 6~8 weeks would put it on a serious contender to ipad2, this secret feature would really put it into place!

    Also, as a tinkerer of sorts, would the Adam be “hack-friendly”, letting us to open it up and maybe add an extra USB stick and other goodies and have access to the bootloader? This would gel well with the hacker community for future enhancements and troubleshooting, seeing that crowd-sourcing would be the way to go.

    Keep up the good work, team. Would be waiting for the order page.

  259. Oh my goodness, I just keep looking and looking at that friggin’ AWESOME website.

    Every time I do I get more and more excited!

    I pan back and forwards across the design stuff, even though I’ve known all this for ages.

    I check the Tech page and read and re-read the details.

    I haven’t anticipated something this much since my marriage 23 years ago.

    “What about when I was born, daddy?”
    “Not even close, honey”


  260. @Rohan

    Nice change. A few suggestions:

    1. Go for a dedicated server in USA with mirrors in Europe and Singapore. That way the website will have fastest access possible for all. You definitely are going to get millions of hits from all regions.

    2. Shift this blog also onto (above) own server at or

    3. Do a 301 (permanent) redirect from to – for all purposes have a single window please. Even Indians are more accustomed to .com.

    4. Please do assign a dedicated technical editor and a separate content/language editor. You are blasting into the big league man!

    5. Forum…

    And, like few others suggested, how about the next post being use-case videos.


  261. “You will not see perfection” is probably just Rohan’s modest understatement, I think.

  262. One of the nice design that attracted me to the Adam is the narrow bezel. This protoype looks like it’s just as wide as the IPad. I think it’s even wider than Innoversal’s Lattice. Hopefully this will be remedied in the production models. Otherwise, it’s still a great looking tablet.

  263. >> β€œWhat about when I was born, daddy?”
    β€œNot even close, honey”

    couldn’t stop laughing LOL…

  264. you seem to have made it the mission of your life; to let everyone know that adam has a trackpad. keep going

  265. @Rohan
    Insert a “Release” or “Availability” menu page button on the top of new site’s homepage. In the following page you’ll explain what emerged in last month posts in this blog about FCC, EU, EAP ecc… We usual fan readers are quite informed about the process, but regular potential customers will read something on the site, ONLY if smthng about release date and pricing will be clear. Mainstream blogs are now pointing at you as vaporware, I’m on your side, but remember you are building your brand and image on transparency, so go on on that track!:)

  266. i think it will be official launch date and they may announce all the details of ADAM and date for pre-order.

  267. Consistency seems to be problem all around.
    Size 14x191x269 mm Weigth: 1.6 pounds
    Whats wrong with that? Now only canadians _can_ read it, because they use metric system and live close enough to US of A to be familiar with that pound thing.

    Design page seems to be intended for smaller screens. One should see only one “page” at the dime, but with 2000+ pixel horizontal resolution this “scrolling seems somewhat redundant. Not really a problem, but just… FYI

    Do we really need so heavy flash content for two words: “coming soon”?
    It would be lot better if you had nice picture with possibility of watching trailer. Maybe “peek” link or something.

  268. I agree with Somya, the manner and style of communication is very important. You can not only win customers with proper communication but can lose them as well.

  269. No, Beth, no… this blog is live/spontaneous/draft English, not edited English… and “off-putting to people in the US” should be “off-putting to SOME people in the US.”

  270. Congratulations Rohan and team for pulling it through all these months! Excellent website, and I’m sure with all the fine suggestions that you are receiving, the content will be appreciated by all. Remember all is well that ends well, and the end will come with the 1st batch of the product getting launched and shipped. Well, that is going to open your door to the the whole new world of supply chain mgmt and customer service thingy.

    I remain a humble prospective buyer and a die hard Adam fan, and hope to order it as soon as it gets released.

    Three things that I have done for publicity:

    1. emailed the blog and the new site details to all whom I know.
    2. made the blog as my browser homepage, so that i don’t miss any update
    3. Took a screen shot of the website and made it as my desktop background, so that all my colleagues can see the adam when my laptop is locked.

    2 quick Qs:
    1. Will there be a public event anywhere in the US for the launch, and can we fans join in the celebrations in December?
    2. Will I be able to buy thru any online retailers / (in addition to

    Please do revert back!

  271. Hey folks out here did any one notice that the binary number “10001” which was appearing on the right hand top corner has now been changed to “10000”… this what was speculated by Greg as a counter……. πŸ™‚

    Rohan are you teasing us with it…..:)
    well then its good and exciting πŸ™‚


  272. Hi Rohan,

    I would suggest also including HTML and mobile versions of the site. Also consider HTML5 in future. Actually it’s rather boring looking at the percentage meter just to see the ‘coming soon’ video.

    Also what is a 10000 in the top right corner of a frontpage?

  273. @ Sowmya
    As you said the Mercedes site is innovative and funny! but takes little more time !

  274. Haha, gotta love how they put that in…

    And Im guessing since they explicitly said sensor that it will be a sensor πŸ˜€

  275. Andre says on his facebook – β€œNew Notion Ink website is finally live! Its got tonnes of hidden stuff.”

    Lets dig into the site and find of some of these hidden things.

    Things already found:
    1) Tidbits regarding mystery sensor
    2) Binary countdown timer

    Lets fill in more friends.

  276. The mystery sensor is a Breathalyzer. No more drunken emails. Or drunken blog posts. I could use one right now.

  277. My guess would be that it’s 1GB operating RAM (like DDR), 1GB application memory, 8GB integrated. The 8GB integrated would be like the Galaxy S’s internal SD card, and the default where apps put their files and whatnot. 32 GB would be available from the microSD slot, giving a total of 41GB at any one time.

    Put this puppy in there and you’ll have 85GB πŸ˜‰

    I do wish they would make it a dual SD card slot, so you can put 73GB without anything protruding. =P

  278. Except the videos are in Flash, so it’s the worst of both worlds: non-Flash capable devices can’t view the whole site, and Flash capable devices now see this bland, motionless website.

    My computer is 6 years old with AGP and the old site still ran it about ~15fps). Modern computers should have been able to handle it no sweat.

    NFC radios will be supported with 2.3, so either Notion will have to roll it’s own support, or upgrade when the time comes (which should be soon)

  279. The contact page – Emails are not hyperlinked and it is difficult to copy reformat and send the mail…. please have the email address put in right way

  280. The new site just looks great.
    The more I see about Adam and Notion Ink, the more I think they’ll change the future.

  281. What happened to the backside touchpad? It’s no longer in the specs.
    I thought that was a great feature. 😦

  282. @rajeshsethi: Didn’t see the numbers in first place…I hope it’s a counter for something important πŸ˜‰

  283. Sir, product kab aaraha hai?…i have been talking about this in office for so long and now everybody asks me the same question…kab kab

  284. 1)Page on home does not appear as your product
    2)Design – cinematic poetic description, it doesn’t explain the features simple and clear.
    you can do it as part of publicity not there.
    3) 3.2 camera i think its low
    4)Battery Life , Pixel Qi and Cost
    i think these are the game changing value additions
    5)Color of pages need to be shiny sky blue.
    6)Memory – if you are not going for SSD then memory must be 64 to 128GB
    7)i didn’t like the black frame
    8)don’t redirect developer link from the site.

  285. Hi Rohan,

    In your previous post, you wrote ‘everything has a beginning and an end’. This is very true. The beginning of ADAM is going to be the end of Apple ipad.

    I love the website. (many already stated what i want to say already about the website.)

    And I wonder when Rohan becomes like Steve Jobs (its not a matter of if but its a matter of when), whether he would still be able to chat with us like this and maintain this relationship. I believe he is smarter than Steve Jobs…

    Wishing the Notion Ink team all the best… Hope once I complete my college (7 years time), I would be able to join the NI team. Salary: just let me touch ADAM Everyday…


  286. Hi Rohan,

    The website looks cool..

    I feel when someone else other than a ADAM fans(like us) looks at the website doesn’t justify the capabilities of adam.

    As someone already mentioned you could have written about the video capture rate like 720×480 @ 30 FPS or may be 720p πŸ™‚

    Battery life is one of the aspects most of the customers look for and that’s not mentioned in technical specifications. which you could have like 7-8 hours of HD video playback.

    Regarding the track pad.. If you are having the track pad in final version there is no point in not mentioning it in technical specifications. Trackpad is unique feature which no other tablet in the market has.

    Regarding Memory you could have mentioned 8/16/32/64 GB if you have different variants with different capacity. Or else atleast 8 GB + Upgradable something like that.. As we are following your blog for almost 1 year and from your previous posts we can understand there memory is going to be wither 32/64 for high end version, but the ppl who visit your site to have a look at adam might feel its only 8GB + memory card.

    If there is a bonus feature and if you feel its a standout feature amongst all tablets please don’t keep it as a secreet anymore. I hope you will reveal the secret feature before Pre Order.

    Since adam supports Flash you could have mentioned in Technical specifications. I understand you have a seperate section for software but flash is something which IPAD(popular pad right now) doesn’t have and most of the manufacturers quote it in specifications page.

    I hope you will start pre orders in 16 days and pointed out by many in this blog πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for wonderful product..

  287. @Phillip and all others who want to send friends to Notion Ink website, you can use this fancy short URL: is my personal short url service and the above can be tweeted, especially to iSheep πŸ˜‰

  288. Looking forward to see more and more details about ADAM.

    Webpage is going towards the right direction, although will be improve very soon I guess..

    Rohan, could you give us more information about a capital issue : PRICE for the four models? —> —>

    “….Currently we will ship LCD and PQ Variants. Both available in Wi-fi only and 3G modes. I believe you will get a range of around $399 to $498 for these four. (Please remember I haven’t taken the fluctuations, so be little sceptical). We are also working on reducing it further down (let’s leave the good news for the future)…”

    and GRACIAS for keeping making us dream …


  289. A little OT:
    Does anyone know about the latency and resolution of the touchscreen?
    I thought that maybe I could replace my notebooks (the spiral bound ones, not laptops) with an adam for taking notes in class and stuff. If I got one of those capacitive styli, would it be able to keep up with hand writing, you guys think? I suppose I could run Evernote on it, but the android version is somewhat stripped down =(

  290. I’ve been thinking all day about the fact that Adam is a nearly perfect product. I mean, if I could just think of a tablet and make things automatically appear, Adam would be by 90% the product of my imagination.
    My second thought is that if it had an active digitizer it would be The Perfect Tablet, nothing less.
    I promise that if the secret feature is an active digitezer I will preorder 3 Adams instead of just one πŸ˜›

  291. hey guys I just created a 1:1 replica of the adam and its amazing πŸ˜€ all you need is 2 dvd cases stuck side by side as these equal almost exactly the dimensions of the adam(including thikness, then just get some paper and cut out the size of the dvds to cover, then just draw on a 10.1 inch screen +whatever features you want. I even ent to the trouble of adding paper so my adam has the 3 degrees of elevation. πŸ˜€ . will post pics or video soon, but plan to try and get screenshots of the UI printed so i can add to it

  292. @Jai

    It is the PixelQi, but still just “some glass”. –> hence, heavy reflections.
    That issue is resolved with the special matte glass developed for adam.

  293. @Ekiliwindi

    The product site is not a blog. It is a marketing tool, and needs to be polished and professional for many people to take it seriously. No one expects Rohan’s blog entries to be polished because a) it’s a blog and b) he’s an engineer, not a marketer. But public expectations are totally different for the marketing materials, and the language should reflect that. Most of the site reads like Rohan wrote it himself–it has a lot of the odd comma placement and unusual word choice that Rohan displays in his blog posts. And that’s just not OK if he wants to come across as a respectable businessman and not some guy working on a pet project.

    Rohan, you really need to get the language cleaned up, preferably by a native American English speaker (for the American site), ASAP. I have been following the evolution of this device since CES and couldn’t be more excited for its release, but even I was thrown a little by the low quality of the copy on the site. It may not be an issue for some but I guarantee it will be a BIG issue for many.

  294. The bezel finally turned out to be thicker and contrary to what Rohan had mentioned earlier, it had less to do with the border paint! Not that it is going to make a difference to most of the fans here (including me!). Hope Rohan does not come up with more shocks like this!

  295. I guess I’m rather alone in liking the mention of “not perfection”. I don’t think that says “the adam will fall apart once you take it out of the box” -it just shows a bit of realism.

    The perfect tablet would;
    Have unlimited battery time (of course multimplied if using the ebookreader rather than video playback)

    Weigh one gram at the same time as having a comfortable heft -you want to feel you’re holding it.

    Be small enough to have in your wallet at the same time as it’s big enough to read comfortably on.

    Be thin enough to be foldable (see abobe) but thick enough to be held comfortably.

    Unlimited memory, except for those embarassing pictures.

    Constant internett access, including at the bottom of a vulcano, unless you’d like some peace and quiet.

    Have lots of unique features that noone’s though about before and that everyone’s pining for.

    And be completely unbreakable unless it’s time to start nagging the boyfriend to get the adam 2 (which… uhm… will have a different logo?) in which case it will start making weird coughing noices to indicate it will break down any day now -but obviously not do so until the replacement is safely in house.

    For me the “It’s not perfection” has more to do with “We know this, and thus we strive to continiously improve, bringing programs and accessories allowing the adam to continiously adapt to your circumastances, requirements -your life”

    (With the obligatory “Have a notion: ink your life” tagline)

    Oh, and hi by the way πŸ˜‰

  296. 420 in Hindi is literally char-sau-bees ~ four- hundred-twenty

    as noted below it is related to Indian legal code – but also widely used in casual conversations to refer to a person who is different from normal mostly for fun…. if seen from a positive perspective — it could mean someone who dares to be different

    dont know if NI intentionally put this or just some weird coincidence where the screen snapshot was taken early in the morning India time… if NI has decided to use the code language to tease us a bit then it could be the former

  297. actually Ronak if it helps I read all your comments too including those at facebook! sachi!

    now that Rohan responded to you in public, you owe all of us a party!

  298. Wow! Great….great!!……news πŸ™‚ I’m so exited looking at new website. It looks so cool…! I just love the simple silverish-white contrast color, design concept & the lightness followed on the website. Not to mention impressed especially with the design tab mentioning arithmetic harmony of the design concept involved on the adam. Sounds very comfortable, realistic & alive. Considering the strong & light chassis, matted glass, textured plastic, osumn speakers, the features & the eden it all does add a lot of life for the not so “perfect, yet! perfect product” we all love. And desperately await to have.
    Congratulations! To “Team Notion Ink” for all this wonderfulness. And all the best with the things coming ahead!..
    With Love on behalf of all the Adam fans outhere from around the world & everyone from
    We all await the adam!

  299. “Great”
    πŸ™‚ Love the place holder so you can go back and read the post thoroughly before commenting πŸ™‚

    Greg, have you discussed whether the “Secret Sensor” could be the track pad that is no longer mentioned? It would be obvious for us lot to say -“But we knew that” but the rest of the world might [and should] find it as revolutionary and important as it’s touted as being……a case of “Er, I shouldn’t have mentioned that”

  300. let me explain this:

    Adam is the initial generation of devices that NI will bring out, with the future generations adding features and removing limitations to become the ultimate mobile device “an ubiquitous assistant”

    adam not perfect = there will be limitations (eg absence of picoprojector, higher megapixels, higher screen resolution etc etc)

  301. Hey There,

    Well… in the past, NI announced early December for PreOrder. So maybe it will start on Dec, 9th 2010. I would be very disappointed if not.

    Would be great to have the adam lying under my christmas tree.

    Greetz from Germany

  302. This is a sweet product Rohan, with the main differentiator being the Pixel Qi screen. You need capitalize on this. And the track pad on the rear. There is little else, that I can see, that separates this from the deluges of others already in or yet to come to the market.

    Your text and its presentation need to be edited, proofread and formatted to look professional. It, and I am sorry that this maybe a little harsh, should not look like it has been put together by high school students. Case in point, the smiley at the bottom right hand of the screen that promises a ‘Bonus mystery feature’. This is ok. in an informal chat with friends, but not so in a website that is the window onto your product and ideas. If you want to show that you can take on the might of Apple, Motorola and others, you need to have people take you seriously. Presentation has often very little to do with the merit of ideas, or the lack of any. But having said that, I think it is time to shed the ‘college project’ narrative and present a well designed, formidable front.

  303. Oh, and do not, I repeat do not, word your sentences by admitting before hand of the lack of anything. For eg. consider this line in the ‘The Material’ section of the site where you say ‘You will not see perfection, but you will see its potential ..’

    This is not the place to make public any insight into debates had within the development team over the design of the Adam. What you are giving now is perfect — and pitch it so. As we all know, Apple included, perfection is always improved upon in v2 πŸ™‚

    Again, the entire website reads like it has been put together by a technology enthusiast teen. Not that there is anything wrong with such a teen, I was one πŸ™‚

    In the end, I apologize if my words are harsh, but somebody needs to say it.

    Best of luck!

  304. I am not a native English speaker myself, but I also think the whole website needs to be linguistically checked. Everything on it sounds engrish to me

  305. 2.0 MP can handle 1080p resolution, this is a 3.2 MP camera….what did you plan to do then? Take 10.0000×10.0000 size pictures with the adam?

  306. decimal system — binary system
    17– 10001
    16 — 10000
    15 — 1111
    14 — 1110…
    oh by then we will be sure it is binary system countdown!

  307. The larger bezel provides a simple upgrade path to a 4:3 screen (or at least something closer).

  308. Not only them – also iPhone users like me, who chose their devices by what they think they need instead of choosing only by brand, could check out the latest developements of their favourite Pad-device πŸ˜‰

  309. FYI

    The Post about Notion Inks new website has been the most popular on SlashGear today!

  310. OK, now I’m back at home and I can see the new side. First look is very coool.

    First this post, second “full” look on the new site πŸ™‚

  311. now that this code was decoded too soon … we shouldn’t be surprised if NI picks another system/code… but that wouldn’t be of much use as the ‘0’ date was revealed already… so a change in code/system would then mean a date change!

  312. Wasn’t the Adam supposed to weigt 1.3 – 1.4 pounds ~(600-650 grams)? Why does the site say 1.6 pounds (~726 grams) now?

  313. I agree with this. I think the “stand out” features need to be mentioned and highlighted a bit more (e.g. Battery life, benefit of Pixel QI/Capabilities, 1080p video playback).

  314. Hi,
    I am also from Germany and i am pretty sure that NI wouldn’t miss our important Market here.
    Maybe it will be possible to buy it here from a distributor. (The eMail address can be a hint)

  315. The website is really cool. But I wish it was more interactive and had more content. In fact most of the information from this Blog could be made content. Apart from Blog, Facebook and Twitter integration in the site, FAQ also would make a great thing to have. It will help people not to ask previously answered questions and even pre-empt some simple technical questions on Adam that keep coming up once in a while.

    Good job NI team! Keep it up.

  316. Just so everyone has it
    1 0001 9 1001
    2 0010 10 1010
    3 0011 11 1011
    4 0100 12 1100
    5 0101 13 1101
    6 0110 14 1110
    7 0111 15 1111
    8 1000 16 10000

  317. No way! I guess right? What did I win???

    Assuming it really is a countdown timer, here is what we should expect to see…

    10001 = 17 Wed, November 22
    10000 = 16 Thu, November 23
    01111 = 15 Fri, November 24
    01110 = 14 Sat, November 25
    01101 = 13 Sun, November 26
    11100 = 12 Mon, November 27
    01011 = 11 Tue, November 28
    01010 = 10 Wed, November 29
    01001 = 9 Thu, November 30
    01000 = 8 Fri, December 1
    00111 = 7 Sat, December 2
    00110 = 6 Sun, December 3
    00101 = 5 Mon, December 4
    00100 = 4 Tue, December 5
    00011 = 3 Wed, December 6
    00010 = 2 Thu, December 7
    00001 = 1 Fri, December 8
    00000 = 0 Sat, December 9

    So the announcement should come on Saturday, December 9 which also happens to be day 0, which makes sense since Rohan generally posts his weekend specials on Saturdays.

  318. Agree. But remember that Rohan said he is working at it.
    Could a FAQ be handled in a forum? All the forums developers should take notice of your ideas.

  319. @gecko, You have provided us with so much great trivia, I wanted to return the favor. So here is a list of significant events for December 9.

    @Everyone, How should we will in the blank at the end of this list? What are your predictions for what Notion Ink will do on December 9, 2010?

    1212 Frederik II crowns himself Roman Catholic king
    1315 Swiss Woudsteden renews Eternal Covenant (Oath Society)
    1392 Peter, Prince/Regent of Portugal/writer (Virtuosa benfeitoria) was born
    1425 Pope Martinus V forms University of Leuven
    1561 Edwin Sandys, a founder of Virginia colony was born
    1569 Martinus de Porres, Peru, saint (patron of social justice) was born
    1570 Geuzen under Herman de Ruyter occupies Loevestein
    1581 Emilia Secunda Antwerpiana, daughter of Willem of Orange was born
    1594 Gustavus II Adolphus, king who made Sweden a major power (1611-32) was born
    1608 John Milton, London, poet/puritan (Paradise Lost) was born
    1625 Netherlands & England sign military treaty
    1658 Dutch troops occupy harbor city Quilon (Coilan) India
    1688 King James II’s wife & son flee England for France
    1717 Johann J Winckelmann, German archaeologist (History of Ancient Art) was born
    1738 Jews are expelled from Breslau Silesia
    1747 England & Netherlands sign military treaty
    1762 British parliament accept Treaty of Paris
    1783 1st execution at English Newgate-jail
    1793 Noah Webster establishes NY’s 1st daily newspaper, American Minerva
    1824 Battle of Ayacucho (Candorcangui), Peru defeats Spain
    1854 Lord Tennyson’s poem, “Charge of the Light Brigade,” published
    1868 1st British govt of Gladstone forms
    1869 Noble Order of Knights of Labor founded, Philadelphia
    1883 New Brunswick adopts Eastern Standard Time (until 1902)
    1884 Levant Richardson patents ball-bearing skate
    1889 President Harrison visits opening of Chicago Auditorium
    1894 Roman Catholics win Parliamentary election in Belgium
    1900 Dutch Pres Paul Kruger & Queen Wilhelmina have a triumphant procession
    1903 Norwegian parliament vote unanimiously for female suffrage
    1905 French Assembly National votes for separation of church & state
    1906 NY American reports Belgian King Leopold II bribed US Senate commission on the Congo
    1907 Gustav Mahler departs Vienna
    1909 1st US monoplane flown (Henry W Walden, Long Island, NY)
    1910 French troops occupy Morrocan harbor city Agadir
    1917 British forces under General Allenby capture Jerusalem
    1918 French troops occupies Mainz
    1924 Dutch & Hungary trade treaty signed
    1924 Michael Hainisch re-elected Austrian president
    1931 Japanese army attacks Chinese province of Jehol
    1931 Spain becomes a republic
    1933 Romania disallows fascist Iron Guard
    1936 Australia all out 58 v Eng Bradman out for a duck
    1939 Russian air raid on Helsinki
    1940 British assault on Banghazi Libya
    1940 British troops 1st major offensive in No Africa (Libya) during WW II
    1940 Illeagal Jewish immigrants to Haifa are deported to Mauritius
    1940 South Australia all out for 47 v NSW, O’Reilly 5-11
    1941 1st US WW II bombing mission in Far East, Luzon, Philippines
    1941 China declares war on Japan, Germany & Italy
    1941 Hitler orders US ships torpedoed
    1948 UN General Assembly unanimously approves Convention on Genocide
    1949 Dutch 2nd Chamber accept Indonesian sovereignty
    1953 General Electric announces all Communist employees will be fired
    1954 Dmitri Sjostakovitsj appointed honored guest of Swed Royal Music Acad
    1957 1st Japanese ambassador to Israel
    1958 Robert H W Welch Jr & 11 other men meet in Indianapolis to form anti-Communist John Birch Society
    1961 Tanganyika gains independence from Britain takes name Tanzania
    1963 Frank Sinatra Jr is kidnapped
    1963 Zanzibar gains independence from Britain
    1967 Nicolea Ceausescu becomes president (dictator) of Romania
    1970 Dutch Antilles: govt of Petronia falls
    1973 Sunningdale Agreement in Northern Ireland
    1974 Johnson Grigsby freed after 66 years in jail
    1984 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
    1984 Iranian commandos end capture of Kuwaiti plane
    1987 Larry Bird, ends streak of 59 consecutive free throws
    1987 Palestine uprising begin in Israeli-occupied West Bank
    1990 Lech Walesa wins presidental election in Poland
    1992 Operation Restore Hope – US Marines land in Somalia
    2010 Notion Ink _________________________________!

  320. Yep! The bezel is quite thick.I am kind of disappointed with this.
    May be this makes sense as we won’t be touching the actual screen when holding it πŸ™‚

  321. Agree with TK and Sowmya.

    You send a link to this site to somebody’s who’s never heard of the Adam and they’re going to think it’s a scam. Parts of read like the spam emails I get.

    The design is nice. Having a website is a huge step. Just need to clean up some language.

  322. I really like the new design; it’s a wise move to head away from the heavy (and often non-functional) Flash.

    However, please, please hire a professional English editor as soon as you can. The text on the website is really unprofessional. Loads of grammar mistakes and just plain bad sentences. This can be forgiven on the blog as we know it’s just one person writing it and it’s not representative of the company as a whole, but the website SHOULD be.

  323. @Erik


    Yes, and him not posting is going to help? Why don’t you write wordpress and tell them to make a better comment section?

    Also, if you do not like the loading time, you might also want to try the forum. I’m sure the wait time will be cut down for you. πŸ˜‰

  324. I doubt it is the secret sensor, as it was mentioned in prototypes/interviews previously, but it is possible I guess.

  325. Just did a bunch of math; if the total device size is 269 mm x 191 mm, and the screen size is 256.54 mm (10.1 inches) with a 16:9 aspect ratio, this means our screen dimensions will be 223.6 mm x 125.8 mm (high school math FTW).

    This leaves us with a border of 22.7 mm (0.86 INCHES) on either side of the screen, and assuming the border is of bottom of the screen is the same size as the left and right (since the top and bottom borders are obviously not equal, probably not a correct assumption, but probably pretty close), we have a bottom border of 22.7 mm (0.86 INCHES), and top border of 42.53 mm (1.67 INCHES).

    Now, I’m calling the “border” as and area outside the screen and inside the edge of the device, so the actual black border around the screen is going to be slightly smaller than these measurements, especially the top border, since that also includes the curved mesh area. However, it’s slightly disappointing after seeing the early adam prototypes with such tiny borders….

  326. A writer would be good. He just mostly needs an editor. Luckily for him, he’s got this blog to help.

    But once the rest of the world knows of the product, any updates need edits before publishing.

  327. Makes it sound like there’s a new one already on the way and that buying this one would be a waste my money.

    Need to be more positive and affirming about this product right now.

  328. @greg

    oh my my !!! grt research…
    Kudos to decoding it !!! Hoping you are rite….
    in that case yes, a saturday update !!!!

  329. Its strange that on the website for some reason it looks chunkier or thicker than in reality. I.e here

    it looks really slim and less chunky! Strange that also the trackpad is obviously there but they don’t mention it on the website. Are those screw holes on the back? I know its picky but shame they are there.

  330. @Rohan…
    Well almost has been said abt wat u have to improve on ur website..
    Just my humble suggestion shudn’t we see a (C) copyright symbol net to adam??

  331. @S019

    When Rohan first told us about the bonus mystery feature back on November 6, he said…

    “But indeed there is something hidden as of now from all of us which will change the dynamics little bit. It’s a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there, and we have one, cos we know you want it! But let’s wait for a while before we make it public.”

    At that time most everyone already knew about the rear trackpad, it was already public knowledge. Even though we have not heard much about it recently, I bet it is still there. However I do not believe the rear trackpad is the bonus mystery feature…

    I’m hoping it is something really big, like a digitizer. They have kind of made a big deal out of it by announcing to the world that a mystery feature exists, and by describing it as something that “will change the dynamics little bit” and something that is “a much-needed missing feature in all the tablets out there”.

    The hidden comment in the source code for the specifications page gives us another hint. It reads:

    “For any sneaky fellows looking through the code, heres a tidbit for you, theres a very awesome hidden sensor we’re gonna be revealing soon :D”

    If that is accurate info, it appears it will be a sensor, and not just a sensor, but a very awesome sensor”. That rules out some of our ealier speculation which included things like a a built in kickstand and Gingerbread (though we know that will come shortly after it is released), etc. (I can’t remember the rest of the things we came up with as possibilities.)

    I consider a digitizer a type of sensor, and even a very awesome sensor. So I still have my fingers crossed for that…

  332. Yippee! Dec 10 is my hatchday!!

    Unless …

    however …

    but …

    we’re all assuming that the numbers are binary. If they’re decimal, we’re going to have a long wait ahead of us. We should find out by tomorrow.

  333. @Mark

    Very nicely put. i like that slogan. I now understand what the Adam team were trying to say.

    I can understand that there is a slight cultural difference and also there is translation to be taken into account. What the Adam team have stated may make more sence to them than to the US. Considering that Rohan is aiming to launch in the US first i believe that it is important to get the translation right and make the target audience of the domain for Americans. You can always tailor the address for India (or anyone else for that matter) which i am sure will be highly appreciated. I’m from the UK but i can easily get around American spelling ;). The phrases you use must read correctly for the target audience though.

    Theirs my “two cents”… i mean “view”… on the matter. Now have some praise for being part of the team who is making one of the most revolutionary products to date.

  334. that’s 500 posts already, so sorry for repetitions, haven’t read them all!

    mystery feature eh? a stylus-based digitizer would be cool!

    back side trackpad? why is there no mention of it any more, i thought that was one of the coolest innovations of the adam. i do hope it will still be included in the final version. there also seems to be no pictures of the back-side of the adam in any posts recently, come on rohan, what are you hiding back there?!

    so 16 days to launch? or is that 16 days to the BUY link on the website. launching it is cool and awesome and all of that, but when are we getting a BUY link! are you selling direct? amazon? high-street retailers?

    let me put it this way, if i can’t buy one by the end of the year, i’ll come to you offices and take the ferrari red one you have sitting around! hehe. stop teasing us and sell it already! just kidding, great work guys, i’ll gladly adopt one of your babies when they become available.

  335. But according to his previous comment
    ” will change the dynamics little bit ”

    A digitizer will make it “THE” perfect one .. and will change the dynamics in a big way…
    oh it reminds me of doing crossword puzzles.. trying to rack your brain for that one word…

  336. Yes, Sri does give some substantial arguments. I think Notion Ink will be making a big mistake if it choses to ignore them.

  337. @bruce
    pico projetcor, digitizer, all other sensors he can incorporate are classified as additional features
    Presence or absence of it cannot affect your ‘perfection’.

    I understand what he intends to mean.. everyone here does.. but a common person will blink twice when he comes across it

  338. So, if the hard-coded counter goes to 1111 tomorrow, there will be a big-bang announcement on 9th December? Please say yes.

  339. There have been some videos in Rohan’s earlier blog posts demonstrating the sound being played from the speakers. In that regard, you will not be disappointed!

    But you are right, I have not heard anything regarding microphone sensitivity and background noise reduction. I’d like to know that too.

    Also, I assume the jack for the headphones is a combo headphone/microphone jack (so we can use an external microphone too) but it is not described that way on the current specification page. Clarification on that would be great.

  340. inmypjs:
    > One of the nice design that attracted me to the Adam is the narrow bezel.

    One of the things that attracted me to the Adam is the number of USB ports – most tablets have only one, lonely little mini port. Adam has 10 (binary) standard ports to keep the mini one company. Plus a bunch of other i/o ports as well. But, as Rohan explained, these necessitate making the bezel bigger. Smaller versions of these ports are just starting to be manufactured, but it’s too late to incorporate them into the first generation of Adam. We can expect them (Rohan says) in the second generation of Adam, which I hope will be called Adam vs Mothra. (vs = version)

  341. I noticed the no. change. Now as we have the impression of big bang on, it puts more pressure on NI to deliver something even if they haven’t planned so.
    Providing imperative statements will allow us to make more guesses.

  342. Did Anyone notice the weight-gain? It is now 1,6 pounds and not 1,3-1,4. Rohan you wanna say something about that?

  343. Yeah, a stylus-based digitizer would be the coolest! And integration of Adabo DRM for reading secured eBooks πŸ™‚

  344. @Phillip, (or should I say phillipgummerson?)

    Re: “Ok, so firstly I did what is known as a β€œGreg Taylor”, being logged into the gravitar site an all.”

    Oh great, now you have coined an official name for my faux pas and posted it here for all eternity… Thanks!

  345. As mentioned, I would definitely reword “the Philosophy” statement. Currently it’s too easily evocative of the idea that you’re God and should some one in the US market create a negatively-toned article that gets published in a newspaper, you might have a PR hit that’s easily avoidable.

    “For all of history designers have sought to meld math and design to emulate our beginning and finally we have the Adam.”

    This is a more subtly worded idea that gets across the notion that you’re trying to seek the perfection of creation while not rising above/duplicating it. More so that you’ve found something worthy of the title.

    Other edits/suggestions:
    the Curve
    “It’s a natural viewing angle, due to it’s 3 degrees of elevation.”
    change to
    It provides a natural viewing angle due to its 3Β° of elevation.

    “The cylinder provides great storage”
    The cylinder as designed was the perfect location for the stereo speakers, easily replaceable batteries, and serves as the ideal pivot for the swivel camera.

    “You will not see perfection, because it is the first in it’s species”
    While it is the first in its species, we are dedicated to continual improvements that will make it the true king of tablets.

  346. Greg:
    > The only 32GB microSDHC card I’ve seen is about $100 and only a class 2 card.

    I’ve seen class 4, so I have twice the class that you do (and I checked at newegg), but that doesn’t really affect your point, unfortunately.

    We could always put in one of those cheap USB card readers, but that’s obviously clunky and another thing to fall out of your pocket.

  347. Hey,

    This is supercool…can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    I’m a student at one of the top BSchools in India, and I convinced my Operations prof to let me do a project on the Adam under ‘New Product Development’.
    Revisiting the blogs for timeline, prototypes, difficulties, evolution etc.

    Please post if you have any such compendium, or any suggestions to approach it from that point of view.

    @Rohan If you’d like to help, by all means πŸ˜€

    I see potential for a case study.

  348. I do see the trackpad as an awsome sensor that would change the dynamics of tablets. Not least because you can use the pad while simply holding it rather than having to let go to touch the screen.
    But you’re right the evidence points away from that. I hope it hasn’t been dropped altogether.
    While having no use for a digitiser (i thought drawing tablets and screens where out there already :/ ) I can see alot of you are excited about the prospect πŸ™‚

  349. What Edward said.
    I thought that the God stuff was just a silly overreach, but some people are going to find it deeply offensive.And even if someone doesn’t find it offensive, it can easily be interpreted as showing an immature over-enthusiasm and lack of judgment that doesn’t reflect well on the Adam itself. You should get rid of all that stuff.

    A serious post from me.

  350. ranjeet:
    > Why text β€œ10000β€³ is displayed in upper right corner ?

    It’s not text. It’s a number. It counts down, so far one number per day. When it reaches zero, something happens, but we don’t know what. I suggest making sure your credit cards are paid up, your will and last testament is up-to-date, and your women and goats are safely secured.

  351. I think you guys are over thinking it. You seem the type that would be the ones to find fault. Don’t go looking for something, because you will always find it.

  352. On the description of “The Curve” easily replaceable batteries

    this is new info, great to hear

  353. rohan , plz clear up the issue with 8GB+ flash drive . Most of us want to know about this.Other issues matter too but plz answer this asap as this issue is a deal breaker for most of us (Plz don’t take it offensively.I do believe that u will keep ur word but i still want to be assured)

  354. dave:
    > I think you guys are over thinking it.

    We’re all in a geek bubble here trying to imagine how non-geeks, who are the majority, will react. Unfortunately, NI is in the bubble, too.

    > Don’t go looking for something, because you will always find it.

    uh … that’s what she said ???

  355. @Jake
    “what if it were made with a resistive *cringe* screen? Then no software would make it multi touch!”

    Totally nonsens, and it most likely a myth created out of some Apple hype.

    In fact using the the right contollers and technology for resestive touchscreens you outpreforms any capacitive designs. Not only do you get greater accuracy, you also get preassure sensivity. In addition you don’t have the drawback of capacitive screen when it comes to gloved hands and needing specilizeed styluses. It gives the usability of a capacitive screen added with the accuracy and power of a digitizer.

  356. Apart from the mistakes pointed above, I see a problem with your philosophy statement: “It is only the second time since beginning, that math and instinct have come together to create, Adam.” It implies that something as physical and as real as the Adam tablet has happened in the past (beginning?) for the first time and this is the second instance. Imho, it is totally ok that you took inspiration from the “story” of Adam and Eve, but as a student of science, it is not prudent on your part to mean that you actually “believe” the myth of Adam and Eve.
    I think you should discard or completely rework that line. When you have names like Adam, Eden, Genesis it is important that you are careful to maintain this distinction that you only take this story as inspiration and not for real. Or else you will have to answer some irritating questions in future!

  357. Very nice updated site, congrats. If the number is a count down timer then you guy’s must be on track for the pre-order early release date as you promised. Things are moving along quickly now with more updates and more screenshots of the panels UI. It looks fantastic !

    I’m still guessing NFC as the bonus feature. We’ll all know soon enough.

  358. and for my part…
    In specs for memory, ‘upto 32 gb’ sounds gud to me.

    In display, instead of -‘Transmissive, transflective,and reflectivemodes’
    how abt –
    ‘Transmissive, reflective and transflective modes’

  359. So far, only 1,000 days left, huh? πŸ˜€

    Jokes aside, I get a little upset when people ask the same questions over and over again. Couldn’t they just read the previous comments instead?

  360. If there is going to be some sort of press around the first one released like Microsoft did with the first Xbox 360, please make it a Unique one like the Ferrari red one signed by everyone on the Notion Ink Team or something like that. Please do not just give out one that looks like everyone else’s, maybe one of the first manufactured ones from china that you had in your first batch of 10?

  361. btw, it was never really mentioned if these colored panels were interchangeable and if they would be sold separately to customers so they could change out the colored panels themselves depending on their mood.

  362. πŸ™‚ that is valid only if it was a ‘natural number’ – which Rohan neither confirmed nor denied…

  363. i dont know if anyone else noticed this but on the front page image the weather app says the time is 12:30pm and the clock on the left app says the time is 4:30,, little odd? and then something else half way down on left app says 2:43PM?

  364. @Winna, Your math is very, very close.

    As per Pixel Qi product information the display dimensions are…

    Active Area:
    222.72 mm (H)
    125.28 mm (V)

    So If Adam is 269 mm x 191 mm then…

    269 – 222.72 /2 = 23.14
    191 – 125.28 / 2 = 32.86

    Yes a little disappointing but I think it still looks great and Adam will still be the best available. And I think the wider bezel/border has become a lot less of a deciding factor for most people as they have learned more about the Adam’s great features. I agree, the smaller bezel/border would look better, but it definitely will not influence my purchase decision.

    However, I am curious to know what happened. On October 12 Rohan said:

    “You are not wrong in guessing that it looks thicker, and let me assure you that it is not there to stay! It is going to be reduced by 6.5mm from left and 5mm from right. The issue is with the Cover Lens (the Glass which covers the device), been painted more into inside!”

    @Rohan Please comment on why it now appears the bezel/border will not be made narrower as you suggested. Maybe we are wrong… Are the dimensions on the website incorrect and therefore our calculations inaccurate too?

  365. Hey Rohan,

    Great website! Just happened to glance the Contact section! Got a pleasant surprise….I too work in the same building πŸ™‚
    Hope to bump into you one of these days and personally wish you and your baby all the best!

  366. @Rohan, Can you put a facebook (like, share) & twitter links on your website? This would help in couple of ways:

    1) Spread the word across the world. As they are the most visited sites in the world.
    2) Gives you statistics how many unique users have liked (translate it to some percent of sales numbers)

  367. Does this guy know something we dont?

  368. @Rohan, Are you still here following the comments?

    If so, please check for my message in your email and get back with me as soon as you can make time. Thanks so much!

  369. This could be a animation and not real app (remember they are not revealing the UI for quite long) Or could be screen shots taken at different times and merged.

  370. No, gecko still reigns … ! Credit cards, wills, no goats (thank goodness) … as a woman, should I safely secure my husband?

  371. I some how feel like you. I’d love the best camera available in the Adam, but I realized that as far as what I will be using it for, no need for more.
    If you want a better camera, then buy a real camera, with better lenses, better housing, etc.
    My daughter needed a camera for her class, so I bought her a Rebel. And it is really good for her needs. But for the adam, the 3.2 camera is much more than enough.

  372. @sandeep, you are increasing the price by $100 more. Current spec is fine. You have USB/microSD support so should be good on storage side.

  373. understandable, its just that you dont want anyone new coming in and pointing out little flaws like this. This is part of the attention to detail that needs to be taken care of before release. Just like correcting grammatical errors in the language. there is a flaw in the image itself.

  374. I hope these are screw holes… I hate those devices you canΒ΄t open without special tools for cracking up the shell

  375. @shiva said, on November 23, 2010 at 18:09

    decimal system β€” binary system
    17– 10001
    16 β€” 10000
    15 β€” 1111
    14 β€” 1110…
    oh by then we will be sure it is binary system countdown!

    I placed it here so I can find it quicker next time I look at the site.

  376. all right, I’ve just about had it. give us a date already – we’re adults, we can handle it. at this point I’m 99.9% certain we aren’t seeing this thing by christmas. if they aren’t mass producing this thing yet there’s no way in hell it’s gonna be in stores a month from today – let alone a week earlier. I mean really, there’s no sense making it to stores by christmas unless you’re in stores a week before christmas, right? So stop with the tease already, just say you’re shooting for first quarter next year and let’s give up on the 2010 pipe dream. I remember when it was gonna be mid-summer. And Thanksgiving. Slowest. Rollout. Ever. Who the hell goes to CES twice with the same unreleased product?

  377. UPGRADE to 4:3 ????
    – – – – – – –

    16:9 / 16:10 is the foreseeable future… I canΒ΄t even buy TVΒ΄s and computer monitors in 4:3 format anymore. Video and books (at least in Europe) are more 16:9 than 4:3

  378. @TK, Calm down dude, I believe that the folks at NI are doing what ever they can to get this out. Have some patience!

  379. “Why 16:9 was chosen by the SMPTE
    Equal area comparison of the aspect ratios used by Dr. Powers to derive the SMPTE 16:9 standard.[4] TV 4:3/1.33 in red, 1.66 in orange, 16:9/1.78 in blue, 1.85 in yellow, Panavision/2.2 in mauve and CinemaScope/2.35 in purple.

    When the 16:9 aspect ratio was proposed by Dr. Kerns H. Powers, a member of the SMPTE Working Group On High-Definition Electronic Production, nobody was creating 16:9 videos. The popular choices in 1980 were: 4:3 (based on television standard’s ratio at the time), 1.66:1 (the European “flat” ratio), 1.85:1 (the American “flat” ratio), 2.20:1 (the ratio of 70 mm films and Panavision) and 2.35:1 (the CinemaScope ratio for anamorphic widescreen films). Dr. Powers cut out rectangles with equal areas, shaped to match each of the popular aspect ratios. When overlapped with their center points aligned, he found that all of those aspect ratio rectangles fit within an outer rectangle with an aspect ratio of 1.77:1 and all of them also covered a smaller common inner rectangle with the same aspect ratio 1.77:1.[4] The value found by Powers is exactly the geometric mean of the extreme aspect ratios, 4:3 (1.33:1) and 2.35:1, which is coincidentally close to 16:9 (1.78:1). Note that applying the same geometric mean technique to 16:9 and 4:3 approximately yields the 14:9 aspect ratio, which is likewise used as a compromise between these ratios.[5]”

    Taken from

  380. I don’t understand the EAFD comments people are posting on this site.
    The site looks fine. Andre and the Notion Ink Team did a great job with it.
    The ribbons relate to the unfolding screens we see in the flash videos.

    No, this isn’t a Samsung / RIM Playbook / Apple website knock off, nor would i want it to be. The purpose of this creation is to set it apart from the competition. I do agree with some posts that support the idea of maximizing the bullet points of what the Adam has that the others do not to emphasize how different [in a better way] the Adam is.

    A simple comparison chart might do this.

    But lay off the site design bashing. One thing we know about Rohan is he has AMAZING vision for where he wants this company to go.

  381. TK is right.
    Some post before I have written the same. NI has alot to do with EAP, field beta test, software, because it should be stable software and so on.
    I think we all could be happy, when we will get the ADAM early next year.

  382. Considering this is a corporate blog (i.e., linked from NI’s official website), I personally do not see how “flaming” anyone who brings up legitimate concerns is helping NI succeed. It would be different if this were or (where I would still prefer civility).

  383. I don’t think the flash is there to stay…just placeholers as they create the content.

  384. Oh boy, you have’nt been thea on the Nokia N900 “incid’nt”.
    This’ just childs plae copar’d to that..

  385. Next question: will preordering start ninth of December at 24.00 hours, Indian time or US of A time? Can hardly imagine it will be Nerterland’s time πŸ˜‰

    BTW: great looking site, which has to grow in time of course.

    ‘May the force be with you!’

  386. I think too much is being made of the “larger bezel” A very narrow one would put fingers on the screen. I pad sells millions with a large bezel. I know many would say that is part of the reason not to have one. Adam is certainly not looking to be an I Pad clone. Yet, millions sold clearly shows a large bezel does not turn the masses off. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No matter what Notion Ink does there will be some that won’t like some aspect of it. This apply s to the screen ratio as well. I prefer the “wide
    screen” while others would consider a 4×3 an upgrade

  387. As gecko mentioned the “toilet paper design on the home page was blocking a part of the ADAM.
    It seems to be fixed.
    I don’t see it anymore. only maybe a verry small corner.

  388. Sorry to come off as so grumpy. Obviously I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t so eagerly anticipating the product. But really guys… after following this thing for close to a year I’m getting a bit jaded on the subject. Internally they know their target dates – I don’t expect them to publish a firm release date and risk not making it because that’s a disaster. But yeah, I do expect them to tell me when they already know damn well they aren’t gonna hit christmas.

  389. I’m hoping that NI is fully ready ahead of time for the launch/public announcement/pre-sales to begin.

    So that when it comes time, they can tell us before hand the exact date AND time that we should be watching for it. Like Apple did with their Beatles announcement recently.

    If the number at the top of the screen is a really countdown like we think it is, when it gets down to 1 day it might be good to change it to start counting down the hours. Or maybe by then they can just display the date and time…

    Otherwise all of us will be camped out here for 24 hours of or more. I’ll do it if I have to, but it sure would be nice to get a little sleep during that time. πŸ˜‰

  390. I am curious as to how developing apps for the standard Android Market will be different than developing for Genesis. Obviously accommodating for large screen interfaces, but they are still going to be Android apps, so I can’t imagine what would need to be different about it.

    Also, any ETA for an SDK to be publicly available?

  391. could it be that the 10000 is a internet time pre order day/time??

    Internet time =
    Instead of dividing the virtual and real day into 24 hours and 60 minutes per hour, the Internet Time system divides the day into 1000 “.beats”. Each .beat is 1 minute and 26.4 seconds.

  392. I suppose I should word it more like:

    “developing apps for Genesis will be different than developing for the standard Android Market”

  393. @Andrew Britton: I really wish you are wrong about your Trackpad prediction. πŸ™‚
    Does it make big difference to you guys if it were missing? I am one of those who prefer it for some simple reasons.

  394. Rohan clearly said the bezel size will be 16mm on both sides, but from Greg’s calculations it doesn’t look so. what have changed? from Rohan’s post ipad has 22mm and looks Adam will have more than it?

  395. @Pratik: it is all-flash, and also it is about cars πŸ™‚ Just wish the website is very impressive in every possible way.

  396. Oh come on…Platonic philosophies? Imperfection is more contemporary!
    I welcome honesty over mascarade!

  397. It’s not a matter of honesty, it’s a matter of how best to present the product. It’s usually not a good idea to present your product with a negative, such as “don’t expect perfection.” It would be perfectly honest for NI to say:

    Adam. Not the worst tablet on the market.

  398. The bezel widened because of the different ports(despite NI’s effort to keep the bezel small) which added the weight. In other words the product(adam) is going to be slightly bigger than originally planned.

  399. Are there any plans on sending out production units for reviews? I am looking for a new tablet but want to make sure that the money i spend is going to be well justified.

  400. ACER has presented today the tablets that will arrive to the markets next April.
    The big model is 10.1″, 1280Γ—800 (HD reproduction at 720p?), 1GHz, Flash 10.1, HDMI output, 5 MPx camera and quite sure Android Honeycomb.

    ADAM IS BETTER THAN THIS!!!! The unique point is the screen resolution, but nothing important. And Adam will be upgradable to Honeycomb if I’m not wrong.

    Anyone knows something about the response (precision and fast response) of the touchpanel? Nowadays the best in this aspect is the iPhone 4 with its RetinaDisplay.

    I think some people has said something about include an stylus. Well, I prefer to use the tablet with my fingers, but one good feature could be to use the stylus to write and automatically the text is formated into a doc, like old Palms. I hope my explanation is clear about I want to say.

  401. I am Also Sad Rohan …..But at the same time i’m not because i know the adam is going to be Released !!! πŸ™‚ Sooon I hope πŸ˜‰

  402. *If* the dimensions are correct on the new specifications web page, and if we assume the bottom border is the same width as the left and right sides, then the borders would be:

    23.14 mm / 0.911 in for Left, Right, Bottom

    42.58 mm / 1.7945 in for Top

    But really that is not much of a concern to me. There are pros and cons to both. Sure, it looks better when the border is narrower, but the wider border provides more area to hold on to.

    Something I’ve been thinking about… If it the new dimensions are accurate and it really has grown, shouldn’t the weight have increased more too? If the weight has not increased much, then maybe the dimensions are wrong. At least that thought gives me hope to hold onto until I hear definitively from Rohan…

  403. @gecko
    The post was in the wrong place. My mistake. It was a response to a comment by Nishi. So, it does look out of place.
    By the way, I agree with you.

  404. I wrote a little defense, but really couldn’t find much to say because the article is so stoopid. Thanks for the link, though.

  405. Agreed. I realize the important thing here is the actual product, but reading that website was just a little depressing. They’re trying to convey the philosophy and design behind the Adam, but the “bad” English totally ruins the message. I’d rather just have the spec list.

    I love you, Notion Ink, but please dig up a proper marketing person for this sort of thing.

  406. I’m one of those grammatically dim witted English speaking Americans that have zero problems with the way Notion Ink puts their thoughts in to the English language. If it were not for spell check I would be in serious trouble. I understand the desire of those here, to have Notion Ink’s ideas spelled out in the way that English speaking folks can clearly understand and be comfortable with. The USA and Great Britain may very well be one of Notion Ink’s biggest markets. I do “get” what Notion Ink is talking about. I actually enjoy the way they put their ideas in to the English language. It makes them feel genuine. I also “get” that for the majority of folks working at Notion Ink, English is not their natural language. The fact is, we Americans often forget, they can communicate in our language, but most of us wouldn’t have a clue how to communicate in theirs. (Or do they use translation software?) Perhaps one of our grammatical experts would volunteer their direct services to Notion Ink. Rohan has already stated he is taking some of the recommendations stated here. It is very cool that he embraces a lot of what we think. He has a direct interest in us and we in him!

  407. Really? You honestly think that the creation/evolution debate enters into tablet marketing? You need to get out more, mate πŸ˜‰

    On a side note, most of the English used by Notion Ink is atrocious, from a marketing standpoint. It’s one thing to have improper English in your blog posts (Rohan is, after all, not a native English speaker so a few missteps and foibles are forgivable); it’s quite another to have poor grammar and awkwardly phrased sentences in your official, English website. This isn’t Google Translate, folks; clean it up.

  408. Totally agree!

    Even if you believe in Bible, you don’t want to mix it up with science …

    I would say something like “Never before math and mind has come together to produce an Adam like this one”..

    I am please somebody who is better at this do this!

  409. Totally agree!

    Even if you believe in Bible, you don’t want to mix it up with science …

    I would say something like “Never before math and mind has come together to produce an Adam like this one”..

    I am an please somebody who is better at this do this!

  410. I think you can rest assured that it will be reviewed by many folks, like slashgear, endgadget, ect. I’m sure many buyers will post U Tube reviews as well. My only concern would be if you wait too long to order you might run into a back order situation. They key word here being might. My optimistic view is Adam has the potential to go over big. Especially with the anti apple crowd, which is much bigger then most imagine.

  411. Don’t worry I have a long comment right on top clarifying everything! There is a lot of other support too.

  412. Hey everyone,

    I have to apologize if this has been said because I am tired of going through same posts over and over.

    I support Notion Ink and the Adam project.

    BUT here is the COLD HARD FACTS. I have a buddy that we do DIY Projectors. He is a start up company, MUCH smaller niche then here.

    I sent him to the site today to see what his reaction was. He was bored in 20 seconds. Web design you need to have their interest in 30 or they will go away. (LOST SALE)

    He had no clue what the Adam was or even

    Here is my POINT. I sent him to the Galaxy Tab website.

    He was like “HOLY COW what is this things, look what it can do!!!”

    He is your average customer and doesn’t know what slate tablets are and how they can benefit their daily life.

    Rohan, you obviously sold the techies well at least the followers here. We need to sell your product, I think you guys put a ton of work into your company and site.

    I sent him to the site I built which really just mimics you guys, BUT I have the YouTube link at the top and said hey click here and see what Rohan did and what the Adam is, same reaction “hey that is really cool, oh look at that screen”

    The problem with your WordPress here???? You already lost the talking about the new website, people are talking about anything here because they can.

    Can anyone chime in here and tell me if they had any similar stories?


  413. not worth the time…. I have seen the toughest of customers but they always had a reason so was worth listening to them and their issues…. in fact they are sometimes more crucial than a few pats on the back to find innovative solutions etc.

    here, its like someone has just decided to blurt out some nonsense with no reason or may be he was just having a bad day and wanted to show his anger on Adam..

    my take is lets ignore such negativity

  414. Thank for the usefull and informative reply. I shall look out for your usefull contributions.

    To those of you who feel like being reemotely helpfull I was only wondering..

    Considering how little information we are getting im yet to be convinced we will see the adam this side of CES. I was only wondering if anyone had heard anything more than the 10001-1000…….. bit of the website.

  415. Personally, I think you can stop all this crap talk!!!!!

    Videos of it being used in real world applications….not just blog posts.

    Rohan, if I had any money id buy 100 prototypes and demo all of them for you. I believe in the product and your company but people need to see them working besides tradeshows.

    They need to feel drawn in.

    I don’t think just adding more content to the new site will do it, I think adding more HYPE to the new site will.

  416. @ everybody….
    If it’s true that we have a counter on the site which actually shows the countdown..
    Than I can b sure that Notion INK thinks exactly like the US customers.. It’s been already 00:16 Am in India and I don’t see any change in that counter.. Well NI team.. Wish u all the best………. I don’t have anything else have to say…

  417. much can be said similar to the iPad. no official information had been release about it until its official launch. Apple’s stock even dropped when it was launched because people thought it was just a GIANT iTOUCH. Apple essential gave us a blanket slate let us fill in the information.

    and this wordpress is nothing more than a blog. not information or technical page. just a blog, nothing more.

  418. Guys, the 10001 looks like a countdown of some type is my opinion….Rohan wants you to get excited about it but I dont think the world is going to come to an end πŸ™‚

    He will tell you when it is time.

    Please don’t jump off of a building if you cannot figure it out. Just smile and say he’s up to something. I don’t think you need to hire private investigators and try to hack their website looking.

    Just my .02


  419. Its terrible but im following your easoning and thinking about pre-ordering before seeing reviews.
    The potential is fantastic and im fairly sure its going to review well, however this will add to the hype and considering the production volumes there could be a long wait once the wider public gets wind of it.

    However this was the same situation with netbook, i am the owner of the Eee701, which for the first two months I had it was fantastic. However then the 10″ atom powered netbooks came out and suddently the 701 seemed rather daft. It now gathers dust only to be used to play with slim linux distro’s.

  420. I see your point.But i think you are wrong.
    I think the Galaxy tab is Bang there you go and they have the resources,The Adam needs an understated release or it will get swamped with orders and will fail to deliver.The Adam will rock and sales will go through the roof as soon as people start seeing review videos.

  421. Rohan,

    When this device comes out, I want one. I have been reading up on quite a few of these tablets, and I almost was going to get one that I knew I would be disappointed with in the end. Then, I ran across this ADAM. If it does everything you say it will, I WANT one. Maybe two. I will try to keep following along and chomping at the bit for this machine to come out. If you get time, I would love to know personally when it is ready for the U.S.A.

  422. Kam,

    BUT did you miss my point? Apple is Apple, they have been around since 1976. They have room for negativity. Notion Ink is has not been around for 30 something years. There are already no name Android tablets in the market, do we know they are crap yes, BUT does bubba joe from Walmart and staples know this NO.

    Here is my point, someone sees the add for staples or somewhere selling a CRAP tablet, they are smart enough to wonder what they are. They Google it, oh they see the Adam, come on the site….have NO clue what it is besides pretty, they say “hey darrrling look at this aint that a pretty tv?”

    They move on, that is my point.

    You say this is just a blog, ah that is true BUT where else is live talk about this item?

    I think the blogs should stay on some type of track and not lose people that want to actually learn something.

    There is no GIANT iAdam to compare this to, it’s the Adam, it is a cool powerful personal computing device.

    Oh well

  423. Hey Guys please do not bad mouth me on my blog on CG.
    I’m only an intern who was writing his first article and tried hard to be cynical and sarcastic so as to impress his boss…. 😦

  424. @Rohan,

    You should read the comments to that article some time. I bet the author is now hiding under a rock somewhere…

    Let’s send gecko in after him to finish him off. Lizards crawl in the rocks, right? πŸ˜‰

  425. @Mike I hear you and am sure Rohan does too… and he already answered this question am afraid; bottomline NI needs more time to show us all the goodies around marketing, the website itself being part of the equation.

    I said this before in a different context and will rephrase it here…
    if the project really is to put up the best damn site (yes am refering to the similarly titled book! ) out there, I bet it could be done in less than a week with the kind of resources we have these days (there are so many projects being run today which ‘follow the sun’ so 1 week is not just 40hrs its really 24X7 times the # of minds one is willing to commit to the task)

    unless we are a fly on the wall in NI’s board room or some hi-fi sub-atomic something which can read minds and may be scoop off all the undisclosed information we can only speculate / guess / double guess… sometimes we will get it right; mostly off base

    I think one thing we (and that includes all of us who’ve been following NI since its inception) may not know too well is how unlike a typical tablet Adam is/will be. So we are just relating it to the closest thing we know – a tablet – and going from there…

    I believe Rohan’s dream is bigger than we could comprehend… if there was a Rohan clone now with enough time, he may be quietly smiling reading all the comments about grammar/language/marketing as he knows these are the most granual details that are better left to others while he focuses on that bigger picture of the full line of products/services he envisioned the whole eco system the new world in which we interact and enhance our lives in all aspects – material, intellectual and spiritual…

    I am sold on this vision – and happy to know some one is working hard to put life into it… and will wait till the master says done.

  426. Oh, hey, guys. This is apparently where all the discussion is happening. OK, lads, give me a hard date when I can expect to see this in Best Buy?

  427. I have got a HD ready Sony Bravia LCD tv with display resolution 1366×768. Adam’s display resolution is 1024×600. Will I be able to watch mkv/h.264/hd videos on my tv through Adam without compromising on the picture quality? I mean, would I get the same picture quality on my tv though Adam as with a HDMI DVD player? Could somebody here please clarify? Thanks in advance.

  428. That is something you should not do!
    You write well and I have faith in you. Look at the reasons deeper than what are visible.
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond! πŸ™‚


  429. Hi there Rohan …. am sai from Chennai…

    Few suggestions from me …

    Add a youtube video ont he current site with an video ..either latest or old one…If possible a New one !!
    Vector 66 said that you will be losing sale….. thats not a big point considering the world and the amount of people …


    If Possible make the screen or the opening page as the screen of adam… I hope u get my point..

    It should look as though am seeing the screen of the adam tablet.. with left right screen moving …


    It would be nice if Adam Tablet had a tag line or Notion Ink ….
    It would be a great chance if we had more contests and polls to win Adam tablet .. That would spark up the interests …..

    Have a special Music or song created for Notion Ink ADAM !! …

    Have a gallery with few HQ Pics.. Some with your developers together and one with you holding as welcoming people.

    That would be awesome because people have lost the human-ness in this path.
    Add some Icons like Nvidia , GPs , on the screen .. that will have a good change

    I Hope it help you in someway…. I will update with more ideas…

    Thank You… ADAM will be a Revolution !! Keep Rocking !!!

    Sai Prashanth

  430. I did refer a guy who was into developing apps and he came back and asked me what is notion ink. So i think a intro on the site is necessary too.


  432. This.

    Rather than bash the author/article. Give him something contrary to write about: a new video, a new photo, updates about features.

    New mystery item – if it’s something new and innovative, that’ll generate huge buzz, far more than saying “has a mystery feature!” I’m not buying a box of cracker jacks with a mystery prize. I want to know what I plan to spend 500 bucks on.

    The website was a great step. Now clean it up/edit it. Add a gallery.

    90% of hits on that article were probably people from this blog.

  433. Guys the Asus Eee note is shaping upto a nice device for students too.

    The only thing wrong with tablets is no digitizer to directly manipulate pdf and not-taking. Such a bummer.

    I hope if Adam does not have, I’ll wait for the Adam 2.0

  434. Incidentally, Rohan, I really like the Ferrari Red. I would take it in black, dark blue, titanium, or chrome as well. Maybe even a canary yellow. I almost don’t care what color, as long as it truly does what you say it will do. From what I am seeing in the States, most people are very disappointed in their tablets due to so many software glitches and a lack of support or upgradability. If you can solve these issues on the front end, you will be light years ahead of the other players. I like the fact that you saw fit to use standard ports for all of the periphery. At first glance, this truly looks like the right machine. I just can’t wait to see how it performs.

  435. Apple’s stock falls after every announcement.

    The ipad was announced amidst a great deal of fanfare two months before launch. Teaser videos. A big press conference.

    NI can’t do some of those but viral videos would be huge.

  436. This is just my assumption

    Pre-ordering = 8-10 dec
    A big announcement probably with nvedia or some big partners = end of dec
    In retail stores = Jan – feb

  437. Adam, I agree, I do not believe holding to much back is the answer to as I would say “general” people.

    Picture this, a man owns a construction company, very successful man sees this Adam being used in an environment that he can relate to and that he can have his business or get updates all day long or heck even live feeds from his construction yards or job sites.

    Think of it, the man cannot power on his computer at home and lookup construction on Google. BUT he can pull out his Adam with a kick butt UI and click a button that says live work feeds and he knows who is working and who isn’t and is able to use the Adam for his everyday work.

    Those are the stories that make a company money, not us tech people that buy it, love it and then reload it with Linux on it.

    Think about it people…

  438. I will say that Rohan has a following as loyal and adamant (punny!) as apple fanboys right now.

  439. Ok so here is a question,

    One of your bloggers just said, HAVE A CONTEST!!!

    A good contest…I am sure people have heard of Ustream correct?

    Post right on the website FRONT page…BAM contest join here win an Adam today!

    Live feed of either contest drawing or live feed prior to contest drawing to meet the team and see it in action.

    Website gets attention, people feel INVOLVED…people get no sleep again waiting to see the live feed.



  440. Sai,

    I agree 10000 percent, make the Adam personable, bring the tablet back into our hands!

    Make us want it, sorry not US (bloggers) we already do.

    Make people outside want it.

    I LOVE the idea of a live feed on the website.

    Have a reputable reviewer get the word out about a live contest something

  441. Absolutely, I would. I would be very excited to see a working model. I have seen a few first look videos on YouTube. I hope to see this device soon. Several big chain stores are offering tablets here in the States, but they don’t live up to their marketing claims. This device appears to already have them beat in that arena. If that’s true, I am waiting for it.

  442. If I worked in the same building I’d be awfully tempted to wander into the NI offices and the their lab to sneak a peek! I’m just saying…

  443. I hate to say this but the website is not good at all. It is just a static website. You cannot put placeholders everywhere… You need contents. You need a professional web designer to do justification to this website, who speaks web 2.0.
    Andre said that the website is going to be HTML only, but the video is wrapped around flash. And I did not like Andre’s creation in his portfolio either…

    Rohan… Please promise little and deliver big… you are doing the opposite.

  444. Very excited with this information, this website.

    I understand that I do not have anything to do with it, but I feel as if this is my kid. The folks at Notion Ink have given us access to their baby and have somehow made everyone feel as if we are part of the birth, from the very beginning, to practically the end. I really hope that this project, this baby, will grow up to be the leader, yet also hope that Notion Ink will stay as humble and involved with their customers as they are today…

    Can’t wait!!!

  445. Marcus, the only ones I think we have seen are pre alpha models….the screen wasn’t even attached. I have YouTube videos linked on my site and am always seeing if there are new videos but I just see the old ones.

    Tell me if some other YouTube channel has them and I will link to those channels.


  446. I think the adam can really do with a freeOne Hand holder like the one which came out for the iPad.

    I m not asking this to be shipped with the ada. But if we can have an accessory like this, it will be swell.

  447. I feel that Posting New PICTURES and VIDEOS of ADAM will be enough !! !

    People would love it a lot .. because they have not seen them so .. this would be a nice chance to try this …

    Lot of Hq Pics and Two new Videos of ADAM….

    People have right now have got the idea about the tablet.. the specs.. the design…

    some pictures and videos will be very nice.. to keep the spirits up…

  448. I think the adam can really do with a freeOne Hand holder like the one which came out for the iPad.

    I m not asking this to be shipped with the adam. But if we can have an accessory like this, it will be swell.

  449. The Adam should match your TV through the HDMI output. It will product up to 1920×1080 from what we are reading and will do it in 1080p.

  450. So you value yourself so much you that you didn’t consider the possible negative consequences that trashy fluff piece of yours might have done to the Adam and NI?

    First of all (if you want to be taken seriously) you need to spend a few minutes doing some research before you write, or the readers who have already done theirs are going to call you out and make you look like a fool…which is exactly what happened.

    Secondly, the fact that you wrote something so blatantly negative and full of inaccuracies just to impress speaks volumes to me about your integrity. Why would I want to follow you or actually CG at all now? What a huge turn-off that article was. Looks like your plan to impress backfired.

    Also, there are real people behind NI and the Adam. They have families to whom they are responsible. Are you more important than they are? From following this blog we’ve got to know Rohan and his team. They are genuinely nice people. You would write something potentially harmful to them that wasn’t even true just to make yourself succeed? That’s really sad, John…really.

    Unless you are a brainwashed Apple fanboy, why in the world would you not be supportive of the Adam? There is NOTHING that compares, and that’s just fact. There are no tablets that have launched or have been announced that have the specs and features which Adam does. Why would you not be supportive of such a great device That makes no sense to me.

    The Adam will ship, maybe it won’t be until into the new year…and so what? Does it make it any less of a fabulous device? Hardly.

    Consider this is learning experience. Find more integrity in yourself.

  451. I just went over to Crunch and made a few posts in your support Rohan. I saw yours there as well. You have a lot of folks behind you. This will only drive you harder!!!!
    You won me over. I will order Adam the minute pre orders begin!

  452. Looks like it back fired for you.
    Probably this will give enough sense to research your subject well before start writing any crap.

    I hope people who make blog posts saying ipad 2 will have retina eye display become a bit wiser after seeing this incident and start researching before posting.

  453. @Rohan,

    Just take the media folks out for a great lunch, will you? They will get to know you, your vision, NI and the products much better. Everything will be peaceful once again.

  454. He doesn’t have sources, this is only an assumption. Luckily he is (as far as I know) dead wrong.

  455. Though I would love to see a release date, I can understand why they don’t give one out.
    1. If they don’t meet their date that’s -1 for them in customer confidence. This is a problem when you don’t have control over many of the variables (FCC approval, etc.)
    2. If the date is too far off (more than a couple months away), some people will bail and settle for their second choice (Dell’s convertible Inspiron Duo in my case). Giving us something to nibble on once in a while keeps fellas like me interested, hoping that the news is a sign of a sooner- rather than later- release.

    I agree with you that it isn’t going to be shipped by Christmas. My guess is pre-order in mid-December, shipping late January.

  456. can we have a video of real adam or a teaser like the tab and ipad had ? enough of seeing images and what will be there now i think NI must show us really what it is .

  457. I’m with Mrzeal here. I think too much worrying is going on. When Adam is available you will see a much more informative web site. All the videos you long for ect. You can’t let the cat out of the bag too soon. You have to have this thing in production before you get the hype too intense. Otherwise you have nothing to back up what your showing off. It gets real when it becomes real. Too much information too soon brings out the negative comments like cruchgear’s stupid article that came out today.

  458. I only hope they have better translations with the UI/Genesis/Eden and their apps. But at least the new site is much better than the old one regarding English Grammar. Next thing to think about is which English they will choose: UK or US? India is more involved with the UK thanks to their common history, so I would appreciate they would vote for British English πŸ˜‰

  459. When the counter ends, is that when Rohan forgets to type in the weekend special so a plane randomly crashes on a tropical island that is home of a smoke monster and a polar bear.

  460. What for should that be? You wouldn’t hold Adam on your ear to call somebody (and for that reason to darken the screen). And this sensor is not really much needed, is it?

    I suppose the digitizer thing is thought in a good direction, this would be amazing to have for many people (many many almost demanded a goodie like that in previous post comments) and there’s no other tablet on the market right now with this feature: fits!

  461. Well, he’s not wrong is he? Except about the ‘won’t be happy with it’ dig thrown in there. I’ll be the judge of that after I’ve seen one. And I really, really, really want to see one. Here’s what I want… a 9-10″ HD tablet running android with a pixel qi screen and I want fully functioning USB and a card slot and hdmi out. Anything else is just extra. But I’m gonna have to see one pretty soon because others are coming. I love the idea of a small startup challenging the big guy. But at some point the ‘touchy feely root for the underdog’ sentiment gets stale. I’d like to see a product at some point. It wasn’t all that long ago we were still hoping for a summer release. Then Thanksgiving. Now it seems all but certain they won’t make Christmas either. As for the pre-order thing… pre-order what? To ship when? I’m all for pre-ordering if this is what I’ve been thinking it’s gonna be but I’d certainly like to touch a demo unit first. And at the very, very, very least I’d need to see a few independent reviewers putting a demo through it’s paces first. I don’t WANT to be a pessimist, I WANT a freakin’ pixel qi android tablet with usb and hdmi! But right now I have zero hard information that says the adam is being manufactured let alone a target release date. While I wish it were different I am reminded of the tale of The Boy who Cried Wolf. Just how long are we supposed to believe in this thing. Early in the year it was delayed until Summer. Then in Summer we heard new financing, delayed until November. Now at the end of November we maybe pre-order in December. How about a post telling us when manufacturing is going to start? Anything else is just noise at this point. Are you going to build this thing or not? When?

  462. the article is totally baseless. thanks for the link. god knows why crunchgear are distorting news on adam. the guy writing has written a totally speculative article and calling it fact.

    i mean we have direct access to rohan/notion ink’s progress on this blog, so who is ctunchgear fooling?

  463. Even though I do not think the person above is the real John Biggs…

    Rohan has set a very good example for everyone in the comments section of the CrunchGear article, by intelligently addressing the things Mr. Biggs said in his article, which were completely untrue. Yet he never lowered himself to Mr. Biggs level. He could have easily lashed out and insulted him like many of us did. And Mr. Biggs may have even deserved it because of his irresponsible reporting.

    And now under the assumption that the commenter above is actually Mr Biggs, we find Rohan encouraging and him and complimenting his writing ability. I’m impressed!

    I must admit I’m a little embarrassed now for being so harsh on Mr. Biggs. Next time I’ll try moving a little further onto the high road. Though I’ll totally be there to say “I told you so” to Mr. Biggs when the Adam hits the market and everyone is in love with it! πŸ˜‰

  464. It sounds like this guy (From Crunch Gear) has to seriously check his sources, or he is just dumb (I doubt that):

    “I’m here to tell you that this thing won’t ship this year and when it does you won’t be happy with it.”

    Or maybe they are becoming jokers, or maybe it is a last minute trick to attract readers to their site. If that is the case, that is sad.

    The saddest part is me. Yes, I actually thought they were more serious. Oh well.

  465. “i mean we have direct access to rohan/notion ink’s progress on this blog, so who is ctunchgear fooling?”

    I don’t want to defend that kind of journalism but NI is on record as hoping to release by dates that have already passed so it’s not unexpected there will be some negative stories. The tech press has been reading about this thing for a really long time now… and there’s only one surefire way to shut them up. Release the product. At the very least if you want to stop reckless speculation then take control of the story and announce your expected release date. But stop pretending it might be in time for the holidays.

  466. i feel the same excitement and impatience about as you about owning the adam.

    the issue at hand is the callous way in which the article is brushing aside the dedicated efforts of a group of young men (and women) and making digs like the one you have noted. why? where is the insight into the device itself in the article?

  467. John (if this is even the real John Biggs from Crunch Gear),

    You may not see the Adam in Best Buy, or on any store shelves for a long time….
    Because it will be sold out everywhere for quite a while!

    Seriously though, the availability date and pre-ordering will be announced very soon. You won’t have too wait too long.

    We welcome you to keep an eye on the blog here and the website for more info. And we look forward to reading another article written by you on the Adam once it has been released and you have had time to really research and test it so you can provide good, honest, and factual feedback.

  468. Have a look here:
    Somebody found this picture somewhere, it should be an actual one and you can clearly see the trackpad.
    I’m rather sure it will still be there when we will be able to buy Adam. Rohan mentioned it several times, showed it in videos and the last time some weeks ago:
    He mentions it when he explains the casing structure of Adam.

  469. What happened to the bezel?! It’s wider all around, even the top is wider.

    I thought it’s going to look like this:

  470. But who needs a fingerprint reader? I’ve read not one of us demanding for one. If it would be highly demanded there would be many more laptops out there (I can only recall some Dells and Thinkpads) having this feature.
    No, I’m still sticking with the digitizer. Makes sense, is highly demanded and only one tablet is announced (was is HP?) having one.

  471. rohan has posted this on cruchgear…

    Rohan Shravan – November 23rd, 2010 at 12:50 pm UTC

    Not even 10% truth, would like to know the source of your information.
    Project got delayed number of times = once, missed June Deadline.
    New Features? Where? GPS and n? Its there since last one year!
    Unreal engine support is there since Tegra 2 launched.

    If you have something against us, let us know, but dont write stuff which has no base, because even I love your site!

    Rohan Shravan

  472. @bhavya
    It sounds like those games I played in high school when I took French classes (many years ago). They called it something like the telephone line. The teacher would start by telling a secret to one student (in Frech). This secret sentence was to be passed along by the whole class. When the last student reported to the class, it was completely different from the original sentence.
    In this case, the report from Crunch Gear sounds like that classroom game.
    Crunchgear used ubergizmo as their source, which in turn got the news feed from another site, Electronista. The thing is that by the time it got to the one link you posted here, the whole thing was completely distorted.

  473. I know it’s been asked 47,583,392,128,678 times but any idea when we will be able to order an adam? Any chance of a pre-order? I’d have no problem dropping $100 right now to hold one.


  474. @tbc

    I really thought my English was pretty okayish. But as I was reading your reply to me or to whoever (I think it was me) I couldn’t understand if it was

    a. a finger (not the middle one) pointing at me.
    b. a finger (THE middle one) flipping me.
    c. a degrading comment about my comment.
    d. a degrading comment degrading me.
    or e. a positivecomment about my comment saying I was flaming at all.

    Please be so kind to clearify.

    Greetz and of course World Peace.


  475. well said Rohan. Probably you should start putting some credible information on the site (pre-christmas/post-christmas pre-ordering or something like that instead of giving specific date).

    Lets not give rivals a chance to pass on incorrect information. Put more content about what adam can do (I/we want more customers waiting for adam πŸ™‚ )

  476. Of course. The one thing is that NotionInk has another style, the other one is that some specs (especially the unique UI) are obviously being patented and that’s why they are not shown so far.
    And don’t forget: every other site adverts tablets already on sale. Adam isn’t and won’t be for at least the next 4 weeks.

  477. for whatever it is worth…. in just about 27hrs from the stroke of 0:00hrs IST 23rd Nov this blog got 48,904 hits… even accounting for multiple visits from same person thats quite a bit/lot!

  478. They don’t mention the capability of playing full HD videos as well. And what about the battery capacity? Just hang on, they will work on the website regularly and add more and more information.

  479. Most of these sites, post an outrageous post just to get reaction, it drives visitors and page views, which is all they are after. the crunchgear article has been linked several times just in this blog. it will move up in rank with Google and get more views, it is a viscous cycle, but it is exactly what they want.

  480. why does the tech specs still say 8+gb memory.
    Can they change it to the real values?
    otherwise maybe some buyers will get scared of?
    please change this.
    And is someone actualy reding al the tips an help in this blog an doing something with it?

  481. Ok, so Rohan said his peace. It is true, they will keep getting hits and move up in the ranks. So why do we keep going back their or what not making mroe hits?

    I didn’t notice but did Rohan put a link to his site in the post? That should be. If Crunchberries gets alot of hits and then people link off of Rohan it only helps Notion Ink.

    The more people complain also makes it bad, just say the facts and prove the facts…isn’t that easy? Coming from the CEO of Notion Ink with facts should be good enough right?

  482. Hey, I’ve been lurking this blog and the comments related to it for some months now and feel as if I know many of you very well. I was thinking about this as I was reading some of the more recent comments and realised something; since I’ve never commented before, none of you know I exist!

    So, before the Adam gets BIG and these comment sections are filled with the comments of uneducated wankers beginning the endless stream of pointless, repeated, mind-numbing questions and ridicules, I thought that I’d make myself known within this online community which seems to have been formed. I might stick around and begin commenting regularly, If you’re lucky. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry if I came off very rude in that last paragraph, I’m just excited. I’ve got one question regarding this comments area, possibly more if I manage to remember them. How do I go about getting a picture/avatar beside my comments? I’ve seen some speak of post being ‘sent for moderation’ because they’re got web URLs in them, But I’m certain that I’ve seen many posts containing links, how do I go about posting a link without it being ‘sent for moderation?

    That’s all I’ve got to say for today I think, speak to you soon. πŸ™‚

  483. In my opinion it is not the final adam it is still a mock up, he said they wouldn’t reveal the final adam until they revealed everything, at the big unveiling. That may be why if you look at the different panes there are different times. This is not the final site nor the final adam, they have already updated several times just since this blog post started. They are trying to give us information, but they can’t release everything, so it is a balancing act between keeping us informed, without revealing everything.

    With Rohan’s comment to the crunch gear article, he says there was only one delay, back in June, with the loss of the initial investors, he is clear this is not delayed again. He might surprise us all and release it on the 9th of December. Maybe it will even skip the pre-order process. That last official thing we heard was they were one week ahead of schedule, and he said the chargers has already passed FCC approval, which also likely means the tablet itself should already be there. Everything hangs of the FCC approval, can’t really mass produce if you don’t have that.
    Can’t wait to order or pre-order whichever the case may be.

  484. @sandeep,
    about your point 6) we are talking here about an Android Tablet not Windows “I will eat all your drive space” 7, Android itself take about 100Mb, Most apps are between 100Kb and 5 Mb

  485. John Biggs now has a conciliatory note – Guys, it’s just a tablet on the Crunch Gear site!!!!

  486. I love it! (re, the other blog bashing)

    This really is like a pair of brothers, one a few years older than the other. We here have spent time asking critical, polite, but critical questions of the Adam. Making suggestions and offering opinions.

    But then someone bully comes along and beats up our little brother and everyone runs over and beats the snot out of the bully.

    Awesome! That should teach the little snot to write pure crap to pass off as professional writing and not think about the consequences.


  487. In a early video (early 2010 I think, youtube search for technoholiic notion ink adam) Rohan stated it takes a little getting used to but is quite intuitive after that.

    I’d never ever thought of it as “left-handed”, but you are quite correct that if the adam is held horizontally with camera at top (what I call “normal position”) the trackpad will be left-hand operated.

    I’m right handed but its so innovative and new that its a technology everyone would have to adjust to anyway.

    Does this make sense?


  488. Is Adam going to be released somewhere in Europe? Like UK? I live in Sweden and if I need to ship from USA it will be a hell of a lot more expensive than if I order from UK or Germany. The Ipad hasn’t even been released in Sweden yet so I guess Adam will take years!

  489. Where is the problem with the 8GB? It absolutely clear that there will be a SDHC slot for cards up to 32GB at least. The mentioned 8GB are either to understand as an included cheap SD card you can start with or there’s an internal 8GB memory.

    You can be absolutely sure that there will be more than 8GB of memory for data.

  490. I thought many of you said you’re addicted to Adam and the blog updates are your ‘weed’. So may be nothing out of the way here. πŸ˜‰

  491. Please let me buy one! I have been following this blog for quite some time now, but this is my first comment.

    This tablet seems to be so well designed that I do believe it could be a viable replacement for my laptop. Keep up the good work, NotionInk. You guys have really listened to consumers on this one!

    PS I love what the old website said when you visited it on an Ipad. (Not mine, using a friends to show him how superior adam will be)

  492. Instead of whining, why don’t you list down in detail what you did not like and then follow it up with how to make it better?

  493. I’m pretty sure the server will crash the moment they put the pre-order button on the site. πŸ˜€

  494. To be honest, the earlier site ‘looked’ better. Just loved the ink floating in space. But it was damn too slow. 😦

    New site looks Ok, but doesnt excite me. Except for the ‘coming soon’ animations. Those are cool. (But again slow to load:( )

    Anyway good to see progress.

  495. Rohan, must say that I’ve been really hesitant with the Adam in general because of the delay and not showing in full detail many aspects of the product … But love the fact that you came out and commented on crunchgear to dismiss any of that rumor. You’re commenting not only as a CEO, but a fan and amongst many other fans.

    Thank you for the hard work and simply can’t wait for this little guy to be in my hands.

  496. And will the real John Biggs please stand up.

    Already one admitted fake

    Negative attention is better then no attention at all. Or so they say in Hollywood.

  497. I’d say the best solution would be to have a link to an all flash interactive animation which highlights all the special features of Adam in the main html site. So the first time visitors wont be put off by loading time and once they get interested, they can get impressed by the flash siite.
    Makes sense?

  498. I was about to post the same article too .. what’s with the further news of delay ? .. why have the other gizmo sites (engadget, gizmodo, etc ) been so silent abt the adam ?

  499. Alright here you go, i quickly videoed it this morning and when i listened back to it i realized im half asleep so sound a bit out of it. otherwise i think the vid and pics give you a good idea of what its size is and its super easy to make one.

    www dot sixthlawprojects dot wordpress dot com /adam-tablet-11-replica-wip/

  500. I’m seriously beginning to believe your best chance to hold an “Adam”in your hands before the end of January will be through some kind of pre-order system. I have always been the sort of person that wanted to hold a product in my hands before purchasing. The Adam is going to be the exception to that rule. The fever is growing. Mania is bubbling. There is a lot of excitement starting to fill the air. At this point Mr. Biggs may actually be helping the cause. Adam might be creating a demand that won’t be easily met. I wiil be pre-ordering to be sure and have a shot at one.

  501. hey guys I just created a 1:1 replica of the adam and its amazing all you need is 2 dvd cases stuck side by side as these equal almost exactly the dimensions of the adam(including thikness, then just get some paper and cut out the size of the dvds to cover, then just draw on a 10.1 inch screen +whatever features you want. I even went to the trouble of adding paper so my adam has the 3 degrees of elevation. .

  502. Now that the site is up, I am looking forward to preorder the adam. Hope they have it in dec.

  503. Well I’m sorry I missed all the fun.

    I woke up this morning, checked the blog, and found all this crunchgear counter-bashing going on!

    It seems like its all over now and the dust has settled and I came late to the fight.

    Sorry guys. I was going to throw a punch but it looks like you’ve all done a great job.

    Anyway, the facts will be the facts and when adam’s out they will have all been wrong and none of it will matter. Great to see you chipping in Rohan, you have the greatest “weight” in that discussion anyway.

  504. Rohan, would mind talking to your legal and get the article removed from crunchgear. They can’t claim on what they assume. You may loose few customers who are looking for tablets and going against after seeing this article

  505. Hey phil did you catch HIMYM last night you remind me of Blitz….in the episode πŸ™‚

  506. Rohan, please don’t release on Dec 9th weekend (atleast don’t take the pre-orders until Dec 15th else I will miss the stock on pre-order). I am travelling over that weekend. 😦

    Hope rest of you guys don’t blast me on this. I am a poor guy who doesn’t want to miss adam from the first shipping lot 😦

  507. Hey when will the new site have more information like the ‘software’ and ‘genesis’ section updated?

  508. Rohan and team,

    Can we change the sentence β€œThere is always one standout factor…” to β€œAll products have a feature that makes them stand out in the crowd and defines its personality, and for Adam it is the cylindrical curvature that sets it apart”

    Change β€œIt’s” to β€œIt is”; and β€œ3 Degrees” to β€œ3 degrees”….somehow that sentence does not seem correct. Can it be changed to β€œThe three degrees of elevation gives the Adam a natural viewing angle”.

  509. @ Greg

    you’re Right. It is not 10000 or 16 days from a milestone. It is based on IST. We can Expect something soon…may be FCC completion, may be Preorder…I am exicited…