Back from Hibernation!

Hello All,

We are back from hibernation now! Sorry for the break (much-needed on our end).

Let me know what is flowing across your minds and I will keep you busy reading on weekends!


Rohan Shravan

42 thoughts on “Back from Hibernation!

  1. What is happening to ICS on ADAM 1? I really want the camera working and am seriously thinking of moving to the Transformer Prime, even though I haven’t really used my ADAM to its full extent.

  2. More importantly: what is going on with ICS for Adam 1??
    That is all I want to hear….

  3. Exactly the same for me, except that I want the BATTERY working properly, as well…. And I have never really used that Adam, either…

  4. What a strange post, no information at all. You know exactly what is “flowing across our minds” when can we use the product we bought with a fully working up-dateable operating system. Or if not when do we get our money back.

  5. Seriously? is that all you have to say after such a long hibernation. I didn’t expect you to come up with a final fully tested and complete ICS ROM after countless failures, but to come up with nothing of note is really disappointing.

    What is flowing through the majority of users minds you probably don’t want to know to be honest. Just get your act together and meet you goals with adam 1 and you will appease us to some extent however i will always regret buying this tablet.

  6. Remember when these posts used to generate lots of replys?!?
    Seriously guys, forget about Adam1 and especially Adam 2. Adam 1 was a mess. Just pick up a €150 tablet from china and get ICS straight away. Update it to Honeycomb using the usual list of sites and get rid of the rubbish they sent it with. The camera will bnever work right either. Its been a year!
    It was a big mistake we made buying an Adam, forget about it and move on. They’ve been saying lots about adam 2 again but nothing happening and I very much doubt anything will.

  7. Don’t worry below are the list of things that happened during your hibernation.
    Now its Spring time,
    iPad 3rd gen is released,
    Google is demoing Project Glass
    Moto & G’s marriage proposal has been approved by FCC & EU.

  8. Looks like you are waiting to announce something….but …kindly make sure that you announce something worthwhile……I’ve been waiting for a positive news from NI….kept on postponing my tablet spite of tempting options I have …….Keeping my finger crossed….x

  9. ROM development on the Adam 1 seems to have slowed to a updates since 15 March. I finally gave up on my Adam and ordered an Acer Iconia A500 (factory refurb, 10-inch ICS) for only $239. A large company like Acer actually supports ICS on their hardware and offers frequent updates! Imagine that?

    I agree with the other poster, it’s time to just let the Adam 1 go, it was a bad investment and it’s not gotten any better. While I was interested in helping a start-up company that could produce hardware near equivalent to the first generation Xoom we have to realize that a high percentage of start-ups fail and this one is no different.

    R.I.P. Adam 1

  10. Welcome back Rohan! You have been missed!

    Like several others, I am anxious for some Adam 2 news. Any prototyping being done?

    Waiting is,

  11. Yep, me too also stopped with my Adam 1, I go and wait for the Asus Transformer Infinity Pad 700.
    After 1,5 years waiting until its works 100% its enuf, the Adam 1 is getting old too.
    It was fun from the start, what I always sayd, you never forget this beginning and start of a brand.
    Thanks to all

    R.I.P. Adam 1

  12. How old is the Adam? I was one of the first to order one and I got mine barely over a year ago. I still hope to have ICS running on it someday.

  13. I’m happy with the Adam 1. My laptop is showing signs of dying — I give it another year at most. I am using the Adam 1 as a replacement laptop (I’m a linux user so it’s possible, though not out of the box). Depending on the specs of the Adam 2 (and whether your company is still alive!), I may well go for it as my next laptop. So, please make Adam 2 have (1) a keyboard, like the Transformer; (2) Pixel Qi; (3) good compatibility with Linaro, Ubuntu etc (they all support OMAP4 already); (4) easy rootability. The scientific market is significant and my Adam “laptop” has excited plenty of interest from whoever has seen it. Apple poached many Linux users over the past few years. If you do things correctly, you can poach some of them back. A machine that runs Ubuntu-on-Android, and has all-day battery life, would be a winner for many people.

  14. Asus just released their fonetab (sp) as well. You get a cellphone, a tablet, and I believe it also comes with the battery extending keyboard that I like so much on my Transformer.
    BTW, my Transformer just upgraded to 4.0.1 last week.

    So, Rohan, where is our Ice Cream Sandwich for the Adam 1? It sure would be nice to have the camera back, now that I have the hardware fixed. Any idea why hardware that you have the full specifications for seems to be so hard to make work? It worked pretty well in Eden, except for the video trying to re-focus all the time.

    What up!?

  15. Please tell us about:

    1. Adam 2
    2. ICS on Adam 1
    3. Anything else currently happening at Notion Ink

  16. Tell us about a “family” price for ADAM2 for all frustrated ADAM1 users !!

  17. I am so happy with my Adam, that i send it for pricy repair after a drop breaking the screen. No other tablet meets the requirements. I’m sure i want the Adam2 (with PixelQi again) when it is available.

    My question; why the name Adam2 and not Eve?

  18. Rohan,

    Please do not make promises that you cannot keep.

    For once, let us (those who whole heartedly supported you and Adam 1) have a decent and fully operation ICS for Adam1.

    There have been so many other tablets released since Adam1 was introduced and they all have delivered more than your promises……you have let us down…..for sure…!!

  19. Sorry Rohan,
    this post won’t even wake up Gecko from his hibernation ;(
    Remember him from the times Adam was still so promising? Would love to see his sharp response on this ‘situation’.

  20. Ever since the day iPad came out I wanted to buy a tablet. Then you guys came along and introduced a whole new concept. It was interesting but it still did not cut it.
    Then I got a Playbook from BlackBerry. It was interesting because it had a bridge for their phones. But even with its second software update it is not very useful. It is really buggy and I can’t think of anything useful to do except read my mails and watch videos.
    The reason I am telling you how is this – tablets today have become redundant and see nothing better than playthings. If for you want to make and sell a very good product, give us a reason for buying it. Make it as good as a real pc/laptop so that people will really need it, not just want it. I would suggest to dump android and go for Windows 8 wholeheartedly. It is going to be legendary, and not even Tim Cook can stop it. Please think ahead and get ahead of others. Better to lead a rat-race than trail it.

  21. Excuse me for the shoddy grammar in the comment above. Apparently the autocorrect feature on the Playbook is not very reliable either!

  22. Hi Rohan!
    I love my Adam! I´m so happy with it… Could You please motivate the team to make camere and microphone function (for skype and photos) on ICS? Thank You very-very much!
    Have a nice day!

  23. Please make adam 2 affordable ,say, under 15 K Indian rupees for me to buy it. I want it but couldn’t afford. I think many would think this way…pls reply!

  24. Note : Please do not treat this as a rant or anything of similar nature. I am just a tech-head interested in doing something which helps.

    I really don’t know about NI Adam 2 or things similar, but with the regular force close and other problems I face with the ROMs, I am on a serious lookout for porting Ubuntu on Adam. Atleast, I’ll get a working system for my daily needs. Quite peculiar this problem – irrespective of the ROM I use, Eden / Beast / Cromnia / EdenX / Adamcomb / Deadcreme / ICS runs fine for 2 – 3 weeks, then starts slowdown, force closes, crashes, etc. While installation, all standard operating / reinstallation procedures as applicable are followed to the “T”, but has not addressed the issues. So if a positive method exists to bring UBUNTU 12.04 atleast to the NI Adam, I’d be utmost grateful to all for their help / pointers.
    P.S. – I’ve tried Ranbuntu (kindly excuse me), but to no avail. Highly lost now.

  25. Basudeb Biswas: It sounds like you may have some hardware problems. The initial beta release ran really slow for me. I got a lot of “waiting” messages but things always eventually loaded and ran. Since the beta2 and beta3 releases this problem has gone away. I don’t remember when the last time I had a forced close happen. Several things still don’t run in the beta, and if you try them you may get force closed messages, but the working stuff just works.
    I too would love to have something pure Linux working on this tablet. Even DamnSmall Linux would be nice, but I don’t have the time to work on such, as much as I would wish to. I suppose you are referring to the stuff Raymond (sp) has been working on. I haven’t had the chance to try that yet either.
    If you are still having force close issues with the last stable Eden release, you should probably contact support about looking into the hardware…
    Best of luck,

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