Notion Ink Adam Unboxing – The XDA Way

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  1. Hmmmmm. I wonder what future tablet might be using the TI processor he is so fond of… Thanks for posting the video! πŸ˜‰

  2. Now, only thing left to us is open up the hard ware and play with it, is it? It is more than a year now since we bought this prized possession. But we have not been able to run it with a satisfactory software. The ICS beta from NI is so slow, every app is interrupted by wait messages. the cm9 combi is not possible to be loaded as the APX mode is not up and the driver is not suitable with either Windows7 or Windows XP computers.

    thus we are stuck up very badly. Will you help us with a suitable APX driver? When is the salvation?

  3. Srikanta, I have put together an PX driver for the Adam for Windows7 . Have you checked on tabletroms ?

  4. Very well said. NVIDIA locks down their datasheets to the outer world. But is it locked down for OEMs as well? Come on you got to be kidding me right ? Notion Ink bought Tegra2 from NVIDIA in huge numbers. When somebody buys a chip from a semiconductor manufacturer, it is expected that the OEM gets full access to the datasheet. This means that Notion Ink has access to the datasheet. But note that Notion Ink would have signed an NDA(Non-disclosure) agreement with NVIDIA which prevents them to share with the developers. And Notion Ink has been dependent on the DEVS at tabletroms for most of kernel modification. My strong belief is that Notion Ink is having tough time getting the camera up and running and since the they cant share the datasheet with the devs, they cant get it up and running.

    When a bunch of guys from IIT boldly started a company called NOTION INK, cant they find students from IITS or other colleges who can match their wit ? There are many driver developers in India who are capable of developing a driver for linux/android in no time. Why not hire the tabletroms guys themselves ?

    I am not being negative or anything, I am just trying to think loud here. Yes moving to OMAP is good move, it is open source and there is huge community around this chip. Even TI supports this venture openly and goes beyond what is required to support the community. If I want to do something on OMAP as a developer, I would buy a OMAP board such as Panda Board or the Beagle Board and not the Notion Ink ADAM2. But I hope the Adam2 performs well and reaches out to more people who just want to use it as “usable table” and not as a development platform.

  5. I own an Adam and I like it a lot! (only this camera issue is not good).

    I would love to own an Adam 15,6 inch HD Pixel-Qi, i7, windows 8, precision stylus capable, transformer version (like the Asus Transformer).

    This is my dream computer!

  6. Srikanta Swamy

    I totally agree with you. I have been very disappointed. The good news is that there are a lot tablets to choose from now. Many of them are usable and work great. I decided to go with $150 novo7 elf. It is outstanding and it actual works. My Adam sits here a year after the fact and can’t do half of what this $150 tablet can do. The Adams time has come and gone and I and I can’t wait another year for it to be usable.

  7. Rohan: I’m not sure why you posted this. Except for the fact that he agrees with your choice of future chipset, he really didn’t have much positive to say. On the other hand, most of us here would agree with most of what he did say πŸ˜‰

  8. ???Where do we go from here and what’s the timescape??? Has anyone considered producing a docudrama, it could be a very instrutive teaching tool.

  9. @Srikanta Swamy: Though I tend to argue for NI, I think it high time NI constructively addresses EVERY issue possible, instead of making it a habit of saying “its not fair to blame us, because …”. This is what I “dream” for NI πŸ™‚ And of course they have been working on addressing every issue, but just have a lot of scope to work on..

    Having said that, I am not sure what Srikanta is talking about. I think Srikanta, you must write to the customer support also, so that you get a personalized response. As I have been saying my ICS beta install just 15 minutes and all market and everything in one go. And ICS is best thing to have happened to Adam. For anyone who wnats to introduce Android to iOS users: I am hoping the released version of ICS will be it. πŸ™‚

  10. In fact it aggravated me that MY ADAM has design flaws and who would like to go through the whole dissection of their tablet just to know that TI-OMAP is the way to go if you are making tblets. I thought that discussion was done and buried under heaps of comments.


  11. Srikanta is right. I bought an adam based on specs. Granted, my personal situation at the time must have clouded my judgement, and as said before, I had been waiting for a machine that matched the Adam’s specs for years, but still… And I never bothered to get involved. Now I regret my retiscence….
    Quite frankly, I am through. If NI doesn’t release a full-featured piece of SW in the next weeks, I’ll consider my Adam the brick that it currently is. Í have had it for nearly a year and I haven’t used it at all. The buggy interface, the battery life, and if I’m being brutally honest, the quality of the Pixel Qi screen…

    I paid over € 450 to get the Adam, but I would gladly accept € 350 to get rid of it. And I would never, ever, recommend a Notion Ink product, again.

    I’ve learned my expensive lesson.

  12. Agreed. No idea why Rohan should post it except to earn some browny points. while I sympathize with Rohan for finding himself between rock and a hard place, I think NI could have done much better. Forget honey comb, forget ICS. Did NI ever deliver a properly functioning Eden? No. They kept moving the target and after one year of waiting I have a tablet that is flaky in performance.

    so, as I have said before, I wish all the best to Rohan and team but please give me a software that is solid and responsive. even the current ICS is becoming sluggish after a few days of use. I have to click ‘wait’ endlessly after which rebooting is the only option left.

    android market,,amazon apps,,,,mail ,,works,,,you wont be sorry

  14. P’rhaps this is the wrong spot to post in – but I am so keen and do it in parallel while searching the TR forums…

    What I did was the following: Packed the CM9-based ICS onto my machine, didn’t like it too much (yes, Jake, I can hear you πŸ™‚ ) restored back to Eden 1.5 via Clockworkmod which worked perfectly, BUT I can not shut down and power up again. It goes to brick mode once Eden shut off. The only way to go back is to wipe, nvflash and restore one of my CWM backups. Then it reboots into the OS I prefer and all is well until I shut down again.

    @Dwarf: Isn’t that what you also experienced? I guess I have to tweak something in recovery mode, but I don’t know what. Pretty annoying

  15. @Jake
    I would like to know where can I get the beast ROM? I went over the tablerom site but the links there do not work it seems. It will be great if you could guide me to the right place.
    ICS worked pretty smoothly first few days but getting annoyed by erroneous messages every now and then. I loved the ICS interface and all the goodies but I cant push myself any more.


  16. I guess the main reason was XDA’s heartfelt complaint about NVidia’s disclosure policy, which in combination with Google’s Honeycomb approach pretty much ruined the Adam’s career. For all of 2011 there was little NI could do but try to improve a dead-end Eclair fork.

    Then again how can you fault Google’s and Nvidia’s approach?

    Nvidia knows their Chinese and their selective approach to intellectual property: NVidia is convinced that trying to keep their crucial IP secret is the best they can do, even if it means that start-ups or hackers get left behind. I see Marvell reacting very similarly and who knows when TI will get careful.

    And Google has to make Android a success and if that means they’ll have to walk over some startups to ensure they have an offer sufficiently polished so it doesn’ pale next to the iPad they will.

    Rohan and his friends embarked on a dream, worked very hard to make it happen and took us with him on his trip. No one ever said that dreams are guaranteed to come true.

  17. Jake: I hear what you are saying, but it is really hard to test ICS when you have Beast installed πŸ˜‰

  18. Hi Burt:! Yes, I have had similar problems, but for me it was an install of recovery update and ICS beta that was crashing a lot. Someone suggest AC3, so I used the new CWM recovery (with the Orange characters and the second button from the top to activate) and installed the update to AC3. Rebooting from recovery seemed to provide a working AC3, and I even installed some apps, but when I went to reboot it, I had a brick.
    I did an NVFlash of the ICS flash ( if I remember correctly) and sort of got ICS back. It has been very strange since then. In AC3 I installed my own wallpaper from Gallery and now, no matter how I update, or how many times I do a factory reset and flush cash, whatever system I install, even using NVFlash, I still have my personal wallpaper and all the apps I installed when AC3 was running.
    I have a second machine that I gave a friend to evaluate, and although I updated with ICS beta and the recovery update, it kept my old system until I reset factory defaults and flushed cash several times. Twice curing these cycles I tried to install the recovery update and got a machine that would give the two lines of text saying it was starting the recovery kernel and nothing more would happen, so I flashed the ICS NVFlash package and got back to my old system. After running around that tree several times with the same results, I reset factory defaults, flushed cache, and repeated about 4 times. Then when I did the NVFlash I got a new install asking for the fresh setup. I halted there because I want to set it up on her (my friends) network with her google account and such, so she gets a machine that is “hers”.
    I’ll let you all know how that goes…
    I’m beginning to understand what Adam was talking about in the video when he said factory reset 5 time and flush cache 4 times and then NVflash. When I furst saw it, I thought he was kidding πŸ˜‰
    Waiting is.

  19. Here is a site I found that has pretty much all the older ROMs.

  20. can’t NI just hire for partial job those needed devs from tabletrom ?
    so they would have legal justification to let them read those specs, at least some of them ?

  21. Must be an old video. I suspect few have cared about or purchased an Adam since alternative Tegra 2 tablets were available from more recognizable manufacturers. Gave mine to my kid after I purchased an Asus Transformer and never looked back. My kid doesn’t like the Adam either. I keep waiting for a good ICS ROM though and hope that with ICS it will be something my kids will at least enjoy.

    As for the future for Notion Ink. Anything they produce will be outdone by someone else and for a competitive price. I don’t see how a few loyalists will be enough to sustain their business.

  22. @David Gerhart, it’s o’k to have personal views and I also gave my Adam to someone who could use it as a learning tool and I am writing this on a Transformer running ICS. But, even though there are some exciting prototypes being announced everyday and MSF seems to have something worthwhile waiting for, I will wait on the Adam 2 because I know it will be something special.

  23. definitely special. Makes me wonder in what way… :-S

    @David Gerhart: The video is rather recent I guess. The reference to the wipe-dance points to a Tabletroms post form January 19th.

  24. @Jake
    Tried EdenX but back on beast nowt!! Loving the speed, excellent WiFi, functional camera and the market. Personally I would prefer an older but working ROM over an good-looking but sluggish/buggy ROM. I think I will just wait till it gets to a reasonable state but I still and always appreciate what NI community is doing on ICS.


  25. Well I know the latest post was an unboxing video, but this is also the blog where we talk about ICS.

    I’ve just finally taken the plunge into ICS Beta 2 from adamcomb 0.3 because it couldn’t handle connecting to my 32GB camera card. ICS Beta 2 handles it beautifully!

    On top of that, aside from the camera (low priority) and the microphone (very high priority for me), the only thing I can find wrong is a tendency to suddenly scroll to the bottom of some lists and that thumbkeyboard occasionally inserts an “&”. Everything else is excellent and quite responsive.

    Really glad I upgraded!


  26. Alright – I fixed it by NVflashing with the original NI Rom. Now I can shut down and reboot at will into my accustomed environment. Phew! Seems I haven’t understood the internal organisation of those different android partitions. I expected that I had to rebuild everything, but after flashing all settings and data were still there. Even better!

    And now that I know how to get back, I feel more encouraged to try new stuff and new ROMs.

  27. Congratulations Burt!
    While NVFlash is a bit more complicated than a simple update, it is a lot more reliable, and, as you have noted, doesn’t require factory reset.
    Enjoy! Trying new things is always interesting and informative, even when it isn’t successful πŸ˜‰

  28. dwarf4242 I test all the updates ,including the the ICS beta that was presented,,,,but when it doesn’t show me
    much,and it is slowwww,,,I go back to the Beast,

    Neelesh ,,Beast links are hard to find now ???I’ll post when I spot one

  29. @neelesh beta2 out yesterday, check out sticky first post in tabletroms ice cream sandwich forum for adam

    @jake for beast goto tabletroms forum for cromnia rom and look at comment #220 (or thereabouts) where someone provided a dropbox link due to multiupload dot com going off line

  30. @Phil

    Installed Beta2 and then applied the Gapps patch. Did the regular routine pretty much. But when I went to the apps screen I dont see Market there. Is something special needs to be done? May be i missed a step or two. In fact I went back to the NI’s original rom by using the unbrick utility and did it again but the same results, I just dont see Market. Gmail, gtalk, and rest is there though.

    Need help 😦


  31. @neelesh
    You have to NVFLASH beta1 then you boot to update beta2 like a patch, then boot update gapps.
    Did you nvflash beta1?

  32. Hi Jake, I was concerned about moving from a well working Adamcomb 0.3 to ICS as well and after having installed the first beta I was pretty disappointed. After doing the beta 2 and the GAPPS update things are now a lot better. I have everything working that should work and speed is good. Still a way to go but I see now what actually can be delivered by ADAM1.

    Philip: I know you are proud of your ADAM and I can subscribe this. Yesterday I was standing together in a group of “technic” fans and in a hall with bright light it was a pleasure to go to the PQI mode and see the jealous folks around πŸ™‚ Despite the long time it takes now to get the thing completed these are the moments that give me the patience to wait.

  33. my kids keep playing games on ADAM ( angry birds/where my water / etc etc ) so atleast i keep lying to myself the investment was worth something.

    I wish NI all the best but going forward i intend to join the apple bandwagon – atleast i know it works the way it should ….

  34. I like my PQ screen for reading. Indoors the colors are adequate and the viewing angle it’s okay for one. Since I’m the only one using it, I’m not bothered by the narrow angle.
    Bigger news, Temple Run for Android is scheduled for release on March 27th.

  35. I was looking for the S Pen from Samsung to use with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone AMOLED Screen and found this tidbit about Tesla.

    “Amazing just how much technology is surrounding the Galaxy Note. Even in places where you don’t immediately expect.

    I was wondering how S Pen functioned from first sight, considering that it had button that send signal to Note, but no mention about the battery anywhere and no opening for it in the pen. It’s superb to use Tesla’s wireless energy transmission methods to power S Pen!

    Samsung could have earned extra credit if they spoke about this technology in the marketing, but I guess they did not want to make it sound too sophisticated. Which is probably right strategy for majority of users.

    If you know how tesla wanted to make tesla coils as weapons so they disintegrate soldiers and vehicles that was in the path/range of it. You would don’t want to advertise it too.”

    Welcome to C&C Timberian Sun.
    Long live KAIN

    Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA App

  36. @Topspnr, you usually have good commentary, where are you going with this. Meanwhile, I am hearig more and more about MSF8 tablets, Goggle/Asus tablet but nothing about the Adam2. Any new advances, developments?

  37. @wvanwaas what spam? The article mentioned Tesla. Go back in Rohan’s post and see how times he mentioned Tesla. This whole thread started with Tesla in mind. Shees, read all of Rohan’s post from the very beginning.

    @primarycloud I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone. The screen is amoled and l need a stylus for it.

    I found that the only stylus samsung has for that type screen is the one on the new Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone. I can’t find a vender for that particular Stylus.

    That Stylus and one from HP use the function of Tesla in their stylus pens.

  38. Hi Folks!

    I just wanted to report (for those of you not already aware) that The Tablet Post has gone off line, and will no longer be published. I am now putting my efforts into http colon slash slash thenetworkpost dot com which will be a more general publication.

    Rohan: I would love to publish a reply from you in response to the current article “Tablets, Tablets, Tablets!” in this issue of TNP. An article about the difficulties of running an underfunded start up company in India, or any other subject you wish to address would be wonderful.

    If any of you think this is just too far off topic for this forum, I would be happy to publish your thoughts at TNP πŸ˜‰


  39. Thanks! I’m going to add gyroscopes dot com to the list. Let me know if you have any others!

    The pipe organ desk is just fabulous, don’t you think?

  40. Has NI abandoned the Genesis market?
    Has NI abandoned its own ROM?

    Waiting for Superman… 😦

  41. Not sure what you mean…you want it delivered to your door? πŸ˜‰

    It’s a web site…you book mark it.

    Oh! You want notification of the next publication? You could follow me @2424frawD on twitter. I announce there with a tweet.

    I haven’t had any reason (yet) to provide log ins for users, but I guess I could add that for “special” notification features. I need to set up a database eventually…

  42. I want to sell my Adam.. I regret the day I bought it.. I curse myself for falling in this trap despite knowing the consequences.. I lied so much to myself that I have a nice tablet that now I pity myself..

    I freakin want to sell out my Adam at any cost and just want to get rid of it.. I am tiered man..really tiered of it..

    Please if there is any buyer from India then contact me at shailu212 @ gmail dot com..

    Price, your call..I just hope someone to buy it.

    It’s in very good physical condition with no dents and scratches at all.

    Also will give away my Belkin Sleeve which I bought for Rs. 900/- with it..

    Any Taker??

  43. Hey Shailendra,

    Are you still keen to sell you adam? You didn’t respond to my email questions and you removed your ad from

  44. Certainly I want to still sell my Adam coz the more I see it the more I hate myself for falling in this scam of Rohan..

    Well dude, due to certain technical faults my ad was removed by from the site and soon it will be up again.. And for your information this tablet is such a piece of so crap that hardly anyone wants to buy it.. I guess I am stuck with it for my life..

    And ya dude regarding your 20$ offer, I would rather use it as a serving tray or something at my home (that could be some productive use of it).. Isn’t it??

    I strongly think Notion Ink should buy it back from me and give me atleast half of the cost back.. That would be nicest thing they could ever do..

  45. @Shailendra

    1) I didn’t offer you $20, I guess that was someone else

    2) My question in my email was “Which model?”

  46. @Philip

    Bro, sorry to announce but I have already sold my Adam @ Rs. 16,000 yesterday..

    Anyways, thanks for offering me a price.

  47. So the ICS beta released by Notion Ink is not good enough? This is where Steve Jobs was different from the rest of the wanna be’s. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to deliver it. If Rohan Shravan wants to make Notion Ink a great company, he simply has no time to waste/rest. So far, Notion Ink has only managed to disappoint.

  48. Sorry,, I dont use Skype and was not aware of issue. That really is the first “issue” of Beast that I have heard

    I seem to remember someone posting earlier in one of the EDEN “updates” that had that same problem,,i would guess that Skype does not allow auto rotation and the code is not been written as such to engage in the proper orientation,,,

  49. Actually its not an issue of Skype. Its an issue of swivel cam. Its rare or even maybe only used by Adam. And if Notion Ink doesn’t supports or have its own version most likely no video chat software will work properly on it:(

  50. I have Best 2.2.1 following jake’s advice and have noc problem with Skype video chat. Of course the cam is not good but it is enough and works. The rom is very fast and evrrything works.
    Nevertheless I am looking forward to next steps in the ICS development as the aam can be a great thing to use. Newr software is logically much more for the tablet than Froyo but agin, for the time beeing it works for me.

  51. Hi! I am running beast. My cam did not correct when it was swiveled. Just for some periods, it comes and goes. It’s fine now. I think (not sure) it helps if you wait a few seconds before you rotate your cam, after tapping it on.

  52. Yaaaawn…
    Just woke up from winter hibernation. Spring is here πŸ™‚
    What did I miss…?
    Any news, Rohan ji?

  53. My one question for Rohan is what hapened to the longbox comic reader that was soposed to be relesed to Adam owners around last christmass

  54. Jlusco,,,,,go into your bathroom ,, look in the mirror,,,look real close
    and you probably will see a guinea pig
    A while back NI posted that ICS might not be able to run on NI Adam
    ,,meaning don’t hold your breath or hope

    If I ever see Rohan at CES he better have some cash in his pocket to buy back my Adam,,, and when I hand it to him ,,,,,that will be extra for shipping

  55. Rohan, I am still hopeful that you at NI are working on the perfect tablet, hardware wise. Nokia is rumored to be working on their tablet and it’s reputed to have cutting edge hardware and have 2 gb of ram. I have the highest anticipation for A2 and would welcome some of the ideas that you are working around.

  56. Hi Jake, ICS is already running on the Adam. I tested the beta3 and it looks good for a beta. No need to discuss that this is the result of the TR developers team and I don’t even want to think about what our Adam would be without their roms. For sure you remember the latest NI stock rom. Like made in last century.
    I know that the dev team will not give up until they have adam 1 made a completly usable tablet, but seeing that Rohan again disappeared from the screen is honestly more than embarresing.
    I can perfectly understand your comment and even I knew that I participate in a journey of a start-up, I am dissapointed that the customer group that actually made NI a firm with their money is now not important anymore to get feedback. That is not good style.

  57. Rohan?? Well it is hard to say ,,,He may just appear in the blog and rattle off some inane tech gibberish about
    the fonts being to wide or how they are looking at consolidating the whatsit with the whosit, and act like he has just come back to the fold to be excited about Adam II. What i want to know is what will he do when TI and Rohan NI try to release a “newer “tablet ? He best be prepared ,if he blogs , to weather a storm of Adam I
    owners that are going to pound the blog with all his unfinished business .
    I for one am not going to stand for any school-boy ,head down , and scraping his shoe on the ground excuses
    of ‘We have been so hard at work trying to get the kernel to do this and that “,
    I haven’t seen a mess like this since Microsoft released Me {Windows Millennium Edition } that was so bad you could not consider it upgrade at all from Win 98 and Microsoft hemmed and hawed about its faults long enough to avoid having to buy-back its mistake and released Win XP
    As I have posted before Adam has NEVER had a complete working OS on their tablet ,even as it was first sold and delivered . Every “update” did not complete the initial promises of a fully functioning Adam/Eden tablet and subsequent “Updates” were always behind the newest Android release , making any of these adjustments virtually obsolete the day we installed them.

    Note to Texas Instruments,,release your India influenced Tablet when you can but call it the Pink Flamingo or something and avoid any reference to Adam who came out of the Garden of “Eden ” but was unprepared for the Real world.

  58. One of the commitments that were made towards customers and followers was to give news at least once a week, Saturday …
    And nothing since Feb. 24 …
    Too bad!

  59. @Karen, thanks, I didn’t get the humor the 1st time around and I agree with your 2nd; love that sog. For me, I don’t think Rohan has a sense of humor but I do believe that he will design the ultimate table. I really do love the A1 so I will wait for A2; at least until I see the Nokia tablet and what comes out to support MSF8. Anything I eventually buy will have to dual boot and be totally perfect in all the right places.
    Until then then, keep the light alight

  60. After the fiasco with Adam1: Is there really any dumb-ass out there waiting for Adam2?

  61. @primarycloud Are you sure you read the comment from adamjuly2010 correctly?

    He didn’t say hard-ass by the way. LOL

  62. As a “Dumb Ass” I may have misunderstood but I hope you super brains have a little sympathy for us bottle of the ladder. My take on the unboxing was that when it 1st came out A1 was cutting edge and that even today it still has features that no other tablet has. A new, updated A2 would still be of interest if only because everything else is generic and uninspiring.

  63. Does anyone have an idea when the adam 2 is being released? Also, notion ink’s website currently is allowing some sales of the adams. Are these adam 1’s or they will give adam 2’s when they are released.

    – am

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