Next step: Integrate .39 Kernel


This is another fork of ICS development, running .36 Kernel (the cause of green flash). Next step, integrate with stable .39 Kernel. Video:

Thanks “MrDead Locked”!


Rohan Shravan

51 thoughts on “Next step: Integrate .39 Kernel

  1. Good to see it in action. I can hardly wait for it to be done. I encourage everyone who can to spread some holiday cheer to MrDeadLocked if you have appreciated his work so far.

  2. Heck, we’d even take an unstable version!
    We have in the past πŸ˜‰
    Waiting is

  3. raghusanta +1:

    (Rohan, We not getting option to follow comments in this post via email 😦 )

  4. Good to see the progress in action. Could we expect by Christmas. Thanks to TR, MrDeadLocked and NI.


  5. Again promising πŸ™‚

    Do I remember it right, that hibernation is possible with kernel 39?


  6. Anyone know someone with an adam they’d like to sell?

    Maybe one of you “I’m sick of this / Notion Ink can’t be trusted / Adam will never amount to anything” people?

    I’m quite serious. Anyone want to “cut their losses” and run?

    Reply to this comment and we’ll talk.

  7. Good points.
    For me, when an Adam works as it is supposed to do with its hardware+software I will fu** off my ipad2.
    Following the progress closely!

  8. Hi Phillip,

    seems he wants to sell: “”


  9. This is great news! As long as HP follows through and actually makes WebOS Open Source this could compete very well with Google and give us something else to run on our Adams! I am anxiously waiting to actually see the code. HP has been a big investor in the Linux community, so I know they know what Free Software is actually about.
    GO HP!

  10. Phillip, There is a sale thread on Tablet ROMs with several Adams for sale, and EBay also has some available. What are you looking for exactly?

  11. @Alex

    Thanks guys, appreciate the input. Following up on one of those leads now.

    peaceout adamfreaks

  12. Hi,

    Glad that MrDealocked was credited by you for his efforts, but why are you relying on volunteer developers to product an ICS port for the Adam. After all it is YOUR device and surely NI should be developing an ICS port that you then would provide as an update for your customers?

    I just sense that NI rely on the good nature of the Android community instead of stepping up themselves?

    Not being negative here, more like asking questions that I am sure many users are thinking about.

  13. I have an adam, and I have a Desire HD.
    Both are of a similar age.
    Which one has definite plans to get ICS?
    The one from the huge corporation, or the one from the undervalued Indian entrepreneur?

    No ICS for HTC Desire HD “crave. cnet. co. uk/mobiles/htc-sensation-phones-get-ice-cream-sandwich-but-not-desire-50005958/”

    Thank you, NI, for standing by your creation rather than abandoning it and moving on.
    And thank you, TR, for being hackers in the most excellent sense of the word.

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  14. Second that.

    What I actually fear is, that even if ICS is there, there will be no improvement of the existing NI software. Of course there are many apps. But some of the NI Apps had a pleasant approach on things. But still are close to unusable…

  15. Hi All,

    Long time since I commented, been reading the updates once in a while… but am really not happy with the way things have moved.

    Now coming to the point, I appreciate the TR dev work, but what is the situation with NVidia, why is NI not demanding drivers from them? Is there any time line for official drivers from NVidia?

    TR devs might eventually write drivers to get basic functionality going forward, by why is NI talking nothing about getting drivers from NVIDIA?

    Are the drivers from NVIDIA going the same way as the never released FM radio mystery feature?

    With disappointment and lot of unanswered questions,

  16. Check out “”


  17. Phillip, Very strange…I don’t seem to get the whole page when I got to this link using Chrome. It cuts off just at the bottom of the title! But if I load the URL in Internet Explorer I get the whole page with all the text and pictures. Does Google not want me to read this article? πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the link!

  18. Hmmm, I don’t mind HTC sense, just wish they hadn’t limited it to Gingerbread.

    Don’t need my phone to be super, I have an adam for that.

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