Next Step: Stable WiFi

Kernel .39 up, all sensors working at Kernel level.

Next step, get stable Wi-Fi/BT.

Thanks to the awesome effort from RaYmAn! Good work pal!

Stay tuned.


Rohan Shravan

20 thoughts on “Next Step: Stable WiFi

  1. Please don’t forget to work on WIFI connections with hidden ESSID and VPN connections.
    Thanks for your work (^_^)

  2. It is really heartening that Rohan is providing quick updates on the porting of ICS on Adam. Good communication from Notion Ink has been missing in the past but this time Rohan is doing better. So an improvement.

    Most people who bought their Adams with great hope have not yet fully harnessed the power of the device due to software issues, though AC 0.3 has provided me with reasonably stable software.

    However, I am looking forward to a bug free ICS implementation and support from Notion Ink this time and I wish all the best to Rohan and the team as well as the great guys from Tabletroms.

    Keep up the good work.

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