47 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Might actually have to pull my Adam out of the closet and charge it up if this is ICS. Did was manage to get proper chipset support this time or can we still expect it to run like balls?

  2. I have completely given up on updating my adam with notion inks software. None of the update have worked! Further more customer service does not get back to you with answers for any questions.

  3. Hi All…

    If you move your mouse over the picture… it says ‘ICS on Adam’…. so I guess that’s about it…! ICS is installed on Adam…. but what really caught my eye was the camera icon…. Im so looking forward to it coming out of hibernation..! Rohan… please please get the camera working for ICS…!

  4. Apart from the obvious (ICS loaded on Adam) – can anyone figure out the phone/camera that is used to take the picture?.
    Is it Notion Ink’s Eve πŸ˜‰

  5. normally it’s : ” a picture tell’s more than 1000 words”
    but this picture (a ADAM with Honeycomb background and a camera icon) says nothing.
    Will it say to us: Camera works now on Honeycomb ? Or Here a ICS booted device with working camera ?

    And I can’t understand why all are so happy about a picture like this.

  6. Without revealing too much:
    Yes, It’s ICS.
    It’s being done in collaboration with tabletroms developers and no, camera doesn’t work at this point, but given we have source it should be possible to make it work.

    And the image was taken using a Samsung Galaxy S II

  7. In three days, one year has passed by since I bought the Adam Tablet. Lol. I’m sure Google is more to blame for this delay.

    Good to see some progress, I look forward to be able to use Adam the more proper way. πŸ˜‰

  8. Santa, all I want for Christmas is the Adam experience that I was dreaming exactly a year ago…

  9. lets hope this flavor of android leaves a good taste….fingers crossed

    Rohan, can u post ur initial impression of ICS….i would like to know how it compares to the previous versions and what are new features which will benefit us Adam users

  10. RaYmAn,

    ‘Without revealing too much’, can you please tell us what are the new features in ICS in general and how much of it, we can see in Adam?

  11. Hurry up Rohan. We want to see better performance on Adam.Hope, this time adam followers celebrate with joy.

  12. While I am looking forward to the ICS release that NI and TR are working on, and have great expectations, I’ve got to say once again that I’ve not been disappointed with my two adams at any stage. Today was yet another day when I had no need to use my laptop. I emailed, browsed, read feeds, checked accounts, sent an SMS, updated multiple google calendars, and printed. Tonight I will check tweet & RSS feeds and read a bit more from several Kindle books. My adam has not let me down even once.

    On another note, what’s in the reflection in the picture? Looks like a very complicated ceiling fan.

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  13. Why not talking with cyanogenmod people?
    Even Samsung sent several phone samples in order to get a version of cyanogenmod on it…
    Roham, why don`t send samples to cyanogenmod team? All we can get really good benefict of this…

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