[Update: Support is up again]

[Support is up again. Migration was successful.]


Hello All,

Today we are doing a full system migration and platform test for our support system.

To ensure all the requests/tickets are migrated successfully to our new system, we would be offline for 4 hrs from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM IST. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

17th is when we are expecting ICS to be finally out with the source, and then you will see whole community (aka TabletRoms) and NI pushing in ROMs with different flavors.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

22 thoughts on “[Update: Support is up again]

  1. mentioning TR means you are going to HELP (docs and open source code) third parties to produce fully functional ROMs?

  2. I am wondering how many times you can switch to a new support system. Without ever actually bringing the prior one online?

  3. It means they are going to stay out of the way. Maybe contribute dollars to the bounty. And then once tabletroms get a rom released notion ink with distribute it as their own

  4. The hardware of Adam is pretty much outdated now. The only real advantage it offers is the PixelQi display. You need to bring out a new version soon and that too in retail stores if you want to stay in this game. The Kindle Fire is pretty hot these days. Make sure it doesn’t burn down the competition.

  5. Kindle Fire is a joke compared to the nook tablet for only $50 more. Only benefit is the availability to people outside of the states.

  6. NI has always been very supportive and yes they funded a great deal of the bounty and I gave them the ok to use it. Lots of community members may have never tried it otherwise. I considered it a teaser for things to come. The best roms are almost always manufacture provided with improvements by developers. I’m excited to see what comes and look forward to working with NI to deliver as many options as possible.

  7. I don’t agree with this statement as there are very few Android apps that can harness the power of any Tegra 2 device. Im personally kind of annoyed with Cookie cutter tablets and the fast release cycle. I understand the quad core tablets are coming but there really isn’t a reason to upgrade imo.

  8. Waiting for ICS definitely… Will help remove my ADAM from cold storage..

    All the best to Rohan and gang to get on top of it..


  9. Great news Rohan!
    Finally a firm date!
    Other vendors are already claiming releases of ICS. Guess Google is up to their old tricks ;-(
    Waiting is

  10. sahakar: Don’t have room in the icebox, so mine is just sitting on a shelf 😉


  11. The othe post is in moderation land, so here goes
    www DOT androidpolice DOT com/2011/11/14/breaking-android-4-0-1-ice-cream-sandwich-source-is-uploading-to-aosp-now/

  12. YES!

    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code now available | The Verge


    This is awesome, I was expecting this to come this week or next. Mathias Duarte, the user experience VP for Android will be on “On The Verge” video cast (not live today I believe) Perfect timing! Zero, could you post again on how to donate to the cause?



    PS. The code is specific to Galaxy Nexus, hope it’s useful for NI and Tabletroms Crews! Good luck!

  13. Sweet, ICS coming out, let’s hope we get it on the Adam Q1 2012….

    Speaking of 2012, you know what would be great NI? For your to offer an exchange program to all current Adam owners, who’ve stuck by you through thick and horrible 😉 You know, share a little love, heal some wounds and broken hearts, and get us some sweet Eve love in exchange for our current hardware 😀

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