The Source is with you!

Dear All,

May the source be with you! πŸ™‚

ICS is now there (full one day before I expected, so more delighted).

Here is what they wrote:

Source Code Available for Android 4.0

The source code for the Android 4.0 platform and software stack has been released! This release allows OEMs to begin preparing Android 4.0 for installation on new and existing devices, and allows hobbyists, enthusiasts, and researchers to develop custom builds.


So, Let’s start building folks!

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

53 thoughts on “The Source is with you!

  1. Then go ahead and build! Don’t wait for others πŸ™‚

    No – seriously… will you NI folks be coming up with something on your own or will tabletroms win the race?

    I guess many not-so-happy adam users would wish for an official release with you guys saying: “Take this, we tested it and it works”.

  2. Please see that an official ROm with Android market and an option to root is there.This makes the device functional and also without Market we cannot really access apps and without root we cannot install things like Titanium backup.In fact this is the common reason for many to choose other ROMS

  3. Sweet, ICS coming out, let’s hope we get it on the Adam Q1 2012….

    Speaking of 2012, you know what would be great NI? For your to offer an exchange program to all current Adam owners, who’ve stuck by you through thick and horrible πŸ˜› You know, share a little love, heal some wounds and broken hearts, and get us some sweet Eve love in exchange for our current hardware πŸ˜€

  4. In a word — KERNEL. Do you (NI) have a handle on that? There will be little point in “building” ICS and then trying to run it with the kernel.

  5. @Rohan: with this re-launching of NI, can you PLEASE open the forum (conclave) to non-facebook users? thanks

  6. Some kind of good news…
    Again – but almost one year later – we are expecting something great from notion ink.
    Please surprise us soon.

    Some points to remember:
    – full flash support
    – fully working camera
    – more stable WLAN
    – stable GPS (that can easily be turned on and off without rebooting)
    – working compass
    – less app force closures (Facebook, …)
    – longer battery-life
    – better screen-quality
    – hibernate or deep sleep mode (with no or almost no battery drain but quicker wakeup times than booting)

    From the googledocs poll “”

  7. I know, adobe abandoned flash for mobile devices, so this might be a little problem.
    But the rest we can expect, right?

  8. Well, Google played its part by releasing the source code of ICS…now its for Notion ink’s phantom developers to get us out of the rut of Eden and give us an UI which justifies the pain we all hv gone through. I think I am not unreasonable in expecting a OTA update rather than some halfbaked beta download. Rohan, your so called developer team had all the time in the world to work on the problems unrelated to ICS. Your genesis and plethora of Adam specific apps never saw daylight, hence please give us marketaccess as I am sick of downloading apk files from shady sites. I would give you a million dollar advice …dont tinker around ICS a lot…nobody gives a damn about Eden, so dont be stubborn about developing some earth shattering UI…coz u cant! Please take the words in the right spirit and this time think from the exasperated customers point of view and not on some utopian whims! Thank you

  9. I’d not chosen such a frank way of speaking my mind – but I can’t deny that you nailed it.

  10. And after one year my Adam meets his Holy Grale………..
    Now wait when this wil be….

    Namaste, Bert

  11. Google has mentioned that with the source tree, the source code for Honeycomb is available as well. How difficult or easy it is to use the HC source code to release a maintenance update for AdamComb? This can make it zippier and more stable and the users like us can use it until the ICS ROM is released.

  12. Nothing like having NI official version. Tabletrom is great for hacked versions! πŸ™‚

  13. Offtopic, but worth mentioning. Dropped my adam from a height of four ft onto the road. Just a small scrape on the rounded edge. Its a toughie. But my heart nearly shut down.

  14. The one ritual that I follow dailyis to go to the update Adam daily in the morning to see a surprise update, like the radio or weather app.

  15. Did anything happen yet? Is there already something available?

    O does it rather sound like the silence of the ROMs?

  16. Pardon me? This would be a serious drawback…

    But there is still hope:


  17. Sounds not good tablet.
    Battery Backup: 6 hours on Wi Fi, 4 hours on 3G / WCDMA; 512MB RAM.


  18. Seriously give me one reason why I would by NotionInk Adam when I could lay hands on Transformer Prime with ICS loaded and price compitative too.

    I think Rohan delayed a lot to launch this product in the main stream, this product is history now. Those who own this is a brick now. The only positve side I had seen about this product was the Pixel Qi screen – since two nobody has adopted this tech – seems to like it is not worth it. I have never seen the product hence cant really judge it – well it is neither displayed in the open market.

  19. “Brick” is a bit too harsh, I’d say.

    It is still a fairly good device within it’s obvious limits – but it seriously lacks a software-upgrade. Not only talking about ICS, but also of the basic implementation of the OS.

    The worst is, that most of the “original” NI-Apps are actually prone to cause annoyances by their bad programming – or the huge discrepancy between NI’s vision and the final outcome in terms of usability.

    calendar: Nice idea, but has so many bugs you can hardly enter appointments
    alarm clock: Mine does NOT wake me up (in spite of upgrade)
    Mail’d: very limited (no copy paste, no freedom in quoting, DOES NOT STORE CHANGED SETTINGS)
    Sniffer & Browser: okay – not too much to complain within their limited scope, I’ll give you that one
    Calculator: Well, yeah… um… Could be good if I could save & copy results and use them in the next calculation
    Weather App: pardon me – what app?

    PixelQi – yeah, certainly NOT an e-ink-display, but given the right conditions, it’s a god thing.

    So where was I? Brick? No, the adam found it’s place among my device and I get positive remarks regarding the design πŸ™‚

    But for many other things: Do soemething, NI. And do it quickly. Please.

  20. Video of ICS on new Transformer Prime.

    5 core Nvidia 3 show Riptide game.


  21. Now, if they would only upgrade the old Transformers to ICS I would be a happy camper.
    Oh Yea, and it would be super cool if Notion Ink would upgrade my old Adam to ICS πŸ˜‰
    Waiting is

  22. Staying current. New post every 3 days. Otherwise people will think he’s dead Jim.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus (ICS) to debut Dec. 8th. in US and Canada. Rumored to cost $199.00.

  23. Right now I’m still using the notion ink honeycomb rom – no camera, no gps…
    Should I try the cromnia beta3 rom?
    It seems, that almost everything is working with it.
    Or wait for an ICS rom – hm, I doubt we’ll see one soon.
    And what about OTA. Will we be able to update honeycomb to ICS OTA?

    Any insights?

  24. I’ve been loving the NI Honeycomb release, and use it every day; often more than my laptop.

  25. Hm, no update for two weeks.
    I really would like to have an idea when we can expect ICS to be ready for our adams and if it will update OTA.
    Waiting – trying cromnia – waiting – trying cromnia
    I think I’ll try it.

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