Kindle on Adam!

Kindle on Adam!

Greetings everyone!

Today we announce the availability of Kindle on Adam!

Notion Ink is constantly looking for great companies to work with, and we’re excited to offer customers a way to discover and read hundreds of thousands of e-books. Adam has long waited for the perfect e-reading application. Today Notion Ink is extremely delighted to announce the collaboration with Amazon to make Kindle for Android available on our devices moving forward.  As with all Kindle applications, customers get access to more than 900,000 books and Whispersync technology. Kindle takes the normal reading experience to the next level.

This is a major landmark for Notion Ink, and we hope to serve our customers better!

More announcements are coming soon!

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

127 thoughts on “Kindle on Adam!

  1. Thats a great news for NI and for Adam holders… congrats 🙂

  2. I mean, I am using Kindle already, its my reader of choice!

    I love the Kindle app, and the fact that there’s a collaboration between Notion Ink and Amazon is so fantastic.

    Serious street creds I reckon.

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  3. I know! I mean, I guessed that!

    That’s really really cool.

    You have aimed for the top with the Kindle App, and you got it!!

  4. I’ve been using Kindle on Adam ever since I first rooted it for market!!! Anyway, its a step in the right direction. I hope the costs of books will now be lower for Indian purchasers – atleast that is what Rohan has promised. Right Rohan?

  5. Nice, official = good 🙂

    who knows, maybe this all turns into the story of “the little tablet that could” 🙂

    wishing NI the best

    and happy with my Adam so far 🙂

  6. No, true, but Amit probably rooted to get market and loaded Kindle app like I did…

    Plug here for Majjj who continues to do an excellent job of provided free apps for us all.

    kudos “”

  7. Exactly. Rather, I would have just like to have direct Market access being given. Incidentally, the Android Market recognises the device as NI Adam – if you log on through your computer browser at “”

  8. thx, it just popped into my inbox (“bing”) and I casually glanced at the little popup message and my casual glance changed quickly into a freakout.

    than I was like, quick browser, c’mon chrome, then notionink wordpress, and then click on respond, and then AHHHHH!!!!!! not logged in to wordpress, quick login login login, then quick post then relax……… and…….. breathe…..

    so funny if you could have seen me flying across the keyboard freaking out. LOL

    The last time I was the first comment was a really sad post about delays, DOH!

    And for the record, I love my adam (rooted and marketed) but otherwise stock. I like the app search bar, my 3G and Wifi work great, my GPS even locks. Last weekend I was on a cruise ship with my wife of 24 years and We were out in the pacific somewhere off the coast of Aus, we both took out adams for reading (kindle app of course) and I went out onto the balcony and hit google maps. GPS locked within about 1 minute and up popped a map. I was near Jervis Bay.

    My ONLY complaint about adam is the slightly unresponsive area near the top of the screen, if this is a software thing then that’s fantastic.

    Sorry about the long rant, got carried away.

  9. Yeah I know!
    That’s so funny that Google should just give up and let us have market anyway!

    Silly Google, phone apps can work on a tablet just fine, many of ’em anyway!

    Sometimes they’re even better on a tablet because the lower resolution when stretched makes them easier to operate for us slightly older folks.

  10. of course I knew .. just wanted to clear it.
    for US Adam users ….. with Amazon AppStore, it kinda like market. Lots of amazing apps.

  11. In this blog, there is now no option to follow comments via email. Is it the same with everyone?

  12. So this mean that we’ll soon be using the Amazon Appstore for Android as the official apps repository instead of the Android Market? 😉

  13. Its WordPress, not you.

    There’s no option for that this time around.

    Mind you, I find RSS feeds more useful than a full inbox anyway, so……

  14. Not me, they don’t let us convicts downunder use Amazon app store.

  15. seems to be logically heading that direction, but AppStore is available currently for US only.
    Looking back, it did seem a pleasant coincidence : many Adam users were ruing the lack of Android Market and almost immediately Amazon came up with AppStore. I was hoping Notion Ink was behind that. 🙂

  16. I do “‘follow comments on email’ filtered to a different folder in my email, so it does not get in my way of reading regular mail and I can read and delete.

  17. That’s a joke, isn’t it? ??? Why a new blog entry for a app which is available since a long time? ?? Will de get now Tor every working app a ‘big announcement’? ??

  18. Wow! That’s really cool 🙂 The best tablet for reading + The beast e-book application.
    I’m hoping that in the future Adam would also be available on Amazon. 😀

  19. Um… so what? I’ve had the Kindle app on my Adam since I got the thing. Through Majjj or Amazon Market. How is this earth-shattering news? I’d rather know when the new update will be released, making Eden more useful and less screwy.

  20. So does your happy. 🙂

    The point is that Amazon and Notion Ink have some mutual acknowledgement.

    Amazon, not some tiny unknown book vendor.

    That’s the announcement and I think its quite big.

  21. First external blog entry on this blog entry.


  22. “”

    Honeycomb in India! Not too sure they’ve got the pricing right though.

  23. I think the only big thing on this is, that Amazone will pay a lot to get the kindle bundled with the ADAM.

  24. To read ebooks, there are better apps like Alkido (it’s the best) or txtr. So you will have also access to thousends of ebooks.
    The better way would be that the ADAM will be bunddled with the google market, because a lot of users doesn’t want brick the ADAM to get access to ALL apps.

    On the other hand, as far as you can read in diffenrent forum the most people using a custom ROM and so they have access to google market and all needed apps.

  25. another link to this post


  26. The language of the post has changed, using quintessential US/UK market speak like ‘going forward’. Looks like NI is turning over a new leaf (pun intended)!

    I like my Adam, rooted, with most stock, but some here and there market apps.

    Here’s to Moving forward….

  27. bring it on…though not an earth-shattering news. notioninkspot had made kindle available for adam long time back.
    the heartnening thing is a post quicker than we expected. even if it is announcements of some app atleast some news is better than no news.

  28. Kindle on Adam was one of the first apk’s I installed. An Adam makes a great e-reader. Big step in the right direction.

    Need to root to get Kindle? No….

    Now add the Dolphin Browser and Android Market access and you are a BIG step closer to having a scalable product.

    Oh, and Honeycomb is a must….

  29. Rohan, please let us know about the next order dates, let it be vague. So far i have missed my chances of buying Adam.

  30. Hi !

    Awesome !! It’s a big jump for Adam ! Thx Rohan and team !
    ‘hope to read more in 2 days !


  31. the only problem is that the kindle store in India (atleast on my android phone) isn’t as nice as the kindle US store. most stuff is either not available or expensive!

  32. Its really great to see progess for the adam. What I dont understand is why is the support regressive?

    I am waiting for an answer from support for over a month. And I am not alone 😦

  33. Dear Rohan,
    Unfortunately it’s unusable in the Netherlands
    My Dutch books needs DRM digital editions from Adobe.
    So we need market access and a better battery to read a book at the beach on a holiday.
    Btw I love my Adam with its pixelqi but the battery drained to fast.
    Regards Evert

  34. what’s the difference between ‘kindle on adam’ and the side-loaded kindle app? is it really a big deal for it to be bundled, when it can be side-loaded by anyone? it’s like announcing something that we can already get if we wanted 😛

  35. Hope I can get emails now. BTW, I get Kindle, Nook, and Kobo on my Cruz reader, but no Pixel Qi or Android Market.

  36. Thanks ng for with bated breathstiRohan, will wa access as an update or wait for the BIG ONE that we are all waiting for with bated breaths?

  37. WOW Rohan! Talk about being a day late and a dollar short!
    I have had a personal relation with Kindle and the Kindle store for years before you were even selling Adam tablets! The first app I installed by myself without help from Support was the Kindle app. (Even before the Amazon appStore was a reality)
    I’m Sooo glad to hear that you have finally gotten hooked up with this wonderful (and functional) app, and it pleases me to know that it will be available by default on new Adam tablets, but what I’d really like to hear is that you have a functional Weather App and that all the other apps you deliver by default actually worked out of the box!
    Please tell me that I can get Support to supply an RMA number so I can return my machine and get the GPS fixed along with all the other things that don’t work at the hardware level … like the level! I just got the Level App from Amazon and when I tilt the machine right or left the bubble goes up and down, and when I tilt the machine up and down the bubble goes right and left. So I have no GPS antenna, the compass points at the upper right corner of my machine no matter how I orient the machine, and the level is wired up backwards.
    How about delivering on what you said you would deliver more than a year ago instead of selling us things we already own!
    Waiting is

  38. Amazon is heavily rumored to be coming out with their own tablet before the holiday season. I thougth at first they may be buy out NI but then it hit the news that they have put in an order for 800,000 lcd screens

    From Digitimes
    Taiwan-based notebook maker Quanta Computer has recently received OEM orders from Amazon for its reported tablet PC, according to sources from upstream component makers. The device’s monthly orders during the peak season are expected to reach about 700,000-800,000 units.

    So I guess they aren’t going to buy out NI. I think that the annoucement about Kindle on adam is a non starter. It’s like “It no good if the call doesn’t go through” It’s also no good to have an app on a machine I can’t order or buy in a store.

  39. wow…amazon and notionink hand in hand….that says a lot about NI…bring it on!!!!!!

  40. While no one can dispute that having the Amazon Kindle app bundled with the Adam is nice and also the fact that one can side load the app since day one, the thing I see between the lines here is that Amazon has a official agreement with Notion Ink. This may be the start of a agreement to have the Adam being sold on Amazon. Rohan did mention a deal is in the works for a majority distributor in one of his past blogs. If it is, then it’s a very good deal. Hopefully they are working on all the other issues that need addressing like GPS, etc.

  41. had it side loaded from weeks now

    not that much of a event to celebrate about .
    Now if we could get a video player that plays all kinds of .avi files or gps fix that would be great

  42. Is the Kindle app any different than the one that is on the market? It would be nice to have the version like the one for Honeycomb that is made for tablets, which looks a little different for the higher resolutions.

  43. @2spirits, Yes that would be great as I am still interested in a quad4 Adam 2 with a better PQ and longer battery life. Also of note is the announcement that Honeycomb has been hacked/ loaded onto an Adam it’s only a matter of time until————–.

  44. I take Rohan’s post as a good omen. Yes, I already can side-load Kindle, but this post means NI has officially and publicly established a relationship with Amazon (probably as a Memorandum of Understanding.)

    My optimistic side says I should look forward to more NI business relationships.

  45. working for me the from the minute I did it.
    @Mehdi : I think I had a question for your comment on the NI forum on Bluetooth … can u take a look

  46. Where is the apk file for existing ADAM users for this “Kindle for Adam” which is going to be preloaded for new devices?

    Is this APK any different then the (side loaded) apk available on majjj dot com?

  47. Posted this late last night Pacific time quoting the Kindle Reader.

    “topspnr said, on May 5, 2011 at 07:23


    My recent experience with the adam is somewhat akin to waking up each day with a new device.

    You know the joy or frustration you get in configuring a new device. Sometimes they work out of the box and sometimes not. It’s that way in the adam’s case. What worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. And in NI’s favor they didn’t charge extra for that.

    Yesterday l was able to do most of what l wanted, today not so much.

    For now l’m using it preferably for reading on the Kindle Reader and that at least works.

    I’m on stock adam and hoping for a better experience with the coming update.

    And if l need any help l can always call on levpius. ” : )”


  48. niravlulla: I don’t expect it is any different. However, I got a Kindle update recently, but I think I got my apk file from Amazon, or maybe it was freewarelovers…I don’t really remember. However, I DO have a Kindle apk file on my microSD card 😉

  49. I think this is a big deal. I don’t think this announcement really has anything to do with, Oh look we can use the Kindle App. It’s more of Hey look NotionInk is now actually working with another company, and one that is main stream.
    Another thing to take note of is the blog posting seems to be a bit “smoother”, meaning that they actually have some people doing PR work for them. So I say Cheers to this post.

  50. At the edge of failure/ customer betrayal: My analysis /impressions/ important advice to NI/Rohan from the long time following of the Adam’s journey, continues…..

    I think the strategy is now on to get back ppl to notice, to move forward after wrong decisions and pathetic support. But somehow I feel Rohan is trying to do a lot of things himself and trying to do many of the things together at the same time, something I see as a pattern – his employees are not in sync with his work, coz we hear something from him, and some more promises all the time, but the people who need to deliver/know are not delivering/knowing, and at the end of it he has an vague explanation post ready.
    Rohan!- its high time – a lesson you need to learn from successful visionaries – you need to know how to get work done by delegating – don’t do something like – Rohan to NI employee: hey you, don’t do this way, I will do it in the way it should be done. You need to mature to RtoNI Employee – Hey you, this is not how it should be done – it should be on these lines (give an outline – make sure he/she has understood you) and then give a target and get it done. But be sure that the initial time target of the total work is never missed – meaning, if for example, some things need to change in software, release the app or feature openly labeled as beta in the current state, and release an update when the thing you want is ready. Do not misguide, by not mentioning something as alpha or beta (on the UI itself).

    We all still have the soft corner to give you advice, so that you succeed. For your vision’s sake, if you don’t listen now and adapt, you will only end up being on the wrong side a few months from now!

    And that will be really bad for all of us!

    If, you have already realized this and started damage control, then nothing like it.

  51. Arrrh WordPress is buggin’ again, I’m trying to post but it does not work. Lemme try again (sorry for any double post)!
    I use my Samsung home cinema connected by Bluetooth to ADAM to listen to music. It takes 10 seconds to the 2 of them to connect and then the sound of ADAM (e.g. Spotify) is coming out of the home cinema speakers. Just like that!
    I am currently running Beast ROM, but as I recall it used to work with EdenX (haven’t tried with stock Eden though).

  52. Mehdi: I’d be interested in how you got that to work. I have been able to get devices to be recognized, but the connection fails. Of course I’m using stock Adam OS. So I should probably set up Beast on my test machine and see if I can do this. Not sure my Samsung has bluetooth…pretty sure the DVD player has it…need to check it out.

  53. Interesting Phillip! Is it just because of the difficulty of the money transfer, or something more complex, like copyright issues?
    Do you know?

  54. It was there for me once recently, I checked it, and now its working as expected…

  55. Phillip: so you can use Kindle but not Amazon appstore? That’s truely wierd

  56. @dwarf same here. I think Amazon appstore is not open for worldwide audience

  57. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to let you guys know that some Honeycomb progress has been made for Adam. Mr Guy and DJ Steve got HC boot on the adam. Now there is still ways to go, but a step in the right directon!

    Looking good for HC on adam

  58. Interesting… has it panel support ? When not, then whats the point ?

  59. @topspnr :
    >>And if l need any help l can always call on levpius
    .. of course (though I am not sure of the source of this pun, except for the fact that you may not have agreed or liked what I said 🙂 )

  60. For those who don’t know yet:

    Honeycomb on Adam – The Unofficial port work is gaining momentum:

  61. “As with all Kindle applications, customers get access to more than 900,000 books and Whispersync technology.”

    The Whispersync means that if you have a 3G model without a data plan, you can access your content from participating countries (US, UK, Europe).

    It’s not just the apk.

  62. Dwarf: I would advise you to try with Beast (or EdenX), because there is really nothing more that I did.

  63. @Dwarf

    I think its some sort of licensing issue.

    Its not about finances, because I readily use Amazon and purchase books for my Kindle on Adam all the time. However some books are “not available in your region” and so I am pretty sure its just crap boundary/selfishness problems we are dealing with here.

    I asked Amazon about it and their response (not very helpful) was…


    Hello Phillip,

    At this time, we are unable to confirm when we will be able to offer the Amazon Appstore for Android and associated apps to our international customers.

    We value our international customers and hope to make the Amazon Appstore for Android available internationally in the future.

    I hope this helps! We look forward to seeing you again soon

    Thank you for your recent inquiry. Did I solve your problem?


    The answer to their final question is of course a big fat NO – you did not solve my problem.

    Incidentally I also asked them about their relationship with Notion Ink and they responded with a very guarded “Due to our competition we can’t talk about the internals of our business dealings, can I refer you to our public relations release page”, but I’m not reading too much into that, it seems a pretty standard response.


  64. @dwarf

    Just in case WeirdPress loses it, I posted a response from Amazon regarding the AppStore, but don’t get too excited, its nothing special or informative.
    See “Phillip said, on May 6, 2011 at 05:07”

  65. So Im guessing that Rohan is having his team add the amazon app and then claim a partnership? Thats so cool! Oh wait, um let me guess, honeycombe is next on the list? Do you have a bootable copy? Its still in the works though right? Probably a month after tabletroms gets it? Im so tired of this company, as we say in the military, stop talking, start working, you’ll find when you release updates people will be happy. BTW how come amazon hasn’t announced this(maybe on their blog), maybe not a big deal since you could do that easily?

  66. I was anxiously waiting for my Adam since my 25th anniversary cruise off the west coast of Italy in September. Yes we had our Kindles and even were approached an author who was debating selling through Kindle directly.

    I’ve enjoyed my Pixel Qi, for several months, then dropped it on the screen. Now it’s like looking through a broken windshield. Fully functional, but not quite the same. I’m looking forward to instructions on how to have it repaired so I can go on enjoying my Adam into the future.

  67. @androidposts

    Whispernet is the thing your referring to not Whispersync, simple Google would get you

    “If you read the same Kindle Store book across multiple Kindles, you’ll find Whispersync makes it easy for you to switch back and forth. Whispersync synchronizes the bookmarks and furthest page read among devices registered to the same account. Whispersync is on by default to ensure a seamless reading experience for a book read across multiple Kindles.” –amazon(com)

    So no whispersync is the SAME thing you get in the apk, no 3g, no whispersync

    -knowledge is…

  68. Phillip: Sounds a lot like their reply about why they haven’t delivered the third season of Fringe 😉

  69. Great to see that improvements are contineously comming available. I would VERY MUCH like to try them.

    When is the third pre order round?!?!

  70. you may consider this is as co marketing efforts by both, NI promotes Kindle while in future we can see ADAM on Amazon…. Great one

  71. Good news….but sadly,after waiting to be able to buy one of these since last year,I have ordered from “the enemy” instead.

    Hope you have continued success,and maybe this will be for sale to the public some time in the future when its time to upgrade

  72. Just got back from beach holidayl Adam and Pixel Qi performed wonderfully on the beach. Went 1.5 days of reading and internet before needing to charge, maybe equivalent of 8 or 9 hours.

  73. WOW! Makes me want one even more. Hope I won’t miss out on the next round of orders…

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