Kernel, Book Reader, New Browser, Gingerbread and much more.

Hi Everyone!

Seems we will have to make our week-end blog, bi-weekly. 

We have lots to share today!

Let’s start with the Kernel. Here is the source for all of you to download.


We are going to push the next Major update to Eden. It will have:

  • the new e-book client
  • a new Browser (the name of the book client and browser will be released in a separate blog next week)
  • updated Kernel
  • optimally over-clocked Tegra
  • Gingerbread 2.3
  • lots of Usability Issues resolved
  • new multi-tasking environment (easier way to manage all tabs and applications)
  • Chords Music Library and Player (Simple and straight Music Player)
  • Video Library and Player
  • DSP support, so now equalizer will work in better way. Soon we are adding more bass boost in the speakers as well (not a part of this update).
  • Flash pre-installed
  • and more!
The browser is additional one from the default one which come in Eden, but is the one you all have been using. The movement to gingerbread is done to get all apps and kernel closed to Honeycomb. The final issue which still needs to be resolved in supporting Honeycomb is converting the ROM OS to eMMC OS.
What was also missing was the right music and video player. This update will go out with the music player (which will soon have the equalizer). It’s a simple music player with support of all the normal stuff expected (playlist management, etc). Also coming this time is the Video Player, built on Mentor Graphic’s Inflexion technology. The UI is very fluid and handles a very large number of database very easily. 
With the up-date I will be releasing more interesting tweaks and changes which are coming through (along with more PR announcements from 3rd Parties)
Starting 2nd May, posters will run across Bangalore on the plan we discussed in the last blog. It’s a one of its kind and bound to change a lot of things. The real content lies not in the applications or videos. It’s there in your hands, in your experience. Eden is not what you see today. For instance, the first concept was released in CES2010, take a look here:
This is hosted on Slashgear for a long while. 
What you see today is an OS suiting today’s requirements, but that is not what we started building. Today’s Eden was an off-shoot to create an OS on top of Android (there was no Honeycomb back in 2008). What Eden for us is what content will be for you tomorrow. Today most of the needs of an OS is covered by a good browser. Today’s  OS is static, blank and after a while (on any kind of tablet) you are bound to think, what should I do next? We all have waited long enough for digital education and digital books. Eden also serves its purpose for education. This project is 8 months long, and will take a lot of effort.
The most interesting point of being a tech company in this age is, that can’t compare yourself with the similar ones in the past. The information flows faster than possible, the scale is massive (Apple sold 200 “Apple 1” back then), the expectations are enormous, you need to get the things right the first time and as I love to say, we are an impatient generation, and undeniably I am one too. But what has not changed about companies like us is our determination to succeed, to learn fast, understand the critics, and most importantly, to have a vision.
With Warm Regards
Rohan Shravan

182 thoughts on “Kernel, Book Reader, New Browser, Gingerbread and much more.

  1. Wow, I cannot wait! So far I haven’t had any problems with my LCD+3G Adam. Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. Good Going Rohan… we trust you and wish you to do great and expect more innovative work 🙂

    We are with you…. GO GO GO

  3. Can any new updated please have a change log as well as a correct file naming sequence.
    Its hard trying to figure out which update is which. Would like to know what was fixed in the upcoming update.


  4. Hi Rohan.

    Thanks for the update. After continuously checking for updates every few hours, finally some respite. Notion ink site is my default page for all browsers, I am using.
    When will you start 3rd round of ordering. I really want to order in this round.

  5. Hey Himanshu.. at present I am using BEAST rom in it. coz i dont have wifi-router or 3g connection.. i have to use Ad-hoc for internet.. therefore i had to root it.
    Also all of my content is in 1tb hard disk which is NTFS formatted.. Beast rom is providing both features.. Hope sometime soon Eden will also add these features.

    But i am a bit sad, coz i m still unable to make use of Adam. Seems it came early in the time line we are living. I am still unable to find a good stylus for making Notes (which was and is my 1st prerequisite). This was the only reason i pre-ordered Adam. I dont have credit card or paypal account to test ifaraday or others.
    Also no words from NI, about which stylus will work better.

    a month back i went to Delhi for training in Apollo hospital. there i tried 2-3 stylus (including one which is officially released for Galaxy Tab)
    All others except Samsung made scratch .. thank god i had screen guard. But Samsung one too.. sometimes work sometimes not.
    Can anyone suggest a good stylus (though i have already asked in one of the forum, still waiting for reply).. for Making Notes, No mood of painting.

    Wat do u do with ur adam ?

    And sorry for being invisible for long time.
    Actually.. It was just yesterday .. i completed my internship. was busy with it… and many pre-pg exams.
    And now i can legally use “Dr” 😛

  6. I like the Eden UI (mainly the Panels and Keyboard)… I want to use the original stock rom… but still waiting when it will solve my purpose of buying it.

    @Rohan – is there any hope that u will have something esp (like an application etc.) for medical graduates, post – graduates and for Doctors in clinical practice.
    It has been 2 months, i have been using Adam, and now i dont carry my laptop….
    Many of my batchmates and Senior Dr. have seen it. It looks amazing to them, in the first look, but it depress them, when they ask – How can it be helpful for Doctors.
    Even Bodybrowser (or its apk) didnt work for me.

    So, if in near future, you have any project for medicos, i will be happy to help you in any manner i can. 🙂
    all the best for making it better and better 🙂

  7. Rohan,

    As a wave 1 Adam owner, I have just purchased an Iconia Tab A500. The Adam truly needs the Honeycomb interface. People I showed my Adam to had no desire to own one, but 3 of my friends ran down to Best Buy to purchase Iconias after just 10 minutes with it. And one of them was a diehard Apple guy. You really need to get your team on that now before you loose more market share!

  8. @ jlusco

    thanks for the info.
    I want to use it.. but i can’t purchase it.
    i only have net banking but no credit card or paypal account. 😦

  9. @Atul Congrats Dr. Atul 🙂

    I am also using Beast ROm.
    I hope someone can help you to find a good stylus.
    New Eden update seems promising.

    Hope to see you active again 🙂

  10. @Atul Bruce is also a doc and using his adam for many of his medical activities like reading books etc. He is an active member in NIh(now tabletrom) and NotionInk Addicts. you can contact him to make your adam more useful to your profession

  11. @twospirits,
    echo the request for a change log., As to the releases, the last six numbers refer to the date. Newer date, newer version.

    Now picking apart this latest missive…

    the new e-book client – Why? I use Amazon Kindle and it works great. Shipped version of office can handle PDFs. I’m good.

    a new Browser (the name of the book client and browser will be released in a separate blog next week) – After struggling with forced closes and general flakiness of the shipped browser, I installed Opera Mobile and never looked back. Why reinvent the wheel?

    updated Kernel – Providing what? Fixing what? Changelog please

    optimally over-clocked Tegra – Battery life sucks already and now you want to speed up an already fast processor. Doesn’t make sense.

    Gingerbread 2.3 – Yea so? List of benefits please.

    lots of Usability Issues resolved – Hopefully the flaky compass, the GPS which won’t lock, the poor receive capability of the WiFi antenna, the constant refocusing and noisy clicky camera, Bluetooth issues, HDMI audio and output problems, inability to play 1080 videos, flaky power /sleep switch function, FM Radio, USB removal causing reboots, inability to scan the external sd card for media, etc…

    new multi-tasking environment (easier way to manage all tabs and applications) – Easier than what?

    Chords Music Library and Player (Simple and straight Music Player)
    Video Library and Player
    DSP support, so now equalizer will work in better way. Soon we are adding more bass boost in the speakers as well (not a part of this update). – Or just install Mixzing which provides all of that. Again quit spending time on creating / inventing what is already available.

    Flash pre-installed – Would rather be able to download and install after the fact to ensure replacement browsers are aware of the Flash. If you want to ship installed apps, how about Quadrant, GPS Test, Google Market, Lookout.

    and more! – For example: “Promised” Weather app? Comic Book Program? A calculator that can multiply 142.15469*5 and come up with the correct answer, FM Radio, Genesis, color strips, a decent owners manual, ability to install Chrome, Ubuntu, Multi-boot, ability to load Outlook calendar and contacts via USB tether, NTFS read write?

    Any update on the “new” factory?
    Why are only “facebook” users allowed to talk on the “official” forum?
    If conclave is the official forum, why is “official” support over on Notion Addicts?
    Is FM radio the secret feature?
    Will replacing the Ericsson 7703 with a Sierra Wireless 4G voice / data card when it becomes available this summer, work? (Give me a break, I’m looking ahead folks)

  12. A very good read. The new panels look sharper and cleaner. Good to hear usability issues are being sorted.

    Look forward to the update release.

  13. @ himanshu
    thanks for notifying me.
    at present i too, using adam for reading books, and watching medical videos, ofcourse in the free time movies too. 🙂
    not interested in games at present. 😛

  14. @ himanshu…. gtalk works on your adam now? even just for chatting? I cant get it to install on mine! 😦

  15. Thank you for the update on the blog.
    Will we be able to do the next update OTA or will we have to flash the device?

  16. That’s more like it Rohan!

    A much better post that gives us real information on the next update.

    Look forward to it. Thankyou 🙂

  17. @ chaipau, gtalk works fine for chatting in my adam too. i m using beast rom.
    what error r u getting on installation?

  18. Rohan,

    Please bring out the updates faster! I can see Adam fans/users reducing in number fast! We want you and Adam to be the best and reach the number one position quickly – in a few months and not in years!

  19. awesome….more great news:)….definitely looking forward to all the changes….hope it’s not as buggy as the current interface. Can we have a date as to when you’ll release the changes

  20. I think, the most interesting is the changelog. What’s nwe, what’s solved !!

    EDEN is only interesting if I can save the leaves and the red ribbon for the apps, must have more than 1 row to see more apps at the same time to select.

    I’m on BEAST and the only reason I would change back to original ROM will be a Honeycomb ROM.

  21. Rohan,

    Glad to see that you are working on all these software updates. But what is the status on official support. Has there been any improvements on that front. You say that it doesnt matter what version of adam we use,but if there are faults with the hardware, it does not matter what OS you work on or any content mamnagement system you work, it will be off no use. It would be great if you could update on that issue.


  22. Can anyone give me a link to a skype apk which does not end up on a black screen as soon as it logs in?

  23. Why Adam “truly” needs Honeycomb? Plain Froyo or Gingerbread, probably with a launcher like Launcher Pro or ADW, are absolutely fine and very simple to use. Adam just doesn’t need Eden, that’s fact.
    Honeycomb is hyped and a must-be only because it is the newest version of Android. Even if it is rather Beta as well and still doesn’t support the really truly needed hardware graphics acceleration to stop the choppy scrolling on every device, even on the Xoom which is by technical means about the same as Adam (apart from the screen).

  24. Still following — keep emails coming. So far no other tablets to use in sunshine. So, hope issues with adam get worked out soon — Peace, Paul

  25. No, it can’t officially as no Android version apart from Honeycomb is made for tablets and thus Google won’t give NI market access for Adam as long as it doesn’t run 3.0 or later.

  26. Exactly. I’m going to give the update a try but I can’t imagine that it will be as fast, reliable and usable as Beast with e.g. Launcher Pro. The former red and now grey ribbon may look nice but it becomes very hard to find the desired app as they don’t come in alphabetical order.

    Cyanogenmod7 is announced to come “soon” in Gingerbread flavour without the wakeup fault.

  27. I like this post but then again I’ve allways admired Rohans perspective, his take on curent and future tech realities. What I have learned is that reality and what yourea in the posts are different things. All i can say is that I am still hooked.

  28. that’s brilliant news. i hope it also fixes ‘problems’ in addition to bringing in new features.
    by the way, what does ‘soon’ mean? why does rohan insist on continuing the tradition of being vague and never giving a specific date, ever?
    when i install this update, do i have to reinstall all third-party apps etc? or will it just install on top of everything without losing any of my data/apps?

  29. Realistic update! I’m really happy. For me, it is important for any company to stand up to their flaws and mistake and try and rectify them gradually. Although, NI have not exactly done that in the past with aplomb, this update speaks a lot about their commitment to do good, if not the best!

    I have somehow found sincerity in NI’s intentions, and I would want to stand by them till their last breathe!

    Apart from the above, I am also eagerly looking forward to Longbox, weather application etc. And I know these will come sooner or later.

    Rohan, of all things, I did want a quicker response on the new website that was slated to be launched earlier in March! Whatever happened to that?

    In all, Majaani life! 🙂

  30. So now I understand why StephenH was taking time for Cyanogenmod(beta2) for Adam…

    All, my experience with cyanogenmod beta1 is “enticing”. Its very honeycombish. The UI is good. The tablet tweaks are awesome. The DSP that Rohan mentioned above works. I had used music player pro and it rocks. The overclock features is “soooo” good—- my quadrant score went >3400!!! at 1.4 ghz (using set cpu). Also bundled was a theme manager (honeybread theme looks like honeycomb). AND soft buttons like 3.0. Only downside there was sleep/wake issue and 3D hardware rendering.

    SO from Rohan’s post I gather – these issues were solved. AND The ROM update will be based on cyanogenmod 7…….this is a step forward.

    So maybe next update is 3.0……because Google May I/O meet has the potential of announcing the source code of honeycomb!!

    The new Eden UI looks good…..but as everyone knows we need to see and get the feel of its functions…..still I consider this also a step forward. (Rohan dont forget competition – cornerstone…so act fast)

    3D Compass Pro somehow gives a little less “jittery” readings……so maybe software probs?

  31. Actually agree 100%. Fix/finish what’s been released … the concepts are great, but the current owners need to be able to spread the news about Adam , but not now. This feels more like a beta test exercise – which I accept, but let’s call it what it is …

  32. This is not true, you have to be a member of the open handset alliance, which Notion ink is not, that is why Samsung has it on the galaxy tab, they are part of the alliance and pay their dues, the adam has all the required hardware, they just asn’t a member of the club, because it is expensive. If they were they could have the market place on the current tablet.

  33. Rohan,

    Pulse news reader for honeycomb is exactly same as the mock-up of news reader you presented in CES 2010. I am convinced that you definitely have a vision, but to reiterate your own words, “information flows faster” these days and it is easy to get left behind or taken over by others if ideas do not translate into actions just in time, just in place and just in context. I wish you good luck.

    Proud owner of PixelQi+Wifi (PO1).

  34. Rohan — this is the first time I am commenting on your blog. I am a happy Adam user, but the point is — it’s thanks to the hardware and to the hackers at NIH (in particular Josh and his Beast ROM), NOT thanks to Eden!

    Compared to Beast, Eden is UNBEARABLY sluggish. It is also unoptimal (a ribbon launcher that can’t even fit the pre-installed apps on one screen? Really?), inflexible (how do I remove facebook from the Main panel and install something else?) and, I’m guessing, not likely to get better until you guys figure out that you suck at user interfaces — which I predicted long before receiving my Adam, from your unfriendly, unusably slow, flash-heavy website.

    I am sure you have seen the engadgets review, which is entirely fair. Out of the box, the Adam is an exceptionally shoddy piece of work. Thanks to a bunch of random hackers, and thanks to you for making it open and hackable, one can convert the Adam into a very nice device. Those hackers were, until now, working without access even to the kernel source. Hats off to them.

    If you are serious about the future of the Adam, you need to get realistic about your software expertise. The gap between what the Adam is capable of and what NI’s default ROM provides is staggering. I will give your forthcoming update a try (if you make it downloadable and not OTA-only). If it persuades me to stay, I will be pleasantly surprised. But I fully expect that I will return to Beast quickly. And will tell anyone who asks that I recommend the Adam for purchase if, and only if, they are comfortable with the idea of flashing new ROMs on it and, on paper at least, voiding their warranty.

  35. Where did you get the Kindle app for Adam? Is it the Android app that is on Amazon? Or is there a Android tablet app somewhere? I want it!

  36. I saw a hint of an update, but it isn’t clear when we will get one. Can anyone tell when/if there is an Adam update comming? I have the 80411 build and it says my adam is up to date…
    Waiting is

  37. @lonebrat, I’m not really sure whether I got it from the Amazon store (since I’m in the US), or from Majjj’s site here:

    I’ve downloaded and installed it a couple of times due to upgrades and reflashes.

    I use it almost exclusively in PQ mode & portrait and haven’t had any issues with being able to read the text. I have it set for B&W and medium font. “Discovered” that a simple tap on the screen about an inch up from the bottom on either side will flip the pages.
    Overall I’m pleased with ADAM. (even if it doesn’t come across in my posts)

    I plan on using it mostly as a replacement for my TomTom Nav system on my motorcycle since it is plainly visible in bright sunlight. (Which we have a lot of here in California. Unfortunately my TomTom Rider is not visible in the sun at all.)

    Even if osmand is a beta, I haven’t had any problems with it and I love the ability to pre-download the maps of interest / level of detail – zoom, and not waste space on maps of the entire US. Now all I need to do is come up with a way to power ADAM from the 12 VDC of the motorcycle.

    Best feature is ADAM fits into the clear map pocket on my tank bag.

  38. lol themave it seems your voice carries nothing here, I to am on the fence about my tablet, thus far it has been good since I work for the military(pixel qi). This weekend proved that the adam has some major problems, one thing is battery I was on a plane for 5 hours, i started with 50% battery life, decided to watch a movie, but the video player stopped working so i had to restart it, almost instantly it was down to 48%, ok maybe a battery cache error, so i finally gave up on the stock video player and went to movie player. Started watching the movie player and everything was good until a hour later when it died. My gtab could and does run almost 8hours of hard usage. The adam is 4hours, I am in the tablet world because of the battery. I think i might ebay my adam to get a asus transform, only problem, no source code!

  39. So Rohan when is the release date? When are we starting this bi-weekly, cause even the people who have defended you are loosing their nerves…

  40. Mehdi: There is a new checkbox for this feature for each new posting by the blog owner. Once you check the box and post you get email notification of responses to your posting.

  41. I hpeee someone at NotionInk has noticed the lack of enthusiasm and interest in the rexponxe this blog is receiving. Eve if this newest update lives up to the writeup and acomplishes eveerything it’s suposed to, the enthusiasm and energy has been dissipzted. The bandwagon has moved on. I love my Adam pq and will never givee it up but

  42. Hey Greg, Where are you man? I really miss notion ink fan updates :/ It’s still one of my eight most visited sites, even after a month of non-activity haha. Just post something if you have the opportunity, we all miss your support and pseudo-leadership in this foggy world of NI

  43. honeycomb is far more than a UI update. The system level stuff ranges from mild update to seriously new (especially things like renderscript).

    7″ tablets can get away with froyo, it’s REALLY tough for larger tablets to make it work.

    I got the iconia tab a500 too. Slick. well worth the money. the small additions really add up, especially tapping on the icons to get access to quick settings. honeycomb will be seriously appreciated on Adam.

    That being said, I know how tough it is for adam to get honeycomb, and I’m far from critical at NI for that matter (although more transparency is well appreciated, and there’s plenty of things TO be critical of NI for). Having *Any* software on there that’s stable and fast is by far more important than honeycomb at the moment.

  44. I have downloaded the update but have NO idea how to do it. Can anyone help me please?

  45. @themave;
    >>It is the worst system in the world
    >>the tablet is a peice of crap
    Does that make you more sensible than the others who foolishly may be a lot more satisfied with their Adam?

  46. what ?? From where?? Did you mean you downloaded the kernel source or the future update that is yet to come. 🙂 Guess you updated the kernel, that why you “have NO idea how to do it.”

  47. smann20: as you were told on tabletroms it isn’t an update it is the kernel source. Not the same thing at all.

  48. hamirpur123: Thank you for the proper vent. We all feel better for it.
    My Adams both say they are up to date, so the question we are all asking is: “How do we get this magical update Rohan?!!!”

  49. Has anyone else noticed that Rohan’s screenshots show angry birds…. Why are we still having to root our Adam’s to get the marketplace? I didn’t notice anywhere in this post mention of us getting any access to the official marketplace or the promised NotionInk marketplace….

  50. Dr8k: You don’t have to root your machine to get angrybirds. It is available from both Amazon appstore and freewarelovers dot com, neither of which require a rooted machine.

  51. Amazon appstore isn’t available outside the US. I am aware of a few alternate marketplaces, but they have a limited selection of apps and are often out of date compared to the big ones like amazon and the official.

    I have rooted mine to get the marketplace which is good, but not great. There are a huge number of applications which claim the notion ink is not compatible for, even though the adam runs an appropriate version of android to support.

    I love my adam, but I find the poor support for 3rd party software and the complete absense of so many apps we were promised (including the app store) frustrating. The adition of the ebook reader promised in this post is great, but this is one app that absolutely should have been there in the first place – I’ve now loaded aldiko and the notion ink app will have to be pretty impressive to make me switch.

  52. Give it a week of silence from notion ink and continued lack of support and the blog will be back to mostly negative again. Most everyone is happy right after Rohan makes a new post. But after a few days when they realize it was just a lot of smoke and mirrioes and they realize that nothing has changes again it will be back to normal

  53. I don’t understand if you hate NI and Adam so much why come here and read and post. Why don’t you just walk away clean and stop posting negitive coments. People are screaming they want a date for the update but there is no compeny in the worl that dose that. someone said updates should be put out weekly and thats just asking to much no one does this eaither. Some people are telling Rohan that he needs to fix the 1080p video problems but they dont seem to know that its not adam its the tegra2 even the xoom has the problem due to it rendering video through software insteed of hardware so NI cant fix this untill Nvidea releases a fix. i keep hearing that adam has failed but the numbers dont add up to support that PO1 = 300 adams PO2 = 300 adams (just an estimate) complaining people = 100 (agian an estmiate) happy owuners = 500. people that dont have problems dont talk about it this should change so people could get a true understanding about devices but it wont so. Back on my main point is if you dont like the Adam or NI why come and be involved sell it and move on so the rest of us who have hope and well wishes can enjoy ourselves. this has been my riant and if i ofended anyone well then your to sensitive i fully support Rohan and NI and FYI i have had none of the problems reported other then facebook not working in the leaf and cant say about gps dont understand how to use osmand yet but thats about it 7 1/2 hours of 720p video before the batery hit 6% and shut it down so i am happy and looking forward to the update and the more to come

  54. No offense jlusco, but in his recent posting to this blog Rohan suggested that there WAS a major software update in the offing without a hint of just when we should expect those marvels. Much of the original software for the Eden panels had major flaws or didn’t even exist when our machines were delivered and much of that hasn’t changed. There is STILL no weather app in the opening panel and many of the original promises have been left unfulfilled. So many of us are unimpressed by the promises of this recent posting. There IS a promise of an extensive software update in this post, but no hint of when we can expect to actually experience said update.
    While I have not had the rotten experience of themave, I DO repeatedly turn on one of the 2 tablets I own to find that the date/time is completely wrong because it has reset itself without my permission to “Automatic”, which is completely broken, forgetting the timezone that was set and returning to GMT local time. Yesterday it set the date into the future! It takes 10 minutes to reset the machine to knowledge of the correct timezone and local time and leaves one most severely frustrated.
    Support has pushed me through 3 complete software updates that did not use the “Standard” network update process. This requires that you clear and factory reset your machine, loosing all the installed apps and basically putting you back the day your tablet was delivered. Also I will point out that none of those software updates have managed to fix the broken hardware in my tablets. Tablet number one still takes upside down pictures, and both tablets still fail to find their location with the GPS chipset delivered inside the machines. Support has yet to admit the machines are broken and insists that an update on May 7 will repair all my problems, which is what they have told me with every update I have preformed on these machines. I know that there are people out there with working GPS systems who have the same software that I have installed on my machine and this knowledge simply leaves me more frustrated, not less.
    You have no business telling themave or myself that we should simply buck up and have faith. Rohan has left us with too many broken promises for that to be remotely possible.
    I will tell all of you, who like many Windows users I have met, say they have never experienced any problems and everything work flawlessly for them, that you have been either exceedingly lucky, or exceptionally unaware.
    Notion Ink owes many of us a lot more than we have received for our money and our faith. Until or unless they deliver on their promises, we will remain skeptical, frustrated, and angry about our experience here.
    Best of luck to you all,

  55. Hello Guys and Gals

    I’ve got a WiFi / LCD model Adam, putting it up for sale on ebay, I really do love the thing, its a great little toy but with a galaxy s2 on the way and lots of other gadgets I don’t need it, Its buy It now of £350 (which would be nice) but open to offers, In prefect condition and works great. UK bidders only please




  56. I hope everyone realizes how sad this blog has become. Compared to past activity, the response to this posting is miniscule. Less than 125 and many of those are multiple comments from the same people. To put it in some kind of perspective, NotionInk is dead in the water. As someone has mentioned all ready, and if previous experience is indicative time will pass and nothing will come to pass; no update, just silence. When does the kiss of death happen? Has it allready come and gone, Are we looking at a beautiful corpse that was Adam? Come on Rohan admit it, the intentions and start were magnificent but reality was too big a hurdle and now it’s up to the hackers to create a viable, useful OS. Let’s put one chapter to rest and move to the next.

  57. Well said themave and as always a form of wisdom from dwarf4242, it seems to me that there are alot of people doing crowd control here? Why? How long have you waited for your adam? How many android devices do you have? Are you a developer? If you can say no or have a low wait time to these maybe walk a little softer here because there are people who waited since December for their adams only to get them after 1.5 and 2.0 PO. If you have a cell phone that is a android then you know that despite their problems they are generally fixed quick, or replaced by the phone company, so the problem is NI has already sold to us, why worry about us. If your a developer then you should shove that happy go lucky bs up your rear because you would know that the software is bugged all to hell. I tried making the adam work as a military tablet, spending countless hours developing a os that works, but without the source codes (which have been released!-oh yeah they already were) their wasn’t a viable way to make it work without reverse engineering, and despite contacting NI and describing the fact that I am trying to make this device (pixel qi) a military device I got no reply no help. It wasn’t until I sent a email that I was cancelling my order that they got back to me.

    Oh a positive note we should actually see a update soon, thanks to StephenH, but I might say little behind the curb(since 2.3.4 is going asop), if Rohan wants this to be a family then invite the XDA and Tabletroms to the table and lets develop together!

  58. Sorry maybe duplicate but this wp is garbage

    Well said themave and as always a form of wisdom from dwarf4242, it seems to me that there are alot of people doing crowd control here? Why? How long have you waited for your adam? How many android devices do you have? Are you a developer? If you can say no or have a low wait time to these maybe walk a little softer here because there are people who waited since December for their adams only to get them after 1.5 and 2.0 PO. If you have a cell phone that is a android then you know that despite their problems they are generally fixed quick, or replaced by the phone company, so the problem is NI has already sold to us, why worry about us. If your a developer then you should shove that happy go lucky bs up your rear because you would know that the software is bugged all to hell. I tried making the adam work as a military tablet, spending countless hours developing a os that works, but without the source codes (which have been released!-oh yeah they already were) their wasn’t a viable way to make it work without reverse engineering, and despite contacting NI and describing the fact that I am trying to make this device (pixel qi) a military device I got no reply no help. It wasn’t until I sent a email that I was cancelling my order that they got back to me.

    Oh a positive note we should actually see a update soon, thanks to StephenH, but I might say little behind the curb(since 2.3.4 is going asop), if Rohan wants this to be a family then invite the XDA and Tabletroms to the table and lets develop together!

  59. Looks like all my post have been pulled from the blog except this one here. Looks like it is time to move on

  60. I still see all your posts themave. I don’t think anything has been pulled. What makes you think this?

  61. Glad to see that things are moving. I would have thought that we’d see Honeycomb as the update but Gingerbread is a start.

    BTW, the iPad2 seems too good. If I do decide to sell my adam, do I have any potential buyers for my PQi 3G version? I live in Mumbai and I’d rather do a physical transfer to a person who is genuinely interested rather than selling it on eBay to someone who is interested in making a quick buck.

  62. I hope this update gives us a reason continue on with Notion Ink and the Adam. Currently my Adam is set aside with a broken top layer of glass. It works fine with the screen protector holding it all together. Support said it could be repaired.

    I got a nook color rooted with cyanogenmod 7 to replace the need. Nice size, cost and experience.

  63. @Rohan please keep up the good work. You are all amazing.

    I bought an NI adam via pre-order knowing it was a pre-order. I would be mad if I got it with the current OS in a store, but I DIDN”T. I got it pre-released.

    I expected this. You all are doing an AMAZING JOB fixing issues and making this better. I can’t wait for your next OS release.

    I love you NI!!!!!! Thank you Rohan.

  64. I did notice that i cant reply to any post themave has made or reply to any replys on his posts. and i was informed that the update will be in the 1st or 2nd week of may so i have a date of within a week

  65. @Rohan,
    If you are understanding the critics, it is about being certain and replying when asked a quwstion repeatedly. Many of the things mentioned were not certain. For example, when you say – “Push” update, we expect it to just work when we click Update Adam, not wipe data- on our Feb 14th official stock build! or any other stock build. Why were the other “NON-PUSH” builds never even mentioned in the blog or forum by NI directly (though brought to the front by users)?
    Why can’t one register at the forum now?

    Unfortunately, you continue to write blogs, as in dreams, not in reality! Here again no dates, because you are uncertain when your update will be ready to be pushed!

    This is frustration because of your vagueness!

  66. Now just wondering if the OTA has been fixed with the 80411 or do we have to download this one and do it manuly i forgot to ask support that

    p.s. i emailed support on sunday got a responce on monday

  67. I am really looking forward to seeing what this BIG kernel and software update will have to offer. I cannot like others afford to go out and buy another tablet.

  68. @All,

    Do not misunderstand my comment. I have taken a stance that nothing is fixed in the Adam world until it is. But one thing is for sure, I am not going to go out and buy the other tablets out there.

    I am not sure how many updates we are going to get for our Gen 1 Adams, and how many that are actually “push updates” and not force recovery ones, but I am sticking with the tablet.

    I still have big problems with battery drain (As hinted above, I am still on Feb 14 build – and I shutdown Adam to save power when not in use!). But I love it, and hope that it gets better with updates.

    I would be happier with a forum that actually works regardless of an FB account, where official builds have a sticky, where we have regular participation of NI employees, etc.

  69. By the way guys if you re-read Rohan’s post and also remember the numbers we were able to track for what we called/christened PO1.5, PO2, it is clear that through the initial set of orders they have sold a tiny number of Adams (when compared to the biggies).

    My guess is below the 20, 000 mark or even 10, 000. I may be totally wrong, but then those who have followed this long enough might have similar guesses.

  70. And obviously the reference to the Apple 1 sale number and the way the whole sentence flows, made me guess that, because we already knew that it was in thousands, and it was not much – from our own tracking excel/spreadsheet.

    But this in itself is a big achievement and that makes NI deserve the appreciations from my side, to ship these numbers being a startup. The big black mark in these numbers, that should be noted, is the number of defective hardware shipped!

    As you can see, though frustrated, I still support the right things done by NI and am against all the wrong points/things done by them.

    Last, but not the least, my biggest worry, for NI’s tablet future, is the shortage of components because of huge demand from the biggies’ orders!

  71. dwarf4242: Though I agree with the gist of your point, I think some of your tone may not be fair.
    >>I will tell all of you, who like many Windows users I have met, say they have never experienced any problems and everything work flawlessly for them, that you have been either exceedingly lucky, or exceptionally unaware.

  72. The WordPress blog is less frequented due to the new “conclave[dot]notionink[dot]com/” forum. Also, many past commenters are spending time on their ADAMS and less time on the WP blog. Out of sight…out of mind seems to be your approach. Have a great day.

  73. @paulikxp

    Did you give the search option below the red ribbon a try? Simply type one letter and you will easily reach your application in no time. Ok, unless you remember applications by icons and not by names, well thats a different story then.

    Even so, give the search bar a try, if u haven’t yet! 🙂

  74. @ levpius

    Sometimes, you bring out your sense of humour, amigo! :))

    Go by the beach, and use the Adam as a boomerang! Im sure, it won’t return back! 🙂


  75. @ Himanshu,

    Its nice to hear your Adam has replaced your laptop, and almost has! Its right now a little hard for me to imagine that! Although I spend roughly 3-4 hours on my Adam everyday, I still think it needs some more time to reach to that level. This is simply my personal opinion, so!

    I’m one of those happy customers, who has received a perfectly working tablet! Everything from Mail, GPS, USB, Wifi, battery life, pixel Qi screen, has worked for me pretty well, without frequent force closures. I think force closures are normal stuff that probably can be improved over time, and Im sure Rohan is working on that. The one and only thing that is simply not working for me is the 3G. My SIM is not detected yet, and Im hopeful this will be solved during the forthcoming update! Right now, its not affecting my usability as I have wifi at home and office.

    So, all in all, despite using literally everything on the Adam, I still feel there’s time for it to be replaced completely by my laptop!


  76. “”themave said, on May 2, 2011 at 10:07
    I only see two post””

    I see 3 not counting the one quoted in this post…

  77. The postings seem to get reordered randomly from time to time, and lately my experience has been the same as Mehdi….I’m not getting any email notices of new postings to the blog, even though I checked the box requesting them. The box is no longer available, suggesting that I really did check it…
    There are few enough postings to this thread, so it is easy enough to scan them all for new ones…
    What a broken crock this blog is, sort of like its subject 😉

  78. All seems really good. I have gone through some of the blog entries. I just wanted to know the exact cost of Adam if I register for it now! Could anyone help me with it?

  79. Some postings on tabletrom suggest that several people are getting stuck in moderation when they try to post. These are folks that have posted before, and are trying simple postings.
    Wordpress has never been really good at making this blog work right. Or maybe it is the blog administrators that are messing with the settings, but it seems to always revert to the worst possible state at the drop of a hat…
    But we have no choice but to use what we have available 😉

  80. gaattu: the price depends upon the model you purchase. The exact models available and their prices will be provided when ordering becomes available.
    I am not a Notion Ink employee, so I don’t have access to this information.
    In round 2 I bought a PixelQi WiFi 3G machine and paid $549 as well as $50 shipping. That was the most expensive model.
    Maybe someone else can provide prices for less expensive models.

  81. Vector66: I can’t either, but I did anyway 😉
    I’ll probably have to sell one of my Adams, but I’m having trouble deciding which one. At this point, I’m leaning toward the PixelQi WiFi 3G machine even though its camera is better. But maybe not…
    Waiting is

  82. Veeraraagavan: It is much closer to 2,000 Adams sold on PO2 with around 200 sold on PO1/1.5 and even then the factory had problems getting them out the door in working order. That sort of explains why Rohan mentioned changing the factory he is using. No telling whether that will fix the hardware stability problems.
    Waiting is

  83. However, having checked the checkbox and having it now gone, I also am not receiving email follow-ups either.

  84. daiuton: It is surprising how out of sequence your posting has been placed. If I look at the time stamp, it is after my posting to which you are replying by several hours, but has been placed way ahead in the list, giving the visual impression that it was posted well before the postings to which you have replied. I’m glad I haven’t paid WordPress for anything, like a blog…
    and thanks for your kind reply. Don’t know if the update will come as “soon” as you suggest, but there is plenty of hope still around apparently.

  85. Don’t get me wrong… I still like my Adam… but Notion Ink has missed the boat in so many ways and so many times that it’s hard for me, and all the others, to believe.

    I guess it’s all about confidence and credibility… from talking about maximum screen size to having the LARGEST bevel, promising applications such as the weather app, to delivery dates that were repeatedly missed…

    Better to under promise and OVER DELIVER than promise everything and deliver nothing you’ve promised.

  86. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I’m about ready to give up on Adam. The idea sounds great, but I’m bored to the back teeth of updates of the OS like this when we cannot actually buy the hardware.
    The ASUS transformer looks quite nice. More expensive, but I can actually order one and expect it to be delivered in the next few days.

  87. It’s all good to hear about the Major Update. But when is this update actually going to be released ? As always without any specific dates, It becomes an endless waiting game.

    Also I still don’t have any response from NI for the non FB conclave account details. As this speed it will take a decade to get anywhere.

  88. Or probably the people are tired of waiting that NI keeps their promises?

  89. Can anybody tell me when the “bonus mystery feature” disappeared?

  90. It’s still not NI’s fault that we don’t have market access on stock ROM. As I described before, Google doesn’t enable Adam for market access as it is no phone and doesn’t run Honeycomb. The Android Market is only for exactly these devices: phones and Honeycomb tablets. With the latter we would receive market access, too. But is there really somebody out there who still works with Eden? Why?

  91. Not having Eden anymore on my Adam, I can’t give it a try and I just don’t want to. I’m used to work with Android for almost 1.5 years by now and can’t understand why they made a brilliant idea, the homescreens (with flaws like the not sortable app drawer) that bad. The search box may help but this OS has been developed for being ineracted with by finger touch on icons, not for typing on a keyboard (even if the latter is of course needed sometimes).
    I will install the BIG update (if it should appear one day) only to try it. Maybe it’s totally great, but I doubt that very much.

  92. Samsung has it on the Galaxy Tab as that is actually a phone. It has nothing to do with the open handset alliance.
    Please tell me the name of only one non-Honeycomb tablet with official market access. I doubt you will find one (except for some illegal China crap maybe).

  93. There’s another reason: screen resolution. Android prior to 3.0 doesn’t support screen resolutions of more than 480×854. All apps should work with this maximum resolution. The Galaxy Tab doesn’t offer more than 480×800 pixels, so it’s within the limits of the phone versions of Android and gets, together with it being a phone, market access.
    As Google can’t ensure that apps work with higher res (as Adam does and most other bigger tablets) and often enough they don’t do properly, they don’t allow market access for those devices. Landscape mode a standard is another issue many apps don’t support. And with all these issues Google doesn’t want Android users being confused or annoyed and as they can’t prevent Android being used on whatever device they try to minimize the problem.

  94. adamjuly2010: The bonus mystery feature disappeared before it was mentioned 😉

  95. Unlike many on this blog, I am NOT considering selling my Adam or buying another tablet anytime soon.

    My PQi wifi Adam has virtually replaced my laptop and kindle.

    Sure, I’m looking forward to updates to fix many annoying bugs, but in the meantime I’m just using my stock Eden Adam.


  96. I emailed NI support on may 1 they replied may 2 with the update will be out 1st or 2nd week of may i did forget to ask if it was going to be OTA or not but im reading that OTA is still broken but i thought i saw that the 80411 build fixed it but i could be missquoteing on that and read wrong

  97. I agree with you. I am also on stock and have installed Launcher Pro. I am pretty happy with my Adam.
    The two things I still look for improvement:
    1. GPS which after the latest update seems to be working faster in finding the location.
    2. Camera quality.

    I really love my Adam for its speed and its touch sensitivity (even after the protector film).

  98. Has anyone noticed the improvement in GPS? Before the last update, after turning GPS on and loading OSMAND it took more than 5 minutes for OSMAND to show my location (when I stand in my balcony). Now it takes less than two minutes and if the GPS is already on before switching on the tablet, by the time the system boots and when you load OSMAND, the location is already on the map. I tried this two three times (shutting down and booting Adam) and every time location was visible. One may say that the last view is stored. When I ask for ‘for my location’, the system used to say ‘location not yet known’. Now it does not say.

  99. Hey Dwarf,
    you might have already replied to this question but I don’t receive the comments in my inbox anymore, anyway did you receive your Transformer ?

  100. Btw Iconia Tab A500 launched in India . Price 27990 Indian Currency for Wi-FI .

  101. For some reason, I stopped getting emailed comments. Lets see if this will restart them.

  102. Oops, no place to check for email comments. Is this blog being phased out?

  103. @mark-indiana

    My recent experience with the adam is somewhat akin to waking up each day with a new device.

    You know the joy or frustration you get in configuring a new device. Sometimes they work out of the box and sometimes not. It’s that way in the adam’s case. What worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. And in NI’s favor they didn’t charge extra for that.

    Yesterday l was able to do most of what l wanted, today not so much.

    For now l’m using it preferably for reading on the Kindle Reader and that at least works.

    I’m on stock adam and hoping for a better experience with the coming update.

    And if l need any help l can always call on levpius. ” : )


  104. No just customer support :D, but really there should be a subscribe button up top if your active X is enabled

  105. Same here. My Kindle is collecting dust, and I may put it up for sale, or just give it away.
    I’ll probably have to sell one of my Adams to pay for the Transformer I just bought, but the hardest part is deciding which one to sell. The second hand one has a compass that works better than the one I bought from NI, but its camera is upside down when flipped over, but its GPS works a bit more often than the other, so there are complex issues going on. The one I bought has 3G but I can’t find anyone who can put a sim card into it. Because it looks like it has substandard GPS chipset I’ll probably get to send it back to NI for repair. After I get it back I’ll still have to decide whether to sell it or the second hand one.
    Know anyone who wants a vintage Adam (from PO1)?
    Waiting is

  106. That’s mostly all I do! I feel ashamed to admit it. But damn this game is addictive.

    Also try Samurai Vengeance II… fun… nice graphics.

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