Closer to the Blue!

Hello All,

We have been making inroads, and in the right directions. Posted below are some of the changes along with few good feature updates, coming soon to your Adam.



The design is more synchronized, more clean and useful.  You will see bunch of new applications along with the Book Promise. The licensing agreements on 2 major areas (flash n book client) took a little  longer, but are now on their way.

Master Card is also up (as might have noticed by some people already) since last 5 weeks.

Content. There is one thing which drives every human sub-consciously (assuming necessities like food and shelter are not in the way), and that is Recognition. It is something which forces us to test our limits, take risks, be creative and bold. Ever since computing was accelerated in world war II (when people realized the need of automation when it comes to simple calculation and decisions) our lives have been made easier. And today here we are,  a generation with completely different reasons for using computers.

Computers have kept our creative mind engaged, but it has also created a very huge gap between those who can contribute and those who want to. This contribution is fundamentally guided by the programming world. Think about it, the 1980’s is when we saw personal computers on the rise, with the OS as the framework. People realised that they can create a lot of things like applications and embed their idea on these wonderful devices, thus enabling a lot of people, and in a way recognizing their efforts. In 2007 this was again accelerated by the iPhone, again a very big platform for people to create applications, for entertainment, enabling and making lives different. Imagine how satisfying it is for the creators of Angry Birds, that their app is famous, used by  the who’s who of today.

But there are people who are interested in these devices, who are brilliant artists in their own fields, but are either not programmers, don’t like to code or don’t think of an application as a necessary platform to work on. However, they all want to see exponential growth, global reach and critical acclaim, looking for deeper, richer and transatlantic groups to learn more, teach more, discuss or evolve ideas together. Our niche interest areas may be different – you could be a photographer, an author, a paleontologist, an astronomer, a poet who wants to be anonymous, an upcoming writer or may be a person who wants to teach simple scientific principles in a very unique way. But where is the platform for all of us to work on and do what we want to do, specially if we want to devote the time we save after committing the rest to social constrains?

This summer Notion Ink is starting a unique (but mostly concealed, though we will open it for a small number of people in different domains who match the criterion set forth by the team) project which will run in-n-around Bangalore area for next 5-6 months. We’re hiring a very large number of contributors from colleges, clubs, various groups and, from diverse fields. The aim of this project is to create a mature “front and back end” system before we open it for the world. Design and develop a scalable model which is optimized for the goal and comprehensive enough to cover a majority of creative domains. We’re be working on the fascinating fields of the natural language processing, relationship extractions, algorithms like YAGO and snow-ball, and the dream behind all our efforts, the BLISS system.

It’s time OS’s move away from static content and embrace the dynamic, ever evolving state.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. WOW this is great WEEKEND starts with a new post…
    LUV U

    Keep it up ROHAN…. PO3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Finally, Rohan is back 🙂
    I like the changes, keeping the leaves.
    Nice insight in the future…
    How soon is ‘soon’?

  3. Indeed – future insight…

    I really like the LEAVES… and now much more enhanced…

    I hope an update is available for us…

  4. Great to see an update….. Its exciting as always..

    History is being written at NI Banglore office…..we will b narating this as a story to coming generations………all the best Rohan and team!!!
    Will try to contribute in all the ways possible……

    Rajesh Sethi

  5. While this seems like an interesting development, and all, I personally would like some more information on how the current software is coming along, possibly updates regarding the compatibility with honeycomb (is the adam actually ventana dressed in harmony’s clothing?), and I would like to see some info as far as update to the eden apps and/or genesis. This post seems like stalling and avoiding the more important pressing matters of satisfying your current customers with less buggy software (Calendar is the one app that I really want to love, but the constant force closes are making it a useless application) and more kernel updates. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting glimpses of whats available in the future, but I really want to be able to use the stock Eden ROM confident that it will not randomly crash on me, or become useless at a moments notice. For now I am driven to use Beasts ROM, but I am looking forward to the day that the stock ROM is good enough to bring me back. I love Edan, but its just not usable right now.

  6. This sounds like a very good approach. It will require lots of R&D .. let’see how far you can go ! Kee[ updating us about it.

  7. wow the interface looks so much more useful! I will miss the red colors!!!!!

  8. Keep it up Rohan. Please be regular with your weekly update. We are also keen to see this forum moving to NI official website with a better interface to read and comment.

  9. I guess the next question is when will the update be here, will it be over the air, or a file to download and install. It does look cleaner

    On the second part of the post, it seems to be pretty esoteric, will we be seeing the resultes come to the adam, bit by bit, or will it be a big reveal to the world in the fall/winter

  10. Hi Rohan:

    I like the changes to the leaves. 🙂

    However, really, really expected more than coming up with something newer and highly technological, felt something like a cricketing ‘bouncer’.

    By ‘more’, I mean follow up on the existing issues, and what NI is doing to rectify them. I have read umpteen number of posts with rants, complaints and even more complaints. Addressing these issues and trying to find solutions, was what I was looking forward to! C’mon I don’t expect Rohan (CEO of NI) to explain each and everything in detail, but a touch here and there, providing confidence that things are moving ahead and updates are in process soon (also ‘soon’ needs to be defined quantitatively!).

    All in all, getting a blog post from Rohan himself is a big high for the entire wordpress community. Happy to see you back Rohan, but not in the elements we usually see! 🙂


  11. Some nice stuff there 🙂

    But the important question still remains unanswered……

    When can I order one,ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I asked the same question in one of the departments at my work where they were hiring new people (my boyfriend applied for a job and they said they will do the interviews soon). Here’s what I got in reply: “Maybe today, next week, next month, next year?..” Hopefully this “soon” is sooner 🙂

  13. Nice…..good to note that NI has completely come out of the “teething blues” & moving again. I liked the fact that Rohan after a long time didnt have to justify about delivery, support, hardware issue, software etc., I use various ROMs for my different Adams, but liked what I saw in the images. Great to know that Rohan/NI are back creatively thinking…Way to go…

  14. I love the changes that are shown here. I like red app ribbon, but the black one shown here is fancier 🙂 Design really looks better balanced. Can’t wait to get the update! 🙂

  15. Come on…Rohan does not need to update on issues everytime. I was a big critic of NI support, almost cancelled my PO2 order. But in the last month the turn around is amazing. Besides you could always post on & get an NI official reply for it. (I dont like the idea of logging in with my facebook id but hundreds of them do)

    Lets get back to the creative ways of thinking that this blog was meant to be not a place to crib & complaint, not after all the teething problems are taken care off, hardware and software will get better issues will be resolved, if NI doesnt, NI-A, NI-H, XDA will.

  16. Great to see an update,When can we expect an update to be sent to our Adams?

  17. I came back to France after a nice earthquake in Japan and NOW I want my Adam !!
    My 3rd arm is growing quickly it wants his tablet !

    pls PO3 !

    Chears !

  18. Keep up the good work, great to see that Notion Ink is more creative than ever!

  19. But the design is gradually moving towards being more wbe2.0-ish. I liked the “scribble” look. But there is indeed a lot of improvement space within the apps… e.g. proper quoting & copying in mail’d (I hate TOFU – except in a good stir fried wok pan), a bookmarks-button in the browser, Adblock-functionality to name a few.

    Well, back to work. I hope I can contribute to the community next weekend. Haven’t used my adam much – except for Angry Birds and a little mail checking.

  20. Have you noticed the little blue bars under the icons of gallery, music player and Browse? Is it CP usage?

    Also the connection between mail’d and to-do-lists is pretty.
    And Asterix comics. yeah.

  21. Thanks for the new post, Rohan. I was waiting for this. As for the interface, i am with ADWLauncher rite now. Hope your updates take me back to the stock interface. Waiting for that too.

    Btw, how soon is soon?

    Read and written from my Adam. 🙂

  22. I agree, that is part of the fun of owning adam. I think some of the software improvements look pretty darn exciting also 😀

  23. new UI seems really cool….more multitasking options….i didn’t quite understand the concealed project that Rohan ur talking about…all this talk about natural language processing, snow-ball seem to be pointing towards ai…but how does that tie up with adam? how does Genesis tie up into all this? or was it Genesis that you talking about?

    as always rohan is up to his cryptic ways 🙂 but i guess thats good…we all have our adams to prove that.

    keep up the good work NI.

  24. you would have noticed many of rohan’s post have a hint of “esoteric”.

  25. The new design looks great, however i will believe it when I see it. In the meantime it would be great if the renowned world class support starts getting the issues fixed rather thanasking the customers to keep flashing their device with a new/existing build.

    Sorry fortherant

  26. Nice to see a post from Rohan 🙂

    But, it just feels like a smoke screen to avoid known issues, e.g. GPS problems, etc.

    I want these dealt with, not especially updates to the launcher, and news about honeycomb development would be good.

    Instead we have the history of computing!

    I was alive when it started so meaningless to me to go back, I want to move forward.

    Sorry if this sounds negative but all that seems to be resolved is Mastercard, and how about naming the “bunch of new apps”?

  27. Yes they sure are. Just trying to keep positive. In the past, say June 2010 through December 2010, I really liked the post. All about the vision and the future. That is what made me fall in love with the Adam and all it’s wonderfully potential. What I am mire looking for now is answered about the present, when will updates be out. When will genesis open etc.

    This post gives a hint that the current Adam is about to be improved. But we don’t really know it could be this won’t be released for months or it could be days. It is really just a tease and I was hoping for more solid information. But I am happy he is back and posted something

  28. Lovin my adam to DEATH.
    But honestly, all I want to hear right now is word on the honeycomb front… you know?

    I feel like this post almost dodges the bigger question…
    But thanks, Rohan, for breaking the silence!

  29. After your rant theatrics that may have made you more noticeable 🙂 , you are using the word positive on every other comment… 😀

  30. Sorry to come off as pessimistic, but is this really going to change the workability of the current Adam? I have managed to get my Adam working in a decent manner using a custom rom. I’m sorry to say that I have little faith that changing the “look of the Ui will do much to change how well it works. I was hoping to hear good news about Adam getting Honeycomb. Based on what I’ve seen from Notion Ink so far I would much rather have a vanilla version of Honeycomb then some hocus pocus from Notion Ink. Leaving the Adam hardware still unable to accomplish a good deal of what it is designed for. The facts are Google has invested huge amounts developing the Android platform. It would be hard to convince me that Notion ink has the funds or ability to come up with anything that can do the job better.

    I will become a believer again when I see regular posts and updates from Rohan. That actually make Adam a good functioning device. In essence do what you say your going to do. The new startup excuse is wearing thin. Many of your competitors are coming out with Tablets based on Honeycomb. We have invested in the Adam product. Now we are being promised a change of look in an inferior UI. Don’t you think it’s kind of sad that the hacking community can make the Adam more functional then the company who brought the hardware together?

    I have supported Notion Ink for a very long time, but actions speak much louder then words. Everything becomes a vague promise that seems to always go unkempt. Forgive me if I sound dissatisfied, but sometimes we have to face the true reality of situation. I agree with “themave” it seems like we are being teased again. Frankly it’s looks like the same old BS just a different Saturday.

    To conclude. Adam can be “decent hardware” but you must “hack” the device to have any chance of seeing it. Nothing I’ve seen in today’s post from Rohan convinces me that is about to change……

  31. Good to see a new post from Rohan and with pics no doubt. I certainly understand that NI has a long way to go to with the Adam. But I do believe that they are making good progress and this new post shows it. They continue to develop for the Adam and are making enhancements to the Eden UI, they have started an official blog which I post on as well using my Facebook acct. So in my mind I believe that owners of the Adam have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. I look forward to seeing the upcoming changes.

  32. I would say to all who want honeycomb, by a honeycomb tablet, it looks like even google is already looking on to icecream, and that motorola pushed their tablet to soon, there are just as many problems. Granted that the OS on the adam is really not usable in its initial design, it is no different than the g tablet from viewsonic, however gtab, is going to die off because the manufacturer doesn’t really care about it, oh yeah and they don’t really have a blog where we can all go and complain. So in the end this is a company, and Rohan should be busy making the adam work right, or working with google to get honeycomb(unlikely because of the cost to join the google club). So enjoy the ride or get off…

    ONE THING TO ROHAN, GIVE US THE KERNAL SOURCE- NIH has kept this dream alive with the help of xda, the thing about these development sites is, well they developers based off the needs of the people, the kernal source would make people happy until you can get out your new OS thus giving people more options which is the right kind of dream we should follow, your tablet your way!

  33. As in many of your posts, your thinking is so evolutionary. I now am resigned to the Adam as conceptual and developmental but the ablity to hack and create makes it superior to anything around. Yes, you can get functuanality but Then you are locked in to whhat is. In that way the Adam project is revolutionary, easoteric, futuristic, whatever but it’s really what we are looking for and our level of patience that determines our actions. As allways, I am impressed with your forward looking, evolutionary concepts. As so many of us said, this promisses to be an excitingvoyage.
    Best regards.

  34. if … eden will be configureable and eden will remember its leaves or at least somekind startup otions for leaves … then i’m sold 🙂
    and i whant back my red ribbon 🙂

  35. … and i see that android-taskbar not blocking leaves any more ! good good…

  36. @Rohan,

    It was nice to see a new post prior to me having my first cup of joe. Hopefully you will keep up this momentum every Saturday now. I will try to be more positive. Now I like what you have show us above, but what about the unanswered issues?
    1. GPS issues
    2. Battery issues
    3. Honey comb – Many tab’s coming out in the comming weeks with HC
    4 Genesis
    5. Official forumn support or lack there of, I don’t see any of your team answering your customers inquiries.
    6. accessories

    Prior to moving on to your next big project I suggest you clean up your current product and make good on your dream, so we can have faith in the next evolution of Notion Ink. I trully hope you have learned from your growing pain’s. Don’t make the same mistake two, three, four times. Well that’s enough of my rant. Rohan you’ve got the hardware, now tweek the software to match the hardware.


    From one Chief to another Have a good day and looking forward to some real developments in Adam….

  37. Hi Rohan! I also love reading your posts, but as a PO2 I am one of the few who hasn’t received my adam and am not getting any response to my emails looking for shipping info. No rant, just inquiring. Still . . .

  38. “”

    I posted about HD video playback quality (video played through youtube app). Anybody has similar issues or other issues regarding video playback?

    Kindly post here on this blog or at conclave. Thanks.

  39. One more thing, Tech spec’s still show bonus mystery feature, when will it no longer be a mystery?

  40. Your rock! OS is just a necessary evil to get the real work done!!
    I like you involving the college crowd – thats where the real raw untainted creativity lies.

  41. Ratcheting tablets up a 2X notch.


    Future vision.

  42. Replied u on ur thread
    Well same issue with me . But then there are some of the things to mention ::

    (1) if see in a portrait mode quality increases substantially

    (2) Without Hq the landscape quality is really pathetic so in that comparision HQ is much better but then Not real HQ

    (3) there is a option in setting to start videos in high quality but thn no real impact in quality when I checked tht option

    Any pointers will be appreciated

    p.s.:: Mine is LCD and just saw RIo 1080 trailor and even it has the same problem.
    But I dont think this is a problem with adam.Because I habe watched many high quality lynda tutorials video related to photography on my adam and they were of crisp and high qualitiy.

  43. Hi Rohan, I love the additional functionality, but I do miss the red coloring and the sketchy look, that gave it a bit of a custom look, not so much like everyone else. It would be great to compromise between the functional enhancements and the original look.

  44. >>From one Chief to another Have a good day and looking forward to some real developments in Adam….

  45. Does anyone have problems using PPTP VPN?
    in my adam’s impossible to connect

  46. If I had some customer login details maybe (which I don’t) Icould access that page.

    So the question still remains…when will they open up so people can order one.???

  47. This was just fluff. there is no mention of what is being improved to get stability on the current build.
    i have way too many stability issues with the current install. some apps launching upside down. touch is not sensitive enough,etc…

    overall, i am not too happy about the pixelqi i bought.

  48. Wally Said “The facts are Google has invested huge amounts developing the Android platform. It would be hard to convince me that Notion ink has the funds or ability to come up with anything that can do the job better.”

    Wally I agree that goggle has the resources and the ability, but they also are developing for the broad market, especially phone since that is where it all started, they are programming for a base experience, where Notion Ink can suceed, is by coming up with a unique experience that pushes the limits, after all a huge reason Android is popular in the first place is becuase it is open source and some many poeple can credti custom roms that make the experience different and better for there needs.
    Notion Ink can suceed with eden by making it a unique and usefull interface. they won’t have a huge share of the market, becuase there will be many who want a different experience, but they can get a nice peice of the market, none the less.

    I am hopefull, yet I also feel somewhat like you, I dont’ like the tease, we do need specific answers and solutions.

  49. I just added some photos of a PQ screen with and without the matte protector to the FAQ WIKI.

    I’ve been playing with my ADAM for two weeks now and have “discovered” a couple of interesting items.

    Using the GPS test software the signal strength of the GPS constellation with the tablet laying parallel to the ground, display up with a clear view of the sky, signal strength readings around 10 to 30 dB. Flip the tablet over so the display is facing down and the signals jump up to 30 to 50 dB. This implies the GPS antenna is “upside down” for proper operation. Even with the higher signal strength receiving multiple satellites the software reports ZERO Locks.

    The compass jumps around displaying Browanian Motion. It’s also worthless.

    I put a couple of Windows Media Files on ADAM. Sniffer shows them and the media player will play them. Unfortunately they don’t show up in the player album / artist / song lists on the player. The player lists also show duplicate entries. I guess I’ll need to convert the files to MP3s. I haven’t tried playing any ogg files yet.

    I tried playing one 720 P video. It plays with the exception that the audio is not sync’d with the video at all.

    I connected up my Pioneer portable USB DVD recorder. ADAM wouldn’t recognize it. 😦

    Still haven’t received my login information for conclave which I requested over a week ago.

    Rohan, Any plans for listing the current OS versions on the NI Web site?
    Would also like a breakdown as to the reasoning behind the numbers.

    As to the dreams and asperations, I’d be more interested with the work on getting the compass, GPS, camera, and battery issues corrected. I’d also like some “real” information on the ability to run/ instructions on installing Ubuntu instead of worrying about whether Honeycomb will work.

    (I’m looking for a tablet to replace my 16 lb laptop. Ubuntu will provide those capabilities where as the phone based Google software Android doesn’t.)

  50. The images of the improved Eden looks sleek, but I liked the icons in the current Eden, hope we have a choice and some tailoring… red band was better too! Anyway not expecting these changes for atleast couple months….
    The second half of the post took me back to mid – 2010 posts… although, now something is missing, the reaction is more like… “Whatever”…. hope this changes for the good!

  51. Ok so what id like to see
    1) a save state for the panels so they load on restart
    2)gps fixed (i dont use it but would like to have it working)
    3)acelaromitor fixed (if it is a true problem not sure on this one)
    4)regular updates to the software and firmware
    5)regular updates from rohan

    I love my adam (Stock Eden) and have had no real problems love the new look for the UI cant wait for this update to be released

  52. hi Rohan,

    It is good that you are moving in the right direction.
    However, despite your confirmation in your last post dated 29th march that every single Adam has been shipped – I have still to receive mine.
    And I know that I am not alone.

    Support has been giving wrong updates and promising that your logistics partner will contact in ‘one day’ ‘two days’ but alas….

    I have been your strong supporter from the very begining and even to the extent of wanting to promote sales of Adam in russia, but unfortunately with the problems that you have been saddled and the delays I had put my plans on a backburner till I received my Adam for which I am still waiting…

  53. Hopefully next update will include a few bugfixes also.. Finallly having adam in my hand and it forced shutdown twice and after the second time it got stock in boot.. still is boot looping like crazy.

    (Don’t tell me to reflash with APX/Recovery update/wipe cache/factory, that much support helped me.. and thats where it ended also)

  54. This is my opnion about Adam after 3 weeks of use. The first week it was a so so week, Eden didn’t really fit my needs and it’s too buggy. So I moved to EdenX and it was better but still very buggy. Once I had to reset everything to factory for some strange issue in Launcher Pro. Then Beast Rom came out and I saw the light. 🙂 Now everything is smooth and clean. So far I’m really satisfied.

    Adam is “perfectly” heavy and it has a very very nice feel in my hands, the cure of the detail makes it a step higher compared to the other flat tablets.
    The hardware is great except, as everyone knows, the LCD quality wich should really be improved. It’s not about the image quality but about the vertical angle of view wich is too narrow. Anyways, once you get used to it you don’t feel it anymore. Stereo speakers are quite good, touch response is clean and fast. WiFi,3G,BT, they all work perfectly.

    So this is it, I waited long, I got at first a little bit disappointed but in the end I’m as glad as I could be, and it gets better day by day. If I were the CEO I would think about moving to honeycomb porting what is good in Eden (Mail’d, Sniffer, Canvas) and leaving that ribbon task manager wich is good as long as you have a very few things installed.

  55. Good update. .. personally I see my Adam investment as an opportunity to participate in an incubator creation. The idea from Wally that it is too little to late is understandable. But I am having a good time learning about android . In fact I just bought an htc inspire @ $49 us . I never expected the Adam to be mass market ready. So basically I am having fun watching it grow. If you using Adam for work, check out the citric receiver app. .. very cool.


  56. To an avid Notion Ink Fan, this post and where it leads may sound fantastic. But, to the outside World, who may not be so avid to “wait forever”, there’s still ordering/manufacturing/shipping delays/irregularities, and so many promised lands too far to reach.

    Would it hurt to get done what was promised first, before showing another greener pasture “bliss”, or whatever else has been promised?

    I hope Notion Ink is not banished from the various media coverage it has got until now, because it keeps failing on various fronts.

    Atleast Viewsonic has tied up with retail stores in USA, why is adam still not available likewise? After all NI had said they had tieups with a “Big” USA retailer?

    Atleast Xoom, and Toshiba Ant will have android 3.0 support and blessing from Google. But where is the same for NI adam? After all NI had said “we wish we could tell you about how GOOGLE is involved with NI on adam”? I guess it was really not worth mentioning.

    These are big let downs for me. Whereas I own an ipad long before adam had released, I was a big proponent of adam to my friends, some of whom even ordered adam, only to cancel their order due to the many delays, bugs and unkept promises.

  57. I like the new looks of the UI. Looking forward for the next Adam update.

    BTW, I’ve installed Dolphin HD brower. It gives the same Firefox like browser experience.


  58. Hello Rohan,
    I am a student presently pursuing for the degree of Architecture in School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. I would like to be a part of this programme. I just made a wordpress account just to drop this comment. I would be glad to come to bangalore and be a part on my own expense. Being a student of Architecture, design is an integral part of my life, and Adam is one of the best designs I have seen.
    Please let me be a part of your dream, i really want to be.

  59. Ok, this is a LONG post. You’ve been warned 🙂

    Here is a recount of my experiences so far with my ADAM.

    Quick summary: very useful tablet. DEFINITELY not perfect and still has a long way to go before it is something to brag about. the only reasons I will to stick to it for me are 1) it’s paid for 2) the pixel Qi screen.

    DISCLAIMER: I will do my best to praise what I like and will probably bash what I don’t. I am not dismissing NI’s work to get to this point and that is not my intention. That being said this is my most sincere and respectful opinion of my experience with my ADAM so far, albeit maybe with a touch of humor here and there.

    Here is a more detailed list of what i have observed so far :

    My setup:
    P Qi, 3G, WiFi
    rooted (as per NIH instructions)
    stock EDEN ROM
    Using ADW Ex as the launcher

    EDEN UI:

    I wish I could have used it more, quite frankly I don’t think it is ready for primetime.
    The idea is nice, but more often than not the UI tends to get in the way instead of offering a transparent user experience. I used it for about 4 days and gave up on it. Decided to switch to ADW EX. Best choice ever.

    — double tapping to activate/use the panels is not intuitive. It just reminds me that I am using a panel. That first tap gets in the way of the experience
    — when I turn off my adam, whatever panels I had disappear. This gives me even less of an incentive to use them
    — at times i found myself scrolling through the app launcher strip and accidentally launched apps. gets annoying after a while
    — the app launcher strip would be really useful if it kept top 10 or maybe top 20 most recent/latest used apps. Having all my apps in it is not really useful. Ta
    — takes a long time to look them up.
    — I don’t necessarily want to search by name
    — The menus seem to be low res overall. I think this has to do with the max screen resolution more than anything else. Best example is to look at any radial option button or the
    circular dropdown menus.
    — They look pixelated and not like a perfect circle.
    — As a result of the pixelation they also don’t look like they have uniform line coloring
    — notifications bar. Very impractical. It is a pain to use and it takes up screen real estate instead of just sharing it. Can’t think of one good reason to have it there on the upper left.
    — I feel it breaks the whole Eden experience and that it is very out of place in the UI
    — you can’t ‘fast flick’. If you flick your finger fast to get to the end of a menu it ends up either a)not doing anything b)thinks you made a selection
    — small fonts don’t look good.
    — the app launcher strip is hard to toggle sometimes. I tend to find myself double and triple tapping sometimes to get it to work.
    — desktop view lags

    Conclusion: EDEN still has a long way to go before it is something to brag about. the panels concept is a nice one, but EDEN as a whole needs some thorough polishing.

    — super responsive screen
    — good memory specs
    — camera: meh
    — i guess ok
    — keeps refocusing
    — still can’t read barcodes and QRcodes
    — rotate feature is very nice
    — i don’t like the feel of the camera. makes me feel like i’ll break it. Feels plasticky and fragile.
    — need some lights or something on the buttons. I is really hard to use the tablet at night to do some reading if I can’t even see the buttons.
    – or at least some sort of surface indication that tells us which button we are touching.
    — SD card and SIM card : Nice
    — size of the slot for the micro sd card and the sim. NOT nice. a smaller one would look more refined.
    — on/off switch.
    — I feel that it would be better to change the direction in which you turn on your ADAM. I suggest that we turn on the ADAM by sliding the switch towards the outside of the
    tablet. This would help at turning it on with just one hand in a faster, more natural way.
    — apps with long titles get clipped by the launch ribbon
    — the back button looks like a “refresh” symbol.
    — I found the EDEN desktop by mistake. accessing it is not intuitive
    — Magnetic, compass, accelerometer sensors
    — They all seem to be outputting values that make sense. I used the app “Sensor List” to take a look at their output and they seemed to respond consistently to movement in all
    — linear forward, sideways, up/down movement was well tracked by the accelerometer.
    — tablet position and angle were well tracked by the magnetic and orientation sensors as well. Granted that not all with the same value range.
    — this tells me that issues with the compass/accelerometer/magnetic sensor are software based.
    — If you download the app “accelerator sensor” you will notice that when you use the adam on landscape with the camera on the lower side then the x and y axes get
    — I think I also observed this happening with the GPS status app.
    — the values are reported almost realtime. don’t know if they should be throttled a bit to normalize them
    — which brings me to GPS
    — apparently there is a pretty decent GPS sensor being used in the ADAM. It detects more sat’s than my EVO does. Problem is that it just won’t lock on a connection.
    — camera:
    — Feels flimsy
    — I feel that the software for the camera could be better
    — It cannot scan any barcodes/QR codes
    — Used it for TANGO for video chat and it worked well.
    — Constantly refocusing
    — USB ports
    — it would be nice to be able to charge the ADAM over the Mini-USB port
    — inserting a USB drive and removing it makes ADAM crash and reboot
    — Display
    — Love the pixel Qi. I hope they come out with better resolutions though.
    — works really well under bright fluorescent lighting (aka classrooms 🙂 )
    — VERY responsive (and i have the matte protector on)
    — I have noticed that some of the lagginess with EDEN is more EDEN’s fault than the screen not detecting input. ADW works like a dream.
    — some apps don’t scale well. They seem to extend a bit over the boundaries of the display.
    — sometimes I get some strange horizontal lines on the screen when a screen is rendered.
    — Speakers
    — Awesome and loud. 🙂
    — Headphone jack
    — Decent
    — I feel it is too close to the power jack though. Same approx. size as well. Feel like it is an accident waiting to happen.
    — Wifi
    — no problems so far
    — Bluetooth
    — cannot connect to the internet through another device using bluetooth
    — cannot receive files from other devices using bluetooth
    — cannot use my keyboard or mouse over bluetooth
    — Vibration
    — some vibration feedback would be nice
    — Microphone
    — it is ok
    — apparently it receives feedback from the speakers.
    — Touch
    — I find it hard to believe that ADAM only tracks 2 touches. I downloaded “multitouch vis test” and the screen definitely reacts to more than 5 touches. It only specifically
    recognizes 2 though. Makes me think that this is also just another firmware/software issue that can be improved
    — HDMI :
    — It is GREAT to have this. That being said, it seems to output the same resolution seen on the tab meaning that videos and apps get down-sampled and look grainy on the TV.
    — It would be really nice to be able to rotate the image as well, given that it always displays on landscape mode.

    — Mail’d :
    — force closes on me. gave up on it.
    — Calendar :
    — force closes.
    — can’t sync with google calendar (When I tap on the add account>Calendar, nothing happens)
    — Sniffer
    — looks nice, unstable though. Using AndroZip. Not as great looking but practical at least.
    — Music
    — Power Amp. Hands off, the best. nothing else needs to be said 🙂
    — Launcher:
    — ADW ex
    — Browser:
    –Dolphin HD. T H E B E S T
    — the adam’s browser is frustrating
    — Reading
    — Google Books
    — Kindle
    — Sync
    — DoubleTwist and AirSync
    — Maps
    — google maps
    — OSMAND
    — vector graphics map library rules !
    — Note-taking
    — genial writing
    — PDF viewing
    — RepligoReader. (AWESOME)

    — Video
    — HD video streaming is a NO-GO. It is very choppy and pixelated. Not useful at all.

    — Thumb Keyboard
    — note on the ADAM keyboard. I noticed that when you type on the ADAM keyboard the buttons have a green highlight when you type. Except that it is a static green highlight.
    Regardless of where in the key you “press” it highlights the same area. In other words it is not really tracking finger presses. This looks cheap, I’d rather not have the
    highlights at all if they are going to be fake.

    There , I think this covers most of my experience so far. Again I have to say I like my tablet, but there is definitely a LOT to improve on it. Feel free to send any questions you have !

  60. @hadesto, very thorough, thanks

    BTW google calendar is accssed via settings-accounts-add new calendar
    however it seems to not sync fully, adding new events outside are seen in adam, but adding events in adam don’t seem to make it back to google, so its a half-duplex sync at the moment.


  61. So I tried doing settings>account> add new account> calendar

    but all I get is an error that says
    “the application email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I believe this has to do with a time my adam ran out of battery and shut down. it ended up corrupting all my apps and I had to reinstall them. I am guessing that the solution for this would be to reflash my adam, but haven’t had the time to go into that. Thanks though.

  62. Yeah, that’s happened to me too.
    After I reflashed AND upgraded AND reinstalled market root, THEN I immediately installed Titanium Backup, made a backup of everything, and NOW I feel safe. (Had to restore from this backup once already).

    When you get around to doing the add account, there’s some trick to it, like the servers a or something like that. I can’t recall and I can’t look it up. It doesn’t seem to let you see your settings, only set them LOL.

    I think I found the answer by googling “what settings do I use to syncronise with google calendar” and trawling through the unhelpful answers to find the right one. It was pretty simple once I found it, and the new calendar was automatically added into the calendar app, but the syncronisation problem I mentioned earlier is still a little issue.

    I syncronised with my HTC Desire HD, and it works both ways, but again couldn’t get an event I entered into Adam to sync up to Google.

    Anyways, I think it will get there, but something I am learning about Rohan and NI is that our timeframe (“we want it now”) doesn’t fit with theirs (“amazing things are coming to the future of humaity”). I really plead for a middle ground, something like “Please give us the basics in good working order – with or without honeycomb, and keep working on the dream”

    Peaceout adamfreaks


    P.S. For dwarf – Waiting is
    ……………………………………… inevitable but worth it so far IMHO

  63. 1st weekend with Adam and a post from Rohan to top it. Looking forward to the new updates. So far Stock Eden has worked well, forced closures on calendar and FB app not working but rest all is fine.
    Rohan, expected you to rest the Harmony vs Ventana debate once and for all but there is no mention of that in your post….atleast a PS?? Or is it that you feel it was just a needless exuberance from an enthusiast where as your previously blogged stance still holds true.

  64. Hey.. I would be glad if I can be a part of the experiment in bangalore. Do you plan to include entrepreneurs?

    Btw, shipping to India is still not on, without the custom issues?

  65. “tablet position and angle were well tracked by the magnetic and orientation sensors as well. Granted that not all with the same value range.
    — this tells me that issues with the compass/accelerometer/magnetic sensor are software based.”

    So what you are saying is that the magnetic values are off because of a software issue?

    HTC Magic:
    AK8976A 3-axis Magnetic field sensor.
    Version: 1
    Vendor: Asahi Kasei
    MAX: 2000.0
    Resolution= 1.0
    Power= 6.7

    Red=14 Green= 20 Blue=7

    Version: 1
    Vendor: MMC3140
    MAX: 4.0
    Resolution= 0.1953125
    Power= 0.003

    Values are anywhere from +13000 to -12000 and jumping all over the place.

    If this is just a software issue why has NI not solved it yet?

  66. Ok people, need help. My adam’s bricked and it won’t even come on in forced recovery mode. Anyone else has this problem? BTW, I only rooted it for market from notioninkhacks but that worked fine for about a month and a half until last Friday.

  67. agian stuck in moderation! Not sure what is getting more annoying, reading about problems with the adam or not being able to contribue to the discussion 🙂

    Anyway, I like the future outlook as it ties with my ideas about how learning (education) should be organized.

  68. @all: check “” part “C” to update your unrooted adam to the most recent version NIP020080411.

    The information was provided by notion ink support.

  69. Problem solved. There was some issue with my SD card which is why adam wouldn’t boot. Removed SD card and it’s working fine.

  70. agreed. I actually found the instructions too. but the thought of re-flashing my adam now and having to install everything again… I’ll hold off for now 🙂 Don’t miss calendar in my ADAM that much, never had it in the first place anyway 😉 Thanks for the tips !

  71. Well, got a answer from team. Promised to give another tracking number. THIRD, BTW. 🙂
    Others two is not working.

  72. got it 4r4nd0mninj4. Very good call actually. In all truth I haven’t really had a chance to go to the detail of the values themselves. what I was looking for is for sensor reaction more than anything else. My guess is that each sensor might have (emphasis on might since this is pure conjecture at this moment) different ranges/sensitivity and so I am not sure of how useful it would be to compare the numbers themselves. however, seeing the sensors track orientation continually tells me that with the right scaling factor they should be working properly.

    Its like , whether I know it’s north by 150 or 100 points. I don’t really think it is that important. As long as I know it’s north with sufficient accuracy to differentiate from all other directions, that works for me.

    BTW what I meant by software issue is that if the sensor output is consistent, I don’t understand why the OS is not interpreting it right. the sensor graphs are not jumping all over the place.

    One more thing to take a look at is sensor data rate. The data rate on the adam sensors seems to be much higher than the sensor data rate on my phone. which means that the adam should be much more sensitive to changes than my phone.

    thanks for the comment and hope this helps!

  73. @lxne,
    But for your post, I would not have come to know of the latest update. Even two days back, when I checked through my Adam, it said my Adam was upto date.

  74. Another last comment on the data discrepancy. I am not sure that the values are being normalized or not. Could be another reason for the value range discrepancy.

  75. Did anyone notice a missing 3rd picture?

    The images are labeled as ‘1’,’2′,’4′ and ‘5’ but, ‘3’ is missing….. tell us if are you hiding something Rohan…

  76. Ok, I have an issue (my one and only Major Issue!) with my 3G service:

    My Adam Variant is PixelQi + wifi + 3G

    Since Day 1 (03rd April 2011), I have been trying to connect to 3G service through my SIM card, but have not met with success. Here’s what I have been doing.

    1. At first, inserted SIM card into sim card slot, removed airplane mode in order for SIM card to detect networks. No detection. Infact, the screen says, ‘Please insert Sim Card’.

    2. After a week of trying through, ‘automatically detect networks’ and ‘manual select networks’, I did this – Settings –>Wireless & Networks –> Mobile Networks –>Select(ed) ‘Data Enabled’ –> Access Point Names.
    Shows a blank screen. Then, menu –> New APN –> Filled in all the necessary data as in my HTC phone. (I thought I was doing a mistake, but wasn’t)
    When I select Save, it asked for an ‘MCC’ number and ‘MNC’ number! @#$%!&@ What on earth is this! So, no SIM detection still.

    3. Called Service Provider – the nut does not know what is MCC and MNC, and that he is hearing it for the first time. He said ‘maybe your tablet software has some problem’. That is not to be! Thankfully, while he was on the phone, I had my laptop in front of me, googled MCC and MNC and viola!
    MCC – Mobile Country Code (3-digit number)
    MNC – Mobile Network Code (mostly 2-digit number)

    Got both codes on Wikipedia!! I blasted the service agent, and happily hung up thinking my work is almost done and I would have 3G!

    4. I re-started Adam, while SIM was not in. Once on, inserted SIM, then settings and the same drill. This time added the MCC and MNC numbers. However, when I clicked Save, the screen goes to the previous screen where the APN details are supposed to be there, but there was nothing. Blank screen. I did the process over and over 3 times – NOTHING!

    5. Got fed up and am writing a post hoping to get some answers! I did write on conclave, no answers yet.


  77. I just now went thro the process of flashing (for the latest update) without any hitch. The instructions were clear but in my opinion,should be more clear for beginners.

    Thanks, lxne.

  78. @all

    while I’ve had some fun streaming video from a windows share (on beast rom) i can’t play any HD video…
    it plays choppy and/or looks pixelated (depending on player it seems).

    hdmi woks ok but if i play a video on it that is 720p (and my tv is also 720p) it is not displaying the video in 720p on the screen.
    it is far more pixelated then with my atom with nvidia ion chipset.
    never bothered to try 1080p but it would be easy enough to try that.

    i’d like a hw acelerated video player (i’m sure the NV tegra can play hd content)
    and video skype… would be nice as well.

    any tips or hints are welcome

  79. Pl do not change the MCC and MNC code that comes once the SIM card is inserted. Normally if you insert the SIM, you should not get the message ‘Please insert SIM card’., if the SIM is activated. Please try the SIM in any other working device to confirm it is activated.

    If you are on Docomo 3g I can give the settings. MCC will be same for the country but MNC will be different for each ISP. Each entry has to be accurate in the APN setting. I succeeded after two days. It is really sad that the call centre folks hardly know these things. Please contact the support group of the ISP. You can also google (I did that and got two three sets of parameters and one worked)

  80. I love the hardware of the Adam and the consept. I do like Edan as well. I had to switch to the non Edan interface because all I did was immidietly switch to the Non Leaf interface, because there are only a few apps that actually run in the leaf interface. And what ever happend to the well publisized Genisis, Weather and the LongBox app, shoot LongBox is a big part of their introductory video, as is Genisis
    I am anxious to try the new update to the OS, however unless it has more then a couple usable Leaves, I doubt I’ll switch back to it.
    For me from NotionInk I would like to see more colaberation with software devolopers to work with their OS how it is designed. The leaves are a great consept, but if there are only a couple programs that run in that interface, then it’s not worth it.
    As far as the long promised books goes…the Nook app works great so meh. How bout an app that turns off all the 3G stuff and other things that drain the battery so fast. I realize that other people are writing apps that are hacks, but how bout something from the designers of the tablet them selves.
    I do love my Adam’s design, I just wish I could use a non-hacked OS on it.

  81. are we getting persistent leaves? i switched to adw launcher because i want to find my stuff where i left it when i restart. it’s a bit annoying to have to open my leaves all over again every time i restart the adam.

  82. I need a citrix receiver app with sms code log in 😉
    Not available for android yet (checked last week).

  83. I have tried this earlier and concluded that something is wong with Adam. It did connect to 3G at times but not when i required it to. I have a data sim permanently in it and i have observed that it connects sometimes and refuses to do so the other times. Looks like some software glitch which NI has to fix yet.
    The APNs are shown only when the network connects to a 3G network otherwise they disaapear but are stored on Adam.

  84. @hadesto,

    I read your complete evaluation. You have totally articulated why I do not use the stock Notion Ink or Eden X roms. The software in both of these Rom’s is not ready for prime time. I am currently using Josh for trunks compiled “Beast Rom” although not exactly perfect it blows the doors off the Rom’s that retain any significant portion Of Notion Inks UI. Notion Ink has tried to put their own UI over Android 2.2 with pieces of 2.3 thrown in. In doing this they have not focused on making all the “decent” hardware on Adam function as it should. Or maybe there really isn’t an FM radio in Adam. Building a great UI on top of an all ready fairly solid Os like Android 2.2 is like trying to stack several extra cherries directly on top of the one already nice cherry that sits on top of your ice cream sundae. It is extremely difficult to keep them all balanced without running a tooth pick through them to hold them all together. Notion Ink hasn’t even got a tooth pick in as of yet. When they do you still are likely going to have to take it out to have bite. Notion Ink isn’t the only company that has this problem. They just have it much worse then most.

    Remember when Rohan stated he had love for for Notion Ink hacks and XDA developers? In the early going these “hackers” were a tremendous help in digging Notion Ink out of it’s hole full of cherries. For the duration of my ownership of Adam I will continue to trust the people that have at least some semblance of an idea on how to make this tablet work.

    I remember reading an interview awhile back where Rohan was asked why he got into the tablet business in the first place? Pardon me if I don’t have his answer exactly as it was stated. It was something to the effect that he wanted a tablet device that would suit his own personal needs and the best way to accomplish that would be to design it himself. My hat is off to him for accomplishing that feat and actually bringing in an existence a tablet of a design that was mostly his. Interestingly Adam’s configuration does look like it was put together for a left handed person. ” The four button’s on the bezel are on the left side of the bezel. For a right handed person the natural desire is to hold the Adam with your left hand and touch the screen and bezel buttons with your right hand. I don’t know how many times I have inadvertently hit one of those bezel buttons when trying to hold Adam in my left hand. It is pretty much understood that 90% of people are right handed. It looks like if Adam ever gets Honey comb those bezel buttons will no longer be of huge importance as Honeycomb uses on screen buttons that I think can be placed where the user would like to have them. Now you tell me who you would trust to write your Tablet’s software? Google or Notion Ink?

  85. @wally

    quick q on the beast ROM (or anyone else running non-stock roms)

    Do you still have the problems with the sensors?

    aka: gps won’t lock, weird accelerometer responses.

    Do you get wifi/3g ok?

    Is there anything in stock EDEN that is not available on the custom ROMS?


  86. Well said. It’s quite a pity that the Adam shipped with so many bugs. The hardware seems sound, but why was the GPS and Bluetooth not tested before they were shipped? I received my tablet on March 30th and my first email to support was on April 2nd. I sent a reminder email on April 6th only to get a stock reply about a Flash update that would “solve” all my issues. They have stalled for the last two weeks and won’t give me an RMA number. How can I return it under their “30 day” return policy if they will not give me an RMA number?

  87. Well I don’t think WIfi is a software issue. In my room, which is a bit far from my wi-fi router, adam always has pathetic signal while my both laptops have supern wifi strength. Will be writing a review this week as I am mostly using adam these days and hope will be able to give a balance heads up 🙂

  88. I ran EDEN, EDENx, Beast, and Cyanogen7 Beta…and swapped back and fourth more times than I can count.

    GPS/Compass is all over the place, my Bluetooth can only be used for media audio out and my Wi-Fi range is half what my laptops and cell phones get. This is the same across all ROM’s. 3G seems to be about the same or a bit less than my phones.

    Custom ROM’s have been faster and more stable in my opinion. I have been stuck on stock EDEN while troubleshooting for support the last few weeks….now they seem to have forgotten about me. I have yet to test the latest CM7 release.

  89. @ hadesto

    No problems with sensors. Wifi works like a charm. I’ve never tried my 3g. Did not want to deal with ATT so I’ve stuck with wifi. GPS locks fine. I use gmail and it works perfect. I purchased the USA co pilot maps for 4.99 although the foreign maps are pricey. You actually download the maps to your device so you don’t have to have internet for route corrections. USB port works well .Micro sd works fine.
    Eden does not exist on the Beast Rom, It is on EdenX. I only breifly used edenx because I did not want any of eden on my Adam. Although the Beast Rom includes Sniffer, and the Canvas Notion Ink Aps. I know a lot of dedicated Notion Inker’s won’t like me saying this, but Eden is what I don’t like about the stock Notion Ink system. In my opinion it weighs Adam down with a UI that is not all that intuitive and causes more problems then it cures. I really have wished Notion Ink would change their focus to making Adam work properly and take a more clean approach to the UI. The Beast Rom offers two launchers, launcher pro and ADW. It is very much widget based like many Android mobile phones. The best thing about it, is that it works. Forced closures are almost non existent. Eden has it’s leaves system that I simply just don’t like. Hardly any aps work well in the leaves. If you shut down the ap your using does not stay in a leaf. I do like the sniffer app and canvas is ok. I would never use anything but gmail myself. Why because it works and it works well. Google saves all your contacts. Even if you have to reinstall your system you sign into your account and eveything is back in place. Which reminds me the Beast Rom includes titanium backup as well. The beast’s stock browser works perfectly, The Market works perfectly. I do use power amp for music because it finds alll your music even on the external microsd card, or from a usb jump drive!! You just check the places you want it to look in the power amps settings. You do have to get power Amp from the market. I think it’s 4.99 Have not used the HDMI, but understand it works.

    I look at the Beast Rom as a stop gap measure until somebody get’s Honeycomb on the Adam. Sadly it is likely to be awhile. When it does come it will probably arrive via the hackers. I have to believe again they will be the one that will make it work properly. Now I speak strictly for myself when I say for all the reasons I don’t like Eden on top of Android 2.2 I will almost assuredly not like Eden on top of Honeycomb.

    At some time in the future I will likely acquire another tablet. At this point I am leaning towards the new Toshiba that should be out sometime this spring. It will have a real user replaceable battery, Saying the battery is user replaceable on Adam is a bit of a fairy tail. You can do it if you would like tear Adam half apart. I think I would rather open a toolless cover and have the option to carry a spare battery with me. The Toshiba will haver1280x800 screen resolution,(better then ipad 2) The tegra dual core, a gig of ram. a full sized sd card slot. Then means larger storage at better storage prices. The 499.00 model is 16 gig internal storage, plus it has a fully working full sized usb port. The toshiba will likely blow the doors off ipad 2 and our current Adam as well. In the USA you will be able to get it from at least 4 or 5 different stores. Staples, Newegg, Bestbuy, and Amazon already have announced coming soon. Yes the toshiba is wifi only with a 3g-model coming to att in the summer. I’m already wondering if Rohan and Notion Ink will go straight to Adam 2.
    We shall see what we shall see.

  90. Can you please download Sensor List from the market and let me know your values for the Magnetic tab. Are they +/-50 or +/- 12000? If you can, would you download GPS Status from the market and let me know if the compass jumps around a lot and points anywhere but north?


  91. I asked NI support
    How are the software updates delivered. The update Adam Utility on the Adam does say that the adam is up to date but it seems that the build number does not match the updates which some other people have been telling me.
    Are the updates issud on request? or I can check somewhere of the latest available updates?

    Does the ‘update Adam’ utility on Adam really works or is WIP?

    They replied:
    We understand your concern.

    Yes, you are correct. The updates are issued on request. Also, you can get the link to latest updates from Notion Ink forum. We are sorry to inform that currently the option “Update Adam” in the Adam does not work but it will be rectified shortly.

    …..I hate the idea of looking up for updates on the forum… this simply does not make sense to me… y can’t we have the updates in one place and they are delivered automatically is it ………Rocket science…. Let me know if i can help I am a Cryogenic Engineer from across the road where Rohan did his Mech.. Engineering.. 😉

  92. I’ll settle for updates that resolve issues….I don’t quite care how I get the updates at this point as long as my Adam starts working! I’ll also settle for an RMA number…this is getting ridiculous!

  93. @4r4nde)mninj4

    Using beast rom running aprox +/- 2000 Compass points NORTH JUMPS SLIGHTLY BETWEEN NORTH AND NORTH WEST. On google maps my location locks almost perfectly even with wifi off. I’ll take adam for a ride tomorrow to see just how the gps performs.

  94. Just found this link on xda about googles requirements for Honeycomb to be on tablets. Have no idea if it’s true, but it seems to be stating there is a screen resolution requirement of 1280×800 and the device must have front and back cameras. The date of this post was April 18th.
    If this is accurate the only way the current Adam will ever get Honeycomb would be through a Hack. “”

    Looks like the toshiba tablet is starting to look real good!!

  95. Looks fantastic, but please someone agree – this isn’t derogatory, I love my pQI screen – bu the resolution DOES NOT and WILL NOT be that crisp. At least from my experience so far.

  96. @ raja52 @hamirpur123:

    Thanks for the reply.

    I recently received the latest update from NI (NIP920080411). Have done it, rooted Adam for only market, and waiting to reach home for wifi. My office wifi connection is very poor and there’s also some security issues. So, once I reach home, I will be rechecking my #G connection with all the feedback from you guys. Thanks. 🙂

  97. Ok, I had to post this, because I have been hearing so much on the GPS thing. I have clicked some pictures of my running GPS, can someone please tell me how to post pictures here, as the only thing I get is a box to type text and a Post comment button.

  98. Rohan is your support team on holiday already?

    I have send 12 mails last week just requesting for support, only got response with my first 2 mails I’ve send..

    What are my options?… Maybe I should just use my adam as a trivet? That’s its only use at this moment.

  99. Oh and it was not really a respond, it was a already setup text wich did not apply to me. If they actually read my mail they would have known.

  100. my only problem with gps is with getting some decent offline maps in a program that can in fact plan a route and follow… (for instance osmand almost always gives a error calculating route message).

    I have been able to get google nav to start guiding me somewhere but until I get 3g it can’t take me very far.
    (though i must admit that with the beast rom I’ve been having issues with that as well but at least i know it’s possible.)

    you could post url’s to pictires hosted elsewhere. “quoted” to avoid your comment ending up in the “awaiting moderation” black hole…

    email me @ robin at den dash hertog dot org if you don’t have a place to host the photos…

  101. also hat osmand failing sometimes – but it sometimes managed to guide me properly – although it’s about 10-50 meters off the exact spot.

  102. I had some problems the first time I inserted a sim while the device is on…

    try: turn off -> remove sim -> turn on -> turn off -> insert sim -> turn on
    that should trigger the adam to recalibrate the sim etc, you’ll still need to add APN’s though.

  103. Hope the update is coming very soon(this weekend?). Like the Eden interface more than the standard android one, but there are still a lot of bugs floating around.

    Let’s see what the new version can do 🙂

  104. Sorry to hear that. In my experience they rarely need more than 24h. The record was 9min for an answer 😀

  105. On the road this week with my Adam. We will be in 10 different states and a variety of different climates (from sunny and warm, storming and tornadoes, to snow and freezing). I’m loving the Adam and the variety of functions I can perform from him. Can keep up with the office, edit my websites, upload photos, and stream both music and video. I didn’t bring the notebook on purpose and I am not missing out on a thing.

  106. You know the more I read comments like this:

    “Well said. It’s quite a pity that the Adam shipped with so many bugs. The hardware seems sound, but why was the GPS and Bluetooth not tested before they were shipped?”

    so many people are saying the hardware is sounds, too bad the software is buggy, but is the hardware sound? that is the real question,

    the gps doesn’t seem to be, the viewing angle on the screen are poor, the wifi reception seems to be weaker then most users laptops or cell phones, the bluetooth has wide spread problems, the camera quality is mediocore at best. You can go on.

    they more you read, the more it is clear the hardware is just as buggy as the software. We really need to give a more criticle look at the tablet, taking off our Rose colored glasses for a moment.

    I go back an forth, I love the adam’s potential, I hate the current implementation
    I should wait for it to be fixed, I should give up on it.

    there are no easy decisions. but the slow pace of progress will certainly push many away, I think Notion Ink, needs to stop all talk of future vision, adam2, etc and do nothing but push updates out that fix problems. If we, the biggest supporters, are giving up, why would new people move to the adam?

    and the updates need to go out to everyone, we read here constantly, they sent me a new update, but when you have the tablet check for updates it says you are current.

    Also, the idea that you have to NVflash the latest update is terrible. it means you lose everything you have on the tablet. and if you haven’t rooted, installed titanium backup, backed up all your stuff, you are screwed.

    We need over the air updates that don’t wipe the tablet clean first.

    Notion Ink, please start addressing the issues for everybody, not just one at a time, when someone emails support.

    and please open up the officail forum for non-facebook users. I emailed on the first day for an alternative, because you said there was an alternative, yet there is no response.

    One last thing, Rohan, forget the summer initiative, if you don’t fix the current problems, you won’t make it to summer as a company.

  107. sorry one more thing, Notion ink can and should look at the long term, just keep it to themselfs right now, focus all the public attention on fixing the problems now.

    when those are fixed, then mix in talk of the future.

  108. Very Well Said. Basically I am sick and tired of the emails I get back from support: We are sorry that the latest software update failed to resolve the issue…. Please update with the newest software version and hope that this fixes the issue.

    The Support people don’t even read the emails that you send. They just copy and paste from a standard template.

    I have had one support person mention that there is a difference between how you install the software and I was asked to update/nvflash the software update three times regarding a single issue. Its just plain ridiculous and painful.

  109. Oh by the way, I was on the same build and they still asked me to flash/update with the same build

  110. The problem is, no one has said what this update is for, so it may not apply to you at all.

    it was simply sent to a select few who emailed support and were given this update to fix problems they had, form there it was posted by users, not Notion Ink. They have nothing that says this is the latest update everybody should be on. this is all user speculation, with nothing offical from Notion Ink.

  111. But for support, the new software update fixes the Hardware defects as well. So All is well for Support

  112. “Yes, you are correct. The updates are issued on request. Also, you can get the link to latest updates from Notion Ink forum. We are sorry to inform that currently the option “Update Adam” in the Adam does not work but it will be rectified shortly.

    …..I hate the idea of looking up for updates on the forum… this simply does not make sense to me… y can’t we have the updates in one place and they are delivered automatically is it ………Rocket science…. Let me know if i can help I am a Cryogenic Engineer from across the road where Rohan did his Mech.. Engineering..”

    and it is not notion ink posting the lastest updates, it is users, they have been requesting a sticky post on the latest update, but their request for one has been ignored so far.

  113. these directions made me laugh, it is like unlocking an easter egg in a vidio game

    back, back back left arrow up arrow right right …

  114. my first experience with support was three week for the first response, that they were looking into it. another week to send a link to an update. gave up on support until the official forum opened, sent a question about non-facebook login on the first day it opened, still haven’t heard anything, except a canned response that they have received my request and will respond shortly.

  115. RK, can you tell us if you recieved a response on monday? wondering if the ceo has some pull with support, of if he is in the same position as the rest of us.

  116. >>runlocking an easter egg
    more like hallucinating Adam”
    turn off ->remove sim -> turn on: “forget that you are a phone(for 3G data)”
    turn off -> insert sim -> turn on : “you are 3G enabled now, so do your stuff”

  117. Some more updates from my side and new questions too ::(I am on Beast Rom Btw)

    I connected my Transcend 500 Gb hdd on my adam and it worked like a charm.Someone said tht it will only be detected if connected to left USB port. I did not check the right one but it was working for me on left port. I used astro to browse through my contents. It much better and faster than sniffer and more importantly it can also take the backup of your market app installed apks.



    So as I was browsing my HDD I played two movies (1) Avatar collectors edition BRrays print(2.6 Gb) (2) Despicable me 720P BRray version

    Both played pathetically(underlined ) on all players, movie frame movement were painfully slow and it was like watching a movie in slow motion.

    SO my question is :: is it me or others are also facing the same problem? IS adam hardware wise unable to run 720P or higher BRray movies smoothly ?

    (2) I used GPS for the first time on my adam today. Instantly It gave my correct location and it was able to give me directions properly but I feel the orientation is wrong(means I think left is right and right is left but then it can be me only who is wrong as I seldom use GPS ). SO what is the issue with GPs which is a hot burning topic on the blog these days?

    (3) I used Google Sky maps too. It did not work for me as the screen was fluctuating too much and did not become stable even for a sec and ultimately I have to shut down the app. Ant pointers for this?

    (4) I installed ESPN cricinfo to keep track of IPL 4 matches. But it has a weird bug, while folloing matches when we move adam to portrait mode, cricinfo score movies to landscape and vice versa? anyone else facing the same prob?

    Overall after installing Beast atleast I am able to enjoy the adam. I am using it for various purposes specially as a ebook reader(mugging vocabularies), checking IPL scores on cricbuz(as cricinfo does not work well),listening songs. I am planning to write an extensive review as an when I am able to find sufficient time. But after initial disappointments I am starting to like it more and more ins pite of some conspicuous problems

  118. ANd Last but not the least, Wi-fi signal strengths sucks to be modest. In my room where on both of my laptops, wif signal strength is excellent, many a times adam says no signal!!!
    There is seriously an issue here. I was downloading a 21 Mb file and it failed thrice and ultimately I had to go to the room where the wi-fi router was. This is a serious issue and needs attention.

  119. Issues 2 and 3 are related to the GPS and Compass Issues which NI doesn’t seem to agree with the defects. They think updating with the latest server will fix these issues which is not the case!

  120. @Suresh thanks mate. my guess is that all these issues are not just software issues and may be hardware issues too

  121. @ themave,

    Sad, but I believe true, some software updates require a clean install. User data and cache have to be wiped clean for the update to work properly. Personally I would always prefer a clean install over new software put on top of old defective software.

    If the hardware is causing the problems then software updates won’t fix hardware defects. Do some folks have hardware that works and others that don’t? With a device that has so many sensors on board the potential for problems with hardware is there. Even in the very best made products there will always be a small percentage of defective units.

    By now it is a given that Adam does not come with the highest quality screens. Is the build quality and internal components quality suspect as well?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Notion Ink is dropping the builder of all the Adams that have been produced so far.

    All of us have to make our own particular judgment on whether the Company and product work well enough to suit us. Many long time supporters have moved on to greener pastures. At this point I doubt that I would purchase another product from Notion Ink. My Adam does work halfway decently using a custom rom, I am most disappointed with screen quality which has me thinking about other tablets I might go to. I do read comments from people who claim they love their Adam and are happy. Maybe they aren’t as picky as some of us. Or maybe their hardware and software are fine. Then perhaps they just don’t want to believe the truth……

  122. For me updating with the update may have produced a difference. I use Copilot. My GPS started giving me directions and showing the route even when I was indoors. This did not happen before( I had to make sure I am outside when I start my GPS/GPS Software)

  123. Just noticed Asterix in a leave. Next update will have some more leaves for us 🙂

  124. @levpius I agree to the sequence you mentioned, only difference is I don’t need to remove the SIM, I enable data and turn off aeroplane mode then restart and it works…


  125. @themave,

    No there’s not been any response yet. But this issue take some troubleshooting and fixing. So I’m fine as long as they keep working on it.

    But there’s been some nice postings to my original post at “”

  126. @cx650t,

    USB DVD recorder needs driver and Android doesn’t have one for such devices.

  127. Sadly a post from Rohan that is overdue and fails to address all the issues raised by the users of the Adam.

    Until Notion Ink take notice of their customers there is no hope for this company. They need to take seriously their support mechanism because just now it rates a big fat ZERO.
    They need to firstly acknowledge the issues raised and satisfy us that these things are receiving attention. I dont care if its a day a week or 3 month before its fixed. I just want to know its being worked on. I really dont give a damn about Adam2. I bought The original Adam and Notion Ink have a duty of care to get the bloody thing working as promised.

  128. RK, thanks for the update. I read the concave post, I can’t post there though, no Facebook access at work, which is were I do nearly all my online communications.

    It is rare I am on the computer once I leave work, online tonight just to check


  129. Issue 1 is something I have also had problems with.
    I was steaming video from a windows share (actually a linux share but the nfs mount app didn’t work so i used the cifs mount instead).
    the video was playing very slow… i tried a different fairly small file and then the audio did not work at all….

    divx/xvid etc. movies did work (mostly, some don’t have audio etc.) though.
    I did not even bother to try to run test data like this “”

    fyi I’m currently enjoying the beast rom, hoping to switch to CM7 in the near future though.

    i did loose wifi but only at those locations my laptop(s) is(are) also always struggling. So for me the wifi is slightly worse than in my laptop(s) (a acer a powerbook g4 and a asus netbook).

  130. @Robin thanks for replying. Even Ganesh told me in my similar thread on the official forum that this is as such not a Adam problem According to him culprit is mkv as even galaxy xoom struggles in playing mkv files which are 720p or higher

    Even for me files that caused problem were mkv. Avi files played with a charm though some players did not played the sound but I think Rockyplayer player all of them without any issues and they were of high quality. Even fast forwarding the documentary(It was BBC:Story of India) did not have any jitter issues. So as of now I am okai with it until some one contradict this claim 🙂

    I will check wi-fi strength issue again but I faced some serious issues specially while downloading files on my adam.

  131. @ RK /the mave

    You cant blame Rohan for no reply from support – after all he had not specified “which Monday”!!!

  132. @Himanshu
    still i expect the nvidia chip has hardware acceleration for playing HD movies so given an app that can open the mkv file format and use that hw acceleration it should play fine… it’s possible there simply aren’t players yet that have that fix though.
    My atom processor has a nvidia ion chipset that does largely the same thing and mplayer is able to play even 1080p almost perfectly while resizing it for my 720p TV.

    more annoying is that if you play the 720p file and plug the adam into the hdmi of a 720p tv it looks fairly crappy.

  133. I have not tried HDMi till now. Will try theoutput today:). but even you tube app gives very unpredictable results.Even HDvideolooksquite pixelated on adam.Any explanations that? Some have said that it’s because we cant increase the resolutions?

  134. @Himanshu
    the adams screen isn’t HD (ready)
    the 720p resolution is 1280×720 the adam’s screen has a resolution of 1024×600
    i was hoping that once you plug the adam into the hdmi port it’d switch to that resolution, downsizing it only for the screen, or even displaying only part of it on the screen would be ok imho.

    at the moment hd video is going to be downsized untill it fits in the 1024×600 resolution which is not bad but not great either..

    the ipad(2) btw is not doing much better on this(not native HD resolution screen), i’m not sure whether the ipad plays mkv files (if you can even get them on the device)…

  135. @Robin Ipad will not play mkv files 🙂 and that’s the beauty of adam that it gives you so much independence.
    Btw I just used HDMI option for the first time. I was able to see my videos through Rockyplayer lite. All other players did not sync voice with picture.

    But for pics, the output waspixelated. I opened wallpapers of very high resolutions but they all were pixelated.

    Btw loved playing Angry words on big screen .

  136. @Robin and btw thanks for the 10248600downgrading explanation that too even when we taking the HDMI output. That explains some of the issues.

    For me the biggest issues with adam right now is the LCD viewing angles .Though I love the brightness(I always set the brightness to 100 percent manual), the viewing angles are really pretty bad that whenever I am showing pics or videos(some recipes:) ) to my mother,only one of us can see owning to the bad angles and many a times it’s embarrassing while showcasing your adam to others

  137. @Himanshu
    I’ve actually often done the opposite and turned the screen brightness down…. 🙂
    I have a PQi version though but under low light conditions the screen is too bright if left on automatic…. (I only turn the backlight off when in the full sun outside)

    the automatic brightness really should be settable with a curve somewhat like an equalizer or something it’s really annoying….
    this might have something todo with the beast rom though as it seemed better in edenX (better for a PQi screen obviously).

    some aps that can overwrite the brightness can thereby even disable the PQi backlight off switch 😦

  138. Thank you again, Rohan. I got my shipping number today and almost jumped out of my chair with excitement. Woo-Hoo!

  139. @themave : Guessing u already know this. After you connect once with a facebook account, there is a way to login again to the same forum account without connecting to facebook. For this you need to do a setting when you into your account. I am at work, so I am not able to list out the steps. Let me know if you want it.

  140. @themave for settings which helps to login without account

    (1) Login with your FB account

    (2)In settings set a password

    (3) disconnect with your FB account

    (4) login with the exact name of your FB account and the password you have set.

    You are done:)

  141. I was just stating that the DVD unit didn’t work. It does work with my Linux PC without any drivers. I just plug it in and Linux recognizes the device. Was hoping since Android is built on Linux I might get lucky. Not surprised it doesn’t work.

  142. @themave

    I finally solved my adam’s GPS problem once and for all.

    Purchased from Costco the Garmin GPS 1450LM 5″ with lifetime maps.

    AKA LeoP

  143. Check out the signal strength of the WiFi by changing the way you hold ADAM. I can get an additional one to two bars of receive strength. Found holding ADAM in Portrait with battery on left and just holding the lower right side gives the highest reported signal. Not surprising since the antenna is located at that point and is being capacitively coupled to your body.

  144. I’m stumped. How do you make a youtube video in “HD” fill the ADAM screen? All I get is a letterboxed / pillar boxed tiny image in the middle of the screen. How do you zoom the image to fill the screen?

  145. @cx650t Thanks for this wi-fi tip. Though I am a left hander and holding in this position will be a bit difficult for me but I will give it a try 😉

  146. @cx650t is this question for me? I use youtube app from market and it automatically fills the screen for me if i use it in landscape mode.

  147. @topspnr: The only good thing I see in your 169$ purchase is the lifetime maps update(till date I never found it necessary). Compared to other Garmins,
    1) this does not have traffic updates(which may be a great advantage if used intelligently) does it
    2) does it have bluetooth connectivity?
    Was just wondering what made you pick this compared to the others in Costco?

    On the other hand, IF Notion Ink is able to satisfy you with a working GPS, you can purchase software worth 4.99$ with lifetime updates.

  148. OK, its great to see a new post with new ideas, but I’ve still got problems with the latest ideas. It seems pretty clear at this point that my GPS chip is fubar, and just last night the AC charger quit doing what it is supposed to do, that is it doesn’t charge anymore…just cash 😉
    So anyone have any ideas how to get support to do its job and support?

  149. bunch is one, like soon is never 😉
    Sorry, but I’m not having a good day lately…

  150. @dwarf,

    Email support and you will get an email about flashing device with the latest software version and if it doesnt fix it, the issue will be sent to the developer team to get a fix by software and the next update will fix it.

  151. Dwarf I am with you, my power supply is still working but where can we find something third party or another NI branded power supply? Are you able to submit a ticket? Is there a spot to submit one?

    Good luck!


  152. We have gone that route twice Suresh. Now they don’t even say that they will get back to me, and the last update put my test machine into a boot loop…

  153. @levpius

    No traffic updates, no bluetooth on the Garmin 1450LM.

    I updated from the Garmin 885T which had Voice Command and Bluetooth which l never used. My maps were out of date and the lifetime map updates, would cost approx $80.00.
    So for an additional $90.00 l get the latest GPS 1450LM 5″

    The 1450LM has lane assist with voice which l need when l head west looking directly into the late afternoon sun. I can’t see the signs quickly enough with my vision due to the sun.

    If NI ever gets the GPS working similar to a Garmin GPS, l can always hand my Garmin to one of my family members.

  154. jlusco: While we’re asking, I’d like to be able to configure the default apps on the opening panel too. I don’t use Facebook at all, the media player much and mail’d either. I’d like a twitter app that worked, a gmail app on the default panel (or maybe just the browser of my choice instead of the default) and a radio (I have a radio app I like, but can’t put that on the default panel either)
    Just askin’

  155. @topspnr : I dint have lane assist on my Garmin. I guess it would very useful.
    I have now given my Garmin to my friend. I am kinda lucky with my Adam so far. …I think especially after the last update. I am ready with directions even from indoors.

  156. Very happy to see the updates.

    But… (and there’s always a “BUT”)

    I am going to stop visiting this blog until a real update is made to Eden. And by “real update” I mean any of the following will be OK (in order of desirability): Snappier OS, Genesis, Developer SDK, New functionality, Android marketplace, Honeycomb update.

    It would be hard to get rid of this blog feed from all my rss readers and bookmarks, but I think it’s about time we at least got to play with some of those. Rohan’s need for perfection is delaying my need for useful tablet.

    And because I’d like to end on a more cheerful note… college semester is about to end! Woohoo! Summer parties… I can’t wait for you!

  157. got some more (already posted elsewhere):

    – manipulate quoting in mail’d (edit quoted text – I prefer inline quoting to TOFU!)
    – add a “re-send” button or anything like: If a Mail doesn’t get delivered I’d want to give it another try
    – add a “mark all as unread” button – I get mails both on adam and on my pc. Most of the time, the pc gets them first.
    – add an “open bookmark”-button in the browser (using the menu is neither intutitive nor fast) as well as adblock features. Once understood, I must say that I like the minimalistic features of the browser; but functionality is far too limited.
    – Alarm clock that rings in standby mode (thank god I don’t rely on adam to wake me up – it failed me every time or I’m to foolish to handle it)
    – Well translated android menus (I’d offer my service for a german translation) – it’s funny adam tells me that “the phone is shutting down”.
    – implement special characters in the NI keyboard. Ze cräzy dshermans need äöüß!
    – drag and drop in sniffer would be a pretty good thing to have… Although sniffer is a pretty thing, the continuous tapping is not speeding things up!
    – configure the browser leaf (I never use Yahoo!)
    – Bluetooth visibility in the settings-leaf. (BT sending TO adam works 8 out of 10 – but apparently onle if adam is ,
    visible. I wasn’t able to pair lappy & adam for mere data transfer. Adam rather tries to use my Notebook as a speaker :mrgreen:)

    Alright, this applies only to stock config. But I’ve been stuck with that since I had no spare time to fool around with different ROMs. And every time something appears to be working smoothly, there is a unexpected move/tap required… (or a force close)

    btw – is anyone of you also having issues with sending mail? I tried to send a mail to somebody and it just wouldn’t get out of the outbox!

  158. You can buy them on ebay, I believe I will list mine this weekend, if there is no update from Rohan and no progress on the support side of things. I will give up, and get another tablet, I figure even if I have to wait a month or two for the Asus Transformer, or the toshiba tablet, I probably would still have it before I have a usefull stock Adam.

    And the Ipad2 wait is down to two weeks, plus a company just released an app, that I can load on my phone that fines ipads in stock near you.

  159. Himanshu said: “@themave for settings which helps to login without account

    (1) Login with your FB account

    (2)In settings set a password

    (3) disconnect with your FB account

    (4) login with the exact name of your FB account and the password you have set.

    You are done:)”

    Thanks for the info, I will try to get time tonight to setup a dummy facebook account and setup a login for the support sight.

  160. It is a standard power supply, so you should be able to find a replacement, just match the voltage input and power output. there are some unversial notebook power supplies that ship with multiple connectors, Just saw one for around $20

    here is a cheap sample of what I am talking about


  161. “”

  162. To all looking for exchange email app for Adam –

    tried and tested just now….get use MOXIER mail – get free download from amazon for exchange synchronization.

  163. Yes, great to see an update. But you did keep us waiting a very long time, please don’t forget the good intentions with which you started this company/blog. Also an update on availability please.

  164. Wow! It looks like the moderation has been lifted. And no I did NOT flash my Adam tablet.

    BTW, I’m enjoying using my Adam PQi WiFi since March 31st and have chosen to stay with stock Adam and Eden. Yes, it’s buggy, esp Eden software. Free downloads from Amazon Appstore has made it a useful tablet.

    I enjoy Kindle for Android and Overdrive (library ebooks). I find that the Adam has replaced my Kindle 2 for reading.

    I’ll post more later.

    Good to meet you all.


  165. Thanks thmave! That is a big help. I’m ready to order 2 of them, but a bit confused. My NI powersupply says 19 Volts at 2.1 amps so that’s around 40 Watts, and the charger you reference says it will supply 90 Watts, so that’s cool, but it says 15v-24v. That covers the range, but how is the correct value selected?
    Honestly, I don’t expect you to answer 😉 They are cheap enough that I can afford to make a mistake on this, but I suspect it is a switching power supply and has some way of testing the required voltage.
    I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Thanks! You have been very helpful. If only Notion Ink Support would hire you 😉


  166. Mark: My Kindle is also collecting dust on the shelf. Reading with the Amazon Kindle app is mostly what I do with my Adam.
    I flashed my adam with the file NI Support provided once and have had no problems with it, but I’m not willing to flash the latest update because when I did so on my test machine I got the boot looping problem and had to update back to the Beast ROM to recover from that. Since my NI machine is stock, I’m not ready to move to Beast there if I have the same problems. (My test machine is a second hand Pixel Qi WiFi only, while the one I bought from NI is Pixel Qi WiFi and 3G, although I haven’t found a provider yet who can sell me a reasonable data plan)
    I also play the Spider card game and Tank Hero…Angry Birds not so much 😉

  167. @dwarf I have a small question. I have some books in kindle format in a folder. Now i want them to be read in kindle app. But I m unable to do that. Any help ?

  168. I handled this by simply copying the mbp and mobi files into the kindle folder in adam’s internal memory and when I restarted kindle it showed them on my home page in the app. Hope this info helps you too.


  169. Hi Burt,

    I am able to send mail without an issue unless it has an attachment and then it says it is sending but never really goes. I have had to use Gmail to send mail with attachments.

  170. Intel taking on Nvidia for Honeycomb Tablets.


    If Intel can pull this off, i’m on.

  171. I had been quite happy with my adam on build 211 and had not even bothered to move to build 311 even though it was suppose to fix some issues. When build 411 came out I decided to take the plunge. Wish I had not. Now when I attempt to get back to my personal settings with Launcher Pro running and my programs of choice I get a boot loop. I have flushed the cache and done a factory reset 2 times now and the second time I loaded back software gradually checking that I could shut down and start up again without issues. Last night I plugged in the code in launcher pro to give me full functionality and loaded Nook and Apps 2 SD and I am back in a loop again. Enough goofing around, I am heading to the Beast rom. Wally’s write up above on it and other’s raving about it and the ridiculous issue I am currently having have convinced me it is time to abandon Eden. Other than Mail’d which I actually like because of it’s layout I am guessing I will not miss it and because Mail’d does not handle attachments properly I am not sure its interface justifies it.

  172. There is a folder in “Adam Memory” called kindle. If you put your books there they should show up in the app. Books that you got from Amazon should come in through your Archives (I mention this because I had a copy of a book I got from Amazon, and tried to put that copy in my kindle folder and it said something about the checksum not being right and made me get the copy from my archives in stead, but if it is a book you got somewhere else and formated for Kindle it should work.
    Let me know 😉

  173. I have sent them 2 emails and have never gotten a resonse. it has been weeks on the first and days on the second. Thank goodness for NIH, without them I would own a plastic and glass brick, with them I have a fun toy.

  174. Tim: I had the same problem with build 411 right out of the box. Immediately after flashing it I got the boot loop and it wouldn’t go away until I upgraded with Beast ROM.
    I have always followed the instructions and done a factory reset and flush cash before either a flash or an update. I wish I understood why the boot loop happens. There is a possibility of editing files before the flash is there is something simple wrong, like a file name or extra script cruft or something like that…
    Anyway, Support has stopped answering my mail after telling me how to run GPS three times (Each set of instructions slightly more complex than the last…)
    But then we all know that…
    Waiting is

  175. @Phillip and @Dwarf thanks for the info it works 🙂
    I have one more question. Some of the kindle books which I have, their covers are separate from the book, so do we have to dump those cover(in jpeg form I think) in the same directory or is there some other mechanism? thanks again

  176. I have the same boot loop issue. The update has given my heartburn. I think tonight when I have some time I am going to go to the Beast rom. I have flushed the cache and gotten it working twice now but everytime I attempt to get it set up with the launcher I want and the apps I want I end up looping. Had no problems on build 211, guess I should have stayed there. 😀

  177. I think it all has to go into the directory. Books loaded by the app have uninformative names, so I’m not sure what its doing…

  178. They reference a charger over at NIH for about 20. I think it is in the accessories section of the forum.

  179. No facebook account, no forum access…If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.

  180. @topspnr :
    Thanks for the article. As the articles say, looks like you have a “long road ahead” :). If I was Rohan, I would start worrying where that leaves NI in the future though …

  181. Hi Dwarf, not the notion ink forum the Notion Ink Hacks forum.
    Try here
    “” which is a google spreadsheet put together by Twospirits at NIH. Since that link I gave you above looks a little funky try this and click on the link in his comment


  182. The updates look awesome. Super stoked about the future of this device. Any idea when the next order emails are going to go out?

  183. Himanshu said, on April 20, 2011 at 14:25 @Robin Ipad will not play mkv files and that’s the beauty of adam that it gives you so much independence.

    Actual the VLC player is available on the ipad/iphone and it plays mkv files
    I have it on my Iphone4 right now

    I think what you will find it the apple app store will have an app that solves most of your problems. When I got my iphone last year, there were many sites I couldn’t visit because of the lack of flash, but not anymore, nearly everyone has a mobile site that supports IOS, and one thing IOS has that it appears is a very long way away for android is Netflix Streaming, which is a killer app.

    All this talk of being open, when you get down to it, is really for a very limited community, most of the hackers that like to do different things. But the truth is, for 99% of the general public they have never seen a downside to apples Quote Unqoute closed system.

    Apples environment simply works well and has a ton of apps that all work well

    Andoid has to be open, because it needs the hacker community to help make it work.

  184. @themave I did not know about vlc available for IOS. hope it will be available for android soon.
    And While I was talking about openness it was not just apps and I am not part of 90 percent “general public ” who don’t even bothered about closeness of apple. I do :).
    I own a ipod touch and many a times it’s too cumbersome to every time attach it to my computer and open itunes to sync any thing. Even Ipad2 does not has USB port i think. Can we connect it to my LCd TV using HDMI port? Agreed there may be a Idock for every damn thing but I will not prefer to spend extra 30-40$ just to buy a dock so that i can use HDMI or USB functionality. But then it’s me only many people will love to do that.

    Even at this moment if some one who is not much bothered about doing things on his own and has pockets full of cash i will advise him to go and buy Ipad2(Currently pricing 48000 in Indian currency or around 1100 USD ) rather than going for Adam.In India for example owning any apple thing is still a status symbol 🙂

  185. Tim: No problem! I DO have an account on NIH. and I’ll take a look at that link too 😉
    Already ordered two new universal chargers…

  186. So that’s the point. This mail had attachements too. Another without attachment (actually the first one where I forgot the attached files…) got through without problems…

    Phew… mail’d seemed rather nice – given the small changes mentioned above. But this is ridiculous. There goes another reason to use adam…

    But it saved my ass yesterday… I had to get up quite early and present some texts I had prepared late the night before. And suddenly I remembered that my printer has been broken for months… But knick-knack – pdf on adam (via BT to keep it fancy!), off to the crowd and since lighting was decent enough I used PQi mode and I’m sure many people of the audience didn’t even notice 🙂

    So for this it has been worth the pain…

  187. @Himanshu Said “Even at this moment if some one who is not much bothered about doing things on his own and has pockets full of cash i will advise him to go and buy Ipad2(Currently pricing 48000 in Indian currency or around 1100 USD ) rather than going for Adam.In India for example owning any apple thing is still a status symbol”

    I agree with everything you said, for the person who doesn’t mind getting his hands a little dirty android is a good option.

    on the price point. right now here in the US, I could pickup an orginal Ipad with 3G (that works, no contract) with more memory 16gig, for less then I paid for my PixelQi Adam. and the ipad2 is pretty close in price.

    I do like the pixel Qi, which is why I am still here. but I orginally bought two Adams, an LCD and the Pixel Qi, because I was so big of an Notion Ink supporter, one was going to be for my son in University, but with all the problems I have had and the complete lake of support from Notion Ink, I sold the LCD, and am very close to selliing the PixelQi. the idea that four months after ordering (dec 9th) I can’t believe we still don’t even have close to a working stock adam tablet. They is no support from Notion Ink, and really nothing but vague promisses of things to come.

    My problem with the custom rom route is there really is no turning back, Say you went with EDEN-X (which was the top choice just a few weeks ago) then if notion ink releases a fix you can’t use it because you need to wait for the EDEN-X rom to be updated, well that doesn’t take too long so it doesn’t seem bad, but now the developer as taken a break from the project so you won’t be getting that update anytime soon. so you say, fine I am on BEAST Rom (the new flavor of the week) what are you going to do when he takes a break from the project.

    so now you say, I will move back to stock eden since there are fixes out there.
    But wait you can’t because all those programs you downloaded from the market place, won’t function on stock eden because the market place needs to be on your tablet. and it is no longer because you went back to stock eden.

    so, now you have to go back to at least the rooted adam, and hope your backups work ok with the new stock eden and you can load your programs.

    I am just saying the adam on the market right now is not for the faint of heart. it is not even for the slightly squimish, you really need to be willing to suffer some pain to have a good working tablet.

  188. casualcoding said, on April 20, 2011 at 03:00 Just noticed Asterix in a leave. Next update will have some more leaves for us

    It is only on the info pane, that doesn’t mean it is a leaf, it just means it is running on the tablet.

  189. Mistry said, “Rohan’s need for perfection is delaying my need for useful tablet.”

    Sorry I couldn’t let this go, he is not a perfectionist, if so the tablet would not have been released, it was put on the market in a completly unusable form, it is only recently that updates have made it passable. Rohan talks of vision and perfection etc. but that is not what came off the factory floor.

    The Adam that came off the factory floor has that potential, but it is far from it right now.

    I do agree with on on “by “real update” I mean any of the following will be OK (in order of desirability): Snappier OS, Genesis, Developer SDK, New functionality, Android marketplace, Honeycomb update”

    even some of these items would be a huge step forward

  190. Just “discovered” that the calculator can’t perform a “simple” multiplication.
    Multiply 142.15469 by 5. ADAM will tell you the answer is 710.77344. Correct answer is 710.77345. e.g. 5 times 9 is 45 not 44.

    ADAM will also not allow you to enter a number and a function and then just press = again and again. e.g. 2 X = 4 = 8 = 16 = 32 = 64, etc.

  191. @themave I totally concur. Right now many adams are just running because of custom ROms which is not a good signal for NI. What I fathom from my Bangalore friend is that the only work for the Bangalore team of NI is to make the software. And if before release and even 4 months after the release they can’t fix simple bugs then I am really worried about the capability and strength of NI team.
    If NI is thinking tht most of the people will switch to custom Roms and NIH etc will come to rescue NI then they are doing it on their own peril.

    Right now, until Rohan and NI deliver what they promise to implement in adam1, all the talks about adam2, involving community etc are just castles in the air.

    And the most annoying part is the support service and level of communication in the last 2 months . But I think it’s better than calming and writing a full blog over the type of glass used, testing done over it and finally doing chicanery and giving us matte screen and changing specifications on the website.
    They have to come out of their deep slumber.

  192. Two points:
    1. Updated Adam to NIP920080411, 3G seems to be working better with no restarts required. Switching Aeroplane mode on/off is responding better.
    PS: not able to understand why and who made an assumption that whenever someone starts ADAM he is on a plane?

    2. Connected Adam using HDMI to a FULL HD Movie projector, The home screen is grainy and so are the videos ;(. To add to it, the audio also goes on to HDMI and we can not take output from the headphone slot…. Need some software work here (on my windows lptop i can select where the audio goes….)

    Happy Easter!

  193. We people are always waiting for the everything.. 😦 Really patient group generally.

    But the question will eventually arise: “Are we there yet?”

  194. @Levipus, I will not be surprised if the support sends emails like that. Emails like that make me think that there are only 1 or 2 support staff and they just respond to the various support requests with predefined templates that include different names. Oh well, looks like we will have to live with a not so great device untill we go buy another device that will fulfill our needs. I mean all I am expecting is a device which will completely work for the functionalities that Rohan dreamt and sold his dream through this blog without any issues.

    If you want to be compared with Apple and the other big boys, you need to wear big boy pants and cannot be compared with just shorts.

  195. Suresh: I agree 100% on the pants issue.
    I have just ordered the Asus Transformer from Amazon. I should see it on Monday. My latest email to support has resulted in this reply:

    “Dear Customer

    Thank You for contacting Notion Ink!

    We have received your query. However, due to a local holiday, the Notion Ink Support Team will not be working from Friday until Sunday. We will be back on Monday and will respond to your query then.

    As there may be a slight delay in us responding to you, we request your kind patience in this matter. Please be assured that you will receive a response from us.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team”

    So maybe they will reply before I get my new Asus machine 😉


  196. Hamirpur: The airplane mode thing is set to resolve the cell phone standby battery use issue…mostly on WiFi only machines, but …
    The HDMI thing sounds aggravating, but have you tried to make a video with the camera while it continues to adjust the focus repeatedly during filming? That too is very aggravating…
    Oh, and how is your GPS working? Mine will not find my location, no matter how long I wait, nor how many test programs I run. As some folks have working GPS and others don’t, it appears the hardware may be floor sweepings. I know that Rohan said something about changing manufacturing companies. I suspect it has to do with the uneven hardware being delivered to customers. Hope you got lucky and have good GPS, I clearly don’t ;-(


  197. cx650t: The 9 time 5 issue is wierd. I suspect it has something to do with how the numbers are stored and a roundoff issue, but the 2X= issue on my machine gives “Invalid operation” as I would expect. This is not an RPN calculator where operations come off a stack. It is an algebraic calculator and the operation you are requesting has no solution, so the invalid error is perfectly correct.

  198. @dwarf,
    I know this is not the right place but would you please give some feedback once you receive your Transformer? I have also been looking into it and find it quite tempting. The only drawback would be the lack of USB port on the tablet itself, therefore I might wait for Acer and Toshiba to lauch theirs as they will both have one. Btw I read today that Sony might present its tablet on Monday (but that’s a rumor).

  199. Looks like there is something wrong with WP as I can not post so I am trying again (sorry for the multiple post everyone)

    I know this is not the right place but would you please give some feedback once you receive your Transformer? I have also been looking into it and find it quite tempting. The only drawback would be the lack of USB port on the tablet itself, therefore I might wait for Acer and Toshiba to lauch theirs as they will both have one. Btw I read today that Sony might present its tablet on Monday (but that’s a rumor).

  200. i think bliss will create a new revolution…..a new species of OS…a new life…..
    for the content part…im in mysore…i might be of help………… name..jeevan MN..perhaps youd remember me….i was there mailin you when you started out

  201. @Dwarf Even I need the feedback on asus transformer as Mehdi :). Will you be kind enough to write a review of it? Hope It will be available in India soon

  202. dwarf & others: I’ve heard a lot about this airplane mode but I don’t see it on my stock Adam. Is there a way to turn off cell standby on my Wifi Adam?


  203. Using a USB keyboard and typing in QuickOffice has sleep problems. Every few seconds to minutes it will go to sleep. I unplugged my keyboard and problem goes away but typing speed reduces dramatically.

  204. I had purchased one of the transformers for 20 dollars online also and will let everyone know how they work. Hopefully well. I can always use a second.


  205. Don’t put backside trackpad, put gaming pad like the Xperia play stuck at the back of notion ink, lolzzz, ya, the honeycomb is an ok type of OS, Windows 8 is coming out – top for productivity, you got Quickoffice, no problem.

    Just let dual booting linux with yout top miam miam Eden UI on top!
    Dual boot select:

    If choose ubuntu then ubuntu netbook edition loads, with ability to fast switch with honeycomb.

    If choose Honeycomb, then honeycomb loads with Eden UI on top, awesome, with fast switching to Ubuntu on the same linux platfrom.

    It’s good you are creating content and apss for consumption ofor the Adam, content creation apps also if you wish Adam to be in the middle of netbook and PC and more PC like!

    Keep it up Notion Ink, and ya lower the prices – Lolzz- Asus eepad transformer is here!


  206. Mehdi: Just saw a post on nixontec that Acer just released their Windows 7 tablet. I’ll go back and find it if you are really interested. The $600 price tag and 2.6 pound weight are a bit of a put off but…

    I’ll be sure to post my impressions on the Transformer. The price is certainly right at just under $450…


  207. Dwarf: I’m actually interested in the Acer’s Honeycomb tablet (named Iconia A500), the Windows tablet is closer to a laptop tech and performance-wise, but loses in mobility. It’s not what interests me for the moment.

  208. Mark: Ypu may just have your sleep setting set to low. I thinjk it is under display in settings. The longest you can set it is 20 minutes, but that should help. I’m using a usb keyboard to reply to this posting, and it seems to be working OK. However, the screen keyboard is also visible, making less of the screen available for viewing. It does make it possible for me to make a rather long posting, as I’m a touch typist, and the screen keyboard does not lend itself to typing that way 😉
    About your other posting: Airplane mode is available under WiFi settings, and I’m told that if you set it you can still turn on WiFi mode, but the cell standby battery usage should go away.


  209. Mark, I take it all back. This is from my work computer and not the adam as my other postings was.
    As I was trying to press the “Publish” button, which would not work because I had the keyboard plugged in, so it just kept presenting the cut and past menu or selecting text whenever I tried to push the button…the screen went dark and I had to recover from sleep mode, and I DO have 30 minutes set in setup. Until I unplugged the keyboard, the publish button would not work. Once I unplugged the keyboard, I could push the publish button, so there should be two replies here…

    Waiting is

  210. Wow! $20? I had to pay full price at Amazon. I’m pissed now…unless mine works better than your 😉

  211. Cool! Let me know how that works out…the territory is getting crowded really fast 😉

  212. Yeah that’s true, hence the reason I’ll be waiting for your feedback on the Transformer ;-).

  213. Haha I am an idiot, I meant I bought one of the new power packs. Ugh I didn’t even know about the Asus Transformer. I just watched a video on it and it is nice!

  214. Wow these new tablets coming out are starting to stackup. I do love my Adam though! So far knock on wood besides my camera I am very happy.

  215. cemra has improved a little, but it is till not even on par with any phones of the day especially because of the refocussing.. A big disappointment. But the GPS works very good for me.

  216. I feel so much better now Vector66! I got my power packs for $13.45 😉

    About the Asus, I’m hoping it looks as good as the video…remembering Rohan’s video

  217. Yes lots of new tablets coming out with a couple, the Asus Transformer and Acer a5oo Icona Tab on the shelves within the next five days. Being a gadget geek the temptation will be hard to resist.

    I too have loved my Adam, especially the ability to customize with different roms, and set it up the way I liked it. The downside has been the screen resolution. I could live with the delay of honeycomb, knowing it will be at least hacked into Adam sometime in the future. I never worried about support because my hardware has been sound. Quite often the best improvements in software come from the hacking development community and this isn’t true with just Adam.

    As for my future with Adam….I’ve always loved change and the excitement of something new so I’m 100% sure I will have something new by summers end. I would pass Adam on to my wife, but she’s not really interested so ebay is where he can contribute a little something to my next device. He has worked well for me and should bring a 2nd owner a great deal of pleasure for a good bargain price. I won’t shamelessly advertise and link to his sale here as Adam has plenty of demand on the open market. Priced right Adam’s sell very quickly.

    The reality of it is Adam is not my addiction. Gadgets in general are. I am totally loyal to my wife, but a machine no way.

    On the subject of the “dream” and customer service I can say the dream was thought provoking. I have counted very little in the way customer service from anything I’ve ever purchased from any company. Purchasing anything is almost always a gamble no matter who it’s from and what it is. Notion Inks “Dream” is just that a dream. Whether it works in the long run for them really has a lot to do with how bad they want it. There was a Don Henley song with the line …”How bad do you want it?” The following line was “Not bad enough.” I think for a lot of things in life and for a lot people no truer words can be said. Don’t get me wrong I still believe in dreams. There is nothing wrong with dreaming. Wonderful ideas come from dreams. It is the action that follows the dream that makes the difference.

    I have followed this blog for a very long time. I haven’t posted that much lately as things have died down quite a bit. Rohan has seemed to have lost interest in it and I think the blog has been kind of a double edged sword for him. A lot of people that were here in the early days have disappeared, but isn’t that how life goes. I know after my Adam sells the desire to spend time here will be diminished. Although I’ll check back from time and perhaps say hi.

    In closing I’m wishing all here the very best. Good fortune to everyone. May you find peace and happiness in your dreams and success in the things you choose to do.


  218. Wally, thank you for all of your contributions; from day on. I agree with all your comments about Rohan & NI and also see this expperience and the Adam as a tutorial and learning experience. In following this blog I have cone to know a great range of people and overtime I have seen both technical and personal growth. For myself, I bought the Adam for the PQ and hardware with no expectations but the software does leave a lot of missing gaps. I am still thinkiing that the hardware in the A2 will provide new opportunities to deliver a more complete package. The tablet form factor is still evolving and there is beginning to be more to choose from but none of them is really all there. I hope that as you work your way through all these new tablets you will stay in touch and share your experiences. Many thanks and best regards.

  219. dwarf4242:

    regarding airplane mode in WiFi settings?

    I go to setings/wireless & networks
    1) I can turn my wifi connection on or off
    2) I can go into wi-fi settings

    Under wi-fi settings
    1) Again I can turn my wifi connection on or off
    2) I can turn network notifications on or off
    3) I can remove a wi-fi connection
    4) I can add a new wi-fi network

    Under mobile networks, everything is unchecked

    What am I missing? Where’s airplane mode? I’m using NIP020220311.

    Appreciate any and all help.

  220. dwarf4242 : I’ll have to try the keyboard again but when I had the sleep problem, I had sleep set at 10 minutes. The longer I used it the worse it got. At first it worked for a couple minutes and then a minute, then 30 seconds, then 5-10 seconds. Finally I unplugged the keyboard and it stayed awake.

  221. dwarf, everyone: Ok, I solved the keyboard sleep issue! It’s a user error. The “end” key sends it to sleep. So everytime I try to go to the end of a line using the “end” key it goes to sleep!

    Now if only I could re-program the “end” key.

    BTW, the end key seems to send the sleep command no matter what you’re doing on the Adam.

  222. OK Mark:
    On my WiFi only machine, there used to be airplane mode as the top item under “wireless & Network settings”. After flashing the last NI upgrade it has gone away. This was the upgrade that was supposed to fix the cell standby battery use, so apparently that is what has happened. However when I go to battery use Cell standby is using 74%, display 14% and WiFi 11 for a total of 99%, but we already know that the calculator can’t multiply, so maybe it can’t add either 😉
    My 3G machine has not been flashed with the latest release and is still on NIP920240311 and under “wireless & Network settings the first item on the menu is “Airplane mode” which is checked by default, and even with wireless turned on, the battery use setting says the Display is using 98% and Bluetooth is using 2% even though it is turned off.

    It was this afternoon at work that I tried a usb keyboard, and yes, I tried to use the end key to make the publish key work, and that’s when it went to sleep. You must use the end key more often than I do 😉

    I don’t have a usb keyboard here at home, so I can’t give it a try, but I believe you 😉


  223. So after not hearing back from support for the last week I decided to dust off my Adam and compare it to the iPad2.

    Search YouTube for “Adam vs iPad2 outdoor picture and video test”…every time I post a link my post get’s stuck “awaiting moderation”. There should be a link to my site for the still pictures as well.

    No luck on the Bluetooth, GPS, or camera issues. My power button is tricky, but manageable for the time being. No word from support after I asked for an RMA number. The warranty is a joke.

  224. @dwarf4242

    Please select ‘Settings’ then ‘Wireless& Networks’; the first menu on top is ‘Airplane mode’.

    May be the notification bar is hiding the letters. To unhide, please press the battery icon (or an ! mark) on the top left most.

  225. Raja52: I always remove the notification bar as my first step after booting my Adam. My WiFi only machine simply does not have this entry any more. The 3G model still has it, but not the WiFi only. They both used to have the entry but not after the most recent update…

  226. 4r4nd0mning4: I got an auto-reply on Friday to an email to Rohit and Varun with a CC to Support, complaining that I could not obtain an RMA number from support to return my machine for repair. Their reply said they would speak to me on Monday as Friday was a holiday and they were not working. (As if they worked any other day)

    This morning, out of the blue, with an overcast sky and inside the house, I got a lock with the GPS. I’m still on build NIP920240311 and have no idea how long this will last. Yesterday evening there were no satellites loud enough to “hear”, while this morning there are 6.

    However, after making a sound recording of the morning bird song, I discovered a difficulty with sniffer. After bringing up the menu, I selected the sound file and watched as the “rename” menu item went to grey. With a file selected the menu no longer provides the rename function. If you close the menu, select the file, open the menu and choose the rename function that is now clearly available, the name of the selected file comes up in the dialog box, and you can change it with the keyboard. However, when you select OK, you get a new folder with the new name, and the old file still lies there unaffected. There appears to be no way to rename a file. You can move it, copy it, or delete it, but you can’t rename it. So, why is the rename function provided in the menu if it isn’t going to provide that function?

    BTW, the time on the system clock is 7:45 but GPS Tester says the time is 11:56:02 and just did a force close…while showing only 2 satellites . Restarted and bearing is either 85, 327, or 255 depending on when you look…28, 127, etc… It fills in all the information on the GPS Location tab and then locks up and quits.

    About the only thing I still love about this machine is that I can read a book in bright sunlight and darkest night with equal ease.

    I’ll probably be able to give a comparison between the Adam and the Asus Transformer late Monday.

    Waiting is

  227. A new UI doesn’t make any sense unless the worst problems are solved. At the moment, the only advantage of my PQi Adam over the £300 cheaper Advent Vega are 3G and die PQi display, which is rather useful.
    For me Rohan doesn’t need to write any “weekly updates” (which he doesn’t do anyway) unless GPS and compass are working. If they aren’t, then we all have good reason for sending back our Adams for a refund. Clearly good for a warranty claim.

  228. Mark, I think this may be related to the build number you are on. When I first got Adam back in Feb I had an airplane setting in the wireless & networks category under settings. now that I am on build 411 that is no longer there. All guess work on my part but that is what happened in my case.

  229. Thank you. Your GPS is having the same symptoms as mine. The last eden update was so buggy that I flashed over to beast after I did that iPad2 vs Adam. I’m going to send another email to support, but I would like to keep in touch if anyone else has any luck with requesting an RMA number.

    I look forward to your Asus Transformer review 🙂

  230. @Dwarf Even I am looking for you asus transformer review. Can you fine time to do a small vide review too. Specially Adam and Asus side to side and compare their viewing angles for lcd, built quality etc.Please do it only if you can find time for it 🙂 Thanks

  231. Really sad: I found a (german) article in google news about the Adam: “”

    It starts with the sentence “Do you still remember the Notion Ink Adam?”

    In my mind this simple question completely characterizes our current situation.

  232. @dwarf, @Tim, @raja52: Thanks for input on airplane mode. Sounds like I’ll just have to wait for NI to fix the problem with a future release.

    In the meantime, I find the Adam useful despite the bugs. I use the Pixel Qi about 80% of the time, even surfing the web. I find it reduces eye strain. Then if there’s something that I need to see better like a photo or something, I just put it in LCD to mode for a bit. To me, all the other tablets don’t compare until one comes out with a better epaper display.

  233. Well Adam I must say I am sad to say it is time for you to go to a new owner who has patience for Rohan’s dream. I am offering a bundled deal

    I have a Pre-order 1 Pixel Qi Wifi for sale. I am offering a bundled deal

    1. Adam with Skinomi TechSkin – Silver Carbon Fiber FILM Shield & Screen Protector
    2. Original Box
    3. Additional Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector and solutoin
    4. Stand
    5. OTG cable
    6. 8 GiG Micro SD card
    7. Case logic carring case
    8. Port covers.

    I have had no issues with my Adam what so ever. It is just not what I need at the moment and I would like to sale it to someone that would make great use out of it. I am asking for 525.00 OBO plus 15.00 shipping,
    US buyers only. email me at dave dot lazio at gmail dot com to make a deal. PAYPAL only.

  234. Good review for such a young guy 😉
    I left my comments with the review.
    Can’t wait to see the Asus Transformer, even though there is no Pixel Qi screen, which was the main selling point to the Adam for me.
    However, I think the question “Is there support for the Adam” is much more to the point. I have no problem remembering the Adam. I carry it around every day as I’m currently reading “Weapons of Choice (Axis of time, Book 1)” on the Kindle app, which is open right now as I post this.
    Waiting is

  235. Hi stevesilk51: I don’t see the “bunch of new apps” either. Not even the Weather app that was promised originally…
    You already know what goes here.

  236. Mark: Can you give me a step by step, because I still can’t make it work. Also, what is your build number? I may yet have to try the new build if that’s what fixed this problem…

  237. “”stevesilk51 said, on April 16, 2011 at 19:05
    Nice to see a post from Rohan

    But, it just feels like a smoke screen to avoid known issues, e.g. GPS problems, etc.

    I want these dealt with, not especially updates to the launcher, and news about honeycomb development would be good.

    Instead we have the history of computing!

    I was alive when it started so meaningless to me to go back, I want to move forward.

    Sorry if this sounds negative but all that seems to be resolved is Mastercard, and how about naming the “bunch of new apps”?””

    This was supposed to be in response to the above posting. Don’t know why it got posted way down the list…

    Hi stevesilk51: I don’t see the “bunch of new apps” either. Not even the Weather app that was promised originally…

    You already know what goes here.

  238. I don’ understand all this interest on what ionly matches the Adam in hardware and has software that is still in developmentalstage. When A1 was 1st announced 3 years or so ago, it was cutting edge technology which in some respects it still is. The tegra 2 core processor is just making its way into the market and the PQ has not. By the end of this year you might see the new cutting edge, the tegra quad core. Having waited for the A1 and going through the NI growing pains I think it’s too early to trow out and give in the towel. Rohan is building towards the future and the A1 was just the first baby steps. I am still in a state of anticipation and if you read his early posts, he did anticipate what has and is transpiring in the market.

  239. @Dwarf Can you recommend some of the books which you read in kindle to me too :). Specially some non fiction ones specially on self improvement and controlling mind(meditation) 🙂 . I wills tart reading bookson my adam, starting from agatha christie novels 🙂

  240. @Dwarf: I am suing astro in place of sniffer these days and performance wise it’s much better than sniffer with much more functionality

  241. The best non SciFi that I have read this year is “Let the Great World Spin” by Colum McCann. It is contemporary fiction but it is the authors use of the word that makes this a great read. Also interesting sub-stories, all connected together in a compelling fashion.
    I can also recommend Mark Del Franco for interesting “Detective” stories like “Skin Deep” and then there is the historical fiction of Neal Stephenson like “Quicksilver” and the other two that go with it. For other great contemporary SciFi Richard Phillips’ (the Rho Agenda) has “The Second Ship” and “Immune” and we are still waiting for the third book “Wormhole”.
    Then there is strange stuff like “A Modest Proposal” by J Swift …
    Don’t read much self improvement/meditation books, but would welcome some titles in that area. I have never gotten much from meditation, but I’m probably not doing it right 😉

  242. I forgot! On the mental stuff, and I don’t think it is on the Kindle, but it might be: Mind Hacks (don’t remember the author), but as a “how things work” book, it is very informative…

  243. jlsuarez: Did you sell it or loose it? There are many for sale. If you want one back, just check EBay, Or talk to me (

  244. Himanshu: Thanks! AstroExplorer works great! And of course, it was free too 😉

  245. Hi all,

    I was just viewing another Kickstarter project, I am sure you remember the Padpivot which is very close to production now and is going to make a great stand. This new project is for an Apple app called Tapose but with enough funding they would like to bring it to other platforms. Many people here have expressed interest in this sort of functionality so I thought you might find this interesting. Take a look at

  246. @dwarf:

    sniffer: click on file; press menu; press rename; type in new filename; press ok

    BTW, I did have to press the hard reset button a week or so ago. Maybe that fixed my sniffer rename issue.

    I also use es explorer (free on Amazon Appstore). this one you have to long press to get the “rename” option.

    I have not tried Astro.

  247. @himanshu: I don’t have any specific recommendations. But I check the free best seller list a couple times a week on Amazon. I find a good book every couple weeks. After 2 years, I now have nearly a hundred free books in my queue.


    Now with my Adam I also get library books from Overdrive. This only works if you live near a library supporting Overdrive. I think it’s just in the US.

  248. Hello All,
    Bought 2 Adams, LCD/3G and Pqi/3G. LCD was a gift and my brother is using it, and he fairly likes it. He wasn’t looking for much, but just something to replace his desktop where he used it for emails, some social networking and reading books, listening to music. His Adam suffices him for all of the above, although the occasional forceclosing and Mail’d issues are his only complaints.
    My PQi, I have used for a month now. Came with the Mar 22 build (220311 ending build no.). Got the root+Market rooting from NIH done. I use Market, Amazon and AppBrain for apps.
    Firstly, I had planned to use Adam for net surfing, social networks, skype, chats, apps, ebooks, basic word (for writing applications or letters)/excel (like my expenditure or cashflow), powerpoint just in case, pdf reading, music, photos to view, click rarely and share. Having all the above with possibility of multi tasking is what I needed. Something I could take out on weekends and maybe weekday evenings to cafés instead of laptop and charger. I was about to buy a netbook, instead I wanted Adam. I loved that I would get a GPS and was beginning to love the “mystery feature” and all the awesome ideas people thought it would be. Based on the above, my experience with Adam has been fairly good. This is how I spend my time with Adam…
    I start up the Adam every evening while lying on my bean bag, TV and WD remotes close to me. At the home panel, I bring in the ‘Settings’ leaf, turn on the wifi (Mine is perpetually on Airport mode, which is good for battery), I wish it would connect to Wifi at startup automatically. Go from the leaf/panel mode to desktop mode. Start Amazon app store to check whats free for the day. I have downloaded Swype pad (Now this is an awesome app and all of you should have it, until we get honeycomb or the Eden leaves start working). With swypepad, while on any app or the desktop screen, I touch one corner of my screen and my favourite apps pop-up, I drag my finger to the one I want to go to. Simple! So there, I generally first go to either Music or TuneIn Radio Pro (Pro was free on Amazon), set my music, Once that Starts, swypepad again and go to AG Newspaper app & pull in my favourite newspaper or Time magazine app,. The music is on all this while… and will be so until I stop it. From there to Browser (I like the Adam browser for simplicity, but I switch between that and Dolphin HD). Browse my Facebook or anything I want from there. I like Facebook in the browser (the app works OK in leaf mode, but I rather use all the screen space when I have the choice). I just received a call on Skype, and that pops up, silencing the music I was listening to, I attend the skype call, although the chat in skype is a bitch (the chat window just moves up and u cant see it until u have chatted few lines). Skype video call is not available yet, which is a pain too! Skype call ends, and depending on its mood, Adam will restart the music it was playing or not. Swypepad, music back if I have to. I like to use the NI keyboard cos I think it is much smoother reacts to touch better than Android keyboard. I am not much of a gamer, but I have played angry birds, bubble blast and tank hero, pacman etc. When some kids or someone is home they get to play with Adam, piano pro (free from somewhere) plays fine too for kids.
    I have seen HIMYM and Big Bang files on Adam, although I don’t like holding Adam and watching for 20-30 mins at stretch. I use sniffer to copy files into my SD card from USB and then use sniffer to go to file, choose and play. Again I use either Adam Video player or Rockplayer. Some files don’t work. But again some files don’t work on my WDTV as well. Which is sad! Photos from the camera is so-so, I think the screen size and the 3.2 MP is not a good combo. Needed better camera. Have taken small silly videos, not great, but didn’t expect it to be. Now GPS, haven’t worked for me yet. I shall wait till it works. Know my roads quite well to need it now!
    Overall, am happy, it works to my expectations. I haven’t used a mouse or keyboard, but don’t like the tablet for doing long typings like this one. I am not sure I will ever do long notes on Adam. I hate that Calendar doesn’t work fine and that Mail’d closes on me every now and then. No attachment in Mail’d is a letdown. Waiting for fixes. I have got the latest flashing file from NI Support, but am not doing it, have heard about complaints after that one and don’t want to spoil the harmony now. Sometimes, the pages in browser freezes, no zooming, no scrolling. I hate that. Sometimes links don’t work, I hate that too!  So there are few things I would like to see change. I guess patience is the way to go!
    I used to get frustrated much more initially, probably cos of the learning curve and trust me Swype Pad, now its not frustrating as much! I also have the screen protector on, the response is not the same like before, but I like the matte and the reduced fingerprints too. What I hate the most about it is the screen viewing angle. I cant decently share any video with my friends, I tend to show them at proper angles, so they don’t find out how bad it is, while I am looking at the screen and I cant see anything properly, I just smile when they smile!  My brothers LCD had better angles, but still not great! And I love the PQi, less strain while reading, surfing, I also watch some videos in Pqi mode, cos I think it is great!
    So that’s my experience… I hope Rohan and team does some quick updates… but I am done hoping and waiting …. 

  249. @dwarf thanks a lot dwarf. I will surely try it . Specially the Mark Del Franco one as i am die hard Detective story fan. Thanks a lot, let me find these books first 🙂

  250. Chaipau Very Well written review. Even I use it for almost same purposes + reading vocabulary for my exams, showing picasa pics to my family members etc.

    Initially I was really let down by adam but after doing modification(Beast ROm) and taking recommendations from my fellow mates here in the this blog regarding different apps I am loving my adam.

    I will try out two application recommended by you i.e tunein(not sure will it work in India or not) and SwypePad. Even I will suggest you to try out Astro in place of Sniffer,Gmail in place of Mail’d(for attachments) and allnotes for notes(if in future there is a need to take notes on adam).

    I own a LCD model and for me angles sucks. It’s very embarrassing while showing it to others and I face the same situation as yours :). ANd I only see black figures while my mother is appreciating the pics on picasa 🙂 . That’s the biggest let down for me right now but besides that I am kinda enjoying my adam.

  251. Moeover pad pivod can be useful ally when you want to work on adam more time. It’s pre-order is open for all right now.

  252. chaipau: Great review! However I am unable to find the app Swype pad that you refer to often in this review. Am I missing something about the app name? I’ve looked in Amazon, appBrain, and FreewareLovers, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. That probably means its in the Marketplace, as I haven’t rooted this Adam…

  253. @Dwarf “”

  254. @Tim

    Great Idea.

    Here’s the fun video of it.


  255. @himanshu and _@_dwarf…. Cant find my comment to reply there…. the app is spelled Swipepad wth an i and not y like i wrote earlier… Sorry… Mine is a beta version and the link from himanshu seems to be the one.
    I also wanted to add… @ himanshu… Vocab for gre? using an app for it? i had seen someone using a app which showed a word and u click on it and it would give the meaning an dusage… I donno whic app it is tough.
    Also to all… I aso am loving the use of adam to read quran… To all those who are intrested thre is a iquran app by guided wayss which i love…. Its rree… U can downlod meqnings andtranslations…. U can also download audio to read wth…. It works wel.

    Orry for all the misspellls cant see what i am typing…… Thatss another irritating fix needed.

  256. Thanks himanshu.. I alredy wrotea comment in u reply … Ituneradio showss indian channels…. Try it…. I got mumbai channelss… In US almosst all city shows up…. although i mnot there now, its great i can listen to someof my fav detroit n seattle channels……
    i downloaded astro but yet havent used cos snifrer works fine… Want to downooad gmail… Cant find it …any clue? haave evrnote… Which i good.
    Ninja fruit works nice too and is fun…. Bubble blast is quite nice… TED Air is super good app…imdb is also good to find review and ratingss of movies… Talking tom is a funny app.. Hope u trythose…. Nd good luck with ur gre or whichevr exam u r givng…..

  257. Gmail app :: “” or “”

    I will surely try the apps mentioned. Already downloaded tunein. Will try imdb and other apps mentioned by you. Vocab is not for gre/gmat btw , I am just reading it to improve mine. DO also try think it is wapedia app(wikipedia), espncricinfo if u are a cricket lover, picasa toolpro if u save ur pics in picasa. Enjoy your adam

  258. I just want to know when we’ll be able to purchase this from reputable sources like Amazon. I and I’m certain quite a few others, only trust one source online. For me it just happens to be Amazon. If I can’t buy it on Amazon, I buy it in person. If I can’t buy it in person or on Amazon, I clearly don’t need it. It’s literally been the only thing delaying my purchase, and I’ve been waiting for so long.

    I want this device so bad, and I’ll admit, it may be the only one out there I am willing to break my rule for. But instead I tell myself that by being patient, any further teething pains the Adam may have will be past by the time it is sold in a place where I’m willing and able to purchase it.

  259. Agrippa,the adam in its present iteration is not ready for mass commercial distribution. IT’s possible that by the time Adam2 comes out the software, manuacturing and parts acquision will be in a contracted, logistic stream that would support mass production. What came out of the preorder seems to be a custom build that let to a level of varience between units that would not be tolerated by vendors. For the time beig it,
    s either buying a resale or waiting to see in what direction NotionInk as a company goes. In either case it.s a crap shoot.

  260. @Himanshu, @dwarf: I wanted to try to use AppBrain but it appears to require Google Market to install. I haven’t rooted my Adam and don’t plan to.

    Is there a way to install AppBrain on stock Adam?

  261. @dwarf: you said “However, the screen keyboard is also visible, making less of the screen available for viewing.”

    When using a USB keyboard, you can hide the NI keyboard by clicking the lower right button on the NI keyboard.

  262. Mark: You only need a Google login. I used my gmail login. You don’t have to have any account to set up email with gmail. I used Dolphin HD and when they asked for a login through google I used my gmail address and the password for that account. If you don’t have gmail it’s easy to set up. Just go to If you already have one, just use your password for that account..

  263. @mark-indiana:
    You cannot use AppBrain without rooting your adam and getting market. period.

  264. >>@Dwarf: I am suing astro in place of sniffer these days and performance …
    Please dont sue Astro 🙂

    One a sober note, for Astro, don;t miss to download the samba module also which will let you browse to your desktops on LAN. ES Explorer has all this in one package, but I still prefer Asto for its interface

  265. I think it’s high time that whatever is claimed on this blog by NI and Rohan is to be taken with a grain of salt. They have falter continuously and consistently to deliver what they promise. In my culture it’s tantamount to blatant lying and I think Rohan belongs to the same culture. Hope he understands it well .

  266. “”levpius said, on April 25, 2011 at 10:44
    You cannot use AppBrain without rooting your adam and getting market. period.””

    This has not been my experience. I have neither rooted my Adam, nor do I have the Market. I was able to create an account on AppBrain through Dolphin HD using my gmail user name and password. I’m not sure how this account is going to work if I try to buy and app, but since I don’t typically buy apps (they have to be really necessary or wonderful for me to spend money) I don’t think this will be a problem.

    You may have been offered your Market account as the method for gaining access to AppBrain, but I was offered my Google login as the method and it worked just fine.


  267. Himanshu: Rohan will always speak about what he wants to happen, but those desires and dreams can not always (often) be delivered by the company he has created. I honestly believe that he works as hard as can be expected toward producing all the ideas he has expressed on this blog, but the realities of the situation are what allows (or fails to allow) those ideas to come to fruition as reality. Only time will tell whether or not the results will be as spectacular as Rohan would wish. So far, while he may be on track with his personal timeline, those of us who purchased the results are of mixed feelings about how well those goals have been met.

    I have just received yet another software update from support in an attempt to get my faulty hardware to perform. Since others have reported flawless operations with the same software I have little hope for a software solution…and I doubt that there will be a fix for the camera refocus unless that “feature” is under software control…
    As we all know by now:

    Waiting is

  268. RK: Can’t post to the conclave as I have no Facebook account, and do not intend to create one. Support still has no solution to that problem at this time…

    Yes, I tried to play a movie using an external USB dvd player. The video player software doesn’t seem to be able to use external dvd devices and the system does not recognize the device, even though it spins up and seeks track 0, but those may be a function of the player and not the Adam.

    So, I know of no way to play a DVD on the Adam as it has no internal DVD player and fails to recognize an external device thru the USB connector. I don’t have any bluetooth devices to test, but so far I’ve not gotten any bluetooth device to connect to the Adam.


  269. Its not about creating an account. I do have an account in AppBrain and it shows what I have installed (previous android phone).
    You cannot access AppBrain from an unrooted Adam ( minus the Market). I thought it was the common knowledge. Please check the FAQ(especially the 2nd FAQ):

  270. levpius: As I said, I have had no problems accessing appbrain from an unrooted Adam. Maybe it was because I had no knowledge of the FAQ 😉

  271. Apparently not. It gets hung in waiting moderation. Let me try in mangled:

    http:slash slash notionink dot com slash windows slash pq_wifi update dot zip For Pixel Qi WiFi (NIP020080411: Build number after updating)

    http:slashslash notionink dot com slash windows slash pq_3G slash update dot zip For Pixel Qi WiFi 3G (NIP920080411: Build number after updating)

    Hope that works

  272. Maybe I spoke too fast. 🙂 Even I dint know of the FAQ. lol 🙂 Just dug it out to prove what I thought I experienced earlier.
    I did try running AppBrain when I got my Adam first, I got the message that my machine does not have access to market or some message on those lines. When i researched at that time, I found that the common understanding among android users is : in AppBrain the downloads are still handled by “links to the official Android Market”.
    Well if you could get around this to use AppBrain to download something .. I would like to see if you still have the apk so that I can install and use it.

  273. @Dwarf,

    Thank you for sharing the link. I am running the same build where the Airplane mode and Cell standby has been removed for the Wifi Versions (Atleast for LCD WIFI). My adam has been running pretty smoothly so far, however the issues are not yet resolved. The GPS was tracking me pretty accurately, however I did not try to use it while I was driving. I need to investigate that. For the battery life, I was just browsing using the skyfire browser at 40% brightness and the battery was discharging at about 11% per hour. My issue with the microphone is not yet resolved, and the support is not even responding to my emails anymore.

    Does anyone know if NOT responding to the inquiries and not providing warranty service is a breach of contract by Notion Ink?

  274. @Dwarf Share the link enclosed in inverted commas :: “” it will pass the moderation test 🙂

  275. I downloaded Appbrain from the Google site using my PC password without any problem. But l was not aware of the fact that you need a Phone if you want to install it.

  276. If I install the Beast ROM, can I get back to stock with the latest flash update?

  277. @topspnr:
    >>But l was not aware of the fact that you need a Phone if you want to install it.
    Not sure what is the import here ..

  278. Also, I simply cant get the GPS to work!!! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!! Everybody else seems to have gotten their’s to work….please help sum1….NI Support has been no help on this… 😦

  279. @PM: Sure you can do that. Technically you should be able to flash it with the new update procedure which will put you back to stock with latest update.
    Some Adam users did have issues with using the latest update …. just saying.
    I believe there is a chance this might fix your GPS issue(my Adam worked very good immediately after update), but it would nice if NI support sorts this out.
    If for some reason 🙂 you decide to do this flash update, make sure you test your GPS with navigation on a day with the Adam outside looking at a clear sky and feeling lots of patience from you…… In my experience, you don’t need academic tools like GPS status et al, if all you need is for the GPS to work.

  280. I don’t have a clue what the appbrain app is. LOL

    My intent was to see if l could download it or what the restrictions were if l couldn’t.

    l did the download and clicked install, message said there is no phone for the install.

    Did it on my stock adam…….. I believe mark-indiana had trouble with the download.

    i have the apk on my usb. Nothing of inportance. 40 and out….

  281. primarycloud said, on April 24, 2011 at 16:45 “I don’ understand all this interest on what ionly matches the Adam in hardware and has software that is still in developmentalstage.”

    Primarycloud, the reason so many are giving up on Notion Ink, is it doesn’t appear they are making much progress. Think about it, the first tablets were delivered late January early February, so now three full months have passed since the first tablets were delivered and we are just barely getting a stable tablet, and there are too many Hardware problems to mention, that they seem to think re-flashing will solve. If half the people with the software installed have a working GPS, then it is not software that is the problem, and no matter how many times you re-flash it, it is not going to get better.

    Notion Ink clearly knows this, but is still trying to pass it off as not a problem, they need to start issuing RMA’s for the faulty hardware.

    Next, back to the same thing, it has been three full months, and there still is no sign of support. They even have a dedicated forum up and running, but there are no Notion Ink employees to speak of that even make an appearance.

    The CEO says on this blog over a month ago, he would make regular Saturday post, and out of 5 weeks since he said that, there had been one post, one out of five is not regular in anybody’s book.

    All these other tablets coming out, are being sold in retail outlets, so if I can buy an Asus Transformer in Best Buy, and I get it home, and the GPS does work, or the blue tooth won’t connect, I can bring it back that same day. If you get a defective Adam Tablet, then you can’t even get a reply from Notion Ink support. Or you get a stock answer to re-flash your tablet. And we know it is a stock answer, because they have given that answer to people who have emailed support, saying the post are stuck in moderation. And they received the answer to re-flash their Adam. So it is clear, they aren’t even reading the messages, they just have a computer bot answer.

    The bot works something like this, My Adam has a cracked screen Answer: re-flash the adam

    If you get a tablet with good hardware, you still don’t have a working tablet; for the most part you have to apply a hack to get it to be useful.

    All the vision by Rohan in the world cannot solve the fact that Notion Ink is providing a very bad customer experience for nearly 98% of it users(I made that number up, based on my reading of this blog, notion ink hacks, notion ink addicts, and the official notion ink forum) Even the most ardent fans have given up, and yet it is still basically silence from Notion Ink.

  282. Well said! I have been through all this and more!

    On that note I finally got a 1080p .avi to (barely) play on the Adam using RockPlayer Lite. At least now I know how the PQ screen looks playing HD content!. Now there is just the little issue of the out of sync sound, and the laggy video. This means that the HD YouTube issue is software and not (likely) hardware.

    Has anyone been able to stream a video to the Adam yet?

  283. did u guys checked the SONY S1 and S2 tablets which was launched just couple of hrs back..? well check it out.. S1 design is so close to Adam..
    NI needs to get their act together before S1 takes over..!!

  284. Finally I decided to install Beast Rom as the stock Eden interface was slow and not that smooth.

    Installed as per instructions , skipped a few heartbeats when the adam was stuck in boot loop.But a quick video by Albert on how to update Beast Rom quickly resolved the issue.

    After installing one thing I have to say about Beast Rom – Totally awesome and amazing
    Completely floors Notion Ink Eden interface( no offence Rohan)
    The interface feels so fluid . so smooth most important so fast compared to Eden

    Those who are on the fence I would advice them its worth checking out Beast Rom .

  285. Why no offence?

    Being stuck in this support free customer limbo we might as well ponder about being offensive :-/

    I’m still using adam mostly as a paperweight with angry-birds-option because my laptop insists on not accepting my SD-cards. But adapters and an extra SD for rom flashing action are homing in via amazon, so I might tackle the beast 😉

    At least my GPS is working (although it seems to crash the adam completely after an hour of bicycle riding and position logging) and this is actually quite fun. And PiQi has been worth the pain also.

    I hope the beast will smoothen things up a little.

    So back to work – and apologies for my continuing silence!

  286. Welcome back to Notion Ink Support.

    We apologize for delayed response.

    I have forwarded your issues to our development team and they are working on it. All those issues will be resolved in the next update. The next update is going to release on 7th May 2011.

    We request your kind cooperation in this matter.

    Thanks for your time and patience.


    Notion Ink Support Team

    That was their response to my RMA request.

  287. Thanks for the pre-order tip, I had been watching the kickstarter site, and didn’t realize they had the own site. Just submitted email for pre-order. Figure it will work well with what ever tablet I end up with, right now really leaning toward selling the adam and getting something else. Wish the asus transformer hadn’t sold out in a few minutes of launch here in the US, I am on the west coast and by time I woke up, it was already sold out.

  288. Also, there was just a post on the official formun were a user reported that notion ink told him a new update would be released on May 7th, (caution – no year was stated) so you may want to wait for that.

    also, a word of caution on using the custom rom and thinking you can just go back to stock. You can, but you also may lose everything you had, such as the programs, if you are using the official marketplace to get the apps, and then you go back to stock, you won’t be ablet to use those apps in many cases, because they require the marketplace to be installed. so then you are going to have to at least do the root and market place hack, so you can use your titanium backup. and if you are going to do that, then you might as well just wait for the Beast Rom to incorporate the latest update

    it is a catch 22.

  289. Wow so much of silence across the blog/various forums….. Last year around this time, Notion Ink was making a lot of noise. Die hard supporters/fan, the fans were being compared to the Apple Fan boys. And Now we have about 30 comments on the blog per day.

    Rohan, are you seeing whats happening? Come On man, its time to step up. As long as we dont see any progress on Hardware and Software, you are going to keep loosing your customer’s confidence.

    Greg @ Notion ink Fan – what happened to you? You were one of the most vocal supporters of Notion Ink. These days you are not visible at all. How is your experience with Notion Ink?

  290. Well what i feel that Ni is busy with things non related to adam and software etc. As was told some one else too , there seem to be a war of ownership going on in NI with two groups having different opinions about the future of NI . Cant collaborate it but I feel it is the case. As Genesis was supposed to come by 14th feb. it’s 26th april . Where is comics,songs books. And leave these where is support which ROoan claimed will be the best in his first post PO1-fiasco post .He feels that Ni is there for centuries but if the current situation keeps on, I dont think Ni will be there even in 2014-15.

  291. @themave please keep an eye on Son;y tablet too which have been released today itself. Saying that Asus tablet is too tempting to be left out 🙂

  292. Ohh asus sold out for u . That’s bad . @Dwarf We were supposed to get a review from you on late monday. Any chances for today? Or have you got yours eventually.

  293. Sony just launched the S1 tablet. The shape looks familiar.


    They also tout the same ergonomic advantage of having a wedge shape.

  294. @Burt O’ Stage

    Well now:

    You might want to add a little “Karma” to your early morning coffee and perhaps share a cup with gumdoc. /s

    also known as LeoP

  295. Will do!

    No, I’m not angry – just a sliiiiiiight little bit disappointed. But I can wait; I was just throwing around some new ideas 😀

    Well, the SD reader just arrived and I made step one and rooted for market, but it’s apparanently caught in some “loading” loop after putting in all required account stuff (it made me create a; is that really necessary? I had my google account set up with another mailaddress and google never cared). Weird.

    Let’s see after a reboot!

  296. Well, I’m sad to say that I have sold my Adam on Ebay this morning. I had such high hopes for this tablet, but in the end it was the lack of customer service and information flow that prompted my decision. I got tired of waiting week after week for Rohan’s updates and to awake to a bitter disappointment. I will venture off and purchase an ASUS Transformer where it is a major company that has established customer service. To all especially Notion Ink Hacks thank you for all of your support.

  297. Hey Guys..

    It may seem dumb, but I am somehow not able to register at conclave. After the Facebook login and app permission page, I see a place where it says registration is disabled by administrator.

    I have tried to register from different IPs and at different timings, but all I get is that same old “Registration is disabled by …”

    The stranger thing is that I am seeing new members registering to conclave everyday. How do they get through to register themselves.

  298. @Veeraraagavan , here you go:
    Try registering or logging in here. It should work. 🙂

  299. Hi fjg, getting lonely here … and less interesting ….
    (I have continues your dot series)

  300. I don’t want to go negative but I have a frrling that NotionInk has folded it’s tent and faded away in the dark. Rohan will most likely prove me wrong and come out with an update that will bring everything together for Eden but there is no denying that here seems to be a big fadeout.

  301. So finally after 3 weeks i kick Eden and Got EDENX 🙂
    seriously a blank tablet without a chalk is what currently is ADAM with Eden.
    I have used Eden for 3 weeks,tried my level best to stick with it and suffer with multiple issues, with just a hope that support team will help I stick with it for 3 weeks.but ..we all know support team..what I don’t understand atleast they can reply to mails in 3-4 days ,saying they are looking in to matter.Is it too much to ask Rohan??? being part of this adam journey since very beginning I would like to TELL you that Roebeet and Alby have delivered what you were expected to do ..I think that sum up My frustration ..

    HOW can I suggest Adam to any normal user ? Tell me Rohan? people unware about NIA,NIH will cry after buying Adam 😦 just to see now how much difference it makes with other Rom.

  302. So finally after 3 weeks i kick Eden and Got EDENX 🙂
    seriously a blank tablet without a chalk is what currently is ADAM with Eden.
    I have used Eden for 3 weeks,tried my level best to stick with it and suffer with multiple issues, with just a hope that support team will help I stick with it for 3 weeks.but ..we all know support team..what I don’t understand atleast they can reply to mails in 3-4 days ,saying they are looking in to matter.Is it too much to ask Rohan??? being part of this adam journey since very beginning I would like to TELL you that Roebeet and Alby have delivered what you were expected to do ..I think that sum up My frustrations ..

    HOW can I suggest Adam to any normal user ? Tell me Rohan? people unware about NIA,NIH will cry after buying Adam 😦 just to see now how much difference it makes with other Rom.

  303. Received an email from Notion Ink Support yesterday. The next update is going to release on 7th May 2011. Had sent them a mail about GPS and facebook leaf issues.

  304. Feelings mutal, I folded my tent and sold Adam to someone who is able to consume this BS. I held out as long as I could, but in the end the product did not live up to it’s potential. Ordered me a ASUS EEE Pad Transformer. Big company with active customer support. 😛

  305. Greetings from Notion Ink

    Dear Customer,

    We are glad to inform you that Screen Protectors for your Adam are now available for purchase!

    Kindly log in to your order status page and navigate to the Accessories tab.

    Currently, you can buy a maximum of two pieces. We will dispatch your order within two days of receiving a confirmed payment. The cost of each screen protector for the Adam is INR 500 (including shipping within India only!).

    Please note that we are currently able to ship the screen protectors within India only.

    We request you to kindly track your shipment and contact us at “ ” in case you require any further assistance.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink

  306. So seems Screen protectors are available for Indian customers too. I hope they have not calculated 2 days as per Notion Ink calculations and only as per real world calculations where 1 day=24 hours 🙂

  307. I thought I read they were kinda forced to stop delivering to India for now, doesn’t this apply to the protectors as well ?

  308. When NI 1st announced that the Adam would not be sold in India, it set off warning signals in my feelings of concern about the NI enterprise. How could you just turn your back on your home country? Surely everyone that sells in India face similar obsacles? This was just not satisfactorily explained but it seemed ok” with the members from India so I just let it pass. But now, with everything else that has transpired, Rohan has to make a public announcement. He is a young man with afamily and future to lbe concerned about. Allready the major tech media has totally dismissed the NI venture and there is no guarantee of future coverage. It just may be to late to salvage his self image and he just may be totally clueless but I am in the process of stepping back and away. I will keep the A1 for its PQ screen but I doubt if once I turn away that I will ever buy anything that has the Rohan stamp on it. If he doesn’t come forward now then May 7 may be to late.

  309. Well that’s true . Now it’s not no-communication it’s rather shying away from responsibilities.

  310. well the main problem for the lack of updates is Notion Ink is trying to solve the hardware problems with Software. That is the reason why there are no updates from Rohan.

    Now I wonder what the technology updates were that he was planning to share. Or maybe the investors didn’t want him to share… or maybe he is trying to gather interest by just putting out statements like those….

  311. @Suresh If you follow Rohan’s many blog entries in the last 5 months, he hardly has delivered what he has talked in his blog entries. Eg: Genesis, about lots of app from EAP 1 and EAP2(I doubt whether anything came out of it), books, comics, even sharing of idea about Adam 2, live support, claiming that his support team will be one of the best in the world, surprise feature and the list goes on.

    It just seems that he has decided to speak many a things without backing them with substance and this is one of the biggest reason these days I read his blog entry with skepticism. Frankly many users of adam are only using it jus because of Notion Ink Hacks including me. Otherwise adam in plan vanilla eden is pain to use:atleast it was a case with me and i would have sold it long time back if there was no Eden X or Beast Rom

    Many die hard followers of adam like Greg and more have slowly swayed away from adam and NotionInk . These are very strong indication for a company to realize that “All is not well” . But I dont think Ni want to accept it. THey have big plans and want to remain for centuries without giving proper time to the current problems. Hope they are going on the correct path.

  312. Just checked out a Gslate – One of my colleagues has it. The screen is pretty sweet. Seeing that, I now have the urge to sell my adam and get a transformer or a slate

  313. I was just now able to order the Transformer from Amazon. The order went through Jammin Warehouse and they say I should expect the shipment to arrive May 2-9…
    My first order with Amazon was a mistake and they shipped me a different Asus tablet with an attached keyboard. Wouldn’t have been too bad except it had Windows 7 installed, so I returned it for credit. The Transformer was a bit more expensive, with shipping it came out to $588, and that is without the keyboard docking station, that isn’t available yet. I have it on my wish list for when it does become available…
    the mave: where were you ordering from?
    Himanshu: do you have a link to the Sony Tablet? I’ve seen several people talk about it, but no link to purchase…
    Himanshu: I’ve been too sick the last couple of days to do any posting or other things. See above about Monday’s expectations…

  314. @Dwarf DO take care of your health.
    Sony Tablet “”

  315. Himanshu: Video looks very nice, but not available until fall/winter? Should have a Transformer by then 😉

  316. Suresh: Gslate looks small. Is it really? Also, TMobile has really bad data plan in my area $50 per month for 5 GB and 2 year contract. Nothing smaller, and I will never use up a 5 Gig limit. I was looking for 1 or 2 gig plan for my Adam, but no joy…

  317. Dwarf, The Sony tablet was just unveiled, it is not available, and is expected to ship in the fall. so it is still a ways away.

    I tried Amazon, Best Buy Walmart, Target, and around 10 other online sites and they all said sold out. I will go back to Amazon and try again.

    Hope you feel better

  318. @all

    In the “For what it’s worth department”.

    On page:

    Quoting Andy Smith below on 4/27/11 @ 09:33 AM:

    Andy Smith
    Notion Ink Hacks – We are moving to “”
    I have decided to expand my forum to include other devices. This is very helpful as it will allow us to get leaks and files from similar devices and let us port them to the Adam. Furthermore, this keeps my team working together even as newer devices come around.
    Please take a moment to register at “”

  319. @all

    In the “For what it’s worth department”.

    On page:

    Quoting Andy Smith below on 4/27/11 @ 09:33 AM:

    Andy Smith
    Notion Ink Hacks – We are moving to “”
    I have decided to expand my forum to include other devices. This is very helpful as it will allow us to get leaks and files from similar devices and let us port them to the Adam. Furthermore, this keeps my team working together even as newer devices come around.
    Please take a moment to register at “”

  320. Already signed up for the forums under “dwarf”
    Come on over. Things are nicely organized.

  321. themave: search using – “ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101-A1 10.1-Inch Tablet Computer (Tablet Only)” and you should find it still available. I just did the search and found 4 available, although the price has gone up…

  322. @mark-indiana

    What E-book Reader do you use for Overdrive?

    Our Library uses Overdrive for the 10.1″ Xoom and the 7″ Galaxy S.

    I use the Kindle Reader mainly for Amazon e-books.

  323. I Have two words or is it 1 word for Beast Rom:-

    WooooHoooo ! Awesome !

    TuneIn works great on Beast Rom . But not a lot of Hindi Radio channels.
    After rooting Adam I have stopped complaning. But I do wish the stock Adam gets much better .

  324. What, there are still people waiting for Adam? I’d have thought they’d all have shipped by now.

    Haven’t seen much noise as to when the next order is. I gather by now everyone has one or has found their way over to eBay or the like? 😉 (Probably shipped faster too lol)

  325. I with you Dwarf on the dataplan, with my iphone I have the lowest plan with 200mb, and since I find wifi most everywhere I go, I don’t even hit that limit. I am thinking for the tablet the ATT plan with 2gig for $25 is plenty, just haven’t tried to get the plan yet, since the tablet is not really very funcutional, since I am still stock on the Adam. don’t want to be paying for a dataplan when I can’t even use the tablet for more then very light web browsing.

  326. themave: Don’t even try. I also have an iPhone, but AT&T can’t give me a data plan for the Adam because my IMEI number isn’t on their list.

  327. hey,

    Check out the review by engadget..


  328. Logging in to blog site after a long time so no idea where we are. Let me ask around few questions:

    Whats the latest update going on for PQi 3G version?
    What Rohan mentioned above in the blog, is that true and is any body able to see books/games angry birds on their Adam, coz i am not.

    Please enlighten me what’s the future ? Where is genesis ?

    I am still using Eden 😦

  329. It is time for some updates.

    – what is the “Bonus mystery feature”
    – where is “Genesis”
    – when will “Eden” be updated
    – why is the “digital compass” acting crazy

    Rohan please!

  330. for all fellow Adam enthusiasts…just updated my blog with my comparison of the Asus Transformer and Adam…(a close call sans the 3G)


  331. Engadget gives the NI Adam a 3/10, I haven’t seen them give such a low score in a long time for anything. Any comments/rebuttals forthcoming?! I think the points about ‘broken promises’ and ‘unrealized dreams’ in particularly telling about how the Adam has turned out. And I am talking from personal experience as well, having had my Adam for about a month now.

  332. Hey Bikram,
    does this mean you own a Transformer ?? Or did you just compare the specs of both tablets? Then I think you should be more fair, I mean when you write that “Adam is still a better buy 🙂 considering the fact that it has all of the above features that Asus transformer has/does not have”, it’s not quite true. I mean, you just base your opinion on two “drawbacks” (3g model non-availabality is not really a drawback) after quoting the Transformer’s impressive specs ?!
    – First, the screen, do we REALLY need to discuss that ? The Asus with its Gorilla glass and 178¤ viewing angle compared to the one of the worst screens ever (I am talking about the LCD screen here, of course the PQi adds some fun). You can’t consider watching a video with someone sitting next to you using the ADAM because, well, only one would see.
    – Then the software, Android 3.0 compared to Eden ? Even though Honeycomb is not in its final stage, Eden is nothing more that a pre-beta version of a stable software. Most of the people here are using NIH ROMs because they are more stable than the stock software.
    – Then the hardware problems encountered on ADAM such as GPS, compass not working, camera quality, no sound out of the HDMI port…not mentioning the lack of support from NI compared to an international company.
    – Also I think Asus is planing on releasing a 3G version of the Transformer. Just like NI released a WiFi only ADAM, Asus did the same with its Transformer. So the lack of 3g itself is no biggie, people just just have to wait.
    – I agree that the TF lacks a USB port, but it’s something manageable using an adapter connected to the mini-usb port.

    I mean I could go on and on, and as much as I would really want to be able to compare ADAM to the big guns such as Asus or even Acer, it’s just not possible anymore. ADAM was the best tablet in 2010, now all the tablets released are killing it.

  333. Hi Himanshu,

    I ordered a couple from Amazon around a week back… awaiting delivery.

  334. Yeah Devadatta, I caught that too. Not very flattering but then the sad part is that I can’t disagree with Sean Hollister (the reviewer) either. I’ve spent a fair bit of money on the Adam, it does some stuff but it doesn’t do it with the panache and style that I thought it would. I’m proud of supporting them at startup but really hope that they can improve the product to something that will catch the imagination of the “right” tablet hunter.

    On the hardware side, my three biggest disappointments have been (and in this order):
    (i) the screen (I have a PQi 3g)
    (ii) the weight (whether you like it or not, it’s heavy for a tablet – read as compared to iPad2) and
    (iii) the touch (it works but not as well as I would have liked).

    I am a lot more forgiving on the software side of things as there is always the potential of building on that. Honeycomb however is a must and the sooner they get it the better it will be.

  335. the display seems to be the main culprit for all 3 problems 😦
    they tried to compromise on this front and it came out to be the very factor going against ADAM.
    i wish there was some way we are able to change the display itself….
    have you noticed the bezel to earlier versions?….

  336. Andre, the ex UI director is commenting on the Engadget review. This is what he is saying

    “Well, Notion Ink is like one of those old time Peddlers of Miracle products. Except that theyre selling fake dreams and empty promises.”

  337. If he is real ANdre then I think NI is just playing with customers. Not only will it hurt them in sales, I don’t think how legally safe they are.

  338. Then only God can save NI. In fact even I am mulling to sell my adam for almost a week. Rohan has to come forward and speak. There is no point in hiding looting your customers who believed in you and invested in your product.

  339. Mehdi: You bark about the LCD screen and ignore the Pixel Qi. For me the PQ screen is wonderful! There is also the issue of connections which the Adam has and the Transformer doesn’t. And then you discount the 3G issue, but don’t even mention the price.
    All that said, I have one on order and expect delivery between May 2 and May 9, although this is “Estimated” just like the Adam was, so we shall see. The price is higher to start with, and when I get a chance to buy the docking station that will fix the USB port issue and give me a real keyboard I’ll have spent more than the iPad price, but expect to have a much beefier machine. But I’ll still be able to use my Adam outdoors in sunlight.
    Finally, I don’t have and LCD Adam, so I don’t know about the “poor viewing angles” issue. My Pixel Qi screen has very satisfying viewing angle and is not hard to share. While the colors are not “vibrant” they are still very nice colors, so all I can say is I’m glad I didn’t buy the LCD model.
    I’ll have a lot more to say when I have a real Transformer in my hands, but I found Bikramdas’ review fairly balanced for not having side by side pictures.

  340. This was Andre’s full comment::

    “With a Honeycomb Asus Transformer around the corner available for just $399, Notion Ink is as good as dead in the water. Hell, theres even the ViewSonic G Tablet, which can run Eden UI, and is way better at a superb 300$ price point. Well, Notion Ink is like one of those old time Peddlers of Miracle products. Except that theyre selling fake dreams and empty promises.”

  341. Everyone still expects a dinky little startup like Notion Ink to provide all the support and updates of a fortune 500 company. The fact that they actually delivered a product that looked like the original draft pictures and has a working system that is getting fixed, however slowly is pretty spectacular given the limited resources of this startup. And YES they are still a startup with very limited resources who haven’t yet found an adequate manufacturing setup that can produce in competition with the Asus level companies of the world.
    You may remember back when Asus came out with the tiny notebook format that has revolutionized the netbook marketplace. Soon after they came out, everyone had a model to compete.
    Only time will tell if the innovation found in the Adam will grow Notion Ink into one of the big guys. Yes, they may very well get run over in the coming stampede, but they were here first with the ideas that others will try to copy. I’m still waiting for a Pixel Qi screen on an Asus machine 😉
    Waiting is

  342. Neither of his price quotes are honest. I paid almost $600 for the Transformer and still haven’t paid for a docking station/keyboard.
    Being dishonest about the price points makes the rest of his statements pretty empty.

  343. Ahh I did not know that. Thaks for telling me. Btw he is talking many big things on that engadget website :). I think there is no love feel between him and NI 🙂

  344. Exactly, he is no longer speaking for NI, so most of what he has to say about them is suspect, or at least heavily biased.

  345. Your comment is awaiting moderation. So I will obfuscate 😉

    Here is a more comprehensive link for Transformer:

    ”http: slash slash nixontech dot wordpress dot com slash 2011 slash 04 slash 27 slash asus-eee-pad-transformer-hardware-overview slash ‘‘

    See if this gets through moderation…

  346. BTW Himanshu: Where did you get this quote? I would be interested in the complete interview…

  347. Yup as Suresh mentioned. In fact he is the one who brought this into notice 🙂

  348. Well first of all dwarf, I am not barking but just comparing the LCD screen because that IS what both of the tablets have (how foolish of me to compare what’s actually comparable). Then you’ll have to explain to me how Bikramdas’ review can be fairly balanced when he explicitly says that ADAM is the better purchase?! That is not balanced, that is biased. I did say that the screen viewing angles are terrible and I maintain it, you might not own a LCD model yourself but I know you’ve been around and I am sure you remember Himanshu’s post in which he clearly writes that he was ashamed of showing pictures to his mom because she could not see a thing. I also said that I would really like for ADAM to be on the same level as the big guns tablets, e.g. the Transformer, but right now that is just not the case. Being fans must not keep us from being critical and it is clear that today the Transformer is a better choice than ADAM since Asus provided a fully working tablet with a software specifically designed for it, but you have of course every right to keep comparing a PQi/3G ADAM to a LCD/WiFi Transformer.

  349. Mehdi, I would rather go for a 7-10 inch netbook rather than the Asus tablet. With no usb and 3G default, for me personally, it is not a good enough reason to tilt towards Asus Transformer. I completely agree with the GPS not working, and the gorilla glass being inferior… I’ll wait to see someone’s review from both hardware/software capabilities side by side.

    Anyways i was not going for a war of words, as it has turned out to be. It was just my opinion on the basis on the amazon and asus website. There are diff reasons why one decides to go in for 1 tablet over the other…mine was usb ports, Wifi connectivity 3G, Wifi , independence of carrier, and unlocked device.

  350. @bikramdas,
    Don’t worry there is no war going on, just a bunch of guys exchanging their viewpoints ;-). I do agree with the reasons why you went for ADAM, they are the exact same as mine. I am just disappointed as everyone else, and unfortunately I believe that after Engadget’s review most of the damage is done to NI’s image. I’ll stick around as I hope they will manage to survive in a way, but can’t help to think it’s such a waste of great potential.

  351. Well, Mehdi, I can’t make any comparison with the Transformer until I have one 😉
    and even then I can’t make a fair comparison because I didn’t buy the LCD screen. It was not what I saw as the true value in the Adam. For me the major drawbacks in the Adam that stretch across screen types are the compass and GPS, and the camera. While the failure of the GPS is aggravating to me, it isn’t as critical to the uses I can put this machine to as the almost total failure of the camera. The swivel was very cute and expected to give versatility to the device, but the failure of the focus behavior has made still pictures difficult, and any professionally useful video impossible. I still have hopes that software upgrades can fix the camera problems, at some point resolving the automatic behavior of the camera. The fact that it is becoming clear to me that the GPS is a hardware failure and Support still seems to think they can throw a software fix at it is at least as dissatisfying as the camera issues.
    So, as you can see, I can bark about the things that upset me as well 😉
    So, please don’t take what I said before to belittle the LCD screen problems. Its just that I have nothing to look at except what others have said here. So, overall, I still think the review was moderately balanced (If the work fairly seems inappropriate) and it isn’t at all clear that the Transformer is a better buy than the Adam. I’ll be able to answer that question better when I actually hold one.

  352. ANd it’s no war of the words. At least bcoz of this discussion(involving Bikram,Mehdi and Dwarf ) , at least the blog became lively for some more time 🙂

  353. @dwarf,
    The camera is the perfect example of this feeling of waste of potential I was talking about earlier. The swivel was such a great idea, but in the end the shabby built quality and auto-focus problems ruined it. I even wondered myself whether the camera really is a 3.2MP. I still hope that this auto-focus can be addressed via a software update but I am suspicious. Let’s see what the 7th of May update will bring. I hope something more than just a freshened interface (I would not dare to say Honeycomb;-) ).

    See we are still here, in the shadows…

  354. Hello Fellows,

    How is the experience with Adam.

    I am still hunting many things with my Adam. and I still haven’t rooted it yet.

    But I am wondering if anyone is having issue with Pre_installed Facebook Leaf.

    Mine doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t log in. and when it does, it opens the mobile page of facebook in Browser.

    any one knows the solution ?

    I tried to log in on Facebook via Browser and stayed that way. Then simply launch the Facebook Leaf but it didn’t open the page or synch correctly, so something messed up there.

    is there any way , I can get original Facebook Leaf app ? I don’t want to wipe out my ADAM to original factory setting.

  355. Thanks for the heads up, I also did a better search on Amazon for the Transformer, and I did find some, boy you weren’t kidding the price has gone up, they were more then the ipad2. I am trying to figure out how I can convince my wife that I will keep the PixelQi adam and wait for it do be updated down the road to honeycomb etc. while still getting a new working tablet now, I really and leaning toward the ipad2, as a day to day tablet I could use out of the box. I have several business trips in May and really want to bring a tablet with me, rather then the notebook computer, right now the adam is not ready for that kind of duty.

    The problem now with trying to sell the adam on Ebay is with all the bad exposure they have gotten lately, the prices have dropped a lot, Albert only got $550 for his PixelQi 3G, and he added in an extra screen protector from Skinomi $20, a memory card, the port covers, and even a case I believe. He lost at least $150 on his adam experiment.

  356. Hahahahaa…nice to see that we have become more passionate with the competitor out of the bag. Same as others, me too waiting for the May 7th update. I’ll truly “wish” that the GPS is fixed in the next build.

  357. @yaarji
    Yes quite a few people have had problems with the facebook leaf. Mine were tempoarily fixed by the previous bugfix release but it has since stopped working. I didn’t think it had enough functionality yet so I just use the browser. I am running standard eden but have rooted to get market access.

  358. everyone has the same issue…people felt bad when I pointed out some of those issues back in March when I received my device….Facebook leaf app not working, Weather app absent, GPS not working, Osmand very difficult to use – cannot select street number, Mail’d app not working….all “in development” applications.

    Well now Notion Ink has done enough UAT thru the PO1, PO1.5, and PO2 users. Time to see some good output in this forthcoming May build!

  359. themave: My partner won an iPad at the Office Party recently. She is taking her time getting to know the machine, but it seems very business oriented and quite serviceable. The newer version can’t be any worse.
    However, from what I have seen on “paper” the Transformer is going to give it a run for its money. If you can wait for my review, you may want to ponder the two. Obviously I’m not going to try to sell you on either one. My experience with the iPhone has been very positive, even though it does the odd weirdness and I lost all my data on the last OS upgrade, but that is the world in which we live.
    I think the Transformer with the keyboard docking station may become exactly what I need and return the Adam to a testing/hacking toy. Only time will tell. As we all know:
    Waiting is
    If you can wait a bit I may be able to make your choice a bit more difficult 😉

  360. GPS tweaks on stock adam.

    I see small improvements, 0 fixes 11 Sat’s on a consistent basis. Bars are blue in gps status. When l click “Where am l” it displays the correct streets.

    Travel short distances and each time gps will show the streets correctly with one large blue arrow and small blue arrow whether l’m inside or outside.

    Have not found gps voice/sound. I might have a working GPS but denying me the privilege to state it.

    Anyone have sound/voice on their working GPS?.

  361. @topspnr :
    >>Anyone have sound/voice on their working GPS?.
    Mine works loud and clear.(I use CoPilot)

  362. iPad 2 is available in India from today. Rohan couldn’t see what I have been telling all along – a whole market (India) which would have supported the Indian company – with a great vision.

    and now the biggest player sees the potential – releasing the iPad 2 in India with less than a 60 day difference with its global launch.

    Worser than the choice of global launch is screwing up your UI, yourself, I mean I would not. I was sick of the music player – but was really amazed what i had found when I googled about Adam UI… people check the 3 actual designs for the music player of Adam – not the pathetic one we got with the final build. I hope we get this with the new update:


  363. and hey I just noticed the “FM” one one of the designs, that I think solves the mystery bonus feature puzzle. It should have been the FM Radio only. And I would be really happy, to have a device to have FM without the need to connect ear buds for the “Antenna”…

  364. levpius: How about that link to conclave you were looking for?
    Also, back to page 7 displays empty page for me…
    Can’t get to the following post:

    “”Veeraraagavan said on Closer to the Blue!
    April 29, 2011 at 16:23
    In response to Rohan Shravan on April 16, 2011 at 11:45:

    Hello All, We have been making inroads, and in the right directions. Posted below are some of the changes along with few good feature updates, coming soon to your Adam. The design is more synchronized, more clean and useful. You will see bunch of new applications along with the Book Promise. The licensing agreements on 2 […]

    iPad 2 is available in India from today. Rohan couldn’t see what I have been telling all along – a whole market (India) which would have supported the Indian company – with a great vision.

    and now the biggest player sees the potential – releasing the iPad 2 in India with less than a 60 day difference with its global launch.

    Worser than the choice of global launch is screwing up your UI, yourself, I mean I would not. I was sick of the music player – but was really amazed what i had found when I googled about Adam UI… people check the 3 actual designs for the music player of Adam – not the pathetic one we got with the final build. I hope we get this with the new update:


    This is an interesting link. Would be really grand if the Notion Ink site actually looked like this 😉
    I still have the old site on my browser ;-(

    I guess…

    Waiting is

  365. Another page 7 post I can’t get to:

    “”b2dreptile said on Closer to the Blue!
    April 29, 2011 at 17:25
    In response to Veeraraagavan on April 29, 2011 at 16:28:

    and hey I just noticed the “FM” one one of the designs, that I think solves the mystery bonus feature puzzle. It should have been the FM Radio only. And I would be really happy, to have a device to have FM without the need to connect ear buds for the “Antenna”…

    Try tunein .. in Germany it works really well =)””

    Works well in the USA also 😉

  366. Used to be the same link. Now it looks like they are not allowing any registering. It used to work with the facebook logged in.

  367. Andre the ex UI director is continously bashing Notion Ink in the comments on engadget. One of the comments he mentions the following

    “Shipping a product in Beta stage itself is a bad thing, there is only so much you can address in updates, but a system should be final and then shipped. Leaving the updates only for security issues and speed optimizations. Why should anyone buy something in Beta when theres a plethora of great final options out there.”

    If i remember correctly, he was working for the company at the time of release and he was the one who tweeted that the preorders will begin on Dec 9th.

  368. Everyone was puzzled and surprised when Andre’s departure was announced. It was so sudden, out of the blue, and there was a lot of speculation. I think we now know that there was something left unsaid and Andre is carrying a lot of animosity and hostility towards NI, Rohan? I wonder if the incomplete Adam is iin part due to his precipitous departure.

  369. He said on his website that he worked on “almost 15” applications for the Adam. Is it just me or are we missing a few of these applications? I guess one can design something to look awesome, but if the development crew can’t code it to work right then it’s not worth beans.

  370. Ok, but what does the screenshot say! I mean is it of Honeycomb or any other ROM?

  371. looks cool !!. can you tell us how you did the “litter customization” 🙂

  372. @4r4nd0mninj4 s: sorry i am missing something here. WHy do you say “I thought the sleep issue had been resolved on CM 7 ” ?

  373. Jammin just informed me that they will be shipping my Transformer on 4/3/2011, so I should have it by next Friday!
    Waiting is

  374. I was just reading about the whole iPhone GPS tracking issue that is going on and thought I would point out that if a good clock is needed to get a proper GPS fix, why does the Adam not display the proper time when the “use network provided values” box is selected?

  375. On the VTL.Launcher which is included in beast i downloaded some themes… i think the wallpaper is from the new CM and the icons from a older CM theme …

  376. When I saw that picture I thought “for a moment” that the sleep issue had been resolved. The only reason why I’m not running CM7 on my Adam is because it has the sleep issue and I have not seen an update since the 16th. StephenH was waiting for the kernel to be released in hopes that it would solve the sleep issue, but I have not heard anything since.

  377. When i installed VTLLauncher, it did not look this cool. I guess it the theme which is making it look different . ..

  378. I am quite happy
    with my Adam PQ. It does most of the things I want it do do.

    I believe time and new updates may solve the issues we have.At the moment I am running the Adam on the internet through my mobile Sony Ericsson Arc, set up as a portable wifi hotspot. Daily use using this 3g solution cost less than 2 usdollars a day. There are som limits of the amount of data you can use, but have not been able to use this max with mydayly surfing last three days. Have enjoyed using the Adam for a month now. regards from Olav on the sunny coast of Norway.

  379. Did everyone see that Amazon is coming out with a tablet as reported yesterday in multiple sources. I thought at first Amazon might buy NI but it looks like Amazon has purchased 700K ot 800LCD screens from Quanta. So it looks like Amazon has it’s own ideas of what a tablet should look like. Also as far as the Kindle on adam it’s like the old ad “It’s no good unless the call goes through” and Kindle on the adam is no good if I can’t get my hands on it either online or in a retail store.

  380. “”
    jadefalcon1 said on Closer to the Blue!
    May 5, 2011 at 20:36
    In response to Rohan Shravan on April 16, 2011 at 11:45:

    Hello All, We have been making inroads, and in the right directions. Posted below are some of the changes along with few good feature updates, coming soon to your Adam. The design is more synchronized, more clean and useful. You will see bunch of new applications along with the Book Promise. The licensing agreements on 2 […]

    Did everyone see that Amazon is coming out with a tablet as reported yesterday in multiple sources. I thought at first Amazon might buy NI but it looks like Amazon has purchased 700K ot 800LCD screens from Quanta. So it looks like Amazon has it’s own ideas of what a tablet should look like. Also as far as the Kindle on adam it’s like the old ad “It’s no good unless the call goes through” and Kindle on the adam is no good if I can’t get my hands on it either online or in a retail store.””

    Can’t get on to page 4 so I quoted the above 😉

    I can’t remember where, but I saw a rumor that they were going to use something like a cross between the Pixel Qi screen and the electronic paper they use on the Kindle. Looks like they will be more like the Nook than the Kindle or the Adam.
    Too bad…

  381. Yes the articles say they are going to use an AFFS screen which is supposed to be VERY readable IN COLOR outdoors.

  382. Hi everybody,

    I just saw that the mystery feature disappeared from the notion ink homepage.
    Did I miss something?
    Do we know what it was/is?


  383. Its been like since at least 5 days. I have been checking daily after that. Did not see any other change in the specs.

  384. Hi everybody,
    in the last 3 days there have been 57 submissions to the adam-OS-wishes-poll.

    Please take a look at the live results “” (it’s a google docs spreadsheet).
    If you haven’t submitted your opinion yet please do so!


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