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[30th Jan: Adam on its way, emails are being sent out]


We saw FCC publishing their break down of Adam, and to be frank even we were little surprised by how they tore apart the pieces and then made it look like, that’s how it is assembled. But the more surprising fact was that few blogs published this information with a statement “too many hand soldered wires’.

Try finding few or one wire which is hand soldered yourself in those images. The wires you see have a snap joint and are used for 3G or Wi-Fi antenna connection. Nearly all the connectivity devices are designed like this (open your laptop to see how antennas are connected.  One thing which differentiates Adam’s design with other is how the Camera is integrated. You need a 185 degree swivel function, and for that you need an assembly design which can ensure 20,000 usage cycles. NVidia’s whole SOC is 75x75mm. We have the liberty to expand the motherboard as much as we want, because even the batteries are on the cylindrical edge, and that’s the reason you see lot’s of free space (which by the way is good for convection).

But one thing is for sure, it isn’t a beautiful assembly, something which see in mature players, but we are building more muscle, thanks to your co-operation! 🙂


Dear All,

Few updates:

  • We have started working on the Honeycomb and looking into how soon can we offer the update to you all! For this to be achieved faster and smoother, we would need a lot of support from NVidia, and we are looking forward to it!
  • The second & third phase of shipments will start on time.
  • Little bad and good news, one of our shipments for the touch screens got damaged while transportation which is going to effect a fraction of our customers. To make things worse, its New Year in China and every manufacturing plant is closed. But our touch-screen partners, Sinotek (also known as Sintek), will stay open for the Chinese New Year and re-manufacture all the remaining touch screens to deliver. I am making this special note, because we are really overwhelm at their response and want to thank all the employees at their firm who are going to miss their New Year celebrations and home visits.
  • K9 and Notion Ink Mail’d team will collaborate for the future email client developments and will be working on the Honeycomb platform. The project will again be open sourced and be shared back with few Notion Ink’s IP under Apache 2 licence.
  • Source for other Notion Ink’s Application: If you are looking for the code for any specific apps on the Adam, you can directly write to developers at notionink dot com and they will add you in the priority list! All the softwares developed by Notion Ink are open source and will be shared with the community soon. As far as the SDK goes, we are migrating from 2.2-2.3 to Honeycomb and once the platform is stable, will be shared with the developers.
  • We have compiled the list for the next stage of order, and broken the process into 2. First you will receive the email on the purchase availability. Then, a confirmation would be sent on the product chosen’s availability. And then the customers can proceed for the transaction.

We have received a lot of emails from our customers on the Adam, and we really appreciate your response on the same. Some of you reported few bugs which are now fixed in the next updates. Looking forward to hearing you all!

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Hey Guys!

    The FCC website has been updated.


    put Y2G as grantee!

  2. That adam quick guide is available at the fcc site!

    By the way Rohan mine is 29th Feb. shipping. Hope that when you said “The second third phase of shipments will start on time.” you meant our batch.


  3. What sort of displays was damaged? Qi or LCD?

    Will the affected people be contacted about the delay or change status in the pre-order status page?

    Thanks for your reply Rohan. 🙂


  4. Rohan, to bad about the touch screens but great news about the updates and pre2.

  5. I think he said shipments will start on time. That means you get your adam as scheduled!

  6. Having dealt with many manufacturng firms in China I would have to agree that Sinotek are amazing to stay open during such an important time of year.

    +100 with Rohans thanks to everyone at Sinotek

    Kung Hei Fat Choy 恭喜發財

  7. Thanks for the update Rohan! Looking forward to my email for 2nd round of preorders! Good day!

  8. What about root access to the Android OS? I need to be able to load additional root certificate authorities and unfortunately Android requires root access for that…

  9. Argh! What’s the end of that part about the next round of orders?

    That’s what I’m waiting for.

    I want an adam!

  10. i think its the capacitive touch screen, which is used on top of the lcd or qi screen.

  11. Thanks for the update Rohan,

    I am eagerly waiting for my Jan29th shipment to get to me asap.


  12. Yup ! 😉

    Thanks for the update ! I hope we’ll soon receive mails for ordering.

    Also, big up to the screen supplier for the hard work !!

  13. Hi Rohan

    You state:

    ‘We have compiled the list for the next stage of order, and broken the process into 2. First you will receive the email on the purchase availability. Then, a confirmation would be sent on the product chosen’s availability.’

    Can you tell us when the next stage is actually going to start? 😉

  14. Rohan, don’t forget to send me the pre-order 2 link else I will have to go to jail on a murder case ( just kidding 🙂 ).

  15. Hi

    would it be possible to know that when would adam will be open to general public?


  16. Ohh, missed that..

    I will be checking my update page even more frequent now, I simply cant wait any more..

    I need my Adam fix, and all the new youtube videos with unboxing is not helping. 🙂

  17. Too bad about the damaged screens…. Looking forward to hearing what the rest of the post said as it appeared you sort of stopped in mid sentence just when things were getting good!

  18. Thanks Rohan, However one thing is not clear. You said that the second and third shipments will be on time, however will the damaged screens affect the customers in the same second and third shipments?

  19. I am really hoping that i am not one amoung the fraction of the customers nit getting on time.

    Glad to hear the development on honeycomb. Looking forward to more updates.

  20. wonderfull news!
    Ow, wanna know the rest of the story in 6th bullit…

    Kudos to Sinotek!!!
    I take a deep bow for them.

    And we appreciate your response on our emails too ;))

  21. Hello Rohan,

    I’m not sure wether I’ll be invited for the next stage of orders.
    I didn’t have the money when I was invited so I couldn’t preorder 😦


  22. Good News !

    I’m sorry for all the employee of Sinotek. I know how important is the Chinese New Year for them.


  23. Thanks Rohan, great work, looking forward to receive my LCD Adam soon and order some Pixel Qi 🙂

  24. Hi Rohan, which shipments will have a delay because of Touch Screen damage ?
    My estimated shipping date is still Jan. 31th (next Monday). Will it delayed again ?
    I hope not.


  25. Hello Team NI:
    This is what pro-active communication is all about.
    It is very encouraging to see that you have mentioned about the broken touch screen’s this far in advance.
    And as you mention that the Screen OEM will work over time to catch up during the Chinese New Years time,can we estimate the customers affected to be that of February batch?

    Honeycomb is excellent News. I hope NVIDIA works hand in hand with you.

    Looking forward to updated shipping information today / tomorrow!!

    thank you,

  26. Thank you Rohan and would like to compliment you and the NI team and partners for an exellent performance. You haave my total support and I would like to put in my order for the PQ version as soon as available. Best and warmest regards.

  27. I hope current shipments aren’t going to be delayed. Mine is planned for 31st January.

  28. @Rohan: Your last point is not written completely it goes “And then the…”? Please complete 🙂
    If you are already reading this, please release date for preorder2 🙂

    Thanks for the updates!

  29. I’m glad to see Notion Ink addressing the defective units. I was a bit worried when I heard about the problems a few people were having. I’m still undecided about LCD vs Pixel Qi though, as I heard that Pixel Qi isn’t the greatest indoors. Are there any side-by-side comparisons between the two yet?

  30. “And then the”…. the last line in the last point is incomplete!!! please! is important for the pre-order? I don’t want make a mistake.

  31. and keeping the Applications ‘Open Source’ is a nice idea.
    it will help you and others a lot.

    guess you are Learning 😛

  32. @Rohan,
    please don’t forget to update the last bullet point in your post which is ending midway like this:
    “Then, a confirmation would be sent on the product chosen’s availability. And then the”

  33. Stride on Rohan.. With you and your team .. and waiting for my Adam and the Pre order 2

  34. yups, I noticed that too. Since I’m also one of the people waiting anxiously for pre-order 2, it’s the part I of course was very very interested in. Lol.

    I’m sure they’ll fix it. 🙂

  35. It sounds so desperate to be asking on here to ensure you are on the next pre-order list…

    But hey here goes….Don’t want to be the one left out

    I hope I’m on the 2nd pre-order list.

    Please don’t forget to put me on the 2nd pre-order list.


  36. Yes, but I’m one of the 50 ?!?!?!? which where delayed from january to February 😦

  37. Thanks for the update Rohan
    Good update and waiting for next order however
    I hope my 1st order shipment is not affected

  38. Right on for the update. Glad to see the development for Honeycomb is underway. Looking forward to more updates.

  39. Love seeing the open sourcing comment. Hopefully when you open source the leaves approach, more android pads will adopt this, and then we’ll see lots of app developers supporting it!

    Also, looking forward to the 29th shipment. If it ships on time, approxiamately how long will it take to arrive in the US?

  40. Nice to know Rohan that all the software developed by NI will be open source. 🙂 This is real community development. Can’t wait to be part of development.

  41. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen comments indicating that you can have root access directly. NI has no restrictions on that, unlike phone company disabled android devices.

  42. We also have an (not very useful) user manual “”

  43. hope m not in the fraction of customers going to be affected by the broken screen….that would be a real bummer…..but really appreciate the fact that rohan came out in the open with this….right step in the right direction i must say 🙂

    and a huge bow from me for all the employees of Sinotek who would be missing the new year to ensure that we get our precious….i know how much it sucks to miss new year.

    happy new year in advance 😉

  44. It’s suitably vague as always. “Second third phase” is complete double talk.

  45. how long will shipping take this time?

    ive only got till end of march… OH PRETTY PLEASE!

  46. Hi Rohan,
    I am sorry to hear about all of the busted touch panels. I am glad you guys managed to keep everything rolling even with the New Year going on. You got me interest peaked with what your last part of the phrase was going to say. So what was the rest of that last part???? 🙂 I hope you are able to get some sleep with all of the craziness and look forward to getting my email. 🙂

  47. It took more than a year and half for the first 3 million and next 3 million in less than 2 months. 🙂 Good work addicts!!!

  48. How can people keep believing all the promises from Notion Ink when they have keept lying and not proven anything or delivered the wonderful killer tablet the promised

  49. Will this be a completely closed order? That is, only available to people who posted before Jan 23?

  50. Agreed – its the first time I remember NI giving bad news prior to the last moment – definitely a good step in the right direction. Regarding those that are going to get delayed by this, is their pre-order status pages been updated yet?

    I just noticed mine still says the 29th, and am wondering if this is a good sign or not.

  51. Checking my emaul twice an hour… Looking forward to see the availability mail fom Notion Ink.

  52. The last bullet was like a cliff hanger. And then the …. tune in next time for the exciting answer. Hopefully the next phase of orders will start soon and they have built lots of Adams for everyone. thanks for all the hard work an NI. 🙂

  53. my adam better not be one of the ones that got broken, because if it is, i am going to be pissed of if they don’t ship by tomorrow and delay me again. Hopefully they won’t, you guys know if dhl delivers on weekends or is it just weekdays

  54. any info on battery life guys ? would like to know the difference between PQ and LCD battery life

  55. @Rohan

    Thanks for the being pro-active,. i am happy that you guys are making so much progress iwth HOneyComb. congrats.

    Long Live adam.

  56. Thank you NI for being proactive with this information about damages in shipment and on time shipping of current orders.

    For those wondering, I can confirm hack does work, super user and market access granted w/o Issue. I will not confirm how I know. It is the easiest hack I have ever seen. Just copy file and run as update from zip. Almost as if the adam was MADE for this to be done. No protection whatsoever from this being done. Can you get much easier than download-> copy paste-> reboot and run?

  57. The best part of this post is “all applications will be open sourced” !

    For non-technical buyers, this means that there will be 100% support from XDA developers apart from NI’s official support (and more frequent updates ofcourse, as NI will have to spend very little time in identifying and fixing bugs). For techies out there, there will be new ROMs and lots and lots of new features 🙂

    (By the way, I have been part of XDA devs since last 3 years, but little less active one. Tried out so many windows roms in past and the worked like a charm.)

  58. Hope the process of booking .. this time would overcome all the problems faced during presale 1

  59. Yepp, everytime a post a link, the post get’s lost.

    I want posting a link to andoid police. There you can find a way to get access to the market.

  60. As the Adam’s UI has now been hacked and is being ported to other devices, what’s to stop people buying a cheaper tablet and using your interface? Or are NotionInk planning to put a stop to it?

    I think Adam purchasers should be told…

  61. you were delayed to 29th of jan not feb. The read implies the delay is to the preorder not the shipment on the 29th

  62. hope i get a mail too. I recieved a mail for the first pre order but i had no visa card. :(. But now im ready 🙂

  63. Wonderful news Rohan! I too give a deep bow to Sinotek. I hope I’m on the list for
    pre-order 2. I want you to know, Rohan, and NI team, because of your tablet I am learning how to program for android! And this will be my first shot at writing code on an application level (I am a video editor and engineer by trade, and work in medical research). I’m really excited to get my hands on an Adam.

    And the open sourced programs is amazing. Someone mentioned earlier that the updates will be earlier and often and bugs fixed much faster. I totally agree. The open source community has proven that they are far more efficient and effective than an closed-source development team at a major corporation. I look forward to being a part of the vibrant community. I’ve been following NI since startup announcements in 2007-2008 and early reports. Now I want to be more vocal.

    Congrats Rohan and NI team!

  64. Hi All,

    Yes they could do that, it was always inevitable it would happen.

    But I think we should concentrate on the hardware advantage that the Adam has and these things always work both ways, e.g. XDA/notioninkhacks etc. have already solved the market/gapps on the adam, dolphinHD can be run on the Adam and no doubt IF you wanted to flash a different rom to NI’s that could be done as well – open source – name of the game ; and it’s great!!! )-:

  65. Thank you for the update, Rohan. I am eagerly waiting for pre-order 2. Can you give us a general idea when it will take place. I know there may be some people(not saying it’s me 🙂 ) that check 10-15 times a day for an update. It would be nice to know if it is still a week or two away. Thanks. P.S. Any news on an official forum?

  66. if ours are on time then they are already built by now and getting labeled. The shipment damaged was to raw goods(parts, not whole unite) by his explanation. Most likely will affect preorder.

  67. Thanks for the update Rohan,

    I am eagerly waiting for my Jan29th shipment to get to me asap.

  68. they were told , it was mentioned by rohan as well , its not an issue since its all open source anyway.

    The best part of the adam (for me anyway) is the hardware and the price of the hardware , i dont think you’d find better or even equal hardware for a better price then notion ink.

  69. once production increases, prices of NI manufacturing will drop. They will be able to be more competitive in price. The dream is that older models of the adam may even be able to be produced at a price around $100 for children in Africa… I think is what was said prev.

  70. why? The advantages to consumers from current situation outweighs disadvantages. What you are asking NI is to police. Moreover if adam has something better like the camera, for example, it will sell.

  71. I second this request.
    Please let us know when the next round of orders will start.
    I don’t want to waste too much time or too many days waiting for an email that isn’t going to show up for a week or two.
    Can we get some notice? A day is all I ask.
    Just don’t spring it on us. With my luck I’ll be on a train and away from my computer.

  72. Thanks for the update Rohan.

    …and THANKS VERY MUCH to those Chinese workers who will sacrifice their personnal time for us…and we dont even know them! Thanks Guys and Gals! Happy New Year to YOU and your FAMILIES and LOVED ONES!

  73. I believe that all NI programs are based on open source software. As i understand it, depending on the licence issued for the source code they have been using, it might actually be “ILLEGAL” for Notion Ink to try and prevent people from copying and hacking their software. This is how Linux works and company’s can make money by offering support packages aimed at IT administrators for a fee. The software is free to download and use but if you don’t know how to use it and don’t have the time to read through long inconsistent instruction files, then support teams costs money. This is how Linux supporting companies tend to survive while staying true to the open source community.

    IMHO i don’t think NI will have an issue with people hacking and using Eden on other devices as this can only increase public awareness of the NI company and product brand. I believe that this is what NI is actually encouraging given the statement from Rohan about supporting the “XDA developer” community who love to hack, crack and alter software for everyone’s benefit.

    This is what i believe anyway.

  74. Notion Ink,will you be addressing customers defective screens?

    I always knew warranty/after sales support would turn into bitch fight.So glad I didn’t trust the emotive crap spewed forth.

    Since first customers have received their device,have not seen one glowing review of this device.Have seen many problems from Hardware faulty screens to software glitches.Software problems are recoverable,a faulty screen called good without device in hand from Notion Ink speaks volumes of their shoddy ethics and warranty.

    So glad I can now warn people off this sham of a product,the way mada and rambler have been treated by the company and fanboys is digusting.Oh and rohan,when will they receive their warranty replacements for DEFECTIVE UNITS?????

  75. just to add..if NI tries costs money and we all pay for it. On the long run that is why custom made ones are expensive and given that they don’t have a huge number of open source community helping their products are not that great anyway..

  76. I have read many comments concerning the responsiveness of the touch screen and the interaction with the Geneses software platform and they have not been good. Have the updates which were provided by Notion Ink corrected these problems and if not what is the status of the fix process. There also appears to be some issues with the Pixel Chi screens with glare and contrast. What is the status of this problem and the proposed fix. Lastly, when will the next pre-order be made available to your faithful bloggers.

  77. Yes it works and I watched the video of it running this morning…latest version of google market, and all the apps on it comes to adam….and yes the person clearly stated it was SUPER EASY to install. I forget his name he was the kid who had removed Eden and had a chainlink fence showing in his wallpaper videos.

  78. yes, thank you. I hope they will be compensated for their extra efforts. I know what it means to them because they hardly get any days off and they dont get paid as well as the rest of the world. We dont want to be know as the crazy fans that made cheap labor work through a holiday just to feed our addiction…><;

  79. oh, the most important thing for me…is I finally see adam working the way it should on his adam…it is awesome.

  80. Unfortunately, if it’s a company like FOXCON then they have probably been forced to stay, or face the sack. This means that for some unfortunate employees their homes could be instantly repossessed as the buildings are actually owned by the company and given to the employees as a so called “Perk”.

    Hopefully this isn’t the case and the workers actually work voluntarily because the conditions are good. I hope they naturally want to help out their organisation because they are well looked after and simply want to return the favour.

    Heres hoping for the latter.

  81. Great news! Thats what I like about NI. I think they all grew up in this environment of open source. And thats also what they sets apart form other big companies investing huge amount of ressources to protect all, what they built.

  82. Thans for the update, Rohan. But please, the time for cryptic responses has passed.

    Which specific orders were affected?
    How does an eagerly waiting customer know whether he/she is affected?
    Will you be sending emails to those whose orders are delayed?

    With a large cadre of very vocal internet critics, you need to step up, put on your big boy pants, and speak openly, precisely and clearly on this.

    I’m in complete adoration of your team, your company and your product. I, like many who are commenting and defending you across the internet, merely need to see tangible evidence of your maturing as a company and CEO.

  83. I hope next preorder is bevor my holidays on 6. Feb. Otherwise it would be much more difficult to order while I’m skiing.

  84. James,

    There is already a FUNCTIONAL root hack available for adam that adresses your concern. So you now have the option of waiting for Notion Ink to add the updates with Open GL, or you can root your adam very easily as seen on The video is awesome of the rooted adam…and it is very simple to do, no rocket science involved. 🙂

  85. So don’t purchase one. We’re all adults here and do understand the risks involved when purchasing a ‘new’ product from a developing company. You don’t have to explain to any of us, why your not buying one. What you don’t need to do, is warn everyone about a product, which you have not first hand experience with. You insult everyone here when you think that we need you to tells us how to spend our money and time. Best wishes for you and please feel free to never post here again. Your negativity is not welcome and provides no value.

  86. Buddy Rohan, I’m too desperate of getting an Adam. Please start pre-order 2 ASAP.

    Oh wait, don’t start pre-order 2 until you make sure that everything works great. ‘Coz we don’t want anybody to point you out with mistakes.


  87. unbrick, update,or restore your adam this is a pre-req for the rooting process


    root with extra 28 apk’s

    added Frame rate bump, adhoc, Gingerbread keyboard,Transparency on status bar

    same as above but with more instructions

    vid of adam rooted using the link i provided

  88. Thanks for the update, Rohan. Really good news. I hope the damaged screens will be replaced soon.

    Rohan, I have a question. I promised my sister an Adam as Christmas present (yes, the past one, LOL), and I want one also for myself (obviously!!). How did you think to handle this kind of orders?

  89. @Drnishiz

    mind your words. how do you conclude that the defective products will not be replaced by NI or any other company. for god sake don’t you realize your words are disgusting?

    emotive crap spewed forth.????

    i hope you know Talk is cheap, but that’s ok, so are you.

    Hmmm What’s wrong with you my friend ? don’t you get any attention in …

    please do your social service and keep the society safe from the shoddy ethics and warranty. Thank you so much for SPEECH

  90. Drnishiz,

    I understand your concerns, believe me I do. I was very concerned until this morning, when i saw what one of the first people who received the adam did to his adam. He rooted it with the hack posted at NotionHacks.

    If you’ve seen the review, he was the kid who uninstalled eden, because it was buggy and laggy. he had a wallpaper that had a chainlink fence in it, I just cant remember his name. Well yesterday he installed the new hack, and his machine is awesome, full google market, and apps access…he even demonstrated a few games…awesome. take heart, you now have options, the hardware is fine (im not saying everyone will get no hw defects), but this kids video shows the performance and functionality of the adam sans the notionink sw development effort…and this tablet screams.

  91. Rohan,

    Take in consideration to change the order processing in such a way that the registered mail address gets a notification sent to whenever status changes.
    Definitely a must have imho.



  92. Even if the company doesnt own the home, if the economy is bad there like it is in the US and the culture is the way I think it is, you are always compliant with management request. If you refuse a request by management, then you miss out on shifts and they start to replace you with someone more compliant. Even corporate Japan is known for working people to death in a cubicle.

  93. Aren’t the Chinese rules tough for these holidays (like labour day in India) that they can’t run their offices?
    Poor employees the Sinotek management has decided and they have to follow even if not willing to or by will for extra paycheck.
    This is why we shouldn’t keep bugging (send us soon .., some one some where is getting effected due to our{customers} pressure. let’s live and let others live.
    Even if my shipment is delayed by couple of weeks I am fine, if it’s not going to hurt some one. I am going to have Adam for quite long so 2 weeks of anxiety can be managed :).

  94. Woah dude,

    Give NI time to prove that they back there customers up with a good warranty service. It hasn’t been a week yet so lets see if they are good at sorting problems out. It is in their interest to do so due to the initial reviews being generally poor (so far although there is a positive review done by a french guy i believe which has been translated into English as well and his looks to be working well. Screen colours still look washed out a bit though but Eden is good) so i imagine that everyone will get dealt with eventually. I imagine that there may be an issue with speed due to the fact that NI are still getting their procedures in order but hopefully this will be the only concern.

    I too am disappointed with the Pixel-Qi screen and shall not be purchasing this unit now as it is not suitable for my needs, but am still hoping for the LCD version which is yet to be reviewed.

    Let NI have a chance. NI if they fail those who have been already failed with their purchases then feel free to warn people away from NI but give them a chance to rectify it first.

  95. I strongly suspect that initial purchases will be well cared for as everything has been focused on word of mouth and I also suspect they are well aware that bad reviews attract much more attention than good reviews. They are still referring to pre-sales so it should have been obvious to everyone what this product is still being refined. If they hadn’t started shipping people would have started calling it vaporware, so this is a balance between shipping a less than perfect finished product and getting it out there versus waiting and not being one of the leaders…. I think they made a good call, and I believe they know that for them to get continued orders they will need to continue the word of mouth campaign which will require them taking care of their initial customers.

    As for me, I should have saved enough to make a purchase in March, which should hopefully be the third pre-order (unless they go general processing before then). I don’t expect it will be perfect, even by then, but they major issues should all be addressed any it should last me long enough that I won’t be looking for anything else till Adam v3 or v4 are available. The only thing I would still like that doesn’t look to be coming in the near future would be a digitizer or at least decent pen input, but hopefully by the time I am ready to upgrade it will be an option.

  96. I tried this one and was able to update it fine. After reboot I found Market. I launch market and when I am trying to setup a google account, it fails with the error “This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.”

    Did you face similar issues?

    I have tried with both 3G and Wifi. I am able to browse to different sites using the browser but only market does not seem to connect.

  97. Hm somehow strange that he did not mention a date, but he says “soon”… Can be days or weeks…

  98. Yep, that’s what I meant. It was a good one and Rohan’s update came just when then match concluded. Final’s on Sunday.
    Go Andy! Go Adam!

  99. Very good decision to go for FOSS software. I hope you are also talking with Android devs. If Android continues to grow like this, you will not be able to keep up with maintaining and extending your own flavor of it. Instead you should try to merge any infrastructure stuff and make any custom extensions selfcontained and easy to maintain. Only then will you have time for even more innovation.

  100. Thanks to you and your team for doing a great job. Good luck with next stage of ordering.

  101. Here is the link to the AWESOME video showing the rooted adam…folks you now have options!


  102. No pre-order tonite pls…. Out for camping.. And I don’t think I can order from phone browser! 😦

  103. Thanks a lot Rohan!!. Hope i am on the preorder2 list 🙂 Once we get the confirmation email on the product availability, will we have a grace period to complete the transaction? is the shipping date locked with the confirmation email?
    Also would greatly appreciate if you can include the higher memory variants for preorder2!!

  104. Hats off to sinotek. Remember they are humans as well – I think if they are given a dayoff to see their families then that’s worth more a lot more then us guys waiting 2/3 extra days while we have all waited so long. otherwise we all might as well be sharks not humans.

    Eagerly awaiting for PreOrder2 + (sinotek employees new year off days)

  105. Rohan, if I understood well the last paragraphe on how next preorder will take place, then I must say: perfect!

    Best regards,

  106. @gotthumbs,do you have an apposable one?I never said I was explaining to you koolaid fanatics.My opinion is as valid as yours,no matter where I choose to post.I will post where I want.Pretty rich coming from this blog.

    @jayachandran you sir are living proof that Pakistan needs more nuclear weapons.

    @bsmdbt ,thanks for the thoughtful reply.I am not concerned myself.But I have real empathy for a few other users who have warranty issues.I am familiar with what you are talking about.I’m not concerned via software,just faulty hardware.Thanks for your thoughts

  107. I will have to say, seeing this rooted and what you did there is no doubt in my mind now… I’m getting a Notion Ink when it is made available to me!!!! Moto has nothing on NI!

  108. awesome rohan….. waiting for the emails patiently 🙂 or rather impatiently…..

    Thanks to Team sinotel for staying up during the holidays 🙂

  109. hi i was wondering if this next set of pre orders will be open for everyone and not just people are on those 3 sites? i am trying to get an adam for my friends birthday in march


  110. @gab: I expect that they will provide that with Honeycomb.

    I just hope that they will allow phone-apps to run in a leaf instead of full screen. Very handy to run some of those apps side by side.

  111. Yes, as Chinese New Year is really important in China. It is often the only time in a year when a family can see each other. So indeed kudos for the people at Sinotek.

  112. Will those of us who tried to pre-order last time but couldn’t due to credit card processing problems get a second chance?

  113. They have already replied to “mada” device is inside parameters,to coin a phrase.Have you seen mada’s screen?Do you find that acceptable?

    I have seen every video,and probably every word written about this device.The quality varies enormously.

    I have given NI probably nearly 3 years of chances,how many more should i waste?

  114. from what most reviews are telling me, Adam’s hardware is a superior platform for Android apps for tablets; portability, ubiquity (acceptable trade off on PQ versions), battery duration, audio size.

  115. SO you are following Ni for 3 years(?). Seriously? I did not know that you knew Rohan even when he was pursuing his under graduation.
    The only thing that i want to add is that buying or not buying a tablet is an individual decision. After all it’s just a tablet, it’s not gonna transform your life. So if anyone don’t want to buy one, no one is pressuring to do so. Like for me though i was following the blog for months and in spite of not receiving pre-order link or not having master card, i could have pre-ordered adam at the time when it was open for public, but i chose not to because the information available(pics,video,custom duties) were not clear. After all it’s we who finally make a call based on our cognizance. So better than making adam a you vs me issue, let the individuals decide for themselves.

  116. Rohan,
    Thanks for a out of turn post and and happy to hear the great cooperation Sinotek is giving you. While you streamline the order-production-shipping process, I think it is detrimental for you to communicate swiftly with the
    1. EAP approved companies
    2. Customers with problems

    I know there are many balls in the air – but don’t lose your eye on these 2 constituents… I had made this comment on the earlier post.. but not sure you read it.. If you did – I might be sounding like a broken record voicing opinions of lot of other members of the blog. But that’s fine.. its our job to drill things into your head – specially where the train is going off track 🙂


  117. Rohan thanks for the update. Also would you elaborate on when the emails will go out. Just like to make sure I get mine since I should have received one last time but did not for some reason. Also with pre-order2 what is the time frame from pre-order to ship date?? I would assume it will be sooner and smoother now with the FCC approval and lessons learned from the first batches.
    Rohan, Thanks again for keeping us informed 🙂

  118. @Rohan,

    Thanks for the updates. As expected, you mentioned the news of honeycomb coming soon to Adam. And also mentioned the caveat of Nvidia. Hope you’ll discuss some more, if any, of issues from NI side in making the move to Honeycomb.

    Xoom is running on Nvidia tegra. So running Honeycomb on tegra should be possible soon for NI.

    What is going to be done for those who receive the damaged screens? Were those screens also a part of the first batch that received their Adam?

    Please explain some more, so that everybody gets the real picture.

    The clunky smartphone UI of stock android is crappy and ugly on a tablet form factor and running HC/Eden would be the way to go.

  119. Motorola xoom is also Nvidia based. If they have a Nvidia base for Android 3.0 to show at CES, NI also should have got the same update as NI also is an Nvidia Partner, right?

  120. @drnishiz

    I have no clue whic part of the world you belong. But you just proved what kind of a person you are . No point in talking to you .

    Keep sharing your empathy for the world without which no Jody can live it seems . Njoy

  121. @paul – I think thats perfect. Pnone, Radio, Music are all perfect for leaf mode soince you really dont need much real estate for the basic operation. For advanced operations – like mamaging your music library, managing your phone contacts etc, the respective apps can go to a full screen mode..

    I havent seen any full reviews of the OOTB e-mail and music app.. lets wait for Greg to get over this week so he gets some of his life back!

  122. Re the blog comments, does the pre-order list include only those who have commented since the blog switched, or also those who posted to the previous version ?


  123. I have seen this defective device in videos and on crunchgear. This customer already has the ear of the press. Rohan please get NI to replace this customers screen or there will be backlash. You have made a comment on previous posts that you plan on providing the best customer service in the world. Please start by replacing this customers Adam, he will then blog that it has been corrected by NI. When you look at his screen head on the right half looks as if the viewing angle has been extended. It appears as though it is bent from the inside… who knows, maybe if you open it up, you might find a screw driver fell in and is pressing up against the screen…

    Judge for yourself and tell me if you think this thing is defective. Pllease everyone say yay or nay when you watch this video. time code 12 sec

  124. Just a thought, since it is now broken up into a two part ordering process, what if while we wait to see if the unit we chose initially is reported as not available and while waiting for availability, all other options are then sold out.. Will those that requested a certain unit be given priority to chose another option? -CC

  125. Glad to hear that everything is progress, would have linked more detail about the next preorder though

  126. Hi Rohan
    thanks much for the update. Eagerly awaiting to the 2nd ordering window.
    I was one of the unfortunate people who didn’t get the 1st pre-order email despite meeting the criteria, so really hope that this time I will get the email! 🙂

    An ideas as to when you expect to send out the email – want to be sure I keep an eye out for the email so I can react rapidly!

    Sorry to hear about the mishap with the screens – sure things will go smoother with future shipments.

    Thanks again for all your updates. Really appreciate it and looking forward to your email – hopefully very soon! 🙂

  127. OK now can somebody (maybe Rohan you can, if you are reading this!!) translate what a ‘fraction’ means. I have come to learn through experience that what is stated is not always meant.

    For eg. about 50 customers were to have moved to the 15 – 22nd. Some poll conducted showed far more than that. So please translate the meaning of fraction … in percentage terms if you please!.

  128. Hello Rohan,
    But from when should anybody start expecting the reception of pre order 2 mail?
    Is there any time frame which we should look for?

  129. That was Kam Siu who (1) is a New Yorker and sounds like it and (2) posted the best video here, it was his extremely patient dog.

  130. @bsmbdt – I would not expect a average stock trader who wants to read his books in the NY subway to understand root and hacks. I agree – this proves that Adam is a fundamentally sound platform… But all this needs to be pushed thru the OTA updates. Rohan said there is a new update coming thru – so hopefully the next update will address the basic top level issues of
    1. Touch screen sensitivity
    2. Scrolling smoothness
    3. Screen contrast

    I know preorder lot is for geeks – but once this goes open to public – OTA updates should make the device snazzy.

  131. Hi Rohan,
    Great post…..every tech site was talking about xoom having 3.0 but now with honeycomb update on Adam what more could one ask for!!!!
    @others: Didnt anyone received their Adam in India…..what about customs???
    I just looked on ebay for a 32Gb microsdhc from transcend….as greg’s sdhc is working i hope it will also go along well.

  132. @joel pederson – in the March time frame dont expect a open to public ordering process. The pre-order 2 is being compiled and will be opened soon as per Rohan… that would take you into feb -> then delivery of pre-order 2 -> then possibly open to public ordering – that would take you into end Feb/March. Open to public = if you decide to buy, then go order one.

    I could be proven completely wrong if NI and their manufacturing partners pull some magic and open to public sooner than that.

  133. What you want to express and how you want to express it is different between languages and culture? Sometimes I say something that is obvious to me but not to the other person even in my native language.

  134. By the way, quick question. Do both Pixel Qi and LCD have the ability to turn off back light for e-reader?

  135. Perfect post Rohan…!!!!!

    Namaste for the Sinotek and NI personal.

    This news is very important for all……

  136. Just got this info from one of my friend based in Bangalore that NI is also manufacturing it’s adam from Foxconn who interestingly also manufactures product for apple 🙂 . And the source is quite reliable.

  137. Hope I’m on that list! Good job on the root @ahmedelkady11230, I’ll be working on mine as soon as I get it

  138. Luis Flores:
    > Do both Pixel Qi and LCD have the ability to turn off back light for e-reader?

    LCD certainly does – you can use the power-off switch. It will have the same effect, since if there’s no backlight, you won’t see anything at all.

  139. LOL I’m glad you understood anything he said. Second third shipment is complete giberish to me.

    When he says fraction of shipments will be delayed does he mean 99%. Yes that is a fraction.

    His post is as clear as mud for a change.

  140. Hi Rohan,

    Do you need translators ? My native languages are french and turkish. I can help if you want.

  141. I agree… If I hadn’t been with NI for all this time I’d be very disappointed and think about it twice! I have faith in the updates.

  142. I dont understand why the hell everyone is rooting and installing “Legal” original Android Market when one can simply install (Keeping guarantee Intact) the “Applanet” 🙂 without rooting Adam

  143. Thanks Chebbinator I really appreaciate it! That sort of sells me to Pixel Qi, I want to make it my e-reader!

    Gecko.. point taken! Thanks!

  144. 🙂 oh my mistake. I did not know this. He also mentioned that foxconn doesn’t take orders until you are ordering in large volumes :). So hope in future there will not be shortages of adam :).

  145. Sorry to hear about the Sinotek employees… Hope they get some time off soon.

    And Thanks Rohan for keeping us updated.


  146. Another question, can one order more than one device with the pre-order, I’ve been counting on that. I want to buy my sister one.

  147. Don’t worry about the snotek employees,I would have thought the major concern would be keeping paying customers happy.

  148. iPad launched in India today. prices from Rs. 27,900 to 44,900


  149. Fabulous video. Am I the only one who is nervous about rooting his Adam?
    I really hope that there is another solution then rooting in order to get access to the Market. If not, then i try to see if I can get the apk’s from elsewhere and side-load them.
    Honeycomb still seems 2 months away.

  150. To all the workers at Sinotek, thank for all you’ve done for us. Have a prosperous new year! save and sound!
    以无限的祝福代表我们感谢的心意! 新年快乐! 事事如事! 身体健康!

  151. This is of course iPad 1, wonder why they couldn’t have really slashed the prices considering it is going to be outdated in a couple months time.

  152. Whens the Adam releasing in stores?In India specifically..I can’t use Credit Cards…

  153. Minor glitches will always happen, but so long as there is will to solve them there should be no problem. Really looking forward to the next pre norder batch, and would love to hear from the first Adam owners.

    Keep up with the good work!

  154. crap – I didn’t get the first batch of mails and I probably will not or did not get the 2nd batch – crap crap crap

  155. Can’t wait for honeycomb! love all the support on the device unlike some of the big manufacturers who take ages to update their devices.

    Will pre-order 2 be open to the public on your website or is it invite only? I missed the invite by a few days 😦

  156. Pg 17 of FCC Pdf user manual:
    Brightness: adjust the brightness of the screen.
    Auto-rotate screen: tick the option to turn on the function to switch the orientation
    automatically while rotating the Tablet PC.
    Animation: to show the windows with animation or not.
    Screen timeout: to select the time amount to turn off the screen automatically.
    The screen will auto access the standby mode while there is no operation in fixed seconds.
    Call Settings
    It used to dial or accept the phone.
    Location & security
    To set the password for the system to login.
    To view and do more operation about the local application.
    Accounts & sync:
    To manage the users accounts and sync the data automatically.
    To resume to the factory status.
    SD card & tablet storage
    To check the space of Micro-SD card, safely remove and format.
    Web or other items search.
    Language & Keyboard”

    First of all… I can barely follow any of it due to the lack of complete sentences and punctuation… We offered to help you with this. Second of all the manual says there are phone settings to receive phone calls? Can we or can we not make phone calls with this thing…

    please proofread, if you are lacking in this expertise, use your “family”. Also, please be consistent in your information…

  157. @NoelDickover: +1

    (he is most likely a notion ink addict who keeps on coming back as he knows that there is no better tablet available)

  158. You are very mean-spirited.

    Don’t know about Sinotek, but Foxconn is very bad – they cheat their workers, beat their workers, and when workers started committing suicide by jumping out the windows, management put up nets to catch them.

    Here’s one story; there are many others:

  159. page 24 of manual
    “Memory & Storage
    1GB DDR2 RAM
    8 GB flash (expandable)”


  160. @Drnishiz

    I think I understand what you try to say, but I have only see a real good movie:
    And also this is not a steady sharp movie, this is a pity, you need a sharp quality movie to judge, so don’t judge to hard about the movies you see, the movie you talk about is terrible taken, wrong lighting, wrong distance and often I ask myself, they don’t know how the Tablet works… We must wait 2 weeks and then everybody “understands” much more about the Adam, give it a little bit time instead of yelling thing to each other

    Namaste Drnishiz

  161. Oh please, please pretty please let me be in the second round of pre-orders. I have waited long enough and I think it is time for my reward.

  162. +100. The spelling, grammar,general readability of the manual is atrocious. Any 8-year old kid in India could have done better. Seems like even writing the manual was outsourced to some Chinese who simply wrote the thing in chinese and then put it through google translate.

    Really, the more I see, the more I think the whole Adam launch was very hurried.

  163. @haervey186. if you added a link, then that is the problem.
    Place links between double quotes: “”.

  164. my apologies for this… I am going to take a break… reading this document is upsetting me. It has just as much misinformation as this blog… I guess I should not have expected any different.

  165. Hey Paul,

    I won’t encourage you to do it if your nervous, but I have rooted cell phones, which have essentially the same operating system and it really isn’t that dangerous. Folks putting out rooting guides always add the disclaimer to cover their you know whats. What is really great about our situation with Adam that is we have a recovery rom that can be flashed that will bring you back to stock anytime you want. It will also un-brick your device if it goes down on you. Notion Ink is actually happy to have that out there because it has the potential to save them a lot of service calls.

  166. @JR: it is not FOXCON. FOXCON has no factories in Xiamen (by the way, DELL does, already for a while, so Xiamen seems to be getting more and more IT industry)

  167. Hi
    I was all excited when I read that the list for the next round of orders had been compiled ( I really hoped to be included as the Mcard problem stopped me the first time) and I have been following from 2010 CES days.
    Now I’m worried as Luis has stated that the emails have already been sent ? has anyone else recieved one ????? should I start crying as I have not?

  168. thanks Rohan 😀
    I remember in one of the post I have suggested to take first pre-booking for Adam upon availability (taking order in batches) and then ask registered customer to make payment within certain period of time and if they fail to do so pass the order to next batch of customers…many people have liked the idea and Once again you showed us that you do listen to US .hope you will listen to others members who have got broken/defective pieces.

    I hope to see Notion ink setting some standard in customer relation too.

    waiting for my per-order mail impatiently 🙂
    i think you have

  169. you guys are so not techies.. i wonder how many errors I could have found in manuals from PCI cards poorly translated into English from what looked to be translated in the factory itself out of china…

    give it a damn break and enjoy your tablet.. others are just waiting for that.

    Also if any of you have a broken adam which is why you are reading the manual.. that is understandable and Im happy that they are working on fixing this issue…

  170. Sorry didn’t mean to start a panic, maybe I misunderstood a comment above:

    “Itamar said, on January 28, 2011 at 22:22

    crap – I didn’t get the first batch of mails and I probably will not or did not get the 2nd batch – crap crap crap”

    If he is talking of pre-order 1 why would he be saying crap crap crap now?
    Sorry! I don’t know what to make of that comment!

  171. Steve, check my reply… I’m responding to Itamar’s comment from earlier:

    “Itamar said, on January 28, 2011 at 22:22

    crap – I didn’t get the first batch of mails and I probably will not or did not get the 2nd batch – crap crap crap”

    Sorry, I don’t mean to start a panic, I don’t know what to make of that post!

  172. hey guys! After having the market on this device and having it rooted, the device works much much much better. I’m glad to have all my Google Applications on board. and i’m please to say the battery life is excellent :). if you havent seen my video it’s on youtube along with a whole bunch of other videos too~

    just wanted to wish everyone good luck on getting their tablets 🙂

    For Rohan,

    I can’t wait for Honeycomb. A lot of your applications have a lot of promises – Sniffer, Mail, and Canvas, Video Player in particular. For Mail, could i suggest syncing it with your Calendar application?

  173. @Drnishiz: “So glad I can now warn people off this sham of a product“.
    So you make all your statements about a product that you haven’t touched yet yourself???
    and despite that it is less then 2 weeks ago that they have been shipped so any warranty issues cannot be solved yet, simply because the time-span is too small???

    If I read your posts, then you have been following Notion Ink for a long time, and you are now so “glad” that you can warn other people for them. What happened? Didn’t you get access to IIT and now you enjoy following their graduates for years because you want to show the world that they are no good? Was Rohan in a bar and he winked at your girlfriend? Did you apply for a job and you were refused?

    Maybe your life will be more pleasant when you follow companies that have products that you like.

  174. Have you all not learned anything? Seriously?

    You will know when the emails go out. People will write about it. And, like last time, it wont be same day ordering. Chill out.

    Your all welcome to join the forum at “” to ask question and discuss. We also have a few video demos of PQi posted on the blog (there is a link on the front page)
    Also, I should have the LCD version by next Wednesday and i will post a new video comparing the PQi and LCD versions. For now I only have videos of my PQi Adam..

  175. lol im sure you do the same right.. where you work.. its friday.. and you know you have saturday off.. and then one of your companies products failed.. or anything you wouldnt give two shits.. and go home.

  176. Thanks for letting me know Luis ( I just panicked) I’ll hold off on the tissues and go back to waiting patiently.

  177. Is it too late at night in India to ask for a rewrite of the update post? I think I know what Rohan is driving at, but I’m really not positive. It really should not be left the way it is.

    I think I can safely say the Sinotek employee’s are owed a huge debt of gratitude.

  178. Actually I usually dont read manuals. I usually just figure it our by playing with my device for a day. I seem to be a little more emotionally invested in this product and decided to read almost everything that is put out about this company. I find myself google searching it every day to see what people are saying publicly and try to help the company out by giving it feedback. I am like a toothless meth addict trying to get their fix on an hourly basis… I haven’t been addicted to anything like this since I beta tested for WOW… I am surprised my grades have not suffered… as I am currently blogging during my GI lecture today about hepatitis…

  179. @Chebbinator: +1

    the average user doesn’t understand root and hacks. They will just be disappointed.

    I hate to bring up Apple, but they didn’t grow because they bring the best hardware, but they take care that their average customer does not need hacks to get a good user experience. And I hope that the same will apply for Adam.

    At the same time, I think that Notion Ink realizes that and that with every order-cycle, Adam will be more tuned to increase the out-of-the-box experience.

  180. @Cami: the best Christmas presents come in a red sock hanging near a chimney or window. So I hope that the sock is still there, otherwise it will take till year-end till Santa delivers again.

  181. I completely understand what your saying pauyeung, and it is a difficulty we all have to bare in mind here.

    At times it does cause unneeded worrying and sometimes even panic. This seems to be one of those instances. Many have said that Rohan needs a PR person well versed in multilingual communication. It may just be he can’t afford to add such a person to the payroll at this time.

  182. Phew! The blogs have just been rolling in… Then the YouTube videos… I love the flow of information! Has Greg released his second video? I know the review has been mixed bag… but it was expected! Some of us open the parcel with ‘wonder how good will it be’ attitude and some of us with ‘I am sure it’s going to be bad’ attitude… Neither of it is wrong. It happens with everything! But good or bad review… One should give it to the NI team that they have rolled out the dream! Congrats guys!
    Now for the real question- I wud call it Exclusive Release 1 … Rather than Preorder 2… Will people who are just subscribers here and not anywhere else get the invite mail… n what is the timeline we are talking about for Delivery?

  183. “when workers started committing suicide by jumping out the windows, management put up nets to catch them.”

    And these nets were specially designed to bounce them right back to their workstations, so no man hours were lost.

  184. Review = reviews all over the Internet! I am not referring to Greg’s review… Just realised it sounded like it.;)

  185. Sometimes after adding a post, the page you posted from reloads you to an older or newer page then where you posted. Check newer comments and you might find your post.

    Oh to have an official forum rather then the wordpress mess.

  186. lol i guess im angry because i want mine already.. and i just naturally dont plan to advertise to people the faults because I want this to be successful. Sometimes the most successful things arent actually successful (or by successful i mean like great product no flaws) in the beginning but kept together by a dedicated band of people till the funding is high enough to actually be great… *cough* apple *cough*

    Their biggest plus is the users most often dont talk shit. (even if there is a lot of shit)

    So no bad press. Now they are large enough to just erase bad press.

  187. @Nirav Lulla: problem is that many might have to travel between 200 to 4000 (!) km to see their families, so that would mean a full week delay. All the more appreciation for them.

  188. does anyone know if there is a difference in battery life between Pixel Qi model and LCD model? Thinking LCD might be a better choice for me so I’m curious.

  189. Yes Albert,

    This is awesome…When I got this news yesterday it confirmed that Adam is where I want to be. I don’t know any company producing tablets or phones that seems to have gone out of the way to make their device so open. Maybe there is something to this talk of “Family and Community”. It really is a non-conventional approach! Being a little on the non-conventional side of things myself… I can dig it!

  190. “Sorry! I don’t know what to make of that comment!”. That comment itself is crap 🙂

  191. I like that Exclusive Release idea!

    And good question, will it open up to the public like last time after 6 hours?

  192. @AlbertWertz,

    Said with humor and understanding: “I’m glad you’re in lecture and not treating anyone yet” 🙂 I understand your fascination and frustration with NI … a number of us pointed out inconsistencies months and months ago. Offers to help with the website AND manuals (as volunteers at no cost to NI) were abundant. NI chose to take some of the suggestions from Gecko and many others for the website, but, as with many other topics, ignored all offers to help with writing a manual except for one acceptance note early in the summer, but never followed up. Unfortunately that’s become a regular pattern, and only NI knows why they’ve chosen to ignore the group they so carefully cultivated. Watching to see what happens next.

  193. Sorry, Himanshu’s remark made me research my remark and indeed Foxconn has opened a factory in Xiamen but it seems to be focused on optoelectronics business business. Thanks Himanshu.

  194. Honestly? I wasn’t insulting the other commentator, I just don’t understand what he meant, no need to call my comment crap. I was just apologizing that I got other people worried.

    Pff.. and they moderate for links…

  195. @Rohan–I am so overwhelmed with joy that I received my Adam. It’s running great. NIA thanks for the Market app, :). Anyways Rohan I need a new screen protector. I jacked mine up. How can I get replacement ones. Thanks

  196. @Gecko,

    Please see the previous page… Himanshu is commenting that Foxconn is making Adam.

  197. You know what would be great? A page so you can check if your e-mail address is on the Pre-Order 2 “Special” list. I thought I’d get one first time around, but didn’t, not that it mattered as it was all messed up and I ordered anyway. I’m signed up and one of the sites too, so I’m really interested to see how complete that list is.

  198. @Wally: thanks for your reply. the recovery rom is indeed a welcome backup for people with cold feet like me 😉

    Given the positive reviews over here, I will probably use the Notionhacks solution to get access to the Market. But the idea is that I give Adams to our sales-staff and then it feels more comfortable when they have a ‘standard’ Adam (also saves on support issues in the company).

  199. @Kam – any further clarifications on your “bright right side” problem? Except your 1st video – noe of them show that problem.. Did it go away?

  200. by the looks of it, you should be waiting until these tablets are in retailer hands, at least you can get a better return/exchange policy when sh*t hits the fan.

  201. Rohan,

    There are multiple people who purchased PixelQi Adams and have problems with display quality including blotchiness, uneven back lighting, back light exposed on one side, and poor contrast. The response from NI seems to be that there is no problem, that’s just how the PixelQi screen is. However, there are also videos posted by Adam owners showing PixelQi screens with none of the problems mentioned above. Can you explain this variation in quality?


  202. when i said LCD, i mean like not full brightness on.

    Also, when people say their colors are washed out, is it when in Pixel Qi mode or in general?
    Thanks for any responses.

  203. Rohan,
    When r u going to update your website? Is thet a scrap for NI?
    At least we are expecting some tutorials to help the people. Please update your website. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  204. i’m looking at my screen and i dont see any uneven brightness. it looks even throughout. could because of the matte screen protector. my first and second video didnt have it on.

  205. Drnishiz

    Your a little quick on the draw dude. It is way too early to conclude that Mada, and Rambler will not get their defective products fixed or replaced. They both are well within their warranty period. There is a strong network of people here that almost assuredly will go to bat for them if necessary. Rohan asked for family and community and he will have to listen to them. The product as been out a week and all these speculations of doom and gloom? Every company including almighty Apple has lemons. Are you asking us to throw the baby out with the bath water. Most of us haven’t even had a bath yet!

    If what you have seen so far scares you away from Notion Ink that is fine. Thinking you have to sound the alarm and use disgusting terminology to do it, defines who you are in a negative way. If that is how you want to be looked at then so be it. Maybe you enjoy agitation? Maybe your just mad because Notion Ink might not be the “perfect” company you hoped for. If having scorn heaped on you here for the remarks you have made, makes you happier then I hope you have gained some satisfaction.

  206. So is this Kam’s video and has it been fixed? It is so hard to keep track of who is who with all of these diff screen names on different websites. Who is still having issues with their displays?

  207. I know somebody who ordered in the first pre-order more than one, but he had to do it one at a time. I hope this time, you can order two. More than two seams too much.

  208. I wouldn’t get too exercised about FCC stuff. That includes the pictures splashed all over Endgadget as well. I would rather see the build quality of what is currently being shipped. The FCC certification stuff was sent over in late November. Those of us who have been on this blog ought to know the state of affairs then. NI might get in legal trouble with the FCC if they claim that the current production model is better (which makes it different) from what they got certified, but my guess is that they sent the FCC their production prototype (yes, an oxymoron). This includes the obligatory user manual as well. I am sure the FCC rules do not restrict them from improving the base model, as long as the components do not change.

    But, your point is well taken. NI shows massive disrespect towards the English language which, to me, is amazing, given the level of local expertise available in a town like Bangalore. Millions of Indians write superb English, even if you can’t decipher their spoken English.

    It would really seem that NI is operating on a shoe-string, or their investors are being stingy beyond belief. Way to support a Dream, fellows!

    For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
    For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
    For want of a horse the rider was lost.
    For want of a rider the battle was lost.
    For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
    And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

  209. @Rohan
    I am a bit disappointed that things have come to such a pass. Every step of the way, there seems to be one hurdle after another. I can’t even see the home stretch. It appears like you are running a marathon with hurdles. Running a marathon itself is tough, but with hurdles it will be bloody insane.

    Most of Notion Ink’s problems stem from lack of proper communication. If you believe by the notion that customer is King, then Sinotek have certainly understood that notion very well. How about you? Not even an apology for the delay. You don’t treat your customers the same way Sinotek treats you. Very bad indeed! Your post should have started with the third sentence. That is your headline news. Honeycomb or not people are least bothered right now. They need a adam that works the way it was demoed in CES 2011 and your hands-on videos. You mentioned people have commented about a few bugs. No! lot of unresponsive apps. Furthermore, there is no Longbox app, no flash out of the box, no e-reader, …… Some even said they can play youtube at 720p or greater and some can’t even get youtube to work.

    Reading though the comments on the forum, few of the customers had visibly faulty screens/ cameras. There is no communication to assuage their fears that customer support is indeed available from Notion Ink. Right now, I get a feeling that fearing lot of adams will be returned due to some fault or the other your team is skirting that issue completely.

    Lastly, please write a post with a message that reassures the customers about updates, faulty devices, etc. Not a matter of fact end statement that says updates will resolve few bugs. That is not people have come to expect of adam, you and Notion Ink. Please treat them with respect they deserve. They have shelled out their hard earned cash believing that you will give them a portable multimedia device that will make a difference to the way they interact with such a device. With the myriad of problems they deserve your fullest attention right now.

    People like me and lot of fellow commenters have defended adam every step of the way on tech blogs that write posts that don’t make comfortable reading. For those out there who reposed their trust and faith (by buying adam), please repay them back with gratitude and nothing less.

  210. 2 things: what is the green stuff blinking in the left superior angle and 2nd when you make the change (I mean the hack thing) you lost Even?

  211. I have been following ADAM for a while now and keep visiting this site for updates. I did receive the e-mail for pre-order #1. I kept trying for over 2 to 3 hours, but could not get the order in. I kept getting errors. Not really sure, whether will be part of pre-order #2. I have lowered my expectation, If I get an email, will try to order, if not there are/will be plenty of other choices!!!!!

    Never spent this much amount of my personal time for a piece of technology that is so hard to get. I don’t understand, why pre-order #2? shouldn’t there be launch and anybody is free to order?

  212. It is common knowledge that a lot of the big company’s like Apple and Motorola are fairly pro active in sending out updates of their systems. I sure there will be those who will say not fast enough and then they include tons of bloatware.

    Hopefully Notion Ink will have good clean OTA updates on a regular basis. Since Notion Ink seems to have non conforming open approach to things, along was a small inner team to work with, they may welcome the work of folks like Notion Hacks and XDA.

    Who knows, and this may be a stretch, some of the hackers work might even get incorporated into Notion Inks OTA updates. If it all stays in the realm of open source it might work out. It would seem those helping would need some sort of compensation though. Rohan has a unique approach going here and hopefully for him, and all those interested in his devices, it will work out well.

  213. Luis Flores:
    > If he is talking of pre-order 1 why would he be saying crap crap crap now?

    Indigestion. Or something might be weighing heavily in his mind. Well, not exactly his mind….

  214. raja52:
    > Please see the previous page…

    That’s not a very good way to navigate around WordPress. But someone named Rohan said that Foxconn was a manufacturer for NI. Sinotek may supply Foxconn or maybe there’s some different relationship. I think that that Rohan person probably knows his way around NI, though.
    Anyway, we don’t know if Sinotek is as bad as Foxconn or better or worse.

  215. But whatever Gecko has mentioned about Foxconn is also correct. At one point of time apple was directly paying FoxConn workers because of those agitation. Indian newspaper TheHindu extensively covered those stories about foxconn using nets to avoid suicide of workers.

  216. Any particular reason why you’re deleting my posts here?

    And it’s not as if they didn’t make it here, they did!

    You’ve deliberately deleted them *and* any reply to them!

  217. Albert – dont worry – a future software update will set right all inconsistencies..:)))
    But seriously – Dude – you have got to concentrate on your lectures.

  218. Steve:
    > You’ve deliberately deleted them *and* any reply to them!

    Amazing – in the first 3 words, you make 3 separate mistakes. This is very efficient of you.
    “You” – There is no “you.” Everything is done automatically by the WordPress software.
    “deliberately” – there is no deliberate. Everything is done automatically by the WordPress software
    “deleted” – There is nothing deleted. Try clicking the “older comments” link at the bottom of the page.

  219. Paul,

    you make an interesting point mentioning Apple. I think a good number of people are here, looking at Notion Ink, because although Apple’s system works well with few problems, many don’t care for the Apple user experience with I Pad. My father in law has an I pad and I have spent some time with it. It is a sleek looking device with a nice bright screen and after that, for me it is pretty much down hill. For Dad one of things he hoped to do was book reading. He complained that when he tried to turn to next page it skipped several pages ahead. He is back to reading regular books. I likes to listen to Pandora, but has to use headphones because speakers are tinny and the sound isn’t loud enough. He can’t figure out how to get photos into it and so it goes, but he loves his I pad, its cool, it’s in and he paid 900 bucks for it.

    I sure have a strong hope that Adam does not turn into a techy only device. It would be shame for so many who are not that into tech, but want a reliable tablet device.

    I’m trying hard here to not sound condescending, but any tablet device is going to have a learning curve, and if your tech challenged, and refuse to put the time into learning, you will not get a good user experience. I know this is some of what is happening to my father in law and his I Pad.

    I think the Eden UI actually might be quite good, but a little complex for some folks. I’ve heard a few hackers that have got the Ui running on the Viewsonic G tablet rave about how fast and responsive it is and how they loved the mailed application.

    We just need to give all this a little time to settle in and see exactly where all the cookies crumble.

  220. Wow!! at last the Reply function works now… lol
    Also @Paul Schoe, +1, i know your Dutch, and your English is perfect….

  221. @Rohan:

    1. Xoom is expected to be released on Feb 17th. What is the guesstimated date of Honeycomb update for Adam? April end?

    2. Will the pre-order-2 candidates get Honeycomb updated tablets?

  222. Assuming the formatting got messed up from the PDF, I can clearly understand (and out of context, I might add) what’s going on there.

    It’s a per-menu-option description of the settings.

    Sure, there’s some poor wording / poor choice in wording, but IMHO understandable.

  223. Rama, you have been one of the staunchest supporters of NI and for you to be saying this should make Rohan sit up. They simply cannot afford any more ‘miscommunication.’ There’s been too much of that (including Rohan’s own statements, and even the manual) and Adam owners like mada and amitks (at notionaddicts) saying that their complaints are being ignored does not bode well. I know there must be a lot more owners that are satisfied, but it is the dissatisfied ones who make a hue and cry, shout from the rooftops, and it is they who make the difference.

    A few hundred (at least) Adams must have reached their owners in the first few days, if there are ten dissatisfied owners there must be a thousand more who are satisfied, but it is the ten who all the tech blogs and websites pick up on, it is these ten who post relentlessly on every forum. It is these ten who NI has to address on a priority.

  224. @Rama
    Definitively I will not purchase this tablet. I can understand some failures due to it is a start up with a new product, but the lack of communication and support and several things that I have said about NI policy and contract terms in other posts, I think directly that buyers have been lied and NI has stolen your earned money. Unless you have a quickly solution from them, not more promises.
    Rohan doesn’t explain anything in the blog to give costumers support, have you seen any advice about the problem with the update? He only writes new posts explaining some future promises.
    Next month is the MWC here, in Barcelona, and several tablet will be shown.
    Due to this new competitive market, I’m sure the prices will drop. By the moment I have read about a LG tablet that will cost 500 EUR. Maybe it will not be better than the PROMISED Adam, but I will have a good support.

    I hope the guys that are asking for get back the money will not have any problem.
    For the European guys I have to say that in case you return your unit withing the 7-day period you have to receive all your money without any extra charge. It is the law.
    In case NI don’t solve your problems, I suggest all of you to report the problems to the Consumers Affairs Agency of your country.

  225. Thanks for reprimanding that selfish, mean guy with I, ME, and MYSELF syndrome who doesn’t care about the flight of the workers.

  226. Exactly what I am thinking. Except for the part with the plenty other choices. All we have here in germany right now is a handful of cheap tablets with bad displays, an overpriced galaxy tab and the ipad from a company I don’t want to support. So waiting seems like the most reasonable (and unsatisfying) choice…at least to me.

  227. Perhaps they need to note to the back of the Adam that states:

    “No workers have died in the production of this Adam”.

  228. As a general rule, you don’t need to read the manual for PCI cards. For something like the Adam you kind of need to. At least until people figure it all out and post their own instructions….

  229. INR 27900 is like $600. In the US, Ipad starts at USD 499.
    INR 44900 is like $955. In the US, Ipad Wi-fi + 3G 64GB is $829.

    I don’t know why it should be $100 more costly in India, on top of what it is which is already nuts.

  230. Guys:

    Can somebody SCAN the manual for me? Scan it to PDF. I will turn it into a WORD file, put it up in GOOGLE DOCS, and we can all edit it and fix it ourselves.

    I am “zelduh” at Notioninkhacks and at notionaddicts. Just let me know there.

  231. LOL Adam manual. GI lecture.

    I’d venture to say that the GI lecture is a lot easier to follow than the Adam manual.

  232. 2 things-
    1st- The green blinky on the top-left is the notification-thingy. Tapping it should bring up the notification bar.
    2nd- No, the hack does not remove Eden

  233. I think Rohan will post an announcement here when the PreOrder 2 emails are sent out. That is what he did with PreOrder 1.

    We all need to chill. Rohan asked for the names from the other Notion Ink blogs so that he could compile an email list far in advance. It will take some time before they start. I am sure that they want to deal first with all the issues that have come up from PreOrder 1.

  234. OK, I almost laughed and then felt guilty associating “flight” with Foxconn and the nets.

    So sorry.

    Anyway, I think you mean “plight”.

  235. Rama
    “They have shelled out their hard earned cash believing that you will give them a portable multimedia device that will make a difference to the way they interact with such a device. With the myriad of problems they deserve your fullest attention right now.”
    – you should have known what you were getting into when you pre-ordered. quit bitchin now..
    – If it doesnt work for you, buy something else
    – Its the journey that matters
    – Its open – thats all that matters..
    – Pre-order 2 – YAAAAAYYYYYYY – doesnt matter Adam1 has a host of issues…

    This is not what I’m saying yo you – this is what I got back when i asked the same questions over the last innumerable blog posts..
    If you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings – Welcome friend – Enter:)

  236. @Rama,


    I’ve been a staunch supporter of notion & their notion and have written applauding them, defending them and prodding them.

    Don’t worry Rohan/NI will get there.

  237. BTW – for people up in arms referring to the Rambler saga at notioninkaddicts – NI did approve the refund for that guy for the defective piece.
    Good job NI – baby steps…but getting there.

  238. @Rama Maganti
    >”I am a bit disappointed that things have come to such a pass…”

    You are disappointed in what? in Rohan? in team NI? in Adam design? In acts of God?

    Hurdles are nothing to be disappointed about… Could Team NI have anticipated all the hurdles and planned – I guess so…

  239. whatever….at this rate I will never get this f$%king thing….having a bad day

  240. Please Rohan tell us when PreOrder2 starts, please communicate with us… It is more important than ever 😦

  241. @ramana – so that they can bring it to a fancy mall near you and ship it to you for $2 if necessary. All that fancy coffee at the mall has its price you know 😉

  242. May be the person who shot the video was head over heels in love with Adam. And that applies to persons viewing it too 😉

    The video quality is good.

  243. @Wally
    >”We just need to give all this a little time to settle in and see exactly where all the cookies crumble.”

    time?? whats that?
    Patience is a virtue seldom seen. Its been a week the tablet landed in consumers hand – and I saw advice being given to go to consumer affairs already!

  244. WOW! You people are angry and you do not even have an Adam. There is plenty of information on the Adam at the usual websites (,,, etc.) I believe Mada’s screen problem is being addressed by NI.

    This kind of stuff happens at the big companies all the time, BTW. (Apple’s CEO never discussed the antenna problem on the iPhone 4 with any customers.) Micro$oft has made a few pretty crappy versions of Windows, and people complained; but Bill Gates never spoke with any of them. People had to wait for the next version of Window OS.

    So what, if we have to wait a little longer? It is a brand-new company with a brand-new product. They are working as fast as they can to make a cutting-edge product, without sacrificing quality. Take a rest. Take the week off. Take two.

    Or, perhaps you would like to order the XOOM instead when it comes out in a couple months. It is your choice. But stop beating on NI and Rohan like petulant babies, just because you don’t have your Adam yet.

  245. Why?

    -The second & third phase of shipments will start on time.

    Unless you were in the first LCD batch which got damaged. 😦

  246. what about a short web form so we can check (get an answer) if we are on the preorder2 list ?

  247. Mada’s screen is so bright on one side only…think it is the right side…seems like you can actually see the backlight device on his…something is wrong and NI told him it was within acceptable limits…Not Good. NI /Rohan please help Mada he was trying to help you as one of the first receivers of the adam and now he seems to be getting urinated on by customer support. Not cool.

  248. @Kam , nice to see you happy with your Adam after a few teething problems, what sort of battery life are you getting ??

  249. I’d also like to know, think LCD will be better for me but wondering on the drain compared to the PQ

  250. I posted this on Engadget about an hour ago, in response to their trashing of the Notion Ink Adam. Filtered as “Newest First”

    Link Below:


    In regards to Notion Ink Adam:

    …… software update addresses security, bugs

    By ……..
    Published: 09:00 PM EST

    ……. on Tuesday evening addressed concerns about potentially dangerous security holes in the … version of its ….. web browser with the first ever software update to its new ………..

    Targeting vulnerabilities that could be exploited through malicious websites, version 1.0.1 (build 1C25) of the handset’s software updates ………. JavaScript handling to prevent cross-site scripting and a buffer overflow in the Perl code library.

    The latter scripting flaw was heavily publicized last week when consultants from Independent Security Evaluators used it to effectively hijack the ……… core functions.

    Also addressed by software patch were three separate issues within the company’s WebCore and WebKit platforms that form the backbone of …….. Two of the fixes guard against false XML requests and frame rendering glitches that could be used to control the ……… or crash the browser through memory errors.

    Like recent ……. updates, the …….. fix is downloadable solely through …… and can be installed the next time…… docked or detected by the …… software.

    In a brief set of release notes, …….. said the ……. software update also includes several “bug fixes.” The company recommends that users install the patch “immediately.”

    Sound familiar?

    From Apple Insider: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 About 30 days after Apple launched it’s first iPhone that went on sale in the United States on June 29, 2007

    Link Below:

    A few extras for the iPad launch at the same website:

    Apple to issue software fix for lingering iPad Wi-Fi problems
    Apple iPad owners report Wi-Fi connection issues
    Suppliers deny iPad production issues, expect to ship 650K at launch
    Apple to replace iPads in need of new battery for $99
    Apple’s current iPad software won’t allow iPhone tethering


    I am concerned about the glossy screen in Adams that were shipped. As far as I remember Rohan wrote a whole blog post on how he works hard to deliver somehow matte screen. What have happened with this idea? This was the best thing (beside PQ) in Adam I was looking for…

  252. @rama,

    I hope Rohan or other NI folks read your message.
    Rohan’s blog lead many to make decision on to pre-order or not. So it makes sense reasonable to expect to take up the issue with at the same place (not case by case but in general).
    @Rohan & team, as much as we want you to succeed,you have to understand that what is at stake is more than NI here.
    I am sure you must have heard LEAN. Remove waste is the key. Any waste work is waste of time & money. Think of it how many man hours it would save if one person writes a good manual? (of users, customer support, tech support etc).


  253. Can’t wait for for the 29th shipment to be set out. Looking forward to getting it next week and rooting it! Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  254. 9 hours into using my Adam for today and i’m at 57%. Semi-heavy use today. Wifi, reading, gaming, installations, rooting.

    Here’s the Run down from battery usage:
    Cell Standby – 67%
    Phone Idle – 18%
    Wi-fi – 10%
    Display – 7%

    i wished i had gingerbread battery usage information to give you more details than that

  255. @joe

    How do you insert smile faces along with other images and/or video, on this forum?


  256. @ AlbertWertz

    You do realize that that is a generic android users guide not an NI specific guide. Also if you look at the external pics the model shown is NOT the production model. There is still a back track pad area shown and the adam on the front is all caps ADAM. So what the FCC site has is not the most current version on the Adam. I’m sure all the hardware compnents are the same but it’s not an off the line prodution model and neither are the docs. Nobody at the FCC actually READs any of that stuff they just have to be able check all their little boxes….

  257. @steve did you put a website link? For some reason if i put a specific link of my forum thread for adam in the website link. My comments won’t go through. Now I just put just the domain name.

  258. People need to cut NI a little slack.
    They are a startup, id bet the migority of the staff is currently working overtime, a long with the factory.

    They arnt going to meet all of there goals right away, or maybe even in the life cycle of Adam. They want to be customer orientated, they cant be customer orientated with a small staff. They can not have a large staff until they are well underway.

    Given the staff size, the response to issues as been fairly fast, even with the pressure from the preorder2.
    I was even a bit surprised at how fast the response time was regarding the failed update.
    Yes, perhaps it shouldn’t of happened, but then NI dosent have a place in the states or any other country to act as a remote test bed. So should we be surprised that there was some network problems? No, not really.

    The response to defective hardware, seems to be coming at a fair speed..
    Also given that this is NI’s first product, It would be safe to assume a rather high amount of defective units. Just simply because QC is part knowing what to look for, something they currently don’t have. As problems popup NI should begin attempting to figure WHY things happen and fix it.

    Someone has to take the pain of being the testers, and that is always going to be the first few batches off the line.

  259. While the images provided by the FCC don’t show the Adam in a positive light, I do realise that what was submitted to the FCC may have been a prototype model, particularly as it has the location of the touchpad on the back still present (and it looks like it had been pried open with a screwdriver).

    Not to mention that these images may be over a month old, and yet various blogs are making comments on them as if it were breaking news. Not exactly a good practice when it comes to technology, or journalism in general. Where’s the secret footage obtained from peeking through the windows in Subramanya Arcade, or the results of dumpster diving in Shenzhen, China? Maybe even a bribe to an FCC official? Nope, nothing.

    Everything I’ve read on other blogs has been either a regurgitation of what’s publicly available or derived from short comments submitted in forums. Traditional reporting seems to be coming to an end.

    The only original content at the moment seem to be coming from NI – so keep up the good work 🙂

  260. Corners were cut. I blame the MBA boys and the bean counters. Rohan did say that the matte screen would be expensive, even as he said he wouldn’t compromise. But, it likely cut into their margins; especially once, as I assume, PQ raised their prices for their latest wide view screen. I just wish they would update their website: the page still shows information that’s patently false: ‘all the Adam’s screen surfaces are made of pure matte glass’.

    NI’s lawyers need to consider the implications of the Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices Act of 1969, Section 36A 1.1 where a company is deemed to engage in unfair trade practice when it “falsely represents that the goods are of a particular standard, quality, quantity, grade, composition, style or model”.

  261. I am a bit worried now Was all set up to preorder and this comes up


    if its indeed true it does look shabby and scary if teh unit will start failing in few months time

  262. well technically the apple CEO did “address” it by telling people to hold it differently. so instead of admitting its a bad design on their part, it’s everyone else’s fault for holding it like that.

    also, the xoom looks really good actually, but fuck that price. $800? Nooooooo way im paying that much

  263. In the meanwhile lets watch some old endgadget footage

  264. @Rama – I think Rohan is following the right way of communication. They have been contacting voluntarily all the customers who have received their adams and are assisting them with any issues they have. The support emails are answered within few hours (at the most 5 till now in my experience). They even call people if you have mentioned your number. I think this is the best they can do.

    With respect to not issuing any message in detail regarding the problem on the blog post is also fine as this is a blog for development/announcement. This is not a support forum. They have a plan to put in a forum in place and they will do it.

    Officially they are just delivering pre-ordered adams. So they have not really launched a product in a store. A pre-order will have hurdles. And it is these hurdles which will be used as learnings to open up a problem-free order process.

    As an adam owner (already received mine on 24th), I would like to say I am very happy with their customer service. Of course there are bugs/problems in the product. But that was known as it was a pre-order. And they are not something that can’t be corrected.

    I think before accusing NI of not learning anything from previous mistakes at this point of time is too early. Let’s wait and see how the pre-order 2/order process is handled. That would be the real test for them to see if the learnings from past mistakes are implemented.

  265. I’ve been playing with my brand new Adam that I didn’t realise there was a new update today! Trying to read the various comments is getting harder and harder…

    Please please can we have an official forum?? or at the very least, just point us to a forum that already exists and we can all congregate there????

  266. I think Chebbinator is referring to someone else’s videos where they had some weird problems with their screen… like this one:

  267. If you think Adam looks scary disassembled can you imagine what we would look like disassembled?

    How about showing us the I pad dissembled photos for comparison? Somebody at Notion Hacks is taking Adam apart today. Waiting to hear their opinion on the innards.

    Would Engadget be more specific then mentioning some hand soldered wiring?

  268. @chebbinator – thanks, and I’ve been looking in all those + XDA too… but it would be nice to see everyone here under the same roof tbh!

  269. Amen.

    I just want to comment. In NI’s defense, “FCC”.

    What more do I need to say? The FCC…. seriously. They butchered the thing opening it.

  270. Since it is 29th in China, I am waiting to see the posts , ” It is 29th in China, where is the tracking number? “

  271. Still waiting for pre-order2 here, i know Rohan and his team is working their ass off.
    Nothing to say sorry for, instead of Æ Ø Å, you can write AE OE and AA. Hope this is useful for you.

  272. Gosh, now i’m kind of frustated again 😦

    I wish I was in Greg’s ordering list but I wasn’t at home and I didn’t check his page back then. I really hope I’m not going to be out again, I feel like a kid in rage mode for his toy. 😀

    Please NI, don’t miss my contact again. 🙂

  273. GPS issue: Rohan any comments!!
    someone at notioninkaddicts seems to have figured out gps issue. Longitude in the western hemisphere should be negative. If you remove minus sign for NY, you get someplace in China. Also explains why someone on Europe was able to get GPS working (i.e., in eastern hemisphere where longitude is positive). If true, firmware could fix issue, but GPS will not currently work for anyone in US.

  274. *GPS issue: Rohan any comments!!
    someone at notioninkaddicts seems to have figured out gps issue. Longitude in the western hemisphere should be negative. If you remove minus sign for NY, you get someplace in China. Also explains why someone on Europe was able to get GPS working (i.e., in eastern hemisphere where longitude is positive). If true, firmware could fix issue, but GPS will not currently work for anyone in US.

  275. one more small thing to point out. I think in the “tech specs” link, you guys should replace “mistery feature” with Built in FM radio. Since it’s not a secret anymore.

  276. Here is an idea for the Adam 2 project. “”

    Just a thought but if they could put it in a phone it could certainly work in a tablet.

  277. A manual is there for those who need it.. so technically I can say generally you dont a manual for a tablet if you already know android and/or have already downloaded eden and installed it on your Gtab so your already ahead of the game….. those are the type of people that I assume preordered and that was my point and nothing else.

  278. note.. im kind of in a grumpy mood today so please excuse and understand im using this forum as a coping method..

  279. I read Rahim’s comment as saying that the “crap crap crap” comment is crap, not your comment.

    Also the “crap crap crap” guy is just assuming he won’t get an invite to pre-order 2, probably because he didn’t comment during the time frame again.

  280. No way Prantha. No way I am going to give this up. I waited for this for an year. I didn’t want to buy anything else and I don’t want to as well. I have nothing against Rohan or Notion Ink. Rohan said he would make Notion Ink the best in Customer Support and would like Notion Ink to be different from the any other company out over there. He probably achieved that by communicating with the customers who bricked their adams. How about others whose screens are not the way they should be. I could make out the difference between the screens of Animatrix30 and amitks/mada. Animatrix30 probably had the best Pixel Qi screen so far. Even Inspiron41 or Kam, who was the first to ditch Eden UI and rooted his device, has a screen whose colours don’t look as good as that of Animatrix30.

    At the end of the day, I would like to buy an adam. I missed out on my first order because the Pixel Qi’s were SOLD out. I want Rohan and Notion Ink to address the issues that are on display (Mada, Rambler, Amitks, etc. all had some problem or the other), so that we all get a device with an UI that works, not something that is work in progress. BTW, I am a member of all the three websites you quoted and I take the time to read the comments on all of them. Furthermore, two wrongs don’t make a right. So please stop quoting Microsoft and Apple. They created faulty products and they paid the price at least Microsoft did with Windows Vista. Notion Ink don’t have the financial muscle to fight their way through this process with the amount of bad press they are getting. I give them benefit of doubt because they are a start-up. But you cannot deny the fact that there has been lack of proper information at various times and the amount of speculation that went around right from whether it supports micro SD or SDHC, whether Pixel Qi is better or LCD, whether Pixel Qi colours are washed out or not, battery life comparison between Pixel Qi and LCD variant,etc.. and the list goes on.

    What I am trying to draw attention to through my comment is, the focus should be on addressing the pressing issues first (faulty screens, updates, etc.) then talk about Honeycomb and Adam2. I support NI, so I will keep posing questions that may seem uncomfortable but are very relevant.

    I advised Rohan to stop people making comments on the blog and instead direct them to an official forum run by NI. I haven’t heard anything on that account. Hence, the only way I or anyone can communicate is through this blog.

  281. GPS works fine, but whoever doing the coding for the GPS accidently negated the longitude numbers. So if you’re in position (1,1), it’ll show you’re at (1,-1) instead.

  282. In Phillip’s absence (we miss you way down there in Australia … ) you’re Dr. as well as Jester? Works for me …

  283. btw, it seems to be isolated to the United States. People in Europe reported that their GPS work fine. i hope you arent planning to use it while driving 😛

  284. Can we get someone in the US to videotape the GPS issues so NI can see and react accordingly?

  285. @Ganesh
    I appreciate the fact that Rohan personally called the people who bricked their adams to get them back up and running. I am frustated by the fact that people like Srini and others who were moved from 15-22nd to 29th and now don’t know when they will be getting their adams weren’t told by Notion Ink that there is a delay. These guys were almost pleading for some information or the other. I don’t like Rohan to stonewall any queries raised on this blog regarding shipping dates. I know he has lot more things to address. So there comes the question why not appoint a PR representative, who address all such queries. It frees Rohan to focus on more important things.

    Regarding forums, read my reply to Prantha. I advised Rohan to close commenting on this blog and refer the readers to the Official forum. I also suggested that he could continue using this blog to make any technical announcements. For buyers who are waiting for their adams, this blog is the only source of getting official information (technical or otherwise) that is straight from the horse’s mouth. All the information from the forums is just a hearsay.

    I shall leave it at that.

  286. Hey Rohan,
    I wonder if you can do a top 10 fun facts about the adam
    1. How long it takes to make 1 adam in the factory
    2. How many orders were sent in the first batch
    3. iterations of code from the panel interface
    4. number of developers interested in source code
    5. How many devices got damage during transport
    5. How many hands it takes the adam from the time it is ordered to when it arrives to your doors step
    6. How many minutes until the next preorder
    7. Number of reviews done of the adam as of now
    8. How many hits on this blog after a new update!
    9. Number of people who have been proved wrong
    10. Mac address of your adam.

  287. I just read this…thought it was apropos

    “Every big idea was once a small, sudden burst of inspiration”


    Tell us about your sudden burst of inspiration please.

  288. I had a suture lab this afternoon that was a ton of fun. Got to cut up pigs feet a sew them back together. Wanna see? asking first because I dont think it is offensive but I dunno… now if it was a cow, would that be something different?

  289. This was one of the things I was afraid of… they would “innovate” on the hardware and provide a dual purpose camera, but then the usefulness of the camera would be completely destroyed by crippled software/drivers and lack of support for something as simple as flipping the picture vertically…

  290. + whatever number you can think of…
    Been requesting this for several months. Although on the last update blog someone said that they e-mailed customer support and were told to stay up to date on NI website and this blog… Not an effective way of communicating. At least we are getting some consistency here. Thats important… right?

  291. It’s the 29th in China… I wonder where my tracking number is? Maybe my batch will get pushed back again. 😀

  292. It’s entertaining reading this and seeing people commenting about poor English translations in the manual. Most people don’t even speak English much less write it anymore. If you are that upset with your Adam tablet because of a poorly translated manual I’ll buy the Adam from you. Just let me know. Yes, let someone know that there are problems but things like that should not overshadow more important things like the performance of the Tablet. Software issues can all be resolved, either by Notion Ink or by others. Notion Ink is very open to the ideal of other people developing software for the Adam. Great, that lets them focus on bringing a tablet with solid hardware and production issues so that one day the rest of us can get an Adam. Quit being so annoying about software problems, state them so they can get attention but don’t dwell on them like that ruins your whole Adam experience.

  293. I hope Adam 2 is coming with Tegra 3 if it’s going to be launched 10-12 months from now. I would leave stock Android 3.0/4.0 if I were you for Adam 2. I think Google nailed the UX better than you with Honeycomb so you’ll be doing your customers a favor if you leave that – plus less development cost for you and less bugs to worry about.

    Use higher quality LCD with much better viewing angles next time. Viewing angles are much more important for a tablet that changes angle all the time, compared to a laptop that has fixed angle most of the time.

  294. Best thing that can happen to this tablet is contribution from open-source community. I’m looking forward to all the wonders that they can do with this sexy piece of hardware.

  295. I think I am progressing through the 7 stages of grief here regarding communication with NI. I think I am at the upward turn and working my way to acceptance. At the final stage I will accept the flaws in communication, stop addressing the flaws and just ask questions of the community and answer them as I can. The dream will become a nice memory that I may reflect on fondly, utilize my adam in day to day activity and eventually the emotional bond between NI and I will be gone. There will only be a business relationship.

  296. And don’t expect a tracking number for another 48-72 hours after that. First you will see “out for delivery (or something like that)”

  297. Ah, apparently the defective screens mentioned are pre-installation ones. I guess the initial batch happened to have blotchy screens or something? Hopefully the later batches will be of a better quality now that they have the process down.

  298. RoryH

    It appears your prototype speculation is correct. Someone at Notion Addicts forum has compared photo’s from the Adam assembly line in China with Endgadget’s FCC photos and were are not looking at the same construction quality. The assembly line photo appear to indicate better construction on the assembly line.

    There seems to be a rush to judgment on the part of Endgadget. At least to me the reporting seems to be lacking in quality research.

    Is it just me or is there a surprising amount of people that would really like to see Notion Ink and Adam fail? I want to see the truth the good and the bad. I would like it to have an accurate picture not a half assed one. Notion Ink has done enough things to shoot themselves in the foot. There are plenty out there that want to shoot the other foot for them. Is that the way it works in a world of competition?

    Of course it is. Anyone wondering whether or not to jump in and order an Adam I really do feel for you. When I ordered it was just a rush of excitement, yes the unknown was scary, and a leap of faith was required, but it sure is a lot more complex now. No doubt Notion Ink has brought a lot on themselves, but the world of business is a lot tougher then it first appears.

  299. Rohan clearly says Sinotek is the touch screen partner so I think we can safely believe that is what they are providing to the adam, some were damaged and they are working overtime to replace.

  300. I think I’m feeling a little guilty, I found out about the Adam last November and made a little of no value post and I received the pre-1 invite to purchase the Adam. I too had no Visa but my wife did and she gave me the go ahead to use hers, I did order one but haven’t received it yet ( 9-15- 29th. When I see so many posts of people who have followed the Adam so long it makes me a little sad. If it helps any, I have no idea how to root, hack or anything else we must do to make this tablet usable. I just wanted a product I could use out of the box but I guess this tablet is not one of those. So what do common “Joes” like me supposed to do????

  301. So what is 5% of 600? Any math majors out there?

    What happens if you multiply that by 2?

    9 Adams now being sold on ebay for $500+…

  302. Does anyone know of a simple way to search for their own past comments on this blog?
    I’m *pretty* sure that I commented under my real identity before the cut-off date, but I’m understandably eager, and want to know whether I should still be hoping or not 🙂

  303. 29th it is being shipped from Factory…to Hong Kong. Only at Honk Kong, the units will be assigned a tracking number and shipped to respective customers. So, by 31st we might get some info on tracking numbers…and 5 days from there to receive the unit.

  304. Notion Ink, would you consider opening up the next round of ordering for people who were already on the first pre-order as well? I am thinking, irrationally perhaps, of ordering one more Adam, even as I wait for my first order to come through. This time, I am going to go for an LCD with Wifi; i.e. the least expensive model on offer, so I can root it and play with all the stuff the XDA community have on offer. I am an Android novice, and don’t want to try such stunts with the PQ+3G version I expect to ship tomorrow.

  305. have you used pixel qi mode much in that time? I’m trying to decide whether just LCD will have a long enough battery life since I dont think i’d use pixel qi much. If pixel qi makes a big difference, then i might change my stance

  306. @ Pixel Qi innovation skeptic coltish NI pre-order suitors

    All that glitters is not gold;
    Often have you heard that told:
    Many a man his life hath sold
    But my outside to behold:
    Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
    Had you been as wise as bold,
    Young in limbs, in judgment old,
    Your answer had not been inscroll’d:
    Fare you well; your suit is cold.

    (The Merchant of Venice – William Shakespeare)

  307. Oh NO! i just heard about paypal’s no longer accepting payments of over 500 dollars to companies in India. Sorry, but it looks like Paypal is out of the question.

  308. Look at Rohan demonstrating the camera at CES. It flips just fine. But if you are at a desk with your Adam resting on the rounded speaker side or only slightly higher the angle isn’t sufficient for the camera to flip. Possibly there is a way to have it flip through a software solution.

  309. Don’t understand the deal with moderation on every post. very irritating. here is other other video link

  310. I hope the next stage of ordering goes smooth for NI. I know every customer has a different experience, some good and some not so good. I like to hear both side. I would like to Thank everyone for all the comments.! Keep them coming!

  311. To my understanding it’ll stay web-based delivery, however you might try picking up a pre-paid debit card and just put the amount on there, that’d be easier.

  312. Preorder2 won’t be perfect, just like anything in life. I’m sure NI will learn a little bit each time. By the time they start selling thoe 100 k per month things will be much better (never perfect).

  313. smilies – colon close bracket ex. : ) or 🙂 or : D or 😀
    images – put quotes on either end of the link to the image
    youtube vids – use the embed link and just paste it in

  314. nice! and thanks for the post.

    i am waiting for the proper note taking capability now!

    The picture quality is good!

    I have read in good-e-reader review (Who seems to me the only tech site who has got the adam right now), that when you are recording, it looks grainy and stuff like that, but the final product is quite nice! what i mean is the final video file if you see it later.

  315. I always read the manual. I know that is odd, but I was a tech writer many years ago.

  316. Well it seems like a lot of folks haven’t figured out how you switch between reflective, transflective and transmisive mode. Not exactly something you would pick up from an existing android device I would gather.

  317. Thanks for the update Rohan. Honeycomb coming up! I know NI will stand by their product to the end…;-)


  318. Rohan, wasn’t everything tested…with so manyissues all over, do you still think you should go ahead with pre order 2?

  319. I didn’t understand it that way, but thanks Matt.

    @Rahim, if that’s what you meant I understand your comment then.

    In anycase, I don’t think either comment is crap, Itamar, is just anxious like most of us… i’ve been checking my email like crazy again. And I’m having it shipped to a friend and I’ll hopefully be able to pick it up in a month or two…

    Anyway, thanks again Matt! I hate it when comments start getting aggressive, so if misunderstandings can be fixed it’s always for the better!


  320. Moments like those are the ones I’m thankful for gravity and that I don’t live in a place hot enough for us to need any sort of fans!

  321. You are probably right. That’s why I hate the word “soon”! Worst part, I’m a sucker for it!

  322. Hey Rohan,

    Hope your investors are happy with your product. Don’t lose them,
    Nobody is willing to deal with indians, as they dont pay at all.

    Ppl still waiting for their money. Commonwealth games is over!! time to pay…

    I = I will
    N = Never
    D = Do
    I = It
    A = Again

    Good luck..

  323. Units shipped Friday, Jan 21st began being delivered on Jan 24th. Customs in some countries hung up some delivery but in the US is was the 24th and the 25th. NI confirmed via email to me that the 29th batch would be shipping air just like the first so from Shipping date – 29th figure 3-4 days on average (to the US anyway)

  324. Kam,

    May be you can take a break and go to Bangalore and have fun at NI .. Work/Vacation 🙂
    Rohan may not be able to pay you lot of green but you will have lots of fun ..


  325. Well you can search the XDA forums and learn how to do it… you can enjoy the adam for what Notion Inks vision of it should be.. or … sell it on ebay.

  326. By the time PO2 comes this comment is going to be so far in the history no one will see it.

  327. So from that it looks like tuesday at earliest.. wednesday possibly thursday more likly and friday for sure.

    I hope.

  328. Okay, please tell me that the comment I read about GPS not working in the U.S. was just a joke – right? I bought the Adam specifically for the GPS capabilities (instead of having to drop close to $750 to get it in an iPad). If it cannot work in North America then the unit is practically worthless to me. Has anyone tried using Google Maps with the GPS unit?

  329. @ AlbertWertz

    i read you… you’re OK. and i’m totally with you, but keep one eye on those studies.

    Temperate regards 🙂

  330. To Sinotek and all its staff,
    We wish you a joyful new year and time to spend with your loved ones. Thanks for valued time you have given to us. May you be blest – always!

  331. Good ereader in their review says that flash doesnt work nd the adam cnt play videos from the youtube website….does anybody else have that problem with their device?

  332. Hey Cathy!

    I just arrived back in Australia.

    Know what I saw on the island of Palawan in the Philippines? A HUGE GECKO!

    It was so cool, big and chunky (about as long as my hand). We were in a little airstrip in a town called Lada and it was on one of the walls. I wanted to take its picture but it turned around in a circle and high-tailed it out of there, so I never got a shot. But late at night you could hear them. They make a sort of click-click-click-click-click noise.

    Anyway I am back now and trying to catch up on all that’s happened.

    So Greg got his I see, and has played angry birds, that’s good. There’s some obviously cranky people and a few have hacked theirs so its fun to see. Its a bit much to ask that everything goes perfect but you can understand when people have high expectations that they will be disappointed if stuff goes pear-shaped.

    So I’ve missed you all anyway. My adam is in the shipment that is supposed to leave the warehouse on the 29th (just went a checked – yup, 29th) and I am hoping by the time I’ve received it the “updates” problem will be resolved, and being in Australia the GPS should be ok. Its a PixelQi and I guess I’ll get to see what that looks like in the “flesh”.

    Peace out adam freaks!

  333. it will work with update to firmware..apparently it is a simple error in the program – something to do with the minus sign being added to latitude/longtiude data for the western hemisphere…

  334. This is the message you get when you order po1. If I want to cancel I can’t, if I wanted to cancel when they changed my shipping date I couldn’t. So when they delay it again for 6 days I still would not be able to cancel. Reading this blog is killing me, I am tired of the bull. “We have charged your credit card. If you want to change or cancel any order, you must do it atleast one week prior to the date of shipment of your device. Any changes made on a later date will not be accepted and no refund will be processed.

    To cancel an order please email us at “”. We charge a 5% cancellation fee.

    You will receive your device shipping details as soon as we make the shipment.

    Warm Regards,
    Notion Ink”


  335. Hi Dr. Phillip!

    Was worried what happened to our good Doctor; geckos were starting take over your job, but maybe not the one you saw in the Philippines 🙂

    Saw a bunch of little tiny lizard like beings on vacation in Florida and the Bahamas over New Years; they were faster than my little 3 year old grandson, so didn’t get a close look at them, and they didn’t linger to make any smart conversation … disappointed. Went straight from there to business trip in Las Vegas, with a two hour stop at CES to look at Pixel Qi screen … had to talk my way into that booth at closing time, but once in they were very courteous, even taking the screen outside to show me the display. I thought it was very nice and bright and clear, but it was on a “generic” laptop.

    Trying to read everything I can in the hopes that if I can get in on Pre-Order 2, I’ll be ready with knowledge in hand about versions, updates etc. Sounds like your Adam should have the update installed and you will be good to go up and running; looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Regards and welcome back!


  336. ridonkulous. Sell something with a main functionality disabled and say it will be fixed witha patch quality assurance 0…. Same nokia selling a smartphone with a buggy camera…

  337. First of all, its not right, after this much extent that Rohan still uses this blog to convey important info. Status like some screens damaged and being replaced, et all should be updated in status page of Customers and even onlookers must have clear information flow. Shipping dates are clearly predictable by freight companies. They should clearly update on when the shipping starts and how many ppl are affected and how many are not.

  338. If you know how to copy, paste and reboot, you can do all those things others are doing. Go to “” for further instruction on rooting your adam.

  339. i’m new to rooting. i did allot research thought, but i have 1 question. if i root then recover back to stock adam, will there be any traces that i rooted.

  340. Honestly – has anyone gotten a full flash site to work on this device?

    I’m in the same boat as the user above who is ticked off about the GPS features.

    This thing is going directly on Ebay as soon as I get it!

    What a disappointment from a LONG time fan.

  341. guess it is some longitude recognition issue..with GPS resulting in showing wrong location for US time zones. Hopefully next updates would fix it.
    read and saw videos that Google maps works fine.
    Are you seriuosly planning to use a tablet for GPS.. While it is fun to have that option, best thing is to have a good GPS like garmin in the car. I use 4.3 inches and it works like charm (with voice instructions and so many features). Why so much dependency on a GPS on a Tablet? IMO, not realistic for daily use.


  342. today I received Mail from PAYPAL

    Regarding “Upcoming changes to PayPal User Agreement for India”

    Dear Suhas Patel,

    As part of our commitment to provide a high level of customer service, we would like to give you a 30-day advance notice on changes to our user agreement for India.

    With effect from 1 March 2011, you are required to comply with the requirements set out in the notification of the Reserve Bank of India governing the processing and settlement of export-related receipts facilitated by online payment gateways (“RBI Guidelines”).

    In order to comply with the RBI Guidelines, our user agreement in India will be amended for the following services as follows:
    Any balance in and all future payments into your PayPal account may not be used to buy goods or services and must be transferred to your bank account in India within 7 days from the receipt of confirmation from the buyer in respect of the goods or services; and

    Export-related payments for goods and services into your PayPal account may not exceed US$500 per transaction.
    We seek your understanding as we continue to employ our best efforts to comply with the RBI Guidelines in a timely manner.

    We regret any inconvenience caused to you and hope the advance notice will enable you to plan your future use of our services accordingly. For further information, click here.

    If you have any questions, please contact PayPal customer support by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page. We sincerely thank you for your patience and continued support.


    The PayPal Team

  343. today I received Mail from PAYPAL

    Regarding “Upcoming changes to PayPal User Agreement for India”

    Dear Suhas Patel,

    As part of our commitment to provide a high level of customer service, we would like to give you a 30-day advance notice on changes to our user agreement for India.

    With effect from 1 March 2011, you are required to comply with the requirements set out in the notification of the Reserve Bank of India governing the processing and settlement of export-related receipts facilitated by online payment gateways (“RBI Guidelines”).

    In order to comply with the RBI Guidelines, our user agreement in India will be amended for the following services as follows:
    Any balance in and all future payments into your PayPal account may not be used to buy goods or services and must be transferred to your bank account in India within 7 days from the receipt of confirmation from the buyer in respect of the goods or services; and

    Export-related payments for goods and services into your PayPal account may not exceed US$500 per transaction.
    We seek your understanding as we continue to employ our best efforts to comply with the RBI Guidelines in a timely manner.

    We regret any inconvenience caused to you and hope the advance notice will enable you to plan your future use of our services accordingly. For further information, click here.

    If you have any questions, please contact PayPal customer support by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page. We sincerely thank you for your patience and continued support.


    The PayPal Team

  344. @Crisco What… Most people don’t even speak English much less write it anymore.

    Oh yeah this blog is in …….. English……………..

  345. Well, I use a good GPS device in my car when needed, but occasionally I don’t have it with me (in the other car) and have to use GPS in cell phone; could see wanting to use it in tablet at times for convenience.

    I think the bigger point is NI SOLD this tablet as coming with a working GPS system, whether or not customers want to use it. Hopefully those next updates will fix the issue, but addressing the issue directly and fixing it should come from Notion Ink; it’s their responsibility to address these as they come up.

  346. Rohan, please give us an update on the GPS issue. My main intention of buying the Adam was the multipurpose nature, and one of the main use for me would have been the GPS. I understand from the blog that there are some issues with the GPS functionality. Will it be fixed as part of a software update? If not I would like to cancel the product. I’m not a expert Android user, nor do I intend to customize it myself in the near future.

    Please help by providing an update so that I can decide better.


  347. After doing a little digging there is a gps.conf fine in the /system/etc directory that is used to determine what region you are in (note this is an ANDROID setting and has nothing to do specifically with adam, If you took and american android phone to china you’d have the same problem) A quick tweak of this file should fix it. So I would expect that the next update (do in a few days) will address it. Some of the NotionInkHacks boys are looking into it as well. So no fears there…

  348. Yes if you use the Tegra optimized flash it does 720p smooth and clean. Check at Notion Ink Hacks. I know some of those guys have done it and it works great quote-unquote.

  349. @Bikram,

    The gps is controlled by a config file that simply needs to be tweaked. An American android device would do the same thing in China and Adam is doing in the Western Hemisphere. A quick tweak/update will fix it.

  350. Hi, Cathy, I wasn’t really after Dr Phillip’s job, since I’m not one of those insecure MD types who insists on using his title socially. Except to certain people, who need to be put in their place, of course.

    @ Rama Maganti (below): No, I’m a *natural* in dry humor. It’ s a reptilian trait.

  351. As much I want to to trust Rohan that 2nd and 3rd batch are on time …I feel I am gonna land in those “fraction of customers” as I did in those “50” customers, who got moved from 9th to 22nd to 29th. Sad. or will there be that magical mail and status change that I would receive it this Wednesday that too without any import duty. THAT will be something..

    I have no qualms about the purchase unlike few who want to sell theirs as soon they receive it(I know they won’t…they are staunch fans of Adam and frustration has set in because they have not gotten their’s and reading all about it on the web..they will forgive Adam for whatever shortcomings it may have and will be up in arms for the support for Adam 2 and also in the queue).

    As for the device, what I have seen in the reviews and videos, it’s not a bad deal at all. I wasn’t expecting a state of the art device with golden borders and awesome OS with millions of apps for 600 bucks. All i wanted was a decent tablet with good features and at an affordable price(Even 600 is not very affordable for me…it’s a major chunk of my salary…yea i know its very less). I was not looking for an Ipad Killer at all, In fact I do not care about them as Apple do not care about our market(India) and launch the IPAD’s and iphone’s here after a few years of the launch.

    The bugs will be ironed out in a few updates I believe, what I have read on the net that even apple faced issues in its IOS in the first iteration and few after that. So its not that big a deal breaker for me.

    Yesterday I read about the FCC update and also saw the dissected pics of adam, now people were worried about the internal wiring.
    Well they got to see this.


    One more thing if you have cared to read the entire post.

    I don’t know about others but sometimes I feel that fans have made Adam as Rohan’s tablet rather than Notion Inks tablet.
    I guess it could have been Rohan’s idea and initiative but Notion ink team has helped him realize that dream. Maybe he is the face for Notion Ink so we inadvertently do it.
    So I applaud the feat by the Notion ink Team and I want to thank them all.

  352. Luis Flores:
    > I’m thankful for gravity

    That is wise. I have one of these bumper stickers on my car:

  353. As much I want to to trust Rohan that 2nd and 3rd batch are on time …I feel I am gonna land in those “fraction of customers” as I did in those “50” customers, who got moved from 9th to 22nd to 29th. Sad. or will there be that magical mail and status change that I would receive it this Wednesday that too without any import duty. THAT will be something..

    I have no qualms about the purchase unlike few who want to sell theirs as soon they receive it(I know they won’t…they are staunch fans of Adam and frustration has set in because they have not gotten their’s and reading all about it on the web..they will forgive Adam for whatever shortcomings it may have and will be up in arms for the support for Adam 2 and also in the queue).

    As for the device, what I have seen in the reviews and videos, it’s not a bad deal at all. I wasn’t expecting a state of the art device with golden borders and awesome OS with millions of apps for 600 bucks. All i wanted was a decent tablet with good features and at an affordable price(Even 600 is not very affordable for me…it’s a major chunk of my salary…yea i know its very less). I was not looking for an Ipad Killer at all, In fact I do not care about them as Apple do not care about our market(India) and launch the IPAD’s and iphone’s here after a few years of the launch.

    The bugs will be ironed out in a few updates I believe, what I have read on the net that even apple faced issues in its IOS in the first iteration and few after that. So its not that big a deal breaker for me.

    Yesterday I read about the FCC update and also saw the dissected pics of adam, now people were worried about the internal wiring.
    Well they got to see this.


    One more thing if you have cared to read the entire post.

    I don’t know about others but sometimes I feel that fans have made Adam as Rohan’s tablet rather than Notion Inks tablet.
    I guess it could have been Rohan’s idea and initiative but Notion ink team has helped him realize that dream. Maybe he is the face for Notion Ink so we inadvertently do it.
    So I applaud the feat by the Notion ink Team and I want to thank them all.

    Excuse me If double post.

  354. Cathy:
    > I use a good GPS device in my car when needed

    Why? You’re a woman, can’t you just ask for directions?

  355. Does Adam support writing using a pen/Stylus ? should we be using that capacitive Stylus


  356. Well of course I can, and do 🙂 I use the GPS unit in the car, when my husband is driving, to make clear to him he’s going the wrong way … I just let Debbie the UPS girl tell him, instead of me … makes him mad at her, not me; trips a lot calmer then.

  357. Notion Ink’s 2 sites were down for a while, now back up looking a little different.

    Preorder site was down also for a while, now back up looking the same, and no change in status.

  358. Be aware that when the GPS is first activated it still thinks its in China, give it a couple of hours with a view to the open sky to re fix its position. Hopefully when this happens it should then be almost instantaneous in future use…………..Well I hope so ..

  359. A preorder customer Amitks reported that the stylus was not working well with his adam. the caveat, his Adam seems to be defective – screen, GPS/compass, etc. but he couldnt seem to use the stylus even on the parts of the screen which otherwise seemed to work well. So dont really know, none of the others who have a fully functional ADam seem to have used a stylus.

  360. @bikram das

    buddy i hope that the GPS issue will be solved soon. for sure.

    but in case if you decide otherwise i am more than happy to get your adam .Please send me note when you have decided.

  361. Never a chance lost to bash India, eh?

    A few incidents do not define the credibility of the entire nation. This is a derogatory remark that does not bode too well with most indians, myself included.

  362. problems that Goodereader raised was that

    1)They were not able to open side loaded ebooks (from sd cards)

    2)In Quick office not able to directly start a blank word file of sheet or presentation.You need to have a already created file in Usb drive or sd ca

  363. problems that Goodereader raised was that

    1)They were not able to open side loaded ebooks (from sd cards)

    2)In Quick office not able to directly start a blank word file of sheet or presentation.You need to have a already created file in Usb drive or sd card

    Can you confirm this

  364. I’m missing some information about the “1GB SLC”. is it inside adam or another change of techspecs without customerinformation?

  365. It will be updated by tomorrow with the tracking number when your shipment reaches HK-i guess!

    Following is an example, which i copied from the previous post:

    24 Jan 2011 09:36:52 Boston Out For Delivery.
    24 Jan 2011 07:49:29 Boston Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
    22 Jan 2011 17:50:30 New York Jfk Airport Shipment In Transit.
    22 Jan 2011 17:28:14 New York Jfk Airport Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    22 Jan 2011 11:05:07 New York Jfk Airport Shipment Released From Customs.
    22 Jan 2011 01:09:47 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    21 Jan 2011 23:38:03 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    21 Jan 2011 17:00:19 Xiamen Shipment Collected From Sender.
    21 Jan 2011 16:26:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    21 Jan 2011 14:18:20 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  366. i’m new to rooting. i did allot research thought, but i have 1 question. if i root then recover back to stock adam, will there be any traces that i rooted.

  367. i’m new to rooting. i did allot research thought, but i have 1 question. if i root then recover back to stock adam, will there be any traces that i rooted

  368. With you Rohan and NI team… Stride on and win the hearts and minds of the dinscotent..

  369. @Suhas,

    Read that article from Goodereader completely. They clearly stated that they haven’e updated their unit and are waiting for OTA update.

  370. All of this negativity must mean something. I look at it this way.

    1. These negative people are really nice, kind and concern for everyone in the technology community and they feel it their moral duty to tell us every thing that is wrong and beat up minor issues because they are so concerned about all of us.

    2. They have nothing better to do other than grant stand and think that stirring people up is fun and it shows their level of intelligence.


    3. They are really worried that someone has the Gaul to attempt to be different and do something they wish they had thought of or recommended, so they feel left out and just want to rain on everyones parade. They are trying to say ‘told you so’ but each time things come out different they then have ago at something else and forget what they had said before because they may be held to account.

    If the person who is just bagging and is not even prepared to put their name to it. I see not value other than they take up space in this blog. If this device is so bad and won’t last then why the hell do they stick around.

    This is a journey, we who are the passengers came on with our eye open. We are aware there are bumps and humps but thats is why we jumped on at the start. So for the nay say please find something else or someone else, it is really becoming boring and we are not interested. Our glass is half if not totally full, it is quite obvious that your glass is half empty or with some of you totally empty.

  371. I don’t really know what you need a manual for. Looking at the Adam casing there’s no doubt about the connectors and the few switches, they are all self-explaining. And this is Android itself. Just play around with your new device for a couple of hours, this is fun and you will learn it much better than you would ever do whit reading the manual.
    And: even if there are grammatical mistakes I don’t have any problem to understand every bit of it even if I’m not a native English speaker.

  372. Wow, that’s commitment from Sinotek; respect for their employees. Let’s just hope they had a choice!

  373. This review is much too lengthy, in particular as they talk about the Android stock apps everybody who knows Android should know already.
    What happened to NI’s own media player? And obviously Adam owners can be proud of having the first tablet computer with a FM radio but what for if there’s no app? I’m sure both apps will be delivered shortly as will a corrected GPS app.

  374. the first set of shipments were said start on wed the 19th. the tracking info as seen in the post below did not start until the 21st. i assume this because it takes approximately 2 days for shipment to reach it’s main logistics center. tracking numbers are provided from the logistics center to your location and not from the factory to logistics center.

    long story short you will probably not see a tracking update until 2 business after your estimated shipping date. but it probably already shipped.

    this info was inferred in rohans posts and the tracking info below

    i think we all need to relax and stop expecting so much rohan, and NI.

    i know we are all spoiled by rohans weekly posts, but if you look he is posting more than once a week now and we still are not satisfied. try to get this much info from bill gates, or steve jobs, you can’t!!!

  375. This is just an example when people have nothing to say or just can’t put up some real structured argument they attack the person or country of origin. I feel sorry for them, why do they persist in wasting their time. If everything is that bad then it will all be gone no matter what they say. But the problem they have is they don’t know how to argue with an idea or dream. They have blinkers and are blind and always travel with company because it scary to be different its scary to try something new and not to run to the drum beat of others. So these people hit out, we just have to feel sorry for their disability to dream.

  376. Thanks Gecko: The website of the Society for the Conservation of Gravity (“”) is totally hilarious.

    I think that I have to anchor my house as well and make sure that Adam is on a leash every time when I use it in the garden (or in a hammock).

  377. we really are like a family here. if anybody trashes NI we trash the them. but then we come back to this blog talk smack all day.

    in other words

    nobodies allowed to mess with my little bro except for me

  378. @Andreu: You state: “For the European guys I have to say that in case you return your unit withing the 7-day period you have to receive all your money without any extra charge. It is the law.. Actually that is not the case. The European laws on Phone & Internet Sales are applicable to suppliers within the European Union and to purchases in the US, Asia, Australia, etc.

    Futhermore it is difficult to understand all the uproar from (as Prantha says) people who “do not even have an Adam“. As I said before: Notion Ink went from a company with zero turnover in November, to multi-million dollar sales in December, to deliveries in January. So give them a chance to deal with initial delivery problems.

    I am happy to see that, now the dust has settled, the number of positive reviews is exceeding the negative ones. And that is to be expected. When you have the bad luck to receive an Adam with a delivery problem, then you complain immediately. if you are happy with your Adam (as most seem to be) then either you don’t say anything at all (the great majority) or your first want to become a little bit proficient with the device and test everything before you report pack.

    Given the positive reviews that are now coming, I would say that Adam more then meets my expectations (already access to Market 🙂 🙂) and that every buyer will be happier with Adam then with any other tablet in the market.

    I have the confidence that Notion Ink will deal well with the problems of those few whose Adams were faulty on arrival. Notion Ink is here to realize a vision, not to make a few bucks on not taking care of its customers.

  379. @Harold: that is indeed a needed software update if it is not there as a standard option yet. You should be able to flip the image of the camera if the automatic setting is not right due to the angle of the rotating camera.

  380. @FJG: for dozens of smileys see Greg’s post at “”
    About two third down.

  381. “Is it just me or is there a surprising amount of people that would really like to see Notion Ink and Adam fail?”

    LoL…. The ambiguity of language and its interpretation…. 🙂

  382. Disagree completely!
    if i look at what rama Maganti said , and i have been seeing his posts, the tone definitely indicates that what has been delivered is not exactly what was promised/ showed.
    A lot of interest in NI and Adam was due to this blog and all the promises made herein, a promise of a tablet that is by far the best and revolutionary.
    Early reviews do not really indicate this !
    but anyways ,i will order in round #2
    just hope that NI puts up more specs and is more accurate in communications

  383. @alex oliveira: nothing “ridonkulous” about it. This is what pre-orders are for. It gives a manufacturer a chance to sort out final glitches before mass-shipments.

    In addition: Not only does this glitch seem to be more of an Android glitch then an Adam one, it also has to do with using the GPS in a totally different areas then where Adam was designed and manufactured (Asia). So it is not surprising that this only came out when the first Adam hit the other shores. Given the nature of the glitch (adding or removing a minus-sign). nobody will have to worry, it will be solved very quickly.

    But then, you probably would be disappointed by that, this page is full of your comments degrading Notion Ink. I guess you don’t have an Adam yet, do you?

  384. Alex:

    That is terribly RUDE, bigoted, and unwarranted! You should apologize.

    I can tell you that there are more than many Americans (including good “Christian” pillars of the community, and well-known American corporations) that have absolutely no guilt about not paying “at all.” I know. I sue them all the time.

    So, please apologize.

  385. @Tim: actually that could be. I am stationed in China and you can easily hire companies that start trolling with fake id’s etc. Unfortunately that has evolved into a business practice.

    From some of the posters, maybe we should therefor ask ourselves the question: “If this poster doesn’t have an Adam , and doesn’t like the Adam, what is he/she doing on this blog?

  386. im pretty sure if you flash back to original stock adam there shouldnt be. I’d keep checking though

  387. @Wally West: Not worry, you are not sounding condescending (at all).

    To me the success of Adam, and my ability to advice it to others, is all depending to the “out-of-box” experience. And I believe Rohan knows that as well otherwise Notion Ink would not have invested so much in Eden, in apps and even in content partners.

    I will fully enjoy Adam and enable it to do everything I want (except maybe Chinese handwriting recognition), but for Adam to succeed, your dad has to be happy with it. He has to be able to <open the box, turn the device on and be fully happy. preferably not even having to download apps before the device is useful (so for him: a good e-reader and book-market pre-installed).

  388. The thing about Engadget’s post on the FCC teardown, which worries me the most, is that NI us a very new company, a start-up, without a big repair and customer-support infrastructure. What happens if the Adam develops a fault because of the ‘hand-soldered wiring and cheap components’ as Engadget puts it? The probability of this happening is much higher. Do we have to pay shipping and send it to India to get it repaired? Will there be local repair centers in Europe and US? How long will it take to get it repaired? Lots of questions… no answers.

  389. hi
    I just wanted to know exactly how much does Adam in India….previously i read there was some confusion about Vat and other some other import duty….

    Or is it just Adam price + shipping(50$) ??

  390. Funny, as far as I’m concerned… Rohan and NI have done more in their limited time as a start up company to address problems and give feedback than some of the bigger brands will ever do… they aren’t perfect, but I am more than satisfied Rohan and NI are trying their best… I always ask myself… why wouldn’t they.

    Please don’t take offence, because I’m not directing this towards you (you are entitled to your opinions)… but as a casual observer on this blog for nearly a year, I find it amusing how some people are so full of self importance… it really makes me laugh.

    Oh! and I’m still waiting for my adam… yes my date was changed twice.

  391. I agree with your comment about a Garmin (or other vehicle-centric unit) – but my use for it is slightly more involved. I work for a company that installs and manages backhaul capacity from cellular sites (tower locations). Since the access roads to many sites are difficult to find – I use a “normal” GPS unit for standard directions, and then Google maps with an overlay of our network to plot out our topology and zoom in to locate hard to find access roads. It works on my laptop with an external GPS unit (or on my phone if I absolutely have nothing else), but the “Holy Grail” is a tablet mounted on my dash with Google Maps running and the GPS WORKING. 🙂 Thanks fro asking in a civil manner – which some people can’t seem to manage around here….

  392. no and that makes me mad because Rohan in this post said everything should be on time. The workday in china for the 29th is over so now it won’t ship until monday I could handly a couple of days delay if not for this post. so disapointing so amny mistakes.

  393. Not entirely true. On the morning of the 19th, around 8am EST, everyone got a message stating “out for shipment.” It was not until the 21st that the tracking number came.

    It is 8:30am EST right now, if the out for shipping message does not come in the next 2 hours, I can assume that it was not sent to HK yet and will have to wait until Monday for shipment (it’s the weekend now) – which most likely we are updated Tuesday morning (EST) on the website.

    Let’s hope we get the out for shipping message very soon. Every minute that goes by the chances get slimmer and slimmer.

  394. Still on 29th, bad feelings creeping in again, espeacially with Chinese New Year holiday imminent. 9th > 15th-22nd > 29th > ???

  395. Doesn’t the shipment first go to Hong Kong. After leaving Hong Kong, then the shipping
    notices begin to change.

    That’s what happened on the first batch.

  396. Not true. They got a message stating “out for shipping” when it was sent to HK. The tracking number comes when it goes out from HK. No out for shipping message would imply they are not on their way to HK.

  397. @ Rohan,
    How long does one has to wait to see the shipped status? I think the Patient followers like me misunderstood the shipment date as 29th Jan 2011…err….it should be ASS-U-MEd as 29th Jan 2012… then I am sure only Rohan will be interested in the delivery…
    Please bear some shame and post atleast something realistic and which you have control on.

  398. @josh – I think you are right. This is a bacteriophobic . Never seen him posting on the blog.. His other videos seem to be fine tho.. The PQ in full bright sun reading a PDF is awesome.

  399. I know the 29th work day is over in china and no update I would not be so mad about a delay if this very post did not say shiping was on time. @Rohan this is why so many of us are getting disapointed. tell us the truth we can deal with this better if we did not get these constent mistakes they keep bilding up and if your not careful will brake Notion ink Fan goodwill can only go so far.

  400. Repairs to the hand-soldered wiring and so on should be a problem only if you happen to acquire the hand-crafted, pre-production unit that was shipped to the FCC. It hasn’t appeared on ebay.

  401. It seems those who got adam settle their major issues.I haven’t seen much complain now. As they play around, they are familiar with adam and satisfaction might follow as time passes. Please post more comments, enjoying reading here.

  402. Agree… waiting on my 29th date to update and nothing….

    Rohan– big boy pants… big boy pants…..

  403. The 29th is almost over and i’m waiting for my status change to out for shipping :-(.. Has anyone seen a change in theirs ?

  404. @gecko,
    I read almost whole day whole night refreshing the website, but inject once/twice.I coudn’t change my screen name. I started using my nick name and if I put my name (longer name-proper name needed for order?), it is under moderation.I could be rejected from 1st round invitation by Rohan due screen name (too short). Anyway, I will wait till it hits the retail.I am type of person -touch and feel the product, but read almost everything about adam since the beginning.

  405. @alex Oliveira – A company is a company – they are either good at what they do – or they are bad at what they do. Where they are situated has no bearing on projecting if they will be good or bad. Also your comment about “not paying DHL” – pure speculative FUD.

    Is pointless. you should go ahead and cancel your order or go to Washington DC to protest against Indians – if you feel so strongly about. Lot of people protest there for all the causes they feel strongly about.

  406. Where can you buy these? I have not been able to find them anywhere. My wife keeps telling me I need to get them too. She is always saying she has 3 kids in the house even though we only have 2 children… If I wear these, do you think she will start referring to me as her husband instead of one of the kids?

  407. What I don’t understand is why specifically mention in the blog “shipments WILL start on time”, and then don’t ship (or at least not update status on the page) ?

    You wonder whether they are incompetent or deceitful or it is the cultural difference?

    In India, if you say you will send it “immediately” it means “within couple of days”
    “today” means “probably next week”
    “tomorrow” means “may be in a week or two”
    “soon” means “may be never” 🙂

  408. @ YogeshM
    I am a patient follower and in no certain/uncertain terms am I like you. We possess no similar traits whatsoever in patience.
    First of all Rohan has no reason to pass on any information that stems from your “cheap shot” assumptions. (Assume = ass of u n me). We all signed up to this and blogged/F5’ed all the way.
    We all knew and still know that Notion Ink is a start up company therefore there are certain denominators definitely out of his reach. Take into consideration investor(s) and partners.
    He’s explained to you what the situation is and if you’re as patient as you claim to be you won’t be ranting off.
    I understand it’s your money and could have bought an ipad/ galaxy tab if you wanted to….. actually maybe you should have. I wonder if you could query Mr.Jobs on a blog for him to reply. (check with the first batch of the i-phone 4 customers).
    His responsibilities and todo list just jumped about 1000%. Most of the so called big companies give you a reply time-line of minimum of 48hrs to respond.
    So choose your words carefully when you want to be sarcastic.
    Moral of this story is… Patience is a virtue. That my co-blogger you don’t have!!!

  409. I wouldnt start freaking out until the 30th (US time). It has been common for NI to base its schedules on US dates and not India or China dates… So freak out then… but it will make no difference. There will be no response until Crunchgear or someone else posts another bad review calling out NI to respond. It seems as the mentality is that they ignore bad press on their own blog, but respond when it is posted by someone with a reputation… or maybe a larger reader base would be a better term as some of them still have no reputation… but NI is catching up with them quickly. They seem to be trying very hard at it. If you are going to try, try your best is what I always say.

  410. Very good use case. It is useful for walkers in big cities too. I am sure it will work. In any case, we saw very cool GPS app from thirdparty anyway. You just need to wait until app is available through Genesis..

  411. I am almost certain that updates to the website are entered in manually… maybe thats the delay? or should I say hopefully?

  412. Is 29th the last batch of dispatch for first round?Rohan said, Feb group has been pushed forward.

  413. total boobs…I still can’t get over them not putting on the matte finish as promised and then changing their web site…I am mostly annoyed with his response…class action lawsuit, anyone interested? I have access top lawyers in India:)

  414. @doja, where is your patience with bloggers? or should I say family members? Dont you have to put up with your crazy uncle at a family reunion? I look at this blog as one bad, never ending family reunion… someone please wake me up from this nightmare LOL! Just make sure you have two things when you place this preorder, your CC (visa/mastercard qualified for international purchases, punching bag and/or box of tissue) 😉

    Anyone else include anything? Maybe a top ten list of what you need by your PC when making purchase? 😉 If you cant laugh, your gonna pull your hair out…

  415. I can see how this blog complements the Notionaddict, this is fun. would like to know iif we can replace or update hardware. So far nothing I have read is unexpected, mainly software issues but will we be able to exchange or upgrade the hardware?

  416. When I look at my status it is the same as yours… but If i squint really hard, it changes to shove it up your ass… I dont know what this means?

  417. Pramod – Sarcasm is of no use when dealing with startups… Patience & optimism is what we need to pull through days..

  418. ohh no! If there is lawsuit the origin of this evolution of adam will be another bigbang, pre adam era. Sure, it must be annoyed if the promised is fail. I wish adam arrives sooner than later.

  419. I’m not planning on rooting hacking etc

    I will go to the sites with apps and load them just a’s Rohen did
    I will use the stock apps. Office apps email etc
    I will use web browser and enjoy the whole web flash included
    I am not sure why you think you are not going to be able to use

    Read Gregs site notioninkfan
    His nine year is playing angry bird via hdmi on his big screen tv with surround sound and rattling the walls of his house. He is nine and seems to be able to use it fine

  420. “The second & third phase of shipments will start on time.” That would be the 29th batch and the 31st (previously Feb.) batch.

  421. @Annoyed – you should try the press first. Then try the talk show circuit and then the courts. You will get the biggest bang for the buck.

  422. Meaning that most people speak some variant of English; British-English, American-English, Spanish-English, etc., i.e. several “slang” varieties of mixed English with some other language. I do realize that the more traditional English language itself is composed of many languages and dialects and that a standard of the language is in the mouth of the speaker, and that is my point. English is not a standard anymore. Writing has gotten particularly bad with texting and internet blogs.

  423. @Rohan

    Please send a message to all the pre-ordered /but not yet received people.
    Tell them when they can expect the delivery to pacify them .

  424. Ah very disappointing Saturday…
    Please never ever say “soon” Rohan, becuase all are waiting now for the PreOrder2 and it looks like you have another explanation for “soon” than we 😦

  425. Well – it looks like you’ve not been following this journey for too long now – have you?
    “Patience & optimism” is where a lot of us (atleast I) started off with – and here i am now:)

  426. @ albert, Well said. Although I see it as waiting for a takeaway from Phoenix Palace in newyork. They tell you it’ll be round your house in 30 mins. It’s always taken at least 1hr30mins. I have no problems with it because i know it’s quality and yes I might have paced the house in anger and frustration waiting but eating it is always worth that frustration vented.
    Same with adam, we could all have opted for the i-crap or galaxy but we’re still here venting that frustration. Criticism is good and helps but only if it is constructive. Have a dig at NI but constructively
    I read many comments on here and yes I do have a laugh. The adam occult following will probably rival the Jedi and hunt them and their light-sabers into the blackhole if they decided to say they didn’t like the adam
    You’ll need a slanket (“”)
    military rations (in case the preorder link popped up while you went to get food)
    A cathether…

  427. he said shipping details will be updated once it leaves HKG and they do not update the one from CHN to HKG. so give a day time guys.

  428. Rohan updates this blog about FCC breaking down adam to see intestine of adam. I just don’t care what it looks like inside. I don’t need what the kitchen looks like at the restaurant as long as my food serves on the table with good taste .
    Hurry up Rohan, bring adam to retail. I am dying to see adam .

  429. Well said Rohan…..most of NI fans were skeptical about Adam’s inbuilt design after that Fcc teardown but now that you have cleared their doubts i dont think they will pull much out of it 🙂

  430. they do actually. should say out for shipping. when going from manufacturer to HKG

  431. @Pramod / @Albert – This’s no startup in US of A or Europe… They are from “India”… from my understanding.. “the most difficult place to start a new company”… or get into a proper business without “contacts”.. i’ve been following NI from the day i’ve heard about them, over year ago… Also these guys come from some of our best colleges but with difficult means…

    So give them a little more help than you give most others. I definitely believe they wouldn’t want to dis-appoint you either… !

  432. “Depends” could work. They work for surgeons when performing long surgeries… If you are willing to allow your urine to be pressed against you in an absorbent fabric.

  433. I was one of the so called “50” that was originally pushed back to Jan 15-22 then to the 29th. Looking at previous posts from the first shipment group, It appears to take 2 days to post shipping and tracking information. Hope for the best to see this on Jan. 31. Still patiently waiting like everyone else…

  434. I dont plan on returning my shipment, selling it on ebay or blending it. I plan on taking it and showing it to others in the community around here. I will update it, hack it and cuddle with it at night. I will buy it presents and hope it never cheats on me. Then when the next model comes out I will buy it… What more could you ask for? in return all that I asked for was better communication.

  435. @Rohan,

    All I want to know is if the Shipping has begun? When I ordered the adam, I was told 4-6 weeks for an LCD version, however it has been 7 weeks now. I am willing to remain patient, however I just need to know if it is being shipped as the order status says 29th.

    You don’t have to reply in the blog, just update the status and I am willing to wait.


  436. I am a little mystified by the fact that my comments, first under moderation, disappear making it seem as if I have even posted anything. The alias that I usually use for this is tonyalonso62. I have not attacked or strongly criticized Notion Ink. Now I even wonder if what I have posted both via my “anonymous” (this post), or with my alias of tonyalonso62 will be counted, when the time comes to pick the next wave of orders, or even the one after that. Could I be advised if this is going to be the case now? That way I can go back to the “abandoned” Facebook page or continue following via and XDA Developers page…I don’t know….

  437. @Rohan
    Thanks for the update. I didn’t like the way the tech blogger websites reported the FCC pictures. It sounded like FCC literally tore adam apart to pieces. I didn’t even bother to leave a comment on them. If some tech blogger chooses to sling mud on a start-up company, there is not much one can do, but to keep doing our best. I admire the way NI is going on with their job at hand. Do not let those pictures deter you and your team from your primary focus of next shipments and adam updates. Surprisingly, this time Engadget and Slashgear joined the Crunchgear bandwagon of NI bashing. Thumbs down to them.

  438. Someone on Notionaddicts said when they asked about cancelling, they got an email from NI stating that their Adam did not ship today”


  439. Amith – I’ll repeat something that I have probably like 1000 times before.
    I have NO issues with their build quality, software bugs, etc etc etc – you are correct – they are a startup and I knew about all these when i ordered. I’m willing to give it time.
    Its the amount of ambiguity / miscommunication from Rohan that I have a problem with.
    Pertinent questions are not answered – but then we have blog posts talking about some completely random topic (Adam 2 for example).. For ex – Albert has sent a ton of very pertinent questions to cust support with NO answers to any of them.
    And what about customer support – just because Rohan called up Shane personally does NOT mean everyone can expect the same treatment. A lot more people will receive their Adam’s now (including me) – and i seriously hope i dont have to deal with an email exchange for another 10 days – leading to even more frustration.
    But – I have been ranting too much (uncharacteristic of me) – so I will shut down now and wish everyone all the best on this blog.

  440. wait again. For your company, I feel so disappointed….

    Never will buy your product…..

    Your shipping data is meaingless….

    Before you plain the next version, you should settle all outstanding… first…

  441. OK I’m a G2, that’s right a G2
    My order should have shipped out today as well.
    No shipping update. 😦

  442. Rohan, thanks for updating the post concerning the FCC pictures. Now, about the user replaceable battery, how does that work? ‘Cause in those pictures, it doesn’t look user replaceable.

  443. Can we please have an update to your 29th shipping status???

    It is becoming extremely frustrating to find out the day of or (worse yet after the date) that the shipping has slipped again

  444. @Rohan are you having trouble counting, the camera was 50,000 cycles on CES video now its 20,000 🙂

    And I can see lots if what appear to be hand soldered on the other end of the camera cable. Or am I seeing things!

  445. Rohan,

    at least give us a smiley,

    My friends have given you a new middle name -“no comment” and their middle name for me is now “sucker” It’s not funny when your friends call you that!! 🙂

  446. Calm down, it will be shipped, if not today, then monday. 2 or 3 days more waiting will not make any difference. By whinning and crying like a baby you won’t speed up everything. Just have patience, as everyone should!


  447. As Rohan would say “It is not end of 29th”…at least in some parts of the world 🙂

    An update will come by 30th that the shipping has slipped or we will get a tracking number around 1/31.

    No point in getting worked up…there will be no updates from Rohan on this blog.

  448. @Rohan Has my tablet 9th 15th 29th shipped today and can you truthfully tell me if the pixel Qi lcd is the 3rd Gen wide-angle. Model please

  449. No luck there either…Greg posted a text update from Shane on how great the NI tech support was 😦

    Guess whoever has a good, working Adam is having fun with it (and not time to post) and the others are venting out their frustration.

  450. > 2 or 3 days more waiting will not make any difference.
    that’s true… but don’t forget that many delays have occurred already

    We do have the patience otherwise we wouldn’t ordered something which didn’t exist….

  451. I dont think so, you are comparing Pixel Qi to LED-backlit glossy display. I would say, comapre it with LCD version of adam

  452. It really doesn’t matter how a tablet ‘looks’ on the inside. I don’t want the inside of my tablet to be all pretty, I am (hopefully) never going to see the inside! On the outside, the build quality of the Adam seems to be quite good, judging from the blogosphere reports. But at the same time, it is obviously worrying when reputable blogs like Engadget use phrases like ‘hand soldered’ and ‘suspect quality’. Of course, Engadget has got it’s ass handed to it by Notion Ink before, for publishing speculative reports that have turned out to be wrong. So let’s hope that once again, the build quality of the Adam survives the out-in-the-wild tests of endurance and once again proves the critics wrong. We all truly appreciate Rohan’s candor and outspokenness in response to criticism. I am looking forward to pre-order 2, irrespective of any of the reports so far.
    But that still doesn’t answer my question about repairs and customer support. We have had so little information about this. If something goes wrong, or if we need customer support of any kind, who do we contact? Should we ship the Adam back to India for repairs? How long would that take? Who pays the high cost of shipping for something like that, when the Adam is under warranty?

  453. Umm… on Tuesday/Wednesday it is suppose to be a high of 8 deg F and low of -4 deg F… This high AND low is below the minimum temperature of the adam tablet. Will shipping this device to me result in a defective DOA or Screen? I sure hope Fedex doesnt decide to leave it on my door step if I am not home. The adam will not withstand the temperatures for the day of delivery… I hope they pack adam with a coat before shipping it to denver colorado

  454. @Nilesh

    you mean the white in adam is not white enough?.

    i hope this is just the app and for the normal eye (not through camera) adam will be well readable.lets see .:)

  455. It doesn’t look like they have put the screen protector on the Adam’s display which reduces the glare. Also, they are testing the PixelQi display in reflective more INDOORS! The whole point of a Transreflective display is that it works best with backlight ON indoors, and backlight Off OUTDOORS. So the test is flawed. They should compare the two outdoors and then re-evealuate.

  456. @Albert,

    Which Tuesday are you talking about? I would say plan for the Tuesday/Wednesday in the Feb second week. From what i see, our adams shipment has been delayed (Hopefully Not)

  457. Can we get a tear down on vid done by NI then? Even on the pictures from Mr. Blurry cam of the adams coming off the manufacturing line can be seen with tape holding down some of what we see.

    Guess we’ll have to wait until either someone over at xda does a tear down or ifixit does one.

  458. @Rohan,

    1. I got my Adam and it is great.
    2. I need a new screen protector. I biffed my instilation. Operator error. When are accessories going to be made available.
    3. When is Genisis going to open. Where is the App for the FM radio, weather widget, GPS fix.

    I know this is a lot to ask, but I kind of figured that most of this stuff might of been available since shipping already begun. Please advice. Don’t get me wrong I love the adam, I just want to get the most out of it. GO NIH your the best.
    Sincerally laziod

  459. @ Rohan,

    I did a goodgle search and found this company selling screen protectors and skins. Do you recommend them?


  460. Yup, check at about 6min 50 secs. He actually says 55,000 cycles.


    Of course the story behind this logically could be that this was a prototype therefore better quality materials were used, and later when they realized that this would actually take them over their desired price point, different materials were substituted.

    But, shouldn’t you have communicated that, Rohan? Just say, hey, I made a mistake, I should have told you about that earlier.

    I mean, I want an Adam tablet too, but I just wish I could DRUM into his head that the internet has a looong memory!

  461. @Paul Schoe,

    Well done for doing the research and confirming. I would just like to clarify that i wasn’t suggesting that it was Foxcon hence the “Like” statement. I was using Foxcon as an example of the culture difference between one eastern and western business ethic which i find to be disturbing.

    I will state that the information that i do know about this particular business ethic is based on the Foxcon reports and related suicide incidents and i am in no way an expert on the matter. I apologize if my comment made it seem as though i was well versed in eastern business culture. However, i am no fool and do tend to do my research before making factual comments and based on the articles i have read i do know that this business practice is utilized in the far east business world by many countries.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  462. I dont think they used the backlight alone.

    I think they used the trans-reflective mode and the studio lights gave it the funny yellow tinge!


  463. + 1000

    PQi has to be compared outdoor indeed. Furthermore, I really REALLY dislike the black/withe refreshing on kindle !

  464. Take a look at Ghost Armor . com.

    I have everything I own wrapped in their product and its amazing. When I FINALLY receive my device, I promised them I’d bring my Adam in for them to make a template.

  465. It’s nice to hear that you have another worry. I’ve never known Fedex to deliver during the lowest temp of the day (usually around 3a.m.). Consider the wonders of a small amount of styrofoam covering your outside faucet in Denver. It usually keeps it from freezing and breaking. I suppose packaging also has an insulating effect.

  466. All I want at this moment is shipping information, I still show Jan. 29th to ship. Has anyone with a Jan. 29th ship date changed to tracking info?

  467. Rohan said in a CES interview that the FM radio app will be in a future update. FM was simply an extra (not sought) feature of a chipset they ordered. It was a bonus. I think they have enough update worries without having FM as a priority.

  468. Its quite unprofessional in the way engadget have reported the teardown of Adam. Its fine if you dont like the device, but then, stop making fun this way. It hurt me and I can’t even imagine how Rohan must have felt.

  469. no and I find it very disapointing! I would have been ok with a little more of a delay if this post didn’t say shipping would be on time. I sure hope they get them out soon or we will be stuck in China until after the New Year celabration on the 3rd of February
    @Rohan come on and post something one way or the other so we can at least know our status. the lack of replys is very bad

  470. Mass graves were discovered this week on the outskirts of Bangalore. The bodies appear to be those of bloggers who attacked or strongly criticized Notion Ink. Several bear the marks of enhanced interrogation. They were rendered from their respective countries and flown in unmarked aircraft to Bangalore where they met their sinister fate.

  471. Well, ok, maybe the swivel mechanism is GUARANTEED to last for a MINIMUM of 20,000 cycles, but will PROBABLY last for 50,000.

    Rohan can reply with a 🙂 !!!

  472. I am in the same boat with all other Jan. 29th shipments. Zero communication on website or email. At least I was happier when there was a date range for the 15-22nd group which was non-specific. Can we say Jan. 29th to infinity?? 🙂

    I have never felt this separated from any device ever! The design was ingenious. But design alone does not make a product as we all know. Rohan, some attention to feedback to your customers and post-production support must now be in place! Until it’s in my hands, my trust in NI remains skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I have an innate sense of trust in NI, but actions speak louder than words!

    Keep encouraging us NI. Don’t give us too many reasons to reconsider the offer we made to you – to purchase your greatest creation.

  473. I for one am not as you say whinning about the waiting I’m whinning about customer service. one of Rohans top priorities. Delays happen all of the time sometimes things come up that are out of your controle but a company with good customer service would keep you informed about what is going on, and let you know they are going to be delayed. This is where NI needs much improvment when Rohan posted today he could have and should have commented on the people waiting for the 29th date

  474. Well actually I just re read the whole blog post, and I have a feeling that the delay might be because of the broken screens . So I am thinking that we will not be getting our adams well into Febuary or possibly March. Even though Sinotek will manufacture during the Holidays, who will assemble them. I guess the delay is inevitable. Disappointed

  475. That’s the spirit my friend! Im sure Rohan is doing his best for everybody.


  476. @chaipau,

    Are you serious about askin the Pre order email when people from PO1 havent received their shipments yet!

  477. But if you learn to do everything at once that takes away from the excitement.. i find it cool to find out about a new feature 1 month after having the device.. adds a refresh of

  478. Just trying to strike up a little conversation my friend Harold. For my location the high is 8deg F if you read my post. that is -13C, thats 10 deg C below optimum for my High… thats when the sun is out and people are working around 3pm in the afternoon. I am sure a little foam does wonders aswell, but I have had a GPS get so cold in my truck center arm rest crack and ruin the lcd screen. That is surrounded, not only by an entire car, but layers of upholstery and foam…

  479. I have e-mailed customer support twice about the 29th shipments (I was in the 9th order originally), and I haven’t heard anything back yet. I have an order number, I want to know where I stand in line. We already know that some are getting delayed, and we are ALL early adopters and NONE of us deserve to get delayed again, but we ALL deserve to know a little more information about where our hundreds of dollars are right now….

  480. @Rohan: can u plz make the Facebook page open to fans …. it’ll easier to follow the discussion there….


  481. so once the adam is updated from 2.2 to honeycomb, will it have access to the android market?

  482. $25 for skin protector!! And many complain that Apple’s accessories are expensive.

    Are we to safely assume that NI is in the same league of Apple as far as accessories go? 😉

  483. am another one of the first batch folks, pushed to 15 – 22nd and pushed again to 29th. Looks like I have been pushed yet again to …. well … probably only rohan Shravan knows when. or maybe he doesnt !!

    Hard to understand how a company can make the same mistake again and again. and i dont mean the miscalculations of dates, i mean the ‘expectation setting’ part. too many repeated fuck-ups. This rohan guy seems to display absolutely no aptitude for customer management. i probably wont cancel my order (have invested too much time in this) but really cant see how these guys will survive. bad expectations management, bad customer management and if professional review sites are to be believed bad product management.

    Great job, NI folks, so far you seem to writing the book on ‘how to lose your customers in 3 months’.

  484. You meant “Dream”? Rohan is not in a hurry…since he said he is not “here to sell millions of units”…NI won’t mind losing out customers on the fence…they want true, die-hard fans who will stick with them no matter what even if they are tortured with no updates and delays. One has to earn their badge before getting the Adam on hand 🙂


  485. Well, yes, except for the fact that the FM was supposedly the answer to the big “Mystery Feature” that Rohan teased everyone with for weeks on end … and promised would be revealed when Adam was “revealed” … on the website … then at CES … then … whenever?

    I think davidlazio has asked fair questions that deserve a clear answer. He clearly paid his money for the promises made by Rohan and NI.

  486. @Aravind:

    I have raised this issue about after sales support, which is the most important aspect of buying a product. A product may not be the best in the world, but if the after sales support is second to none, I would have no hesitation in buying it. This is a philosophy (world class support, but not necessarily the best product) on which many successful companies operate. Having a world class product with mediocre to no support is a clear NO NO. This would be my biggest hesitation in buying a product like Adam. NI has to spell out their plans on after sales support, and make sure that they DO NOT drop the ball on that front. If that happens, I would consider buying their product. I hope Rohan reads this message. Anyway, as usual good luck to NI.

  487. I’m with you. The fact that they took our money and then refuse to give us any information is getting ridiculous. Please keep us posted with whatever happens.

  488. I am in the 29th shipping batch and I think it is past 29th in Hong Kong as I just checked and there has been no update to the preorderstatus.php page with any kind of shipping details.

    The lack of communication to payed customers is very troubling. Most companies update their customers via email updates when there are delays (which is understandable) but in this case it seems like Rohan mentioned that 29th customers were no affected and those should be shipping as expected.

    Rohan, please improve your process for delivery fulfillment if not there will be many lost opportunities in the future.

  489. I’m beginning to think that there’s maybe three people in all working at Notion Ink, and that everyone else has been subcontracted. That’s why Rohan is the only one calling customers and so forth. Customer service emails seem to get a random person’s first name in answering, but again, if they really were customer service folks, they probably would be able to communicate on the blog or websites, etc.

    Instead we have a never ending string of issues where Rohan never quite answers. Usually the worse possible answer ends up being true, with the info being delivered at the last possible moment. But again, if all NI comprises is a few people, they’ve done an amazing job. This in itself is pretty cool. It would, however, be good to know. While they’d lose mainstream customers, the geek core, which really is their main customers right now, would probably love it.

    So the reason we haven’t gotten our 29th shipment updated is probably because Rohan is still doing 30 other jobs (CEO, logistics coordinator, social media outreach, customer service rep, lead engineer, manufacturing coordinator, legal advisor, etc.).

  490. I think all of you who replied on this post, havn’t take a look on the video (LOL!).
    THEY SAID that the weather isn’t good today, too much clouds, to go outside and show the PixelQi, they will do it when sun comes out.
    And you can see AND hear (they said it 10 times… -.-) “backlight on, backlight off” “we use studio light, so it’s not like when you’re at home in your romm” etc.

    dont make comments on things you havn’t watched… -.-

  491. Firstly, no news is NOT good news.

    Second, I think it has been well established that NI is a start up company…allowances for hang ups here and there. But a customer in any sense of the word deserves communication and clarity. Not to mention support. Tell me, what will you do when a defective unit arrives at your doorstep come February?

    I guess we will go on earning the NI badge of courage… as you say…the torture continues. NI has already earned our trust and a lot of us on this blog have put our money where our mouth is. It is time for NI to stand up and deliver. That is all I am saying.

  492. To be honest if Pixel Qi with backlight off is easily readable only outdoors then it’s not much use – it’s not going to work as a good e-reader. In comparisons it was much, much darker than even Vizplex. And it WAS advertised as having e-ink mode – it indicated that you can read on it without backlight indoors.

  493. You sould also note that in reality (in normal light) Kindle has grey background (not white! darken than any book page I could find, even a very old one with yellow pages). So the Pixel Qi with backlight off is actually dark grey. The refresh on Kindle takes very little time – you can synchronize blinking with it so you won’t notice it or just use the time to move eyes from the bottom of the page to the top. For reading E-Ink Pearl is almost perfect. Pixel Qi looks almost unusable, worse than Vizplex, probably even worse than Sipix.

  494. that is for old design. don’t buy it. the camera position is different in final product.

  495. I think you are correct in this evaluation. Most people that are very business savvy probably will tell you Notion Ink won’t be able to survive with that approach. I personally would really love to see Rohan and Notion make it for the long term. I am opened minded enough to hang in there and ride these early missteps out. I Love the open and community philosophy of Rohan and Notion Ink. However it is very hard not to have doubts. Just since yesterday I have read so much negativity about Pixel Qi displays, GPS, and other hardware,customer service, and software, that is does make most level headed people take a pause in their breath. On this blog,at NotionInk Addicts forum, and even on Gregs, blog at, the negative comments mount. I can buy into just striving to be niche company without great desire of expansion and millions of dollars. Yet some things have to be done right!! Good accurate communication is essential and should have started long before today. If just that one flaw could be corrected a huge difference would be seen in the overall attitude on this blog and the other forums.

    I’m here to see this out. I have invested far too much time here, that actually exceeds the price, I paid for my first Adam. My Adam will not go to Ebay. If Notion Inks wins out and does well I will be around to celebrate, smile and be involved. If Notion Ink fails I will be around as well and truly shed a tear for the dream that could not be.

  496. I don’t think there is much point asking NI what’s going on re the shipping date. It will ship when its ready. And yes, I am in the 9->15-22->29 batch myself.

    One cultivates equanimity, and starts muttering Que sera sera about the house, much to the wife’s annoyance. But the path to Adam is indeed hard, like a razor’s edge.

  497. It’s all turning out to be a bit comical. There are praises, curses, appreciation, disappointment etc. etc. It seems to be like a mess. Although people want to stop visiting the blog but they are addicted. We all are asking about plans for providing service and returning policy for defective products while Rohan is worried that Engadget is trying to sling mud on them and is now contradicting his own statements. The Matt screen is nowhere to be seen. Majority of us who weren’t able to buy adam are now in a dilemma whether or not to go for it in Preorder2.

  498. I really don’t understand this behavior. How does it cost to send a mail or post into this blog ?
    Nothing ! NI is clearly not mature as we can see it now. Ok our orders are delayed, no problem we used to…. but please NI simply inform us in that case.

  499. @Rohan

    Thank you for responding to these bloggers, and clarifying to us the FCC pictures! It’s a sigh of relief.

  500. Hi Rohan

    You edited the post to update people on the FCC pictures but forgot that there are hundreds of us who have paid money for Adam and have yet to get an update. We were promised 29th Jan Shipping and so far the page shows no update.

    How can you say that shipment is still on track and yet in the next bullet point you say that your shipment got damanged and some of the users will be effected.

    Can you please be clear and give proper information.

    Been following notionink since CES 10 and stayed up till 4am to order it. Moved from 9th to 15th Batch then from 15th to 29th. To be honest enough of run arounds. Give us proper information.

  501. good point Magnifico.

    my employer paid me for most of last month to wait for the Adam. From now i plan to give my employer his money’s worth. the Adam will come when it will come.

  502. yeah have to agree with you… still waiting at this point for an update as well. SInce questionably there are 50 of use who fall in the changed from 9th to 15th to 22nd which now became the 29th it would be interesting if it was us who either had the supremely statistically unlikely luck of getting bumped again….we’re coming to the end of the 29th without and update in the shipping.

  503. @elmelao Are you asking me or steve? I can see you typed @steve ,but it was replied under my name, so I just figured to reply any way. 😛 here is my Adam section in my forum. “”

  504. First off, My Adam is estimated to be shipped today also. BUT, what people aren’t taking in consideration is ESTIMATED shipping date. For those who need a reminder:

    verb \ˈes-tə-ˌmāt\
    Definition of ESTIMATE
    transitive verb
    archaic a : esteem b : appraise
    a : to judge tentatively

    So, have patience people, it will ship as soon as possible and Rohan and co will let us know as soon as they are able.


    noun \ˈpā-shən(t)s\
    Definition of PATIENCE
    : the capacity, habit, or fact of being patient(see 1patient) 😉

  505. I don’t really care if it’s beautifully assembled or not, as long as it works fine no problem for me.

    it’s like having a very attractive and healthy girl and then, all of a sudden, start complaining that maybe her bowels are misplaced. 🙂

    sorry for the stupid example, don’t expect too much from me, I’m from Bunga Bunga country 😀

  506. Yuriy:
    > I want to distribute Notion Ink products in [my] region. What you need to do this?

    You need Adams. There seem to be a few problems in getting them.

  507. That is not what bothers us. According to the post: “The second & third phase of shipments will start on time.”

    It does not look like they are coming out on time, and the lack of an update is what upsets us.

  508. A smiley? Really? I’m tired of the run around. Like some of the others have mentioned, I just want a clear answers from Rohan on the questions that many people have asked. Specifically, what’s going on with all of us who have had our shipping dates moved from the 9th to the 15th to the 29th. Are all of the orders from the 29th going to ship on time (eg. already shipped)? And who exactly is being impacted by the touch-screen component shipment being damaged?

  509. Yeah I know what you mean. Rohan is just notorious for doing that and at this point I want something rather than nothing. While the product looks great, this is looking to be the only Notion Ink product that I buy. I am not going through all of this again. If you are not going to treat the customer right, then they will vote with their wallets.

  510. I seem to remember being told a tracking number will not be given until it reaches Hong Kong. Therefore we will probably not get any message until this happens. Most probably it has left the factory….

  511. This is what he wrote on 21st January – “…This is how it happens. It starts from China Factory, then to Hong Kong where our main logistics center is, from there tracking numbers are generated again ( 2 tracking numbers, one from China to Hong Kong, which is not shared with you, and other from Hong Kong to your home, which is what will get updated on the site). ”
    Therefore I think the Adams are probably on their way 🙂 and we will get notification soon. Perhaps in HK tomorrow and then out to us on Monday? I hope!!

  512. To keep the customer satisfied is very important. The key word for this is “communication”.
    Another thing on the preorder. Why is paying via Paypal not possible? Very easy and safe.

  513. Yeah, but to the people who already have their Adams were notified that their shipments were “Out For Shipping”. They got this message before they got a tracking number.

  514. It seems like even Greg, while being happy about his adam in general, has one issue with the tablet. Given the fact that this particular adam was sent to him directly from Rohan, I feel for the first time a bit worried about the quality of the first shipments.

  515. Hi Adam fans,

    Unfortunately, my student loans got messed up and Im stuck with a much larger tuition bill this semester. So, I need to sell my adams.

    Here is the deal, I have a PQi + WiFi in hand and have posted a few videos on the blog already. It works fine and Ive had no issues with it. The only bug Ive seen is an audible feedback clicking after you unlock it lasting for a few seconds. I will post a new video for the buyer to address any concerns.
    Then, I have an LCD + WiFi version set to ship today (29th). This one is for sale also. My plan is to do a side by side video/demo between the two to show the difference between the screens. If the shipping time is the same as last round I should have the LCD model by Tuesday or Wendsday.

    That being said, I can ship both adams im selling next Saturday. One big advantage is that I can send you a video so you know the adam is not defective as some have reported. You will also get your adam much faster than the next pre-order. Email me your best offer and I will take the best one for each version.

    I will take payment with paypal as that is probably the most secure. The buyer will pay paypal fees. Shipping will be via USPS priority 2nd day with insurance and tracking, I think $10 will cover that. Last but not least, I will only ship within the US. Sorry but I dont want to risk international shipping.

    Please email me at thekalamonster @ gmail or visit the forum at “” and check the for sale section. I will update the forum post as the two sell to keep everyone updated.

  516. More good news, even if posted with a dropper, anyway, I wonder if I’m the only one who’s interested to know the official date of sales.
    Besides this I’m also waiting from Rohan a numerical answer on how many Pixel Qi Adam per month will be available.

    Please, please, please Rohan, I’m asking this 2 thing regurally but still neither a mention nor a hint.

    … can’t wait to have it in my hands 🙂

  517. @JR Without stating that Adam is made by a Foxconn subsidiary I can say that your initial post about Foxconn is factual correct. No confusion there. Although you and I might find working conditions unacceptable, China’s development has helped millions out of sheer poverty and the growing middle class demands for better and better working conditions even at companies like Foxconn.

  518. Greg paid for it. Yes, Rohan said he was sending him something. It could have been a box of mangoes that the Dept. of Agriculture confiscated at the airport. In any case, he seems not have received it.

    We already know that the GPS needs a sign fix for it to work in the western hemisphere. I am quite sanguine about software issues. Hardware problems would be a worry.

    It’s important, I think, to applaud NI for what they have accomplished, even as we hound them for better communication and so forth. Most of the criticism, at least on this blog, is well meant. I hope those who are sincere at NI see it that way. NI is already banking on our sincerity — our money, that is.

  519. The internet and this blog have references to quite a number of people who are smart enough and experienced enough to have taken their Adam units outdoors, indoors and inbetween, and set up and tested their GPS functions thoroughly. By their reports the problem doesn’t involve indoors versus outdoors; the code was written wrong, and will need to be fixed in an update from NI, when they are ready and willing to communicate such a fix.

  520. LOL, now you are sounding like Rohan. Tuesday or Wednesday of what MONTH. Don’t expect todays shipments to actually go out this week or next…

  521. It could be that Paypal only accepts payments in six major currencies ATM:
    – US dollars
    – Australian dollars
    – Canadian dollars
    – GB pounds
    – Euros
    – Japanese Yen

    Paypal’s charge for a $600 Adam would be around $39 – and there is likely an additional charge for a company HQ’d in India. I think there also is an additional monthly fee for companies based in foreign countries that are not listed above. (I cannot find that info on the merchant page on Paypal. Perhaps cuz they know my IP is US-based.)

  522. I know Greg paid for it. Rohan just added a present to the package. The fact is you would expect THAT adam to be 100% functioning (Greg’s review will influence a big number of potential customers).
    I agree that NI achieved already an almost impossible task. I am amongst those who admired from the start that little David having the guts to face the Goliath’s out there. That’s why I pre-ordered and I am still happy I did it. I hope all the present issues, including the one Greg refers to, are software ones, as they can be solved.
    It’s good to know a number of people are happy about the adam and don’t have anything to complain.
    I will surely keep my pre-order and keep waiting with faith about my January 31st expected shipment.

  523. I actually find it refreshing that whatever it is that Rohan is sending Greg is not a secret. Greg is already taking a lot of flak for it, with people questioning his integrity and so on, but if there was something underhand at work here, it could quite easily have been done behind closed doors, as it were. So, for whatever it is worth, I am looking forward to Greg’s unbiased but empathetic review. And I trust myself to add precise pinches of salt where necessary.

  524. Please let me know when Preorder two comes so i can order.I can not come on the blog any more the naysayer idiots are getting to me

  525. To all those people who are thinking that a lot of people are whining about their adams not being shipped, I believe that they all know that delays could happen and the shipment could be delayed. However RS himself commented that the shipments would be on time although he also said that the screens were broken and a fraction of customers might be affected. No one knows how to infer them. At least I don’t.

    I believe a lot of people here are not asking for adams to be shipped, instead asking for communication to let them know when it will be shipped. And I think its fair enough to ask for clear communication. Now Rohan might ask how much info is sufficient? Clear info is good enough even its a short one liner. But giving conflicting statements, doubts will be raised in the mins of the people. I just want to mention that people will only remember the initial track record, even though product may be great, the track record will be etched in the minds of the people.

    Rant completed, Feel relaxed.

    Sorry for not a very organized post

  526. Amen to that. *None* of my mates are even interested in NI products now seeing the lack of maturity this product launch has shown. Sad, but true.

  527. There is no way that you read anywhere that the Adam had an e-ink mode. E-ink flips between black and a whitish pixel or cell. It’s like flipping a coin, one side black one side white. It doesn’t need backlight because you see the surface being revealed. That’s why the “refresh” pause. After the cells are flipped you don’t need to provide electricity to maintain the image. That’s why you can have an image be screen image while the Kindle is “asleep”. I have all three generations of the Kindle. None have a white background. The Adam has a darker background when the backlight is off, but is quite readable. If you need more light turn it back on. You have as much light as any other monitor. It’s not as white as the Ipad because of the nature of the Pixel Qi screen allowing viewing in outdoor situations.

  528. NI is being run like a mickey mouse operation which cannot be taken seriously.My order delayed to 29 Jan and not yet, no notificatiom nothing.What sickens me more is that these issues are somewhat excepted by the die hard fans who have become some of the worst kind out there, not seeing the faults mistakes and utter disregard for their promises.All I see is a company that will regret their broken promises.

    I just hope my device is working on arrival

  529. From Notion Addicts site (23 Jan):

    NotionAddicts: When will pre-order 2 be open? Will PayPal, MasterCard, Google Checkout be accepted?
    Rohan Shravan: Soon! MasterCard will be accepted. PayPal still does not have good terms with Indian Merchants.

  530. Ok, I will give you that one. It’s been twenty years since I lived in Denver. I remember bitter cold days. I now look out at our nearest ski mountain with a peak at 5280 feet and remember the days of living with a million people at that elevation.

  531. The FCC makes everything look like crap. I work in the tech field and tear electronics open every day. The ADAM looks assembled just fine to me.

  532. Rohan, please post your teardown photos to just silence the critics. We are with you. We are ready to grab our adam just the way it is.

    Please open next orders soon. also please include more memory variants!!

  533. He said a fraction of the first orders (meaning the first ones already shipped)

  534. when was the LAST electronic you bought and you said wait.. i need to see the insides before I buy it. This has been such a crazy experience seeing people ask for and sometimes demand the most ridiculous things from Rohan…lol

    take it easy guys and just wait for yours to come. If you arent gonna get one then please go and search for the electronic you want and post there.

  535. I agree, I too have to disassemble electronics at my work and saw nothing that was unusal. I’ve seen better and worse. Rohan says the assembly isn’t beatiful but that’s what outside shells are deigned for and the Adam looks ok to me.

  536. I feel your pain, and my shipment has to go from China to California then reforwarded to me in Japan to my military address. But I would rather they get the software updates put on it now then deal with it later.

  537. I hope all you demanding preorder 2 are paying attention here… history is repeating itself and will again for you. Everyone here demanding communication and getting nothing from NI doesnt realize that this exact same thing happened on Jan 9, even more people will be recruited on Jan 31 and will happen again probably on the ship dates for PO2… I tried my damnedest to get NI just to communicate, open a forum and a toll free number for people to call them. They ignored my e-mails… I hope that they will respond to you.

    If there is anything, seeing everyone here is actually making me feel better. Now I know Rohan and NI wasnt just ignoring me… they are ignoring everyone else too.

  538. I just wanted to point out to those of you in the 29th batch that they are shipped to hong kong before they are assigned tracking numbers and shipped to the final destination.

    I think it’s a bit early to be complaining. Now if Monday morning rolls around and you don’t have tracking numbers then by all means complain away.

    Hopfuly pre order 2 starts soon and my few past posts were enough for me to get included in this round so I can get my toy… That’s if I can decide in pixel qi or LCD lol.

  539. @Rohan

    Keep going. Ignore these FCC inspectable realities under Adam’s screen. You are faring better than Apple was in 1977 when the Steves invented the amazing Apple series (before the Lisa and their eventually immensely successful Macs).

    Faring better? How?

    1/ INVOLVING users. Apple didn’t (and perhaps couldn’t: users then lacked affordable internet). Of course, users only contribute: they don’t and shouldn’t order NI to do this or that. The vision is NI’s after all.

    2/ You are attracting GEEKS faster than Apple was able to, because your environment is more fortunate than Apple’s even in 1984. I remember them enticing students on selected campuses (including mine) to buy Macs and create programs for them. Educational discounts were 60%! You are fortunate to find already in place an app-generating ecology Apple/we couldn’t dream of then.

    3/ COROLLARY to point 2 above. Many geeks (according to videos) applaud the strength of Adam’s hardware and–earlier on this blog–urged NI to release Adam as is. Even now, their videos are telling us they will keep the Adam and mod it however they want. For them, the Adam is at the pinnacle of open source, right now. They are talking software, mostly. Adam’s software inadequacies resemble IBM’s inadequacies (relative to the apples’) in 1982 when IBM launched its 8085/8086 PC to challenge Apple. The PC irritated consumers-in-the-making (but not geeks of the time) because it came as a box for you to fill up with add-ons, unlike the mature Apple II series or the later, first ever consumer GUI PC — the Apple Lisa which imitated the UI the Steves had seen at Xerox. Non geeks (always cautious) bet on IBM to be around, and the PC and its clones succeeded. There are limits to this analogy… Finally,

    4/ Adam is selling to a world-wide market, not to just a privileged region. Like many products that never make it to my region (the USA), the Adam can survive being ignored (CES) or ridiculed (certain blogs) or perhaps fought (certain blogs, even the FCC “pictures”).

  540. what’s with all the demands for information all the time ??? I understand you guys are very “into” this device but how many manufactures are as open as NI are ? very few. and yet still all I keep reading on here is demands for more information.

    I buy masses of parts from all over the world , i get a spec, a price and a shipping date and sometimes a tracking number.

    some of you guys want to know everything about notion ink right down to the CEO’s inside leg measurement

    1:you’ve posted so you’ll get an e-mail for pre-order 2 when they are ready, you dont need to bleet on about it.
    2:there are plenty of specs videos and reviews out there now, you know what your getting.
    3:The firmware updates will be available when they are done, just like every other device on the market, you’ll get em when they are ready, if you cant wait root it and hack it.
    4: don’t expect e-mails from every shipping department and depot along the route, or instant status changes when the clock hits midnight 28th Jan in your time zone, it wont happen, your living in a dream world, its not just notion ink, the whole world works like this.

  541. @aux7
    No offence taken at all in what you said.

    I appreciate you being patient with the delay in getting your adam. But remember circumstances differ from person to person. A few days delay and lack of proper communication may not be a cause for concern for you. But for someone like Srini who lives and works in India (who must have shelved out a chunk of his monthly paycheck) and who posted so many times in the past few days pleading for information about when his adam will be shipped, lack of information will be disconcerting. I take the plight of people like Srini personally. There were a few students as well who bought into the idea that this tablet will be the be all and end all solution for all their computing needs. They are anxiously waiting for their adams as well. If their concerns are addressed by a simple and clear communication from Notion Ink, it will save them the agony.

    Coming to the question of self importance, I don’t believe people are commenting on this blog to show their self importance. They are in for a reason and some reasons I could think of are ; (1) those who already bought an adam and have a problem of some sort which is not being addressed to their satisfaction; (2) those who are expecting delivery of their adam and don’t know whether their adam has been shipped or not and if not when it will be shipped; (3) those who are waiting for the second round of orders to open; (4) those who wish to answer some orphan comments made by commenters, which need to be answered; (5) those who wish to spread humour like gecko. So on and so forth. Why do you think people would enter a blog selling the notion of a tablet, if they are not interested in buying it or already bought it? I somehow don’t understand your comment.

  542. I think he should notify customer when product is sent. Not just wait to see status. I think that communication is very poor.

  543. I estimate you a dumb a$$. It a word they used to get over. It’s a estimate, so you will ship on 29 Jan 2012. They can ship it in a month, it was only an estimate.

    I am canceling my order now. No I am not estimating when I cancel, it’s now.

  544. hmmm… when i buy a car, I like to sit in it and look at the engine(they have several computers in them nowadays)… when i buy a desktop I like a window to see the inside ;)… i admit, i am struggling to think of some others…

  545. communication from a CEO is what brought people here. I think it is only natural to expect it when something is wrong… there has been a trend of no communication when things go wrong. This is a culture clash between EU, US and India. It is not that hard to address. the only issue is that suggestion are not taken to heart to prevent issues and history keeps repeating itself. Life goes on. going to watch a movie with my kids and check status again in a few hours.

    There wouldnt be as much conflict on a blog like this if appropriate communication methods are given for people to direct their attention to… but there are none.

  546. Its 30th and my shipment status still says; 29th January!!! I wish it is not 2012’s Very sad ….

  547. Hi everyone,
    Just an fyi the people who have adams shipping today will not be informed until your order is recieved in Hong kong so don’t worry and get some sleep . Shipping info from the factory to the distribution center is not shown to the orderer. As soon as the adams get to HK you will start to get emails with your tracking numbers. This is how it went for the first group. Anyway in a couple days emails should start getting to. Sorry if someone has already posted this reminder i couldnt take reading through all the comments it was bumming me out… Haha

  548. Folks who had a Jan 22 shipping date and have received their Adam: Can you tell us when you received an e-mail about your shipment (if at all), or alternatively, when the status was updated on the pre-order page to ‘Out for Shipping’ and then again with the tracking number?

  549. I know there are alot of people who are making irrational demands, but there are others (like me), who just want to get an email orsomething if things are delayed… I have followed this blog since i found it mid 2010, and i am proud to be a member, but because of all the things that have happened and the number of issues there seem to be, i may have to pull out and wait until pre orders are over and NI can reliably ship adam… All these delays and the lack of communication when they happen is deeply worrying, and money is tight… Rohan, i know starting a company is hard, but NI needs to at least tell people if things go wrong, it’s okay to make mistakes, but you have to tell people or everyone will get hurt… If shipping is delayed again i will have to pull out for now, sorry rohan…


  550. I guess it was going to happen but there are Notion Ink Adams for sale on ebay!!

    Get the privilege to pre order with the intention to sell the device on ebay at a profit.

    The cheek of it. What a waste of a pre-order slot. Impossible to control