Republic Day!

Dear All,

Happy Republic Day to the world! India is one of the better examples of the Democratic Countries in the world. None is as diverse and complex to understand as India is. I have always felt, it’s not a country but continent in itself, sometimes for the good and for the bad. The good part comes when we see and observe the variations in languages, cultures and history. And the bad part comes when I see a division, more states, communal fights, etc. It’s a mixed experience to be here, because from Switzerland to Sahara desert, India has its own instance of every climate, ecological balance or geographic state. This reminds me of one instance when we were making reliability report. We suggested that device should work from -3 to 50 DegC and our Chinese counterpart said, no city will have that temperature range. We told them, Delhi is our capital! :)

Coming back to the quick updates:

  • All next batches will have the updates pre-installed. Our team will get in touch with all the individual customers and help them install the update, so there are no ‘bricking’ issues.
  • Next Order stage is starting soon. We are just ensuring that from Mastercard to Banking issues would not be there this time.
  • All the members of the NotionAddicts, NotionInkHacks, NotionInkFan and those who commented before 22nd of January WILL be the part of the next pre-order.
  • Few blogs reported about the source of Mail’d. I remember posted either in  blog or comments, that Mail’d, is indeed based on K9 and is an open source application, and along with the K9 source, our work will also be there in the source code. Jesse (K9 Project Founder) and we at Notion Ink are thrilled with the opportunities of working together.
  • XDA community, we love you! :)
  • Chinese New Year is coming, and we are ensuring that the vendors doesn’t loosen up :|

[Update: Removed for the reason we will soon learn! :) ]

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Greg update: UPDATE: I’m sorry for the delay. I had some things come up and I could not spend as much time with my Adam tonight as I wanted to. But I did get Part 1 of the unboxing video done and I am rendering right now. I will upload it soon, though YouTube will take a while to make it available since I did it at 1080p…

    It turns out my Adam was opened and at least handled by someone. There were fingerprints on it, etc. You will see in the video. But it seems to be just fine. I will be checking with the shipping companies first thing tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    I’ve literally only had about 20 minutes of use so far but everything seems great. I will use it as much as possible tomorrow and try to get part 2 of the video done and online tomorrow night. By then I can also report on my first impression…

    I’m dead tired and have another early and full day tomorrow so I am going to bed as soon as the video is online.


    This sounds like a prank some of the med students have been doing to each other… when you turn your computer on, after getting up to go to the bathroom, you are promptly greeted by a profane site someone pulled up on your PC while you were away. It also happens to be your luck that an advisor walks by while you open your laptop and notice it yourself… They look at you in disappointment and shake their head…

    hope it wasn’t man handled too bad greg! Check the prints for Rohan!

  2. Thanks for the update Albert, hard to keep up with all the adam news of late. You should see my Chrome browser, i have about 50 tabs open and probably 20 of those are adam related. Ive noticed you on almost every adam related page out there. Your worse then i am..haaaaaa

  3. ” We suggested that device should work from -3 to 50 DegC ”

    I think its a bit narrow minded not to make adam work in colder temperatures. Especially since a lot of major cities have average temperatures during the winter which are far below -3°C.

    This is todays temperature in the following cities:

    Moscow: -11°C
    Stockholm: -6°C
    New York City: -5°C
    Oslo: -17°C
    Helsinki: -14°C

    In Russia, northern parts of USA and in scandinavia it can easily go down to even below -20°C.

    Nokias smartphones works fine between -15°C – +55°C
    Samsung Galaxy S works between -20°C – +50°C
    Sony Ericsson (all smartphones) works between -10°C – +45°C

    Just Sayin’ ….

    Also, I don’t think it’s wise to start promoting Adam2 before most people haven’t had the chance to buy adam1 yet. They might get the feeling Adam2 is just around the corner and decide not to buy your precious first born.

    Otherwise I think you’re doing a great job with adam. Keep it up and be sure to push out Honeycomb to all devices the moment it gets released! :)

    Happy Republic Day! (have to google that one….)

  4. IMHO I don’t think anyone would be standing outside in that temperature worried about using their Adam or anything else for that matter, and more worried about getting inside and warmer..

    I don’t know if there would be many locations indoors that would be -3°C..

  5. I use my smartphone alot while waiting for the bus out in the cold way below -3C (i live in Sweden).
    I won’t be able to do that with the adam though. I guess it’s not that big of a deal, but anyway. It would have been nice.

    BUT… when I actually don’t think adam will stop working completely below -3C .. I guess the screen only gets slower and maybe the battery life drains faster.

  6. Hey Rohan,

    While I appreciate that the update will automatically be installed, Do we know when the update will be downloadable for current adam owners?

  7. update available with Flash rom

    read it further

  8. Hey Albert, thanks for the heads up.

    While I’m fine with flashing the rom. However, I’m pretty sure other users may not be. My question is when it’ll actually be available from the update adam button.

  9. This is very true, as my father has yet to apply his update because he has no idea how to flash a rom and has never tried it before. He said he would attempt it tomorrow…

  10. Wow, I’m really looking forward to the next preorder, but I’m concerned about availability and the process itself, last time it was only for this blog commenters and it was crazy! this time it will include so many people. I hope I can get mine this time. :)

  11. I don’t know about the “sleeping in their beds” part. I don’t sleep in a bed; I sleep in a hammock (really). Among other benefits: no possible bed bugs! (Hammock bugs are theoretically possible, but I’ve never heard of those, and there’s probably no such thing.)

  12. Gecko’s in Asia use hammocks, because it attracts so many bugs (mainly mosquitoes) that sit on all the fabric. A nice meal for when they come home.

    (They will also like tablets as tablets are good to handle in an hammock)

  13. That is fantastic, Rohan!

    I am glad that you changed your mind and decided to call the next round of orders, well, that.. :)

    Fingers crossed and credit cards at the ready now, people :)

  14. What is the print on the back ?
    Designed with love by NOTIONINK .
    Request/order-we want that 6.5mb pdf file ,if possible Adam2 confidentialpdf also .
    hope this time my comment will pass moderation .

  15. While it’s nice to read that the next possibility to order an adam is coming soon, what I’d really like to know is when the second batch will be delivered.
    Ordering next week and then maybe waiting 3 month is nothing I’d sign up for.

    Rohan, could you say a little more about order AND shipping/delivery of the next batch?

    Thank you.

    Cheers and take care

  16. I emailed pre-order support on the 22nd to check and our good friend “Jon” confirmed that they would be shipped air with a 2-4 day eta.

  17. I also was in email communication with Jon on Jan. 22nd, and he indicated, and I quote:

    ” Dear XXXXX
    “Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!
    It would take about 3 to 4 working days for the package to be received once the package has been shipped.
    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!
    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team ”

    So I didn’t cancel my order, with the new information.

  18. I think you misunderstood.

    What I want to know is when the adam will be shipped, not how long it will take to get to my location once shipped.

    If the next (pre)order for adam starts tomorrow, are they even ready to ship? Or will it take them another two month to get production up?

  19. Sorry Alex. I did not see your start of this conversion. I was responding to@albert wertz, @Tracy Carlton.

    I guess I was scrolling to fast.

  20. +1. I can’t wait for a month after pre-order 2 order placement when greg is sleeping with his adam :(.

  21. Greg might be sleeping with his Adam because his wife kicked him out. A little fling like that might be fun in the short term, but the long-term consequences can be disastrous.

  22. 1

    Those questions are way more important right now than hinting about adam 2.

    The roll out of order 1 has been a complete mess, there have been delays, issues, excuses, misinformation, and a huge lack of communication.

    This post had very little real meat to it. The majority of the general public still can’t buy Adam 1 and you are Talmud about Adam 2.

    Before NI worries about Adam 2 they should fix the issues with Adam 1, roll out genisis, deal with support, etc

    Sorry for the rant, but I simply can’t understand the thought process of Rohan at this point.

    I still am looking forward to my Adam shipping on Sat (assuming it’s still on schedule).

    I wish the best for NI but I fear they are in big trouble if someone doesnt show more leadership there.

  23. Hooray! I started way back in June/July but was missed in pre-order 1 (devasted for a week still not completely recovered from the shock).

  24. Hooray! Me too but I was just thinking, how do they get our email addresses from posting here? I clicked through some other users and they have public email listed. I didn’t, until now :)

  25. My guess is that if your email is hidden, only the blog author can see it. Moderation and all that.

  26. Good to hear about mailed. Just be staight up with everyone And loving xda. They already porting Eden to other tablets. And rather then fight it you say say you love it. This is unique amongst all companies. Most would be treatening law suits. You are embracing developers

    It will be a win for all. The more Eden is installed the more developers will write apps for it. That is a win win for all

  27. XDA are awesome folks. They have made many things bearable. Galaxy S phones are a perfect example. Love me some Cognition rom

  28. I couldn’t do half the things I can with my HTC Aria (AT&T) if it weren’t for ATTN1 over at XDA. Long live the hackers!!!

  29. Rohan’s expression of love for XDA community confirms what I could only have imagined. Adam the truly open device. Owners of Adam will have some of the best support available. My confidence in Notion Ink has reached an all time new high!!!!! This will not be an ordinary company. The ride may be a little rocky at times but fasten your seat belts this is going to be a blast!!!!

  30. +100 Need an NI to go with my N1 (that continues to be a pleasure thanks to the xda team) Knowing that they are happy with Rohan’s work (and vice versa) makes me happy… because as other have mentioned, it will keep the Adam and its next iterations alive and up to date.

  31. probably figuring out how to push record ;P…. surprisingly, a ton of planning goes into a video. You have to decide what to show, how to show it. Splice errors out. Kids crying, milk getting spilled on adam…etc. be here soon ;)

  32. +1. wife cursing him for not taking care of kids today and not coming for dinner. Greg we are waiting for you.

  33. +1 True, if you want to record a good video review of a product there you have to have a good plan beforehand. I’m sure Greg will get the video up as soon as he can – video processing takes some time and, like everyone, he has to get some sleep as well, especially if his days are really full.

  34. Ty for the update Rohan… can you tell us where customer service is going with the first product you just got out the door? Forums? toll free numbers to contact you? a full fledge manual? FAQ? something to refer to on your site? … Please? I got a jar of cherries if you want a pretty please with a cherry on top?

  35. @Albert – We are with you. You are the voice!!! ..I don’t know why Rohan is not responding to your questions..
    Please continue with your questions till NI comes up with answers and solutions.

  36. @albert – All the requests you made are valid and should be available soon. Meanwhile their support team is doing a great job replying to emails as fast as possible and if required calling people on the phone numbers they have provided. I have had several communications with them and till now it has been excellent support. I must appreciate them for this.

  37. I’m about to leave my home bcuz of Chinese new year(Jan.29th batch).. let me bring the Adam to my hometown plz:(

  38. Here i am waiting for my adam in Indonesia. Just a few more days and it shall be sent. I must say though that im feeling….anxious about all of the reviews thusfar. But time will tell i suppose.

    Secondly is there anyone else in indonesia who pre ordered the adam? Ive seen posters elsewherebin southeast asia but im curious as to whether i will be the only one in jakarta….we shall see if thats even a desireable position to be in come early Feb!

  39. New products take time to plan, develop and test and time waits for no one. If Rohan wants to develop the product with us all the planning needs to start soon :) I’m sure it will be grand! :D
    Happy Republic Day!

  40. Thanks for the update Rohan. The fact that the systems will be shipped with the ota update is a good move, just hope this does not add more time to shipment.

  41. I totally agree with you of India being a divorced and excellent country to live in (just a proud & patiotic Indian although I am a global citizen in this small well nitted world, a human first and then an Indian), india is being ruined due it’s bad(worst) politics and corrupt politicians – reports claimed a trillion $$ robbed by these guys from public).

    Please include me in the pre-order list this time. Don’t outdate Adam 1 for Adam 2 (I can’t hold on my breath to get Adam 2).

    Looks like the bad word of Adam software and touch responsiveness are floating wildly. It could be the screen protector not installed properly (I have commented on one of the YouTube videos to you to have the screen protector installed as part of manufacturing. – I succeeded with iPhone after throwing at least 10 protectors due to bubbles : it’s not a easy task even with experience).

    Even apple had issues with software/activation initially. it’s no big deal as long there is a fix on its way.
    Happy Republic day,wish your team could have enjoyed the holiday- but customer satisfaction first.

    Keep up the good work.
    Every one is complaining about the gloss on the screen and is clearly visible in most of the videos -can you comment on it?

  42. great news rohan can’t wait to hear from adam 2, though i have even tochued adam 1 yet (though i so close i can smell it). though can you shed me a little more light about the update for those that have already shipped?

  43. @Bharat – Never play to the press. They are not the one with their rear ends on the line – its company leaders like Rohan whose rear end is on the line. Lust look at the biggest news of last month and see where the press is at today with it. Any country – any topic.
    If the company succeeds – Rohan has a job – else he is out of work..(figuratively). The press will move on to the next Notion Ink to keep readership up. Its all about readership numbers.. not about products.

    People in the industry have to keep a maniacal focus on their vision and execution. have a roadmap and execute with quality. I believe Rohan is doing that. A quality problem is something that cannot be fixed on the device – like a bad design. The patch upgrade problem – can be fixed – and is being fixed and there will be couple more software upgrades like my sons Nintendo DSi has – any commercial device has.

    Any one remember the Mars rover program? They shipped only with a comm program and uploaded the patch – well the entire software – when in flight.. to Mars! The iPhone 1 that could not be activated in store unless you went and installed an OS upgrade..

    Bharat – don’t take it as a rant – it just happened to be your post that my thoughts started pouring out :)

  44. Rohan and NI team !
    Happy Republic Day.

    Rohan! i hope that my shipment date of 29th Jan. is not again postponed due to Chinese new year. In some sense its a boon for me that it will come with the updates pre-installed!

    Congrats for your next step on adam 2! By the way i hope that adam 1 will not become a trash for you after 1-2 months, and i sincerely hope that you will take care of that.

    When is the Genesis store opening? Today would have been very nice- republic day special- but looks like it is not in your agenda right now.

    All the best.

  45. His agenda for today should be not post, satisfy first batch out there.
    Rohan, keep concentrating on customers first.

  46. Hi Rohan,

    Is it possible that we could opt to have the screen protector installed for us at the factory? Not everyone has nimble fingers (or paws for @gecko) or the patience like you did in your recent video. It would really save us a whole deal of time and not freaking out should we mess up the one and only screen protector.

    It’s great for Jesse (K-9) and the xda-devs to come aboard and iron out the bugs and come out with even more choices for the community. I am hopeful that these collaborations will do good for both NI and her users.


  47. +1. Pre-install screen protector from next shipments please as you are sending them for installation (peeling of is a cake walk not the other way though). This is my 3rd request today for pre-installation of screen protector.

  48. Soon
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    Soon may refer to:
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    “Soon”, a song from the 1964 musical Bajour

    lol, I think Gecko is rubbing off on me…

  49. It’s a good thing that Albert Wertz is a doctor. Our relationship is purely professional. Therefore, dinner is out of the question (hospital food and all that).

  50. Eeeuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh… Get Albert some handy wipes. Will handy wipes take off gecko???

  51. “Soon”, a song by Yes from their suite The Gates of Delirium
    :) You need patience and an open mind to listen this song.

  52. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Here for everyone, who wants Google Market, google Apps & root access plus the latest adam update right now:


    LOVE from XDA


  53. @Tracy Carlton: But somehow I missed your post (sorry) so i am happy with the ‘re-post’ of Prema. Access to the Market is one of the first things that I will install.

  54. Same here Paul, I too missed Tracy’s post.
    So thank you Prema, thank you Tracy, thank you XDA !!

  55. Tap and hold the home leaf, then release. This actual opens the app drawer but i gather thats probably what you intended. :)

  56. Hi NI Team and All,
    First comment from my Adam device. :) Working through some of the bugs but an interesting piece of hardware.

    Its a little odd as there is little documentation and the help tabs are sometimes broken. There’s a lot to look forward to in future updates. :)

    Keep up the good work NI.

  57. DarkWinterNights shows us the first real thing: posting from an Adam. Congrats, soon I hope to do that as well.

    How fast does Adam boot?
    Or is it just like a phone, basically you do not boot or hibernate between sessions, so it is online immediately?

  58. It boots reasonably fast (about 30-60 seconds from off to loaded), although it appears you generally keep it in a sleep state to pick it up and start using almost immediately.

    At present, it operates in the same sort of way an Android phone does, or rather if you had three of them lined up. Most of the apps load into a full screen state (actually, there’s only a handful of apps at present that run under the leaf paradigm).

  59. @darkWinterNights: thanks, useful info.

    I still hope that Eden will have the option to launch standard Market apps in a leaf (as originally described by Rohan). That way they will look better as they won’t be too stretched but more importantly you can have 3 of them side by side, a real benefit over running an app on a phone.

  60. -3 C is nothing, if it can withstand -20 C then the Adam will be usable outside during winter here.

  61. We are 25F tonight and last week it was 11F :). Have to use adam in house (iPhone works and so as adam). The temperature he mentioned is near the cpu which would be room temperature due to the casing and cpu heat. No worries unless you are over Independence pass (Colorado at 12000ft elevation) or Mt. evans/pikes peak (14000+ft) during night or during snow storm.

  62. @John Velas

    Oh, I was hoping your animal was a pig, since they are very smart and likeable, but if you’re not, then you need a different animal.

    Here is a song for you:

  63. I’m very confident the wait for my adam will be well worth it

    Thanks Rohan for giving us the opportunity to order early. Most people on here don’t understand that these kind of mishaps should be almost expected. you could classify the pre orders as a sort of beta testing, for the adam has not yet been formally released. Rohan’s decision to release adam the way it is was more of a gift to this newly created family. So why is there such hostility? We have all been blessed. We should be thanking Rohan and not conveying our hate through this blog.


  64. Hm would’ve thought that the EAP people would be more like the Beta-Testers. Those who Pre-Ordered would’ve been something more along the lines of customers(ones that would usually review a product highly as they were big enough fans to pre-order so it would be free good publicity).

  65. No EAP people are ALPHA-Testers. Pre-Order People are Beta-Testers. Pre-Order 2 (if that’s still what it’s going to be) People are Gold-Code Testers (AKA Shipping 1.0 final real world test code). Then its Offical Public launch. That’s why there was an iPhone 4 in the wild (left at a bar no less) months before it was offically announced much less offically launched. We’re getting see & participate in that normally hidden process. I had no illusions about what pre-ordering meant it terms of shipping dates and quaility of the inital software load when I plunked down my $600 USD for PixelQi + 3g model.
    Which I might add hasn’t even shipped yet. (Jan 9th-22nd-29th)

  66. The iphone4 that was lost by the apple developer working on the program that allows it to make calls? Not a good example here. That guy was a paid worker testing out a product, not someone who paid for an device. That wasn’t a very good comparison.

    That aside I agree its a bit much to expect flawless code upon release, but customers are customers no matter when they bought a device. Guess we can agree to disagree on that.

  67. I agree to disagree with you.

    I think it is a GREAT experience to be working closely within our family, working the issues out on a brand-new, very cutting-edge device. I also think the hostility is simply not fair.

    And it is NOT unusual to have issues with first gen devices – even with the BIG companies. Remember that, AFTER iPhone 4 was sold to the GENERAL PUBLIC (as opposed to a first pre-order given to Apple friends), the antenna problem was discovered.

    My hubby and I got two of the first Apple iMac 27″ computers in California and we had little problems, but they got worked out. I once received a DOA computer from Dell. Stuff like that just happens.

    So, I think bashing NI is inappropriate. (Especially when people who don’t even have an Adam start bashing NI.)

  68. Happy Republic Day. I was hoping that the RD special would be that the 29th orders are advanced to today – well well – hope is eternal!!

  69. @Rohan:

    Test, test and then test again before you release the next batch.

    End-user test by non-geeks is important for usability testing. Not everyone would be able to use a fix by XDAndroids to run their Adam.

    It is time NI had an official forum of its own so as to organize all the info. WordPress can’t even the posts in order.

    Great job with the fast customer service!

  70. Happy Republic day to you too!

    I share your feelings about India being more of a continent rather than a country.With so many different cultures of varied mindsets, and different people who speak different languages, it sure is a wonder of the world!

  71. @ Rajendra ! ———India being a “divorced” and ———. Typo, you meant diverse.

    Anyway you are lucky Gecko didn’t read your post.

  72. I think he mentioned adam2 to tell us that NI will not close its offices, but will be here in future (to quell the claims of people like John Biggs and others that Notion ink is doomed).

  73. I think so too. And I think Rohan will be taking note of questions we ask and things we want.

  74. Happy Republic day and thanks Rohan!! Looking forward for my Adam and eagerly waiting for NI Adam 2..

  75. Oh Boy… Still haven’t gotten the Adam and the Adam 2 already is in the works!!!!!… Wow… Efficient company!!! =D

  76. Rohan, PLEASE don’t exclude anyone who missed pre-order 1 from pre-order 2 (I’ve been a member of Notion Addicts for a while now but I was broke for PO1).

    I’m DEFINITELY not missing the second chance.

  77. Thank you ROHAN! I am a member of NotionAddicts, you have completed my goal! I also may be getting an adam even sooner!

    So excited. I will buy anything NotionInk release. you are amazing, and I don’t care if I get called a fanboy.

  78. Happy republic day india… on this very special day i would advice every one, including non-indians, to read “The story of my experiments with truth” writteh by Mahatma Gandhi. it will help you understand yourself better.

    Rohan and NI : (posting again)

    I read in an article that chennai is cheaper to manufacture than china : Nokia conducted a study and found Chennai to be 11% cheaper than China.

    Read more: Mobile companies find the right connection in Chennai – The Times of India “”

    May be you could shift the factory from china to india(chennai) so that you can save some money… and reduce the price of adam. Further more you would be able to protect your intellectual properties better… i am just trying my best to help you and NI thru the means tat i could.

    Fellow bloggers: in one of the posts i wrote “suffering from depression and fear that adam is going to eat my apple” whent asked about his health… many said i was unkind… seriously, i didn’t meant to make fun of his health. I am also one of steve jobs’s fan. i like him, his creativity, his desire for perfection for his products and i admire his skillful presentation. i just meant it as a joke. i am extremely sorry if i have unintentionally upset anyone, esp Drnishiz, fundaazoflife, gecko, little al and Paranoid_Android. pls accept my apologizes..

  79. +1
    Word!! Being the bigger man. You just went up a level in my respect charts.
    (I believe it’s really difficult to portray emotions in text.)

  80. anniyan92:
    > accept my apologizes..

    Ah – a joke that went awry. I can relate to that. And a graceful apology, too. Everything’s good now.

  81. I hope that the adam 2 is still cheap and as cost effective as the adam 1. I won’t be buying a new adam until I go to college. So, that will be 2 or 3 gens away!!

  82. I really don’t wanna hear about the ADAM 2 right now, I haven’t even pre-ordered #1….let’s get everything straight with this device first.

    pre-orders, bricking, lag, unresponsive screens, ect ect….

    Don’t worry I’m buying it, because I believe in the company and the device, and I know all will be well, but …you know.

  83. Don’t worry- he is talking about the roadmap and the timeline, which does seem to indicate that the product is still in the works. It is not going to come very soon. Besides, if there has to be public participation for the design of the product, the development phase will be fairly long. I think the ADAM2 will be on track for some time next year (Q2, maybe).

  84. Everyone,

    I am on the phone with Greg and the video is at 60 uploading…he did capture it at 1080p and will not be doing this again at this size. Probably at least another hour.

    Thanks everyone for your support!


  85. Umm Rohan, This seems to be a very popular request from many people here and elsewhere- For the shipments from now on, can we have the screen protector factory-applied? It will be much easier to remove it, if we want, but placing it without bubbles requires a fair amount of knack.

    Congrats on dreaming dreams and living them too!

  86. @Rahul,
    For those who want it applied. Could provide an option and charge extra for that service. And also let the users know that their shipment might get delayed because of that.

    I for one don’t need that. and there could be many like me.

  87. Happy republic day to all fellow Indians and rest of the world too.Thanks Rohan for the update.You said all those who posted before 22 Jan (on this blog ?? am I right) will also be considered.How about people who were part of the first family mail but Could not order their desired Adam due to payment issues ,will those family member will also be considered ONCE AGAIN.please clarify….

  88. “All the members of the NotionAddicts, NotionInkHacks, NotionInkFan and those who commented before 22nd of January WILL be the part of the next pre-order.” – keeping your word Mr. Rohan.

    All best


  89. “Indian subcontinent” is a reference landmass that is also called South Asia(which includes so many friendly neighbors like Pakistan ….)
    You will have to re-introduce Geography to the world to say “India is a sub-continent” :)

  90. How about:
    pre-partition India is a sub-continent.
    But why isn’t Europe a sub-continent? It’s about the same size and cultural complexity as (pre-partition) India.

  91. Yes – Norman Davies in his “Europe” wrote about it, or rather as of a peninsula of Asia :)
    OK we’re begining an off-top., time to stop :) & wait for 2nd pre-order session :)
    All best

  92. I am posting this to avoid the comments on this post also going bonkers like every other post in the past.

    The jumbling is not because of the time zone difference. It is actually no one’s fault. I can tell this for sure because I have a wordpress blog of my own.

    Actually, on wordpress blog settings, you can choose to specify the Max. No. of leaves in a conversation. In this blog, it is specified to be 10. Any conversation/thread that exceeds 10 messages begins appearing at the bottom of every page. In this post, there was a thread on Page1 of the comments for which the 11 level of replies started with Silver Stratton said, on January 21, 2011 at 11:26 (the time is indian time)

    Anyone who knowingly or unknowingly replied to any of the messages that followed on that thread ended up below that post. These posts appear on the latest page of comments.

    Hope that clarifies.

    The only solution is to increase the number of levels (That can look very shabby beyong a limit) or to disable conversations totally, in which case every comment would come as a separate comment, and it would be very difficult to follow conversations. But there is a third option, people should exercise a little more caution when commenting.

    So, people, DO NOT EXCEED 10 levels in a conversation!


  93. That explanation was with respect to an older post – My Box! (with more pics) when the latest comments were on Page 5. Now they are on Page 7 and I suppose the link will not work.

  94. “″ onwards…

  95. OK, don’t try to be a wiseguy. I can count to two easily enough, 1 paw, 2 paws. Beyond that is dangerous because if I lift anymore, I will fall down.

  96. I can’t wait for next round of orders!! Missed out on the first one…. No email. Been telling everyone at work about the adam and even my indian friends :)
    I’ve already laid down the law…. No touching only observations allowed until further notice.

  97. i had saved up for adam but will put it on hold for adam 2.
    why does technology grow so fast?:-( happens every time. whenever i buy something, a new product with more power and specifications releases within 2 months and that too a lot cheaper.

  98. Stay cool, and pre-order.
    Adam 2 is going to be next-gen phone not “not-tablet” – i hope ;)

    All best


  99. Pranav:

    It is silly to keep waiting another 15-18 months for next gen. New stuff is always going to be on the horizon. Enjoy the present. Get an Adam 1.

    Just my opinion.

  100. I love to wake up with a mail from this blog!
    Even better: preorder 2, and I should be part of it (like preordrer 1?)

    Just ckecking how to disable all antispam option in my webmail, just to be sure…

  101. stoked to hear about adam 2 :D
    im glad i started posting rather than just reading.
    hope everyone from preorder 1 is/will be enjoying their adams.

    Quick question if anyone can help: Can a stylus be used with the adam? or does it only respond to finger touch?

  102. Happy Republic Day..Jai Hind!! :) :) :)
    Great to hear bout Pre-Order 2..Veryyyyy Excited bout it alreadyyyyy :) :)
    n ADAM-2..Wow!! Sounds LoooooooVely :)

  103. Happy Republic Day to Rohan, NI and everyone else here!
    Thanks for the update! It’s great to hear that the second round of preorders is coming soon and Mastercard payments will be supported. And it’s especislly great that plans are being made for Adam 2 and they include this community to help make it together with NI. Excellent, it’s bound to be a masterpiece! :D

  104. I missed pre-order 1 due to my bank rejecting the order. Hope I’m still on the list for the next round!

  105. What about people who comment before 22th who are still on the moderation system ?
    They will be on the pre-order list ?

    Please ! Pass the moderation ! :s

  106. when are we expected to received (delivered) the next batch of Adam? I can’t wait any longer!!!!!!
    Will it be February or will it be later than that?

  107. Not sure at this point who’s reading which blogs, so …

    @Mike Vector 66: Thanks for all your contributions and for helping Greg; much appreciated!

    @Greg, who is now sleeping, and resting up for tomorrow’s videos: THANKS a million for all your efforts on our behalf.


    Greg and Mike have put in a tremendous amount of work supporting Adam and deserve a great big cheer from all of us, and in particular from the Notion Ink Team, for helping to keep this dream alive and well :)

  108. And forgot to mention my love for XDA Devs.
    No company in the world can provide better support than XDA guys for sure :)

  109. Rohan-

    As a political science major in college with a specialization in international relations I greatly appreciate the reference to the “Bumble Bee” of Democracy. The analogy points out the surprise of many that something that big with it’s lack of wing length and strength can actually fly…much like India and it’s extremely large and diverse population as a democratic state.

    Now one might wonder why such an introduction would be made. The egotist in me likes to think I just have a special place in your heart Rohan. Others might play it off to be random verbiage leading into a simple post. I think those who have been following NI for a while now realize that there is often a lot of meaning behind these posts…and even more that goes beyond the surface. I like to think that the analogy of the bumble bee might best describe NI’s initial direction and focus while confronting the realities of a tumultuous marketplace. Like India and the bumblebee, NI has very audacious hopes – given its background and beginning. Like India and the bumblebee, there were many skeptics that say it couldn’t be done and won’t be done. There’s no question that mistakes have been made and situations could always be more ideal…but it’s the result that matters. I have a feeling that many will soon look back and wonder how a start-up company from India was able to make such an impact in the global market.

    Might we call Notion Ink the Bumble Bee of Tablet Companies. For the sake of my future Adam…I certainly hope so!

  110. Two quotes to illustrate this adequate comment from Gabe:
    “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make a mistake.”
    – Elbert Hubbard

    “No pressure, no diamonds.”
    – Mary Case

    Shine on you Rohan + Team…

  111. Nice quotes Karen. I am starting to wonder whether you do have some sort of “cool quotes” book! ;-)

  112. Hi,

    It may make sense to have a Plan B option for update, i.e via a small update tool we can install on PC and do the update. It can be safer ..but then it will not be unique :(


  113. Rohan do not forget all the unlucky ones kije me whose 1st attempt to buy failed because of credit card companies failed to pass it.

    I expect to recieve invite for 2nd stage of preorder before it goes public .

  114. thank you rohannnnnnn!!!!!!! I’m afraid do not be included in the next pre-order because I was registered late in this sites but in this blog I post months ago. Indeed I lost first pre-order because don’t read the email whit your invitation.
    this time will don’t loose it!!!!

  115. Wish Rohan hadnt brought up Adam 2…this blog is full of people that will ask about it from 1 Feb 2011 up until the day before it will be released ;-)

  116. @ Rohan – “This time, we will make it with you! :)”??
    Been reading this blog since CES 2010 – so far I dont think I have ever seen such “consultation” with the public as you have done – I guess thats why everyone feels a part of it.

    Never heard of anyone from the half eaten fruit company doing that…

    Keep up the great work.

  117. @Rohan :

    Thanks for the informations about the pre-installation of update … my adam will be ship on 31st of january ;o)

    Great to know that you are not against XDA community … because i hope that they can help users who want to access Adam from differents OS like Ubuntu.

    Could you help us to know which component are in Adam to find module for kernel ? (Wifi Module, …)

    I can’t wait to get mine ….

    Hard days

  118. @Rohan,

    # updates/ ‘bricking’ issues. – The update problem should have been easily been identified by EAP people so it should not have happened to end users…. speaking about EAP………….

    # Next Order stage is starting soon

    I hope you don´t forget that group I mentioned above, if not they should be renamed to LAP……

    # All the members of the NotionAddicts, NotionInkHacks, NotionInkFan and those who commented before 22nd of January WILL be the part of the next pre-order.

    So this time you will send me 4 pre-order links ;-)

  119. Adam 1 .. Adam 2 .. Adam 3 .. Adam N

    This all makes no difference if the NI continues to shower love equally among all the children. Make sure all get frequent updates and all are Bug free as much as software can be.

    I am not really a Big Fan of Apple but I do like that they actually support all their devices for a along period unlike many companies who only want you to buy the latest and greatest and make no attempt to support slightly older products.

    ~~ Hardware gets you a Sale … Software gets you repeat Customers ~~

  120. Hey Rohan,
    I love to share ideas, i just watched Social Network today and it’s a little scary what people can do to each other though. But It might be helpful to draft a “Notion Ink Constitution” of some sort so that when we do share ideas and they become part of the project, no one can sue you for intellectual property. It gets really messy. But knowing you, your legal team is pobably on it already! Or make some deal, if your idea is good enought, you get a free adam 2 when it comes out! I would take that.
    Thanks for the update.
    Can’t wait for my adam next week!

  121. Thanks for the news :) Wow, does soon mean perhaps this weekend :) I would be so happy to order my Adam with Mastercard :D

  122. OMG! I´ve already received a PRE-ORDER mail for ADAM 2 – dang I´m such a lucky bastard! :-D

  123. Don’t love the Eden UI, however love the Adam’s hardware specs and can’t wait for Honeycomb to arrive. It’s going change things :D


  124. Oh you tease! The Adam is just out the door and you are going to introduce the Adam 2!! I am already developing an unhealty lust toward the as yet secret product. Yet I am comforted by the knowledge (hope?) that whatever amazing software is released on the Adam 2 will also be released on the Adam. Just curious what is the planned support life for the original Adam? Will you be cutting support and updates after a mere 5 years or will Android 28 be put onto the original Adam???

    Also, I am chomping at the bit for pre-order 2. Can’t wait and can’t sleep

  125. Rohan,
    Congrats to Notion Ink and all who are steadfast with you on delivering the pre order 1. happy for all you guys.

  126. I really hope I will be on the second wave :'(
    Ally my comments before today are still on the moderation limbo !

  127. Great update, but all it did was make me nervous wordpress will screw up and leave me out of pre-order number 2.

    If I got the email last time (which I did, but sadly, I didn’t partake in pre-order 1) does that mean I’ll get the email again this time? Because I don’t think I commented in between pre-order 1 and 2.

  128. you guys need to go all out an make a prototype that surpasses the adam; pretend you have a unlimited budget. this will create the base for Adam 2. goodluck :)

  129. Hmz …. My first post on this blog was on the 14th of january, but you guys only approved the one of the 23rd of january. I don’t write on any of the other blogs but know and read them.

    Does this mean I will NOT be included in the next pre-order ? Because that would suck ….

    Hope somebody can answer this question…

  130. Hoping I’m still not being moderated, and the several moderated comments I made before 22nd will mean I’m on on round 2?

    Ben :-)

  131. Adam 2……….still excited about adam 1
    My exams are starting from 8th and my shipping date shows 31st jan
    Hard time!!!!
    I am really excited coz it will be my first true gadget :-)
    What about customs in india??
    I was really impressed by Kam’s video….awesome work!
    Looking forward for Greg’s

  132. It is very frustrating to read comments that haven’t been moderated, buy trolls who don’t get that this is an innovation/startup which is never expected to go perfectly? What’s worse is that I will likely miss out on Round 2 while those trolls get an offer???

    Ben :-(

  133. I get the impression that ‘Adam 2’ is not an upgraded Adam but something completely different: a headset maybe?

  134. Hello all,

    If anyone wants to show their support for Notion Ink Fan, I put up a QUICK background to fit on the Adam tablets. Send us a picture of your Adam with this as the background :)


    This is just a holding URL for now Greg is sleeping :)

    I WILL make more…send them over to Greg’s email and we will try to post the pics on the website.

    Thanks all!!!

  135. Hi,
    I hope this time I’ll get an answer. :D
    I was part of the “family mail” in the first pre-order round, but I couldn’t manage to buy one.
    Now I’m here with my credit card ready for the second round but I wonder if I will receive again the email or I’ll have to wait for the public opening and take my finger crossed?


  136. waaah adam 2 will be out by the end of the year already?!! when can i order adam 1… when will it be shipped… you know what… if adam 2 comes out at the end of the year, i’ll buy that one as well!!! i am seeing all these unboxing videos… and man… i wish i was waiting for mine to be delivered!!! don’t leave me out this time please… :)

  137. What about the EAP 2 participants, why the hell are Notion Ink not keeping their promises and instead just screwing with us.

  138. I was on the EAP 2 list as well and was looking forward to the things promised for December. No things and not even any communication, even to email enquiries. It just feels like we have been ignored and forgotten

  139. I’m looking at different handwritten note taking apps. does anyone know of any good apps for this? Note Everything looks good but I’d like to see if there are others as well

  140. When can I preorder Adam II ? It is unfair to announce ADAM II wihout a clear commitment for a preorder date. Will there be a inductive charger coming with Adam II? Will the ADAM II already be based on Googles new 2012 system called pinkmuppet?

  141. Rohan… never felt so Proud of you man!!!

    I believe in the hard work you guys are doing… wish I could not just be sitting around and waiting to order… wish I could contribute without duplicating someone’s work.. so I have started talking to people in my Organization and will ensure that every one of them know what you and your team are doing!! cause its incredible!!!

    I still wish I could come to your office and flick one to start marketing it in my company :)

    Thanks and yes we are with you and watching you :)

  142. I have been following up Rohan’s blog since last 6 months and quite curios on adam. From all feedback adn Rohan’s blog the final product looks awsome. I will be buying one soon.

  143. Cool! I can’t wait to order and then starts the excitement until it arrives :)
    Looking forward to learn more about the Adam2!

  144. So great news I was about to order an other tablet to make me wait for Adam but if pre-order #2 arrives soon… I am so happy !
    Hope to get it soon !
    Good Job Guys !

  145. Hi Guys,

    I saw some clips of CES on notioninkfan where people where hoiping to get a Adam soon so they can do a full review.

    Has any of the major sceptic sites reviewed and compared the Adam to iPad, Tab and others alike?
    Also I’d like to see how the handling of Eden is compared to iOS and HP’s OS (which is really Palm’s OS).

    If not any other site. Is it possible a Notion Ink hack/fan/etc site can do a full review with comparison?

    I’d really like to know how Adam performs and where it should improve…

  146. Is there any full review out there already? I don´t mean the unboxing videos from the notion ink fanatics but an unbiased review with all the pros and cons.

  147. Got the link :) “!-(with-pics)”

  148. Thanks Himanshu! Was waiting for a good(in terms of completion) review. Makes me even more excited!

  149. One question. The Adam is shipped including the plug of the adapter that is required by each country?

    Anyone from Barcelona has bought the Adam? I would like to check the product “in situ” before purchase my unit.

    At this moment there are several an interesting unboxing and reviews videos in several forums, where could I find a comparative between LCD and PQi?

  150. Dear Peter,

    Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

    The adapter would not be provided with the Adam you would have to buy one
    for using it with the provided power supply.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

  151. WTH!!! The European plug is not included in a product that cost 500USD??? Oh Man!!!!
    One more, Notion Ink. You are the “best”.
    It is not necessary to say anything else.
    Is the user manual in the different languages?

    Maybe it is time to report all these issues to the Consumers Affairs Department.

  152. I have a question to the experts….since we have a micro usb port on adam, can’t we use any usb chargers around? Say my moto has a charger that uses the micro usb pin to connect.

  153. The Adam does NOT have a micro usb port.

    It has a mini usb port. and I am not sure if you can power the device through it or not, but I also don’t have any mini usb adapters. (Or an Adam for that matter).

  154. @Doug,

    My bad. I meant mini usb port! Usually my moto charges when I connect it to my pc for data transfer using the usb cable..and so does my PSP. I was hoping it may be the same with adam.

  155. Rohan confirmed, that you can charge connected USB devices… for many practical purposes, this unrestricted device replaces your laptop…

    This company is not Apple… that restricts things… that will be a good formula to apply for many things here… so technically, if a standard allows it… then you can bet the NI has implemented it… or will implement it…

  156. Doesn’t seem like it does, the person that got theirs and posted an unboxing in the UK said they had to use an adapter not included, they happen to have one laying around. -CC

  157. I am wondering whether the installation of Gapps to grant access to the Android Market will have any effect on warranty, system, etc. “”
    Do you know it? What are the risks of doing that?

  158. My guess is that you are voiding the warranty – it’s a mod and thus a risk you are taking with your device.

    Suggestion: Learn how to restore the device using the nvflash tool they already provided. Think of it as buying a car and then altering the engine – if you mess it up and can’t undo the change, the car dealer wouldn’t honor a warranty, either.

    nvflash is a great tool and we use it on the GTAB – its more of a low level flash where you can basically get a device back to stock, other than user data which is probably retained.

  159. @roebeet,

    You were using the pandigital novel and was posting a lot on right? How do you find gTab and did you order Adam or waiting to order one?

  160. rohan, do you mean that the adam rom listed on greg’s blog is the completely updated one! (inclusive of updates which will fix the eden lag issue..)…. i am confused.. pls clarify…

  161. That is what has been found by many. The flashed devices have been shown to be more stable and smooth, and crashing less often

  162. Just a reminder on this page also,

    Please dont exceed 10 levels of replies, or the comments WILL get messy.


  163. Hope the second phase order will start now :-) Anyway, the Chinese New Year is near, and the factory will most likely be on holiday now, so expect a longer wait time i think, hope this round have more pixelqi as I missed that on the preorder 1.

    and please do the screen protector before shipping together with the update.

  164. @alan331 The Spring Festival holiday does not start until the 2-nd of February. In order to give the employees a full week holiday, they have to work the weekend before the holiday. So I expect the factory to be in full swing for another couple of days to get all the Adams out before Chinese New Year.

  165. I can not find information about sending Adam to Russia! It is a pity that I join you later. Probably not get a 2-pre-order will wait for 3 pre-order. I’m with you!

  166. всё путём будет, с выходом ipad2 и NI должны обеспечить доступ всех желающих к девайсу без всяких пред заказов. у них там траблы были с гибридными дисплеями(вернее их отсутсвием) по идее на след неделе всё должно разрешиться…

  167. I wonder if it is possible that Adam could only be handled by a special pen and did not react to hands touch when we’re typing. This would facilitate much to write… Maybe some special (insulating) palm pad (or maybe a glove? ;D ) could solve the problem?
    I hope that Adam 2 will solve this little problem.

  168. yes, it was announced on slashgear and it seems to be a long term development. A project that may not make it as it doesn’t have a unique factor but is a good idea.

  169. Great news. Especially the 2nd Order round. I wasn’t part of the “clucky people list” and I could not order one of the Pixel QI Adam from the 1st batch. I was hopping the CES will come with some nice alternatives, but to be honsest, I am a bit dissapointed, so I really hope I would be lucky this time!

  170. Can’t wait to see what Adam 2 consists in :)

    I hope I won’t miss the second preorder of Adam, I can’t wait for it anymore ^^
    I want to play with my Adam too! and work with my Adam! and paint and draw and watch films on my Adam etc .. :D

    Thanks Rohan!

  171. @Rohan
    As we are still in Pre-Order status right now, is there an official launch date of adam planned? Any event?

    Would be great to see this:
    – Official launch of adam along with launch of Genesis
    – Presentation of all available applications from NotionInk
    – Presentation of all software partners and available applications in Genesis
    – Roadmap information on further Eden development (portrait mode, OpenGL etc.)
    – Roadmap information regarding compatibility of Honeycomb and Eden plus android market and Genesis

  172. I think that seconds preorder starts in Februrary (when the first customers get their devices to reveal that ADAM is definitely no varporware).

  173. For me, ADAM was never varoporware, but for MANY others. (Today I saw the first “reviews” from devices arrived by the customers, after this post). And before they start preorder two, they reveal that adam is no one. Thats what I ment.

  174. Hmm talking about a V2 and have not even a nominal shipping for the first model… I think you jump to fast…;-)

    Will I get the V1 in my local electronic dealer in 2011, here in Europe? Or at least with a major dealer like Amazon?

  175. They should make sure everything is done properly with Adam V1 before that hop onto the next project

    I am looking forward to my Adam but hope everthing works on first use and dont have to stress about getting it working

    Rohan did mention that the ones to be sent are with the new update.. I assume this would include those to be shipped on the 29th

  176. now I am happy that I posted at least one comment in december ;-)
    Can´t wait for my order, I´m checking the blog daily since november last year…

  177. we don’t want Adam 2. Instead of that we would like Notion Ink to focus on
    1. EDEN
    2. Customer support for Adam 1.

    Announcement of Adam 2 immediately gives a feeling to Adam 1 users that Adam 1 is already dead and outdated before birth.

  178. Hi Nilesh,
    Typical product development cycle is 3-4 qtrs. If Rohan doesn’t start today them there will be no follow-on ADAM next year. This happens every where, Only diference is that Rohan is open about it.
    I hope NI team has resources to focus on sustaining current ADAM while they start work on ADAM 2

  179. @Mannu : I agree there has to be Adam 2..but the thing now..absolutely no.

    Adam 1 is not even available for Orders right now. In fact not even all customers who pre ordered Adam 1 have got hold of them (Including Me) .

    Adam 1 should be established, with

    1) Genesis integration
    2) Honeycomb update
    3) Stable Eden with updates at least once a quarter.
    4) Marketing, promotions, customer relations should be focused on.
    5) Distribution channels should be well established.
    6) Service centers in prominent countries should be opened.

    I am sure Rohan If you read this, you will reply with a smile and say “Yes”..

    If these things are happening and in parallel plans for Adam 2 are conceived then there is no prob. But I am not sure this will happen…

    Will it Rohan ..?


  180. @Rohan
    I second what Nilesh said in his comment and I am glad you acknowledged it. One thing I need to add to what he said is pre-orders 2 or shall we call orders 2. Let us not sit on the fence like Google did with Chrome browser remaining on Beta for two years or so before it went mainstream. Google are a good company to follow but not on this particular point. Call it “second round of orders to invitees only”.

    Happy Republic day to you and your entire team in NI.

  181. @Rohan -Thanks for the “mostly clarifying” post and this confirmation above. And, India, we do have snow, sandstorms, dry heat, heat+humid, cool, cold, pleasant, warm and some more, phew :)
    @ Nilesh – Thanks for the list up of the definite questions that would arise in most of the followers minds.
    And, BTW, I am eagerly awaiting my PQi+3G Adam. Hope it arrives this weekend itself (Hint- Suprise us NI ;))

    **Possibly duplicate post – WP says I have posted… but I dont see it. This is in response to Rohan’s “:)yes!” comment

  182. To clarify, the “invitees only” is incorrect. During the first pre-order all four Adam models were available and open to everyone after the short period of time it was closed for certain blog followers.

  183. Yes. Product planning for next version always starts immediately before/after current release. It should be that way else NI will have nothing to display at CES 12(unless we are not destroyed as per mayan calender :) ). Focus on current customers issues and resolve the software related issues as they are the easiest to fix rather than hardware fixes.

    Keep us assured that Adam 1 will not be outdated for the next 2 years.

    Waiting for pre-order 2.

    @Rohan, if you agree put a smiley and say ‘Pre-Order 2 for you sure’. :).

  184. Well if you look at the NI roadmap from last year, it does show the Adam 2 project kick-off starts right after the Adam 1 launch.


    On a side note:
    between xda-developers and notioninkhacks, the development community is making sure the Adam is further enhanced into the device we all dreamed of. Special kudos to Rohan and his team in providing us with the tools.


  185. No Kris , having waited a year for A1 waiting another year for A2 will be intolareble and put you behind the curve. I could wait for A1 as there was nothing else comparable but from now on the developmental curve will be steep with new tablets, with competitive features announced and in production, very quickly. If I don’t get on the 2nd shipment then all bets are off as there will be at least 2 tablets that will be competitive with A1 and further waiting will not be an option. From now on things will move faster and faster.

  186. Agreed on the focus, but no company should dwell on one piece of technology for too long. Technology becomes outdated quickly nowadays and companies that don’t go step in step with technology improvements tend to lose their competitive edge.
    Having all focus on a Tegra2 device while other companies begin to sell Tegra3 devices (once Tegra3 is available) would mean the company with the Tegra2 device was less competitive than the company with the Tegra3 device. Esentially that meany less customers for the first company since people tend to want to buy the latest and the best. If a company wants to follow technological improvement it needs to make plans for new devices even if the first devices are practically new to the market. Planning takes time and if they want to involve us in the process, plans are to be made now. If the company developed the product on its own, I highly doubt we’d be hearing about Adam2 now or anytime soon for that matter.

    Some people might wait for Adam2, but it won’t be produced ‘tomorrow’, but rather in a year’s time.. Esentially if you wait another year more, you could have an even better device, etc.

  187. @ Andromeda is right, that’s the cycle that MSF is trying to sinchronize with. Once you fall of the development curve the implementation part falls out of synch,

  188. Rohan, Please clear this for me… I had commented very well before and had received the preorder one link but because of the mastercard issue i was unable to place order, will a preorder 2 link be sent to me too.

  189. rohan @ Observer is correct for those of us locked out due to Mastercard issies and /or redit card difficultiies should be given an edge. This next order appears to be a quick run.

  190. Based upon Rohan’s comments and post, mastercard should be accepted this time around. PayPal may be a different matter though.

  191. Just out of curiosity…
    Does anybody know what happened to the notion ink logo?
    The logo that won the contest?

  192. there were some infringement issues with another company that had the same initials and almost exact same design… At least that was my impression

  193. Well, this comment is maybe a bit too drastic but I also believe that it’s important to make sure Adam 1 becomes a big success. To do so it’s indeed important to focus on Eden and customer support. Both targets (adam 1 success and adam 2 planning) can be reached if two separate teams are created to handle both of them.

  194. Adam 1 seems to be an experiment with life of 9-15 months. Declaring plans for adam 2 does means adam 1 itself is failure. Rohan,Do concentrate on Adam 1 and you dream for adam 2 but just improve one which is dreamed already i.e. Adam 1.

  195. Don’t really agree to that. Every product has a development cycle. All they are bringing out is the road map. And Adam 2 is atleast an year away. I see Adam 2 more as an upgrade over Adam rather than some thing completely new.

  196. I agree with sameer. It’s impossible to say Adam1 is a failure. During the time Adam2 will be thought of and developed, Adam1 will receive many updates – honeycomb being one of them. Adam1 will run its product cycle and at the end of it we’ll have a better Adam waiting for us that will be developed during the course of the next year or so. It’s impossible to not think about improvement at this point, especially when information about Tegra3 can be found on the internet.

  197. @SAMADHAN, of course not. “Declaring plans for adam 2 does means adam 1 itself is failure.”-You are wrong. It would have been a FAIL of epic proportions had they not had plans for the ADAM2 in the works already. Product development is something that takes manths and months to complete.Let alone Hardware- How long d’ya think Samsung and others took to bring froyo to their phones- Yes, Months. I would be worried if Rohan and co. did not have plans already for ADAM2 and at least worked out a vision of whatthey see in at least 2 upcoming versions. Fortunately I am not worried!

  198. Also, it may not be the best example, but take a look at the timeline of iPhone models – pretty close together. Once they had v1 out, they must have had v2 in plans. It’s a living process – think about the present, but plan about the future.


  199. @Andromeda : I think that is the perfect example, Apple is IMO one of the biggest players.
    Let’s face it, iPhone is not the only one, iPods, MAcs, Mac Pro’s.
    All get a facelift/hardware update every year.



    PS if people think, Apple is able to produce an update every year because they have one big ass savingsaccount, you’re right (and Apple has a a lot of sheeps behind it).
    If people think NI needs to concentrate on adam1 instead of thinking/dreaming/talking about adam2, naaaaaah. Why not both, that is what personnel is for right?

  200. Apple probably knows what they want “v2” to be, then remove features and build what we see as “v1”. Later they add these features and everyone wants to upgrade to get the features that should have been there in the first place.

  201. Also he stated we will be more involved so the way I see it is people who already have there ADAM’s can help with what should change and what features they really like, kind of like the EAP but more widespread.

  202. I think there will be the Trackpad on the Backwards, what is missed in the Adam 1 (but promised over 3/4 year that this feature will be in the first generation)

  203. I think there will be the Trackpad on the Backwards, which is missed in the Adam 1 (but promised over 3/4 year that this feature will be in the first generation)

  204. Unfortunally, there are still many questions regarding availability, support, updates.
    I feel the same as many others that already talking about ADAM 2 is to early (to do it openly at least). It’s good to be ambition and have a vision, but first make sure that ADAM 1 is up-and-running. Than take the next step.

    This way you can also focus your energie where needed…

  205. Hope I dont miss out on the next pre-order… I got the mail the first time, but by then the PiQ models got sold out.. :( was late in checking it.. now its like i am checking every 3 hours for something from Notion Ink! …


  206. Same here… got the order site crashed then sold out…

    Something not normal is that Rohan is openning the pre-order to other blog and forum members when he can’t even supply this blog!

  207. Happy Republic Day everyone!

    Cant wait to see more Adam hands-on videos and what Adam2 will be like. :) Cheers!

  208. And when i saw the Adam v.2 updates.. i got a bit skeptical. Why are you mentioning it now, even when the first batch of Adam v.1’s haven’t reached customers. It’s kinda misdirecting, like for a moment, I thought if i should wait for 2 instead of getting 1. Just for a moment that is.

    Adam 2 news is TOOOOO soon! Not the time to be talking about it. First push Adam 1 into all markets, see how it fares, how people actually respond when having it in their hands, atleast for a few (6-7) months, understand the issues, and then study the opportunity for Adam 2.

    Mentioning Adam 2 right now, is, i dunno what that word is.. distracting?

  209. I thought that already 6 months ago, when Rohan says “adam 2 in summer 2011”.
    But hey, when i didn’t get into the second preorder group, i definitly buy iPad2 (which will be released on 2nd Februrary), because i can’t wait any longer (for my needs).

  210. @RaptorX

    Why do you think the ipad will be available for purchase on the 9th of Feb. They are now getting ready to ramp up the beginning of production. It will be at least another month
    before you can actually order one. Then you’ll wait in line for the item to be delivered.

    Not much different than the adam.

  211. on ALL preview pictures from Apple’s devices, the calendar app show the release date of the device. And on iPad 2, it shows Februrary 9. Google it ;)

  212. sorry, forget it…
    I was tired when I wrote this, but it’s a new day… and I’m ADAMffacted (ADAMized? NotionInked? :D) again ^^ :D.

    Cant wait for this tiny little thing :).

  213. happy republic day to all :)

    first all….pretty happy to see rohan post after sooooo long (actually it might have been a couple of days…bt it felt very long)….happy to hear about pre-order 2 (good for those who didn’t get to order the first time)…and pretty excited about adam 2

    @rohan… mentioned that all next batches will have updates pre-installed….does it mean all the batches henceforth (including the ones going to be shipped on 29th) or only the ones in pre-order 2???

    Also, about pre-order2 and adam2…..i believe you should wait till all the pre-order1 customers get their adams and then go for pre-order2….i dnt mind getting some info on adam2 though ;)

  214. I don’t get it – this review says the adam can handle up to 32 gig memory expansion. Rohan earlier said in the specs up to 128 gig. Which is it? I was about to order a 64 gig card based on Rohan’s earlier spec.

    Can someone please tell me the max memory card the adam can handle?

  215. The Adam can handle up to a 32Gb micro sd card as that is the limit for SDHC, but the Adam also has multiple USB ports which is where the higher number comes from…flash drives and card readers (I’m assuming card readers would work)

  216. This is purely speculation, maybe if I’m wrong someone will be annoyed enough to correct me. If the limit is 32 GB per chip…

    – 2x 32 GB USB flashdrives = 64
    – 1x 32 GB microSD = 32
    – 1x 32 GB miniUSB flashdrive = 32
    128 GB

    I can’t seem to find a miniUSB flashdrive anywhere for some reason, So maybe you’ll need one of these:
    “” and another USB flashdrive.
    (I know nothing about this company except they have the photo I want on this page)

    By now your adam looks pretty untidy and probably has all sorts of flashing LEDs blinking mindless distraction at you, but you’ve made it! No whirring hard drives, only fast, energy-efficient chips that use power only during read/write.

    4-Port USB hubs and terabyte desktop harddrives etc., I’m not so certain of …
    I’d hold off on that 64 gig card for now.

  217. I’m sorry – but to me this is lame. Not your answer – but NI claiming 128 gig. Max here would be 32 gig (not including the 8 gig on board).

    I’m not sticking flash drives into this. I may want to use the usb ports for peripherals or other options and I do not want to need to have to choose – gee – do I want all my storage or do I want to use other features. I plan to purchase a dedicated SD card and that’s it – its stays there forever.

    As far as I am concerned the adam’s spec’s are over stated. Memory options that are not really part of the device. a Matte screen that comes if you put on the screen protector.

    I don’t know why NI didn’t also claim that the adam came with a 50 inch plasma screen – after all – with the hdmi output I can plug the adam into the plasma and display on the 50 inch – makes the same sense as the memory claims.

    Don’t get me wrong – I still like the adam – but I am very disappointed in the misleading spec’s. If you don’t want to call them misleading, then lets agree to call them unclear.

  218. Rohan said that he has personaly used a 128GB USB Drive not a micro-sd card. SDHC cards support a maximum of 32gb. The new SDXC supports far more but no one is making any micro-sd SDXC cards yet and the 64gb Class 10 regular-sized SD cards are running around $300 USD right now.
    So upto 32GB micro-sd (SDHC)
    And Tested 128GB USB Stick
    Note: Stock Android needs USB & Micro-SD to formated FAT32 to work. Also any FAT32 formated USB Hard Drive *SHOULD* work. If you can format it FAT32 Adam should be able to read it. It’s all about the file system FAT32 is FAT32 regardless of the underlying hardware… Gonna try my 320GB USB HD as soon as my Adam arrives.

  219. Here is a 64 gig SDXC for $125:

    Its the one I had in my shopping cart thinking I could use it with the adam.
    (sorry for the double post – I forgot to put the link and quotes and it is awaiting mod.)

  220. Carlo is correct it is NOT a micro-sd nor do we know if Adam supports SDXC yet anyway. Also that is a Class 4 card Adroid users will tell you that a Class 6 or higher card is where you want to start. Class 4 *might* cut it but Faster is better :)

  221. Delighted to hear that MasterCard will be supported this time around, now all I have to hope for is that I get an invite to the pre-order. I would hate to be disappointed a second time!!
    Seeing that there is hardly any sun in Ireland, I will settle for an LCD one!!

  222. Hope to be part of the second Pre-Order!
    Feels good to be part of this happening.
    It’s great the way Rohan is communicating with the world.

  223. Thanks for informing that Pre order 2 is going to start soon.

    I hope I’ll finally get my hands on the Adam.

    I agree, however, that even mentioning the Adam 2 is way too soon and probably affects consumer’s confidence in NI.

    Kind regards,


  224. Well congrats to proud owners of their Adams.

    Its really sad that some had their Adams bricked when being updated, but its good to know that a fix is already rolled out.

    As word is going around the internet, the Google Summer of Code is announced just a day back. If Notion Ink wants to truly embrace the Open-Source Development Community, they should be one of the mentoring organisations participating in the program. That way, they give back to the community and encourage development on the platform at the same time getting some really software/code out of it.

    It would really make my day if Notion Ink was one of the Mentoring Organisations.

  225. Notion ink is still a baby learning how to walk you want them mentoring?
    First one needs to learn how to walk before teaching others. These guys are responding to launch issues at 2am in the night and you want them to mentor others! First they need some sleep.


  226. Good to see the vid’s from the lucky ones who have got the adam’s. Can’t wait for the next round of ordering (assuming Mcard has been sorted). Waiting patiently.

  227. Well congrats to proud owners of their Adams.

    Its really sad that some had their Adams bricked when being updated, but its good to know that a fix is already rolled out.

    As word is going around the internet, the Google Summer of Code 2011is announced just a day back. If Notion Ink wants to truly embrace the Open-Source Development Community, they should be one of the mentoring organisations participating in the program. That way, they give back to the community and encourage development on the platform at the same time getting some really software/code out of it.

    It would really make my day if Notion Ink was one of the Mentoring Organisations.

  228. Given all of the comments and questions, would you consider a live, moderated chat with customers and potential customers?

  229. I want one to but i didn’t reply tot anything and not a member of any of those sites plz make An open order round thanks

  230. Thnx for the good news, Rohan!

    I hope all goes well this time, and very happy you can accept MasterCard this time. So I will actually be able to press the Order button this time. :)

    I’ve watched allot of the new hands-on videos posted by normal users on youtube. Even though there were negative reviews, you can see it either they are doing something wrong (e.g. screen was not responsive and seems because they didn’t put the protector on properly) or it seemed like a software issue. Knowing the ‘Waterfall model’ you can’t expect differently from never used (new) software.

    Happy Republic Day!

    PS: Oh lol I see my post of my phone worked.. WordPress being funny when I browse of my phone..

  231. i don’t know if its a good thing, realeasing more info on new tablet’s when the one there is now ain’t even on the shelves yet. ?

  232. Will the guys who didn’t make it at pre-order 1 also get access to pre-order 2? My pre-order mail got in the spam (damn you GMX). If so say Yes and write and smile rohan ;) :)

  233. Same thing happened to me. THe invite got directed to spam by gmail. I didn’t have the fudns at the time but I am ready now and checking the spam folder regularly

  234. People seem very ready to join in the view that its ok that Adam doesn’t work as it should ‘because its new’ or ‘the user isn’t swiping the right way’ why is that? A finished product should be exactly that. Finished. It should account for.variances in individual ways of working.would you be happy if your phone only worked at 90 degtees, or if you had to wiggle the key in your car door a certain way for it to open? No. And a screen protector? Why on earth would you need one of those? All the posts and pics about making the screen scratch resistant, and the non glare properties of the screen and now its not as you expect you justify it by saying the free, ill fitting screen protector wasn’t put on properly? Adam needs a lot of work before it can compete, I hope its done before customers walk away.

  235. I say that about Video games too. Doesn’t change the fact that its almost industry standard to release Beta products that then get updated later. This is an industry-wide issue, not a Notion Ink issue. Yes, its OK to bash them for this, but again, just keep in mind, that providing something not quite finished is par for the course, not an outlier.

  236. Rohan, Glad to hear there are development plans for Adam 2! I think it lets people know that you are planning for a long future it the business. At the same time I would take care not to emphasize Adam 2 for awhile. You do not want to detract from Adam 1. I guess it is a fine line to walk. I think a good business model would be to sit on Adam 2 info for a few months to let your initial product take root. You must take care not to make people think they did not get the best possible product available. I still can not wait to get my Adam ordered!!!!

  237. Indeed, Im not sure to get the point of taling yet of v2; stated that ADAM isnt yet officialy avalaible.

    Still, I’ll be around for the release of v2 this time.

  238. I can understand what your saying but your judging a product on a PRE-release version.

    These videos are from people who PRE-ordered, this is for the die hard early adopters (there are a lot for this product) they are essentially beta testers, many manufacturers do this, christ you should have tried the first iPhones, that had many problems.

    The REAL customers come when there is an official release, not from pre-order 1, 2 or 5,6,7,8.

    I’m happy to wait for the early adopters to get the bugs out the system before buying my Adam.

  239. I disagree glenn.. a pre-order is to get.your name on the list so that when the product is ready for shipping you get it first.not so that you can be shipped a prototype for bug testing.when notion ink put pre-order on their public website there was no mention of this being a prototype or anything other than the real thing.LCD models were available to the.general public long after the pixelQi sold out.I applaud the NI fan loyalty, but remember, as far as NI are concerned and their investors, these are retail units and all that implies.

  240. I take your point Gary, perhaps I didn’t make mine clear.

    I’m not saying that these are prototype products but that they are VERY early (i.e. from a pre-order) products, for early adopters, and it is very common to find faults with such units.

    This is not NI fan loyalty but comes from far too many years of fixing these problems in many different devices for my clients, and the best advice I give them is to wait till the bugs are out of the first batch.

  241. i agree, there are usually teething problems in a new product. I am not sure I would call these teething, but yes. It’s often a good idea to let a product have some time in real world testing. my bro bought an early IPad and it was far more polished.

  242. @gary oconnor

    Well of course it was polished, it was a just a bigger version of the ipod touch 3rd gen.

    I bought the ipod touch 3rd gen about a year and a half ago. My DIL owns an ipad and
    does essentially the same thing as the ipod touch.

  243. The buggy release that NI let out is fairly standard now a day.
    Sony, Samsung, Motorolla, and others all do it the same way NI has. They focus on the hardware, make the software kind of work sometimes, then put it on the market, and say we will fix it.

    Even CyberLink, the makers of PowerDVD are doing this now. They released a version of PowerDVD that they claimed could play 3D Blu-rays, yet had no decoder capable of actually making that claim, and the computers really didnt have the ablity to output 3D. In the fine print, they put “Free update to play 3D, at a later date, to be announced”

    So the fact that there are a lot of bugs really isnt surprising.

  244. Thanks Rohan.

    – Pre-Order 2 => good, I’m looking forward to it (the hardware will be the same as the previous pre-order ? I mean : 8GB of memory, etc…)
    – About pen/stylet : do we find one in the box ? (objective : taking notes, drawing, …)
    – Mastercard will be possible, thanks.
    – shipping : before mid-march ? (in my case : I’m going to need around that date, because I will be a lot on the road or something…)

    And about Adam 2, my dream would be :
    – around september 2012.
    – Tegra 3
    – 1080p display PQI
    – 16 GB+
    – 1 or 2 GB of memory
    – 10-hour+ autonomy
    – some surprises ! :)

    Thanks again, Rohan !

  245. 9-15 months for adam2. I like the time range Rohan, just make sure you meet it that tail end of it! I have v1 on the way, but I’m here with you. Concentrate on less disappointments and more surprises!

    Everyone loves surprises. Everyone loves exceeded expectations.

  246. As Andreu said:

    One question. The Adam is shipped including the plug of the adapter that is required by each country?

    Rohan please can you answer that, its a very important question, i remember to read from someone from Netherlands, there is only US adaptor.

    Well if some member here know that please tell us something about that.

  247. Unfortunately, it sounds like they are shipping US pins to every country. The good News is that the power adapter is good for all countries, so you just need to get a pin adapter.
    Having said this, I have first hand experience of how people in Europe hates to see US plugs on devices that they paid money for.
    I guess it is the same feeling US folks would have if they got UK or European plugs on their devices.
    Granted US is NI’s biggest market, but they will do well to avoid such minor oversights, as they progress in their endeavor to conquer the tablet market!

  248. I really dont care if i know it, but i think its not good idea send something you cant use and dont say that to your customers, that means get the tablet and not use it for a day since you cant charge it

    Its really important to give customers what they need out of the box. (talking about the most basic )

  249. They should have used a power pack that has a detachable power input lead … with the standard ‘figure 8’ plug…. like most camera battery charger and many other power packs use.

  250. Thanks for the much needed update…..Anyways all Indians on this blog Happy Republic Day of Worlds largest democracy………Nice to see and read reviews through videos proud that a Indian Company has made us proud………God bless you Rohan and the whole NI family and please start next order

  251. Wow I’m impressed by how fast NI responds to our posted concerns/issues that the 1st timers were experiencing when the got their Adams. Great Rohan that in the next batch of systems (which is mine :) will have the updates applied. There is also a video posted that shows how to adjust the brightness to cut down on the reflective view. Greg has also posted his unboxing video now on his site. I look forward to seeing more videos from the 1st timers and eagerly await the arrival of mine.

  252. Rohan thank you for the update. I am so terribly excited by what has taken place and your announcement for future plans. I cannot wait to follow those on my A1. I will be able to move and react so much faster once I have the A1 in my hands, which brings me to my next wish–having been locked out of 1st pre o I want to be sure of getting my A1 and not get caught up in the Pre O2 crush. Pls let us know that we will be thought of. Thanks for everything and for the possibilities

  253. Argh I am in a conflict. Shall I order an Adam or not.

    PRO: sexy hardware
    CONTRA: software

    hmmm software can be fixed. At least I hope that they can fix that :D

    I think I will have to flip a coin :P

  254. Haha, my concerns are exactly opposite: con->hardware, pro->software

    I know NI will fix any software issues, but hardware is more difficult to fix when it’s in my hands.

  255. Now, I had commented a couple times ages ago, and my last comment, the one on the unboxing post, does not show up, as if it did not pass moderation. What I am concerned with is that I had never received a pre-order mail, but I am looking forward for this next one. Looking forward to it, but concerned about it. Although, I am definitely not getting edgy on this, but I would rather make sure to be part of it, is there a way to ensure?

  256. Rohan, also want to compliment you on the message of this blog, it explains so much of who you are and the foundation for your aspirations, goals and dreams. I feel really lucky to have encountered this blog at the very beginning and recommend that all new comers read at least all of your entries. Best and warmest ewgards.

  257. Hi Rohan,

    It would be good if you just put some dates on the PO2 and future developments, doesn’t matter how far they are as otherwise the number of comments are so many that it’s difficult to follow the blog in right context. It feels like i am at a spaghetti junction !

    Anyways Happy Republic Day(in India)

  258. – FUN –
    I believe NotionInk had to make the first software update fail. It was a necessary deed in order to stay true to the corporate identity which is to borrow from Genesis:

    With the tablet being Adam and the UI being Eden, it becomes quite clear that the software update equals the forbidden fruit that, if touched, would kick your Adam out of Eden. :D

    The software update was clearly there as an optional offering. No one had to take it, no one was urged to take it. But the mere curiosity of what it might do was enough to stir our free will into taking it. This teaches us that only we ourselves are to blame. The second moral is that mankind has been living quite comfortably since the LAPSE which made them abandon Eden :D :D

  259. I don’t know about you guys but I sure am glad to see people on this blog are not trolling or behaving like those on some of the other blogs… Man, its nasty out there…

  260. Argh! I don’t remember if I have posted here before or not! I really want to be a part of the next pre-order!! I have been following for the last year, but mostly keep up with posts on twitter. I do get the email updates when the blog has new posts. Does that count? Thanks Rohan! Seems like early reception has been really good. I look forward to joining the NI family of owners.

  261. Hi Rohan,
    I was wondering if those who were invited to the last preorder but didn’t manage to get an order placed would be included in preorder 2? (Especially given that I missed mine due to the server issues…)


  262. Rohan,

    Pleeeaaasssee, forget Adam2 for a while and concentrate on making Adam 1 work properly.

    You responded well to the “update problem” but other problems are happening and the world is watching.

    I have faith that you are going to deliver an update very soon that will address the issues posted on many forums, including notioninkfan and notioninkhacks.

    I become increasingly concerned that orders are being cancelled.

    I WILL NOT cancel my order for the very good reason that I know, from having a tegra2 tablet from another manufacturer, there are android experts who have made it work far better than the factory sent it out.

    Unfortunately, most people do not have this experience and will react to bad reviews.



  263. It really sadens me to read that the next order stage will only be open to those who have posted. I have been waiting for the Adam for a year and have been reading this blog for months and months.

    I felt I didnt have much to add to the comments because in the end they dont really mean anything. But because I did not make some dumb post crying about release date or a glossy screen, I cannot order the device?

    I have been holding off on all my ebook purchases waiting for the Adam, and even held of on getting a kindle because of the promise of the pixel qi screen.

    But now it seems that potential customers are going to continue to get jerked around in this process.

    Tell me, why should I bother waiting for the Adam anymore?

  264. While I feel your pain a bit I am wondering why when the first pre-order was for those who commented (regardless of how poorly it worked) that it never occured to you to post in order to qualify for the 2nd pre-order. A simple comment that you were posting to make sure you qualified for the 2nd pre-order would have done it. I saw many, many people do that so again I find myself wondering, what were you reading that you did not notice this? This is no longer grade school, you are suppose to be able to cross the street without somebody holding your hand now.

  265. hey! how were we supposed to know we had to comment?

    now that I finally have commented I’m not so sure I still want one.

  266. Has any review been published so far on the LCD screen adam? As an artist I want to be able to use my tablet as a book to be able to show my creations to others. This is why I need a tablet with vibrant colors. Washed out colors are just not good enough. Anyone knows if the LCD version has better quality colors than the Pixel QI version?

  267. Ok let’s assume other 1000 customer from this blog will be “satisfied” this week, and let’s figure the last 1000 could be next month.
    When the “normal” selling will start?
    When it start how many Pixel Qi version could Notion Ink afford for a month?

    I’m start to be scared, as I am probably not into the first wave (those who commented before january 22) when this device will become something for everyone?

  268. I totally agree that Rohan & co should focus on Adam1 for now. There are still many things that need to be fixed (like with every new product). Only when Adam 1 will work flawless, Rohan can start thinking at Adam 2.

    Waiting for news about pre-order 2.

  269. Happy Republic day to all!
    Rohan – very excited to hear about Adam II !!

    PS: Need to go check if Greg was on the ball or he dozed off with his Adam :)

  270. Dear Notion lovers,

    Rohan hinting of Adam2 leaves me(and many other, if i can say that) exhausted having followed Adam1 for so long..I hope to get a mail for preorder2 having missed out my Preorder1.
    I hope someone posts videos of apps for pdf reading in PixelQi mode. i also hope for some stylus (capacitive) tried for note taking or so..


  271. I think talking about ADAM 2 at this time is premature. Can we focus on making sure that the following happens – 1. Packing of ADAM is made more professional; i.e. No fingerprints 2. A version control is made on ADAM updates 3. Quality Control on fixing of screen is made more professional 4. Open issues on PQ screen are addressed immediately with support from Pixel Qi

  272. Can’t wait for the next round of orders. I hope they are making lots of the Pixel Q version.

  273. Hi all,

    just the persons listed in the post above will be able to attend the pre-order round 2 is it correct? Or are there a reserverd amount of Adam’s for pre-ordering by the named person and all other can be ordered by anyone?

    thanks and regards

  274. I am curious whether those of us that have been watching Notion Ink and Adam for several months, but have never posted anything might have an opportunity to pre-order as well? I missed the Pixel-Qi version of Adam in the first pre order by a couple of hours, and I have been anxiously checking back here every few hours since…

  275. Rohan,
    could you please give information when it is planed to to sell the Adam to the rest of the world?

    I now waiting since October last year for the official release of Adam1 and now hear there is coming a second pre-order session befor.
    I did not write a comment in the past, but now I think I need to, just to reserve a place for the third pre-order session. ;-)

    I can not wait to hold my Adam in my hand.


  276. OMG!! Can’t wait to be able to order. I just made it!!

    Happy Republic Day to my fellow Indian’s

  277. Hi just noticed my posts on the 21st are still showing as “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I hope this does not affect my chances of being on the pre-order 2 list?

    All other comments seem to have posted fine…

  278. I remain extremely interested in the potential application of the Adam in the archaeological field process. The combination of features–swivel camera, Qi screen, expandable storage–all offer a far more significant contribution to the field as a record-keeping device than the ‘ole pen and paper that have been with us since the late 19th century. The iPad recently received attention in the archaeological press (and on the Apple site) for its use in the field, but the device is *far* more passive than the Adam could be.

    Despite the excitement with the feature list and the post-CES optimism, the “second pre-order” or “limited invite” are engendering certain reservations. Not that this is motivated by the news of Adam2 or some of the above comments, but rather concerns borne out of the ability to get a hold of and otherwise determine the best workflow and applications for the device in the archaeological record-keeping process. I had perhaps somewhat optimistically hoped that I would be able to take it out in the field and avoid having to use the journal, a camera, then wait to get the archaeological profile printed out, then go back the next day and annotate it and all the other passive things that are currently required whether you use an iPad or a notebook.



  279. Hi All !

    Happy Repuhlic Day!!

    @Rohan, Glad to hear about adam 2. Can’t wait to hear more about it :-) . “Sleeping in the bed”, now You have started to riddle us already have you? ;-).

    Good Luck with the next round of pre-orders and adam 2. Hope everyone is satisfied this time around.

  280. @roebeet

    awesome work on gtab port.

    A request: if you feel Ni guys have done good with the ROM, retain Eden. Let it mature and become useful and intuitive. And let it spread over other android tablets. NI need money through genesis. If you feel they did good let them earn their profits through Genesis. In fact please collaborate with NI and bring out more awesomes softwares….. this is to the original hackers!!

  281. I’ll be honest – Eden feels a lot like TnT (the stock GTAB UI). Seems a bit heavy versus running something like ADW or Launcher Pro, at the moment. But, I would never critique it formally since I’ve only seen it on my mod, so that’s not really fair to NI.

    I think Eden should pay itself out. In the GTAB world, Viewsonic eventually added a more vanilla Android interface due to user pressure. There’s no way to know what will happen here – what I think MUST happen is that the UI needs to be tightened up a bit. The GTAB firmware took some time to get better, and that might happen here as well.

    One thing I can say is that the hardware under the hood is a BEAST. Tegra 2 is awesome and when the updates come out I’m sure it will make this device even better. And APX mode = a modders dream. Root, adhoc, Market, it will all be there I bet – it’s actually already begun.

  282. hi Rohan,

    Happy Republic Day to you and all NI

    Talking of Adam2 at this stage is like deflecting attention from the current issues at hand with Adam1 – First and Foremost you need to make Adam1 a success to ensure that your satisfied customers smoothly shift over to Adam2 – one step at a time.

  283. Hey!!
    I ‘ve put some commercial in my app to promote adam :

  284. Greg reported that his box was open I was wondering if his was the one notion ink used in the unboxing pictures if that is true then his update would have been installed already. for all of the people out there running in fear I don’t think meny of you have ever been involved in early addaption. we are the test market we report back bugs and they hopefully get fixed. I believe all tech companies do it I’m using a bata of firefox 4.0 at home right now. preorders are for people willing to take the risk and help get the product off of the ground so when it gets in stores everything goes smooth. I do believe that Notion ink has made a large number of mistakes and that they really need to close this blog and make a offical blog that can be better tracked. to all of you still on the fence I would say if your not ready for a bumpy ride stay on the fence I think if they can make it in a month this is going to be one heck of a tablet and all we have dreamed about and more

  285. First, Happy Independence Day India! I’m proud to be part of both, the largest democracy in the world (India) and the greatest democracy in the world (USA).

    As to Adam: I’m still waiting until my name comes on the list of people available to buy (pre-order). I’m really interested in buying one of these, with PQi. I’ve told so many of my friends and family about this product… now it’s time to show it. Most are very impressed with what I’ve told, but they will only look into buying after they see the real thing in person. When can I get one??????? :)

  286. Now I’m glad that Ive’ commented before as welll. I was lucky enough to be selected for pre order 1, but by the time i realized that the invite had gone to my spam folder, all the pixel-qi models were sold out. So I didn’t buy. I want tye pixel-qi screen.

    If I can’t getone on this next go around, well honestly, as other have pointed out, there are finally some competative products coming out from Motorolla and LG, and even Dell. With Honeycomb around the corner, the one advatage Adam has is pixel-qi.

    I would also like to suggest that when Honeycomb does get relased, that NI allows users to shut Eden down and use the native adroid UI. That would truly make Adam stand apart, we’ll have a great custom interface, but also the full Native UI.

  287. Glad to hear about Adam 2 and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it – but how are you going to keep investors and make $$$ if you don’t even have a complete Adam 1 rollout?

    Looking forward to the next round of orders…


  288. Think it is really interesting that my previous comment was deleted, all I did was point out that Notion Ink are lying by not holding the promises they gave to EAP 2 participants

  289. Why do you guys think Rohan will distribute Adam2 within a few months?

    He clearly said in interviews this is a dream. NI is not selling a product but a dream.
    And part of that is to look ahead not in just 12 months time what will happen but what will be achieved in the next 5 years. So thinking of the situation over 5 years does also mean start thinking about the what and the how since yesterday.

    He is just anticipating on the market and trying to figure out what will be needed to stay on the edge and sell the dream.

    Anticipating on what honeycomb will look like is on of the things.
    I’m pretty sure he is thinking on the look&feel of the next gen Adam, the CPU&GPU etc.

    Remember it took Adam more than just 12 months to develop and distribute….

    Rohan correct me if I’m wrong.

  290. maharaj:
    > NI is not selling a product but a dream.

    That’s not good because I want to buy a product. Rohan’s let us know about his dream for Adam – up to 32 gig ram, for example, and a thinner bezel, and a working back-trackpad, etc., etc. Sometimes Rohan gets carried away with his own enthusiasm, which is why he needs a good PR person to sit on him.

  291. +1 about not wanting to hear about Adam 2 yet, let me enjoy this one before it is already replaced.

  292. Maybe you should concentrate on Adam before Adam 2… Just an idea… You know… fixing some issues… not making mistake… stuff like that… Just a thought…

  293. Absolutely – the hardware doesn’t seem to have problems as far as I’m concerned, but a lot of the hardware needs to be worked out before we can really move onto the latest and greatest set of new features.

    When Apple crippled my iPhone 3G by focusing on next gen development exclusively, I can’t say I was thrilled (a yet unresolved standing issue for over a year).

  294. ^”a lot of the software issues need to be”

    In my haze that is replying during work hours I made a seemingly large mistake in my previous post. :P

  295. Rohan,

    I am a well-wisher, but it pains me to see that the lessons of Adam 1 are not being learnt. I really don’t understand the need for this big proclamation, regarding Adam 2:

    “It is going to be an exciting piece of engineering and we will surprise the world by making everyone sleeping in their beds, come out, sit over the edge, and become a part of it!”

    As a customer, I would like to see the product and then declare it whatever it is worthy of. Marketing jargons are fine, but it needs to match up with the final product – which I am sorry to say, was not the case with Adam 1.

    Hope the NI team does not continue to issue lofty statements. Surprise us with your final product. If the product is brilliant, the customers will not need this meaningless marketing buzz!

  296. Rohan –

    Happy Republic Day to you and the NI team.
    I am glad to know that you have already started thinking about adam2.
    Could you give us a date for the second round for pre-orders? Please illustrate how are you planning to do it? Are you going to send an email to all the people who have commented prior to Jan22,2010 or you just open it up for pre-order.

  297. okay, ive know i posted before then. Hopefully I dont get missed this time. I am a little hesitant after watching that kid with his adam tablet and its lag, but that couldve been before the update.

  298. Rohan, like other supporters for over a year and we followed your tablet
    waiting to buy one.
    Actually, I think the issue of pre-orders have started to tire a lot. I understand that in a
    principle would not want to take risks and will draw a few units.
    But I think given the success we’ve had, everyone is entitled to buy a notion ink without
    pages have to check in or be here waiting to see when will the other pre-
    order, if we have bad luck nor chance of a Notion.
    I want to buy the product in a normal fashion in a shop or on your website but
    buy-pay and take home, and we are doing seems to work in opposition
    As we know, when we buy the notion of normal form and have all the
    right to have access to one.

  299. @Rohan.
    I am excited to hear that you plan on including us in the think tank for the Adam II, I have one suggestion, please make this think tank in a private forum of a specific group of people. If you keep it open on this forum like you have for adam I- anyone and everyone can come in and steal our ideas. probably some of the problems we had with Adam I not getting back side trackpad, etc. Please put up a forum and make the thinktank group a private one of trusted customers.

  300. Happy Republic day Rohan and NI team.

    It is good to see you working at a rapid pace to resolve the firmware issues. I’m sure it will get sorted out very soon.

    When is the next round of order? Hope Genesis will be up soon.

    There were some posts in the previous blog:

    “Brightness wash-out color adjustment for Pix Qi
    Settings/display/brightness/uncheck box, and then slider will adjust screen brightness
    this may help some of the wash out issues. The backlight on the PixQi is very bright.”

    And the ADW Launcher has controls to adjust the brightness so that colors look vibrant. Can NI push a firmware update that will allow the user to do the same with Eden UI.

    Very generous of you Rohan and NI to embrace XDA for porting eden to Viewsonic Gtab. Does it mean that Eden UI is open for everybody? or are they working together with NI now?

  301. Hmmm, wonder when I can order the Adam. I’ve been following it for a while and was going to preorder it back in December but wanted to see how it went. Now, I’m dying for one!!! :)

  302. Happy Republic Day!!
    Hi Rohan, for the preorder2, can you please include the other memory variants and specify the price for those models? it is always better to have more onboard memory even thought it has other addon memory options. Given a chance, i would prefer the 32GB model or atleast the 16GB model, if available :-) otherwise i will have to settle down for 8GB model :-(. Also, it would be great if you can email us atleast 1 day prior to the start of the preorder2 or atleast open it during a weekend. most of us dont have access to personal emails at work and so are at a disadvantage. Eagerly awaiting for preorder2!!

  303. I read this on one of the comments on a YouTube video of someone opening up their Notion Ink Adam. For anyone who is thinking that Notion Ink ditched 5% cancellation fee – think again. I just got an email from Notion Ink saying that they will charge 5% cancellation fee if I cancel the order.

  304. I’m sure there are still alot of people here that would be happy to give you full price for your order. If you are looking to cancel

  305. Hoping this time around we are informed of pre order well ahead of time for notion ink family

  306. anyone want to take a guess at the size of preorder 1 I love NI and don’t mean this to be negative. and a small start is a start after all. but I would guess that the fist preorder total is less the 500 units alltogeather. I could be wrong and like I said it really is not a negative thing. just guessing based on the numbers of videos and post coming in.

  307. So since I didn’t comment (again) I can’t take advantage of the pre-order? Very disappointing, yet again!

  308. So since I didn’t comment (again) I can’t take advantage of the pre-order? Very disappointing, yet again!

  309. Rohan,

    It is a mistake to start promoting Adam2 before you get a foot in the market with Adam. Why talk about Adam2 and make people wait for it and not order Adam? Are you going to come out of pre-order mode and release it to regular market? I

  310. He’s trying to troll, comparing a dream (Xoom) to a reality (Adam), and forgetting that, for the second of his comparisons, Xoom and Adam are the same. Troll fail.

  311. I am sooooooo glad… I will be part of the preorder 2 batch. I will have my beloved Adam soon.

  312. I doubt I will get an email for Pre-Order – I am not member of either of the community.
    It seems like I have to join one of them.

    its not fair Rohan – You can’t force us to jump to another community, when we read your blog here.

    can’t you simply create your own database of followers of NI ?

    or just let us know what day and time the next order will start and we make sure we follow through with our order.

    isn’t it fair thing to ask for ?

  313. @Yaarji,

    I am not sure if you understood Rohan’s comment

    All the members of the NotionAddicts, NotionInkHacks, NotionInkFan and those who commented before 22nd of January WILL be the part of the next pre-order.

    He mentioned here and in the previous blog comments that everyone who is on this blog will be included as well

  314. Rohan,

    what is the mystery bonus feature?
    It is time to update that in the website?



  315. Mystery bonus feature is an FM radio. It came as a “freebie” with a change in chips, so it might not be there in the next version of Adam if people don’t like it.

    I heard one report that it’s usable now — may require the update. Don’t quote me on that, though, as I don’t have a unit of my own.

  316. The UI is still pretty clearly under development; there’s a lot missing from it right now (no access to App Markets, Genesis, etc is a rather large handicap as well), and picking it up and just using it wouldn’t be the easiest process in the world, especially for someone who doesn’t have a more technical background (enthusiast or professional), especially if you initially have no prior knowledge of Android.

    A lot of the software packaged in doesn’t function quite as well as it should (as can be seen from some of the videos people have been posting); I replaced the stock browser for the moment due to some major functionality lose with Dolphin – which basically requires you to load the APK files manually to your Adam.

    I haven’t gotten too far in exploring this process yet, as it’s work time now. :P I have found that certain stock android packages fail to install, and the UI (prior to installing anything) is a little glitchy and has a tendency to Force Close proprietary software – I restored to factory settings to ensure this was the base configuration, but the problem persists. Fortunately, UI problems can generally be hashed out in the updates.

    As far as the hardware goes, it’s a pretty tidy little package. There is a lot of glare on the display as others have commented, but it’s far from unusable. The screen is a fingerprint magnet. I haven’t gotten around to putting the screen protector on yet (I thought I would try without), but I hear there is a minor loss in touch sensitivity when it’s on. I’m also hesitant in the regard that I’ll probably acquire a third party stylus, and screen protectors get massacred pretty easily.

    Overall initial impressions are this: I like the form factor, a little heavier than I had expected (which isn’t noticable if you brace it with the center-of-gravity across your arm), and the display is a comfortable size. The hardware is a green light. The UI still seems rather buggy, and can’t really be considered a finished product yet; hopefully the combination of the present update and the february update work out most of the kinks with exception to Genesis (which needs to get up and running to really get good functionality out of Adam).

    I’m rather tempted to try and get Ubuntu loaded up on the device (preferable through a USB), although it’s my suspicion the drivers will be unavailable for quite a while so that may not be an option for some time, but it’d be nice to use at least until Eden reaches a more usable (and stable) build. (I suspect loading the newest build may be a bit of an ordeal for someone who hasn’t flashed a ROM before).

    Haven’t had a chance to try the PiQi display under sunlight yet, although it didn’t perform badly under normal lighting – it can get rather dark in more poorly lit locations (dramatically moreso than an e-ink display), but this is nothing someone familiar with Pixel Qi wasn’t already aware of.

  317. @DarkWinterNights, You may try with update. some users commented that update fixed some UI issues and improved responsiveness.

  318. Yeah I assumed that’s one of the reasons the update was available so quickly. I’ll have to give it some work when I get home to get it up to speed; spent my first couple hours with it just getting familiar with its functionality and the stock software. :P

  319. all th good news!
    in fact, the more tables devices will come soon,
    if you can’t let us know how better your than others, you will be loser!
    still focus!

    good luck for everybody here!

  320. @Rohan

    Happy Republic Day to you and the NI team…thanks for the updates again.
    Also happily awaiting the shipment notice for my Adam LCD, before Chinese New Years arrives.

  321. @ Pramod- I agree, and stuff I have mentioned before. you probably wont get a reply, but maybe a few loyal fans bashing you. And then the same thing will occur next week and someone else will post the same comment in frustration… no smiley face for you showing Rohan understands your frustration and is making changes to address… unless he likes you better than those who have posted this stuff already ;P

  322. taking the attitude that you have to think things through more carefully before executing, and seeking outside feedback in design, those are definitely good things. But they won’t make your lives feel any easier. There’s a cadre of people who are looking for blood around any startup, and the more interesting and innovative their approach, the more those folks will jump with glee when they see a little pink in the water. (And there are always plenty of people around to join in the feeding frenzy once it starts.)

    but like I said, good for you for committing to an open design process and carefully thinking through your moves. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s the best thing for your future.

  323. Looking forward to next pre-order.
    Must agree with post (far up in the list) that dev and support for Adam 1 is more important than a quick v2.

    Best rgds

  324. Im sooooo glad… I wil be part of the preorder 2 batch. I wlll have my beloved Adam at last.

  325. Happy Republic Day to our Indian friends. Congratulations on your democracy. May it live long and prosper in the pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness.

  326. Following each and every comment easily on my Nokia N95 using slick messenger!

    To follow the comments intanteneously I am using Jabber client
    U get comment instaneosly and its easy to follow the blog…just give a try
    just enable jabber

  327. Have we got a date for official support of Android Market?
    It’s kind of a big deal for me.

  328. Never, since they are using their genesis market.

    If you want official support, maybe you should wait until honeycomb drops. Then there should be a tablet market supported.

  329. Hi guys,
    How about starting a wiki book as manual for using Adam tablet. So that it will be easy for other to find ways to work with it.

  330. I hope not to miss the secound round of pre-orders, I still have a great expectation of ADAM even if time is running.

    Anyway, do you have any information to release on when and where ADAM will be available to buy by the public in France or anywhere in the Europe and in the world after the second wave of pre-order.

  331. (duplicate post to get to the bottom of the page)
    Hi guys,
    How about starting a wiki book as manual for using Adam tablet. So that it will be easy for other to find ways to work with it.

  332. WHOHOO!!! Rohan is better than Steve Jobs!

    NI’s ordering system (lottery) is pathetic.

    I basically have to wait until Rohan is kind enough to invite me to pre-order one. Or perhaps I have to pay $800+ to an ebay “businessman”, who, once again, Rohan was careful enough to invite.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on for like 4 months, but it didn’t occur to me to post something here. In any case I was away in December so I didn’t have much time to take care of this anyway, but now I find out I will be *excluded* from the second pre-order.

    Anyway I got interested about adam because I wanted a pixelqi device. Not necesarely adam, but I must admit it seems to be the nicest one thus far.

    So I guess the only sensible thing to do is to buy a netbook (preferably with N550 atom) and put in a pixelqi screen, and then I’ll have a proper computer with pixelqi.

    Bottom line: My personal opinion is that Rohan is not really so fund of socialist fairness and equality values that he seems to promote (not that I like these ideas anyway), but this is simply a devious marketing plan, well worthy of Steve Jobs. And cute as these devices may seem, I am not in the habit of doing business with such people and much less trusting them to write software for my device. While apple was never on my list, now I guess I have to take notionink off it as well.

    Congratulations Rohan! You pulled it off, you already have a million imbeciles lined up ready to buy anything you market, while also going through the humiliation of ordering it. You’re even sicker than Steve! You must be the next Indian billionaire in the making.

    Happy Republic Day!

  333. Wow, that’s quite a rant. So everyone who has preordered are imbeciles and you’re really pissed off that you can’t pre-order too…hmm…

    As for lottery, if the numbers of Adams being produced right now are small, how would you decide to distribute them?

  334. @bogdan. From all of us to you:

    Goodbye, elalleqa, khodaa haafez, aabar dekha hobey, sayonara / さよなら, Auf Wiedersehen, Viszlát!, Arrivederci, Au Revoir, Adios, Hejdå, Aloha, Shalom, Sampai Jumpa, Adios, Paalam, Zai Jian, Zoi Geen, Farvel, Namaste, Alvida, Ayo, Rub Rakha, Feri bhetaula, Do zobaczenia, Żegnaj, Adeus, Do svidan’ya/До Свидания, Selamat jalan, Tot ziens, 再见, Yasou, Hwyl fawr, Anyeonghi Gasyeo, Hyvästi, Vale, , Veloma, Sige la, Khuda Hafiz, Ha det bra, Slan, Chao, Nasvidenje,

  335. Come on now guys, he is just expressing his frustration in a company the only way he knows how. That is raw frustration right there and I actually think NI needs to see it. I dont know what the stats are but for everyone person that feels strong enough to post about it, how many are not willing to take the time to post and feel the same? NI needs to be aware of people’s frustrations and it shows that many people are canceling their orders with NI because of them.

    I dont think NI understands that in the customer service business there is a saying… for every customer you upset you lose 10 and for every customer you impress, you only gain 2… this means that upseting people is more harmful to your business than pleasing people and the company now has to work 5X as hard to get back to where they started… This one upset guy is now going to become a thorn and blog against NI and tell all his friends not to buy NI… I think upset customers need to be taken more serious than the addicts…

  336. Albert, as you have noted before, we are dealing with a limited supply and i for one got locked out because of Mastercharge and not moving fast enough before PQ sold out. I am hping to have better luck in the next of what promises to be a quick run. Hey, to the quick goes the prize. No hard feelings towards the winners.

  337. Albert, I understand what you are saying and actually agree but I have to tell you I am really wondering about people who say things like

    “I’ve been keeping an eye on for like 4 months, but it didn’t occur to me to post something here.”

    I find myself wondering, is it a reading comprehension problem or a raw candlepower problem. The first pre-order was aimed at people who had posted, dozens of people if not many more than that have posted saying they were posting to make sure they got in the queue for the next order but good old bogdan who has been here for 4 months never had it cross his mind. I have a word or two to describe that but I’ll be nice and let everybody supply their own.

  338. Well some people are stupid and some people can’t read, and I don’t think we should make fun of them. But there are some people (and I know of this only by their reputation) that have what they call “lives,” and don’t care to read through a few tens of thousands of comments in the blog here, which is the only place they could have found out that they needed to post. I don’t sympathize with them because people with “lives” don’t have as much use for an Adam as the rest of us.

    The other issue, of course, is how to parcel out a small number of Adams among a large number of potential customers, and there is no good way to do that. Some of us are more patient than others, though.

  339. Ha ha. You made a misprint. (Slán with an accent, no?)

    Anyway, you should cut that out unless you want to make bogdan feel unwelcom.

  340. @Greg!
    I am not able to post at Why?
    Also, when you do a video demo of adam, can you please try to load
    “” and its associated Paint software. It is Adobe Flash AIR based. And I would like to know how it performs on adam.

  341. well , nice work Notion ink team . dear Rohan instead of talking about Adam 2 we need to concentrate on Adam 1 itself and try to sell significant amount of Adam 1. yes indeed you need to plan almost one year ahead and you r experienced player now plus financially more secure. all the best.

  342. Dont you think its the best way to have tech fans like looking at these forums as the first betatesters? Call them family member or adamits, they are the most critical and enthusiastic beta tester you will find on the planet. It´s a fast, inexpensive and very effective way to get the system and software running perfect.
    There is a small company adapting very fast to all problems, and make the adam running very good in the future.
    I will buy this device as soon as possible, expecting a working machine useable far beyond all others avaible.

  343. Happy Republic Day to all in India.

    So I have a quick comment to make here. I think the development time for Adam should be done in 15 months rather than 9. I think this for two reasons:

    1. Appearance of obsolescence: For most tech nuts, a new iteration of a product means obsolescence of the previous version. Though, technically this is very untrue, in this consumer oriented market perception is the name of the game. If we are looking at 9 months this means even less time between the time it hits the mass market. So lots of people will either hold off on buying Adam, or if they buy it, they may feel they got something outdated.

    2. Tied with this consumer market we have the issue of e-waste. I think Notion Ink has a chance to make an example of creating technology that remains relevant and isn’t disposable. It is important to strike a good balance between staying ahead of the curve but remain grounded to people’s actual needs.

    Well that’s my two cents on that! Cheers!

  344. Btw full review on the site “”. Use google translator to translate in english

  345. Voila! – (I did not understand a word but…) A very nice walk-through of the OOTB apps. Very nice! Like what I see so far. UI is very responsive. Except 2 things I notice:
    1. The jerky movement of the panel scrolling – which Rohan said is being addressed when they go all out OpenGL
    2. The button selection in the paint app seemed to require multiple taps.

    I think this is the 1st time I am seeing a close up of the left hand semicircular tab navigator. Very cool!

  346. Yup ! I can try and summarize briefly what is said.

    He basically finds the tablet damn good (“bien foutue” as he says :). He particularly likes the calendar (freaking good, “vachement bien foutue”) and paint apps (even though it lags sometimes), and says the sound is great(the best available on tablets nowadays). I was surprised (from other reviews available) to hear that he finds the screen very good (he has a Pixel Qi version), he insists on the difference between the glossy frame and the “matter” screen, he kinda likes that.
    Of course there are some cons, such as the lag occurring sometimes. However he is confident this should be solved with the update.
    His overall opinion is that ADAM is a great product :), hopefully the update will solve this lag problem !

  347. Good points by Pramod, Albert and Wally West.

    NI needs to focus on the roadmap too…working on the next version doesn’t make the current version obsolete as it takes time to prototype it and get it production ready. Adam 2 will be ready for Christmas 2012.

    Every companies have plans for the next version the very minute the current version is launched but NI is more open about its plans and wants the extended community to help design the Adam 2, and that is a noble thought. But as Nilesh pointed out, NI should have the resources and bandwidth to sustain the Adam 1 (iron out existing issues and new issues), and make it available thru major brick-and-mortar and web retail outlets.

    Till the capacity constraint is fixed on P-Qi display, Adam 1 will not be ready for that kind of a reach.

  348. @Lakshman, Yes but what makes you think that you cannot have parrallel paths. Why not both at once? You can question a lack of resources but would not that be an assumption? Should we ask for financials and, while we are at it, ask for schedule of iasset allocation, Why assume that everything that you mention is not planned but will take time to implement and then only in stages. From one perspective, yes the Adam s/h/b i stores a year ago and customer service and advertising, marketing depts in place. Or we can give credit where credit is due and acknowlege what has been accomplished successfully, if not smoothly, and try to see it as the major achievement that ii is. I really think that we can micro manage and loose pespective but taken in totality it really is amazing, and the developmental plans, if they come to fruition in a timely fashion,are inspiring. We can be critical and give well meaning advice but it s/b tempered with an acknowlgement of what is taking place and how that quantifies the well meant advice or critiques. We all want the same thing but we can’t know what difficuties have been encountered and overcome, the successes and the compromises.We mean well but let’s not trow stones in the path.

  349. I want NI to do it in parallel…and Rohan confirmed that’s how he’s planning to do it. I’ll give him the benefit of doubt, at least for trying :)

  350. See this video in this french review..even if you don’t know the language it is pretty good…far better than most of the mediocre reviews we have seen from both private and so called professional reviewers..



  351. i trust this video… Adam runs smooth and glitch-free, confirming Rohan previous demonstrations

  352. @ wathouse — Thanks for the link…colors look pretty decent.

    Still waiting for the 29th to come :(

  353. i loved his video eventhough i din understand what he spoke… its nice.. no force close…

  354. Here is an updated version of that video with an English voice-over:


  355. Eh yea, “professional reviewers” don’t take advertisements on their web BLOG. These “professional reviewers” are just trying to make a buck criticizing others hard work.

  356. Huh?

    I dunno what “professional reviewers” you are talking about. Show me a “professional reviewer” who does not take advertisements, and I’ll show you a “professional reviewer” who has a day-job.

  357. First and foremost, I would like an Adam 1 tablet with the Wifi and Pixel Qi screen. It seems to be the best offered at this time. I don’t understand the criticism on this posting for announcing the Adam 2 is planned for a year from now. When a new product is finally released for production, the next generation has already reached concept and maybe even testing phases for just about everything related to technology. I would gladly purchase an Adam 1 now, full well knowing that its predecessor is due to come out 1 year from now. There will be support for Adam 1. Any company that wants to have success will support their products. From what I have seen of the Notion Ink they are very proud of their product and are always looking for ways to improve their product, hence Adam 2. I am excited that they are planning to take advantage of the next round of technology. If they were always waiting for the next technological breakthrough to be released they would never make any Adam tablets, period.

  358. Missed out on the initial pre-order with Mastecard issues. REALLY hope it gets through this time!

  359. @Ulrich, I don’t think so. Here is the Rohan’s answer in one of the interviews.

    “Q: When is the 2nd pre-open orders? Does Paypal accounts, and MasterCard are accepted Google Checkout?
    A: Soon! The MasterCard will be accepted. However, Paypal is not always on good terms with the Indian merchants.”

  360. I can say for a fact that it can reach said temperatures here in Texas! It can get as low as -10c and as high as 50c during the summer, if adam can withstand that, I will be thoroughly impressed! (Any gadget thus-far that’s not has been modified as to make it so, thus if adam does not- it will soon! :P)

    Can’t wait for the next order-sequence, I’m literally biting my nails as I’ve finally got my college check in the bank and my mastercard’s simply waiting to be (theoretically) swiped! :D

    Bring it on Rohan! I’m watching all the unboxing videos on youtube over and over! :P

  361. It’s now 26th and i feel like i been waiting for ages for NI to ship my ADAM. First it was 9th then between 15th and 22th and on the 22th it was changed to the 29th (yeah i know you all know the story). But why is the estimated date always a saturday and will my adam get shipped this time. Every day, many time a day, I logon to the preorder page at notionink and it always says 29th and i hope not that when i reach the 29th that it will say 5th of february :(…. Come on NI. Start shipping the next batch :)

  362. Come on NI. Start shipping the next batch. I don’t what to wait till saturday the 29th to see that the estimated shipping date i change (for the 4th time ) to the 5th of february. And why is the shipping date a saturday ?

  363. I had commented in the past and hoped to be in the initial order, I never got the email though??? …….I hope I can order for the next round……..


  364. I’m an early adopter and accept that buying an Adam is a calculated risk. It’s no different than buying a first-of-a-kind product or even a brand new model of anything.

    Example, I’m into videography and considering buying a first-of-a-kind 3D video camcorder, even though Sony and Panasonic already are receiving complaints because their new products don’t do this or that. An example of new model risk is people who were the first purchasers of Apple’s iPhone 4 and experienced the now infamous antenna problem.

    In a perfect world every Adam off the assembly line would be perfect. In my world I expect the Adam to the best product NI can produce given the myriad of challenges they face. I expect that when bugs are discovered they will be fixed, that defects will be corrected and technical support will be provided. Most of all I expect that when Adam 2 is released I’ll think “Gee, if I’d only waited.” Then I’ll think back on being part of this magnificent group and the Adam’s development and remember why, instead of waiting, I chose to be an early adopter of a promising one-of-a-kind product.

  365. If I want to wait another 6 months to get a newer version, I will still be waiting cause there will be yet another newer version announced (or a much better product announced from a different company). It is a fast paced world of technology and I can never be ‘current’ (and if I am, there is something wrong with that technology). Hence, I am glad that I decided to jump in and get one of a kind product as it exists, and I have no expectations of it to last my lifetime. Sooner or later, everything becomes obsolete. Sometimes I find it funny how people mention ‘I should have waited’. The first product of a start up company that is comparable to (better than) the best out there in the market. Appreciate that and embrace it – be a part of it! Very well put @Chip.

  366. I’m way off course here, but I’d like to see Adam support HDMI input as well. When I was younger I used to like to record gameplay from game consoles (i.e. Combo videos, etc), or content directly from a variety of sources to my computer.

    I haven’t looked into the logistics of this – if it could be done, it adds a lot of functionality people buy just in the portable LCD formfactor – potentially an additional market to expand into without increasing overhead (except the man-hours already being put forward in code development). :P

    I looked into it for stock android, but couldn’t find a solution regarding this.

  367. As HDMI is bi-directional, I imagine it could be done, although I have no idea what would happen with two driving HDMI sockets connected together.

    If it turns out a dedicated port is in fact required, too bad the extra 30cents of copper wasn’t added to the overall design. :P Maybe a thought for Adam 2 in that case?

  368. Seems Elocity A7 can do it (rumor has it), but first I’ve heard of it.


  369. @Chebbinator
    I knew it was coming. ;)

    Indeed, but rather than spend $200 on a bulky adapter, it’d be nice to have that functionality right from the device itself, especially if it’s fundamentally a software problem ($2 app in the Android store kinda problem).

    Alternatively, if it’s a hardware issue and you can’t use the same port for HDMI in as HDMI out, a second slot costs $0.43/unit USD bulk (4000+) from an unspecialized supplier, and the circuit topology of a typical tablet probably has allowance for adding a couple items, so the cost to PCB printing and enclosure is probably a wash (add a little copper, remove a little plastic), and add 2 cents of solder for a grand total of $0.45 USD.


    Just my thoughts on a possible Adam feature that could be offered, or at least Adam 2. ;)

    Also, if I had to get something tethered down like that, I’d probably look at a Capture Card for half the price on a desktop unit. :P

  370. @darkWinterNights – Sorry – did not mean to send just a 1 liner… I should have added
    “Hmm.. bi-directional HDMI port… interesting idea.. might be a hardware impact for the board… but in the meanwhile buy from Amazon…”

  371. @Crisco,

    You probably intended to say successor, it can’t be predecessor anyway.

    Gecko, I have no intention to take your job.

  372. Alex Thomas:
    > Gecko, I have no intention to take your job.
    There’s always room for one more but, frankly, you’ve got a lot of practicing to do first.

    You commented on Crisco’s:
    > I would gladly purchase an Adam 1 now, full well knowing that its predecessor is due to come out 1 year from now.

    without even considering the possibility that he was writing us from the year 2013.

  373. Its actually worse significantly better at hot temperatures than cold. Luckily in (definitely mainland) Australia, no urban centre gets as cold as -3 Celcius (Melbourne, pretty much the coldest significant concentration of population- i.e. millions- dropped within 0.2 degrees of this limit on the adam, but that was 109 years ago). I don’t think northern hemisphere (or far south america, the odd Antarctic marine biologist perhaps) will be so lucky. Then again, its the same with everything- don’t leave an Adam (or Hans C. Anderson’s matchstick girl) out in the cold, or use it for anything but brief stints in sub-zero temperatures. Boiling hot days should be fine, however. With that kind of temperature maximum, it seems fairly likely that you’d heatstroke before the adam fried.

  374. Can anybody help us newbies out ? I’ve seen the question a few times, so I’ll repeat it, hoping on an answer.

    The issue: some of us were recently moderated (allowed to post here), but only a post AFTER the 22nd of january got moderated, whilst some of us did post older messages. So we posted BEFORE the 22nd, but those post didn’t get moderated. Does this mean we are IN or OUT for pre-order 2 ?

    Thanks !

    A lot of different opinions on this, but I love the fact that they’re already talking about adam 2. I honestly don’t believe it means they’ll stop support on Adam 1 or stop developing for adam 1. I actually believe the opposite will be true (except for hardware the Adam 2 might have that the 1 might not have of course, like pressure sensitive pen input ? ;) ).

    Maybe by already selling the adam 1 to fans that know this is not the perfect tablet just yet, and developing the adam 2 at the same time, they’ll get a huge testers base that will be happy to help out and report. NI will be able to give the adam 1 lots of software updates and get immediate feedback from us, implementing the comments, re-releasing another update, etc. In the end Adam 1 users will get a decent Adam 1 with fully functioning software developed in the direction they want it AND we can rest assured that by doing all of this, they’ll know exactly what their fanbase wants out of a tablet and how to make the adam 2 even better. :) Anyway, that’s how I hope things will turn out. :D

  375. posts being moderated are default automated by wordpress. NI and Rohan have nothing to do with this. (did you put a link? have you never blogged before?- create and account with wordpress and you will less likely be moderated)

    you wont know if you are in or out of the order invite until you start seeing eveyrone else post they got it… then you check and either are happy you were invited to or upset that you were not invited and start bashing NI because of it ;)

  376. I do not understand the fuss about Adam 2 announcement. Hey people! It is not going to be out till late 2012 or 2013! And that too, it can happen only if the kinks in Adam 1 are fixed to the satisfaction of customers and only if NI can fix the Business Dev aspect. As of today, the “dream” will be a “nightmare” for people who are not geeks but have an Adam in their hands. A product is just not the hardware and the software in it. It is about the entire experience of doing business with someone.

    I feel, this pre-order process is kind of an off-the-record beta-testing of the product. Some people llove doing that because of the ride and know about the pain that comes with it.

    This is the first time a product and a business-model is evolving through a community platform. If this experiment works, Rohan and NI is re-writing history for start-ups. If NI can iron out the kinks, they can ask for funding from “the family” instead of asking it from venture capitalists. Now imagine that! It’ll be like micro-finance supporting a start-up through web 2.0. If and when NI goes public, hope Rohan remembers his “family”.

    Having said that, I do sincerely hope Rohan builds a strong foundation with Adam 1 before he takes the crowd towards Adam 2.

  377. i’m sure Rohan & Co know we are part of the foundation.. without 1, no 2; without beta, no gamma.

    i’m buying Adam 1 and already prepared to buy Adam 2, each time as an early adopter. our support (purchases) of the 128K RAM Mac financed each successive/successful Mac.

    agreed: giving family first chance to invest in Adam would light up the entire world! but i’d suggest continuing to receive funding from regular capitalist entities.

  378. Feels to me like we EAP 2 people have been dumped – message in November notifying selection and promising things for December…almost February now and nothing as of yet and no reply to any email enquiries

  379. Me either, not sure what the deal with EAP 2 was, let’s wait and see…. There’s also the whole thing about the NDA so I’m not sure many people will talk about it!

    Jai hind: happy republic day.

  380. the NDA on EAP 2 was about asking us please not to tell anyone we were selected, about what they promised us and when it would happen…but then as they haven’t delivered any of it, why should I hide it!There was also notice that to have the EAP SDK and hardware we would have to sign confidentiality about features until Adam releases…well, it has already released so that confidentiality is pretty pointless.

    My position on the EAP was that I was going to be developing and leveraging specialist applications on the Notion Ink platform with a sizeable market, now I have to admit I will probably be ignoring Notion Ink and developing on the Android 3 SDK platform, and Notion Ink will have to compete for those markets when they manage to implement Android 3.

    I am a businessman, and unfortunately Notion Inks failure to deliver on their promises has impacted on my business; I have lost 8 weeks development time on a 12 week programme and had to pay for some development time which couldn’t happen. I cannot afford to trust them any more with the future of my business. My feeling is that they have been pressured by the big boy organisations for exclusivity, so us smaller guys can go hang.

  381. fredx
    > no reply to any email enquiries

    This is probably the worst thing about NI. Even an ack with a built-in lie (“Your message is very important to us”) would be better than silence. Obviously we don’t expect Rohan to personally answer every e-mail, but this ridiculousness has been going on for months.

    Rohan – suppose you greet someone and that person pretends not to see you, looks right through you as though you weren’t there. The (slightly archaic) term for this, which I learn from Miss Manners, is a “cut direct.” It is how one treats an enemy, for example. It is an insult. It is an unforgivable way to treat “family.”

    (Yes, I’ve had an e-mail ignored as well.)

  382. Sorry, Karen, didn’t mean for you to understand my comment. I could have put it in a different language but, since you’re Dutch, you probably know them all, anyway.

  383. You could try russian or finnish ;)
    Sorry even a Dutch gal understood ya.
    *gecko recalibrating*

  384. Indeed. Courtesy is not an alien concept in a town like Bangalore. There’s even a Sanskrit word for it: ‘maryAda’.

    Inkers make a fetish out of youth, but something I learned as I got more mellow is that Smartness is not a scalar quantity. It is highly vectorial. So, we have people who are extremely smart at some things, but are blind to their lack of smartness in other directions. This is excusable in a genius, because it is this ‘singularity’ that makes them geniuses in the first place — with rare exceptions like my man Leonardo who had it in spades along multiple eigenvectors. However, a corporation is not a person, and corporate genius requires large eigenvalues along multiple orthogonal dimensions to compete. So you assemble a team whose collective skills span those dimensions. The other thing to note is that these dimensions are orthogonal, so one genius loses nothing by the presence of another.

    I hope the pseudo-mathematical explanation helps the engineering types at NI.

    BTW, what’s up with the continuing spelling errors? Brighteness? Peal away? Someone suggested hiring a friendly neighborhood English teacher in Bangalore and plying her with iddlys and dosas (“always eating dosa iddly; drinking beer and going piddly”) until you get your language right. No such mamis in sight?

    Time to pay some attention to these matters, guys. Friendly unsolicited advice.

  385. @Il Magnifico in your reference to Rohan
    Say what! How about bringing the big words down 32 notches, or were you talking to one person. Are you saying he is to abstract for most of us to understand, using the mathematical expression “eigenvectors, eigenvalues, and orthogonal (linear algebra) dimensions?

  386. I submitted more questions to NI 2 days ago about future forums, the manual that the paperwork with the adam refers to and other questions. I received no response from NI. This would be the 4th e-mail they ignored from me. They ignore my blogging and they ignore my e-mails… I see a trend. Will they ignore me if I have a defective product? I wonder what crunchgear would have to say about that?

    how desperate does a person have to get before he resorts to attacking a company instead of praising it… (not saying I would do this, but almost all of the customers they are recruiting are internet surfers and have easy access to providing damaging information to tabloids every time NI fails to meet expectations.)

    NI We dont blog here and make suggestions for the hell of it. Some of us here actually care what happens to it. how about showing us a little faith that you actually care too… Dont ignore our e-mails since that is your only form of public communication. You refuse to provide a toll free number to call you. You have not established a forum monitored by customer service people… and you ignore our e-mails.

  387. um… your comments are as if you are telling me goodbye… do you think I am done for? Hell no, I am here to stay… like NI ;P

    Although, I will say I am probably going to start blogging more on the site more. When I get my adam I am going to be organizing several tips and tricks categories over there. Answers to several problems people run into, etc. I like the organization of their forum. I will also post several how to video’s when I get a chance. I would advise everyone to root their adams BTW, because Titanium backup is the best backup software out there and requires root access. Will save all your apps and app data to restore fully.

  388. Hey Albert,

    One of the first guys to receive the Adam (currently in SF) has just written back to NI on returning his piece. I’ll let him share the details (more likely on NotionAddicts Forum) but he has been having a number of issues – manufacturing defects, bad responses from the screen, dead pixels, etc. Kinda sad, he has been on this for the last year or so, and he is frustrated enough to write back to them about returning it back. Given the way NI has managed this entire process so far he is evaluating whether to ask for a replacement or just ask for his money back.


  389. @fredx – I think this is a serious lapse on part of Rohan/NI to not properly hand hold EAP partners. If you were told you were selected – you should have a preferred access to the SDK so you can bring custom apps.

    Well big / small player should not matter. If you say you were told you were selected for the EAP program – you should have communication and access. I assume Mireo, Solaro etc were part of EAP 1 program. As soon as you sign the NDA – you need to have access to resources to develop apps. This is standard business practice.

  390. Same here.. No SDK.. plus no way to change the address I registered with. I’ve sent a lot of mails trying to explain I’m EAP2 selected and want to change my address.. (just that) Have been patient for a long time now… loosing it…. slowly.
    Rohan, restore our confidence please!!

  391. ANDROID 3.0 (Preview is out) – Rohan release update before xoom (even a week before xoom is set to demo actual piece).

    You have to grab it :)

    We love NI adam and of course you too :)


  392. Not quite the space to discuss this yet, but some thoughts on Adam 2:

    As it has been mentioned at a few times already, Tegra 2 3d or Tegra 3 if Nvidia is keeping up with their timelines. At this, there would be a little more battery drain, however with hot-plug CPU you should still be able to get amazing battery life out of the device, while still having the ability to get excellent performance out of it when needed.

    It would be nice to see a super AMOLED model, perhaps replacing the LCD model. Samsung should be able to provide necessary quantities, and the displays consume less power (no back light) and are quite capable in terms of resolution.

    A Wacom layer would make a nice addition to the Adam, especially if it is aimed at creative individuals, having a pressure and angle sensing surface for a stylus is very useful if you are an artist.

    This is more of a software thing than something to do with hardware, but WiFi Direct support would be a good addition to the Adams, especially useful for collaborating on design ideas, say you have 5 people who can sit in a room and share and mold each other’s ideas while working/creating content on their own individual tablets. Similarly you could stream movies across multiple devices, and even build social nets, share internet, what have you…

    I don’t know what kind of a battery is being used in the Adam 1, i am assuming a lithium ion cell, but i think it would be interesting to see a lithium ion polymer together with a lithium ion capacitor system, where i can plug in the charger for 2 minutes and operate the device for maybe 1/4 of it’s normal life span, like 3-4 hours on that charge, but also having a LiPo pack for the long-haul, so i can fully charge charge over night, operate it all day.

    It would be nice to see a dock for the Adam that can incorporate a depth sensor, think PrimeSense (or for those who don’t know that that’s whom Microsoft licensed the technology behind Kinect from) a touch-less multi-touch interface for presentation and/or collaboration, or remote control of videos, programs, even using the device as a multi touch input device to a computer, all without actually touching the screen, just by being close (and doing some gestures).

    A higher resolution camera would be a nice addition to the device. Something that can shoot 720p-1080p video would keep up with the competition.

    Finally, just letting the imagination run wild; dock could incorporate a second CPU, perhaps a more serious GPU, which could be additional power that could be used to enable the docked Adam to run even more advanced and ever more hardware-taxing software (or software functions) (3d rendering (think ray tracing and photon mapping), movie editing, hight-end games)… Even more crazy would be to have stream architecture or stream processing capabilities, addition of some ALUs, whether vector processors, like in the Cell architecture, or ALU Clusters like in the Imagine architecture, to take multi-tasking to a whole new level…

    Anyways, these are just thoughts…

    ~ Alex

  393. Check the “unofficial” FAQ. We have a number of “additions” for future versions.

  394. Apparently my previous comment is still awaiting moderation, but i will post yet another addendum to my thoughts, these are coming from the tear-down by engadget…

    CF card, they are a lot faster and i think fit this device a lot better then the SD card, thought that said, having both wouldn’t be a bad idea, but i think if the internal storage is going to be limited to the minimum (because its cheaper like that), having a place to stick and forget a decently-sized CF would be key :).

    That thing is HUGE, so to consume less space, for the next model, a decent GPS module with a ceramic antenna is a must, using something like the LS20031 would do very well for internal space and the unit performance, down side would be price, but i am sure they will give NI a good deal on a few thousand unit purchase ;)

    For a great gaming experience, a 3 axis accelerometer (already there), 3 axis gyro and a 3 axis compass would be a good handful to have


    P.S. still waiting on the other comment to get approved…

  395. Repost with links removed, because the other one has been awaiting moderation for a week+

    @cx650t (cool name, i’m a motorcycle enthusiast as well, though i do streetstyle mostly) Thanks for the link to the unofficial FAQ with the list, since i dont agree with a lot of the suggestions on there (tripod socket, dynamo charger, barometer, biometric lock (those things are just too easy to defeat)), i think i will maintain this list for the moment. But i will add something i saw on there and went, “oh yeaaah, i forgot about that) to my list

    With WiFi direct there is no actual need for bluetooth in the device, however the standard is pretty slow in adoption, so i see where for peripherals bluetooth would be nice.

    @Anand Pico projector, it is a nice thought, however there are two issues with it, the technology for decent pico projectors is very fresh infact one that would be a viable “built-in” solution should be based onthe Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering in Germany research and prototype; a pico projector that uses a series of micro lenses, 45 of them, colored red, green, or blue. Each lens has an LCD with 200 by 200 pixels behind it, light passes through them, superimposes pixels over one another to achieve a final resolution of about 800 by 480 pixels and brightness of 11 lumens. Not bad for a projector that is 6mm thick, eh? But there is no real need for this technology in a tablet. It would be a cool thing, but it would be a feature without much use, other than a shock factor to your friends. Projector in a portable device in my mind has only one application, that would be where it acts as a display, such as if you have a wearable gestural interface for an augmented reality device, look at sixth sense technology, and wonderful MIT research by Pranav Mistry (google for sixth sense). Those types of devices would be useful with a projector, everywhere else, it’s only there for a “hey check this out, its kinda cool” factor, but no real usefulness… My thoughts on it anyways…

    I have some more thoughts, some refinements:

    Bluetooth 3.0 + HS, and a full Bluetooth stack (none of that cut down android version that takes some serious hacking to get working with most “useful” devices, such as keyboards and mice, no, a full stack with support for networking devices, etc)

    Radio (broadband)
    CDMA radio with 4G LTE model
    5-band (850/900/1800/1900/2100) 3GPP gsm/wcdma radio

    CPU (PU, really)
    It would be nice to see a Tegra 3 (or just a 2 3d), but for a little bit more oomph it would be nice to see, an addition of a GPU onto the device, so the regular GPU is used in system tasks, video, system (you could optimize some kernel pieces with some GPU core magickness, while when an application really requires GPU, you plug in a GPU core or two, or more), something like Imagination Technologies SGX520MP4, a very efficient quad core GPU (runs well on android, supports OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1, OpenVG 1.1, OpenGL 2.0/3.0 and DirectX 9/10.1) (i wouldn’t go to 2, i think 4 is pretty optimal, but you can get up to MP16 a 16 GPU core implementation, and i know they have SGX543 and other models) Beauty of it being that you can unplug that GPU entirely, like the cores, but if you need the power, you have more than plenty of it, hell you would have a device that would take considerable time to hit physical processing limitations on. Though just because Nvidia is doing cool things, i think to make Adam 2 into a truly next generation device, and incredibly more multi-functional, one should look beyond SISD-based architectures and into the world of stream processing, however this would require a pretty major android hack, well a fork, having linux running on sp16hp is one thing, making everything else work with it would be a pain, well specifically, say good bye to the sdk and java, and hello to gcc and a bit of software reengineering for SIMD optimization.

    Developer attitude towards these news would be like
    – hears processor spec (448GFOPs, 112000 MMACs) –
    – hears about loosing all (most) built-in libraries –
    – hears that he has to basically rethink all his code on top of the lack of libraries – … thinks about it for a sec …. quits….

    Thats all i have time for for the moment. Maybe touch on software in another post…

  396. Too many people doing time traveling and are impacted by that time lag when they post. Jan 2010 is already gone for those of us in Jan 2011 and the same holds good for those in 2012 and beyond.

    For those who’re time travelling and are in the past, it is yet to happen. ;-)

  397. What I still dont understand is, why are companies always spreading “half-informative” news. Why not announce the release date of preorder2? Normally, everything should be already in place and you should just be ready to start or?

  398. Agreed. Soon means different things to different people and sorry to be harsh, but NI’s soon is a little different than most peoples.

    Give a date, even if it is range.

  399. @ ac2211 & Tony, yes but last time a date was given and not met all hell broke loose and the criticism is still being held against NI for not meeting their datelines. Once burned ===== etc.

  400. Why then not announce a deadline and met it? It should not be too hard or ;) I mean come one… We have all daedlines in our company life at least and we should hold them if we want to succeed in our company life?

  401. Found it for the READER (yay!): “”

    Can other apps be viewed in Landscape??

  402. Have you been in Spain?

    It is -10 C degrees out there today night in winter and 40-45C consistently on summer(not a single cloud over months) on Madrid. Inside a car(if you left it forgotten while you go to the beach) your device could get 75C or hotter.

    If you travel to Sahara near here you could get those extremes IN ONE DAY!!!.

    @niksoft: Wow, it seems you are writing a letter to Santa :-) . Too much for a small company like notion ink.

    I don’t think wacom tablets are a good idea,if you want them, you could buy a MS tablet with wacom on it, they are uber expensive(because of the wacom it goes +$2000), consume too much as they constantly radiate radio waves, drain battery, too thick and weight, new touchscreens are supporting pen drawing, and people(95%) just want something to write. I wrote an ink software, with pressure support, making the width of the stroke variable, and people prefer constant width like you have with a pencil or pen. About the tilt, totally unnecessary for 90%of graphic designers.

  403. I really would like the digitizer, I can’t image it uses more power or radiate more radio waves than wifi, and you can get a usb pad for around $200 (retail) so suspect the cost is because either their aren’t that many out there or royalties ( I wonder when the older patents expire?)

    I really want pen, pressure would be nice but not critical and I don’t care about tilt, but it is nice that with the digitizer pad, it tracks the pen when it’s above the surface.

    Really I am just posting to make sure I can order an Adam when I have finished saving for one for my Birthday in March.

  404. Not really, none of the things i mentioned are very hard to do, and most of them are done by companies even smaller than NI, furthermore its a list of ideas for Adam 2 not a Christmas shopping list…

    I dont know what pencil you’ve been using, but all of them have one thing in common, they are capable of producing variable width lines, and if you are a pencil artist, at least a decent one, you would know how you use the different pressures, different lines, different sketch techniques to achieve textures, shades and lines you are looking for.

    Also in a real life pencil, tilt differs the width more so than the pressure and pressure differs the tonality. Brush is different, brush varies the width of the stroke with pressure. Air brush varies the width, edge blur and opacity with distance, and “air” pressure. Even without tilt, pressure sensitivity is kind of important in art, while you can use various techniques to go around the fact that you dont have pressure sensitivity and thus cant produce whatever kinds of lines you are looking for, having it, and reproducing it in a correct form for the correct tool, while still giving the user the most control over it (i.e. pen does one thing, pencil does another, brush does the third thing, and its all configurable) is where the good digital art software differs from the crappy one.

    Radiating radio waves… Yeah as a device that works on electromagnetic inductance, they indeed radiate radio waves. You know what else radiates radio waves in the adam? cell chips, wifi, bluetooth, power supply, gps, most electronic devices with an oscillator inside will radiate some rf. Now as to the consumption of power, Adam is powered by a 24.6Watt Hour battery, 10.1″ Pixel Qi screen uses 2w (backlit) (0.54w not back lit), and it uses the most power, add a little processor to that, wireless card, and i think you are looking at 3, 3.5W? the wacom sensor uses less than 1.4w, reducing the battery life span by about 40% approximately. I would say that putting in a switch for the wacom sensor (like the backlight) would not be an unwise decision.

    As to the usability of it, 95% of designers would rather have a wacom tablet than a device with just a capacitive screen and a capacitive pen. That may be an option to have on your tablet, like the cell radio… and i think your percentages are way off, i think that 90% of designers dont care, i know quite a few, and i asked, as they know all the shortcuts to control their input in their favorite programs already, but given a choice, would like to have the control in the wrist rather than button combinations… And lastly on this note, you really need to have a very precise touchscreen, and ideally a pen that will sense pressure and send it back (bluetooth). Problem is none of that is anywhere at a point where serious artists would be interested in it over a wacom layer (for one its equivalent to 200ppi with 1024 layers of pressure sensitivity). If you point, click, drag draw, then you are ok, but most serious artists are trained in classic media, and thus prefer to have a similar experience, for which non pressure sensitive non tilt sensitive, not too precise stylus solution is not an adequate solution. And so if you cater to creative individuals, if you inspire creativity, if you push for more serious people to use it (and who can afford such a device, and then maybe decide to buy it for their office or group, which is what you want ideally), you would want pressure&tilt sensitivity, especially considering how it really isnt hard to do… (another plus, no need to use batteries, and a lighter pen as a result)

    As to the price, the wacom tablet in the screen’s form factor costs around $100-200 retail, without the promotional packages, and bezels, and assembly, you can get the price lower; minus mark-up (what is it 50-100% (if not more)), plus a volume discount, would likely bring this to a $50-$100 option (while still turning a profit)…

    Microsoft? Tablet? Why would i want that, it would run the Microsoft spyware, Windows, and i mean who uses that anymore anyways? I haven’t used it in years, *shrug*.

  405. Rohan,
    You might be interested in this “Simple Email Service” by AMAZON for sending our invites for the preorders and otherwise to make sure they reach the end user’s inbox.


  406. After the XDA port of Eden to Gtablet I see two parllel futures for NI. Continuing develop hardware/software and make innovative platforms and license out Eden to other hardware manufacturers..

    Why not?

  407. two more video to share with you guys. after configuring the device to my liking, the device runs pretty great. i will be honest it was quiet a hassle, but it was well worth it. :)



  408. sorry, i have no idea how to post youtube videos here



  409. Kam just copy and paste the whole text in the box that you get when you press the ’embed’ button on your youtube video page. like this:

  410. Kam:
    > two more video to share with you guys. after configuring the device to my liking, the device runs pretty great. i will be honest it was quiet a hassle

    Kam, you are like totally awesome …

    > sorry, i have no idea how to post youtube videos here

    … in a clunky sort of way

  411. Hi Kam

    Nice work on your video and many thanks for sharing. Could you let us know about the quality of sound coming from the earphone jack with decent headphones and maybe a good quality mp3 track. Thanks very much dude.

  412. It may have been a hassle, but POSSIBLE.

    Other platforms probably wouldn’t have given you such freedom out of the box.

  413. Just noticed this at the bottom of the post,What’s that about?
    [Update: Removed for the reason we will soon learn! :) ]

  414. Good move to removing this. Of course you’re working on the next generation models but best kept to yourself for now at least.

    Still Learning…

  415. Here is what was there – I had it open on another page and noticed it was gone:

    We are waiting to release some information on Adam 2 (which will take 9-15months from now!). It is going to be an exciting piece of engineering and we will surprise the world by making everyone sleeping in their beds, come out, sit over the edge, and become a part of it! We will release the road map, timelines and other details. This time, we will make it with you!

  416. > making everyone sleeping in their beds, come out, sit over the edge

    Some obvious – and serious – problems with legal liability there.

  417. Well, that would be a surprise for the world, wouldn’t it … Adams flying around overhead, calling us all to get out of bed and come out and play … Gecko, thanks for bringing this to Rohan’s attention so we can all sleep peacefully tonight. I’m still worried about Greg though; maybe his Adam is calling to him now …

  418. I was actually more concerned about Adam2 causing people to fall out of their beds.

    If Greg’s Adam is calling to him, that can mean only one thing – that he’s neglecting it. Such a slacker!

  419. @Pramod, Wally and Albert

    I actually felt quite touched as reading your conversations. You see, up to this point the journey of NI, all the comments documented in this blog, and everything happened is already sure to make a perfect case study for the future business student. If I am a publisher, this is already a book deal! Somebody commented the success of Social Network previously, nothing less drama around NI, And, it is still unfolding…No matter Rohan and NI will eventually succeed or fail, they already made their mark.

    No matter how Rohan has invited people into realizing dreams, the driver of the dreams is only Rohan himself, which will undoubtedly have lots of to do with his personality, his experience, his philosophy, his vision of the world, the business and the industry. If he likes to be sb different, he will try sth different. Maybe it will fail, maybe will succeed, maybe will compromise along the way…But it is just not sth we have a control. Everyone on this blog has a lot to offer to NI, good advices, instructions, all based on our very own experiences, but at the end of day, we are not Rohan, we are not living his everyday life, we are not facing what he is going through, lots of things happening in NI we have no idea, under what kind of circumstances, Rohan and NI come up with such decisions, we do not know, but, I always think there must be a reason…

    If looking beyond Rohan’s level, there is sth on the way out of his control as well. Look back what have happened so far, I found it is so fascinating to see so many roles played by all kinds of people, so many unpredicted (or doomed?) dramas took on the stage one by one, I mean what a life! The show is going on, and everyone is playing his/her role without knowing it, which is the way it is bound to be. No worry, I will keep what I am doing, and occasionally think back to appreciate I have been involving in sth interesting, it is part of my life, which enriches my understanding and the experiences of the meaning of my life. It is sth real, not sth in a movie…

    Sorry for the off track comments, it is just sth got touched, like to write down…

  420. Loved your comment lxt11. It shows that your a person of deep thought. I so appreciate one who takes time to value life’s experience. I have reached what is likely to be the the last third of mine. Not due to any sad circumstance, but because the chronology of my years. I have been blessed to be here as long as I have. May you find comfort in your life’s journey and continued enjoyment in living of it.

  421. lxt11:

    Great comment. I have so loved participating in this with all of you. And, even though I will likely have to hold off purchasing in Preorder 2 (I should be on a few lists), I feel like I participated in birthing this fabulous baby and I LOVE seeing the videos.

    I really liked participating in defending NI in websites that called the Adam “vaporware.” I recognized some of your names in those comments too. The Adam “fanbois” (and girls) are vindicated, and that feels really good.

    Don’t think we did not help NI succeed. Our constant attention on other websites kept NI in the news. We are the people who made the Adam “the most anticipated Android device” because of our comments everywhere. So, yeah; I am very proud of NI’s success – and of ours.


  422. “Update: Removed for the reason we will soon learn!”

    Anyone remember what it said before the update?

  423. The information on Adam 2 was removed because of all the posting backlash

    what about all the posting asking for an official forum? LOL ;><;

  424. That’s interesting. I wish I read that. I am curious as to what we will be expecting on the Adam 2. What did it say? I assume it will come out by the end of the year.

  425. Whew Hoo! I know their were issues at the beginning but that was expected! Now they are fixed and second pre order soon!

  426. Does anyone know if you can watch netflix on the Adam. I understand that there is no android app like on the iphone but given the browser can we watch it directly on the web?

  427. No you can’t watch it. They specifically block android devices. Android 3.0 has DRM built in so “soon you shall have it all”.

  428. For anyone waiting for preorder 2 it might be a good idea to setup a filter on your email client so it doesn’t go straight to your spam folder.

  429. So the Adam is finally out and in my hands! Congratulations Rohan and the Notion Ink team for all the hard work you guys have put into this.

    I just want to chime in on my experience so far with the Adam – the good, the bad and the not so great.

    Lets start with good. Design is absolutely amazing, a thing of beauty. Build quality is solid and feels great while holding it. To be honest design wise I wouldn’t change much for Adam 2.

    I like the speakers, at first I thought they didn’t sound great but after listening for a while you realize that they are actually pretty decent especially compared to what I’ve heard on other portable devices.

    Now with the bad… Having watched all the videos I had lowered my expectations on what to expect with the screen. To me as with many others the colors looked washed out and dull but I knew that, what I really didn’t expect was the very poor viewing angles on the device. To me the viewing angle seems to be about 45-50 degrees. Anything out of that range and you can’t make out what’s on the screen. Changing brightness does not help, in fact if you put it about 3/4 of the way from full. It really becomes blinding and difficult to read text (especially light colored text). Video playback was pretty poor with low frame rates. I tried HD file and that also wasn’t great. Also flash HD trailers also seemed poor in quality.

    To me the screen has to be the biggest disappointment. PQi is great, but for some reason I thought I would be able to use it in low light while reading in bed and the sensor would know to brighten the screen up. Perhaps I should have gone with the LCD only version. Lets talk about screen responsiveness. I really don’t know if this is because of the screen or software, guessing software but it did at times appear to be sluggish. For example while typing. Please, please consider a better panel for Adam 2. IPS ones from Dell would be nice for non PQi screens, or anything that’s infinitely better.

    I was a little disappointed in the camera quality. Very grainy in medium to low light.

    Earphone jack quality was extremely poor. Tested with various hi-quality earphones. If I had to rate it I would say 2/10.

    Lets talk about Interface. I will say that this is my first Android device. I have fiddled around before with in store Android phones and such but nothing to this extent. First impressions are that it didn’t seem very intuitive. Lots of times I felt lost on what to do. For example trying to setup WI-FI. When you click on password input box the keyboard did not pop up. After a while I had figured out you need to hold the box for a bit before the keyboard option comes up, then select a keyboard. Another example is with the browser. It took a while to figure out how to open up your saved bookmarks. Was not very obvious at first. I would say the way it’s done is not very user friendly.

    With regards to Eden, it will have to grow on me. I don’t find myself using a lot really. Generally Android seems buggy. Browser is extremely buggy – it’s always crashing. Tried Opera and have problems connecting to websites. Not sure if it’s just me but in the stock browser having “http://” in the url when you type doesn’t go anywhere but as soon as I remove it and start with www I can go to the website. Weird. The notification bar at the top can be annoying (especially all the exclamation notices). It also gets in the way of the browser url and other software. Also it feels like lots of stuff was stripped out of Android? No live wallpapers. No quick access to menus.

    Sorry I could not be more enthusiastic Rohan. To me the screen is the biggest letdown (quality and also an issue that I will contact support for). Software related issues can be rectified in time so that doesn’t bother me as much as long as updates can come quickly. Do I regret my purchase? I would say no. I knew what I was getting into. However if you asked me if I would recommend it to anyone, as much as I’d like to I just can’t.

    In a nutshell.

    Design 9.5/10
    Sound 8/10
    Screen 5/10
    Interface/OS 7/10
    Camera 5/10

    Lets hope Adam 2 will rock my world! :) P.S. those who are saying it’s to early to talk about Adam 2, I say no way! Get your opinions out now before it’s too late lol.

  430. Dude, there’s a specific button to open the menu, why not complain about bricking it after owning it for half an hour?

    I also don’t have any flash support. I don’t know why, it seems i’m the only one.

  431. Your not the only one, but have no fear! Customer support from Albert Wertz is here! I will answer all your questions! LOL
    download flash apk file from here to enable flash after applying update to your adam.
    My dad just had the same problem with his adam.

    -Rohan wanna-be

  432. “wanna be rohan”?

    nice buddy…. Check with him on what he went through with frineds and VCs. Could be of some help.

  433. Hey guys, sorry post update. I am waiting to receive an email from NI telling me that update download problem has been fixed. So I don’t have update as of yet.

    Update regarding HD video. I’ve managed to get better results with video playback quality both standard video and HD video, both with flash and standalone video players. However I am having bad syncing issues with the sound and video both in flash and installed video players. I can’t seem to fix this. Frame rates are still a bit slow but better than before.

    I highly recommend downloading Dolphin browser from It’s very good and doesn’t seem to crash. I really like it. Flash quality through this browser is much better also but still have sound syncing issues.

  434. I find earphone quality particularly disturbing…. My earphone sound quality needs to be good. My Droid X has fantastic earphone quality and it is just a cell phone. My question Buju is what was the source of you sound? Not the headphones, but were was the music and or video soundtrack coming from? Did you try hi quality MP3 music? Was your sound a compressed along with a video or any other file that had been ripped from reformatted source. It seems that Rohan said Adam’s music player has not been activated yet. Did you try some other player? Bad earphone sound would almost be a deal breaker for me. Anyone else testing earphone Jacks sound have an expierence to share?

  435. Hi Wally, I tried a bunch mostly MP3 128 Kbps music files. It was weird, you can hear the vocals but the back music and back vocals seemed almost muted. Same files play just fine through Adam speakers.

  436. Interesting….You can get that kind of effect sometimes if the plug is loose in the jack and even if your headphone plug itself has a problem. Kam reported his headphone Jack’s playback was strong.

    You could flash the update that is on Greg’s site at The instructions are there as well as the files to download. I would not do it though if your not comfortable with the procedure. Hopefully Notion Ink will be offering another OTA update soon.

  437. Some other positives I forgot to mention. I had no extra duty charges (from Canada). And unit came powered.

  438. Potential preorder-2 customers from all over the world…

    under normal circumstances, since there is potential risk in buying from a foreign country… not all credit card consumers are geared for a successful purchase..

    For my preorder, I had to call my bank, to allow them open up international purchasing and only then could I successfully purchase adam…

    I sincerely suggest you do the same in advance… so that you do not loose time, when the second pre-order is announced…

  439. OK, I just wanted to point this out…
    “Adam is a vaporware. I don’t see anything on FCC site yet.”

    HAHAHAHAHA. Remember the days when everyone was up in arms about FCC certification? That sure feels like a while ago. Proof is in the pudding, and the deliciousness called Adam has been served :)

  440. If you are looking for a nice stand for your Adam, check out the one that Shane Trafford sent me photos of on “”. ;-)

    Well, that’s the end of this public service announcement, and now it’s off to bed after a long day at work and only 2 hours sleep last night…

  441. I wouldn’t normally plug products from a retail site, but I find it too much of a coincidence to see the same stand available for sale (today only) on an Australian site:

    Yes, I did buy it, along with a 5m HDMI cable for use with my next gadget purchase ;)

    @Greg – get some sleep. Enough sleep that when you wake up you feel both refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Resist the lure of Adam for as long as possible until you can get your life back on track.

  442. WTF, Greg? What kind of “notioninkfan” are you? You spent at least 2 hours sleeping instead of spreading the good word about Adam, and you’re spending even more hours lolling around “work”? I don’t even believe that the video is from you because (1) Didn’t you say you had a cat? There was no cat. (Kam Siu’s dog was audible in *his* video.) (2) Ditto kids. (3) Ditto wife (unless she didn’t want to be an Adam widow and left, taking the kids, but she really should have left the cat). Also, (4) I don’t think that the real Greg would have couches quite that nice.

    And you certainly haven’t answered some important questions about the Adam, such as:
    Is is coffee proof? Is it coffee with milk and sugar proof ? Is it bullet proof?

    Rohan wants to sell his dream. How much is the dream app?

    2 hours sleep. sheesh.

  443. Wow, that’s much better than an Adam. I especially like the facial expression: “stupid pet-owner trick.” Now, stop making videos, and give Pennie a biscuit.

  444. If you’re in India, the same stand is available for about Rs 1,000. I bought mine from a merchant called Berrynxt on based in Mumbai. Incidentally, he’s waiving the shipping charges!

  445. In fact bought the the stand. Costed me 989 Indian Rs. Until i buy adam,will use it for my lappy. Thanks a lot amit for sending the info. I liked the berrynxt shop and found some other things also for my use.

  446. Hi Himanshu,

    Any idea on how long it takes for the delivery, basing on the first batch people?
    2-3 days?

  447. @Srini Are you asking about perorder-1 delivery time? Sorry I have no idea as i am still waiting for per-order 2. btw I am really surprised that no one from India has posted that he/she has received his/her adam in the first batch. It would have also helped to get a fair amount of Idea about custom duties. Any Silent Indian adam receiver?? We are waiting for your response :)

  448. @ Himanshu and all i m one of those 50s who were pushed from 9th jan to 15th n den to 29th Jan.. :(
    i try to read almost all comments of this blog :P
    but due to my internship and pre-pg exams i cant give time to talk here.

    I will surely let u know wen i get the Adam abt the custom charges and delivery time :)

    is there anybody from India .. who has received his Adam.. pls share these details.

  449. @Srini – I would budget about 4-5 days (at least) from the time the adam ships (from factory as per the latest status update). This includes the 2 days from factory to Hong Kong and I would budget another 2 to 3 days thereafter for delivery to doorstep. A day or two to reach your city, then clear customs and finally “out for delivery” from TNT/ DHL! Can’t wait? Neither can we.

  450. @Amit, @Himanshu,

    Do you know anybody received the Adam in India? Just wondering whats the final cost after customs etc..

  451. No Rahim I don’t. Makes me wonder if they’ve kept all the India deliveries for the second batch.

    Fortunately, only one person on the blog has had to pay customs – Prema. Ironically, although Prema lives in India, delivery was asked for at a friend’s in Europe (Germany I think).

  452. @Amit, thanks for the reply. I guess we will have to wait for second delivery then (will will not happen until first week of Feb I believe).

  453. Did Rohan deliberately push all Indian deliveries to 15-22 batch? :-)
    Any conspiracy theories guys?

  454. Did Rohan deliberately push all Indian deliveries to 15-22 batch? :-)
    Any conspiracy theories guys?

    Could be a problem with CCAvenue and India credit cards.
    I BATTLED :-) whole night….finally ordered around 5AM IST in morning.

  455. Unlikely that is a CC Avenues problem. These guys have been around for about 10 years now and they know all about processing very well. In fact i have used them in one of my prior companies. Putting all India deliveries in batch 2 is more likely. Or maybe we were all sleeping and the folks in the US ordered before us. The problems that the guys in the US faced were more because of the banks there. Has happened to me before when I was in the US where international transactions above a certain limit were blocked by the card issuers.

  456. @Rahim Yes, waiting for the delivery (pre-order 1, 15-22nd Jan batch)

    @Subs…. No sir, no way. No one could have been earlier than me.
    But there is one thing. I was using office VPN meaning… my order could have reached NI server through my US clients’ servers.

    Now I get it…
    I should have disabled VPN and tried.
    That is still OK…Otherwise, I would have bricked it by now and recovered and tensed and what not….

  457. hey amit,
    unable to find the stand or the seller on ebay. can you please let me know the keywords i can use for search?

  458. I just gave a search for iPad stand and it was there. Good to know that you’ve found the seller. Apparently, he is the only fellow selling it. I wonder if he will hike prices when he finds out!

  459. I for one like hearing about version 2 and wish to hear more. I think Rohan mentioned 5 versions as part of the dream. I’d love to hear how it all ends…but I am sure all ends well ;)

  460. You should consider including anyone who submitted to the Logo Contest for the pre-orders as well. Just a thought…

  461. several months ago, when people were clamoring about EAP and pre-order, Rohan mentioned the adam had a hidden feature. The blog spent weeks and weeks postulating what the feature was even though it would have no impact on their decision to purchase an adam. Now with people clamoring over pre-order2, Rohan mention adam 2, even though adam 2 would probably not be released until CES 2012. Maybe this is NI’s way of telling us to be patient and give them some time (i.e., trying to get us to spend a couple of weeks talking about features we’d like to see in adam 2 rather than complain about pre-order 2).

  462. I just love the duality of these conversations, it’s really aloe hate relationship. I love you and your dream but if only you wer more like the big boys. I love the Adam but if only it was more like the Ipad or Xoom oGalaxie or whatever. I love your openess but if only you would answer my questions and be available to me 24/7. I love the Adam but it’s not perfect and seems to be only for techys (?), I think you all should carefully read Rohans blogs and look for your own answers, the Adam 1 sold in one hour and would have sold out even if those who ordere and are having 2nd thoughts had not bought. There is enough interest in the Adam project tocarry it forward and maintain momentum even if those with reservations move on, as they should., As Rohan has encouraged people to do. we are all responsible for our choices and ultimate happiness. Pls don’t hold that against NI or expect what is not posssible. From the very beginning Rohan has been crystal clear, lets not dampen his enthusiasm with our reservations and doubts. allthough that is a risk he took when he decided to come out and be transparent. I couldn’t do it / I don’t have that kind of stamina. Rohan, I am not a fanboy but I respect the position you have decided to take and hope that you persevere. Too many people give up under less pressure, pls, pls hang in there and don’t change.

  463. I hope the next order will in fact include all those that have posted in the past but were left out of the last order. There were a lot of legit people who should have got an invite to the preorder that didn’t

  464. Hey guys, I created this thread over at notionaddicts, and wanted to see if you guys had any questions about the adam, or things you would like me to try. I also made a quick hands-on video for anyone wondering on the pixel-qi screen.



    Hope you guys like it

  465. Thank u so much. I really liked ur review and now i m very much convinced about adam and pQI screen.

  466. Impatiently waiting for the next order round….

    This being said, for Adam 2, I would recommend, when launching it, to give a special rebates for us early adopters, to reward the slight risk we’re taking.

    Keep up the good work!

  467. Has the software update started working yet? I ask this partially to see if there have been any updated reviews, but more to see if the 29th shipment will be delayed yet again.

  468. Does anyone know how to get into e-ink mode ?

    I heard that PQi Screen supports 3 screen mode below
    1: Backlight On
    2: Backlight Off
    3: e-ink mode

    If I touch&hold the Search-button, then backlight goes on/off.
    What about e-ink mode?

  469. There is not an e-ink mode. The compare the backlight off mode to an e-ink screen because you are able to read it in direct sunlight. For there to be an e-ink mode it would have to be an e-ink screen like the one on the Kindle.

  470. All the adam unboxing videos are making me impatient. I wish I could teleport to the manufacturing facility and pick one up myself.

  471. don’t mind adam 2 being discussed, planned, designed, built, etc … but i would suggest the first 5001 adam 1 owners get a 50% discount … because we really are the ones makeing adam 2 even possible … just a thought Rohan. think of it as an act of kindness or reverse loyalty.

    adam 1 from pre-order 1-2nd batch – PQi, 3G, Wi-fi

  472. instead of “mak e ing” … let’s use ” …. the ones paying with time and money to make adam 2 possible”

    — before @gecko gets a chance …

  473. am with you … now tht we have paid the money, some ‘surprise’ item should definitely be sent.

  474. you do not know? Some say that the FM Radio but that’s not true such a thing makes no sense and no one needs … Rohan wrote it! Teleportation ..
    . . / TESLA /

    Frist Teleportation and disappear Docking Port, then TouchPad, 8 GB Ram und at the end of our promised “pure glas matte reflecions That softens under the brightest of lighst and prevents fingerprints” ; (


  475. no not all bad … teleportation works both ways … Pixel QI costs more!!!!! and we got to the screen protector, ;(

  476. I agree, it is immature to talk about Adam 2 when Adam 1 is not available for general public and neither SDK nor Genesis market available to all users. After leaking Adam2 plans, Rohan has turned away 80% of the prospective buyers as they will wait for Adam 2 which will be a mature product as compared to Adam 1 (Similar to G1 and G2 phones). Notion Ink should first fix the issues with Adam 1 and make it available for general public, release SDK and open Genesis App store and then talk about Adam 2. I am not sure how investors are allowing him to talk about Adam 2. This is marketing 101. How could you release the next version w/o fixing the first one and make apps available for it. This shows poor commitment and half hearted attempt towards the product. As some said, “You can finish 90% of the work with commitment but the remaining 10% is always challenging.”

  477. I’m soo excited. I missed out on the last pre-order due to emptying my bank accounts on a trip to St Lucia just before Pre-order was announced. I read the blog all the time and only comment when I have something real to say. I hope my infrequent posts don’t have me fall thru the cracks and not be included in the next pre-order. By the way what is the difference between pre-ordering and ordering?

  478. Hey….now that everyone is busy exploring their adam, Can anyone find a useful Stand for it.
    Look for something similar to the Zaggmate stands made for ipad
    They look beautiful and are quite handy.
    A keyboard with built in stand for Adam will be perfect!

  479. Yup !

    Not sure what is it you are looking for, but you could check out, Greg presents a nice stand originally made for the iPad but apparently will fitting ADAM’s curve edge.

  480. Or…

    you could just scroll up and read the few messages Greg and Cie posted about the very same stand…

  481. Wow, this is going to be awesome when they open the floodgates and let us order again. I wonder though… When regular ordering will start and “pre-ordering” stops? And what will that mean? Higher prices?

  482. 1 thing i couldn’t understand. All other tablet out there has a glossy screen its only notion ink adam had a non glossy screen. but finally when it is shipped its has a glossy screen. in ces the adam which rohan had with him was a good one with a thicker screen protector. finally i feel cheated.

  483. it is always something worth reading here.
    never a dull moment. :D

    just hoping for the next order link…………

  484. Xoom has got a load of accessories but nothing custom made for Adam??

    Guys, encourage Rohan to launch some really cool “Built for Adam” parts


  485. @wtf

    President Obama used the “Win the Future” theme last night in his State of the Union speech.

    Sarah Palin said that the Sputnik remark by the President was one of those ‘WTF’ moments!

  486. “…Adam 2 (which will take 9-15months from now!)…”

    तब तो मैं इंतजार करता हूँ. और, तब शायद इसमें हिंदी भाषा का अंतर्निर्मित समर्थन भी उपलब्ध हो!

  487. का ‘समर्थन’ किस तरह की क्या तुम चाहते हो?

    तुम कह रहे हो आप इसे हिन्दी में करना चाहते हैं?

  488. Happy republic day india… on this very special day i would advice every one, including non-indians, to read “The story of my experiments with truth” writteh by Mahatma Gandhi. it will help you understand yourself better.

    @ Rohan and NI : (posting again)
    I read in an article that chennai is cheaper to manufacture than china : Nokia conducted a study and found Chennai to be 11% cheaper than China.
    Read more: Mobile companies find the right connection in Chennai – The Times of India “”
    May be you could shift the factory from china to india(chennai) so that you can save some money… and reduce the price of adam. Further more you would be able to protect your intellectual properties better… i am just trying my best to help you and NI thru the means tat i could.

    @Fellow bloggers: in one of the posts i wrote “suffering from depression and fear that adam is going to eat my apple” whent asked about his health… many said i was unkind… seriously, i didn’t meant to make fun of his health. I am also one of steve jobs’s fan. i like him, his creativity, his desire for perfection for his products and i admire his skillful presentation. i just meant it as a joke. i am extremely sorry if i have unintentionally upset anyone, esp Drnishiz, fundaazoflife, gecko, little al and Paranoid_Android. pls accept my apologizes..

  489. Happy republic day india… on this very special day i would advice every one, including non-indians, to read “The story of my experiments with truth” writteh by Mahatma Gandhi. it will help you understand yourself better.

    adam2: retain the curve shape, adam’s usb,hdmi… it must have more memory!

    @ Rohan and NI : (posting again)
    I read in an article that chennai is cheaper to manufacture than china : Nokia conducted a study and found Chennai to be 11% cheaper than China.
    Read more: Mobile companies find the right connection in Chennai – The Times of India “”
    May be you could shift the factory from china to india(chennai) so that you can save some money… and reduce the price of adam. Further more you would be able to protect your