Pain till Valentine

Hello there,

All of you who pre-ordered and helped Notion Ink start building the community must have received an email today. One email is on the confirmation of shipping and the other one is on the delay. Those who are in the later group (5.31%) are angry as I could see their comments and the emails.

It is extremely unfortunate that we are in such a situation. We could not have expected the accidental damage of the touch screen shipment, and that too just days before Chinese New Year eve. Even though the damage was to a part of shipment, we cancelled all because in such a case you cannot predict the defective and working screens manually. Our friends at Sintek requested their employees to miss their New Year week and instead manufacture the lost numbers. Most of them agreed.

Blogs are not easily accessible in China, and these employees don’t speak English. But their mangers do and know how to read your reactions, comments, thoughts on the peoject and are extremely passionate about Adam like you, and probably this is why they were able to convince their employees to work for you.

You shouldn’t go through this useless pain, but there is a whole group at Notion Ink and at our manufacturing plants putting in all the efforts at delivering you Adams. You have came this far with us, I will request for little more patience. We are listening and working on your suggestions at support at notionink dot com or preordersupport at notionink dot com.


3,045 thoughts on “Pain till Valentine

  1. I have a question about the trackpad (which was announced at the beginning).
    I’m a bit confused because as I remember, one time Rohan said the trackpad is disabled( out of conecpt?) in Adam 1 because of some issues/ take too much time to let it work perfect. So, I thought we get the Trackpad in disabled mode and later with a software update, it will work.
    Now, on the photos from the production Rohan had taken and shared in the blog, I can’t see any trackpad on the backward, only the FCC thing, Adam logo etc. (So, no trackpad in Adam 1?). But (!) I saw the FCC documents 2 days ago and on these photos, there is a trackpad ? I’m a bit confused (because I thought it’s forbidden to change the product, if they aren’t the same as in the FCC documents).
    Is there a sticker on the final product which hide the trackpad?

  2. For those who keep getting delayed is there a possibility that we get a free gift for our troubles and distress??

  3. While a two-week delay can be frustrating, I think it’s much preferable to the alternative: getting a very unusable Adam that needs to be shipped back. Just remember everyone: the rest of us are waiting even longer to get ours by getting in the second round of pre-orders. 😉

  4. I was moved to the 14th and have not received any e-mails at all, I already checked my spam folder too.

  5. I saw pics and there was no trackpad at all. So trackpad will be I think in Adam2

  6. I understand the problem and accept it. I hope this down time will allow NI to get the software bugs addressed while we wait.

  7. Probably after valentine, that is my guess anyway 🙂
    The wait is painfull, but well worth it

  8. I know that the Adam has been riddled with delays. However I can understand this one, I have worked in a factory for years and done my time in shipping and receiving, these things happen. Everyone gets pissed off, from the worker driving the forklift up to the CEOs. I hope that the delay is a over estimate, but I do understand how this happens. Good luck. (Hoping to get my Adam in February)

  9. Respect your comment BUT there are about 50 of us that were in the 9th January mess up who now have 14th february, but others have NOT been moved. SURELY fairness would say we should NOT have been moved but given priority.

    This is how PR works best.

  10. – Order Date 9th December 2010
    – Original delivery date 9th Jan 2011
    – Pushed to 15-22nd Jan 2011
    – Pushed to 29th Jan 2011

    AND NOW pushed to 14th Feb 2011 !!!!

    Rohan – I’m extremely disappointed with Notion Ink. Why did you have to wait until this time to update the status of my delivery?

    I had high hopes of Notion Ink and Rohan – now I feel betrayed by them.

    Do not come back on 14th Feb and give me an update saying it is delayed.

  11. Guys, it’s a tough cookie to swallow, ok.
    A major disappointment, don’t get me wrong here.

    On the other hand, all kwew they were taking part in a new business’ Pre Order.
    All who followed this blog, should undersand the learn-while-we-devolop thing here.
    It took three years to develop, and we all invested in that development.

    Rohan mentioned January 8th (Slow n steady…):
    ‘With a good product you can kill whole army, but with a dream you can build Nations. Someone wrote in the comments, they don’t care what dreams we have. I would say if that’s the case, we have seen 100s of tablets in CES, and we all are free to opt for one. But if you want to become a part of a unique history, sense the evolution, hang on, because we are here to do different things, and in unique ways!’

    I guess that still counts.
    A quick Revolution or a evolution (which asks for a long breath); the world’s changing thanks to NI.

    Will be waiting for a nice Valentine’s message.

  12. only 5.3%? I can not believe …. it is assumed that only 50 people passed on 9 January to 22 February, and now this …. and we can not believe …..

  13. BTW angry does not truly reflect the feelings we have for NI are the moment.

    DO NOT mislead and let down your first preorder customers as they will determine the fate of NI

  14. @Rohan.
    I and many others appreciate all of the hard work being put into your company as well as your product. I understand that there will be bumps along the way and I support Notion Ink whole heartily. keep up the great work.

  15. Hi Rohan,
    I have been following Notion Ink since last December and have been very patient. Today I went to check my preorder and it now says Feb. 14. It’s disappointing because since last year I have seen the delays from April to summer to Fall to November to December to January and now February. I have told many people about the product and now this happens. I was scheduled for Jan. 9 than to Jan. 29 and now February. My enthusiasm for the product has really been snuffed out. I just want to let you know that I am frustrated and would like to know why am I being delayed again? Thanks.

  16. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Yeah, I am one of them 5%, that sucks… I cancel yesterday because I knew something like this was going to happen. I do not want it anymore.

    Nice email:

    Dear John

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We understand that you have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of your Adam. However, we regret to inform you that a fraction of our touch-screens got damaged during transportation due to which your shipment has been effected.

    The Chinese New Year holidays that are in the first week of February further add to the delay. However, our touchscreen partner, Sintek, have agreed to work through the holidays and deliver the screens as soon as possible. We are afraid that until we receive these touchscreens, your device would not be ready for shipment.

    The estimated date of your shipment would be 14th February 2011 (Buffer included).

    In case you need any further assistance, please contact the Notion Ink Support Team at “”

    We thank you for your continued patience and co-operation in this matter.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team


  17. Rohan, are you considering any compensation to the 5.31% that have been delayed repeatedly? Free memory card, free shipping, expedited shipping?

  18. The small number of tablets that were damaged should affect the Feb. shipment people not the people who had Jan. 9th date like me. This does not make any sense. How can I be part of the 5.31% group Rohan when I was in the first scheduled group?

  19. Karen,

    That is all very nice and we DID want to follow that dream but it is a TWO WAY process.
    NI have mislead us, we trusted them and all we get is a steady stream of excuses that do not hold water if examined closely.

    I have supported NI and Rohan for 6 months, was in first preorder and have been move 3 times when others have not.

    I desperately wanted to keep the faith, but this latest “delay” was the last straw. People will look at NI, laugh, and go buy an IPAD or XOOM. I am nearly at that point myself.

  20. I manufacture myself in China and it´s an example how Notionink can work the hearts and minds of people. I have done everything I could and my chinese manufacturer as well to get an extra run of machines and they couldn´t get it done.

    My product is much more expensive than that of NotionInk but whatever we tried Chinese New Years means a complete stop. Even if your assembler is willing to spend large amounts of money to convince the workers to go on, all the others are closed so it makes no sense. No spare part, no logistics, nothing.

    So that NotionInk got his manufacturer so far should not be under estimated. That´s an extreme case and must mean that the manufacturer: is extremely happy with the product, enjoy their working relationship with notionink AND that they truly believe it will be a huge

    I can understand peoples frustration so I wanted to let you all know that this is really an enormous success for NotionInk. The chinese business men are very keen. They don´t deal in `promises, expectations, prognoses, etc. They just want cash NOW and they wont change their production runs for a rush order, let alone during this New Year in China period.

    (Rohan, if you are reading this, let me know how you worked your charm this way 🙂 I couldn´t get it done and from the two of us I have the larger company if you remember from Vegas)

  21. Why not share the pain Rohan, Why dont you run some discount( So as to encourage Adam addicts not to cancel orders and gain some faith/goodwill back) to those who moved to 15th … I think 25%-35% should be fine…any thoughts?

  22. I am totally confused. I always considered myself as among 50 customers as my shipping date is 31 Jan where as all others have 29 January. So as announced now am I shifted to 14 Feb or all in batch 2 and 3 ?

  23. I have received my Adam (I know I’m lucky) but the contrast is bad.
    Does it belong to the damaged screens” ?

  24. oooh, can I get some bottled sweat of a china man. Just so I can show people how hard they are working over there through their new years.

  25. If it’s shipping on V-day, will we be getting a special V-day edition with Red Sides and a pink packaging box? 😉

    Really Notion Ink, pacify the “50” group first. As much as I can see, we are the most vocal group in this recent delay. Yes, emotions run high; words get exchanged and time passes but people remember your faults more than your positive side.

    Fix the 50s; Commit on delivery and let them trickle down the good news and be on your side on any argument.

  26. Come on guys,
    This things happen in this world. It is a little delay, but the product is well worth some waiting, and we are not children that we cannot wait some weeks more (even for people like me that has decided to buy the NI for professional reasons).

    Good luck to Rohan, NI and Sintek to solve all their problems and get into mass production as soon as it will be possible!


  27. Still no comments about EAP2 I note – Notion Ink seem to just ignore any questions that are awkward

  28. Im so much attached to adam (that is how when I love something) and was really disappointed and bursted out in email to notion ink and in previous blog entry. I feel ashamed for my reaction but I cant help it , that is how I’m because I love adam and so much attached. My wife know that better than anyone.

    But same time I admire Rohan and believe his words than anyone. His new post will keep me cool and I’m trying to be so. Wont believe I have tears coming. Im so much attached than anyone else.

    Rohan make sure We get the best of all with zero defects, all updates and if possible screen pasted. Also make sure it is not further delayed. Also make sure if anycase it is defective on recieving you will replace it unconditionally without any charge. Also provide some benefits to make us happy and early adopters to be jealous of us. you can do something for us Rohan.

  29. I have received my emails (about 4 hours ago) about my adam shipping and I am very excited. I feel empathy for those that have not shipped as well as the workers in China who are putting in extra time and possibly missing a holiday.

    Thank you everyone at NotionInk… I am very excited to get my hands on the tablet. Thank you to the employees at SinTek… I appreciate your extra dedication and hard work and wish you the best. I hope you are able to find some time to celebrate your holiday and find time to be with your families… (Please forward my thanks to those who don’t have access to this blog)

  30. Very unfortunate situation for the manufacturer, notion ink and the customers. I hope this can get resolved quickly.


    Thanks for keeping us informed Rohan.

  31. Mine was delayed again, again again to 15th Feb.
    Are there someone who actually was not delayed?
    It seems like my bad luck is just getting bigger and bigger. I feel like the 2nd preorder will get their Adam before I do.

    So I cannot expect delivery at my doorstep before March 1st? It would have been nice if Notion Ink did not withdraw the money before delivery, but I can see it’s been quite a while since they got their money.. Where is my Adam?

  32. Mine is also delayed to Valentines day… This is just crazy! I’m also really dissapointed. Being an avid follower of this blog, ordered the 9the of december and have to wait another two weeks is just unjust. And putting this in % is ridiculus since no one can check if this is really true. How many Adams were already delivered? How many people are in the same situation as I am?
    I am really angry! 😦

  33. I love my adam. It works a lot better since the update. Also the gps problem is an infamous off-by-one error which means it is easily fixable with an update. Viewing angles aren’t as good as I expected but no worse than the iPad, maybe I ask for too much but I want to hide the notification bar.

  34. We all have the freedom to make up our own minds about this.
    If you think you’re better off with another device, go for that option.

  35. They are not able to ship PO1 adams, why do you think they will concentrate on EAP2 at this juncture?

  36. there is no trackpad on tihs version. hardware itself is removed. i dont think trackpad wld be very useful

  37. In my mind I now consider myself lucky as I got the confirmation today mine was shipped. A few days ago, I was one of the unlucky ones. From unlucky to lucky and all it took was an email telling me my adam was shipped.

    I can’t imagine if I got another delayed email. I was on the brink of canceling myself. Rohan asked me to hold on a little while the other day, so I did. It paid off today. I quickly forgot how upset I was a few days ago.

    I do think NI has now entered the “danger zone.” NI sees this of course. Throwing in a 4-8GB card or something might help, it might not. Sending a personal email or even better yet a letter via regular mail to those delayed again can help as well. Maybe put the ideas together…send a letter out this week with a small card in it. It’ll cost just a few bucks to those 5% of people. I am sure it will ease tensions a bit. Of course, not for all.

    Damage Control! It’s not a crisis here, but if we are considered family, we do need to be considerate to our family members. Your off to a good start with this blog post, but take it one extra level. Small steps add up! Those delayed need a little something from you. Something personal.


  38. You´re allowed to complain but see my older post with the explanation about manufacturing in China.

  39. This was already posted on prev blog, but will post mine bec people asking…

    TNT is pleased to advise you that GATI (ON BEHALF OF NOTION INK) has arranged for a shipment to be collected from them on 30-Jan-2011 and delivered to A WERTZ.

    The Shipment has a TNT CONSIGNMENT NOTE NUMBER: **********

    To be able to check the status of the shipment simply click here >> Track my Shipment and more detailed information on the consignment will be available.

    If GATI (ON BEHALF OF NOTION INK) has provided a reference, this reference can be used to track the consignment.


    you dont care
    where I live
    some place in US



    PIECES: 1
    WEIGHT: 1.800 KG
    If you would like to find out about the many ways TNT helps you to track your shipment, or if you would like to know more about the services provided by TNT, simply connect to “” and select your country at any time.

    This message and any attachment are confidential and may be privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure.
    If you are not the intended recipient, please telephone or email the sender and delete this message and any attachment from your system.
    If you are not the intended recipient you must not copy this message or attachment or disclose the contents to any other person.

    Please consider the environmental impact before printing this document and its attachment(s).
    Print black and white and double-sided where possible.


  40. My order has also been delayed until February 14th, same as the rest of you. This is utter “CRAP”. And there is a lot more than just 50 people that it’s affecting. It’s not unreasonable to be pissed off at all by what’s happening. No e-mail letting us know why our my order has been delayed, I have to come onto a blog to find out what’s happening with my order. Doesn’t Notion Ink have a customer service center that notifies their customers when their order has been delayed and the purpose of the delay? This is what “ANY” reputable business would do in the event of a delay in service.

  41. I expect Notion Ink will do the same with PreOrder2 delay delay delay… Why is rohan not telling a bit about it? I assume we will not see it before March…

  42. @Rohan,

    Why can you not get someone to check the order dates of your customers?

    For example I ordered my LCD Adam on the 11th December, one of the very earliest (First batch) and I have been delayed repeatedly to 14th February?

    I am a teacher, my students are now saying they wouldn’t want an Adam as they have seen what I have been through. So that is 30 young people. If each of those tells 2 others and so on it will get out of control.

  43. I agree with you! This calls for a gesture from NI to us who have believed in them this far and haven’t got anything back for our trust. My money was credited from my account a month ago and by the time the adam will arive, it will be two! And I don’t believe they just saw today that they couldn’t pull it off. A message a little bit sooner could have prevented this reaction. I’ve been checking my e-mail all weekend… and especially when people on this blog started to say that they already recieved their trackingnumbers!

  44. I dunno… was very awkward on the last hour for the last blog post ><; and people got this response…

  45. hmm shit happens.
    Rohan I think I am more worried about the defective screens?
    Is it safe to say pixel qi is rubbish?

  46. maybe was his stats 5% of Jan 29 and all people on Jan 31 that were preponed and now put back at their original date?

  47. I don’t really need the trackpad, it’s just a nice bonus feature.
    But maybe, when there will be a Adam refreshed Version in 3 months (Adam 1.5 :D), with a trackpad (for example only), it would be very annoying :(. (Cuz all people who preordered, get a non full featured Adam).

  48. I Hope the second pre order starts soon. Hope u inform us with payments are available.

  49. What I understand from comments here is that many people who ordered on 9th Dec.,2010 got emails with information about delayed shipment.

    However, what I do not understand is how people who ordered later (i.e., after 9th Dec., 2010) got their adam shipped today?

    Rohan do you care to explain????????????????????????

  50. I won’t be surprised if that happens. As much as we would like to support a good startup, it is also important they understand they need to deliver or the promises they make…

  51. I’m seriously thinking of canceling. As everyone said, we shouldnt have been effected by this “unfortunate accident” as we were originally in the 9th Jan shipping date, we should be given priority! This is my worst ever experience for buying an IT product!! And I hope that NI will do something about that.

  52. Okay I am pretty upset about this, I mean come on two months to deliver my product? Still at least I have a date that hopefully wont be pushed back again, and I have to say I am very pleased to hear how much effort is being put into resolving the issue. I hope nothing else goes wrong and I am locking forward to seeing my Adam in the near future, if its not to much to ask could the people with delayed orders get some Notion Ink decals for waiting so long?

  53. It is sad for the community and Notion ink as well. People have followed for years and some members like Mr.John Velas has cancelled the order with inconsolable pain and frustration.

  54. Karen,
    as I’ve come to understand you didn’t get the chance of pre-ordering! So it isn’t just for you to make comments… I can’t believe that if you were in our position you would react so calmly. Anybody whose adam is AGAIN being delayed is upset and dissapointed!
    And I wouldn’t be all that suprised if the 14th my ship date will say ‘1st march’.

  55. Sorry Greg,

    I have always respected your views but those who have been moved from 9th January 3 times now to the 14th cannot stomach any more. I honestly believe this could be NI’s undoing and that would sadden me greatly

  56. Me too, and I didn’t receive an email about the delay.
    Rohan, are you sure you have everyone’s email addresses used in our pre-orders?
    I emailed pre-order support and no replies.

  57. Rohan, not sure what to say… if you’ve people lining up to cancel their orders, you can count on me to fill one of the cancelled orders. When someone takes part of any pre-order campaign – one should be prepared for these unforseen delays. That said, I’m not the right person to comment on what one goes thru having pre-ordered and been waiting for their adam.

  58. I do NOT believe your figures I was in the first group pushed as one of the 50 into the front of the second group. Now you are bullshitting again with 5% how is it possible for me to be in that 5%.

    There is No WAY POSSIBLE.

    EXPECT A CANCELLATION AS SOON AS I GET NEAR A PC on phone at the moment.









  59. Now that’s disappointing.

    I’ve been moved to 14th Feb as well, but didn’t recieve any mail at all. I hope, NI fixed the issues they had with their mail server when they opened preorders.

    This way, I’m just a bit mad as I first didn’t recieve my preorder code, almost trusted NI when saying “public preorders won’t open until 12pm”, but opened way earlier (taken the time zones into account), getting delayed for a month and now two additional weeks.

    Counting every single event up, with the given numbers (70% of mails didn’t arrive back then, 5% of adams are delayed now, …), the odds of getting delayed from “you’ve posted on this blog, so you’re one of the first to preorder your adam” to “at valentine’s day, choose between your wife and your adam” are somewhere around 2%. Given that we signed up for EAP as well and neither of us recieved their preorder mail, this is quite bad.

    On the other hand, it’s semester break, so except of application development for the “family”, there wouldn’t be much to do with the device, right?


  60. 50s here.

    Actually, I don’t see any problems to find 50+ Adams out of the cancelled lot and send them to us, seeing that some guys DID get their shipping details today.

  61. Does this imply that the upcoming preorder mentioned in the previous few posts is delayed?
    Or has that already passed me by? I’m fine with waiting either way, just want to know how patient I need to be 😉

  62. I took on a new nick because my interest in notionink started as a professional issue. However I became attached to this product, the way they operate and as I´m in the business myself I do understand what´s going on behind the screens and what a major operation this is.

    Things that can go wrong will go wrong is a hard learned lesson. However this exceptional company is reasonably open about it´s mishaps while others just hide behind their PR dept. I have met several of the Notion Ink partners and they are all young, but extremely smart, always looking forward, confident even in difficult times so they won my heart instead of my wallet.

    I call myself Inker-5 out of respect. The first four names should be on their business cards as they already call themselves inkers. From a small investment this became an addict. I´m never a fan and certainly not of a company. I wouldn´t be found dead with stickers on my laptop or a cap with Apple on it, but NotionInk is a different case. I even inform my wife about it, while i deal on a day to day basis with loads of products and I never tell her.

    So indeed: good luck to them and whoever can´t wait just buys another machine. I was on CES in Vegas and I wouldn´t have bought any other machine introduced there. Not only because I became a fan, but also none offered the features of adam.

  63. I did not mean it that way at all, Albert. I appreciate the fact that the Sintek workers are powering through new years to deliver the product to us, however, the misleading blog posts have caused nothing but problems for users like me. I have read your other comments and I have seen that yours was shipped, so you are not as pissed off as many of us.

    The problem I have is things like this: “The second & third phase of shipments will start on time.” -> “Little bad and good news, one of our shipments for the touch screens got damaged while transportation which is going to effect a fraction of our customers.”

    I was in the 15th – 22nd shipment, then put to the 29th. When a small fraction of us are being delayed, that does not at all sound like anyone in the 29th shipment will be delayed. Little things like that are what causes problems for us. I for one am a student who went 100% digital on textbooks this semester at a gamble that I would not be delayed as I have been. I now have no tablet to read these books on and I am forced to purchase at least 1 hard copy of a book. Now I am in no way blaming Notion Ink for this, as their track record indicated that there would be some delays, I did not expect many.

    The reason so many of us would like some compensation is because they asked us to pre-order WITHOUT seeing the final product, only renders and prototypes. This lead to things like the screen being glossy and not matte as we had always been told. Sure the screen protector helps, but its not the same as a true matte screen. Then we are delayed due to FCC, understandable. Then we are all pushed back to the 29th and 31st for some reason none of us know. Now we are pushed back to the 14th due to a vendor issue.

    If Rohan had kept up the communication that was common throughout the entire process of making the product, that would have been fine! But instead we are now left in the dark and lucky to get a blog post, and even luckier if that blog post has the relevant information that paying customers deserve.

    If we had answers we would be ok, but we dont, and this is angering all of us so some compensation would be nice.

  64. I call bull f*king $hit on this (5.31%) really the math doesn’t add up. there were atleast 25 people on the last blog before the convenient new happy valentines blog was put up… so 5.31%X=25 right? that would mean 470.8097928 people got pushed back and I thought only 50 people were pushed to the 29th group to begin with. in case you want the rest of the numbers

    24 451.9774011
    23 433.1450094
    22 414.3126177
    21 395.480226
    20 376.6478343
    19 357.8154426
    18 338.9830508
    17 320.1506591
    16 301.3182674
    15 282.4858757
    14 263.653484
    13 244.8210923
    12 225.9887006
    11 207.1563089
    10 188.3239171
    9 169.4915254
    8 150.6591337
    7 131.826742
    6 112.9943503
    5 94.16195857
    4 75.32956685
    3 56.49717514
    2 37.66478343
    1 18.83239171
    0 0 <— should've been your target

    but then again whats the point a smile and a wink goes a long way right…

    you screwed those people who had jan 9th to jan 15-22 to jan 29 royally. there are a lot elephants in the room some pink but all with good memories.

  65. Looks like we in the “50” group didn’t get a higher priority to ship first let alone an email about the delay. I am in no hurry but I paid for this a month ago. Give us a discount or something. Throw in a case…something

  66. I’m sorry for calling it an IT product, there is no need to be rude. I stayed up on Dec 9th, I pre ordered, I paid in advance, and I have waited and got pushed back, I have my rights to be angry and oh..I have a right to mis-categorize the product as well, there are polite ways to tell people about their mistakes. Its people like you that give this community a bad name.

  67. Me too! I know a few people that want to order now that they know mine has been shipped.

    I can’t wait until adam v5, by then, without adam, you won’t exist.

  68. Its the old 80 20 spread coming to haunt us. 20% of the people get 80% of the attention

  69. well, I calmed down again.

    @NI: Do your thing, get the batch done and send them out. Just don’t send us malfunctioning devices and send them on time*

    * before july would be great

  70. This is completely unacceptable, even from a startup.

    The company took my money, and gave me multiple delays over and over and over again. If the Xoom comes out before hand I seriously am considering cancelling my order and just getting that instead. The only thing the Adam had going for it over the Xoom was the QI screen,.

    The ONLY thing.

    But the the Adam is going to give me this many headaches it’s not worth it just for the QI screen.

    Rohan needs to come out right now, and say everyone delayed until Febuary 14th will be getting a discount or some extra stuff or something. And we need to be receiving daily e-mails with status updates, even if the update is only “no progress today, please be patient.”

    But the communication from NI so far has been horrendous. I’ve gone from hardcore supporter from CES2010 to thinking the company is doomed to fail because of the way they treat customers.

    I’ve sent an e-mail to pre-order support. If I receive no response at all (as I did with a previous e-mail) that will be the last straw.

    We’re you’re bloody customers NI, how about treating us with a sliver of respect.

  71. Murphy’s laws (Notion Ink’s Laws?)

    * If anything can go wrong, it will
    Corollary: It can
    Corollary: It should
    MacGillicuddy’s Corollary: At the most inopportune time
    Extension: it will be all your fault, and everyone will know it.

    * If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong
    Extreme version:
    If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the FIRST to go wrong

    * If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway

    * If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop
    Corollary: It will be impossible to fix the fifth fault, without breaking the fix on one or more of the others

    * Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse

    * If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something

    * Nature always sides with the hidden flaw
    Corollary: The hidden flaw never stays hidden for long.

    * Mother nature is a bitch
    Addendum: and not an obedient one at that

    * Murphy’s Law of Thermodynamics
    Things get worse under pressure.

    * The Murphy Philosophy
    Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse.

    * Quantization Revision of Murphy’s Laws
    Everything goes wrong all at once.

    * Murphy’s Constant
    Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value

    * Murphy’s Law of Research
    Enough research will tend to support whatever theory.

    * Research supports a specific theory depending on the amount of funds dedicated to it.

    * Addition to Murphy’s Laws
    In nature, nothing is ever right. Therefore, if everything is going right … something is wrong.

    * More Laws

    * Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

    * It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

    * Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

    * Rule of Accuracy: When working toward the solution of a problem, it always helps if you know the answer.
    Corollary: Provided, of course, that you know there is a problem.

    * Nothing is as easy as it looks.

    * Everything takes longer than you think.

    * Everything takes longer than it takes.

    * If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway.

    * Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

    * Every solution breeds new problems.

    * The legibility of a copy is inversely proportional to its importance.

    * no matter how perfect things are made to appear, Murphy’s law will take effect and screw it up.

    * You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter.

    * The chance of the buttered side of the bread falling face down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.

    * The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.

  72. there were only 50 who were supposed to be on the 29th that as we got bumped from 9th to 15 -22 date to the 29th that would be like 3 people and I’m one of them oh lucky me

  73. Dear Rohan,

    My shipment is “collected from sender” at Xiamen and now in Transit.

    Could you reassure me that my order is not affected by the damaged screen issue ?

    Thank you.

    I still support Notion Ink.

  74. I appreciate your optimism but Rohan is a total fail as for the “50” with big huge quotes that keep incessantly getting bumped

  75. Hi Rohan,

    9th Jan –> 15th Jan –> 29th Jan –> 14th Feb. What a Joke !!!!

    Based on what criteria have you selected those unfortunate customers ( Including me ) ?

    Let me explain to you my problem ,

    1) I was in those 50 customers who are shifted to 15-22 Jan batch from 9th Jan batch. So i should have been included in the first list of 15-22nd batch. Then later you told that it is delayed to 29th and it was still ok . Now you guys are telling me that it is delayed till 15th of February ? How did you selected these people ? Based on what criteria ? If i think logically then i can’t see any answer other then you are not honest with us.

    I already sent 2 mails to preorder support and no reply from them.


  76. Mine got pushed out too!!! For some reason I was thinking that mine will get shipped on time on Jan 29 per Rohan’s statement (“The second & third phase of shipments will start on time”) in his blog post earlier. May be my adam is not a part of the second and third phase shipments…:-(
    I was really hoping to show off the adam at the superbowl party next week to all my friends.

    Well…I waited this long….Why not 2 more weeks!

  77. +1 agreed!!! If not a discount, then a free gift, or at least a more regular communication of what is going on!

  78. 2)
    What I understand from comments here is that many people who ordered on 9th Dec.,2010 got emails with information about delayed shipment.

    However, what I do not understand is how people who ordered later (i.e., after 9th Dec., 2010) got their adam shipped today?

    Rohan do you care to explain????????????????????????

  79. OR…they should just offer us the tablets ??!!

    Seriously…I understand the frustration but a bit of patience will not kill anyone. There is no “pain” in here, just overreaction. Just get out, get some fresh air, meet your friends and soon you’ll have ADAM in your hands, you’ll look back and realize how unnecessary all this ruckus was.

  80. This is complete B.S. After going through the painstaking fun of trying to pre-order, and being one of the ones that got his credit card declined, then was finally able to order with the general public “Minutes after it was open Mind you”, then being pushed back to the 15-22 of January from the 9th, then the 29th, and now to February 14th………REALLY!!!! I posted last night that this was coming due to the broken monitors in manufacturing and Chinese New Year. I have a REALLY hard time believing it is 5.31% that is being affected. Originally i was told i was one of the unlucky 50 that got delayed. I would think those Unlucky 50 would be given priority over the original February shipment. This doesnt seem to be the case, just seems like more delay tactics and excuses. At this point my patience has run out……Im really sad to say this is the final straw for me and im going to have to cancel at this point. Im done. Ive put in way too much time and effort for more delays and empty deadlines. Before i get flamed for this let me just say, i have been an advocate of notion ink and follower since since day one, supported and defended NotionInk and Rohan in all my daily conversations with all my colleagues asking why havnt you gotten your adam yet and why the delay. Im tired of this at this point, checking my order status every day only to be fed lies about shipping details, everything is on time, its on a boat, blah blah….etc…etc…

  81. Bad luck for everyone who’s Adam has been delayed.. hopefully the buffer Rohan calculated in feb 14th is not necessary and you will get your adam sooner!

    For people who are waiting for pre-order2 (like myself); we get more time to see Adam in action, so we can make a better choice (I prefer LCD now I have seen PixelQi in action!). I also hope Preorder2 Adams will have updates software (Honeycomb???) and access to the Genesis market.

  82. Lets see whos is part of 5.31% of the following – I am one of it

    Aditya Sharma
    Ahmad Hasan
    Amith Narendra
    Biswajit saha
    Brian Long
    Brian Zable
    Esben Laursen
    Gerald Park
    John Velas
    Jon Entous
    Mary Margaret
    Mohanan CG Nair
    Nilesh Zabak
    Paul Schoe
    Pramod Gururaj
    Rajesh Tomar
    Riley Kenz
    Robert Kazimiroff
    Tapan Dave
    Tom P

  83. Well, and again the day of delivery moved…
    I was so excited to get my adam soon, its shipping date was announced at 31th Jan.
    then i followed all the blogs & forums around, to get a easy time without my adam…
    So again i´ve been moved to the 14th Feb now.
    Will it be the last movement???
    Ok, i just agree, that all the devices have to be checked again cause of the screen issues!
    Seems to be the only serious way, without forcing a possible disaster….
    And i think, its good for the quality management of NI to do that!
    Chinese products are famous in europe for quantity not for quality….
    As german customer i am expecting a real quality product, cause the dream of Rohan
    should not only be the usefullness of adam, it of course should be a high-quality device, which has a longer deadline than 2-3 years, has to live longer…
    In my point i want to use it for many years, so it is not damn bad if it takes only 14 days longer for delivery!
    I agree to Rohans decision to make a step in this direction.

    Wish all of you friends of adam nice days til arrival of the adam ;-))

  84. Hi Greg,

    Can you please get a reply from Rohan , based on what criteria a customer is shifted from 9th Jan batch to 15th Jan batch to 29th batch to 15th Feb Batch ?


  85. Seems to be very little placating people now @Rohan.

    You and NI had an obligation to post truthful, non ambiguos or misleading comments and you have repeatedly failed.

    PreOrder 1 should have been money on receipt of the device, then people can accept all these delays.

    You have our money, 100s of us have no Adam and wonder if we ever will.

  86. @anish – you are wrong about the 50 people being pushed back to the 29th. Many Many Many more were.

    What I think happened was, once the pre ordering opened to the public something happened at some point in the system. After a little while, instead of giving people a date range of the 15-22nd, it gave them a date of the 9th. I ordered the second it opened to the public as I didn’t get my pre order email from Rohan. My date from the second I ordered with the 15-22nd. I know for a fact that people that ordered after me that night got a date of the 9th for some reason. I was surprised they got an earlier release then me. Then Rohan corrected those people into the same release date as me (15-22).

    So i believe the reason many of those now pushed to mid February are those that got a wrong date the second they ordered. You were not pushed to the 15-22, it was as simple mistake in the system that was rightfully changed immediately. You were at the tail end of the 15-22nd to begin with. You were never the 9th. I hope you understand that.

    If you were pushed from the 9th, chances are you were one of the last people to order on that pre order day.

    I can’t say this is all fact, but this is how I always interpreted it.

  87. this is same question I asked them. I have sent many emails. I’m too interested to know because my case is same as yours. One thing for sure now I expect very very perfect adam. even a small scratch they should replace no questions asked.

  88. from TNT:
    ************ Details
    Reference NIO647136
    Pick up date 30 Jan 2011
    Destination PARKER
    Delivery Date
    Date Time Location Status
    30 Jan 2011 21:32:37 Xiamen Shipment Collected From Sender.

  89. I am sitting on the proverbial fence about ordering in pre-order2. I hope that pre-order 2 does not come out until some of the “unbiased” websites have had opportunity to put Adam to the test.

  90. Hi Rohan,

    The touch screen damage is not happened after delay schedule. You should release this information before shipping date. If you release it before that, I can accept. However, you release it after shipping date (29th Jan). That means everyone should be know.

    I think I must never purchase your product even better , best….
    I also tell everyone that I know don’t purchase such pre-order product.

  91. don’t worry cnet, engadget crunchgear and the like are getting the same duplicates i dont think they’ll be deleting it

  92. No you can’t. Yours will be delivered next week and a frozen porch. I will need to get that bottle. Let us know how you like your Adam when it comes. Hopefully without a frozen screen.

  93. I understand, was just making jest. I was in your situation until I got my shipping confirmation last night.

  94. +100

    Agreed. My shipment has also been delayed further to 14 February. 😦
    God knows what happens on 14 February. Will it be another delay? And delay?
    And delay…

  95. @ Rohan,
    I believe you can be almost anything, I do not understand why this should take another 2 weeks present, I think almost you abide to this schedule as well.

  96. me too… guess I’m one of the unlucky “few” we should probably make a blog and call it or something 🙂 and warmest regards to you all

  97. I’m one of those that received the email that said my Adam would ship on February 14th. I would have much preferred to receive it sometime last week because I’m going on vacation on Monday to the Ukraine. In the end the extra delay means I’ll arrive back here in the US just before my Adam does. So it works out for me in the end.

    I’ve seen all the posts about how other people felt about the reflectivity of the screen and other minor things. I’ll hold my opinion on the Adam until I get it in my hands, but I think I will be satisfied with the product.

    I can think of a few updates I’d like to see for the Adam 2. I’d like to see the same size screen with at least 1280×720 resolution. I’d also like to see an option for a Wacom Pen or the Neonode zForce touch screen so there will be no problems with glare on the screen.

  98. So is the no apolagy thing a cultural deal?
    Your problem with your suppliers should not be my problem, to be honest. And certainly notifying us after the shipment day is certainly a blunder in customer service.
    The issues that I expected are the GPS issue. I fully expected there to not be minuses where there should have been pluses. But this? In my eyes the product should have been in your factory in china alreay.
    Again no apology for NotionInks mistakes? How bout: I would like to sincerly apologies for not getting the shipments out when they should of. “insert explaination here” Signiture: Again thank you for being patiente and we will try our best to make it up to you.

  99. Personally I’m wondering if this is grounds for some form of class action lawsuit. I talked 2 of my friends into buying adam, and all of us have been delayed. It’s obviously more than this 5% nonsense, which is a blatant lie.

    Sad thing is this all could have been avoided if Rohan had bothered to talk to us and be truthful. Now he’s alienated a massive chunk of his customer base.

  100. The 5.31% is complete B.S, there are dozens of people at Notionaddicts who are also delayed.

  101. The “no apology” may be cultural but not for the other 95% of the world, it’s expected and respected

  102. Same problem for me like a lot of other people, no email replies.
    Are you delayed Feb 14th or 15th? Mine is Feb. 14th.

  103. hey….i missed the last pre order…..wanted to ask for the time of the next order…but seeing the situation here as in the delays in the first preorder itself……its a pointless querry… the way…rpohan…..when will this pre order thing change into a full scale production like the ipads and others??????

  104. I’m very, very sad beacuse my shipping date is now Februar14th.
    I’m short before canceling my oder.
    I stay here as “supporter” since the beginning, but I never gotten a email for pre order1. Than I have make my preorder when it was public and my estimate shipping date was delayed first from mid January to February. Than ist was changed to January 31th and now it’s February 14th. In the moment, but I think it will delayed again because of some new problem.
    We all are hearing alot of promissed from Rohan since month. And now, some features are absence, track pad, mystic feature and so on.
    And what’s about EAP2 and Beta tests ?? GPS doesn’t work, no market access and so on. That are bugs which have found a good beta tester. But I never heared here about Beta test and EAP2 (I was on the waiting list).

    I thgought, NI will becomne a big player, but not in this way. In this way NI works in the moment in in the last month, NI will one of the company’s with good ideas, but not more.

    That’s all very very worst.

  105. Everyday I would defend Notion ink mainly because I didnt understand why people were spazzing out BEFORE the date that rohan suggested. I had it set in my head that everything was ok since he REASSURED us everything was on time. AS a matter of fact i notice now whenever we get assured of something its because its a LIE. After waking up this sunday morning and reading what I read.. I BETTER get something free with this order.. something that intices me for waiting all this time. I was 100 percent for NI until this morning as I am a goal oriented person.. i can be calm when I know a goal is ahead.. and rohan you SET ME UP. Honestly.. Honestly… for real.. i would rather take my chances of getting a bunk one.. and have to send it back.. then have to guarantee that I have to wait now. You better overnight these because I am furious..

  106. again I would say that I’m not upset about the delay I can handle that I know it happens all of the time and more so with a new company. my problem is with the at best bad communication and at worst lies and half truths. Even todays post Adams are being shipped emails on the way turned to sorry delayed again. we the people delayed should have known this as soon as Notion Ink knew and I’m sure they knew over a week ago. WE should never have found out today more then a day after the 3 times rescedualed ship date. also this lie that it is only 5% how can this only be 5% of the people effected. everyone of the people that I have seen so far were the ones that started on the 9th we should be the first ones not the last to get shipped . My question is if this were only 5% why was in not the last 5% why are people on the list that were first told the 9th then moved. all we are asking for is the truth and we are not getting it. That is the problem bad (very bad) customer support get with it Rohan I still have not recieved my email I only know I was delayed by checking the website

  107. just means you’ll be bumped to mid march like what happened to us the the jan 9th people got delayed for fcc

  108. forget preordering. wait until you can get a “complete” ADAM with all promissed features.
    And don’t wait for ADAM 2. I think it will never arrive. With this marketing NI will be closed in one year.

  109. I am one of the guys who got pushed to Feb 14th. And I am disappointed, since I have been waiting eagerly for this. I have also been on the Dec 9th to Jan 29th to Feb14th now route.

    I live 1/2 km away from the NI offices in Bangalore – so near, yet so far…

    Though I am sorely disappointed that I can’t get my hands on the Adam yet, I appreciate the situation NI finds themselves in. I see a lot of frustration in the comments from people who have been delayed, and I feel it too… but, I think we extend the support to these guys some more.

    I want them to succeed, and I would like to extend my help in whatever way I can. One of them is probably by being a little more patient…

  110. It was rude indeed. calling Adam an IT Product is not a big crime. That happens with everybody when angry.

    @avt1702, Feeling sorry for delay happening with you.

  111. Here’s a more realistic update:

    95.69% of the Adams have been delayed and only 5.31% have shipped.

    I’m getting better at understanding Rohanese now.

  112. Rohan, I think you need to give us some statistics now. How many have you actually shipped, how many are completed daily, how many have been delayed, how many screens were damaged, etc

  113. Gah, my bad, I’ve seen people saying both Sintek and Sinotek and for some reason thought Sinotek was the correct one. Two completely different companies, at any rate.

  114. EXACTLY.. because the way the information is spread by WAITING till the last minute to break the news.. its killing me. Its like working all week and expecting to get paid on friday.. then boom friday comes and they are like well it will be next friday but i assure you its on time.. and you dont spaz… work all week and then on that friday they are like oh.. sry its delayed again. Then throw some REALLY LOW figure (5 percent) and then tell me you cancelled them all because of it.. NO you eat the costs for that error and you send all on time.

  115. I’ve been catching latest updates on NI blog since November, and would like to say that Risk Management in Product Development is not being followed in NI, which can lead to their downfall. Tablet market is getting hotter day by day, new entrants are tried to get hold of their pie. Rohan and team have to take action immediately and straighten things out or else NI can go down in the history as the one which could never get off the ground. No Adam for me for the time being, I’m contented with my Nokia N900.

  116. I think it is cultural. Even with Preorder stuff that was clearly their miscalculation, there was no apology.

  117. “Delay” – Jan 9 to Jan 16 to Jan 29 and now Feb 14. Understandable considering Lunar New year in China
    “Website” – same old – nothing new – no information about software, genesis, nothing new “About us” – nothing their either
    If Rohan is thinking that he is a superman good luck to him. We need to know the organization, business, faces behind customer support.

    Yes, Apple = Steve Jobs — but that was after years of brand building and cash reserves.

    To me, this exercise was about crowd sourced dream product building – and possibly business building. Rohan may be good engineer and great spokesperson – but has yet to demonstrate business savvy. This is not a personal attack on Rohan – but a reminder that he needs to demonstrate that he has surrounded himself with competency in order for customers (not just investors) to gain confidence in Notion Ink as a solid company. I would like to continue my support (is it shear madness??) but my expectations have been lowered. With this level of complacency – I expect NotionInk to wither on the vine – Rohan, surprise us again and show us that you can do it! Have someone else contribute to this blog on YOUR ORGANIZATION’S behalf.

    Good luck and I will stop my visits to this blog and wasting my time.

  118. I am also part of the 5.31%. I was also one of the unlucky 50, and now it seems we are both part of the unlucky 5.31%. B.S

  119. Just wondering: Is THIS the “Bonus mystery feature ;)” everyone used to talk about?

  120. Same here. I haven’t gotte a mail about shipping delay. I found it only on the preorder status page.
    I’m also one of the 5% you are talking about and a full agree with you about the “truth” we are hearing here from Rohan.

  121. I wonder why I haven’t received this email yet! Anyone from India who has been shipped but not got this email?

    @Albert – no foot in mouth for me – I am simultaneously checking email as well.

  122. You know, I’m thinking based on Rohans numbers and such we should just play the lottery. All “50” of us just can’t possibly lose.

  123. With this slow pace, I couldn’t imagine 2nd round in near future.It might take months and months to receive adam to the buyers’ hand even if they start 2nd order in the following a few months.

  124. Yes it’s easily explained “we want to go down as the worst startup, CEO,customer service EVER”


    ALL THE FORUMS, THE PRESS, THE TECH BLOGS. Will take this to heart

    Why ohh why were orders not sent in the sequence you received them

    You should hold the deliveries and really sort and send in sequence.

    I am sure those who have been fortunate will understand and welcome this move as just and warranted

  125. People do you really think that a 14th Feb delivery says that Rohan actually got the workers at Sinotek to work over Chinese New Years. Sounds more like that factory is empty right now and wont be working until about the 6-7th Feb …after New years…otherwise how long do you think it would take to produce a “fraction” or sorry Rohan what was that 5.31% (hardly a golden ratio) at the Sinotek factory what are they making the screens out of yarn and cotton wool by hand?? If its truly such a small portion of your pre-order business then they would have been able to produce the 50+ screens prior to the new years Celebrations ie 28th-29th and shipped…

    Yes I’m just a little Pissed with the lack of Communication but what really upsets a generally placid and logical person is the fact you keep changing my Shipping date the day after its supposed to be “Shipped” and only after a constant bombardment of emails from the poor customers do you:

    a. actually change the ship date.
    b. tell us what the hell is going on.

    We most likely have bank rolled your little rock show Rohan with our pre-order upfront cash on a rendered / prototype.

    We would like a little respect / compensation for our good faith and continued loyalty.

  126. I don’t give them a year after this latest mess I think they will be going out in weeks. they need to turn everythin over to a marketing ferm or Rohan needs to learn to quit promising so much. and if he promisses more then he can do he needs to communacate faster. At least your just back where you started I started on the 9th

  127. Hi,

    You can’t say it’s cultural. I love my culture and country even though i don’t reside there. Since notion ink is not honest here, you can’t blame it on culture or country or race.


  128. Thanks Rohan. That was very clear communication. I believe the LCD’s were shipped, but the second round of Pixel Qis due to damage during transit were all cancelled and postponed to 14th Feb. Unfortunately, the people who were placed in the second batch of Pixel Qis are the most hit. They were shunted from 9th Jan to 15-22nd Jan to 29th Jan to 14th Feb. I hope the 14th Feb date is met without any further delays. Any delay (beyond 14th Feb) will be the last straw in the first pre-order saga. It will put a question mark over NI’s credibility to deliver (anything within a reasonable time frame).

  129. yes, that will be a good alternative, but it has no PixelQI and that’s the only reason why a want a ADAM. But when I’m reading, that the colors a bad on PixelQI I don’t know if it is really what I what.

  130. This is really unfortunate. NI, we need you to manage people’s expectation a little better. Rohan, if you had shifted the date when you gave the news about the screen accident, people might have taken it better.

    I really hope that people understand you guys. I do.

  131. So far at least 48 people on NotionAddicts have reported being one of the 5.31%…..

  132. Wrong!

    I ordered an LCD and it hasn’t shipped, delayed 3 times since 9th Jan to 14th February, an absolute shambles.

  133. Albert for all the sarcasm that you shoved our way yesterday, u’re lucky you’re getting yours.. Mine’s delayed.

  134. Those pushed from the 9th to the 15-22nd should never have been given the 9th as the original date. This was explained to you immediately and rectified right away. Understand you never had the 9th as a delivery date. It was a system error. Your date was the 15-22nd. In fact, you were one of the last people to get your orders in the slot of the 15-22nd, therefore we are finding your the ones that are now delayed even further.

    NI explained they are being shipped by time and date of order. Simple. First to Order, First to Ship.

  135. @Rohan
    How did you decide who would receive their adams and who woul dhave to wait? I have had my shipping date pushed back 4 times now. It is incredible to think that I have supported and been so patient with your company. I would have never accepted something such as this from any other company. We are your customers and we have been your supporters, but for me the support ends now. No longer will i rationalize fo you Im calling you out.

    Everyone who has had their shipping date delayed once again I call out to you. Join with me i nthis:
    Rohan, I am giving you 24 hours to reply to me. It can be an email or a comment, but I would like to know how you plan to compensate us as customers who have had to deal with the misdirection time and time agian. Here we sit and wait for the final time as the “small group” who you have yet again not fulfilled your promise to. If no reply is given to me I will cancel my order.

    I am but one person and my idividual order may seem insignificant, but consumers if we band together maybe we can get some real answers.

  136. I haven’t got any email but my adam has been delayed to 14th Feb as well. I feel a bit disappointed about it, but surely not as much as many of you guys.
    What I think is: do we have a proper alternative? If our problem is to get something as soon as possible, I am not at all convinced we would be able to get a Xoom or the Toshiba tablet before we would actually get our adam.
    Moreover, no other tablet has a Pixel Qi screen! (I know, it’s a kind of dual fact this one, but for me it’s quite interesting as I will use the tablet for reading a lot).
    Therefore, no big deal for me.

    PS: I tend to believe Rohan and if he tells us that it’s because of an accident I see no reason why I should doubt him. Of course conspiracy theories are always attractive, but I believe that reality is often simpler than we think.

  137. And by the way, I have paid for my ADAM in December. So I have given NI a credit. And I think there will be alot of people which have paid for ADAM. So NI will have gotten a big credit.

  138. Completely agree. That’s poor form to know that a number of the shipments were impacted BEFORE a targeted date, but not notify them until AFTER the date was missed.

  139. I only hope is that all people who were delayed will get a problem-free Adam. Rohan , make sure all units are working and all the hardware problems were fixed before they leave the factory. After all this mess at least this is what you can do.

  140. I hear they are going to send out a Rohan bobblehead doll that each time you shake the head it will generate another delay excuse.

  141. I am number 5.31%

    Happy thoughts to the chinese managers and workers. Thanks for doing this effort for Notion Ink and me. 🙂

  142. Wow NI ! Another delay!? I was in love with NI but now with all this I’m afraid to order one (if I ever get in to those pre order, lame processes)
    I am looking forward on to the g-slate with 3.0 already as stock.

  143. The 29th group was a small batch compared to the first ones sent out. My estimate at this point is 5% represents about 50 of us, I stopped counting at 35 people posting the were delayed. That means the 29th batch is approximately 1000. It nice to hear more and more people saying that they are really enjoying their Adam. It makes the wait a bit more tolerable. Read some of the previous posts by people who manufacture with Chinese suppliers. It will be encouraging.

  144. It’s cultural? You mean to say Rohan should grovel on his knees, the way Steve Jobs and Bill Gates does, when their schedules slip or they screw up?

  145. If this is the case then why are those people who were part of the 15-22nd being delayed even further then expected, first the 29th, then the 14th of Feb…..I would have expected Those people to be given priory over the original february shipment. It doesnt add up and it doesnt make sense. If that unlucky group of people were the last ones to get their order, then why have the system reflect a shipping date of 15-22 instead of the later february shipment like many others had originally. Not So Simple any more is it? Really not First Order, First to Ship…

  146. I seriously think that the February folks that got “preponed” ended up getting put ahead of the famous “50” that keep getting stomped on.

    Btw, I think I figured out why Rohan thinks it’s 5.31% that got delayed. In his calculation of 50, he lost one place, so it’s really 500 and he keeps carrying this figure through to all his calculations. The real number is closer to 53%.

  147. Delayed to the 14th, disappointed but I’ll survive. Still no e-mail though and that is a little disturbing so I think I will e-mail them just to make sure some other issue isn’t involved.

  148. @jared thanks for the explanation I guess I should’ve realized everything since the beginning of my pre-order has been a series of errors… I have to say this has been the worst early adopter experience I’ve had. (yes before the numerous people clamor on about pre-orders jump on my back I’ve been part of pre-orders before)

    Customer service has been sooo poor and unlike anything we are used to in the US. At this point I’d be speaking to the escalations department and getting my product for free! But here with the CEO actually responding directly it just seems like he is so impotent.

    NI is setting a new standard in low expectation… sad because I’ve been touting the website/blogs/videos for a year and I feel embarrassed for having done so

  149. I have a suggestion for those guys who still ready to wait and not going to cancel. Can we all (maybe signature from all as request) send an request to Rohan with following points.

    1) Some discount (free shipping, memory card etc)
    2) Adam will be delivered tested thorougly with all updates etc
    3) If for some reason we get defective adam, will be replaced unconditionally (this is the reason we are delayed for).

    What you guys think?

  150. Just like they can’t ship Adams, they can’t do math.

    I think it’s pretty obvious by now that it wasn’t only 50 people that got bumped from Jan 9 to Jan 22.

    Likewise it’s not 5.3% that got delayed even further to Feb.

    I bet it’s closer to 500 and 53%.

  151. @magic51: WHEN WE ORDERED we were told to expect a 6 to 8 week of delivery time. The order was on December 10-th, add the 8 weeks and you arrive at the beginning of February.

    I agree that NI might have been over-enthusiastic by communicating earlier estimated shipping dates AFTER we ordered. A clear mistake of an over-enthusiastic CEO of a new company with limited experience in how much can go wrong. But from shipping in the beginning of February when we ordered, to the 14-th of February is a very good achievement on any pre-order process. Most companies who deal with pre-orders don’t come even near their initial estimates.

  152. Rohan: I am really happy with the the prompt update in status this time and a clear reason for doing so. Information is key; lack of information (or worse, insufficient information) is what lets people imagine their own scenarios and creates confusion, anger, and panic.

    Even though this is the third time my shipment is being pushed back (Jan 9 -> Jan 15-22 -> Jan 29 -> Feb 14), the experience itself is not new to me. I somehow always seem to be particularly badly hit by Murphy and his great law – assuming the selection in this particular case was random. Or have a cognitive bias that filters non-Murphy experiences out of memory easily (more likely).

    Bottomline – I’m going to look on the brighter side, and getting it shipped out on Valentine’s day would give real credence to the “Created with love by Notion Ink” comment on the sticker. Take that the rest of you!

  153. @Albert w have you got your dates and if so can you truthfully say time and date of your pre order

  154. I really think that those 5.31% should get a discount …not sure if anyone got discounts those who were part of EAP or who won the logo contest. It may be another false promise.

  155. I am also part of the 1/9 > 1/15 > 1/29th > 2/14 group…. very disappointing to say the least.

    I honestly would not be surprised if I can get my hands on the Xoom before I can get my hands on my Adam. (And I just found out about the Xoom about a month ago!)

  156. Congrats Jason, really nice to hear from real Adams out there in the field.
    We are all jealous and hope to be in your situation soon 🙂

  157. Thank you to the employees at Sinek. I will wait for a shipping code on 14 of February. Also, I have not received an email from Notion Ink about delay. But it is ok :), I will happy after about 3 weeks. I believe, Notion Ink is not a non-starter.

  158. Appreciate the update Rohan. Is the comment in the email about delays “buffers included” mean, there is a chance Adam could ship slightly early as well?

    Also, any consideration on providing free shipping for those waiting….. ?

  159. I strongly believe they removed it because of IP/patent issues. The newly announced Sony portable gaming device NXP has a trackpad which is similar to what NI had before. So probably NI is waiting to get legal clarity before they could use it on any of their devices

  160. Seriously!!!!, how many times has Rohan told us everything was on time and, its on a boat on U.S shores, FCC passed, Shipment is on time, only 50 people were affected..etc….There are many more examples that give reason NOT to believe him anymore and this IS reality.

  161. Wow…this really sucks. I wonder if those of us affected were delayed due to the order of production or if this was random.

    First no trackpad.
    Now no matte screen. What were they showing us pictures of them scratching…the screen protector?

    Seems like lots got slipped to the 14 th. Was it only 50?

    I wonder what the problem really is. Not like Rohan hasn’t led us down the garden path before.

  162. hey … i don’t understand why if i was dated to the 29th.. i was shifted to the feb14th delivery… gosh,. i am leaving my country on february 18th and won’t even leave somebody to pick it up since it is most likely to get stuck in customs and i have to pay more money!!!!!… man please if someone reads this… HELP, has someone already cancelled their order??? are you all getting your money back??? i mean i don’t want to do this.. but is the most logical way to act now that they will send my adam when i leave.. (for a a long time!!!!)

    I am still supporting NI. but this is really unfortunate that the lack of maturity causes this problem.. please ROHAN i hope you read this and try to do something about it!!

    Warm regards

  163. @Gaurav, I agree with you that an explanation is due on the basis of the selection. I can only hope that the ones who booked later are the ones who will get delayed (for each version). If it’s anything other than that, I would be extremely disappointed.

    @Greg, I agree with you that giving information is good but it also needs to be complete. I am lucky that my device has been shipped but I dread to think what I would feel if I was delayed yet again. The least I would need is an assurance – not that I am part of a small minority but rather that the FIFO principle is being followed and the reason you’re delayed is that someone else had paid prior to the time you did. Fair you think?

  164. A dicount would be a nice idea. But the better one is: Telling the truth !!!
    How many ADAM are shipped to “normal” customers. I think the most devices are shipped to “big player” like Android police and Notion Ink hacks and to companys.
    There are only a hand full of people who has gotten the ADAM.

  165. 3)
    What I understand from comments here is that many people who ordered on 9th Dec.,2010 got emails with information about delayed shipment.

    However, what I do not understand is how people who ordered later (i.e., after 9th Dec., 2010) got their adam shipped today?

    Rohan do you care to explain????????????????????????

  166. I can’t believe Murphy can give me so much of a trouble. One among the unlucky 50 and now one among the unlucky 5.3%. What are the probabilities. Can’t comprehend this one. Are the one moved into Jan from February also getting moved? Ideally they should be ahead of the unlucky Jan ones. Right? Even after that am I still in the 5.3 %. That is even more difficult to believe.

    Yes I am disappointed. Very much so. It seems to be a never ending wait.

    Others might jump in and say move on.. choose another tablet if you have to. No I am not doing that. I want Adam and only Adam. But the wait is agonizing and now very disappointing.

  167. “Rohan: I am really happy with the the prompt update in status this time ” Are you joking ?

    After 1 and a half day of actual shipping date (29th Jan), he is updating us.

  168. Ravi, forget it. There never was a earlier shipment. That where all good talk for us here.

  169. Plus one all the way.

    Ppl doubt in someone’s honesty. You never doubt in dishonesty of anyone.
    So, like that if you see the nature of doubt, you always doubt the positive.

  170. Out of curiosity, which are some of these ‘unbiased’ websites? I would like to follow them too.

  171. it’s not that we don’t believe that damage happened I’m sure it did it’s all about lack of communication. when did the damage happen 1 or 2 weeks ago most likely so from that date it was known we would be delayed but Rohan kept posting happy post shipping on time then even after they missed the ship date yesterday he still posted today Adam on it’s way Emails coming soon only to find out about 7 people got good news and about 60 got bad news. Then he has the nerve to post that it only effected about 5.3% we can read the post we know how many it effected even using statistics figuring some people won’t post it’s easy to see it was about 95% of the people still waiting for their orders

  172. Have you find any replacement yet? Better than Adam?

    I am in the same situation, and looking for options….

  173. The real answer is up there in Rohan’s post, and he also warned us well in advance. I’m sure those who were pushed back were randomly picked. What kind of other ‘real’ answers are you expecting? Just the fact that you expect something else to be the ‘real’ answer – some conspiracy, let’s say – shows the outlook needs to be changed.

    Take a deep breath (not meant to be patronizing – it really helps), and hold on for 14 more days – it isn’t that long if you ask me.


    (This is my 4th updated date too)

  174. Sounds like this would be a good time for a system wide reset… Even though I am slated for the second pre-sale, I would hold off until all of the issues caused by pre-order 1 have been totally and completely taken care of. This includes updates, manufacturing probs and building up the support structure. I am frustrated and eager to get an adam but it would be best for all that things calm down to a dull roar before a new round of sales.

  175. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never took my money first and then made me wait.

    So yeah, some groveling would be a good start. But a discount or some extra stuff like a 32GB SD card with the tablet would really be what I’m looking for.

    I’m seriously looking for a reason not to cancel right now. Rohan has about a day until I say **** it and cancel.

  176. Hmm, Well I wonder if I should just cancel my order and order an iPad 2 that will probably be anouncing Feb 9th for 800 bucks for their high end model….I guess I can wait and wait see what comes around on Feb 9th.

  177. Common buddy, by now you should understand, it was all lie. I was supposed to get adam before 1 week of release with discount since i was on eap waiting list.

    It’s sent to public 15 days back and i’m still waiting. I was in those unlucky 50 customers also and now in 5.31% also.

  178. Crumbling Brand Recognition and a Lost Marketing Compaign:
    Notion Ink, how I believed in you and eagerly anticipated the arrival of my Pixel Qi screen. For the last six months I have been proudly touting that I was waiting for a better tablet than the iPad, and I proudly shared the name Notion Ink with colleges. But I can no longer! Your reputation has crumbled and become rotten due to your treatment/PR of your customers. Examples include: the pre-order fiasco, with unclear specs of the internal memory, the credit card billing issues (being denied from the US, then also being charged a foreign exchange rate, plus the $50 shipping), and most recently how unprofessional can you get to notifying your customers the day after their product should have shipped, that it will now be delayed two additional weeks.

    With this time you have given us, I have reflected on why I am willing to continue waiting. I know that the single largest reason I want your tablet is the Pixel Qi screen. I am still exited to receive it, but when I do I will NOT be touting your brand to my friends, and when a competitor offers a Pixel Qi screen, you should be shaking scared because your reputation is already damaged and I will not be able to stand up for you.

    Please get your act together, realize this group of people could be your Marketing Campaign if they CAN believe in Notion Ink.

  179. I have no idea what to say about this delay.
    I have only one in my country to order ADAM as i know and more than 1000 are waiting my review including my students who want to order.
    It is time to tell them to go with iPAD or XOOM.

  180. So here we are; preorder 2 delayed, we don’t know yet…. Deliveries done for some people, some are happy, others not. Should we preorder or shoudn’t we? What screen to preorder?
    A lot of questions, doubts, unanswered questions. We understand NI is doing its best but have any view on the situation. I openend a little survey on to get a view on the screensituation. What did people preorder and are they happy? How much is doupting?? … With everybody filling it in we could get a better view on things and be able to decide better?

  181. Thanks Rahim 🙂 hope you, or anyoneelse dont have go thorugh something like this, and NI should make sure of that, its the least they can do.

  182. Exactly my thoughts, posting B.S numbers is what pisses me off, and trying to play it off like its only a few people, when clearly it is not. Given the track record so far, there is every reason not to believe anything that is said anymore…

  183. well i will be canceling as well for personal reasons.. i will leave the country and no longer be able to receive i.. so … that would be money lost! even if i don0t want to, if no answer is given i will have to cancel as well!

  184. Exactly how does it make sense that I being on the jan9th -jan15 -jan29-feb14th shipping delays doesn’t get a priority to be shipped. what is the logic behind that? I woke up this morning hoping to get my shipping info instead I get your tablet is delayed again.

    Fool me once shame on you. fool me twice and three times and now a 4th time? Shame on me because I must be crazy waiting on the same thing but expecting different results.

    There should be compensation for this. No other business would be allowed to “tear you a new one” and be able to make it. I understand there are followers and people who want to believe. I was one of them. If NI doesn’t offer some kind of compensation then sorry for these countless mistakes I would rather take the hit and cancel my order then keep waiting for something that should already be in my hands because it’s paid for. It’s the principal of the matter. It’s bad business practice if a company (startup or not) to let this kid of bad customer service (regardless of what Greg states on his site) to let happen.

    They shouldn’t have let the pre order happen unless they were almost ready to ship. if i knew that the first shipment wasn’t shipping because they didn’t even have fcc then i wouldn’t have even put my money down. For some reason i read that they had fcc and bought. Maybe i just miss read it or maybe it was one of the “India people don’t like to say no” things and was a work around. Who knows.

    Things to take back from this:
    1. Don’t pre order something. Its just about on par with stupidity as standing out in a line for 3 days to wait for a consumer product, but at least in this case I would have gotten my item.

    2. Any company that takes your money and keeps on pushing back actually giving you your item ie more then once. cancel your order right away they are not very predictable and are laughing at you that they have your money and you have nothing to show for it.

    3. A company that talks about dreams and family and all that hippy stuff is blowing way to much steam out their butt that should be put toward getting their product out the freaking door, is just trying to buy more time and trying to make you feel good about yourself even though everyone knows your getting screwed.

    so on that note. GL with everyone who has gotten there adam, gl to everyone who is getting shipped today and gl for everyone who still has their thumb up their butt waiting for their adam.

  185. Sorry, that depends on the time zone you’re in. I also took into account the delay wrt shipping date for the previous batch to get their status updates – if it’s a constant delay, there must be a standard reason for it beyond NI’s control.

    Also, the heads-up was given in a post 2-3 days earlier, so you always knew there was a chance it could be your shipment that’s going to be affected.

  186. No..not so..The estimated shipping date from factory is being shown as 14 Feb 2011 as every else now. But the below statements (like earlier) are removed which said the date is expected and can change. Hope they are sure for now. …!

  187. Wish I shared your sentiment. But if the Chinese factory messed up they should be working through the new year. Your holiday < my money.

    Notion has become a joke because this factory messed up.

  188. Joe, forget preordering. You will pay for something and then you have wait moth for it.

  189. This is the first time I’ve been so upset. I drove to Hyderabad to visit you, I’ve been following you from the time the idea of the Adam was just an idea. Been part of EAP, Have stayed up all night to place the pre order, got bumped from 9th to 15th to 29th to 14th Feb. I’ve also got you guys 8 orders and have nothing to show for it but the let down of being bumped lower and lower in the list 😦

  190. i’m sorry but missing a annual holiday is something far worse than a delayed tablet pc, you never had to begin with. I hope the Chinese workers get compensated well for their work. They have to sacrifice Family time for this. I feel sad for them.

  191. It should be a secret box that opens 1 week from delivery.. but then on the 7 day it says it wont open for another 2 weeks due to delay…test patience until you smash box on floor and find out that there was nothing in it and anticipation is the only special thing here..

  192. I’m one of the “50” group. and i got it delayed to 14th.

    in the matter of fact i’ve been involved with every delay there has been. at the beginning I was in the very first patch.

    Until this point i’ve been quite patient, but this really starts testin my nerves. To be honest I don’t believe there newer was a small “50” group it was a much bigger group same goes to this new 5.31% group.

    This far i’ve been involved in small group of 50 and after that the 5.31% group. What are the odds in that? And I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who got pushed from very first patch to this very last one.

  193. @WSBurbank
    Thanks for writing what I mean. My english isn’t so well to write it. I full agree with you. I’m in a IM department and I make user support / help desk. I have talked to alot of people the should wait for ADAM. But now, I will tell them to buy a XOOM or somting else.

  194. Well I dont think id ever get angry enough to go get a and the xoom is still too expensive.. got my money on the LG tab from tmobile.

  195. Frustration is one thing, misinformation/lies is something else. You know what the mystery feature is, now don’t be insincere.

  196. So far based on the notionadicts poll 58 people were delayed and only 5 got shipped.

    I’d say this proves that in Rohanese, 5.31% means 95%.

    So 95% got delayed and only 5% shipped.

  197. I was also on the EAP2 waiting list and one of this 50 people. Have you count the people which where under the 50 ?? You will count more than 50 !!!!!!
    This 50 is one of the lies we have heard here.

  198. Let me just clear that up.. Its NOT a late estimate. NI does EARLY estimates that turn out to be later than said. I dont know when they will learn but its always best to estimate say feb 5th instead of the 29th like they did.. so when its delayed its NOT SUCH A BIG DEAL

  199. looking at all of the post and using statistics I would say about 500 were sold and about 30 were effected by this delay

  200. yea… doesn’t add up something else is happening that we are not being told.

  201. I think Jared has a good handle on this and I also think it would be impossible to know how many people originally got February dates and then got preponed to January 29th and now have been pushed back to February 14th. I have been delayed, I don’t like it but I think it is futile to push and pull at the numbers and make yourself more angry. I still think it will be the best hardware choice for me so I will wait.

  202. I was only prevented from placing an order by Mastercard and having followed developments feel much better as I realize more and more that this is a developmental process and wether we rec’d or did not receive our Adam we are learning either by actual use or as followers of those actually working and further evolving and actually working in further developments. When I committed to become involved, I subconciously realized that it would be an evolutionary process that I was becoming involved with as it was Rohans dream. It was a work towards that ideal computing partner that as some one mentioned was modular and once perfected would evolve by software and modular changes. It would become something that would evolve with me if that was possible. We all change, expand, develop new skills/faculties and I have allways felt limited by my resources. This is the dream and I am banking on Rohan, the NI team and (dare I say) the NI family of kindred spirits to partake in this evolutionary process. There is an article in todays NY Times on how the mind undergoes changes if we meditate and I feel that I have grown by undergoing this experience. I feel so positive about this entire thing, Hey, life is one big frustration for some and for others it’s a voyage of joy.

  203. Hi rohan
    I am one of the guys got delayed till feb 14th. Upset , but can cope. It is not our Chinese workers fault . They should NOT work through their new year just to get few days early production.
    Just ask them to enjoy their new year and work later.
    It is only a tablet – not life saving medication!
    Please call them and say so

    To delayed group friends
    could we agree for this ?
    Say yes – if you are in this unfortunate group and support Chinese break
    if you are eager to get Adam sooner -with Chinese collegues working through new year

  204. I dont know if there is a case here with anyone but mine has shipped and this is my order date ant time
    Ordered Date: 2010-12-09 18:07:56

  205. @ whatsinaname

    Save that BS “Murphy’s Law” for another time.

    You are taking up valuable real estate.

  206. I am starting to believe certain regions are getting priority because it is cheaper to transport them together.The regions which have less will have to wait.

  207. so the february bunch got pre-poned and the jan15-22 (most of which were originally jan9) got moved to 29th, and now feb 14th??

  208. Just a question.. for the people who got tracking numbers via email just today… what does your preorder status say on the page?

  209. Looks like NI had to make a decision that among the preorder customers 5.31% will have to wait for another 2wks. How did NI select the unlucky customers?

  210. Just cancel it and spare yourself the pain of dealing with these cultures, of which Notion Ink obviously is fully representative. I see where some of you are coming from.

  211. Amazing how a two hour difference in order times works out to a two month difference in product delivery.

    I’m also concerned that the FCC product approval depicts the trackpad electronics but am now informed by posters that this is missing. Major altercations to a device require re-approval from the FCC.

    Was led to believe that the ADAM had user replaceable batteries. The ones in the photo don’t look very “user replaceable”.

    My account was charge for the full amount in Dec. I have received NOTHING in the way of any correspondence from Notion Ink on my PURCHASE.

    I am not a “religious zealot” for NI or ADAM. I AM A CUSTOMER and this is NOT
    how you treat your customers if you expect to stay in business.

    I figure that when my ADAM finally does show up it will be called Noah and it will release a flood of happiness and not the WRATH OF GOD…

    Notion Ink: We’re not happy until you’re not happy…

  212. what does your preorder status say on the notion ink page since you recieved your tracking number?

  213. Come on folks. Things are not going perfect, but it’s a preoder. There are no b&m stores where you can pick it up. There’s no hotline to call. Email communication in order delays or customer support service is always frustrating. We cannot expect a Company the size of NI to be able to do so much initially. Try the same with the other android tablets. You will get even less support.
    Delays are frustrating, but have patience.

  214. I also found out on the preorder status page. This is looking more like 5% shipped and 95% did not from the count.

  215. No.

    If they were randomly picked then Rohan lied. It should be first ordered first shipped as he said. This is obviously not the case however.

    I’m honestly not buying the story about workers working thru Chinese new year. If they were then the screens would have been much faster than the 14th.

    I don’t trust anything Rohan says anymore, not a word.

    Up until yesterday (the 29th) I would have been all bright side of life with you. But now I am enraged and I want answers and I want to know what Notion will be giving me to make up for this mess, be it in the form of discounts or extras, or if I should just cancel and get the hell off this nightmare of a startup company.

    I don’t care about Rohan’s dream, I care about my tablet, and I care about my money.

  216. +100, I have canceled my order as soon as I received shipment delayed to 15 Feb email. Thanks Notion Ink for testing my patiences.

  217. Just a question.. for the people who got tracking numbers via email just today… what does your preorder status say on the page?

  218. Sad to hear about the date being changed to 14th February but I prefer to have a product that works. I have “The estimated date of your shipment would be 14th February 2011 (Buffer included).” in my email. What does ‘Buffer included’ mean?

  219. Nook color rooted.

    Half the price, has everything but the ports and the Qi screen.

    I’m happy you believe Rohan, I do not. I feel he’s a liar and I’m really on my last nerve with this. I defended this thing for over a year. Enough of your stupid dream Rohan. How about a tablet that actually exists in reality.

  220. For the people who got tracking numbers via email just today… what does your preorder status say on the page?

  221. there will be now ADAM2, because NI will closed this year, because of bad customer service an not telling the truth.

  222. Okay, time to test this. Everyone who was delayed please respond, and everyone still on for the 29th plese say so

  223. Rohan, get you act together! Do not say everyone got a mail about the delay if you are absolutely sure of it. I did NOT get any E-mail about anything. Yet, when I checked the approximate date of sending HAS changed from 29 of Januari to 14th of Februari.

    I am truely disappointed. Not with the delay, that’s no problem at all. It is about NOT making communication to customers priority no. 1.

    I refrained from nagging until now, because in nature I am a person with patience.

    I hope you will work on improvements.

  224. I find it hard to believe only 5.31% are affected. I know we are to believe only 50 were moved to the 15-22nd but like the 50 this number is just not believable. What Rohan is saying is that a company the size of Sintex (approx 2.75 billion USD capitalization) need the whole of the Chinese New Year period to produce a handful of screens, I’m not sure Sintex will appreciate that slur. As has been requested many times just give us the truth.

  225. You obviously didn’t see the update they put and then instantly took down saying that this problem with Sinotek was not supposed to affect this batch of orders.

    NI hasn’t had a clue this entire time, and simply hoping they do now isn’t helping.

    There’s no Santa Claus either.

  226. Hi Sen, I am one of the (very) lucky ones whose Adam was shipped on th 29-th (got informed by email on the morning of the 30-th and already got a call from the courier) 🙂 I feel very sorry for those of you who have to wait longer.:-(

  227. .. for the people who got tracking numbers via email just today… what does your preorder status say on the page?

  228. Agree. It’s actually quite sad. Just wonder how YOU would feel if your company asks you to work through the New Year’s holiday.

  229. why are there 19 bloggers which “like this” ??? No one should hit the “like this” Button !!!

  230. Yes a review would be appreciated. Its hard to find a good review from an average user is that isnt biased. I planned on reviewing my unit when it arrived.

  231. Why would one need to access a chinese blog, to track/manage production plants??? And whats the problem with Sinotek staff not speaking english?! Thats how the whole other companies get their products assembled right? And even if there is a need, in’t it easy to contract a translator?!

  232. The only way these guys in China are willing to do it during the holidays is that they screwed up the shipment of screens and are forced to pay for it.

  233. Ya where have i heard that before…..We are beyond worst case at this point. 4 Delays already REALLY!!!!.

  234. Like many of the very vocal posters on this thread, I too was one of the chronically delayed pre-orders.

    I stand here with egg on my face, talking up Notion Ink and their Adam. I have been vocal that there has been delays, but the communication chain has been fairly direct and clear. This morning, I went to check my Pre-Order status, truly expecting another delay, but hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Of course I was not. I see videos of some of the units in the wild, so I know they exist, but other tablets are coming to market now and my patience is wearing quite thin.

    In the morning, I am considering a cancellation… and not just that but a full chargeback while it is still within my rights. Get enough of those, and you wont be able to take Credit Cards in the states.

    Rohan, time to ‘make this right’ as we in retail call it.

  235. No.

    The factory screwed up, the factory makes it better. The workers are getting paid overtime, and from the post it seems to have been voluntary. ( I also don’t believe this whole story but that’s besides the point. I don’t the factory is to blame at all, Rohan is.) I’ve worked thru holidays before, you suck it up and do it.

    I’m far more furious at Rohan than the factory however. Throwing out a whole shipment because a few screens got cracked is nonsense. And really, you can’t tell if the screen is defective until it’s in the Adam? I find that EXTREMELY hard to believe.

    Either way, I’m still taking 24 hours to see if I should cancel or not. Right now I’m canceling, I’m waiting for Rohan to give me a reason not to.

  236. I posted this after the first bad release and i will say it again we need to change their name to no show ink.

  237. @magic51
    I am happy that you proved me wrong here. That puts a question on which screens were damaged? I am getting mixed signals here. As this thing is being run on a batch process, they surely wouldn’t mix the LCD and Pixel Qis on one assembly. Assembling Pixel Qi screen I guess is more complicated. Thus far only Pixel Qis were shipped based on the comments I read on various NI releated blogs. This morning I read from buyers who purchased LCD variant that they received confirmation about their adams being shipped. So to run two batches (one for Pixel Qi and one for LCD) from now onwards to Feb 14th is a difficult ask. Unless Pixel Qi’s were all shipped in the first batch of shipments and it is only select group of people needing LCDs that are being shunted around. I thought LCDs were the easiest to source and assemble. I could be completely wrong once again.

  238. Its yet another fail for NI. If only 50 odd customers are effected, why dont NI manage from the stocks already received by them. Ofcourse because 50 is not the real number.

    NI seems to keep falling into pits after pits. As I said before sometime, NI may be good at design but sucks at delivering. With so many faills, Rohan has simply lost his word.

    P.S. I was in the Jan 9th, pushed to 15-22 Jan, then 29th Jan and now 14th Feb.

  239. I’m asking me all the time: Why is the my estimate shipping date swapped from January31th to February 14th ? The problems with the accidental damage was for the shipments of January 29th. So why are all other shipments also delayed ? There is something wrong.
    And that’s the main problem. We never hear the truth.

  240. karen:
    > with a dream you can build Nations. Someone wrote in the comments, they don’t care what dreams we have.

    That would be me. Dreams aren’t so interesting unless you have the competence to translate them into reality. I want to buy a product, not a dream. Rohan’s head is in the clouds – he wants NI to be #1 in customer service, but seems unable to go about putting that dream into reality, even though the very clear path has been outlined here many, many times.

    Sorry for the humorless post; I’m not feeling well.

  241. Ordered on the 10th.. my shipment says FEb 14th.

    I want to know what it says on the preorder page for people who just received tracking numbers.. is it out for delivery, shipping.. or still feb 14th? or Jan 29th.. which is it.

  242. I like to read all of the comments that are posted before I post. I too received my email informing me that I was one of the unlucky souls who was affected by the Sintek mess. My Adam was ordered on Dec 13th and so I guess that explains it for me. What really upsets me about this whole affair is not the moving of the shipping dates (moving targets). What really upsets me is the treatment to the customer. I work in a manufacturing company – our customers are what keeps the doors open, provides a paycheck to me and my family. Without them our business can not SURVIVE. Notion Ink must understand that the CUSTOMER is the most important part to any business. I would venture a guess that they knew earlier in the week which of us would be affected and having our ship date changed. Would it had been so hard to reach out to those CUSTOMERS and let them know personally – email, phone call, or mail?
    We are adults and we can deal with life’s disappointments when they happen. Our ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances is what makes us who we are. Your apologies no matter how genuine they may be will not be enough. If you are truly behind us 100% then you will do something to make this right for 4 Time Disappointment Group. Rohan you have the power to make this right.

  243. @Jason: you do a pre-order with a 6 to 8 week expected delivery time and you think of suing when you get your Adam 1 or 2 weeks later then that was promised during your pre-order?

    You must be from the US, the country where there are now more lawyers then manufacturers and I hope that you have deep pockets because in this situation there is no legal base to file a claim for the unfortunate situation that you have to wait till the 14-th.

  244. uhh notion addicts has it at over 60 delayed already. And I haven’t even added mine to that count yet.

  245. 18 Feb 2011 or end of Feb. If this came from NI I would need to say estimated……..

  246. This statement is false. My brother’s company has three emplyoees and thousands of customers. This kind of lack of comunication and lack of respect for their customers isn’t start up issues. It’s just plain ole bad business practices. If something like this would have happend to my brothers company he would have asked me, my wife his wife etc to get on the phone and call every single customer and let them know their product was delayed. And would not have rested untill everyone was apoligized and amends were made. Instead Notion Ink shirks responsibility and blames others for their issues. bad bad bad
    And where is NotionInks customer service page, their support page their contact numbers!!!
    And just an fyi for those for you following Notioninkfan. Beware Greg is doing business with notionink which depends on their product sales. So…

  247. I ordered wifi +Qi screen.

    Delayed till the 14th. Live in the U.S is anyone cares.

    Notion ink has become a joke in my mind now. This is beyond unacceptable and Rohan’s poor communications aren’t helping.

  248. Certainly possible. Its the likelihood that is relevant. My initial expectation, despite everything Notion Ink said, was Feb. 15th, and I was a Jan 9->15-22 batch at the time. An expectation is a measure of central tendency, given all the uncertainties which, in NI’s case, are amplified as we all (ought to) understand. So, if they had indeed shipped today, I would have been pleasantly surprised. As it is, their revised ship date for me is Feb. 14th, which is squarely on my ‘Expectation’ date. There is, in my rational expectation, a non-zero probability that it will further slip by about a week or two. Any delays beyond Feb. would be highly unusual. Not to mention, highly disappointing, of course.

    If people can’t stand this uncertainty, they should cancel and move on. Otherwise, just deal with it. Not to excuse the shabby and discourteous communication from Notion Ink, of course. But, ultimately, this is a transaction, and once you enter into it, you try and behave like an adult, instead of beating your breast or threatening to jump off buildings.

  249. You can only give someone the benefit of the doubt so many times. Its crystal clear that we are being fed lies, its freaking obvious, dont insult my intelligence by telling us its only 5.31% when it is clearly not.

  250. @Rohan,

    Here are a lot of people which are thinking about canceling there order. And I think, they are right. And I think, after 4 delays noone should pay when he cancel is order, 5% where announced when I ordered mine.

  251. Agreed, I am not looking for half off or anything like that. But it would make me feel better if something could be done to make those of us that where delayed feel better. Even if it is just a extra power cord, a car charger, a case, sd card, a tee-shirt.

  252. Exactly what is Rohan supposed to do? People are behaving as if he somehow had a choice in the matter. I am not an apologist by an means but there is a reality factor here that needs to be considered. The screens were damaged. The factory can not come up with immediate replacements. The facts are really that simple. It is extremely disappointing but on the other hand it is not particularly hart to understand.

  253. LOL !! That is SO cool !! Hey you know what ? You sir might just be the next Mark Zuckerberg who, according to the Social Network movie, created Facebook after his girlfriend dumped him !! I mean, you can surely relate to him: more delay in your tablet’s delivery / being dumped by his girlfriend.

    Don’t you think you might be a bit overreacting ?? I mean, slightly…maybe ?

  254. Hey rohan.. just to let you know this was my christmas gift.. i got NOTHING ELSE… so that means i still have D**K from christmas… please can you ship my damn order out already so I can stop playing with my D**K and play with my tablet.. ok thanx

  255. He could stop being a liar and actually post some real information. Contact the customers directly, and let us know what’s going on. Discount the product or throw in some extras as a bonus.

    There’s a ton of things Rohan could do, but he’s a liar, so he won’t.

  256. 4)
    What I understand from comments here is that many people who ordered on 9th Dec.,2010 got emails with information about delayed shipment.

    However, what I do not understand is how people who ordered later (i.e., after 9th Dec., 2010) got their adam shipped today?

    Rohan do you care to explain????????????????????????

  257. Hello everybody, I created a form, a google doc to document the Notion Ink’s journey with the Adam believers and heretics. It will be a public service to understand how a startup can survive and innovation can survive. Please see below the links and see if you can share some of your thoughts. I am not an MBA student or a marketing analyst intending to take benefits out of your response.
    Form : “”
    Document editable for public: “”
    Document readable for the public: “”

  258. BTW if anyone is wondering why they havent moved to offical forums.. is the same reason why there are no official forums for the government.. if its organized you can actually make a stand.. when its like this we cannot work together to get information and share it or attack NI.. all of our anger gets lost in the pages..

  259. A bunch of lies and after already having been delayed ages..then getting into the 15th to 22nd week..then delayed again..and now one day after the shipping deadline has already past letting me know that my device is delayed again and i am one of those 5.3%..thats just total bullshit…thank you for the keep it..i am asking for my refund…i am super duper disappointed…and i would make sure i let everyone know about it….and yeah i am one of those who has been following the Adam for more than a year now…i am so very disappointed..

  260. Uday mabye you dont realise but NI actually changed our shipping dates earlier today probably while you where at work from 29th to the 11-15th Feb then back to the 29th again…this was after plenty of annoyed bloggers wanting an answer to no shipping email on the 30th Jan a day after our supposed shipping date… Then waited a further couple hours before once again changing the orders all back to the 14th Feb the only reason Rohan probably even blogged is because he was copping that much flak via email and the blog prior to this one that he had no other option but to post a new blog with at least some explanation at the same time some of us received emails stating the delay… its just bad business practice

  261. again it is not the delay that is my problem it is communication or rather lack of it. don’t post lies like “shipping on time ” when you know full well that is not going to be the case. don’t say 5% when it looks like it is effecting every person that was first on the 9th then the 15th then the 28th. yes problems happen yes delays are a part of pre orders. but being lied to is not and should not ne part of it.

  262. Mine just says shipped, the email tells me where it has been waiting since the 9th of Jan. but not where it happens to be on Jan. 30th.

  263. Yea so they included a buffer.. i see.. so finally they are making a late estimate.. ok.. we will see.

  264. At 1-month LIBOR, it amounts to about USD 1.50 or so. This is your opportunity cost, in pure interest terms.

  265. Karen.

    Rohan’s dream and vision is nice and all.

    But I live in reality, and reality is a cold cold place.

    In reality $500+ is a lot of freaking money. In reality a tablet PC doesn’t change the world.

    In reality companies that lie to you consistently and take your money with no product are companies that deserve to go out of business.

    I’m sick and tired of Rohan’s dream. # months ago maybe I would have been willing to go with him. But now it’s put up or shut up time.

  266. Ok..1-2-3 start….

  267. @Jason: the screens are most likely made by a supplier to the company that assembles the Adam. So first the screens have to be produced (for which they work during Chinese New Year), then they have to be shipped to the assembly line and then they have to put together. There is a lot of logistics and planning involved when a company is faced by a faulty shipment of parts so if it “only” results in a 2 week delay, it means that all parties involved are doing over-time.

    ( with “only” I do not want to minimize the huge disappointment that many feel, I use it to indicate that really all partners have to work hard ot fit all thta in such a short time-span. Production-planning has to be adapted, other customers may have to be post-poned etc. etc.)

  268. Can I request notionaddicts to make a poll among delayed feb14 group
    1. they support Chinese holiday for workers and thereby agree to postpone delivery for approxmately one more week?21/feb/2011?
    2. let Workers work and get Adam by 14/feb / 2011

    dear friends from notionaddicts – could you pls do this poll?

  269. A company that care about customers would compensate all this people which had once more messed around.

    Rohan , put a microSDHC 32GB card extra in the package or something like that.
    I think many people would appreciate that!

  270. The FCC does not show a trackpad. That large silvery rectangle is the GPS antenna, not a trackpad

  271. I was delayed until the 14th and my order was made the day before the LCD sold out.

  272. Sen the logo guys were complaining weeks ago about not getting thier discount I ASSUME they still haven’t either….Imagine that all EAP’s in the same boat as well.

  273. I am also part of the delayed group. I’ve been waiting for the release of this tablet since summer. Also had the shipment date changed 4 times and I believe there should be some compensation for this because it really is unfair to all of us who have been waiting patiently to having to wait some more. It makes me think if we ever will have this tablet at all.

  274. Its the Lies that are pissing everyone off. “Exactly what is Rohan supposed to do?” STOP LYING TO EVERYONE” we are not morons!!!!!! it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that he is being dishonest. The screens were damaged!!!!! so suddenly all the orders are cancelled? what happen to shipping on time and only a small fraction was affected?? total B.S. That is a Fact, clear and simple.

  275. All of these other tablets have a price point above $600. This is one thing I don’t understand. Everyone was excited because the adam was offered at a much lower price than the IPad but now you ppl are talking about buying tablets that are the same price. Wtf! Yall can keep those tablets as well as the Ipad. And can you really be serious about the rim playbook? Who the hell wants an oversized blackberry storm?

  276. In that case I say $1.50 to all… There that should fix it. Can we all relax now.

  277. For those who have received their adams, I just have one quick question for you. If the adam you have now were a trial unit, would you go ahead and purchase it at the end of the trial period? I know it may be difficult but I would appreciate a simple Yes or No answer. Many thanks.

  278. Hi All,

    joeysnackpants makes a good point. TAKE NOTE Rohan and NI – If enough people cancel their orders for Adam then credit card companies will boycott NI and refuse payments to them.

    Please Rohan get this sorted, I don’t want to see you fail and from now on get someone who really knows the English language and it’s ways to look at what you are posting to make sure what you a saying is what you mean

  279. Mki,

    dont you think getting the Adam would be a lot?? forget discount, case, etc. lets have the tablet first.

  280. i have already asked for my refund..and i hope a whole lot many people do that it teaches the company a lesson…to be truthful….seriously…it would help them in the long run…

  281. I honestly don’t believe they’re working thru the new year.

    2 weeks for a run of supposedly 50 screens? Bullshit pure and simple.

  282. just going, and prove why we wait for is valuable!
    but maybe not many times for your bland!
    you have many antagonists now!

    good luck for everybody here!

  283. I really don’t understand how this can be blamed on Notion Ink right now. I mean it was one of the manufacturing partners that broke the touch screen, and NI just found out a few days ago. The reason they did not tell us about it until now is because theyt were likely scrambling to figure out what to do in addition to dealing with several other issues. While I understand that an extra 2 weeks of wait can feel devastating, its really not Rohan’s fault for this delay. Besides, how would you fell if you got the broken tablet and had to wait another several months after getting to play with your adam for a day?

  284. No.

    $500 and two months of them “holding” said $500 with me having nothing to show for it.

    Delay once….fine…delay twice..I’m pissed but sure.

    This is the end. Rohan needs to give me a reason not to cancel and just go root a Nook color.

  285. +1….they are working hard to put out the Adam and sacrificing their Holiday, let’s not lose sight of that.

  286. dealyed till the 14th here.

    Unless I cancel tomorrow which I’m seriously considering.

  287. According to @behrendorff on “Notionaddicts” he ordered adam on 2010-12-12 07:01:38. see the image below

    Link: “”
    (comment no. 10)

    @behrendorf’s adam is already shipped. How is it possible that those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not receiving it, whereas those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not?

    Rohan do you care to comment????????????????

  288. Brian,

    Getting the Adam not enough compensation for you man????

    Come on they are a start up. 😉

  289. Thanks for posting.
    Some of you need to take a chill pill and calm down. This is what happens with a preorder sometimes. If you can’t handle a few bumps, then you shouldn’t be pre-ordering anything, from any company. You have to expect bumps when you are dealing with a completely new product and even more so when you are dealing with a brand new company.
    If you manufacture in China, the Chinese New Year is always something that catches you by surprise if you have no experience manufacturing in China. I know because my wife deals with China and the first time she was caught completely by surprise at how everything just stops during Chinese New Year. You get no warning, all production and business just stops. Period!
    So just calm down, you’ve waited a long time, a little longer will do no harm. And anyway, it’s not like you can just go out and buy something else right now. Adam will still be one of the first Android tablets to market and easily the first pixel qi tablet.

  290. I would like people to know that Notion Ink is not alone when it comes to getting their products manufactured. In the US there is a company called Ceton Corp. who developed a quad tv tuner card for pc’s. They have sold and delivered thousands of them. Each order placed have had months of waiting time associated with it. This is a US company who has already sold thousands and is still struggling with its supply line. This is not exactly an Indian issue and Ceton has been in the game for much longer. You are not alone.

  291. While I am, of course, disappointed at having to wait longer, I am still irritated at all the posts calling Rohan a ‘liar’ and such. We wouldn’t be in this place if he hadn’t been trying to be as upfront and honest as possible.

    I, for one, really appreciate that, and I’m concerned that the “entitled” attitude of the users complaining may negatively affect that transparency in the future. C’mon guys, you’re not 12.

    I want to post a comment of thanks for the people who have given up their holiday to work so that some of us can receive our product that much sooner. I hope this message doesn’t get lost in a sea of whining and that the above mentioned managers can read it and know that at least one person out here is grateful for their labor.

  292. @Mehdi: Don’t be too hard to Sen. He has found his purpose in life.

    (and you are right, Sen seems as attached to his Adam as Zuckerberg was to his girlfriend)

  293. I’m not saying it’s a cultural thing.

    I’m saying Rohan is a horrible businessman and needs to get his ass on here right now and start making amends.

    It has nothing to do with India, and everything to do with Rohan being to caught up in his damn dream. Get out of the dream and into reality where your tablet will actually exist!

  294. @g123k (animatrix30 or edouard)
    I thought your screen looked the best so far on the videos. Is your contrast bad? i commented on the previous post saying your screen was the best on view of all the user videos. If your screen is bad as well, I don’t trust Pixel Qi screens anymore.

  295. @Himanshu,
    Why to ignore this comment. It makes perfect sense to me. No need to be a fanboy all the time. After all, NI is in the business of selling and delivering is the most important part, right ?

  296. This is Ridiculous, Lesson learned about “Not to preorder”, is getting reminded again and again by pushing the date of shipping, Thanks once again mr @Rohan.

    This whole situation sucks….

  297. I failed to understand- if NI is so good with MATH ( always talk about the Golden Ratio) how come they missed the calculation of the average manufacturing duration / Adam?,f the delivery supposed to happen on 29th, I guess the Sinotek screen should have been shipped to manufacturing plant 2/3 weeks back and ideally they should have noticed the RED flags about 2/3 weeks back and should have done some remedial actions ( Posting topics like “More Updates: & “Republic Day!” in the foreground and doing damage control in background) by then, But it seems that on the background front the top management at NI were scratching their ass and were waiting for the worst to happen….hence failing miserably.

  298. @paul shoe: “WHEN WE ORDERED we were told to expect a 6 to 8 week of delivery time. The order was on December 10-th, add the 8 weeks and you arrive at the beginning of February.” Math is obviously your strong suit.

    Generally when a CEO says something we tend to believe him. With most of the customers that is a tendency, obviously you dont fall in that bucket. So when a CEO promises not once, not twice, not thrice but four times … people get pissed. Dont know if you read the various forums, people are willing to accept a delay with some pre-communication, but it is difficult to digest after the date is missed.

    most people gush about the dream. I dont care for the frickin dream … want what i paid money for. you can get it to me late, but let me know that you are going to be late. After putting down $550, i bloody well will expect it. Also most people including the usually unflappable Gecko (whose posts i enjoy here and at other forums, keep em coming) are losing all interest in the dream.

  299. And if NI were so sure of getting FCC approval what made them stop the production?, They should have had all the Adams on the go as the got ALMOST 2 WEEKS extra..Thanks to FCC

  300. Damn right I’m from the US.

    6 to 8 week delivery time..that got changed multiple times..not by joe schmoe of notion, but by the CEO himself, Rohan.

    Lying about the specs of the machine.

    You know what I could go on but really I shouldn’t have to beyond that. The CEO of the company lied to us. Blatantly, and in print. If that’s not grounds for a lawsuit then nothing is.

    You must be from outside the US where they take everything, including most of your “modern culture” from the US. A country where we shipped our manufacturing jobs to so you could stop living in the stone age. Oh what’s that? You’re all still buying planes, guns, military supplies, telecommunications equipment, GPS, and all sorts of other stuff that was manufactured here in the USA?!

    Do you wear Jeans? Take those off sir, they were manufactured in the US and must by your definition be evil.

    Damn us and our desire to bring peace by global commerce. Next time we’ll stay isolationist and let you rot since you won’t have us to sell your “manufacturing” to anymore.

  301. Dear Mr. Rohan,
    I waited patiently for pre-ordering Adam but to no avail. You did not send me an email, though I had been following your blog and commented too. Now as you told that the second stage of pre-ordering is expected to be provided in the next few days i am waiting (im)patiently for an opportunity.
    May I know whether my mail ID is included in your next list and if not, why so?

  302. +1

    Im one of those “50” lucky customers, first move to group 1 to group 2 and now move to 14

    Thats just unfair with us.

  303. I would like a discount on my next order, actually. You know, buy a PQ+3G version (as I already did) and if your order was massively delayed (as mine was, from Jan 9 to Feb 14) you get 25% off a second LCD+WiFi version. That doesn’t sound too unreasonable.

  304. Phillip … where are you … we need a doctor for Gecko?!?

    @Gecko, sad to say I agree with you completely about NI and Customer Service, and he had and has so many resources offered here. Feel better soon.

  305. Actually I just realized something…
    Why has my Adam been delayed? I’ve ordered a pixel qi display not a LCD one? If the reason for the delay is the LCD batch getting damaged, it shouldn’t affect the pixel qi ones!

    @Rohan any comments on this?

  306. Paul, do as he says, and take your pants off, even if they are made of serge de Nîmes.

  307. I don´t know what or who got “messed” up and I cannot use that information to anything anyway. I can relate to what the next step is and that is: we will get our Adam and somebody are missing their new year happening because of that.

    Yes I am eager to get ‘my Adam’ too but as long Notion Ink are doing their best to get me my Adam, I don´t want to get frustrated about some delay. The product and the vision of Notion Ink are still the same…

  308. for people who were original a feb release and then got pushed up what do yours say now.

  309. Agree. But i’m not sure about the “50” number…there were more than 50. And what the heck is this 5.31%? 5.31% of what? And what has happened to the “preponed” orders from Feb to Jan 31…do they get it before the 29th batch?

  310. I’m out. Sent my cancellation email. I really had high hopes for the Adam but delays after delay have dashed my hopes. Maybe I’ll get and Adam 2 when its available and the business has more time working out all the kinks.

  311. Viewsonic G Tablet…comes with 2.2 but you can flash it to any ROMs from XDA including Eden 🙂

  312. @packetlosss: I had a shipping date of the 29-th, got notification that it was shipped on the 30-th and am already contacted by the courier. However I did not report that to NotionAddicts, and there might be (many?) more like me.

  313. Hmmmm, if they are struggling to fulfil the orders that are delayed at the moment, the next pre order is in for another long wait for their shipments. i would have assumed by now they would have had a healthy stock pile ready for the next round.

    its all pointing in the wrong direction!!

  314. Duh? Stop drinking that Koolaid!!!

    2/14 date (with buffer) is to accomodate the Chinese New Year…at least for the 5.31%…so don’t expect any sympathy from this “minority” group who are being dragged thru the mud.

  315. +1, I tried to preorder, got screwed by the server, but my gf (who didn’t have an earlybird link) got hers ordered. Then she didn’t tell me it was open xD

    So I’m waiting on round 2, too. Every time she starts bitching about the delays, I remind her that I didn’t even get mine ordered. =(

  316. @Joson: I can fully agree with throwing out a whole shipment when you find out that some of the screens “got cracked”. There is too much risk that the other ones contain flaws as well. Better to take the heat for late shipment then to take the heat for shipping of bad quality systems ❗

  317. Completely agree with you Jason. I don’t know how others are buying the crap that is being dished out by Rohan.

  318. Subs:
    > most people including the usually unflappable Gecko (whose posts i enjoy here and at other forums, keep em coming)

    Well, you won’t enjoy my posts today because I’m sick, and you don’t want the details; suffice it to say there are fluids and colors involved. Anyway, I’m not pre-ordering, have reptilian patience, will look at other tablets as they come out, especially pixel-qi ones. I expect all will have issues; I don’t expect all to be so lacking in customer service. My major concern at the moment is the NI has no system in place to handle defective units except to try and convince the customers that they’re supposed to be like it. Plus I’m still running a fever; that’s another major concern at the moment. Plus I’m supposed to feed a friend’s cats, but I’ll get someone else to do it.

  319. I’ve already considered going for one of the other tablets- but then I remember pixel qi and realize I wouldn’t be happy with any of them.

  320. Ooouuhhmmmmm ….. deep breath …. Ooouuuhhhmmmm …. deep breath.

    That’s me doing some deep breathing and meditation after reading my new email from NI … and …. hold on, deep breath …. I’m trying to bring my blood pressure back down to prevent me from just unleashing all h3ll in a poetic-justice-scathing forum post. Well, I too got moved to Feb 14th (from Dec 9, to Jan 15-22, to Jan 29th, and now Feb 14th).

    It would be real easy for me to unleash my anger and frustration in this reply post – and I might add, it would be warranted. I’m choosing to take the high-road, but I’m not going to put on a false happy face and tell everyone to “just relax,” “it’s ok,” “NI is great,” “the Adam is worth it” … blah, blah, blah …. I’m past the point of “positive affirmations.”

    I have remained patient and even loyal by not “bashing” NI on the forums and not canceling my order. In fact, I’ve tried to pass-off every disappointing update and comment from Rohan, as growing pains of a new company – giving NI the benefit of the doubt. Furthermore, I’ve been placing my feelings and emotions on a “scale of justice” with positive reviews, customer experiences, and product potential on one side and carefully balancing the frustrating news, delays, defects, and Rohan’s cryptic messages on the other side. Up until this point, I’ve added “extra weight,” in the form of “belief” to the scale, so that it always tended to lean and weigh in a positive direction.

    The extra “weight” that has been a “positive-tipping-belief,” has slowly eroded and has caused my scale to become a never ending see-saw of frustration and now anger. It’s hard to imagine that a company and product can cause such a groundswell of support without even having successfully “launched” a fully working product. My decision of support and eventual purchase came from a belief in a product that, on paper, appeared to be a technological advancement in PC portability and convenience. Couple this with the CEO’s passion and fresh-approach of communicating with the end-user, and it was easy for me to “drink-the-kool-aid” and become obsessed with Adam.

    Well, the effects of the kool-aid are beginning to wear-off and NI had better use some of my hard-earned money they’ve been holding hostage to invest in their Marketing Dept. The back-lash from this latest “extremely unfortunate … situation” (as my email stated) will be enough for even the die-hard fans of Adam to cancel their orders and look elsewhere for a product they can believe in.

    @Rohan – it’s your move. What are you going to do … first, to help your “family” feel comfortable with their decision to invest in your dream and company? second, not lose your current dwindling fan-base? and third, keep NI from becoming known as a company that consistently miss targets, shipping dates, and speak mis-information with confusing facts? One frustrated “family member,” or even fifty, may not hurt your company’s image … but hundreds-of-thousands of frustrated customers can taint a company’s name for a long time.

    Rest assured, I haven’t canceled my order …. yet. And if/when I do, you wont just be losing one “family member,” you’ll be losing about five customers … because if I lose my faith in NI and Adam, then my five friends who have been convinced (by me) to hold off on purchasing a competitors tablet, will invest their money elsewhere.

    Help me, help you …. start keeping your promises – or don’t make them in the first place.

    Continued supporter … for now.

  321. You are hoping that you will not bumped…but there will be another update (of course after 2/14) that you are in the 2.3% of the affected batch and will be delayed.

  322. Stop with the 50 Number that is a total and complete lie. There is no truth to it. Period

    If it were true and now only 5.3% of those are affected by the damaged screen issue. Then if you round up there would only be 3 orders delayed. And since I ordered two tablets myself and have had my date changed from the 9th all the way now to February 14th. It is safe to say Rohen is full of it. And a million smilely faces won’t cover that up

  323. @ Sam From Wisconsin: Where does this come from “Greg is doing business with notionink which depends on their product sales“?

    I don’t have that impression at all, and if he did, I expect Greg to be open about it and would still trust his reviews. Over a period of half a year he has proven to be a straight shooter (who is a fan of notionink).

  324. Uh, Levi’s was the last major manufacturer of jeans in the US. Please note my use of the past tense. Please look at the manufacturing location of your GPS unit, or your telecommunications unit. Please note, in fact, the huge amount of consumer electronics manufactured here in the US, which is approximately none.

    I’m as patriotic as the next American, but I prefer to be proud of things we’ve actually done, such as inventing cheese sushi.

  325. I was in the 5% that got delayed…but did not get any email. The only way i found out was by checking the shipping data status.

    So…Rohan….where is the email?

    I thing you should consider give the 5% of us who got delayed by 2 more weeks, access to the Genesis marketplace with fee downloads of atleast 5 apps…as a consolation!!!!


  326. my guess is it is one of Rohan’s half truths and that they are not staying open for them. we are talking about a very small order I’m sure any screen company would have this amount in stock already. I’m also sure any company could produce the amount of screens we are talking about in 15 or 20 minuets not days . Just more puffed up words from Rohan

  327. +1, This is all what I wanted. Just tell me if I am affected by the damaged screens. I have waited this long and I don’t have any problems waiting for another two weeks. However, this cannot drag on! If on Feb 14th, I get another delay, thats when I need to rethink on this whole NI thing.

    Now my only concern is the a bunch of grumpy sinotek employees working on their biggest holidays. I hope that does not affect the quality of the screens that they are making because of the need to work during the holiday.

    It better not affect the quality of the screens and the adam as well and request Rohan and NI to be prepared to face another backlash if the quality of the screens is not upto the mark.

    Best of luck Rohan and NI

  328. Rohan, maybe a video message would help ease the pain. People act a little differently when they can see a face. Also include an update to the software and what is being done. maybe show us some video shots of your team there working diligently to fix glitches in the adam? This type of VIDEO would go a long way. Thanks.

  329. @ all.
    I should have been clearer i guess. The ‘world’ of home appliances, tablets, PCs.

    Pinpoint yourself a deadline/point of no return, and step back and wait.
    If you come to the conclusion that point has passed yet, cancel your order.

  330. Alexander:
    > i’m sorry but missing a annual holiday is something far worse than a delayed tablet pc

    Missing *the* annual holiday, pretty much the only time they get off. I wish I’d preordered only so I could make a credible request that my order be further delayed.

  331. Inker-5…

    Manufacturing delays do happen for even bigger companies leave alone a start-up but how that gets managed and how the customers get updated differentiates the good companies from others.

    In the case of NI, they are very, very bad. I did not even get an email when the previous 2 delays happened (at least they have sent an email this time around…a small positive)…but the updates come only after the dates have passed. Why is it taking so much time?

  332. @Himanshu
    I’m a big supporter of NI, of Rohan and his dream. I have sold at least three additional units to others just because they see the excitement when I talk about the device, they want me to post a UTube video of me and the unit. As I said in earlier post I have no problem with the moving ship date, my problem is with the lack of communication to the CUSTOMER. I too have a hard time understanding why those who placed their order after us are receiving their Adams. In Business you always stride to take care of the oldest back orders first. Given that our units were ordered mid Dec they would have to be the oldest orders that NI has. I don’t think that its unreasonable to expect a slight compensation for having our orders delayed 4 TIMES. I think it would go along way with those affected and it would show that NI truly is committed to its Customers.
    Also I understand all about the Pre-order process and that delays can occur. Yes I am relaxed I don’t need to take a chill pill. I appreciate that NI wants to ship a good quality unit and I’m very optimistic that is what I will get.

  333. what colors? red? is it like rice water? smell fishy? I need details man. How about doing a 72hour fecal fat sample. Where do you live? have you traveled recently? have you eaten rice? uncooked meat? salad? drink an stream or lake water w/o boiling it? try fasting.- does it go away?

  334. well this is a unfortunate incident , which delayed delivery to few our friends . it is really frustration to wait, but it looks everybody is trying their best to deliver. so have patience. all the best to notion ink team.

  335. I wonder what would happen if I told a patient I was prescribing them a chill pill.

  336. I agree…update needs to come before and not after the date has slipped. And since Rohan seems to fancy %, how much % that he wants to put in that the 2/14 date will be met?

  337. @Shiva
    Are you kidding me. Its serious business and not emotional crap. I truly believe that Rohan is not telling the truth (or even half). These chinese workers thing is just a scapegoat. Rohan has lost credibility so I am not buying his words.

  338. ‘With a good product you can kill whole army, but with a dream you can build Nations.” That’s what Rohan says…. Well here’s what I have to say….

    “With a bad delay you can kill a whole army of fans, but with a series of lies and deceptions, you can build a NATION, no a WORLD, full of harsh critics.”

    Over the past few months, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of my valuable time on the ADAM: checking the website for updates, typing in my pre-order number, reading this blog to try to decifer Rohan’s cryptic messages, going to other sites and ruthlessly defending Rohan and his team (user name is JMAG on most responses to other blogs).

    NOW… If that 14 Feb date slips, I am going to spend the same inordinate amount of time being the harshest critic Rohan has ever or WILL EVER face.


  339. My order was 12/9…never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry, correction…I do see the light but it is the light of the oncoming freight train that keeps hitting me with every delay 😦

  340. According to @behrendorff on “Notionaddicts” he ordered adam on 2010-12-12 07:01:38. see the image below

    Link: “”
    (comment no. 10)

    @behrendorf’s adam is already shipped. How is it possible that those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not receiving it, whereas those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not?

    Rohan do you care to comment????????????????

  341. uhh I can think of many many brands of Jeans made in the USA. Levi’s went out yes, but if you’ll actually read the whole comment you’ll see where I admit we gave a lot of manufacturing away. That said However last time I was in Denmark every pair of jeans I saw was “made in the USA”.

    Retail Telecommunications are not manufactured in the US correct, Commercial are however. Ask Boeing.

    I much prefer the pop-tart Sushi to Cheese Sushi.

    The Chips for GPS may not be made here, but the system was invented here.

    Oh yeah, BTW, Pixel Qi is an American Company. Enjoy your American designed screen.

  342. Well done Rohan and NI team and all those who are putting in exrta effort from China.
    I am have no regret in waiting till Feb 14th for my Adam
    And eagerly waiting for the pre-order2 so I can order a few more..

  343. Just have some faith guys. lots of you are acting like notion ink is not a real company and they are going to steal your money. Notion ink has a product that has been fcc approved. do you honestly think a fake company could do this. when all you you preordered you should have understood that this is a startup company and there will be bumps along the way. Do you ppl think that Motorola or Apple or HTC could get away with taking your money? No. So calm down. Just be patient. That’s what “preorder” means. You pay for the product, They take the money and manufacture your product, You get it in the mail later. I have faith and will be part of the next preorder. And even if it takes till march or April to get to me. There will still not be anything that compares to it on the market. So you can either quit complaining and order one and wait a month to get it. Or you can not order one and wait three or more months to buy the next best thing. It’s your choice. But please quit pushing your opinions on to others.
    Keep up the hard work Notion Ink, I’m patiently awaiting preorder 2

  344. According to @behrendorff on “Notionaddicts” he ordered adam on 2010-12-12 07:01:38. see the image below

    Link: “”
    (comment no. 10)

    @behrendorf’s adam is already shipped. How is it possible that those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not receiving it, whereas those ordered on 2010-12-12 are receiving it?

    Rohan do you care to comment????????????????

  345. Correction:
    According to @behrendorff on “Notionaddicts” he ordered adam on 2010-12-12 07:01:38. see the image below

    Link: “”
    (comment no. 10)

    @behrendorf’s adam is already shipped. How is it possible that those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not receiving it, whereas those ordered on 2010-12-12 are receiving it?

    Rohan do you care to comment????????????????

  346. Fevers a deadly for Gecko’s, so I hope that you have placed your hammock inside because going outside might cool your fever, but Gecko’s run the risk of arriving into below zero hibernation in the current weather.

  347. Exactly. But I did not bother to send them an email because I know i’m not going to get any response.

  348. Rohan!! why is my conments missing for the last few times? Is it time for me to stop ?

  349. @Il Magnifico
    Its not just the LIBOR for NI. If NI were to borrow, they would need to pay a LIBOR + spread. With their history (start up, etc.), it would be at least 4% spread. Ask Rohan and he would let you know. BTW, the Indian discount rate is more than 7-8.5% so Mr. Rohan is enjoying pretty cheap money if you ask me.

  350. 3)

    According to @behrendorff on “Notionaddicts” he ordered adam on 2010-12-12 07:01:38. see the image below

    Link: “”
    (comment no. 10)

    @behrendorf’s adam is already shipped. How is it possible that those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not receiving it, whereas those ordered on 2010-12-12 are receiving it?

    Rohan do you care to comment????????????????

  351. I KNEW IT !!
    I always suspected that Greg could not be real !! This guy (is he really a guy, maybe a robot…or even more, maybe an ADAM-BRAINED ROBOT ?!) has been quietly, gently, intelligently posting everywhere to defend NI and Adam, to inform newbies for more than a year. OF COURSE he has to make business with them !!

  352. Seriously, I don’t trust the date with or without buffer. The buffer should have been added when the 15-22 got pushed out to 29…and not “pre-poning” the Feb orders.

    I have a nasty feeling that the “pre-poned” Feb customers will get their units before I get mine.

  353. I have just asked them to cancel my preorder…

    Anyone out there that have succesfully cancelled their order? How long until my money is refunded and will they refund the entire amount?

  354. Thanks, proto-Doc Wertz. I haven’t had much choice about the fasting; it’s been forced on me. I especially liked your advice to wait until my symptoms go away before answering you. You will be a fine doctor, preferably in something like radiology where you don’t have to deal with patients.

    Don’t know about the fecal fat sample, but I’ve been reading about fecal transplants, which doesn’t really help with my nausea:

    @Paul Schoe:
    lizards sometimes induce fever when they’re sick by moving closer to their light bulb, or the equivalent in more-natural settings, which doesn’t make them any less comfortable, but medical necessity takes precedence.

  355. 1. I thought the pre-order 2 would be delivered by valentine as supposed to initial delay Beco’z of FCC. Looks like I have to wait till march/April end for pre-order 2.

  356. alright, i have been more than patient, i understand unforseen events, i think i can wait a little bit longer… this is the last time, and only because of the damage not being the fault of notionink… if there is another delay, i will have to cancel my order because i cant tie up that money with no returns… i believe in you guys, but it is getting kinda tough

  357. @subs: maybe “math is my strong suit” because I can add 8 weeks to an order date of December 10th and then arrive at the beginning of February, but I feel to see how that means that I “dont fall in the bucket of people who “tend to believe a CEO“. I assume logic is clearly not one of my strong suits 🙄

  358. I hope it doesnt get caught in the storm. Suppose to be worst storm this winter… might cancel classes again on this one.

  359. I was delayed to the 14th. By the way, you guys should check how long it is after purchase where your credit card company will refund your money should you dispute the charge. I know that American Express is normally 60 days.

  360. This is ridiculous–delay after delay after delay. It’s always something. I have been patient up to now, but at this point I am frustrated and angry. Notion Ink has done nothing to help me feel better about these delays. They have not offered credits, accessories, free downloads, nothing…. They merely ask for my patience. I realize that Notion Ink is a startup, but they have reached my limits of understanding.

  361. Please pre-install the screen protector for delayed shipments. Any one interested in having screen protector pre-installed keep going here.

  362. Paul…even with a 8 week expected delivery time, my units should be shipped by Feb 9 (since my order date was Dec 9). So, NI has screwed up on their 8 week commitment too.

    And to begin with, they should not have updated the expected ship date on the order status and kept it Feb (with 8 weeks lead time)…and used some internals dates to do batch-by-batch shipments.

  363. I am pretty angry right now cause of this. I have been waiting a while for my Adam after all. However, I’m not holding it against NI, Rohan, or anyone at the factory. Crap happens, I’m pissed it does, but it does, and this seems like something no one could have had control over. So I hope that no one else here is holding a grudge against NI. It would be silly and pointless! Just my 2 pennies. I’m going to be waiting patiently for my Adam, and at least I’ll have it in time for next semester at school. Also, thanks to the guys at Sintek, I’m sure a lot of people appreciate it, and would immediately give them a big hug if they met one of the employees. I know I would.

  364. true people rushed NI for the tablets. Now the first batch without the update caused lot of problems. Im sure if it was delayed by a few days the update would have been installed at factory.
    The product is seen by all the OS and basic software is seen by users. At least now there should be no rushing NI on deliveries.

  365. John Velas said, on January 30, 2011 at 23:02 I do not want anything special, just do not lie.. I cancel already.

    Robanada said, on January 30, 2011 at 23:41 Can I have yours?

    Robanada, no you can’t have someone elses, because they aren’t shipping.

    I will sell one of my two pre-orders right now, I have an LCD with 3G that I am not going to keep now.

    I am still trying to decided on the Pixel Qi with 3g, I am very close to going down and just picking up an ipad, since I could be using it this afternoon

  366. In several posts, I had commented about my calendar entry for my Adam. I think NI will help me achieve the future-predictor stage.

    In my calendar I have marked “March 19” as “Adam arrives on my doorstep”. I did that when they had “Jan 9th*” on my ship date (with an asterisk, of course). Oh how I love being true!

  367. They are recalling/postponing ALL the shipments assuming there could be many tablets with touchscreen damaged.

    1. This shows the competency level of the production plant. Now the same plant is gonna be used to fix back the device, who knows, they may again do some other mistake.

    2. If one or few tablets are damaged, how come and on what bases do you assume all other tablets and most of them will be damaged too.

    3. If its a common possible mistake which could have happened on ANY tablets, whycome not even ONE of the already shipped and reviewed tablets doesn’t have this touchscreen problem?

    4. Exactly when and how did Rohan or anyone find out this touchscreen issues?!?

    5. The whole thing maybe a lie!

  368. @Rohan this is a good point that was made above. I would like to know as well, as well as many others im sure. How the hell do you explain this? I ordered 15 Minutes after Greg did and now im in the Feb 14th batch. What the hell????

  369. will tune in now for updates in mid feb.
    mobile world congress is in barcelona from 14th to 17th feb, lets hope rohan has some aces up his sleeve and there will be something to cheer then.

  370. WTF Rohan, pushed back AGAIN??
    And no mail in my inbox too.

    (5% delayed again.. seems like a lot more when you scan trough the replys)

  371. Its not the LCD or the PQ screens that were damaged. It’s the touch screen layer that’s common to these that were found defective. As the post says, it was difficult to weed out the individual screens that got affected, so they nixed the whole batch, so it affected both PQ and LCD orders. I am sure if they take possession of this batch, they can salvage many over time or, at least, cannibalize the parts for repairing other units. Assuming they have a service center somewhere.

  372. You can check it yourself using the link posted.

    Small correction to the above post:

    @behrendorf’s adam is already shipped. How is it possible that those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not receiving it, whereas those ordered on 2010-12-09 are receiving it?

  373. …I was trying to put my name in respond for Anish post – it is at bit messy in here

  374. @magic51

    of course you can go ahead and buy ipad/galaxy tab, but what will/would happen in that scenario is that you’ll find after a few days/weeks that although you have purchased a tablet other than Adam and now when many of your friends/colleagues have received their Adams and then at that moment you will grudge with yourself like this -> ‘Goooooosh had i waited a little longer’ i would hav had had an adam with me and not this piece of junk (ipad/galaxy tab). lolz

    good luck my friend in case you decide to switch to the other dumber side (in that case do a favour -> transfer ur adam booking to me, i’ll be more than glad to have one)




  375. You can check it yourself using the link posted.

    Small correction to the above post:

    @behrendorf’s adam is already shipped. How is it possible that those ordered on 2010-12-09 are not receiving it, whereas those ordered on 2010-12-12 are receiving it?

  376. Everyone who is considering canceling should check the window of time they are allowed by their credit card company to dispute charges. American Express is 60 days. Given that, the expected date of Feb 14 will be outside that window for most people (who used AMEX).

  377. Lol Gecko, that is one way to help restore the normal flora to fight C. Difficile. My favorite part is this “And then there’s the do-it-yourself crowd. All you need is a bottle of saline, a 2-quart enema bag, and one standard kitchen blender.” … then what? throw the perfectly good blender away?

  378. Whats the point of a discount on a future product if they can’t deliver on the one you already ordered and paid for?

  379. Rohan said, they already had a cushion built into the estimate, so they aren’t giving a best case estimate, they were given a worst case estimate and now they missed that by a mile. stop makeing excuses for them, Notion Ink doesn’t have a clue what it is doing, it is flying by the seat of it pants, as the saying goes, and fighting one fire after another.

  380. Those who wanted the IPAD dont need an Adam. Dont get me wrong IPAD is good for media consumption. Nice interface. But hey no flash in IPAD. The long list of things it does not have is not worth repeating. It is not a bad product as it is defined but for most who are looking for ADAM it is not the product.
    As for XOOM that is with Verizon. When it will be launched remains to be seen. Paying $30-45 per month for 3G connection will put the damper on many. IPAD WIFI only is the major selling product in the Apples tablet portifolio. Which indicates that most consumers are not willing to pay a seperate fee and get tied up with a Service provider. Remember if it is Verizon this tablet cant be used with other networks!
    As for customers outside of US this may come only 3-6 months after US Launch.

    There was a WIFI launch slated for Brazil in mid second Quater.
    So Xoom is not a choice for most people at least for the next 4-6 months.

  381. sorry to every1 who has been delayed again

    i have to admit i keep gettin more and more relieved on missing out on the pre-order,

    i feel i was swept up in the euthoria of the adam, but now after all these problems i think i would sooner bite the bullet pay a bit xtra and buy a xoom ipad 2 or toshiba or LG tablet least i know i will prob getting a better customer experience and wen they are released prob have equal or better specs than the adam,

    im really disaapointed to write this as i was lookng fwd to getting an adam but too many problems have added up to my brain over rulling my heart.

  382. Rohan

    Thanks for proving me correct by pushing out the dates again. You dropped the ball again. The only positive that I see is that you are consistent in messing up on the ship dates…and never providing an update before the deadline has gone by.

    If you were trying to do some magic to prevent the dates from being pushed and were not successful then I’d expect a personal email from you, the CEO of company, instead of generic email from support. You owe us that level of courtesy.

    As many in this blog have done, I have been recommending NI, Adam and Eden to many of my friends…and they are waiting for the second round of pre-order…but when they see me going through these delays and unprofessional treatment they are having doubts…and I don’t blame them. THANKS FOR THROWING EGG ON OUR FACES!

    If you are really serious in your dream and whatever promises you dish out in this blog then please call me at 1-408-646-3026.

    And please give the exact order numbers that are getting affected instead of generic BS like “50” or “5.x%”. We deserve better communication.

  383. Mods are still active – there’s an alpha port of clockworkmod, care of Rothnic @XDA. The man is a genius!

  384. Where do you come up with a two week delay. My order was on the 9th of December and the first estimate was for January 9th, is it not estimated at February 14th, that is 5 weeks, and what possibly makes you think they can hit the 14th ?

    they have no credibility at this point, I find it amazing that people are still asking about when pre-order 2 will start.

  385. I am in the delayed group too, but i an happy not to have bigger issues than that to deal with.
    It is very frustrating though, but I think I will get over it…

  386. Again, I know they are a startup, I understand things will go wrong. Had Rohan communicated this with everyone, instead of getting our hopes up high and then crushing them we may not be as mad.

  387. Me too…I now think back to CES and the Techcrunch interview by the guy who was hounding Rohan about the device and the future of NI.

    In retrospect, that guy was not way off the mark in term of NI and their ability to cope with in the fast changing tablet arena. NI does not have a clue about how to run a business! It will become harder for them to compete particularly since the tide is changing somewhat and peoples patience is being tested to the max.

    Apart from the terrible reviews thus far, and not considering the lack of communication and total disregard for the truth, NI do not deserve any respect for the way they have handles things thus far,in my mind atleast. It was an achievement to get where they are but the broken promises, false specs and an ageing product which took 3 years to produce, but could not be delivered on time and of good quality is quite a shame.

    I personally think that Ni does not have the funding and have thus prolonged the orders to fit in with their capcity limitations. Holding these funds probably is earning them quite a bit of interest unless it is tied up in subsidising further units which is probably the case. There was no damaged screens and if there was, why has this occured only in the last two days when the devices where actually to be shipped?

    I would demand an explanation for the lying and scheming mentality thus far but I know I would not get one. if rohan can answer one question, that is why has the screens only arrived on the 28th-29th of January, when they were already supposed to be shipped by the 22nd January? Why would Rohan say at CES that the devices are already on a ship to the US, which was ridiculous at the time of comment, and then could not be shipped on time? It is utterly pathetic that we have too deal with a company like this.

    Yes, some will say go and buy another device if we dont like the device or how NI is run but the fact of the matter is that we were all eager to order and wait for the period they had mentioned, even with the delays but the lying is pathetic which should not be tollerated by even the most avid fan of NI.

    I do feel sorry for those who have openly delivered unboxing videos and showed their defective devices yet are not ableto get the device changed.

    I can guarantee that there will be many more disgruntled people who will find that they would not be able to send back their device under warranty even though NI pronounced that this would be the case. For example, if a device is shipped to South Africa and has a problem, the costs to ship it back to China or India for that manner via TNT, DHL or whoever they use is extremely expensive, and even though Ni would have preferential rates, they would deny a certain percentage a return due to this fact.

    The other thing is that if these devices are to be sold to ordinary people who do not know much about things like trying to unbrick your device or load new firmware NI is going to have a major backlash considering that there is no guarantee that you would receive a defect free device or one that has not been opened before arrival.

    Good luck NI, this would be my last device ever purchased from you, and although you will not need my purchase in the future your integrity has been stained by the lies and deceit thus far

    And for all the die hard fans, wake the hell up and stop living in “Dreamland”

  388. Yup…and who is going to buy another Adam when you know it is never going to ship?

  389. it could be models. We dont know the full logistics between how many of each model are produced at a time. there are 6 variants and each time they have to change the setup when manufacturing. They are not going to make each one as they were ordered and change every time. they are going to make 100 PixQi3g, then Pix Q1 wifi, then LCD 3g then lcd wifi, etc and diff stuff like that. somewhere in the process they had an excess of one and not enough parts to finish the others so they filled what they had completed in chronological order. Someone on a later date was filled bec that is what they had in stock

    need to compare apples to apples, were they the exact same model? if so, I would then get upset

  390. Gaurav, I don’t think its that bad. I still have faith in NI. I would cancel my order in a heartbeat if I thought they were dishonest.

    I am frustrated yes, I seem to have been waiting forever for my Adam and I have been so close a couple of times now. There are a lot of feelings in this product, I do not really know why, I usually do not get my feeling clogged up in a product, but this one has indeed captured me so I guess that why I get so frustrated. That and I have a bunch of colleagues that say every time, where is your Adam? Why don’t you just by an iPad?

    I don’t want an iPad, hell will have frozen over before I buy and use anything that is so close to a dictatorship as any product can be.. Anyways I seem to have drifted of, I dont think that NI is dishonest, but yes they probably could have handled it a little better, but then again we might not have had this blog and then it would be far worse.

  391. We have a saying at our place in northern India ->

    ‘girte hain jawaan maidane jung me bar bar, lekin aakhir me jeetata wohi hai jo girkar phir kadha ho jaata hai mere yaar’

    lemme translate this for ya gecko->

    One does falls from his horse many number of times but in the end it is the one who wins is the one who rises everytime he falls!

    So if there is the delay, nevermind, be supportive as you have been all these times, u’ll see the problems/delays will vanish as if there were none!

    in the end all i’ll say dear gecko you need to go and see a vet!

    get well soon!

    😉 🙂

  392. Well, now that my shipping date has been pushed to 14th i certainly have one positive point- My exams are coming (8-18th feb), and i havent read anything!!!
    So instead of waiting for it to ship i will be spending more time with my books, and guess what??? Certainly my Adam will arrive just 1-2 days after my exams…..awesome

    But that doesnt mean i am not sad!!!

  393. @magic51
    India is the second most populated nation in the world, next only to China. India is however fast catching up. India and China together make up 1/3rd of the world population. So the 95% quoted is technically incorrect. But people cannot hide behind the cloak of culture. If someone has used it before on this blog, then it is just a smoke screen for an excuse. I come from India though I don’t live there, I think it is basic human etiquette for someone to apologize, if there is a delay or if something goes wrong. A sorry can mend many bridges.

    Somehow that is not how the businesses run. It is rare to see a CEO of a company apologising for a faulty product or a delayed shipment (Apple for iPhone 4, Microsoft for Vista, Facebook for security lapses, Toyota for faulty cars, HP for monitors catching fire, Sony for batteries catching fire, Notion Ink for delayed shipments, etc…). Admitting any wrongdoing or a mistake committed would be inferred as incompetence and would spell disaster for any company (start-up or established). Notion Ink’s problems stem from unclear and ambiguous communication. Myself and gecko had commented numerous times on this blog saying that Rohan needs is a good PR person who can deal with the matters of communication in a clear and concise manner. We haven’t seen anything to that effect so far.

    A company can afford to slip or trip only a set number of times. They are like lives in a video game. They need to be used effectively. The moment one runs out of lives, it is GAME OVER.

  394. AlbertWertz:
    > throw the perfectly good blender away?

    Of course not – return it to the person you borrowed it from

  395. Sorry…the patience well has dried up here. NI and Rohan better deliver without any excuses.

  396. Ho ho ho…very good one. Is this the mystery feature…getting to understand Rohanese?

  397. I will be so glad to get my adam, get rid of it and be done with this fly by night, totally reactive, outfit.

  398. Jan 9 -> Jan 15-22 -> Jan 29 -> Feb 14 -> ???

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it never arrived.

    Not sure about cancelling me order yet; looking at Xoom and Nook Colour.

  399. yeah in about 4 months with $45 per month in US and 6+ months else where in the world. You will need to XOOM so the time passes.

  400. I am among those who are waiting for the notification of the 2nd preorder–and realize now obviously that the e-mails being sent were notification for delays for the 1st preorder debaucle…

    I also have a Viewsonic G-tab which I purchased while waiting for the Adam–as I had to play around with something… and have flashed a number of ROMs on it, including the one from XDA for Adam. Interesting–but does not function flawlessly.

    Also, I agree with the earlier post about NOT wanting to have a commitment to a 3G service if I don’t want to do that (wife won’t approve). For the tablet I have now, I can connect to data via my wifi-tethered phone, which works fine if I am not in a real wifi zone…

    Further, as I looked at the xoom, the only things that appear better (besides possible availability sooner ???) and the screen resolution. The things for which I am holding out for in the Adam:

    1. Pixel Qi
    2. GPS. The Xoom cites the Google maps, but must use only interpolated position from cell phone data… I want an actual GPS. Not found anyplace else…
    3. Improved batter life (supposedly)
    4. Platform with optimized OS with upgrades supported. I assume that this will be the case. Further, it doesn’t seem like NI has problems with XDA, so rooting the device, etc. is “supported”
    5. Form factor. Come on–it’s cool. I toted my G-tab around with me at church today, and it’s like holding on to a small cookie tray. Ditto for my wife’s Ipad.
    6. Sound. Gotta have good sound to play at least Angry Birds… and it seems to have stereo sound unlike others not yet even out there…
    7. Access to (at some point) both Genesis & Market. Hacks out there now to put Gapps on the Adam (not like I have one). It’s not like there are a ton of things out there that work well on a tablet right now–many simply don’t work or are only 1/4 screen.

    Anyway, there’s my 2 cents worth. GPS (hardware) will rock–esp. if you can preload maps (1 GB on my Nuvi, so hopefully possible).

    If anyone knows of any android GPS programs out there (in case map problem not yet fixed for USA), I’d be curious to know. Would NOT want to have ongoing costs for that–just a simple 1x purchase…although I suspect map problem will be resolved (?)
    8. Everyone and their dog has an Ipad. Be a Pepper.

    Anyway– still waiting for an opportunity to order.

  401. Which is? Never give any proactive updates…and even if there are any, seeded with ambiguous data like 50 or 5.x%? Man, what a vision.

    It is not good if have a vision for a great product…you should have the same vision for customer experience too. It is all one package. NI and Rohan have not got it…and I doubt they’ll ever get it.

  402. I’m not angry just very disappointed, gonna get an iPad on Tuesday to play with till my Adam gets here.

  403. I have manufactured in China, and saw this looming when I saw the delays compounding… I am surprised that they are working through it the New Year, because sometimes during this and the Moon Festival, entire plants and power grids are shut down.

  404. “Do not come back on 14th Feb and give me an update saying it is delayed.”

    He won’t that update won’t come until the 15th or later, they never give information timely, our orders where supposed to have already shipped, and I got no email, I just got to check my status on today and see it is changed again, and Rohan headline just a few hours ago was

    “[30th Jan: Adam on its way, emails are being sent out]”

    So what happened between Rohan updating the blog with that and a few hours later, telling us it is delayed to the 14th

    Does he really have no clue what is happening in his company, explain that, a post on January 30th, saying they are on there way and a second post on January 30 saying they are delayed 2 more weeks.

    LIES LIES LIES that is what it is.

  405. As I said before….

    “The world will go as it will, not as you or I would want it to!”

    Shit Happens

    No one is to blame it is just life. Will be a nice V-day present.

  406. I’m in the same boat. Each time I have been part of the small group of exceptions. 6 weeks of delays leads me to believe there is something else causing problems.

  407. I understand you supporting the company, but where is the great work, so far, the first adams have shipped, and the GPS doesn’t work in half of the world, that is a lot.
    there is no genesis marketplace, no longbox support, no youtube, all these things are a major failure,

    they had to rely on notioninkhacks to get the word out on how to unbrick your adam.

    becasue they don’t have a support formun, or anyway of effectively communicating with their paying customers. I personal have ordered two adams, and have not has a single contact from them, the only thing I got was a credit card confirmation from the processor, so I know they have my email, since I got that.

    Oh yeah, I dd get a status update that my tablets are delayed yet again.

    But please where is the great work at ? there is great potential, but there has not been great work done so far.

  408. Mine got delayed to the 14th, and I’d like to stand in as a proxy for the silent customers who are not whining about it.

    By the way, I read all of the eReader reviews at GoodEReader yesterday. I really liked the Plastic Logics Que ProReader. But the company cancelled the Que project–I think it was after some preorders had already been made–because they felt it was no longer competitive in the market. So they were going to start from scratch on another product.

    As bumpy as the ride has been for Notion Ink, and even though the product isn’t perfect, I’m glad they are pushing ahead and didn’t cancel the Adam. It’s the only product that has the features that are important to me, even if they aren’t perfect yet.

  409. I lose confidence in you.
    I’ll wait but It’s the last time I spend money in company than you.


  410. Ya shit does happen….this is more of a shit storm. NI and Rohan are to blame for the failed communication and empty deadlines. Facts. No denying it.

    It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only performance is reality. ~Harold Geneen

  411. Informed would be if we actually got the email he talked about, but instead nothing

    I don’t feel informed at all, I feel dumb for being such a fool and defending Notion Ink.

  412. No it was an early prototype that they liked, but is not in the specs of the ordered adams.


  413. I already have an iPad since last year. Still waiting for the adam like everyone else here.
    Will probably get an iPad2 when it comes out.

  414. Good to know that my comment was deleted. Thanks. And yes I checked the older comments already.

  415. In Hawaii we seldom exibit anger. The Aloha spirit and all. But WTF! My Visa was charged and the delay excuse list continues to get longer. In most parts of the world your account is charged when the product ships. Notion is sitting on the interest float. Something needs to be done.
    Also, am I to feel relief or grief regarding the solution worked out in he factory over the Chinese New Year next week. Never buy a car manufactured on a Monday or manditory holiday (doubt if they get double time compensation).

  416. how should he know the answer?
    they printed out all the orders and took them home. the kid spoiled them with milk and the yhad to hire a cryptologist to decipher them again.

  417. Raptor, Marcus, & John:

    Arun is correct. Notion Ink could not put a trackpad on the back because NI would be sued for Patent Infringement by the patent holder.

    Rohan was wise to avoid a lawsuit against NI.

  418. Ya i definitely would NOT recommend for anyone to pre-order until all first pre-order round shipments are received. I think thats obvious at this point though.

  419. @Harvey186
    I think this is the most important thing you must know, the rest must work then:

    I am interested in the extra tax you maybe must pay…? and what place you are in Germany, if you must pay extra tax pls.

  420. @Jason: US must by my definition “be evil“? Why must having more lawyers then manufacturers be evil? Or is this projection and this is what you think yourself?

    We are all still “buying military supplies” while the USA is “bringing peace by global commerce“? Maybe your newspaper doesn’t publish the USA purchasing budget of the military.

    So “we could stop living in the stone age“? Last time that I checked, you got your ancestors and cultural background from our beloved countries. But maybe your newspaper also provides no history backgrounds?

    Luckily you have a wide cosmopolitan look at things and are happy to buy technology that is designed in India and manufactured in China. I am happy that you are so broad-minded. Surely a good example for all of us.

  421. Ordered Adam 101210.

    Notion Ink collected my $475 101222.

    NI promised to ship 110109, then between 110115-110122, then by 110129.

    Now, by 110214 (with buffer).

    Please ship me my product or issue me a 100% credit by 110214.

    After that, it is between you and VISA.

    Steven Nixon
    Oklahoma City

  422. So only 5% were affected but over 90% of Notionaddictsdot com posters are in that 5%?

    Rohan, put simply, most of us don’t believe you anymore.

    As on of the 90% affected (or 5% in Rohan’s terms), I have two questionsfor Engadget,Greg, or whomever else Rohan will respind to:

    1. The problem with the screens occurred on the 29th – why is it that you were still telling us that our 22nd shipment date was still possible?

    If the screenswere damaged on the day before the orders were to go out, and the shipment is now delayed, how is it possible that the rest of the unit wasn’t damaged? Are youreally just going to change outthe damaged screens on the units? This sounds like we are all getting “refurbished” units on the 14th. Prove to me that this isn’t the case.

  423. Man my comments seemed to be removed !! i looked in both newer and older comments and not there!… mmm wornder if ther eis some moderation.. though they were not offensive at all.. just asking if someone knew how long would it take to get our money back if we cancel our ordering.. not that i am not supporting NI anymore.. but i will be leaving the country on FEb 18…. definitelly no time to get my Adam .. Sniff… need to cancel to buy something temporal that help covering during my trip..

    man.. this is not good..

  424. can you go there and see whether they are still on holiday and how many people they are. Is it really true that they consist of only three guys?

  425. “The reason so many of us would like some compensation is because they asked us to pre-order WITHOUT seeing the final product, only renders and prototypes.”

    NI did not ASK anyone to pre-order. They OFFERED a pre-order that you and others CHOSE to partake in.

  426. Ha ha The impatient generation is learning a lesson in patience! That too from the gang leader of the impatients!!!:)

  427. Come on! Get the Big Picture and go together, producers and users, towards a new era in cmputing. NotionInk, you all have our respect a confidence.

    I’ve not ordered yet, because of currency excange problems here at Venezuela, but I expect eargerly to purchase one of this little machines 🙂

  428. This is from Notioninkfan January 19 2011.

    An opportunity to help design a case for the Adam…

    I have been contacted by a designer looking for input from the Notion Ink community. They would like to know what kind of case we would like for the Adam.

    If Greg has no vested interest what so ever..Greg please let us know.

  429. I’m just desperate in getting my Adam. That’s it. 🙂

    I was a Notion Ink lover, I’m a Notion Ink lover and I’ll be a Notion Ink lover

  430. dnt bother with free gifts……lets just hope that first of all our adams ship on time and secondly they all work perfectly fine like the way it was demoed at ces.

  431. At first I took it patiently taught the characteristics of my future tablet with illusion …. but apparently they think we are fools, and we do not realize that almost everyone here are of the 9 to day 50 of 15-22 January and now 5.3% February 14 …….

  432. Just got in to read more of the blogs, I was amazed how the worms turn, supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, delays are just that delays, nothing more, no one died, no one got ripped of, a delay is just a delay, I can understand how frustrating it must be, to wait and wait for orders to get to you all, so you can play with your marvelous Adam Tablet, the nail-biteing anticipation to hold it in your hands and switch it on for the first time, the bragging rights that come with you getting in on pre-order 1…..

    Guess what I missed pre-order 1 and eagerly await pre-order 2 if I am allowed to get in on it…. I will if i have to wait till PRE-ORDER 15, because at the end of the day I have seen many of the other tablets and know they are capeable of doing what I want them to do, and some of there hardware might be better or worse…. but I want the ADAM I have set my mind on it, it stands out from the pack, you could give me one of all the other tablets and I would still want the ADAM….

    Please stand by the company and give a little patience to the waiting….

    But also there should be more communication from Rohan and his team, all the blogs have been from him and I think he should run his business and get someone to post more blog regularly, his time would be better spent chasing up all the problems and sorting them…..

  433. I don’t mind the extra 2 weeks. I don’t owe a pad now so I can’t miss what I don’t have. I understand that things can get broken while shiping and I rather wait a bit then having them to rush to sort it out and get a semi broken one by mistake.
    Let them sort it out!
    Let the workers have their holiday!!! Workers in China work realy long hours and don’t have much free time. Let them enjoy their well deserved holiday and I will wait longer for my toy to use in my loads of free time compaired to theirs. Hope you get what I mean and it didn’t get lost in translation!!

  434. I agree with your Laksman that they should not have published the earlier dates. A few weeks ago they even “pre-poned” the February dates. That is the problem with this blog. We are almost sitting on Rohan’s lap. That provides a unique experience which has been worthwhile and entertaining for many of us.

    The problem is that by sitting on his lap, we also got the roller-coaster ride that almost every CEO has when he launches his first product. For example: we get the delights when something goes faster then expected (promising quicker delivery dates) and the cramp in our stomachs when unexpected turns are made (resulting in delays).

    For PR at this moment, it would have been better if NI had sticked to their original 6-8 week delivery time. Then we now would have had only 1 delay. But then we would have missed the unique blogs of Rohan, the experience that he has put us through and the roller-coaster ride.

    If Adam is doing what it promised to do, then all of this will be for the best. Everybody here will feel that they have been part of the ‘making of‘. And given that Notion Ink does not only focus on hardware, but will also please us with updates on software in the future, I have the impression that we will all become proud owners. From a PR perspective, even though it resulted in this disastrous way of communication, this blog will then still have worked positive rather then negative.

  435. Funny…all my comments to previous posts are showing up but the one that I addressed to Rohan has not.

  436. One of the main reasons I wanted to buy adam was the matt screen. Now I read everywhere that the adam’s screen is as ‘glare’ as the iPad (except you put an anti-glare cover on it — but the same is true for the iPad, right?). Can anyone tell if adam’s screen is really matt?

  437. Everyone is mad. To be honest, I am not. I know it sucks, and I did manage to secure a tablet in the 29th ship bracket. It has not been delayed, it has been shipped.

    If it had been delayed until Feb. 14th I wouldn’t be mad.

    NI is a startup company. They don’t have experience. Why does everyone want to hold them to standards of a large company.

    One day NI will be a big company, have a little faith in them and calm down everyone. I am 100% for NI. You go Rohan.

  438. One other thing.

    I have been in situations like this personally, and made the same mistake. That mistake is being too optimistic. Being too eager to tell a customer “Yes, I can do it.” It doesn’t make me a liar, it just means that I didn’t have a good enough grasp of what was involved. Even out to the “most are shipping on time, some are damaged” comment – if you really pay attention you can see it here. When they first learned of the problem they posted about it too soon, because they want to keep you guys happy and let you know what is going on. As the week progressed, it must have become obvious that it wasn’t as simple as that. Once you’ve posted the words, you can’t take them back, though. Not a lie, but too much honestly combined with not enough experience.

    If there is anything to be learned from this process it is probably to “wait a couple days and then comment.” A week might be better. They may be learning that lesson even now.

    As for the numbers, I have no idea how to take that. For all I know, there were thousands of these things sold to non-English speakers who don’t comment here, not the vocal minority who are making a huge fuss. Percentages can be tricky that way.

    What I’m getting at here, anyway, is that you guys can’t have it both ways. On the one hand, you demand immediate answers now! Communication! … and on the other, you demand stick to what you say! Can you see that these two desires are in opposition? Rohan is getting caught in the crossfire, and I feel for him.

    We’re so used to dealing with corporate crap that we don’t know how to take it when all this stuff isn’t hidden from us. If Notion Ink had just posted, from the get-go, that orders would begin shipping in, say, March – nobody would be crying up a storm. But they wanted to do their best for you, they cut it too close, had some snags, and this is the result. The reason we all feel disappointed is because our expectations have been countered repeatedly. The question is, were those expectations accurate? Who can say? It’s not often we get this level of inside information about such a process. Use it to inform yourself in the future.

  439. Look at the back of Adam, in the FCC pics. There is definitely a Trackpad form :D. It’s not there in the final product but nethertheless, I dont care a pap for it.

  440. I think the reason more people are angry, understandably, is because many of us still have yet to receive an e-mail advising us of the delay problem. Instead, once they started receiving nasty e-mails then they decided to place an update on a “BLOG” advising people of the delay. It’s a very impersonal way of doing business and not a good way for your customers to find out about delays for items they’ve already paid for. Because it is a start-up company I expected a lot more from Notion Ink.

  441. I’m out. Sold mine on Ebay. Made money. Trust me when I say this thing is beta at best. I was going to write up a big long review, but now that it is sold I will save my breath. If and when you get one, I’d root it on day one. Good luck all.

  442. last I knew MIG 29 was not manufactured in USA. You dont know half of the ‘you all’
    AirBus is beating Boeing hands down. Shall we start a discussion on the other dream some where else? Aka.. Boeing Dream Liner??!!:)
    Jeans manfactured in USA??? LOL That was what you are proud of?? Hey where did you learn growing cotton from? By the way the largest denim fabric plant in in India. Yes india and it accounts of 1/3 (YES ONE THIRD) of the total denim manufactured in the world!!
    When you invent the zero and the decimal system lets start a discussion forum else where we can hash these things out.
    And no your manufacturing jobs were not shipped so we could go out of Stone Age(Though I wonder why anyone wants go out of the Stone Age. With the Taj Mahal made of Marble, Numerous Fantistic Forts Like Red Fort, Agra Fort, Udaipur fort etc made of Red Sand Stone, Fantastic Temples like the Hoslya temples in Southern India made of Granite. Hey the Sidewalks and Curbs in Banglalore are made of solid Granite!)
    they were shipped out else you would have slipped into Martian Mud age pretty fast if it did not happen. Right now the biggest markets for Cars, Computers, Mobile phones and many other products are China, India. Any other country comes next. If you include Japan Korea and rest of Asia those statistics begin to sound pretty intresting. Africa is still to come online but give it a couple of decades we will see who ranks where.

    Why dont we leave these discussions out to where they belong outside here.
    Here Adam is what we come for.
    CEO lying about what? delay for a few days in delivery which is called “estimated”? Hey you are welcome to cancel as some others have done. You cant catch somebodys collar and ask them to perform for you.

  443. For continuing to expand our general knowledge…

    this seems to be the company… looks like they are also in to the photovoltaic business…


  444. It’s a bunch of B.S.

    Most likely they are having financial problems and can only order parts piecemeal or failed to pay a vendor and they are requiring an upfront check before providing more product.

  445. Yes…dreams have to be translated to reality.

    @ Karen…
    Forgive me if I don’t have the “vision” to see the dreams. I want the product on hand to share the dream and enjoy it.

    You keep saying cancel…but Cancel with 5% penalty (or should it be 5.31%?). We are being held hostage here.

  446. Why reply then? I guess you cannot follow simple instructions.

    Mine is delayed….again. And my patience is very short for any other surprises from this chicken $hit operation.

  447. Delay happens.

    I know it is terribly disappointing for you guys waiting on Pre-Order 1, but NI cannot control EVERY ASPECT of the manufacturing process (of both the company in China that is putting the tablet together, and the companies that supply parts to it).

    Some parts of the manufacturing process are simply out of NI’s control and, because the company is brand-new, Rohan probably did not think to add in a few “fudge days” (or weeks) to the promised delivery dates.

    They want to deliver a nice, working machine to you. Please be patient. I am sure it will be worth the wait.

    BTW – I hope to get in on Pre-order 2 and I hope that Rohan will wait until AFTER Valentine’s Day to announce it. 😉

  448. Everyone is NOT holding them to the standards of a large company. When Rohan says “shipping on time” He is setting that standard for everyone to follow and not the other way around. We did not demand a certain ship date, it was given to us by rohan. I have given them the benefit of the doubt over and over again, and to say they dont have experience and they are a statup doesnt cut it and its simply not good enough. Good businesses learn from their mistakes and NotionInk does not seem to be doing that. This is business cut and dry, excuses are just that “excuses” and are invalid and worthless to the customer. “This isnt how you treat Family” if that is how you see us. What the Majority of everyone here is asking for is communication, honest truths, and not last minutes updates about only 5.31% affected customers, when we know that is a lie.

  449. yes if 950 was the total for all of the pre sales group 1 2 and 3 it could be possable and that sounds close to me.

  450. Rooted my nook color and waiting for something. By the time this thing arrives Xoom is around the corner, Ipad 2 to follow , and probably others from Asus. Btw it’s okay to delay a product to get it right, but the way they are handling is very unprofessional and filled with lies … that I do not appreciate !!!

  451. I hope so, I decided to wait until CES to order, so I missed out on preorder 1.
    I’ve tried to comment before, I don’t know if it got posted though.
    Do you guys think I’ll still get to order at preorder 2?

  452. Try touching/clicking the top-left corner of your screen (where the Battery icon is displayed)…that should hide the notification bar.

  453. Friends i trully understand your feelings and deeply touched by your emotions. One thing is sure we all love ADAM and we all are mature enough to cope with it.
    This song is dedicated to those who missed shipping this time.

  454. @ mhasija

    We also have a saying in the US. No translation needed.
    “Get out while the goings good” ➡

  455. Disappointed at the further delay, but it’s ok I guess. From what I’ve been reading on the more professional reviews out there, there are still software related issues with the Adam. I’m happy to wait until Notion Ink get it right. Looking at the reviews, there’s not really much I can do on the Adam until the software bugs are fixed. I’d rather get the complete and awesome product that the NI team intended it to be.

  456. gecko (and others who are disappointed):

    I am absolutely sure that Rohan planned to deliver on the dates he promised. But, what he did not anticipate were the problems with the manufacturing process – and the delays due to holidays in foreign countries.

    He was not “lying” or intentionally “misleading” any of us. That is kind of a ridiculous conclusion. He has relied on the promises of others, and it is those others who have not met their delivery dates. He did not anticipate broken screens, etc. Granted, he probably should have. But he did not intend to disappoint anyone.

  457. This news just came out:

    The ever popular game “Angry Birds” has just became obsolete and is being replaced by “Angry Bloggers”

  458. I am sure that the bugs will be addressed and that Eden will work much better on the second and third batches of Pre-order 1.

  459. On another note glad to see the overpriced ADAM from the american ebayer has dissapeared of EBAY, the one he was selling for so much must have been one of the delayed ones, I hate it when people try to profit from things they dont have yet….. greed makes the world go round.

  460. So only 5% were affected but over 90% of those affected on Notionaddicts dot com are in that 5% figure?

    Rohan, put simply, most of us don’t believe you any more.

    As one of the 90% affected by the delay (or 5% in Rohan’s language), I have two questions for CrunchGear, Engadget, Greg, or whomever else can get Rohan to respond:

    1. If the problem with the screens occurred on the day before the orders were to go out, and the shipment is now delayed, why were you still telling us the 22nd delivery date was possible? Seems fairly clear to all now that you knew early on that there was no way you would be keeping this date. I’d love an answer to this, but not as much as my second, FAR more important question:

    2. If the screens were damaged the day prior to shipping, I’m going to take a leap of faith here and say the units were already put together. If that’s the case, and you are now manufacturing new screens, are you just planning to remove the old screens and put the new ones on the units that previously had the defective screens? If so, you are really shipping us a “REFURBISHED UNIT”. I need an answer from somebody why this is not so – the only explanation that I can come up with is that the 29th date wasn’t realistic either (and Rohan knew that just as he knew the 22nd wasn’t possible), and that they had yet to be put together.

    In any event, generally, companies cut the price of a refurbished item by 20-40%. If you are indeed planning to send us refurbished equipment, are you going to be testing it first, and more importantly, are you going to be giving us a partial refund for not shipping us a new item?

  461. Suggestion to Notion Ink:
    Now don’t make us wait for any news till Feb 14.
    Update us sooner…much sooner with the news…any..good or bad

  462. I sent a similar set of questions to notion ink this morning and have yet to receive a reply.


  463. I am one of these people who have been pushed to February 14th. I am going to wait and hope it will arrive soon. I think it’s still a promising product and an amazing achievement for a small start up from India. i am prepared to make allowances for Notion Ink’s failings. It does not have the vast networks and company structures of Apple or Samsung have, and so when things go wrong, it has nothing to fall back on. Demand is currently outstripping supply and people are expecting them to be able to respond like the big boys. Further more the CEO does not have a PR department nor a customer services division like the big companies. It is a small start up after all! At the end of the day, you place an order with the risk of delays. Those delays are bound to happen because they are learning everything from scratch. Perhaps with hindsight some of the delays could have been avoided but it’s happened now. I hope Notion Ink will be learning. A steep learning curve because of a lot of pissed off people!

  464. Rohan was sending emails to just the people whose Adams are being shipped right now.

    The people waiting in the third batch of Pre-order 1 will not get an email (yet.) Rohan is letting them know the estimated ship date on the website at “” When the Adam is “on its way” (meaning that it is actually being shipped – and in transit to you), he will send you an email to let you know that your “Adam is on its way.”

  465. Very good observation about the units shipping as REFURBISHED…I too would be very curious to see what Rohans response to these questions would be.

  466. If you cannot cancel, there are fans here who will gladly purchase your Adam from you.

  467. It’s a pity that so many people now turned to dislike and insult NI and Mr Shravan. Most of them seem to have forgotten that they are part of a pre-order program. You can’t insist on fully developed software if you buy a device that is not even published.
    Many videos are showing the Adam running very responsive and reliable on alternative starters and games.
    The repeated delay is very annoying for people awaiting their paid for product. Again this is pre-order and the touch-screen problems, for example, were not foreseeable. To communicate and explain such problems that fast shows character.

    If anyone reading this has received or will receive a preorder 2 email and refuses to use it, feel free to send it to me. I still want to make my own experience with adam.

    vendetta1987 [at] freenet [dot] de

  468. I am willing to bet that Rohan is MUCH MORE disappointed than you guys.

    Can you imagine how he felt when he heard about damaged screens, manufacturing delays, and Chinese holidays?

  469. I am sure that Rohan will wait until the above issues are resolved and AFTER his Pre-order 1 customers are happy.

  470. Rohan,

    You have a problem and it is not with the Adam.

    All of us who spent our money with you saw in the Adam “something” that we all really wanted. For a multitude of various and different reasons we all made a financial commitment to your product. But more than that, we all made an emotional commitment as well!

    It was the only kind of commitment we really could make. We couldn’t make a logical commitment because we never got our hands on the product… to run it through its paces… the intelligently decide if the Adam was everything it was supposed to be and whether it would actually meet are needs. Without that hands-on opportunity everyone who ordered an Adam (and those still dying to pre-order one) had to overcome our common sense and let our emotions banish our fear and doubts long enough to to send you our money (a tangible sign of our faith).

    In reality, of course, decisions made in that manner are for the most part stupid. And when these type of decisions don’t pan out it leads us to not only question the veracity of those who we believe talked us into making such a stupid decision. But more importantly, it cause us to question ourselves! Whether we were tricked or not is not the question… the question is how could we have been so stupid as to be tricked! Why were we not smart enough to see it coming? It makes us embarrassed and exposed and angry!

    I said at the beginning that the problem is not the Adam. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the first of any technological gadget is going to experience delays and bugs. If we are honest with ourselves, we, the first purchasers of the Adam, had to know that there would be problems and as early adopters we could have potentially bought an item that will never work correctly. Disappointing? Yes, but those were the dice we rolled.

    The real problem Rohan is not the Adam, but you. It is your silence. You have left all of us “emotional” customers with nothing solid to evaluate the situation with. By not getting ahead of these problems and communicating them to us in a timely manner you have left us with only one of two choices… YOU are either a LIAR -or- you are INCOMPETENT. Neither choice is a desirable one. Either choice means that we were taken in… that we were stupid in a way we did not anticipate… and once we get done beaten up ourselves, we are coming for YOU!

    I have followed the development of the Adam for at least a year now. I’ve read this blog religiously since that day I discovered it. I have watched it with amazement and amusement at all of the backseat entrepreneurs who have offered their advice on everything from technical specs to marketing. I have shared their hopes, their pride, their fears, and now, unfortunately, their anger. In all that time I have never felt any urge to add my comments. (Hell, I didn’t even sign up to leave a message until the day you announced that your more vocal “family” would get first crack at ordering… you nearly killed me that day!) Now, as I look forward to my February 14th shipping date I only have one thing to say to you…

    DON’T LET US DEFINE YOU AS EITHER A “LIAR” OR AN “INCOMPETENT” WITHOUT MAKING AN EFFORT TO TELL US WHO YOU ARE… AND WHAT YOUR COMPANY IS ABOUT! And the best way you can do this is by being a upfront as possible with both the good and the bad in a timely manner!

  471. Thanks @AlbertWertz , this is reassuring. Like many others I’ve been a staunch believer in the adam & NI but recent events have got me doubting. Until today I felt that it wouldn’t be fair to cancel my order so close to delivery, but now that my delivery date has been delayed once more I’m for the first time seriously considering canceling. This is why this question and the replies I hope to get are very important to me.

    I see yours has shipped by the way. Congratulations. Interesting that you’re getting yours before I get mine, considering you were originally on a later batch as I recall. Oh well, I guess NI works in mysterious ways.

  472. Amazon Kindle 3 is a textbook case of correct pre-order.
    I pre-ordered Kindle 3. in JULY – The page said order before 10 AM xxx date to get delivery on 27 xxx. ( just example – don’t remember the dates exactly)- also ordered case and extra charger – Amazon charged me a single shipping fee. The charger and case were shipped earlier and amazon sent an email before delivery and after delivery with tracking and also mentioned about absorbing costs of shiiping as they did seprate shipping. The Kindle was shipped 2 days before planned date – again perfect email. emails before shipping informing me to anticipate shipping details. Shipped email ith tracking details and delivery in Hand on promised date – Mind you not leaving the factory on promised date.

    And the icing on the cake. Amazon refunded me 9 USD after they revised the Kindle price – 3 months after delivery at the time of commercial launch . I guess Notionink is better off hiring someone with experience in the online retail business or must start studying the industry practices and try to better them .

    In any case I am patiently waiting for mine as I believe it is still the only customizable tablet for serious user

  473. I guess many would understand what you are saying…..
    Get Well Soon 🙂
    My desi freinds would have liked to say “Get Well Soon, Lucky”

  474. Mine delayed too. Notion can you publish a list of number and names of all the people who’s shipment is delayed till 14th. and also how manu screens were broken in shipment and the order that was canceled…

    Or every one who’s shipment is delayed can you please reply to this post to see how many actually are delayed and what is 5.3% really means in numbers.

  475. Mine got shifted to…. but right now I am in a state where I just don’t care… since nothing else meets my price-point and a tablet specs, so I am okay with it…. but hate the fact that they choose to communicate only after the deadline is done when they clearly knew this would happen….

    However, I am curious… how did u arrive at the number 50?? I didn’t know they were sending out arnd 1000 units in this batch….

  476. Prantha with the avatar of the cat about to puke (I know because I’ve had that same expression myself recently):
    > he did not intend to disappoint anyone.

    Of course he didn’t intend to disappoint, and I actually don’t care about the shipping delays except as one of a rather large number of indications that Rohan is clueless about customer service and doesn’t seem to know that he’s clueless. He keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I don’t care about shipping with buggy software, either. I do care that some people have received defective hardware and NI has not been very helpful; I’m definitely not ordering until that problem is straightened out.

    Again, I recommend my ill-informed rant here:

  477. I have been waiting for my new car for 2 months already, the company lies all the time about this or that problem. It’s a really big company so they were supposed to deliver my car in time (for which I already paid a lot of $$$). Well but you know what?! shit happens! I won’t die without the car and I won’t die for the waiting for a new tab.

    If you guys are so pissed, well, shame on you. Nobody asked you to be early adopters, it was your choice. Being early adopter has always its risks, expecially when we talk about a startup company. I’d have taken the risk as well, but I didn’t get in the first preorder list.

    Being said that, NI needs to be a little bit more careful and organized, the product quality it’s not always the key for success and Apple has many tricks up its sleeve on this topic.

  478. oops… lots of typos…

    make that “too” in the first line…
    and tablet specs, instead of “a tablet specs”

    not to mention that I just want a tablet, don’t really need one… big difference

  479. Oh just stop it. This is a failure of the management. Yes I do expect them to take into account all these thing before taking pre order. There shouldnt be any excuse except natural disasters.

  480. Wow. Today is the first time I’ve ever had a comment deleted on this blog. No worries – I’m just sending my very legitimate queries directly to Engadget and others now.

  481. This has really ticked me off. After the lie about the 29th shipment being sent in the blog etc. etc. and then waiting till the 31st to let customers know. I am still waiting for that supposed email.

    Also, I have kept quiet while being moved from the 9th to the 15th to the 29th and now to the 14th, I can no longer do so. The blotchy screen on the PixelQi is also dissapointing.

    Since the Xoom is coming out on the 17t, there really is no need to wait for the Adam anymore as it will be delayed again, of that I have complete confidence.

    Let see how well notion lies will deal with the banks as they fight to lie there way out of what I now considered fraud.

    Gotta say I am pissed that this “dream” has been shattered. Also, pissed that I am always in that unlucky 50 affected (lol, of the group of 50×50… more lies)

  482. nice idea. I wouldn’t expect less from a Medici, wich was a family from the city where I live 😉

  483. All of you who pre-ordered and helped Notion Ink start building the community must have received an email today.


    One email is on the confirmation of shipping and the other one is on the delay.


    Those who are in the later group (5.31%) are angry as I could see their comments and the emails.


    It is extremely unfortunate that we are in such a situation. We could not have expected the accidental damage of the touch screen shipment, and that too just days before Chinese New Year eve.


    Even though the damage was to a part of shipment, we cancelled all because in such a case you cannot predict the defective and working screens manually.


    Our friends at Sintek requested their employees to miss their New Year week and instead manufacture the lost numbers. Most of them agreed.


    Blogs are not easily accessible in China, and these employees don’t speak English. But their mangers do and know how to read your reactions, comments, thoughts on the peoject and are extremely passionate about Adam like you, and probably this is why they were able to convince their employees to work for you.


    You shouldn’t go through this useless pain,


    but there is a whole group at Notion Ink and at our manufacturing plants putting in all the efforts at delivering you Adams. You have came this far with us, I will request for little more patience.


    We are listening and working on your suggestions at support at notionink dot com or preordersupport at notionink dot com.



  484. @Vendetta, there’s a fairly clear axiom when using social media – don’t mislead people. Had Rohan been straightforward with everything, even bad news, the vast majority of everyone here would still be fervent supporters. When it becomes clear you are being mislead, your interest in a company’s ability to succeed drops significantly. This has nothing to do with pre-order questions. Yes, we all took the risk and should be dinged 5% if we cancel (assuming they still have the cashflow to cover the cancellations – Come on 2nd Pre-order round – bail us out!). Regardless whether I ever receive an Adam now, I no longer will be touting this company or its product as something others should buy.

  485. waqar
    thanks for the response. Iam not kidding. I understand there is mis-communication from rohans side. we are upset with him. but why should chinese workers work in the holiday period?
    People dont like to work ( even if it is pre-scheduled) during christmas or new year for non-emergency services. if it is un-anticipated, no body like to work.

    you may say they are convinced/ paid incentive. but in reality – is it not mis-utilisation?

    adam- will be 3 days sooner- if holidays are for 3 days.

    again what we are gaining ? why should we push this? what is it? is it life threatening disease preventing medication? it is only fun giving gadget!! how do we get right to force them to work? because you paid money. i am sure you and me have not worked in unanticipated holidays to get equal amount of that money!

  486. well two empty weeks until next delivery. If there is nothing else to do than wait and get nasty with Rohan, we could rather talk about adam 2, dont you think?
    Lets put Dream machine on again to forget about the situation.

  487. Unlucky to be pushed out yet again…. 😦

    Can it be that the 2 weeks of wait (supposedly with buffer) includes the time required for the additional screens to be brought in or something…. any guesses? Considering mine was a PQ could that mean further delay? (if they need to get additional screens from PQ)

    What would be logical is that the people pulled in from Feb be pushed out. But putting myself in a decision-making spot, I have to agree with that being a logistic nightmare… for those supposedly with a shipping date of Jan 31st, the list and shipping details should/would have been compiled already… and a last minute switch is never a good idea…

    and even if that is possible, it would be a bad business decision…. think abt it… you have this 5.31% of (already somewhat unhappy) customers who would be unhappy at being pushed out multiple times, but you would make another similar number happy by meeting a advanced Jan 31 deadline…. on the other hand, pushing the Feb batch out back to Feb makes everybody unhappy, though some to a lesser extent…. and adding the logistics to the mix…. I would definitely go for the affected shipment batch to be pushed back…. but resource-permitting it would make good business decision to throw in some form of reward for the patience (Dell, with their repeated deadline miss on their WP7 phone threw in a bluetooth headset… not much, but it’s the thought that counts)

    I myself am in the unlucky few…. but my current situation makes me a bit numb to all this…. there are much more important things in life than waiting on a tablet…. now why don’t I cancel? when I pre-ordered I took it up as a gamble (a big one considering that the amount makes a substantial amount of my student income) and set very low expectations, but high hopes…. that is my motto for happiness…. whatever happens will most probably end up exceeding my expectations 🙂

  488. levpius:
    > My desi freinds would have liked to say “Get Well Soon, Lucky”

    Thanks, Levpius. I hang around Javanese a lot more than Indians, and the word “desi” always makes me smile, because to the Javanese, “desa” means “village,” and sometimes it’s not exactly a compliment. If you say something “Smells of the desa,” it means it’s crude and backwards. The extreme irony is that the Javanese got the word from Sanskrit in the first place.

  489. If it was really only 5.31% of the people, and those people all cancel their orders I’m sure NI will be disappointed, but it won’t kill them. So cancelling your order is just preventing you from getting the device you wanted. But speculating that Rohan is lying isnt going to help you any.

  490. I feel for the people in the group which got delayed. I hope as a group they learn from their mistakes and get things finely turned. I guess that is why you can say it is pre-orders.

  491. Mine has been delayed until the 14th of February as well. I have had two demo’s of this tablet scheduled and had to cancel both. My company liked what it saw in this tablet and if my testing would have proven how beneficial it would be to students over the iPad that they cannot even access their courses on due to flash, but now its more egg on my face. I realize everything doesn’t go perfect all the time, but with 3 delays now, what more could happen. I just want my ADAM now, I have my CC bill with this big charge on it and nothing to show for it.

  492. I think I will disagree with u on the statement – “YOU SHOULD HAVE SENT OUT THE ORDERS AND THEN DEALT WITH THE ISSUES LATER”

    They seem to be between a rock and a hard place…. look what happened to a few people who recd damaged screens…. apart from their misery and obvious delay in getting a replacement, there was such a hue and cry…. u really think that would be the way to go? would you like to be in that group receiving a faulty screen…. my hunch says u would have made a big deal about it…. I would have…

  493. 1. Why we are not hearing from PreOrder2 – You have said soon? Tell us please your definition of soon…
    2. You have received money from your customers before two months and still some of them have received nothing from you. Do you think that is fair? And is there any good explanation?

    I have to say I am sorry, it was one of the best Tablets around. But with your delay-tactic and the non-communication you are destroying the dream.

    And what is also funny, you are answering to many posts when everything is fine but when people are complaining you are saying absolutely nothing. Sorry that is bad manor.

    I know this is a very hard post, but in my opinion its the truth.

  494. Rohan,
    The customer must be compensated. Give them so insentive for this malady.

  495. So, Sam from Wisconsin, let me try and sum up here:

    1 – You are frustrated by this delay situation (perfectly understandable btw)

    2 – You legitimately take your frustration on NI and…Greg ?! (Yes, legitimately IS sarcastic)

    3 – You pretend there is some kind of Machiavellian scheme, Greg would be making money from the orders of ADAM

    4 – You quote this message Greg posted on his website. Yes, he said he had been contacted by a designer for helping him to design a case fro ADAM

    5 – You ask the very same Greg to wipe the sh@t you have been spreading about him ??!!

    FYI, nothing in what you say proves that Greg would make money out of ADAM. AND, even if he were making money out of this case design, buying a tablet does not necessarily imply buying this case, does it ??

  496. Dear Topherthehidden, many companies work with pre-orders. There are many reasons why they do so:
    – to give long time customers an option to get the early release
    – to create a group of first time users so any final glitches can be ironed out before the product is mass produced
    – to get the financing to do final development or start the manufacturing process
    – to demonstrate to financiers that there is a market
    – etc. etc.

    Pre-orders exist in almost every industry that provides a tangible product. From cars to computer games, from clothing to . . . tablets.

    Nobody is forced to enter a pre-order phase. After all it is a high-risk process. The product isn’t there yet (e.g. Tesla’s electric car) so there is a high risk. In addition a quick search on the Internet shows that for pre-orders delivery dates are postponed more often then not (sometimes running into many months or even over a year), specs change, often the price increases and you run even the risk of losing your money.

    So in general people only do pre-order when the company has a very good reputation, when they want to support the developers, or when they see something that they really, really like.

    Among companies that open pre-orders, Notion Ink has beaten most odds. They were a start-up with no previous manufacturing experience, they offered complex high tech hardware that had not been produced in that combination before, they paved paths were others didn’t go (building a multi-tasking environment on top of an operating system) and offered a low price as well as a very tight delivery period. Entering a road to failure was written all over it.

    And yet they didn’t. They produced the tablet, they impressed their audience, they got good reviews, they even started delivery well within the period mentioned at the time of pre-ordering. And now, apparently due to a problem with one of their suppliers, they are unfortunately 1 or 2 weeks late on the delivery of the last batch.

    That achievment doesn’t mean that Notion Ink has made no mistakes. From a PR point of view this blog has been both a blessing and a disaster. Personally I think that it is more a blessing, but that is a personal opinion. But if Notion Ink has done one thing, then it is proofing that even pre-ordering from a company that has all odds against it, can be worthwhile. We will all get what we ordered. Too bad that for several of us it will be a one or two weeks later then promised originally, but taking into account all the odds against them, they have managed an incredible feat.

  497. David:

    If you did not receive an email, then your Adam has not shipped. He is only sending emails to those whose Adams are actually in transit.

    Until you receive the email, you can check pre-order status on the website.

  498. @Prantha, this is not true. I received an email from notionink today letting me know that my order was delayed and was pushed to Feb 14. This email was flagged by my SPAM filter this time and placed in my junk folder, even though all other emails from NI did not get flagged by my SPAM filter.

  499. @Noel. You’re right, I’ve sent them two e-mails already asking for a formal explanation as to why my shipment is delayed, still no response. I’ve not received one e-mail from Notion Ink throughout this entire ordeal about all the freakin delays. All I ever get is an updated status on the pre-order status link, but only after I e-mail them asking about the status. Their customer service is for crap. So Yeah, NO E-MAIL at all from Notion Ink about ANYTHING. Start-up company or not, when someone sends you an e-mail asking about the status of their shipment and you don’t reply right back, but instead just update the pre-order status then I think you can say that you’re not dealing with a reputable company.

  500. Oh my God….that was perfect Paul….maybe Himanshu was trying just that.

    @Himanshu, we believe in the NI team, and that is the reason why we “preordered”. That does not mean we cannot vent our frustrations and concerns. If we dont, who will? We are not blaming NI team, but I guess we are asking them to be a bit more business savvy. We very well know that a preorder may go wrong, and maybe this is a negative experience for a majority of us, which the majority did not expect. BTW expectations can be discussed in detail at length another time. So chill out…when is your Adam arriving?

  501. Same here sent 3 emails already asking about the delay and the status of my shipment and nothing.

  502. Yeah, I’m interested too, but I decided to punch out – just sent my cancellation email. My fear for the rest of you is enough will cancel that NI won’t have the cashflow to handle the Feb 14 order. I truly hope that doesn’t happen and that those of you who stay with it get a great product.

    For me, I’m dropping back to the Kindle and an Android Tablet to be named later. I truly love supporting startup hardware manufacturers, but I just need honestly. I can take incompetence, and delays, just not all the misleading.

  503. Hi all
    I am one of the guys with adam delivery postponed to feb 14th.
    I think we need to relax. Rohan has being one of the most open CEO of any of the companies. He has opened a blog, joined hands with us to develop adam so far. He had answered many many questions , in the last 1-2 years when the was developed in front of our eyes. we (most) have enjoyed the process. He has shared all the innovation with us.
    He has commented in some place that – he cant answer all the questions (or cant reveal all the matter). He will have many many issues. He can reveal few- he may not be able to reveal few other things. But he has been one of the very approachable CEO, we have observed.

    He also has accomplished many of the dreams into reality. He , with his team has
    A.developed a product which is comparable to the highly successful ipad from biggest organisation,
    B.made world wide release of the product -very ambitious not heard before
    C.developed interest in the technical geeks
    D.and more than anything kept all of us in the process of development of the product.
    A young man of around 25 – to achieve so much is not a simple task.

    With these credentials on Rohan’s side he deserves our confidence and trust. He will deliver the dream product and he is capable.

    No one is complete. Rohan has his limitation. He couldn’t communicate well, couldn’t define deadlines precisely, missed understanding/ differentiating the things which are in his hands from the others where he has no control. But he has shown that he is exceptionally efficient in other areas. Shown his mastermind in some feild – that is true.

    We need to relax. Give it some time. He will learn from this and come back. He has not made any blunder. We will get adam – we already have a relation with the NI , and the blog members. dont you feel it?
    Just relax. Give its time.


  504. Looks like Rohan will have to face more hard comments in the next few days.
    I just came back from library and it feels as if our old loved blog is going to explode with anger!!
    I bet he must have learnt a lot to deal with such unfavourable situations in his IIT days but with such response its going to be much difficult to look where did he went wrong!
    Everyone seems to be pushed to 14th( even me) and this time most of them are going crazy.
    I would have loved to see Notionink reaching heights without these glitches but it was not that easy, nor will it be!
    I am fine with this delay as my exams are on the edge but i know how all of you are feeling….(waited….waiting….still waiting…….huh!!!!)

    @Rohan- Dont consider us to be your enemies. We just want what all of us anticipated for so long. I hope all of this will make you a good learner and sooner or later every single NI fan will be holding their Adam, thinking about this tough journey we all shared and succeeded. 🙂

  505. expecting an update from Rohan on Monday morning India time….have seen some really long outbursts in the last 4 hours reading the comments.

    By the way, my ‘estimated ship date’ is now Feb 14, 2011.

    February 2011 > Jan 31, 2011 > Feb 14, 2011.

    That is how life is. Totally unexpected, so have patience, and try respect what the other person is saying.

    All is well that ends well. I hope pre order 2 does not start before the software glitches are fixed. I can wait for my Adam for another 2 – 3 weeks, but not for the software issues.

    Rohan please realize ‘our’ dreams!

  506. Agree. HIGHLY doubt they are getting a factory to stay going on Chinese New Year, thats nearly impossible. Let alone if this is some 5% of orders and Rohan said they could produce millions of LCD screens a month, how is this taking 2 weeks more than the days they have already known about it and working on it?

    Hi all
    I am one of the guys with adam delivery postponed to feb 14th.
    I think we need to relax. Rohan has being one of the most open CEO of any of the companies. He has opened a blog, joined hands with us to develop adam so far. He had answered many many questions , in the last 1-2 years when the was developed in front of our eyes. we (most) have enjoyed the process. He has shared all the innovation with us.
    He has commented in some place that – he cant answer all the questions (or cant reveal all the matter). He will have many many issues. He can reveal few- he may not be able to reveal few other things. But he has been one of the very approachable CEO, we have observed.

    He also has accomplished many of the dreams into reality. He , with his team has
    A.developed a product which is comparable to the highly successful ipad from biggest organisation,
    B.made world wide release of the product -very ambitious not heard before
    C.developed interest in the technical geeks
    D.and more than anything kept all of us in the process of development of the product.
    A young man of around 25 – to achieve so much is not a simple task.

    With these credentials on Rohan’s side he deserves our confidence and trust. He will deliver the dream product and he is capable.

    No one is complete. Rohan has his limitation. He couldn’t communicate well, couldn’t define deadlines precisely, missed understanding/ differentiating the things which are in his hands from the others where he has no control. But he has shown that he is exceptionally efficient in other areas. Shown his mastermind in some feild – that is true.

    We need to relax. Give it some time. He will learn from this and come back. He has not made any blunder. We will get adam – we already have a relation with the NI , and the blog members. dont you feel it?
    Just relax. Give its time.


  508. someone has to code this logic in the order app, and then there may be some issues there too….some getting more disc than others 😉

  509. It has nothing to do with impatience. It has to do with having the rug pulled out from under me numerous times while Rohan stands over me with a trollface smile.

    If the ship date had been Feb 14th from day 1 I wouldn’t have cared. If the issues with the screen had been talked about as soon as it happened, not when some guy pointed it out on a forum, I wouldn’t have cared as much.

    What pisses me off is Rohan inability to learn from his mistakes. His inability to communicate in an efficient manner. This is actually the first time I got an e-mail telling me about a delay. The last two I only found out about because I checked the pre-order page.

    The customer service has been horrible and at times dishonest. THAT is what pisses me off.

    So get out of your generation bent or go tell some kids to get off your lawn. Either way don’t tell me I have no right to be pissed.

  510. He will not. I have never received an email from notion ink. And I ordered two tablets. Both have been delayed repeatably. And never have they sent an email

    I also emailed customer support about 6 hours ago with no response and I don’t expect to get one. They seem entirely incompetent to me

  511. Hello,

    This is my first post. For that matter it is practically my first post anywhere on the internet.

    A little background. I have been following the blog since last summer. I did not receive a pre-order email yet I still managed to order a pixel qi + 3g when general pre-ordering opened up. I own an OLPC computer with a pixel qi screen and love the screen (despite the software and organizational problems of the OLPC group).

    I am not in general an early adopter, despite having worked with practically every PC since the eighties, both personally and as IT support. I have wanted a tablet computer like the adam since 1981 (not a typo). I considered an ipad (and have played around with friend’s) but the closed nature of the software and hardware, even with jailbreaking, leaves a beautiful piece of hardware decidedly hobbled.

    I have just been notified that my adam will be shipped by Feb 14. I am okay with that. Let me repeat – I am okay with that. Of course, I would like my machine as soon as possible, but if I needed the functionality of a tablet right away there were (and are) options for me.

    Nothing that has happened since I ordered has really surprised me. Every event has happened before to other manufacturers, many times over and often to me as a consumer. The difference for me is this blog and the community that formed BEFORE the machine was released.

    I ordered in December after reading all the vapourware stories and scam alerts, with my eyes wide open. I understood that this was not a general release; that as Notion Ink’s first product there would be, in all probability, hiccups in the process; and that the shipping date was an estimate.

    The work of the Notion Ink Hacks people and the videos made by those with functioning machines lead me to believe that when I get my machine I will be quite satisfied.

    I do hope Notion Ink deals fairly and quickly with those who have received defective units. How that plays out and what Notion Ink learns from the last two months will, in the long run, be major factors in determining Notion Ink’s success in future.

    One final thought. I think people here (and in general) should refresh their understanding of the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning.


    James McCullough


    I believe Rohan has learned a few things with the delays in Pre-order 1. But he has our names and email addresses, so he will let us have first dibs when he opens ordering again.

    BTW – The difference between NI and, say, Motorola is that Motorola had lots of experience encountering delays and broken promises from parts manufacturers and assembly plants. As a result, Motorola did not make any direct promises to their customers. Nevertheless, Motorola first expected to release their slate in November. “”

    I had a similar experience waiting for the first Google (G1) Android phone. I checked Google and T-Mobile every day after it was supposed to have been released, but it took MUCH longer than they originally expected. I remember my disappointment every time I checked.

    My husband told me to give up and get an iPhone like his, but I wanted an Android phone. And I was very happy with it when I finally got it.

  513. @gecko: You sound really sick IMO. This would be really silly humor if you trying to make fun of the word ‘desi’

  514. Think about those few who got defective ones. Their situation is much worse. By the way my order didn’t go through twice and next round of order is VAPORWARE.

    NI went from start-up to screw-up. Sorry state of affairs. Right from opening up orders for the followers of this blog till date, NI has been struggling.

    Best of luck Rohan.

    By the way, you took up my challenge and have failed. I don’t see next round of orders happening until Feb 14. Unfortunately I’ve been proved right 😦

  515. If he felt something he should have shared with the people who paid him money. His communication skills have been abysmal this entire time. He needs to come out with some form of major mea culpa.

  516. Pathetic service and most likely a pathetic excuse of a product after being lied to and taken for a ride. Those guys who mentioned earlier that this was a fraud were right!

    I have defended Ni at every end hoping that given a chance they would prosper. I now realise that their lies and deceit are incomprehensible. Why would a company, even a startup, with a massive fanbase do everything in their power to screw it up.

    Lies about the specs
    Lies about the shipping dates
    Lies about how many people were moved from the 9th of January
    Lies about the devices being ready to be shipped (All the pics they have showed yet they mention that the screens were damaged now after the specified shipping date, my question is were those pics of devices without screens?Were the screens still in transit when those pics were shown?Why is the hell were we told that the devices were ready to be shipped but had to follow a que of sorts which postponed the shipping date?)
    Lies about the 5% that are delayed (Clearly this is a pathetic attempt to con us!. We are not idiots Rohan so please do not treat us as such)
    Lies about the matt screen
    Lies about being scratch resitant


    To top it all they have the nerve to talk about pushing up the date for the February orders. why the hell, if the January orders cannot be shipped would the February orders be on time. Who gives a crap if the workers are reading the blogs. It is not their fault, nor do they care as they would probably be paid for it (lets hope so) and why should that be used to calm our fears?

    NI is quick to talk about Adam 2 yet they cannot delivery on Adam 1, which after reading and watching videos reviews thus far, looks sub standard to be honest. Whats the difference to the Tegra 2 Viewsonic gTablet then?The GPS, based on reviews still thinks its in China for crying out loud. Bricked devices…How the hell is an ordinary person going to take it when they get their devices with screen problems, software problems and possibly a dead device.

    No market
    No Genesis
    No Flash
    No RADIO
    Requires hacking to make it work decently
    Warranty probably is not going to mean anything to get the device to a working condition

    “We could not have expected the accidental damage of the touch screen shipment” —-Please Rohan, I am not an IDIOT so do not take me for one! Why had you not mentioned this a week ago as I would assume that the devices to be shipped on the 29th should have been done by then! Or are you saying that the screens are put on and shipped immediately?Is there quality control? are the devices tested in such short notice…Please do not feed us your bullshit!

    I hope that the blogs such as techcrunch and engadget pick up on the NI incompetence and lack of communication as well as the sub standard products thus far!

    An email notification of the delay would have been nice and I would have understood but since you think we are IDIOTS I have lost all respect for you and your team.

    The Notion Ink hype was pushed forward by your fans yet you treat us like imbeciles..

    You have lost many fans in the last week and I am sure it is going to continue unless you cut the bull and stop thinking that your NI FAMILY with stay together for long

    Rohan, I would liek to formally tell you that you are a LIAR! Now deal with it and get your act together, you and the other 100 employees who are part of this sham!

  517. 50 is a rough estimate. When they said the same thing about 5% before it was supposedly (thought obviously not) 50 people who got pushed back. They gave us the 5% number again (and it’s still obviously bullshit).

    But even if it was 200 screens, it should still only take them no longer than a day to make the way factories are set up.

  518. I doubt that NI will be financially hurt if you cancel (even though Rohan and NI’s employees will feel really bad.) There are many of us waiting in the Pre-order 2 batch who are willing to take your Adams.

    I hope you are not taking a precipitous action for which you will be sorry in less than a month. Please think about it before acting hasty… Fifteen (to 20) days is not that long to wait, despite the disappointment you feel.

  519. I don’t see how you can say it was 5.31% when it’s been proven again and again that that number cannot possibly be true.

  520. the most annoying thing is those who got their adam shipped commenting on us (delayed group) to keep calm, dnt blame anyone, take blame on yourself for pre-order, i would have not reacted had mine been delayed. It is all good to say now that you know getting yours. Why dont you send me yours and get one from me when i get it (be it march, december). They are the one adding salt to wound because all of us were in same batch and all of sudden some are getting and this division is really strengthining.

    Guys anyone there for cancellation?

  521. Who received the delay email ? survey being taken,,, on


    go vote

  522. @NoelDickover: don’t worry for the cash-flow of NI because of the cancelled orders. There will be more then enough takers for the tablet whose attractive combination of specs, shape and software has not yet been beaten by any other tablet available or announced.

  523. Be patient until February 15. Pre-order 2 will not commence until Pre-order 1 is resolved.

  524. Maybe, but the second batch of pre-orders has no business taking place until every from PO1 has a non damaged working adam and Rohan has made restitution for all the BS he’s put us through.

    Then, maybe then they can do PO2.

  525. All I asked notion ink (in my email) was Rohan to give me explanation on what basis they choose who will get delayed and also any discount for this delay. I wanted rohan to email me himself (I guess he owe me and everyone an email) and we are bound to that courtesy. They haven’t bothered to even take care of it. This is making me more annoyed.

  526. This is Bull Sh@# I have been following notion Ink for a while now been there since the start!!! A feel betrayed! There are so many tablets coming out and im still a loyal Adam supporter But come on guys! Send us our tablets! And I think we should get a discount or maybe an app cash card!!! Case or something!!!!!

  527. Hi,
    My delivery got delayed to Feb 14 also. I didnt receive an email, information on web site only.

    Manufacturing problem is a possible cause that can be trusted. Although slightly surprising when speaking about few pieces. Are screens prototypes manufactured individually ?Also I understood all preorder 1 was manufactured already 2 weeks ago as photos shown, and shipped to notionink before shipment to us.

    Anyway I will wait these 2 weeks. I hope these includes margin this time, as each new delay becomes more difficult to accept. Please no new one even for new software…

    Ni: Take courage, technic is some time capricious, but communication is a lot more difficult, and I find it ok until now.
    Hey fans, dont burn too fast our star, and handle out frustration still 2 weeks 😉

  528. It’s not the delay, it’s treatment from NI.

    Everyone needs to stop thinking the delay is the problem. When people support your product for years and are among your first orders you treat them like kings.

  529. Delays happen and I can live with that, and this is a start up. However, each time a small percentage of people get effected by delays. It is mathematically improbable that the same people compose that group, but it seems to be the case here.

    If the factory cant keep up with demand then say so. If the factory will not assemble until they are paid upfront due to new business credit concerns just say so.

    Adam will get here when Adam gets here. In the mean time give us the straight story.


    Hi all
    I am one of the guys with adam delivery postponed to feb 14th.
    I think we need to relax. Rohan has being one of the most open CEO of any of the companies. He has opened a blog, joined hands with us to develop adam so far. He had answered many many questions , in the last 1-2 years when the was developed in front of our eyes. we (most) have enjoyed the process. He has shared all the innovation with us.
    He has commented in some place that – he cant answer all the questions (or cant reveal all the matter). He will have many many issues. He can reveal few- he may not be abl