My Box! (with more photos)

[Updated]: Just got these photos (were shot in HK yesterday)

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Hello All,

I just received my box from the Bangalore Airport, and thought should share few images with you. Here we go:

Those color codes are for shipment company to differentiate models and ship the right ones. They are shipped (air) from Hong Kong.

This extra box is the gift box and will bear all the damages that might happen while shipping, from scratches to dents, etc.

This seal is to make sure that your box was never opened, if you do get a broken seal, please report back asap to us. You will have 2 more seals in the inside box, and that’s the last check on genuinity. You can’t remove these seals without leaving a trace on the packaging.

This is the main box. 🙂

It’s not a cuboid!

That’s your Adam!

This is the stand part. Over the left is how the internal are designed, and over the right is how it is used.

The Booting!

After launching few panels.

Something which no other device will be able to do for a looooong time! Swivel camera is something we have a lot of expectation from. It’s a real big advantage. That’s Rohit by the way. 

Do read the manual first!

An update is already awaiting for you!

Test all the ports, connectivity, the speaker, etc.

And post it online, Adam has arrived!

I saw the comments and again they went on, no promises kept, I have not received, etc etc! My! Hold on for a while. For a little comfort, it might be good to know that all were air-shipped. This is how it happens. It starts from China Factory, then to Hong Kong where our main logistics center is, from there tracking numbers are generated again ( 2 tracking numbers, one from China to Hong Kong, which is not shared with you, and other from Hong Kong to your home, which is what will get updated on the site).

Now let me play with my Adam! 🙂

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

2,547 thoughts on “My Box! (with more photos)

  1. Wow!! Nice to see the first real unboxing pictures. Can’t wait for the next batch open for ordering.

    Rohan, by the way, is that box really designed to be used as a stand??

  2. Mr Rohit . congrats. Bestwishes.
    You have OPENED you Adam. what about customers!!!!!
    By the way did customers need to pay customs duty when it is couriered. This question needs clarity from your side ….pl.

  3. wow Thanks for the update the Adam looks great and the unboxing presentation is very good

  4. Great job on everything including the box which is unique just like the device it holds. Can we have a preorder round two soon? 😉

  5. Man can you believe that I’m in the top 10. Great pics Rohan. I’m ready to adopt Adam to the family :).

  6. WOW! WOW! WOW! Please Rohan, while you play with your Adam, could you have someone else send us the pre-order 2 emails! I am so dying to get my hands on that beauty! PLEASE!!!!! And for anyone complaining about the 36hr mark and such.. remember you were one of the lucky ones who managed to buy them before they sold out or got a chance to pre-order! I know the anxiety you are going through! Imagine all of us who didn’t even get a chance! DROOLING! SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m gonna put one of those pics as my BB 8310 :S and sleep next to it! Maybe my dreams will get 3G.. wait.. Edge jajaja!

    Night all and sweet NI Adam dreams!

  7. Wow… simply wowww….
    Rohan… now i want my adam… can i come to ur blore office and play for a while???

  8. Just curious Rohan, are there plans to do a second round of devices in the near future? The mastercard/american express threw a speedbump at me the first time round 😦

  9. I am so jealous of anyone able to pre-order right now!! None of y’all have any room to complain as said above.

  10. TY for the update Rohan. So your box shipped at the same time as the other first batch? so other people in india have their’s too? or is your shipment part of the initial that was suppose to ship w/o silk screen? I do not see the backs of yours showing FCC info in these pics… what is it you are saying the adam can do that no one else can for a long time? this is not explained… are you just videotaping? what?

    eta on airship from china for US?

    why let you play with your adam? you had it at CES right? where is mine ;P lol
    Please take my previous comments seriously about customer service and setting expectations with your customer base. It is very important.

  11. At Last! At long last!
    The unboxing enthusiasts are going to cry foul after looking at the pics! 🙂

  12. Congratulations to all who have this box on the way. MOST congratulations to Rohan and the Notion Ink Team for having IN their hands !!! Those of us who have stayed here so long never lost faith you would make this dream a reality.

    I do confess to a shred of selfishness … when, oh when will I get to order and play with an Adam … sigh … soon, I hope 🙂 Meanwhile, “dependent on the kindness of strangers … ” oh FAMILY now 🙂 to share all your experiences 🙂

  13. Will be gr8 if Notion Ink can also manufacture a protective leather like case. If you are going to hold this device (which has been designed that way) on your hand in a public space. I am sure there will be at least a few chances where it almost fell off either by you or someone passing by (while you were standing in a train, bus or a train station) just caused it.

  14. box is kinda bulky, but is a nice free stand while you wait for a better one to be professionally produced and sold

  15. Magnificent post, good info. Thanks Rohan. I’m ready for delivery.

    Let me think … what other manufacture posts information and pictures about the production and delivery process for all to see? Oh yeah, none!

  16. Hey Rohan!!
    Everyday, i open the CHECK PRE-ORDER link to check for updates on my Adam…
    and everyday, i’m disappointed to see the status not being changed. It still says “15th January 2011 – 22nd January 2011″…
    I have been waiting for like 2 months now to get my hands on my own Adam…..
    I even sent you guys a mail requesting an update on the delivery status but didnt get any replies :(….
    I am eagerly waiting for it….. i’m sure it’ll be the best gadget everrr….. Please send mine soon…

  17. Its silly trying to be first on the replies, but I did it !… then read the post. Rohan — perhaps only 1 person in 10 million does what you have achieved so far. We all (at least I) dream of having our own start-ups and making them big successes. U R da man… Please post your thoughts in the last 2 years in a post some day. I want to know what all happened. I do not think that any “start-up company” in the whole world is even dreamt of being compared to Apple’s iPad, let alone be taken as a serious competion to the iPad.

  18. Awesome is the only word i can say, just being so close to Subramanya Arcade, NI’s office in bangalore, i feel like barging into their office and pick one of the adams and run for life!

  19. Rohan, Can I be taken off moderation? I was off for a while and back on moderation again. All my comments just gets sitting out awaiting for moderation.

    Btw, you’ve been playing with yours for a while now. Can we have ours, please? 🙂

  20. MAn, I’m hyperventilating, and I didn’t even get to order one! I can’t even imagine how the rest of you feel…

    Come on, round 2!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. XD Whoa, thats awesome! Props for the case/stand, it’ll help out a lot. The suspense is killing me! I hope my Adam comes soon.

  22. Thanks…I get tired of surfing this blog, looking for only the positive comments. Its hard to believe some of the mannerisms of adults over a $600 device. Im not judging…just observing.

  23. Does Adam come fully charged?

    And on a different note, what is the big deal with being the first one to post?

  24. o my god……..making me realy speachless !!! it´s wonderful device, specialy seeing it in action :-))
    i´ve heard, the plane which has my adam inside is a stealth, the one which brings it to my home faster than yours…

    cant sleep now til delivery ….

  25. Thanks Rohan!! Expecting DHL man anytime !!! and waiting for the pre order 2 so i can oredder for my kids!!

  26. Yay! It’s gonna be hard to sleep tonight! Must.Stop.Hitting.Refresh.
    The pics look great, and the adam looks ever sexier. I like it how a little “look at me pose” built-in stand you provided. Well done whoever thought of that for adam packaging.

    OK… back to hitting refresh!

  27. More than a “big deal”, it’s one of those good ‘ole traditions of the internet and blogs. Kind of like “Jon was here”… but “Jon was here before anyone else!”. Right. No big deal.

  28. Wow. Looks Great Rohan! Cant wait for the new batch so I can get mine too! Wasnt able to pre-order with the others 😦

  29. I’m excited for you Rohan. I can’t wait to get my hands on mine once it’s here, assuming the out for shipping from Wednesday is accurate, here’s hoping to see it here within a week.

    Although, both good and bad feelings come from the photos. Good because, wow, it looks shiny and great. Bad because, wait, it looks really shiny? The gloss finish on that does not match your earlier posts, nor any of its previous showings at CES or in person elsewhere, nor does it seem like there is any type of internal matte glass. What happened to all the glass testing you did?

    I realize the official response a few posts ago was that there was an internal glass with matte, then an external glass with a gloss layer, and then a matte screen protector. The close up of the screen you have does not seem to show any matte finish, nor do I see the screen protector in any of those photos of the unboxing, nor on the device itself. It is highly disappointing to see all of the images you showed in previous posts of the matte glass layers you made, only to see it not actually used in the final product, and to not see the matte screen protector you mentioned in the last post about it.

    (I would /highly/ recommend you update the site, your features and tech specs page still state it has a pure matte glass that stops fingerprints, meaning it has to be the top layer glass, which the photos you posted here show it clearly does not. You could actually run into litigation for false advertising from people trying to hinder your progress, and they’d have grounds to proceed with said litigation)

    Regardless of any negitivity from that, this looks fantastic, backlight looks nice and bright, and the box itself looks clean. Congrats again.

  30. Hey Rohan – Android Community are running a story this morning about no response or discount for the Logo finalists? Shame that this ‘bad news’ continues to run, even while the Adam ships. Maybe a quick response will put this to bed.

    Personally, I’m fed up with the way the Android community is getting the knives out for one of its own, for very dubious reasons. But, it does show that customer service needs to be brought up to scratch. As for the logo competition, no update on that for some time, what’s the situation? And will those finalists get their discount?

  31. So when were these photos actually taken?

    Photo exif info says January 19 around 10 pm.

    But the date on the camera (Canon PowerShot SX10 IS) could be set incorrectly.

  32. That’s really neat, if some of them are missing later in the day you know who has been there to visit you 🙂
    Cannot wait for mine, sure excited!!!!!!

  33. +1, NI needs to be more proactive in communications especially on their website (atleast give a link for support to start with). Surfing blogs to dig information is painful & time consuming. For customers who have paid, they expect the company to respond to them with details in a prompt manner. That said, I appreciate NI’s openness, not many big companies go to the extent of information that this blog does. Totally agree with the last sentence of @AlbertWertz.

  34. Hell yeah! 😀

    cant wait to order next!

    Gonna go to college and be like…


    no USB on that is there!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  35. Rohan and NI team, Excellent work. Can’t wait to order mine.
    @ all adamites- do you guys notice how the grate on the battery side of the adam is grey and not white…
    @Rohan, whats the deal with this? personally i would rather have a grey or charcoal colored one. But you said they would be white.

  36. @Rohan How are our tablets being shipped from hong kong, and how much longer before we get tracking numbers?

  37. Nice going. I guess this is the first time we get to look at the “Re-usable Packaging”. It’s great!

    I believe you mentioned some artwork too on the packaging?

  38. Wow…. i’m waiting waiting waiting.. n my colleagues are waiting more than me… even before i open my office laptop i am asked ” Did the Adam arrive 😉 ? “

  39. Awesome 🙂

    Good innovation with the stand…maybe the case could have been leather, with this sorta stand. Charge extra for it…I’m sure people will pay more. It would be real classy carrying the leather case around, and using it this way when needed.


  40. Rohan…. not fair… you are playing with your Adam !!!

    I live stone throw distance away from your Office…. am coming in too….

    Can do a Cash deal with you !!! 🙂

    Pulling your leg, won’t intrude for now… but its very tempting !!!

    I know you are doing 100% that you can… I am really waiting to place my order…

  41. Look amazing! It’s great that you’ve already had time to push out an update!

  42. Pardon me for saying so, but that is a very negative post. Threatening litigation because it “appears” (from photos no less) that there is no matte screen? Really? Its that serious? Things you dont see as well: a charger. Ready to sue? No screen protector in sight??? Call the cops!!!! Where is your real evidence that it was “not actually used in the final product”? I think its safe to say, ANY glass, matte or not, WILL have some reflective qualities….its a fact of life.

  43. Hi
    Has anybody from India got their status changed to Shipped? (other than Rohan offcourse:-))

    I am still waiting and hitting refresh!

    Please update…

  44. AMAZING ROHAN! Absolutely amazing.

    Sincerest and most heartfelt congratulations to you.

    This right here is the culmination of your dream.

    And it looks absolutely FLAWLESS.

  45. “”

    They get a tip that: spelled out the promise, and gave an example of a contestant who can’t get in contact with NI. All they say is “What do you think? Are you one of the people involved in this situation? Have you gotten a bigtime discount? Let us know!” and that means they’re stabbing NI? Really? I don’t suppose the articles about Samsung not updating to froyo on the galaxy s devices or the android sms bug etc would convince you that it isn’t a vendetta against NI, would it?

    A tipster brought it to their attention and they put it out asking about it. The ball is in NI’s court to answer what is going on with the missing logo discount.

  46. @Ashwin
    Nice one!

    You should have a plan already to jack up the production capacity to a million units per month!

  47. How come nobody’s complaining about the quality of the pictures – not enough soft focus, or whatever? Or is that only a matter of time?

  48. Hey Rohan ,

    I have been trying to literate people in Japan about Adam , its sad to see no ones know about any table other than iPAD and Galaxy 😦

  49. Waiting for the pre order 2..
    I live in HK from where it ships…so near yet so far!
    Wish I could just hop over to a location here in HongKong and buy it off!

  50. people try to hold it by at the top.
    That is so smooth and doesn’t give a good grip. Is that a design flaw?

  51. Is that the opening window of the office suite we are seeing in the last picture? I’ve been waiting to see that…

    The box looks nice. But I’ll admit I’m not likely to use it much. 🙂

  52. *I’ll* whine a little. Those pictures? WAY too focused. They need to be more blurrier, like they were taken from a cellphone.

    And at least one of them needs to be rotated 90 degrees for no reason at all.

  53. Excellent, congratulations.
    Will some Aussies please let me know how much import tax and customs duty we have to pay when you get yours?

  54. All versions come with a glossy, scratch resistant glass surface and a matte screen protector. It might not be precisely what we were led to believe from the 9th Weekend Special two months ago, but as long as the screen protector isn’t difficult to apply and has good optical properties, it’s not such a bad compromise. It provides both a choice beteen matte or glossy, and a disposable layer to take damage should one choose matte.

    It does leave me wondering what happened to the matte glass, though. It was one of the Adam’s unique features that I’d never seen anywhere else.

  55. +1

    Let´s go together, we go during lunch-brake.
    One of us has to distract the security the other one grabs the big box and leaves a bunch of cash in the same spot with a letter saying “Sorry Rohan, but we needed our precious”. 😉

  56. I’m sorry Greg, Rohan did the unboxing pics for you.
    Really glad to see them now, though.

    There’s a lot more you can show us, as soon as you receive yours!
    Can’t wait to see all…

  57. You are right, they simply look too good, not like what we are used to.

    They must be rendered…FAKE…FAKE…FAKE…lol 😉

  58. it’s matte. i think you are confused by blogs posting inaccurate information. please read the posts on his site

  59. “You could actually run into litigation for false advertising from people trying to hinder your progress, and they’d have grounds to proceed with said litigation)”

    They’re not threatening litigation if you read it again. They’re saying NI could run into trouble from people who would have intentions to take NI down.

  60. Wow, Rohan!!! Looks great. I am eagerly awaiting the next pre-order/order to open up since I wasn’t able to get one last time.

    I’m so jealous of all of you that are getting yours soon so to all those that are bummed about their shipping status not changing, be patient and grateful, you could be in my boat…

    Now, I will have to enjoy everyone’s pictures and videos they upload.

  61. I don’t think he was threatening litigation, I think he was warning him of the possibility. But I agree, that it’s a little premature to be calling foul, from a couple of pictures. Let’s wait until we can actually hold the thing before we declare what it is and is not.

    As for the website, I disagree with what others have been saying. I don’t care about the website, and I won’t until I get my Adam. It would have been nice to get more info earlier, but right now I’d rather have every member of the NI team focused on getting these boxes out the door. Even if the only thing they can do is fly over to China and start loading pallets, it would be a more productive use of their time then slightly changing the wording on a website that everyone has seen thousands of times.

    Think about it. What is the source of all the NI bad press? Not the website, I can tell you that. Its the fact that nobody has one. That all the claims, specs, and webpages in the world don’t mean anything if the device isn’t in some customer’s hands. I think people getting devices will be a lot more helpful to NI, as well as the community, then changing the specs to reflect a radio receiver.

    Just my 3 cents. Keep the change.

  62. isnt honk kong in china. rohan said ” one from China to Hong Kong, which is not shared with you, and other from Hong Kong to your home, which is what will get updated on the site”
    well anyways congrats to rohan and to his team and all of you who will get the adam real soon

  63. Greg, if you don’t mind, I would be interested in how much you have to pay in any other fees besides shipping. I’m in Oklahoma and I figured it should be about the same for me once I get to order one.

  64. (This may end up as a dupe post, and I apologize)
    I’m sorry Jarrod, I think you misunderstood my tone.
    You’re correct, a portion of my post was negative, and I stated as such. It was not meant to offend anyone, and I am greatly excited for my incoming tablet, as I was lucky enough to get in on the Jan 9 date.

    I’m not threatening anything. I certainly am not intending any malicious intent towards Notion Ink, as I am excited for them and want them to do well. Unfortunately, The USA is a lawsuit happy country, and there have been cases of US companies and residents successfully winning litigation against foreign companies in the past, although usually it’s product embargos rather than any type of real monetary gain, and I sure as heck don’t want NI to not be able to sell here, especially not if some other company sues just to stop them from succeeding.

    I’m mentioned that specifically to inform Rohan that what he stated in 2 separate posts (The most recent one stating that the “lcd/pq layer” is matte, but the external layer is gloss) does contradict what their own website, “” states about the “full matte glass” preventing fingerprints.

    The evidence you request, that their glass tests were not used in the final product was from Rohan’s own post as mentioned above. Their original post about their glass tests from a few months back talked about them finding the perfect matte glass type, directly goes against his last post about the screen, stating that the glass is glossy.

    And you are correct, any type of glass can have reflection. However, matte glass is not reflective enough to clearly show someone’s hands and head when they’re taking a picture of the screen the glass is covering, especially not when that screen has its back-light on. Yet their pictures above show just that. Matte surfaces, by definition, diffuse light and images, not reflect it. A matte glass would be a transparent surface that diffuses light and images from the matte side. Glossy surfaces reflect. This is also a fact of life.

    I would love for it just to be a weird trick of the light, but that same reflection is seen in most of the photos that are dead on. Regardless, even if it is a glossy screen, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy the heck out of my Adam.

  65. So the traveling charges are very very very very expensive…. (US50 is unacceptable!)

  66. Outstanding stuff. How much customs duty did you pay? Did DHL clear it for you or did you do it yourself? Should I expect my device earlier (I am scheduled for 15th – 22nd shipping)? Oh, I have too many questions!!

  67. Hello Rohan,
    very nice and neat pictures 🙂
    Please do me a favour.please do update the tech specs abour the variants of 8GB flash before 2nd preorder.

  68. Hello Rohan,
    very nice and neat pictures 🙂 Congrats !!!!
    Please do me a favour.please do update the tech specs abour the variants of 8GB flash before 2nd preorder.

  69. Finally the day has arrived :). Apple bite (bitten badly) and xoom.. xoom…. (flown away). Now pre-order 2 update (waiting … waitng .. )

  70. .

    Rohan , did the customs harass you for duty or was it duty free in Bangalore? This will be important as we need to know what duty to pay when we receive in India.


  71. Sorry, Greg!
    Rohan stole the thunder of unboxing- Anyway you can make a video of how to unbox, about the accessories, how to test the ports etc.

  72. Actually, Sriki, sadly, it’s not Matte. From Rohan’s own post, on the one labeled “:)” found here: “”

    “Read few comment on the glass, and matte nature. Here is exactly what it is. Adam comes with 2 layers of Matte Surfaces, one on the LCD screen, other through the Matte Screen protector on the outside Glass. Inside layer cuts the gloss on the LCD layer and colors are not washed out. For the outside glass we are using specially designed matte covers which users at their end can decide to use or not. It is finger stain resistant (oil component) and has same matte properties as on the LCD. The glass in itself is further scratch resistant. Hope this resolves the confusion. ”

    So the front surface (outside glass) is gloss, but they’ll have matte screen protectors shipped with them that will cut fingerprints and has the same properties as what they’re putting on the interior screen. If you elect not to use the protector, you will have a glossy touch surface.

    (note: the “screen” is the actual LCD/PQ surface, is /not/ the outside surface that you will be touching. you will be touching the glossy outside layer)

  73. Congrats Notion Ink !! We are with you guys in many ways possible that you can ever imagine. Get Going and Make A Ground for yourself and all of Us.

  74. Exactly. And that guy we are seeing? Rohit? Totally fake too. He’s probably just a cardboard cutout, or some random guy that was shopped in. You know, because the only person working there is Jon. 🙂

  75. @ Silver Stratton , I don’t want to be obtuse but I don’t see your point. Are you asking for a verification of the appearence on the photo and reacting to what you surmise that impression indicates?

  76. Wow…
    Congrats Rohan + Team!
    It all looks very professional and packaged with great care.
    Realising dreams? Yes, we can!
    “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

    @ ALL who ordered yet: ‘The hour comes nigh.’
    I wish you all many, many hours of luck with your Adam.
    Remember: Rohan is going to give us a next piece of functionality every other fortnight. So, the game isn’t over once you receive Adam 😉

    Private invitations would be sent when the first Adams sould arrive their owners.
    Does this count? What seemed so far away in future, is very near now.
    Getting anxious now. Mastercard is burning in my hand 🙂

  77. Would like to see Rohan keep his word and reward those that did a good job even though the design didn’t get implemented on the Adam. Keep seeing this question get raised here and there … it would be nice if Rohan could get away for a minute and answer the question, better yet answer it from the new unboxed one.

    Already missed deadlines, messed up on orders, and amongst other things … don’t add this to the list. Just keep your word Rohan

  78. I totally agree. I want NI to focus on shipping the units.

    My concern is I don’t want to see this new potentially great, potentially long lasting company, forced out of a market by a larger company that finds a loophole, like filing a “Unfit business practices” lawsuit against them based off what they could construe as false advertising.

    With NI now getting a physical presence in the market, if they end up as big as I think(and hope) they will, other larger, to remain unnamed, companies will start taking notice.

    Keep in mind there are companies out there that have stopped products from going to market because they said they own the patent on “interacting with virtual images through a touch interface.” While the lawsuits eventually got thrown out, thankfully, they went on for 6 months. That kind of ridiculousness could really hurt NI’s market share in the US, and I don’t want to see that happen.

  79. Wow, so exciting!!! You must know someone in the company to get to do the first unboxing. Sorry Greg. 😉

    I’m looking forward to more photos from around the world as I wait patiently for mine to arrive.

  80. @Rohan, please comment on this blog at android community before it spreads across.
    Let’s not let it happen on this auspicious day.

    Looks like you got a priority shipment being the owners. How come you have received shipments, you should be already having it in house during development. Is it for testing the shipments and final products you ordered them?

  81. Gotta agree, that is one handsome tablet. I was a little worried, when I first started following NI, that the curve would be ugly. I was one of the preorders for the G1, the first-ever Android phone. It had this awful “chin” that looked really ugly, and made it cumbersome to use. (it was so awesome to have gotten one of the first purchased first Android phones, though, that I didn’t really care).

    Now that I’ve seen so many pictures, I have to say that Adam is a very good looking piece of hardware, and that the curve distinguishes it. I’ll bet we’ll see a few tablets sporting a similar design in a little while.

  82. PQ+900? Hey Rohan, I believe you got mine accidentally!

    Appreciate if you could send it back with autographs of the whole team on Canvas and I’ll call quits for getting an opened package.

    You could get my address from the preorder database. 😉

  83. It was for testing and to understand the clearance processes. I opened the seal as you can see in the photo. If people still doubt, fine, it’s more because of anxiety. Tracking numbers are being updated (TNT was supposed to do that, but I am making my team send individual emails to all in the first batch).


  84. “Pulling your leg, won’t intrude for now”

    You’re nicer than I am. I would have been down there with a stack of cash AGES ago… 🙂

  85. Thanx for the update Rohan.

    Cannot wait to get my hands on mine.
    I got bored already playing with my HTC HD2 with cyanogen rom.;)
    Time for a more sophisticated hardware platform… Adam!!!!

  86. Hi,

    Easy Miss Lizzy ;p
    All i wanted for friday was a good news.
    And i just got one 🙂

    BTW – “They” will seriously take us as fanatics after reading such comments ;p

    All best


  87. As living in HK, my box should arrive quickly … but still no updates on the pre order page …

  88. Very true. Bigger and more experienced companies than NI have been bogged down or drummed out by lawsuits about this stuff. I’m sort of praying that the modifications made to Android source code will prevent them from being dragged into the Oracle lawsuit. Can you imagine finding out that DHL has all the shipped Adams, but can’t deliver them because of a court order? *shudder*

    I’ll bet Apple would gladly pay through the nose stop Adam from coming to market. If they thought there was a case, and that they wouldn’t be sued for suing. 🙂

  89. Can’t believe myself finally made my day on this blog today.
    You replied to me finally (after 100s of comments) !!!!! wow !!! jumping uncontrollably.

    All the best and good wishes for adam’s success. (Im)patiently waiting for Pre-order 2.

  90. Thank you Rohan and team – again you have found a way by photographs to really prove what you are doing – other than a typical bland press release that companies often use.

  91. Wow! What a great blog post for s wonderful start of the day. Adam looks amazing! I like it how the box doubles as a stand. Thank you Rohan for this great update. I guess we’ll be seeing unboxing videos really soon 😀

    Now, more than ever, people need to get the goahead for the pre-order #2 😉

  92. Rohan, I just wish you could have added a note about the Jan 15 – 22nd batch. There must have been several hundred comments on your previous post about that question yet you choose not to address it.

    I just don’t get why you are choosing to upset your customers. Is that really too much to ask?

    Btw, the pics look great and Congrats.

    In lieu of an answer (which i dont think i will get) I guess I will continue with checking the pre order page ever hour or so.

  93. Question on this pic. “” I’ve noticed the Adam box isn’t protected with foam all around it. Will that damage the Adam? Is it all packaged way?

  94. Rohan I’d like to apologize on behalf of the doubters and panickers. They are like overprotective mothers and they complain and doubt out of love and concern. 🙂

    But what’s TNT? (tracking number team? Nah… Too obvious. 🙂 )

  95. Rohan,
    As I was flying home from philadelphia tonite back to south carolina I struck up a conversation with a graduate professor from clemson university … After talking about religion, economy, education, faith, war, religion … I asked where he was from … He is from india … So I said do you know notion ink? No he said … Is it notion inc he asked? So I wrote it down … Told him the story of adam … And the dream, leaves, the grip …. And said he must look “” up when he gets home because he should be very proud for your country … True ingenuity is coming out from bangalore … congratulations on this achievement as he was intrigued by the very nature of my paying $549 for something I have never truly seen … If you ever needed a alpha tester sign me up! And surely if he goes on the blog this evening he will actually SEE an adam unboxing 🙂

    – Mark

  96. Albert Wertz,
    All you did these last couple of days was complain. Can’t you just give it a break!
    And you’ll probably give me crap also, for pointing it out.
    Fire away!

  97. Prema…

    That’s a MI 4 🙂 I guess Rohan would have already got Black Cat security and those tough looking characters on the perimeter !!

    But worth a try 🙂

    Joshua… well am being polite !!!! I don’t want Rohan to Blacklist me for stalking him till he gives me my Adam 🙂

  98. OMG – I’m like a little kid before x-mas. Can’t wait to get the bill from Danish Customs – will probably have to pay US$180 to get it into Denmark – but I am sure it will be worth it.

  99. WOW MORE PICS!! THANKS!!! I’m gonna put this updates on my Adam thread.
    “” Thank you for posting new pics 🙂


    Awaiting the details for pre-order2.
    Would like to see the apps being developed. Any previews????
    Hope Mastercard is included

  101. You have such a good looking tablet. 😉 Now I want to order my. Can you send me yours Rohan. I guess you have more than one 😛

  102. the dream is now a reality – congratulations notion ink – i am eagerly awaiting the time when this dream of using an adam will convert into a reality – ship date est. reads Jan 15th – Jan 22nd still – i live in shanghai, china and therefore was hoping to receive it this week/end – looks like not to be!

  103. Being sarcastic dear, just being sarcastic. 🙂

    I just think people need to calm down a little. Every single post there’s somebody calling “fake” or “lies”. If we aren’t careful, we might start to get a bit of a reputation… 🙂

    (p.s., also sarcasm)

  104. Rohan,

    cheers for the pics man!
    Any chance you can tell us how much duty if any..had to be paid per piece for the Adam? it would put a lot of us Indians at ease knowing the amount.

    Kirtan Doshi

  105. We are already in that Category !!! Fanatics… Nuts about Adam !! any other words 🙂

    Prema and Joshua you both are very funny !!! am sitting at my desk and can’t control laughing 🙂 🙂 ….

  106. Rohan, when the ordering will open again? 🙂

    What about custom duty?

    As it is started moving, concentrate on customer service. Good service can make or break even a very good product.

    When we will be seeing these at Croma/Ezone, we are waiting for that day.

  107. This weekend is really going to be exciting. Can’t wait for it to arrive…………. I wont be able to go to sleep……….

  108. Except if you read the article on android community (which includes a link to a commenter post) you see that the logo discount winners have not been contacted.


  109. A nice quote to start this wonderful day:
    “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
    – Nelson Mandela

  110. Dam happy. Cant wait to feel it in my hand. I like the black box and its shape. I hope rohan start the 2nd preorder soon with large storage capacity + LTE.

  111. I can’t help but feel jealous of all those who will be shortly receiving the ADAM.

    Correct me if I am wrong, Rohan, but isnt that box made out of cardboard? And the stand too?

    If we need to send the ADAM back to you guys for service, I would have to send it in the original packaging, right?

    In that cse, I would prefer not to use the stand much. But I must add, it is an awesome idea to make packaging reusable:)

  112. I want also to play with an ADAM…
    So, 1st preorder ADAMs are already sent, let’s start 2nd round 😉

  113. Dear Tony,

    The first shipment (scheduled for 9th Jan) was a BIG one. And all our resources went in finishing that. Next shipments are relatively small in numbers. FCC pushed the 9th to 18th. And on the same lines, 15th batch is right now in production (can’t handle all the unpacked goods in the print area for certification numbers). But since the numbers were low, we were able to PULL all feb shipments in this months itself. Now what I have sometimes failed to understand is that how much information is good enough! Opening all the information has it’s own constrains as well. 15-22 still has 22 in it, but we all are (including me) very impatient! 🙂 For the best we made all the shipment through AIR, thats costly, but it’s fine cos what you all have done for us is just tremendous!
    Hoping that helped!


  114. Looks Great!

    On a different note, why stack 10 boxes of adam when only 6 is suggested (as per the picture in the box)? Of course I want adam to safely reach its owners!!

  115. did any of you notice the box label?

    upper left corner:
    Notion Ink Adam
    Model no : NI3421A01
    cannot make out the next two lines..
    below that its CE and FCC trademark logo.

    right corner
    Name of Commodity : Tablet
    Quantity : 1 adam, 1 Charger, 1 usage Guide and 1 warranty card
    Month and year of manufacturing
    Can’t read the lines below that

    and in the end
    Designed by Notion Ink and manufactured in China


  116. As from the original Genesis text

    The 7th day (metamorphically) in Notion Ink terms
    “And Roahn saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good”

    Way 2 Go Notion Ink. Yours is truly the most inspirational entrepreneurial story of 2010. Wishing you the very best on what is just a start of an exciting history.

  117. Silver,

    Read this from Rohan’s post: “Inside layer cuts the gloss on the LCD layer and colors are not washed out. For the outside glass we are using specially designed matte covers which users at their end can decide to use or not.”
    Wondering if the unit in the photo is not carrying the outside matte cover?

  118. Hi Andromeda, these pictures making me feel as if iam kid again and standing next to a candy store.↲Somebody pls give me my adam..

  119. I am pretty sure that somewhere in the nook or cranny of the legal mumbo-jumbo will be a sentence saying……’product specifications may change without any notification…….’ I have seen seen it on all electronic products that I have bought.

  120. Rohan pppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz open up the second round for orders!!!

  121. Great! Thanks for sharing pictures and info Rohan! Have fun playing with your Adam! By the way, any place where we can get accessories for Adam?

  122. very adorable pictures.. lucky few are going to have a great time..
    Awaiting honest reviews and … the Preorder-2.

  123. You can get one for free if you can lend your Adam to this company: “”

  124. There are still six layers of cardboard between the goods and the outside. For a 1.6lb device, that should be plenty to absorb the usual bouncing-around-in-a-truck that the delivery guys put the boxes through. There’s lots of room between the top and the screen, so the glass shouldn’t break if something heavy gets stacked on it. There’s a little bit less clearance for box-piercing damage, but even with a foot of styrofoam, all bets are off when there’s a hole in the box.

    In short, the outer packaging is very much adequate but not excessive. It always bothers me when we receive a package at work large enough to hold a tire, but filled with a couple sticks of RAM and absurd amounts of packing paper. We also get desktop motherboards shipped 2000km in what is essentially a pizza box, and they always show up just fine.

  125. Rohan told in one of the last postings that ADAM comes with a matte screencover- anyone can decide what one prefers…

  126. Rohan, Can I drop by at the Bangalore office and pick my Adam? 😉
    Its tempting to know that I stay so close and yet can get a glimpse of ADAM…

    (oops, did I not mention I am waiting for the second order) 🙂

  127. Rohan, Can I drop by at the Bangalore office and pick my Adam? 😉
    Its tempting to know that I stay so close and yet cant get a glimpse of ADAM…

    (oops, did I not mention I am waiting for the second order) 🙂

  128. Adam status .
    Yesterday -> in HK.
    Today -> all were air-shipped (according to Rohan’s post)
    Tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that -> my Japan!

    Great news!! Thanks Rohan.

    Maybe I can enjoy the three-day weekend!

  129. wow good to see Rohan in a happy mood. You done it and we love it.
    Rohan as you are upgrading adam storage Capacity in future will it be possible to see adam with 4G/LTE, USB 3.0?

  130. Good to see unboxing finally.

    I had hope that Greg would be first to post unboxing vids, but it really doesn’t matter as I will still wait for Greg’s videos (with expert comments of course).

    I don’t know why I am getting a strong feeling that first update will unlock the mystery feature (might be calling capability!). I do remember Rohan mentioning in one of the previous posts that update will not be just update, they will bring new features to you.

    Who all are with me? 🙂

  131. Haha, I know exactly how you feel- I feel the same way. I’ve felt like this was when I received my new camera this week and I’ll certainly feel like this when I get the news of preorders and my Adam shipping. I’ll probably have a heart attack from excitement when I get my box home 😀

  132. @All “Who had Doubt”

    “Love me most when i deserve it least, because that is the time when i need it Most”

  133. @Rohan
    Thanks for the update!
    9th got pushed to 18th, which is 9 days. Applying the same delay, 15th at the worst gets pushed to 24th. Since you say “15-22 still has 22 in it”, I think you are still trying hard to push to 22th.

    Great, THANKS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  134. i really hope mine’s in there

    @rohan one question
    were you on the 9th shipping date or the 15th 😉

  135. You are only looking at their HKG hub. what about the shipping between the Chinese factory to HKG?

    If you are so worked up over $50, request Rohan to allow you to self-collect at the Factory itself. LOLz.

  136. It was revealed at CES that the BONUS feature was an FM radio that happened to be included in the chipset they used for controlling wireless connectivity.

  137. The update a few posts ago says that the internal SCREEN has a matte surface. That is to say the layer behind the glass that you touch is matte, and there is no evidence that that screen is not matte (you would not be able to tell either way from just a photo).

  138. @Joshua

    “…You know, because the only person working there is Jon.”

    That´s simply hilarious!
    Thank you! You just made my day! 🙂

  139. +1

    Please someone clarify whether or not we have to pay custom Duty in India after paying a heafty $50 shipping charges for a Product innovated by Indian…:)

  140. Good time to roll out accessories – I don’t mind bundling a good leather case with a stand for my order.

    Any chance to get one with larger flash memory storage built-in?

    Pre-Order 2!!!
    You have to beat Apple before they want to announce iPad2 or something.

  141. ohh..I lost countless heartbeats while I went from one snap to another…..I cant imagine when I unbox my Adam….though It’s far way…pre order 2 please..plz plz plz

  142. +1 Can’t wait for the 2nd wave or ordering + some really good reviews to come out on the device!

  143. Hi Rohan,
    It would be great if you can have a section on your site where people can post their PERSONAL REVIEWS on the product.

    Nice to see reviews and interviews of you and about Adam in Media and on Youtube.

    All the very best.

    Would like to know in detail the COST OF DIFFERENT MODEL for ppl in INDIA. When the order is likely to open again.. i started saving some money for my Adam 🙂


  144. Rohan congrats on the shipping. well done. I have a suggestion.
    I believe in the future tablets are going to become as powerful as our currents computers and are going to replace them a

  145. Wohoo real great and nice pictures!
    Could you give us an update on retail or preorder2, come we have waited long enough 😉

  146. Rohan congrats on the shipping. well done. I have a suggestion.
    I believe in the future tablets are going to become as powerful as our currents computers and are going to replace them as central units in the office which can be carried away when you want/need a mobile unit. In the case of an office use, the main way to use it will not be on a stand ( especially the bow your are proposing, is useful but not very stylish )but as a big pad laying flat on the desk, wireless connected to a larger screen. In that case I suggest you develop a keyboard that wd adjust to the tab. I suggest splitting a current keyboard in halves and adjusting each part (physically or wireless) to the pad right and left. In this situation the tablet could be used as a mouse but also as a digitizer to draw or write and may be one day … as a scan.

    Just a few thoughts from someone who believes tablets will not always be on his hands.

  147. Under the principle of “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong has a different political system from mainland China.[19] Hong Kong’s independent judiciary functions under the common law framework.[20][21] The Basic Law of Hong Kong, its constitutional document, which stipulates that Hong Kong shall have a “high degree of autonomy” in all matters except foreign relations and military defence, governs its political system.[22][23] Although it has a burgeoning multi-party system, a small-circle electorate controls half of its legislature. An 800-person Election Committee selects the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, the head of government.[24][25]

    Courtesy :Wikipedia 🙂

    Btw You are in China right now,Joshua ?

  148. Yes, this one came into my mind, too:

    “Everyone says “that it is impossible”, then someone came along who didn´t know that, and did it” 🙂

  149. Me: అంతా మీరే చేశారు… మొత్తం మీరే చేశారు(You did everything)
    Rohan: ఏమైంది శ్రీనీ (what happened, Srini?)
    Me: ఇంకా అర్థం కాలేదా? మీరు యెప్పుడూ మీ Blogలో best post రాద్దామని చూస్తారు.
    best photos ఉండాలని చూస్తారు. (you never ask when we want it to be shipped) కానీ మాకేం కావాలో ఎప్పుడు కావాలో మీరు తెలుసుకోరు.
    Rohan: 9 సార్లు design change చేశాం శ్రీనీ!!!
    మె: ఆవును…. 9 సార్లు design change ఒక్కసారి కూడా early market release చేద్దామని ఆలోచించరు.
    iPad కంటే బాగా రావాలనుకోవటంలో satisfaction మీకు తెలుసు. అందరూ vapourware అంటూ ఉంటే వినే బాధ మీకు తెలీదు- నాకు తెలుసు.
    ఆసలు నాతో మాట్లడితేగా తెలిసేది నాకేమి కావాలో. ఏదైన ప్రొబ్లెం వస్తే Android police తో specialగా మాట్లాడతారు. నా (read my) coments చదువు Rohan, reply ఇవ్వు Rohan.
    Rohan: I usually read your comments
    Me: చదువుతారు కానీ రిప్లై ఇవ్వరు. ఇస్తే ఒక్క 🙂 ఇస్తారు. నాకు ఎలా ఉంటుందో తెలుసా?
    ఎప్పుడు ship అవ్వాలో మీరే select చేస్తారు. కానీ website update చెయ్యరు. కొద్ది రోజుల్లో వస్తుందని మీరు నన్నే కన్విన్స్ చేసేస్తారు.
    హెయ్ శ్రీనీ ఇదిగో Eden ఇదిగో leaves ఇదిగో sniffer అంటారు. నేనేమో సంబరపడిపోతాను.
    మీరేమో FCC approval, CE approval అని delay చేస్తారు.
    ఇన్ని సార్లు delay చేస్తే ఎలా Rohan wait చెయ్యడం?
    ఛివరికి unboxing కూడా చేసేసి wait చెయ్యమంటే ఎలా Rohan?
    wait చెయ్యలేక నరకం చూశాను రోహన్,… నరకం చూశాను.
    ఈ కొపం, చిరాకు. ఎవరి మీద చూపించాలో, ఎలా చూపించాలో కూదా తెలియక చివరికి ఇది రాస్తున్నాను
    ఇప్పుడేంటి? ఇంకో 3-4 days అంటారు… OK wait చేస్తాను.

    fun aside, thanks for the unboxing post Rohan…waiting for my adam…
    with love

  150. I don’t think the number six suggests a stack of six. Along with the other symbols (umbrella, glass, up arrows) it rather shows which side is UP.

  151. @Rohan: What about the stand? Cardboard could collapse after few uses isn’t it? I see the box shape and the cardboard togheter make right sense, it make “the place where Adam could rest safely”. There will be a shop or something like that? Could we have the opportunity to have, as exemple, the stand in some plastic?

    … stlil waiting for some clarity about: when pre order 2 begin? How many customer will be selected (1000?), when will arrive the “normal production”?

  152. “” (forgot the quotes last time and ended up in eternal limbo)

    Reposting it on this page in hopes that Rohan or somebody at NI will see it and address it.

  153. @ Joshua Price said, on January 21, 2011 at 12:04

    >..But what’s TNT?..

    It’s the mystery feature that comes packed in every Adam. Handle it with care !!


  154. The 2nd wave will probably have the Titanium Black or Grey edges. Would be interesting to have a different color to differentiate it from the 1st batch. Also I prefer it over white.


    tHIS IS REALLY GREAT TO SEE,I am so happy to see this……………we feel proud to say atleast we believed in you and tried to support you as far as we could……..I couldnot order first time 2nd time also I am not sure.Bcoz I dont know when i will be shipped….As i will be coming India in Feb,May be i can buy when i am in India….If i do the second preorder willl I get by feb?Also does students have any discounts…..if u clear this i dnt have to wait for that………..
    Awaiting your reply rohan,

  156. Here’s a secret: Great products and solutions don’t need influencers. Influencers need great products and solutions.

    You proved it…

  157. When we can see on shelf: buying it by exchanging money on counter or swapping our debit card. At present only people with credit card can purchase the product.

    What about local service centre near one place.

  158. No, I’m in Illinois, USA. I just work very late, since I am a full-time student, and have a wife and two children. I also write for, and my own blog, so I’m always late on something… 😦

    But I had no idea HK was so different from Mainland China. Does that mean that citizens of HK may have more intellectual freedom (such as the ability to view online content marked as harmful to the government) than mainland citizens? Or is that “foreign policy”?

  159. This are the pictures we like to see.
    Next time some pictures with end-users using the Adam and pre-order 2!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  160. I have a question for you, wonderful Rohan.
    Will merchandise and accessories be sold soon? I shipped my Notion Ink to my fathers house in the US so I can have it when I go on holiday, yet I live in the UK.
    I would need to buy a new charge cable for the UK right? Will I ever be able to buy one?

  161. Did you see the latest pics? So many Adams!
    Yours are on their way, guys…
    Catch some sleep and buy your food supplies while you still have time for those bland issues 😆

  162. I`m so proud of u guys!!

    Really good work!!

    So I want to order mine now!!! I was not able to and now i freak out because i have no chance to get one in the next few days!

    yeah, i`m jealous.

  163. Has anyone else noticed these interferation circles on adams screen on the last foto?
    Is it because it is a foto, or is it supposed to look that way?

  164. You will have to pay customs when importing the Adam (I doubt NI will pay the customs for you), but I don’t know about India/China.

    Where I live (Norway), the total price for the best Adam, including shipping and customs/taxes is about the same as the cheapest iPad, if not somewhat cheaper. I suppose it’s pretty much the same in other countries as well.

  165. Nothing is ever done karen, we evolve and that’s the future promises us to be good and better. I hope Adam evolve into our lifestyle need.

  166. @ JRon_FL : 6 in that format suggest Max 6 boxes to be stacked. Arrows next to that shows which side is top. Wine glass and Umbrella are self explanatory. In fact all are self explanatory. Its part of packaging standards internationally and breaks any language barriers.

  167. I understand the concern of the concerned and Rohan should keep his promise. I’m sure he will. What I find a bit unfair about the article on androidcommunity is that it says “Rohan seems content to ignore the question: ” (then the post containing the question is linked and copied in as proof and reference) but the DATE of that question is January 20th and the date of the article is January 21st.
    So, if Rohan, CEO of a company of >100 employees AND human being with a private life doesn’t read each of the 500 blog posts that are submitted every day and doesn’t respond WITHIN THE SAME DAY, then he is ignorant?!

    Let’s see how the story ends. If it turns out in the end that the logo finalists will not be receiving their steep discount, they will be able to post this information in this blog for everyone to see. But the Adams are not even shipped yet. Let’s give Rohan time to address these specifics. It’s probably easiest in terms of logistics to handle the logo finalists like all other customers concerning the billing and shipment process and then later refund them a certain amount.

  168. Its gloriously beautiful. Just so I’m clear… The black stand does not come with the Adam. Right? Prob should have read above first. Thanks Rohan – from South Carolina ISA.

  169. Oh my I can hardly wait for the second round of orders and so hope to save up enough money asap!
    This is such a leap forwards in userfriendlyness, I see these being used everywhere. From the office to school, finally replacing all that paper!

  170. Did we ever get a confirmation on the number of Adams that were part of the initial pre-order? By my count, there are 60 boxes in the most recent photos. That said, there could be another stack just out of photo, or this could be the first batch for pre-order 1 with others still being manufactured. It would be interesting to know what the total number of pre-orders were.

  171. I hope i get my Adam in the month of January, planned so many thing with it even a unboxing video but i guess i will be late doing so.
    Its been a wonderful journey from Dreams to reality but its not the end its just the beginning of new light spreading the dark night. Lot of hard work will bring sunshine and we are with Rohan to lift the candles high up. It amaze me when i judge myself how a product can rule our mind and soul without even seeing it.
    And thats why i say “Experience is the new reality, and this is ADAM’s new world”

  172. they sure have more independence. Remember when was attacked by Chinese cyber attackers, Google started to redirect all search queries from to just to bypass censorship and regulation in march last year

  173. And my mistake, Somehow from your previous posts I had tht idea that you were visiting CHina or something on the same lines 🙂

  174. Atul its less glossy and we see very less reflections. Its shows matte in nature.

  175. This is what we wanted to see! And thankyou Rohan for sharing the shipping process with us. Lot clearer now and will look forward to seeing a DHL vehicle coming down my road!!!

    Hope Greg gets his first, great guy, deserves it.

    I have mentioned it before, but feel so strongly that NI need to get the website moving fast. I hope the investors realise that Adam could be a huge success if it is produced in sufficient numbers.

    Well done NI team.

  176. Me too.

    Private invitations would be sent when the first Adams sould arrive their owners.
    What do you think, does this count?
    What seemed so far away in future, is very near now.
    Getting anxious now. Mastercard is burning in my hand 🙂

  177. Please visit, there are threads for different countries with detailed breakdown of what the final bill every one will be foorting.

  178. Perhaps you can sell yours to someone here! I can see that there would be a few takers!


  179. Please visit, there are threads for different countries with detailed breakdown of what the final bill every one will be footing.

  180. Google should redefine “smile” for android.

    I should be a square box with a squarish smile, the code is :]. I am sick and tired of seeing the same smiley (the commoners use) everywhere.

  181. Have you noticed that Rohan is apparently videochatting with Rohit? I wonder whether this feature comes out of the box. If so, is it skype or what else?

  182. Hurra! Great pictures Rohan. Now seriously when can I order one? Really…I’m getting depressed here,

  183. Great post love the pic’s I am so excited.

    Please open the pre-order 2 very very soon with Mcard i.e. next 24hours or I will miss out as have to go offshore.

    Great to see NI dreams being realised. 🙂

  184. Rohan and NI team!

    Its a big day for adam! Finally the first thorough unboxing pics came from NI office only.

    Its great. Today, it is an important day in my life also, as i defended my phD work.
    Finally the 5 year work is coming to some conclusion! i am happy! and i can now actively
    involve in this blog! last 2-3 weeks were hectic.

    The box is really nice! cool! i am eagerly waiting for my adam. its 15-22 Jan, i hope by next week, i will get mine.

    Keep it up! Please update your site with FAQ section and a forum!
    I am sure i will having lots of questions!

    Warm regards!

  185. My shipment is from 15 jan. to 22 jan.

    In Denmark, where i’m from, we don’t work weekends.

    The time in china is now about 17:00 and it’s friday, since I havn’t got a tracker ID or any other update I expect that my adam will not be sent before 22. jan.

    So my questions are
    1. When can I expect that shipping info is update (Eg. from 7 to 17 – monday through friday , local time china )? So I can give my F5 button som rest 🙂
    2. When do NI expect that all from 2. batch is on the way to the user ?

  186. yup… happy birthday adam, happy birthday! 😀

    Cheers to Rohan, the NI team and all of us crazy fans!!!

  187. Thanks, Karen, for the Thoreau quote! Wonder if Rohan knew it? I wouldn’t be surprised 🙂

  188. I am not too much of fan of the box as as a stand alone solution. Looks a bit cheap; especially compared to the classy ipad dock or even to the archos solution.

    Just my opinion.

  189. Really nice!
    You lucky one. Hope to get onboard of the second wave of preorders.
    What if not?
    Don’t know.

    Hope to get hands on Adam till April!
    Then I go to a study-visit to Norway at the University of Bergen.
    I’d like to show my fellows there this device in action.

  190. No Way..
    Check the photo tagged “After launching few panels”, you can almost see Rohan clicking the pictures… definitely a glossy screen.

  191. Thanks for the unboxing!
    Please open up the Preorder 2 as soon as possible!
    The more pictures and Videos I see the more it feels like torture for me 🙂

  192. It was perfectly clear that the screen would not be matte. You could see the protector film in all CES videos and on Rohan’s last pictures here in the blog. And is was to readhere in the comments as well.
    What are the other disappointments?

  193. I fail to understand what is the use of matt surface on internal screen underneath the outer glass?

  194. That’s not a fair comparison: those are very pricey accessories, while this one is just a smart way to pack an item. I think it’s brilliant. If you need something more classy, we need to buy something else (which will probably costs 1/4 of the pricey iThingies).

  195. Of course not as this Adam in the pictures came straight out of the box and thus not having applied the film as the buyer has to do it him/herself.

  196. You are right, so it is unacceptable!! If the promise is a matte screen, why the units that are going to be send are glossy?

    I want to use the Adam as a e-book reader, among others functions obviously, but with a glossy screen…… 😦

  197. does this mean i’m getting the “pink” dot? i’m going to get so ragged…
    looks like the pink dot’s Qi + 3G (900/1800)

  198. Some guys are freaking nuts here.. Just wait until your adam is delivered and then blame if you guys don’t find the screen protector inside.. I am sure, NI people aren’t that stupid..

  199. price is not always a barrier. With Archos the tablet is even less expensive and it has a permanent stand alone foot. Whow wants to have an open card board box on his desk permanently?

  200. price is not always a barrier. With Archos the tablet is even less expensive and it has a permanent stand alone foot. Who wants to have an open card board box on his desk permanently?

  201. I will most likely sell it, I think an e-reader with a large screen and annotation capabilities will better fulfill my needs.

    Anybody interested in buying? I live in the Netherlands and I ordered a 3G+Wifi+PQ variant (January 15-22 delivery batch)

  202. “For a little comfort, it might be good to know that all were air-shipped”

    There is no update on my status.. it still shows as 15-22… when will I receive mine? Its not fair that you are having good times with your adam and we are still waiting desparately for an update..

  203. Ok…we have an understanding, and I do thank you for not being on the offensive.

    And, a lot is left up to interpretation, I suppose. Didnt he say a matte-type screen protector could be used? Looking at it from that viewpoint, there is a distinct difference between matte glass and a matte screen ptotector. There is a lot of glare there, but I attribute it to the brightly lit room…and perhaps the opacity setting can help? Well, lets hope for the best 🙂

    I cant wait to get mine either…Ive been getting teased by my team (Im in Afghanistan) about buying a “K-mart brand” tablet. Ive already bought a 32GB microSD, and a couple of 16GB mini USB sticks, and a Belkin case for it. Im tempted to order a stylus, but Ill wait. Im sure you all will have yours before me, since mine has to go to the US and then here to Afghanistan. Now that I think about it…Ill have one well-traveled adam!!!

    With Respect,


  204. @Fons – One of my friends is interested in buying. He is also in NL. How can he reach you?

  205. A tale of waiting for the adam: I’m home in the U.K for the weekend then back to the UAE for 3 weeks on a customer visit. My wife will leave the UK on Wed next week to visit me. I’m hoping my adam arrives before Wed so she can bring it with her, otherwise I won’t see it till the 2nd week in Feb at the earliest. I’m so gutted that I missed the 9th Jan batch in ordering, but then again it could be worse – I could have missed pre-order 1 completely like some people sadly did, so I shouldn’t complain. Still, @Rohan, anything you can do to speed our orders up would be greatly appreciated. Many in my client’s organization are also keen to see my adam because I have talked so much about it. Quite a few of them are Indians as it happens and I’ve suggested they should be very proud. Good post today by the way.

  206. Man, I want one too. I’m waiting for so long now and I can’t wait any longer. I hope I can order one soon. They look really great.

  207. Don’t get too excited about “Out for Shipping”. I am tired of seeing that statement after every refresh. 🙂 Tracking number change would be the best!!!

  208. My friend tried first but it went to moderation so I had to post. So technically he was first. 🙂

  209. This is salt in the wound for the people who couldn´t preorder because of all the technical problems and the Pixel Qi version being sold out in no time. Very cruel.

    Did Notion Ink also ship some units to the reviewers? I would like to see some full reviews soon.

  210. Off to buy the same (Swiss 🙂 ) keyboard and mouse! In awe of the final result, the quality of the packaging, the combination of the device and the company logos… I’m sure it smells wonderful as well!

    To those who lecture Rohan on how to please the customer, he is clearly taking his cue from the leader, Apple, in making no compromise on design and beauty. I’m so happy I will soon get my Adam.

  211. It wasn’t clear until a very recent post (at least to me and some other tech-review blogs).

    Notion Ink is doing a good job technology-wise but they are doing a lousy one in communication, marketing and support.

    Just to enumerate some other few disappointments:

    * No Android Market and Genesis is not open yet (an app ecosystem is fundamental).
    * Eden is pretty laggy.
    * The annotation capabilities of PDFs are non-existent (otherwise it would have been announced already) and I would have liked to get a digitizer (there was no promise here of course, so here NI is not to blame).

    I’m not saying the Adam is going to be disappointment for everybody, it is a great device. Probably I should have waited a bit more instead of trying to be an early adopter.

  212. Well Fons, what will it be? Keeping or selling?
    If you wait for delivery and first checking out, second round for ordering has started and we can buy it for the original price here.
    It will take a lil bit of waiting, but i would have an still seeld box, not tempered with.

    So, selling now, unopened?

  213. Well, karen’s comment was the first I got to read so in practice she was first (and I would have to take your word on the moderation part anyways).

  214. I think we should keep the selling conversation private (see my e-mail address above). If I sell I won’t open the box, don’t worry.

  215. Wow, really can’t wait untill mine is shipped and delivered 🙂 They look really really nice!

  216. Would you be more satisfied if the box didn’t have the stand? I mean I don’t think that Rohan and his team planned that it will be used as permanent stand! Just something to have around when you get your Adam for the first time, something that will give you an idea of how the Adam will look and function on a stand.

  217. @Rohan – Also you should put microSDHC support I guess. (That’s what the world famous Jon told to few people)

  218. Does anyone know if Adam comes with software for your computer? Like some sort of synchronize software to transffer music and other stuff.

  219. +1

    internal screen is matt , would you really want the external screen to be matt finish ? it would look terrible.

  220. Rohan – We would also like you to introduce to all your core team. It was good to see Rohit up there in this post.

  221. Guys, before going berserk , please read Rohan’s post about glass.

    “But the story between Glossy screen and Matt is not finished yet. One of our friend (working in Pixel Qi) who has an amazing command over LCD technology made us aware of the issue of using the matt surfaces on LCDs.”…..

    He talks about using matter surface on LCD……

  222. The next order, you will repeat like last time the email at members of your “family” (like me:)) for buy the first adams??

  223. Cosmic – come on, do you take me for a fool?

    It’s quite a jump from ‘logo finalist not able to contact NI about promised discount’ to a story title that reads ‘Notion Ink Contest Entrants DENIED promised discount’. That is sly journalism!!!

    That is what I mean about ‘having the knives’ out. It questions NI’s trustworthiness when the only problem here might be getting his mail through a spam filter!

  224. Nice pictures 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to the second preorder, as I was unable to order during the first one on time.


  225. Love it ! Now I need to get DHL heading my way. I live about 5 miles from a main distribution center….
    I’ll be taking off work when it arrives to explore it !

  226. According to Rohan, “Anything that works fine on the iPad will work fine on ADAM too”

  227. Why do people always have to b*tch about somthing. Just wait til you have one in your hand before you say stuff about glossy or non glossy….

  228. o.. i should go and snatch one yesterday…. I’m in Hong Kong, but still waiting for the next order phase.

  229. Super.. 🙂

    For Non-Telugus.
    It is spoof for a conversation between control freak father (here Rohan) and sulky son (blog reader) in a telugu movie.

  230. hi rohan,

    super excited : )
    when can i order mine?

    everywhere i go, i say to myself, “i wish i had adam with me : )”

  231. baundi … baundi!

    when the rain arrives the parched land breathes fresh like a new born … the same earth but more capable than before.. it lets all know it arrived again with a distinct smell of its own…

    the Adam lovers are like that parched land… but they know the rain will arrive sooner than later and are ready to spread the joy with their own distinct content / pics / videos….

    btw, thanks Rohan again for sharing the pics… look at Rohit – he just cant take his eyes off the Adam …

  232. The kickstand in the box is an awesome idea, that way, we can keep the box because it is useful.

    I really can’t wait for preorder 2. It’s getting too hard to wait.

  233. You see…??!! the born/birthday from Adam and me are the same, now I MUST order my PQ 3g !!!

    We at NotionAddicts Forums – Notion Ink Forums – Adam – Genesis – Eden would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

    Thanks Notion Ink

  234. @Rohan
    Congratulations! Today you made your mother, family, friends and extended family (NI folks, fans and followers) very very proud. This is a poignant moment for all of us (commenting on this blog) who consider ourselves as members of the NI family. I wish you all the best and many more generations of adams to come.

    Let us remind ourselves that this is only the beginning. There is lots of hard work ahead of us to make this dream of yours into something that will be etched in the minds of people for ever. Let the future generations talk of this day as the “true beginning”. As you so often quote “With a product one can destroy an entire army, but with a dream one can build nations”

    With lots of love and best wishes to you and your entire NI team (special wishes to Rohit and Jon),

    Rama Maganti

  235. Stupid moderation 🙂


    “Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX
    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are delighted to inform you that your Adam is on its way!

    You would now be able to track your Adam as it makes its way to you. Please find the details of your shipment below.

    Your Notion Ink Order Number can be used to track your shipment. Click here to track your Adam and enter your order number (NIOXXXXXX) in the space provided. Please make sure you choose the reference number option.

    Please find the details of your device below.

    Serial Number – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Invoice Number – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Please remember to check our blog (notionink dot wordpress dot com) for any updates.

    In case you need any assistance, please do not heistate to contact us at preordersupport at notionink dot com.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Team”

    The service used for NL is TNT. 😦 Not DHL.

  236. (might be a duplicate post)

    Finally got a mail from NI. By the way they have used TNT to ship to USA atleast:

    Dear Mr. Amit
    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are delighted to inform you that your Adam is on its way!

    You would now be able to track your Adam as it makes its way to you. Please find the details of your shipment below.

    Your Notion Ink Order Number can be used to track your shipment. Click here to track your Adam and enter your order number (NIO#####) in the space provided. Please make sure you choose the reference number option.

    Please find the details of your device below.

    Serial Number – N9PN0110#####
    Invoice Number – NIP20110119-####

    Please remember to check our blog (“”) for any updates.

    In case you need any assistance, please do not heistate to contact us at “”.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Team

  237. (might be a duplicate post)

    Finally got a mail from NI. By the way they have used TNT to ship to USA atleast:

    Dear Mr. Amit
    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are delighted to inform you that your Adam is on its way!

    You would now be able to track your Adam as it makes its way to you. Please find the details of your shipment below.

    Your Notion Ink Order Number can be used to track your shipment. Click here to track your Adam and enter your order number (NIO#####) in the space provided. Please make sure you choose the reference number option.

    Please find the details of your device below.

    Serial Number – N9PN0110#####
    Invoice Number – NIP20110119-####

    Please remember to check our blog (“”) for any updates.

    In case you need any assistance, please do not heistate to contact us at “”.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Team

  238. Yes I know that, but I still wonder if Adam comes with software. Cellphones, mp3’s and other stuff usually comes with software.

    How do I update my Adam? Does tha Adam itself recognize that it has på be updated?

  239. Mine is on its way too. Being shipped via TNT. No estimated delivery date in the tracking info yet.

    I tried to use TNT’s online form to estimate shipping times but it will not accept the zipcode for the originating city of 361000 for Xiamen. That is the only zipcode I can find for there.

    Anyone else have any luck with this?

  240. Guys,

    some question, will Adam support Video conf? Secondly, the SIM, will it be data only or can we still transform it as phone?


  241. my adam shipped 😀 😀 😀 😀

    by why with TNT and not DHL

    i live in germany??? und here is DHL and not TNT…..

  242. To all those who were complaining about blurry pictures, here are some good ones and I hope this is enough 😉

  243. ?
    I was again asked for choosing 3g band.
    Prev I opted for 900/2100

    Whats point in reasking?
    Missing records?

    Select your 3G Band *
    These are UMTS bands. All 3G variants also support GPRS/EDGE on 850/900/1800/1900 bands.

    You can choose this only once! This Wikipedia article might be useful, but we recommend that you confirm with your network operator and make sure you pick the right one.

    If you choose the wrong band, you won’t be able to connect to your 3G network. (Notion Ink is not responsible for the content of external sites. Wikipedia is usually pretty good, but you shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars based on what it says.)
    Estimated Ship Date 15th January 2011 – 22nd January 2011

  244. UPDATE: I’ve not received an email directly from NI but my status page has changed with tracking info.

  245. ***trying to explain the matte glass setup of adam.***

    Adam has 02 layers of glass setup in a way so that it can give you smooth and scratch resistance top-layer for better color and usability along with a matte layer beneath to cut hard reflection/surface gloss.

    Explanation :
    when light fall/hit on top smooth surface you see less reflection because of beneath matte layer don’t let light reflect it (hence cut the hard reflection/surface gloss).

    matte surface (in-side smooth;top side matte)
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    ||> ||
    ||> ||
    ||> ||
    ||> ||
    ||> ||
    ||> ||

    now if you understood the above setup.

    carefully see in above pics you can see more hard reflection/surface gloss on bezel then on screen; the reason being is… on bezel the “sandwich matte layer” is not there ..”sandwich matte layer” only covers the lcd’s 10.1 inch area.

    @Rohan am i correct…?
    : )

  246. Hi,

    I think its TNT afterall and not DHL…atleast for India.
    Even Rohan mentioned it somewhere in his post or one of his replies.(Maybe in Delayed Post)

  247. @Greg – Are you using the check transit time form?

    I tried giving country as China, location as Xiamen and post code 361000 and then I was able to see the transit time to my destination (NL) as 25th in economy and 24th in express.

  248. ***trying to explain the matte glass setup of adam.***

    Adam has 02 layers of glass setup in a way so that it can give you smooth and scratch resistance top-layer for better color and usability along with a matte layer beneath to cut hard reflection/surface gloss.

    Explanation :
    when light fall/hit on top smooth surface you see less reflection because of beneath matte layer don’t let light reflect it (hence cut the hard reflection/surface gloss).

    …………………….matte surface (in-side smooth;top side matte)
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface
    smooth surface——–||> || —–smooth surface

    now if you understood the above setup.
    carefully see in above pics you can see more hard reflection/surface gloss on bezel then on screen; the reason being is… on bezel the “sandwich matte layer” is not there ..”sandwich matte layer” only covers the lcd’s 10.1 inch area.

    @Rohan am i correct…?
    : )

  249. Rohit Rathi, CTO


    3rd from the right in first row.
    Did anyone imagine that He’ll be bringing the Adam !!!

  250. Rohan, today is last (business) day of the week.
    You said that second preorder will probably be in this week.

    Hurry please , i can’t wait to order one 😀

  251. I think I agree with it. I believe too much of OPEN communication without experience of doing it prior is leading to all these issues. This is the first ever product and first ever job for notion ink CEO. I have seen multiple slip-ups which I think were largely unintentional but purely inexperience in complexity of managing a global supply chain and market. However as you rightly said, USA is a great market but also very lawsuit friendly. Rohan needs to make sure that his communication is not intended at time as marketing communication and with a binding agreement.

  252. LOL Well least still on page 1. Anyhow who cares the Adams are being shipped to their new homes.

  253. Hi All,

    As most of you know by now, I am January 9-er. Here is what the tracking results for my Pqi/3g variant show as of this morning @ 7:14 AM EST.

    Pick up date 21 Jan 2011
    Destination CHARLOTTE
    Delivery Date

    Date Time Location Status
    21 Jan 2011 17:00:18 Xiamen Shipment Collected From Sender.
    21 Jan 2011 16:26:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    21 Jan 2011 14:18:24 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.


    NOTE TO N’ER-DO-WELLS: You can cease with any kind of planned “interception event”. I already have my people on the lookout for ANY and ALL suspicious vehicles here in Charlotte.


    Hey Rohan, I noticed a back trackpad on the Motorola charm, isn’t that technology patented by Notion Ink?

  255. The Adam stand looks cool, but i think I’ll invest in something cooler when/if you are going to make something. with a charger/hdmi and so on.

  256. I received my tracking info both via the order status page and email!

    Screenshots and email are posted on my blog:


  257. imo, it isn’t. Cuz if all the pics are of the same piece, the first extra box pic says PQ-900.

  258. Phote name : img_0196.jpg
    Equipment make: Canon Powershot SX10IS
    Date Picture Taken: 1/19/2011 10:06PM

  259. How can Rohan the producer of this ‘chocolate’ be the first to unwrap the choco when all the enthusiasts (customers who have booked) are salivating out there eagerly waiting to unbox!!!!

  260. And pictures were also taken on 19th Jan not today. See the property of img_0196.jpg

  261. You should be able to install Samba in Adam and access its file system wirelessly from hour computer. Rooted NookColor works well in this way. Check out xda-developer’s NC forum for details.

  262. I had a space after the zipcode that I did not notice.

    What weight did you put in for the package?
    (I tried a couple different weights and it did not make a difference)

    Did you click the icon for a package as opposed to a document?
    (Changing this made a difference in transit time)

    I get the 26th for Express (non docs) and the 31st (non docs).

    I emailed TNT for more info. Hopefully it really does not really take that long.

    I also noticed there is a TNT site for the US that provides different info than the TNT site for the UK.

    I am unfamiliar with TNT. I’ve used UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TNT truck anywhere. Do they make deliveries in the US, or contract with another carrier to make the delivery to our homes in the US? Maybe they are all around me and I am just oblivious…

  263. @Raj Kumar
    Obviously the Chinese didn’t seem to understand what number 6 stands for. Probably they write it differently in Mandarin. So much for international standards.

  264. These pictures are great! It’s all very exciting!
    (Especially for everyone who ordered already!)
    Please let me order an adam already!
    Please let me get an email this time!

    Great job Notion Ink!
    Great idea Rohan!

  265. WooWoo 🙂

    My adam still has a long way to go but it on its way!! I posted my shipping letter at “” if anyone wants to see….

  266. I tried the tool and it says Express 24th and non-express as 26th…. UK here by the way.

  267. Rohan – I think these are the key questions most of us are trying to understand:

    1) When will Pre-order 2 occur?
    2) When will general release occur?
    3) When will the adam be in retail stores for those who want to touch first?
    4) When will variants with more memory be available?
    5) There are questions about payment methods. PayPal would be awesome as I do not think there is the same risk of rejection by the banks.
    6) People would dearly love to know more about NI’s plans for Honeycomb. I know you said NI will do it as soon as it is possible – but that leaves a wide open door of questions. And I know much is unknown about this still for you to say much. Just saying, people would really love more info here because the industry as a whole seems to make any tablets validity be purely on their ability to use Honeycomb.
    7) People would very much love to hear/see NI’s Marketing plans. We believe that if you “professionally” market the adam – the massess will flock to NI – which of course translates into NI being successful, which translates into long term happiness for us early customers.

    For general background info – a lot of us are also curious about the following: How many adam’s of each variant were sold in preorder 1? This is mainly interesting as it helps us better understand capacity ability.

    I personally do not care about the screen protector or matte or whatever people are complaining about. I’ve now had two phones with no matte finish and no screen protector for a few years and have never had a problem.

    And personally – I would be happy if Pre-order 2 took a week or two more. I’m still very much undecided about pixel qi vs lcd. I’m leaning towards lcd but open to pixel qi. I just would like to hear from a few folks who get both and can share their experiences.

    Thanks to Rohan and the NI team for all you do!

  268. Rohan,
    You have done such an amazing job with keeping us all updated. I am dieing for Pre-Order 2…but no rush! We all will probably be holed up in our houses the day we receive our ADAMs…so you deserve a day of that too!


  269. I thought the question would be if ADAM2 will be using the rumoured nVidia Tegra3?

  270. I just read your reply to someone on page 1 of comments – I hope this does not come across as I am doubting you. I totally believe in NI and the adam. Some of the above questions are there simply because so many of us desperately want NI to succeed and we are anxious to make it happen.

    I am waiting (some times impatiently) for my turn to be able to order.

  271. hm @raul do not write about things you know about whom little …

    Rohan posted :

    ” And so, all Adam´s screen surfaces are made of pure matte glass that softens reflections under the brightest of lihts , and prevents fingerprints . “

  272. @Sanjay
    What are you trying to prove here? The shipment arrived on 18th or 19th and the photos were taken on 19th, it is fine. The Hong Kong pictures were taken yesterday, ie 20th. Does that prove or disprove anything? What truth is Rohan trying to hide?

  273. Rohan

    You have been more open than any other company in history. You provide more answers to customers directly than any one else I have ever seen.

    To be honest – I think much of the complaining is simply because you give SO MUCH to the community that you have become a drug to many. To long without it can cause withdrawal symptoms of crankiness and frustration – and perhaps cause people to loose their values and respect.

    You guys are doing the right thing right now – which is focusing on shipping the current units to the current customers before jumping off to another set of orders.

    I personally want to THANK YOU and NI for doing what you do. I wish you and the team much success and I hope all your dreams come true.

  274. It might have been clear in the photos but not in the post by Rohan of 11/20/2010 where goes into detail about the matte screen.

  275. I’ve heard of TNT in the UK before, been around for a few years so reputable… at least here that is!

    Anway, I just called them and they confirm that they have my package details in the system and it is scheduled for delivery on the 24th! 😀

  276. It doesn’t matter if the model is LCD or PQ, Rohan said all screen are matte but the photos are saying the contrary. All photos have reflections.

  277. Thus makes it more unbearable…:-). Can’t to hold Adam in my hands
    Rohan and NI family great work!

  278. I selected the parcel icon.

    I put in 3Kg as the weight. I think that should not matter up to 10Kg.

    Strangely, for NL it did not make a big difference with express and economy. It’s only a day.

    What did you use as the pick up time?

    The collection from sender time or the in transit update time. (That made a difference of a day in the estimated delivery date)

    TNT is one of the main services in Netherlands. I have no idea about what they do in US.

  279. @Pierre
    My wife has the Archos 101 tablet and even though the built in stand is a great idea, I have seen a lot of people are having trouble with it becoming loose and are purchasing a case with a stand instead. The Archos has been great but that kind of stand could be just another problem we don’t need.

  280. Man if they do a family notify thing for the 2nd preorder I hope I get it an email, I don’t post often or much, but have been following forever.

  281. Wow that looks amazing, I can’t wait..well I guess I will but still very very excited.

  282. Awesome pictures too!! Good Quality ones…
    Can’t wait for my shipping status to change now…I belong to the Jan15-22 batch.

    However, if the two stage shipping was explained in either the emails sent from NI to customers, or if this had been posted as an update to the blog yesterday, a lot of pain could have been eliminated, and a lot of hurtful comments!!:) …is all what I am saying!!

    Super happy for all of us, and for NI!!!

  283. I respectfully ask you to look up the term “Goupthink” and try to understand the difference between constructive criticism and complaining.

  284. Nice to see NI has finally come this far after all this time. I thought the Adam would have a matte screen. But this one looks nice too.

  285. Well… I’m happy about this post! I can’t wait to order and play my adam!!! @ Rohan: My birthday is at the end of February. Is it a realistic present to order and receive by then?

    I’m elated for the NI family!!! Your efforts have not been in vain. Please keep up the good work!!!

  286. I think the stand would only be useful for display purposes in shops. other than that i will be getting a leather case to protect my adam from nast scrapes and bumps… once one comes out which should be soon 😉

  287. Has anybody noticed the Tech Specs page of the Notion Ink website?
    It used to say, 8 GB Flash (more versions coming) <–something like that.
    Now it is just saying, 8 GB Flash (that's it).

    Weird, weird.

    Anyways, to all the people who managed to order adam, congrats and have fun.
    To aaaaaaaaaallll my other soulmates, who unfortunately couldn't/weren't able to, next time better peepz.



  288. @greg

    Hope you get it soon. Would be great if you could post some HQ pics on your NIF site when it arrives.



  289. Will 2nd pre order only be for those who subscribe to WordPress… like the first lot? i post lots but always anonymously as i’m fed up of spam getting to my mailboxes. It would be great if the second pre-order was public and done on a first come first serve basis. I know i will be in there quick 🙂

  290. +1, they should really try not to miss another milestone, kind of like the holiday season…

  291. For those waiting for 15-22, please read Rohan’s response to Tony on the previous page. Also that NI is eating the cost of Air (possibly only for 9-16). We will all get ours in due time.

  292. Display

    * 10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600)
    * Optional Pixel Qi display
    with Matte Coating:
    Transmissive, transflective,
    and reflective modes
    * Multi-touch
    * Matte Screen Gaurd
    * Anti glare coating
    * Scratch resistant
    * Finger print resistant

    No idea what is meant by “transflective AND reflective modes” in

    * Optional Pixel Qi display
    with Matte Coating:
    Transmissive, transflective,
    and reflective modes

  293. Rohan,

    I think you should consider yourself very lucky. I think there are very few companies that could survive having the roller coaster mood on their fans as you guys are having. If you just look at yesterdays comments, when everyone was more or less frustrated at the lack of information, and then today when some of the issues that arose over the past few days were cleared up, it has been a complete 180 in terms of the overall mood.

    Anyway, here is to hoping for a successful release, and a fast setup for pre-order 2.

  294. Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait,Can’t wait, Can’t wait!!!!!!11!!111!!!!1!!1!! :p

  295. Joshua Price:
    > I’ll bet Apple would gladly pay through the nose stop Adam from coming to market. If they thought there was a case, and that they wouldn’t be sued for suing.

    If you mean that Apple is, at its heart, an evil company, with no compunction about abusing the US legal system to squelch both competition and criticism, well, that’s a pretty non-controversial statement. But as for the practicalities of suing NI to stop Adam, well, assuming you’re eating breakfast now, look up “tortuous interference with business” in between spoonfuls of corn flakes.

  296. I’ve given up trying to understand the screen matte thing, as everyone seems to have a crystal clear (or muddy) but different explanation. This is not a make or break issue for me though.

    As a 15-22nd person, I’m expecting to have mine by the end of the month. Realistically, given Rohan’s earlier post, I’m guessing it doesn’t start shipping till Monday or Tuesday.

  297. I think that is a shiny glossy plastic sheet over the LCD screen and Bezel which is normally put on all the new gadgets like mobile phones, with LCD screens which we take out and put screen protectors in thier place. In such a case, it could still have matte look with no reflections.

  298. Oh, one more thing, if also this time I won’t get in the list for preorder, no matter how good Adam is, I will leave the Adam Room smashing the door and from a fanboy I will become an hateboy 🙂

  299. Hem, in the specifications, the Logitech MK320 mentions only Windows, not Android… Is there here some techie who could explain how (or just confirm that) it will nevertheless plug-and-play with my Adam — or how I’m supposed to deal with that? Many thanks!

  300. and again, as I said yesterday…using a VERY sophisticated histogram tool, the data shows these photos were indeed taken near Langley, Virginia USA!!!

    I am beginning to think some of you don’t believe me.

    Now…I am off to my local Costco store in order to buy more tinfoil. Carry on.

  301. I can’t wait for mine. 🙂 My ship date still says, “15th January 2011 – 22nd January 2011”

    FWIW, I hope it will say, “Out for Shipping”, before the 23rd. But if it doesn’t an updated estimate would be better than leaving it the same IMO.

  302. Well it is there, on several of the pictures: on the seal, on the side of the black box… Blends very nicely in my view.

  303. Love the box – the what’s inside more! Can’t wait for next preorder so I can get one in my home! Thanks Rohan!

  304. OMG! My heart is pounding. This is awesome! And from what I have seen and read, the wait has been more than worth it.

    Hats off to Rohan and all the NI family. ;0)

  305. hey alex even apple delivered its ipod with TNT to me in germany….so doesnt matter ,please let me know your final cost after customs duty ……

  306. don’t worry we are a bi poler support group. by tomarrow or even sooner the mood will go back the other way. I was that way for a while then I got my meds right now my mood stays stable (excited but realistic.) It is a new and small company not apple and even the mighty apple has it’s share of problems.


    package is current@

    21 Jan 2011 16:57:20 Xiamen Shipment Collected From Sender.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  308. these are the different backlight modes of the Pixel qi screen. for different light conditions. I think in transflective modes the backlight is dimed and reflective is with the backlight completely off using direct sunlight to light the screen

  309. Real nice job on the stand I think. Should look good at the desk in my kitchen until some sort of Docking station comes out. I was very skeptical during Preorder 1 and passed up on my ” family” oportunity but I wont miss that opportunity again.


  310. I used collection from sender time…

    So until I hear back from them, I guess best case scenario is the 26th. I was hoping for sooner… 😦

  311. I feel the same way.
    Here’s hoping I get an email this time around, or at the very least, that I can get in my order before they are once again sold out.

  312. Dear Mr. Rohan!
    You have done a fantastic job. I have been following your blog for the last one year. I could not place the pre-order as my master card was not accepted. I am eagerly waiting for the next opportunity of ordering.

  313. Sure, but their problems don’t affect them that much when they make $6 billion in a quarter.

    I’m just saying, I think he should be happy he got the batch of fans he got. No matter what, even if they are extremely angry with him, all he has to do is post a semi informative blog post, and every is happy again.

  314. Your comments are in previous page. Click “older comments” link at the bottom of this page.

  315. When will start the second shippment for Ship Date 15th January 2011 – 22nd January 2011
    It’s too late…

  316. Hey Greg,

    I just called TNT (800 558 5555) and asked them when the estimated date of delivery and it is the 25th for me in VA. Give them a call and tell them your consignment number and they will tell you.


  317. Ok, so from what I understand, it works like this.

    Basically the screen has two sides, the inside and the outside. The inside is matted to decrease any effect of reflections.

    The outside is glossy (as most touchscreens are). In addition to the outside being glossy, apparently you are provided with a matte screen protector (kind of like an invisible shield, but matte). You have the choice to either put this on, and have both sides of the glass be matte, or to have one side (inside) be matte and the outside be glossy.

  318. Post – Unboxing Video (pics):


  319. Patiently awaiting Greg’s hands-on.

    What ever happened to the logo? Notion Ink on box looks pretty bland.

  320. Yay!!!! All Ya NaySayers!! Take That!!
    Congrats Rohan! On getting your production adam!! Looks like You are as excited as any one who ordered to get one too!!

    Not long before we start seeing other’s unboxing videos too!! Can’t wait to see them. Greg, if you have a pedometer, I would like to know how many steps have you taken just walking around restlessly? :p 😉

  321. IRC chat

    Now talking in #notionink_adam


    Come on guys

    lets discuss
    or use web mirc

    channel #notionink_adam

  322. Greg has been suspiciously quite these days.. I have a feeling he has already recieved his adam and is busy playing with it.. or even obsessed by it [:D] like Gollum.. My precious [;)]

  323. To all those who were in the 9th Batch and moved to 15-22nd, dont expect shipping untill next week as the weekend is there in China and Hong Kong. The Latest you can expect is Monday unfortunately!

  324. tech2 again


  325. I don’t understand why they would consider a 2nd batch of preorders at this point. They should just go onto general ordering with the understanding that there is a wait for the product. First come first served. That way they’d also get an idea for what demand for each varient they will need. Also, can we get some feedback as to what kind of final cost everyone is getting after customs / tarriffs? It’s one thing to price the tablet at $500, but when it finally hits your door and costs a whole bunch more.

    Great job on the Adam, NI.

    Hope to order one for myself in the near future.

  326. developers@NotionInk,

    SSH termial Program . does the Tablet have a Terminal that users can invoke and connect to remote machines using ssh. If not , I assume we sideload ConnectBot. As connect bot is open source and source is available can this be recompiled to play nice with panels .

    CIFS Support. Unfortunately i was unable to PreOrder PxiQ version and bought a Tablet with Similar specs (NVIDIA Tegra 2) tablet. And put in a Custom ROM with CIFS Support ( Thanks Developers@XDA) . I was able to mount remote Windows Shares in my home network and play videos . This will be a cool feature if ADAM can Support it out of the box.

    I am returning my Tablet because LCD on it SUCKS big time. Will wait for the Notion INK Adam.

    @Rohan, I will be in India around Bangalore Next week , Any chance i can scoope one up from your Office in Banglore.


  327. Rohan, you doing great! I even had my doubts, but it’s all gone now i have my tracking number! you guys have the momentum now. even all the tech blogs are confessing how adam is real now.

    just provide the best customer support and developer support. and keep on top of those updates from google!! and all your loyal fans will do the rest in spreading how great adam is. you’ll certainly see a Youtube review video from me. Please comment with a 🙂 on my video!

  328. Wow! Why is everyone thinking matte is a 100% non-reflective screen?
    All glasses will exhibit reflection. Especially when you have half the screen reflecting low light and the other half bright light, you can clearly see that the later reflects less. We can clearly not see any reflection in the picture that shows “opacity 100%”, can we?

    I think it would be fair to compare adam to say ipad or galaxy tab to see if it is more matte compared to them? And the comparison should end there. I do not remember Rohan ever saying that matte screen will be 100% non-reflective?

  329. Very weird. :/ It would be nice if the internal flash is upgradeable by the consumer, if that’s the case. As it is, I just hope that adding a micro SD card results in a seamless experience.

  330. You need to wait for another two days for whiners to start. This is what they would say ” Unboxing pics are ok but they are not professional pics. Also where are the unboxing videos?”

  331. The screen displayed in the photographs doesn’t look matte at all.

    I know you can put a cover/protector on it but doesn’t that make it the same as every other tablet? Plus, the longer they leave it. The more its once impressive specs seem to drift into mediocrity. There are a flood of tablets on the verge of being released and the only thing now dividing the Adam from them is the PixelQi screen.

    The long wait for a second round of pre-order, and these little discrepancies which are surfacing have killed off my excitement and I am now buying with my head, not my heart. I’m waiting until some proper, external hands on reviews are released.

    Ill wait until I see some external hands on reviews until I make a move on this tablet now.

  332. I have faith that it’s gonna be exactly what I want. I too have been waiting over a year and didn’t get in on the pre-order. I just want my Adam. Soon. Please. I’ll even beg….

  333. I for one think the stand designed into the packaging is a very clever and thoughful designfeature and once again illustrates, along with the radio and the overall design. how the Adam is trully meant to be available as a one world machine. These are the features for those places that don’t have the accessability of other geograpic/economic locations. The Ni design team and Rohan are thinking one world and I think that we are going to have to make some changes in our expectations and mindsets to incorporate the disadvantaged.

  334. Looks glossy to me. Anyone know when the pixel qi version will be made available again?

  335. Sorry for the semi-rant earlier. I’m really excited about getting my Adam but a little disappointed too about it taking longer than expected.

    I must have misunderstood some of Rohan’s email messages he has sent to me over the past few days. From what he told me I got the impression it might have been here sooner. Oh well, my mistake…

    Anyway, I called TNT a little while earlier and here is what I found out:

    It is being shipped Express (not economy express) so the earlier estimated transit time is applicable to our shipments. And the person at TNT I spoke to said mine will be delivered on January 25th. That is better than the 26th-31st time frame I was seeing online.

    I asked about deliveries in the US and my area (West Jordan, UT) is outside of their normal delivery area so my package will go to UPS or FedEx for final delivery. TNT will not be carrying the package to my door… I figured as much since I’ve never seen a TNT truck before.

    Also, they do not collect any duties or taxes at time of delivery. “IF” there are any to be paid, I will be invoiced by TNT through the mail later. But I don’t think there are any fees due in the USA; if so I don’t think it will be very much.

  336. Rohan:
    > Now what I have sometimes failed to understand is that how much information is good enough!

    Precisely why you need a public-relations specialist who does understand these things.

  337. @Rohan thanks for the unboxing pictures.

    Very nice packaging. And good to see the makeshift stand as part of the package 😉

    And did you’ve to rub it in by saying “Now let me play with my Adam!”

    Evil Rohan!

    Hi to Rohit!

    “An update is already awaiting for you!”

    It is an amalgamation of 2 ” …already waiting for you” and “….already awaiting you” 🙂 🙂

    But can understand your happiness.

  338. I believe that since the tablet runs android, and you can install any android app, you should be able to install connectbot, which is an ssh app. you might be able to find it on the freewarelovers site, or somewhere else.

    There are more than likely several ssh apps that you could install as a third party app to the device.

  339. Lol, great! I think I have never seen an unboxing done by the CEO on his own company. Thanks for sharing!

  340. Rohan,

    That reply was sweet. With you guyz being new to this game & us being very impatient to get our hands on something really exciting, i definitely understand getting priorities right is must more than emotions 🙂

    Good to see the replies coming from you.

  341. I’m not sure if this is correct. But I think the three mode can be described as this.

    Transmissive – Backlight on, full color display (Similar to an LCD)
    Transflective – Backlight off, full color display
    Reflective – Backlight off, monocromatic display (reflects light, similar to E-ink)

  342. If this is like ever other charger recently produced, all you need is a plug adapter, as most chargers will work from 100V to 240V 50-60 Hz.

  343. i think we need to wait and hear from the people who got it. it looks as if the comments are coming due to the restless on the part of the people who are awaiting their adam and those who are waiting for preorder 2.
    cheer up

  344. So, when I get the chance to buy this thing, I have to keep the cardboard box to have a prop / stand? That just seems cheap to me. I thought it had a better stand as an option, or a prop that came out of the back.
    Or, am I to understand that this is for display in the store stand?

  345. TNT Delivery! Check it out!!! 😉


  346. Great…. I’m in the 15-22 pre-order and will be traveling out of the country all next week… the wait is going to kill me – was hoping to have before I leave but isn’t going to happen.

  347. You guys know that the longer you allow NI to open up the 2nd order phase, the more time they would have to iron out the kinks and problems that we, early adopters have endured and gone through, right?

    Instead of being instructive, how about being more constructive and give valued opinions that the community would love to build upon?

  348. @rohan
    if you recieve this be notified that there are many of us who understand clearly the process is in flight for delivery of adams … comparisons to Amazon are unfair ( its a lot like beta software – bugs will be worked as you experience the delivery process too ) … IMHO … i would rather you and team continue to develop EDEN UI, along with software partnerships, content partnerships etc … and not worry about deflecting every concerned blog member … your transparency to date has been perfectly balanced with everything else happening around you and your team … personally I would love to see software developed or enhanced by:

    1) DirectTV – Android + EDEN UI app for controlling the entire media streaming process
    2) Sirius/XM Radio – enhanced EDEN UI app ( satellite radio is hear to stay )
    3) Monsoon Vulkano – media extender – needs – EDEN UI developed
    4) Cisco AnyConnect VPN

    and the list goes on and on and on … Thank you and again congratulations

  349. here is a video of the unboxing (just the pic already shown here but nicely done “”

  350. +1 For the stand, smart innovation, just like so many other features of the Adam. Btw from the production pics on the previous post, it looks like the back touch pad has been removed. I might have missed any previous discussion on this. Any idea anyone ?

  351. Excited For My Box..!
    Grt Work Rohan… Congrts
    Thanks to NI Team for placing ADAM in our Hands 🙂

  352. Another thought I haven’t seen mentioned, Samsung cellular clam-shell phones once had “rotating” cameras (I had the SCH-A610 model), I guess it never quite caught on. I always thought it was quite useful, but since the units were so tiny, they had hinge problems.

  353. Seriously? Unacceptable? Really? Do we have to go through this again?

    There is a matte finish in between layers. To make the full display a matte finish on top, you apply the matte coating yourself (it’s up to you). This has been stated time and again.

    Honestly, the display looks beautiful in my opinion. And if that center layer of matte finish reduces the glare without muddying/diffusing the entire display, that’s exactly what I want. And if I wish to have even less glare, I can apply the matte screen to the top layer.

    I like having that option. YMMV, obviously.

  354. I am from Hong Kong.

    Any chance I can pop over to the logistics centre and pick one up (allows me to quickly lay my hands on the device whilst save the shipping cos at the same time) 😛

  355. Van harte gefeliciteerd Boeltwit. Jammer dat Adam nog niet op je verjaardag is. PO2 zou een leuk cadeautje zijn vandaag.

  356. sceenshots of new order status with tracking link, TNT shipment tracking & tracking notification email from Notion Ink:


    Like most of us here have always known, and now the rest will see -Adam is not only real but IN THE MAIL!!!

  357. Not sure why, but it looks like my earlier comment was removed…not sure if it’s word press acting up again or if NI didn’t like the tone.

    Basically, I was asking for an update on the Jan 15 – 22nd date. I pointed out that the last blog and hundreds of comments with furustated fans asking questions about the 15 -22nd batch. Yet in Rohan’s “unboxing” post he didn’t give any udpates on either the 15-22nd batch or the next round of orders. Those 2 items probably account for 80% of the comments in the last post, yet he dosesn’t mention either of them in his blog.

    It’s no wonder tbe blog comments are bi-poloar

    It’s already the weekend in China and it “appears” as if you are going to miss the 22nd deadline. If you are not going that is great, just let us know or guess we’ll find out soon enough. If you are going to miss the date then FINALLY step up and take some accountabliity and give us an update.

    I hope this is not coming accross as too harsh, I really want NI to suceed but I am concerned that Rohan does not seem to understand the importance of proper communication. A great product is not enough in itself.

    I think Rohan is a great innovative thinker and gifted person, however I think he needs to delegate the role of PR and communication to someone more qualified in this area. Sometimes the best thing a leader can do is regoize his weakness and surround himself with a great team that can shine in areas where he can not.

    PS – Hope to have my Adam soon

  358. Prema….

    You need to do me a big favor…. as discussed y’day, can you please please try out the 3G for making a call and let me know …. also can you try out reading a PDF and let me know about your experience please…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  359. Congrats to all of you that are getting you adam, and to NI and Rohan. I am patiently awaiting the next round to order mine, and understand that getting those who have already ordered theirs is MUCH more important.

  360. OK, got it now.. here is the reply

    Dear Tony,

    The first shipment (scheduled for 9th Jan) was a BIG one. And all our resources went in finishing that. Next shipments are relatively small in numbers. FCC pushed the 9th to 18th. And on the same lines, 15th batch is right now in production (can’t handle all the unpacked goods in the print area for certification numbers). But since the numbers were low, we were able to PULL all feb shipments in this months itself. Now what I have sometimes failed to understand is that how much information is good enough! Opening all the information has it’s own constrains as well. 15-22 still has 22 in it, but we all are (including me) very impatient! For the best we made all the shipment through AIR, thats costly, but it’s fine cos what you all have done for us is just tremendous!
    Hoping that helped!


  361. hello Kam, jsut to get some ideas… what whas your original shiping date? i guess all that have 15 – 22nd january are still waiting for the status to change.

    Thanks for the info


  362. This is pulsating experience. Just looking at these images is making me drool. I am envious of those who are going to get this.
    Rohan …. please start pre-order2 and here are some suggestions –
    1. Send emails to all the family members (NI community)
    2. Provide a # which can be the customer # (just like coupon#) and can be used when ordering an adam
    AND Vola !
    Note: You may want to take into account all those who have already ordered in pre-order1, weather to include or not include them.

  363. @Rohan 
    This is the most wonderful thing i saw since the dawn if thus new decade .
    Our beloved  adam 🙂 lively and lovely 

    Thanks for making our life more interesting with adam . 
    our Adam is lovely and beautiful

    Now comes the sad part 🙂 . 
    I promised my girl that my marriage present to her  will be adam . But I am not able to order 😦 yet  . If I don’t get it by this feb my life is going to be hard:( .  What to do 🙂

  364. @Kromot,

    Rohan already mentioned that 15-22nd batch are currently in production. So my guess is you wont be able to see the updates until next week

  365. if you go to the bottom of the page you will see older post click on that and you will find your old post. go to the first page click ctrl f type Rohan Shr in the search box he posted a comment explaining the 15-22 orders they might be a little late but should ship Monday or Tuesday I would think he stated there was not enough room in the stamping room for all of the product as the same time.

  366. The transflective mode does or can use some backlight for lower light outdoor comditions. This is per pixel qi’s web site.

  367. Sweet! I’d love to see them try to make it to my house with that 😀 On second thought I’d rather have my package sooner than later once I order it. No point in TNT giving up halfway to my house 😉

  368. For two reasons:
    (1) To rectify the mistake tht was done last time ( to send mail first to 20k adam followers which were missed last time)
    (2) As Rohan has mentioned they want to move slowly depending on their production capacity. Will you like a situation where large no of pieces are sold and NI struggling to fulfill it. NI understand their capacity much better than us 🙂

  369. Shouldn’t there already be unboxing videos from the people who claimed to have received them last week or so?

    What happened with those people?

  370. Anyone from Doha..Qatar…in pre-order #1..?….or wishing to be in pre-order #2…let me know…can have a short chat/get-together

  371. Was just wondering if anyone had gotten any tracking number/info. I want to get an idea of how long shipping will take.

  372. I can’t wait for Greg’s posts. I think he will clear up ALL questions with some of his video / FAQ. This is a very exciting time.

  373. Hello Rohan after seen all this great pictures all I can said is please let us know when can the rest of us who were not lucky to pre order back in December will be given a chance???

  374. Hi folks,

    Great news! I hope there will be a next round soon…

    Are there reviews already online?

    I’d like to see the how, the what and the ahw 😛

  375. He cleared on 🙂 (update) post..


  376. that is provided *free of cost* by NI. For you it may be cheap but for many of us it may come as a very handy stand until some third party/NI comes with a stand for which we will have to pay.

  377. Excellent post. Right now there are more important issues to take care of. I’m sure Rohan will address this later on. But right now, lets get these orders out first to arrive safely and then start on other matters.

  378. Thank you, sorry I missed it. Looks like there was no need for my second post.

    And Thanks again Rohan for the comment.

  379. Ha, ha! Very nice! However, if you’ll get your Adam in time and in good shape doesn’t matter even if it comes on a mule! 😆

  380. Perhaps Notion Ink thinks 8gb is enough after all. In these areas about the device itself there is still a lack of information. More gb more money. Perhaps they think it is more important to hold costs down? The current I pad can be purchased with up to 64gb of internal storage with a very steep price tag. Adam with 8gb on board still has the ability to increase storage through Micro Sd and it’s USB interface. Up to 128gb double what I pad offers. I for one can live with 8gb.

    Inconsistent information or lack of information from Notion Ink is hard to deal with and I have been frustrated a time or two by this. Maybe you can chalk it up to the newness of the company, language barriers or whatever, but it is the reality at least for now.

    Someone posted that the screen appeared to be glossy on these recent photos. I beg to differ it has a matte look to me. Is not the first layer of glass supposed to be matte and the second clear? The bezel has a more of a semi gloss appearance to it, but pictures don’t always give the whole story. We also can only assume the screen protector has not been applied. In any case not a deal breaker for me.

    Nice to see the photos and thanks to Rohan for sharing

  381. I didn’t expect another post today. Thanks Rohan, you made my day! I want my ADAM, so please, start the second pre-order now!

  382. @Greg, Any chance that you can create FAQ on your site under Adam section. 🙂 All can contribute.

  383. +1

    The journey is just starting. IMO community will play a major role in NI’s future success. We need to be prepared for this responsibility.

  384. I think it is great that Rohan posted the photos. My only goal is to get the info to everyone as soon as possible.

    The way I see it we are all one big community here and if any of us can get things done faster or better, we should. It’s definitely not a race to see who can do it first. (posting here as “first” is the only real race, and that is all in fun. Especially when I beat Elliot!)

    So thanks Rohan. In know I loved seeing the photos before I went to bed last night. I’m sure everyone else did too.

    I will still do an unboxing and hands-on videos, etc. I’m sure there will be lots of them from many people around the world. And maybe we will learn something different from each one. It’s all about contributing to the NI community and helping each other out. As we do that the community will grow and we will be helping with Notion Ink’s success…

    And let’s not forget that I have that special gift being sent from Rohan that I will show when it arrives. So I hope that will be exciting for everyone. I know it will be for me!!!

  385. A transflective liquid crystal display is a liquid crystal display (LCD) that reflects and transmits light (transflective = transmissive + reflective). Under bright illumination (e.g. when exposed to daylight) the display acts mainly as a reflective display with the contrast being constant with illuminance. Only in dim and dark ambient situations an auxiliary transmissive backlight should be provided. When an illuminance sensor is added for control of the backlight, such a transflective LCD can be read over a wide range of illuminance levels. This is why that technique is often found in automotive instrumentation. In portable electronic devices the transflective mode of operation helps to save battery charge, since in bright environments no backlighting is required.

  386. > > Now what I have sometimes failed to understand is that how much
    > > information is good enough!
    > Precisely why you need a public-relations specialist who does understand these things.

    NO!! Every other fucking company has PR guys. They know nothing. They understand nothing. They have no relation to the product.

    If you want no information at all until the product is ready and hits the shelves, like for many other companies, then by all means, get a PR manager yourself and let him filter the information that comes to *you*, not to me. Thank you.

    While we’re at it, the costs for this bastard should also be added to *your* Adam, not mine, thank you very much.

    PS: My pre-order form says 15-22 but is not working right now. I hope thats a good sign ^^

  387. Adam is getting on my nerves. The more I read about it, the more my desire to have one increases. Waiting to order one for myself!!!

  388. I have not seen a matte surface so I can comment on it. But I noticed in some of the videos from CES 2011 2 things 1) There was reflection; and 2) There were fingerprint smudges on the screen

  389. Ha, got a huge box yesterday containing a lot of air bags and, at the very bottom, a microSIM. Morons.

  390. Fantastic news sir! Received the tracking number now to wait anxiously on my doorstep. 🙂

    Is there a changelog for the update? Its always nice to stay on top of what’s new. 🙂

    hope everyone over at Notion Ink is soaking in this moment now that the first gen is out the door! Congrats!

  391. @Sanjay
    It is likely that Rohan started to write the post on 19th and he just couldn’t finish it because the time was around 10.20pm if you see in img_196.jpg. He probably was waiting for more photos (from Hong Kong) before he could post them. Seeing people just going off tangent with regards to 36 hours time (to show shipping status), he thought it is best to post it without the photos from Hong Kong. He later did an update with Hong Kong photos. I too maintain a blog and it is not always possible to complete the post in one day (in some cases it takes several days) due to many reasons and one may overlook certain things (the issue you have is he started off saying that he got the boxes from airport today and the photos show 19th). I don’t think you uncovered a scoop here, if you know what I mean. Be a gentlemen and stop trolling with the img_196.jpg issue once and for all.

  392. SHIPPING UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    F5 Ftw!!!

    21 Jan 2011 23:38:08 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i hope it passes through US customs in 3 days. That’s how long it took for my thinkpad to clear customs

  393. Im in Hong Kong now!!
    check out “” we will be following the shipment all the way home. Please register and post away!

  394. Transflective – Light from the front (sunlight – room light) goes through the panel and reflects off the interior mirror mixing with the backlight. Produces a color display.

    Reflective mode – Backlight off and all visual information illuminated by ambient light reflecting off the mirror display. Resolution increases to 3072 X 600 with 64 shades of gray. (monochrome)

  395. I’m confused….

    These two photos are from the current ones on Rohan’s desk:


    compare them to the apparent matte-ness of this earlier photo:
    “” ***

    Is that matte finish in the third link(***) what the stick-on film looks like once it’s installed… or was this some “other” prototype matte surface glass we were hoping to receive? I wish that Rohan could clear this mystery up.

  396. I hope mine is not crushed. The labels on the boxes in the photos show not to stack more than 6 high. There are 10 in each stack… oops. 🙂

  397. Greg when *exactly* did you get you shipping info email (CST or MST time please) I’m in MO, USA in the 15-22nd batch, trying to gauge lead time vs shipping time…. It’s my OCD showing 😀

  398. Great to see adam shipping. Looking forward to see comments about pq screen from actual users! Since source seems to be limited, wonder how many will be available?

  399. @Rahhav: remember that you are only in due to raja52’s recommendation. Be nice to him, he did you a great favor 😉

  400. Try “” and “” they both have info about tracking and times….

  401. Whoa whoa whoa, chill the hell out. There is no need to go off on gecko.

    Some people take this way too seriously.

    it brings me back to the point i did in the last blog post. You give people an inch and they take a mile. We have a CEO here that is unlike any other giving out the info and yet thats not enough for some. I agree with Rohan’s statement but i also agree with geckos. Eventually NI will have to get a PR spokesperson. The company will only get bigger and one man cannot do so many things.


  402. Or in the process of being built! or It is built but awaiting stamping or waiting in the warehouse for it to be packaged and shipped

    Number of possibilities 😉

  403. Once again, as I have found a dozen times before on this blog, time will give you an answer. Like any other product if it does not meet your needs get something else. Nobody is forcing anyone to purchase an Adam. At this point those who are still trolling need to find another product to pick apart for awhile. You can come back to the Adam when there is some real evidence of impropriety. One would think that after so many trolls have been proven wrong time after time that they would give it a rest until there is tangible evidence of what you are complaining about.

  404. @Raghav: that is because Adam is not in the shops yet. I think that NI should be a bit afraid of placing Adam in the shops, it will create a run, also in Japan :-D. For this year, every batch will be sold out. In the press: “Millions of people unhappy because they can’t get their Adam“. Imagine what will happen to this blog 😉

  405. I really hope they get the pre-order 2 right this time… I’m not sure I can wait for Pre-Order 3 if I’m missed again 😦 … I needed a tablet for productivity purposes at work when the original July release date was missed … been waiting ever since… and waiting… and waiting… but I’m sure it will be worth it 🙂

  406. Hah, thats what I was thinking a few days ago. But then I was thinking….

    He’s still trying to get the current orders filled. And they have to launch Genesis, and work on setting up their customer service. So, they are all probably really busy trying to make it so when they do open the pre-orders, you don’t have to wait a month and a half to get your decide.

  407. When Pre-Order 2 is available is just the first question on my mind… the second is… When will they ship? Will we have to wait until April before they are shipped? The wait is just soooooo painful… only cuz NI Adam is just so darn beautiful 😉

  408. TNT is very reputable in the UK.
    But you are right, I haven’t seen their trucks in the US.
    Hopefully they have arrangements with DHL to ship!

  409. Do you even know the meaning of “trolling”? Your statements make absolutely no sense – “Like any other product if it does not meet your needs get something else. Nobody is forcing anyone to purchase an Adam. At this point those who are still trolling need to find another product to pick apart for awhile”
    How many people have you seen on this blog that are not convinced of the Adam – in terms of its usefullness or specifications?
    Does expressing a genuine concern AFTER investing $550 on a as yet unknown company / product sound like trolling to you? – or are you just using a word that you happened to come across online..
    Let me ask you this – have you put in your $500 in pre-order1? Well I have and I am really concerned about everything that has happened so far in terms of no / mis – information from Rohan. That does not mean that I am convinced about the product. As a company, NI still has a lot to learn and everyone expressing their concerns have the objective of ensuring that Rohan and his team learns..

    So before you punch others – think twice and put your money where your mouth is.
    If you have, then you have got to be kidding me if you say you were never concerned in the last few days..

  410. @Carlo: I think it is video chatting too, and I believe it is not wishful thinking.

    If you notice the picture, to the right there are three soft buttons on the one facing Rohan. The first one shows a video camera 🙂

    Also,in the photo we see Rohit’s hand is shown rotating the camera to face himself, and the picture that we see on the adam facing Rohan, is exactly that from a different angle.
    My money is on a Video chatting application..

  411. Yes. That said, I can’t wait for the official forums to start running. Would love to contribute there as an user, and not be overwhelmed by comments in WordPress.

  412. Because there was a blog post back in November that went into detail about the glass being matte and on the design and spec pages it notes them again as being matte.

    When you advertise something as having a particular feature, but in reality it does not, that is upsetting to some people who were counting on that feature.

    The screens in the photos are clearly not matte and having to put on a screen protector to get the advertised matte surface is a rather poor switch, imo. People have a right to be unhappy about it.

  413. The only question I have for you is why would you put your money on the line if you were so anxious about it? My point is that some of the concerns people have tend to be generated by speculation. I would have been happy to drop the money down for the Adam but I have to wait for the next batch. If your is has a Pixel Qi screen I will be happy to buy it from you….

  414. @Ravi: I love Greg’s blog and his attention to detail (such as the TNT delivery bicycle and the chalkboard in his kid’s room ;-)). But the most complete FAQ is at “”.

  415. It’s official my Adam is in transit from HK according to the tracking site 🙂
    – c

  416. @Suresh: You really think that Chinese factories with back-orders are closed in the weekend?

    One of the reasons for their low prices is maximum utilization of the costly production-line. In addition they definitely want all back-orders to be finished before the end of the week when their Spring Festival starts (Chinese New Year holiday).

  417. @Paul,

    I do not know for a fact that they are closed in the weekends! I was just assuming that would be the case and the worst case scenario is we willl hear on Monday

  418. @Alex: Cool, the music is very well chosen! A pleasure to watch!
    It is also amazing how many Adam video’s there are already on YouTube.

  419. Again – you’re not understanding the cause for concern.. I am completely convinced about the product and there were no concerns when i pre-ordered. And i have been following the blog for a year now – so i know its not a scam..
    However, you just cant help but feel concerned about some things..
    For example – Rohan said 2 blog posts back that people had already received it – have u read or seen anything that seems to signify that this is true?
    Issues with the FCC delay – what was the first statements issued by him? That it was done and the devices were waiting in ships outside their countries – see the CES interview.
    The delay with the 15th-22nd Jan batch – im in it and there were “apparently” only 50 people in it – it doesnt look like that now..My status has still not updated.
    Do you see any speculative statements here – these have all occurred over the last few weeks and people have questioned this repeatedly – but when a blog post comes up – nothing gets answered but people drool over the new pics and everything gets forgotten. I agree it is drool-worthy but where is the effort to convince people that have invested their hard earned money that they are being taken care of and that their concerns are being heard?
    Wasnt that the purpose of the blog?
    And now with the Adam close to being with customers – where is the official forum / cust support nos if people have problems (many will).
    What about genesis? what apps are available for people to download? It would be nice to know the answers to these questions – dont you agree.

  420. Has there been any release of news of when any of us who registered with Genesis to develop will get access to the materials?

  421. hehe… thanks.. i guess we all need to be more patient … though it is good to know things are moving now!. hope to get mine soon. or atleast the shipping announcement.

    Greetz to all!


  422. @Tony McDonald: Your life must be really terrible at the moment. Complaining that “ it “appears” as if you are going to miss the 22nd deadline.. The 21-th isn’t even ended yet. Are you getting complaints that you are constantly peeping through your curtains, waiting and hoping for the delivery?

  423. Hi from a long-time silent follower of NI progress with adam. Highly impressed with NI openness and willingness to listen and answer the vibrant community of followers. It’s nature-nuture at its best and makes NI and adam stronger in my book. I’m looking forward to the 2nd round of orders. I hope the versions with Pixel Qi screens will meet demand this time round. side note – things tend to grind to a halt in HK and CN with the upcoming chinese new year (first week in Feb).

  424. +1 I am so glad that Rohan took the time to respond, it seems to have made the comments more positive again.

  425. I understand what you are saying. I believe this is a case where there is a very, very small amount of people trying to get NI off the ground and they are learning each and every that there are many factors dealing with production and execution that are out of their control. I think they are relying on information from others such as the manufacturers that end up being wrong. They probably made a mistake in being so open at the very beginning. There are reasons why the larger companies are so tight lipped about their products until they hit the shelves. You are indeed part of the bleeding edge. They call it that for a reason….

  426. I was replying on behalf of all the people that I am very familiar with on this blog that have had these concerns and various people have dissed us saying “please be patient”, “time will tell”, “trolls” etc etc inspite of the fact that nobody has ever suggested that it was a scam, cheating etc etc..
    Again – no offense taken with what you said – just trying to justify our concerns, i suppose..

  427. “what kind of final cost everyone is getting after customs / tarriffs?”

    See “”

  428. Pramod, I completely understand…. I have never, ever been interested in a product at this early stage of development. I am hoping that all of your concerns are answered as it will affect me as well. I wish us an NI all the luck in the world. This is the time when many upstarts fail. I guess I am just wishing all of the problems away….

  429. Why would the next order still be a “pre-order”? Isn’t it fair to say that the Adam is in production and shipping now so the next round will just be an “order”? I would think that the next step is to open up the web site again for production orders and let the world have at it. It would be cool if people that missed the pre-pre order (by special invitation) got a second chance but after the pain of trying to do that last time I would not be surprised if they just open it up for everyone at the same time.

  430. @Ravi: best comparison between Adam and iPad that I have seen until now.

    Just shipped today and already being considered as one of the most mature tablets by the tech-press 🙂

  431. I very much appreciate the cardboard kickstand in the packaging; a nice touch that product manufacturers here in the US often under-value.

    This functional approach shows me an attention to detail that I am anticipating throughout the product as well. In the US, we see packaging simply as disposable branding. You have turned it into something much more.

    I’ve worked in Central California tech companies (very large and very small) and I purchased this Adam to support what seems to me as a very sincere, energetic, and clever team of engineers. I’m rooting for you, Notion Ink!

    p.s. please allow us to dual-boot to Ubuntu without voiding warranties. I’d settle for a decent SSH client in the meantime 😉

  432. A few years ago when I got the first eeePC which had 4gb non-upgradeable storage I thought it will not be enough for sure -pretty quickly I realized that even 4gb was enough for me to have a dual-boot linux/windows system -with most of my files being stored on sdhc card or usb stick/hd.

    From this experience I know that Adams 8gb will be just fine especially combined with a high speed micro sdhc -check out more info on these on Greg’s site:


  433. Did anyone see this video?? of Rohan at the CES. it was just posted today.


    it basically shows android market game “Backbreaker” on his Adam. It looks very different from the actual android smartphone version. I wonder how he got this on his Adam :O!

  434. Some of us will be trying to put as much stuff on it as possible. I need presentations, template files, etc on it for hospital rounds. I also will be keeping a bunch of ripped DVD’s on it from my collection for the kids during traveling. I already purchased a 32gb sdcard and hope to get it working with my TB drive somehow… Will replace all my PC’s in the house.

  435. Thats all I was asking for and I was labeled a complainer. Simple communication before deadlines are past is key.

  436. pepe:
    > Every other fucking company has PR guys. They know nothing. They understand nothing. They have no relation to the product.

    Well, then, let’s call it a Marketing person or a Customer Service person. Yeah, these are titles often borne by pompous windbags, and a lousy PR person isn’t an asset, but NI’s customer relations have been, it’s fair to say, shaky..

    The important point is that these things should be handled by someone who knows how to handle them. NI has been just flailing around, and it’s painful to watch because it’s so unnecessary.

  437. I’ve been loitering in the Facebook group, eager to find out every detail I was of the impression incorrectly that Rohan would pop in and advise us that it was an authorised group. Though it seems not. Anyway, my question (emailed to Rohan a couple of month ago IIRC) is and I’ll put it in part capitals in case he misses it again.

    At which point, or which model do we purchase that allows us to ‘write’ on the screen? As in with a Stylus or WACOM Stylus, believe me I am impressed you’ve released the tablet and its no minor accomplishment if everything you’ve written is correct. That acknowledged, which one either features or permits us (USERS) to WRITE ON-SCREEN? Can we just download a suitable Android application and grab a suitable stylus, use it without damaging the screen?*

    One again, thank you for your time and thank you for releasing what Apple failed to do, a decent Tablet configuration. Now about that handwriting compatibility … 😉

  438. I honestly dont care if the screen is matte or not. If I have a problem, I will put the included protector on…

    My question is… What is the point of a matte finish on the PiQi screen itself when a gloss overlay piece of glass is placed over it? This will generate another reflective surface over the top of a matte finish. I dint understand the purpose or the functionality. Seems contradictory to me… Just asking a question… not “complaining” (its sad I have to say I am not complaining just to generate a functional conversation on this blog…)

  439. I also became interested early on and have never committed to a product only because of potential and the PQ screen. I was interested in anything with the screen but Rohans blogs just captured my imagination. I remember when the MSI U100 1st came out and that also captured my imagination but the adam was in a total different league of interest and fascination. Midway through the process I had to make a conscious decision about my level of commitment. I have the impression that many of us had this crisis moment and had to make the same decision. I decided pro NI and suspended all negativity, still suffered moments of anxiety and anger such as the mastercard debacle. But overall I put my faith on Rohan and have not wavered because it is a wonderful dream. wether we like it or not, it’s a small world and we are all interconnected. Best of luck to everyone.

  440. I dont think it should be called a PRE-order in the first place. Can’t we consider it officially launched?

  441. I dont think it should be called a PRE-order in the first place. Can’t we consider it officially launched?

  442. Hi Howard, I do feel the same way, why to use a cardboard box as a stand? I feel its a little gesture from Rohan to make us smile. The accessories for Adam will take few months to arrive market and meanwhile if we like to use it we can. Its all upto us.
    Thanx rohan for this little gift.

  443. Nops:
    > p.s. please allow us to dual-boot to Ubuntu without voiding warranties. I’d settle for a decent SSH client in the meantime 😉

    + 0.9 (10% discount for the smiley)

  444. I’m probably a day late and a dollar short but these were posted on Rohans’ last post “Delayed” :

    Rohan Shravan said on Delayed! 🙂
    January 21, 2011 at 10:42

    In response to John on January 21, 2011 at 10:28:

    1. You assume I am Christian. 2. I do not own any Apple products, nor plan to. 3. Patience is a virtue. However, I have never claimed to be a virtuous man, and my patience has it’s limits. We are swiftly approaching said limits. 4. When one lies to their customers, it raises serious ethical […]

    Dear John,

    There is one thing which is different with Notion Ink and it will allways be. We will make the customers a part of the whole process. Next project is something which the world CAN NOT EXPECT and there is going to be far more inclusion of customers while a product is being made. It’s little different from what we expect. For the first time we will have those sleeping in their beds come out and design one. What about those who are in their 40s and have a thought somewhere in their mind that this not what they expected from their lives. In next project, we are going to get these people excited, but they are going to design Adam 2, take care of shipping, learn that shipping does not mean shipp-ed. World is really small and as you said, they will catch anyone who is lying, and we are not!


    Rohan Shravan said on Delayed! 🙂
    January 21, 2011 at 12:02

    In response to ramana on January 21, 2011 at 11:57:

    @Rohan I truly don’t think NI is lying, it’s possible that things went out of their hand. But the mood of the people on this blog is more or less reflected by @Wally West. You can’t ignore that. But giving people fixed time frame is always dangerous, and with hindsight is wrong, like saying it […]

    Good point! Will remember and do that from now on! 🙂


  445. You are right Rama iam dam happy and ordered LCD + 3G and expected=##%? (15-22) what about you?

  446. For all those who thought Matt Burns from Crunchgear is warming up towards Notion Ink:


    You can ignore them coz they know any mention of NI will get many hits on their site and they are using this tactic for a while.

  447. @Rohan
    Great pictures and a really nice post, but it’s all just to make us jealous!!! Please come with more info about pre-order 2.

    Or you can continue to tease.

  448. @Sanjay
    It is likely that Rohan started to write the post on 19th and he just couldn’t finish it because the time was around 10.20pm if you see in img_196.jpg. He probably was waiting for more photos (from Hong Kong) before he could post them. Seeing people just going off tangent with regards to 36 hours time (to show shipping status), he thought it is best to post it without the photos from Hong Kong. He later did an update with Hong Kong photos. I too maintain a blog and it is not always possible to complete the post in one day (in some cases it takes several days) due to many reasons and one may overlook certain things (the issue you have is he started off saying that he got the boxes from airport today and the photos show 19th). I don’t think you uncovered a scoop here, if you know what I mean. Be a gentlemen and stop trolling with the img_196.jpg issue once and for all.

  449. Fons and karen do your activity under the table and our eyes are shut at this moment.

  450. Sideloading of APKs ofc. What I noticed is the anti-glare properties of the screen..

  451. Pepe just relax cos one day rohan will be so busy he will need a PR guy.
    Gecko does have a valid point and need to be looked after for the interest of us & NI.

  452. @All
    Check this out! Comparison of adam display at two different display settings. The left shows near perfect display and the left one shows reflection from ambient light. The time on the two adams is immaterial as they were taken in one shot at 21:56 on 19/01/2011.


    It is likely that Rohan may use the photograph for his post tomorrow to do some sort of comparison.

  453. There is one way to raise those questions..

    You start by saying ‘ I can’t wait to receive my Adam’ about 10 times .. Or if you are amongst the unlucky few who tried to order but could not , U could say ‘Can’t wait for pre-oder’ about 10 times..

    Remember to precede that statement with 3 – 4 smileys .. and do end with at least one…
    Then you congratulate NI on their success and make some half funny joke about Apple

    Then you sneak in your question about your questions regarding Genesis .. or any other clarification that you might need.

    End your post with praise for Rohan or better .. post an old link of a news site that talks about Adam’s virtues .. you could also post some funny irrelevant video about Apple.

    End with 4 smileys.

    Then you wait while your post goes unanswered ..

    If you don’t follow the above steps, and post your concern directly , you will be labeled a troll (or some other despicable creature) ..

    However , this would not guarantee an answer .. but there will be hope ..

  454. Hah, I made this exact same comment a while ago. But people keep calling it a pre-order so, I kind of started calling it that too.

    I think people call it a pre-order because they don’t know when to expect them to be shipping. Kind of like with video games. It’s basically like people saying “whens the backorder round 2 going to come open?!?!?!”

    but it’s just easier to call it another pre-order.

  455. I hope I will be able to do video conferencing using notion ink ! Hopefully skype up with people as well !

  456. Not sure if you guys saw this

  457. As mentioned above, you can install any android SSH client. Like connect bot… found here


    It should work really well with the Adam keyboard too, since it has multi-touch and a ctrl key. You can even run screens!

  458. Yep, I noticed this too. I agree that 8 gb is good enough as it does keep the overall cost low. However, I don’t understand why NI went with a micro sd card slot….. 128gb is a lot of storage and would be awesome to have, but I can’t even find a 32gb micro sd card out there. Yet there are plenty of 128gb SDHC cards out there. I am very excited for this product, but I am a little puzzled at this.

  459. Side loading it of course came to mind. But do you think a CEO of company would publicly show that? it raises questions whether the software was pirated or whether it was even paid for.

  460. I will assume that in Genesis they have special versions of games….

    For example…

    If you check out this video.
    At about 1:10, they open up Genesis.

    If you look carefully at what they are opening up, it’s Unreal Tournament 2003. So, I would expect to see some very impressive games on the Adam, as well as other useful apps.

  461. Hey Albert you don’t have to add “not complaining” every time :). I think somone will definitley answer this question, having a more expert knowledge of these glasses. Moreover it seems from the updates on the tech specs that there is a difference between PQi screen and LCD screens which may be the reason behind this. And lastly in the next week, adam will be in the hands of many and these confusions will be cleared.
    @all though i read an explanation on this blog itself about the inside screen being matte(some one pointed out using reflection logic) but i am not able to find it now. Any answers here will be much appreciated.

  462. CrunchGear is a bunch of idiots. They change what they say all the time.

    As an example: If you watch their hands on videos they talk about how light it feels and how pleased they are with the actual feel of the device. But then in the review (linked below), they say this.

    “The Notion Ink Adam isn’t an iPad killer.” followed later with “The Pixel Qi screen is about as vibrant as LCD screens from the mid-’90s and the whole interface had a noticeable amount of lag. It’s rather heavy, and it’s still not clear if the tablet will be able to run Honeycomb.”

    Essentially, they are calling the device (which is the same weight as the iPad) to heavy to be a tablet, and they are playing dumb about if it will be able to run honeycomb when Dan Morrill himself said that honeycomb won’t have any hardware reqs.


  463. +1 for this “its sad I have to say I am not complaining just to generate a functional conversation on this blog”

  464. Okay so I have been patiently waiting for updates and check this blog daily for them, as many others do. I have never said one bad thing about Notion Ink, and I fully understand they are not a large company, so it will be harder for them to keep up with demand. However, this does not justify the problems that have arisen from this whole shipping situation. Rohan has promised to move all of the February shipping dates up to the end of January. Thats great for those people, but what about the people who originally had a January 9 ship date, but were then dropped back to Jan 15-22. And now here comes the 22 and only the people who retained the Jan 9 shipping date are actually shipping. It seems that the people who were bumped from the original shipping date are getting the worst situation. Not only were we told that our Adam will ship later, but now that the date has come its going to be even longer… And the people who expected their Adam in February are getting the nice surprise of it coming earlier… This is a terrible way for the company to be handling things… It is both disheartening to the community at large, and to me personally as an individual found in this situation….