:) (update)

Hello Fellows!

[update]: Read few comment on the glass, and matte nature. Here is exactly what it is. Adam comes with 2 layers of Matte Surfaces, one on the LCD screen, other through the Matte Screen protector on the outside Glass. Inside layer cuts the gloss on the LCD layer and colors are not washed out. For the outside glass we are using specially designed matte covers which users at their end can decide to use or not. It is finger stain resistant (oil component) and has same matte properties as on the LCD. The glass in itself is further scratch resistant. Hope this resolves the confusion.

I got the news yesterday but thought should start the Saturday tradition again! Labs have officially announced the FCC clearance and will probably update the status on the FCC website either today or on Monday. This means that we start printing on Monday and start shipping around Wednesday! 🙂 Those curious ones can look out for NI3421A01 as the Product Code, Guarantee Code: Y2G and  0020356499 as FNR to search the product (you will get results only when FCC updates on their websites). I have the CE details, but I think there is a regulation that details can only be made public by them.

There is a small story behind the product code (assigned by Notion Ink). It reads NI3421A01. NI stands for Notion Ink and A01 is Adam 1 series. 3421 are consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci series. We can trace the number down to NI0000A01 (later ones being 0100, 0102, 0302, 0503, 0805, 1308, 2113 and 3421). This would mean that the final Adam you will receive is the 9th iteration! Behind every version and number there is either a very beautiful or sad story. For examples the 1308 version was in May last year when the investor issue started.

In the last blog, Mr. Rantz from LongBoxDigital spoke about our collaboration with a BIG Media group. This is definitely exciting for our content strategy, but there was something under the wraps since September last year (was work in progress). We are getting LOTS of content for you, and you will certainly be extremely happy! This content side might include music, videos, books, and magazines (along with Comics with LBX).

Pre-order 2 has yet not started because we are waiting for deliveries in US and European countries (that would mean that we are just a few days away from it). But this time we are not going to do the mistakes we did last time. Last time we missed a lot of you, this time we will communicate with a lot of you to make it easier for those who were disappointed last time.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Does that mean that adams from the 9th Jan and 15th-22nd Jan will all start shipping next week … so no real delay for the 15th-22nd batch ?

  2. Top 10! This is a first for me! I can’t wait to order – considering I was neglected and left off last time….

  3. thank god…its first time im watching a live update from NI…WOW…i just refreshed the page…and here we go..new update

  4. Jeah these are good news! At least for the lucky ones of the first PreOrder!
    It is also very cool that you have such a nice story behind the product code 🙂

  5. Three!!! Wednesday!!!!

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it
    I’m about to lose control and I think I like it
    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it
    And I know I know I know I know I know I want you

    Adam that is….

  6. From 3 replies to 15 in the time it took me to type my post…. sheeeesh!!! 🙂

    Yeah baby!!!!

  7. Great. Checking my email right now, waiting for a pre-order email. Last time missed 😦

  8. Thank you Rohan, and looking for the PReorder2
    I am sure this will put a cam on those doesnt trust theirown shadows!!

  9. Me happy! 🙂
    This is the kind of things we like to hear.
    Let’s see how quick things will go now. So by the end of the week we can see the first unboxing video’s (?)

    Greg, I count on you for a quick review on video, so we can go crazy because we don’t have an Adam yet.



  10. i just got reply from NI
    Dear Abhishek,

    Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

    Our system indicate that your device would be shipped to you between the January 15 to January 22 slot. We do not have a specific date when the Adam would be shipped to you. Also, we should be able to provide you with the tracking number and concerned carrier once we have this information. We will be happy to assist you further if you have any other queries.

    We really appreciate your patience and cooperation in this matter.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

  11. Greg you’re alive!! Some people thought you might have died from Adamous Seperitis… 🙂

  12. Great news.

    Rohan and NI, Someone up there loves you, and all the “adams” and Adam and Eves down here too!

  13. Thanks for update.
    Oh boy ! is any anything like ‘NI Insurance’ or may be ‘adamanics’ insurance 🙂

    I guess there is a lot to learn from you 🙂
    In conventional (earthy )terms expecting early update is normal..
    Biut who said NI family is conventional and for that matter living on earth 🙂


  14. Ditto…. Sent an email earlier this evening and just got the exact same “form” message. Then Rohan’s blog post it. Yes!! FCC finally shipping soon!!!

    3G+Pixelqi come to pappa….

  15. This is a very clear message.
    Thank you for that, Rohan!

    But let’s hold our horses a bit, people. 😉
    Shipping starts around wednesday. It might take a couple of days to deliver.

  16. :)……..nice rohan very very happy to hear this…….if u get time would like some more updates…may be some thing sin adam which we have not seen…

  17. Thank you for the update Rohan!!! I’ve been waiting patiently (externally that is, my mental side was getting quite impatient lol ) for your update and you never seem to dissappoint. Thanks for the update on pre-orders!! unfortuanately I am un-employed and can’t afford Adam right now 😥 but I love following you guys!!

    p.s. Interest free financing would be NICE and then I could get it right away, Just throwing that out there ;~)

  18. Just thinking, which company besides Apple can provide music, books, magazines etc – Amazon I think. This is assuming of course that the content will be sourced from a single 3rd party company.

    It could well be that NI is creating it’s own marketplace for content where publishers can submit their content. I can’t see this for music though. Thoughts?

  19. @Rohan
    I cannot wait to get one… if we do the preorder 2, when should we get the adam by? My birthday is at the end of the month and it would be great to get it then

  20. Awesome Awesome ! I am all set to buy one Adam in the second pre-order.

    -Abhishek R

  21. I see alot of people here being alittle upset with the “NotionInk Hickups”

    You should know that there is a slight difference between the Indian and Western culture which may lead to confusion.

    Here in India you get into trouble if you tell people that something “is not possible” or “has gone wrong”, so people tend to tell you “no problem” even if it is a problem.
    Both parties may even be aware, that in fact “there is a problem”, but by telling “it is not” you are showing the other person that you are doing your best to get it right.

    In Western countries people are more sort of “straight shooter” and expect you to let the facts speak.
    So if “its a big mess” they tell you directly! Both parties may not like the situation but honor it when you speak it out, because with the facts at hand you can work to get it right.

    See, everyone just tries their best to get things right, but in different ways.

    So nobody gets me wrong: I have been living in the West and India for quite some time and this is just my personal experience.

    Prema 🙂

  22. Thanks for the update Rohan and Congratulations on getting the FCC and CE clearance. Folks on the blog were really getting a bit anxious with no word on shipment.

    Its also good to have the Saturday tradition going again! Its nice to see that you are working the content angle as well as that could be another big differentiator.

    Looking forward to pre-order 2! Please make it sooner than the release of Motorola Xoom, otherwise I’ll be in a tough spot (my wife works for Motorola).

  23. Bout.
    Communication could really be improved, guys. If it’s late, just say it’s late. Don’t say that ‘it’s on the boat’, or that ‘some people have it’ as you’ve said in other venues.

    Lies breed mistrust, and for good reason.

  24. Thats wonderful news. Gotta keep m money and credit cards ready now, that the next order is just round the corner. One sincere request, though. It is not right to call the next round of orders as Pre-order2, since the forst batch has already been shipped (or will be, by the time it is active) and we already have some very real reviews from many bloggers already. Can we please call it the first round of orders? No more pre-order, PLEASE!

    Oh, and yeah, Please do send whatever it is you are sending Greg, asap!

  25. Yes and “around Wednesday”is no guarantee it will be Wed. Also I wonder if all will ship out on the first day of shipping. My point is it could be the week after next before some of us get ours.

    I really hope not. I’m working abroad this month but going home for the weekend on Fri, so I’m hoping the adam is waiting for me so I can bring it back with me on my travels.

  26. Great news Rohan. Are all shipments going to get delayed by the same amount or are the ones in the 15 to 22 Jan going to get theirs on time. How about customers outside US and UK?

  27. Starting to get too exited here 🙂
    Looking forward for have the chance to order

  28. @Daniel Clem


    Clem’s Ramblings. Your panels are beautiful …… saw the adam as I hovered on one. Well done!

    Good luck and wishing you a bright future. 🙂

  29. cant wait for the next round of order. hopefully we will get some reviews of the Adam before that as well. the next few weeks will be extremely exciting. 🙂

  30. Thank you for theses information, Rohan!

    Now, the Adam can go through border to reach me 😉
    I’m waiting Adam, as Belgium is waiting a government (sic)

  31. Here is the direct link to FCC product search. As soon as someone gets actual results please repost.


    Grantee code: Y2G
    Product code: NI3421A01

  32. Yay. Can’t wait for the unboxing movies. And hopefully i can get a PQ Wifii adam in preorder 2.

  33. I’m ready too. I have this problem. Can not stop myself talking about Adam too people. I manage too get them so exited as I’m. ….But now I’m afraid: wille they not be earlier in the preorder and take my pixelqi from me? I should keep my mouth shut now until I I’ve ordered mine ;^)
    Everybody: good luck in the next preorder round

  34. Good, I missed last preorder (that starter over midnight in my country…), this one I won’t 😀

  35. Ha, me too. I’ve told a few people about it and they were all impressed with it. I even got a few asking me about updates (they’re too busy with work and their families to follow this blog properly).
    Thank for the good wish. I too wish us all good luck in the next round of pre-orders 😀

  36. Yes, Panels are real good.

    Particularly, I really loved your comment in one the hovers “God without man is still God, but man without God is NOTHING”.

    All the best for job hunting!!

  37. @Rohan Shravan
    Rohan, is it possible to get some basic information about payment options for the 2nd round of pre-orders? Will Mastercard be accepted or is it still only Visa and AMEX? How about Paypal?
    Thank you so much!

  38. @Rahim
    you are lucky to be first to comment 🙂

    this is a great news .. i am all smile now :). happy to see gerg back in action 🙂

  39. Hi Rohan,

    Please give special consideration for those of us who were sent the pre-order link but couldnt get access to it.

    thanks & regards

  40. Rohan, I’d like to order next time around. However, I need more onboard memory. I’m looking for a minimum of 32GB rather than 8GB. Can you update and let us know if these will be available for preorder 2? If they won’t be, can you let us know when they will be available so I know how long the wait might be. Thanks….

  41. Iam extremely happy with the FCC news and hope every body here is happy. Pls guys stop complaining about transparency as NI is doing some thing which corporate industry never done it before.
    Rohan a question to about Adam?
    Will it Blend?

    Hehehe.. Happy Family.

  42. Can’t wait for preorder 2! Also,any news on genesis?can we see any of the apps being developed?I posted before but its not come up. Censorship?;)

  43. A smiley as the title of Rohan’s article!

    That means that he is happy and with all the news about shipping and (pre-)ordering we are happy 🙂

    The Fibonacci code is something that we are going to see back in the book that will be written about Notion Ink. A beautiful or sad story behind each code, imagine each chapter has the Fibonacci code as the title.

    But the most appealing message for us is the LOTS of content that Rohan talked about. Adam in the shops: the most beautiful tablet, with a price of a newcomer, with the best specs and user interface and now also with the best content of any Android device. Which consumer looking for a tablet does not want to have one?

  44. Hi Rohan and Co.
    I’ve been happy to follow your little videos and updated, they have only made me more determined that I MUST have one Adam!
    I hope you will make it a little easier to order next time because we were many who did not get the chance, even though we had blogged on the forum.
    When will there be more variations to choose from, I am thinking more RAM.
    Keep up the good work even if there are people who criticize you “what do they know”

    Regards Henrik

  45. Rantz’s Comments couple of blogs ago


    We had a great time with Rohan, Rohit, and Varun yesterday, having driven out to Vegas from Orange County for an afternoon meeting with ************ (A very large entertainment and media company) about content and to give them some hands-on time with Adam so they could see why we were so effusive about Adam, and why IT is the tablet we (LongBox) are doing the exclusive OEM arrangement with, as well as the customer reader experience taking advantage of the Adam’s capabilities.

    After 2 hours with the team and the tablet, they got it. They haven’t been impressed with ANY other Android tablet, and they were VERY excited about Adam. Rohan and everyone at Notion Ink should be truly proud… it really is a magnificent device, and even moreso when confronted by the fact that THIS is “V1″, and there are a LOT of really stunning things in development for upcoming releases…

    As a consumer/geek, I will say that I LOVE Adam, and while I had been excited about the features such as the PixelQi screen, the HDMI out, the multi-tasking, the ability to tether as an input device… the THREE things that REALLY had my head spinning with possibilities for the entire 5 hour drive home last night were:

    1.) Audio – The Spatial Audio on Adam is the best I have heard on ANY tablet. It is going to make the original/first run enhanced content being done for LongBox this year REALLY amazing.
    2.) The speed – We’ve been working with early revs, and emulators, and those were ‘not slow’. The device itself, with a metric TON of stuff running, is so speedy and fluid. It’s really jaw-dropping.
    3.) The Canvas experience – as someone who has been a professional artist for over 30 years, I was very excited to kill 20 minutes just drawing and painting with Canvas on Adam. On the iPad, and on other android pads, I’d experienced ‘fill in’ with fast ‘hatching’ – drawing lines at VERY fast speed back and forth to add shade – that with those devices it would get to the point that after a 10 count I would have to wait a second or two while the lines catch up drawing. Not so with the Adam tablet… regardless of opacity, color, width, how many layers, etc… it was like butter… smooth.

    It really is something special, and as Rohan and I talked about, you can tell the difference in philosophy behind it.

    very exciting times…

  46. and rohan,
    i wish the 2nd preorder includes the discount holders, plzzz. plzzz, plzz.

    Cuz when u know that u can buy something with (‘steep’ly) less bucks, how can i?
    Plzz… ^^

  47. Hi rohan
    that is good . Will 15-21 dated be shifted on the day wednesday as well?

  48. i think, as the delay is only due to fcc n ce, and not production, the 15 to 22 batch is ok, isn’t it rohan?

  49. +1

    I was really, really disappointed when I found out that I’d missed it because of serverside problems. What does “we’ll communicate with you” mean? Does that mean we get another early bird pre-order link? Let’s hope it works this time!

  50. Yeah finally.
    My Adam is just a few weeks away from now!!!!!
    Please do the announcement for preorder 2 at least a twelve hours before the preorder starts. People from Europe are normally asleep when you post 😉
    Thanks Rohan, YOU ROCK!

    PS: Will you ever be in Germany, so that we can get our Adams signed? 😀

  51. Hi there.
    Are you celebrating the holiday weekend as well?
    You got some awesome Adam news, eh? Happy for you!

  52. YES!!!!!!
    With a bit of luck mine PQi/3G will be in Holland next Saturday.

    Rohan please keep us informed how shipping proceeds.

    Have a good day,

  53. @Louis: I do not believe that it is Amazon. First of all Adam is competing against their own Kindle, which will be slaughtered in the market if Amazon did this on the Adam. But secondly Amazon is all about closed markets; locking people into Amazon products while Adam and Rohan are all about openness.

  54. Probably just jealous like most of us who didn’t get to successfully pre-order the first time :mrgreen:

    This is certainly a great way to start the weekend! Got this excellent news from Rohan as well as a confirmation that my new camera will arrive on Monday 😀 So happy, yey! 😀

  55. Please Please Please… Arrange MasterCard Payments!

    As I missed the First Adams Family Pre Order due to missing Mastercard…

  56. hi
    rohan your comments were music to the ears. that’s what all of us wanted to hear and hope so this time master card will work in preorder-2.
    best wishes for the adam notion

  57. Hey, one more Dutchie. Goedemorgen…
    Ganesh, Carlo, Paul Schoe and me as well.
    Any more here?

  58. Thanks Jani. Not sure how o missed this before. It almost deserves a blog post in I itself – not to ber buried in a sea of comments. Wow! It really is a glowing tribute to the adam. I can hardly wait now.

  59. Good news about FCC. CE thing is still unclear. Someone said Monday is a holiday in US. So Monday may not turn out to be the day the website will be updated though. It is a bit weird to see the FCC and CE approval delays were in sync with each other. Anyway I am waiting for the next round of orders to open. Comeon Rohan you have made it with adam. It is now released. Get over the pre-order terminology. You have to work to orders henceforth, which I believe will be the true test for you and the whole NI family.

  60. I’m doing excellent, thank you for asking! It’s been an extremely good start of the weekend for me with this news about Adam (and I imagine it was like that for every one of us here) as well as news about the delivery of the new camera I’ve ordered. 🙂 I couldn’t be more excited.

  61. I think it’s quite explicit. Only the shipment due on 9th to 17th should get affected by a week.

  62. You do know that Amazon is launching a market for Android, right? That market need not be for apps only.

    However I agree that it is not Amazon that Rohan is talking about here because in Mr Rantz’ comment that Jani had helpfully pasted above, he says it is “a very large entertainment and media company”based in Orange County. Hmm, wonder what company that could be.

  63. the smiley from topic put a smile on my face as well :)…thanks Rohan

    Statutory warning for NI: With all the positive coverage that Adam’s been getting, you better gear up for one hell of a pre-order 2 🙂

    and now that I’m going to get my Adam delivered anytime soon….a strange calm seems to have descended…no idea wy

    bt yes the excitement of being part of this milestone is never going to die….m gonna remember this for years to come….10 yrs from nw when technological brilliance is going to be synonymous with Notion Ink m going to be nostalgic and remember these days, remember Adam, remember the dream and all of that is going to put a smile on my face just like the one in the topic….probably a lot bigger

    off to kite flying now….will fly one for you Adam.

  64. Wow. I am so happy. It seems like a long time ago that i saw a live-feed of CES in 2010 and a enthusiastic Rohan standing proudly beside the Adam. I am just ecstatic to see everything coming together.

  65. I also was disappointed when my pre-order link timed out and crashed over a three hour period,effectively disqualifying me from ordering the PQi.

  66. WOW…Thats a Fantastic news…..thank you for assuring that ‘family ‘ will not be missed this tome pre order……look forward to pre order 2 launch date…….


  67. @Rohan Perfect! I was just about to open a wine, but was looking for a reason to celebrate. You just gave me one before I find one myself!

  68. It’s great to hear that all folks with mastercards get a second chance at pre-ordering and relatively soon as well.

  69. phew!!!!…Really nice post…very emotional 😀

    sometimes I feel really proud to be associated with such a group of youngsters with such an innovative idea. You guys rock!

    Again I’ll have material to make my friends envy 😉

  70. @Rohan Shravan

    are there any news about the master card payment mode??? It’s very important to know about it , because here in europe is the mos common credit card.

    Is going to be possible to pay with mastercard in the next pre order??? Thaks you

  71. Thanks for the update.hope this time we will receive our pre-order mail on time and shall be given enough time to make paymet..looking for pre-order2

  72. +1 on this point

    I missed out on the first Pre Order due to the no Mastercard (hope they have now sorted things out for NI) or Paypal payment methods. I await my next chance to order with baited breath 🙂

  73. i am still waiting… if they ship on wednesday, we will hopefully receive it in Australia by Monday/Tue following week…

  74. @Rohan

    Great that means that CE Clearence is okey too ?

    I would like to know you have prepare an Instant Messaging Client for EDEN ?

  75. @rohan

    long live team NI for all the innovation. you are bringing joy to our life . Thannls

  76. **

    Great News Rohan .. just don’t forget few more things…

    1) Those 50 people whom u said are shifted to February for the time being and if possible to accommodate all in January..whats the status..I am one among them ..:(

    2) Share information about partners you promised earlier

    3) Update Specs and officially declare Mystery feature as Radio (I really wish this is something else..like Radio for Mobile waves ..) …



  77. Hi Rohan
    This is great news. Congratulations on passing another majpor milestone. I am sure all those who managed to pre-order are already starting to salivate at the thought of their units soon arriving!:)

    Thanks for the great news regarding Pre-Order2 and that you will inform more of us.
    I am eagerly waiting for the second batch so I can place my order so look forward to your email.

  78. That’s why people just post a 🙂 to start with, its pretty quick, is less presumptuous than a “FIRST”, and less embarrassing than writing “FIRST” but not being first.

    Its just great to be here, though, aint it?

  79. Iam happy as no more shipping delay and excited as i will be getting it in a week. Even feb is not that far Karen, i guess you have every reason to celebrate too. What a news to start weekend. Happy weekend karen.

  80. yep yep yep !read it again rohan said he have the CE details, but for regulation reasons not disclosed in blog.

  81. Hey Rohan, NI team and fans,

    Congrats! to you all. It’s heartening to know a little more about your story (and NI Adam’s) which is full of endurance, persistence, brilliance and ingenuity.

    Most of NI fans will agree with me when I say that we would like to read about it in form of a book/biography. Are you keeping any personal notes that will help later on? Any NI fans that are in publishing business? Lets keep this revolution going.


  82. Great Rohan!
    Thanks for the update and hope to have my hands on next week.
    I will also wait for the next lot of preorder to start. Will that be a quick delivery or will I have to wait for 6-12 weeks!

  83. Rohan, will I be eligible for the preorder for the 2nd round…..I need one more! I have already ordered one.

  84. this is great news.
    when will the preorder status be updated? I assume at this time shipments will be shipping and continue shipping, those with later dates just mention a month for them and not dates like early ones.

  85. Good and helpful comment Prema, and seems to explain Rohan’s responses well.

    He most certainly is working on getting adam out, and sorting out the little kinks, but you can see people questioning his integrity based upon some of his statements. However IMHO Rohan’s integrity has never been in question.

  86. Have a look yourself…


  87. Absolutely – I intend to take great photos of my Adam when I get it (still have to order it so it won’t be so soon :/ ) and make a video of unboxing the Adam 🙂
    Happy weekend to you as well Biswajit!

  88. Hi Rohan Happy makar sankranti & happy pongal.
    I can feel 8th & 9th iteration brought you lot of happiness, will you mind to share few with us? We would love to know the story.


    Biswajit saha.

  89. I don’t want to lose out on the race again.. NO! NO and NO!

    And thanks for the news Rohan. I have been waiting for this piece of info (pre-order 2 to start again).. and i hope its soon.

  90. Than this post must have made you really happy cos we are going to see 2nd preorder with in 20 days for sure and in 30 days Adam will be in your hand. Mark my word.

  91. Hey rohan,

    really fantastic news and right in time. People has some doubt in the last time…
    But anyway, when do you expect the Adam will hit the retail stores? Before or after preorder2?


  92. my productivity at work was getting seriously affected so decided to turn into passive mode and visit this blog less often but i do read each and every comment on this blog whenever get a chance.

    left dot ( . ) so that i can receive all the comments on email…. 🙂

  93.  I think this number is incorrect

    (later ones being 0100, 0102, 0302, 0503, 0805, 1308, 2113 and 3421)

    It could be

    (later ones being 0100, 0202, 0302, 0503, 0805, 1308, 2113 and 3421)

  94. I guess it’s about time to get the official Notion Ink forum up and running and also more information about Genesis would be handy as we prepare ourselves to explore the endless possibilities Adam can give us.

    Rohan – Any indications on Genesis, forum, NI website update with latest info?

  95. Have been following this blog since a million minutes..Now writing first post of mine !

    Get going Rohan 🙂

  96. It really did 🙂 I think so too – maybe the next round of preorders will be sooner – next weekend maybe? Would be really nice 🙂

  97. Wonderfull news!!!!!!!

    I really hope pre-order 2 works smooth this time. Last time I was quite diappointed, even wrote an e-mail to NotionInk but got no answer.

    Could you clarify Adam’s memory size (8 GB?) before starting pre-order 2?

  98. Don’t be greedy,20,000 people just like you failed to receive the first round offer.Surely they deserve preference.Especially you having being already successful,don’t you think?

  99. @Daniel Clem: Very nice Adam panel animation on your site.
    It is a cool way of presenting different topics to people.

    Is that your house in the middle of nature?

    Wishing you all the best with your job search ❗

  100. Rohan and NI team,
    Congratulations on this and I am eagerly awaiting my adam 🙂

    I had a quick query regarding the content- will this be affordable content for the Indian consumers, as for many of us, purchasing in USD or EUR is still expensive.
    All the best,

  101. Aye, one more Dutchie waiting for pre-order 2. Didn’t get a mail for nr. 1. Couldn’t pay for it anyway, only have MC.
    But I can wait… Been doing it for nearly a year so what means a few more weeks/months in a lifetime 🙂
    Thnx for the update Rohan.
    Any news on accesoires for ‘adam’ like stands (better then the cardboard the ‘adam’ is shipped in), slipcases, etc. ??

  102. This is my first post- the last few times I tried, my comment went for moderation 😦

  103. Let the party begin !!! 😀

    thanks rohan…. for the so very awesome news….

    Awesomeness thats how i will refer to the Adam….

    cant just wait for the next preorder 🙂

  104. yuppie!!!!!!

    thanks for all the goodie info Rohan

    take your time … line up everything, double check, triple check and press that button only when you are satisfied… the other day when my friend’s car broke down and when the breakdown guy arrived… he looked at it told what the problem was and got to work… after a while, he stepped aside for a bit and told us ‘its better now; but am not leaving till am satisfied’ tell you what? those words just blew us… it was chilling cold and we were all worried till then and instantly relaxed and started talking about all things in the world except the ‘broken car’ beside us….

    thats the ultimate customer service anyone adores… NI has set the bar very high on all aspects regarding the product itself and when these standards are extended to customer service also which the world will see in the coming weeks, NI will be the start all companies will aim to reach… all the best team NI … waiting for the pre-order 2 whenever it is ready

  105. @Paul Schoe: I wish, but no, sadly that won’t be the case since my camera will arrive next week and I have yet to pre-order Adam. But I’ll get the hang of the camera and work on my best shots so I’ll make sure that the Adam footage/video will be done professionally 😀

  106. Well thats great!! Please inform us when there ist still no possibility to pay with Mastercard. In this case I would order a prepaid Visa for me. Also please keep us informed about the status of preorder. Thanks and have a nice Weekend.

  107. Thats awsome news, I have been checking my preorder status like crazy these last days and I was unsure if it got delayed… The only sad part is that I will not be home all next week, so if my Adam arrives I cannot play with it until the weekend 😦

    I am soooo excited! Its Christmas comming early this year!

  108. I think NI will start 2nd preorder as soon as they complete 1st preorder shipping. I think 1st week of feb for the 2nd preorder, in fact i see their will be no preorder just direct sell with 2 week max shipping date. Also this time Rohan will handle the family matter with more care so that we all get the 1st opportunity than the rest of world.

  109. That’s some great news – assuming your payment portal now supports Mastercard, I’ll definitely be preordering one as soon as they’re offered again 🙂

  110. Rohan,

    I hope you will answer this. I am sure you already answered and I missed it in the whirlwind of activity over the past few weeks.

    Q: When will we be able to order the Adam again???
    Q: When will the Pi Qi screens be available to order.

    I was one of the unfortunates that posted but never received an email stating I was worthy to pre order.
    So I am here sitting on my laurels awaiting…….

  111. congratulations to rohan and the team for passing this milestone. i am expecting a lot of hands-on reviews to flood the internet once the orders have shipped.
    more importantly, i can’t wait for pre-order 2. please don’t miss me this time!! i’m so very trigger happy here to click on the buy button!

  112. Looking forward to Pre Order #2.

    As many would have done, I have vouched for the Adam to numerous friends and acquaintances. Now they want one too!

    Despite this, my boss (also briefed on the Adam) recently bought an Ipad. Oh well ….

  113. @Tapan, I used services of DHL for delivery from China and India. Usually DHL delivers within two days. If they deliver on Wednesday, We should receive on Friday or latest by Monday. I will have Adam on Monday afternoon from DHL North melbourne depot.

  114. I sure hope that’s the case!! For one thing I can’t wait to get Adam anyway, but also I’m going away for 10 days on the 21st and it’d be great to have it on the plane and whilst waiting at the airport! Although, even if it’s on its way on Wednesday, I doubt that it’ll be here on time for Friday morning!! 😦

  115. It’s like you say. People get exited but are too lazy follow it like we, the true followers 😉 , do. They are like parasites , just taking profit. No, I’m joking of course. Welcome to everybody to join us.

  116. Contact Courtney Wang (courtneywang*AT*pixelqi.com) she may answer your questions better on PixelQi.
    The shortage of PixelQi screens may not be an issue anymore with their new partnership with CPT. CPT, Taiwan, manufactures nearly 40 million screens per month, and is the #2 mid-size LCD manufacturer in the world.

  117. Good news! Finally can see some un-boxing / usage videos!!! waiting for pre-order2! 🙂

  118. Thanks Rohan,
    Question: in your previous post you wrote that the different colour add-ons for the tablet would be at disposition mid-january. Does it mean that preorder two will get them automatically ? I’m curious, hope so. Maybe it would be a nice present for those following you already a year. I’m curious about the usebla box as a stand for adam. Can’t you tell us more about it either?

  119. For your info, today is almost like a Christmas day for many Indians (Hindus), especially South Indians (from where Rohan is!). A big big festival.

  120. You been very involved with this blog from start but some how missing recent days, i hope every thing is fine with you. good to see you jai.

  121. En ik, zei de gek……………..
    Me Dutch too, me like Adam toooooo.

    Without kidding.
    I just hope I can order my Adam soon.

  122. And that’s the confirmation I was looking and hoping for 🙂

    Looking forward to receiving the e-mail confirming shipping, can’t wait to get my hands on Adam.

  123. Hi there,

    Very good news indeed !
    Pleased to see Rohan’s post ^^

    I can’t wait to order mine… I think they will ship them just after preorder1′
    But we have no news from EAP2? What’s going on ?

  124. Great news but I would love more info from notionink directly in my inbox rather than having to find out via Engadget ect.
    Please more info for people who have pre-ordered.

  125. Rohan: At ‘pre-order 2’ maybe you should make a “rehearsal” to make sure your email do not go into peoples spam folder. 😉

    And, furthermore, I first discovered Notion Ink and Adam and the blog, the day you posted about pre-order mail for those who have posted in the blog. I posted even though it was too late, never the less I got an pre-order email! Unfortunately I found the pre-order email one day after in my spam folder.

    Good thoughts.

  126. Why “pre-order 2” and not “order”? Just can’t wait to get one (it’s been about a year waiting…)

  127. well, and some of us following Adam since the very beginning we didn’t have the chance to preorder… what’s wrong here?

  128. dear das,
    as in the 1st preorder, i think the family will hav acess to the page for the 1st 6 hours. And so be ready with ur card for the seventh hour. 🙂
    and i dont think u wil receive one more mail.

  129. +100 please Rohan don’t forget us who tried but because of the denied transaction fiasco could not get one. Me personally by the time I got it fixed I could not get back into the site.

  130. Just woke up and saw this lovely bit of news in my inbox!
    Love it. I’m happy. Yey.
    Cheers Rohan

  131. Congrats Rohan nd Team!!! I cant wait fr d 2nd round of orders to start!!!! 😀
    I really hope Greg gets his adam soon! Waiting eagerly for his adam videos! 😀

  132. Oh yes Rhoan, wonderful! I need the preorder 2!! Last time I lost my adam for a problem with the credit card! 😦

  133. Can’t wait for the 2nd pre-order.
    Hopefully we can use mastercard this time.


  134. Great news! Many have been waiting for this one……
    CONGRATULATIONS! (sorry for the caps!) I wanted to yelllllllll……

  135. Thnk u Rohan for sharing this wonderful news on a wonderful day….
    Happy Pongal… 🙂

  136. Rohan im just waiting to order the Adam vita Visa or preferably via Payal….


    Paul 😉

  137. I second the Mastercard request and I hope the early posters/members will again have a head start in the pre-order. Been anxiously waiting for an Adam for over 1yr now and would hate miss out again.

  138. Now i am finally getting my Adam. I hope there are no more delays now. Its the 15th to 22nd week for me and i am hoping it ships out in this period itself. Best of Luck to everyone and Notion Ink.

  139. Is it likely that some software updates (viz. improvement of e-reader, open GL implementation etc) will be done before Pre-Order 2?

  140. i am hoping this time i wont miss the bus!! i am all set to grab one as soon as i see my link. hope this time it wont go to spam folder. there shld be an option to fast forward one week!! 🙂

  141. and whenever Honeycomb is released, will the relevant update be available to Adam v1.0 (or 9?) owners ?

  142. Rohan and the Notion Ink team thanks for the fantastic news. You have made one Australian customer very happy. 🙂

    I was starting to get despondent with some of the negative comments appearing in the blog but the true believers posts reminded me why I bought into this dream.

  143. Happy to see that most of the bumps in the road are behind! Can’t wait to order a Pixel Qi Adam!

  144. Pre-Order 2? If you have officially received the certification, when are you going to announce the official launch of the product? Does this means that will exists pre-order 3, 4, 5 …… n? How many units will be available in this “pre-order”?

    I really want to have this tablet in my hands, but I’m not confident with this manner of doing things by NI.

    I hope this tablet had a big success, NI changes its marketing and sales mentality giving to me more confidence and not disappears as JooJoo tablet.

  145. Congrats to Rohan and NI on getting FCC. You are now on your way to a very successful journey. Clearly the Adam will be a huge success. What I like best is that also clearly NI has demonstrated a level of innovation, creativity and brilliance that no one else in the industry dreamed of – all of which bodes well for future NI products shattering barriers that other companies cower to.

    I too am looking forward to hearing about the Pre-order 2. Will Pixel Qi be available along with LCD? If Pixel Qi is available at the same time, will it ship around the same time?

    Thank you Rohan for keeping us all informed. And thank you for being patient with our constant whining for more preorders. I apologize for whatever part I played in whining. If I did, it was only because I fell in love with the adam and your dream.

    Looking forward to watching NI grow!

  146. Can you give me/us any news of when the ‘regular’ orders (via local European/American points of sale) can be placed?

  147. Good news ! Keep the momentum going ..
    Would the next preorder have the touchpad enabled ?

  148. I’m still wondering if I’ll have to pay customs fees? I think thats not required with FCC/CE certifications anymore?

  149. @Paul I agree: in a few months someone ought to make a book (and then on film!) on the whole Rohan – NI – Adam saga “http://swissroll.info/?2010/12/13/1240-adam-provisoirement-depasse-par-son-succes”.

    Once again Rohan is rescuing the show when the comments in the previous post were beginning to turn nasty: with real news (the FCC agreement, shipping start) backed up with a surprising and beautiful story (the Fibonacci series, the previous 8 versions – and I would love to be told about each of them) and the good but imprecise, tantalizingly teasing announcement about media content.

    Just why we fans love it, but defensive and greedy consumers hunting for a quick bargain shouldn’t really visit this blog… 🙂

  150. Are the people who first commented in December going to be able to order in this round or is it exclusive again?

    Google checkout or paypal would be an idea if mastercard isn’t up and running yet, hopefully there’ll be more options than visa anyway!

  151. I am honored to be a pre-order one customer and have utmost respect for
    the magnitude of the project NI under Rohan’s stewardship has undertaken.
    Like a fresh breeze in a smoke filled valley of clones, ‘adam’ will shake up
    the tech world beyond even all that has been written.
    Just days now.

  152. Wonderfull
    will there be a preorder2 or release order 1…
    Whatever it is i m ordering it
    for mastercard

  153. Congrats! Rohan and NI team for passing out the FCC exams.

    Finally! its done.

    Its another 2-weeks before we can hold of adam!

    If its ok, please unveil the Genesis store for us now!


  154. I don’t think so. As the Kindle app is free to download in the Android Market Amazon doesn’t seem to see any competition against their own Kindle Reader. With every new computer capable of showing Kindle eBooks they sell more books which is probably more important than selling the Kindle Reader.
    If it IS Amazon NI is dealing with it could become true to have Amazon as an Adam vendor.

    And: as far as I know there are no “open” media stores between you would be able to chose. So a “locking” of people to only one platform is inevitable. And Adam is already “locked” to Longbox. But nobody HAS to use it.

  155. Good news, very good news.
    Regarding preorder #2: I can only hope NI holds the email addresses of those who weren’t able to order last times due to payment issues (me, for example 😎 ).
    Paypal would be very nice and safe, a working VISA payment wouldn’t be bad as well. In case of a rejection of my payment by my bank I have their 24/7 phone number to tell them to do the payment.

  156. Congrats to Rohan, his team and all of us waiting so impatiently for the deliveries (Adam that is).

    Finally, Mr. Jon will be able to something positive in this notionink support replies.

  157. You will have to pay customs charge. I don’t remember but I think, if I’m not wrong, the extracharge for Spain is about 60~80 EUR

  158. How about a clear statement on payment options? Many, and I mean many, people have been asking about being able to use Master Card and yet there is no official statement from Rohan or Notion Ink about this. If this and other important information can not be made clear, I fear that the reputation of NI will suffer. I personally don’t have a dog in this fight, because I’ve already ordered, but I have sympathy for those that can’t get this needed information.

    About the content. Lots of content is great, but lets get the tablet in our hands first!
    Sorry if this sounds negative, but I feel the frustration level rising and would not like to see it backfire on NI. I don’t think there is any more room for surprise delays.

  159. I have a question why it is a hidden news? Is it a kind of joke? Or the second preorder announcement was a mistake? I’ve already disappointed with a first announcement didn’t reached my email… 😦

  160. Dear Rohan,

    I am just curious. Assuming that I make it in Pre-Order 2, when can I expect to get my Adam? February? March?


  161. Excellent news rohan…. This needs to be celebrated 🙂
    And the timing -perfect.

    Wish you, NI folks – all the best.

  162. I don´t know what went wrong. I´m just trying to be honest and help out, and I don´t think it´s a personal thing against some of you.

    At least you can still get an Adam, and I bought an Adam but I cannot get the experience of having following the process of Adam and Notion Ink. You have that and I think it´s worth something, it´s unik. And thank you for being part of the process!

    Good thoughts.

  163. Sweet…. Happy to know I dont need to got buy a nook and hack it 🙂

    Rohan, Thank you for the update and fur putting us all at ease!

    For noobs, there is a news site at “www.notioninknews.com” and a Forum for the Adam at “www.tegra2tablets.com”. The news site links directly to the forum….

    Also, there is a pre order for sale on the Forum but the sale will be after the side by side LCD and PQi unboxing video and full demo. If you dont know what version you want to order swing by so you can see the two versions side by side…..

  164. fjallfoss.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/GranteeSearch.cfm

    http(s) fjallfoss.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/GranteeSearch cfm (correct the URL)

    Grantee Code Y2G
    Grantee Name Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd.
    Mailing Address 6th Floor, D Tower, Subramanya Arcade, Bannerghatta Road
    City Bangalore
    State Karnataka
    Country India
    Zip Code 560029
    Contact Name Rohit Rathi
    Date Received 11/24/2010

  165. great news, the shipping will start. I am curious to read comment from the first who will receive it. We saw plenty of very good comment from Rohan and nice video, but I am really enthusiast to read the one from Greg for example.
    Good job

  166. The pre-order 2 phase its a great news!
    Now the last one Rohan: when Adam will enter in a normal selling rountine open to everyone and, if it’s possibile to know, how many Pixel Qi model you can assembe per month?

    … The road seems to become more straight now …

  167. Sounds great – hope you got can offer more “PixelQi-3G-Adams” and at least allows payments via PayPal (prefered) or MasterCard too. I’am still excited to see the first adams used by normal people in their daily life 🙂

  168. This is great News….I belong to the Jan15 – Jan22 shipdate. Hopefully it will reach me next week itself.

    In the mean time, check out latest ios features from apple…nothing ground breaking :p

  169. What about sales in India? When will the Adam be introduced in India(I mean officially).

    You have shown your product around the world but will you show it to our folks?

  170. This is a very good news for those who already ordered and those like me who could not ordered during Pre-order 1

    Can’t wait to order!

  171. Great News!
    Congratulations Rohan and everyone at NI!
    (And everyone who has an adam on the way to them!)

    Can’t wait to hear more about Pre-Order 2 as well!
    Thanks for the update.

  172. > this time we are not going to do the mistakes we did last time

    Yay! New mistakes! Rohan is always innovating!

  173. I agree what is the need for a pre order 2? Why not just a general launch? Rohan says they are waiting for deliveries in Europe and US does he mean from the first “pre order? Or does he mean they want to have stock on hand for deliveries of the next round of orders. We are talking a second round of orders and I haven’t seen anyone post that they have recieved their unit from the first round yet. This is already off to a bad start.

    If there are limitations on how many will be available (especially the PQ1 ) then why not say it. Something like “General ordering will commence after Jan, 21 2011. We will only be able to take xx,xxx orders for the PQ1 version. Due to supply of the screens.”

    I remain very excited about the adam but I’m worried about the delivery, ordering, customer service part of the process.

  174. wow nice to see everyone waiting for the delivery to begin and others for the pre order 2.

  175. Sorry , an unrelated question.
    Post CES- whats the best phone to buy , looking for something with generous screen size and Android based ( Before Eve comes in;-)


  176. SWEET… Pre-Order2!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait… so hard not to be tempted by other devices…

  177. Excellent news!! I can’t wait to get my Adam in the mail! It has consumed my thoughts waiting for news. Thank you Rohan for keeping us all posted.

    I assume that in the States, Monday, January 17th is an official Government holiday being Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    God Bless.

  178. Rohan – PLEASE make sure your email program is up-to-date! I have not been receiving many of the emails [the family email, updates to fcc, etc] through my yahoo account!

  179. Now i’ll welcome you Back. I hope you and the NI team got some rest. great news on the FCC and hope the CE is the same. I can’t wait for the Pre-Booking 2 to start. Saturdays feel normal again now. Again thanks Rohan.

  180. If honeycomb supports 1024 by 600 (all signs point to yes now) then, yes we will get the update.

  181. Couldnt you use PAYPAL if you had them Generate a Virtual VISA number or whatever they do?
    Jsut a Thought..from a Visa card holder..

  182. Come on gecko! Give him a break. Whatever Rohan try to do so far is not easy for a 25 year old. He for sure has a way at looking at things that is not conventional. He is more an out-of-the-box kinda thinker. Conforming to set norms is always difficult. Trying to take on everyone on all fronts is not going to be easy. He sure has a vision. Whether it is 20-20 or not only time will tell.

  183. > “we are waiting for deliveries in US and European countries”

    This will give a clear picture of the customs and import duties in these areas, and thus people can get an idea about the total cost of the device at these places. Good thought indeed!

  184. Fantastic News!!! Congratulations Rohan and everyone at NI!

    Two Questions: Will updates be promulgated and how?

    Again – Congratulations!!!!!

  185. I can’t help but wonder of Pre-Order 2 might include some of those other memory “variants coming soon”? That would be nice. 🙂

  186. @ Rohan
    My order from India should ship as planned right Here we do not need any FCC or CE thingy
    Can you please comment on this….

    My order is NIO475694
    Please let me know the status… Please

  187. Rohan – I was so pleased to see your latest update. I have been a poster on the blog before and did not make it to pre-order, no matter, i was prepared to be patient. With your competitors making such rapid progress, i was afraid i would have to ditch the dream of owning an ADAM, but the latest reviews are helping be keep the faith. From a small start up I am not expecting the earth but very much appreciate your honesty. Looking forward to not just pre-order 2 but an official and continuous launch!!

  188. This is great news that pre-order 2 is around the corner. Any idea whats the quantities like for Pixel Qi that will be available for order?


  189. The seemingly long silence is over. Many will be happy again. We can hope the disappointments will be few and far between from this point forward. Videos ond unboxings at least from the Usa are likely still a week and a half away. We nowl have a reason to celebrate. Congratulations for clearing another hurdle Rohan and Notion Ink.
    Please continue to keep us up to date.

  190. New Cancellation, Return, and Refund Policy.

  191. I think Master Card has been a stinker in all this ordeal. Have called them and yelled at them? You pay for their service.

  192. Karen:
    > Hey, one more Dutchie. Goedemorgen…
    > Ganesh, Carlo, Paul Schoe and me as well.

    Some of those aren’t Dutch. They’re just there for the weather or something.

  193. I am readying my credit card!! I hope I will receive a mail this time! (Anyway, everyone supporting Adam are going to be on this blog from now on!!) XD


  194. No, no breaks. Take it from a cranky Irishman, namely Samuel Beckett, whom I quote:

    “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

    Someday, Rohan may be cranky, but he’ll never be the playwright that Beckett was. He’ll never be Irish, either (which is probably a good thing if he likes to eat).

  195. congratulations rohan!!!! btw, BIG stands for reliance, right?? i hope not, the company has the worst network…

  196. Can anyone confirm the Adam supports wifi hotspot with Android 2.2? Did I miss that somehwere? I really wish it shipped with quad-band sim support.

  197. Nah. Not new. It says “v 1.0” at the bottom. So this is the first. The previous ones didn’t count because they were beta policies.

  198. I would assume Pixel QIs will be available. In one of the CES interview videos there was one by the pixel QI booth where he said he could do a preorder for the LCDs then, but wanted to wait till he could do both.

  199. @varun

    i am sorry to say buddy, but please do not start guesswork. let NI take a deep breath and come out with full energy to the masses first.

  200. Round 2 sounds good, but is it only those who could order in round 1 that can order now or is it open for everyone?

  201. I would highly recommend the Nexus S if you don’t want to wait for the newer phones with Tegra2 in them.

  202. Sitting here waiting. 6d 1h 21m before shipping if that is the latest date so hopefully very soon. =D

  203. I would go with atrix if you want a very versatile device, if not infuse 4g is the best all-rounder

  204. Good news !
    I hope you will give priority to those who got an email last time but didn’t succeed in ordering.

  205. That is odd. I would have thought it was celebrated everywhere.

    Point of my original comment was that the FCC would most likely be closed on Monday and therefore no stamp until they reopen. There is a chance this division at the FCC works holidays and weekends, but unlikely.

  206. Rohan,

    is there any pre-registration for Pre-order 2 ? I understand you will try to resolve the issues that evolve around previous Pre-Order.

    But can’t you simply open separate registration process, where people fill out their personal info and preference in the Adam they want , so that on day of pre-order opens it becomes smooth transition by simply clicking submit the order with credit card details ?

    That may also help you to estimate next wave of orders. Just thought

  207. Hi,
    felt very bad until this post, since Fans started criticizing badly….. Now its freezing cool… with pleasant sky like after a rough weather…. Gr8 Rohan….

    Special thanks to U…. Now waiting for your reviews and use cases.

  208. I think he lives in Utah. It is like 7:45am there right now. He was up until 2:00 am creating videos for us, but fell asleep. His wife was probably a bit upset with him because he fell asleep with Adam in his arms.

  209. Great news! And I like a lot the Fibonacci numbers in the FCC code. I work with Fibonacci series every day, so if I need another reason (do I really need another one? LOL!) to get Adam – here it is!

    I am eagerly looking forward to the second preorder, and I understand way it will be only a preorder, and not a continuous order. They simply do not have enough Adams. Rohan said that the max production capacity of 100000/mo will be reached in several months. But for now, the demand is bigger than their offer. I want a red one, but I think it will be a while until we’ll see Adam in colors, and I am not willing to wait or it.

    Rohan, can you tell us more about the reader app, please? What formats are supported, languages, dictionaries, and for me the most important thing – how annotation are implemented. Also Rohan, did you think to any accessories for Adam (e.g. cases, sleeves, etc)?

  210. Do you sense the change coming?

    Some thoughts from Rohan’s post of May 2009:

    Small ideas leave huge trails when people feel connection with it. When they think they are gaining something which they always lacked. When they make emotional connections. And when these ideas give people the power to personalize things, it becomes ubiquitous and indispensable. Isn’t that what every manufacturer in the end wants?

    Blue whales cant experiment with different maneuver styles. Its difficult for them to gain momentum for them. It is the smaller fishes which ushers a new range of brilliant water acrobats. It starts with one, and soon there are thousands of them dancing in the tune of wet notes. Same applies in the case of industries as well. Disruption is caused by newer firms, by those who are not exposed to standards, principles and guidelines.

  211. Here is the update from FCC website Notion Ink appearing

    I am posting screen shots



  212. I would probably go for the Nexus S as well. I myself have an EVO 4G and it’s pretty awesome too. Either way, there are plenty of reviews/previews on the internet that you can look up.

  213. I hope there will be more units available this time. Congrats on FCC/CE pass. eagerly awaiting Greg’s videos and videos/reviews from others.

  214. WWWWWWWWWWooowwww

    now all the trolls go and lock urself 🙂 or come and buy an adam

  215. I am waiting impatiently since Jan 2010. Let’s up pre-order 2 is more “pre-orderly” than the last one.

  216. Well new none the other it was bundled into another file before. It changes the cancellation policy to 24 hours after placing the order.

  217. Great news Rohan..

    So the Jan15-22 shipment will also be made along with the Jan9th shipment ?
    Mine belongs to the Jan15-22 batch.. Cant wait to get my hands on the Adam..


  218. Congratulations!
    Can’t wait for 2nd round of pre-orders to start, hoped I would be in the first batch but alas.

    All the best to notion ink and you Rohan, for making us believe that the future is now! 🙂

  219. It seems ok, so no need to delete it. Of course it does not show that the FCCID is granted but it does show that it was last updated in 15th.

  220. Didn’t know if there was a mail sent about FCC updates. If you mean the mail from preordersupport at notionink dot com, those mails were sent to only people who explicitly asked about status of their orders.

  221. The good thing about this blog is, I learned few nerdy things about tech business.. like need for an FCC & CE registration, how not to start a preorder and finally how to advertise your product on a shoestring budget… When I read comments on some other sites like engadget, we can clearly see two kind of people 1st are the apple supporters who will call Adam a crap and there are fans of NI who will politely defend adam.. certainly a great achievement of this blog.. wish good luck to NI team and Rohan.. hope to order my Adam soon..

  222. Congratulations for FCC(obvious). Can’t wait for pre-order 2 link. I have stuffed my credit card with the amount.

  223. @Ganesh

    i second that. 🙂

    To experience what adam is really PLEASE wait to get one . DONT DO FREE LIP SERVICE 🙂

  224. This is not what you want. This just shows that NI are registered with FCC, a requirement for even filing the application. The clearance status has not been updated yet. Bookmark: “http://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid/”

  225. How do you stuff a credit card with a said amount? I thought that went against the definition of ‘credit’.

  226. Looking forward to PreOrder 2… but please:

    – charge CC only when delivering
    – allow Mastercard finally

  227. Assume? Both pixelqi & lcd varrient will be available in the 2nd pre order. pixel qi might be limited stock and if you are planning for it than keep your eye focus on this blog.

  228. Now that’s a FANTASTICO piece of information ^ ^
    Pre-order 2 I’m coming for you!
    I hope my currency will get stronger so the purchase will be more attractive for me : )

  229. Thanks for the update rohan. It’s that one last thing we were waiting for.
    Lock and loaded!

  230. Great news. I have done two things in preparation.

    1. Notified my mastercard of an upcoming possible charge to India… is this going to be a priblem again for USA orders?

    2. Bought a 32 gb class 10 card.


  231. Thank you for a great wake call Rohan! I’m really looking forward to showing off my Adam!

  232. The Dream
    Many of us have gone through our lives with this void since the invention of computers, laptops and smartphones. We love technology but it is simply not user friendly. I want to interface with technology on my terms in any location I choose, outdoors or in. Through some research I found NI and Rohan’s Blog. Let me take you on a journey as I see it through a medical student’s eyes.
    My wife and I go to a physician’s office I have never met before. My wife says she needs a checkup and we moved to a new area. We find a recommended Doctor and I can’t pronounce his name just Rohan Shr something. We go into the office and my wife leaves for a little bit comes back and we wait. Dr. Rohan comes in and says “Congratulations! You are going to have a baby!” We are both very excited. Dr. Rohan says that he would love to be with us on this journey and monitor the baby as it develops. He says that he knows we have many choices in physicians, but I see that there is something about this man. He is personable, honest, and not to mention a great smile. (FYI, timeline doesn’t exactly match up with the developmental process of a child but go with it people)
    Jan -April Conception and formulation: During this first visit with Dr. Rohan he explains the miracle of birth and his dream. He explains how babies are born. We like him and decide that we want to stay with him as our physician through this journey.
    May- Pixel Qi video: Our next checkup is a brief one as Dr. Rohan shows us some images of what a baby may be like at this stage and a few basic Ideas. He says that he would like to give us an image but his ultrasound machine is down and is trying to get it repaired.
    Jun- poll: What will you use adam for?: In June Dr. Rohan’s ultrasound is still down but he distracts us by discussing other things, “what will you do with your child, where will you take it?” he is clearly trying to get us to realize his dream and begin to think about the new role we will take on as adam owners… I mean parents!
    Jul- prototype with fruit on it, Features, 3.0 or not, date of expectation November: Finally this month Dr. Rohan has his ultrasound machine fixed! We see a bean folded over on itself…yay… Dr. Rohan hears something we don’t and asks if we know what that was. He says it’s a heartbeat, the dream is there. In measuring the fetus he tells us that the delivery date is November and that all is proceeding according to plan. We are all very excited and decide to hold the baby shower since we have pictures. For some reason people brought fruit instead of baby clothing?
    Aug- concept picks, colors and price revealed, expecting date delay to after November, genesis, and counterfeit babies in china, EAP: During this office visit we get another ultra sound from Dr. Rohan and we see more features. The head is becoming more clearly defined, also feet. One more important thing happens this month, we begin to feel Kicks! The dream is alive and growing. But during this Visit Dr. Rohan says that the ultrasound machine may have originally been wrong with the first date but is now projecting delivery sometime after November. I ask what he means and Dr. Rohan says I don’t want to give you an ambiguous date again but soon. Closer to that time I will give you an exact date. While we are getting ready to leave, after Dr. Rohan has already said his goodbye’s, a strange Chinese Doctor steps in and says, you want your baby now? I can cut it out now if you want and you can have it. That is strange… Dr. Rohan said it would be after November, how can this guy give us our baby now? Dr. Rohan comes back and runs the other Physician off and says you can’t trust that guy, your baby won’t work right after he cuts it out now. Just wait. We agree, you want a baby that works right… right?
    Sept- more features, magnalium alloy, explanation of features and concepts, color poll: Throughout this month we felt more Kicking. The dream was alive, well and proceeding. At this Visit with Dr. Rohan told us that our baby would be much like ourselves, so we started to wonder who’s features it would have, what color of hair and eyes, and such. Then during the ultrasound Dr. Rohan says he noticed the bone structure was different and told us that it was made from magnalium alloy, a metal that is strong and light. We are happy for an unknown reason, maybe he is going to grow up to be wolverine but who cares, lighter is better and we love the dream.
    Oct- Logos, demos of prototypes and eden preview: In October the baby is really large, more kicking, more times my wife has to go to the restroom, more cravings of Indian food. During this ultrasound there is something different, he starts to look like a real baby. Eyes, toes, nails, lips, it’s a boy of course. We always knew it was a boy, we had named it adam early on so the baby didn’t really have a choice. After all adam isn’t one of those names that could go to either sex like Pat.
    Nov- birthing class, get ready for newborn, more techs, who is part of the dream, more features and concepts, glass, matte or not, website upgrades: Half way through the third trimester, or so we think. We still do not have a firm date. This was the original delivery date and still no delivery. We become concerned and proceed to our next visit with Dr. Rohan. He performs another ultrasound and we see that development is coming along, the baby is almost 5lbs now, viable if premature but that we should wait to make sure the baby has developed enough to survive the best in its new environment. More ultrasound pictures and the dream continue! Now random contractions begin as my wife’s body begins to exercise itself for deliver.
    Dec- preorder, features, Video demo’s, more features, color change: Huge contractions begin for my wife, everyone begins to get excited but the baby is still not ready. This month’s visit was a tough one, we were supposed to find out the news of delivery. We got e-mailed reservations to be at the Dr.’s office at a specific time but the door was locked and other impatient expecting families that didn’t get an e-mail were there too. Why would we be given a notice to appear at the Dr.’s office if the door was going to be locked and we couldn’t get in. Many of us became frustrated. We saw other people leaving the Dr.’s office with news of their dates of delivery and we became increasingly frustrated. How did other people get in to the office and get a delivery date if my door was locked. I heard other families yelling that Dr. Rohan was a Scam and that they were going to find another Doctor due to lack of communication. I decided to just wait and keep pressing the doorbell (F5) to see if the door would eventually open when hitting it harder. Dr. Rohan finally called and said his flight was delayed and that he would be there soon. The door was finally opened and we met with Dr. Rohan. He finally reveled the exact delivery date! I hear someone next door getting their news too and they are cheering January 9th while Dr. Rohan tells me January 15-22… I felt that that was strange but I didn’t questions it. We were having a baby on Jan 15-22 and I had to get the house ready! I ran out and purchased a 32gb SDHC card, portable keyboard and a case, I mean diapers, wipes and a car seat to bring him home in! As we leave I meet the guy with the January 9th delivery date and we become friends as we are in this together and discuss peripherals we would like to purchase for our babies.
    January- CES, Demo’s, Pics, Launch: In January I am at the hospital with my new best friend, Mr. Jan 9th delivery date. We talk about how there were a few false alarms and while he was at the hospital he saw many other people getting the news about their new pregnancies. All of different shapes and sizes, in one case there was a birth defect and the lady was expecting twins that were joined at the hip….Might as well have been a laptop, I thought… but as parents often do, we began to compare what our child would be like to other people’s and we both agreed that no one else’s kid looked better than our own on ultrasound… besides, what the point in changing one ultrasound for another? No one has their baby yet. Ours were going to be delivered soon and others not until the summer or fall and no one wants an apple for a baby…
    So there we were on January 9th, my friend was expecting his baby(shipping confirmation). He reports to the hospital with his wife on that day as he was told and waited. Nothing, no news and Dr. Rohan didn’t even show up. We waited patiently. Jan 10th no news. We begin to become anxious. Jan 11th, no news, no Rohan. Some other families waiting for Dr. Rohan also said they were told to be here on Jan 9th begin to say that they are losing sight of the dream and others begin to question whether they are even going to be having a baby or not. I don’t understand this because a baby can’t just disappear but whatever. We wait… Finally we hear an announcement from Dr. Rohan saying there was a delay surgical equipment, they could not deliver any babies yet, but it would be soon. We thought, soon? What does that mean? We were told that our babies were ready to come out but that they couldn’t without the proper equipment so they would be fine where they are at and be delivered soon… We were also told that they were able to deliver a few babies before they ran out of supplies (non FCC/CE countries). All of us waiting patiently quickly ran to the viewing area where they keep babies under observation that were recently delivered (Rohan Blog). Where are the babies? They said they delivered some? Jan 13, no babies, Jan 14th no babies. As time goes on people become really anxious. Someone who claims to have spoken with Dr. Rohan’s secretary Jon says they were told that NO babies were delivered, this went against what Dr. Rohan told everyone… I previously left Jon 3 messages and he only returned my call once. I don’t want to talk to Jon anymore. I don’t even know who Jon is. With all of us here at the hospital waiting to deliver, how can Jon be answering everyone’s questions by himself? Is there some place where everyone names their kid Jon and they all answer questions about our babies? Mr. Jan 9th said he never received a call from Dr. Rohan and was a little worried about whether he should stay with Dr. Rohan or not. He said his forms still say delivery of Jan 9th and no one has changed them… but we still waited. On Jan 15th , the beginning window of my delivery date, Dr. Rohan called and finally confirmed that Surgical supplies were delivered and Shipping… err deliveries will commence next week. Yay we have a date and equipment is in… But I wonder… what is going to happen if my baby gets sick? What happens if in the future there is a problem? Do I just leave a message for Jon? Do I just blog about it? I don’t have a way to get in contact with anyone once I have my baby adam…

    End scene

  233. Yes !!!! But please, let us make you rich with our Mastercard ! If not, I will be very disappointed, like a cat who sees a mouse he cannot catch.

  234. The FCC, doesn’t do much of the actual testing. Having both CE and FCC on the same date points to having the same compliance lab performing qualification for both CE and FCC. It takes about 2 weeks after a registered compliance lab completes testing and submits paperwork to the FCC for the FCC to post the certification. In that time, the FCC may require an actual sample for test, but that won’t delay the certification. This sampling is there mostly to prevent certified labs from cheating on their certification.

  235. uncle Murphy will always be around the corner waiting to strike as soon as you forget him. The only thing you can do is be prepared, dont take any flights, and be available in case something happens. Also… Communicate

  236. While I agree with your post in general and agree that as many payment options as possible need to be opened up I do find myself wondering why the people who could’t order the first time due to not having a Visa card have not simply gotten themselves a Visa card. There are plenty of them around with no annual fee so it can’t be cost. What am I missing?

    Sometimes we need to take control over our own lives. I use my Discover card pretty much exclusively but when it was not an option I simply turned to my Visa which I keep for just this kind of situation, I literally never use it unless forced to because the Discover card is not accepted by the vendor. I am in the US and perhaps it is easier to obtain multiple cards here? Somebody please enlighten me.

  237. Isn’t preordering something that’s supposed to happen bevor anything ships? So it wouldn’t exactly be “pre-order 2” but rather round one of normal ordering?

  238. I am so excited and hope to have saved up enough soon and then of course hope they will be easily available too. I have full confidence this tablet is going to be such a leap forwards in userfriendlyness!

  239. :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
    :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))

  240. So, does that mean that this of us who were left out of the early pre-order emails will get one this time around?

  241. Indeed, a life of purpose by definition if full of mistakes. If you are not making any then you really are not pushing the envelope of your life.

  242. Rohan – in the midst of all the good news, i have some hard questions.
    1. Per your last post – were Adam’s actually delivered to some people in Asia, Australia whatever?
    2. Were they EAP’s or regular pre-orders?
    3. If they were regular pre-orders, were they told specifically to not reveal any pics or post anything about the device?
    4. If so, why? What difference would it have made?

  243. finally! been refreshing my RSS feed for a month since i missed the last preorder =)
    can’t wait for it.. and then the sweet wait for the actual product will begin. woot. hopefully it won’t run out as fast this time.
    but Notion Ink is getting a lot more coverage, so there’s probably a lot more people lining up now.. =(

  244. I always thought the screen was scratch resistant based on the november 20 post. I just read “http://www.notionaddicts.com/forums/showthread.php/1146-screen-shipping-update/page2”. The screen is not scratch resistant according to this post. Could this be true?

  245. Yes, that would be a very good idea, Himanshu.
    A ‘dry run’ would also clear up who is in that list..

  246. @Jani. Thanks for the post. Was looking for it. Do not know hoe I missed it in the first hand. Truly exciting post coming from a NI content partner. Very very exciting times indeed.

  247. Hopefully for pre-order 2 you won’t be hit with $50 for each item if you want to place an order for several devices.

  248. Wednesday, huh? Can’t wait. This should be the final nail in the coffin of the scam accusations. Eventually, people are going to have to admit that it’s clearly a real device.

    So will only the Jan 9th people have devices shipped? Or will the 15th-22nd group be included as well?

  249. Hi Rohan

    really good news. I was just thinking yesterday that you would come up with something sweet this weekend.

    Today is the beginning of my estimated shipping date ( 15th to 21st Jan )
    But I think you will first have to clear the backlogs of 9th to 14th shipping slot.

    So I guess I should be holding my ADAM around the mid next week ( 24or 25th Jan )

    Really Excited !!!

  250. It’s like autumn here. Tomorrow it will be 12 degrees, not very winter-like.
    But the weather seems to be upset all over the world these days 😕

  251. This was the reason why i was checking this page everyday, to know if presale 2 will be available soon!


  252. Yeah, I think so 😉

    No government, Belgium is going to beat The World Record currently held by Iraq

  253. Hi Rohan & NI Family,

    I missed ordering Adam the last time since the mail went to the spam folder 😦 I was crushed to say the least! Hope i get the mail this time for the order 2! Waiting anxiously! 😀



    I Can’t wait to finally get an order in for the NI Adam!

  255. Great news! I am eager to get my tracking number next week.

    Question, Is it still a pre-order if units are already shipping. Shouldn’t it be just order now?

  256. Himanshu suggested a ‘dry run’ for the personal invite.
    I second that.
    Also because it would set some minds at ease, clearing up who is in the list.

    At the same time that would create a new wave of comments of people being upset, because they seem not to be in, and they want to be somehow.

    What Rohan could do however is blog the message, at the time NI is mailing the list of ppl their invite. That would avoid a lot of F5 abuse :-0

  257. Hi Rohan,

    When you say “This means that we start printing on Monday and start shipping around Wednesday” does it only applies to US and Europe orders?

    Thanks for the confirmation !

  258. dear rohan !!
    thanks for the update on adam !! i just saw your interview with engadget & i have to say you were looking really great in it !! full of confidence !! hoping to get some good news about the pre order 2 with pixel qi version soon as i have been waiting from a long time as millions of others to get my hands on my very on adam !! also in last i would like to suggest that you should add net banking & debit card in the payment options for adam as not too manyy students like me have credit cards !! plz bring the adam to us soon as i have been saving from my pocket money ever since i heard about it !!

  259. Great news. Looking forward to the first unboxing video. And of course my own unboxing. :o)

  260. looking fwd to ppls reviews, wondering when rohan is going to let us know if he is going to put the adam in retailers if not i think they are making a big mistake

  261. May I suggest that the next round of preorders be done on a saturday/sunday, the reason I missed it last time was that I was asleep when preorders started and at work when the PQi models sold out. I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate being able to preorder without the worry that they’ll miss the opportunity due to work.

  262. Rohan,
    In order to rationalize this to my wife I have now given up 1 birthday present, 1 fathers day present and 1 Christmas present. My birthday is coming around again and it would be great if I could at least order the Adam by then. I have been saving my pennies and am now more than ready to let them go… I know you have to prepare to do this the correct way but I am hoping it will be soon… Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeee!!!!!

  263. Thanks so much for the update, Rohan. I hope I will be fortunate to buy one this time. I have been following this since CES 2010 when I saw a product that was exactly what I was looking for. I’m glad you had the vision and fortitude to see this dream through, and I probably know only a fraction of the hardships that you and your team have endured in order to get to the final product. Well done, Rohan and company, well done. I look forward to holding one in my hands.

  264. This is awsome news. But i have been wondering when after we all start recieving our adams will the Genisis app store be lanched. Ive heard no word on a launch date.

  265. Splendid news!! Anyway.. is officially confimed that the secret feature is a FM radio? could be any more?

  266. START

    INPUT person_name,Gender,Species,Face,Figure;

    IF ((Gender==F) && (Species==HUMAN) && (Face==BEAUTIFUL) && (Figure==SEXY) && (Seduce(Rohan,Person_name))==TRUE ) //check gender,species and physical attrib

    GET adam



    Wait for Preorder2;

    Public FUNCTION Seduce(A as person,B as person) as boolean
    /*A= Person to be seduced
    B= Person seducing A */

    if B is successful in seducing A
    return TRUE;
    return FALSE;



  267. Great news! I missed out on pre-order Round 1 … but with some holiday cash in my pocket, it’s time to grab an Adam!

  268. PErsonally, i think that the nexus s is really just an incremental improvement over galaxy s, the real improvement are the phones coming out post ces

  269. I *really* hope not. One of the biggest pluses for me was that the Adam had a matte screen. I very much remember that blog post. I can’t imagine after all that, they’d go with just a glossy screen and a matte protector included in the box. If that’s the way it is, at the very least, I really really hope that it’s already been applied bc I never fail to get one tiny bit of fuzz or a tiny air bubble that drives me crazy from then on.

    It’s funny (and not in a good way) because the very first thing I look for or ask of my friend, who has been looking at other tablets to see what else is out there, is if it has a glossy screen. If it does, most of the time I don’t even want to look at it unless he says it has some really good saving graces.

    I haven’t posted in quite a while, but if that thread posted accurate info, I’m quite disappointed and thought I’d post to to bring more attention to yours. I’m hoping Rohan will clear the issue up. Although if not, I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it somewhat soon from the 1st ppl to receive their Adam.

  270. I was one of the lucky and unlucky ones who was part of the first pre order but was unable to order an Adam due to the problems. Does anyone know whether those of us will be offered the chance of ordering before it opens out to the wider public?

  271. As far as firsties go this one is very clever and amusing. Most of the time it is only the word “FIRST” or something like that which is of course lame.

    Thank you.

  272. well..stupid wordpress sorting. Definitely I was wrong about firsties but I still believe it is funny and clever. 🙂

  273. Congrats, it is good news! But given the history, I would wait couple of days more before popping champagne bottle.

  274. As his primary market is to the west (as it is the west where most products are targeted since western cultures have the most disposable income for gadgets such as these), wouldn’t it have been intelligent to base your communication/pr strategy towards your primary market, IE: towards the western ethos?

    I think so.

    Considering that 90% of preorders came from Europe and North America (with the majority from the US, based on NI’s own stats), I think catering to the US and European market is a no-brainer. Image is everything in business, people. And if people in your primary market are being LIED to, that my friends is what we in business call an ‘image problem.’

    And frankly, when you say one thing, but reality is another, yes, it is a lie. I’m pretty sure that cultures around the world support that particular little idea.

  275. for those checking the FCC site it most likly won’t be posted until Tuesday Monday is a federial holiday here so they won’t be working

  276. Great stuff, can’t wait and I hope to get an email this time (had posted before but didn’t get one..sniff…sniff )

  277. Go to your bank and see if they offer a “pre-paid visa” and you too can “stuff it”. Make sure to let your bank know you are going to use it for an international purchase. Then you don’t have to worry about MasterCard’s crap.

  278. Rohan please don’t forget to send me the pre-order 2 link this time(I was torn out for not receiving the link personally but I understand it happens). This time I have address (settled at new place) to order it unlike last time (when I was relocating to a new place). Please don’t forget this time and devast me again 😦 🙂 . Woooh I am getting an Adam soon. Let’s prove that its not just Apple that has die hard fans, NI has more.

  279. Finally it seems like everything is coming together! I am anxiously waiting for the opportunity to finally make my purchase! Also looking forward to hearing comments and videos from the people who preordered and will have the Adam in their hands soon!

  280. Thanks Andreu. Does anyone else have more concrete knowledge about customs? For the US perhaps? I found some information on this website: cbp.gov/xp/cgov/trade/basic_trade/internet_purchases.xml , but that still leaves a lot of questions.

  281. great news, after these weeks of watching the site and hoping…! Looking forward to preorder 2 and hope I get a link…but in the short term, REALLY looking forward to others receiving theirs and telling us all about it! Can’t wait to hear how Adam performs as a digitizer with its clever workaround!

  282. The news is a bit old but contextually related to today’s post.


  283. i just read this on the Engadget blog:

    “camerafan1967 8 minutes ago
    I just recieved mine and I have to tell you, it really is great! So much better than the iPad I sold last week. Thanks Adam!”

  284. @John
    i didnt wanted to reply , but you know if i dont do it , then i am LYING TO MYSELF.

    easy to blame but hard to make a thing. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT IS CALLED WHITE LIE FOR NEARLY A YEAR . IN THE SAME MARKET WHERE Image is everything in business. AND THE SAME PEOPLE ARE BEING LIED . YES IT IS A LIE.

  285. Well, it’s good to finally here about the pre-order 2. I missed out on the first pre-order due to some of those mistakes that are according to Rohan won’t be happening again…
    Hopefully pre-order 2 will happen soon and have a quicker turn-around than the first as I’d love to have my pixel-qi adam asap 🙂

  286. Well, it’s good to finally hear about the pre-order 2. I missed out on the first pre-order due to some of those mistakes that are according to Rohan won’t be happening again…
    Hopefully pre-order 2 will happen soon and have a quicker turn-around than the first as I’d love to have my pixel-qi adam asap 🙂

  287. Rohan its high time to update official website with picture gallery, App store available apps, pre installed apps in Adam, press release and few videos.

  288. I’m hoping that’s one of the first things we hear about between the unboxing videos.

  289. Congrats on things getting closer and closer to those at NI, and ofc to all the lucky people who will be receiving their Adam’s soon 🙂

    Do we have any news on when Adam will be available for retail purchase? I am still a little dubious about the VAT being added on during import, that might push the price up considerably. This was one of the factors that stopped me from pre-ordering and will need to be resolved before I make the jump.

    Looking forward to hearing people from Britain receiving their adam and sharing the results of import tax and their first impressions!!


  290. I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

    Are you saying it’s okay to lie to your customers? Because here in the West, we have things called “truth in advertising” laws.

  291. great news!

    can’t wait for pre-order 2!!!
    please accept paypal payment this time

  292. Ohh Rohan…poor guy, you did one small mistake in writing, and gecko caught you…seems like gecko is the omnipresent class teacher just going round the classroom to spank the kids (literally Rohan and team) for every little mistake. Actually I too thought the same when i read the post

    reminds me of my maths teacher in high school. he used to say, “Fools are not not grown on trees, they are born, you gardhab, study study hard, or else you will fail and I’ll laugh”. Fool = Flower in Hindi and some other languages, and gardhab = dumbass idiot

  293. If I order 3 NI adam’s at the same time, do I have to pay the shippingcosts only 1 time or three times?? Please let me know…

  294. good one…my god!!!!!if Albert works somewhere, lets forward it to his boss 😀 😀

  295. Just a reminder NI

    I was one of the unlucky ones las time whose transaction failed and was not able to order.

    So expecting a preference this time before it hits public

  296. @John
    okay . its so simple. iwhite promise and truth and lie ; in the very market which you are talking about . THE BEST WEST TRUTHFUL .and its strange that even after all the IWHITE LIE it does not matter to those market . coz its IWHITE thingy . everything is good.

    every self respectable culture has a thing called “truth in advertising” . but what we do not have is the myopic view about companies.

    NI is not lying . it is TRYING . if you do not know the difference between the two , i am sorry my friend . if you still have no idea what i am talking about , that’s fine.

  297. Great. Exciting.
    I hope I won’t miss the next pre-order.
    But at the other hand, I’ve a mastercard, are there problems with this card?

  298. I’m really excited for a preorder round two I was so upset when the link in my email for round one didn’t work and by the time I got in pixel qi was sold out…

  299. @albert

    Yes, the baby, the baby! Lil adam! Cheers! Here’s another take on the journey you wanted to take us on?



  300. Yes in march we beat the worldrecord not having a government. I’m sur I will have my adam by then. If not, I change country, go to live where is no wifi (in the mountains far away) and will try forget about adam and concentrate on sheeps

  301. My order ships only in February, maybe with the second pre-order “Ship”… I am waiting. Please, keep working 🙂

  302. Why my comments are always moderated, can I know the reason, its really lame the comments are simply request to include for next pre order, but i never see my commets! Any issues moderators let me know!

    If this gets pass thro, i waiting to get pixel q version, include me for pre order 2 mail!

  303. geen echte dutchie, maar wel een belgie. Lets say we are brothers and sisters here. Lets hope we can get zome dutch content for the adam as it seems difficult to find it. Does someone know a dutch ebookstore?

  304. Looking forward to the next preorder, will be signing up for sure! Keep up the good work 🙂

  305. Dag Karen, what would you say about a dutch fanclub-site?. Is somebody in? A little brainstorming and we could do really nice things , I think. Let say we -all NI-fans- create different zonal languagegroupes with local news and specificlanguage infoemation? The same could be done for different workfields. I’m an architect and heve specific workneeds. Could be interesting to come together (on the site and gather all info for what could be usefull. ) The same I’m sur for doctors, advocats, geeks, players,…. I’m new in android and I’msure that for lots of us adam is the awaited introduction to a new world. I see a lot of sites, but to me they are not really usefull. What do you all think?

  306. Let say we -all NI-fans- create different zonal languagegroupes with local news and specificlanguage infoemation? The same could be done for different workfields. I’m an architect and heve specific workneeds. Could be interesting to come together (on the site and gather all info for what could be usefull. ) The same I’m sur for doctors, advocats, geeks, players,…. I’m new in android and I’msure that for lots of us adam is the awaited introduction to a new world. I see a lot of sites, but to me they are not really usefull. What do you all think?

  307. I really hope this time i’ll get the opportunity to get one of the beloved one T_T
    My birthday is next month and because i got no mail in the first wave, i really hope to hold an adam in my hands to my birthday!!!

    Please hurry mates, can’t wait any longer!!!

  308. Congrats on the FCC clearance.

    No concrete info whatsoever in the blog besides that.

    Shipping on Wed and printing FCC labels for 2 days?!!!!

    And waiting for deliveries in US and Europe before next round of ordering can start????

    So if the units will start to ship on Wed, then it would take a week or so for it reach US/Europe and only then the next round of orders will start.

    Then Rohan how come you’re saying only a few days. What are you trying to convey here?

    If the ordering starts in a few days (some time in next week), then it is well and good. If not, it is beyond ridiculous.

    Still no word about storage capacity, after sale support etc. Except for teasers about content.

    We all know how hard it is for a start-up company from India to launch a tablet (And that too a well designed one). After all, there’s only Samsung besides iPad (And later archos and one more).

    But still the slowness and fillers for buying time is getting ridiculous. I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but wish you all. Pull your socks together and deliver the Adam to everybody who have been waiting for 1.5 years.

  309. Rohan is the Lady Gaga of computer world. She is the misfit, the odd, the pioneer, the unique, not the main-stream type, the talented, belts out one hit after the other and has lots of little-monster fans as part of her family.

  310. yes it’s a good moment now! We have photo’s, we know that Rohan was making pretty nice productionvideo’s, PLEASE! Show the world how beautiful you are 🙂 We would be proud. Now I send people to the site and yes it is a nice thing to let them discover it through the blog. But most of people don’t have time for that. I got them exited as i am. NI-site has to keep their attention. For, the followers it si easy, but they need more accessible content.

  311. @mip Wow cool news. The Adams are arriving and the owners are happy 🙂

    With all the content that Rohan is promising us, we won’t have time to return to this blog once we have an Adam 😦

  312. Till Adam comes in the hand of their respective owners its time notion ink update with there site with pre loaded apps ,videos and comics which will be coming pre loaded so people get busy with tht till they receive Adam other wise they will be impatient and counting each hour and day till Adam arrives IH their hand

  313. Rohan, congrats on the FCC approval…finally adam will start shipping…
    good to hear pre-order 2 is not too far:)
    I had got the email for pre-order 1, but wasn’t working and emailed you guys a lot of times but never got any response:(:( (even to my comments)
    so ended up missing to order my adam (my birthday gist-was on 10th dec)
    Hope I get a functional link for pre-order this time, keeping my fingers crossed!!


  314. If it can hook up to some wifi, the answer is yes. You have to use your cell as a hot-spot. Some cells allow USB and Bluetooth tethering as well.

  315. Samson, you really need to email and/or call to Notion Ink support asking for preferential treatment. I know a person who also missed first order due to financial miscommunication and then was able to make an order with help of Notion Ink support.

  316. Great to hear the FCC has finally been passed. Can’t wait to get into the preorder, hopefully they have a huge stock of Pixel Qi displays on hand 🙂

    Do we know if the mastercard issues have been resolved from the first preorder?


  317. Hi Rohan,

    Thanks for the good news. Congratulations for the FCC approval! Now it is getting really close. Keep up the good work and work hard to get the product in the hands of the eager customers. To that end, official product announcement, updated website, content availability, and a date for general availability are in order. I hope and wish that you can do it soon now. That said, I can wait some more. 🙂

    All the best and thanks for realizing your and our dream.

    Best regards,

  318. @ Rohan… I understand all the complexities that come with the business especially when you’re a rare goldfish battling with unforgiving sharks of the business world. Yes people are impatient including myself, yes the adam is finally here, yes your dream is being realised and yes we are like the children following the pied piper.
    Congratulations and well done.

    I still have one unanswered question though. Will we get taxed by customs in the United kingdom? (as our government demands taxes on anything we have even our dreams. (luckily you’re indian, 🙂 so they can’t tax your NI dream)

  319. It’s a great news !
    I hope that you will not forget European people a second time 😉
    Please, note that mastercard is moe popular than vista there….. If we can’t buy by mastercard again, a lot of people will sheach something else 😦

  320. @Platypuss. Well said. Although Rohan did say that the problems were not from them but from mastercard during the first pre-order. I have secured myself a visa card just in case and also funded my paypal account (should I need to use it) 😉

  321. Rohan said:
    “Pre-order 2 has yet not started because we are waiting for deliveries in US and European countries.”

    Does that mean, that Adams are shipped to all the countries even before they are sold there? So, an Adam bought say in Germany will be shipped to the end user FROM Germany? That would be great – no country-border-taxes than for the buyer!!

  322. Just like I mentioned over in “notioninkhacks.com”
    I think it may be worth repeating briefly here.

    When interviewed by Crunchgear at CES, Rohan mentioned that they are on a boat. That implies that they already have their FCC numbers and are just waiting for final confirmation to release them. So if it is indeed a boat then it would probably take about 3-4 weeks to arrive. Unless they left China a while back and are at port already.

    See “http://bit.ly/NIHacks-Boat” for my further analysis on this topic.

  323. Something like dutycalculator might be able to help you answer your question. Here in France, we basically “only” need to pay the VAT of the product. I think (but might as well be wrong), that it will be the same for most european country…

  324. Great news :))

    @Greg 🙂
    Did my homework this week by puting up Notion Ink web site on all iPads and on all Samsungs Galaxy Tabs at the bigest Tech Shop in my city 🙂 Reminds me of my Hip-Hop days when we use to tag our names on every surface available. Now I’m tagging Notion Ink on screens.

    Kline Dubois.

  325. Hi Rohan, Wow!.. Tat’s Exiting.. 🙂 😀

    Great news & Congratulations!!.. we are all now definitely so close to “Notion Ink -Realizing Dreams to Reality”. Thanks to you & all at Team NI including the new Angel Investors & Partners. For sharing with all of us here, such a wonderful journey!..we surly appreciate it. You deserve a big hand. =D>

    Also, I request you to please include me in that family, preorder-2 list rohan!..I have been a loyalist NI follower for a pretty long time now. Almost from the Q2 last year. I was dormant so far due to the lost chance in the Round-1 (Preorder-1) which i had faced, ending me in shatters & depressed of living the life out here in this blog anymore. I lost my faith in NI. As i thought NI had forgotten & Ignored me from its “Family” (Family email if you remember). And so, was away from here for a while in hibernation (like KumbhaKarna) if you know what i mean, or maybe like Geeko..or sort of a humanoid Geeko! 😉
    But, you brought me back my life (Adam preorder-2) again into picture…
    I’m sure you won’t miss out anyone of us from your family again this time around rohan. And I hope you will prove tat right!.. “Family 1st”

    Soooohh…!! Bring it on Rohan!!!…i’m all set for Round-2 Pre-Orders. 😀

  326. Looking forward too it! Hope this is just the first great product I’m going to be buying from you.

  327. Oh! ya…rohan. Forgot to mention. You better be ready with loads of PQi’s this time.
    And dare don’t bring in any excuses at all… They’ll be off even before they reach the shelves of the warehouse right from the assembly line. 🙂

  328. Yay!!! I am happy for you NI!!!! And happy for me. Can’t wait to PLACE MY ORDER!!! 😉

  329. Two things about the site:

    * The title of the home page says Notion Ink: contact. Is this a bug? (Dunno if I mentioned this before)

    * What is the meaning of the bird in your background image? Just curious.

  330. @paulikxp: interesting approach. Didn’t know about the Android Kindle app. Still given the price of the Kindle, I believe that Adam would take too big a bite out of the Kindle, which, indeed, Amazon might not mind as in the end it results in more customers.

    Yet I still believe (no proof for that) that Rohan will come with a more open solution then the kind of “locking” that I expect when Amazon would partner.

  331. Just wondering if we have to register with wordpress this time? I’d still like an Adam, but some of my enthusiasm has worn thin with what happened last time.

  332. @red: yes, happy Makar Sankranti to all of you in India (or a happy recovering from it). Luckily the Adams are shipped from China so all we have to hope is that they are shipped before the Spring Festival at Chinese New Year.

    However, as far as the remark form Esben is concerned: I think that she referred to the Western Christmas, otherwise it wouldn’t be “Christmas coming early this year”.

  333. Rohan, can you please share some information on when to expect a version of adam with more than 8GB flash? 32GB for example would be very nice – after all I’d like to put that hdmi output to good use (those 1080p videos are truely big).

  334. Rohan, Please avoid pre-order open time issues this time. If you want to have NI family pre-order in the next wave, try splitting them in groups and send invitations to each group/bunch every 24 hrs. Splitting pre-order invitations will also avoid traffic all at once. Hopefully you have enough for all NI family at minimum in the next wave.
    Waiting for an invite myself for PiQi variant. Thanks inadvance.

  335. Hopefully I will be able to hold the Adam in my hands in another week to 2. I’m even contemplating ordering another one when preorder 2 comes out. I wonder what the biggest single order has been so far.

  336. As the post says it’s Saturday tradition again. So we can expect answers for few of our questions only next week. I hope I can check the post and comments next week from my brand new adam. 🙂

  337. I did long time at many Apple stores but the problem is a layman can’t understand/get attracted from the website. I had then started putting engadget page. Shall we fans come up with a site(update existing greg’s site or other sites with a front page that can really attract a layman?

  338. Pls, everyone, don’t forget to let us know all of the ins and outs of manipulating, fine tuning and coordinating all of the different functions of your Adam.

  339. Wow, one day closer and only a few days from shipping. Now the big question is when to buy one for my wife…..

  340. This are great news and another evidence of the interest of Rohan to keep in touch with all of us. Don’t fotget to include me in the second round of preorders, please. I have been waiting for a whole year to have my Adam. Keep goin’!!!

  341. Please update website now. It’s beyond ridiculous that website is not up to date regarding the content, mystery feature, apps that will come uploaded etc etc.
    Agreed you are a startup but that is minimum that is expected, a proper website, NI is not a grocery company to have an incomplete website.

  342. I think the website is great, the only thing it’s missing is an order page.

    Why the hell do you expect a polished website for a product that isn’t available yet? Sorry for the outburst, but I’m a bit annoyed with people complaining on here. Life is more fun if you don’t spend it bitching about things beyond your control, especially things that don’t matter.

  343. Why can’t you not put up a system for regular updating the “pre-order status” on your web site? Then most queries can be put to rest gracefully. But I guess, Rohan you are the one, who want all this craziness built around you and your product!!!

  344. @Anuj, all the information you are asking to be spelled out for you has alllready been hashed and rehashed in previous blog entries. Pls do a little browsing and stop with the little tantrums.

  345. Hi @all ,

    First, thanks to NI & Rohan….you´ve done great work!!!

    A great question i´m mostly thinking about in the last time: What additional costs will come after arriving here in germany ?? Does anyone know?
    I know the customs here are very focused on goods from the asian area, and maybe they would add lot of customs fees & 19% tax on it…
    So the Adam will raise to an expensive device….
    but i don´t worry cause it is the best gift what i´m waiting for since the last years!!

    Can´t wait without one day looking at some the video stuff from adam….lol
    dear Lord, let me walk forward the timeline ;-))

  346. Rohan, I bought a few Archos socks 10 days ago. The stock went up 35% in the next few days in anticipation to an explosive forth quarter for the French firm which launched two tablets in the last quarter and was ready for Christmas. Now I’ve made enough money to buy several Adam (s). Isn’t that cynical?
    Hope you don’t forget me for the next pre order. That would be even more cynical for me. lol

  347. Good idea about the local group. I am just wondering if we can still do it in English may be. That way if at all we have anything worthy to share, it’s easier. I am ok with content being in local language, like references to media or bookstore. But forum itself could be in English. My 2 cents. In any case I am in for the group. I am anyway trying to learn dutch 🙂

  348. this is very good news! I missed the first pre-orders by half and hour or so (literally, I checked the site, wanted to order, realized I didn’t have my credit card and by the time I got it, the pixel Qi versions were sold out…)

    let’s hope everything goes smoothly this time round! With all the great reviews you’ve got after CES, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the interest is A LOT higher now…

  349. Well @Scott, this isn’t really a university project. For a device being shipped out and having reached some recipients it is highly amusing to see the website not being reflected accordingly. Too many excuses and leeways are being made because this is a startup company.

  350. This had better be a wind up !!

    the Matt GLASS screen was a major selling point for me, and it was Stated in blog posts that it was indeed MATT GLASS not glossy glass with a screen protector.

    and if compromises had to be made in production then every pre order client should have been informed and asked if they wished to continue. You cannot change such an integeral part of your tablet and expect everyone to just ignore posts in other blogs.

    So @Rohan please confirm or deny if the adam’s screen is indeed a MATT GLASS Scratch resistant or Glossy Glass and a matt screen protector thrown in.

    fitting a screen protector that itself will get scratched and look unsightly is not what i paid for 😦

    Whats going to be the next revelation ? will it be no access to usb host ? or we had to disable the camera ?

    I have been an avid NI Fan but i am really getting more and more disillusioned as the days go by, we will end up with a run of the mill tablet if features keep on vanishing at this rate.

  351. Roha, great work mate!! I am really looking forward to Pre-order2 as I had technical issues the first time around. Really fantastic product and I am eagerly waiting to be a proud Adam owner!!

  352. Thats a good news Rohan ! Waiting for the Pre-order 2 . Last time I missed it because of lack of MC.

  353. Rohan, great work mate!! I am really looking forward to Pre-order2 as I had technical issues the first time around. Really fantastic product and I am eagerly waiting to be a proud Adam owner!!

  354. ohh here is a snippet from your own hand Rohan we will not comromize and it took ages to get it right.

    “This is a small test I did for you in the morning. You can see one of our engineers dragging a sharp object scratching on of the Matt glass samples we had ordered for.

    You can easily see the scratch (though you will not be pressing this hard, but still) and we definitely don’t want this.

    After nearly 2 months of tests, we have been able to figure out what exactly should be the parameters and here is the result:

    This is Adam’s glass and the result after the same test performed thrice. You can actually notice the speckles left from the last experiment on the other screens.

    It took us really long and was really harder for the manufacturers to make what we wanted. We can’t compromise on few things and this was one of them.”


  355. So is the screen MATT GLASS or as suggested by Jon to others in notioninkaddicts that it is indeed GLOSS GLASS ??

  356. @Fejwin

    Pretty sure he means Pre-order2 won’t happen until the devices from pre-order1 are delivered.

  357. Well rohan you missed me out. Posted on that thread and many more before it. So what does one need to do this time for pre order 2?

  358. I’m going to have this as my homepage on the browser so I don’t miss anything 🙂

  359. I always use a prepaid visa for online purchases. That’s what I did for the pre-order, and I didn’t even know there were problems with ccavenue until later.

  360. If you have android 2.2 and up on the your mobile phone you should have a wifi hotspot mode anyway.

  361. How long do we think it will take to ship from China to Canada and the US? 1 week, 2 weeks?

  362. Check out this Tshirt design I just made.


    I was just messing around on a site. I am not printing these and selling them. You can order it though through this company. It is just a site you log on to and make your own T-shirts. The new NI Logo is very easy to make by just using normal font.

  363. be if there is luck for following pre-order 2 I would like with pixel qi.
    Congratulations for the fcc and ce.
    We all are with desire and very happy.
    Will 3.0 come later with android?
    Thank you Rohan

  364. bikram das:
    > gardhab = dumbass idiot

    Oh, thanks for the Hindi lesson. That one will definitely come in handy.

  365. I am so excited, as is everyone else. I wonder what medical programs have been developed?

  366. Yes, looks like I’m gonna have one more sleepless night waiting for my own personal adam 🙂

    Things we do for you…
    are totally worth it

  367. My shipment is not slated until February … then again, it’s not “mine”. The first one was a gift for my wife. So I need to wait for the 2nd round before I can get my own.

  368. Yup, I missed out on first pre-order… please run the next one for like a day or some amount of time during US hours so my bank is open— or use a better CC processor. Any chance those who couldn’t order are getting anything special or is there new colors available?

  369. Great news, please send me a pre-order 2 link!!!! I had a link for the first pre-order but I had mastercard :-(. Hopefully that problem is fixed by now too.

  370. Aaaaarrrrggghhh… The cycle of obsession is on the upswing again!!! Must have one and soon!!!

  371. Interesting import tax calculation for the Adam.

    Future discussion here. “http://bit.ly/NIH-DutyTax1”

  372. OMG I just checked the blog for today and my heart went “Pitter Patter”, I then seen the Pre Order 2 and almost fell out. If I didn’t know it was from the excitement I would think I was having a Heart Attack. Someone else posted about setting this site as thier home page, I think I’ll do the same. Didn’t get to Pre Order the first time (agh aga and double agh) but I waiting with baited breath this time. Hurry, Hurry Please Hurry.

  373. Yaaaaay, good news….
    Will there be European Resellers for preorder 2 where I can save the customs?

  374. matte, but it’s a custom texture by NI. Rohan made a blog post about it a while back.

  375. This is Great News. I wonder what the estimated arrival time is if shipped Wednesday to California.

  376. HOORAY!!! ive been waiting for this announcement for ages. I cannot WAIT to get my grubby little hands on the second pre-order (I got a link for the second preorder, but they were sold out 😦 ). I hope they get delivered before the end of February as that means I will have mine in time for the huge flow of college homework!!! I am so excited, can’t stand waiting!!!

  377. YEAH!!!!!!!! Finally info about the next order phase, no matter pre-order or simple order, I’m going to get one! hope there are enough pixel qi 3g version to order :-), keep up the good work

  378. BIG, I think is Reliance Group’s media venture – the same guys who lent money to Speilberg of Dreamworks. Unless, Rohan is referring to someone else

  379. I’ve been lurking for about four months and, while I am not as rabid as some fans, I am seriously considering a purchase (when possible).

    I don’t play games, read comics or watch movies on my computer. But when I roll out the driveway to work I have a roll of maps, three clipboards, camera, laptop and lunch. This magic machine will replace everything but lunch!! (Although some fanboys will claim for an app for that too).

    Most folks have some kind of character flaw. I am not immune. However, I am patient.

    Good thing.

  380. Thank you for the great news Rohan. I can’t wait to order one. I have been following this blog for over 6 months and did post here for several times. However I did not get an email for pre-order 1. My question is, who will be qualify for pre-order 2? I am still confused. Please clarify.

  381. Wow, okay, I’m still not understanding your language 100%. Sorry, bud. Are you saying that because Apple does it then it’s okay? Or that because you presume I’m a white guy that it’s okay to lie to me? Or that because they’re a new company then it’s okay to put out lies since they’re trying? How about they try, but tell the truth while doing so?

    There’s a novel concept.

  382. Hi Rohan and Co.

    How about an online user manual for everyone to see, instead of waiting for a customer to upload one.
    Also it would be real nice to see some apps that are going to be available, and maybe even the option to set up app account . I don’t see the need for secrecy anymore if in fact the Adam is shipping in a few days.

  383. We are insulted. Just “Rabid”. It should be “EXTREMELY Rabid” thank you.

  384. If you haven’t been able to order from pre-order 1, now might be a good time to contact your bank to ensure everything would be okay.

    @Australians – “which bank” has indicated that a request through CCAvenue will either be accepted or denied at checkout and to contact them should any problems occur.

  385. @john

    cool. how long you are going to pretend that you do not understand what i am saying.

    I am SAYING every company has it’s own difficulties . so when it happens to crapple after years of solid expertise , then it is called technical difficulty by the SAME MARKET YOU ARE FROM .Just like that .

    But when things get delayed in NI ,even though they are honestly accepting their mistake and trying to improve , you are ready to accuse them with LIES AND PROMISE STORY.This is not fair.


  386. Hi! Rohan hope this time I will recevi the e-m with pre-order to a wonderfull Adam please please don’t live me with out the great opportunity am so not happy I din’t received last time so please get me that e-m

  387. Still i am not clear why you guys don’t have much stuff (videos/pics,etc) on your site.
    Also what’s the big deal about stock, if pq is not available then have lcd versions available.

    Also you guys should work on a Mobile Android phone with cool UI.

  388. yeah Rohan last time you said still alot of lcd in inventory I whant a lcd 3G so why can I order now please let me order please I whant my Adam

  389. @john

    cool buddy . how long you are going to pretend that you do not understand my language. i honestly think that this language is not dutch or polish or french.

    I am SAYING every company has it’s own difficulties during the new product roll out . so when it happens to crapple after years of solid expertise , then it is called as technical difficulty by the SAME MARKET YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT .Just like that .

    But when things get delayed in NI ,even though they are honestly accepting their mistake and trying to improve upon , you are ready to accuse them with LIES AND PROMISE STORY.This is not fair.

    I DO NO ASSUME YOU ARE white , blue ,orange, yellow and i do not think it’s okay to LIE to anyone. (including me and blue ,orange, yellow people ) .

    “How about they try, but tell the truth while doing so?” – WHAT THE HECK ? that is what rohan is doing since day one. if you do not appreciate the effort then its fine by me.
    I don’t think your LIE story is half-baked , but what’s my opinion compared to that of thousands of others.

    i wish you get the adam very soon , so that we all know what are the other LIES from NI based on your novel concept.have fun .

  390. Awesome can’t wait till i get mine. Hopefully it leaves on Wednesday and gets delivered by Friday. I doubt it but would be a fun toy to play with over the weekend 🙂

    Thanks again Rohan for the update and good luck with processing the pre-orders.

  391. I am too the lucky and the unlucky from the last pre-order round.. Want link for pre-order2

  392. I don’t know if this would help your situation, but someone during the pre-order had suggested calling the credit card company to approve a payment to India before ordering. I did this before the pre-order for the rest of us opened up and it seemed to work. Although I was using AmEx.

  393. BTW, Greg, I am a bit worried about the current strategy of NI. If you had heard about the Tata Nano (the amazingly cost effective car), they had a no marketing strategy in the beginning and totally relied on the WOM and media hype.

    OK let me go into a brief explanation here. What happened with the Nano was that initially, when they had ramp up issues, they took booking of the car in India (in a lucky draw) and out of 250,000 booking applicants, they selected 100,000 applications for delivery of the car through the year.

    What happened in the end was that they had between 30-40000 cancellations and @ the end of 12months of delivering cars, they had sold around 70000 cars (though now they had ramped up productions to ready availability levels)

    At this time, they had another shocking statistic to digest – they had sold only around 500 Nanos in the month of Nov 2010. The reason for this being simple, people were not aware of the general availability of the car and still were having the impression that it was under booking and also was not a safe car.

    Everything they had in mind, had to be re-thought – and they decided for a huge print, TV and online marketing spend.

    Now the sales of the Nanos have picked, but only after their dismal drop in Sales in November.

    What NI should learn from this is, they should not continue calling it the Pre-order, when according to them, they have unofficially released the device @ CES! Because, like in Nano, they have a great product, and I would hate to see them ending up with pathetic sales statistics, after the WOM from enthusiasts like us to general people dies down – because the first question I get when I recommend the Adam to somebody – is about the product availability and non availability/clarity of availability, or secrecy even after their supposed unveiling @ CES – is certainly worrying.

    I am not trying to be pessimistic, but the word Pre-order after CES, got me really worried. I really want NI to succeed, after seeing the hardwork they have put in through Last year (they have put more but I have been following them for just more than a year)!

    Please do not flame me guys.

    If you people doubt me, let me confess, I would like to work for NI given a chance, and I wouldn’t disappoint!

  394. Many are posting about wanting included in the pre-order 2 and please allow MC.

    I followed the blog for 8 months without posting. I only found out the morning Rohan said those who posted before would be in the “family” plan that it had been a mistake not to post. As such I didn’t receive an email for “pre” pre-ordering. But I waited with the rest of the world for it to open up and ordered my Pixle Qi-3G Adam, shipping Jan 15-22 or later.

    Here is what Rohan said about MC when the problem arose: “MasterCard: Notion Ink has already applied for MasterCard and theirs is the longest process. Officially we were told that it will not take more than 2 weeks, but now they need 3 more weeks for the same. Visa and other integrations took us 3 days.” This kept many out of the first pre-order. It would seem by now that MasterCard isn’t a problem.

    Consider patience. Asking “please please please” before the cookies are out of the oven doesn’t seem to help.

    If NI can produce 10K a month there should be a window of opportunity for the thousand who post here.

  395. twospirits:
    > When interviewed by Crunchgear at CES, Rohan mentioned that they are on a boat.

    There’s this thing called a *metaphor* that it is good to be acquainted with. If Rohan had said that they’re in line to be shipped, you wouldn’t expect (1) them to be in a literal line – they might be in a pile – and (2) you wouldn’t expect them to travel by ship, even though he said they’d be “shipped,” since they’re going by airplane.

    Lizards have the reputation for being very literal, but sometimes you humans are really excessive.

  396. great!!! would love to see this awesome product out soon. I dedicate so much time every day to check out news/revies/comments about the adam and would be so very glad when this succeeds…

  397. @Harold,

    that’s interesting… joined earlier but DIDNT get a pre-order email ! waiting to c what happens this time

  398. Great to hear news of the FCC certification 🙂 Finally more folks can look forward to getting their hands on the Adam. I missed the first pre-order but am waiting to order when it opens again.

    Only thing curious to know is how much the product will end up costing in India, with all the customs and duties… hope the final price is also as reasonable as what NotionInk is charging us. Looking forward to the pre-order 2 !!

  399. For all those who are asking for purchase with Master card. Would it be possible for you to apply for a Visa card? Usually approval for a Visa Card is very quick. You also might want to check with Notion Ink support and make sure Master Card will be available during the next round of orders. If it happens that Notion Ink is still not supporting Master Card. You might want to make an effort to obtain a Visa Card. I would hate to see more eager buyers miss out again. I would surely start checking into it to prevent future disappointment.

  400. “”Rohan Shravan said, on December 10, 2010 at 13:57

    We are shipping directly from China. I will suggest we wait for the retail presence for much lower prices.

    Congrats for FCC & CE clearance!

    Got requests as well:

    1). Wireless USB modem support on the Adam tablet!

    2). RSS newsfeed type screensaver like that on apple mac’s

    Eagerly waiting for the availability of Adam on retail shelves in India (New Delhi), Rohan!

    Regards 🙂

  401. Can’t wait to receive my pre-order notification. I was a little bit disappointed last time when I missed out on the first pre-order.

  402. At CES this year there were 32 tablet devices announced by a slew of companies. Some sucked a nation of ass. Some were “ok”. Some were very interesting. Only one had every tech blog and magazine raving that it was really pushing the boundaries and showing what could be done with the format, and that was the ADAM tablet, from Notion Ink. It’s in all honesty, the device I wanted to buy for myself. A large part of that is the Pixel Qi screen, which is a dual mode screen that works like ePaper (but with full color, at 1080p, at 30fps) in bright sunlight, or functions like a traditional LCD screen in dim/dark environments. It’s Android-powered, has a 185-degree pivot camera, HDMI and USB out, as well as some other fantastic features. The ADAM tablet has the Genesis storefront, which is basically an entertainment delivery shelf, that they have partnered with some rather big names in the areas of eBooks, Film, Music and TV. LongBox is one of those partners, with it pre-installed as the integrated Digital comics storefront, library and reader system. ADAM will be coming out by Xmas… there are four models and the most expensive one is less expensive than the cheapest iPad.

    That’s the best of the bests reviews of Adam I have read till date~!
    Source: h**p://www.bleedingcool.com/2010/10/09/bleeding-cool-talks-with-rantz-hoseley-about-longbox-the-adam-tablet-and-the-apple-ipad/

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  403. You will save the customs, but the reseller will have to pay it. Makes no difference.

  404. well as Rohan said in previous message that adam started shipping out on 12 jan to other than EU and USA . I wonder if it still reached any body because no unboxing video or photo in the net. Lets hope best for wednesday , All the best.

  405. I agree 100 percent and hope that it is in the works on the back end. A professional online store, gallery section FORUM 🙂 we love you guys at NI we just want to support you.

    I really think if a nice shopping cart was implemented you wouldn’t see half of the issues as last time.

    I hope I can get on the order this time. I have a MasterCard and didn’t get a chance last time to order…was a little leery also about not having the money.


  406. I hope we don’t have to wait much for the second pre-order to start, cause it’s been a long wait for most of us.

  407. Have you guys been keeping an eye on Greg’s Notion Ink Fan site? He is now bringing a YouTube channel in the mis, twitter, Ustream for live broadcasts in time….EXCITING STUFF!!!


    I am just excited is why I am posting…..I also got to help him out making the YouTube channel look cool 🙂

    Thanks all!

  408. You guys also keep in my mind naming this next ordering process wrong.

    This isn’t another Pre-Order…this is actually when they can start taking REAL orders! 🙂

  409. @Ganesh said, on January 16, 2011 at 05:08
    Agree, that “label printing will start on Monday”,
    but easy to believe because FCC / CE not needed every where!

  410. Mr Rohan. congrats for finally getting it “NI3421A01”. still we are waiting for the official answer reg language/font support for south Indian language such as Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Kannada…please respond to this. Thanks

  411. Hi wally, Hope this post made you happy. Iam sure NI will make every body happy in the 2nd preorder and this time all can use master card & paypal.
    See NI has 100000 unit production per month and they already started production so its my belief by the 2nd pre order NI will have ready stock of 200000 unit to sell.

  412. @Shampath

    Nice question. if adam supports Tamil language out of the box , then i will be speechless for a while when i open my adem .

  413. @Vector66

    Greg’s you tube channel looks awesome. great design work mike. you folks are doing amazing things for our adam .

  414. Please let us know when the second pre-order starts so that we can time it. I want one this time……Rohan, we in India (Hyderabad) are really waiting for one of these….

  415. You need a (german) handbook for Adam? It seems to be available soon at “http://www.thalia.de/shop/home/rubrikartikel/ID24890147.html?ProvID=10905481#adam-kompakt” (ISBN: 3-939316-83-0).

  416. I want to buy an adam… I really do…
    But I can’t take a visa for it 😦 That’s why I asked to be careful about it 😉
    I have some other questions about adam…
    1. It will be only in English or it will be traduct in other language? (As you can see, my english is not very good)
    2. Is Notion Ink have seen to repair product in each country?


  417. hope you tie up with a good distributor and a good support vendor to market and support this. service is equally important as innovation.

  418. Great news! Good content is one of the major factors for success….cant wait for the second pre-order!

  419. +1, but I don’t consider myself unfortunate given I manage to grab one last Pixel Qi model one minute before they sold out! (at the end of my transaction!)

  420. Rohan !!! 😀

    the Adammania has taken me into its grip…. and also people around me… now days everyone who i meet…. asks me “did u get ur ADAM?”

    and that makes me all the more exited to see that people just want to get their eyes on a real one and Boom…. Notion Ink is heading for stardom 🙂

  421. Just the news of Pre-Order2 has made my day…..hope i dont miss the train this time….

  422. Rohan,

    Please tell us about your plans about retail availability and whether India is on your list for retail outlets. I can wait for about 3 months and buy it from a retail outlet.But if it’s not going to be available for outlet anytime soon then there is no point in waiting and I can preorder it straightaway.

    Plz,plz plz reply and let us make a well informed decision.

  423. http ://ibnlive.in.com/#hp_player3

    first time i see notion ink mentioned in a gadget show in india……..

  424. @Herman Wow, a real book about Adam. There is a lot of work in progress that we do not know about.

    A rough translation of part of the introduction on the site: “The technology of the Notion Ink Adam places all previous tablet PCs in the shadows, even Apple’s iPad can in terms of equipment, service and comfort not keep up with Adam.

  425. I hope this time can get my adam in time and not to be issue on ordering like server down 🙂

  426. Rohan one thing that i wanted to mention long back. Now as adam is even reviewed so well at CES too, why don;t you show this too some of the best tech gadget shows in India Like Gadget guru (NDTV) or TechToyz(IBNlive). Not only it will spread good words about adam in India, but as these programs are followed by a large youth audience in India, It will for sure create potential buyers .

  427. One more adam owner at endgaget post

    AJFoyt1966 5 hours ago
    Got my Pixel Qi/3g variant ordered in the first round. Get ready to see some “oh sh*t faces” at the Apple store in Charlotte, NC next weekend.

  428. @Bikram, Gecko is very special to this community and his style of writting reflects his intellectual. He is different and high above than many of us cos he can create a stronge sence in a funny way. And definitely he loves ADAM & NI.
    @gecko keep writting we admire your style.

  429. FCC link updated..not sure if posted here..

  430. well of course the forum or blog will be in english. The groups for every workfield too. I think it’s actually really interesting to hear from all of you what the needs and answers are for every workfield. Together we can make a block to make clear what is needed. I’m thinking about groups for architects, teachers, doctors, grafical people, journalists,students…..but then also “home-se, old-firsttimeusers, kidslearning, mathematics, alfabet, handicaped people,….they all have specific needs. And then for every languagegroup specific languagerelated items like ebooks, languagecourses (for you Ganesh(dutch is easy! 😉 )
    Lets call this: NotionInkUsers. I’m preparing something and will post it when ready!

  431. Dear Rohan I’ve a question for everybody. Let say we -all NI-fans- create different zonal languagegroupes with local news and specificlanguage information? The same could be done for different workfields. I’m an architect and have specific workneeds. Could be interesting to come together (on the site and gather all info for what could be usefull. ) The same I’m sur for doctors, advocats, geeks, players,…. I’m new in android and I’m sure that for lots of us adam is the awaited introduction to a new world. I see a lot of sites, but to me they are not really usefull. What do you all think. of course the forum or blog will be in english. The groups for every workfield too. I think it’s actually really interesting to hear from all of you what the needs and answers are for every workfield. Together we can make a block to make clear what is needed. I’m thinking about groups for architects, teachers, doctors, grafical people, journalists,students…..but then also “home-users, old-firsttimeusers, kidslearning, mathematics, alfabet, handicaped people,….they all have specific needs. And then for every languagegroup specific languagerelated items like ebooks, languagecourses
    Lets call this: NotionInkUsers. I’m preparing something and will post it when ready!

  432. @greg : isnt that a good idea? Maybe it’s something for your site. For example if you have a kid with special needs, you could find usefull applications here….People would add their experiance.
    Or if you are an elder person and Adam is your first computer. Instead of buying you a computer, you now just need a tablet and wifi. Because adam is so intuitive, it’s the ideal introduction to the world of internet and watching your foto’s , manipulating them and store them. Here you would find a startingpacket and information for all first-timeusers,… There are tons of usefull things to think about.

  433. Nice to know that a second pre order is on the way, I’ll be sure to check back this time.

  434. I’m sad… I couldn’t change my shipping address in time, and I’m moving tomorrow!

    Will leave a note:
    DHL Box: MINE.

  435. Well I defo hope MasterCard payment will be available. Last NotionInk’s pre-order email was totally useless for me, because of that.

  436. Could someone please let me know why my comments never show on this blog, I have visited it every day since I found out about the Adam but they are never shown???

  437. Hi Rohan and NI fans,

    Now FCC has approvedand shipment will start. Is Europe the only part of the word where Adam is still not available? Anything on when that will happen.
    Does Ni cooperate with websites/magazines/programs wh review the adam?
    I’d sure like to see sites like anandtech, engadget and some major magazines do a review on Adam.

    Is Adam also tested on extreme use or what happens if the device falls out of your hand and hits the ground….Is it game over?
    How much can the hardware take?

    I hope you can answer these questions..

  438. Well that’s a first, do comments get rejected if they mention ip@d? Can’t wait for pre order 2 and to finally get my hands on the Adam!!!

  439. Yes, yes yes!!!!!!

    Take that all NotionInk=vaporware folks 🙂

    Eagerly waiting for next preorder oportunity, but please make order process indefinitely open in a first requested first served basis, thatś it, enque all orders and ship to the first in the queue as you are getting stock available, this way they will be no people without the oportunity to buy adam.

    Regards, Raúl

  440. For calculation of Dutch VAT for the PQ/3G variant:

  441. So why should Somebody who has just seen the Adam be able to order it before people who have been following NI for over a year?

  442. I guess pre order 2 is for the personal invites to the 20k.
    After that, when it opens up for the rest of the world it would be real ordering.

  443. That’s not what i’m saying, it’s easy to allow “family” to be the firsts to register in the queue and only after that allow other people, or implement the queue to put “family” in the first positions. What i say is to not use limited time periods for pre orders, but keep preorder process open in time. Imagine you have been waiting for adam a year (like me) and the 6 or 12 hours of advantage you are away from any reason, (think family problems, no wifi at hand, travel needs, etc) with the actual process you ‘re out of luck again, with an open process you can at least get your oportunity to buy it.


  444. Resigning for email feeds. Turned it off after deleting thousands of them. Hope pq will be available.

  445. Don’t know if you want to use this as a base ball bat, but Adam is constructed using a magnesium and aluminium alloy used in aircrafts. Only the outer shell is plastic and glass.
    So please don’t feel too uncomfortable with a minor mishap happening like accidental knocks etc…but I wouldn’t drop it from top of the Empire state building to see how strong it is:)

  446. maharaj:
    >Is Europe the only part of the word where Adam is still not available?

    Haven’t heard anything about Africa or much about South America, either. Cathy saw a Pixel Qi screen with penguins, so Antarctica would seem to be covered.

  447. Hi maharaj,
    please check these sites:

    for all your answers 😉

  448. This is the best place to get all the answers you hope for about NI Adam !!


    constantly updated !!

    Waiting for my Adam and looking forward for the Pre Order 2

  449. Woohoo, congratulations Notion Ink for the FCC and EC approvals. Hope I can be able to order my Adam on the 2nd pre-order round, when hopefully Mastercard is accepted now and the PixelQi version is not sold out yet by the time I can order! 🙂

  450. Waiting and tracking the order will be the most painful….probably second to actually paying for the device

  451. Shouldn’t they just be called orders after Wednesday, since it has technically released at that point. Pre-orders are only orders you place before the device has actually launched. So in this case, you want the orders to be open indefinitely, as per what other companies do.

    Similarly to when other products are back ordered. Since they wouldn’t necessarily have enough stock to ship to everyone who orders. Then a back order queue would help everyone get an order when they want to.

  452. Shouldn’t that be exciting? Every day as you see it get one step closer to your house you get more an more excited?

  453. Something for NI fans near Kgp/ Cal/ Jam (India)


    Not sure though if students outside the campus are permitted but am sure it can be worked out if you have contacts.

  454. In regards to the tracking numbers.
    I can’t imagine that they will have all of the tracking numbers emailed to folks. As this is a semi manual process for each individual I am guessing the tracking information will be available but not emailed to each person as this would be yet another step for each of the 1,000,000 boxes.

    Also I beleive they are trying to get them all sent off this week versus a two week process since they are probably all getting their FCC tag’s one right after the other. This is also a manual process.

    I too hope there will be a tracking number but if I had my rathers as to wait an additional one or two days just so I can get the tracking information so I can follow it from India to my house here in Wisconsin…I would choose no tracking number.

    And of course they said we would get tracking information, but that was before things got kind of bunched up on their shipping plans.

  455. My company just ordered a bunch of Ipads for the VP and Business development staff. I’d really like to walk aroudn the building with an Adam since most people come ask us in the IT department about what computer to get. I still cant figure out how to hold the Ipad up to my ear comfortably to make a call 🙂

  456. As we are putting our wish lists here for video’s and pictures:

    I would like to see some pictures of the boxes being filled, Fcc stickers being put on and maybe a video of one Adam going from the assembly line area all the rest of the way until it drives off on a truck.

    Then the next post hopefully around this coming Friday will just be comments and links etc of people unboxing their Adams, posted under a blog with only a title which would be:
    WE MADE IT!!! 😀

  457. But one thing to think about is if FCC/CE was not needed everywhere then they would have received last week itself. I guess the reply from world famous Jon stating that they would ship every device with FCC and CE sticker only is valid here. I still believe except EAP, no one else would have received their devices. It would be at least Thursday when we start seeing, first Adam received posts I guess.

  458. Phibar:
    > I still cant figure out how to hold the Ipad up to my ear comfortably to make a call 🙂


  459. This was posted by Rohan Dec 10th.

    “MasterCard: Notion Ink has already applied for MasterCard and theirs is the longest process. Officially we were told that it will not take more than 2 weeks, but now they need 3 more weeks for the same. Visa and other integrations took us 3 days.”

    Three weeks have passed and MasterCard is likely to be integrated by now.

  460. I guess as fans we can also do our bit. Just tweeted to Rajiv Makhani from NDTV Gadget Guru. 🙂

    “@RajivMakhni Could you include Notion Ink’s Adam in one of the shows for review? You can contact @RohanShravan CEO and creator of Adam #adam”

  461. Is Adam now officially released?
    First official release in US followed by India. Have both happened.
    Now as Adam is about to reach the audience, can you please address the following so that it doesn’t create the same chaos as with pre-order 1.
    Support contact details: if someone is having an issue with Adam? Where do they call. If it’s only email support what are the ETAs? @Greg would be most impatient guy if he is unable to use Adam(I Adam always works though). People can’t wait for more than an hr.

    2: Tax information for each country.
    3. Genesis store availability and the apps currently available.
    4. Complete list of softwares being provided.
    5. Software support issues including 3G, wifi etc.
    6. Support forums.

    There’s a lot on the list but these should provide a smooth start.

  462. Great . I hope that he will surely do a review as he himself is a gadget geek 🙂

  463. @Karen – Do you have any experience of receiving items with vat not charged? I mean, how would we pay this ~ EUR 90? Do we have to pay it to DHL guy who would bring the box, Do you know if they accept all kinds of Credit cards, etc?

  464. +1
    Agreed Doug. Adam is out now (or will be in a few days), so no more with this pre-order thingy people, just order. Of course we don’t expect NI to have enough supplies for everyone (it would be great though…)

  465. “http://www.slashgear.com/notion-ink-adam-display-neither-matte-nor-scratch-resistant-16126613/”

  466. I really like that. I think greg might be a little to busy for that, but if we could find a could website designer to make one, that would be useful. For example, i’m a very geeky student

  467. This Need your ATTENTION Rohan

    “http ://www.slashgear.com/notion-ink-adam-display-neither-matte-nor-scratch-resistant-16126613/”

  468. Man !!! you are too fast Rohan…just after my post …I See you have UPDATED ALREADY…

  469. @Karen
    I wondered why Rohan wanted to call it pre-orders 2. I agree with your comment. He wants to take care of the family first. However, if he has more than 20k adams to be sold, then he is better off inviting everyone to the party. No point in leaving out some. If it is named as pre-orders, people may think that there will be inordinate delays in delivery. Though the fans can bear if there is any delay, people who do not understand how Notion Ink and Rohan Shravan work will not be as forgiving.

    Basically orders are something where people order and the product is delivered in a week or 10 days. I bought Dell products in the past and they typically take a week for delivery. However, Apple do take a bit longer as the orders are delivered directly from China.

  470. Thanks for your updates! Hope Pre-Order 2 comes immediately in the next couple of days time. I can wait for the deliveries in the next 1 1/2 months time frame.

  471. So, does the specially designed matte cover ship with both the LCD and Pixel Qi versions? And, when Rohan mentions that “The glass in itself is further scratch resistant”, does that apply to both the LCD and Pixel Qi versions?

  472. Only Gecko’s can come with such down-to-earth solutions. Perfect for managers who do not know how to deal with gadgets 😛

    I agree with Karen: I like it.

  473. @Rohan
    thank you billions. i was tiered of those salshgear comments.now i am all smile 🙂
    thanks again.:). now i will go happily to read the rest of he comments here 🙂

  474. @Manish: yes it is amazing how quick Roahn replied. He doesn’t have the time to answer each comment individually but he reads them and takes action when appropriate 🙂

    Slashgear did not change their story 😦 but added Rohan’s comment to the end.

  475. Thanks Rohan for IMMEDIATELY clearing the confusion about the matte finish 😀
    Man! That was fast! REAL fast!

  476. Rohan
    Wow that was quick clarification!! Thanks!! 🙂
    What’s up with Slashgear? Why can they not clarify with NI first and then publish a new article?

  477. Hmm! Strange, my post regarding that article got deleted. Manish’s is still there!!
    Rohan, What have You got against me?? :/?

  478. May I make some suggestions?

    One, hold off on the second preorder period until at least… say, a week after orders *arrive*. I’m one of the people who’s been holding off until third-party reviews arrive (ones more intensive than the hands-on videos we’ve seen so far, amazing as they are) and I’d really hate to either have to wait for a *third* ordering period or to buy a product without reading reviews first. It’d be great if people could buy your products with complete confidence.

    Two, talk about the returns, warranty, etc. details on the blog.

    Three is more of a question than anything else: Do you know anything about suppliers yet? You said we might be able to buy the Adam in stores in certain locations in the US and Europe… Given shipping costs, returns, etc. plus the ability to try it out first, I think a lot of people would prefer this over directly ordering from you. It would suck to shell out money purchasing it online only to find that the product would arrive in stores just a month later.

    Also, when is the product officially ‘out’? As in, when do we move from preorders to regular orders?

    I’ve been obsessing about the Adam for over a year now, so I truly can’t wait to get my hands on it — it’s everything I need in a tablet. I’d just really like to be able to go into it without any doubts.

    Thank you!

  479. The screen issue, that’s a real problem as the blog post and the materials section leads one to believe the outer surface of adam is a special matt glass that you took ages to get manufactured. This is now not the case. Very disapointed at untruths, and trying hard to understand why ni would decieve in this way.

  480. Now this what we like to see!!!! An updating of information concerning the screen!! This is the kind of thing that brings more confidence for Notion Ink. Keeping buyers and potential buyers informed will only make things better for Rohan and Team.. Even if the news or info is not always good.

  481. I dont think we should worry about the glass properties. Rohan and NI team have been working on ADAM since 3 years and i am 100% sure they havent left any stone unturned in making their first tab the best.
    I see that everytime in few days there is a new complaint from tech sites and even some family members that ADAM should have this, rohan should have done that, everything is a lie and so on…..
    Comeon people
    Give the guys a break. They maybe new but are dedicated and the most important thing that matters here is hard work which they have been doing. Working all the time for 15-16 hrs a day is not comparable to sitting on laptop and commenting anything.

  482. I must say I am not entirely convinced by Rohan’s explanation in the update, given his post on Nov. 20 where he describes scratch tests being performed on the Matte glass.
    Why perform scratch tests on an inside layer of glass?

    “This is Adam’s glass and the result after the same test performed thrice. You can actually notice the speckles left from the last experiment on the other screens…

    It took us really long and was really harder for the manufacturers to make what we wanted. We can’t compromise on few things and this was one of them….

    Here is the image of the 3 tests which I did for you this morning (Adam is using the improved version of the last one shown here) ”

    If this Matte layer is the one on the LCD surface, which is underneath the glass cover, then I don’t understand where scratch tests come into play. And the Nov. 20 post I quoted wasn’t talking about the matte cover. It was talking about the glass itself.

    Right now, ‘all of the Adam’s screen surfaces are made of pure matte glass’ sounds deceptive. If they did replace Matte glass with matte cover, in an act of compromise which the Nov. 20 post said they would never do, they should have corrected the specs on the web site before pre-orders began, like they did with the memory specs.

    A lot of people here, especially those who paid money up front, give NI considerable leeway given what they are trying to accomplish, and the herculean challenges they are facing down, in quite admirable ways. However, if NI chooses to compromise on integrity, they will lose some of their base. They may yet gain heights of success. One is aware that the storied names of technology indulge in extremely sharp business practices. But I, for one, thought NI was trying to be different.

  483. ahhh im so excited! i opted to not pre order because i had no reviews on it but now that we have videos of the ADAM in action im ready =]

  484. Sorry, but they don’t get a break. Remember, they are asking EACH of us to hand over $100’s of dollars of our hard earned cash. Which many of us have already done, and of which none of us have anything to show for it…YET.

    I don’t think it’s at all inappropriate for us to question the product. We have certain expectations that we have all formed based solely on information given to us directly from Rohan and his team. Personally, I appreciate that the tech blogs are keeping any eye out for us as consumers. Those of us lucky enough to have made it through the pre-order process, have already handed over our money. If there is a chance we are going to receive a product that is different from what was initially described, I want to know.

  485. Very well said. But at the same time people have their doubts as they have only seen videos and as they can’t feel the product. So it’s only fair that they ask for something to be cleared by Rohan.

    However, we should not put dirty allegations which indicate that guys from NI are liars. Rohan and his team are trying their best and all the past things indicate that they are here to make wealth with health(reputation).

  486. I have not stopped anyone from asking questions. U are certainly right. Even i preordered a pixelqi and i have been checking continuously to see if the Adam i ordered is getting better or if some features have been removed. But looking at all the faults wont help. It will just creative a negative thought even when there shouldnt be any.
    I am sure your $100s will cheer you more than you thought. 🙂

  487. Nice!I will open a blog with the different chapters. People will be able to fill their knolledg in

  488. I know they will. I’m really looking forward to Greg’s reviews. They’ll be our best look at the Adam yet.

  489. keep in mind … this first pre-order was probably in the magnitude of 10k – 20k … not 1M … production maximum per month according to Rohan himself is around 100k/mth … just FYI

  490. isn’t there a USB gadget you could add …oh … wait … there aren’t any USB drives .. sorry gecko 🙂

  491. Hey Rohan, I know you have been doing very well in maintaining ADAM’s popularity globally and will continue to do so. In one of your Interviews you said that of all the preorders sold 10% was from india.
    Now the point is if the second preorder is actually a preorder or a real order. If it is a preorder and you have limited number of stocks there is certainly no doubt that it will be sold out again in just few days. But if it is like a true order with huge supplies rather than limited ones i will be willing to see the indian market zooming on your product. The current price of all the 4 models being in the range of Rs. 22000-30000 is very much nominal for most of the people.
    The most important thing that comes here is the ADVERTISING part. I have seen so many people still not knowing about Adam completely. The most preferable thing to do here is Newspaper ads and Television ads. If you spend a certain amount here i guarantee Adam will be famous in no time more than you thought. People buying smartphones in the same price range have grown exponentially in the past 2 years and before going for order if you simply advertise in newspapers with something like:

    “The Most Anticipated Tablet is here. Meet ADAM. Order today: Visit Notionink.com and Become Part Of Our Growing Family”

    This could easily boost Adam’s sale and things will be skyrocketing after that. Hope to see Adam more often in Public media. Good luck.

  492. Had questions for the Adam gurus:

    How do we pay for new apps in Adam? will Genesis have a Visa only restriction. n When do u think we will be able to see Genesis in action? Didnt address this question to Rohan as he might have answered this earlier.

  493. The Visa problem was only for preorder1. He said this time everything will be included be it visa or mastercard.
    Genesis will be on few weeks after Adam release. In the official promo you can easily see genesis in action with games played from free and top paid categories.
    Genesis will be loaded with much more apps for adam than expected cause it is one of the important feature among others about notionink.

  494. This is great news, I am very happy and envious of you who were able to take advantage of Pre-Order 1. I am anxiously awaiting the next round of orders.

  495. When I first read the news about the screen on the Adam I said to my self: MMMM…isn’t that the same Adam they touched, played with, during CES? They said they loved the screen! Every reviewer at CES agreed that the screen was great! How could they all be deceived at the same time? Impossible. I mean, could Crunchgear, Engadged, Slashgear, and Chargax be so dumb? No!
    Nice by Rohan to clarify early before the naysayers started making a tsunamy in a whirpool.

  496. Very curious how it looks like in real life. I missed the first preorder so lets hope I hit the 2nd.


  497. I agree. It seems like trying to be open about their development efforts has backfired, with many people around ready to jump on them as soon as a discrepancy is found.
    I am sure the product is worth every cent we paid and probably more, given the absurd price for tablets (cfr. ipad, galaxy tab, xoom).

  498. I think Paypal is the best choice. Everybody can use it, regardless of what credit card one has.

  499. Can’t wait to till the second preorder =] Hope the people from the first one that couldn’t purchase will be included on this one as well.. Gonna be legen.. wait for it… dary!

  500. Yo creo que sin lugar a dudas la mejor opcion de pago, és PAYPAL, és rapido y seguro.

  501. + 10
    Smart comment, Carlo.

    I’m also willing to spend my money, but prefer to wait to ask questions that really matter to me.

  502. Pre-order 2…. I can’t wait. Hopefully it starts by the end of this week and accepts mastercard. Seems like I been waiting for years lol

  503. I keep checking the spam folder everyday just in case, keeping it clean. I did see it in my spam folder before, but had some of the other pre-order issues.

  504. Who is going to show up at my door when my Adam is delivered, DHL or UPS?

    I ask because I recently ordered some parts from NewEgg. NewEgg’s shipping notice said DHL will pick up my order from them and deliver to the UPS location nearest me and then UPS will deliver to my door. Will this happen with my Adam too? (I’m in the U.S., but I’ll hazard a guess that whatever deal DHL and UPS have, it’s pretty much worldwide.)

    Anyone receiving their Adam have experience to share, DHL, UPS, other?

  505. Hello Notion Ink Community,

    First off, I would like to say I am extremely excited to hear that the ADAM will finally get it’s FCC stamp and will start shipping. For the past year, I have been checking the NI blog every 10 minutes to see if a new post is up. I have told all my friends about this product, and anyone else who will listen.

    Second, will Pre-Order 2 work with debit cards? I heard rumors that during the first Pre-Order, many people were having problems but I’m guessing that was because of the flooding of the website or the various problems that occurred during the first Pre-Order.

    Last, will any ADAM accessories be available soon? Cases? Screen-Covers? Etc.

    Thanks so much Rohan and the whole NI team. You’ve done a great job on this product and I hope the shipping goes smoothly.


    (Sorry for the double post, but wanted to post through my WordPress Account )

  506. The questions about the glass are justified, If i was going to buy a car and they tell me im getting a 6 cyl 5 litre engine , then for some explicable reason they change this to a 3 litre 4 cyl do you not think i would be aggreived ???.

    the glass has deffo been a compromise , or possibly was gonna cost too much to include, either way by leaving the info to state it was MATTE GLASS was misleading whatever way you choose , and you all know this to be true in your hearts but are being carried along on a wave , so dismissing things easily ?

    you would not do this if you were looking openly at this.

    so far no rear trackpad (as we were indicated)
    no matte glass
    less memory than first indicated.

    Whats next ????

  507. LCD/PQ —> Matte surface (So no glare)
    Outer Glass —> More of a glossy than Matte (scratch resistant)
    Screen Protector —> Matte

  508. Already had to pay for VAT on imported goods : you have to pay the courier (DHL here).

  509. I just read the Slashgear article and I really do think that they are reaching out for traffic to their site. They know that the passion of the NI addicts can be easily stirred, not to mention the negatives that under the guise of being fair and honestly searching for the true in a world full of advertisement (AKa major manufacturers) falsehoods. But, they will bite at anything that sounds like a falsehood or coverup like true evangelicals; and of course on the other side you have the Faily defending it’s child. Shame on you Slashgear if you are in fact so calculated and shallow. To everyone, who like myself, have no doubt that The NI Adam is, even though many make no allowances for the birthing experience, the next generation in computing I say “keep the faith” it’s only a matter of days. And don’t despair those who look for faults will always find something to moan and groan about.

  510. Count me in for pre-order 2 somthing went wrong with round 1; my payment wouldn’t go through then i then i ran out of time.

  511. Hey Everyone. Does anyone know about the specifics for the 3G ADAM variants? I have sent an email to Notion Ink but no response yet:

    “Hello NI Team,
    I am wondering about the 3G Capabilities of the ADAM. I live in the U.S. and not a lot of information has been released about carriers, etc. Could I have some clarification about monthly rates, carriers, SIM cards?”

    Does anyone have any additional information?

  512. Very excited about next round of ordering, but still waiting to hear from those who were able to order on the first round. Specifically were there additional charges for getting item into US? I heard there might be additional charges with customs but not sure. Waiting to hear more and still excited!

  513. do i get this right hot versions are built

    external component: “””””””fingerprint proof mate””””””””””””””””” ( self applicable Yes/No? )

    Adam component: ———protective not *mild-glossy* glass—– glossy or mate ?<<< that we all want to know!
    Adam component: """""""mate finish"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
    Model dependent: ———PixelQi—or LCD——————————

    The same just simpler

    mate screen protector
    outside glass
    LCD/ PixelQi with matt finish

    I would really like a scematic with the discribtion of the specs. of the most outer protective scratch-resistant glass surface.


  514. I would love to have answers to these questions too! Esp. about 3G. NI Team email is probably being swamped right now…so a simple blog post might work!

  515. Just a thought – is swype coming out with this? (It would be awesome if it does!) 😛

  516. @ jmoroh I think you understood it a little wrong…

    The adam is not sold by any 3G provider , It does not have branding (like Verizon, t-mobile… ect.) The providers sell branded products only to control you better ( eg. they disable tethering or other things) So you definately don’t want that.

    It is not simlocked !!! >> Meaning you can use it with any sim-card-provider of your choice.
    ( there are some differences between the frequencies the providers use though, so the 3g-modem is specific i can’t tell you about that)

    So it is not sold bundles with a contract ! >> You have to search your own provider and find your a dataplan suitable for you or go prepaid (e.g. here in romania i go prepaid 500mb for 5€, not super high-speed but fast enough)