There and back again!

Hello All,

Adam has already reached some of its owners. While our friends in US and Europe might have to wait bit more since we are awaiting CE and FCC approvals (passed all the tests), I thought I should give more details on Adam. Posted below are some of the images taken from Adam. Camera quality is really very good, and if you are into photography, Adam might come in handy. The swivel nature would allow you to scan documents as well and auto-focus function will help in that a lot! But beware, Adam is a big device when compared to a camera, and you’ll have to hold Adam with more stability. Those (like me) who are a fan of macro mode, would simply love Adam. One thing which you can notice is, Adam does not have flash. IMHO, flash is only useful in 5% of the cases. You use flash when light is low, and end up with glares and washed out regions. So make sure you have good lighting around when you use any camera (I hope those will photography experience will comment on this and we can learn more on this new topic).

FCC and CE. Though for a company doing business IN the respective countries can’t sell product without these certifications, global business does not have any such restrictions, and over all these contradiction makes things confusing. For example, as a customer you can buy a product without these certifications online. We will opt for the safer side and wait for the final confirmation and then ship it to you (little more patience please 🙂 ).
At CES we all learnt about Honeycomb. At Notion Ink we were aware of this project and could guess what modules were being improved, and made Eden so things are compatible. As such there are no official (as per our record and few online sources) there are no hardware restrictions, and when Honeycomb is available, we will send updates as soon as possible. For Motorola to have access to Honeycomb, NVidia first MUST have access to make it stable on Tegra and resolve any issue. They give to us OEMs what is called, a BSP (Board Support package) and then only OEMs can work on it. As of now Honeycomb is a work in progress, and would take little more time than we think for its public availability (for an instance, Android took almost 18 months to become stable on various Tablet platforms).
Eden requires lot more than traditional Android elements. For example, even simple things like 3 leaves requiring Keyboard focus, does not exist in Android. These are ‘view’ features and this is exactly what is getting a lot of improvement on Honeycomb (along with a lot more things). We are expecting a lot of graphic improvements. For instance, on the Panel system you can see that the animation though is fast is not smooth. Reason is, that the parameters chosen were for a small screen, where you 5% movement is only 0.125 inch (say), but on a tablet it’s around 0.5inch.
Times ahead are far more interesting because Notion Ink is just not software, it stands for design, for new hardware and for innovation. And if Google is doing innovation on Software front, what would Notion Ink be doing on other fronts?? 🙂

(I just arrived, off to some rest now!)

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Hey Rohan!
    Just finished seeing all the videos of adam on CES. Stellar!!
    I cannot boast enough, how good adam looks now!! Tremendous job and Eden looks so polished.
    Can’t wait to see more of QuickOffice on adam.
    Keep up the good work.
    Did you get any information on when next batch of Pixel Qi screens will be available to NI?

  2. Welcome home, and congratulations! You made a great impression at CES and hopefully will continue to turn heads well into the future.

  3. Did you get any information on when next batch of Pixel Qi screens will be available to NI customers? Yaar it reminds me of VESPA XE !

  4. Good to have back with us Rohan!
    Dying to read your impressions on CES and hear some news about the next possibility for ordering Adams.

  5. Good news on the reconfirmation that all test have been passed for the U.S. and Europe. Can’t wait to get my Adam! By the way, the photos look great, and I think the swivel camera is another product differentiation feature that can be exploited in marketing. Show the flexibility of it in use (classroom settings, video conferences, scanning documents, etc.) compared to a fixed front and back camera. No comparison with usability.

    Keep up the posts.


  6. I wonder how long the delay is..days? weeks? And if so the Estimated shipping dates should be changed to reflect that.

  7. All good news. Thanks Rohan.

    However, would you please clarify one thing? Do you already have the FCC and CE numbers printed on the tablets so that they are ready to ship or do you still have to print them on before shipping?

    Thanks again. Adam is awesome! I can’t wait!!!

  8. Bravo Rohan!…It seemed like ther ewas uncertainty in the air and I am glad that you cleared it up without anyone having to speculate. Leaving nothing to chance is what makes the Adam special and your foresight and honesty is what amazes me… I wish you al lthe best in the comming months…Don’t stress too much and get some rest.. From what I can gather the positives outway the negatives at this point ans while issues will always arise it is how you handle it that counts.

    Thanks for being open and forthcoming

  9. Glad you found your way home. Hope you can deliver new Adams really soon. Waiting desperately for the order 😦

  10. Once it is in the hands of a few proud owners, it should shut up some of the wagging tongues at Engadget or shall we say please END GADGET. I was surprised that they got to have an interview with Rohan.

  11. So who really has one and where are the videos, pictures, etc.?

    As for picture quality, I touched on that in the last blog post. You need good light, otherwise, don’t count on great quality. That being said, flashes on the devices like cell phone are a waste of time, energy, money. Great decision Rohan! Camera sensors are getting better with noise and in time, these better sensors will be incorporated in these devices. Otherwise expect blur and or noise in low light.

    The outdoor shots look really great.

  12. Rohan, Congratulations!
    Great video of the adam coming out of CES.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  13. Govind i wasnt really a fan of engadget because of how the treat NI but they been really nice latley and have showen that they are really impressed by NI

  14. Gr8 to see +ve reviews on crunch/slash+gear, etc! Though there was hardly any news on the mainstream media compared to last year when it was first known.

    I came to know about Adam on the mainstream just before the CES 2010. Guess since then a lot of players are putting their hats in for Android tablets especially the big ones.

    The interview by Crunchgear guy was a bit lame and cliched.

    I hope the next Pixel Qi batch is announced soon!

  15. Ah so that explains the snapping of the leaves near the edges. Hope that gets fixed then.

    Have a good rest

  16. Congratulations, I can’t wait for mine. As people get their adam’s post photos or give feedback and indicate where you are in the world so we get an idea where they are going. I am patiently waiting here in Australia. 🙂

  17. Congratulations on a successful CES. Can someone at NotionInk update us as to when orders will be taken for the next batch? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  18. Thanks for keeping us up to date R. Got some great Vids out of the trip!
    P.s. you look so much more C.E.O-ish in this years videos! I think I heard some of the bloggers stutter when interviewing you! 🙂

  19. I think the biggest shock in these news is… Greg was beaten 😐

    Well im glad people are receiving their products , hope they can supply us with some cool videos of the Adam working on, i would love to see more!

  20. I don’t mind waiting for the Adam based on what I’ve seen in the videos so far. I would like to believe that it is going to ship next week, but if I have to wait a week or two that’s fine by me. I have literally sold three Adams without even having the device. They joined the blog so that they would get noification on the next round of pre-orders. There was a comment made in regards to marketing and about the consumer selling the device I believe it is dead on. When we go out in public and start doing our thing people are going to come up to us and ask what is it? I was thinking that maybe Notion Ink could setup a point system setup where if you get people to use your link to buy an Adam you would earn points towards a free app or something? Did anyone notice that Rohan was holding an Adam tablet cover in one of the videos?

  21. Gee do I really care about FCC, not really just another crocked Government facility, oh hmm, I will however wait patiently, take deep breath and enjoy the ADAM when she arrives,” Jai Guru Dat’

  22. Please re-read the line after the ‘reached’ line in the post. You are one of the friends in US/Europe I suppose? Then you will have to wait. There are others outside US/Europe that ordered the Adam.

  23. Yes please come forward but please do not spoil the surprise if you know what the secret function is after receiving the unit.

  24. Oh, I second that sentiment! I’ve already reserved the funds, and simply can’t wait until you receive your CE approval… Let’s hope it’s soon!

  25. I scream, they scream, we all scream for PRE-ORDER II !!!
    great job @ CES. All the best for the future…

  26. As far as stability is concerned… We can be sure… somebody will develop a tripod base for handling the adam…

    RepRap where art thou ?


  27. Also waiting patiently in Australia 🙂
    Hopefully the FCC and CE doesn’t affect us. If not, I could be posting this from Adam in a few days…

  28. For the countries where it is required, markings need to be there. Within a week there will be no distinction but right now there are 2 sets. First a smaller one where we shipped to those where there isn’t any requirement, and next is with labeling. How are you going? 🙂 (Off to some rest now)

  29. hats off, Rohan and the NI team – great showing at CES… any idea when the Pixel Qi screens will be restocked so that those of us that ran into tech issues with first pre-order can get on some Adam lovin?…

  30. As someone who wants a device to do actual work and not only consumption of web/video/games, I think what tablets need is a proper textual interface. Touch only works with pictures and overall navigation.

    My main concern is that Adam will not be able to replace my notebook during conferences and meetings because I have to write some longer mails, applications, contracts, papers or whatever during breaks or later at the hotel. And if the tablet is not universally usable, it probably makes more sense to bring only the subnotebook/convertible..

  31. Don’t hold your breath .. the secret feature was already revealed to be an FM receiver in one of the videos.

  32. i am pretty sure somebody in the development world will port the Stanford / Nokia Open Source camera project to android


  33. First off, glad you traveled back safely. Secondly, congratulations on a very IMPRESSIVE showing at CES 2011! We were all very proud to see Adam do well!

    Just a quick question though – Can the folks who have received their Adams get into the Genesis store using Adam?

  34. @Rohan Will this FCC delay affect those of us who have the Jan 15-22 shipping estimate? Or will all the available Adams ship at one time?

  35. For the power that is exuding from these NIs, buying a PiQi for display and another LCD for input (keyboard, mouse & digitizer)

    I think it will be better to buy two NIs and connect them wirelessly… rather than buying a laptop !!

    For the same price as a laptop, you will in short get a quad core laptop, with 2 GB of RAM and potentially two gateways to the internet…

  36. The pictures look amazingly sharp and clear! And agreed on the flash issue. When the lighting’s that low it’s past time to switch to a higher end digital or DSLR cam if you;re serious, IMHO.

    I thought it was pretty funny .. and not only a little ridiculous .. to see the Xoom get such attention .. especially since it’s unfinished hardware running a video of unfinished software. Hahahahahahahah. The power of a Big Name to grab attention.

    But the substance was at the Notion Ink booth and it was great to see the positive responses! Lookin forward to that next Qi batch availability as daylight read is a big one for us … as well as the additional battery life.

    Cheers .. kudos..congrats!! Eden looks brilliant. You could probably teach Google quite a few things…

  37. I was reading this on the iPad (my dad’s to be specific), and noticed that the images taken from Adam perfectly fit on the iPad screen’s aspect ratio, but that means it obviously won’t fit perfectly on the Adam’s screen aspect ratio 😦 Is this an over site Rohan? or more a restriction of the camera that had to be used to enable the swiveling? In the next generation of Adam, Please remedy this by making the resolution on the camera and screen match each other? Please? I will still be buying Adam for having the first generation of hardware and experiencing Eden. But it will hurt the feeling while viewing taken pictures with-in the Adam picture viewer.

    Any who, God bless you guys,

  38. I do a lot of photography with an SLR camera- the thing that always peeves me is how easy it is to trick an autofocus and get a crappy picture. Is there a manual zoom on Adam’s camera?

  39. Welcome back Rohan! Oh by the way get some rest!

    Also since you started the topic of Camera, I would like to know if there are any customizable settings like ISO. Customizable ISO would allow the camera to be used in different lighting situations although I would not expect a DSLR quality?

    Please answer this when ever you get a chance!

  40. I am also waiting for adam but my shipping date is 15th Jan to 22nd Jan.
    What is the shipping date for Ryan and Marc?

    Ryan and March, In any way theage and other website show good things about Adam?
    I did ask theage tech reporter “Adam Turner” about NotionInk and he was positive about the adam but he is waiting for hands on before posting about adam in
    Best of luck on adam

  41. Great photos – can’t wait to experiment with my adam. Oh, wait, I didn’t get in the first round of pre-orders. Any news on the next one?

  42. Glad that you made it home safely. Congratulations on your presentations!! Look forward to seeing unboxing images soon from all of you lucky early recipients!!

    Hope that CES was productive for you (behind the scenes 😛 ), and that you will be able to share more good news with those of us who are still waiting, especially for Pixel Qi news….

    Sleep well!!

  43. Thank you Rohan, please enjoy your well-earned rest.
    I look forward to seeing the user reviews in the meantime!!!

  44. To all of NI, congratulations on a very sucsessful CES. I have been talking about Adam at work and with family for a while now. It is amazing now how many people are asking me about it now. I missed out on the first preorder, but I am anxiously awaiting preorder 2. Rohan after you get some rest a update on preorder 2 time frame for pixel Qi would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of your hard work and your vision.

  45. If the software is open source and we can get a hold of the settings then this would be a good application to get built.

  46. I am really happy it turned out well for NI. Rohan you think we able to order again soon? Who already got theirs??? So we.can bug them to see it 🙂

  47. Did anyone notice that the title to this blog post *happens* to be the same as the title of Bilbo’s tale from Lord of the Rings…

  48. We use C-Tick, but many products have FCC and CE. I am almost certain Australia will be one of the locations that will require certification before it is allowed in.

  49. I am waiting to order many adams of all kinds, hopefully by with MC (even better would be other direct payment methods like bank transfers). Any news on this Rohan?

    This is my 2 cents worth after being at CES.

    After CES, NI got more than enough good press especially for not being officially in CES.

    Anyone who has been in CES will know that it is a HUGE success for a small company product given that there are hundreds of big and small players in this tech zoo called the CES!

    Xoom and Playbook are all good in their own ways..both companies are trying not to sink from the Apple onslaught, which may correct some of their shortcomings in IPAD 2 but IOS still is not as “open” as Android. NI seemed to be not too worried!

    Honeycomb may be great news for all those tablet makers who did not spend enough on their software. For example, Viewsonic might gain a lot from the honeycomb if it can be upgraded to honeycomb without much pain. But they will have to wait for the release.

    Gain for NI would be there too from honeycomb, but Eden may still be better than the stock option of honeycomb for multitasking which some users may prefer. From the demo of Xoom (assuming that it is stock honeycomb) I think Eden is way better for clean transfers from one app to another and to there are many practical uses for having three working apps visible. If I were Google I would license (or make some arrangements with NI) Eden for honeycomb. NI can keep innovating hardware/software of tablets etc.

    Definitely, NO tablets among the many out there are as unique as Adam for the form factor (including the swivel camera), obviously. On the other hand, the form factor makes adam far more easier to use (just try typing using two hands on any current tablets without somehow making them stay slanted); Apple cheats by putting these in slanted mode holders in all their shops (no holder included in the box) making people believe it is easy to use!

    Good to know that the NI team is back to work but I am sure they need a week of rest!

  50. Hey Rohan

    Any word on when the next round of orders will become available? Had that credit card problem with the first round of preorders and am very eager to order one! Slashgear says you guys are the number 1 iPad competitor out there!!

  51. Thanks Phillip. Does that mean FCC and CE certifications suffice the requirements of C-Tick?

  52. I’m doing really well and will be even better once I get my Adam! Thanks for asking. 😀

    So it sounds like it may take a little longer for those of us living in countries that require the labels. Maybe I should move to a different country for a while. 😉

    Yes, go get some much needed and well deserved rest! You have had a very busy week. We really appreciate you keeping us informed and look forward to receiving our Adam tablets them once they can be shipped.

    Though if you wanted to ship me one without a label, I won’t tell the FCC… j/k

  53. Thanks for update, Rohan. You did an excellent job at CES! Now waiting for the second pre-order.

  54. Rohan,

    Can you just confirm that when Honeycomb becomes available, those already using 1st Gen Adams will be able to upgrade their devices? I think you are trying to say that, but it’s still not clear to me. Thanks.

  55. Hi Family, I have a question for you techies out there. Verizon just released data on the IPhone 4. It has WiFi Hot Spot capability in the phone enabling up to 5 devices to get WiFi service. Should I not get the 3G Adam and rely on the IPhone or still get the 3G version?
    Thanks in advance.
    Welcome Back Rohan. Job well done. Rest easy.

  56. he says in a weeks time there will be no difference between the two versions shipped so they will have them printed within a week and ship to everyone.

  57. We’ll need some kind of a tripod to take photos.

    Use a flat 10″ table stand attached to the tripod.

    Or claws on three sides to hold the adam.


  58. Maybe this is just a diversion to get people in India their adam tablets a week before the rest of the world. Great way to cover it up Rohan ;P I believe you 😉

  59. And the photos do look really good. I would not have known they were taken with a tablet. I will get a lot of use out of Adam’s camera.

    I’d ask you to put up a video recorded on the the Adam but it will get modified by Google as you upload it. So you would have to host the original video file it on a web server and provide a download link so we can get the raw footage and play it locally on our computers. Thought I’d mention that just in case… Hint Hint 😉

  60. Rohan – please please please, consider opening up sales of the LCD model without waiting for the pixel qi.

  61. I’m waiting patiently to order one of these wonderful tablets. One year so far but getting closer. Well done!

  62. Glad to see you back !! I guess Rohan and NI team is in a better position!! Now that the ash test is almost over..
    Still waiting for Adam to reach me!!

  63. Welcome back the conquering hero/ Just read the Slashgear impression of the CES zoo and I am once mor amazed at how Rohan and the Adam were able to get so much nmedia attention without a booth and free food. It just goes to prove what an amazing persona, personality and product has captured all of our attention. which by itself give our short attention span is reason for amazement. So glad to have you back and look forward to hearing more about your impressions and exxperience.

  64. Just like I thought in the last thread, he would get into his home airport around 3:30 AM but surprised that he would post that early after flying. I see a really big post tomorrow.

  65. Heck yah… I think I would have had enough points already for free Adam 😉

    I think the tablet cover Rohan has is a sleeve for a netbook. Almost any 10″ netbook sleeve or cover would probably fit well.

  66. @Rohan
    We all wanted Greg to review it first. Please ship one w/o label, I think he is happy to receive label later.

  67. Let’s play a game…If you were in Rohan’s position and had at least a 13 hour plane ride, no contact with the outside world, and an Adam in your hand, what would you do? We know he didn’t have to worry about the battery 🙂

  68. I dunno, according to the TV show “outsourced” it would take you a week to get use to the food. Might as well just wait a week at home than in the restroom while your bowels compensate for the change in diet… lol

  69. Thanks so much, get some rest… Looking forward to receive my Adam in due course (and order 3 more!).

  70. I have a Droid X, I can have a Wifi hot spot for 5 devices, that is what I am going to do. No 3G Adam.

  71. Awesome Show Rohan. I wish I could have been there. next year hopefully. Thank you for the update now go take a break and get some rest. We’ll see you and a few days

  72. @Phillip , Ryan and Greg,
    This about CE & C-Tick requirements.
    What about CE marking?
    CE is the European compliance mark and covers a range of requirements including EMC and Electrical Safety. The EMC requirements are more extensive than those in Australia, where only radiated RF and Mains Terminal emission measurements are required. Products simply marked with a CE logo should in theory, but do not necessarily comply with C-Tick requirements. Often a report assessment is required to determine if the applicable AS/NZS standard was used and if the report format contains all of the required information. If a product has a CE marking the importer is still required to hold a compliance folder, fill out a declaration of conformity and affix the C-Tick label to the product. If you are looking to export to Europe you will need to comply with the European EMC and Low Voltage Directives and affix the CE mark.

    More details in “”

  73. wow…………adam rocks ..

    thank you so much for the post rohan. you deserve a good rest .
    i can’t stop dreaming of ordering adam for me


    time to celebrate this wonderful news from rohan

  74. Is it just me or do the people on this blog seem like a nest of hungry baby birds, mouths open wide, waiting for mommy bird (Rohan) to drop a worm into their mouths…..? Give him a break, and by the way I’m one of the hungry babies.

  75. Question to those who got their adam already if they can break away from the device for a sec to make a post or post on it (i am jealous) I ask: is the mystery feature really an FM radio? have you listened to the radio on it yet?

    Also, if you have an external HD, Does the Adam recognize your external drive if it is formated in FAT32?

    Can you use the adam like a cell phone as many of the video’s have shown the adam with cellphone signal strength bars and a phone app.

    Did all your dreams come true when you rubbed it 3X?

    Can it be blended in a blender?

    Thanks guys!

  76. Under these circumstances, we have to respect both NI as well as FCC / CE…

    If not for the restrictions placed by these organizations… many electronic gadgets could play havoc with our safety…

  77. well – really – if you could give us some dates as to when both the LCD and pixel qi could both be available that would be great. I have not ruled out the pixel qi but I have only a short window where I can buy. As long as I get an adam I will be happy but I will be quite sad if I have to settle for soemthing other than an adam. Please don’t let me get sad…..

  78. To be clear Motorola did a fake introduction.Videos of the interface is not the same as running it.
    It was just a ploy to get attention for a dying Motorola. There was a reason they did it this way and the machines should be read very carefull and then you all understand why Motorola will make this. Hint: be aware of tie-ins…..

  79. For some reason the new post doesn’t show up on the main page of the blog unless I’m logged in. Though, in both cases the entry is listed to the right…

  80. As for leaving flash out, THANK YOU. It is so irritating to have a device in which flash is always used. I make a habit to never use flash unless I’m in a really dim situation because I hate glare in photos.

  81. It does, but there is room for a specially designed one for the power supply, some sd cards and usb sticks. a spare battery and a form which accomodates the rounded part of the Adam in a smart way so that you have these accessories above it. It carries best with the rounded part at the low end of course.

    On CES there were interested sleeve makers to which I suggested the above usage of the specifics of the Adam.

  82. @AlbertWertz

    Nice logic .though I live ininsai, nor lucky enough to get a chance to order 🙂 . So you idea is amusing 🙂

    Waiting soooo eagerly for my turn order our adam

  83. I don´t understand the problem. There is a well designed virtual keyboard on adam and the after market already large amount of usb or bluetooth enabled portable keyboards. Maybe I just miss your point?

  84. I ordered Adam for a replacement of my Vaio. I want to work on spreadsheets so I am thinking of a portable keyboard if I feel the need of an actual keyboard.

  85. Congratulations Rohan!!!
    I’m also waiting im/patiently in Australia. My shipping date is 15-22 Jan and hope FCC/CE won’t be an issue for us.

  86. Thanks for the update Rohan…Highly always, have 2 questions for you,

    1. Are you shipping to Australia without waiting for FCC or CE certification, with my limited knowledge on this topic, i dont think you need either to sell here

    2. ###Important: Post CES….the internet is a buzz with +ve reaction to ADAM, but most of them have expressed concern for Eden with Honeycomb expected to being “super good”. As you’ve already mentioned, NI is more then Eden but as NotionInk team has spent considerable amount of time on this developing Eden can you clarify if Eden will be scaled down or will honeycomb work as a catalyse to eden’s development?

  87. that is what he said. once NVidea delivers the BSP, NI will push the udpate to the current adam version. it is very clear and so far there are no hardware restrictions for the 1st gen adam to have honeycomb.

  88. Awesome NI team, you guys must be enjoying the videos taken everywhere during CES commending the gr8 job done by you and your colleagues.

    Rohan, thanks for clarifying the doubts on Honeycomb. The leaf concept itself and drag drop from panel to leaf itself changes the whole UI use and experience, and that my friend has already set the Adam in a league apart from all the other tablets in the market. Your last comment on design is very apt, as we see in Adam (and Apple too till Adam becomes common) 😉

  89. Hi Rohan, for pre-order2, pls release more memory variants too. also pls open lcd version even if pqi is not available.

  90. Thank you Rohan! It was a great show at CES.
    You deserve some rest and then give us an update.

    I’d appreciate to see proud owners of adam tablet to post few comments now

  91. The thing to remember us this: you will have to pay an extra charge for that service and data will be limited to 2 or 5 GB depending on your plan with a charge of $10/GB if you go over.

    Personally, I have a rooted (semi-hacked) Android phone. Not only do I not have extra charges for tendering but it is unlimited.

    The other thing to remember is that WiFi tether is a real battery-drain. Probably around 2 hours of steady use, but you can charge the phone from Adam. Also, when tendering you won’t be able to make or answer phone calls because Verizon doesn’t allow simultaneously using voice and data.

    Hope that helped.

  92. Congrats on getting home safely. I hope TSA didn’t give you any trouble.
    Did the ADAMs have any issue with TSA or their screening procedures?
    e.g passed through the x-ray machines or just a visual power on inspection? Didn’t end up being confiscated ;>

  93. I’m having trouble believing people have their adam, yet not one person posted anything substantial…pictures, videos…proof. Maybe his real family got one. I also don’t think he’s lying…so there has to be a reason for the silence.

  94. People who already got their adam are too busy playing with it that they wont tell us 😐
    open up preorder2 for the rest of us Rohan

  95. Can’t wait for the shipping to be avaible for europe!!!
    When will it be possible to finally place an order again? i can’t wait for my adam to arrive!

  96. My shipping date is also the 15th-22nd of Jan.

    I’m just glad that Adam won’t have to take a detour though Brisbane, since it is under water. That could take quite some time!

  97. There are people who got one. It really exists.
    And for the person who asked if it easy through the airport scanners. I was scared as I forgot to take it out of it´s sleeve and I was asked to come for a real inspection of my stuff…..

    Turned out I had a forgotten tin of coke and I was offered to go back through the machine to drink it 🙂

    So no problems.

  98. Thanks for that info Manjunath. We’ve waited this long, a Little longer won’t hurt us.

    Feel free to come over to Australia. Just avoid the floods and bushfires and it’s actually a very nice place to live 🙂

  99. @jared said, on January 12, 2011 at 07:24
    Many reasons…
    They are probably learning the Adam first (they don’t want to ]rush anything, and be embarrassed). This process can take a long time. Then they will show it to their relatives, then their friends, then they will bring it to their work place. Their boss will probably hijack it for a few days. Then…some will not show it in public. Most people don’t like to publish this kind of stuff. So, only a handful of people will eventually publish within a week. By then I think Greg will get his, and publish the first unwrapping of Adam.

  100. I know it exists. Are you saying you’re 1 of the lucky few that received 1. And you had a chance to fly with that already? if so, please post some pics, we would all really appreciate that, thank you

  101. I’ve got to ask, what exactly is the hold up?

    If I remember correctly;
    “FCC: We shared the information that it is expected in early 20s. Even if it gets delayed, it will be in December, and this is specifically the reason why first Adam will only be shipped on 6th January.”

    This was posted on Dec 10th. I know you can’t push it through the fcc but was there some paperwork that didn’t get filed or something?

    I feel like I’m in the Atlanta airport waiting on a Delta flight.

  102. Thanks for all the info.

    Enjoy your well deserved rest.
    Cant wait to get my hands on my Adam.. counting down the days impatiently.


  103. Absolutely! I have my money burning a hole in my drawer waiting for my chance to purchase on round 2. Please give us an idea of when we can expect to see another round of pre-orders!

  104. congrats on the success of the Adam at CES. Definitely good new for you and for each of us we have ordered the Adam.
    As for the camera not having flash. Yes I agree, the best pictures are taken without a flash unless you own a really good flash. but then these flash’s run in 100’s of $ & I’m not sure can be reproduced on a device like the Adam.
    Having said that, there are times when a small, cell phone flash is useful especially if you can somehow adjust the flash exposure, if you can do something to adjust that then you could potentially have a very powerful macro camera! (macro flash’s don’t need much power, just the right amount of light)
    On a final note… I didn’t know you were a Nikon person : (((( All serious photographers have to use Canon 😀

  105. @ Rohan – pics from the camera look great. Just waiting for my Adam in India. A week to go.
    @ Greg – Hope the wait is not too long. For once doesn’t India seem like the place to be :-p ! 🙂

  106. Congrats!!!!! CES was a hit in my opinion and as you put it “dogged persistence” paid off.

    Pics look good. Looking forward to receiving ADAM.

    Suggestion about website:
    1) Please use a bigger resolution so that you have more real estate to put content
    2) Have a feedback form (sidebar or otherwise) for on each page so that anyone can quickly provide feedback
    3) Please put the mystery feature = radio on tech specs
    4) Please host your videos on one site only so that anyone doesn’t need account on multiple services (Right now I need a WP/Youtube/Vimeo to all content and provide comments)
    5) Have a news/announcements/in press section on main website for all announcements. For non technical users visiting blogs is a big no no.

  107. Whats wrong with Nikon. 🙂 I have seen many professionals carry one especially the ones who cover weddings.
    I feel both companies have brought innovation to the table.

  108. Delta flight, lol thats funny.

    With the FCC, any delay is possible. I’m curious if it will still show up (when the FCC clears it) with Y2G or some other ID. Rohan did say he did something to make it harder to find. Unless he meant the confidentiality clause.

  109. +1. Yep that’s a obvious reason. NI wants to hang on for long so they would update asap. Rohan, please have a peaceful sleep and in the next post update about pre-order 2( I think you are waiting for pre-orders 1 to be all delivered and see the response, that would be too late for us 😦 ).

  110. The problem with a flash is that it’s a point source, and usually extremely intense flare (for a regular camera / xenon flash). It’s good between a certain range, depending on how far the subject is and how good the flash is.

    The preferable light source is actually a diffuse light, which is why you see in the movies and model shoots the light source being pointed away into an umbrella-like object. i.e. a lower intensity, spread out light would make picture-taking with flash so much better.

    A small compact camera or phone doesn’t really have the space or battery to have anything larger, so they make do. The Nexus One will automatically decrease it’s light levels to make sure most of the image is not washed out. =)

    Btw, what is the video recorder resolution?

  111. Great job at CES, NI team!

    Would there be any tracking numbers for deliveries? I promise I will not tire out my F5 key and patiently wait in Singapore (No FCC/CE here!)

  112. Wouldn’t I have been traveling (moved home to a different city – no address to order) during the pre-order release with only access to internet via iPhone, I would have enjoyed adam along with you guys.

    I thought pre-order 2 would be available during CES (no announcements too), disappointed with CES totally (Rohan, its just a pre-order 2 disappointment only and not with adam)

  113. Thats an ongoing battle between me and my elder brother.

    I honestly think there is no reason for fight. Nikon is THE camera and lens maker.
    (I think I have heard the name Canon somewhere. :)) )

  114. Aha! I am glad you mentioned it. I had actually written to NI that with Adam II they might consider adding a tripod mount to the chassis. The standard 1/4″ threaded tripod mount socket. Not only can you use it as a photographic or video monitor, you can also use it as a music stand when the e-book reader shows notated music. All sort of video peripherals attach to this very standard socket, so physically mounting Adam in all kinds of field situations becomes very easy. And it would be a simple thing to do! The only question is, do you provide the socket for portrait mode or landscape mode?

  115. Think in terms of bluetooth or usb keyboards. you have the simplicity of a tablet when not at work and full keyboard productivity when you need it.

  116. wow… great news coming from everywhere…
    this new year will definitely belong to NI Adam…
    really waiting badly for Adam lcd+3g…
    get some good rest n all the very best…

  117. i’m pretty shock you’re using a nikon…..

    canon product give better image quality all the way………….disappointed in your Rohan….

    anyway, the truth is, i own the Canon 5D Mark II and if anyone aware, that camera does not have a flash and i rarely use my speedlit attachment. yes flash is rarely used unless you need strong contrast…like night photos, product shots, or even portraits. and plus i prefer to use natural light.

    anyway, not to offend people, but most people i see use point and shot camera always use flash oftentimes ruin the picture. and yes, i dont recommend using Adam as your main camera. unless the mysterious feature is Image Stabilizer ………lol

  118. Android User: You know why Apple products are so shiny.
    Apple User : Why?
    Android User: Because product research shows when you see your own reflection, you can’t help but stop and look at it. Therefore increasing patience.
    Apple User : So the shinier it is, the better it is?
    Android User: You missed the point!

  119. Can’t wait to get my hands on Adam.. Waiting desperately for my pre-order to arrive.. and good to see your post.. days feel really incomplete without reading your new posts..

  120. Glad your home safely Rohan. You did a great job exposing Adam to the public at ces.

    Thank you for your tireless effort and developing Adam a product so many await delivery of with much excitement. Thanks go as well to your team at Notion Ink.

  121. Not if your smart and root your DX like I’ve done to mine and get one of many free wifi tether apps straight from the market. Im doing the exact same thing with my wifi only adam. 🙂

  122. Rohan needs to let us know which countries are receiving it (just to set expectation). I am in India and don’t really know if I am getting mine (although it ships only on the 15th ;-)) or I will have to wait until labelling is done. I know that in India you don’t need any type approval so the devices ought to be shipped here.

    I know that NI sold about 60% of the devices in the US (so we have a lot of anxious folks there) and about 10% in India (this was in one of Rohan’s interviews). He said the rest 30% was in Europe and other countries. From our blog I know of people in Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Chile and Nigeria who has ordered (or so I think). Have any of you guys received the device?

    As for India, I think Ganesh was on the 9th list. Dude, do let us know as soon as you received it. Please!

    Separately, if those in the US aren’t getting their stuff for a week, can you advance my shipping by giving me the devices that they were entitled to? Assuming of couse that India is in the permitted list.

  123. Since my new Adam won’t be arriving until February the next best thing will be seeing posting of photos and videos of new Adams having arrived with their new owners. At first they should be too excited to get anything on camera, but within a few days hopefully things will start to pop up. We will not know all we want about Adam until our particular unit arrives in our hands. Even then many questions will still be asked. Hopefully Notion Ink will come up with a good way to address the new owners inquries.

  124. +100 for the tripod mount socket
    That is an amazing idea. Minor change, major impact. That opens a new perspective in usability!

  125. Here’s the India connection. The original Canon name, after an early model, was Kwanon, based on Kwan Yin, the Chinese (female) version of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The first lens they made was named Kasyapa, after one of the Buddha’s primary disciples Maha Kashyapa, the only one in the congregation who understood the Buddha’s meaning one morning when, instead of his usual sermon, the Buddha silently held up a lotus. Having understood, Maha Kashyapa smiled. Thus Zen. From the Sanskrit ‘dhyana’, of course, via the Chinese Ch’an.

  126. +1. If honeycomb goes through Tegra Compatibility check then I presume that implies that the Adam becomes compatible with Honeycomb.Thanks for the Heads up Rohan.

  127. This is a pointless conversation. If the user is an Apple exponent then the conversation becomes a religious discussing as they don’t see anything but Apple. =D I have learn’t to just accept Apple users as they will not changes. When I first was confronted with Apple was in Graphic Design. The looks that I got from Apple users when talking graphics and PC’s was increadable. Bottom line my argument to them was who cares. So long as I was able to deliver and the customer paid.
    Discussions about iPad and adam or any other table is not a technology discussion it is a religious one and one to stay away from 🙂

  128. Rohan can you take some photos of the different adam’s with the LCD and the QI screen so we can see the difference?

  129. Cant wait for some user reviews and videos of the adam in owners hands. That what I want to see. Then we can all start calling honeycomb zoom tablets vaporware. He he

  130. It’s not about the spices, or the kind of food. It’s about a different bacterial makeup. The same thing happens in other countries, like Mexico. And just so we’re clear, I’m not saying the food is “dirty”. American food has bacteria in it too, but our intestines are used to it.

    At least, that’s what I understand. Now how did we get onto this subject again?… 🙂

  131. tendering? You had the tendering typo more than once 🙂 … almost making it look like an alternate word for tethering:)

  132. good!
    I expect this device for a long time!
    hope anyone post the open-box video soon!

    good luck for everybody here!

  133. You know what else has become a religious discussion? Economics. Try telling people that immigration doesn’t hurt the economy, you will get some looks that would make a Windows-using graphics designer jealous! 🙂

  134. It’s more than that, the first book that Tolkien published in 1937 was actually called: “The Hobbit or There and Back Again”.
    So, yeah, I, and a bout a gazillion other people also I’m sure, did notice.

  135. That was very interesting. I would like to hear more. But I must admit, I have absolutely no idea what you just said. 🙂

    How does this explain why he uses a Nikon?

  136. I was typing on my phone because we are in the middle of a storm and I didn’t have power. I think that “tendering” is a good new term for tethering. 😛

  137. It is not rohan’s camera… it is the camera used by reviewers from anand tech (no connection to me)

    However, My connection to Il Magnifico’s story is that my son is named Kashyap !!

  138. Yeah, I ordered an AT&T compatible 3G Pixel Qi adam, but I am now thinking about getting a Mifi from Virgin for unlimited data at $40 per month instead of an AT&T plan.

  139. I’m very excited to see this product coming together. Your exclusion of flash on the camera is a good choice, because LED flash doesn’t work all that well. I’ve worked as a photographer for the Technician at NC State University, and never used flash. Flash is only good for ~30 ft, and even then the light is overpowering close to the camera and leaves your background in the dark. What I would use the Adam’s camera for (mostly recording lectures), a flash on that kind of form factor would go unused.

  140. I don’t believe that it’s his camera, hover over the image and look at the tooltip. It says “AnandTech’s review’s Camera” this leads me to believe that AnandTech may be reviewing an Adam soon 😀

  141. I’m actually not too familiar with his views. Personally I tend to lean towards the Monetarist camp, but I haven’t exactly “settled.” I DO think its very funny that the economic model that most accurately describes our current economy is the Keynesian one…

    Mostly I just hate it when people say “If ____ continues, everything will go to crap.”

    Hyper-inflation? Nope. High interest rates? Nope. Foreign countries economically subverting America? Nope. Don’t people get tired of being wrong?

    (and that’s enough econ-babble for one blog post… 🙂 )

  142. No he won’t. They will save copies of his pictures and post them on their own site. Then they will discuss it with their readers, and the readers will say “thank you for posting these.”

    It already happened to me, and I’m new in this industry. It’s just how it works.

  143. Well I am actually thinking of buying a mac. I want to work for Google, and well they hate windows. Plus it actually is a marketing technique to make products shiner so it will seem like they are faster. Elevators are really the perfect example.
    Since elevators take a long time to drop passengers off and get back to you customers at a hotel explained. The hotel had analyst come in and try to make the elevators go faster. The analyst concluded their was no way to make the elevators go faster. So instead they concluded they should make the customers more patient. After extensive studies they found placing mirrors outside elevators actually made customers interpret the wait time as shorter.
    Therefore by analytical reasoning Rohan is really showing off the power of his device by making it matte.

  144. Thanks for the post. I hope you get some rest, Rohan.

    The one time flash on my phone has come in handy is for a nighttime portrait snapshot – to light the subject, but showing the lights in the dark background. Will probably continue using my phone or other camera for that. A variety of cameras for a variety of shots. I too have Canon…

  145. GalaxyTab is getting priced competitevly Verizon $499 (no contract), t-mobile $349 (2-yr contract) and att $549. Adam now looks at the same pricing (more on features wise).

    Rohan, can you shut us all on pixel Qi’s video quality (washed out comment from engadget)

  146. I personally hate using flash. It is only useful for very specific shots. But it is still a must to have a complete system.

    Since adam would be rarely used as my camera, I don’t mind. Would love to check the picture quality though.

    Could you post some high resolution pics for us to check, please?

  147. Still not better. Either $500 for less and worse, or $350 for less, worse, and a monthly bill for the next two years. Even if that bill is only $25 (same as some phone data plans), you are paying $950 for the device on TMO. I’d rather have the option to not pay for data service…

    As far as PQ, we have already seen lots of pics and videos. People generally say that there is a *very slight* reduction in color saturation. You have to look closely to even tell, and you get better battery life, plus the option to use it outside.

  148. I am also waiting patiently in Australia for delivery of my adam. Like the others I hope the FCC and CE doesn’t affect us.

    Congratulations to Rohan and the NI team at CES 2011, all the information and the blogs posted were amazing. I have never been in love with an electonic object before but when i discovered this blog when looking to research what tablet I should purchase and the devout and passionate fans and followers of the adam i fell in love with it and the dream of owning one.


    I do wish you get yours soon and look forward to your review.

  149. That is so frightening… Are we really such sheep?

    I would be outraged about this, but I keep catching my reflection in the window, and it’s distracting me…
    Wait, what were we talking about?

  150. +1
    I can apply the label myself. Just ship me some glue, and one of those plastic scraper thingies…

    Or email me the number, and I’ll pay to have it laser-engraved on the back, if it’ll mean getting it soon…

  151. Yes I agree. Verizon pricing is good. But I am not personally settling for anything less than adam. Where are pixel Qi videos (I see the one demoing in sunlight). Can you refer me to the pixel Qi version video displaying some vivid colorl video

  152. I would love to have a moleskine folio type of case. Moleskine already makes one for iPad and the Kobo reader.


    It looks slick enough to take with you on an interview. All leather.

  153. “”

    Glad to see the drastic increase on the number of Adam fans , a good sign of that is ,
    whenever there is a misguiding info posted on any tech blog abt adam, we immediately counteract and sort things out ! 😀

    “An army is essential to protect a Nation but its the faith and trust that keeps the Nation intact”

  154. yes, please!

    PLEASE give him immediately. He deserves and he will tell others how to get the best out of Adam!

  155. I wouldn’t be surprised if that gap in time had something to do with the rear trackpad debacle or patent issues.

  156. Actually, I just sent them a detailed suggestion for a special Adam case. If you’d like a classy high-quality leather padfolio-style case for Adam, head on over to….


    And send them a suggestion! Maybe they’ll make one that’s fitted to Adam. Tell them Joshua Price sent you…

  157. marcdimmick:
    > This is a pointless conversation. If the user is an Apple exponent then the conversation becomes a religious

    Oh, blah. Jason told a joke, and a very good one, I think. You sound like the kind of person who pees on campfires when kids are trying to roast marshmallows.

  158. Well said!
    What NI has done with Eden and Genesis is really unique (extremely difficult and time consuming) and even tech commentators seem to have criticized this approach.

    In fact NI will be ahead of others (including Google) and having its own top layer over stock Android, NI will be able to give its customers newer versions much much faster than others (like Motorola, Samsung..). There are many phones out there yet to get Froyo. Even Nexus One (which I have) is yet to get the OTA upgrade of Gingerbread!

  159. I’ve never been to India, but I’ve certainly eaten a lot of street and other dubious food in 3rd-world countries and never had any trouble, nor has anyone else who’s followed my advice, which is:

    (1) Use your nose and only eat where locals eat;
    and (2) take activated charcoal capsules or tablets, available in many (although not all) drugstores near the PeptoBismol, also very commonly available in many countries. I take 2 in the morning, 2 at night, and 2 with especially dubious food (which isn’t common). Don’t take it at the same time as you take medications, since it will adsorb them.

  160. Rohan and team: Welcome back and thanks for the update and picts.

    My hope is that i can annotate the pictures “on-the-fly” directly on the Adam. I do video and video editing. Using the Adam to take a picture and annotate it for scene direction and storyboard alone would make Adam worth it to me. As for picture quality, Adam is more than adequate for most of what I do. When I want excellent pictures I’ll use my DSLR.

    Now I just need to be patient for one to two more weeks. But I can’t wait!! I want my Adam now!

  161. Rohan please fix the aspect ratio of the camera… 4:3 is dead now all the screens including Adam has 16:9 ratio

  162. Rohan,

    Congratulations on your fine efforts at CES! Get some rest and keep us informed of the Pre-Order 2 status!

  163. What cameras have you used that take pictures in 16:9? The only reason that “4:3 is dead” is because the screens in theaters use that aspect ratio. Movies are always shot in 16:9 so they will fit properly on the theater screen. I’ve never seen a normal shooter actually take 16:9 pictures.

  164. Rohan,

    Good that we now know how and what about FCC & CE.
    But what about the mentioned pre-order 2?

  165. or may be he typed it already in flight on a Adam and it got posted after landing and finding a connection 😉

  166. May be Rohan is saying that they are shipped (to those buyers not in US/EU), but those buyers are yet to receive (customs delays) them. So we may have to wait few more days!

  167. I must admit, I am somewhat amused by the image of a gecko wandering around New Delhi, sniffing and eating charcoal.

    On another note, I have actually eaten Iraqi food and had no problems. I was in an Iraqi household, and these two young children kept giving me food. As soon as I ate it, they would appear with more, and stand there to make sure I liked it. It was very good, but after a while I got full, but I couldn’t figure out how to tell them! They were extremely hospitable people.

  168. Welcome back rohan!it feels nice to see adam getting thumbs up from every1,job welldone for u,get rest bro,u totally deserv it!

    I think The honeycomb on adam will b a customised version for the added features as done with eden!pictures taken r nice,can we expect some nice camera apps?

    And dude,what about the discounts for us students?i missed on the preorder1,please let us know when the preorder2 starts!!

    Finally,i remember once u showed us ur patriotic side by the tiranga work on adam!as republic day is on 26th,can u ship it with that colour scheme for us indians?it would b very nice!
    Anyways keep up the gud work,get some rest,we dont wanna see u getting sick with the travelling exahaustion(by any chance u saw the new tv ad for perks chocolate,where the guy faints after his mom reads that long list!that guy frm it looks very much like u!) ok,i’ll stop now.cheers!

  169. People who have their Adams are probably busy playing with it, instead of sharing the good news. =P

  170. that was a gecko comment 😉

    I guess reading comments and analyzing characters unintentionally have become 2nd nature to most of us here.

  171. May be Rohan is saying that adams are shipped (to those buyers not in US/EU), but those buyers are yet to receive (customs delays) them. So we may have to wait few more days!

  172. Since the Motorola Xoom is running a Tegra 2 I assume that means that Nvidia has already had a chance to ensure that honeycomb is stable on the Tegra or at least has already begun so I’m sure we won’t have to wait to long on that. Really can’t wait for Pre-order 2 will there be Mastercard this time? I couldn’t order in the first pre-order because of that. Can’t you start pre-order 2 early for those not in FCC countries?

  173. May be someone already asked this question, but will it be possible to turn off Eden when Honeycomb is installed on the device? While Eden looks fantastic, I would like to experience plain vanilla Honeycomb without having to root the damn thing and installing it separately on Adam or having to buy another tablet. It would simply be great to be able to run Honeycomb once in a while.

  174. hehe! no need to fight but it did get me thinking, what’s the lens on the Adam??? the pictures uploaded by Rohan are quite nice.

    ps: the reason most indian photographers carry Nikon is becuase they’re cheaper and easier to get here, not to say they’re bad camera’s. end of the day photography has so much to do with skill, these camera becomes a bottleneck only if you’re really really good!

  175. May be someone already asked this question, but will it be possible to turn off Eden when Honeycomb is installed on the device? While Eden looks fantastic, I would like to experience plain vanilla Honeycomb without having to root the damn thing and installing it separately on Adam or having to buy another tablet. It would be great to be able to run Honeycomb once in a while

  176. Yeah, I bet he’s dying to get his hands on the tablet. I’m sure most of you would be thrilled to get one without the label (and receive the label later or not), but there is a side you’re not considering – would the customs office release the tablet to you if the device didn’t have the certification on it? I’m positive for my country that I would never get the tablet since I was specifically told the device must have CE certification or else such item would not clear customs. 😦 Sorry for being a bit of a killjoy..

  177. actually you could maybe use the accelerometer to do some compensation! will experiment and see how that turns out…
    5D M II that’s my next camera, but a good flash (bounce flash) is a very useful tool to have in your bag. Its also great when you’re trying to use it as a fill flash! but then, I don’t think the Adam (or any tablet) will ever be able to get that much out of a flash… if they have it, it’ll be a silly little led flash that has two modes, on/off!
    the only real use i can see for it. use it as a flashlight at night 😀

  178. Joshua,
    Both of my Kodak digital cameras shoot 16:9 and also both take HD Video in 16:9.
    They also take 4:3 but since my TV is 16:9 and I use it as my slide projector too, I take all my stuff in that format now.

  179. btw, does anyone know about the SDK??? When is it going to be released?

    @rohan any comments on the SDK?

  180. Why not just sticking a label on the bottom side of the microsdh/SIM trays?
    Wouldn´t that look better and match the attention the CE & FCC deserves? 😉

  181. Agreed. I can hardly keep my desire to buy some gadget in place. If (pre-)orders don’t start soon, I’m afraid I’ll spend a bit of money I have saved up for Adam and in the end miss this round as well 😮

  182. @Rohan, those countries, where labels are not required, you will send the labels as a shipment later or you are sending the Adams with blank spaces where one can fill the numbers once you have them and post in this blog/ official site?

    BTW, take some rest Bro, you need it ! 🙂

  183. A minor coding attribute you may want to consider if its not already implemented – it’d be nice to blow up a leaf to occupy the full display – although this functionality may not always be used, it’d be nice to blow up android apps such as games and various software packages unavailable through Eden so they’re at least as usable as the other android tablets (Xoom and Galaxy for example).

    This is more of a remark when you get android store accessibility up, as I suspect eden apps already provide functionality, but it is a somewhat indispensable feature for market place apps, which adam will eventually have to populate with to start competitive.

  184. hi rohan and all,
    nice to have you back.Just saw the post.Know you r tired ,when u come back from rest please try to answer one question, will we have any big announcements or ofiicial release for our adam?.No dates required rohan just to know whether we have r not.Want to see a big release like Rajani films 🙂 🙂

  185. now these are some seriously great images 😀

    Congrats rohan on your success at CES….. and congrats to your amazing teram at NI…

    each one deserves a big THANK YOU

  186. Clarification:
    Well people, what I meant here was:
    Though I know that NI is sending without labels to countries where it is not a requirement – these people might relocate in future – and it would be handy if they had the CE and FCC numbers on the device. So in effect, it would be my suggestion that NI ships them the labels (after confirming that they can send label(s) to the same shipping address as their Adam).

    or Have labels with blank spaces, where the end customers can later fill in the numbers – using permanent stickers or markers.

  187. But your answer proves my point. Your camera can shoot 4:3. That means that when you snap a picture, the data/light that makes up the top and bottom of the picture is captured. The lens aperture doesn’t change shape, so that means that all pictures are really taken in 4:3, and the top and bottom data is removed.

    Think of a circle (or draw one). This is the shape of the lens. Since the picture is square, draw a box in the circle. This represents the picture that you see. You can draw a box in the 4:3 format, that would cut out a sizable section on the top and bottom of the circle (assuming that the four corners meet the circle).

    Now draw another box, this time in 16:9 format. Less space is cut from the sides, but more is cut from the top and bottom. Either way, the light gathered is always in the same shape, but you can choose how much to record.

    The point is that the aspect ratio isn’t “broken.” The camera is built like all others. The firmware just expects that the user wants a certain format, because that’s what it is set to.

    I’m sure that it could be changed by a third party dev if need be.

    BTW, I’m not a camera expert by any means, I’m just explaining what makes sense to me. If I’m completely wrong and misinformed, do let me know. (It’s like 1 am here, and I’m working on 4 hours of sleep)

  188. @family

    i am so eagerly waiting for a UNBOX video like u all .

    some body please update here 🙂

  189. @ Greg,
    Yup, the photos really look good. Though many here might have better camera phones or digital cameras, having a good cam with you (in Adam), could turn out to be priceless – to capture those special moments, which you might miss otherwise!

  190. I’m also waiting for my Adam. Can anybody tell me, which micro SD card would be the best for Adam? In my search I’ve found many different kinds. Now I don’t know which one to get. I’m planning on a 32 gb. Thanks.

  191. Rohan, what happened to the arrangement of the tabs around the semi-circle? They are all showing as horizontal instead of radial as was shown originally in a previous blog.

  192. as far as legalities go…

    whether you put ubuntu, any other form of linux, a plain vanilla android with honeycomb… it is as good as root… and therefore you loose warranty… until / unless a iPhoneDev equivalient provides the ability to go back…

    however, unlike apple, rohan & team, at this point will not go out of the way, to plug hardware / software loopholes that will help you achieve the same…

    further, they will be running eden on honeycomb pretty soon… faster than Xoom, for sure… as Xoom will be tied to US Phone companies… so their release of updates is generally 2-4 months later than an android release… whereas NI is not tied to nobody !! (speaking my californian)

  193. Rohan
    you have done well by not giving time range for us Europe . I know it us difficult to wait for us – but time goal increases innecessory pressure on notion ink – especially when FCC ce Id not really in your control. We will wait . (Only because you are very good!)

  194. Watch the videos carefully, They are arranged radially, although the arrangement is quite subtle.

  195. These images are spectacular for a 3.2MP camera. It will be ample for most day-to-day activities that may require a camera (like capturing slides, etc). I hope the video recording capability is also stellar. Of course, a professional photographer will have issues with the camera, but then, he will have a professional camera 🙂

    I really hope the labelling issue is sorted out quickly. I am too excited. I cant wait for the next batch of ADAMs to sell out (though on a more serious note, I hope they wont) 🙂

    If anybody has received their ADAMs this is for them: “Stop fawning over it, reply to this post from your ADAM. Share pics, videos. Enjoy and let us watch ( 😦 ) you enjoy..”

  196. “Adam has already reached some of its owners”

    Any idea on when Genesis will open?

    What’s included in the ADAM box (in terms of accessories)?

  197. Slight correction, some cameras come with native 16:9 CCD’s. But my understanding is that these are rare, and that most cameras just take a 16:9 shot out of a 4:3 shot, which can reduce the quality a bit. The point is that Adam is not out of place shooting 4:3 pictures.

  198. Hi Rohan and followers,

    Nice pictures. I’d really like to see some close-up pictures with different color in one frame. I have worked a lot with mobile phones in the past. And it helped me t jdge a camera by making a picture of some colours and compare them to the real thig. Especially red and blue were often not that great on a cellphone camera. These days the chipset and camera are improved but since Adam uses a 3.2M camera I’d like to know how the camera handles contrast and color. And I’d really like to see how a picture looks like when taken at night. Is it possible for you to take a shot of the hotel at night??

    Rohan, you say you anticipated on the little information on Honeycomb to make it possible for Eden. But then you say INVIDIA has to first make it stable on Tegra. So are you involved in the progress of Honeycomb and Nvidia as a OEM? Do you have a BSP for Adam?

  199. does the lcd version of the adam have more vibrant colors than the pixel qi variation.

  200. @ajesh

    while (true)

    a mega release for our adam . tons of teaser trailers 🙂 every where
    wow then the air will be charged with adam .
    yep, i hope NI planned everything in advance and they are just executing one bye one i think. Long live our adam

  201. Rohan,
    When will EAP2 launch? Any news on that yet?

    Funny, I only figured out to pronounce Pixel Qi as “Pixel Chi” when I was watching the CES videos. By the way I’ve had a blast watching all the reviews and interviews.
    On my desktop I have a google gadget counter counting down towards the delivery of my Adam (worst case scenario 22 januari… right? lol)

    Can’t wait to integrate with Eden with my dev projects. So release the SDK asap!



  202. Upgrading the SDK to Gingerbread might be even more work than upgrading Eden itself, so I suspect that its still in the works.

  203. Rohan, thank you for the update. Hope you had a nice trip and a plesant flight home.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of us so that the FCC and CE certification will be finalized as soon as possible. I’ll also keep my fingeres crossed that the (pre-)orders will be available again soon 😀

  204. @Sid: Even in India Nikon lens are more costlier than Canon(in the same category). There is no alternative to the Canon 50 mm f/1.8(nifty fifty) which is 99$ in Nikon(which can be used even in Non AF camera). Moreover I totally agree with your last line. It’s the one who is behind the camera matters and not the camera(I follow “” and many a times see spectacular pics clicked by Canon1000D rather than Canon 550 D).

  205. If there will be an official forum of adam, I would love to see thew pics clicked by your 5D M II as well as the videos of adam 🙂

  206. With such a small area for the sensor itself, you’re going to run into noise issues, and it’s quite evident in the darker areas of the posted pictures (if you click into the pictures).

    That said, if you’re viewing on the adam itself, this won’t be much of an issue. 3.2MP is about 2048*1536, which means that the display – at best – can only display half (1024*600) of the picture. Downsampling a noisy photo will almost always result in a clean picture, which is why they look detailed when resized (the picture inlined into the article).

    I’ll be curious to see how good / bad the video conferencing in a darkened environment will be with just the display’s back light providing the majority of the light source. There may need to be bright white borders around the screen to help light the user’s face up =)

  207. @ Veeraraagavan

    I agree. Although the CE and FCC codes of my devices have never been checked when traveling, I would hate it when they take my Adam from me when I am entering the US or Europe, so getting a label anyway would be absolutely great service.

  208. Appeal to those who have already received theirs:

    Please share your joy with the dear internet.
    Blog post/ Unboxing/ handware hands-on/ software run-through/ hdmi demos/ you know, the works.

    Show us your delighted faces!

  209. Had One more Doubt ,This time regarding External hard disk for a change :). I will also be buying a external HDD of 640 GB(Transcend). It’s available in Both USB 3.0 compatible and USB 2.0 compatible. My question is as far as i know adam’s port are USB 2.0 compatible. Though USB 3.0 is also backward compatible with 2.0 but then will I be able to use the enhanced features of USB 3.0? Like higher speed etc? Or will it only be possible with USB 3.0 ports? Hope NI launches it’s official forum soon where we can discuss these questions much more easily 🙂

  210. +100. If too shy to show yourself in videos, atleast show us the adam only :). I am sure the first video will be a major hit on you tube. So guys and girls this is your chance to come in Lime Light 🙂

  211. USB 3.0 is backward comnpatible to USB 2.0. But using new specs of USB 3.0 you also need the appropriate interface. So easy answer would be: No, the USB 3.0 HDD will behave like a USB 2.0 device overall. The adam will not recognize that it is actually USB 3.0.

  212. @Rohan

    Thanks for the update. It was quite timely because things were going totally out of hand with the sort of comments on FCC/CE and the reasons for the shipping delays. It is always better to comply with whatever the federal regulations call for. We will be doing business both in Europe and America in the future like having our own offices there, so we may as well take the difficult initial step now so that things are bit easier in the future.

    Enjoy your well earned rest. You deserve a break. Nothing like taking a break in the back waters of Kerala with a guitar in one hand and an adam in other.

  213. Question to lucky ppl who received their adam already – Did you people get any tracking information from DHL before?
    It would be beneficial to know for some of us, if they do send tracking info or the status updated to shipped? I have my residence address at which it should be delivered and my workplace is in a different city. So I need to be at home to receive it.

  214. Guys india has changed a lot and will continue to change until it become a great nation.
    Only problem some one might face with the climate condition and and dust. We have different culture and tradition and it will be remarkable exprience for you guys. You guys gona love the urban part of india as you will find it almost similer but the rural area will be a different avenue to explore.
    India is a great country and I welcome you all. A place where you can learn wisdom and spirituality to improve your lifestyle.

  215. Hello Rohan,

    I would very much like to know the timeframe for the next order/pre-order run.

    I would also like to add that the feedback you got at CES was great, and it is nice, and must be very nice for you to know that the product/your baby is THAT good, and raises that many eyebrows 🙂

    Thank you very much for your hard work, now get some sleep and start another order window 😉

  216. @Vyjesh

    Guitar on adam will be nothing like a real guitar 🙂 Rohan being a keen guitarist himself would agree with me I suppose. I have a sneaky feeling that the background score on the Promo video was composed by Rohan as the guitar component of the music is unmissable. I could be wrong. Any diehard music fans with an ear for music, what do you think???

  217. Move to Bangalore… You can get a house near to Notion Ink itself. (Bit expensive real estate though in Bannerghatta Road… but when you go from a better currency rate, it should be ok) That way we all can easily ping you about our questions on Adam. 🙂

  218. Oh but will it support 640gb? I donno. I have a feeling (from earlier mails and posts) that there is a cap on 128gb.

    It should, (unless that restriction is bcoz of android) as long as external power is supplied, I suppose.

  219. Yes indeed. For promotions Guitar application would be good.
    Applications like Continuum Fingerboard or Harpejji musical instruments
    would be wonderful.

    Some one could develop as soon as the SDK is released.

  220. I guess it should support 640GB to be mounted as storage device. It depends on file system of the storage itself. Android does support ext4 and hence I feel 640GB of storage should be no problem at all.
    It’s a different question if you want to install and run apps from the disk. But I guess that’s something you are not trying to achieve here.

  221. Hi all,

    For anyone still interested … I did get to CES, for about two hours on the final day, due to travel delays. Walked, no … RAN, the entire city block from registration to opposite end to the Pixel Q private booth, on the slim hope of seeing an Adam. They were closing down for the day, and initially not very welcoming, but after a bit of conversation, took an extensive amount of time to chat with me about the Pixel Q screens, even going so far as to take their sample (not an Adam; just a small generic “no name” tablet of a very different design) outside to display in full sunlight in both reading mode and full color video. Given that even Pixel Q admits to some small color trade-offs for full sun readability, the video had very good color. I would have NO fears about ordering the Pixel Q screen Adam, had I the opportunity. Hope that info is of some help to those of you who had questions about screens and color.

    They also confirmed talking with NI, and press meetings, but of course, there was no sign of NI, Adam or the team anywhere I was 😦 Didn’t really expect to get that lucky but … Glad to hear they’re back home safe and sound and going back to work to resolve remaining issues and improvements. I’m stuck in Las Vegas for another week; hope to read more Adam good news soon.

    Hi to all old family pals.

  222. Also, the cap on the size with 128GB was with microSDXC I assume and not with external hard disks.

  223. Awesome Idea….

    Imagine something like a gorillapod [“”], the possibilities are endless…

  224. you mean honeycomb?
    but from rohan’s been saying it looks like their SDK’s abstracted away from the android SDK to be able to have quick turn around cycles for new SDK releases. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into the whole Eden’s a dream & they’ve got a long term plan bit!

  225. @raja52

    The main reason why tech commentators criticized Genesis because they were under the impression that Adam would have no access to the Market. As Adam will have access to the Market when Honeycomb arrives, Genesis will only add to the Android standard apps.

    With access to the Market, Genesis offers an attractive layer of icing on the cake and we all know that decorated cakes sell better then standard ones 🙂

  226. with all the funfare in the la la land….we are still waiting for notion ink to open its doors for us to order it in the dark land..

  227. a photograph of this link
    will be good to judge the color and contrast reproduction of the camera!

  228. @AlbertWertz

    Indian dishes are delicious, I can strongly recommend you to visit an Indian restaurant in your neighborhood. When I am traveling and want to treat myself, then I search for an Indian restaurant and it is always a success with people that I invite.

  229. Alternative is to partition the external hard disk (portable kind) say 320 gb with ext4 and 320 gb with FAT32. That way you can store things like documents/spreadsheets from Quickoffice onto the FAT32 partition to be read by any PC/Mac. You can store your downloaded apps and videos taken by adam in the Ext4 partition. The Ext4 partition can be read by Android and a Linux OS, like say Ubuntu. You will need to do the partitioning and formatting bit on a PC. I am unsure whether adam will let you do that.

    Also be mindful of the hard disk RPM. The higher RPM kind may require more power from the USB port to spin them. Use power on adam judiciously.

  230. could some of you perhaps do the following:

    click on the second image and resize it to its original size. Then, take a look at the bush on the lower left side of the image (left of the black GMC car) and at the adjacent tree (above the white GMC). Then, take a look at the gray vertical line that separates the sky from the left wall of the building and also at the adjacent windows. And then please tell me what you think.

  231. @ govind
    what is the problem with engadget? its a good site and their review for adam was quite good and they did say that they were very impressed with adam. and yesterday also they let every 1 know what was the real fcc issue and they dint say anything wrong atall.
    its a open blog so there are going to be many people who will like adam and some who wont and its natural . like for example the world is going gaga gaga over the xoom and i personally dint like oit atall i liked the asus range , and acer iconia and playbook more then xoom . so some guys who visit engadget may like adam and may not its ok .
    and anyway most imp is people who have ordered adam like it and enjoy it let the world say what they want to it hardly matters.

    and by the way rohan went tp slashgear and engadget because in his view they are one of the most honest tech sites .

  232. Personally I’ve decided to go with a 16gb class 10 for now -more interested in speed over capacity. I’ve already ordered the WinTec that Greg tested:

  233. Good question. -Not receiving shipment notice + tracking number would be an annoyance for me for similar reasons you have stated: it would further delay my actually receiving the shipment by a few days…

    According to the order confirmation mail:

    “You will receive your device shipping details as soon as we make the shipment.”

  234. @ wtff

    The image is 2048 x 1536 = 3.145 Megapixel

    You can see a light grid in the sky if you resize it to 1024 x 600 pixel or what do you exactly mean ?

  235. The latest response I received from Preorder support:

    “Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

    We are sorry to inform you that there has been slight delayed in the shipping of the Adams dated 9th January. The team is currently working on this and once we have the information, we should be able to provide you with the tracking number and concerned carrier.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!”

    I guess we will receive tracking numbers. It’s still surprising that no one has posted any picture of Adam.

  236. …similar to what I get with PS or Gimp when applying one of the “Artistic” filters at very subtle settings…

  237. @cathy
    That’s so nice of u to share. Thanks for info on pixel Qi screen, i can order one with it.
    hard luck that u couldn’t get to meet NI. It’s ok..u may be lucky next time, with better plans..


  238. I said almost twelve hours ago that I don’t think people from this blog got their adam. The only way someone got a shipment day of the ninth is if they got a preorder email. Which means they know all about this blog. Maybe some real friends and family got one? I just don’t think all this time would have gone by without a single post. Just my opinion.

  239. Woww ! Great effort 🙂 ! Thanks for sharing your experience ! though I stay right near NI’s office. I thought of not bothering them, in the anticipation that it will not be a welcoming visit !!!

  240. Hi Rohan,
    Its been a blasting week for NI & us, you did a great job to silence the critics. You seems to have different vision and done a great job at CES. We are happy to see the whole world recognise ADAM and your work. We all are proud of you and NI.
    “I hope those with photography experience will comment on this and we can learn more on this new topic”.
    Being an amature photographer still i will say ADAM will do a great job in our day to day photography need. Due to the size factor of tablet it will have pros and cons in terms of photography. I fell Adam will be a great device for photography in certain areas.

    1) Despite being 3.2 mega pixel the optical quality of the lens and image capture chip, compression algorithms seems to blend perfectly, resulting a very good image quality. (I wish Adam has carl zeiss optic).

    2) Due to swivel nature it is more easier than point to shoot digital camera or mobile phone camera. As with Adam we can just swivel the camera and take great shoot even listening a song. Eden does multitasking guys so we enjoy a little more. (I hope we can do that Rohan?)

    3) I was little shocked when rohan said about Macro mode in Adam? I truly love macro shoot and enabling Adam with macro mode with auto focus seems to be a great feature & photography tool.

    4) We will prefer to take more photos by Adam than mobile phone cos it will save the hassle to transfer it to PC/ Adam again. Just click and see it in a bigger screen.

    5) Enabling Macro mode with Auto focus will take care of close object photography. watch the video for details. “”

    6) Great companion for Outdoor bright sunlight shoot with Pixel Qi.

    7) It will be the best device to scan / taking image of any document. Auto focus will take care of that.

    8) Taking public / office picture with no embarrassment as no body can see what the swivel camera is doing. Its a fun tool too.

    For life like imaging and night shoot lets leave it to Nikon. I love Nikon and its the best Digital camera.

    We would love to see the video capture of Adam and i hope Rohan is listening.


  241. Oops !!! “concerned carrier” ??? Bad English

    Notion Ink , if the above mail is true please correct it.

  242. @Cathy, I was wondering if you could make it the CES. I misspelled your name. My bad.
    Had a good trip?


  243. Hello, cathy!
    It is incredibly nice of u to share this information, and even nicer for you to go look for them @CES. CES is a very tempting place for gadget lovers- All sorts of gadgets in all shapes and sizes are up for display @CES, and anyone who’s just visiting has a lot to see.

    Glad that you spent a good amt of time at the PixelQi booth. I guess Greg and others who were worried about their PixelQi order will be a little happier by your reassurance. 🙂

    I wish you could get to see ADAM and meet Rohan, of course. But there’s always a next year, I suppose 🙂

  244. I thought so too. But you never know!!! I guess we will know when we get it or at least someone who has already got posts about it.

    For now, it feels like it has been delivered to only those who do not follow this blog. 😉

  245. That was an extremely helpful and candid post, Rohan, thank you. Hard to picture Steve Jobs chatting so openly about the limitations of the current ipad os. In fact, I think you just sold me after several weeks of uncertainty; the information vacuum has been well and truly filled with terrific pics, videos, and blog posts characterized by simplicity and candor.

    I had to buy an Archos 101 because I needed a tablet right away, and its not bad, but my wife will be inheriting it the moment Adam is available once more.


  246. Actually yes. I think we should take that as a compliment. There is no shame in loving and praising a device that we helped build (In some ways). If that constitutes as fanboy-ism, then yes, even Rohan is a fanboy. So is everybody else who stood by NI in disturbing times (a month ago) and in happy times (now). Actually, it is most satisfying to have toed this journey and there is no shame in pronouncing that.

    NotionAddict or not, I am a notioninkfan and these are my fundaazoflife 😉

  247. Yes, and the most expensive!

    I bought a 32GB Kingston micro SDHC Class 4 (50€) and hope it works with Adam…

  248. for now you can have a look at
    “” these are some pictures taken using either a N80 or a HTC Hero! just show’s that most of these devices take good pictures when the light’s good….

  249. good post indeed

    >> Taking public / office picture with no embarrassment as no body can see what the swivel camera is doing. Its a fun tool too.

    haha, I wonder how many people besides you had that exact same thought already. Myself not being one of them of course 😀

    Another use case ADAM’s configuration could be perfect for is similar to the spycam thing you mentioned and it is one of my main motivation points to buy an ADAM:

    whenever I spent time with my girlfriend’s five year old son, it often so happens that he does or says something that is natural conduct/thinking of a five year old but is just hilarious to a grownup’s mind. It ails me a bit, not to be able to capture these highlights of his. I could chuck out my phone and take a video clip but there are two problems with this:
    For one thing, it takes a really long time to unlock the screen, start up the camera app, switch to video mode and start recording. By the time the video would start, the moment I intended to capture would already have passed. The other problem is that he of course notices me recording him and then stops being natural.

    But equipped with an ADAM I imagine to casually put it down besides me, adjust the swivel cam appropriately, start recording and switch off the screen back-light or swype the camera leaf away from the screen, thus recording inconspicuously.

    Given a perfect video app, I could configure the all-purpose button on ADAM’s right loin to either start/stop the video recording or to insert a timestamp/bookmark into the video stream whenever my girlfriend’s son does something memorable and later preserve only the video regions around the timestamps/bookmarks I inserted.

    I can imagine no other gadget that could do that and is handy enough to be always with me.

  250. anyone who wants to release the unboxing images/vids. I can have you on the front page of “”… a little advertising never hurt 😉

  251. @Rohan, Just a thought. Like the lucky ones who got their adams because they didn’t need CE or FCC, Is it possible for people in Europe to get it as soon as CE is available. FCC is something that EU really won’t care about. (Assuming you are using two different test firms for them or may be it does not even matter)

  252. I am going to ask my patent lawyer (yes, I have one) to see if this is already patented. If not, I just might let Notion Ink use this idea for Adam II. I am feeling generous.

  253. I am reposting what Greg G said on NotioninkHacks website.

    Greg G
    Post subject: Met Rohan at CESPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:34 am

    I had the good luck to run into Rohan on the floor at CES. He was gracious and seemed to genuinely apprecite my babbling about how excited I was about the Adam (actually ordered 8 for the execs in my company). Seeing the Adam in person was very cool as well! It looks so sleek and well built. All the other tablets at CES looked the same but the Adam really stands out! I also got to go into the Pixel Qi room. They we’re kind enough to show us their screens even though they had a private room and we did not have an appointment. I have to say the screen looks awsome! I know NI is going to make me look good for choosing the Adam for everyone and can’t wait to get my hands on mine!

    (posted on blog too but awaiting moderaion)


  254. @Sid

    Made a copy from your link. In PhotoShop CS4 went to levels and colors now look very good. I’m happy with the adjustment of colors.


  255. Thanks Red and Greg G, I am afraid that all those who have not seen and touched an Adam yet, will be so jealous of those who start posting their first hand-on experiences.

    The different form factor of Adam will indeed be of great appeal when people walk into a store to buy a tablet. That the hand-grip (rubber) feels so good, combined with aggressive pricing and several pre-installed useful apps, will most likely make it an easy sale, not only here with the family, but in every store that has it.

    Gartner predicted over 35 million tablets to be sold in 2011. I wonder how many Adams Notion Ink can produce, but I think that all their batches will be sold out this year 🙂

  256. But when do we get it? It’s looking amazing and I am really getting tired of listening to all the Apple fans at uni flashing their iPad’s all the time…

    I need an Adam with Pixel Qi yesterday!

  257. Hi Stefan,

    I think we have to do it the hard way: It has been said many times that NI – at least at the moment – is just shipping “our” adam from Taiwan or China where it is produced. Therefore shipping fee $50. And add 19 % import sales tax on [price for your adam + $50].

    No chance to pick it up at Media-Markt, Saturn or anywhere else. But Rohan told us that his sales team was busy in Europe so eventually one day .. Perhaps with Eve.

    Best regards, Thomas

  258. Rohan,

    Since Adams are already shipped to Non-EU/USA customers, why don’t you upload manual on NotionInk website? Please take a favourable decision.

    Warm Regards

  259. Wow! I was gone for a while and just got back to see this. I am appreciative of everyone’s support and enthusiasm. It really means a lot to me!!! 😀

    Though I think Rohan’s hands are tied and he will not be able to send my Adam any sooner than the FCC will allow. But if I am wrong and find a nice surprise at my door some time soon, I will be sure to post video and comments for everyone as quickly as possible.

    Based on my pre-order and estimated shipping date I really did think I would be one of the first to receive my Adam, and I had several ideas for videos and reviews that would address specific questions most people have. But now I will wait and see what others post online before I get mine, and then address any remaining questions, etc. I will probably repeat coverage of some topics to give my personal view point, but hope to provide as much new and original information as possible. I mean, how many unboxing videos do we need, right?

    Thanks again everyone. Your comments like this make all the time I spend online chasing Notion Ink news and writing on blogs, etc really worth it! 😉

    @Everyone +1000

  260. Yep, I use the crappy camera on my phone all the time “because I have it with me”. So I’m sure I’ll get even more use from Adam’s camera.

    One unique use is for those of us who have a hard time reading really small print like on circuit boards, etc. I generally don’t have a magnifying glass with me so I take a quick snapshot and then view it on the display and zoom in on it to read the small print. It works well on my small phone so it will be even better on the Adam.

  261. Biswajit saha,

    Good! You can host the first ever adam users conference in the summer of 2012…or maybe the adams birthdate!!!

  262. A couple points:

    It surprises me that Notion Ink doesn’t work more closely with Google.

    I personally have done a good bit of photography. And a flash, despite its shortcomings, would have been a nice addition.

    The post hints that FCC certification may be going slower than anticipated. Why?

  263. I have to admit that I did not know much about India before I found the Notion Ink Adam. I have learned so much over the past year through my friends here on this blog. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to visit India some day. If most people in India are like the thoseon this blog, then India is got to be a wonderful place to live.

    And I look forward to Indian food too. I still have not tried it yet, but I will soon. Remember the whole “spicy tongue” thing? 😉

    Anyway, it is amazing to see how much Notion Ink and the Adm have already helped us to cross borders and build good relations. It is inspiring to think how all of us can make the world a better place by simply opening our minds, getting rid of prejudice and simply being more accepting of everyone and their different ways of life.

    And it’s good to know I will have friends to visit in India if I do make it there!

  264. @NI familiy, Everyone

    What a difference a single post can do. The mood was sombre for the past few days and now it is upbeat all around. There are times when Rohan becomes silent for days and it resembles a radio blackout that happens whenever the space shuttle orbiter comes back to earth and you are not sure whether they have made it or not. There is this one way transmission from Houston, which frantically tries to get in touch with the orbiter and then finally they come back on the radio saying they made it. You can imagine the sigh of relief that goes all around. I can only think of that analogy right now.

  265. Sorry for the double post. It was not a reply to someone else’s comment.

    @NI family, Everyone

    What a difference a single post can do. The mood was sombre for the past few days and now it is upbeat all around. There are times when Rohan becomes silent for days and it resembles a radio blackout that happens whenever the space shuttle orbiter comes back to earth and you are not sure whether they have made it or not. There is this one way transmission from Houston, which frantically tries to get in touch with the orbiter and then finally they come back on the radio saying they made it. You can imagine the sigh of relief that goes all around. I can only think of that analogy right now.

  266. I’m surprised to find out that nobody is keen on speculating about Rohan’s second to last sentence:

    “And if Google is doing innovation on Software front, what would Notion Ink be doing on other fronts??”

    Usually this is a real gift for tech bloggers. What do you think will adam 2 be equipped with:

    USB 3.0
    Pixel Qi latest screen
    Flash 16 gb/32 gb
    ? instead of Micro SD
    LTE / 4G

    Or completely different with technical equipment that I have not yet heard about?!?

    Best regards, Thomas

  267. Just keep in mind that I have not tested those cards with the Adam yet. But I expect they will work well.

    I will be updating that post once I have the Adam and get the opportunity to try them (use them to record/play HD video).

  268. @Cathy,

    It is very good to hear from you. I’m jealous of your 2 hours at CES. That is 2 more than most of us got to experience. And thank you so much for using those 2 hours to find out about the Pixel Qi display and especially for sharing your thoughts with us. I feel even more reassured after reading your comments that I made the right decision going with Pixel Qi over LCD. Now I can’t wait to get mine and have a chance to see it myself.

  269. Rohan, Good Morning, I hope that your trip went well and you enjoyed your CES 2011 experience. At your earliest opportunity can you please answer the following questions:

    ***When will the next pre-order or full availability of orders be released?

    ***What’s included in the ADAM box (in terms of accessories?


  270. Currently, that is the only way you can use non-Eden optimized apps, in full screen. So, that functionality will exist right out of the box.

  271. I think it was more of a forward looking statement. I think we have done enough speculation and gotten in different directions. Since the first set of customers have already received their Adams, it might be more prudent to wait to hear from the recipients.

  272. This thread starts with a good question. Is there a possibility of experiencing vanilla Android OS on this tablet? Having an open source OS will give consumers who want to innovate an ability to create customizations. Think about cars and innovative customizations where OEMs realized very late that it is a big market in itself. I am curious to know more on this from Rohan and I support the idea of an option to turn off Eden.

  273. Cradles, card mounts, and other accessories would be nice. I’d like to know what NI has done to reach out to accessories manufacturers?

    NI needs to focus on their current product and accessories. NI needs to stop hinting about Adam 2. The hints and rumors of Adam 2 are aggravating when you pre-ordered a product and don’t even have it yet.

  274. I think he means more how HTC sense works where you can toggle that on and off, which is not “as good as root”

  275. Good Morning Every one,

    @ Rajeev : let people from Preorder1 receive their Adams first and then start thinking about round2 😉

  276. I have a proposal; it would be great to have a kind of Notion Ink certificate of Adam ownership by city, example: You are the number “x” to have and Adam in your city. I’ll carry Adam “floating with proud” and showing my tablet to all my friends!!!

  277. A blogger’s attempt to learn more about Honeycomb at CES “” The guy reaches over and starts trying to launch apps as a Google or Motorola rep is talking about Honeycomb and/or the Xoom. The Adam is still the tablet that I covet the most, but competition is coming. On the low-end you have the recently announced Archos 101 home tablet with a Rockchip dual core processor that has a higher Quadrant score than the Adam and is expected to cost $200. Not as many features as Adam, but a decent tablet for $200 (current Archos 101 internet tablet has received pretty good reviews). On the high-end is the RIM playbook, which simultaneously played 1080p video, 3D ray tracing app, and Quake. The slashgear video showed them jumping between programs/apps with no lag whatsoever. Potential drawbacks are lack of apps and battery life. Right now, one could argue that Adam has no real competition. In 2-3 months, there could be a lot of viable alternatives.

  278. Maybe just paranoid but I find it to be an uncany turn of events not having fcc and ce numbers yet. Its like some other big company/ companies are about to be beat to the table by notion ink with a better product. And now there throughing a there weight around and tying those numbers up with red tape.

    Id bet the stupid xoom tablet already has its numbers.

  279. I heard that concern too somewhere. I plan to test as soon as I have my Adam. I have several USB thumb drives and external hard drives with and without their own power supplies, and ranging between 32 MB all the way up to 2 TB. I will test them all and report my findings… 😉

  280. this wasn’t taken from the adam, i was saying this image should be taken with the adam so we can tell how good the adam’s camera is. unless you’re saying you’ve got the adam 😉

  281. Hi Rohan, hope you get a good rest. When you awake, I have two questions:

    – Will those with the 15th-22nd shipment date also be delayed by the FCC labeling thing, assuming this is finalized prior to the 15th?

    – Have you given any thought to making the leaf interface approach and open source project? I ask this because if you can get the other tablet makers to adop this, most of the apps coming out will also come with a leaf interface. This might also leave NI in the potential position of controlling part of the Android interface approach going forward.

  282. The Archos 101s are around $370 (8GB) and $450 (16GB) on Amazon; at $200 I’d buy them to resell them!!

    The Quadrant scores aren’t necessarily relative, as adam (Eden) has the ability to run on only one core until the app demand is sufficient to utilize the second core. I believe that this was pointed out and discussed before.

    I do agree that there is a lot of competition coming, but I believe the adam stacks up very well. I can’t wait to show mine off!!


  283. Thank you for nice updates Rohan:) I can’t wait my Adam anyymore:)
    By the way, I have some updates for you too guys:) Yesterday, I send an email to Notion Ink about tech. specs. and today they replied me (very fast reply, I love their support:)
    Anyways, here is the email:

    Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

    1. Can we plug in headset to Notion Ink Adam? Yes

    2. What is the resolution and fps of video recording of Adam? resolution 640 x 480 and fps of 15 fps.

    3. Can we plug 1TB hard drive to it? We are not too sure if a HD of that size would show up.

    4. Can we disable the ambient light sensor if we want? Yes.

    5. Sniffer shows 1 USB drive even a USB drive doesn’t plugged. However, we have 2 USB port. What if we plug 2 USB flash drive at a time, will it work? Will Sniffer shows both of them? No, it would only work and show 1 device.

    6. Can leaves work in the portrait mode? No

    7. Will Notion Ink come with screen protector or not? Yes, the Adam will come with a screen protector.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

  284. Hi Rohan,
    thank you for keeping us updated, when will you be able to advise when people like myself unable to join the free order Queue, you will be able to make a firm order. Some update on this would help all of us who are waiting in hope.

  285. it wont be DHL in the USA, im not sure rest of the world. They told me in email that they were unsure who carrier was gonna be in USA

  286. The video resolution and fps is a little low but this is not a video camera right?:) I do care about the other specs. of Notion Ink, and especially its software. So for me, video recording is nothing.
    To be sure about the screen protector made me very happy:)

    Also I asked the headset because I bought Adam with Pixel Qi and Wifi, and now I know that if I plug-in Huawei E1750 to Adam and with an headset, I can use Adam as a phone also:)

  287. that is true and not true at the same time. I have a tablet (pandigital Novel Hacked with market) and many of the apps that I have downloaded run in phone size waisting much of the screen also some try to do both at the same time and just mess up and can’t be used on a tablet at all. I’m sure notioninkhacks will soon have a long list of APK’s that run great on the adem in full screen.

  288. @Sid
    “will be good to judge the color and contrast reproduction of the camera!”


    Read your comment wrong. Thought it said from the camera and not of the camera.

  289. or you can go to the forum at “”

    or I can just answer the question for you… you need to go with a higher “class” like a class 10. Most cards you get are class 2 (if the card doesnt say assume class 2). The class is really just the data transfer rate, the higher the class the faster the card can transfer data.

    the real trick is the size/price. You need to decide how much space you need and how much you are willing to spend. Class 10 microSD cards are still expensive so you may settle with a 16gb class 6 or 8.

    IMO, its worth getting a higher class on a smaller card. Def improves performance on my droid…

    more notion ink news at “”

  290. @Veera, The Camera in Adam seems quite impressive with Auto focus & macro shoot capability. It will be a great companion to us.

  291. I’d get the 3.0 interface so that you don’t have to get a new hard drive if you ever get an updated Adam or, for that matter, want to attach the drive to a machine with a 3.0 interface. This is known as “forward thinking” and is a reptile specialty.

  292. I wonder if we use some other file managers like ASTRO or something like that and mount the two devices, then we should be able to access it.
    But I guess for that you need root access and we won’t have root access without making the warranty void. 🙂
    I guess more work for friends at XDA. I already saw they have a forum open for ADAM. I think questions like these can be posted and discussed there.

  293. Video capture in one leaves and in other two music player and web browser for demo video will be great.

  294. :). And the difference only 12$ so i will better go with USB 3.0. The only point was that my next purchase will be adam. And not sure of any other gadget until adam 2 :). So USB 3.0 will be useless till then. But I like the forward thinking of Mr. repltile 🙂 .

  295. Good or bad, Quadrant is what everyone uses and refers to. I doubt Adam power management is causing score in the 1800’s, since that is what the Viewsonic G Tablet (also tegra II) gets with stock rom. The latter scores 2400 with mod rom, but could be overclocking. FYI, the Archos 101 are $294 and $348 at B&H Photo Video, but pre-order.

  296. I can’t tell you how excited I am this morning… I received an email from Rohan and in the email message he said:

    ” And there is a special gift in the package which you will receive 🙂 I am personally shipping one to you! 🙂 ”

    Thank you Rohan!!!

    I don’t know anymore than that at this point. But it sure feels like Christmas all over again!

    I’ll keep you posted as I find out more. Also, I want to thank all those that were suggesting to Rohan that he should send me my Adam. It might have been in fun but Rohan may have taken you seriously. I will be sure to try and repay the favor by posting videos and reviews as soon as I get it.

    PS: If you are wondering who I am… I’m the guy walking around with the ridiculously huge grin on my face!

  297. @Rama @FundaazofLife @ Ganesh @Payce @Greg Thanks for your replies .Seems it will be be better to wait for some more clarity. As some fellow mate got a reply from support team that 1TB HDD will not be supported on adam. So there is no clarity on maximum size supported by adam(or may be is it 128Gb). So in case if HDD attached is >128GB will it be detected by adam (only 128 gb part of it) or will not be detected at all?
    Moreover are there devices right now which can work as a bridge between a USB 2.0 port and USB3.0 compatible device so that we can use the fast speed of USB 3.0(though i dont think it will be possible).

  298. So if I want mine shipped to Afghanistan, and use DHL (assuming DHL is the shipping company–hint-hint–)…it could be here in a few days? Im guessing they dont have FCC or CE restrictions…

  299. as far as i can tell from all the video is just press the second button from the top on the left side of the tablet and it should revert to normal android screen

  300. Great Congrats Greg :). Now it will be even more fun to watch your hands on Video .Greg wiith a huge Grin :).

  301. Good For You Greg!!
    I am Happy For You!! Rohan seems to have a Liking For You :-).
    I am thinking he doubled your order!!
    Hey What’s the harm in thinking, and hoping right? 😉
    What have you ordered LCD or Pixel Qi?

  302. One more reply. 🙂 I guess the 128gb part is the limitation on the micro SD front. Because till date thats the maximum commercially available card.
    With respect to 1TB HDD I guess there should not be a problem. The file system does support it. My guess is if there is a limitation that would be a software one by Sniffer. I also saw the comment about 1TB HDD reply from NI support. I guess what they mean is that they have not tested with it. But they don’t deny completely about it.

    In any case it would be best to wait.

  303. Nice idea!!
    But for that, Google would need to work with Ni very closely and somewhere along the line declare Eden as an official Alternative Android UI/Skin. I doubt Google would want to do anything where they need to follow instructions from an external Co. and even perhaps invite NI to join the android platform development.

  304. You may get an extra LCD version along with you Pixel Qi Adam, so that you are also happy and we get to see side by side comparisons and other videos.

    Cant wait for the videos 😀

  305. Congrats Greg. 🙂 May be test device of ADAM 2??? How does that sound?

    Waiting for the videos…

  306. good for you greg. I bet you get the case with a little red ribbon. did he happen to say when it would be shipped, today, tomorrow, next week , next month or just that he was just personally ?

  307. Now, this is some gesture!

    As personal as this blog gets and how NI treats their customers, this could jolly well be a great foundation to build a dedicated and tight community.

    Will be checking for unboxing, I really share your excitement!

  308. Congrats Greg! Please let us know what is the special gift in your package if you don’t mind!

    Now from Rohan’s email ” I am personally shipping one to you!” I wonder what that means, shipping starting today?

  309. @wtff, You see every body is going to use the swivel camera for fun stuff, just think how easy to capture your manager taking a nap in office? any more idea guys?

  310. Congratulations Greg ! Probably you get your Adam signed on the backside by Master Rohan himself 😉

  311. @Greg,
    you deserve it! You have been supporting NI for so long, and with so much passion, that it was expected.
    More than ever we should praise you for your commitment, and faithfulness to the fans on this blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  312. Himanshu my friend, even if they have limitations, it is actually very easy to make hard disk of any size work. The only problem I foresee is Sniffer taking a long time indexing the drive. I personally advice you to go for the bigger drives – like the USB 1TB from Seagate with 5 yr warrranty.

    Now, even if they have the Sniffer indexing limit of 128 GB, you can always have multiple 100 GB Extended FAT32 partitions.

    And once they have NTFS support, you can repartition based on the new NTFS support limitation issued @ that time by NI. If I am not wrong, you have started getting USB 3.0 1TB pocket size drives from Seagate and WD, check them out!

    And lastly, though you might not have USB 3.0 support in Adam, and will have the drive working @ USB 2.0 speed with it, you will very well be connecting to other devices in future – which might have USB 3.0 as standard – so no issues, just go ahead if you get a good deal!

  313. Awesome!! You deserve it man!! Im truly happy for you! You have been putting in alot of work for us NI fans as well. Congrats my friend!

  314. @James

    Yes. My desire is infinity , to have wonderful general release if our Adam to the masses . Like a rocking star. 🙂

  315. Would you like to use some different smileys in your wordpress comments? If so, try these… (Be sure to remove the quotes to get them to work)

    🙂 = “:-)”

    😀 = “:-D”

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    :mrgreen: = “:mrgreen:”

  316. Hi greg, great work done for CES, your shortcut link helped tons of people to connect with Adam at CES.

  317. @greg congrats!; and you deserve it.

    thanks rohan for taking care of your fans.

    and here’s article by robert evans on why moto xoom should not be crowned “best in ces” in retrospect to notion ink adam ” hxxp:// ” (replace xx with tt in given link)

  318. If I were to hazard a guess, it could be the red unveiling cloth used at the time of pre-orders. You will get the previlege to officially unveil the product.

  319. Hi gecko, as we all know Adam will upgrade its storage capacity, now i think it might get upgraded to LTE & USB 3.0 too. what do you think?

  320. I always thought there were a few people here who should receive Adam first. I always put Greg on top of that list. Then those who have worked so hard designing web pages for the good of Adam, and then a couple of more who, like Greg, have always been here for Rohan and his dream.
    Right now I’m having a cup of wine this very moment. So, cheers Greg!

  321. OK I just want to know who has their hands on their new adam and where are the unboxing videos!! 8-0

  322. @Biswa,
    yup man, it is gonna be a lot of use to us. I have a 3.2 MP camera in my HTC TYTN II, which I almost never use. But, my only concern is the software part – I hope it is optimized like everything else in Adam for taking a quick picture. I would also like to see a swivel gesture recognition built into the software, like when its on standby and you see something that you need to take a snap of – you should be able to activate the camera application by say swiveling from onse side to another – or just one swivel – so that you can straight go to camera or video modes.

  323. Again, I think this was all discussed before. Adam’s / Eden’s power management is exactly what causes the lower scores, as the other tablets are unable to run on a single core; both cores are always running and provide higher scores during the tests.

    Quadrant, while the current standard, does not take this into consideration. It was mentioned that a newer benchmarking software will hopefully be developed that will be able to take this into account.

    Also discussed was whether there iis the ability to configure the adam to run both cores all the time, or whether that was coded into Eden. I don’t recall any answers to that question / concern. I had a Dell Axim that allowed for this in the power settigs; maybe it will be an option on adam, too.


  324. @Zach I still hope that we get an option to run standard Android apps either full screen or in a leaf.

    Telephone apps will not look good if they are stretched out so much while I have several telephone apps (such as translations next to documents) for which it would be really great if i can run them side by side.

  325. Thanks buddy :). The reason to go for 640 gb was (1) It was portable 2.5 inches (2) USB 3.0 compatible. The Transcend Indian Online Store does not have 1 TB USB 3.0 Compatible HDD right now. 1 TB HDD’s rpm is fast but it’s heavier too.
    Posting links for both of them

    And “”

  326. Thanks for sharing, Cathy.
    My doubt were gone out of the window already, and now you confirmed my decision to order PQ as soon as the possibility occurs.
    And great for you you made it after all, if it was only for two ours, that were two hours well spent!

  327. So. Unless he is flying to China to “personally ship” your adam, it will come straight from India. I highly doubt you will get one off the current production line, but no doubt a final version. If you do get one with the stamp, it will have to ship to India first so he can personally ship it. That would delay things for you and us (videos).

    I think you will be getting one of the ones he already received (probably without the fcc stamp). He can send that to you after the fact. There are clearly ways to ship these to the US without the stamp…after all they did have to send it to the FCC, investors, and bring it to CES.

    The best part is, he can now send it to you today and the best present of all would be if he sent it overnight to you.

    Just a thought.

  328. Hi Cathy. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I was waiting for it. At One point i thought u did not make it but you did indeed 🙂

  329. With respect to Cam ..

    1.Can we use it for video chat (Skype, Google talk or some other?). Or any app in the pipeline to get it working in panels?


  330. greg,
    i think you should do an unboxing video, then give it to me! (not the box!)

    sounds fair right? 😉

    i’ll just let you think it over and you can get back to me on that.
    i think you’ll make the right choice. 🙂

  331. @Greg btw are you planing to call your friends etc ,once you receive your adam to show off/Flaunt your adam 🙂 as you were suggesting some months earlier?

  332. Congrats! I’m very happy for Rohan & Notionink. You did an outstanding job at CES. I’m hopefull that a new round of ordering will becoming soon.

  333. Awesome Greg ! Congrats !

    I was a bit disappointed that your shipment got delayed as I was looking forward to your unboxing video. I too had ordered one PQ/3G version, but will be getting that only w/ the Jan 15-22 shipping lot.

    Now I hope by the time I get mine, I would have gone through your vids several times 🙂


  334. That is very nice of you to say. Thanks!

    Now I just hope I can create enough good videos fast enough to really show my appreciation to you and everyone else. 😉

  335. @jarrod, I would love to host the 1st adam users conference in the summer of 2012 at Banglore. Lets work on it.

  336. Rohan: i am in love ith Adam. Please do whatever necesary to open the preorder2 and please include us.

  337. @Greg:
    You soooo deserve that pad on your shoulders from Rohan!
    Weren’t you dreaming about having two Adams next to eachother for comparison, one with LCD and one with PQ…?
    That would be soooo awesome.

    Thank you for recognising all of Greg’s efforts.
    We all appreciate his contributions very much, and this is a cool way to show him that!

  338. I will likely show it to everyone, everywhere. Even if they don’t care to see it!

    I can hardly contain my excitement.

    In fact, after received the email from Rohan and wrote back and thanked him, I then thought to myself that maybe I should not tell anyone. So I wrote again and asked it he wanted me to keep it between him and I or if it was okay to share the news with everyone. I’m so glad he said I could share the news because I probably would have exploded if I had to keep it to myself…

    Also, I know there are several people from this blog that live near me (West Jordan, UT) that have been wanting to see an Adam in person too. So I plan to arrange a get-together so they can come try it out. They just need to email me (“”) and remind me who they are.

  339. So, Greg just called me and said that he wants Rohan to go ahead and ship my Adam too and not wait until the 15th… Just saying… 😉

  340. You are wrong sid, Best photographers carry Nikon camera coz they make the best lens.
    Which camera do you think the best? can you enlighten us?

  341. greg, these things ship from China… how can Rohan put something personal in it if it is from china… this must mean that Rohan sent you one of the one’s they had in India. I bet he signed it personally there and is mailing it to u himself from India.

  342. wow, I should have read the e-mail again… I am so tired… This has been a bad day for me. Car died, Missed lecture and late for everything! lol, congrats!

  343. @Sid, If you know well about camera than you should have noticed those pictures have lot of grains and you should know the reason why.

  344. Greg

    How about Rohan shipping you the specially designed n more advanced ADAM2 🙂

    Anyways, sounds awesome …..Congrats !! ….Have a good time

  345. Benchmarks are usually computationally intensive (e.g., LINPACK). Quadrant is running 3D graphics, which are usually computationally intensive. There could be period of time where CPU/GPU is less than 25% utilization, but doubtful considering the fact that Adam is scoring the same as every other non-mod tegra 2 device I’ve seen. Every tegra 2 device I’ve seen on the web scores 1750-1950 on Quadrant. Adam was in the 1840 range. Devices scoring 2400-2500 were using rom’s from xda community (which voids warranty). I’ve even seen an overclocked HTC hit 3000-3100, which also voids the warranty. Not trying to imply Adam is slow. It is right in line with every other tegra 2 tablet out-of-the-box. Main point was that alternatives are coming. Earlier delays to avoid a Toshiba Folio fiasco were warranted. More delays could hurt Adam’s chances of success.

  346. Don’t worry. We all know you are going to be in LA LA LAND when you first see it. So, whenever you able to show it, we will appreciate it. An Adam in the hands of a REAL FAN is all that matters.

  347. @greg: you might get sooner than most of us think here. Remember Rohan saying in the crunchgear interview that they had 5 adams (4pixel qi +1 lcd) with them which they got for ces.

    I believe Rohan would have shipped one of them to you directly from the US soil before coming back to India.:D

  348. Just read a thoughtfull quote, that meda me think of Rohan’s philosophy:
    “Don’t go into business to get rich. Do it to enrich people. It will come back to you.”
    – Stew Leonard

  349. I agree with you, competition is coming, and it always will! When the next slew of tablets are launching there will be another right behind them with more advanced features. This cycle doesn’t end.

    I also believe adam is the best tablet right now, and until Honeycomb is released nothing will compete. Even when Honeycomb is released, I think that it will take time before anyone else comes close to adam. Heck, the Xoom won’t even be released until Honeycomb. What happens if Honeycomb is delayed?? I haven’t even seen a firm release date for Honeycomb, just Q1.

    I’ve NEVER bought in on pre-orders…I just bought my original Droid last summer, after it had been out for almost a year and proven. The adam potential and Notion Ink’s community / family atmosphere made me pull the trigger on this one, and I can hardly wait.

    What worries me most is my shipping week is next week and I’m out of town until Friday night!! What if it shows up on Tuesday and is just sitting there, mocking me until I can open it on Friday?? ARGH!


  350. Just read a thoughtfull quote, that made me think of Rohan’s philosophy:
    “Don’t go into business to get rich. Do it to enrich people. It will come back to you.”
    – Stew Leonard

  351. I hope you guys got your Adam Ringtone. 😀

  352. Guys! Check this one out about Pixel Qi’s potential customers!


  353. @Biswajit saha Greg’s shortcut links were indeed a great tool to keep track of all the great Adam reviews and of all the comments that Notion Ink fans published there 🙄

  354. When having your first Indian meal, don’t forget to order ‘lassi’ or ‘mango lassi’ as your drink. The yoghurt drink tastes good and will help you when you order any spicy food 😳

  355. Sorry to hear about the bad day… But at least you made it to the blog. Hope the rest of the day goes better for you!

    As I think about it, yesterday was like that for me. One issue after another, all day long. It just goes to show you that tomorrow (today for me) can be sooooo much better!

  356. [forgot about the links again… here’s the post until moderation comes through]

    Quick note on the FCC. If you guys want to keep daily check, you can go to

    In the “Final Action Date” enter today’s date for both fields, keep everything else unchanged. If you prefer, show more than 10 results (I usually look at 100 at a time… personal preference, I guess). Hit the “Start Search” button.

    You should see all the companies whose devices or application changes have been approved/modified etc.

    In the results, if you click on “Details”… you should be able to find a link with “external pictures” or “extpics” or something similar.

  357. This technology has intrigued me as much as Pixel Qi and Mirasol, but they don’t have a product out yet. I always thought it might be good for the next Kindle


  358. Well Himanshu, I was not right on the warranty part, had to do some additional research to find you a good deal, Seagate’s new pocket models in India are having 3 years warranty – but definitely you have a better option than that 640GB Transcend drive. I am talking about portable 2.5″ drives, dont ever go for 3.5″ desk ones if you want to carry them around. Check the following links out for the Seagate Go Flex ultra portable 1TB with USB 2.0 – which have upgrade cable options to actually upgrade the drive to USB 3.0.
    the upgrade cable link:

    And as for this website, I know the owners personally – and they are one of the most trustworthy wholesalers from Chennai who deal with original products – so their price is generally better than most. You can see the same product @ infibeam priced higher than Delta Peripherals.


    Lastly, in USA, you already get USB 3.0 standard, 1.0 TB GO Flex ultra-portable from Amazon for $119 or around the delta’s price for USB2.0 and 1.5TB USB 3.0 for $183~Rs. 8500

    You can contact “Delta” and ask them whether they expect/have availability of USB 3.0 standard version, otherwise you can very well go for this 2.0 model and buy the upgrade cable as and when you need USB 3.0 for mainstream usage.

  359. Congratulations, Greg! I can’t wait to see your posts about Adam … or for ordering to open up again! It’s a long wait, but I really believe it will be worth it!

  360. @Himanshu

    I will be testing out my 1 TB USB 3.0 WD Passport with Adam and let you know how it works. Hope the USB port on Adam is able to supply enough juice to power the hard drive. If not there are additional USB slots that I can draw power from.

    It would have been nice if Adam had an express card slot, so I could hook up my USB 3.0 Expresscard/34 and make use of the USB 3.0. Even the ExpressCard/34 on my notebook is not able to supply enough power and I have to hook up an external power to the ExpressCard/34 for the drive to show up in Explorer (Win7).

  361. Dear Rohan,

    You may not have marketing infrastructure like Apple or Motorola, but you do seem to have a worldwide base of die-hard Adam fans. You might want to utilize this base to make up for the marketing infrastructure.

    One way is to design a “direct marketing package” where you give the opportunity to the people who pre-ordered Adam (or commented on your blog) to sell it to others (in their social networks). The profit margins that you would have given a big retailer like best-buy/Walmart, could be passed on to these “adam evangelists”. You may offer this for a limited time, if you like. If the scheme is successful, you may later want to include those who were very successful in selling Adam in your worldwide sales team.

    with best wishes.

  362. @Himanshu

    When you get the USB 3.0 drive, get a PCIe USB 3.0 card to go with it. Stick it in your desktop and you will be able to start using USB 3.0 from the get go.

  363. What greg should offer in the NotionInkFan site is a list of public showing of Notion Ink… and all of us can put in entries… as and when we are ready to show off Adam…

    As of now it looks like the common public will only see adam in march… !!

  364. @Cathy,

    Thanks for a nice post. Hope that we’re all lucky with the round 2 of ordering. And hope that there wont be much waiting to get it after ordering through round 2.

    NI is simply buying time with their FCC labeling issue. NI could’ve shipped Adam without FCC label if they wanted to.

    They should’ve given that choice to the buyers. Already behaving live Jobs/apple. 😦
    almost all would’ve opted to buy without FCC label.

    There are bunch of tablets being sold by companies in China without FCC and customers here in US are free to buy them online and are buying them.

    Rohan mentioned the same in his post that online companies that don’t have a physical presence in US can do.

    NI doesn’t yet have retail partners nor online companies nor physical presence in US. The ordering process was online and they could’ve shipped it without FCC crap.

    Which all points to NI buying more breathing time. Probably round 2 supplies?

  365. @Rohan/NI team,

    Hope there was more success in the last week. Take rest.

    In the interview with crunchgear NI was talking lots about global when asked about after sales service.

    If global was the mantra, why that wasn’t applied for 3G? Eager to know 😉

  366. A comprehensive writeup of Eden


    for your reading pleasure

  367. How to read the Blog:
    ctrl-f or find in whatever browser you are using.
    Search for Greg.
    Read his comments and the things he comments on.
    Done :mrgreen:

  368. @Greg,

    Congrats. Kudos to Rohan too. Hope he recognizes other fans who have been here right from the beginning and still couldn’t order. Yet still continue making sales pitches about Adam tablet to everybody.

  369. Greg it seems your dedication has been unparalleled. Fellow blog posters know you will go the extra mile to post videos, photos, results of tests, and personal comments about Adam in your hands. I agree you should have been one of the first to have Adam delivered My delivery is not scheduled till sometime in February so I and I’m sure others in the same situation are really looking forward to your reports. You will not be faulted for showing some degree of bias.

    Those of us who actually have a pre-ordered Adam scheduled for delivery are extremely fortunate people. So many are wanting and hoping for a chance at a second round of ordering. Hopefully many of us will come forward and share our experiences with Adam so those not so fortunate will have a chance to get a little closer to the Adam of there dreams.

    Hopefully Notion Ink will see fit to publish the user manual for Adam on it’s web site. So many fans and supporters are longing to have all the information about Adam they can. It really does not seem too much to ask considering all the dedication that has been shown by so many to Notion Ink. Not knowing and not being able to research and find things is one of the hardest things to deal with.

    Who is going to be first!! First to show his or her Adam. Come On Now Bring It On!!!

  370. Congrats Greg,

    You deserve the gift! I am way too happy for you to express in words buddy. Though my heart says not to speculate, my geeky mind is in disagreement with my heart and so here it goes: I feel it is gonna be a capacitive stylus (your daughter is gonna love it if thats the special gift) or sleeve or special behind the scenes info + Rohan’s signature & additional/optional developer material to round it off!

  371. I saw one FCC approval for Apple with short term confidential end date as 02/25.
    Label location directory shows like iphone.. may be verizon iphone 🙂

  372. @Cathy
    Glad u could make it to the CES. Though only for 2 hours & sad u couldn’t meet the NI team. But never mind, you covered a very important aspect while out there.
    We all were in a great dilemma as to which screen to decide for, Pixel Qi or the LCD? I guess most of us want to opt for PQi but were confused when heard regarding the color problems. But, now i’m very glad as things have cleared up.
    I’m sure to order PQi. Thanks for your Vital Information. Your trip wasn’t in vain.
    In fact you just did a great job as you have convinced us out here to get the PQi & not the LCD. Thus, converted into a bigger business for NI, while bringing 1000’s of dollars more profit to the NI pockets. 🙂
    Great Job once again! 😉

  373. @Rohan, On a serious Note: As you wanted to talk about Adam camera and its application i would love to add few ideas which will boost Adam credential and sales.
    Myself being in the surveillance & CCTV analyst industry know how simple camera application can help us in day to day life.

    Iam talking about a small external device which will act as a night vision + remote flash for Adam camera. something which is not yet done for mobile device and will be a great accessory product for Adam.

    If the len on Adam is IR sensitive than is it possible to manufacture a device which is equipped with 12 IR lights which work on inbuilt battery which will give a 10 meter night vision capability and also the same device equipped with wireless (wifi or bluetooth control) Flash / strobe light for Crystal clear night photo shoot or video recording. I think this device can easily manufactured bellow 100$ and many would love to buy it. I hope this sound logical to you and other fellow bloggers.

    Biswajit saha.

  374. Anybody want to trade me a quality two-stage snow blower for my pixel qi / 3g / wifi Adam? This snow is breaking my back! 😯

  375. I was intrigued by that remark as well. Like many here, I am sure, I was thinking about what Honeycomb means for NI. Certainly a spanner in the works for NI, given the hard work they put into Eden. No matter how great Eden evolves to be, it would be suicidal, business-wise, to ignore Honeycomb and Android Market access, unless NI chooses to be, what someone called, a niche product. So, playing nice with Google seems essential, and thus to provide the Honeycomb ‘experience’ as an option going forward.

    On the other hand, Eden is a remarkably good effort, or at least promises to be. It may well be better than the Honeycomb UI. However, it will be a viable strategy long-term only if Eden & Genesis provide particular advantages over generic Honeycomb. And this particular advantage can only come from unique hardware, just as it was the hardware that gave Adam so much notice at the previous CES in 2010.

    So, in sum, NI will have to continue innovating on the hardware front, providing an integrated tablet platform that the mainstream companies can never provide at the same price point, while developing Eden around it and, most importantly, effortlessly seducing developers to write specially for Genesis, so that Genesis apps are unique, tailored to the special hardware, not merely ‘generic Android’ apps.

    It will be fun to speculate what such hardware might be.

  376. Yea, Apple had 4-5 different filings since 1/10. Some have the picture of Verizon logo along with labels, so we know that’s what it is. 🙂

  377. Patiently waiting Greg’s hands-on. If NI delivers, the Adam will definitely be the most bang for the buck and have the nicest UI out-of-the-box. If it was available for pre-order at NewEgg, J&R, Amazon, etc. I would pre-order 3 today (myself, gift, donation to non-profit). All other tablets have concerns with the machines themselves. With Adam, all concerns are business related: customer service, repair policies, return policies, etc.

  378. It is awesome to finally see some videos and pics. The pics the Adam takes are pretty nice. I am so excited to get one of these outstanding devices.

    Does it have haptic feedback?

    I wish Notion Ink had an order page setup so that we could still order an Adam but just have it on back order. This would help Notion Ink in knowing how many units are needed to produce as well as show their investors how wanted the Adam is.

    Notion Ink FTW!

  379. Wondering why the folks who received aren’t sharing any info yet… Are they unaware of how eagerly we are waiting here 😛

    * lazy musings *

  380. Speaking of sleeve/cases, what could we buy as soon as the adam is delivered (assuming no official NI accessories will be available then)? On ebay I see only cases which wouldn’t fit the adam as they are too small.

  381. Excellent news. Rohan we all love your work. Keep going. We in Europe will be waiting for having the oportunity to order online.

  382. Thanks for the link Greg… Interesting article trying to compare Adam to the Ipad 2.

    Here is an excerpt I found most intriguing….

    Like other Android powered devices, the Adam will be fully capable of reading data transferred and stored on its internal memory. It’s also quite likely that it would be equipped to handle all kinds of video formats without the need for conversion. No pesky proprietary software thrown in to gum up the works.

    The Adam will be available in a Wi-Fi only model as well as a 3G + Wi-Fi version. Although it’s not been specifically mentioned, it’s possible the Adam will be equipped with a standard SIM card slot.
    Running on an Android Platform, Notion Ink’s Adam, like other devices available already, would almost certainly have normal phone/SMS capabilities.

    As many of you know I’ve been wishing for the 3g Adam to have cellular phone ability and it still remains an unanswered question on the Notion Ink – Frequently Asked Questions Wiki. It would indeed be a pleasant surprise if it is there. Meaning FM radio was not the only Mystery feature.

  383. So why arn’t all the EAP members now blogging about their experiences? First shipments going out and people are excited. Is the confidentiality agreement not gone after first shipment?

    There has got to be some secret forum people are getting access to once they get their adam. It seems as though no one with an adam returns here. They are either too consumed with it or there is a secret forum already set up for EAP and Preorder people?

  384. BTW, Himanshu, I had posted one good 2.5″ portable seagate option for you where we were having our discussion. I would have advised on the Western Digital 1TB 3.0 Passport Essential portable option too, but I am not able to find the 1TB USB 3.0 option from WD here with many retailers. And by the way though Transcend is a good brand, my choice would be Seagate or WD for their space, price and speed options.

  385. I have an HTC. And I use xda custom software on it. However, I made a conscious decision not to overclock and fry my hardware/increase my battery consumption/heat up my device/ reduce the life of my equipment.

    The need is not some short blast of steroid power to make it superfast. The key is balance of all resources to get optimum utility. I’d prefer a good optimized system over a cranked up system (unless I have reasons to re-prioritize my needs).

    Having said that, I am sure Adam can match performance as long as we compare apples to apples.

  386. +1

    My concerns are not technical. It is more about customer service. I hope they will work out the kinks.

  387. Its really getting intresting now and todays post just boosts the confidence on Adam little more higher on the performance front.

  388. Would Love to hear from owners once the CE has been approved and the devices finally have been delivered.

  389. Hi all,
    check this site:

    can90 of XDA Developers Forums emailed soem questions to NI and received answers:
    “Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

    1. Can we plug in headset to Notion Ink Adam? Yes

    2. What is the resolution and fps of video recording of Adam? resolution 640 x 480 and fps of 15 fps.

    3. Can we plug 1TB hard drive to it? We are not too sure if a HD of that size would show up.

    4. Can we disable the ambient light sensor if we want? Yes.

    5. Sniffer shows 1 USB drive even a USB drive doesn’t plugged. However, we have 2 USB port. What if we plug 2 USB flash drive at a time, will it work? Will Sniffer shows both of them? No, it would only work and show 1 device.

    6. Can leaves work in the portrait mode? No

    7. Will Notion Ink come with screen protector or not? Yes, the Adam will come with a screen protector.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

    I also learned that Notion Ink Adam supports MicroSDHC upto 128 GB. Hope I could help for others who has those questions in their mind.”

  390. @Veeraraagavan Can’t reply you below it as seems it’s higher than 10 level :).

    Thanks a ton for your help :). I will call the website-ownersand will get the info regarding whether they ship the place where I am right now. And it lessened a lot of tension as you know the owner personally so at least no chances of fraud etc (As i have many problems in buying online in India so this is the first thing i look for:) ).
    This Sea gate option looks much better than transcend. Will inquire the RPM too as it was not mentioned. Found some other items too on the website which i was searching 🙂

  391. +1. Though there is fellow mate named as Alexus Noir(aka black lexus) who initially posted because he had some problems with his adam and he was part of EAP1. He still posts his comments on this blog but never ever answers when asked about his apps development thing :). I too agree there may be a secret forum going on or atleast for them Genesis is accessible.

  392. yes I have just replied you and thanks here again for the website and for the links 🙂 . It looks promising option and better than Transcend prima facie. Will be checking his rpm from the website guys tomorrow . The website had some sleeves too ;).

  393. Thanx karen for this post, I was wondering where to buy a screen protector of adam size.

  394. This link was posted in androidcommunity. Copying it here for guys who need to know more about SDHC, mini SDHC and Micro SDHC cards “”
    Hope it helps.

  395. Probably they are are speechless and keep the Adam in their hands like gollum his treasure ! 😉

  396. Oh, my … I didn’t expect so much response to my little time at CES 🙂 It was quite a run from registration to the Pixel Q booth (my husband said I was nuts … and I suspect I would not have gotten in if the door had not been open while they were talking to someone else. However, once in, the guys were VERY nice, and even went outside with me.

    My friends, please do keep in mind that color is very subjective, and every eye sees differently, so what pleases one may disappoint someone else. Also, if I understand the tech specs (NOT my area of expertise; I’m a user, not a tech person), Adam has the touch screen on top in a somewhat matte finish, so that may affect also; the guys at Pixel Q didn’t think it would be noticeable though.

    The video I saw was penguins, and the color was good for my needs; certainly good enough to watch movies, videos, etc.; good enough for me to proof a brochure if I didn’t have my 17″ laptop along. Maybe not proof for color accuracy, as that should be a professionally calibrated monitor, but surely good enough for content and a good representation of color.

    And no, I didn’t want to “bother” Rohan and team either; they have far more important things to do right now than talk to me 🙂 Just thought I might have bit of luck and catch a glimpse. Funny thing is, the last photo posted of hotel shows a view of Bellagio Hotel, not 100 feet from where I was standing … was I standing that close and didn’t know it … ?

    Greetings to all,


  397. I hope they open back up for orders soon..I was hoping to have one before I go to MMS in late March. That would be great.

  398. Hey Daniel, Just go ahead with Adam and it will surprise you each day. We like to see you showoff your Adam to your dad 1st. 😉

  399. Riley i hope you are trying to say manual focus on Adam? which i guess not. A simple auto focus with macro mode will give you good close object photograph. Great feature for tablet, is’nt it?

  400. I thought you were at some part of Europe. Today you are a universal man in gravitation around Earth with Rohan’s news. Congratulations!

  401. You sure? you mean exactly like this?


  402. Sprint just lowered the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to $199. Me thinks another version is coming out in the Feb 17 announcement. Still, I like the Adam more.

  403. @Bernd, where did you buy this?
    I want to buy one too (or 3 or …)

    Thx in advance.



  404. Yes, that’s obviously the one which makes the screen matte as seen in the last videos from CES. I assume that the screen without this protector film will be glaring.

  405. Now i would love to see Adam beside these two and outperform. I hope Rohan can show us Adam Vs BlackBerry PlayBook Vs iPad Comparison: Web Fidelity.

  406. And i reply to him that support Team need to be brief because SDHC is limited to 32 Gb

    What shock me is the limitation of VGA mode for video recording and limitation on number of USB Pen

    What’s strange too is that Android 2.3 use ext4 that is limited to 1 EB …
    = 1024 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 Bytes
    or 1024 x 1024 x Tb

  407. No flash is good for me, but …. then I would like to see an image stabilizer. Of course it would have to be a software stabilizer. A venus -system like in the Panasonic Lumix is probably out of the question. Actually , why is it we don’t see this pin hones and other devices?

  408. Oh man, there is so much good stuff here from everyone else. That’s why I’m here. To read everyone else’s comments!

    But thanks for the compliment…

  409. Awfully decent of Rohan to send Greg a special something. He’s been perhaps the most forgiving family member of all and he’s been a terrific evangelist for Adam, defending it on all tech forums especially during the CES in the most admirably even-tempered way possible. It is good to see such efforts being rewarded. Well done!

  410. A lot of people are speculating about something extra being sent with the Adam tablet. I guess you can read what Rohan said that way…

    But when I read it I thought the Adam tablet itself is the surprise. Meaning the fact that Rohan is personally sending it now rather than later like I expected.

    But who knows. It sure will be an interesting unboxing video! 😀

    (As I think about it, Rohan knows I have not tried Indian food yet so maybe he is sending some “spicy tongue”… LOL All the people that have been here a long time will get that joke.)

  411. Notion Ink would not need Google’s permission to open source the leaves and tie it to Android. This would mean that Android tablets would need to add a “theme” option to the Android install – an open source theme that Notion Ink notionally controls in the sense that they are heft behind the OSS project.

  412. Why can’t I stop checking this blog?
    All the time I want new information on Adam and Notionink.
    Why is it controlling my life?
    It’s not that I’m waiting for my tablet, I not one of the happy few…
    Why does this company keeps getting my attention, what is it that makes me type this words.
    It’s not the “blogging” itself, I’m not the fastest writer, I hate blogging, it’s actually the first blog ever I’m writing on.
    I need someone to explaine me things, I’m affraid things go wrong…

    Rohan has a certain influence on a group of people, it feels very positive, but it also feels like an addiction, that shouldn’t feel so good.

    could a certain tablet cure my mental problem?


  413. @greg

    Fan-tas-tic!! As the pre-eminent Notion Ink fan you have well deserved the recognition/reward. Now the unboxing video should have an additional section of wow’s showing your surprise with this mystery gift.


  414. @Karen, I have noticed, quite a lot actually.
    By the way, there is one Dutch dude, he posted some “unboxing” pictures online.
    Not really unboxing, because he sent just one picture of adam and the rest were pictures of the package he received.


  415. +1

    If we need to use Visa that’s fine, but a bit of warning would be nice (prepaid cards can take 36 hours to become active).

    Mastercard would be better though 🙂

  416. You don’t have to turn it off. I saw a video of Rohan showing the adam to someone, engadget I think, and you will be able to use the normal os if you don’t feel like eden.

  417. From the videos I’ve seen Playbook would win on power and possibly slightly better build quality, but adam would have more features and probably be less expensive. There is a slashgear hands on in which they opened up 3 heavy duty apps (3D ray tracing, Quake 1stpers-on shooter, and a 1080p video) and the Playbook navigated flawlessly without any lag. The video I’ve seen of the adam had 18-20 apps opened (but nothing heavy duty) and it performed with only a very slight lag. Blogs seem to have concerns with the Playbook battery life though (i.e., performance comes at a cost). I do not like the idea that you will probably have to buy it through Verizon, AT&T, etc.

  418. I want this so bad it hurts. Hurry up and make more please! My laptop battery is worthless and I don’t want to waste the $ on another one when I’m going to get the adam.

  419. The confusion arises from the default settings. If you would put the Adam´s brightness on full instead of automatic than it would be extremely close to every LCD I have seen. However the whole idea is to have it automatically adjust to the actual light as measured by the ambient sensor. In as good as all situation this will be less vivid as it never reaches max.

    Very good as my laptop is always a bit dim by day and too bright at night so it´s very convenient, but reviewers either use the manual full brightness or they are not aware of it and compare apples and adams.

  420. Rohan,

    I saw on your Crunchgear video that you are waiting on the Pixel Qi screens. I want to order an LCD modelw ith WiFi how long until we can order those?

    I also just had a GPS go bad and bought the Navigon for Android, I really want that GPS app that was demoed on the Adam. Is there any more information on that?

    Thanks so much,

  421. @can90

    Thanks buddy . The Adam promo video is rocking .hoping so much such videos 🙂 every where in Internet 🙂

  422. Hello all,

    I definitelly love the pictures!, though… does Adam has a good digital Stabilizer?? what about Video Recording? Is adam capable of doing it (is it prepare with the software, cuz i know it is capable.. its like the 2IRONTABLET”, has everything… well we can always wish for more!)…

    Anyways… i am also with some questions that may be silly for some, probably already said in the forums… ( i lost track during the holydays and had to pick up real quickly, maybe i lost something)…. but… I heard a time ago that ADAM was going to be capable of runing Ubuntu, and Crome OS, is this still true? or is it only sticking to Android for now? … now.. if Android is the OS, then Eden would be something like the Spring board on the Iphone??(not meaning something similar in quality … iugggg spring board!!!) meaning the user interface on top of a OS, like it happens in Linux?

    Also… Rohan, you promised the Mistery bonus feature.. probably that is no longer a mistery but as i said, i lost the track, so.. if it is already know… WHICH IS IT??? if not… WHEN WILL WE KNOW!!!! hahahaha sorry that was Anxiousness screaming….

    By the way.. as much a i hate to be Next to the US (in Mexico)…. i guess we may have the same FCE an CE reglamentation here, but…. who cares!!! send it right away…. if it explodes it would be just another mexican blown away for a good cause!!! Just Kidding.. i really hope it is ready soon.

    Best regards

  423. oh yeah!! I am sick and tired of laptop battery, fan sound, hot laptop burning my thighs, heavy lifting, huge price, no touch screen etc etc. I am all for getting rid of my laptop. I will not spend a single dime on laptop anymore.

  424. One more reason to believe that APPLE is in Dippers .. don’t get me wrong .. i mean old Mand Dippers.. they are getting out of ideas and think the world is doumb to get theirs “not so well thought” products!!!.. Probably NI still has Dippers on.. bot on the contrary, I see Rohan really getting to overcome that with ADAM.. which the best for NI!!!


  425. Hello Biswajit,

    I don’t mean to say your idea is Bad… but probably people requiring that kind of gadgets, would be pretty much involved into PRO photography or video edition… therefore, what best to do the job than a Specialiced Device (Camera or video recorder with a great Nightshoot)… don’t get me wrong but i don’t see my self runing with my Adam in the dark holding it with my two hands trying to film some kind of “Blair Ink Project” and suddenly an un seen Rock make me fall… man…. what a dilema.. Save th e Adam.. or sabe my teeths… (probably save the Adam)…

    Sorry to spoild your serios comment with my silly analogy, but my point is… maybe sometimes it is good not to try to cover everything in a not “too good quality”, and focuse on providing SOMETHING in a GREAT quality … hope this is true with NI.

    Best Regards.

  426. NICE!!!…

    well… i work in the Electronic Industry.. and here you see bunch of people trying to get the latest of latest in regard of technology… i have put many people on Hold buying a Tablet…. why?? well.. i introduced them the ADAM (not many knew about it) and now the really want to see it perform live!! so i guess i will be like a circus clown when i have my ADAM in my hands…

    If the device perfoms as promissed, i would definitelly work to be a Distributor of it here in Mexico.. (getting things shipped to Mx is hard.. i am actually praying my Adam make it through Customs )


  427. Another interested Dutchie overhere (groningen area), no pre-order lucky guy…. Would be great to see Adam shine IRL.

  428. No I mean Gingerbread, as far as we know, the SDK has not been officially released, so that’s possibly because NI is bringing it up to speed with 2.3 Honeycomb will spawn a new cycle when it is released.

  429. All those who got their ADAM are tooooo busy playing with it to tell us :-/
    Please start preorder2 Rohan

  430. In one or two videos he shows that you can double-swipe Eden out of the way and deal directly with basic Android, but IMHO I don’t see it being a big advantage, even when Honeycomb really appears, Eden’s panels or leaves are the way I will be doing most of my interaction. Adam is fantastic hardware but stock standard Android doesn’t do it justice.

  431. Being able to connect the headset doesn’t mean it will work as a phone, the only thing Rohan has said for sure is that it can text, he’s never implied you can make calls. However I assume that programs such as Skype would work and you could use a headset with that.

  432. Wow Greg!!! Awesome….
    Just came to the blog , was late from work today, what with the NY snow and all…
    This is great News. I would say a well deserved gift !!!
    I am happy for you and envious at the same time…lol 😉

  433. Yes, he showed, a two finger swipe down on the the panel view, and it showed the desktop and android.

    and a two finger swipe up from the desktop to bring eden back up.

  434. Greg,

    At the outset, my congrats on getting a special gift from Rohan..Even though we all are jealous of this , you truly deserve for being an unofficial PRO (Public Relations Officer) for Adam…I hope you are getting a LCD version so that we all can get a great comparitive analysis on both models from you…

    Again congrats !!


  435. Phillip, he has not implied that you can make phone calls with the adam but several video’s have. On several videos you can see a cell signal strength icon appear in the task bar. Also several videos have shown an icon with the name “Phone” on the desktop and under the installed apps menu… We have not received confirmation if these were VOIP apps or the ability to make calls through the Cell phone network. IMO they are icons for Google Voice and this app will allow you to make calls and receive calls through Wifi and 3G data, NOT using the Cell network and cell “Minutes” but that doesnt explain why the Cell bar strength signal is present…

  436. @Everybody, will anybody WITH an adam be in Beijing next weekend?
    I will be one, unfortunately WITHOUT one.



  437. Lets officially call it Backorder 2? lol, the adam is released people! No longer a preorder 😛 Unless NI is not considering it “Released” until it starts appearing in Retail stores?

  438. Do you think i could install a home screen launcher there without messing up eden? Cause the homescreen looked pretty bland

  439. Also, Off-late I cannot see the guys(Founder, co-founder and Programmer) commenting here, who first designed their company website to be viewed in all browsers except IE and later upgraded the site to support IE after receiving comments from the users.

  440. I would totally love to be wrong and eat my words… but I somehow doubt that the first few are in the hands of the new owners…. ready to be shipped, maybe… I mean, presumably people would have been at least following this blog for them to have order the Adam… and I find it hard to believe that not a single one would turn back and mention the Adam already been shipped or already with him/her….

    I just hope the issues with FCC/CE are ironed out quickly and I remain on track for my device (shipping Jan 15-22)…

    Again… I will be so happy to be wrong here…. please please please prove me wrong…

  441. Paul, WTF do you need a translation app for? You’re Dutch. I thought Dutch people were born speaking 3 languages, and then just picked up more on the way, maybe they come up through the soil or something.

  442. well that would be shipped and not at hand!! still not wrong!! hahahaha…

    but lets hope Greg shares to us when he finally put his hands on his “precious”!


  443. the wording says “I am shipping”… not have shipped…. but then I hope at least by now it has shipped.

    Any shipping details, Greg? Just curious what shipping will be used for the US. Though for Greg’s special case (congrats, by the way 🙂 ), it may well be different. I just want to be home when it arrives at my doorstep.

  444. Bob:
    > What if it shows up on Tuesday and is just sitting there, mocking me until I can open it on Friday??

    Adam is packed in sarcasm-absorbing foam. But, seriously, if you can’t stand mocking, this might not be the right blog for you. You can trust me on this.

  445. Greg:
    > I’m the guy walking around with the ridiculously huge grin on my face!

    Ah. That *is* your face. Good. In that case, you can post a picture of your grin.

  446. Hey, Cathy! I picture you ballooning into Vegas, and handing out pizza at CES. Sorry you’re stuck in Vegas another week, but I trust you’ll survive, and will be stronger for it.

  447. I am jealous of you Greg 😦 :(. You and me started more or like during the same period, you have got personal attention from every one and none me :(. Just kidding, congrats. Stil jealous 🙂

    @Rohan, I don’t ask for a special note just an adam order link (I couldn’t order one during pre-order 1 as I moved home during 8th weekend and didn’t know where to order to 😦 )

  448. Great article! Thanks for posting that. I had no idea that the xoom doesn’t really exist yet! To be given best in show is really bad and sets a terrible precedent! Imagine if the Courier had got best in show last year!
    I’m really stunned by this.

  449. Glad this company’s motives are passed simply making some money to feed selfish desires. Excited to know they understand and treasure how valuable dreams are. More importantly, they’ve proved their beliefs in the accomplishments on this technological marvel that calling it only a product would not do suffice. I tell people around me about the adam, a valuable tool we can all use. The design in general is quite interesting i only hope that one day they’ll achieve and unpresidented amount of energy efficiency. Imagine the Adam Tablet lasting a month on a single charge?

  450. @Rohan
    i apologize if if this is too much to ask.

    every time when i talk to friends about adam they are captivated and finally the question is ” adam released” or not? i am clueless don’t know what to answer.some how convincing them for now. but how long 🙂

    This is my humble request . any time if you can answer i will the happiest person in the world.

    Long live “adam “. Thanks for all the hard work and support .

  451. Am thinking it very well could be an indian recipe book.
    😉 just kidding to stay with the Indian food theme.

  452. AP: What can customers expect when they open the box with their Adam? What kind of peripherals? Cables, etc.

    Rohan: Adam comes with special Box design which can be converted into a stand, a charger and Matte Protection Film.

  453. @Gecko,

    Thank goodness we can depend on you to point out foolishness; it’s most welcome!

    Penguins were: Crisp white and black, stepping off white icebergs, iinto deep blue water 🙂

    Hot Air Balloon experience: One ride, helped with three launches, none in Vegas.

    Handing out pizza experience: Countless; also not in Vegas.

    Surviving Vegas …. doubtful; my partners showed up last night … 🙂

  454. If you want to try the real taste of India, try picking up Mango pickle from some indian store in SLC (I moved away from your SLC recently, DEN -> PHL and the disaster couldn’t order adam ). This is the best part of traditional indian pickles :). If you are comfortable with it you can then ledge further.

  455. Oh, how far did you say it was from Las Vegas to Utah? 🙂 Just joking of course as I have to leave here and go home to Pennsylvania on the 16th. Enjoy that celebration!

  456. where has this info come from Ash ???

    mine is due to ship 15th to 22nd and i sincerely hope it does not slip yet again, it started as the 6th jan then the 9th jan now the 15th to 22nd jan.

    come on Rohan get them shipped people have waited long enough and you”ve had my money since early december.

  457. No, Not exactly like that, That image is rendered and a little exaggerated. But yes, the concept is the same.

    When he posted that image, many people started complaining that it sorta looked ugly and unusable. So, he probably took their suggestion and made it a little more subtle. I think now, it looks fantastic and very usable.

  458. @amarko
    we all are waiting. let’s hope for the best . soon our adam will reach all the folks .
    you are luck to get a chance to order . i am still waiting to order 🙂 of-course happily 🙂

  459. Congrats Greg. I am so jealous. BTW, do we know which countries are receiving/ have received the adam? More importantly, is India on that list? We know the negative list – US and Europe but not much else.

  460. I doubt it Shyam. For one, Rohan already has one – and I’m almost sure the rest of the NI team will want to get theirs before you!!

  461. @ Himanshu: cool 🙂
    @ Greg, think you might even get a T shirt that NI guys might have made for their team members! And /or a mug too! Or an App which will not be released to public for a while.
    @ Rohan: You are gonna be angry with me for speculating so many things (includiing the one you might be sending him)

  462. something amway does. It’s hard to track. How do you convince NI that you sold it? Best is buy a set of tablets from NI and re-sell them in original package and get it activated by NI through the device id and get the credit.

  463. Anybody have any really good browser-based flash games that they play that would good for the Adam?

    I just found a decent one I’m hoping to try out called “Batheo”. Pretty neat game and looking forward to seeing how it displays on the Adam.

    Check it out here “”

    Pretty robust browser-based civ game.

  464. It looks like Genesis may have access from Adam, but I found this too:


    With only the following text –

    It works!

    This is the default web page for this server.

    The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.

  465. Showing the desktop does not mean that it is gingerbread or honeycomb…

    at this point… adam at the operating system level is a customized 2.3, with some portions yet using 2.2 froyo…

    likewise… the next version they release might be a customized 2.3 & 2.4 (or honeycomb 3)

    either way… it will not be a pure android, that you can install… like linux / windows from a distributor (like ubuntu or redhat) and then install adam on top of it…

    it is either adam or ubuntu or gingerbread or honeycomb… or it can be a dual boot… etc.,etc., but none of this other than a pure adam is supported by Notion Ink.

  466. Wow! I feel so left out greg, care to share?

    Can’t wait to get a chance to order mine… I am sold on adam.

  467. i do think NI is different because of the Eden UI and power consumption aspects of the leaves design … forward thinking on hardware is obviously important, but i believe the form factor coupled with the software approach will be the winning formula … i don’t know how many times on my work pc I end up having to close down a program here or there because too many apps are open ( running in FULL mode ) … i think the leaves ( mini-apps ) approach in Eden is the foundation for moving us away from desktops … or as Rohan has said freeing us from our desks … IMHO …

  468. Dear Friends Waiting For Adam…..

    I have been back to the blog several times today in hopes that someone may post about receiving their new Adam. The silence in that regard is deafening. We here are so overly eager about Adam. So many of us have become so obsessed with this device from Notion Ink. I tell myself, step back take a deep breath. Things will happen in their due time. We have learned a lot about Adam the last few weeks. Yet, we still feel unfulfilled. For months we have followed and waited, and waited even past the days of what is supposed to be the first shipments. We continue to wait. Some of us are fortunate. We were able to get an order in and have hope of seeing Adam perhaps by the end of February. My shipping date still remains listed as just February. There are many that post here that are just pleading for a chance to place an order. It all seems a little crazy…………

    Through all the information we have gathered there still is so much we don’t know. Some wonder why Notion Ink can’t tell us more. More about shipping, more about when orders will open again and still we wait. We still long for more information about what Adam will and will not do. Yet, we have purchased or want to purchase anyway. We sense that Adam will be the best of it’s kind. Being an early adopter and purchaser of Adam is surely, more painful, then someone who discovers Adam at a best buy a year from now. We continue to wait……

    So Dear Friends waiting for Adam, may your disappointment only be in the waiting process, and may Adam be every thing you thought he would be………..

  469. Wow! That was a good explaination indeed i always found it hard to explain 4:3 and 16:9 but circle analogy makes it very simple

  470. @Notion Ink Fan Members waiting for Adam

    Many of you seem to be avid photographers. If so, while you are waiting, check out this wonderful photographers blog. Dave Lloyd has won many awards. His blog is full of pictures and hints on how to use digital cameras and Photoshop.

    He takes his cameras to the most unusual places. Likewise, the Adam may soon be providing many a web portrait/picture of unexplored opportunities.


  471. Greating from Kuala Lumpur…

    Thanks for the XDA developer links…

    I am a long time member there…

    Waiting mode for the Adam !!!

  472. @tbc, gaming will be more fluid in Adam then playbook for sure. Nobody can beat Nvidia for that. Adam was built for superfast web browsing experience. I think in previous post we all have seen how fast pages open in Adam. May be playbook & Adam both has a very good browser.

  473. not sure you are correct about matte screen protector, rohan has described the design of the screen and from what i have read the screen has a matte finish

  474. @Greg said, on January 12, 2011 at 21:05

    > …I’m the guy walking around with the ridiculously huge grin on my face!

    You mean like Smiling Bob [ “” ] ?


  475. but far worth getting pixel qi, the screen design of the future. your eyes will thank you.

    p.s. commenters said they only notice the difference in colors when putting the screen side by side with a bright lcd

  476. Does anybody else find it slightly odd that the NI team wasn’t able to test a 1TB drive with Adam? I understand not working on complete compatibility, but it only takes 30 seconds to plug the thing in and see if it shows up…

    And you would think that a limitation on the size of external storage would be known by the team. This is, after all, their code.

  477. Actually, (micro)SDHC cards are artificially limited to 32GB. Ignoring the arbitrary decision to limit SDHC (violating specifications), it suppots up to 4GB.

    I’m not sure where 128GB is coming from, unless they plan on releasing a 96GB integrated version with 32GB SD.

  478. Thank you so much for your input, and for going all the way to CES just for us! 🙂

    Hopefully this will finally put the worries about PQ to bed. I was never actually worried, I ordered PQ with no hesitation, and never really bought into the fear that the colors would be ruined. But a lot of people were worried, and so we all thank you.

  479. My initial guess of the size of the first pre-order is about 1,000 or 10,000 with the 70:30 ratio between LCD & PiQi

    My initial guess is based on a couple of things… based on glitches and other issues, including the waits and the communication gaps, there has not been a very high degree of comments, other than the usual suspects…

    Further, during the crunch gear live video feed when they were hunting for rohan, there were about 780 live viewers, which later dropped to 650 viewers… so there were approximately 100-200 users interested to see the video feed…

    extrapolating such numbers… it kind of gives you the guesstimate of the size of the order…

    of course, i fully respect rohan’s rightful privacy on this… but the market size helps to gain insight as to the size of the market for this niche device… and all the more important, because of the way it is going to be marketed…

  480. About the shipping for 15th-22nd, I’ve been thinking about that, too. My impressions are that the devices have been approved, they just need to stick the numbers on it. This should only take a few days (the impression I got from the blog and emails), and should hopefully be done before the 15th.

    The reason we were pushed back to the 15th had to do with production, not shipping. So as long as they are all ready, they can all ship. We may all get our Adams on the same schedule!

    So overall I think that this would only delay those of us shipping 15th-22nd if the FCC ID still isn’t resolved by then. Lets hope, anyway….

  481. @Greg is this you?? Someone posted this on Notioninkhacks


  482. Disagree.

    APL fanboys make stuff up like how they were the first phone to be environmentally sound (they weren’t. As a matter of fact, after most companies got clean, they decided to use non-recyclable / toxic materials, got media flack for it, then cleaned up for the next gen.

    Most people here also support small companies like NI and realize they’re not gimping their product just to sell more or just to hype up a future product “improvement”. (Multitasking? wifi tether? front-facing camera on the pad? video chat locked to wifi?)

    And so on.

    I have not seen anyone make stuff up on these comment threads, so NI addicts are *BETTER*, IMHO.

  483. I suppose you could get one of those USB snake lights. 😉

    Or what would be cooler (though less practical): Flash sync to your mobile phone ^^

  484. Given below is the response I received from the very prompt NI support team (responded in 3 hours!). The now famous Jon tells me three important things:

    1. What’s in the box – Yes, there is a screen protector. I assume a DIY.

    2. All adams will be shipped with labels. So we (in India) aren’t getting them any sooner than those in the US and Europe.

    3. Once they ship it out, they let you know the tracking number. Has anyone got a tracking number at all? Those scheduled for shipping on the 9th? I suspect not!

    Since it’s DHL, I suspect they will fly the devices to the various destinations (which is why the cost of shipping is so high but it’s so much faster). I know that they fly the stuff for Amazon and the shipping charges are usually in the same range. I ordered my Kindle last year and they flew it from the US for about US$ 30. I could track the package from the warehouse through Heathrow right down to DHL’s collection warehouse in Mumbai – delivery all in 4 days flat.

    Back to the adam. Here is the email from NI:

    “Dear Amit,

    Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

    Our system indicate that your device would be shipped to you between the January 15 to January 22 slot. We do not have a specific date when the Adam would be shipped to you. Also, we should be able to provide you with the tracking number and concerned carrier once we have this information.

    Please also note that all the Adam devices would be shipped with FCC/CE prints.

    The Adam Box would come with the Adam device itself, universal charger, system manual and a screen protector. We will be happy to assist you further if you have any other queries.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team”

  485. @Daryl
    I think Lexar 32 GB MicroSDHC Class 10 is a better choice, since it is 108$ in amazon and shipping is available to every country. I think I will buy that.

  486. I hate to say it, but we have to do a lot guessing when it comes to things like how many pre orders, actual shipping date, when new orders will begin. From things like the mystery feature to how certain facets of Adam are going to work. Things like will we get cellular phone call ability with Adam, what type of drives will the usb ports actually support. This is just the short list. Don’t get me wrong I am no way angry about this situation. Over time you learn to live with it. Even with Adam preparing to ship, the unanswered questions are still plentiful. I have come to the conclusion that the wonderful things about Adam that we are reasonably sure of, will out weigh any possible negative thing we may discover. I see no deal breakers here!!! So with that in mind patience is what we need to have.

    All things about Adam, and most things about the process of Adams birth, will be revealed in time. I do forecast (for what it is worth) that Notion Ink will be more of a niche company in it’s early years. I think that is what Notion Inks is working for now. That is not a bad thing, for what is a niche now, can turn into a true leader in the future. Being part of Notion Ink’s early start can be a special experience if we look at it with an open mind. If Adam is only produced in low numbers in it’s first year, those of us who have followed the company and the product with our hearts and purchases could end up being among the very privileged. Privileged to own one of the best devices in it’s class across the whole world.

  487. Rohan did say that the Adam was specifically “male”…

    Maybe Adam took them out for some drinks, and woke up in jail. (Or maybe that’s just MY friends..)

  488. This proves if you ask in the proper place (not this blog) you can get some answers. I suggest that blog poster here take their questions to Jon of the Notion Ink Support team. The blog does not appear to be the best place to ask questions.

  489. @jacknone I feel same. Congratulations Greg.

    My speculation, What if Rohan sends you earliest prototype, the first ADAM (I think he will not) showcased during CES 2009.

    @Rohan You really stand apart man. No CEO personally dispatches a product!.

  490. Rohan,

    I have a request, In next post could you please send us a picture of yours holding both The first ADAM (you showcased at CES last year, I consider it very important and should be part of NI museum -);) and This final finished ADAM.

  491. Rohan, If you don’t want to send that picture in next post, then please make a note of it and plan to send it in coming months.

  492. @Greg
    How glad I am! I had mentioned “If I were Rohan, I would have given to you and you deserve it..”

    Whether Rohan saw my post or not, I still want to THANK him for this great gesture!

    Thanks Rohan. I can not thank you enough!

  493. @Greg
    How glad I am! I had mentioned “If I were Rohan, I would have given Adam to you and you deserve it..”

    Whether Rohan saw my post or not, I still want to THANK him for this great gesture!

    Thanks Rohan. I can not thank you enough for this!

  494. I prefer the radial arrangement, looks more interesting, dynamic and not rigid. If you looked at Emblaze’s ELSE user interface it’s sort of like that only better and it looks really cool. And the animation is awesome. I didn’t read the complaints about being ugly and unusable. In fact, if you say that the difference is subtle then the ugliness will still be there. Take a look at this:


    Really cool menu, eh?!

  495. Will the Eve smartphone be using the same Eden interface or is that only good for a tablet?

    How about using this UI instead?

  496. Is there someone in this community who actualy has the ADAM?
    Show Us something, tell us something, make pictures, produce a movie.

  497. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Don`t know if it has been posted before, but this could be the sleeve used by “Rohans gang” for their adams during CES:


  498. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Don`t know if it has been posted before, but this could be the sleeve used by “Rohans gang” for their adams during CES:


  499. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Don`t know if it has been posted before, but this could be the sleeve used by “Rohans gang” for their adams during CES:


  500. Imagine if you could use your Adam as a phone 🙂

    … holding it close to your ear, as if it were a giant cell phone… 😀

    On a more serious note, I wouldn’t mind using it with a headset for making calls.

  501. Wish you had accepted to my offer to stay with me (in India) to get your Adam faster! In that case I could have seen Adam earlier. Mine is due in the week of Jan15. 😀

  502. we know:
    1) adam does not have (out of the box) access to android market because on android 2.2(3) that feature is reserved for devices with phone capability (e.g. galaxy tab).
    2) rohan once said that adam will be able to send/receive sms messages. if it had a phone capability, there would be no need to mention this.

    to me these two clearly lead to the conclusion that adam will not have the phone capability. sorry.

  503. Rohan, NI, fellow adamites.
    I’m going to be a daddy… Yeah!!!
    Already been told if it’s a boy that he can’t be called Rohan or adam 😦 (Not like I was going to anyway)
    Orders page back up soon? I don’t care if it’s lcd although prefer the pixelQi screens. So many people at work, family and friends waiting to see my adam. They’re starting to laugh at me. I can’t wait to show them that there are things better thaan the i-crap collection. Adam eats the apple.

  504. The photos look good but then when in full size, they don’t look so good. Does the ISO auto adapt to lighting? What are the jpeg compression settings? Maybe a little rework on this could give greater results.
    I do understand that the results will not be as good as a DSLR.

  505. Prema, is there an echo in here? …echo in here? …ere? 😉 But seriously, thanks! I bought that now, so let’s see what comes first. I fear it’s the sleeve.

  506. Would you be so kind to post reviews about it here once you get it? I have to pay the same amount as the product for shipping. It would probably be very helpful to get a review before.

  507. rohan saying that some of them hav already received their adams, why r we yet see an unbox video? Did anybody find 1? Did i miss?

  508. I guess no one has received yet. One of the support emails posted by Amit I assume states that whether FCC/CE is needed or not, all adams will be shipped with FCC/CE numbers. So I guess we will all get to know at the same time.

  509. Let everyone, you believe DHL is the shipper because thats what we were told. However, please be advised, I was told in an email from the now world-renown Jon that

    “We can no