Adam for young students! Solaro

Hello All,

This video is again taken from Adam’s direct HDMI output. Adam means a lot of things for all of us. I have seen artists loving the device for its Canvas application, and business personnel for the office support, calendar and email apps. But without partners, we cannot expand Adam’s reach and functionality. This video shows you how Adam and Solaro (willย soon be available on Adam) can work together to help students learn in the digital environment. This video is a short introduction on the current iteration. Visit for more details and content. It’s very simple and efficient app, take a look!

More videos to follow soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Unfortunately I cant see the video – but the site of SOLARO seems quite promising. Can’t wait to order my Adam and use it in class/lectures ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you very much for the update Rohan. Can’t wait for Pre-Order 2. Do you know when you will ship the units for pre-order 2? Just curious ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That will be so helpful… The video isn’t up yet, but I know it will be great ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I myself am a student, and am excited to see what this is! Thanks for the unexpected and welcomed post Rohan!

  5. Almost thought this post would be about students getting a discount as rohan promised.
    Great work thought! Really excited to hear about the preorder 2 ( or should I say first order) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey, wait a minute, Rohan said: “Wait for Youtube! They are still processing it!”

    check comments first! ; )

  7. Nice surprise about good content!!! Really nice to know first concrete announcement is about Education ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This great news, keep up the innovation, Rohan.

    We’re not just buying a product, we’re buying a functionally mobile lifestyle!

  9. damn…approve my comments man…i have been trying to post since last 3 weeks and it is of no use untill n unless you decide to do something about it

  10. This is outstanding, as now the Adam is going to be very much involved in my day to day live studying.

  11. That’s cool, I especially like the “hand drawn” circles, crosses, and the shaded in answers. It makes it look very natural.

    Great vid. Interesting possibilities.

  12. Great video! I can see myself implementing this in my own school. Being a hands on kind of guy, I can’t wait to try this out.

  13. Nice just finished watching the video. I work as a Senior Systems Engineer for a School District in California. This would be pretty cool to beta test in some of our schools. I will have to check this out some more.. Very nice

  14. It seems interesting. They’ll have to create a lot of content for the many many subjects available.

  15. I’ve already watched the video. It seems quite good. It will be helpful for lots of users for sure.

  16. Video is up now, hmmm the only problem I see is that in the past how are you going to get a good grade if the circles are not all filled in?? ๐Ÿ™‚ guess that is the laziness of the students today ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looks promising for students


  17. This looks great! How is Adam going to address the needs of college students and academics? I’d love to see how it handles PDF annotations! Academic needs are pretty simple, yet no one’s addressing them! With the Pixel Qi screen, Adam could blow all other tablets and readers out of the water since it will be a lot easier on the eyes when reading for 6-10 hours a day!

  18. Yes PDF annotations would be great to see! I will be using this for work and most of my documentation is in PDF form. Would be nice if I can modify PDF files and pass them on to clients with markups.

  19. Solaro looks like a great app. As a parent, I look forward to my kids having access to it. It will probably go something like this…

    One of my kids: “Dad, can I play a game on the Adam?”
    Me: “Sure, as soon as you complete a Solaro lesson and pass the quiz.”


  20. Or, “No, daddy doesn’t like it when you smear his adam screen with your sticky fingers”

  21. Hallo Ganesh,
    I finally posted my site . You know the one about adam for different workgroups and languagegroups. Everybody is welcome at “”

    Rohan, I hope I get your approval to start something like this up. Everybody is welcome.

  22. I wish i could go back to the school days with my Adam, no more heavy bag pack. This new generation kids are extremely lucky.
    Your vision is way ahead of time Rohan.
    God Bless.

  23. Some constructive criticism this time… Not about the ADAM, but about the app. Having studied from Halliday, Resnisck, and Walker like many of you here, I fail to see how the app in its current form is significantly more interactive, especially given the amazing platform that the ADAM provides. What was a leap in interaction for me at the time was the move from plain text, mundane ICSE/CBSE textbooks, offering only the ability to answer the questions at the back – to the more colourful and intuitive approach that Halliday and Resnick brought to Physics. In its current form, the chapter you demoed doesn’t do much more than digitize a textbook and make it a little easier to search through. No embeded videos, no links between concepts or chapters… Solaro has much to improve on in the interactive educational experience.

  24. I cant wait i got the adam mainly for school and using my text books. i hope i get it my adam soon i start school this week. at least i got it pre ordered ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. @Greg
    Have not heard from you in a while. “” is also outdated. Please update it as soon as you can. I wonder whether you have already received adam and could not find time away from it!

  26. I finally posted my site . One about adam for different workgroups and languagegroups. Everybody is welcome at โ€œโ€ There is a place for students in it also.

  27. Who are you and what have you done with Greg!?
    away from your computer? don’t believe it for a second!

  28. Hey Everyone, I think that this really applies to the Student crowd interested in an adam.
    So check this out:

    After i get my adam, and assuming the reviews for this device work well I will totally be getting it. The average student spends probably about $200-$400 on books each semester. If you purchased this book scanner, borrow the book from a friend…BAM! free text books. Especially for those in the science fields where book are really expensive. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Rohan, This video is very exciting can’t wait to hold my adam…after i order one.

    @ Greg, Any idea when you will get yours? can’t wait to see all the video’s you will be making. Might have to quit your day job, eh?


  29. This is excellent.. Tablets for education is the way to go and will open up vast opportunities even in the developing nations where devices like the Adam will soon be subsidised by the respective governements. We work closely with the the governements in Africa to promote elearning as well as adult education.

    I hope that the Adam will be considered for distribution in Africa as well however I understand it is not top priority for now. Best of luck and keep it up!

  30. I have mentioned a few times I have huge plans for my for four year old son and the adam. Now I’m thinking i will get him his own our give him mine when version two comes out.

  31. I also could use some PDF annotation…Plan to load Adams open my dropbox through Adam and read my articles whenever Im travelling instead of printing them…

  32. You forgot a thing greg, Adam’s 3 pannel. You daughter will play game + Solaro + paint. Adam will make smart kids i guess.

  33. Ditto. Even today as I watch kids going to school they’re carrying more and more books with them – some of the school bags look like they are wearing the kid and not the other way around. There’s really a lot of space for improvement.

  34. Where and how do we get the sdk or any other information for developing for the Adam , I have a couple of projects in mind.

  35. The 3Panels will allow my students to talk with their friends while they should be following the lesson…
    On the other hand, they probably masters in multitasking.

  36. It is shaping up to be very down to earth.
    Last night my friend told how great the ipad was. After showing her some of the recent reviews of the Adam she told me: well, I bought the ipad as a toy. Can’t compare with that Adam computer!

  37. “some of the school bags look like they are wearing the kid and not the other way around” Very true.

  38. Rohan,

    I am so excited about this! I am a teache,r myself, and have been talking to my students about the possibilities of Adam and now this comes along. Can’t wait to show them tomorrow. Excellent!!!!



  39. Greg, I think this one app parents will really appreciate.

    I will throw the idea next time we have a a meeting with the principal in my son’s school.

  40. This last post makes the waiting even worse.

    But I like it anyway. Rohan it’s great the way you keep amazing your followers.
    At the end of this month I’ll visit the NOT, which is a big meeting in the Netherlands where we teachers all meet and will be able to see all the latest news in the educational terrain. I’m going to put this NotionInk news on my phone and show it to the people out there. At my school we are working with “smartboards” with “Promethean” software. It’s probably very much like “Solaro”.
    It’s time for a special Educational Blog, or how should I call this. (English is not my native tongue and Biologyteaching is different from teaching English)
    I’m going to explore Solaro for Biology-stuff.

    Rohan and family, keep up the good work and please tell me when I will be able to order from the Netherlands…

    Greetings, Gus

  41. The unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted or patented material is piracy & i hope iam right. but we certainly do have non copyrighted or patented material for this device.

  42. Good post, and very useful for students I am sure.
    We will also see flash card apps and other memory assist apps for student coming from other developers.

    One wonders if an annotation app is being developed by some one? It would be nice to be able to annotate on PDF and other formats..

  43. That is exactly what I talked about months ago. But the fact that the possibility is there makes it just wonderful!
    I can’t wait to preorder, and soon after that, get the Adam, and start working on issues like this one with the students.

  44. I think the principal will be more interested to know how these three work together. mail+tweet+facebook. Lol.

  45. My son weights under 90m pounds. His backpack must weight half that!
    Strong kids, I say. But what about his back a few years from now!

  46. LOL, I bet it was intentional to show how the app marks wrong answers and how you get to review later..

  47. Cool App, but I would say it’s for pupils, not students.
    From app for students I would expect more.

    BTW, take a look at this: “”

  48. certainly not me. Its a good device and better than us the manufacturer know its application.

  49. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. We all know that tablets are very good at content consumption. With minimal input, i’d hardly say this pushes the boundaries on that front.

    When I saw the title of this post, I was really hoping for a handwritten note-taking application. Ever since tablets became mainstream, I’ve been hoping for one. There’s Evernote for android, but has anyone actually used it? It’s pathetic compared to the fully-featured PC version. I’d really like to see a more fully featured application like the one that runs on the PC.

    Like with OneNote, you could write things using a stylus, lasso it, and move it around the page. This is really useful for students, because a lot of us write faster than we type on a touch screen. Furthermore, we can diagram things, etc (as a Chemistry student, I frequently diagram mechanisms with organic molecules- pretty much impossible with a keyboard and mouse).

  50. @elmelao, Just came to know about this device “” from one of our fellow member. I hope this will come handy for your son.

  51. There is another education resource for students from K-12 and even university students that is totally free (unlike Solaro) called Khan Academy. It has been featured in PBS news and even Bill Gates uses it for his kids. Check out the following link.


    May be if Rohan and NI can work with them and get an app for it, that would be great.

  52. Yes, a good note taking app is a must. I think NI should do it themselves, if the EAP folks haven’t put their hand up yet.

    1) Ability to choose paper background. Yellow ruled ‘legal’ pad vs. light green ‘engineers’ computation pad (just google for engineers computation pad, if you don’t know what I am talking about), etc. White and ivory, ruled vs. unruled. Ability to change rule width, line thickness, ‘paper’ texture, etc. etc.

    2) Handwriting recognition would be awesome at some point, but ability to save notes in optimal ways (i.e save only the hand-written layer, while annotating the background type and page number etc. for easy reproduction).

    3) Ability to convert to JPG etc. for transmission outside Adam and for printing (with or without background ‘paper’)

    4) Ability to layer the note taking over another document format which may not permit annotations, with abililty to ‘anchor’ the notes to the relevant pages of the original document.

    What else?

    Anyway, not terribly impressed with the Physics app. In this day and age, I expect more multi-media content. Math and Physics and Chemistry become infinitely more easy to learn with animation. Those with dyslexia or ADD, who have trouble learning by silent reading, but not by listening to the exact same material, will be thrilled with audio.

    So, good start, but well short of promise is my grade on this exam.

  53. So, here’s my burning question for the day: what’s the best way to use Adam’s HDMI output to record a 1080p video like Rohan just did? I can think of many uses for this trick.

  54. The slates are back!
    and there were times I even used a 35mm film camera to capture notes from the blackboard – expensive, very!

  55. We can better appreciate the capabilities and possibilies of Adam through this kind of videos. As far as i am concerned, every day i am more convinced of preordering Adam. Please, include me in the second preorder and don’t make me pass thought the dissapointment of being again out of the lucky ones.

  56. We can better appreciate the capabilities and possibilities of Adam through this kind of videos. As far as i am concerned, every day i am more convinced of preordering Adam. Please, include me in the second preorder and don’t make me pass thought the dissapointment of being again out of the lucky ones.

  57. Rohan, I have a question for you. Why are people talking about ‘Preorder’ II? Isn’t it going to be order instead of preorder? Is ‘adam’ officially unveiled?

  58. Much more articulately put than in my post. =)

    As I said originally, lassoing the text and moving it around offers a huge advantage over simply using a pen and paper. (If I can’t do that, I might as well stick with a netbook and a legal pad, as I would have no need for touch screen.)
    Have you ever been taking notes and wanted to go back and insert something? You have to draw arrows everywhere and they’re very difficult to follow. With OneNote on the other hand, it’s not really a problem.

    Also: COLORS! I take almost all my notes in 3+ colors (plus black, so 4, really), and it’d be nice to have 1 stylus instead of 4 pens.

    And I agree with you- annotation is a must. Over PDFs and DOCs. (PPTs?)

  59. Something like the KNO tablet, but perhaps not as complicated to use. Don’t see why the Adam can’t be used for similar applications – IMHO it makes the learning experience much more interactive.

  60. No matter what you think of the app. It is wonderful to see that timely posts are appearing. They may not answer all the questions about Adam, delivery. and so forth, but they keep Notion Ink’s interconnection with it’s followers alive. This kind of regular action is the kind of thing that helps Rohan and Notion Ink stand out in a positive way among their competitors. Rohan Mentioned awhile back something about excelling in customer relations or service. These recent steps will help in that regard. Thank You Rohan And Notion Ink!!!

  61. By chance, I happen to be a student of physics myself.
    I don’t mean to be rude, but the information about “force” and the “test” afterwards shown in this video is perhaps suiteable for a kid to learn the basics of this worlds motion, at best. (The kid is more likely to learn all that ba playing soccer on his own!) If other topics are managed the same way in this app, then solaro is virtuosely useless for any university student!

  62. First issue. The piracy and plagiarism laws change from country to country. But we all agree that when this laws applied, well, it is illegal. Now, I think that as long as you ask for permission, and or pay whatever you have to pay, it will be fine. Am I right? Some texts will ask only for you to knowledge the author. In any case, it is always good to become familiar with these laws before incurring in piracy and/or plagiarism.
    Second issue: the device. I agree with Biswajit saha. The device sounds great, as long as you use it LEGALLY. And most books used in colleges are copyrighted. In that case, call the publishers. I’m sure they will advice you well.

  63. Being able to add handwritten notes on top of PDF files would be an awesome feature. When editing something I wrote, if more than a page or two, I always print it out and make corrections in pen. It would be great to be able to do the same thing, but with PDFs on the Adam instead of physical paper.

    My guess is that if this isn’t something NI has included already it won’t take long for someone to make an app to do it. Or there might already be an Android app for it.

    @Rohan: Any comment on if you can add handwritten notes, using a stylus, to PDF files on the Adam?

  64. Animations are really cool. they help in the comprehension/learning process. Many kids can benefit from it a lot.

    “Those with dyslexia or ADD, who have trouble learning by silent reading, but not by listening to the exact same material, will be thrilled with audio.”
    Yes! Very true. With exceptions: There are other learning disabilities which are usually confused with ADD (and all its variants) where listening itself might be the problem.Most of these programs are not geared towards this group. But, the fact that the attention is being paid to learning disabilities is great.
    So, thanks for your post Il Magnifico.
    I hope Adam (In part because of its multitasking capabilities) can attract more developers to help this segment of the population.

  65. @ Rohan Shravan & NI-Team
    Moving to eduactional content with the Adam/ eden Platform you should consider implanting a parental control ( sry maybe that already exists in android or will be impolanted by google) but that would also move the adam into the userspectrum of the Nook and other learning devices like the the Kno Tablet!

    And the Adam would be one feature richer making him more attractive to the general public ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. This brings to mind some of rohans early posts and Adams potential. I forsee similar postings for other fields; arrtists, business conferences and networking, writers, medical field, you name it, the Adam will simplify and make users life easier and make things move along faster and easier. It has arrived.

  67. A quick question. It’s great that Adam comes with quick office, but are there รคnnu printer drivers fรถr android?… how do I print out a document or a pdf sheet?

  68. @Skip, thanks for the link. I have several books and some mags that are out of print that I would love to have digitized. Traditional scanners don’t cut it. The Book Saver looks like it will do the trick. BTW, because I own the books I don’t see that digitally archiving them violates copyright, but then i know there are those who will argue.

  69. I don’t think it’s aimed at a university student. A university student should be able to learn from a boring old text book and not need an interactive program to keep them focused. Young children do not have the same ability to control their attention and so things like this are great for keeping a child’s attention focused on schoolwork through constant interaction.

  70. Here’s a lower tech version of the NoteSlate, the Boogie Board. I have a couple of them and they’re actually quite handy, but the extra features promised for the NoteSlate make it worth the extra $ to me.

  71. Wow Id the app going to include access. My kids school went with a different company and it has web access but no mobile app. Also doesn’t look as in-depth as this one. So just another great app that is going to come with the adam. Thanks NI team

  72. Can someone create a app to calcualte how much time I have devoted to NI and this blog? Time well spent!

  73. I think it’s pretty clear that if you want to use a tablet in any school setting, a transflective display will be a necessity and thus making Adam the best bet

  74. Some one asked me does it have Skype?
    As there is android market support it can’t be installed but. I guess one can get their hand on apk can install. Can any one confirm?

  75. And today I read on some website about mystery feature to be FM, is it true? I did predict FM receiver. Confirm?

  76. I am also interested in knowing how to capture 1080p video ( audio) output. Googling shows you need to buy a card to do that. @Rohan, can you let us know how you do that?

  77. 1. my kid is 4yr old. He is always distracted. I want to use Adam for him to teach and keep him glued for sometime when he is not paying attention.

  78. Isn’t that the nice thing though? It’s also a toy at the same time. You can do whatever you want on it, and run software that anyone has made for it — no if’s and’s or but’s.

    The decision is yours, not a bunch of (probably) underpaid review staff.

  79. I know Rohan might have started and trying to collaborate with news media companies to provide news. But a app which more or less like google reader or google news would be great. Also off line news would be great as per settings and setup by user.

  80. Neat, but most students aren’t going to be on the Adam. Look forward to seeing more vids showcasing the rest of its capabilities (Office docs, webcam, etc.)

  81. Exactly! Why is it ‘Preorder’? Although no official confirmation, but I thought ‘adam’ was launched in CES 2011. The website of NI needs to reflect the current status. I think it is one of the major areas where NI is currently lacking. This issue has been raised by many commentator time and again. The least NI can do is update its website regularly. I have read many a news report after CES where one of the main complains of visitors are there are not adequate information on NI website. Least people want to know are the prices and availability of the product. Rohan I hope you are listening!

  82. I’m excited to see these posts coming more frequently. It takes a considerable amount of time to create a video, process it and then upload it. I appreciate the NI team for putting together all of the videos that they have done, it makes feel like I’m part of something larger than just being a customer who purchased a product. I like seeing the content and the ways that Adam can be used. I want to see more of these videos. I especially want to see Greg’s unboxing video as I think he will be the first in the US to actually get their hand on the unit. I’m hoping to have mine by next weekend.

  83. Just found out solaro starts for fourth graders. Too old for my four year old. Adam v6 should be out by then ๐Ÿ˜‰

  84. It’s preorder because you are reserving your device in advance. I guess it will be preorder unless the production capacity is not matched with demand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Not sure , but could be video streaming. For that you don’t need a capture card.
    Don’t know who would be providing 1080P unless it’s Netflex.


  86. @Biswajit saha
    Thanks. They say it will be available in June 2011. I keep my eyes open. Good buy for the price! It will keep my son organized (one of his major problems!)

  87. Looking forward to contents like this and more Rohan!! Congrates!!
    WEhen is the pre order 2 I ned 2 more for my kids

  88. Looking forward to contents like this and more Rohan!! Congrates!!
    WEhen is the pre order 2 I ned 2 more for my kids!!

  89. if anything, this company is making a good step in the right direction. Tablets are going to be a great learning tool especially when I can turn my ereading screen mode on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. Slashgear update 2 on Screen

    Update 2: Weโ€™ve been talking with Rohan about the nature of the glass, Pixel Qi and LCD panels, and have some clarification. Both the Pixel Qi and LCD panels apparently have a matte finish, and the glass layer atop them โ€œis already low in gloss, and when you add matte, itโ€™s pure matte.โ€ Rohan says the glass is both โ€œscratch resistantโ€ and โ€œsmooth so you can use a protective screens, so you can instead of using matte cover, use any other cover which you want.โ€

  91. You know what would be really cool? A meta-app to create apps like these, so teachers all over the world can create their own content for lessons and exams, in multi-media glory.

  92. Thanks for that link. I have a ton of old magazines and manuals that are taking up a ton of space. This is a great little device. Gonna pick one up on Tuesday!

  93. I think KNO was discussed here before, but I canรฝ find which post brought that issue up.
    Anyways, does KNO run its own application?

  94. Chip:

    In the USA, if you are making a copy for your own EXCLUSIVE use, then it does not violate any copyright. (See the Sony Betamax case.)

  95. The software flow chart didn’t provide any way out of remediation. It went:

    learning -> assessment -> remediation

    an endless loop for the permanently learning disabled.

  96. Lets talk accessories now! what do you think are must go with Adam. Listed few to begin with:

    1. Sennheiser Bluetooth headset
    2. iGo stowaway bluetooth keyboard
    3. Microsoft Arc mouse wireless.

    Anymore suggestions???

  97. OK folks, we really need to rock the vote on this website.
    Xoom 588
    Notionink Adam 129
    Please vote, you don’t have to register or anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. The xoom vote seems really silly since, as far as I could tell, moto only showed a video demo of xoom? … something engadget etc had *accused* NI of doing?

    Vote for Adam!

  99. i would concur on some of the comments that clearly tablets can provide a new platform for education — my 7 and 8 year-old both have online assignments that would more than likely port well to the tablet … i would suggest as someone else has mentioned that android / eden need enhanced security / parental controls available .. i for one would love to see Cisco VPN support as well ( which I know is not within NI’s control ) … but this could really make the ADAM … all i need for work et al …

  100. Nice app. Just one comment on one of the intro text:

    “SOLARO supports the high-quality education students receive through their daily schooling…”

    I dont know who they are being nice to. Where do we have high-quality education in this world? Simplicity is thrown out the door when it comes to school books. But I am very glad to see something like this on a tablet that we all love.

    Still waiting for pre-order 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Most people dont ___________ (fill in the blank). So lets not bother about creating or advancing for those that do.

    Lots of schools have programs/pilot programs where students are provided low-cost laptops, and, in some case, iPads. Check out this new search engine, Google. You type “schools using iPads” and get amazed at what the present and the future holds for students.

  102. FYI….I’m hosting “” to keep track of all the adam news sources, including this blog…

    That also links to the Adam forum… you cany miss the huge button ๐Ÿ˜‰

  103. I must say when I first read the post I thought that Rohan was going to announce discounts on the adam for students! Even though it was sorta disappointing that that wasn’t it, I liked the post and the potential the app has.

  104. Being a Doctor, I preordered Adam for its Pixel Qi so that I can carry all my Ebooks on it for ready reference in a small package (you know most of the medical books are quite big and heavy). I would love to have some medical applications on it too like a Dicom viewer. Is it possible Rohan?

  105. Good one..As an Educationist I feel such apps will differentiate Adam from other pads.
    just thinking do we have simulation based app in physics for our ADAM(such apps are plenty in Apple store) To show for ex.what will happen if we placed ring ,cylinder, solid sphere on inclined plane, how their velocity changes.etc.Or contraption based apps.
    This will be extremely handy for teachers/educator.please READ this post Rohan
    I know you read all the post just teasing ๐Ÿ˜€

  106. Thanks for the link. This would be nice even if viewed through the Adam browser. I showed my wife the link and she is now checking out return on capital calculations. It’s not just for kids (or Bill Gates).

  107. I love it! I also voted but we’re in second place… it’s not a close second either! Anyways I pray for continuous blessings for NI!!!

  108. This would work wouldn’t it? Note you can download it. So you should be able to install it.


  109. You are most welcome, elmelao. People forget that disorders like dyslexia span a continuum: its not either full on or not at all. It varies by degree. A lot of people, who don’t need to be clinically diagnosed with some of these things, will merely see their performance improve by leaps and bounds. Also, Maths, for one, is increasingly visual these days. I learned Linear Algebra and Complex Analysis the old fashioned way: books with some diagrams. I had to rely on my geometric imagination. Check out some wonderful new books which teach the very same subjects the ‘visual’ way: e.g. the book Visual Complex Analysis by Tristan Needham. Now imagine these books with animation.

    They will transmit more joy. After all, that’s what teaching is all about, isn’t it?

  110. Looks like Adam will turn into be a very good companion for researchers and PhD students who have to keep a huge database of pdf files with them.. There are few free windows softwares to manage, annotate pdf files (e.g Mendeley), a similar software like this for Mac is Papers. I really hope there are few people already working on this to create a Adam/ Android version of such app..

    or even better if Adam can incorporate this functionality in Sniffer, lets say something like an iTunes for pdfs. where you can sort them based on publication, Authors or dates etc..

  111. Come to think of it, if you impose a structure on the ‘flow’, with some markup language similar to html, all you need to do is fill in the blanks. Sounds like a realizable dream. The point is that content creators like teachers needn’t have to learn the Android or Genesis SDK to do this sort of thing.

  112. A few questions (All replies welcome):

    Will the developer section / page open soon?

    Will there be a developers release version of the hardware? More tools?

    Or, should we buy in the second round (having not posted and missed the first)?

  113. Re: โ€œschools using iPadsโ€
    Unrealistic and open to very few.

    I’m not knocking the Adam’s capabilities in the post, but this vid explores such a specific program that will not be used by very many of us in the near future. Call me a frustrated Adam-lover.

  114. I feel I can comment since I have developed DICOM viewer software in the past. The Adam exceeds the processor speed and video resolution of the personal computers we used as the release targets of the software I helped develop.

  115. @Fejwin
    As a physics and chemistry student i agree with this. However, maybe they will come out with more advanced material? Who know’s. Regardless the adam is going to be a great device for university students.

  116. it’s interesting app for student!
    can highly customize for many countries.
    still focus!

    good luck for everybody here!

  117. I absolutely do not think NI are achieving their goal of excellent customer relations.
    The information that comes from them is piecemeal and frustratingly vague.
    I have spent weeks on here reading hundreds of simple questions from you all. I think NI have responded to about .01% of them.
    When I emailed NI directly, they referred me to this blog for answers!!
    Don’t they know that this blog is 80% speculation and 19.99% questions?

  118. Software suggestion
    Air Video
    It has yet to be ported to Android Market. This is the best app of it’s kind.

  119. WISH….I had adam when i was studying…….but I guess never too late for good things…..look forward to preorder 2……

  120. this can can change the world, the way students prepare for exams, as they don’t have to carry lots of reference books with them for studies.

  121. hey joe, slight correction:

    you website read’s:
    “Apparently Adam will be shipped with the SOLARO app.”

    but Rohan’s post read’s:
    “This video shows you how Adam and Solaro (will soon be available on Adam) can work together to help students learn in the digital environment.”

  122. Im know native Android has some level of evolving VPN connection options (IPSEC etc). Like Ubuntu has.. guessing must not be much different. But I don’t see it long before the companies like Cisco will release apps for Android that you could use on Adam. You may not be able to connect to all VPN tunnels using native settings..

  123. Nice!
    Not sure if this will be a differentiator to other tablets.. But having apps like the education book app is a necessity – more like a permission to play in the tablet market. Having a good set of pre loaded apps with some introductory content (like the 1 song they put on the iPod ๐Ÿ™‚ )is absolutely necessary.

    Other content can be had by subscription. Leveraging Adam specific functionality is key to these apps. like at least the accelerometer or atlas a finger swipe to initiate the swing on a ball to show newtons pendulum in the chapter on momentum etc.

  124. The kid flunked physics 101 so badly (He got only 1/6 correct)!
    He needs to play less and study more.

  125. wow thats awesome. i was kinda afraid as to how useful it would be to me as a student so im glad to be able to put those worries aside

  126. this is a very usefull application. Is it also possible to download lessons in severall levels?

  127. Rohan, have you considered speaking to iProf (“”). I don’t think their money is in selling the device. It’s more the content (just like Kindle). So unless you have an exclusive tie up with Solaro, you should be speaking to these guys as well to cover India.

  128. If you do want to get in touch with them, let me know, I could find common touch points to make the introductions.

  129. despite that, Adam & NVidia combined have provided a physics engine as a part of Adam, so a university student can create small software to test their physics hypothesis or make better animations for re-teaching concepts down the line…

  130. RE Preorder 2,
    while preorder 1 was based on prepayments to finance the startup and the family taking a lot of risk to pay upfront, I suppose that the next round will be based on standard terms. Via UPS for example or DHL you can charge at the doorstep when you deliver or you can send invoice. Does the family also have to cover the risk during order round two?

  131. Voted for Adam.
    Looks like we all are not voting for it.
    But maybe we all know what it can do and dont care about the number of votes it gets!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  132. This is a great app, bring it on ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish all preorder guys good luck that they will receive their Adam this week. So hopefully preorder2 can start this weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  133. @Rohan

    That was awesome. Well done Solaro!

    With the kind of device adam is, I am sure more content will be made specifically for adam. I am particularly interested in something which can be used in a classroom by students. Recording lectures (could be just the audio or video/audio), taking notes, collate, summarise and archive them. Once archived how best to retrieve them quickly and efficiently. That will be one good app.

  134. You should get yourself one of those “adam” sup-mobile companions, that you can take always with you (if you so choose and desire); This way you wouldn’t ever be too far from the ‘nets’ — even when you are not sitting at your desk.

  135. Hi!

    Solaro ist just useful, if it’s available for the language our childrens speak. So I asked the guys from Solaro if it would be available in other languages (we would need it in German), here’s the answer:

    “Thank you for your interest in SOLARO(Tm).

    We apologize for not having it in German.Right now Solaro(Tm) is only available in English language but defiantly in future we might have it in others languages too.”

    best regards, Stefan

    “defiantly”?? Maybe they need also a little grammar-education? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  136. @elmelao: due to the very good looks of Adam, we do not even have to show it to iPad users. When they see you using one, they will come to you and ask you what you have in your hands. They will say that they have never seen something so cool.

  137. I totally agree!
    For example, I’m buying an Adam to be able to read my pdf books everywhere.

  138. I raised the same question in prev posts too but couldnt get satisfactory reply.
    looking forward too surf the hindi/marathi websites like lokmat,esakal,dainik bhaskar,jagran,etc etc

  139. I once submit an idea for students and teachers using Adam, but it sank under a flood of posts (It was during the Great Pre-order Disorder, aka the GPD).

    It would be great to be able to open two, three or four leaves, regarding a common subject (a text, an illustration, notes, etc.), just by open one of those files. It bother me every time i’m losing time opening all those panels on my computer. Imagine doing that in only one or two touch on the screen of Adam.

  140. Hello Rohan,
    You have mentioned under tech specs of ADAM that (more variants coming soon) along with 8GB Flash.
    May I know whether preorder 2 will have those options or not.
    If not, which preorder version will have those options?
    I am asking this because it should not happen like I buy the product and you introduce these options exactly after preorder 2.

  141. http:// www

    guys common we want adam to be first plz vote

  142. Motorola has introduced new phones with trackpads at the back… that the reason why the trackpad was removed from adam? IPR infringement?

  143. I wonder if its easy to copy & paste text/pictures between the panels (unlike iPad), also marking text in PDF documents / books would be really useful for students.

  144. ??
    guys common we want adam to be first plz vote

  145. another adam for sale on ebay….lcd/wifi version though


  146. Perfect video Rohan, I have also a Ipad :-(…. but there you only find not good working software, or you must buy new stuff and only by Mr. Job…. I hate this. Apple wants to stop the free reading from papers in Holland, this is where the are busy with…… Ans when you wants to print from the thingy you must first buy software……. You can’t hold it normal in your hands, only when you buy things extra…. shit thing… OK when can I order a PQ 3g ???

  147. This (Copy-Paste between panels) was demoed in one of the videos, I dont remember which one. In fact it is a fantastic feature. Any copiable content when selected gives you an option on screen to copy to the clipboard.

    We really haven’t seen the PDF capabilities of the ADAM, but we have Greg who will be doing that for us (I hope) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  148. Indian should make compulsory to all mobile phones and tablets to have Indian language support.If they wanna use Indian Market they must support native languages.

  149. It would be nice if in stead off all those interesting videos we would see something like a reel video from the ADAM with all its cabebilitys.
    And it woulb be nice if the text on the spec insted of โ€ข8 (more variants coming soon) GB Flash would show wath we are may expect.

  150. @Biswajit.. Thanks a lot for this link, Any chances of its availability in India :)? Looks like a great device specially for guys like me who still like physical think to write. I had a white board in my home till 12th because i loved to do my maths question on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. I think it’ll stay at “pre-order” at least as long as there are people that have priority at ordering the Adam. If there’d be orders, it’d mean that there is no priority list and the devices are sold to whomever comes first. At lest that’s what I think.

  152. Thanks, I will have a look through the videos again to see if I can find it and i`ll let u guys know if i find it.
    I remember seeing a copy&paste feature demonstrated, but it seemed as it was just like a crop feature that only took a screenshot of the content. So not sure if the text is recognized as text or just a picture. Looked really sweet though ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. Really hope that too, especially as adam should be a tablet for content creation, we’ll need a very good notetaking application. Something as good as onenote is absolutely necessary (not only for handwriting but in general)

  154. whats the debate on adams display


  155. 3 times voted ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You can vote as often as you like if you delete Cookies, reset your IP and use different Browser.

  156. Glad to see you are thinking of education. I am the head of technology for a school and am very interested in this for our 1:1 (one to one) program. I have a vision of every student carrying an Adam. The main thing I am missing here is the creative element. The app that is demoed here is very “one way” where our students need to be able to take video, edit and publish on one device. I really hope the Adam is it!

  157. I voted for adam in the survey. I don’t understand why XOOM is getting that much votes..? just because its from motorolo, the company fast loosing their phone market..?!
    ADAM production unit should be in customer’s hands by next week and lets see where XOOM stands after that..

    Iam awaiting Pre-order 2 having missed out in the first one.
    Solaro video was cool. Would be happy if NI revelas something on stylus for Adam.


  158. Wonderful application of device and learning capabilities..

    On a side note – you may want to change the slide on the moments at the end to change the “cources” to courses.

    As it is there are enough bashers nitpicking on Indians and 3rd world matters.

    keep up the good work, dude.

  159. @Bernd

    Please encourage people to vote – please don’t encourage them to cheat … it will give us all a bad name, and tarnish any legitimate outcome of the poll.

  160. “”

    Notion Ink Adam 599
    Motorola XOOM 591

    Please vote for Notion ink !! now its leading

  161. @doja
    guys dont cheat like that … maybe the xoom fans(xoomatics??) are casting multiple votes, but this is so unbecoming for a notioninker, adamite… or whatever the current fad is!!!

  162. Yes – please do not cheat. Its perfectly fine to promote voting here as we all followed CES and we all know Adam was the best tablet there.

    But cheating on this just speaks poorly for the NI community.

    Be honest. Vote Once.

  163. Folks, I just read this section in one of the tech blogs –

    The Notion Ink Adam, which won the “runner-up” prize at CES 2011 for best tablet behind the Motorola Xoom, is expected to ship January 19.

    Well, if this indeed true, this must have been in the fore front (or is it just me who missed out) – on all the Notion Ink sites (addict, hacks, faq, channels, what not…)

    ps – voted for adam

  164. iwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadamiwantadam

  165. Government wont do it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    If the gadget makers include Indian language support, they will have a much bigger customer base.

  166. Hi Rohan and gang,

    Maybe you actually did answer this before, but stating “business personnel for the office support, calendar and email apps”, i still wonder whether we’ll be able to use a stylus (maybe using the sock-on-a-stick solution i found on the internet, but rather a pen supplied by you guys)? That’ll make it truly usefull for the office combined with some note taking apps (preferably directly on pdf-> export as one pdf doc).

    If you manage that, ill try and convince my firm to buy this one in stead of the iPad ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, in my case, lots of (Dutch) legal apps would be great!

    tnx rgs tim

  167. Can’t wait to order myself an adam as well, hope new ordering process starts soon so i can get myself an Adam! Still doubting wether to go with PixelQi or LCD though.. wanna see some good comparison’s of the both as in screen/color quality like.. cause PixelQI sounds great for outdoors in the summer, but if it gives me worse colors then i’m highly in doubt..

  168. I think the video demoed copying from the calculator panel to the browser (?).

    Rohan was also talking about a special app that they would release in the future, that is very similar to what one would expect a note-taking app to do. Say you are browsing a web page, and you find something interesting that you want to make a note of.

    On a Desktop, you would typically copy the content, open a say, Word document and paste it there. The app that these people are designing does this more elegantly. As soon as you copy some stuff, the note-taking app automagically starts arranging the stuff you copied on a note. And apparently, it is not just populating the note, but arranging content in the note. I am not exactly sure what that means, but thats what he said.

    I am too lazy to go back and find the post and link it here ๐Ÿ˜€ , but that is the gist, as far as I can remember.

    This is a really cool idea that would really improve the productivity of note-taking.

  169. While we are eagerly waiting for NI to open the second round of orders, did anybody hear already about MS Exchange integration of the Mail’d application?

    Will there be a possibility to sync to the exchange account (ActiveSync?). Is the native android email client used for this (and if so, will there be the same issues/limitations)?

    I’m asking because according to my experience, the ActiveSync client of Android phones is not very reliable (the “automatic push” setting does not always what it should – whole app is quite slow, etc…).

    Any thoughts?

  170. Il Magnifico:
    > They will transmit more joy. After all, thatโ€™s what teaching is all about, isnโ€™t it?

    Of course not, otherwise you could get the same effect by handing out bags of candy.

  171. Please don’t cheat guys. Notion Ink is good enough without the need to rig the data. Comments like this can only come back and haunt us. i have already noticed a lot of comments suggesting that “Notion Ink can only win by cheating” and they are pointing to these comments as proof.

    Please only vote once. we didn’t like it when the polls were altered against Notion Ink did we? Let show the doubters the type of people who support Notion Ink are good, innovative, loyal people and not cheaters.

  172. (This is a repost but it is important to put across to our loyal, slightly over enthusiastic community. I’m pointing at you “Bernd” and “Ajesh”.)

    Please donโ€™t cheat guys. Notion Ink is good enough without the need to rig the data. Comments like this can only come back and haunt us. i have already noticed a lot of comments suggesting that โ€œNotion Ink can only win by cheatingโ€ and they are pointing to these comments as proof.

    Please only vote once. we didnโ€™t like it when the polls were altered against Notion Ink did we? Let show the doubters the type of people who support Notion Ink are good, innovative, loyal people and not cheaters.

  173. Thanks ajesh. First of all we as members of Ni community already know that adam is the best so ideally one should not care about these polls as it’s one of the mechanism of increasing traffic on their site. Moreover as we all are advocating NI’s openness then if we ourself promote fake voting, it will be cheating with ourself only.

  174. voted for adam ๐Ÿ™‚ now yes, please share some more info on stylus usage…not that I mind seeing it from Greg, but would be great if Rohan got there first!!

  175. @Ajesh,

    I just realised your comments further down the post and it appears that i was too quick with the keyboard ๐Ÿ™‚ . Well done for acknowledging your “over enthusiastic” doings and correcting them. From what i have seen, Rohan acknowledges his mistakes and tries to correct them and I am seeing it here too. Maybe it’s true… that notion ink is more than just a company… it’s the extension of a philosophy.

  176. It is not because of Motorola, it is because of Honeycomb. There is no denying the fact that the videos that they showed (although not the xoom in action) were pretty enticing, and I can understand why people would choose to prefer Motorola over Notion Ink (Established brand and all that nonsense).

    But we can all laugh after Google chooses some other brand for their flagship new Android 3.x and poor old Xoom remains an obscure forgotten piece of technology-just like their phones. We can deny all we want, but that is what we know will h appen, eventually.

    Notion Ink have already proven that they have the brains and the skill to port libraries from different android versions to make an un-tablety version like FroYo usable as a tablet OS. This gives me a lot of confidence and reason to believe that Notion ink will be quick to the market with a honeycomb-based OS, and soon enough, it will have that which Motorola prizes in the Xoom.

    Eventually, when the Xoom becomes obsolete, Notion Ink will continue providing updates (hardware supporting, of course) to the ADAM.

    Personally, I am not too crazy about the Xoom and the pure Honeycomb experience. I never knew that I always knew that the Eden implementation is the right way to multitask (For me, others can differ in their opinion, of course).

    Xoom looks nice, but I dont know for how long. I’d much rather stick with the ADAM.

  177. Good to see the Adam participating in the revolutionary changes happening to the edu world, but I somehow think this might (at least in the immediate future) apply more to graduate programmes or management programmes more than schools. Although, I would love to see a tablet in the hands of school children instead of 20 books. I’m sure the start is just a few years off..

  178. I don’t believe that the colours would be washed out too much. i do agree with you though that it is probably best to wait for a comparison before committing… I’m doing the same thing actually ๐Ÿ™‚

  179. @JR

    My intention was to point out that it is possible to act this way and no invitation to do so….

  180. Encourage a developer to put Goats and Tigers game on the Adam.

    Good to demo the tablet with an exotic, simple, 2 party interaction in coffee shops.

    Maybe a choice of avatars, like Folks and Fat Cats ;^)

  181. I have a new idea which I already mailed to Notion Ink.

    Rohan should get the Adam on “The Big Bang Theory” Show.

    That would be the perfect showcase as a lot of nerds watch it.
    Maybe the characters can get addicted to the comics app on the adam or such.
    Or Penny could finally develop her Shoe app on the Adam with the help of Sheldon.

  182. Rohan this is dissapointing people order Adam to sale them in e-bay will we are waiting for 2 round of pre order were is the love they profess to Adam???

  183. That’s a nice and funny idea.
    I am afraid it will be too expensive, it not for free.
    Product placement is expensive but an efficient way to make name.

  184. “”

    You can put the address between quotes and you don’t need to may any changes to the address.

  185. I have looked at the Solaro site – but I can’t find a list of the subjects / lessons that they support ….. did I miss it?

    Perhaps someone can post a link.

  186. Yeah =] Hope Greg shows up with video’s soon at his site, if there is gonna be a preorder before that I’m gonna have to pick anyway.. don’t wanna find them sold out again by the time i finally decided. I’m probably going with the PixelQi though.. just see myself sitting in our garden or at the beach.. Not sure if it’s wise to take any piece of electronic too the beach though.. On the other hand, here in Holland, sun isn’t that common.. and will mostly use it indoors in school etc i guess.. Humm what to pick.. what to pick..

  187. Or, Rohan could play Steve jobs’ indian cousin in one episode !!??

    I mean, seriously…”nerds” watching TBBT probably already know about ADAM anyway…

  188. Since its not more than a week for most of the addicts here including me to have their devices in hand , Whats the harm to keep the actual units in videos? I suppose the vieods are to judge the quality of the device and not the HD screen.

  189. Of course all “nerds” know about the Adam. But wouldn’t it be great to see the Adam and even Rohan in TBBT.
    What about Rohan playing a friend visiting Rajesh and showing of the Adam!?

  190. i just want adam to be good……we all know that ,others should also….as the product is truly innovative……….compared to xoom….which is just out that too not in complete form…..adam lacks a little punch among other people i mean outside our blog…..i think so……(may be due to lack of advertisement),still i am not clear is adam officially launched or not .I know rohan cares about adam more than we do…..still…..

  191. I remember where Rohan cropped part of a browser page which contained text and an image, then he copied that to the clipboard and pasted to, (l think), a note.

    It’s similar to running your mouse over text and image and copying that to the clipboard from any source, browser or whatever. I do it all the time.


  192. The difference being, if I comprehend correctly, the clipboard contents are arranged together according to some mysterious algorithms- related content together…

  193. Note that the Xoom had a huge push at the begining but now kind of leveled off. Where as the Notion Ink Adam kind of slowly went up. I’m sure it’s because Motorola had a hand full of programers “voting” 50 times each.

  194. one more try to escape moderation

    Good to see more and more content on Adam supporting various users. NI surprises me everyday.. Definitely looking forward for more and more videos.

    I have few quick comments about โ€œSolaroโ€

    1. it is not using any of the sandard Edan UI elements except the book marks
    2. It mimics the apple aap it has “” no difference here
    3. It is the first app where I have seen a full spread leaf (occupying 2 leaf spaces) which is good but when needed it can use the middle leaf instead of using a pop-up..
    4. pop-up are less productive “” and using pop-ups deviates from the actual benefit of using three leaves for Eden.
    5. The visual style of this app must match Eden if it is coming pre-loaded

    Cheers NI team. Looking forward for my GIFT (adam) from NI โ€ฆ

  195. โ€œโ€ณ

    Motorola XOOM 632
    Notion Ink Adam 954

    Unbeatable Adam!
    Congratulation to us ๐Ÿ˜‰

  196. It is an interesting application indeed for students. I would also like to see video’s which can be of use by a wider audience (unfortunately, it’s been many years since I was student ;-))

  197. Hi Biswajit.. How are you today?

    I was in meetings all day. Would have been sooo neat if I had an adam to take notes of the conversations. And in an hour I have to work again, making notes in some brainstorms sessions with ‘mind mapping’. That would be awesome to do with Adam as well.

  198. I hope that there is also a android 3.0 honeycomb upgrade.
    Will the adam come with android market? Some say that only Genesis apply. :O

  199. Not everyone has the love. A chance to make a few bucks out weighs love for them. The first ebay Adam sold for 900 a nice little profit to the seller. The second one is not doing nearly as well it is only at 455.00 although it is lcd wfi lowest priced Adam.

    Sometimes people change their minds. Perhaps really can’t afford to spend the money on a tablet. Ebay is generally a safe way to get your money back.

  200. +1! I thought exactly the same many times! I only wonder whether the screen big enough is for mind maps.

  201. Adam will not have the Android market at least until honeycomb. You can side applications though, and a lot easier then might have been expected.

  202. “it is a holiday Martin Luther King Day here in the states so I donโ€™t think it will be posted until tomorrow at the earliest

  203. Probably won’t get updated today. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day if you are in the U.S. so all Federal Government Operations are shutdown.

  204. Hi Karen, I am good how about you?
    Note taking will be fun in Adam and hope you get your Adam soon. I had a presentation today and wish i could do that with Adam. passing the slate to them and connecting it to HD TV would be fun. They would amazed by this device and easy way to impress i guess.

  205. Mind maps have many forms, and you can zoom in and out, or filter levels, and convert to a text document.
    It’s a great way to create an overview and to brainstorm, alone or share it with others.
    It would have fit well developing Adam and commenting our needs in this blog.

  206. It was heart breaking to see my boss trying to impress others in the meeting, with his Ipad. Duh…

  207. i think this is the exact sleeve that Rohan used with Adam during his demo at CES 2011
    “” ๐Ÿ˜€

  208. I believe Rohan had said NI has patent on that. So it should be the other way around. But not sure how broad the patent is. Would it cover a phone too, or just tablets?
    Also, I remember Apple having a similar patent too, I had read it somewhere.

    If NI find their patent infringing they should follow it up legally with Motorola to defend it. Another side effect of that could be good publicity in proper news channels since such cases are usually reported for Big Corporation’s IPs being challennged.

  209. Way back in the beginning I believe you mentioned students would have early access to the Adam. Is this still the plan or is this off the hook?

  210. shocking karen. matter of days now as you will be superstar in your office with your Adam. Your boss might try to bribe you a promotion in exchange of your Adam?

  211. The capacitive styluses (styli?) that work on iPad will work on Adam.

    “..some note taking apps..
    ..lots of (Dutch) legal apps..”

    App Developers may probably come up with the solutions you want. NI is not panacea.

  212. Hi folks
    needed a clarification on the scree, apparently Rohan’s update isnt too clear to me

    will there be a screen protector that will be fimgerprint resistant and Matte ?
    and will that have to be applied by the end user, coz thats what the post seems to suggest


  213. Well said Himanshu, I like old fashioned way of writing. love the concept and price. I hope they will have online purchase / pre order as they are releasing it on june. It will be easy for mass production as the hardware is simple and elegant. I think soon we will get it in Amazon or but as soon i get any info i will let you know. i have bookmark it and keeping a sharp eye on it.

  214. Solar app is available on iPad. Good thing it is available for Adam too. It will be a free app and will be subscription based service $29.99 per month. Good for school kids.

  215. This would make up for not getting the CNET People’s Choice/Voice award which the Razer Switchblade took home.


  216. @Atul Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ Very less activity these days :)?. I am waiting for two things (1) Customs charges which will be more cleared in the following week that how much we have to pay (2) MasterCard.
    Ideally I was waiting for NI to hit the retails, but my understanding is that for the next few months (may be can stretch to 5-6) adam will be available online only( in one of the interviews Rohan even mentioned that they may sell it online only). So I have not decided yet :). 5-6 months is a long time isn’t it :). So I am not sure whether i will be able to resist my temptation till then. What about you? You were also waiting for retails. Anything decided yet? May be the next week will bring more clarity.

  217. Math, science and English arts. Right now California, British Columbia etc. More states will be added in June.

  218. @ Bernd,

    It probably appeared to imply an invitation due to the comment from ajesh immediately after your own. It might be wise if we all learn from this experience and if any of us make a post describing poll hacks then at least place a comment explaining that here is an example on how a poll hack can be done and not an example on how people should behave… or something along those lines.

    IMHO i think that everyone involved have acted very well to the mistake and it i my belief that these comments will be our saving grace. Now people will at least see that we resolve our mistakes responsibly.

  219. sweet tnx, Havent found a truly pen-like pointy stylus yet , but I guess it is around somewhere.

    Well, NI is at least starting to look like the true solution for the paperless office, by targeting exactly those things we need: pixelQi or eInk like-screens, proper file management, mobile computing, fancy presentation, intuitive UI (Easy is key word for alpha/gamma types like lawyers..) and alround communication. Wondering about security aspects though,but im a noob in that field.

    Lots of legal apps coming to the iPad now, plus they are the first, but if app devs could get the PDF-note taking right and develop the (legal) apps similar to OSX environment (or off course, better than..) then ill bet it will become the new standard.

  220. I voted:) By the way, I can’t wait for Adam anymore, I’m so exciteded:)
    Please correct me if I’m wrong: we paid for DHL Shipping with tracking right?:)

  221. People .. please listen to Himanshu ๐Ÿ™‚ We dont want Adam-doters to be called cheats ๐Ÿ™‚

  222. @Himanshi @Atul:
    Are you guys decided on these other things:
    !) Pixel Qi or not
    2) 8GB or more variants :0
    3) 3G or not

  223. Some people do not have to vote anymore since a few guys here already voted for them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  224. How about a Adam video like this? Anyone from this community can make similar video? would be fun.

  225. Hi Hakon,
    I invite you to visit “” There you can launch ideas about interesting applications for the adamtablet, specially for studants. It’s a site for gathering information for different languagegroups and workfields.

  226. From what I understand about capacitive displays, I don’t think you can use a stylus with really small tip (ball-point pen like). The “touch” is registered by the device based on the area of your finger. So, anything small (like a small pointed object) and big (like your palm) is usually rejected. I actually made a ‘home-made-stylus’ for my arriving Adam using sliver colored (aluminium coated) decorative ribbon that I got from Walmart. There are plenty of DIY videos on Youtube if it is something that interests you. You could either build your own for about a dollar or pay about 10 Dollars and get something of the same kind – a finger like round tipped pointed object (stylus).

  227. @levpius @Atul
    (1) Though i will not be using tablet too much in the out but don’t want to leave PixelQi in case i use it outside to flaunt my adam ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ [ on a serious note PixelQi is an important feature even from lesser strain on eye point of view. ]
    (2) I have no issues in 8 gb variant.Planning to buy a portable harddisk once maximum size supported by adam is clarified(as Greg has promised to do so)
    (3) 3g i am not sure . Because first i am not sure of it’s competing prices in India. Hoe much will it take etc etc. I will be happy to take some fellow Indian mates advises on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  228. I invite you to visit “” There you can launch ideas about interesting applications for the adamtablet It’s a site for gathering information for different languagegroups and workfields.

  229. Today is a federal holiday here — I’d be more surprised if it was updated. *crosses fingers for tomorrow*

  230. LOL! Great ideas! Perhaps Rohan could show Rajesh a text to speech app he could use to talk to girls? It be funny seeing him take out the Adam every time a girl was around! Sheldon could not like the comic book app. “How are you supposed to enjoy it without the paper? You don’t have the same sensory input you would get with paper. Where is the feel of the paper? Or the smell? I mean, really”. Then the rest could point out how great it was. Howard would say he wouldn’t have to worry about his mother throwing out his comic book collections anymore.

  231. Does anyone have an idea which language will be supported by ADAM?

    I think German (what I need) is not the problem, but what about Swedish, for example?

  232. Hi Biswajit!

    Many thx for ur quick response!!

    I was asking for a swedish friend…

    I wonder in which languages the “Apps” will be available…

    Solaro, for example ist just available in english- that won’t be useful for our twins, aged 9 years
    best regards, Stefan

  233. Europe is very potential market according to NI and lots of App developer will come up with similar Apps in matter of time. on a positive note Adam will take care of all.

  234. Nice gadget. Since we already have many other portable scanners I don’t see any problem with this device making it to market. Once available I might get one myself.

  235. I love this education app. I also can’t wait to the second pre-order but i wonder when we can move from pre-orders to it just being on sale for all those who want it. otherwise looking forward to seeing what other apps are coming to the adam and what’s up with genesis.

  236. @Hรฅkon said, on January 17, 2011 at 16:51
    The video you are looking for:

    Introducing Eden โ€“ VII The Leaves
    Posted in Uncategorized by Rohan Shravan on December 31, 2010.

    The whole video was excellent, but to find the part where Rohan explains uses the copy and paste feature, go to the 2:56 mark.

  237. FCC information

    FRN: 0020356499
    Registration Date: 11/24/2010 01:06:00 AM
    Last Updated: 01/15/2011 01:56:00 AM
    Business Name: Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd.
    Business Type: Foreign Entity
    Contact Organization: Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd.
    Contact Position: CTO
    Contact Name: Mr Rohit K Rathi
    Contact Address: D Tower, Subramanya Arcade, Bannerghatta Road

  238. Nice. I voted once, seemed the ethical thing to do.

    The Toshiba looks like the runner up, I’d like to see the Adam and Toshiba side-by-side.

  239. Boo. I think we might have cheated our way there. Too bad we can’t count on this statistic now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  240. according to German time 18.01.11 – 23:00 it is in China 19.01.11 – 06:00 clock.

    If all goes well, then you can expect tomorrow DHL ID.

  241. Hi Karen. Hoe gaat het daar? I just wished to tell you my blog is out there. You know : the one we spoke about for different languagegroups and workfields. I invite you to visit it: “” By the way: your all invited to shar your ideas and needs there.

  242. Up in the blog i have read about the capacitive stylus. Wanted to share with you guys an interesting stylus (concept?) Its made by Nokia. I am not sure if its available to buy yet or no.
    http ://

  243. The tip of this stylus is like crayon, still not like a ball pen, but not so ugly like the ones made for Ipad LoLz

  244. Friends, my intention was not to guide you how to cheat or push the Adam but to explain why the Xoom was at 38%.

    My two colleagues were kind enough and have voted for the Adam.
    Thus, 3 votes came from us …. but everyone has voted only 1 time!

    I firmly believe in NotionInk’s strength and also want this Tablet to find an honest place in the big media world….

  245. it’s really sad that there are those people among the first to receive the Adam. Rohan should have shipped the first devices to real family members. Most of the people who have been actively posting to this blog all day every day for a period of months did not receive a preorder mail. Instead, such asswipes as those two ebay resellers got serviced who have nothing better in mind than to resell the device to make money and to snatch the Adam from the noses of the actual fans. I wished NI would outbid the other buyers on those ebay auctions just to then receive the contact details of the sellers and then inform them that the device is not going to be shipped to them in the first place ๐Ÿ˜‰

  246. You dont know their situation. And there could be many reasons that could lead someone to to sell it, since buying it.

    Not saying your wrong or right, but we dont know their situations.

    Also, same goes to tickets to events…some real fans get shut out because these brokers buy them all up. Just life and no reason to complain. IMHO.

  247. “”
    Actually a good article on crunchgear.

  248. Yes I voted for Notion Ink. I believe winning in these polls and excessive advertising are not necessary for NI.
    Rohan: I will add my suggestions in all my posts here in the hope of you reading it –
    1. Identify all those NI family and split into groups.
    2. Invite each group and give 24hrs to pre-order.

  249. I’ve given 3 votes to the Adam poll today. Hurry up, family… Lets show the world the power of this community.

  250. Don’t cheat. If the NI Adam is the best then it will win without cheat.

    It’s no fun to win if you have to cheat.

    And it when it comes out the poll was won by cheating it would damage NI image.

    On a subnote. It’s very hard waiting for tracking number for my adam ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Hi all

    Great learning app. I just keep getting more and more excited and REALLY can’t wait to get my name down on pre-order 2 assuming that Mastercard or Paypal have come through and sorted things out with Notion Ink.

    Can anyone tell me what the tune is on the promo video??

    Rohan if it was recorded specially for NI can you pre-load it onto the Adam it’s a rocking tune.


  252. Another article about the adam is “”

  253. yes, product placement is super lame. however, i think that TBBT is no more offensive to nerds than TMNT is offensive to turtles.

  254. Off topic, but this accessory looks pretty neat. “ ”
    Allows you place the Adam on your lap besides the usual stand.


  255. Well this app wasnt all that great. Just going through poorly illustrated text and after that a standard quiz. Is this the future of e-device aided education? Come on!

    Where is the video-sequences, interactive exercises? And the GUI looks – well – not that good.

    Sorry to be negative, but really, this can be done so much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  256. Rohan, I dont have doubt that I will buy an Adam for personal use. But if you show me that I can run there MatLab, or Labview, I will not only buy 1 Adam, but around 20! and even convince my boss to pay for it!

  257. my family has not been able to post any comments, and now they are all disappointed thinking they will not be eligible for pre order 2. Why does the comments go in moderation, never to come online?

  258. Hahaha.. i Love this Blog… jajaja we people really seem like a family… people saying things, some other telling what is good and what is wrong.. people accepting they did something wrong!!! it is just amazing… More than designing a Tablet… NI created a Family, that is something really interesting from all this…

    Guys lets hope we all keep track after receiving our Adams…

    Regards and congratulations Rohan for the achievment!!! definitelly the best tablet in the market! i must say!

  259. I see what you mean now,That above is copied from the bookmark i saved Saturday evening and if i do a fresh search now and it does not show.

  260. Nope, still no new vid, Biswajit…
    BTW, where/when did Rohan say he would post once a day now?
    Love that concept!

  261. Wow !! Like your thought .. So Goats and Tigers is pretty famous .. Did you know it came from a Nepalese board game called Bagh-Chal

  262. Actually go to “” Then click on the “Search”. its option is “Frn” – just type 0020356499 and you will see the record.. It was updated 15th jan…

  263. Hi,
    you can make a start by using it as a ringtone:

  264. “”

    Haven’t read it yet but thought I’d pass it on…

  265. I like this part from the article… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now these are fans

    Apple fanbois, grab your notepads. Youโ€™ve got some learning to do. The Adam-ites are out-doing you on fanboards and forums Internet-wide. You think youโ€™re serious about your tech?

    These people are nuts.

  266. Maybe if it is for private use and you don’t sell it then it would be allright. You bought those books and make a digital copy of it. See copying your CD’s for reading them in your car

  267. include the OLPC… XO v1.75 is due out soon at under $200. for openness it beats EVERY tablet… even hardware is yours to copy!! choose any OS… forget apps… in fact, Adam will be additional to my XO… all of them

  268. Hey guys, I like your comments very much. I made a special blog for comments like these on “” There is a section with place for kids (with dissabilities) and for students, teachers, and other “workfields”. I would like to get people there to think about all those points you’re talking about here. I also invite developpers to go and look there. Maybe you can help us. See you back there?

  269. If you place your url references between quotes you don’t need to use spaces.

    Here is a item I found on ‘How to make a Stylus’


  270. Another good one is Dagi Stylus


  271. I respect your humble opinion and in general I would agree that people tend to judge their fellowmen too prematurely, but in this case: come on, if those poor lads had “a situation” that we don’t know of – they could always just cancel their order and get their money back. Instead they are conveniently selling off their ADAM’s for twice the sales price before it’s even been shipped! Poor poor lads whose situations we don’t know. ;(

  272. Go Notion Ink, go…let the user reviews begin against the iPad…I do not have one, but will surely lend the Adam to my friend so that he can do the review against his iPad. Well iPad is cool, but Adam is “better”. Better in coolness, better in UI mgmt (3 panels), better in display, better in number of output ports, better in size, better in browser capability, better in what not!!! has a camera too.

    Hands down, Apple does better marketing, but I surely believe NI will also master that. Rohan has already done a large extent with his blog.

    Rohan was there only one commercial shot for the Adam, please share the others

  273. HAHAHAA!!!! Priceless! Absolutely priceless. They even picked up the term adamites. How cool is that?

  274. >> These people are nuts.
    BTW Greg. There you read it! It doesn’t say fans – it says nuts. So I thought: may I perhaps treat you to a second domain name to link to your blog? Say the word and I’ll be regging notioninknut dot com for you ๐Ÿ˜€

  275. Sorry, but the update means nothing as it pertains to the adam, nothing. The FRN # is tied to the company. All the update means is they updated their contact information.

  276. IMHO, the character Matt Burns at best seems to be slimy and a ‘aasteen ka saap’ (snake of the sleeve). he starts with praising the Adam, and then suddenly leaves the section in a warning, unappealing tone.

    But to give him credit, the critical review is sometimes needed to hone ourselves…in this case, the prod mgmt and prod engineering team at NI. Also the marketing part…only 1 commercial quality marketing video released.

    Look at “”, OR “”

    Rohan – It would be beautiful if WE can get OURSELVES an ad like this one. Look at the tablet….I was imagining the ADAM each time I was looking at the ad. Most of our advertisement leaders are best in the world.

  277. It’d be very useful to have a tablet as this. Finally a device who’s screen wont have a bad glare because of the lighting in the room. And say all the books the school use happen to be on amazon and barnes n nobles online stores students would only need their adam for school!

  278. Don’t worry, all will be fine once the first pre-orders gets shipped and people like Greg starts posting glowing reviews of the ADAM.

  279. And if they did have a situation then getting more money beats losing 5% in cancellation fees.

  280. I just voted here are the results as of 7:45 EST
    Motorola XOOM – 23.69% – 662 votes
    Notion Ink Adam – 58.1% – 1624 votes
    Way to go Addicts.

  281. Any moment now we hopefully should get notice of our tablets being sent. Fingers cross. Can’t wait, warts and all. Just getting tired of the nay sayers. I just wish they would go and buy there apple iPad. NI may not be perfect but they are exactly what we have brought. The idea and dreams, call us nutty but who cares, were are happy and just itching to get are hands on our adam. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Postings coming soon from the users, that should leave very little space for the nay sayers and maybe they will just fade away. We can only but dream, which is what Adam-ites are great at ๐Ÿ™‚

  282. what’s also funny is that this one shot of ADAM that’s in the article and has fingerprints all over it keeps reappearing in almost every tech site article about the Adam.

    How unfortunate but also strange on so many levels that is, isn’t it?
    First of all, it really seems to be the exact same shot that seems to be redistributed across all articles and sites. And then, no one seemed to have cared about getting a better shot of the product, or to choose a better one to publish, or taking care of keeping the product presentable.

    I hope poor Rohan didn’t receive a beating from his investors upon the surfacing of such images. In Barcelona next month, Rohan will arrive with a degreaser spray clipped into a toolbelt hidden under his sports jacket and his pockets stuffed with microfiber cloth to swipe the screen clean between presentations. Perhaps someone can contrive a cleaning mechanism built into a tablet sleeve from a Lego Mindstorms kit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  283. This is what they said:

    “The isnโ€™t an endorsement for the Adam. John and I only touched the device for a few quick minutes at CES and actually walked away a bit underwhelmed. The Pixel Qi screen is about as vibrant as LCD screens from the mid-โ€™90s and the whole interface had a noticeable amount of lag. Itโ€™s rather heavy, and itโ€™s still not clear if the tablet will be able to run Honeycomb. But maybe itโ€™s something you need to use to truly appreciate, which is why we ordered a unit the first day it was available and are eager to try it out.”

  284. I just wonder why Rohan did not meet with CNET at CES to have the product reviewed or even introduced for a product overview. No mention in any of their articles and they are the most important one!



    Even MSI and ZTE, brands I’ve never even heard of before were introduced by CNET.

  285. Here is Xoom…now they have a website for you to send them money to buy the tablet anywhere in the world.


  286. Any recommended capacitive stylus for Adam?

    Still did not receive tracking number until now (expected delivery date 15-22 Jan)…
    Just curious, anybody has actually received Adam?

  287. see link below via slashgear comments:


  288. Thank you!! I totally agree with you. There is NOTHING engaging about that app and it’s educational properties.
    “Wow. Here, read this then take a test. Wee! You’re learnin’ stuff!”
    Yeah, um no.
    Still excited about receiving my Adam. So glad I got in on the pre-order!

  289. @Himanshu….custom duty on computers imported to India is zero….but i dont know whether adam will be included in this category…

  290. Jst Chekd d custom code… shud probably b free (under the computers category)… even if it comes under electronics (which it most probably shudnt) it will be some where between 7.5%-10%…

  291. I keep checking the website for an update I know won’t be there…. *sigh* It’s hard being a Notion Addict…

  292. Agreed. At least the comment section is an opportunity to make good points in why the Adam should be first but don’t spam the votes.

  293. Xoom doesn’t have pixel qi screen which is an important factor if u spend long hours in Sun & also if u read ebooks a lot.

  294. I think if we are going for pixel-qi then it would be better to buy 3G model as there isn’t much difference($50<Rs 2500). Even a 3G data card would cost us Rs. 2500.

  295. I appreciate Rohan’s attempt to bring in additional markets with this video but do agree with your point. I’m sure there will be much better education apps that will be available out there. I’d much rather see some videos on the office suite at this point.

  296. Nope… nothing… only Order Number from pre-order 1…

    Should we get DHL tracking number?

  297. Some ppl must have received their Adams by least in India…they should come up with how they r feeling..and what’s final cost including import duties and taxes..

  298. this was my favourite

    “Iโ€™m actually fearful to do our official Adam review. If we deem the Adam anything less than the best thing since penicillin, the Adamites will burn down our houses and steal our iPads.”


  299. I do not mean to dampen the spirits however to be realistic the devices will not ship this week for those who had delivery dates from the 15-22 January.As it is quite evident that NO ONE has received their devices as yet (If someone had received it we would have known about it either from a post or from video or some other sort of disclosure) and those with the early shipping dates would in all like situations receive it first.

    The other thing is that with the delay, there would be a backlog in terms delivery and Rohan mentioned that the ship had landed during CES, this would mean that the devices would all need to be labelled with the FCC number. Now if I am not mistake I had assumed that all devices would be shipped from China as such it is quite wiered that the US supply was being sent via ship instead of being shipped directly from China. If the devices are in the US then where are they labelling them for the FCC requirements.

    I have contacted the NI team who have sent the same message they sent when the order was confirmed. I honestly doubt that one, any devices have been shipped already, two, all devices will be delivered by the end of the week and three, it is quite a job to send out all the tracking numbers to all the pre-order clients so it might happen that you receive your device before even receiving the tracking number

  300. Just thought I’d kill some time sharing something I’ve been excited to do with my new Adam. Let me preface it by saying that it’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s something that I couldn’t do before with just a laptop (or an iPad).

    I’m a huge fan of nice beers and wines but am cursed with a horrible memory. I’ll always try new beers and wines when I go to the store but forget which ones I liked…and which ones I definitely didn’t. My plan is to use the Adam’s camera to take pictures of the labels of the wines and beers that I like and then add notes on style, taste, price, and complimenting food choices and be able to save it as a library of ‘good drinks’. Having usb ports will always allow me to save it to an external hard drive and the Adam, with its comfortable ergonomics, will be easy to take to the store so I can browse my past selections by label (picture) or key words and find the wine/beer choice I’m looking for.

    Again, this isn’t an idea that pushes the Adam too its limits, but it’s something I haven’t been able to easily with just a digital camera and a laptop. I’m eager to hear more ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas of how other users might use their Adam. In the effort to be constructive while waiting for Rohan’s next blog post, I certainly encourage others to share their thoughts.


  301. gigantor,

    ur being funny. it has nothing to do with motorola. i used this service to send money to Asia.

  302. i quite like this

  303. @Gabe,

    Thanks for sharing your idea. Think it has implications for keeping track of any number of “lists”. For myself, I do a little bit of very fine embroidery using silks and specialty threads that are sometimes hard to find. I’d like to keep an “inventory” list in Adam, at my side always, so if I run into such items, I can check if I already have or need to add to my collection, etc. Using Adam might help Tesla break ground, but for most of us, we’re hoping Adam just makes our days easier and maybe more fun … not a bad goal at all!

  304. I’m hoping that because we’re already paying more ($650) the price includes customs if any for the device, if not, what’s the whole song and dance about one price anyway?

  305. “There are no applications on file that match the search criteria specified:
    Grantee Code: Y2G”

  306. Didn’t Rohan say in the previous post that it’s time to start the Saturday tradition again?

    Oh and btw. can somebody please approve my other comment, I changed the e-mail address (my main address was getting a bit crowded..) and now the comments from my wordpress account are awaiting moderation.. Thanks!

  307. Thanks PM. Actually there were so many discussions about it earlier too and picture is not clear till now. As per Notionadicts threads it seems for the PixelQi adam(which was 29,999 Rs), we end up paying around 34,000-35000 Rs. SO I am just waiting for the some Indian Mates who have ordered adam in Pre-order 1 , so that more clarity can come.

  308. About some comments on Voting


    Its not cheating,actually poll itself asks “Which was the best tablet at CES 2011?”
    and we want to say many times that yes Adam was and is…………well to be frank phonearena itself hasnt covered Adam in CES which they should have covered….So multiple voting does describe how We love Adam.

    Anybody passionate of Motorola can go in similar way but Motorola is liked by some but we love Adam….I must promote what I appreciate.
    Other tablet voters are not taking any efforts so they are lagging behind…

  309. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. – Nikola Tesla 1934.

    Notion Ink = Sane and clearly (giving us what we need and will help us)
    Ap*ple Inc = Insane and deeply ( Imposing i-crap and selfish nature) i-don’t bluetooth and i-don’t play flash (Duh!!)

    PS: @ Rohan… Was Notion Ink derived from NI in NIkola?
    I might be wrong but I’m noticing an emerging pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

  310. @Himansuhu, If you go for LCD instead of PQi that’ ok, but Don’t Miss out on 3G!!

    Currently, there are very few operators that provides 3G (BSNL and Docomo in my knowledge) and BSNL’s plan starts from 500 only!.

    Plus, imagine what would do with your adam without internet (no youtube, no social networking, no Mail’d).

    By the time you get your Adam, 3G will be as cheap as what EDGE costs you right now (you know Indian telecome industry :))

  311. MSI is actually a pretty popular and important brand. They make quality motherboards, PCs, video cards that a lot of people swear by and plenty of other things. That’s why their tablets are getting exposure.

    Linking to the US website, but they probably have many international pages.

  312. Pretty soon we’ll walk into Best Buy and all the customers and clerks will disappear. Remember the obligatory Western Movie scene, where the Bad Guy walks in and everyone hides or closes their windows? Well, Best Buy’s going to have one guy behind the register who says “Now, we don’t want no trouble…”

    Maybe we can say we are members of Greg’s gang…

  313. I got the impression that it was only for grade school. Maybe they didn’t want it too complicated. I’m still waiting to see a proper college app, with notation bookmarking, and search of material that the student can scan or buy. I’ll easily pay $30 a month for that…

  314. Gotta agree with ajesh. Matlab is an x86 program. It’s not gonna run on ARM, until they port it. And when they do, it’ll be for iOS first. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  315. That is a very cool project Gabe. Any time you can make efficiencies, it’s more fun and probably worth the time and expense. Who could remember all that wine.

    You know I was thinking about your project and I thought there must be a few Android based personal database apps. Sure enough there are! Maybe that would work for you. Once you get it filled up, you could probably port it elsewhere to so it was accessible from outside the Adam so you could get it from your phone or on the web even.

    LuckyDroid makes Memento – “”
    And there’s AndroidDatabase – “”

    You could also use the WordPress app on a phone / and the Adam and take pictures and blog about wines directly from the device. That would also create a database and is pretty simple way to document things..although perfect instant retrieval is probably less likely with a WordPress blog.

  316. In early post he said and even in CES @ crunch gear video also, i was hoping for a post but didnt happen so. We always can hope for good right?

  317. Yopu are right but even he said more videos coming. I was just guessing and wish i was right..

  318. @Himanshu – I have yet to make a decision and I’ll do that once we have some clarity on custom duty. I’m sure it’s not going hit retail stores at-least for 5 months, so If prices are within certain limit, i’ll go ahead and place an order(only if MarsterCard is an option) ๐Ÿ™‚

  319. IRC

    Now talking in #notionink_adam 4 users


    Come on guys

    lets discuss
    or use web mirc

    channel #notionink_adam

  320. social chat on twitter is the best option.
    Chat stays put even after the people are gone. Off course a better exposure.

  321. social chat on twitter is the best option.
    Chat stays put even after the people are gone. Ofcourse a better exposure

  322. social chat on twitter is the best option.
    Chat stays put even after the people are gone. Better exposure too.

  323. @levpius @Himanshu
    1: I’ve yet to read Greg’s review on PixelQi. If he recommends, i’ll go for it.(I’d mostly be using Adam outside when traveling)
    2: 8GB is not enough for a tablet(specially when it’s Adam) so I’d rather go for other variants. Portable drive is an option but I’m not
    going to hook it up while on the bus or train. I’d like to have as much memory onboard as possible.
    3: I’d definitely go for 3G. There’s going to be cut throat comptition in 3G market this year in India and i’m sure we’ll have
    tempting plans to keep our Adam active. ๐Ÿ™‚

  324. Yesterday I ordred new glasses. – 10 days deliver. – Now I got two thing to look forward to, and it will be nice whatever comes first!
    Sorry for my english – I hope Danish will be supported soon, too.
    I still love this concept! ๐Ÿ™‚

  325. @Atul Same here. Even right now for me 34-35 k will be a bit more than what i can commit. SO let’s wait. Hope things will be cleared in a week or so ๐Ÿ™‚

  326. I am glad you are giving out the links to articles about the Adam. I really like to comment on them!


  327. IRC 5 users

    Now talking in #notionink_adam


    Come on guys

    lets discuss
    or use web mirc

    channel #notionink_adam

  328. Why is TBBT offensive to nerds? I like to think that it shows why nerds are the hope for the future. There are 2 many comedies running that show braindead american playboys.
    I like that for once we get a comedy with non-braindead people.

  329. Yeah, I know, it would be great to see something about Adam every day ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had a dream that a delivery came in for me today and that I got the Adam. It was so devastating to wake up and find out it was only a dream :/ I’m receiving my camera today and I’ll be getting ready to make the unboxing video/photos once I get the Adam ๐Ÿ˜€

  330. I guess i missed those discussions……by why r v paying more! Wat abt the one price globally thing….
    i’m pretty sure abt duties…..there’s no way it can be more than 10% (and i’m abt 80% sure its its duty free)
    Nd d pixel qi adam with delivery charges should cost us roughly Rs. 27,500…..35K is way 2 much!

  331. It makes the winning so dishonest. People will not trust the results. Please don’t do that.

  332. LOL you crack me up. I would surely like that.

    Of course, the one single guy who quiveringly needs to crawl back up from underneath the cash desk to service my checkout would tell me that the five Adams I fetched from the shelf are of course on the house.

  333. @rohan

    I read in an article that chennai is cheaper to manufacture than china : Nokia conducted a study and found Chennai to be 11% cheaper than China.

    Read more: Mobile companies find the right connection in Chennai – The Times of India “”

    May be you could shift the factory from china to india(chennai) so that you can save some money… and reduce the price of adam. Further more you would be able to protect your intellectual properties better… i am just trying my best to help you and NI thru the means tat i could

  334. One thing , i dont understand yet…
    When non-eden application is launched then it can work only in fullscreen, am i right ?
    Application can work in panel(s) if its made for trhat !?

  335. Hi Himanshu & Atul, I don’t know if you like or agree with my point of view. I ordered LCD+3G at 520 USD And heard Import duty might be zero in India and even if we had to pay, it shouldn’t be more than Rs 6000/- so max 30K.
    My question is why we want adam? is it for Pixelqi or 3G? i say no. It is because of Eden and its App or else we could have settle with any cheap android tablet or Ipad. I have chosen LCD instead of PixelQi cos how much time do we work outdoor? For indoor reading LCD or PixelQi doesn’t make much of a difference i guess. Those who work outdoor its a great addon but not the main reason to choose Adam. We live in india and if you live outside of metro city hell still 3G seems a joke but wifi still is the best and we get it free almost every where.
    All iam saying coming year or two we will see hell lot of change in computing device and we will end up buying many. I brought Adam for this year prospective cos who knows next year NI or Anybody makes another revolutionary product and again we all end up jumping to preorder.
    So buying LCD + Wifi is also a good option at 20K.
    Biswajit saha.

  336. Though not officially endorsed by Rohan, I read somewhere that Foxconn manufactures the electronics for ADAM. I read in that Times of india article that Foxconn also have manufacturing plants in Sriperumbudur among other companies.

    I really strongly see merit in your suggestion. But I dont think it is upto Rohan to choose where it will be manufactured. Foxconn will make these decisions based on projected sales and demand, apart from production capacities of these factories.

  337. i really hope rohan can urge foxconn to shift to chennai… 11% off $600 is a significant amount ( atleast for me)…

  338. Here’s the explanation “” – You need to thank Greg for the info.

  339. I guess people in the 9th Jan batch are still waiting… So highly unlikely that people in 15-22 Jan would receive any info about Shipping. ๐Ÿ™‚

  340. Thanks Elmelao!
    Great video for sure yes, I remember now that was the first one they showed the Android desktop in too ๐Ÿ™‚
    But didnt really see much about copy&paste, only that copying for the Sniffer app doesnt work in Leafmode, need Main app.
    Are you sure that was the video ? I checked the 2.56 mark.

    Now I`m unsure if copy&paste between Leafs have been implemented (except calculator)…

  341. is “” hacked by someone? Shows Apache directory listing when I try to open that.

  342. yes, the calculator is the only copying I`ve seen, apart from the Cropping LeoP was mentioning.

    If its like Rahul says that the clipboard content is all arranged in a note taking App, that really sounds great, but haven`t seen this in any of the videos yet…

    One thing`s for sure is that copy&paste is a nightmare on the iPad, going back & fourth for every little part you want to copy. especially before 4.2 came

  343. hey guys.. some interesting stuff on ” Techcrunch goes to war against Engadget, accuses sister blog of corruption ”
    ” hxxp:// ”
    and ” hxxp:// ”

    (replace xx with tt on given link address)


  344. @All Indians fellow blogger who have preordered Adam and waiting for their shipment

    I am frequent buyer and has order many electronics items from abroad (mostly from USA). Items reach to India in couple of days as committed by the seller. The problem I face every time is, our customs department is so fast that they don’t release the shipping package for at-least a week (based on my experience).

    Sometime, it takes about 15-20 days and if you are lucky enough it will be cleared in 7 days. (google the customs problem and you will know). Usually I get the package in 20-22 days after shipped by the seller.

    Lets hope for the best in case of Adam!

  345. I think Rohan needs to discuss if or when the ADAM is going into retail, as if it is not within the next few months it will lose out sales to LG, Motorola, Toshiba, if he wants it to be a success, you cannot rely on internet sales alone, undecided customers will just go into a shop and buy one rather than wait a few weeks fore delivery, only us hardcore fans would wait

    also does anyone know if you have a smartphone can you tether it to the adam so there is no need for 3g as you can use your smartphone for internet access,

  346. You can thank Biswajit saha, he did this nice job of making it a ringtone, and share it with us all.

  347. indeed. This is a good point you raised and I would like to hear more about this aspect from Rohan. I’d like to know whether support for displaying non-eden apps as leafs is a planned feature for the near future.
    My personal assessment is that most popular android apps will not be optimized for Eden. NotionInk is not yet a big enough global player for this to happen. I also don’t want to replace every app that I’ve come to like with an alternative that I might or might not like better.

    So, the fact that non-eden apps are not displayed as leafs ails me quite a lot wherefore I’d like to get more information about the matter, especially since I am currently not able to fathom a good reason for why non-eden apps shouldn’t be displayable as leafs.
    My line of think is that it would be perfectly feasible if the Eden-“OS” behaved as follows:

    – when a non-eden app is the active leaf, it just operates as usual. The app’s resource requirements in this context whatever they might be are not an issue because at any given time, there is only ONE active leaf.

    – when a non-eden app leaves its focus (i.e. becomes an inactive leaf), the Eden-OS takes and saves a screenshot of the app and displays this screenshot inside of a special Leaf Adapter. To be more precise, this behavior wouldn’t be implemented directly in Eden but rather as a further panel type. Rohan already talked about the software design of having several possible panel types. So just imagine that there is another panel type which acts as a non-eden-app adapter. So, after the screenshot of the non-eden-app has been taken, Eden passivates the non-eden-app, freeing up it’s resources and memory and just displays the app’s screenshot as a leaf.

    This way, usual android apps could partake in the Eden metaphor and one could copy-paste information between the three leafs on a screen regardless of whether they were specifically tailored to Adam’s SDK or not.

    If Eden should come with landscape support some day, the panel adapter would just have to take two screenshots of the app on passivation, one for each orientiation.

    Now, it should be easy to understand that that would work perfectly for android apps that do not keep on operating in the background when not displayed, but one could argue that the approach wouldn’t work for all other apps. But then again, how *does* Eden handle those apps currently? I can only hope that the services a usual android app starts keep running after the app is closed. Otherwise the statement that normal android apps can run on Adam would be wrong. If so, then the behavior described wouldn’t introduce any further performance or recourse consumption above the one caused by their current launch configuration.

    For these reasons, I do not understand why stock android apps are not being displayed as leafs and would therefore get more information from Rohan and team on whether they plan to add support for that soon.

  348. I wouldn’t worry. First of all, in the US they are just waking up right now and secondly, if I am not mistaken, Rohan has already received the confirmation from the FCC. Whether their site is updated or not doesn’t make a difference in terms of shipping dates.

  349. ๐Ÿ’ก
    “The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”
    – Benjamin Mays

  350. It just feels good to see it on the FCC site also. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am only worried that our regular reviewers will start calling NI a scam again because of this.

  351. that is because it is only 7 A.M. on Tuesday in Washington DC. they were closes yesterday for a holiday. I would think it will be up today sometime and if not it really is a non issue because Notion ink has the numbers they can start shipping. I’m sure they don’t have to wait for it to be posted on the website.

  352. There were actually updates yesterday and today to the site. If you check final action date from 16th Jan till 18th Jan, you will get 111 records. NI is not in the 111 records. That’s why I posted here to see if anyone has anymore information about it may be from other sources.

  353. Have a kook at some frustrated eBay users who ordered items from USA

  354. There is already an awesome iPhone app for MATLAB. MATLAB does not run on the iPhone itself, but the app allows you to connect to your MATLAB session and do a fair amount.

  355. Please release preorder2 and retail iinformation very soon. Like the above thread says, if you are not going to retail soon you will loose a lot of customers… They just want to walkin in a store and buy a tablet (now, not wait for online delivery about 2-3 weeks).

  356. Rohan already mentioned that Eden will ask the user to automatically create a panel for Non-Eden Applications starting the first time. So you can decide for yourself.

  357. Let’s give another example. We collect ‘old vinyl’ 45 RPM records for our jukebox. We have over 1800 pieces, listed in excel, with labelnumbers attached to it. That’s simply too much to remember.
    There are digital catalogues for the most valued ones. Label and -number with the pressing (1st, second…) make the price. And sometimes at yard sales or in small stores we come across 45 RPM records.
    It would be nice sooo to have Adam to check (A) if we have it already and (B) what’s a reasonable price to pay.

    BTW, I have the feeling we are in the eye of the storm now.

  358. replaced..



  359. The next couple of days until end of February will make the difference, whether NI will sell a few thousand Adams and will become the niche Indian gadget seller or will become a real threat for the global tablet buddies. If NI will not be able to finance the retail channel globally, the others will penetrate too fast. So how much are we talking about? Europe will need about 100.000 devices minimum in the channel to start. Cost per unit is 350$, we are talking 35M$ funding to get a a jump start in Europe. I wonder wether NI has enough $s t finance this. If not, the risk is high to become number 45 in the ranking.


  360. Yeah what does he mean by this
    “The isnโ€™t an endorsement for the Adam. John and I only touched the device for a few quick minutes at CES and actually walked away a bit underwhelmed. The Pixel Qi screen is about as vibrant as LCD screens from the mid-โ€™90s and the whole interface had a noticeable amount of lag. Itโ€™s rather heavy, and itโ€™s still not clear if the tablet will be able to run Honeycomb.”
    LCD from 90s!!!!
    Lags(slow) you got to be kidding me and honeycomb may not be supported?!!! Man how many time shld we tell him thats it will be supported?
    Maybe Matt got a slower brain processing. Lags my…….

  361. Joshua Price:
    > Pretty soon weโ€™ll walk into Best Buy and all the customers and clerks will disappear

    That already happens when one of the self-satisfied 1337 geeks (that’s “[e]lite” in adolescent-ish) walks into Best Buy. They think it’s because their 1337 status intimidates everyone, but it’s really because of their hygiene.

  362. Thanks for putting in the link. We are all aware and waiting with our hands crossed. I have full faith on our customs department of being corrupt, harrassing and have no processes. However, I want Notion Ink ADAM so I ordered it..

  363. Completely agree with the above comments with all the tablets being released soon, people will not wait, not to mention the longer you wait to go to retail the closer all the competitors products come to the adam (spec wise).

  364. Dilbertian Ganesh:
    >am only worried that our regular reviewers will start calling NI a scam again because of this.

    You’re worried that some fools might act like fools? Don’t you have anything better to do? How about playing with lint, like this:

  365. Without a good distribution channel, NI won’t sell enough quantity of units, maybe the sales will be done only to Adamites that means few hundreds units. At least in Europe where the costumers prefer to go to the shop to check and compare the product before making the purchase. I don’t know the consumer behavior in US.
    Have a look to DELL which after long time uniquely selling by internet decided to distribute the products to some chain of shops.
    People needs to know that if they had a problem they will only go to the shop to resolve the problem. If this shop has a good reputation then better than better. At the same time costumers feels better knowing that they are covered by their country legislation.

  366. karen:
    > โ€œThe tragedy of life doesnโ€™t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.โ€

    That is an inspirational quote and, in fact, neatly sums up my whole philosophy of existence. I renew my goal in life every day – a cup of coffee in the morning, followed by a nice, long reading session in the bathroom. This is why I want an Adam.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to do or the rest of the day, except look forward to the next morning. But the principle is sound.

    Well, on second thought, maybe not. It can be used as a justification for the most shallow and depressing kind of consumerism. Never mind; I still want an Adam.

  367. you are right: Rohan did say that.
    But later on he said that stock android applications can only operate in full screen mode. Also, take a look at the video where he opens a stock android app. The text in the video says that eden prompts you with options of what to do, but one can also see that the options consist of a) launch app (meaning fullscreen mode) or b) exit.
    Furthermore, if stock android apps could run in a leaf/panel then having a dialog upfront that asks you whether or not you would like to do so, makes no sense. Instead it would be better to just launch the app in leaf mode just as any of the native apps and use the same mechanism for switching to fullscreen mode from there as is used for the native apps. It would require the same number of clicks/actions as the upfront menu and would be more consistent with the approach for native apps.

    So, if stock apps CAN run in leaf mode, the launch dialog should be disposed of as it doesn’t make sense and if stock apps CANNOT run in leaf mode, the launch dialog should be disposed of because it offers no actual options to choose from. You could only launch the app in the one mode it can execute in (i.e. fullscreen) or abort the action which you can do anyways right after the app has been launched.

  368. sorry, the video I was talking about is “Introducing Eden – XIII” and the behaviour for stock apps is shown right at the beginning. around 0:30

  369. Cut Matt some slack. Maybe his eyes are bad?
    He held Adam, and still uses that very old pic of Adam’s rear.

    And I’m getting tired of having Adam compared with Ipad.
    They are developed from a totally differtn base (marketing vs real need/technology), meant to be used in completely different ways by completely different users.

  370. Of all the email I have been receiving, this one has to be my favorite…

    (Form Lord Cocytus)

    Greg, it has come to my attention that your entire website is a hoax and your online identity is a complete fabrication. Notion Ink will be rejected by the FCC and is likely not even going through the process as we speak. The FCC certification was supposed to occur back in November/December. Now, personally the Adam was my top choice for the upcoming tablets. But I have realized that your identity is a scam and Notion Ink is collecting people’s money without releasing a product.

    Pre-Order 2’s? Where is the production? Pixel Qi shortage? Fine, where is the LCD?

    This is the biggest scam of the past couple years. I am disappointed.

    Anyway, I thought you guys would get as big of a laugh from it as I did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This experience has shown me that without patience we can easily be led to make rash decisions. And those decisions can obviously be wrong. Hence I have a greater appreciation for patience. It truly is a virtue worth seeking after…

  371. We are all hoping for a quick release for a few reasons… I want it in my hands, I want NI to earn some money for a change and lastly they need some breathing room to develop the next generation.

  372. motionfreak:
    > The next couple of days until end of February will make the difference

    Oh, lizardcrap. You terrified yourself with a bunch of made-up figures and arbitrary dates, applied to a complete lack of understanding of the marketplace. Not to discourage you or anything, but I there’s no point in adding to the amount of soiled underpants in the world.

    The reviewers’ darling Xoom Of Doom doesn’t even exist yet and won’t for many months. (April or May, they say, but these things are routinely late). Sooner or later Apple will come out with something but that’s going to be well after Adam is shipping.

    I really don’t understand this. People keep demanding more information from Rohan, and sometimes quite rightly, but they ignore the information he has given, and go off spinning their own wild and scary scenarios. If NI can EVENTUALLY (which means: not right away) crank up to produce 100,000 units per month, what good will it do them to sell 20 million units? NI is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT going to come roaring out of the gate and become the number-one tablet in the world within a year. Apple is a $50 billion company. That kind of money isn’t going to drop from the skies onto NI, complete with facilities, personnel, procedures, and so on. NI cannot complete with Apple or Motorola on their own terms. Rohan has said repeatedly that he’s in this for the long haul. NI is building something new, from the ground up.

    Rohan is patient, methodical, and admirably reptilian. You people are all hasty, impulsive, and locked into your fantasy worlds. Typical mammals. Sheesh.

  373. Well, Greg, it looks as though your site is more entertaining than this one.

    > Notion Ink will be rejected by the FCC and is likely not even going through the process as we speak.

    I’m trying to work out how it can be rejected if it’s not going through the process.

    > This is the biggest scam of the past couple years. I am disappointed.

    I would be disappointed, too, if this were the biggest scam of the past couple of years. Seems to me the economy just crashed because of scams in the housing market, and in hedge funds and derivatives trading – oh, hey, maybe we can sell this guy something ….

    > This experience has shown me that without patience we can easily be led to make rash decisions.

    A very reptilian thing to say.

    > And those decisions can obviously be wrong.

    Not quite so reptilian. Not counting the time one of my knight anoles lifted her hind leg to scratch herself, except it was the leg holding her onto the branch, so she fell off.

  374. What you say on new iPad 2? dualcore procesor with PowevVR SGX543(like Playstation 3), full SD card slot(not only mini), mini display port etc

  375. guyz! Check “”
    results of voting – best tablets at ces 2011.
    They were left jaw dropped. :p
    sory if already posted.

  376. Just read that newest crunch gear arrival. I love adam. But have to agree, I want to see prolix on tv every day for it and ads out everywhere promoting the adam. They should just start selling it in stores like the viewsonic g tablet did. And get people buying it a try there hardest to keep up with demand. I want to see this david and galioth story to end the way it should. With adam on its feet and bigger companies face down in the dirt.

  377. agreed – Gecko you seem to be more active in the last couple of weeks. Did you get a break from Geico commercials or something?

  378. Greg – I just want to know how much NI is paying you. Obviously, you’re on their payroll. My guess is they are paying you in colored chalk so that your children can develop NI’s marketing plan.


  379. Gabe:
    > is there a procedure that can be done to take oneself from a mammal to a reptile?

    Ah, that’s one of the most sensible questions I’ve seen here. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer, but I know it can be done, because dogs have done it – they’re honorary reptiles. Except for dwarf dogs, which aren’t really dogs, in the same way that dwarf planets, like Pluto and Eris, aren’t really planets.

  380. Maybe ipad and adam are not custom free. If there is some tax or custom duty on ipad, i believe it will be the same for adam in India.

    If u have time,take a look at foll links:

  381. Maybe ipad and adam are not custom free. If there is some tax or custom duty on ipad, i believe it will be the same for adam in India.

    If u have time,take a look at foll links:
    “http: //www.”
    “http:// www. /articles /385031_apple-ipad-price-in-india-ebay-in-indian-rupees-16gb-32gb-64gb-wifi-3g”

    Word press is acting like shit.Plz remove the spaces.

  382. Thanks to you both.
    Everyone who phones me is getting annoyed as its taking me ages to answer as am to busy listening to the tune ๐Ÿ™‚

  383. This is an great option for the modern education. Iam curiuos how its gonna work exactly.

    But a good start for more educational apps.

  384. Just got my Adam. First the keyboard did not open up. Then went for the upgrade, now the device even would not turn on!

    Come on Rohan.

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