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  1. Very nice, not much new information there, but it’s good to see that NI keeps it promises.

  2. im a bit confused as to the purpose of the carosel wheel of panels (as seen on notionink.com) when is that used, and how do you move between the carosel and the 3 panel view?

  3. Thanks! Look forward to more!

    I’m also curious to know how to change a panel to full screen…???

  4. Was anyone able to see the actual size of Adam memory on the video???
    From what I saw it’s definitely less than 10Gb, because the number looks like x.xx
    But I can recognize the exact numbers, even on 720p, it’s either 5.xxGb or 8.xxGb or 9.xxGb.

    But generally, I’m impressed!! I really like the video. It’s so coool and although my faith was quite low a week ago, now I become as excited about Adam, as I used to be :))))) Or even more 🙂
    Looking forward eagerly to Adam ringing my door bell 😉

  5. good one …was there a text box below the strip to type the name of the panel ????

  6. Sorry, a typo: I obviously CAN’T recognize the numbers 🙂 Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked 🙂

  7. Well this video is much better than the rest two.
    It’s pacing is normal and it helps a lot for a naive user to understand what Eden is.
    Also thing about why it’s stretching instead of moving right or left is also explained properly.
    More importantly the text to understand the video is also quite pertinent. And I hope in the next videos the pace remains the same. Because I read many comments on Engadget where the normal concern was that UI is too complex which I think came because of fast pacing of the Video which gave no time for a first timer to understand and grasp the things that were going on in the video.
    Congratulations for NI team for carrying on goof work.

  8. Panel scrolling seems not superfluid, but the panel switching seems quite responsive to me.

  9. In the last video (ie on 19th) he was saying we press menu button and i guess we get options to open the app in full screen or to close the apps panel.

  10. Wooo! Lookin sweet!
    This is offtopic from the post, but what is the environmental impact of Adam? Will any parts of it be recycled/post-consumer? Will the packaging be?

  11. At one place when the color application was opened through panel menu,I did not catch the hand response and the panel window did not move to the Color application. Other than that it was pretty fine.

  12. I would also like to see moving between 3 panel screen and full screen as well as the carousel view. Wonder how many apps can be in the 3 panel view? I’m trying to remember, but can any app (not just those created with NI adam SDK) utilize the panel view? Do non SDK apps use full screen?

    Also, for future videos, I’d also like to see of course, the camera app being used, more copy and paste function across panels. What does the UI do in portrait mode? I’m sure I’ll have more as more videos come out each day!

  13. +1 the text gives a tutorial touch to it and the message gets conveyed across quite easily..
    a voice over would have been nice but would have led to accent issues …

  14. Looks good, but not much different from the last two videos 😉
    But thanks anyway, so we get used to Eden and I can’t wait until the day I will be able to touch Adam myself! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  15. Well One thing that is want in UI Front. If a user wants a normal home screen(and not a three Panel Window), I think there are some ways to do it.(?). Because from the videos it seems that 3 panel window screen will be the permanent home screen. Do all have the same understanding?

  16. The only thing which didn’t appeal to me is the BRIGHT RED of the launcher. Would there be an option to change the background color? 😀

  17. +1. And more thing. I feel it was near to professional quality video except the voice and at one place where count was shown 7 but 9 applications were opened. But other than it was really a professionally shot video.

  18. +1 yup would like to know how the panels transition to a full screen

    And i also wanna know, do i have control over the number of panels i get to view..
    say i want to view only 2 panels instead of 3, and make it fit the screen…

  19. It looks good, but it is laggy. I remeber Rohan what he said few months ago about Tegra and UI Accelerating, but it looks like its not. What is actual situation about this Rohan ?

  20. May be. But if you have read the comments of users on different tech websites and for many of whom it was first chance to understand adam, most of them had the opinion that though the product is pretty good but UI is convoluted and complex. And most probably it was because (1) the video was too fast and gave no time for first timer to grasp the overall picture, for him it was too pacy and therefore complex (2) Subtitles were also at a express speed . besides that Stretching was understood as a lag/bug where user was trying to browsing apps but instead they were stretching out.
    I think this video will help to allay many doubts specially of first timers and normal public which may not be much interested in Multitasking but eager to understand this new UI concept comprehensively.

  21. Did anyone notice the white sensor looking dot in the previous video (the high-rez one with yellow background) opposite to the buttons, so on the right top side? Did I miss something? is it a light sensor? Proximity? IR?

  22. Same here, got my video fix. now cram real quick for my test this morning and then drive to Texas for the holidays. Will be logging in from Texas tonight!;)

  23. +1 and suppose i don’t want any panel and want to open my application straight from Home Screen. I hope it is customizable because I don’t think every user will be comfortable in this three panel though it’s an innovative idea.

  24. no one said this before; so lemme say it! the demonstration is given by a leftie!

    also just want to add that to let us see most of the screen only 1 finger was used all the time that too at an angle – even for scrolling left/right/up/down – while the natural way we do it when we hold Adam in our hands will be slightly different where we would be able to press on the screen more prominently and with a combination of fingers…

    I bet that would make the Adam even more responsive … and I reckon this is just the tip of the iceberg of the endless capabilities of Adam… be ready to be surprised more often!

  25. +1 Same question in my mind since yesterday…
    @ Rohan… The panel system is great and i am sure we will use it most of the time but how about a simple home screen? Is that an option or not?

  26. Awesome video Rohan, placing the video up on notioninkhacks . com with the rest of your content. Also, please check your e-mail for a Q & A with me. Have lots of people waiting for the answers.


  27. Hi Rohan, I think that was very smart to reference the previous posting as, in reading the comments, I noticed that so many asked questions that were answered by one of your previous postings. It would seem that it might be a good idea to keep that feature and also reference some of the videos from early on. Allthough it is nice to be constantly reassured by a father figure?

  28. as far as i gather, the 3 panel is only an option and u can maximize any window to full screen use..
    but i wanna know if i can customize the number of panels, say i wanna take notes and refer to a book , i need ample space to write and view so need only 2 panels…

  29. But that will mean the ability to resize the panels manually or an automatic resize based on the number of panels. I doubt whether it will be possible.

  30. okai .That is a very good user case where you need only two panels . Moreover is there a Home screen?

  31. Ohh okai. You are saying that panel size is constant either Full size or that 3 panel size and it’s width is such that 3 panels can come when adam is in landscape. And therefore it can’t be customizable.Your logic seems correct to me 🙂

  32. +1 I don’t think it can rearrange otherwise the concept behind 3 panel window will be gone. But I think I have to read Rohan’s 9th October post again to get more clarity over it.

  33. Thanks Rohan! I’m getting more excited every day. I can’t wait for mine to ship to me…

    I’m glad this video was not as washed out looking. The colors looked more vivid. I assume you are using a Pixel Qi display for all the videos, right?

    The only bad thing is that I have to wait until tomorrow to see the next video! 😉

    Thanks again and congratulations once more to everyone at Notion Ink! The Adam is awesome!

  34. After reading Rohan’s post what i have understood is panel concept was introduced to improve speed and to introduce multitasking so that the panel mode application is the feature-limited version.
    But what if I have opened only two application? Or i have opened two application in full feature mode(i.e panel mode version will not be required)? Will I be able to resize them so that I may be able to achieve the task which Sowmya has talked about(open a e book and and the same time taking notes on a word pad ). In this case multitasking or opening a number of application is not my requirement but resizing panels according to my choice is more important to me.

  35. Hi Rohan, Thanks for the video!

    UI doesn’t look polished to me. Images posted earlier for different apps were really cool and polished. May be this is just a demo build.

    Keep up the good work!

  36. the concept is ‘3 panels’ or ‘panels’ that’s the question ! they might have optimized to 3 panels but having an option to choose the number of panels viewable based on applications is a cool option.

    That would mean like
    just say at the start no application is opened. i open one app it will fit to full screen and i open another, it will automatically resize to fit two panels and if i open one more, 3 panels will be displayed, and more than that i need to slide through to view my apps. but if i open 3 apps and i need only 2 to be displayed and the other as a slide , then i need to have options to choose

    From what i understand of EDEN, if u view in panel mode, even if i open 2 apps only, will there be a third panel blank ?

  37. oh okai. Actually even the person who was showcasing the video suddenly stopped his finger at that time so i felt even he was also confused whether it was 7 or 9 😛 🙂

  38. And in the same post which is mentioned by Rohan above, Rohan had mentioned that the panel is made like this to run existing Android apps made for mobiles. So can’t understand why there won’t be any marketplace access?

  39. @Sowmya After reading the post it seems in your case that the third panel window will be blank. becayse panel view is for a special purpose-to show feature-limited instant of the application. This is my understanding after reading Rohan’s post about eden again. But if you want full featured instance of both your applications then?

  40. Great questions…

    Maybe can have two programs open fulllscreen and use the Launcher to switch back and forth between them?

    Also wondering if the launcher interface has the ability to close programs? I thought I remembered seeing an option somewhere to “kill” an application, no?

    Thanks in advance!

  41. +1 and when news of Nook getting market access which is *not* a phone

  42. wanna see how the panel mode works in portrait mode. also, in the next vides can you please change the orientation from landscape to portrait and back?

  43. The list includes:

    Sound Recorder

    I noticed that when he touched one the app opens in the right side panel. I assumed it would open in the center panel, right in the middle of your focus… (So I learned something new!)

    And I noticed that when he pressed Browser, nothing happened. I wonder why…

    Great job with the video Rohan. Not only will we see some features and apps, but we will already know how to use Adam once we get it.

  44. nothing to say, smooth and nice, I like everything I’m seeing.

    I’m just a little bit sad android marketplace won’t be there, I know it’s for phones but a lot of small and cute applications would still be ok on a bigger screen. This is just me being picky, I know it will probably come with the next android version, so I’ll just shut up 😉

    I’m still waiting for the pixelQI version 🙂

  45. correct but not completely correct. Nook, just like the Galaxy Tab, sports a 7″ panel, it’s a hybrid product. But as I said just in the post before, I’d have loved to see the marketplace.

    Who knows, maybe one day there will be a tech guy who will jailbreak the adam as well :p

  46. You have to keep in mind, that this is not just flipping between some menu screens – although the applications are in suspend state while flipping, it’s still switching between 9 open apps, and when you focus one, it becomes active. Try that on any other device including a windows laptop; you won’t find any that switches more fluently between different apps.

  47. …”Barnes and Noble runs their own UI over Android and doesn’t allow any applications to be installed by the user. However, according to Engadget, there are plans of adding the Android Market to the device in January next year. Not only the Market, but also Android 2.2 Froyo.”

    So it is not really an official announcement, just Engadget saying B&N wants to add Android Market… But if it happens, then NI has good reason to make a case with Google for Adam to get access too. Heck, B&N is on Android 2.1, looking to move to 2.2, and Adam is already on 2.3!

  48. I’d like to see more apps in full screen mode in one of the upcoming videos (and in both landscape and portrait orientations). 😉

  49. Yea 🙂 Even In India Many Android phones have still not gotten their 2.2 update so 2.3 is like a good dream :).

  50. Very nice and soooo responsive.

    When ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh when can I order my PQi with a mastercard!?

  51. Tried to read this wordpress page on my phone and for some reason (not the usual behavior), trying to play the embedded video crashed the browser. For anyone else who needs the direct link to the video:


    This navigation method is a multi-tasker’s dream come true. There may not be a cure for Attention Deficit Disorder yet, but this will certainly facilitate living with the condition! 🙂

  52. I can’t see the numbers clearly either, but we have been told Adam will have 8 GB of on board storage with other variants with additional storage to come later. (See the updated specs page on notionink.com)

  53. @Rohan
    I guess you are to busy to answer here, but there are alot of us wondering what will happen with the people who never got the family e-mail but were suppose to, and wants to pre-order the Pixel Qi. Will they be able to do that ?
    A simple “on it” or any comment will do ^^
    Great work with the videos by the way, can’t wait to see more.


  54. You tap on any panel on the infinite-ish “caroussel wheel” of panels, and it immediately moves to the 3-panel view starting with the panel you tapped on….

    Tapping on the “menu” might show an option to send it back to the “caroussel” view

  55. Yes, I know, but if it says 5.xxGb total, that would be disappointing 🙂 I hope it’s 8.xxGb total

  56. I don’t think that is the pQi screen since it’s in color?

    Great job though and I’m more excited with each video. Congrats to the whole NI team for this game changer!!

  57. This is nice little more informative then previous one. Is it just me or everyone feels that we need MORE.. @Rohan please give us more content … what content.. anything … but more …
    … i know i sound really griddy…

  58. I didn’t get the reason for the ‘leaked’ info on Genesis. At the end he gives credit to Notion Ink Hacks. I found that interesting. Were they the source of the ‘leak’? The article had no clear purpose.

  59. My concern is they’ll put up a video on Christmas day. Wife would NOT be happy!! “You’re supposed to be handing out presents! Not looking at videos!” I have a feeling Greg would be in the same boat! We’d spend more time looking at the video than at what we got!

  60. The Pixel Qi can show color, it’s just when the backlight is off that it is less color. Would be strange to sell screens that could not show color, don’t think anyone would buy them ^^

  61. nice video Rohan.

    you can sometime show us the adam switch on, the booting screen and the unlock screen. that should be easy, i think to demonstrate.

    by the way, I hope that you have already got the patents for the eden multi-tasking system.

    you can show us how to open genesis, and buy a longbox comics- you can run the same video which is available for longbox.

    waiting eagerly for tomorrow.


  62. The more I look at it and the more I like the Eden UI. I think it really represents something new and fresh in comparison to what’s out there until today.

  63. @Billreyn1967
    I feel your concern, but I have another problem. I’m going to a cabin in the woods with no internet or anything at all for almost two weeks, my phone will do all the “netsurfing” for me. I wonder how my next phonebill will be?
    I might not afford buying the adam at all? 😦
    I guess I’m going to miss all the next videos and might also miss the next preorder… (If there will be one) And my family will have to handle a grumpy me.

  64. My main problem with xmas day will be that when i’m opening presents I’m going to have to put alot of effort into acting really happy and excited when in reality all i’m thinking about is unboxing my Adam in January! ;->

  65. The UI looks good but the video quality is not helping at all. I think what he should try to do is get a live screen capture though hdmi, just like apple does with it’s docking port during it’s keynotes instead of shooting a video of the screen.

  66. @vkrm1234 @Jai

    The answer is NO to both. Factory is in china/taiwan. But even if you go there, I doubt you can pick up an adam. It’s not like going to an apple/strawberry farm and picking up apples/strawberries and saving a few rupees.

    As Indian residents you will have the privilege of paying extra duties and taxes. I would suggest you write or plead to your politicians via media to see if Adam can be a special case. If Sachin Tendulkar can get his taxes on imported Ferrari waived, why can’t the same be possible for Adam? Just find out who the relevant officials and politicans are and make a case. In absolute terms this amount of duties and taxes is small. But in symbolic terms a waiver would be remarkable.

  67. @ Sowmya

    Yes, text beats voice for a world-wide audience.

    NI’s execution of multitasking makes current tablet obsolete. I’m retiring mine…

  68. I don’t quite understand the importance of home-screen/desktop.
    In current devices, it is used to:

    1) Display an icon grid of apps or
    2) Widgets.

    For (1), there is a “single-touch” launcher button with a search bar, so you don’t really need to go to a different screen altogether just to select an app.

    For (2): In current android devices, you have multiple desktops, each with couple of widgets. In adam, the solution is more elegant in form of panels. Panels are basically widget-form of full fledged applications and are organized in a much more cleaner and accessible manner. Like widgets you can also more to different screens by swapping to access different panels.

    Also, most widgets don’t allow you the level of interaction the Adam’s panels offer.

  69. The panel is a limited state of an application. Are containers (e.g., folders) considered to be applications (like the explore.exe of windows)? If so, one could create multiple “home” folders that contain various things (folders, files, contacts, projects etc.) for easy access. Each user can define the content of these home folders as per usage requirements. I guess the defaullt action when “opening” an icon within such a home folder can be to open it full screen (or within the panel). Maybe this type of feature can come in adam2 if it is not practical here. Or maybe its completely inconsistent with how Eden is designed or meant to be used.

  70. You are right. I think what he should try to do is get a live screen capture though hdmi, just like apple does using it’s docking port during it’s keynotes instead of shooting a video of the screen.

  71. Rohan

    adam’s UI is elegant! … simply elegant! … superlatively elegant!!

    super folks on this blog! … after we get our adams, lets keep it going … perhaps with usage tips/styles … to supplement any NI user guides

  72. Earlier today, we received a tip regarding Notion Ink’s yet-to-be-released developer program for its “Genesis” app platform. Indeed, while the developer homepage remains relatively useless, the leaked developer program registration page the tipster sent us does appear to be legitimate and even comes complete with terms and conditions.
    After registering and clicking the confirmation link in the email from Notion Ink, I found myself at the end of the road, as the actual pages for developers could not be found.
    Although the developer program does not appear to be ready for launch, the terms and conditions on the registration page have yielded some interesting information about Notion Ink’s “Genesis” app platform:
    Developers are given access to a number of “Notion Ink services”, such as the the Genesis Apps Service, the API documentation, the Developer Support Website, the Developer Support Forums, and the SDK.
    Genesis is the name of Adam’s dedicated Market and will be the focal point for all developer content.
    Distribution of apps must be made through Genesis, but Notion Ink can refuse to distribute an app for “any reason”. Unlike Android’s app approval system, which essentially allows any app into the Android Market, Notion Ink appears to be taking a page out of Apple’s playbook by controlling the apps that are available through Genesis.
    Apps are also not allowed to contain “any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content”. This is a fairly standard term, but it is open to interpretation at the discretion of Notion Ink.
    Interestingly, it is also not possible to create apps with any sort of VoIP functionality without a separate agreement with Notion Ink. The Adam is not primarily a voice communications device, but having the ability to talk with others over a mobile network would be a fantastic feature. I am hoping that Notion Ink does not limit VoIP apps for the Adam.
    Notion Ink will also take a 30% commission fee for all paid apps sold through Genesis. This is standard practice employed by both Google and Apple in their respective app stores.
    No word yet on when the partially exposed developer program will actually be launched or the SDK be made available.

  73. Thanks for the videos Rohan, Although I believe that We will see only very minimal stuff on the videos. We would have to wait till the CES to find out more details!

  74. Oh by the way, where is everyone who were moaning about Videos not being posted. I see only few regulars!

  75. November 27th Rohan stated:
    The Format Support
    ‘I read a lot of comments on “what all file formats and languages will be supported?”. The Office suite supports 35 Languages, all major formats (including docx, pptx, pdf, etc) and zip files as well. Its pretty handy when it comes to business. We might do some custom templates for you, so it becomes much easier for you to create production quality documents, faster.’

    Would like to see that.
    Anything like Word or a simple notepad?
    Or is it there yet, and I just don’t see it?

  76. What The He@l is android police talking about. who is this tipster. everyone can find notion ink’s developer registration page on google search. Android police is trying to appearr smart but actually they are not.here is the link

  77. I am assuming when things are going well, the trolls go back under their bridges.

    And things ARE going well!

    Would really like to see the office suite video soon! One other question though… I wonder if videos and music will still play in this 3-panel view? Kind of wondering how that will look.

  78. can’t wait for more video’s. It’s nice to see what we will be buying, but I want more 😀

  79. I think the best way to attack that specific requirement would be through the eReader application itself. Once the eReader is run in fullscreen mode, simply add a function to the app that switches it to a split-screen mode with a notepad surface to the right or left. And then, of course, add the ability the save those notes.

    Note-taking and eReading go hand-in-hand, so I hope the eReader app developers tackle this one for us. 🙂

  80. If that is what it says, maybe 5.54 GB after OS loads stuff??? I sure hope you are reading that incorrectly…

  81. Actually my kids are almost as excited about the Adam as I am. So who knows, maybe they will want to see the video and then open presents. Not…

    If there is a video on Christmas I will make sure I take care of family first and then the video (but only on Christmas! – LOL)

  82. 0:10 Home, Canvas, Ereader
    0:11 Notice the elastic orange band in the background when it reaches the end
    0:16 Drag to Ereader, Weather, Calculator
    0:21 Drag to Calculator, Sniffer, Browser
    0:29 Scrolling, Sniffer, Browser, Mail’d, notice the stretch at 0:32
    0:39 scrolls all the way to the left and then the red square visible at 0:38 to open launcher
    0:44 counts 7 panels Canvas, Ereader, Weather, Calculator, Sniffer, Browser, Mail’d After that we have audio recording and camera (input devices)
    0:45 tap on sniffer shows Weather, Calculator, Sniffer; So a tap changes all 3 panels, with the tapped panel being on the right? maintaining the linear sequence
    0:53 tap on browser didnt seem to do anything; tapped on mail’d to get sniffer, browser, mail’d
    1:00 Launcher has the same original panel order in 0:44

    Ok, the key thing is that a tap changes all 3 panels. The fact this was not picked up suggests “change blindness” (google it). If one thing changes and
    others also change simultaneously, our attention misses that. Are we good at storing linear sequences?

  83. Rohan, thank you for the videos. The UI looks really good!

    One request: can you play some mp3 in your next demo, and leave it on so that you both demonstrate the audio of the device and your video has a soundtrack? Something by Pink Floyd would be awesome 😉

  84. I’m pretty sure music will still play. Wouldn’t make sense for it not to play. I would think the same for videos. I also thought Rohan had said something about music playing while doing other things.

  85. @Karen,

    I believe Adam is using QuickOffice (a modified version of it)…

    http:// www. quickoffice. com

    It will be pretty full featured office suite!

  86. Rohan.. These real time videos are amazing.. but when an we get to see the official videos.. I feel lack of Audio is just putting down a bit on the User Experience Of Getting More Excited While watching Video…
    Such a Great Marketing of Adam deserves the best ever Ad Campaign Too!!!

  87. I meant Scroll in 0:16 and 0:21 Actual Drag and rearrange of panel is yet to be demo’ed;

    If there are 7 applications A to G and sometimes I like to work with A B C and sometimes I like to work with A B G how can the launcher store this? I guess we will have to use drag.

  88. No, we don’t really need sound. This way is fine. Those who want ads can wait till after CES.

  89. Was checking out notionhacks.com. Rohan answered some questions for him. Good read. If you put Ubuntu or Chrome on it you will lose your warranty. Also info about the back trackpad. There’s also a section for posting questions for Rohan. He’ll take the ten best and ask Rohan in the next interview. Link “http://www.notioninkhacks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=30”.

  90. Oh well. Gonna run a live session of Ubuntu and save the persistent data to the USB drive then. No biggy.

  91. good hypothesis. But the browser isn’t visible at that point in time. If it is visible then a tap should change focus/provide some visual feedback, maybe.

  92. Sound also means the click and the pop sound out of device!!! Not just the background music.. And why CES.. Notion Ink’s Adam is already an year old at CES !!! Its THE Holiday Season wherein Promotions and Marketing every product gets it done!! And whats wrong if right now, Adam gets one Big

  93. Please Rohan + Team,

    Really need to know know, if Mastercard is an option for the next pre order.
    On Dec 10th Rohan said Mastercard needed 3 more weeks.
    That would make Dec 31th.

    For me (Mastercard-owner), apllying a Visa card would take time, might be in too late.
    Will it be neccesary to take that effort?

  94. Please Rohan + Team,

    Really need to know now, if Mastercard is an option for the next pre order.
    On Dec 10th Rohan said Mastercard needed 3 more weeks.
    That would make Dec 31th.

    For me (Mastercard-owner), apllying a Visa card would take time, might be in too late.
    Will it be neccesary to take that effort?

  95. @Himanshu
    On the lighter side, lets call this some goofy typo:
    >> Congratulations for NI team for carrying on goof work.

  96. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Video. I am glad that pre-ordered. Can’t wait for the adam.

  97. Rohan Said, “As a hack you can infact open the device as add as big a trackpad possible and it will just work (with x axis reversed)!”

    Open the device? As in physically via screws? or boot it up and change a setting?

  98. First thing I did this morning is check this video, haha. Excited that they are producing one every day. Hopefully they will showcase how other apps downloaded from the app market perform.

  99. Great, thanks Greg.
    Would be sweet to see it somewhere in the list though.

    And you know what else would be nice?
    If it could work with Citrix, so i can log in to my work’s server with Adam as well.
    Guess I’m asking too much now 😉

  100. It sure looks complex with all the unknown apps in the panels and their menus – but once you know your apps…it starts to make sense. This video though is showing a bit more real-looking choppyness, but then could be a million things. There really is no way to tell till we get a full post-CES review by a pro with audio, and of course nothing beats some personal hands-on. Much of software isn’t ready I’m assuming – the most important thing is to have it ready and stable before it ships – not now, so I’m ok with it 😀


  101. Rohan,

    I know what I may be asking maybe a bit too much, but it could resolve a whole bunch of questions that everyone has.

    The natural progression of these videos should be to start with turning on Adam and showing us what the Home screen looks like (both in Portrait and Landscape mode or is there even a Home Screen?), screen where the applications reside, how many of these applications screens are allowed.

    Could you please squeeze one of the start up before CES?

    From there on anything is game and you can continue in any order.

    In this case you decided to showcase Eden (Panel and Launcher) which are great by the way. Love the ability to rearrange the apps in the Panel from the Launcher. Does Eden in it’s present state allow for some flexibility to determine how many of the 3 Panels a user would like to have visible?

    On one of your next videos can you also please show us how the Panels get filled when you start one app, then a 2nd one. On opening the third all three Panels will get filled. We need to know Panel state when only one or two apps are open.

    If Eden allows for the Panel to be configured between 1 to 3, then some of what I have to say below is moot.

    Sowmya’s Use Case on Eden UI

    Reading an ebook and taking notes in a notepad. This of course is in Panel view. Will a 3rd Blank Panel take away precious real estate that could have been utilized for either the reading or the taking of notes.

    A good UI should not force a user to make a compromise by being rigid. In this case, it should allow either the ebook or notepad to be 1/3 or 2/3. Because Eden is configured with 3 Panels, I did not mention 1/2 and 1/2 split for the two running apps. Flexibility of 1/3 and 2/3 is better than 1/3, 1/3 and a blank 1/3 panel.

    The ability to customize the Panel does not have to be made available right away, it can come as an update at a later date when you begin to get more and more feedback from the end user community on Eden UI.

    Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing.

  102. Just wait dude, just WAIT till the damn things is DONE, finalized, for shipping, for consumer use, for show, for CES, waittttt…..

  103. I think some apps like word processors or browser, anything with text and vector graphics should be allowed to resize (for simplicity, only in limited way and not manual but automatic to avoid frustration and complications) – side by side 2 panels would be azzkicking, exactly for the reason you mentioned, as I need it too, to compare docs, pix, etc. On the other hand, other kind of apps, with lots of graphical interface, setups and alignments, should not be allowed to stretch for the same reason Google doesn’t allow phone apps for tablets, for now – so it doesn’t get nasty.

  104. Nice video (in terms of short content). Thanks. The more you are going to get into details there’s going to more potential buyers from the subcontinent. My only wish is, please consider having a service outlet(s) for this region.

  105. Nice video (in terms of short content). Thanks. The more you are going to get into details there’s going to be more potential buyers from the subcontinent. My only wish is, please consider having a service outlet(s) for this region.

  106. @Karen, It is highly unlikely that Citrix will be supported as Citrix supports clients on very few platforms.

  107. Woohoo… Way to shut up the negative talk! I was getting a little worried for NI last week. It’s sad that it had to come to this but at least the “Scam” talk can stop. Now just waiting patiently for the next Qi / 3G pre-order 🙂 … The panel system is simply fantastic for productivity / multitasking “Great Job!”

  108. I don’t think you’re a real power user because you would otherwise understand the need for home screen, the fresh breath of control that user gets from it, AND somewhere to start, instead of constantly having all apps running in background eating RAM and battery – I need my windows experience/ my Android ‘desktop’ so that compromise I will not let go of. And that’s ok because there will obviously be a s.e.x.y. home screen with lots of high rez, high performance widgets, etc. I have a feelin’…

  109. Sounds like physically opening it up. Rohan says “add as big a trackpad as possible”. Which would be physically opening it up. So, the trackpad isn’t there at all? Was hard to tell from Rohan’s response on Android Police.

  110. Never mind….at work…and all the videos are blocked in this part of my world.

    got to wait till EOD.

    Dear NI Team,

    By the way, I liked what I have seen in past 2 days..


  111. Yes, i understand. But i dont like it 🙂 I want it smooth. Like my CEO should say : “I dont care how you will do it, MAKE IT WORK !”

  112. +1

    The old blog post that Rohan indicated mentions that apps from android market can be run in panel mode (so no zooming and pixelation). It will be good to see some well known apps in the future demo.

    Also the pdf reader app could be shown with highlighting, note taking etc if the functionality is provided in that app.

  113. The Eden and panels make more sense now. Lots of potential for app developers. Not the clunky smartphone Android but the real tablet OS. Great job NI. The future is here now with Adam.

  114. LOL! The kids would be excited to run down and open presents. You’d be jumping up to check for updates! It’s cool that your kids are excited about it. Mine have no interest in it. Or maybe they just have no interest in me rambling on about it! LOL!

  115. That makes sense, Bill

    Was wondering if a panel like this is open with a video playing, will the video be minimized to fit within the panel and continue to play. May be a bit processor intensive, but will be interesting to see how it works.

  116. Rohan,

    Eden functionality is impressive. Go Inkers.
    Now the naysayers have gone back into their cocoons.
    Have you guys considered Adams signature when an email or message is sent. This would be a good marketing tool. However, you will need from them to opt out by providing it in the settings.

  117. The Eden UI with its panels is a wonderful idea. I like how it stretches when it reaches the end as well as its smooth operation and easy switching between apps that are in panels. No wonder all variants are already sold out, not just the PixelQi one.

  118. I am also confused,now he says the trackpad is physically not present and we can put our own if we have the know how.
    I was hoping it´s still present, to be enabled in future.

  119. nsriram,

    Eden UI Panel (3 panels set in stone or configurable for 1, 2 or 3 panels) being a “feature limited” version of the full app is great in that it consumes lesser resources. Doubt it can be configured for only 2 panels in looking at the UI.

    Had Rohan showed us the Eden Panel UI in action and being populated by opening one app at a time up to the 7 that he had up and running, it would have answered a lot of our questions.

    Hopefully it will come in future videos.

    I would like to see some flexibility in sizing the panel and not be tied to the three. I should be able to configure it to only two panels of 1/3rd and 2/3rd or on the fly resize one panel to 2/3rd instead of the current 1/3rd thereby dropping the 3rd app off the panel either to the right or left depending on which panel I decided to resize. Now that would be some awesome UI. (Maybe this feature is already there and we have yet to see it)

    The reason I may want to resize one panel could be because the 3rd panel is blank with no app running and I would like to reclaim the precious blank real-estate for either of my running apps.

    My only hope is that Eden UI does not box itself into some sort of corner with its rigidity, from which it would be very difficult to extricate itself at a later date.

    Hopefully we will find out more from future videos how flexible/rigid Eden UI is. I sincerely hope it is flexible, as it has so much potential and if it is not, NI will try and make it flexible and all this worry would be over nothing.

    It would be interesting to know what kind of usability studies were performed when they built Eden UI.


  120. Good for you. There are many like me whose preorder attempt(s) didn’t go through and pixelqi variant was sold out quickly.

    I haven’t seen Rohan address that issue and the Mastercard issue as well.

    Also, does Adam come only with 8GB storage out of the box?

  121. By Chance, if some one has missed out, i am reposting my comment from the previous blog post.

    Notion Ink Adam – Quick Guide (Visible parts compiled from the Video)
    File Name: Quickguide.pdf

    Safety Precautions …… 4
    1 Knowing your Adam …… 6
    1-1 Front View …… 6
    1-2 Left/Right View …… 7
    1-3 Top View …… 7
    1-4 Bottom View …… 8
    2 Propper care of your Adam …… 8
    2-1 LCD Screen …… 8
    2-2 Other accessories …… 9
    2-3 If the water comes into the Tablet PC …… 9
    2-4 Other Notes …… 10
    3 Travelling with the Adam …… 11
    4 Getting Started …… 12
    4-1 Connecting the power adapter …… 12
    4-2 Turning on the Adam …… 13
    5 Get to know your system …… 14
    6 Getting Connected …… 15
    11-1 Troubleshooting…… 29
    Safety Precautions
    1. DO NOT press or touch the LCD Screen. DO NOT place the Tablet PC with small items, they may scratch the LCD Screen or enter the Tablet PC.
    2. DO NOT expose the device to dirt or dusty environment. Keep the environment clean and dry.
    3. DO NOT place the Tablet PC on uneven or unstable work surface.
    4. DO NOT place or drop objects on the top of the Tablet PC. DO NOT shove any foreign objects into the Tablet PC. DO NOT cover the LCD screen strongly.
    5. DO NOT expose the Tablet PC to strong magnetic or electric fields. DO NOT place the floppy disk near or on top of the Tablet PC, that may loss the data of the floppy disk.
    6. DO NOT leave the Tablet PC facing the sun as it can damage the LCD screen especially in the Car.
    7. SAFE TEMP: this Tablet PC should only be used in environments with ambient temperature between 5 degrees (42F) and 35 degrees (95F).
    8. DO NOT expose the Tablet PC to or use near liquids, rain or moisture.
    9. Caution: risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose used batteries according to the instructions.
    10. DO NOT throw the tablet PC in municipal waste. Check local regulation for disposal of electronic products. Please recycle the Battery Pack, and check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.
    11. The Tablet PC and the Adapter may occur some heat during operating or charging. DO NOT leave the Tablet PC on your Lap or any part of the body in order to prevent discomfort or injury from heat exposure.
    12. …..

  122. Usbdisk (files available in usb, compiled from video)
    Audio Player
    Blade Runner Trilogy
    Home Screen
    Images for FB
    Kwoon – When the
    Notion Ink_Email
    Settings Latest Dec 09
    Settings Latest Dec 15
    Settings Latest dec 17
    Video Files
    for flash Dec 18
    new Settings
    new image
    settings apks
    Settings Latest….zip
    Sherlock Holmes.pub

  123. All Adams are sold out now 😀 Great going Rohan… Can we have a special video for celebrating this? 😀 😀 😀

  124. News in the Netherlands:
    Apps for Iphone and Adroids send the unique ID-code to companies, without knowing nor approval of the owner of the appliance. In 56 of 100 cases.
    In 47 cases that included global position, and in 5 cases personal data like age and sexe of owner. Pandora for instance transmits it to several advertisingnetworks.
    All this is more with Iphones, and less with Adroids.

    Glad there is Genesis :0)

  125. “http://www.notionink.com/order.php ”
    View source of this page shows that all the buy buttons are commented out. The same had happened with the Pixel Qi version earlier…
    Does this mean someone at Notion Ink manually checks the order count and changes the code??? 🙂 😛
    Just a weird observation.

  126. Well, after this – the adam tablet is completely sold out, hope you were able to get at least an lcd version. I expect it to be sold out shortly after each new batch opens up.

    now that the videos are out, there is not stopping Notion Ink Now.

    There next PR issue is going to be how to keep it in stock, and keep people from getting too upset they can’t have one.

  127. Good point. Especially since the apps in panels only use what’s necessary. And the rest of the app goes to sleep. Will indeed be interesting to see it!

  128. Yep. after the videos, those who were undecided went in for the LCDs, I guess. when will Pixel Qi variants be available again?

  129. Citrix is currently running full pages advertisments in major papers,

    saying want to run flash and windows on your ipad, you can now with citrix, get full access to your desktop or business.

    Citrix is trying to make a big push into all things thin client, it is what they do after all.

    There already are many RDP clients for both ios and android, so accessing a work computer should not be an issue. Wyse (another thin client company) make a very good app for accessing a work server.

  130. Great video!

    But I’m not too sure if a widgeted home screen is better or this one. Would love comments from galaxy tab users regarding this.

    Also, anything new about having access to the android market?

  131. How can you say competing these are just fan sites. I have one up also notioninktalk.co- what we really need is an official forum and keep everything in one spot. Hey if you want to hack your Adam that is cool but I wouldn’t want to lose any warranty it camme with. Ubuntu is nice but why would that be your main concern to rip right into it and replace eden with ubuntu? If there is a way to live boot it and run it off of a usb then I am all for it. Didn’t someone also say notionhacks has the picture up with the windows app on it where the creator of the app complained? Let’s get it into our hands and see her beauty before we try to strip it down.

  132. This maybe a dumb question but does the ADAM still support voice calls if we ordered the 3G option?

    It’ll be very cool to have a bluetooth headset to receive calls and the ADAM can stay in the bag….

  133. Is it even possible to remove it as the version given to the FCC, as stated by Rohan, included it?

  134. Does anyone know the physical size of the screen in both height x width? I know its 10.1 inches one direction just curious what it is in the other.

  135. i think it will work, atleast music will work because it was shown in the video. he said most of the common formats will have preview mode where can be played with in the panel itself.

    in the introducing Eden video look from 1:53.

  136. Citrix Receiver is already working on Android…

    As well as there are some RDP clients…

  137. It’s great to actually see what the Adam looks like and how it functions! Congratulations on the sellout Rohan! I just hope that some reviewers got to get a pre-order or a sample device from you guys first!

  138. I don’t understand what special control you get from the desktop other than launching apps and widgets. And you can just kill apps if you don’t want them in the background. Also, apps loaded in the ram (but in sleep-state) don’t consume any battery; only the currently running processes (microprocessor) do.

    I know it seems weird, but I feel it’s the most efficient way. And Rohan did warn us that Eden will be very different from all other UIs out there. I you get time, check out his UI vision at prezi.

  139. My comment is in moderation so, again:

    Look Who else just decided to show up in CES 2011… competition! Fight!

    http:// www. youtube . com/ watch?v=quI2I8wLPdc&feature=player_embedded

    (Get rid of the spaces as usual)

  140. the UI looks really nice. like the concept of a widget’ish version of the app that’ll use fewer resources and can potentially be used for many cool functionalities.
    the UI again is responsive which is good.
    i’m not sure i like the launcher. is there no desktop? can i have folders? how do I group applications? can i get more than one line of apps that are installed?
    also for the video’s themselves, please have someone speak so that you don’t have to watch the video in a two parse operation, read and then watch!

  141. In our place there is a saying: ‘Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai’ meaning: By waiting patiently the reward becomes sweeter!


  142. Not sure how this works exactly.

    http:// www. citrix. com /English/ps2/products/subfeature.asp?contentID=2300396

    But it looks like citrix on android to me…

  143. That’s exactly what I meant when I said that NI Marketing campaign does not (cannot) compare to the ones of great corporations. Anyway, the Motorola tablet is surely not going to have a Pixel Qi screen which, for many, is one of the key selling points for the adam.
    I am quite convinced there’s not going to be a better featured tablet than the adam at CES 2011 (regardless the storage issue, that is! ;-))

  144. Sorry to interrupt the flow here, Himanshu, but people need to see this before this post also becomes an incorrigible mess of comments. Of late, we have seen more and more people learning about the Adam through these posts and their questions, having been discussed before, have become a little redundant. SO, I have come up with an FAQ and posted it on my blog, Here is the link:

    All newcomers are requested to go through the FAQ before posting a question…

    All the regulars here are requested to go through the same and suggest additions or corrections…


  145. This makes me wonder about something that’s never been mentioned (that I know of). Can a panel be ‘pinned’? I mean, can a panel be set to *not* move when scrolling through the open panels list?

    The audio player is a good example of use-case. Perhaps I’m listening to my playlist, audio app panel open on the left, Mail’d in the middle, an RSS reader on the right. Suddenly I find an RSS article I’d like to research further and want to switch to my browser app, which happens to be the next open app in queue. Obviously a flick to the left brings it into the panels, but now I’ve lost view of my audio player.

    Ideally what I’m hoping for here is that I could set a pin on the audio app, allowing me to scroll to the browser app (in this case) while still having the audio app visible. I realize that I could open the ribbon and rearrange to my liking, but this is unelegant; I would then re-rearrange when returning to my ‘working view’ of audio|Mail’d|RSS.

    Just a thought/question. BTW Rohan, no more whining from me except for getting a chance to use my ‘family’ pre-preorder 😉 You’re doing a good job!

  146. He did say in a related post, that the apps can be written to take advantage of multile panels, so an app could be written to have one peice of the program in one panel and another in a second panel.

    and he said you can open the same app in more then one panel.

    I believe one screen render was the mail app, with the inbox in one panel and a viewer window iin another panel, so as you scrolled down the one inbox, you would see a preview of the email in the second panel.

    basically a stock android app, is going to run in one panel or full screen, and a genesis app is going to be able to take advantage of more combinations.

    But I am pretty sure it is 3 panels or full screen, and nothing inbetween.

  147. Rohan

    I have great idea for eden.

    optional horizontal panels. you can design eden to allow two horizontal and one vertical panel, while the adam is in a horizontal orientation. also two virtical and horizontal panel while the adam is in a vertical orientation. some apps like the browser just look better in a horizontal orientation. also you can allow a multi-point drag and drop gesture for moving the panels around.

    you can keep the outer eden scroll weal vertical. but when in the the three panels space you can use a 4 finger tap on the app that you want to go into horizontal or vertical position. then you could use a 4 finger drag and drop gesture to move the panels around so that you can orient it the way that you like. i think that would be intuitive enough, and provide more freedom and control.

  148. My wife just yesterday asked me why I did just buy the ipad,

    I thought to myself, clearly you haven’t heard a thing I have been talking about since August,

    But what I actually said was, the adam is going to cost less and do more, and I hate to be tied to Steve Jobs vision of the world, I like Rohan Sharvans vision better.

    She said, I still don’t know why you didn’t just buy an ipad. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on to other things.

  149. ADAM sold out, New orders will not start soon as Shipping date for last ordered ADAM is given Feb-end. For being an Adam fan, waiting for familly preorder2 once again. Its not fare for us , not having ADAM in hand till Feb.

  150. fundaazoflife,

    Very nice FAQ.

    Would suggest a couple of corrections if you don’t mind, so it is up to date as of today.

    4. All variants are sold out.

    14. What is the expected shipping date?

    Last line should read.

    For the other, there is an estimate of Jan 15 -22 2011.

    Read somewhere that Honeycomb would come in at 2.4 instead of 3.0. It may be a rumor but everyone is picking it up as such.


  151. will adam play PC games ? GeForce in Tegra is powerfull enough but not sure Eden will support them or not? What about MS Access, Photoshop etc ?

  152. Prema –

    I think Rohan mentioned “early twenties” as the date in December he expected FCC approval, so will hopefully be hearing about it in the next few days!

    I really hope the issues with the rear trackpad do not slow this down at all …

  153. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Unfortunately Raj, the Adam is based on Android’s operating system, like the ones on a lot of mobile phones.

    This tablet will not be able to run windows based applications such as photoshop or other games.

    One thing I’d LOVE to see on the Adam is OnLive. It would be amazing if there was support from the Android community to get this on the Adam!

    [remove space after http: ]
    http: //www.onlive.com/games/featuredgames#assassins_creed_ii

    Currently they have support for windows and mac. An Android application would be AMAZING!

  154. My wife said I could have her Ipad. I told her I wanted the adam. She asked if the Ipad wasn’t good enough for me. I said that it didn’t do what I wanted. I want the adam. Just like your wife, mine doesn’t get it!

  155. Mine just shrugged and walked away before I could bore her to death with all the in-depth info….

  156. You’re right. Really isn’t competing. Just fans putting up sites. And I knew you had made a site! Just couldn’t recall the name. I certainly won’t replace Eden. But I can understand the fun of changing it to your liking. And yes, Notionhacks is the site with that picture. Anyway that site isn’t just software hacks. Also hardware ones. That will be interesting to see!

  157. I am thinking of hosting an Adam launch get-together, at my place (South Bay area) in Southern California.

    (I was a Windows 7 Launch Party Host when Windows 7 launched last year on October 22nd 2009. I had my three kids each showcase the different features of Windows 7 to the attendees.)

    It was a great success and would like to duplicate that with Adam. Not with the kids showcasing, but the Adam owners each showcasing their variants to the attendees.

    Will be able to determine the exact date when I get a firm tracking # for my Adam, with an approximate arrival date.

    Would like to know if anyone close by is interested in attending.

    I am looking to showcase the different variants of Adam. I did not qualify to be a family member and as such was not able to get the PQ version but did get the LCD/Wifi version.

    Looking for those close by (or far) that have the remaining three (at least remaining two, one PQ and one 3G) variants to attend. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Depending on the response I get, we might even go out for lunch/dinner (my treat) and discuss our thoughts on Adam.

    Looking forward to a good (Notion Addicts, Adam Addicts (already taken by Adam Addicts Anonymous), Adamites (already taken), Edenites (already taken)) attendance in Sunny Southern California.

  158. BTW, NI, notioninkaddicts and notioninkhacks, and anyone else wanting to use the same, please feel free to use the FAQ. I have posted a link to the .doc file…
    Please visit “www.fundaazoflife.wordpress.com”


  159. Can’t wait to get word of the next order! Not too long off I hope. I am holding out for a Pixel Qi version. Also, any thoughts on a 4g variant?

  160. Wow. My coworkers did say the same thing. I kinda bullied him by saying “it is of course customizable”. I think Adam may have some theme manager to deal with it.

  161. For running PC software you will need a suitable OS, which Android isn’t. MS Access or Photoshop need Windows for being able to make any screen output and it’s pretty much the same with every game or business software. Only having a powerful processor doesn’t make a working computer 😉

  162. I am not sure why? But my previous WordPress ID is being blocked out here in this blog? What ever i comment it just doesn’t appear!.. My last comment was about the very 1st video on AP not being good enough or incomplete. But then, later, the 2nd version came out to be trully good.
    So Plz! tell me moderator where did i go wrong? Have i infused any disrespect to anyone here or any of my fellow Adamites/ Adam fans within this Blog? Have i caused any image disruptions to NI & Adam? Or leaked any vital info about the NI?
    I am not a spammer..never have i tried to do some here either!..
    So why block me from commenting? Or is it to do with one of your tactic’s to eliminate me from your family Pre-Order List out here? An intentional covertly stealth tactic to remove me & many others from the list accusing us as spammers or whatever, as an excuse for not having enough production capacity to deliver us?
    Yet, keeping others, those who are privilaged in the list happy.
    Blinding them of the truth & injust happening to the few.
    It hope it better not be this way. As we love NI & the Adam. And are victomised due to some reason, not nessarly by NI.

  163. dochogan,

    Like your idea of being able to pin a panel so it does not scroll off the screen.

    Just hope Notion Ink thought of that too.

    The UI should make you more productive and not the other way around. In your use case, it would be frustrating if the audio player were to disappear and you had to rearrange it.

  164. Interesting- This definitely means that we are going to get to see more of the Honeycomb goodness (Notice the buzzing HONEYbee towards the end of that video?) on that Motorola Tablet… Yum!

  165. Don’t worry Greg, 5.54GB is the remaining after the OS is loaded.
    I have a 32GB ipad. the system info is as:

    Free: 13.09GB
    Total: 28.97GB.
    PS: just came back from B and N, they say Android market coming to nook in january, so i hope adam has market access by the time you get it in your hands.

  166. Anyone else notice that the famous weather app thinks that -2 degrees is “fair”? Was is written in Alaska?

    I hope we can reprogram the app those of us living in non-arctic conditions.:)

  167. I have already tried it on the Galaxy Tab… it is working quite good…

    It will be even better on the NotionInk, because, we can connect a mouse interface (either USB or bluetooth).. as the receiver needs a pen kind of input…

    I am not sure of the hand input resolution between the galaxy tab and notion ink… and maybe the secret feature could play a role here.. !!

  168. Also on this topic… Apple charges some environmental fee of 8$ … I think there are some federal laws regarding this…

    I feel that Notion Ink would be subject to this… but am not sure how this is going to be handled…

  169. If it’s like every other weather app I’ve seen, what it says is totally at the mercy of the weather data service it’s pulling from.

    And yeah, -2C around where I am would actually be pretty fair – definitely t-shirt and a light coat weather. Cold isn’t until at least -10. 🙂

  170. This is a rant, sorry but your assertation that you can judge who is or is not a power user offended me.

    I really don’t understand home screen or desktops for that matter. Nor do i think this magically makes someone not a power user. I am definitely a power user, but I don’t use windows or a Mac I run Linux, it’s been at least 10 years since I ran windows on any of my personal computers or at work. I use enlightenment for my window manager, back with version 16 there was no desktop, you couldn’t put folders, files, or icons on it. It was for applications to run on. Now I use version 17 and I remember when it got a “desktop” and I don’t like it, it was forced to meet the freedesktop.org standard.

    Most tile based window managers like awsome mindow manager did not have desktops either and most all are designed to have 3 panels if you have 2 you just have empty space. Widgets are useless on a computing device as if you do not have applications open then you are not using it, if you have apps open they are covered anyway, I stick all that crap like time, date weather, etc in the task bar so I can always see it, I don’t need it taking up half my screen. As for thing like new email, calendar reminders, receiving iinstant messages, having a contact go offline or come online is just a notification that pops up for a second in my taskbar with a description. Once that popup fades away it is a flashing icon in my taskbar for whatever application it came from. I click on it and it pulls it up.

    Back to desktops, I’m not going to go in depth into how I use mine, that would make the rest of the post seem short… On mine I have 2 monitors with 4 virtual desktops per monitor( I don’t use big desktop to make 1 large desktop i leave them seperate ). Without using the mouse I can with various 2 button combination and the arrow keys, I can bring focus to either monitor, cycle between virtual desktops on the active monitor, cycle between open apps on the system, throw apps to any virtual desktop on any monitor. With a 3 button combination regardless of where my cursor is on the screen I can open my favorited applications menu, or the full menu( start menu button equivalent for windows users ).

  171. Rohan

    I have great idea for eden.

    optional horizontal panels. you can design eden to allow two horizontal and one vertical panel, while the adam is in a horizontal orientation. also two virtical and horizontal panel while the adam is in a vertical orientation. some apps like the browser just look better in a horizontal orientation. also you can allow a multi-point drag and drop gesture for moving the panels around.

    you can keep the outer eden scroll weal vertical. but when in the the three panels space you can use a 4 finger tap on the app that you want to go into horizontal or vertical position. then you could use a 4 finger drag and drop gesture to move the panels around so that you can orient it the way that you like. i think that would be intuitive enough, and provide more freedom and control. 2

  172. There is no 4g variant in the works, if you want 4g, then just get the wifi version and use a usb 4g doggle, or myfi type hotspot that your carrier will sell with the data plan.

    or tether to your 4g phone.

  173. I just checked my pre-order status again. It originally had Jan 9th as the estimated shipping date. Now it has Jan 15th – 22nd.

    Also apparently all versions are sold out.

  174. jeah… must wait fore the next odering session and i hope there will be mastercad support next time : be warned NI 🙂

  175. wow, as of now, there have been over 93,000 views of the android police video.

    now I kind of wish it was a little better quality, not many of those are going to see the better quality video or even these new ones on the blog.

    oh well, their loss

    We get to see them all

  176. Agree with Greg. Just looked at the site for Quickoffice and wondering if that application *can* be scaled for the Adam?

    Would absolutely lOVE to see an Adam video with a fullscreen version of QuickOffice…

    Below is an image link to a screenshot of how QuickOffice looks on the Ipad…
    http: //www.quickoffice.com/quickoffice_connect_suite_ipad/

  177. The OS should be in the 1GB SLC Nand and load it´s stuff in the 1GB RAM, so why is it only showing a total of 5.54GB Flash.
    8GB Flash should be 7.27GB formated…?

  178. Looks great Rohan! Simply revolutionary. An unbelievable price for such a game changing device. I will purchase as soon as possible. Oh and I loved the reference to Pi, Blade Runner and Pink Floyd. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Blade Runner Trilogy? As long as they are directed by Ridley Scott? Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  179. Looks really wonderful! would have bought one but pqi was sold out before I could…. ;-(
    Oh well Ill get V2.0 😉

  180. Wow, I have just tried the Onlive service on my PC: it’s unbelievable! I played the last Splinter Cell videogame flauwlessly. Still, before porting this to tablets, they need to adapt each and every game to a touch environment. I wonder if it’s realistic to expect that.

  181. It’s a pretty cool service isn’t it, Carlo?

    As soon as OnLive became available, I thought it would be PERFECT for tablet computing!

    An Android implementation would be ABSOLUTE GOLD!

  182. QuickOffice looks pretty good on iPad. And I love its integration with DropBox and GoogleDocs, etc. I can’t wait to try it out on the Adam. I’m starting to wonder how much I’ll use my new notebook after I have my Adam…

    I emailed QuickOffice to see if they plan to support PDF annotating in the future. (I don’t think I saw support for that on their site as of right now). I know a lot of people would like pdf annotation support…

  183. Awesome! I also got a direct email from Rohan on Saturday telling me that the video is up. Now I wait for the Pixel Qi to become available again.

  184. I couldn’t agree more, expecially if they broaden a little the genre offer (at the moment it seems to me quite focused on action-FPS)!

  185. Also not sure if android supports any type of joystick input through USB… Could work out?

  186. I’d also like to see new video demo of the LongBox Comic app (The teaser video they released a while back was pretty cool) and maybe some eMagazine demos! 😀

  187. I was contemplating doing something similar in my area (West Jordan, Utah, USA)… I’ve already agreed to let several people come check mine out when I get it. Having everyone get together all at once could be kind of fun. And real fun if we met at the local Apple store! LOL

  188. I would love to know the developments of their partner Pixel Qi. Will there be a screen with a higher res. like 1284×768 pixels. Even if its possible regarding the technique they use. Read on their blog that they are working on a 7″ version but I cann’t seem to find what res.
    Would be nice hear it from the great man himself…

    Also; please let some other NI staff give some feedback to the fans. Think Andre speaks english. Maybe he can give some pointers on how its like to be on a team working 18 hours for 60 days 🙂

  189. The video shows SDcard2!!!! 🙂
    My N800 shows two SD cards too – because there are two SD slots, internal and external. The 8GB onboard memory might be an internal SD card!!! Hope it is easily accessible!!!

  190. Citrix for Android is surely available as apscomp describes below, but it is not available for genesis, so we’ll have to somehow install it. But still it might not be able to fully utilize Eden.

    I wanted to reply quite a few hours before, but my office proxy gave up on wordpress! 😦

  191. WOOOW
    does it really goes so fast with so many applications??
    That’s fantastic!!! I WANT 1!!
    when will you have more devices available?? ;P

  192. no info as yet on supported file systems. I hope something more than just FAT and FAT32 is supported for external disks.

  193. Most of my colleagues at office want me to bring it in as soon as I get it. My only problem is that I will be able to show them the lowest variant of Adam.

    That is when it dawned on me that if I could hook up with other Adam variant owners, and if they sign up to come over, I would be able finally do justice in showing off Adam.

    Besides office folks, there are plenty of friends and family that are excited and anxiously awaiting its arrival.

    Rohan needs to keep the momentum going with Adam, because once CES hits, there will be plenty of competition that Adam will have to contend with, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Tegra 2), Motorola/Google Tablet (Tegra 2 T20).

    Looks like 2010 will be the year of the Tablets.

  194. So what do you all think? Any tablet case should accommodate the new Notion Ink Adam Tablet? Maybe a netbook case?

  195. @saginwalla

    Hey! Great idea, I ordered an Pixel Qi 3G version, but as I’m in Australia I won’t be coming to your party, but have fun!!!


  196. Just an FYI on the EAP, Rohan did state in his interview with android police that 300 EAP participants have already received the tablet.

    AP: Are you waiting to receive a production example from the factory? Have any been assembled yet?

    Rohan: No we already have that. Around 300 have already been shipped across the world to our partners.

  197. Need help figuring out the difference between Adam’s Tegra 250 and the Tegra 2 T20.

    I am still searching for the difference between the SoCs, Tegra 250 (Adam) and the Tegra 2 T20 (Motorola/Google – Stingray ? Honeycomb tablet), but not having much luck. Speed wise both run at 1 GHz, core is the same Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU.

    The link for Tegra 250 on nVidia’s web page take me nowhere


    The only difference I can gleam from the web is that the Tegra 2 T20 (T designation ) is optimized for Tablets with a much higher resolution 1280 x 800 compared to Tegra 250’s resolution of 1024 x 600.

    The HTC Tegra 2 (??) Tablet has a resolution of 1280 x 720.

    NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 Processor May Be The “Reference Design” for Honeycomb


  198. Re Photography and Adam: getting to a point where users can calibrate their Adam screens and create ICC profiles will take some time, so here’s a request to you Inkers, especially those in charge of the manufacturing process and quality control. Please go the extra mile and make sure the screens are properly color calibrated. Most montior manufacturers do a cursory job of it, which is why those of us who obsess about such things have to buy expensive calibration gear. If you spend some extra effort during the manufacturing stage, it will pay a lot of dividends. Lack of color fidelity is easily noticed by discerning users, so your extra effort will be a great win not only for you, but for Pixel Qi as well. This is, after all, your debut. Hit the ball out of the park, please. Thank you.

  199. I am thinking a standard netbook case should be fine to start with,

    there will probably be adam specific accessories for soon, since he already stated there would be the color mod options available from their accessory partners in Mid Janaury,

    that means they have already talked with accessories companies. Can’t beleive they would not want to have as many different items as possible.

  200. I worked! Thanks for fixing it Rohan! I’ve been lost for days without access to the blog. I thought you were mad at me. Jared

    I am loving the daily videos! Short and sweet and now well understood compared to the first one posted by AP.

  201. Taken from Entrepreneur Magazine –

    “The Sins of Website Design”

    Just posting what they wrote – may help.

    1) Being Cluttered
    2) Making Things Difficult
    3) Staying Static
    4) Copying Competition
    5) Ignoring your audience needs
    6) Eschewing Analytics
    7) Refusing to get help

    I think they are doing well avoiding these sins…some room to improve based on these 7 sins, but then again, it’s just one person’s view.

  202. Well the use of HomeScreen is for esthetics with pretty live wallpapers maybe of some informational use such as live video feed of Paris etc – an overview of what you need most, no clicking around – your MOST used apps/games are there, your stock-exchange updates in widgets, maybe Messenger widget, but most importantly HomeScreens are for quick and relevant info display such as how many emails, texts, time, battery life, wifi/3g signal – on a tablet today HomeScreen can be saturated with relevant info all over, its the paint job of your car, you show screenshots of your HomeScreen to other adam users, show off to friends etc, need I say more ? I will have a home screen if I want one, even if there isn’t one, nothing is impossible with XDA Team these days ! :):):) adam is a computer, not a video/mp3 player like iPad….so anything imaginable can be done to adam, with respect to warenty and your technical knowhow – you don’t wanna brick it, although it looks pretty even dead 😛

  203. Congratulations to NI team for selling out all pre-order stock! I am sure this is just the begining. Please let us know the next tentative date for PQ pre-order.

  204. See man, Rohan says “we have a HomeScreen!” that’s my point – you feel offended, glad I touched on that because I wanted a honest, personal, ’emotional’ response to that. Power user needs a home screen, as well as a beginner – please scan through my post above I just wrote, so I don’t spam. It is an all-in-one general (and/or user specific) information overview, it is a personal (maybe even artistic) expression, a personalization, on top of all tech reasons. When you’re at home/work at your workstation, it’s a different story (for some), as I personally almost never get to see my actual Desktop, just too busy to bother – don’t really need it now that I can simply used indexed search built into Win7(and adam :):):) ), but once in a while, without noticing I minimize everything, to get a fresh breath of my nature wallpaper lets say, a feeling of ‘fresh start’…I don’t know, it is psychological, we are still tied to that concept with umbilical cord, but Rohan’s taking us further. At one point he said, “I want Info to be all around you, for adam to be simply a window”… into tons of HomeScreens(he didn’t specifically say HomeScreens) apps, etc.

    Rohan is a true visionary and his greatest strength lies in his own thought process, not investors and what market (Apple) dictates. He’s going where scifi movies have only gone; as time passes I know that he will set many industry standards for the rest, as even after just a year, his team and him have surpassed everything on the market today and in immediate future with tech on board and their software innovations.
    Thank You Rohan and Notion Ink Team!



  205. I think they have sold around 1000 units. A lot of transactions were declined and Mastercard was missing too. And they had little time between finalizing the prototype and opening the pre-orders to mass produce the units. My estimate is around 200-300 Pixel Qi and remaining LCD variants.

  206. I’m positive Eden is just going to keep getting better over time.

    The user base here is extremely intelligent and will act as beta testers for the company, sending in requests and possibilities. I absolutely LOVE this open forum… May be one of the best ideas ever. [Especially now that the trolls are gone… we can get back to what’s important!]

    Hoping we will have the ability on genesis to flash the OS for updates regularly to Eden, etc. I’m also sure users will have the ability to create “themes” and setting configurations that will make Eden super customizable.

    Amazing stuff. I’m getting overexcited!!!!

  207. Mystery Feature:

    Anyone heard of N-trig and it’s possible tie in with Adam as a Pen, touch and multi-touch device.


  208. The next extremely important phase that we all hope goes flawlessly is the shipping phase.

    Some tablets will be shipped to locations that are quite temperate. The tablets I ordered are due right in the middle of our winter months [northeast united states]. Please spend a fair amount of time with the packaging of these units to insure you are comfortable that they will get to your loyal fanbase in pristine condition.

    Can anyone offer insight or tips for things to look out for in this phase? Or is this pretty much in DHL’s hands?

  209. Thanks Rohan. Well Feeling relieved now after listening that there will be a Home Screen :).

  210. +1 I too agree that Home Screen has an aesthetic value attached to it. @Tesla84 you have elaborately explained the different use cases of Homescreen which was in my mind too. I put even shortcuts of different important folders(distributed over different drives) at Homescreen just to accees them fast.But now Rohan has confirmed that adam indeed has one 🙂

  211. Tablet Evolution presented by Motorola


  212. Honestly, I’ll bet DHL has a lot of input in this. NI probably puts them in the actual product box, but then DHL will more than likely package that box in a larger box, and will handle environmental conditions and concerns.

    Just guessing, though.

  213. I think he specifically said there were accessory partners, that couldn’t be revealed. I would be astounded if none of those partners made a case. Keep in mind that Adam has a unique shape, that wouldn’t fit most cases.

  214. +1 🙂 yup hope it will be one of the videos before CES. I need one video to showcase Adam’s Camera capability too.

  215. Lets hear it for self-refutation!

    But seriously, it doesn’t really matter, I can work it out for myself. Just thought it was funny.

    I used to love the cold. But after two deployments with the USMC I just got tired of it. Now I’m sitting here with two sweatshirts on. -2 is wear-a-blanket-all-day weather!

  216. Same story here. I emailed preordersupport and was told that there was nothing they could do about it. But they will try to ship them all earlier.

  217. Um, I know your upset and all… Sorry that happened by the way. But we are talking about buying a tablet. The phrases “intentional covertly stealth tactic,” “Blinding them of the truth & injust happening to the few,” and “victomised due to some reason” are not really appropriate when we are talking about purchasing a luxury device.

    If you equate waiting for Adam with government oppression, then you are better off buying a netbook to tide you over. Seriously, you’re getting too serious.

    But sorry that you got kicked off.

  218. Is that the device? Or the screen? I just noticed, you included a “depth” measurement, which makes no sense for the screen.

    It’s not enough to say that it’s 10.1 diagonal, because the angle of that diagonal could be more acute (less screen) or closer to 45 (more screen).

  219. There’s no need for widgets, since the panels accomplish the same purpose. But I might end up missing folders. Maybe Adam will go the way of iOS, and a hack for folders will be provided.

    Rohan, if you are reading this, take Apple as a warning! Either provide folders, or the community will after release.

  220. This is great with all of these videos.

    To me the interface and operation is solid and there is only one thing which I wouldn’t mind some clarity on.

    Technical specs but in particular:
    Storage capacity and structure.
    The SD card slot: Will it support SDXC?
    USB storage: will it support NTFS as well as other formats or will android aps enable multi format support?

    Last but not least, can we get a demo on the multifunction packaging/carry case/stand?

    Love your work NI, I ordered a pixel QI model as soon as the early bird email got sent out. Can’t wait till it arrives!

  221. thats really amazing,
    I couldn’t get my eyes off the video to read the subtitles @-)

    wondering what’s gonna be today..

  222. Well, i missed out on both. Only today I was able to go to the bank and got a straight answer as to why card kept being declined. Whenever I called they gave me the runaround.
    When I went to order again, hoping any LCD was left, I saw the SOLD OUT sign. 😦
    What started as a happy day (School closed last week, and just handed in grades…), ended up in a truly sad day.
    Well, now that the card issue has been resolved for me, I might as well wait for Preorder 2.
    Unless Rohan has a few left…
    Anyways, happy for those who were able to preorder. 🙂

  223. Well,
    the storage issue is a non issue (being ironic).
    I think Rohan will offer more options in January when it hits the general population.

  224. I think you are underestimating the numbers here… 1000 units? Really?

    I am sure that the number of preorders has not gone into their estimate of 100k units a month, but I do think that they have achieved a significant number of orders- Maybe 10-15 thousand of which 50-60% would be PixelQi Models. I want to hear official numbers asap…

  225. I dont want to use panels/launcher to navigate through so much to find an application i need.

    I would much rather have everything organised in icons for quick access like windows and only use the panels when multitasking aka windows aero…

    And with the great multitasking capability of the ADAM the home screen can be very live and fluid with widgets without really hampering the performance… it will look just great!

  226. I am not married, but this just sounds really funny in a nice way! No offense.
    Maybe NI could make commercial on this theme for the ADAM.

  227. Mechanical 235mm x 143mm x 5.2mm

    Is only the screen size:


    •Thickness: ~14 mm
    •Width: 191 mm
    •Length: 269 mm
    •Weight: ~1.6 pounds

    Thats for the device size:


  228. Eden is fluid enough for me. I think some people are misunderstanding panel focus for lag. I think there would be a home screen. And I remember reading about a standby screen saver or something of the sort with weather info etc.

  229. Excellent effort! I have commented in your blog with some minor corrections. Please keep it up!

  230. Hey when did the notion ink website go from pre-orders here to sold out? was there a huge rush to buy after the videos came out?

  231. @Greg
    Greg, I am one of the silent Adam supporters. For the last one month, I am going through other forums/blogs where NI and Adam are written about ( I have set up Google alert for this). You are among the very few to positively comment about Adam/NI whenever there is a negative or loose comment.
    A big THANK YOU for the excellent support you provide for Adam and NI.
    PLEASE keep it up!

  232. Greetings;
    At 42 seconds into the latest video the text says the launcher shows seven panels open.
    I’m color blind and I see nine icons on the red bar. What shows that seven of them are “open” and the remaining two aren’t?

    Looks good otherwise.

    Also like the weather app showing “NYC” with Washington DC and -2 and “fair”.
    Too cold for my California blood. ;>


  233. Total Lunar Eclipse.
    For those not lucky enough to see the total lunar eclipse tonight in North America, the Miami
    Planetarium is streaming the event live on their web site.

  234. Slight correction, the video is being streamed by the local Public Broadcasting Station using the telescopes and cameras of the Planetarium. 18 mins to totality

  235. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it, Fans have posted polls and stuff before. Fans have created entire websites… Whats a little FAQ, in that regard? Its not like I am doing it for NI and the NI are going to adopt it as such… I want this space to remain free of redundant questions, so we are able to follow the serious discussions a little more easily.

    Besides I spent the better part of an hour getting that post ready, and dont consider that a waste 😐

  236. News from Germany 😉


    The 10.1 inches (25.7 centimeters) wide flat computer is obviously a true multitasking – Talent. In the demonstration video, the user switches between nine to eleven applications – without any noticeable delays. Even complex applications like a PDF reader or a navigation application not bring Adam into a sweat. The necessary computing power this gives the dual-core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 As seen in the video, even launch applications is a breeze

  237. Watching it live from near that planetarium… It is beautiful… just to the North of Orion. Even back in 1638 it would have been difficult to deny that it was a spherel!

    It would be fun to have the moon phases as part of the Weather app. (Love the MoonPhase pro Android app)

  238. so few of us have been with empty hands, and unfortunately, less and less hope for Adam with Pixel Qi
    Rohan we are waiting for your mail please 😉

  239. @CX650t
    Well as Greg has already cleared in one of the post the other two applications were Camera and Voice so practically only 7 applications were opened.

  240. Hi
    Rohan …I missed my PixelQi order earlier…and now EVEN LCD has sold out 😦
    so when WE(I know there are plenty of adamholic on same train with me) can expect to have preordering again.
    Just a suggestion why dont you take pre-booking for PixelQi version.so that once you have stocks then you can ask all this prebooked memebr(in order of booking say first 1000 ) to do FULL payment and place their order within 48 hrs after that next 1000 and so.
    This will also give you approximate idea of demand forpixel QI

  241. Andre speaks English!!! Hey they are setup in Bangalore, the “Silicon valley of India“…. I bet each and everyone at notion ink speaks English. (Many might speak telugu as well :P)

  242. Great idea Greg, I would have loved to come, but it would not be possible as i am here in India, Bangalore 😛

    But if possible take videos during your get together and upload it for all of us to see. 😀 😀

    I am just dying to see it in nearby stores (Hoping Notion Ink will have a at-least 1 store in Bangalore, the home city for Notion Ink).

  243. Guys not only the 3G version, rather even the just WIFI version has a sim card slot and GPRS. And all of them can be used for voice calls.

    I hope Rohan will demo the phone dialler app in one of the coming videos.

  244. The lunar eclipse phases in northern USA:

    Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 05:29:17 UT
    Partial Eclipse Begins: 06:32:37 UT
    Total Eclipse Begins: 07:40:47 UT
    Greatest Eclipse: 08:16:57 UT
    Total Eclipse Ends: 08:53:08 UT
    Partial Eclipse Ends: 10:01:20 UT
    Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 11:04:31 UT

  245. @ Rohan

    I went through the details of the KNO tablet, i am sure you are aware of its existence.
    One feature that i really really fell in love with was the ability to use a stylus and write notes on PDFs and other typed documents on the margins and white spaces. This is a really good feature for everybody working with documents (AKA all of us). Will Adam support such note taking even if its through hand and not a stylus???

  246. I really hope it’s as environmentally friendly as possible. There’s no real laws regulating it, (although some national certifications are available), but it’d be a shame to speak of a global view and of a revolution while ignoring the impact of the product.

  247. By the time i get round to ordering one and getting it delivered i will have finished building one out of the tegra 2 dev kit!!

  248. @Rohan and the Notion Ink Team,

    Congratulations on selling out all of the Pixel Qi and the LCD Adam variants! That is very exciting. 😀

    Though my condolences also go out to those that were unable to purchase an Adam. I hope inventory is replenished quickly so that everyone can buy one soon. 😉

  249. LOL! Same happens here! My daughters are bored with it as well! Not into tech like me! Though, if they actually used the adam, they’d love it.

  250. Thx for clearing that up for me. I thought it would be very much like e-ink. I’m hoping to use it a lot for reading (back light off) so I’m hopeing that we will see some video showing a reading scenario. Thanks again.

  251. I meant WE.. anyways with that post i hit the count of 400 🙂

    Rohan next video pleaseeeeee

  252. This is really great.

    Its interesting that the nay sayers are now a number of the techno sites trying to get attention by word spin. We still haven’t seen any apologizes from any of the people who were quite verbally abusive. I wonder how it feels with egg on their faces.

    I am really getting excited about getting my adam. Based on my count down I have 31d-2h-7m-39s but who’s counting. 🙂

  253. Take off the tin hat. No conspiracy here. There’s been plenty of issues with WordPress. There’s been other people saying their comments don’t always show up. Yesterday, I had WordPress tell me my post was a duplicate. Even though it was the first time trying to post it. That happened twice yesterday. Never thought it was a conspiracy.

  254. @All can we suggest some of the things/features/components that we want to see in the coming videos(i think at least there are 13-14 to come). So that while making videos Notion Ink team can take(if they wish to :)) some of the suggestion from here and can incorporate in the videos.May be it will help them too

    Starting from me :: I want a a video where i can the see functionality of swivel Camera and also a side to side comparison of LCD and Pixel Qi.

  255. Check out the following links



  256. rajeshtomar
    > Will there be virus problem in adam ?

    Rohan hasn’t promised us any viruses, although that may be the mystery feature. If NI doesn’t give us any, it’s unlikely that anyone else will. However, contrary to what many Windows users believe, viruses are not actually a necessary part of a computer (g)eco-system, and almost all non-Windows machines run well without them.

  257. Great sentiments, keep the dream going. 🙂 We are still here with you all the way.

  258. I would like to see the keyboard in use.
    And making notes, kalender in use, and Liveshare would be appreciated here.

  259. For some reason, naturally I expected one. What else would one boot to?? I can’t imagine! And I’m also happy to hear that, Thanks Rohan!

  260. That’s well put, about the finger pressure – it’s obvious that that is the case when we see a little bit of jumpyness.

  261. Good idea, although so many have demanded a real hand moving across the screen – for vids to be a real life demo. Now that we’ve seen it, your way would be perfect!

  262. Oh, thank you!! That answers quite a few questions I’ve been having. I do wonder when bigger internal storage will be available. Maybe a little while after the main release. I have a ton of music, and would prefer to put it directly on the device if possible. And of course, with room left over for actual apps. I’m wondering exactly how the 128GB max is arrived at on the website, as I would be more than happy to get the right cards slotted in to increase my storage.

  263. speaking of advertisements, I’d like to offer my band’s music for the ads!
    It’s CC licensed!

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