Eden and Our Effort


Its something which we planned for CES, cos its was worth it, but I can’t stand against all of you. A saying goes “every one is right, it’s just the shoes which are different”.

Eden has consumed our sleep, sweat and blood. And I think I am not old enough to know of any other project where I saw a  team clocking 18+ hours for continuous 60+ days. I lower my head in respect, adoration and admiration of all those who are working at Notion Ink. (To Notion Inkers: It has been tough on you my pals, but things are only going to get better. You know what we want, and we will get it!)

From now on we will be sharing one video per day per application or principle which comes with Adam. It has been a long wait for all of you, and we really thank all those who are with us.

The video which you are going to see has most of the application loaded in the memory, we believe this is how a heavy user is going to use the Adam. HD video playbacks and High definition games have not been shown since that is what you have already seen on all the Tegra Capable devices. We have not done even a bit video editing to make it look smoother or saturated and it comes straight from the camera’s data card (taking permission here to call adding subtitles as “not editing video”). Do not expect production quality here, because advertising or promotional videos are coming later. Now less of words and more of content.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

621 thoughts on “Eden and Our Effort

  1. oh sweet keyboard, can we see you typing on it like you would a normal keyboard and see how fast it responds?

  2. Looks wonderful. Better than the video sent to AP. Thanks for promising to post a video per day! Looking forward to it and to the buzz.

  3. Welcome back Notion Ink !!

    Rohan, If you can add your weekend specials too… that would be an added bonus…

  4. Great move in the right direction BTW. Good decision not to wait until CES. Keep the momentum going!!! You will entertain us throughout winter break and be the discussion around Christmas trees… lol you have already brought my father and I closer. We cant stop talking about this device to each other. Both getting 3g PQI

    3 cheers for NI 😉

  5. I’m glad you were able to show more of the UI. Some of us were confused: Is there a home screen? Like there is on the standard Android device? A lot of us like having a central page with favorite shortcuts or widgets.

  6. Happy Anniversary and this is going to change everything in the World.
    Convey my hearty wishes to the developers and the entire team, in bringing together a wonderful dream to a Realization !

  7. Thank you Rohan for this video and the others to follow. You have helped solidify our original dream of soon owning a revolutionary device. Thanks to your entire NI team as well.

  8. Kudos to the entire team! indeed a great journey.. 😉

    and one video per day – hmmm now that’s a real bold promise.. and looking forward to it 🙂

  9. All the best NI team. Please bring quality videos (HQ something like the one you have put on your website). Although you may not be releasing as an official video, people are going to treat it so. Please put as HQ as possible giving no chances to others.
    Love NI team.


  10. One video per day sounds great! Thanks Rohan!!!

    I’m very excited to see everything come into play. It won’t be long now. But the last days are always seem the longest… 😉

  11. I did like how it was more in depth on some fronts but still no audio? plus is there a notifacations bar? also can you show us the camera app in one of those daily videos?

    All in all, a little better than the other video.

  12. Excellent work Rohan! All the best and good luck! I feel confident in Notion Ink and I will continue supporting you guys! Way to go!

  13. Congratulation Rohan and all of the Notion Ink Team, and their investors!

    And let’s not forget all those who have been following Adam for so long now… It has been a great journey with lots of ups and downs. Our destination is just up ahead and it was all worth it!!! 😀

  14. Yeah, make sure the everybody gets some rest once the software goes gold! Eighteen hours a day might be necessary to get the company off the ground, but eight hours a day will be needed to keep it flying. Nobody can work like that for too long without burning out.

  15. Thank you for the video, Rohan. It gave us an even better idea of the UI and how fast/responsive it is, and was nice to see the keyboard on this one.

    Thanks also for the vids you’ll be posting each day. I think that’s a lot more than anyone expected or asked for.

    (I’m sorry for some harsh critiques I had about the pre-order weekend. Though I think they were valid, I should have tempered my thoughts much better than I did. Since, I made them publicly on the blog, it’s only right I apologize here too. I’ve been an ardent Adam fan for a year; I can’t just walk away so easily. ❤ )

  16. Now Rohan, you have started to turn the boat around. Your pumps are starting to pull out the water that had your ship listing heavily. Even though I’ve been unhappy I have never stopped rooting for you. It may yet be three months down the road before I can have Adam in my hands, but I’ll have the Adam I want.

  17. Very nice. Thank you, Rohan and the NI team.
    Happy Anniversary. Adam will outshine among all the other tablets at CES.

  18. BTW: I’m loving the positive tone of the comments in this post. I prefer to read them rather than the negativity conveyed in some of the other posts.

  19. Now *that* is the movie we’ve been needing to see. Much better than the one released earlier today; it has me almost excited about Adam again. Only 2 things that worry me from this vid: not seeing the cascading-panels of Sniffer that we’ve seen before, and I’m thinking so far that ArtRage and/or AliasSketchbook are still perfect tablet sketching apps and that it will be near impossible for Canvas to be better

  20. Notion Ink you have made my day, what an amazing device. I can see other tablet manufactures trembling after seeing this video. I want to salute the NI Team for tremendous hard work and for putting magic in our lives. Thank you.

  21. This does look very impressive, Rohan.

    My hat is off to salute the effort from you and your team.

    Looking forward to an office suite demonstrations as well as possible flash content and maybe a demo of angry birds. A quick look at the gps system may be nice too.

    Definitely very impressed by the responsiveness of the system.

  22. Quite interesting selection of ‘related’ videos, youtube 😉

    By the way, I noticed that the Google homepage had Mobile and Classic options. It probably recognises Android devices as mobile ones.

  23. WOW !!
    I love this video.
    The keyboard got me excited,,,feel like holding an adam and start tapping on it.

    If I have to be very critical , then therez only one point I want to make ( but plz dnt take it in -ve sense )
    The panel stretching animation at the end of the panel system looks flickery and the next finger swipe has the same effect. After that the animation becomes smooth. I guess this might be a big resource hogging activity or just needs some fine touch up.

    Overall the UI is very good and the fact that we are seeing multitasking on tablet is awesome.

    And Rohan, Thanks in advance for all the videos which are going to come. This will keep us excited everyday and make each coming day cheerful.

  24. Winning me back over towards wanting adam again(larger storage variants ofc).

    T&C are looking better, much easier to understand, less contradictions and more consumer friendly(no more agreeing to agree to any changes made, no more paying return fee on doa(I think)). Wish that missing privacy policy would be addressed though.

    Demonstrations of adam in action(daily!), awesome.

    CC details have been explained(via posters/Rohan).

    Shipping address is required before getting to cc page. Good!

    Interviews on what happened and why.


    Thank you very much, Rohan(and the NI team), for taking our concerns into consideration and acting on them. I’m sorry as well for the harsh comments I made during my disappointment.

  25. Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!

  26. Just posting so that i can followup the comments on mail while i am watching the video 🙂

  27. EDEN rocks!
    very good response time and a video a day is great news especially for us adam fans

  28. It seems as though what you would have as icon shortcuts on your ‘desktop’ on your android phone instead are always panels to switch through.
    Then you see the ‘launcher’ which pulls up all the rest of the stuff.
    I see how this could be good and bad. The good is obvious, everything is faster to switch and already open and changed easily. The bad is it quite different so our typical android UI is different, however that could be good because I could also see how we COULD have a traditional home screen and you never use it with the panel system.

  29. This post displays the exuberance and the go getter attitude that has got the Notion Ink team going with the all the good and not so good comments on the posts over the year.
    I have been following you guys for more than a year now.

    The device is operational but there is lot more.

    Thanks to the team.

  30. Phew
    I am soooo glad I trusted you all and made my pre-order despite all the negative comments that were around at the time. You are going to be such a success at CES 2011. I will now have to count the hours until my little baby arrives.
    If I could make a request for a video can you please show the Adam handling a .cbr comic file, would just love to see this working.
    many many thanks to all the team there at NI

  31. I’m officially impressed! Are the LCD models really 8-12 weeks out? Waiting until February or March is getting PAINFUL 🙂

  32. I’m guessing it is the Pixel Qi…

    In a future video. please show the photo viewer or other app with full screen color photographic images on the Pixel Qi display so we can see how colorful/vivid the Pixel Qi display can be when it is in transmissive mode (full color/full power backlight). Thanks!

  33. +1. Its now going to be fun ride from now on. A new video everyday? wow.
    “I’m lovin’ it”. The only complaint I have is the bezel at the sides and top are occupying a lot of space (I understand there should be a technical reason).

    Rohan, when would the next pixel Qi orders be taken? Please give a hint (a smiley if in less than a month)

  34. .
    Idk, but that looks like PixelQ for it’s reflection of light. Or maybe it’s the matte screen. Oh darn, I love it.

  35. Android Police had 6 exclusive hours with the first video and all they could say was “I won’t say much”? They’re such a scam! First their website crashed when a few hundred geeks stormed it, and now they aren’t even capable of writing a decent review. Very suspicious.

    They should leave tech blogging to the big guys. Who do they think they are, Arrington?

  36. Yes 🙂 , It is always easier for people to wear critic’s Hat than a much required supportive words during tougher times.

    Thanks 🙂

  37. Did you see the date on calendar app (synced up with google as they say)?
    In yesterdays video it was showing Dec 18 and the above video shows Dev 19. So they are just putting them up now.

  38. Rohan please clarify if is MicroSDHC or just MicroSD. Important difference here. TY

  39. Oh man, that was fantastic. Good show guys. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the drawing program, and I’d like to see how it handles a really beefy PDF (I play a lot of pen and paper RPGs, and the manuals just kill my little machine currently).


  40. I really have to admit, when I first saw the first video, I was thoroughly unimpressed. Maybe it was just not what I expected. But then, instead of bashing on NI for poor quality presentation and stuff like that, I decided to watch the video a few more times. The more I watched it, the more I realized the awesomeness in what I was seeing. Now, I can’t get myself to stop watching 😉

    Considering the number of applications running simultaneously, I really like how responsive the UI is. THe panel implementation is very polished and smooth- I heart Adam (the device 🙂 )

    Rohan, no one is asking for production quality videos just yet- We will all cross that bridge when we come to it. Kudos to your entire team for working non-stop to get us this, and more.

    The second video is much better than what AP posted, the first video had the last 30 seconds blanked out.

    Of course, I would have liked a longer video, I would have loved if we were shown around the Adam. But this will do-and do well, mind you… Now I can sleep in peace… (I know its 10:30 in the morning where i am, buts its a sunday 😉 )

    Loved the line Rohan used- “Everyone is right, its just the shoes that are different”… totally relevant in the case of Adam. Everyone was right in their own respect- People asking for videos, People calling it a scam over lack of information, people believing in the Adam, people waiting for the order until more information is out, etc…

    Rohan, there was a lot of bashing over the time zone- PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU STICK TO ONE TIME ZONE…. I will be too happy to see the video tomorrow, same time, same place, but that means, I will not be able to sleep 😉

    I will say this though. Rohan, you need (read NEED) to check the video before posting for any typos that may have slipped in. These videos will be fine- Just dont slip in the future videos or more importantly the promotional videos (these needs to be all polished and flashy- like the renders of the Weather App you had made available initially… )

    I am excited about where this leads us, and I see a bright future for the Adam… I am happy that Engadget has all the reason to mince their words- I would like them to do it publicly, after all the negative coverage they have given the Adam. That would be journalism in its true spirit.


  41. ok This is awesome, cant wait to get my hands on one even though i got a little sad after the pre order fiasco.

  42. To all the nay sayers 4m AP bloggers – Truth has prevailed, never forget my words – Most great ideas (products like adam) are born out conflcit and difference in opinion.

    Can’t wait to order more – Give me more

  43. I like the bezel. I would not complain if it was smaller, but I don’t have any complaints about its size. Overall the Adam looks great! 😉

  44. +10 for video…
    and to fellow notioninker when you were kept working throughout night many of us (adamholic) were also kept awake by SAME person..YA ..who else ..THE ALMIGHTY ROHAN..because he just dont want to sleep.. 😉
    hope now he will ..everything is OK now with this community….
    Once again Thanks Rohan and Notioninker for giving us such a dream device…

  45. Rohan, can you demo this screen?
    notioninkhacks.com /images /notion_ink_adam.jpg.
    I got admired/mad to adam after seeing this screen. Please the demonstration of this video would be worth 100 videos.

  46. SO Just finished the video.
    Really an Impressive video and will wait eagerly for daily video dose. Hope it will be a grand success in CES and carve it’s own unique identity in Tablet market in Days to come. Congratulations to the entire Notion INK team for their hard work and coming up with such a decent product. Wishing all success for adam.

  47. That’s what happens when everything shown looks pretty good and isn’t overhyped ahead of time. Expectations are being better managed now.

    I really only have one remaining concern (viewing angles of the Pixel Qi), but the better everything else looks, the less I’ll be concerned with it. I’m sure one of the upcoming raw preview videos will go over that feature, and I’m cool with waiting for that video. I’m already really appreciating the matte finish on the display. Pretty much every other tablet would be showing an immensely distracting reflection of the ceiling when recorded in such an uncontrolled, non-studio environment.

  48. This is pretty cool. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. One question that I have is if the Adam will support JavaScript enabled PDFs, which is something that currently only windows 7 tablets support. I am currently enrolled at the university of Phoenix, which use a application called prtoectpdf to secure their school books. Since there is no reader support for JavaScript protected PDFs, I can be very frustrating.

  49. That is a mockup / rendering that someone else (not Notion Ink) did a while back… So it is not a real thing to be demo’d… It does look awesome though.

  50. I hope this comment gets noticed before it gets lost in the flood of incoming comments…

    AFAIK, All that is required to get the Android marketplace on a 3rd party device is a google certification. Now that Gingerbread officially supports extra large screens, why dont NI go for a google certification to get the marketplace on the device? Just a thought, could be wrong.

    Of course, I do understand that there is some mystery feature on the Adam, hiding in plain sight, and the investors want to keep that information to themselves until the time they choose to make such information public. And submission for Google certification may require release of source code, which NI may not want to do just yet… Waiting for more information on that one-something on those lines was discussed in that interview with Android Police. If that is the case, then, we really have to wait for CES and beyond, when the mystery feature will be unveiled. Then they can go for certification, and through an update- make the marketplace apps available. One fine day, we will have 20-30 apps, and the next day, we will have – … well, A LOT of apps….

    Go NI…. Go Adam…..


  51. Amazing video, very excited to see more.

    Toss in some background music if you can, you can always just use a creative commons ambient track, or ask the community if they can make something for you guys!

  52. I’m sure they are more than capable of commenting on the first video, but I think it was pretty clear that the teeming hordes wanted either the video ASAP, or the Android Police’ heads on a pike for delaying. I don’t think anybody could fault them for making the choice they did.

  53. This is great, I can’t wait for you to announce more pixel qi 3G models being available!!
    This video definitely proves that your product is real and is ready for all


  54. way to silent your critics man !!!!!!….I m sure you will get what you want ….please pass my regards to your team ….u guys really rock

  55. Well,We admire Notion Ink a lot.We respect and appreciate you work your work.we had some glimpse of Adam and still we are all pre-ordering it and that does mean we trust you and Adam is all there to fulfill us.We fell proud for Adam.Now just waiting for the Adam comes to my hands.We wish best of luck for Adam’s huge success.

  56. Nice Rohan,
    Delivered as promised, after all the pre order fiasco i told myself i never wanted to post here again, but i did feel compelled to.
    Never once in all this time did i think NI was ever a scam , but definitely would liked to have seen a little more promptness on deadlines.Simple enough trust is directly proportional to keeping up deadlines (:P),
    I also don’t see the absence of the market place as a deal breaker until Honeycomb coz tablet is never a cellphone which you will carry around in your pocket and while away playing “angry birds” whenever you get even 5 free minutes. In Its level playing ground i think people’s need will be addressed by Adam in what you have here mostly,Mail’d sync with google calendar , ebook reading, browsing,taking notes should pretty much do it for me.Panel engine is awesome by the way.
    Just a couple of things i would have liked to see in the video would have been a ebook being flipped in the portrait mode and difference between the Pixel Qi version and the LCD for a video side by side, but that’s ok, it can wait for the later videos.
    At this point the more important thing is to build traction again for all the avid followers who got a bit upset,keep an ear open for more suggestions but going back on early promises like the student discounts.
    I don’t want to sound like giving advice but sorry if i do so, it is really a good idea to discard the geeky engineer cloak when you really wanna get to areas of PR and supply management, its a evil world out there and being open and frank isn’t really the smartest thing every time.Just the right bit of evil in you guys would have shut up all the losers posting NAY’s.It may be also worthwhile to consider partnerships with Amazon,Flipkart and Rediff and any other guys in region who have already established a good logistics division ,if it is of course something your investors will be open to discuss.
    Anyway good luck and just keep chugging for precision until CES and arrive with a bang.

  57. That’s a desktop enhancement package for Windows, and the creator of it was rather cheesed that Notion Ink used it for their promotions (this happened a long time ago). It won’t be on the Adam.

  58. They had lots of time in between the first and the second videos. They were probably so embarrassed with their earlier accusations that they couldn’t find the words.

  59. what to say man…..ui is damn reponsive……………super duper work rohan u ppl did u…..fastest response and smoothness i have seen in this segment…….it was worth waiting for all this….thank u so much….i feel very happy….its 6.30 am here at germany…..i am having a small big prob ,in the middle of tat i was waitin fr rhe video…..hopefully everytin will be fine……so guys…..all the best for other things coming….

  60. You sent the video to androidpolice and they didn’t make a single comment. I know their mouth was shut and would have been impressed. You should have sent to some other tech site like engadget/gizmodo

  61. We have seen few post saying he might be a good designer but not good business man. I will say a good human being is much better than a good business man. Did any body seen any business owner to be such blunt and truthful? I havent seen yet. May be so called CORPORATES can learn many things from this young lad.
    we have so many reason to be happy now.
    1) AP the criticizer become the 1st advertiser.
    2) For those who seek professionalism need to know errors does happen. AP crased within few mins of video release but thats ok with those double standerd guys.
    3) Tight slap to those who said it was a scam.
    4) Even more harder one for those who constantly post -ve remarks on this blog.
    5) Bone breaker punch to those who said Rohan doesnt care about family.
    6) Who has got question now?? Every body wanted more videos?? One video each day. gosh he will make us crazy. Think we might have to tell him to stop.

  62. It looks like the PDF reader is part of QuickOffice’s QuickConnect Mobile suite. Try sending them an email and asking or, if you have another Android device, download it and test it out.

  63. Rohan , thank you very much, that’s what i have been waiting for and that is why i never bashed you or the company cause i understand how hard it is to share anything when the investors are breathing on your neck. can’t wait for my daily dose of adam medicine.

  64. I like how the tone of the commenters has changed- Many of the commenters who have had a lot of negative things to say about the Adam on the previous posts, are actually changing their opinion of the Adam. Heartening! And thanks to all such people for not being rigid in your opinions!

  65. I have a question… it the home panel the default hoem screen for adam or is there a screen where you get all icons in a menu or list?

    Please explain.

    Thanks for the video!

  66. If you carefully look at the 4 touch buttons in the PDF while its zoomed in, the home button clearly shows pannels. So I am sure there is no home/desktop kind of a page, rather they are all pannels.

  67. now let us see what others say….adam haters or what ever……….also guys post the positive response tat is going to flow across various sites………it will be a treat for us adam fans

  68. I didn’t see any racist comments on AP like I did on crunch gear. That was a disgrace. And Biggs didn’t say anything about it being inappropriate.

  69. Please don’ EDIT this one’ message means a lot to all of us
    This was sent to our friend – AndroidBOY from AP blog * Apparently he promised today NOT to comment (-ve ly) on adam, and watch out that he does not speak from his behind. Uncut version below for NI booggers ..no offense intended ********

    Androidboy – (or should we start calling you – ‘Syndrome, the fanboy-turned-madman from The Incredibles) I guess the name Syndrome suits you charachter much better 😛 For once why don’t you own UP your ‘SCAM’ shit and put your judgements\comments on adam where they came from (well, no guessing where ur comments\impression came 4m – UR BEHIND) – One more suggestion – I don’t know you and you don’t know me – but both of US know where Shravan and eden’s team is from so lets set the record straight from here on – ‘We hail from the land of Kamasutra; We can fuck you in more ways than you can count’ so cut the drama and keep ur opinions to urself.

  70. it said it was sync with 20 simulatenous email accounts ?

    did I understand that right ?

    not that I have twenty accounts but I have a half dozen

    that could be fantastic

  71. hell, I want to see him controlling another computer’s desktop like he said was possible. What about controlling a camera with the Adam tablet? You can already control a camera through the Ipad connection to your PC, but if you can control a camera directly and see the preview on your adam screen instead of the small 2 inch lcd on the back of a camera… Think of the new possibilities for this device!

  72. greg u see there is not even a singe negative comment….i really love it…….what we were defending all these days had some…..no lot of substance in it….i am very happy greg….sometimes when the blog was a mess i used to read only ur comments…..i know it will be positive…..u know when u love something and r waiting for it….and when some new ppl who never been here come and criticize adam i felt very sad…….our small group initially was really good……i really loved reading comments those days

  73. Should get a standing ovation! Encore! Encore! Seriously, the only thing I’d like is if you slowed down the subtitles! Don’t have time to read them. Great seeing how responsive it is with all the apps that are open! Vulcans are not supposed to show emotion. But Hot D…! Come to Papa (evil) Spock!

  74. it doesnt look like a perfect reflexion, the first video didnt either. I think this is the matte screen.

  75. One video a day really makes my day.

    That’s more than anyone had hoped for. Thanks for going beyond the call of duty to satisfy our hunger for Adam.

    Waiting for CES to roll by just morphed into excitement filled days.

    Makes it a lot harder waiting for Adam to arrive, especially with the slip of the shipping from the 9th to the 15th – 22nd of January.

  76. I am impressed by the second video. Much better video quality. There’s no refresh rate flicker on the screen. The pace of video was better too.
    Good job Rohan/NI.
    my interest level has shot up. I can’t wait enough to get my hands on the sdk.

  77. video’s are great but there are still some clarification questions that need to be answered. ones that we have been posting about on past blogs.

  78. Alright!
    Many folks have said that Rohan’s English needs improvement and all. Writing this from an iPad I cantell you, phones/tablets and their onscreen keyboards induce too many spelling errors and incorrect spelling corrections. And I am sure Rohan is using one to post and reply over here on the blog.

    I think we shuld be thankful that Rohan is able tos still converse with us as mch as he does.

  79. is there any way to have a toggle for a home screen? enable it if you want or dont want? this would increase the user friendliness and customization of the device.

  80. i did some rough measurements in my lab with a vernier caliper.

    the bezel on the sides seems to be about 16-18 mm, as Rohan told us before (just for reference ipad bezel is 22 mm).

  81. Rohan, please do consider using my idea in the advertisements. The ones I sent you on Facebook with links to images on sumo paint.

    Also I can’t wait enough to see how sumo paint performs on Adam.

  82. I would say it’s definitely in some sort of transflective mode as Rohans hand casts a shadow on the screen. Looks good guys but would like to see some photos displayed as well to see contrast etc. Regarding the UI is there a home screen? What happens when no applications are open?
    For multitasking it looks good but the single strip to see all your apps could be nihgtmare! Is there no way to see more at a time?

  83. if you read the comments on the post, several adam fans demanded they say nothing and post the video ASAP, They had no choice. The site began to crash with all of us there. I think they just wanted us gone ASAP LOL

  84. yeah. It was also hugely upscaled with a massive border around it.
    I can make a video with my 5 year old phone and then upscale it to 1080i, but I guarantee it won’t really be HQ. 😉

  85. i dont completely understood everything that went on during the PDF preview. But I would like a demo of notes being taken on PDF/ PPTX and taking notes on digital books while reading, etc. Will be using this device in class and on rounds at hospitals

  86. Eden has consumed our sleep, sweat and blood. And I think I am not old enough to know of any other project where I saw a team clocking 18+ hours for continuous 60+ days. I lower my head in respect, adoration and admiration of all those who are working at Notion Ink. (To Notion Inkers: It has been tough on you my pals, but things are only going to get better. You know what we want, and we will get it!)

    I just want to say sorry for ever doubting you and the team, I have pre-ordered two adams, one pixel qi and one lcd, and for the last few days I been, should I cancel one, I am not feeling as good about Notion Ink, bla bla bla.

    Reading what you and your team has been doing is really increditible, it shows in the tablet you have produced. I truely feel bad for critizing you and your company. You took all the flak on the blog, you kept your cool, and you responded not with any kind of malise, but instead you kept showing us your vision. You kept positive and I don’t think you will have to ever again undergo that trial by fire you have just been through.

    Anyway my hat goes off to you and the whole team.

    Sincerely David

  87. Reading is Fundamental. STAND-CLEAR: !EXTREME MULTITASKING AT WORK! 🙂

    Panels APPs Browsers running all at the same time; whats next a RailGun APP or you can run games like ACE-COMBAT. hey why not throw that digital turntable while your at it.
    :)CAN it get any BETTER 🙂

    Non of you start criticizing the company now; “bunch of bitchy little girls” we got in here.

  88. Also is it customizable at all? I mean it could become very boring looking at the UI for ever (nice though it is) Is it possible to go back to stock android if you wish. Not saying i dont like the UI – I do but one of the things about android that makes it so good is how customizable it is.
    Is there no home page where you can show ALL your apps or icons? I think it could be a mistake if the only way to see them is to pull them up in that strip?
    I think it looks incredibly smooth running though! Overall good job guys.

  89. The Adam is awesome. It is the evolution of the tablet platform that I have been begging for since I bought my first UMPC. Eden is an amazing piece of work. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  90. maybe the bezel is the secret feature, as rohan did say they had to make it bigger so the screens could be stuck down properly, intiall they wanted an edge to edge bazel or thereabouts, maybe the extra bezel is touch friendly like the rim playbook

  91. maybe the bezel is the secret feature, as rohan did say they had to make it bigger so the screens could be stuck down properly, intiall they wanted an edge to edge bazel or thereabouts, maybe the extra bezel is touch friendly like the rim playbook


  92. Actually, i would love to read those weekend specials.

    Video, is good, but a 1-page comment will be very nice to understand things.

    So, Rohan! please keep on posting the weekend specials.

  93. Thanks for the video, Rohan. The UI looks awesome! The content of this video is much better than the first one at AP. I think this will quiet a lot of skeptics.
    I can’t wait to get my daily dose of video 🙂
    btw, any idea when the PQ version will be available for pre-order again?

  94. Inkers,

    It is most gratifying to see the fruits of your labour, after all these months of following your progress from afar. The multi-tasking capability of Adam, and indeed the overall ease of navigation and responsiveness of Eden are impressive to say the least. I haven’t seen the competition, to be honest, but combined with the general specs of the device, and the openness of it all, Adam will set the benchmark, I do believe, that others will have to beat. Well, for some months anyway, because the big boys will come after with you with all guns blazing so you will have go on the offensive again and up the ante once more in 2011.

    I watched, some months ago, one of the great sculpture ateliers of Thanjavur working on their exquisite bronzes. I was somewhat surprised to see the amount of grinding and hand polishing that seemed to go in before the cast pieces, using the ancient lost wax method, were transformed into the smooth, gleaming, final pieces, full of a fluid, other-worldly grace, as befits their godly personalities. Likewise, I am sure you will not forget to go that hard extra distance, and get everything in and around Adam, finely honed and buffed to the sheen it deserves, before you show it off to the wide world at CES.

    A very merry Christmas and the very best of the season to you all. Keep up the good work!

  95. Thanks guys.
    Just panels is an interesting concept but a home screen is sort of what we all are used to seeing in our daily life (phones, computer, pmp) so it would be good if there is an option.

    I remember seeing one of the earliest rendered images of adam on the NI website with a beautiful homescreen…. Is that still an option… Rohan???

  96. Please Read/view older post and videos(FYI Youtube); Be patient.

    what would be the funof it if they showed everything ;0

    ”I think it looks incredibly smooth running though! Overall good job guys.” especially with so many running programs.

  97. LOL, this guy is eating his words right now
    www. zdnet. com/ blog/ india/ indian-startup-notion-ink-shows-how-to-completely-botch-a-product-launch/ 272

    take out spaces

  98. Can you post a video about the camera please? And show us the accelerometer and camera in action. Also can you demo launching an app full screen and then returning to the scrolling pages I’d apps?
    And what about music and hd video streams?

    Keep the awesomeness coming!

  99. Rohan,

    Much better than the previous video! Eden looks beautiful and very impressive.

    A video series is a great idea, can’t wait to see what you guys have been cooking up!

    Best of luck!


  100. I know you don’t need to give source code for certification, most android phones released in the early spring didn’t release their code until this winter.
    I would like NI to release it quickly after the launch and SDK so developers and hacks can be started asap 🙂

  101. this is a funny quote from crunchgear “Sounds good to me! We’ve pre-ordered one (I think, apparently the card was declined) so I’ll hold off on more judgement for now.” talking about the first video and about the possibility of them reviewing it.

    need to get paypal up and running for the check out?

  102. Also dont wanna sound like i am complaining too much but i wonder how bright the room is as it does look pretty washed out. I wonder if you can turn off the ambient light sensor and force it into lcd mode? Really need to see some colour photos in different modes.
    For me i gotta say 80% of the time will be spent watching movies and surfing the net. i need to know that it can display bright crisp images even in a room with daylight.
    For me i still have a lot of questions.
    Also i was just thinking aloud but how often will people actually want to have 3 apps open at the same time on the same screen? No one can actually operate 2 things at the same time let alone 3 so why have them on the screen at the same time.
    I have to wonder would eden itself suit just being an app itself rather than being the actual operating system?
    As i say just thinking aloud.
    Also what happens when it is turned to portrait mode??

  103. Actually, I think they’re probably ecstatic about it. These people are fans of android. They’d love for NI to thoroughly embarrass Apple in the tablet market. They may not be as big as Apple. But they showed how it should be done

  104. Is there a photo viewing/editing, sharing app?

    That is a big part of people;s life these days, would love to see how the adam does it!!!

  105. >Also what happens when it is turned to portrait mode??

    My question precisely. I guess the panels stay as they are and the text changes orientation. No, wait. That would be very difficult. There might be two panels and some empty space at the bottom? Rohan?

  106. Very cool. Props to everyone at Notion Ink. Andre’s ui is beast and I look forward to seeing more of the device. I wonder…is the ‘secret feature’ a clamshell keyboard/stand/case attachment? the rounded edge on one side would fit nicely into a socket hinge

  107. Having 3 panels does have its merits, and you can have two child panels for one application as well.

    I think someone should do a comparison with an iPad and a Galaxy Tab side by side with the Adam, but then we would have to wait till CES for that.

    How is the FCC approval coming up?

  108. Now that’s the Rohan we’ve been missing!!! Great job to each & everyone at NI.

    Happiest of holidays to all the gang.

  109. Great! Came back from a short vacation with no internet access! Came rushing back to see the video and was extremely happy to see the video!!! Didn’t have to wait this time at least!
    UI is very promising…!!


  110. How about an operating system that offers multiple focal points, e.g. for keyboard and cursor to be used simultaneously? There would be a large number of crazy guys in this world who want to use two applications at the same time, and the Eden UI would be useful.

  111. sorry sorry forgive me for improper language just tired of people bringing down others, and making false accusations about this. Was quoted from BurnNotice

  112. +10000. Hope to see more post mentioning NotionINK or NotionInk staff. Without a perfect team no one can move forward 🙂

  113. Well, I’m just blown away, what a wise purchase I made. Can’t wait for some more video’s and an early shipping date. 🙂

  114. I had always guessed that in landscape they go like this:
    _ _ _
    | | | |

    In portrait mode:

    In case the pictures don’t turn out well I’ll try to describe it. In adam’s landscape mode the panel apps are in “portrait” mode(longer length wise). In adam’s portrait mode the panel apps would be in “landscape” mode (longer width wise). In other words each panel would act like a phone screen and each app would adjust as if the phone was turned.

    That is my guess at least.

  115. -Ahem-

    “If you buy devices for their home screen, I’d suggest you rather buy a nice little picture postcard and keep it in your pocket. It’s cheap, looks nice, and is very light. It’s even foldable, and you can take quick notes. If you want to mail those notes to someone, just stick a stamp and drop it in the nearest postbox. And you can carry a whole stack of postcards, with different ‘home screens’ too!”

  116. Just wanted to say thanks to the whole NI team…
    that second video was orgasmic.
    Glad to see 99% positive comments are back – hope they are here to stay!

  117. @andrew britton : Good questions you have asked. Did not understand your last one:
    >> For multitasking it looks good but the single strip to see all your apps could be nihgtmare!
    >> Is there no way to see more at a time?>/i>

  118. Pretty sure he’s talking about having to swipe through all your apps on that center red bar. If you have a lot of apps, that’s a lot of swiping to find/get through them all. Think he’s asking if there is a way to see more of them displayed at once without having to go through them on the bar.

  119. +Infinity times 1.618 🙂

    Take that naysayers. He made me lose my inhibitions by registering and commenting on WordPress and Youtube. Maybe that might happen to Engadget – years of following and only now contemplating on commenting there.

    Rohan, that’s the family feeling I have about the device. And more so to all people who say Indians are only good at the service industry, take that!

  120. the only problem with that is that in landscape mode as we saw the motion to navigate up and down(scrolling) through the app opposed the motion to navigate between panes.

  121. Another thing Dont RIP his videos and use them as your own on ”youtube” alot of people don’t completely understand this product and what it went through(especially if you dont understand it yourself)

    😉 Most people are better off not knowing until CES 🙂

  122. Yes, I second that notion. Many of us are drawn in by the PixelQi, and would like to see the hands-on when the ebook reader app is ready. Pls do show us how would font rendering make a whole big difference too!

  123. Great start in showing what adam can do!
    Does SDCARD2 mean there are 2 SD card slots? and support SDHC?
    Can’t wait for the next video!

  124. I agree. They could have used more screen size (obviously its slightly large due to the technicalities involved – no harsh complaints though : like to have).

    Now they have displayed the power of adam, they have to now prove the adam is as beautiful in graphics display as an iPad/galaxyTab. I know it would beet the expectations.

    @Rohan, to capture more generic public please create a better graphical (colorful/glossy videos). This would bring the crowd from general public(we are already with you and an adam in hand (shortly).

    I personally want to watch 3 perspectives:
    1) A complete replacement of iPad (glossy/flashy videos, snappy browsing : seen in ur video already, as an iPod) – Win over iPad.
    2) Multi-tasking to the limits (already have it) – win over galaxyTab/android tablets
    3) A ebook reader with ebook application – win over kindle/iPad iBooks.

    Please provie pixel Qi variants as well as LCD variants as applicable.

  125. Though I was not here for the early early days, I agree with everything Greg and jayjesh are saying. I’m glad people are coming to more realistic expectations with Notion Ink’s baby. I’m enjoying this new video as well as the old one. Only wishing I had time to pre-order the pixel qi now (was in the middle of settling in from a move to a different continent when the preorders started!). Rohan and the NI team are moving forward despite naysayers and critics, and it has been fun coming along for the ride (Thanks Rohan). I’m sure this will be a product the “adamites” will all enjoy.

  126. In the video at 3:38 when sliding the panels to the right and reaching the end, the stretching animation goes in the wrong direction. Bug report! 🙂

  127. Who would have thought that we would have received a video a day? That’s great news!
    As for the Apps, I hope the Maps one can work offline and I wouldn’t mind having a look at the e-reader (one of the key reasons I am buying an adam – Pixeil Qi).

  128. @ Rohan and Notoin Ink developers

    Very nice job on Adam. Refresh rate is spectacular, multitasking is unbelievable (especially in a tablet). I’ve looked at the Ipad and Galaxy tab and well Adam kill both of them with out even breaking a sweat. I can’t wait for my pixel Qi to get here. Keep up the good work, I know all of us are very appreciative and will cherish the Adam once we receive it.

  129. Thank you Rohan for the captions explaining what we’re seeing. Now that I understand what you’re showing, I am very impressed with Adam. I would wish that the captions remained on view a little longer. I read more slowly than you gave us time ti read. I was able to follow everything by using the pause for the video.

    This has eliminated what negative thoughts I had and they were mainly that I just did not understand what I was seeing in the first video at the Android Police. Great work on building the Adam & I find waiting for my pre-ordered Adam to be quite hard.

  130. Suggestion:
    The tab switcher is great, but a browser window preview mode (which might not be as super fast) would be nice, so the tab can be thumbnailed instead of just titled. FF4 is finally brining a full tab preview mode in, and a number of mobile browsers show tiny thumbnails. It would be nice if there was an option to see preview windows.

    I’m not sure how good/fast the vectoring works in honeycomb, but imagine this: A large grid of every open tab, that’s just an image, but once you zoom in enough, it actually becomes a live functioning window. Then you want to go to another tab, you zoom out to get the full tab view again. That is very likely to take up perhaps to much CPU though, just an idea taken over the top.

  131. i am interested to know the update on shipments, which will probably come after CES?
    People are waiting for Pixel Qi and in a previous post Rohan stated that Pixel Qi was limited to what they could get from the manuafacture and will do the best he can, but the LCD screen has production times in teh millions.
    Well I just ordered a plain jane Adam with wifi only for the family to have until I can get a fully loaded PQ and wait on storage and other features. My estimated ship date is FEBRUARY! February? so that would have to mean the adam itself is ordered beyond manufacturing capacity not just the PQ screen? If thats the case it looks like the next PQ screen shipments wont be expected maybe until March….

    I ordered this one and didn’t wait because I noticed as time got CLOSER to CES, the time frame for shipment was still getting HIGHER. I wish Rohan didn’t dodge the question about number of orders from AP, but that doesn’t matter I just hope we will be updated on shipments and that at least after their ‘full release’ in early Jan.

  132. Wow, great product guys! I want it so bad, I might settle for the lcd version if you don’t re-stock the pixel qi version by the time preorders are done. I doubt the rest of the world will be as attached to the adam as those of us who followed it through its extensive development time (well worth the wait though!), but they all will have to acknowledge its amazing capabilities. I think you guys are ahead of the other tech companies enough to control the emerging tablet market, just keep doing what you do best!

  133. Very cool and very promising video!!!

    Would be nice to see another video showing the hardware itself (display, connectors, backside, …).

  134. Thanks for video and the announcement of a “daily video”. I hope one of the video’s will show us, that I can read DRM secured ebooks.

  135. @Greg @Sowmya @Jai
    Slashgear has posted that “Per Rohan video above is “100% shot again, in sunlight with PQ, with 4 more app running in background”

    I think PQ here means Pixel Qi so at least the Eden Introduction was on PixelQi. Saying that would love to to see some full screen pics and video to get a better idea about PixelQi performance.

  136. very well done all team member of Notion ink . nice video, showing nice function of Adam . good to know that we will see one video daily. hope it might sooth a bit to naysayers. all the best.

  137. I’ve been concerned about the beziel gone fat from the early prototype shown months ago.
    Rohan states it is mostly due to connectors (USB and others) and is clear we need Space for home and other buttons. But the lower beziel (and part of the top one) could be thinner (under 1cm?).

  138. @ Rowan – Yes sorry for being ambiguous – you are correct Rowan i meant swiping through the red bar. It would be very slow and inconvenient if that is the only way.

  139. Oh well guys i have thought long and hard about it and have cancelled my pre order:(
    Its just i am not as wowed and excited anymore about it as when i first started following 1year ago.
    The UI im my opinion looks slightly gimmicky and i am sure will be overshadowed by honeycombe when it is out. I also find it very primary coloured and not very exciting- although this is a matter of taste. Along with the matte glass the screen just doesnt wow me any more 😦
    Oh well will wait till CES for something that does- but wish the Adam , notion ink good and Rohan good luck with it. Bye to everyone- its been fun and frustrating in equal measure!

  140. YES!
    This is what we’ve all been waiting and hoping for, and more! Sweeeeet!
    Thank you Rohan + Team! Great job done!

    Now we need more info on pre ordering for the rest of the family even more:
    – when on site pre ordering?
    – payment with Mastercard or Paypal possible?
    – when in the shops nearby?

    This will certainly motivate app builders to produce more apps for Adam.

    One video a day, huh?
    Hoping though, that each video comes with a blog about what we’ll see in the video.
    It’s a good thing holliday has started, and we’ll be able to take our time to watch all over and over again.

    Warm regards back to you,

  141. @ANdrew I think that’s the same as available in Windows 7(one has to use ALT+TAB to go through different applications if they are not pinned at taskbar). Correct me if I am wrong but that’s the general practice.

  142. Great! 🙂 I’m really happy to see the videos, especially the second one, as my faith was sloooowly vanishing away. However, I’m still disappointed about it being only 8GB and, especially, about disable back trackpad. I really hope that it can be enabled with some hack, but the question here is – will the warranty be canceled in this case?

  143. Good work Rohan,

    The contrast is a little high in this video when you are showing the keyboard and the subtitles do not stay on screen to be readable otherwise excellent job!

    As always, I’m very aware of the amount of hours you must all be putting in. Even with that some people find it hard to be understanding, I however applaud you for your effort! 🙂 and continue to spread the good word of Adam.

  144. I would like to hear Rohan describe the stuff he is doing, rather than listen to music.

  145. I am really sure now. I want an Adam! Nice Video Rohan, I’m looking forward to the next videos! Very excited to see some applications in full screen.

  146. That’s what im talking about,its will be my tablet ,thanks Rohan for this video I love it

  147. Thank you Rohan and the NI team for sharing these first glimpses of the Virtual HANDS ON experimenting that we have all wanted to try for ourselves… I am looking forward to these video demonstrations and hope that you will go on a bit further and show us some of the next level of details such as the tool bars in the Canvas app… perhaps with an audio narrative explanation of what you are doing. It is obvious that there is so much innovation and logic underpinning each of the screen shots!

    PLEASE set up an orderly WAITING LIST for the many of us who were “crushed” in the initial stampede to grab the first few PQ variants. We are still your most loyal and patient supporters!

    Happy anniversary!

  148. Wow! Happy, happy, happy! Only one negative post here, among all of the positive ones.

    I SOOOO like this.

    Thank you, Rohan, for restoring our faith in NI and Adam!

  149. Just can’t be enough.. One vid per day is too less can you actually have a ustream channel on whole day .. i can just check it out anytime in the day…

    Its like a checking back on you kid at home while you are out. 😛

    This seems good. Personally I’d like to have a different home/menu which have 5×5 layout. I am a really app freak I have about 300 apps on my phone at the moment.

    I was disappointed to know that market wouldn’t come with this. BUt thats ok I have my ways to get around that. Also interesting would be how panels work in potrait mode. does it become one panel view?

  150. @Rohan Shravan
    Great work Rohan 🙂
    Thanks for the videos, the Eden looks great, Adam is really responsive. Can’t wait to get my hands one one.
    But are you working on something for the people who were supposed to get the pre-order, e-mail but never got it(Got lost in the vortex or something), and therefore lost their shot at the Pixel Qi version. Will they have a second chance? Will there be a waiting list of some sort?
    Please update on this matter.

  151. Thanks for posting the video Notion Ink! It was the right decision really. It looks amazing!!! Too bad I was traveling and did not get in on the PQ screen models before they were sold out! Hopefully in another month or so they will come back to the store!

  152. think you willl have to wait for CES for videos from the boot up screen and home screen (that big an event needs something left at least) – could be wrong – they might post video of that in a few days. LOL.

  153. Yes please also show the viewing angle of both screens, which I think is more important on tablets than regular screens

    It looks amazing, nice to see the keyboard as well. One question though: what happened to the ebook app which you showed on the beta a long time ago on YouTube, the one where you flipped the pages! That looked awesome, can the pdf reader do that as well?

    Great job you guys! It looks amazing especially when you realise these are multiple apps displayed at once and still smooth, not like that fruit logo company which only shows a bunch of icons and opens one app at the time 😉

  154. Feel glad for the video…but for any reson Im not entirely happy yet…it is like something is still missing in Eden I guess..

  155. Rohan, maybe I missed the explanation somewhere but it seems like the stretching to the end of the applications, in the focus window for your application (when you have 3 open next to each other) – that there is a lot of times when you stretch the window, instead of scrolling. The stretching would be annoying as heck for me, why is it there? It seems like you accidently stretch the windows all the time instead of Adam letting you scroll.

  156. @Davidbeaty
    Another month? i can’t wait that long 😦 I’m hoping they will be able for more pre-order in a couple of weeks? Hopefully..

  157. Well, I think for wide-angle PixelQi, we will have to wait for adam 2. But were the viewing angles too bad? I do not plan to use the device with 3+ people.
    There is always an HDMI out 😉

    Have fun!

  158. cant wait for the next batch of preorders to start 🙂 would be great if you can give us an option of more memory variants and also mention the price for them.

  159. Use some appropiate engaging music next time for your videos (not sleep music!). Watching a video without sound is very weird. A nice song will make the demo seem nicer.

  160. go NI!

    Still waiting for the pixelqi versions to be available for pre-order again, when might that be Rohan?

    just so i know when to start spamming ctrl + F5 again 😛

  161. I’m boycotting all the videos, I want the experience to be fresh for when my Adam comes.

    I cannot wait! (I think i’m a big baby).

  162. If I understood it correctly, the windows ‘stretch’ when you get to either end of the scrolling. Unlike the panel stack, which revolves continuously like a carousel, the 3-panel view is on a linear work bench. The stretching is just a very neat tactile feedback that you have got to the end of the open apps, so if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, it isn’t open. One of very many interesting and tactile innovations from what I see.

  163. These are basic UI principals. It is there to indicate to the user that there are no further panels to browse. Human Computer Interaction dictates that users can infer how to use a certain object by its design (such as a handle). So without a message by that “stretching” I can infer that I cannot stretch it any further.

  164. i think you are looking at the app at the end. when there are no more apps to preceed or follow, it would stretch to let you know that nothing more is there. he clearly mentioned that in the video.

  165. Congratulations and happy birthday Adam for yesterday.

    I’ve been quite disappointed with the comments and bashing that NI have been getting. For an up and coming Android device, the Android community haven’t exactly been doing their own any favours. Worse, some have actively been putting the boot in on the product. The rumours of ‘scam’ and ‘vapourware’ must surely be put to bed now, but the next complaint is a lack of ‘professionalism’ about the video released.

    You cannot wait. You are asked for evidence, on the fly, out of sync with your own PR schedule – anything to show the Adam is real – and then when you do, people complain the video is too ‘hands-on’. And yet the previous complaint was the images were too rendered.

    It really is a case of can’t please all the people.

    But, Adam PiQi has sold out and I imagine the next batch will sell out too, as the Eden UI looks gorgeous and well-thought it. You have taken the Android OS and kicked it well and truly into the 2010s!

    I didn’t notice any lag on the scrolling as some people mention. What I did notice is that you need a firm and measured tap to activate the panel or app, and that is what might slow the response, but the scrolling looked beautifully responsive. In particular, I really liked the way the scroll in the files slowed gradually based on the speed (power) of the swipe. Very neat.

    I like it that the App tab is in the middle, because that is where your fingers are most of the time. I’ve often thought that the movement to the top or bottom of the screen to access basic functions is making us ‘move’ a bit too much.

    I was hugely impressed with the responsiveness of the pdf, with zoom in and out just faultlessly smooth. Looking at how the rendering of pdf is on my Kindle, I can see that this is going to make reading them much nicer, though I’ll keep the Kindle for my novels.

    I see this device as a great work-horse, media content consumption device.

    Best of luck with CES. I can only see great success and accolades for NI. And i wouldn’t be surprised is the odd naysayers are just Apple fanbois who realise there is a new kid on the block and they are going to take all the attention.

    Bye bye SmearPad! Hellooooo Adam!

  166. Good job Rohan and the whole NI team.
    Eden looks brilliant in adam.

    One thing still bothers me and that’s the ammount of Flash in our pre ordered devices.

    So I’m asking is there any way to upgrade flash in our pre ordered devices? Even if it means some extra payments

  167. I second the opinion that you will never be able to please everyone ..initially the feeling was “too rendered”….now “too original”……go guys …get some sleep ……you have done a great job ….

  168. 6 Billion ppl on this earth.

    i wish Ni would be able to sell 6 billion ADAMs so that everyone has the most advanced tool at their disposal and the world is united with a strong friendship bond

  169. Notion Ink s all about innovation and doing things better. We may be used to a traditional home screen but we might find we actually like this new way of doing things better.

    And… Maybe one of the developers can create really cool home screen app (for those who want a tradition home screen) that runs automatically on startup and/or is activated with a simple gesture. 😉

  170. Great to see Engadget eating humble pie

    Read the full post on alt.engadget.com

    Notion Ink releases Adam demo video, attempts to explain itself (update: second vid)
    By Sean Hollister posted Dec 18th 2010 at 11:55PM

    As promised, Notion Ink has just released a video of the Adam tablet in action, complete with that snazzy new Eden UI — the first anyone’s seen of the device since its first working prototype. While the footage itself is of disappointingly low quality, it seems to show a device somewhat worthy of the hype, with a responsive screen, a multitask-friendly interface and plug ‘n play peripherals — though we’re holding out for Pixel Qi screen tests and some closeup shots before we place any orders ourselves. Notion Ink singled out vocal critic AndroidPolice to launch the (seemingly incomplete) video and gave the publication an exclusive interview too, so take your lingering doubts about the tablet’s capabilities and head on down to our source links.

    Update: Now in 720p!

    Update 2: There’s a brand-new video after the break, showing off more Eden UI, a speedy PDF reader, and the Adam’s virtual keyboard — and reportedly all shot in daylight to boot.

    [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

  171. I think your point could have been made just as well without the profanity. Please remember there are children who visit this site too. Thanks… 😉

  172. First of all..

    Thx to Rohan and all of his team. Nice to see adam finally..

    You almost lost my vote but i am reconsidering my stand on adam.

    We all had our ups and down the past week waiting for this video. But now maybe we can rest, assured of adam`s existence. We all vote for the success of NI and adam, so maybe we all are what DEV wrote in his post..

    INKERS(nice name)

  173. Well Rohan and everyone at NI, what can be said. This is just beautiful. I am so glad I was able to preorder and so looking forward to owning the best tablet on the planet.

    Just a little anecdote, was talking to a guy today about how my old mobile was rubbish and said my next purchase will be an android tablet. He said (and I was shocked because he’s a bit of an apple fan) “Oh, is that the adam tablet?” Apparently he was in some Optus store asking about data plans for ipads and the sales guy said “Forget that, have you seen the adam!”

    Now sir, you may be on this blog, and if you are, no need to identify yourself, just wanted you to know you’d had a great effect one apple-fan.

    Great work, adam looks amazing.

  174. Hey rohan , you keep ignoring my question, when are the competition winners going to recieve their discounted adams?


  175. @andrew britton

    I share your concerns/thoughts about the screen appearing washed out. I too plan to use Adam a lot for video, photos, magazine reading which contain lots of colorful photos, etc. So I hope the Pixel Qi can do a good enough job with colors when running in transmissive mode (full color/full power back light).

    I plan to keep my Pixel Qi 3G on order. For me, the benefits of the Pixel Qi display outweigh the less vivid colors. But if colors are washed out too much for my taste, then an LCD variant is no longer out of the question for me either.

  176. Hope so. And hope it the second slot is standard size SDHC… That would be great and kind of make up for only 8GB of storage on board.

  177. Sorry to see you go. Thanks for your contributions here in the past. Though I suspect someone will be very happy you’ve given up your spot in line and they will get your Adam. Good luck to you!

  178. Marvellous 🙂 Congratulations to Notion Ink team, it’s impressive. Bravo :))
    More is coming. This is just the beginning of a great story and I’m proud to be a part of it.

  179. I didn’t notice it before. Thanks for the explanation! I don’t like linear approach but I can see the convenience of this in Eden in multi-tasking. Quite thrilling actually to see it works so smoothly.

  180. Hmmmm… I previously mentioned that when Adam is tipped back in the first video you can see the bottom, and on the right side it appears there is a slot there for a docking port or something else.

    Now I’ve noticed that the same thing has been right before our eyes all this time in a rendering on Notion Ink’s website.

    Check out the drawing for “Philosophy on the design page… http:// notionink. com/design.php

    What do you guys think?

  181. I also forgot to mention yesterday that when I called T-Mobile and AT&T to ask some questions about 3G data plans, the girl on the phone asked which tablet I wanted to use with their service. By the time we got done talking she was very excited about the Adam and had written down the website and blog URL’s so she could check it out.

    This thing is going to go viral and be very contagious! I’m just saying… (If you have made up your mind to buy an Adam and are comfortable with pre-ordering, do it now or forever wait in line! 😉 )

  182. AP: How will Adam users obtain technical support? Repairs? Do you have any authorized repair/service locations outside India/China?
    Rohan: Same information is also available in the warranty document. We don’t have any repair/service locations in India.

    shame there wont be any technical support 😦

  183. @Greg Well I always though it was a HDMI port :P. Btw can you point me to a link where all the applications/uses of Docking port/express card are elaborately explained

  184. +1
    It’s a tablet. It’s an Adam.
    By the way, yeah, there is a lag here and there. Of a millisecond! LOL. I guess you can’t make everybody happy 😦
    Oh well.

  185. I think that would be an excellent choice. Most likely a adam-fan will do just that… We’ll pobably see new videos with music or perhaps voice-overs by some industrious followers who know what they are talking about.
    With more videos on the way some compilatios will surface the Net.
    Btw. If translations to other languages are needed I’ll think NI will find heaps of volunteres on this blog. Everyone (at least a major group) wouldn’t mind helping NI out I guess… Just a thought.
    Hope to see the stand soon, will the thin slot on the bottom be used for that?
    Grtz from The Netherlands

  186. Well, fans have always encouraged Rohan to add more stuff. We want it to be perfect, as if not to leave anything out. I feel the same way too. We all do. But at the end we have to clap our hands, bow, and tip our hat to Rohan and his team.

  187. I have a bonus check just waiting for a 4G Adam Ink Pad…. When will they be available in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and who will carry them?!

    I WANT MY ADAM INK!!!!!!!! 🙂

  188. Please.
    Would you read the warranty document?

    “Notion Ink Authorized Service Center” sounds like technical support to me.
    if it does not for you, would you care to specify why?

    Have fun!

  189. Wow awesome!!
    I was thinking the Barney tag: Its going to be Legen…………………dary!
    Man good video. But is that a muted video?!!! I cheked but its mute.
    I want one with voice demo please…

    Tomorrow I will announce this news in Office.

    I remember I had sent email to my friends months back when I had heard Notion Ink.
    Now see where we are! Too bad I cant order one. But will get one for sure…..
    See ya..Adamantians 😉

  190. Rohan! and NI Team,

    First of all, Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Hope in future, there will be lots of milestone to come.

    The video has been planned out nicely. Particularly, in the second video, the story is streamlined, and is easy to understand. I think the second time it was you, because you typed 1.618 on the calculator- your favorite golden ratio, instead of some multiplications.

    The UI is really fast, and the pinch to zoom in and out looks to me silky smooth, so the tabs in the browser. I must say that at 512 kbps, the loading was pretty fast man!

    In your previous post, you were asking us how to zoom- Is this the way you were talking about?

    Rohan! when you were using the canvas programme, you seem to put a lot of pressure with the finger tip at some uncomfortable angle – is this optimization problem, or is it my wrong interpretation?

    you talked about note taking capability in your interview with police guys, i am in dire need of that. please make that one, as your topmost priority app. recording my professor lecturing and taking notes. this is the feature, college and University students will be very happy about.

    the weather app looks stunning, i got some idea of your weather app, regarding the use of OEID -something like that from yahoo.

    the browser is very nice with the two-finger dag menu option. copy-paste capability is great. Congrats to your team, all of them for putting this hard work. I think all of them are fresh graduates, and the present work will help them build a strong foundation in programming, and other departments.

    Hope by next week, we will be reaching another milestone by getting the FCC certification. If there is no problem, please do share the news with us here.

    Rohan! till now no FAQ section even after 1 week of pre-order, that is not good i think. please include it as your really topmost priority- you can at least put the same interview that you are giving now a days to different tech centers. i did not know before your interview with AP, that we can change the 3G frequency, by writing to support at ni. also if some Helpline phone contact, it will immensely help us. After the whole days work, quite difficult to search your interviews in tech sites to find out our answers. Please look into this matter and i will request you to take steps in this direction as soon as possible.

    one more thing Rohan! if you can specify that whether it is Micro-SD or SDHC it will be very helpful. i do not want to buy a 50 USD SDHC card- only to find out that it is not compatible. There will be discounts on SD-cards in the christmas season – please do consider our position and allow us to take advantage of the festival season.

    keep up the good job! beautiful batting!

    warm regards!

  191. Notion Ink, I implore you that you should open up the official forums soon.

    Let us populate the threads first before the next wave of (dis)orders comes in after CES. It would help alot to first build a community in the forum posting reviews, how-tos and guides for future buyers and prospectives alike. It will lessen alot of stress on cust support.

  192. Great job Rohan and Notion Ink Team. I have 3 questions and one of them I hope you can clarify on your videos.
    1) Does Adam support Microsoft exchange active sync for mail/calendar?
    2) Price and availability of higher memory variants
    3) Will there be PQi +WiFi tablets available on pre order again?

    Number one answer is very important to me please let us know.


  193. People keep asking me if i have shares/stock options in NI, when i tell them about Adam.
    Uh, nooh, but i wish a had…?

  194. I support jacknone’s idea about opening the official fora. Also can we please get the battery lifetime table you promised us some weeks/months ago?

    Keep up it, very nice video!

  195. The ONLY interesting question right now:

    >>>> When PixelQi will Adams be available again, to be bought with a MasterCard?<<<<

    I have seen enough videos already! The only issue for me was the pdf-reader. And I love the one in Adam!
    So bring it on NI!

  196. Cheers for the video!
    But Rohan, I think should release another set of family pre-order links with Pixel Qi models available in them.

  197. When Rohan was using Canvas, I think he kept his finger at an ‘uncomfortable angle’ to create pressure to write “Pink Floyd” because you can see Rohan doesn’t have very long nails. Either he plays guitar, or he worries a lot about his baby! 🙂


    Sometime around the middle of next month I will be giving in-person demonstrations of the PixelQi variant of the Notion Ink Adam at the Apple Store located in the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC. Please make note of this and I look forward to your attendance.


    P.S. Bring your kneepads

  199. Well, I expected that. It’s their job to report, not to be sentimental in their judgments.
    I will never accept anything less from them.

  200. You’re right, Fejwin.

    Please Rohan + Team:
    be so kind to notify the rest of the ‘family’ (20k) when (a date or just if it will be before CES) and if you have fixed with other ways of payment.

    These people will know then that they will not be forgotten and they can prepare for payment.


  201. This has been one impressive turnaround!

    My take on the phenomenon:
    Public opinion seems fleeble.
    But, I think one should consider the whole spectrum.

    People who think badly of the product, will still do that to some degree.
    People who think good of the product, will still continue to do so.
    In between, its infinitely variable.

    Events like the “pre-order” or today’s video, first and foremost influence peoples confidence to speak up.
    After such an event, different feelings (joy, anger… it depends as we saw) will boil inside people, causing very different reactions.
    In case of an negative event, people with a positive opinion will feel stalled, and will speak less good, but not bad, about the product / issue.
    People with a negative opinion will feel reassured that their thoughts are right, consequently speaking more readily.

    It is about what is _appropriate to say_ at the moment and what is not. This depends on recent events (described above) much more than on less recent ones, because of their impact on people’s momentary sentiment. We all have seen the mass’s reaction to negative comments in a positive environment. The “culprit” will be severely criticized and even badmouthed. (As we have seen with Mr. Briggs and various commenters)
    But, after the negative impact of the pre-orders, negative utterances weren’t criticized as much, even accepted. With the recent VideoRelease things have turned positive again, the “appropriate thing to say” reverted again; peer pressure at work.

    I do not say that people are just made of their pure imminent feelings, but that their reactions and willingness to react depend on those in the context of their opinion on said matter.
    Then, these opinions are much harder to change. Opinions depend much more on less recent events, as they were built up over time and cushioned by a mix of accompanying feelings.

    And, in the end I must say that this represents a stark simplification, as people’s readiness to change their opinion varies, as much as the maturity of said opinion itself will play a role in the process.
    Looking at the facts this way, public opinion seems less volatile and recent reactions on this blog much more understandable.

    I hope you enjoyed this draft of thoughts an will add your own to the soup tureen.

    Have fun!

  202. Video’s keep looking better and better. Very happy with my pre-order. cannot wait till FCC is through and they start shipping!

  203. @Greg, someone posted a photo on the other video post:

    i.imgur. com/ 4t8Gg.jpg

    Looks more like the sim card / micro sd slots to me…

  204. As we all knew this is going to be huge, have plans been made for the overwhelming number of orders and email that you will be receiving? I was locked out of preorder by the mastercharge problem and as I, like the majority, want the PQ version will wait for Adam 2. Will we have an opportunity at a 1st shot at a pre order? I have acquired a Visa account as a precaution as I forsee huge backorders. What would you advise? I am certain that many in the NI family would take advantage of the opportunity. I only hope that everyone is even partly aware of what has been acomplished by you and the NI team. I am in total awe. What has been accomplished here is beyond belief.

  205. I tell you in a nutshell:
    the naysayers took over for a while. they behaved like pests. But…real fans are talking now. read all the comments, they were not here complaining before. they are excited and have ousted the others. they were confused maybe, but never lost faith.

  206. @Rohan

    Video looks great. How about releasing the the “adam Quick Guide” PDF that you flicked through in the video?? Just to get us started 😉

  207. I think even in the AP interview Rohan said that they have no repair centre in India as of now.

  208. Wow, this was a great way to start the day. I got to check out the video right before work. Adam looks great, can’t wait to see more videos! Great job NI! 😀

  209. Notion Ink Adam – Quick Guide (Visible parts compiled from the Video) File Name: Quickguide.pdf
    Safety Precautions …… 4
    1 Knowing your Adam …… 6
    1-1 Front View …… 6
    1-2 Left/Right View …… 7
    1-3 Top View …… 7
    1-4 Bottom View …… 8
    2 Propper care of your Adam …… 8
    2-1 LCD Screen …… 8
    2-2 Other accessories …… 9
    2-3 If the water comes into the Tablet PC …… 9
    2-4 Other Notes …… 10
    3 Travelling with the Adam …… 11
    4 Getting Started …… 12
    4-1 Connecting the power adapter …… 12
    4-2 Turning on the Adam …… 13
    5 Get to know your system …… 14
    6 Getting Connected …… 15
    11-1 Troubleshooting…… 29
    Safety Precautions
    1. DO NOT press or touch the LCD Screen. DO NOT place the Tablet PC with small items, they may scratch the LCD Screen or enter the Tablet PC.
    2. DO NOT expose the device to dirt or dusty environment. Keep the environment clean and dry.
    3. DO NOT place the Tablet PC on uneven or unstable work surface.
    4. DO NOT place or drop objects on the top of the Tablet PC. DO NOT shove any foreign objects into the Tablet PC. DO NOT cover the LCD screen strongly.
    5. DO NOT expose the Tablet PC to strong magnetic or electric fields. DO NOT place the floppy disk near or on top of the Tablet PC, that may loss the data of the floppy disk.
    6. DO NOT leave the Tablet PC facing the sun as it can damage the LCD screen especially in the Car.
    7. SAFE TEMP: this Tablet PC should only be used in environments with ambient temperature between 5 degrees (42F) and 35 degrees (95F).
    8. DO NOT expose the Tablet PC to or use near liquids, rain or moisture.
    9. Caution: risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose used batteries according to the instructions.
    10. DO NOT throw the tablet PC in municipal waste. Check local regulation for disposal of electronic products. Please recycle the Battery Pack, and check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.
    11. The Tablet PC and the Adapter may occur some heat during operating or charging. DO NOT leave the Tablet PC on your Lap or any part of the body in order to prevent discomfort or injury from heat exposure.
    12. …..

  210. @Rohan

    Could we see a video of the system settings/configuration?

    Is the RAM upgradeable?

  211. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands, *clap clap*. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! *clap clap*. If you’re happy and you know it and you really wanna show it, clap your hands! *clap clap*

  212. Thanks for your delicious nutshell. 😉
    I think is sums up things even more then I already did. Appreciated!

    Where is the lizard?

  213. I am really loving how nice the touch sensitivity on the Adam is… The kind of accuracy it reproduced “Pink Floyd”on the canvas app- Just awesomeness… 😀

    I think this device would have interesting applications as a “Digitizer” with or without stylus support… Now, if the drivers become available for windows, OSx and Linux, then the Adam can be made to mimic the functionality of the Bamboo (or whatever its called) tablet- Interesting-Veeery interesting…

    Am dying to see in depth videos…. And Rohan, this time, please include some audio- Even if it some abstract music…. A video without audio is just… creepy 🙂

  214. Everything 4GB+ is cinsidered Micro SDHC so just go ahead and get a size of your choice and it will work fine.

  215. Hey Rohan,

    Great stuff..the process is smooth with soo many apps open and with the browser too..so just imagine the smoothness when you are working selectively….great work Notion Ink..cheers!!!!

  216. Usbdisk (files available in usb, compiled from video)
    Audio Player
    Blade Runner Trilogy
    Home Screen
    Images for FB
    Kwoon – When the
    Notion Ink_Email
    Settings Latest Dec 09
    Settings Latest Dec 15
    Settings Latest dec 17
    Video Files
    for flash Dec 18
    new Settings
    new image
    settings apks
    Settings Latest….zip
    Sherlock Holmes.pub

  217. @groundsit

    Good observations on the “shallowness” of human emotions. Its a sad “phenomenon” going on here in this blog, showcasing the fickle human nature. Its also sad that many people wants instant “gratification” both for selfish ‘wants’, ‘instant brushing’ of their ego in this era of instant on “online” presence, where distance have fallen into shadows. Being in the medical profession, it pains me that “respect” is losing ground when there is no “tangible” evidence to support it.

    Its a funny observation that people are so excited for the superficial part of “adam”, and dont give a damn of the philosophy behind it. People (not all) neither bothered to understand the “man/ men” behind adam, what they are made of, what they want adam to be, what their vision for technology to be more helpful. Many didnt hesitate to change colors with the changing tide.

    This is a big lesson for Rohan and co. I hope the customer relations executive sleep without nightmares for now (very few sleeps!) and prepare for future!

    Please continue the “adam to show itself”. You are seeing how adam silences critics, skeptics, even unfaithfuls. Please continue to concentrate on the core issues (your ecosystem, Bliss etc), all these finicky emotions are nothing, but “hawas”.

    *outgrown the need to comment here. Waiting to hold my PQ 3G adam in Jan 1st week 🙂 *

  218. Agreed, he already said the 3g lcd version was next to sell out, and he has talked about soon some pre-orders will not be shipped until February.

    If you want an Adam tablet in January, you should pre-order now.

    I pre-ordered the pixel qi, and then went back to order a second for my son to use in college, but it was sold out, I went ahead and ordered the lcd instead for him. Better to have an lcd adam, then no adam at all.
    With the videos now, the demand is only going to increase exponitially. Can you imagine what it is going to be like after CES and all the hands on reviews of the tablet.
    Just from one video, the tide as already turned back to notion ink. Endgadget, android police, slashgear, etc, have stopped all talk of vaporware and now are back to positive.

  219. 1. Exchange active sync for mail, he has mentioned already that it worked with exchange.
    2. My personal opinion is not for a while, they are going to concentrate on getting the current reference design out the door and manufacturing ramped up. Once they can get some manufcaturing effencies in place to lower cost, they probably would increase the memory, but not increase the selling price.
    3. off coarse there wll be, and they will sell out fast, the constraint is Pixel QI screens, and the CEO from Pixel Qi has already said in her blog that they have increased there orders. But the Pixel Qi screen is going to be contraint for a while, so each time more come available, they will sell out.

    this is another reason it you think you can get by with an lcd version you would be wise to pre-order that one. If you can wait, then just make sure you have your payment method ready, so when a pre-order for pixel qi does come up, you won’t have to wait for anything.

    I have pre-ordered both an pixel qi and an lcd, and on the second order for the lcd the bank blocked the visa charge, I had to call the 800 on back of the card and explain it wasn’t fraud for it to go through.

  220. The HDMI port is on the right side… It is the port that sits higher than the others.

    I doubt it is a express card slot. There would not be any drivers for express cards running on Android… But you can gogole for express cards and you will see all kinds of them available for use in notebooks.

    A docking port would allow you to place the Adam into it and it would most likely act as a stand and provide connections to peripherals and charge the Adam.

    But in previous photos that bottom area looks like slots for sim and sd cards, so let’s not get our hopes up for a docking station/port quite yet.

  221. I agree. That is what I thought when those photos were first posted, but it looks like one long slot in the video so you can’t lame me for wishing! LOL

  222. Hmmm!
    I woke up with an Adam hangover. It is amazing to finally see it in action. Kudos to NI team. You allmust be a bunch of extremely dedicated talented people.

    I think Adam is going to steal the thunder at CES. And it is going to be because it has Eve by it’s side. She’s going to turn heads at CES.

  223. He did say, if they waited for all payment methods to be ready they would have had to wait to January 7 to start pre-orders, and he also said, in explaining the problem with mastercard, was it took 2 days for visa and master card still was three weeks away.

    if you are hopeing to pre-order before the 7th of January, you may consider getting a pre-paid visa card. otherwise I believe you will have to wait till CES.

    I don’t work for notion ink, so I have no way of knowing for sure, but that is what he said, and he has been pretty upfront about the whole pre-order process and what went wrong and what they were doing about it.

  224. No way meaning to nag, just curious, çause thinking of ordering twoo as well: did you have to pay 50 bucks once or twice?

  225. “DO NOT press or touch the LCD Screen.” Wait, what? Don’t touch the screen? Well that confirms what the mystery feature is, a touchscreen you don’t have to touch!:)

  226. I have to admit I was on the verge Saturday morning of canceling my two orders.

    I did lose trust and faith in Adam when we were waiting for the videos.

    This new post is VERY reassuring and Notion Ink has accelerated over a HUGE mountain with this video post.

    Congratulations go out to EVERYONE on the notion ink team for their hard work in making this a reality. This Anniversary could have been a disaster, but everyone at notion ink should be extremely proud of the product you’ve created.

    And one more message for Rohan. I commend you on doing something extraordinary that many people only dream of doing in their lives. You wrote this idea down on paper over a year ago and had a dream to make this a reality. A HUGE THANK YOU from the community is in order for pulling this all together.

  227. Come to think of it, I’m a little worried about how this will turn out…
    Me: “My Adam won’t turn on anymore”
    Tech support: “Did you press or touch the screen?”
    Tech support: “Then its out of warranty. Sorry. Buy a new one.”
    Me: “Oh. Okay, here’s another $600.”

    This could get expensive!:)

  228. Couldn’t agree with you more. One correction though Slashgear have been the only ones to support the adam all the way.

  229. No probs, I thought the same thing at the beginning! 😉

    Now I’m only wishing I could get the ADAM in my hands asap tbh!

  230. That truly would be a big surprise if they present a working Eve prototype at CES! Somehow I doubt it tho… -at the very most I think would be an Eve announcement and even *that* would be stretching it…

  231. lol… but it does not seam to be the final version of user guide. If you look into the contents, it abruptly ends at 6 and then jumps to 11-1, and there are lots of spelling mistakes too 😉
    It must be some old document used for just demo purpose.

  232. As @Rohan said, you @Inkers deserve accolades for your dedication, time, and energy to make this device a success. As both customer and friend, here’s my own humble thanks; hoping you ALL get your well-deserved rest and recognition soon! Too often we seem to forget it isn’t just Rohan but a whole team of folks with perhaps just as much personal investment. Bravo! I can hardly wait to use my adam!

  233. Jep…
    ‘4 Getting Started …… 12’
    Right, first pour water over it and travel with it, before getting started ;0)

  234. NOthing to do with your post, just wanted this to be at the top 😉

    I dont know if this has been discussed before in the comments section, but I was just wondering why the HDMI port is misaligned with the other ports on that side? It is slightly raised compared to the other ports…

  235. It’s probably because the actual HDMI port on the circuit board is bulkier than the rest and in maintaining the slimness of the ADAM it had to be positioned higher and appears mis-aligned with the rest of the ports…

  236. very very impressed with the video. i ordered PQi with 3g.

    Congratulations Rohan, you did a great job in pulling this together. i have seen many people saying you need a PR team and all but IMHO you invested your time and resources in right place and made ADAM reality. i can still see people complaining, it is just as some of our fans are still supporting NI in the pre-order stuff. people dont want to admit they are wrong.

    i said this before and i just want to re-iterate, i am impressed by adam not because of the hardware it has but because of the vision you had towards UI and UX, read you blog about the same around 100 times and every time i read that i am more excited. i will be more than happy if you can discuss the UI stuff again here, want to know your initial thoughts and how they changed (or evolved). also want to hear why you were not able to do all the things that you want to do with UI (time and man power might be one thing)

    after the first batch of your product shipped i believe you will be in a better position to hire more people and get the job done quickly.

    please make sure that THIS BLOG is your PRIORITY to SHARE THINGS with us. you did a great job.

  237. Hey Greg, here is the latest demo of pq.

    http: / /www.notionaddicts.com/forums/showthread.php/760-pixel-Qi-demo

  238. +1 Awsomeness!!! \m/

    Totally agree with the no audio part!! We definitely need audio!!

  239. @Karen
    You can subscribe to the blog and whenever a new post is posted, it will email you. That way, you won’t have to keep checking frequently.

  240. I know and I am subscribed of course, but am not having access to e-mail all day this week.
    If there is a fixed time I can manage my takss around it :0)

  241. here is a little video demo of pixelQi

    http: //www.notionaddicts.com/forums/showthread.php/760-pixel-Qi-demo

  242. I don’t know how my post became a reply to this execrable post. Let’s avoid this kind of language on this blog, please, and like Greg said, keep this a family-friendly forum.

  243. Did anyone receive confirmation that Adam would have access to the Android Market. It wasn’t too clear from the videos.

  244. @Vamsi,

    Thanks so much for pointing that out. It looks great! Colors are awesome!

    If the implementation of the Pixel Qi in the Adam is as good (same PQ screen model/version and impact of non-glare coating does not change vibrancy much), then I will be extremely happy…

  245. Yes, UI designer.

    Quote from Rohan:
    “I am really happy with our UI designers. Specially Andre. He is really brilliant and it took a while before I could find him. Probably Jeff Raskin for us (if we leave a mark in history). Finding a right design lead is as good as finding your soul mate. When it comes to design, I am very adamant (but with work load I have learnt to compromise a little), and even after his decade of experience he is fresh and thinks out of the box.”

  246. Adam will not ship with access to Android market.
    You can hack it on to Adam or wait for an honeycomb update to actually bring access.

    But that said adam is capable of running all Anroid apps.

  247. Rohan has said clearly to AP in the interview that as of now, no access. Not until Google opens that space- He expects that to happen with Honeycomb. According to him, that is the precise reason that they have the Genesis Store….

  248. It will not come with Market, but that doesn’t matter because it will be pretty easy to put it on…

  249. I think there will be several of us racing to get Market on the adam first… ;->

    Might want to keep your eye on http: // www . notioninkhacks . com (delete the spaces)

  250. @1 video a day until the CES, we will have at least 16 more videos, discounting christmas and new year… mmmm….
    I hope they can keep up the good work…

  251. Stuff like this needs to be clarified though, just like the 8+, NI has to be specific. Can’t just put MicroSD, need to be SDHC. Even when you go to buy SD cards they say not to buy SDHC unless you see the logo on your device. If it is SDHC put SDHC.

  252. Ok, I’m a critic when I feel I should criticize, but on this video I have nothing to say.
    It looks seriously awesome, and I am very happy 🙂
    Seems like this multitasking will blow out of the water any other tablet we’ve seen so far, very very very impressive!

  253. I did not like the home screen. It shows a bunch of panels. I have to swipe a lot to find the application i have to launch. Same applies to launcher.

  254. this is interesting:
    “5. DO NOT expose the Tablet PC to strong magnetic or electric fields. DO NOT place the floppy disk near or on top of the Tablet PC, that may loss the data of the floppy disk.”

    Why would the tablet be conducting enough magnetic fields to wipe out a floppy (if anyone’s still using one)??? *cues X Files theme*

  255. The UI is still choppy, better than Driod but not comparable to iPhone or iPad. Apple is using hardware acceleration and lightweight rendering with only 500Mhz processor which is impressive.

  256. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Was was most fascinating is, how the video managed to morph prior destructive criticism into it’s constructive counterpart in some cases.

    And, I hope you will enjoy your adam! For me PixelQi sold out to fast …

  257. Maybe that has something to do with the mystery feature? The truth is out there! *x-files theme continues*

    Or maybe when you compare a floppy to something like Adam, the floppy becomes a sort of anti-technology, and they eliminate each other on contact?

    Just to be safe, I’m throwing away all my floppies. Goodbye ancient copy of “Wing Commander,” you will be missed.

  258. we didnt ask ur opinion ……..get lost with ur ipad………u can use it in toilet…..can it handle so much multitasking…..what abt browser speed…..wat about flash……….i feel sorry fr u….

  259. fundaazoflife,

    It is interesting that you mentioned the Bamboo Tablet. I got one for my daughter recently as she is into drawing and thought that same about using Adam as a Tablet. So far she is very happy with it.

    It could become one supercharged Bamboo tablet substitute or she can now use Adam for her drawings without even hooking up to the computer.

  260. I don’t own an iPad. I own an iPhone and a Droid phone. So i have played with both kind of OSes. Android has better look n feel but interaction is not as fluid as iPhone. Be a fair reviewer and not just a fanboy. Flash is definitely a plus but the video did not show flash demo so i cannot comment how choppy it becomes with flash.

  261. With a speed of 512kbps, the transition is smooth enough.
    Which Adam did you use?
    Any firm dates for those of us who had issues during, or missed, the pre order?

  262. One video per day per application or principle which comes with Adam. That would me hmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………………………………………………..VOILLA!



  263. when did u start seeing this blog……..flash has already been shown……u missed it…it’s nt their problem….android is getting better and better……it will only get better…with honey comb……..the UI u saw is the best in any android mob or tablet…….it even beats iwatever it is…….i own an ipod 4g,i played with ipad and droid….in any case i cannt compare…..just bcoz of its specifications…..now we have seen the UI also…..u will see the reviews on……..u can sit and say awe…..wait and see….

  264. www. youtube.com/watch?v=rVQAi73ypPA&feature=channel

    “BTW I am following this blog since CES 2010.”

    can’t believe u were following……ihihihi

  265. That video is just playing a youtube video in flash. I have already seen that one. But it does not show any interaction with the UI while flash is playing. I idea here is show Adam’s responsiveness while flash is playing.

  266. Thanks Rohan for the video and also making it very explicit about the quality! One video per day per application – super!

  267. I am an amateur photographer and I am parked in the Canon camp. I use a somewhat sophisticated DSLR and do quite a bit of post-processing using Photoshop. I was hoping that Adam would make my life a lot easier while on photography trips. I believe it can, so, here are some comments from that perspective.

    I realize that the Pixel Qi screen may not be the best from the point of view of graphics (saturation, contrast, % of Adobe RGB color gamut covered etc.) and, of course, I knew that when I pre-ordered, but I was wondering if Adam’s display settings allow the calibration (I have a Spyder Pro calibrator) and use of ICC profiles. It will also be nice if one of your LCD versions, at least with Nikola (Adam II), came with top of the line technology: IPS, OLED, whatever, for this sort of user community.

    I hope it will be possible to run some of Canon’s utilities on Adam soon, specifically, the EOS Utility, that will allow me to use the Adam as an external monitor for my DSLR which, with their LiveView capability, a) allows me to better monitor HD video shoots, b) do very accurate manual focusing and composition and c) control the camera indirectly, for time-lapse videos etc.

    To add to my wish list, ability to run Canon’s DPP RAW processing software on Adam, so I can start post-processing my RAW images while on the move.

    It will also be terrific if your partners include Adobe, so there will be a version of Abobe LightRoom available on Adam soon.

    I suppose Photoshop itself, in its full glory, is a wish too far, given the RAM constraints on Adam. For users like me, Photoshop Elements doesn’t cut it.

    I realize none of these capabilities may be available at the outset, but I hope some of these, especially the use of ICC profiles, will be made available via some OS updates later on.

    More on the subject later on.

  268. I have owned both an Iphone and an Android phone and Apple is no better. UI is basically the same, lag is the same and errors are the same and crashes the same. and update wipes the same…

    so whats the diff? Android- cheaper, more customizable, more apps, more support from community…

    what do you get when you buy apple over android? Coolness… in who’s eyes? the ignorant. the only people who buy apple and love it are those that follow the crowd and are willing to pay for every little thing like a ring tone and can’t think for themselves technology wise. They need to be told what they need.

  269. I was lucky enough to be on preorder for pixel q and ordered it. I ordered it on the original video tha t was posted for the January review, by that video alone I knew that the Adam was the android tablet to wait for. Therefore I put litlle stock in the negative comments that were posted and put my faith in the Ni team that it would produce a device similiar if not improved from the January video. These new videos have reaffirmed that I have made a good decision in regards to preorder . Now I just have to wait until the Adam arrives


  270. u asked for flash playin video…….i posted it…….dnt worry abt interaction and al…..it will be there and u will see it…..if they can do such awesome things which the big players couldnt do till now…..come on man…have some fAITH…i never seen an electronic device in which they try to pack wat ever technology available and possible…and i know rohan want to put even more if possible……..steve jobs is foolin u all….every year he is obliged to brin some thing out…so first he brings one ipad without camera a year after he comes with a camera…next time a sleek design and wat nt….just emptyin ur pocket. .

  271. also he only produced 100k ipads a month, why? Rohan said he could ramp up production if he wanted to to over a million LCD versions made in one month… Why limit to 100K? Control supply and demand. Not only does apple release technology a little at a time they also only release their products a little at a time. Keep it exclusive, keep people craving it, KEEP THE PRICES HIGH! Simple supply and demand…

  272. It’s a standard marketing trick, Just like Toyota and Honda. Don’t add all the features. Leave things for future and rake money.

  273. you know what I am a little confused on is the Adam tablet is thicker and has larger battery mass than the ipad yet it is said to weigh approximately the same as the ipad. Does this have something to do with the space grade light weight metal alloy frame? heh, have I answered my own question?

  274. check out this guy. another one eating his words? more proof that many out there just feed on the bad and dont see the good. They are looking for more people with horror stories. i guess if you want to complain, just seek out these bozos

    phandroid .com/2010/12/15/notion-ink-adam-ship-date-slips-back-doubt-continues-over-legitimacy/

  275. Perhaps one of your demo videos can show what Adam can do for photographers. The community of digital photography enthusiasts is very large, and growing exponentially. Even entry-level point-and-shoot cameras have HD video capabilities these days, so making them happy is good business as well.

    I also hope Adam will have support for h.264 video codec. With the (bi-directional, I understand) HDMI port on the Adam, viewing HD video shot on my DSLR on the Adam is something I am very much looking forward to — while on the field, that is.

  276. The people who are going to see all of this (and more) post-CES will mostly be a different crowd than the NI blog posters/followers. So there is really no down-side to posting short videos. Only up-side. Will we be able to tone down the red in the launcher?

    Anyone ordered a LCD version recently? What is the expected ship date? Awaiting PQi-3g mid January.

    When will the software be “frozen” for the shipping adams? Will there be a bug reporting process for end-users?

    Congratulations to Team Notion Ink (TNI).

  277. I understand your a fan and supporter of Notion Ink, but you do really sound like a fanboy. Full sentences are appreciated.

  278. So the Calculator that comes with the Adam is a very basic arithmetic one. Is there a full-featured scientific calculator App in the works? Would be nice.

    Also, some TeX/LaTex editor and viewer for the mathematically inclined. Lyx, perhaps?

  279. one of them definitely says “SIM Card”. I can’t quite make out the second, but you are probably right. micro SD.

  280. I am doubting if I should go LCD or Pixel Qi. Does anyone know how the battery time of these 2 compare (normal mode for PQ)?

  281. Watching the Map application on the demo, it seemed like the zooming was a tad slow. For on-device maps, I would like to see faster refresh and zoom performance. Is there some fundamental constraint that puts a ceiling on performance here? I hope not.

    In a very early post, Rohan had mentioned the work Bonnier Publishing was doing with BERG design on digital magazines for Tablets (someone, nsriram perhaps, was kind enough to draw attention to it recently). Would magazines designed for Android work seamlesslly on Adam? Needless to say, the ability to access edited content is crucial to the success of Adam. Apple has a tremendous advantage in their ability to draw in content producers. For their own reasons, content producers will not make everything available online freely; you will have to subscribe, for instance to a full version of the New York Times or the New Yorker or The Hindu, through their dedicated app.

    I hope you are working on an excellent e-book reader to rival Kindle and others. Ability to change font (limited to a selection of superb book fonts — you will need someone very knowledgeable about typography here, or at least someone who is an avid reader of Edward Tufte, Don Knuth, and their ilk), font size obviously for those of mature years, the ability to choose the texture and color of their ‘paper’ background, choice of bookmarks (elegantly designed, of course). A demo video would be nice when you feel ready to show this off.

  282. So…. there is no docking port? No real need for it, though. Apparently the packaging doubles up as a stand ad will have the circuitry(?) fir the charging… And connection may be thru mini-usb port

  283. So…. there is no docking port? No real need for it, though. Apparently the packaging doubles up as a stand ad will have the circuitry(?) fir the charging… And connection to PC may be thru mini-usb port

  284. This is what I was referring to “Production is not limited to any component as much as it is to PQ. We are really pushing them hard. We have extremely high number of normal LCD panels available, and that wont even go out of production (total number of these panels manufactured runs into millions a months)”-Rohan,,, there is a possibility of producing this much if they wanted to. I am sure they dont currently have the demand yet to do so though.

  285. I have heard from a few creative professionals on how good the bamboo is when it comes to digitizing their work… Seems like Adam is up for it. The “ANDRE ROCKS!!” and the “PINK FLOYD” were quite accurately produced as compared to the other touch screen devices… And to think that it was done by hand and not a stylus, -just makes me all the more interested…

  286. Greg:

    It might be a good idea for all of us who use T-Mobile to contact them about the Adam. This way, T-Mobile may develop an interest in working with NI and selling the Adam directly through their website. (Maybe I am dreaming, but that would be so neat!)

    (I will send them an email through their website. I will ask them if they will support the Adam when it comes out.)

  287. looks like wordpress broke again. Seems to be happening sooner and sooner. An official forum would work better and then we could start to organize a FAQ? would really help with all the new people coming in. All the new video posts are going to be drawing in a bunch of newbies and they are going to be demanding answers to questions that have already been answered…

  288. I do own an iPad I am typing this on it now. iPad UI DOES get choppy often, worse then I saw on the adam. Don’t have and never have had an iPhone but I have seen some and have seen the UI get choppy as well, but I can’t comment on how bad or how often it happens.

    Ipad was free, can’t turn down free… Not impressed with it personally, ran into limitations with it within an hour ones that even the Adam videos from earlier this year did not appear to have. It does serve a nich I guess but for what it can do it should be a $300 device not a $500 one.

    Can’t wait to get an Adam so I can get rid of this toy and get something I can really use.

  289. Perhaps Rohan should put a link on the NI website called, “WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US.”

    Then he can add the AP, Slashgear, Engadget, and any other articles around the world that talk about the Adam.

  290. Agreed. He did say that.

    I wish he would let us purchase through PayPal. (My hubby says we cannot afford to buy the Adam, so I have been hiding money in my PayPal account every few weeks. He never sees the purchases I make through PayPal . . . . )


  291. Seems very nice 🙂

    Thanks for this video !!!

    When will the next arrival of pixel Qi Adam be available please? I think I may buy one, even if I should not..

  292. I recall seeing a full-fledged scientific calc. I think it will appear as such in the fullscreen mode.

  293. You have seen the portrait calculator.
    In landscape mode / fullscreen it is far more advanced. (While your Casio still might have the upper hand)

    Have fun.

  294. Regarding ICC.
    I hope so too.

    Apart from that: Adam is said to support Ubuntu Linux, which in turn supports ICC profiles. A first solution.

    Have fun!

  295. Like to add my view point, we are NI’s biggest critic. With NI and rohan we all (I mean the OLD PAL, I just landed here few months back) contributed a lot brining ADAM to life. (I also thank those OLD PAL who stick with rohan from the beginning, Just naming few and sorry for many whom i missed: Greg , Phillip, Himanshu jain, Jai, Sowmya, little al, ongadge, Ganesh, Jon Fabritius, Carlos Osuna, Charles Dunton, fundaazoflife, onizukaallen, Nishit, send2dev, Frederic Ducros, Paul Owens, mhasija, Prema and each and every one of you)
    Iam sure each and every post made Rohan to learn much more about end user and demand of masses. It should be a huge learning exprience for all of us how an idea changes our way of life. Even for the -ve post or remarks on NI and Rohan, it must made them more stronger.
    Just one line for NI : If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
    I thank you all for making this happen. I trully feel this is a family now. I guess a huge family.
    Biswajit saha.

  296. ”Cheap thing no good Good thing no Cheap” 🙂

    He Provided the best and beyond the some… results and performance for the Money 😉

  297. I really like this headline from PC Magazine:

    “Notion Ink Demos Potential Apple Ipad Killer”


  298. @Rohan, or anyone else that can answer:

    Several of us had preorder links, but got screwed by the servers (which said to come back later, and when we did, all of the adams were sold out). Will there be a way for us to get priority in the next batch? Or will we have to duke it out with the general public again?

  299. I noticed that too.

    Adam uses a full blown GPS versus the A-GPS that comes with the 3G version of phone/tablet.

    The one advantage of A-GPS (Assisted GPS – gets its location information from the 3G cell towers via an Assistance Server/satellites to calculate it’s location) is that it arrives at a fix much faster than GPS devices. The downside is you need to be on a carrier network, i.e. 3G data network. Comes in real handy when the satellite signal is weak.

    The downside of A-GPS is that once you are beyond the Carrier’s coverage area, it will stop functioning, unless that A-GPS can also function as a regular GPS, which is quite rare.

    GPS on the other hand will work anywhere on earth as it communicates directly and receives information from any of the 4 of the 32 satellites orbitting the earth. As such, it takes a little longer to get a fix.

    The downside is that it kind of requires line of sight and will not perform very well if the satellite signal is weak.

    Rohan was probably indoors when he was taping the video and the satellite strength there could attribute to the slowness seen.

    Just a thought

  300. so when i can actually buy this damn thing again with a p-qi screen?! that’s the real question. i need a date!

  301. every single android device ever put out by anyone has a work around for the market usually taking as long as it takes to download an .apk and install it on your device. If you want the full Google package you may need to root.
    The first adams are going to come middle of January which is when honeycomb will release anyway…….

  302. so how about you show me the ipad running flash and doing any interaction with the UI.
    how about you show me the ipad running ANYTHING else at the same time and interacting with the UI.
    Android uses Java based code for applications to run, pause, and terminate. If its not the main application it is paused in the background (techinically) not using a single resource. The adam has demonstrated running multiple applications in run mode that are live and active at teh same time. There was obviously a need to change the standard android environment for this

  303. according to the latest rumour it’ll be more like in Feb 2011 and even then, prob coincide with the release of the Motorola “Google” tablet abit afterwards…

    androidandme .com /2010 /12/news/rumor-honeycomb-will-be-released-as-android-2-4-in-february-at-mwc/

    (remove spaces for the full link)

  304. LOL @ Do not touch the LCD screen. But still we should appreciate you for your job, excellent work.

  305. No. May be after couple of months. Netflix thinks google android is not secure enough presently.

  306. I haven’t seen any reply from Rohan on the subject, but I sure hope that there will be some sort of preference for those of us who got left out from the pre-order email, and for those of us who not only that but missed out the one-hour window before the Pixel Qi variants sold out! I’d hate for them to be available again and have them sell out with out getting a chance to get one.

  307. Gizmodo article:

    http:// gizmodo.com/5714977/wordless-notion-ink-adam-demo-finally-shows-off-real-world-abilities (rermove spaces)

  308. This is actually not uncommon design. (some reference in earlier posts)
    The HDMI seems to be soldered at the other side of adams circuit board.

    Have fun.

  309. Disappointing !

    So far I haven’t seen anything about:
    * the GPS things
    * a test of something like skype with video playback
    * an easy to use interface to do basic day-to-day stuff like having a simple music & video player (see winamp/audacious for simplicity)
    * an easy to use project and task management system that would make it so much easier to keep track of objectives rather than the calendar which should just be linked to the email client like in outlook.

    Best of luck with the development… so far it doesn’t do it for me even tho I would have loved it to read books with that cool Pixel Qi display

  310. hold your horses…. if you read the whole post above it says that up to CES, they’ll be a new video daily demonstrating various apps/features on the ADAM….

  311. If you guys mean the screenshot from last week’s post, then it could use a lot more work, I think. I mean, these are relatively simple to implement. Separate keys for inverse functions seem a waste of real estate, and the presence of an entire key for the Golden Ratio seems quirky at best. Very simple things like factorial and permutation/combination functions are missing as seems, unless my eyes deceive me, a simple x^y function. Surely, Inkers, you can pack a solid scientific calculator into a device that is allegedly the best thing for students.

  312. Weird! This wordpress blog sucks. Somehow my whole account and subscription to the notion ink blog had disappeared! Had to re-register with my same name!? Never seen that happen before.

    Anyway! I’m loving what I’m seeing! I pre-ordered and I can’t wait to receive it!

  313. Don’t for get to put quotes around url’s and that way you don’t need to remove spaces. ie


  314. I think its cool that they are letting the cat out of the bag before CES. Notionaddicts is an alright website, but I am prefering notioninkhacks these days. They have chat rooms, articles, forum, international translation, etc. These guys are the bad boys in town.

  315. Does anybody have ANY accurate information pertaining to
    a) US-based tech support and product service/repairs?
    b) a US distributor or manufacturer rep. that would be contacted in the event of any legal issues?

  316. I would like to extend my congrats to NI for finally coming out with the video, but like the rest, I’m still awaitign to hear when will be the next pre-order?
    I shall post the Video URL on my Blog, word of mouth is strong.

  317. It is very interesting the Nan sayers are not back to apologies. But who really cares its great we can get back to what is important and that is discussing what is developing here. both a Community Of Practices (COP). Discussing what is far more interesting that the rants of people who were not really interested in what was on offer anyway. I hope they find and get the tablet they deserve. 🙂 lol

  318. Thanks Everyone…. I already have a Android Tablet (Zenithink) which I was able to get Market running with “Market Workarounds” but you have to realize that without a proper access built into the Adam, it’s going to be very painful. Additionally, with the “workarounds” you won’t have the same access to all the apps. Been struggling with that on my current Tablet running 2.1.

    Will hope that Market will be available “Native” in the future on the Adam…

  319. Rohan, you indicated that you are selling as a global offering. My question is why the different zones for the 3G. I travel internationally and have the ability to work anywhere would be really great. Mobile phone use to be set for different countries but now you can use the same phone anywhere in the world. Does this functionality increase the cost of the device in a major way?

  320. I’d guess that the zooming out was slow because of the broadband speed and not the Adam itself. Guessing NI guys were making the video connected to a slow network in India…

  321. So… why can’t Notion Ink take back-orders on pre-orders? I am sure there are people like me who do not mind paying now for the PQ just to be in line.

  322. Eh? The maps are on the device. So, no network necessary. Anyway, something for the Inkers to look into, I suppose.

  323. @Sideloading noobs: With the possibility of no android market, there are several sideload apps out there that allow you to install any *.APK file (app files for android), this is assuming the adam will lock you out of installing apps that you just plug in via a USB port. (If the adam allows installation of any APK file then there is no sideloading necessary. Just get a hold of the file from a developer download, or just do a google search for a specific app and you can buy it directly from the developer or download it if it is free.) My personal favorite sideloader is very easy and can be downloaded for free from: androidcentral.com/sideload-android-apps-all-you-want-sideload-wonder-machine

    with the android market not being available upon release, I wouldn’t be surprised if NI just made APK file installable from the SD card, USB thumbdrive, or direct download from a developer. This is possible on the Galaxy Android phones and tablet (which some still consider a phone, like the Ipad is still considered a big Itouch)

  324. i think after the staff or NOTION ink read through all that BS, it really did heart them especially since they work so hard to reach this point.

    ”please refrain from telling others about this product until release”

  325. you call that choppy for MULTITASKING
    Dont think ipad can handle what he is doing

    please go back and read what the video says. EVERYTHING from the start


  326. ”The wordless video shows off the Adam’s super-responsive touch screen and processing speeds even while running several heavy apps at a time. According to the blog post, the tablet in the video is loaded to mimic the device of a heavy user”


  327. I did something similar a month back… to the Sprint Guys @ Irvine, CA

    I am going to use their Sprint Overdrive, and the adam via the Wifi connectivty…

    I did not go for the 3G version… so that i can use AnyG… down the line…

  328. I dont like the home screen. I have to search through a massive grid of aps to find the one I want. Unless i visually memorise where they are on the grid, I get lost. – iPad owner.

  329. You do not have to wait…

    You can use the Sprint Overdrive (which Sprint does offer for free) and connect that via Wifi and the OverDrive 4G connection…

    I just did that last week in Atlanta with both the Ipad as well as Samsung Galaxy Tab

  330. @Notioninkhacks

    On your front page you show an old render of adam with the weather theme enigma.

    As this image is

    a) old (adam does not look like this)
    b) inaccurate (Enigma is a Windows program)
    c) contentious (the writer of Enigma has complained already about this image)

    would you consider using a different image?

    Rohan has responded once already to complaints made by these people.

    Otherwise notioninkhacks seems like a good site.

    I am hoping that Notion Ink put up their own forum very very very soon (Rohan has stated it is coming) and then we can perhaps centralize notionaddicts and notionhacks people’s comments into one location.

    Peace out,

  331. @friendbis
    Thanks for the acknowledgement. However, right now the grass is not greener on the other side. It is getting there and will soon be.

    Rohan and his fellow workers are under a lot of scrutiny: from the public due to his choice of open communication, from the investors watching over every step Rohan takes; and from competitors with deep pockets, with spies and other designs of their own.

    Some of us joined this blog because we saw something great in the works, and the potential to be, in a little way, a value added source of encouragement to Rohan,s model. However, from this side of the field, criticism has sometimes taken a negative turn because we are somewhat incognito, sometimes ignorant of the facts or just plain innocent – and we (armchair critics) have very little pressure from external sources.

    As you said, we are NI’s biggest critic. So, as you intended, let’s encourage each other to show our encouragement when it is needed. Cheers.

  332. @Rohan :
    I did not make a preorder ‘coz of no ‘Mastercard’ or “Net Banking’ and now that net banking is available PixelQi are out of stock

    So can you just tell us how long is the waiting time for PixelQi models so that i can go for LCD if waiting time is really long, can you ?

  333. Rohan has already said the Adam can be connected wirelessly and act as a touch pad and/or keyboard for your PC. So mimicing a bamboo is very likely. All though it will not be as accurate as a bamboo which is built for the specific purpose of drawing and includes a stylus with pressure level sensitivity, etc. If a drawing on your PC is important, just get a real Bamboo. You can get a reconditioned Bamboo Pen and Touch model on Amazon for about $60 and they are as goods as a brand new one.

  334. So kinda like the ipod touch, right?

    Add a camera here, add some retinal display there and VOILA! UPGRADE!

    More money for Apple!

  335. NOTHING can do that, except windows desktops and laptops. This is multitasking like Android has never seen. Even my laptop would slow was down with all those open.

  336. I agree. I do feel it’s good to also look at the good side of things. In my opinion it helps keeping a balance of all things considered.

  337. ”The wordless video shows off the Adam’s super-responsive touch screen and processing speeds even while running several heavy apps at a time. According to the blog post, the tablet in the video is loaded to mimic the device of a heavy user”

    PLEASE READ 0:03-0:16

  338. @send2dev
    I was worry about you for a day or two. But a smart fellow needs only a little bit of light to walk through the darkest channel. Great comment.

  339. I missed the preorder bc of bank problems. I honestly think the LCD is an excellent choice. The difference is the PQi. LCD still up for preorder. If I were you, I would preorder the LCD version before is too late. I did, and will order again in January when they will have more PQi.

  340. From the beginning, I was under the impression that the panel concept was brought to bring the android apps to Adam. In one of the earlier posts, Rohan did mention about panels loading phone apps. The panel was made according to phone dimensions. However, now that marketplace is not available, does it mean that we cannot install android apps?

  341. Hey folks…
    Any guesses on what this next video will be???

    and when will it be posted???, its been over 24 hours… so just startrng the guessing game!

  342. That is the kicker. It looks very fast. Imagine having less applications running.
    In any case, the millisecond is not really a problem.
    I think the other tablet makers have a lot to consider.

  343. I wonder if Rohan still reading our comments. Didn’t see his response on any of the comments from a while.(must be mad busy with CES preparation along with one vid daily thing… )

  344. Remember the calculator on Android phones? It was very basic, but then like 20 scientific calculators hit the market. Something as simple as an advanced calculator will be simple to implement post-release.

    Even if we do have to side-load it.:)

  345. Yes. Yes you have:)

    Also, I suspect that Adam will actually have slightly less screen area than the iPad, despite the longer horizontal. That would mean less glass.

  346. Sorry, that was supposed to read “the longer diagonal.” Even though the horizontal is longer, too.:)

    I think the diagonal angle is slightly more acute than the iPad, which is nearly 45 degrees. Rohan did mention using the 16:9 aspect ratio. But its okay, because it means a smaller device with a larger keyboard.

  347. It is nice of them to recognize the Adam. But I think they still missing the point of the Adam not being in the same category as the ipad, and the other tablets out there. It’s like saying a tablet being a desktop killer.
    The Adam is the first of its kind. It’s a convergence, not a simple tablet. Some people will buy traditional tablets because they give them what they want: simple operations, no complications, one app at a time, and done. It is not about speed either. On the other hand, Adam/Eden offers a true experience for the heavy user, for students, tech people, bossiness people, etc. It gives a full experience. There’s no comparison possible.

  348. If Rohan needs more capital, he could consider selling ad space in the next video. Instead of writing “Andre rocks” he could write “Joshua Price rocks.”:)

    Or maybe the name of my blog?

    I’m just saying, the ad would have a guaranteed audience…:)

  349. Paypal allow you to get a visa debit card to make purchases using your account. I think you can apply online and have the card in a matter of days

  350. Yes, but netflix hired programmer to bring netflix to android several months ago, it should be available some, also, Adam has full web, so you should be able to go to the netflix web site and watch it that way

  351. I am sure he respond soon. But if i were you I would give NI some time to get over their current unease, atleast till the adam launch …. just a thought.

  352. @Rohan in the detailed video’s could you add someone talking as well, explaining what you’re trying to show.I know you had that as subtitles but somehow having someone speak adds that little something. maybe the guy who developed the app, like MS has done for some of their stuff. that way we get to know the people who’ve worked this hard on what looks like a sweet UI & interesting apps & they get some recognition too!

  353. I have read what Rohan has written on the digitizer. And when I said nice things about the Bamboo, I was thinking aloud of the possibilities with Adam… What I am really appreciating here is the quality and the accuracy of the canvas application in recognising the finger strokes…

    What I am appreciating is that the Adam can do what the bamboo does (not as accurately, true) and more… The applications and the potential is immense… I remember the whole blog-verse going gaga over the Apple Magic Trackpad, and how it had changed the way we will interact with our Computers (Although only Apple Computers-VERY annoying)….Not comparing , but the Adam, on that front, will look like an infinitely more sophisticated and swelte big brother…

    Cant wait to hear more on this front!

    P.S @Greg: Why buy an Adam and a Bamboo when you can buy just an Adam? 😉

  354. @dev and others: really amusing All of you have adopted a common spelling : Cannon, when the camera company you guys are talking about does not have anything to do with cannon. 😀

  355. @Ravi: Maps may not have anything to do with broadband. Do you think you cannot use your GPS if you dont have broadband?
    My GPS does not need broadband 😀

  356. Have asked a similar question earlier. Hopefully we will soon have some clarity on the bands supported by each 3g models(850 model and 900 model)

  357. @suicideclown1: Mr Expert, Do you even understand what you write or is this your sense of humor showing? 😀

  358. Hey Rohan,
    I know you are crazy busy and what not but I have a simple request for your next video. I have a feeling other people are wondering the same things but haven’t mentioned much about it.

    #1 Can you show the Eden UI to go from landscape to portrait (scroll around) and flip back.
    #2 Show the home screen (are the Eden panels always up/only thing ever shown?)
    #3 run a benchmarking app to show how much power the Adam has compared to other devices (to shut up the spec people)

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!!!
    Josh C.

  359. @mookiemu
    It happened with me also. I commnted 3 or 4 times but none of them appeared here.
    Suddenly it started working – only my last comment came up here. I have written to the WordPress support.

  360. Rohan

    I have great idea for eden.

    optional horizontal panels. you can design eden to allow two horizontal and one vertical panel, while the adam is in a horizontal orientation. also two virtical and horizontal panel while the adam is in a vertical orientation. some apps like the browser just look better in a horizontal orientation. also you can allow a multi-point drag and drop gesture for moving the panels around.

  361. Rohan

    I have great idea for eden.

    optional horizontal panels. you can design eden to allow two horizontal and one vertical panel, while the adam is in a horizontal orientation. also two virtical and horizontal panel while the adam is in a vertical orientation. some apps like the browser just look better in a horizontal orientation. also you can allow a multi-point drag and drop gesture for moving the panels around.

    sorry for the repost wanted to make sure you seen it

  362. Rohan

    I have great idea for eden.

    optional horizontal panels. you can design eden to allow two horizontal and one vertical panel, while the adam is in a horizontal orientation. also two virtical and horizontal panel while the adam is in a vertical orientation. some apps like the browser just look better in a horizontal orientation. also you can allow a multi-point drag and drop gesture for moving the panels around.

    sorry for the repost wanted to make sure you seen it 2

  363. First of all congrats to Rohan and his team. The video is really impressive and makes me to see wait for more features. Even though my pre-order status shows as 9th Jan, I am very much excited to have my fingers on Adam asap. Mail’d & weather app is really cool.

  364. @Little al, well said “let’s encourage each other to show our encouragement when it is needed”. For NI: “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Make your own rules.

  365. Hello Rohan
    Does the multi panel allow “in app” horizontal scrolling ?
    Is there a home application with widget supports?

  366. @Jai, +10. I do agree we have hell lot of expectation form ADAM but it will be hard for NI to fulfill all. I was looking for a device which changes the way of computing. It is not like a cheesy flashy IPAD or Sumsung Tab as they are more of a fun gadget then a computing device. I think Adam will take us to different level in computing, it is just a step towards future technology as such technology need time to mature. Adam might not be 100% perfect but way ahead then the rest.
    Biswajit saha.

  367. Yea, but I wonder how much more. Rohan promised a table containing all the battery span a while ago, but we still haven’t seen it.

  368. Love the Adam 🙂

    But I have 2 questions right now:

    1. What MicroSD Card are compatible with the Adam (Size?, sdHC? etc.)
    2. What’s about the Mic in the Adam? Is it good as the speakers? (:D) Or comparable with others, like the MacBook Pro Mics?

  369. yeah i’ve been doing my best to keep track… but i haven’t really seen any reliable information on when the next round of pre-orders will be. i hope forum regulars get first chance again, this time properly 😛

  370. you can keep the outer eden scroll weal vertical. then when into the the three panels that are side to side, you can than press and hold and select for it to go into horizontal or vertical. then you could use a 4 finger drag and drop gesture to move the panels around so that you can orient it the way you like. i think that would be intuitive enough and provide more freedom and control.

  371. Rohan, there is one fundamental thing I think you should think about very seriously. One should never commit to something unless one is absolutely sure that he can deliver on the commitment. You committed to posting one video a day, and you havent delivered yet. I am not cribbing, and honestly speaking, I have no problem waiting for the video, whenever you post it
    You should have committed to a few videos over the period of time till the CES, instead of one video a day. Or, you could have committed after you had a few videos ready. All this adds up in building a question mark on NI’s credibility/ reliability.

    I know that one day, you will be the CEO of one of the world’s forerunners in Technology (NI, of course 🙂 ), but that will happen if and only if you make a habit of staying true to your promises.

    Hoping for great things to happen to NI and Adam.

  372. It’s interesting to see what NI’s co-operation with other blogging sites has done to the commenting volume: several hundred comments only? It’s because the discussion has moved into the wider web, onto tens of other sites. I take it as a good sign!

    I’m glad to see videos of actual-use scenarios, and a robust demonstration of the Adam at last. Thanks, Rohan. To commenters giving out about the tides of negativity before, please consider that a significant number of regular-comers must have already spent money on the Adam before pre-orders even opened, if the two EAPs are anything to go on. And judging from Pierre’s blog posts, at least some were getting no answers or support. I’d say they contributed a lot to the complaints here, rather than this nonsense idea of a vast Apple conspiracy.

    Something I noticed above: In the PDF someone transcribed, it said not to leave floppy disks (magnetic media) on top of the Adam. That’s not normal! I think that’s more evidence that their mystery feature is a tesla-touch screen, because that technology works with rapidly alternating static charge, which would insta-wipe a floppy disk! I hope I’m right. The possibilities for a true tactile feedback system like Tesla Touch would be truly enormous, enough to sell a tablet without any other distinguishing features. 😀

  373. @Greg: Why buy an Adam and a Bamboo when you can buy just an Adam?

    Well… Adam can work similarly to a bamboo, but there are still a lot of big differences. My son loves to draw and can use the Bamboo on the PC anytime he is at home. He can use the Adam for sketching on the go too. But without Adam actually being a digitizer and supporting pressure sensitivity, etc, I doubt he will be able to use Adam to do all he can do with the Bamboo. Maybe Adam will be able to fully replace a bamboo or other dedicated digitizer/drawing pad in the future (perhaps Adam2 if we are lucky).

  374. Was basically asking what data plans will be available for the Adam. Of course they could not answer that.

    One could assume that they will be similar to iPad’s data plans. But then again, AT&T is not selling the Adam. And iPad uses a microSIM where Adam uses a standard SIM. So will AT&T allow us to purchase a SIM card and use Adam on their network. I’m pretty sure they will. But their customer service reps have not dealt with any 3rd party tablets yet so they don’t know much at all.

    I will be going to the local AT&T store when I have my Adam and then I guess we’ll see how things work out…

  375. Ok touche Rohan, you directly answered two of my questions from your last blog, in this blog; 1. The keyboard in action, and, 2. Why you wont show HD video clip.

    You also stated you will release daily videos of particulars, that is cool!
    1. I either read in one of your blogs or read someones comment that talks about split keyboard for two hand operations as you carry Adam. Is that true? Can you show that?
    2. Will Google Market be available for apps? and will they run on adam? I have an android phone and frankly some of the apps I got off of Market are awesome, would really like those same apps to be able to be hosted on adam.
    3. I take it you willhave an expose of Genesis, its my very poor understanding, that genesis is your intended version of Market (i think I read that in a blog, so many blogs Im getting confused between what I read in your blog and what a commentor might have invented in their own brain!). You can see my last two comments are related, Im interested in software support and apps.
    4. I have so many more topics to ask about like, SIM Card? Broadband capability? So hopefully you will address these in upcoming demonstration videos.

    thanks bsmdbt

  376. After several months of patient waiting and even enduring the “countdown” and subsequent 48 hour pre-order vigil I had purchased my Pixel-Qi Wifi/3g.

    Due to the mounting concerns by fellow fans and media pundits alike, ever-changing specifications and missed deadlines, combined with the absence of sufficient support structures and a US distributor/rep. office should one need to address issues….

    I sent in an email to pre-orders seeking a complete refund.

    If anybody else has done the same, please let me know how your case has (or has not) moved along.

    I wish you all the best and truly hope I am proven wrong, as while I frown upon the zealous blind loyalty and myopia of the fan base, I also love the notion of a struggling start-up tech company rising to challenge uber-brands.

    Because I needed something before February (the current arrival date based upon the latest statements by NI) with sufficient specs (more than 8Gig internal), I went an entirely different direction… at twice the price, but with an established brand, US support, no outrageous re-stocking fees, etc. and a wicked UI overlay.

    Hope you all have a great new year with that stylish new Adam in your hands amid jealous and curious onlookers!


  377. Donno if you will see this: So do know if your 3G will work with both AT&T and TMobile?

  378. Guess you are right @andrew. Because of the touch paradigm, swiping on the red stripe is very obvious concept. But as said, it would nice to get a way to “see more at a time”. I am sure NI has already thought about it, though. 😀
    @Himanshu: Windows 7 already has the “see more at a time” feature ……

  379. It will not support both since they use different bands. I’ m pretty sure it will support AT&T but not T-Mobile. I wont know for sure until I have more info…

  380. That was Andrews phrase. Nothing very different from what you were talking about. ALT+TAB will result in a box(not strip) that will try to show all the windows at the same time.

  381. Hi Rohan and NI Team,

    I’m pretty late to the party but just wanted to say nice job. 🙂

  382. I cannot believe that these guys are shooting the video themselves. A good product is as much marketing savvy as much as technical. Has anyone from notion ink seen any of the other videos out there of product launches…… Pay a graphics company or something dudes…. the features are awesome, but clearly the advertising of those products is not.
    Hope there is some big marketing gig planned for CES.

  383. Please read what Rohan had said or wait, let me make it simple for you ” Do not expect production quality here, because advertising or promotional videos are coming later”

    Rohan is posting these videos for the bloggers, promotional videos are coming later…

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