The Video

The video is being sent to Android Police and they will have exclusive access to it for the six hours before we can post it here.


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  1. For us in the UK that means it will be 1 in the morning before we can view it! (Assuming it has just gone to AP now)

  2. ROFLMAO oh kind of like family members had six hours to pre-order… RIGHT?

    Great job of staying on the ball and keep us informed… again!

    And of course there is NO sarcasm in this post.

  3. Three questions

    1) What happened to the consumer centric focus?

    2) Why the late post?

    3) Why suck up to Android Police?

  4. whaat?? Rohan i want you to use blog the way you used to use it before.

    it looks like your importance is shifted.. please prove i am wrong..

  5. Hmm…
    AP has to recv the video, check the format, find an editor, write an article and then upload….
    will take another hour or so, I guess….

    How long until someone posts this on youtube and links it here, though? All this fuss about exclusivity- doesnt make sense to me…

  6. Yet another fail. Thanks for the update Rohan, i guess. But this is getting ridiculous? Exactly why would you give a bolg that has been calling you out every step of the way (prior to your buddy buddy interview with them) exclusive access to a video you have promised to “your family”? You know the people here who i’m sure you are losing in droves. With every passing week I feel more and more let down. Lets hope this video is something amazing and that you guys have one hell of a CES…

  7. Thanks for the heads-up. I don’t mind waiting another 6 hours..I’ll at least have something fun to watch before I start work tomorrow, plus I get to have a good nights sleep knowing it’ll be there when I wake up and I can go about my business now 🙂

  8. sorry to say this but it looks like you are acting as their media partner than they acting as your media partner… you are giving them the publicity they dont deserve.

  9. Rohan could have told us ahead of time that he was going to send it to AP first. That way everyone would be frustrated with AP for not having the video online instead of venting on Rohan…

  10. Family first, huh?
    Following NI for so long, was promissed an e-mail for pre order, was promissed more info and video yesterday.
    And now this?
    Not fair indeed.
    How much more are we expected to give in here?

  11. Borderline infuriating. This communication would have been nice 6 HOURS AGO! (Oops, caps slip.). The communication is lacking . . . again. Either don’t make a ‘commitment’ at all, or if you are not going to go follow through with it for some reason, let the folks you made the ‘commitment’ too know . . . early.

    I understand you want another group to be able to analyze the video and draft a prepared response. And Android Police is ‘respected’ in the community. Why not give it to Slashgear though who has defended you from day one, instead of AP who accused you of being a fraud (not in those exact words).

    Oh well, back to watching Blade Runner.

  12. @fuglymcnuggly

    It’s called media relations. Why let Android Police slag your company when you can talk to them directly, help them by giving them exclusives, and turn your enemy into a friend?

  13. I every single post by Rohan till date, he has mentioned something or the other that drives all kinds of speculations. For instance, why did he have to say “being sent”? Just cut to the chase, and say that the video has been sent…

    Really, Rohan, you need to understand the power of words…

  14. What I do bot understand are the people that are just saying oh well another six hours or oh well this is cool. This is a business man giving timelines with no updates. This is a man trying to to make money from consumers. You that just support on faith and blindness need to wake up.

    What people forget to realize. Things like this are fine if you drop little updates along the way. Keeping communication is what keeps companies afloat not just having everyone wait and then saying wait longer.

  15. Although they don’t use it too much, AP has their own YouTube channel too: youtube. com/ user/ androidpolice. Maybe it will show up there first?

  16. why so hectic? seriously?? because once again we are told, promised even, that we are getting something…we wait and wait and wait only to be told…he wait another 6 hrs. Perhaps he should have said the weekend of the 18th instead of a specific date. Perhaps he “big announcement” should have been we launch at CES instead of the cluster f*ck of a preorder. And lets not forget he is still dangling the “mystery feature” in front of everyone. An now NI goes and give AP exclusive access to the “promised” video?? I wonder what kind of deal was made for that…

  17. I thought the same thing. But what I think he meant is, they will have exclusive ‘private’ access to it so they can prepare a formal response by the time we see it.

  18. +1000 What happened to all exclusives on the blog. That’s how it was and that’s how it should have remained. Why ditch the consumers now that you got all your pre-orders?

  19. I do share the very same feeling. And then: why android police? Go for the big fish, give your exclusive to engadget or tom’s hardware or another big one. AndroidPolice is quite a small website, on another website they could have gottne much much more visibliity.

  20. Rohan,

    This is too crazy for words! How does it end up that they, the android police, are all of a sudden more important then all the people who are following. And why the freaking 6 hours! Are we just the small people and they are important!
    Did you forget that here are the people you are buying or willing to buy. The android police are maybe 10 people while we are here most certainly with a bit more.
    AGAIN not a very good thing if you look from business point of view.



  21. android police???????????

    and that too after they termed u a scam……..u gotta be kidding me 😦

    but all things aside….all of us(read faithful followers) were promised a video on the 18th of dec and not AP….you could have sent the video to ap earlier and after their post mortem upload it onto the site for us all

  22. Yes, android police did criticize you. That doesn’t mean you have to give them exclusivity to everything you do. People are going to criticize you. You can’t just hand things to people who don’t like you to make them like you.

  23. Its can also be called shooting yourself in the foot. People followed this blog more than AP. What a way to reward us. Don’t want to sound like a troll. But it is a huge let down.

  24. I was wondering the same thing… Slashgear has covered the Adam so far, and sure they will turn sour because of this experience.

    The entire journey of Notion Ink make an interesting case study for international business, media relations and PR…

  25. Relax, folks.

    At some point Notion Ink must shift from focusing on a small club of enthusiasts and “family” and become a company that is serving an international and ~highly~ critical audience. This post is good news, not bad news.

    Giving the first in-depth video of Adam to one of the company’s most vocal critics so they can publish a review when the video hits the public makes a LOT of sense.

  26. Seriously?

    AndroidPolice!… why?
    Neways the 18th is over in india and i guess/hope this is where adam was born… the significance of the video remains but the significance of the anniversary is gone… i thought family was first… but i understand some of the tech blogs are important… i actually dont know what to expect of NI anymore… Will wait till i have seen the videos and heard about the other variants…

  27. No, Surely David Ruddock at Android Police wont miss a chance to have it exclusively on their site… So we can expect to see it sooner.

  28. This is not the way Rohan should treat the real customers, who took a risk and already paid hard cash for a device. AP will have access earlier then those people?

  29. You suck, you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck one for every hour. Another stalling tactic. Time to canel, it a sham, a scam, piece of shit (pos) company. Did he even post this message or is he in a plane again? Spending our money that he scam…..

  30. Dabang……!!! 🙂
    Munni badman huyi darling tereliye.. Rohan badnam huva @friendbis tereliye… 😉
    Jandu bam huva darling hum sab ke liye……..!!

  31. Why would you try and convince your followers when it’s your enemies who need convincing? You people hating and rubbishing Rohan for going to AP need to think outside the square.

  32. I for one as an aspiring entrepreneur would like to thank Rohan and Notion Ink for giving me a fine example of how NOT to do business.

  33. All this talk about family n stuff are slowly fading! Well I guess its time for Rohan to act more smart … more like a true CEO. AP may give NI more publicity and credibility….

    Anyway we want NI to succeed and Adam to be a great tablet.

    Let me hit the bed and check back early morning..GN

  34. Because many of his “followers” over the last year have expressed a need for convincing long before AP came into the picture!

    Quit sticking up for this lousy company!

  35. for the weeks leading up to preorder and the days following all Rohan did was preach about community and family and the people that come to this blog. This blog has been where all the exclusive information has been released. AP comes along and trashes NI with some VERY VALID points. Rohan gets upset and gives them a a buddy buddy interview and now he’s providing them the exclusive viides before his “family”. perhaps it is media relations, but at what expense? another slap in the face his “family”? And if he was going to give any exclusives, why not go with a heavy hitter like engadget, toms hardware…ect. They have all reported on the ADAM at one point or another and they are much much larger than AP. Just seems sketchy to me. Kinda like you rub my back ill rub yours situation. If AP comes along and says this thing is the be all end all tablet I will LOL. If the come along and say this thing is a POS I will LOL. This whole thing has turned into a joke. Rohan should have kept his mouth shut and just released at CES.

  36. This is ridiculous. Nice way to treat your loyal followers Rohan! I am tired of these games. If an India based company says check the video on the 18th, it is understood the reference time is IST. Please don’t play the time zone game. we are not a bunch of kindergarteners. We expected you to under promise and over deliver. In this case it has always been over promise and under deliver. What a waste of time. I am beginning to question the sanity of my pre-order. If this is the way we are treated now, I wonder how customer service will be in the long run. I am contemplating cancelling my order.

  37. Notion Ink
    The Video

    Posted in Uncategorized by Rohan Shravan on December 19, 2010

    Even the post says 19th December…..Keep UP, Rohan! U said 18th….I am waiting for this video from 6AM on 18th till 12:30 AM on 19th…..How much do you think i am annoyed with You!

  38. Yes… Thats exactly what i was thinking.. +10

    But waiting for another 6 hours seams so bad….. I WANT THE VIDEOS NOW.

  39. I donno why people are so mad at the news being AP-exclusive for now. From where I stand, I see it as a good decision, actually.
    1. They are the ones that called NI a scam, so what better way to get their support than giving them exclusivity?
    2. Maturity- Its not like Rohan has cut our access to the videos. By sending it over to AP, which has a larger readership, he has ensured that the device is noticed more. Kudos for that.

    I totally agree with @clshaeffer…

    NI needs to build an image and establish themselves as a credible company before they can actually treat customers like family. Until then, they have to follow the time-tested rules of media and public relations.

    If anything, this is good news. Now, I shall get back to my attempts at refreshing android police…. 😀

  40. Did Rohan post this or someone else? Normal closing:

    Warm Regards

    Rohan Shravan

    This cloisng:


    Be a man……..

  41. I thought that we were the “family” and many of us are following this blog for over one year, so why do we get the video at last?

  42. Android Market is controlled by Google and doesn’t normally appear on ANY non-phone android devices. This isn’t Notion Ink’s fault.

    Don’t worry: there are other ways to get Market apps onto an Adam.

  43. It’s a good heads-up – gives me a time off from pressing F5 so I can go take a shower and watch something nice on TV with my boyfriend. Plus I’ll have a great video waiting for me before I start work. I won’t get to see the adam this year so why not wait these 6 more hours. It would be great to watch it now though, but at least Rohan was kind enough to let us all know that pressing F5 on this site for the next 6 hours won’t make any difference. That’s what I liked.

  44. because they bashed NI during the preorder, now they want to make a friend out of an enemy… suxor

  45. It will be on every other site after 6 hours i guess. Just the first 6 hours for AP.
    If i knew it first, I would have also called NI as a scam, then i would have got early access to videos 😉

  46. The fact that you’re getting so upset about this means that you either A: Are a follower or B: Just wanting something to complain about.

    Are many of these followers here writers on tech blogs? I would say no.

  47. Rohan, I cannot understand why you are sucking up to Android Police. Would’nt Slashgear be a better official channel partner for a press release, especially since they stood with you thru thick and thin. ‘Family’ huh??

  48. What does being sent mean???? Ambiguity, ambiguity, ambiguity….. i dont think youve learned much or introspected much brother….

    Now will they have access to it for 6 hours since this post or after you have actually sent it… which means it really might not be available to the world for some time more…

    Rohan…. whats up with you? Why these weird decisions…. who even cares about androidpolice… if you really wanted someone to cover it… it should have been slashgear without a doubt….

  49. We better calm down. It can get worse…what if we are told that the shipment has to wait until AP gets the first Adam and post a review. Some of us may have a heart attack. 😀

  50. Hmm.. a bit of a blonde moment.. I’m not actually 100% sure what you meant by that so – I also liked the gig friendbis posted and there’s a nice strip on top of the page to press “Like” for the post. 🙂

  51. I contacted Android Police and Chris responded by saying he was informed they would be getting the video first and with exclusivity. He said said, and I quote:

    “We’re still waiting on the video from Rohan, and once we have it, we’ll post it up ASAP.”

    While I am excited the video is indeed real, I am still upset another deadline was missed and another excuse made.

  52. All I can hope for is that Rohan has laid down his terms, that if the video provides a fitting reply to all accusations, Android Police will eats its own shorts, publicly and humbly.

    If not, it would mean that the exclusivity was agreed to as consideration for some concession in AP’s rhetoric.

  53. After all the trolls and flaming on this blog and elsewhere since the pre-order debacle, much of it from so-called “fan-boys” -this seems entirely appropriate. Alot of “fans” showed how fickle their allegiance was in the days past, so why reward them for that?

    Strategically I think this was an excellent choice: Take one of the higher quality sources of constructive criticism and work *with* them to communicate to the public.

    As great as things have been on this blog over the past months, I think it would be prudent to cut back on a little of the openness given the fickle nature of the public….

    It’s times like this when I miss the small clean internet of the early to mid 90’s -seeing all this baseless venting is such a sad comment on the younger generation….

  54. rohan in the mean time can you post sumtin to read on…..plz….we have been waiting all day just to see this…………and ur weekend special…….havent u prepared sumtin fr us…..plz post it…….have you stopped weekend special….u promised 2 updates a week…..plz post it rohan….:)

  55. What so wrong about him making a business deal with AP? I don’t see an issue. I think Cnet or something would be better, but…they need to do things for the masses. When push comes to shove, NI is a business in a business world. Rohan is grateful for what this blog has given him, on the flip side it’s a business and they need to make business decisions, not personal decisions.

  56. Nevertheless, and as others have said, the video should have gone to their only remaining supporter, Slashgear. I again hope that NI will give them a bigger exclusive, such as an interview, photos and other details at the time of the launch.

    If things go well, the other iFag blogjobs will come running after NI. If they don’t, well, they’re on their own.

  57. Ambiguity is rising,

    credibility decreasing…

    How i wish it was a set of simple youtube links sent to AP and Slashgear as weel as posted on this very BLOG all together!!!!!

    I really want to know who is NI’s real investor and why is he making them do all these dumb moves…

  58. For sake of not keeping us waiting, will you please let us know in advance your accusations and insinuations once the video does come out? We’re all big fans, you know!

  59. On good thing about AP’s recent NI articles… At least they posted the interviews without interjecting opinion. Hopefully they will get the video online and leave the commenting up to the readers… 😉

  60. No Rohan is just showing his true self. I started to look down upon him after he lost it on someone who made an English reference and he called him a racist jerk or something along those lines. Yes I am fully aware of the history but he completely had overreacted and acted unprofessionally as he has been doing for the past few weeks.

    Rohan has been pissed at us since the pre-order debacle HE created, hence his article with AP in regards to not giving weekend updates etc.

    It probably was him and he left off Warm intentionally. Now if only he had a little empathy for those “family” members he blew off on pre-orders and lack of actual proof of product.

    Go look at your bank account Rohan and grow up.

  61. +1 Slashgear/Engadget is a better choice. We opt for them.
    AP can suck up! we’l crash their servers & get back in here our home (NI Forum) to watch for the videos!
    As straight forward as that!

  62. Yes lets all congratulate the next multi-million dollar company that does not care about anyone but their bottom line and themselves.

    Thanks for taking such good care of family, Rohan!

  63. Same here. I’ve been an ardent follower. But now beginning to question myself. Pre-Order on the line. Contemplation!!!

    eu tu Brutus’s more like it!!

  64. Depending on what I see (or do not see) on Android Police, I am preparing to seek a refund on my order (Pixel-Qi w. WiFi/3G)….so you may find one back in the inventory soon.

    I have seen so many on this forum given to blind, unflinching loyalty and zeal; so much so that I am expecting laced Kool-Aid to be distributed amongst “the faithful”. Kudos to those of you who questioned (as had I) the litany of poor decisions and missteps made by NI thus far. A forum is an exchange of ideas….hopes as well as concerns (both valid).

    A brand in its infancy can of course have its imperfections. However, NI has not learned from its mistakes and instead seems intent on repeating them. You do not need the resources of a top PR firm to realize that consumer confidence is crucial. “Cloak & Dagger” marketing is fine if you are an established brand. RI is not that. Denying your early adopters even the most basic information and instead drop paltry allusions to what the device may or may not have raises red flags. Don’t get me started on the missed deadlines…the norm rule than the exception at NI.

    For those of us who bought into the fervor, it was only afterwards we had learned that there is no trackpad and the device is loaded with 8Gig (via cryptic responses on Android Police and stealthfully altered specs on the corporate page). Perhaps next week we will receive news that the processor is powered by 2 squirrels on treadmills.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but as we learned in the last US election, “hope makes for a wonderful breakfast, but a horrible supper”.

  65. Really dont mind him going to AP, though i think SlashGear is there only remaining supporter…

    But i hate the Ambiguity… “Video is being sent”…really…
    it that what you do on ure anniversary???

    i almost expect them to say in a months time… we will release an update for the adam… someday…only god knows when!!

  66. This is ridiculous! I echo the same sentiment that many of us have showed here. Come on Rohan! It is your first official product demonstration video! Why exclusivity to NI bashing AP? What about those who have ordered your product and kept their faith on Notion Ink? It should have been posted in NI website or in this blog first. After all you first revealed the video launching date on this blog first not to AP! Every announcement about the ‘adam’ has been made in this blog first so far. We would expect you to show more respect to the followers of your blog. I am really disheartened!

  67. Keep in mind, Rohan said, “the video is being sent…6 hours.”

    That does not mean the video was already sent to them. He did not say, “the video was sent.”

    I do imagine he is telling us, either way, in ABOUT 6 hours he will post it here if AP does not do anything with it before hand. I would think AP will do something shortly.

  68. Who the heck is Android Police? Why do they need to be given “exclusive” access? Does Notion Ink think that they can recover lost ground by giving such exclusive deals?

    Sorely disappointed with this company’s management.

  69. Is this is the part where we say ‘ Liar Liar Pants on Fire’?


    Regarding Notion Ink Adam Video: We Don’t Have It (Yet)
    Posted by David Ruddock in Adam, News, Notion Ink, Videos

    Welcome, visitors from the Notion Ink blog. We’re still waiting for the video Rohan has promised us, so in the meantime, catch our interview with Rohan, and hang tight!

    We’ll be uploading the video to our YouTube channel post-haste once we receive it, and we’ll embed into a post for everyone to see.


    The Android Police Team

  70. LOL, AP site is starting to slow down… anyone else noticed the difference in their posting between the first interview and the second one? The first one they did not correct his english because they wanted him to look like an uneducated person. The second interview they had the decency to correct his verbal english to make him look better. Why would you even give someone the time of day when they deliberately try and make you look bad even when you try to provide them with exclusives? Should have stuck with slashgear. They have always given you respect! I think he is now going after AP because they are US based and they want a US company reviewing them…

  71. i like word press, why anyone when we are the ones following this blog religiously from the beginning. so -1

  72. Thanks for the quick update! I can see the logic of letting AP see the video beforehand, but couldn’t you have let AP see it earlier e.g. 17th and then you could’ve posted the video here on the 18th?

  73. Videos take a while to send over the tubes. There’s a lot of it between india and california, and they aren’t too big.

  74. Well if he was going to get all professional then why didn’t he say in plain and simple terms that the video’s going to be on AP?

    And i would sure like to know why didn’t he send it to anandtech rather than AP, since they provide the best reviews on the planet 😛

  75. @Andromeda, Iam still awake so will keep posting few more stuff. The wait will kill some weak heart and why to be restless too?? we know its coming so just chill and enjoy.. Lets put a Video contest and let us rate it. ladies and gentlemen post your fav videos here.

  76. Welcome, visitors from the Notion Ink blog. We’re still waiting for the video Rohan has promised us, so in the meantime, catch our interview with Rohan, and hang tight!
    We’ll be uploading the video to our YouTube channel post-haste once we receive it, and we’ll embed it into a post for everyone to see.
    The Android Police Team

  77. I would say it’s more of a sad comment on the general population. How much of the general population had the internet in the early to mid 90s compared to today? Don’t hate on gen y, we didn’t raise ourselves 🙂

  78. @ Greg…

    What dyu really think about the ambiguity rohan has created through all his recent activity from the day (8+) showed up to the “video is being sent”…present continuous post we just witnessed…

  79. Note to NI and Roahan, Notice the clearn language and open communication AP demonstrates with this post?

    You still have a lot to “learnt.”

  80. OMFG they are bashing Rohan on their site by saying they dont have the video. They are not covering for your Rohan. Mistake to give them an exclusive.

  81. Gosh, what a bunch of moaning minnies!!! These are the people who obviously DID get a pre-order in and want to see what they spent their money on! 😉

    I’m glad to see Rohan sending it to AP first, because AP did an awful bash job on NI Adam and that damage had to be repaired. If you LOVE Adam, then we stop moaning because because YOU didn’t get the attention first, and realise that this is what is best for ADAM!


  82. @suicideclown1
    I think the second interview was definitely vetted by someone else at NI before it was sent to AP.

  83. If anyone knows anyone at Android Police… I would like to know if they knew they were getting the “exclusive…”

    They seem as surprised as us and as doubtful they will ever see it.

  84. I don’t understand why are people getting so offended. It makes perfect sense to me! AP came out with a scathing remark that NI Adam could be a scam. And now, Rohan made sure that they are the first people to announce the authenticity of the Adam!

    Appreciate the irony.

  85. I am sure that even as the videos are ‘being sent’, NI are on the phone or email with AP and exchanging notes and queries, and hopefully NI have a CorpComm manager or advisor who will try to check any mischief by AP.

  86. Obviously they did not finish the video by the deadline. So their only way of buying time was to pretend they were giving AP an exclusive and they would send them the video first. As I said before, please don’t play the timezone game – we are not a bunch of kindergarteners. Stick to IST and not move it to your convenience.

  87. @clshaeffer “Giving the first in-depth video of Adam to one of the company’s most vocal critics so they can publish a review when the video hits the public makes a LOT of sense”

    Exactly my thoughts. I think it’s a smart move from NI. Adding to it that Android Police did take the time to get some infos from Rohan. Even while criticizing the product. Maybe that wasn’t the case with other tech blogs.

    It’s a win-win situation, AP gets publicity and Rohan takes some heat out of Adam.

    The post is news anyhow for those complaining that NI doesn’t communicate enough.

    Peace and hair grease 🙂

  88. you could have posted your official response to androidpolice queries on this blog as well. that answered a lot of our queries.

  89. People, why al the negativity lately? I have been following the Adam for months and I understand you all when you say there have been some letdowns. But come on, Rohan is doing it’s very best and it’s only just a tablet after all…

  90. And just for the sake of it… I can hear people wondering why it takes so long to produce a video.

    I’m a professional videographer and I can tell you that its because it takes that long to produce a ~good~ video. Sure, you can grab a webcam and shoot a firehose-style YouToob video but that wouldn’t do the company much good. Planning and shooting a quality introduction to the Adam takes some thought, some time and some equipment that most people don’t usually have just laying around.

    Just planning that video can take several days, let alone shooting it, editing it, scoring it (i.e. adding music and sounds), and pressing it to its final formats. Need 2D or 3D titles, headers and accents? That takes time, too.

    If that is how they put the video together (and for their sake it should be) then I’m not surprised it took this long and they still had trouble making the deadline.

  91. The only thing that would make sense to send it to AP is that NI and Rohan made money by giving AP exclusive. I guess all that pre-order money from the “family” was not enough.

  92. Note to Android Police:

    How’s that for fan-generated DDoS, blogjobs? You and your ilk should note that it is not just small underpowered startups that have website crashes when a thousand geek armies come marching in.

  93. ————————————- Real Investor for the NI info @arhant ——————————-
    ————————————————–RIL NI Connection ——————————————–
    Reliance Industries Limited backed Notion Ink (Mukesh Ambani, 1 of the brothers from the split of Ambani Bro’s. And the owner of a much in news world’s most expensive $2 Billion home!)
    And more importantly “The Notion Ink’s” invincible muscle power.
    RIL backed NI, the prime investor & a majority stake holder.

    RIL’s overall telecom outlay to $5 billion. Including $1-billion acquisition of the Nahatas-promoted Infotel Broadband Services. Infotel, the only player to have bagged broadband wireless access spectrum in all 22 circles, will now function as a subsidiary of RIL.
    RIL will pay Rs 12,872 crore or roughly $2.75 billion as spectrum charges to the Government of India, on behalf of Infotel.
    Reliance Industries is learnt to be targeting 100 million broadband subscribers in India., over the next five years, by beginning with WiMax technology and then progressing to Long Term Evolution (LTE) over the next 2-3 years.

    And Notion Ink backed RIL, with its enormous potential in the consumer electronics market with its revolutionary gadget “Adam”, a tablet pc pitching against the Apple ipad as the lack of its presence in India but, not limited to it. As they plan to claim their global presence. Most often widely called as the “ipad killer” for its striking features & open source environment while also sporting a sim slot for the 3G connection.
    Implies to be the best of the collaboration of these 2, RILNI.

    And using which RIL plans jarring against the competitors by bundling the 2 and offering its 3G connection plans on the Adam. Planning to target 100 million broadband subscribers in India. Intended to “serve business enterprises, social organisations, educational, healthcare institutions and Indian consumers,” through its broadband initiative.

  94. That’s a good point. But lets not forget that this “general population” still only refers to a privileged fraction of the planets 6 billion or so inhabitants…

  95. ROFL!

    They tried. For a few minutes I could see their “We don’t have it (yet!)” post.

    Jeez- we are a rabid geek army, aren’t we?

  96. @ friendbis 🙂 Yeah. I’ve already missed out on the PixelQi version preorder (was on time, but only had a MasterCard) so since this version is still not in stock I have nowhere to rush. But I completely understand all who are feeling down because of this post, especially if they’ve waited a long time and it’s really late..
    This being said, I’m off to have a bit fun before taking a good night sleep.

  97. I personally dont think anybody at RIL has the time to tell NI to go to Android Police and miss the deadlines given to the fans and not honor their anniversary for the sake of making amends to their image for a product not yet released!!!

  98. Way to go Rohan, Nice way to prove that the server crashes were not NI’s fault 😉

    Also all those who are complaining, you are all acting like the crazy wives who are not satisfied with anything…. Get real… Rohan is making Busines Decisions now….

    All those who are hanging with the word “FAMILY”, where was this Family feeling when Rohan and his team were having technical troubles. The same Family members bashed Rohan for failures that were unexpected… Please …. enuff said!

  99. The funny part is… AP has been more forth coming about not having the video yet than NI.

    Rohan read and understand, This ambiguity will cost you a lot.
    Already since you revelation of more variants people are canceling orders…had you made it clear before pre order… only those wanting an 8 gb would have ordered and things would have been fine from the supply side as well…

    learn brother learn… i love ure product not only because it good but also because its truly the first international tech product out of india… please please please do us proud!!!

  100. Thats correct, he made some dumb decisions trying to spread the family… he is making what is called correct decisions… now you shut up …lol

  101. Yeah, I’m wondering if it was Rohan as well. If it was, I think the investors may have told him to cool it with the blog. A lot of the problems have arisen from what he’s said here. Of course, Adam’s been kept alive for the past year because of this blog. And those of us who have followed it.

  102. There us nothing wrong with getting reviews rohan. Post it on your site and let then go their to get ut. You are just adding fuel to the fire. Way to go for listening to all your fans which some are already successful professionals in this area.

    The age of the company is coming out.

  103. so much for it being available on 18 Dec!!! Rohan posts on 19th – unless of course you are in USA and similar!

  104. Ok Rohan… just do us a small favour… Please let us know when you have actually sent the video across to AP, so that we can go over there have a look rather than refreshing both this blog and AP for any news!!! Jeez….

  105. I am not convinced by this step. I am ok to wait for video .. sky isn’t falling after all and I believe in ADAM.

    BUT GIVING EXCLUSIVE TO ANYONE at this stage is something I don’t understand.

    NI has a good platform set. Use that. Why rely on others for. I agree its just for 6 hrs but question is why exclusive.

    — IS it so that they can do forensics on the video and confirm that its not rendered in 3D studio? —

  106. @Andromeda, Feel sad for you. I had an option but picked LCD +3G. PixelQi might be good for outdoor reading and ebook reader but thats not my kind of work so i went with proven LCD. We dont know how the PixelQi will work for HD video playback, High contrast or viewing angle. But couldnt wait more to hold it in my hand so went with the LCD. Any way this year so many tabs are comming to market we might end up buying many. do post your fav video.

  107. I wish they had not shelved this project… the courier would have been an awesome alternative to the ipad…

    i hope it revived soon!!!

  108. I wish they had not shelved this project… the courier would have been an awesome alternative to the ipad…

    i hope its revived soon!!!

  109. In the mean time let’s see the weekend update. Since it’s been ready since a week or so ago?

  110. I like Slashgear as well. But what would detractors say if Slashgear gave it a positive review? That Slashgear wasn’t being subjective. Everything I’ve seen from Slashgear has been positive. Nothing bad to say about the Adam. AP has criticized NI. So, by going with them, they have more credibility. People can’t so easily say AP is just a fan and not being subjective. I also think Rohan’s investors told him to cut back on the blog. Too much bad publicity because of things said here. Examples are android market access, back trackpad, pricing, hdd sizes, the whole preording fiasco.

  111. It could be secret revenge 😉

    But at least, the video will be much harder to DDoS. Google Servers should be quite withstanding…

    —> The video will be available to “all delighted people”.

  112. +1
    But even if: a nicely written post with some explanation would have helped. This way nothing cools down but people are more and more disappointed.
    I more dare to think Rohan has been kept back from every official announcements, they’ve probably muzzled him. Which was understandable for the time being.
    It was nice from him to let us know internals and news but it was surely not healthy for NI and Adam. Not for nothing other companies keep silent about new products as long as it’s not ripened.

  113. It’s their NI’s fault for saying it would have android market. I’m not worried about getting it. Easy enough to sideload it. But it shouldn’t have been stated that it would have it.

  114. I think people are overreacting. I know this is the way the mass behaves but it always amazes me. Before everyone loved Rohan and everything he did, because he fed our dreams,he made us dream his dream Then something went wrong (something that wasn’t even such a big deal) and everything changed. All of a sudden the magic wasn’t there anymore, we felt empty, betrayed and all the love turned into something uglier. In our eyes, at the moment, everything he does is plain wrong. Rohan saw this abrupt changing and probably he got hurt by it. Today’s market is hard, we are all spoiled, every big corporation tries to seduce us with their “magical” products, Rohan tried a very different and amazing way, he seduced us making us feeling part of this project even though, in the end, we are turning to be his worst nightmare and, who knows, maybe his worst mistake.

    I got disappointed but Rohan still has all my trust, I love what he is doing and I’ll be getting this tablet, as long as it’s the Adam we all once dreamed about 🙂

    Warm regards


  115. This is what Androidpolice saying..

    Welcome, visitors from the Notion Ink blog. We’re still waiting for the video Rohan has promised us, so in the meantime, catch our interview with Rohan, and hang tight!

    We’ll be uploading the video to our YouTube channel post-haste once we receive it, and we’ll embed it into a post for everyone to see.


    The Android Police Team

    It means guys do look in youtube for the video. It might release in youtube before here. (this is what i could make out from Android police team.)

  116. I think Crunchgear has been a much more vocal critic. They’ve been doubting it for months! Though Crunchgear has been downright mean about it. Almost hoping it would fail. AP, in my opinion, were just stating valid concerns. They also said they really hoped NI was legit.

  117. yes you are correct. I’ll take my attention and focus elsewhere. There’s plenty of cool android tablets at the 2011 CES. There’s also the real iPad2 as well. So you’re correct, what right to do we have that we’ve been lied to, again. You and Notion Ink have a nice life together.

  118. So AP is getting the rights to post the video. They said themselves they will post it ASAP and post their comments later on, so as to give the public the time to get their own views up prior to reading theirs.

    Now why the hell is NI not just putting up the video, it is the exact same thing. This seems like a genuine dumb and time stalling move.

    We’re being treated like idiots. Epic fail.

  119. “Perhaps next week we will receive news that the processor is powered by 2 squirrels on treadmills.”

    You’re killing me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  120. This is crazy! Come on I really wanna see the video! N one seems to have it yet, anyone know where it’s up?

  121. Hey guys, chill for awhile. You, as I, have been following Ni for a year and heard about it through Slashgear. They have never used negative rhetoric about the Adam and do not need proof about it’s authenticity. Their connection with Rohan is very strong and they have published enough videos and have had hand on experience since the very geginning. AP is just a site, like hundreds of others, that few had heard about until their negative attack ad. Why Rohan gave them an interview and the exclusive video seems to have a logic of its own; possibly pressure from Goggle. In any case, we, the family, should have a lot more faith and confidence than what has been written in the posts. After al that has gone before I am sure that there is a lot of dissapointment and chagrin on the part of many. Let us use this as an experrience for growth, renewed confidence and unity. Lets face it this video event has left a lot of egg on many faces. Stay strong and lets move forward.

  122. Since when did Android Police become the “favorite child” of this family?

    This information should have been shared with NI fans last week, not at during the last hour while everyone was waiting for it….again…..

    The ADAM is a great product on paper, but the “real” drive behind this products popularity is the NI fan community. Keep pulling this type of move is going to diminish it quickly and turn NI into another faceless corporation.

  123. Some where in a recent interview Rohan mentioned that he will be changing his approach with us (Fanboys) out here at NI community blog, due to investor pressure. And is forced to cut off with us in such manner from hereon.

  124. I am not aware under what pressure Rohan did it…. but I am going to watch the videos only on this blog…

    I am boycotting Android Police as far as this video is concerned….

  125. Theoretically it is still 18th in this part of the world. So Rohan has kept his promise.

    (Provided we get to see the video in next 9 hours)

  126. @suicide clown

    So, they should have changed what he actually said? How do they make him look uneducated by posting what he actually said? I’d be more upset if they changed what he said. It’s not their job to do that. They,IMHO, did what they should have. Printed the interview as it was.

  127. When I subscribed to “,” there were 216 subscribers. Now, there are 274 subscribers! All of the comments there are asking for the video!

  128. In spite of having had some fun at NI’s cost, I feel sorry for these chaps at NI. They are caught between the rock (investors) and hard place (customer demand). We will never know under what pressure NI is operating.

  129. if rohan has deliberately sent the video out to AP as sweet revenge because he knew we would end up crashing it… great!!! they deserve it for calling NI a scam but they surely dont deserve the real video!!

  130. I expected some audio on the video, and maybe better video. But I am glad to see that the video is there. I wonder what AP is going to say about it…

  131. Nice ONE!

    ADAM’s screen size seems small 😉

    but overall NICE Video… nice features… i wish u showed keyboard as well….

  132. what happen to the last 5 min of the video? Rohan, did you deliver the video like this or was something edited out?

  133. that was a depressing video…what did you all think?

    a 7 year old could have put that video together. is that it, really?

  134. I think android police serves people who really are into android. Ni would reach a larger android liking audience. This in turn may generate some likely sales.

    Having said that I hope NI gives exclusivity to Slash gear next and then Engadget. So that they don’t get ticked off and give any negative publicity.

  135. So first impressions!
    Love how responsive the UI is, the device feels quick.
    Hate the hdmi port not being aligned
    Was hoping to see pixel qi in action
    The panels look sweeeeet
    The apps look great 🙂
    Love the tabs in the browser, it’s unobtrusive, can you get rid of the little box that’s always on the left of the screen?

    @Rohan good job, now get the device in the hands of a reviewer (I’ll volunteer ;))

  136. AP said it was the first video…maybe so HQ ones are coming…they not have spend more than 6 hours on that “first video.”

  137. The video not as in depth as required at this point.
    This is more to say that “Hey, we are not a scam!”

    Agreed, whatever has been shown is really good stuff, but more is needed!

    @ Rohan… step in the right direction.. still more info needed

  138. Good point. If Rohan was clear upfront, not after keeping people waiting for hours, the reactions would be much more understanding.

  139. @Rohan
    thanks for the video….finally i get to see what i shud be expecting on my doorstep in jan. the panel engine and UI look great…and amazingly smooth considering you had those apps open…..loved the browser….you could have played a video/audio on the adam for the demo.

    btw….is it just me or the video had a lot of glare in it

  140. The Adam looks pretty good, even though the video is not great.

    I wonder why there was no audio with it.


    before you release it on your site please checck spellings. On the first screen SUITE is spelled as SUOIT


  142. Congratulations to Rohan and Notion Ink!

    The user interface concepts look great. No doubt you will provide more videos including bootup, keyboard, hdmi and what not.

    Awaiting my pixel-qi version (mid Jan schedule).

  143. It’s not a flashy video ala Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it quite clearly describes how the Adam will work. For sure, other videos will follow.

  144. These comments are becoming so depressing. This place used to be interesting now its full of people complaining (See? I’m doing it right now). Nothing can please all of you.

    Once again, people should try and support a start up rather then continually try and hold it up to a plateau it is yet to reach.

  145. the only excuse for this “first video” would be it was created solely by using an adam.

    otherwise, it was simply horrible. sure it showed the product existed, that could have been done a million other simpler ways.

    this is 2010 (almost 2011). That video could have been made in 1960.

    why not something of the quality we see in the software link of the NI website?

    i ordered the adam, still holding on, but seriously?

  146. Very very disappointed with the first video released. Not even anywhere close to my expectations. 😦

  147. People are so ungrateful. This is a start-up company, seriously this placed used to be cool to read until all the pubbie complainers waged in with their “demands”.

    This company is NOT apple, they have not reached that plateau. Instead of calling them out every second people should support their thought leadership and non-linear thinking.

    Keep it up guys! I’m still with you!

  148. Truth hurts… I will take the half-assed criticism remark after all I am taking after NI’s half-assed business practices.

    glad the video finally came out, why it was not able to be released during the pre-orders is beyond me… I know, I know you are going to tell me the 18 is a special day for NI, right? Well, why then did they not just launch the pre-order then.

    In regards to the pre-order and even this video gag, I have a feeling they were monitoring their server traffic for peak usage before doing either.

    Was anyone else under-impressed with the video?

  149. UPDATE: It’s unclear if there’s a second video or if it will simply be a higher quality version of the first. We’ll keep you posted.

  150. adam here, usually don’t log in to post.

    Suggestion: the app select bar for Eden, it needs to be multi-row and list names. Most people have many apps, and with this device there will be even more. It will be cumbersome to scroll through a single row list of all of them, much faster if there’s 2-3 rows.

  151. Overall, I like it.

    On one hand,

    Wish we’d gotten to see some more of the apps- seeing a panel version fly by isn’t enough. Also want to know whether that was a LCD or Pixel Qi screen. And I’d still like to find out how quickly we can expect honeycomb update so it can use official android market.

    On the other hand,

    The video shows that adam isn’t vaporware and that the performance under normal use is very zippy and smooth. It does what NI has said it will with mice+usb memory, the panel system, and tabbed browsing.

    Good enough for me.

  152. It’s funny to notice how Engadget has a much more positive impression of the Adam that many of the people in this blog. It’s indeed a bit depressing, considering how it started and the fact that some continue to compare NI to huge corporations. I am quite sure what we have seen is much better than what’s out there (i.e. Galaxy Tab), only not presented as a 1 mio dollar commercial.

  153. I like the UI, very impressive multitasking & quite fluid. White frame looks good on adam, too.
    I am ready for some HIGH RES SHOTS. 😉

    Android Police twittered earlier that the first (HQ) file was too big and failed to be send.
    I guess they send this lower res version just to get it out in the first place.

  154. They have had a week to produce this?? No audio and most of the video was just showing the panels and the video quality was was pretty bad. The video itself didnt even fill the whole youtube video window and was only in 360p.

  155. They said it looked like a scam. And they pointed out why. They had good points. Rohan even blogged there were mistakes made. So don’t slam AP for saying be careful. AP also said they hoped Adam was real.

  156. On one hand,

    They seriously need to get a better camera. We didn’t get to see enough of the apps. We didn’t see any video playback or the keyboard or how the camera works. Was this a Pixel Qi or LCD screen?

    On the other hand,

    It shows the adam isn’t vaporware. The performance looked zippy and smooth under normal use. The panel system, the USB memory and mouse, and the tabbed browsing all work as advertised.

    All in all,

    Good enough for me.


  157. Thank you Rohan for proving it is not vapor ware. Anyone notice the logo? it is adam, not ADAM, so it is not prototype it is real deal.

    Look forward to my preorder and more info in the future.

  158. Good effort…with some physical evidence.
    But, very poor quality Demo execution. I was expecting it to be more professional like in a Studio or elsewhere with some models would be explaining us the Adam, to the consumers. Example just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab website.

  159. Some People are discontented assholes”. DO YOU NOT NOTICE HOW MUCH MULTITASKING ITS UNDERGOING AT THE SAME TIME WHILE RUNNING A BROWSER. :)I wonder how smooth it is with all that stuff not running on screen or in the background? 🙂

  160. @fuglymcnuggly

    Could you point me to one article on AP that called them out? Besides the one saying the preorder looked like a scam? This is from one article “I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but this lines up very nicely with the promised December timeline, and you bet I am going to pencil December 9th right into my calendar.” Wow! That was some harsh words about NI! They’ve been eagerly awaiting the Adam. They just got suspicious due to the preorder problems. Then they appreciated Rohan contacting them about it. Not like when he directly responded to John Biggs. Biggs is a jerk. Didn’t appreciate Rohan addressing what he wrote.

  161. I liked the responsiveness of Adam. It is super fast. The 3 panel UI looks good too.
    But the demo was sub par. I would have been able to do a much better job being an amateur photographer. NI, please please please do a better job. Hire a professional media/publishing co.
    Also the features were denied extremely hurriedly. As if there was only 2:51secs available and all features had to be covered.
    The refresh rate of the display showing up as a flicker on the video was a bit annoying. Haven’t seen that since the day of CRT monitor.
    Please take this as a constructive criticism and make corrections.
    Adam has come a long way. It is extremely polished compared to last Year’s CES videos.
    Let’s make a video that looks more polished.

  162. There’s ways to get it on devices without it though. Just stick around Michael. There be posts on how to do it. If not here then at “”.

  163. Video also mentions the weather app to be shown later, but video suddenly ends, i would count on an extendet HD version to come soon.

  164. Dear Rohan and NI Team,

    Great Job. Was up beyond midnight to see the video. Glad you resisted the temptation to give away much information. What you have till date in your blogs are much more that any company will reveal even after getting signatures on reams of Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    Disappointed initially to not receive email and then finding out Pixel Qi version sold out. Will definitely order when available. Plan for a star studded launch in India as well. Consider contacting our former President Shri. APJ Abdul Kalam who takes keen interest in initiatives such as yours.

    Keep it going and we look forward to a great launch at CES. Best Wishes and Warm Regards.

  165. Sorry, but as sson as Rohan puts up a new blog it’s reported on. Slashgear, android police, engadget, they’ve all been following it. If Rohan had put up the video all those sites would have been reporting on it.
    Just checked Slashgear. They’re reporting it also. The point here? All these sites are dying for Adam news. What other blogs get as much attention from tech sites as this one? Rohan didn’t need to go somewhere else. They’ll all come running when there’s new news.

  166. The video is what it ment to be: The proof that the adam is real. Sure it could be better, but Rohan always said they can not show everything (yet). If you are unsure to order just wait for the reviews when the product is offical out in he world.

    I still belive in Notion Ink!

    The only thing I am disaopointed is the 8 GB storage. Micro-SD cards over 32 GB are dam expensive 😦

  167. awesome multitasking……………so much appications in the background……good work rohanand team also to rockin andre …but expected a better video……

  168. Those who scream about canceling their order. Go ahead. Then maybe I might be able to pre-order 😉 I think this video was ok, It could be in a little better quality, but it still shows what i want to see.
    Thanks Rohan.

  169. Although the clarity of the video isn’t great, I still like the functionality of the Adam. Don’t dismiss this product as a failure because of a poor quality video. Back in October when HSN was making their plug for the Entourage Pocket Edge, they hyped it up really good and sold out of the Dual Screen tablet. About 2 weeks later, once all the reviews started coming in (most of the bad reviews) and people started yelling that they were going to send it back, HSN pulled all the reviews and removed it as a product they were selling. That ended up being one tablet that was a total flop. Just because a company claims to have a good product and hypes it up by way of cool videos and such doesn’t make it a good product. On the other hand, just because someone doesn’t have all the flashy video commercials doesn’t mean they have a low quality product. A good example would be, a couple of years ago I bought a laptop off of a guy who was customizing them and selling them without all the bloatware. He was also selling them with 2 to 3 partitions. Came with full office suites and everything. It was the best investment I ever made, and have never come across a laptop so fast. One partition came with windows 7, one partition came with windows vista and the other partition came with windows xp. Just saying….

  170. When I see the video ads for galaxy tab (“go youtube search for GHPJdqgsJ9g” notice its held in the same position relative to the video) what I think is FAKE.

    When I see this video for adam – what I think is real.

    Sure it could be a lot smoother, what we clamoured for was proof. Its clearly not faked, its clearly not been run through some video enhancing software like final cut or premier (aside from comments of course) and they clearly have not tried to impress with spelling, what they were doing was showing us Adam, Eden, and some apps – and this they did very well.


    Why? Because the goal here was not some fingersnapping claim at being magical (gugh I hate those ads!)

  171. Dibinam, No he did not, people from India are SOO bitter and harh, too much spicy food (im kidding i love it) – Rohan specifically stated that a video preview will be released on the 18th as this is the Anniversary of Adam! not because it will take a week to produce. This is a glimpse at the multitasking system – not a flashy mindblowing Apple Ad you want to be brainwashed by because you are a CHILD. If that’s what you’re waiting for, then wait some more til’ CES on Jan 5, because that is obviously when the full blown ad campaign will start, and sparkling videos with people with makeup on, etc.

  172. No Philip that all comes at and after CES, you know that! this is a special ‘first look’ at the multitasking they’ve been bragging about. And as I said, it didn’t take a week to produce this video, it was released on this date because Rohan said it will be released on the 18th being adam’s anniversary.

  173. this was a treat, not a claim or a sales pitch – a first glimpse into adam’s amazing multitasking ability – not a CES ad campaign, or a final anything…refkinglax!

  174. yes please, I hope it was a pixel qi version! Let me know so I can scoop it up…no I mean this, seriously..

  175. I hate those ads as well! I’ve actually heard people parrot that! I’d like Adam to eventually have good ads. But this was good for what it was. Showing that it exists. Both Adam and Eden. First time we’ve seen Eden working! And most posts here seem to forget that!

  176. I am pretty sure Rohan and team had not planned for this video on Dec 18. After all, who could have foretold the Android police and other accusations which made such a video a necessity.

    It is good that they took the extra time out of their planned schedules to put up this video. Good Work!

  177. I agree he packs a lot of stuff in the first 5mins of that demo, I had to watch it again to get all the nuances. The UI is definitely representing what Rohan said it would and I commend his team for pulling it off. Made me want to order the LCD version right now, lol. Though I will wait for more Pixel Qi to get in stock..

  178. The idea was to prove Adam exists and that Eden is working. How about commenting on that? I wasn’t expecting a James Cameron movie here. Would you rather have a flashy commercial that shows nothing? Or a video that shows the actual device actually being used? I would love to see more. Like an external hdd being attached and used. Or an external cd drive. Oh, and flash! But this was good to prove the point they needed to make.

  179. +100000
    clap, clap, clap, clap

    He didn’t show the back. What is there? does it have to do with the secret sensor?
    Solar power? Infrared…MMMM….Whatever it is, it is going to be a game winner, on top of all the great features it already has.

  180. If only you had shared with us what the “epic” fail is and what about that video qualifies Notion Ink as the “disappointment of the year” we wouldn’t throw this comment down the troll hole…

  181. Taken from AP’s About section: The site was founded in December 2009 by Artem Russakovskii – an avid Android supporter, programmer, and fan. The site went live on March 23rd, 2010.

  182. Just watched the video on You Tube. Some comments / suggestions / questions begging to still be answered…

    Rohan, you have been asked numerous times to have someone SPELL CHECK the postings…
    This video looks like it was thrown together 20 mins ago. With almost two weeks to prepare I’d hope for no text errors like SUOITE.

    What is the “slot” that’s visible on the edge opposite the camera? (around 31 seconds in) A “docking port” perhaps? Be neat if it could connect to all the “iPod” peripherals out there.

    You inserted a USB key into the side of the adam but didn’t explain why. Just labeled it a “pen drive”. It could have the os on it for all we know.

    Here’s what I’d like to see on a video, preferably taken with another adam thus demonstrating the system even further…

    Opening the “package” as shipped and showing what’s inside. Explaining that the unit has been charged up but that as a new user you should charge the tablet for X hours before use..

    Turn it on.
    What happens?
    How long does it take before you can use it? (I know my android phone seems to take forever to “boot up”)
    What does the default “desktop” look like?
    Does it ask for a password?
    Does it have the ability to “lock” all of the keys / screen to prevent accidental operation?

    Demonstrate the UI similar to what you have in this video. “Cover flow”, etc.

    Show a “system” screen that’s readable showing the OS version, Internal RAM, system CPU utilization, etc.

    Play a MP3 file, then a WMA file, then an OGG, and then a FLAC. Show “texting” while continuing to play the audio. Really demonstrate the “multi-function” capabilities.

    Navigate to the Adobe web site and show that FLASH actually works.

    Open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, word document, and powerpoint. Also show the ability to open an open document file. Sync with Microsoft Outlook and display the contacts and Calendar Appointments.

    Fire up a PDF file and then ROTATE the device from “landscape” to “portrait” to show how long the system takes to reorient the screen.

    Connect the HDMI port to an external display device and show a 1080P video or “PowerPoint – like” presentation.

    Connect the miniUSB to another computer and demonstrate the “touch screen” input capabilities as you mentioned in one of your earlier posts.

    Show the GPS coordinates and TIMESTAMP so we can see when and where in the world is Carmen San Diego…

    As an additional video demonstrating it’s capabilities, Show how to launch Ubuntu or Kubuntu (or install it) and then X-plane to show the graphics.

    If you want to use Ubuntu or Chrome, does it replace “eden”? Can you “dual boot” the tablet?

    Finally: Show the Adam LCD next to the Adam PQ screen and take them from an office lighted environment outside into the bright sunlight so we can see that you can use the Adam outdoors. (At least the PQ version)

  183. close to your expectations of what? We actually got to see that the product is not fluff and works?! What more do you want before CES?

  184. I have offered my services, Rohans command over english is weak at best.

    This demo had so many typos in it, it doesn’t engender confidence in the final product.

    I am heartened that it wasnt a scam though, looking forward to buying my first Adam.

  185. In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases. Taken from Introspection. Where is the broken promise? He didn’t say it would be released on the blog.

  186. thanks Rohan & NI… just checked out the video and happy for you and the Adam followers… keep it up… and let the show begin!

    Have a nice weekend all

  187. @Rohan, Thanks for providing the video, but it looks incomplete. Hopefully you will have the completed video uploaded shortly. Also, where is the Weekend update?



  188. I’m not saying it’s an impressive video, but ok enough to prove that Adam exist.
    Marketing aside, I rather want them to spend time on ensuring the Adam is shipped on schedule and without major problems.

    BTW, I found that my VISA was charged on Dec. 16.

  189. @arhant

    I think rumors, and bad ideas are not good for NI. I think there was an understanding between them. And as an Adam fan, I’m sorry that Android Police is having problems. I hope they keep showing the video, and I hope they get a lot of traffic for just showing it.

    By the way, it was a REAL VIDEO

    There will probably be better ones. But this one WAS GREAT, mr arhant.

  190. I wonder if Rohan does exactly as described above we wont see any other post like this asking Rohan how it should have been done? I know folks were being polite and only trying to help… but what these posts are doing is turning this place into some sort of classroom where a kid is being lectured over and over…. just because the kid (NI) is listening does not mean we are right and he is wrong…. we have given enough advise and NI will defintely ask us if they need help… let us enjoy the privilege of watching this future proof device take shape rather than jump on every opportunity to nit pick…

  191. So you were expecting a samsung quality “commercial” or a demo showing features? you must be kidding yourself if you think Notion Ink has the cash and resources to pull a “samsung galaxy” quality stunt. Because of this you think the demo was executed poorly?

  192. I’m happy to see the video…I’m impressed buy the Eden Ui. I was not able to complete my pre order, 1. Because they didn’t except my debit MasterCard and 2. My pre paid visa was rejected twice…so I went to office depot and bought this viewsonic g-tab rooted and put a custom rom on it. I wanted a tablet for Christmas but I am encouraged by the video and after CES and as soon as they fix the payment situation, I will put in my order for another adam as long as I see some steady progress!

  193. So I was able to quickly watch the earlier, video before I had to leave for a party at my wife’s parent’s home. Of course I grabbed my laptop so I could watch it again… and now I’m being anti-social as I’ve snuck out of the party to leave some brief comments here.

    So what did I think of the video? Well, the video itself was about what I expected as far as content goes. I know Rohan wants to do a big unveiling at CES so I did not expect to see everything. It served it’s purpose…. Now the world knows it’s not vaporware and it showed enough to get us exited about the UI. But the quality was sub par. I would not post something that poor of quality on my website.

    I loved what I saw of the UI and was very impressed with the responsiveness and accuracy of the mutlitouch interface. The geeks who really understand what was going on and what an accomplishment it is to run all those apps at the same time and be that responsive are probably most impressed.

    I can see that there will be a big paradigm shift for all of us as we learn the new interface. It is really different than what we are used to. I love it and look forward to is.

    It looked like there was one narrow long slot on the bottom right, like an expansion card slot on some notebooks. Did anyone else pick up on that? I wonder if it just the way it appears in the video. I know that area appears much different in photos/renderings we’ve seen.

    I was soooo disappointed in the video quality. I was hoping to see an accurate depiction of the colors and vibrancy on the Pixel Qi model.

    Ever since Rohan commented on the Pixel Qi being a little less colorful and vibrant than the LCD, I’ve been very curious to see how it compares. Will color photos and video look washed out an muted on the Pixel Qi? I’m sure the advantages of Pixel Qi out weigh the drawbacks… But how much difference is there? Unfortunately the video quality was so poor that this question will go unanswered for now. I doubt I will cancel my order for a Pixel Qi and go for LCD. But I still want to see a good example. If anyone knows of some photos or videos that show the Pixel Qi’s ability to show colors (in full color full power mode) please let me know. Almost all videos I’ve seen show Pixel Qi out doors or in bright light where it kicks but on LCD…

    We also know that a wireless mouse works. So we can assume a wireless keyboard will work too. I wonder if wireless bluetooth peripherals will work (that way we don’t have to plug in a USB receiver).

    Well, I have to get back to the party for now. I look forward to more info and videos soon.

    And I promise that when I do video reviews and post them on my website they will be the best quality that I can make them. And they will focus on answering questions that we all have, showing features that we want to see, etc. But I have to get my Adam before I can do that. So for now, this first NI video will have to do. 😉

    Thanks Rohan! I know you would like to have shown us more if the investors would have let you…

  194. Most of the recent influx of posters here have not been really following the development of this product for the past 6 or more months. They only heard through the internet grape vine that Adam was available for preorder, and expected “big name” marketing campaign videos to be surrounding the product to coax them into bandwagon buying it. After all, most products from big names today rely on their marketing hype machine to sell their product. These type of consumers have no concept of a product selling purely because it is a good product. They expected even though Rohan gave no indication, that this video was going to be like what I previously described. When it turned out to be a regular demo video, proving that
    1) The Adam exists, is not a prototype, and is NOT vaporware (eat your heart out engadget editors)
    2) The Eden UI is alive, well, and appears to be a quite nice addition to the Android OS. This will definitely do at the least until Honeycomb is released.
    3) The Apps are real, and really in beta, or beyond at this point as most seemed pretty polished.

    Since there was no jazzy music or mention of why you should buy this w/ glitzy glossy marketing tactics to convince you, thats when these type of users will become disappointed.

    The funny thing is that Rohan already said that he can’t reveal everything yet until CES. Why would he suddenly now make a marketing quality video of a product he is not allowed or at the least yet willing to reveal publicly the best features for?

    In my opinion the video did everything he said it would, naysayers be damned.

  195. I am disappointed.
    And no… not at NI, AndroidPolice, or others. I am disappointed at some of the so called ‘fans’ or ‘family’ that keep on filling this blog with their hate.
    Let’s go by the facts:

    Rohan promises a video on the 18th.
    The video comes in time for 99% of the world (maybe they missed Australia?).
    During the waiting hours, most of the bloggers fill up their comments with hate, calling this a scam,epic fail, etc.. These are the same people who wanted to be called family and loved the idea of Adam up until 2 Saturdays ago.

    Then Rohan comes, and tells everyone that the video is about to go live on AP.
    He is not as warm as usual (he would like to be, but he feels investors are on his case so he has to take a more neutral approach). Haters wonder what “video is being sent to AP” might mean… (as if it’s not self explanatory).
    Haters start to feel betrayed “WEREN’T WE FAMILY, WE SHOULD GET THE VIDEO FIRST!” as if someone is hiding it from them…. it’s one URL away and you have been told beforehand.
    You know what I think? Excellent move by NI. They sent the video to the blog that bashed them the most (Android Police), proved that they are not vaporware, and that their site (AP) crashes as well!
    On top of that, by the video being labeled as ‘exclusive’ on other people’s blogs, there is a chance other websites will pick it up and link to it, creating more publicity.
    (for those of you who wanted to see more on SlashGear, I am sure they will get their share as well… Rohan has a direct contact with them).

    But let’s continue with the facts, shall we?
    The video comes online, it lasts about 6 minutes and it’s probably cut (weather application is mentioned but not displayed). We then learn there is an HQ version of the video, but since the file is too large it wasn’t uploaded yet and it will come later.
    The video shows about 6 or more applications running at the same time on the Adam, pretty smoothly, no audio or special effect involved. No sales pitch, and no ad campaign either.

    Haters, being true to their nature, say Adam is crap ( no more ‘it doesn’t exist’) – did they expect Adam to gravitate? Or to make an Espresso while multitasking?
    Other say ‘video is not high quality’. Yes it’s not. But you know that the video was put together fast to shut people up about Adam not existing.
    Furthermore, imagine NI putting a video up like Apple does with their phones/tablets:

    (By the way, Apple got sued for one of their Iphone commercials in Europe because it showed switching applications much faster than it’s actually possible…. )

    So my point is – it’s fine not to like Adam, but this blog was all about the features, how we will use this tablet, what we would like to see on it, etc. etc.
    If you have to criticize, please be constructive in your criticism.
    If by seeing this video you decided Adam is not for you, and you had enough of this blog, do us a favor: DON’T POST.
    Just don’t come here to ruin everyone else’s dream.

    Happy one year anniversary NI. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  196. …and, by the way, based on the video:
    my HP Mini laptop, that costs the same (or more) than Adam, doesn’t run as smoothly when 6 or more applications are open.. and the Adam is half the size.
    No other tablet has plug and play support for peripherals and reads external disks so smoothly.
    Having USB ports (and HDMI ports) and a smooth interface is a big deal.

  197. He put the pen drive in to show that it will recognize it. If it had the os on it he’d have had it inserted already. Ubuntu and chrome won’t be shown. Rohan said that ubuntu would be up to the hackers to put on it. Doesn’t make sense for them to show it, IMHO.

  198. Well this was not bad, pity there was no commentary which would have added considerably to the video. So where do we go from here. Rohan can you give us a bit more details in your posting. Looking forward to still getting a hold of my adam 🙂

  199. The video is amazing!! Thanks a lot Rohan. I know this will work fine. my only concern was with 3G bands and service charges. as Rohan already took care of warranty support terms, i will happily buy pqi wifi version when it is available!!

  200. +9000

    exactly, at east we all know its for real now. The adam is not a scam, so those who pre-ordered can breath a sigh of relief (if you had any doubts in the first place, I didn’t), and those who were holding off now have proof.

    I do however agree that is isn’t the end-all of demos, so i hope there is a lot more to come. Keep up the good work NI! Don’t listen to the negativity, just hang in there!

  201. Ok for the newbs..the video is flickering due to the camera not being synched to the same frame rate as the display screen…duh

    It looks good, brief, but good, but I will say Im betting this is a rushed video, I didnt see a keyboard show up, did anyone else? Ive seen screen shots of a keyboard, strange he didnt show it here. Also he never turned on camera, another strange ommission. I think I was right when I guessed that Rohan is good engineer / developer, but a very poor business man right now (nothing time and experience wont cure). Very amatuer product, especally after having gotten his butt whooped on pre-order day…this is the video he produced? Rohan, take some investment money and hire a professional advertising and PR firm…you need it badly.

  202. I liked the video, it’s good enough to show the ADAM in person and a taster for the EDEN UI so I’m happy. If we get a HD version or a few other videos before CES then that would be cool but right now, it would be awesome if we can actually get ours sooner tbh!

  203. Noticed that extra slot in the front of Adam at 32 secs into the video. From it’s width, it looks like an ExpressCard/34 slot.

    That would be an unannounced addition. Could this be the mystery feature Rohan was talking about?

  204. If it is indeed an ExpressCard/34 slot, it would be a great edition as the possibilities are endless, i.e. Network cards to connect at the office if Wifi is not allowed or available( for those that did not get the 3G version), or SSD drives, TV tuner card, Firewire, USB 3.0, eSATA, additional memory or memory card readers etc.

  205. This is an awesome video!! One of the best UI’s out there. However, looks like it has taken some inspiration fromthe not-yet released MeeGo UI meant for tablets?

  206. Thank you so much for the video. Of course everyone will want more or better quality (that was a bit bad), but it’s defiantly good enough for now!

    Also about the people complaining that it took so long and only things where shown. Don’t bother with them, they obviously do not understand that it takes time to create and perfect software.

    People. Of course, putting this video together took only about 1 hour I think, including shooting, editing and rendering. But think of how much time went into actually creating the software! It has only recently gone into beta. Read up on what that means….

    Great work Notion Ink and Rohan. Keep the info coming, and please, let me order a Pixel Qi + 3G soon! 😉 Oh, with Mastercard of course.

  207. One more thought… If it is something like a ExpressCard/34 slot there are lots of options available, but I doubt there are drivers to make use of them.

    It will be cool if our eyes aren’t just playing tricks on us and it adds something really good to the Adam. I just don’t know what that would be though.

  208. Rohan just posted the 720p version of the Video.

    http:// www. youtube. com/ watch?v=qtT_zPkEO6Q

    Finally, people can stop complaining.

    Thanks Sir

  209. I can see glimpse of great product! Yes, it requires some polishing, but it is still great to see adam in action. Congrats and thanks NI team!

  210. also he always used to put his name. this time he did not do that either 😦 looks like he is very angry with most of us 😦

  211. See the indentation in the chassis for the mystery slot:

  212. Huge +1. I have to be honest that I was getting a little worried, but this video has completely brought me back to the fold. Can’t wait for pixel qi versions to become available for people that didn’t pre-order!

  213. Linux supports ExpressCard and it should not be too difficult to port the drivers over to Android.

    Once Android reaches critical mass, hopefully the drivers will be more readily available from every ExpressCard vendor.

    We sure are allowed to dream and drink a little bit of Cool-Aid when it comes to Adam.

  214. Kudos for a good product. But please make more high quality video’s that will appeal to everyone. It might be a good idea to make short video’s highlighting specific aspects of the Adam.

  215. Coool 🙂

    Multitasking….. Clap Clap
    UI …. Clap Clap

    REAL!!!!!!!!!! …. Clap Clap Clap!

    I am with you Rohan, as always, from the beginning! and I will get my own hands on Pixel Qi Adam mid Jan. Ooooh!

  216. Do agree about the hAte. And the complaints about the video quality. It’s not a commercial. It’s to show adam is real. How about focusing on what was shown?

  217. Paritosh,

    Nice catch.

    If one were to assume that the orientation of the chassis in the picture is the same as that of the Adam at 32 secs, it matches up perfectly.

    It could also be that the opening we see is for the swivel camera with the chassis flipped upside down.

  218. Breakdown of the Notion Ink Adam Demo Video

    http:// androinica . com /2010/12/18/breakdown-of-the-notion-ink-adam-demo-video/

  219. How about adam coming with vector maps? Something regular android won’t get till Honeycomb? We keep forgetting that NI is AHEAD of Google with these features! The vector maps, multiple panes open at once, ui acceleration, etc. What big time company has done this? Yet people are still complaining. I’ve had issues with the way they’ve changed things on us. But this video showed us what we needed to see. Try focusing on that instead of It not being “professional”. I’ll take this over a video that’s like a magic act. Where they use slight of hand to distract you from the truth.

  220. Congratulations NI !

    Multitasking is great ! Tab switch for the browser seems very cool !
    ‘Hope to see more as soon as possible.

    Well done !

    Mystery feature = ExpCard ? hummm…. I don’t know. Do we know where is the SD slot ?

  221. FYI: I downloaded this video at 720p via real player and then watched full screen in real player on my 24″ monitor and it looks soooooo much better!

  222. Hmmm at about 1:07 he shows the file browser and it displays “Adam Memory”, “usbdisk” and “sdcard2”. Do you think “sdcard2” is just the volume name/label given to the particular sdcard that is in the Adam, or could it be sdcard slot #2 as in there being 2 sdcard slots? I assume just the volume name/label, but who knows…

    Also, that slot on the bottom looks la lot more like a docking port in the higher resolution video.

  223. Agreed about showing alternate OS. That’s why I said in a separate video.

    The new posted 720 video corrected the Suite on the first page and is much better to watch. The PDF they demonstrated is the owner’s manual. Didn’t see/recognize that on the first video. The end still looks like more was going to be shown and then cut off.

    As to the viewing angles, it appears to be pretty good. You could still see the display almost edge on.

    Thank you Rohan and keep up the good work.

    Happy anniversary too. (Since it’s still the 18th here in California)

  224. The office suit displayed in the video indicates it is QuickOffice

    Which can be found here: http:// www. quickoffice. com

    And the PDF he shows is the Adam User Guide…

    (Wow – I can see soo much more in the better quality video.)

  225. I was not able to order the PQi version bc of my bank. So, yes, let me have your David.
    This video, no matter where it was published, kills all the none sense about it
    being a scam.

  226. No I don’t think so. I think he made the video in a day and the rest of the 1,5 week to cook your crab.



  227. Looks like the Office suite that it’ll be shipping with is Quickoffice Connect Mobile. Looks like a pretty competent piece of software from glancing over their site. 🙂

  228. Hmmm,At last We got the video.If it would have been with good quality video but its ok
    Thats the real adam oredered.The panel system is like having threee andoid touchscreen phones in hand and u can play simultaneously with any.If adam has andoid market access then there wont be any stretched out phenomenon.Screen is highly responsive.
    Preity happy about the order.

  229. Well Just Watched the Video in 720p and it was really impressive!!(though it did had some touch problem where the demonstrator wanted to move the UI left or right but he was able to do so but I think it’s a minuscule problem). Though voice would have done winders but i can understand the reason for voiceless video.
    But overall really good presentation.
    @Greg SDcard2 Even I have the same question 🙂

    Also I was not able to find the express card reader in the video. Will someone point it out to me.

    Moreover I saw a LED indicator light(but it was off all the time) on the right bezel. I have take a snapshot of it. Can someone guess what is it ? Or it is related with mystery feature ?
    I am posting the link of the pic that I have taken, it was visible many times in the video.

  230. Moreover I will request everyone to watch 720P video. It’s pretty clear to get a fair amount of idea about adam.

  231. The video doesn’t show the back of Adam. I wonder if that’s where the secfret sensor is. Some people actually argued that idea before. It might be in the same place where the track pad was. Solar power? Infrared…?

  232. I’ve been hoping for an internal cold-swap full SD card port ever since I had found out that nVidia’s base Tegra platform does allow for two SD card ports. It would greatly make up for the poor 8GB onboard memory since full SD cards are faster, cheaper, and more capacious than the micro cards. Still, I’m not getting my hopes up very high.

    The black glowing that appears whenever the demo model is tilted in any direction has me more concerned than anything else shown (I never had much reason to doubt the software). It would be nice to know which model was shown. If it was the traditional LCD, then I suppose that’s somewhat expected.

  233. @Greg Will wait for your high quality video reviews. Your slipping away from party reminded me one of the episodes of Modern Family Season 1(I hope you watch this Tv Series) 🙂 .

  234. Great video which should shut off all NI haters and remove most of the doubts concerning ‘adam’. Still I am perplexed about NI’s choice of AP for the video release.

  235. HQ 720p video is up on both engadget and rohan’s youtube channel…!!!!!!!
    The typos are fixed in this video too……:)

  236. The Video shows why Adam is not a scam and demontsrates its amazing multi tasking capabilities. Also, as we have already seen Adams Pixel Qi Screen Demo, earlier this year, I dont see any point in asking the same again.

  237. HQ 720p video is up on both engadget and rohan’s youtube channel…!!!!!!!
    The typos are fixed in this video too……:)

  238. The video clearly shows the Adam is not a scam. The Demo shows its remarkable multi tasking capabilities. Also, as I have already seen a Demo of its Pixel Qi Screen, earlier this year, I see no point in it being shown again…

  239. Seems like my Comments are going into moderation hence posting it again for the link:

    Just read Engadget Article. In my opinion Chuck the article and read the comments. Most of them are positive and agreeing that tl last there is a tablet which is different from Apple and not a copy cat of Ipad.
    And I hope most of the commenters are different from guys who comments over notionink wordpress blog. So a positive sign .


  240. has rohan ever called it a sensor? I thought he has always mentioned it just as a mystery ‘feature’

  241. i guess this video was to satisfy people, thats all (cos Pixel Qi was not explained,the question on back trackpad stil remains a mystery) and i guess they are aiming for a big launch only in CES.. so they wanna maintain a low profile till then..

  242. @Sowmya Watch this one and in 720p. It’s crystal clear and will give more info as compared to the 360 one


  243. Back Trackpad gone now 🙂 . IT will be disabled for adam first generation Tablet as Notion Ink Team was not satisfied with it’s performance.(was answered in one of the Android Police Interview)

  244. oh okay.. i guess i need to refresh a lot of things..missed a lot of updates last week i guess. anyways i read even access to android market is not there…

  245. That wouldn’t fit with anything he said about it. Remember the poem? I think it is an internal component, that we won’t see until he releases the unreleased internal pic.

  246. I think that is the ambient light sensor in the photo you posted.

    When he tips the Adam up and you can see the bottom edge, there is what appears to be a docking port or express card slot, or ??? on the right side. Though it could just be the way it looks in the video and is still where the sdcard ands sim card go… At least that is what it looked like in the photos we saw previously.

    I already ordered two 16 GB microSD cards because I found them for a great price but I don’t plan to open them. If we find out Adam does have a second standard SD card slot one will go back and I’ll get a larger/faster SD card. That would be way cool, and help make up for Adam only having 8 GB like you said…

  247. Rohan: We wont let anyone speculate this time by releasing information this early. We have really learnt a lot from Android Police.

    and i guess this sums it up all…. we wont be hearing much in the future in the blog as well..

  248. Oh Okai. Btw for me too that bottom right seems to be a docking port. I think it will only be clear in CES now 🙂

  249. I think the investors have tightened the reigns.

    That and he is super busy right now. They have been focusing on getting Android 2.3 on the Adam, and wanted to get it done before creating the video.

  250. Sorry, half asleep here. I thought you asked about Rohan’s absence…

    As far as the ambiguity goes, Hmmmm, not sure what to think, but I bet it resides once CES is here and all the details are released.

  251. @Rohan,

    Are you still with us? How about giving us a gratuitous smiley face to let us know you are still reading the comments? 😉

  252. Hi Gerg, Iam happy that you have raised the question on PixelQi. I repeatedly asked the same in many of my post but nobody answered. In preorder i had a option for PixelQi to buy but i went with proven LCD. I know how gr8 it works out door but how much time do we really work outdoor??

  253. Alright!
    Many folks have said that Rohan’s English needs improvement and all. Writing this from an iPad I cantell you, phones/tablets and their onscreen keyboards induce too many spelling errors and incorrect spelling corrections. And I am sure Rohan is using one to post and reply over here on the blog.

    I think we shuld be thankful that Rohan is able tos still converse with us as mch as he does.

  254. Alright!
    Many folks have said that Rohan’s English needs improvement and all. Writing this from an iPad I cantell you, phones/tablets and their onscreen keyboards induce too many spelling errors and incorrect spelling corrections. And I am sure Rohan is using one to post and reply over here on the blog.

    I think we shuld be thankful that Rohan is able tos still converse with us as mch as he does.

  255. Revealing more about the product when its on sale(may be in preoreder orm) will definately boost up the sale especially for the product like Adam.Rohan seems to be exploring curiosity generated among us but it seems to be childish now since we have paid for the product.Adam is product of expectation and in order to attract more customers Rohan should put the details of his product as full specification.Following this blog is just like readind sherlock holmes or watching detective movies and like always curios about something interesting happen.Rohan,I have booked adam and I am following it since long time but there are still a lot options available and I hope Adam beats all of them.Let it beat them.

  256. I am impressed by the second video. Much better video quality. There’s no refresh rate flicker on the screen. The pace of video was better too.
    Good job Rohan/NI.
    my interest level has shot up. I can’t wait enough to get my hands on the sdk.

  257. Other thoughts.
    I had read on one of the gadget blogs/sites a while back about Apple already having a patent on a backside trackpad on mobile devices. I wonder if that could be a reason to disable the trackpad for 1st release? Why unnecessarily risk running into Apple’s Legal army!!
    Again just a thought.

  258. Paritosh,

    The volume up/down button is on the left, the Pixel QI display on/off button is I think on the right towards the top (recall seeing a video demonstration of PQ where Rohan was constantly turning it on an off and he had his hands close to the top right,but I could be mistaken), so these must be the SIM card slot with the retractable tray and the MicroSD card slot with a fake MicroSD as a place holder in it.

    That makes perfect sense.

  259. Hi Rohan
    …since PixelQi is out of stocks…is it a good idea to allow people to register(with or without some money as a charge) for the same …so that when pixel qi comes in stocks these preregistered people should be given preference (in order of their booking say first 1000) as well as time limit to Make full payment otherwise order moves to next line of customer who has registered..payment time line should be say 24 hours to 48 hours for 1000k or any such number…
    I see two advantage of this :
    First Notion ink will get an idea about how much is the demand for pixel QI ?so accordingly they can put the order as well as stop taking further order if they feel they cant deliver within next 3 months.
    as well as there will no rush towards making payment or placing order at once when pixel qi will be available….so easier to handle…..
    In SHORT
    TAKE ORDER IN small groups…let them registered ..and give them enough time to make payment ..instead of doing every thing together…

  260. Sorry for posting again (dont know where is my previous post has gone)
    Hi Rohan
    …since PixelQi is out of stocks…is it a good idea to allow people to register(with or without some money as a charge) for the same …so that when pixel qi comes in stocks these preregistered people should be given preference (in order of their booking say first 1000) as well as time limit to Make full payment otherwise order moves to next line of customer who has registered..payment time line should be say 24 hours to 48 hours for 1000k or any such number…
    I see two advantage of this :
    First Notion ink will get an idea about how much is the demand for pixel QI ?so accordingly they can put the order as well as stop taking further order if they feel they cant deliver within next 3 months.
    as well as there will no rush towards making payment or placing order at once when pixel qi will be available….so easier to handle…..
    In SHORT
    TAKE ORDER IN small groups…let them registered ..and give them enough time to make payment ..instead of doing every thing together…

  261. Having problems with WordPress, for several weeks my comments are no longer posted. All posts first go to moderation and after 2 days disappear. Now using an old blog to see if changing settings in WordPress can solve this (suggestion on

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