Introducing Eden – II

Hello All,

Here is the second video where we are showing our Mail’d. It is one of the faster email client around (you might have to pause a lot to follow whats happening, we could have just slowed down and showed you everything, but we don’t do that in real condition). Our new generation is impatient, and we have designed it for them.

Again those who would be commenting on the video quality, I will request you to wait for the production quality which will come later as a part of advertising campaign (also I need to go out of this building to buy a good camera first!).

(Might take few minutes for YouTube to reflect the video!)

With Warm Regards

451 thoughts on “Introducing Eden – II

  1. I love the sarcasm, ” Our new generation is impatient, and we have designed it for them.”

  2. By the way, is anyone getting emails from wordpress? I am subscribed to the blog, however I did not get any notification that a new post has been posted, also I am not seeing any emails for the comments. Has anyone noticed the same?

  3. John Biggs is at it again!

  4. I love it! I like how the panels flow with the email app. It’s really smooth and a good way of utilizing the screen estate by going 2/3 for the actual mail reading.

    Also, would there be any chance for Mail’d to load plug-ins?

  5. I love it! But have lots of questions this time.

    I assume PFA means Please Find Attachment, right?

    I would love to know how recalling email works. Is it just a delay in sending messages which can be cancelled anytime before it is actually sent?

    Is there a way to aggregate all email from several accounts into one view/inbox instead of having to swap between accounts? I like both ways of doing it, but an option to do either would be nice.

    Are contacts shared across account types (gmail, yahoo, etc) and if so, are they updated to the account so if I add a contact on my Adam, can I use the contact online in both gmail and yahoo, etc?

    Okay, there are a few questions to start… back to watch the video again.

    Thanks Rohan and NI Team!!!

  6. I see, first posters! anyone see the video btw?? 😛
    That was juicy!!! oh man, so many options and everything is performed so elegantly. This thing is such an ‘organizer’ – a really powerful and serious business tool.

  7. Wow I am very excited….now if my PS3 didn’t just die….can I get an IOU???? I would really love to see the Pixel QI screen again well in the final version. I am still not sure if I would be fine with and LCD model. I am not a big reader but I am a consultant and would never know when I will need to have a PDF open and reading.

  8. You know what would be cool?

    On the very last video of this series, the credits roll and out comes:
    “All Adams shot in these videos are in PixelQi mode with no backlit enhancement.”

    That would be that one-two punch to seal its place in CES.

  9. Great job on the E-Mail app… I can’t wait to order my Qi / 3G 🙂 … hope more are available soon 😉 !!!

  10. oh man… i should have gone for the lcd version rather thn waiting for PQ to get bak in stock… Rohan please get the next batch early…
    btw great features…

  11. I’m thinking these daily updates will take the edge off of my Adam craving. I love what I see so far, and unlike all tablets out right now, the Adam shows no sign of rushed production. I’ve never had a mobile OS that was very responsive. Coming from WinMo to Android, I noticed an incredible increase in fluid navigation. But after a few months with my Evo, I’m now feeling the slowness of Sprint’s Sense UI. I’m glad to see a company finally got the UI integration right for once.

  12. tx for prompt reply. I love it. I am french artist and I am really excited about the drawing and painting applications. I was surprized to see u draw with your nail on a capacitive screen I thought that was only possible with finger tips. Will u have a stylus to go with the adam tablet? If u are interested by someone demonstarting painting applications on the adam tablet I volunteer to do some work for u on it. If u wanna look at my work:

  13. Rohan –
    I assume ability to receive PUSH e-mail – correct?

    E-mail application has to be top quality, especially for a tablet, and it seems you did it.
    Great Job!

  14. Rohan, Are all the contacts remembered automatically, so will be recommended when composing a new email? Also, can all accounts share the same address book of contacts? Thx

  15. cant comment on your patience, but you definetly have more energy than the newer generation… care for a show-off with my soon to be 3yr boy?

  16. Rohan, one advice to you (after you will buy new camera). Use manual focus on camera, and focus it on tablet.. Camera will not be automaticaly focusing again and again when screen is dark and your video will be always crystal clear.

    Trust me. Much better. (Ofcourse on this fixed look)

  17. I liked the video, the functionality and ease of use, various email syncing capabilities, and specially the “multitouch keyboard” function this is the BEST email app I have seen on any tablet.

    BUT I think clicking out side to discard a message seemed not so logical, it is a tablet after all and you hold it with your hands and one might accidentally TOUCH the area out side the dialog and lose the mail when he actually wanted to save it as a draft.. Hope this can be looked in to !

    Mail’D did clean-bowled me 😀

  18. Troll, troll, troll your post, gently down the feed. Merrily, merrily troll along, a life is what you need!

    Lol. Seriously. Don’t feed the troll. As a site writer, he’s doing a fine job channelling traffic to CG which in turn drives exposure for NI. There’s nothing like a little joust to the irrational feelings of a few to spark an outcry.

  19. I was busy telling others to watch the video 🙂 and have not watched it myself. Will watch and comment 🙂

  20. Your 3 year old would leave me in the dust!

    I have 4 kids, a daughter the same age as your son, and 3 boys ages 4 to 15. After a day alone with them I’m completely exhausted!

  21. you can see that when clicking outside the email, it gives you options to discard, save or send options 🙂 so it is not like you loose your email with single wrong click out side the mail.

  22. My questions :

    1) Is there option to automaticaly add signature (TXT, HTML)

    2) Is there some backup (settings, emails) ? Or we will need to use 3th party SW ?

    3 ) Is there way how to mark spam, or some spam check ?

  23. Greetings fellow Knights
    Sowmya and Greg, Did you catch the three into two pane change when
    an email was selected.

    Way to go Rohan. This is very impressive


  24. Just to keep the comments section of this post clean too, I am posting a link to the FAQs I put up on my blog:

  25. You’ve been quite patient. How long have we been waiting for adam? And you’ve always been patient. Didn’t see you complaining about how long it took for preorders.

  26. John does not realize that he is helping to sell all these Adam tablets. He provides media exposure with his negative articles, but people are smart enough to do some additional research and they quickly learn that the Adam is awesome. So Thanks John for all your help! 😉

  27. Hey, did you notice two panels when reading a email in full view? Somebody questioned about two panel existance and this is the somewhat similar answer. Isn’t it?

  28. Rohan, It seems that the recall can only function right after I hit the send button, but before the mail get delivered. I mean if I only realize that sent out message no good after a while, probably it will be too late to recall, right? Thx

  29. WHOOOAAA!!! OMG it’s sooo cool and smooth and fancy!!!! I really feel that Apple is not the best user-friendly company anymore 😉

  30. Intresting, I am getting the emails about the comments now, however I did not receive the post notification… any ways I like What I am seeing and glad that I had pre ordered the LCD WIFI version on the first day. Can’t wait to get it into my hands although I will be patient 😉

  31. The irony is that my wife’s older pocket camera, a very inexpensive Canon Powershot SD780IS shoots excellent 720p video. About as good as any I’ve seen on youtube…

  32. Rohan, you can see you guys have taken some time to think about us in the development of things like Mail’d. Even to not let us send an email without an attachment 🙂



  33. Yeah big questions on the recall feature over here as well. SMTP does not have recall support. I have had questions about this feature since he mentioned it the first time.

    Contact sharing across accounts should be handled via sharing through the Android ContactsProvider. If it isn’t that would be a big departure from every other Android device, but clarification on that point would be nice.

  34. Left office after a long wait for video and reached home just now. As soon as reached home, first thing i did was check for video and here it is with 82 comments already!

    Love the Mail’d. Good work guys.

    I’m still not sure how would email recall function work. I don’t think you’d be able to recall an email once it’s reached to recipient’s inbox.

  35. Awsome! German-like quality! Well thought trough, responsive, ADHD proof APP!

    Can’t wait for the SDK to make some others myself 😉

  36. Rohan,
    This is amazing.
    The ease of use and response time is fantastic.
    Question –
    Will Mail’d have a single sign on, or do you have to login at setup?

  37. Yeah, I couldn’t resist feeding the troll today, but they do say any publicity is good publicity so I figure feeding the troll only helps Notion Ink sell Adam’s and having dissenting views in his comments helps people figure out he is a troll.

  38. Next time while making video , put adam where sufficient amount of light is there . For making video get a Canon LEGRIA HF S21 only 89k !! .

  39. You still go there? He just wants attention. I hope nobody click on that link. That guy is really disturbed. I made a pact with my dog (only my dog will listen if I start talking about that guy) that we will never payed attention to that guy again, unless he shows off in my front yard sniffing around.) In that case: 1) I will have a straight jacket for him, or 2) my dog will rip him apart.

  40. No transflective mode is full color at 60hz. They are using a white e-ink display behind a color LCD instead of a backlight behind the LCD in that mode. So the backlight is light reflected off of the eink display behind the LCD instead of via LED light behind the LCD. So in transflective mode the color comes from the LCD and refreshes at LCD refresh rates.

  41. Looking elegant and smooth, another awesome job done!
    Was looking forward to see the keyboard in work, and it handles more than fine!
    Very responsive.

  42. I do agree, can we see you transition the Adam from horizontal to vertical? I would love to see how the panels look vertically.

    For the homepage (your website) since live final pictures are out, lets get that render off of there with the photoshopped eden 🙂

    Would look so much nicer with real pic…..


  43. So, smooth. I’m glad that I took a plunge of pre-ordering which I had never done. I can’t help smiling with a video after video.

  44. For all the whiners out there about “missing” features…



  45. Absolutely amazing that you’ve built this email program from scratch!
    Some VERY talented programmers over there at Notion Ink.

    One thing to think about though with the user interface:

    I’m not sure it’s completely evident that you can swipe [from left to right] when reading an email in the inbox to get back to the main mail page? If you check the video at 00:35, Rohan is reading a new message in the inbox, and then swipes back to the top mail’d page. I’m not sure if it’s completely intuitive at this point that swiping will get you back to the top page?

    Maybe there should be an arrow or some sort of icon placed in the interface in locations to denote you can swipe left or right? In this instance I would think maybe an icon would show up on the left hand side of the screen with an arrow facing left to denote you can navigate back to the main mail screen by swiping from left to right?

    Overall, this application is MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING!

  46. You should have been at my house when I went through the preorder process and had my credit card denied at the end of the purchase and then the website would not let me attempt to order again. All that after having been glued to the computer for a day and a half waiting for the preorders to open.

    Do you Remember how gecko used to joke about the “good Greg” and the “evil Greg”… Well, lets just say the evil Greg made a rare appearance for a brief moment at that time. I’m sure you must have heard me yelling all the way across the world when it happened.

    But that is water under the bridge and didn’t change the fact that the Adam is the best tablet ever! I’m just glad I got it fixed and pre-ordered my Pixel Qi with Wifi+3G before they ran out.

    Now the true test of patience is waiting for it to ship. It’s always hardest to be patient as you get closer to the destination!

    (BTW, where is gecko?)

  47. I don’t know what his intention is…maybe expecting an exclusive video offer from NI, like AP, if he keeps doing it.

    Anyway, his work is getting more and more difficult with these awesome videos.

  48. Awesome! This video made my day!

    One quick question, doesn’t it support rich text / html format while composing mail?

  49. I’m so mad at my self for not moving quickly to fix bank problems.
    Curse my bank. I will have to live without the Adam for months!!!! 😦 😦 😦
    Anyway, love Mail’d. So fast, and responsive! Definitely, never seen anything like it.

    Rohan, is there any LCD left? I need to have it for my classes, and to show my students what I can do with it. They will love it. Specially after months of me talking about it.
    This a teacher, and student dream machine.

  50. One more tablet included at CES 2011.

  51. Rohan please ignore his site.

    He wants to rub off NO success by hoping to get exclusive attention from you and best way is to criticize it.

    By showing of the vids on daily basis you dont have to entertain such people
    The comment if it had merit in its criticism I would have repsected the guy

    But the whole tone of his reporting reallly shows what kind of reporter he is.

    We are all waiting for CES , ADAM once released will do all the talking fo itself.

  52. The only word that is coming in my mind after watching the video is it’s Amazing :). Functionality of email-app is wonderfully shown and it’s ultra fast.
    Liked the recall feature. Though hope the few seconds shown in the video (for recall )can be customizable with a maximum limit set by the software(mail’d) itself(say 1 minute) so that one can read his mail in sent folder to know whether to recall it or not . Other than that Really liked the Mail’d application.

    P.S. will love to see the guy typing with both hands and not with a single hand… I think in normal case scenario too many will be typing with both hands(specially when adam is providing that 3 degree advantage)

  53. @ Rohan… dont know if youre still here

    I just wanted a word on the note taking ability while reading pdfs or other documents on that very document, sort of like we did in books in school.

    Its a feature of the recently available KNO tablet and it seems very very helpful to everybody who has anything to do with documents? Can this be done on the adam?
    If not can you make it happen?

  54. Additionally, as ADAM is aimed at students also, it will be very very beneficial for them…

  55. +1 attachment feature was really good. Because it’s one of the frequent mistake we all do. And with this we can save ourself from recall at least in missing attachment case 🙂

  56. What a great UI that I’ve seen so far! I’m very impressed. One question I have that perhaps has already been addressed in previous entries: Does adam have a function that is the same as Remote Desktop Connection in Windows? This would allow for me to log into my company server and would be a HUGE plus. Thanks for all your great efforts NI!

    Minnesota, USA

  57. See posted image below – illustrates that you’re on one page, but can swipe two pages over to the right…[see grey bar at bottom of interface]

    http: //

    Just think it might be a nice interface addition

  58. I had to feed the troll with a dissenting view. At least someone making a cursory glance at the comments will realize what a fool that guy is!

  59. Pixel Qi display modes as I understand them…

    Transmissive mode = Back light on with full power
    1024 x 600 resolution with 262,144 colors

    Transflective mode = Back light on with reduced power
    1024 x 600 resolution with lower color

    Reflective mode = Back light off
    3072 x 600 resolution with Black and White (64 grayscales)

    *Note the horizontal resolution is 3 times higher in reflective mode, which will be great for reading text outdoors (fonts will be very sharp and crisp).

  60. @Rohan

    Can you please post a vid of the adam itself? I want to see the dimensions, ports and all that. Like a full 360 view of the tablet so we can see exactly what it looks like.

    Also, whats going on with the student discount? Im a student but there was not discount option with the preorder. Will there be a rebate? Or will that not apply to all the preorders?

  61. I won’t waste my time with the link,

    I do like to hear different opinions, but John Biggs is not trying to offer a different opinion, he is just trolling for web hit.

  62. Most important…

    I need to be able to configure a signature for my outgoing email that says “Sent from my Notion Ink Adam”!!! 😉

  63. You can buy a Capacitive pen online for very cheap (under $10). The only problem is that it used a soft, spongy tip in order to emulate a finger-tip. Also, there won’t be any pressure sensitivity.

  64. @Atul I think there will be a timer after that only mail be be sent from user’s end. I hope this timer will be customizable with maximum time limit set by mail’s application itself(say 1 or two minute so that feature cannot be misused).
    And also it should provide enough time so that one can go back to sent folder(I hope the mail which actually is not sent will be shown somewhere for transient time period) to review it and if find mistake , we can recall it. This will be a real-world user case because many times we will not realize our mistakes(typo) without seeing sent mail again and only then we can decide whether to recall it or not.

  65. Eh !

    Why I still have this moderation message “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    so frustrating 😦

  66. i love the Adam with every new video you post, that does not mean i never liked it before but it’s refreshing to see real videos.

  67. The Targus brand (which I believe is the same as Griffin and BoxWave) capacitive stylus works very will on other capacitive screen I have tried. I expect excellent results on Adam too.

  68. Wow!…that video was pretty fast! Was it the Mail’d? or the User? whoever was doing all that smooth quick paced app….both were great..I like that. That would save me a heck of a time while i’m on a go or at a meeting or my Business!
    Love the orientation & organisation planned & put into this App.
    Well thought, keeping right from the youth to the business ppl into the perspective. Especially the Recall feature. Very very important while i’m on business. I wouldn’t want my email unintentionally going to the wrong person messing up things. Or sending a mail with 1000 words without the corrosponding Attachment would be useless & stupid. But now it’s all hassle free with the Mail’d & the Adam. 😉

    Keep up with this… & keep it comming. All the best to Rohan his team! 🙂

  69. Gmail has the ‘undo’ feature, which allows an email to be pulled back after hitting send for up to 30 seconds. This is a feature that must be enabled in Google Labs – Undo send. Don’t know if that’s helpful to anyone…

  70. excellent questions greg, this is exactly what i wanted to ask.

    and btw, the app looks fantastic! i just have to notice something: the “snail-mail” (air-mail red-blue-white envelope) pattern is probably supposed to evoke the feelings of familiarity or cozyness or something of that kind. however, for me it has the opposite effect, it freaks me out somewhat, as in: slow, expensive, messy, difficult to search through, space and time consuming etc. in other words, i am really glad snail mail is for the most part the thing of the past, and i would personally prefer not to be reminded of it. but that’s just me, and not really a big deal ;).

  71. See Gmail’s Undo feature, which I commented on above. That’s something available now through Labs…

  72. At 2:16 you can see the text which you have to click for preventing the email from being sent. It reads “Your email will be delivered in few seconds. Tap this note to stop.”

    For me this means clearly just a delay in the delivery. And it’s surely the only thinkable technical solution. And yes, there’s an “a” missing before “few seconds”.

  73. I good article today in the business news,


    Pixel Qi and CPT announce manufacturing partnership

    This is going to mean a much better supply of screens will be available, which will help Notion Ink meet demand

  74. Yeah. Agree. It would be nice to have contacts optionally synced with multiple accounts. Sometimes you might have to mail without Adam. And the recalling is like the gmail undo send and not actually a recall later? If the latter is there – then may be we will get our answer at CES.

  75. Greg (and all), I wish that was always the case. I kid you not, I tell EVERYONE I know/meet about the adam. Just the other day, I met two people that specifically chose not to order the adam because of the articles on crunchgear and endgadget (for one of them it was just hearsay about these articles).

    Then yesterday, another bomb hit me. My Mom, my very own own mother, opted not to order an adam and ordered a kindle instead. It wasn’t because of cost. It was very slightly due to current availability. It was mostly because she had some IT folks at her company talking about the adam and she actually quoted the word (which she had never heard before) . . . vaporware. They convinced her that the device wasn’t actually ever going to come out and that I was just one of the ‘fanboys’ that was going to be devastated (I have been talking about this thing for a year now). These were respected IT analysts that misled her and were in turn misled themselves from somewhere. Of course, I didn’t find out till it was too late, and didn’t want to make her feel guilty about her purchase. She will buy one someday, after she sees mine.

    That being said, yes, this bad publicity CAN hurt sales. This again goes to something many of us have said here before. A person will buy the best technology/value. People buy marketing, not technology. Thus the technology marketing powerhouses continue and will continue to dominate the marketplace.

  76. As Adam is based on Android I believe that all contacts will be synced with Googlemail, any new entry in Facebook, Twitter, Buzz etc. will be added to the Google based database. I doubt that there will be a syncing possible with Yahoo as this is not a very common way to safe your contacts. Or am I wrong?

  77. Why Notion Ink does not confirm the Adam supports subpixel rendering? Without it, we cannot get the 3072×600, and we are left with a very low resolution lcd.

  78. Yes, he said all along, that apps written for eden will be able to use one, two or all three panels

    It is just the stock android apps, that will be limited to one pane or full screen.

    That is also why it is criticle to get the sdk out, so that more programs can be modified to take advantage of the eden ui.

  79. Still don’t have Pixel Qi, i really cant understand why more manufacturers aren’t picking it up…. its an obvious no brainer to me, almost makes me suspicious

  80. How true, I post on the blog here, read it over on the screen, post it,

    and immediately see typos, glaring grammar errors, etc.

    usually while the browser is still posting the comment, but it is too late to stop it.

  81. Rohan,

    1. It would be nice if you have some keyword search feature (on subject line and content).

    2. Will there be a next batch of pre-order?

    Best wishes to you and your team!

  82. Anybody of you folks use IMAP & push functionalities ?
    sounds to me cores features 😕

  83. Sub-pixel rendering is by default switched on in Adam (as well as hinting, rather the only one around in which hinting is there). But please do realize we cant answer your questions here on the blog. For more info please send email at info @ notionink dot com

    Warm Regards

  84. Rohan said in an earlier post that Mail’d would see improvements very soon after release. that they just wanted to get a good program out with the tablet, and let other developers take it to the next level.

    Which means it is only going to get better.

  85. wow thats sounds amazing as the videos rohan is doing are transflective and still ook good, with the lcd they will look even better, i thought the there was only 2 modes colour lcd and black and white ereader, amazing stuff.

    the hype is getting back to normal epecially after the email app video. 🙂

  86. There are not enough pixel qi displays to go around, no one want to commit to it, if they can don’t have the capicity to meet demand,

    Pixel Qi just today announced a partnership agreement with another major manufucaturer, who was developing competeing products, now they are going to work together, the other company is a major manufucturer who has the capacity to produce 40 million lcd screen a month, so pretty soon they will have the ability to meet demand and more tablets will incorporate it.

    Notion Ink was ahead of the curve by committing to Pixel Qi early, it will give them an advantage going forward, but there will clearly be a lot more competition coming in regards to pixel qi tablets.

  87. Hm I did not see anyone address this in the comments so maybe I am entirely mistaken and missed it in the video but I did not see any sort of word prediction pop up with the keyboard. Can someone tell me where it is or can Rohan comment on the lack or inclusion of this VERY important feature?

  88. Terrific !
    This confirms my thought : a new turn coming on tablet scene.

    I unfortunately missed first PixelQi’s round.
    Somebody would have an idea of next order schedule of Adam PixelQized?
    there is a 2nd round, isn’t it ?

    ( reposted previous comment which still awaiting moderation 😉 )

  89. I doubt it is included, but there are many RDP android apps available.

    that you could use right away, and I am sure some will be tweeked to take advantage of the adam interface.

  90. Hi Rohan

    is it based on the excellent K-9 Mail apps ?
    is Mail’d support true IMAP ?
    or if not can we install in parallel an alternative email software as once again the must have K-9 Mail ?


    ( reposted previous above comment which still awaiting moderation 😉 )

  91. Something else that has sold out…

    http:// www. newegg. com /Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820161405

    This was a good deal on 16 GB class 10 MicroSDHC cards (only $27.99 each).

    Most reviewers said they actually saw class 10 speeds (or at least fast enough for HD video recording and playing) with these cards, but some had problems.

    I figured it was worth a try at that price and ordered two of them a couple days ago. If they work well with the Adam I will let you know. Otherwise I will return them and get something else.

  92. Yeah i saw that, but im sure if a large company wanted to invest in a large number of units it would enable Pixel Qi to go and find a bigger supplier. i find it hard to believe it is purely down to the reason you are suggesting, dont get me wrong its highly plausible im just at uneasy about that explanation.

  93. Will Mail’d include the security needed for Microsoft Exchange? I know Android has faked this in the past, but it would be great if additional security were built into Adam, especially without access to the Android Market (I’ve used the trial version of Touchdown just to simulate the security certificate).

  94. Tandeh: your guess is right. Subpixel rendering is only applicable in the reflective mode (B&W). This is how we can get the superb resolution that Greg listed.
    Now that this is confirmed, I’m excited about Adam. (Sorry Rohan, I know Eden is your baby – but I am here for the superb e-reader you about to deliver)

  95. I can see how some people may like T9, but at the very least, I am happy if that is a feature that is not automatic.

  96. hmm… so , if there is a word “attachment” in e-mail then it gives warning about attachment missing !? Am i right ?
    What about other languages then ?

  97. T9 and word prediction are two different things. T9 can be a very frustrating function on a 9key phone pad especially if you are typing in several languages. Word prediction (much as it is on the iPhone, Android, et al) adds a row of words that use the letters (and offers some corrections) you have typed so you do not have to type the entire word.

  98. I think note taking and drawing will work really well. Not as good as a device with a digitizer, but good enough for the majority of people who just want to take notes, etc.

    This is one of the first things I will test when I get mine… 😉

  99. Greg,

    I photoshopped that little gray tab in at the bottom of the linked image above as an example of how it *could potentially be structured* You are correct, that little tab was not in the original post! 🙂

  100. Yeah. One of the most common mistakes. Just wanted to make sure about the check list of words actually checked:

    1. PFA
    2. Please Find Attachment
    3. Please Find Attached
    6.*enclose* (old way to put – as in “find enclosed” – but always good to have it checked ;))

    By code, 1, 5 and 6 should be sufficient. But wanted to confirm so as to use the right keywords while composing on my adam. BTW, NI devs are welcome to use any of the above keys if not already used. Kudos for this nice touch.

  101. Wow! Sweet Email App. Best I have seen outside of an actual computer program like Outlook.

    Question for Rohan: Did you implement the eature “Redirect”? where If I get an email from Person X, I can redirect it to Person Y and it looks like it came from person X to Person Y.

    That would be cool.

  102. I wake up 4:00 in morning to check for post – was not there…now at office and can’t see for security restirction…any way fellow fans, do post questions and features….

    so I know – what’s been discuss. It helps a lot.

    NI Team,

    you guys rocks ! one video per day !

  103. Can I ask something that would be awesome Rohan??!!!!

    Can we get a video recorded with the camera on the Adam?

    This can be part of the actual demo or what not showing the interface off but I would love to know how good the camera is. My DroidX boasts an 8mp camera and I am not happy with it at all.

    THANKS so much


  104. I am also really hoping we can take some great notes on the adam. That would be the icing on the cake for me. I want to bring this thing to every meeting I go to. No More Paper!

  105. 🙂 it’s okai elmelao :). May be that was feeling of many of the adam lovers who stuck bcoz of mastercard and bank decline things. But I hope after these videos and a great show at CES there will lot of retail companies in US and other part of the world who will love to sell adam. And will make it much easier for you to buy one and showcase it’s spectacular unique features to your students and your friends 🙂

  106. That would be unfair, Although it is Rohan’s dream, there is a successful team behind the conception of Adam… No Individual is successful until he has a strong team that would support him.. I would say From Notion Ink or Notion Ink Team would be appropriate…

  107. @Rohan,

    My doctor says I will die if I don’t get my Adam soon. Please help save my life!

    And I’m sure I’m driving my wife nuts while waiting… So please help save our marriage too! 😉

  108. There’s been so much thought put into this UI.

    Eden is setting Adam apart from all the other tablets on the market just as much as Pixel Qi is.

    This is a SERIOUS one-two punch from Notion Ink!

  109. Weren’t all these videos shot with the Adam Itself… I was under that impression… Just kidding, although I would like to see the capabilities of the camera

  110. +1 and it will be more teasing keeping in mind that you will be one of the early adopters who will be using adam 🙂

  111. Hey, that’s really a snappy response on the app, seriously.

    On Yahoo, is that through their paid POP3 or do y’all have another means of getting Yahoo emails?

  112. Anyone any idea how the quality of a 32 GB SD Card Extreme SDHC Class 10 SanDisk would be?
    Goes for 125 euros in the Netherlands (164 US dollar). That’s not a special price.

  113. Hmm.

    This sounds like it could get people in trouble though…sending out emails that look like they came from someone else?

    Sounds like some may take advantage and a feature like this to spam people under a different mailing address, no?

  114. 1. By “Keyword search”, I meant a search across multiple email accounts
    2. Yes, better be a 2nd batch of pre-order… I have already gift-wrapped the printout of a future dated Adam PQ in a box and left it under the X’mas tree for my wife.

  115. Sorry, I just want something special to mark the first edition. I picked Rohan’s signature is not because of him but rather is he representing the whole team.

  116. I asked the same question, above. I would guess that it does, though, since this is a staple feature of gmail. It would seem silly to remove functionality that comes standard with Android, for free.:)

  117. about that memory…
    On video at 1:30 we can see adams memory 7.34MB of 5.54GB
    Where is 2.5GB of memory if current memory (storage) size is 8GB !?

  118. bip……..bip………bip

    hurry up !
    15ml of Eden in intravenous injection
    don’t hesitate to use Mail’d defibrillator
    and if isn’t enough use 3panel shocks concept (beware that’s strong)


  119. Yeah, its like outlook, but without all the viruses.:)

    That reminds me, I’m guessing that Lookout wouldn’t work too well on Adam, any chance of a virus/malware scanner to replace it? With the option to locate, remote lock, remote wipe, and remote siren?

    Maybe one of the EAP devs is working on one…(hinty hinty)

  120. Scoreboard currently says “Sold Out” for Notion Ink.

    Something must be going right, Edheltaur.

  121. Looking at all the questions being asked (and some being answered), it would be nice to have a FAQ section on notion ink’s official website. I wonder if this is in the pipeline. I am sure some fans will be taking the trouble and composing their own version of FAQs on their websites/forums, but it will be good to have them all in one place.

    It will be difficult for us to come back later and browser through the posts and comments to find something answered. Any thoughts?

  122. I think it already says “made with love by Notion Ink,” or something…

    I’m still voting for making the first orders special by including a “gift” with them, like a microSDHC card…

  123. Yep, especially when software like K-9 Mail are OpenSource and can use as foundations

  124. You may like to put the link between quotes. “”, so that the removing the spaces is not required.

    This was suggested by some one in the earlier blogs.

  125. Rohan & NI Team,

    Looking very good, I am at the point of boiling…………………….. I NEED an Adam!
    I don’t just need it I need it NOW. An tablet like this would make my life soooooo much easier and thus more fun.
    As soon as we can order again I will order mine!

    A lot of thanks for all your hard work!



  126. Yes, Rohan PLEASE address the Push, Notification and Sync questions about the integration of our EXISTING GMail data and tools (contacts/calendar/Voice/Talk/folders/filters/account forwarding/Sender ID Options, etc.)

    Thank you!

  127. That is how gmail does it. But I think some programs can remove mail from someone’s inbox, because it happened to me! I got an email about a surprise party for the director of the honors program at my school, but her secretary didn’t want her to see it. So a few hours after I got it, it disappeared, and I got a new message that said “xx would like to recall this message.”

    It was kind of annoying, actually. What if I had needed it?

  128. I am sure there will be some on ebay also. always is and always will be, people ordering extra just to resale.

    I bet they will be a very hot commodity for serveral months easily.

    My son, has already told me I should sell my Pixel Qi pre-order, but I told him I waited 8 months now, I am not going to wait any longer.

    I was about to buy an ipad back in May 2010, when I saw the first things on Adam, since it was so close then to release – June/July release so I held off.

    Then I almost gave up and went back to Best Buy in August, to take another look at the ipad, and a few days later blog post start up again, I hold off and come september the blog post really start to say something, Haven’t looked at the ipad since.

  129. I remember sometimes back when Rohan saying that initially investors were not happy with the recall function to be included in the Mail’d but when some of folks from EAP leaked the email sent to them, investors agreed to include it in the app.
    I’m not sure why Rohan gave this example at that time but it makes me thing that recall function is more than just hold the email for a certain amount of time(like our emails stay in the Outbox for sometime before moving into Sent folder in MS outlook) before sending it down.

  130. Dear Rohan!

    We all realize, that Adam is a great product (especially those, who did not manage to pre-order the desired PQ model :(( despite receiving “fanclub priority”)

    Perhaps, it will be good to clear up some more details in one post:
    – The second pre-order date for PQ model (I’ll looking forward for my second chance to overcome fickle payment system)
    – PQ & LCD models runtime. Perhaps, many of us will buy the LCD one if it has long lasting battery life.
    – Strict differences between ADAM series.
    – Do PQ has “bad pixel policy” for its displays?
    – Do all models have the same amount of storage?
    – Ability to receive PUSH e-mail

    Thanks You, for Your work.

  131. I beleive they are a startup also. They have won several recent award for a new company.

    One sure fire way to tell, is the ceo has a blog and regularily post information,

    once you are public, the ceo is very restrained in all comments they make. None will have a blog that gives any usefull info.

  132. Great video … and also great Apps … but i’ve got a question on Portrait mode ? Does Mail’d can be used in portrait mode ?

    Second comment in one … would you disable assist focus of your cam before making a video ;o)

  133. Sadly, some day we will no longer be able to hear from Rohan, but luckily that is not today and is still a ways off.

    Keep up the great work Rohan, showing us adam

    can’t wait for the next video.

  134. I can’t help but agree with Edheltaur.
    I got one for myself, but a lot of the folks I know who are not as bold (or proud) to be early adoptors withdrew from the purchase due to all the shi t that hit the ceiling minutes from the purchase links went live for the general public. I guess it is unfortunate, but it is also a trial by fire that NI will have to live with in this industry. That said, the article by Biggs is so voyeuristic that even the most discerning customer has to disregard it anyways 🙂

  135. Adam’s Eden UI and Pixel QI display seen as the features that will distinguishing it from other Tegra 2 SoC based Tablets being showcased at CES, in this SlashGear article.


  136. I’m speechless – also because I’m just trying to see if I’m allowed to comment again, or still not, snif… 😉

  137. Yeah! I must have done something wrong with my Gravatar account before. Anyway thanks Rohan and NI team for being everyday beyond expectation.

  138. Motorola is going for the kill with it’s Honeycomb Tablet to be launched at CES


  139. Rohan, I am quite amused you are yet to lay your hands on a decent camera. I don’t mind taking some time off and coming down to your office and shooting some High Definition clips for you.

  140. Gecko posted some in the last update. He’s still around. I can understand the frustration with the preorder! I would have been cussing up a storm! I’m waiting for them to hit retail stores. My wife has no faith. “It’s a startup? They have no other products out yet? Uh-huh.”. So, I’m waiting for it so I can physically show her how great it is. No big deal anyway. I’ve waited this long. And I don’t need it like some people. I just want something great to play with. And what’s the greatest tablet? That’s right! Adam!

  141. As far as we know, Adam only uses a microSD card.

    Is that SanDisk card micro or standard size?

    The fastest 32 GB microSD card I have seen is class 4, and it is expensive. That is why I went with a couple 16 GB cards. I’d rather have one big card instead of two smaller cards, but it is cost prohibitive right now.

    If we wish real hard, do you think Adam will have a standard size SD card slot too? 😉

  142. Rohan, I really want to order an Adam especially after you come up with some more memory options. But I had never gotten in on the first go around because I have a MasterCard. Is there any update on this and will long time followers still get an option to order one?

    Please let us know and I am still not settled on either Pixel QI or LCD when you are taking the video from the Adam camera can you show the two units if you have both?

    Thanks 🙂

    Just picking on ya also about the camera but it would be a great idea if you haven’t already thought of it.


  143. I’m getting a 16gb sd card, but i also bought two Lexar Media Echo ZE 16gb flash drives. they are nice and small and don’t have to worry about hitting them while your handling the adam. i believe they are smaller in size than what was shown in the first video of the adam in use. buy dot com has them for $32.95 right now. thats a steal considering the lexar site has them for $89.99

  144. Comparatively the first video was amazing(doesn’t mean this is not good). Keep posting I sold Adam to 1 guy already. More coming soon.

  145. Greg, I hope you are the very first to receive the Adam. It’s important you get up to speed before we start hitting you with a ton of “how do I . . . ” questions. So cancel everything for the next couple of months and let your family know you might be able to squeeze them into your schedule some time around April. 🙂

  146. I think it is to with delay in sending(gmail does that). Technically there is no protocol in IMAP/SMTP/POP3 servers defined. Servers need to support this functionality if it is not to do with delay which none support as of now.

  147. I think at ces you will see at least some tablets with pixel qi in the 7 inch form factor.

    the article states they expect to start mass production on the 7 inch screens right after ces, so I am pretty sure they will have some announcements.

    There have been several competing technologies, and for a startup it is a major commitment, Even Rohan said his investors (the ones lost back in June) were pushing to change adam, they wanted to go with a windows tablets, or even a net book, there were several things. Not many investors are willing to go with a completely new vision, those that do, are either rewarded very well, or take a huge hit. There is no real middle ground.

    as for large companies going with the technologies, most don’t go with them until they are proven, or unless they invented it.

    once the adam comes out and is successful, you can bet there will be a lot of competitors.

    Just look at the ipad, every tablet that has come out, (except Adam) looks just like it. the same form factor, although smaller with the 7 inch screen is also out, but it looks the same, trys to act the same, everything.

    Not many companies innovate, most replicate and make slight changes to differentiate themselves.

    It is rare that a company with vision like Notion Ink makes it.

  148. (Posting again since my comment is awaiting moderation.)

    I can’t wait to read “100 reasons why I’m dumping the __(fill in the blank)__ for the Notion Ink Adam”

    For now you can check this out if you are bored…

    http:// www. zdnet. com /blog/btl/10-reasons-why-im-dumping-the-ipad-for-samsungs-galaxy-tab/42900?tag=nl.e539

  149. Will you be able to select emails in bulk and mark as read/unread? That’s a huge feature missing in the default android email client.

  150. Hello Rohan-

    email’s looking good. I’d still like to see how other languages will work – esp. Indian input. Could you have a little (few seconds) on that? Is this language support available in US sold tablets as well, or does it need to be separately enabled?


  151. I guess for space saving purposes on the onscreen keyboard my windows mobile phone (6.1) calls word prediction T9. I’ve used it both ways. Perhaps I never write the words such software tries to predict.

  152. Absolutely Adam 🙂 I also don’t need it urgently but since I’m a happy spender and gadget lover I can’t even think of not buying it – especially after these few videos. I wonder what more there is to come…
    My sister told today me she wanted an iPad.. I was like “Huh? No, no, you want Adam, trust me!”. After I showed her the videos she had her eyes only for the Adam so I think NI got another customer waiting in line 🙂

  153. Wow, I have to say that I’m impressed. I was beginning to wonder if this device would really deliver, but if the rest of the apps have this kind of polish, well, I’m stickin’ with Adam!

  154. Okay, I didn’t get a chance to read all 300 posts, so if this has been asked, I apologize.

    Rohan, just curious… Why not use the camera on an Adam for the videos – I would assume there is more than one working device in the office?

    Wouldn’t that be a good advertisement, just like the recent commercials from a couple different camera companies ‘This commercial was filmed entirely on this camera’

    just my $.02

  155. I believe the mail sign-on will be somewhat the same as with other E-mail clients; you setup an account with your username, password and other required items, add the new e-mail account and it’ll always be there, using the settings you initially provided. My e-mail client acts this way and I feel it’s only natural for this application to do so too.

  156. Well he likely has a lot on the machine already, the pdf in the prior video was 6.5 mb, it could easily have the inception vidio shown awhile back or a new video waiting to be shown still.

    he said they are trying to simulate heavy users. so you can assume they have loaded a lot on it. music, video, documents of all sorts, he talked about it sync’ing with 20 email accounts. the usb drive has a ton of stuff on it, I beleive the list included a movie trilogy. I am sure they have tested copying all that off the drive onto the tablet and vice versa.

    This is not a stock tablet, out of the box, it seems everyone thinks nothing has been loaded on it yet. they are using it.

  157. dunno why but i am not getting email updates about new comments for the last one hour on my gmail. IS it happening with someone else too?

  158. Not sure, must be standard though.
    Kingston 32GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Card Single Pack w/o Adapter would cost about 90 euros/120 us dollar.

    A USB 2.0 microSDHC Memory Card Reader/Writer might help?

  159. look above, right near the top Fundaasoflife has put together a nice FAQ page and he links to it at the start of the each post, when he is able to get an early post.


    Notion Ink has stated they will have one, but also Rohan referred us to another site, that had a lot of info in the meantime


  160. I thought Rohan confirmed that there is a digitizer in the Adam…

    “Digitizer: I couldn’t resist commenting back with a simple smiley when someone asked this questions in the comments. I was waiting for this day! Adam comes with an Open Source implementation which converts it into a digitizer. ”

    A digitizer works with some form of Pen to detect where the pen is on the screen… I hope Rohan goes into detail on this one in one of the next video’s

  161. Came along a little joke:
    ‘In a world without borders and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?’
    http :// www. shirtcity. com

  162. man the rendering on the device is just beautiful & quick…
    love the little red tags in the apps “send” in mail’d 🙂
    is there a way to have only two panels instead of three with the mails? i’d like to read more of the email without having to scroll & what’s the device like in portrait mode?

    good job so far! can’t wait for some high res images or the actual device in my hand! so glad I ordered 🙂

  163. thats the feature of ur office SMTP….google …yahoo ..etc does not support this feature ….so technically its not possible for adam to recall a mail …it can only be a delayed send

  164. here’s why i’m not dumping the i__d for the adam! two’s better than one. Can’t wait for the pixel qi model I bought (come soon, i’ve had to cancel all my vacations, how I would’ve loved this for christmas)…
    but lets face it the iPad is nice & definitely worth the money I lay down for it and a solid 7 months of use! its a great first tablet, Adam will be better, everything tells me it will & something else a year from now (or even at CES) might be better than that, but if you kept waiting, i’d still have my casio calculator hoping for a better model to come out!

  165. its funny you say that; i’ve convinced everyone around me to buy the Adam & three have ordered it 😀
    maybe I should apply to be a distributer!

  166. what keeps happening to my comments?

    comment lost??

    A FEW SUGGETSIONs allow us to have custom backgrounds behind the panel engine (mayb greyed out, with a an icon to hide the panel and just show background – icon disapears but comes back soon as u touch the screen), and when we go through apps in panel mode. allow us to enable panel engine mode.

    So when we scroll through the 3 panel apps, we can use panel engine (instead of just the method shown in the videos), so where for example we may have three instances of email or the browser open, they show up in panel engine stacked (this way panel engine stays clean) and we can jump through apps in amuch better way than just the ribbon mode.

    also any chance of a higher res screen in adam, as motorola have 1280 x 800 (720p) display and in this video:

    http:// www .androidpolice. com/2010/12/07/watch-andy-rubins-honeycomb-android-tablet-demo-from-dive-into-mobile/

    (remove spaces)

    he kind of hints that the display has other modes (around 38 seconds in).

    so that would be brilliant with adam.

    Thanx rohan for taking our views, sometimes we were harsh and sometimes constructive, but together we can create a product the brings much better value than Apple or the others.

    P.S. please get coreplayer on genesis store (they are gonna release the android app soon, so get it modified for Adam) as its the best and most comprehensive media player.

  167. @Dragonite25, Thanks for pointing those USB drives out. I like them. They are the smallest I’ve seen. I have to do some research now and see what kind of performance they offer (ie: Do they transfer data fast enough to support HD video recording and playing, etc?)

    It looks like they come with an encryption app. I wonder if you can wipe/reformat it (I assume you can) since the encryption app probably won’t work with Android.

  168. @Vector66… My condolences as well… RIP oh sexy PS3. My fat version overheated and decided to forever sleep so I know the feeling. The slim version is a much better internal design though 🙂

  169. you’re telling me! my girl’s given up waiting for me to come to bed, she’s realized i’m a lost cause or has she? only the adam in this house will tell!

  170. Here is a good comparison of what hinting and subpixel rendering does for you:

    There’s an image there, one with, one without. Adam will look more like FF.

  171. You know what I still think would be a fantastic feature to complete the Adam’s already staggering list of features?

    Utilize one of the USB ports as a “Display Port” input. That way the Adam could act as a 10″ external monitor for your laptop or Work PC.

    Now that would be one of the most valuable feature bonus features for me and I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 !!! I don’t think that’s what the bonus feature is but it sure would kick some serious ass !!!

  172. Why did my comment get auto grouped with a comment way way above… I didn’t use the reply button… I’m including my comment again here because no one will see it above 🙂


    You know what I still think would be a fantastic feature to complete the Adam’s already staggering list of features?

    Utilize one of the USB ports as a “Display Port” input. That way the Adam could act as a 10″ external monitor for your laptop or Work PC.

    Now that would be one of the most valuable feature bonus features for me and I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 !!! I don’t think that’s what the bonus feature is but it sure would kick some serious ass !!!

  173. But I’m guessing exchange server supports that, so perhaps it’s supported on adam if using an exchange server.

  174. Wow, we share the same hope (“Greg, I hope you are the very first to receive the Adam”)! 😉

    Once I have it, I’ll do my best to answer questions and get videos online fast, etc.

  175. I am planning the same as well… I have ordered the LCD version with Wifi and hope to receive the Adam with the first order although my ship date mentions Jan 15th -Jan 21st

  176. Rohan really enjoying the ride with this – hopefully that better camera comes soon.
    Any chance of a glimse of the PixelQi’s e-ink screen shots??
    Hopefully the stock levels get back up soon so I can buy one!!!!

  177. my 2 cents.

    although the features are really cool, i dont really like the 3 panel layout much, the virtual keyboard takes too much space. maybe the email composing window would look better if it were a full screen one. it feels like way too much is going on. (much like hootsuite. tweetdeck has the same features but is sleeker. get my point?)

  178. There are other ways of doing it, he said it is not for every email and you have to have it set for the specific email before you send it

    so, it could on those emails that you decide that you want the ability to recall, that they are sent not as an embedded message but a message that resides on a server and is linked in the email, so the user gets a message that is displaying an html page somewhere, to recall it, then you only have to remove the html page from the web server that it resides on. and replace it with a message saying this email is no longer available, contact sender, or maybe they email in the persons inbox simply looks empty.

    this would work for any mail service.

    Many years ago this was a method used to send messages that expired after a certain time period.

  179. The keyboard has a split option that we haven’t seen. But why would you want it smaller? Bigger means faster and easier typing, which is one of the points of getting a tablet over a smartphone. There’s a lot going on because we aren’t used to this UI, by making more use of space users can get things done faster.

    Anyway, you can probably make the compose window take the screen. Just saying, it wouldn’t be hard to implement.

  180. You can get screen shots at “”. The ten inch screen screen they talk about is exactly the same one, which can triple the horizontal res with the backlight off. They also have a blog.

  181. No, Adam does not have a digitizer.

    A digitizer (like a Wacom Bamboo) is connected to a computer and used in place of a mouse for drawing. It allows you to use a pen to write and draw very, very accurately. It even responds to different pressure levels, creating thicker lines with more pressure.

    What Rohan was saying is that you can use the Adam like a digitizer in the sense that you can connect it to your computer (wirelessly) and use it like a touch pad for your computer. As a touch pad it will support navigation and drawing on your computer in place of using a mouse (just like the touch pads on a notebook computer). And you can even use Adam’s keyboard as an input device for your computer.

    Anyway, he was just saying you can connect it to your computer and use it for input just like you can connect a digitizer (Wacom Bamboo) to your computer and use it for input. But you will not get improved accuracy for handwriting and drawing that we were all hoping for.

    There is not a true digitizer in the Adam that will improve the accuracy of using a pen and provide pressure sensitive drawing and writing…

    With that said, I think handwriting and drawing on the Adam with a capacitive stylus will still be very good.

    If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

  182. He already said, if they waited to have all methods available he would have had to wait till January 7th to open pre-orders, so we can extrapolate that to mean not till then.

    but that is approaching pretty fast. I would bet they have orders open at CES, since they are going to want to say, here is ADAM we are shipping NOW !!!

    You don’t have to wait for all the other tablets being displayed that won’t ship for months.

    Of coarse the adam is going to be so popular that you still may have to wait months, since each batch is likely to sell out fast.

  183. This is really cool! Nice work Notion Ink! Now I can’t wait for the e-Reader component of the Adam. I want to see how the Adam can best the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and the iPad in this mode.

  184. Hey, is the newer slim version quieter? Sometime when playing a movie our PS3 gets so loud because of the noisy cooling fan(s)…

  185. I posted this in the previous post.. oops.

    speaking of advertisements, I’d like to offer my band’s music for the ads!
    It’s CC licensed!

  186. No no, 5.54GB IS internal torage size, all other stuff is on SD card.
    So, my question stands : where is 2.5GB ?

  187. I feel the same way, I started looking at the ipad back in May, but then came accross the adam, I would have been better off having the ipad for the last 8 months, selling it on ebay and getting nearly all my money back and getting the adam. I would still sell the ipad, since I don’t have that much extra cash to have a second tablet that I wasn’t using.

    but I waited, so I really can’t wait to receive my pre-order pixel qi with 3g.

  188. there are many other ways of doing the recall feature, he said it is not for every email and you have to have it set for the specific email before you send it

    so, it could on those emails that you decide that you want the ability to recall, that they are sent not as an embedded message but a message that resides on a server and is linked in the email, so the user gets a message that is displaying an html page somewhere, to recall it, then you only have to remove the html page from the web server that it resides on. and replace it with a message saying this email is no longer available, contact sender, or maybe they email in the persons inbox simply looks empty.

    this would work for any mail service.

    Many years ago this was a method used to send messages that expired after a certain time period.

  189. This could easily explain why the investors were hesitant to have the feature, it means they would need to have a hosting facility that could be used to display the message.

    Why else would the investors have a problem with it, other then it was going to cost them something to implement.

  190. I cant say I have ever heard the fan in my new slim version “only 2 months old now” but I can hear the Blue-Ray drive plugging away… Before that sound was drowned out because the fan was sooo loud.

  191. Like I was saying, yes there is the external storage card, but they have to be testing moving items back and forth, and the PDF was surely on the internal storage. after all it was the user guide that will come with the tablet. I am sure it is pre-loaded, along with plenty of other goodies for us to try out.

    if you go into a bestbuy and test out an ipad, it has a bunch of stuff already loaded, video clips, music, a few ebooks, etc. I am sure the adam has similar things pre-loaded.

  192. You are right. Just adding a little more info.

    – For a tablet to accept input from a pen with a conventional hard nib, it needs a digitizer layer below the LCD that talks to the pen.

    – Wacom and Finepoint uses active digitizers in their hardware. Wacom also provides solutions for tablets and convertibles but they requires pen input at all times. Although they do provide pressure sensitivity.

    – The ONLY solution in the industry that allows for capacitive touch as well as pen input is from a company called N-Trig. Currently, N-trig provides their hardware (a transparent layer over LCD with electronics) for HP Slate and some other convertible laptops (HP tm2t, Fujitsu Lifebook)

    – The reason NI probably didn’t chose N-Trig could be 1) Addition of yet another layer over pixel-qi might not be possible yet. 2) N-Trig did not have Android drivers until very recently.

    Personally, I want a good note-taking experience. And note-taking should not need pressure sensitivity. Capacitive stylus would kind of feel like using a dry-erase marker 😉

  193. Well the PS3 didnt die yet but it is nice and sexy looking. I had to replace the blu-ray drive. It kept on rebooting itself but had my slim one do it last night when Black Ops locks up…ugh oh well the slim is nice looking and I never really heard my FAT one…hmmm must have been the surround sound just kicking arse..just kidding I think the slim is pretty quiet though.

  194. @Joshua, Yes. PixelQi have a blog which I’ve been following longer than NI.

    @pjforster, +1 for the preorder. NI can take preorders even now and can exactly know how many units are needed. I’m not sure what exactly they’ve in mind.

    Hope Rohan clarifies this as enough explanations and videos have been provided for PA and such sites which cried scam.

    When will family get taken care of? will it ever happen?

  195. Yo Rohan, wanna compliment you and the company for creating a cool Email client.
    It is really awesome.



  196. He has to do this to get attention. 😦 Its a pity he can’t report the good stuff, but as they say good news does not sell. For me it just shows how shallow these types of sites go and they just don’t get it.

  197. Hey Rohan, it´s me again.
    Regarding the comment I´m replying on, how is the keyboard “typing”?
    The keys are looking pretty big. Are the keys responsive?

    I think you have to agree with me, when I say the iPad types pretty sweet.
    How does it compare?



  198. Remember the quotes, it cuts out the spaces


  199. “”

  200. Sweet app! Rohan, can we get a portrait orientation demo of one or more apps? Also, do non-eden optimized applications work as a single panel? What is resolution of each panel in portrait/landscape?

  201. It is great to see applications designed around the user experience. I am so looking forward to getting my hands on the device.

  202. I like the e-mail app. This is going to be a great device. Hope we can order again soon.

  203. @Rohan

    Can NI work out something like this for adam?

    Many of my colleagues will die for it!!!

  204. Related question about other language keyboard input (accented characters, etc) and alternative spell-check dictionaries and auto-suggest lists. These are fully supported in Android… will they also work on the Adam?


  205. I really love this Mail’d, for people who have many email accounts as the mail’d is so well organized and fast is very very important for us (“Our new generation is impatient” is true 😉 )

    Two details of the video:
    – in the second 33 we see that adam can operate with only two panels (monday many people asked in comments if the third panel would stay blank if only using two panels)
    – at 1:29 we see that Adam uses folders to store files (audio, video, images, others) a few people asked about it

    @Rohan give my congratulations to the team of programmers who did mail’d

  206. Those commenting on TechCrunch/CrunchGear articles need to read these:
    “J. Michael Arrington (born March 13, 1970 in Orange, California) is the founder and co-editor of TechCrunch”

    “The CrunchPad project was started by Michael Arrington in July 2008”
    “the lack of publicity on the CrunchPad led Dan Frommer of The Business Insider to ask, in an article headline, “Where’s The CrunchPad?””
    “On November 30, 2009 Michael Arrington announced that the CrunchPad project was dead. Three days prior to the planned debut, Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan had informed him Fusion Garage would be proceeding to sell the pad alone.”

    Pl. read the whole of the JooJoo article to understand where the Techcrunch/CrunchGear hate stems from. Arrington’s CrunchPad won quite a few awards and turned into vaporware. It was being developed with an Indian company which continues to sell the Crunchpad as JooJoo after Arrington pulled out.

    Any reply on TechCrunch/Crunchpad should make this link to their hatred to make people realize their bias.

  207. Best Buy just dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to $499 with no contract. I bet that is because the Galaxy Tab 2 is coming out at CES with a Tegra 2 SoC. They will have a Wifi only version soon that should be even cheaper.

    Really looking forward to the different Android based Tablets and see how they compare to our beloved Adam.

    Some rough thoughts on how Adam stacks up against the slew of Tablets that will be introduced at CES. The specs are in comparison to the somewhat known specs of the three closest competitors. The Motorola Honeycomb Tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the iPad of course.

    Where Adam excels above the others:

    1. Support for Pixel QI display
    2. Eden UI (Panel and Launcher)
    3. Custom (Tablet optimized) apps (20 to start with). Don’t know yet how successful Genesis will be.
    4. Form factor (best weight distribution with very little strain on your wrist)
    5. Mystery feature
    6. MicroSD (only if is support the MicsoSDHC cards, otherwise this is a negative)
    7. Peripheral support (mouse, keyboard, etc.)
    8. Full blown GPS support
    9. If the battery is an FRU (field replaced unit, i.e you and I can swap out the battery without any problems). If not, it’s a wash.
    10. 6 different variant to choose from provides more flexibility in meeting your needs.

    Where Adam lags behind the others:

    1. Gingerbread instead of Honeycomb (in the case of the Motorola Tablet only, otherwise on par with the rest).
    2. Tegra 250 instead of the newer Tegra 2 T20 (NI selected the Tegra 250 SoC a year ahead of the others who get to go with the latest Tegra 2 SoC. Their delay in getting Adam to market sooner could hurt them a bit.
    3. Internal memory – 8 GB only – Rest of the field, 16 to 32 GB internal memory (takes away the need for MicroSD slot)
    4. Lack of support for quad band 3G. Unclear on 3G frequencies supported could cause a lot of confusion.
    5. MicroSD only (if that is indeed the case). Unclear what it supports.
    6. 3 – 6 months late to the Tablet party. Their investor switch caused them to loose a lot of ground.
    7. Resolution only 1024 x 600 (other have 1280 x 800 or closer to 1280 x 800)
    8. Lack of LTE (4G) support
    9. Inability to balance supply/demand, specially on the PQ variants which seem to be quite popular. Fence sitters could be swayed to move on, if the alternate is attractive enough or there is sufficient delay in getting one.
    10. Can’t walk into a store to touch and feel Adam. See how the PQ display stands out, what Eden is all about, etc.
    11. Not sold through major channels, i.e. Data network carriers, Amazon, BestBuy, etc.
    12. Lack of Android Marketplace access. (Temporary though it is, it could still hurt their sales).
    13. One screen size, others will have at least two sizes.
    14. Flat fee shipping by DHL and subsidizing the cost to some high shipping cost countries at the expense of the rest. If Amazon had it in stock, it would be two day free shipping or $3.99 for next day, for their Prime Members and 3-5 days for the rest.

    Where Adam is even with the others:

    1. Camera 3.2 MP which swivels 185 degrees. (One more rotating part that could fail). Others have either a higher MP camera or fixed front and back cameras.
    2. USB/HDMI support

  208. Yup. I’m still really excited about the Adam. 🙂

    The email app looks fantastic. Excellent use of the tablet screen real estate and touch interface. I’m also curious how it works in portrait orientation (particularly the keyboard) but I’m not overly worried about it as I tend to do touch keyboard in landscape anyway (with my Win7 tablet.)

    I’d selfishly like to ask about the book reading app. Besides productivity and web browsing, the book reader is one of the top apps on my list. I use WordPlayer on my Droid for its ability to read the books aloud. I hope the video series includes the Adam’s book reading app at some point.

    Thanks for the videos.


  209. Luis,

    The two panel was for a single application and that is the normal expected behavior.

    In Windows Live you have three frames too. Folders in the first, i.e. Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent, etc.. in the second frame you have the emails for each folder and in the last frame you have the content of the email you have selected. If you double click on that email the middle frame disappears and the last frame expands to fill that frame.

    What everyone was looking for was not within a single application but having only two applications open. In that case, would the third panel remain blank.

    Or if one had numerous applications open, could one get the three frames to only show two application with one application open in 1/3 and the other in the remaining 2/3 or vice versa depending on how you plan on interacting with the two apps.

    A PDF of a math homework in 2/3 of the screen (2 panels) and the Scientific calculator in the other 1/3 (1 panel) of the screen.

    eReader in 2/3 and taking notes in notepad in 1/3.

    There are limitless use cases for this type of interaction.

    What I would love would be to have the ability to resize it by dragging the edge and in the process pushing the 3rd app off the screen or use a two finger combination to make the selection. The app that the 1st finger touched would take 2/3 of the screen and the other the 1/3. This would provide for real fast re-sizing.

  210. hd video needs 21MB/s, that running 1080p at 72 fps, and the usb drives read speed is 25MB/s so it should be ok. the write speed on them is slower coming in at 10MB/s

  211. Just a little frustrated. I know I will get it. I’m hoping sooner than later. In the meantime, I learn more about it from everybody here. I’m sure you will be posting your experiences. More reasons to hang around.

  212. The day NI is bigger than Apple you can crow. Till then if you had any sense you’d STFU. If adam sells half of what ipad does you Rohan will be so smiling.

  213. @Daryl
    If you preordered, please let me know how they compare! You will have both!
    Did you preorder the scratch resistant PQi version? Would be nice to compare both screens too!

  214. anyone noticed this in the tech spec page?

    “8 (more variants coming soon) GB Flash”

    so which variant did we order? the 8GB?

  215. Not sure if this was mentioned in comments above, but does Mail’d come with support for spell-checking, as well as richer formatting with a large choice of fonts, etc.?

    Generally speaking, it would be great to make e-mail, word processor, etc. which are of a ‘compositional’ nature, have a spell-checker (with eventual support for more than English), a very good dictionary and a thesaurus, etc. That is to say, tools for writers.

    E-mail ought to have led to a revival of the epistolary art, but, sadly, the opposite seems true. Still, it will be useful to be able to easily look up, without firing up the browser, what the hell a word like ‘epistolary’ means. I had to look that word up in a thick, old-fashioned dictionary. Surely, you young Inkers are cooler and more impatient, and want these things right at your fingertips!

  216. Mail’d looks very nice indeed. I hope things like the attachment reminder are based on configurable keywords. I don’t use acronyms like ‘PFA’, and I am sure our friends in Europe and elsewhere would want to use this feature with their own variants.

  217. sorry i was wrong. its 15Mbit/s for 1080p at 30 fps. so you can playback and record to the thumb drive with no problem. 15Mbit/s = 1.88 MB/s so the 25MB/s read and 10MB/s write will be just fine for HD video

  218. Yep!!! Same feeling buddy..
    Hey shall we all go together and crash Pixelqi Blog site 😀
    ..hope that will make her to understand how badly we want Our ADAM …
    Till then Waiting for Preorder to open ….TIC-TAC..TIC…

  219. @ Rohan,

    Wow. An email app that knows I forgot to add the attachment … again … and helps keep me from looking like a fool to the world … again?!? LOVE IT 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So sad I don’t have one of these coming my way … so glad Greg, Phillip and some of our Old Family do, so they can give us the inside story … unless I get lucky enough to find one to look at January 9 …

    Hi old friends; been reading your posts, but not writing; four print jobs due at once, and 4 hours sleep a night 😦

  220. >> The day NI is bigger than Apple you can crow.
    Many here already know NI is bigger than Apple.
    If you are challenging Rohan or NI on sales, I am sure they are not interested. Their aim is to be committed to working on delivering a great product. They would find it utterly stupid to compare their future sales with the sales figures of some great toy factory …

  221. Rohan, thanks for the videos. I have a request: can you have a clock shown on the Adam screen during your next demo? Or a watch filmed together with the tablet?

  222. @Rohan. I have a galaxy S phone and I have it synced with facebook, gmail, and a work account, even though some of the contacts are the same, the system does not merge them into one contact… Will the Adam merge contacts with the same name automatically or can this be toggled?

  223. Wonder when we will be able to order T-Shirt’s and Coffee Mugs?
    I’m sure this will happen after CES 2011
    I’m just afraid of the shipping charges.
    I wonder how many Adam’s will show up on E-bay at the end of Jan.
    I remember something about colored strips for the Adam, I guess they will be peel and stick.
    I’m not expecting any WOW factors in upcoming video’s, Just the stuff to tease the hell out of us.
    So much for my thought’s

  224. @Saginwalla I was about to write the same thing about two panel. Thanks you have made the comment already :). The two panels were within a single application.

  225. one of the reasons the scoreboard says sold out is because they decided to release globally and not just in the US. Would there have been enough people of Faith in the US to order without feeling it and bad press? Dunno, I have faith and all those that have purchased now will show everyone the great product and it will continue to sell out for months to come as long as the company maintains customer service as it is needed.

  226. BtwI did not order too :). Had Mastercard only and found custom duties etc a bit too much for my current pockets. So waiting for adam to hit the retails chains to grab at least too(my mother also want one now :)). In the mean while we all can spread the good word about adam as most of us are already doing it. And I think from January second week onwards many early adopters will be posting(Greg I hope you are listening) post hundreds to video to explain each and every functionality of adam from different use case scenario.

  227. @Cathy.. well many of us are pinning our hopes on you that you will be writing a post about your live experience with adam at CES :). so be ready with a detail post about adam(I suppose you will be the first from comment posters here who will see a live adam) if you are able to attend CES 🙂

  228. Sorry for the spelling above…

    Btw the lower resolution screen also has it´s benefits.
    NextGen games will be more fluid on a 1024×600 display than a 1280×800, as the chip needs to push less pixels. 🙂

  229. Seeing this video I am just wondering if there can be a more intuitive way of typing in a tablet, rather than popping up a keyboard and tapping on it. Something which is more like the natural way we write in a slate.

    Consider this. ..When the user taps on the textbox area , the system automatically detects that the user wants to type , hence it brings up the keyboard. Rather than popping up the keyboard, the whole screen area can be turned on to recognize handwriting geatures of the user’s fingers ( this is akin to as if the user in writing with his hand rather than shuffling his fingers in the keyboard). And a behind the scenes , a handwriting recognizing tool can decipher the handwriting gestures of the user and convert into letters to appear in the text box.

    I am not sure if this idea is worth it or if NI or someone else has tried it before but I see two advantages
    1) I feel this is more natural way of writing rather than hopping fingertips in the keyboard. ( Not sure about comparision the response time thought )
    2) This approach will not block the screen like the popup keyboard does.

    Any comments ??

  230. @ themave: Where/when did he say so?
    I just know he said on Dec 9th that Mastercard needed 3 more weeks.

    It would be great news on the first CES day to call a second ‘sold out’!
    A hilariuous starter.

  231. @ Himanshu

    Has Rohan given any indication about partnership with any Indian retailers like CROMA or Reliance digital ( :)) ???
    In some earlier post, he did mentioned about such possibility.But, in recent interviews, he seems to only taking about US and Europe retails chains partnership…so in that case wait might be longer… 😦

  232. Talking of Games… is there anything special coming to the Adam?
    Something that can make use of its full screen and other capabilities.

  233. I’m on a desktop, even here jst less than 10…
    the no. of comments per page limit reached I think…

  234. Well though he has not talked directly about it, I don’t think there will not be any retail partnership. Though may not be as huge as North American or European market, India still has a pretty large market to consume thousands of adam considering it’s blooming middle class. And knowing Indian’s conservativeness to buy an Online product without physically feeling them, I think there will surely be partnership with some retail chains for sure. If Relaince is one of the investors as it was rumored, they can’t miss this key phenomena of selling adams in retail chains at least in India.

  235. I think typing on the keyboard is much more faster than writing as it require a lot of dragging ….although it looks nice ..but still much slow to use ….i have it on my mobile phone

  236. ***********Times Of India(Business-times) Bangalore-22Dec **********

    Adam tablet sold out
    But Notion Ink Generates Controversy
    Sujit John | TNN

    Bangalore: Rohan Shravan and his Adam tablet PC have once again brought on something of an online delirium amongst gadget freaks and technophiles around the world.
    Shravan’s Bangalore-based company Notion Ink opened up the Android-based tablet for pre-orders earlier this month and the tablets were sold out within days. Notion Ink’s homepage has a big ‘Sold out’ sign. This has, however, been accompanied by a good amount of controversy.
    Before we get into that, here’s something to jog everybody’s memories about Adam. The tablet first generated enormous buzz when an early prototype was demonstrated at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world’s largest consumer tech trade show in Las Vegas in January this year. It has since been seen as a worthy challenger to the Apple iPad. The company, founded by six IITians and an MBA graduate, all aged between 23 and 25 years, was initially based in Hyderabad but shifted to Bangalore earlier this year.
    Adam is said to be the first device in the world to integrate two breakthrough power saving components — nVidia’s Tegra 2 chip and a Pixel Qi screen. Together, they are expected to help it achieve twice the battery life and performance of the iPad. The Pixel Qi screen has been one of the reasons for the pre-order scramble; it allows you to read in bright sunlight like an ereader. With the backlight off, the company claims it can increase battery life between charges by a factor of five.
    Many of these claims are not fully verified yet. And that was one of the reasons for the controversy during pre-order, apart from the fact that the pre-order process itself was marred by server crashes, and what potential buyers described online as an unprofessional approach by Notion Ink to dealing with the issues. “Handling transaction with an untested system definitely scares away customers. I do not want to use my credit card in a system which is unstable in the first place,” wrote one person.
    The biggest grouse, however, has been that next to nothing has so far been seen of the final product. The company has been very secretive. Prior to the pre-orders, it did not offer the product for reviews by experts. Some would say Apple too is secretive to the extreme, but others point out that Notion Ink being a startup cannot act the same way.
    Shravan responded to the criticism with explanations and an apology. He wrote in his blog: “CES (in Las Vegas
    next month) is where we intended to demo, show everything and allow for review, else there is no point for a good CES event. Pre-order was essentially for those who wanted to pre-book before Adam goes out of stock. But now reading your comments it feels extremely unfair on our part in not releasing videos, run through and other important things you need to know.”
    On December 19, he promised in his blog that Notion Ink would be sharing one video per day per application or principle that comes with Adam. And since then, videos showcasing the product have been available on sites like Android Police, a source for Android news and applications. Shravan also answered numerous questions from readers of Android Police.
    One of the first videos shows Adam working for a heavy user, by keeping a number of applications and panels open simultaneously, something that the iPad cannot do.
    Criticisms appear to have been tempered since the videos started appearing. There is also a lot of appreciation. “I like the UI (user interface) which automatically arranges the open apps in panels which can be easily viewed and arranged; efficient way of working with multiple applications,” said one online comment.
    But there are also other comments such as this: “Buy yourself a good laptop. These type of devices are not supposed to be this bulky, heavy and expensive.” There has been some criticism that prices of some versions, especially those with Pixel Qi, are higher than promised earlier. Adam prices range between $375 and $550.
    Notion Ink’s secrecy, combined with some interpretations, has also provoked to suggest that Notion Ink might just be using a ready-made solution sold by Foxconn or some other ODM (original design manufacturer) with a custom outer cover and UI. “No that isn’t bad, but makes clear to me that Notion Ink isn’t developing the internals of the tablet, just the attachments like the camera placement, body and UI,” says the site.
    We sent a mail to Shravan asking for a response to the latest issues, but did not receive a response at the time of going to print. However, he seems to recognize the challenges he is up against. He writes in his blog: “Involving everyone in the process of creation has its benefits and losses. We are learning. As we have said earlier, we are here to stay. Ups and downs are a part of any journey, but we will try to smoothen the process for anyone who is linked to us. My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen. Warm thanks for those who still support, apologies to those who felt disappointed. But as of now seeking more strength.”
    CES in Las Vegas from January 6 to 9 will give some indication of how far this little Indian company may go.

  237. These videos are a real killer. Can’t wait to get a hold my Adam tablet and start with it! Rohan and Co. keep up the good work! Each day the name Notion Ink is getting stronger and stronger.

  238. absolutely right. Handwriting recognition is good and fancy an’all, but i believe that it would be a very slow experience…. Unless you write faster than you can type?

  239. NI taking 3g options mow so it does mean they havent yet started shipping the Adam.When will we get Adam in Hand?
    DHL tracking ID hasn’t been provided.

  240. Will Mail’d support wallpaper/backgrounds (similar to Yahoo) ? If so, we could finally add wallpaper to GMail’s …. a ‘one up’ on Google who don’t support that feature.

  241. @elmelao, nope unfortunately I cannot help as I don’t have the iPad (a friend has one) and I haven’t been able to pre-order adam as I don’t have Visa.

    I totally agree with you about comparing both screens.



  242. Biggs at it again,

    Can’t believe the jerk is still posting after getting creamed on his previous post about the trackpad… and what a rebuttal – that no one cares… pathetic

  243. @Prema

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Now it makes sense why some refer to it as only Tegra 250 and other as Tegra 2 or Tegra 2 T20.

    Tegra 1 – Single ARM 11 core version produced (even thought it is multi-core capable)
    Tegra 2 – Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU

    So in my assumptions above, all have the same Tegra 2 SoC and as such are even.

  244. Well… looks like NotionInk is rolling out the choice of 3G bands now… The check your status page asks for the band of your choice. Pick wisely…. you get only one shot at it.

  245. And the real test is just to pop the microSD card or thumb drive in the Adam and test HD video recording and playing…

    It’;s funny how some cards and drives will work great in one device but not so good in another…

    So when we find things that work well, we need to let everyone know (and be specific about the make/model/part number, etc). I’m sure there will be an area in the official forum for this kind of stuff…

    BTW @Rohan, is there any news on when the official forum is going to be made available? Soon I hope!

  246. 1 More suggestion, please can u make a premium strip, for adam, maybe out of almuminum, also 1 tip, if u make the coloured part of the strip thinner (with the rest that same colour as the adam) it gives the illusion of adam being thinner than it actually is.

  247. Yah…. I hope Adam ships with some games that run full screen and take advantage of the accelerometers, etc. Maybe a custom version of Angry Birds, a racing game, etc…

  248. I was going through the earlier blog posts today. In particular, the one about the Eden UI.

    Also, @Sowmya and several other were wondering if the panel-system is configurable into a 2/3rd- 1/3rd configuration citing the use case of a book and the notes app. Book must take 2 panels and notes app must take 1 panel.

    Something that I read on that post today caught my eye:
    …”Using these concepts now you can compare two documents, transfer files from one folder to another, take notes from one panel and write in another, you can chat in one and read RSS in another, while third one is playing your song, read this blog and update your twitter message. Most important element in multi-tasking is to SEE two things to work on them, and now we have 3! (The composition is really very dynamic, and one application is not restricted to only 1 panel, one can open another and so on).”…

    Specially the “one application is not restricted to only 1 panel” part=> one application may take 2 panels 😀

    I would like my reasoning to be true 🙂

  249. I was going through the earlier blog posts today. In particular, the one about the Eden UI.

    Also, @Sowmya and several other were wondering if the panel-system is configurable into a 2/3rd- 1/3rd configuration citing the use case of a book and the notes app. Book must take 2 panels and notes app must take 1 panel.

    Something that I read on that post today caught my eye:
    …”Using these concepts now you can compare two documents, transfer files from one folder to another, take notes from one panel and write in another, you can chat in one and read RSS in another, while third one is playing your song, read this blog and update your twitter message. Most important element in multi-tasking is to SEE two things to work on them, and now we have 3! (The composition is really very dynamic, and one application is not restricted to only 1 panel, one can open another and so on).”…

    Specially the “one application is not restricted to only 1 panel” part=> one application may take 2 panels

    I would like my reasoning to be true 🙂

  250. Yes they are now asking for options for 3g on the pre-order page – but a bit poor that they have not (yet) advised those people who have made a pre-order that they now need to go back and make a choice.

  251. Well, yes handwriting recognizing would be too much of a jazz ..but i was wondering if it would be easier this way in case of short test typing , especially when you are on the move and have to hold the tablet with one hand and use the other one to type or write.

    which mobile phone you have thats supports this.?
    Is there a android app which can do it.?

  252. +100000 for Angry Birds. I am crazy for this game these days. Btw there was a guy who was a founder of a company that was making apps for adam(sorry forget both the name of the guy and the name of the website) who use to comment frequently asking about what types of games/apps we want to have on adam. where is he these days. Any idea?

  253. Cathy, we would love to see some photos/videos of NI at CES… I really wish I was able to go! Please be sure to shake Rohan’s hand and thank him for creating such a great tablet!

    I plan to provide as much info and photos/videos as I can. 😉

  254. @ saginwalla good post. Regarding “Adam lags behind others”:
    Points 1,3,6,10,11 are not valid. I can give reasons but I don’t want to nor I feel the need to. Rohan can/should answer it, if he wants to.

  255. Well, I would be honored to shake Rohan’s hand!

    So far though, Adam is a dream for me, and as I’ll only be there one day, I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to even see an Adam … I very much look forward to your info Greg, and will depend on you.

    But, I guess I am a dreamer, since I’m still here … maybe I’ll slip a camera in my pocket just in case … 🙂

  256. “Rest assured Notion Ink is ordering a lot more screens from us!”

    by mary_lou_jepsen on December 11th, 2010

    Notion Ink started pre-orders of its tablet with the Pixel Qi screen yesterday and sold out or the version with our screen within an hour. see here and here.

    Rest assured Notion Ink is ordering a lot more screens from us!

    Thank you all for your interest and support of both Notion Ink and Pixel Qi.

    – Mary Lou

  257. Watch the video again. At 18 seconds the screen went from three panels to two. This is the type of functionality I was hoping for.

  258. Watch the video again. At 18 seconds the screen went from three panels to two. This is the type of functionality I was hoping for. 1/3 and 2/3rds.

  259. My comment to your query went on “awaiting” for a day now, coz I was adamant to use URLs(my comments with URLs did get through before in a very short time of maybe 10 minutes). So now maybe you are all over font hinting. This was my comment
    Hinting is used to smooth fonts for better reading
    Check the MSFT implementation of ClearType

  260. Q & A with Rohan –


  261. What about speech to text? My Motorola Droid does that very well…what about the Notion Ink Adam, does it do it? Its a real time saver and safety enhancement (Hands free texting, email and word processor dictation…etc) Please tell me it does it. What about SMS/MMS messaging? Does adam do these things?

  262. Hi Rohan,
    I love the videos but really miss your regular updates with photos and drawings.

  263. They are not shipping for sure, DHL Express is a couple of days to most of the world. Once it shipps you are going to be receiving the tablet in no time.

    I would believe their estimated shipping time on the order status page. I think they are going to do everything they can to meet that, they don’t want a headline just after CES to read, Notion Ink Delayed Again.

    Rohan said they are trying to beat the date, but I wouldn’t count on that.

  264. My only concern is with the statement at the end “and now we have 3!”

    I would really like Rohan to show us what happens on the Panel when he opens one application (which we know will take up the entire panel which is desired), and then launch the 2nd app. The behavior here will determine if the panel will do a 1/2 and 1/2 (doubtful) or 2/3 and 1/3 (most desirable) or 1/3, 1/3 and a blank 1/3 (most likely). We know what will happen when a third app is launched. It will fill in the last blank 1/3 panel.

    The reason for my 2/3 and 1/3 split in the two app scenario is that the 1st app would have to give up 1/3 of the real-estate to the 2nd app for it’s 1/3 panel. But I doubt that this is what will happen. It would most likely be 1/3 (1st app), 1/3 (2nd app) and a blank 1/3, waiting to be populated with a 3rd app when launched.

    His statement “and one application is not restricted to only 1 panel, one can open another and so on” is meant to convey that you can mufti-task and have as many apps as you want open as your heart desires on Adam. That was the gist of his first video showing off the power and flexibility of the Eden UI.

    It would be nice to have the ability to pin an app on the Panel so it does not fall off it. It would not be good to have you main application falling off the panel when another application is launched. It would be very unproductive to have to fetch it and put it on the panel again.

    Hopefully Rohan will honor our request and show us these behavior (on Video) before CES or at least respond on the behavior in words. He has got to keep the momentum going right up to CES.

  265. Instead of using one panel for the different mail accounts where I have to switch between them, it would be nice if I had a single inbox for all mails of all accounts. A small logo on the left side for each mail, would show from which account the mail is coming from (or a customized one, if you don’t provide a logo for the country specific providers). All that would be required in addition, would be an sorting function “by mail account” (in addition to the normal sorting functions like date, size, sender, receiver etc.) and a filter function, to hide some mail accounts temporary. I think this would make the Mail’d application even more efficient: no switching between accounts, no extra panel required on the screen, a real single mail user experience, the fastest way to see all mails.

    Also, I did not see how to chose an existing contact from the address book, when sending an email. Would be nice to see…

  266. Rohan,
    I may be bias but You had me at hello, way back in January at the Ces show. I was looking at the new tech called Pixel Q. I Love to read but was dismay at the ereaders that are unuseable in the sun and that they were too small to read. I looked at netbooks but they were too heavy and they too were no good in the sun. That led me to the Adam. I would use it mainly for reading, the rest would be side benefits. I have never been enthusiastic about tech until now. I hope you good luck and goodwill, Rohan. Oh yeah, will you include me in the next list of pre-orders of PiQ tablets.

  267. For me, someone who has already synced all accounts through gmail, it seems a waste of a panel to have one solely dedicated to switching accounts. It would be nice to have a “single account” setting where that panel was not displayed, leaving room for more workspace.

  268. @fundaazoflife
    well if i want ample space to write and refer a page, i might need only 2 panels…
    from what i gather, in the panel mode, if i open only 2 apps, the third panel will be blank.

  269. I wonder how the retrieval feature is implemented? I’m hoping it’s not a usability abomination like BigString (storing an image on a remote server and having the email link to it, rather than having the email contain the information itself).

  270. Very impressive, very creative – beats the crap out of the apple ipad.

    I only hole Notion Ink do a better marketing job, like cool looking ads to sell their product better.

    And hope you have enough adams in your inventory! 🙂

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