Hello there,

Bad time to be in flight. Pro-order system crashed several times, though it was not at Notion Ink’s head quarters, but rather than the server side in USA. Being Indian company they predicted more traffic from India and did some optimization which turned out to be complete disaster. On top of it there was an algorithm to smoothen the process of product distribution globally.

I am collecting all the comments and writing back in sometime. Stay tuned. Seems a lot is still there to discuss and talk about. (Especially the Android Police’s new post)

Thanks for your patience.

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

587 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Finally! Signs of life!
    Will patiently wait for more … but please show us some ADAM xD

  2. The shipping fees 😥

    I am sure there could be a more optimum logistic solution.

  3. I put my order through, but I got an error at the end. My credit card has been charged though. I sure hope there isn’t a disconnect between recording orders and their payment!

  4. why didn’t I receive any detail/email or some sort about the preorder?
    i’m pretty sure i’ve left numerous comments and been following the blog every week ever since it started

  5. yes Rohan, we need a lot of updates from you and a lot of answers.

    And by the way, the pre order still doesn’t work. Can go the the payment.

  6. androidpolice.com/2010/12/09/notion-ink-preorder-page-return-policy-are-arousing-suspicion-anger/

  7. Glad to hear from you!
    Please more info on policy, shipping terms and a video, Rohan.
    And make it possible for Europeans to order with Mastercard!

  8. My pre-order fail at payment so i’m waiting to make my order now.
    Perhaps after Xmas !!!

  9. please clear these things up Rohan, we still have faith! LOL @ phillip, how many times are you gonna be first or close to it??

  10. Hi Rohan,

    Ouch is right! What a day it’s been. A learning experience for all of us and no doubt for Notion Ink.

  11. it is quite a shame that these problems have cropped up at a vital time, and even worse, that the Tech Blogs seem to have nothing to say but negative about everything. But Stick to it Rohan. Some of us are still behind you!

  12. I think thats an understatement. Still want to see this through, but you guys arent making it easy for us cautious consumers 😉 I wont bother mentioning what we want to hear. Its been stated for the better part of 3-4 months. Deliver.

  13. Glad to hear from Rohan. I hope you won’t sift through all 8k comments, but most people are worried about preordering. Myself included, especially when my “pre” preorder link wouldn’t work.

    The android police basically wrote an article saying it sounds like a scam. Parroting what engadget said, but they are apple biased anyway.

    Look forward to hearing about student discounts, and seeing the working product.

  14. I can see this is going to be a long night. I’m still sleepy from being up until 3:10 am last night lol

  15. Signs of life, love and family? A good thing; wonder where the flight was to/from … look forward to hearing more, especially after reading that police report earlier this evening 😉

  16. great to hear from you Rohan. Will be awaiting your new post anxiously. Pre-order went through last night, although I lost my spot in the January 9th shipment due to a declined payment :-(. I’ll still be happy to get the ADAM whenever I can. See ya when comments are read.

  17. Really pissed!

    Again delays for the pre-order date, no mastercard billing, 6-8 weeks delivery, credit card will be billed directly, no ram specs, high shipping charges, etc.

    Rohan, you should do you homework again.


  18. For better or worst, I just ordered two Adams without an issue with my visa debit card.

    Had to go through the process for each order, but received confirmation number as well as an email from ccavenue detailing the transactions.

    ***NOTE TO ROHAN***

    Despite being disappointed in the promises of allowing logo designers a “steep discount” on your product, I have payed FULL price for two Adam’s. I have faith in the upcoming product and hope that you will deliver on your claims.

    I have defended Adam to the last and decided to put my money where my mouth is, I hope the company you’ve so dearly portrayed here will benefit from OUR FAITH in the future.

    Once again,
    Here’s to a successful launch,


  19. and rohan please dont forget-

    master card and paypal compliance,
    the final logo news and,
    the discount for the 40!!! ^^

  20. Mate, Notion Ink’s reputation is going straight down the pan. Probably could have planned your travels better (amongst other things).

    Time to give the people what they’re asking for, if you want to salvage the majority of your fan base you’re going to have to get some real photos / videos / 3rd party reviews online sharpish.

    I can’t believe you attempted to open the pre-orders without this basic info.

    I still have faith though, help me believe.

  21. No probs now….looks like the website is back…I just preordered after coming home from office…$599/-…now i’m happy….just waiting to get the Adam in my hands.

  22. Hi Rohan, I would like to order two but need more assurance, specially the real video illustration. On top of that, I would like to order two in one transaction, so the shipping fee is shared, not doubled when ordered seperately.

  23. I know Notion Ink is a small company, but you might want to consider allowing somebody else in your organization to communicate at least some boilerplate responses to your customers.

    “We’re aware, and are looking into it” goes a long ways. 🙂

  24. Things to consider for your policies.

    1. Global Pricing.

    2. Shipping Cost.

    3. Return Policies.

    Also, let us know if Adam would be available for purchase locally in india, and when.
    I for one would not like to pay exorbitant shipping prices coupled with unrealistic conversion rates.

  25. No woder I waited for a long time for the same!! Never mind its a learning curve and we are with you Roshan and we are thrilled to have it working and just waiting ….

  26. See here
    Thank you for pre-ordering. Unfortunately, the transaction was declined. Please try again later.

  27. Pi think many of us haven’t received any emails for pre order even though wevhad been following the blog from feb. Even checked my spam folder but nothing 😦 . Anyway it sounds like shipment will take 6-8 weeks anyway. Any idea when it will launch in the market in Bangalore?

  28. Please add me for a mastercard request as well Rohan. It looks like a great product, but if we can’t send you the money we can’t buy the product.

  29. HEy Rohan good to hear something from you!!!

    I never received the promised email but immediately ordered once the link went public & was greeted by the website with the 6-8 weeks thingy.

    Then a 50 USD shipping fee, for what? I am close to BLR and can drop right into your office whenever you tell me it´s there to pickup. Anything we can do about that Rohan?

    Plus the extra 3000 INR that suddenly gets added at the final order page that people in India have to pay despite Rohans promises of equal prices.

    Wonderfull, thats a great gift for following this for six months and staying awake day & night waiting and risking maddness for a mail that never came.

    And even all that would still have been worth all the trouble if i would at least have got the early shipping date.
    I looked forward for this day for so long, resisted all competitiors and decided to support such a wonderfull dream from a local company, but now i just feel sad.

    Rohan any chance to get the early shipping date to make up for all that rejected loyalty?
    Do you read this at all?

    PEACE 😉

  30. hey rohan, i’ve still got faith. have already pre-ordered but after the experience, I really hope I won’t regret it. Also because of all the problems with the site, couldn’t get the Jan 9th delivery (was up till 6 am trying to order).

    Can we now have some real photographs & video’s for the Adam?
    Having said this, I hope the Adam is immensely successful!

  31. Before i can order i realy dont care a bout return becouse i dont think i will unless its not what you have been telling us..

    Please tell me a few things before i can order i need to know…

    Will this have market?
    What is the warranty ?
    for 50 what is the shiping method I know its DHL but is this ground Air? what
    should it be at my door 6 -8 weeks or it will ship in that time?

  32. @Rohan, I feel for you guys. I’t was an uphill climb today that effected everyone at NI and us. Once we get through these rough patches I’m sure it will be a lot smoother. 😉

  33. @Rohan

    Good that you posted this. There’s lot’s and lot’s of things you need to be taken care of!

    The first of those should be to fire all the bungling idiots – law advisers/ copywriters/ financial advisors/ logistics advisors – and if your core product development team is doing any of such stuff, then please, please get some good professionals take care of that.

    Best wishes 🙂

  34. Hi Rohan, inspite that i cannot pre order, i hope that the problems occured are solved very quick, and you can prove to everyone you have created a tablet which is better than every other tablet that is out now.

    I’m looking forward to order it when possible for me.

  35. Just to add a bit more!! I expected you to have an alternative method… some sort of contingency plan for the launch!! Perhaps a mirror site somewhere in India tooo…

  36. I just ordered mine Adam.. One with wi-fi ,3G and pixel qi screen.. Can’t wait for it to arrive.. It will take 6-8 weeks.. Wish me luck
    But found shipping bit expensive ..
    Any comments or ideas

  37. Also on the ordering page, there was no info about 850/900 model! i hope i get the right one.

  38. @Rohan — can you clarify if we have to pay customs duty on top of 29999 in India?
    Also why is the price 666$ and not 599$ as promised.
    lastly 50$ for shipping is too much. I can come and collect it from your office. I stay just besides 🙂

  39. First batch is sold out? Or is this going to be like the Pandora ordering fiasco?

  40. Right on. Ain’t gona hit ya with questions etc.
    Waiting for that updated blog post where we’ll get an update from you.
    Needless to say, it’s been a hectic one eh.


  41. Funny that he is posting while in flight, so he again tries to take us on ride. He is not collecting comments….he is collecting answers. I think he is biggest trader of words and can collect money just for promises. Remember….. he is unable to show videos clearly indicates that he has only dreams to show at the moment and possiblt he is still not having finished Adam in his hands. All the pre-orders are just to collect working capital. I repeat…he is not able to disclose his financers. Is there any reason to hide this fact? In my opinion at the stage they lack many things….and they are buying time……..really really big Ouch. I pity !

  42. Yes, it’s a great price! I was expecting to pay something around 80 judging by past experience…

  43. Thanks. Actually it is good night for me. I was in bed and jumped out when I got the new post from Rohan message…

  44. Thank you for telling it about Rohan. I failed in the pre-order from the site, but I wait.

  45. It is very hard for me to decide:
    all these saga is due to incompetence or due to lack of good business ethics.

    I start to think both.

  46. now the pixelQi versions are sold out. what does that mean? how may ADAMS are sold with in this short span of time?

  47. Thanks for trying to allay the several fears we have Rohan, pls come back to us with further details on the product, a video presentation and as many have suggested already, a 3rd party review. I’m sorry to say this, but your marketing team really let you down on this… hold on a sec… did you ever really have one? Get some help

  48. Well, the ability to pre-order was not available as early as the e-mail said—but it worked just fine a few hours later, with absolutely no hiccoughs in the process; it was smooth and painless, I got Two Confirmation E-mails and was given a 6 week shipping expectation.

    Now to just put it in the back of my mind, and not stress about it.

    I think all the naysayers are a bit High-strung. It is the internet though, everyone is an expert on everything and could do everything better, of course…

  49. lol….he is second only to Osho as far as his ability to trade promises is concerned

  50. Hey guys, I was looking through Ecomerce site that notion ink is using. In order to use said services, they had to sign the contract. In that contract was this clause…

    In consideration of the Master Merchant performing the Services as mentioned above, the Sub Merchant hereby declares, assures,
    undertakes and covenants as under:
    4.1. The Sub Merchant shall duly fulfill all Customer Orders in accordance with the instructions of the Customer. The Sub Merchant
    will not acknowledge an order as “Shipped/Order executed” until after the merchandise has already been shipped or the order is
    completed/executed. Sub Merchant agrees to deliver all merchandise to Customers and/or complete/ execute all orders as
    expeditiously and without delay. Sub Merchant will not offer “backordered” or out-of-stock products for sale. If Sub Merchant is
    unable to ship any part of any Customer order within 10 days, the Sub Merchant will cancel the order using Master Merchant’s
    site’s client administration functions. Sub Merchant will not make partial shipments due to backordered or unavailable items.
    4.2 The Sub Merchant shall prior to accepting any instructions from the Customer ensure that appropriate agreements have been
    executed with the Customer in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and regulations.
    4.3. The Sub Merchant shall carry out all verifications for the Customer as may be required on an independent basis. The Sub
    Merchant is aware that the Master Merchant, the Facility Providers and the Acquiring Banks are not guaranteeing any
    transactions with the Customers in any manner whatsoever. The Sub Merchant assures that the Customers will place the
    orders themselves and agree not to place orders on behalf of customers.
    4.4. The Master Merchant, the Facility Providers and the Acquiring Banks shall not be a party to the Agreement between the
    Customers and the Sub Merchant in any manner whatsoever. All contracts are directly between the Sub Merchant and the
    4.5. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the Sub Merchant assures and guarantees to the Master Merchant, the Facility Providers and the
    Acquiring Banks the due performance of all Customer Orders for which the payment has been transferred through the Payment
    4.6. In the event of any Customer complaining of any deficiency in Service, the Sub Merchant shall take such measures as may be
    required to rectify the same. In the event the Sub Merchant is unable to rectify the same, the Sub Merchant shall forthwith
    compensate the Customer for any loss caused to the Customer.”

    I think this is sufficent to say that Notion ink is at least a little trustworthy, so if customers are not satisfied, we have a right to make complaints and legalize.

  51. Yeah I just realized it a few seconds earlier when i did not find the pic. So? ordered one?

  52. Dear Rohan,

    I ordered after some problems. But never ever got the initial email for “family”. That algo was buggy obviously. Take your time. Slowly. Do things right.

  53. @rohan
    Being on a flight! Are you kidding me!
    That was the worst decision you or anyone could ever make.
    Especially since you are the public face of the company, you just cant disappear when the thing is being launched for pre-order. I understand that you may be busy but thats no excuse to not put someone else in charge. I don’t believe the above explanation is good enough. Plus the shipping/return/warranty policies are rubbish. If you expect us to trust you we need a more clear / well written policy that doesn’t change with every order!
    I haven’t pre-ordered because of the weird unprofessional policies.

    Ok rant over!!

    back to being hopeful 🙂

  54. All we are asking for is a video of a working device or even a few pics.

    If you can’t even provide them, then I am afraid you will be losing thousands of customers.

    Is it so difficult to post them?

  55. Goodbye.

    I was a true believer of the church of notion ink. I believed that when I recieved adam all would be well, my sins would be forgiven, my blinders would fall of, I would see the light. But alas paradise denied by owning a mastercard. And even if a mastercard would become an option it would be 8 to 12 weeks for paradise to arrive instead of the the 6 to 8 weeks mentined earlier. So I will not be following notion ink anymore, it is just to painfull to see al the goodness and know it is not for me. If there is anything big to report i’m sure i will hear it on blogs like crudgear or similar.

    So with pain in may heart I bid you adieu.

  56. I keep telling myself give this some more time and check back in the future but I just want one of these devices so much that I cannot stay away.
    hopefully Rohan will be able to clarify and fill in a lot of the gaps that exist and we can all get back on track and move ahead!
    To be honest, what I expected from the countdown (and I am pretty sure that most people were hoping for too) was that the finalized device specs would be out (HDD space, SD slot type, etc), and some video / pictures of an actual device (it has been a really really long time since actual pictures have been released).
    These are the main items postponing my pre-order, and would most likely be what a lot of others are looking for too.

    Also, a very large portion of your customer base are used to better service provisions, such as support for spending such a large amount on a product. This includes a longer and better return policies and support. You won’t find anything with such low settings in North America. The multiple and confusing cost structures for faulty equipment really hurts from this perspective as well. This is not entirely a break the deal for me but it does hurt a bit.

    Also, there have been a lot of contradictory information given, such as it stating in the brief page existence of there being no shipping charges then finding that there is a $50 shipping charge etc…

    these are the things I am seeing as most detrimental at the moment for myself and see via others comments.

    I am sure Rohan can clear these things up fairly easily and things can move along again once done.

    As another final sidenote 😛
    The mystery feature… I understand your reasoning in wanting to keep another surprise for everyone but… the troubles with timing and delays these past few days and the fact that you need to tout the key items about the machine now to sell and make money to succeed perhaps should take some weight.

    At any rate, I guess I won’t be going anywhere, I just cannot pull myself away!
    Hopefully will have one of these terrific devices soon!


    Dear Notion Addicts (including myself),
    Please do not buy this product until Notion Ink clarifies and improves the Terms and Conditions. The terms are like, Heads – You pay me lots of money; Tails – I get lots of money from you. They want to rip off customers without any of their fault which means class action law suit in US.

  58. Condolences, Rohan and Team! And thanks for the update.

    With all the great build-up its too bad that so many are feeling let down. A little of that is unavoidable… but this has been hard to watch. Ah, well. I have a feeling that Adam will stand on “his” own merits when he arrives in the flesh and NI, a very new company, will iron out these little wrinkles. It will get better. And then, hopefully, it will continue to grow.

    This is just pre-order. For those concerned that this is damaging NI’s reputation… well, it is, but the world will still pay far more attention to the first 3rd party reviews of the device, the UI, and the access to content. That will have a far larger impact than the past 2 days will have in the long run.

    This is just the beginning of the beginning. The real test for NI and Adam comes in January.

    I wish I could order… but I have a MasterCard and a Discover – no Visa or Amex. I’m bummed, but I’m not surprised and I certainly don’t hold it against the company.

    Still greatly looking forward to the Adam, whenever I can convince one that Hawaii is a good place to live. 🙂


  59. Rohan, show us the “real” Adam please 🙂
    I hope that my order has been validated. I did receive the validation email but after this post, I’m quite afraid…

  60. Rohan, bro !

    If you are going through the comments, wanted to drop a few suggestions

    First things first, some at NI need a few kicks up their behind ( and while you are at it, give a couple on the front too ).

    It is clear you / NI are inexperienced at PR and marketing. Get professional help. Soon.

  61. Rohan, make sure to check the comments @ NotionAddicts, too. Lot’s of folks, myself included, have pretty much given up on commenting here on WordPress due to the pagination issues and such.

    BTW, I gave up. My pre-pre-order consistently failed behind 503 errors. Further commentary is @ NotionAddicts, but needless to say I’m unhappy. Willing to find a way to make this work, but definitely unhappy.

  62. I am a little disappointed with the way the company has handled its Indian customers. charging 50$ which is quite a lot of money for shipping the product in the domestic market where the courier prices are pretty cheap is just ripping the customer. I am also surprised that the product also has not been put up for a review or anything of that sort till now. A lot of people would have appreciated if the actual product was put through a proper shakedown by the company or by any independent agency. I was almost buying this till an hour back. Almost placed the order, but reading all what is being said about Notion Ink, i have changed my mind. I would not rather wait for the first review of the products to come out. What people are talking on line is very legitimate. At least show the Adam working somewhere, anywhere. Show how the screen looks like. How the product looks like. Show the difference between the LCD screen and the PixQi display. Put up some demo videos of the device and the User Interface. I have so loved this product for more than a year now, Delingently waited for it to come out. And now at this very last step if the company makes a mess of it. I would be very very disappointed. And on the last note. I know the world has seen globalization on all fronts. But pure economics state that the when you are selling home, you don’t charge them international shipping rates. Thank You. I hope all is taken care of and i can finally order my Adam. Until then, I am on Stand By.

  63. Thank you for pre-ordering. Unfortunately, the transaction was declined. Please try again later.

    what does it mean?

  64. There never was a 4-6 weeks.

    for the “family” order it said Jan 9th shipping
    then when it first opened it went to 6-8 weeks
    and then 8-12 for the pixel qi versions

    Now, both pixel qi models are SOLD OUT and LCDs are still at 6-8 weeks

    makes complete sense to me if the order volume was high enough…

  65. oops!! looks like some out there are already got the preorder enabled!! What a waiste of my time !! I guess I will wait for my time hahahaa

    You have the full support Roshan….

  66. No more cryptic messages. No more allusions, speak plainly ie: “there was an algorithm to smoothen the process of product distribution globally.” doesn’t mean anything to most of your potential customers. Speak as clearly and plainly as you can and address what you can. Seriously, Ive re-read the post countless times and I still cant figure out what you mean exactly by the digitizer/mystery feature thing still being undisclosed. So when we throw several hundred dollars at you guys, in the end, we still wont know what we’re buying because theres features you wont unlock until later??? What? Sorry, Im rambling and probably beginning to not make sense. I meant to go to bed… Then you posted. Grr 🙂

  67. This is really my first, “first”.

    I just happened to be sitting at the PC, (writing a hopefully encouraging email to Rohan) when the message popped and I jumped straight in with a smiley.

  68. I can’t believe it. I got my email, but the site kept crashing. It is now ok and they have sold out of the PI model!!!!! I do find this ridiculous. Although Visa and AMEX only was a total shock, so I wouldn’t have been able to order anyway as I only have mastercard.
    I cannot believe the disappointment. I do hope they are able to sort some of the issues out peeps have raised.

  69. I love the sound of Adam, and any of my friends could tell you I’ve been going around for months sighing after one. I got my pre-order email today and… somewhat to my sadness, did not pre-order. I can afford the model I want (PixelQi, wifi), but just barely, and looking at the information listed for warranty and return policies, I get nervous. Do I anticipate needing to return it? Of course not! However, this is a device that I anticipate carrying around with me on a fairly constant basis, and I want to feel safe doing so. Having only a ten day return window speaks to me of a certain amount of hostility towards us, your very eager customers, and a lack of confidence in the product itself. If you are secure in your product, then there should be a 90 day return/3 year warranty, or at least a 30/1 year. The draconian policies (20-something % ‘restocking’? SERIOUSLY??) read as an active disincentive.
    I am willing to take a leap of faith for the company, and for an awesome product. I think the idea of periodically unlocked ‘easter eggs’ is fun. However, there are things that answers have been consistently cagey about, and on top of the stated policies, makes me nervous about spending money I only barely have in the first place.
    That being said, I still want one, very much. I look forward to seeing more detailed information and perhaps rethinking the warranty/refund/support policies, and hopefully, sometime in the next few months, having an Adam in my hand.

  70. I didn’t receive a pre-order mail so I had to wait 6 hours….and now the one I would like is already sold-out (Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi only).

    Looks like the development of the normal Backlit is a waist of time…:-)

  71. i got this message when i was about to complete my transaction
    does that mean i have to try again??
    n why the shipping time has been increased from 6 to 8 weeks to 8-12 weeks

  72. Hi Rohan
    I wonder about different between EAP and Pre-order.
    It’s looks like same.
    just curious. ^^;

  73. Rohan,

    Please also clear us about the storage option… Wat is the internal storage of the adam for which the price has been mentioned.

  74. Boo for price raises, lack of info/specs/pics/vids on preorder day, etc. It’s all been said already.

  75. No. First of all felt so much disappointed when did not receive a pre-order mail when there was lots of talk about family and all.

    More importantly I did not had Visa( mastero guy like you).

    But considering we, being residing in India can also order through net banking, I decided against it as there were very pertinent and valid questions to be answered and Rohan and his team.

    So I will wait for answers from Rohan and i hope they will answer all the valid questions and not the one which they feel should be answered.(Like why the adam is 29000 rs which is equivalent to 650$ for us when it’s $600 for most of other guys)

  76. tried to preorder , but it was canceled and i don’t know, once i’ve tried again, the adam i wanted was sold out 😦

    i’ve waited so long to buy my adam in the pre-order process and i can’t have it.
    @rohan i’m really dissapointed now, i’ve been waiting for so long, for a result of nothing 😦
    i would truly buy it if only i can. i order from france to US and/or japan without any problem, why my paiement have been canceled so ?

    sad to be left apart, maybe i’ll wait for another round (or not).

  77. I’ve been following the Notion Ink’s development for a long time. I think you all have done great appealing to us cult followers, but you need to think of the greater consumer that’s going to be buying products based on a professional consensus(aka Review sites/Blogs).

    I’ve grown fond of the Adam since I first saw it and would be glad to preorder if I know for sure that it lives up to it’s hype on this blog.

    I understand there’s still some technicalities being worked out with the tablet(FCC), but I suggest immediately all that is taken care of that you get your brilliant product into the hands of people that are already setting the tone of your product, and more importantly, your company.

    People want to see and feel this product that has been long coming. I sincerely wish you good luck with everything and I can’t wait to see the Adam in use.


  78. I am waiting for a good explanation. Something to explain lack of demo’s, lack of documentation androidpolice made a very good argument…

  79. I wish the best of luck to NI. As of now i won’t be ordering the Adam until i see some reviews. Will it be available in the US?

  80. PixelQi sold out it says – I was up all night and got ready to buy this morning but had to handle some escalations..I also had a comment in their blog – but did not get the pre-order link

    now, its sold out.

    all that waiting for nothing. 😦

  81. @Rohan (posted this earlier in last post)

    Has NI considered partnering with Amazon to sell the Adam? Archos does this with their tablets and everything is much better for consumers (trustworthy merchant, inexpensive shipping, good return policy, customer review section, etc.).

  82. I have tried to order and i get this message:

    Merchant URL is Incorrect.

    Sorry, Your order cannot be processed as the website is not authorised for Transactions through CCAvenue.

    Please contact the Webstore Administrator to report this error.

  83. Thanks for this post. This was very much needed. Also, please do post do a video of the device too clear off the bad air that has been accumulating in the last 2 days. Thanks,

  84. seems that my comment is stuck in moderation limbo, so here it is again:

    Ouch indeed, 600usd + 24% VAT (~= 750 USD) and just 1 year warranty?

    the minimum legal warranty in Europe is 2 years, as stated in the EU directive 1999/44/EC


    you can claim 1 year but you’ll have plenty of lawsuits, complaints and fines to deal with 😦

  85. Seriously rethinking if I shouldn’t start considering alternatives. I’ve been waiting for this thing from the moment it was announced. Blogged about it, told everybody I know about it, inscribed myself in the EAP program but because I didn’t see much use in commenting on the nothion ink blog much I actually never got send any mail. So I deced to wait for the normal pre-order, only to see it not open on time. Sorry, but some people have to work, so I went to bed and of course now it’s sold out. Such a downer after waiting all this time.

  86. Dear Rohan,

    We have invested a lot of faith and patience in you and your venture. Now that many of us have even invested our hard earned cash we need something back from you, right now. As well as answering all the questions regarding T&Cs and ordering process you need to start showing the tangibility of the product to the doubters by sending out Adams to tech journalists and videos showing the finished product. Many are even saying that the product doesn’t exist and are questioning the legitimacy of your enterprise. You need to answer that immediately!

    Best regards

  87. I’m optimistic because of the fact that NI knew when GI was coming out which makes me think they were doing something with Google and I have faith in google.

  88. No, I had a preorder email and saw nobody with preorder emails succeeding until some point in the day. I stopped getting 503 errors just 15 minutes or so after that, and got the 6-8 week timeframe. So that was for the “family that sat here refreshing at an obessive level” only.

    But who cares because there is no distribution system in place and my bank declined the third-rate foreign credit card processor anyhow.

  89. Glad to hear your home Rohan:D looks like you all at NI have a bunch of work ahead of you after yesterday. A lot of people have faith in you and the team, remember that, were with you. As one of my professors liked to say “don’t assume technology will work as planned when you need it(referring to the school printers) it likes to make us late”. Learn the lessons and move on and ADAM2s launch will go smoothly. On a personal note everything seemed to work perfectly for my order and I think lots of people had the same experience.
    I hope you guys have lots of coffee brewing and great music going cause those make hard long work much more fun:)

  90. this is really f***ed
    i was really waiting for ordering n when i did it said it cudnt be processed
    n now it says SOLD OUT


  91. WOW!!! All the Pixel Qi models are sold out!!! Hmm..Not having a VISA or AMEX did hurt big time 😦

    Rohan, hope you ramp up your production and hopefully we can all have your “adam” by end of Jan/ early Feb

  92. Rohan,
    You need to put out the fires. The situation can still be salvaged, but you need to be on top of it. Wish you the best.

  93. i do hope things get smoother! there’s just such a storm right now! for a 25 year old who’s doing this the first time, it must be tough.

  94. hey rohan was waiting for your comment…….bit dissapointed………..tats fine…it happens… i havent got any mail for pre-order so i didnt order till now…..also please confirm whether we will have a stident discount…………anyways i am redy to buy it…..yesterday i felt very sad. like many others my whole day was wasted…..please do something…we believe u….

  95. @Rohan. I backed out at the last moment pre-order Adam because of all the issues and uncertainty that was there. People were reporting all kinds of things. Please to clarify all apprehensions in your next post and please post some videos of the real device.

  96. Thank you very much! I stayed up for about 70 Hours to buy Adam. Only because you were not able to tell when it is possible to order …

    And then I finally slept a bit and now all Pixel Qi Models are sold out.
    I have never been so angry and disappointed about a company.

    Is there a way to get a Mail when these Models are available again?

  97. I really don’t understand consumers… A steve jobs would raid and rip your home, if you knew you had advanced knowledge of his product… and here you have Rohan, who spent a very good part of his whole year… not only developing the product… but inspiring and providing advance knowledge… and you cannot even bear to be patient for a couple of days worth of delays…

    There might have been policy mistakes… and you have legitimately complained… and he will take care of it… to call him a scamster is truly dis-respectful…

  98. What PixelQI is sold out?
    All the waiting for nothing?
    Got no preorder mail although i posted in the blog a few months ago.
    Tried to order 2 hours ago and got the “Merchant URL is Incorrect.” error and now the PixelQI version is sold ou?
    Come on guys!!!

  99. well my earlier posted comment down there has been washed away by the flood..
    I’ve gotta ask again why I didn’t receive any preorder email so far,
    i’m sure ive been following, posting comments on the blog ever since it started..

  100. Well, isn’t it lovely for you that you got an email and were able to pre-order. Some of us (actually anyone who didn’t use a Gmail account and even some of those didn’t get it), never got it, so we had to wait…and wait…and wait.

    And while waiting, there was much to observe and think about. The posted policies were obscene, the lack of details on the pre-order page like Rohan said would be there was a complete turn-off, and the lack of communication was inexcusable. Where is the support at NI for the people who were charged and yet received no confirmation number? Nice for you that you got two, but I guess you missed the *numerous* posts by people having pretty significant ordering problems.

    But everything went swell for you, so nothing was really so bad today…of course.

  101. Bought mine… Don’t listen to android police if NI was trying to scam you they would have done it by now not spending ages making it perfect

  102. Now it is sold out, perfect 😦
    Visa did not accept the transfer, no one at the hotline at this time (it is 7:45 AM), so Adam is gone ….. frustration * golden-ratio = more frustration!!!

  103. @ Kasi Viswanath said, on December 10, 2010 at 12:14

    > bad air that has been accumulating in the last 2 days

    Tip: Stay away from the beans !


  104. Wow… holy crap. You know I could have called my bank to allow charges to a suspicious processor had the preorder email link actually worked 6 hours earlier like it was supposed to.

    I guess it is time to try to stop caring. Really didn’t expect today to go down like this.

  105. And btw, regarding Android Police’s post, I think it was a fair post. How would anyone expect people to go buy a device without anyone ever seeing the production unit.

    A review of the device that they would be buying is not appreciated but NEEDED.

    Please try not to let happen this again. A huge loyal base has already been established already without any device itself. Please don’t screw this up.

    And one more thing, the biggest suspicion is because of the lack of any sort of leak from the FCC. The process that you had followed to clear the FCC without leaking the product might have been innovative but definitely that really didn’t play well at the end for NI, did it?

  106. @ himanhu
    No.. i waited till 5 a.m. .. but the page was not loading. then i went to sleep.
    trying now.. but $50 for courior is too costly.. no discount for Indians (sad !!!!).

    And it took a lot time to search for frnd who has CC.. as i dont have,,
    n just came to kno that both the Pixel Qi model sold out.. 😦

  107. It took just one day for notion ink to run down from being a HERO to ZERO. Personally i am very much disappointed, Not because of the price, but lack of information. 😦 😦 😦

    1) No information regarding investors. A reliable name would have added a lot of credibility.

    2) No Videos/Pictures of final product. More than the hardware I am concerned about software here. Not even a single video of the final software (UI) in action. Forget about the final version, not even a early alpha version of the software has been demoed.

    3) Lot of undisclosed tech specs –
    * Mystery feature – that’s okay, Ill just take it as a bonus
    * Storage Space – very very imp
    * Track-pad
    * Color choice – I still do not believe that as a last minute decision they can add this as a replaceable panels. How can the grill and camera housing be changed!!!!

    4) No press release – I am surprised how notion ink is just relying on its blogs. I was expecting a press release (though its not released yet) and some sort of keynote. I have seen many people waiting for live streaming as well. Big disappointment.

    5) Finally pricing – I do not say its overpriced, but there is lot of confusion. I don’t need to add them here as androidpolice have already covered them.

    I am just disappointed. but still hope that Notion Ink will clarify everything and come up with flying colors and let my dreams of playing with my own adam come true.


  108. I’m with you on this, I still believe. My business partner was about to order one for use to use in office till i can order mine but decided to wait this out. If they are “sold out” when will you guys be caught up on production I thought i read some time ago that mass production will be able to handle a lot.

  109. +1 for the email notification when there are PQ models available again.

    This happened to me too. What a disappointment.

    Would be nice to get some pictures/videos. I would imagine that’s not too much to ask for. At least please tell us, why you aren’t showing anything?

  110. Agree with you 100%. Questions must be answered.

    I already spent $1000 on my Lenovo IdeaPad Y560(high end model, i7,500gb hdd,4gb ram and so on) couple of months back, so I can live without Adam for sometime now.

    I ordered it from newegg(there’s on tax on this site) and believe it, their shipping was amazing, they delivered it next day(in NY). I hope Adam would be listed on their website very soon.

  111. Hmmmm trying to pre order from Notionink.in from Australia


    Merchant URL is Incorrect.

    Sorry, Your order cannot be processed as the website is not authorised for Transactions through CCAvenue.

    Please contact the Webstore Administrator to report this error.

    SO YAY no preorder for me for now…

  112. hey guys! i did order and its 29999 which is still great value but not what was promised. I’m not sure who screwed up here but i hope things are set right.

  113. Got an longwaited “pre-order mamber url” – gmail treated it as spam 😦 , tried to order – but no luck 😦
    And now – SOLD OUT 😦
    Is there a chance of getting PixelQi Adam in near future?

  114. Don’t be. Those of us who did manage to preorder are now quietly wondering if it was a good idea. If we don’t get more info soon, I’m taking my money back.

  115. Order placed for top model adam, now it is just waiting time. 2-3 months before delivery, that is quite a long time. Hope they can manage to speed up the production 🙂

  116. Hi,
    You see now, that when there are real money involved, people really change the way of thinking. That is why those things have to be very well prepared.

    Of course even Apple servers crash on the lunch day, but such things as bugs on the web page…? Come one!

    It is clear that you guys lack the experience, not only in the selling products but also in understanding the level of service people nowadays are used to, when they are about to spent money.
    I have seen this and expected this of course – you are really new company!

    Everything (maybe except the bugs on the web page) I can forgive :).
    Keep the good job, forget about the bad experience, but not forget the errors you’ve made.

    See you and hold on!

  117. So I stayed up much too long for the shop to work…went to sleep since some ones got to earn the money adam will cost…and now its sold out. Sucks!

  118. Thanks a bit for the communication. I agree that it was bad planning to be on a plane when pre-order started. Better to be still in Europe but on the ground. Anyway, all sins will be forgiven if Adam is as good as we all hope it is. I am keeping the faith and hope you don’t disappoint. I am a huge lover of the Adam vision and the specs are fantastic. Here’s looking forward to delivery!

  119. One of the best solution I see to dissolve all negative energy attached with the pre-ordering strategy is publication of video of Adam and detail specifications of individual variant with the clarification of the mysterious feature.

    Rohan, it could save your precious time and energy at this very important moment of your life.

    Wish you luck!

  120. I tried the preebooking but without success:
    First attempt, after filling informations, I did not succeed to link for the payment
    Second attempt, the model I had chhossen was sold out!


  121. Did you get the first shipping date or the 6-8weeks? I got the latter.

    I don’t think we had a hard 6hr lead for us oldpals. 😦

  122. @Rohan
    Very disappointed i did not get a preorder email.i have been following and posting on the weekend logs. 😦

  123. @Michel said, on December 10, 2010 at 12:20

    >What are you going to show us now Mr. Shravan?

    It was not like he was going to rip open a new box and showcase the device. He would have had to pay the restocking fee and whatever else the terms and conditions are demanding. 🙂

  124. Hi Rohan,

    I never needed credit card before, so i haven’t got any. Last night in preorder link mail I found out that credit cart (Visa and Master) are only option to order Adam. Knowing that from mail was little late to get one, so thats how I realized that I won’t be able to preorder that tablet. Middle of the night is very bad time to ask parents or brother for credit card data, and now in the morning all PixelQi 3G tablets are sold out, so its too late.

    I hope that next part of transreflective Adams will be really soon, and there would be better info about payment methods a little bit earlier.


  125. I couldn’t bring myself to pre-order after seeing all the screwy and unfinished terms and conditions. If the Adam had arrived damaged and needed to be replaced, you still would have charged me at least 5% of the cost? Plus more shipping? If it needs repair during the warranty period, I have to pay? You’re going to charge me full price now, but not ship it until several months later? I don’t think so.

    Android Police brought up all of the things I was thinking. The whole ordering processes screamed SCAM to me. I thought that you’d tell us exactly what we were ordering. Still with the mystery feature? At this point, that’s ridiculous. I thought I’d put down a deposit to get my Adam built, and then be billed for the rest when it was shipped. The unfinished terms and conditions pages were the final straw.

    I might be willing to get an Adam in the future, once I’ve seen they actually exist, and once your website, marketing, legal, and proofreading teams get their acts together. And the promised educational discount would be a nice cookie to help reassure us.

  126. I can’t believe that!! PixelQi tablets are sold out!!! How many units have you produced?
    Not only this, the delivery time was 6~8 weeks!!!
    How many orders have been done? I think Notion Ink was not prepared to this.

    First of all, in Europe the warranty is for 2 years, not only one.
    Secondly, the European law says that once I make the order I have a 7-day period to cancel it WITHOUT ANY PENALIZATION. Once I receive the product and tested it, If I’m not happy with it I can return it within a period of 7 days WITHOUT ANY PENALIZATION.

    YOU ARE CHARGING 5% FOR EVERYTHING in spite of I could receive a wrong unit.

    I was decided to buy one unit, but who wants to buy a product without knowing what he is buying? No real demos, no photos, mystery feature, no good contract conditions.

    If this is the pre-sales sevice, how will be the after sales service?

    In spite of I’m eager to have one I will await to some reviews before purchasing my unit.

  127. Well, how do we know for sure that it was really sold out. It was not like there was a binary counter showing how many pieces where available.

  128. Agreed. Large firms have whole groups and departments looking after alll kinds of logistics, pricing, demand analysis etc. Let’s give Rohan a bit of a break. In high tech marketing theory, we’re the early adopters, THERE WILL BE ISSUES!!

    When the iPod was gaining steam in 2000/2001, trust me, it must have taken a legion of beta testers and this great big ESTABLISHED high tech marketing machinery to get it to the point it is now.

  129. I have to agree with Crunchgear and Android Police observation that Adam will be a disappointment. How in the world of five star reviews and Gizmodo style product leaks, people are tolerating a pre-release product order based on rendered pictures? Why are there no single shipping product photos on the internet? Why is there a complete silence in NI product page regarding color options? Why is there no guided tours of the device? Where is the beta tester comments on the device? Are the pre-orders a form of beta testing? If NI wants to live in that rosy world where engineers are in charge of device designing and marketing it will be like Acorn Computer Corporation but from India. I want to believe the posts saying I have already ordered an Adam, but for me to part with USD600 is a huge deal, and I would never do it for a device with no real demonstration that it is in existence in our perceivable dimension. I know, the investors can be pushy. But, for a start up it is really important to stand up to the investors who say you had to release the product yesterday. I have no idea what in the freaking freak is going on with NI, but my gut feeling is that it is not worth the pain to invest in this device especially considering the shady payment policy and return policy. The CEO run blog is a good idea to foster a family like atmosphere to potentials customers, and that works only if you act like you are a family. The moment you say, freak you customers, we are in the business of conning you and your friends, then the potential customers will lynch you. Keep that in mind NI. Thank you for not posting a single actual photograph of the device and for the love of god stop posting renders if you want to sell a revolution. Consumer Electronics Revolution does not start with Autodesk. It starts with a real product.

    Truly hurt by the unclassy act of taking huge pile of dump on faithful followers,

  130. If this is a pre-order why are people getting charged full price right away? Is this normal? I am not being angry but if they have issues when they get it or what not, no one has a leg to stand on two months later with a credit card company. Using a debit card is just silly.

    I am just speechless especially after not getting a pre-order link, yeah who cares the pre-order page wasn’t there. IT IS one thing to support for months and then feel like a big piece of crap.

    Oh well…lets see what happens now.


  131. Sold Out……

    I never had such a bad preorder-process.

    After about 50 hours without sleep I went to bed yesterday. 4 Hours after NI promised the PreOrder Link per Email.
    Today the Adam is sold out…. and I ned two!

    What know?

  132. It’s Himanshu btw 🙂 .Somehow i feel it was for good after so much of anxiety gng on right now.I feel after seeing and videos we can actually buy from India itself when it is available.

    And on an ending note Pierre Lab post do feel to be correct right now( when he talked about actual ordering for masses in Q1 2011).

  133. Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi only & Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G are sold out ??????????
    whats going on ????
    i never received email although i did postings in the mentioned blogs,
    now i went die order page and they are sold out….

    how many did you produce ????

    i am getting angry more & more

  134. Actually you have not much to go on if you accept their ridiculous terms. That is whyI am not accepting them.

  135. Very disappointed, and trying hard not to get angry by now.

    1. Didn’t get an e-mail
    2. Have Masterdard and Paypal ready for use (and good for it)

    And now it’s sold out?! No way…
    Really willing to give you the benefit of the raising doubt here though.
    Please straigten your business and take care of your family.

  136. I understand your feelings exactly Mike (Vector66). I was excited about a preorder, but I didn’t receive a preorder link as well, despite previous comments and EAP registration. I wasn’t going to preorder yet due to the lack of actual sample images and videos, but still ouch.

  137. pre-order page shows only 4 variants…..dont know what is meant by 3G -900 series, 3G -850 series as mentioned in the post by Rohan. Can somebody here please clarify? has anybody come across the 6 variants in the pre-ordr page instead of 4?

  138. I ordered, now I’m getting annoyed. I am not in the habit of giving people money who refuse to tell me what I am getting. I’ve written a number of posts, on two different websites, about Adam. I have been very excited. But if this continues much longer, I’m pulling my money back and waiting. Or getting a netbook. I want to believe in this company, but like most of us I need a reason. A real reason, not a render.

  139. @Rohan

    I believe this is a great product, but what has happened in last couple of days does not inspire much confidence, some people might forgive the naivety, but most will not and you have had good publicity earlier, that should be marred by negative publicity that is now following, otherwise the product would be DOA.

    I think you should hire some professionals in your sales and marketing team preferably those having experience in the US. You should try to ship this product through channels like amazon in the US, UK and Europe. People need proper unambiguous warranty which shows how much confidence you have in your own product. People would expect hassle free return policy and you should provide that.

    As most of you have pointed out, you should not have rushed the pre-orders if you were not ready. Some people will hate the wait for some time, but it is necessary for long term survival. How do you expect to sell the product without any professional reviews, videos, detailed specs (we don’t even know how much standard memory the device has). Again $50 shipping is good for others but it seems too much for India.

  140. want to know how many ordered it til now. Man i cant order i dont have a credit card 😦

  141. In regards to the digitizer – it would seem that the post meant that there will be functionality to interface the Adam with a PC and use the screen for touch input. I can only suspect this will work in a manner similar to Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

    The mystery feature remains a mystery.

    I do have to agree that the bit about the algorithm is a bit unclear, though. I suspect that it boils down to meaning that more testing was being done in India than the rest of the world. Selling to the entire world is no easy feat. If it were, we would probably have real, workable alternatives to PayPal that didn’t suck.

  142. @ Pavan said, on December 10, 2010 at 12:22


    Two fluffy bunnies were harmed. 🙂

  143. Ouch indeed… This really is a bad joke today; I can online when the Pixel Qi version was still in stock and shipment in 6-8 weeks. I entered all my data, hoping I’d be able to pay.
    Turns out it’s more complicated…
    The payment can only be made with Visa or American Express credit card. Well, tough luck for being a Mastercard owner in a country where Visa or American Express credit cards are not as widely used as Mastercard credit cards.
    If thing weren’t bad enough.. Before I got to make screenshots for the only family member that has Visa, the shipping estimate changed to 8-12 weeks. And before the family member got to do the transaction the Pixel Qi versions were sold out.
    Now that made my day..Not. In fact this ruined the whole holiday season spirit I had. Waiting for the item all these long months only to find out I couldn’t pre-order it since I don’t own a Visa…. Such a shame that Notion Ink didn’t consider choosing a payment gateway that accepts Mastercard..or better yet.. paypal.
    Notion Ink – I don’t mind pre-ordering something without actually seeing the finished product before pre-orders are made available, without any review, paying the 50$ for shipping, but this… Pull your act together!

  144. Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi only

    Sold out

    Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G

    Sold out


    Notion Ink needs a good marketing and a good public relations team. Rohan, you alone cant do all the work.

    We want to see adam as a big hit and not …..

    Wishing you goodluck


  145. notionink [dot] com/order.php

    However please note that the pixel Qi versions have already sold out.

    If you are after LCD then you should be fine.

  146. It seems they haven’t done their legal work on European law. Europe was a big market for them?

  147. My 2 top variants are now already sold out. Bummer, now I’ll have to wait to start developing for the Adam…

  148. Hey not fair,not fair, not fair, not fair i tried about 3 times for the pre order and it did not go to the payment gateway and when it went bloody it did not accept i am really pissed and when i tried about 15min later it says sold out………

    This is really bad after waiting for about 50 hours and end of the day you are left out with nothing

    Rohan one simple word if you can really hear help….

  149. @Sowmya, Hi … left you a reply at end of last blog … good to see you.

    @Karen, Hi … as Rohan himself mentioned above (else I wouldn’t spread rumors), a blog report from android police site with questions needing answers … looks like Rohan will give it a try.

    I remain hopeful the people who got to order will be thrilled with their Adams. Maybe there will be one to look at at CES …

  150. It’s the type of 3g.

    If you live in the America’s you’ll get 850 and if you’re in europe/asia you’ll get the 900

  151. I have not checked my balance yet Vector, but the amount you came up with is roughly accurate.

  152. Max…I agree.

    This could have been done so well using some global or regional partners. There are many companies set up to handle distribution, even customer service warranty etc.


  153. @Rohan:

    i dont know from where the Adam will be shipped, but I think your team has reviewed the different shipping rate matrices that all shippers have – DHL, UPS, Fedex etc. They have country/region specific shipping rates. You may want to simplify the same and use a similar matrix.

  154. SOLD OUT


  155. Well if it’s really sold out after such few hours I think adam will be a dead birth…

  156. I haven`t pre-ordered yet. There are too many unanswered questions at the moment. I will wait for information and if I feel it is sufficient then maybe I´ll pre-order. After all 600 USD is much money for me as a student.
    I hope that the adam will be sold in Germany directly (Amazon or something) as Rohan stated that the sales team is in Europe. That´d be my favourite way as then german law would be applied.
    Nonetheless I want to buy an adam but now I´m inclined to wait some more time.

  157. Pawel, payment was only possible for VISA or AMERCAN EXPRESS, not for Mastercard.
    I’ve been asking for paymant terms way earlier, no answer ever given.

  158. feeling the same that’s a sad very sad and bad thing 😦
    let’s hope they will put some more online to be pre-ordered soon

    let many of you guys, i’m disapointed from the bottom of my heart, disappointed and i’m feeling misused.

  159. I am starting to think these have not been made and you are using preorders to pay for the first run,
    Maybe i was lucky not to get the email i sat up for most of last night,I still think it may be a great product but my opinion on notion ink has gone way down.

  160. Agreed. I hope my Sony Vaio will be able to take my 24*7 surfing for a year or so and I will wait for hands on Video before buying adam.

    The feeling which i have got is that some of the most disappointed guys are those who are following this blog religiously for long and contributing positively.And this itself speak volumes

    And though none of us are saying that it’s a scam(we all genuinely believe that it will be a very fine path setting product) but sheer lack of info when one is investing close to $650(atleast in India where is is priced at 29999 rs), sheer lack of credible info (leave behind pics,videos etc) is quite appalling.

  161. There is a BIG red arrow, right there, in front of your eyes on the landing page. Click it. Hell, it even has the text ‘PRE ORDER NOW’.

  162. @ jacknone – I also did not receive the “ol pals” email, although I’ve been posting since July or so. I simply pre-ordered from the homepage. Both orders went through fine and I received confirmation for both…

  163. This can’t be true !
    I have waited months and days to order the adam.
    The last day I was online for the whole time, then I finaly get the mail with the link.
    Buth that said “wait to 12pm PST”. So I go to sleep (or just tryed) for just e few hours. Now I’m awake and the adams with Pixel Qi is sold out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????
    I had no chance to order!
    When they are back ???

  164. By the way, I didn´t get the pre-order-mail either, but as I´ve decided to wait it´s not that bad for me. (And I´ve been commenting in previous posts, too)

  165. Many smart people who did get emails haven’t pre-ordered this shiite. Now, they are looking for the general idiots to go buy this product on pre-order, with a whole bunch of restrictive shipping and return policies.

    What a sham indeed!!

  166. Discount? From my thinking, the product should have been shipped for FREE. The best thing is to get this product online on Indian e-commerce websites like Tradus, Infibeam, timtara – they all ship products to Indian cities with no additional charges whatsoever.

    As far as I know, NI has an office in Bangalore (the place I come from). I don’t mind putting on my pants and running to their office if that’s gonna avoid the additional $50 shipping charge.

  167. Panel doesnt “exists”?! Hope these grammatical errors are fully sorted out before the Adam starts shipping. Did anybody notice this in the previous blog post by Rohan?


  168. I have no time any more, I have to work again … and to sleep.
    I was waiting for month on Adam …. now I have no link for pre order and also see nothing like ordering on NI homepage.
    Some of you speak about 6-8 weeks delivery time … maybe now 3 month, some other say ‘sold out’. So it seems to be realistic, that Adam starts in a few month and we won’t hold it in our hands under christmas tree – as a lot of us expected. It’s a pity.

    So I will wait for the time, a german distributer sells me the Adam.

    Yes I am a little disappointed, Rohan. But I am not angry. I wish you good luck and success. By,


  169. all the points raised by anroid police are valid concern and need to be addressed.

  170. You must add PayPal payment option. I am a freelancer and receive payment in PayPal. And I will incur double loss.

    At checkout CCAvenue is charging INR 29999 against $599 which works out to INR 50.0818 to a dollar, while today’s (12/9/2010) X-RATE: 1 USD = 45.2429 INR. That’s a loss of $64.
    (29999 – (599 x 45.2429)) / 45.2429 = $64

    To get those 29999 INR from PayPal to my Visa card will cost $688 at today’s PayPal exchange rate:1 USD = 43.6215 INR. That’s a loss of $89.
    $688 – $599 = $89

    So my net cost overrun would be: $153. In other words, if you allow PayPal payment I would save $153 (or INR 6922).


  171. Good morning Phillip,

    I’m afraid the letter I sent a little while ago was more along the lines of a “constructive criticism” from a loving aunty … which is why I sent as an email instead of a post. I do feel very bad for Rohan himself; quite likely his investor team, etc. are the ones who let him down on the support end. He will get through this; too talented not too though.

  172. bad… We will wait and I hope it will be ok soon. Why don’t you show a video of adam?
    good luck

  173. Hey Rohan we can’t win every day…
    Neither did I, couden’t place my order… First was the system down, then I had an error, then i whent to bed again, this morning ther was no mastercard support and now the Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G is sold out… 😦
    But I have the feeling this wasent the last time the adam was sold 😉

  174. Same here. There is just not enough information available. Warranty isn’t up to European standards as well (1 year warranty instead of the usual 2 year, paying for repair?).

  175. It is sold out. That is what it says. I haven’t been able to order yet after 5 times. I even tried the lowest one. Anyway, thanks Rohan for posting. I hope you clarify some of the horrible things the usual suspects are saying. And I hope I can get my order in! Well, going to bed! It’s 2:10 AM in NY! Working tomorrow. My wish: Rohan inviting me to preorder!!!

    Viva Adam!

  176. Not feeling too happy right now. I got my pre-oder link and fully intended on purchasing a Pixel-QI Adam with Wifi only earlier today. I was only able to get to the first page and got shut out when I tried continuing to the next page. I tried refreshing the page for nearly an hour to no avail…..

    I had to go to a movie and a show with my girlfriend. I come back home, and the version I want is completely sold out.

    I’ve been waiting for this thing since CES last year, saved up my money (of which I have very little) and now I’m going to have to wait that much longer to get this. I am not a happy customer right now.

  177. Ouch indeed, spent hours trying to order after receiving email, eventually had to get some sleep. Tried this morning only to find my choice had been sold out 😦
    Very much not our fault gov…………
    Questions, why not use a countdown clock to avoid confusion over timings and yo still have your “family” database why not honour it given the IT problems you experienced.
    Never have this amount of stress in buying paper and pencil 🙂

  178. My order did get through and I got the conformation email as well

    I just hope everything goes well after reading through android police post

    I also request Rohan to put out more recent pictures of the actual device and the packaging as well… plus if there are any color variants then I would request Rohan to also send out another email to whoever’s order went through to select from the available options


  179. Wow, I wish I had 1200 just laying around and that isnt meant to be sarcastic. I have a three year old daughter and Christmas coming. Check your balance, no offense again I hope you had it in there 🙂

    Good luck


  180. if Europe was important, why I couldn’t pre-order before 1 am and when I woke up it was already sold out? (the pixel qi versions)
    Thank you very much 😦
    now I have to choose another present for Christmas. will it be another tablet?

  181. Yes I agree, with a more professional looking store these shipping rates are built in. There are many free great looking stores. You wouldn’t have had 50 flat rate shipping, unfortunately some people might have had 200 dollars shipping but they don’t realize that either. But to ship in Bangalore might have costed 10 bucks 🙂

    Oh well…just think the store should have been better.

    My web design .02

  182. Unfortunately, we were not be able to obtain credit card / bank account authorization for your order displayed below, due to the following reason : not sufficient fund

    If you would like to try again with another Card Number / Bank Account, we invite you to visit notionink and place your order again.

  183. Yep sorry guys you lost me for now. I know how much you have put into this but too many things didn’t line up for me in the end. I was really keen, now really cautious. I know this was a beta but with the time frames in question and the top models already sold out I will be looking at March and to tie me money up for that long without a product… just don’t think i can do it. 😦

    Wish you all the best, good luck with your adams and I hope everything works out.

    I will still be cheering when you crush apple 🙂

  184. @Pavan
    Yes you are!! Why didn’t you say that before, maybe by bits? Why would you come here NOW, when all the dogs are out smelling blood, saying all these nonesense?????
    You know better!

    I’m also sorry if I hurt your feelings!

  185. I feel very protected with buying the product on my card and I am a bit less concern about some of the details as others.
    Its a pre-order, if you want to wait till order and see the whole launch stuff, just wait.
    Surely there is more for Rohan to talk about and im not sure whats going down there that you can’t update with some hard info here, its a blog posting is easy.

    I am a little upset that I got a preorder email and tried to order my tablet 6 times, with errors everytime! Now the ‘pre-order’ is open to everyone visiting the site adn the model I want is now showing sold out.
    I was happy I was being awarded a way to ensure I get in by being a follower of the adam for a year now, but now I am sitting back with the general public waiting for more stock to show….


  186. I bought one on instinct and hope despite the events that have transpired over the last 24 hours. A product video will do wonders in calming the storm.

  187. Still have that AmEx card handy; so hoping for the best I couldn’t resist coming back for a quick check. I tried and tried, but couldn’t get through earlier on the public ordering; now the version I THINK I wanted (for lack of details) is sold out. Will be here to read what Rohan has to say.

  188. I was really looking forward to buying an Adam, but $600 (with shipping) for what cause no one has seen a finished product, or even video. You would think even if (which I suspect) they are using the money to pay for the launch they should have full specs.

    I mean its like buying a car having never seen it!

    I really hope it works for them and when it finally gets reviewed its as good if not better than we all hoped it would be.

  189. Rohan,
    One of the quickest things you can do is fix the “CONTACT” page. Please provide real email addresses. Here’s what it reads now:

    Contact Notion Ink

    Write to us at the specific email address relevant to you:

    You are a member of the press: press at notionink dot com
    You want to suggest an idea or leave a comment: comments at notionink dot com
    You want to distribute Notion Ink products in your region: relations at notionink dot com
    You need more information about Notion Ink or its products: info at notionink dot com
    Our postal address is:
    Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd.
    Subramanya Arcade
    Bannerghatta Road
    Bangalore, Karnataka 560029

  190. @ epiphany said, on December 10, 2010 at 12:39

    > Many smart people who did get emails haven’t pre-ordered this shiite. Now, they are looking for the general idiots to go buy this product on pre-order, with a whole bunch of restrictive shipping and return policies.

    Shhh…dude, not so loud. It is supposed to be a secret.

  191. Well…

    The many posts on this blogs, behind them many many users announced to BUY Adam… without ever seeing it in Real…. without ever olding Adam in hands.

    Now… Pixel Qi is Sold Out – thats a joke isn´t it?

    We all trust in you… up to know… but like many others I did not sleep very much these days… I destroyed the last days of my life to stay tunes just to get one message from NI:

    You digiblogger and you Holger Kelm will not get the Pixel Qi Adam
    You digiblogger and you Holger Kelm are not part of family – instead of posting – instead of registring NOT anonymous
    You digiblogger and you Holger Kelm stayed tuned the last day waiting for preorder Email… Nothing happens…. and now you can preorder… the low product. I DON´T WANT THAT LOW LCD. I WANT PIXEL QI.

  192. You were probably charged and now have 2.5 months and guess what you will owe that money 🙂 just saying. I am on your side Josh though.

  193. You cant totally turn a blind eye to android police’s article. in all fairness i think they have just cut pasted what you posted a few hours ago as your sales and refund policies,However my only suggestion is if you have global aspirations you have to really go global for people to have a sense of confidence in notion ink, I would suggest Rohan should start thinking about servicing customers in their own countries rather than asking to ship to India and should also prune return and warranty policies to be in line with each country law,
    To be plain simple i placed an order in amazon for a particular item ,and it shipped by noon, the best part is i have free returns on it for 365 days , of course with fine print but that is the kind of service we are used to in the US and if you think you are going to change things just coz adam is revolution i think you are terribly mistaken.

  194. Yup, I feel totally nelected here.
    I have been posting well before the so-called “last post”.
    Though it maybe not always relevant to the topic, but hey….

    Anyways, I will get one but unfortunately the PQ version is sold out.
    Meaning I have to wait, perhaps that is not such a bad thing you know.
    I can wait till the production process is perfected.
    The mistakes/bugs can be solved etc. etc.

    You know what, IT IS a good thing.
    Let’s do the waiting game again.

    May all fellow adam-friends have a wonderful day/night.

    Greetz and World Peace.


  195. Unfortunately, I suspect if it’s like here in the U.S., the bungling idiots work for the investors … hard to fire.

  196. I had been saving up for a good long time, Mike…

    Believe me if this deal goes sour, I’m going to look *very stupid*…

  197. From the time I got a late arriving email this morning saying I could pre order the adam to the 12pm PST time and constant server error for hours, to reading the blog with no info or video about the tablet, then had to go to work. I just got out and now it shows that the Pixel QI Wifi is sold out??? WTF! I thought this was a pre order where you don’t get charged until the thing ships and I know they are not shipping yet! This is very puzzling and troublesome. I have had it being the good student of NI and the adam but I’m dropping this class because I can’t take the stress of waiting anymore and getting the run around from NI.

    I bought a Viewsonic G tablet a few weeks ago and now have it set up to where it is performing flawlessly thanks to XDA. This tablet will keep me very happy until NI get’s it act together and the adam will be at a real retail store for purchase in the USA which will most likely be in February. Only then will I commit to buying one.

  198. This Customs Duty Extra bit is painful, as I have to admit, regardless of how big a supporter of Notion Ink I might be. I hope Rohan gives a good explanation, and tells us what % charge to expect as customs duty in India. I hope NI took some effort to determine if the device would be appraised as a computer or a phone by the authorities (probably the former).

    There is a 12% overage already in the product price in INR. This might be the VAT, and I expect Octroi charges to be levied too.

    I think the final hit on the product may make it as expensive as at least the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  199. Why didn’t you say that before, maybe by bits?: I don’t understand what you mean by this. I have posted several times before, but it does not make sense pressing for the same thing again and again. I hoped relevant information will be released at the right time (time like this).

    saying all these nonesense?????: I don’t think i have mentioned anything nonsense.

    I’m also sorry if I hurt your feelings!: No you have not. Being part of the Adam family (even i got preorder mail) even i am upset and feel like shouting at some one when they speak wrong things about adam (like John Biggs). But seriously i didn’t want to spit out some nonsense. I just listed the reason’s for my disappointment.

    But still i hope that things turn out well and ill be able to order one soon.

  200. Ok question, if you get charged TODAY. You are most likely liable to PAY that money in 30 or 29 days. I hated math but 29 or 30 days is way less then 6-8 weeks to be fully responsible for that almost 700 dollars at times. A pre-order I thought could have been like a down payment or something…lay away haha.

    You are gonna be without that money and can’t fight for it when it is already due to be paid….hmmm

  201. Confused here, the European market is an important for Notion, but no Mastercard (or paypal) payment in place? Just did a go at the preorder pixelQ version in the middle of the night but indeed no payment option for Mastercard?? ;-(

  202. Rohan,

    NI being a start up has to go through these rough waters until the company gains the trust and confidence of customers even though your and the company’s intentions are genuine. Along with your next written clarification post, would you mind posting a short video blog to address and clarify all the negative publicity that has happened in the past day?


  203. Judging by the comments that get modded out its pretty clear that rohan’ s vision has been completely co-opted by the venture capital guys. Just watch, trash the company, the product, or flat out question whether or not the product exists and you’ re fine.but if you say one word about the money guys and the post is deleted. Just watch this post disappear and you’ll see. I feel bad for rohan wallowing in this essentially at the point of a sword. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts he knew this was coming and wanted to avoid it but the bankers forced it ahead to raise cash at any price, damn the consequences of screwing it up. But rohan has no choice but to play along while the bankers call the shots.

  204. Sure, they have to investigate more about laws.

    Not only this, the company have to produce according the expectation created, but few hours later the PixelQi models are sold out!! How is it possible?
    The European law says the company has to give all information about product specifications, features, etc, and a comprehensive and clear pre-contract.

    All photos are contractual in USA and Europe, for this reason you can’t see any photo in the web.

    I think Europe is not in their minds.

  205. yep there some confusion in word press registration.In-spite of commenting I didn’t get any pre-order mail.

  206. great, haven’t received any email, went to the public preorder page and…SOLD OUT.

    Many people just posted 2 days ago, got their mail and made their preorder. I have been following for too many months, posted here and there every once in a while and got nothing.

    Very very disappointed.

  207. Would make sense, yes.

    With the flood of comments here and in the other post though, and me not finding a single one from someone who actually was able to make a pre-order, it makes you worry. With the youthful passion the readers of the blog have, you would think more people who succesfully place a preorder would comment about it…

  208. Just tried to preorder and it seems the PixelQ’s ones have sold out!
    On top of that, they only accept Visa and Amex
    I will have to wait
    What a shame: all this time waiting for nothing!

  209. I got up at 4AM today and yes, I had the chance to order Adam but VISA immediately locked my credit card … and now Adam is sold out.

    But anyway, I will wait for Rohan to answer MANY questions and maybe a photo of Adam (not a render). Didn’t the guys in the EAP programm get Adams? I wonder if the really got some devices.

  210. Disapointed, i want to buy, but always the server down. Not good for Notion Ink.
    Espacialy the Pixel Qi is sold out….!!! 😦

  211. Unfortunately no, I didn’t. No pre-order email, and by the time I called AmEx to warn them of India payment issue (AmEx is REALLY fussy), checked for email in spam filters, etc., the public offering opened earlier than I understood it was going to. Issues concerned me about details and support, along with lack of any release of real products, hardware or software, but talked it over with the husband and decided to take the risk on Family Faith, but could not ever get the order to go through. Finally gave up when Pixel Q appeared to be sold out. So disappointed, for us and maybe even more for Rohan personally. I think he’ll meet these challenges though.

  212. obviously they don’t have as much control over their supply chain as the giants like the mighty Apple … also being a start up they won’t have a frame of reference to forecast demand…these pretty big challenges that they have to deal with apart from the ones on the technical side, financial side, marketing side, etc…:)
    I am sure they have the brainpower, courage and passion to do it…

  213. Rohan I tried ordering the Pixel Qi, 3G+WiFi version with my pre-order email and my credit card declined the charge thinking it was “suspicious.” After getting it cleared up with them and trying to run it again it told me that I couldnt order another one because it was 1 per link but since the first one didnt work I never got to order one! Now, its all sold out and I don’t know what to do! I tried emailing NI and CCavenue and tried calling CCavenue all with no help/luck.

  214. the amount they are charging overall on return makes me into believing that NI itself is not confident about the quality and thus trying hard to keep its aftersales process happy before it is even initiated.

    im not buying this with such policies.

  215. Very well Written concerns.Most of us have the same concerns. Thanks for compiling it at the same place

  216. I had a Family-Pre order link, was able to get on at around 1:30 AM (CET) went for the PixelQI3G (as I knew for almost a year I would) but was unable to pay for due to missing the most common Mastercard.

    I sure hope You can do something for this fan from the first hour. I also sent a mail to preordersupport about this.

    Feeling kinda sad right now…

  217. me too. no pre-order mail. i’ve commented atleast a few times since September. But looking at the policy here about returns etc, not to mention no actual product pics yet, i guess i’m starting to get lucky.

    And those in India who got the mail say this thing costs almost 30K with conversion charges? And the $50 shipping? to india from india? seriously at that price we have more options here man – with new tablets coming out in 2011. And most of them are around the 22-25K mark.
    Seriously its a bad deal for people staying here.

    This was like walking straight into a wall and getting hit in the face. That’s it for me. I’ll be looking at other options now. Thanks for all the wonderful posts and dreams Rohan. And thanks for pulling the carpet below our feet too.

  218. Panel doesnt “exists”!? Hope these grammatical errors are fully sorted out before the Adam starts shipping. Did anybody notice this in the previous blog post by Rohan?


  219. it finished already the pre-order :(:(( meaning the Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G is out of stock:((

  220. ;( all Pixel Qi Devices are soled out … ;(

    when can we preorder them again ??
    I definitely want one of the Pixel Qi Devices ….

  221. Merchant URL is Incorrect.

    Sorry, Your order cannot be processed as the website is not authorised for Transactions through CCAvenue.

    Please contact the Webstore Administrator to report this error

    Roshan, You dopnt know how many orders you have lost and lost for ever!!

  222. Sorry but that is a joke…..Pre-order system massively failed those of us who have been following this.

    Terrible system and now all sold out of the PixelQI.

    Not happy at all.

  223. @NI and Rohan

    I tried to order the $549.99 version of the adam (LCD, Pixel QI and 3G) and the transaction was declined. I tried to order again and I find that product is sold out. It is quite difficult to understand what is happening.

    I understand you guys are a start-up and the average age of your team is 22 or 23 years. What you lack is experience. You have the heart but not sufficient experience. You need help and very fast. Don’t let the hardwork you have done for the past few years come to nothing.

    Rohan man. You are incredibly bold. Sometimes you come across naive. If you want to take NI to the heights you dreamed off, do not let people take a step based on “Leap of Faith”. It was complete “Leap of Faith” for me to pre-order something that doesn’t exist in its full form yet. Let us admit that first. What you have is a cracking hardware. Nothing can go wrong with that. I too assembled a mini PC or HTPC. The materials are all there. There are a few iterations that need to be done, when it comes to something like a tablet. I think it is difficult to put together a tablet. But still I give you the benefit of doubt. The hardware in its current form should be great. What is really dragging you down is the UI and the apps. They are in Beta stage right now and they cannot be put forward for a Demo. They like any Beta product will not perform as per expectations. There could be numerous bugs that need to rectified.

    Your UI may be ahead of its time right now and your hardware will only work to its fullest potential on Android Honeycomb or later. I suggest you to do all the hard work and release the product focussing more on the UI and less on the apps. The apps can always come later. Once it is released people like me would like to port Ubuntu or some other OS over there which can do full justice to your hardware. Once your UI is stable and once Honeycomb is released, you guys will be rocking.

    All the best.

  224. Sold out!
    Oh great, I’m waiting now for months on the Adam and now I had not even a chance to get a pixel Qi LCD-Adam …. (This is really bad: (

  225. 600 bucks for a dream? I know there is some risk, but only if you don’t ride the horse, you cannot fall. Life is a risk and the $600 is it worth for me. I trust Rohan and believe in his dream.

    So we all complain about some “hours” of pain for the pre-ordering. But on the other hand, nobody complains to wait days in front of an apple store, when they release a new product.

    Guys, it’s a start-up. And failures are normal for such companies. If you are not aware of this, don’t invest. I was also frustrated yesterday, but after a night of sleep, I see the world different (and of course, after successfully pre-ordering) 🙂

    So give them time to fix the problems, to learn from mistakes.

    And now let’s focus back on the product development. We all know it is not finished yet. And pre-ordering doesn’t mean that the product has been officially launched. Let’s give NotionInk the chance for the big bang! CES 2011?

    Of course I hope that Rohan will give us more details. Also some videos, please!

  226. When is it possible to buy an Adam in our region, Europe or USA,…
    Do you have some dealers over the whole world to support your product?
    There has to be a service center close with the user!
    And so from when is it possible to order from this dealers?
    (and than maybe the shippingcost will be lower)

    I think you realy need a public relation team for the sales proces. When you create a hype you can expect many orders on a short time. So you need a big stock of your products on the release.
    And than the shipping time 6-8 weeks??
    I hope you have a fast production team. Otherwise, when I have to wait e few months, I buy a product from the competition. Within a few months the will be enough comparable products to this adam.

    So don’t let us wait !

  227. @Sowmya: Even with most of us having so many concerns, I am amused and happy to see that the 2 versions are sold out. Cant imagine how the sales might boom once Rohan comes out with videos and more details. 😀 😀

  228. Wow.. Awesome nice to know someone from Hawaii here. I’m kinda bummed out too. Cause the one I wanted “Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G” is sold out. I couldn’t even get through the pre-order link earlier. Now.. it got me thinking.. I should wait till I see hands on video of this Bad Boy. Before making a purchase. Hope there is a video soon. Aloha too!!!

  229. IVE BEEN WAITING A YEAR!!! The device is on preorder yet still no one has been able to tell me! I am ready to hit that preorder button the second someone tells me,

    Yours truly.

  230. Dear Rohan
    I have only posted once, but have been a lurker for a year. Cheering from you at a distance, and proud (as an alum from your institute) of what you were trying to accomplish.

    You certainly displayed your brilliance and vision, but increasingly so a certain degree of megalomania and a God complex. “Too smart by half” is all I can say to your clues over the past few weeks, and it was embarrassing to see a cult of your believers putting their lives on hold for each of these clues.

    What happened over the past 48 hours has been a major disaster. If you built your brand loyalty around trust in your own utterances and your blog, you simply can’t go MIA when there is a massive screw up.

    I can understand logistical challenges that might confront a start up like yours ahead of a launch.What is hard to condone is creative language, that I admit is dishonest.

    1) Prices normally are “end user” prices. What is this thing about VAT being on top of your base price ? Ipad – or any other gadget – have prices that include all taxes (which could be in the 100Euro i.e. 135 dollar range in Europe).

    What you have listed is simply misleading and wrong. If you can spend hours drooling over what Tesla did or did not do a century ago, couldn’t you have computed the taxes and transparently added them to your list price, instead of misleading teaser prices ?

    I must admit this is rather sleazy, and tarnishes the brand you were building up around your own integrity over the past year.

    2) Ditto for shipping costs. S&H is normally location specific. Many of us have ordered from products shipped from Chinese locations, but most brands build the price into the product – or at least clarify that S&H costs are supplementary where the price is stated.

    In your case, the S&H costs show up miraculously only when one is about to order.

    3) How do you expect us to be dumb enough to order a tablet where we do not even know the internal storage in the specs ?

    It is time you stopped this cute strip tease. It is adolescent at best. From one IITisn to another – GROW UP.

    A lot of people are trusting you with their hard earned money, and you are not being forthcoming even on the basics.

    Having succumbed – a bit – to the frenzy over the last 48 hours, having not received the promised email, I am waking up today wiser. Even though I find what you report on Adam to be terrific and I want such a tablet – you have simply lost a lot of trust in my book.

    I do not trust that the delivery would be within 6 to 8 weeks. I am almost positive NI will pull put a stunt like the IST/PST stunt yesterday when they couldn’t cope with user traffic. I am sure, you will say that the 6 to 8 weeks are actually not Earth weeks but Jupiter weeks and therefore x times longer on earth.

    I was ready with my credit card last night, but having seen the fiasco I will not pre-order for now. I still want the Adam, but I need the trust that it is from a company that doesn’t treat its clients as suckers.

    Advice to you — build back the trust with some straight talk to your clients. Don’t go MIA and then resurface with some stupid detail that is not central to our core concerns, or try to hide behind clues.

    Otherwise the same flames of internet passion that created the buzz around Adam can also fan out and burn what is- so far on paper – a revolutionary product.

  231. The Qi is sold out!!
    I think is good for your company!
    but I still have many question!
    1. Not everyone in this “family” get the courteous reception! All wait just like joke….
    2. Still no office DEMO video or real machine picture of the goods that we “maybe” get!
    3. No other method expect VISA & American Express credit card, not everyone has these credit cards or even no use cards! now, I should buy it in the store just wait for available!

    I will still care about “Adam”, and hope can get one!
    good luck everybody!

  232. Rohan what about those of us who were meant to be in the family but didnt get the email. It seems perhaps anyone who had a hotmail account didnt get the pre order email. Is there anything you can do about this??
    I have ordered but have to wait 6-8 weeks which seems unfair as sure i was meant to be on the ‘family’ list along with quite a few others! Shouldn’t we get some priority?

  233. @Rohan

    Ok here’s how it goes.

    First of all we don’t know what we’re actually paying for. As an issue of trust and you call us the ADAM family, you need to show us, ON VIDEO, the actual product. We are loyal fans and you owe us that. I myself have spread the word of Adam to a LOT of people including my business associates.

    Second, I don’t know how it is in India but all over the world, people are very critical about their credit information. We want to know if we’re being taken cared of security wise. Please fix the order forms. Don’t allow anybody to order if its not 100%.

    Third, the hazy information on the product as well as not posting an image of the actual product will kill you in the long run. You have the potential to conquer a huge percentage of the tablet market. You already have the trust of a couple thousand here on this blog but the rest of the probable buyers you’ll have to convince with SOLID, COMPLETE and RELIABLE information. (e.g. the correct tech specs BEFORE ordering).

    Last, product launches usually need good coverage. If ADAM is indeed a revolution, we need to get the word out, FAST.

    Please do not disappoint us loyal fans.

  234. I tried to order too since receiving the email offer and what happened? i kept getting transaction failed, got 1 transaction failed email, checked my bank and found out i got charged twice with not a single email confirmation or anything. My bank said they can’t do anything till CCAvenue rejects the payment and to top it all .. all pixel qi devices got sold out. Thanks Rohan for the wonderful shopping experience~ have to sort this mess out now.

  235. I don’t think they are manufactured in India. Rohan even put a graph about 5-10 (maybe more) posts back of what countries are involved at different stages in the manufacturing process. I’m pretty sure (if they are even being mass produced yet) that is happening in China, with later support stages shifting toward Taiwan.

  236. A major moment in your company’s succes and you weren’t there to handle things? Notion Ink messed up badly on this one !!! Hope you have a plan to rectify this situation because things aren’t looking good right now … I am really surprised Engadget and the likes of John Biggs haven’t come down on this story yet. This situation might just get worst tomorrow when the Android Police article circulates even more.

    Everything is very unprofessional and the silence from Notion Ink is not helping. The vaporware cries are getting louder, Rohan hope you have something up your sleeve to alleviate this fire … your next move and what you say is going to be important. Will it be more teases? Excuses? Or excepting the blame and actually show us something?

    Right now people want answers and proof of an actual product. Lets see what you got Rohan …

  237. They’re made in Taiwan so they might be shipping direct from there.

    It’s a small company so I didn’t really expect free shipping but the refund and warranty policies are flimsy to say the least.

  238. I’m very disappointed… more than a year waiting for the Adam and… no mail… no pre-order, only SOLD OUT.

    You should make a pre-order for those people like me, who waited for a long time and due to the failure of mail and the need for sleep, we were without Adam.

    This is a nightmare 😦

  239. Amazon charged me 20% restocking fee for my returned tablet pc…never buying electronics from them again…

  240. I really hope some of the established companies will start including PixelQi screens in their tablets soon. That’s what sold me on the Adam in the first place and after the disappointment following this product from the cradle and now to the grave I’ll be happy to take my business elsewhere as soon as possible. I think this company is in serious need of new leadership, as the present one has proven it’s inability to bring in the right and competent people to work for them in important areas (Marketing, PR, Web development – where is the forum?, Legal – The hurried boilerplate legal info you rushed out AFTER pre ordering had begun). You’ve had plenty of time, and made us believe that the financial issue was solved this summer. I can appreciate your hard work in making you drean come true, but if you’re not able to make friends with or hire the right people i predict this will come to a very brutal end soon.

  241. How upset am I this morning (massively). I got my pre-order email last night and tried a few times but got the return at 12 pm message, then I got called out by my work. When I got back in at 06:15am the Pixel Qi’s had sold out already.
    Well done to all that got your orders in ya lucky people.
    Rohan when will I be able to order again???? and can you upgrade payments to accept mastercard for Europe please.

  242. What update? He didnt tell us anything as usual. I think this is to get as many preorders done before it is shut down.

  243. Now that people…the family….have droped their hard earned cast into your bank account I think we have earned the right to demand more info on the product.

  244. Can i ask for the people who ordered did you all get the confirmation from NI?? I only got one from the CC transaction?

  245. just read ur post in the previous post…
    cathy.. All those in teh Adam;s family who didnt get a post, family hug !! ( atleast we can call ourselves a family)
    i was overly drowsy..and i know i had cribbed last night, not to say i added so many calories with my 5 chocolate bars and i felt disappointed waking up to no email.
    anyways l am just gonna give a chance to wait for this post of Rohan and decide further action..

    apparently even crunch gear has thrashed Rohan!

  246. I’ve been asking that question for a while too! I would like to know that bit, and to know if there are photos of an actual production device that has already been manufactured and silk screened, etc.


  247. ***Repost of one in moderation limbo, minus one swearword with youtube url broken up.***

    In-flight hey? I figured he must have been sleeping off the mother of all hangovers after the Pre-Order Launch Party. Still no real answers though.

    Pixel Qi versions now 8-12 weeks! I presume that means the first production round has completely sold out (and congratulations are in order!), not that those who ordered first have to wait 3 months as well. That’s just way too long.

    Can anyone at all confirm that the page – www. youtube .com/user/RohanShravan is a complete fake?

    Congratulations anyway to Rohan! It’s been a rollercoaster ride and a half. You’ve either had a terribly flawed (yet still wildly successful) launch – or created the most elaborate scam on the internet since that poor Nigerian guy with the banking problem. A success either way!

    When people get all misty-eyed in the future about how the global mega-corporation NotionInk used to to be shaky start-up, I’ll be able to say “I was there! I F5-ed constantly that lonely night in December back at the start of the century” Lol.

    Good luck man, long way to go yet. You’re not flying to a tax-haven island where you’ll disappear with all the cash, right? You’re a bloody champion if you are, but I still want that tablet!

  248. Rohan Shravan, It should have not been like this, it should have been more professional. I feel sorry for you. I spent my $550 and hope I am not taken. If so I not worry because my credit card company will recoup any money that I might lost on this endenvor. I hope the product is good. Everything else so far is not. 6 options? Third rate pay system? Not showing the product, no video, not explaining the product enough. You did not even answer some of our concerns. I’ve taken a chance and I hope it would be a good product just so far it has not. You need to do a better job. Your marketing team sucks. Show the product, or is there no product? It is almost midnight her in California and it is time to let this day be forgotten. I hope you prove me wrong…

    Please do a better job. If it was me I be firing some employees……..

  249. Hey Pavan, I felt like you also. I just think we should give Rohan the benefit of the doubt. It is only remorseful people like some blogger we know, who have being waiting for the first wrinkle, to trow all the scorn at Rohan. I’m sure Rohan will be doing his job, the one the so called android police didn’t do. I bet they didn’t even call Rohan!

  250. Hi,

    I am planning to do a pre order, only thing that I hope is that you dont choose the 3G frequency based on the shipping address!! As I am not in India now, but will be back in a few months.

    Or else just give an option to choose the 3G frequencies!

    I hope that I wont get a device with a 3G frequency that doesnt work in India because of my current shipping address!!

    A little thinking will solve this problem!!

  251. PixelQi was sold out. 😦
    Pre-ordered the Backlit LCD, 3G + Wifi instead.
    Looking forward to it. 🙂

  252. I tried to preorder several times using the link sent me by e-mail and always failed. Once I managed to get the link working, the QI is sold out!

    Buaaaaaahhhh 😦

  253. Rohan being in a flight or not, NI as an organization seems not to have thought through this pre-order. And the launch is yet to happen. If I were NI, I won’t wait for collecting more comments — there are enough questions that beg answers. I would answer them first. Not trying to be negative — just telling what is more sensible to do.

  254. Ouch indeed, I’m very, very, very disappointed and upset! I’d been waiting almost a year for this to be released, when it was my special pre-order link just kept taking me to a page saying come back at 12pm PST (even though it was past this time, maybe I was 24hrs too early?). Anyway, kept trying for several hours, eventually went to bed. This morning, there’s only the LCD variant left for sale.

    Very unhappy.

  255. PixelQi is sold out… what an anti-climax.. i will wait until next year i guess… after all that planning and build up they then dont make enough units… 🙂 nice one fellas.

  256. Ugh, I’ve got to say that I’m starting to regret my purchase. While the ADAM could, and hopefully will, turn out to be great there are too many variables right now – import duty, return fees, availability time period, changes to the terms & conditions during preorder, etc. etc. etc. Personally I should have read the fine print before pulling the trigger. Rohan, please make this right ASAP

  257. This is a disaster… ONE YEAR WAITING, two nights without sleep… and when I can enter to preorder page after more than 1000 tries from my preorder link, I saw that the one I need (Pixel Qi + Wifi) is sold out… I am very sad, it´s one year waiting for nothing, and the last days was insane (no working, no sleeping…)…

    For you André, or Rohan… please give me the oportunity of buy now a Pixel Qi+WiFi unit, I am desesperate now, all work for nothing… please send me a email with an special order link if that is possible, thanks for all…………………

  258. Rohan (and team),

    Thanks for all the communications, and all the info on the blog. As many have posted here, I had the same pre-order issues, only to keep trying and now to find it sold out. Per your prior post about earlier posters getting priority pre-order, I’m looking forward to seeing how (or if) that’ll work out.

    As I had mentioned a few months back in another post, I’m still willing to help from a UI or usability perspective if you’re looking for ongoing support. I’m glad to pay full price for an Adam, but I’d love to give a little back as you’ve allowed us to be part of this process.

    Thanks for all that you do, and I hope to hear back from you or your team.



  259. “Is it over?
    Not to the fish jumps. It’s over.”

    Harsh to hear about pre-order problems.
    But i’d like to read some reviews of Ones who got lucky, when they get their Adam (I prefer Eve, oh lovely Eve 🙂 ).
    All best

    ps Mr. Rohan – still no info about bonus mystery feature 😉 – very funny.

  260. Home from work now, gonna add a little detail.
    1) Receieved pre-pre-order invite email.
    2) Call work, tell them I’m going to be late
    3) Wait until 12PM PST
    4) (try to) log on to pre-order site
    5) Refresh 503 Error Page for 45+ minutes
    6) Go to work 2 hours late
    7) Get email that Ouch! post is up
    8) Read that shipping date is now 8-12 weeks or more
    9) Catch up on threads on NotionAddicts
    9) Read that PQ is now sold out and I cannot get my PQ 3g-850
    10) Field calls from friends asking if I managed to get my order in
    11) Start shopping for desktop parts, a netbook, and a DIY PQ screen to buy with the money I’ve spent the last months saving up for Adam

    Pre-pre-order fan here, willing and *trying* to take the risk to trust NI, and totally screwed.

    Find a way to fix this, and you’ll keep a customer. And by fix, I mean get me a PQ 3G-850 at the price you set, with a shipping date the same as other pre-pre-order “family”.

  261. The last thing to post at this moment is an excuse. Let’s be honest and open. Own things up and get the house in order, please.

  262. OKkkkkk lets start with what we do know.
    >everything on the techspecs.php
    >it actually Exist
    >how it looks
    >Seen it in Operation
    >has colors
    >project manager(or high position) aka (Rohan Shravan )
    >has A website
    >Estimated date
    >has under gone recent Upgrades
    >Frozen to -100c, cremated and thrown to the core of the earth; i don’t care SO sink or Float, i Want it boxed, sold, shipped, signed, and in my hands. 🙂

  263. If you guys have followed the blog, Rohan himself said that we shouldn’t order from anyone without pictures or a video. Now he is the one saying that we should do just that.

  264. Jason, if you really regret your purchase, sell it to me (if it is a variant with QI)

  265. Thank goodness I thought I was the only one, and maybe if thoes photos (or videos) could show an app running both in panel mode and in fullscreen. Honeycomb can’t do much if it doesn’t have decent android apps to go with it.

  266. i got the ni confirmation number at the end of the order process and a cc transaction e-mail but no order confirmation via email

  267. Me too … and then I was left wondering how I would ever talk to my family again, and where … 🙂 When I finally got to it, I got a big chuckle out of the chocolate bars though 🙂 Needed it after arguing with my partners about work not quite finished due to my Adam Addiction (no, they don’t know, but my husband does, and he told me to just order the darn thing and let him go to sleep 🙂 So let us wait and see. Set myself a more reasonable limit tonight … 3am and I’m off to bed.

  268. What about for customers in India? Can i buy it from any of your dealers? Or retail outlets?
    I am a localite from bangalore & it makes no sense for me to pay $50 to be shipped within the same town. I can’t waste money for that. Also, i want to have a look at it physically before taking a decision. Where can i do that? Can i visit your office at Subramanya Arcade. I live very close by.

    Please answer us. We all have so many queries yet not been dressed. So many things unclear! 😦

  269. How do you know its perfect? No one has seen a working model in over a year. There have only been artist drawings. I can get artist drawings of on that can bake bread.

  270. I’m glad I ordered and confident I made the right decision. Give it some time before you decide. I’m sure concerns will be resolve soon….

  271. I didn’t receive any mail NI . I just went in using this url (notionink.com/order.php) in earlier posted comments.
    My preorder for pixel qi + wifi was successful . I logged into site at 8 AM IST. In fact my interaction was smooth and never faced any hitches. Also received mail from CC Avenues confirming my order . Only observation at that time was on preorder page it was displayed at delivery in 6-8 weeks time.
    Awhile ago ( 11AM EST ) visited pre order page and verified , for the same model it is displaying 8 to 12 weeks.
    Happy that I could place order. My Best Wishes to NI team and hope they deliver a product which is superior than others which are already in Market and burning a whole in my pocket.

  272. @Rohan Shravan

    Got the “family” pre-order email

    Kept trying to pre-order last night but the page just wouldnt open. Finally fel asleep at the comp around 2 in the night. Now when i got up, the Pixel-Qi version is sold out!!

    I feel so……disappointed man

    I was really lookin forward to putting my money down

    On the bright side, this might mean that you might put up some videos and walkthroughs of the device while we wait for the Pixel-Qi versions to be made available again

    Please tell me it is so

  273. Hmm, could have sworn I already posted this here, maybe I wrote it but didn’t submit. Had a question about source as well.

    Anyway, I pre-ordered, it went through, I got an email from CCAvenue showing I paid and one from notionink saying “preorder successful”.
    But when I got to the return.php page I got the error “checksum mismatch”. I was wondering if there was anything I missed on the page.

    Secondly, and more important, I have a question about the compilable derivitive source for the Android OS built for the ADAM. Since the Android is provided under the GPL and Apache license, I was hoping there would be a site accessible to everyone that would provide that source as to comply with the open licensing. A number of phone manufacturers are in violation of the GPL (Kyocera Zio) as they have refused my requests for it. OTOH, HTC handles it much better providing a site with everything easily accessible which allows many people to work on it as they see fit. I really hope Notion Ink has thought about this and will provide an easy means to comply.


  274. Tried to post this earlier but it seems it was filtered…

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Nice to finally see some kind of update. I too had a pre-order email and when i tried to order it was declined due to Bank Of America fraud department. I emailed preorder-support AT notionink.com several times with no response since the system didnt allow anyone to order again because it thought you already placed a successful order. When things finally opened up to the masses things went from Shipping JAN 9th for me to 6 to 8 weeks. So much for the Pre-Order email.

    I was seriously pondering my purchase at that point and Im still not sure if i should keep the order or email to cancel. Im sure a lot of you are in the same boat. Especially after read the Android Police post and so many of the comments that people posted on this Blog. Makes me regret my decision a little.

    Like many others i have been following this Blog and Notion Ink and News of the Adam religiously through out. To have Launch Day end up the way it did and with so many questions still left un-answered and the Lack of Communication i think was the Biggest issue honestly.

    It really would not have taken much to sooth the masses but it was ignored for a while. The Removal of all the Policies “Shipping/Return info” on the main web site is also concerning and the warranty information as well.

    Just my thoughts as im sure many others are thinking the same exact thing. I guess im just looking for a little reassurance from Rohan at this point in that I “We” didnt make a mistake in our decision to purchase.

  275. Pixel Qi+3G = sold out.

    Can we indicate interest somewhere in your pre-order page so we get a pre-alert email the next round orders open up again? + maybe a discount code for what ever – apps, accessories, be creative, you want to reward buyers who are taking the plunge by going with you in the first 3 months.

    Been waiting for many months, ready to put down money on the table for the product!!

    Idea for the next round of orders, line up some accessories, good money spinner on those things. I don’t mind getting a capacitive stylus to take notes on a tablet. A good case that can wrap itself around the Adam’s curves is good.

  276. I couldn’t agree more.

    I know this is probably going to attract some negative comments from the diehard NI community, but to actually request PAYMENT for the pre-order of a product, without full disclosure of its features or real life performance shows a great deal of arrogance and disrespect for the devoted followers (it’s starting to sound like a cult).

    I read an unbelievable number of comments from optimistic followers, who stated that they would part with their cash today regardless of what information NI released (did not release), so I can’t help but think we brought this on ourselves, but I’m shocked NI chose this option.

    For a company that showed so much promise, this has been a disastrous start to the relationship with its client base. The followers of this blog would have been the biggest advocates for NI, but unfortunately I think the majority have lost faith.

    I still want a tablet with an equivalent spec (most probably adam), but I can’t believe that after 48 hours of pure ‘Fail’ people are still complaining that they didn’t get to throw their money at the pre-order of a rendered image. You have been blessed, at least wait to you have some evidence that you’ve lost out before you start to cry.

    Sorry for the long rant, but it’s been an emotional 48 hours.

    Still I imagine the pre-sale grossed well over $1m today, so I bet someone will be happy.

  277. Pixel QI WIFI + 3G devices are sold out? I wanted to order one of those and now I see: Sold Out 😦

    Btw, pre-order is nice, but as a European I “need” a 900 series as the 850 will work suboptimal here. On the site I only see 4 versions…. are these 3G the 900 or the 850 series?

  278. Come on…

    He opens up the pre orders and inmediately after takes a flight….
    There could be a million things that went grong as it happened, i can’t imagine a worse moment to get a flight. It’s pretty ubelievable.

  279. well that took my decision pixel qi is sold out… anyway i didn’t know wich series to take (900 or 850) why is it not multiband, every phone has that already and if you want to get the world closer together, that is a must have… ah well can’t order anyway seems i will have to wait a bit longer. Hope you guys get it all sorted out.

  280. Sorry, but the joke is on you if you weren’t prepared for the system to crash.

    Please don’t tell you’re the sort of person who, when someone trips and hurts themselves in front of you, shouts at them for slowing down and getting in your way.

    Things like this happen. Just chalk it up to bad luck and let us all get on with our lives.

  281. Whaat ??? Just because my credit card starts working after a few hours, I DONT GET A PIXEL QI SCREEN ???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


  282. So even more reason to stay away if its not manufactured in India. The Indian Govt. puts a 35% duty on all imported items. besides it takes more than a week to get here (with customs check, etc) from anywhere even with EMS/ DHL/ UPS. If its DOA, there is no courier here that can send it back to wherever it came from in 10 calendar days. All in all it looks like a money loosing proposition to me.

  283. Why would I trust $600 to an unknown entity. Because last month I threw down $1000 for a major (like MAJOR) name laptop brand, was given incorrect/misleading shipping information and left with little recourse but to wait (for a month) to receive the product and then the option(thank god for small mercies!) of returning the product. I’m sure we’ve all spent more money on much less effective things anyway….

  284. Hi again,

    I want to make a few comparisons here:

    In the UK the PCWORLD/COMET group decided they would release an android tablet called the “Advent Vega” Tegra processor etc. Not fantastic, some features missing but an ok machine. People were falling over themselves to order this device, so much so each time a small new batch appear on their website they went within minutes! I estimate 20,000 at least have not yet obtained one. I was lucky, so lucky, to be there just in time. I have one ,works ok. They have probably lost in the region of £5million in revenue as people go elsewhere to get a tablet in time for christmas presents. All down to bad organisation,lack of availability, market research etc.
    Rohan talk to your followers, let them know what is happening, is it lack of funding? we just do not know, this does not inspire confidence in NI.

    Another point;

    If a company delivers on availability and support they are successful. Customers main complaint is lack of support and lack of communication – companies who promise much but do not deliver eventually dissolve. This is why APPLE are so successful, they get the job done (positive comment about apple and I can’t stand their ethos!)

    Bottom line is:
    Do not promise what you cannot deliver – it causes anguish and people lose faith.
    I desperately want and will buy an Adam when I get the chance but I feel an “Advent Vega” experience is going to happen – no availability – no chance of ordering for a long while = lost revenue.

    I am in the education sector, have told my studants about Adam, they like the product but everyone of them has said “but it looks like you cannot get them”!

    You need to talk to us Rohan, we want you, Adam and NI to be successful. Are we family???

  285. Well, if it would have been a scam I doubt if they have “sold out” (It doesn´t make sense to have a scam product sold out) Also term and conditions would have been great (as they would not going to stick to it anyway)

    In short it does not look like a scam….. that said I do feel that Rohan has a lot of damage control to do.

    And one other thing: @Rohan, What about EAP(2) people?

  286. Here I an again/ Also verry disapointed, didn,t get a preorder mail (checked spamfilter). so waited but the servers where crashing all the time. Then there where the completely unchecked policies online. After 27hours of sleep i completely had it and went to bed going to sleep. Now I come online and the PQi is already sold out (Guess thats good for NI)
    Hope that you’re prodduct lives up to heis expectations and that it’s in the stores verry soon. Maybe then I can get one.
    Verry frustrated by now.
    Even Sonwya the one of the most dedicated bloggter gave it up.
    Hope you get the things right again, realy believe your dream but yesterday was a disaster. Still hopinng for a solution

    Ramblan Netherlands,

  287. @ vishesh

    more often than not, it’s made in China and may be shipped from China directly. Although I don’t know where the Adam is made exactly.

  288. Please take a moment to read this long post before commenting further :

    a. Ok so the preorder process of NotionInk’s Adam had some issues etc, it can happen to anyone. Haven’t you seen people standing for hours in queue’s outside Apple stores? It happens – stop bothering the NI folks and screaming about it.

    b. All those who have not been engaged in the open community development process and do not believe in the product, all those who don’t feel like placing pre-orders till they see a video etc, please don’t pre-order. You can wait for the official launch, see the product for yourself and buy later. I don’t see any reason to complain here. The pre-order is for those who are willing to put their money on what their hearts believe.

    c. Andriod Police has done it’s job by highlighting some issues with warranty clauses, shipping costs etc. Great. Thank you. Now NI will fix what they can. That’s what Adam has been about, community feedback based development. Remember, NI is not the size of Apple or Microsoft to have hundreds of expensive lawyers to get their warranty statements drafted. Also remember, when those lawyers draft those long warranty statements in favour of the company, you still buy the product and accept those crazy conditions. NI has been fair in stating what it offers – if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. You might never end up buying a product from any company if you read through their entire warranty and terms statement though.

    d. Adam and NI are trying to create history. For all the egoist people from Americas and Europe, let you be known that the iPad and even phones like the DroidX are still not available in India. Large companies don’t make the efforts required to do an international launch, shipment and returns policy etc in one go. Let customers in other countries drool and beg forever, we don’t care – that’s the attitude of Apple and other companies. When they do launch products here, they charge a much higher price. The iPhone 4Gis not available in India and the iPhone 3GS 16GB is available in India for $700 – would you buy it? Adam is going to change all that. Buy promising to accept orders worldwide and deliver, they can change the way hardware is sold and make the process truly global. They may face hurdles and brickbats on the way, they mail fail or succeed but you should know that they’re the first ones who tried.

    What is Android Police’s contribution in the development of Adam? None. On the other hand, by writing a post about small issues that can easily be fixed they gain a lot of hits and comments. If they had a positive approach, they should have highlighted their concerns to NI, got some clarifications and then gone to press.

    I am a firm believer that I will support anyone who tries and fails over others who just sit and complain.

    Disclaimer : I am in no ways connected to NotionInk, Android Police, Microsoft, Apple etc. No amount of money and very few corporates can influence my thinking – unlike most people.

  289. Put this into Google Maps:-


    There is a “National Instruments” near that address. Curiouser and curiouser…
    Maybe they’ll walk down the street and knock on Notion Ink’s door for you.

  290. I agree even more then 100%

    And if you want to buy and only have Mastercard you cannot even do it!

  291. i totally agree ‘Me-too’. I was ready to jump straight in and order, but i think i will wait a while now and see how this pans out.. i may even hold off for the new ipdad now and come back to notion ink in a year or so and see how it goes.. I have no faith in them now. its a shame.

  292. @sa, this is pretty much standard when buying from another country. Here in the UK, our government will likely charge us 17.5% VAT when we get our ADAM… 😦

  293. Well, I am one of the lucky ones who have been following NI since a year, did NOT receive the pre-order email, but managed to order the high-end version just minutes before it went sold-out!
    This does not mean that I am not puzzled as well about the big amount of inconsistencies, lack of information (video’s), and technical failures this pre-order had.
    I strongly believe it’s just a matter of inexperience/lack of focus on this “administrative” tasks (otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered it!), but I really hope they quickly get their act together to avoid negative impacts on their sales once the Adam is properly launched.

  294. Rohan, I seriously hope you will not try to defend yourself against what Android Police is saying, because this is clearly what a large part of our community (you called this a family I think) is saying.

    Instead, I hope you will take the backlash of this massive ainti-climax, which you whole-heartedly deserve for wasting about 24h of your “family members” (read the comments), and pulling multiple fast ones on the prices, the terms, and the delays.

    Also, getting 3,000,000 hits is not that great an achievement when it is done with 10,000 uniques whose time and passion you are just abusing.

    And I have not yet even access to pre-order, after 36 hours of carefully engineered excitement.

    FAIL 🙂

  295. Absolutely ..
    NI launch has been perfect … only minor glitches .. like its often the case with big launches like apple anyways ..

    Its after a product in a very niche category .. for months it will be the only tablet in the android space .. so people can wait for 3 months and then order ..

    Android Police was stupid to hghlight their concerns about a product that was generating massive interest and hits … with loads of preorders failing *during* the preorder process. they should have sent a private email to the guy who was on a flight …
    besides .. david did take a flight after he took a shot at goliath .. I mean ‘ouch’


  296. I’ve been reading all the comments and I still can’t figure out how a product which is not available yet is sold out. Is there someone in marketing that can explain it to us consumers?

  297. Simple: Rohan has a Master in Buzz and no one in his team has even a Bachelor in Logistics or Customer Service.

  298. I made the top 10 in the logo competition.
    I received a legal letter for the logo competition which i signed and sent back.
    I was a member of the site, posted in comments throughout the entire logo comp period.

    I did not receive anything about pre-order preference, nor the “heavy” discount that was promised.

    In light of that, I am very disappointed that many people were able to pre-order, while I cannot. Not that I’m better than anyone else, but I was promised, and i would like NI to keep that promise.

    Has anyone else from the top10 or the top40 logo received anything other than the legality letter?


  299. @Greg

    Unless you received the actual device .. what makes you say ‘we appreciate you’ .. erm for saying ouch ?

  300. That is what I assumed… Thanks for the clarification. Though some may need the other 3G of they plan to give as gift to someone living in another country, etc.

    I myself do not know which 3G I need for the USA so I’m glad you do… 😉

  301. Well i am very disappointed. Went to order it at half 5 this morning (British time) and everything went good until the end. It then said my card was declined. i now realise its due to Christmas. i have bought presents for people and now don’t even have enough for the cheapest one. I will need to save up a bit more money and then get it. well now the pixel qi wifi has sold out (the one i wanted). So what is happening then will it be properly launched in the new year or January 2011. if so i will just need to buy it then.

    i am also very weary like many, about there not being many videos, pictures, more info available for use and the $50 shipping fee.

    i am 15 so i am very weary with parting my cash. i have been cond before.

  302. @greg ..
    instead rohan should be all over the product
    blog .. ! after the flight .. after the failed launch of the most anticipated android tablet

  303. My alarm bells were ringing a month ago with the smoke and mirrors,”Prestige” anyone,slight of hand,games to distract focus.Even with logical information,I still nearly made the mistake of pre-ordering.

    What I can’t believe is how many have committed their hard earned to a device, which for all intents still doesn’t exist.

    I have lost all faith in Notion Ink as a company and especially for it’s CEO over the past 48 hours.As a CEO,he should have been instrumental in allaying future clients fears and concerns.Instead he exasperated the problem by remaining silent.

    I will probably not deal with or recommend such a company.It may be the norms in India,but it certainly is not in a global market

  304. rohan bro,please post videos or pictures!just search in,ur gettin a helluva negative publicity n thats not gud at all.last 2-3 days were insane in both ways,it got wat i wanted to hear and also what i didnt want to hear!i m following u since last CES.then thd technoholic interview n so on.i m afraid but some allegations r rite.wanna know about the student discount.lastly post demos n get these buggers in their face!all the best.

  305. After all that wait, and all that mess… I finally put my money down and came home with a brand new….iPad.

    Its all good though, I’m sure in the next 90 days NI will overcome the issues that plagued launch day and convince me to take it back and try an Adam. That’s 90 days, Rohan, not 10.

  306. about the mystery feature, have a look to the html sourcecode of techspecs.php webpage (of notionink.com website).

    You’ll see a HTML-comment line 🙂


    @Rohan : congrats, but can you clarify the android market’s point and the HDD capacity’s point ?

  307. dude..i’m from india and trust me it is not the norms here..we are as much disappointed if not more as de rest..

  308. too bad. I was very happy receiving the email with the link for pre ordering, but the corresponding web page kept reading “come back later, you’re too early”. So I though I got the day wrong and stopped trying after 11:30 pm french time.
    I double cheked this morning and the one model I want is sold out …
    I just hope there will be another round of pre ordering.
    Thanks anyway for doing things differently. It’s good to see people behind products.

  309. @Cathy: thanks, i found the link.
    Can’t wait to order as well, and will be awaiting the first reactions of ppl holding and using Adam.
    And still hoping Rohan has a secret stock for all 30k of familymembers, despite the SOLD OUT message for all public.

  310. ;)Lmao tell me this guy is joking must be new. (me being stupid) I JUST DISCOVERED THIS SITE CALLed YOUTUBE TODAY and IT NEVER CROSSED MY MINE TO DO A SEARCH ON notion ink. U fool. lmao best thing i ever heard all day think i can go to bed happy now. i must have misunderstood Good night and Enjoy your flight. 🙂

  311. wow not only did i wait a year but i got shafted out of pre ordering now there sold out thanks alot notion im super happy here… i tried to pre pay with my visa 6 times with 8 grand in the bank wow

  312. Its seem that NI is running into a crisis of the very usual Internal Corporate politics & problems.
    Since Rohan is out on a flight on the most important date, god knows where?
    ppl at the Head Quarters have taken some hasty decision of Switching on the Pre-Orders up without a “Proper Prior Official Press Conference” & Loads of missing information & screwing up the things. On a race to catch up with the Count Down timers, ended up in crashing the System. Pressured by the investors. Reliance group of-course who else?

    On the other side to add to it we were further put into the dark!
    With no Official Intro to the Adam. Containing Videos, Promotional Pics & Images, Reviews ect.
    Many had not received the “Family Pre-order links” in the midest of the time confusion, and those of them who did receive the timed 6-hours mail receipt faced serious issues with the link not working & a wrong time reflect.


    Oh! by the way rohan i’m sure you guys r working hard onto it. But, apart from being global would you mind addressing the neglected Indian Consumers of where could they buy the their Adams? Any info on the dealers,retail outlets,partners? If at all you plan one?
    Or if u prefer to keep the costs down by online buying, just like the dell online buying policy. Then at least let us know of your Warehouse locations. Where we could personally go in & place an order & pick it up when it arrives. As being a localite we wouldn’t prefer paying for the shipping as it make no sense to ship within the same town and wasting the money.

  313. Can’t believe I missed out on the Pixel QI version !! Was fast asleep (UK) when things opened up. Will now have to wait until there’s more available, as I dearly wanted one of those ! Anyway, good luck to everyone who managed to get one.

  314. @LEW: there won’t be access to the Android Market. Google doesn’t allow access to the market unless a device fulfills certain requirements which tablets cannot address due to their size. There is currently no 10 inch tablet that has been granted access to the market. This could change in the future when Google decides to enter the tablet market with Honeycomb.

    But there are alternatives. Amazon is going to have a marketplace for android apps and the android tech sites host marketplaces for apps as well. (androidpit etc..)

  315. @Rohan

    I don’t know if the issues cropped up in the last two days are indicative of serious
    problems, but

    — I would say transparency is not evident.
    What is tax? support is not clear. Shipping $50?
    Features/colors not revealed before charging?
    People were begging for answers for the last two days, and what all they got was “ouch!”

    — You seemed to have left the logo-contenders, your long term fans in the dark:
    They were not told of the acceptable cards before hand,
    Their reservations are not held, if they faced problems.
    (Lot of them, me included, faced problems. And you left them to fend for themselves.)
    Sure you have more important things, but so many people spent so much time
    hanging on to your website, but you didn’t do justice to them, I feel.

    I don’t know if you already realized this: but a phone help is the first thing people would want,
    if they had problems.

    A lot of problems would have been resolved if there was someone answering questions
    either online or by phone.

    I wish you good luck with your next steps.

    But it looks you’ll have to invest double your efforts to win back those people who are utterly disappointed in the last two days.

  316. Well I did have my preorder link, but I wasn’t able to purchase Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G, as the site was 503 all time, and now I wake up and it’s sold out. I think the preorder system didn’t worked well enough and because of that i’m without my Adam.

  317. I want to make sure that NI got my preorder as I only get confirm email from CCAvenue but not form NI. The worst is no where that I can ask whether NI has taken the preorder. I felt the same way as a lot of people felt for these two days –
    NI handles the whole event very unprofesional!

  318. Rohan, Did miss you mentioning “limited supply”? I felt so disappointed to see PQ is “sold out”. It is much more disappointing to be disappointed after a long wait. 😦

  319. same here… i missed the wagon… for same reasons…

    I wish we are considered… as we also lost time from the 6 hrs time….

    I waited till 3:26 AM IST….

  320. Rohan….You guys are fighting very well….May be its the first product you were facing some problems…i strongly believe that these will be sorted out in next few weeks and Notion Ink emerges as one of the competetiors to Apple etc…

    All the Best………

  321. As an example. In New Zealand both 850 and 900 are offered country wide. The option to choose would be nice. That way I could choose a provider with data plans that suite my needs or perhaps add on to existing plans.

  322. It´s a tragic event I second that. However I want to come to the rescue of notionink for parts of this procedure:

    – To setup the whole infrastructure with major online retailers just for this pre-odering -thing made no sense and I don´t think the online retailers would have supported it.

    – So their resort was to ship it themselves whle waiting for the infrastructure to be in place at the real product launch

    – If you have to sell yourself and are a small company you could well go broke on returns and warranty policies which you can´t get backing for by an insurance company as the numbers are too low to be interesting for them.

    – the same for S/H. they have either taken a financial risk with UPS or made a deal to get a bulk deal for a limited number of devices to be shipped at fixed costs no matter where you are in the world.

    – Local taxes are a complete nuisance and impossible to handle properly on a gobal scale. The import tariffs for some countries are way higher than for others, it depends on customs classificatiions which are different per country of destination, of shipping country and other arbitrary rules per country. So unless you have an importer for every country you are stuck.

    NotionInk has been under great pressure from Indians, Europeans etc to not only ship to the US. Read the blogs from the beginning and you will see.

    So if they fulfilled that clear communiity wish and take a stance against the America first policy which is so often used they had to come up with this complex scheme of S/H at fixed prices on a global level. 50$ f.i. would have been a great deal for me living in Spain as I happen to know what the real shipping cost by UPS are.

    Local taxes, in the US often called sales tax depend on the state within the US. Outside of the US it depends on the country where you ship to. Even within Europe there is no universal tariff.

    However there are legal differences as well. In the US you are allowed to advertise without sales tax to consumers with a small note pointing out that in some states sales tax may be applicable.
    In Europe this is strictly forbidden. Only business to business users can advertise this way so the VAT/IVA/Mwst/ or whatever it´s called in each European country has to included in the specified price.

    As a result of all of the above the official prices in Europe f.i. are usually much hgh higher

    So now place yourself in their position:
    There is huge pressure to open up for pre-launch ordering from all over the world

    – The alternative would have been to open it up for f.i. the US only and leave out the rest of the world which I find a disgusting policy which is unfortunately often used.

    – Usually the Europeans end up wiith being able to order half a year later and at an exchange rate of 1:1 instead of the current 0,75:1 so a full swing adam whould cost you end user at the lowest mail order companies about 549E minimum which is 730E.

    Now it would have ended up at in f.i. Spain for that same amount including shipping so cheaper than the official way and half a year before we normally can order stuff.

    By all of this I don´t want to talk around all the other issues with transactions going wrong, lack of credit card choice etc, but I have ample professional experience in buying and selling on a large scale between three continents and I can´t come up with a better scheme to realize this vision to have it available for pre-order for all countries and pressed by customers who wanted it now and websites who kept repeating it was vapour ware.

    BTW: I didn´t end up buying one as I didn´t have a visa card, but that´s not an issue for me. I got the email and went through all the steps. I noticed the redirect to a verisign https site so that part was okay. I have other dealings with notionink and so far they have been very forthcoming and trustworthy.

    I agee that it turned out a mess but ask you to consider the above alternatives and major obstacles.


  323. Not only am i disappointed that the QI version sold out in a matter of minutes, I can’t even order the LCD version. My pre order link takes me to the page which shows them but there is no way of selecting any variant and moving to the next stage of the purchase process.

    What’s going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  324. @Rohan

    When people said they were disappointed, you should read who these people are
    and what kind of disappointment. They have been loyal for long, and the disappointment was

    So, from here there are two ways: Either bounce back, and bring in some systematic
    approach that would be robust even when you’re on plane, or simply take what happened
    as a simple glitch. The first approach is likely to make you to head toward your goals.

    Still I can’t believe: What made you think that anything less than what Apple would do
    in such circumstances is good enough for you to compete in the market? The credit card
    companies thought most traffic would come from India and hence did some optimizations?
    That’s truly lame explanation however much I think about it. No body tested the system
    before hand? I refuse to be disappointed by thinking about it.

    I’m not critical of your company, but this is a hope that you’ll bounce back, and surprise all of us, this time without any doubts: Take a look at Apple website, replicate their marketing
    methods, and then go beyond them.

  325. NotionInk are for sure in trouble now…

    to be honest it sounds like they don’t have anyone from Europe, US etc on their marketing team. You CANNOT sell a product like this. all that’s happened is it’s blown up in their faces…..

    Can they recover from it, that’s the question??

  326. I feel sad.. I have already sent you email refering my greviance.. I am like not well then too waited till 3.30am IST today am late to office..

    this is how you treat your family.. how will you keep one? truly disappointing.

  327. Pleased to see I got a reply from Rohan. Will keep the faith but still have no preorder email and therefore see no way to order and give NI my money! Sad state of affairs

  328. Rohan

    I managed to get all the way through to ordering by Visa. It then said it was unable to complete the transaction. When I tried again it would not let me and said it was a duplicate order as the order had already gone through CCA Avenue.

    I am now confused as to whether I have ordered an Adam or not. What can you do to help.


  329. I’m sure NI has something in store for you, and the work you put in logo contribution.

    It would only be fair.

  330. Let me second on my comment.. I myself have come up from a very rough start.. you needed some better mentoring.. get a good angel I’d say..

    or become a big fish in a small pond(viceversa)..

    whatever you do first get a grip on the situation.. I know from experience sympathy does not hold for ever.. it will wear down suddenly..

    best of luck

  331. I’m fairly sure that Adam has access to the market; it’s been stated before. I think the difference is in how the Adam handles the display of apps (as oppose to having one app on a screen at a time).

  332. Panel doesnt “exists”?! Hope these grammatical errors are fully sorted out before the Adam starts shipping. Did anybody notice this in the previous blog post by Rohan?


    Rohan, i’m reposting this once again as I thought maybe you have missed this post. Please reply and confirm that you will see to it. Wishing Adam all success.

  333. 1) Not everyone in where you live. In North America, taxes (and even some surcharges) are regularly excluded from the price. It use to be (and some still do) that some cellular companies charged $6-9/mo “System Access Fee” or some “Government Regulatory Fee” on top of the advertised price. It’s stupid, I know, but it’s what it is. Also, this is normal practice for online delivery, as most companies charge dependent on where you are.

    Also, second page after picking a device, the first line is: “Your Adam with wifi: $375.33 + $50 shipping [limited period]”

    IMHO, this is *NORMAL*.

    2) Yes, *SOME* Chinese retailers will include the shipping. Some do not.

    3) I agree that some specs do need to be fleshed out. I, for one, needed to know which bands the 3G version supported. I have sent an email to that effect.

    I, for one, will order when it becomes available again, as long as I know what I need to know.

    To answer your question about memory:
    ” * 1GB DDR2 RAM
    * 1GB SLC
    * 8+ GB Flash
    * Micro-SD Card support ”

    It’s 1GB RAM, 1GB internal (app) storage, 8GB (or more) of internal storage (for music) and 32GB is the limit for microSDs. So you’re looking at 40GB or more.

  334. In Canada and US (and I am using this band), there are AWS bands (Windmobile.ca / mobilicity.ca / t-mobile).

    Will these be supported?

  335. So know i am really sad. I waited for this for more than half a year now. i never posted, of course this was my fault, because all my questions were answered. But i thought, hey, lets wait for the normal ordering process, it won`t be too bad.

    I am living in Europe, Austria, and to be sure, I waited for the preordering at the exact time. my girlfriend hitted the refresh button every second, and all that in the middle of the night. finally i came through, wanted to order die 3g pixel qi version and when i had to fill in the billing details, it came to my mind that i dont have a visa or american express and i don`t know anybody who i can call at 3 o clock in the morning who has a visa. So i waited until 10 o clock and now everything is sold out.

    I am so sad and disappointed yet because I wanted it to be a birthday present for myself (5th of january) and i can really use in university for my studies (architecture).

    So hopefully there will be a fast solution, because i trusted you guys on this one.

  336. @Me_Too

    Me too! You have reflected almost exactly how I am feeling. Last night I could have spent the money due to the mass hysteria and hype, today no, not a chance. I’ll wait it out and see how this pans out, see if Adam ever hits the streets and what the reviews and customer experinces are like. Even if that’s a few months down the line. I’ve held out so far, a bit longer wont hurt. And if not I’ll go back to plan A, buy an iPad.

  337. I got my preorder link, but the site told me to come back, even though it was supposedly time to start preordering. It stayed like that for 2h, until I gave up and went to work. When I got done, I checked the site, and all the pixel qi versions had been sold out =(

    It’s not fair!
    I’m kind of mad at myself right now for being so upset about this.

  338. WTF?

    Tried to order the LCD Version, bit After Payment Information:

    Thank you for pre-ordering. Unfortunately, the transaction was declined. Please try again later.

    I pay in many onliny stores with this Visa.
    But notion Ink did not like.


  339. Yep man, the same thing happened to me. Kinda feels like we got screwed by the system, doesn’t it? The best part is: My girlfriend (who I got stoked for the thing last month) pre-ordered hers without any link, without any hitches.
    That’s the part that doesn’t make sense to me =(
    That’s the part that really adds insult to injury.

  340. I have tried 3 times with 3 seperate visa cards and I get the same. Then when you try to order again it declines as it says you already have placed an order. I hope I do not get charged 3 times for receiving nothing.

    Fed up

  341. +1. Happened to me, too, man.
    But my girlfriend who didn’t have a link- she had no problems getting her qi ordered.

  342. I’d recommend you step out for a minute to relax and think over what you are demanding here.

    First of, a small Indian company (or any small company in the world for that matter) usually has little to no clue about which taxes apply to the product in the country they send to. Unless said company has resellers in the destination country, in which case you buy the product from the reseller which deals with taxes and surcharges.
    That’s one reason why products are usually about 20 to 40% more expensive in Europe then in the US.

    One reason for this is that import taxes are usually assessed on the full value of the product plus the shipping charges, and since shipping charges vary widely, making a ‘one-for-all’ price is just impossible. Then you have special import duties (like the one the EU charges for importing LCD based TVs – how would Notion Ink know whether this applies to the Adam?) … and then you have VAT, with different rates in different countries in the EU.

    No way can Notion Ink keep track of all these. Also, which tariffs apply to which products is hard to find out even for a company in the EU and much harder for an outsider. I dare you to try to look up your local tax offices tax list and see if you can make any sense of it. Transparently adding that to the list price – I’d love to see that crystal ball that you developed that enables someone to do this, worldwide 😉

    You complain that ‘normally’ prices are end user prices. This is true for the EU, and is true mostly because it is mandated by European laws to be this way. You buy an IPad from an Apple Reseller in Europe, which of course has to follow the laws here. In the US you will almost always have the product priced without taxes, and if you ever ordered a product from there, you will be quite familiar with paying import taxes and VAT outside of the purchase order with the seller.

    There may be a lot of things Notion Ink can do to improve their ordering, but please ask for things that are at least possible.

  343. +1 again.

    Honestly, this was my biggest concern. I’ve been pouring through the comments to see if anyone else noticed this as well. I brought this up in the newest “Introspection” post as well. I sincerely hope the UI will be polished up a bit more when it comes to spelling and grammar.

  344. I myself have had some misgivings recently about purchasing this unique product, and I share some of the sentiments expressed on this forum about the product launch. But I have to say I have had experience in creating hype for an event and now I am in the networking field(specifically DOD Secure VOIP networks). First, something I learned is that product launches never go exactly as planned even for the big corps., and I forgive their clumsy launch to being the growing pains of a new company of engineers not marketing execs. I get they are trying to build hype for the product akin to an apple launch, but failed to realize the most important thing about those events(.i.e. the demonstration of their products technical abilities and how it can be applied to improve your life). That I can forgive, being an engineer myself and caring more about solutions to problems than documenting them and presenting those solutions to be approved of by the widest audience(specifically all my bosses, I work for the government, so I have alot of them). Second, the complaints about the website having problems being accessed. I think we all know that they are relatively young company with modest resources. Coming from a networking standpoint, the amount of traffic people were generating to their servers and edge routers by constantly reloading the page in anticipation of launch, must have been akin to a small scale DDoS attack. Since I’ve simulated them in the lab(voice being the most susceptible to network congestion therefore we have to bombard all the interfaces to ensure voice QoS is working properly over multiple network hops and VPN encapsulations), the website problems(both notion ink and their payment portal), instantly made me think of DDoS. If the amount of people was in the millions or even the hundreds of thousands, then with their modest budget I doubt they had network infrastructure in place to accommodate that many hits at once without overloading the buffers on their servers. That being said I must caution that I am an eternal optimist and have been hoping something would come along and kick apple on their collective smug ***.

  345. @Rohan Shravan

    You’ve said “Europe is an extremely crucial market for us” so I think you should have an EU reseller/partnership that guarantee duty-free goods because buying computer equipment in EU from China is the equivalent to have a hundred percent customs control whit a 20% VAT on the total price (shipping + actual cost of the tablet) in addition to some other possible taxes: it sucks! Think about it.

  346. As another alumnus from the the same brand , I think we are just been hyper sensitive and reacting wildly coz things did not go as per one’s accordance. It is ok somethings did not go in line but it is not doomsday , maybe for a couple of thousand people the experience did not go as per their wishes, but a lot of things do not go according to plan.

    A lot many millions still do not know about this device , these few pre orders though important , cannot make or break adam. such disparaging and vitriolic reviews are not needed. Nobody was forced to come and purchase this product, the reason people wanted to purchase was that they believed in it . Which company involves the views of customers and makes changes accordingly.

    It is us , a bunch of geeks who are waiting desperately for this product, and now once we have it we start crying that this was not good or that was not good.

    People just stop for a moment and at least give the team some respect, a bunch of 24-25 year old have today produced such a marvelous product which takes a lot of time and effort.

    It is very easy to pin point the mistakes and give suggestions but very hard to implement and execute them, and it is so easy to see the windfall of others but at least see where they have risen upto.

    All said and done Rohan and the team bravo….

    PS: i haven’t pre ordered it not because i am skeptic about it but because I am out of cash 🙂

  347. 2x

    I am going to wait for my order! Maybe in 3 months so that it’s availablle in one or more EU shops with final prices with taxes!

  348. Rohan and notion ink
    understand there are problems .
    But you will solve these.
    Just take it slowly!

  349. Ouch? Ouch? That is how you feel as you sell out of your two top models? OUCH? What about those of us who got bogus pre-orders that only created uncertainty with a poor effort of putting together sales and refund policies that looked to be written by an intern.

    OUCH? OUCH? I have been waiting for this device for over a year, stayed up for 24 hours watching your “unveiling” that was a fail from ever angle. OUCH? OUCH? Imagine how WE feel Rohan.

    Epic FAIL~! You also made it clear pre-orders would go on for some time, no mention of two of the models running out fast, you know the models we all wanted the most!


    And then you have the nerve to finally come out and say something after they are sold out about your policies?


    One of the worst consumer transactions I have ever witnessed or ever want to be a part of again.


  350. @Rohan
    My payment was successful however there were only 4 variants available to choose.

    Backlit LCD, Wifi only
    Backlit LCD, Wifi + 3G

    Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi only
    Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G

    But you mentioned there are
    6 variants :
    LCD (wi-fi only) – $375.33
    LCD + 3G -900 series – $399
    LCD + 3G -850 series,
    Transflective (Wi-Fi only) – $499.45
    Transflective + 3G -900 series – $549.99
    Transflective + 3G -850 series.

    I am not sure which one will I get 900 series or 850 series? What is the difference

  351. I do not understand why

    a) Notion Ink cannot charge credit cards when sending out like every trustworthy shop does… why do you collect our money and let us wait for months for a product… Every big story like Amazon does only charge shortly before or after sending out the product. And 5% cancellation fee? Seriously… this gains not much trust in those following you over one year and sharing your vision.

    b) Pixel Qi sold out before public pre-order? D’Oh…

    c) What about customs and taxes? Is this also handled already? Or can it happen that if you deliver to any country, beside 550$ for Adam and 50$ for delivery we get another xx% taxes to pay? In Germany this would be 19% thus making the premium Adam model cost 714$…

    d) What about service? Will there be regional service centers? Or must this be sent back to India or China for a repair? I do not have to calculate the costs for this I think…

    Honestly I am a bit disappointed. First of all, I am not considered for the first pre-order group because I did not post into this blog, but read it daily, spread, receive notifications about every change on it and also request mail notifications from NIs primary website. On the other hand, people were collected by that algorithm that just posted once “cool” into the blog. But ok, I can live with this fact.
    But when it comes to public pre-order, the top-models are gone already. Then maybe I am wrong, but the highest model is with 550$ 50$ more expensive than once stated. And now you already charge the credit cards and before “sold out” even wrote delivery times up to 3 months? Come on…

  352. @Andrew Britton: same here and i believe I have been commenting longer than many of you guys also. I never made it to the family grade. Mine is a yahoo account.

  353. To Rohan,

    I guess i’m one of the few lucky ones that was able to get my order placed through (i believe). i had to resort to calling up my brother and asking to borrow his AMEX. but beside the whole credit card fiasco, i was DEEPLY DEEPLY upset!!!!! if i wanted to cancelled my order, it would cost me a 5% fee!!! OUTRAGEOUS!! i should be able to cancel a pre-order without penalty.

    in part of that line of thought, i was COMPLETELY UPSET with the website content after the pre-order went live. ABSOLUTELY NONE!! i was at least expecting a technical run down of each of model individually. or at least an updated version. I had absolutely no idea which 3G bands were going to be supported in the USA model. If the device was a multiband 3G, i would have been at least assured that Adam would work on my t-mobile carrier. and yes Android Police was correct on all points. At the time of purchase, we should have been made fully aware (with picture, idk if the pictures are identical for all 6 models) of the technical specs of each model.

    One last thing, the website needs a simple GALLERY picture of the device.

    whoever designing the content of your webpage is doing a horrible job. they should be in my opinion be fired. Your notionink.com website is the other half of reason of selling your product. I hope to see some improvements by December 18. with a ton of REAL images and videos. I know Rohan is all about details, you better be on top of this for your product to succeed. my expectations are very high.

  354. @Rohan Shravan: I am pretty sure it is the buyer who should finally decide. Please give her/him some way to choose. Living in US, I may want an Indian band. Dont forget that there are lot of Indian origin people in the US.
    It is already a little sad for some that NI Adam does not have tri-band or quad-band(I am sure NI will have some good reason. We like to know something on the reason behind this also)

  355. Just saw your posts – ouch! & introspection! am glad that you have cleared many of my doubts except one that is of PAN/SSN Number requirement, would you be able to shed light on this point in any of your future post! if you do it would be of great help to me and all fellow fans outta! here who happen to have accidentally read those erroneous postings at your site by some unguided fellow out there!

    Furthermore the Storage has not been clearly defined either, & this “internal storage” “”coz wasn’t be able to understand what amount of internal storage – 8/16/32/64/128 GB would be provided on the model I was going to pre- order”” was one of the primary reasons for me being unable to pre- order even after being provided the privilege to pre- order earlier!


  356. They haven’t even began mass producing them yet. An insider from the company says they are just finishing up their demo version. That is why no video is up. The 20 apps are still in Beta. I am very sad as I have waited 9 months for this device. I cannot justify paying 600 dollars for something that doesn’t exist.

  357. I had many problems.

    First I was told I was on the developer’s EAP shortlisted waiting list. It stated I’d get to order two weeks ahead of the general public.

    I got my pre-order e-mail yesterday at around 2 pm EST but G-mail’s spam filter threw the e-mail into my spam. I didn’t check my spam til around 5 pm EST.

    I clicked the link and it told me to wait. I tried a couple more times and gave up.

    I checked back later and got to the pre-order screen. The first confirmation page was displaying the billing address values in both the billing address and the shipping address, adding some confusion.

    I tried four different times, thinking I entered something in wrong, each time getting declined. I called my bank and they said it was blocked because it was “outside my spending habits or something”.

    After my bank reset something on their end, it let the pre-order go through. Although if I am assuming correctly I didn’t get in on the first batch, which is disappointing considering I was told I’d be able to pre-order “2 weeks before Pre-Booking starts for general public”

    Also I have to assume that the Adam will not allow the Android Market since they haven’t confirmed it yet.

    I did get to pre-order the version I wanted which others are saying is sold out. I guess I am happy with the purchase, will see when I hold it in my hand.

  358. Hans

    Get a life Bitte !!! Because of some initial hiccup for a start up company you cant blame an entire country that the norm is like that in India.

    they are also learning and give them a chance. .Agree its not the top of the world, but imagine how many products are recalled after they are sold by established companies


  359. What a terrible analogy. that person didn’t promise us anything special for being “family” or try to take our money. That person’s not trying to build a reputation as a reputable business.

  360. I had the same problem as you, and was very disappointed that so much time was invested for the birth pre-sale of this product only to find out it would not take my Mastercard. If your reading this marketing department you need to allow us to use to pay with this option, Quickly!

  361. I disagree withmost of the angry comments here. NI is suffering because of the runaway success of their concept. I’m glad they stopped offering pixel qi screens for now – need to be sure those who preorder get what tthey paid for (dont promise more than pixel qi can deliver). Basically, what this all shows id that there is huge support for a tablet that doesn’t hurt your eyes. The last thing I need is to bring my computer screen home with me; I just want to read a book happily.
    So stick to your guns, Rohan, and use those new resources to develop your capacity, build your company, and offer a well priced and better alternative to the mac-daddy! Good luck and congrats on offering something that everybody wants.

  362. At least you got a pre-order e-mail. I was on the same “short list” and was promised the same 2 week early pre-order and I didn’t even get a 6 hour early pre-order e-mail, much less the 2 week early one. I thought the reasons for giving those of us working on apps an early pre-order was so that we could make sure (1) that we received a unit and (2) that we received a unit with all the features we wanted to make sure our apps worked as advertised. I am so confused and disappointed.

  363. Hopefylly,

    Rohan Shravan take this is in consideration when whe can order and pay for our Adam.
    Sad that this was not ready, the time lime is ticking since feb this year and then it stops on 2-3 weeks for master card clearance.

  364. That stinks man. I may have just gotten the pre-order e-mail because I came here and commented a couple times. They may have completely forgotten about us EAP folks which is a shame.

    I wonder when the EAP folks that made the cut are getting their devices. I’d be surprised if videos don’t start popping up on YouTube when that happens.

    Too bad I’m such a small time developer.

  365. Can we get a comprehensive list of payment methods?

    All I’ve been able to deduce is visa and amex.

    Are there plans for paypal or google checkout?

  366. I have been commenting since February. I just assume my e-mail was lost in the 20,000 others that got screwed up, but that was the “Family” e-mail. I think you are right, they forgot all about the EAP people which I think is silly given that we are the ones working on developing the apps that ultimately will determine whether the Adam is a long term success or failure. Without apps the adam will turn into Windows Mobile 6.

  367. Well, Due to the system timing out I was unable to purchase one of the units I wanted. Any word on when more will be available?

  368. I couldn’t agree more. Part of your great differentiator right now is the Pixel Qi screen (otherwise your specs are very close to the Viewsonic G-Tablet) as we are yet to see the UI in action. I recieved the same ordering error as so many people, but would still like to order the Pixel Qi version. As a CDMA customer (as most of the Android faithfuls in the US who are on Sprint or Verizon) GSM is of no use to use. The two Phone carriers driving the Android movement are both CDMA.

  369. Hello Sir,
    I wanted Pixel Qi… but it sold out before i cud pre-oder it.
    therefore i preordered LCD+3g.
    can i get pixel qi… in any way (being a student only, i cant afford both).

  370. Ok I just wanted to say I ordered mine last night with no trouble at all. I guess having two credit cards both Visa and MC paid off. I really get tired of all the negative. This is a brand new product something that has never been seen before by a small start up. I am willing to risk it. The masterCard thing was not Notion Inks fault. I just wanted to Rohan to see not every one is unhappy. I have my order and I look forward to holding that device in my hands soon. Thank you for all your hard work Rohan

  371. Hi Rohan,

    I have been following Notion Ink for the last one year. I have resisted my temptation to get an IPad for a long time only to get the Adam as soon as it is released. Yet things did not go according to my wish. When it came to the prime time, I was amazed at how unprofessionally the whole process went.

    Again I had to resist my temptation: This time not to buy the first Adam.


    1. Being a super fan of the product I would also want to see the concrete product and how it works before investing in it. There should be some logic when you buy a product instead of depending on blind faith. Notion Inc being a start-up company, its first priority should be to remove any customer doubt about the product

    2. Many things can go wrong but a quick feedback can resolve lot of issues. Keeping customer in the dark is not a good idea (specially for a start-up without much history). Clarifications came too late which raised further confusion.

    3. Handling transaction with an untested system definitely scares away customers. I do not want to use my credit card in a system which is unstable in the first place.

    4. Being a software professional I understand that it takes time and testing for a software application to mature and become defect free. When I see that most of the applications are in Beta testing in one week and the other week the product is ready for release it raises a red flag.

    I am sure Notion Inc is a very innovative company, has a brilliant product in hand, all set to become the future Apple (from INDIA) you being the next-gen Steve Jobs (making all of us proud) but please concentrate on the Marketing and Customer Satisfaction aspect. There have been many brilliant product in the past which failed because of bad Marketing and unsatisfactory customers.

    I hope to get the Adam as soon as all my doubts get resolved.

  372. guys don’t lash out on the technical competency of Adam, we were drawn like moths just by the spec, i am very sure Adam will deliver technically , and whether u like it or not the pixel Qi version was sold out last night PST, it all shows the confidence people have in Adam.

    Don’t call Rohan and guys scammers it will hurt a lot of people, He is a techie and geek at heart that took the plunge many of us could not.

    All said and how much ever emotional things can get,Rohan has admitted people are not happy and there is work to do,which i will trust and knowing Rohan he is not the guy who gets disheartened,So i would just expect Rohan to look out for logistics support and as some one previously mentioned it might be a good idea to look at online resellers like amazon or rediff.in who will be more than happy i am sure.

  373. Is notion ink willing/able to make a mailing distribution that will inform interested parties when a Pixel Qi Device is available for order once more? Maybe even let us line op for a rain check kind of position?

  374. My pre-order link said 12pm PST but didn’t give a date. I tried yesterday at 12 pm PST and it said “Not Yet.” I tried back several times later and it gave me the same message, so I assumed that meant that today (12/10) is when I can pre-order at 12pm PST. So, just for kicks and giggles I went on the site now (7:45 AM PST) and see the linke is active and the Pixi are all sold out, a full 4 hrs before 12 pm PST!!!

    What the heck?! I’m extremely disappointed in this launch.

  375. Didn’t get the pre-order e-mail, apparantly I’m an “anonymous poster”. Must be because I posted without a wordpress account or used a nickname. Now the PixelQI version is gone so I guess I will have to wait until the device is really out and the world has had a chance to see how awesome it really is. I will be able to read reviews before I decide and there’s something to be said for that too, so it isn’t too bad.

  376. I have waited patiently for this product and hope that the Notion can correct this problem. This is disappointing.

  377. Unfortuately I was one of those who waited by my computer untill 12pm pst but could not even access preorder until all I wanted were sold out.
    Please advise the way forward

  378. Rohan, We dont care about any Mr. Murphy etc.. Price hike.. Okay – Understandable..

    But why do you want to not have a quad band GSM. This is crazy, I do a lot of travel between India and US and this would mean I cannot use it in India.. Please please think about this. Also, Android market? Whats up with it? Can we access it or not?

    For major countries, shouldnt you be shipping in bulk and then distribute locally.

  379. You guys too huh, send me an e-mail at “scott@notionkink.com” (you read that right) and we can commisserate and figure out what to do about it.

  380. I also have similar problems as many of the ppl here… I tried to pre-order using notionink.in… Not able to go to ccavenue website… Bump…. Then I tried to pre-order using notionink.com… Everything was smooth, until the last step of keying in the authorization number from my credit card company… The processing time was very SLOW… And finally, I received message saying that my transaction failed, and asked me to pre-order again from the merchant… Bump… 😦 When I tried to pre-order again, I saw the message “SOLD OUT”… Bump again… Then I tried to email notionink and ccavenue… no response till now.. I guess my dream of owning a Adam since many mths ago has been smashed… Really sad and disappointed…

  381. Hi,

    pity the preorder server crashed, did not eve nget the chance to preorder.
    is there any information if and when there will be more items (qi+3g?)
    Another thing is the visa. if you have master card it is not possible to preorder.
    I think a lot of people don’t want to use visa no more since it is cutting off wikileaks donations!
    I hope there will be more items available soon!


  382. (S*) It happens !!

    I wish NI team all the best. Rohan & team have got a daunting task ahead of ’em, hope they take time & fix things up.

    As for my part, I wont click Pre-Order/Order link till I see a video or read a review.

    Have brain, will wait.

    Waiting to get my hands on ‘real’ Adam tablet.


  383. This should be public posted on the site …..

    COME ON just look at Samsungs website they post all the spec/ info you could want.

  384. sa, you are a breath of fresh air.

    Comments have been driven to breaking point and will pre-order just to stop their brains from whirling. People are losing sleep over this device with no real world conformation. At this point they can’t be bothered with data and/or facts, they’ve been headed in this direction for a year and simply want to order any brick named adam.

    I certainly dreamed of owning a great android tablet like adam. As John Lennon said about the Beatles Dream, the dream is over. Reality is good news however. Load of android tablets in 2011. It would have been nice if adam with plenty of storage, a wonderful UI, a innovative screen and a great price had been more than a dream.

    Here’s hoping Notion Ink adam is alive and well with videos, outstanding reviews and distribution and warranty channel come 2011.

  385. Rohan,

    I would very much please like to know what you are doing about your “family” who should have received a pre-order email yesterday, but did not. What are you going to do to make it right for them? We had to sit here and watch people exclaim in joy that they got theirs over and over while we stared at empty inboxes. Some of these people openly admitting they only posted on the last blog and still got a pre-order link. How is that fair or good business?

    The right thing and the best customer service approach would to make sure those people not only got the Adam of their choice (and I frankly don’t care how you do it, just do it) and that it ships in the 1st wave on Jan 6th.

    There really is no excuse for how yesterday was handle (or better to say *not* handled). Getting us our Adam would be the 1st right step. You left many of your family out in the cold. That is very much not right.

    Also, I don’t want to hear from people who DID get their pre-order link that NI are a start-up and they are trying their best and they should get some slack. Please just close your mouth and sit down…you’re getting your Adam and I really don’t want to hear it. NI is entering the playing field to contend with the “big boys”; they needed to be so much together and prepared than they were yesterday. Just how much slack should they get and for how long?

    Anyway, now please tell me, Rohan, what you are going to do to make this right.

  386. Never got a preorder email. By the time it opened up for everyone but the chosen few, the Pixel Qi models were gone. Don’t want the cheaper versions. Guess I’ll just have to wait till next year, anyone else want a tissue.

  387. I pre-ordered the full up version, the only anomallies I saw were:

    1. Not a lot of information on what you are actually purchasing during the transaction (specs, memory, software loaded, if power supply comes with it or not, memory supplied etc.)

    2. No MasterCard accepted. But I have a backup VISA debit card that worked.

    3. No I received two IDENTICAL email confirmations with same order number and personal information confirming my purchase, three minutes apart.

    4. The system crashed during the final payment approval process (I guess it went through because I got a confirmation email (twice) as mentioned above)

    5. I noticed it said dont hit “back” during the payment process, however the system crashed and hence the only option left was to hit the “back” button.

    In conclusion I would reccomend to Rohan, more professionalism on your store front operations. In addition, I would recommend Rohan strike a deal with PayPal and PayPhrase, very stable and secure web payment systems that integrate shipping and payment actions together. Ive watched these systems grow to be very reliable and trustworthy payment alternatives on the web, which takes the liability away from Notion Ink completely on payment and shipping transactions. If you need my services Rohan, as a consultant on international business operations, just drop me an email. We can probably set you up a profession store front in a matter of days (I would say hours, but it sounds like your business paradigm is a little more dynamic than most)

  388. Sorry Rohan, but I think this is a mistake. You should be letting your customers decide the bands they want an have a page educating them about what band they probably need to help them choose. I added a note to my order that I wanted the Euro band, but many probably didn’t think about it. What would be better is just to put a tri or quad band chip in the device and I am very surprised this is not what you have done. Hopefully Adam 2 will be quad band.

  389. I must first thank you (mahalo from Hawaii)! My transaction went through and I was able to order the top of the line varient machine. Problems were mostly with Visa (they have a new email system that must be confirmed on some transactions) but, I believe everything went through. My only NotionInk complaint is that most company’s I have delt with recently do NOT charge my credit card until the product ships. Especially, when the exact shipping date is questionable. I am axiously awaiting my new ADAM ! ALOHA from the Big Island of Hawaii! Craig

  390. same here,
    the waiting had been long, the tension high, the craving too bad and with delivery times going up I could not think rational.
    would change my order if the deliverytime would be not too long..

  391. I tried to order the pixel-qi + wifi device, but both my credit cards (amex, visa) were getting rejected. By the time the credit card company removed the lock, the pixel-qi model was sold out! I have the CCAvenue failure number for reference to show that I did attempt the order if somehow you decide to address all the people that had transaction issues.

  392. Here are some facts people need to be aware of.

    1. Notion Ink is a start-up (start-ups work with 10 employees in a garage working 24/7 eating Top Ramen). Stop expecting a 100% perfect supply chain. These guys are just out of college! Give them some slack people! If you can’t, buy your favorite IPad!
    2. We have not seen the product or read any review. Hello McFly! This is a product launch from a new company and there are risks involved on both the sides. If you want to be safe, buy an insurance from a risk management company. People who are buying the product are taking a risk. If you do not have the money/or appetite for risk, stay away from Vegas/sky-diving/adrenaline rush.
    3. Stop the greed to get it all at a low price with all the safety-net of an established product and company.

    Having said that… I too am disappointed that the one I want is sold out. However, my frustration is not that big that I have to trash the company or Rohan or start pulling my hair. Rohan should have anticipated some hiccups… probably he does not have the money to buy professional help. I am sure things will improve towards the better with every passing day. At least give him a chance to rectify things!

    Chill, have a beer! Have a wonderful weekend!


  393. Ok, a few hours later i can see the things from a different point of view. In my rage because i didn’t get my version i wrote an angry comment. Now i want to apologize, because i think you do actually a really great job at notion ink. We all knew, that there were risks and isn’t it the beauty of this project that it is not save played like a tablet from microsoft or apple? These guys can prove that it is still possible to fascinate thousands of people just by an good idea and hard work!
    Let me tell you rohan, i will wait for adam even it will last another 6 month because i think it is great. And by the way: because of all this critics you,can see which potential your product has and how many people are loving this idea

  394. I’m surprised that they raised the price on the Pixel Qi screen. This was the original pricing that they announced in November:

    Adam Tablet with LCD and WiFi – $399
    Adam Tablet with LCD and 3G + WiFi – $449
    Adam Tablet with Pixel Qi display and WiFi – $449
    Adam Tablet with Pixel Qi and 3G + WiFi – $498
    Total figure = $1795

    Then they changed it to:

    LCD screen,WiFi — $375
    LCD screen, WiFi, 3G — $425
    Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi –$499
    Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi, 3G — $549
    Total figure = $1848 (there is no balance there)

    What’s up with that? They brought down the price of the LCD versions only to drive up the price of the Pixel Qi versions even more. NI did this because they saw that there was no demand for the LCD while there is huge demand for the Pixel Qi. I wasn’t so happy because I wanted to get the $498 version which is now priced at $51 more and another $50 shipping in top of that with ridiculous cancellation and return policies plus no word on warranty. I am one of those who got the email for pre-ordering it but after the fiasco on the ordering process, their server going down and no launch of a video to introduce the actual Adam, I say…not yet.

    I realized I’m afraid to pluck down $600 on this startup plus I will not get it before Christmas day. So I will wait until they become available in the store shelves or Amazon.com and deal with an established American retailer rather than direct from the new Indian company. I think it’s more cost efficient to just discard the LCD version and just build Pixel Qi versions just so they can make more of it and meet demand.

  395. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    – Mahatma Gandhi

    Techcrunch single handedly killed Joo Joo pad. I would not rely much on US blogs. This is a product from a startup, that is good and I will buy it.

  396. I’m a bit dispointet – I posted on the blog but never recivede a invite to pre-order 😦


    Does no one understand whats going on here?
    Everybody is “I want photos” “I want reviews” “I NEED to see the product before I buy it”


    BUT!!! this is a pre order for a product that hasn’t been officially released yet.
    Its a gift to us from Notion Ink, but we take it while acknowledged the risks involved.

    If you want all the reviews/hands on ect wait untill CES, BUT understand that you wont get to have it until much later while us who got a preorder do.

    Yes notion ink could have done a better job of doing this preorder but that’s just it, its not the official release, they will have there ducks in a line by then.

    So please stop complaining, and wait for the reviews in January (no bodys geting a adam untill then anyway).

  398. Mr Rohan. just a quick question. since (it seems) the ADAM is shipped from abroad ( can we say imported), would it attract any import duty or is it being re shipped from one of your office in Indian to customers – living within India. can you or ADAM Member clarify this .

  399. Is ubuntu supported, and if yes from what media can it boot? I already asked this several times but it always got snowed under.

  400. i got 3 emails from notion ink saying my preorder has been unsuccessful..bCos transaction was not gone through…i checked my account ..money has been deducted from my account same day i placed my order..amount is U$599.99..I CALLED MY BANK THEY said money is under control of ccavenue.com/charge/US…MY BANK

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