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The most awaited day has finally arrived! It took some time, but now when as we look back, it seems more than worth it. This is a rather detailed post and I will try to answer most of your questions. And there is a LOT to share. Let’s look at somethings we will talk about now:

  • We promised that we will lower the price of the basic versions. Well, we have done that!
  • We also shared that 6th of December would be a wonderful day for Android, and it was for more than one reason (2.3 and 3.0). We will look at why the Adam can’t be considered to be running just Android 2.2 anymore. (What relates more to Eden – Gingerbread or Honeycomb?)
  • More details about the launch, global pricing policy, colors and shipping
  • More on the User Interface and Applications
  • Official comments on NFC, Digitizer and Mystery Feature.
  • And finally what Adam means for all of us!

It’s great day, possibly deserving an entry into the history books about how we all came together and started a revolution. Adam, as we love to call it, is not a tablet, it’s a dream come true for many of us. We have pushed the limits of current technology and raised the expectations from other devices as well, especially the fact that it’s not just hardware or software, but it’s both. Android on Adam is no longer a phone OS; it’s Eden, a new play ground for big touch screen devices.

The next little break-through must happen in the prices.

The Pricing

If you remember I explained that it’s possible that we would be able to cut the price of one of the variants further. So here is the confirmation! You know we have 6 variants : LCD (wi-fi only), LCD + 3G -900 series, LCD + 3G -850 series, Transflective (Wi-Fi only), Transflective + 3G -900 series, Transflective + 3G -850 series.

Earlier we told you that the first version will start at $399. But now the LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33 and 3G version at $425.33 (for limited period?). Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variants at $549.99 (2 variants in 3G, 900 series and 850 series which takes the variant numbers to 6!). (For specifications please see our website).


Let’s look at what Android 2.3 and 3.0 (Honeycomb) would be bringing to the table:

  • Better OpenGL ES, OpenSL ES support.
  • Multi-touch Keyboard
  • Better Copy, paste features
  • Kernel Upgraded to 2.6.35
  • Better View Support (Honeycomb) and Clean User Interface; Better Memory Management.

Now let’s see what Adam comes with:

  • OpenGL works better on NVidia’s Tegra than on anything else in this space – because of their expertise on graphics, their implementation on the built-in GPU of the Tegra 250 SoC is exhaustive and highly accelerated. OpenSL support is something which will come as an update soon (we love Open SL because we love graphical visualizations for audio, which need really fast Fast Fourier Transforms)
  • SIP/VOIP. Implementations of SIP and VOIP already exist. With the newly announced official support, programmers can port much more confidently to the Adam.
  • Multi-touch keyboard. When we were working on Office Application, we realised how important “Ctrl+z” was, and then decided to design a multi-touch keyboard. Well it seems it is also coming on Android 2.3 and 3.0. Adam comes 2 special keyboard designs, both of which are multi-touch enabled. In our usability studies it was clear that touch keyboard will have annoyingly high error rates. One of the observations made during those tests was, that if you get rid of the lines or space which exist between the keys, users become much more focused on their typing, experienced users had far better word counts and error rates reduced drastically. The other version is a split keyboard which you can use when you are holding your device with both your hands. We have added quick access keys and all your keys can have 2 functions (hence the multi-touch requirement – take a look at the keyboard in the end)
  • Better Copy, cut and paste. Now, this already existed since long in the Office environment, and the native implementation is also there.
  • Android 2.3 comes with Kernel version 2.6.35. The latest which NVidia Tegra works with is 2.6.36! 😉;a=summary (Please see the details on this new kernel online, and you’d know the reason behind that smiley)
  • Honeycomb: In layman’s term “Support of Views within views”. That’s what we have done in the Eden. The Panel system allows for 100s of panel instances, which are views within views (in further simpler words independent windows on-screen). When you’ll install any native application, you will get the feel and UI of the new Android (we are extremely happy that there is far less gloss and web 2.0 designs now). Memory management is something we have spoken about earlier, and was expected in 3.0 as well.

The way we look at Eden, its closer to the Honeycomb than to the Gingerbread (it was intention as well and we did everything in our capacity to know more about Honeycomb, so when it’s launched there should be no surprises. In fact you might remember one of our post from China where I hinted the same! 🙂 ), and we were really happy to do those changes for you in time. So when you look at Adam in your hands you will not feel under-powered by a Mobile OS.

The Launch

At 20:02IST

As promised, the first access would be given to those who had commented in this blog “before the last post”. To carry out this, all selected will be sent a confirmation email and pre-order link which will remain active for 6 hours from the receipt of that email (keep a tight view on your mail box including your spam filter!) Pre-booking for them will start at 10 December 00:00 AM IST. After 6 hours, it will be open to everyone (which would be 06:00 AM IST)! Let’s take a look at the image on the left.

This is certainly a big number (and we are 4 hours from EOD). These are unique visitors and we rank number 2 in the top blogs on WordPress.

First is Oprah Winfrey! Take a look:

Blog Ranking at 4:30PM IST

Adam is launching with the same price in all the countries, so if you are in a stronger currency country (hello Europe!) you’d be more happy. Notion Ink will always follow One Price Policy for every country as we believe in Globalization and World being our market, not countries.

The Colors

We have 6 variants. If we add 2 colors, we will have 12 variants, and so on. Managing these many variants is definitely not a good suggestion. But the color fight existed long before we posted that Poll, and we’d one more surprise for you! Default Adam comes in Matte Black Color with white strip, but this strip is replaceable. Starting Mid-Jan our partners will start shipping different colored strips and you can customize according to your own preference!

The Shipping

Our shipping partner is DHL, well known, respected and quick services. They add a lot of reliability in the whole logistics management for Notion Ink and should add a lot of confidence to the new members of the Adam community.You will be able to use their tracking system without error for tracking your shipments!

Images speaks far more than I can write, so Drool On!

This is how your home Panel System looks like. Right now this is in the panel selection mode where you can switch the panels. This runs on OpenGL and you can expect extremely smooth animations.
The File Browser, we named Sniffer, with quick view for some formats.
One of the shots of Calendar application (older version)


This is when you open any old application (without Panel) for the first time, from second time onwards, Eden creates a panel for you!


I love this browser. Fastest tab switching we have ever seen!
I have caught programmers here just looking at this application and not doing their work.

Panel Implementation of the Music Player


The Music Player (OpenSL we are waiting for you!)


Yes we have one, will get better with updates though!
The Email
One of the Keyboard Type.
My Love for Golden Ratio extends to the Calculator as well! 🙂

NFC, Digitizer and Mystery Feature

NFC: Well, Adam doesn’t come with NFC sensor. It is little hard as of now to define the use cases for a 10 inch screen device in current implementations. But that doesnt mean we are not working on it! Eve will have NFC and will use it for more than we know its used for!

Digitizer: I couldn’t resist commenting back with a simple smiley when someone asked this questions in the comments. I was waiting for this day! Adam comes with an Open Source implementation which converts it into a digitizer. You don’t even need wires. You can use your Adam as a BIG touch screen for all your PCs, so you can draw, paint, sketch, click, select and do all you want! (Did I tell you since it has a screen as well, you can use it as your keyboard also). (Please note, technically Adam’s way of using the screen as touch input for your computers does not make it fall into traditional digitizer domain, but it’s rather an intelligent implementation and hack in to the system)

The Mystery Feature. It will still be a mystery! 🙂 One of my wish was to design a product where every fortnight you can receive a new update which isn’t just a security bug fix, but a discovery of something which already existed, sort of un-locking a part. This is my first attempt on the same lines!

What Adam means for all of us?

Adam is certainly the beginning. Fortunately, the excitement of what future might hold has made us rather more focused, because we need to lay the grounds for what is yet to come. The test for Adam is harder than we think. It’s the survival of the fittest out there. We have designed it to be the latest in technology for next 12 months but the competition might catch us even faster. Adam has to succeed as a product, as a vision and as a consumer device.

He is going to be a companion for students, an access to the world of featured emails for businessmen, platform for experimentation for scientists, and the true internet device which defines half of our time today! As someone commented, it is an Inception, and its going to make us look at it in awe!

The Adam has arrived!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

(And finally the Engadget Post: Well we have 3 things here. One image with the older Adam 3D render, second where it was fixed and re-posted and third, an economical way to get more publicity. Can you notice along with the bezel, the location of the icons also changed, both are different silk screens. Little unprofessional journalism)

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  12. The good news: Adam is launching with the same price in all the countries, so if you are in a stronger currency country (hello Europe!) you’d be more happy. Notion Ink will always follow One Price Policy for every country

    The bad news: Justin Beiber. Really?

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  20. CAN I GET AN AMEN? – A….M….E….N !!!!!!!!!

    CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH? H…A…L…L…E…L…U…J…A…H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Merry Christmas To Me!
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    Will payment be made immediately or is there a grace period?

    WHY ARE THERE NO VIDEOS OF THE ADAM YET, are you hoping people will buy it without seeing any just going on good faith?

    I hope this is not a serious message:
    It will still be a mystery! 🙂 One of my wish was to design a product where every fortnight you can receive a new update which isn’t just a security bug fix, but a discovery of something which already existed, sort of un-locking a part. This is my first attempt on the same lines!

    If I buy hardware I dont want suprises down the line!


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  97. “Adam is launching with the same price in all the countries, so if you are in a stronger currency country (hello Europe!) you’d be more happy. Notion Ink will always follow One Price Policy for every country as we believe in Globalization and World being our market, not countries.”

    thank a lot, Rohan

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  113. My wife thinks I’m nuts for checking this every 15 minutes! Now to convince her to let me buy us each an adam top o’ the line! I’m still really excited!!!!

  114. All said and done Rohan, tell us about the onboard memory? how much, i dont see u mentioning about that, loved the post though, would it be too much if u add a video?

  115. In India, should we be ordering the 900 series or the 850 series? I know that in Mumbai Reliance has got 1959-1964 Mhz, Vodafone is 1969-1974 Mhz and Bharti is at the top end of the band at 1974-1979 Mhz. Does this mean the 900 series is what we (in India) should be looking at for the 3G version?

  116. I guess I’ll wait till 6 am IST which is 11 30 am @ Sydney. CONGRATS NI team and especially to you Rohan.

  117. Ah, what I was looking for. Could we maybe get some standard screens with an app listing, settings, etc?

  118. I believe the website update is due, and thats when we get to see the video and the product. But I would also would like to see the Demo video ASAP. Also would like to know if we will get in shipped here in India.. there was no mention of it 😦

  119. I have been following PixelQi for a long long time, trying to find out what companies were going to use them. Adam was the first on the radar and I have been keeping an eye on this site. I, and thousands of others, are eager to get our hands on Adam! I am counting the hours.

  120. I was literally speechless!!
    Congratulations and I hope to be among the first lucky to get one!
    A warm round of applause to all the staff Notion ink

  121. Thank goodness the info is out… I was about to call a medivac just in case I was going to go into a spasmatic fit!!!

  122. Seriously, if i can just convert the price from US dollars, to my own curency, this is a steal!:D Love it, and definetely going to buy one as soon as possible, been following the blog for the last 4 months or so.. And the Adam has been on my wishlist for over a year now!

    The adam owns the market now, no matter what you say. The Adam is by far the number 1 tablet/computer thingy..

  123. Congratulation to all of you at Notion Ink! Now to look upward and onward!

    I can’t wait to have mine!

  124. And there are no any live videos or photos still, neither the shipping date :((

    And I didn’t understand what version of Android will be on Adam? Am I right that it will have only 2.2?

  125. OMG, YES-YES-YES!!! I’m coming!!! =)
    And GUYS, Rohan DID mention EVE!!!! =) Saying that it will have NFC!!! In such a manner that it’s a mobile phone!!! =) coooooooooool

  126. Anyone have any idea of all versions come with GPS, or just the 3G versions (as was the case with the stupid iPads)???

  127. Hi Rohan, please answer a easy question, what 3G version should I order to work in Spain? 850 or 900? (I think 900 but I am not sure…) Many thanks 🙂

  128. @harvey186, You can just relax, no emails have been sent yet, they are coming 🙂
    I guess it takes a few min -> hour before the mail arrives 😉

  129. @Rohan

    All seems good, but you know what? I was expecting the color changing stuff to be some electromagnetic/fiber-optic magic. Hope you can create something on those lines soon.

    Gotta go for a drink while you send the email 🙂


  130. You’ll be open for the pre-order, you just won’t get the early start on it. I’m surprised you said you read the blog but didn’t catch that being said on:

  131. I wonder if those prices he mentioned are before tax (most likely)…and how much is the shipping?

  132. Wow grt News Rohan ….. Iam not sure whether i am on Email List 😦
    R u planning to do Any Press release ? can we expect some product reviews from techcrunch,gizmodo or engagdet ?

  133. Oh……my……god!!! I am so excited,this is awesome.can’t wait to get it…Adam, im coming for ya baby!!!!

  134. Thanks for the great news.
    But when is the shipmat planed?
    Before x-mas?
    And how can i pay? With Paypal?

  135. So if we are in the second pre order category will we receive an email when it’s our turn?

  136. If I remember right, in general, 3G-900 is Europe and 3G-850 is America. Does anyone know for sure?

  137. When will it ship?
    Will it be worthy to pre-order the 3g version? Can you use your android phone for tethering?

  138. Gr8 Rohan. Well done.

    How about the demo videos? I am eagerly waiting for them and so are many others. We need a video from boot up to launching of applications, like mail’d, browser, calender etc.

  139. It says for specifications please see our website. That information is not there yet. Can you please update the website?

    Do you guys have some videos that we can post on Facebook and other places to help you with word of mouth publicity?

  140. Ahh…Bliss! But you have more in store for us under that very phrase!

    You are also a naughty little kid who still plays games with our imagination by not revealing the mystery feature, and we fervently hope it will eventually justify the buildup!

    I just LOVE the price range. You have done the right thing by showing the fleecers and the skimmers how you can do business honestly and yet win.

    In the end, it was right of you to tell Engadget off. They are all just a bunch of Apple lovers. I have an RSS feed from their site by default, and none of what they ever have to say interests me.

  141. The only thing I am still unclear about is what amount of storage is included in this pricing. Is only the 8GB of flash available, and then supplemented by SD storage? I thought there would be different amounts of flash storage as options in ordering.

  142. gsm bands i presume(850 mhz and 900 mhz) (ie. for diffenrent countries(eu asia) and carriers in in us use diffenrent bands i think

  143. Please post a video of the device in action, you cannot expect people to go ahead and buy it without seeing it in motion!!Although by the look of the blogs they will. Anyway I think its very unfair to expect purchases without showing the product in full detail. I remember the original G1 which I still use had an emulator so you could get a feel for the device. People are starting to get irritated by this, its evident from the posts. Cheers

  144. Pre-booking at 00:00 IST!!!….thankfully it is 9:30PM here….will have to cancel my weekend plans!!! 🙂

  145. Congrats, the day has finally come, it was a year ago when i was thinking in buy a Kindle DX i´m glad i have wait 🙂

    +1 on the spain 3G question, i´m also from spain 🙂


  146. Very excited about this! I’ve been here all day (luckily my time zone fits perfectly for that). I’m honestly not quite sure if I’ll be in the pre-order or not but if I am I will definitely order one. I am a bit dissapointed in the lack of actual pictures and or video. 99% of the time I am one who will never purchase something seeing video or reading a review, but I feel confident in the Adam. That said however I would still (and a lot of others out there as well) feel a LOT better with a usage video.

    Even so, Congrats guys! Its been a long day.

  147. Will you guys post a preorder link on the blog when they open for everyone?

    Assuming so but just checking.

  148. how do we indians order it ? and what about a video of the demo of adam ? since nobody here know how to use it also since is not the same android UI and a new UI how we know how to use eden ? so dont u think a video is must ? are the pics rendered or real ? can we buy adam from banglore from your office ? and if not cc how we indians can order it is there any bank account were u deposit the money or send a dd at ur office?

  149. Or videos of hands on with the device : S

    Just hoping that if I say it enough soemone will take notice. *hint*:)

  150. WoW !!!! Here at last … Just few more hours … Finally … Why do I feel so numbingly excited ? Rohan for me you are just one rung next to Sachin Tendulkar … And like him we want you to hit it out of the park each time you step in ….

  151. still a little annoyed. you made people wait all night to tell them they can’t preorder till tomorrow? cryptic on the special feature?? digitizer?? active or passive?? is there a pen?? where does it go?? your going to by “unlocking” a special feature every fortnight?? wtf is that? there is no reason people at to wait 6hrs from the “pre order now” unveiling toget this type of cryptic, half assed information…

    don’t get me wrong. im still pumper for the ADAM. i just feel as tho this whole experience has been anti climatic and yes preorders start tomorrow, but im still not 100% sure what it is im preording…

  152. Answer to my own question … but maybe useful to others

    IST = GMT + 5:30

    so … 10 Dec 10 00:00 IST equals 9 Dec 18:30 GMT

    (19:30 for me !)

  153. rohan i need one.please send me the preorder link.btwn how do we bank transfer in india?.loads of questions.


  154. Instead of checking this blog every few seconds, now my email account is going to be refreshed relentlessly in anticipation of the mail^^

  155. > (Please see the details on this new kernel online, and you’d
    > know the reason behind that smiley)

    I don’t know the exact requirements/architecuture of the usb gadget infrastructure, but I have a feeling that this is a hint towards the support for an android USB gadget driver. (those who know usb gadgets can tell that this is awesome, the rest will discover those features later on, once NI integrates it into the UI.. 😉 )

  156. Hi Rohan ,

    Before going for any kind of Pre-ordering ,can we have a Video walk through of the EDEN on ADAM….would really help people into buying this and potentially allure other people who really do not have an idea about this amazing device…

  157. when should we expect the emails? I commented a while back and want my preorder form =)

  158. Oh yeah. We were promised a battery guide so you could see how applications drained the battery.

    Did you have time for it Rohan? I imagine you were really busy.

  159. OMG, OMG, OMG…. I almost want to cry. Almost, maybe when I get it i will.

  160. Can’t wait to give them my money. This product is going to help me so much on a day-to-day basis because of all of its capabilities. Thank NI.

  161. Oh my word. I’m gonna have to save a few more nickels but i will definitely pre-order. This was a great update. I am so excited and I love the keyboard. I so need it for my writing. I am happy about your launch and I will definitely spread the word even more, especially when I get an Adam in my hand!

  162. So if I get an 850 to use in America, I can’t jump on 3G in EU and am forced to do wifi? Thats half the reason I wanted a tablet so when I travel to the EU I can use it. Damn. Hmm. Will have to rethink some things

  163. While explaining pricing Rohan says “For specifications please see our website”.

    Can anyone find any extra info on site or this is just pointing to the old Techspec page?

  164. Well done Rohan and all of you at Notion Ink. I’m looking forward to the possibility of fulfilling a long held desire of holding Adam in my hands in the near future. I hope I will be able to return to work after my Christmas break with an Adam but am not holding my breath but am still very optimistic. The Adam will be like a little cat among all the Macs at my workplace and am just so looking forward to showing off its capabilities. Plus am proud that an Indian company has come up with such a challenger that it isn’t going to be funny. All this while, and even now, Notion Ink is in a position similar to the David and Goliath story. Go David. I hope the Notion Ink web site now switches to one where we can post what we can do with Adam.

  165. Thanks for this Christmas gift .I may not get the pre order mail since i started commenting very late .But in the meantime i will try to have look on it ….

    Rohan ,Please upload some latest hands on videos.

  166. If preorder starts 10/12/10 when will shipping start (for Europe)? Even a rough estimate would be great

  167. and thanks for clearing the endgadget post! I hope I understood your explanation! :). Rohan, the only thing you had to do was…put a single comment saying…’patience’!

  168. Many, many thanks Rohan!!!! One of the reasons That I will preorder is that ability to stay current with new developments and not have to buy new hardware. But I will also invest in the 2nd generation Adam and hope that it will be able to handle future hardware updates. Looking back I realize that time and waiting are relative to factors that can transform events into a timeless state.

  169. The screenshot application shows the opening of the pre-order store at 21:00 o’clock on December 9th. That’s in just a little while from now… 🙂

  170. Rohan , Can you tell the exact Indian price ? ₹ 16987.1012 for LCD+Wifi version ? Or it costs more ? .

  171. Just remember, it isn’t a true digitizer.

    “Did I tell you since it has a screen as well, you can use it as your keyboard also). (Please note, technically Adam’s way of using the screen as touch input for your computers does not make it fall into traditional digitizer domain, but it’s rather an intelligent implementation and hack in to the system” – Rohan

  172. we saw the pre-production units but nothing since. The youtube channel is a good sign but it is still empty.


  173. I repeat this question for product videos. If everything is ready now – why don’t you show this product that will revoloutionize our internet experience? I want it (hope I commented early enough for preorder) and I want desperately to see what DHL will soon deliver to me!

  174. Sleep here I come and order in the morning perhaps…. I say perhaps because I’m a bit perturbed that no actual ship date was announced!?!?

  175. When will it be in my loving hands though?!?!?!?! I need and exact minute timetable 🙂

  176. “(2 variants in 3G, 900 series and 850 series which takes the variant numbers to 6!). (For specifications please see our website).”

    Doesnt seem to be any information on the website though. Or am I just being obtuse?

  177. Rohan, we can see your email address in the email picture, I suggest you fix that if you don’t want it to be shared with everyone! (right hand side)

  178. Mr Rohan. still waiting for your reply regarding “adam’s support for Indian regional font like Tamil,Malayalam,Teleugu..As you know, this is needed for huge online readers in India. Would you pl answer. My Mail box is waiting….. FOR pre order !

  179. Well done Rohan and all of you at Notion Ink. I’m looking forward to the possibility of fulfilling a long held desire of holding Adam in my hands in the near future. I hope I will be able to return to work after my Christmas break with an Adam but am not holding my breath but am still very optimistic. The Adam will be like a little cat among all the Macs at my workplace and am just so looking forward to showing off its capabilities. Plus am proud that an Indian company has come up with such a challenger that it isn’t going to be funny. I hope the Notion Ink web site now switches to one where we can post what we can do with Adam.

  180. how does NI contact you through wordpress??

    do you have to make your email address public??

  181. Sorry but where are the real pictures? All we have seen are renderings…Pre-order a product that i’ve never seen in a hands on video…no i’m not naive

  182. I would be disappointed if it is not penta band 3G like Nokia N8. Otherwise its not truly portable device that can be used WW.

    I am disappointed by pixel qi+3G @ 549 instead of 498. I thought Rohan confirmed the article from slashgear?

    Also pleeze mention release date as well( Unless FCC approval still is not there which prevents Rohan from giving one). I am ok waiting for a month.

  183. There pics look amazing!!! I’m probably not able to pre-order but that is okay I have waited this long for it so just a little while longer wont hurt.

  184. OMG the baby is born 😀

    @Rohan Shravan

    please tell me that I’m in your pre-booking list

  185. Please give us a picture of the actual product before we pre-order. Just a perfect, front/back shot.

    I know there have been several pre-production ones, but I want a video and/or pictures showing exactly what I’ll get.

  186. Hmmm, I was trying to figure out the 3G thing. Can someone help me out? NI says there are two variants, 850 (for example, in the States) and 900 (for example, China).

    But when I looked up South Korea, it doesn’t list 850 or 900… just something called “3G 2100” (It sounds like an 80’s space B movie) What does 3G 2100 mean? Or more importantly, does it mean I won’t be able to use 3G here, so I shouldn’t bother ordering the Adam that has it?

  187. Stephanie,

    What’s the difference between 900 3G and 850 3G?

    Not that it matters to me since I’m planning on the Wi-Fi only one but others have been wondering as well.


  188. Congrats Rohan and team; and congrats to us! The imaginary limits of how high a startup can start are rightly shattered 🙂 …. I’m proud of NI.

  189. I have been watching this site since I heard about the Adam back in Feburary. Happy this day has come to pass. I will be up first thing in the morning ready to pre order mine 🙂

  190. will this software digitizer support stylus input and be able to disregard my hand when using a stylus? I guess it won’t :-/

  191. + ∞
    But one question.. can’t we get some videos?
    – 1 @ Justin Bieber
    but props! can’t wait for the mail (if i get one xd)

  192. Yehaaa!!!

    Pre-order!!! What a Christmas present!!!!
    My ADAM: Transflective + 3G + Black color


  193. Finally I can leave my pc 🙂 Rohan, did you see my comment about Honeycomb, view and fragments? I mentioned that you guys had already done this so well done for thinking ahead 🙂

    Honeycomb did look amazing, what will your guys strategy be to handle that?

  194. What does the same price across countries mean? Does it mean $500 = £500? Or does it mean direct conversion so $500 = £320?

    Also photos and videos are CRUCIAL before people part with money for something like this. The most important thing! The above told us very little new information except that it can be used as a graphics tablet (cool)

  195. The Latin phrase fiat lux, from the Latin Vulgate Bible, is typically translated as “let there be light”
    source: wikipedia

  196. Sounds great. Would love to see some videos. Which 3g do we need in USA 900 or 850?

  197. Hey Rohan, this is great news but can we see any videos with ADAM in action just to get a feel of it. and what about the portrait mode. none of the images have it in portrait mode.

    price of pixelQi increased? now the difference between lcd and pixelQi being more than 100$ i am in dilemma.

  198. I’m so excited! Thanks Rohan and team for producing a tablet that truly meets mine and many others wants and needs. I can’t wait to preorder (how about an early preorder for us that stayed up for the unveiling last night? lol)

  199. I’m torn about which version to get, does anyone know if the Transflective version (Pixel Qi) is only good for reading document files out in the sunlight? I don’t think it will do anything special for movies right?

  200. Yes Yes! Thank you Rohan. You have really delivered! Been checking for pre-order since last night like everyone else (USA). Eagerly anticipating the opportunity to order the first of its kind – the Adam.


  201. What band should I order if I am pending between Europe and US? Multi-band I need !!!!


  203. Kinda weird that Just Beiber .. Baby Baby Baby is in the screen shot for the music player lol it better not come preloaded with that song

  204. Congratulations! I cannot wait to have my Adam! I have been following this product for 6 months now and will be pre-ordering as soon as possible 😀

    Thanks so much for creating a unique product instead of copying the competition 😉


  205. 6 hours. You don’t get to order for six hours if you weren’t one of the Chosen Ones. It’s six-hours at night time in my time-zone, so if I get the notification and you guys want it or something, please post here.

  206. This is very exciting! I’m curious will the orders ship immediately? Or is there a different shipping date?

  207. Super excited about the update, but I don’t think I can wait up for the email :(. Guess I’ll have to set the alarm to make sure I get up before the 6 hours ends.

    Thanks Rohan, can’t wait to see more!

  208. No, I think he said that they’ll send those out near midnight, Indian Standard Time (about 3 and a half hours away).

  209. I have every good reason to be sceptical about this product, I think that it’s a hoax

  210. I believe all versions should come with the standalone GPS.

    Since the Adam GPS doesn’t require a 3G network (since it is standalone), I don’t think that any 3G hw is needed in it.

  211. Any chance that they might be responsible enough to publish a return policy before the pre-order? Not thinking that’s asking too much…

  212. I’m very sad because I have signed on developer side and EAP. I have made a lot of post here. But I dosn’t get a email 😦
    That’s not fair 😦

  213. mrzeal i think steve t is totally right. ni is opening themselves up for a pr disaster by doing this. where are the actual pics and a video demo. that is not too much to ask before you spend your (hard earned) money.

    and the mystery feature is still is a mystery. that is totally unacceptable. i will not be placing a pre-order in a hurry till i have much more detail.

    sorry but i’ve been a long time vocal supporter, but i am really disappointed with this : (

  214. Great News….Waiting to pre-order…Very glad to hear this product is from INDIA…

  215. I have been lurking here, and have only made one post so far during the icon contest (and submitted some icons!). Did I have to subscribe to the site by email?

  216. @Fury
    Like what? “only 2.2″…
    Rohan said it before, Adam will be shipped with Froyo, and an update to Ginger will be available soon.

    It’s better this way, because we are sure everything is okay, and enough tests will be performed before the official upgrade.

  217. So…question. Now that we know it’s shipping..that means it’s passed through FCC……where is it? What trickery did they do (I’m assuming used a shell company to apply, though if they went this route why they registered with the FCC under their own name as well is a mystery) to keep us from finding it on the FCC website. Performing a grantee search for Y2G show them (go here:, but doing a search for a device certification application ( or what ever it’s called) with either Y2G or the device code, pulls up a…nothing.

  218. So, Adam is not vaporware! Yes! Thank God I’m wrong! I really want this tablet!

  219. @rohan are you sure all of us poster eligible to preorder will have their adam in time ?
    i mean perhaps you guys have put aside enough adam for all of us ? 🙂

    please say YES !!!!!! 🙂

    still waiting for my email

  220. true…I’m just keeping all my appendages crossed that it works well enough that we don’t notice that it’s a workaround! I’m not very familiar with the technology, for me it’s about handwriting recognition and I hope, to the best of my understanding, that this will improve that feature.

  221. Congrats Rohan! You have made a truely creative and fun device the world is looking so far.

  222. Wow you guys really did a great job on the pricing! $375 for a LCD + Wifi only! SOLD!

  223. Thanks for the UI pictures Rohan. Although what would convince a lot of people to part with their money a lot more readily is ONE (just one!) video of a working unit. No renders, no photoshop, no video edits. Since, you are worried about the ideas for your app designs being pilfered, the video could be of a generic app, like music or calculator. People would like to see touch-screen response and UI smoothness.

    It’s not a lot to ask for, it would convince a lot of people of your authenticity.

    Also, please stop with the crowd-sourcing of English corrections and hire a copywriter. It’s ‘Panel doesn’t exist for the app’. It’s a very important part of the UI and I’m surprised that “dosn’t” and ‘exists’ got through.

    I’m rooting for you to succeed, but of late doubts have been creeping in.

  224. When the shipment is through DHL, I assume we will pay the customs duty when we receive it. That is what normally happens to the electronic shipments we receive! And do you not need a certification in Middle East separately? If Middle East is not covered, I need to get it shipped to India, hence this question. Rohan, can you provide one of your shipment guys for a chat for say 1/2 hr to get our questions cleared? Lot of things are still vague IMHO.

  225. Great 🙂 Finally he is here. I am really impatient to order 😉
    Adam needs his Eve God 😉 Don’t make him wait too long!

  226. GSM-900, GSM-1800 and EGSM/EGSM-900
    GSM-900 and GSM-1800 are used in most parts of the world: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Oceania (and most of Asia. In South and Central America the following countries use the following:
    Costa Rica – GSM-1800
    Brazil – GSM-850, 900, 1800 and 1900
    Guatemala – GSM-850, GSM-900 and 1900
    El Salvador – GSM-850, GSM-900 and 1900
    GSM-900 uses 890–915 MHz to send information from the mobile station to the base station (uplink) and 935–960 MHz for the other direction (downlink), providing 124 RF channels (channel numbers 1 to 124) spaced at 200 kHz. Duplex spacing of 45 MHz is used. Guard bands 100 kHz wide are placed at either end of the range of frequencies[1].

    GSM-1800 uses 1710–1785 MHz to send information from the mobile station to the base tranceiver station (uplink) and 1805–1880 MHz for the other direction (downlink), providing 374 channels (channel numbers 512 to 885). Duplex spacing is 95 MHz.
    GSM-1800 is also called DCS (Digital Cellular Service) in the United Kingdom, while being called PCS in Hong Kong[2] (not to mix up with GSM-1900 which is commonly called PCS in the rest of the world.)
    Mobile Communication Services on Aircraft (MCA) uses GSM1800.[3]
    [edit]GSM-850 and GSM-1900
    GSM-850 and GSM-1900 are used in Canada, the United States and many other countries in the Americas.
    GSM-850 uses 824–849 MHz to send information from the mobile station to the base station (uplink) and 869–894 MHz for the other direction (downlink). Channel numbers are 128 to 251.
    GSM-850 is also sometimes called GSM-800 because this frequency range was known as the “800 MHz band” (for simplification) when it was first allocated for AMPS in the United States in 1983.
    The term Cellular is sometimes used to describe the 850 MHz band, because the original analog cellular mobile communication system was allocated in this spectrum.
    GSM-1900 uses 1850–1910 MHz to send information from the mobile station to the base station (uplink) and 1930–1990 MHz for the other direction (downlink). Channel numbers are 512 to 810.
    PCS is the original name in North America for the 1900 MHz band. It is an initialism for Personal Communications Service.
    Note: Telstra in Australia uses the 850Mhz for its Next_G network (3G)

  227. What the heck was that? More photoshopping? Where’s the product? When is it coming to the market? When can one pre-order? Am I the only one a little pissed off about this post? I can make prettier photoshop screens myself, thankyouverymuch.

    Stop getting excited by possibilities, it’s time to deliver!

  228. Please update your website with version-wise specifications……….details and videos before 00.00IST

  229. Damn I have class at 6:00 IST. Well it is going to have to be skipped. Please have enough quantities for pre-order. I hate the amount of people who were trying to pre-order (based on number of comments on previous post) but then again adam definitely deserves it and notion ink needs it. So good luck again may all the manufactured peices run out in one day!

  230. I have every good reason to be sceptical about this product, I think that it’s a hoax and that the actual unit doesn’t exist………………..

  231. Beautiful….This is really good. Looking forward to order one ASAP.
    Jaldi Sae darwaza Khilya Sarkar

  232. WOW…. FINALLY!!! And I am sure I am not alone to feel it this way (Rohan and team included).
    Anyone noticed where those who claimed “this is nothing but vaporware” have gone??? Probably, Under the pile of their used (i) Pads 🙂 :))

    This is my year long planned Christmas gift – to myself 🙂

    Rohan, quick questions:
    a) Can we get what are the differences in 3G 850 v/s 900 models?
    b) Will GPS be included in Wi-Fi only models? (someone has already asked…)
    c) Who is your 3G partner in USA (Please, please, do not say at & t ;))
    d) Are you planning to make it available in any stores in USA. Where we can get hands-on actual touch and feel?
    e) Adam is designed to be ready for future Android updates, correct?

    I know all have been eagerly waiting for this and have LOT of questions. Would you please arrange to upload some video’s of the final products on your web site – or better/ cheaper yet, on YouTube?

  233. Did anyone get the mail already? Because i didn’t yet. Do i have to worry Rohan? My heart can’t handle it anymore! I hope then Adam has a Defribilator 🙂 😉

  234. Rohan,
    Congratulations and thanks for considering us for the pre booking 🙂
    I though have certain points.
    These are only the screenshots. And some vital information is still missing.
    1. The Trackpad – there or not?
    2. Home screen layout?
    3. Some video demonstrating the UI
    4. Front and Back images.
    5. Pre-ordering on the basis of some UI screenshots would be a risk considering I would have 550$ at stake.
    6. If we pre order when will get it in our hands.
    It would be nice if some of the above mentioned issues are addressed.
    Vipul Satya

  235. I’m hoping the UI isn’t nailed down for this reason:

    That’s not how you spell “Doesn’t”
    Picky? Yes. Necessary for a professional product? Double Yes.

  236. @Rohan

    Just curious… How come pricing went down on the LCD 3G model but up on the Pixel Qi 3G model.

    It stayed the same on the Pixel Qi Wifi only model, so the screen does not seem to be the factor. I assume the 3G radio in both the LCD and Pixlel Qi models are the same too. So if 3G radio is the same, and Pixel QI wifi only stayed the same price, I would think Pixel Qi 3G would have stayed the same too.

    No big deal, just curious. $549 is still a great price!

    $375.33 USD – LCD Display + Wifi
    $425.33 USD – LCD Display + Wifi + 3G (850 or 900 series 3G)
    $449.45 USD – Pixel Qi Display + Wifi
    $549.99 USD – Pixel Qi Display + Wifi + 3G (850 or 900 series 3G)

  237. I’m hoping I made the cut! I guess I”ll know in a few hours! lol

    If not, I’ll still be here waiting for the next opening! Congrats, Rohan!

  238. 00:00 IST would make it 8:30 PM here in the Netherlands.

    Would be a great time to order, just finished dinner by that time. (i can put my CC away for now)

    Rohan, thank you for taking us on this journey

    And now

    FIAT LUX (Let there be light)



  239. GSM 850 vs GSM 900.
    Different countries, different frequency. 850 would be North America I believe. 900 is definitely Europe plus other countries.

  240. No e-mails are going out until 00:00:00 IST which is still 3 1/2 hours away. Patience.

  241. Rohan and the Notion Ink team, congrats on this big achievement! Hope there will be more where that Adam came from! I’m definitely getting one in the near future!

    Best of luck!

  242. I think Indian Standard Time of 0:00 is equal to 10:30 am Pacific Standard Time for me (California).

  243. @Rohan,

    Now you can set the countdown on to zero, just in case those little unprofessional journalism get sth else to hate…

  244. So if I am right pre-booking should start around 1:30pm Eastern, right? I wish Rohan would send out a teaser email to those that will be able to pre-order.

  245. The pricing on the ADAM is really competative, to get one with everything over here in the uk according to those prices from Rohan $495.99 which works out as around £350, very impress indead, glad I never got me one of those buggy apples ;o)

  246. Speechless, awesome, looks even better than I could ever hope for.
    Great job, Rohan + Team. You can ll be so very proud!
    Adam is so incredibly cool!

    @Rohan: is shipping from 1 single point, or does Europe has it’s own distribution point?

  247. Would have loved the IQ display but $125 is a bit much of a premium, at least the base price was lowered !

  248. +1, that would be really nice (though maybe on the pre-order page, where one selects the version one wants, we’ll see such a breakdown?)

  249. Agree on the copywriter part. Hope they are pre-beta versions and will be taken care in the final versions.

  250. good that finally we had word from rohan. I’m bit disappointed when he mentioned that selected posts will get email about pre-ordering. On what basis this will be done? no clue. Waited one year for this and if not given preference feel sad and disappointed. Really upset with it. hope i will get email.

  251. AT&T uses the 850 MHz band for its 3G GSM data service in North America. It seems that pretty much everyone else uses the 900 MHz band for their GSM 3G data. So AT&T customers wanting to pop their SIM card in their Adam should order the 850 MHz version. Everyone else most likely will want the 900 MHz version. Check with your cellular carrier FIRST!!!! Your Mileage May Vary!!! 🙂

  252. OSSUM!! Preorder starts TONIGHT!!
    So So SOOooooooo Excited…Have waited for this damn Eagerly 🙂 🙂 🙂
    N its unbelievably GREAT to see the time mentioned in INDIAN STANDARD TIME(IST) notation.
    Gr8..You Guyzzz..n CONGRATULATIONzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  253. what’s the warranty for this thing? I assume standard 2 years as that is the mandatory minimum in european legislation, right ?

    EU directive 1999/44/EC says
    ‘A two-year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU. In some countries, this may be more, and some manufacturers also choose to offer a longer warranty period.’

  254. Congratulations to all of you for a great job! I am very EXCITED about Adam. I just hope (and pray) that you will have some left for pre-order once it opens up to the public 🙂 Thanks, Rohan!

  255. I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve been following the progress of Notion Ink for more than a year. And just because I never posted before, I get left out in the cold for pre-orders.

    Pity-party for one please.

  256. if your life, when travelling to the EU, demands that much connectivity, and you can’t get a wifi signal wherever you are staying, then you are staying at the wrong place.

  257. If Eve is a mobile phone than there is a good chance that I´ll have Adam and Eve together in the not to distant future 🙂

    Would love to know a shipping date, and whether or not I can pay by Paypall.

  258. Many congrats on the launch, Rohan and the team. However, wouldn’t it have been better had you arranged for a few reviews to be published around the announcement time? Considering the interest it has generated and the affordable price point, I am sure there would have been many who would have happily used it for a few days/weeks and posted their experience. That would have allowed people to make a some what informed choice as to whether they want to go ahead or not. Or is it coming on Dec 10? Would be great if someone can clarify this point.

  259. Hey Gara, I cringed and giggled when I say that – at 49, I sure as heck don’t know what’s hep & cool these days, but I do know that Justin Bieber is a figure of mockery and scorn on teh InterWebs. Personally, I’d have featured “Hang on to Yourself” and the cover art of “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” (I’m prolly just showing my age here) but at least that carries a whiff of avant garde futurism.

  260. Rohan say………

    “Earlier we told you that the first version will start at $399. But now the LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33 and 3G version at $425.33. Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variant at $549.99….”

    with the customs fees (22%) , Adam Qi-Fi version is to 459 € in France and the Adam 3G version to 506 €

    The IPAD in France : 16GB in WLAN version to 499 € and 599 € for 16Gb in 3G version

    the goal was to compete in terms of price with the apple and it’s good …
    by cons: specifications is good but we’re all going to buy mail order, so


  261. Looks good! But when will it ship? The lack of live video or pictures suggests it may be a while. I’m hoping not, but……..

  262. Alright Rohan! You the man! Even though the variant I want is 50 bucks more then I expected, but it’s still an awesome price.

    Quick questions though:

    1. Are your production rates going to be high enough to keep up with the demand I’m sure you will get for this product?

    basically what I’m asking is will people be able to purchase this normally when its offered pretty much right away or are we going to have to wait a long time for your company to catch up with pre-orders first. I ask because even though I will more then likely get a pre-order email. My financial situation has turned a little bit due to cost of minor surgery for my wife, I used my saved up adam money to help her. So I will have to wait to gt one but when i have the money again I hope there is no crazy back order!

    2. The battery savings with the transflective display… is the gap wide enough to warrant a purchase of the pixel-QI screen for a user that will use it for note taking, e-reading and surfing the web.

    I mean I know it will be cool to show friends and all but getting down to it, how much will it effect normal use.

  263. 1. Will there be videos available before midnight?
    2. Did i understand it right that the mystery sensor will not be revealed BEFORE we can do preorders?
    3. How can we pay the ADAM? Paypal? CC only?
    4. Do we get a full list of preinstalled software on the ADAM before preordering?
    5. What partners did you got in the different contries? You told something about an European partner.

    To be honest, ATM this would be like buying a pig in a poke. We need WAY more information about the product…

    Greetings Alnerion

  264. this is just not good. i am in US right now, but Indian. so i cannot buy an adam that works in both the countries?

  265. The feeling is amazing the last I felt so happy was when my son was born…… now waiting to get Adam soooonnn

  266. So I have to wait for an invite to preorder this? Lame. I guess if I don’t get one it’s Ipad time cause I am buying or ordering something this week.

  267. Is ANYONE going to buy the LCD version?? One of the cutting edge features is that PixelQi screen…

  268. first of all, Congrats NI !

    But no video, no photo? What a weird way to do business…No matter how much I’m excited by the adam there’s simply no way I pre-order one without a proper video presentation and/or review !

    come on guys, show it already !

  269. Rohan, when will come Videos and Demonstration? I wont buy the cat in the sack.
    The pictures are gorgeos but please show us some more, Photographs, Videos, hands on, unboxing, blablabla. Just something tangible.

  270. If you posted before the Week End 11 blog, then I think that you are in line for an email. If not, and just read and lurked, then I feel you are going to be disappointed

  271. Have been waiting for this day from the time it was demoed on CES and news came up on engadget. Hope I am on preorder list.
    What about the timings in India? When does it start? Hope I don’t miss the preorder while I am asleep tonight as it last for 6hours before it is open to all.

  272. Does it have the back side track pad??
    Is it wifi and 3g for the 850 and 900 version or just 3g? Also whats the 850 and 900
    When are you guys actually shipping the product?
    Does it have Google Market Place Access out of the box?
    So is it available world wide?
    Im guessing EVE is the mobile phone you guys are creating then?
    How do we zoom like you asked us before?
    Other than that things sound GREAT =]

  273. Ha really? Is this it? I don’t mean to be rude or anything but how are we expected to pre-order on basis of these petty details.

    There are no videos, no actual photos of the adam and I don’t want to sound like a skeptic, I’m a really big fan of the adam and I know this sounds extreme but why in hell can’t you show some original pics running the apps or anything at all.

    I’m still as lost as I was before reading this post.

    Rohan, I’m hoping I’m an idiot and you didn’t upload videos ,yet and you are going to upload some videos soon,today itself before the pre-order.

  274. I have been waiting for this for such a long time… And by that I don’t mean just Adam – which while it is pretty awesome hardware, is incomparable to the multi-panel task management system.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but I use a widescreen monitor and sometimes use a second regular 4:3 for extra information management and *this* is the first mobile platform ever to meet those needs on a mobile level. Thank you so much for the innovation and foresight in making that decision instead of being the same as everyone else and using the old single task switching platforms.
    This truly is a revolution on the level of the light bulb, the micro processor, and so many other technological advances that makes this field constantly exciting.
    Here’s to your future, Notion Ink!

  275. So Happy!

    well everyone, I think we all know what we are getting for the holidays. I think that Rohan’s idea to update the device with something new every fortnight or so is an amazing idea, it simply stuns me and makes me want to explode. You have done well and I think I will be sticking with this company for a long time!

  276. Your baby has arrived rohan and makes us proud of the fact that you and your team have achieved something so great…. looking to a positive future and being a loyal consumer of NI products 🙂

    all the very best

    keep smiling 🙂

  277. Congrats Rohan and NI. Detailed post to follow (taking a leaf out of your book Rohan) 😉

  278. Thanks for the update. Can you also tell us the shipping date? Also can you please get some videos on youtube with actual Adam in action, we would love to see it ASAP…

  279. I had begun to think this day would never come. I’ve been looking forward to this day for about a year now. Congratulations to the Notion Ink team!

  280. I am sure folks in europe will pay VAT and all other taxes which will shoot up price bit more than USA where they probably wont charge sales tax.

    I wonder how they will charge tax/duty for india.

  281. Congratulations to Notion Ink for a job well done! Very excited about Adam! I just hope there will be some left once pre-order opens up to everyone else 🙂

  282. I am reading this one again n again…. that i don’t miss out anything (in excitement)

  283. Woohoo !!!

    This is so awesome.
    I wonder though, how the price will go up with local taxes in India….

    My college project on the Adam was finished today too!

    What a coincidence 🙂

    Waiting for preorder email….

  284. I second that. I’ve been waiting some time for this device but before preordering I would like to see the device in action, especially the UI. There are still legitimate questions and Mr. Sayta posed a few of them.

    When you mention the Digitizer, will there be pleasing ways to use the Adam with a Pen? And if you see the Adam as a fitted device for students will there be ways to annotate e.g. scientific papers as PDFs and sync them with other devices through Dropbox or similar services?

  285. OK, but how do i deside, if i need PixelQI screen or will LCD be better for me? Should i take wifi only version or throw in some 3G, as i may use joikuspot on my smartphone (turning it into mifi device)
    3G is supposed to burn laess battery than wifi, so having 3G is no brainer, at leas here, where i get unlimited bandwith for under 8.5 USD/month.
    Screen question remains, as i have read that pixelqi might “dull colors” and transflective mode might look “mirrorish”. I’d also like to see updated spec page on site.
    This countdown thing at might be “1” until they start this preorder thing.

    Digitizer. Nice, we can write and click on it and. BUT does it support input from pencil-shaped objects? Like from generic stylus?

  286. “The Mystery Feature. It will still be a mystery! One of my wish was to design a product where every fortnight you can receive a new update which isn’t just a security bug fix, but a discovery of something which already existed, sort of un-locking a part. This is my first attempt on the same lines!”

    Reminds me “Faith” in RPG : a strange advantage, you don’t know what it does, but you by it, with hope/faith…

  287. Happy day for the fans of adam.
    Wanting to touch it and to enjoy him.
    It stays already less.
    In is europa 3G 900?
    Thank you


  288. YAY! Good to finally know what’s going on.

    The bad thing is the amount of people who viewed the page… if I don’t pre-order it seems I might not be able to get one for a long time if the previous figures of 100,000 per month was true…

  289. Also, it might be wise to clear up such marginal topics as which version has which features, how we will pay and maybe as an added bonus when shipping will begin.

    *painfully refreshing my mailbox all 5seconds, hoping for something to arrive*

  290. Hello from Russia, Rohan. I’m loooking forward to seeing Adam and would be happy to try it on New Year’ Holidays. Let me preorder it, please. Thank You.

  291. I stepped out for 20min and she all comes together. I should have done that 20hrs ago

  292. was gonna ask too.

    preorder in a few hours and spend 550 bucks for an unknown delivery date for something we have not seen in high res, final photos….hmmmm…

  293. Awesome looking. Two practical questions. (1) warranty and service for the hardware? after all, this is your first product. what happens if there is a hardware issue with any component part? (2) is there compatibility with any existing 3G/4G USB dongles?

  294. 4h30 min difference between India and Spain!!!

    I have a doubt about the 3G. In Spain we use 900 / 1800 for 2G but 2100 for 3G.
    Which version I have to bought? Or does it means any version is compatible with our 3G frequency?

  295. I hope I am so lucky!! This looks great and can’t wait to get my hands on one! Fantastic work everyone.

  296. Also – I just noticed.

    It should be “panel doesnt exist” not “panel doesnt exists”

    Come ON, people. We have enough critics of Indian english already.

  297. When is the ship date on this and how will I know I was included on the list of Pre orders

  298. These are the bands the 3G-device will use: I think W-CDMA 850 is mainly used in Europe, India, Africa… W-CDMA 900 is used in USA, Canada, Australia,…
    So you have to now, in which area the ADAM will be used to go online.

  299. Can someone give me a brief explanation of the two different screen types. I am not a tech person. What are advantages of more expensive screen type

  300. – no videos
    – only one shipping option
    – nothing about payment options
    – prices are higher than original statement

    And these are only few drawbacks of this launch!

  301. I think it’s okay that there is some features missing or are in beta, just as long as Eden works beautifully and hardware is top notch. Thanks Rohan for the update. Now I’m just waiting (hoping) for an email to arrive.

  302. Yea how payment is going to be process? credit card paypal ???
    at what time can we star ordering in usa pacific time if we dont receive the e-m???

  303. first of all CONGRATULATIONS…

    can we see a video and when will they start shipping? sorry for more questions

  304. Finally, we in India do not have to pay more that our US counterparts. I am still waiting for information about student discounts. It is difficult for us grad students to cough up the amt, and any discount will only increase the chance of a student buying adam.

  305. thank you for the update. but as many people ask, there are a lot of thinks unclear:

    – how many internal memory will they have? Only 8GB?
    – is the backside trackpad in??
    – we need some videos before preorder

  306. Will people not on the special preorder list also get an e-mail when it’s open for every one. Or should they check the website??

  307. “One of my wish was to design a product where every fortnight you can receive a new update which isn’t just a security bug fix, but a discovery of something which already existed, sort of un-locking a part.” My favorite part. I love checking for new updates.

  308. Oh good God. Could people please read the ebook screenshot carefully. How can a published book be rife with grammatical errors? Is it an online story submission? Am I missing something?

  309. 850 is an AT&T band. T-mobile data bands are 1700 and 2100, and you need to have both to do HSDPA. I believe T-mobile has some 2G (older, slower) data availability at 850Mhz, but 3G at 850 is AT&T.

  310. The Mystery Feature. It will still be a mystery! One of my wish was to design a product where every fortnight you can receive a new update which isn’t just a security bug fix, but a discovery of something which already existed, sort of un-locking a part. This is my first attempt on the same lines!

    This is why I think the Adam and Notion Ink will dominate the market! You guys are putting the end user first and not your wallets! EVERY other company in the world who makes devices tries to squeeze every dollar and cent out of the end user by adding the least amount of features they can get away with. As long as they get the end users attention with the least amount of value they are happy. You guys are the complete opposite. You have made this device a digitizer as well. Why? Because you saw that it was possible. I have never seen this kind of attitude from any other brand. Apple had this attitude once upon a time. I think you guys are going to force your competition to do the same. I have been waiting for a company like Notion Ink to come along for a VERY long time.

    I am an artist. I design t-shirts, concept design and personal artwork to name just a few of my creative activities. I draw every day of my life and could never afford a real Wacom digitizer screen. You have just made my life so much easier.

    Thank you so very much Notion Ink. Congratulation’s on your first major achievement. May there be many more to come. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. Goodbye Apple hello Notion Ink!

    Your loyal fan
    ~Mitchell Williams

  311. Pre-order suggests first available to claim a unit in stock and first to ship.

    Quick question: What does this mean in terms of an available ship date to the customer?

    If I order today, when can the pre-order’s and the rest of the world expect their shipment of the ADAM? Post-Christmas or sometime Q1 of 2011? Just curious for more information, but thank you for revealing so much already about this device.


  312. Good update but there are a few things that need clarifications:

    Adam questions:
    > Built-in Memory – Is it limited to 8 GB across all variants?
    > Please add videos of the actual adam running the actual UI. We have only seen screenshots so far and I’m sure everyone wants to see for themselves how smooth the UI is. I for one would be hesitant to pre-order based on screenshots.
    > Camera resolution – At what resolution does the camera take pictures and videos? Does it take videos in SD or in 720p/1080p resolutions? I know adam can play back full HD but can it record full HD video?
    > What are the package contents? Does it come bundled with a memory card or do we need to buy it separately?

    Pre-ordering questions:
    > Is it available worldwide?
    > What are the payment methods accepted?
    > When do actual deliveries start?

    Perhaps in your next post?

    p.s: The pricing is sweet!

  313. @Rohan – Any idea when pre-orders will begin shipping?

    You talk about Android 2.3 and 3.0 – will Notion Ink provide a 3.0 upgrade for the Adam?

    You say you have an ereader, but what I’m most looking for is a pdf reader that has some kind of annotation support. Is anything like this included?

  314. Awesome… Please upload some videos before Pre-Order… Can’t wait to see the final product views…. 🙂

  315. DHL does NOT deliver parcels to private individuals in Russia now

    so, no EMS – no Adam.

  316. LCD Wi-Fi – Rs.16964.916
    LCD Wi-Fi 3G version – Rs.19224.916

    Transflective version (Pixel Qi) – Rs. 22575.14
    Transflective version (Pixel Qi) 3G variant – Rs. 24859.548 (Start price)

    These are the current Indian rupee conversion for today. Correct me if i am wrong.

  317. you kept your word on pricing. My fellow people kept saying adam would hike the price!
    you made me proud rohan 🙂 I’m very excited

    congratulations & good luck to NI team

  318. It was a little disappointing to see that the price of the transflective went up after reading “we will lower the price of the basic versions”

  319. YEA!!! I can’t wait to actually put my hands on one!! CONGRATULATIONS to the ENTIRE NI Team and an additional big Thank You to Rohan for his contious (and sometimes teasing) updates!!! What a way to build both excitement and anticipation and then actually produce something that meets (and quite possibly) exceeds same. Once again, CONGRATS!

  320. This is fantastic news!!! Although I’m may not be on the pre-order list (hope I am). I will put my order in right after!!! Rohan, it would be helpful if you can post some details around warranties and tech support, as one of the posts had ask.

    Can’t wait.

  321. Rohan:

    Thank you for your post…. before we for $ 550 a few questions:

    – how much memory is on board? 8gb?

    – Good for the Voip – but can we make regular GSM phone calls with the SIM?
    (Samsung Galaxy style)

    -Can we see a video before we pre order?

    -when will the website be updated?


  322. Hallo!
    That means again wating:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I WANT IT NOW 😉

  323. Well… I am kinda disappointed… What do we know more?

    Preorder begins tomorrow (everybody thought it was today !)
    Prices have globally increased
    There is no NFC
    We still don’t know what the mystery feature.

    The only really good news (we didn’t know yet) is the possibility to change color (great…).
    I am still a “NI Fanboy”, but some good news would have been cool to cheer me up after reading this !

    @Rohan : I feel like you took something from me without giving anything back…
    Ok UI seems great, I do love the “paper-like” graphics but still… I WANT TO SEE THE TABLET IN FUNCTION before buying it !
    Apple Fanboy buy Apple product because those are Apple Product no matter what.
    I want to buy an Adam because i am sure it will fits my needs… Don’t became a Apple Like company playing with words and picture to fool people… Please !
    From Paris… with (snowy) love

  324. Woooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…Please email me…

  325. being in india and have everything cost more, i was preparing myself for the extra cost, I love the fact that the cost remains the same 🙂

    as for the UI, its absolutely amazing from the pictures, would love to see some video’s of it in action as well.

    @rohan: to show how much faith i have in the adam, i’ve got a new email address too! check it out 😉

  326. Its more about using GPS for navigation versus email and needing to surf the web. I may not know enough about GPS though and be jumping to conclusions that it wouldn’t work in different countries with different 3g frequencies.

  327. Great!!!

    I can’t wait! Still a few questions about marktet, warranty, speed of delivey.
    Hope to see reviews of the order link soon!!!

    Greets, Maarten

  328. Aah, No it’s the other way round: 900 in Europe, 850 in USA – I’m too excited… 😉

  329. Including or excluding Tax… ? Us Europeans are not used to prices that don’t include the tax…

  330. Good question. When will it ship? This is something I think anyone would need to know before they ordered.

  331. make that two 😦

    but as long as there’s enough supply, all this means is that you have to wait and extra 6 hours.

  332. OMG
    FIAT LUX – means “let there be light”

    Its more than a victory for NotionInk and let adam speak for itself just like Barcelona team who defeated Madrid with their classic pure orgasmic football.
    I’m thrilled. Congrats to the whole team. We want to know the whole team and also want to congratulate them. Please include their names in the next post (at least nicknames).
    I must say notionink can really start with pre-order budget thats all.
    And My NFC thing was not so true, anyway digitizer is a smart move or rather amazing and makes adam more than worthy.
    Rohan please put up nice videos, I want to share it to my friends and convince them. They haven’t followed this blog so please.

    Finally, let there be rendering Critiques too
    PS: sucks 😛 (its so silly that these guys have become so cheap, and lol they r now writing reviews on how to do Photoshop rendering and call themselves en-gadget) and this post is like one tight slap lol again.

  333. six hours is really not a thing to cry about, but I have violins ready if you want.

    For anyone who posted a few posts ago, you have a few hours to get a lock on it.

  334. It’s not said the time between my order at 0:01 IST and my Adam sitting in the DHL’s truck.
    Is the production ready to begin ?
    It would be nice to know if we have to wait for a week or for 2 months …

  335. I like Pixel Qi screen. But I don’t think it worths 30% more than the LCD version. $125 is pretty hight for Pixel Qi.
    I think I will wait.

  336. Rohan… Would appreciate if u post a hands on video of ADAM before 10th…
    Tht will just confirm me buying it without any sort of reviews….

  337. Would love to see some videos of the real life production model to show actual build, touch responsiveness, UI etc.

  338. You have no idea how upsetting it is to think one of these people who just post “first!” have gotten an e-mail already.

  339. Canada and Australia also use 850 bands… Thankfully us good ‘ole USA folk aren’t left out, they are using our USD afterall (lucky Euro folk get a discount since it’s USD rates :P) I’m on AT&T as well using an i9000m from Bell Mobility in Canada (850 bands) so it shows up as a ‘regular non-smartphone’ so yeah, you can still get unlimited data on AT&T with adam 🙂

  340. If you want to read e books in sunlight or basically if you want to use the ADAM out- and inside, I’d go for the trans-reflective display. If you only ever want to use it inside, I’d go for the LCD, unless you have extremely bright lighting in your home 🙂

  341. Thank ! update useful . So that we need wait to have email in 24h .
    Please tell more about payment method

  342. normally 3G antennas are minimum dual-band. 900+2100 for Europe, 850+1900 for the Americas.

  343. or £410 if you add on VAT : ( Or will it be vat excluded? any tax accountants? Please?

  344. Pixel Qi Display + Wifi is $499.45 and with 3G it is $50 more. The same price increase is for the LCD version with 3G.

    @Rohan why can’t it be a round figure, instead of 33 cents, 45 cents etc? or does it follow the golden ratio? 😉

  345. Waiting for my pre-order link. I have many questions but hopefully more details will be revealed soon. Such as 850 vs 900.

  346. Congratulations to you and your entire team on this launch. Hope the actual product exceeds the high expectation you have already set.

    Best wishes for your future success.

  347. I have been looking for an innovative 10″ tablet, and your new device sounds, and looks like that device. If you could clarify which variant works on USA’s AT&T, and T-Mobile, it would be appreciated.


  348. it is a dumb question, but I do not have a public e-mail address in my wrodpress account, how would NI send an e-mail to me?

  349. Does anyone know what the processor speed is? I see that its dual core but it never says what the speed is. Is it 1.2 ghz, 600mhz or what? I’m just curious but its not clearly defined.

  350. BTW Engadget needs to get a life man! That was so lame! LOL man the Adam has only been here for a few minutes and it’s already stirring up crap in the gadget world! GO ADAM!

  351. You will even have time to watch De Wereld Draait Door before pre-ordering! 😉

    (greetings from a fellow Dutchman living in Spain)

  352. “panel doesn’t exist not panel doesnt exist”

    — but we’re splitting hairs here….

  353. Last few hours looks like a decades … Waiting 5…4…3….

    as someone mentioned shipment date is important.

    Good job Notion Ink!!

  354. “Notion Ink will always follow One Price Policy for every country…”
    Beautiful, wonderful!!! 🙂 Just really, really cool that you guys understand the unfairness of dollar = euro conversion.

    I am definitely getting my the one with Qi. Not sure about the 3G option. I guess its just a few euro’s more (I got 3G on my phone so I would have 2 3g dataplans (or I share the one on my phone but thats against the providers rules 😦 )

  355. All right! Can’t wait to receive my email on the pre-orders.. What about the EAP people then?

  356. I know. I didn’t expect the price of the pixelQi to go down, I just didn’t expect it to go up.

  357. I was all set to buy all kinds of these and they basically are already advertising that it’s obsolete and will be replaced next year, so why bother.

  358. Are you shipping locally within each country or will ship worldwid from India.?

    Do we have to pay customs/taxes dosh in UK?
    Is it possible to pay from UK and get delivered in India if need be ?
    Any chances of Adam in Action demo ?

  359. Yes… so the 10th, and weren’t you like thousands other pressing F5 since 00:00, the 9th? 😉

  360. Wifi + Pixel Qi = 499 Right ???

    “Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variants at $549.99 (2 variants in 3G, 900 series and 850 series which takes the variant numbers to 6!). (For specifications please see our website)”

  361. the pre-order benefit is six hours, just six hours, if you dont get an email, there will still be be pre-ordering, just six hours later.

    I have to say it sounds either petulant, or purposeful FUD,

    But again, no long wait for pre-order.

  362. This is crazy. NI, you really cannot expect people to pre-order with the current level of uncertainty.

    Nobody has yet seen a video of the final product in action. We have no idea how the product actually performs.

    Some features are also uncertain:

    1. Do we still have a trackpad on the back?
    2. Do you ship with some basic accessories (for instance, region-specific charger?)
    What are they?
    3. What are the full screen applications you will ship with?
    4. Can we download apps from the Android market?
    5. What is currently available in Genesis?

    Also, when do you ship these pre-orders? And, when does the product actually launch? What sort of support will be available?

    You really expect people to buy 3 hours from now without this information?

  363. Exactly what deseano says. The Pixel Qi (transflective screen) works great in bright light and saves power when in those environments, in darker settings it works like a normal LCD.

    A normal LCD won’t work well in bright light as anyone with a cell phone can tell you but it will have slightly better colours (personally I’d go for the Pixel Qi, but I like to be outside when possible).

  364. I’m not bothered by the 6hr headstart myself won’t be able to get the funds shifted around till tomorrow anyway.

  365. It’s pretty funny to read them whine if someone posts his (not-so-unbelievably-must-have-with-sugar-on-top) opinion on those apple products the “review” so diligently. Many readers are pretty pissed off by now of those ongoing useless apple gadgets, I’ve stopped following engadget myself for exactly that reason.

  366. hey you probably missed it; the first list will be able to order for 6 hours exclusively… after that its open to all

  367. I don’t understand why they don’t just give us and on hand demo with the tablet.
    It seems a little wierd, and all of us are willing to preorder this without even seeing the product working, even the pictures are rendered, not even an actual picture.
    everybody should be asking rohan to show us a video of the working tablet.

  368. Sigh… I am not sure what I should do. The Pixel Qi screen ended up being 50 more than i originally expected and the lcd cheaper than i thought.

    If I am a person that barely does any ebook reading is it worth the extra money?? I probably read only about 30-60 minutes a week.

    Will the lcd version have poor battery life? I know many people were always saying how great the pixel qis was

  369. My compliment to Rohan Shravan and the whole design team. Really seems like an innovative product that will be in the lead of all tablets to come! Will order 2 immediately and start playing, working and using it in every way. If it cooked would I need my wife anymore???? Any idea when it will ship?