Dear All,

Last night had been on the brown and dry grass for us! Let’s look at where we are and why things are the way they look now:

  • Notion Ink ships from China. We promised global pricing. That would mean no direct conversion of USD to Euros. That should apply on shipping rates as well. DHL shipping price from East Coast USA to West Coast USA for 2lb is $36. Notion Ink’s shipping rate is $50 flat for every country. Here is a reference for you all: Charge to Notion Ink for shipping to Russia is 1161 RMB which turns out to be $180! Now One Global Price would mean One global price. Europe has seen a lot of abuse when it comes to product pricing. We have tried to streamline this. (Do check the fuel surcharge, remote area service, address correction and other terms in the reference document.)
  • Global Warranty: Notion Ink’s warranty policy represents singularity. Unlike for other firms where cross border purchases or international purchases ensures that the warranty benefits are lost, we have proposed singular solution where irrespective of where you are and even if you migrate, policies remain same. This would be where the warranty does not extent to the most important part of the device which is battery. Notion Ink provides 180 days for batteries.
  • MasterCard: Notion Ink has already applied for MasterCard and theirs is the longest process. Officially we were told that it will not take more than 2 weeks, but now they need 3 more weeks for the same. Visa and other integrations took us 3 days.
  • Transaction Issues: CCAvenue is a reputed firm here in India. Worlds biggest Transportation Firm, Indian Railways, is dependent on them, and handles millions of transactions a day. Users in USA are facing difficulty because their banks are detecting fraud (extremely weird) and the server timed out in most of the cases when users were re-directed to their payment page. Our personnels are on it and querying them to know the reason.
  • Return and Refund Policy: Lets look at this page for a moment: This is one of the better policies followed by any company, others are much worse. For Toshiba, the number of days are 10. Let’s take a look at this one:
    return policy of dell, restocking fees of upto 15% applicable. Upon receipt of your return, Dell will issue a credit or a refund of the purchase price paid, less shipping and handling and any applicable restocking fees subject to this policy.
    Ship the products at your expense, and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment.
  • FCC: We shared the information that it is expected in early 20s. Even if it gets delayed, it will be in December, and this is specifically the reason why first Adam will only be shipped on 6th January.
  • I believe our team did an error by mentioning the policies in few readable lines. You will see the complete document reflected on the website in couple of hours from now.
  • Pixel Qi has already sold out and the 3G variants are the next. Even though the stats for purchases is extremely good, everybody at Notion Ink is dis-heartened and sad because of all the confusion that erupted because of Mr. Murphy.
  • The Pre-Order vs CES. We do realize the lack of ‘more’ videos and hands on demo or review by our fellow technical bloggers, and deeply respect those who want to wait for the same. CES is where we intended to demo, show everything and allow for review, else there is no point for a good CES event. Pre-order was essentially for those who wanted to pre-book before Adam go out of stock (which it has already started for some variants). But now reading your comments it feels extremely unfair on our part in not releasing videos, run through and other important thing you need to know.
  • In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases.

We at Notion Ink love all of you, and we have tried to be completely impartial to the system, but seems it is too difficult to keep everyone happy. Earlier we discussed how we are open to your ideas, listen and implement them as well. I would be spending rest of the day in reading through your comments and understanding how exactly you want us to deviate from industry standards.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan


2,904 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. rohan info on why its almost 660$ in india which we indians can do without. 50$ extra which made me not to order now

  2. So sad that many long time members never got the chance to order because the mail was not sent.
    So sad that Europeans with Mastercards can’t order at all.
    So sad.

  3. but you still dint answer on how your drew the algorithm to choose people who should get the email and who shouldn’t ?

  4. Dear Rohan,

    Why are the two top models already sold out? Or is it a typo? I just woke up and wanted to preorder but now I can’t 😦

  5. Thank you for the information Rohan! Finally some clarity! The only question I have is what decided who got a mail?

    I look forward to the indepth video! Will new preorders come available around that time?

  6. This is a disaster… ONE YEAR WAITING, two nights without sleep… and when I can enter to preorder page after more than 1000 tries from my preorder link, I saw that the one I need (Pixel Qi + Wifi) is sold out… I am very sad, it´s one year waiting for nothing, and the last days was insane (no working, no sleeping…)…

    For you André, or Rohan… please give me the oportunity of buy now a Pixel Qi+WiFi unit, I am desesperate now, all work for nothing… please send me a email with an special order link if that is possible, thanks for all…………………

  7. Mastercard is coming soon. Unfortunately emails were sent to 10k people only, where it was supposed to be around 30k. We are checking why that happened.


  8. what about those who never got the family pre-order link and thus can not order pixelQI+3G anymore?

  9. Hi Rohan, I miss a comment about the emails. A lot of peolpe doesn’t get the email with the pre order link and I think you have to explain why.


  10. Well was hoping to order the pixel qi wifi version but guess that’ll have to wait till they have more in stock…im kinda glad i have to wait so i can see all the unboxing videos as well as the upcoming NI video : ) good luck NI!

  11. Thank you for the explanations. Glad to hear the Mastercard application is on the way. Hopefully Pixel Qi variants won’t take long to come in stock.

  12. I can see it’s not easy for a small company to start something as large as this. NI won’t be the first ones to be crushed by their own success. Let’s hope everything goes the way it should and keep the information flowing. Marketing starts in the mind of the customer and if that mind is ignored, it will go away.

  13. Help! I ordered the pixelQi 3g model, but have had issues with the order – CCAvenue took my money but said processing failed – I have an order ID that no-one recognises. I trust this will get resolved, but Rohan – does the sell out mean I wont get the model I ordered?

  14. So, now it’s confirmed that due to the fault of various other service providers, that I’m just flat not going to be able to purchase my PQ G3-850 model, even though I was pre-pre-order invite, was trying the pre-order page since 12PM EST, called in and was 2 hours late for work trying to get an order through?

    This is what what I’m being told? And yet no word of how NI is going to resolve such issues, or even that they’r e*trying* to fix it?

  15. 😥 woke up to find that the version I wanted was listed as:

    “Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G – Sold out”

    when will I get another chance to order this awesome tablet?

  16. Looking forward to the videos. I think most people have a problem with the refund policy because we don’t have a complete look at what we are ordering and yet our cards are immediately charged. That being said, I believe the coming days will bring clarity and I am looking forward to it

  17. Great info and an excellent start on providing an explanation and solution. Thanks so much for sharing that with us! 😉

  18. I’ll be watching you guys to see what happens in the future! Keep it up… My recommendation so far as the software goes: make sure you include what apps come pre-installed on the unit including whether or not the Google suite (maps, market, etc.) is included on the unit.

    I see what you were trying to do here and it did backfire a little but that’s all part of the process of learning.

    Side note: Guys, it’s a PRE order from a company that’s trying to do things differently and is still learning. Cut Rohan and the guys some slack! Goodnight from Denver, CO USA.

  19. awesome i trust you completely and understand that under so much pressure and thousands of eyes on you Murphy starts acting ;).

    Keep the good work, best wishes for the product 🙂 🙂

    Hope to see physical product after CES in some of outlets in Bangalore 😀 😀 so i can save my 50$ 😉

    Waiting eagerly for the product video

  20. I awwwed at your post, Rohan. Doesn’t mean im not dissappointed anymore for not getting pre-pre-order email. 😦

  21. Good, Thank you Rohan for this info. I will wait then for 18 Dec.

    You didnt say anything about PayPal, it is possible implement paypal also ? 60% of users will user this method i think.

  22. I didn’t get a mail to pre-order 😦
    and now Pixel Qi is already sold out 😦
    this is bad.

  23. rohan

    Have you hired some professionals to do the videos ?
    I cant imagine why else it would take so long !
    Plus when are the pixel qi units back in stock ?

  24. Hope this post came last night. These infos would have minimized many negative publicity yesterday. The created hype has converted into disappointment for many including me who was one an adam fanboy( though i am still one).

    I will wait for the hands on video on 18th of December.

    But one is never late :)Thanks a lot Rohan for your post. Wish you luck for all your future endeavors. Hope NI comes with a mind boggling videos and pics.

  25. Hey Rohan,

    But I am still not sure of the delivery time as such, is it really gonna take 4-12 weeks depending on the model we buy as your previous blog suggested ships in days.


  26. I actually got an order in for the QI+3G model, I really hope that they will ship it fast and it was in stock.

    I can see now 4 hours later that the preorder page says “sold-out”, so I just hope I made the cut.

    I cannot wait for it to be Jan….

  27. Pixel QI “SOLD OUT”. Damit!!.
    I Had pre-order, but I was Imposible to Order one

  28. I am presently in China.. So i can get at the Earliest if available..

    Does it still mean i have to pay the Import Duties since u are registered in India. ????????

    Other way to look at it…

    Suppose i preorder in India.. whether i would end up Paying Import Duties ?????????

    Also there seems to be deviation.. 499 + 50 = 549.. But actually it turns to be 27000 Rupees… = 600.. Not even Sure if i have to pay more on Import…

  29. To bad that you didn’t take in to account the run on Adams, especially the high end segment. Can you share when those become available again?

  30. The dual goals of pre-order release and CES2011 unveiling looks to be not so smart, but actually dumb. Didn’t nobody try to warn you? Should have been CES2011.

  31. @Rohan. Thanks for the detailed responses to some of the concerns that were raised. There are still more to go. Please do respond to them when you get time. It has been a frustrating experience over the past 2 days. Ups and downs have plagued most of NI’s ardent followers. Some of the ‘family’ did not get emails and not the Pixel Qi are sold out. There were lots of issues with the website’s stability. Are you going to be allocating more stock towards pre-orders because of the issues?

  32. Hi Rohan,

    That should indeed clear up some of the bad atmosphere that has started to be associated here. I’m sure though this will be an invaluable learning lesson for you. Kudos though for being open and letting us know these details. I specially regard highly, the publishing of December 18 as the date when videos will be released.

    I just have one grouse left if I may, why does the Adam Pixel Qi with Wireless and 3G come to be Rs 30k for people in India. I was expecting a figure around Rs 25k. This does affect my decision as a buyer.

  33. Expresing dismay in Singapore about the out of stock Pixel Qi Variants… WAH LAo eh!!~~

    Looks like i’ve gotta wait for Dec 18th.. No harm waiting anyway.

    18th is also the date my cell phone contract is up. gotta get me a HTC desire Z… hahah!!

  34. Thanks Rohan. And Please do let us know why emails were not sent to guys who were following this blog for ages(including me)

  35. @ Rohan, I really appreciate you checking out what happened (nice for the learning curve) but we fans/family/customers are still in trouble.
    Mastercard may come soon, but there are no Adams left to order by now.
    Or did you keep top model Adams apart for the 30k?

  36. Might want to add your comment to the wordpress post, otherwise people might miss it in all the comments, and I know a lot of people were upset about not getting an email, and thus missing out on preorders (since models are now sold out).

    I got my order in, can’t wait!

    Sales must have been pretty encouraging considering you anticipated sending preorder emails to 30,000 people and sold out some models already. 🙂

  37. how a non manufactured product can be sold out ???? i wan’t my pixel qi and can’t buy one because of this server disrupt yesterday evening, i’ve got a email please i want one

  38. I think that fairness went ou the window on this one…

    Many people did not recieve the email to allow for pre-ordering
    Many people (myself included) only have a Mastercard

    Either of the above and you could not make a pre-order and now the stocks are running out…..

    As for deviating from industry standards…. Presenting Full “Term & Conditions” is required by industry standards as you have pointed out by linking to them on this post.

    I missed out because of the Mastercard thing but this whole situation has left a sour taste in my mouth.

  39. Hopefully this plays out smoother than the pre-order launch… Its been a tough 2 days, but honestly, a clearer policy and a few pictures and videos should smooth things out.

    It looks like I’ll be ordering only after the official release anyway…

    Good luck Rohan…

  40. +1000
    as even if go alphabetically, even my email id starts with ‘j’ and i still did not get one. So I will love to know this info

  41. Great reply that really didn’t answer much at all, if you have the units built and ready (i assume you must have some finished Adam’s in India for testing etc) why can’t you get a video or picture of what the finished item is like up within the next couple of hours? Also what about Android market, does Adam have it?

  42. @Rohan Shravan

    Can we know when the Pixel-Qi version’s will be available again??

    Like i said in the previous post, i kept trying to pre-order till 3am IST but the page just kept telling me to “Check again at 12pm PST”

    I fell asleep at the computer!!

    And when i got up, the Pixel-Qi version was SOLD OUT!!

    Please make more available! Please!!

  43. Im still wondering where the promised SDK for us EAP has gone? Im EAP2 and was promised it the first week of December. One more deadline failed by NI…

  44. About Ideas…

    I’m very interested in the “digitizer-part” of the whole thing…
    I feel quite happy with a common Wacom on my linux system, but the thing I really miss is good pen input capable tablet. You know, that great thing some idiot at Microsoft decided to kill.
    I work in graphic design, architecture and ID, and trust me I know a lot of people that could love such a device. It could be a great potential market to reach. And if you search in the recent posts to this blog you’ll find many people that have the same needs.

    thanks for your time and your work… 😉


  45. Thanks for detailed explanation but if it was only VISA or American Express you should have informed us , now its too late its already ‘SOLD OUT’

  46. one important thing is import duties+tax, how is that going to increase the cost of adam, import duties are so erratic in India. For all I know i may end up paying close to $1000 for it

  47. Well, another lesson learnt that will shape the company in time.
    It’s never easy to trod on an unmarked path; but you will leave footprints for rest to follow.

    I ordered my PQ3G, albeit mystified by the long delivery time and early public order offering during the supposed 6hrs lead. But thank geekness my friends got to order before the PQ3G variant ran out.

    Will be looking forward to the hands-on video on the 18th.

  48. Thanks NI for the clarification on a few things…

    Im just spewing that I have to potentially wait another 3 months for something I have already been waiting a year for.

    Cheers anyway

  49. When will you start accepting more orders? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a longer lead time rather than not allow someone to pre-order? Somewhat frustrating to wait so long, not receive an email…

  50. Hi Rohan good luck with to you and your team. I went through the pre order process twice and the second time the money was taking from my account but I didn’t receive a confirmation maill that my order was being processed. Can you look into this.

    Thank you.

  51. I am glad that Rohan has updated this whole debacle. I was getting very disheartened a few hours ago, and even though I was studying for finals, I was still constantly refreshing the blog to see a respone from Rohan to console us. I almost lost faith there for a bit in the veracity of the Adam, but then it dawned on me that the number of new ideas, and designs you guys have released are far more than any scammer would dream of simply giving away for some quick cash. as many have mentioned, just the theories and ideas that have been announced are so valuable that it would be dumb to give them out without the intention of making the product because that, in the long run, would garner far more money than the initial “scam” would ever make.

    I am glad that I was already planning on waiting until after xmas, and that I am going to get the most basic version from the outset, but I am disappointed somewhat by the lack of real hard evidence that this thing exists. Would it be possible to release a short 30 second vido of the device booting up and toss todays paper in the shot just so we all have hard proof that this is a real product? I feel that the “Family” deserves som sort of small treat after all the heartbreak that was experienced here over the last 24 hours.

    How bout in Rohan?

    cheers, and glad you had a safe flight

  52. One thing that should not occur in business and in family circles is sneaky allusions: “I would be spending rest of the day in reading through your comments and understanding how exactly you want us to deviate from industry standards.”

    We don’t want you to deviate from industry standards. We want you to apply industry standards: for pricing clarity, shipping execution, and return policies.

    And if there was an actual page where we could really acces to pre-order without a PhD in hacking that would be great. I have been following this product since April. I am a regsitered developer. And I have not received my invite yet. Wt…?

  53. Can you be a bit non personal?
    I was not commenting on you and as a follower I have a right to ask why an email was not sent to me. If you want to be personal please follow up with me on my email and don’t wash your dirty linens on public.

  54. Great post, Rohan. As expected, you simply incurred in what I consider start-up possible issues.
    As I mentioned in a previous post, even though I did not get the email, I managed to pre-order the high-end version this morning at 7.00 am immediatly after getting (jumping) out of bed!

  55. @Sowmya,

    are you really get no mail ??? That’s worst. I thought only I’m the looser 😦

  56. Could you post some pictures of the final Adam , at least ?
    In addition, when I pre-ordered (PixelQI + 3G) it says that the delivery is scheduled from 6 to 12 weeks. Will it be possible to be delivered earlier ?

  57. Thanks Vector for your support.
    My earlier comment was intended to sa whose comment was totally uncalled for.

  58. thanks rohan…please add this comment of yours in the main post…all would like to hear this…plzzz….i appreciate your sincerity…..

  59. would you be able to to let us know how big of a system we are getting. is it just an 8gb or is it starting a little higher or what?

  60. Great feedback on where you are at!! I think you (NI) have done an excellent job in balancing the development of a completely new product with the (sometimes) manic expectations of the public.
    Keep up the excellent comms… I will be ordering as soon as the madness has subsided
    Much respect Rohan

  61. Thanks Rohan for answering some of the questions at least. But what about other valid questions from many of the (potential) Indian customers who find the overall pricing to be little high!! e.g, shipping cost!

  62. You say you listen, but people have been asking for many of these things for some time now (not necessarily the actual legal documents, but those are often overlooked until you actually go to order something). Everyone has been asking for pictures, video, demos, price points, shipping information, etc (i.e., every detail possible about this device) since we first heard about it a year ago.

    None of these requests are unreasonable; I’m actually surprised that pre-orders were opened this early without any of this data, and I’m even more surprised after the post hinting that Adam would be running Gingerbread when shipped. Given that most companies running some sort of Android overlay are not able to update for MONTHs, it is very curious as to how you can just plug it in and expect to ship in a couple of months.

    I respect that you are a start up company — I really do — but so much of this whole affair is simply unbelievable. Good luck. This fiasco is a PR nightmare NI will likely need a miracle (or fully working product) to recover from…of course if it is a scam, then it won’t really matter, will it?

  63. I have a feeling it won’t be sold out for too long. The second round will come when it comes… and that won’t be too long if round 1 is indeed sold out. Nothing says a product is interesting like “sold out.”

    Every company and investor involved knows that language.

  64. Too bad I can’t pre order…but yes some explanations are in order!!! Hope to see more on this topic from rohan.

    I do hope it’s available a bit cheaper in india…it’s country of birh!!

    Waiting for videos…….

  65. Rohan,

    I think the most import is, that these guys which are haven’t gotten the mail and have now make the pre order when it was public will be on a priority list.

  66. @Rohan “but seems it is too difficult to keep everyone happy”

    I am sorry Rohan , but this line is hitting me hard.

  67. Although it is nice to know at some point Europeans will be able to use Mastercard, that is not going to help the 20k people who believed to be part of your family and are now in back of the line sitting on the cold ground without even a cup of choco 😦
    I am pretty certain that most family members wanted a PixelQi/3G model, but that dream is flying away fast.

  68. Adam will be a niche item with this model. NO way it will be close to being a big player with this model. For US for this to work you need to work with either a major retailer or a big e-tailer(amazon/newegg etc). Plus cross-subsidizing Russian buyers with others will not work at all.

    I wonder how many orders actually went it. I will wait few more months waiting for reviews and initial bugs to work out. Then I will order one. I hope Notion ink will open a store in Bangalore so that folks can directly look and buy 🙂

    Also Charging 5% restocking fee for defective piece is just not acceptable. Dell is not that bad with returns at all.

  69. You guys better get that production up and running asap because the demand clearly exceeds what is available. Sadly I didn’t get the e-mail even I have repeatedly posted a comment on this blog the past few months.
    Also I wouldn’t have been able to purchase an adam because I’m stuck with MasterCard here in Europe.
    Looks like I will have to wait for the 2nd batch to be released, somewhere in 1st or maybe even 2nd Q of 2011. Anyway, those who receive an adam in January: Post back on your experiences because we all want to know!

  70. Yeah, this is not good. For a company who claims to be able to produce 100 000 products a week and then offers 10 000 people to preorder, 2 of the products should not be out of stock.

    Anyways, I’m sad I didn’t have time to preorder but it might also be for the best since and androidpolice unfortunately have put some doubts into me.

  71. I would like to comment about the processing place you mention.

    I called my bank when my payment was not going through and they didn’t even see a transaction go through on my card, this is also NOT the first time ordering overseas for me.
    My bank suggessted that those errors are on the processors side and I think they are right.

    I just wanted to note that to you. Although it doesn’t help me get an adam as the one I was trying to order over and over is sold out now…. 😦

  72. Also, I am sad because the first time Rohan replied to me had to be about this. I feel like an evangelist who has lost faith in the book of Genesis.

  73. So Murphy is now a tax collector…….. 🙂 UK sales tax increases by 2.5% as from jan 2011 😦
    Bad night at the office guys…………ah well keep smiling I suppose better to get probs out of the way at the start is this what they call a learning curve ? 🙂 🙂

  74. thanks for the last two notes. when will the pixel-qi be re-stocked again. between 503 errors last night and a late start this morning, i missed out though i got a pre-order link 😦
    and you should seriously consider charging the card only when you are ready to ship.

  75. Rohan,

    Your excuse for the Mastercard story is just a mistake on your side.
    In my opinion you didn’t check well enough on for hand and everywhere mistakes are made so some extra time should have been build in the planning.
    All Mastercard users cannot order the product they want because they are sold out by the time we can. Even waiting a whole night to be ready to order and then finding out that you can’t makes every person feeling very sad or worse.
    I hope that somehow this will be corrected on the side of NI.

    Very sad regards,


  76. Good luck with your CES launch Rohan. Btw just make sure your full demo videos are well lit and clear without glares so all aspects of the Adam shine.

    If you deliver the product as shiny as you’ve written about it, all the bad publicity people will convert into your unshakable supporters. So yeah, just deliver and everything will be fine.

  77. @Roahn Can you tell us how many of each variant were offered for sale in this pre-release?

    Despite all the issues with email being blocked and payment gateway problems, it seems to have been successful since several variants are already sold out.

    I can imaging if others with reservations or concerns about buying had decided to purchase that they would have been sold out a lot faster.

    So you have my condolences for the problems experiences, yet I also think congratulations are in order for the success you did see.

    Once people’s concerns are resolved they are going to wish they had pre-ordered. I expect there to be a lot of back orders and out of stock situations for a while.

    And on that note, please take care of those here that did not get a chance to order because of problems with email, etc. Though I already know you will without me bringing it up. 😉

  78. quote from my comment on “ouch!” :
    about the mystery feature, have a look to the html sourcecode of techspecs.php webpage (of website).

    You’ll see a HTML-comment line


    @Rohan : congrats, but can you clarify the android market’s point and the HDD capacity’s point ?

  79. reading through, i guess i am not the only one who has been on the blog regularly, even commenting, but never got the pre-order invitation. still, doesn’t take away from the fact that i am very disappointed. especially considering that the pixel-qi version is sold out already, and no clues when it will be available again. i am happy for notion ink that there has been such strong demand, but i would love to know when more stock will become available. maybe those ‘family’ that got left out in the cold last night could be given a second ‘first’ chance to order the pixel-qi variant when it becomes available again? i did read the android police post and their suspicions are well founded, but some of us here have been following the adam’s progress here and we think we can put our trust in rohan and co and pre-order, if we could!

  80. Hello,

    I have purchased a 3g version. How can I be sure that it will be the 900?
    I have used a us address, but was it possible to send it to France? Because I think I have misunderstood this point.

  81. +1

    0 visibility – 0 clarity – As clear as the world before the light was…

  82. likely they were already planning it for a later date, but simply moved it forward. My guess is there are many other things going on behind the scenes that need to to get sorted out (like all of the failed transactions that were still charged, and other logistics that must be fixed before they can handle another rush on purchases

  83. OMG.. after a few hours the “Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G” Variant is Sold Out. When will i become the chance to order one? How long would it be Sold out?

    Greetings from Switzerland

  84. How did you have access to the order page? I have been in since Arpil and hae not received the email yet…. Wasted 24 h for nothing…

  85. Please also spell and grammar check some of the most important text on your website. This was a very valid comment in the critical post on AndroidPolice.

  86. “As soon as”

    Yup, that’s an incomplete answer. Typical Rohan style…
    He even says so on his posts “I want you to discover as you go”

  87. Alas, I got to work this morning to discover that I had lost my job as my store was closing. However, Good news!

    I still plan on purchasing two Adams, perhaps even more; I will have to wait until the wifi+3g+PixelQi variant is back in stock, but it shall be mine!

    The good news is that I get college money in January, which is when Adam launches 🙂 That being said; I’ll have plenty of time to see all the new info!

    It saddens me that I cannot be one of the first to help fund your fantastic startup (Adam is literally my dream device; even down to the UI!), but regardless; I’ve trumpeted it to many of my friends and colleagues and I will continue to do so!

    The new website is a great selling point, and being able to pre-order is extremely reassuring. A video will be great, but based on the specs and your technical knowledge of optimization; I’m sure the UI is extremely smooth. (Can’t wait to work with Unreal Development Kit on it!)

    Cheers Rohan, You’ve kept me going this past year and I can’t thank you enough.

    I look forward to pushing your platform to it’s limits.


  88. woke up this morning hoping to be able to pre-order a Pixel Qi version but alsas, sold out! Of course i’m disappointed.
    Congratulation to NI and hopefully this early pre-order success helps to enlarge the production so that by January everybody interested can get the version one wants.

  89. It seems Hong Kong Post only costs a few bucks to ship most orders. I have ordered from (DX) a number of times. It does take 3-4 weeks to get here at times though. I suppose DHL will be shipping faster and more careful. But DX does sell android tablets, so the shipping is good enough. It would be good to look into that and see if you can provide that as a shipping option for those who are willing to wait.

    On top of that, it might be cheaper to ship many of the units to the US bulk to a single facility, and then distribute them from there. DHL might be $36 from east to west coast, but USPS ships just as safely and is much cheaper. I suppose DHL is used more internationally, but it’s reputation in the US isn’t great. Here it’s all USPS, UPS, and FexEx. All are cheaper than DHL as well.

  90. Rohan,

    As an ardent fan of NI, I really applaud your efforts and recognize that sometimes sh*t just happens. I am glad to be part of the pre-preorder but I must confess to not being able to pull the trigger right at the end.

    Perhaps I will be punished (longer wait time) for lack of trust but I think many fans here echo the same thoughts; that plonking $500 on an unseen product can be tough considering that this sum means alot to different people around the world.

    Anyhow I believe this will be a lesson learnt for the fans and especially for NI, because you have seen that it is easy for people to ride the hype, but a slightly flawed follow-through can cause even the most rabid fan to rein in pretty quickly. I am sure the next products of NI will have better processes. It’s not easy to achieve good information and expectations management.

    I look forward to the videos on 18 Dec. I am sure they are going to be awesome. Bit sorry to hear that PixelQi has been sold out. How do we know when it gets available again?


  91. i think they DID take into account the demand on the 3QI segment, that’s why they increased the prices on those.
    more demand = higher prices

  92. Somehow they didn’t expect that so many people wanted to order an Adam.
    That is a bit strange.

  93. +1. If everyone is equal then why use of tagline like ” everyone is equal but some are more than equal(family)” (courtesy Animal Farm-George Orwell)

  94. Thanks for your open communication. These are all good reason and what I thought for myself after calming down and having a night of sleep 🙂

    Rohan, we share your enthusiasm and that’s why it get’s sometimes a little bit too emotional. But that’s wrong to say. I thing “emotions” is what best describes NotionInk and adam. And we need to make sure, too keep our emotions for the success of adam.

  95. I have to say that this post still does not clear up most of the concerns addressed by your potential customers Rohan. I have been a long standing supporter of yours and think that the Adam will be an amazing product but as there are still no actual pictures/videos of the product in use or any real tangible information about shipping, customs costs etc I feel that it would be extremely foolish to pre-order the device as we have no idea what it will actually cost in the end.

    It’s a real shame and I really feel for you and your team as you have worked so hard to keep the community up to date with what is happening until it got to the critical stages which has badly affected the support that you had worked so hard to gain.

    I am sure that I will but Adam when it becomes more readily available but at the moment there simply isn’t enough information available for me to take the plunge which deeply saddens me as I have been following your blog from day one as you will see from early signups.

    I am pleased that you have still been able to take large amounts of preorders and I’m sure I will kick myself when I see the device for real and have to wait even longer but for now it’s back to the waiting game.

    I hope you will be able to answer the questions that we all have over the coming weeks and pay some real attention to the people who’ve backed you since the beginning.

    Another question – is the digitizer function compatible with Macs? I am a product design teacher in the UK and love the form factor that you have designed and believe that it is a truly innovative product – enough to stop me buying an iPad but not enough to allow pre order yet.

    Come on Rohan give us the information we deserve!

  96. “In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases. ”

    Sorry, that’s not really acceptable.
    You said there will be videos/informations in the preorder section, but there wasn’t any.
    You also did not answer most of the important questions about the final hardware + final software yet. Rohan, is the ADAM even final yet??? This whole preorder thing with all the lack of information i mentioned really was a BIG BIG FAIL…

    What you can do now? Go through the comments, collect every single question which was asked and answer them all. It may be 150+ questions (many were duplicates), but they are worth the time…
    After that don’t even think about feeding the masses with another bunch of rendered ADAM pictures, they are worth NOTHING. IF there really is final hardware and software available make pictures from them, create demo videos with hands-on. You really can’t wait 8 more days with those informations. Blogs around the world (including me) will pick up the disaster from last night and will make their own story about it… The only way to stop this is counter-releasing the information we all want.

    Greetings Alnerion

  97. Hi Rohan
    In my opinion many misunderstandings are due to different culture, Many European and American Customer are afraid of being cheated. They (Us, as I am part of this bunch) want the new technology, maybe sooner, but are not so brave to simply dare and have “faith” in a project they followed for month.

    To reach a point: I had never bought anything before reading many review and comments on the net, and so I’ll do with Adam. In every new object triumph and disaster wait for their chance to come out.

    I just could not stand (and cannot imagine how Rohan can) All the post complaining about the lack of this and that (video, tech-spec, detailed pic, and so on).

    Every company has the right to follow a policy, so Notion Ink do. Every customer has the chance to buy it before “the masses” or after, it’s up to you (Us).

    We all are so lucky because this isnt a lifesaving device, but just a tablet (and am sure a 75% of customer will use just for games and amenities). So i sit here and look and read and when the time came also for me I could take a decision.

    Good luck Rohan!

  98. difficult to pre-order adam … I need 5 try to succeed … it always block in payment process
    I hope i will have it in 6 weeks … but i don’t have comfirmation email … is it normal ?

  99. What about people like me who got the “family” email but were never able to place an order?

    Public orders were opened and Qi sold out before you even worked out kinks in your payment system. I don’t think it is my fault that my bank doesn’t have 24-hour service to manually allow payments to foreign processors marked as a fraud risk. That is on you and your failure to have adequate payment methods available.

  100. I’m willing to bet there was ~75,000 units sold because i think there was a post somewhere weeks ago saying that NI’s monthly output would be max 100,000units. given the 4 stated versions for presale of which 2 sold one and 1 rohan said was almost gone. just a guess 😀 not bad for a buggy day

  101. +1

    At least Rohan now is sharing some of the reasons for the problems with the pre-ordering.
    Which is a good step in the right direction. And it wouldn’t be surprising if he has had a harder time than those trying to preorder.

    As for the sold out Pixel Qi screens, I’m actually happy they chose to go that route instead of selling more units than they had and just delay the shipping, which is an unfortunately common route these days. So kudos for that.

  102. About 1000 of each variant were put up for sale by NI. It was very impressive that 1 or 2 variants got sold out. Wow!!! The chinese factories must be having their hands full now. When will the next batch of 500 go on sale, I wonder?

  103. I think if there was a request poll for different variants of Adam, it would have given you guys at NI a better production estimation . I believe Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G would have been on top of the chart. In a way I felt a let down that I did not get the pre order email.

  104. I am just curious. Was anybody of the “Family” able to order one of the Pixel Qi Adams?

  105. Ok Rohan this is how it went down for me in the UK. 7PM i get my email with the token to buy my adam, i wait until 8PM for the 12PM PST time, i cant get on its saying come back at 12 PST. i try for 2 hrs, following the comments. 10PM comes round and i have to go to bed for work the next day. This morning i wake up at 6 am immediately check the site, i can get on but its all sold out.

    So i get a golden ticket but cant use it, by the time i can use it, its been open to the public and all has sold out. you can only imagine how i feel after following you since december 2009! i wonder how many people from the UK even placed orders i think you should compare your EAP applications to you actual orders and see where it was most hard hit.

    Thanks for my support, got sh*tted on in return!

  106. Murphy’s law of life: If something can go wrong, it will !

    it was just a comment in a lighter vein 🙂

  107. I was able to get my order in successfully (Pixel Qi + 3G can’t believe they sold out with so much negativity surrounding the last 24 hour’s events.) I’m really rooting for Rohan and Notion Ink collectively but I hope that this doesn’t ruin the company before it gets started. I’ve followed this particular product like many you for a year now, and what was supposed to be the crowning moment for NI has fallen a little short to say the least. I was a bit nervous after placing my order but I think I’m happy I did now that it’s sold out. I guess the coming days and weeks will bring everything to light. I guess Rohan has learned most important lesson as a CEO; always “under sell and over deliver”. I think everyone involved with this project underestimated the “hype” and popularity of this product and damage control is going to be critical to save Notion Ink’s reputation.

  108. Thanks Rohan for clarifying. If you have ordered after 6pm PST ie, 7.30AM in India , Pixel Qi +wifi was available and the whole process was completed without an issue. Even i was awake late night yesterday refreshing my mailbox to check if i got a pre order mail.
    I didn’t get one , no grumbles , i just went ahead and ordered. I understand when people take so much time to purchase as RS 30K is hell lot of money in India. Ofcourse I feel bad that other members who are outside India and couldn’t preorder because of the glitches from their banking gateways.
    Good luck Rohan and team. Hoping to get mine some time in Feb 2011.

  109. the reason for th $50 (which is explained in the blog post you just commented on) is to maintain the same price for every country in the world as far as shipping goes. sure some countries will be lower, but many would be higher, so its an average so that everybody can be treated fairly

  110. On it as well. There are around 30k emails to be send. System just sent 10k and then restricted us from sending any more. Some technical glitch. We have saved the list of all those who werent sent emails, and they will have their rights on the next shipment.


  111. Rohan, great you’re giving more feedback now. Giving information is what all this is about. Offcourse being innovative and producing something new is difficult and you will encounter a lot of obstacles. And where you are loved by what your doing by some, others (competitors) will hate you for what you are doing… So prepare for some more dirt coming your way…. But as I started this reply, keeping your true fans close to you starts with giving lots of information…. And this thread is a good start.

    Reading this post I see people being very disappointed because they waited a long time being able to order, but they failed after all…. Offcourse this is to bad, but giving information will make the hurt a bit less I think… And maybe there is some kind of solution as in, giving them a second opportunity when the PixleQi screens are availible again…. But just keep us informed.. Not only this time, but also the upcoming weeks. Let people know how the ordering/production proces is going. Especially the people who were able to order are interested in this. And maybe it would even bring back the people you have lost now, for example because of android police. Go to the facotry, make some pictures of the proces, post them over here, etc.

    Well for me personally I live in Europe and have to wait before MasterCard is an availible payment option, and I have to wait for the PixelQi screen to be availible again. But I’m really looking forward to the video, pictures, information, etc.

  112. If first stock is ready (and sold out) for 6/1/11 then whens the next batch coming in? Personnaly i won’t splash out £350 for something without reading a review first so pre-order is not an issue, however if reviews are positive then i know i want one ASAP, just hoping you will have some more Pixel Qi ones in by mid Jan!

  113. Rohan,
    Not everyone is pissed at you! Not everyone has given up.
    I tried to order 6+ times and it finally went through. I almost did not order because I felt poisoned by all the blog comments from some and couldn’t help but think how can a 26 year old CEO really handle all that baggage? I understand the need to be communicated with but i don’t think you deserve all that mess. I guess that’s the price of free speech open forum/comment system.
    Peace to you! And get some rest…jet lag can be problematic – we have work to do. So rest up. On that note we should all get some rest take a chill pill and like grown ups, be rational about this.
    There are answers, they will take time. Rohan, thanks for your answers so far and please don’t feel derailed by the nastiness of some of your own “family.” sometimes family can be the hardest. We just want the best for you, for all of us really.

  114. It looks like quantity > 1 requires another order to be entered and another 50 bucks. I am looking at getting 3 of the LCD with wifi and a PQ screen (sold out). Are you expecting me to pay 200 dollars for shipping?

  115. Lame .. lame lame… its shipping from *CHINA*

    This NI doesn’t need to spend so much time and money in putting together OMS and collaborating with shipping companies … instead spend that time in producing quality stuff.

    Even with all the S&H cost and taxes its a better configuration than any other tablet in market… so relx prad and congrats for being first on this one

  116. I also got the pre order link, i also was waiting till very late to be able to pre order, i also felt asleep and also when i wake up the pixel qi variants were sold out.

    Understand me, i feel happy notion ink has sold out adam units, that means eve and the rest of planned products will see the light :), on the other hand i was waiting for a year, and now i have to wait more, so a litle saddnes is justified here 😦 ok, i´ll wait but please please, please, pretty please tell us when will be more pixel qi variants available, and please please, please, let us a functional pre order system.

    regards, Raúl

  117. It’s anti-glare, so hopefully they don’t even need to worry about that when creating a video, hehe.

  118. They aren’t unreasonable requests, but I have a feeling they’re saving the thunder (at the investor’s insistence, if nothing else) for CES and being closer to actual ship dates. That makes a lot of sense, from a longer term sales point of view.

    I agree that pre-orders before videos and other solid descriptive materials is odd. As far as I’m concerned it was the one major mistake – the rest are derived from it. Eg. questions about the return and refund policy wouldn’t be so persuasive if there was solid product information available.

  119. oh, I actually read the whole post now… you are just going to shrug your shoulders and say “weird it was declined”. This is reason enough for me to just never order anything from your company ever.

  120. No Sowmya. I will wait for *real* videos and photos. What about you?

    Feeling a bit of pinch that I cancelled my order of Canon T2i for adam.

    But saying that I firmly believe that NI will come up with flying colors allaying all the doubts with hands on videos and review from reputed tech-websites and I hope guys like all of us who have not received mails will be given priority once sale start again after CES.

  121. but i guess nothin would be done right now. all he can do is feel sad abt it when the issue is more than that… and he was the one who introduced the term family.. and we end up spending our day cribbing without any point.

    To be very rational and to leave away all the so called emotions, he is just gonna lose 1 or 2 customers if u and I dint order and here ‘family’ doesn’t matter. Its numbers and it does not matter if u continue to support or not, cos they have already launched.!!! (i am being very rational, and not being judgmental)

    So lets get back to our lives, may be wait for the demo and buy it from nearby shelves.

  122. @Rohan Shravan, It is a great achievement to bring Adam. Ignore the negative comments. Some may be from your competitors or who dont want ADAM to be released. My sincere advise is, do not get agitated / tempted. I am sure that this will product be a success. I though didnt pre-order. Waiting for the reviews.

  123. ohhhh i´m late to buy pixel-qi version, what happen for the next pack of notion ink?? the family still th first????

  124. Now this is a very good post Rohan. Will patiently wait for 18th Nov.

    There’s still some confusion about storage? It would be good if you can clarify that.


  125. +1

    I like it on how they show the stats for the daily item sold. Like %
    from locations, % per hour, and such, it makes it really fun.

  126. Rohan, A couple of things if you can help answering –

    1. Could you please put down the expected custom rates for various countries (at least the major ones) for Adam. It would help us know the final price we would be paying for Adam.
    2. As Pixel-Qi models are SOLD OFF, please update us on the new availability timelines for the next lot.

    By the way, good post and stay transparent.

    Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and accordingly tackle each and every situation. If you do that, you will surely come out trumps..

    Cheers !!!

  127. Bah! Link didn’t work so missed out on stock 😦
    Good to see that it’s going to be popular though, there’s obviously gonna be no problem in shifting them.
    Still hoping to pick one up when you’re sorted.

    I suppose it’d be cheeky to ask for the 30,000 to get the first round of Back in stock emails……?

  128. I managed to get one, but it was a leap of faith and about 2.25hr after supposed deadline…. No color choices, no idea which 3G I am placing an order for, no details on hardware – u know the rote that everyone is cribbing about…

  129. I am wondering why NI decided to do all this on your own, instead of partnering with some well-established international vendor, like Expansys, at least until you are confident your own direct-buy system will work will, instead of overloading it from the start. Even big-name companies like HTC sell first through Expansys before selling direct.

  130. Idle speculation; gmail = google; they went out first and stopped when the average quantity available algorithm was reached?

  131. Dear Rohan,

    Your explanation provides some of the much needed answers, though not all. Listening to the online community – and not just the FBs – is the best thing you can do and have been doing. However, you can’t be everywhere and it is important that a separate CS Head be appointed who will continue to drive the customer focus with the same passion that you’ve displayed over the year.

    I believe that this very passion and not just the technical specs are what has endeared this company and this product to people all over the world. Hopefully the reality will be even better.

    Customs, and Tax are real issues when it comes to shipping all over the world. You say that you want to charge the same price all over the world. The reality is that this is impossible because every country has different taxes and duties, and as the buyer if I don’t see my final price before paying I’m in for a hell of a sticker shock when DHL wants to collect customs duty from me. That’s simply not done! This is an issue for Europe as well as India though probably not as much for US.

    There should also be a separate and specific policy for Defective piece returns or replacements. Maybe it is already out there, but not having the link for pr-eorder ( 😦 )I’m basing my comments solely on what is being discussed here.

    I recently bought something from by using services. They showed me the exact amount of Customs duty payable even before I made any payment. This is the experience that folks are looking for. Anything less is simply unacceptable because of the uncertainty it introduces and not necessarily because the final price is more or less expensive.

    I’m still waiting for my pre-order link, looks like I wasn’t included… Oh well… Though not a case of sore grapes I assure you 😀 …

    Here’s to wishing Adam every success!

  132. Yeah… this is clearly a sincere post, and I don’t mean to be a downer, but the right time for much of the information like Mastercard issues/unavailability, FCC info, and the reason you were holding back videos and expansive information would have been *before* the orders, not after.

    I fear the damage from this pre-order disaster has already been done, and no matter the blog posts and videos done after the fact, it’s going to be hard to undo. There has also been very damaging (though deserved) PR on most of the major websites, and this will also be quite hard to undo. Some may have pre-ordered, but many more are wary and are waiting for reviews and a larger release, while some have been alienated for good.

    The only silver lining to come out of this is if you *actually* learn from it – now is the time to release as much information as you have – photos, videos, accurate updated tech specs. Complete transparency is the only thing that will even slightly allay people’s concerns.

    Even I, who was one of Adam’s biggest supporters (I told everyone I knew to wait and buy this), have reconsidered my purchase until I can buy it in stores in the US, even if that means getting an interim tablet in the meantime.

    I still wish your company the best, and I hope to see an amazing Adam in stores soon, but you’re going to have to do a lot to get your credibility back. I really do hope you can do it.

  133. Good explanations I think. Sometimes there’s not much you can do about delays/technical issues etc. I think people are just quite frustrated due to the preceding excitement.

    Also good work getting your product ready for sale, and through certification.

    Look forward to more updates as they come 🙂

  134. i think NI should close its doors to the world .. and only sell to the family .
    that will ensure its success

  135. so if i order the pixel Qi, how do i know if it’s sold out before i placed the order? i received the order confirmation only this morning and i can’t see the timestamp on your blog. How do i know if i was able to get in the door?

  136. Rohan and others:
    I have a doubt..
    it looks like it will take for ever to get a good 3g in India.. by the time it comes I think LTE will super-seed it…there is mention of sim card slot in tech specs page…. can we make normal phone call on all other variants even if 3g is not there?
    I am almost sure we can, but just want to confirm

  137. yest It seems so :). Alteast he has mentioned in his comments that people who were nto sent mail will be given priority.
    But yeah It sane to go back to normal life :).Will wait for a real video.

  138. +1
    @ sa, is there nothing you can’t criticize at this time? Maybe you need to chill out for a while and see what happens..

  139. URGENT

    Rohan, Please make sure you check the preorders @ Notionink . com email. I sent an important detail that may be missing from my Shipping Information there.


  140. Dear Rohan,

    Now that you have told you will be spending the rest of the day reading the comments here, I am trying my luck. I have already sent a couple of emails which were unanswered. I believe the reason was this post which almost answer all my queries in the mail.

    As a tech blogger who have seen many product launches and pre-orders, the problem with Adam was that you didn’t have a SINGLE real photo (lets forget the video) of the device at the time of pre-ordering. I am not talking about the prototypes, but of the final product.

    Don’t you think that your approach of handling anything and everything only through this blog has caused some major problems? There is no one else other than you who is getting involved in PR related issues. That is definitely not good.

    Though tech bloggers have been very critical about the minute aspects of the pre-order saga, they have every right to do so, after all they are answerable to thousands and millions of their readers, isn’t it?

  141. Hello fellow fan from singapore,

    Can we get the shipping cheaper if we order together you think?

  142. No, I needed Pixel Q and 3 G; had AmEx and Visa at hand; no “family” email and then got shut out of Public ordering till those versions were sold out. Too late.

  143. Can you please share information on the import tax for United States residents. Thanks.

  144. hey Rohan……neither have I go any email till now….:-(…..checking my mail every 15 mins, since 12 midnight……and all this negative stuff needs a firm answer…..I believe a detail video demo will get some people back to where they belong……..C******. hope you will post video soon…..I feel should be ASAP….if we wait till 18th Dec….there will be more crap will be spread……

    Also I wanted Pxiel QI + 3G – never email and sold out already……:-( ????


  145. “In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases” We cannot hold on but we r forced to hold on becos they r already sold out 😦

  146. I got the email before 12 PST. I waited for over 6 hours before they started to work at all for anyone. I got into the order screen about 15 minutes too slow for the people who got Jan 9th dates and got the 6-8 week batch.

    My problem is that CCAve is detected by my bank as a fraud risk. I need to contact my bank during regular biz hours to allow some odd foreign transaction. CCAve might not be odd to you as a major Indian firm, but I certainly never heard of it in the US. This is not what I was expecting. If the website worked at 12 PST, I could have had time to contact my bank during the day to allow the charge. Now, I guess it is just sold out and I can look for another tablet maker even more months down the road.

  147. I’m very sorry, that we have now very negative feels here in the blog. I’m sad, sure, but as I and other often posted “shit happens”. So please calm down.
    It makes no sense to be angry against Rohan and NI. I thought they have done the most they can and they have to learn alot. And I think they will leran from the problems we all have had.
    The most import thing is, that Rohan will stay here and answer the questions we all have.

    Rohan, please be here the whole day.

  148. Shipping from China means 19% taxes for German customers… that means 514€ for the PixelQI with UMTS if it will ever be back in stock.

  149. It does matter. Because it is not about only one product, it is about what all we can do together. But right now baton is with us to deliver.


  150. Rohan, also, I am having trouble understanding how to tell if Adam Tablet will work on certain mobile networks. My current mobile network uses 3g bands 1700/2100, but other bands are available I think by other networks, I’m not sure. Which bands does Adam tablet use for US version?

  151. Me nether but I did order and this post make me feel happier about it 😉

    Thanks for the post Rohan

  152. @pradeept, I think he already explined that in this post. The shipping is universal, and goods are coming from China.

  153. ok DHL is expensive. So why not at least give an option to use a cheaper courier? I know for sure that something this size can be shipped world wide by some Chinese companies for less than $20. I don’t mind if it takes a few more days or even a couple of extra weeks to arrive, I would just like cheaper shipping.

  154. Thanks… This is clear communication and feels much better!

    Also, PQi variants out of stock? When can we order them now?

    Plus is the You tube profile actually yours Rohan? Or a fan?


  155. I feel that the EAP2 developers are being neglected. What happened to EAP developers getting there first to pre-orders as well as the perks that come with being on EAP?

  156. I live in Europe and I’ve tried several times this night to pre-order. Unfortunatly I always landed on a 503 error page. This morning, I finally reach the pre-order page but the Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G is sold out 😦 bad luck. Can you tell me when the next launch of Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G ADAM is forecasted, and if we, as part of the adam wordpress community, will still have the privilege to be the first to be able to order it ?

    Thanks for everything

  157. Dear Daniel,

    There is a production ramp up cycle. And production capacity was 100k per month than per week. We are waiting for fresh batch to give you proper shipping dates.


  158. @Rohan smile! you guys have done well. remember what people said about the ipad when it was released? i own that (and happy at that) & i’ve placed my order for the Adam. I’d love to get it in the first week of January, I’ll even save you money by picking it up myself (wish that was on the options) I don’t mind having paid the extra for shipping either cause the Adam looks like its going to be a great device!

    There were mistakes made and anyone who’s run a company knows that they’ll happen! You guys have done well so far. Let me know where you guys are this evening and I’ll buy a round of beer to celebrate 🙂

  159. hmmm whatever cathy,.. i am just having chocolate bar,.. 🙂 and i know i need a coffee.. anyways looks like have to wait..

  160. I had applied for EAP and was promised a pre-order invitation but the mail never turned up.

    More over no provision for Master Card, and ICICI Bank NetBanking was missing while others were available.

  161. This was a dissapointment to say the least, even having the faith in the product and not being able to buy, c’mon It was not like you did not know when you wanted the preoder to begin, shouldn’t all the ordering etc be in order before that day??

    And especially dissapointing to even hear it is sold out when the intention was to send out 30k of preoder invitations and only 10 k was sent out and still they are sold out??

    I guess it all comes down to too high of an expectation..Let’s see what CES brings and what other startup will be bringing to the table this year

  162. I placed 2 orders, and only received one confirmation letter from NI, but two letters from CCAvenue. The order that I didn’t get a confirmation from was NIO2564351. I think you’ve saved the house, but the barn is still on fire…

  163. @himanshu,

    I never see a comment from Rohan about ” people who were nto sent mail will be given priority”

  164. This was much more detailed… Waiting for 18th for the detail video of ADAM…
    Then am just gonna buy this beauty…. The best gadget in my possession….

  165. Had almost no sleep tonight waiting for the e-mail. I’m sure i feel like many others, a little disappointed, but I’m sure Rohan and his team is doing what they can to make this situation more bearable for us all.
    Just hope i get an answer on my question:
    *When will it be possible to order PixelQi again?
    *Do you know when the next patch will send out? (will it be late jan, feb maybe?)

  166. Rohan can you please please try to add a paypal method of payment to the system for when it goes public.

    thanks Paul

  167. i thought they where all coming in white version and then you can buy whichever colour you because its replaceable.

    hahaha oh well, wont be developing anything for this till i get my hands on one!

  168. Dear Rohan,

    Being a startup firm we can expect all these sort of issues , but before going online with a pre-order customers need to know completely about the specs , then comes pictures and videos and reviews etc.

    The Preorder module should have at least listed the major features including the storage space. i doubt people who ordered are aware of the complete specs of the device including the hard disk space.
    Being an indian company a lot of negative speculation can occur in the western world , especially when adam is tagged as a I-pad killer.
    Finally please try to release a few good actual pictures of the working model to start with and then go for the kill on dec 18th. This i am sure will make the fans happier

  169. Leaving apart the tech-wonders ADAM seem to possess, I am astounded by the ethics/integrity shown by Rohan all through this year, and specifically, this impressive blog-post.

    Generally India is spelled/propogated as a less-integrity country. Rohan and his team truly stands too far from it! I would like to kiss his hands!

  170. a “leaked” photo on accident would be nice =)

    To everyone who is doubting and has pre-ordered the video comes out on the 18th and the product doesnt ship until the 6th so you could always cancel the order if its not what you want. There will be a 20ish dollar Charge on the low end but I think everything will be clear in the end.

  171. That may be true from Notion Ink’s perspective but that really just makes it easier for the producer.

    Knowing that the product ships from China, I would be pretty upset as a customer if i was living in Hong Kong for example but will paying part of the shipping cost for another customer who lives in Timbuktu.

  172. people chill… relax.. wait some more time… buy some other electronics or move to Oprah blog. Why so much fuss about ordering yesterday. It is actually better and wise to wait a bit while those guys get things sorted out.

  173. “CES is where we intended to demo, show everything and allow for review, else there is no point for a good CES event.”

    A suggestion: reveal the secret mystery feature at CES.(and announce that you are selling Adams via too 😉 )

  174. OK, than it would be a good idea, the inform the people which are on your mailing list.

  175. Your credit card company has a fraud detection and prevention department. Talk to them. They will tell you that they use heuristic and statistical algorithms to analyze your spending patterns and habits, and everytime a payment has to be authorized they run it against these algorithms which automatically allow or deny the authorization.

    This is the same if you travelled abroad to India and did not inform your credit card company in advance about your travel. They would deny any authorizations in this case too.

  176. +1 and not even a mention of the magic word,just blame superstition for piss poor logistics.

    An apology to clients for failed deadlines etc,would go further to foster lost goodwill then lies and excuses.

  177. Rohan,

    In the prebooking process, there is no info on the colour, accessories & other options… so it would be better that if these are also included in the booking process where in many has felt to wait for some more time… Hope u would take some action on this which would be great

  178. Nothing personal, but NEVER EVER ignore the negative comments, just make sure you read them first 🙂


  179. Rohan, please clarify that in 550 + 50 i.e. 29,999 we will 8 GB, 16 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB…

    and in India CUSTOMS wud be extra or it wud 0 % (zero)

  180. Same here … supposedly … I sent a question to EAP asking if I was “family” if I was on the EAP 2 waiting list and the poor response I received told me “We really appreciate your concern and would like to inform you that information about pre-ordering facility and related details will be announced soon. We would also suggest you go through our blog and website for all the details which are in the public domain.

    Warm Regards”


  181. +1 – Surely won’t buy now at this point. I will wait to see if the reliability of the product is on par with the talent of Rohan for Buzz, or the talent of his team for logistics/sales execution.

    Let see the first few hands on… in, well, 6 weeks?!?!?

  182. So 10k were sent, and 30k are yet to be sent, and that’s just for the initial restrictive pre-order.

    I imagine these are majorly the diehard NI fans who have been following the adam for a long time, what take up rate did you expect?

    Even a 30% take up rate before the pre-order opened to the general public would result in 12,000 units.

    The average cost of the adam before postage is $462.52.

    If these figures are even remotely accurate, that would mean you were expecting to gross at least $5.5m from your devoted follows without providing them full disclosure to the spec of the product.

    Do you think that’s an ethical decision?

    I’m really not trying to add to your stress levels, I’m sure they must be through the roof, but I really think this has damaged the reputation of Notion Ink before you’ve even released the product.

  183. Good to hear the sales went that fast, although I’m not very happy I was one of the lucky ones (had to go to bed when the order page was still not working).

    Hopefully my pre-order link will still be valid for the second order round, since I really want the PixelQi version.

    And I guess this Mr. Murphy will be fired by now 😉

  184. I too spent (not fruitlessly) long hours hitting f5, getting steamed up etc. etc. It’s all part of the game of being an early adopter, there is a bit of the unexpected, the frustration. I personally loved the rush and the anticipation, and I’m not a regular fan-boy!!

  185. Well I did have my preorder link, but I wasn’t able to purchase Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G, as the site was 503 all time, and now I wake up and it’s sold out. I think the preorder system didn’t worked well enough and because of that i’m without my Adam.

  186. Well friends I am switching off for now . Time to go back to real life and finish some of the books that are pending for ages( Crooked House,Makers of Modern India).

    Will come to see a real video on 18th December. Any my support for the success of Ni is still there.

    @Sowmya,@Greg @ Vector,@Atul Tiwari, @Harvey186 do any of you guys are on Twitter? Would love to add you there(my handle is _jainhimanshu there). have a wonderful day.

  187. easy: when current stock or near term planned production numbers are exceeded!

    -Would not really make much sense to continue taking orders and saying expected shipping date 4-6 months…

  188. Was awake till 3 AM IST Yestrerday copying and pasting the link sent to my email address!
    but, it used to tell me the same thing, come at 12 PM PST!!
    Now , when i checked, Pixel Qi is sold out….
    I was not buying for myself but for a relative of mine!!
    Both are very sad now!!
    and 50$ just to ship from China to India :O!!

  189. ya even i need Pixel Qi and 3 G… i have cribbed so much to all … and the one fact that pains me more was.. I was not supposed to preorder ( i had spent several hundred dollars last week for my B school deposir) until today early morning when i realized i was getting an advance of 500$ as some prize money .. and i can make a payment using my credit card and when i woke up to no email.. i did snap big time… cos i was so hugely anticipating it!!!!

    so now good.. let me wait.. for the videos.. and more money in the pocket to spend..!!!!

  190. Rohan
    Well, I have to start by saying that I did get to order one earlier today (not gloating) and I did not get the email even though I should have(not complaining). As a person who travels internationally quite a bit and will be in foreign countries for long periods of time I am ecstatic with the global pricing. I am sick and tired of seeing a product like an iPhone which in America may cost 300 USD and the same exact product in the UK will cost 300 GBPs. Anyway, good on you and the shipping is equivalent to purchasing a computer from Dell that is shipping from Asia as well so no qualms there. But with the return policy and the best example you can give us is Apple? Isn’t one the reasons most of the people are here is because we expect more from Notion Ink than from Apple? More respect from their consumers and the understanding that we are not going to be gouged on prices and fees? I understand the costs involved in operations management and inventory control but some of the fees and the riders in your policies are a bit ridiculous considering you have never produced a product before.
    The lack of data on the product is appalling. You don’t have to release the exact specifics if it is still being worked out but how can you not tell people who are pre-ordering how much memory they will have? What is 8+? I know I am no where the first person to say any this but and I haven’t commented much since I first started following you when I was at CES in 2010 but you need to address these issues and fast. As of right now you are hemorrhaging good will in the word of mouth communities and possibly the techno blogosphere. CES 2011 will hopefully be a great launching pad for you but you also need to recognize that there are several other companies with the same intention. There will be only one winner of CES in the tablet wars. For example, if Apple were to debut the iPad2 then much if not all of your publicity is sunk, no media outlet will care. I believe that December 9th, 2010 was a PR disaster for Notion Ink but I also believe that you can recover. People will not abandon you if you give them reason to stay Rohan. Most if not all of the people here respect you and at least attempt to understand what difficulties you and the company are going through. That being said, first order of business is to recruit/hire/intern a PR person who has a complete command of the English language. Someone needs to be on the front lines addressing every (reasonable) question that arises. If you or someone had addressed the blog today in 30 to 60 minute intervals telling people that you were having issues then people would have understood and been patient. The lack of communication from Notion Ink is what has hurt/angered many of your devoted fans. Second, hire a marketing professional quickly. Very quickly. You need to rebound from this and you need to start a proper social media marketing plan. So far it has mostly been word of mouth and techno blogs and word of mouth may have just turned on you. You must maintain momentum.
    I apologize if this appears improper but as many many people here I want Notion Ink to succeed badly. I have had such high hopes for Adam and Notion Ink for so long and I know they can do it. But the mistakes that are being made are sophomoric and easily avoidable. If we are your family then you need to talk to us, it doesn’t always have to be Dad (Rohan) it can be someone else. I look forward to my Adam no matter how long it takes to get to me. Best of luck Rohan, we are all rooting for you.

  191. How do you know it went fast? Might have had only 16 for all we know, since it’s the size of a batch of PixelQi)

  192. I don’t understand why I missed the train :
    when I’ve followed the link in the mail, it was to soon. And now it’s too late ! :-((
    Really upset ….
    Please give us a second chance.

  193. @Rohan,
    Your problem is communication. Most of your messages create confusion and lot of the questions are raised.You put people guessing most of the time. Please stop teasing from now on. On top of, delaying your communication service makes annoying to many of us (especially long time blog followers).
    All the best.

  194. Oh come on…

    I tried to preorder twice but it didn’t work and now, there is no pixel-qi…

  195. Hi all,

    can we post all new comments at the end of the blog, because otherwise it’s very difficult the read all the comments.

    Same for your comments Rohan and thanks for being here.

  196. Ok this stinks. Why couldn’t you just tell us you were waiting until ces for certain things. Also looked what happened in 24 hours you want to wait 8 more days? Picture a newspaper with a bad article press saying we will fix this in 8 days.

  197. I wish I could stay up and follow this blog but I have got to get some sleep. It is good to see Rohan chasing down questions and answering where he can.

    I have one question I hope to find an answer to when I wake up tomorrow. But maybe you can’t answer it until all is revealed at CES. But here goes anyway…

    *How much internal storage will adam ship with?

    I’ve already pre-ordeed, but I’m still dying to know. 🙂

    Anyway, Thanks Roahn, and G’Night everyone.

  198. This is a nice start to clearing things up Rohan and I hope you continue to answer more of the unanswered questions later today and tomorrow.

    One question:

    -In general, how long can we expect to wait before getting a reply from an order inquiry sent to preorders at notionink dot com ???

    When I got my confirmation emails I noticed the ordering system introduced a mistake in my shipping address. I immediately sent a mail asking for this to be resolved *and* to let me know in reply. I’m hoping I will get confirmation soon about my inquiry…

    The efficiency and speed of customer service inquiries will be a big factor in your success!

    Finally, it’s too bad that it will take 10 days to put up a video -how about at least some real photographs in the next few days to calm people down (both customers and journalists)?

    Keep at it. Keep answering our questions. Thanks!

  199. Thanks for sharing more details Rohan, a bit late but still much appreciated.

    I was one of many who’s finger hovered over the Buy button and in the end decided to wait due to the lack of details and the many issues I experienced with the ordering website. I realised that I’d run the risk of missing out on the Pixel Qi display for the first batch of Adams and that seems to have already happened.

    More details about (future) availability of Adams wtih Pixel Qi screens etc would be very helpful so I can decide whether it’s worth the wait (for another X months??).

    Keep up the good work – you guys have a fantastic product and I wish the Adam will soon set the standard for tablets.

  200. Good point @ Andrew, that really needs to be looked into @ Rohan. There are people who had indicated interest in purchasing more than one item. The usual practise is to have a reduction in shipping?

  201. Rohan,

    If you have an option, do prioritize the tech specs to be updated with complete information first. Some images and if possible videos second. And the policy manuals third…

    Not just is it a more logical approach to quell the negative chatter, it will also set some early adoptors, (like me 🙂 pQI + wifi) who really took a leap of faith, at ease against all that they are hearing now…

    However, I can imagine that too many balls will be in the air at this time and this is probably just an oversimplification…


  202. You have already done plenty for customers!

    Even if Adam will not be the best-seller because of all kinks and little experience you have, you kicked other companies in their butts.
    All the time consumers are cheated by tech companies: They have some features developed, but they do not put them into devices, just cause they will earn more money buy holding it to the next version.
    And not only Apple does this; pretty much every big company: “Lets not give camera in this one, lets hold a bluetooth for a year, lets reduce memory, so we can increase it later, etc.”
    The introduction of Adam, feature rich and with no compromises, will move the whole industry by a year at least.

    Thanks and keep the awesome job.

  203. As computers are duty free to import into Norway, we will “only” have to pay MVA (VAT) which is 25%.

  204. Hello Rohan,
    I’m an active blogger for more than one year. I registered for EAP and you sent me an email which told me I will be one of the proorderers. But I got no mail!

    But it was probably very good for me that YOU decided for me not to preorder. Today I looked at the preorder page and I didn’t find any additional technical info. You promised that we get them on the preorder page.

    I don’t know if other “family members” ordered without
    – having seen real pictures of the final product
    – having seen a video of it
    – knowing the OS
    – knowing the memory size

    When you talk about refund policies/shipping price of other companies there’s a huge difference to NI (I live in Germany):
    – they deliver from Germany and shipping cost is much less then 50$
    – they have to respect german law which states that you can give back a faulty device within half a year without any cost.

    My personal summary is:
    I will wait for adam to be available in a german shop. I hope that when this happens more info is available that I can decide based on facts, not on enthusiasm.

    Good luck.

  205. YAY! I Can’t wait for the video! Finally we get to see it in action!
    I’m glad I decided not to pre-order, not because of the scam stories but because of all the complications, =)
    Even though sometimes it does seem WAY to good to be true, I do still believe the Adam is real… a scam wouldn’t have gone on this dedicated for a year just for the hope of getting some pre-orders! =)
    NI Just had some glitches… i think honest ones, but all the same, glitches. Some are mad, some agree they were honest glitches.
    Some people just need to give NI a break. Its not like they’re Apple or some big company who has been through this thousands of times before. They’re brand new! Not to be demeaning, but NI is like a toddler, taking their first step, they’ve tripped, but now they’re back up! 😉 You can’t expect everything to run perfectly! 😉 The way we get better is by the roadblocks we overcome! But it’s back up! YAY! ROHAN! =D

    The Adam is going to be GREAT! I Can’t wait for it! But I do want to see the video before I order, just to make sure it’s really worth it! 😉

    Also @ Rohan: Did you get the email I sent about the possible marketing idea?

    Cooper! =D

  206. i kind of agree, you have to be in heavy fire fighting mode now. try and do everything you can to make sure things don’t go further south… & don’t be angry, “with great power comes great responsibility :D”

  207. That’s what I’m interested in as well… although I got a preodering-link I had no chance at all to order a Pixel Qi tablet (I don’t want a “simple” version)…

    ==> When will new Tables with Pixel Qi be available?

    And two more questions:

    How are the customs handled? What is written on the packet with regard to the custom offices? I do not want to get my packet delayed by severals weeks as it is stucked in a custom facillity! :-/

    Can you access the google marked?

  208. @Rohan – You said that “but seems it is too difficult to keep everyone happy”. I guess that should be your first learning lesson.

    You should have identified at least some countries (US, Europeans, India, etc.) where the customer can enjoy normal warranty and return policies. I am not used to buying imported stuff because of ambiguous warranty and return policies. And I never thought that the Adam is going to be an imported item.
    Suggested action item 1: Either put up some retail centers or tie-up with a retail chain.

    The price of Adam is what I am most disappointed about. I think you somewhere mentioned that the best version of Adam would be cheaper than the most basic version of Ipad. Well I don’t mind paying $50 extra, but I never knew about shipping charges. Since you never mentioned about those extra shipping and handling charges in any of your blog posts, I can not trust your words now. NI is not that transparent as it is projecting it to be. Plus, why should each customer figure out the final price (including taxes, duties, shipping, etc.), if you have time to research on Tesla, you should have time to prepare a final price chart for each country.
    Suggested Action item 2: Put up a final price chart for each country.

    You blamed MasterCard and CCavenue. I agree that it’s their fault. But that makes me think – exactly what is Notion Ink? If you do not consider them as a part of your team, then do you consider the Taiwanese firm which fabricated Adam as part of your team? You might later come up with an excuse for manufacturing defect as “The Taiwanese firm XXX had some issues and hence we can not do anything about this manufacturing fault”.
    Suggested Action item 3: Start treating every firm related to Adam as a part of Notion Ink and own up for their faults.

  209. I feel the company has not analyzed its costing based on local storage…

    for example: let us assume you ask a ‘rabid’ fan to store the product (pre-packaged) and ship it between west coast USA to east coast USA (assuming the product comes from china, via the Long Beach harbor). Both UPS charges 4-8$ for ground shipment across….

    so the 36$ is something that is a theoritical price… and not the ground reality…

    Of course, I am assuming a “rabid” fan concept, till the point, you setup the right facilities… before you take over… USA & Europe are going to be major markets…and you are going to be hounded by designers to programmers to customers for creating a better product down the line… so presence and perceptions are very important…

    Likewise… we generally have a no questions asked 1 year warranty… on many of the electronic hardware that we purchase… and more importantly for you… to enter these markets… you will have to be extra consumer friendly… and with no-questions-asked return policy… particularly within the first 20-30 days… of course, assuming that you got everything but the packaging back….

    These is just an examples of the ground reality, we have in USA…

    Again if there is USA based delivery and returns policy… it makes it easier on both sides @ 4-8$, which the customer does not mind paying… but 100$ for a return (both receiving and sending back) is for sure, not acceptable…

  210. I am very much upset .My transaction failed I have no idea why.My credit card is in good standing , never defaulted and all my international purchases I never had any issues.

    I have an order number but the transaction failed and now Pixelqi is out of stock.

    This is not fair .Iexpect NI to resolve this issue and I should get my order.

  211. Nope, shipping is on a per-unit basis; doesn’t get cheaper if you order together.

    (Singapore resident 🙂 )

  212. That’s what I’m interested in as well… although I got a preodering-link I had no chance at all to order a Pixel Qi tablet (I don’t want a “simple” version)…

    ==> When will new Tables with Pixel Qi be available?

    And two more questions:

    How are the customs handled? What is written on the packet with regard to the custom offices? I do not want to get my packet delayed by severals weeks as it is stucked in a custom facillity! :-/

    Can you access the google marked?

    Greetings from germany,

  213. I’m angry, dissapointed and sad
    Pixelqi and 3g already sokd out and i didnt get a preorder mail. Thank you as a long time follower for killing my faith in you guys 😦

  214. your REALLY want to do that.. I wouldn’t take the chance of a cheaper courier..

    Just to find that centuries later my ADAM will be discovered as a part of some sea excavation

  215. This is not only for Sowmya but for everyone of us who didnt get the invite email.

    Guys, First of all be patient

    Its his (Rohan) way of doing to give priority to the followers and commenter a priority than others .. the way he looked at it was good and in right attitude .. but what happened is something different ..
    Its not just for us things got screwed up, its lot more in the ordering .. Warranty , return policy etc .. he needs to take care of such things carefully and on time to avoid bad reputation about Notion Ink … Give him a break .. let him solve bigger problems than this …

    As a family we support you and will wait .. solve other problems and come here ..
    I love the return you gave for Engadget earlier .. and the same way you will be able to handle other things as well ..

  216. Since ~300K or so adams are being shipped, does the standard shipping rates still apply? :-O

  217. It does not take a week to put together a video. Stop teasing, its getting annoying!!! If you can’t put up a video, then take a picture. Enough of these renders and photoshopped crap. Show something that is legitimate … it is that simple.

  218. Dear Rohan

    Posting again. As you may have missed (or ignored) it.

    I have only posted once, but have been a lurker for a year. Cheering from you at a distance, and proud (as an alum from your institute) of what you were trying to accomplish.

    You certainly displayed your brilliance and vision, but increasingly so a certain degree of megalomania and a God complex. “Too smart by half” is all I can say to your clues over the past few weeks, and it was embarrassing to see a cult of your believers putting their lives on hold for each of these clues.

    What happened over the past 48 hours has been a major disaster. If you built your brand loyalty around trust in your own utterances and your blog, you simply can’t go MIA when there is a massive screw up.

    I can understand logistical challenges that might confront a start up like yours ahead of a launch.What is hard to condone is creative language, that I admit is dishonest.

    1) Prices normally are “end user” prices. What is this thing about VAT being on top of your base price ? Ipad – or any other gadget – have prices that include all taxes (which could be in the 100Euro i.e. 135 dollar range in Europe).

    What you have listed is simply misleading and wrong. If you can spend hours drooling over what Tesla did or did not do a century ago, couldn’t you have computed the taxes and transparently added them to your list price, instead of misleading teaser prices ?

    I must admit this is rather sleazy, and tarnishes the brand you were building up around your own integrity over the past year.

    2) Ditto for shipping costs. S&H is normally location specific. Many of us have ordered from products shipped from Chinese locations, but most brands build the price into the product – or at least clarify that S&H costs are supplementary where the price is stated.

    In your case, the S&H costs show up miraculously only when one is about to order.

    3) How do you expect us to be dumb enough to order a tablet where we do not even know the internal storage in the specs ?

    It is time you stopped this cute strip tease. It is adolescent at best. From one IITian to another – GROW UP.

    A lot of people are trusting you with their hard earned money, and you are not being forthcoming even on the basics.

    Having succumbed – a bit – to the frenzy over the last 48 hours, having not received the promised email, I am waking up today wiser. Even though I find what you report on Adam to be terrific and I want such a tablet – you have simply lost a lot of trust in my book.

    I do not trust that the delivery would be within 6 to 8 weeks. I am almost positive NI will pull put a stunt like the IST/PST stunt yesterday when they couldn’t cope with user traffic. I am sure, you will say that the 6 to 8 weeks are actually not Earth weeks but Jupiter weeks and therefore x times longer on earth.

    I was ready with my credit card last night, but having seen the fiasco I will not pre-order for now. I still want the Adam, but I need the trust that it is from a company that doesn’t treat its clients as suckers.

    Advice to you — build back the trust with some straight talk to your clients. Don’t go MIA and then resurface with some stupid detail that is not central to our core concerns, or try to hide behind clues.

    Otherwise the same flames of internet passion that created the buzz around Adam can also fan out and burn what is- so far on paper – a revolutionary product.

  219. Social media is a double edged sword 🙂 I guess there is a lot to learn from the last two days – it was a social experiment, but I think there were elements of cultural difference, consumerism standards, and analyst expectations which had a curious interplay throughout the cycle…

    All in all though… more information can do no harm 🙂

  220. Rohan,

    Just 1 very simple question:
    Why was the pre-order opened for everybody when the 20k of the 30k family didn’t get their email?
    Do you think they feel like family with a remark that they have priority for the next batch?
    Please give me an answer.



  221. However, I think this blog post of yours is especially well written and easy to understand. 🙂

  222. I’m sorry all, but this is ridiculous. There are some many questions flying around (OS version, internal memory, warranty issues, untransparent prices exc. VAT, no videos, no real pictures etc … ) and yet the two posts that have been made to address it are so watery and lacking in any kind of detail it is ridiculous.

    NI should have all this information at their finger tips, and yet what we actually get is a vague post looking at other companies policies and stating that they are example of what it could be? Stunning. I’m astounded.

    The next post Rohan needs to be an in depth, 100% detailed account of EVERYTHING that people need to be aware of in order to purchase such a product. Not throw away statements, or vague intimations of possibilities … but COLD, HARD FACTS.

    When are these machines coming to localised stores? I don’t particularly want to pay a surprise tax charge when the goods eventually wash up on my shores. In a previous post did you not state that NI were in Europe? Where abouts? On holiday? Working? Selling from one territory and asking the consumer to foot the hidden costs is very Ebay seller-like and not what one would expect from a “new light”.

  223. Hi Rohan,


    – Thanks for the pre-order page. Missed my mail, though i expected to be get one. But fine.
    – Multiple variants good options & prices great.
    – Shipping from China, accept it is not such an easy process for a new company.

    But despite these there are some things which would be worth clarifying. We’ve put in our monies already merely with “FAITH”. If this is hit, it won’t be just for “Notion Ink” but for product startup scene in India. Remember “Cheapest Laptop” and other stuff ????

    So do a few things
    – Clarify on the storage capacity ? ! ? Even though i’ve ordered i’ve no clue.
    – The confusing prevailing around 3G in Adam. Which one has what ?
    – Some “REAL” pictures of Adam. I know u’ll want to showcase it @ CES et al but some “REAL” pictures to convince the naysayers & skeptics & to please those who’ve already ordered.
    – This whole exercise of the blog is now coming to the light like a “PR Exercise” – “No Tech” / “Delivery” which is not true . ( I Hope )

    So a few details on the technical side & a few ( just a few pics ) will help long way.

    Amith !

  224. ah ok, so what’s the advantage having somebody fired?
    – some people may feel as they got their “revenge”
    – search for somebody new
    – who does his job in the meantime?
    – adam release gets even more delayed

    I’m a software developer and I know that things take time. I also know that customers don’t know that and when they want something, it has to be done yesterday. What more than excuses can somebody do in just a few hours?
    And all of you want to hear even more from Rohan. Every word he types needs time – time that he could also take to solve the problems. So let him solve the problems and wait until then.

  225. Good points Sowmya; hard to leave emotion behind when tearfully unable to accomplish something so much effort and belief went into. But, business is business, and it will never be family. I learned that a long time ago, and suspended that belief here … ah, well, the Pixel Q 3 G is sold out, I got shut out and there is no way to fix that for a long time. Demo here in U.S. on shelves … doubtful anytime soon unfortunately.

  226. Your explanation about warranty is not correct.
    You have to give a warranty according to each country legislation. I’m going to say again that for Europe the warranty covers 2 years, not only 1.
    The Apple’s document says, if i’m not wrong, that his one year warranty is in addiction to the protection law of each country. So If I’m in Europe, Apple gives to me a 2-year warranty. So I hope you apply the same policy.

    Have a look Toshiba warranty condition for Europe!!! 2 years!!!
    Don’t have a look to Apple conditions. Apple is known to be reported several times due to its contractual conditions and always the consumer has won the claim.

    Furthermore, some extra-charges you apply are unfair for e-commerce.

  227. It is sad that Pixel Qi is sold out, because that is what adam is all about for me.

    I will continue to follow Adam, and I hope that 2011 will bring Adam to my table with Pixel Qi.

    When will sales from an office in Europe be available?

  228. Why is the PixelQI display variant sold out, if at most 10k people were able to preorder?

  229. Fogot to mention one more thing … it happens with everyone and every company ..

    When Apple released iPhone 3G, Steve said it will be avalilable across Global for 199$, but that never happened in India (because of whatever reason it may be … still it didnt happend) similarly recent announcment on white iPhone which is not out yet …

    All these didn’t raise big concerns , but its happening for NI, its becasue Ni is start up and no trust on the market… let Rohan work on building that …

  230. Great post. Just for your information, and I know trying to understand so many countries different laws and expectations must be a nightmare but in Europe we have much stronger laws regarding warranty and returns than the conditions you have in place. Even if the sellers Ts and Cs say differently they are bound to follow them. After all I’m not sure I could actually get something shipped back to China/India within 10 days if needed so I’ll wait until there is some sort of retail/distribution presence here.

    I’m looking forward to your post on the 18th, I still think you need to answer quite a few questions for more people to order though maybe that’s not a problem given production is still ramping up and demand is > supply. Things like confirming Android market access (even if that’s still in negotiation), back side trackpad, flash size (8GB I assume but 8+ is listed on the site).

    That said I’m excited still about the Adam, the software looks streets ahead of anything else out there just don’t let these silly teething problems derail you.

  231. Adam is a dream, and I think it will stay on for me.
    I’m watching Notion Ink now since almost a year and I was very impressed by what I’ve seen at the CES and on your Website.
    After talking to you in March I hoped that Adam would be released in April and that I was eligible to order one. But nothing happend, so I read you blog and waited to get an answer from you. Now finally there is the possibility to preorder Adam. I was online for 24hours waiting for information on how to preorder, but it seemed like you only played with us for hours. Then you write that the family will get a preorder email and my hope increased…but the sad fact is that I didn’t receive any emails from you, and that after being here for so long time and also being told that I was added to your list.
    And now after the 6 hours “family” preorder I can’t even order my Adam because you don’t take mastercard and your policies did the rest to me.

    I just think that it shouldn’t be. I tried it for so long time, but the only thing which I get back is frustration. I hope that in the far future you’ll get a german distributor so I can buy an Adam(or perhaps the successor) there without any problems, but for now I give up. I wish you and everyone who was able to preorder good luck!

  232. Dear Rohan,

    I have been posting onw without getting any reply its like throwing a stone in pond where there is now water,

    Anyways here goes one more what about us who tried ordering 5 times and where not getting through and when we got through the variant which i wanted was already sold out so when will we get a chance to do so…..

    anand desai

    A answer for this will be a nice thing if you could do……..

  233. At least one yogi got it.. don’t worry i bet there would be hardly a weeks difference between us receiving it.

    Don’t want to be mean ///just humor

  234. Dear Rohan, Dear notionink,
    I saw your firm for the first time at CES 2010 and after that i found your blog and continue to follow you and comment from time to time at your blog present your product every where and i even applied for Early access program and been accepted and passed the 1st barrier but not the second one! i hoped that as we voted before developers will get the priority to get Adam but what i see was something totally else! I wait for my email as a part of EAP2 waiting list or as a commentator on this blog but no mail from notionink! and right now that i found out about the preoder what interest me is not available any more!! I am disappointed! At first i think its just me but i read more i found more about that notionink didn’t keep they promise i hope you can find a way to keep your (volunteers) developers ! since there! Have a good day rohan and all!

    Waiting for your respond
    And Goodbye


  235. +1 – This is valid for several key roles if the company wants to grow from a Lab to an electronics company (let alone a “singularity enabler”):
    – Customer Service (someone who does not JUSTIFY or EXPLAIN, but RESOLVES ISSUES)
    – Channels/logistics management (why pay $50 shipping from China when you should have an operation in the US, and ship at local cost, i.e. ~$10?)
    – PR (Yes you are good at one part of the buzz, the climax, but we just witnessed a major anti-climax, and that’s part of PR too)

  236. @at Rohan Shravan

    Have you thought about taxes in Europe? I think you have not taken into account that all products sold in Europe have to pay a tax equivalent to 20% of product price.
    If you send the product from China and you have not paid taxes, then the shipment will be probably retained at the customs until the customer to pay the fees.

    Please, many people have asked this already, but I have not seen any response from you about it. If you care about the European market, please respond. We need a clear answer, because these fees can be quite expensive (100 €).

  237. i got the email but still cudn’t pay online…. it did accepted… even in the open to all duration…

    please find a mid way so that loyal fans get chance in 1st shipmment

  238. Hi Rohan,

    I think u can post the no. of adams preordered already.(out of stock)
    Well we can make it like a big hit… the full batch of first adams preordered within 12hrs… isnt it a good record??? (its good publicity… unless the first batch is very less)

    looking to get my adam soon. i too missed the preorder. but no problem… maybe i will wait for it to hit the Indian market.(it will be worth it i suppose… even though i prefer to get it as soon as possible)

    Do spend on marketing…. Good luck! try to delegate the work…


  239. To speak for Rohan, I think his intention for starting the pre-ordering process was to make the “family members” happy. He didn’t want to share all the information at this point, and he expected only those who follow NI to take a “leap of faith” and invest their money. It was never intended to be a final launch, as it will happen at CES.

    But because so much hype has been created, everyone wanted to pre-order now. Obviously everyone’s expectations weren’t met and resulted in this chaos. Now I wonder, who should we blame for it?

  240. absolutely agree, for me the system rejected my payment (FYI i bought another device few minutes later and more expensive from china without any problem).

    i would try another but i would have the pixel QI display like i’ve tried at first.

    @rohan: any informations ?

  241. Families have problems too.

    Communication is key. And I think towards the end NI messed that up a bit.

    Many of us perhaps are not skeptics but cynics. So being able to see a prototype, a video will allay fears.

  242. At least you got a response!!! ive had jaff all off them. i was clicking refresh on my token email last night for 2 hrs, then gave up. all sold out now. i should have had my order in at 12 pst last night, NI refused me and gave my order to someone else in the general public.

  243. Thanks for the quick response, wasn’t sure how long it would take to see some updates to the blog regarding the whole preorder fiasco.

    I ultimately chose not to preorder because I wasn’t satisfied with the lack of information (on warranty, shipping, etc) or real in-depth presentation/explanation. I wasn’t angry, just not comfortable enough to preorder, especially with the sudden and never-before mentioned price jump on the Pixel-Qi versions. That being said, I’ll be content to see the official unveiling in January, even if it means I have to wait longer to get a hold of a PQ Adam. I hope long-term shortages won’t be an issue for the real release.

    Still love from the US.

  244. Hi Rohan,

    it would be cool if it was possible to pre-order the out of stock variants too (or at least be able to sign up for a waiting list) … and it would help you to plan your production as well I guess 😉


  245. the spec page say there’s 1GB SLC, 8+ GB Flash & an micro SD card slot!
    so the adam should definitely have 8GB flash at the least.

  246. To which we should add:

    – Manufacturing/logistics head (to help you NOT DEVIATE from the rather industry standard question “If I want this product, how many can I have? for how much? by when?”

    You may want to check Alibaba: MOQ, Max capacity, clear all inclusive price, Availability date, Deliv Date are rather standard in the industry…

  247. @Rohan and NI

    Gr8. Thanks for clarying your position and what is really happening behind the scenes. Coming to CES 2011, please take with you a complete product (with all apps out of beta). Or else everyone out there will ridicule the intelligence of the NI family and its supporters. I tried to order the Pixel QI+LCD+3G from UK. The transaction was declined. I tried to re-order and it says SOLD OUT. I very much want this version. Is there a way the production line could be extended to come up with more of this particular version, especially because it is popular. Coming to 6-8 weeks shipping. That is too far down the line. People will be put off by such long lead times. You need to improve on the shipping dates.

  248. Good on u for the damage control. Side note what movie formats does the Adam support, will the TV out be smiler to the Archos Tablets (Button press, screen becomes touch pad) ?

  249. This was the comment posted by Rohan::

    “On it as well. There are around 30k emails to be send. System just sent 10k and then restricted us from sending any more. Some technical glitch. We have saved the list of all those who werent sent emails, and they will have their rights on the next shipment.”

    SO i suppose right here is priority(?)

  250. I think that this whole thing is a scathing indictment of the attitude of the world. (Particularly the United States, and I am ashamed because i am from California.) This attitude that the world Owes you. and that if something goes wrong, it MUST be sinister string-pulling. It shouldn’t, but it always does, shock me that if i go to the drive-through at any fast food chain, if the time it takes to make ones food exceeds 5 min people become frustrated, over 10 and they are ready to shoot, or at least yell at the employees.
    My Generation in particular has no ability to be patient, nor extend the benefit of the doubt.
    Regrettably, so few people who are commenting have their pictures up, but (judging from the good grammar most of you have) I would say that most are older than my paltry 24 years. That being said, I am disappointed that more of you don’t act like Grown-ups, and show some consideration to a company and CEO that have been trying their darnedest from day 1 to please you, and me and everyone in between.
    I understand your frustration; some of you feel cheated, or even stolen from. However, as Rohan has TRIED to explain, Things happen. Just try not to fly off the handle!
    Rohan, keep up the good work, and don’t let these technical problems, negative press, and reactionaries get you down. I am excited to see my Adam, and i am sure that you will too.
    Oh, and PLEASE(!) before you make any demands to know details on the Adam, look at the website, and previous posts to see if it has been answered already.

  251. I think we have to add 19% taxes + 38€ shipping costs. Duty should be free if it gets into the “Computer” category.

  252. Perhaps they were limiting themselves to only selling units they actually have, instead of selling an IOU to be redeemed within the next 6 months.

  253. Ouch. I was out for 4 days (no internet at all) and It’s already done :(((((
    Please someone tell me when I can order my Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi Adam !!
    Please !

  254. +300 – Are we going to learn at CES that actually you don’t have the product? But the idea is there?

  255. One more question 🙂
    Will the rest of the 30k pre-order people get an e-mail on the next patch. If so, when would they expect it? (Asking cause I’m reading for my exam, and are way to exited on Adam)

  256. @Rohan

    Once again, I would recommend that you include the PayPal option which takes care of most cards and they are less pricey than CCAvenue.

    A country-wise customs/taxes list will also be very helpful.

    Another suggestion I made previously was to have a pre-order with some token amount in the range of 100 USD / 5000 INR.


  257. @Cathy did you recive a mail for pre-order or did not receive at all like many of us.
    Because if you did not, chances are that after the real videos will be out, you will have the right to order it earlier before the general public.

  258. Is the first batch of PixelQi version shipping in 8-12 weeks? When is the next batch delivered?

    I got the “family pre order mail” and waited to almost 0300 IST. No chance to order during that time. Since i live in Sweden and work during the days I couldn’t wait any longer so I went to bed. When i got up and accessed the pre order page the pixel qi version was aloready sold out. Am I out of luck or is it possible for us to get a pixel qi version anyway?

    I am only interessted in pixel qi and 3g.

    Please also update the specification page on your web. Is gps included in all models?

    Can you share the number of units in the first shipping?

    Keep up the spirit!!! 😉

  259. I don’t trust APL either, I’m not sure why you should too. I’m fairly sure that each one of their major news / press releases have contained a rather large lie or mistruth. I wasn’t aware of the India situation, but I just added that to my list.

    Quickly: No acknowledgement of antenna shorting issue (“all phones suffer this”, no they don’t. They’re inside, no shorting possible). Flash is closed ( / even if it’s controlled by one company, they’re pushing H 264 as standard despite it being patented and involve royalties for video chat). etc.

  260. In one of his earlier comments above, Rohan mentioned that prices will be lower if the product is purchased from local retail partners. This implies that NI are in talk with some local retailers. If this is the case, you can buy the product from the retailer, instead of visiting Customs. At product launch (maybe on Jan 6th – 9th) they may announce their retail partners across the globe.

  261. Rohan,
    I understand that you want to unveil the ADAM in its full golory at CES so you havent disclosed the important information. Then you would have simply mentioned long time back about CES plans and taken the pre-orders accordingly. It would have caused less agony to everyone including you.
    I am not giving up on the NI, only want them to more careful about creating more hype. There are so many examples in recent history shows that hype is dangerous.
    Today when I went to pre-order page I couldnt decide between LCD or Pixel QI. WHY? because there is no info available. So I have decided to wait and buy when I can go to a store and have demo myself.

  262. And it was *not* “will also have” it was *will have” So i firmly belive it’s priority.
    @Rohan can you please provide more clarity over it. I think my interpretation is correct.

  263. Proper preparation prevents piss poor perfomance. This whole event looked improvised to me. I was prepared to make a leap of faith, but the terms and organizing of the pre-order process prevented me from doing so. I really wanted this product and firm to succeed, and I feel they still might do so, but they better start hiring the right people to prevent more shit from hitting the fan.

  264. And please answer some more questions…
    At least these 2 –

    1) What is the exact internal memory of Adam?
    2) Will we be able to download android apps from the Android marketplace?


    All d best!

  265. no information abt the color in the order page …

    no images..or videos…abt the variants…

    wat Dec 18th…?
    you could have started the pre order then …
    its like putitng images or videos of the most awaited product never crossed their minds…

    with 4 variants and two colours…
    dont know what colour are they supposed to ship in 6 to 8 weeks time….

    .. and no excuse for having such a lousy ordering system…

  266. I wanted to order too but could not, but that does not mean I start complaining NI. I know NI people out there are smart enough and will correct all possible issues before next roll out.

    People are dying to have Adam and they did not get that chance this time , which is actually shows how SOLID the product “seems”.

    NI is still a tech start up and there are many giants out there already with their product, they will be certainly feeling a potential (and perhaps solid competition) coming their way.

  267. What a disaster of a roll-out! I didn’t follow all the links, but I don’t need to in order to know that there is NO WAY that if Apple ships me a DOA product, I do not have to pay a restocking penalty to have them give me one that works. Ridiculous.

    The lack of videos/reviews by trusted sources is truly absurd. Rohan — we are not asking you to deviate from industry standards. We are asking you to come within a mile of industry standards! In what industry is it standard for people to plunk down hundreds of dollars for a product sight unseen??!!

    Finally, and the most egregious of all in my opinion, there is STILL no answer on basic, basic questions, such as how much storage does the darn thing have (8+???), will the Market work, etc.?

    Kudos to anyone who actually pre-ordered this thing in light of all of this. You are the true believers I guess. As for me, the only leap of faith I’ll be taking is in church; when it comes to buying a gadget, I need a little more empirical evidence!

  268. So very sad! While you guys at NotionInk are happy that the PixelQiproduct sold out in no time, you have failed to meet up to the expectation of those of us who have waiting for months. All for nothing 😦

  269. Rohan- thanks for listening and agreeing to put up a video. Maybe we can see an actual photo of the finished Adam before the video goes up? I will be waiting for reviews before I order ( as I always do) – I am interested in things like viewing angles, sharpness, brightness, responsiveness of screen etc before I part with my cash. Very impressed though with the way you read, take note and act on suggestions from the blog- never known that from a company before and you deserve much credit for that imo.

  270. Ola, please calm down. It was declined by your bank or credit card provider, not by Notion Ink. They probably have a general rule that put ALL first-time transactions to India on a “high risk – must verify manually!” list. You should direct your anger at your bank, not Notion Ink.

  271. Yeah I do. I have had numerous items shipped from china for cheap and the shipping has always been fine.

  272. I think this kind of introspection is a good thing. My doubt about pre-ordering without any reviews, videos etc. was taken away by the fact I couldn’t pre-order because mastercard wasn’t supported. I guess there’s a lot to learn by a startup like Notion Ink, trying to please everyone and still doing things their way. It looks like the early supporters will stick anyway, I hope the rest of the world will look at it the same way and the Adam and it’s children become a success.

    Still eagerly awaiting my Adam, although it’s in the more distant future now …

  273. no information abt the color in the order page …

    no images..or videos…abt the variants…

    wat Dec 18th…?
    you could have started the pre order then …
    its like putitng images or videos of the most awaited product never crossed their minds…

    with 4 variants and two colours…
    dont know what colour are they supposed to ship in 6 to 8 weeks time….

    .. and no excuse for having such a lousy ordering system…

  274. I understand all this. My complaint is that we were expecting *some* shred of localized distribution, especially in the US. What is the point of Rohan’s recent post “NI is in Europe this week” and such. This is my last post for now, but I didn’t expect to have to use some oddball CC processor, who by the way has it’s own rules against taking such preorders more than 10 days beyond shipment date (read my posts on last blog).

    The information sharing has been poor… I have a Visa but I would be just as pissed if I had MC only. Even not being able to get MC in time is understandable. Opening it to the public while the first group was having issues is the mistake. I am far from the only person who got declined. This all needs redone, or they can just say screw the dedicated followers who got shafted by their errors.

  275. Perhaps along the lines of being open and transparent to us for so long, you could utilise the many strengths of us to resolve any technical difficulties.

    I’m sure there are many engineers, administrators and even social media gurus lurking around.

  276. first disappointed not to get preorder email. still went ahead and ordered for qi + 3g ( i need 900 series though in US).i placed order with all faith in rohan and adam. i have seen many demos. i expect / pray that adam will live to the expectation.

  277. Rohan,

    Thanks for making me proud and happy in the beginning (almost a year ago) but now realy thank you for making me sad, disapointed, lot of headache and no sleep for almost 24 hours.

    It realy broke my heart that i haven’t received any mail till now, and gues what, now the pixel qi is sold out! Realy Thank you very much mister Rohan 😦

    You say you feel sorry about that for everybody who didn’t get mail, for everybody who couldn’t order. But what you are going to do about that?

    I think NI Adam is just going to be a dream for me, to disapointed for the moment, have no words for it.


  278. i can’t believe the pixel Qi models have sold out! well i should of guessed as much, goin to have to spend my xmas money on something else now.
    was really looking forward to getting one too (will probably still get 1 when stock come available next year?)

  279. Thanks for your efforts Rohan, just woke up this morning and found my link in the spam folder. Shame pixelQI versions are sold out, but well sooner or later ill get one.
    Im looking forward to see the in depth video i think that would vanish most of our doubts.

    Apart from the coloured side strip, are they going to be more accesories? Someting wich ill find very usefull would be a foot stand as the archos 101 has to hold in place like a picture frame when not in use, or maybe a charger stand wich would serve for both purposes.

    Best wishes.

    note: Androids eat apples these days 😉 .

  280. Honestly folks, the last week was a crash course in go-to-marketing for a startup with awesome promise. It’s all good.

  281. My credit card transaction failed fro mysterious reasons only known to their CC company.

    I am still waiting for preorder support to reply back to me

  282. I ordered in morning. But some of the post about CUSTOMS makes me worried. How do you handle customs in India? I dont have good experiences of receiving goods via courier on that front?

  283. @Rohan
    At the risk of repeating a question that has been asked again, I’m sure there are loads of people out here who would like to know when the NI Adam would hit the retail stores in India (Bangalore) and for that matter, the rest of the world – as you said, cost of purchase would drop considerably when it hits the retail market. So when exactly can we expect retails sales?
    On a lighter note, Rohan, I’m sure I’m speaking for a billion people when I say, we are extremely proud of you. Congratulations!!! 😀

  284. At this point a customer care call-center should have been up Rohan.Your most loyal fans had nowhere to go when they kept getting issues with pre-order.The very least you can do is put up contact number where all your customers can get help and know whats going on.

    Secondly, if you want to “DEMO” Adam only at CES then so be it, but nothing stops you from starting a teaser advertisement campaign through print media and/or TV commercials.Atleast you wont have to worry about the negative publicity floating around the web about Adam being a scam?


  285. Thanks Rohan,
    Glad. You answered-what, why, when. We want adam a history making.
    Best regards.

  286. Why ignore the negative comments? It doesn’t seem like they are malicious. More importantly, they are genuine concerns of fan that was borne out of frustration over the last couple of days. I think it is constructive for NI to read them and take heed, so that this doesn’t happen again for Eve and other future products.

  287. Rohan I have followed this blog for almost a year too and although at times it has been frustrating with a bit too much teasing it has most of the time been very interesting and i am sure most of us are very grateful for it!
    The pas 48 hours have been tough for everyone- I am sure not least for all of you at notion ink but the situation is definitely redeemable!
    Now is when you need complete transparency and it seems you are doing this:)
    My individual complaint is that i never received my email so preordered anyway but now must wait a long time. I am sure there are many like me who feel very disappointed in this. I also received no confirmation of my order from NI either:(
    We all have a lot of worries and issues which will have to be resolved case by case. I hope you have a strong support team in place!
    Anyway good luck moving forward- pick up the pieces and move on. Do a great presentation on the 18th and a lot will be forgiven!
    Don’t get disheartened – these are just the first steps… they are expected to be a little clumsy!

  288. @Rohan,

    I was willing to get a WiFi+3G model. But am not able to decide on the pixelQi vs LCD. I wont be using it much outdoors. Still i need something to rely on to take the decision.

    What are the storage (hard disk capacity) options?

    What about the extra amount that’s being charged for Indians? Some say it is showing $599.99 first and after confirmation, it jumps to some $611 or so. What is that extra for? taxes? need more clarity.

    Good luck..

  289. I want to express my dissatifaction with the pre-order process.
    Why the heck do you start an EAP for developers and than give priority for pre-ordering to “family”, which seems to be defined by people who have nothing better to do than comment on your blog all the time?
    It’s disappointing to see that indicating interest and support for your product from the very beginning doesn’t seem to matter very much but filling the comments of a blog with trivialities does.

    If people who were able to pre-order are told they might have to wait 3 months, when are the rest of us supposed to be able to get our hands on one? As a developer I *need* time to be able to produce something. So far there’s no SDK even and we’re definitely not going to be happy developing products on an emulator knowing we can’t test on the real thing even knowing the product is already out there (and you can hardly publish something you’ve never tested on a real machine).

    Like I said, pretty disappointing.

  290. I for one am still glad I preordered :).
    Anybody who preordered will get their Adam shipped around January 6th, or is there a possibility that, even though I preordered, that I won’t be part of the first batch?

  291. I am disappointed… Rohan excluded me from the family. I did not receive any email from NI, missed the chance to preorder the 3G-Qi (the only variant I would consider) and now will be drooling over videos and reviews until I’m able to get one. Rohan really disappointed me! I have not been only a follower since CES this year but actively participated in blogs when we used to have ~50 comments per post, took every challenge/survey that Rohan brought and now he’s giving priority to people that came out of nowhere 2 days ago? I can’t believe that it’s 1am and i’m still taking time to write this…

    I guess one less family member makes no difference to Rohan especially now that the company is probably exceeding even his dreams… Well, maybe this will make me wake up to reality. It was a nice dream … why does it hurt? 😥

  292. Well, if you see someone carrying an adam in the MRT looking smirk about it early next year…

    Yea, that would be me.

  293. @Rohan Shravan,

    Truly I do celebrate your successful launch.

    Unfortunately there will be no Pixel Q 3 G delivery to those of us who got shut out of the “family” email and the public offering. I expected “testing” issues to occur, maybe even payment issues, and I was prepared to act on faith based on what I saw here, and wait for the grand unveiling I was sure you had planned for CES. I figured even if mine wasn’t delivered in time for me to bring along, I might get to see one while I patiently waited for my red one to get here … Had the AmEx, Visa and PayPal funded and sitting by the computer for 24 hours, but not to be … ah, well.

    Please do celebrate the sell out, and best of luck with the dream; you will do well.

  294. You know, lets see all you grumpy people handle a startup who’s product demands have exploded on your face over night, and then we’ll see how many of you have the guts to post “heart wrenching” messages like this.

  295. @Rohan Shravan

    Please, there are still lot of question without an answer. Why are you avoiding to response them??? mainly i want to know about two of them

    – European Taxes
    – Adam Storage

    Could you , please, give us any answer?

  296. And please oh please.. for people who do not follow this blog but still like adam… release you FCC filings to some tech blogs… it speaks a lot about your credibility to the general consumer… think about it…

  297. Me neither, and there are about 20k other people who are just as peeved as you (I’m glad I could preorder a PQ+3G from the “public batch”). That makes two peeved ones in contrast to one glad one, though some or even most of the glad ones didn’t use their pre-order link accordingly. By filtering them beforehand, some server stress could have been prevented.

    However, a few more things could have been better in hindsight, but as they happened this way, we have to live with it. There will be other batches of adam, as well as new pre-order waves. Let’s just hope Rohan tells us when the next batches will be available for pre-order.

    So long

  298. I have one failed transaction with my cc before i was able o place order. have to check if im charged. lol

  299. well for the ones put up now, it said 6 to 8 weeks for shipment
    so now u can deduce when the next shipment will be !
    it is better not to raise another expectation.. better to be open to all possibilities and just wait

  300. I’ve just resent my help email – the CCAvenue error screen provided a different email address for getting assitance from you guys. I haven’t had a response from the email I sent to that one so maybe it is wrong.

  301. Because of my participation on the blog over the last 11 months, I was one that got the pre-order/pre-booking link that would give me access to order 6 hours before being opened up to the rest of the public. Way before the 6-hour window of time was even close to being over, I went to the order page at 3:45 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) to find that the Pixel Qi models are sold out.

    It is hard to believe that you (NotionInk) didn’t even have enough stock or allow enough orders to get thru a couple of hours of your initial 6-hour window set up for the faithful fans. You should have at least had enough stock or allowed enough orders to get thru the first few hours.

  302. Hi Rohan,

    In the official site, when i click submit or proceed in the preorder pages, it simply goes to the ccavenue website. Please add a validation function to check !

  303. Have you guys thought about the customs duty? Even though you have mentioned it somewhere that the customs duty will be 0-100% and the customer has to pay it on receiving the shipment, I expect many people would get surprised and pissed off by these charges. For instance, the customs duty for electronic goods in USA is about 35%, you should probably reply them and tell them this in advance so there wont be negative reviews (about the price etc), when they receive the ADAM.. Remember, from the last night’s incidence everyone is pretty sure that NI is a startup company and have lot of things to learn. I can also predict that the monetary resources must be limited for you guys. The last thing you guys would want is to being labeled as cheats.. that will hurt a lot of dedicated followers like us. Thanks
    looking forward to see the demo videos on 18th..

  304. Hello Rohan,

    Just a quick suggestion. Wouldn’t it be fair since a lot of people did not pre-order due to the lack of videos or mastercard support to have another round of pre-orders (short one) so that people that were here in the process still have a chance to get their hands on the most awaited gadget?

    Anyone +1?

  305. Rohan stated in a previous post “Default Adam comes in Matte Black Color with white strip, but this strip is replaceable. Starting Mid-Jan our partners will start shipping different colored strips and you can customize according to your own preference!”

  306. I have to say i agree with you, No one is asking for you to deviate from industry standards. There are basic questions that need answering that have not been addressed and seem to be ignored or forgotten.

    Its understandable being a startup, to make mistakes, You have been very precise and calculated in everything you presented or spoke about prior to today in your execution which is why i believe it came as such a big surprise to everyone how this was handled. Sure it was very dissapointing, but you live and you learn.

    I guess it will be what you take from this experience that will define the future of the company. I have said this before and ill say it again. Communication is key. Give as many updates and responses to peoples concerns as much as you can. You would be surprised what a world of a difference it makes. Understandable you probably dont have time to listen to everyones concerns, but at such a critical stage in the birth of this company sometimes you have to take a moment and listen.

  307. This post has gone a long way to elevating any concerns I did have. Still I placed my pre-order last night, so may be I am not one to comment on that. I would say that the more transparency you have in this area the better. Less risk of unfair allegations and rumours spreading that way.

    Being in the UK the terms and conditions do seem a little steep. The EU distance selling regs require a complete refund if a return request is made with in 10 days for any reason, to make for the fact the customer was unable to interact with it like they would in a store. That said the US and other countries it looks fairly normal.

    I think its a legal gray area as to where the transaction took place and under which jurisdiction, particularly in terms of the Credit Card companies involvement.

    Anyway I have every confidence it wont come to that.

    I like your approach in terms of one global price & one global market, although I can see its obviously risks a few teething troubles in its early days. If it were me I would have probably just registered everyone’s interest, then asked them to pay up in a week or two. To save the pressure on the EComerce systems.

    One question what happening with local issues, like the correct plug / voltage on the power adapter and the right 3G variant? Is that being automatically resolved via the shipping or billing address?

    Keep up the good work and don’t take some of the extreme comments to heart theres always going to be a few.

  308. Rohan!

    I am staying in Japan.
    I want to know whether there is anything like FCC or CE certification for use in Japan, so that there is no legal problems.

    Please reply!

  309. One of the biggest problems I´ve got with the preordering and stuff is – the most wanted version of the adam (with PixelQi) is sold out by day one … and there is no information about when or where there is going to be more of them.
    So please answear this quastion in one of the next postings: How long will it take until anyone can order these variants again?
    Because I want one – and there are none … so I would like to know how much longer we have to wait


  310. @ sam said, on December 10, 2010 at 14:41

    >i expect / pray that adam will live to the expectation

    Depends on whether you have been naughty or nice this year. 🙂

  311. Hi Rohan,

    I wanted to pass on my support most of what you have done.

    People seem to be confusing the pre-order with pre-order from another company, e.g. Apple. Apple do not tell you anything about a product until it is demonstrated by Steve. Fine, not a problem with that, but it is one method. Then after it is complete and demonstrated you get a chance to pre-order.

    On the other hand, you here have told us lots of information. Not maybe as much as we would all like, but an infinite amount more than Apple does, as they hide everything until the first demo. You have not yet done your big release demo.

    So we are given more information, we are given an earlier opportunity to pre-order the product, and what you got in return is complaints… What is the basis of comparison. There isn’t one. If people want to pre-order after release, they can wait… and by then I am sure that videos, pictures, specs, demos, reviews will all be up. This is nothing like that type of pre-release, and disappointed to see some of the comments.

    Good luck.


  312. Now I am feeling real happy about the order I placed for ‘Pixel Qi + Wifi’ this morning. I have always wanted an Adam from the day Rohan showed the prototype. It’s nearly an year that I waited and through this process I have started liking not only Adam but also Rohan’s approach to communicate and listen.

    Yesterday when the hell broke loose, I never for one sec thought about the integrity of Rohan or NI. Never for one sec I thought that this pre-order is to raise fund, rather it’s a nice way to give opportunity to people like me who don’t want to wait much longer.

    Yes, many skeptics will ask that based on what info I am putting my faith? My answer is -if anyone have followed this blog long enough, they surely have come to realize that NI will deliver; there can be hiccups at beginning, but the genuine intent is there and that will eventually serve us in the long run. That’s what I have based my faith on. And, I am happy that I ordered in the first chance that I got.

    Thanks Rohan for communicating back to us quickly. I know it’s been a tough day. Just wanted to say that I am with you and I am sure there are many others.

  313. +2. More importantly for your Indian consumers, you know how notorious Indian Custom Dept. is. Do you intend to ship from India for Indian consumers? I would request you to do so.

  314. Pixel Qi has already sold out and the 3G variants are the next?
    Damned …
    I want the Pixel Qi Diseplay with 3G :/

  315. I had commented only once.
    I did get the invitation on time. I am not desperate to buy now. will wait…

    I am sure NI will prepare, aniticipate, and respond well for all events in future properly.

    Rohan, dont give any Knee jerk reaction. Adam is and will be a successful product….
    count on our support….


  316. NI should apparently just ignore the non-Pixel Qi version for now and build PQ. Those are going like crazy because it’s the world’s first. =P

  317. Rohan, Dont feel disappointed (even though I say I know how it feels when something has hurt you). You have tried to satisfy everyone and that itself is an achievement.
    Things will go well soon. All people is want is a demo/review on their face.

    Give it and then see the praises coming in.
    Good Luck

    Thanks..Your follower

  318. After a long wasted night, I am totally frustrated.
    Initially I applied for EAP (really wanted to develop an interesting application for this). but I did not qualified. I got a promise that I will get the preorder option, before the public preorder. This did not happend. Than, I also posted on this blog, but no email, with preorder option. Last night I staid whole night to try to order, but always page was not available, and finnally when worked, all Pixel Qi sold out!!! 😦
    I am wonder when the next stocks will be available? Which is the production capacity?
    The production already started? Or will start soon…..? Too many questions, too few answers.

  319. Me too, gonna take a long break.. i guess deserve one… lot of things put on hold in real life (my music and my books, shopping and writing etc..)

    so see u all when the video is up..! Kudos to NI, hope they sail smooth…

    @himanshu i am not in twitter
    ya others @cathy, @tarwinia @greg @Gecko @vector @jai.. etc etc (sorry if i had dropped some names) as mentioned hope to stay in contact some way…

    and to all those who listened to my cribbing patiently – thank u!

  320. So bad

    I dont have mastercard. I’m visiting my mother to see if she has a visa.
    YES she has it 😀
    I’m going home to order it and the drama 😥
    sold out

  321. @ rohan
    i received no mail although i did postings….so i missed the chance to pre order the pixel Q 3g modell…..when do i have a chance to order / preorder one ????


  322. @ Klang said, on December 10, 2010 at 14:45

    > It was a nice dream … why does it hurt? 😥

    It hurts perhaps because you slept on it? You did say it was a nice dream. 😉

  323. I can understand the desirability of the Pixel Qi wifi +3G variant, but why is this ‘Sold Out’ on pre-order. Surely a high demand would only mean that pre-orders would take longer to fulfil. I am disappointed that i could not pre-order 2 hours after IST. I will still probably wait to buy the Adam, but will this be another 12 months. Although this will allow time for ‘teething troubles’ to be resolved it also means that I will be competing with the wider demand on general release. It seems that Notion Ink have scored a major home goal.

  324. Wow sold out already thats amazing, how many were there in the first batch? When will the next batch be available?

    Keep up the good work!!!

  325. Yes, which brings the total up to $750 = 566€ = 4500 Kroner. The Pixel Qi screen seals the deal for me as long as Rohan manages to ramp up the production while Adam is still unique. But I hope the competition will be catching up a lot faster than he predicted a while ago. I seriously believe he will NOT get a 12 month head start. At least not now, when he is unable to provide another batch for 3-4 months. I’m starting to feel like this ship has sailed.

  326. Hi Rohan,

    I am glad to see a reply from you on most of the questions/problems but I agree with others that there are more questions that need answers.

    I have few questions.

    1. I have paid Rs. 29999 for the high end version which is ~ $650 (at $1 = Rs. 46). It is supposed to be $600 with shipping but not. Why additional $50 from Indian buyers?

    2. Once this product is available in retail, as you said, it could cost significantly less. Are you planning to give some extra benefits to us, “the family” or the early adopters? I know, it is industry norm to punish early adopters but I am hoping that you will lessen the additional cost with some freebies, may be free color panels or extra software??

    3. I have successfully completed my order today morning and everything went well with out a glitch (must be lucky!). My question is whether many people who are part of the “family” (me included but didn’t get any email) but couldn’t make the order because of some or other issue (no email or no visa/amex card etc.) will still get precedence over my order when ever they get a second chance.

    4. My thought on the mystery feature is consumer IR, I hope so! If I am right, that is a great feature to have.

    With all that said, I am really happy to be the early adopter, I never was until now. There is a lot of bad press around which is unfortunate and I am sure you will come out just fine.

    All the best!

    Best regards,

  327. If the units are there as I assume they are from the comment “fresh batch” can we have pictures of the finished item?

  328. only a third of the emails actually went out. i was in the third that went out but the link didnt work. looks like yours was one of the ones that didnt go out which he said he is working on finding out why this happened

  329. I have been one of the lucky “family” members who managed to pre-order even though I haven’t received the email. I can imagine how the other “relatives” who couldn’t order might feel now. Like Greg, I hope Notion Ink will be able to take care of them and allow them somehow to get an Adam as well.

  330. @ agak said, on December 10, 2010 at 14:46

    > Could you , please, give us any answer?

    Any answer? Then technically even silence is an answer.

  331. Interestingly its the other way round if we look at the stats right now (may be the price point)! PQ is a start up as well, and little low on volumes, waiting for them to confirm their volumes ASAP.


  332. i was in the same boat but i even got a email with a token/link and it still didnt work! eagerly awaiting more stock updates

  333. Panel doesnt “exists”?! Hope these grammatical errors are fully sorted out before the Adam starts shipping. Did anybody notice this in the previous blog post by Rohan?

    Rohan, i’m reposting this once again as I thought maybe you have missed this post. Please reply and confirm that you will see to it. Wishing Adam all success…

  334. So much hate here. It’s almost comical.

    Rohan, I’m 100% sure you and the rest of the Notion Ink team are doing the best you can. Sure, I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a Pixel Qi Adam this time around but it’s not the end of the world. Soon enough I’m sure you will get up to speed and make it available to the rest of us also.

    So people, give them a break! Remember the launch of the Nindendo Wii, Playstation 3, etc. It happens to many popular products, even from large companies. Notion Ink is a new, small, hard working company. Don’t expect them to have the full experience of the 100 year old multinational giants just yet.

    Keep up the good work!

  335. Dang a shame i was 1 of the older bloggers who wasn’t given an pre-order link.
    Maybe it has to do with my hotmail?
    But nice to see things go very well for NIA.
    On the other hand there will be soon reviews of the ADAM so i can decide then to go for it.
    We just have to wait a little bit longer.
    best regards,

    MR T

  336. Great reply rohan..
    Indeed its very difficult to keep everyone happy.
    But I think two things are required to make a product sucess
    1. Good product
    2. Good intentations

    You have both … Rest of the things.. Are Machinical Process.. which get smoothen out with time and little greasing..

    Gud Luck

  337. So the PixelQi models are all sold out? That is extremely disappointing. Have the pre-orders only claimed the current stock of Adams, or does that include the projected production up to January 06? When can we expect another stock of PixelQi Adams? Will the pre-order for PixelQi Adams be opened back up with a caveat of “will ship when available”? So many questions…..

  338. Hmmm … i guess the entire pre-release thing got bigger than what company thought or was prepared for … maybe bec. company is doing this for the first time !

    i guess mail system failure is rather smaller of the problems. but, anything to do with money (CCAvenue getting detected as a fraud, collecting the money now, while the first shipment is a month away) are bigger problems. maybe you charge the credit cards only on the day of shipment ?

    you got to have people to handle these in parallel … ever considered calling this pre-order as phase I and then go for phase II and III a few days later ? that may manage expectations better !

  339. @Sowmya The message was for the “family”, so the ëveryone “in this case was refering to the members in this blog. Cheer up, things will work out fine soon.

  340. And where do the lesser mortals ‘pre-order’? I don’t see any link on the website for everyone who is ‘not part of the family’. Can someone guide me?

  341. @ Arhant said, on December 10, 2010 at 14:46

    > release you FCC filings to some tech blogs

    I speculate the reason he does not want us to find the FCC filing is due to the mystery feature. If the feature depends on some hardware component then we may easily find out about this mystery feature. This is also the reason, I think, he mentioned that they made it a little difficult for us to find the FCC filing.

  342. Never got the expected family pre-order email. However, went ahead and ordered when ordering opened up to public. Really glad to see you working on trying to clear up the confusion. Best wishes.

    I have a couple of questions though.
    1. Received only the confirmation email from ccavenue with the order number. Did not receive a confirmation email from NotionInk like others. Do we have to receive both for the order to have been successful. Should we forward the same to NotionInk? Could you please check and inform us?

    2. What is the size of memory being shipped with the unit?


  343. When will be available the pixel qi model again? I could not order because I have mastercard….

  344. Here’s where I really do have abig problem with what has happened over the past 24 hours. Rohan says that they meant to have sent out 30k pre-pre-order invites, yet ALL PixelQi variants were sold out well before the end of the 6-hour invite-only opportunity (of which I was an invitee, and an attempted pre-pre-orderer).

    Knowing, KNOWING that Pixel Qi on an OEM product was a HUGE part of the draw to Adam in the first place, from when it was announced so long ago, why were there not at *least* 30k PG units available in the pre-pre-order stage? At least have one for every expected pre-pre-order, and limit the pre-pre order to on PQ unit per invite? Any units not claimed by the pre-pre order could then be openly available to the general pre-order on a first-come, first served basis.

    I’m obviously really REALLY pissed about this. I’ve passed up eInk readers, netbooks and netbooks with DIY PQ screens, just to hit this launch. I’ve scrimped and saved for months. I WANT MY PQ 3G Adam!

  345. Dearest Rohan,

    Things may, will and should go wrong. It is probably also an avenue to learn things (the harder way!). Get up but get up strong!

    One small bit of advice that you may want to use on your website – go through the online shopping experience at, (i still hate them! its always the Adam for me), and try and understand what makes the shopping experience an absolute delight on these sites. And nothing wrong in that.

    Also, we would like to know your retail tie-up and launch dates for India launch. Don’t keep this info hidden anymore

    Still your fan

  346. Where was anything promised man? Did Rohan expressely promise to ensure that everyone gets the first shipment? No?
    If you guys have issues with waiting a few weeks longer, go buy an Ipad. And then, puke allover it.

  347. Rohan and All,

    I agree with everyone about the issues faced and I was also awake all day holding the refresh button. but I’am not complaining because the blame is on us too.

    It was we who forced you to open the pre order gates prior to the actual demo at the CES.

    Because of our impatience you might have decided to give it a chance to the loyal followers first. which bombed big time.

    But this is a small hiccup and what ever you guys had developed so far is huge and superior than anything else in the market.

    I wish that everything is sorted out and we will be able to forget the gloomy day and continue our journey with NI in smooth.

  348. Well, that email response was on the 6th … and I was relatively optimistic that I’d be considered “family” and took a wait and see approach … and still don’t know, but in limbo since supposedly not all the “family emails” were actually sent. I had started doing business case for this product within my company and parent company, but after seeing some of the T&C’s in their current state, a lot more cost / benefit analysis.

  349. I guess 90% of the preorder config includes PixelQi .I will be getting PQ+3G but let me turn atleast 18 .Hope Pq variants will be available at that time .
    I repeat -hope to see weekend special in 2012 .
    (what the sales package include;it is apple type-adam body only or Nokia type-body+charger+case+some accessories or docking solution )

  350. So Rohan,you will now know the real family Who are with you during rain and shine..who have ordered even with all these issues 🙂 and I have ordered even though I didn’t get the pre-order mail,spent the whole night for the link to be up

    So you should give preference to those who ordered today for next product release

    Are there any plans for EAP1/EAP2?

  351. Too little too late, after reading the returns policy I decided that its not a risk I’m willing to take. On top of what can only be described as a disastrous attempt at marketing & distribution only highlighted to me that purchasing this without any kind of review would be a huge huge mistake. Sorry notion ink, after following you for well over a year it saddens me that it has come to this. Thankfully there are other products available that have a much more proven returns policy and transparent purchasing system.

  352. Well, some spoilt children and greedy customers here, reminding me of people flying low-cost airlines but expecting all the fuss of long-established (and loss making) companies… I got my email, found a Visa card, my order didn’t get through because of some glitch, and now Pixel Qi is sold out, but never mind: my patience will still be nothing compared to the determination it took Rohan and the whole team at NI to start this revolution.

    I love that this start-up is selling a truly new and fabulous device worldwide, with one price, one shipping fee: never happened before, even Google didn’t do it for the Nexus One. Maybe pre-ordering is an act of faith, maybe it would be cheaper to wait a few months and find the Adam in shops locally: but I’m happy to pay now, and hopefully more money will go to NI, to become part of the adventure, show my support and make the launch a success. So cheer up, people, keep hope. And don’t worry, Rohan, we know you care and do your (awesome) best.

  353. @ Rohan,

    Dear Sir, I don’t know if this was asked before because,to be honest, I am kinda tired of going through all the posts (which can be seen as a good thing I suppose).
    Anyways, what was the criterium for being eligible to receive a pre-order email?

    I thought (I think many more peepz) commenting on the wordpress prior the so called “last post”, would have been enough.
    I did that, I used the same email address over and over again. I used the name “Daryl” over and over again. Still no email, NO not even in spamfolder.

    I did feel left out, I did feel betrayed (no kidding).

    Just let me say this : I have a lot of respect for you, being a CEO having a lot more things to do besides making your blogs.
    Good luck and hopefully I will be able to order my PQ-wifi-3G (900) adam in the near future (must be before Christmas 2011) *hint hint*.

    Greetz, much respect and of course World Peace.


  354. Specs:

    Picture of Complete Units: Week end Special 8
    Video: Week end Special 6, as well as many other places.

    Os: Its a modified form of Android 2.2

  355. It seems a bit unfair that you started pre-orders before were able to accept MC cards. I’ve got the feeling that, when you will finally resolve things with MC, all Adam versions will be sold out :/

  356. What about those who DID get the email, but were denied access to order by 503 errors and CCave issues?

  357. Concerned that we should have to take responsibility for lost in transit devices.
    Need to know memory size etc.
    Would prefer to buy from EU shipper – or send via normal registered post (that way I take the risk and do not have to pay the $50 extra charges levied by DHL for processing the inevitable customs charge).

  358. Dear Vinay,

    Nope Rohand didn’t promise everyone to get the first Shipment. But he promised everyone to get the e-mail so they could pre order it, or get a chance to pre order it! And that’s what most disapointed me!

  359. came back too late to get a Qip, sob sob sob.

    Rohan, is there a way to be informed when Qip screens again available ?

    thank you

  360. Waited almost a year to find out
    – Pre order does start on time + the server can’t handle the traffic and by the time I’m awake again, the product is sold out
    – you need VISA or AMEX
    – Prices are without tax/shipping
    – Warrenty is absured
    – I still haven’t seen a demonstration of the real product

    I’m very disappointed, especially because I had high expectation

  361. +1. I agree with Vivek. Indian Customs department have bad reputation of misplacing parcels, damaging them, charging exhorbitant duties etc. I would suggest you to make separate arrangement for your fellow countrymen!

  362. @ James said, on December 10, 2010 at 14:58

    > how can that be if they are all sold out?

    They may have only “x” PixelQi variants and “y” non PixelQi variants such that y > x.

  363. +1.61803399 for Rohan and the rest of Notion Ink in how they are handling everything thus far. I wish you all the succes that you deserve, much love!

  364. Thanks Rohan for this fine post. My only concern is the FCC release date, but if the FCC makes it slip, then it slips and I can live with that. My feeling is that mostly the community was disappointed with the lack of communication from you guys more then the actual policies. Though of course some pundits will attack you on the policies to generate page views. Haters gonna hate. In terms of communication, you might have said that preorders will most likely only be with Visa and American Express before preorders opened so that eager fans could make arrangements, for instance by purchasing a prepaid Visa card or at least not get their hopes up.

    Note that the originally posted, if incomplete, 3 policies on the site, return fees were kind of high at 25% but have now been brought more in line with the industry standard. The bad part of the policy is the charge to customers if you ship a defective unit. It is of course appropriate that you don’t loose money for buyers remorse, but it is also appropriate that we don’t loose money if your suppliers screw up our device. Note also that 10 days is on the short end for the industry. While it is true that Toshiba is that short Dell offers 25 days. You will please a lot of people if you increase the time some and make it clear that it is 10 days from receipt of the goods.

    None the less, I applaud you for trying to change to these global times. Clearly Notion Ink is trying to be a leader in this space and I support your actions in this regard fully. Having global policies is an awesome step forward and the time has clearly come for these kind of policies and I applaud Notion Ink for being a leader in this area.

    The Europeans certainly are glad at the one global price. Long have they endured the same numeric price for Apple products while that completely ignores the currency disparity. The UK has it even worse for the strong Pound. It is amazing that you are willing to eat a portion of the shipping cost for places that are expensive to ship to in order to maintain your one global price. That is truly innovative thinking and I look forward to more of it from you.

  365. rohan i asked this question more then 100 times how do u ship the product within india to be precise in mumbai and in mumbai also the delivery charges will be 50$ and do i have to pay in us$ why can i pay in indian ruppes and is there anyother option then paying by credit card ? can we deposit money in some bank or say send u a DD. or is there any store from where we can book it. there is no info for indians pls hope u can give us indians exact info and your email and explaination was nice highly appreicate it and this is what atleast i was expecting, very eager to see hands -on video on 18 dec. till then all the best hope u answer this questions for indians .

  366. i love/hate you NI, despite staying up 35 so that i would be ensured the adam of my choosing and putting my order 20+ times calling credit card and pre-approving you. trying on multiple computers including the ipad i just sold on ebay to buy your adam . iam left empty handed i even have to give up my ipad.

  367. Let me tell you this is the most lousy ordering system I have ever seen, I mean I can’t believe the people with such a great ideas and innovation can make such a mess.
    Come on, one first order step you dont enter anything and you can still move to the second step, I am a developer and I cant think of making such a mistake on a prototype.

  368. If you still have another 6-8 weeks before you are expecting to ship units, you should allow more pre-orders and just ramp up production. I wasnt one of the lucky few that got an email even though I posted numerous times, and I still want one of the top of the line models. Am I just SOL and forced to wait for another many months before I can even have the opportunity to purchase one?

  369. i m extremely happy after reading the post n comments.we should support rohan like this.cant wait till 18th!!rohan intends to release it at CES,as rivals goin on a comet pace to launch and get a share in the tablet pc market.ADAM WILL GET TO KICK SOME MAJOR ASS THERE!!we ‘ve the sick features,killer hardware,awesome eve!CES will give the perfect stage to show that how superior it adam compared to others.maan gaye TAMBI!

  370. Very Dissapointing Launch,

    after months of following every word on this website, my card doesn’t get authorised and this morning the model i want is sold out. How can a pre-order sell out? its not even made yet.

    Very sad launch, I think after all the Stirling work done in developing the actual product, Notion Ink really needed more professional help in launching the product. I’m not talking about corporate policies and restrictions, i’m talking about people who have done this before, understand order volumes, logistics and distribution challenges, as well as notion ink understands developing a ground breaking new product.

    I also don’t understand why the special pre-order offer was only available 6 hours! i feel ripped off after waiting so long:(

    Please can you let us know when more units will be available with pixel Qi, and provide another payment option (paypal) so i can actually order it next time.

    Still looking forward to having a new Adam in my hand in the not too distant future.

  371. i put my order through multiple times despite fear of fraud because i am a adam fan. my order never went through. i have decided to not to buy adam until there is a safer looking payment method. i think most people will think you website fraudulent. especially if they don’t know you like do. in fact after my adrenalin died i realized how shady the payment method seemed and i put a fraud alert on my credit report. i truly hope notion can succeed, i’m already looking forward to eve. please don’t burn out this way. i literary love you guys

    ps i stayed up 40 hours waiting for adam last night. it almost breaks my hart all these months of looking forward to the adam and i have to resin my self to give up on it.

  372. What Toshiba’s warranty says:

    “This warranty does not affect your statutory rights, namely applicable consumer law.”

    More things about warranty:

    “In some countries, a Pick-up and Return warranty service may be provided. If your laptop is eligible for Pick-up and Return, Toshiba will arrange your laptop to be picked-up, repaired and returned to you. Toshiba will incur all repair, logistics and insurance costs in this process.”

    You have to adapt your conditions to different countries or legislations writing some clauses that says that consumer’s law will be applicable if it offers more protection than the standard warranty you offer..

    Rohan, if you realize, all information can be shown in different websites without the necessity of entering our personal data.

  373. Despite the fact of Rohan’s presence, little info is really being given. Just picking and choosing of specific company policies to justify additional costs.

    I was able to order in the “family” period, way before everyone else but the return policies, sales policies, etc have been removed, moved and changed. Specifically the original sales agreement said all tariffs and duties were listed on the order page, in which I did not see any for the US.

    I think this is a bit of bait and switch, and changing of language to justify 5% here and there. Theres also few more than rohan saying ok Im reading this and that. None of the important and basic questions are being answered.

    Im going to call my CC company to make a note of this transaction in case it goes sour in the future, I suggest you all do the same. having to pay a restocking and processing fee to replaced a DOA or damaged product is ridiculous and is not in any company’s policies.

  374. Why? He didn’t support the majority of our hardcore followers either by not sending us a preorder mail and now the nice ones are sold out.

  375. Rohan in Memory+Storage what does Flash 8 + GB? It should be noted that the flash memory of up to 8 GB?
    Adam Pixel Qi when it is available for preorder? Hours, days, weeks?

  376. posted at: h**t://
    Why I chose to pre-order ADAM

    As I begin to write this I see a new post from Rohan. (Ouch!). But I will beat him to the next post.

    Being in flight does explain a little bit but leaves out a whole lot unanswered. However a lot would depend on his next post. This will put Rohan’s damage control skill will put to test. I am still with you Rohan.

    Now to the real meat. Firstly let’s talk about software

    I have always believed in open software. Many of which have redefined our industry. Apache is a living example of this. Linux is another one and I can come up with many more. So, I like Android too. Personally I have not done a single commit but I do follow a lot of discussion and I get to learn a lot.

    Secondly hardware. What NI is using is a very open hardware. And can be used for running variety of stuff. Probably now I will start learning about the Linux kernel hacks more and more so that I can contribute in developing a ChromeOS or Ubuntu for ADAM.

    Thirdly I feel that ADAMs specs are just about right. HDMI, Camera, USB Host, Wifi (n), CPU, Memory, etc. are all in the top bracket and at this price I don’t thing anyone would deliver it to you. Read carefully. Its would not could. Unless you are trying to rob people every 1 or 2 year(s) by keeping features/function back, you have no reason not to use a mainstream feature. I have a Motorola Milestone and I like it a lot, but they have forgotten to send us an update even when a newer version is available. We have to live on hacker/rooters (with all due respect to cronos/xda/cynogen/got) for update.

    Last but not least. Most important one, its an Indian startup that has dared to challenge norms. Last time an Indian did that, as I remember it, he created the biggest democracy in the world^.

    So this is my gesture to encourage them.

    Now onto the money. I have lost money on internet before and I am sure I will lose again. Thats part of the game. I lost USD 350 when my monthly income was about USD 2800. All for a PS3 on signing up “GOLD” membership. I have known about these scams all along but I just felt that it wasn’t one. That was via PayPal. Dispute settled in my favor but I never got the money. You know how and why.

    This isn’t PayPal so I felt safer. Even I got charged (hold payment by AMEX) for a failed transaction. I tried second time and failed as my card wasn’t 3D secure. Luckily I have a bunch of cards and I tried the usual one an 3D secure worked and voila! So Now just waiting for ADAM to come home.

    So heres what I felt about pre-order campaign:


    My Faith in Notion Ink
    Its not tablet. Its ADAM
    Its tough to fake so much (not impossible, accepted)
    Credit Card company’s dispute resolution assurance


    Server Capacity Planning
    Order form (Pixel Qi + 3G.. which one 850-900?)
    Payment gateway (I have always face problems with CCAvenue in past)
    Scheduling a flight on such an important day (Chalo likho 10,000 baar fir nahin karunga … Come on! write down 10,000 times “I wouldn’t do it again.”).


    Lack of communication
    No video
    Tech bloggers taking their share of potshots (They are no different than a typical Indian TV journo asking “Aapko kaisa lag raha hai gadhdhe meh?” .. “How are you feeling in the hole?”)

    ^ – For all those fellow Indians questioning our freedom, read what our freedom fighters wrote and try to comprehend those times. We can’t! Our generation has very few who can appreciate freedom. Not even I can do that. Just try an read only jallianwala bagh

  377. nicely said………u should post this again an again for this to get into most of their brains who doesnt know what pre-order is………………………………….stop this non-sense complaining……..evertin will be fine…….please support rohan…..

  378. Very annoyed that the top spec variant is sold out, waited for ages yesterday at the supposed public pre-order time, nothing happened, then it was postponed until 5:30am my time, and keeping in mind the chaos that went on decided not to bother waking up for it, now sold out already?! After all this hype it sells out in a few hours?! Come on, ramp up the number of units before we get bored of waiting.

  379. Hi Rohan,
    I am not an active commenter but I read your posts and check the comments very regularly. I did get the pre order link but it wasn’t operational at the time the mail said it would.
    Well, I am not really surprised and these do look like teething troubles. On the other hand, some of these organisational issues are bound to arise with a start up like NI.

    My suggestion is not to have a knee-jerk reaction to the comments that some of the fans have written. Its obvious many are disappointed with sky high expectations built up over the last few months and like many have mentioned, dangerous when not met.

    Ni has to take this steadily and not rush up, without solid grounding. Come what may, reliability and communication has to happen at all levels. And if these are well managed, a good product will find its customers. Lay a solid foundation first and learn from these incidents.

    I am surely going to buy an Adam if its still goign to be available after a few months..but I hope that these troubles are ironed out and better organised and the process becomes smoother.

    Again – all the best to your team and keep up the tempo. looking forward to the videos soon!

  380. European Taxes vary from country to country. Its usually called Value Added Tax (VAT) in Sweden its 25% on top of the buying price including freight and insurance.

    I’m not up to speed on the customs charges. The TARIC code for the device should be 847130xxxx the same as IPAD. Get in touch with your national Customs authority and they will help you.

  381. Before such advice is considered as stereotyping, some English expert should read and pass all the English text both on the web and the device.

    That would earn some points for NI for paying attention to the details/correctness.

  382. I just ordered an Entourage eDGe off Amazon and expedited shipping is like $12 USA to Australia. $50 is a rip-off bigtime.

  383. I almost could order one.

    Merchant URL is Incorrect.

    Sorry, Your order cannot be processed as the website is not authorised for Transactions through CCAvenue.

    Please contact the Webstore Administrator to report this error.

  384. deviates = listen directly to what the costumers are saying (blog). and he is correct!!! that is deviating. and listening is what this has done the most.

  385. @ Hari R said, on December 10, 2010 at 15:01

    > I was also awake all day holding the refresh button

    A-ha. So it was you who was creating the deluge of incessant requests to the server. Have you considered a career as a DoS machine ? 🙂

  386. I’d like to know the answer to this. if “family” is so important, why could you not step in and stop the process as soon as you saw things started to go wrong?

  387. mh, I think it’s pre(!)-order. For me it’s the same as a software in beta status. Nobody needs to spend money on Adam. I also haven’t preordered yet and I wait until the problems are fixed.
    And…come on…if my sister got raped, she wouldn’t have a choice. We all have the choice to preorder or not. So calm down, nobody stole your money, nobody got raped. Just nothing happened. And why should I blame someone for something, that did not happen? No contracts, just a product, that’s not out there yet. Is anybody really insured here?
    Another point is that Notion Ink is a startup. If you don’t trust them, it’s ok, but don’t blame them. Just try to put yourself in eg. Rohan’s position. He has an idea and trys to produce a product, that will be better than other ones. Of course he wants to make money with that – no bad intentions. So there are a lot of important decisions to make, a lot of newbie errors. I did never believe that everything will work perfect.

  388. You took the words right out of my mouth there (although I probably wouldn’t have been able to resist adding an expletive)

  389. I am the same. I was a regular poster on the inception blog and on this one and still no e-mail. Very not reasonable. Looks like the Samsung Galaxy is going to get a customer they didnt expect.

  390. Unfortunately, we were not be able to obtain credit card / bank account authorization for your order displayed below, due to the following reason : unauthorized usage

    I am getting really irritated I havent received any reponse from pre order support .What going on. This is really a good way to make family feel special.

  391. I am glad that Rohan is trying to explain things. However I am at a total loss as to why he has led people on without a warning on Mastercard. Think of the sleep and time people could have saved when they had no chance of ordering!

    This really feels like the Pre-Order is to say Rohan met a milestone. To me NI was not ready to handle orders.

    This has taken me from a rabid fanboy to a cautious one.

  392. It’s a preorder, it can’t be sold out. My guess is NI put the preorders for the pixeQI version on hold until they can confirm PixelQi can keep up with the production of the screens.

  393. Hi Rohan
    I was one of the lucky ones yesterday and got my email finally but the waiting period reading the comments with some very vaild points was difficult. I was torn, I have never spent that much on a gizmo without a proper examination but in the end I took a deep breath and ordered the model I wanted-you will now have to prove my faith in you.
    What would assuage a lot of your loyal fans would be a quick reply to this email or one of the many others just clarifying the major points your fans are looking for-it wont take you long just a minute or two:
    1. Internal Memory Clarification
    2. What colours per Model
    3. The trackpad on back-it cannot be that hard to tell us if it is there-you have been avoiding this question.
    4. Clarify the situation with the 3G models, how do we tell you which model we want?
    5. Just get some pictures of our wonderful Adam’s up on the site-8 days to wait for a video is not acceptable.

    Rohan I have put my faith and money in you by pre-ordering with my hard earned cash, spend 30 seconds answering the above, that is all I am asking.
    On a final note will I be able to change my shipping address to my mother-in-law’s address in China so I can avoid customs here in Ireland.

  394. It is impossible to have a single warranty as the UK’s distance selling regulations, mean that you maybe breaking the law with your warranty,

    ONE thing YOU need to REMEMBER, is that people don’t just go to APPLE because of their product, OS,or design. They go to APPLE because they have some of the best after customer relations, so if you don’t like the product, you SEND it BACK and they check it and sell it back on their refurb store, i should know because i sent BACK a macbook pro, without even opening it (£1800, straight back into my account), even though i got student discount.

    Also the majority of the students at my UNIVERSiITY get APPLE , because not only do they give you STUDENT DICOUNT, but Students get FREE APPLE CARE for 3 YEARS. If you are true to your words and want to change from the norm, you have to Learn from the company that does this (change) for a living.

    YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL to be BETTER than KNO and APPLE, for students, but you must treat US your LOYAL EARLY SUPPORTERS, with the RESPECT we deserve, Please don’t just copy terms off other companies, get them check by CONSUMER LAW, when you mention ACTUAL LAW to these companies, they FORGET thier Terms And Conditons, and have to agree (therefore receeding and accepting the LAW). You should know this as you definately have some sort of patent lawyers that you deal with, they should be able to point you in the right direction (consumer lawyers)

    YOU attract a lot of attention, but you must be PREPARED, and SO MUST your SUPPLY CHAIN, you should, To BE the BEST, YOU have to BEAT the BEST, and nowadays the BEST in TABLETS is APPLE, BE BETTER than THEM, you have SOMETHING UNIQUE, with your CUSTOMISATIONS and TEAM, TAKE Advantage now, dont Become the BETAMAX of TABLETS. YOU have something unique in the way YOU LISTEN and also the way you INNOVATE, but as in Apple’s case, it’s not long BEFORE others Copy your ideas (Android an example), even though you have the patents. Ride the HYPE and become BIGGER than you are, also with due respect, please get an expert technical english writer for the main site, as some of the grammar does not match the image your trying to portray.

    P.S i hope you give us Education discount and have the deals in place to beat KNO (which has hit FCC testing aswell) in the education department, Apple’s sleeping in th eeducation department, so take advantage now, before they steal your ideas in Ipad 2 (rumoured to have retina screen.

    I hope you reply as i beleive I represent, many others with my views

  395. God I’m beyond frustrated at these two questions. How many times have they been asked (for months, yes, but even in the last 48 hours).

    That isn’t hard to answer. It takes one minute.

    One can only assume it is not being answered b/c either (1) they don’t know, or (2) they know that we won’t like the answer and thus they are trying to keep it quiet as long as possible.

    Come on already!

  396. +1 for your sentiments even though I will not be pre-ordering one myself but will consider it when it comes to the local store.

  397. @Rohan
    “Global Warranty” -> companies have different warranty because countries have different laws surrounding warranties. you cant do “one size fits all”
    “FCC” regarding FCC, i hope you have factored in, the vacations in US starting from next week. So if you don’t get certified next week, the certification might get push to Jan 4th and later.
    “Travel” -> If you are in travel, why isn’t there another NI Guy, who fields/answers questions on the blog and other places. Pull in others , so we can get to know the others too. This would help when we need support with the initial phase of the product.
    “Specs/Specs/Specs” -> Everyone deserves to know what they are ordering. a Detailed spec wont harm. Or do you expect to change the spec between now and delivery?
    “Legal” -> vet your policies with a legal person.
    “Communicate” -> your policies/product info should not be answers to queries. They should be up there for people to see.
    “Changes” -> When you change a lot of $ stuff in 1 night. This reflects badly on the company and its planning.
    “SpellCheck” -> there is still time to spell/grammar check the policies and legal terms.

    Put a detailed country/region specific info for people coming to the order page.

    My preorder failed due to different billing/shipping addresses ( both in India). Waiting for Qi to be in stock and would order again.

  398. Wow…Great reply the Android police (who are probably jealous of not able to pre order!!)

    I think you should shut every one by answering:

    1) Detailed warranty policy
    2) Detailed product specifications (except bonus feature !!)
    3) detailed Videos & pictures of ADAM

    (Do not forget to mention….

    1)Internal memory
    2) ADAM applications support and Android Market availability..

    thts it…

    I just cant wait for my ADAM Pixel Qi with wifi and 3g …..
    hope you keep with date as 6th january…

  399. So when can the people who have been following you get a chance to preorder,if you have no stock

  400. Check your spam mailbox. That’s where mine ended up and I missed the chance to get the PixelQi version. Really depressing actually.

  401. Hi Rohan,
    I am also one of the long time blog followers that unfortunately never got an e-mail. Yea I will admit it does suck to not even have a chance at getting the PQI wifi Adam I wanted. But I do understand that stuff happens when you don’t want it to. So I still offer up my support that everything works out. Beside it will work out for me that I just bought a house and it would be nice to have it sent to the new address when I move mid January. I also won’t have any issues with my order or delivery since the bugs will be worked out of the system.
    I am just hoping that we all can find out how much on board storage was coming with each version (8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and ECT)? When the next batch of the units will be available for the other people who never got their e-mail? What kind of time frame for receiving the Adam would be in? And more importantly how many of each version did you even have available for preorder of each type?
    I know you are going crazy and will probably have an ulcer by now. But if you can answer these questions then you have my promise to have my order for the PQI wifi model. And don’t worry if you don’t have time to respond that is okay I am very patient and know you got 100,000 people that might be mad or feel hurt. But I am not one of those people. Good luck Rohan and hope to hear from you soon.
    Josh Curry

  402. Rohan,
    I visited the order page minutes after it was up; as expected I could not finish my application and mailed to the pre-order support address to indicate that I would not have a problem wiring the money (no respons yet, however).
    I understand that the problem lies with Mastercard, but you could have offered the option of simply wiring the money?
    I think I expressed my confidence in the Adam well before it was sold out, but I am rather worried how long I have to wait. Can you give an estimate?
    Best regards, Aad

  403. Hari R said, on December 10, 2010 at 15:01

    > I was also awake all day holding the refresh button

    Your hands and fingers must be tired. Please, you can let go of the button now. Please.

  404. PLease could you let us know when you think more stock will be available? How can you not be able to make 10k units at launch? And yet expect to sell globally? Massive fail.

  405. Ok I’m back but where is my Pixel Qi 😦 , may be I ‘ll try later. My interview didn’t go well. I was awake till 5:00 am for Adam.
    My few cents
    Kudos for –
    >> First ever World over launch – but condition applied
    >> Finally pre-order opens up – but no actual product video or Pics, its just a pre-order but you know we people love money too.
    >> You can pay with your CC – but CC avenue for world over launch thats not wise and since NI s a startup you have an excuse for that (so guys don’t hop and jump if CCavenue fails to redirect after payment, I have been using my CC and debit card in India for buying books and DVDs , it sometimes fails to redirect to the original site after payment, NI should confirm your order if it fails).
    >> Android Police have nicely sliced up all the product policy and it looks like you guys submitted to emotional fans, to launch the pre-order. Business and emotions never go hand in hand, my mom always wanted my dad to come back from his business before the sunset but he has never done that(except emergencies) in his entire 25 years of successful business career.

    Last but not the least its a good lesson for all of us and not just Rohan and NI. NI have an inexperienced logistic team (hope not so) with an ambition to make Adam available to the world and not just some Elite group of people (Countries), and from a startup perspective it was a successful pre-order launch.
    Now its our turn to think whether to throw in our bucks or not (without final pic and videos which comes by 18th). Now we all can at least understand why Apple, Dell or Samsung start with few countries and are always prepared for legal stuff.
    I consider this mess was like a Big fat Indian wedding.
    I got the link but I didn’t make my payment . I have more emotion for my hard earned money than Adam(my dad didn’t chip in and I’m still a student) I can’t buy another adam, so ‘ll not go by emotion. And since lot of guys have actually got the pre-order done we can assure its NOT A SCAM as few people shouted out on different blogs.
    It would have been nice if NI could have asked Slashgear to review their final product. Slashgear has shown respect to adam and NI, so I guess they might help.
    And thanks Rohan for a nice clarification. So its just a pre-order, Adam is not running away, its there to stay. It doesn’t matter if I we get it before Xmas or After new year, I want it the way we have imagined it to be.
    Best of luck to you guys. I need some sleep now and you too Rohan. Till then waiting for PQ

  406. +2 once mastercard come through for NI could they possibly do another pre-order for the followers who did’nt get a chance this time ??

  407. Hi Rohan

    I think you have done a great job, can things be improved? Things can always improve doesn’t matter what you are releasing and how, reading and knowing that you are tying to improve that’s all it matters, as I am 100% sure Steve Job won’t give a rats ass about what people complains when apple release their stuff, they just do what they think its best.

    Ordering online for me was smooth, and I will wait for the up coming videos and photos.

    I am surprise so many so called supporters, knowing this is a start up company and they are trying so hard to deliver a fantastic product and taking on the big guys, yet all they care about is complaining without showing any kind of understanding. Like many things in life, if you are in doubt just don’t proceed with the purchase and cut the crap, leave a message but don’t get all bitchy, no one put a gun to your head to buy something.

    And talk about fairness, life is unfair in general, as far as I can see your first round offer, pricing and shipping policies is already much so fairer in contrast to many of your competitors. (e.g. Apple)

    And hopefully it’s not just me, “sa” go and fxxx urself, every single post of yours is just pure negativity. maybe indeed you are a “spy from apple”.

    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for my ADAM to arrive.

  408. idiot. He promised pictures and even highlighted that NI wouldn’t sell it without us being able to see it like some cheap Chinese model…

    Well guess what happened today? Visions of a cheap Indian model come to my mind….

  409. mh…I think you probably put too much weight in ‘sold out’. they have a high production capacity and did not even start mass production yet. ‘sold out’ probably only means a delay of no more than a month or so.

    And BTW, I also got no preorder link(i.e., not part of family ;-() but was able to order a PQ 3G model shortly after the store opened. With multiple reloads throughout the ordering process.

    I’ve been waiting for a decent tablet with PQ display since I got my OLPC a few years ago. Following PixelQi blog closely for another year, then Rohan’s blog.
    Remember that this is only the very first PQ device. Although it is likely to be the best one available for the next several months, more PQ devices will appear. One was already announced several months ago and many more are possible through the DIY option from pixelqi.

  410. Good Luck to everybody that made his/her purchase !!!

    Saying that let me stated I AM NOT BUYING IT
    I have some issues with the hype for this product and that is why I am delaying it.
    1.\ I was looking for Christmas present for my wife, so guys you are too late , shipping in January…
    2.\ THE PRICE – I have no problem to pay those money but give me a break $600US+shipping+import tax….. for something that comes from a small company which still has to prove itself, no way. In Jan-Feb there will be new iPad2 for a much better price so be careful , not to mention the coming competition from other Android Tablets
    3.\ I am a gick/engeenier/MAB/MsC/etc (also professionally in IT as well) – this product start to look like a niche product – no support from google Android Market. Nothing about video calls, etc, etc … you have the hardware but that is not enough. You need the support of Android developers community and you dedicated SDK for that device will not go to the mass market, sorry join the android dev crowd don’t try to create your own
    4.\Share with everybody your product roadmap -when there will be upgrade to the new Android 3.0, what is next… build some confidence with YOUR CUSTOMERS that you know what are you doing. Be pro-active at the moment all that you do is reactive
    5.\Selling only via Internet probably is easy however you need local retailers – even for me is a bit difficult to buy something for which I have only picture and that no one have any real life experience

    take all this as a free advice, good luck and all the best to everybody.

    PS: as I don’t have much free time to reply to any replies, so Don’t expect one

  411. i still don’t want to preorder device until independent reviews of owners would be published (devices like phones/tablets can have many software imperfections, that one cannot think of during explicit reviewing for publishing, but that hurt and do get noticed during everyday real use). And $500 is quite a money for me to not gambling

    So i think in January there would be info on that. Until then, thanks for pre-order link, i’d hold on.
    I wonder if in between Jan/Feb there be 3Qi models available again and price won’t rise 🙂

    I wish best for Pixel Qi and i wish best for Notion Ink

  412. @ Greg et al. (The Geeks)
    1. Do any of you still care to remember the mystery code/number -D5720A80? Willing to discuss further?
    2. Do any of you try to know about soundness of financers of NI? What could be reason that it is yet a mystery?
    3. Do you all know the so many of ordinary mortals used to read your comments and trusted your wisdom?
    4. Do you try to understand that what it means by Pixel Qi thing sold out? Is this not indicating the availability of Pixel Qi, on which NI rode the wave of popularity, is very small in number (hardly few hundred to few thousand) with NI?
    5. I suspect that some of you who expanded this cult religiously (almost round the clock) were and are insiders.
    6. As you still trust NI, can you please tell me the logic behind taking Pre-Orders though NI was not in position to show the device to you. Definitely they do not have anything more than prototypes to show.

    I felt the need to write this because the comments of you select few influnces almost everyone, though it is their own choice to be there and read.

  413. @ Daryl said, on December 10, 2010 at 15:04

    > ..and of course World Peace

    Rohan, Daryl said ‘World Peace’. This alone should put him at the head of the waiting line. 🙂

  414. Rohan,

    1) You have not answered why you are charging shipping , fees etc for DOA/Defective product. This is illegal in the US. The other examples that you have listed have a physical presence in the respective countries. I can ship a laptop by UPS ground with insurance for less than $15.

    2) Your shipping charges must scale according to the qty ordered even if it is a flat rate to all destinations.

    3) The prices you listed originally were assumed to be the purchase price. Now you disclose the import duty etc. It would have been nice if this was told upfront.

    4) I think your sales team and investors were in charge of this part of the business decision and have let you down. Someone needs to be fired at Notionink.

    Anyways, I still placed an order in good faith that all the points raised on this blog would be addressed and the terms and conditions would be corrected in favor of us consumers…errr ‘family’


  415. I think there it is two reason why people choose LCD instead of PQ.

    1. The additional charge of $124 for a PQ is the biggest reason. PQ is probably more expansive to to less volume as well as they are a start up.

    2. Uncertainty of the color saturation on the PQ. Is LCD just slightly better then its an easy choice.

    I choose the PQ for its readablity not to have the best color satuaration.

    : )akobL

    Keep the light burning, and the dream alive.

  416. Is there a specific reason why DHL was chosen as the only shipping company? I mean, $36 to ship 2lbs from East coast USA to West coast USA? Um, the US postal service will do it for $10.

    And why is it that other companies can ship from China, for freaking pennies? Hell, DealXtreme has free shipping on US$1 items. I just bought a Dell Alienware M11X for $550 and shipping was free. It came from China via Fedex.

    Why the overnight $50 price increase for the top-o-the-line model? You surely knew costs well before then. Why couldn’t you tell us before hand?

    And how can you sell out of something that doesn’t ship for 2 months? It hasn’t even been manufactured yet. Your purchase order with the Chinese contract manufacturer was for X units? So, what was X?

    Everything was supposedly well planned. Yet the servers couldn’t handle the load. The policy documents were half-assed and contradictory.

    And where do you get off with some of those fees? When you say “return for any reason” and “no questions asked” you can’t also say, returns are only allowed for unopened merchandise, and that I must explain why I am returning. Its contradictory.

    Rohan, I don’t blame you specifically for this mess. It had to take a group effort at NI to fuck this pre-order thing up royally.

    I know you guys and gals are busting your asses over there, I too am in computer manufacturing. But there is more that just making a tablet. You have to productize it.

    You need to do some damage control, ASAP. If you haven’t noticed, people are turning on you and apologies are not good enough.

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Refund all orders.
    2. Issue a $xx credit to those who had orders processed for future order use.
    3. Establish payments systems that centralized to and accepted by your major markets.
    4. Move inventory to centralized warehouses in those major markets so as to lower shipping costs.
    5. Surely the FCC units are nearly production models. Clean them up and use them in promotional videos.
    6. Use the disclaimer with said videos that these are pre-production units and actual retail units will vary.
    7. Give real specifications and features. We aren’t stupid, we will understand what you say.
    8. Show us Genesis in action. Show us what we can expect.
    9. Lower the prices or adjust them to what they were before.
    10. Understand that business is done differently in your major markets. Follow those rules. Understand how your policies and warrantees are affected.
    11. Explain all that you are going to do, and how you are going to do it, in your blog.
    12. Either shut up about the mystery sensor, or tell us what it is. Its no longer cute, its patronizing.
    13.Tell us exactly what we are buying. What is in the damn box? What is pre-installed?
    14. These are your major markets: Europe, North America, Southeast Asia.
    15. Don’t make your customer have to jump through hoops to buy or use your product.
    16. If you still want a pre-order system, make it for a reasonable cost. Say $50. This will let you know how many people are truly still interested.
    17. Get the product to the distribution sites before you take the remaining money. Shipping time will be much faster. If the product is as good as we are led to believe, then shortly thereafter, more orders will be coming in.
    18. Your charisma can work against you. Have you noticed the label, “Con man” appearing in posts?

    Good Luck, I hope you can pull this off. I really wanted an adam, I still do. But these past 24 hours have taught me not to put so much faith into NI and I will need to proceed with caution.

  417. @ Rohan . You have a Canon Powershot SX1/10/20IS right ? Then Click a photo and upload . I don’t need the picture with some SLR effects . A simple Photo please …….. . And you haven’t told about storage and Installing apps from Android Market . When can I get adam in retailers ? only after 6th Jan ? . I will come to your office to get a Adam . Can u give me ?

  418. I have a question regarding the shipping time. I am based in Hong kong, so quite close to China 😉 hence my question is : is the 6-8 weeks delivery time a very secure figure or it can be shorter with closer distance?

  419. Well you should note keeping secrets is very nice before money changes hands.
    At the moment its just seems unfair.
    I myself am very disappointed at not getting the pre order mail and later finding out that you don’t accept master card and last that all the QI are sold out.
    To sum it all as high as the expectations are so is the downfall.

  420. No i think they where preorders for the batch of products they had. in which case yes they could sell out

  421. i guess it would easier to manufacture the normal lcd ones anyway in which case more volume, but it might have been a good idea to do a poll to which one you would order, Rohan might not took notice of the actual numbers but the ratio would have been interesting

  422. Even though I had posted in the blog earlier and I didn’t receive the pre order mail (I was waiting till 2:30 AM IST ) , I managed to get up from bed at 7 AM and booked the LCD + WiFI version for myself. Am glad that I didnot have to face any tech glitches and the transaction was smooth.

    Rohan – No matter how much trials and trebulations you face, I have the highest faith in you and your earlier blogsposts ( since last year ) speaks volumes about your conviction to make this product a success.

    Everybody, plz do not panic and give these guys some time to fix the issues.

    If Microsoft can push their buggy OSes in the market and force users to do endless upgrades after upgrades making windows slower and slower, we should give some credit to this start up firm which is trying to do everyting right to release the product in the finest possible shape at the first go. This has become a global phenomena so there are bound to be glitches hang on…Rohan will deliver.

    Best Regards

  423. +1.

    And PixelQi will be very happy to hear their new display is running so well. As another highly motivated startup with a mission to save the world, I’m sure PQ will do what they can to make the rest of us happy. DIY program probably didnt went so well, since its rather expensive for international ordering and most existing netbooks/convertables/tablets are all crap.

    Thats why the Adam is so hot. 🙂

  424. SOLD OUT! How can that be? How many QI were built? I’m sure I’m not the only one disappointed.

  425. Three Hundred thousand? I don’t think so buddy…
    Thirty thousand (the number of pre-order emails they attempted to release) is still a lot though.

    30, 000 times $450 is still north of THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS (ZOMG!)

    I think Rohan can afford a PR team now. All reports indicate they took the money from people’s accounts immediately too, not waiting til it was shipped…

  426. Every publicity is good publicity Rohan, if you know how to use it. (Been there)

    whats done is done, but I really appreciate you being here on the blog on replying to comments, builds back some credibility.

    Only way to answer the questions is by Actions and not words.

    The best course of action would be :
    1. Get the specs page correct. The customers have the right to know what they are paying for. (This means for each of the 4 options offered for preorder)
    2. Videos, demos, tours etc on daily basis.. Kinda campaign to unravel a feature/app every day. (this also makes a video help for later use by customers 😉 )
    3. Takie a stock of all the orders you have confirmed, resending emails to all those who have successfully placed the order.
    4.Checking CCAvenue for failed transactions details and understanding if someone has been missed in the above list or wrongly charged and an acknowledgment email to those individuals.
    5.Now coming to us the “Family” who missed the bus and the “EAP”. Draft a list and in next batch give a 24 hour window for the family with priority shipping.
    6.Ignore the non believers and FOCUS ONLY ON YOUR PRODUCT QUALITY AND DELIVERY.

    Rest I believe you are already working on and so far you have done a fabulous job.

    Ending with a quote I read in the comments yesterday :
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  427. Im in the US as well and theres no way Im paying any import fees. I saved the original sales page and it states

    “We suggest you to review the product prices and any applicable sales tax, duty, levies, shipping and handling charges as presented on our website, before submission of your order”

    When I preordered, it was a flat $600 shipped. Im going to call Visa and submit that number along with their email and the php i saved through firefox. Binding contract with those terms and conditions. I will refuse payment and get Visa to dispute the charges if I have to.

    I suggest you save all the applicable pages as well just in case something changes later on. I wasnt able to save the privacy and refund pages but wish I did.

    I also want to know why i would have to pay a restocking fee, shipping both ways for DOA/defects. That seems like downright extortion.

  428. Guys. I meant Read and ignore. I can see few of the people are using this blog to tease or create mockery out of Rohan. I too agree that the comments wiill be a source for future blogs.

  429. I think that NI have already deviated from the industry standards by offering the possibility of a pre-order (I am not sure that Apple/Dell/Samsung do the same).

    The hint is in the name “pre-” order.

    This is being done before the official launch so you accept some amount of risk, with your reward being that you will get an adam before those who accept less risk and wait.

    Nobody is forcing you to pre-order, you can wait – see the reviews and videos that will come out with the official launch, then make your reasoned decision … just like you would with all those other vendors that would not open to a pre-order.

    Maybe the only real issue was that the pre-order ended up being a bit too public, with many people treating this as the official launch (which will probably be at CES) … so now it has turned into a PR disaster. I guess in the scheme of things, most people who will eventually buy an adam are still peacefully unaware of its existence, as they do not follow techie blogs, so I doubt if any long term harm has been done.

    I am one of the “lucky”/ “foolhardy” / ”honoured” (you take your pick) that battled through the process (4 credit cards before one that worked) and have made an order…. and I am happy to have done so.

  430. Thanks for communicating Rohan. I ordered about midnight yesterday (UK)already. Gave you a shoutout on Twitter… (@okesola) and continuing to buzzzzzzz””’ about Adam. Glad i got PixelQi too!

    It hasnt ever been a walk in the park – breaking new ground, keep up the efforts! you will get your reward. Some of us still back NI to the hilt and have zilch issues with it being a young startup… but the nature of your followers however means we expect a certain standard… we expect you to continue to try to improve.

    Please continue to listen, you’re doing a good job so far. And, i will be there when ‘all about the funding’ becomes ‘more about the margin!’

    ”It’s not your talent, but the gift of birth,
    it’s not your bank book, that determines worth
    And it isn’t in the color of your skin, it’s your attitude that lets you win..”

    My only thing is.. i was not able to select a colour (Red Please!!!)

  431. Rohan wrote that he will be reading the blog comments the whole day.

    So, you should take this opportunity and comment on what you think should be the correct server cluster configuration to handle the load, how to expedite the process to get MasterCard on board, and a detailed warranty that would make you happy. I’m sure that Rohan will appreciate your input and maybe even reward you with a Pixel Qi variant of ADAM !! Get going on this, bro !

  432. I was also sad, when I saw that pixelqi was sold out allready. But I am also happy that you will not ignore Europe and EMEA region, as it has been done in the past years with all manufacurers.

    Keep up the good work and I hope that pricing will stay the same 🙂

    Hopefully there will be more of PixelQi adams available next.

  433. lol. Don’t be sad…I’m also appearantly not part of family, although I managed to order once the store was open to the public.

    The Galaxy tab doesnt even remotely compare to the Adam. Calm down and think about whether you need it so urgently that you have to buy some 2nd class sloppy design.

  434. Did not receive the email and then couldn’t get into the website for the public offering and then Pixel Q 3 G sold out. We’ll see what happens.

  435. more likely it was delegated to a second page. I don’t understand wordpress comment seems inconsistent. Go to track comments under ‘my account’ to see if the comment really was removed.

  436. @sandip said, on December 10, 2010 at 15:10

    > Let me tell you this is the most lousy ordering system I have ever seen…..I am a developer and I cant think of making such a mistake on a prototype

    Awesome dude. You should join NI. They need folks like you. Seriously.

  437. China?!?
    If the extra 3000 INR for India was not our sales tax, then what was that for?
    Are you aware that Indian customs will make this thing cost us 1000+ USD?

  438. First of all, congratulations to everyone at NI despite the technical problems you encounter at this time; “speech technician.
    Then a few weeks, I have to give some 160 doctors in tablets with AZERTY KEYBOARD, my question is: when will you provide tablets with this keyboard format?

  439. Why refund all pre-orders – surely those of us who did pre-order are happy to have done so?

  440. don’t have the nerve to pre order before coz many of things (pixel qi will be shipped 8-12 weeks???that is so long)….just waiting for your post rohan, i thought if i pre order i will get the adam by january at least, then when i read this post i feel i should just pre order but its already too late no more pixel qi variant…feels so confuse, sad, desperate and hopeless, well the truth is i’m beginning to feel disrespect for you NI (no offence rohan, just saying what i feel now towards NI)…i still hope for miracles that it will still have the pre order and shipped for january, if its not happen i just keep waiting till all the big company join the tablet wars and choose wisely

    thank you

  441. @Rohan, hurray for a ‘detailed’ video to be released on the 18th. You need to release *SOME* sort of video NOW, though, to help start regaining your credibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a vid shot with your phone and uploaded to YouTube…you just HAVE to get proof out there, and now.

    Break out the unit you have right now right next to you, or hell, sitting on your lap right now as you read these comments, and put up a 90 second shot of YOUR Adam, with quick changes from the current mail, calendar, etc apps. Make sure you ALSO open a webbrowser and navigate to the top of THIS blog article or any within the past day or two two prove that it’s a current portrayal.

    If you wait until the 18th, I have a very strong feeling that you’ll be in a PR hole that you’ll never get out of. You need to take major, very public, and very visual steps to regain public confidence in your company right now, and every minute, quite literally, that goes by without such a response is 100 more people who have ONLY negative PR available and who will walk away and never look back. A startup company like NI will never survive it.

  442. Rohan,

    If you are really reading all the comments then I wish to try my luck. Firstly, I have nothing but respect for your mission and your boldness in challenging the established status quos of the big guns and creating a product that embodies your vision for the future.

    I have been a long standing fan of Adam getting all my family and friends to read this blog and sending them blog links every time you update the blog.

    Also I appreciate that you have been open with the fans (“family”) and I certainly enjoyed this journey but I believe it could be managed better.

    Your fascination with things like the Golden Ratio and your way with words that sometimes venture into the mystical are fantastic in describing your vision, to add some eloquence to a piece of hardware. But there has to be a balance.

    It is fine to build hype with hyperbole and flowery language but when you are asking people to part with cold hard cash, the communication should be succinct and relevant because those decisions will be rooted in logic.

    I am sure you realize the challenge ahead of you. You are jumping into the arena to slay several Goliaths and being at such a huge disadvantage, you can ill afford any sort of screw ups. Has there been enough scenario analysis to explore outcomes and ramifications of different events? Because the big guys like Apple, Google and Microsoft through their past performance or at least monetary clout have earned themselves a broad buffer of tolerance.

    Selling is about thinking from the customer’s perspective. You have a vision and expectations of a product, the reason that you have so many fans is because they believe in your vision, because your perspective matches theirs, not vice versa.

    We (most of us here) don’t think Apple makes the best products, but their marketing process and PR are pretty good and that’s the realism of the world out there, these are the things that ultimately close a deal for NI.

    So how can NI rebound from this setback? Personally I think that a clear, no-nonsense expose of the technical specifications that address the questions. I have been on this blog for months; there are questions that are asked and repeated countless times but received no clarifications.

    While we appreciate the enigmatic way you present the Adam, but after a certain point the mystery has to be consigned to history. Too many allusion make the adam seem like an illusion. There always has to be a match in the expectations perspective and actions.

    You expect certain things from the fans like feedback and suggestions, the fans expect clarity and honesty. You wax lyrical we sing the same tune. Then you make vague references but we stump up real cash? Something doesn’t gel, right? Why don’t you send me a product and trust that I will pay you when i get my hands on it?

    I don’t want to sound preachy and I really do understand that NI is eager and NI is young. Cock-ups are inevitable. But come on, as CEO I am sure you know if you are really ready or not? I mean if you aren’t just come right out and tell the fans, we have waited months and still hanging on, we won’t go away. A PR faux pas like this will make more of us go away.

    There is still time to patch things up. Win over all your family here again and we’ll be army that defends you when the big guns or critical blogs start gunning you down.

  443. Want to preorder:
    1 Pixel Qi wifi +3G Adam

    Rohan, put me on the preorder list please.. what difference could it make to roll 1 more of the belt.

  444. Re 3: that made a lot of sense half-year ago, when they aimed at being 1st tablet and having heavily revamped Android much better than rest. They really had chances to make a crowd. There just was not crowd of Android/Tablet developers, and they could lure them all.
    But with all those delays now…
    And sever restrictions in SDK (no VoIP means no Skype, u may hate them but they are super popular. Another example – no extensible application, that means no alternative WWW browsers, which are extensible by UserJS, widgets, addons, plugins) also do not look seductive.

    I wonder if NI can make a twist and provide parts of Adam firmware to other tablet vendors.
    One one hand, Adam firmware might be one of key features of Adam, but parting from other Android developers may be dangerous. Perhaps if part of Adam SDK API been ported to generic Android and then provided as intermediate paid library (either paid-sponsored by Google or by tablets vendors) they can close the gap.

    I feel that NI now after delays needs to shorten the gap between vanilla Android of concurrents and their SDK.
    If a developer stands a choice to develop for Adam or for all-the-rest-Android-tablets, what would he choose ? How many developers should be in smal company, that they’d dispatch one of them strictly to Adam ?
    I feel like developers should be able to treat vanilla Android as demo platform. V.A. is to be like sublevel-Atom, amost-Adam, so that developers can use one same source base (with conditional compilation or such) for both V.A. and Adam. Then for users, V.A. apllication is to be not separate, but almost like-Adam, with some restrictions, unimplemented bonus features, etc. Adam-app are to be like expanded V.A.-apps, without developer need to make a choice and switch. If this fragile balance can be achieved or not i cannot say.

    Re 5: i think that is what 1st customers can help with. Receive device and, if it will turn good thing, demo it to local stores and review sites. If i’d decided to make pre-order, i’d did it.
    Yet NI already missed New Year, and that is bad for any offline local store.

  445. The way NI are doing its distribution is disruptive and they is is a win. In the coming year we will see a well greased distribution network and good customer relation.

    : )akobL

    Keep the light burning, and the dream alive.

  446. not much of a preorder if you’ve already been charge the full amount. thats just an order. My original ship date said Jan 9. Any chance that will be honored at all?

  447. UPS is much faster and reliable (though much more expensive at same time) than, for example Russian Post.

    Though DHL is expensive i can see the reason, that Rohan would not want to mess with “ground mails” Globe-wise.

  448. True, you can always do a better job, and I won’t make excuses, but when people don’t come through for you when they say they will, and you’re on a tight schedule, there isn’t much planning that can help you, and it becomes all to easy to make small mistakes (which then compound further).

    The main trick is to extend the schedule – easy in hindsight, but not so easy when you are excited to be releasing something new, and under equal amounts of pressure to do so.

  449. PixelQI already sold out :-(, don’t want the normal lcd version.. *sighs*

    I hope more PixelQIs become available for preorder 🙂

  450. I cant order!! When i come to the 3:d step it sais “0” on my shipping adress. Im getting really frustrated 😦

  451. Hello all,

    Well, Pixel Qi display is a main reason why i wanted and still want ADAM.
    I didn`t make pre-order and that`s my story why:
    1. I didn`t get limited pre-order invitation by e-mail, but i`m grown up enough person to not to be angre about it. I`m patient and have hope.
    2. I didn`t make preorder available to public, cause i didn`t get enough confirmed info about ADAM (i`m interested in Ubuntu on ADAM, Pixel Qi viewing angles are also important for me), and decided to wait CES2011.
    3. It`s funny – in Russia there is no difference for me what kind card to have Mastercard or Visa, but all my cards are Mastercard 🙂

    I hope my experience might help NI to understand how to proceed.

    I`m not angry, i don`t judge, i respect action and reaction, i hope for the best, i believe in beauty of the world and it make me stronger and your should feel the same – it`s a test, go pass it.

  452. This is so much bullshit. They had ample time and indications to prepare for this. Nothing has “exploded over night”.

  453. Sure, i knew that, but what i want to know is if NI pay the taxes before shipping or customers have to pay them…

  454. Rohan,

    No one is asking to ‘Deviate from industry standard’. Here is an apple to apple comparison (no pun intended) on a clearly written policy for DOA items
    Dead On Arrival (DOA) Product: System Failure Out of the Box

    An Apple-branded hardware product is considered DOA if it shows symptoms of a hardware failure, preventing basic operability, when you first use it after opening the box. If you believe that your product is DOA, please call AppleCare Technical Support at 1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273) within 30 calendar days of the invoice date. AppleCare Technical Support will determine whether the product is DOA and offer you the following options:

    Replacement: Apple, at its expense, will ship another of the same product. AppleCare Technical Support will put you in touch with an Apple Store Customer Service Representative who will arrange for replacement and the DOA product’s return.

    Service: You may have the product repaired. However, once you choose that option, you may not request replacement of the product.

    If AppleCare Technical Support determines that a returned product is not DOA, Apple will apply Apple’s standard product warranty to the product. Further, if AppleCare determines that you have misrepresented a returned product’s condition and that the product is not DOA, Apple may impose a $400 handling fee.

    You must partner with a local distributor to handle these issues. It was just annoying to see the toll free number call out 18001234567. Really?

  455. Rohan, let me just say …

    mistakes, errors, oversights, etc. do not determine “character” (but they definitely influence PERCEPTION),

    but character is definitely reflected in how you now handle the consequences / fallout

  456. Yes 550+50 USD translates to 27000 INR, Indians were charged 29999 INR instead.
    And now we got the news that ít´ll come from china.
    This may end up 1000+ USD with customs, if it reaches here at all… ;-(

  457. Dude, the terms said that you should be prepared for 0% to 100% additional tax.

    IANAL, but unless NI manages to become official in US and Europe, we all just ordered from some Indian company and have no choice but to pay tax. But I’m sure NI is working on that already.

    And dude..
    > shipping , fees etc for DOA/Defective product. This is illegal in the US.

    The same way that Germany has a 14 day full refund policy for online/phone orders. But this only applies if you don’t happen to order at a company that only exists somewhere in India right now. As above, they’re probably working on that. Its a huge mess to be conformat with local laws of so many countries. (yes, there’s more than U.S..)

  458. @ Samson said, on December 10, 2010 at 15:16

    This complaint is getting really old really fast.

    It has been mentioned many times in the earlier comments in this blog as well as in the previous blog.

    NI is not responsible for the error. Your credit card company is. Call them up, identify yourself and tell them that you will be making an overseas purchase. They will make the changes accordingly to allow the authorization to go through.

  459. Agreed, and optimally for all languages Adam will be released in. This is far from stereotyping, at least I can’t imagine how ensuring optimal user experience is stereotyping.

    I honestly don’t mind minor errors in the blog posts, but I sincerely hope I wasn’t the only one to notice the spelling error in the “Panel doesn’t *exists* for the App” image in the Fiat Lux post. I’m sure things will be handled properly, at least I certainly hope so.

    As a side note, there have been quite a few disappointments over the past 24 hours, but I for one am still quite faithful and very optimistic. With their best efforts Rohan and Notion Ink can learn from this nasty experience, recover, and make us all proud and happy Adam owners.

  460. For those that ordered up to now Rohan should make the 32G standard, as a little soryy for the last 48 hours and thanks for waiting till we got our act together.

    but I think the 8G will be the standard, which would be a shame as the site says 8+

    but hopefully he will address that later today…….

  461. @NI and Rohan

    I tried to order the $549.99 version of the adam (LCD, Pixel QI and 3G) and the transaction was declined. I tried to order again and I find that product is sold out. It is quite difficult to understand what is happening.

    I understand you guys are a start-up and the average age of your team is 22 or 23 years. What you lack is experience. You have the heart but not sufficient experience. You need help and very fast. Don’t let the hardwork you have done for the past few years come to nothing.

    Rohan man. You are incredibly bold. Sometimes you come across naive. If you want to take NI to the heights you dreamed off, do not let people take a step based on “Leap of Faith”. It was complete “Leap of Faith” for me to pre-order something that doesn’t exist in its full form yet. Let us admit that first. What you have is a cracking hardware. Nothing can go wrong with that. I too assembled a mini PC or HTPC. The materials are all there. There are a few iterations that need to be done, when it comes to something like a tablet. I think it is difficult to put together a tablet. But still I give you the benefit of doubt. The hardware in its current form should be great. What is really dragging you down is the UI and the apps. They are in Beta stage right now and they cannot be put forward for a Demo. They like any Beta product will not perform as per expectations. There could be numerous bugs that need to rectified.

    Your UI may be ahead of its time right now and your hardware will only work to its fullest potential on Android Honeycomb or later. I suggest you to do all the hard work and release the product focussing more on the UI and less on the apps. The apps can always come later. Once it is released people like me would like to port Ubuntu or some other OS over there which can do full justice to your hardware. Once your UI is stable and once Honeycomb is released, you guys will be rocking.

    All the best.

  462. Dont worry about wat other bloggers(android police) have written negative things about ADAM, ur the best at wat u do, just wanted to say one thing, “There will always be storms when the Harvest is ready, do not fear, for your time has come to reap the harvest.”

  463. I agree with Charlie. Notion Ink need to check their legal obligations under European law, particularly the requirement for a seven day cooling off period after ordering (when the customer can cancel an order without penalty, provided they return (at their own expense) any goods received in the as-received condition). Warranty requirements are also longer than Notion Ink is offering – British Trading Standards websites has good information on this, but the norm is 90 days warranty as an absolute minimum, with one year being typical for electronics. The law states that the goods must be in good condition as received by the customer, as described and fit for purpose. The law also requires that it should last a reasonable amount of time under typical use conditions – so a year would seem reasonable, unless you think the Adam is going to break after a week of normal use (excluding being dropped, kicked or drop-kicked). Under European law, claims for faulty/incorrect goods can be made up to *two years* after order date if the consumer can show that it was faulty when delivered (even if the fault was not apparent at the time – for example, faulty component within sealed casing).

    Rohan – get yourself a better lawyer. As I’ve said on NotionAddicts, I will be buying my Adam with my company’s money and must therefore show due diligence. Notion Ink screwed up by not putting full terms on the website from the start. European and British law also requires that a complete description of the goods must be provided (sorry, mate, no “secret” features!). With these issues, I can not safely say that I have satisfied due diligence when I place the order, so no order has been placed.

    Rohan – I’m actually hugely disappointed and quite angry. I’ve been waiting ten months for this since I first discovered Adam and ignored competing products so that I could get what I believe is a superior product. As it is, I couldn’t get in on the first pre-orders because my email never came (even though I commented twice on this site in October). As it turns out, I’m a little relieved, as I’d be very uncomfortable about ordering given the current terms, lack of full product info and clear technical problems with the ordering process.

    Notion Ink – have you got any trained marketers on the team? Somebody should have seen this coming! Have you got a good international consumer law specialist? Doesn’t look like it. Did you really test the systems (website and credit card payment facility) to check that it could cope with the inevitable heavy load at launch? I suggest that you did not, or at least did not test adequately. And it is clear that you have either totally under-estimated demand or have production volume problems with the Qi screen.

    I hope you can fix these issues. I still really want one of these things. But I won’t order until I feel the conditions are right and, at the moment, they are wrong. totally wrong.

    Yours in sadness


  464. @ Prema . It is for shipping . I bet once this device hits shops , it will be cheaper than now . So I have decided to wait till adam comes to stores . India is not yet ready for pre ordering . If Rohan gives Adam in their office , I am ready to travel 300Km .

  465. Talk to your bank or card vendor. Tell them that you are making a transaction with a company in India via CCAvenue. It should then go through once they have made the note on your account.

  466. I expect that there is only so much preparation that one can do on a timetable, and i assume that we would agree that there is a balance between preparation & Deadlines.

    I am not surprised though that there were lots of problems with the pre-orders.

    1 I once tried to buy a pair of shoes online from a little place called Cabella’s. Much to my dismay when the Bank froze my account due to “Suspicious abroad purchases”. It is very reasonable that Banks would not let the purchase go through if it seemed out of character for the buyer. (and shoes were definitely out of character for my online purchases 🙂 )

    2 If, we grant that so many people were excited at the prospect of getting an Adam (and i think they rightly were) it is all too reasonable that people had difficulty getting to the pre-order page, too much traffic and all. And IF this blog is second to Oprah’s, i would say that is a reasonable event.

    Is it in fact a reasonable expectation that these things would be foreseen by Notion Ink? I don’t know, but i will concede that some of the information could have been more clearly stated on the pre-order page.

    But something Just occurred to me: Rohan mentioned (in his responses in this thread) that CES was going to be the big Public event showing the world just how wonderful the Adam is…. Maybe there was a lack of conglomerated information because it was taken as an assumption by Rohan that those who were going to be pre-ordering had been following the Adam, and already had all the information (via this Blog and the official website.) What do you think? Reasonable Assumption?

  467. Dear SA,

    You don’t seem to get it, do you?

    We are getting the opportunity to PRE-order. Because we are committed and have shown our deep interest in the Adam; Notion Ink gives us the opportunity to already reserve a system BEFORE the launch.

    Virtually all of your questions are legit. Rohan even acknowledges so much in the post to which you now react. But most of this information will be presented at the launch.

    There are basically three reasons for that:

    1) they don’t want the information to reach the press too early because then, as Rohan said, then there is not much news anymore at the launch. It takes the punch away.

    2) They might still be awaiting the final news on patents etc. so the legal department forbids them to PRE-release certain info (including pictures).

    3) They are simply not ready yet. They are working their butt off to get a terrific launch at the CES and the total marketing planning is focused on that launch.

    PRE-ordering is exactly what it says. It is PRE the launch and therefor it is PRE all the info that will be available at the launch.

    Notion Ink is not forcing you to order now. You can wait. But please realize that Notion Ink is doing us a favor by guaranteeing that we can have one to become first users, and that we do not have to run the risk that the products are sold out in the shop to people who weren’t as committed as we were.

    As far as the video is concerned; I can fully understand that they will not have it produced by their janitor. First of all there might be legal issues that prevent publishing before the 18th and secondly they will (hopefully) carefully plan what they are going to show in the video and in what way. For most people this will be the first time that they see the real Adam and their is only one time that you can make a first impression.

    Rohan has shown in this blog that he takes our comments seriously, now let them do their job with the same commitment as that they have shown in creating the Adam.

    And do realize that PRE-ordering is exactly that: It an order BEFORE the launch and so BEFORE all info is released and given to press and public. You prefer to wait? Then do that. Rohan has already extended the PRE-order process till after the video is published.

  468. Have you ever tried to ship a packet international via airmail? Its fucking expensive. Other small companies mix the costs into their overall budget/product price and a larger company like Dell/Apple have a totally different infrastructure and capacity. This is much more difficult if you’re a startup.

    DHL might be one of the reasons why Rohan was in Europe, to cut a world flatrate and sell his baby for the price that it actually costs.

    Any other company would charge you another 20% and more simply because you’re US or EU citizen. Take a look at the iPad prices!

  469. 3:30 AM where I am and I am up in the middle of my sleep posting on this blog again…why ?

    I guess there are some products which seem so revolutionary and whose experience is expected to be so over the top that we would go above and beyond to get them. Like standing in a line to get a Iphone for hours, I did it twice. Adam got the same appeal, because of the so many unique things starting with pixel Qi, is this expectation justified ? maybe, but it surely has not been handled well by the company.

    While interacting with people directly is good for a CEO, it always has its drawbacks
    like today with the whole order thing. A CEO better not get caught up in this emotional response from people, blogs and instead concentrate on getting the process right. If all the processes were setup right, then yesterdays fiasco would never have happened.
    You can hire a PR guy to do the posts and make occasional visits to this site, as long as credible information is being given out doesn’t have to be a CEO. While we engineers are smart the damned MBA’s are sometimes needed to run the company unless you are one Mr.Jobs.

    You should hire someone from the US experienced in retail, as the expectations here are much much much higher than in India. Companies like apple have set the bar so freaking damn high, you should be in the vicinity atleast.

    While comparisons to apple are good technically, but please don’t compare their policies to yours it comes across as you are unduly justifying yourself. The main difference is you are in India and people have a whole different set of issues when having to deal with anything international. A big company like Lenovo still has issues with the overseas thing.

    My experience yesterday was far from satisfactory, got the pre order email…initially link never worked, started working and browser crashed in the middle of the order and when I tried to get back got the message that order has already been placed and there is some restriction on the number of items. When I was able to get back in finally the timing had moved from 6th to 6-8 weeks, at which point it seemed prudent to wait a bit and now its sold out.

    From a personal standpoint, I was very fascinated that a Indian company was generating this unique buzz and wanted to see you guys succeed big time and avoid the pitfalls we generally have. But you hit the same roadblocks and some comments on the blogs while sometimes accurate rile me up to no end. I hope you etched all the things you learned today somewhere in stone.

    Hopefully you can let us know in advance when you might have some stock 🙂 and please post those videos and a 360 degree view of Adam.

    “Just a tablet, no big deal…if not today then tomorrow…well maybe some day ” is what I will say to myself and go back to sleep.

    Good Luck NI and Rohan 🙂

  470. Rohan,

    Customers can be a demanding lot, especially we Americans. We are too spoiled! Don’t let us discourage you. The quality of your product is what will matter in the long haul. Keep your chin up, and keep plugging along. Yes, there is room for improvement, but none of us rode a bike perfectly the first time, either. The negative emotions that people have had will give way to the positive product reviews.

    I sent you my money today. I have confidence that you are a man of your word and will work through the minor kinks. I’m not worried about it. I’ve even been thinking that I should leave the Adam in the box unopened and sell it at auction for a lot of money in seventy years: a seventy-year-old virgin Adam, feeling like a million bucks–the very first product of Notion Ink, sold on the very first day, never opened, never used. Notion Ink, the company that rose to dominate the digital consumption space, replacing a company called–what what it, Apple?

  471. i’d agree about mystery sensor. There’s already bit too much mystery around Adam 😦
    same for Genesis.

    i can also see the reason in DHL. Maybe USA default post service is great and reliable, it is not always so in other countries.

    Probably, NI can better survive 1000 silent could-be-customers, who would just flee for the high shipping costs, than 100 vocal ones, who would be dissatisfied with cheaper shipping services and will cry out “we send the money and got nothing” and make NI name shattered.

  472. Yeah, I agree, I do not understand what a ‘sold out’ means in pre-order…
    I will wait for a second wave.

    Also, I like all the mysteries around the Adam, but definitely, a lot of people seem to get angry because of that.

  473. sorry but no. the contract is that any additional fees will be displayed at time of purchase, BEFORE I PLACE MY ORDER. I didnt put down a deposit, I paid in full. I’ve completed the deal 100% on my end. It is extremely illegal to run back and charge more after you’ve taken the customer’s money in full.

    NI might be an indian company but VISA is an american company and as such they’re obligated by american laws. NI won’t be in business long if they want to get in a drawn out war with VISA.

  474. But they will not deliver within 6-8 weeks from today.
    So basicly it’s nice we can buy but we are just buyers and not “family”.

  475. @Rohan
    I have receiced my mail, but i have only a MasterCard, the PQ is already sold out, but i think that NI is doing a revolution, also Google is not able to sell device worldwide at launch, with a unic price, continue like this and take your time, i’ll still trust you, don’t care so mutch of people that blame you. 

  476. Thank you for taking me on this emotional rollercoaster of this Internet soap.
    I have enjoyed myself quite well..All these techies getting attached to a thing they have never seen (and with vague specs)

    You could see the happy people lying in the park on a nice summerday…collectively dreaming about their Adam…Fantasizing about the things they could do with it. Nobody ever saw Adam alive, but they knew he was the ONE for them. They, the happy few, knew it would come very soon and they would have it in their hands for REAL.

    If you watched beyond the nice sunny green park..
    You could see clouds comming from the North and the sky getting darker and darker ready… to deliver an ice cold Thunder Storm ….Too bad you could not deliver what was “planted” in so many mens heads.

    I do believe in a happy ending, So i’m looking forward to pay with
    Paypal/Mastercard and use my “family preorder coupon” to get a fresh (restocked) Pixel Qi* Wifi Adam.
    (delivered before 1st of Feb) And read, beforehand, some nice review by some of the top tech websites this planet has.

    *To be honest Pixel Qi is the only reason I want to buy this device and not that
    thing that Eve gave to Adam or any other LCD lookalike.

  477. And so waiting for the second batch of 3G + pixel qi adams beginns. Looking forward to the video, hope that will clarify the remaining questions.

  478. No it´s not.

    It states 550 USD + 50 USD for shipping. 600 USD translates to 27000 INR.
    BUT in the last order step it suddenly becomes 29999 INR which again translates to 666USD

    Plus on top of that we will have the Indian customs… jay ;-(
    During order it informed us about the costs of sending it back to India, why is now coming from China…

  479. Sad, sad… sad, sad and sad.

    I would have happily spent the cash for the deluxe edition (Pixel Qi & 3G) – although I am not too thick on money.

    Now it’s already gone – for how long? Time to give Pixel Qi a call and order a bunch more.

    What bugs me most is that the false start tipped me off – when I last looked last night I still had a chance to order what I wanted. But I was too tired and sceptical. Now I’m at loss although I still believe in you.

    This would have been more than great to have the adam in the first weeks of the new year. Could have been my birthday present. But I would not want to go back to the backlit version.

    I hope, there will be some more on order soon.

  480. A sour comment.

    Still no answers on what we are buying. If there’s only 8gb memory, that will be a problem for me. Certainly, the machines are considerably more expensive then we were promised; and I’m suspecting that Rohan isn’t answering the question about memory because the answer isn’t a good one.

    And Rohan’s priorities are seriously skewed. He’s gone crazy about a weather app, which is just a cutesy cartoon, but according to his own posting, the e-book reader is 2nd rate. This does not give me confidence. If the hardware is good (whatever the hardware is), I can always load Ubuntu, but NI’s lack of experience is showing. I worry that at least the first production machines will show the same haste and possibly even shoddiness that the website and the UI do.

    I’d like to pretend that I’m kind of sour on this just because I didn’t get one of the coveted e-mails (another sign of NI shoddiness), but I’ve expressed similar thoughts long before this.

    Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on many on things that Rohan has promised (battery-life calculator, an official forum). I admire Rohan’s enthusiam, but he’s bitten off more than he can chew, and this will take some time to shake out.

  481. “Ouch” is right. I tried about 10 times last night to order the PixelQi version (I’m in the US) and kept on getting an error from the payment site — never even got the chance to enter payment info. Now this morning I wake up and discover you’re sold out. I understand there can be glitches in any system, but this is awfully disappointing.

  482. @ James said, on December 10, 2010 at 15:28

    James, NI relies on PixelQi, which itself is a startup, to provide the 3Qi screens. Similar to how NI relies on NVIDIA to supply the Tegra 250 SoC.

    So, depending on manufacturing capability of PixelQi and the already available pieces in the pipeline, NI will be able to ship the corresponding variants.

  483. @rohan,

    someone said in comment:

    “I Understand The Need To Be Communicated With But I Do not Think You Deserve All That Mess”

    You are a fan, nobody wants to harm NI, nobody because they are brave and it must not be easy. We may not agree with the side “improvised” but their intent is noble until now.

    I received the mail as EAP, there was good link for pre order … but nothing worked and now the Pixel Qi Wifi IS sold out ….( i m french)

    please be realistic or at least objective

    this is a wrong to ask for a video or pictures of an object that costs 500 or 600 €?

    this is a wrong to want to know the date of delivery of a product?
    the date of supply of new products?
    the need of consumers is common in our sales system? it is wrong to want a complete list of applications included? you do not?

    I’m sure most of us do not need a video or pictures from a great director with a great HD camera and 3 months to do? am I right?

    please do ,…. Rohan you drink a good cup of tea, choose a good perfume …

    first tries to answer questions about the delivery date based on your production rate, the market place Y/N, the applications included (you can give us a short list, even written by hand if you want 😉

    Then you catch the most complete version of your beautiful Adam.

    you do run your applications to your “family” in 5 minutes.

    you show us that it exists!

    why not?

  484. Guys… please stop complaining. (if you’re not Dutch that is. For them basic needs are food, shelter, water, an Adam, and complaining 😉 )

  485. Rohan,

    Thank you for the information. I am sure you are quite busy. One question regarding payment. Why couldnt you set up a Paypal option as well? This would take some of the burden off of your only CC supplier as well as offer you and us protection. It would also allow us to use cards from other sources.


  486. The bravest thing about the Adam is the transparency from the word go. Even the glitches.
    Keep your heads held high, notionink, your mission will succeed.

  487. NI would not charge. Your local customs would.

    In Russia, AFAIK, i Adam would go beyond the price limit, 2 is somethign about it, and 3 wuold definitely cross the borderine.
    So if person takes 1 Adam per month that should qualify as personal usage and go through customs free from taxes. If person ordered 3 Adams, that that should qualify for taxes and Russia local customs would hold the parcel until taxes paid. But paid not to NI, but tp government/customs

  488. Whats up with the “Sold out” stuff?

    How can a pre-order possibly be sold out?

    A pre-order should be unlimited and then you just work of the pre-order list one by one when you get more in stock, those who orders after the pre-order should just be put at the end of the list and given a date when they would be receive the device

  489. At last some supporters of an incredible open-minded start-up!!! Excellent job, so far, and now, at the beginning of sales, a failure?!?

    Just think about this:
    – Image how difficult it is to plan the size of the first batch of an innovative product
    – NI planned first batch months (!) ago
    – NI intended to send e-mails to around 30.000 potential customers – by far much more than the size of the first batch
    – Pixel Qi is depending on capacities of manufacturers because they don’t have own machinery (at least to my knowledge)
    – Rohan mentions that demand for LCD screen is much higher than the one for PQ. My impression is that it is a price sensitive matter ‘though it is one of the key elements of the adam.
    – Production has a learning curve, also. So, in a second/third … batch there will be less errors, …

    I’m convinced that the next batches have already been planned. My Hope is that NI is shifting their sales plan in a way that the around 20.000 potential customers who did not get an e-mail (like me) are able to order their adam before CES begins.

    My conclusion: No failure at all, just demand is much higher than supply. That’s good news for us adamaniacs!!!!

    Thanks Rohan!

    Best regards, Thomas

  490. >>If anything can go wrong, it will. – Finagle’s Law.
    (often incorrectly attributed to Murphy, whose law is rather different – which only goes to show that Finagle was right) << From chap 11 Java Lang Spec 2nd ed.

  491. No doubt the entire Pre-Order process could have been tackled better.

    But here are a few points, views and suggestions.

    1. Payment Options
    It would be very nice if you provide Paypal as an additional payment option, especially for International buyers. The use of CCAvenue is especially commendable as it provides an option to use net-banking and use ATM/Debit cards issued by Indian banks to transfer funds. This step is justified as the product was aimed at students and students in India (and probably other developing countries) don’t have access to Credit Cards. For the sake of the argument, credit cards are not even possessed by 20% of the working population in India, the Adam’s home market (speculative: based on self-interaction with people). I don’t suppose this is an issue for students in the USA or Europe as banks have at least the option of providing auxiliary credit cards to family members of the primary card holder. But CCAvenue as the only payment option should not be imposed on users across the whole world. Provision of Paypal also negates Notion Ink from handling independent credit cards issuers. It also builds on the trust that existing Internet-purchase community have in Paypal to handle their money.

    2. Shipping Charges
    It is really commendable that Notion Ink wants to promote the idea of One Global Price Policy. I even feel its fair to charge excess to offset the exorbitant shipping cost faced by some regions by regions where it is cheaper. But I would like Notion Ink to do is support / thank / reimburse /congratulate the people who have paid extra shipping (paid 50$ instead of the 25$ incurred) by giving them a life-long discount (or for a limited time) at the Genesis App Store. This would justify the variance in price. I am sure the people who have paid the lesser shipping (paid 50$ instead of the 180$) will welcome this gesture too.

    3. Shipping Provisions.
    While I have absolutely have no idea about DHL is managing the logistics specifically for the Adam, It makes sense in consolidating all orders from a specific region. Let me elaborate this. Say there are 10000 units (speculative) ordered in the USA and France and Germany each. Rather than sending these 30000 units as individual packages, it should send 1 shipment of 10000 to USA where it is distributed via DHL localized centers. Meanwhile, it should send a 20000 shipment to either France or Germany, from where it sent by road tho the other country. This ensures two things :-
    ===> a. lesser resources used (packaging, fuel consumption, etc) in the present scenario of dwindling resources.
    ===> b. lowers shipping costs, which then can be reflected in the One Global Price Policy.
    Of course this also means that shipments will have to be consolidated at the factory itself. Maybe the factory could also “push out” shipments to continents on a once-a-week basis. Now this suggestion is not only for pre-order rush, but also regular purchases.

    4. Pre-Order Charging
    Numerous online communities have condoned Notion Ink from charging the entire amount the minute the “BUY” button is clicked. From what I’ve gathered, the Adam still lacks the FCC certification. For any reason it does not receive it (I pray that this never happens) people will have “paid” for vapor-ware and will incur 5% cancellation charges on the pre-order. This is not acceptable. The pre-order charge should have been charged only when the Adams are ready for shipping

    5. Product Launch Media – Photos, Videos, Reviews, etc
    While it is nice that Adam wants to make the BIG BANG at CES 2011, releasing the product for pre-launch at the moment is not fair. Rohan has apologized for this but I would like to re-iterate that Notion Ink should have launched the devices at CES 2011 (6-9 Jan 2011). It should then have dispatched immediately to various review sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, etc (and maybe even iFixit for a product tear-down 😉 ) They should have then opened for Pre-order on the 14th of Jan 2011, which would be in time when the reviews hit the webs. Even though at this time end-user feedback wouldn’t be available, this is acceptable as it’s only pre-orders. It should then make the Adam available for the out-right purchase as soon as the last batch of pre-orders are shipped out from China.

    6. Currency Conversion Dilemma
    This issue has not been brought up by the online community, but is certainly one that I faced. When purchasing the PixelQi 3G variant, the cost was totaled as 550$+50$ = 600USD. For some reason this was being converted to 29999 Indian Rupees which equates to USD 665.6. This extra 65.6 USD charge is not justified and is not acceptable. I halted my purchase right away. In fact this mysterious charge is present for all models and varies for all models from 46USD to 66USD. This issue is still prevalent at the time posting this comment.

    I do hope Notion Ink takes note of the issue that have been highlighted and like any company that is banking on community involvement should address them appropriately .

    On a leaving note, I will be purchasing the Adam when it’s finally launched no matter if these issues are addressed or not (well, as long the stated hardware is present).

    Cheers Rohan!!!

  492. @ sa said, on December 10, 2010 at 14:59

    > I can fly from the other-side of Earth, record and publish on the NET in 48hours.

    Please, go ahead and do that.

  493. Someone who understands (business) politics! Woohoo!

    Take your time Rohan, everyone knows you gotta time your publicity (Like Apple or Blizzard does

  494. Staying awake till early morning & reading that same ugly line “comeback at 12.00 PST” (to get fooled again).

    Can you guess my stupidity to check out the web for the meaning PST conversion to IST.. then I concluded Adam was meant for US not India I went to sleep..

    Rohan that was cruel.. you should not have said family.. cause it increases the feeling of dejection..

  495. Rohan!

    I am posting it again. I am staying in Japan and want to order adam.

    But there is a separate certification procedure in Japan, like FCC and CE. i tried to check in the net, and the device has to certified by ministry for internal affairs and communications (MIC) if it contains wifi, bluetooth or 3G modules.

    I hope some answer sooner or later. i will wait.

  496. Glad to see someone as adamant as myself when it comes to the spelling and grammar errors. Thanks for the concern and attention to detail, abhirupbasak!

    Please Rohan, get someone on this. The beautiful UI Notion Ink has designed is the icing on the amazing hardware cake.

  497. It´s a tragic event I second that. However I want to come to the rescue of notionink for parts of this procedure:

    – To setup the whole infrastructure with major online retailers just for this pre-odering -thing made no sense and I don´t think the online retailers would have supported it.

    – So their resort was to ship it themselves whle waiting for the infrastructure to be in place at the real product launch

    – If you have to sell yourself and are a small company you could well go broke on returns and warranty policies which you can´t get backing for by an insurance company as the numbers are too low to be interesting for them.

    – the same for S/H. they have either taken a financial risk with UPS or made a deal to get a bulk deal for a limited number of devices to be shipped at fixed costs no matter where you are in the world.

    – Local taxes are a complete nuisance and impossible to handle properly on a gobal scale. The import tariffs for some countries are way higher than for others, it depends on customs classificatiions which are different per country of destination, of shipping country and other arbitrary rules per country. So unless you have an importer for every country you are stuck.

    NotionInk has been under great pressure from Indians, Europeans etc to not only ship to the US. Read the blogs from the beginning and you will see.

    So if they fulfilled that clear communiity wish and take a stance against the America first policy which is so often used they had to come up with this complex scheme of S/H at fixed prices on a global level. 50$ f.i. would have been a great deal for me living in Spain as I happen to know what the real shipping cost by UPS are.

    Local taxes, in the US often called sales tax depend on the state within the US. Outside of the US it depends on the country where you ship to. Even within Europe there is no universal tariff.

    However there are legal differences as well. In the US you are allowed to advertise without sales tax to consumers with a small note pointing out that in some states sales tax may be applicable.
    In Europe this is strictly forbidden. Only business to business users can advertise this way so the VAT/IVA/Mwst/ or whatever it´s called in each European country has to included in the specified price.

    As a result of all of the above the official prices in Europe f.i. are usually much hgh higher

    So now place yourself in their position:
    There is huge pressure to open up for pre-launch ordering from all over the world

    – The alternative would have been to open it up for f.i. the US only and leave out the rest of the world which I find a disgusting policy which is unfortunately often used.

    – Usually the Europeans end up wiith being able to order half a year later and at an exchange rate of 1:1 instead of the current 0,75:1 so a full swing adam whould cost you end user at the lowest mail order companies about 549E minimum which is 730E.

    Now it would have ended up at in f.i. Spain for that same amount including shipping so cheaper than the official way and half a year before we normally can order stuff.

    By all of this I don´t want to talk around all the other issues with transactions going wrong, lack of credit card choice etc, but I have ample professional experience in buying and selling on a large scale between three continents and I can´t come up with a better scheme to realize this vision to have it available for pre-order for all countries and pressed by customers who wanted it now and websites who kept repeating it was vapour ware.

    BTW: I didn´t end up buying one as I didn´t have a visa card, but that´s not an issue for me. I got the email and went through all the steps. I noticed the redirect to a verisign https site so that part was okay. I have other dealings with notionink and so far they have been very forthcoming and trustworthy.

    I agee that it turned out a mess but ask you to consider the above alternatives and major obstacles.


  498. I agree. I want the Adams for our sales teams and they need the PixelQi version. With them being sold out and not knowing how long it will take to replenish stock (5 months) i do not know whether it is worthwhile to order.

    I already know that the screen of the non-PixelQi will not need our requirements. So can Notion Ink give an indication how long it will take before they can ship additional PixelQi versions?

  499. @Rohan Shravan

    You’ve said “Europe is an extremely crucial market for us” so I think you should have an EU reseller/partnership that guarantee duty-free goods because buying computer equipment in EU from China is the equivalent to have a hundred percent customs control whit a 20% VAT on the total price (shipping + actual cost of the tablet) in addition to some other possible taxes: it sucks! Think about it.

  500. Rohan,
    Plz! Atleast just let us know (those who are left out). Whether there will be any 2nd round for the Pixel Qi variant? If not then let me not waste my time out here & hit your pre-order website straight in the Jan after CES then.

  501. TLDR BUT definitely nEEds MORE caps. YOU’re bang ON with the STUDENT discount THOUGH. ThE freE loaders really DO need more CHEAP stuff.

  502. I had the same problem.

    Refresh your Notion Ink home page in the browser and you will see a HUGE “Preorder Now” button.

  503. Just want comment on those who are making an issues of VAT & import duties:

    I dont know if these ppl are stupid or for the first time buying stuff online!

    Every country has different duties and taxation rules. Whatever you buy online, when you ship it into your contry, you may be subjected to duties. How can one expect these to be included in price? Thats plain stupid when you buy online a product thats shipping globally!

    If you want a landed price, then you wait till stores sell them in your country. Why is the Ipad difrferently prices where you are? Simply because the different prices are based on import duties.

    Even when you buy an Ipad within the US, when you do the online purchase, based on where you are shipping in US, you will have to pay the respective states taxes.

    So when they say Ipad is 499, its not really 499, its 499+ tax of the state you ship too!

    In order to have a landed price, Notion ink will have to study each country they sell this too and have differential pricing, which doesnt make sence for a company which does not have local presence worldwide!

    Those who actuall make this an issue seems to have very little experiance on this aspect! give NI a break and focus criticism on other valid aspects … which are constructive!

    Keep up the good work, learn from mistakes and improve along the process!

  504. what i am interested in knowing is how did notion ink come up with the forex exchange figures. I am purchasing the product in India and according to the Exchange the dollar to rupees is 1USD = 45 INR. What is interesting to note here is that, the website is charging me according to 50INR. Now that is straight a 10% increase in the price of the product. So something which should cost me Rs. 21374 including shipping is now costing me Rs. 23766. Hmmm.. I am an Indian and i would really want these guys to succeed. And come on guys. Be fair to your own people..

  505. Thanks you so much rohan for your update and many well wishes go out to you. People are so passionate about your product I think thay essentially flipped out at the thought of not getting it or being scammed. I myself even felt worried. Looking forward to the video of the device, you don’t need to show off too much, I would suggest a similair piece to the galaxy tab but a bit meatier. One positive is that you a generating the type of fan I would say apple have. Its a very similar situation I remember the blogs going nuts about the ipad. I was going to preorder and had an early access link but sadly they were sold out before I got the chance. My Little boy was very sick so there was no way for me to do so. He’s feeling a bit better now thankfully. Its early days once people get this tablet in their hands all will be forgiven and this moment will be a distant memory. Good luck rohan. If you come across a spare full spec adam for uk let me know id love to put an order foro one in 😉 best of luck again, I’m going to be looking forward to febuary/march when I will hopefully be able to purchase that’s if its not sold out again !!! 🙂

  506. Steve cares about money just as much as the next businessman. He pleases the biggest chunk of customers in the tablet market and very much cares that their support of Apple products continues.

    Its nice to see Rohan answering messages but there is currently no comparison between the standards being set by both companies. Hopefully Notion Ink will improve and I would love to see them succeed but a ceo has a job to do and that is a job Steve Jobs does well. Apples PR team is also one of the best and they do that job very well.
    Its awesome that Rohan takes the time out to post on here(if it isnt a hired lackey) but he should be a ceo and not pr/complaints department. This should be nothing more than a side thing so he can get feedback not the main pr source of NI.
    If they had a complaints/pr department running properly the last 24hours may have worked out very different despite the problems.

    As for negative comments. We don’t have to earn a chance to buy a product. NI has to earn our money. Without us they are nothing. Without them the next best thing comes along to take their place. Its business.

    Bitchy customers are the best customers. For every one that complains there are heaps that haven’t. If I ever have a complaint I make sure to thank the person and make sure to take what they say into consideration.
    If I have a problem I make sure to tell someone. Its the kind/right thing to do if you want them to succeed.

  507. Ordered the LCD/3G this AM. If I dont like what I see at the official “unveiling” I’ll cancel my order. Easy and no stress.

  508. sa.

    Don’t buy it… don’t pre-order, don’t buy it, don’t come here and don’t post. Apparently you want to be upset about the pre-ordering circumstances.

    Are you yelling to line of people who wait for the latest Harry Potter book? they don’t know what the story is, but they spend huge amounts of efforts to be at the launch at midnight. pre-odering is like standing in line for a Harry potter book, without reviews, without knowledge whether the book will be around when you reach the inside of the store. So, you want to wait for better circumstances… well just do that, but don’t be like a 16 year old screaming and ranting. You don’t have to prte-order.

  509. Thanks for the update Rohan. I was very excited to pre-order. The one thing that held me back was the customs issue. I think it’s reasonable to expect to know the full cost of a product (including any customs tariffs, duties or taxes) before purchasing a product.

    Here’s what I read in the Notion Ink terms & conditions: “Any Customs duty, clearance charges, handling charges or taxes levied by the customs or the Government of destination Country will be borne by the buyer & Notion Ink suggests that these charges can vary from 0% to 100% of invoice value as per Country norms.”

    I’m in the U.S. Not knowing U.S. customs law, I tried to figure out what these charges might be for the U.S. I’m taking the time to share this experience because you seem open to the feedback . . . and because I’m sure that others had a similar experience . . . and that you would want to learn about the process that the excited fans went through and understand why some people are frustrated. Here was my process:

    * I did a google search but did not find a quick and straightforward answer to the question (also this was harder to do not knowing where the product was coming from. . . knowing that it’s coming from China is helpful . . . I was assuming that anyway, but it’s good to have the confirmation)

    * Then, I called DHL and they said they wouldn’t know until the item gets to customs.

    * I even tried calling U.S. customs . . . but by the time the order page was up and I got through and saw the terms & conditions and did a little research, U.S. customs was closed for the day.

    * I decided not to order yet . . . figuring that I’d wait to see how this all played out and/or if you would provide additional information soon.

    Since it seems that almost every consumer electronics product these days is manufactured in China, I would guess that the customs fees to the US are indeed low or even non existent. But without knowing that, I wasn’t comfortable clicking a terms & conditions page saying that I might be responsible for an additional 100% of the cost.

    I’m sure this information can be found with some online research . . . and had I known in advance about the terms & conditions, I would have been happy to do this research. But I had some other commitments yesterday and by the time I was able to get to the ordering page, I did not have the time to do that level of research.

    While I really think that the Adam is an awesome product . . . and I’ve been following for a year and waiting for the time when pre-orders would be available, I’m not sure that I could afford to pay double the price due to a customs issue. Perhaps I’m being too cautious . . . maybe I should be more trusting. Maybe there’s a slim possibility of the fees being high . . . but having no experience with customs, I had no way of knowing this when I was in the moment making the ordering decision. I wasn’t ready to accept those terms & conditions without knowing more. And as I mentioned above, I didn’t have the time or the patience to figure out the customs laws on the spot. And while my credit card company would protect me on some issues, I don’t think they would protect me on an issue that is stated in the terms & conditions.

    Because I’m excited about the product, I’m willing to do a little extra research . . . however most people will not have the patience required to do in-depth research to figure this issue out. Anything you can do to remove this barrier in people’s minds would be a helpful thing for you to do. If the issue is that duties vary by country . . . perhaps you should have a separate terms & conditions page for each country. Or at least for a few of the major areas you’re shipping to.

    I understand that you are a startup company . . . and that trying to launch a new product must present a lot of challenges . . . and that you’ve probably been focusing your energy on the development of the product. I imagine that customs must be a particularly difficult area to addresses as I’m sure it varies widely by country. But there must be a way to figure out how to include this in the price of the product (or at least show an estimate by country so that customers know what to expect). In my opinion, a range of 0-100% is too wide of a range to be useful. I have ordered other products from China that did not come with any unexpected additional customs fees or issues . . . so there must be a way to figure out how to do this. I’ve never ordered electronics from overseas so I don’t know what (if any) additional challenges might be involved with electronics.

    I was planning to get the Pixel Qi / 3G model and am excited for Notion Ink that it’s sold out (congrats on the success) but am now disappointed for myself that it’s no longer available.

    When will the next round of shipments be? Will you at some point let people continue to order for later shipping dates? When you launch at CES, will you have items available for purchase in the US at that time so that customs and shipping are no longer an issue?

    Thanks also for understanding that people want to see a video and/or reviews from 3rd parties to learn more. Again, I believe in the product and had it not been for the customs issue would have trusted you on the quality of the product and pre-ordered without ever seeing a video. But seeing an in-depth video would certainly make me (and I’m sure some others) feel more confident and want the Adam even more!

    Some other nagging questions for me are:
    * Will I be able to download / order apps from the Android Market
    * I’m not clear on which version of Android the product will be shipping with? Is it Android 2.2 or some type of modified version of Android? If you’re including a modified version of Android, does that change compatibility with any apps in the Android Market?

    I look forward to the continued updates. Thanks for your responsiveness to all of the questions, your openness and your dedication to putting the best quality product out there.

  510. Rohan, et al:

    I am certain that you are swamped with requests for support, and am trying to be patient with my email that is currently out to preorder support regarding woes in the ordering process, but was hoping that i I post here there might be a chance that you will see it and be able to help.

    I received my early preorder link and went to book my Adam, but there was a problem in the handoff to the payment processor, and my order was lost. I was blocked out from reordering because I got so far in the process.

    I emailed preorder support immediately hoping for a response and a way either to continue my order, or start a new one. This never happened. When the preorders opened to the rest of the world the shipping date pushed back further than what I was to get, so I waited for an email from your preorder support hoping that they would be able to resume my order for my first round shipping device. I received no response, and now the preorder server is down again. I imagine this means it is fully sold out.

    I am quite depressed. Now it seems that I will not get my Adam. Not only that, but it seems that you have scrapped the EAP? So the commitments you made to participants in your emails about the rounds are gone without so much as a word!

    Please help me get my Adam! The order system went wrong, and I feel I did the right thing by trying to contact you, and not entering a frivolous second order in your system especially considering the 5% cancellation penalty that I did not want to risk having to pay for my first order should it be recoverable!!!!!

    R/ Josh

  511. Just to let everyone know, Rohan is busy erasing comments that do not convey enough praise for the failure of yesterday

    My comments were removed. The ones of a few other users as well.

  512. “lol. Don’t be sad” because you managed to order one, but we didnt. thanks for that

  513. Biggest risk now for NI is that there will be a whole load of new tablets out next year, and those of us that didn’t manage to pre-order will have a whole load more devices to choose from…

  514. I’ve placed my order this morging (from Flanders) and still had the opportunity to get a Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G 🙂

    Really glad I did and now the wait can begin.

    Thanx in advance.

  515. Oh, and I am saving printouts of the pages, to copy in Android Police, in case the funny thing would happen again….

    tsst tsst tsst Rohan, we don’t do this in the “family”.

  516. @rohan
    Don’t be mad at me for saying this, but while we’re on the topic of what to do better….

    EAP phase 2.


  517. Can I just drive down to your office in Bangalore and pick up an Adam and save myself the hefty shipping fee ?! 😉

  518. I think it is important to remember that no one is forcing you to order this product prior to additional information being released. Most start up companies would NEVER be as open as Notion Ink has because of the potential for negative response to anything that does not seem right or legit to individuals. Everyone needs to remember that most new products are kept very secret, at times tested for months before release, and then still demonstrate numerous issues (MS anything anyone?). If you want to wait for technical information (like myself), than do so but do it without the hating on a product, company, and individual that have so obviously attempted to change business as usual.

  519. On review, the 6th point is relevant to Import and Custom duties/taxes levied. I had totally forgotten about them. If the extra charge is justified by taxes involved-at-destination, then it negates the issue of Point 6 (and of point 6 only). If not. Notion Ink will have to do some serious explaining.

  520. Very good argument!

    Seems we’ve blown it all out of proportion, but the majority of us have been without much sleep for the last couple of days.

    I consider myself a reasonable person and that’s a reasonable argument.

    The only comment I’ve got now is that maybe NI should have defined the intention of the pre-order before accepting payment.

  521. rohan i asked this question more then 100 times how do u ship the product within india to be precise in mumbai and in mumbai also the delivery charges will be 50$ and do i have to pay in us$ why can i pay in indian ruppes and is there anyother option then paying by credit card ? can we deposit money in some bank or say send u a DD. or is there any store from where we can book it. there is no info for indians pls hope u can give us indians exact info and your email and explaination was nice highly appreicate it and this is what atleast i was expecting, very eager to see hands -on video on 18 dec. till then all the best hope u answer this questions for indians .

  522. they had some adam for the first batch say 10000 all of this have been pre-ordered……as simple as that…..y askin stupid questins………and they r nt sure abt how much unit will be there in next batch so mit be waitin fro reply from production so guys….patience……it is just a pre-order…no even full release chill out…..give a break

  523. what the hell are you kidding , i mean this is an pre order ,PRE order.
    how could it be sold out ?
    Please write a comment rohan or a new post on the blog. when it will be available or let us take our Pre order and we get an email that we get the adam in the second wave.

  524. Rohan, et al:
    I am certain that you are swamped with requests for support, and am trying to be patient with my email that is currently out to preorder support regarding woes in the ordering process, but was hoping that i I post here there might be a chance that you will see it and be able to help.

    I received my early preorder link and went to book my Adam, but there was a problem in the handoff to the payment processor, and my order was lost. I was blocked out from reordering because I got so far in the process.

    I emailed preorder support immediately hoping for a response and a way either to continue my order, or start a new one. This never happened. When the preorders opened to the rest of the world the shipping date pushed back further than what I was to get, so I waited for an email from your preorder support hoping that they would be able to resume my order for my first round shipping device. I received no response, and now the preorder server is down again. I imagine this means it is fully sold out.

    I am quite depressed. Now it seems that I will not get my Adam. Not only that, but it seems that you have scrapped the EAP? So the commitments you made to participants in your emails about the rounds are gone without so much as a word!

    Please help me get my Adam! The order system went wrong, and I feel I did the right thing by trying to contact you, and not entering a frivolous second order in your system especially considering the 5% cancellation penalty that I did not want to risk having to pay for my first order should it be recoverable!!!!!

    R/ Josh

  525. Serious? You are still on about that. Check back around week end specials 8-6. Right in there, there are several pictures of honest to goodness Adams. Go look it up, we can wait…

  526. Mr. Murphy always drops by no matter how well you have prepared for it. Don’t be disheartened. You guys have done well so far.

  527. Hi Pratik

    You got the free one?? Which version was it. Did you order any extra. I was left out I feel ;-(

  528. I know yesterday was very frustrating for all of us I made some negative comments out of that frustration.
    If you look at the things that I said it was because I have come to love this product and felt like I was a part of the process. I have never felt that way for any products before in my life. The comments I made were kind of like a parent that sees their child going down the wrong path in life after awhile you can’t contain yourself and have to speak out. This was out of love and fear. Even after all that I said I still ordered last night as soon as I was able and I’m happy to be part of the family. So on that – great job notion ink!

  529. Correction: that one was on me. I was wrong. I made a mistake. It was my fault. I was looking for the comments from another user, and they were in the previous page. So, no, there doesn’t seem to be a dishonesty there.

    My apologies.

  530. Hi all,

    I would like to have some words about all the angryness I felt in the comments this last week.

    First, I would like to mention that, of course, Notion Ink would have made their jobs in secret, and reserve their beautiful Adam for the only Indian market. They decided to release the product world widely, and we have to acknowledge this decision.

    Second, we have to acknowledge their brotherhood spirit. Notion Ink made a big work all along this year, and it was deeply pleasant to be aware of all the step a new product has to challenge until its ultimate delivery. Thanks a lot Rohan to share your ideas and worries with us.

    Then, for sure, this blog is not a business blog, it’s a “family” blog, wherein anybody can have news about the new member of the family. And I must say I’m still waiting for its first words, still enthusiastically even after the deception of last night !

    I would like to say some words for the North American guys. You, guys, have all you need, you have the most advanced market for tablet or any other gadget, even if you don’t care about them. Me, as a European, have only poor choice (essentially iPad for a good tablet). And even if I make a decision to buy something in the poor list I have, it is still totally awesome that we are considered as pure wallets (just to mention, you pay 500$ for an iPad, we pay 500€, it makes a big difference after all, isn’t it ? (20-25 % difference)). The Adam tablet is made by Indian guys for everybody. Then, the Adam is full of Indian prospect for life. If you match that, well done, if you don’t, who care ? That’s your problem !

    Of course there are reasons to doubt because there are twilight around the Adam. But I’m pretty sure that, if you really look after these few shadows, Adam will appear in bright full light soon, and you will be stomached ! Simply because Rohan promised that, and I trust him, as a brother. I trust him also because he’s part of the oldest culture humanity is part of, and I respect that. After following this blog for almost a year, I’m pretty sure there is no place for lie in this blog, as well as in his mind.

    I like to think world is not standing up for business, angryness or complaints, world is made for people who believe in a common future.

    Try to think about that next time you want to publish your angryness or shunt your selfishness.

  531. +1 concerning memory and e-reader!! If you recall what Rohan ever mentionned in the past about the e-reader: Nothing! (At least to my knowledge). So this is no surprise for me that it’s only second best. And second best you don’t sell; so you don’t mention it in your blog.

    Real good apps you sell like the weather app.

    For me the e-reader was the only argument (in combination with Pixel Qi screen) for the adam, at least when I started to get interested in this tablet pc. For all other applications I can use my notebook. (Now there are much more arguments for purchasing it, and I still intend to do so!)

    Best regards, Thomas

  532. Max, you sound like an Economist. Good for you 🙂 Way to express concisely that everything has a cost, and an alternative.

  533. To whom-so-ever this may concern,
    First of all, ” friend in need is a friend indeed”. No body has the right to call themselves family if they can’t understand what NI is going through now , and cant stand behind them during these tough times.

    The reaction from some of the so-called family members look like they were inside the family purely for their personal benefit. How else can you explain all the whining about not getting a chance to pre-order when Rohan has clearly said that there were technical glitches which undermined his special plans for the family? Probably you all forget the fact that Rohan giving special treatment for the family was just a nice gesture from his part and not any obligation.

    I can understand very well whats going with NI right now — They had a great product idea, they created an awesome product, they roped in investors(i’m not very sure about their competence though), they created enough buzz about their product. But they were so involved in the technical aspects of the product that they overlooked the business part of it. I partly blame the investors for this, coz they should have made sure that the great product created by their engineers becomes a great business. Rohan, as a CEO, may be a visionary and technically very capable, but lacks experience/lacks business competence. This is not to say that Rohan has failed or will fail, just a probable explanation why all the confusion happened. I am sure that this is just the expected ‘start-up hick-up’ and that NI and Adam will become a revolution.

    I got the preorder link(thanks NI) through mail, but hasnt ordered due to financial problems. Its just sad to see the family turn against Rohan so easily and so fast. Ask questions, hear him out, give him time and if he fails then crucify him. Its hugely unjust to bash him up just because the preorder sold out before you could make it. If the comapny was totally Rohan’s I’m sure he would have taken a tougher stand FOR the family, but unfortunately there is other peoples’ money involved and he cant deal with that using only emotions.

    Rohan, there may be many in your family who may have turned against you. But there are also few who are still with you. And we will see this difficult time through, together. Do what you need to do, the rest will take care of itself.

    And to the ‘family’. If you called(ed) yourself family, start acting like one.

  534. Way to go Rohan, I’ve been supporting notionink since they reviled adam .
    Though i missed on the booking of adam (PixelQi sold out)
    i will definitely buy it later.