What we have learnt in the past 2 days?

Hello All,

Apologies for not posting the week-end special (had it ready last week by the way). Just coming out from looong meeting where we looked at the things, discussed, shared views, and listed down things where we went wrong. Here is the snippet:

  • Before going live allow all kinds of money transactions. (this would have pushed us to 7 Jan as the Pre-Order day, but this mess wouldnt be there then.)
  • Have a page where you can enter address much before you can press BUY button. (the design team had suggested that you HAVE to write the address again on the Payment Page on CCavenue and this would cause a lot of repetition for use, passing address directly to their page has some security issues. Android Police suggested, that since we are not doing this, we are a scam. Hmmm)
  • Anticipate demand and then open slow release. We can understand when one says that Apple is selling 100k devices in a day, but it was difficult for us to imagine that this could even be possible with us. Production is not limited to any component as much as it is to PQ. We are really pushing them hard. We have extremely high number of normal LCD panels available, and that wont even go out of production (total number of these panels manufactured runs into millions a months)
  • Dont have short agreements! This is extremely weird suggestion and I will try to fight this till death. I have always found long agreements messy and incomprehensible, but it seems its best for business. In my last meeting our investors presented agreements from every other firm which had much worse terms, and no one knew, just because they were hidden somewhere in the long sea of texts or mentioned in nth url link.
  • Notion Ink is right now too mysterious and needs to share everything about the product: Agreed, and accepted. Till CES we will spend our energy in the same.
  • Involving everyone in the process of creation has its benefits and losses. No concrete decision made here (but I got hours of advice from everyone today, and I have only been in listening mode today)

The introspection has yet not ended, and we are learning. As we have said earlier, we are here to stay. Ups and downs are a part of any journey, but we will try to smoothen the process for anyone who is linked to us. My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions on this topic.

Warm thanks for those who still support, apologies to those who felt disappointed. But as of now seeking more strength.

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Is it allowed to ask just how many items were produced for the first launch batch? I mean – 100 Pixel Qi-devices are sold out quickly…

  2. Can we get an update on the MasterCard situation? I am ready to preorder, but all I have is mastercard.

  3. strength will come from faith only…so lets build our faith..
    cheer up …You will get one more order on 18dec …MINE ..:)

  4. Rolling with the punches …easier said than done …but this is going the right way!

    We will be your strength!

  5. “Notion Ink is right now too mysterious and needs to share everything about the product: Agreed, and accepted. Till CES we will spend our energy in the same.”

    Wow! That’s a bold statement! 🙂

  6. All is good but one question. Will there be another round of preorders for Mastercard holders and disbelievers after the video of Adam working is uploaded since its not really our fault for not ordering? And by another round I mean including Pixel QI devices, not just the LCD units left.

  7. So glad to hear that Rohan is listening and learning. Also glad that I managed to order! BTW, for those worrying about which 3g version they are getting, I just got an email from NI saying that they will ship the 3g model that suits the shipping address I provided.

  8. dear rohan

    Much has been said in the last 3 – 4 posts .. I suppose a lot of that has challenged your world view .. I understand you have very strong notions of what is right and what is wrong for business and you have stood by that ..
    Please be careful not to be far too rigid in that stand. Perhaps now is just the need to adapt based partly on boring ‘conventional wisdom’

    For e.g. no one has complained regarding T&C because of their length ! Short is good for everyone …
    It just needs to be right , well worded , well formatted … Its legal terms and conditions and represents al the risk that the company and the customer will take.. It should appear that due consideration has been given.

    So please , do not misunderstand the comments because most times they come across as charged and emotional.

  9. I think this post went a long way in adding credibility to you, the company and your products. Please keep up the transparency. It is much appreciated. I look forward to seeing your products first hand. They look great.

  10. Continue working, it will work! 😉
    I’m waiting for a video of the adam physically and also a video of the software.

    Good luck!

  11. I am glad you are responding the way you seem to be. I am encouraged. May the Adam and its updates and improvements prosper! May you no longer have to go out and sleep on the “brown grass.”

  12. Happy to know all these information. Keep on !
    @Rohan Is-it possible to change the delivering address of the preorder and how ?

  13. @Rohan,

    You said “Notion Ink is right now too mysterious and needs to share everything about the product: Agreed, and accepted. Till CES we will spend our energy in the same.”

    What exactly does this mean? That you will begin sharing everything right away and by CES we will know it all, or we won’t know any more until CES?

    Please elaborate. Thanks!

  14. Something tells me he is going to post some info soon.

    “Notion Ink is right now too mysterious and needs to share everything about the product: Agreed, and accepted. Till CES we will spend our energy in the same.”

    It’s not like Rohan needs to figure out what’s going on before he says so, he knows what Adam is. And it sounds like he just decided to tell us.

  15. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet (at least as far as I’ve seen): How much will NI follow the requirements of the GPL for the linux kernel that will be running on the Adam? Quite a lot of chinese tablet makers seem to care exactly zero about the requirements to make the kernel source and the build environment for it available. Will NI publish the required materials? How far will this go and will there be also an android SDK published, like Barnes&Noble did for the Nook Color? The hardware may be the best of the world, but if it leads to a lock-in like for the Apple products, then I’ll have to decline ordering an Adam.

  16. Even though i was extremely dissapointed with the pre-order fiasco and everything that was associated with it since, i still support Notion Ink and Rohan and my decision to make the purchase. You live and you learn, the important thing here is that Rohan acknowledges the mistakes and by the sounds of it taking all efforts to rectify the situation. Cheers and i wish you Luck, im sure you wont dissapoint.

  17. nice this post shows how much you care about us, u involve us in every aspect of ADAM and that is what I like the most.

    Carry on the good work

  18. Im still on your side Rohan. People gonna hate you for whatever you do! Im gonna enjoy my Adam whenever I get it. I rather wait for a quality product than a rushed incomplete product. Keep striving for ellexcence. Good luck guys

  19. so what i understand,, is that you really do not have a full working version of the adam, and will show it off at the show with the hopefully completed ideas of us, and then also would like to know when you do start producing them,, what is the burn in time, before putting them in the box to ship….

  20. Great, with you, keep up the good work! Actually, I just decided to do the weird thing, and buy an LCD WiFi for start… and Pixel QI 3G later! But something strange is happening: the form wants me to correct my (correct) London postcode…

  21. As I understand, he is going to let us know everything about the product before CES itself!

  22. I have been reading and following this for months now, and have waited patiently. I have been very excited about the preorder and I feel very uneasy at the moment about the whole process. I have to admit, my over anxiousness has caused me to order one, and immediately after the purchase, I lost confidence. Every comment whether it is from regular blog posters, or from reputable websites like androidpolice or engadget or others have made me feel very nervous. I look back at the shipping, return, defective etc policies and am not sure I like what I am seeing. There is no definitive policy it seems, and despite the fact that you are still in the learning process, those of us who have invested our time and now our money in this product are a little scared. I have seen the few youtube videos that were posted months ago with you showing off a device which looks nothing like the pictures we have seen recently, and I along with others feel a little cheated. I am fairly confident that there will be a device shipped at some point, but don’t even know what to expect except for what you have stated. I know it is partially my fault for jumping the gun and purchasing, but I am uneasy about the policies and not actually knowing what to expect. I also don’t understand why it will take another 8-10 days for you to post any videos or pics of the current device. It’ youtube, it takes 10 min, can’t you just post something which will ease our nerves to instill some more confidence.

  23. LOL, looks like we were just writing about the same thing. I think he will share before CES, he said “needs to share everything” and “till CES we will spend our energy.” Not “we wont till CES.” That’s a big difference.

  24. Same here, know you had a metting and all, but this better not be it. You stated:

    “Notion Ink is right now too mysterious and needs to share everything about the product: Agreed, and accepted. Till CES we will spend our energy in the same.”

    Well lets here it then !!!

  25. Everybody here is here to support, back and encourage you.
    I appreciate the fact that you have gone over your mistakes and
    vow to improve things.

    All this is an ongoing process, take your time, only do things when you are ready to do them, because now more than ever, the world is watching you!!

    Moreover the product is your greatest strength. Get in the gear and take charge of the situation!!

  26. NI Team,

    Very good that you take/took the time to get the picture together (for now) and start learning from it.

    Keep on learning and you will be here to stay.
    We will be here to see to that and most of us on a product from you soon.



  27. Thanks Rohan 🙂 I didn’t manage to get the Qi WiFi for my girlfriend for Christmas (or one for me also 😉 but I have absolute faith that all your hard work will be well worth waiting for. Money is making my pocket itch… Waiting with bated breath…

  28. Well
    candidness is always appreciated along with honesty !

    Good work
    keep it going!

    am sure the specs as great as it looks in paper will be in reality as well!

  29. 2 days ago i preordered my Adam wfi only (only!!! this is infravalorate your baby^^)
    Today i received the confirmation email that i’ll be one of the proud first owners.
    I think the best way to show our support to you its to preorder.
    In my opinion,after following you since more than a year,if i have to buy vaporware it has to be your vapor.
    If this its a cheat, just take the money and run and buy a nice house in Barbados, but i will not let my doubts win this figth.
    We have from 6-12 weeks to clarify wathever it has to be (and theres a lot)
    And you were thinking the hard work was done ^^

  30. Rohan stated somewhere earlier that it would be a few weeks more for mastercard due to their application process

  31. i sincerely suggest that you get a video out asap.that will put an end to a lot of rumours.

  32. Thanks for the update on your continued introspection. Just remember, “That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.” Notion Ink and Adam are a long way from being killed by this and by understanding what went wrong and correcting it you will definitely come out as a better global company.

    One word of caution though, stay true to your fundamental beliefs on the company, the product, and the family. They are what differentiate you and will make this a revolution, not just an evolution.

  33. Ok, I did not get preorder email, I could not order PQ model, I got disappointed, I but that does not mean that I lost faith.

    I am and I will believe in Notion Ink..follower and support of NI since year/

    All the best 🙂

  34. As with all the ups and downs experienced by nearly every company, its all about how we deal with them that defines us. NI has been like no other company out there involving and evolving with its community, something companies have forgotten as they grew large. (They spend more time telling us what we want than listening to us)

    I believe you will succeed and the steps you have taken today and yesterday show this


  35. Where’s the video? Why is it taking a week? “Mysterious” works for Apple, but it doesn’t work for a startup, sorry. It shouldn’t take this long – just point a camera, do a review and post it.

    If that’s to difficult, then post a few photos. That should take all of about 5 minutes to complete.

  36. It is a good thing, when you think about you errors and try to get better. Congrats 🙂

    Here are some suggestions:
    I think it would better for you to have some kind of contact form. Then you can ask for the information you need and see them clearly. What I mean is for example the Order Number for the Preorder-Support.

    I also would like to get feedback when I write to a support that my email arrived. It can be an automatic mail. Then I know my request reached you.


  37. i guess all he means to say is there has been no real ADAM on table shown to people, and so people raise red flag and he will sort it out !

  38. If it’ll help to put the pressure on PQ to ramp up production, you can put me down for one once you get MC set up. 😉

  39. Thanks for the blog updates. I think most of us appreciate the honesty.

    I think for me personally, I don’t need the QI screen because I don’t want this device for a reader; but I’m still wanting to see a little bit more about the screen/display quality, software, UI, etc. I know you guys are already working on video demos, but I want to see some demos before I make the purchase.

    I, like most of your team, am young, a developer, and a hard core techie – so I love what you guys have done with the Adam. I’ll probably wait until you have some more video demos or possibly even as long as I get some customer reviews (min 6-8 weeks right?).

    Thanks for building – what I think, is the device I want to acquire.

  40. Really hope all this works out for you guys at Notion Ink, have been impressed with what I’ve seen on this blog regarding people’s enthusiasm and how Rohan has managed to build such anticipation and expectation (which obviously completely backfired in the last few days – but then if you build it up you have to live up to it!). I dont think I have seen anything like it other than from Apple, I guess the difference with Apple is (no matter what you think of them), their implementation of a product from the day it gets unveiled has been exceptional in the past. I do think NI have been very naive in the way the Adam has been unveiled, if things wernt right would it have hurt to push back the pre-order/release date? People have been waiting for over a year, another few days/weeks wouldnt have done them any more harm. I just really hope that when the Adam does get up and running the last few days wont have hurt its chances with the negative publicity going around. At the end of the day, if the product lives up to the hype/expectation at a reasonable price, with shipping/warranty/technical details sorted out then I dont see why it cant, it’s the product that will ultimately be judged (when it is finally released properly).

    I for one am as enthusiastic about it as I have been for the last month and a bit. The only thing that has changed is that I have decided to wait until the Adam becomes available for retail or for a more specific price (the chance for a 100% price hike by custom charges etc really put me off!) with a more reliable shipping system in place. And I really hope it is soon, because as a student I am beginning to really need something like this and dont know how much longer i can wait…

    Anyway best of luck to Rohan and the rest of the NI guys, looking forward to seeing the Adam properly unveiled and available!


  41. Our unconditional support is always with you and NI!! All the best. my only suggestion is to have better after support and service model, that is similar to to apple. if the product is defective not due to the customer’s fault, it should be serviced free of charge within the warranty period. if this is not there, customers would be having problems. also paying for two way shipping is very costly for the customer. you need to work out a better model than ship to international service center. atleast you need to follow the local model in major customer base like india, US and some european countries. i know it would be very tough for a startup but only this model will be successful. may be you can see if you can have an insurance plan that can cover this cost for you. All the best again. awaiting for the next batch of pqi versions, as well as better clarity in the specs. my $ is reserved for NI one year back itself 🙂

  42. If you see tht LCD -non pq variant is lying on shelf for long time….why nt make it cheaper so students can pick it up….

  43. Keep on going NI, you are doing great while under a lot of pressure. Can’t wait for my PQ 3G to arrive in January.

  44. it is good you are trying to learn from what happened. i expect there will be technical glitches.

    i think the worry is more about what is in T and C, not about the length. i know android police complained about length too, but i am with you on that. i have never ever ready T and C when i am buying product from established companies, because T and C will only help the companies and not customer.

    i want to highlight one point, not every company goes according to their T and C. most of established players will go according to best customer service. by that i mean when i want to replace or return any product no one will refer me to T and C they mostly do it. i have already mentioned this, i am not worried about T and C i am worried about how literally you will take them. as you said if you bound to “make Notion Ink best in its customer relations” i would be one very happy person.

    I for one have been waiting for the weekend special. you can post it. actually please post it.

  45. i forgot, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Greg for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!
    (obviously i’m on your side, across the ocean,but on your team anyway^^)

  46. Let them take their time and come up with professional video.

    Its not just you and me, whole world is eager to see the video (including apple and other giants). It should be professional.

    Few days doesnt make any difference (hopefully :))

  47. > Before going live allow all kinds of money transactions. (this would have
    > pushed us to 7 Jan as the Pre-Order day, but this mess wouldnt be there then.)

    I bet if you make a poll for that option, people would rather like an earlier pre-order and get themselves some stupid bank account with free visa card, ask a friend or so…

    Seriously Rohan, I wouldn’t be so negative about all this. Pre-ordering got very emotional, but in my book there is only one major mistake:

    My Adam will be too late for Christmas. ;-(

    The rest are technical glitches or results from your radically different, and IMO much better approach to getting this thing into the market.

    You need to kick and support PixelQi and get those devices out. Industry is not sleeping. The PQ display is a major feature of your product, you can’t win without it.

  48. wooot you are back 🙂
    Awesome please push pq guys harder we want our adam back.
    When is our weekend post coming 😉

  49. I was just wondering, If you are at CES 2011 why can’t I find you in the list of company attending CES? are you under another name that notion ink?

  50. A few sugg:
    1. Like what banks in India have done, you may want to split your T&Cs to ‘Most Important Terms and Conditions’ and have the legalese for anyone who wants to be doubly sure. As a co-owner of a services start-up, we have seen clients ‘surprised’ that our agreement is 2 pages and not the 20 they are used to
    2. See if you can also have a non-Indian cloud host + payment gateway. We’ve had similar issues with payment gateways in India
    3. The SPAM mail thing is a major challenge and your IP getting into RBL is a pain. Talk to someone like constant contact who might be able to do throttling email, do domankeys, SPF and all the good stuff

    i missed the boat on the pixel-qi in all the chaos though I got a pre-order link but am lookig to order when it’s back in stock

  51. Here’s what I learned. I got shafted on family preorder due to you choosing a suspected fraudulent CC processor then you will do nothing to rectify the situation. Emails from “preordersupport” boil down to “too bad”.

    C’mon not even some sort of big discount/bonus if I order later?

  52. Bold, but vague statement. Trying to peak interest by teasing again …. thanks for this post, but if you’re going to say something like this … start sharing!!!

  53. “My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen”

    This should be:
    “My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into finding a team to make this happen”

  54. Very sincere and open comments as usual.. Cant disagree with any of these?

    Customer Service – Me included have started using this blog as the only place to vent our frustrations. Such as 10% extra customs extra. I am missing a feature. This is definitely because there is no other place to mention these..

    Atleast set up a forum with moderators.. This way, the product ideas, complaints etc goes to individual components and you as a CEO can spend time reading useful ones.. And let others handle support requests. Setting up a forum is not a big deal.

    As far as I see NI is a amazing ADAM manufacturer, Not website developer, not Forum creator, Not a payment gateway expert.. It is tough to outsource these things, but till we develop these skills (mostly man power) it makes sense to outsource these with your approval. So in short, there are products which you can buy to set up a forum, please use it and it can be done in days.

    And product feature requests.. questions.. Really a FAQ sort of thing. Its is not a big deal. 2 of your team should do it quickly. Atleast acknowledge the question and say, it will be discussed soon. This way people dont repeat questions..

    A 1800 number for major countries such as USA is not a big deal at all. Simply there are too many VOIP providers. But this is a very careful decision. Bcos if you have a 1800 # and you cant answer them properly, people will get frustrated. Forum is the best way as far as I see..

    Thanks and Good luck..

  55. Can you please tell me what’s wrong with my post? What was the reason for deleting it?

  56. @Greg You’ll get the answer in the next NI post 😉 . Leave the poor guy alone, he can’t reply every minute or so, he’ll have other things to do 😛 .
    @Rohan nice post. Make a super video for adam. Good Luck.

  57. Hi Rohan,

    Firstly I am sad that I won’t be able to pre-order a PQ variant as it had been sold out by the time I checked. Anyways will buy as soon as the next window opens.

    Secondly I am really rooting for you guys to take Apple, Samsung, Acer and other similar type of established device makers head on. Don’t let these kind of comments put you and the team off. If the product is great (which I think is true), people will definitely buy it later on.

    All the best again and please do keep us unlucky ones informed of the next window.

  58. We should send some folks over to Mary Lou Jepsen’s blog- maybe 10,000 comments a day from an angry horde of notionaddicts will put some fire to the production line… 🙂

  59. I 100% disagree, If not a video, show me a few photos (which are not shopped). There’s a lot of doubts here and they need to nip this in the bud. This is a startup, and I was around in the dotcom era before it went bust – I need more than Rohan’s word that this is not vaporware.

    Rohan, prove me wrong – show me the device. Today.

  60. Or will they start focusing now on getting the information ready, but release it all at once during CES, keeping is in the dark until then?

    I *think* Rohan said earlier something to the effect that if they tell us everything before CES, then what is the point of CES?”

    But I think they should answer at least some of our questions (especially about hardware specs and features, like clarifying the amount of internal storage) and begin revealing and showing us some things now. CES will still be very big even if we know a lot before then. I think it will build excitement and anticipation and people will be flocking to their booth at CES to get a closer look. 😉

  61. please give him a break, he didn’t posted the video not because it takes long time, not because he don’t have a camera. it is his business decision to do so. if you want to look at pictures of ADAM go back a few posts and you will see them.

  62. rohan , keep the good work going and we will all see the adam soon .
    also , keep improving on all the above observations made by you and others and I am sure we have an iPad beater in our hands 🙂

  63. dont know about this, if he had it ready last week then there maybe bits in there about the launch? i dunno but it maybe out of context now

  64. I would guess you could, but you’d be lacking their automatic ambient light switcher thing, and the physical switch might be lacking as well.

  65. @ Rohan,

    Good Morning from here in Pennsylvania. I’m still here, watching, reading and supporting this effort as I can, and hoping to touch an Adam at CES, even if it wasn’t meant to be mine YET …

    I think the advice a friend gave me once in regard to “Nine minutes of thinking and one minute of action is the best course” is what you’ve done over the past long hard hours, by posting this letter.

    I think for the MOMENT, this is the best post you’ve made. I patiently await further details, WHEN you and the team are ready. Your long time loyal supporters and believers are not gone; and all we really want is a great quality product, WHEN it’s ready. As you and we painfully know being ready means products as well as details and customer service. We certainly share responsibility for begging for Adam as soon as possible and maybe before those details were in place for Notion Ink and us; on the positive side that demonstrates the great need for a product like Adam.

    Please take the time you need from now to CES to get those details right, to get some rest and get back to us when you are ready. Smiles and a hug from Pennsylvania. 🙂

  66. That is good. I think for me personally, all that would’ve been needed to avoid the whole thing was more communication. I’m really happy that you’ll be less mysterious and more open.

    Of course we don’t want for you to not involve everyone in the process of creation. I think that open communication would remedy most issues that arise from such an open process. Most people here are reasonable and the only reason issues would arise is if they feel uncertain – due too too little communication.

    I think you can solve any issue you have with us if you have more open communication with us.

    All the best.

  67. This is VERY important for you to answer (at least to me and among many other things). What quality is the LCD screen? Is it an IPS panel of iPad quality (10 bit color, wide gamut, etc.) or is it a junk TN panel that is so common. I might even still order an LCD despite how pissed I am at your company just because I need a device like this. Not knowing simple answers about the product keeps turning me away though.

    Is the 8+ gig thing such a big secret? The specs used to be 16/32

  68. Nice start Rohan. I hope you take all the advise/criticism/investors’ concerns in a positive way and will showcase world class product as solid as it is on paper.
    Best of luck for your future endeavors and will wait for more information to be poured in through your posts.

  69. Gerg’s Q is a valid on, It could mean they will put together a package of info between now and the CES and release it at the CES (or just before), or they could release the info everyone is looking for soon…..

    Tis more of a language barrier, its not very clear.

    Looking forward to it though.

  70. Good to ear you back, errors make us better and i really prefer an easy buy process and a harsh preorder process than a good preorder and a harsh buy, If i have to wait, i’ll wait 🙂

    I really liked this post, honestly


  71. @Rohan “My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen.”

    That is the most important thing that a compagny must do and must keep in mind.

    I still support you by the way. I think that Notion Ink is evolving faster than you imagined 🙂

    Just keep going and share information with us.

    Waiting for the video/pics and for my Adam powered by PQ 🙂

    Best regards,

  72. Like many others I will wait until PQ variants are available again. Many of us who should have received emails as members of the “family” did not receive them. When PQs become available again would it be possible for us orphans to get a pre-order email as originally promised before the general public is able to order?

  73. i have a few doubts.

    since the battery has only 6months warranty (many products come with 6months warranty for battery) ; is it replaceable by standard available batteries?

    people may not like spending $100 2way shipping everytime they have to replace a battery if it is not replaceable at user’s end.

    OR, you can make it a better value product if yo are planning to appoint partners to handles sales and RMA in respective regions incase anything goes wrong. overall costing may the same but the process will be simpler for end users.

  74. hmmmm.. i guess he will start with the videos, hands on usage.. thats what all of us were eager to see… its fine if mystery feature was told or not.. but questions on memory usage, androis market will be addressed i guess !

  75. I think if you had shown a pair of pics or vídeos, most of the discussions shouldn’t have happened.

  76. Dude, Rohan already said there will be a detailed video. But to show everyone that the thing is real, they’ll either have to send out devices to actual journalists to write about them or make some big event at CES.

    Considering their problems with mass-production and the little time to CES, I guess they’ll focus on CES since it would be more under their control.

  77. you are very desperate, so i took time to find the post where he posted the pictures of adam, not shopped real


    he particularly mentioned he took these pictures.

  78. Hi Rohan , thanks for the update . We are with you. So are we going to have weekend special this week ? 🙂

  79. Same as others. I wanted to order the Pixel Qi version. But, it was sold out by the time I got up 😦

  80. Well done Rohan, I preordered and have faith in you, now just do the following:
    -Get more blogs out to us ‘family’and for God’s sake get the tech blogs back on side, engadget,android police,slashgear and gizmodo, give them previews and get the good news out.
    -Answer the questions that are on everyones lips, market,shipping,memory etc
    Do these things and the situation will be turned around and CES should be a triumph.
    -Oh and buy a new factory for Pixel Qi and treble the amount of screens they produce:)

  81. I have great confidence in Notion Ink despite these minor issues. Can’t wait til more Pixel Qi versions are available!

  82. It doesn’t take time. It takes 5 minutes to make a video. Who cares if its professional or not? This is not Apple.

    I hope I’m wrong and this device is not vaporware, I really do. But the combination of no video + mysterious + ccavenue + asking for SSN’s early on + charging preorders are too many red flags for me. Once the device is in people’s hands and reviewed, I will consider a purchase.

  83. May I gently suggest if the pre-order receipt/email would state the amount paid as USD600.00 instead of the ambiguous amount of ‘600.00’?

    Also, would we be receiving an official receipt upon delivery?

    Keep up the work, Team NI!

  84. Roha Shravan correct me on this, but I think when he said people don’t know “Notion Ink”, I think it has to do with the company, not product. We don’t know much about who is running it besides 2-3 ppl (chief, lead designer, lead engineer). We don’t know their funding sources, website doesn’t have much info on the company as well.
    So, as much as i’d like to know about adam, I think knowing more about the company and individual is what he referred to,and probably a good idea too.

  85. Are you doing anything about the people like myself who did not get a preorder and still want a QI version?

  86. +1 for Ricardo.
    If this is scam, you did a great job in letting us believe, so enjoy it 🙂
    But I know (feel) you are for real and I will support you.

    I did pre-order and can’t wait to have the Adam in my hands in about 8 weeks.
    Think a lot of big companies can learn a lot of your transparancy on the product and letting the ‘folks around’ sort of make the Adam by suggesting things.
    Of course not everybody is happy. Thousands of people are participating, and it is not possible to have all satisfied. If you are not, go buy another product that fits all your needs. If you can wait I think you can have one of the most innovating products of a great innovating compagny.


    Thanks Rohan, thumbs up!

    The Netherlands

  87. Maybe he meant focus energy on getting things pushed through the FCC and patents filed so that they are able to reveal more without losing any features to the competition

  88. Thanks for the update Rohan . When is the next batch going to be available for preorder?


  89. 5 min to make a video??
    Are u talking about what a kid shoots with a cellphone camera?

    well if u handle adobe after effects.. it takes a long time..Video shooting, editing, rendering.. etc etc..!!!

  90. those could be shopped – show me pics of it in someone’s hands, with the UI. it’s real easy – one guy has the device in his hand, the other guy takes out a camera and takes a few pics. done.

  91. Thanks for the post Rohan, I’m disappointed but that doesn’y mean I’m thru with NI&adam… Just sad I haven’t been one of the first, though I made everything to… Be sure that I’m now waiting for your next feedback on PQI+3G and Mastercard as I was waiting for the opening of preorders 3 days ago…

  92. Excellent and timely shift in focus “to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen”.

    One other point caught my attention. “But as of now seeking more strength.” This one is going to be challenging. Apart from seeking divine assistance which is very important especially when trying to create something very special (Fiat Lux), I think NI needs to leverage the services of an international marketing and sales firm to leverage the infrastructure of resources available in cities like New York, or Chicago or London or Toronto, perhaps Hong Kong etc

    Just my opinion. Thanks for your post.

  93. What, exactly, would be “of value” to you? You are seeing behind the curtain, and taking part in a CEO’s decisions in a way that simply doesn’t happen in this industry. By devaluing such posts, you are sending him a message that you do not want him to be honest and forthcoming about how these decisions are made.

    I think we will get more info very soon.

  94. Yes, also about the payment issues. I don’t it would be that much of a problem if you only took, say visa and notified in advance that this will be the policy. The issue was that it was a sudden notification and we didn’t have time to prepare for it 🙂

  95. CCAvenue is not a fraud for sure…I made hundreds of transaction through it till day 🙂 and thousands of Indian internet users does everyday

    I understand your concerns but I think only patience can answer all your questions..so lets wait together in this tough time..

  96. @ Greg Re: Pixel Qi capacity – Yes. THAT will be where they fail. Even with a botched release and negative press, once they SHOW a working product, people won’t care about NI. They will only care about ADAM. We see companies who clearly shouldn’t be in business grow themselves because of a super product.

    Look at AT&T in the NYC area a while back. People were not able to complete calls with the iPhone in the City. It was a disaster. BUT, AT&T kept selling more and more iPhones. People bought it despite AT&T. Good thing for AT&T as the revenue allowed them to begin fixing their problems.

    As for NI. If Pixel Qi has another snafu like they recently did and must slow production, that is going to hurt. My advice would be two-fold: SHOW us Adam and stock up on Pixel Qi screens now. I am talking 3 shifts 7 days if need be. America is foaming at the mouth for a quality tablet/e-reader hybrid.

  97. Glad to hear it, though I never doubted you guys after living and breathing your blog for over a year =]
    I can’t wait till MC goes through and the supply of Pixel QI devices are available.

    Two suggestion,

    1. would it be possible to send those of us with MC notice of restock since we were all probably pulling all nighters upon reveal hour but left disheartened. Not saying to give us a few hours in pre-order, but fair notice so we can mark our calendars and line up first so to speak……

    2. more of a suggestion but as students, we are pretty low on funding, those of us that are not dependent on our parents, but then again some could say why get it then. would you/could you provide some form of discount for students. It would make it that much more appealing.


  98. Appreciate the update and also hope our comments from the last few days have helped.
    Still going strong with the support.
    Looking forward to more info from the company.
    Stay strong. Keep the faith. Make this company move ahead with whats it’s learnt.
    Most of all, take care of your customers.

  99. My only disappointing issue with NI was the blogger pre-orders first as I had not posted, but had followed for a long time. I am well past that now, since I was able to order.

    Everything else about Adam was known in advance, or in this case, not known. As I see it the only real problem people should have had was with the lack of payment options and the problems that came up trying to pay, most of which could not have been anticipated (many were bank card fraud prevention issues). I keep an Amex, Visa and MC just because of various issues with companies not taking one or the other. I think NI has addressed the payment issue problem adequately.

    The fact the PQ screens have sold out shows there was enough information on Adam publicly available to allow people like me to buy them at the highest price point, sight unseen. Anyone who has not ordered really should not be complaining. It time all the information you need to make a purchase decision or not will be available. PQ screens will probably still be in high demand and short supply at that point though.

  100. Although I got the preorder mail Iwasn’t able to preorder cause by the time I went to bed the site was not working and next day I was on call in the hospital.Can’t those of us tha got the mail get in line,sort of pre pre order,for when the pq will be restocked?As for videos and hands on,they are crucial for the general public and they should wait until adam goes on proper sale, and not for those of us that are following adam from the start and know what tegra2 with pq means and thus want to preorder!

  101. The disgruntled in my opinion, are a minority in this whole process. Those with a little faith and patience will reap their just reward in a few weeks. Hang in there everyone.

    Oh yeah…Happy Holidays!!

  102. and what 900 and 850 series exactly means and what the reasoning was not to put in a multiband like in nearly every phone nowadays needs to be adressed too. That little thing was the reason I didn’t stay up till 6 in the morning to put down an order with my received “family mail”…

  103. Thanks for the post after a disappoiniting start. I will wait for the Pixel QI version. That is one of the reasons many opted for ADAM including me. Anyway, I have decided not to donate Apple for iPad. Keep going.

  104. Good reply. I guess you really under estimated the demand for PQ. One of the things that set Adam apart from other tablets is the PQ screen. Those who are willing to pre-order probably don’t mind the price difference.
    Will there be another round of pre-order, especially after the in-depth video on Dec 18?

  105. …. stay away for Vaporware dude….why are you wasting your time around here…..or wait till I sell my second hand Adam to Buy newer versions of Adam 😉

  106. not a cellphone camera – setup a 1080p consumer cam on a tripod and hit record. one guy works the camera, the other works the device. Seriously, this is not rocket science.

    what I also don’t understand is why all of you are so defensive on a device you’ve never even seen or had in your hands? I am not an Apple fan btw, I just want to know what I’m buying and right now it’s all “mysterious”. I am not willing to risk my money on mysterious.

  107. That’s a very good idea. Rohan, you should honor your words and give the orphans a second chance to be one of the first. Otherwise they might be at the losing end once again if the production capacity is up in January but many more thousands order b/c of the CES event.

  108. Rohan, as I wrote in “Instrospection”, I am disappointed that I was not able to be part of the first wave of purchases as I didn’t get an equal chance as the rest. I felt and still do, that I am not part of this family. I also stated that I am a fervent supporter of Notion Ink in Miami, Florida, USA. I have friends waiting to see what all of it looks like when I buy the first one. I have mostly spoken to them about the Pixel QI feature on the Adam.

    Again, my disappointment stemmed from not being able to get an equal chance to buy the Adam that I so badly wanted. That disappointment will pass and my wanting to get an Adam will be stronger. Equally, my support will not waver in any way shape or form. I will adjust to not having the first wave of Adams and hope that when the next wave comes out, you again, give “your cyber family” a shot at it, and those like me who didn’t get in on the first wave, will be able to do so on the second wave.

    I can’t offer any constructive criticism in regard to the buying process, but I can tell you that if you allow folks like “Android Police” to run with stories and not respond, it will make their claims very “true” to the eyes of “outsiders”. My suggestion is not to go to Android Police and respond to them, but go to other online publications, such as Engadget to give your side of the story. Also, you have a big following on Facebook, believe it or not, but you folks have not looked at that page in a while. In fact, many of the folks there found themselves slighted as not part of the family, even though they have been reading and commenting there for a while. Update it, and pay attention to it. Facebook is a great marketing tool if used right. Don’t slight it just because of you happen to have this Blog. In fact, write down links to the blog so that folks can be re-directed from there…You have free marketing tools and weapons at your disposal, utilize them wisely….

    I ask you to please let us know when the Adam with Pixel Qi is back in stock so that we don’t miss out on the best that it has to offer….

  109. I think he means that until CES they will continue to keep us in the dark to have a better surprise unveiling at CES…

  110. Do you think you can setup an alert function on the sold out PQs? this way the people that want them can be notified when they become available again?

  111. A question for every snippet, a comment on each one too.
    @Rohan and whole NI Team

    -> I can say by experience that the CCavenue gateway is really a good one in INDIA, but did were u guys sure about its compatibility in other countries too? i mean i hope u guys must have done some sort of dry run with it from countries u expect high demand, haven’t you? i know its moot to cry over spilt milk, but still important questions i think , nonetheless. Also i think now is the time to become compatible with each country and all the payment options, paypal. mastercard, visa et al.

    -> well the demand was quite evident i thought, when u were getting constantly high numbers of blog hits and comments, and the camaraderie between the commenters was not just read, but felt too. We still are a family, though like all the families we have some qualms with NI, love u nonetheless! I would have thought u guys wud have stacked up on PixelQi version more, as Adam is the first in its class!! ANd u referred to apple selling 100k, meaning 100k PixelQi sold out? If yes , that is huge. Even if no, the fact that u had to put up the “Sold Out” Sign hours into preorder is still bloody good.

    -> yes i know u guys were pretty darn stubborn abt not letting a whole lot of things not get away from ur chest. U held onto that baby too long. What would have been awesome was that u guys cud have put up just one hands on video before preorder, and i can assure you, ur LCDs would have had the sign put up as the pixel qis. Though i know u dint know u were being directly compared to batman about being mysterious and stealthy about a whole lot of things, still i would say it does not take a rocket scientist to see it from the way people commented in last two days. U were on a flight, we know that. I think its time u started to share your PR responsibility with someone else too. We dont doubt ur abilities or heart rohan, its the human (or superhuman in ur case 🙂 ) limitations we are more worried about. U cant work 24×7, and even if u do, u cant just be doing PR, u being the CEO have hell lot of responsibilities.

    -> last one, before u sleep off, lol, i know this is a big reply. Anyway, involving us was i think the biggest factor which worked for the ADAM. Its been sold out for preorder with just pictures and tidbits because we were involved in decisions. I know some decisions could have been better, some could have been executed more professionally , but everyone got a little carried away with this family feeling. This one is allowed. 😛 … We are here, because u allowed us to be here. Thank You!

    OK enough now. I am sure i have cured insomnia once and for all. If u got through all of this, Well COngratulations!! lol… ANyway ROhan Wishing u guys all the best. Trying my best to let u know what i think we (as a family) felt about the whole of episode.


  112. I am sticking with you. I had a brief moment of thinking about buying a Viewsonic G tab and rooting and completely shredding it. I have decided that I must continue to have patience and hold out for quality. It is a definite exercise in restraint. Good Luck at CES and beyond. There are many who are still routing for you… Slightly annoyed yes, ever hopeful…Yes….

  113. Yes a FAQ section is badly needed.

    A lot has been clarified via comments and emails like access to android market, internal storage, issues with mastercard and so on; all of these and more need to be on a FAQ page on the website so people can find it faster.

  114. Guys i hope now we can be calm for few more days. Let him prepare for CES and i know Rohan will do it right.
    As your goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations, i would like to share some knowledge..

    How to Provide Great Customer Service:-

    The telephone is a customer’s lifeline to a business. Always answer calls within three rings. Employees should be diving for the phone if they hear a third ring. Never keep customers on hold longer than 30 seconds without music or automated messages. The more time a customer spends on hold the less important they feel.
    If possible, respond to all emails, faxes and letters in 12 hours or less. If the issue is complicated, acknowledge the correspondence immediately, then explain that someone is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Always keep customers in the loop

    Improve Customer Relations:
    Employees should greet all customers, especially while attending to another customer. Most people won’t mind waiting if their presence is acknowledged. However, if customers feel unimportant or like an intruder, they will think twice about returning.
    Encourage customer feedback. With each order, include a prepaid postcard that allows customers to suggest improvements in complete anonymity. Smart business owners and customer service managers use this information to constantly improve their business.

    How to Handle Customer Complaints:
    What is a customer’s lifetime patronage worth? It hardly seems worth risking thousands of dollars in future sales over a $20 complaint. Do not argue over petty issues.
    The customer is almost always right. Business owners should not put up with abusive or manipulative customers. If a certain customers prove to be a consistent problem and their business is not worth the hassle, politely suggest that a competitor may be better able to meet their specific needs.

    Study Customer Demand:
    Customers frequently complain that they cannot find desired merchandise in big box stores. Pretend to be the customer. Is the store laid out intuitively? Are prices, product descriptions and departments clearly labeled? Are there employees available to direct and assist?
    Often, paying customers are asked if they’ve found everything they wanted, but what about those customers who leave without a purchase? Ask them what they were looking for and, if necessary, why they needed it. If there is strong demand, consider stocking the item to increase customer satisfaction.

    Increase Customer Loyalty:
    Every salesperson knows that it’s much easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. How does the business encourage customer loyalty? Would customers prefer frequent shopper discounts and coupons over a chance to win monthly prizes? Does the business offer volume incentives? How about sending marketing promotions to the top 10, 50 or 100 clients? These little extras keep a business on customers’ radar and make it difficult for them to leave.

    Enhance Customer Service Training:
    All employees are company ambassadors. Often, owners of medium to large businesses have little direct contact with customers. If a customer encounters an unfriendly or unhygienic employee, that experience can negatively affect the customer’s perception of the entire company forever.
    Enforce a dress code. Clothes should be neat, clean and work appropriate. Shirts should be tucked in, hair should be combed and beards trimmed or shaved. Discourage employee banter. It is very uncomfortable and completely inappropriate for customers to overhear employees discussing their personal lives, or even worse, the company.
    No matter how often a business’ customer service has impressed in the past, customers will always remember when they were offended or treated poorly. Furthermore, they’ll tell their friends and family. One bad experience can ruin a company’s reputation.
    If employees do not take pride in the business, customers assume that the owner doesn’t either. Apathetic employees are the cancer of businesses and need to be identified and eliminated as quickly as possible.

    Maintain Customer Satisfaction:
    Imagine two similar businesses; one has light bulbs burned out, stains and trash on the floor, merchandise in disarray and equipment out of order. The other is pristine by comparison – clean, organized and well lit. Repair maintenance issues immediately to make shopping in the store a pleasurable experience.
    Business is competitive and customers fickle. Always provide a variety of incentives and quality service to keep customers coming back.

    Best wishes


  115. Well greg according to me It meant that he will spent all his energy for a spectacular presentation at CES with every fine detail about adam . I really hope I am wrong and it means the other way as suggested by Jai and Sowmya 🙂

  116. it would be nice if NI started an orderly que for the Pixel QI variant. take down pre orders now and at least as stock comes in the could be allocated to the people next in line….. instead we have the hedge our bets and the scramble each time them come back online from being sold out!

  117. Actually whatever roebeet saying is correct, as a consume its his right to know all the details before spending the money.

    But, on the other hand, since this is a startup for Notion Ink, I would also say that let them have some time to settled down

  118. Kudoos for the NI team. It’s a blast that it wasn’t even possible anymore to order a PQ version the moment it was released, but a bit disappointing too.

    I hope that in the near future there will be the possibility to (pre)order again even if the machines are not on stock, simply with an indication of delivery lead time…

  119. It would be nice if you made the “Order” url available on this blog. I only found it through a third party blog. It was frustrating to have reached the end of the 6 hour family (those that commented) period and not know where to go to place a pre order

  120. i am only talking sense…
    wont u complain if the video is bad ! there will be another huge ruckus.. Video is one of the best ways he can demonstrate the usage of real ADAM.. and that’s what many of us here want to see! So let him come out with the best video when he does … Specs listed on paper is not gonna convince many as people have already said that loud…
    but yes let him make it happen soon…

  121. Thank you very much for listening to our suggestions and opinions constantly, this is one of the reasons why it still remains a “mystery company” 😉 you have so many people who supported you.

    Many people are tired of multinational companies that don’t listen to what people want and only develops marketing campaigns to impose the vision of the company and to convince the people who also want the same thing.

    So if a new company emerges and his vision is to create products based on what people want and change things that people demand … our obligation is to support this new company.

  122. And that cannot be Photoshopped? What other conspiracy theory might apply here. Why don’t you go over to Mary Lou Jepsen’s blog at Pixel Qi and take a look? Perhaps she is in on this international conspiracy too?

  123. I don’t think they want a simple video, although I do. They probably want a commercial, if you know what I mean. And seeing how the Pixel Qi is out-of-stock, they certainly have the time to get it done.

    Oh yea, Rohan said the 18th is when we see the video.

  124. Rohan I think that one of the thinks that you really did well is build up an anticipation. Then when it reached its peaking point you delivered, but fell short.

    A company like Apple is well established and has no need to do all this. They are a trusted company, people will buy new devices from them even if hardly any intel is given forehand. NI on the other hand is completely new and the part where you fell short is not delivering a video of a real working example and testing the pre-order. Plus you were way late with the necessary “need to know” information, such as the shipping, costs and things like that. You’ve added those after giving the green light for pre-order.

    Ok so you know all this now and we’re beyond it. If you want to keep so involved with your customers I have to warn you that you’ve going to fail to deliver time and time again. Some of us already pointed out, you’re dealing with a wide variety of people on a global level. Some of us are extremely demanding and very specific. You cannot expect to get everything right, not even if you have all the experience in the world. Apple also fail their customers time and time again, every company does. I suggest that you’ll accept that first and then we can move on.

    So you are in this game to last and change it? You’re going to have a harder time then anyone then. Keeping involved with your audience needs a decisive plan of approach. Think along the lines of being completely transparent, but only when you can since you have to keep legal issues in mind and every company needs secrecy. Or you can simply give the people a need to know basis. Either way, you’re going to have to put the company on numbero uno, before you can even deliver to the customer. If you don’t do this you’ll commit suicide, Apple, Microsoft, any company will eat you.

    I think you have to re-consider your approach. It was very naive (focused on the emotional side of your customers), immature (common sense was hard to find) and utopic. It is wonderful the way that you managed to play the emotional side of the customers, but now you have to add to that the common sense that any person needs to be able to sustain in this harsh world.

    Common sense as in giving us the necessary details on time. Legal, shipping, costs, evidence, anything so that you company doesn’t come across like a scam (which it now did unintendedly) and is considered a serious player not only by your customers but also by those in the journalistic world and especially your competitors. You are here to make a statement, that needs both your heart as well as your head combined into one neat package.

    I saw a lot of myself in all of your writing and your approach. I love the way you are doing things, but you have to see the pits that you are going to fall in. With much love as always, this little warning. Listen to your legal team and investors. They are thinking with their head, you are feeling with your heart.

    Unite your company and you’ll win over your customers and then you can change the game.


  125. but what if you travelling in between the US and Europe… I don’t think I’m the only one…
    But I do agree on your first point, that’s life everyone does things wrong, most important part is to learn from it and rohan is ready to do so which is good and gives me hope 🙂

  126. I’ve been following the Adam for a long time and was looking forward to using it for school. Upon hearing it had a digitizer I was overjoyed and made the decision this is what I wanted for Christmas (despite the fact that I won’t be getting it till after, but that’s no big deal…I have patience).

    My question, mostly for the followers, is whether I should get the LCD screen or the PQ. As of now, I don’t have enough money for the PQ screen, so I would have to wait. Would having an lcd screen take away from the overall Adam?

  127. Short agreements

    I am all for short agreements. I want to know within a couple of minutes what I agree to, rather than seeing a large file which I probably won’t even bother reading until I have to and then find out that I have been screwed. If the agreements are short I know that the other party isn’t trying to hide anything from me by putting it on page 76.

  128. @Greg, details about internal storage has already been clarified via an email response from Notion Ink — the reply has been posted by some commenter (cannot remember who) in one of the posts. i.e Adam will have only 8GB of internal storage and is expandable via use of sd cards and/or external usb storage devices.

  129. Rohan

    i just want to leave you with this small comment right now, when i have time later i’ll elaborate.

    your doing a great job with everything so far, especially listening to your customers. there are key reasons why i stay so loyal to notion ink, that i will explain later. as of right now i just say keep up what your doing.

    until later.

  130. I also believe the same…thats why Rohan is asking for 10 days..
    He would have posted pics if he wanted to (or may be to be precise allowed to).

  131. Well, I realize you at Notion Ink are re-evaluating everything. I do hope you do not decide to either shut down this blog or stop interacting with folks here. I do realize this is a very keen double-edged sword. But I think you can make it work to mutual advantage. If, however, you are better served by being more economical with the information you release, that is entirely your prerogative and I, for one, will understand.

  132. Hi Rohan,

    I think the pre-order debacle might be God-sent in one way. That has made you aware of the loopholes, your weakness, and a good lesson of what could go wrong and how. I am glad to see that you are taking in the criticisms in a positive way and am sure NI will emerge stronger from this.

    Best Wishes,


  133. will Adam be available in actual stores as well (once it launches), or only from your website?

  134. I’d be interested to see some number about how many units were actually preordered. I managed to snag my pixel qi-wifi the night of, woke up the next morning and everything was sold out for Qi!

  135. Rohan, congratulations on the successful comercial launching of NotionInk. The most difficult part is behind you and from now on you will hopefully be dealing with nown factors. I rec’d and try to process my order for the pixelq with wifi but ran into the mastercard obstacle. Of course I knew that I had smalll window before it sold out so you can imagine my frustration. By now I am adjusting to the act of waiting but pls give us some idea of how long before this version is or will be available. I hold you in the utmost regard and admiration, you have amaizing abilities. I am also interested in the next generation so any info would be great. Best and warmest regards.

  136. Congrats Leon! Maybe you can let us know when you receive yours and what it is like.

  137. Thanks Rohan for continuous updates and listening to the community.

    Eagerly waiting to hear more details from you soon, particularly on the memory size. You can keep the mystery feature remain mystery until CES though, I won’t mind 🙂

    Best of luck!

  138. hey…..nice post rohan…..alll the best for the video…it should rock the world…….waiting with lot of anxiety

  139. “My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen”

    If you do as for creating adam it will go smooth … and i hope i will have reply to my email … and my adam in 6 weeks …

    Next question … is there anybody that can confirmed onboard flash storage ? 8 GB ? 16 GB ?

    Next question … back touchpad isn’t mentionned in tech spec is it normal ?

  140. Keep up the good work guys. It takes a lot of guts and brains to build a device and bring it to the world. There will always be idiots out talking smack and mistakes will always be made but in the end everything will turn out ok.

    Andy Smith (Admin) notioninkhacks.com

  141. afaik, adam will run on a android kernel, and the genesis sdk will be released to developers.

  142. Your interpretation seems a plausible one. In fact I can wait till CES to more about adam, in the meanwhile more information about Notion Ink as company would increase the confidence level on the company and help to silence some of the skeptics.

    Unfortunately these skeptics are “manufacturing” lot of rumors due to lack of information and that can be very damaging to a start up like Notion Ink.

  143. Even then Apple demo’s their products before putting them out to market. NOBODY bought an iPhone or iPad blind. Each was showcased well before sales started!

  144. In the confirmation mail they clearly state that they will send through the version compatible with the land of residence. No quad-band version, I am afraid.

  145. Rohan i am not trying to be negative but if you can not meet the preorders people are wanting on here,What are you going to launch at CES when you will have no stock for people to order.

  146. i just can only laugh at your post. so you are saying you don’t believe Rohan when he said those pictures are real. There the matter ends, there is no point in asking someone whom you don’t believe to do something. I believe you have seen a lot of Adam Renders with UI, so you think one cannot photoshop and put those renders in some one hands. i think at this stage even if you see a picture of adam in some one hands you are not ready to believe it is true.

  147. i’m happy to report i got an email from NI confirming my pre-order. I was a little worried that all i had heard from was CCave, the day before. Now i’m quite a bit more relaxed. The more I think about what Rohan and the rest of the team at NI must be going through, the more amazed I am with the progress that has been made since CES 2010.

    I’m unhappy that the tech blogs and review sites that normally help me make decisions have give NI a cold shoulder. I hope the Marketing team at NI will get into gear very soon and start getting this device on every tech bloggers desk. That will help beat back all the guys who say that this is a techy take on a nigerian prince scam.

    Most of all I hope my pre-order shows up soon, and is exactly what I ordered. If there is going to be alot of baiting and switching going on this company will be extinct by the end of february.

    On the other hand if you bring this product out the way you’ve promised, you’re on track to being the next Apple.

  148. Yes, to a great article with title ““Ten Reasons Why the Adam Could Knock Other Tablets Off the Shelf”” at tech2.in.com india topstuff tablets-laptops ten-reasons-why-the-adam-could-knock-other-tablets-off-the-shelf 179472 0.

    Is that the problem? Do links need a special permission?

  149. Hi Andy, I like the way you think. I will be a frequent visitor to Notioninkhacks.com in the future, when I am able to purchase mine…

  150. There is no doubt about the policy problem and some other problems already plenty times mentioned. But about the video I still wonder why people ask for it at a PRE- order stage. If I PRE- order a house than I have some advantages regarding the price, but I also take some risks, because the house isn’t build then and I only saw plans. So comparing with adam, if the important specs are put down without raising questions I think there is nothing wrong about the PRE- order situation. At the end you have the advantage of owning one of the first ADAMs and if you save it well you might be able to make an awesome deal someday like this here



  151. That’s just rediculous. Any credit card company can deny a transaction that is outside of the norm. All it takes is a 1 minute call and it gets straightened out. You can’t blame that on notion ink. How often do you charge things to companies in India? I’d deny it too if I were the CC company.

  152. Hi. Some comments as requested.

    1. Build up was perfect. Lots of anticipation.
    2. Need to explain on website the simple things like what the specific specs are and terms of pre-order. Allay people’s fears
    3. Teaser video would have been fine. Something like “hi. My name is Rohan S and this is Adam. It works. It is coming. Order yours now. We have demo units going to x,y,z blogs etc. Watch for their reviews. Ordering starts at x time on x date. Thanks”
    4. I have taken the bet that you will deliver me a working product that lives up ri it’s name and reputation. If you repay my faithfulness and those of us who trust you, word of mouth will sell Adam for you. For example about 100 people per week see me. They will all know about Adam whether good or bad!
    5. Get your systems in place! Everything should have a tried and tested procedure

    I an looking forward to getting mine soon!

    Thanks guys!!

  153. hey rohan i m also a silent follower…i use to check this blog on hourly basis..anyway dont wrry bout last 2 days…its just gone…hey u have a great revolutionary product…we have faith in that…jst waiting for the day when ADAM will be No 1 tablet in the world…..



  154. yeah. i agree you shouldn’t have released the pre-orders now, but just informed that you will announce product at CES. Now i guess you will have to give away much of the information, thus reducing impact at CES’11. You will be awesome in the long run, and people will likely forget this a few years from now. But you need to promise a much much stronger customer service now and i believe you understand the same. Good luck.

  155. is it so much more expensive? Can anyone tell me what the price difference would be?

  156. It is because of how this blog is managed that purchasing the ADAM even with all of the concerns was an easy decision. Thank you Mr. Shravan for doing your best to ease all of those who don’t feel the same as I do. Let Rohan’s quick response be comfort for those who are concerned about customer service. Anytime in which one of the owners of a company that is trying to make their product available to 7 billion people and still finds time to respond on a blog, that is a company you should invest in.

  157. Personaly i did not much care about this problems and preorder thing.. Just make quality and good product (Adam) and make good later support and apps. Thats what i want to.


  158. Thanks Roman! I think we all just need to practice our patience leading up to CES. I for one don’t expect ALL the answers in a post or faq page today…these things will unfold as soon as possible I imagine. Thanks again.

  159. @ Mistry: yep..his focus must be on Adam as well as NOTION INK as a brand..scam word is not good to hear for any start up company…

  160. Thanks for the update Rohan.

    I could care less about being “first”..I just want a great device in my handswhen it is ready.. Please take your time, do it right. The price point and features of the ADAM makes it worth the wait.

    oh. yeah..no Video/review = No purchase…that is all.

  161. i have put my laptop,tablet,netbook,cellphone,gps,mp3player,ereader purchases on hold from last year since i started following NI.
    but just couldn’t made it to QI 3G version.
    when are you restocking man?

  162. Take a breather and let things sink in.
    Come out blazing and set things right.
    You’ve already started the cleanup and we appreciate that.

  163. NI seems to have had its fare share of issues from parts suppliers, first with the delay in Tegra 2 production and now with PQ.

    Hope there are no more such surprises. Because ultimately even if the issues are with parts suppliers, people will only blame NI for any delays.

  164. Thanks for this post. Still, I can’t fail to notice that these guys seem to work 7 days a week! They are having looong meetings on a Saturday! OK, it’s a start-up and it’s just a day after a messy pre-order action, but still! It must be the adrenaline and huge drive which keep them going!
    Keep it up!

  165. Rohan, I think you need to rebuild confidence of the ones who followed and supported Notion Ink in the last months. I’m not talking about the many childish people, but the ones still listening and waiting for some legitimate answers. Playing the mystery game is fine when the product in in design phase, but now you are going the a different stage where NI needs to convince that they are a business, not only a bunch of people with neat ideas.

    Being a start-up does not sets you apart from your rivals when it comes to business. You are going after the major players (Apple, RIM, Samsungs, HP, etc.) and you not only need to compete on the engineering front, but also in the business front. In this second phase, you need to convince a new horde of potential customers.

    NI is on the map now and some adventurous customers might come to your site to see what you have to offer. They want to see it! Not that much people (outside gadget enthusiasts) are going to get to you on their own (without some form of publicity) so don’t tease them, there not that kind of customers.

    Even NI followers need something to prove they are not part of a big scam. If you ask for money now, you got to show what they are buying. RIM’s Playbook has plenty of demo videos even if it’s not out before a long time. Adam is a bunch of screenshots and photos of a dead cold device. We want to see it live.

    I know you want to keep it until the CES, but my advice is to reduce the mystery factor (I don’t talk about the mystery feature). I’m referring to these blog posts. You need to be clearer from now on. I think many people expected the pre-ordering start of December to allow receiving the device for the Christmas time-frame. We learned at Engadget that shipping would start Jan. 6. It should have been mentioned before the pre-order mania.

    Here is an example of what I mean by clearer. You mentioned the Android 2.3 in the Fiat LUX post. It’s not clear (to me at least) if it means Adam will comes with Android 2.3 + Custom modifications OR if Android 2.3 would be an after-initial-release upgrade OR that you wanted to mention that NI’s customizations already brought these features to Adam. This whole software aspect is blurry… what about the Android Market? The Software and Genesis section on the site still need to be updated. That leaves a new visitor the impression that the product is not there yet.

    Finally, you said in the last post: “You will see the complete document [policies] reflected on the website in couple of hours from now.” I still can’t find it.

    Well, all that said, I appreciate all you guys are doing and wish a lot of success to NI!

  166. Thank you for your post, Rohan.

    As for the releasing more information, I don’t know whether it’s all up to Rohan. Is it?
    I’m wondering he was trying to meet the needs/demands of the both sides-we as customers or customers-to-be and the investors.

    As for those who missed out the opportunities to pre-order because of the last minute payment option limitation (Master Card) and the server overload, it’s an idea to give them a 2nd chance, if it’s possible.

    I’m looking forward to the video on Dec. 18, CES2011 and, yes, a shipment.

  167. Rohan’s silence on much needed simple questions like internal memory, etc. is the cause for the speculation. Please Rohan please try to make the specs clear before providing anything else.

  168. Same here, I hope NotionInk will set up a subscription service detailing stock changes (when they are taking more orders, or sell out again) for those interested.

  169. Rohan,

    Glad to see that sales are exceeding expectations!

    Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing how Notion Ink grows and matures as a company.

    Five things I will be looking at after launch:
    1. Your tech support- online and/or over the phone
    2. How quickly you update to correct any bugs + improve software
    3. Your advertising + communication with tech blogs and more traditional media outlets to encourage accurate reporting
    4. Transparency about any problems or issues that come up (delays, bugs)
    5. Success- sales and apps

    Best of luck!


  170. I hope that you’ll have really detailed presentation at CES2011. REALLY DETAILED.
    Adams need to be send to reviews and tests, so that people can see, what product you have.

    Based on preorders you saw where main problems are:
    1. making more options for payment (paypal, maybe also direct bank transfer).
    2. low stock of PQ screens. I don’t know if PixelQI is having so low production or you simply didn’t ordered enough, but this must be corrected till CES2011. If customers will have to wait for adam for couple of months or if PQ versions will be always soldout, they will start buying other tablets.
    3. And you really have to be sure that you covered all legal things with terms of sales etc, especially because you are selling to foreign countries, otherwise you can get into many very serious troubles also in this area.

    I really wish you all at Notionink that you succeed, that you become well known and respected international company and that you not to stop your direct communicaton with all of us.

  171. Comments with Links must be examined.

    Just write without “http”.

    Link: tech2.in.com/india/topstuff/tablets-laptops/ten-reasons-why-the-adam-could-knock-other-tablets-off-the-shelf/179472/0

  172. I have a very simple question.. i think a tablet only really as good as the apps available for it.. the rest is only one feature here, one feature there..

    is the android market available ?

  173. Ok, thank you for posting. It teally does comfort most of us. You still haven’t apologized though 🙂 This post is meaningless really. Your basically telling us what we already knew. Glad to hear you are supposedly working to correct tour customer relations though. And, details revealed before CES!? WHAT A CONCEPT! Still holding on to a shred of hope here.

  174. “Involving everyone in the process of creation has its benefits and losses. No concrete decision made here…”

    Based on the above, I think Rohan will hold on the post until decision is reached by the Board meeting, since the post is he major way to get everyone involved.

    Some questions will be directly answered thru customer service now as Thor suggested.

    “Warm thanks for those who still support, apologies to those who felt disappointed. But as of now seeking more strength.”

    He likes to thank and apologize, but now his mood is “seeking more strength”…

  175. I have a very simple question.. i think a tablet *IS* only really as good as the apps available for it.. the rest is only one feature here, one feature there..

    is the android market available ?

  176. there are still a load of people who were/are in the “family” and didn’t get an email…or haven’t yet. At least you weren’t expecting an email…

  177. @Rohan

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    1. You need to have a fixed base price in the currency of the country where your accounts will be kept and where the company is registered. You may be paying USD to the China based ODM but that doesn’t mean that you have to collect USD from buyer.

    2. The import duty and sales tax stuff has to be clarified. Is sales tax applicable to something that I import directly, say from Amazon, USA? So, why not Notion Ink register a subsidiary in China and do the billing and shipping from there?

    3. You said: “…week-end special (had it ready last week by the way)…”. Post it already, please!

    4. You said: “…Till CES we will spend our energy in the same…”. If you remember, some posts back, many people were confused with this use of “the same”. So, what are we going to get exactly – more revealing info in the next few days or wait till CES?

    5. Customer relations will be smoother if there is all round clarity. Let’s stop the mystery games and riddles. You could have them, but how about keeping it in the blog and moving much of the general discussion and customer issues to a forum? It takes under an hour to setup a forum. And no, a friends forum or a fans forum will not do! All want a company forum.

    6. It’s time you staffed the support departments with dedicated personnel.

    Best wishes as always 🙂

  178. I have always believed that those cyber publications that give the cold shoulder, are publications that are not exactly “in the up and up”. I have always followed sites like Cnet for the customer reviews, not their own Editor’s reviews.

    These types of publications and tech blogs have “ulterior motives” in their writings. You can read anything you want into that, but I think that the best thing for Rohan and Co would be to kick butt at CES 2011 where they will “officially” unveil the Adam. That’s where they will have their moment to shine…not now, not tomorrow.

    Disappointed or not, I consider this launch nothing but a test, a market study that will allow them to make necessary changes before the Adam is officially launched. That’s the way everything is done. Even in parks like Universal Studios Florida, where they opened up Islands of Adventure, those folks tested their market for about a month before they opened up the park “officially” after having fixed all the kinks and issues that accompany such an undertaking. This launch was exactly the same thing. The only difference is that Notion Ink was actually listening to the folks here and working closely with folks like us to launch this device. We, whether we got in on the purchase or not, were able to help launch the Adam, Notion Ink…

    Anything we say or do here will be read, I have no doubts about it, and will be used to improve the official launch at CES. I am not of the opinion that we should have videos and information prior to CES. I say, leave the Adam to the imagination of the folks that will be at CES. Make those folks sweat a bit. Heck, I and may even go, just to be there and be part of the launch. I am excited…

  179. I will only buy the PQ version.

    I waited so long now (since last CES), that I can wait some more…

    BTW: Thanks for openess! IMHO thats a milestone in history of the global marked.

  180. Here again my post with a “correct” link:

    Has anybody seen this great article “Ten Reasons Why the Adam Could Knock Other Tablets Off the Shelf” about adam?

    You find it at tech2.in.com/india/topstuff/tablets-laptops/ten-reasons-why-the-adam-could-knock-other-tablets-off-the-shelf/179472/0

    By the way: I didn’t get a preorder email and the next day Pixel QI was sold out. So I have to wait til it’s available in Germany. On the other hand I can forget all these misgivings about shipping costs, warranty and reshipment issues.

  181. in an earlier comment (excerpt from mail from rohan) I read that the android marketplace will be available ..

  182. Actually, I was, but then again, I understand that this is a test launch. I will definitely be ready for the official launch….

  183. There is way to much speculation. There are too many extremes of blind faith and pure speculation. Notion ink will clear up these issues in the coming weeks and until then i will not preorder. Patience is of virtue and when all the dust settles and the adam is what we all hoped for then we can all rejoice.

  184. Good questions! The storage capacity was not defined although it makes a huge difference for some. 8GB is a little small for a device as powerful as the Adam. Want to put some movies? You better have a good external storage unless you are ready to erase all that music! Good thing it’s included, but still. My personal taste would be 16GB minimum.

    The trackpad was mentioned in a old video and until this short mention in the recent post I was under the impression it had disappeared.

    I hope to hear about this soon and to see the trackpad in action on Dec. 18th.

  185. @Mistry
    Although knowing more about the adam would be preferred, introducing the NI members would be nice to show that its not just Rohan working in the office

  186. I guess it’s a good idea to start the application process. But in the meantime why can’t the financial transactions be handled by someone who already has MasterCard approval? You know, like PayPal? PayPal has all the major credit cards and ways to pay even if you don’t have a credit card! They also have a great reputation refunding fraudulent purchases (though most credit cards are good about this too) that would help ease peoples minds as they went into this blind. Tell me if I’ve missed something important, but this seems like a multi-bird-killing stone to me.

  187. @Rohan: Please give us more info about the Pixel Qi vs backlit LCD panels, regarding indoor use. I see everyone is waiting for the Pixel Qi models which are sold out. For some of us who will use the Adam mainly indoor or while traveling, the backlit LCD panels might do just fine. I’m curious about color fidelity and saturation. In normal indoor lighting conditions, without any light hitting the panels directly, which one gives a better picture? Or is there any difference at all? I guess it would be good to include this in some sort of FAQ.

  188. I am one of the disappointed people. But I am glad to see that you could sell out a good product within hours of pre-order. Adam is all good, but the PixelQi part of it makes it stand apart from the rest (at the moment). There is no way I am ordering a non-pixel Qi screen tablet. I have lived without a table so long and can live without one a bit longer. I do not know whether pixelQi sold out quicker more due to limited quantity or higher popularity (you have that data).

    No matter how you explain the shipping, $50 is just too high an overhead for it. I’d rather wait for notionink to appoint some US reseller. Why not just take a container load of adams, ship to europe, NA and India and use cheaper local carriers from there? I am not a logistics expert. I might be wrong. But on the other hand, you have managed to sell out a product with a $50 shipping charge. I would not have bought it even if it had not sold out.

    I think you guys have a nice blog with a lot of people interacting with you and you are able to get first hand feedback of your customer’s sentiments. You should have a survey on your blog some time soon asking people of factors that influenced their purchasing decisions. I am okay with the price of the (PixelQi +WiFi) model, but not the shipping. And where is the $25 discount for students?

    Notionink has managed to sell out a product for the current production volume at the current price. If you had more products available, how much would you guys be able to sell for the current pricing & policy? Would tweaking the pricing (shipping) & policy (resellers?) improve your sales volume significant enough to warrant such a change?

    Warm regards,
    Bharath Bhushan Lohray.

  189. I Know the Notion ink Adam will be a revolutionary product. The only problem that you guys and the community must overcome will be, producing thousands or Millions of Apps that par with Apples. This is going to be a nightmarish game of catchup.

    “Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!”

  190. ++
    7. a dedicated customer call line/live chat box atleast for a few days before and after orders placed, so that people can get their queries answered immediately

    8. As already suggested in the previous blog, A faq section so that people don’t contact u for all basic queries

    9. A native english writer who can polish ur website.

  191. Be patient. No-one is twisting your arm to buy it before you’ve seen it in all it’s glory. What difference will a week make?

  192. Rohan,

    I’m not sure how many people really “Congratulated you” as they got too busy wearing critic’s hats. Here you go – “Hearty Congratulations to you and your team”. Not many CEOs have a heart for admitting what really went wrong. CEO of TOyota took about a month to admit in public his cars had issues with acceleration. Because of that alone, they lost my business. But look at some of the newsletters to his investors by Warren Buffett, and you know what transparency is all about. But you are doing that. So congratulations. If you just walk the talk, you, my friend, will be somewhere up there one day.

    Having said that, here are my two cents worth.
    1) Dont be too harsh on yourself for not revealing about the product. You have done it more than others by revealing a lot about engineering aspects. It was exciting for geeks and fanatics here. But world out there didnt follow those. they care much about the end result and not the specifics of what went inside. So if you want better results, share more about the end result (final video, ease of use, etc). That in my opinion is more appealing to masses.
    2) Media makes a big difference. We also know that’s the sad truth. So see how you can keep them in good books. I hate them, but as a businessman/entrepreneur, you have to do what you have to do. Look @ engadget for example, their headline sets the tone for the entire post and their conclusion in first two sentence, something like “Company ABC finally released something you wont ever buy..” So what are the chances, I, as a follower of their blog will even think of buying it? Its sad… but true.
    3) specifications page neeeds to be revamped with some advantages/benefits and explanations for each point. That will shut a lot of critics.
    4) Finally, like everyone has already pointed out,addressing CR & PR issues.

    Great job Rohan. Sadly I couldnt be one fo the first ones to pre-order. I’ll have to wait for availability of PQ. But waiting for the day I will get to praise the device firsthand. Good luck.


  193. Sowmya, I sure hope so because if not, it’s going to be another disappointment and that might just be the final straw for most. There’s a whole list of unanswered questions like the ones below, but the most important thing they want is to see the product in action. A video !!! All will be forgiven and forgotten … it’s that simple. You show a real product and people will follow or in this case come back. Rohan already stated that they will work on customer relations and improving that … okay that’s fine, but you won’t have many customer unless there is a product on the table. They are a month away, Notion Ink has always talked about transparency, this would be a good time to put everything out there and waiting till CES is a mistake.

    1. Full videos of the product+Ui (at the very least 5-10Minutes)
    2. Battery use chart (seems this has been lost)
    3. Final list of specs like storage capacity confirmation and backside trackpad.
    4. Revised policy for product ordering (reviewed by a layer and everything is spelled correctly!!!)
    5. CES confirmation, will NI be there?
    6. Who is their investor? It’s almost release point. I think they can reveal that now.
    7. Where are patents and FCC at? I remember something near the 20th, but an update would be nice.

    There’s more, but thats just ont he top of my head

  194. What about the agnostics out here??? Faith by its very nature is blind. Facts. Tangible facts are the only truth in life.

  195. Go Rohan!

    You might want to answer the one question pretty much everyone here got on their mind.

    “When am i going to be able to order a pixel qi version?”

    Im getting tired checking this blog everyday to check if something actually happened yet, give us a date and i´ll come back and place my order then.

  196. Paypal is quite expensive (4% or more depending on volume) compared to normal card dealers. This might be why they did not go with they at first.

  197. All the best Rohan, hope you get the bottle neck with PQi sorted out soon! waiting for the pqi to arrive stateside!!

  198. The only thing we can actually take form mistakes is the lesson. I will not say that all the new companies have these problems but yet that it is totally understandable. Keep up with leaning and improving, your true supporters will still be around here, more or less disappointed, more or less frustrated 🙂 Cheers and best of luck.


    MESSY PRESENTATION of HIGH STANDARD product is FAR FAR better then

    NICE PRESENTATION of sub-standard work….

    take EXAMPLE of APPLE – THEY LAUNCHED AND SOLD feature less IPAD…. that too just to EARN and be NO. 1 to launch this GADGET…

    HERE in ADAM are getting everything….

    YES I NEED PIXEL Qi only….

  200. You must be joking! Could you tell me name of one company whose customers get full response to each of their doubts and that too from the CEO? Nobody is forcing anyone to buy or pre-order, frankly any company is justified in asking for preorders even without showing a single pic of the product, and you have a right to ignore the offer. Just do that and get out of this place, pronto, you add no value here.

  201. Dont be a cheap ass.
    I think he did the pre-order thing for us.
    ask him for another round.
    but dont try to bargain!!

  202. Good, good. For one, don’t stop on the regular updates. As I recall, you said you were going to do two a week. Don’t forget that.

    Also, does this mean we’ll see something (anything) prior to the 18th? I know you said videos and the like at that time, but the sooner you can negate some fear (no matter how small that fear is), the better.

    You’re taking steps in the right direction, Rohan. 🙂

  203. “Dont have short agreements!……………………nd no one knew, just because they were hidden somewhere in the long sea of texts or mentioned in nth url link.”
    this was precisely my thought when i was reading in some blog which was complaining that u have such a small warranty agreement !
    These sort of agreements and disclaimers are intentionally made eeextraa long so that the end user simply ignores it completely and learns about it only when he has to call to the company after facing problems ! I entirely agree with u in having the agreements in few short and precise lines…its just that u r going against the tide/industry trend of pages and pages of agreements !! :O..ppl will ten to rebuke ur idea, but if u can get on with it u will really change some long standing {anti – consumer } trends !

  204. Rohan,

    Good start to rectifying things. I think there is a gap between how Notion Ink perceives the consumer experience for customers outside of Asia. Customers from UK/USA/Europe have gotten used to a certain modus operandi and this is what they are looking to get from Notion Ink.

    I completely understand why shipping takes so long for e.g. Notion Ink do not know how many orders they might get so how can they order a 100,000 units? If subsquently demand slows then Notion Ink incurs huge losses.

    The main concern from my point of view is for you to ensure is that the customer relations aspect is managed through PR, a FAQ and so on.

    This your blog as company CEO, not a channel for customer to get direct support that should in my opinion have a different medium such as setting up a call center/email handling service which can answer all these questions. Ofcourse this is indeed a good medium to get feedback and judge the general mood of your customer base.

    This blog should handle the long term strategy, give an insight in to your day and thoughts.


    Keep up the good work, I have never doubted you or NI and fiercely defend NI when I can you are doing a great Job and there is a steep learning curve to any business let alone what you have managed to build.

  205. I think we have been spoiled that we only recognize Rohan (the CEO)’s voice. Even now NI trying to change by start rolling out customer interface thru email, we don’t buy what those reps saying, like the 8G default memory and Android Market access. We still wait for Rohan’s saying on it. Well, maybe because if Rohan tells us by the weekend special post, he will tell us why 8G, etc. But if they decide not to invite everybody into the process anymore from now on, in a normal situation, they confirm it is 8g by Rohan or customer rep’s email makes no difference. They have no obligation to tell us why, either you buy or not buy, that is what it is, which they decide to offer.

  206. Well said, Rohan

    I’m still amazed that such a small group of folks has been able to do so much.
    I think that’s sometimes forgotten by the impatient ones out here.

    It’s not as if you’re not also having to learn about marketing .. in addition to creating software, SDK, hardware design, production, logistics, etc.

    It’s a very difficult job finding balance between building anticipation for a game-changing product while not overstating the in-the-works capabilities .. not to mention dealing with the “I want it two yesterdays ago” mentality when people DO “get” the potential.

    Hang in there!
    Jim Moses

  207. Very nice idea!!! Something like a form that takes email address of people who want to be notified when PQ version becomes available. This will also give NI an idea about the number of people interested in PQ version.

  208. Rohan, I have said this in the past, and I am repeating: GET SOMEONE PROFESSIONAL to put out these communication messages – you will do yourself a favor. You don’t appear to be the person with the skills to do that. I think you are a like-able person, but in the business world that does not count for much.

  209. @Rohan

    The order form is doing Jquery processing to check if the postal codes entered are correct. Similarly for the phone numbers.

    Sadly at this moment the check is incorrect so if you want to order from the Netherlands or Germany (and maybe many more) you are unable to because the order form does not accept your (valid) postal code.

    Ordering from the Netherlands with postal code 1234AB will say ‘please enter correct postal code’. If you enter 00000 it will accept it, sadly Dutch postal codes are in the 1111AA template so no valid postal code gets accepted.

    My suggestion is to remove the phonenumber and postal code check until you are 1 million percent sure that it actually works for all locations. This looks (and is) unprofessional.

  210. Rohan,

    We all understand that CES is a big media event for you to announce the product officially. We also understand that it would be foolish to reveal the complete product at this blog and forgo a big media event at CES.

    Hence, at this blog please reveal *only* what you think is necessary which will not cause your CES 2011 media event plan to go awry. Please, do not feel compelled to reveal information based on what the folks here are impatient for.

    Since many are prepared to wait until CES 2011, many really don’t care if you don’t post videos of ADAM in action, or show photos of the actual device, or even discuss the notion behind ADAM and NI, but we will be glad to read what ever blog you post.
    After all, all those who have pre-ordered or will be pre-ordering now, will get the device only post CES.

    Our friends here who have put their money where their mouth is and have pre-ordered ADAM, already have sufficient confidence in their purchase based on what they have seen thus far and in their confidence in you to deliver.

    I, for one, would encourage you to focus your energies on CES and making a big splash at CES 2011.

    There is much negative press regarding NI and yourself due to all that has happened in the past few days. The only way to rectify this situation and salvage NI and your reputation is to ensure that CES 2011 is a positive turning point for NI and you. If you fail in this, I’m ‘fraid, there is no going forward as there will be enough bad press and discouragement.

    CES 2011 is just around the corner and this event has been rumored to be a tabletpalooza. So, not only do you have to compete against all the other tablets out there, including from well established brands with deep pockets, but also have to put in the extra effort to rectify the media situation.

    So, focus focus focus and get your act together for CES 2011. We are all standing behind you (not physically yet).

    Whoa…did not mean to post a long comment, but thanks for reading this.

  211. i want to wish you guys the very best and hope you pull out of this on top and the adam gets the recognition and praise it really deserves. i will wait for the second round of orders to pre-order mine, no lcd for me thanks, pixel-qi is the only way to go. best of luck, and i look forward to the future posts and more details, i really want more details.

  212. i understand the rule about one world one price.
    but shipping must be a realistic estimate of the cost incurred.
    i am no expert but you can always have some logistical tricks to put this factor in control.
    this will also make it possible for reducing unnecessary burden on NI.

  213. +1

    faq would be great….as of now the only way to get some information is to read through all the +1000 comments on this blog….which is frankly speaking….a little too tiresome….and to top it off you get more questions than answers 😦

    an official faq would do wonders

  214. One thing very clear over the last week is that the blog is not the correct medium for communication, with the thousands of comments it’s simply impossible to keep up with it.

    Heres my suggestion.

    1. Choose a forum either your own or outside and publicise it better, have a link on every blog post rohan makes AND on the website, the members will end up supporting 90% of questions themselves and you will avoid one hell of a lot of me toos and duplicate questions your staff can then cherry pick the questions that havnt been answered as shown by topic and answer them with Identities indicating they are staff.

    2. FAQ section on site/forum again with link from blog this will avoid even more duplicate questions.

    Many here have been answering others questions but by the time they provide an answer the blog has moved on 100 comments.

    PS if someone has allready suggested this in the last 100 posts im sorry it took time to write.

  215. Rohan. I am excited about the Adam, and even though there were some hiccups in the launch, I’m sure moving forward you will launch with excellence. I’m a project manager @ P&G, where we launch thousands of items a year. So I know its not easy. Happy to talk and brainstorm ideas. Good luck moving forward.

  216. So I went over to PQ website and there blog to find out more about there production restrictions and found this

    “In the very near future: We will be getting to you more information about our new 7″ screen, as well as other new screens sizes for 2011. The difference in these new screens isn’t just size – but all new performance levels.”
    It is posted in their blog dated on november 27. I didnt know how long moderation will take so I took out their link

    Will the adam have the new PQ screens with “new performance levels”? or the same screen from the prototype vids

  217. Rohan,

    This is a good start. Be more open. And like a previous poster suggested, find a team to do your marketing and renaissance.

    I understand your want to manifest your dream your way, but you can’t do it all. You have to let go, and let those who understand the foreign markets work with them.

    A captain cannot be every member of the crew.

    Suggestion: truthfully and honestly address the notable questions that have been asked, specifically those from the tech sites/blogs. You need these people to be your champions.

    * Make full spec sheets available. They don’t have to be pretty, just downloadable pdfs.
    * Explain how and what you are to present to CES. The world already knows about NI and this pre-order fiasco. Thinking that a surprise can happen at CES now is a bit naive. I personally question why NI is not on the CES exhibitor roster.
    * Take a picture/make a short video of you holding an adam with the UI in action and post it in your blog. Let people see that it is real.

    The longer you make people wait, the greater their expectations will be. Please consider this in your plans of action.

    People understand that legal documents (sales, return, and privacy policies, warranty) are long and time consuming to read. Have your team write them for their specific countries/regions of sale.

    Considering that with the convoluted/fluctuating policies and ship dates the PixelQi units still sold out, it demonstrates a great demand for the adam.

    I feel that the pre-order conducted two days ago was an attempt to buy 8 – 12 weeks time (for whatever reason) and acquire more capital. That might work in a B2B situation, but this is a consumer product. Consumers are a different animal. Your blogs spoke to consumers, but every part of your business model must also be consumer centric.

    Good luck for the next few weeks and know that though it might not read like it, we really do want you and NI to succeed.

  218. Same case here Rohan

    As a family member, I found myself at the worng end , CC avenue refused my transaction and before I could retry the pixelqi stock was already sold.

    Selfish as may be but I think becoz we have a valid PO number we should be given to retry the payment and get our desired variant of the tablet whether in stock or not.

  219. Do anybody notice

    Apple is starting to delink from Nvidia and moving over to Intel ?

    Has the bully started the arm twisting ? Guess they believe in Adam 🙂

    LOL !!!!

  220. Personally I think it is easier to keep it in dollars. As you said, they may be paying in dollars so it is far easier and cheaper for the company to net off its payments and receipts instead of having to convert all the time. I’m sure they have a dollar account. Also as NI buy in dollars (I’m assuming), it is much easier to price the product in dollars that having to convert it and see their profits change as the exchange rate changes. It is much less risky for the company this way and for a startup, less risky is much better. Of course they will have alot of INR payments for wages, rent, loans perhaps unless all their investment is from equity which would be kinda silly, but this is easily converted from the dollar account as and when.

    Also, even though I’m from the UK, I would prefer to pay in dollars than INR, just for the simple fact that I can easily convert it in my head; and i’m sure the US market will be massive.

    I’m pretty much thinking aloud and can’t be bothered to proof read, so enjoy. 🙂

  221. I like this post. 😀 I will not restate what has been said above but I agree with most of it. One small request though: are we ever going to see that customizable power chart?

    All the Best,

  222. And still, not a single picture! What a shameful bunch we are! Expecting to know WTF looks the thing we want desperately to buy. Nice work!

  223. @Rohan

    All I would say… Let the product do the talking now! 🙂

    FYI… I ordered one as a gift for someone coming into my family. I was going to use my personal (US) credit card but somehow the system prevented me from shipping it to an address in India with my billing info (in US). So eventually, I ended up ordering it via my family in India since it was to be shipped in India anyways. I later realized that CCAvenue again asked for the addresses, but by this time I just wanted to get the order through and did not bother to try using my US billing address again.

    I want one for myself, but unfortunately I’ll have to wait as I wanted to get PQi + wifi. Are there any plans for in-store retail in the US, or a US based “branch” of notion ink which can make the process of buying easier?

    As for the policies, I personally did not find anything as absurd as people were leading it to be. My only suggestion would be to go easy on people who will try to return a product if it is defective… meaning, they should not be liable for any re-stocking fees etc. etc.

    One more thing… it seems that the $ to INR conversion rates are a little steep (when compared to daily exchange rates). Just a note, don’t know if you can do anything about this or not.

    Also, Notion Ink currently does not show up on the list of companies at CES 2011! I know you all must be busy as hell, but people will check up on your presence at CES 2011!

    Looking forward to the videos!

  224. Anyone got its option, some have chosen, but many are complainin about their onw election…. dont be that impulsive, the power of the consumer resides in its decisions to buy. At Notion Ink ar doing things well, but they are novices, they have more hope and goo intentions than experience, but they learn fast. They just have how bad, angry and mean people can turn when money is at play.

    Im a bit on the sceptical side as a say says “The ignorant affirms , the wise man doubts and reflects” (thats from Aristoteles) so im really looking forward to CES to see a in depth product show and review. As i said in previous post i let the product speak for it self, i really think Rohan and his team are doing their best and they want to deliver a VERY GOOD PRODUCT to market.

    Biggest reasson that catched my attention from the adam in the first place was the PQ display, and i think is the same fo most as is the thing that proposes the big leap in technology, what really makes the product differenciate from the others and what it may make it everyother e-ink e-readers killer. TechCrunch said it, PQ must really boost production, and as it will play a big role on Adams success lests hope other big bad competitors dont buit it and close it down just to stop the promessing player that is becoming Notion Ink.

    My best wishes.

  225. Check Pixel Qi – Mary Lou Jepsen’s remark about Notion Ink in her blog:
    http: //pixelqi.com/blog1/2010/12/11/notion-ink-tablet-with-pixel-qi-screen-sells-out/

  226. Hi Rohan,
    The fact that you have managed to come this far is to be really appreciated. It is very easy to criticize or give free advice. Only the person at the receiving end knows the entire story. It is impossible to make everyone happy but the more people happier the better…Keep up the good work. Mistakes are the stepping stones to success. All the best. The future is bright.

  227. I think a thorough independent review would quash most of problems for people not knowing much about it before they buy!! even if the reviewer is told not to reveal the bonus feature

  228. suggestions:

    1. FAQ which is updated when a new question is asked by the masses.
    2. New forum so people can post in specific places that relate rather than bunch everything on here.

  229. Memory is already mentioned in the TechSpecs


    * 1GB SLC (SWAP SPACE I GUESS) If we EVER run out of RAM (1 GB) we will even be able to do efficient swapping on that drive.
    * 8+ GB Flash (Internal Memory is 8GB)
    * Micro-SD Card support

    What ever additional memory you can add it through USB drives or through the Micro SD card.

    What is your speculation here !!!!

    This is one biggest restriction in Apple.

    Its a great relief that in ADAM we have USB drive support and SD card support, Which gives us the flexibility of unlimited memory.

    What is your concern on this?

  230. Dont think apps will be of any problem. In addition to custom apps, adam also has access to the android market place which nearly rivals that of apples.

  231. nah… I am not a fanboy. I have asked difficult questions, some have been answered some have not. But i understand Rohan’s reluctance to talk about some things and also that he must be busy. The fact that is taking time off to address my question is something I appreciate, even though he doesn’t give me a perfect answer.

    I would much rather talk to him.

  232. Although I was very frustrated, I’m still comeing back to this blog every few hours…I think I’m addicted to Adam 🙂
    I hope Mastercard will be supported this year so that I can order before 7th January.

  233. To help you out prioritizing :
    – PIXEL QI is top priority and unique selling point.
    Without it Adam is, just one of the few. You should have enough Pixel Qi Adams!
    Also make sure mr/mrs Average know what Pixel Qi does!!! Describe it with HARD and soft terms!!

    It really surprised me NI did not expect such a demand for it.
    Make a Poll!!!

    – Make sure Mastercard/Paypal is available
    – Make sure there is a stable softwareplatform when it launches.
    – Make sure there is a GOOD(E-reader PDF) app (I could not understand the attention about the weather app)

    – Bad Legal texts and customer support can break a company, but sure as hell can’t make it.
    Early adopters do not care that much about it. Most normal consumers will. Do not put ALL your energy in it now.
    But be prepared for it. (for the second Wave)

    COPY/PASTE From sources, But understand what you copy!

    Playbook an the KNO have good webpages.

    Good Luck!!!

  234. Funny you say that, because I ordered an Adam with no problem at all from NL (with the right postal code)! It might be linked to the fact that I put a space between the two letters (in your case it would be 1234 AB).
    The only thing which did create a little issue was the request to insert the state I am in, as in The NEtherlands there’s no state! Still, I managed to overcome that by writing “NoordHolland” in that field. Even this has been already sorted out, as in the confirmation email they took out Noord Holland from the delivery address!

  235. Very level headed post Rohan..
    We look forward to you straightening these wrinkles out, and your products enjoying trust and longevity in the global market.


  236. Consumers are a pampered lot :D. Do you even understand the amount of work it takes to get a good product out? People talk like they are demanding reverse ransom – I will give you the money so show me the product NOW. After all the nagging/whining – what are you going to do with Adam when you get it? Listen to songs and watch videos on Youtube. Can’t you have some patience and use your windows laptop for some more time?

  237. Rohan BIG credit to you for continuing to post and acknowledge there are issues.

    You have indeed created a family and that comes with all the free advice that only a family can give. 🙂

    You do need to make us happy but make sure it is a long term happy and not short term items. I would put this PreOrder in the short term happy category as it meant people felt like they were moving forward but everything was not all in place, and you know the rest.

  238. Any clue when the Pixel Qi models will be back in stock? I don’t want to settle for a puny LCD 🙂

  239. I like this suggestion. A basic ‘we stand by our product and will try our best to make you happy’ section up front, followed by the legalese that suggests ‘but don’t try to take advantage of us either’, with full details on pricing, with the necessary ‘if you in the EU, your mileage may vary according to this, that and the other, etc.’. Quite do-able before you hit CES.

  240. Why is Notion Ink not listed as an exhibitor at the CES 2011 website? They are also not listed in the press events section. I have searched throughout the site and not found any mention of Notion Ink.

    Perhaps I am just overlooking something, but if Notion Ink is in fact going to have a booth at CES, they would be listed as an exhibitor. Am I not looking at the correct list? Anyone have a link?

  241. There’s a problem with PayPal… I remember another tech startup taking pre-orders (Pandora games console) and they thought it would be a good idea, but PayPal reversed all payments because of this hidden in their T&Cs:

    “You also agree not to use your PayPal account to sell goods with delivery dates delayed more than 20 days from the date of payment….”

    Think there’s a problem with URLs here but you can find it at paypal website and appending the following:


    Hopefully, when Adam has been released then they can think about implementing paypal as a proper payment system….

  242. The fact that you are arguing this point says a lot about you. Aren’t you a know-it-all? Just in case you do not know, such people are not very likeable.

  243. Hi all,
    i think most of the fellows here do not know much about where rohan comes from..he is a alumni of worlds one of the best tech colleges…wana know..who were his seniors in college ….
    check the link below.. 🙂
    http : //en . wikipedia . org / wiki / List_of_Indian_Institutes_of_Technology_alumni
    (remove the space from the given link)

  244. I am not sure of that, but in the Indian interview of Rohan, I believe that he said some stuff about the company (the size), I don’t want to bet (I don’t have time to wathc it now) but some info were spread a bit everywhere.
    Moreover, in my memory (it is full of hole btw), I sort of remember that even Google got some problem when they release Nexus One, and Google was not anymore a start up ;).
    But we already have a lot of information, maybe not 100% clear, but some. Now, it is sure that we don’t have info about production number, but I want to believe 😉 that we will have soon new PQ screen pre-order, which will mean that production is on the good way.
    Wait and see

  245. I, too like this suggestion. I haven’t heard of it before. It would need a function where you could unsubscribe (once you had ordered your desired variant though).

  246. NO IT DOESN’T… at least we don’t know that yet and many have been asking for a long time. A lot of people didn’t order b/c info like this (and again, what internal memory are people buying – 8gb only? – just clarification, please).

    I’ve been considering the LCD wi-fi since pre-ordering started but really would love some answers about these questions.

    Did I miss something?

  247. This should shut up rumors of Vaporware, thanks for putting the link up!
    and I agree more light and air never hurt anyone.

  248. I have a question and some of you guys may be able to help me:

    I am living in Chicago (US) during next year but I am from Spain (all my family is there) and so I will be able to order it either here or there. I know the standard price and the shipping will be the same (all you do is convert it to euros if you ship it to Spain) but, what taxes or VAT (or however is called) do I have to pay on each region?? Does any of the people who were lucky enough to received the e-mail to preorder know how much?

    Can I use my (Mastercard…) Spanish card to pay in euros and send it to the US if the taxes are less here in the US?

    Also, will it be cheaper when it arrives to the physical stores as we won’t have to pay shipping or extra taxes other than the normal ones on the region?


  249. me too I hope 16 GB not less … 32GB will be the best.

    For back trackpad it’s a pity if it had disappeared :o(

    I hope NI will confirmed my pre-order on monday … because i only have my pre-order number.

  250. Nice post – Thanks for keeping us updated.

    A note on what is missing in the ordering department.

    I were one of them who got to order the “Pixel Qi LCD, Wifi +3G” but i’m not quite sure what i order 🙂 The specific specification is sort of missing when i press BUY.

    What’s the amount of Flash ? 8+GB could be anything. I expected to order the one with 32 GB, but is it what i’m gonna get ?

    Cheers 🙂

  251. Good suggestion, but delegation too is learned with time. I hope he learns it quickly enough though.

  252. This is a good start, Rohan. I encourage you to keep it up. Personally, as someone who has been a technical evangelist of sorts for this product, the last few days have been some of the most disappointing in my professional career. The device holds such promise, that it is heartbreaking to see the way this whole pre-order event was handled.

    Please allow me to offer some additional constructive criticism, with the intent of helping you correct what I see as a huge amount of damage that has been done to the company and product name because of the handling of this event. The goodwill lost will be difficult to recapture, but the longer you wait to tackle these issues head-on, the more difficult the task will be.

    As I see it, a vast majority of what went wrong can be broken into four different categories (some issues land in more than one category).

    Category 1: Failure to communicate effectively.

    I see a huge amount of frustration on the blog based on this category. This overlaps somewhat with your mention of “being mysterious”, but I don’t know whether you understand the true depth and nature of these issues. Part of communicating effectively is communicating relevant information as soon as it is known. To a customer who is prepared to spend money with your company, any change that takes place which effects them is relevant. They need time to adjust any decisions they need to make based on those changes, and holding that information back when it doesn’t have to be held back is rather disrespectful to the customer.

    Another part of effective communication is providing any and all relevant details when communicating, in order to prevent confusion. Your organization made a decision to open pre-orders early to those who had been participants in the blog. You communicated that the criteria for selection was whether someone had previously posted a comment to this blog. However, apparently the actual criteria that was used was not whether someone had commented (as many here pointed out), but whether someone had created a WordPress account, which is very different. Many people have commented a great many times without ever creating an account. Failing to communicate your actual criteria led to a great many people being hurt and confused when they met what you had communicated, but did not receive the expected benefit. Another issue is the confusion over which time zones are being used when referencing what time criteria someone should use. It takes seconds to add a clarifying example for any referenced time when dealing with an international audience. Each time referenced should include a date and a second reference in a different time zone, to allow people to check their assumptions about what was actually meant.

    Yet another component of effective communication is responding directly to expressed concerns of your customers. This involves making these responses easy for everyone to locate quickly and effectively over time (rather than being lost in a stream of thousands of comments). Generally, this is done via a knowledge base or FAQ file which is prominently linked. It also involves actually engaging the substance of the questions, rather that offering a curt statement like “I’m on it!” when someone expresses multiple different concerns. Your customers take the time to ask specific and precise questions for a REASON. They want specific and precise answers in response. If you are unable to personally respond to those due to other commitments, that’s understandable… but someone in your organization should have as their primary responsibility the acknowledgment and response to legitimate questions that are raised.

    Category 2: Failure to test processes before relying upon them

    This is a category which creates significant perceptions of damage to the credibility of your company. Before asking anyone to pay for a product, all processes involved should be thoroughly tested, so that difficulties which customers might experience can be identified and addressed before launch. Given the nature of this forum, I’m certain that you would have had hundreds of eager volunteers willing to donate their time and effort to helping you in that testing effort, alleviating much of the burden that would otherwise be involved.

    It’s clear that no significant testing was done to determine the customer identification and emailing process for the “family” pre-order. If it had, people would have been able to point out early-on the issues with the process. Likewise, it is clear that no significant testing of international payments was done, otherwise the large number of issues that customers have been experiencing with fraud alerts and credit cards being frozen due to “unusual activity” would have been addressed and communicated.

    Likewise, given the issues with the payment gateways and information processing, it is clear that no meaningful testing was done regarding how a pre-order customer should recover from an error without forfeiting their ability to order. Many of the people you were trying to help with the pre-order were frozen out through no fault of their own, due to a lack of testing and response to the results prior to public implementation.

    Category 3: Failure to use precision in identifying what is being sold, and the terms.

    This is the category that is most likely to create the perception of “shady dealings” or fraud on the part of the company. It may feel totally undeserved, but many customers have dealt with fraudulent operations before, and they feel a need to protect themselves.

    There should never, EVER be a mystery as to precisely what is being purchased when a sale takes place. The customer should be able to identify, without having to hunt around among various resources, exactly what they will get, including all included features. Your offer of a product for sale is the offer of a contract, and the terms of that contract should be PRECISE.

    If the device that will be delivered has had one or more specifications change over time, it is vital to explicitly call out what those changes are. One of the most frustrating things about the “tech specs” listed is that there is no precision in what the value of the included internal storage on the device is. “8+ GB Flash” doesn’t tell the customer exactly what they will get. Will they get 8, will they get more than 8? Do they have an option at order time? What determines how much will be included? Can the customer upgrade the value beyond 8 themselves? What are the possible values? This is critical information that the customer needs to make a rational decision as to whether to buy.

    Likewise, there was no option during the preorder to specify which CDMA band the customer would receive, nor any notification during the order process as to what criteria would be used to decide between 850 and 900. This left customers with a mystery as to what they were paying for. Taken in conjunction with the rather onerous return policies, this leaves customers in the position of guessing blind, and having to face rather stiff expenses if it doesn’t turn out the way they expected.

    The decision that apparently was made by the company (to assign a band based on the delivery/billing address) leaves many customers in an untenable position. Australian customers have a choice as to which band to use, and it’s virtually guaranteed that you can’t guess their choice reliably from their address. Likewise, others may be purchasing as a gift, or intend to use the device primarily when traveling internationally.

    Keeping the criteria for the company’s decisions on what they will ship to you a mystery until after the purchase has been made is a recipe for significant customer dissatisfaction. These criteria should be clearly and precisely spelled out for the customer long before their credit card had been charged.

    Category 4: Failure to anticipate issues and plan accordingly.

    It’s nice that Notion Ink is trying to be a “nimble” company. But that does not relieve you of responsibility from the consequences of failing to plan for things that might go wrong, and having something worked out in advance to deal with those issues.

    You pointed out in a separate post that it was a bad time to be on a plane. I disagree. It was a bad time to PLAN ON being on a plane with no one else designated to perform the duties that you would have performed were you not on the plane. If the plane flight could not be moved, then someone else could have been designated to respond, or the launch could have been moved.

    The issue isn’t with the bad timing of those two things happening at once (the plane flight and the significant issues with launch). The issue is with the quality of decision-making that went into the choice to schedule such things without anticipating this outcome. Failing to plan is roughly equivalent to planning to fail.

    Category 4: Disrespecting your customers and commenters.

    Look, everyone knows that it’s tough to have an operation go poorly. It’s no fun when you have irate customers and commenters who are saying things that you don’t think are deserved. But circumstances like that are the worst possible time to take a flippant or snide attitude in response. That is the time that you should be apologetic and receptive. Your customers didn’t make the launch go bad… they don’t deserve to have you take it out on them.

    Examples: When you have a mountain of customer complaints piling up, that is the WRONG time to be speculating as to why people want you to deviate from “industry standards”. That disrespects them publicly, because it’s you who is assuming that you understand their concerns, and you who are assuming that you actually know with full accuracy what the “industry standards” are. It is demonstrating arrogance when you should (in my opinion) be demonstrating humility instead. Question whether your approach and decisions were perfectly correct, instead of assuming that the customer is wrong and therefore it is OK to respond in a snide fashion to them.

    Likewise in this post, your comment of “Dont have short agreements! This is extremely weird suggestion” is quite disrespectful. It would be better to ask what was meant or intended, and allow your customers to fill you in on the nature of their concerns, than to call their suggestions weird. In general, it’s better to assume that you’ve misunderstood the nature of their issue, than to assume that they are worthy of insult.

    This may seem unfair. After all, your customers are saying things about you and the company that you might find disrespectful or insulting. You may even think this about this very comment itself. That’s an understandable reaction, but this is not a symmetric relationship. Your customers should not be expected to treat you in the same manner that you should be expected to treat them.

    They, for example, haven’t been part and parcel of this whole issue going south. You need to take ownership and responsibility for the failures that have taken place, both professional and personal, and move forward with apologies and humility, rather than lashing out. It’s a big position you’re in, and it comes with the responsibility of accepting what might feel like personal injustices without lashing out at the customers or commenters. That’s part of what separates a good CEO from a bad one.

    I commented before the pre-order that we needed more companies like Notion Ink. I’d like to continue to say so, publicly. But until I see significant progress on these issues that I have identified, including taking ownership of your responsibility for them, I don’t know that I can continue to do so in good faith.

    If the next three months go anything like the last three days, I’ll have to change my advice that I’ve been giving to everyone about Notion Ink.

    I see this as your personal test, Rohan… your crucible. How you choose to publicly respond to this crisis may well be a make-or-break criterion for the future of the company and the Adam device.

    I’m confident that you’re capable of weathering this storm, and coming out of it (eventually) better than when you went in. But there is a lot of tough work ahead, and a lot of adjusting that needs to be done to do that successfully.

    Please take this in the spirit that it is intended. I want you, Notion Ink and the Adam to succeed. But things really need to change for that to happen, and there is a lot of damage to repair to get there. I wish you all the success in the world on that journey.

  253. +1, @Cathy…
    I totally agree…
    All of us need to remember that Notion Ink is not just a company that will make one Adam for us…. They are a company that needs to dig deep and establish a strong base in this crowding market. They are here to stay, only if they survive, and survive they must.

    So my request to all my fellow bloggers, Please cut them some slack and give them some time. It takes time and effort on the part of the hen for the egg to hatch into a chick… I say that the egg is hatching, and we dont want the egg to crack prematurely, do we?

    CES is the time and place to be! I will happily wait until then, as i am sure that Adam has what it takes to make me wait. As @Cathy says, “get some rest and get back to us when you are ready”…
    Oh ya, and Smiles and a hug from the rest of the world too 😉

  254. I was one of the first to comment on this post and yet I cannot find mine. That’s alright, I only wanted to say is Good luck to you and yours, Rohan. It is exciting for me to be part of this. I only posted once in sept. 09 ironically asking when the pre ordering would start. I missed out the pre order email I think because I did not have an gmail account. But that’s alright, I am hoping to be able to order the Pixel Q model soon. Also, Rohan, keep in mind that some of the naysayers here could be trolls for other PC tablet companies. I bet they are kicking themselves in $#@S for not including the Pixel Q tech. in their tablets.

  255. How about putting up testimonials from your partners (Pixel qi, Nvidia tegra etc.,?).
    Its a world full of sharks where startup companies especially from countries like India are targetted by vested interests. Remember burning of underwears ADs on american television when Indian textile industry were booming in exports? Also was wondering if any DDOS attacks were launched on your website during your launch? Did you guys investigate that? Sorry for sounding paranoid 🙂 but these things do happen.

  256. +1.Let give Rohan and his team time to come up with a professional video which will help to allay many concerns .

  257. Hello Rohan,
    Well the reason for not posting the week-end special is justified. Anyone at your position would have done the same. And the result of the counsel will show in the next few days. And I’m sure it’s going to smoothen the process.
    I agree the point where one has to fill the address two times and sending the address to them has security issues. Have you tried something like the user enters the address on the payment page and you call back the address. CCAvenue having a SSL certificate and will all the security algorithms at their place, it shouldn’t be a problem However entering it twice isn’t a big deal in itself.

    I’m surprised that you did not anticipate such a high demand for PQi screens. They were going to outsell everything else anyday! They are selling like hot pancakes in today’s world when apple sells you doughnuts (Hope you get the analogy 😉 )
    I’m glad you have agreed to open a bit more about your product.
    There would be no regrets if you hold back the mystery feature and certain other important features that you think will be the USP of the product. The problem is the current specifications are ambigous (esp. the internal storage capacity and the back trackpad)
    It would be really nice if you could clear the status of the two of them.

    Being open has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. It gave NI a family that will never leave the ship, We’ve stayed through thick and thin and will be there FOREVER.
    However the release had some glitches and could not live upto the hype. The secrecy being maintained over the specs and people speculating about them (Many still doubt whether it will have android market support) Despite being clearly mentioned that it will . I’ve myself posted in innumerable forums about it supporting android market, However nowhere on the website it is mentioned. If possible put it somewhere in the features or tech specs.

    With Unadulterated Love
    Vipul Satya

  258. At CES2010 they were with NVIDIA, so we can assume that they will be with them also next year or maybe with PixelQI.

  259. Rohan:

    If me stating this kicks me out, but as an EAP2 member promises were made and not kept. I am sure other EAP2 people are not happy with what went down over the past days. Overall you want to make sure you have a thriving ecosystem of application for people to use, but as a developer we need units out there to invest the time and money to develop for. The events over the past few days with the fees and etc that the blogs are reporting are very negative especially in the eyes of consumers. I would rather have a ton of sad potential customers deal with a January 7th pre-order date then all the negative press.

    I suggest a change in strategy in your marketing by moving away from the Apple style of all secrets and a big bang to the HTC and Motorola mr blurry cam. At least this will get good press. Even if you are the person doing the blurry leaking. These calculated leak are a good thing.

    As you know developers need people to buy there apps. I also suggest hiring a PR Firm. There are also freelancer PR and Ad people that can help you better target the U.S. consumer.

    Anyway, I hope you get things worked out. I have not abandoned development for Genesis, but like you I have a board to report to as well and we have taken a wait and see position at this time.

  260. I won’t even thinking of comparing ADAM with ipad…


    just 2 similarities 10″ and TOUCH SCREEN…

    rest even ipad 2 is not even near ADAM…. and EVE is already in innovation…

  261. Or, is it possible to buy the lcd version, order the PQ screens available right now, and install it yourself. Obviously, that would be a very expensive option, because last time I checked the 10.1 inch PQ screen cost about $275.

  262. As to the communications through the blog, I think its definitely a plus. I understand that it exposes you to some criticism when things go wrong, but for me it was one of the reasons I felt comfortable preordering a $600 device. I don’t think many companies could manage thousands of preorder sales without videos or demos of their product, and I would attribute your constant posting and individual approach to customer care to these sales.

    The best companies respond individually to customer complaints in public forums, and people really have a lot of respect for companies that do this. Just a couple days ago, Corel got some great press and was applauded for how they handled a customer complaint on amazon.com regarding their EULA agreement. They responded (without any marketing bs) directly, and provided evidence that they were already working to correct the issue. Customers want to feel good about their purchase, and the company they are purchasing from, Notion Ink already has an amazing story, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to be ranked in the top 5 for customer satisfaction.

  263. Good luck Rohan and NI team… I will wait patiently but still excitedly about January 7th!!!


  264. My dear vaporware friend. Kindly take the pain to READ some of the answers posted previously instead of repeating the same questions all over again.

  265. I too was one of the lucky people that got to order an Adam. After reading all of the comments I’m still a little nerves. I’m not a wealthy man in fact this could be my only tech spending for the next few years. It takes me a lot of scrimping and saving to get money saved up.
    1) I agree with the comments that you need a FAQ page(that is updated regularly) to address some of the fears raised in the last couple of days. A big company like Apple can afford to be secretive a small start up needs to eliminate fears as they come up. Put out small fires before they become big fires. ( right now I’d say you have a very big fire burning one that could easily consume you if you don’t act fast.)
    2) rethink your DOA policy even if it means raising the price per unit a little to cover the expense. This is very disturbing, I would be very unhappy in my product arrived at my door not working and I had to pay to return it then pay 5% for restocking then pay to have it shipped back. I would have to pay over $100.00 just because you sent me a brick in the first place. This is very bad business as far as I can see.
    3) I know you said the video would be ready on the 18th so in the spirit of full disclosure let us know well in advance when we can expect to see it. Don’t keep us waiting and waiting like last time. If it is going to be late get the word out fast and have a good reasons why.
    I wish you the best! I still have faith that you can recover from this that is why I went ahead and placed my order even with all of my fears. All of us here are pulling for you and want to see you do well that is what makes us family.

  266. Last year they were at CES, they were not listed, but were sharing the booth with NVIDIA. Maybe this time too. Or with Pixel Qi which states on their blog:

    “Please come and see us in Las Vegas at CES this year, we won’t be on the floor, but in a meeting room just off the floor. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. We will have some new exhibits at CES, and will have some big customer news even before that. “

  267. I am one of the lucky one’s who could preorder Pixel QI with Wifi with out getting a mail from NI. Today I received a confirmation mail from preordersupport NI. Earlier I got only a mail from CCAvenue that so much amt/- has been deducted from my credit card.
    Rohan good that you are taking criticism in your stride and trying to improve customer service.
    I wish your team good luck and hope your team will come out with flying colours in launching Adam and make some of your Big competitors scurry for cover and try to improve their offerings .

  268. I would suggest the same. Many companies don’t have own booths and instead settle down at their partners.
    For Example AMD was only present through their partners at this years Cebit.

  269. i knew, 🙂

    final product and good execution would add more star to Rohan degree.

    did Dhirubhai Ambani study from the same college(pun intended)?

    i think Rohan is also self taught person along with alumni of best tech college in india.

    (it is off topic to discuss where all tech enggs end up working :))

  270. Same here. Big selling point for mosr I think.
    Good luck and I hope to see pictures before the video you’ll show us the 18th.

  271. Although, letting people know in advance that you need to use Amex or Visa would have been nice. That way it doesn’t come as a shock when there are only 6 hours or so to do a pre-order.

  272. Good luck. I am still looking forward to seeing the Adam in NZ. Are there still memory variants up to 32GB? Will it be quad band?

  273. Another thought. More gratuitous advice, I am afraid, plus the baseless conceit that Rohan actually reads what I write. It is laudable that you are setting customer service as a primary goal, but I hope that you, Rohan, personally will focus on ensuring that the product you ship out, especially the top-end PQ version, is indeed the game-changer you have set out to produce. I hope you will leave customer care to very competent people. Not everything needs your attention. A lot can be achieved in parallel if you have competent people in place.

    On a purely selfish note, I did not get a chance to pick the top-end memory version which I would gladly have paid extra money for. It would be a shame if I received a 8 GB one with a microSD slot that falls way short of the promised ‘never ending storage’, and only to realize you are shipping 64 GB versions at a slightly higher price than what I paid, come January. But, I took a chance, and I am an adult who saw that as a possibility, and you certainly did not make representations to the contrary, so I promise not to complain.

    Final note. If you are reading this in real-time in India, don’t. Get some sleep. You have had a rough few days.

  274. I have waited my pre-order e-mail for a whole night. I go very tired to my work, without any pre-order e-mail at all. I miss the open public pre-order because of a browser cache issue. I can’t pre-order this PixelQi Adam I have waited for so long.

    But, you know what? I don’t care. If I need to wait 1 additional month to order this amazing product featuring this awesome transflective screen which will completely improve my efficiency at work (annotating a lot of PDF files without locking them in a proprietary system, and be able to carry them wherever I go without burning my eye, my back or some tree anymore) it’s fine.

    You may have done some ‘mistakes’ (which seems to me more like misunderstood choices), but who don’t? As a leader, it’s always difficult to make everyone happy. And every time something goes ‘wrong’, each angry people will always give you a lot more ‘feedback’ than a happy one.

    What you can improve to make my (moer) happy? I would really appreciate to have more details on the next PixelQi batch, or even some information likes ‘We can produces a batch of X PixelQi version every Y week’, according to delivery capacity of PixelQi screen.

    In any case, I would like to thanks you Rohan, and your whole team, to have realized this device!

  275. very well said…

    if someone’s doing something BEST… and people expect more from him…

    whereas who don’t produce god enff stuff and still make u buy the product at PREMIUM price are always LOVED….


    I am sure ROHAN would have launched ADAM for 15K INR just coz of these big players he had to raise the price to 25K else people might start comparing ADAM with olivepad or WeTAB or APAD…

  276. @rohan -@Rohan “My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen.- loved this goal of yours .
    i dont kno w A bt others but i still dont understand what do u mean will u show us before CES o r onlY at the CES?????.
    still a small video or pics or eden working would keep many happy and quiet.

    and pls look into many indians are paying too extra for the device and pls let us know when we can buy that in retail shop u can just let us know tentatively its ok .

  277. A lot of people are questioning the same! But Rohan don’t want to bother the family with silly dates and locations. This is a scam or a loosy job.

  278. Hi rohan and notion ink team

    you are doing a good job . You will overcome most of these shortfalls.

    Deligation is the key bieng missed

    My two suggestions
    deligate blog post to efficient two collegues. And rohan posts only few.
    Recruit short term posts and get the work done.
    All the best

  279. @ola
    //I might even still order an LCD despite how pissed I am at your company just //because I need a device like this.

    You please dont buy until it is officially released.
    Ple order is for those who believe in it or for those who followed it from the very begining.

    Please Be patient and wait for the complete demo nad then decide upon on your purchase.

  280. That’s a good summary you have there..! Just start working on it u’ll find your way. God Speed….

  281. The only thing Adam has going for it is the Pixel Qi screen. If they can’t produce them fast enough, the future of Adam and Notion Ink does not look good.

    Every cool new feature of the tablet itself is planned for Android 3.0 and every Android tablet selling in 6 months will have it. The difference being that they’ll be from reputable companies with reasonable return and service conditions and that I’ll be able to order the tablet from Amazon with no shipping fee and uncertainty of paying customs fees.

    And if any big player decides to use the Pixel Qi screen, it’s game over.

    I’ve been following the blog for months and was about to pre-order but when I saw the terms, now I’ll just wait and probably get something else in the end. I’m sure CES will be filled with great Android tablets.

  282. Thank you Rohan for such post…..I can only imagine what you and your team are going through at this moment.

    If possible, I would like to see two clarifications in your next post (I am not asking you to revealing anything which you intend to do at CES)…

    1) Can you put up a final price chart for each country? If you can not, can you please explain the reason behind it (like ever changing import duties, variable state taxes, etc.)

    2) Who decides about the 3G variant (850/900), the consumer or the Notion Ink?


  283. From notionink or from ccavenue?

    So far I only have a confirmation email with an order number from ccavenue.

  284. Rohan,

    The first time you make a mistake most people will give you a second chance. If you repeat it, you are going to fail. This is the third time that things have *messed up* though each one was a different mistake.

    1. You made a lot of noise about getting pictures from the manufacturer when you went to China. You did not deliver. I reconciled thinking the reason was keeping it a secret for patent reasons. Most loyalists may also have thought so too.

    2. EAP/Logo. If its not ready, don’t announce it.

    3. The pre-order fiasco.

    You need to be extra vigilant with everything from now on – that is, everyday until the couple of hundred years you plan on staying on for. You are not Microsoft to keep on doing mistakes and still managing to make money. Don’t become one either. Good Luck.

  285. Whoops, went back and forth a few times. There are five categories, rather than 4. The last is Category 5.

  286. One fo the best articles on business etiquette and customer relations I have seen in quite a while! Great Job! I wish these tips were available to the loads of companies that offer harassment in the name of customer service….


  287. Rohan,

    Better communication would be helpful for the masses, but your product will speak louder than any marketing strategy. I am looking forward to CES because of your tablet.

    Please don’t change the way you are going about your business. You are obviously putting all of your time into your product. That shouldn’t change.

  288. Yup, NI confirmed in an email posted as a comment to the previous blog post that the Adam will have access to the Android Market.

    Though why they don’t add that to a blog post/specs/wherever so every one can easily see it is beyond me.

  289. Man people can really write! This is a good post and I can’t wait for the great stuff (read more details) 🙂
    One of the things I’m hoping for some explanation on is the customs! Are we really going to have to pay another 650 USD when the delivery guy shows up here in India? That would push the cost to $1300 😦

  290. Hi Rohan,

    Its time to get really angry but with no other than yourself. It will give you strength. Then work harder and get things right. For a start, get or make the payment page fixed.

    As an alternate, please use paypal. It will not cost you a fortune but payments will be much more smooth. In the meanwhile, kick some ass with the CCAvenue people or your own people if its their fault. Eitheway, get things right.

    It’s not right if you get peoples’ hopes high but fail on the delivery part. I know you are working on it, but make it quick please.

    Waqar (Just waiting to be able to buy one Adam)

  291. Rohan,

    Too much information hurts sometimes. Once you announce pre-order might open, everyone was curious about when but no one cared about videos / pictures. By the time pre-order started everyone was asking for that. You never know hoe people think.

    One strong drawback I’m getting from everyone’s comments besides the videos and pictures is that the shipping flat 50$.

    There is no publicity in the US and no one knows, I kept asking people I know to wait for Adam, but as they do not see Adam news on any of the tech websites (mainly engadget, cnet etc) they never believed me.

    I am happy for NI and glad that you are still strong and keep it up. Hardwork and dedication never let you down.

  292. Rohan, it seems like the team has done quite a bit of thinking about some of the key issues. These past days are a potentially valuable learning experience for NI and I’m happy to see you are treating it as such.

    The thing that made me most happy to see was your stress on customer support/relations -Not only because I am now officially a customer but because aside from your products this will be one of the most important areas which will affect NI’s future.

    I have already sent two inquiries to the “preordersupport” email address since my order to resolve a small problem in the shipping address -have not heard anything back so far…

    Also I have sent an technical inquiry to the “info” address -also no reply so far.

    I now consider myself a customer because I have paid for a product. On the internet most of us have set our standards by those companies which reply to our problems and inquiries in a timely fashion -NI will have to live up to those expectations if it is to succeed.

    Thank you for this post and I know I’m not alone when I say “you can do it!”

  293. Stop being vague, and answer the questions that has been repeat over and over on this blog Mr. Rohan. Please post ONE PICTURE of a finish Adam. I know you have heard the statement “A picture speaks a thousand words”. You do that now and you will not have to say or write another word until you are ready.

  294. Hi Rohan,

    you didn’t loose me 🙂 But before I (pre-)order, I’d like to see the adam in action. I really appreciate your blog where every new entry creates more desire but I still try to stay on the ground and wait for a view on the product first. Several times I did the same and was lucky to not buy (besides adam I liked joojoo, wetab and “always innovating” that came up with great ideas, too). I really hope for some ReleaseCandidate-software (not beta).
    Anyway, customer relation?
    – software updates in fixed time periods (let’s say once a month) that not only hot fixes but also adds functions
    – open a forum to collect wishes for additional functions, perhaps with a poll at the end of each term->let the customer decide what to add later on. If you add info on how long it will take while blocking developing capacity (aka not granting other wishes), I guess people won’t vote always for the stars.
    Only two points that might help keeping customers happy and recommend adam to others…

    Best wishes to you and adam!

  295. It wasn’t an underestimation of demand, it’s that PQ hasn’t been able to produce enough displays. I’m sure NI would have ordered up a lot more of them if there was more availability.

  296. 🙂

    Did we ever suggested something similar to APPLE SAMUSNG NOKIA….

    It’s still very competitive pricing…

    I guess in such case wait for RETAIL STORE LAUNCH…

  297. Stop being vague, and answer the questions that has been repeat over and over on this blog Mr. Rohan. Please post ONE PICTURE of a finish Adam. I know you have heard the statement “A picture speaks a thousand words”. You do that now and you will not have to say or write another word until you are ready.

  298. @KuShan

    –‘Unfortunately these skeptics are “manufacturing” lot of rumors’

    should read:
    –‘Unfortunately these “skeptics” are manufacturing lot of rumors’

    They are no skeptics. A skeptic would not share unproven infomration (“rumors”) without declaring it as such and without extra caution.

    I am in no rush. There is some nice tee here.
    Why should we not wait for the facts and asses things afterwards?
    What use is it to make up ones mind right now, when the possibility to relax and look at the facts exists.

    I too was disappointed to have received my pre-pre-order mail long after the PixelQi variants were sold out. So now, I can’t order what I want.

    Dont rush yourselves too much.

    Have fun! (instead 😉 )

  299. Nope, for now on the model you ordered, you are going to get 8gb of internal storage. The rest you can add via means of sd card and/or external usb storage devices.

  300. I was too. Ah well…i’m awaiting the Mastercard payment option anyway

  301. i agree with every single one Srini said above…

    Srini, are you Srinivas Kasturi from UK / Chennai, India?

  302. I would like to know the plans of rohan if he is going to roll out the device to retails stores or is it just going to be preorder fine by me, i just need to know wen qi screen is cumin bak in for pre-order.

  303. If you plan on doing any reading you will want an e-ink screen. It is so much easier on the eyes.

    If you just need a notepad and won’t do much reading then the LCD is fine.

  304. Roshan.. you and your mates have the full support. We all see the hidden aganda atleast in some of the commands!!
    Rise up and go forard we all have lerned a lesson and lets try to overcome the difficulties..

  305. Rohan,
    I thank you for the introspection and your comments today.
    One of the other commenters mentioned not testing processes for buying. I believe this is something that has to be done. You just can’t take someone’s word that it is up and running.

    Many lessons were learned here, I hope. You have a great product but now is the time to get the retail process running smoothly.

    Advice from the blog. As a person who has been in business for over 40 years I think some of the comments are workable and some not. It’s your job to be able to tell the difference. You are a start up and you won’t have a world class customer outfit to start out but you’ll need to evolve into one if your are to be a success. This first effort went seriously wrong. If you lear from it and grow stronger you will prosper.

    All my best wishes to you and your team. I will be watching and hopeing for a much better launch and purchase process in January.

  306. Yeah I was looking at this morning..hopefully he will come out with a more specific list of specs but there’s plenty that the Adam is offering that I want (plus I could always buy another one).

    I just wanted to know whether having an lcd screen on the Adam would take away from the product

  307. i have personal list suggestions for NI item. Honestly nothing is new in this list, but I had to pen down it some where even if it makes repetition .

    here goesthe list

    1) better content on website , esp simple and correct usage of English (i will be little blunt here, finding of mistakes from follow bloggers was very embarrassing to see , It made very bad impression , is it so difficult or expensive to get even single good tech writer ????? . we all have no doubts about you have a best product currently in tablet market, but i never expected that you would put content like that on public website ..now you don’t have no leeway to repeat those mistakes,you know that is sole reason i haven’t advertise adam across my friends, i am not sure NI website would seal the deal for them esp if anyone is hearing first time about adam).

    2) next tome try to do integration with renowned payment like paypal or amazon etc .esp these two companies have very good reputation in eyes of customers all across the world.

    after yesterday problems on NI payment, I myself spend some times on paypal website to get some handle how difficult it is to use paypal on any website , those are interested can visit this link for more info :https://merchant.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=merchant/compare_wp_products.

    I found it simple and straightforward, even if it is little more shell to shed to use it , isn’t worth trying when you global customers ?

    3) creation of good faq page on website. it will give one window to find all answers about tech specs and customer care section etc etc
    even after follower for this blogs for few month i still don’t have much info about 8gb+ , and different frequencies of 3g etc.

    4) if i were you (at-least in dreams), i wouldn’t commit any date on any item/event till i complete and run 1000% test cases over of the same items.

    one example about it , i have a feeling NI are currently working on videos demo , but you already have committed the date of 18th dec , in my opinion it unduly put time sensitive pressure on your team and it might effect quality of the work….here people have been waiting for at least 6-7 months. can’t we wait for 1-2 weeks?. but we expect and wish you to do work with no pressure of any thing.

    i wish you success for your journey and good sucess to ADAM and NI family

  308. The only thing I would say to Rohan at this time……………
    Sleep well!
    We will hear, hopefully, more from you tomorrow.

  309. pixel qi arent going to be on the floor at ces this yr they are in a side office… its on the pixel qi blog. so ni wont be with pixel qi

  310. And one more thing. As everybody else has pointed out, you are making people take a leap of faith in the absence of real photos of the end product as well as a video.

    Please use the camera that you have used to take your own photo and use it on the Adam.

  311. The pixel qi is definitely in huge demand. The first time I tried getting the screen (to hook upto the tegra 250, yes I’ve been trying to make my own Adam) I had to wait a couple of months but a preorder made sure I got one in the second batch! I wouldn’t be too hard on NI for the pixel qi running out.
    There are a couple of other alternatives to pixel qi there in the market and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it but getting to the market before the others is definiety an advantage a small company (like NI) could use.
    And don’t forget there’s still the mystery feature 🙂

  312. Thanks for clarifying your stand Rohan
    I was one of the lucky ones to be able to order the model I wanted. I do think that you should make it clearer on the ordering website, that local taxes, duties and VAT will be added to the price, which will have to be paid depending on the country of delivery. It was not clear enough during the pre order process.

    A lot of great advice has been given in these comments, I hope you learn well from it all. Good luck!

  313. Dear Rohan,
    Life is always “initially” difficult for people who wanna do things differently! I like the way you keep bouncing back! There’s lot to say but, just one last thing: my heartfelt sincere wishes and thanks for you and the team who make our digital life more interesting!
    Wish to own ADAM some day!

  314. But you have pictures and also videos of adam in previous posts from last months (November and October). It is true that you cannot see much, but it good enough for first impresion.

  315. Hey Rohan, when am I, along with the other logo competition entrants, going to be able to claim our discounted adams (I reached the final 42, and you mentioned we would be recieving a ‘heavy’ but as yet unspecified discount)? I am assuming i should not participate in the pre-order scheme? Please message me back (i also sent you an email) or comment with a response,

    George Baxter


    We shall overcome,
    We shall overcome,
    We shall overcome, some day.

    Oh, deep in my heart,
    I do believe
    We shall overcome, some day.

    We’ll walk hand in hand,
    We’ll walk hand in hand,
    We’ll walk hand in hand, some day.

    Oh, deep in my heart,

    We shall live in peace,
    We shall live in peace,

  317. Apple shows off their devices before selling. MS does too. I can’t think of any major player who sold a device with so many question marks. Can you?

  318. Or better yet … communicate (email) with your “family” and EAP participants that did not receive the email or were unable to order in the window and identify their order (which version) and reserve a unit. Finalize before opening up another free-for-all; then whatever is left is made available to the general public.

  319. Also,
    10. 600 USD for the PQ+3g model including shipping = 27600 INR, considering 1 USD=46 INR. But its 29999 INR on the payment page. Clarification needed.
    11. Clarification on the student discount that was promised earlier by Rohan.
    12. Panel doesnt “exists”?
    I posted this at least 4 times before, trying to draw Rohan’s attention to the same, but he hasnt replied to any of my posts. Such grammatical errors in the UI would be a big turn-off and I hope these are sorted out before the product starts shipping.

    Personally I have absolutely no doubt regarding NI’s credibility or intentions and if given some time, I’m sure they will be able to iron out the glitches. But like many of us here, I would like our queries to be answered by the NI team in a company forum (not necessarily by Rohan himself). We are all behind you with our support, and I’m sure Adam will be one big success.

  320. Please check Pixel Qi – Mary Lou Jepsen’s remark about Notion Ink in her blog:

    http: //pixelqi.com/blog1/2010/12/11/notion-ink-tablet-with-pixel-qi-screen-sells-out/

    Hope this helps a bit to convince the skeptics that Notion Ink is not a vaporware!

  321. I don’t get the “sold out” sign. It can’t mean that it will never be produced anymore, can it? There should be a waiting list. I, for instance, am only interested in the Pixel Qi/3G model. I don’t mind waiting a couple of months, I’ve lived 52 years without an Adam so far! What I don’t want is check the site every day to see if the next batch has arrived, only to find out this is sold out again to people who went online half an hour before me. Just let me order one and send it when my number is up, how hard is that? In the unlikely case a similar device sees the light which is available sooner, I’ll just have my name crossed off the list and the next in line is a little closer to Nirvana. Or I’ll buy both…

  322. I definitely agree with the DOA part. It just seems wrong to have to pay for something that is your fault (Sorry I can’t think of a better way to put it). I hope that people stop bugging you, this is your first time! Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and I can’t wait for my adam.

  323. This is why I love my CC, they call me and ask if I want to let the transaction thru if they think somethings wrong, definitely saved me a few times 🙂

  324. Considering they have sold out the PI-Qi version already, I don’t think demand is going to be too much of a problem.

    I agree that all the bad publicity would normally hurt their sales, but my guess is that plenty of more info will be out, and most likely the pre-orders will have shipped, before they get any more stock of the Pi-Qi screens.

  325. @ Greg Even I am trying to figure out what he meant. But I guess when he says “Till CES we will spend our energy in the same”, same as in trying to keep Notion Ink mysterious?? I seriously hope that’s not what he meant. 😉

    Rohan please do clarify for our sake

  326. I want such a waitinglist too, i want pre-order a Pixel Qi/Wlan now.
    I don´t want to look every day to the page and see the same : “sold out” :,(

  327. You are getting many questions on the Pixel Q being out of stock. Why don’t you start a waiting list. then when the item become available people on the list do not have to wait in line and maybe miss out again. This could make already hurt family members even more hurt. Once the reviews come out if they are as good as some of us think they will be this might be a very hard item to get. I would hate to see some of your loyal fan base have to go through anything like we had to go through last week.

  328. You should be able to have a list asking for intent to purchase,then you can send us an email when you see stock coming for us to order.

  329. @Srini, +1
    Roahn and ppl, Congratulations on a phenomenal start… Just keep up the momentum of the good work, All the Best!

  330. Rohan,

    Wonderful down to earth way of keeping us informed. I did not receive an e-mail allowing me to pre-order. I’m OK with that as I came on board late. I do see that it appears that I can pre-order the LCD wifi, 3g model. I am going to wait for the Pixel Qi LCD model.

    Patience can be a virtue.



  331. +100. Well written Barry. You wrote everything that was in my mind. For a startup like Notion Ink, Customers should be like god (or for that matter for any company that is in business). All their internal processes should be aligned with customers’ needs. As the chief of Notion Ink, Rohan Shravan should be thinking about how to make customer experience as smooth as possible. I know that there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from the incidents that happened in the last couple of days.

    @Rohan Shravan, I know that you will take comments from Barry seriously. All the best. Remember Customer Devo Bhava :-).

  332. Hi Greg!
    How do I get to read your blog at notioninkfan.com? I’m not being granted access. Would like to get in touch with you. My email id is abhirup_basak at yahoo.co.in

  333. How great that would be for a start up compamy,to have a list of people waiting,Makes it a lot easier to order screens etc knowing they are sold

  334. “Notion Ink is right now too mysterious and needs to share everything about the product: Agreed, and accepted.”
    were is the info?
    “Bonus mystery feature ;)” is still a mystery

  335. @ Barry Kearns

    An excellent analyisis of the last two days of fiasco and Rohan’s response. A balanced and well written, positive critique. I hope Rohan pays good attention.

  336. THat is probably impractical. First of all the Market was designed for phones, and while certain apss may work at 1024 by 600, most won’t. Second of all it is up to google, and i doubt they will say yes. Third of all that is why they designed genesis

  337. To begin, what about saying something about the MARKET ! How can you play in front of other product if you only have 10 or 20 apps ??
    This info is the only one taking me away from ordering (LCD only, don’t have too much money).

  338. we who trust you and adam are there with you rohan.

    Important : I ordered for QI from US but I need 900 series as I will move to India anytime.

  339. I want to buy adam since January of this year because I really love your idea.
    I am keeping to read your post and news in this year,
    but I really disappointed on last Friday.
    Not only the PQ 3G type is more expensive than I expected (but still acceptable), but also the details you posted are not enough.
    But this is a great opportunity for you to learn.
    I will wait for PQ 3G variant until February of next year.
    Hope you can give more details at that time.
    Keep on going!!!

  340. Totally agree – *especially* on the vague internal storage and inability to choose between 850/900 at checkout – those were major oversights.

  341. Wait untill the lauch if you want all the questions answered,No one is making you preorder,Only wish i could

  342. Well thought out post. While the suggestions help fix the current problems with preorder it doesn’t emphasize the key point and perhaps only real thing that is a problem to me and that is faith in their ability. It isnt a matter of scam or not for me. Its a matter of how competent they are. The language issues especially with grammar/spelling mistakes on their website have been ringing alarm bells for weeks now.
    As an exaggerated example: If a bunch of It/engineering professionals cant make their website work well and leave out key parts to making the process work smoothly that should have been obvious were going to fail. Can they be trusted with the even more complex task of a well managed system on a tablet.
    Just how polished will the adam be? Like you said communication can fix this.
    This is what they have to Fix. The scam stuff is easy to fix. Just requires giving a reputable source like tech blogs review/preview units and most would change their minds.

    I also would have thought that the latest post would at least tell the followers of adam that were willing to fork out money at this stage how much memory they get.

  343. Hi,

    Just wondering whether there is any chance of knowing when the next batch of PQi models be available for ordering?


  344. Rohan you are visionary and not just someone who wanna do business. Im pretty sure you will overcome all this and flourish. adam will be success.

  345. Aww man, Rohan I thought we were going to be blessed with more exciting details on the actual product.

  346. While I can’t tell you about customs duties to import from China to US, the sales tax in Chicago proper is just under 10%. The surburban areas are lower, and vary. But, you are supposed to pay it on mail order purchases directly to the state at the state rate of about 6.5%, but almost nobody does, as it is difficult for them to track. And, if you are only here for a year, you will be gone before the use tax return is due anyways. But, if you buy it in the store, you will have to pay the sales tax on top of the price, it’s not built in like VAT.

  347. I think many people want Adam for his PixelQi display. Without it they any other tegra 2 tablet on market. PixelQi is difference betwen others tegra 2 tablets.

  348. I too believe there should be some kind of notification when more Pixel Q models will be ready. No one wants to watch the site every day all day only to find out that they missed out again, because they were asleep or hard at work. Maybe a waiting list or maybe a sign up sheet for everyone interested in that model. So that when it becomes available they can be notified 1st, by e-mail so that they get 1st dibs, before the units sell out again.

  349. Thanks so much for the thoughts!
    I really liked the clarity and brevity of your terms, and it’s sad that so many people attacked since for a change a company was trying to be transparent. I would, however, have really liked a little clarification on the customs issue. I know this kind of international shipping is difficult, and there is a real possibility of getting burned on the receiving end (it’s happened to me before.) Knowing this a little more info, especially for the big markets, would have really been helpful. I missed out on the preorder of my coveted PQ version because I was having flashbacks about previous customs nightmares.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get in line for the next order of PQ versions. A word about the customs question before then would be really appreciated!

    Thanks for everything you do, it’s clear you really care about your product and your customers.

  350. This was a very good and well thought out comment and advice. I hope Rohan will take it to heart in the light of positive & constructive criticism.

    Like Barry, I too really hope and wish to see Notion Ink come out on top of it and taking the world with the adam and other products still in the pipeline. I still have faith in Notion Ink to be able to do so!

  351. @manish: For a flag-bearer for agnostics, her/his name is interesting. Tempted to ask her/him:
    “To you own family member would you say” I dont have faith in you, coz faith is blind?”
    But I’ll pass. It is interesting to see how people twist your words to suit their fancy ideas.
    It is quite obvious that Rohan needs the support you have expressed as also from theists, atheists and agnostics … and whoever is remaining. Manish: Did you know there are agnostics who do have faith?

  352. @Jim (in case you are no longer viewing the Introspection posts…)

    Well, you go away for a bite to eat and look at the flames burning when you return! Oh well, at the risk of feeding a troll, here goes…

    If you read my posts carefully, you will see I never indicated that I intended to use any Adams to underpin a €100m contract – I may take the odd risk in business, but that would be plain stupid! The €100m contract and the Adam purchase are completely separate. I used the investment of €1m to win a €100m defence contract to indicate that I understand that business carries financial risk, the need to take risks (financial and otherwise) but also the need to do a through job and ensure that you ensure that the basic, dull bits of business process are competently & thoroughly done. It may sound like common sense, but as I have found too often in business “common sense” is anything but common.

    The work I had planned on the back of the NI Adam is nothing like as high value – yet. It would be for us a competely new business stream moving into areas of support and service where traditionally my business has been weak and fairly conventional. For various technical reasons I have no intention of explaining here, the Android platform and the combination of technologies in NI looked to fit well with the area of business we hope to open up. We know from the outset that going with products from a new start and small, unproven company represented a risk (it sits at number 4 on my risk register), the potential of the product offered advantages that we felt outweighed the risk. That assumed, however, a degree of business competence which the last 2 days has rather disproven.

    We have not invested heavily in financial terms in NI – a few hundred man hours of planning, some ring-fencing of resources which can now be redeployed – but in terms of “backing” this risk in front of a normally conservative board, we have expended some of our “credibility capital” with the board which will take time and effort to recover. But no worries – you win some, you lose some, and we had at least prepared the board’s expectations in this regard.

    When my company develops products and services for the military, they can have service lives (admittedly with mid-life-improvements, upgrades and the like) of anything between 10 and 40 years. When considering the use of any supplier, their long term survival, stability, obsolesence, customer support and credibility are important. When building new business streams in areas where the technology is maturing, we can take some risks. But this would have been a risk too far.

    Regarding my spelling mistake – hey, shit happens!! I am working from my German laptop today which has no English spell check and where some of the charaters are different to an English keyboard. I apologise for the few spelling/grammar mistakes. But I am writing an unimportant blog post, not a set of apparently global terms and conditions for the very first product of a new start company with aspirations to redefine the tablet marketplace. If I were the latter, I would certainly have used spell check, never mind checking the consistency and legality of those Ts & Cs.

    I make no pretence to be any sort of “guru” (and certainly not from the CIA or any sort of Psyops), though I do act as a corporate mentor for a number of fast-trackers in Airbus & BAE Systems. The first thing I tell them when I have my first meeting with them is NOT to treat me as a guru, but to critically question & challenge any view I express before deciding if it has any value for them. I try not to mentor just to bolster my ego (though the feeling is pleasant), but because I find I probably learn more from my interactions with these young, intelligent and challenging folk than they are ever likely to from me.

    I do not seek to produce any credentials here, because I like my anonymity as an ordinary poster just like everyone else. My credentials are for those with whom I have a business relationship or interested parties searching LinkedIn.

    So do get off your high horse. And if I ever do write “Product Launch for Dummies”, you’ll be the first to receive a free signed copy!

  353. In the video demonstration set for next saturday and a couple Benchmark tests would be wonderful to see. I’ve seen other Tegra2 devices benchmark well above the competition and would enjoy seeing the same occur on Adam even with Eden running in the background. “Quadrant Standard” and “Linpack for Android” are two examples. Well done on creating a great product and will order as soon as the PQ-3G is available.


    Hammack, K

  354. Paypal is very dangerous to use for companies. We have withdrawn from it due to the endless ways they harass your company if it doesn´t concern E-bay goods.

    Selling professional stuff through paypal turned into a nightmare for us where the ´to fight white washing´ wanted to know everything about our supplier (names, addresses etc) and when we refused to discern privileged information after endless and fruitless robots at their site we just wanted to clear the account.

    This was forbidden according to their ´banking rules´ (the thirty page document nobody ever reads but is suddenly demanded by some preorder bookers). We could protest before a court in Luxembourg with it would take more than a year. While protecting the world as we know it against whitewashing (my company does much larger deals for over 25 years and no bank ever insulted us this way) they kept receiving money from clients to our account.

    We refused the money, but that in itself was refused as ´we were not allowed to control our account due to suspension of services´. Finally our lawyer advised us to sit out the half year they have to freeze your money and then take it all out. Which we did and we will never return to paypal again.

    I hope you see the irony here: protectiing the world against whitewashing while goiing accepting money on the account! So every drugsdealer could use it to whitewash his momey and after half a year it would be clean. Bullocks and just a nice way to make a large profit on frozen accounts. Google paypal and scam and you will see there are thousands of companies with this problem.

    So never use paypal for your business except if you´re into drugs or e-bay stuff.

  355. “The first thing I tell them when I have my first meeting with them is NOT to treat me as a guru”
    Your safe i don’t

  356. Stop thinking too much 🙂
    I’m sure he meant he will release more info (though may be in bits n pieces to keep things tight from competition i guess). But surely he is not foolish enough to hold back important information after all what happened.

    But the official unveiling may happen only at CES.

    Anyway, don’t stress and enjoy. I have 100% confidence in Rohan that he wont repeat his mistakes.

  357. We were and still are and will be always there to give u the strength and support Rohan…
    I can understand ur difficulty and am sure u will get it right the nxt time…
    Really waiting for the next batch of PQ Wi-Fi for i missed it this time by fractions…
    All the best Rohan… And keep us posted wen tht will happen…

    PS… I was really waiting for ur weekend post… Hope u’ll find some time tomorrow to put them up as its still weekend ;)….

  358. Your journey is nothing like anything we can imagine but i will say this there will be ups and there will be falls, that will always be a given. Trust yourself, be honest always. Ignore the wisdom that tells you to be cautionary. The reason Notion Ink had/has such a big following is because of this blog. Dont change who you are because things went bad, dont change how you chose do business because others tell you not to. This is one area I tend to respect Steve Jobs, trusts your own instincts.

  359. Rohan how many PQi units will be made when Adam is offical released ?
    Would buy both the LCD(if the PQi is not available) version and the PQi!

  360. I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this yet, but I think the biggest problem with the pre-orders was your choice of payment processing vendors. CCAvenue does not have a brand that is recognized globally nor the experience and expertise.

    I did not feel comfortable handing over my credit card info to a company I had never heard of. Especially since the process demonstrated a lack of professionalism and expertise. Had you chosen to work through Amazon, PayPal, eBay, Google Checkout, or any other globally recognized and trusted vendors you would have had a smoother process.

    I think we all would have expected a vendor that appropriately calculated the shipping and tax, which is the norm in online transactions.

    A large vendor also would have had the capacity to handle the demand appropriately, and process payments from a variety of options and geographic locations.

    I would rather have the transaction handled by a capable and trusted vendor and have the cost of this option passed on to me than take my chances with an unknown and less capable vendor.

    I sincerely hope you take this recommendation, so that I can purchase and recommend tis product in the future. Thank you.

    PS – Your biggest feature is the Pixel Qi screen, I wouldn’t even bother with the normal LCD. Not that the software and other design features aren’t great, but the Pixel Qi screen is HUGE.

  361. @ Govind

    “Ignore the wisdom that tells you to be cautionary”…

    Really? If Rohan was throwing himself off a cliff would you be offering the same advice??

    From what I have read over the last 24 hours, the people who are being as you put it “cautionary” have Rohan & NI’s best interests at heart and, in corporate terms, are trying to offer advice that will prevent him from throwing himself off a cliff.

    I’m all for competent business folk trusting their own instincts. But so far, Rohan has not shown much evidence of falling into this category.

  362. It’s time to stop thinking about what blogs say about notion ink. U seem to be too concerned about what is going on the tech blogs. But that is not going to help u by any means.

    What has occurred in the past can’t be reversed. But u can make things a lot better(as u have decided) for ur customers convenience.

    And it would be a good idea to get things checked(tested) urself or by someone in ur team when u don’t control some things (which depend on ur partners like CCAvenue and server scalability issues)
    (Although i assume that u had gone through routine testing procedures before opening for preorder)

  363. Which is why they need a faq or at least update the blog post with the info they give in comments and emails.

    In an email published as a comment to the previous post, yes they will support android market.
    Oh, and it will only have 8GB built-in flash memory, which can be extended with sd/usb storage.

  364. very very well said… They are selling like hot pancakes in today’s world when apple sells you doughnuts (Hope you get the analogy )

  365. I am one of the lucky people who got to order Adam, I still believe in NI and so far I am not worried about being a ‘scam’.
    What I could suggest to give your public peace of mind:

    -follow the advice of your fans in regards to posting a video
    -be clearer in the specs (for example 8+ GB could be written better). Generally speaking, English communication could be enhanced.
    -be clearer in buying policy. If you knew that $50 shipping (I don’t it’s too much, but when you are about to order it comes as a surprise) before, tell your public before.
    Clicking BUY IT and then seeing another $50 leaves bad taste in your mouth.
    -Sleep more. (no i am not joking)
    You are the CEO. Let an intern collect concerns and focus on the big picture.
    -LIMIT the amount of information you give us. Sometimes it’s better not to know. Greater the expectations, greater the disappointment in case of failure
    -Send to the most important 5 blogs (slashgear, engadget, gizmodo, etc.) one Adam BEFORE CES. They will start writing about it, build anticipation, come visit you at the booth. They will also elminate other blogs writing that this is a scam.
    -Don’t reply on other people’s Blogs even if they write bad things about NI. You are the CEO. Keep your fans, your fans will write for you and support you.

    Rohan, you have reached a lot by having fans who order (almost) blindly a device coming from overseas without any preview. If the device is indeed promising as it seems, all you have to work on is the customer relationship – which is part of NI as well.
    What is done is done, but people will give you a second chance. Think that ‘the more it hurts the more you care about it’ = people are upset because they wanted to order Adam and they couldn’t. So you still have them, as long as you play it right.
    Now go get some sleep 😀


  366. This is strange, I did get an e-mail as a member of the ‘family’ but found that the Pixel Qi version was sold out when I wanted to buy one (soon after pre-order started). So Satish, how could you order one without being among the first group that could pre-order?

    Congratulations on your purchase anyway, I am not asking this question to say that you are not entitled to it. Just wonder what happened here.

    For me this news that Pixel Qi availability is limited is not good news. I already decided on an Adam after following the blog for quite some time (even sent in a logo design) but now my purchase decision will be made next year, and I will consider all other tablets available then. I might even wait for the iPad 2 now (I think saying that equals to cursing on this blog 😉 but it might suit my needs and doesn’t have the shipping costs/fees/duties, taxes and whatever as I can just buy it in a shop with a clear and simple pricetag.


  368. Week-End Special Part IV (October 9th):
    “Day after tomorrow (or tomorrow if possible), I will upload better images and more details.”

    I can’t find any of these promised pictures on this blog. Where can I view them?
    Only images I find is not even 640px wide and never of the angle we will be using most; front.

    Just release a single high-rez picture taken of the front of the device to put an end to the mystery of bezel-size and such. And if you for some strange reason can’t find a decent camera in China, use the fancy swivel cam on another of your adams, it has more than enough pixels to make a decent wallpaper image, does it not? 😉

  369. My advice may seem a bit like pop-psychology here but the point I was trying to make, which I now think I made quite poorly, is that if you think you know what you are doing and trust yourself then dont ever change the core of what you wish to do or how you wish to achieve it regardless of the circumstances. Learn from your mistakes (thats a given) but dont fundamentally change and specially dont buy in to something just because everyone tells you its the right thing, do it only if you believe in it. So you tripped and fell on your first step trying to get out the door, no ones going to care if the product is as you have described it so far.I must admit after staying up all night, first waiting for the email, then waiting for the link to be activated, then to get in to the order page – I myself lost a little bit of my eagerness to jump on the pre-order bandwagon but I will still get the product if its even remotely as you have described it so far.


  370. ha ha.I think he was just trying to cheer up Rohan. Maybe he is not aware of Steven Jobs history

  371. Very well written
    If Rohan pays respectful attention to all issues that you have summarised , he will definitely come out stronger.
    Currently he sounds wounded surpirised and arrogant .. and I am hoping all that would change with time.
    The FAQs are long overdue .. and I admit I have bad feeling about the 18th
    Fingers crossed that I am proven wrong ..

  372. Rohan did give his side of story on why they had to go without video for the pre-order.
    Well NI has chosen in their wisdom their own path for preoder; without videos. NI has not bullied you into going for a pre-order. Please keep your money safe till you see the videos and when the product is released … like many other people here. Rohan seems to have finally understood the logic behind putting videos .. slow learner that he is… 🙂

  373. get it in chicago!
    As far as I know, there’s no extra taxes or VAT, or holding fees.

    Mastercard isn’t working with them yet, so I’d go with something else.

    In-stores will most likely be the same base price, but since most tax on electronics is around or over 10% (depending on cook county vs everywhere else), you’ll wind up with around $50 in tax anyway.

    that’s just my two cents.

  374. Ah, the anonymity of the internet cuts in all directions.

    On the one hand, we have access to expertise and information that no one would have dreamed of only a few years ago. On the other, the reader has to carefully judge the quality of what they read… often with little to no reference other than their own limited experience.

    Best not to take anything personally.

  375. After the hazzles over the last days I started loosing faith – but on the other hand my believe in the product is staying strong – so strong I pre-ordered it.
    Thanks for keepin’ us ‘believers’ posted so frequently, so that we know whats happening behind the scenes.
    Keep doing so – I guess that will be the first step for “to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations”.
    Try to listen to anyone of us. I know its a startup. I know its the first product. But I have a good feeling, that this might become surprise

  376. Rohan,
    Appreciate your clarifications. You might want to clarify upfront of the costs people in different countries will be charged when the product is delivered. The VAT, import/custom duties etc. People are going get even more mad than what happened with the pre-order. In the pre-order, they atleast knew what they are going to pay before buying. These other charges on delivery which could be as high as 25% of the price – people are going to go berserk!

    You might want to put out a table of approximate charges by countries thats users are expected to pay on delivery.

    I am pretty sure that if you do not do this, the company’s reputation is going to take a big hit… I really want you guys to succeed!

  377. well said, in this day and age these issues should have been expected and addressed earlier, especially as they were flagged well before the launch.

    As was pointed out earlier, one world warranty is a great idea but it should be spec’d to the highest standard for all the markets involved and not the bare minimum or one that profits the company for their lack of quality control.

    T&C’s should reflect your belief in your product, Quality control, and the relationship you wish to have with you customers.

    it can only get better… 😉

  378. common arcticfox I manage multi million dollar projects and programs myself,- there are bigger messes to be dealt with on each but after a while you learn to come out smelling like roses regardless. So far the only flaw in NI execution seems to be their inevitable inexperience. Will it reflect in their product as well? May be, but these are a bunch of kids who are building something truly unique. Lets give them a chance, I trust they will get it right.

  379. I am aware of Steve jobs history but you got to admit that guy still built apple in to what it is today, and regardless of his failures he still held on to his guns and still does so today.

  380. Good question. I didn´t participate, but I know someone who did. He is also waiting for his offer.
    However I can´t remember a promise to be in pre-booking. As most of you now realize that´s a voluntary risk you take and it wouldn´t be fair to expect logo competitors to enter into it.

  381. @Rohan, look on the bright side – you’re only getting all this criticism because you’re building something that people want and care deeply about. It’s a problem many would give their right arm to have.

    That’s not to say you should take the criticism lightly though, I just thought you could use a little positive note of encouragement.

  382. Hi Guys,

    I was able to successfully pre-order a 3G variant. I’m currently residing in the US, but I’ll be returning to India early next year (Feb or Mar 2011). Which 3G version should i get? 3G 850 or 900? Please advise.

  383. Rohan
    Hang in there
    I would have suggested that you keep it tighter and only offer preorder to those the regularly post on the Blog. We would not have done to you what happen.

    The good
    The most of the issues are identified and I have no doubt your working on them and this won’t happen at launch.
    NI Policies are NI policies. A lot of people compare them from the big Companies that are out there. Your a global company and like it or not things are changing that way so you are ahead of the game. All these big companies are changing or in plans to change to more of a global. The “American way of thinking” to customize the support and other policies for the US is changing.

    The Bad
    The NI team has work to do. I would have been better to put out the video’s and pictures ahead of time but I know what you were trying to do with CES and it is easy for me to say that now. I think it is good that you are going to get that done. I would have pushed it back a little and brought it out just before CES maybe on the 1st. I have no doubt that you will get through this. You taken a hit but agree with you. Look for the long term.
    the Android Police
    I Don’t like the way they did it but they did do you a favor. They pointed out most of the issues that people will bring to the table. The NI team can now start working on changes they want to make and communicating on the ones they don’t. I have an issue when people point out issue but have no solution. To me it makes them look like they have no idea what they are talking about, but they know they don’t like it.

    Again hang in there and see you at CES

  384. Dear Rohan, I believe that whoever is still staying on this blog is still behind you, even if they’re sounding negative. I believe you can only get better from where you are now. I’m waiting to see the video(s) come 18th december.

  385. Which will no doubt be revealed at the CES!
    A faq now would be detremential to the launch at CES

  386. Can’t disagree with the general thrust of this, but I suspect you misread what Rohan wrote today about ‘short agreements’. I think he was sharing what happened at their internal meeting where there was a suggestion that ‘short agreements’ (transparency, in other words) should be avoided in favor of the usual, long, obscure, legalese. He wasn’t talking about such a suggestion from customers. This internal suggestion, I think he is saying, he will fight unto death. In other words, he is issuing fighting words in favor of transparency as a company. My personal advice is to listen to the lawyers on this one, and while clarity and transparency and, really, better overall terms for the customer when it comes to standing by their product will give them a great edge in the marketplace, some defensive language is also necessary.

    Of course, not to minimize the cluelessness that was on full display with the T&C on the 9th, but I disagree that Rohan is disrespecting his customers on this particular point. Quite the contrary, I feel.

  387. Rohan,

    Over the summer I worked for a company who was, in a similar situation, just building out their customer support team for the first time (the technical term is “CSA”). They spent a lot of time investigating how other CSA teams got things done. I distinctly remember them taking a trip out to los vegas to visit the Zappos.com team.

    My suggestion is to learn from others. Customer support has been practiced for many years, and this is one area where it’s not very useful trying to reinvent the wheel.

  388. Excellent post, Barry. I’d add that as part of categories 1 and 3 and something I’ve found very curious is that there are no videos of the product in action. Some have even speculated that it’s vaporware or some kind of elaborate prank. As much as I’d like an Adam, I’ve been burned with products bought directly from China (Shanzai) that didn’t do what was claimed and the manufacturer made no effort to correct the situation. I am a lot more careful now and I’d never buy a “pig in a poke” product that I haven’t seen in action on video with all claimed features being clearly demonstrated. I know there are older videos but the Adam has changed a lot since those demos. I can’t imagine it’s a security issue, why would you need to keep the specs, performance and demonstrated usability secret from your own customers?

    Also in category 3, company policies were not clearly explained. Example: if DHL breaks my Adam in transit or my product is otherwise DOA, am I covered by insurance? I’m still not sure because the refund policy makes it seem that I’ll be on the hook for up to 13% of the total charge even if I receive a DOA product.

    I went partway through the order process but since I couldn’t even tell exactly what I was going to order and the refund policy seems very slanted towards Notion Ink’s side, I passed. I hope I can have my faith restored and buy one in the future.

  389. all nice and good to see a new post and all but theres really nothing being said as far as I can see. how about notion ink stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point by answering people’s questions?

    A lot of them wont need internal discussion, such as specs, market access, sim slot etc. At this point, all I really want are solid answers and am finding it hard to just continue to hear your thoughts on your failures. Im giving you the benefit of the doubt by keeping my preorder for the pixel qi+ 3g, I think notion ink should pay its customers enough respect to get straight to the point

  390. Just focus on your core competency. Outsource everything else.

    Your core competency : Design, Quality Control on Hardware. Android Software.

    Payment : Outsource to hosted checkout solutions Google Checkout, Paypal etc.

    Spending time on anything else is not a value add.

    Focus on Marketing

  391. Hi.

    It is not weird to pre-order a product for which there is no thorough description, specialized reviews or even final specs (that even happen for expensive products like cars) but having to pay the full price -including shipping- is. What do you think?


  392. android market place will be available (in two weeks time) to all products runing android 1.6 or above. See their (android) website for more info.

  393. they could use the existing pre order form by saying
    sorry this item is sold out at this time and we are not sure when it will be available if you would like to be placed on a waiting list please fill out the pre order form and we will notify you when this product becomes available (don’t ask for credit card info at this time)
    Bilt in list and a Idea what they need to build

  394. @arcticfox – by the way I logically agree with your advice full heartedly and I also understand the predicament you must be in after having stuck your neck out to back a “nobody”. But I have been following this blog for a while, and it makes me feel a little nostalgic. My advice was I guess more sentimental. But here is the thing I was practically and idiot when I started, today I am a little smarter but I honestly feel that I probably did my best work when I sort of did things my own way regardless of how I ended up looking. The thing I hate most about the corporate structure or the nature of business is how clinical they tend to feel. What happened to the ben and Jerrys of the world?

  395. You’re assuming he got a unit to do work on….. I don’t think anyone in EAP2 did.

  396. Rohan, you said that you still have lots of the LCD variant but what is the battery life for this variant. I have never seen anything posted on the expected battery life of the plain LCD variant.

    also has the MasterCard issue been fixed.

  397. Correction

    “A lot of people compare them from the big Companies that are out there”

    Rohan compared them to Apple and Dell, but it must be borne in mind when dealing with so many markets that the T&C’s must meet the highest standard in customer protection. There has been a mention of NI setting up an office in the EU and when that happens, under EU law these terms and conditions would be illegal. Most T&C’s are not set by the company themselves they are set by the laws that govern that country (or region).

    Customer focused companies go beyond the minimum requirements and hold themselves to a higher standard in order to ensure THEIR customers are satisfied with the product, service, and the companies image, all of which are important

  398. I completly agree but we should also know it was a preorder and not adam is not yet officially launched. Its we few freak & crazy guys trying to get 1st hand by any mean.
    For rest of the world please wait till CES for videos, demos, reviews.. (We will be watching those on our own Adam by that time).

  399. Why would they only publish information for the major markets. Define major?

    In reality custom tariff are very difficult to predict. Even if you know the CIS code it´s still unclear what customs will do with it. Believe it, inspect it and allow it or use a different code. that´s up to them, not to notion ink.

    To solve this you can ask for a ruling per country (not in all though). That´s normally done by the importer per country who sends one to customs for a ruling which will usually be valid for at least a year. This process depend however on two things:
    – an importer per country who has a real machine in his hands
    – At least two month of patience on a ruling by customs. Two months is the minimum Rotterdam harbour uses and that´s one of or the biggest container harbours in the world. Try it elsewhere and it will take you a multitude of that time frame.

    So realistically this couldn´t be done for the pre-order. It´s a gamble you take yourself, just like all the Europeans did when they ´illegally´imported an Ipad. That´s the word Apple used and made their warranty null and void for everybody who did so before Apple had used another half year to be able to ship to Europe.

    So don´t expect notionink to do the impossible when companies like Apple are not even capable of doing so within a half year of a SHIPPING product. If you prefer that face up to a second half of January release in the US and a mid August one in Europe and possibly in other parts of the world.

  400. Those who speculate that Adam is a hoax are beneath contempt. Take a look at Mary Lou Jepsen’s (CEO of Pixel Qi) blog post today. I bet she is in on this satanic international conspiracy to defraud honest folks as well.

  401. Some difficulties were to be expected, after all, you are technicians, and not pr-people.
    What you now need to do, is to analyze what went wrong, how it went wrong, and how to correct it. Please read carefully the comment from Barry Kearns, I think it sums it up pretty good.
    This is your first product, and I can understand why you want to do it all on your own, but I think you might need to rethink that strategy in the near future. Establish a marketing division, and let them do the marketing/customer relations.
    Get the help of some legal advice on international sales too.
    Finally get some financial advice too, I’ve seen it before, that a great technical company went belly up, because their managing director was a techie, and really didn’t have a clue about running a business. Now I’m not saying, that you don’t have a clue about running a business, but in your appearance in the blog, to me you come across as a technical person.
    Remember if we don’t have failures, we have nothing to learn from.

    By the way, can you disclose how many units have been sold?

  402. Same happened to me, too. I already found many rumors about alternatives coming in Q1 2011. NI have to move fast, the concurrence comes closely.

  403. Hi Rohan
    I can totally understand where you are coming from when you say you could not foresee how much in demand the adam would be. However, many of us have been following since February/March. You know how many emails you sent out to those people being given the opportunity to pre-order first. I would suggest that you should have had at least this number of the highest spec ready for shipping in 6-8 weeks. But this can’t have been the case. But anyway, I think the way forward is to give details of how many of each variant will be manufactured per month. You say that obtaining the PQ bit is an issue. To be honest, this is THE main original reason I have held out for your product over other tablets. Considering the length of time to get to this stage I am surprised that there were not more of the PQ parts.

    Regardless, now is the time to start the PR process. I think you have seen from all the blogs just how successful Notion Ink & adam could be. But you need to get it out to the masses.

    I would also suggest looking into Google checkout or Paypal. In the meantime I eagerly await stocks of th highest spec variant and the facility to pay with Mastercard.

    Good Luck

  404. I like this advice.

    Best of Luck Rohan. I hope NI recovers from this, and still manages to be successful.

  405. These are a few of my suggestions. It really hurts to see such an ambitious project just ripped to pieces by the weary International community.

    1. Payment Options

    It would be very nice if you will provide Paypal as an additional payment option, especially for International buyers. The use of CCAvenue is especially commendable as it provides an option to use net-banking and use ATM/Debit cards issued by Indian banks to transfer funds. This step is justified as the product was aimed at students and students in India (and probably other developing countries) don’t have access to Credit Cards. For the sake of the argument, credit cards are not even possessed by 20% of the working population in India, the Adam’s home market (speculative: based on self-interaction with people). I don’t suppose this is an issue for students in the USA or Europe as banks have at least the option of providing auxiliary credit cards to family members of the primary card holder. But CCAvenue as the only payment option should not be imposed on users across the whole world. Provision of Paypal also negates Notion Ink from handling independent credit cards issuers. It also builds on the trust that existing Internet-purchase community have in Paypal to handle their money.

    2. Shipping Charges

    It is really commendable that Notion Ink wants to promote the idea of One Global Price Policy. I even feel its fair to charge excess to offset the exorbitant shipping cost faced by some regions by regions where it is cheaper. But I would like Notion Ink to do is support / thank / reimburse /congratulate the people who have paid extra shipping (paid 50$ instead of the 25$ incurred) by giving them a proportional discount for a limited time at the Genesis App Store. This would justify the variance in price. I am sure the people who have paid the lesser shipping (paid 50$ instead of the 180$) will welcome this gesture too.

    3. Shipping Provisions.

    While I have absolutely have no idea about how DHL is managing the logistics specifically for the Adam, It makes sense in consolidating all orders from a specific region. Let me elaborate this. Say there are 10000 units (speculative) ordered in the USA and France and Germany each. Rather than sending these 30000 units as individual packages, it should send 1 shipment of 10000 to USA where it is distributed via DHL localized centers. Meanwhile, it should send a 20000 shipment to either France or Germany, from where it sent by road tho the other country. This ensures two things :-

    ====>a. lesser resources used (packaging, fuel consumption, etc) in the present scenario of dwindling resources.
    ====>b. lowers shipping costs, which then can be reflected in the One Global Price Policy.

    Of course this also means that shipments will have to be consolidated at the factory or distribution point itself. Maybe the factory could also “push out” shipments to continents on a once-a-week basis. Now this suggestion is not only for pre-order rush, but also regular purchases.

    4. Pre-Order Charging

    Numerous online communities have condoned Notion Ink from charging the entire amount the minute the “BUY” button is clicked. From what I’ve gathered, the Adam still lacks the FCC certification. For any reason it does not receive it (I pray that this never happens) people will have “paid” for vapor-ware and will incur 5% cancellation charges on the pre-order. This is cannot be morally accepted. The pre-order charge should have been charged only when the Adams are ready for shipping

    5. Product Launch Media – Photos, Videos, Reviews, etc

    While it is nice that Adam wants to make the BIG BANG at CES 2011, releasing the product for pre-launch at the moment is not fair. Rohan has apologized for this but I would like to re-iterate that Notion Ink should have launched the devices at CES 2011 (6-9 Jan 2011). It should then have dispatched immediately to various review sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, etc (and maybe even iFixit for a product tear-down ) They should have then opened for Pre-order on the 14th of Jan 2011, which would be in time when the reviews hit the webs. Even though at this time end-user feedback wouldn’t be available, this is acceptable as it’s only pre-orders. It should then make the Adam available for the out-right purchase as soon as the last batch of pre-orders are shipped out from China.

    6. Refined Terms and Conditions
    Some people may have said that a longer policy is a better policy, but I vehemently disagree with them. Notion Ink has taken a proper stand on the grounds that longer policies with legal mumbo-jumbo are seldom read by the Average Joe. But I do feel that the included policy could have been worded better, laid-out a little neater, and addressed common issues faced by consumers in a more holistic approach eg. (repairs uder warranty period, replacement policy for goods damaged on arrival or defective units, etc)

    7. Hidden Extra Cost

    I don’t suppose ths issue has not been discussed up by the online community, but is certainly one that I faced. When purchasing the PixelQi 3G variant, the cost was totaled as 550$+50$ = 600USD. For some reason this was being converted to 29999 Indian Rupees which equates to USD 665.6. There is an extra 65.6 USD charge. In fact this mysterious charge is present for all models and varies for all models varying from 46USD to 66USD. As per the discussions on the blog, some suggest that it could be for Import tax/duties. Now this extra charge has not been defined, and was present only when using India as a destination. If this issue could be clarified, it would be really nice.

    I do hope Notion Ink takes note of the issues that have been highlighted and like any company that is banking on community involvement should address them appropriately either by personal reply or by a blog post (so the entire family can have access to them) .

    On a leaving note, I will be purchasing the Adam when it’s finally launched no matter if these issues are addressed or not (well, as long the stated hardware is present ).

    Cheers Rohan!!!

  406. @Rohan
    “Apologies for not posting the week-end special (had it ready last week by the way).”
    By this are you suggesting that you have a weekend special ready but aren’t going to post it? Why not?

  407. Hi Rohan,
    I’m still wondering how NI almost snatched defeat from the joys of victory?
    It was a PRE ORDER why limit the numbers? Accept all orders BUT only take monies when orders dispatched most companies would envy such a situation.
    Unable to comment on order process as my option was not available when able to access order page.
    Fully agree with comments re video and reviews prior to ordering.
    You want to reward the “family” simple just add some extra memory or some accessory as token of thanks
    speaking of which are family who were unable to order now outcasts ? 😉

  408. @rohan,

    Good going man. Looking forward to your revamped approach towards customer service. As someone else said here, it would be great if you got retailers in later on to import Adam in bulk so as to reduce shipping costs. Esp for us Indians. I know the product is coming from china, but since i also know it has been designed in India and you yourself are in India, Dil nahin maanta! 🙂

    For me Adam will be a boon as i work on an offshore oil rig halfway around the world and the only way to call home is Voip. No cellphone and unreasonable Sat phone charges. 😀

    That’s just one of the reasons btw. The other reason is to Show off. 😉

    cheers and keep you chin up. you are doing a great job and it feels great to be able to communicate with a CEO of a company directly (u haven’t replied to any of my posts but i know u do read them)

    Kirtan Doshi

  409. I was one of the last answering you in the former post of Rohan and I think that summed it up well. I recommend others to read that, but waiting with your finger pressed to get your programmers to work is not an executive´s job. He would have arranged a normal EAS purchase for his operation.

    You add now ´We have not invested heavily in financial terms in NI – a few hundred man hours of planning, some ring-fencing of resources which can now be redeployed – but in terms of “backing” this risk in front of a normally conservative board, we have expended some of our “credibility capital” with the board which will take time and effort to recover. But no worries – you win some, you lose some, and we had at least prepared the board’s expectations in this regard.´

    Don´t make me laugh. Hundred man hours of planning, ring-fencing of resources and backing of the board and some programmers set aside to buy one adam on pre-order by the highly paid executive is not a conservative board, but a board which would have to face up to its´s shareholder.
    Any board in the world would fire you on the spot if that was your planning. What if you would have fallen asleep? Then all these resources and programmers were wasted?

    I really am in business and I don´t work that way. Nobody does. We have made arrangements months ago with Notion Ink and so have others who are seriously in business.

    Own up and just admit that you wanted to buy a gadget for yourself. Then and only then you´re allowed to whine about the Terms and conditions. Try reading some of others for fun.

  410. I accept most of your points and will study up on those issues, but the point about mobile phones I can not agree with. In terms of android market usability on tablets, look at the galaxy tab -i’ve had a chance to play around with one quite a bit and must say that the market is is a HUGE bonus in my eyes -genesis will never be able to match that and i don’t really think NI is intending it to be a market replacement.

    I hate to bring up the iPhone and iPad because i’ve never been excited about those products (i’m being polite here), but given the success of the iStore (or whatever it’s actually called) there is obviously no reason why android market should not and will not also become a big deal on tablets.

    Having said all this, one of my first priorities once receiving my Adam in January is going to be installing linux so i can really do everything i want to (it will be a dual boot system though…)

  411. My question is this: why is there a 5% charge to your credit card if you want to cancel your pre-order? What the hell is that all about?

    Many times in the past, I’ve pre-ordered based on promises (the Popbox is a great example of this). As it got close to launch/shipping, many folks learned that the device wasn’t going to be even near what the company had claimed/promised. I cancelled my pre-order because it simply wasn’t going to be the product I had committed my promised money to. I got all of my money back and that was that.

    This 5% cancel fee is totally crap. Totally totally inexcusable.That’s $30 US if you ordered the Pixel Qi 3G+ Wifi.

  412. Things that I wanted to write but never had the patience to do so, expressed by someone else.

    Hope that after everything is clarified and videos are out the rest of us will get a chance at a Pixel QI screen without waiting 3 months due to stock shortage.

  413. Hello Rohan

    good post… excited 2 see ADAM demo in CES

    But by seeing Pre order website ( Pre order button still not working in IE explorer.. most ppl use IE browser) and web server issues tell us quality of work .so please Test ADAM properly before releasing to market..do some user acceptance testing by giving ADAM to group of people other than notion ink team ..First impression is best impression for success of notion ink and your future products .. All the best NI team !

  414. Hopefully by the end of the next week with some video(s!) and pictures and confirmed specifications we’ll all be happy to keep on ordering when more become available.
    Unfortunately I was one who actually had a pre-pre-order email, but couldn’t get through until it was too late to order the PQi 3G version.
    Fingers crossed that Pixel Qi are able to provide more screens quick smart! And that there won’t be many more delays in being able to order another in the new year.
    I’m really hoping to have it sorted for my trip to New Zealand. Will also save on the tax as I’ll pay 15% there, but 25% here in Sweden. Crickey!
    Keep it up Rohan! You’re doing better than I would in your position.

  415. well, i don’t get it. Rohan said they got extremely high number of normal LCD panels available. why would you want to sent out the shipping on q1 2011? you could sent out now? if the FCC isn’t approve in USA other Parts of the world could get their first. at least this show there such item …

  416. Good find.
    While I wouldn’t spend the time slogging through T&C’s I would think it would have been in NI’s best interests to spend some time finding one that would work. I realize they are busy, but I think “Work out HOW we are going to take peoples money” is a worthy project. Or they could’ve taken the community minded approach and let their loyal followers do some of the work for them in finding a suitable payment gateway.

    Sadly most all of this is moot. I hope they learn from the experience and for goodness sake get more Pixel Qi screens!

  417. This is more likely to be an issue with you bank than NI, its well know that bank do not give the actual exchange rate, each provides their own buy and sell rate which will never reflect the international market value….. its how the bank makes money especially if they claim not to charge for transactions

    It might be better for NI to set up an Indian only order process for the local market

  418. the main reason for the huge pre order for pixel qi versions.its worlds first and yada yada yada.
    But dont worry cos when they experience the awesome software n UI etc.we will surely see increase demand 4 the lcd version!

  419. I only need two points to buy adam

    – A video or something to see the final product. I can’t buy if there are specs we don’t know

    – PixelQi stock. Most of us want Qi screen.

    I’m waiting for january to order but i trust in your product.

  420. Apple f.i. does not do that. Read their T&C. They only give rights where by law they have to. The rest of the world like the US except for Canada, is excluded form these higher standards. Still they are considered customer focused.

    People just don´t read T&C´s apparently when they are lengthy and hard to find. But if they like Rohan decide to keep them simple and short they don´t return the kiss but start finding faults with them.

    And now poor Rohan has to give in and get into the long and whining documents where he excludes everything and reserves the right to charge you 400$ if your Ipad is not DOA while you thought it was. Why do people prefer that?

  421. Hidden Extra Cost

    This is more likely to be an issue with you bank than NI, its well know that bank do not give the actual exchange rate, each provides their own buy and sell rate which will never reflect the international market value….. its how the bank makes money especially if they claim not to charge for transactions

    It might be better for NI to set up an Indian only order process for the local market

  422. @Rohan Shravan

    In a past posting, you spoke about discount to students. Is this still going to happen? Is it even on the table anymore or a forgotten statement?

  423. I was ready to pre-order, but not going to do it now because of lack of detailed information about the device. I need details, like for example what kind of differences there are between the Backlit LCD model and the Pixel Qi model. When you buy something you want to know exactly what you are buying.

    Good luck!

  424. I was so excited by the opening of the pre-order only to be stopped in my tracks
    because of

    1: Having to pay money for a product that could arrive DOA

    2: no paypal , not everyone has a credit card but most do have paypal

    3: ccavenue for processing

    4: could not select the correct 3g for my zone when purchasing

    5: no mention on the internal storage , 8gb-16gb-32gb

    i will still be grabbing one of these units once a few more things are made clear

  425. Every time I comment on this blog ti seems to be expressing some disappointment or other. I find it difficult to believe that you so misjudged the potential for your product. Please tell me how a preorder could be sold out weeks before the estimated ship date. If your product is only as good as your mangement skills I am left to wonder. I sincerely hope my next comment can be more positive.

  426. It is very difficult for a business owner who wants to treat his customers fairly and not give in to all of the big business legalese. I understand the predicament you are in Rohan, and I feel that you are an honorable man who will do the right thing. Let’s get the kinks ironed out and get Adam to market! I enthusiastically await and support you and the NI family!

  427. Rohan,
    This was a though week for NI, but I’m glad you guys took the time to learn from it
    As a young and dynamic company, it’s though to be dependent on large companies (Mastercard) and everyone is sceptical because your product sounds almost to good to be true! Hopefully you guys will have a good impact with the Adam and use the feedback to develop and launch Eve

    And allthough I’m quite disappointed that I didn’t get the ability to pre-order (even though I got my mail and waited three hours at a friend who had a visa card 😉 ) I will still be waiting and supporting you guys

    dawm, now I have to count-down again 😉

  428. if you get the 3g version, there may be different standards for Spain and US.

  429. Pixel Qi people are happy:


  430. It would be detrimental to have a FAQ containing the questions they have already answered?

    I’m sorry, I don’t follow that. Since they have publicly stated that they will support the Android Market and that the units will contain (only) 8GB for flash memory, what would be the problem of making it easily available to interested (potential) customers?

    I can see how they would want to limit information before CES to make as big an impact as possible, but unless they want to drive up the number of comments to the blog I can’t see what good it will do to keep the already provided information obscured..

  431. Barry Extremely well said….

    Personally and particularly after reading your post I have come to the conclusion that Rohan needs some expert help. Not just advice on this blog, but by his side on an everyday basis. Rohan is a young man with young company that needs to learn the ropes. In the areas that they lack experience and skill they need professional guidance. Not getting this help may well prove to be the downfall of their company and all their efforts.

    On paper Adam appears to be a well thought out piece of hardware. How the UI holds up is still unproven as well, or at least to the public at large. Rohan and his team must demonstrate to the public that Adam is what he claims it to be. Between now and through the upcoming CES show, is the time to do so….Your suggestions are totally on spot. Rohan if your still reading please consider obtaining an expert in business managment who has years of experience willing to work with you and your team for a year or so and give your company a real shot at success. Barry by the quality of your post, perhaps your the person he needs.

  432. That is, I AM in the US, but their email to me was that I am responsible for a 5% fee that will be deducted from the amount I get credited back.


  433. Rohan,
    I can’t keep looking at the website to see if i can place an order i have to sleep and work.
    Can you please do something for the followers who did not get a chance to preorder.

  434. see my mails before..at least I did the same, paying full etc..for pre-order with Pandora two months ago and all I got now is it won’t be shipped before January..

  435. Did anyone else get an additional 15 copies of the confirmation email from notion ink? I just did, all identical.

  436. I would call the credit card company and take it up with them. Notion Ink pulled their terms and conditions and changed them several times after people ordered. Theres about 7000 posts about it on the preorder post. Link this blog to your credit card company and my guess is they will side with you.

  437. Hey Rohan and team,
    I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate what you guys are going through. I’ve recently been part of a business start-up (though nothing like yours!) and there are definitely rough patches. I’m confident that you guys can pull through and, even though I didn’t preorder, I’m looking forward to buying my Pixel Qi Adam once they start shipping!

  438. Rohan,

    If you have answered this somewhere, great. Can you update your specs? But if you haven’t why not? What is the Adam shipping with in regards to flash memory? Buying a product based on your current description of 8+ gb is just not good enough (for me at least). I can’t believe everyone who placed an order is O.K. with that.
    What is the number?

  439. Actually most of us were shouting for pictures and videos. We just wanted an idea of the pre-order time, thats all.

    I wouldn’t have thought NI will put up pre-order before showing a single picture or video f the actual device.

  440. I just want to reiterate what dmac said, if you want to reward “family,” what better way to do that then by throwing in something extra? Especially if rumors are true and we ALL ordered the 8GB version, instead of the 32GB we all wanted. If that is true, then you should consider throwing in a memory module (sd card, or whatever works best with Adam) for the pre-orders.

    I plan on using Adam to write more then anything, and play games. but that storage has a direct effect on the number of apps that can be downloaded. It’s important!

  441. yup I was excited as I thought they had answered my questions but turns out it was only 15 confirmation emails. Better than nothing though

  442. Surely the idea of purchasing an Adam was because it was far superior than anything out there. From the rumours about the IPAD2, i can’t see why anyone would think it comes even close to competing with the Adam (from the known specs).

  443. @Rohan

    Just a few thoughts.

    1. Anything round number always looks suspect among general population. If you say $50 shipping, there’ll be millions of questions and lot of suspicion. But if you said 8.125% tax, and $35.67 for shipping to US, $50.12 for Europe and $80.34 for Russia, NOT A SINGLE suspicion would arise. That’s because it LOOKS reasonable. Anything else that you would come up with out of concern and altruism would LOOK suspicious.

    2. You should LOOK (again) having a grand plan. It’s nice to appear taking inputs from the blog visitors, but PLEASE DON’T APPEAR as if you’re modifying your policies on the fly. Again, you should always look having a grand and well thought out plan.

    3. Every decision however small you take is building block for building customer relations. So PLEASE have a SOLID plan, even if it is stupid. And stick to it. That’ll
    build a path otherwise you’ll be in search of a method that’s never there.

    (Sorry for the CAPS, but couldn’t help after watching the events going the way they are)

  444. Maybe not quite beneath contempt, but totally uneducated as to the work Notion Ink has really done…

  445. Great Rohan.. way to go… 🙂

    Even with ‘some’ negativeness going on, i like the way you take the things on the positive side. I didn’t try to pre-order due to these reasons.

    I was willing to go for the pixel Qi model but I wanted to see how it performs compared to a normal LCD in terms of both color production and battery life. I wanted to weigh before opting. I expected atleast some transparency regarding the versions and atleast the battery calculator to be able to choose. When you gave 4 options to choose, people had very little information on what exactly they would get. I trust you (and everyone at Notion Ink) but I dont want to be a fanboy. I want to choose exactly what I want. Even the storage capacity was not clear. I expected a full list of specification of each model before preorder.

    I tried to search on the Internet for this comparison but sadly, I couldn’t find any clear information on this.

    Also, about the price, I would be more happier if the extra 5k+ would go into your pockets rather than for shipping and taxes. So, I’m waiting for Adam to get into the retail stores. I want to see my options and will take the best.

    Rohan, congrats for the first baby step.. and there is a long journey ahead.

    I was one of those who felt sad as I didn’t get my mail on pre-order but i knew I would not pre-order without a video and full specs. Never mind.. 😉

    I am expecting atleast the storage capacity options, upgradability of ‘internal storage’, battery calculator etc. If it wouldn’t effect your business, can you pls give the approx date when Adam goes to retail shops?

    You are a lot transparent on the things no company has ever shared. But at the same time, you have not shared the things which every other company shared. Thats why you are not striking confidence. I imagine that you feel like exploding with all the information but the pressure from investors is keeping you from that. I am just wondering what could we see from you once the Adam goes public. The information (knowledge) that would be posted on the blog or the forum would be ecstatic..

    If only I could have compared the visual quality of LCD vs PixelQi, I would have pre-ordered by now.


  446. Wow! Beautifully said. This should be given out to anyone thinking of having a startup.

    It just goes to show, that as well thought out as the Adam is, that is how the running of the business should be. The greatest products fail, not because the product isn’t great or revolutionary, but because these important, good business points haven’t been fleshed out.
    I also want to see the Adam succeed as do hundreds of posters on this blog. It would be terrible to see the Adam fail because the business part was insufficient.

  447. So… what?

    Let me explain.

    You are not purchasing a product in America you are buying a product in India, YOU are then acting as an importer to bring the goods to the US.

    US Laws regarding protection do not apply, you may also have to pay US customs import duty/tax if they charge any plus any fees/penalties for not declaring said duties.

    YOU are the importer so YOU are responsible for the above, this is staed in T&C;s when you order.

    Like many here they did not understand the importance of this.

  448. +1
    Also confident that you can turn this experience into something positive (criticism = fuel).
    One suggestion: re-open the possibility to order Pixel Qi + 3G (now you can’t measure demand and you’re losing precious intel), let pre-orders become binding when you are restocked.
    Best of luck and let us know if we can help!
    Kind regards, Aad

  449. how is forcing a higher shipping price on some customers to make up for cheaper shipping for others out of altruism?

  450. Another point. Notion Ink and Mr Shravan have worked way to long and hard for this to be your average con job. Despite the mistakes about not showing final specs and videos there has been way more transparency then the average company. The maker of the I pad is one that comes to mind.

  451. Rohan, it is great to hear you say that!

    Thank you Barry for this well done post and summation (with more reason than emotion) of what many of us have said. I have also been guilty of emotionally reacting to this situation.

  452. The part of $50,- shipping rate are COMPLETELY unfounded. It’s a very reasonable rate for most destinations. For comparison; most ebay sellers charge $60,- or more(upto $180) to ship an ipad from the US to Europe..

    I saw some comments that it would be cheaper (for the buyer) to use the postal service, while completely true one can honestly not expect that somebody of NI is going to bring each Adam to the post office and fill in the customs paperwork. The only way it’s can work is to use a courier service that picks up the goods and handles the paperwork,
    We all should be glad they didn’t use UPS or Fedex as the costs would probably have been double or more.

  453. Very nice summary by Barry. I do think his interpretation of Rohan’s language re legalese and industry standards was caused by a misunderstanding. The bigger point is that sensitive issues should be framed in such a way that leave no room for misrepresentation. Perhaps on such posts that deal with policies and processes (rather than pure tech) Rohan would be well advised to get it checked by folks well versed in the legal and linguisitic aspects before posting.

    By the way the title of this post should either be “What have we learnt in the past 2 days?” or “What we have learnt in the past 2 days.”

    Please, please have someone who is well versed in the nuances of english syntax vet the language used in the Adam user interface (and, of course, the web site as well).

  454. Hey Rohan,

    as much as I want to write a big piece of text.
    I can’t, just because I’m not that literate gifted.

    I want (like many others I believe) to say I am here to support the whole NI team and wishing you all the very best and luck of the whole wide world.
    Suppose a lot of people have mentioned that many times before now.

    Once a old wise man said : I want to stab a strap under your heart.
    In Dutch this is good in English not so much.



    PS I WILL get the adam-PQ-3G-and what not! Even if it’s the last thing I will do (in that case I don’t need it anymore do I) Woehahahahahahaa *evil laughter* Woehahahahahahaha.

  455. Hey!..why was my earlier comment deleted?

    I said nothing negative..just cant wait to see a video/review..thats all 🙂

  456. @phenbach,

    Without being able to say much, I see your point of the first sentences and feel the same

  457. As you have rightly pointed out 🙂 about the # of years you have lived without adam, maybe you can wait till it comes to your local store..just saying. I had to wait a 2-3 days 6 months after the launch of iphone 4 to buy it.

    We already know what a clamor of entitlement a simple gesture of 6 hours pre order created. It would be foolish to create a waitlist and manage the logistics of it.
    Like you said if you cant wait someone else is closer to their nirvana!!

  458. @Barry,

    Well written comment. Probably the best and the most important of the lots we had so far. Rohan has acknowledged your comment and with humility if he takes whatever you said on board, NI will be on its way to being a company that the future companies would want to emulate. There is a long road ahead, but, I am sure the folks at NI have the resilience and the determination to put this whole thing back on track.

  459. My thoughts EXACTLY. Kinda need actual specs on a product before ordering, especially when it entails brand new technologies wrapped into one incredible device.

  460. sadly do read the T&C’s and have lived on 4 continents and never have been charged for returning or fixing goods under warranty.

    All the major markets have consumer protection laws such as the “sale of goods and services act” that protect them and requires the supplier to pay the repair or replacement costs. Currently as NI is based in India they can sell to everyone under Indian law but as they start to set up offices in other countries or local distributors they will be held to account under these local laws

    On the other hand its also a reflection of their faith in their product and QC

  461. I keep responding and they keep going into the wasteland of moderation. Perhaps it is the link I posted. I will try again. If it shows up three times then hooray.

    @articfox –

    “If you read my posts carefully, you will see I never indicated that I intended to use any Adams to underpin a €100m contract – I may take the odd risk in business, but that would be plain stupid! The €100m contract and the Adam purchase are completely separate.”

    You either are too stupid to remember your own word or think we are too stupid to remember them!

    “I have very real interest in this device to underpin a major drive into the Contractorised Logistics Support business with warious Ministries of Defence, and had started to develop projects around the timings and expectations for Adam.”

    http ://notionink . wordpress . com/2010/12/10/introspection/comment-page-6/#comment-53566

    Enjoy your crow. You have been outed and I am not the only one who sees through your transparent bullshit. Go sell your snake oil resume somewhere else.

    Now that I think of it, I AM THE ONE who is feeding the troll. Consider this matter closed. I have no inclination to entertain Mr. Bojangles and his pretend hundred million euro defense contracts.

  462. Hi Rohan,

    The one thing I’d appreciate most at this moment in time is if you could remove the (valid?) concerns many people have raised, be open & clear about the specs and shipping details. For instance I noticed shipping details changed from “between 6-9 Jan” to “between 6-8 weeks” over the course of one hour while trying to make an order. Make it easy for people to order in confidence even though you’re not (yet 🙂 ) and established and well known company (well apart from family that is). I think this would amount to:

    – clear availability of products (all versions)
    – references/urls to guarantees credit cards companies have in place (ie. I order but don’t receive the product as promised on time: what now? full refund?)
    – if you need the money now to finance production, be very clear about why (and people might decide they would like to help you)
    – have a responsive sales team that responds promptly to emails (use webforms to guide people’s questions) or even (if you have the capacity) use online chat
    – warranty: I applaud you for giving a 180 day warranty on the battery, however 1 year on the hardware is not much (if I’m not mistaken the EU prescribes a minimum of 2 years?)

    Put yourself into the shoes of a buyer who really wants to the buy the Adam but has doubt and remove those doubts.

    Now I missed out on the first batch of Pixel Qi Adams, when can I expect to be able to order an Adam (with Pixel Qi)? When would it be delivered? It won’t take very long before viable alternatives (perhaps not as good as the Adam but possibly good enough) will hit the market.

    All the best trying to get everything organised. I hope you do get some break and some rest in the next month and looking forward to putting in my order as soon as possible.

  463. @VB said, on December 12, 2010 at 00:24


    All the folks who are clamoring for information are either those who have buyers’ remorse, or those who just want more information for the sake of knowing more. Impatient folks are assuming that Rohan owes them something. He owes them nothing. This is his blog. He is free to share what he wants, and not reveal what he does not want to reveal.

    For me, at this moment, it does not make much sense in point pre-ordering as the device will be received only after CES.

    Folks, have patience, wait until CES 2011 to see what Rohan wishes to reveal and stop demanding for information. I am willing to give Rohan time until CES 2011 to show us the real deal.

    Rohan, if you read this comment know this that if the same had happened in US, you would have been fired from your job. Lucky for you, you are your own boss and your investors seem to believe in you enough to let you continue at the helm.

    Best of luck dude, and rock on.

  464. Hi Rohan,

    Glad to hear you guys are doing your best to improve the process, and also happy to hear that you guys still managed to sell so many units! Despite the mess, it seems that things still went very well, and if nothing else, a good learning experience on what kinds of problems the active market will have on your business. 😉

    There were some questions I did not get a response to from the other day, so I will repost that section of my comment. These are items that directly impact those of us who have already pre-ordered, so I would prefer to resolve them sooner rather than later. 😉

    Items that were not addressed in the pre-order include:
    – HDD Size
    – Color options (It was established that your partners would be selling interchangable strips down the road, but I haven’t seen any elective for the primary unit colors as was originally established)
    – Shipping options (you did address this somewhat, but I feel it still needs some clarification – NI waves liability if a package is lost, for example – can I add insurance to my package to cover it in that event, and how would I go about paying NI for this service? Similarly, what if I would like to expedite the package – can I pay a premium to have it arrive sooner (post Jan 6)?)
    – 3G band selection (There was no option distinguishing whether I require 850 or 900)

    How will NI be collecting this information from those who have already pre-ordered?

    Thanks for your attention Rohan; I look forward to receiving my Adam in 6-8 weeks.

  465. Shipping is mentioned as $50 [limited period], does this mean that shipping cost will go up later or there wont be a shipping cost after limited period?

  466. Better viewing angels and sharper colors I suppose. 🙂

    Seriously though, you are RIGHT. Every video I have seen about Pixel Qi shows great promise!

  467. @Govind

    Rereading my earlier reply to you, I think I was probably a little direct – for which I apologise. Reading your subsequent posts, I think we probably have similar views. I too applaud Rohan for seeking to do things differently, to shake up the “conventional wisdom” and to stick to his guns. I no great fan of lawyers, but do realise they have a VERY important role to play. By all means, Rohan, stay true to your vision. That said, you need to seek out sound business and legal advice for the markets you want to sell to if you are to avoid some serious pitfalls. Unfortunately based on your most recent post, I don’t think you have quite grasped that yet. And while it may seem like something of little importance, ensuring that all core documents (policies etc), your main website and other main customer-facing documents are written in clear, fluent english with correct spelling and grammar is an absolute must. Few things can destry an impression faster than failure in this regard, at least when dealing with US, UK, Australia etc.

    I understand your “nostalgia” and that often the best work is done when you break a few “corporate” rules. I guess in some ways that was what I was planning to do by using NI products in the way I had hoped. I’m very glad I currently work for a company which gives me some decent leeway to do just that. But at the moment, if I were to continue down this path with so many “waning bells” going off in relation to NI, I would be crucified by my board – and rightly too. Here’s hoping Rohan can turn it around and perhaps I can get back on board in the future.

  468. When i did my “family” preorder it was Jan 9, then it went to 6-8 weeks and then the pQi versions went to 8-12 weeks -I’m guessing this has to do with production issues…

  469. In addition to this… I think we should help Notion Ink, in anticipating demand…

    For example… I have purchased a Pixel Qi + Wifi and once my company approves the device…

    We might be going for 10 Pixel Qi + Wifi permonth… until we reach 100 of them… or buy 100 Pixel Qi + WiFi in one shot… with a 15 day or months notice…

    We have already developed HTML.5 applications for our needs.. .and they are already working with our Galaxy TABs and iPads, but luckily our company has bought only 4-5 of these… and willing to hold out for the sample which comes in to our company…

  470. in retrospect… if Rohan thinks, he cannot handle a reduction in shipping costs… and that a 50$ cost would pan out no matter what… I would rather, he increase his product cost and reduce shipping to a 10-15$ range…

    If Rohan was not talking to his community, like Steve Jobs, He would have been in a positiion to do that any which way…

  471. Hell I’d pre-order for 8-16 weeks if that what it took (waiting on next paycheck to complete my Adam savings fund). Please take my money, it’s useless to me without Qi.

  472. Barry, as with the other comments to your post, I must say “well done”.

    However there is one other point (implicit in your #2) that really needs to be highlighted; the tools and processes that are used to create “social networking” environments (of which a “blog” is one) are not sufficiently robust to support a “trusted” commercial relationship.

    I noted with interest that NI created an attractive website, and even a separate “Notion Addicts” forum…it is really unfortunate that they then decided to ignore these tools, and instead focus on WordPress as their primary method engaging with their customers.

    Great products are totally useless without the tools, processes and trained people necessary to sell, deliver and support them.

  473. It’s possible that they haven’t integrated the calculation of shipping costs in the ordering system yet….

  474. I was asking the same question in a previous post, also suggesting that this info should go in a FAQ.

  475. Lobe how he tiptoed around the majority of questions people were asking. He is still not being honest with the consumer. I want to know why N1 isn’t listed as an exhibitor at CES

  476. Actually all those questions were answered. You probably missed them. Here they are:

    HDD: 8gb internal. The + is for whatever SD card you put in it!

    Color: Black with white band only. Additional color bands via 3rd party next month.
    Additional cost I am sure.

    Shipping: One choice only, DHL standard. As for insurance, I don’t know. I would guess you get whatever DHL gives on economy shipping.

    3G: This is will be selected for you based on country it is shipped to (as per order).

    Hope that helps.

  477. Good post, Rohan. You got yourself into a mess, just when you thought you would triumph. Hard to start picking up the pieces at a time like that, but your mail shows you are coming through. I have good hopes that final victory can still be yours, so keep it up.

    You seem to have learnt already some of the most important and elusive wisdoms of customer interaction: ´being transparent works´ and ´complaints are gifts´. Allow us to help you improve.

    Oh, and do post some genuine pictures a.s.a.p. We need to see them. Also, as soon as you can, get a couple of people we know and trust to work with Adam and let them tell us about it. You have some trust issues, address them.

    Kind regards,

  478. Hi Rohan,

    thanks for listening to us. This is the first place where I can have input on a device in which I have so much invested emotion! With that said…I don’t think you went wrong in a large amount of areas.

    I think if you boil everything down…people just want to know what they are buying. Up until now, the Adam has been a fantasy. When pre-order was ready, Adam did not successfully make the transition from fantasy to reality (i.e. no video of it working, no new images of the device etc.) so people were not ready to let go of their REAL dollars for a fantasy device.

    Next, concerning the long agreements…very few people read all of a long agreement, but everyone reads all of a short one. This translates to authenticity. In my opinion, a long agreement means alot of work went into preparing it thus lessening the probability of it being a scam. A short agreement (of a legal matter no less) is really hard to believe and makes me suspicious. So I technically agree with your philosophy philosophically, however, I think it doesn’t work in reality. What I may suggest is a short version with a link to expand to the full version so that we can feel comfortable in the fact that there is some legal structure and protection for the purchasing process.

    Thanks for listening Rohan. I must say, If you had new images and video I would have ordered immediately, however, i resigned to wait until I saw more images. May i suggest a book “The Tipping Point” which has interesting views about people’s thought process and how little changes have big results.

  479. A lot of smaller vendors don’t but their own table; they share. From my understanding, they shared space last year and thus were not on the list then either.

  480. Hi Rohan, when do you expect a second batch of PQ version? I couldn’t find this info in the blog. Well, I think I’m ready pull the trigger. Plus, after I sold my laptop a week ago in order to buy Adam I have to use my phone as a reader and this is not very comfortable.


  481. “2) rethink your DOA policy even if it means raising the price per unit a little to cover the expense. This is very disturbing, I would be very unhappy in my product arrived at my door not working and I had to pay to return it then pay 5% for restocking then pay to have it shipped back. I would have to pay over $100.00 just because you sent me a brick in the first place. This is very bad business as far as I can see.”

    This. This. This.

    The idea that the problem is that these onerous terms weren’t hidden enough is insulting. The problem is that the DOA policy terms are totally unfair, and to claim that they are industry standard is a lie. Did you actually read apple return policy you linked to yesterday, claiming that it was equally restrictive? THEY REPLACE DOA EQUIPMENT FREE.

    Frankly, anyone who buys a product without assurance it will not be DOA is a fool.

  482. I’m glad to see you are looking back at the last few days with the rest of the team over how things could have gone better. I for one am one of the lucky ones that got through and will be looking forward to the Adam once it arrives. Like many who follow we all wanted to be part of history in getting one of the first Adams. This whole blog how it grew into such a following is beyond what I could have imagined for a product launch.

    Despite the fall out of people who could not manage to get through whether due to no email or payment card not supported we will all most likely remain loyal customers to the Adam. You continue to hold onto some secrets about the device even though I have put the money down, believe it or not that is part of the fun in taking a chance of being the first for anything.

    I look forward to your goal of customer relationship building as that is by far the best asset for companies to survive in such a market. I wish you all the best. Knock em dead at CES at whatever booth you will be at.

  483. Apologies accepted, Rohan, and even if I decided not to buy my Pixel-Qi Adam right now because I had some misgivings, I’m pretty sure they’re going to vanish. You will count me as a customer and enthustiast once it’s officially released in january (I hope?)

    I’ll just have to wait a bit more, but that’s ok, I’d rather wait a bit more for this great-looking product than buy a lousy Ipad or some clone of it.

  484. Hey Rohan,

    I know you read all the posts, so I know you’re hearing this from lots of people.

    You know I am big on encouragement and not much for criticism, but this just has to be said over and over. You MUST – I REPEAT – ABSOLUTELY MUST clarify the storage. It’s so bad that at the moment people are probably ignoring the “mystery feature”. I know you’ve said its a “game changer”, but NOBODY CARES if they are wondering about storage.

    Its ridiculous, but sometimes the average user only cares about storage. They’ve maybe not heard of Pixel Qi (fantastic as it is). They don’t know what the “mystery feature” is – being the crazy world this is, it could be a pair of Michael Jackson gloves to hold adam with. They probably can’t comprehend Eden and how groundbreaking that is. But they look at your specs and then look at a 6 month old ipad and say “wow its got 64GB, what’s yours got? Oh, 8GB, is that all?”.

    I know you’ve said its expandable up to 128GB. That’s great. Problem is, to my knowledge you can’t get a MicroSD card that does that. Further, its seems clear (its not clear actually) that its not HDSD, but SD, therefore there seems to be a limit anyway. This is extremely confusing. Months and months ago you said 16/32 GB. By saying 8+GB people just cannot know. If this is another marketing ploy (“Just wait, you’ll love it” you say) then its a bad strategy. Trust is built up over time and many, many people just don’t know you enough.

    So here’s my BIG SUGGESTION.

    If it is a base amount of 8GB expandable up to 128GB, then please write

    8GB internal, expandable up to 128GB

    If it is more than 8GB, please do not write 8GB+, please write

    16GB internal, expandable up to 128GB or
    32GB internal, expandable up to 128GB or
    64GB internal, expandable up to 128GB.

    Its really not that hard is it?

    Because everybody in the world knows that there really is a number. WHAT IS THAT NUMBER? I suspect that it is just 8GB and you wanted to leave the maximum space available on one volume (the micro-SD). This is like people who used to have a smaller primary drive (OS and apps) and a larger secondary drive (for data). I suspect that you are worried about disappointing people and so you don’t want to say it.

    See, people do not want to have to use USB to expand their storage space, they want a large amount of internal storage and the ability to insert a card (which they can subsequently completely forget about because they don’t want to be stuffing around) which takes it up to whatever they can afford.

    This is a long comment to make just one point, but Rohan, dear friend, that is because you are just not getting it, it seems.

    If you just changed this…
    – just this one thing on the tech specs page…
    — if nothing else changed in the next 5 hours…
    — I think it would be a big improvement.

    I bought an adam, and I am really looking forward to receiving it in the new year, and its because I believe in you, but if nothing else changes, please, please, please just write something sensible and clear about the internal storage.


  485. I was also asking about this, and I hope we will get a clear answer. For me, outdoor performance doesn’t matter that much, but color fidelity, saturation, power consumption matters a LOT. Please Rohan answer our questions, I’m unable to decide whether I should go with LCD or Pixel Qi.

  486. Hi Rohan,

    Looks like there is a problem with the billing state verification. Anyway when can we get a chance to order the Pixel Qi again?


  487. Fold up shipping costs in the price of the device is a) bad practice and b) will make it even expensive for many; i pay import duties and VAT over the item price (ex shipping costs)
    $50,- a very reasonable amount, much less than what most companies charge. And in any case it’s at the sole digression of NI what to charge for shipping.

  488. sorta bummed about the 8gb thing. Everytime I see 8+, I think the lowest configuration is 8. Especially if its for internal memory.

    I can add a 32gig but its expensive and slow. you could go through 32gig pretty quickly with enough movies and music. 32+32 would have been nice

  489. I’d like more discussion on the cheaper LCD model (as thats the only version currently available) which should be ok for indoor usage which is where most computing is done. How is the LCD quality, battery life, and so on?

  490. http: //notionink.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/what-we-have-learnt-in-the-past-2-day/comment-page-1/#comment-54359

  491. pixelqi.com/blog1/2010/12/11/notion-ink-tablet-with-pixel-qi-screen-sells-out/

    Notion Ink Tablet with Pixel Qi screen sells out
    by mary_lou_jepsen on December 11th, 2010

    Notion Ink started pre-orders of its tablet with the Pixel Qi screen yesterday and sold out or the version with our screen within an hour. see here and here.

    Rest assured Notion Ink is ordering a lot more screens from us!

    Thank you all for your interest and support of both Notion Ink and Pixel Qi.

    – Mary Lou

  492. I believe in good products and i dont mind paying advance for them. So far everything you have shown in these past year is very top notch, the whole idea behind the project seems solid. The release indeed was not the best, but i believe its something that in the future will be improved. Thanks Rohan

  493. Thanks Rohan for understanding our complaints and trying to work on making it better. Thanks for understanding your failures and letting us know that NI made mistakes and you are working on fixing them and are learning from them. Sounds like a new company growing and learning. This should have been expected, but the lessons were out there to be learned from other companies and instead I think some of these lessons had to be learned the hard way, but at least it appears they have be learnt. So moving on, I still believe in you and NI and I expect to see one of the best Tablets on the market if not the best in my eyes. It’s hard to say for sure since I’m going off what you showed at CES 2010, so I hope you will release something soon so we can get a better idea of what we are getting. Just a little sneak peak would be good. You can save most of it for CES 2011.

    BTW, thanks for the 15 confirmation emails I received. Does this mean I will get 15 Adam for the price of one ? 😉

  494. You may want to write Notion formally to get a quote for a high volume shipping rate. I doubt they’d turn a blind eye if you’re considering purchasing 100 units.

  495. Rohan & The Notion Ink Family:

    Best of luck all, I sincerely hope that the Adam is still the best of it’s kind out there when I am once again shopping for a device of this sort. I tried to get a PQ 3G device on preorder, but had no success… By the time I tried again, they were gone… Any chance for a waitlist?

    While I still feel that the LCD screen would be a great investment, the time that it would take for me to receive it is a literal eternity in this realm. Mid February is asking a bit much, considering the ramping-up of competitors… Needless to say, 2011 is going to be an interesting year for portable computing…

    As far as “tech support,” I recommend using the “linux model” of tech support. The fact that unpaid hardworking people who just want to help out can run tech support better then all the hotlines you can call in your lifetime is just amazing. Provide your supporters a venue to help each other, you will be surprised how useful it can be.

    (Especially since this device is just calling to the tech savvy people and not those usually lost apple users)

    Best wishes all,

    /I’m a sucker for the underdog

    //Rohan, focus on educational technology directly, setup networks with worldwide universities to get your amazing devices into the hands of students of all ages, the educational community is just begging for something that we can use effectively that doesn’t have as many constraints as the iPad.


  496. I am more concerned that it is standard shipping with no pre,iu, services offered.
    I for one wouldnt mind paying extra on insurance to DHL against lost / damaged shipments.

    Rohan eloborated on what other companies return policies are but he is missing the point.

    I have bought Nokia 97, Ipod and other electronic equipments for the house not from the manufacturer directly but from resellers.Now my a switch in Nokia 97 broke and it was under warranty so I gave to my reseller and got it fixed.

    My friend’s HTC desire phone stopped working and the reseller replaced it with the new one .I dont have to deal with thae manufacturers return policies because the reseller has to deal with it.

    The reseller can afford to becoz he buys in bulk from the manufacturer.

    I know NI is directly selling to us thereby 2 things are happening 1) They are earning the entire sale as they dont have the middleman 2) NI is able to sell the tablet at competitive prices becoz of reseller margin is not in.

    But for me as an individual I have to deal with the return cost somewhere around 15% to 20% that is too expensive. Products will stop working , there will be manufacturing faults ( 2% to 3% are acceptable industry manufacturig defects).

    If I happen to be the one with that 2% defect that I will be screwed.

    Therefore I feel NI has to rethink its return policy.
    Why in the world would I want to refund it unless it came broken , stopped working within 2 months or was not working as advertised

  497. I appreciate the responses from all to my question about CES. And for the not so helpful response: I would have read previous answers to that question if they were not buried within literally thousands of other posts. But thank you none-the-less.

  498. Very well written and expressed,

    While I enjoy the mysticism on the weekend post, not posting the full details of the
    adam before the pre-sales is really not good.

    I think the emails to the “family” members should of been done before hand, not on the day. A week or even a few days would of allowed people to prepare in advance and also allow you to fix any problems.

    So as to try and not echo the post, I’ll just say that I am still going be order an adam once things have been sorted out.

  499. @Rob

    Have to agree. I too am a sad soul who reads most Ts & Cs, though I got fed up reading new sets of Ts & Cs every month from Apple on the small screen of my iPod Touch. Much as I realise the stupidity of this, I justify it to myself because I have always had good service from Apple, the product value is low and if they shove in any Ts & Cs that seek to shaft me, I have good consumer protection here in the EU.

    I can’t, though, extend that faith to a start up which presents such one-sided Ts & Cs and then proceeds to change them multiple times in 24 hours.

    @Max3D – I too dislike when I see Ts & Cs from the likes of Apple which infringe my rights, though they usually at least have a clause which states something along the lines of “if local laws give greater protection, this will be honoured”. And Apple has significant presences in the EU coutries and would be easier to hold to account. They also have a decent track record and are unlikley to go bust tomorrow.

    I applaud the attempt to keep Ts & Cs short. But as a minimum, they should also not be cotradictory, be written in decent enough English to be intelligible and ideally not infringe my consumer rights.

  500. Actually they would have been fixed under the manufactures warranty, Consumer protection law does not apply between company contracts (i.e. manufacture to retailer) but is in many parts of the world legally required between the manufacture and customer (unless the manufacture owns its distribution network, they sometimes set up in shop repair services).

    smaller retailers will refer you to the manufacture to have the product fixed as their role is just to sell it to you. (this does depend on the relationship between the retailer and manufacture)

  501. There is no android kernel. There is the linux kernel that was modified by Google with some patches. So _every_ device running android is running linux, and every manufacturer of such has to comply with the GPL for the linux kernel – and one condition is that the manufacturer has to release the sources for the kernel INCLUDING all the modifications done to it. It’s a small price to pay for everyone who profits from open software that they have to share what they do to improve it/fix bugs. Sad state is that aside from B&N, few do (HTC, this is you we’re looking at).

    Note that the sources cannot be just open to ‘developers’. It HAS to be open to everybody, without any NDA to sign or form to fill out.

    While this requirements relate to the linux kernel alone – the rest of Android has a different license – for a developer it is much easier to work with the device when there is a complete SDK including the sources for Android, too, customized for the device. The Nook is exemplary in this regard – my question is, will the Adam follow this lead? If not, which parts will be open sourced? I have to ask this because so many companies have an exceptionally poor track record on this front.

  502. Everybody makes mistakes and (most) learn from them, but only few have gourage to discuss their shortcomings publicly. Hats off for that!
    As one of those familymembers who _had_to_sleep_ and missed PQ+3G preorder. I’m wondering: would it be possible to order LCD version and trop in PixelQI screen that’s sold from makershed?
    OR, as somebody from northern hemisphere. I wonder: would it be possible to order LCD version now AND buy upgrade to PixelQI screen from you.
    As i understand. Body has been built to support poth LCD and PQ screen, so everyone who knows how to hold screwdriver could replace screen in matter of minutes. Right!?
    As alternative: it would be nice to have pre-booking option for familymembers (or maybe for everyone) where we could show our intrest in PQ screen versions of ADAM.
    You know, the same reason why so many held back buying iPad or some other tablet, was the waiting for ADAM. And now buying LCD version of ADAM will be held back because thos esame people are waiting for PQ version to become available.
    BTW: How many PQ screens you had for pre-orders? (if that’s not a secret).

  503. Thanks for taking the time to read and acknowledge the post, Rohan. I sincerely appreciate it.

  504. Rohan is limited in what he can say and when, and unfortunately this spreads to the web site and blog … and leaves us hanging at the same time. The FAQ would only contain questions until the answers come through officially.

  505. > In my last meeting our investors presented agreements from every other firm which had much worse terms

    So what ?
    NI wanna be like the others – then go make iPad clones.
    But you never wanted to wear anyone else’s 2nd hand clothes, you tried to pave your own road! With case form-factor, with software, with everything. You may do it with agreement too, why not ?

    The demand had shown that you road is reliable one. There is a demand for openness and honesty. Short agreements are a kind of honesty, think twice before duming it.

    > Production is not limited to any component as much as it is to PQ. We are really pushing them hard.
    Yes, i know, PQ even published it on their own blog.
    And that, sorry Rohan, i cannot call other word than foolishness.
    PQ was always your killer feature. You promoted it on Youtube. Many-many customers only knew about Adam dew to interest in PQ. Personally i’d already purchased some $200-$300 – my sweet spot of price – tablet, if not PQ and Adam.
    Good heavens, you could just make one more voting about features of Adam 2 months ago before pre-order. I just have no words…

    > live allow all kinds of money transactions.
    Same again. You could describe the situations and put blame on MasterCard weeks before pre-order. You could make some blog post about payment gateways and cr how complex and long it may be. Then after that, on pre-order you coud frankly tod from the start, that Maestro did not their part yet and you cannot delay that longer and tease customers only because of their slowness.

    > needs to share everything about the product
    Not just everything, but something that prooves your word.
    “Words, words, words”
    Not so many people wonders what you didn’t said yet. Many and many wonders do you lie or say truth.
    Yes, it would be good to say more. But critical thing is dissipating trust. “Con man”, “vapourware” – you only can fight it with proofs, not with one more speech.

    Good luck! And good luck to PQ.

  506. Ahh hem noobie 😛

    Quote: Week-End Special Part IV – The Eden!

    “Panels also allow you to now work on the application which currently exist on Android Market. Since they were made for mobiles, just enlarging (2x) them doesn’t make any sense. So now you can run them in a panel without any pixelation.”

    Although unconfirmed I believe adam will come with market access.

    Genesis will have applications designed for adam.

  507. hey rohan,

    1. backside trackpad?
    2. internal memory?
    3. android market?
    4. mystery feature?
    5. games
    6. final technical specifications
    7. working with amazon (please do)
    8. photos/ videos of the tablet in ACTION
    9. EDEN please……..
    10. adam made apps
    are you also going to make a weekend special or is this it?
    10. notion made apps

  508. I’m quite turned off of Notion Ink for not receiving the pre-pre-order email. I’ve been reading for almost a year and I’ve commented on the blog. Now I feel like being last in line, because the version I want is already sold out. That was exactly why I was checking my email constantly when I heard the pre-pre-orders were starting. Only to be dissapointed. Now I can get in line with everybody else.

    If you don’t have the mechanism in order to do something like this, then don’t do it at all, because you’ll be hurting a lot of people who we’re willing to go for your product. Not that I’m telling you how to do your job, you obviously know quite well. I’m just saying how I feel about this.

  509. Rohan, i got pre-order link, yet i did not use it.

    My money for New Year gifts are over. And i’m feel enough beeing early adopter and hope to see owners reviews of Adam before sending money.

    Also there are many custiomers, who wished to pre-order but could not, due to shortage of PQ screens.

    Also if you would have high demand even after New Year, and if the demand would be over your production abilities, you’d probably raise the price. If you don’t – someone else would do, getting all the Adams and re-selling them on e-bay with higher price.

    I feared that PQ could not meet the required numbers of screens, and now i’m sure in this. I guess you would have to raise the after launch. Otherwise re-sellers would do it anyway.

    Still i hope, those who got pre-order links and who did not used them (for any reason, hesitating, spam-filter, sold-out) be treated differenty, high-priority and same-as-today prices, even in next year spring. That would probably give nothign to you business-wise, but might be nice familly-wise.

  510. @ arcticfox

    I agree with you, might have misunderstood here, but the faith i refer to is NI’s faith in their product. If they were confident in their product not failing they would waive any cost to resolve defects as these costs would be minimal compared to the volume of sales.

    I do believe they need more robust T&C’s that reflect the legal requirements of each country I have lived… most being NI’s major markets

    Regrettably as it stands NI is based in India and Indian law applies, Sale of goods acts of several countries don’t apply as the company in not based in those countries, This being one of the reasons I would request NI to adopt the highest standards in their T&C rather than standard local ones.

    If going global think global, operate to global standards

  511. Gecko, where have you gone? We haven’t heard from you in days, since your last (understandably less than pleased) post. Has your humor recessed? The whole tone on the blog comments has not been a pleasant one, and we could use your humorous interjections!

  512. My mate had Asus smartphone, and when it failed, he waited for month and a half for repair, since reseller had not needed part on his local store.

    I think NI should pursue both ways.
    In some countries, for some customers – local shop would be preferred way.
    For others, direct shipment from NI would be better option.

    I guess NI could make both channels open and just see which one will generate more revenue for them.

  513. How many LCDs are there left? Because maybe you should drop that model and just make PQs. I am not paying over $375 for a computer with last generation’s screen. We want the best possible system for our money.

  514. On a positive note – keep up the hard work NI. We all appreciate the work you’re doing and question-catch-up underway.

    The more details on the device itself you can provide, the better.


  515. Well, no surprise the Pixel Q versions sold out, and the LCD versions did not. Who would want an Adam without Pixel Qi screen? I bet not too many. It’s the real killer feature. It annoys me also that they don’t want to tell us even which Pixel QI screen it actually is. Makes me think it’s the older version 😦

  516. I purchased the q with 3g and am happy I could order it. I firmly beleive in Notion Ink .. I belive This tablet will blow the socks off thier comition. Rock on Notion Ink

    Alex Giannini

  517. http : //pixelqi.com/blog1/2010/12/11/notion-ink-tablet-with-pixel-qi-screen-sells-out

    (remove spaces)

    “Notion Ink Tablet with Pixel Qi screen sells out
    by mary_lou_jepsen on December 11th, 2010

    Notion Ink started pre-orders of its tablet with the Pixel Qi screen yesterday and sold out or the version with our screen within an hour. see here and here.

    Rest assured Notion Ink is ordering a lot more screens from us!

    Thank you all for your interest and support of both Notion Ink and Pixel Qi.

    – Mary Lou

  518. I still trust and have faith in Notion Ink. It is incredible what these guys are doing. I mean it is there first product and they already have fans all around the globe.

    All these tablets that are already released or will be released in near future do not have the potential to be as good as the Adam. The PQ Display alone makes that tablet better than anything that is available right now.

    January will be a good month for all of us 🙂

  519. Sorry, Your order cannot be processed as the website is not authorised for Transactions through CCAvenue.

    Please contact the Webstore Administrator to report this error.

  520. im up and down at this point, im still depressed that i didnt get to order a pixel qi screen cause my link didnt work, at the same time im so excited to actually get one! cannot wait to get my SDK too! not much has really been said about this but as a developer im really excited at a clean slate, the possibilities are endless!

  521. Wow, seems like a great product but why can’t they be clearer on the details? I’ve asked one simple question, twice, and not a single answer. Why is it so hard to get an answer on whether I can pre-order two and get a reduced shipping cost? I know it’s been a tough couple of days for you, Rohan, but this seems like a question that a lot of people might be interested in.

  522. We’ll be there for the next wave, and then when Eve comes along….It’ll be a grand time for Notion Ink.

  523. I got the LCD screen–the features of PQi were not worth the additional cost for me. Now, I’m an older guy rather than a student that might be lounging in the grass at a college campus in the sun. For me, the LCD option was the clincher for this deal. ADAM has an awesome feature set, and being able to pick it up at under $400 was an easy decision (I also didn’t go with 3G–4G is available now, so I’ll just us a mobile hotspot with the WiFi). So, all that to say, the base model can be a solid sell for lots of folks that want a general use, low cost tablet. Viewsonic already has their 10″ Tegra 2 tablet on the market under $400, so ADAM can soon readily compete there.

  524. @ Arioch

    In regard to defects its not about generating more revenue for NI, it should be about customer satisfaction.

    Opening both of your suggested channels should be looked at more from a cost effectiveness point of view rather then a cost generation point of view. customers want a working product for the price quoted and do not appreciate having to pay more if it break due to manufacture defects.

    Most companies these days use the contracts with suppliers to cover the costs of repair. i.e. if more than 0.5% of the screens fail then the screen supplier would cover the cost of repair. this forces them (supplier) to maintain stringent Quality Control to reduce the cost of defect and increase their reputation for quality products.

  525. I am getting the basic machine because it will almost never be used in sunlight. For me the killer feature is battery life and the potential for using ubuntu.

  526. Infrastructure to launching a global startup is lacking India. You are also trying a novel approach to product development. You are a pioneer in more ways than people give credit.
    But being a pioneer is not an easy task. Others have tried and failed. I sincerely hope that NI succeeds..

  527. Just to clarify, by reduced shipping cost, I mean packing both devices in a single box and shipping for like $56 (or something else) instead of $50/device.

  528. a forum would be good for community support… or even an existing forum that a NI employee could visit often to offer help perhaps? Many of us early adopters of the Adam could hang out there… I know I would!

  529. I really like this last Rohan post: it does answer some of the questions an issues presented in this blog
    However, and I understand probably Rohan doesn’t know, but still we have no answer to the question:
    When will be the PQ screen models be available, and how many?

  530. While the question of access to the Android market seems to remain open, this post allays a lot of my concerns from the past few days.
    This post is a much better response than the last and I look forward to seeing the lessons learned put into practice.
    All the best to the team over the next few months. 🙂

  531. O! whie reading thiss greatey structured text, i realised one more specifications miss.

    What class are LCD and 3Qi dispays ?
    In other words what amount of ‘dead-pixels’ of what kinds are considered ok to be, befor display (and tablet itself) considered broken and subject too warranty service ?

  532. Sure, but if you would have the Pixel Qi screen, then you REALLY would have unbelievable battery life.

  533. I would very much like to order a PQ. Sadly, stock is in short. When can the PQ version went back to stock? Also, can it play Hulu movies?

  534. I was really disappointed that the lack of Mastercard option was not made public before the preorder launch date. I bought WiFi access at my hotel at 6.30 in the morning, found the mail from Notion Ink in my spam, even though I an NI filter on my gmail, and then after all the inputing of address and delivery etc., I find that payment options are restricted to Visa and American Express. My heart truly sank!

    A few days have past now, and I’m really surprised that people are harping on about scams and poor terms and conditions. Expectations about this side of things have been completely unrealistic, but, because the US is seen as some kind of benchmark, and US citizens are not used to buying products on the terms that a great majority of Asia have to buy products, they fall over themselves to be first to complain.

    And I’m just going to have to wait for that beautifully engineered product that will be a game-changer in the tablet industry.

    I really wish you had told us that Mastercard wasn’t up and running yet. Because i bought into all the excitement and it was a huge let down to suddenly find that only half the credit card community was invited to the party, and not my half.

    It’s time you got some professional marketing people in, people who really know the US and EU markets. Hopefully now that you’ve raked in a good return on the preorder, you’ll have the funds to employ a more complete marketing and communications team.

    I’ve loved your approach so far Rohan, but you didn’t deliver. I still believe in your philosophy and your enthusiasm for technology, but I really hope that you temper some of your idealism with some more critical minds around you.

  535. Well I have posted in the previous blogs too but unfortunately did not get the preorder link from Notion Ink. I don’t regret that i wasn’t able to preorder it but my concerns are when the first batch will come out, and hopefully it will be a success, will Notion Ink be able to meet the demands so that everyone gets their hands on ADAM without a long delay? I can’t say for sure but next year Ipad 2 or Galaxy tab 2 might be released, and they will try to fix their flaws from their previous generations being even more harder contenders. Will ADAM first generation still be able to compete? ADAM first generation must push its limits to the end and the production fast enough to stay in the race. They should try to release ADAM 2 around the same time Ipad 2 or Galaxy 2 will be available to quench the thirst of gadget loving guys in time.

  536. And yes lets wait to see the baby (dude) Adam in real action on 18th Dec as promised by Rohan. 🙂

  537. I didn’t get a pre-order email.

    If I had I surely would have pushed the BUY button out of months of anticipation and excitement over every update and post.

    This is surely the device I want! It will replace my old crusty laptop, my PSP, my daughter’s iPod touch (which I borrow for the train) my iPod and any number of books that I may have on me when I travel or commute, and so much more, I’m sure. Perfect!

    After that initial announcement, when no pictures or videos or demos were forthcoming I was surprised. How else were people supposed to decide whether it was the device for them? Especially at the higher price.

    Then, as the hours went by and no email, I kept looking, reading comments, reading notionaddicts, and with no more information or media, I had no way to make an intelligent decision.

    When the opportunity finally arrived where I could have purchased the model I wanted, I decided against it.

    As much as I want an adam, I need to make intelligent decisions with my money.

    And believe me, I want an adam!

    Once it sold out I was regretting my decision, but I’m trying not to.

    I look forward to seeing all the information and media I can about the adam and I hope to get another opportunity to order one soon after that.

    I’m still a loyal supporter of Notion Ink!

    I know what you are trying to accomplish and I applaud it. Hopefully soon I can contribute to it as well.

  538. You are not the only one. I also commented a few times in the past. But also did not receive a pre order link. Maybe because I have a hotmail account?

  539. I don’t know about the import taxes but I WILL reiterate what the one and only said, the 3G version is different. Do you want 3G in the short term or in the long term? If you want 3G for use in the US then I suggest getting it in Chicago in order to avoid any possible confusion and accidentally getting the European 3G version.

  540. Rohan and team NI thanks for the information.

    The hardest part for me before ordering was to get information on customs fee and taxes.
    It would be great if you could help with references on this.
    Perhaps we could all chip in with information from our own countries – what do you think?

    Like i said before:

    * You have created a new way for pricing and distribution which i think will give you an edge in the competitive HW business. I applaud you for this and hope to do business with you in the future as well. One price for the whole world is great.

    * When you have sorted out the issued raised during this days. I do believe that you will give us customer a clear view of what we are buying.

    Regarding the best customer relation.
    “My next goal is to make Notion Ink best in its customer relations and whole of my energy will go into making this happen”
    — you cant satisfy us all but give us a clear and concise information goes a long way

    Regarding PQ:
    Just by Mary Lou Jepsson of Pixel Qi stating that you will surly order more screen is an acknowledgment that you have winner combination here.

    Keep the fire burning and keep the dream alive.

    : )akobL

  541. Barry – I think that this has been a balanced analysis of the last few days, with some good pointers for areas to improve. One small correction – it was not necessary to sign up with WordPress, I never have, but I did include my e-mail address when posting – and I did receive a pre-order e-mail.
    One thing that should have been implemented weeks, if not months ago (as suggested by at least one poster), is an FAQ section. Often we see the same questions being asked multiple times – these could be given an official response – even if that response is “for commercial reasons we can not answer this at the moment”.

  542. This was the same for me. I’ve been following since CES 2010 and not a single email was sent to me. Very disappointed… hopefully things will change soon.

  543. @Rob

    I once again agree – while the content of the Ts & Cs gives me enough concerns, what really worries me is the underlying meesage about their confidence in their own prodcut. With no previous track record, I have no benchmark to use to form a more considered opinion. In fairness, one poster to a previous comment of mine on a different blog pointed out that in India, return policies are often abused by customers and hence companies often seek to protect themselves against this. If Rohan has only ever been used to such things in his home country, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. It does, however, show a level of naievety on his part, and is something which I would have hoped a business advisor or lawyer would have pointed out to him.

    WRT the various sales of goods acts – while I acknowledge that NI (for this pre-order batch at least) are trying to avoid local laws by selling “ex-China” and hence trying to avoid the application of local laws, IIRC from what limited training I had in consumer law (I am no lawyer and certainly no expert on this), I seem to recall that if a company can be proven to have substantive business interests in a market (i.e. by selling into the market, even from abroad, by having offices in the country concerned or even having related business agreements in the area), then they would be bound by the law. At the very least, I recall that any AND all parties in the supply chain – retailers, shipping agents, VISA/Mastercard or whoever processed the payment – doing regular business in the market can be held accountable for the purchase.

    All that said, the underlying points about the impression that NI has given through the wording of its Ts & Cs, the way it chopped and changed them and the obvious lack of “homework” regarding the markets it is now selling into have not been great. I hope some lessons are learnt, and quickly

  544. Hey, look at the silver lining. Notion Ink got lot more publicity 😉

    Jokes apart, hope the lessons are learnt and Notion Ink comes out stronger. Best wishes for the Adam to be a roaring success!!!

  545. People have brought this up, and what I read is last year Rohan was given a space in the Nvidia booth and demonstrated there. so he may be invited again and not his own space.

    There’s a bigger question… Where is the FCC filing of this device?? I searched their DB and found nothing submitted by Notion Ink or Notion or Rohan.

  546. Surely this is a question for DHL – who must have set the shipping price.

    NI were only trying to find a ‘global’ solution from what I have read, I don’t think they are taking a profit from the shipping costs.

  547. Rohan, you can reply to this, but not other important questions? … Why aren’t you listed on CES? Clarify storage? ??? Really?

  548. @ robin : my point exactly instead of people searching and putting this link (which is what intially inspired me to say this)
    notion ink could request short testimonials which they can proudly display on the blog and webpage …increases their reliability..especially since they are an unknown entity to non techie people. This would also dispel rumors of vaporware scam artists etc!
    I feel for the hardworking individuals who are trying to make this product it must be frankly upsetting to hear such harsh words. Testimonials may help!!!?

  549. I don’t mind a mystery feature, but we need some shots of a bunch of units and a walk through of the UI, NOT an animation of the UI, but an actual walk thru. Some advice for Rohan, if you need to keep secrets, just mask or blur them in the video with a black circle and say “secret feature”

    I think people like the secret features, but don’t sacrifice showing the rest because of it. If you need help with that, just contact me. =) I can sign an NDA.

  550. Rohan (NotionInk) nice open response to many peoples concerns, it’s good to hear… not many companies would come out with honesty like that…

    Looking forward to the new year and pre-ordering the top Adam.

  551. Also, it’s nice that you (Rohan) to admit something is wrong with your system instead of making excuse and cover up like the fruit company. I wish this company do well and delivered product as promise. Best of luck.

  552. google announced today that all android machines witch support 1.6 or higher will get market acces.