Hello All,

We have found a lot of people asking us, whether they can go ahead and buy Adam from these Chinese Suppliers/Distributors/etc. The answer is no. No one other than Notion Ink Channel Partner can sell these devices, and if you are getting one, it is 1000% fake.

So, be cautious and ask for images, videos first (And I bet, you wont find one)!

Regards All

119 thoughts on “Disclaimer!

  1. πŸ™‚
    Its time make 3D holograms for ADAM !!! differentiating ORIGINAL from fake one πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Rohan
    wonder what these chinese model called ADIM or ADEM or edam πŸ™‚
    But this implies ADAM is already so famous that u can save MONEY, which you may have kept for TV and other advertisement and reduce THAT 25$ in the prices of ADAM; which you have mentioned in your earlier post.:)

  3. Just a short question and quite a specific one. I plan to buy the notion ink adam tablet but I need to order it in 2010 due to budget constraint. Do you think it will be possible here in Europe?

  4. We’re all excited to be able to buy the real thing soon(ish)!

    Best of luck with getting the model to the FCC.


  5. hi all !
    in simpler times one could have just said ” imitation is the best form of flattery ” ! but neither are we living in simpler times nor is this a 3rd class prank. it is more of 3rd rate actually.
    well, be cautious and ” discretion is indeed the better part of valor “.

    regards to all

  6. May we ask YOU for images, videos, etc. ?? πŸ™‚
    Any news on who will be Notion Ink Channel Partners?
    BTW, the Olive and Samsung Tab are closing in on you. Hope you’ll have finished products on the IFA!!

  7. Hi,

    i really looking forward for the release of adam tablet. I followed it for a while now and imho its a great device, as I far as I can tell from the specs. I got a few questions and i hope you will answer them ^^.

    1. Are there any videos of the people behind the Adam tablet :)?.
    2. When will you release a SDK (if any) and will it include an emulator?
    3. Can you switch between Pixel Qi and TFT mode with software switch?
    4. Are there any new infos of the price?



  8. Can we have an update on the User Interface, and when that will be coming please Shravan. Updates are still to scarce.

  9. Thanks for the warning. But I have several freinds who do business with the Chinese and have more than once found that their own supplier has knocked them off so you be careful too!

  10. Thanks for the warning but I have a collegue who does business with the Chinese and found that his own supplier had knocked his product off! So you be cautious too!

  11. {sad puppy}!! well actually i didnt know the Chinese already started to copy the notion ink already! so any updates if FCC review by november is possible?

  12. btw, i’m surprise there havent been any pictures or video leak yet! even the ipad, iphone 4g, samsung tab, and at least a dozen android phones have been leaked! so what’s your secret Rohan :O!!?!?!

  13. Thanks for the warning, Rohan, now we will know better than to be buying knock-offs!

    In all seriousness, we are all eagerly awaiting the release, so no need for disclaimers. I say, if anyone is as stupid as to give money for a fake prior to any official release, then they deserve what they get…

    So let them go ahead, while you focus on getting a great product out!


  14. Not a related comment but triggered by a comment against this post. I am flat broke for the year and I still owe my wife an Iphone but if you guys build it I promise I will buy.

    I am damn sure I dont need a tablet right now but just for the heck of supporting your monumental efforts and to satisfy my personal vendetta . My wife is an apple fanatic (warned me should would divorce me at the drop of a hat for Steve jobs) so this is personal πŸ™‚

    Cant wait to max out my credit cards!


  15. I would certainly buy Chinese Adam if i don’t get my NI Adam before this year πŸ™‚
    FCC- does rest of the world needs it?

  16. I like this idea.

    Can you show us the people behind ADAM. All the engineers and team working to make this fantastic product? May be we can have a glimpse of your new office in BLR.

  17. Guys… Any chance of getting the developers version sooner than November? I am working on a for-profit educational software and already considering ADAM as the base platform for that. The form factor and versatility of ADAM should make it the perfect device for my application.

    As for knock-offs – I don’t think you guys have to worry about cheaper knock-offs. Your technology is quite unique and I’m sure would be hard to replicate.

    Eagerly awaiting the release!



  18. Thanks for the warning, but frankly you’d have to be really stupid to go for those before an actual product is ever realeased.

    From what I heard you won’t even receive a bad imitation, more like a box of used clothes.

    After release it’ll be another story. “It’s fallen from the truck” anyone?

    Keep up the good work. I’d really love to see a video of the new UI.

  19. I have been following the Adam since I first heard about it. If there’s already a chinese knock-off even before the release, I really believe this thing is really going to take off. I wish you guys were a public company so I could invest and get super rich off of this (as modern-day “apple” start-up.) Can’t wait for the Adam, Adam 2, Eve, and whatever else is up your sleeves!

  20. olivepad has already launched in india and now samsung galaxy tablet on 2nd sep. usa ..hurry up bro. otherwise your future is in dark…..and yea forgot to mention abt. toshiba….

  21. I think it’s kind of obvious as the final version hasn’t even been submitted to the FCC but it’s good to see that you warn against fraudulent sites (you normally see that kind of service from the large companies). It would be great if upon release you listed your channel partners. Also maybe a section on your site where one could ask about x site to see if you know if they might be a legit subsidiary, re-seller, bootleg/knock-off or whatnot.

    I also hope the Adam makes an appearance at IFA (in other words… next week).

    Keep on doing what you’re doing =) And I look forward to more updates (especially of the happy kind).

  22. Rohan,

    Pl post some new unseen images,videos of adam.i am crossing each day on calander n eagerly waiting for Adam release.

  23. @HUELK

    >1. Are there any videos of the people behind the Adam tablet ?.
    I think Rohan has got photos of himself handling the Adam, and he’s probably on film too. You’ll need to check Engadget & Gizmodo & TechCrunch & other tech news sites.

    >2. When will you release a SDK (if any) and will it include an emulator?
    I’m pretty sure Genesis is their SDK/platform. It’s shipping with more or less stock Android, just with some customizations on the GUI. Hopefully Ubuntu (and debian?) is still supported.

    >3. Can you switch between Pixel Qi and TFT mode with software switch?
    PixelQi screens can switch with backlight on/off… when it’s off, it’s a power-hungry e-ink (140hrs+ battery life; better than 10 hours but not 2 weeks or more) and when it’s on it’s more or less an LCD (~16 hours for the adam. probably looks like a TN panel.)

    >4. Are there any new infos of the price?
    Last we heard:
    399 for LCD/Wifi/GPS
    449 for LCD/Wifi/GPS/3G OR PQ/Wifi/GPS
    498 for PQ/Wifi/GPS/3G

  24. Its a great thing that a nonreleased device its going Shanzai, its mean you are already famous lol.

  25. Hey Rohan,

    Can’t wait to lay my hands of the original one. Something that’s been bothering me is the post-sales support that you would be providing here in India or elsewhere. What’s prompting me to ask this is because “our” company is a start-up. Guess you must have already thought on this one. Would like to know more of your plans on the tech-support front. Looking forward to hear from you on this.

    Congrats on a wonderful product.



  26. do not take out 25$ from the Adam’s price! Just offer free shipping to anywhere. That would be awesome. I can’t wait to put my hands on This beautiful tablet! I live in eastern Europe so i do not want to travel to UK or Germany only to buy Adam, that is why i said that free shipping would be awesome! Still waiting some new vids with the Adam!

  27. hey, rohan.

    any thoughts about introducing the finalized product to the world at the IFA next week? even if you don’t respond to this comment, i’d be watching the event enthusiastically. a lot of tablets are supposed to appear over there, and the ADAM is the right one to put’em all where they belong… the recycle bin!

    awaiting patiently in israel.

  28. I really you manage to come out on time with this exciting device as many are now popping out (check out the new teaser site from samsung for the galaxy tab)

  29. Will there be investor options for individuals in the future. As soon as ADAM is released and proven to be real I would definitely like to invest in Notion Ink. I’m from the United States

  30. Adam looks gorgeous (yes, I know, this sounds ambiguous ;)). The specs are promising.
    I’m really looking forward to see it here in Germany, so I can decide if I buy it or not. From not having seen Adam in action, only by looking at it’s design, I can’t imagine not buying it…

  31. hey guy am studying in indai right now after you pass the fcc would the tablet be release in india.??????

  32. hey guy am a student in india will you guy release ur tablet here after you pass the fcc

  33. Rohan thanks for the warning, but surely people should know that the second its available you’ll be spamming this blog with the great news, so anything prior to that is obviously illegal.

    Having said that I’m with jadefalcon (August 24, 2010 at 16:36) above, be careful Rohan, nobody wants to see all your fantastic work ripped off by some unscrupulous mongrels.

    Mind you, it was funny to me to see the iped rip off, but that’s just because I’ve disliked apple since about 1984 when an apple IIe “printed” to the disk controller in slot #1 instead of printing data to the printer in slot #6. I think the IIe thought it knew best and dictated how to handle the situation – at least apple learned its lesson and nowadays they don’t try to control the user’s every move and restrict what he can do and at least nowadays apple don’t try to control every application path and method of connection or delivery. I’m so glad that apple don’t strangle their users with layers upon layers of control.

    oh… wait…

    No – my mistake,

    apple still suck.

  34. Rohan,pls tell you will lauch ADAM in China.
    I hope I can own an this product which I paid attention closely to.
    As far as I known, there are not so many fake Adams in China, Copy the style of ipad is more popular.

    I never expect I could get one from the Suppliers. I tend to buy a formal one.
    Both China and Inida are great markets. So pls let Chinese people enjoy your amazing device!

  35. iDam. Oohlala…

    *runs away from Apple police heard running from the distance*

    Disclaimer: Adam > ………. iPad.

  36. Indeed. What are your plans for tech support? While it’s unavoidable, what are our options for damaged products, both newly bought and after being treasured after a long time?

  37. This is actually a great idea, Innoversal (another tablet maker who plans to use pixel qi screens) has a youtube channel on its operation.

    Although its still a prototype (like Adam), it is good to see a hands on from the official manufacturers.

    The people get back to most of the questions asked too!

  38. really heartening to see such a vibrant community of Adam lovers already !

    one suggestion for the manufacturers:

    PLEASE DONOT GO IN FOR ANY ADVERTISEMENT OR PUBLICITY, just normal online or POP sales just as a small reward for geeks like us who have been chasing and dreaming abt it like a hot chick in a mini skirt..lol

    I can tell u for sure,once its in a few hands..the word of mouth will inundate u with inquiries and orders ! so plz consider this seriously !

    thanx and Kudos for ur amazing work..I feel immensely proud to be Indian when i hear abt u guys !

  39. I’m an {TRUE} Inkie!
    anything else is just a Winkie. (a wanna be Inkie) haha.

  40. One very important question for the Notion Ink Gang.
    In US is there going to be any tie-up with data plans with Cell-phone services like AT&T or TMobile. This info will be very useful, coz there are many people like me who are thinking of phones like Samsung Captivate which will lock up their abilitiy for a new contract.
    If you guys can tell if there is going to be any data-plan that may be necessary and which is the carrier you are tying up with? This will be very useful for deciding on the contract to continue with for now .. please help us out here πŸ™‚

  41. Hey Rohan,

    Do you think the ADAM might have the option of a better resolution camera in the future? Almost all phones come with a base of a 3 MP camera, and having a 5 MP on the ADAM would truly mean it’s covered every single base

  42. I heard Google is making a tablet. There are rumors that they might use Nvidia Tegra 2 and ARM, can you confirm that ADAM can still out perform any tablet Google releases?

  43. Wish Notion ink updated with some new pics or clips of Adam.
    Recently the search cloud size getting larger for EePad, Slate, Samsung, Wepad, galaxy pad….!
    Make use of popular platforms, Facebook itself can do a lot!
    At this phase, the crowd is looking for new pictures, screenshots, some briefe functional descriptions…Countdowns..!

  44. Even though this sounds gay, I’d have to say it. I like Adam!!!

    My wife will kill me when Eve is released. What the heck… I’ll say it. I love Eve!!

  45. Just curious, how is it relevant? I am not aware of any plan where your cellphone (voice + data) plan has anything to do with your tablet (etc.) plan. Except maybe for the possibility of wi-fi tethering, but that’s a whole different story.

    Did I miss something? How are cellphone and tablet contracts in any way related? I am asking because I think it would be perfectly natural to have some kind of joint plan (paying for two full plans is a bit of an overkill), but I am just not aware of its existance.

    FYI, according to the Wikipedia article, the Adam 3G bands seem to be compatible with AT&T and not T-mob, but I don’t think that’s official (on the other hand if you are a young company trying to launch their first product it would make sense to put the correct info on Wikipedia). GPRS & EDGE should work with any provider, globally.

  46. This may be one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever seen. If he guarantees this he’s lying, because he can’t possibly know the performance of the Google tablet.

  47. Levpius,

    I was just looking into this as well…The Adam will support a SIM card which, I believe, will be part of the GSM network. Currently AT&T and T-Mobile are on the GSM network. I looked into plans for it and it seems an average price to get a SIM card activated for the Adam would be around $60 a month. That would cover data and voice for the Adam. There may also be ways to “swap” your current SIM card from your phone to the Adam, but further research may be necessary.

    The link listed below shows carriers and their voice tech:


    Hope this helps out,

  48. Release it plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! and plzz do some advertisement across globe………I really want this one to be a star in tech world…and it will be…..cheers πŸ™‚

  49. Hi

    I’m very interested in this device and I’m already waiting for the day I can buy this device in the netherlands.
    But will it come with stylus support so I can take notes with it?

    Also fix your .com because its broke.


  50. Hi,
    Well I dont know if anyone is going to answer this.. Do you really need FCC approval to launch the product in India ? Or is it just another excuse ! Is the product ready at all to launch? I am in Bangalore… its been a long wait! Getting tired !

  51. Hi Rohan & Team,

    I am sure you all guys are working very hard to make this product a reality and big success and we all wish you best of luck. Like many I have been following your blog for some time now and are very excited. After following your product for some time i have some concerns about the business strategy:

    1. As we understand ADAM will be reviewed by FCC (USA) in November. well i don’t know how long they take but it looks like you are going to miss the Thanksgiving season, a big season where people like to buy gadgets like these. it is start of holiday season where many companies launch their product. is there a way you can push it bit fast?

    2. So far your marketing or buzz is being centered around blogs and some tech websites etc I wonder why you haven’t pushed this buzz in mass electronic media. Remember followers like us are not going to feed your bottom like it is the mass that builds the brand.

    3. I request you (may be you are about to do), please do excellent PR and marketing of your product both in India and USA. so far no review on shows like TechGuru etc. No buzz in USA media, your competitor is Apple, how you will compete with such big spin machine without reaching out to non apple people.

    4. India has great marketing wizards please hire some to market it and same for USA market, at least in this part of world nothing sells without buzz.

    5. Reach out to IIM alumni they can help..

    i have some non conventional ideas of creating buzz for USA market if you like to know please write to me.

    Last, I would be very happy if you have already chalked out strategies for above and working on them.

    best wishes,

  52. I mostly agree. But you should still make a very cool promo video showing people what the Adam tablet can do. Then the video can spread around and all the tech blogs will feature it. Some TV news channels get stuff from blogs too so you might get featured on TV as well.

  53. Yes! we have “notion ink chinees”.

    Wow, that is one messed up ad they’ve got going there.

    Rip off ipad, but using Notion Ink name to sell it. Crazy!

  54. Dear Rohan , it will be nice if u launch Adam at navratri in India means around first week of october. It will be good for its sales also , as 50% of white goods r sold in festive season in India. That means from navratri , Dussehra up to Diwali. So hurry up. All the best. Eagerly waiting for Adam. I am keeping rs 25000 seperate for this sale. Thanks.

  55. Rohan, Concentrate on your product and stop worrying about knock offs. I still have not seen a good 3rd party verification of your product. All you have shown is a demo and gifs and you are worry about knockoffs ? Sounds like your schedule is not going well and you are trying to find distractions.

  56. sunchicax,

    what you said does make sense in many ways “How are cellphone and tablet contracts in any way related?”

    Let me tell where I was coming from;
    Adam is capable of making calls from sim card(my assumption ?). If that is true, then it is also a cell-phone(arguably).
    On the same token Samsung Captivate is also be called a tablet(arguably).

    So now if Adam has a tieup with AT&T that makes it free ( πŸ™‚ ) with new phone line from AT&T, I will grab it.

    For some vague reason, I hope Adam does not have any tie-up strings to make it more affordable … what do you think?

  57. your line sounds interesting ” ways to β€œswap” your current SIM card from your phone to the Adam”

    Wonder how they would that conveniently.

    My assumption was that, in the future to accommodate these things, carriers like AT&T may start offering say 2 sim cards for one phone-line: only one simcard will be active at any one given moment.

  58. Jimmy,

    Put in another way a ‘pushy’ Julker is saying this:
    “Rohan, can you tell us the that you think Adam will be able to stay ahead of its peers for quite some time after it is released” Cheers πŸ™‚

  59. I have not seen a key feature that is going to be critical to use of the Adam and other Android products by the business community, the ability to mark up and index Adobe PDF documents and use the markups and index on the tablet and in Adobe on a windows based computer. I have found a product that meets that need on an IPAD but not on android.


  61. What I find funny about your statement: “be cautious and ask for images, videos first” is that we have been asking you the exact same thing and we haven’t gotten any from you either!

  62. Is August over yet?

    I want to be into the “Ember” and “Ober” months! πŸ˜€

    Man, can’t wait to get this tablet.

  63. It’s a good question, does all the world need FCC? I don’t understand it so much.

  64. Well put. Its been what, six months since the last video? Even if its just a video of one of the creators holding a powered down Adam, elaborating on what they’ve done in the last few months and what they look forward to in the near future, I’d be satisfied. And every image we’ve seen in the interim has been a render if I’m not mistaken! This may be a superior product to many that will be released around the same time frame, but I just don’t see it making a dent on the market. Considering the pre-launch marketing and updates, I don’t have high expectations for post-launch marketing or press. I’m ok with that though; as long as I have one in my hands and the company releases regular software updates and holds to their promises I’ll be happy being one of the lucky few.

    Post-release customer care is really my only concern right now. I can wait for the release. I can handle a product of similar quality or a Gingerbread tablet being released shortly after the Adam (as long as the Gingerbread update comes in a timely manner to Adam). Thats gadget life for ya. But if NI cannot come through on the customer care end of things once I’m a paying customer I’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

    I know what you mean by your post though. At the same time, Mr Shravan is only saying if it doesn’t come directly from the horses mouth you cant believe it. The problem is, this horse is out grazing and we’re all left here at the fence waiting for him to return…

  65. That’s why it has a microsd slot. As well as being able to plug an external drive into it. This allows you to have more storage than the Ipad. I’ve got an old laptop drive that I put all my music on. Nice and small and can plug it into the ADAM.

  66. My advice, you need someone professional to communicate with the world. You appear to be a techie, and not someone who can professionally and effectively communicate – more like a rookie. You are not doing yourself a favor. Please take my comments in a positive light.

    Wish you all the best.

  67. I really love the idea of Adam, and have followed each step of the development and every bit of information with growing impatience…
    But to be honest, I think Adam will miss the market.
    Until the end of the year, most people that really want a tablet will have one.
    The ones that buy next year will probably look for the more advanced tablets coming out then, or for the next generation that will probably have more specific features of some kind.
    I was really looking forward for this, but the schedule was just totally missed.
    What a pity

  68. By Q42010, Android3.0 Gingerbread will be out. Adam would be upgradable?
    Somebody making a dual boot (android/win) pad too!
    Better now than late!

  69. This is the first time i am commenting on the site. I have been following all the posts and comments ever since i heard about Adam.

    It is nice to see so many of you including me very excited about this tablet. And many of you have been pestering the company to post more and release more info. I am sure the company is thrilled to know that it has such a strong following.

    But, I must say some of the comments have been immature and posted without much thought. Looking at every other tablet coming out in competition to iPad one can very clearly see that all of them are trying to ape the iPad. It is almost like they decided thats how a tablet should look like and thats what people would like in a design.

    Adam on the other hand has been unique in its approach to the design and features they are bringing to their tablet. That is what i think will SET THEM APART and people will notice that.

    I am very curious to see more images, video , etc of the tablet but at the same time i understand that a company has to be careful how much it reveals especially the unique features that differentiate it from other pretenders to iPad.

    So, i feel that we should let NotionInk some breathing room here and not be pressured with repeated requests.

    Just my view….

    Cheers to the Adam creators and their bold new way of looking at tablet!!

  70. Just noticed on your site regarding the storage space on the ADAM. While the ‘specifications’ say that it is 16/32GB eMMC, the ‘TECHNOLOGY’ link that describes the Accelerometer, NVIDIA processor, HD playback and STORAGE says that it comes in 4,16 and 32 GB variants. Is this a mistake or do we really have a 4GB model ?

  71. @levpius

    I find it difficult to imagine Adam will be sold and subsidized as a phone. I mean, one can imagine using it w/ a headset for an occasional phonecall, but as a standard phone? Any company that offers that would be ridiculed. As an example of a ‘similar’ device (tablet + an awkward phone everyone is laughing at, and this one is much smaller than Adam) you have Dell Streak. AT&T is subsidizing $250 off the device price, in exchange for 2yr contract. The plans you can choose for it:

    Honestly, I don’t want to have my tablet subsidized by a mobile provider. One might save some money up front, but I find the flexibility I would be giving up worth more than that. There will not be much choice in terms of GSM providers in the US it seems, but one can use USB internet dongle to connect to Sprint or Verizon. Not an ideal option (the point of a tablet computer being to have something that is always on and connected without the need to plug in an extra thingy), but well, we are still at an infancy of both tablet computer and mobile internet technology. Things will get better with time.

    My ideal mobile internet plan would be a prepaid arrangement along these lines: buy X GB of data for $Y (this is not a Perl scalar, I just mean Y dollars ;)), and you have say a year to spend it. The more GB you buy, the cheaper (per GB) they get. End of story. No contractual obligations, no “one size fits all” plans, no BS. You pay for what you consume (as opposed to the current situation where the customers that consume less actually subsidize those that consume more). Alas, in the US this approach is unheard of (or the prepaid prices are so high you are still better off buying one of the plans that doesn’t suit you needs), and I have no hope this will be a viable option any time soon, but anyway.

  72. But we have not seen *any* Adam apps yet, right?

    Mendeley is supposedly working on an Android app. Admittedly it is geared heavily towards academia and not business, but if annotating, tagging, sorting, synchronizing and sharing your PDFs is your goal, it will deliver. Right now they have desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux and mobile version for iPhone/iPad. Tons of people are demanding an Android app, and it seems there will be one, though we don’t know when.

  73. Dear Rohan
    I really want your product to be successful but sadly I dont really see that happening to be really frank. You probably should have targettrd the iphone instead of the ipad. Anyway thats my opinion. All the best to you friend.

  74. They definitely need to get word out to the general public. Maybe try to get on Oprah or something? Think it makes a good story. A startup in India going up against Apple and the other big boys. Show off how well Adam does as an ereader, web browser, etc.

  75. The difference is that Rohan isn’t asking for money yet. If he was asking then I’d be suspicious.

  76. I like the idea of my Adam serving as a phone… except when it won’t fit in my pocket (or make a terrible looking bulge in my pants). Still, with a bluetooth headset I think I’ll be ready to go anywhere with it in my backpack without looking funny to clueless bystanders.

  77. Adam’s role as a phone will be quite limited. Not a regular phone(if phone is something we carry around in our pockets).

  78. Hello. You are saying that you had to postpone Adam launch till Thanksgiving because the investors wanted to. What if the investors are apple by proxy. Have you thought about that. I think in December the market will be flooded with tablets. Then it all depends on the software. I hope your application store be updated on a regular basis. If i buy an adam i will be worried about the web support, because till now you have shown a lot of immaturity by hiding yourself. I used to follow you on facebook but that is gone, u dont update it. Man i have seen 3 year olds having dozens of videos on youtube and even blogs. If you want to sell your product why dont you hire a software guy in india to promote your product. You should look what happened to Joojoo and wepad. you can,t compare with apple by doing things at a snails pace.

  79. Looks like you’ve created an absolutely terrific product. I’m really looking forward to purchasing mine as soon as they are available. Yup, it’s gonna be a winner!

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