Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Introducing Genesis!
In the next few weeks, get ready to become a part of the project code-named: Genesis. To redefine the very DNA of the Adam. With the power of creation at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.Go beyond anything that you have designed till now, and challenge the very fringes of your imagination. With two processors, a crystal clear screen and multi-touch technology at your disposal, you will set the standards for others to follow. Backed by a flawless, unique and versatile UI, you can make all your ideas come to life, be it for work, or for play.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your idea engines, get those creative juices flowing, because the best will get the fastest access!

Click here if you have issues with the viewing this email!

This is a flyer which went out to 100s of developers in the last couple of days.


Update: Reading few comments I realised not all know how to get access to the Project Genesis. Here is all what you need to do! Send in an email to relations [at]


206 thoughts on “Fasten Your Seat Belts!

  1. Hi Rohan,

    Thanks for the updates!

    I’m wondering if you’re already working with third party accessory makers to produce accessories for the adam (cases, sleves, etc).

    looking forward! Remember to list Malaysia as one of your shipping options!

  2. hi rohan,

    Your near to final design of Adam is brilliant and more awesome than the one you showed in the last year’s exhibition…great work…keep it up..The whole INDIA IS PROUD OF YOU.

  3. Wow! I can’t wait to see this released. You guys are definitely putting a lot more time into it than all these other manufactures that are rushing everything and putting out a half-assed product just to make money.

  4. WOW as soon as i saw the mail, i came here to see an update and there it was, although am not a professional developer but i am definitely going to design some kick ass games for Adam. Man i am really exited to get started, for now am studying 3D max and unreal engine because i heard that nvedia tegra 2 supports unreal engine.
    Please don’t let Android become a limiting factor for the graphics because its based on Java. i really hope that Adam would turn out to be the next psp edition.

    And also please Don’t forget to make video tutorials for guys like me out there, who want to develop but don’t know where to start, that’s also one of the reasons that apple has so many apps in its app store.

  5. Hi Rohan,

    I’m really curious to have a glimpse at that UI layer over Froyo you keep hinting about. Can we have some pictures or a video perhaps (it’s been a while no one has seen video of it in action)? Pretty please ;-)?

    Excellent job by the way and thanks for the updates.

  6. When i saw the title, ‘Fasten Your Seat belts’.. I got immediately shifted to top gear. 😀

    Great Update, Thanks.

    ADAM All the Way!

  7. I came here to see an update and there it was(really glad that you are regularly updating us on the ongoings), although am not a professional developer but i am definitely going to design some kick ass games for Adam. Man i am really exited to get started, for now am studying 3D max and unreal engine because i heard that nvedia tegra 2 supports unreal engine.
    Please don’t let Android become a limiting factor for the graphics because its based on Java. i really hope that Adam would turn out to be the next psp edition.

    And also please Don’t forget to make video tutorials for guys like me out there, who want to develop but don’t know where to start, that’s also one of the reasons that apple has so many apps in its app store.

  8. I like the way that you are now starting to ramp-up the (viral?) marketing – with more frequent blog updates, dripping us information. I am looking forward to the UI blog mentioned in another posting, and will certainly be willing to give my feedback.

    As another poster also said … how about a poll of the proposed models to see where people would be willing to buy.

    Please don’t forget France when you open up for pre-ordering.

  9. I am happy to see that there you still have an enthused audience but having been on the Adam rollercoaster from the very beginning it;s hard to get it up. In the interim I have bought a new deskktop, notebook an an E-reader. I will stay informed and look at the 2nd generation. Best regards and, if and when it comes out, it will be a success.

  10. This looks fantastic, Notion Ink Team!

    Looking forward to getting the sdk and playing around with it a bit.

    There are great tutorials online for people just starting on developing. I’ll see if I can track them down and post them shortly….

    Everything is looking super fine! 🙂

  11. Now I am counting the day I am going to throw out my two laptops replacing by Adam. I can’t wait ! Looks Great!

  12. Sorry double posted by mistake moderators can delete the above post as well as this one.

  13. Thanks for listening, Rohan. Good job.

    Manish (August 18, 2010 at 17:15) said, the WHOLE of INDIA IS PROUD OF YOU, but I would beg to differ. I’ve seen UK, USA, India, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Europe in general, people from various Asian countries, in short the WHOLE WORLD waiting for Adam. You have made a truly unique product.

    To those who cry “vapourware”, we (the faithful enthusiastic followers) might look stupid for raving about a product that hasn’t hit the shelves yet, but I can assure you we are having more fun than you and when Adam arrives we will have enjoyed not just the destination but also the journey.

    Rohan and Notion Ink, you ROCK !

    P.S. @Dan Wade (August 18, 2010 at 17:10) Good news friend, yes it will play music and movies, that’s what the stereo speakers, super fast screen refresh, and HDMI outputs are for!

  14. I’m pretty sure it will. There is an old demo video that shows it playing a movie and music is pretty simple comparatively.

  15. Really EXCITED to kno Genesis’ gonna b launched Pretty Soon
    Gr8 Tag-line for the Post – “Fasten ur Seat Belts”.. It jz gave a Rush that Somethin’s Comin n comin Pretty Fast nw 🙂 🙂
    I hope i contribute to it too..Will try gaining some Knowledge about Android-based progamming till its Actually here
    Though it ll really b GoooD if you can give some Video tut.s or somethin for a Starter 🙂

    Btw..Jz read at Multiple places that you re gonna launch in the States first n come to India after that!!
    Really don’t think that’s anywhere Fair..

  16. Rohan, its fantastic that you have managed to keep interest this hih for this long. this means you have a killer product which people can sense. really hope the independance day version was a hint at different color options. adds a nice layer of customization. also, in the first video with slashgear, you showed off some drawings of the UI don’t think it would hurt if you uploaded those images (or newer ones!). we are dying to see that stuff. we will also let you know if we don’t like something ;P can’t wait for this device. also working on app idea.

  17. Very exciting news Rohan. I wish I was a developer because, like I said in a previous post, I would love to be part of this from inception. The new design is very nice and I am looking forward to testing this baby toward the end of the year….Thanks for the update…

  18. Nice job, Rohan! I hope that there are not hundreds but thousands of developers who start developing with you guys! I’m so excited for Adam to be released, and I’m very happy to see the frequency of your updates increasing.

    Also, based on the verbage of the flyer, it appears as though either your English has dramatically improved, or you have hired someone else to handle the semantics and minute details of your marketing materials. This is a great move! (I hope you understand that I intend no offense whatsoever.) Presentation, as you know, is a key part in the success of any product, and you are drastically improving that impression, my friend!

    Now, all we need is a few more pics (preferably, a 360-degree view) and some NEW hands-on videos showing off that “flawless, unique and versatile UI!”

    Eagerly antici………pating!


  19. a few friends of mine are looking forward buying an adam – and it seems that the adam-fever has infected me, too…

    can’t wait to see the new apps, designed for the adam.
    it’s been the worst con on all the other android-tablets – why shoud i use it instead of my milestone, the apps are exactly the same and the resolution too.
    the adam is the first real tablet.

    @arveen: not (only) the chipset has to be supported by the unreal engine, the OS has to be supported,too.
    android supports opengl es 2.0 and therefore it also might be supported by UE.
    furthermore, google provides an ndk (native developement kit), so you can develope apps in c++ with direct hardware-access ( via opengl etc) instead of java (but, java on android isn’t equal to java by oracle…).

  20. I don’t know, there is no time to Adam arrive in January of 2011. We’re in the mid-August and has not yet started work on the Genesis. I’m really sad, I only want a tablet with the great pixel qi screen.

  21. My daughter told me about your ADAM as she was excited which after seeing the videos and the specs I too became excited. Both of us are going to buy so we’re both looking forward to the launch of the next revolution in Tablets.

  22. Just a few questions:

    * Is a hobbyist programmer who is still quite new to android eligible to the benefits of an app developer?

    * When will the SDK go public?

    * Is there going to be an IDE which runs on the Adam itself?

    Thanks in advance to whoever answers these questions, and great many thanks for developing this awesome product!

  23. I had many reasons to love India. Now, I have a big one for modern India.
    Please, list Greece as one of your shipping options

  24. We need more information now!!! I can’t wait to see what the Genesis platform can do. Is there any way for non-developers to take a peek at the SDK just so we can see what feature NI is planning on adding to the Adam?

  25. Hi Rohan,
    Though not literally ‘Made in India’ but ‘Made by Indian’ is what makes Adam rock! Awesome man…. waiting to buy one asap. Alles gute.

  26. you should hurry up…
    32GB SSD… eMMC (embeded) is a real nogo…
    Why didnt you integrate an internal “Usb-Chamber” accessible from outside , like the designers of the Kohjinsha DZ did. it would have made decisions like 4g/3g, AGps/Gps, b/g b/g/n, dvb-t, … obsolete and Adam would have been easily upgradeable / customizeable in a very cheap and individual way…(just an idea…)
    Since there is no handwrite-recognition for linux (esp. not for capacitive touchscreens ignoring the palm) i hope there will be a focus on “a genesis”.
    Good luck for You and Adam..I`d really really like to see it become real(Eva can keep her apple…).

  27. Hi Rohan!

    How does one become a Developer for making Adam apps? How can one download the SDK and become part of the Genesis? Please let me know.

    Also, please do not forget to put “Designed In India”, though the “Made In XYZ” may be different.

    One more thing, the advertising/marketing campaign will really have to be very slick, considering that it’s biggest competitor is Ipad which is uber cool and and shown as full of possibilities. Adam having more features will have to match or exceed the way it sets expectations in people’s mind, via the ads. I suppose with Reliance Industries backing you folks (or so we hear), I hope you have access to good advertising dollars in the US Media.

    I have an Ipad, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Adam. I hope you make a similar or better Notion Ink/Adam ecosystem. Make it all seamless and easy for all. For, that’s where Apple succeeds more than their device itself. There’s a lot to learn from Apple and there’s no harm in treading a know path and then make one’s own too.

    Lastly, I have a few suggestions on how/when you reveal the product. I have often seen you wearing a backpack in the Conferences/Exhibitions. Why not make it your signature. Always have it on or with you. It will signify your Young Exuberance and you can keep people guessing as to what else (other products – Eve, etc.), you may pull out next (in due course)? Kind of how Steve Jobs always wears Black. Coz, I believe once Adam succeeds you are going to be the next Golden Boy in the Tech/Gadget World.

    Good Luck !!

  28. I really hope they find a way to utilize the true power of nvedia tegra 2 and having support for unreal engine would really attract a lot of gamers towards this device maybe they can design a new booting option which is specifically for gaming in case android doesn’t support unreal engine.
    Please guys seriously consider this as an option if your programmers have some spare time.
    Coz having games like unreal tournament 3 on Adam can easily mean at least half a million more sales for Adam.

  29. Btw, you guys mentioned at some point that Adam would also support Chromium OS and Ubuntu(but I don’t care about this one). Are you still going to support Chromium OS somehow? At least you should make it easy for others to “hack” it and make Chromium OS work on it.

    I don’t want to choose between an Android tablet and a Chrome OS one, because Android is going to offer more functionality and other cool stuff, while Chrome OS is going to be the best for web browsing.

  30. Great News! but you got to be kidding about the 100,000/month manufacturing capacity…with the kind of buzz it looks like we will have to wait for months before we get our hands on it :(….

  31. Great! So excited! Keep the update coming. I will be buying one as soon as it is available!

  32. I was wondering how amateur programmers will be able create something for the Adam? My friend and have some ideas and would love to have access to the Genesis project. Let me know how !

  33. I am hoping you plan on releasing you SDK along with the start of the Genesis project. I am very excited about the “sketchbook” apps that will happen now that we have 10″ of screen space to play in. Just imagine the precision that you can get out of a QI screen… good stuff. Thank you all for opening roads in technology and art!

  34. Expect to be working with msoffice and autodesk drawing files away from home. This unit may be the best tool around to optimise time and reporting functionality. Hope Australia is one of the launch countries

  35. Hi, Rohan!
    Thanks for updating!

    I’m very excited.
    Can Adam run Kindle for Android?
    If so , adam will be the best Kindle reader.

    I’m a professional developer for Android.
    I can help you localizing Adam into japanese!
    If you need any help, contact me please.

    In japan, e-schoolbook project is ongoing.
    Adam can dominate the market!
    So please don’t forget Japan!
    The japanese welcome you with open arms!

  36. I’ve been following your steps since the first article from news at CES this year came out, so I’m rooting out for you guys!

    While I’m trying my best to keep my impatience in check, I do hope you have a public announcement about the official sale date and price soon.

    And don’t forget to ship to Japan and the Philippines, too; I’d be willing to advocate your product to all of my colleagues myself!

  37. Hi Rohan,

    Would like to know whether you have any plans for adam’s accessories devices. I have an idea for bluetooth dongle (kind of Adam’s sidekick) for projecting video and other stuff. Let me know, i can write to you regarding this.

  38. Perhaps I have somehow overlooked it, but I cannot seem to locate a way to signup for the developer SDK. How do I signup? If developers are getting email flyers there must be a mailing list to be notified of SDK release…

  39. Hi , great to hear that!!!keep it up Rohan.well I’m not a developer , but still can share some Ideas or thought .I think in this whole Pixel Qi stuffs!! we have almost forgotten the strength of Adam as portable game its time to WAKE up to make ADAM as potential Game player.
    IMAGINE PLAYING GAME ON HD SCREEN using ADAM (Hope ADAM will be able to out put application also in HD on TV and not like Ipodtouch or Ipad)
    Rohan please tell us WE can replace PSP with this.

  40. Plz don’t show ui to general public. I want to be surprised when i see it in my hands. Although android on droid and xperia x10 is good but i’ve very low feeling on Adam whether android could match the hardware capabilities of the device. My problem with droid is applications can be installed only on phone memory. I don’t understand why i can’t install on my memory card. So if its like that adam should’ve plenty of inbuilt memory(2-8gb) and 16-64 gb external memory

  41. They won’t be able to put out a video or pictures of the UI until they get a patten for it.

  42. I pay 800$ to ship now, withdout certificates, and as it is now. I only want a pixel qi tablet! I’m joking, but I think lot’s of people think the same.

  43. Please NO stylus. That would mean a different screen touch technique. Which I think is not working!

  44. The Change!(Posted in Uncategorized by Rohan Shravan on July 12, 2010 )
    “…….I think you might have heard about Google Tablet. In time to come we all would know what Notion Ink might have to do with it!……”

    I’m still curious what was that about?

  45. But a stylus don’t mean a digitizer ! With just a capacitive stylus you can’t do nothing (no drawing, no scketching, no writting) because you can’t pu the palm of your hand on the screen.

    So please a digitizer even if it’s not the best, pressure sensitive, extra-accurate wacom-like… Just a simple digitizer so we can write and take note in classroom.

    Come on it’s not expensive and it’s a true and unique feature against your concurrent !

  46. Stephen said, on August 19, 2010 at 03:32
    I found a PREORDER site for the Notion Ink Adam

    Is this a legit site to be preordering????

    << LOL !!

    It is quite interesting to see how the buzz is going around for the device so far, since the first day of the news broke out on !!
    Looks promising, but .. entering into such a market with Device from APPLE holding the pole position already is going to be a tough task (I have started to hate APPLE now).
    with all these rumors/delays … nothing but ..EXPECTATIONS and DEMANDS have reached the ultimate level.

    I wish you and your TEAM the best of luck and hope you keep the promise and would definitely not want all of us to feel disappointed by anything.

    " MADE IN INDIA, MADE BY AN INDIAN. " That's the only good reason enough for me to make me buy this ADAM.


  47. Great. I cant wait.

    Will Adam have embeded FM transmiter ? This could be very nice feature for listening music.

  48. Will the Pixel Qi display be touch? I ask this because it doesn’t specify so in the specs, Pixel Qi first demoed a touch enabled screen the first of June, why the trackpad?

  49. You’re pretty damn right there. It’s a small country, maybe if just a few of us show to friends how awesome it is the word will spread all over and everyone wants to have one! A bit too optimistic maybe, but it would sure feel good to be a patriot in this.

  50. For those of you who were hoping/worried, it seems like the google tablet being launched in November news was not true

  51. folks, we need a feature freeze please!!!!!!!

    Its unbelievable how everyone is cramming around the baby and asking to make faces, do fancy tricks, be nice, do that, do this and those too and still be the Adam and still ship now and still stick to the price and beat everyone out of the market and rule the world and yet be ready with 10 other children in the next 1 year…..

    seriously Rohan, whether or not you beef up production capacity or not you need to think of one thing – a huge I mean huge team of customer support reps… I’ve a feeling folks will end up calling you guys when someone has a heart-attack asking how to get the Adam to make someone’s heart beat again!

    so the menu should read something like for medical help – press 1 and redirect it to their local country’s helpline, for kitchen accidents press 2 and redirect them to the top cuisine experts (ahhh is there a business opportunity?) press 3 if you really think the Adam is having a problem!

    PS: now in the spirit of asking the baby to do everything, can there be a feature where I yell ‘Adam keep quiet’ and it makes my 2 kids go sombre… that will save many families!

  52. Hello Rohan,

    Congratulations on the progress! I’m not a programmer, but I would like to recommend a software feature for the tablet. I call it transparent mode.

    Basically, you would have the camera turned to face the back of the tablet and shooting at 100% magnification (no zoom). The resulting video would display on the background of the screen at perhaps 50% opacity. This could be activated while people are reading an ebook or watching a video feed while walking (to prevent them from tripping or running into anything).

    A more sophisticated use of it could be combined with Google Maps, Google Shopping and Yelp reviews to add a heads-up-display with directions, historical notes, starred reviews, price comparisons, contact information and hours or operation, etc.

    In an unrelated note, I hope to see a follow-up version of the Adam with LTE capabilities here in America sometime next year. Running Android 3 and/or Chrome? Maybe it could be called Exodus, as in leaving the confines and limitations of WiFi and taking broadband with you wherever you go. I’m very excited for advanced LTE and the future of mobile computing and multimedia.

    Good luck and best wishes,

  53. Techie – I believe one of the new features of Froyo 2.2 is that it gives you the option to save to the inbuilt memory OR an sd-card. I believe you can toggle it back and forth…

    If you google Froyo, there should be a video up detailing its new features…

  54. Hi there,

    I would like to know by when will this handheld (can I call it that or is Adam fine?) be available across India (especially Ahmedabad)? I am looking forward to a very good product at a very reasonable price (one that a journo can afford).

    Hitesh K H.

  55. Hi

    I truly hope to be able to get it in Singapore or hope there is some really reliable fast online store I can pre-order. Looking Great! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies…

    Good Luck and hope to hear MORE good news soon!!


  56. Hi Rohan and all others working for Adam,

    Congrats and good wishes! we all waiting with our fingers crossed and counting down to the day that we can have Adam.
    It would be nice if people not posting comments like “made in india, made by indian” or those sound like that.We all proud of you and your team behind this great product- Adam. But those comments are not appropriate here. Hope, Rohan will soon delete those comments to keep the Global harmony here!

    For Adam, Can you think of providing Reverse-tethering of internet (share internet from lan computer through USB)? It may help people who donot have wifi or 3G.
    Or developers can think about it? That will help sale too..


  57. Does anyone know if a MiFi device can be used with the Adam instead of 3G purely for broadband/GPS [not voice] services?

    If I buy the Adam with PixelQI / Wifi Only, can I use a MiFi device to connect to the internet anywhere?

    Else wondering how to secure a data plan with the 3G version of Adam.

    Rohan & Team – May be nice to add a Frequently Asked Questions to the site as well!

    Thank you!

  58. Not just that, but you could tune into the transmission through a car audio system and use the Adam as a portable entertainment system. Actually I had been meaning to request Rohan to consider designing a car roof mount for it.

    Using the bluetooth stack won’t work for all cars / audio systems, but if the USB connection supports an attachment, it would be a good alternative. Similarly, I would also be thrilled to see someone making all these EVDO USB dongles work on Adam’s Android, so that we don’t have to get another 3G connection or buy a 3G enabled version.

  59. According to theory of relativity when something beautiful is still out of reach even a few months wait appears like a few years! Worth still!!

  60. Can we please have a small video of the device working to tell all the fans of what the evolution has been on the software front since CES. The updates and pictures are very welcoming and Adam looks great in the hardware and form factor department, but a small video would be even better as it would tell us a lot about the software. Please.


  61. Bring the adam to Europe soon guys (the whole Europe, please, don’t fragment our market, you’d only increase ebay transactions): you’ve done a great work since the CES!
    For sure the pixelQi display is the killer feature; I think I’ve seen a few months ago a pixelQi display with a wacom digitizer: Would be a great addition in the future iterations of the device.
    Keep the price as low as you can, and try to enable the access to the stock android market besides genesis, especially when gingerbread comes.
    Good luck!

  62. I know you’re new to this and all, but programmers don’t like to spend time and effort coding something that doesn’t have the slightest use. I do, however, recommend that you check out the Layar augmented reality browser. I think that will do what you are looking for.

  63. Just curious here bit the specs call for hsdpa 3g which in the US is only at&t is there going to be a cdma/evdo variant or are we stuck using at&t like the ipad

  64. it just doesn’t work this way :o)
    but UE might support android as well as webos and ios in future.
    and there are many other powerful engines for android devices… (have a look at modern combat sandstorm or tom clancys hawx, nova and many many more)

    and they run on “bad hardware” like htc hero, motorola droid/milestone and so on quite well.

  65. There is potential indeed, but this would be more of a gaming competitor for the iPad, not the PSP. That said, I do hope we’ll be seeing all sorts of gaming programs available on the Genesis too.

  66. First, I am not a developer….

    Number one would be an EASY way to log into my windows local network via
    wifi so that I can access all that storage.
    If I can do it on my modded xbox and my brite-View CinemaTube media player
    I should not have a problem with the Adam.

    Will I be able to use my ATT service to make and get calls?
    The blue tooth will keep me from holding the Adam up to my ear… 🙂

    And , of course, a way to multi-boot or alternate boot to another system from the sd card.


    Let’s start calling ourselves…




    The wife keeps asking me when my June birthday present
    is arriving…. 🙂

  67. Just a logistical issue with the trackpad in the back and its location…

    Was thinking the best placement for the trackpad is in the upper right hand corner of the unit [when you’re looking at the back of the unit].

    This way when facing the front of the unit, left handed people can use the Adam in portrait view and feel comfortable, and right handed people could easily use the unit in landscape mode and get comfortable using the trackpad…

    Just an idea!

  68. =) does that chinese letter “字” at the end suggest note taking or handwriting recognition?! The only thing that’s making me reconsider is the lack of a proper notetaking app like OneNote on MS in the android market. If you manage to nail that prob, I’m all over it!

    I look forward to seeing the final product, you have so much potential and I’m sure you’ll make good use of it!

    P.S I got so excited about your product, I just started to ramble on about how awesome it was out of no-where…

  69. Modern resistive technology is working really well. Check Samsung Galaxy S touchscreen test on YouTube.

  70. Why not make the Genesis access information public instead of we mailing you and you mailing us back?

  71. * When will the SDK go public?

    * Is there going to be an IDE which runs on the Adam itself?//

    Now that’s what i wanted to know as well….An IDE in Adam itself wud mean much more to developers 🙂

  72. They never said they would support Chromium or Ubuntu, all they said was that it will be posible to install those OS’s on the Adam. Every Adam will come with Android preinstalled. but if the comunity writes and -how to- for the instalation of anything else, NI will be fine with it.

  73. Can I sign up for testing (hardware and apps written by others), and perhaps use my mediocre programming skills to partake in app development?

  74. You should consider having cool integrations with the livescribe pen such as the pulse.

    Also leave a lot of room for apps to do cool and unimaginable things with the hardware.

    such as tiling – put 2 adams next to each other and they become aware of each other and you can pass files from one to the other using gesture. or even share screen space

    Have a private cloud for Adam users

    emulator support (may work out of the box since adroid may already have a lot of ports)

    Live Gps Navigation support – example if i am trying to work on a route from hyderabad to goa and flag myself as seeking advice – users who have previously routed the same two destinations in the recent past should anonymously be able to provide guidance.

    also i have been holding off buying an ipad because of how impressed I was with the adam demo (as have a many others) what I strongly believe is going to make or break your first outing is going to be the user experience. Apple has taught us over and over again that above all else user experience decides the game- people are willing to overlook hardware limitations to certain extents as long as the over all user and ownership experience is fresh, simple, intelligent and cool.

    I am honestly praying you guys succeed – I think Apple could do with a healthy dose of humility right about now.

    Govind Hari

  75. Hi Rohan,

    if you need a german tester I would be happy to be it 🙂
    Yesterday I have sign up for Genesis 🙂

    Hope I will hear from you. harvey186[at]


  76. it shouldn’t be a problem even sony ericscson Java based OS is able to do this 🙂

  77. Please get us teh Adam soon!! Dying to see it and work with it!! Btw, have you heard about the new e-reader from India out today called the WinkXTS?!!

  78. Hi, the Chinese letter at the end is simplified Chinese “学” (in traditional is “學”),
    which means “study”.

    I want to ask Rohan whether ADAM support Unicode, Big5, and GBK characters set??
    Can I input these three using the virtual keyboard?
    Do ADAM support stylus for input?

  79. “It would be nice if people not posting comments like “made in india, made by indian” or those sound like that.We all proud of you and your team behind this great product- Adam. But those comments are not appropriate here. Hope, Rohan will soon delete those comments to keep the Global harmony here!” — I agree

  80. I would love to get email updates about when I can pre-order this. I’m a student, and my 6+ year old laptop just isn’t cutting it anymore. The US is waiting with bated breath for the Adam. Keep up the good work guys.

  81. Willing and able tester standing by! I do a great deal of air travel as well every week. Nothing better than free word of mouth advertising right?… how about word of mouth advertising all across the US with a product in my hand that my fellow airline passengers can drool over while stuck with a four hour layover!!! No really, I’d love to contribute my knowledge to help make Adam as successful as possible.

  82. okay i did a bit of research and i think there is not reason that, unreal engine would not be supported by android 2.2 if tehra 2 can run it.
    I found a blog post which said

    The latest Unreal Engine requires OpenGL ES 2.0 which is currently supported in Android 2.0.

    and of course it would be supported by 2.2 too, unless Android somehow requires to be configured for it, but i don’t think that would be necessary.

    So great news for Adam i guess and for me too, lets make some unreal games….

  83. Since Rohan is reading all our posts here, i’m ure this one wont escape him too either!!
    Hi Rohan, why not have a cover/case/jacket for our precious Adam (just like the BookBook for ipad) which can also double up as a stand so that we dont need to hold the Adam in our hands while watching a movie/listening to music etc.?

  84. But no need to change of screen technology !!! We can keep capacitive and a nice multitouch screen WITH a digitizer. We call it dual-screen technology : a classic capacitive screen withbeyond a magnetic panel. So you can use your capacitive screen and when you put the digitizer on the screen the magnetic field is actived and the capacitive screen is disabled when you stylus get far. So finger or stylus ;).

    If you don’t believe or understand me look at the HP hybrid TM2

  85. … and you can’t write on a resistive screen either, that’s almost the same that a capacitive screen…
    Look at Microsoft Courrier ( which they start to regret not to have published ;)) it had have planned a digitizer ! ! ! It’s not because IPad doesn’t have it that you don’t want it >< ! ! !

  86. hmmm…website was down momentarily today at 3:56 EST…is an update coming??? 🙂

  87. I’m hoping there will be a comic book app for the ADAM at launch. Maybe even the Marvel Comics and DC Comics apps that the ipad has. I won’t be buying an ipad by the way, I’m holding out for the ADAM. I’ve been following you guys since the early days and can’t wait to get my hands on an ADAM. Best of luck with Genesis, I’ll be waiting patiently for the release(here’s hoping the FCC get their act together and we have the ADAM by Xmas).

    Regards from Ireland

  88. That is true only to some degree. Software patents aren’t valid in many countries, making it a moot point to some degree as it is not guaranteed insurance against imitation. Also patents can take forever (a good example is that Apple was only recently awarded patents for its coverflow UI and the pop-up letters when using the onscreen keyboards). On the one hand they can’t hold off forever if they want to keep their word on a UI blog and even if they scrapped that idea they would need to release the device, whether the patents go through or not (they can’t exactly wait literal years to release it or it would be beyond obsolete).

  89. Ooooh, I hope the kanji in the image augurs learning software, or good dictionaries (maybe a program to take advantage of free dictionaries kind of like goldendict on linux) or handwriting recognition, all three would be great =D

    It’s also great to see the progress that is made with this enterprise.

    But may I make a suggestion? Your current time frame for release is somewhere between 3 and 5 months (or in other words 12 to 20 weeks). According to Slashgear you have 31 applications finalized. One thing that could be very nice for your followers (and could help build up interest) would be to have a sort of exposé/showcase every week. You could talk about one of the apps you have prepared and some of the key features you feel comfortable releasing (like .ODF or .docx format compatability in an office type suite) and MAYBE even release some screenshots =)
    This way we could know of some of the things to expect.

    Well, it is just a thought. I hope that everything goes smoothly as possible from here on out.

  90. Well, according to the slashgear article:
    The tablet will also come with Unreal Engine Support, preloaded with a few games titles (that are yet to be launched) from NVIDIA.
    So it seems that support has been integrated in one form or another and that those with the Adam will get to enjoy gaming goodness.

  91. The trackpad is for being able to interact without obstructing your view with your hands.
    As seen in noumerous videos:

    The PixelQi display will be a touchscreen.

  92. ALoha, I hope it is available in Nov! One of my friends (a retired CS
    professor) will be return home to visit and promised me to pick one up
    if it was available!

  93. Rohan,

    I have been following this development for months now and from what I read I am prepared to be patient for the final product – particularly if it comes out before Christmas (always a good reason to get something new).

    I trust that you will also include the ‘average’ user in your testing program as they quite often notice different things from the techie types. As a computer user since 1983 (good old Commodore) I consider that I would have a lot to contribute to beta testing this type of product in a home and business environment. Please consider.

    Keep up the great work.

  94. Does Adam have any RAM??? I didn’t see anything like this in specification … please answer me…

  95. They are still in the process of securing patents so they can’t upload any videos.

  96. I have complete trust in you ever since i heard your speech at Hyderabad.
    And also I was baffled by the mentality of people, sending threat emails for not coming out with the product, man thats shitty.

  97. Want good set of customizable skins/themes… Bluetooth wireless ear phones/headset in the package would boost Adams image as entertainment device. 4 of my friends bought SE Aino just for good ear phones & music functionality

  98. I was wondering why my input tablet didn’t show “学” =(… I only learnt to write in traditional…

    I also want to know more about stylus input =) its one of the key features I’m keeping an eye on

  99. Or even better a hybrid docking system like the one on the Asus Eeepad Ep121… =D

    I’m sure some people will still prefer a keyboard for some typing… and having a keyboard that doesn’t match may ruin it =(

  100. Its actually relations, not relation, so go with the plural.
    So relations [at]

  101. Rohan–
    It seems that a handful of mainland Chinese and Hong Kong electronics distributors are claiming to sell the Adam through the Alibaba wholesaler network. Did you know that? Are they illegally selling prerelease developet units? Regards

  102. Hey Rohan is there an app that reads comics in .cbr format? That’ll be great! It would make me far less misanthropic during my morning commute!

  103. It would seem that Notion Ink has the function to track any tablet anywhere in the world should it be stolen/lost (pros and cons about this, but let’s leave it as it is now), written somewhere in the blog entries.

    So it would be quite easy for Notion Ink to track and disable those rogue units from those distributors who somehow obtained the circuitry/blueprints. Unless, they are able to disable the tracking mechanisms somehow.

    IMO, I wouldn’t part my money to some 3rd-rate distributor regardless if it’s cheaper or I can get the Adam earlier. I expect full support and a polished product for my money.

  104. Hi Rohan,

    I am a regular reader and waiting to get Adam the day it launches in India. It seems that as usual Chinese manufacturers are working on a tablet named Adem or something like that. I hope they never succeed in it. I want the original ADAM to be released asap. BTW when will be your next write up as we have already fastened our seat belts!!! The show is yet to begin 🙂


  105. As an academic, I am looking forward to this tablet, which I hope will allow me and researchers alike to digitally take note, review projects and scientific papers in pdf format with outstanding annotation capability. I hope this device will come out in 2010! Best of luck.

  106. Samsung Galaxy S is Capacitive, not resistive.
    Besides the iPhone, it is one of the few screens with actual multitouch. HTC’s phones are all “dual-touch” and poor ones at that (e.g. if you touch two places and cross it, it gets confused).

    Last time I heard of a resistive screen used in a touchphone, it was HTC’s Tattoo, and that was pretty much a failure because of it’s touchscreen!

    Hopefully ADAM will have a proper multi-finger multitouch!

  107. Hey Rohan

    October Sky, a 1999
    Big Fish—a whimsical 2003
    and Pan’s Labyrinth : a dark Spanish fantasy film released in 2006.

    “….Pan’s Labyrinth is about dreaming about something so strongly that it becomes real,” he elaborates. “And Big Fish taught me that just as the success of any story depends on how it is narrated, the success of a product depends on how it is built.”

  108. Just thought to share with all ADAM followers and Notion team members!!
    The Apple of Adam’s eye:

    On paper, Notion Ink’s upcoming tablet computer, called Adam, beats Apple Inc.’s iPad by a mile.

    Among its many lofty ambitions, the Hyderabad-based company’s 10-inch screen prototype boasts a revolutionary “transflective” display developed by US-based company Pixel Qi. Unlike most LCD screens, which become useless in bright sunlight, a transflective display can switch, with a flick of a button, between bright LCD colour and a black and white reflective display like those in e-book readers such as Amazon’s Kindle.

    In January, when Notion Ink demonstrated the device at consumer electronics expo CES 2010 in Las Vegas, popular technology blog Gizmodo called it “one of the most exciting devices” at the show.

    Attempting to beat Apple at its own game is quite a feat for a three-year-old company managed by seven 24- to 26-year-olds. But these upstarts and the 60 or so trainees working with them have pulled off a string of impressive coding, hardware engineering, legal and marketing feats to get this far.

    Founder and director, creatives, Rohan Shravan, the man who conceptualized Adam, talks with starry-eyed idealism that seems to have remained intact from 2007, when he first began tinkering with the idea of a tablet PC. “I was inspired by the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project that aimed to build a $100 (around Rs4,740) laptop. The project hit roadblocks because they were aiming for universal usage with an expensive device,” he says. “I wanted to build something cheaper and more universally accessible than a laptop.”

    One tablet to rule them all:::

    In its current form, the Adam is 12.9mm thick, is capable of high-definition video playback, has a special “swivel” camera that can swing 180 degrees, and a touch pad at the back. It runs Google’s Android operating system, and is working towards Flash compatibility, which the iPad rejects completely. The operational details of the device are still closely guarded, so it’s impossible to say if Notion Ink will deliver on all its promises.

    But why a tablet, when there are no commercially successful precursors before the iPad? Shravan says he was always positive it had to be a mobile device. “Mobile broadband speeds are getting better and technology is getting cheaper. Plus, nothing is more convenient than a tablet. I was also convinced that the mode of interaction with computers had to change. We cannot stay restricted to keyboards any more.”

    Shravan was keen that Adam not be influenced by any one of its competitors, especially the iPad. “I knew the iPad was in development because I follow patents very closely. And I was hoping it did not release while we were developing Adam, just so our creativity didn’t get stilted,” says Shravan.

    The iPad is now a household buzzword, but Notion Ink says Adam is more like the Microsoft Courier than an Apple device. The Courier was a Microsoft prototype with two touch screens fitted together like an open book. The device was rumoured to have used advanced handwriting recognition, but the company said in April that the product was only a prototype and never meant for a commercial launch.

    That’s a warning sign, says Diptarup Chakraborti, principal analyst at market research firm Gartner. “Think about the iPod competitors that were once launched by Sony, Microsoft and Creative. They were far superior to the iPod and yet they didn’t take off purely because they couldn’t match Apple’s brand and marketing,” he says. “The iPhone is far more expensive than its competitors, yet it is successful. It isn’t about features or price alone.”

    He cites the example of the Simputer, a low-cost, hand-held computer developed in India in 1999 which never met its sales goal because it wasn’t marketed right.

    “Notion Ink’s best bet is to piggyback on a known brand like Sony. That way, even if they are the original design manufacturers in the beginning, they can go on to develop more products with the initial success,” says Chakraborti.

    Chakraborti says Notion Ink isn’t known well enough, despite the media splash. “If I were to stick my neck out and venture an opinion, I’d say they are not ready to take on an iPad.”


    With the device still in the prototype stage, the question becomes: How will Notion Ink manage to pack in so many features into a 1.7-pound book—a 3.2-megapixel swivel camera, Pixel Qi screen that works equally well in sunlight, a 16-hour battery life, accelerometer (a device to detect the rotation of the tablet so the screen can be adjusted), Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth? Shravan says they started bottom-up, with use-cases as a starting point. “We first focused on the functionality in Adam, unlike device manufacturers who decide on the technical components first. In their case, the features of the device depend on what the components can support”.

    That’s how the swivel camera found its place on the Adam. Shravan knew the Adam needed a scanning device, as well as a camera that could capture presentations and the user in a video conference. This led to the genesis of a swivel camera that can rotate 180 degrees. “The touch pad on the back got thrown in because we didn’t want the screen getting smudged by fingerprints,” he says.

    Designing a feature-rich product has turned out to be a complex job—a multidisciplinary one not meant just for code-hacks and hardware engineers. It needed inputs from automobile, aerospace, metallurgical engineering, and so on. For example, the internal airflow mechanism in a tablet and the temperature to which the outside cover can potentially heat up had to be studied thoroughly. “While this is done by the manufacturer (a Taiwan company whose name Shravan doesn’t want to disclose), it helped that I am a mechanical engineer, while my team comes from electrical and computer science disciplines,” says Shravan.

    Yet it wasn’t all smooth sailing. An attempt to collaborate with the National Institute of Design on the Adam’s user interface proved to be a disaster, says Shravan. While the students there were brilliant, they lacked guidance and this meant no one really even grasped what Notion Ink was working on. After repeated aborted starts, Notion Ink quit the collaboration and is still working on the user interface.

    Meanwhile, applications had to be developed, and quickly, on Google’s Android operating system to compete with Apple’s cutting-edge app store for iPad. This was tough because India does not have many Android developers.

    Notion Ink found an innovative way out. “We approached Hyderabad’s BV Raju Institute of Technology (BVRIT) and struck a deal,” says Shravan. “In return for infrastructure, Notion Ink, along with friends from companies like Oracle and Google, offered to train their students.” The training meant not attending college, yet two of BVRIT’s colleges agreed to the deal. Today, Notion has 35 students who are experts with Android on Nvidia’s Tegra and Java. “In Las Vegas, while demonstrating one of our apps to the Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, I was asked to create a new gesture for the e-book reader. I called my team in Hyderabad and they pulled it off in minutes,” says Shravan.

    All this functionality needs patenting, of course, but “India has no concept of a software patent”, rues the young engineer. So the Notion Ink team had to work its way around legalities to patent features such as the back-track pad. “It was primarily a software innovation, but we had (to) rework it on the driver level so it became patentable under Indian law,” says Shravan. The critical patents have to be registered in the US and Taiwan; Notion Ink is in the process of filing these.

    Currently, Notion Ink is working with telecom operators in the US and India for 3G certification and interoperability testing, among others. This is a major exercise in itself. “One of the tests involves the telecom company putting the Adam in a car and test-driving it cross-country to see if it works seamlessly,” says Shravan.

    Ask for a sneak peek of some of the latest apps Notion Ink has developed for Adam, and Shravan reacts with a new-found reticence. “I can’t say much,” he says, “but we have an email application that can do some pretty fancy things, like pulling back an email from the inbox of the recipient. Then there is the magazine-user interface which I believe will (be) the future of UI (user interface)”.

    As a footnote, Shravan brings up three films that kindled his enthusiasm—October Sky, a 1999 flick based on the true story of Homer Hickam, a Nasa scientist who was inspired as a teenager in a coal-miners’ town by the sight of the Sputnik launch; Big Fish—a whimsical 2003 Tim Burton film; and, strangely, Pan’s Labyrinth—a dark Spanish fantasy film released in 2006. Shravan is quick to explain his odd choices. “Pan’s Labyrinth is about dreaming about something so strongly that it becomes real,” he elaborates. “And Big Fish taught me that just as the success of any story depends on how it is narrated, the success of a product depends on how it is built.”


  109. don’t speak on behalf of India so soon..he is a brilliant businessman(giving him a pass before having adam in my hand) ..but let him prove first..meanwhile be ready to help him..

  110. ADAM is a fantastic product with innovative ideas…!!! I want to be developer to this product and would would like buy atleast 2-3 ADAMs.

  111. Rohan,
    Writing is not possible on this screen so is it possible to come up with some smaller usb writing pad that works as an input device for Adam? It should be half the size of Adam (or even smaller??). That will help student and professors.

    We can make use of it by marking stuffs on the documents, images, to draw something.

  112. Hi! Rohan and all the Notion Ink guys:

    Just a suggestion, why dont you create a Youtube Channel like the ExoPc people.
    Just upload small bits of videos demonstrating some of the cool features you have developed. It will help sustain the buzz around Adam and also give us a chance to
    get to know about all the features you have been working on.
    Just a suggestion.


  113. Rohan,
    are you or your team reading the comments sent to “”? Please do so if not, we want to send some suggestions and requests there too to keep them confidential.

  114. This is some one else’s comment on a differant gadget Blog:

    “I didn’t read this article yet, but I have read many. I own an iPad Tablet PC, but frankly if I had known about this first I would have bought this Notion Ink Adam Tablet PC over the Ipad. Why don’t get me wrong the Ipad is a great product in its own right, however I believe that they imposed too many limitations on it from a functional obsolescence stand point. Frankly it is comparable to a third or fourth generation Palm with a lot of memory. Single thread stability is a predictable plus. But tiny apps on a Gigabyte system allows you to put a ton of useless junk on it. Then rant about how fantastic it is.

    My personal beefs with the Ipad.
    1. Non Functional proprietary restrictive bluetooth. Hmm I’ve got a bluetooth device, I’ve got a bluetooth phone I can sync them and dump or update my contacts Right? Wrong I could do this on palm without special apps but not the Ipad.

    2. I have a network printer, but no apps come with a printer function I have to buy that separate.

    3. No SD card input built in, Even your cheesiest palm, phone, eReader, MP3 player come with this, Really!

    4. I have to give them props though as a native pirate I have actually bought more apps with this device than I have all of my computers put together. Seriously, I don’t know if that is a bad thing, but yes sucks for pirates.

    5. This is a big one. The Calendar, Contacts, Tasks databases aren’t really optimized or formalized. If three different apps access whatever rudimentary database there is the outcomes are abysmal. With palm the databases were pretty standardized so whatever app was your comfort zone the end result would be the same AND IT WOULD SYNC!!!! Actually I do not believe that there is a native Tasks program at all and that SUCKS Donkey Balls!!!

    6. Proprietary sync software Itunes I have hated ITunes since it came out, I still Hate ITunes and forcing me to use it pisses me off, but that comes with the territory.

    7. No Access to file structure, understandable to ensure optimum equipment performance in the hands of dummies, but techies like to know what they are dealing with.

    8. No Flash, which basically means that half the internet is off limits or one irritating thing you download an article with a flash slideshow and you get a piece of the article and are left with a big WTF is the rest of the article. It isn’t until you lug out your laptop or primary computer can you figure out what in the world is going on on the page.

    9. No file structure means you can’t just download any old thing off the internet, because if the pad doesn’t like it You get DENIED. Which is a pain because that means you can’t download something store it for sync and deal with it later on your primary platform.

    10. Not enough piratable apps out there yet. Had to put that in there.

    The basic jist of the IPad is a money funnel into Apple and that is fine and all. It just isn’t my cup of tea, because it means limitations. Limitations that I don’t necessarily like or want, but am enslaved to and as a black man enslavement isn’t something that I take kindly to.

    I won’t say the negatives without the positives though.

    1. Jailbreaking Rocks!! Always trying to buck the system I am.

    2. Screen resolution is great. Sucks I can’t use my Wacom stylus though.

    3. Has lots of OK apps. Nothing like good old DateBK 6, but plenty of apps to say the least.”

  115. My belt is fastened, my foot on the accelerator, but the brakes are still on.

    Please , when ?

  116. @ hardik- i too agree.
    IF we can’t write on adam, a usb WRITING PAD customized to Adam will nicely supplement classroom notes.
    Plz release along with Adam.

  117. Rohan

    I am sure you would’ve heard of web-based NetFlix movie subscription service in the US. India does have brick-and-mortar counterparts currently in place (Seventymm , BigFlix) etc.

    It would be fantastic if you can form an alliance with them for online distribution of the movies. We should have the ability to queue a movie ( which can either stream realtime or can be buffered for a limited period of time ) , watch the same on the fantastic ADAM screen via a dedicated app while on transit and last but not the least, “expire” the current stream once I queue up the next movie. I think such a partnership would be mutually beneficial for both the movie distribution service and for Notion ink.

    You can start with movies but later branch out into even television. Just make the mega-serials available for downloads and I can just see your sales exploding as housewives would be most interested in having this gadget in their kitchens. Just imagine the advertising possibilities ….

  118. I think that is a great idea. The only thing I fear about the success of this great device is missing publicity.

  119. That is an excellent idea but make sure the security of the application is very tight, the more secure that app is more companies would be willing to do business with you, because hackers won’t be able to save the movies in external devices, a few companies might even decide to release movies on Adam as soon as they hit the theaters, the possibilities are endless.

    That would actually increase the focus on HDMI output port.

  120. I know one of the highlights for the adam is the battery life, but why not throw in a 6 cell battery instead of the 3 cell battery. I dont know about everyone else, but I like to get as much time out of a device as possible. If it were an option im sure people would even pay the extra money to have it configured in their device.

  121. Rohan or fellow Inkies,

    Does anyone know the access speed to the internal storage as well as maybe the write speed?
    I ask for developing reasons. Thank you in advance.

    Awaiting a successful launch!
    A proud Inkie

  122. He said “Europe in general” already, but even so, there are many in The Netherlands as well including me who are anxiously awaiting the day the Adam is released and can be ordered!

  123. Rohan–
    May I please ask you to release the approximate ship date of the Genesis sdk?
    Pre-November or post? Your tens of thousands of very loyal fans and developers deserve to know an approximste date, with all due respect.


  124. dear rohan, you make us all proud indians but you are really testing our collective patience as avid fans of the ADAM . i am sure you are doing your very best.
    on an inspirational note please read these lines which are always uplifting to me though you are the inspiration for us these days. Keep Walking ! …. regards, gaurav

    Madhushala (The Tavern)
    Seeking wine, the drinker leaves home for the tavern.
    Perplexed, he asks, “Which path will take me there?”
    People show him different ways, but this is what I have to say,

    “Pick a path and keep walking. You will find the tavern.”

    from Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan

  125. I am voting for you guys to do a massively good job. Not only trying to make a dent in the armour of the iPad, but taking it on to smash it (when it happens)

    Your choice of Android was good, and there are others that are aping the concept within the country even. You will need to fight off a whole load of competition as well as a whole load of opposition from the giants like Apple.

    Earlier I had written a post about what the iPad could have been, and my faith in Adam overcoming all the flaws that the iPad created.

    Having said that, I would think as a keen observer of this space, when you do your demos for the product, please use Augmented Reality (Layar for Android available) as one of them. I believe like a lot of others, that its the next leap in connecting the web to the real world. And the addition of the camera and long battery life already akes this device AR capable and probable.

    My best wishes and good luck in your endeavour. And yes, would be glad to be of any service. 🙂

  126. I am somewhat concerned that the Android Market will not be available on the Adam.

    Although people with reasonable technical knowledge will be able to get apps from the market on their Adams, it’s not for the general public.

    @Melvin Pereira:
    The problem is … nobody seems to cares about those features you mentioned. Or if they do, they’re willing to put up with the limitations and trade up later at personal cost (I hear people trying to trade up or breaking their contract, etc).

    Additionally, with the sales through the roof, what incentive would APL have of including said features with their first gen product? They didn’t with the jobsPhone, and people still bought it mostly because it looked pretty. Nobody bothers noticing that Android and Blackberries have had the option of a unified inbox for years now. Android’s multitasking method is practically identical to that of the jP4. Nobody noticed that other phones have had on-board music playlist editing (via app), copy-paste for ages. But all those features are headliners for the jPhone4 upgrades. Did you realize that the first alternate media player has finally come out just a few months ago? I don’t even know how well it replaces the default player if at all, so it might just be doomed to failure.

    In short: one of the next versions will have a camera. What other headliner feature would that have to sucker more people into buying an intentionally gimped product? Anyone who I’ve talked to with a jailbroken jPhone is extremely happy having features that jailed people finally get after 4 years… (but then why wouldn’t you just get an Android or BB and save yourself the hassle?)

  127. So now Notion Ink is screening any negative comments. I guess that’s a good way to make it look like you have an entire positive following. I am a supporter of Notion Ink and have been closely following the Adam since its announcement, and am surprised that you would block my previous comment just because it may have pointed out some short comings of the Adam.

  128. This looks like a fantastic product and it’s exaclty what I am after, problem is I am now thinking about others products as more are now announcing costs and launch dates. When will this be available in the Uk?

  129. This is why I love the free market. You guys are making a terrific product, not just because of profit but because you are taking obvious pride in your achievement. I would love to be a fly on the wall whenever an ipad user sits down next to an adam user.

  130. There’s 2 main stages to a patent. First you get a confirmation through that your idea is unique and that from that point no one can copy it. Then you get the full confirmation. You can make things public after this first stage without the worry about someone copying your idea. i think notion ink are still waiting for this initial stage, if they are putting patents through at all…

  131. Your choice of Android was good, and there are others that are aping the concept within the country even. You will need to fight off a whole load of competition as well as a whole load of opposition from the giants like Apple

  132. I think it would be awesome if the TV in that picture represented actual TV like a DVB-T tuner but I’m sure it must be for internet TV, youtube or something similar. Hopefully it will be possible to watch TV with a usb dongle.

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