200 Adam clones and the Early Access Program!

Hello All,

Recently we suggested the programmers world over to send in an email at relations at notionink dot com to let us know they are interested in getting the access to the SDK (and lot more information).

Well, the number has reached well above 2k and it’s still increasing.

There is a good news for those who sent in their requests. They will be given a preference over others in getting selected for the EAP. Only 200 people will get selected in the Early Access Program (EAP) and there is a lot which they will get in return like:

  • Adam itself! I believe these will be the only people other than our labs who will get access to Adam. More on what all will be there when you register for the upcoming EAP web portal.
  • to get to play a pivotal role in validating the pre-production software
  • full access to the OS and UI which we have developed
  • 24×7 engineering support from Notion Ink (email as well as on phone)
  • other things like: marketing opportunities, etc. will be explained in the program itself

Here is what is going to happen.

The current list of developers (those who sent request at relations) will all get access to SDK (there will be a wiki, developer forum and developer account website). They will get preference over others but will still have to go through the EAP registration processes.

I personally believe that the Application developers are the best people to test any device. They run their own applications, check all the sensors, have great sense of their UI, gives better feedback on issues (with logs) and interact with device at all the levels.

I am adding a poll for your suggestion on who should get more preference on the EAP (while voting do realize that SW is as important as HW for a perfect device).


217 thoughts on “200 Adam clones and the Early Access Program!

  1. .
    App Devs! I’m pretty sure they can (and will) also act as beta testers and as final consumers, yet they are the more important to populate the ecosystem.

    That been said, wish I could be a programmer myself :/

  2. Hi, its great that the actual product release is still on track and that REAL people will finally be able to hold the beast.

    As for me, I think the UI is of utmost importance, also is the application integration. If the user experience is fluid through the OS, it will sell like hotcakes.

    I’ve seen my own share of laggy Android devices and I hope this changes a few things. Ok you lucky developers please try out the Adam and report any lags, bugs, performance issues back to NI, so we will get to have a very fluid feel to the device (much like the Apple’s iOS).

  3. Hi Rohan,

    Just curious, what will the criteria for selection in EAP ? As you said only 200 people will get selected out of thousands.


  4. Rohan,

    Once again you have fed the fires of enthusiam!

    App developers will especially need to have access to the actual device for testing to produce the smoothest integration with the UI. Despite fantastic emulators nothing beats a real world trial, and because everything seems to be about apps (and how “magical” a device seems ROFL) getting polished apps up early will be super-critical.


  5. Hi Rohan,
    “Only 200 people will get selected in the Early Access Program (EAP)”, can you please put some light on the selection process.

  6. I hope the EAP people are allowed to share pics and vids of Adam on the web… or that there will be more official pics and vids!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. I am very happy to see NI jump into the early adopter program. I personally wish I was programmer so I could get my hands on it and beta test it. I just hope that all the guys that get the Adam don’t waste time and make cheap looking apps. I hope that they can push the envelope and make apps that blow away all the competition with being nice to look at but very smooth and fluid to run and use. If people are weary of developers not doing so well then we could always throw out the SDK to the moders of the world. These guys can break down a program unlock its full abilities before the product even hits the stores. But that is also another debate all in it self and a worst case scenario. Either way I would love to put my name down as a beta tester if that is possible. I know I would use the Adam every day until I run the batteries dead!

    Keep up the awesome work NI and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  8. Why only 200?
    I can understand that not every one of those 2000 are suited candidates, but wouldn’t it be best to give as much Adam’s as there are able and willing developers?

  9. I voted for Beta Testers but let me explain why:
    You already mentioned that the current list of developers will get preference and they are indeed among the most important. But they will be focusing on their own apps in general and their integration (which is as it should be).

    Then you need dedicated Beta Testers. The kind who will not just play around a bit and give their opinion but dig down and do the repetitive actions necessary to root out bugs. The kind of testers found with video games where they will play through a level hundreds of times looking for bugs and easter eggs and will give a detailed report of the problems, the circumstances and all the variables in play (3G on or off, other apps running in the background, battery status, any peripherals attached, etc.)

    Then you’ll need a handful of Joe Schmoe testers. The kind that can give an honest opinion of what your regular Tom Dick and Harry (let’s not forget about Jane) will think about it all. The whole “grandma” scenario mentioned with the iPad. Personally I love a system where I can get detailed control if I desire it (despite knowing absolutely nothing about programming and such). I hate mac products for those reasons, they end up frustrating me truth be told. But yeah, I actually don’t qualify as a geek (quasi-geek yes, full geek not in the least) but neither am I a “normal” user. You need testers of every sort, but among the most important are the “mainstream” testers (though you don’t need as many as they give a more superficial review than beta testers and app developers”.

    If you end up working with a group of dedicated Beta Testers maybe you could have suggested “groupings” or “pairings” with the app devs. Giving the app devs the chance to contact and let the dedicated beta testers also focus on their apps if they feel comfortable doing so (i.e. they feel they can trust them). Obviously some kind of confidentiality contract might be required in such a scenario, but it could definitely help produce more polished apps if necessary. And let’s face it, app devs will test a device with their app very well, but an outsider’s perspective and experience is always useful. After all, very few programs are released without bugs (at least complex ones).

    Just my two cents. Great to see what progress is being made. I also REALLY hope we’ll be getting some news from IFA regarding the ADAM.

  10. a way to prevent a premature glut of the product in the hands of too many developers, perhaps? or maybe as a controlled security measure to ward off against posers who are simply out to tear the thing apart (sob) and be quick to design knockoffs. but i digress.

    i am all for getting these Adam-fathers into the hands of talented app and interface developers so we could get the ball rolling on this thing! 🙂

  11. Actual effective feedback will come from on field of real life use. That real test from end-users will give the best feedback.

    Being in the industry of engineering consultancy we always looked for a handy portable device like this, which can be carried to field for working right on the field.

    Carrying design information and drawings to sites or client office, collecting data on site, contacting base office and transferring live data, even live construction scenarios or video conferencing to resolve site issues.

    The most important feature is to use the Adam in bright sun light in the project sites. It can be a very important tool for project construction management, if the requirements are taken care.

    We shall like to give it a test run in our project work.

    For L&T Sargent Lundy

  12. I think a mixed group would be it.
    First you need Appdevelopers right. But if you look to the ios not the apps from big companys make the great apps, for example games

    You also need Betatesters, some who are familiar with technologie and also some non geeks, who don t even know about the adam yet.

    The big problem is to get useful feedback in time

  13. we should get a way to test the UI in virtualbox to see if we can find bugs for you! This way the UI will be totally open source and will give less work for you guys!

    I guess we’d need a way to run it in a virtual machine, and a place to drop off bug reports but it’d free up work for you and generate more excitement for the Adam!

  14. Could you do a poll for the type of applications that would be needed for the users.

  15. I also think you should choose a mixed group.

    Sure, it’s very important that you have developers from the first second, the earlier they get their adams, the earlier the could create great apps.

    But you need really a bigger spectrum of people, I think, that you developpers and the programmers think in a similar way, but the “non-technic” people think in a totally other way. (I realize that every time I should explain a new mobile phone on PC-program to my aunt or my gnradfather)

    AND: I think that it is VERY important, that you choose testers for your translatet operating system. Nothing is worse than bad-translatet china stuff. And even some big companies sell their stuff with machine-translatet software…

    I would like to nominate me for the tests of the GERMAN interface if you want to test it 😀

    Greetings from Germany (maybe with a bad translatet english reply 😉 )

  16. I think apart from the app developer n beta tester,general public who have attitude/inclination towards new gadgets should be welcomed. Such people try various permutation and combination to test the new gadgets even tough they are not professional developers or beta testers.tricky issue is to identify such persons.testing should be done at various geographical ,climatic conditions.i wish i could be one of such tester

  17. Not sure if I missed the announcement or not, but can you already register for the EAP? If so, where?

    I suggest that up to three quarter of the test audience should be application developers. They tend to be technical people, so they can both act as feedback for the SDK as developer, the structure of the UI as computer scientist and enduser and spot problems as an enduser. The remaining quarter of the people should be non-technical, actual consumers, because they sometimes really have a different view on how computers should work and what’s logical and what isn’t.

  18. Even if I’m a “simple” consumer I voted “App Developers”. In my whole life I’ve never been so disappointed not to have chosen Informatics as my academic degree 🙂

  19. Well im a consumer, so my vote is for the developers, since they are the ones that will help this product to improve and get even better, a big number of apps and specially good apps will always improve any product.
    Just be sure to select people by example of works they have done and not based on what they could do.

  20. hey !! cud u let us noe if derz sum way if we cn giv our names as beta testers!!
    m following d ADAM ( d apple of our eye) since ages !!! n it wud really be nyc if we cud help it make bttr!! 🙂


  21. hi all !
    given the time frame, i guess it will have to be the apps and ui guys. but u must consider cultivating a x-sec of ‘testers’ to get the development cycle fine tuned. methods to actually get the relevant data and user preferences will be vital in the long run. but by all means don’t limit the sdk and the emulator availability. all the best to the recipients, have productive fun!

  22. As mentioned in the earlier post, I would suggest mixed group for EAP. This will give you feedback from different angles not only developers. Yes, I do agree developer should get more chance.

  23. I think that best guys for searching bugs are professional QAs (like me :)). We are testing all functions in all fields, not only those we need – for our software, or standard daily use. Also sometimes (not always of course) we have to create our own soft – simple as hell – to test some functions properly, and be sure that our software is correct.

  24. Hi Rohan,
    I was thinking more after reading the other posts. If you are going to do the more diverse group I have an idea for a two birds with one stone. If you send out to beta testers and the “average Joe” why not also allow those people to simultaneously test out as many of the developer’s apps as they can. So they way even those developers could get a great chance to see how their apps are received by the public. You could make it more of a requirement the developers follow so we know it would be worth it to be one of the lucky 200.

    I do also have an off topic personal request from you Rohan. As you know everyone is all geeked by the power of the Adam. Is there any way we could see a screen shot of the Adam running the benchmark android app quadrant? That way we could see how bad Adam is beating down the competition with the tegra 2 and android 2.2. I want to see it crush the Toshiba AC100 which posted a score of 1911 with the tegra 2 and android 2.1 on a story from slashgear.com. I think a screen cap of that and/or a video of that would bring monstrous buzz about the Adam.

    Keep up the awesome work,
    Josh C.

  25. Just curious. Why would it be a bad idea to give out as many as the demand? Charge people the full rate but promise them updates, software and hardware. The best way to ensure quality is to get as many people testing as possible and 200 people is an awfully small sample.

  26. I would suggest someone like the maker of

    – he makes tests and comparisons between different devices, sometimes on request of single readers of his page (=> a good multiplicator)

    – he could be a representative for german users/geeks/freaks as his homepage is THE one hompage in germany especially for mobile touch devices (and non profit oriented as well)

    – his page was the first german page I read about ADAM

    (I am not the creator of the page myself nor know him in person! Any investigations needed to prove this may be done ;-))

  27. Notionink team

    It is a great start…My child and my father will be the real testers for this device.
    I thought they will give good suggetions for my apps on ADAM.

    I am sure ADAM will fullfill my dreams…

    Great work friends, keep updating.


  28. Glad to see things moving.

    I voted for developer early access but it should really be a mix of developer and beta tester with advantage being given to developer. There’s no great system without great software but somebody have to test it.

    Looks like its shaping up nicely. Good job.

    PS: there must be something you can show us about the hardware/OS. When will we get to see a video? It’s been a while.

  29. I think Application Developers good to start things. They are testing it from the user perspective and from the technical one.

    One danger is that these people, in most cases, know how things work and do not have a steep learning curve for the UX of the Device. But more that normal Users they try to accomplish more advanced stuffed next to the normal day to day usage things.

  30. I was just wondering; Would the early adopters have root access to their Adams only or is it the same case for all owners, aligned to the fact that Adam would be an ‘open’ device?

  31. I also voice my preference for a mixed group. As a developer myself I know the value brought by people with actual experience in the testing process. But ‘good’ beta testers also help bring out the usability bugs probably more readily than actual developers who tend to focus on certain aspects of the software and don’t always explore fully as other types of users would.

    I believe another class of testers is crucial to the success of the launch and it’s people who can translate the UI and make sure the localization is accurate. A badly translated UI, or one who is unadapted to the locale makes the product look unpolished. An example of this would be using the French (France) locale in Québec (Canada). There is a fr_CA locale for a good reason. While the language is very similar, there are a lot of technical terms which are not translated the same in Québec.

    so, in order of preference…

    1) Developers
    2) Translators / localizers
    3) general technical beta testers

    ps. mon français est excellent et je me propose évidemment pour les traductions 😉

  32. Rohan,
    Congrats on another successful phase that Notion Ink Is Moving Into.
    I see some of my ideas that I wish to implement on Adam becoming a reality. Needless to say, I am happy.
    Keep up the great work.


  33. Agree 100% with Tarwinia.

    I would say 45% app devs, 30% beta testers and then 25% consumers.

    The more time you give app devs to test and debug, the less likely you are to get calls/complaints from consumers saying “This application crashed my system – I want my money back!” [See Apple iTunes store reviews for examples]

  34. Rohan,

    Thanks for the updates on the SDK/development process.

    I think that application developers will obviously be the key to the success of the Adam, because upon release, it needs to contain a lot of finalized programs to attract a large audience. Having ties with big label companies, (Netflix, Youtube, etc) will be important but only as much as the applications that can fully utilize the hardware specs of the Adam.

    On the reverse, the Adam has remained pretty silent over the past year. Aside from the group of fans devoted to the creation of the device, the general public has not gotten the chance to see/understand the integrity of the Adam’s design and innovation. With that, it is extremely important for beta testers to get their hands on it, and to start sharing it. Demonstrations on college campuses would be ideal for advertisement, especially if the release might end up before the holiday.

    With all of this in regard, what is the current status of the patents for the Adam? While developers might be signed into a confidentiality agreement, the current tech world is infused with developers outing details of various devices, to full out secret press releases. If things like this can happen to even Microsoft with the XBox 260, then one can imagine the same could happen to Notion Ink. The integrity of the Adam’s design and innovation must be protected.

    I would really like to get demo-ing off to a very strong start, especially around university campuses. Please let me know if this seems like something to pursue.

    Great progress Rohan.

  35. While I agree that developers will be able to give better technical feedback on issues, I would think that a good chunk of the testers should be consumers. People WITHOUT massive technical knowledge. If the device is a technical wonder but not at all intuitive for the average joe with $500 to burn in his bank account, you won’t make any money. Sure, their feedback won’t be technical, but even feedback like “I have problems with the back touchscreen. It feels ‘sticky’ and it’s hard to line up where to put my fingers to get the result I want” can be translated by your programmers to figure out what the issue actually is. I know when I go to research buying a new electronic device, I look for consumer reviews, not technical reviews by programmers.

  36. I voted for “Other” and specified “All of the above”. Rohan, (1) success 4 Adam means super sales to actual consumers. (2) Consumers buy for reasons that include usefulness AND ease-of-use AND price AND looks AND herd instinct (down the road). Ruin one of these, and Adam sales will suffer. The antenna alone rocked iPhone 4. That was HW. Adam wins outright on looks already. And on price too. From its spec sheet alone, I’m betting that Adam has also won on usefulness (= VALUE!).

    What remains is ease of use!!!

    Apple has led in ease of use (UI) since 1984. As Byte magazine pointed out on the Mac’s 20 Anniversary, the rest of the PC industry is still playing catch-up. Adam does not need to exceed the UI of iPhone or other iDevices. BlackBerry hasn’t needed to. All Adam1 needs is to come close enough. Adam2 needs to match it. And with total voice control, Adam3 will exceed iDevices — since they dare not make other apple products obsolete. ADam is heading to become that slate before Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
    (www.talkingdesktop.com)… Consumers kill even superior products faster than any app-devs or b-testers. Consumers took out Betamax (for price); they are abandoning tethered telephones (for mobile ones) and multiple devices (for convergence ones). So please make thousands available to critical consumers> How does NI lose when they are willing to pay full price?

    Tricky to identify consumers who will actually return feedback to NI? Some are easy to recognise on NI’s blog. The tallest include PASSIONATE and fluent users of pre-Adam devices — iPads, Apple’s Newtons (eMate 300 and MessagePads), Palms, Treos, and other such. In the United States (my own region) the tallest of all are probably STUDENTS and their faculty!! Apple used a 60% discount to lure those of us on large campuses to the Mac in 1984, creating new programmers as a side effect. The Adam’s price points make the announced discount of $25 very generous, I bet.

    Best wishes for NI and kindest regards.

  37. Application developer with an end user perspective who understands 2 aspects of the product – ease of use and the vision of the product ( what the product is intended to do).

  38. I voted App Devs, but I also agree a cross-section of developers, testers and users would be beneficial. I’m a non-geek, 50+ mom of 3 who would most likely use Adam differently than a student, gamer or businessman, but I think I’m part of a viable demographic. While most in my group seem to jump on the iPad bandwagon, I think they’ve been brainwashed and just don’t realize there are better alternatives. Given the proper marketing, I think the 50+ demographic could be a huge market to tap into for Adam. Not all of us have drunk the Apple kool-aid!

    Great work and thanks for keeping us updated!

  39. This is a great news for me.. I am programmer, testers .. consumers… and even I run a small company.. Let me know what is the criteria to get early access.. I am ready to pay.. looking for business 🙂

  40. While I agree that developers should be favored in the 200 testers, there should be some number or normal people to give general feedback on the device as a whole, rather than developers who may focus on just the integration of their own applications. I think a raffle would be a good idea, since that could be another opportunity to promote the Adam as well as distribute it equally among developers and the rest of us.

  41. wow great news hope i will get a chance, i voted for application developers, it is true that application developer will focus on there own apps but still they are best people who can find fault in others product and that will make the things more interesting.

    As a developer and user i would like to test the device on usability parameters, of course you would have a dedicated team performing all kind of test but still seeing from a developer/user perspective will give more insight about the product.

  42. I would suggest that both developers and beta testers should get acces to the EAP?
    Beta testers can find bugs in the software, behaviour and general use. Developers on the other hand can test and adjust their software, and also start debugging if errors or bugs occure, but I think they won’t recognize problems a normal user would have.

    My programming skills are very limited(some c++/vba) and so I would be an ideal beta tester 😉

  43. Hmm.. It simes to be a long time yet, before Adam’s release. I’m sorry Rohan, but you have lost me now, I Think it’s gonna be a good tablet, but tired of waiting!

  44. I fully support Tarwinia in his views and would echo that from my experience whilst it is extremely important to get the developers on board and involved they will often tend to only test what they produce and not integration test their application against others that are running withing the ecosystem.
    To this end I think NI should probably give most of the 200 units to developers but with a numbers also given to beta testers and also a number given to end-users / consumers who will field test the units in a more real-world like environment.
    I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers for each of the levels of tester required.

  45. Please, Please, PLEASE let me be a U.S. Beta tester. I’ll even pay for my ADAM, just can’t wait for it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  46. Hi there,

    Like many here I sent a mail to be part of Project Genesis.
    Then I voted for beta tester. why?
    simple reason
    I have too often bought phones or gadgets that have been developed by pro or companies which ultimately does not match my expectations. In fact, discovering ADAM I saw an opportunity, first as a student, but also as pro international trade, to find a team finally listening to the final consumers.
    Now I see things clearly. We have the opportunity to create a tool infinitely adaptable to our needs. I see myself using ADAM trip to Japan and drawing in a street, as well as in university lecture hall or managing my file for my consulting company. (www.imexade.com)

    So who better placed to provide ideas or suggest improvements that the tester?
    I hope to be part of the adventure and I again congratulate the whole team for this huge development!


  47. i would love to test a notion ink, and i will be a good tester as i used to be a beta tester for adobe and microsoft and i am studying animation and visual effects so i can test it heavely with drawing programs and maybe 3d too

  48. I thing it should be a mixture of beta testers, normal users, and also developers. This give a cross section of all users.

  49. I am the Beta Tester, Actual Consumer and Application Developer….give it to me…please please please…i will test it in everyway…i promise…i will even through it from cliff to check its durability

  50. Hi Rohan,

    While choosing the developers to whom you would like to provide the SDK and ADAM to create applications, I strongly believe that you should not select 200 people randomly. The reason being that many of them could be “wanna be” android developers( like myself). Please do due diligence to provide the tools only to developers of some repute.

    Having people with repute will induce seriousness in developing applications that would benefit the product overall. Hope you do it this way.

    I could be a beta tester for now, and in future a developer for some of the ideas I have in mind. As an avid enthusiast, I have tried kindle 1, kindle 2, kindle dx, apple ipad and the chinese ipad clone as well – and have strong and rigid inputs, ideas that I’d like to see in an ideal, seamless device – and also travel a lot. But I will also patiently wait until Nov too 🙂

  51. All of the above are very valid points.

    As a technical analyst for a large financial institution in Oz, I have been involved in many projects where we have created new applications, (and have had to write more than my fair share of User Manuals :() and one thing that I have noticed over the years is that you need to have some testers who know little, if anything, of the way the product works. You also need to have excellent documentation, so that your “average” user can work out for themselves how to do things. This tends to stop a lot of negative posts on twitter, facebook, blogs etc.

    So, to summarise, in my opinion, yes you need app developers, but you also need a few “average” users and perhaps even more importantly excellent documentation.



  52. It’s sad that I’ve only found this website now …
    It holds a lot of news about Adam, and I’ve been interested ever since the first hype appeared about it, because it’s exactly what I need! (It’s the only tablet I’ve seen up to now that has the size, performance and USB that I need xD).
    I have just two questions: will it support other operating systems (linux based), and will it support a keyboard?
    More on the topic … I agree with most that a varied group would be the best, and I also think that 200 is a small group of people, but you should do as you find best.
    I voted for beta testers, but I consider developers to be beta testers, since they will test the features their applications will need the most (which could include things like multi-touch, UI integration, GPS, accelerometer, …), helping you find flaws that could really damage the final product. But beside those, I think you should also include the average Joe, since it includes most people, and if you want to sell the product well, it should satisfy them, along with the technical comunity.
    I’d really like to test the Adam, and would be willing to help translate it’s interface to Portuguese!
    Greetings from the middle of the Atlantic (the Azores)!

  53. EAP – Early Access Program, a limited pre-release to a group of developers and testers
    SW – Software, the UI (User Interface), OS (Operating System), and Apps
    HW – Hardware, the box, the CPU, the screen, the connections etc

  54. Rohan, I have some suggestions:

    Feedback from end-users and targeted customers is extremely important. They are the ones who will pay and focusing only on either developers or beta testers might result in you missing some very important insights that could make or break a product. You need to put some adams in the hands two very important categories of customers 1) Students and Young adults 2)Mommies and Daddies of early teenagers. These two sets of people would in all probability contribute a large chunk of your buying customers. It is imperative to get some early insight from these groups (either through focus groups, direct interviews or just surveys, though focus groups would give the best results in this situation).

    And yes, I too have put-off buying an iPad just because of the Adam. Feeling this excited about a gadget after a really long time. Wishing you loads of luck Rohan!


  55. Although I haven’t looked through all of the comments, looking at the poll numbers, the beta testers and app devs. have the numbers over consumers.

    I voted for app devs. because I think they’re the most crucial part of the system itself, but I have to say that all should be given access, with obviously smaller numbers being given to consumers themselves. But I think actual consumers are integral as well, as app devs. and beta testers may tend to be of a different market than your actual consumer base will be. They’ll be using Adam for different things on a more normal basis. They’ll most likely know how to get the most out of the machine, whereas consumers may not and will want to input their ideas as to how to make Adam more manageable to the typical person. Yes, the avg. consumer for the Adam at this stage may have been researching it for awhile, but will still most likely be at least somewhat of a layman when it comes to the inner workings. Let the avg. consumer receive Adam and see what is a hamper to their normal day, and what makes their life that much easier, if not more enjoyable.

  56. Few thoughts:
    – Be ready for the leaks, technically as well as marketting wise. In fact I think you are managing word-of-mouth marketting strategy pretty nicely so far. However, once you let loose a physical device in wild, there is no turning back in terms of features, basic performance, look-and-feel. As someone pointed out, have all your IP claims ready.

    – If you think the launch is going to be affected by FCC certification delay, plan to have a ‘user-sponsored beta’ program where you can put the device in user hands without needing the certification.

    – The onslaught from Korean companies have started. You need to increase the marketing volume bit-by-bit. A leak here, a performance benchmark (suggested above) there, regular stream of sponsored reviews, targetted marketing (geeks are your audience predominantly).

    – The blog forum has worked wondefully so far. But now you need to use the ‘Notion Ink’ website as the forum for all announcements, feedback collection etc. Pay attention to nurturing the brand.

    – Keep an eye on Gingerbread announcement and have a clarification ready on upgrade path.

    Good luck.


  57. As much as I would like to lie, brag, cheat and tell you how I fit all categories to get my little hands on the Adam I do belive it would be best to give the device to application developers. But If you find it in your grace to give it to some consumers/beta testers I hope you get good feedback.

    As always I’m afraid that the keyboards does not work for us with odd keyboards (Swedish/Danish/Norwegian). I would like it one of the developers that gets a preview of the device is someone who can develop a multi-language keyboard for it. Like Trygve Aaberge who develops the application “Scandinavian Keyboard”


    Good luck to you!

  58. I really wish i had some time to develop a game for Adam but right now i don’t think that is really possible as my syllabus is just too much for this session but i’ll still be glad to have the SDK and do some creative work with it.
    Beside’s that i also think that App developers are best suited for testing the product

    I am also hoping someone (Best if its notion ink) would give it a REMOTE DESKTOP APPLICATION. i could really use something like that.
    Plus a stylus is also something that i am hoping to use on Adam, please make sure it works somehow, doesn’t have to be very accurate just something with which we could take our notes on it.

  59. Dude,
    I agree your point. Try to write as clear as possible to make readers understand. All these readers are not technical expert. Many are just common people. Write for the readers.

  60. Hey Rohan,
    I want to Volunteer Myself for the EAP!
    Being a Engineering student in the second from Mumbai and super tech savy along-with high academic goals.
    I feel that I fit into one of those group of people who would constitute a proportionate customer base for the ADAM!
    So, When should I send u my first thoughts after handling the ADMA!
    Lemme know

  61. This is so exciting! Its great hearing how close we are to finally seeing the product come to life. Congrats to the team. We are waiting patiently!

  62. I think notionink needs to have mix of users for testing.

    70% Developers
    30% Testers
    10% Users

    Moreover please make the results public, so that it becomes collaborative system for bug tracking, discussion forum and future app building.

  63. App developers are the priority (I’m a little biased on that score) and I feel that Ap developers are excellent beta testers, however I also feel that a few regular Joes should have access to it as well. All these companies neglect to test things with the end user, and we (another segment I consider myself proud to be part of) are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

    With software, beta testers are usually more technical however, amazing things happen when the end user becomes the beta tester (Windows 7 for example).

    I say a definite focus on App developers but a raffle/contest/random draw/race to sign up where a very small percentage of the units go to regular folk with constant quality updates and critiques.

    For me personally, the killer app I’m looking for is Evernote (I actually prefer OneNote but it’s not available on Android, so what can one do *shrugs*). Between Evernote and Kindle for Android, with your current list of specs and capabilities, you cannot disappoint me.

  64. The wider your audience the better your feedback. Geeks and ap devs are good and all but 90 percent of your market wil be those looking for a simple user friendly device: as simple as throwing a light switch. A perfect tech. product is an alien concept;things now change in nano seconds.

  65. Rohan,

    Different folks different strokes, not everyone is the same. A variety of tester is the best route to go in my opinion, however leaning more towards app development because that is where Adam will succeed. 70% for app development and 30% for the average users.

  66. Are you planning to giveaway the 200 units or charge a nominal amount for them? My recommendation would be to give away the 200 to top notch and proven android developers. Others who’re interested can sign up as beta users and pay a reasonable price and buy the unit. Having bought it, they’ll really test it to the max 🙂

  67. I am just an average mom, non-techie, late 30’s in the US. I stumbled across the Adam several months ago when I was researching alternatives to the Ipad. I’ve been following this website and blog for a while, but this is my first post. I don’t want to be a beta tester, because I honestly wouldn’t know enough about what I’m doing to be of much use, I’m afraid. I also am not convinced yet that THIS is Ipad alternative I want to invest my money in.

    With all the other alternatives being talked about right now, and with some of them apparently coming to market before the Adam, I need SOMETHING to convince me that the Adam will, indeed, be worth the wait and the money. I need to know that there will be customer/technical support available from this start-up, and that there will be accessories available, and whether or not I’ll need a contract/data plan (and with who) and that for somebody like me who isn’t a student or a professional or a gamer or a techie…. that THIS is the tablet that will be the best fit for my very ordinary, everyday use. I need to know a lot of the answers to questions that have been asked on this blog before I can commit to the Adam.

    I am appreciative of the blog posts that have given more information over the last few weeks, but I can imagine that there are many more folks like me out there who need some convincing. With NotionInk being so new and so unknown, somebody there had REALLY better start doing some better marketing, or there will probably be lots of folks like me who are gonna start drifting towards another alternative…..

    Thanks to whoever might be listening…..

  68. hopefully someone will build an app for 3d, like a light version of zbrush or mudbox.

  69. Dear Mam!

    Thanks for commenting! Please give us some more time till we get the whole information out! I will try put myself upto your expectations!

    Warm Regards

  70. I think the pool of tester should change as time goes by.

    At the start, I think 100% should be developer, later in the mid of the testing phase, should be like 70% developer, 30% tester, and the last phase should be like half and half. Consumer however shouldn’t be part of the tester. Although company would like the opinion of the consumer, and what they would like, but those information can be collected in other ways.

    Its so sad to say that since I’m a consumer only and won’t be able to take part in this, but I think this should help towards a better ADAM for me to purchase.

  71. True !
    A mixed group will work best. Everybody’s contribution is important.
    My suggestion is take an appropriate percentage of people from the poll results.
    app devs is currently 50%
    so 100 adams for app devs
    and so on… 🙂


  72. Hi,

    I´m afraid many people are confusing an EAP and the betatester job as a sort of “you will get the perfect, definitive ADAM before anyone”. By experience, the betatester job if done right, is boring and I expect the ADAM released for EAP to have some issues, because this is the whole point of the EAP program Right? Improve the device and solve existing issues.

    What would people that is so happy to offer for the EAP comment here the first time the EAP ADAM fails ?.

    I totally agree with RK, select for EAP serious people, who knows what really is the EAP and it´s consecuences not people that simply want an ADAM before it reaches GA.

    Anyway, I´ve requested access to the SDK (yes i´m a developer) but i will not ask for the EAP qualification because i´m simply neither proficient nor disciplined enough to do a good job in EAP. And to be honest, i think many people here is like me regarding EAP qualifications.

    Regards, Raúl

  73. Lita’s Points:
    I agree what Lita said. This is the point what many people are waiting to know about Adam. Being new, people know nothing about Notion Ink. Only blog followers and someone who visits this website might know what is Adam. Also, one of the blogger mentioned earlier that in spite of everything promising, Notion Ink might miss advertising. Notion Ink should take seriously Lita’s points to convince common people with clear message.

  74. hi rohan,
    i am a it savy from Malaysia. i have beeen following your product for half a year. after seing it the first time i already decided not to buy ipad. becasue i wan to be diff, and i am 100% attracted to ur product design and capability. can u be give me a chance to be for focus group in testing and coment on your product.
    i think has been long waited for a new born saviour to the IT world. i would like to participate in this historical moment.


  75. I was about to vote “Other” and write “ME”, to describe what other means. But as i have not enough time to participate in EAP, i decided, that i would get better ADAM, when i leave that EAP stuff to those that have more spare time.
    Could you get those guys to test some ADAMs, who also test Apple iPads UI? I bet they have used/tested multi-touch surfaces before, and would be also quite critical about non-Apple product. (Talk about comparing apples and lemons/ADAMs:)

  76. Ho Rohan, Today apple released IPod touch with dual cameras, retina eye and facetime for just $30 over the current model. I am pretty sure IPad2 will have all these and it will be relased in a month or two (Rumored nov release) for the same price or even lesser. so, be prepared for another wave of attrition from IPad alternatives. Unless your website is updated with all the impressive info, you will see move waiters moving to the wrong line towards apple store

  77. I personally think that its important to have feedback from all 3 as they all have different needs and a perspective on an end product or result. Coming from a corporate company its essential you capture all views taking into consideration that the % would indeed be higher for devs and beta testers but never forget your consumer which is the end result! Good luck and I’m looking forward to the end result…..pity we cant all be involved!!

  78. If only this testing period was opened to people who could test it and see how it could apply to their field. I’d love to see what would be possible in my middle school classroom. I guess this is another instance where I can wish that I pursued computers as a career instead…..

  79. Would it be possible to release the SDK to anyone who wants it and then have the 200 Devs get the rest of the package? This does 2 things:
    1. It keeps the Adam holders limited to a safe number.
    2. It allows for more progress and development from a larger community.

    I know for a fact that I am not good enough to be one of the “200” but I would love to be working on applications for my Adam before it comes out. Talk about customized!

    Also the ability to run the Adams OS from a virtual environment would be fantastic if you release the SDK.

    All the best to the NI team! You guys rock!

  80. You should give it to Actual Customers as they are the one who will be finally buying & using it their feedback is very important. End user are the one who can tell you better what they liked what they didn’t and accordingly others can write the programs. Making the product Application developer friendly is good but application are need to made for the users. So ultimately Customers should be given more preference.
    And guyz post some more info, pictures & videos of the product. As their is not enough out there in regards to Adam which is making many ppl to switch over to other products.
    And you need to seriously workout your pricing structure if you want to make it big in domestic market.

  81. Hi!

    Thanks for the update. I think a mix of Beta-Testers and Developers would give you a nice feedback.

    Just another thing, as i have continuously written on this blog, now is the time to start marketing aggressively to people who don’t visit this blog.

    Start a YouTube Channel
    Upload videos on Facebook
    Update the website with your UI Experience, as you suggested in one of the posts

    Just give the people what they want, more information regarding the use of the Adam. This has been pointed out by a lot of people on this blog, just do it. So many fans asking for something, it has to be right.

    A new tablet based on Android is announced everyday now, the galaxyTab has made some flutter, ExoPC is also great, Asus is coming and so are many more. Adam is still the best package according to me if its marketed in the right way. Setup a small web-marketing team and show it to the world!!!


  82. This looks amazing maybe u shud give out to some non beta testers ( non programmers – actual consumers ) like me so we cud actually give u our opinions/views.

  83. I think EAP candidates should pay for the device! You don’t want greedy people using this as a way to get a freebee. (Perhaps with an exchange program if the hardware has to be changed.)

  84. @PK The iPad as a device is seven times larger than the iPhone. You cannot put a Retina display on that size anytime soon.

    That display alone would cost thousands.

    Think about it: Even a theoretical pixel doubled display of 2048×1536 pixels (which Apple will eventually use, but not next year) would

    – only have 260 ppi, not 300 ppi like the iPhone
    – have 3 times as many pixels as a 720p HDTV
    – have 50 % more pixels than even a 1080p HDTV. What kind of content would you watch on that screen if 1080p looks blurry?

    And two cameras would cost more money and less functionality than a single camera that swirls and i am pretty sure that it would be at least 50$ more than the current price and at last it would still be apple (trying to tell me how to do everything!!!No thanks!!!)

    And as for the developers moving to apple store, i think everyone has already been there and tasted the objective C, coca and all. As i have done it and i personally hated the application xcode or the language for that matter. I think there are a lot of developers out there who want to get out of programming in objective C but apple store being a real money maker they are ready to bear some inconvenience. Just show them an alternative and they will Ditch apple for sure.

    If you want more impressive info, just wait. Am sure there is a reason why they are keeping such a great product to themselves.

    Also i think i forgot to mention that so far i have never been log in to developer section of apple’s website, this is what i get even after 3 months

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

  85. As for me, I am selfish and just want one 🙂 but I would promise to test it very well 😉

  86. I am sure you do know this, but there are quite a few Android tablets showing up at IFA and a few of them are boasting Tegra 2.

    I hope you get your superior product to the show to make sure people know what tablet they should be buying.

    I include myself in the term “people” because I’ll take an inferior Tegra 2 Froyo tablet that exists over a superior one that does not exist.

  87. I’d be willing to pay for a unit to be an early tester. One reason a consumer test group might be a good idea is that we would be your early marketing agents. I know I certainly would show off the ADAM in my department, university and to all my students. Also, being in an electrical engineering and computing department I’m pretty sure I can get some UI / HCI testing done for you. If you strategically distribute the clones around the world you may get some excellent word of mouth advertising.

    But regardless of how you choose to proceed, it is now a question of timing. There are so many tablets entering the market in the next few months that you simply need to have something out ASAP to grab market share.


  88. The wisdom of Lita’s words speaks for itself, and no doubt for a lot of potential consumers. I would only emphasize: Please, O please, don’t lock us in to a specific carrier. I want carrier companies to compete for my business on your hardware, just like you competed for my business and won–if you win; and I want you to win. I’m holding out the Adam, but if it turns out to be a platform for a carrier monopoly, I won’t buy it.

  89. Hi Rohan,

    as the most of us, I think a mix will be the best. And as I have written in another post, I think it would be the best if you will send the Test ADAM to endusers around the world and they can test the translation. I also aggree that endusers/betatesters working in another way as developer.
    I think the best will be
    50% for developer
    25% for betatester
    25% for customer

    And it would be great if you will use more than 200 ADAMS for the tests.

    And last: if you looking for a good german Betatester or customer, I will be your man 🙂


  90. Quote:
    The current list of developers (those who sent request at relations) will all get access to SDK.

  91. Neither! Educators!!

    What is ADAM made for? When you thought of the 185 degrees camera, didn’t you also have lecture recording in mind? Didn’t you think of ADAM, among other things, as a tool for students? Then educators must get their hands on it and see how suitable it is for classroom environment.

    I was CompSci student who did graduate studies in Economics and now mostly teach senior level undergrads about the Economic theory. I believe in going beyond plain lectures and in having interactive classroom setups. I don’t just mean PowerPoint. I have incorporated tools from Google Wave to perl, to facilitate my classes. (imagine how pissed off I was when Google abandoned Wave)

    I make great use of technology in my classroom but still need more. If you want to know how classroom read ADAM is, you should give me one and I’ll let you know.

    Oh and I should mention since I am an educator I have a highly criticizing eye! Try it for yourself.

  92. I really like the Adam, but I am staring to think that you won’t have all your ducks in a row by the holidays. The samsung tab was officially announce today at the IFA, and the new iPad is on its way also. this blog is nice but the numbers are so low, practically no one knows about the Adam and there for no one will wait for it. I think your gonna be left behind eating dust from your competitors, that’s a sad thing since your device “seems” superior in almost every way. I wish you luck, and I hope can get my hands on the adam, but right now there is so much uncertainty, I am not willing to wait. the samsung is looking like my tablet.

  93. Jealous of you all lucky EAPs x-(

    Rohan, releasing the UI , without the device, for testing (idk how u will manage it… virtual box as someone mentioned???) will be a really inexpensive and worthy move in terms of marketing as well as testing.
    Plus gives us(unlucky ones) a chance to be a part of the experience….
    Plus it will buy you some time with the drifters..

    I believe UI is one of the major USP for Adam. so..
    think abt it…

  94. There are a slew of new Android based tablets hitting the market, and if we don’t start seeing some firm dates, then I believe that lots of people will be like me and move to other tablets. While I think Adam may be one of the best, this is just dragging out too much, and I want something in my hands now. Sorry Notion Ink, I hope you don’t miss out on being the IPAD killer because you spend too much time in R&D and not enough time getting the product out!

  95. Oh. I just have one request to make, though I know it will most likely be too late to do anything about it. Please make sure the serial number is easily visible and durable. The stickers with the s/n on some laptops and other products wear out way too quickly and the serial number is important whenever you have to register it (i.e. I give English classes in different companies and most of them require that I register any electronic equipment I have with me).

    Secondly… I just have to say that I think you are most likely in Germany for the IFA. from what I’ve seen your update schedule (well, the times at which you authorize posts) seems more in tune with European time than with Indian time right now.

  96. Also, please get the icons right. This is the first thing that people will see on your device. Make them larger than usual, colourful and engaging. This will spark appeal from the get go. From what I have seen so far of demos, they didn’t look very inspiring.

  97. How good is the screen, really?

    Just stumpled on some reports for the DIY PixelQi screens. Indoors, they say, the passive/reflective mode is a bit worse than Kindle:

    That’s a little disappointing. Kindle display can be reasonably good indoors(although some pdfs zoom/render really bad). From my OLPC experience I was hoping the Adam can keep up with this performance.

    Adam has the additional touch layer on top of it, thus loosing even more contrast.

    Any comments?

  98. Time to update. Please maintain the appetite for these blog followers. We want to hear something new!

  99. Rohan has already indicated in his original post that all registered developers will be given access to the SDK. So no worries there.

    Note to Rohan: I’ve been following Adam since Dec 2009 and hopefully in Dec 2010 everybody would get Adam in their hands. I’ve an iPad and a generic tablet running Android 2.0. Also I’ve done lots of development including UI with Java and getting my feet wet with Android SDK. Hope the NI SDK extends the boundary in terms of user experience. Keep up the good work!!!

  100. Hi, just a suggestion, remove the Flash from your Website, it takes time to load and some links just dont open. The Black screen stays as it is.

    And again it doesn’t serve much purpose, Adam itself looks good.

  101. I was just curious to know if this is the same tablet which is being used to develop the $35 laptop in India, which was showcased by India HR Minister.

  102. Dear Rohan–

    When may I access the forthcoming EAP portal? I have already registered with relations as a developer for educational applications.


  103. I have a question. I already have an Android phone which allows me to tether it to my windows laptop to get internet connection through my phone’s 3G. Can we do that with Adam, i.e. can I connect my phone to Adam and use the app on my phone to get internet connection on Adam. This will be especially useful when there is no Wi-fi and so that I don’t have to purchase a separate data plan for Adam as well.

    On another note. You guys really need a forum like Exopc has created which allows questions to be asked in threads dedicated to it and then properly answered.

    This blog is ok for broadcasting information but not really helpful for answering or searching for questions that have already been asked and answers that have already been provided.

  104. What about your retailing marketing in India.
    What could be the price in India
    When can I really purchase the same from retail market

  105. I don’t really know where to ask questions so I’ll throw this up here.

    Will we be forced to use our finger or will the Adam have pen stylus support? If it does will it have some level of pressure sensitivity support? I’m an aspiring artist so being able to use Adam to draw will be a major selling point.

  106. Hello,Adam.
    I am XuXin from china.I am 26 years-old.I am a manager of business.My major is software.
    I have digged a lot about Tablet.
    My conclution is:
    1.Android will be the best OS for tablets.It’s free.It’s OSS.It’s a product of Google.Most of all,it’s inspired.
    2.Nivida’s Tegra2 is the best chip untill now.Like a lot of Nivida product,Tegra chip has maximum selling points: industry leading performance,low power,GPU,full HD Multimedia.
    3.Tablet will be the combined and final form of CellPhone,PC,Gps,Ebook and PMP.

    So I searched “Tegra2 tablet”.
    And finally,I found Adam.
    Adam is the best tablet ever.Non-Pixel Qi Display are its wings.
    It’s prize is proper.I will buy it without hesitation.

  107. Hi again,

    one question about EAP. You have decide to ue 200 ADAM for EAP. Will these 200 only be for developer or also for beta testers ? If these 200 are for both groups, I think it’s too little.
    What to you think about selling the ADAM for beta test ? Use another 200 or more and sell them to betat testers.

    And once a gain, I will be happy to be a beta tester and sure, I will pay for the ADAM 🙂


  108. @Crystal, if apple could add two cameras on ipod-touch and put this retina eye lcd screen for just $30 more than the prev version ipod touch, i wont be surprised if they do the same with iPad. we know the difference btw iPad and ADAM and that is why we are still waiting for ADAM 🙂 but the same is not true for majority of people over here. They want something proven and simple will all the nice features (they consider it nice if it is introduced by Steve Jobs :-D, even if it not useful to them). ADAM has the capability to target both the geeks and the novice users. but if ADAM does not market itself properly, all those users will go to IPad2.

  109. Well, there are some comparisons on the web between the two screens as well as one on the Pixel Qi page. The contrast is not as good as e-ink but it is quite good and you have to remember the other benefits such as refresh rate, versatility, etc. From what I understand it is better than the initial olpc screen. If you want to see the comparisons on the Pixel Qi page go to http://www.pixelqi.com/products you’ll have to scroll down a bit for the kindle comparison.

  110. Im afraid when this tablet comes on the market, it will already be obsolete. alot of tegra2 padds, are showing up now. just look at this years IFA. This adam better hurry, or you better have another adam tablet in the making… man.. just hurry!

  111. Rohan & team:

    Don’t know if this was mentioned before, but since your holy grail is Convergence, it will be terrific to incorporate a pico projector into this device, at least for a later model. Not everyone in the world will be able to afford one of these devices, but its high portability will ensure that it will show up everywhere. A pico projector makes it possible to share the onboard content with others, especially those less fortunate.

    Regards, and the very best of luck!


  112. it was my understanding that that was a hoax, it was even on CNN and they said it was not a reality.

  113. Rohan,

    http://www.cnet.com is one of the US’s most reputable reviewers of electronics and tons of people rely on them for product reviews. It is essential to get Cnet and Consumer report to review your product before release. BTW Consumer report has listed Iphone 4 on the NOT recommended list because of its antenna design issue’s. They are some of the fastest ways to get your product on the main stream media. You might send a clone to CNN’s tech review department aswell. CNN and CNET did several public broadcasts showing how unreliable the Iphone 4 was when making calls- they will push your product if it is flawless upon release- FREE Advertising!

  114. I agree with Lita…I’m an average woman too. Please whatever groups you choose- make sure some regular women are involved in the beta testing.

    I want something that will fit in my purse, or has a nice cover on it (a Kindle fits in my purse- that’s why I have a Kindle- most books don’t really fit in my purse). I want an easy to use intuitive UI so I can get to facebook, and my email without having to hand it to my husband to make it work. My Archos 7 went back to the store the same day because I couldn’t get it to check email. I have multiple gmail accounts- it shouldn’t be that difficult for an Android device to communicate with the “mothership” at Google. My feeling was that it just needed to work better, and if I had to spend an afternoon monkeying with the device to do a simple task that it wasn’t going to get much better from there. So, I returned it.

    I’m a competent, capable woman, but I do not have time to sit there and read a manual. I want it to work out of the box. I juggle about 1000 different tasks a day- there’s always someone or something that demands my time and attention.

    So, give an Adam to your mother- or any mother, and she’ll tell you volumes. Make a product your Mother loves- she’s a core demographic that a lot of tech companies completely ignore. BTW…that’s why iPod is so huge- it’s easy to use.

    Good luck- I’m so excited for Adam!

  115. There are a lot of new tablets that will be released, even Android-tablets. But there is still no product I feel confident about…
    except of the ADAM!

    Keep up the great work! But please: hurry

  116. Here is some data about Adam
    It is most popular in USA
    2. Australia after that India and Canada
    Europe is next in the list(most popular in Germany and Austria).
    Post popular in ages 25-45
    90% of Adams fans are guys

  117. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do it. Your phone is sending out a wifi signal. The Adam can connect to wifi. There’s nothing special going on with the device connecting to your phone’s wifi.

  118. hey XUXIN. Why you chinese wants military attack on india? Please dont attack on us, we are poor peoples. China is great, we do respect china.

  119. hey ADAM, do provide good quality material plastic/metal hardware,perfect fit and finish,no panel gaps.
    dont go TATA MOTORS way.

  120. Just one question were is your marketing….. there is no marketing anywhere the only information people get on this product is from here, engadget.com and slashgear.com. There need to be some “leaked videos/Pics” This is a necessity from a marketing standpoint and can only help your product. The EAP program is great but people need to see the product, and not just developers. If all the high quality developers love the product but the base line consumer doesn’t know about it then it will never be successful.

    I am and have been waiting very patiently for this product. It is leaps and bounds beyond anything out now and still better then most that will be coming out, but if they build hype and you don’t they will win even if you have the better product, just look at the Apple line. Most of their products do not match the features of other companies but they have one of the best marketing departments out there.

    Would love to see more than just blog updates and occasional updates from other sites!!!!

    All the best,


  121. Thanks. But the hardware configuration for that one was also the same as I see for Adam. So was just curious to know.

  122. The whole point of the PixelQi screen is in low light conditions, such as indoors, you can switch to back light mode. As such the screen should be much better than a kindle indoors. The technologies used are very very different, you could compare the kindle and the pixelQi screen in direct sunlight but in other scenarios it doesn’t make much sense.

  123. when can we actually buy this tablet, we are looking for purchasing a few for our company, have been delaying decision on this since last 2 months

  124. How much work can I expect to get another OS running on this tablet? Any limits placed on the software?

  125. Rohan and Company,

    I just wanted to say I am anxiously awaiting your product here in the US. I know you guys have a lot of things going on, but please don’t forget to update us with pictures and videos. There are lots of products launching in this category, and everyone here feels yours is the best.

    I know there are issues showing your custom UI until you are closer to market, but give us something. I have watched everything on youtube and need something new to drool over.


  126. If you are looking for consumers to test look no further.. I am the anti iPad especially ever since hearing about the amazing Adam device.. Let me know. I’d be happy to test and return unit to you or purchase.

  127. I don’t even know if I want Adam any more; I’ve waited too long and college has started. I’ll get a Samsung captivate and in conjunction with my macbook. it should be enough.

    I dont know if anyone can convince me to buy it, any ideas why I need this; of course if its very cheap i’ll get it.

  128. Hi Rohan,

    bad news. The Samsung Galaxiy Tab will launch in Germany soon and it could be preodered via Amazon from now on.
    I’m sorry, because I think you will loose now a lot of customers, because the Galaxy tab is a good tablet. Not so goof like ADAM, but good.

    You have to open the preorder shop NOW.

    Kind regards,

  129. As I know, there are some special kinds of stylus which also work on a capacitiv touchscreens.
    What I am interested in most is how the Trackpad on the backside works?

  130. please update! what is the latest news with the ADAM?
    can you release a milestone roadmap? we understand you can’t commit to actual dates now, but what’s the next step of development?

  131. @Jeremy
    To draw properly you will need an tablet/convertible with an active digitizer. You wont find that on one of the “new hyped tablets”. You should look for the oldschool tablets which are present on the market for years. As a consumer look for the HP tm2 for example.

    The Adam will be good at nearly everything, but i doubt that you can pressure sensitive draw or handwrite on it

  132. most of the people are positive on this tablet. but no sign of release date. number of tablets are already in market plus their name is mostly on every tech site. i heard about adam in ces10 coz lot of people were impressed by this device but after that there is nothing that attracts people toward it. very few videos are on net and they are also of many months back.
    take a product like nokia n8, still to come + no exact detail of price + brand new os, but if u search youtube , u will find tons of videos and people are ready to wait to buy it coz they had their aim set on it right now.
    adam is like a alien right now. no hint of UI and software capabilities. so at least upload some videos, give us some hint. in short start spreading its word.
    one more thing, start some topics on new apps ideas , coz i have many but cant find any place to post it.

  133. Rohan, can youyou us an idea of when the SDK will be ready ?
    The Tablet markert is starting to fill up , don’t miss the rush.

  134. I am excited to check out the SDK. I have ramped-up the development of my first Android application to get ready.

    The entrepreneurial spirit is infectious.

  135. It doesn’t sound like it is going to have the android market place, but instead your own market place, you should read some of the reviews of the Toshiba Folio tablet. it is getting rip apart because it doesn’t have the Android market place, but instead it will have the Toshiba Marketplace. You are really going down a dangerouse path, by going with your own market place. it will really limit the Adam to a small market. As ever review that comes out will say, it is a great tablet but it doesn’t have access to the android market place. You need to do what ever it takes to get the androiid market place on the adam. I just relented and bought my first Apple product, the iphone, the app store is what makes it sell. You will never get a comprable market place having your own Adam store, you need the full android market place.

  136. Hello. You are saying that you had to postpone Adam launch till Thanksgiving because the investors wanted to. What if the investors are apple by proxy. Have you thought about that. I think in December the market will be flooded with tablets. Then it all depends on the software. I hope your application store be updated on a regular basis. If i buy an adam i will be worried about the web support, because till now you have shown a lot of immaturity by hiding yourself. I used to follow you on facebook but that is gone, u dont update it. Man i have seen 3 year olds having dozens of videos on youtube and even blogs. If you want to sell your product why dont you hire a software guy in india to promote your product. You should look at what happened to Joojoo and wepad. you can,t compare with apple by doing things at a snails pace.

  137. dont know anything about ram in it…wish it have atleast 2gb of it.. will make the life lot easier.

  138. Hi,

    I am not sure whether this is a right place to put this comment.

    Please change the look n feel of website notionink.in. Though great flashy/glossy what not, but It’s very very slow in loading/usability.


  139. So many good views… Some I agree with some I don’t, but personally, coming from both a programmer standpoint, and that of a modder (both soft and hardware), I would have to say beta testers as a majority, next Devs, and finally, the smallest group, end users. Firstly as others have said, it’s the Testers that will run it all till it breaks. Not to break it, but to find how far it can be pushed, find it’s limits, and once they do, report exactly what happened, and what circumstances brought it about. On the other hand, Devs will ensure their apps, and progs run smoothly, under ideal circumstances, and end users are most likely to concern themselves with flow, and ease of use (don’t get me wrong, this is very important now-a-days). Let’s face it, honestly, nothing can replace a good tester, and most good testers are jacks-of-all-trades type of people, the ones that feel at ease whether they are stress testing a device or prog, or casually checking integration, and ease of use, some, like myself, even dabble in programming and electrical engineering. I seriously wish I could get my hands on one through the EAP, but to be honest, I’d have the “hood off and the engine pulled” in 10 minutes flat, and I can’t imagine NI would exactly care to know their baby was being dismantled before being tested… LOL I’ll be waiting impatiently for the full release with screwdriver, oscilloscope, and multimeter in hand, and until that day dreaming of the mods that might be possible.

  140. hi guys,

    please leave your geeky masks behind and get your business masks On and think twice about the samsung tab and new ipad and so many other competitors that will spring up soon. Get your sdk ready asap. we know Adam is superior (for now), so please make a use of it and play your game. I really do not wish you guys to see in too little too late situation.
    My best wishes to your team.

    Hoping that you and your investors will realize what global market share and competition really means.

    At least give people something by start of 2011. not summer not fall, early 2011 or you will be very late to this market.


  141. Waiting on a new update, Rohan. You were doing so well with update frequency that you’ve got us spoiled. We feel neglected after 11 days with nothing new. Please give us some more scraps to feed off of for another week!!!

    Some more sweet pics of our precious ADAM would be great, or better yet – how about a NEW hands-on video of the finished product?

    C’mon, Rohan, throw us a bone here! Getting very anxious waiting for anything…


  142. Everything becomes standstill. What went wrong? Please update. For couples of days, It was burning, then it suddenly became silent.

  143. It’s been very quiet in here lately…Any news, NotionInk Team?

    How’s the UI coming along? Any word on the FCC regulations? Are we still on target for 2010? Can we see a picture of our baby brother Adam just to make sure he’s okay? 😀

  144. …. good to see you keep the promised update rate, as well as release dates and so on ….

    i’m really looking forward to see adam come to life, i loved following from wodden prototypes until now, but one thing will not get into my head:

    Why are you so careless about your future customers? You are not alone anymore, there are other tablets out there, using tegra, using android. Take all the time you need to release a completly developed product, but be aware, that you have many competitors and sucess is by far not guaranteed.

    In hope of an amazing product

  145. one more thing, that shows how you care about customers:

    Your creepy website … remove the site as it is, its completly anoying and scares all visitors: Will Adam work as good as this website? ^^

  146. Hmmmm, I take my previous post back. No IFA =( and no updates… not even authorizing new comments. I hope this means you are locked away and working on wonderful things rather than problems. I also definitely hope it doesn’t mean you’re sick again, that would suck. But hey, the poll is also cool as there are now over 4000 votes. If no one (or at least not many) double posted that is very impressive.

  147. I voted Other: actual consumers and beta testers.

    While we all need things that we didn’t know we needed until developers came along, I don’t believe there will ever be a lack of ability to develop. The consumer is the one who will be using it and will be able to review based on functionality. Posed as “building the perfect device” a consumer will spread great news out of pride of being part of the test. They will also be able to critique based on what a person is willing to buy. (Especially in the current US market.)

    The beta tester will actually be able to communicate and critique these concerns more effectively.

    Sorry to offend any programmers – they are good at what they do, and can design anything, but I believe the applications need to fit what the consumer asks for, not getting the consumer to appreciate the apps as created. I mainly say this due to the fact that for the last 10 years we have seen technology shaping people and I am not happy with most of it.

    I want a product designed for me, the consumer. In my business, I sell customers what they want, they pay me, they are my boss. I also need things and ask my vendors to provide it for me, if they can’t, I don’t take what they have, I find another who will provide what I need. Besides, it’s much easier to design something for them than to get them to like what I’ve already designed. I don’t need nor want an iPad, but I want something similar and better. That is why I’ve been following news on Adam and am excited to see it so close to being available.

    For my two cents: Desires: Mobility, battery life, comfort and ease of use, temperature, and durability are important. I want a device that will be easy for me to take with me where I go so that I can, write, draw, process photos, and surf the internet. A notebook doesn’t give me enough battery life on location to use with my camera; is too hot to comfortably use on, say, a couch; requires a drawing pad for art; and is too cumbersome to take everywhere.

  148. I can’t wait for this product, and was thinking why should we, once the the hardware is chosen, why can’t we buy beta Platform, we all can beta test, if you have tried TF2 you know what i mean.

  149. hi
    so whats happening to Adam?
    everyone’s attention’s on galaxy tab and it’s really going to be a big shot
    adam really should been released like 3 months ago
    and without solid contracts with carriers, how’s adam going to survive?
    i know adam’s specs are still invincible
    but the problem is people wont really care so much
    i hope that adam can soon be released in the market

  150. If waiting for the FCC in the USA is holding you up, why not just release it worldwide first? Get the sales before other people turn to the other tablets being released in October etc. I keep getting pulled by advertisements for other tablets myself, so I know how tempting they are….

  151. Dear Rohan,

    Nice product, This can be a play mate for children too….you can load story books for kids and simple math questions and biology (6 to 12 grade) to make learning a fun …in total this can be used as in my opinion family based entity.By this you will garner the kids too….I hope I am not thinking like a kid. They donot need wide range of applications though……this cuts the price and also gives them oppurtuinty The user interface should be like a 3D cartoon charcter or a bit higher depending on the age……may be for the feature.

    Best regds,

  152. Hi Rohan,
    I am obviously not alone in starting to wonder whether you will make a November release date. I’ve just returned from a major (medical) education meeting, and the use of iPad is significant, and it proved a popular tool for presenting, particularly among those presenting on technology issues. Even discounting the obvious ‘fan boy’ enthusiasm, there will be a point where it will make sense for me, like many others above, to buy an iPad, rather than see that 6 months or more have gone by while waiting for an Adam. (Unless Java is available soon for iPad some in university settings may even choose a Win7 tablet to connect to uni WiFi). Then you will have to hope your product gets to version 2 for us to update to later.
    Please think very hard about the need to promote your product now, give us some clear pricing information, tell us about a distribution network, including for international orders, and where support will come from.
    I’ll also include my 2 cents worth on beta testing, though I am no expert in IT. I have had the opportunity to evaluate some pieces of medical technology in my own specialised area, (early evaluator, under confidentiality clauses, long before any release date), and developers can make some decisions which end-users could never live with, so end-user opinion is critical if you are going to carve a niche in the market.
    But most importantly, start showing us that release is imminent.

  153. It’s been a while since this blogpost is updated.
    Please update us soon atleast to chew on something !

    When does the EAP start ? When will the developers be notified ?

  154. What gives did this place lose all interest or are we all waiting to get an update,com’on NI were like junkies here we need some info or just some b/s from Rohan don’t let us down

  155. Its been over 2 weeks, I am (or we are) waiting for your next update/blog.

    Please take time out and keep us in the loop.
    Thank you

  156. We are counting down to November.

    I just hope that after I get this device, there will be enough productive and entertaining things to do with it. I mean, things that couldn’t be accomplished otherwise.

    The best case scenario for me would be to use it as an e-book reader and multimedia ‘consumption’ device, for example as an in-car entertainment system that hooks up to the CD player through an FM transmitter (add-on), and can be attached to the display or under the roof with a dockable connector (add-on). Personal wifi devices or support for 3G USB adapters would be a necessary part of the scheme.

    Now, if only someone could make cars that drive themselves.

  157. Saw this searching for updated news on tablet PCs.

    Google: Android not yet ready for tablets
    Erica Ogg, CNET News.com on September 13th, 2010 (13 hours 43 minutes ago)
    Though Android tablets have already begun popping up, Google says its mobile operating system is not quite ready for that purpose.

    TechRadar quoted Hugo Barra, Google’s director of mobile products, last week saying, “Froyo is not optimized for use on tablets.” Froyo is the name for Android’s current version of the operating system, version 2.2.

    And that’s despite the latest round of tablets featuring Android shown at IFA Berlin. Android Market, the place for Android users to buy apps, won’t work properly on tablets, he said.

    “If you want Android market on that platform, the apps just wouldn’t run, [Froyo] is just not designed for that form factor.” But it’s been hinted that future versions will be.

    That might explain why the Android tablets already for sale are curiously smartphone-like.

    The Dell Streak, which debuted in the U.K. and the U.S. this summer, is a perfect example. While Dell calls it a tablet, it has a 5-inch screen, which is closer in size to a smartphone than an iPad, has voice calling as a feature, and is sold through carriers.

    The Galaxy Tab from Samsung, which runs Froyo and was warmly received at IFA, is a bit larger at 7 inches, but also allows phone calls and will be available through carriers.

    And Samsung is already advertising that the device will be upgradable to Android 3.0, called Gingerbread. But the following build of the Android operating system, Honeycomb, won’t be available for the first Galaxy Tab models, according to Samsung. There will be new hardware to support that.

    “Since we emphasized portability and mobility, our determination was to apply smartphone platform instead of tablet platform,” W.P. Hong, director of mobile products for Samsung, said last week. “Honeycomb will be implemented in our next-generation tablet, not this device, because that [Honeycomb] is specifically optimized for a different type of tablet. This emphasizes mobility.”

    So while the iPad competitors have started to come forward, the real rivals for Apple’s current dominance in touch-screen tablets won’t appear until early next year once Android 3.0, or Gingerbread, is available.

    This article was first published as a blog post on CNET News.


  158. No post from Rohan in 14 days and no comments updated in 9 days … this is a really bad let down. Do I see light at the end of this tunnel?

  159. Why no communication ?? Is this product ever coming out ?? At the very least weekly communication is required to maintain interest ….. I’m about ready to give up on this product …. no one seems to care !!!

  160. Hi.

    I’d love to try out your product. It is by far the most promising tablet.

    Where do I apply for this?


  161. I would love to beta test this product if you guys are looking for any testers! I am a college student who is studying mechanical engineering.

  162. Dear Rohan, I have been tracking your baby since last 1 year or so…& is waiting eagerly for your device to get lauched ….I would request you to add trading platforms like diet odin etc. too on the device or atleast have that flixibility so that people like me may also have some use of the device…its really tiring sitting whole day on the chair & tracking markets…ADAM can play a great role in relaxing people like us…!

  163. Contrary to the previous poster lots of people care, probably too much. We`re just getting to the end of our patience. This thing needs to launch and soon to win us as custmers otherwise it`ll be too late and we`ll have bought something else.

  164. I visited your site too and this is great, i would have wanted to be a part of team but unfortunately i don’t have experience with android 😦

  165. I have been following this product like the rest of you. I am worried that with the recent changes and additions, that it may not make it to the sales table.

    I am excited about the features that Rohan has promised, but promises in the Tech field are just that, promises until the product is in our hands. I am looking forward to the delivery of this product and am willing to wait, but would love to see it have the Marketplace, and all the features that have been committed to.

    This is my hope that i have one in my hands soon and that it is all that is promised!

  166. Hi Rohan
    The excitement and anticipation generated by your device, is really fantastic. Like the rest of the bloggers, I have been reading about the evolution of your product and am eagerly waiting for the release of the product.

    However, the level of the excitement means the Adam needs to be really good and solid. Otherwise there is a risk of major disappointment given all the hopes people have pinned on the Adam

    For this to happen, I think the device needs to be fully tested not only by developpers ( who will tend to push the device to its technical limits) but also by the average Joe, who is the primary target for the Adam.
    Given the specs of the Adam, all techies are alsready salivating and impressed. However, for the mass market, it needs to not only be technically good, but be seen as consumer friendly device that is so easy to use, that the technology is not seen, but is there to help the user, and not becomes a challenge for the average user.

    One suggestion to get a number of consumer testers is to maybe provide an early version but for payment to a selected group of testers. Then at the end of the test period, you can provide those testers who have provided input, either a gift certificate to the App Shop or some other goodies (maybe reduced price on the Eve device when it is created) to show your appreciation.
    The reason I think it would make sense to make the testers pay is that you would ensure that the testers are committing to provide feedabck and are not only trying to get a free device without any work on their part.
    I am sure that a serious consumer who wants to test will be willing to pay to get the device early.
    I have done this in the past when I have tested software, and used this method with hw/sw devices which our company was selling. The results have always been good and both sides have always been pleased with the result.

    Hope my input is helpful.
    Eagerly looking forward to the release of your device.


  167. Just adding my input here. In agreement with having Developers have a first go at the device.
    I would also suggest having a small group of of beta testers running in parallel that would be able to give you feedback from an average user’s perspective. Perhaps sending devices to selected testers globally.
    As always, looking forward to the release.


  168. Hi Folks@Notion Ink!

    Can we have some update on the EAP program and the SDK release/access? I have been waiting to hear back on this.
    Has anyone else heard anything on this or got any acknowledgement or reply from Notion Ink.

    Ronak Rathod

  169. Hi all,

    In my opinion you should select a small group of end users which will test functionality. Those people will actually understand if functionality is suitable for their needs or not. Beta testers and application developers will try to get under the hood leaving nothing original after a while.

  170. After reading more and more and seeing some movies on YouTube about this new phenomena called Adam, I can’t wait to get my fingers on one. This would make my job so much easier and it wold thrill my customers.

  171. Well yes, unfortunately I am not an application developer, so my chances of getting one before x-mas look pretty slim 😦

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