New Beta Website Up!

Dear All,

Please check

Its in the beta phase and you will find a lot of errors and performance issues. Send in your valuable feedbacks at comments [at] Final version will get reflected on the .com domain.

This is the flash one, we will soon have HTML one (specially for the iPad people).

Notion Ink will slowly release its brand identity and I will soon write on how I personally look at Notion Ink (same will be reflected with a new logo, the icons in the OS and the UI as well).

Will keep you all updated.



Based on the comments from you all, “2.0 website will be pure HTML, and AJAX. Smooth, very silky. Pure design, minimilistic. Very simple, can be viewed by everyone.” – From Andre (Design Director)

153 thoughts on “New Beta Website Up!

  1. hey rohan ,
    i am great fan of yours but your website lacks photos and hands on videos. please please give the release date.

    thanks for shifting to bangalore


  2. The site is awesome! Please release more information soon or let a tech site have a hands on with the ADAM, such as slashgear or engadget.

  3. Aswell as the website for all the official news, the blog for less formal posts… how about twitter for those quick hints and progress updates to keep us hooked?!

  4. the website looks great (and works very well apart from some frame rate lag during the opening splash). I’m glad to see that you seem to be ramping up to a release.

  5. specially created an account to comment have been following ur blog for quite sometime. like everyone i want to know when its going to be released… but i have to admit the website look very promising and interesting. would be grateful if u can show us what the ui will look like.. pls start the pre- orders asap.

  6. Great job with the website design. It’s very attention grabbing and gives the Adam a dynamic look. If this is your vibe for a US marketing campaign, I think you’ll do well.

    I’ll send in specific notes to the comments section.

    Can’t wait to see your final pricing, release date, and updates on Genesis!

    Best wishes, ptf237

  7. 64 GB internal looks impressive. Please update your specs to reflect the same πŸ™‚ We are eagerly awaiting for one more link on the menu: “BUY”!! Hope to see Genesis given birth soon!! I found a major bug in your page: It does not display the price of the models and the major bug is RELEASE DATE is MISSING :D. Hope to see the bug fixes by tomorrow πŸ˜€

  8. Looks Good, A Little Laggy in the transitional parts, and in the initial load.

    Still itching for a pre-order opportunity.

  9. Why don#t you give what everyone wants, rather than write a load of pointless drivel every few days. When people say they wanted more updates, they don’t mean useless updates. Your next update will probably say what the weather like is in india! Who cares?

    People don’t really care about your new website and it’s brand identity. We just want to know when the damn thing will be released. The last we heard anything about that was months ago when you unsurprisingly cryptically said that it was “on track”. We have already missed 2 of tracks that were previously mentioned so god knows when your “on track” is.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s not going to come out this year or next year but at least tell us that instead of this useless information. If there is a delay, tell us what it is. It does no harm, in fact it is 100 times better than treating your potential customers as fools!

  10. I don’t understand. I went to and was taken to the same site which has been up for months. How do I access this new beta site?

  11. Kind of lost interest. Waiting so long to buy one. Really dont want to buy IPad but no good products in the market. Dont know how much we need to wait.

    Please mention release date.

  12. Hi Rohan,

    Nice, the new website is pretty awesome and I really liked the FLASH part for the entire website:) Some sample videos about the features and some more pictures about each feature of ADAM would be a real nice to have for newbies to take a look and understand what ADAM really has to offer. I see some signs of light at the end of tunnel now. When do you expect the Stress testing of ADAM to get over? I am sure only then can we expect to hear a release date from you.

  13. “We embrace open community…” – so this means you will let us root the Adam easily? Yesss!!! ;))). Why not make it really easy, like with Nexus 1?

    BTW, there are only few things that could make me so angry as to not buy an Adam: an eFuse (Motorola style) or similar that prevents you from fiddling with the bootloader. Or blocking external applications (AT&T style). I mean, if I want a locked device I will get an iPad.

    On a different note, I see that you added the 64GB option. That is fantastic! If only we had a release date and pricing, I would start believing this whole thing is not a fairytale.

    About the webiste: OK, flash is flashy, but it’s slow and annoying. And it’s not only the iPad that can’t render it (though that comment was funny as hell, I’ll give you that), it’s the vast majority of current androids as well. Plus the Linux and Mac computers aren’t too happy with it either, or anything with not-so-fast internet or not-so-new processor… Looking forward to the html version.

  14. Thanks Rohan ,for these updates, this makes the wait for the ADAM a little more tolerable!!

  15. Hi Guys,

    Site looks great. But experienced a little glitch fault with website. I am running Browser (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20100722 Firefox/3.6.8) with Add-ON Ad blocker. When I click on Specifications, About, Gensis, Careers nothing comes up with single clicked, just a blank page. On second click, all info is displayed. Not sure its happening due to Ad blocket ADD-ON.

  16. it is probably the saddest thing happened to technology this year , a super-tablet, almost stellar specs , seen shredded to the points of obscurity by repeated delays and no tweaks along the way, here is a short list :
    . USB 2? in a matter of months , devices would surface with USB 3
    . 1024×600 ? that was yesterdays news even when it was first introduced
    . 3axis accelerometer? where is now standard gyroscopic sensor
    . Pixel Qi is great , but will it be able to compete with the likes of SUPER AMOLED? what if under sun , they perform the same? then no one give a competitive edge to Pixel Qi
    . still no polished UI? c’mon
    . and last but not the least , an yet to be confirmed version of android. rest assured , when the floodgates of google tablet are opened, and my estimates are round christmas , then anything without gingerbread would have a hard time getting the attention
    i think introduction of key software and hardware innovations should have been incorporated into adam, otherwise , call me when you got ADAM2 .

  17. I’m really digging the new website and am anxiously awaiting the Adam release in the US. I’m surrounded by quite a few big-time Apple fans and they don’t seem to pay attention when I tell them that there’s quite a few options missing from the Ipad that I want in a tablet. I’m hoping to have an Adam to show them and say, “that’s not a tablet, THIS is a tablet!” in a few months. Keep up the good work.

  18. Noticed that the camera specs were different in two places, one sited 3.1 another cited 3.2. Also, there is no release date… I was really wanting to see that.

    Other than that it looked great, maybe some videos and a page to give me ideas on how to use it (like for school, movies, news). I think that may sell it a bit more.

  19. Hello Rohan,

    I love the “look and feel” of the website. But please the UI should be more coherent and ‘aesthetically’ flowing .. for instance the close button is not aesthetic at many places. As I am not a UI expert at all, and also since I know you are a great ‘observer’ of Apple :).. I would say : lets take a look at the apple website and their presentation of IPhone and IPad. There is a great amount of ‘correctness’ in their UI design .. albeit with a missing ‘soul’ πŸ™‚
    Regarding the website, I am just hoping that you just poured out a part of your ‘bare soul’, with a lot more to come along with lots of refining.
    Whatever is true of Apple’s website is also true of their products. They seem to achieve a high level of design-correctness at whatever level their products are.
    May you also do good in those possibly ‘extraneous’, since ADAM already seems be looking good in its inside.

  20. I haven’t had any glitches at this point with the new site…except for not link for a release date : )

  21. there’s no GALLERY page on the website
    I think that’s one important feature of a website for advertising your product
    and we fans do love to see more of Adam’s pictures FORE SURE
    and when we post the links on other forums to show to others who don’t know you
    they’ll expect to see how good looking the product actually is
    so PLEASE set up a gallery page for images of Adam

    will Adam have specially made sleeves/carrying cases or so? like ipad, of course, has lots great looking ones too

  22. For the love of god~! please post some information on the release date…
    I’m dying over here…

  23. I agree with everyone that your new website looks great, but I think that creating an all flash website is a really bad idea for tons of reasons, starting with free software users and most smartphone users not being able to look at your website, it goes on with SEO and I could go on even further, but there are tons of people that wrote down why they think that creating an all flash website is a really bad idea.

    As HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (jQuery etc) have become quite powerful during the last months, you could deliver the exact same experience using only open web standards to everybody who uses a recent and decent web browser, and a still informative experience to those, that use older, less powerful software to access the web, including search engine robots.

    If you really love flash, you can implement small parts of your homepage in flash (like an animation to look at adam from all perspectives), it’s not a too bad technology. But be aware that there are a few people and robots, that simply donΒ΄t use flash, for whatever reason. And some of them might be your customers.

  24. Site indeed looks truely awesome.. BUT… we want info about the upcomming product named “Adam”

    Sure it’s all pretty and fancy but please please please give us some information about a possible release date…. in about 2 months time the market is gonna be filled with tablets and we all wanna know if Adam is going to be one of them..

  25. Nice work on the site. Can you put up some recent videos of the device that you guys hold in your hands now? Or is it still top secret? πŸ™‚

  26. i love the website. it looks awesome! but the background animation makes the CPU overloaded. is it due to my PC config(core2 e6750 + nvidia GTS 250 + 4G ram)??

  27. Hi Rohan,

    Nice website, cutting edge like Adam πŸ™‚ But more pictures, videos and few colours (except present blue) would be great. You could emphasize new implementations, like backside trackpad which gonna be incredibly helpfull regarding the standard trackpad or external mouse. Very usefull camera which is in the middle side, it can help to record lectures while taking notes. By the way why can’t we find 2 audio jacks out ? I don t want to share my Adam with my wife because she wants to watch movies or listen mp3, we can do it together πŸ™‚ Adam will help for couple reconciliation. And so….

  28. Love the site :), just one thing, using chrome 6.0.427 i need to click twice in the headers (like about) for it to show properly, the first time a black rectangle is displayed without content or loading indicator. IΒ΄m using the latest available flash player version on a windows 7 (64 bit) machine.


  29. hi Rohan,

    The regularity of updates is increasing and now a new website…
    I have a notion that things are quickly moving in the right direction!

    All the Best,
    Lalit – Moscow

  30. Looks awful. Please retain the html only website. Flash might sound good, but it’s painful to load, the animations aren’t too smooth and look childish.

  31. The website is really great !
    I love it, you did a good job.
    It gives me some hope about the future of the Adam.
    I can’t wait to have one (I’ve been waiting for months it’s killing me lol)

  32. The specs don’t mention touch capability with Pixel Qi, but they do with LCD. Does the Pixel Qi display have touch?


  33. looks good, guess using the same blue for information boxes headers as the text at the bottom might look better.

  34. New site looks nice, but using Flash is a terrible choice. And of course the only thing we care about is missing: When will Adam be released?

  35. I think the font in “design” page is too small.

    “SLEEK, LIGHT DESIGN” on blue ribon is OK.
    “The Adam is 14mm****** ” on gray ribon is too small for me.

  36. The images are good, but if you can put the prices up and the availability of the product. Also separate the specs for each product do not mush them into one page. The more clear they are the better.

  37. hey rohan,
    hate to bother you olive telecom (another indian manufacturer) have launched their android tablet. so please do gear up but we all know that your specs cannot match any other android tablet.

    waiting for your release date.


  38. website looks cool, the adam looks cool, hi-tech, sophisticated…
    the website is rather slow and choppy though… too heavy on the graphics?
    how you guys managed to make the adam smaller and lighter than the ipad, i’ll never understand.
    the specs doesn’t say anything about how much RAM is on-board… can we have some numbers please?!
    what 3G bands are supported? will it be a quad-band 3G device?
    will the camera be able to record HD (720p) video? I’m guessing the processor is quite capable of handling that task!
    why only b/g wifi? why no n?!
    and last, but perhaps the most important question of all… release date! give us a date rohan, just give us a date and put us out of our misery!!!

  39. I bet everyone is excited,i am super excited myself!! But i aint gonna get my card out until i see da UI.The website is a lil,u know….I hope da UI and da website teams are supervised by different people….:P

  40. Excellent website, except it makes me want Adam all the more! Trying to wait patiently here in the US for a release date … please hurry!

  41. I would like to point out that the website is full of broken english. Many of the sentences do not make sense, or sound extremely awkward.

    “The notion ink adam is packed with powerful technologies” that whole section sounds awkward, and there is a period where a comma should be.

    In terms of the website layout it is quite nice, however I would seriously consider hiring a technical writer from the United States, this is the kind of thing that will immediately discredit you with an english speaking audience.

    Also, the “Contact Us” link at the top brings to the careers page, which I believe is an error.

  42. Website looks grant gala of your product… increase the eagerness day by day…
    pls. look ” Careers,Contact us” move to one linked page..

  43. Rohan.. Website is amazing.. But was unfortunate to view many stuffs.. I’m a Mac Guy.. But Chromy.. few things seemed cluttered But the Main stuff just made me dream for a while in my hand. Would love to have soon…

  44. Guys

    This is a beautiful site, but we need more. Here is the question, is there such a thing as a reverse Osborne effect. Whereas they suffered the unintended consequences of premature announcement of a release date for the Osborne Executive, drying up sales of the Osborne I, you are now loosing sales by the unintended consequence of an overdue announcement of release.

    My corporation, a mobile medical team, has been genuinely anxious, awaiting word of shipment for several months. In the meantime, I have been able to stave off any purchasing of similar devices, until last week. Now unfortunately, we are all walking around with our new iPads. I believe the Adam would be a better device for our purposes, but now the investment and momentum is too great. A “half life” cycle must now pass before we can even consider the Adam, three years.

    I am still going to purchase an Adam, just one, for myself, but I wonder how many others are being forced to leap to an alternative simply because no release date is published. ( by the way, we would have settled for Feb 2011 )

    I am not a marketing guy, I dont know your internal finances or state of manufacturing, but I think you can help your cause by doing less web update and more announcement of release date.

    Dave Plummer M.D.

  45. The website looks pretty, but it’ll look absolutely terrible on any mobile devices (it won’t reformat properly for the screen) It’s also very slow on a modern computer even though you don’t do anything very special with Flash.

    I’m not a fan of Flash. It’s a bulky resource hog, and it’s proprietary. Everything you’ve done on your website could be done in HTML (with javascript) with the result being increased performance and compatibility across most devices.

  46. You guys have done AWESOME work so far. The Adam is shaping up to be the most innovative device for the foreseeable future.

    If you release the Adam looking like the renderings, with the specs the website lists, I WILL BUY ONE (and I know many others who will).

    Please get us a release date!

  47. few comments:
    1.In the Design & Technology pages – text is very difficult to read(i think font size is little less).
    2.There should be a 360 View for Adam(This is must!)
    3.Flash does not cover the entire screen size (i’m not sure if you have designed it for tablet PCs but it certainly not fit on my 21″ screen)

  48. Hi. Rohan

    I have watching a lot of Tablets now a days and your one is good in many in terms of processor, screen, no. of ports and the OS you are providing..but there are still some fields you forgot to look after unless you are not competing with the market leading ones..Like you can make it a little portable by reducing it size to around 6 to 7 in” rather than 10 in”..and if you can reduce the little bump in the back side where you have placed the 4 cell battery..which will make it a little bit more slim, try to make it as slim as possible .and please provide all kind of gesture in it like zoom in, zoom out scroll up down, page flip side ways all that are possible and remove the track pad from the back of it if it will make it a little bit more cheaper coz we are moving on to smartphones and tablet pc’s bcoz of touchscreen and we dont want any more keyboard and trackpad, we just want to click on the screen and it should make things happen..and again make it as slim as possible with a good build quality coz looks will be a big issue for in the sale of your tablet..(Why do you think after all the iphone 4 antenna problems and IOS 4 bugs it still one of the best seller looks matter the most even you provide every thing in your tablet and it dosent look good no one will be going to buy it)..

    I wish for a great year for your tablet..

  49. yeah and look at this UI Dell Streak have created a great UI with android..You can gain some experience with it..Please visit the link…

  50. Innovative, stylish, and fast! I love the look and feel! Great Job on the Beta!

  51. Dear Rohan Shravan,
    I am about to take the plunge and buy an iPad this weekend as my state has a tax free weekend and I just can’t wait any longer. I have a two week period where I can return the iPad. PLEASE tell me Adam will be releasing soon so I don’t have to be couped up in a closed source environment! I have been checking your site(s) every day since coverage broke on Engadget waiting for any kind of update on a firm release date. I love the Adam and I want it but I’m growing extremely impatient. If you can give me (us) a date, I will hold back. PLEASE GIVE ME A DATE!


  52. Sorry for going off topic everyone. Just need to know. The website looks great by the way. It would look better with a release date though…..


  53. Boy you seem to have some ‘views’. I am sure Rohan has already gone over them a thousand time πŸ™‚ lolz .. 10,000 times
    10 inch ,lil bump , slimness have all been well thought as per his comments if you are following him. There will be no budging there i guess. If we don’t like it then we may have to park our interests somewhere else i guess πŸ™‚
    Gestures .. u r correct and ADAM will address all of them I guess and more.
    Trackpad .. u must be kidding in what you are talking .. it is advance to the future boy(I can always switch it off if I dont want). I hear Notion Ink has the patent also. Lets see how people react to this kinda mousing.
    Slimness or whatever , Adam is just trying to be the best girl/guy in town, not the most beautiful guy/gal πŸ™‚

  54. wonder how Rohan allowed the website to go with this serious typo :
    no mention of Pixel Qi Display in the specs

    Kinda reminds me of the thoughts on Antenna problem with Iphone 4 .. how did a great technocrat like Steve Jobs allow such a thing to happen?

    .. only this typo in Adam specs is not as grave as Steve Jobs ‘mistake’, as it is very much beta πŸ™‚ Cheers

  55. if the Adam had the ability to open it up and replace the battery, as in, having extra battery packs for sale, I think there would be even a greater adoption by consumers, the Adam has everything else going for it, specification- wise.

  56. nothing like that. nokia phones previously sold are less in style and more in performance relatively.
    so style matters, but to a lesser extent than substance

  57. I fan of adam from march 2010. but still no release date. Guys do something i am not interested in your updates. release IT guys i want to buy.

    At least release a basic version of hardware like olivepad.

    I have shortlisted following tablets/smart phones (order in preference)

    1. Samsung galaxy tablet release in 11th august 2010.
    2. Dell steak coming in this month in india.
    3.OlivePad – VT100 android version release in august 25 2010,
    4 Zenithink ZT-180.
    5. Samsung galaxy s mobile phone.
    6. Ipod touch

    Planning to buy in sept/Oct 2010.

    Now indian people get more choice on it.

    My primary use is PDF/word/excel reading. Watching movie. Internet surfing with youtube.

    one request to adam guys
    1. lighter which i can hold at least 1 hours while reading books like magzine.
    2. scratch resistance.

  58. Please, take a look at:

    Some questions:

    * How can I print the specifications?
    * How can I copy & paste information from your web site?
    * How can I send a friend a direct link to the specifications info?

    Flash web sites are just eye candy, they are useless. Is Adam so? That’s the image you want to transmit about Adam? A beautiful but useless tablet?

  59. Originally, the developers of the Pixel Qi said that a touch overlay would reduce the clarity of the display. It wasn’t until the first of June that they demoed a prototype with a touch display. Maybe the rear mounted trackball is for a non-touch display. This is why I asked the question.


  60. Rohan, Please get rid of the flash my friend. It just doesn’t speak well of the entire open standards that you have till yet upheld with the Adam. Like a lot of people have mentioned this can be done with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

    Need I mention the release date requirement. I know you’ve been facing a lot from a lot of people… but seriously you should at least let us know which month we will get this in… Please… IT IS ESSENTIAL.

    Its a good product sir.. but you will loose out if you don’t deliver at the opportune time.

    Wish you Well.

  61. Hi Rohan, is amazing but there’s an issue contact us and careers link is opening the same page.
    All the best

  62. hehe, we work with a lot of indish colleagues from germany via web conference and stuff – and guess what – we mostly end with talking about the weather and whats going on right now in mumbai / cologne πŸ˜‰

  63. thanks for the resource hogging, let’s bring the pc to a crawl, flash website… get that html version up soon!

  64. thanks for the resource sucking, slow response, crappy flash page. please get the html site up soon!

    usb 2.0?!?!?! no release date and already behind on specs? drop the useless modem and get the usb 3.0 included.

  65. “Style matters” Never said it does not.
    My point is that if tomorrow I don’t find it slimmest/sleekest in the world, it MAY still be the best; is my hope for Notion Ink. Just a prayer for Notion Ink.
    So looks like we are saying the same thing, coz you did say “lesser extent than substance”.

  66. @John, I’m reading books on Nook. Just yesterday I thought, thanks G-d its main (e-Ink) display does not have touch capability. One often need to remove some dust particles etc. from a display while reading a book. Had it be a touch-screen, each touch would lead to scroll, switching to another page, etc. So, even if Pixel Qi screen would have touch capability, there should be an easy way provided to turn it Off and back On.

  67. cool site, but flash is too heavy how about an HTML5 version? by this site you can show the potential of browser in adam too, waiting eagerly for the release date

  68. I really think its a bad idea to rely so much on Flash for conveying your message. You could design an HTML site that gets enhanced by Flash IF the User has Flash running, and if not then all the information could be available via old fashion techniques πŸ™‚

  69. Hi Rohan,

    I was really disappointed to not be able to see the flashy new website this morning. I was browsing on my iPad and thought, ‘I wonder how the Adam is coming along. It would be great to see if it’s got to release yet.’

    Sadly, instead, I got an insulting message about my recent purchase, rather than an inspiring look at what I missed, or what I should be moving to next. Very disappointing. There is nothing to be gained in slamming your competition if it makes those that have bought their products feel rejected. It seems to be a low-brow attempt at harming Apple’s sales, which won’t work, since 1) peole viewing that page have already made a prior decision and 2) they feel angry that you’ve taken a stab at them in that way.

    I made my decision to purchase an iPad after a lot of deliberation, partly fueled by the long wait for substantive news about the Adam. I have not regretted that decision. At all. However, my next purchase… Well, who knows? Show me the Adam, on my iPad, and change my mind!

  70. Shravan, I like many others am waiting for the Notion Ink Adam, but one of the things one hopes for is that the company has taste. Flash is tasteless. It is slow, bloated, and NOT meant for communication. The web was built on HTML and browsers are built to handle HTML. To have an entire website running only on Flash is, frankly, obnoxious (unfortunately this disease seems widespread among Indian web designers). This has already brought down my expectations by several notches.

    I am thankful to Steve Jobs for speaking out against this abomination, even if he had his own reasons to do so.

    (And no, I’m not likely to buy the iPad. I will buy the Adam, after reading the reviews, if it looks like a reasonable replacement for my Linux laptop.)

  71. Hi Tom, i totally understand your emotions on iPad.. But i feel Rohan was’t Taunting neither wanted to insult. Apple does the same with PC…. adAm is a baby .. I see as a prodigy on its own…

    iPad is cool… I agree.. Infact one of the coolest devices today!!!.. I feel adAm is hot.. The hottest as of today…

  72. @Rohan: hey i found a lot of things interesting… I even found some of the things missing… I would like it to have DLNA… Its a Open standard as of choice today… Usb 3.0 would be great…or rather WirelessHD….
    I know demands are always more and adAm is still looking forward when compared to any devices on planet..

    Good Luck!!!

  73. In fact, Rohan clearly said, that Flash page is just a first variant and that HTML variant is coming. So, where did you find anything insulting? At most, it is a request to Steve Jobs πŸ™‚

  74. I agree with Eskapismus and some others, a flash-only site might look shiny, but it is slow and unintuitive to use, links are on strange places, the hierarchy is a bit confusing and most of all it does not use an open web standard.

    As I run my webbrowser without javascript and plugins, the page started up showing …. well nothing but a grey page. Usually I just quit at this point and mumble about another company jumping on the “we want a shiny webpage, who cares about standards and content” train.

  75. well said “vkelman”. I prefer your polite answer. I am sure Adam wants to reach out more.

  76. New site looks fantastic. I am VERY eagerly awaiting the release of the Notion Ink here in the US. Please do update us with the planned release dates as soon as possible. And tell those investors that keep wanting to postpone to capitalize on the Christmas phenomenon, or whatever other reasoning they’re using, that waiting any longer might backfire on them. They DO know, don’t they, that Apple is already planning to release their new iPads in the next two or three months? For heaven’s sake, don’t give them time to corner even more of the market than they already have! πŸ˜‰

  77. Sadly, Karthik, PR has very little to do with intent and much more to do with reception. So if I, who followed the progress of the Adam for a long time and am open to the amazing job which NI have done with the device, found the website mildly insulting and quite off-putting, how much more someone who is seeing the website for the first time?

    And in answer to vkelman, Rohan has announced the HTML version, on this blog. Not on the site. In fact, people without Flash can’t find anything out about this wonderful device. How is that good PR?

  78. Are you kidding me? 16 hours of HD video is already longer than anything out there. It’s one of the many features I love about the Adam.

  79. Flash not being supported by iPad IS one of the reasons why I don’t have an iPad and will never get one. Like it or not the majority of web sites out there have flash related content. It may change in a few years from now but I’m not willing to give up my streaming music, tv, videos, and games via flash and settle for something like an iPad.

  80. The new website is awful. It was fine before, without all the Flash stuff. I cannot resize the text to be easily readable. Flash websites are just awful. Websites should be mostly HTML and maybe some Javascript. Flash is for games.

    I want to be able to select text and resize text on websites, so that I can easily read it.

  81. Awesome new web, all thatΒ΄s missing is the “pre-order your new device here here” button πŸ˜€

  82. The new site looks great!(even on a 3-year-old laptop)
    Keep up the good work, I have been following you since i saw ADAM at CES in January. I would rather wait until everything is in order to receive an ADAM than get an unfinished product when i order.

  83. @David J. Heinrich

    Can’t see why you’d have any problems reading it, unless you’re trying to view it with an iPad or some other crippled product. πŸ˜‰

  84. The screen is too small.

    (There are lots of us older geek-types who want to be able to use a tablet, but we simply cannot because the screens are too small. The Adam looks good for us older types.)

  85. According to that article, we have to wait until November???

    I was really hoping we could purchase the Adam no later than the end of next month. (September.)


  86. It would be nice if they included in the new website a link to a non-flash version web page, for those of you who:
    (1) cannot see Flash (iPads)
    (2) do not like the way Flash hogs up the system
    (3) cannot view it without waiting eons to see it

  87. I’m gonna give them a month to make an announcement on definite release dates, and if we haven’t got even that by then I think I’ll take a leap and just mod a netbook with a Pixel Qi DIY kit. πŸ˜‰

  88. I still don’t see anything “insulting” here, but in fact I agree with critics: Flash site should not be the only one available. As a professional Web developer I know that a well designed site must provide a fall-back feature: for those users who are not on Flash-capable browsers/devices or for those who simply don’t want to see Flash, a simple HTML site should be provided (and even one not requiring JavaScript).
    Hopefully, Notion Ink webmasters would provide such a site soon. It’s really quite important for future Adam success.

  89. Iam confuse when read specification of the display.
    ‘a’ option and ‘b’ option.
    You mean features in ‘b’ option not covered in ‘a’ option ?
    So there’s no multitouch,etc in ‘a’ option ?

  90. Blind people can read html web sites. Cannot read flash websites.

    People with low vision can change the rss from html webpages to increase contrast or to increase letter size. Cannot do this in flash website.

    And people who don’t use closed software and non open standards can see any html web page. They can not see flash websites.

    Flash is not standard. Flash is not for information. It’s just bells and whistles. It’s no good for a serious company.

  91. I use a 20″ 128 dpi monitor. The text on his flash website is maybe an 8pt font size. It is awful.

    There is absolutely no reason why every website shouldn’t have scalable text, especially websites that aren’t photographer’s galleries. In particular, a website listing specifications for a product should have scalable text.

    I want to view websites in the text size that *I* want to view them at, not some text size determined by an awful Flash website.

    The iPad may suck, but Flash also sucks, it is awful, hideous junk that is not standards-compliant and is certainly not friendly to the viewer of webpages.

    The old website was fine: it was usable. The new website is awful. Marketing BS using the latest BS buzzwords for design.

  92. I must say ‘Tom’ has a very sincere point which should/will be cleared with good/better PR moves from Notion Ink. After all Adam should have an answer for all to quote the website :”This device is for everybody” πŸ™‚

  93. Your website is dead slow because of flash. You just proved why the flash sucks and will not hold the future. Your only USP seems to be falling on your face. My suggestion would be to go for HTML 5.

  94. Stop with the Flash bashing, christ. It’s not perfect, but with the right specs it’s not an issue. I love how so many people just say go with html 5, like it’s so easy. Do you realize how many sites would have to be redesigned from the buttom up, the time and financial investment involved? Until that happens, until all those sites out there are actually utilizing html 5, it doesn’t do a lot of good having a device without Flash – it’s sort of like I’ve felt about Apple Macs for many years: some good hardware and a great OS, but what good is that when you have no software to run on it? (Of course the software selection for Macs is much better now, but still not as good as with Windows.) And I’ve never heard so much whining about Flash until Steve Jobs started his one-man crusade against it to justify his handicapped hardware: the over-hyped iPad.

  95. I laugh at people who suggest HTML5 over Flash right now. *For the future*, it’s probably the best course of action.

    I’ve not even seen a real-world intensive HTML5 “frame-for-frame” replacement for a Flash application in terms of appearance or functionality. Currently, as certain companies prove, marketing is of utmost importance — you can design a crappy product with very few features compared to other devices already on market, and you can sell tons of it as long as it’s familiar and / or glitzy.

    Why do you think high-end companies like Gucci, Prada, etc. and the like are currently using Flash instead of HTML5? They WANT to target those with iP*s because those people will LIKE fashion over functionality and will spend indiscriminately (can’t tether your phone with the pad? That’s another $300 / year at least). But their sites aren’t available to those without Flash last time I checked. Why? It’s impossible to switch right now due to incomplete implementations across multiple browsers, poor performance on iP* devices, an unsettled video specification, etc.
    a) How
    b) My now 9 month old Nexus One’s HTML5 performance is TWICE THAT of the recently released iP4 (which has better hardware specs than the pad). Way to prove that you’re behind HTML5 there Jobsy. You’d figure with $8 billion in reserve, you could at least have put up a fight. And no, this performance has nothing to do with page LOADING times, but dynamic page content (Flash replacement stuff).

    As for Flash being closed, you should stop listening to a company which lies and misleads and do some research. Go look up the openscreen project and see exactly how patent free and open it really is. Even if you disagree that it’s “really open”, it’s a ton better than the stupid proprietary / for license “open” video conferencing codec they’re trying to push.

    Perhaps those complaining about a slow and crappy Flash should:
    1) get a new computer, as my 5 year old 2.4GHz AGP based computer is able to run 99% of Flash perfectly fine without crashing. It starts choking on 1080p video, but then an out of browser player starts choking my computer too.
    2) make your own efficient version of flash. The specs are out there and royalty free, so go help out the open source project by making a donation to them.
    3) my nexus one runs it reasonably well. It is a little choppy, but that’s to be expected considering what it’s doing on such a slow processor. I challenge someone to make an HTML5 website that has the same animations that’s more efficient than this Flash version.

    I vote for leaving your website as it is, and have a stripped down, basic website for those who do not want a rich media experience. You *NEED* to be graphically appeasing and cutting edge — the popularity of iP* devices lends credibility to this statement.

  96. Maybe you should get a real computing device like the Adam that allows the USER to choose to use Flash or not.

    I’m sorry, but if you bought into APL’s products, you knew that was never going to happen, at least without hacking your device. You CHOSE to exclude yourself from a good chunk of a piece of software that has an open specification for anyone to implement royalty free.

    You felt like being attacked? Well, you’re attacking our choice of supporting Flash right now as most of us aren’t affected by the iP*’s lack of it.

    Look what you did: you harmed Notion’s sales by making them change their site to a plain-jane HTML version. Let’s be honest, people who dropped $500-800 will not likely drop another $300-800 on such a similar device. You are the exception, not the rule. Now people won’t think it’s cutting edge or advanced in any way, and probably look to alternatives.

  97. Before I saw a demonstration of the Adam online, I honestly could not see any point in buying a tablet computer. Adam has changed my mind. I find the design and features to be both innovative and exciting, and I anxiously await its release.

    Your (beta) website has a very polished, professional look and feel. However, I do think you should decide who you wish your primary target market to be and tailor the language toward that market.

    Please do not consider this a criticism, but a simple observation. There are differences in common idiom and spelling in various English-speaking countries. Sometimes the idiom, or common usage, in one country can appear stilted or awkward in another.

    If the primary target audience for your website is in the United Kingdom or the United States, perhaps the verbiage on your website should be edited by a native of one of those countries. As George Bernard Shaw noted, England and America are two countries separated by a common language. One could reasonably say the same of any two (or more) English-speaking countries.

  98. Frank,

    I have hated Flash long before Steve Jobs said anything about it, as has anyone who cares about internet standards or who has had the displeasure of using an all-Flash site on a computer with a high DPI monitor or who wants to make the text bigger for easier reading.

    I can understand using Flash for photo-galleries (even there, it is bad, I want to be able to scale up photos too), but that is it. It is simply unacceptable from a usability standpoint for websites to use Flash for the entire website.

    Whether or not HTML5 is yet an entire replacement or how much work it would take to implement HTML5 is irrelevant. Entire sites should not be built around a slow, crippling technology like Flash that doesn’t even allow for scalability by default, is not standards compliant, and is not accessibility friendly.

  99. Following up on my Flash comment, I would also note that in the case of the Notion Ink website, there was already a perfectly fine website — actually, I’d say a pretty great website — up without Flash. There was no need to redesign it.

    I would suggest Rohan ditch the Flash site and go back to the old site, which was superior.

  100. Product looks amazing, design and spec wise. The website however really sucks my dual-core CPU (continues 60% use with FP10.1), and the rest of browser tabs just become unusable as well.

    I don’t like 100% Flash websites, because they’re programmed really bad most of the times. I’m not saying that you should not use Flash, I’m a Flash guy myself πŸ˜‰

    The one who develops this website needs to optimize it, especially because now we can see regular Flash 10.1 based websites on many mobile devices, it really needs to be developed highly optimized for these devices as well using Flash.

    // chall3ng3r //

  101. David J. Heinrich, my comments on Flash really had to do more with its implementation on the Notion Ink Adam device rather than their website. They could design an html version of their website, fine by me, but I think it would be a mistake not to have Flash support for their tablet. I think it’s silly to design and manufacture hardware with the expectation that millions of people recode their websites to cater to your device. It’s a bit arrogant as a company to presume that you’re so popular and powerful that you’re gonna force change upon the whole world because YOU decide it’s in everyone’s best interests. If the iPad had had Flash support, and the specs to handle it properly of course, it would have been even more popular, in my opinion. No one (or almost no one) would have been crying, “I’m not gonna buy it because it has Flash support!” It wouldn’t have been an issue if – well, it had never been made an issue.

    And my advice to you: at least get a better monitor. I use a 32-inch hdtv for my monitor. I paid about the same price for it as I paid for a 19-inch CRT behemoth several years ago. πŸ˜‰

  102. Frank, I absolutely agree, the Notion Ink should support Flash. Unfortunately, it is used on a lot of websites. I don’t think that this can be changed by protests from device-makers, although I do think it will be moved away from (as HTML5 will be standards-compliant and will be better for end-users).

    I still like my CRT, 20″ is pretty big. It’s 2048×1536, so 3.1 megapixels. I’m waiting for the 30″ 2560×1600 4.1 megapixel LCDs to come down to around $500 before I move to an LCD.

  103. Still no non-flash website…since the redesign I’m unable to look at your site.

    Yes, I have Apple, but thats not the reason. You probably remember Linux. Its that thing that also powers the Adam. The thing that millions of people contributed to and share with others to help and design better technology. Out of this mindset where people collaborate and build things like the Internet, companies like Adobe and Microsoft are founded and set out to exploit and sell what previously was free for everyone. They enrich themselves at the cost of society. Happens all the time you might say, and thats correct. But you can still try to do your part, at least when it comes to freedom of expression and having the Internet not owned by private companies.

    Flash is not free. We had it almost eradicated. People started to notice that ActiveX is bad, that not everyone has a compatible Java VM and that flashing binary blobs and animations do not add to the accessibility of a website.
    People, please remember that Flash is still bad. It might be a compromise for watching videos, a problem that is hopefully solved by Google soon, but why on earth use it do design a website? If your website is a video, provide a download link and make the rest accessible to people who might not have your bandwidth, are blind or cannot use or affort your software. Information wants to be free.

  104. Well done site. Love the use of Flash on it. Sure looks like there are some perf enhancements that can be done to it, but on the whole cant’ wait to load up your site on the Adam. Have a standby basic HTML site for the Flash less devices

  105. Bollocks!. As an end-user consumer, I dont care what’s used to build the site. What matters is experience and the cost to me. Experience on is good at the moment. Can be great if some attention is paid to perf enhancements. Cost for me to have a Flash based exp is 0, since I dont pay for it.

    It’s only developers with vested interests or an agenda, who actually bother to even complain about “what” a site is built with. The consumer, couldnt care less. No really they dont give a crap as to the philosophy of “Flash is not free..blah blah”, coz they actually have a life!

    That said crappily built Flash/HTML/younameittech sites will piss off users, not because the site is in Flash/HTML/younameittech, but because, its slow to load, not responsive, lack of attention to design details, usability issues.etc…none of which have any connection to free software.

  106. Agree with chall3ngr. The site looks goodfrom a visual design perspective. A few perf tweaks to the Flash stuff would make it stellar.

  107. Disagree!. The new site shows off the product in a much better light than the old one and does much better justice to the notion of Adam as a unique and differentiating experience. The one little thing that would be icing on the cake is an image gallery with hi-res detail photos of the device from several angles.

  108. Agree with this!. Case in point. The beta website conveys the idea of the Adam as a premium product with top-notch attention to detail, design, aesthetics and usability. When I get that experience and then also read from other sites that this whole thing can be mine for under $500, it creates that OMG, thats freaking unbelievable feeling, making me want to camp out at BestBuy or wherever this thing is going to be available for sale!!

  109. pepper, in one breath you say you have Apple, the next you say that’s not the reason you can’t view the site. Then what is the reason?

    David J. Heinrich, doesn’t sound like your monitor is the issue, so I’m guessing you’re a Mac user too…? πŸ˜‰

  110. I assumed my comment was clear enough. Check this site for details:

    I know, I can install a fancy sandbox and run the 32bit version. Make a worse solution out of a bad one. This is just one aspect of why it is bad to use such software. Its not only that Adobe officially doesn’t give a shit about your security or compatibility with other systems, or that they make their own standards on the web and tend to forget basic problems on privacy and security design. Its also that they lock you into their product. Think for a minute why Windows has about 100 file formats for CD/DVD images. There is no technical reason for this, its just to lock you in and make you use some software even when the competition is better.

    This is a bad thing regardless how you think about capitalism. It imposes mediocre technology onto all of us for many years.

    As I said, sometimes you have to compromise. But there’s no point in using it if you have a choice. Anyways, I just saw the update on the article. Thank you very much, NotionInk πŸ™‚

  111. > Bollocks!. As an end-user consumer, I dont care what’s used to build the site

    You do care if that means you can’t use it or using it has certain disadvantages, like opening your rather sensitive workstation to a plethora of security problems. Apart from that, flash is still very slow due to the astonishingly bad design.

    Making it fast requires more special exeptions and additional work for others who are trying to produce good technology but have to support this bullshit b/c its mainstream. Because of ignorant people like you.

    > The consumer, couldnt care less.

    You might have missed this bit, but I *am* a consumer. I want to view the website but I can’t. I have to boot windows or use some other PC. You talk about actual life, but I can’t use this software because for my work demands systems that do their job well and Adobe doesn’t support them. You might think that’s my problem, but thats just because you don’t know how and why the Internet works. Specifically why, with all the money to be made, it is such a relatively neutral and free medium instead of being owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    BTW, you’re also missing that the Internet is more than another broadcast medium. Its designed for people, not “customers”. The idea was to exchange information between equals, not to open new opportunities for advertisement.

    But you probably don’t realize how this is related and I’m just wasting my time..

  112. Well, pepper, I certainly support your right to use whatever OS and software you want, but I would just point out that most people are designing their sites for the masses, they want lots of visitors and often that thing called money. That often means that the one-percent of people who use Debian as their primary OS probably doesn’t figure highly into their calculations. Factor in the fact that a large number of those people who use a Linux OS primarily don’t use it exclusively (because they don’t meet all needs), then I’m afraid you really are in a very small minority. But heh, glad you’re getting your Flash-free Notion Ink website wish! πŸ˜‰

  113. I just noticed that the image of the Adam showing a time and date is wrong. May 5, 2010 is not a Monday but a Wednesday. Check it out, look at the “Design” page of the beta web site.

  114. > most people are designing their sites for the masses

    If it were impossible or at least difficult or more costly to do nice websites using open standards, that might even be an argument. But its not.

    To the contrary, as I tried to point out earlier the Internet is as it is today *because* of people who did not bow to mainstream. MS, HP, IBM took a long time to even notice this Internet or even Web thing going on. Its about recognizing the better technology and its opportunities. Did I mention that Android is not much more than Linux with Java Apps? So yeah, I do think that you should care. Adobe is free to remove flash support from Android or, as they did with 64bit Linux, leave some serious security bugs open for several months, forcing the distributor to either remove the software or leave all deployments open to compromise by the next best Internet worm.

    I realize that Windows and OSX people don’t really care about their privacy and security, but I do.

    > Factor in the fact that a large number of those people who use a Linux OS
    > primarily don’t use it exclusively

    I think you got something wrong there. If you have to keep Windows/OSX around in a VM or natively because of some special App, that doesn’t mean you’re going to reboot everytime you see a flash page. You won’t even bother to boot a VM. It just doesn’t matter, its the website’s fault and that’s it.

  115. Pepper, sure, but the internet wouldn’t BE so mainstream now if everyone were still using DOS and every webpage still looked like one big drab Notepad page. You seem to have this idea that there’s some mythical “ideal” internet out there that exists DESPITE all the non-purists who want to pretty it up with their horrible Flash. But it’s all those companies that you cite as Johnny-come-latelies that built the Internet up and made it the universal phenomenon it is today. I’m not disagreeing with you that there might be a better way of doing SOME things now, but it’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s not going to be universally adopted unless it’s both intuitive to interface with AND pretty. πŸ˜‰

    As for Linux users using other OS’s, that’s not my opinion. Search around and you’ll find that what research and polls there are on the matter support that statement. You talk about VM as if it’s so wonderful. Well, maybe it has improved a lot since I last used it (admittedly several years ago), but if it’s anything at all as I remember it it’s very resource intensive and you’re not gonna do much with it running BESIDES surf the web, unless you have some great hardware specs, and I don’t see how that’s such a wonderful alternative to using Flash – because isn’t that the main gripe there, that it’s too hardware intensive for too many people, that things run too slow?

    Anyway, it’s not me you have to convince, it’s the hundreds of thousands of other people out there. πŸ˜‰

  116. A sensitive workstation is by definition susceptible to a plethora of security problems. In this case, Flash based security holes are the least of your worries. Yes there are slow Flash sites. There are also slow AJAX, Silverlight, Java etc. apps. They are usually a function of bad code or the complex nature of the application itself.

    You seem to be pissed off at having to support Flash, so clearly you have a biased motive here. There is a reason you are having to support it, because for the rest of the world it works and works well. Instead of trying to spread FUD in the blogosphere in the hope of keeping your job comfort, why dont you man up and learn how to support it properly or hires somebody who knows how to do the job?

    I don’t buy that you are a typical user. You clearly are a pissed off, lazy developer or sys-admin who can’t be bothered to keep up with technology and want to hang on to the old crap you already know.

    I understand the internet, I dont think you do though. It’s not the domain for the few open-source fanatics. It’s for everybody including the open-source fanatics. It also includes people who want to believe in a free-market. Advertising evolved on the internet quite naturally and incredibly successfully I might add. It supports huge companies, employees, a whole ecosystem, and helps provide free service to the mass consumer.

    “Exchange between equals” reveals a lot about your elitist attitude, I dont think anything more needs to be said. I am guessing you feel you should decide who should be the equals…..

  117. Yeah right! …. and I guess the way to avoid lock-in is to go with Apple.. B.S alert!!

  118. If you need to put in a progress bar that says “loading” in a website that just has to show product information, then you know that you are doing something really, really wrong.

    Content is everything, flashy glitz is nothing.

  119. Not sure if someone has already mentioned this, but why are there two domains pointing to two different sites? A simple google search reveals that is higher up on page rank than the fact-filled If at all this was done to cater to the non-flash devices, then a link to the flash site from would work great enough.

    For a several months, I was unaware of the .in site and was of the opinion that nothing at all is happening with the adam!

  120. do you know people can get rearly bored of waiting so many tablets to be released this year and the release of adam no where to be seen.
    so much for the hype no proper release date no cost .
    theres only so much a person can wait hope you release soon or i will be buying a tablet from dell / samsung
    i just hope your listening to your future customers and forget the rest of bull xxxx and
    release the tablet.

  121. Some bug to be mentionned :
    – on the start page -> Design, weight appears as 750 grams (in Sleek, Light design caption), and the screen mention is made about “touchscreen and more” (Worlds first dual… caption)
    – then, on page Specificatios, the weight appears to be 600 – 650 grams and no the touchscreen mention seems to be only for the “b) – Non pixel QI” option. Also, the “a)” option does not explicitelly name the screen as a Pixel QI.

    I think these small bug might be corrected easilly.

    Best regards.

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