Generation N!

Hi All,

Quick update!

Its not b/g but b/g/n.

Since we are already in an electromagnetic mesh around us, adding n means a lot! Now you will not have to run around a lot when Microwave is on. (And better range as well)

Do give it a read at wikipedia for the same.


139 thoughts on “Generation N!

  1. Rohan, this is really good stuff man! I cannot tell you how i am anticipating the arrival of Adam (‘The Boy’ as my friends and I call him). I already have started getting my accessories for my much anticipated future acquisition.

    This is exactly what I want man.. This is good technology and to top it off an open source OS.. It just couldn’t sound better than this.. (or could it?)

    Oh and Rohan.. would you be able to give this with the option of Ubuntu as a platform as well? I use ubuntu extensively.. plus they are coming out with the android execution environment.. this could be “legendary!” to put it softly!

    Anyways.. do keep updating. I really look forward to em.. and All the Best man!

  2. Yeah finally – dont understand why most new Netbooks/Tablet PCs just gotthe “old” standard WLAN b/g. Would be great if you could unveil your thoughts about the Memory (RAM) too. Nowhere found an information about it: Will it be DDR2 with 512 MB just like in current mobile phones or even 1GB, which would exceed the possibilities 🙂

  3. By the way: the specifications at your site still point out “WLAN – 802.11 b/g”, perhaps you could add the n-Draft feature !
    Furthermore what is it with the “RF proximity sensor” mentioned at the wikipedia entry. There is still a question mark ont it…

  4. Great news,
    To me that was the missing feature. I was wondering why it wasn’t there because it is the standard now.

    Keep on going !
    I am now waiting to see reviews or new demos as well as a release date.

  5. Ooooooh. This is a nice piece of news. It means greater longevity for the device =) It also addresses some of the complaints from people. Can’t wait to hear even more details.

  6. hey rohan,
    can you please share some pictures and handson videos because the last video was up only 4 months ago.

    thank you

  7. Nice. b/g-only would be quite outdated actually. But if you make such decisions now, that means mass production has not started yet. So…end of September? Pleeeease…

  8. Ooooohhhh Adam……….
    are u going to sell it to indonesia?
    ohhhhhhh i’m so waiting for it…

  9. You are killing me with these updates. I have been keeping an eye on the Adam since it was announced, and every time I see a new post in the RSS feed, for a split second I hope to see a price or a release date. But, in all honesty, I don’t want to see this product rushed to market. Out of all the tablets on the horizon, this one is still at the top of my list.

  10. Dear Rohan,
    How great it would be if all things happen in just plug and play Just program once and all is done for you. Being a working girl and that too into software industry always used to wonder, how good it would be if my washing machine can be switched on from my office and then i can reach home and dry the clothes saving my time. not only washing machine my micro wave everything how good to switch on using our mobile phone :). Probably many girls will like it. Thanks to the technology that’s making miracles.
    Being techies we are the creators for many miracles but there are many things around us still we need to take care of like we can build a paperless office or school and automate many processes but don’t we know how to make up an interview without a hard coded copy of the CV and without using paper. Do we only suggest or work for ourselves also.There are many things still to be done….
    Think once and all the best for all your work.

  11. Hi rohan !!
    great to hear that !!but still longer u take the older became the technology(specification).see now people are taking about bluetooth 3.0, android please launch as soo as u can.
    we are getting impatient. for some time your web site flashes 64 GB adam but now showing only upto 32GB.please at least 8GB(no to 4GB, so what we have expandable memory) .We will be happy to get more on board memory.hope u r listening.

  12. Great news, I’m honestly glad to hear that.

    You might want to update your specifications as well.

  13. Hi
    I’m Tarun from Bombay India. Am eagerly awaiting the day when you Launch. Please give some indication of when we can expect adam to hit the Indian markets

  14. cool deal Rohan. One of the comments here was wondering about this and nice to know you already got that one covered.

    Adam is like a Genie… someone wishes the swivel cam to be in the center, someone else wants the latest wi-fi, others wanted Gingerbread compatibility… all done!

    now but someone is not asking Genie in the same language for the release date!

    Go Adam!

  15. Cool and it will really be useful WHEN IT COMES OUT! Release date please. or Release date range, example Nov to Jan? Come on you have to have an idea by now.

  16. That’s good to hear….Keep the updates coming…That’s the only way I can wait without a release date…thanks.

  17. guys, notion ink,
    You have me in tears. Seriously, I’m on the verge of begging. All this new stuff on the website, all these posts, the blessings from the deities; great, perfect, amazing… But I need prices, release dates. Something about the actual Adam, not its internet support. Need Apps for it before it’s released, let the programmers do their thing. But I need it in my hands, I need to have everything it can do in reality, not just the wonder world wide web…

  18. I’d hope so! Even cell phones are 802.11n these days… is it dual band? the iPad is 🙂

  19. Sweet – I did think that 802.11n was a glaring omission. Can’t wait for this product to become available…

  20. That is awesome! Can’t wait to order mine. . . When will I be able to do that again? 🙂

  21. Great post, specially after all problems Mr Jobs is facing with that self created ANTENNAGATE. I am not a computer genius, so I welcome any kind of information like this.
    By the way, I’m glad the Adam is not being rushed. So, take your time, and please make sure everything is ripe. Impatience can only lead to failure!

  22. Hi,

    Do you have any idea when the Adam will be available in Europe? I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I would even consider buying it online from India.

    Kind regards,


  23. Hi Rohan,

    thanks for your updates.
    Still hoping for a release day.
    Have still a question: what will be the boot time? Knowing that the iPad, even if it is far from perfect, it boots in no time. What are the ambitions for Adam (knowing that Ubuntu could be the OS)?


  24. So… when is the release date? It is ok even if it is one year from today. Just give a date!

    Best wishes!

  25. hmmm… i just posted a comment about this on yesterday’s post… does it mean the notion ink guys actually bother to read what we ramble on about here?! that would be a pleasant surprise 😉

  26. Hi Rohan,

    I’ve been curious about adam since I heard about it in January. It feels great and proud to have a new idea come to life by an Indian.. I’ve been following the blog and site every day may be like 20 times per day. nice to have frequent updates but it would be a lot nicer and gain confidence in the fans if you give a release date or month or even an approximate period.. just for the fans sake. It would even be OK if u said that u r postponing. but if you keep on posting cryptic messages and not-clearly-related-to release date stuff, your fans would lose the interest. Just post something that gives the confidence to grow strong. like the in depth features such as RAM, upgradability, software updatability, videos, games etc. We really need at least a period when u would be launching the beast. people cannot hold forever. Every time a new post pops up in the rss reader, I jump (literally) but to find nothing much useful. Just an ok news.
    OK.. bashing apart, I really liked the innovations in adam.

    1. The back track pad – If got used, I guess the back track pad could be used to play some FPS like games (if there are any for android).
    2. The camera is a nice addon without hogging up the precious usb port.
    3. The rubber gasket surrounding the Display (Simple yet stunning idea)

    These are my doubts regarding the device (better call them requirements I want to see in adam)

    1. Better if the usb could be 3.0 than 2.0.
    2. Does the device read PDF? I have not experienced android yet. If android could do it, I bet the device could do it. I just need to be sure that it could read scanned documents in pdf also apart from text.
    3. I actually sent this through email but it would be nice if the device could integrate a stand (metallic would save space) to make it stand on the desk without the help of any other stands – after all it is meant to be a convergence device. would be better to watch movies.
    4. In the future, it would be better if u could include gesture based controls (There is a software from Camspace which uses the gesture controls and can convert a webcam and any object to be used as a joystick)
    5. Does the device have handwriting recognition?
    6. Is the internal memory upgradable? I know there is a microsd slot. but still I want to know.
    7. Previously, you mentioned that the device could run Android / Google Chrome / Linux. Is this statement still alive?
    8. What formats of document does the device support?
    9. Can the device support a USB dvd rom or writer? I didnt mean writing dvds but would be better if it could read DVDs from that.
    10. Would the device support external USB keyboards and mice?
    11. Since it uses NVidia Tegra 2, are there any plans to make it 3D compatible? a.k.a. avatar type.. I saw an LG concept of making a 3D mobile phone with glasses attached- on the net.
    12. I really loved the design of the device as shown in the site. Would there be any other colors?

    Please give us just a rough idea when u would be launching.. If you have difficulties with the investors, even then, you could come up with an approximate period such as early Q4 or late Q4 or even 2011.. but people are growing impatient.
    I hope to see some expected news in your next post.

    Keep up the good work.. congrats.

  27. Dear Rohan,

    I think you are reading all these posts. Than you are knowing what we want: a preorder or release date.
    What is so difficult to start preordering. From my side of view, I would be happy, to place my preorder even if the shipping date is in one or two month (it should be latest on two month, because otherwise we will have November and you have announced to release the ADAM BEFORE November, you remember ??)

    I please you again: Let us place our preorders.


  28. Please a release date??? something?? anything?? This is a superior product that i have been waiting for almost a year now. COME ON

  29. This is great news on the WiFi front. On the GSM 3G radio though, will it be capable of US/Canadian GSM Bands including AWS? (1700 2100 Mhz primarily used by T-Mobile and Wind)

  30. Wow!! Nice surprise!! Hope you will soon add one more surprise: Adam coming with Pixel 3Qi Wide angle screen 🙂 That will heal our impatiently waiting souls 🙂

  31. Rohan,

    Some questions from the hardware/use-ability perspective

    – iPad heats up faster (and shuts off) when in direct sunlight for long. How is Adam going to behave in similar situations? I presume, if it can survive the Hyderabad summer, it can survive anywhere.

    – Is it rugged to take/break a fall? Hand-held devices do show a desire experience gravity very frequently. Corning’s scratch-proof Gorilla glass in the future?

    – Will it have a docking station?

    I hope the device would be awesome plus!

    Best wishes once again!

  32. Hi Rohan,

    Why are you removing the comments…? I am been waiting for the ADAM for longtime patently, but with your response of removing the comments of not handling the criticism shows reflects your future support of the products..Say that Good bye to ADAM..


  33. Hi Rohan,

    All that people ready to buy, who want a release date and so on…
    Lots of pressure ! Very few people can do your job.

    Good luck

  34. Hi Rohan,
    Most of the blog readers want some more details. Why don’t you put some more specific time-line for your new product. Every time when you put some message, you are talking about meeting, traveling, so and so. We will be really feel good if you write some more precise and specific information about your product- release date, prices etc which are commonly asked by these blog followers in addition to your own personal information.This will keep lively spirit for your customer.

  35. As far as a docking station, the spec sheet lists a docking port so the chances are it will.

  36. Apple has a huge accessory-market; bags, soundbars and other gadgets.
    Is Notion Ink releasing anything like this, or open up the market for other companies to develop gadgets? For instance the docking port would be great for connecting the Adam with various gadgets.
    Nice would be a standard to place the Adam on for easy viewing, a docking-station as used with laptops to easily connect keyboards, speakers and maybe even LCD-display Full-HD.. 🙂
    Think that it would make the Adam even more atractive as it is already!

    and I hope with the rest of the fans to hear a price and release-date in the very near future 🙂

  37. Hi all

    Boy!! every body is impatient now!!So this is from all ADAM lover “We want release date and price ,Rohan Please!!!!”.
    Along with these could you please clarify two points;
    1. On Voice capability :Whether Adam will be having Quad band,as this is going to have SIM so can we make CALLS and voice guided navigation ,search etc(We want to replace MOBILE with BLUTOOTH headset using ADAM) remember letter from friend part 1.
    2.On camera: what are the features of camera(face recognition etc) ? Its lens type ,module? Is 3.2 or 3.1 or may be 3.5 MP? VGA recording at least.
    Rohan, its “OUR ADAM” so please tell us.

  38. You.

    Yes, you, the fan reading this.

    Notion Ink hate you. If they didn’t, they’d show you the minimum of respect, perhaps answering questions from time to time. Or reading emails. Or providing anything of use, videos, pictures, etc.

    Most of all they’d respect the constant, milling calls for a release date.

    You’ve thought it somewhere in your head but rejected it. But you need to accept this: even if you plan to buy an Adam, just bear in mind: Notion Ink personally reserve some hate, just for you.

    You should consider all the angles and features of a product when you buy it, and the amount of hate that it comes with is an intimate part of this. If another PixelQi/USB/Android tablet appears, as most assuredly it will, I will probably buy that instead, because that company will most likely show more respect for me as a customer.

    I would dearly love to be proven wrong, but repeated calls for.. well, anything.. have gone ignored.

  39. Hi,

    nice device with cool features. But the iPad has one big advantage – it is already available.

  40. Am I reading the Specs page correctly? Is the Pixel Qi version NOT going to have a touch screen???!!!

    This is TERRIBLE news.

    Please tell me I am wrong.

  41. All these updates are nice but all we really want is a release date or a release date range. If I knew it was coming out in January or February I can wait. That would be better than checking every single day. I just need one updat: one that tells us approximately when this thing will be released. Other tablets are on their way . . .

  42. Rohan,

    I have been following Adam’s development closely since almost the beginning. As many others, I keenly awaiting the release of Adam to own one. The product specs are excellent.
    However there are plenty of tablets being available in the market these days and while it is justifiable to release ONLY a quality product, the time of release is of great significance. Guessing you would be releasing it first in North America, I hope you launch it reasonably well before the holiday season for good reviews and word of mouth, to have an Apple-product-like holiday demand. I am pretty sure that you must be getting solid marketing advise from experienced teams. Still as an Adam-fan-boy, it would be disheartening to see the product NOT getting the market that we all hope it would just because of launch delays and pricing. While expecting it not to be cheap (for it packs a enviable spec), I hope you get the right pricing, which would help you get a good market share while bringing in good profit for you to continue delivering on the Notion-Inks idea of convergence.
    Also I am hoping that you would have the right kind of after-sales support infrastructure in place and production capacity by the time you launch Adam to keep the demand pipeline filled.

    I just want Adam to be the most successful product in the recent history of tech products, especially since it is one of the rare instances of a revolutionary product coming from a start-up, that too far away from Silicon Valley.

    Do keep us frequently updated on whatever information that you feel can be safely shared. I really look forward to seeing the product out in the market in the next 2 months.

    Wishing Notion-Ink all success !



  44. no release date, no sdk to start making stuff for it, and no preordering that would help get committed buyers to help financially support the Adam. I think it will be 2011 before I get my hands on this.

  45. sorry didnt mean to sound so negative in my last post, I am just getting sick of all this IPad crap around my apple loving workers. Website does look good and the N is a definite plus. Cant wait for this tablet.

  46. Rohan,
    Please, please, please, Oh Please! I want an Adam tablet so bad!
    I’m 65 years old and haven’t anticipated anything so heartily since I was a senior in high school desiring a 1962 Austin-Healey 3000 MKII. I never did get one of those…
    I pray it’s different with the Adam and I get one soon.

    Thanks for the Hope for a great tablet.

  47. I am pretty sure that Adam will be releasing around November. I don’t think its going to help any to badger them for a release date.

    After you formally announce a product it should release within 2 weeks. That’s what every other company, like RIM, Motorola, Apple etc. does as well. So expect a formal announcement towards the end of October.

  48. Can you please give me at least an approximate date? Or something like no later than…?
    I really need a tablet and I need to know if I will get an Adam or something else.
    I cannot wait forever.

  49. This is great to know. But what we really want is a release date… honestly, a release MONTH would be good. I’m hoping to get an Adam instead of an iPad, but there’s only so long I can wait before I need a device…

  50. I’m checking this site regularly and interested in the device since months. However, every time I come back to check the news I am disappointed because there’s still no info about release date and price….

    More and more doubts are emerging (and I’m definitely not alone with this) on whether the device will be available any time soon, and, moreover, where in the world this will be released.

    I deeply hope that my doubts are completely pointless because what I know about the Adam so far really really rocks! *thumbs up*

  51. Hi all

    Boy!! every body is impatient now!!So this is from all ADAM lover “We want release date and price ,Rohan Please!!!!”.
    Along with these could you please clarify two points;
    1. On Voice capability :Whether Adam will be having Quad band,as this is going to have SIM so can we make CALLS and voice guided navigation ,search etc(We want to replace MOBILE with BLUTOOTH headset using ADAM) remember letter from friend part 1.
    2.On camera: what are the features of camera(face recognition etc) ? Its lens type ,module? Is 3.2 or 3.1 or may be 3.5 MP? VGA recording at least.
    Rohan, its “OUR ADAM” so please tell us

  52. This is coming along great, I too am very interested in the release date in the US and price point. I have been anticipating its arrival since I first saw videos and specs on the Adam about ~4 months or so ago.

    I know this is gonna be the best thing but, I would like to run Windows and the OS you are putting on. I use autocad for most of my work and do not want to change to another CAD program. I also use SketchUP for the other parts of my architectural designs and it can run on pretty much any OS. I am only worrying about the onboard storage limits. Is this going to be possible to have Windows (Ugh…but forced to use it) and your OS, both bootable on the Adam. Or have the Windows run virtually with your OS. If not I can just have another PC for my CAD uses. Then I can use the Adam for Sketchup and other entertainment, i.e. Internet, music, videos, PDFs, etc.

  53. what is this rohan doing, when every body will have their tablets then they will launch their adam?, notion ink made great product, but i think they are missing the timing, by the time is passing, the technology is getting old, so new innovativeness would be felt as their would be many such products by then.

  54. I too have been waiting for ADAM. I also use ubuntu exclusively on my laptop and would love to see it as an alternative on the adam as well.

    and a release date/range!

  55. Well first let me thank you ….its ur ultimate decision making quality that has resulted in such a wonderful time with my great device. If you had released this A-i-Dammm before i would have never bought Ipad and njoyed movies at 1080p . rich colored comics and magazine …and equally serene music. I know your are nearing the release date . but please delay a bit longer..i think Ipad 2 is round the corner….let me also njoy that device.
    again my heartfelt wish for A-i-Dammm

  56. Rohan,

    Glad to hear about b/g/n – obviously a must for any serious product.

    Website is looking good, but make sure to get some editors to look over your site because you’ve got a lot of sentence fragments and awkward language. I know you guys are still in beta, but several tech blogs have added links to your site and you don’t want to look like an amateur operation.

    I hope you guys are still serious about a Q3 launch. Can’t wait to see pricing information and clear details on what the available models will be!

    Best of luck, ptf237

  57. That would be because the site is in flash…In other news I couldn’t help noticing that the specifications for the Pixel qi screen version didn’t mention touch capacity, whereas the normal LCD version did. I know the prototypes you’ve shown us had touchscreen, but I thought the omission kind of odd. If you are correcting things on your site this would be one of those major things. The pixel version does have touchscreen, right?

  58. super idea——–hello super boyz…plz release adam in india in monthly installments too for students like me who can’t afford it in one payment but easily students can afford it in 1000rs per month from there pocet money…my idea will make ur prouduct’s double triple sale in india…bcoz don’t forget 80% india still leave in rural areas and u can easily reach there with ur effective cost….and yeah say hi to Rathi bhai…i m proud on that jat boy and all of u.

  59. Hi Kiran,

    All the items you mentioned can be done with home automation (Using Power Electronics devices). In US many people have done it. You can litellary control any device from your mobile phone and laptop. Fridges can log into a grocery website and order eggs when you are out of eggs etc. etc. In India the installation is still not cost effective. But I am sure one day we will reach there.

    On a different note do you really want to be that much technology dependent? 🙂


  60. Hey Roshan,

    Is it possible for you to give you broad a price range? We are in the process of preliminary budgeting for a upcoming project. We wanted to try out a few pieces of Adams.


  61. Do you need supplier and beta test in Thailand. I am ready to start early market research and survey also technical review as we are the first one to start market here.

  62. It sounds like you want it to be perfect. That’s ok, but remember, tomorrow there will be a better version of any component. So you’d better stick to your current configuration, release it and go for a version two.

    People have been waiting a long time. Don’t make them buy another slate/pad.

    Release this great device and also ship it to Europe!! 😉

  63. Lol, but i really don’t think you are far from the truth.
    The people here on the forum reacting are gadgeteers, waiting for the product because, on paper, it’s the best.
    But normally on the frontline of gadgets, right now, we have our eyes gauged out by all the noobish Ipad owners with their shiny toy. I want MY shiny toy.! 😉

    It’s been a long time I wanted and waiting this long for something that really hasn’t proven itself. I hope it’s worth the wait.

    Good luck finishing your amazing tablet and don’t be bothered too much about us wanting to get our hands on our new toy.


  64. Hi Rohan.
    it is a great news about wi-fi n!!!!
    I’m shoot the cinema on canon 7d and canon 5d mark II and i want to use adam as monitor.
    what specification HDMI out only, or in and out?

  65. iPad doesn’t support flash. Bring this up with Apple. Maybe if enough people complain about their closed approach to computing something will change you our fruit flavored friends with iPads.

    Alternate solution to improve iPad functionality: Get a 2 inch binder clip, attach it to the iPad, use the iPad as a clipboard.

  66. Loving the info… but my attention span is waning.
    I refuse to buy an iPad, but soon I am going to succumb to the urge to purchase some different tablet device simply because I have seen how useful they can be, and could put one to immediate use.

    Despite the Adam being at the top of my list, I may settle for second best purely due to availability.

  67. Hi Rohan,

    I am exhausted in anticipation of release date for Adam. Just my feelings, do not take it as as complaint.

    I have now spent some time with the iPad, nook, kindle and have returned them back as every device falls short in one category or the other. Sorry, I have a eee pc netbook which I love but again falls short in a category. Sorry, we have been spoilt. We have had mobile phones which can do much better than computers. Personally I am very happy with the new Droid X. Yes I can read my eBooks and PDF’s on them. The screen isn’t very big but will still do. I can play a game if I want to entertain myself. I can play a movie or songs if I want to entertain my kids. I can use it as a GPS if I am lost. It pretty much does everything I want the device to do.

    Knowing what my Droid X can do and thinking about the Adam gets me more excited cause I am expecting the Adam to do all that and more with a bigger Pixel Qi screen.

    I only have one thing against the Adam. In your latest blog you mention you are going to 802.11n from 802.11a/b/g. A very good move, since the n has been ratified and is already well established in the market since the n draft. What about the camera? Why are you using a 3.2MP. That is really old. Even mobile phones from a couple of years back were touting a 5MP camera. The latest Droid X has 8MP camera. This is the only part in the Adam specs which is not up to par. I do not want to go in to the Android version dialog here. It doesn’t really matter what version it comes out with. Every product comes out with a version and then the provide the latest version as a upgrade and that should be just fine.

    While looking at the e-readers. I was very impressed with the nook. It was the last to enter the market, out of the established companies and it had a chance to learn from Sony’s and Amazon’s mistakes. I like the way they have provided easy access to the SD Card and replacing the batteries. (I hate that it is not touch screen and you have a separate piece of screen below for interaction.) I know, it is common sense. If those sort of things are available on computers, one should expect them to be in the new devices. Well not all companies think the same. (Example: Apple. There is no provision for changing batteries, if you open your device to change the batteries you will forfeit warranty. )

    Thanks again for coming up with an amazing product. Even though history may record the first tablet to be an iPad. Adam will be recorded as the first new product which will bring tablets, computers, e-readers and mobile phone in to one device.

    I am generally do not believe in a product which does a lot of things, compared to a product which only does one thing. As the later will do a fantastic job with the one task but the former does a mediocre job of all it can do. I hope this won’t be the case in Adam.

    Best Wishes.

  68. thanks for the updated specs Rohan but at the time when more and more tablets are being pushed into the market, i think a proper timeline for release and price will boost the wonderful product it already is 🙂

  69. I am bored, really !
    its nice to hear good specs, great features.
    but it may be released after indefinite time. probably my phone shall be working better than iPad by that time 🙂
    thats the difference between hobby and business : hobby is like fun, but no predictability. people like me who are serious, have a deadline to get things done. it seems i’ll end up buying iPad or something.

  70. Keep some special features undisclosed so its comes as a pleasant surprise later 🙂

  71. guys!
    you really need to release it now.
    me and a lot of other folks hoped this would release along or close to the ipad but there’s no news! im this close to giving in and buying an ipad. whoever is guiding you guys is crazy if you are going to wait until nov to release adam!! just a whole bunch of lost customers! im sure im not going to last long until i pick something else up. Ive been waiting to buy a tablet since the last 8 months….


  72. Can we please get a release date? A whole bunch of us at the lab are hoping to get Adam tablets before the semester starts… it would make our lives much easier…

  73. Ok, so will you ever release it or just keep delaying it?
    I need a tablet, if you don’t at least announce a release date I will get an ipad.

  74. the innoversal lattice is due for a launch next month. as I see it, it is your biggest rival, cause it also features the pixelqi screen and other similar qualities. your’e gonna miss the train soon, guys. I still believe the adam to be superior, but I think potential customers need to hang on to something a bit more solid than shady specs… if the lattice launches first – i’ll be in a real dillema, and might go for the competition.
    your downfall is imminent, notion ink. the audience has waited long enough.

  75. I am sorry to say but it seems this will not come to the market atleast till December end. Take my words. This team is only updating on Technical specs available in the market and the part of which will be there in ADAM but it is useless as far as it is not convinced like when it will be there in the hands of the customer. Mr. Rohan you really need a good bunch of Sales and marketing team who can hold out the dropping customers. I hope you will take this as positive criticism.

  76. Its official,
    dell streak coming by the end of September or October starting to India. Unlocked phone costs about 20000-25000 INR
    Olive pad 7inch android tablet, which is very lo-fi device i think compared to ADAM, is also coming within a month.(17000/-)
    where are you sravan, why to give this guy some room to sell his device.
    I know its late, It would be nice if adams camera is 5mp, coz streak has it with dual flash too.
    Plz make Adam upgradable to android 3.0

  77. Hahaha I really wanted to get this device, but I am slowly coming to realise that this is the hardware version of DukeNukem Forever. (for those who dont know what I am talking about – – “Duke Nukem Forever is a first-person shooter video game that has been in development since 1997…”)

    As you keep piling on the features (i.e. changing hardware platform) and pondering the future versions of Android this will run on, and you keep burning through investor cash without actually releasing anything to market, you will lose clients (like me) who will shift to some other platform where they will stay for 2 or 3 years.

    8 months ago you started talking about a device that *at the time already* everybody wanted to buy. As of about 3 months ago, you simply started to lose credibility. Especially when you are talking about new hardware features at a time when everybody was already expecting to buy one of your devices.

  78. If another enterprise do first a tablet with pixel qi screen + wind 7 or ubuntu, and something like a acer netbook specs (1gb or 2gb ram, intel atom), and I don’t care about nvidia, they crash a lot,like in my hp, if this happen, you could close the doors, and notion ink adam it will be only a dream, or vaporware. Or if I buy a chingling (china) 10.2″ tablet with win7, and I put the pixel qi. Chinling is working too, they will see pixel qi.

  79. I have another great add-on,
    How about including a receiver for one of those wireless charging mats built in?

  80. Lots of people are preparing to go back to school. I want a tablet. I saw someone with an iPad lecturing and writing on a projector in real-time. I really don’t want an iPad, or a Lattice, but I will likely breakdown and buy something soon. A RELEASE date is the only thing that will keep me waiting for an Adam. I bet I’m not alone. J

  81. I can’t imagine that Flash is the problem which causes this delay ??

    Price could be released, I don’t think it’s depending on solving one or more problems…….

    If this waiting keeps on going other competitors will be passing Notion Ink…….

    I think you deserve better, don’t you ?

    Best regards from the Netherlands.


  82. As long as I’m able to use a fine-tip stylus with this tablet, i’ll buy. The only reason I wont buy a ipad is because digital pens and styluses are bulky and impossible to write with.

  83. Namaste Rohan,

    I have waited, and I believe that I and everyone else has waited quite patiently… But today my patience ran out.

    I went and preordered one of your competitors so much worse products (a MIDnite). Thats correct I PREORDERED… The thing is I wont get this device in a while either, but at least they gave me the opportunity to use my money…

    I think this is an important thing… People WANT to spend their money, AT LEAST give us the ability to PREORDER… We dont need to see the device or get it in our hands in a while but we want to PAY for it so we KNOW we WILL get something… 🙂

    Now, I will most probably buy your product as well when it comes out (IF it does), but it might be delayed a few months since you “forced” me to use 200$ on something else while waiting for you to give me a date and price… 🙂

    So anyways, this comment is wellmeant, and hopefully it will make you think about PREorder at least 🙂

    Take care, and lets get this product on the road huh! I have some great ideas on what to make with it…


  84. I wonder if they are even listening? If we are getting tired and we have been following this since inception then how many other’s just won’t care or won’t even notice if it does launch since other may have crowded out the market. They should be able to give us a release date range at this point say Oct. to Dec. If they can’t do that then this is a myth.

  85. Hi,

    Release date would calm everyone down, than taking steps towards buying an iPad or Indian Olive Pad or any other tablets which don’t even stand anything close to Adam.

    Many are joining universities in September or going to school or just want a new laptop / tablet, release date would really help.

    Hope its soon…(before September) …

  86. Nice idea.. this will really be a good add on, many of my palm pre friends how that technology with their phones…

  87. I hate to see you really miss the boat on this one. It seems to me if you have investors who are telling you not to release until Thanksgiving, and if indeed you are truely ready to revolutionize the computer industry, then you may need to find other investors. You do realize that there are other manufacturers who if you wait until November they will be poised to release their tablets too, people like HP and Asus, these are big players in the market. You are the newcomer what do you think people are going to buy a product from a company that is tried and true, someone they know they can depend on to warranty their product or a new upstart company only the computer Geeks have heard about.

    If indeed you are truely ready to release, then now is the best time to release. Example in America, kids of all ages are going back to school. That is grade school all the way to college. If your computer is as cheap as reported, do you realize how many computers you could sell to students in the US alone, have you done your market research on this? You wait until Thanksgiving in America, people may buy them for a Christmas gift or something but you will have lost the student market. If America’s economy gets worse which it could very well do, how many computers do you think you will sell then? If America’s economy get worse so too will the rest of the world’s economy get worse because no matter what people say all of our economies are tied together globally, how many computers will you sell then? If you ready you need to seize the opportunity now because the opportunity may not be here three months from now.

    Maybe the best way for you to get capital is not through investor but through the stock exchange by making your company public and let people invest in your company. It sounds like your current investors do not have your best interest in mind and they could be investing in your company long enough to skim it of all its good ideas and then move on.

  88. Hello Rohan,
    I’ve been waiting for the release date and price of adam for a long time now. This is the only thing preventing me from buying an Ipad. Please give us at least an estimate! Really damn frustrated here!! Of course we don’t want you to rush it and release a crappy product but at least give us an estimated release date! I have to fight against the apple fanboy inside and it isn’t easy! Throw us a bone here, man!

    P.S. Finally glad India is making something worthwhile for the international market.

  89. You are not alone. I am on the verge of ordering a kindle dx, even though it is expensive to do that from Germany and the kindle itself is a less than ideal solution for my professional needs. The same applies to the iPad. It has other drawbacks compared to the kindle, the glossy screen makes top of the list, but avoids some problems the kindle has for an academic workflow. The Adam would suit me much better, but since you are not able to give us even a release date, while the other two devices are available and at least their problems are well documented, I might just order one of those. When it comes to getting work done, an average tools that’s at hand always beats a good tool that one can’t get his hands on in the foreseeable future.

  90. First time when I saw the video on Internet I thought Notion Ink Adam is great great. Well, there are lots of things happen in India. 10$, laptop,then 35$ laptop too. Notion ink Adam, labeling as Ipad killer etc etc. All seem only ideas and dream. My expectation is no more as I thought. We will see more products soon from big companies though.

  91. Come on guys. If you want to buy another tablet you are free to do it. Let the Notion Ink team to complete the project whenever they want. I love this machine and i’m going to wait for this until it will come to Greece (maybe next year?).

  92. hi
    i just wanted to mention that the adam sounds like its turning out to be an amazing device. I especially like the device interface displayed on the beta site ( assuming the picture of the adam with the application buttons displayed as large monoliths is the ui). It seems clean and user friendly. keep up the good work.

  93. Countdown to November 1
    in 4 hours 24 minutes: 84 days (24 hour periods)

    How many hours/days ahead of November do you plan to be? How many days ahead of the launch would you have the preorder website up? How many days will you give developers and reviewers to review your product (not prototype, product!)?

    Next time answer at least one of these, please!

  94. Martin

    you are right

    many of us have lost interest and watched with extreme frustration.

    For notion ink’s sake one can hope it will have a good ending but somehow I feel the moment has passed.

  95. You have read like this,
    a) LCD
    b) Non-Pixel Qi Display
    then the common features of above dispalys
    Capacitive touch panel, etc, etc…

  96. Ok, you are not going to announce the release date before October, right? No problem.
    Why don’t you provide us more information about other features?

    1) In the old website, its mentioned 140 hours of music and (i think) 18 hours video playback? Can you confirm this again? All I need to hear is ‘ADAM can play 10 hours of video with 65% brighter screen settings’.

    2) How is the Video/Photo performance of Swivel camera. How does it’s performs in VoIP calls? What is the max. resolution in VoIP calls?

    3) I know it has regular SIM card slot for 3G. Does it has GSM support? Can I make voice calls? (Sorry I have no idea in this).

    4) Do you have any plans for another OS?

    5) (Again Battery) What is the performance difference between the Pixel Qi and LCD screen? I will consider LCD if Pixel Qi is very costly, But if the battery performance is poor on LCD (consider 1), I don’t care about money.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Karthikeyan R

  97. What about the App Store? If your OS is not yet frozen, when will you ask people to develop apps for it? I really wish you have seriously considered Ubuntu as an alternative.

    If you ever manage to release your device in reasonable time, there will be a huge rush, and there will be the initial bugs. I hope you have it planned to ramp up supplies and manage your PR so that the wags (of which there are lots in India) don’t start panning the Adam.

  98. Shailesh,

    The Adam, I believe, is atleast 6 months ahead of the curve provided they launch in the next month or so. And 6 months is a lot of time in this business. The technology is certainly not “old”, it is pretty much cutting edge and likely to remain for atleast another year, which is HUGH.

    It’s the App integration and provider tieups that are going to make or break this product.


  99. Rofl more vaporware from India. Made in India = garbage especially when the people behind it have no business experience.

  100. OK having been following Adam for almost a year now really getting bored and tired of no release date…


  101. You don’t know much about the Ipad, do you? Otherwise you’d know that it does not do 1080. It does 1024X768. So it is not capable of doing 720p, let alone 1080. While the Adam display will not be able to do at least 720 either, it will do 1080 out. Something the Ipad can’t.

  102. Ever look up the definition of Notion? Looks like they picked an appropriate name for the company based on the amount of vague posts they have been making. Does anyone really think this will be out before 2011?

    a vague idea in which some confidence is placed;
    a general inclusive concept
    an odd or fanciful or capricious idea;

  103. Rohan,

    Good to see Lords. Now as Krishna said “Do action but remember me”. So we all are waiting for action… release date and price.


  104. A fascinating history.
    I took the time today to read ALL the posts, right back to the first one:

    “The Return of Newton

    Posted in The Firm by Rohan Shravan on April 26, 2009
    Hello there,”

    How amazing that back then there was either none or just one response to posts. Now look. There’s upwards of 100 responses, everything from “Wow this is amazing” to “You suck – I’m buying an iPad”. All of this testifies to the actual, real, genuine innovation that is going on. Its getting people talking, its getting them salivating, its getting them all worked up! Adam IS ALONE. So what if people get sucked into iWorld? So what if Dell release the Streak? So what if Google make a tablet. Since its first little squeak there’s only been one device I want- Adam.

    As for updates – Sure I wish there were more. But it was impressive to me that we get any responses from Rohan and impressive that we’re had more frequent posts. When you think about it, how the hell does a 25year old who’s making history and spreading himself between multiple companies, projects, locations, and people have time to post ANYTHING AT ALL?

    So I still don’t know when Adam is coming out, but here’s my bit…

    Rohan I want to thank you for making this dream a reality, and although I don’t have Adam in my hands just yet, I know its going to bring productivity changes in ways I have not even imagined yet. Reading those two “Letter from a friend” posts was at once annoying and enlightening. Annoying because it wasn’t a real update, but enlightening because it open my eyes to other possibilities of device/human interaction.

    I’m looking forward to picking up my reading where I left off the previous day, posting comments and uploading assignments, watching movies, laughing at youtube videos, grabbing lectures and lecture notes from my college, group texting and skyping, keeping in touch with the latest news, admiring the past, going anywhere, anytime while being able to do anything, and all this from a light slab of electronic genius in my left hand.

    Freakin’ AWESOME!

    Cmon Adam.

  105. Hi Sidd, Kiran,

    I’ve recently plugged my android phone into my house & created a custom automation. I can turn on/off almost any switch in my house from my computer which takes order from my phone (& the ipad when i get it in a few week’s time). all this cost me just shy of Rs. (insert rupee symbol here) 3000 which I think is great value.


  106. Rohan, you said the rumors about Nov release is not true. But it is already mid of August and there is still no pulse on the price or release date or the final spec or hands on the production version. If you see why Apple is so successful, you will learn that they release the product info well in advance for it to reach the common man. When Jobs introduced IPad, almost everyone was disappointed as it did not meet the expectations. But 3 months lead time was more than enough for ppl to accept the IPad with all its limitations and they sold 2 million IPads in 2 months. All we ask is the latest snaps of Production version of Adam and latest hands on video with price and release date. Even if it is Nov, pls convey that. Look at all the frustrations. it shows none of us following your blogs want Adam to fail.
    Newton learnt abt gravity by seeing Apple falling down to ground. If Newton is alive today, he would have discovered another form of relative gravity by looking at how freely Apple IPad reaching everyone’s hands without any resistance. We want Adam to catch Apple before it reaches to more people 🙂

  107. The biggest question for me that I need to have answered is this: will it have access to the Android Market? The reason the iPad is so successful is because it has a built in ecosystem with hundreds of thousands of apps. I don’t care if they’ll only run in the middle or the screen, or look stretched out because of the screen size, the apps are the most important thing. Developers for the wider Android Market will eventually 1)format their existing apps for these larger tablet screens or 2)create totally new ones for this type of form factor.

    The whole time I’ve been following news on this product I’ve envisioned myself using the Kindle app on my computer/Nexus One, leaving my house, jumping on the train to go to work, and picking up exactly where I left off reading on the Kindle app for my Adam. But if I’m only going to be able to access maybe a hundred or so apps at launch, made specifically for this one platform, the value is totally lost on me.

    Here’s hoping I missed some really obvious info and that the Android Market will be completely available on launch!

  108. If you satisfy everyone’s requirements, then the product will be delayed and once delayed, the requirements keep increasing .. now by the time you release possibly usb 3.0 would be a norm. I think its best to have a fixed set of requirements and build fast and build great and build on time, that will increase reputation. Just promising something better .. is like microsoft. Remember a product now gets outdated in a few months. Are you still planning Adam 2 ? maybe its time to work on Adam 3 and ditch 2.

  109. WOW!
    thats what i can say about ADAM
    please don’t waste time
    m jus waiting to put my hands on such an innovative product
    (m saving from my salary… hope i will not hav to save for more months..)

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